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 ROSSLAND POLITICIANSADITATED  Over an Appointment.  (Special to the Tribune.)  Rossi.anh, August 1'.).-���-linssliiiid is in  the throes of a political crisis over James  Martin's action ill recommending .T. W.  Ronltbee for the ollice of police magistrate. It appears that he has given dire  offence by so doing to some of his most  intimate political friends, and they have  inspired the Miner, which conies out  with an article in which many plain  things ar<i plainly said to.Mr. Martin.  His main offence is that that the dictation of the Grit caucus has not been followed in the matter. Mr. Boultbee is a  Liberal in politics, it is true, but of the  mild British Columbia typo, and not of  the virulent Manitoba type. The whole  ,.matter is a. storm iu a teapot. Where  Mr. Boultbco's appointment was not received with approval it would be with  indifference, so doubtless he will do very  ���well. Its only interest lies in the rumpus between .fames Martin and some of  liis ��� friends. The old gentleman is too  like tlie man with the ass in the Cable, he  wan Is to please everybody. lie av ill  doubtless hold his job and vote straight  till the next election, but what between'  mine owners and trades unionists, grits  and tories, namesakes and Tiirnerite.s the  chances are he has had enough of it by  that time.  There is also a municipal row in view.  The new police commissioners have had a  pile of aflidavits filed before thoin charging all sorts of things against the police  of the city. -The chances are Avhatcvcr  happens they will wish they had not been  appointed;police commissioners..  The electric compressor at the War  Eagle must be proving a failure. The  War Eagle company is so hard up for  power that it is moving the seven-drill  compressor from the Crown Point tolled  Mountain. They have already the old  'War---Eagle, compressor, the old Center  Star compressor, and the lied Mountain  compressor at work. The only compressor not at work is tlie electrical  monument.at the top of the hill.  Sanguine Sir Charles.  Nrcw York, August 19.���A dispatch to  the times from London says':. Sir'Charles  Tupper has left London for a short stay  iii the country. He came across to attend  as .chairman the annual ...'meeting- of the  British Columbia New GoldHelds Company; ,;which',; after only two years of  active work, declares a dividend of 20 per  cent. Although his visit is iu no'"ways  V official, o ho:; has given the ^interested  ���^.autiiorifcicshis.y.ie.wson'tlKyAlaskan.bpuu^-.-.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITI__.; COLUMBIA.  SUNDAY MOKNUSTG, AUGUST 20, 1899.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $_.  GENERAL BOISDEFFRE TESTIFIED  Against Dreyfus.,  Rrnnrs, August 19.���There was a further thrill of curiosity when general  Boisdeffre, former chief of the general  staff of the French army, advanced to  the witness box and took the customary  oath to tell the truth. The general remarked that in view of the exhaustive  evidence already given he would try to  he brief. He hurriedly reviewed the  leaking in the ministry of war, the discovery of the bordereau, the arrest and  trial of Dreyfus, and the hitter's alleged  confessions before the ceremony of  degradation to captain Lebrun Renault.  Witness said he believed the confessions  wore genuine. He next referred to  colonel Picquart's appearance in  the intellicnnee department. Ho  thought Picquart too self-confident  and   '    not sufficiently      deferential  towards his chiefs. "It has been said "  continued the witness, "that a secret  package of papers was shown the judges  of the court martial of 1S91. I positively  assert that, in so far as 1 am concerned, I  never doubted the guilt of Dreyfus, and  never even expressed doubts of his guilt.  When he took over the duties of chief of  the intelligence department, the first  instructions I gave him were to follow up  the Dreyfus affair, and it is well known  what was the reason of these instructions." . . '. ;'.'...  .,:���' The general next described the interviews between himself and colonel Picquart, when the latter first -mentioned  Ester-hazy, without however, connecting  liim with, the Dreyfus affairs. Witness  discredited colonel Picquart's statement  that the latter asked him not to men-;  tion the investigation to general Gonz.  "General Gonz" said Boisdeffre, "is a  friend of thirty years' standing. I have  always had the greatest confidence in  him, and should certainly not have entertained a request to leave him in ignorance of what was occurring." General  Boisdeffre, whose evidence was attentively followed, especially bythe members of  the court niartial^ then related the incidents of UiisJJ interview with Picquart,  r?i!��ic$llyMitspi��*  ioOpbrfifibft'S -to-  arbiti'sitioi r *&6r oa;  >Kt$j;^^^  'ministeKofAyar'sei^m^^  feiBjii iSsipu .to.Toi ik n ii-;. sbjm*tueam u ister> of *  r ffiVvywr &liMistrji|f #:^^hh0mm  tradoi'.i..t^-J.;tliA"..hdpudjfce: -negigii^ eAV#1|4��� be ;  ' "slfe;fee"iMr: ^r^^?U^'u^'fijetefiiini, 'ia*-'.  . ^tind ��i$]i$tf0$^��gv$��l fe>b|uld;^h# lf4U-!.  V- wa$> ".$ltlvp;Ugbgm|H"y: Ji|rndrc"^svp. .jtiij'os^;  ^ViHii^pass -J^b^S)^!!. ^Mvl ^lif itij^liSl o Vclj^ts.i ^../','  . ,l$i%]#> WwmW f o^^dlt*iqan||ii,a1|;  ..lgdne'i'{i-1^6lectipi(i:p^ to jWjfvc'& ���*]!& ,d'bnSor.ya',  1 :t/vo^'iu itoweiv4S,^v'lircli" Bale" "a. vigorous  :feamaliau .policy 4s pisQmiSejd-.   He. sijils,  'f()r;"lilcfn:l;i'e^l:Se,pteffiiber'7th.     ''..;%��� -  J$i$i$^  with general Mereier early in January,  during the course of which Mereier  remarked, in regard to the representations of a foreign ambassador to the  president of the republic, "It is not going  to happen this time either. You can  sleep in peace. Tho incident has been  settled.'* Do Boisdeffre decided lie was  not certain pf what had been said in  regard tothoconfossionstocaptain Lebrun  Renault. The general was also perfectly  certain the incident at the Elysee did not  occur January 5th, 1S95. It was, he said,  the 0th or 7th. "What is certain," added  Boisdeffre, "is that when it occurred I  remained personally at tho ministry of  war."  Demange referred to general Roget's  deposition to the effect that Dreyfus was  certainly intelligent, but,, he would not  have wished to see him on the headquarters' staff,and asked witness's opinion  on the subject. The general answered :  "I can only express the same opinion as  general Roget."  Demange���Was not Ester-hazy,' with  your kn6wledge,assisted at the court of  enquiry by major du Paty de Clam, who  gave him advice?  I am not aware of it.  Colonel Jonaust, president of the court  martial, put the questions to the prisoner, who replied : "I have nothing to  say to general de Boisdeffre." Dreyfus  then immediately resumed his seat.      .    :  After a brief suspension of the sitting  of the court general Gonz, who was  under chief of the general staff, was  called to the witness stand. He explained the motives which influenced his  actions during the past few years and  said he believed heAvas "animated by the  loftiest aims, namely, the protection of  the"..'army.'.against criminal attacks made  on it from all sides." In this connection  general Gonz dwelt upon the danger to  Prance of the "system of espoinage so cleverly organized against her by foreigners,"  and said that iu spite of Esterhazy's  statement it was impossible for him to  have written the bordereau, and still  more impossible for him to have secured  the information'contained therein. 'Continuing,  the  w^  that the cburtjmartialpf J1S94Owas Jieid  ^behind* closed; cloorsSadd in ga ^tregardfife-  fiy Boys, Who Can Play Lacrosse.  Speciallib The THliline;  New Wjostjunstbii, August 19.���The  Nelson boys met the champions of the  .'C'Oasfc todity aivd wciit down to an iu-  gloi'-ions: defeat; The Westminster team  is by long odds the best on. the Coast,  -.and, the Nelson boys were outplayed at  every"i^oiiit. Opou an even footing Nol*-  sou could probably defeat all tlie other.  GfSfist teaiiiSi but; it AVoi,iUt*tako mouths  of ti-aiiiing to m;i.ke Csvon a showing  against Ncav- Westniiiistor, Tlio combination worlv of tlie otiiof fceanis is nothing compared to tliat of West-  niinsfeer. fu today's game play was  coni.imieil for about an hour and a half,  during which time Westminster scored  nine goals and Nelson failed to score.  They had Nelson completely at their  mercy, and could have scored as many  moi-e times if they wished. Today's game  game completed the Coast series, the  Vancouver game for Monday next being  dropped. The Nelson boys will be enter-,  tabled by a banquet tonight and will  probably commence the homewai-d jour-  . ney on Monday.   ' Renwick.  Making Good Proeress.  Thirteen miles of the Lardo branch of  tlie Canadian Pacific is graded and five  miles more well under way. The contractors say that if tlie rails were at  hand, a train could be run from Lardo to  Duncan City within thirty days.  Base Ball Yesterday.  Springfield (5, Montreal 4.  Hartford 9, Toronto 4.  Boston 9, Brooklyn 0.  Pittsburg 11, Cleveland 1.  ;ed  tmued]" .Itlfer . ggiieral,. -l-";tpi^liltvne'f.-��^ii;n  xlfeit^brecl _$_ .siibsti'tut^" f of Mm" "a llyfiiir'  " of stra5y..: sfiow4Ver disrepufeble'j'lie.. iSa$;  have   'life'^ii.* find whatever '"his^-pffehSej i  wonld.itot lessen the: guilt of Dreyfus.  ft|yicpiivictioii is thei same, as-it was at"  -tlt^%omftreifeejii^nt--of-afEal%s?^stei?lWzyfs  it is true, at a certidp psychological and  similarly well chosen moment, confessed,  to have Written the  bpi'dei-eati; but he  has jnacle inany other- Stafcementsv, always  telliug lies.   What is  certain, lie never  could  liave   discovered   the   documents  enumerated in the bordereau."  Then the witness briefly referred to  ihe tiiat aiid acquittal of Esterliazy aiid  the littter's threats-to proclaim hiniselfa  tool of tlie general staff", 'after" which the:  general .alluded tp the Ifeiiivyforgery aiuj  jl.   Oavigiiac's inteurogations of Ilenry*  "You know the result.," said lie apparently much inoved. "I will hot tell  you what I suffered at that mrmient. As  soon as everything \yas ended I tendered  my resignation, but M'as aslied to withdraw it. I was told eyeryone could make  a mistake, but I replied that while everyone was liable to err, everyone had not  the misfortune, as I had,,to assert to a  jury that a document was genuine when  iu reality it was forged. That everyone  ought to stand by one's word, and that  when a man happened to experience such  a misfortune, there was nothing left for  him but to go away, and from that moment I have held aloof."    (Sensatrom)  Replying totheconrt,generalBoisdeffre  admitted that the leakage at military  headquarters, after the condemnation of  Dreyfus, ceased for a year; Tbut in 1895 a  paper was discovered proving the communication to foreigners of a document  relating to the distribution of artillery,  and showing that a foreign government  was perfectly acquainted with the  changes. Relative to the conflicting testimony of general Mereier, former minister of Avar, and Casimir-Perier, formerly  president of the French republic, the  wituass said lie certainly had an interview ,  ,0E;fornj.n).^  =;tfulilie4^  !;Goiiz.thenb"*denieG  i-receiyedrs money %&:  depai'tnieiitjt-and^deseiabedathesstri^  ���behiWiM'^fiD^eyfus^'a^d^  .aets'a'of;indeSe.retiop.v^D��. ffcr. -^ZU, ���\-J,:li^'s:-s  * "p^The>Aji tnes.s 'b^ged^p^ug'^iftto sum-.  ;|rlo.i^thefie^  Aylio^sui-rlrlledytfi'^m^  iO'i��icesj-at'�� a^tifn%TOfe^H^ertyai*-h'6*.^b��sin  fitted by the prisdnei1) had been delivered  abroad.  General Gonz���"I could not give a positive answer to that question."  " Arc there proofs that the documents  mentioned in the bordereau worodelivered  abroad?"  "There was no direct proof, but the dispatch was certainly announced." Proceeding, the witness disputed magistrate  Bertulus' account of the interview with  Henry, but admitted that when he, general Gonz, handed Henry his forgery, the  latter insisted it must, not be shown to  Picquart.    (Sensation).  Replying to M. Demange, tho witness  admitted he had ordered colonel Picquart  not to concern himself -with the handwriting of the bordereau when he commenced his investigations of Estcrhazy.  "Then," asked =M. Demange sharply,-  "when you saw his handwritings were  identical with those of the bordereau,  did this make any impression on you?"  "Evidently," replied the witness, "the  two handwritings had a great resemblance." -..-...���.-''       * "������'���  M. Demange : "The honorable person  already referred to'was not in receipt of  pay, you said just now.  General Gonz: "The person was not  an agent. He, indeed, wished to procure  information iii and out of Europe, but  for himself with his agents his expenses  were paid."  M Demange: "Do you regard this  person as a spy ? "  General Gonz : "He only supplied information."   ���'.]:. .'  "<i :-.:.';.. '-;���'"V;.    ;  M. Demange: "Did you not say that  tliis person has been proposed for the  cross of the legon of honor, aud that if he  was not decorated it Avas because someone had intervened to prevent it."?   =  Gonz : "I never heard of it."  When Dreyfus was asked the regular  questions he said : "I will reply directly  to the secretary of the minister of Avar  who said he saAy me in the offices after  service hours. As regards general Gonz,  I am:surprised ^������'that the general repeats  diniieivtable gossip. There is knoAvn to  be an insurmountable "difficulty in introducing anyone into the "'ministry of Avar,  and it is absolute impossible for an officer"'  fitp^bring^aiiyipnejfihtp. th> ministry*",, i^s*'';:  '^::T41;h'is'?tlie:?g:ene>al^  3��t^^clli,u]  i"D'rey;f"iys;4vi  f^hes^iitqced ^at;sieertainf)i<>ui'S'��  ^ai'bl^^osifeiM^oDiiio^^  DREYFUS CASE HOLDS THE WORLD  Under its  Spell.  London, England, August 19.���Though  many signs point to the  extremo likelihood of war between Great  Britain  and  the Boers, and though troops are pouring  in   the . direction  of the  Cape, and tho  British army chiefs are deep in problems  of preparations  for  possible hostilities,  the English people as a whole scarce heed  it.    The   nation   seems   completely   absorbed in the Dreyfus ease.    As each day  passes Avithout an answer from the Boers  to .the proposition'of Great Britain for a  joint commission to investigate the effect  which  the franchise   reform  legislation  Avould haA'o on  the  Uitlanders, the probability of a pacific   settlement   of the  diffieultydccreases.    Yet national  interest, tired of delay, flags as the tension at  the AArar and  colonial  ollice groAA's.     If  Avar, comes Great Britain Avill awake Avith  a tremendous start.     If the Boers  surrender to the British  demands scarcely  more than  a  ripple  of interest will be  excited, so long as the Rennes court martial holds  the  Avorld  under the spell of  its dramatic recital. From a political point  of     view     a     rapid     and     successful  war  againt the Boers  would  probably  strengthen the hands of the Conservative  government more'^ than any other outcome of the present crisis, for the vast  preponderance of public sentiment hardly  endorsed the course of Mr. Chamberlain,  and once the British soldiers meet the old  enemy, the Boers, few would remain bold  enough to openly oppose the morality of  the-Avar.     Many awkAvard questions in  regard, to  the govemmen t's home policy  are pending, and perhaps it is fortunate'  for the Conservative party that the exciting events   abroad  distract   attention:  from them. ���  The German View; of It.  Brartr.iN, August 19.���The court ���.'mar-,  tial of Dreyfus excited much comment  here this AAreek, especially the attempt on  the life of Maitre Labori, the leading  counsel for the defence, and general Mer-  cier's so-called deubuhceinents.; The lat-I  ter are not  taken  seriously.    His  state- -���  PAYNE NEVER LOOKED BETTER  But Wages Must Be Kept Down.  Sandon Paystrenk.  E. G. Rykert, of the firm of McCuaig,  Rykert & Co., Montreal, Avhen asked yesterday how soon the Payne would start  up, said that it Avas very uncertain. Tho  mine, he said, Avould certainly not pay  $3.50 for an eight-hour shift. No arrangements had been made nor A\^ere contemplated for bringing in men from cheaper  camps. The program for the present Avas r  to continue deA^elopment on the contract  system.  Together Avith A. W. McCune, Bernard  Macdonald and others he had visited the  mine and says the shoAving is in  CA'ery way satisfactory. The mine  is Avorth more money uoav than  ever before . and can ship 500  tons a AArcek just as soon as it is'opened  up. In No. 4 tunnel there is an ore chute  100 feet long which averages 2i feet in  width for its Avhole length. Tho "ore -will  run 500 pounds to the cubic foot and Avill  average better returns than anything yet  'shipped; from the mine. There is not  another such a shoAving of lead ore in  Canada, and it is doubtful if there is a  more valuable body of galena blocked out  in any mine inJAincrica. ; J  Speaking of the Galena Farm, in Avhicli  he is interested witli the recent purchasers, AV. L. Hoge and A. W. McCune.  Mr. Rykert says they have" $100,000'���'.  Avorth of Ore in sight. The zinc, Avliioh  the old iiianagemeut considered a detriment, has lately, become A'aluable,���and  besides the zinc ore there are large bodies  of lead pre iii sight. < A concentrator will,  be built immediately, but the site^ has not  been decided upon yet; It.lhivy be either  at the mine or in;Silverton;v:,-.;/?.7%.-    , It  Mr. Rykert is spending seA'eral days in  the camp.visiting the different properties  he is interested.in..He says that he is  prepared tp take nil any proposition that  is worth the price asked, the bigger the  property the better it 'will suit  his  firm.  A Day of Reckoning.  ,   cToronto Telegram.  ; - r- :;  ��� A day:7bf reckoning Avill dawn upon tie  peopler; of easterii? Canada avIio elect representatives on both sides of polities to  support. a : pol icy Avhicl 1. bailies'- tlie hopes  and betrays the interests of the people of  tne Avest. Canadian statesmanship ought  to aim at thei destruction of every condition Avhich canJ add to. the expense of;  transactions between coiisuiners"-in the; i  west and; producers; in the - east.^Caha^  dian statesmanship, as represented by the  leadership^ oil  bbtli'i-'sides", isC'appar'ently^T  ii^fin|;:.li|?<5  ^AV.e^il^'thTG^f^iis'tf^a-n^  '��'a^^^|cy*|^liie!hlfew^  ness|ona��Thef gcneralidefended^Guence;."  .auda'efei;redito auptheiHspyaS'an:;"hoiior-'  ���able-man," whp^e iiai^e^he^Quld npfcgiye,,  as havfugw:fbrnisihedvthe*niiliiary -. head-���  ?qu afters ^yitKyaliTable .informations' "  y0!SoloneI ,Ioimiist"3skesd^.' I^le is, in: i;e-.  ^|lptr^f|feigid|i^ ��� ^;���. .��n'j  f;^eheritl;^pn#i��.''r p&M' 'wlieri-��';Ji!&!  �����b��ri_'ught" information.  '""Miljpr" Carriere: 8^  We; liave liere kxvo  yersipiis., ��";   *       -.��� s . n;*rs-  ....     ���_  General Gbiiz: ''Tfneau, to say,'that as  he watched Others he was  paicl liis e.N>  isetises as Aye did i\<5ft wiwit him to be oiit  ^pf^pocket;'' -= f ^ -'"���   -  After the witness had assertect that  Ayhile the name of : Drey-its Avas oftoii  mentioned in- the documents in tlie possession; of the iuteihgftuce itfepftrtiiieat his  iuiiocence AA^as nOAvhere hinted i\tt, the  general then proceeded to defend du  Paty do Clam from th? ifishmations of  cOlOnel PicqiWvrt, and corroborated general Mercier's evidence in regard to the  alleged confessions made to captain Lc-  brith-Reiiault. The witness learned,  lioAveyeTJ tliat captaiii Lebrbn-lt^iiault,  *'iutiinidated by" the ceiisure of M. Casimir-Perier," did hot dare to report these  confessions and gave Only Mi incomplete  account of the occiirretiees at the time of  the prisoner's degradation.  There Avas no truth, the Avitness said,  in colonel Picquart's statements in regard  to his, general Gonz's, ex;citenieut on January 5th. The general said he only  learned of the ambassador's actions on  January 6th. The general denied the  statements ��� made by Picquart and referred to the alleged ilumber Of arrests  ordered by Picquart "ou unfounded  charges of espionage."  At this j ititeture considerable comment  AVaS aroused by the fact, tliat contrary to  the provisions of the laAV requiring the  testimony to be verbal and without notes,  general Goniz adjusting his eyeglasses proceeded to consult a large notebook and  refreshed his memory. Dealing Avith the  Henry forgery Gonz; declared: "I can say  it Avas already knoAvn. General Roget  spoke to me about it at least eight days  before   Henry   confessed."     (Sensation.)  One of the judges asked if the Avitness  kneAv that a document relating, to the  conveying of troops AA'as for twenty-four  hours in the hands of the prisoner, and if  he knew that imagiuary sketches, exe-  whb-siealled^oii;. ,mcr�� could- ".not"euteixth e  niiuist'i-yf.^Jt'tf^wa^S.c;oiis^(;m^^  l|itm--y;ui|pasi|;b]'fe^  StiTOc^s^fprja^subalt^^^^   to bring: .any ,o>l i  hito^tim^ihfeljjy^';". 7," . V ��. \ . v"   ������*���  '.' "n^|i,^liis.Vsgoiut*[1e^Miel!s - Picftu"aT't> i;.e-"'  r.en|^i?ecrtl.leX^ifn^  ' |p%1leg^tbhs;*4ssJtoftlie s\yu^ ��he^;peif oriitetl  l|iS"|lutie^. . ,1'fe^uatit "^Isd; cle&gribed ;tlie  Cxtrapydir^&r^,i]'i3Q^tIl!o.d'f" of" i��iVestuj4tipit'  'eniplby^a'iiiVtli^antellige^u^e' department  by liis: predecessors.. Coiijisel fbtr the cie--  Jfeiige,, after emphasizing the tact that  even hi the ���ppilUoa of !gei;iei!al de B'ois-  deifre, there Avas a cpiUiectiPii between  "the^EsterTia^  the presideiit off.tlie -court to request colonel Picqtiart to giye inf0i-matioii hi regard tp the ,100^000' fraii.es said to liayo  been expended for the siifveillaiSce of  Esterha'//y, and Picquart explained how  the expenditure Avas regulated in tlie I11-  telligeiice department.  Whifc the Ayitffess \yas chief Of tlie department, general Billot, then minister  of war, thought it ueecssary to make a  fresh distribution of the arnoiints Of the  secret service .tniidsj available at the  different oflices and the i'uhds in the  Avitnesse's departlnent Avas dintbiisliOd by  eight thousand francs monthly. At this  moment, said Picquart, negotiations, negotiations of great Importance- Avel-e iii  progress and an extraorditutry expenditure had been arranged before hand.  "This decrease in tlie funds,"  Picquart said, "did not prevent  me from pursuing the extremely interesting questions 011 which I was engaged.  ���I made a memorandum in Avhich I asked  for a supplementary grant and 100,000  franca Avas given hie. When the  100,000 francs was received general Billot made another redistribution. I received twenty thousand francs and Avith the balance remaining, I Avas responsible for tlie Avhole  served Out. In any case no extraordinary  expenditure Avas made in connection Avith  the Esfcerhazy enquiry. In a note sent  to the minister Of justice ia 1S90 it avus  set forth I employed an official agent, the  private detectiA'e of the enquiry bureau.  I only employed a single official agent.  What led to the belief that I employed  private agencies Avas the fact that this  agent styled himself a "business agent"  on one of his cards included in the dossier  of the Esterha/.y affair/'  ;.j>ia;i;ly.i;inpagsauOrjitt  ,pitpei}Sviie;ri!;^iJirl^p.;puW^  yoeunifehtsa n; .cue* y.i-an.at" .of^tnc ^Gernian��.  -, g>rv^pn^i!^" ��felCi^tet|^"n|or!i" "t&c^tlpat^'  Di^liS^A^On'd;Sil-]>dQvib K^v JVS" "%qr iqu^l^;  "brba'Ollecl'.to,. th6 omperpi>iand.�� "iengtlivly,.  discussed": .but'Ii^ .fi;iullly.vconelude(;b tin  \yb^Ii(JVn^l>d:6ji%-i3s3,ha^��:Jio? .iiilis't  ; st^lly^^if ".Sy^f^n ;f)f;J^!:pftfttrn^  ,ilntei:fe!i;e|i6,(S.",''/'j' ' ,8 ���:'., i.'./'*.":."' "- "��"' "n"��"fl:y\\  &$urj(as^ *Reyiew."."i^ Pessimistte.:    -     "  Ld>fiWv j^iiE^i-istlOv'-^feSatni'd-Qfy Me-  vjeAv tocl^ in'" an- tii?tincle Oil  JSin'opCiUi  Americans   sneeiling ^a;fe,LJ;ljre^pi;Qppsed^  jpejsHn,,  ���jh"eni>-^iie:Mil'q1%hc5iiig%ts^^  ^ "��'J -anS'a),-^-^,'  -I *'',-".'��--'S9'i*  .-raj^^-fe',''-:.'  S*  �����.i;??S:-��:. -  ... _ ,-^eei.i^'Wm^pqpijis ^a|^I^^^R^*.SJu:piji;ig!||.s;  rfl'b.nti[bn4i'n:f-.Mb\iDftkl^^  ���J,oAa��"-"i-.Tn.vci'ni.i'fc.-^ri.ii-.Va-.i.K-,i-cS*n^;l,'��^f:"S  that^inoilc^hK^pnie-^  pfe-jgoihg: to t'i'%.?tli'e^^^  'aiifcu.im.i-. qjien's.tlie* lSiV^oj|e*ifiij-ii-vfelift��fiCnIf  .���1 ...;r   <���!'.���  A-.i*i:,.'*.:���*  >.M*v,l*.'LV*"j:.���t:"i;s.i.i..2"*��_iS."11  Auglo-A'niericait aijian-fie f i-ankly de^ljtres'  that it "airrouiits; to little or nothing.  " Woliavei'' the RovioAy says, "accepted  almost as an ajiioni of spuud policy that  friendly relations with tlie United States  is the Only Object worth aiming, at in the  western iWmispliere. A, fe^y music Iifill  ditties and aftef dinner s|JeechcS AVOilld  coiiyiUee nstliat tli'6 oiiject is Secured anfl  that We -'should- fortlrVyith ignore all  AniCrioan scoi'n, lis, tlje contemptible  strifeof parties." T}i��� llfewiew then-goes  on to sity : "i)\W fiitUrG in the Avesteru  heiiiiSphei'e lias not received a$ SeVerd a  h]0W as tliat tlealt it by loi'd Salisbury's  I'cCo^iiition. pf North Ainericitii iiitoiffer-  eiiceinSbukli Alivei'icancoticetiis.'' The Review says the 'completion of the Nicaragua  canal by the 0n,ited States is a certainty,  and expresses the belief that it avMI deal  British commerce perhaps the greatest  blow it has ever sustained. The paper  supposes the canal to be inevitable, but  contends that Great Britain iu alloAyiug  it should stand out for retnuneratiou on  account of Avaiviug Iter Bulwer-Clayfcou  treaty rights;   Shift Bosses Wanted.  Sandon Paystt-eak.  There have been many unique subterfuges, resorted to by members of the  Mine Owners' Association to evade, Avithout breaking, the resolution to pay only  $8 a day for minors. But a representative of an eastern company which employs a small force on a property not far  from Sandon has easily outclassed all  others. A few days ago the foreman got  word to put on ten men at once, but as he  could not pay miners $.3.50 a day, and  they Avould not work for less, the foreman Avas instructed to employ only shift  bosses.  y it is mipossiu. .   . .  _  berth in iiii'drSept^rjiiar -or m\d~6cjio"ber:  What Lsgohig tOi-bce^r dtoiiig. 'tlfft lliiifm  expositiou I am unable fiO s-ay^, ^ Tfeig'fe  tunated that ��id*>e 'tfia-n l^M;4m#i-  cans will cOnie to EuiVjpe i|ud tlie best'stc- -  co|iiinodat|ons are now sold for 0111s Jiuie  sl-jilings i-n 100'0.M'   " ;���..-  ��.^w-1   .  TlifJ Winning Yacht; Aftfiyes at .New York,  in id the Eriii.Avei:e.^n|Qiu*(l.at!j|ie:-S  this aftern-pou:' a^l-the" 'f')��iv>.0^"#'C'i-e^,b.e^  ing signed there woiS an exebabljo pfgood"  will. Collector ftidAvell, ttirning to cap'  tain Hogartii, sftid: "i hope yon Will  give Hsu good figlit, but fliopeyoii;won't  win, By the Way, i-aptaim" ha�� your  boat a ceiifcrcbOafcl." Ca|)tain Hogarth  replied : "A man does not show his hand  until th_ money is oil the - table,'' Outside the custom house AVoro .tunny brokers, who sainted the yachtman loudly.  The tonnage and entrance fees' bit. tlie  vessels would aggregate about $50. Tlie  payment of tliis sum Avas AVai\rod as a  special courtesy to tlie visiting yachtsmen   Afraid of the Plague.  Loxno.v*, August 19.���-Public opinion in  Great Britain is becoming agitated over  the danger in regard to the bubonic  plague, now that it has broken out at  Oporto, only three days' journey from  England. An authority ou the subject  says; "The sanitary .arrangements of  many toAvns hi .England, including London, are not calculated to defeat the  disease. If we get the plague in the east  end of London it wfll spread like Avildfiro,  The bacillus thrives amidst unsanitary  surroundings, while sunlight ami plenty  of air kills it." THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON", 11 C.  SUNDAY,  AUGUST SO,  1800.  i _B<5~9_9ig?.:S'._B:s>-f:��_S^~_  r    M.  m A_-3__TTi_  Z IN WHITEWEAR  m   m =  im Notwithstanding-  the  fact that  last   season's  trade was   far  im beyond  our expectations,   Ave have   still   an   irr.mcnsc  stcok   of  M Ladies' and Children's Whitewcar, which we will close at prices  ^k.  (l(J![ heretofore unheard of in  Nelson.     Read the following:                  jk.  im Ladies' 75c Drawers for 50c;   Ladies' $2 Drawers for $r.5o;   ^k.  Pj^ Ladies'$1 Nightgowns for 75c; Ladies'$2 Nightgowns for $1.50;   -ta  jjm Ladies' $3 Nightgowns for $2.40;  Ladies' Chemise at $1, $r.25,   <k.  1$ $i-35> -"d $1.65, a straight cut of 25 cents.                                          ^  ^ White Underskirts al your own  prices.     Our space will not  <Kj  P(h allow a full list of prices of goods, but a look will satisfy you that  <k,  Ufa our bargains arc genuine.                                                                              ^K.  m   ' "    -____  m  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  %  BANK  OF  B; C.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  &j-.&��  ���&  ^���^  ^  ?.&  '���&  ^��Sf^  ter-v-s o__.s_a:  M.  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  Baker Street, Nelson. 0  We are not going to remove and  we have no old goods to clear  out but we have just received  some advance shipments of new  up-to-date fall goods, which will be found lower in price than any goods of  the  same  quality  in  the city.   Seeing  is   believing,  call  and   see.  MEN'S OUTFITTER T       X?  Sign of the RED-" HAT,'Baker'St., Nelson       CJ ���       _T   ���  ���M^^s^ss^  ?=bAtf.T.?EbnI.'r.iONt-����.,S'm.%.:.^  f:.^^.;twA:K^N^'Wfi^  ���^SKff^^E^:N^(E  ''$�����%  *,*. ./fjaresfftlfcMiners ^Fmpn' .niiist- dmband,.  K    tr**"^i�� ^^^^''^"-ll^^'^K^CJl���'^^''"'  ���. :^h;ej;r���all^Ayoj.-dd-i:"|De����� w.clb ^bj-s.thg': Slocfvm:  ^���a$v"gi'��>^^  ,^ ^Jn|n "faiMliere -wpyilq tbp":,n^need/���.of:i,com--  n ^ �� \^6���^^^J* n   ""t&g  -n"      na'n��fr     ^5,     ^J'fBb    n    'V " 0   - n   %    tL-W"     n'��" . ^ 'il DSn Jiff1"_ TV  ^binatipiis- toa"/siuilpuii;�� \and-. associations,  fvofeenVpltly^r.?���bre&plo'jtees:   "_futi"'in'e_(ia"fch,  n> Ao^f^^^.��A^-^t^, ��p<|n' miEijn>g��i^df��  A*4he^r^it't���"Jlc��^h,ihn'_5 Seiljic^d-Avage^  ^^Ili||^f%!^;a|ld?���^bjiS:|!^  "5.-1 -ijil^rjiJ^^i^^el* sinc|! |bj,:ha^l;dr|jll^r^,;  ^ *|li'^^:a^n^<^Gdl;y'*ap liuf^v&'^'e^li^tlop in*"  :\-'^tig^f^'it one1 bf tlie :maitfe;^Aya^B;that:  ; '."^h^l^H6i!.'|wft\-e, iT(n.cl_ie! the. jje^oh ��.^aia-. -'  .- iageiiient was ��v tJeath-ti-ap.   AnOthjiSr ro-  ^lustion   ifnst   as   unfair   AA'as   anode  ._-���t-l_trr--���.Si'lv-i;���King-ininh^iit; Nolson,;  Avlioii   wages    \\-eie    ent    froni    $S.SQ'\  to $'i a day at the suggestion of a coh-  siiltiiig engineer Avho had never been a  day in Britisli Oohinibia.   These are the  kind  of ;men the Miners niust; organize  ppiifergn^e^  :^^ng!tliai"Mr3gufti^��3^  ;",nihi&iY;afii\i.irig^dijsp'ntes," in tli^-^tliiy^Kcs i>  :-"a1^tr^t^ati.gf^<^ppJ1;y, "lieitiniglit bl^a'slked i  it���d; "."a^ty'as "ijin.pir^v vJI^e^tihjQ^-ttiju'fQV^^i^.'  ^r^a^?ihl"!fi^'ilien|��^^  f ^|Se^|i^^^||||er# i^i^^^��4Ml  ;-lDtn4-i��rig;n'iiwt)if tl'i^';?'l^ "ofrDeeenibefi t  ;.;.;���.i_i^!i^EsM��W gakEada,:.-  uiid stay in tlio background wbilohe (tlio  fool) has l.o risk bis lib; in shooting down  his own brother or I'hIIoav worker. What  nocd have a\'o Cor ai-inoi-ics or soldiers  unless they use them iikT> our nolilo captain (of the.bankrupt, one-eyed town of  Brandon), avIio called out the militia to  hunt a tramp, but the Avhole body did  not find him. What need haA'o Ave ever  had hero in Canada for soldiers, more  especially now, as the Union .lack and  Stars and Stripes haA-e nearly hugged  the life out of each other, and the powers  are gathered together at The Hague for  the express purpose of peace. No; there  two hundreds of things more necessary  for Canada than armories and soldiers, in  my humble estimation.  I should like some of thesis men avIio  have parted with their manhood to become, automatons to state Avhy they did  so. I suppose some will say they are patriots and would light the enemy. What  have they against the worker of a.nothe  country Y No; they .should lea.ve patriotism I'o their bosses to look after am  light for. All they (the workers) get for  their patriotism is a wooden leg, a. collin,  if there is any, or starve to death in a  workhouse at the finish if they are lucky  enough to return a Ava.rrior. Of course.I  am Avell aAvarc all have the chance of becoming a lord Kitchener and lnwe betAveen $150,000 to $200,000 as a gift, but  that is too'-much like the taffy the school  teacher gives the scholars in the . United  States regarding his chance of becoming  president of the United States. I should  like to hear from others on this subject,  as i am not well posted on patriotism.  .11. Baicki!.  Brandon, Manitoba, August 15th.  The Cynic.  Diamonds won't save soinc AAromcn.   ...  Civilization usually means more sclicm-'  ing and less Avork.  As soon as a man saA^es up a Tcaa' dollars he begins to lie about his ancestors.  When a paper speaks ill of a man, he  begins to discover that it has a large circulation. ,,  EArery insane man seems to be sane  enough to buy a gun Avithout exciting  suspicion. -  Before telling your troubles to a friend  make sure tliat he has just eaten and  feels comfortable.  When some people are lonesome, it indicates that they .'have, a secret to tell and  are.looking for some one to tell it to.  It is not necessary to talk loud in saying anything bad about a person. A  whisper of such kind can be heard all  OArei\the .neighborhood..  MM  ELLE &  ItoadqUartoriSfor  ���*��� jQanad'i.ai,i.s',��'-AA^iice''iipl' or 'the jyfi.p5ej|  leaf" 1ja;4'I4�� .wi'tltei'.- - ^lh.io;st evie-ry. n'e-Av's"--".  ,p^ap��ei'V .''"^speeiaij'y the subskli^e'd. prfs��, ii  . aa%6 feed the public fVom the porricige  pot b| the'ASsbcftited Press, are" hoAvling  ���for hiilitaripinv Why is this? Even in  tire schools tliey are preparing them for  the same thing. They preach patriotism,  and, incite tlie military������spirit, "while they  LthehaselKeSjJike^an=Howxe,=of=C.=P^=JR,v=  uotoriefcy, who g&ve up a good salary to  join a combine Avitli, Americans at Cape  Breton. As I undersb'tnd, it has cost this  eoiintry over $83,000,000 for tlje militia,  And for what use ? Antl I see they ai-e  talking of erecting an armory in Loudon,  Oittai-io, at a cost of $50,000 and' tliooniy  us�� J can see for this is to pit one  fool of a i'aniily that gives up bis  irtanhood H'hI becomes a lunebine :for  tlie use of a feAv who will   draw  big pay  FIRvST-GLASS BOiLDING MATERIAL  Wo mako a Hpcoiajty Of  Sfjiplap arjcl Double Dressed Material  Good dry Rustic arid Flooring  Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock  Ofllco and yard near C.P.U. depot   E. G. BKKR, Agent.  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having leased the business of tlio Kelson Sndn. AVntor  Factory. I um prepared to supply the trade with all kinds  of carbonated ami aerated waters. Family orders Holici-  led.   Prompt dolivory.  >)l:NgG'R'e^'ATE'p';1-&70;b;    ������  ��Vv|nnat' is, "the .BiJrlfer.feiii.Ce^\between  t0i��r&'f��$k&fid'"jotb^r' brands?  " "sJtisJt1 - ifien" 5anfe;' as; "bStAveen the  Atbab��fsc& mine eittd any one of the  bufidrSds pf wil;_ cats that have been  exploited  in the past years.  Experience has proved the value of  th e=o n-er^Th!~oWeT^^  but is it worth your while experimenting when you can get sure returns by investing in the guaranteed  article?  the   ONLY   package  It yon waHtarsl.J-Bgh potfqpfi lii.Ung.suiti, mndo of the I  hcsU"cloth e'vpi: jiiiiporfcd������td JfelSoiivJciivo yoiir.ordor '  With ii}��. ..."'"  S*ix lisindrOd dollars .w_rfh�� fit' iieAvi Roods liow'Ayait-;  'iiid yO'U- inspeetion.  1 guarantee satisfaction oSiiosalo;  Nelson's .nti-to-dXte fsilorjfiexl, Koolcili4yiColl'ee Go.  -==^AiK^I-waiVl4o4J0=in=itr^Iiliave=iitsti=rccftiv-cd===  i'all ftaniiiles of Sititiiigs; aiid Ov&-  coatings i",t'iirp��cnling a i��0,(i)d Stork to  ��lr<)oso, from niatlii to j-o.ur order at n ices,  iiuvci-befoi-e heard of .in Nelson. All Ihe latest  fads in Fancy Vesting!) for l^iili and wintei-.  BWSfKKSS AND' "MKSlDlSNTTIAL,  v    PimpSitfiar  ft by ;12%'Dak6r��� fvtredt., iljOEw'eon ,,fosephuio audi      .  ���>\rafd.sstiJee,is..,.-.. ;.;.^v.~��. -W- ���- .,��-".���'.��� ;..���..�����.;..."���.��.. -SSOp,  D5p by ISO, _ivk0i( street,[lSoUj'eon 3QSPiiliiiie,an'd,Kall  ".streots; "6.orn.er.i....."-......... i .��i"...-....-. ,'i.".   2Sd>y 120 with iinprovcmollts,,soiil.lt- side- of Vbrnoh .  n struct}* ��..,.��. ,.,.,.- ���..��,,.., ��., ,,.,. 5000,  SOliyKo with iinprOvcnicnta.soaCh aide of V.eriiijn  stroof.,........,��. ,- ,.,.; .,."..".".,. S..,.-B . iiOW,  2J-:lots��wi.|;hcot��iig,(3fdntod at ��I5pMliionth, Victoria  street,. .,.-."��.,.,.".,���...���:.������.......'.��.����� :..���...",;.. 3.10Q  2��rol,g witllG'ottago'r.cntcd aL$Mper,riii'onrUti Htiitnley  ��� street,..,..",.,.,....; .,.,..,.,....................*: 3000  SlpUsin block.Ub.fllJ.cleared uiidfdneed.iii. ,. 2500  AGIENTS IS-OK  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  "__^._BX3 BBOS.  "Koal-KKlAlb'aira^eTieral Ago.nts7 Baker SU Nelson  Baker Streeti Nelson   -   '-'������.  FlltS'f DOOR WKST XiJ^iC }.J. C BUtRDrNGfV  Twit lots Willlj t\Mo.Rt;oi-y lioitse' on J.ai,i.mi'r  a('.i-ecli;ir0,wJ,O!4'o.ii!iilw ......  ....��1S00  Tuniw;   $l2MUs.*"l(, balrtnce; on, ftioi'l gage.,  f5ixty-a<il!en ranch, niitc inilos from city oil lii'lio  sli&m....... ��� ���.,.�� j....,��.,, ���.,,..Siouo  ���Oitc-hnlf .Oijsli, liala,!rct>oii mortgage.  __Q_XISfS  On toail condif ions are the clioiqigst and liost  oll'ol'ad. Vou <;ivi| repay at ally til-ne without'  bonus.  _S1uCS-E3X^r,I'��3,,  _T'0,_S  Jti-itish Coliluibia l^oi-iilailent. Savings & ikian CoiiipanST.-   JjJuj^eJJa^g^fcJjoeJj^^^lijrojU  S,  West Bakes* Street.     TolnphoiKi 13.  Factory on  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  The Wall Paper House  OF THE WEST  TJic dillbrcncc between the Judge and tlio  Bi.sliOp niiiy lie that the Judge can say "you  be hanged," while the Bishop can say "you  "be dainned." On the other hand when the  Judge says "you be hanged," you are hanged.  Next to tho value offered, the most marked    - peculiarity of our Wall  Paper is that when the  Judge has made his  selection and says "you  be hanged," it is'  hanged; not eA'on tlio  cheapest grades giving  trouble. There are papers that are beyond  the jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of the Bishop. There is an art in avoiding tin's kind���this art has been our study.  S  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  Tr|E BISHOP SA.Y  Thomson Stationery CoM IM  _sr__3_.soisr,  3- C  5 gallons Moot Beer . . 20c  2 gallons Lemonade .. , 25c  Effervescing Health Salt 25c  Bfomo Seidlitz . . .. , 25c  Bromo Seltzer . . . . 25c  Lime Fruit Juice, pts . 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, guts . $1  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LIMITED  Corner of Maker and Stanley SLrccta, Kelson  stbish mmrnm  arid: Fancy Dress Good,-  Blouses m& Dress Skirts  CAtjL ON  IVIrs,   ��   IVIcLaughIin  o Joa���PH'IST,_ STKEKT. NKLSON  HAIB GOODS AND HAIR OEIAMESTS  Switches from $2 up.  3\1RS. J. AV. KKA RNKYhfts opened a Ladies Fair Dress  iriK I'irior in room 1, Victoria bloek, Kelson, and is prepared to fu nisli o\rcrything in tlie way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  1175 Haro Streets Vancouver, B. C.  5;w0 will purchase a choiec residence corner, 100 by J2Q  feet.  S21IK) will pm-Cha.so a central lot and rosidenoo.  SlW will   purchiiKO  two nice lots aiid shanty, IiobsOn  street. H.imi_ addition.  $31)0(1 will pmclinse foyr liicO lots and resfdonco.  .iii.Wl Pooled ftninnom ���' cetil-s,  lllaekuoek (Vinir) sluu-oa 20 cents.  50U0 utiwv at tk oontK. .   .  STE'  Turner & !B0ecldv Mock, Nelson, J}. C.  sqUIBS'S   RANciTioR   SALE  Containing- 120 acrfes of land within one and a  quarter ftiilltH of Nelson.  For lurtlier  iSartieulai's apply to  FRED   J.   SQXJIRE,    Melgon,   B.   C.  FOB B-EtSlsfT  Fire, Life, Aeciclent, and, Sicliiicss.  gambl4b,��o^e;il4L,y,.as<��  ilakei- Stl-eel. West. Nelsoli. B. C.  '��      -_r��  GENERAL  BROKER  FIRE, IxIF-J, ACGXCEJI'r AHU SICKNESS  XIS3'^-_r_S.__w3>a'C_3   REAL ESTATE) AND LOANB.  'CO .LUT-^SoVcral liouses Of diU'oreii!, Sii-,es.  mill SALIC���Ueaf estate in all, parts of I.I16 city.  6  e  JIANUh'AC'lUItICK OI*  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  Boardinc and day school for girls will re-opon 011 the  lath day of August.   Vacancies for boarders,    "  and prospectus apply to  Al.   For terms  ADRMOISELLB KICRrJ, Principal  ���w\ _e. __R,o_Bi_csrso__>r  (Kx-Sheriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced 011 consignments of merchandise.  Vostofflco Box 572 Nelson, B. C.  MINERS WANTED. -."  The TaiiKier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  ��� main line of the (.;. P. It., 22 miles caHt of Kevelsloke, rc-  J quires six Kood miners.   Wages 83.50 per day.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  M'l'J.Y  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ofiieo of the Duncan Mines, Limited., Clement* &  Hillyer Block.  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streots, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOUItS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  -3.     _3r"Cr-^-^'_rj     gBOPBIETOB  Palace   Bakery  Bread delivered to any part of the city.   .  . Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next lo Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  EXPRESS HARNESS,  PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  -w-^-ar)    stbebt,   jsr__-_so-sr  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  - Thirty days not ice Is Jierutoy jfivon that Iwill apply at  Ihe next sii.iinK of the Licensing Board of the City of  Nelson, U. C, to be allowed to Irah'-fer Ihe rola 1 ]ii|ii<r  license now held by nic for 1 ho Clarke Hold, situa'oon  lots nmnheif'd eluvun. and twelve (II and IU) ,in block  numbered five (5) of the City Of Nolsnn, British Columbia,  to Ei-auk Campbell and Uuoi_u W. Bartlelt.  K. C. CLARICE.  Dated at Nelson, B.C, this loth day of August- IS)!).  TH0PICAL FBUIT DEPOT  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, PJne Apples, and all other Fruits  in season received daily.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  MILLS &LOTT  ���Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream,  ��tlvJS K'��� _l .^'.^^���^^W;*^l1l^'^iL-ft^,.��".Ir.WF.*_^ THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, AUGUST 20,  1899.
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all paid
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Hon. OKO. A. DUUMMONl) Vico-President
K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager
_sr__i_so_<r _3_a_visrc_3:
N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      llltANCIIISS IN    	
LONDON  (Knttlnrul),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO
and in the principal cities in Canada.
Buy and soil Starling  Kxchanjro and Cah'.n Transfers
nitAN-r niiMMKiffiur, anii tkavki.t.kiih' CKKnrra,
available in any part of tho world.
iiuakts issiiKn   com.kctionb madk; kto.
Is n°w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^on. District.
A Partnership Bomanco.
As this is .simply a plain story of John
Mills, miiuir, no introduction, beyond a
statement of; tlio identity of the man is
necessary. Mills lived near Rocky Canyon, and had often aroused the people
-thereabouts (or within a radius of twenty-
live miles) to a state Of interrogative
curiosity which had never been fully
satisfied. He dwelt; alone, in a cabin not
Avorth describing, because just such
cabins have often been described before.
When ho first appeared he had said nothing as to his origin. A tall, silent man of
forty years, he went at once into his
chosen field, prospecting, asking no advice, and giving none.
Mills had a'good eye for "leads," and
had been moderately successful, for several times he had developed claims until
they had begun to assume the dignity of
mines, had sold them and niovod on. In
IS91 he located a claim that seemed promising, and for weeks toiled at it single-
Jiandled. Ho was strong and skilful, and
'his progress remarkably rapid, but occasionally he felt a pang of solitude and
thought he ought to secure help, not
only for the forwarding of the work but
for the sake of - companionship. One
-summer day as-tJio mood was upon him,
he heard r a voice at the mouth of the
slope •■'marking tlie spot .where he had
started into the side of the .mountain...
"Hello, there,"  said  tlie voice, ".may I.
"^'gina'down^*■-""""-"-""-"    --" --»■-*■  •■■•-.•^
^clo'ifie-nu-pj'" ,-„""""'■    '".■',■■' "V    '     .-,
f"\> '4^-h,a-MiS;Kedj '.attrjyjig JriVil'Qng' bad?, ]
"fie saw"Qutf'ifledJt%Mflst a .bit ot ■qkf ii '
"""stWdy fi'gur©-M\d a hftad  stiinnOj'Uited' by"
a, folt'jiat, the fktppiug riitof WHiel'i had ;,
beerj. ycyjijiresl lit fl^ytv. }inH froln Wreath
. wliich there escfrpecUi waVy liiftsS of hair
tossed oti tire bretf/.e.' Th.e iniin.er wo«-
deTed vsignely vs?hy -a boy should be ,s0
;haund's0.me,   »'J|i|t6rgiW}j^ii;oln,;|jl.i''e stoj:rCJn,K|>.,
' Kt!ra!i:glftei.iqd'"6iiiiselfy taking^as fulf"Di-catTi ■
. o'f tho s-weo'tf intuiutaln a'in    i^lten- ho '
di-eW fi'orti liis pdcjce't pipe aixfl tobacco:,
Ii 1 !ed,: .lighted, abso'i-bed.afew satisfactory
whin's, and said: slowly;. "W^llLr °    ..
. nftrnV Rube Okclcson,''said  the boy in
.,isefcurii"; "U'u,' I'm here for VOrk."
„"[ol;i,!i :);)i,i.fl'fed on', '^e.ttei1 "COitie 'to the
cabin vviiilo 1 yank a .little grub together.
1 take it," Jk> added, starting down the
path, "that ye're prOspOctin" Without no
The boy did not undei'atand this, but
ho gave an- assent, and started with Mills,
who noticed' that the sole of the visitor's
" step-, "I'll cobble it after supper," was
his comment.
"But about a;job, you know," the boy
put in timidly* stepping high ou account
of the loose sole.
"Oh. that's at! right," answered Mills;
ye'i'e hired. Didn't I tell volt?" And
thuy walked on.
In the evening' tho'y grew, in a measure
coididential, although Kvibe did most of
tlio talking, «s« Millstiobbled thedbfeetlye
shoo into' a state of usefulncstf. lieforo
bed-tinie liu'bc had told of Susie Campbell, She was back in, Missouri, where he
himself had been " born and raised/*
■'* I didn't have much money after
fattier add mother died," he wont on,
simply, "and Sue—her father had a pile.
I'll bet old man Campbell lias two thousand 'dollars out on mortgage right now."
He paused to note tlie effect ; Mills drove
another peg, while Itube laughed, nervously. " I fell in love with Sue," he continued, "but she woidd'nt liave it; that
is," he corrected, recognizing tlio awkwardness of the expression, " she didn't
seein to be iu earnest about it. Not like
me, anyhow, but fiii'ly she laughed and
said that if I'd get a fortune she'd marry
me.    So I struck out west."
" Must be a fine gal," said Mills. "Hope
it ain't serious. Has she got any holt on
Rube laughed again. " I wish she had,"
was his rejoinder ; "but since 1 came
away she hasn't written. Sue's just try-
in' nie, that's what she's Join'. It's a
way women liave. When I go back with:
a pocketful of money she'll be ready.
Oh, I know what women are."
John took a last stitch in silence, and
held up the reconstructed shoe. Thus
began between John Mills, miner, and
Rube Jackson, boyish, hopeful tramp, one
of the serene friendships which list until
death. Let the limit not be placed even
tiiere; perhaps, .strengthened and renewed, they last for ever.
During the day the pair worked, speaking little. In the evenings they read and
talked, or Mills brought out an ancient
liddle whereon he discoursed melody most
fearsome, but duly applauded. The
usual theme of conversation was Sue.
Gradually, the two built up an ideal
woman, and a home that she was to
adorn after the "Millennium—for such
they had named the mine—had began to
produce. Rube would not listen to any
plan that did not involve the membership of Mills in the family.
"P'raps an' old feller like me 'ud be iu
the way," Mills would say, and, regularly, Rube would retake this view.
Yet Sue never wrote. " Mighty long
trial an' slow verdick," Mills opined once.
Rube convinced him that-this was treason.
Weeks went by and the crucial test of
the Millennium was at hand. The hole
for the "shot" which was to determine
the character of the vein toward wliich
they had been laboring had been drilled,
the powder tamped about the fuse. It
was then, stopping to wipe his forehead,
leaving it grime-streaked, that Mills delivered a speech which, so far as recorded, was the longest he ever made.
"Rube, boy," he said, "we're pardners.
Understand ? Pardners. This shot tells
whether we find somethiu lousy Avith
gold or goes broke ag'in barren rock. In
any case, thar's wages due you, an' a
coniin.' It wouldn't be no squar' deal
fur me to getrich and you only to draw
pay for days' works; so, thar'fore, I, John
Mills, miner, as heretofore and ginerally
known, do hereby make over to you,
Rube Jackson, a full half-interest in the
Millennium, to have an' to hold, an' ycr
heirs an' assigns foreArer, amen. That's
a kerrect form, I guess, and no lawyers
needed nor papers neither."
noiSl'iln^. it^a^Sigld?/' -" ife seVrnell"jj«p/py*i
ai.kl<a trifle enibarra^
.gmobioMS.'jiy asOddeii display Of |ii;er!§y*"°
5^to6,ali0t|ier word  was spoken;„ SbOn
all was ready, an trpeu, lamp applied-to"
: tlie wjdSingi'itsejiand tliJfe inen retre'f&ed."
i to, the often, "      '„"'"„„ ..„,
"In five n:iiHuute.s? "pardner;" RlillV §aidr
as tliby Wejit^vlbn^, ."we'll" :b6 a couple "of
>Qiein',^ajSfte&^^cji>iipsl;" \"" '°°- "r'\° „ ;
''Ajjd Sue, tOQ/'iainerrded Rute
*'^es, Sue ° 'too," asseuted tlie sejiipr
member of the fern. "You, see, slie's
naelielly oi;ie of thein 'Jieirs. an' ti^signs
fOrevon' which tli:e: dOeumeiit would'iiieu-
tion, so be Ave9httd One."
He started £or the .cabin, but Rjibtj, lingered. "Retter coftie to griib," Counseled
Mills. "The old hole won't be fitteii to
live iii fur an llOur."
Rube seenred to assent,, but he did hot
fbilow. As Mills: reached the cabin there,
was a muffled sound, a tremor of r.oek lis
tlie granite mountain quivered, and Out
Still's was soon in the eabin getting
supper.  .
In twenty minutes the coffee had boon
made, the bacon fried, and biscuits' were
crisping in the oven. Still Rube did not
cpiiib. " I wonder where lie is," said
Mills. " Roys is so reckless," „nd with an
uneasy fooling he started back lip the
"Rube, come to supper! " he called.
His voice bounded, from side to side of
the canyon, but thot'o \vas no response.
The heart of Mills sank With tlie thought
Of impending evil. Calling again and
again, lie Went to the month of the slope,
out of which an acrid vapor floated, hoy-
ei'ing iu the air. " I'm afeard Rube Went
in," conjectured Mills, and hastily removing his coat he dropped it in a powder-
keg of water, swathed it about his face
and started blindly down the slope.
At the foot of it, held down, by a cruel
block, he found Rube, inert, apparently
lifeless. With a giant effort he almost
hurled the block aside, and taking Rube
in his arms, staggered,stumblecl, crept to
the outer air. Oh! the blessed balm, of
that air as it touched his face. He took
one breath, laid his burden down, and
fell beside it, prone, motionless. The sun
was giving the loftiest peak its farewell
caress. Below a bird was singing a goodnight song. . The rosy glow passed; the
bird was still; tlie shadows crept higher.
But there, lay the dead and the stricken.
The inquest was short, resulting in the
finding that Reuben Jackson had come to
his death by a dispensation of providence,
" aided and abetted by his own carelessness, for which, he being a boy, we do not
blame him." .
There was a funeral, too, picturesque
and pathetic, where the music was the
harping of the wind in the pine-tops, and
the finest tribute the tears of John Mills.
Then the grave was rounded over, the
participants—all but ono—withdrew,and
that night the moan shone down on a
solitary figure, his head bowed in his
hands. "Too late, too late," the figure
murmured. "We're ri :h, mypardnerand
nie, and it won't do him no good." JNor
Avas Mills speaking idly, for, clutched iu
in the rigid fingers of Rube, John had
discoA'ered a fragment of quartz threaded
and bound by Avires of0virgin gold.
The next day Mills Avas in Den\rer.
His first visit AA'as to a mining expert
somcAvhat familiar with the district.
"The Millennium"—said John, pointing
OArer his shoulder in the general direction
of Rocky Canon—"she's fur sale. The
price is tAA'o hundred thousand. Take
her or leave her."
Next he took his Avay to a lawyer.
"DriiAV me up ono of them papers," he
said, "makin' oA'er to Susan Campbell, of
Missouri, a half-interest in the Millennium."
"What consideration?" asked the man
of business.
"Consideration? Why, for my pard-
ner, of course."
Necessary explanations folloAved, and
tho consideration Avas placed at ten dollars, which' Mills conscientiously took out
of one pocket and put into another. "It's
best to lnwe everything on the squar',"
he thought.
" Want this recorded ?" continued the
laAvyer, Avhen the dips, spurs and angles
had been described with.technical nicety.
"Not fur a spell," replied Mills. "Jest
give it to me." An hour later he was on
an east-bound train.
He reached a little toAvn in Missouri.
As he Avalked the streets, he thought,
with a strange thrill of affection, that he
was Avhere Rube had been "born and
raised." Every villager- kueAV the residence of Henry Campbell, and soon Mills
Avas ring the. bell. The door AAras opened
by a y.oiing Avrmian^—Sue ! But surely
not the Sue of Rube's dreams and his
oavii iiiuigiuation. She Avas pretty, in a
careless AAray, but her Avrapper Avas begrimed, her slippers, one of Avhich protruded, displayed a hole, and her hair
Avas in papers. Mills AA'as shocked and
puzzled. The girl said "Good morning,"
and awaited developments.
"I'm from out West," said the visitor—
"Colorado." Theu, after a pause, conscious of an important omission, he added : "My name's John Mills." ;
"Colorado," rejoined the young woman;
"I knew; a felloAV that went out there-
Rube Jackson.:  Come in.    I suppose you
Avant to see i^av.    Ever met Rube?"    She
$lml6sfida;nped¥ H$&ft1&^
pi,   ..
- :"»"„'«|Hinx "n!aud" -me s 4pai?d»ers " f .auswei-ed»
^illi,^ietl^7^ pl^^-t^'M^
^ ««|g,;tel|r',=4:M;|^^A^d3^!|e|Jtiu.g,
"Rube? Oh, lie's all right. He's had a
streak, o' luck lately. Thought likely
you'd want to hear about it, Well, I
must be goin'.    Good-by."
Once in the street, he took a paper
from his breast—a document of legal
aspect—tore it into minute pieces and
scattered them in the mud of the thoroughfare. "God knows," he muttered,
"that I've tried to be squar' Avith my
pardner, but it appears Rube didn't
leave no 'heirs an' assigns forever.' "
"Paw," remarked Susan, that eArening,
"there aviis an awful funny man called
here today. Said he knew Rube Jackson
out West."
"Didn't knoAv no good of him," returned the father. "That Jackson, place'] 1
never bring the amount of the mortgage."
A few days later Mills AA'as in the ollice
of the mining expert. "The Millennium,"
he began; "take her er IcaA'e her?"
"Take her," exclaimed the expert, trying to conceal liis jubilation. "Here's the
papers and your check, all ready to sign.
Where iu thunder'd you go to?"
"Jest took a little business trip fur my
pardner." answered John. .
The Tremont Hotel
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
Liquors *nd Cigars
One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
n^'n       'InjVj;       ""'"
"   '    "'V'n   *°
□J   o
*   b
S-reen Bo'drs
Inside .Mnish
ilbo^l' aiid1 ooftsti.
Jodtil and' couijt.
Kew@l Posts
Sfeair Bail
Heated with Hot Air and-."
■-■>• ='","%".",.»,.iX.j,^.,|,*'VV:'v„ta'i-.°""w»_>!_*«,."■.",:"* ■«e-":»-1'
| "JlJargift-SriifortablBi ".bedrooms' Vn.d'f.»~r8,t?Lcla8S* "qfiiinK
"rppm^.SrtmplB/ooms^f^ ... - .-■:«• „■
_''""■ °'*V_3__;_|__!l3,\s_if °_=^3_S" '*$>&$? '   '"';
:i- ,Mmf"'U'i
>&$if:o"t -the; -Royal Hotol^Qalgary,
^"=   ^   MouKings
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
of ill kinds.
If wliiit you want is not in stock wo will make it for you
J. A. Say wan
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Doors and Sash
Fence Posts and Pickets
Office and Store Fittings
Scroll Sawing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes and
General Joinery Work
Glass of all Sizes and Kinds
Sawmill on Government wharf.
Factory and ofllco. corner Hall Hlrccl and C.I'.R. track
fl; D>rJUME; Manager.
ThoVfliiest fiotei In the interior,,
Largo Samplo ropms* SteariihCatan"d;elcC!tric„light.
The only hotel in; Nelsdli that hag rcmainod under quo
management since 1890.
Tho bodrrooins are well furnished and  lighted by
Tho dining-room is not second to any In Kootenay.
Tho bar is alwa^H Stocked by tho bout domestic and
Imported liquors aiid cigars. _
THOiMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.
yMi.fi* 'R. c
J. W. SMITH,  Proprietor.
Largo and well lighted Heated by hot al
Reasonable rates , Sample rooms
Electric, bolls and light in every room
RonovatCd and refurnished throughout
J. Vi PERKS, Proprietor
Free bus meets all trains RavAlclrl-fl    B   fi
Hourly streec car.to station n_¥»l_X_JlW, a. u.
Night Grill Room in connection, for tho convenience of
gliosis arriving and departing by night trains.	
Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and CoU'ee.
Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:
Java and Arabian Macha, per pound  .$   10
Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds ,  1 00
Fiiie Santos, i pounds   1 (XI
Santos Blond. 5 pounds   1 00
Our Special Blend, (J pounds..  1 •«
Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds ....     100
A trial order solicited.
Salesrooms 2 Doors East  of  Oddfellows  Block,!   West
Bakar Stseet       ■.  	
Purinu tho, season we will deliver ico nt private residences
and business houses daily, in any
desired quantity.at oasonraljlo
P. Burns & Co.
Hkad Okfich at
Wholesale and Retail  .
.   .   Dealers in Meats
Wholesale Markets at /felson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
RoUiil .AlarkuLs n(. Nelson, lviislo, S.-uulon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Tniil, Grand Forks,
CiiHcade, Greenwood, Midway, nnd Sirdar.
 Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.
West Kootenay Butcher Go.
Baker Street, Nelson  E. Q. TRAVES, Manage?
No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts.
No Fake Removal Sale.
TAN .SHOES    :'■■■■.
Colored Shirts   y
Cotton top Shirts
Negligee Shirts
Regatta Shirts     j
Remember, This General Sale Will End on Saturday, the 19th, at 10 p.m.
Baker Street
Opposite Postofflce
Calgary Brewing &Iitin|Coinpany
...   ....  .J.vMePHEEt-^^S.S
■"-.«"».*   .    „•■■••-,■'        -•  "_•!  "*.    *. ■-*"*•■?._ .... ""«,":„ %ff",, •   „.„„„u„ ....... .i'. ."* ""i. rs "«» "■ .-'.!-"ip,2„?"!Mi'.',-'B°i>4-i"..> Sft„
^ ^T__.        B^\~j^TO.5 ^J?     ^__L.  .   ." ° „     '
,' Sfc -Mice: mki^sKmtim v
,^ ii^om^tiip --!<api:p;U'.S:;"3Hafe" ■<'
Lime 70 Gents per 100 pouhds.
-VVill-jlcK-vcr .iirtonidts^
Brick $12 per thousand.
Al* yiiWI or on scows at govij^iliivcnt \vtwirf.
The West ^potenay Brick & lime Co., Ltd,
B^kor Stroot.
T. &. PROCTOR, ftranagfer
C, W. West & Go.
The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co,
Washitigton Brick &t\d Lih\6 Co.
The H, W. WJcNiell Co., IU., Canadian Anth/a-
cite Coal (Hard)
,.»*%« 1
* ■'*■>»'
l"J?£ m°°"'$"
' s. .fl ^ na"p    Dflt.^
.".'°M .S.SL'* *»'"■''
= B.^Bfl°S s
¥%? ^>£^i"£M^&-:
at_? %
. "^aW^
Waaoii repairing pronlutly .0t'to.uclcd to by.a Ors^latis
tflUj-StiwriklilJ- "■"' °,    "f
SpociHt attcntioti jfivqii to till Mild- of ropalrlng dud
ouslohi worjc {to© o'ut«id0\DoittCHs ■■"■"      "'   '
Dealers \i\
Nelson Iron Works
Repairs promptly attended to.       I». O, Box 173.
NIGHTS OK PYTHIAS-Nelson   1-odgOi   No,   fe,
■   Kn'fehtHof Pythias, nieetB In I, O. O. F.Hall.corni'r
Haker ana Kootenay wtrooUi, every Tuesday ovoniiig at
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
T. 1,1 LMK. C. 0. It. G. JOY, K. of It. & S.
NELSON I,ODGK, NO. 23, A. V.'Sc A. M. Moots
Bocond Wotlnesday tu each month. Sojourniiifr
brethren invited.
NKLSON h. O. I,., No. Iti!l2. moetx in I. 0. O. h\. Hall,
corner Haker and  Kootenay strecbi,  1st and 3rd
Kriday of each month.   Visiting bretlieni cordially invited. •....■
JOHN TOYK, W. M.       K.'JL. HKADLKY, UccSoc.
NKLHON.   jVAUK,   Ntiniher   '.'2,   rratisnuil  Order   ot
KnKlsc,incel-"uvi!ry Hoeoncluml fourth Wednesday in
each niontli iu  l-'ral.ernity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome. ' ■ ..
. J. HIVING, President.        J. IL WRAY. Secretary.
Stjop:   Htt'J Street, botwqen Baker and Vernon, Nelson
Proinnt and rcpfillar
dulivery to; the ti
Brewery at Nelson,
I'rovinec  of  Hl-iti.-ifi   t'oluinbla, Nek&h, West Jvodlc-
nay. to-«"i,t:
Uy virtue of a warrant of execution issued out Of the
< 'ormty Court of Koot nay, holrion at Nel-On, at the suit
of Krailk l.avin, plaintill', and tome directed uKainst the
^oods n.ii.1 chattels of the ICootenuy Air Supply Company,
defendant, I ha\'u KU'lssud and taknn in cseeutioli 'till the
■rixlit, title, and intercst of Ihetaid defe|ldant.,th(* Kootenay Air Sujtply'OomiiHiiy, In. one uiright .st&viuboilor»
one machine ilrill, one hallows, one anvil, onuoro btleket,
two pieces of compressor machinery, four .iojutsfOf' pipe,
all now sltuatwl on Coll'ee t'reek, in the AiiravVortli mill-
iiiK division of U'est Kootenay district, lo recover tlio
sum of two hundred and seventy-six dollars and oi{?hty-
seven cents ($3711.87), amount of said execution bolides
slierillV iK>undu|£0. oilloor's fees, costs, and all other legal
and.-.incidental exiiunses.
All of which I shall exposo for _n]o,or sulllelent thereof
to satisfy said judgment, debt and co^ts, in front o* my
ollice. next to the Court House. In the city of Nolson, on
the 3rd' of August, A* 1>. ISIW, nt the hour of olovon
o'clock in the forenoon. t
N'oiH—Intending purchasers will Satisfy themselves as
to interests and litlo of the said Oonlpftny, defendtuils.
Hated at Coffee Creek, H. C, 28th. July, 1SII9.
S. 1'. TUCK, Sheriil'of South Kootenay.   .
The above eiile is postponed until Thursday, tho 19th
day of AtiKUst, JS5K1. at tho same place and hour.
S. 1'. TUCK, Sborifl; of South Kootenay.
The above sale Is further postponed until Monday, tho
21st day o£ August, ISIS), at tno wvnio place and hour.
S. P. TUCK. Sheriff of South Kootenay. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1800.  Mail Orders Filled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SC0RIFIER3  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  or  ,ly  MANICURE   REQUISITES  He is of the Right Kind. __��_  R. B. Kddy, of Hull. Quebec, aoc-oin-  piuiicd by JMrs. Kddy, aviis in Nelson  yeslerdny. Mi: Eddy enjoys the distinction of being at the head of one of Canada's largest industrial establishments.  in tlie manufacture of paper, indurated  ware, and matches, lie. employs over 2000  people steadily, ami over 8000 carloads of  iinished products are shipped from his  warehouses ovory twelve months. I\lr.  Ifiddy was born in Vermont, but has  lived in Canada \~> years, and claims to  be a pretty good Canadian. Canada can  stand a few more just such "Americans"  as K J��� Kddy.  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Summer  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats .which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Name  NEELANDS'  EMPORIUM  Jt will be to .your advantage .to see- our- Large  and complete stock of - lioots.^md Shops.. We  carry tlie "following dines :j J. &.'T. -Hell, = J.  iX-'JKing ' ��fc Co,,,North Star-Shoo Co., = Foots,  SeliulL/.:& Co.,-Stratford ,Shoe,Co., Ames, ITol-  den ifc'Co.,4 and other leading makers. .  or mm  211 AND 28-WKST BAKTCR STREKT, NELSON  m  X)_   _T_^^_A._RT__3ET_J_E?(  !&   CO.  as  38  I   &  JUST ARRIVED  i^mw^ritive^Q&f^dfr  as:  Si  as  Wdi& QreQrge  Large Sliipniextt of  as  _?���  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  &  |D-    _l_^^-A.ST_E3:Tr_R   &   CO-  Grove  Beer Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isr-BXiSO-rsr  THE   FINEST ;; PLEASURE -RESORT-  IN .;;KOOTENAY  A Snake Story.  An English tourist killed a snake on a  recent hunting excursion and brought it  to JXelson to have it stuffed by Ceorge  Shiell, who is a. taxidermist of more than  ordinary reputation. On opening the  snake, forty-live .smaller snakes were  found iii its inside. When laid end to  end they, measured MSi feet. The snake  itself was only 2.', feet long.  Rifle Shooting Yesterday.  There was a good attendance at the  rifle range yesterday afternoon and some  fairly good shooting was iloiic. The  range is generally considered a good "one,  a,nd the indications are that Nelson -will  be able to get together a good shooting  team.  NELSON.  The Nelson minstrels Avill hold their  first practice on Monday evening at S  o'clock.  The Jicv. Father Feriand will hold.services at the public school today at  7:130 p.m.  As the country and business generally  are undoubtedly going to the dogs as  fast as possible, anyone seeing the long  strings of 1'reight-laden wagons awaiting  the Kokance yesterday ami the day before would be i'orccd to believe that  someone was insisting on doing business  oub of sheer cusscdnoss.  Some half a dozen players turned up  to the cricket practice yesterday, and  then people are surprised that the club  wins no matches.  The hospital directors have decided to  call a meeting of the local doctors next  week and confer with them as to the  best means of settling the difficulties  arising out of Dr. Rose not having yet  passed the provincial examination.  lt:was stated on the streets yesterday  that- Rqbsoii w.ishes to-hav.o the -first  chance at the - lacrosse team  wjien" the5'  return. ".'-"',,; ''''-'  .-Alexa.ndei'"Stewa,rt yesterday sold W.C.  McLean's property on Victoria street to  Thomas Howell.'/The price is withheld."  JudgeForin westerda.y fixed JMashinka's  bail,at $500-ou"his own recognizances, and  two.sureties at: $500 ' apiece. ,'. Maslonka's  counsel, P. E.. Wilson, was,unable to find  tanyone, willing to go*bail for.him,.sb the  chances are he will have to remain in jail  until his trial comes up.  Ex-alderman Whalley has been appointed a. justice of the peace for the province.  The gas and coke company have  opened comfortable offices on the ground  door of the Oddfellows block, facing on  Kootenay street.  Miss Plinir arrived in Nelson last night,  accompanied by her brother Jasper.  Fred Irvine & Co. yesterday opened the  largest consignment of staple and fancy  dry goods ever received in Nelson.  A cause is known by its workers. W.  .). C Dickson is at work obtaining names  for the voters' lisb.  Four carloads of Dan McCillivray's  railway construction outfit, which he  has been using on the liobson-Penticton  branch of the Canadian Pacific, passed  through Nelson yesterday, en route to  Port Arthur, Ontario, where he has a  contract on the liainy Itivcr road.  it. .1. Haniilton, manager of tho Noslson  branch of John Choldilch <fc Co., leaves  this morning at .7 o'clock, accompanied  by Mrs.'JTn.milton   J'or  a. two-weeks visit  to  Vancouver,  will   purchase  firm.  While  on the Coast he  the. fall   supplies   for  the  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Wanted���A  large   unfurnished   room  near bu-iness centre of town.   Apply Tribune Oflloc.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and Ward Mreets, now orcup ''rt liy W. A.  Aliicclomil i, will be fur rent alter the lnth instant.  Apply to A. H. Oleniems.  Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  F. \I. Jameson, Carney Mock, Haker street west.  era  CD  CO  Wi !?  _2  _a  oo  CO  CO  GO  CO  e_>  oo  ca  JBeervor Half*  aincl=-h_a.lf....  Always Fresh  ��    Cool  tSe best glass of beer m nelson i$  OririiGr.Sitie.-l.fuMl  Stanley Sifiquts.  _..:'& .DURBAN, Prop,  pa mo 17s predtiQe Qo.  ���   "W'_3:,<_>3_fe'S-5-____  AJVD FRUITS  Among Daily per Express, Full  Lines cf Fruits  in Seasoq.  The Trade Only Supplied.  Write or Wire -for Regular Shipments.  IT PAYS US to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods and  methods just as they are. Jt pays us  to strive for excellence in quality,  price and service"-aiming to place in  the hands of our customers the best  goods at the smallest figures. On  this basis we invite your inspection  of pur'lines.   ...  IT WILL PAY YOUto carefully examine our line, of fine gold jewelry,  diamond^, mountings, - mounted cjja-  Emonds, stone rings,-loose diainonds,  and other, precious-stones. We ,owe  it to our customers to give them the  best made and the most stylish goods  we can buy. Our.manufaclured goods,  are of just' this .kind. fOurstock of  small diamond rings is especially attractive and prices equally so, and  .you owe it to Tyqurse'f, to buy goods  for. as little money as possible. Write,  wire or, telephone us; we are always  at" home to our customers.  ,:a few new lines received  THIS=,WEEK- Table tamps; Piano  Lamps, Table and Piano Lamp combined, Jardinieres, Jardiniere Tables,  Fire, Sets, Umbrella Stands," Letter  Rack's, Paper ,Holders,^ Photo Frames,,  Ash Trays, Bronzes; Vases andcPHch-  ers of all descriptions, Sconces, Mirrors, and Candelabras; also a large  consignment of - Parlor Lamps and  Fancy Globes.  As we only employ the most skilled ,  \MtcHmakef��,; we   will guarantee   all  "wdlhk=_afisfacforyt~~ ��^ ~~�� ���            ������<=  JAGOi3 DOVER, Jeweler.  Duncan Mines, litd., poison, ELG,      "  The fititicAii Mines Limited arc "Open to rcc/ivc  ten ers for 1 ho: consume! ion of 11 llnmit front Snhdv and  Krigle crooksto the peustoekattlie hOadof- pipe lino of.  the Griiuite'mill.  Also the construction of l.!i(3 penstock with flbr4 ������Kfttw  and overflows.  for,tho coii-f.ruqfcioirofn, wagon i-oiltl from, tlio .(Jmliite  riuill totho JMiyal <;anadiii.h -ini^e, a'dixtanCO' r>( licurly  i.vv,o uill,uMn Puvt.os.j^ishiiiK |,p .tiifitlpi: for |,he jnh 01111.  Jiisiieel,. th6,roufa aiiil pbl.iti i-partiouI(��r�� of ilio Work any  ���tlity fi^nj AliKiift gliflf-j.a1-lf,H.  COBPOMliN OF THE CITY OF KELSON  TEHDERS FOR LAVINC STEEL PIPE LINE, :  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and  lardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    \<\   Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  MATERIAL    % -, ?r?n> ^-Rails  Pamts, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  j^re You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  The  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.  Kirkpatrick x�� Wilson  Telephones: 10 and.,41.    PostofRce Box K &-.yV  . '4    .  EAST BAKER STREET  14  WEST BAKER STREET  Nelson, 13. C ���  Telephone 93  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  Gome in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Kefreshhig Drinks.  Nfi\-t Dnnr to  1��. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  Thq CnrjioriUloii of"M11S City of Nclsoir in propa'-pd f,o  receive (jctiliixl totirier.s al, tlio ofllco of tlio city olorkj���  loi'vp. tii..oivtlro28th(laj- ot AviKUst, ISSHI. fi�� tltolnjinU  of 10.B)0 IinciU root oC 11-itic.li slot;! coi'dmt pipo line.  I��,aiid. spcuilicutions* ami tonus o�� teiutor may lio seen  at tlio 0IH00 of tlio city engineer.  AH teinlo* to bg nurkucl "Tenders for Conduit I'ipo  I.ino"  ��� Tlio loWosL or any tender not uocortsarily accepted.  ������ J. K. STltACAAN, City Clerk.  :  Nelson. August 17111, lbflfl.  ONE DOLLAR A XOAD  The tindorsigncd hasalarRC aiiaiiUty'offir, cedar, and  tomarae flUlMi ill TG-ilich nn>l 4-��oot longtlvs, suilalilo for  stove wood, which will bo srld for $1 a load at the, mill  yard.  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, Aufust I'Jtli, IS!)!).  MISCELLANEOUS.  FOR SALK-ASO-giiinoa .gun. by Holland & Holland,  and a ca.se ; also an 8-KVlllc" P0'0 saddlo. by Crate  of Uoltjrave Kquare, and one double bridle,  at 1'ho Tribune ollico, Nelson.  9125.  Apply  WANTKD���By young man havini? several years experience in both dry goods and hardware lines, a  position as salesman or ofllco hand. Can furnish best of  reference.   Address M. M. C , Hall Siding, B. C.  ONK or two unfurnished rooms to rent in goo-1 lion o  in residential narl of Nolson.   Apply by letter (in  first instance) to "Alpha," Tribune Oflleu.  WART & CAIUUK���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  crdcon block, Baker stroct. Kelson.  MANV  N:J3SrV  OUBTC>IVI:_3_^S  Are added ton our list each and every month. This moafhlias  been an, exceptional one^ the nyniber of heV/ customers far exceeds any previous mpn'fh, and we can safely say we still continue to hold the old owes. This fe sur'eJy ample proof of who  does the leacfing business, where it is done and how the people  not only in Nelson, but surrounding townSj appreciate the man*  ner in which we serve them. Our stock of fancy goods is by far  the most complete in Nelsoii.  JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts,  and  half g-allons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A, IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Strnot Wont.. Nelson, B. 0.  ��>  _?2_,tJ_Vi:_3__l_SS,  ETC.  0_?_tl2S__.   -SCOTTS-S   ELOCK


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