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Death of a Pionoor.
Colin Campbell Melven/.ie of Nanaimo
died at that place on the 15th. Mr. Mc-
Kcn/.io was 11,11 old pioneer, coining to
British Columbia in ISliO from Fort Vancouver, Washington, where he was born
on March 25th, 1830. The deceased was
an educationalist of a very high order,
being a teacher in several country schools
and for many years principal of the Aric-
toria Hoys' School, and subsequently
superintendent of education for tho province under the Walkoni-Bea\ren government. On dismissal by the
Sinythe-Robson government he settled
in Nanaimo as a real estate and
insurance agent and accountant, which
business lie was engaged in at the time of
his death. At the general election in
1S00 he was returned as one of the two
members for Nanaimo electoral district as
a member of the then opposition party.
The deceased was a Liberal in politics
and a staunch supporter of the present
.'•government. He was a member of Doric
lodge, A. F. & A. M., and ono of the most
highly respected citizens of Nanaimo.
Tho deceased .leaves a widow and two
sons, Benjamin who resides in Nanaimo,
and Colin McKenzic of Vancouver.
The Truth as to Ymir.
Much  is  made  in  certain quarters of
the  fact  that  Thk TitmuNK  maintains
that  the country is  not at a standstill
.-"merely because a few mine managers
happen-to be in a position to pursue a
dog-in-thc-mangor policy. Ymir is referred to as a town suffering from the
effects of the eight-hour law. The question might bo asked, how many mines in
the neighborhood of Ym'iv are not being
Avorked because of the eight-hour law ?
It is safe to say there is not one. The
-management of the Ymir mine have
maintained right along, through their
personal organ at Nelson, that they had
all the men: .they Avanted at both tho
mino and-mill.j If thoy have, Avhat other
mine near"Ymir is tied up? The Porto
Rico's mine and.inill are working steadily
- Avitha full force who are paid the standard
rate of Avages. The Yellowstono mine
lias  over  seventy  men  at Avork,  all ofr
: whom receive the standard rate of Avages.
Ymir, like many another toAvn, has probably been built up faster than the country on Avhich it is dependent.
Long on Spirits and Short on Brains.'
The '"Minerhasi established a record for
i tsel f; for  daily, delibei'ate ai 1 d  sciiseloss
^v^"-'^ ■■Aiiakfe;»ii.tliejlf. mayor, il sha^o^its'
'"/ritrny-N-i3.\°to^sfeat(j 1;hat/-ho|AafcnQt;aRd';.
. "...   ,„-.*    lfiW-]^
fgoTSi oil" rtvifl ^^^.^^"ddiS^ficdiilitg^li tti
^/irde>Wo>reme,dy .^th^dexeet, *;is Aioiusjj
fe{bO;l^ildei;edj' Gi'ftiiiiinr .-of. a ,ineiiibeV°*ofrT
scheme to grade and pave the block, so
that the street car track can be laid to a
porinanent grade. Either vitrified brick
or asphalt -will be used if tho Avork is
The mine managers' combine, does not
hesitate to boycott the merchants that
appear to be JukcAvarm on the eight-hour
question. The mine managers are not
the only pebbles on the. bench.
The men Avho are making Nelson a
rival of Spokane are those avIio are giving
steady enq 1 >ynieutin the town to skilled
and unskilled labor. Tho Parsons Produce company disburses close to SfUOOO a
month here for labor and incidental expenses.
National Government Not to Blame.   °
CoLU.Mtius, Ohio, August 17.—President
Ratehford of the United Mine Workers,
a 'member of the sub-committee ou mines
and mining of the industrial commission,
which has just investigated the recent
mining troubles at Wardner, Idaho, in an
iutervieAV declares the national government is in no Avay to blame for the unfortunate state of affairs at Wardner.
"Governor Steunenbcrg, auditor Sinclair,
Dr. French and others Avho are acting
under him are beyond any shadow of
doubt the only parties to whom this culpable wrong can properly be charged,"
said Mr. Ratehford. " In troubles of this
kind, Avhere life and property liave been
taken and destroyed, eA'ory good, citizen
must agree that the oxeeutiA'e of a
state has a duty to perforin. It is
his right and duty to restore Iiiav
and order, to guarantee oA'ery citizen
of tho common wealth fullest protection
of their lives and property; to give to
those Avho are charged Avith offenses
-'against the law a fair aud impartial trial
and to bring all criminals to justice.
Thus far the state should go and no further. It has no moral or legitimate right
to 'say-who shall not earn, a living by
their labor Avithin its borders; nor has it
a right to say to'employers whom they
--must and Avhom they must not employ.
That the. miners' organization is criminal
I emphatically deny; but, like other^.or-''
:fc?-si*£\ScH5*4V?«#_>» .V»»"''¥b"n»I'''"VSs--c«",'t-,. ^nfe^1 "'£?" t-'&ip.
.j».„s,..^=.w._ >.„.„.i„a.—i .^e '•"'•^v\»lesfeiuve§|.%
aoiig", 'iMfe
1     PnA<     n^na""        a^'V   n„,.
iv.-j.5-fe* ^eExpenin|vMormqn^Eldera   ^. 0>i:.f fjs
"Wlfi'l e"»th ere^is-'tfuo'.pvib'ils lictl,^7c&®teiiee?°„to».'
.tlMteggmn.".. * -This - jiioveiJieuc ..is- notfofm'
—-—-      ■   . ' '.*-:;
Daily More Apparent. * ;-'
Rennes, August 17.—With tlie usual
attendance and without any note ATOrthy
of incident, the second trial by court
martial of captain Dreyfus, the famous
prisonerof Devil's island, was resumed this
morning in the Lycee. Previous to the
opening proceedings it became knoAvn that
Maitre Labori, leading counsel for Di-oy-
fus, is slightly Avorse today. The fe\rer
continues to decrease and it is belieAred
he will attend court on Monday, Iioav-
ever. In spite of the difficulties encountered by the defense, today's session of
the court opened with brighter prospects
for the prisoner; Demange, counsel for
the defense, evidently came, primed Avitlv
questions and subjected general Roget,
Avho resumed his.depositiori on tlie opening of the court, dealing Avith the theft
of Esterhazy's letters from . Mademoiselle
Pays \ o a warm, fire of cross-examination.
A number of; the counsel's shots struck
bull's eyes and made the general squirm
in his seat. Unfortunately Demange is
not yet iii" a position to go thoroughly
over this AAritness' deposition, but general
Roget Avill probably be recalled to the
stand later on, General Roget Avas iiiir
able to eonceal his annoyance aiid'anger'
Avhen M. Demange scored."■'-....
Then came a witness aa-Iio proved to bo
a splendid reiiiforeemeiit for Dreyfus. vIt
Avas Bertulus, examining magistrate, who
received lieutenant-colonel Henry's confession Of forgery. M. Bertuliis gave his
testimony, Avhich A\ras a 'verRable speech
for the defence, coming from: a man of
the high legal reputation of M. Bertulus.
This evidence raised the hopes of Dreyfus immensely, as it apparently made a
deep impression on the members of the
court. M. Jaures, socialistic leader, was
among those present in court, and he remarked on the conclusion of ?the, magistrate's *estiniony: "This is the first time,
the Avholfe truth has been told before the.
judges." Di'eyfus displayed the.- keenest;
interest in the statements.of M: Bertulus.
The   prisoner appeared, completely ab-;
eA^orything arrived   in pieces.    That  is
v The court hero resounded Avith ox-
"clainations of surprise and Mine. Honry
concluded with saying : " f have nothing
more to say." M. Bertulus said he did
not desire to reply to Mine. Henry, adding
" she isonly a Avonian."
"I am not a woman." exclaimed Mine
.Henry furiously. "1 speak in tho name of
my hiisbaiid."
"How shall I reply to  madamc?." asked M. Bortulus."    She   is  defending   the
-name of a  dead  man   and   that of  her
child."    (Renewed sensation.)
After gazing steadfastly at M. Bertulus, who. aviis greatly moved Mine. Henry
descended from the platform and took a
seat beside general Zurliudon. M. Ber-
tullus thou left the court. .
Colonel Picquart AA'as then called. : Ho
_ protested most formally against allsus-
■ picioii of having caused ,the disappear-
ance of any document relating  to  Dreyfus.    Documents,  he added, had  disappeared, but he Avas  not connected Avith
their   disappearance.   He . also   repelled
with scorn the assertion that he  had endeavored  to  put'.- .another officer in the
place Of the real author of the bordereau.
.-",'-.■ ".It "is   true,"  the  Avitness  continued,
."that the name of captain  Dorval being
jnontioned to nie as "a  dangerous  man, I
had liim Avatched, and do you know, gentlemen-, by Avhom Dorval aviis denounced ?
.It Avas by his own cousin, major du Paty
de Clam."    (Sensation). ['..::
Picquart then proceeded to reply to various attacks made upon v.-him. "These"
tactics," he said, "are evidently pursued
'with .the object of lessening the value of
my testimony;" '.:.' The colonel next outlined liis connection Avith Dreyfus at the
military college and. aftervA'ards at the
liiinistiy of Avar Avhere, owing to the
anti-Semite prejudices of the general
staff, he first appointed Dreyfusto a de^
partnient Avhei-e probationers had no direct cognizance of the secret documenis.
He then described the consternation of
the Avar Office Avhen treason Avas^ discov-;
ered and tlie relief experienced J Avhen "it;
Avas thought: tlieVguiIty.cperson was dis-"
*xn Hrecital,:fOivMine.*'Hen i;y/anu,the^widt)AV^
=:Hvij,s; 1Hfttisfii,t{fei,il.'pB t"i,1iii#if!ted.   „A doin-
l^iW&^vfik.aplidi'a^d"' tib/:lV)5^ a^'-">*■
afteif t|ie
TpraUgenroiibn. (soiisiftiiig
iaucls,    elia'irn&u,    W °A>
xjf mayor Ngq-
Jowett, scc^
i-9tary, aitd aldermen Flotcller, Beoi> ajid;
If illy of, ,J. Rt. nLaf, Norman: D, MeLeod,
J.3 M. Anuable H. J. Eyau-s, Jolin Hous-
td^i-,:D."J. Beilfcon and D. M. Carley. Tho
eoiniuitteO Avill iiieet this af teriiooii in the
csi ty hall at 5 o'clock: to 'decide npon the
form tho entertaihnieiits Avill take? it
btiing:understood; that the city Avill pay
tliO; piper. The mayor telegraphed hist
-.night to fUi'd out the exact it-ate, ou -which
$he Visitors may. lie expected.
Pressed Brick Made iii 'Nelson.
Tlie".'first.pressed briek.madu ill Nelson
were yesterday laid, in the wall's, of tho
now building at the comer of Baker and
Joseph in e streets. They look as well in
i\, Willi as the iiiore expensive brick made
at -Spokane. The best brick clay in tlie
province is right here in Nelson, and with
money:, inacliinery and experience it
should be turned into a merchantable
There are one or two hotelkeopcrs in
Nolson Avho, through leasing the dining-
room .department of their hotels to irresponsible parties* have caused other business men considerable losses. One of the
Avorst offenders in this connection is the
Nelson house. That place should either
1)0 made pay a saloon license or its
proprietor be held responsible for all the
expenses incident, to the carrying on of
the hotel.
Sam Calkins, avIio was chief of Nelson's
volunteer lire brigade in the fall of 1897,
and avIio resigned in order to take a trip
to Alaska, is back in Nelson.
The OAvners of the property fronting
on Josephine street, between Baker and
Vernon    liave    under    consideration   a
:aiul.v. iiS"^oiner. iiistaij'cesy JiaA'.Q.„-^f .ed-.^sto'K;
s,the'i;rihv"e|*   .M'Ootf$lftn:e.fehS'lV^\yb^.uq^|^
;ly b.ejfevjn'g^^^
for fha f^v;S'iin'""o;4^j.i!$i/(an^u'jl5..   I^t\w^-alj>i\:i-I
nig^iijitjzensfiav'q-IdieeuTeU" fe jWlc .ffei'tci^'iW^'
'Eeifei'al ^licl to, st"6p! tiie Ontiti^os, ahd iff
serious nature ;tr6 expected'.
Failed %b Pjay Out: Time,
jT&fiAi;,, August 117.—Tlio Behljont
cricket club Avas agiiifi Vitjtorions in its
match today AVitli McCJill university, The
wicket was a- dangerojis ohe iVud Htll- Of
McG'i-U wits eari-ied off the held, lutviiig
been\\i\p on the: point of tlje jaws The
Philadelpliiails scoi'ed 14(5 in tlieii' fiiniiigs
and ten iniimtes before tlio t[hl0 to draw
stumps, AIcGill AVrts all Oiit for 9(t. I'he
feature of the play was the stand liiado
by Watsoil (:^0) itnd i.ltegiiS (40) ior Sf<)
rtins. After making 82 the former aviis
given out leg before. Oh the MoGi!l side
McLean carried off tlio honors with 39.
His score included & fours and a 0.
Don't Like Water.
Berlin, August 17.—Tho lowor house
of the Prussian diet today by a vot6 of
212 to 209, rejected the second reading'of
the bill relating.to. the Dortlnuhd-Rhiilo
canal and the completion of the Dort-
mund-Enis canal. The lower house also
defeated the Central Canal bill by a vofco
of 22 S to 120,
The Paris Bourse.
Parts, August 17.—On tlio bourse
prices today, influenced, by the easy tone
of contangoes iu London, and especially
by favorable advices regarding tho
Transvaal difficulty, were firm. Kaffirs
Avere in good demand, large purchases
being made on Loudon account.
Pugilist Dies of His Injuries.
San Francisco,California, August 17.—
Jim Franey, the pugilist injured by
Frank McConnel in tlie fight last night,
died at 3:10 this p. in. Avithout having regained consciousness.
deircS" ° before"; tl ti_%<§o.n rt ■/ofeeassation:^ "Ml?
4it?s 'th'e™ilit ixoceji'Q&iof ;l>j<ey&Bi*:Se,kl'eelat--ecK
'n^tMKltttlel B® A"Hl-a1'Sf>!s^ldi;it^i(Shoti
'^Miige/^if^a;- */m°0.|i'vei"= Avhich: 'eoultl* IiaAfW
* teilipted°Di,'eA|f tjs° &oVcoiuiii1tisii^lii;a"eiSiiiie.,|
:>'Wit}ioiltv^)<^&a;^■eiiilijhalittill.y; -dcelaTt'-"
icct the eivpeiuence?! • ;ma*isti-iite,   * thei-o
, was   no iivthfy."\ Tlie} '^fueStaessi' wfitli;
iiOeonce of tJiO accused  created   a pro-.
found itiipression ii|pon his bearers.        .   ;
" 1'oii |ia'vo been told," ho said,," that;
Dreyfus is guilty, Foi« myself I believe*
and I b^lie\5e profoundly, in lite inno-
centies. If I conio here to tell you so, you:
will understand that it is because my
conscience tells me iii so doing I am per-
f(Srin1i"!g a ditty, an absolute dirty. The
court of ca«Satioii has declared the bor-
doreau to be the AVOi'k of Esterhazy, now
tlie cOurt of caSsatToil is tlie siip'reme ali-
thority in all matters of" this kind." (Sensation). A^t U\H iiiiiic'ttire there Avas a
bi'ief suspeusiou of the session. When it
Avas resuinccl M. Bertulus a-vus recalled,
blithe had little to add of an interesting
cliaraetei'. When the prisoner was asked
if he desired to pnt any questions to tho
Avitness lie answered in the negative.
Mine. Henry then ascended the platform, ?lnd, standing beside M. Bertulus,
she said: "On July 18th, tho day my
husband called on M. Bertulus, the colonel, in course of a conversation that
evening, told Hie he had a friendly and
charming reception. He described how
tho magistrate AvisliCd to meet him and
held out his arms. I said to niy husband :
' Are you sure of this man ? Are you
sure lie is sincere?,.' 1 am very nnicii
afraid that his kiss was the kiss of
There aviis a great sensation iu court at
this .statement of Mine. Henry.
"I Avas not wrong," she continued amid
the breathless interests of the court,
"this man is indeed the Judas 1 imagined."
Referring to the papers Avhich arrived
at the same time as the bordereau, Mine.
Henry said the papers were not all torn
in a thousand pieces. I was able to note
that personally. Letters of ten came entire.    M.  Bortulus  1ms maintained that
been searched when tho discovery aviis
made. This, he explained, aviis the department in Avhich du Paty do Clam
worked, and that aviis tho department
Avhich aviis Avorking on the plan of tho
concentration of tho troops and the Madagascar expedition. Ho added: "It aviis
in major du Paty de Clam's department
that the search should luivo been made,
or rather in his private room whero he
Avorked quite alone." (Sensation.) Du
Paty do Clam, continued tho Avitness, had
boon'guilty of grave imprudence iu having, contrary to the regulations, had
'confidential documents copied by simple
socretar.'c, non-eoinmissioned officers and
even privates, Avhereas the custom aviis
that such Avork Avas dono sololy by officers. Later on the witness said he avoii-
dered if it aviis hot to avoid the risk of
punishment that du Paty do Clam ••.advanced' the date of the reception
of the ^ bordereau at the iiitelli-,
genco department so as to make it prior
to the date of his, du Paty de Clam's, arrest in tlie third department. (Sensation.)
A fe\y minutes later the court adjourned.
Gone to Pieces.
Neav-York, August 17-—The London
correspondent of the World says: "The
Irish parliamentary X organization /has
been a deiid letter throughout the session
of parliament just c|osed, scarcely a dozen
members attending regularly. Their
hands haAre been Avcakened by the notorious dissensions in tho party and the collapse of all popular organs' in Ireland.
Dillon, T. P. O'Connor, Blake and Davitt
Avere the only leaders avIio attempted seriously to promote the Irish cause in parliament during '';'■'-.the- session, -and
there is no 'prospect - - of:-■:J any
better ' showing for ' Ireland in
the British house of 'commons unless
a general election in the next or the succeeding oyear- i-osults iii! the e returning
once more of the united party. Tlie only
national organization now. existing in,
Ireland outside of Redmond's Independ-;
ent'i League, :4w]iieh, has only a- few
branches outside of Dublin, is William
O-Brien'svUnited-,Irish. Leagiie^whiclrSisr
fa6t6riin^selectin# the iiew *partys«candi-
, ,.taiTatf;'.--fe-.„!?,..:-^.^.';^^'^^.n.'^tf.L^Fij!,r^°?.^---.-n,..-■. --D.niviji' .*0._-'V   (,& £z3yfPa.Kv;:.
■mi ?"portui',batioiK/iii:'.,the^hanaAvritiu;-g;olf
acid'ext. tIi0'!-sAV'i^iS3j|^^th^e^e^%aSj'
.absolutely f,
. Was a Dirty and Brutal Game.     -
Special to The Ti ibuno.  ...".
Nanaimo, August 17.—Nelson won 5 to
4. It Avas a dirty and brutal game.
Brawls and hard knocks wore frequent.
..The. crowd Avas altogether one-sided and
shouted "smash him," etc., at the visitors. Nelson (Scored tho second, third,
fourth, eighth and ninth games. The
score aviis a tie at the end of half time,•
they played an extra eight minutes Avhen
Nelson scored tho ninth goal. Most of
the boys have skinned shins and arms,
but are all right for Westminster. Home
played hard today, but the defence '-was
looso through over confidence. Tonight
the boys aro being entertained Avith la
moonlight excursion by the Yacht Club.
The Provincial Gazette. f^i     ;
Victoria,   August   17.— The^official
gazette contains  the folloAving. appoint--(;'.-
ments: William. Otis Hughes of 'Victoria:;   :
and Robert Henry Lee of Kaniloops to'be v
justices of .the  peace ; Alf'red - C. Nelson'V
of Fort Steele to be assessor and collector?  ;
for the sou th. di vision of East Kboteiiay,;: S
vice   C. '.'"3iLr,7E«l wards,';.' resigned;I Lewis: —
Warner Pal mcrl of Fort Steeleto btfmiu-; i;
ing reconler for Fort Steele  mining |cli-:^:0
vision,  vice   C.   M.\ Ed wards, Resigned ;^^^^r
James    Ferguson ■ Arinstt'ohg 7of «?Fort'; i
Steele,  S. M. to .be   registrar Jpf.birtlis,%>
deaths and marriages  for tho 'southwest ; |
division  of East Kootenay,  vice  G.  M.: ic
Edwards,  resigned ;    S5rdney ^Willianis     '
of     Quesnelle, U J. ; P.      to ;;f be f re-   1
gistrar     -under      tho    marriage;L; act ;   %
James Sutherland otG'rceiiAVood.r tb; bo a; :
inember of the board  of policed conimis-   '
sioners ; C/'Ji" MacartJiur'of GreeiiwooSd^to   ^,
be a lheniber of the board of license coin-: .;;
nussionei-s ; ^  EthelbertOlaf  ^Stewart  );
Selioleiield of Victoria to be a librarian of ^7
tho legislative library; John B. Lovell of ;   :
Victoria to be a. incinber of the  boiircl of  ; -
licensing comniissioners ; Jaines  Addison
and Jeff Davis of Grand Forks to'be meiii-^'H
bers of the boards of police andliconsiug  -7
eOmmissiohers; Thomas  A.  Brydonr al- o ;
doiinau, and Robert Burns McMicking of ;'■;
Victoria, J. P's., to  bo :inenibei'H7of tlie: f
board of  police  conlmissionci^ for■? tliat- %
:'ci.ty.,--':-'-.> ■.:...:-----;'':-:.: '■■".'■:■',■ . ■^■^kisffi&m
The following conijianies hiiA^e bepiinn-g :S
corpora ted: ; The; Rambler  GoiisOlidatcd;: #
Mines,    Limitcdi   noii-personal  liability,-V-fevjl
capital $1,250,000.    iTlie  British^GfAum^*'^1
biii Wholesale Liquor Compahyi Liinitcfl, i
capital. $30,000, headquai'tcrs at R6s.slaiidi
Tlie;4Wiuderniero::(B;jC.) Copper.SMincsyl
"HS;is;^nf ■iv'sh^rj^h/*!^
;baliJ.ei.„as,.,"'|:he;'':ey.Kp „iu&{i;if-ieijcu^,
f^lo/wit^l^pflievo^.the' .j|ad„ bWifi" ]t,eAfi '■
'st^lnti.yl^rfol "^frifp$l'yS6 ".tji(|p' coJidBtninV "■
tiwlf'&'frtfe"'^::^^^!.^^:!'!!^^^        rbg. secuVed.;
&iUeis$ ;fhele^^^^ sjiowil the"
Seeifet   doclimeiiti8''"which   it   Ifad   lifeeiij
a{|ifeed:it,ot;tbjiuJ.)iiiiit-,t{S the court,,■ TJ,ie.'
.cOlonci^iiext.deolaifecrthat in  18!)1, lie did
sier, but ho believed, like ail other oli'l-
cers, tliat.it cOJitaiiied frightful proofs
against the prisoner, but Avhen he be-
eatne acquainted with its contents he
found, that his eili-liei1 impressions Avere
entirely- WrOng.    (Prolonged sens'atioil).
Picquiirt then recalled the vehement
protests of innocence which the prisoner
had not ceased to make, dul-ing all phases
of tlie degi-adatiou. The Avitness declared lie Was quite ignorant of the confessions Dreyfus is alleged to have made
to captain Renault. Continuing, colonel
Piqiiait defended himself against the
charge .that he had alwitys directed his
efforts towards the. rehabilitation of
Dreyfus. He said he had only directed
the investigations made to that end when
he became aware that the Avritings of
.Esterhazy and the bordereau Avere identical; .and that consequently the charges
against Dreyfus no longer existed.
During the course- of his depositions,
colonel Picquart asked to be confronted
with major du Paty de Clara, and to be
permitted to deal With some peculiarities
when du Paty do Glum is in the Avitness
box. Next the colonel examined the bordereau and declared Dreyfus could not
have disclosed part of it. Regarding the
Madagascar note, the Avitness disputed its
value and said lie did not believe it was
a confidential note. He added that if
Dreyfus, in his capacity of a probationer,
hutl asked the witness for the note he
Avonkl have handed it to liim immediately. Therefore he, Picquart, Avas unable
to understand the sense iii the bordereau
reading: "This document was very .did l-
cult to obtain."
Colonel Picquart then declared ho had
never seen Dreyfus copy the smallest document in the Avar office. In tho.opinion.
of tho witness the department Avhere the
bordereau was discovered ought to  have
<i ii te-nden tyip.f>\p.u^^
-V(i«'d<|yere^ofY^ oil
agriejlltui7©."". ._ Thd- /reTsohlti'Oiis. ad'o/^ted'.:
declare-the Loilisville. 'noiiiiuees foot jftoi-n-
=i n ees=ofT*hc,^d'6inapCT-i0c^Tar Gj^elftloTliW
the-,. piAinei].4'e| -"and- pri|tfonrin :$£. the
0!ric.'ig:o:"„eoiiA'eiitioil^6£. iHyfi'iinti-sBi'yan
for pi'esidout in Jf)f)0, aud coi,HlemnS Mc-
Kinley f6p alleged advancement of the
interests of the trusts. The dm vetttioil
decided to elaiili thp denioei-a,ti!,J emblem.,
The Goebel following WW -also claim it
and the matter may have to be settled in
Baseball Games Yesterday.
Washington "3, Pittsburg
Chicago 5, B;i!;fciiiiOi-e 18,
New Tork 13, Giiiciniiati
New York ,0, Cincinnati 1.
Boston 7, Louisville (5.
Boston I, Laiiisvillo 2.
CleA-eland 2, Brooklyn 2.0.
Montreal 5, Springfield 2.
Grand Rapids 9, Buffalo 2.
St. Paul 5, ftliuneapoJis 3.
Indianapolis,5, Detroit -1.
Rochester 5, Providence 0.
Hartford 3,, Toronto 2.
Worcester 2, .Syracuse i.
Lawn Tenuis at Hamburg.
IIamiu/kci, August 17.—At the international lawn tennis tournament here .today the second round for the Hamburg
challenge cup was won by R. F. Doherty,
Clarence Hoburt, the American player,
defeating Gore in the same contest, in
the gentlemen's doubles, second round,
Ii. S. Mahony and W. V. Doherty beat
A. K. Kronin and if. G. Lt»ightons and
Hoburt and Black beat Sehurz and A.
More Troops For Manila.
Washington', August 17.—An order
has been, issued directing ton additional
regiments of infantry volunteers to be organized for service iu the Philippines.
The regiments will be numbered from 38
toil. ■■■'■■■.
u lion§a;hsl¥s-05f]®htr^;'tso^ 	
'«;t?nn;-bc:!; l)Mfdiiti.i-d:^u?'C4i!tt|h.C'i|*'.tp^
, heavy rfuli.- ""Roporc.s„jreeciA^ed""*.fiiOni "'(lif5.
skirfcs of the 'ViJlag^"ai:e5w ^J:a:iig^^'of^fe-4
.sfjimetinir. - ll#ny^ cfanlifiels:" 'lujjvfe $)tb%iJV
out' fea-riiig, .fehfe™ lljjjiic^ vwijl: ai^iltflthelr"
houses, l^m ^hS'ladetyhi^ fe>" ^@|a;ppn°f
anrl from Black" rjv^-ii 'feiJJOWAslllo^ll^.;
fires- are i-aging. %tiu^h;f^-1ivnj$«\^^
■ton, states that the IWcWfr-Vefi /vr]j*ft(fj**iii^jf
at 3".Vitas and liijitf ptiljl w^^l«l%d4)ifilll^ "
iljgs- life W danger,
of.-s ai-e fighting the
"fluVnu«.°"     ■■ "- "   ""   -
A B::ib.^cli;.Ale.cij6hti1    '"»"! °*8'.^
WA'r/fiu,M, ¥h%s.y i^tt&fe 'n^JtSnif-
W. Porter, the Well kUOwii Bieyclb jlixlerV
was: thrown frofft a tiUj-deni1' ilmtiu-g, a
pi-ac-tieo f*p'iij atthe'V\rultlraiTi traek todHy
nnditi« fetired Susthifoeii fa;taLiii;j)irieH,
Porter and Lee Halti-montl Wei'O pUmff
around the ti-.-iek on, a tandem with, tlie
latter steering, Avhen the mav
chine sialdenly left; tlie -gMivol
and. ^ ran onto rough ground.
Both, riders were thrown. Porter struck
on his head and was picked tip Ulicoji'
scions. An examination at the hospital
showed that he hud sustained eonqussioii «
of the brain and other injuries* Hammond was not seriously hurt. Porter is
n rider of national reputation and is tho
hokler of several records. He is 30
years old.	
The Shamrock's Topsail.
Lo.vddN, August 17.—It is learned that
the America's cup challenger Shamrock
will can y a club topsail eight feet longer
than when she avus racing tho Prince of
Wales' yacht Britannia,
Tlie Metal Markets,
Nk\v York, August 17.—Silver cevtiiv
crates (50(«}l)li; bar silver, U0§; Mextcivn
dollars, AS. Copper, ih-m; broker's $lBi;
exchange, $18£. Lead, very quiet,
broker's $4,35; oxchango, $4.fi0. THE TItlBUNE: NELSON, B.C., FMDAY, AUGUST 18, 1S09.  ��� -._.�������.��� - -  it  m  NS  IN WHITE WEAR  w  w  m  m  Notwithstanding' the fact that last  season's trade was  far0 ^  beyond  our expectations,   we have   still   an   immense stook   of ^  Ladies'and Children's Whitcwcar, which we will close at prices ^  heretofore -unheard of in  Nelson.     Read the following: ^  Jim           Ladies' 75c Drawers for 50c;   Ladies' $2 Drawers for $1.50; ^  $   Ladies' $1 NightgoAvns for 75c; Ladies' $2 Nightgowns for $1.50;  1^1   Ladies' $3 Nightgowns for $2.40; Ladies' Chemise at $1, $1.25,  ^  $1.35, and $1^65, a straight cut of 25 cents.  '0$,           White Underskirts at your OAvn prices.   ' Our space will  not ^  (]$\  allow a full list of prices of goods, but a look will satisfy you that ^  ^   our bargains are genuine.                                                      , {$  #                    '������     ������������"'.���               ''    ���     ���        '     '  '     '-   "  -'   ���-  #  ^    ___ __ . _ .         . ���%  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  %  BANK OF  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  _?_c_e_vis o__s_a:  m  ifjgigsgff:  J#7  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  . Baker Street, Nelson.  ��he ��triltttne*  Daily -Edition-......'.'".'  WKKKtY  KWTJOtf.....  ......   FIRST Ykah, Np. Ifl3  .... Skventii Year, No.t!sO  When dealing with eastern Cauadiau  wholesale houses time should not be  taken into consideration. No eastern,  Avholesale dealer li.as any idea, whatever,  of time. uThey are persistent in their  (,seareh for,orders, but once'���''������'the...order/is  seenred-their zeal lags. Six Aveeks ago  TiiEjTiir!HJNE iilaced three orders for::sia;  ?j*l(jlT:i'9.^  '^������5fc���J'.<".���-'-es/��"^ ^VJj.-.'SC i".f"^��&^���A,"&",t'^4'i*��>".'?!"��.'.".\'*;  .ycxissuig;^  f^lagers and:1*mine*��workerss<iiis theaSloGan^  f>*Some'Q&thecinipe^manage.rs1 say, ���ilie^artf  s��4>ii'euVbf Being tfotdeved Aboutaby* thefee  ^;two^^r:t|i^;but^inisgi^  ,W*'����L"*^��? .���-.^.al".VA'-:��B��"'>*"u*'��"~--G��*""-'i".'i"'if*�� V�� 'rfVW<?^s��11f ^�� "-W-  obtained from tauric mosSj a peculiar  lichen, or fungus, which grows upon rocks  and the roots of trees very, generally  in /the , country, . but j- it has  never before been the subject  of .chemical ' investigation...-���., I'ho  neAV acid has been tested by many eminent chemists in tlie country who pronounced Mr. 01an\s discovery to be One of  the.Avonders of the Avorld of' clieiuistry,  and it is telieyed it has a great aiidiiU-  portant future before it in the arts and  sciences. It is; remaikable that thedis-;  covoi-er has given yitgratiiitoiisly to tlie^  scribes it as follows: "My plan for  bringing out the acid froin the tauric  moss is to put in a, -deep A'csscl a layer  of chlorine of lime, then a layer of tauric  moss to the depth of two inches, and  then a layer of chloride of potash of  about the same thickness. This is saturated with the Avater until tho lime is  slaked away. After the fire has gone out  of the lime the liquid is drawn oil*. After  this creosote of tar is added until a saturate solution results. The solution is  precipitated Avith a solution of sulphuric  acid, one part in ten. After precipitation the supernatcnt liquid is decanted  and the residue is found to consist of  pure tauric acid."  A Good Law For British Columbia.  A Kansas City dispatch tells of the  sentencing of a man in a Wyandotte  county court, Kansas, to tlie state insane  asylum for habitual drunkeness. The  sentence Avas under the provisions of a  well-nigh forgotten statute, and provided  that the prisoner shall be detained at  the asylum until cured of his appetite  for strong drink, and he may be confined  during his natural life unless discharged  cured. The complaint against the man  Avas by his Avifo'and children. No .'effort  was made to show that he Avas of unsound mind. Bather the evidence all  Avent to prove that he Avas sane and a  competent business man Avhen not iii his  cups. Habitual drunkeness, but is there  a specific for it ?  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  What   is   the   difference  TETLEY'S TEAS and  between  ;MviiQmn- -gives?, th e?pr ope^es-ph at ied  ^thgrelfltsl^liea^^^  faun^irjQ^-s^^  s-iifoisi"""'"'1'""*'" "��'w"'"" " ��!'" ���-'-i"-"''--i'--���'-���"'��� ���>-'"-  ���,*r '���ft. *_  ;toin%  ffi- "'iq, i'%    'ft-^ci      b jfi    en ���     D tyf     91��D a   -iJP        n l,���- ur*-i   �� " *   "ft      u      u ���"   "4Sfi*     '"    "cfu  JHad|b&eii;^"agtijtlly-^  other brands?  -'.')���;.-��� ;...'.;..:.���''���.: ---'-, ���'. :.--;    ������':'..-. .:. - ���' o- -;'..-':' -".���.:���  ;  ; Just :the :.same v as between the  Athabasca' mine and .any one of: the:  hundreds of wild; cats:that:have.'been  exb iditedy i;n��th e^piaslSy��a'|&  &������: Ex per 1 en ceehasi-p O-Qved jdt h -e^val u e ?foC"  tf^dllolaki^iThetjotb^  ,%j^'*&'?--:&*.^f5 ��- ^^4-b^*.w^'"A^V-'."'  ;men:tipn.g:"^h;en^^�����^  ���^��-'.,j,"'^���*'.���K?:TL^��*S*,...*T"-^"��"ji".";'*,���.{"' *V.: '-"s'*"/" i'd-i  |ttj rns, fc.yTSih^e^  i^iS^  I^^SI^S  ^r^s  ,. j AH.avd4jii'sfere<i!n<3.iv-LcdSavconsigiim6n'fc,n 0fJ��H.lr.WRan6iiie-i;'  illi^i|iiSw^iSipii  *fT|ie, Bjipolr.-lBs'li^lfpft's^  jrt :*AjiotheB "diseovery; iff, sannouhcfid"*that  J4_f_s"|^if ;fegiy^i^iiMif i^#��^_&_&  the^AVoWdfOi-science as!any��:that.has"beeu*  .".yiniade'j.i'it'mViSI ^. ye|trs."^ "���' "It5s^h*e^i;eli:ul% "o��*.  :$ie"*m;ei'e\�� t. adei dent.  ^#!^Bla^s^scov^  *.h\ new "eielhent Avjiicb ���'V^.ilWsbi^&n:y$t&^  ���. "gold, s;ilyer audiiiahy ofch6r\jiietj|lsy mSfe 8  ih'g " tlieSl  soft,. pliable and��� diietile"as a  jiieee of putty, and cfuite u.? ^ea&iiy' and.  siifely- haji/lled.   Efe has jiamedv tlfe aieAV  ' blieniieaj a^e\it tahric acid, beefjuTSe iti is;  msm%-$&  ���.lvej(|,|t3hiCiii) "ef||c^^  gi-i mpl ej��n d;.jin gxp.eu spe;^; j Mr. ^. Qlaiii,^j]m  THOMSONS  USB  rfesvclot'lfi'So^c^ Jtiit>6rtcd:=='t6i' .NdlfiD'ii.i"JeaA^��youf1brdo%  '*'i Sik���liviiirli;<!Vl�����1'(loll!ir.s Avort'v" o?,*i!o\v^Ko6itlfi,1rioy^���;^il;.  ;11iB���yoiif,lbTii)eclioii."��s*I!��SifHrifn"tee?��K^^^^^  "^Dny" -U^-UZ"'^^  "ft^?.'=-��w'-V.i"^.��.^��c|,*^|,ji|'[^^^  SUI^^$25^?'^^Jj|!|B^WMt  f*Nofepii!fe'$pft^3Ai.^  OF THE WEST  HcadquurtcM for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo mako a, specially of  Sf|iplap aqd Dot b:e Dressed  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles ant! Lath Kept in Stock  Ofllco aud yard near C.P.U. depot  E. G. BEER, Agonfc.  �� $lio (iifl'crence hotwecn tho ..fudge and the  Rislipp;may be that tlie Judge cun say"'you  be hixngedy" Avihile tlie Bishop Can. say "you  be damhed." Qn tho ether hand Avlien the  Jttdgff says "yotj lio hriiige^,"ryou arc lian'g^V  Next te tlie value offercdi the most markiid  peeuliildty of our Wall  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  THE BISHOP SA.Y  Paper is that when thp  Judge hits made his  .selection and says "you  be hanged," it is  lningcd; not even tlie  cheapest grades giving  trouble. There are papei's that are beyOnd  tlie jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  tlmt of the Bisliop. There is an art in avoiding this kind���this art has been our study.  6ns iie��b6nafde  ^E0^^eWm^WeaWPB$B^McT  Bromo ��ei$l$tz- . . , . _?5e  rMfFOWbo(.Seltzer ���." * . . 25c  Mme Fru0 J%ice, pts . 50c  Mme PriMtiJiMGe, p(;fe �� $i  Abbey's aiMl Eno's Frwii Matt  The Germine Montserrap  GET THE Best  Hav-ins leaned the tmsincfK of the Nelson Soda AValcr  Factory. I am prepartd to sujiply the trade with all kinds  of cjirlimmtcd and aerated waters. Family orders Holici-  ted.- Pronipt delivery.  K.-ictory on  Hoover Ktreot.  N. M. CUMMINS  fuomson Stationery Co., LM  Isr-si-sojsr^ b. c-    LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall.cornor  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening ut  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. IJLLT.B, 0,-C; H. G. JOY, K. of It. & a.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday In each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON L. O. L., No. KHI2, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall,  corner Jlaker and Kootenay slrceU,  1st and 3rd  Friday of each tnonth.   Visitii.jj hrclheni cordially invited.  JOHN TOYK, W.M.      F. J. 1.1RADLKY, Itcc.Sec.  NKLSON  MKlllK,  Nuiiihcr 22.   Fraternal  Order of  Knglse, meet* every sceondnnd fourth Wednesday in  each month in  Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brctlircn welcome.  J. HIVING, President.        3.11. WHAY, Secretary.  Canada Img and Book Co.,  Oornol- of Baker and Stanley Streols. Nolson  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province   o{ Jlritisli   Columbiat NolRffn, Wost ICdotc-  nay, to-w.il.:,  By vii'i ho of a warrant of excoutioiijssned out of tlio  County Court-of. Knot hay, lloldoir at Nelson, ,a�� the suit  of Frank Lavin, plninliifi and to mo diroted against the  Koodsan : ohatiieLsOf the Koofenayi\irSiiptily Company,  de'eiidant, I. hitvd seined and tak< n in execiuinn all the  1'ight, title, and interest of the .'aid defi-udanl*, the Kootenay Air Supply Company, in one uirigln stenniboiler,  one machine drill, one bellows, one anvil, one ore bucket,  two pieces of compressor' niafliinery, four joinls of pipe,  all now- situated on Cotree Creek, in the Ainswortli .mining division of West Kootonny distri��-t. to recover' (ho  stint of two hundred and seventy-six: dollars and cighty-  sovon conlS ($2iil.S7), amount nt! said execution besides  sheriff's ^poundage, ollieer's fees, costs, and all other legal  and incidental expenses.  All of which r shall expose for sale, or suflk-U:n(, thereof  to satisfy said judgment, debt and co��IR, in front o my  ofliee, next to the Court lions*', in the city of Neh-on, on  tho 3rd of August, A. 1). 181)9, at the hour of eleven  o'clock in the forenoon,  No'i'K���Intciuling j urchasers will satipfy th"jnselves as  to interests and litlo o( the said Company, defendanis.  Dated at 0<>fl'ee Creek, li. C, 2S:;��i .Inly, IS!K).  S. P. TUCK, Sherill'of Soulh Koottnay.  S ::*BUSljJSi2Sa,' A ND'jR-KSltlH^tii  '���F&iiri ������^:P^opjjRT!Y."^!yi,":'  "streets, coxSier,.i;  ,fl.rt-0:i,-'D��rfi'Prt/^1'       n.;,-'4,'rninnN^Pn    fln    B    ^^Hf^ffi1, ^     ,    ^^b^a,n'      ?    ^O.iff       0^0��      U..?'  .2or^>y��lM with^iinprovcTiioiits/south-side'Of^Vcrnoii"s*���f  "^'"by*120firoffi.dmlpro��em1n^  "D2yoti'witli,r;oiL%bTenCeifca^  '.fy. strscfe':��.C,.^"-Vt��.vSJ'."n"4 S.����s:.! .?i:i:.% .������.;:���.? ��".!."j?.��,"i:;,"i',"��-35d0t1  *lo|i"witli;eoUai;krcntea 'at^lS^er, mdtkh;- Victorfar ���*%'  " -";street"ft;.:,,.��� 4s:*,*:lLa.S^&^^a7:*,.^\:B,V?.SV:f\i25Q(i;  -^4%6'Ui^fiqusC'Q&?.��^  :.; faijnesiand M-iiuiigtStopkS|.'.���?;���  i?  ;,to,b&m'!jfc.   J'h'B.YC jll-sli'1-cSeii%l,"  Jfillt; 'Fanjples     pf'   Spitings^ n'n.d.   'Pvor.-.-���  -n   J- ���'        ������--    "--ii���I will "* ;_.-    n'��i      ._��=*/V r.nn.P- .���.fw:-.!^ -   t *��  Andlwaivfc,  Jfjllt. Haini  ���rDali'pgS'' ^eprf.Sciiting ��a  i^50,KOPR PtOfli. tp'  ���ebposiV froin- made ioyoru- order at" kifcc^ ���  never before heard "of iii, Nelson." A,1}t hfi^ htf.cst,.  fads in Kiificy VesBifgs for Fall apd. >vii|t6r>  Sirens, Tip Tif#  arid Fancy Dress Goods  Bloyses and Dress Sldrts  CALL ON  Mrs,   E   Mel-awghlin  J0SEPHJN15 STBKKT, NElAON  HAIB MDS m KAIH OEMMMTS  Switches from $2 up.     ;  MRS. J. W. KlCAltNEYhas opened ft Ladies Hair Dress  ing Parlor in room 1, Victoriii. blbckr Nelson,-and is prepared 10 fn nish everything in tho way of hair goods  and hair tbnics,. Treatment of tho scalp a specialty.'3. ������"  [.nt 'UKANVlLLc o!  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B.C.  Real JRsUtp and General AgCnfcsi Baker St;, Nicison  '$5$ Wijl pjireliasp 0; cjipieo residence cbruor, JpO by 120  feet. -  '   ,   "  . ",    ' "    '  S2IP0 Will phYcpaso a cpiitra} JpU niifi-t-eSiiTepceS  ?1IKJ will pufchaso  t^-6 picp lpty. ij;n4 shnhty, Jlob^qn.  .. sttt>>cc.,Hiitiid,*ad4itjoii. - "  $:^0O0, will "purchase 'fpjir nice lots and xtisidpnec.  1.0,110(1 PooledcFairnioni, ij cents;      -���-'-'���  Blackceqk. iV'mir) jsliarcs,2o.cents.      - - ���������  fltKW-.p-tjeit aUJ"cei|lsj,    "      '  ."  :^S^^S>_i^^_|B:Sf  mmmmmm��  'Bakeh Streetj" Nfelsolrj  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B,.Ci BUILDING.  The above s^ile is postponed until Thursday, tho ,10th  day of August, IS!).'), at the same place and hour.  S. P. TUCK, Sherill'of South Kootenay.  The nbovo sale is further postponed until Monday, tho  21st day of Am?u>l, iflK). at 1 liosanie place and hour.  S. I'. Tl'CK. ShcriJI'ot South Kootenay.  Boarding and day Srhr.ol for girls will ro-opeii On the  loth day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For terms  and prospectus apply to '      ,  MADKMOISKLLE KERNT, Principal  -V7". _P- _H,o_Bz_csrso_csr  (Ex-Shoriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postottlco Box 572 Nelson, B. C.  MINERS WANTED.-  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited. Albert Canyon, 011 the  main line of the C. P. It., 2imiles cast of Ilcvclsloko, requires six good miners.   Wages $��50 per day. .  . Tufrior �� Bbcckh, blopk; Nptspp, B. C.  SqUIRE'S JANOE   fOU   3AJ_f  Contalniriig 120 acMs bt lappl within one and a  qMartef jnlles 6t Neleoiii   Fjjv fupthpr  particulars apply tp  FRED   J.   SQlTlRg,   Nelson,   B.   C.  fol _e_E]i^T  ROOMS AND OFFICES  ".AJUIiY    ������  J, LiAING STOCKS, Secretary  At office of the Duncan Mines; Limited., Clement &  Hillyer Block.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOYF.I)  -=&-   jacTjrzijR-sr,   _?_^o_?-=ti_3i'0-=i.  Palace   Bakery  Broad delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, p:u>try, and confectionery a specialty.  . .Qtie'half citshi balahde piv iiiprlgago;  .;������.'     '.'   ';'i^-L-jjes',".''I.''*'. ..  On Joan conditionsafc lllcchclpcsl and bpsfc  ollpred; Yoii iiairrepi^ iifcamy U1110 withouD  l.piius. '������ '. " ���  ������'    "    *'��� ���  '"'       '  '  BriUsfi:<Soliimliia iV.rnifltScut Saving.**! Loan Cpmpaiiyi0,  pldbc Savitigr^' Loon "pa.; Toi-ohfo.'"'" ��� '''  .i^snsr^-.^r'bip'''''' '    " '  Flrp, Lllp/Appldprifj anpl sijBkppgs.  pAmBL.iife 0'RE3:I^|^y9'^.fft'S'.  .     Raker Strppt \Y&$. Jjejsop, B; p. ,���  GENERAL  BKOKES.  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AKD SICEKESS  USTS-ETIS J_-3ST C33  KEAIi ESTATE AN0 LOANS. ,  TO LET���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALE���Real estate in all parts of the cif.y. -..,,.���  e  ���   HUNU1'\ACTUREB op  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next to lloyal Hotel, Si anley Street, Nelson  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  WABD      STBEET^     JST-tJ-USO-ST  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby given that I will apply at  Ihe next sitting of the Licensing Board of Iho C'it-y of  Nelson, U. G , to be allowed to tran-'for' the reta 1 liqucr  license now held by mo for the Cliirke Hole), situa'o on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (II and 12) in block  numbered ilro (fl) of the City of Nels-n, Ui-itish Columbia,  to Frank Campbell aud Gcoigo W. Bartlclt.  KG CLARKE.  Dated at Nelson. Ii. C, Ibis isth day of AukusI , I8S9.  *>    ���^ \ THE TRIBUNE: NELSON* B. C, FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, .1809.  n  o  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD 8TRATTTCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vioo-President  K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager  isrisLSOiT _3_s__nsrci_:  N". W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COlUfViB!  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sk,aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.       HRANCHKS IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Iluy and soil Starling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  OltANT COMMKHCIAL AND THAVKI.I.KRS' CKRD1TS,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSDKD    C0LLKCTI0N8 MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID   .  MILLIONS   OF   DICE..  The bone   dice   used   in   the   United  States, aiid- Canada are all imported from  France.    They  ore made in a manufacturing district  not .far   from   Paris   in  which  arc produced  various articles of  bono, and also things partly of bone, as,  for instance, tooth brushes.     Bone dice  are made in eleven  sizes, from 0 to 10 inclusive,  and in  each of these sizes they  tire made both square and round cornered, as are all other kinds of dice.    In all  kinds of dice there are sold of the square-  cornered A'ariety ten times, perhaps' twenty times, as many as of those made with  rounded  corners.     Round-cornered dice  are  often used in playing backgammon;  they - wear a br/tird less than square-cornered dice would and roll easier.    There  are made   some  black   bono 'dice   witli  white spots, but the sale of these is comparatively very limited.'   The great '.majority  of the very large  number of bono  dice sold are in the form of the familiar  white cubes with black spots.  Celluloid dice, which are made in this  country, aro of both opaque and transparent material.. Tjhe transparent dice  are made in saffron color, in magenta and  in green; the opaque in imitation of  ivory. The imitation ivory dice arc finished in various ways as to the color of  the spots, some being made: with black  spots and sonio with spots of blue and  some with red spots.    Th.e . spots on' .the  The upper eiid of the second or pharyngeal   tube���the  tube   which   takes   the  place of the pharynx���lodges behind and  below the base of the epiglottis���the leaf  at tho basso of the tongue-which  covers  the larynx in the act ol swallowing���or  behind and below the base of the tongue,  as the case may be.    Around the aesop-  hagus, or gullet, granulates and closes, so  that after the healing process is complete  the only passage from the pharynx to the  larynx is by way of the metal tube.    In  Order that fluids and solids may not pass  through this a device is provided which,  while cutting off the connection, enables  the patient to breathe freely.;-   But a substitute lias also  to be provided  for the  vocal cords.    This takes the  form  of a  metal strip, which is so inserted as to vi-;  brate under the influence, of the articulating parts.    The voice is incapable of in-;  flexion, but, although it is monotone, the.  patient  is .perfectly able to carry on a  conversation.  CANALS   COST   MONEY.  licism amount? There was a movement  among tin* clergy, caused by the fear  that the state was withdrawing its support, which took the shape of Tractarian-  ism and found its catastrophe in an inconsiderable secession. llitualism is  more love of church ceremonial aud music  than a movement of conviction. Many  people who arc indifferent to the doctrine go to Ritualist and even to Roman  Catholic churches as they would go to a.  concert or a play. The rural population  is not affected in the slightest degree.  Nor have the Ritualists among them laymen of mark. Their leading man is lord  Halifax, distinguished by nothing but his  title. England is no more likely to go back  to the religion than to the science of the  Middle Ages.  Political Promises in Canada.  The prime minister of Canada and his  colleagues tiro honorable gentlemen,  whom iii private or commercial life nobody would suspect of being faithless to  an engagement or forfeiting a pledge.  How conies it to pass, then, that in political life their conduct has filled their  friends with disappointment and dismay?  The most obvious and the principal  cause is, no doubt, to be found in the fell  necessities of machine politics. You  laboriously hunt corruption out of thebaic  lot box and  bring  to justice  its  petty:  FULt LINE OF  I* j  M^%Mm^^m^m^^m&^,  The Manchester Ship canal, connecting  Manchester and .'.Liverpool,;, cost $90,000,-  000, or $15,000,000 more than the original  estimate. 'Tlie cost of, the Nicaragua  canal, to connect the. Atlaii^ic and. the  Pacific through Central America, -and  thereby shorten the distance, between  New York and San Francisco from 15,000  to 4900 miles, is variously estimated at  from $10.0,000,000 to $200,000,000, according to the route adopted. Tee Suez canal  cost $100,000,000,:: The North Sea canal  in Germany cost $37,500,000, the North  Holland and the Corinth canals $15,000,-  000 each, and the Panama canal has cost  to date $250,000,000.     .  Canals when successful are generously  so. The Khedive's share in the Suez  canal, purchased by the British government in:, 1870' for $20,000,000, are ' now  worth more than $120,000,000, and there  arc many indications that the future  value . of the _ Stxez civnal shares will be  .' ��veil? .gre&te���B,iui:M  oh  '4i^Vi*J;iie;jJt  agents,  such  as  the  ballot -.stuffor  and  tho repeater.    Then it  presents itself in  the form of some powerful  raihvay  company or great local interest, and, instead  of buying  a single  election, takes your  Avhole government by the throat.     This  cause operates, though in a  diversity of  forms,     wherever     party    government  exists.    But  in   our   ease   there  is  the  special necessity of holding  together, as  the basis of government, a group of  provinces, geographically and commercially  disconnected.   This was compelled,  and  probably will continue to compel, grants  to the different provinces from a common  fund, the   chief   contributors to  which  will be the two old provinces, by  which,  especially   by  Ontario,  the   stress   and  burden   of    confederation    have     been  borne.    Nature  may  be  turned  out of  doors   by   political   enactments,  but in  some form or other she  will  return.    A  third cause in this particular instance  is  one.which many would deem laudable in  itself.    It is the influence of imperial connection and imperial honors, which leads  to expenditure for imperial objects, such  as political railways-, and  cables.^ There  can surely be no doubt as to the efleet of  this influence on the character aud bearing of the members Of  the  present government,   tind   especially; of the  prime  minister, since their elevation to the ser-;  Vices of the crown.  The TreraoM Hotel  P. Burns & Co.  Hkad Okficb at  NELSON. IS.  C.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .    Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at Jlelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  '". ,o iltfi'iSoW- 4ila"vi ji g>- 'd&vdhlwbtii%Mib$ Tiliie-t  f    ��    *     ���  �� ��� D���       Ml **-"     t'1- HiW    ��       .,M *-U.���nl'   "o-nmBn.*        ^5    ���  "a"    "   ���... "fa ��,_        - 0 D- off  arevcry cheap,-tliee of sinall.size selling  at.Bi'etail for."ftv"c^iit?"api^c4 or" toil cents" a>  ^��\'A/QSji0dfy^l6l��^\in^Lh^[ of di"edinclf -"one."  4~iiX(felJi^  '.��]?ou'sehol(.l:, All* ciibiiietsAiiftd^ Ito lici'l'd"  .car^aiid c>j|nteijssa.'ndn;|ojOiul;ht^renia*cOin-���  -p^rtnieiit fOi^di^^) "vyMeljUl'-e���pM,f>Of tho  ^fiiiplri'Sil, andrii.'iii^ W'ldo for sjich lise  lire sbftl separiifcoly.  ... Take it a1tO{fSther,��� the, eoiisuniption.. of.  jlJ:Uc;6_iiLtIils^^^  '- "auiltrally,.    ' ��       -  Profit Sharing Adopted by a Halifax Firm.  Clay ton &. Sons, clothing maiulfactur^  ���eisf,mfe the largest employers of labOf hi'  ^Iaiifaxi They have a sfcafl' of ovOr four  liuiidrcd ltfinds. Last Week tho members  ��� Of the firm called their employes together  and aniiOuncedto tbein tliat iii future the  profits of ��he business in excess of ten:  per cent would be divided aDiohg theni.,  Interest at tjierate of seven per cent on  the {japital invcsted-niust, liOWever, fii;st  1)b..]:).a;i(l; iPor tho ptirpbsO of apportjoniiig  iJic prcifits in excess df] ten pel' cent the  oii}ployes are divided into four classes.  TI}Q fii'st class, including employes occq-  j'iyihg the nfqst I'espoiisible pOsftjqus, will  I'eceive forty per qeiji/the/ second class,  |ii,|rty per. fcent, the tl|irc{ class twenty'  ppr peii't," j^nd the fotiuth class ten per  cent. Tl^'p sclien]j3 goes intq effect jit once.  lHakin^f a Hinflan Voice.  Tlio latpst thing jii surgery is iv voice  made to oi'dfil'. Actiial openvticins liave  demonstrated that the larynx:, or vocal  box, can be-successfully removed, and the  patient,may.not only survive tlio sliock  bvit recover.. In order to restoi'o speetth  to tho patient an artificial larynx and  vocal cords must be provided. This  larynx is made of pure silver, and consists  of a tracheal tube of larger size, with  rings at its lower end, permitting a  .slight motion, corresponding to tho natural flexibility of the trachea or windpipe.  Through the front .plate of this tubo, and  through! an opening on its upper curvature passes a second tube, also flexible,  with an opening on its lower curved surface. This is so placed that a stream of  air may play freely through both" tubes,  even, though the external outlet be closed.  g.;tli1fjii]aneia^biiairsAOE:l<;gypi  f/��A^Otla!i��&oui!t^  ,$tfskein%iflh^px\i!kGffi^  and..-^Hoflaiitl��httS7"jMiie..��rnilesvptIcanab  ;|.oi,'"e^(|ry||L00:^^  ,t<Siiitiiee'f ���* the -Jdbixm ��oe%ieiiW" "$,H,t)00,|  "" "'tin.i$.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  . local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts :  ;Stair Rail ���";���*'  Mouldings  Shingles ;  vRbugh an(i ,  IVIALOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPUIETOltS  HeadquarterSpfor Miners and Prospectops  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Streef, Nelson & CiTRAVES, Manage^  ORDEItS BY MAIL IlECEIVK CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION. sl^E-  SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK ONLY  ABSOL.UTEL.Y AT COST  No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts. No Fake Removal Sale.  Underwear  Pants  Sweaters  Hats  TAN   SHOES  MINERS'   SHOES    ,  and: ::-.  ALL KINDS CLOTHlNG-  Golored Shirts*? s  Cotton top Shirts  Negligee Shirts-^  Regatta Shirts  Remember, This General Sale Will End on Saturday, the 19th, at 10\% m  Baker Street  Opposite Postoffi ce  THEOMADSQN  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND|  One of the best and most pop-  ;       ular hotels in Nelson.   '  CAR LOAD OF OUR  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON "i'N'A FEW DAYSl  TURNER, ^^EgilitoS^i  AGENTS FOR KOOTENAY  test, ���-\vi(|&.a'iit,.;_3'."���Se|jp, ttiicl *Burijijjsp"A'm^'  slewhiiil, Ayitkiu   lij   iiilles��� of  tile- ��s6��aj.  leiikfcii;lit"piifetco^aQ^ft^ft, ; .u"  .  rXYhO.,Kn��6e^ of tli'e��Ki(3l 6.jvn;il,, GQniiept^  iiig, -'tslie 33,ailtlo with,, the Koi><th S'OS, has-  led to inci-Basetl ^oisnlarity of oaiuils iii  (iW iii&uy^aiul=tl^  in tliat cOinitiry a eoiapaiiy to, eoiistruCta  liiicl-Eiu-opoaii eaual doiiuectiug (Jermany  With Eiu-ojjean '"Turkey. Tho i5i'o|JOseel  now route iise^ the existing coiaiieetious  betNveeil the navigable river .aucl' canal  systems of Gennany and the Dainibev in  Atisti'ia. There are ho\V nearly 0000  Hiij.es of Wtttei'ways ill Qerniany, of which  (57 yei- eenb are rivers aiul 38 per cent  cSiiiuils; and, while the projiosed, extension  of the German canal system in Aust-ria  Woidel; entail a large expenditure, the  benefits of it in a eoniiuei-eial wsiy would  lie eonsiderable. J>la-iisl;u^ve.already been  adopted for connecting the Danube" with  the Elbe'        ' '���".   '     "      '       '   '  Uiillke. railroads, the rev.eiujos froiij thp  operation of which'can be^stiimttcd ill advance with' sonie approach to iicciirticy,  canals are coustruet^d \v|tl|0���nt any {insurance of repayment to projectorsj. ' Tljd  Erie canal, the chief ciinal |.h tlie United  States, the construction of "\yhici) cost  about $1,00,000,006, has paid in toll's pol'-:  Iepted $130,000,000, regardless of the fact  that a nuuibei' of years tigo the eaiia} wo*  nmdp free f<>r all and all toll pllai'gos wpre  rpnioved. Tii the general opinion' the sno-  eess of the r^icai'agua cauiil will be ivs  groat jii a pecuniary way as that of-tlie  SiWA canal-   England and Roman Catholicism,  Richard' Uagot nsks whether England  will ever become Roman Catholic, and  answers, never. Who imagines that she  will? ��� What Is tho "trend of her science,  her literature, and everything that  shapes or foreshadows the mental course  of a nation. How many men of intellectual eminence outside tho high Anglican  clergy have manifested any leanings towards Rome? To what do the supposed  supporters of a return to Roman Catho-  Spsjdini*s.'~*  '^tri'G%)iq,s1t^^i"Pje.l<^ :.  ^���^'^^^ggB^igs, '  ������"'���' '   FACTOHV WQI��K; TiONK ,TO����,OHBKU,,  ��� ...' s:0'gli"A'-sjr   ���"   '���     '.;.���.-.  ,SGrp;ll Sawing  Band Sawing   Qeineral joinery Work  ���       .  I* STOCK  ���j  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  S:uvrnili on Gnvorinnciit wharf.  Factory itnli olllco, cbriiof Uftll street, nnd C.1'.Tl., i.riiok  r 'I'ho finest Hotel'"n the injtwrior.,  Largo saniplo robhis.   StCiiin h&tli aiid qlcclrip lighU.  CORNKR OF AVAllI) AND vfiHNOX" STS., NKT.SON  BAKKK AiVp, \YAIlft StUBKl'S, NELSON  WIJJj DO \V*KIX TO  AT  G. 0.  mm  ps-  A lareo stock of first-cliiHs. dry  .. ..ii...   . .,       ..    . ��� .jd  mat*riivl on haii'l. ftl^o  turiiod work, etc;  a'filllliiie o�� t>;i��h, ddors, mouldings  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot oH Hondryx^streot, Nelson  Telephone, oi   John Rae, Agent  The only hotel iii N/ils-'qii that h.-\B remained tiftdtSr- one  m.-itragetiitSnt Sincb 18JJ0.  The ,p,t-a-ro,oitiH ape wclj iilriiisl^ed ivnd Ughtod by  Oleotrieity;  'J'luS dining-room is not suqOHil to,any ia Knatoiiay.  _ The bat- is always ouiclvcc   iinportp(l liquors ijuct cfearsi.  ...        vp  ojlWayK tiUiclvcd by tho Uest dbiflostic aiid  "" * ctearsi.  THOAIjVS MAimKN. Prnprlotor.  BLACKSMITHINe  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wafeon, MptUrinu promptly attended to toy a llr^t-cla'ss  udtocjwritfllt.  Spoohil attention ftlven to all klndn of ropitirliiK' and  custom work..tuoia oiit��ki.o,.ppin'tx.  Lime 70 Cerjts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on .scows at government- wliarf.  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.       T. O. FBOOTOR, Manager  HOTEL  VM1R,   C5.   O.  0; W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-OLASS  Large and well lighted Heated by hot al  Hoasonable rsitos Sample rooms  Klcotric bells and lijuht in every room  Ilcnovatotl and refurnished throughout  hotel. Victoria  J. V. PKRKS, Proprietor  Free bus moots all trains DnwaleJ-rtl/n   Q   ft  Hourly street, car to St-ition nUVBISlURB,  D. U.  Night Grill.'Room in eonnection, for the convenience of  RUiistfi arriving and departing by night, trains.  KOOTENAY COFFEE Ca  ColFoo roaster.-  NKLSOX, II. C.  aiid dciilors in Tea and C'oH'eu.  Oder fresh roasted nolleo of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Maulm, per pound 8   10  .lava and Mocha Blend, :i pounds   1 0!l  Kino Santas, i pounds     1 IX)  Santos Blond, o pounds   I (K)  Our Special lileiul, (j pounds :.  1 W  Our RiO Roast, 0 pounds : '.,.; ,.   1 00  A trial order'solioited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   BlooK,   West  Baker Stseet .-.  Sljop:   Ijait Street, biatween Baker and Vernon, Selsdn  Iron Works  MA.VUPACTlJlWHS OK  ENGINES, BOIIiBRS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to,       P. O. Rox 173.  NOTICE TO COMACTOSS  St. Mm mm^Wmv[  rison ,Hol'' 'jS|riiii-|^f. J,  A COOL MEDlGI%At %EVE&A($:  VIOtORTA  -    coir~  =0N-  VANCoa'vjin  WREWKRS A.VD .UOTT.LKRS ,OI&,  Fine  Prompt and rcguljlr  duliv��ry t/> the trade.  at Nelson.  CQUftT HOUSE. B08SLAND, B. 0.  SKAT KO TKN+'DICRS, jifopcrlV endorsed, will bo re-  uoivod by the HoiHintblo the Chief C��!mnii.��tsioner  nf Lands and Works, Victoria, It.C, up to 12 noon of  Monday, lite 21st, Anirust next, fur t,ho Hiection and eom-  pletion of a Court House at, Itosslaiid, II. (J.  Drawings, specifications, and conditions of tendering  nod contract may be seen at, the Provincial Government.  Olllcosat. Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, and NeL-on, 1?.  C. on and after the _7t.lt instant.  Katsli tender must bo nccompaiiicd by an neeepled bank  clieel; or cerl.iitualo of deposil. made p yablu to the unsigned, eniral to :> per cont'if ihe atnountof the lundiir, as  s ciirity for the dim fnlllllmciit, or the contracu which  shall be foi felted if the party tendering declines to enter  into eontrnct, whim called upon to do so, or if ho fail to  -ciimptutu the work contra ted for. The checks of the uu-  .siicces-ful tenderers will be returned to them upon the  execution of the contract...  Tend-rs will not lye considered unless made out. on the  forms supplied, mid signed with the actual signature of  the tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily acccnled.  \V. S. CORK,  Deputy Commissioner of Ijiuvds and Works.  Umds and Works Department,  .    Victoria. B.C., 21st July 181M. . ��� w  .... ..est&bo.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AOKNTEJ FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick atjd Linie Co.  The H. W. iy{cNie!l Co., Ltd,, Canadian Antrji-a*.  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in.  STOVEWOOD  . _?_3T_,Tij_pjE3:o_<r__  13��  Ditrinjj thfl, Koason we will deliver ice at. private residences  aud business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easoiuublo  prices.  WMOM & HAftSHAW  PROFESSIONAL   CARBS.  EWAltT & GAIUUK���ArchitdCU.   Room8 7an_8Ab  erdeca block, Bakor stroct, Nolsou. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. 0., FRIDAY, AUGUST IS, 1399.  ��_^wi__3C2_-rs:  Mail Orders Filled Same Cay as Beceived  STOCKS THE LARCEST IN KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEWS 'OF THE T  o  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind;  SCORiFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  ���    11   9      JL  JBL4JM  A JL4M*4JL4    WSk     W W ��  Corner of Baker, and Josephine Streets, NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Nam,e  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  ]L will lie lo your advantage .to see our largo  and cuinplotn stock of Jjoots and Sjiocs, "We  carry tlio- following linos: J". &. T. P��ell, J.  D. King ifc Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  ydiultz ��fe Co., Stratford Shoo Co., Ames, Hol-  don & Co., and other leading malcers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  211 AND 28 WKST BAJCKK STKKKT, NELSON  _D_   J_^^_A-_RT_E_CTJE,   &   GO.  5S K  is* K - '     - p. S��  JUST ARRIVED  AH FfMire" '-10a3?.�� oT  prions  3?fQni George Gale & Son  .#���##������  ft  A Large Snipn_ent of  �����  From The Gendron Mnfg, Co:  ��8^��288_^8_^&^^_i����^^  I     I ID.    _l_v_r^^-.-E^T_E_EXJ_R   &   CO. I     1  & St 3�� SS  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  3_T_BILS02sr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  To be a Coal Distributing Point.  W. P. Tieino.y, ^cih-i-.-iI  silent   for   tlio  Gait Coal  C'oiiipnny, returned   yosteiihiy  from a trip toLethbridgo, wiiore he made  ai-i-.-iii,i,ri:iiioiit.s with his company to build  <-i coal sliud at Nulson, with a   wipacil.y of  4000 tons, and he will receive  shipments  next month,    lie will  keep  n.  supply on  hand in case of slides  or .delays  on the  Crow's Nest Pass road.  "Mr. Tierney will  leave this week for Cascade, Grand Porks  and Greenwood to appoint local agents in  these towns.    While  at  Letlibridge Jlr.,  Tierney made an inspection of the niines,  and states that the  (piality  of   the coal  for the next  year  will   be   much   better  than   ever  before, and   with    the   now  macliinery installed, the comp.-iny expect  to be able to turn   out  200  carloads   per  day from the first of September.    Prom  the amount of orders  already   received.  Mr. Tierney -expects   to   place  over  500  c.-irloads of coal in West Kootenay during  the coming winter, mid will make Nelson  the distributing point.  The Bylaw Good Still.  There was a general impression abroad  yesterday that the /ire limits bylaw had  been quashed, and that anybody could  get to work and erect frame buildings  within the fire limits. This totally erroneous impression was fostered by a.  statement in yesterday's Daily Unreliable, .which paid: "As matters now stand  there is unlimited opportunity for any  other patriotic: ('?) business man to add  considerable to the /ire risks of the city."  As a matter of fact the bylaw is as  good now as over it was, and persons  erecting such buildings will do so a.t their  peril. When the city"prosecuted PI 0.  Traves, police magistrate Crease -upheld  the bylaw. The injunction proceedings  down ab the Coast do not touch the validity of the bylaw, but merely the question as to whether Traves' biiiidingshoiild  or should not be pulled down before his  appeal was heard. As it is, the buildiny  will stand until the appeal is heard, and  then the validity of tho bylaw will be decided upon. In the meantime thosecrecb-  ing frame buildings Avithin the lire limits  will be running thesan e i-ksand be liable  to the same penalties and oxpouse as  Traves was.    P. E. Wilson, counsel for Albert Maslonka, intends to try today to get Ida  client out on bail, lie would have done  so yesterday had the necessary papers  arrived from Ymir. Tho charge on which  he was committed was shooting with intent to kill, so ho is debarred from electing a speedy trial. J hid he been charged  "witli intent to main it would have been  different;/  The, brick yard of the West Kootenay  Brick & Lime Company are now producing . 18,000'bricks daily, a production  which is fully met by the .demand.  , Two of the machines at the electric  light power house are to bo moved, and  the foundations therefor will be.finished  today. The work of stringing the i'ecd  wires will also be commenced today by  the Jvootcnay Kleclrie Supply & Construction Company, which is making the  alterations iii the plant. The new mach-'  inory hasL been shipped and is expected  in about ten days.  .The 34-foot foundation of tho land  registry of/ice will be completed by the  end of noxt+wock.  The Spokane Northern Telegraph Company has no direct comminiicivtion with  iNauaimo, so the people who were anxiously awaiting bulletins of the lacrosse  game were disappointed.  The Nelson Iron Works is an industry  that is beginning to get a foothold-  Nearly all tlie bessemer beams aiid <K>1-  uiiins used in thp brick blocks n.cAy under  ^vtiy^in^NtSlsfju^viH-e made altfTllelron  works, and much of the iron work now  used ab tlio local smelters is also made  there.  Miss Olive iTanna of Trail was married  X  to K. Ii. Lewis ab that pla.ee on the Pith  instant. As one of the first, littles girls of  Nelson, all old-time residents of the town  wish the bride a. long and happy life.  ,. A meeting of the rille association has  been called for next Tuesday evening at  S p. m. in the.Jowett building, opposite the  opera house. All interested in rille shooting are invited to attend.  Sergeant Boutledge, 'who with sergeant Carroll was sent out from Winnipeg to drill the Kootenay rille companies, came into Nelson yesterday from  Kevclstoke, where he has been drilling  the company there, and proceeds to  Kaslo on the same mission.  "*- The only people in Nelson who have  not been kicking at the web weather are  the members of the stall" of the recorder's  ollice, as their work has been materially  lightened thereby.  A special meeting of the hospital directors was held yesterday to decide upon  the course of action to be adopted with  regard to Dr. Pose's temporary inability  to practice. The special committee ou  the matter will report today, and then a  conference with the local doctors will  be held.  The Duncan Mines, Limited, is figuring  on building a wagon road from the mill  to the lloyal Canadian mine, a. distance  of about two miles. The work will bo  done by contract.  Slugging was the rule yesterday-in the  game of lacrosse between Nelson'and. Nanaimo. What will ib bo on Saturday  when Nelson rims,up against the chain-'  [lion sluggers of the province?  W. G. liobinson has sold his interest; in  bhe freight delivery business recently  purchased from "Wilson & Ifarshaw to  the Nelson Transfer Company, but still  retains tlie bus, express and baggage  business.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Six-room furnished house to let on Mill  si reel. ���.\<Mie.-s l!o\ 1/V>, NuKon.  To Let���Neatly furnished rooms at  l.ho corner r,f W.inl nnd Victoria Miuuls. .Apply lo A.  U. ('luiiH'iil>.  For Pont���The residence nt the corner  of Vielorin and Wind i-1 ret (.��, now oi'dip < il liy W. A  Miiudc nil! I. will lie for lunt, :il'Ur Oil; J.">111 inManl.  Apply lo A. II. dlcmcnls'.  Furnished room to rent. Apply Tribune ollico.  o  co  CD  CO  ���I  iJLt  ca  3=  ��2  __  ca  PS  to  oo  CO  oo  __  m  C3  r���  oo  o  __  oo  co  C3  Always Fresh  Always     Ocjol  THE BEST (Hi ASS OF BEEE IN NELSON IS  AT THE  gSft^a^      E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Telephonej)3  FOE^IC-TCHEAM AND FRI2SH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  IT PAYS US to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods and  methods just as they are. it pays us  to strive for excellence in^cjuality,  price and service���aiming" tqJ place in  the hands of our customers'sthe best  goods at the smallest figures. On  this basis 'we invite your inspection  of our lines.  IT WiLL PAY YOU to carefully examine cur line of fine goldijewelry,  diamond mountings, mounted diamonds, stone jings, loose diamonds,  and other precious stones. We owe  it to our customers to give them the  best made and the most stylish goods  we can buy. Our manufactured goods  are of just this kind. Our stock of  small diamond rings is' especially attractive and prices equally so, and  you owe it to yourself to buy goods  4br^as=.litfle=mo.n-ey"as^lyp'i,_IJ._r^WFit^  wire or telephone us; we are always  at home to our customers.,  A FEW NEW LINES RECEIVED  THIS WEEK; Table Lamps, Piano  Lamps, i able and Piano Lamp combined, Jardinieres,, JardinfeTe Tables,  Fife Sets, Umbrella Standst Letter  Racks, Paper Holders, Photo fraities,  Ash Trays, Bronzes, VaSes and Pitchers of all descriptions, Sconces, Mirrors, and Candelabras; also a large  consignment of Parlor Lamps and  Fancy Globes.  As we only employ the most skilled  watchmakers, we will guarantee ail  work satisfactory.  UACOB DOVER, Jeweler.  0  D  Comer Baker and \Vard Streets.  W!ltori)iolon��, Pino Apples, nnd all other Fruits  in season rdoeivoil daily.  Hazlewood Ice Creatti  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Ci-cam received Tuesdays and irsidays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  Next. Door to .  P. HuniH & Co.  HIIMFH8EVS & PJTTOGK  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   HnzlHwooil Ice Cream.  MISCELLANEOUS.  ���ftiURiSMSHKD ronms to let.   An;>Iy lo Mrs. 1?. M. Jamo-  ���*���     .son, Carney block, Baker .si root, west. .   FUK SALK���A30-Biiinoa Kim. by Holland'-& Holland,  and n cano ; also an 8-|fninua polo (-"addlu. by Orale  of Heltfravii square, and one double bridle. $125. Apply  aL The Tribune ollice, Nelson.   WANTED���By youriR mail having several years ex��  1 erionee in both dry ^'oorts and hardware lines, a  position as salesman or nflleo hand. CTaii /iirnish hosl of  reference.   Address M. M. C . Hall Sidinir. ����� C.  ON 10 or two unfurnished rooms to rent in goo.-J lion o  . in residential part nf Nelson.   Apply by letter (hi  iiiwt instance) lo "Alpha," Tribune Otlieo.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  SOLE AGENTS FOR  iant  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  The  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.  Kirkp&trick c�� Wilson  Telephones 10 and 41.    Postoffice Box K & W  14  EAST BAKER STREET  14  WEST BAKER STREET  SANDON, B. C.   I  ardware  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON ST0EE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  You Oosng for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keep's the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  MAINV  N6W CUSTOME)  Are added to our list each and every nionth. This month has  been an exceptional one, the number of new customers far exceeds any previous month, and we can safely say we still continue to hold the old ones. This is surely ample proof Of who  does the leading business, where it is done and how the people  not only in Nelson, but surrounding towns, appreciate the rricin-<  ner in which we serve them. Our stock of fancy goods is by'faV  the most complete in Nelson.  FRUIT  FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flqur in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING <& COMPANY  Hakor Street West, Nolson, K C.  ac  ii  _?2_XJ3VI_3E_SS,  ETC.  OPEEA. ECOXTSIS   BLOCK:


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