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In One Day.
Dallas, Texas, August 21,—Police officers Albert P. Rawlins and Charles A.
Daniels fought a duel with 15-ealibre revolvers at 'I o'clock this morning. Rawlins was shot through the heart and also
through the body from the right side,
and died in five minutes. Daniels was
shot in the upper part ot* the stomach,
the hall coming out at the back close
to the spine. He died in about an
hour. Although twelve shots were lircd
the three mentioned were all that took
o fleet;.
The duel took place at Main and Poy-
dras streets. Wildly Hied bullets shattered windows in the American National
Hank and the wholesale store of the
Knepley .Jewelry .Company, between
which the men fought.
.Rawlins had been on the police force
eleven years today. Daniels was formerly on tlie regular force, but Avas discharged about three years ago. Since
then he has been it special policeman, doing watchman's duty at tlie American
National 'Rank. He had frequently expressed the opinion that the influence of
Jiawlins and his friends was behind his
being discharged. .11 is statements reached
the., .ears of Bawlins, and ill-feeling resulted, but no one considered it of a serious character.
Rawlins was off duty last night and got
. under the influence of liquor. lie and a
haekdriver were standing at Main and
l^oydras streets. He saw Daniels on the
sidewalk opposite him, and applied an offensive term to him. Daniels walked over
to where Rawlins stood and asked:
"What was that you.'said?" Ilawlins
repeated his languagcand both men drew
their pistols and began shooting.
Rawlins was a natvc of Bloonrington,
Illinois, and was thirty-seven years old.
J le was u nmarried.' Daniels was a. native
of this county. He was thirty-five years
old, and leaves a widow, but no children.
At S o'clock tonight three more assassinations wore reported, making a
total of five iu Dal las county today. At
Sinioiisville, ten utiles from the city, tlie
wife of William Dougherty was mortally
wounded and William Lineonie instantly
killed with buckshot by Jitmes and John
Robinson. The latter ' have fled to the
timber bottoms of Cedar creek, but was
pursued by a; sheriff's posse from the
city. William Work, oho of the oldest
and best known business men of the city,
was ass'aul ted bya negro-named Sol Smith,
, who fractured his skull in two ; places.
Mi'. Work is unconscious and physicians
consider liis iii juries  fatal.- The  liegro
£--    ° K.J °n1l0,'i*T._? "l^nWr-r,.. .j, "iit,   , V-tTflP ^  m'^   _h    B  nI   a13' '2S      T  D   ""*      "   *   &T   f.'
«  «",J,^!^Vi    "ia.ti°5!»"^"! . """'ii">" i i, "*='". °„»V -"■"»8»Sii<S.*   ""fH "» "fee,It
Evidence Given Yesterday.
Rhnnes, August 21.—There was a large
attendance at the Lycee at tho opening
of court at 0:30 this morning, in view of
the possible reappearance of Maitrc Labori, but though progressing satisfactorily, his physicians deemed it best for him
to remain quiet. The court settled down
quickly to business, and by nine o'clock
live witnesses had appeared at the bar.
If this rate continues, as calculated, the
court will bo through with ninety-odd
witnesses bythe beginning of September,
and it is considered probable that the
verdict will be delivered by September
Colonel Picquart, after protesting
against the manner in which his correspondence was tampered with, expressed
surprise that the question of the employment of secret service money should be
constantly mixed tip with the Dreyfus
case, with which, he claimed, it had
nothing whatever to do. He also denied
he had given M. Lenoist the slightest information -regarding the secret dossier,
and said the only document of the dossier
revealed; and that was not by himself,
was the "cette canaille" document,.which
had been utilized by the enemies of
Dreyfus. „ There was also the "Liberte"
document, which was delivered to Ester-
ha/.y, "who used it to levy the most
shameful blackmail on the government."
Major Lauth folloAved. r He traversed
the ground covered by his evidence before the crimiual division of the court of
cassation in regard to the circumstances
under which Henry communicated the
bordereau. He said that when the bordereau reached the intelligence, department, Henry was absolutely the only officer wlio knew the agent who furnished
it, and was the only officer known to the
government. Henry, he explained, had
appointments with the foreign spy".in.,
question only in the evenings, at eight
or nine o'clock, at various places, so it
was impossible for Henry to hand the;
papers to colonel Sandherr the same;
evening, therefore he took them home
and   brought   them/  to   'the-office; in
In giving returns of tho weekly shipments of ores from the various mines in
West Jvootenay district, it is almost impossible to give accurate figures. The management of some of the mines, like the Silver King at Nelson, refuse to give any
figures, saying that they make monthly'..reports to their head office, etc.. etc., etc.
Of course, none of the mines controlled by the Mine Managers'Union care to give
Thr Trihune any information whatever, for if Tiir Tribune is able to show that
the ore shipments are keeping up to the average of last year, then their contention
that the mining industry has been killed by the operation of the eight-hour law is
not good. The shipments for the Aveek ending Saturday, August 19th, were as
Ore ■■'■:■•
Whore Trcaled
: Valuo
I.n Roi '....'	
Norl.hport smcltor
'War Eagle	
Trail sniolter
Iron Mask —	
Trail smeltor
KveniriK Star -'-■
Trail smelter
Center Star	
Tra 1 sm. Iter
Hall Mines	
Nelson smelter
, , . ,. ;...,.....
Porto Rico '..' —..........
Gold       -■-.'
Porto Rico mill
A thabasca •	
Athabasca mill
Ain«worth c
Nelson sniolter
,, ., .	
Silver-lead c
Trivl smcltT
Black Prince .....
Nclaon smeller
Total for the week	
. 8.255'
Totul for the year 1S9!)	
if ^;c;i3r$fthii' i^-is^^sA?:f ^l^l^i^^iflij'i-sfef
^"%ir' :i%t^7^J.di;nt|.ff^°d "Jri® »enA ■ 0f-'4hfe
■}: w.eelv,- *'Til,ie ''^li'tef-.^-^triefer* {i;tl%'is^s ° j^jo
r$|%*; iit e-shftuld ;,ff$b:*feKV° jMxpc, ithaa
,» 'fori c"if*?_|_v ijmger Xx> .V$f&h 'Grand. Fbi'lcs^
' - Wheli; tlie track, ;r,eacifes'th.at.pojff:t'fre:i.gfi(t>
for. Grand Porks aTid,„ p&jjttei wes-ij will be
■ forwarded there; Owing lo otu8' limj't«d:
^ItWrpTtp^fatflM present coin
slgiiees are requested to arrange to take
prompt delivery of; their goods a,f tuv at"-
I'ival tit Cascade 6r Gi\'iihI Frtrkg. ft is also fiiipe;r'iutive 'that properly signed orders
for the delivery of all freight are forwarded ":ta ofir agents at above poiivts as no
■jjooclb'Av'iilT be delivered .to freighters uti'
' '     ah
the :
-. ",.d-'i'» 5,i»' ■" J-"-...=w*u.few™.■»;«» if *>.!,? i.>.-.* w.:-,,£**■!&■&&
to,- .."";»:eirfe_i,1*-^s "tlie^":
usual l.y ■ /w^ulv,"fc;W-.
'.Heiil'y^AVh'O" Wrts,*1
-packe„t> lJ,^ge^^ed^^ll■dJ»;■e^jl;blitl.^^;^Iae^
|gecfe|M}ba$ \ pMo^diS^MS^ ^Ilfe»
is' "Ijughtitil-^™".jttst.see^what'VliJiave.
^hhe. "wj ricio.w ^n^l^ail^tM' ees beg-afetQfeiieitcM
Major Lauth's' extremely long deposition was listened to in profound silence.
He protested at Picquart's allegations
against him; in the course of the Taver-
nier enquiry, when he represented hini
as the instigator and, perhaps, also, the
writer of the Henry forgery. "I declare,"
said Lauth, "that if by inspiring or writing it I had a share iu any way whatever in the perpetration of tlie Henry
forgery, I shotild have avowed it the day
Henry committed, suicide. I am riot even
now afraid of the razor, or the rope of
Lemercier, or -of Picquart, or even of
a broKen glass of Malette." After con:
trovertingfurtherstatements of Picquart,
major Lauth, in conclusion, declared that
Henry, "who knew nobody on the newspapers, held aloof from the press cam -
paign organized iu response to the friends
of Dreyfus."i :"r }\:,/:'::..:~j. K.-//^-■:':■ ': ';.f:i:i,
After a short adjournment the court
re-assembled and the judges questioned
i major Lauth.; They asked.his opinion of
-the Schneider letter of November t30thj
D^l^"BDoDIi,^°f'"^,?lI:1, ■a":i-
!fl   fl.^-n-^'iin.-^n-.V-
acteas|ertea^he *t&0k:
it with French artillery, ancl having access to all the necessary documents.
In regard to the Madagascar
note, Dreyfus, Junk        claimed,
told the witness that his cousin had procured him interesting information.
Captain Junk then spoke of the efforts of
Dreyfus to secure the firing manual, and1
'discussed ther theory that Henry might
have divulged the documents in the
"bordereau. Such a supposition, the
captain dcclaredi was utterly impossible.
Later the Avitness corroborated the statement that ; colonel Picquart proposed
postmarking the petit bleu with the
view of proving its genuiness. .
General Fabre, former chief; of the
fourth bureau of the geueral's staff, on
the witness stand today said that iii his
official capacity he compared the writing
of the bordereau with the writing of
various officers in his bureau, including
the writing of a probationer, who had
been in the bureau since the previous!
year, and who had not favorably- im"---
.•worthylaud;*]nsniqererui hisirpretentions;v
"i ^h-ked,_3^ut,<;owa_.es,aTi:d-hISiS%)e-M0&4.v
Manager in Trouble.
Special to Tho Tribune.
Victoria, August 21. — Ex-attorney-
- general Martin, today answering a question whether he would vote against the
Semlin government on otlior than personal issues said that nothing would
please him better than to see the government defeated on the first day of the
session. He added that with the defection of MacPhcrson, Higgius aiid himself
there was no escape from defeat. The
Province of Vancouver (government) discussing Helgescn's declared intention to
go into opposition unless the eight-hour
and alien exclusion acts are repealed, says,
that as these form so prominent a part
of the government's policy, Mr. Helgesen
must, if correctly reported, be :counted
with the opposition, and the government's defeat..is thus made^inevitable.
Manager Wright of the Nelson lacrosse
team has been ijroving the  wisdom of
The Tribune's advice  that they should
dispense  with   a   manager   and   hire a
trainer.    In Vancouver  he has been prolonging a squeal  commenced  in Victoria
about lack of hospitality inithis city-j and
alleged cinching  of  the Nelson team for
expenses he claims  to have expected tlie
James Bays to pay.   Wright complains,
through the press of Vancouver that Victoria gave Nelson only $70, about half of
which was  required to  pa,y adyertisihg-
arid other expenses,  which he thinks the
James Bays ought to have assumed.■;;j He
adds words very offensive to Victoria citizens and newspapers.    Secretary Dallain
says in re])ly that he made arrangements
for the'match, at the request of Wright,
after explaining that as tlie game was set
for the middle of  the  week, rather than
Saturday, large  gate  receipts could riot
be    expected.      Notwithstanding;    this,
Wright instructed  Dallain "to go ahead
with  the arrangements,  and  offered to
play for net proceeds" of gate, afteripay-;
ing the rental of the grounds arid advertising.    These stipulations are contained
iri tlie  cori-esponderice;;; The  gross pro-;
eeeds! of tlie gate were $93, not ,r$70, as
Wright says.   The net proceeds liaiided to
What He Will Do Politically.   "'•'.
Ashcroft Journal.
H. Helgesen, M.P.P.;  who  returned  tcr
Cariboo this week, and is just downfrom
Atlin,  where  he . spent the' season, says
that Cariboo mines are good  enough - for
him yet, and tliat  while  there are gold
properties that will pay for  working in
Atlin, everything is as  yet  undeveloped
and the country has been unduly boomed
as  a  gold  camp.     Politically,  Mr., Helgesen said, in a conversation  with a representative     of    the     Journal,     that
the     laws    passed     last     session    had
been      in       several      cases      against
his   judgment,    and    that    the   mining
regulations      now     in      force     should
be radically changed.    That he was unable last session to  get absolutely necessary appropriations for roads in Cariboo,
and that many things should have been .
done that Avere not to i m prove Cari bob's
condition.    It being  suggested thathad
Messrs. Helgesen and Kinchant stood together and  made  absolute demands the/
government could  not  possibly liave refused any request of theirs, Mi\ Helgesen is
agreed, but stated that  at that tinie,ifoiv i
reasons it > was  impossible to give now, Mi
they did not do so.   He is now oil hisjway; ;
to visit liis.constituency and will give an ic
account of his stewardship.   Mr; Hcle-i;%
sen  authorized   the   Journal tQ  sayjvas/i"
his i unalterable   conclusions, first, that
the eight-hour law was un wise  legisla-~-
tion and should riot have been  passed,
at least  at this  time, and that various
rulings " by    the    minister     of    imihesl
must be changed ; second, that thdxanti-w
alien legislatipn; was a .mistake; i tlrird;!
that if the^preserit  goyerhmerit;df)es notij
;at the  very;|earliest date ; repeal|thesey;i
obuoxious riieasiires aiid riuike hew; regu- '
latious      in   the     mining   department,
aniending|>thei diceiise'act, letc:,   and  ;
give; to Cariboo the attention it  should »
■i.butitv;   ;has ;■    hot      received     at     its
hands, he will withdraw his siippprt ■■ and
will sit at the coming
position.    Tliat this statement wasniade  :
after eitrefurconsidei'ation  and as an oxUx-.
pr^ssion oft his views to be given liisi;coii--|f-
stituericy.    The conversation took  placejt;
in the presence';pf several mining lrieiii rri^fr
sidents;;-of  Cariboo' and ^bnstitueiiits;!^)i|ji
Mr/ITelgeseii, who, to amaii, assured him S;:
that his present  views  were those  ofat ;*;•
1 east the great majority if not of.: all'his;
eoustitue'rits^,'^^^ ';:-----":-'-:V;- V .;:: :-:'^^S^^r:-'-^S
'■-,.-■---;,Q: i , — : ; — — ".V,:>-\;": '.-'•X-'.'-r/: r-'-i
, j:;- ;;A"i,Smelti_g,'iMessia_^v;i,;';i3ii:;;;ffi':iv;?
-•■--.■■'-'-,■    '-- T;'f'H:;M:Grecmvpod:TimcH.';:->^
® Paul Johnson is.here. .«He;isttli^snieltyg;
"T-k-;."?»"-"*•*»-"£ ;".*.■'_ ™pf si-"i;*:'B*-- .„-.-„ °.*»,'S"/*' ;^.'»"-.f
Picquapt fag.^ij^ describe
less' they pWsont stich an orilef.
goods 1'Gjntriif.itng Oil Our hands 'after
fe.eoijit o'f'advice 'by fclie ermsiguees
bb entirely at c5vvuei?!j1ris|:.    .
Mining OpQrationsS on Eiaglb 01-eoik;.
W. A. Bi'i:u;c*an returned yesterdityfroin
a visit to tlie Granite and Piioya! Canadian mines, AVbich arc operated bythe
Duncan Mines, Limited, lie says that
the 'company have ninety-two men iu
their employ developing the mines', grading the Wagon road, ami building the
mill. Gu the Granite there are thirty-
five men working on con tract, and on the
lloyal Canadian there are twelve men.
The machinery of the mill is being installed hy the William Hamilton Company under the superintendence of D. J.
McNaily, and the mill will be completed
in.a couple of weeks. Tlie wagon road is
completed, and bunk-houses and a dining-
room are being erected at the mine.
Justice Irving ■ Returns;
Vjctohia, August 21.—Justice Irving,
Who has been iu Atlin settling disputes
over mining locations arrived back this
evening on the steamer Alpha. The
steamer brought about one hundred passengers, and, sixty thousand dollars in
gold from the Klondike and Atlin. News
lias reached here of tlie drowning at Five
Finger rapids of Frank Rickard of the
party constructing tho Dominion telegraph Hue to Dawson.
■luidiimiti" $P;j^.bcliui;^
4rid 'wit's;- &n_&Vined^re.gaiid|r)g^' t"l|^fdo'ej^;
ment "at tlie" sa-iile Sriiej/-"'?TH^°"Bdr;d|;retiri,
^VasJ».,;only . s'-]_6\Vrit- . fto, :|3.olo'ui3l;:'jS|an'd-;
iliefc-Kj-■ ;lialf"° 6i\' "iffiree'i fe«tif_bi^r ■■ bf'
an hottr laterj when lie f¥ri?ived.
Next,  disfiussing tlie. petit bleu,; major
enclosed in a jiacket early in Marell,    lil-
eidentally the witness mentioned the mis*
sion to Nancy oil wliich Heui-y Went, aiid
said tliat Avhife he Wa§ [absent his wife
eanie to the intelligeiice depaytiuerit td
ask for his   Wher-abOuts,  as she knew
nothing of  his departure,    "It wag tlie
same with all the ojfeoi.'s in the depart-
mont," said Lauth,    "Gfir families neVel*
knew where we were going 'when We Were
s8ut on a mission, aiid,it was trim tlife department  corresponded  with us;    That
pt'oves tliat tilings Were not conducted in
the foitrth bureau as alleged by colonel
j*ic(juartj and the oflieei's wei'e not .so neg-
ligeiit autl careless as lie lias asserted."
The witness   maintained   this also disposed of Picquart's assertion that Henry
was    iu    the    habit    of    working    at
home   in    the    presence    of   servants.
As a matter of fact, he added, the officers were   very reserved   before their
families.    Continuing,  the witness proceeded to speak of Picquart's orders to
destroy  all  evidence  of the 'petit- blue
having been torn, and to determine the
office by affixing a postmark, etc.   "The
spy Ceurs," said Lauth, "entered into relations with the ministry of war with
the avowed purpose of avenging lliniself
on, his government.     He  refused  to  accept payment beyond his fare to Basle,
as Ceurs was evidently an  agent provocateur  who had been sent to us.   But
wo were never able to get anything of
the   slightest   value from him.    It has
been said that we bullied him to prevent
his  speaking,     I  wish  the person who
made tlie statement to come here aud repeat it.    The truth was, we bullied him
not to prevent his speaking, but because
he refused  to say anything  wliich was
not known."
mai w; Lauth;haudedat!to4ii in an-No vein*,
bdjvJ^8ft7'.^?^Witeii,"J^ieq[ii.art: saw it ui°the
;tpJiimvf"Picquar.ts^that>the: hand Waiting,
had'beenynoldrfiedjjand "at.„the.TaVernieiv
;Si"!§ii;iry^{fo" iiojiiebd?. that'"- £lltei''a^tipn^;;f?f
^iitled^Jiiiies, liad;!be°feii»;|rasedi. 3Bti^i;Sbvler-y
eXpeftjn^ejItl slip^
F^iiatteujin ilik)iiadeeof\gail)Wliile°^sn|)er-
iinposed WOW'\v#s Written iiriufcniade of
logwOod. °        .. ■ .,    .
Iieplying to thei preWidgnt[bf"1?h® gpjnjjti
Tn1^or^lJa^tir^id^tliaT"^rlien lie plioto-
graphed the petit bleu lie did not notice
any signs of erasure. Picquart said the
plate taken by major I_auth bore no
traces of erasures, The photograph alone
had been tampered With. Colonel Jon*
ans.t—"Was tliere an expert examination?" Picquart--"'STes, it Was a geareh-
ing enqriiry."
Captain Junk followed. He said he was
a probatiOrier simultaneously with Drey-
! fus, but in anotitei' department of the
war office,    lie saw the prisoner a great
deal, and detailed eohversatiohs in■ Whi'frh,
he alleged* Dreyfus spoke of great suliis
he liad lost in gambling and in his iutef-
courso with loose women.   "One day,"
the Witness proceeded, "When  we were
visiting the  eOlorieS shipiques,  we met
three immoral Wpi-ueiij Wlio bowed to us.
Dreyfus   returned   their   greeting,   and
I   said   to    him:   ' Well,    for    a    married man, you have nice acquaintances.*"
He replied  that  they were old  friends
of his batchelorlrood, and pointing to one
of theubsaid her name was Valtesse and
that she had a house on  the Champs
Elysee where she gave nice parties, where
pretty women were to be met and where
there was much gambling.   Dreyfus also
boasted  of his large  means, and spoke
with great relish of his comfortable house
and   travels.    The   Avitness   continuing,
said Dreyfus was well acquainted with
the scheme for the concentration  of the
troops aud could trace it on the map as
most of the   other   probationer's could.
Witness then detailed the work of the
different bureaus and  proceeded  to demonstrate   that, the probationers were
cognizant of the plans of the plans of the
transport and concentration of the troops,
and how Dreyfus was ordered to draw up
a report on German artillery, comparing
in.- n*j/reyi;us."»" »(P-<\wer„ f« •to>»^ ^disclose?
f";documeiitso;wi,efe.i*ed"C" to*> «tn>°B -thB-;
iec&Wlie^r;.ina*ioi\Bortiu .'showed' witness."
the:;Doi:dereaur,tlie4atte„r wrassti;uuck"s3ivi:tl^-
f"*fri-sS#Ss''%ie*only officer Dw'ii'b"'iiiiwle;;a 'iJad'1''
.t]mpi;6„sfisioiOTii ^he<biu;ea
»ing}pfWaehts^irfthe^iarb5r'thlvii' ;Wag"'
viriSed/a^iW" |80A,s|^lia't"thd plusoiier was
%I^^^-o^h^l>|iieip|.'  " V    "",'■'
.. _ ^fteif^lV;D;G.ni"^ij,g^^^^^ "tlie
dis°6rS0'iinBy 1ri°"fllE"„ Fabre'ssfeteinents and
thpse„lhe ^gayo" jfi*"
in vieexllDi^yfjte^/to
U',", eolduel. Jouaust
iMl>ly^-The; prisoner.
said general Fabre  quite   correctly  do-
seriped the work on Avliich lie ^vas engaged   When   a "probaSioiier*   especially
explaining   that   he had   to   Iceep   the
dossier   relating to   the   concentration
of the centres   on  the   eastern system
posted up.   This   Was   Hot   a fictitious
taSki   The prisoner's reply was made in-
ealin liieasiired tones arid his frankness
seemed to favorably impress tlie judges.
Colonel pabov.ii.1, former deputy .(fhlef
of the- fourth, bureau, related how Fabre
had shown him a photograph pf an anonymous note in wliich the writer iiiti*
inated to his correspondent, "evidently
foreign to the army," tliat lie liad coitfi-
dential ddcuineuts to communicate.   Tlie
witness tpld Fabre that the documents
mentioned, showed that the writer could
Only be an artillery oflieer, belonging to
the general staff, who participated in the
expeditions of the lieadquarters stall' in
June and July,  1804.   The position  of
Dreyfus corresponded With these conditions,  and  "To their   great surprise," a
striking resemblance Was   apparent   in
the    writings,    of     13reyfus     and   the
anonymous   letter."     Witness    further
declared     that     only    a    probationer
could       possess        the        information
mentioned in the bordereau.    It Avas not
only because of the  resemblance in the
handwriting that suspicions were directed
at Dreyfus, but because he was in a position to be acquainted with the documents
Pressmen in Victoria.
Victoria, August 21.—The Eastern
Canadian Press Association, who make
this the turning point of their excursion
to the west, arrived on the Dominion
steamer Quadra this evening, and will
spend tomorrow in this city. *
■eiich^.saa-e: mi$ -trier itriaiigle-ibQiiTg'about
seVSFifiiiel"1'.""--^"\^-^'-X^.'%■ °/   \«""'
- Lat_^-^a^^^1ntif^iii;^i0m{«":lali''^
' 'C-rencSsSeje.; th|niKlnjtd'B.tl|e;'a,d ^fantp'ge -by ii^es
■sccQiif&i^'i^-fe s#ai% $t\ fif'te^rin seeojjd-s-
the ]teav-^:r;riad?'d>pe4i'fcalfe=n' *t!i^ 'C;i.oiiess^e":
the tTiro°at"hafya;id oil tljeBeavei*parted-,
and lier ieO spreader broke.- '|jlj& put the
Beaver, out of°©ie i-a;pe and tlie Gtenessee
is going over tlie course alone. A gireat
crowd: of erafibs was on tiiie lakeWattiliiiiig
the race and the keenest disappoiiitment
was felt at its tamo cgnclii^ion;
part of tile; ppssler Withheld.
T?mis,, August -l.—iTbe Eeiip de Pavfe-,.
in cOm men ting upon  the testinipny offered at iiennes  by majorsCuigiiot, for-
njei' attaehe  of  the niiiiistry of wiH*:, to
whom, was assigned last the task ef eo;K
leetiiig Ynatter bearing npon tlie Dreyfus,
Piaquart and   Fsterhttzy  affairs, says:
"Major Cnignet'k evidence s!io\v^ that tlie
whole seecet dossier lias not been, conimu-
nicated to the court martial. Adoerimeut
has been withhold which proves tlie existence of a  Vast notwpi'k of esjioinage
tiiulor the direction  of  foi-eign ,niiH'tat'y
attaches and of negotiations on the subject of the J.)reyfus case between- several
French notabilities and  the  representa*
tives   of   foreign   powers.     The dossier,
moreover, contains proofs that the sum
of   35,000,000   francs   was   received    in
France from abroad  for  tho purpose of
prosecuting   a   pro-Dreyfus   campaign."
According to the Echo de Paris, as a consequence   of   major Cuigiiet's   evidence
general Chaiioine, who took tlie Avar office
secret dossier to Iteunes, lias started suddenly for Paris.
Good Ore From Goat River District,
Charles E. Engberg has brought back
some exceedingly rich looking quart/,
very heavily mineralized with copper pyrites. He claims lie has a vein of this ore
varying from four to seven feet wide on
his property the Nevada, a claim situated
on Goat river, eighteen miles from Kitchener.
Gity of Vifetbr mrile^ Dowjs..' w., „
portion of Che city Of" Vittto^ cuiisijlg ;«
loss estimated ,at ^g^OO^OOO.,   l^pkijc|rig,
Shortly after noon -the fere  I'aged:. .tir^CtJ.
■fvuniiuji:, coi-isstnniug-   ^v^ry-tli'iti|;,, in 'iM
way.   It Ija'd-'1 itsoi'l-gin.} ii-t Dis0; tlip|igh..fc,.'ft) ,
tlib MereliaiilAs cafe; ad^yhiilig" tiie *Bank-
■of'Vjetei'' on fcjie■cm,n'et-w^£^fiiiiti*»s-ti|;ep'e»
and Vi-cOtfp avcnufii.   Ji &$>,op$ ttjiild' J^orii
the north f'anned the JhtnifiSi and in atew
iiiinutes all tlte siipronnding houses vfcim
afi-i'c.   Welf) was siunnionod} frcnu Cj'ippfc
Creek,, but the to\®i had been hnilfcin fciiK
early days of tlio camp rind was of piito
timber for the most part and burned Tike
paper.    Efforts   Avere made to stop the;
progress of the flames by blowing up tlie
buildings in its-path'by means of dyiia-
niite, and all afternoon the streets roared
with the explosions.
 _~ .    , i
Is it a Bonanza?
The owners of tlie Queen group, vvhich
adjoins the Yellowstone mine, ifi'b in
pretty good spirits over reports reeeiitly
recei veil from the property. The ledge
lias been crosscut for thirteen, feet, and
the footwal'l is not yet in sight. From
samples brought to Nelson the following
assay returns were had: No. 1—Gold
$58.10 and 4.G ounces silver; No. 2—Gold
$1.20 and l.S ounces silver ; No, 3—Gold
$5:3.20 and 4.2 ounces silver; No. _—Gold
$10.20 and 2.(5 ounces silver; No. 5—Gold
$-15.80 and 1.08 ounces silver.
The Just Reward of Tkeit Deeds.
Victokia, August _L—The three murderers, Henderson and the; Niintuck brothers,   were   duly   hanged   at   Dawson
August -th. THE TRIBUNE:  NELftON, B. C. TUESDAY, AUGUST S2,  1800.  WE HAVE SILK NEEDS  m  Shrewd   women   are  quickest  to  appreciate  these silks.    In fact  1he women who keeps  fully  posted  on values are our  most  regular  customers to this department.    Are ycu a shrewd woman?   Then we  will expect you to share this offering.  20-inch Plain Japanese Silks at 35 cents per yard  21-inch Plain Japanese Silks at 50 cents per yard  27-inch Plain Japanese Silks at GO cents per yard  Striped Wash Silks for Waists at 45 cents per yard  Piaid Wash Silks for Waists at :.. ..50 cents per yard  Checkee Wash Siiks for Waists at.   60 cents per yard  Checked Wash Silks for Waists at .... 70 cents per yard  This is a money saving opportunity.  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO;  id  BANK OP  B.C.   BUILDING!,  NELSON.  _t__:r:m:s o__��3_h_  :^.i_t.6g..gg.  *_  Mr  &  was about-thiity yards off. He was  turning this way and that like an animal at buy, thoroughly frightened. Ho  lmd a rille in his hand. It afterwards  turned out that this ride was choked.  The soldiers were breaking down the  high hedge to get in. Suddenly the Filipino niiido a run lor life, lie got through  the hedge some way and dashed across  an open field. Three shots follower!, all  of which took effect. Tho .wounded man  turned, ran sideways a few paces, lay  down ou the ground nnd a second after  was dead. 1 got a good sight of the  whole incident, and .so naturally did the  Filipino stretch himself along the ground  and rest his head upon his arm that I  thought he was .shamming. An examination a minute later proved that lie was  de.-id. There is a difl'oro'ieo between tho  manner in which American and Filipino  soldiers die���tlie American falls in a heap  and rlies hard; tiie Filipino stretches himself out, and .when dead is always found  in some easy attitude, generally with his  head on his arms. They die the way a  wild animal dies���in just such a position  as one finds a doer or an antelope Which  one has shot; in the woods.  The Metal Markets.  iVbyv York, August 21..���Bar silver  (i.Oc; Mexican dollars '.1.7-fc; silver certificates _(>!_. Copper firm, brokers'���!$18.50,  exchange $1S.:")(). Lead, steady, brokers'  $4.85, exchange $4.(52A..  M'<  Si  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  SEE OUR $9 SUITS WORTH $12  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign crH the RED   HAT, Baker St., Nelson  fiifili  ?w;k#k��y.#;;j^^^  i:^::^ieSmiIy|gqpi?rine1i;  fbUiitSMi lidtsriit'  ^tl��l ����4i|n|e" jjvr|;ijpttfe  *v v&Bg.o^fci|&  v'V^-iMw-'P^'fc^Stea^l'opsr^;^^^  ^ ^gd^M^i&^:n^^M^^^$M:  -_>.l�����<sf"V_ ".o .-.v.��: "-V::.   "u*Vi�� t "���'������" ... *" \ ����� ��*-;*r "*>��'  "^^i;^ftln1;ipi��ov|n��rS rields^-^Marit^^o^oy^glfilS  ?f?)7^vilf4;^^^  "$%. inoedf ng^lffe-r i^W-^^-S^^li'  .s-J ^��an^^la\<ry���ei!iia'ri'���.office...        .    ..y   -   - *  '" "���""   2��}0^of %he lamcvducjc. orgltna otMpvp'  positib|ijKonfends thstt. i5he people 'slibhldi  jnessioil to"thr|ir views on the Oljgiit-Jionr  law^ and  hints  that blip, of  thie" jiieiii-  Ml 0BMI__I ft fO.  INCORPORATED 1670.  What    is   the   difference    between  TETLEY'S TEAS and  other  brands?  >; Just   the;   same    as    between . the  :Athabasca  mine: and any one' of; the-  Jhundreds of wildcats that have been  exploited iini the;iipast";;year^.i.'.:^(/=;^g  ", SMt^S^- "S\ ]' wottt-bf-Vy o�� 6\';. -wJil I&-V _xr _ Hi,  ���'Pl^i^a'ijce  ," 'M^JJii3tre"- iL^bo'i-i".",. r_v��?|)#i's��drirrJ!��,- 'cwppl'ed'f  ^r^fisel^ d^rMl^t^m^'itiljgge - oj &M��^f*-  ta'ac|"S:i's. -tl'ialvil- 5h;.iu;iiii6d ���" 'oji'fai". i^v;t;eJb-VM#i4'!  ?th$#fm['f$m'ailxje-E^-Bf thenj^r^ori-.grl^  itfe^-;ars,��?ovIa''k;Q.adVii;i;ftagie'.of .tJie..aWarJk*��b-rir';  ��L|->)boip;dAv0tu-d;.idm-oat. .mdit-a'to tliat..^they*.'  .:aiieVu6tJ#-a.t|t%-.���0u;t.pf''#''in^ \j;i,ili"^ho-  ��� attejiip't. to, "a��jsa;ssiifate  the defbndbr jt>��  iWi^yfim.   . ��>or J.^aiiee  secims'   to- have  piniirid rier faitli to an armywliieh isQ0u:"  troired by a precious lot of scOiuidrefs:.  iafJiicIS'?*  Pi  JJeadrpiftrtuM for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We make a HpCcialtT 6t  Shjpiap aqd Double Dressed Material  Qddcf Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles ar|d Lath Kept in Stock  Cilice ana yard near C.P.K. depot   XC- G. BKEK, Agent.  How a rilipind Dies.  ] The. general, in a wliite hat,, was  niarchihgiriadvaiice of the hVing line,  wiieii'the disaharge of a, rifle was heard  ill tlie yard of a house i>.cx;t the foad,  says John 3?. Boss iii Harper's Weolily.-'i  Several soldiers rushed into the yard, brit  not in time to in-event two more shots',  which came whizsdng in the directirm of  the general. At this moment f came to  a break in the 'hedge wlidrb I conld aoQ  ���\\vhat wag going on.   A young Filipino  ^gafko^s^fioM -Beep  JB0evvesw%:g  Brortho Seidlitz,  :o,i  2Sc,  '. ftjf'yon. '?r-i"'#-i sj'yljih'iplirfeel^firtiJipr^^itU^n-iMe"^ .feho?  j'lfef.'^l^^^u/6'^lin:p6rted.���ntO'��NulKOij^^ ybiu%ortt,er*  .'W'itliafine;, '. .-.'������... " u ' .���= ������"..���". "* " "".:'" b ���V= * = ."'*"  . .'^fo&MuSflroiCdffiWips woi't.h^ofiiQW',gdbd)S\j!0%v:.\vailr  "/fiiBtyouyiifepectioii��,"ri|riiai;aiiJ[Ue\satis��a<>ttd  ���SUITS S25  W51  '/^.���R'-j/H-rB-p.felx^Ss.^KaHKS-l'i'i^^^^  k %-ijy" "-120, J?ivkfflr| feeofe" A>e-tWo^''iiosei��ihi'nbWd**��*.wi  *��;'\y'tird"st|-e!jJWj:,-. ..a-I^V. .;: ".,,,;.8%!,s^..J���. ,S..n;wj ff:;-; ^|8��o6;  ���. ,-u0,'bj;i2ft Sajj-cr; sjlreei b4lVcoii\'J6.seplund'.4nd "jla-lls  '.streets,* coiifer?.  ��� '35 .h/'faiyilH lhuVoy6"nionfe^outl>'.fiWc=.bt'$J6r'n':oji"   " :  *streo," = ..,-. I,..,"..,.....,...:,. .srthi  . ;5<$0  lilJOQ1  "'Nelsofv's' .jip?t.b-d.ill.n(��' ^ife 8lsx-t'ii>bfliQimS''��|5bir��^.,C!o.j  BroT/W Seltzer  .*.....  Lttihe Fruit Juice, pis ',.  5f_?c  JSwiis: Fruit Juice, guts  . $1  j&tfo&y3�� and Eno's Fruit Salt  Tfve Genuine Mvntsefrat  ���Q'ET THE BE^T  EMEIIT  Having leased the biihino.Ks of t'ho Nelson Soda Waler  Factory. X arn preparid i-OKiiiiply tlto trade with all kiiulK  of oarbonuted and aurntcd watciy. Kaiiiily orders uolie.-  ted.   Prompt delivery.  Factory on  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  The Wall Paper House  OF THE WEST  The difference between the -Judge aiid the  Bishop tliity bo that the -Judge can say "you  be hunger!," while- the Bishop c;m say "you  be damned."    On  the other hand  when the  Judge saya "you be hanged," you are hanged.  Next to the value offered, the inosfc marked  peculiarity of our Wall  Paper is that when the  Judge  has   made  his  selection and says "you  he     hanged,"    it    is  hanged; not even the  cheapest grades giving  trouble.    There are papers  that are beyond  the jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of the Bisliop.    There is an art in avoiding this kind���this art has been our study.  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  T^E BISHOP SAY  ~     Urn   x,vuA_   Wi,  X^X_��_I'_1-S13  Corilcr of Baker and Stawloj* Ktrnotft Nelson  parsons produce Qd.  w__0_.BSAL_}  PROWSW   PRODOGE  ytp'idlihe-!  >infll waiifelobein It. I havii jlist rcpffiViid  Kill I p.'vinptegi. of Suitings -nnd 'Ovi-r-  eoatiiiftrt ropiTKcntini; a JoO.IQO sfnHc 1ft  eliooai: "iiTjni lniidi! to yolvv orrlrw lit p lefts .  )iever<bofbiii Hitawl'of'in Nptsori.-All U.HMiUe.st,  fads, in 'Kaliey  Vo*t|iiKS for Kail and wii-l'tjir.  j, Til�� lailor  ;>8 bjift") With:jiifiiir_fflnr*iii-tbi podth.jjido b&^ernon  24lois!VH.ui^otJagerei)ted��ati$if>'tic4Sno^  i-streou., '!..-r.,.y.w...,:."i.va,:,i.A:..*..;i.:!.^.o3B0ri'  '2;|bl4 with.ipottujja rtfutpilfht'��20;pei: niohtlli f ���ifiloS'��  stfo'st"..-...-..;..:.-...!.,..v.���.,;.;.,,.;;,.L.".,-.���....,.-..;.,-.,; t,. jififm.'  Cloti? in blocjci0-b,=uH pleai'Cd.'Stnd reflced-'iir, .,.".���... .olj 2So(Jj  AtWCNTSsFOU;  3"^  "���B'ak'_if?"5li)-feBf, ���HeU&rt'*  pMr'"T>0"d\i wjijsT'RasiE jaic. $mi$.$-&i, ��  8l .tt TAY  SAFIS'  ffi^s^BBaa  licat KHtata and OoneraV Agonts, Baker i?t��� Nelson  Thomson Stationery Co., ���__!  ISr_i53_��03Sr,   23. c  Among Daily per Express, full  Lines of Fruit-  in Season.  The Trade Only Supplied.  Write or Wire for Regular Shipments.  fob mum M&M&m  cand Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress SWts  CALL OX  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHiynS StRKKT, NELSON  HAIE GOODS AW HMfi OMAIENTS  Switches- frorn $2 up.  MR!?. J. W. KEARNKYhna openedaLadies Hair Drets  inff Pirlor in room I, Victoria block, Nelson, and is.prepared to fn��� nisli everything in tho way of hair goods  and hair -tonics.   Trcalmont of the scalp a sjieeialty.  THE CRANViyjE^HflsT  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  $650 will purchase a choice residence corner,. 100 by 120'  TOul.  ?2HHJ will p��rclin����o a eentfal lot and resilience.  ?-JWl. will, purchase  t*o nice lots and, shanty, liohsoii  Ktreci;. Ilinfte tiddil.io'iu  S.'l!S()0 will pnrolinse four ilicfi lots and residence.  KI.WKl .Pooled, Fiiii'nioHt i cente.  Ulaekcock (Ymli) hIihi'ck 20 Cents.  ."xXajI. Ul,icr). at 14 cents.  Tiiriier & Boeckh block. Nelson, 1!. O:  SQIilRE'S   HANCH   FOR   SA_J  Containing 120 acres ot land wiitrfn one rind a  quarter miles of Nelson.  _'or further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   gQUlRE;,    Nelson,   B.   C.  .siioisJ.. .-.,,.^. s.. ....5.-.,.���-",."-,.,-;.:,-.4,toi}u  'Orn>h((lf -oaslji bsilan'eo on [livorf-Kago.  Xj-C_>'J_v,3cr^i'   ,    '"  Oif lpan-*rindil:icns[i.re liie ehtoipcsf rtiid liest  Ollbrsfil.   Yuuetui repay ,a'l, any, tiino- \vitlmtVt -  _^G-'Hi'l>r'_;S   ,35:'OSS  Jli-iti^h' C-o)tini)jii\; Pi'-rrnanent Suvli'ujs Si Loan <Wtpanys  ==Giobo'bavinga^K-li;)o}r6p^l'ofoiito; =   _:_sj'S'r_r_^^_isro-_  Fire, Lifei AcCWent, ami Sickness:  ������     Baker gtreet West, Nfiiwiii, !h C.  Cterfes So  Ja Ghrfeti��  tSl-lSlERAJL  BROKER.  PERSONS PRODUCE GO.  Nelson, M. C.  ���r_____n_?__:o~<r__  ase  Ilni'iiip; the, season \vc will deliver ice ��t priviile residnin'es  and bntsineKS Iioiikcs daily in any  . desired quantity at ea-sonrablo  prices.  WILSON & HARSH AW  Boarding and day sehrol for girls will re-open on the  15l,h day of Auguht.   VacaiioicH for boardeis.   For tormn  titid prn.spectiLs apply to  j MADKMOISKLL- KKU.V, Principal  "W. -P- _E?,o_3i3^rsoisr  (Kx-Sheriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cafh advanced on consignmontH of merchandise,  PoMtofllco Box .572 . NelHOn, B. O.  MINERS WANTED. -"  : Tho TanKior Aline. I.imitod. Albert Canyon, on tho  main line of the C. P. H��� 22rnili!S twHt of Jlcvt'lstoko, required six good minora. . Wages $3.o0 per day.:...  ROOJMtS AND OFFICES  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  Afc offiro of tho Uuncan Mine��5, Ijiiiitcd., Clement &  Hillyer Hloek.  Vienna Restaurant.  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS At ALL HOURS, HAY OH NIGHT  BAKKKY JN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALT-  ONLY WHITJK HKLP KMI'LOYKU  B^HXTEET,      PEOPEIETOB  RatlaLce   Oakery  Droiul delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, pastry, and confccLionury a specialty.  ITlfeK, IsIFK, AGOID_JN0,'AK_i SiQKNt S3  . ... JC3M'SX3-_S_f4ST'C!__  KEAL Esa'ATE, AN13 LOANS.  TO Ll5T^S��jycral "hpMsim of different nlww.  FOlt SAii'BJ���Iton)' estate in all parts* of the cfly.  JitA^Oli'ACTtJUHU OF  HEAVY TEAM 'HARNESS.  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SAIJ1J1.KS, WHIPS, ETC.  ���W--A-E.P    sa?_H-_i5i';)    _sr_-T-.so _<r  APPLtCA'JPIOK TO TEA2TSFEE LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby given that X will apply at  the next sil.ti.iiK Of Iho LiCensiin;; Hoard of the t.'il'v of  Nelson, Jl. (J., to be allowed to trai^fei? the rolu J liifuur  license noVv held Ij.v rue for Hid Clnrke Hotel, situa'o on  lots nunihori'rt eleven and twelve (II and W) in block  numbered, live (5)of the City of, Nels-n. .British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and Uumgu VV. Hiutlolt.  ,  , K. C. CLAKKK.  Dated at Nelson. B.._.,. this 15th day of AuRtisl, IS!)!).  TBOHCAL FRUIT BBPOT  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, Piim Apples, and all other Fruits  in scuson received daily.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Creiim received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your eiders.   Prompt delivery  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  ������:,���'.:'���.-.-. Next to Koyal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nolson  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo  Hazlewood Ice Cream. THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1899.
all paid
up,    -
Hon. OKO. A. DRUMMONl) Vice-President
R   S. CLOUSTON General Manager
-sriET-Soirsr _3J3.__nsrcx-a:
N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
LONDON   (Kn.irland).   NKW YOKK.   CHICAGO
and in i.ho principal cities In Canada.
IJuy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers
GitANT coM*ti:ucr.vr. and tiiavkm.kus' oukdits,
available in any part of tho world.
(Jooi'go J. Goodhue, manager of fclio
" Kootonny Water Supply Company, is
.Cully prepared to moot the cli.'irpos liiarlo
in Now Fork, in which ho, with ono or
two of tho olhor stockholders, arc accused of being responsible for tlie wrecking of that company.
•'In tlie first'place," says Mr. Goodhue,
"1 inn nob the manager of the company
and have not been for some time. I had
resigned and my. accounts had all been
checked up and reported correct before
any of tlio trouble which led to the
breaking up of the company occurred.
"The Kootenay Water Supply Com-'
pa.ny was organized in 1S01, and li was"
elected one of the directors and managers.
1 had, prior bo this time secured a 10-year
lease on the propei'ty.>pf: the Kootenay
.Hydraulic.M.ining Company, near Waneta, fifty miles below Nelson, having obtained the lease by agreeing to put in a
$10,000 placer mining plant. For the
purpose of raising tlio 'money to do this
the company was ■ organized. A large
portion of the stock was subscribed at
Rochester, New Fork, and New York
city, the principal place of business being
at Rochester.
"As soon as thoeompany had boon organized, 1, as the manager, opened an
ollice at Waneta, and took personal
charge of the .work being jlone tliere.
The plant was put in, but instead of cost-,
big #j0.00.0,,, it,■^iuri<jQS^.itatcdn^ij.i'(^ijendfe
)lA?-Co^V|l$..ai#" %rV\ :3^r|@»^.'StI>dt-CiV;
'po#va"(i' Av-a-s"iriw64l »Vlm ;!j-^^Vsj|<|ei?Ji,o,l<;l-
$|ia_Jjb\V>' Wi'O 'finpfrftti^^^kltlc^f ifed'
^.okh'rjr par;ti-ib%   lb Watf tfraife "foif tilify so.ii*
piiny* "Jiowtwar, -feh;tt lie JicSlcj.  fclijs- stele,/'
'fett "for a.^yadicJttQ Of  the New York,
"•,,s-br'jck.l;TQWei's,   wTilr IjfVd; " Iii il-r " .i'Q|.}fpfeonn'b'.
■Vfi-lldiii; for -fch.O' ,t)iT'ftp^se„0l'^h,i-0,fii!:g thV oft
fficc-s'to. New ivoifK.-    ■"•.•-".
;"" i,r.Ulifi eiVtir.e T>iTSiiics$j at tlie' N"ew 3forl<
rYmt  Wiis  in  tire" IwufcLs   o*,f' Co-Waia   tiiiQ
: ":S,fcVocs(3ei-\ tiiUil t(| w«u« tfevjm^h Ufew And
by fchejii -tliat the, sfeoefe, of the conqiaiiy
; W;ts disposed: of thore. I had ndthifi-g
'wiia-tdver to do with, the n>a;na.gonidnb of
the a-.f?a/irs of j>li_ conipaiiy, except at tliis
eta, wivere 1 was assirfted by ni.y brother,
Who. Was then vic-e-pi-esidfiiit. While the
plant was being \mt in all of the directors
visited the property at di'fieront times
and expressed tltetnselves we'll satisfied
wi tli the .prospects.
"Jin .Tiiiy, ,1897, a jnceting of the directors was field in, my. rjftice at Waneta, at
which president Gowixn, Who tail been
elocteii to that position the year before,,
and directors SUrtsetor and John Dawson-
wyrrs present. As; J: was also a dii'ectoj1'
at tliat time, there Was a iiKijoriby of tlie
botvi'rl brDseilt, At this litoesbing _ tended
iii! nij* His'igniitlon us mitiKtger. No olio
was electedto fill my place, but Co Walt,
as president: of fcl.ie .company, took possession- of tlie books and records ot tlie
office ami, installed himself as manager,
jny brother remaining with him as bookkeeper. With Cowan at the head, tho
works were kept going'till September,
when they were closer! -.down., and have
never since beenstarted up again. After
resigning J. liave gone east and liad nothing more to do witli the management of
the company.
"During tlie time I had been in charge
at AVaneta, I had kept the most careful
account of all the business of the company, which had passed through my
hands. Not only did J take vouchors for
all of the expenditures marie by nie, but
even the items on the various bills Avere
copied into the journal, every cent'being
accounted for. „   .       '^,
"When the works closed down' in September, 1S07, .-Cowan returned to New-
York, taking the books Avith liim. The
company had had an account with the
Traders' National Rank of Spokane,
through which J transacted "all of my
business. When I resigned my. position
as: ■■■'manager, there,  Avas   an;   overdraft
Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlirj, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^on. District.
against tho company at tho bank, and
after Cowan took charge of the affairs at
Waneta there was a further overdraft of
about $1000, making the total amount
overdrawn somewhere in the neighborhood of $0000, and this is the indebtedness for Avhich the stockholders allowed a
plant that had cost them $55,000 to be
sold on a judgment.
"T harl signed the checks as manager of
the company, and when the cash for the
overdraft was not forthcoming the bank
attached some O. K. Mining Company
stock, of which I was tho owner as security. This attachment was afterward releaser], however, .when the bank learned
the circumstances, and the property of
the company Avas held for the account.
"About a year after I had resigned, and
Avhile I was in Chicago, .1 learned that a
committee had been appointed by tho
stockholders to investigate the affairs of
the com pany, and although I was sick at
the time I hurried to New York to be
present at the meeting of the stockholders at Avhich this committee was to report. At that meeting the committee reported that it had niy books and accounts
examined by an expert and that they
were absolutely correet in every respect.
"In regard to the 2 per cent assessment. That was inatle after-1 was'oufcof
the management, and I harl nothing to do
with it, but the money raised Avasnot applied to the payment of the overdraft at
tlie bank.
"After the assuming of the control of
the management by Cowan the bank
started suit against the company for the
amount of the overdraft and some labor
bills which, had been assigned to them,
securing a- judgment, under wliich the
property of-..the-'company--."was sold, leaving it with uo assets whatever, but before
this was done the bank had released my
stock from attachment.
"If there  Avas any thing crooked in the
■management, we kneAv nothing of it, and.
it  took place after I  had given  up my
4poJs.j'tuii)p-iij *s un-aiiiigp!;,^ ■„ I„Dai.n-»^.npliiier'l.;toy
iiud in 1852; arid it became his permanent
home. He was a prominent member of
the early parliaments, and rose to high
distinction in its public life.
The Alien Game.
Toronto Telegram.
United States capitalists are in a position to seriously impair Canada's ability
to compete Avith the American irommast-
ers in the markets of the world. A little
money and less foresight Avill enable
these aliens to purchase Ontario's iron
ranges and protect the American ranges
against competition liy a long-continued
lock-up of tho Canadian deposits. Ontario is hoping for rich results from
the activity of American iron men
in this province. Their activity may
mean that they are taking time by the
forelock and getting hold of deposits
Avith intent to prevent Canadian iron
from meeting American products ou the
markets of-the world.^Ontario's timber
and nickel policy has been the desire to
lay hold of the immediate penny  at the
of fckb.$febfeli^^
'?yays 'slaiiid; "|lie."te|fk"o%ii>n fp°xaifi.j'iil|ti"On."f;
Outpiiti ofe-Gertaiii," IVleta'fs;
- dh " "■■"'-' -   ° °   J ™ %U    g    "   „   ""^   "     "ro       ^ "DQo. fl    -     * "nU     "
* '_yi[(ji\iiw|*^
SevoM.- "r-ecriiM-rll-".j2y!ian'y i6|i"o.#y#Vr'°.i^ "£\&:
li-is'tor-y'r-'Of " ^.hibri-Gaiv ah%,y)'g,Vstau-tfs; ;t°o°
"thU".UvijAit-of'' ISO'S:-" V^'iffi'll-nfeispi^cl; A^ef"
c$ ".-cop-p.dr" stf-fiiiji'la'tetr ■" 'tlio, ".prodhfetion"* .-bl1'
alunuiiiinf te" 'Sj-OHjGOO'pOihac^, ai)„lti_reas_"
of t,|0^00 over tJiatol lSjJ7. - TIie;priee;
"pel' pound'' AV^si'libtait >%$ -r-'eiiig,   ■l^-n4o,p-„°,-
p'6>  *>ij-fipu-te' '*aS ■'. .|3)i,:800;^O{ jioipids,: df
hir-.g'e""'hifei'ilase- m%r-tlitt-t;"■6f\"iS{)f.   -f|ijf
"golfil i)rOdiicM*i w^s' vaturlcl» $t ;$05,i082;-
-l;1DV'whHB our silwor .output; ,i!aa6hirig;'5SJ,- ■
70S,! 27  oiiuces, Ava& vained- at only0 jj0
cents aii otinOo-against ()0;So cent's iii 18.97.
Tlie pig iron product Avas'11/500,16.5 fonf,
tons1.    'Phree hluidred ounces of platlnuni
AVas'pr<5rluced,   worth $12.80 an ounce.
tons, was produced, its against 1,007,^07
long tons in 1807* the  increase coming
from,    TeniiQSSoe    and    Carolina.     The
United  States is, truly, a .great  nihliiig ,
country^    Its possibilities are not,   nor
can  they be, measured   by last   year's
Qutpubi    Large increases in tlio pi,otluci
tion of all the inetals,, except silver, may
be recorded .'it the elo.se of the present
year.   The production of lead does Hot
appear hi. the above.    Causes over, which
lead mine operators,   have had hmelLto
contend  with during the eunjent year
inay curtail its production in 1899.    But
gold, copper and aliiiiiinuin may ^equiire
larger ligui'es to lneastire their outputs ait
its close. 	
Convict Statesmen.
As regards length aiid variety of prison experience, Michael Davitt, M.P., is
unapproachable. He has spent nine
yottrs in confinement, and is intimately
acquainted with the interior of an equal
number of jails. He is, besides, the only
'parliamentarian wlio has turned his
prison experiences and observations to
literary account. He is the author of
"Leaves from a Prison Diary." Last, but
not least, is Edward Gibbon Wakefield,
one of the most remarkable of coiiA'ict
statesmen. He served a sentence of
three years' imprisonment in NeAVgate
for abducting an heiress, and succeeded
in living down this very unpleasant stigma of liis early youth. lie afterwards,
devoted his Avhole time aiid attention to
the study of colonization. He acted as
priArate secretary to the earl of Durham
during the hitter's mission of pacification
to Canada. He was subsequently one of
the principal founders of the colonies of
South Australia and New Zealand. To
the latter colony ho emigrated from Bug-
Front Doors
| Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
local and coast.
local and coast.
Newel Posts
Stair Rail
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
Of ill kinds.
If what you want is not in stock wo will make It for you
J; A. Sayw^rd
risk of losing the ultimate dollar. The
sale of vast tracts of iron lands to aliens
at a few cents per acre may proAre to bo
bad business if these aliens retard the development of the Canadian iron industry
for the sake of increasing the value of
the output of their American properties.
Silk Blouses Fashionable.
NeArer Avere Avhite silk blouses as fashionable as they are this midsummer season. The fad has extended to goAvns, and
the search for novelty in their makeup
has resulted in a far more effeeti\'e
decoration than the multitudinous tuck-
ings of the last few' months. Noav your
blouse or goAvns must have applique
designs in Irish point lace, which haA'e a
transparent effect over a colored lining,
as the white silk is cut away under the
lace so as to leave this lining visible. A
Avhite glace silk gown Avhich is arranged
in this way., and is trimmed with Irish
point lace in a deep shade of ecru over a
lining of lily-leaf green soft satin, is a
thing of beauty. To bo worn Avith this
is one of the neAAresb French hats, in soft
Avhite crinoline, Avith a Avide bent-about
brim and a high transparent crinoline
crown. This hat is tied under the chin
with a narroAV black ribbon and trimmed
Avitha mass of roses, shading from the
palest pink to the deepest damask, and
tied in the centre of the front Avith a
stiffly wired boAV of turquoise green ribbon. ;
The Tremont Hotel
P. Burns & Co.
Head Offick At
Wholesale and Retail ■*'.
.   .   Dealers in Meats
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
oreand Cigars
One of the best and most pop-
i      ular hotels in Nelson.
.____v_ IT ID ID,
•*< f- "• °\\i>iAyiU]fAC,tvwF.nstOs', _Ni>.','f-" ■?./ >;»' ^ ^
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Mo'UlaingS""*'-""iL;.„,^>_^ *s,?f.&
B'Oo-ES^nd^Sash"*:.^::-^'^ ?•.".•*?
''". "       .   ."■. "K„-G!f'G'&Y*"AVpnTC""-D0Wl'o°i'O ''SRDEB.f'"'**"^"."" "°-   !
:t    .„Iv-"    "." ^:]£l'iV&C^} """""*"■ s^'"f ;„"»". n
Scr|fi^-a^irig ■ .'•" {V- % ."-..., ;--■.     ' .■
^ar|pob^s?a^d^":v,»>dujj.i,>■'•:■:»:°°. •"'■•
^rjenleiM Joiitte^? WmM
.  *     „.,;" '."- =:■ *j*.»". ■*':/„".•'?■" .-,."" -   -
\ iGlail; of :M Mmi: -'a|idf KiiMs'"
Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood;
Retail j\tarkets at Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Silverton, Now Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Foiksj
Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.
 Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Baker street, fieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager
No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts. No Fake Removal Sale.
Hats    „
— AND .%■■:
Colored Shirts
Cotton top"Shirts
a Negligee Shirts S
Regatta Shirts
Remember, This Gjneral Sale Will End on Saturday, the 26th^ at 10 ip.rn.v
Bakep Street
Opposite Postofllce
TU R N E R, B E ^ftNg^i?S
,    o      .,4m|H
f- ^Z:&i'> <-y^*_llWfcSfe^__tue^^L"__iip* ^^*^%\&^t%M J^
, ..^^-^V!^"^
■ '.W
rodm^ISa'niplCroom^fdiVcomnjcrfcial^m nn°   -    °
^     ChLJ"lJ □   u u      '^        4WU ^ r  i^ -        lie u U_J   iii-^Hi UD  u    d i: n n n Q  ,
Bate ..of. the Rtmtli Hotel, dal_ftri%
Sriivniill On ;Govenirii6nfc wliarfi      ...
ITdehory -hd oRMse, copuSr Ifiilli strcjet aivft G*P.R. traek
M'I_ti'1.)Q WEL-L TO
A lurgo stock df flrst-class rlry 'material on hand, also
a full lino of wwh, doord, mouliHiiKH, turned Work,, etc.
Yard:   Foot of Ilbiidryx stroot, Nolson
Toiophdne, 9i   John Rae,
Beer or Hailf-
Always Fresh
Always     Cool
Corner Silica and
Stanley 8iroe\M.   .
t J, CURRAN, Prop.
The finest, hotel in tlio interior.
Largo Sample rooms.   Steam heat aiid electric light.
Tho only hotel in Nclsn6ii that Mas' rohiainod Milder on<S
miinagoiiiont Hiiice 18JH1.
Tho bed-rooms are vi-ell funiished and  lighted by
Tho diniiilj^room is not second to any in Kootenay.
Tho bar is always stocked by tlio best domestic and
imported, liaiJdrH and nifirars.
- THOMAS MA'DDKX. propiiotor.
VMtft,   B.   O.
J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric bells and light in every room
Ronovated'-and refurnished throughout
J.( V. PERKS. Proprietor
Free bus meets _li trains RovoleJ-n-A    R   R
Hourly straot. car to station n_V_lJ>lURBf o. u.
Night Grill 1166m in connection, for the convenience of
guests arriving and departing by night trains.
ColTce roasters and dealers iu Tea and C.'oirec,
Offer fresh roasted colTeo of best quality a-s follows:
Java and Arabian Macha, per pound $   10
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  ' 00
Fine Santos, i pounds  1 <*
ftuttos Bland. 5 pounds   1 00
Our Special Blend, 6 pounds   1 w
Our Itio Roast, 8 pounds .-.. .1 00
A trial order solicited.   .    .
Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfellows  BlocK,  West
.Baker Stseet    :-.. ,.,-,.■
'= ."■"".-■*.."""»* W*. ».^--«''."'l".s,i»*rtD.^:»"'Je„a'!V=i;ft"1*■".^,
y-ffiTORlA" -fH-£
"NELSON"" k -    „.
-C-" .„ ■ 'V*
nju d'    -
lima 10 Geqta per 100 pounds.
Brick $12 per thousand.
At yard or oii scows at goverinnent whrtrfl
The West kootenay Brlok & Lime Go., Ltd.
B.ikor Street.        *. O, PJIOOTOR, Manajfep
The Imperial Oil Co.    Standard Oil Co.
Washingion Brick at|d Lirqe Co.
The H. % WjcMiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Goal (Hard)
Dealers In,
; t.K& '^^^&^kSSWMB
»■'■• J', oil-* f
. yjr*ii° "■•""   '°-"^-i"i".*Ml^r^«rf->if'^^_!§°i^'4*"1:8^
ije" • mw#i. '*;.*:^»_?|
AHOEpErtT  ■■
Wiigoli repairing, pl'oiuiitly attended to by a fli-St-elOfSf.
■-hqcilWH-gh-t. '■ . •      »" . «-".J ■■
Special attniitiOn given" ?p o.\l kliids of repairing laifdf
custom V/mti from orttsido-poTiit-j.
Srjop:   Ha" SlrtJet, foe'twe.^ Bapc an|F Vernori; %lson-
Fine La^e^
prompt anil regular
delivery to tho trade.
fkmety ^t Nelson*
Nelson Iron Works
Repairs promptly attended to,       P. 0. Box 173.
No, '25.
ning at
Haker ana nooienay sireem, every ruesany ovcning :ii
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights Cordially invited to attend
T. LILUIO, O. O. R.G.JOY, K.otH.&9.
NBIjSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Mootl
second Wednesday In each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
NKl..SONT I„ O. J>.. No. lose, moots in   f. O. O. \>\ Hall,
corner Jiiiker and Kootenay MlreoU,  1st mid Si'd
Friday of each month.   Visiting brclheni cordially invited.
JOHN TOYK, W. M.      K. J. HRAUhKV, Hue. Sec.
NKI-SO.V yKRIK, Nuinber 22. iM'.Ueriml Order of
1-iKlso.incclMevery second mid fourth Wednexdny in
each month in Fritt<:riiily Hall." Vi-sitiiiK brethren Wei-
eoine.' ,.
J. HIVING. IVosiduut.  :     J. 11. W1LA.Y. ScerOlary.
lhrovinco of  liritish   Columbia, Nelson, \Ya4t  ICootc-
nay, Inyvit.:
liy virtue of a warrant of execution is«iled put of tho
Cnwnly Count.of Ivoot/ nay, Iiolden at. Nfil^oii.-fit the suit
of Frank l.tivin, plain! ill', nnd to me dire tod aj*ailist, tho
Koods ail i chattel* of tlie Koolenay AirSnpply Company,
defendant. I have seized and taken in execution nil the
i-ils'tit, title, and int-erest of Ihe said defendant, the Kootr
enayAir Supply r'oJnjKuiv, in one n!'M)»lit steaaibollor,
one niachino drill, one bellows, one anvil, onOoro bueke%
two piectrs of compressor machinery, four Joints of pipci
all now Kit uivted nn CnH'eo C'reek, in the AinsWorth mining division of West. Kootenay district, to recover ihe
limn of two hnntlred and seventy-six dollars and eighty-
sovoli cents ISS'TIJ.SV),. ainonnt. of said execution besides
shcriirs poundage, ollicer's fees, costs, and all other legal
and incidental expenses.
All of which I shall expose for sale, or snfllcient thereof
lo satisfy said judu'itient. debt and co-tH, in front o' my
ofllee.next lo the Court; Jlbnso, in the city of Nelson, on
the .'hi! of August, A. D. 1SMI, at the hour of eleven
o'clock In I lie forenoon.
Notk-IntOiKtfng purchasers will satisfy thr-itysdlves as
to iiilerestii and lillu o.' the sajd Company, dofemlunlSi
Dul«d nt-Octree Creek. II. C. ffif-h July, lftW.
H. P. TUCK, Sherill'of South Kootenay.
The above silc is posfponeil until Thursday, the loth
day of AuKust.. 180!). at Ihe same place and honr,
S. P. TUCK, Shcriir of South Kootenay.
The above salo. is furtner postponed until Monday, tho
2lst day of Anvinst, 18SW, at the wnne pluco and hour.
S. V. Tl'.OK. Suoriff of South Kootenay. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, CO., TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, IS!)!).  Orders Filled Same Day as Received  STOCKS THE IARCEST IN KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Assayers5 Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  ���    ��   0      JL  _f__4J8__jf JI SL4EL4JL4    ^_L    W VJ7 ��  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BEITISH COLUMBIA  Summer  Suits  ,Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Naraje  ���Tii will he to, your ,'idvantage to =see our.'largo.'  - and, complete stock/of Coots and'Shoes.    Wo  'carry, tlie .following   linos:    J.  &. T.  Ho]],'J.  D. -.King '&, Co., NorUr Star Shoe Co., Foots,  -Schujt'7. ,ifc Co., Stratford Shoe Co.. Ames, "JIol-  den ��fe' Co., find other-loading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  ~     .   s     ~~"~r"-   26 AND 2S.WKST BAKKTl STKKET, NKLSQN   '    '  Coming Next Saturday..  Mayor Neelands lias received a telegram  sttsung that the Canadian Press Association will arrive here next Saturday evening, instead of Friday as expected, and  will leave again for the Crow's Nest on  Sunday oven ing. This has considerably  altered tho arrangements made for their  entertainment and they will not be able  to see as-much of the city and the neighborhood as had been hoped. The party  leave Kossiand at o p.m..ou Saturday,and  arrangements will be made for light  refreshments to be served them on the  steamer at Hobson. The train will be  stopped for about twenty minutes at  Homiington Falls to permit of the visitors  getting a. glimpse of the falls and the  power house. This will bring them in  hero about S p.m., when it is the intention toenturta.in them at a dinner to be  given a.'o the "opera- house, at which music  will bo provided aud'tho speeches customary on such occasions made. A committee  consisting of the nia.yor.a.lderinan J'lillyer.  II. J". Evans, \V. A. Jowett, IT. \V.' Li.  Moore and J." Ii. 'Amiable has been  appointed .to look after and make the  necessary arrangements for the catering.  Clean Out  the Reservoir.  Kasloites say their reservoir is cleaned  out every six months. However this  may be the reservoir at Nelson has not  been touched this year, with the result  that creeping aud horrible things of different kinds abound therein.; On Sunday morning a long thin thing like a  very slender Avorni about a foot long,  came through the pipe into a pipe in a  private house in -..town.: The creature  was caught and now to be seen in a. bottle  at the Bodega saloon. This is not the  first time that complaints have been  made of the unusual appearances in the  supposedly pure city water.  Merely a Straw.  The following is on extract from a letter written by a man who is doing business at a station on one of the railways  operating in the Slocan. The letter was  addressed to a resident of Nelson, and accompanying it was a check for a substantial sum, payment on an old account.  The extract goes to show that business is  not dead in the Slocan, even though some  of the big producing mines refuse to ship  ore : "Considering the state of things in  general, T am not doing too bad hero.  My sales will exceed $1000 this month,  while the present season gives indications  for this place which a year Ago I or few  obhers thought of. " -"...'-.  the "Soo" branch of the Canadian Pad-  lie, is making a tour of the Kootenay, accompanied by Mrs. Patterson, lie says  that the crops througksut the Northwest  territories are very heavy, but before he  left home on Saturday last there were  reports of frost from several parts of the  country. During the past year he cleared over two hundred manifests for goods  ship]icd to the port of Nelson.  Ex-alderman Madden returned last  night from a trip to Halcyon hot springs.  Four carloads of machinery for the  three thousand horse - power turbine  wheel, which will be installed at the West.  Kootenay power house at Honnington  h'ails, passed through  Nelson   yesterday.  Ward Bros, report the selling of lot M  block 5, on Victoria street, belonging to  the Hon. J. Fred Hume to Thomas  Howell. The [nice paid is withheld. The  same linn sold lots 1 and 2 block 3!), on  Al ill .street,'belonging to J. MacLaren to  M. McCourt for $l!50i).  There are still but the three .jailers at  the provincial jail, the positions of inner  and outer guard, for which provision was  made iu the estimates, not having yet;  been lilled.  The work of excavation for the gas and  coke company's works ami coke ovens  will be commenced this week. The company intends to lay four miles more of  gas pipes this year, which will make a  total of five miles.   -,,.'  There was a snowstorm yesterday on  the top of Morning mountain.  The .Bpworth League of the Methodist  church will hold their regular monthly  social entertainment at the parsonage  this evening at eight o'clock.  .33  sa _L_)_  _I_^S_A-_E__D_E3:T_T_R  !&;   CO.  I  as  -Si  BHB88_S_^��8aK8_S8^^  0  JUST ARRIVED  b  ig^^rr^i-^ira^ar^of^  Set  as-  H����  From George Gale &  ��� ##���#���'  A  Shipment of  0;    i  '.&,-  3?rom The Gendron Mnfg. Co,  I   |_D_  m^a.bth:tjb & co. 1   1  Beer Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  I<T_E]X_S03_T  So" Rich. That' Assaying-'is Not Necessary."  Development oh-the J3irdseyo,-which  adjoins the Athabasca hurl Juno, is'being  attended with results - that "exceed -the  most sanguine expectations of the "Wilson-brothers, ivlio have vtlie property; under bond.    A tunnel  is   being driven on  i bhe vein and there is now six feet of free  milling quartz in the face of the tunnel'  which  shows   visible"  gold"  everywhere.  ;.The" "tunnel -has .already been driven  through thirteen, feet of this rich stuff.  The ore is obviously so' exceedingly rich  thatR. C. Cainpbell-Johnstoh, engineer  in "charge, has not considered it necessary-  to have any assays made..  Only a-Girl.  ._" Born i.n Nelson on Sunday, tlie 20th instant, to the'wife of William C. McLean,  a daughter. Under the circumstances,'  the father is doing well.  ' NELSON.  It never rains but it pours. Albert  ���aXit&lpfikft'ftoYv lies jn" jail ejiai-gerl w^th  ffijootiing, and is.Uiffil^jfojydt out on bjvd_  Tfor lock of sureties'. Jn tlie hioanwlTile:  the bailiff lias seized his goods and chattels under a bill of side, and yesterday  the sheriff seized what; was left under a  writ of execution.  The postofice was mo\Sed last night to  the opera house building, where it is said  it will ren'lffiiu nlitil a government building if! erected'.  J. McLaren, until recently aceotmtant  for the Nelson soda water factory, and  Donald McLeorl, leave this, iiioi'uing for  the Bailry River district;, Ontario, where'  they have secured a sob-contract for  thtee ulite of rock work from Mackon/.ie  <fc Maniij who are constructing the Rainy  River railway.  Alderman Kirkpats'ick and I?; B. Wilson leave this morning for Silverton on  legal business oofiiioeted with tho late G.  W. Spencer's interest in tho Noonday  mine, of whose estate the alderman is administrator.  Most of the logs cut at the Say ward  mill at Pilot Bay are cut on Goat river.  Manager Schemmerhorn left Nelson, yesterday to scale a 300,000-foot boom.  Archie Patterson, customs collector at  Portal, at the international lioundary on  BUSINESS   MENTION.  The largest shipment of European staple  awl fancy dry goods over imported In Kootcnny \va=  p.v.'-uri on -.LMiriiay sii her m.ijo-l.j's cii-,r,oms, Nelson, hv  I'Y'vl lrviin' & Oo. Tlio consignment, mummied lo abou'i  ��5000, and i\ being oii.'iiL'd up iij ihe linn.  Wanted���A largo unfurnished room  near bn-iius-, centre of town.   Apply Tributio Oliii.-o.  For Rent���The residence tit the corner  of Victoria and Wind .-l.roet. now occnp cd li\ W. A  MaccL.tial i, will lie fur rem atU.r the l.jl.h 'lnMiml.  Apply lo A. II. Clemen *.  Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  F. M. Jiunc-ion, Ciruey P.loek, Jjukcr street west.  Owing tr) the large sa.les on Saturday  night, 'I'lieo. jM.kIsoii will coirinnu hi -'great clearing sale  for anotin r wi:uk.  Does it Ever  Occur to You  THAT TIIKKK AIIR OTIIKIl HSSKNTIA LS  UKSIDKS CHIOAPN'KSS OL'1 PI.'IOK THAT  SIIOU1.IJ  APWSAL  'J'O  'J-JIIO  rUllCHASKIH  in Stylo. ,  Quality and-Finish  AUF. TTUNOS OK f.VTKUI'BT  TO .MANY IJUYKKK WHO  l-'ISl) IT .N'KCKHrtAllY Kill!  TI1K JUUfoiNCi " Ul1 OK  yUCCICS&KUl,  HO'SINKSS  Our Diamond  Department  AVTITCH lIAS'liRKN IN" KX-  ' 1STKNCK TO It MANY VICAKS  HKAKS KVIDKNUM CONOLU-  S1VKLY THAT AT M'lASTPlOU-  h'KOTLY CUT PTAAIO^'JIS AHK  APWsEGIATrjn   BY   IXTKLI.lUBN'T   OUHTO���USU_  WH   AW1   ALWAYS   IN   A   IIUUHY   TO    WAIT  u>on ,, >r,6i7, i*_f*i' wb nkvisu wait  ci'6n  ..vo'tf i.y A -ii-unitY",       =.     �����������--�������.   ��.  "WU^VAAT.-YOU T^TiVKK, IJOMK A PTiKASAlVT  ju;siii:���Miui(i\Meic   <��<���  v'ouft visit   to   ouu  STORK*   KVBN    THOUGH   Yt?U    TAIiE   llO.VlH  xon-b oK oui: liitdi'iH.     ���   ���    ���    ���  tnoaiaj- tihkis mo*y you.can iiavk  ALT. Of' Ol)K TliliK  'llHA'l'  YOU \VA��T WITHOUT I'AyiNO  A (SlwNT I'OIl IT.  wj: talk kok ouft ooobs Mfp oun-ciofjns  TALK KOlt  US.  \VE ftKT.iwvK it is'To n:i;ii iiBi*>:i.'iT to hkSc-  ISI'IT OUIt yUS'l'O.MIlKS 1.S*  liVWHY  WAY  I'OS-  sijiI.k:  ohk.arnkss is a mbjtk hv-woiw in $omh  STftUKS;  IT  HAS  iTh" TltljE' MHA.VI.VIi  IVKIIK.-  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESOBT   IN   KOOTENAY  JfAIL OKDKKS KKO'KtVM. OO-lt  1,'KiiSfI?'!' A.'I'TKNTIO.V  WATCH  JMSl'AIUUNG A SI'lSOIALTV  Jacob Dover, Jeweler  xa*__'ii.s'03sr, b. cj^  Duncan Mines, Iitd>( Wclswiy BiC,  The PunCfin Klines Limited .tro open to -rrc ivo  ton oi'M for tho tioiifttnic.Lion of n Miiriio from ��riLnriy and  KiipllS creeks to tlio penstock at, tlio ho.id of piiffl lino of  tho Granite mill.  ALso tho construclioii of the tienstock with lloctl gate*  and ovcrllows.  .-. Plans and siicciflcations of above can bo inspoctccl in  theollluus of the Company in Nolson, aiid teiidcrii will bu  received from Augusi 2i*t to 20tli,  Tlio abovo Company are also open to, receive tondprH  for tho coir-tru-cti'oii of a wagon road from tho Orunile  mill to the lloyal Canadian miiiO, a disUncO i>f nearly:  two miles. Part cs wishing to tender for tho job can  inspect tho route and obtain pal'tibularK of the work any  day from August 21st to-24th.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and  ardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steele  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woqdenware  Stoves, 'Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  ^re You Going for a  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackie from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  ���  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPJNG SUPPLIES  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.  Kirkpatrick .dr.. Wilson  Telephones 10 and 41.    Postoffice Box K & W  14  EAST BAKER STREET  14  WEST BAKER STREET  The  Mi rid  your P's and  Q's is fill   fight when  properly applied  What always applies to the careful housekeeper i_  VnftP   T9<Z        ^Y t'ie str'c'es* attention to them and where  _   . ... ... to buy them and you'll always have comfort  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Eefresliiiig Drinks.  Nort Door, to  V. HuniH & Co..  HUMPHREYS & PITTOOK  Tim umlcrsigticrl has a largo quantity of fir, cortnr, ttml  talnuvncslibs, in SO-incli runt 1-foot, loiiKtli-', miilablo fi.r  stove wood, which will be srld for $1 a loud at thy mill  >ilU' NW.SON RAW & PLANING MILL?, Limited.  Nelson, A~_U��t Iflth. 1800. ���  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���A sm.tll girl to mind baby.   Apply ofllco  GAllihcr & WilMm. "  ONE or two unfurnished rooms to rout in goo 1 hoti 6  in roHiilciitirt.1 part; of Nelson.   Apply by letter (in  first inslniico) to "Alpha," Tribune OfHe��.  VVAKT & CAIUUK���Aroliitoclfl.   Itooms 7 and 8 A b  onlcoii block, Bakor Htroet, Nelson,  in the house.  We are having.a big run on Teas lately why not join the race.  FRUIT  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  ' half gallons.  Lake" of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, Ii. 0.  _?__XTj_<C33__RS,  ETC.  0_P_T_S__.   JHLOTJSEJ  .BLOCK


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