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 A BUDGET OF MINING NEWS FROM  Slocan District.  New Denver, August 10.��� A strike of  importance is reported in town today  from the already famous Silver mountain This time it is on the Lost Tiger  group, owned by Hermann Clever of this  town���the luckiest man in seven counties. He owns the property himself, and  had the same crown granted last summer.  It is located beyond the Eclipse and close  to the "Alpha group. Work has been in  progress on the property for some time  past, being confined principally to open  cuts. A tunnel was run in from one of  tlmse, cutting the vein, which today  shows six or seven inches of good, high  grade galena. Development; will be continued on the find.  I). W. King is pushing work on the  Marion, on Silver mountain, which he recently bonded. Under I lie terms of the  agreement, he must ke<;p at least four  miners employed. Mr. King is confident}  of making an important mine out of tin-  property.  The owners of the Anglo-Saxon .group,  situa.ted east of the Mountain Chief, are  resuming work on that promising property. Last winter they erected a cabin,  built trails,and done 90 feet of tunneling,  besides stripping the vein. They now  purpose going down lower and drive in  to catch the ore exposed on the top showing. The owners are .Messrs. Pyninn,  Brindle, Thompson, Nicholson and Cotter  of this town.  A..T. HughesofSouris,Manitobn,apromi-  nent business man of that section, has  just arrived here. He is one of tho  heaviest shareholders in the Mount Mabel  Mining & Smelting Company, whose -properties are at the head of Finnell creek, a  tributary of Four-mile. Mr. Hughes will  superintend this year's operations on tho  group, work upon which' will- commence  next week. There is a good showing of  high grade ore on the property, assays  from which have gone over 800 ounces in  silver. Several openings have been made  and two or three ledges exposed. Shares  in the company are principally held in  Manitoba.  The receipts of the local record office  were upwards of $1000 for the month of  July, representing a large volume of business for one man to handle.  Sjj^*  FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 11,  I son.  PUBLISHED AT jTELSdN, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  ready for them now, but if they (the  men) thought they would force him or  tho Mine Owners' Association to pay  more than $8 per day of eight hours,  they worts very much mistaken, as the  mine owners and himself would hold out  as long as hhe men could, even if it took  a, year to determine the question. He  hinted at. the .promise 'of legislative  action by the government on tlie question, either in the dropping of the penal  clauses of I,he eight-hour law or the repeal of l,h(! entire act.  John Adams, the G.P.I1. brnkeinnn who  was crushed by the cars at Nakusp, was  brought (;<> the Slocan hospital here in nn  unconscious condition. He had several  ribs broken, but is now resting easily  from his hurts and bruises.  J. Christopher, recently;injured at the  Arlington, on Springer creek, is rapidly  recovering from his injuries at the local  hospital.  Last week the Enterprise mine on Ten-  mile creek shipped 100 tons of ore in bulk  to the Trail smelter. This makes 700  tons shipped under the management-of  the London & British Columbia Cold-  fields. One team is still hauling down  ore from the mine, but will soon complete the cleaning up of the property.  The owners of the Ohio, on Ten-mile,  are developing a new lead recently uncovered on that claim.  The Golden Canyon Gold &.Silver Mining Company are crown granting the  Alno Fraction and Alturus mineral claims.  There are in the neighborhood of fifty  men working at present on various Silver mountain properties near town.  Only one man is at present employed  on the Bosun, keeping everything in order. The : property is looking fine, ore  showing in the No. 1 and No. 2 tunnels..  T. Ey ton aud P. Mooney have staked a  group of claims alongside the Edmonton  group on Ten-mile creek, and in doing so  take in the cabins and workings of that  group. They maintain tlie owner of the  Edmonton, C. Sandison, was totally  astray in his calculations as to his own  ground, having had the work all done on.  j/eaM>w,;yaca^ *$7000';  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  Mining on a Fork, of Lemon Greek.  The Alexandra-Delley Mining Company  have five men at work on their claims up  on the second north fork of Lemon creek,  some twenty miles north of Nelson, and  two and a half miles from the end of  the Six-mile creek wagon road. There is  a 90-foot shaft on one claim, the ore from  which runs from $05 to $2S7 iu gold,  silver and lead values. At present the  work is confined to drifting on the ledge,  215 feet of work having been done. The  ledge shows live feet of vein matter, assays showing values of $50. Manager  Sealey, who is. in Nelson, says the Six-  mile creek road is a good sleigh road, but  not a very good wagon road.  Mining Operations Around Slocan City.  S. Moore, superintendent of roads and  bridges, was here yesterday and examined now being done on Springer  creek. The Butte claim, owned by C. B.  Taylor and "Kaslo" Murphy, has proved  to be valuable. Three feet of a vein carrying gold and silver have been uncovered while doing the assessment. Wagons  are being used to haul tlie Black Crimes  ore to town, which means quite a saving  over the cost ��of packing. The premier  adjoining the Golden AVedge and owned  by William taking out a good,  grade of ore. The Ottawa, Hamilton and  Toronto here have been bonded to J.  Williams, who also has the Chapleau  under bond. William Boig began work  oirthe group adjoining the Joker today.  Mr. Mansfield, who represents an English  company has it under bond.  Mine .Workers' Wages at Butte.  Butte, Montana, is the greatest center  of quartz mining in Americas The city  has a population of .50,000, all of whom  are dependent on the mining industry.  The great mines are managed by practical men, Marcus Daly amongst the number. The wages paid are good, and there  are few failures of business men. All  men working imderground-rininers and  muckersi  alike���get.--.$3.50  for a day of  lbije."/. A/%^  ���"iadi.tlie..g*oiij^iiu^i^j3.Qnd&bn-^,*dropped��  n     *n_    ���_     n      Ot-" M "ff ���     Ho ^   u    n     rffl J-u  .0^     m-���       "Drfinn       ._    h ���       nJ    nb      -.0.     " n So. " Q, <&, ��� ��*��� lXap-'.     ^ u���  ~  M$s"\vagousroftd.  |5<&��eraJ.*b\iM^  Sth|��fwe|J��" fot^He^j^  ; .and1 ���" lSdkau^^i'^|fe 'campsjf. ^|FheIr,e ^ill ��;  ��� ?W .ejohsiilbi^abll1.4eT^ldp.^$i\t"-��nt^'^��^ik ��  jgCasdn, "��� (-���:V>V.'"-' ' "���*."'���'���"��"'? >:?? -"'��� v\'"j  ': Ip^Ttfced^b^^ shOi;fc  : tinie^agc/ Tiiie'.'G^y'E^.wiis' a stpclt  ��. feni]|)|iQym^eVfel'e.V-��' '.���'/ "*"���'-''-/' �� ��   "    "  ;, * ." idi|^Ti^li6lso}h;/oJie oBf pi6  0A>uerVo�� t]ie  / Aiiglb-SaXOn   gipup,; has? returned >herc  stf(Jer is, length" ened ffi&y'-p.i Jftossliiiid.    He  ���: ���Js^;gi-adtiaite of the iSlhgs^Oii School of  Mines.    ���     ��� ��� ��� .    ,  W. H? Adanis expei'W the Butte claim  oil; the north &��>& of Tfen-mife ei'Cek  last  week-    It'is owned"by j. Miirp'hy and C  ^^BfTaylorraudiias-the-b^  ore iii that viciiiity,and the assays gp Well  up towards 200 onnCeS. Tlie owners  last year bijilt a pack trail lip the creek*  put up a cabin, and did some Work on the  group, starting in again last week. It is  not unlikely a deal will be consummated  on the Butte, tlie success of Avhieb will  materially behefit. the entire creek  COS ill try - - ,  Cr'oSs-cutting the leiul on the Gatineau  and SiiiKJoe j^i'fxypi Tfeli-ijiile, is still continuing,  withiabout 15: foot yet to  run,  The vein is improving*  ������  o  Sliow has fallen two oi- three days this  week oil the higher altitudes.  The Queen Bess shipped 111 toils of ore  last week. __^__  J. Gj Harris, formerly owner of tlie Bosun mine, has located a fraction near- that  property, calling it tlie Wee Wee. He  has two*men working on it, and is confident of making another mine.  The Slocan is not quite dead yet, as 3S1  tons of ore were shipped to various smelters last week.  Work 011 the Neglected group, near  town, is being vigorously pushed.  The Hartney group, on Silver mountain, owned by local people, is resuming  operations, Avhich will be continued all  summer. They have ore showing in several places.  One' of the most prominent mine  managers of the camp, when asked a few  days ago what he purposed doing about  the labor question, stated that he wanted, and wanted them badly, 250 men,  ���whom lie could employ at once.    He was  -Wh'aj.'"J?"aey ���$&yeMo$J&bb.  There;-is/^p^eYid-to tlieideftiaudfe On fM;[  * ^e-uiicikfor ntoii^y^.^t1S;He;�������peiltc on .jpjibjjc. '.  ; %6rks,���audithe pu-blic  WOi;ks���" epliniiitjtiee  had freshevideiie^of tlii^y^ei'da^^viipOf.i  ;two pe:titioli��   for seWers Lca^ue b6Jtpl:e  then).    Oneo was signed by "the property  liolderslii blocks 16 ahd 17 asking fof a  sewer on Yi&toiaa stS^et bfit'tveen Jose--,  philie aiid Ifendrys strQets, and ^vas referred to the city engine<|r  for  an  esti-  lluvte of the cost.   The otlier asked for a  -} ^m:M^dfin^oitlm:k6(^i /.Eiieb. ����ihiue;  *rs:" iii1 :N��Fs"ol! ^sh'Qppiij-g!/' -Sjie* :says.��"D"t'li?��t' '���  *ir6rty iiien)areieiSpfdyed at tlid I;uiifieV?wiel;  J|veKat'tiie"jnil)C:",:S)!^ tl.fat^ie;  ;isna,ta|i;genie|it' of ^ie^rliiSfe1' 'are'M'ais&fe^pi'e- .'���  ^pivratioji^ Jb-iucR^  <.C9,iii^essp|;. pl4]^^^^  ;areJ.^fcJuiict-f^ "beVtbJo; ,^niali'.,; 'T-lie/luiiie  ne^eif looked H^iterf jtliV. yeiii;. liayiiig  Wiclgrled 0.ut ^o���folir feet o-iffgoocl- ore;  COiiCENTBATES:  WHAT WAS SAID A BOUT THE MINE  At a Statutory Meeting.  The first ordinary general (statutory)  meeting of the Granite Gold Mines, Limited, was held on .Inly 28th at Winchester Mouse, Old Broad Street, K.C., Alexander McNab, J. I.'., chairman of the company, presiding.  Tlie secretary (George II.   White) having read the notice  calling the   meeting,  the chairman said - This meeting is called  in compliance with the act.    We are not  in a, position to make a   report, as   if we  had been working, and   there   will be no  formal motion to submit to you.    I may  remind you that our prospectus was only  issued on June 3, and of course it   is   impossible for me to give  you   much fresh  information.    Our' company   was   registered in April, and; as you know, we are  obliged by  law  to   hold  the statutory  meeting Avithin four months0 of registration in   England.    Regarding  our   registration in British Columbia, our solicitor  has   received   tlie following   letter  from  Mr. Main waring Johnston: "You can accept my assurance that there  Avill be no  difficulty in the way of registration or in  obtaining the crown  grants  to  the properties.    The titles are all in   order, and  it only requires the  necessary statutory  time to elapse and formalities to be complied Avith before the grants are  issued."  Therefore Ave hope Avithin  another Aveek  or ten days that our registration and our  'titles Avill be complete  in British Columbia as avell as here..   You Avill be glad to  know, hoAvever,  that  the directors continue to  receive  good  reports from the  mines.    A  general  strike  of  miners   in  British  Columbia seemed  as  though it  might have  caused  difficulties and  the  shutting doAvn of the mine, but captain  Duncan has utilized the  occasion  for instituting contract work,-which so far lias  proved  an  adArantage to  the  company,  and the mine  Avas  only  shut  down one  jday.'" The 20-stamp mill is on order, and  the foundations are at present being put  in.    The dam is also progressing, and will  soon be,built.  The flume is also in a very  foi-Avard  state.    The stamps are   to  be  driven A\'ith Pel ton wheels^ and  there is  yiOt)"'olily<"^^  life Btlg'J  AvOi:k.  &fjiii-"u-ftiil^af|^?tiiMi'iH  i. ;��� We liai'e B^ix.-advi^e.c|* ,&f ��� p. f in-  ''^i^rilliscovej^^pf* Avhat^a||pearS'-. tb'-be j\  "new11 ibcle��'an;��tl^<4^ed,*ilbck^0iai^      liSt-j-i  pectus came out at the time of the Transvaal crisis.  The proceedings then terminated.  Railroad Eumors.  Montiikai,, August 10.���-"it is absurd,"  said president Shaughnessy of the C.P.R.  last night.    "We have  a.ll   the   roads we  want.*' The denial was made in reference  to a report  that  the   C. I.'. R., Boston   &  Maine and   Now  York,   New  Haven   &  Hartford roads had formed a combination  ostensibly  against  the   interests   of the  New York Central.    Mr. Shaughnessy declined to discuss the   rumor  further.    In  railroad circles here not. much credence is  attached to the story.    It is pointed  out  that    the   Canadian    Pacific   and     New  York     Central    "are     in     rather    close  relations.      Dr.     Seward     Webb's     pet  road, the St. Lawrence and Adirondack,  which forms a division of the New York  Central, enters Montreal  over the Canadian Pacific tracks, and the Canadian Pacific, the New York Central and the Michigan   Central   jointly  own   the  Toronto,  Hamilton & Buffalo railway, Avhich gives  'the Canadian   Pacific  entrance into Buffalo and connection   with the New York  Central system.    There  is  a close traffic  arrangement already in existence between  the Boston & Maine and the Canadian Pacific, and the  Noav  York,  Ncav Haven'���&  Hartford is included in this through the  Boston & Maine. ��� ���  For the past tAvo years the Canadian  Pacific has been engaged in building up  the Avinter port business at St. .'John,  New Brunswick. A great deal of money  has been spent in the construction of  Avhaiwes and the erection p�� eleA'ators,  and there is no indication that the Canadian Pacific is about to relinquish its  efforts in this direction, especially as it  now has access to Boston and Portland  over.'the Boston & Maine, and in A'iew of  its friendly relations with the-NeAV York  Central, Avould probably continue to possess them even if that road /were absorbed by; the NeAV York Central interests.."1        '   '.'������������'."���.��� :'.".A.'" :.:''---.,       ..'.'.. ..'-.  TWO MINERS AND NINE MUCKERS  :#|Tshe��:bQysj-at/"*^  ideal'iOls'fijii^^tli^  if^9AvbSiu"|OTii|Miirbuia^ S^e��fn1if  ��mnie, fol'; legsaDthai��^iie;l^oofewvy Standard;  {.:o.fcwages;*tljatws;-'?-$3i5Q|f��r?.-sk\tte<Kminers.��  OTIS IS AN INCAPABLE GENERAL  In the Philippines.  The following are extracts from a letter receiA'ed by a Avell-known resident of  Nelson from a relative Avho is serving in  a regiment of United States regulars in  the Philippine Islands. The letter Avas  Avritten at San Fernando and dated July  2nd :  "A year ago today was a hard day for  us   regulars.     We   were   iu   Cuba,   and  after having fought the Avhole of the previous day and marching the entire night,  we fought and dug  trenches the  Avliole  day without having had anything  to eat  for   more than   forty-eight hours.    Tho  hardships we went through in   Cuba will  never be forgotten.    AVe are  still  fighting ; still suffering���so the  recruits say.  Certainly we have not an easy'time of it,  but for those of us that A\'ent through the  Cuban campaign this is mere child's play.  If my   physical  condition had been the  same Avhen 1 came here as it was  when.I  landed in  Cuba, 1 am  positive  that  the  campaigning here would have had no effect on   mo .Whatever.    Even   as  it is, I:   ;,  really  think  that  my  health   is better    /  now than when 1 left the States.    Agobcl   v,  many men  are sick, nearly  all frbin dy-  ;C  sentery, and Ave all suffer from it moveor^f  less'. ' ���'"','";" ;.-%*S;  "I cannot understand the kind of war-o'-  fare carried  on   here.    General Lawton,1';.'/^"  our old diA'ision commander in Cuba, came   ^  over Avith us and  was given command of   ;c::  a division.    He Avent through the iusur- J^  gent's country from  end to end; chased   K"  them by day and night; killed them and :<  took  them  prisoners  by the tlibusaudsS  without hardly losing a man.    But lie was i^v  going too fast  for  general Otis, and was ���%;)  called back  to  Manila.    If  he had,,been'M,)v  left alone, I believe there would be no iii- "i ^  surgents in arms iii Luzon today.    When t:)  he was  called  back to Manila, our regi-*"  ment was left Avith three guards';  San Fernando, Avhichis thesecond largest    /  city on   the   island.    We   are  attacked   ;;  nightly by  the  insurgents, "who are:'en-' -   -  trenched  but  500  yards  from pur out- -..:���;���:���.  posts.    They cannot shoot, and it is pure      ;  accident if they hit  any of us; but aeci-  : ^  dents will  happen,  and scarcely a night  passes that one or two: of our men are not.  killed.  : Yet Ave are not allowed to attack.;;  them.    One of our regiments could drive     -r  them off the island, though they are sup-   v  posed to have 0000 men around the city.;0  "There is something wrong in the way v|^  tins campaign is carried"pn. I belieyeS f;  thatrif- Otis Avas called back to the^States"������j^ff  and LaAvton placed  in cpmmand^thein^MS  seAye:r tblje laid on Water street betAveen  Cbdar and Willow streets. The fjetition  Avas denied, tlie committee eoiisideiilig  that the liopulation in that district did  not Avarraiit laying the seWe.r in qiiestion  tliis year.  The city engineer was instructed to  call fol' tenders for tliP building of  round the cenietCi-y, and also for tlie lay  ilig Pf a Sexver from Latimer street to tlie  GYickinay hospitai.  Tenders for the supply of pig lend  needed ill the Avatefwoite coiistructioti  fi'oin Boyil, Burns & Go. and H. J. Evans  Were opemtid. The fpi-nier offered! to��� .supply the lead at five cents per pound,  While the local fii'iii wanted 5,'10 cents  per pound, f.o.b. Nelsoiu Tlu! contract  was awarded to Boyd, Burns &Co,  Tlie city engineer Ayas instructed tp  purchase the necessary valves and specials for the Cottonwood-Smith creek pipe  line. Ho Avill get them from Armstrong  <& Morrison of Vancouver.  The iiijin.ageniejit Of the Exchequer are  having exhaustive tests jnade^of themoi*e  with a view to ascef taiiiilig ���wJiat is t]ie  best 'method of"treatment. It Isprbbablej,  though it is hot yet decided, thtiit a cyanide pj"an.t Avill be put in. In the niean-  tinie a trjai shipinent destined for tlie  Hall Mine!, smelter is being prepared.  Spine of "the niinj^mip^FiiTtelTde^rts are  becoming tired of the experiinent of trying to make skilled niiincrs oirt of fanners,  and wish the mine managers, many of  whom know nothing of mining practically, would declare the strike off and re-  eogni'/e the demands of the Mine Workers' Oiiiou for the, $8*50 Avage.  New Westminster Election.  Victoria, August 10.���The official gazette today contains the announcement  of tlie issuance of a writ for the return of  a member to represent the constituency  of NeAV Westminster vacated by the appointment of the Hon. Alexander Henderson, Q. C, to the position of attorney-  general, the Avrit being returnable before  August 31st. Henry I. A. Burnett Avill  be returning officer. Mr. Henderson's appointment also is gazetted.  The Metal Markets.  New York, August 10.���Bar silver  Mexican dollars 48c. Silver certificates . G0i @ (51. Copper firm ; brokers'  $18.75, exchange $18.50. Lead firm; brokers' $4..'J5, exchange $4.00 @ $4.(52;V.  ���00 J c.  Confcraetoi' Hawlcy Was in town yesterday and reports having seventy  men at A\;ork oji the Molly Gibson wagon  road, ,_^_^_���_^_��^_  Street Railway Company Elects Officers.  At a meeting of tlie rcpresentafeivoK of  the Nelson Street Railway Company the  ���following officers were elected: F. W,  Peters, president; T. I. Duncan, vice-  : president}-0* S. Drumniond aiid Entile  Careke of London, F, W. Peters, T. J.  Duncan, W. A* Macdonald and J. La-ing  Stocks directoi'S, and T. C. Duncan secretary. The Canadian General Electric  Company will supply all the electrical  equipment, Avhich must be shipped  Avithin thirty days. L. A. Campbell has  charge of the electrical 'Construction, and  will run the traimvay foj* thirty days  after its completion before turning it  OA^er to the company. Owing to lack of  proper accommodation, tiie offices of the  Nelson Street Baihvay Company have  been reniOAred to the Macdonald block,  Avhere their engineer's offices are already  situated. The motor house of tlie street  raihvay company Avill be situated on the  C. P. B-. flat, just outside the Avestern  limit of the city.   Pacific Cable Approved.  Melbourne, August 10.���The assembly  of Victoria  today adopted  a ' resolution  pledging the colony to joint Pacific Cable  scheme.  1  t  %e��kit6Av sbslitfcle about it as yet tlia't. 1  iilu|t content my^ei|\b^i3'ast'jsi&p"l^jneiV-  ^tibidjtf'thCi-faC'ti   'Two iO'E bur- d'irqfetoM..  ;&.J$��.S iJi^tmmpjid^ncl Jl.^|Brue^^chibafxl,,  ���fef (?-pu;fiiiy isth: -fop l3ri$i.s;h :Cplunil|if8  accoMpahied " by   biir   Chgiheer,   12. "M.  : Woake'ss jiud it is expbeted that? tl'xey  Avill be- able to report Very favorably on,  ''the dbnipany's Mi'-opgrties.- We ahttcipate  ^eaVadv.autage fi'Siii tliC-serviceS of Mi^  ^Woakes;-Avhp lias successfully reopeiied  vthCpld" Spajjislr DariCn niinei Tliroiigll  ���lihe courtesy of the OireCtors of the  Dar-  '.i'eji, Goid-Miiiiug Company Ave have been  able to cPme tp an arrangement AVitli Mr.  WoaikC'S AVhei'eby Ave have Secured his sei'-  vicCs for sonie ljionths in cacli year, and  Aye iioav expect liiui tp remain ill British  (Ophunbia until the Granite mills  are put  in operation] OTave no^donblTthat AyiCir  the assistance of captain Duncan lie will  be able Very soon tp show good results  from the mine. AVe have this morning  received a cablegram from British Columbia to say that tile directors aiul Mr.  Woakes have arrived* That is all J liavc  to say to you, and I siiall be very glad to  any questions that aiiy siiai'dioklei' has  to put;  A shareholder : What is the reason  that tlie meeting has been called so early:1  The. chairmans in reply, stated that tiie  incetiiig had been called now because the  company Was registered in April to  escape paying any more for registration  than tlicy could help. If the Company  were registered at the time tljey issued  the prospectus they would have to pay  for govcrnnient tax.  Mr. Mitchell : By registering curlier we  have saved ��S��-  Tlie shareholder: 1 suppose we shall  receive information as to the progress tlie  mine is making from time to time through  the press, but if anything of special importance occurred, and they anticipated  to have some important uoavs to communicate to tlie shareholders, such information would be sent to them.  Mr. Sheppard proposed a vote of thanks  to the chairman for the satisfactory explanation he had given to them. Of  course tire meeting was only a formal  one.  J. N. Mitchell seconded the motion  Avhich Avas carried unanimously.  A shareholder enquired the number of  shares taken up by the public.  The chairman,   in   reply   stated   that  44,173 shares had been applied'for by the.  public, Avhich the directors  considered   a  vary   satisfactory   allotment,   especially  when they   bore in   mind that the . pros-.  -.eleitfeii" ^iheii<,B ..." ^\Jip"V���wWe;f.��-%KOU'gliJ  -��ft'Oi-ii ' ."��� iSrYcfeii'pyj,; �� .���=!QJ!tai"i^  -"up. to, -thb. ���ini'ne.i ���--��YeS^|rday���.:fbiii;. .pf'the^.'  ;.e-le.y^W^^'d'%'?foJAViX��^^  !W.o Oliliejt-s7 #ii0. l)��ftlf- b%epXHi% ��woI;uk, in t?HtSo.  'rniiie*" :d^B>Siidb;,0'i^me^%a^fcli^  ;..jV|jfechelf is.iin Sudbury wj^  ^i^^xXti^'di^dy'flSn^r.fe^^^  'tfi!iefc^%,dy��,J A��ss?qi;a|i,bil.; They��cIapn, tliat'  he -will be able  to" ,seeu/e- %itt "fow.m,eji  tiieie," beca;  tlie meii  are now "aAvatc  tliat,    there"   is    a    strike-������ D pn     hCjlCij  Tile   iilen   Worldjig.   in.    the . jhines;   ,at  Siidbury are, paid, tew  wages, jnti'Qfeei^  ^etti.i]g"$1.40 for a.da��y 4f teh ho��J'S"���aird  ftiachjiie men $li00 foi  a"    The  iiieii claim that had they knoWij tlie condition   of affairs Jiefe they Avduld  not  liave  left  Sndbtiry.    They ape  young  111 On and do not likbtp be ea'Jjted ���'Scabs,"  Employees of the Ymir ,niiii.e and mill;  tallv^inite, fi;ejaly_w^hmi^toA\ai_a<yjh^ tow n  ofFYniir. One of them is reported as  saying that fifty more men were expected  in from 'Sudbury oil tlie 15tll, and that  they Would liave no trouble in getting all  the men needed. "Why," said this man,  "1 took tAvo first-class miners up- past the  union pickets yesterday and. they never  knew-it* This man is also reported, as  saying that the foreman in charge of  goVej'U.inent'road making on Wild Horse  creek Is stand big in with -tJ-'ic mine  injinagemont;; that nieu intended for the  mine wcl'o taken in charge by the i'ond'  foremaris tlien t-iii*!ic��.l over to the urine  superintendent. When tlie seven men  fruit yesterday, only two miners and  nine muckers were left underground.  Konrten or fifteen men are employed on  the surface. The" manager of the mine  is getting sick of the effort to get skilled  rrndergrouiKi men for the $8 wage, and if  the fifty men expected from Sudbury do  not arrive, it is not unlikely that the  standard wage -will, be paid, and a white-  winged pence messenger will escort down  Wild Horse creek the only special constables doing duty at a mine in British  Columbia.  ^W-est- �� in'dies^IySstatedH  fug, coif firm's"- &i l^dUtmoh^h'^h^WiWivd^  mas to thi$ A^sb(S'4e:d^i;gs^^if\pim  -tlie idev-astatioii, tdiHi&y.^h^kl^i^ric^ine)^JisM|  at.#UJ island, pj Mxmts^ua^V���j^)Sayli^:#|S''"'  ���deaths arcafecady: .knowi^.avno^"8li^.1%dds!^^  ; thivt'2't iJers^U'SAV^'e'-kilied'^'^n^llabd5^  lJeU��<  d-ered homeless/   ��� .     /���."-.* V/J/R^1  WAS'iij.xcr.Tai.v, Au.g'ust^ l"0jr-*-Tlie.''s:e(i^S  ta,ry of war .received ��h��, ��^\\uifhl^-^-%  port I'f'Oin gCiieral 1")avis�� Cpm^nandlng^li:^  Porto Kicoj 0,n the cyclpnc last ���giieSday'':  I. 0.  TOROXTO,  0. F. Officers Elected.  August   10.���At   the  grand  lodge of the Ontario I. O. O. F. this morning the following officers wore elected:  Grand master, J. If. M'cLurg, Woodstock:  dejiuty master, O. J. liowis, Chatham;  grand secretary, J. B. King, Toronto, reelected; grand treasurer, W. .). Cormiek,  Toronto, re-elected: grand representative  to the sovereign grand lodge,,:P. 0. M. .'I.  If. Young, Thames ford: grand warden, C.  C. Lyman, Brockville; grand auditor,  Charles Pfickert,. Stratford; re-elected; director of tho Odd .Fellows' home, W. II.  Hoyle, M.P.P., Cannington.  a .hui, "of extreme yiO]en;ce tjasSejdr  over Porto Ilico ycstcltlay. TJie pruicir.:  pal mfli'ta-^y loss, "Was at Sail Jnan AA'lierC  one temporary company barrack was  wholly destroyed. Spfiic quarter-master  .property was also danfaged;. No perSPif-  al injury is yet reported, but all the  wires are down. 'I'hei'c is 110 iu|;u:ry to  shipping here,, but, cable reports from  Ponce say that the slipping there is  aslrore. Tlie custom houses are badly ���  ilainagcil nnd also, the goods stoi-edtherc^  iu, Messengers frplu two iu-tiur'tor points  tell of barracks unrpofed and: pergonal  and public property damaged. rAiio lys-  siwb.v the inhabitants are yory greati  and extreme sulTeriiig imisC result. 'liiirre  are many faniilieb* wlio are entirely  houseless.  Martin Defends Himself.  (Hpcdlut to tho 'IVibuiic  VicroiUA, August 9.--Martin has writ-  Lon lettt-'i's to, Semlin and Cotton characterizing as false and 'misleading tlie statement in the News-Advertiser today that  Martin attempted to secure the removal  of the registry office from Ncav Westminster after the fire, but was frustrated  by Semlin and Cotton. Martin calls upon both these gentlemen to make proper  correction, it would not be surprising  if, finding himself thus made an issue,  the ex-nttorney-geueral should make a  public appearance in the New Westminster campaign in his own defense.  The newly promulgated regulations requiring men employed 'underground in  coal niines to be able .to-read English,-will  have an important effect upon the French  Canadians and Italians headed tawardis  tills proAnnee in the expectation of ein-  ploymont in the Ctoav's ' "Nest Pass coal  mines aud elsewhere. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  FRIDAY, AIKUJST  11,  1.800.  B  m  m  'Tis not always the prettiest ones that go first and  though we have only a few left we have still seme of  the choicest patterns of our season's stock. Until  these are cleared up we will give  Any 90 cent Blouse for 50 cents  Any $1 Blouse for 75 cents  Any $1.25 Blouse for 90 cent's  Any $1.50 Blouse for $1.10  Any $1.75 Blouse for $1.40  Any $2 Blouse for $1.50  Any $2.25 Blouse for $1.75  Any $2.50 Blouse for $2  The chance of a life time to get a good blouse cheap  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  tfk  BANK  OP  B. O.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   C-A-Sia:  Hid  w  w  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson. .  but quietly accepting work wherever it  can be obtained at the standard Avage,  Jji.'i.oO a day for an eight-hour shift underground. Ten such miners arc worth more  to Kootenay today than all the members  of the Slocan Mine Managers' Union put  together.           ACTIVE   SPORT   FOR   OLD   MEN.  ��ft�� ��rilum��.  lh\ ily Edition   AVkkklv Edition   ... Eikst Ykak, No. 1S7  . Skvkntii Ykar, No. 3!)  Mr. McQuajg, one of the owners of the  Payne mine lias been   talking.    He  says  that arrangements are being made to list  the Payne mine on the London market at  an early date.    "What  caused  the  very  considerable slump in Payne stocks? was  asked of Mr. McCuaig.     "It Avas caused,"  he replied, "because  of a  rumor  Avhich  " had been circulated all over AA-jtha view  " to 'bear' the  stock.' ��. ft Avas  stated, in  " fact, that therniine had shut down and  u " would not be reopened.    You can judge  " Iioav absurd the story Avas, Avhen   it is  " avcII kuoAvn to  all  avIio  Avill  take the  " trouble to visit the  mine, that at the  " time of the temporary dosC-doAvn, there  "was   sufficient   ore   blocked    out   and  " ready for shipment to pay dividends at  "the present rate for the next five years."  Mr. McCuaig's statements  do  not agree  Avith the statements published in the  organs of the Miue Managers' Union.     The  organs  say  that the   slump   in  Payne  shares Avas caused by* the enforcement of  the eight-hour law in  British Columbia.  It Avill now be in order for the organs to  "deny Mr. McCuaig's statement  that the  Payne mine has sufficient ore blocked out  to  pay dividends  on  $3,000,000 for five  years.    If this statement is true, then the  contention of tlie organs that the owners  of the mine Avould be ruined if the  mine  - Avas worked by $:3.50-a-day men must  be  ���sirfcri fie- wild;  A sensible utterance by the Revel-  stoke Herald : "There is no light  '��� betAveen the miners and the mine  " owners. The men are not trying  "to compel mine oAvncrs to pay $3.50.  " The price of their labor is $3.50 for  "eight hours; if you Avant it, all well  " and good ; if you don't want it, leave it  " alone."          Wiikn the Canadian Pacific expected  to utili/.c tho flat Avcst of CottonAvood-  Sniith creek for yard purposes, noA'or a.  ���word Avas uttered by any of tlie com-,  pany's officials against the closing of  streets',* nay, it waa even hintedthat the  streets would have to be closed. It is-fill  different iioav, seeing that tho streets  have been closed iu the interest of another corporation.  AnvjCKs from the Coast arc that attorney-general Henderson will have a walkover Avhen he seeks re-election. The  people of Ncav Westminster have not  been represented in the cabinet since the  late John Robson made that town his  residence.  Tm<: threat made by a Slocan mine  manager that his mine Avould remain  eloped for a year unless tho miners accepted the $3 Avage shows tliat the mine  managers of tho Slocan care little for tho  interests of the country iu AvJiich they  live.    Tho miners are not making threats,,  Sir Charles Dilke, who like most of the  men in public life in Kugla.nd, is devoted  to active sport, believes in athletics being  kept; up even in advanced years, the less  violent forms of exorcise, of course, being  recommended for men who are no longer  young. In speaking of the change which  comes over a man with advancing years,  by which at fifty lie regards with utter-  able disgust;, a violent blow on the nose  which at eighteen he "rather liked to receive" in a. boxing bout,, sir Charles says  that it is not a/questioii of courage. lie  writes: ��  "My impression is that,- as a. rule, the  courage of resolution greatly increases  with age. Certainly, in my own case, I  was much more of a, coward when a boy  than 1 am now ; and believe that this is  a common, if not a.general or universal,  experience. Rut as a, boy, Avhile I liked  to hit my companions terrific blows upon  the leg or the funny bone of the arm  with a single-stick, I did not at all mind  being myself hit in the same way. I do  now."  There are many active sports for middle-aged men Avhich do not involve the  giving or taking of heavy blows or compel violent exertion, aud there can bo no  doubt that the public men in England  owe a great deal to them. After a heavy  siege of politics, or of business, good outdoor exercise takes a man out of himself  and causes him to cease to trouble others  or to be troubled by tlie vexations of his  working life. Mr. Gladstone's tree-chopping, and Mr. Balfour's golf are Avell  known examples of the physical exercise  which English public men make a practice of keeping up, with the best of results to themselves. Lacrosse as it is  played in Canada is an active sport that  does not involve tlie giving or taking of  heavy bloAvs, and in time it Avill become  a popular outdoor sport for aged politicians.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  What    is   the    difference  TETLEY'S TEAS and  other  VICTOEIA   BLOCK,   B-AJECIEDiK,   STEEET,   jKTlEJlS'OIlSr.,   D3. O.  :^'^-^\-S'^;^'^-^i^'^;^'^-^-^''^*^;^;^5;^;^^^;^;^^^^:^^^^5^@f^^@^^^^^^^^^^fg;-0"  SPECIAL ATTErllM  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  niiide tweeds from Talbot Hum's, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  Tlio supply is limited, ho c,i!l early,and examine this clock.  between  brands?  &  Hoadq ilai'tofefor  FlJiSt^USS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo tpako a specialty of  Slypiap arjri Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles and Lath Kept in Stock  Office and yard"near C.P.R. depot   K G. BEEK, Agent  JJUUtftQCfc-  The Wall Paper Ifouse  OF THE WEST  Tlie clillcrenee between tjic Jwlgft and tlie  Bishop may1 ,b<j that the Judge can wiy "you  he liaiTged," Whijo tho Bishop can say ''you  Iwdunmcd." On, ilicr other hand "whim the  *fudye (Says! "you lie hanged," you nro llungfsd.  Js'oxl, to the value oflVirod, the .most marked  peculiarity of our Wall  WHAT THE'JUDCf  AND  THE BISHOP SA,Y  J?ap0r is that when the  Judge lias made his  selcctifin Hud ��iy,s ��yOTI  1)0 hanged," " ft is  banged; not even (lie  ohoitpost gmdes giving  trouble. There ai-e papers (hut are beyond  the jurisdietio-n of the .Judge and como under  that of the Bishop,    Tliere i��s an act in jivoid-  Just the same as between the  Athabasca mine and any one of the  hundreds of wild cats that have been  exploited  in the  past years.  Experience has proved the value of  the one. The others might be good-  but is it worth your while experimenting when you can get sure re-  J^:En5^by=ihy.esting=in=the-guarahteed=  article?  Do You Want One?  If yon want a sljlish perfect fitting .suil, made of tlie  best clolh ever impoitcd to Kelson, leave your order  wilh inc.  Six hundred dollars worth of new ��cods now waiting your inspection.   X guarnnlec satisfaction or no sale.  TETLEY'S is  Tea sold  by  the   ONLY   package  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  HOT WE  Uijfj this kirxl-  -thia art haw been our slildy.  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having leased the business of tho Nelson Soda Water  Factory. I am prepared to supply the trade with (ill kinds,  of carbonated alirt aerated waters. Family orders solicited.   Prompt delivery. ���  Factory on  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  Thomson Stationepy Co., M   JSTEjLSOIT,   B- O-  Brick arid Lime  Lime 70 Geqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand,  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  SUITS $25  Kelson's up-io-diitc Tailor, no*I Kootenay Coll'ee Co.  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K��� 22 miles cast of Kevclstoke; requires six jjood minei-s.   Wages 93.50 per day.  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs,    E   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET. NELSON  HAIB GOODS AND HAIR OHIAIBNTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. "VV. KKARNEYhas opened a Ladies Hair Dress  itiK Parlor in room 1, A'icloria block, Nelson, and is pro-.  parud to fu nish everything in tho way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  "V^_ TP. JROT3IT>TS03^r  (Kx-SUoriir of buuth Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  (/ash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Voat'Jilico Box 572 ...    ,���    .. Nelson, U. C.  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Lots for Sale  $350 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  S210O will purcliaso a central lot and residence.  glOO will  piO'Chaso  two  nice lots and sjiftnty, RobsOn  streets Hume addition.  K10O0 will pureha-sc four nice lots, and residence.  pi.OM) Pooled Kiiii'inont 1 cenK.  Hlttckeouk (Vmir) shares 20 cents.  oiKJO iH-iea. at lj cents.  STEWAIT   Turner Si llQcckh block, Kelson, & C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing; 120 acies of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson. For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C  .BB!iJ^aMaiitfflB18^  Baker Street, Nefeon  FIRST DOOR WliST BANK & C. BUILllING.  T\\'o lots iviih two-story house on Liltinier  ' -" '���" "'"���  ' .81800  On rnOrtgilKC.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'l'JiV  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ollice of the Duncan Mines, Limited., Clement &  Hillycr Block.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, .Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  HA'KERV IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND J.'ASTltV COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  IS.-     BCTJjBZR-y,      PEOPBIBTOH  Palace   Bakery  Bread delivered to any part of the city.  iCakcs, pastry, and confectionery it specialty.  street. nqjSj'..IcisCph,iny'   ��� forms:   ��1200 cash, balance on  Hi.vtyaero ranch, nine miles from City onliike  Kltofo........ '....?"i0lli)  yno-lialf cash, balance on mof l^nge.    .  On  loancondilions arc Ihe elic,'ipos|,and host;  oll'ercd.   Von ran repay a|, any time without  bofijts,  British (���olunibte I'erjimiient Saving's,&, Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loon Co., TorohtO;  VIST'S t3"S-A-35T OE31  PU'e, Lifei Accident, and Sickness.  Gamble ��s:o��REiut^v, A&ts  Baker Street Wezl, Nelson, ii, C.  a        vb  GENERAL BROKER.  WBB, IjIFB, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  nsrstrK^-icroEi  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Soventl houses of different sizes.  KOR SALE���Heal estate in all parts of the city.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  .   Next.lo ICoyiil Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  L. Pope  MANUJ''ACTURKK OF  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  ���yy-A.KX3      STBEEf,      JSTEIILS OUST  PEOFESSIONAL   CABDS.  EWAKT & CAKltnc���Architects.   Koonis 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  fp -B. HAllPEH, musical director, leadcr'.Nclson Or-  -1- ��� ehcslra. Musicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone 62. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY, AUGUST  II,  1890.  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOIll)  STUATIICONA  AND   MT  Hon. OKO. A. DUUMMOND   I?   8. OI.OUSTON i.  ROYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .Genonil Manager  r  THE BANK 0!  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  EQ-ELSOTQ"   BRA.1TOH  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IIKANlMIKH  IN  LONDON   (EllKland).   NEW   YORK.   CHICAGO  and in tho |iriiiel|i.'il c.ili.- in iluiuula.  liny  anil  soil Hl.crliuK   Kxolmngi'   "i'l  Oahlo Truemf.iv  rilCANT COMMKIMJIAI. AMI TIIWKI.  availaliln iu any |iarl. or i.h  mtKi:  i world.  mWKTS ISKUKI)    OOI.I.KCTIllN-  MAIIK;  K'l'O.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT KATE OK INTKUKST PAID  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Si\aguay, U. S., Atlir), B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  GRAVE  ANDttGAY  STORYETTES.  At Laniartiue's I'tmciul in Paris tlie  crowd took out general Lafayette's  horses, ;is the famous soldier was returning home from the service, and drew his  carriage to his hotel with many evidences  of enthusiastic love and admiration.  The scene was;it stirring one, and a friend,  in referring to it some weeks afterward,  said : "You must have been very much  'pleased." Lafayette looked at him for a  moment in silence, and then said, witli a  whimsical smile : "Yes, I was very much  pleased���very much pleased, indeed.  But J never saw anything more of my  horses, my dear friend!"  Governor Roosevelt attended the recent commencement at Cornell, and while  there was entertained at one of the college fraternity houses. When he was  about to leave, one of his staff said to  him, "Governor, the boys have an excellent library in the house, aiid I think they  would appreciate its enlargement by a  copy of your 'Rough Riders'," "Teddy,"  in an outburst of good-fellowship, exclaimed : "All right, boys, I'll be glad'to  send you a copy with my compliments;  the.'book.would be a very small return  indeed for your hospitality." Whereupon one of the boys replied, excitedly:  "That's so, governor; I've read it."  ��?$Stftift^  ^R^^; Jb?i^'�� .X^-i8=" ^i^����o'l;i',il ='��'�� ��f"Sv: 'twill  '"Ct^nJ-i'i|,e% Trim. so'i:w|il]/t|4lb -yo'i^kelep.' lil#  "jatiojheryeai:; " And he" serves: yon iii such  - ��.a y&V;-i]>aj& l&v .set'tire^ "&t$|"'a'tto$ller. S-efiiV  "���^a'g^meiiiii. Jsjpfi 6hat--an;gf,o0d ^iisfrie^  "tieih6i]5fe?li "TIJ& orri^i* "paused; and*  "��� sndled!-<fo���\vn at: t|ie"��aiidijilce.   "B&fpfcp Jle  ��       ,Q11<5    Of  hired  luivh" gets to *Uiiu3i:i.nt %Mib"he;"^w;)u:s the  ���iiitilfitftinr'. . .__^J " ��� ���  w..d'04i(J0 w%eh Jolin: ^Can $iu^% s0jx of  "pi"(jsi:d��|i:it Va'ii' -l^iiw&lY wafe ;imvI0ug a  |fpc(3cli hi behalf of his:, father ail old  I^emperaft ?;ose iii "fihe aVidieiiCe ttji^up-  ���bi-aifled;htln:ai'"a'bdlfcejv.1 Jolitfl-p^lfed to  ���\xa ftharge with an ajietfdote" SOihetiiiftg  like this : "One day a niaii On hOi-sebaek  enstue up with ii boy who waa contending  with tin oVQi'-fcuiiiecI load of liay. Instead of feoss'uig the hay back Oh the  wagohj the boy was energetically tossing  =itrlntlfein^^^  it landed. The tmveller halted and said:  'JVty young friend, why do yon Work so  furiously this hot weather? Why do  you not toss tlie hay back on the Wagon  and be more deliberilte ill your labors ?  Th<9 boy stopped, wiped tlie strfcaniing  perspii'Jiition oil his face oil hir shirtsleeve, slndj pointiivg to the pile of hay  on the itoadsidei e#<0ailned: 'Straugci,',  dad's under tiliai'/iwid. then he sOt about  Work Inore furiously than ever.,?  Slhce Tngersoli's death a nuinbor of his  ��luv6r sayings have been appearing in the  paptu's. "I never think of Englaiid,'* he  iH Quoted as having said on One occasion,  "without being ifOiiUiided of a bui'ghn'  wifclt a white lieckfciOi" When he was on  :is first visit to the Pacific coast he was  shown through the depths of the Coin's tuck mines, and as lie came out he remarked, seiitentiously : "If there's any  hotter place than this, I'll join some  church."    While lie had  his law office iu  Washington a bolt of lightning struck  and practically burned a church situated  in the same block with his ollice. Ingcr-  sollsnid: "An olTended deity may havt;  intended that thunderbolt for'my ollice���  but what marksmanship!" In response to  nil inquiry about Robert Collyer he said :  '���Collyer, (.lie blacksmith ? lie is a great  soul. Had such men as Robert Collyer  and .John Stuart Mill been present sit the  burning of Servetus they would have extinguished the flames with their tears.  Had Dr. Patton and the Presbytery of  Chicago been there, they would have  quietly turned their backs, solemnly  divided their coat-tails, and warmed  themselves."  Harry H. Porter, a Chicago drummer,  was standing at Broadway and.Thirty-  Fourth street the other night, when he  noticed two fellows carrying on ail animated discussion. Finally they each took  out a roll of greenbacks and deposited  several of them with a bystander, to all  appearances a total stranger to them.  The taller of the two then approached  Porter and said: "I,just bet my friend  over there twenty dollars that I could  borrow a five-dollar bill from you. You  give me the bill���of course we couldn't  runaway if we wanted to���and I'll collect the Wei lty dollars and give you ten  dollars of it. You see, there can't be any  'con' game about this. I just Avant to  give my friend a lesson. He is eternally  wanting to bet." Realizing that there  was no possibility for the pair to escape,  Porter gave ihe fellow a five-dollar bill.  He took it. with a chuckle, walked over  to the stakeholder, returned and handed  Porter a ten-dollar bill. The drummer  pocketed the note and began to chuckle a  little himself. After a while he went  back to his hotel, and in Ins exurberance,  invited the bar-tender, to have a drink.  He paid for it with the ten-dollar note,  and told the cashier the whole story.  ���'What do you think about that for easy,"  hurt did  not strengthen  the home team  very much.  Our short stop, Fitch, was undoubtedly  the premier player of both teams.  Fitch at short stop and Sullivan at second base are a hard combination to go  against. They move like scared cits and  play ball all the time.  Fred Russell at first seemed to be off  his feed. He was also off his base at  critical moments.  it was considerable of a pitcher's game  and the atmosphere of tlie ball ground is  all shattered to fragments where the  heavy hitters knocked holes in it.  Rockenlield, Nelson's pitcher, is a foxy  lad. He struck out tho weak men and  sent the heavy hitters to bases on balls.  Nelson's first baseman seemed to have  a gunnysuek mitt. He got everything  that came his way.  It might be a good thing to let our  catcher have a talk with the umpire before the next game is called. It may  keep several men from stealing liases  while he holds the'ball and argues.  Fleming'pitched a good game,'if he did  make a.'wild throw or two. Very few of  the hits made off of him Avent outside of  the diamond.  The lioine boys played an uphill game  from the. start and were stronger at the  finish than when they started in.  Roekenfield, who pitched for-Nelson,  has decided to stay here and'.. will play  with the .GrandForks"team in the fuutre.  He and Fleming should prove a hard  pitching combination, a leftfand a right.  The umpiring Avas "about as bad, as it  could well be, but;it: had one redeeming  feature���the "raAv" decisions Avere pretty  evenly divided, neither side getting the  :worst of it in that line.  FULL LINE OF  The Pope is Well.  Rome, August 10. -Dr. Lapponi, the  pope's physician, who returned from a  holiday August 1st, declares the pontiff  is in good health.  P. Burns & Co.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.    -  G. Wadsworth, Montreal  P.   1<\    Richardson,    Vancouver  Sirs. Ohilherg, Spokane  Langi'idgo, Rcvel-  ICirkpatriek, Holland wife. New  wife, Uo-  W.  11.  i   stoke  S.   K.  I.rcul  C. II. Allen  York  J. K. Splnks and  elicstoi'  Charles (.'reen. Toronto  Alfred Wright, Toronto  PHAllt.  liimit.-Colonel and Mrs. A.  .Macdonald, Uiielph, Out.  Mrs. IC   Uarger, Sandon  Maxwell Stevenson, Ainswortli  W. J. McMurtry, Toronto  James J. Warren, Toronto  GRAND CKNTRA1  Miss Smith, Spokiint  0. Pliimmer Hill. Port  Cooper,  Hill  Van-  Harry    11  eonver  tl. M. 1'o-grove, Spokane  A. It. Heyland, Silver King  John    O.    Norbnrn,    San  Ki'iincisco  .1, K. Whltlni,' It-rlin  t). P. Kippon, Zorra  T. T. Wynne. Kosk'iiikI  AVHOLESALE   AND   IlETAIL  Miss Smilh, Spokane  Mi:<. Chilbort,'. Spokane  (i(!or��e Iloss, Parkhill, Out.  G. A. Deefenloukor, .Slocan  a. r  Mrs.  .1. C. McMamts, Slocan  II. A. DeHeek. Silver ICiiitf  J. Miirke, Vancouver  P. I-iOi'ontzen. Athabasca  QUKKN'S.  lilandy, New Denver I C. II. Burke, Wardner  liarkley, Uossland       I b\ Smith, Naknsp  SILVKIt KING. ��  N. DnH'ner, Halcyon  A. C. Haine, Winnipeg  Neil McLcod, Duncan City  MADDEN.  J. Lndwig, Hall Mines  A. McDonald, Itosslaiid  Y). Healey, Manila  O. H. Allen, KovolKtokc  Frank McLeod, Rossland  John Ash, Edmonton  K. O'Rourko, Maeleod  A. Milloy, Sandon  The Tremont Hotel  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at [lelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade.  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  )\��2i&    Office,   NelSOfy   B,G^  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  vThei  Good Old  Days;  of n$ir diflilo'f ue Befcyviiejj sen." titl'H^t ^iiicl���3iis  Avlfe M;jk:'O'^felit.ceJ^i'^efe"^E]iB��P%S;  "utje's o.f^t'o^gft^"/^ ^fllpusieiiirjg '|jp,sse.^sqd '  wifeh.a;.cieiaii-e ^o;\idi3i0S,^^t'^J-^^y^91'Htl'^  Jjve iijtlij>Cufy; iiiatMfte i4sis|;s���:fclia't i-Uejf.1  ^Oilld" "iiGArer jje So��, iii��^y����� -Jo .4xijcltu3gr "iis."  ^liejc^.AViJi'O..tylijdii ftlleribitiSoJiab. AfjtlSj ino^sfe  ��ft.ifgiMreiitj a?) is ilijitcAli��JCt.iiij��fcnlie.ft)illoA'v'iu,��  SUe���'Slid do yon tii��a i-oiiieiilbe^ avJjbOj  two yeausn afber \v0 Aveve: niaiiiued, oiii'  ggueifjil' silddeiilf; gave jioliipe, ii-licl rgft; ��a  aloii6 to maM'ge lioiiSQkeepiii.g a.<? b(?st Ave  coui.d,*/ . >iii;d lipw I'tepQlved1 v&H thfe iftoaTs,.  and Iioav fan iieXfeirenjOyed/tlieiil better.  Now, say it's "tondi  IJe���Perfectly trtle.  Slie���And tjie hoiisfe  Avas gay, hapj)y,  ritlgiug \tibh any lauglttefitll day long; so  that, ill a niontli�� baby pilt on six pounds  of fleslu  ==He^ii\;iid=liow=I^cleaiied=the^kiiiVesf  Silo���Wliidt helped yonr appetite for  breakfast.  He���And tlie boots ? Now, I did not  like cleaning the boots.  She���Yes, yon did,, and they never  shone so beautifully.  He���Well; I (latter myself I Avas able  to iiiake liiyself useful.  She���Those Avere and  Will  {thvays  bo  the; dear old dftyg of my life.  ��� ���������������He���And hxy\\f pretty you looked with  a white apron oil, and your sleeves tucked up, showing your lovely ai'ins.  She���All J and'how you wei^e once turned out of tlie kitchen for kissing the cook,  y/pu Avere sorry w'hon I got a new set-van t.  He���Upon my Word, 1 belie\-e J Avasi  Baseball ar it Was Played at Grand Forks.  Grand Kork�� Minor..  Broken bats were a feature of Nelson's  game���but it wasn't the hard hitters Avho  broke them.   "  Putting Gomstock iu when Lueian Avas  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  ^wel Posts������;  ^MingleM  ������ v^Raiig^-ana:  ���     '"of T,H:kinndR.^"*�� ."    "���  * If' what) j'oji AvaHJ'isnotjiJti ^tdcK wcwilljiiiako it-fpryoli  IVIALOfJE & TREGILLUS  PllOPRIETOns  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Baker Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MA^L RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  m  Liquors and Cigars  &  LOOK OUT KOR  THEO MADSON'S  Big Clearing Sale on Sulurday. All Summer  Goods at Cost,.  **  ALWAYS ON HANDf  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  W. P. DICKSON  B. H; H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Consteuetion, Go;  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and ^Lighting for. Mines,' Townst:  Electric.FixturessLampsx Bells,������������Tel'ephon'esj^Aiinan��cia^oWi-'Bffc^^*.T'''A^.f iisF?^f-.  AND BLANK BOOK MAKING  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, will be prepared to do everything in the way of binding books and  making blank books. ',; .-  OFFICE:   Hume building, Vernon Street, Nelson.  jRoughL  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTOKV AVOltlC .Q'QXK. TO OIU)KK,|  8UQH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Jbiner^r Work  |N STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wh&ff,  Factorjf uiwl olllco. eonior Hall stroot anil C.1'..H. track  , WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of first-class dry material on hand,, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hewlryx street, Nolson  ToiephonoM   John Rae, Agent  136.'.'    ".  During I lie, season \vc will deliver, ice at private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrablo  prices.  WILSON & KARSHAW  llAKKIt AND WAK1) STItKJSrs, NRLSON  Thp only uotel In Nclsotl that lias rcmMncd under o}iq.  managdmelit sineo 1S30.  Tjvo ted-roolrts are Wbll furftishodi and,   liglited by  olectricil/}'.  the dining-room is not second to tAHl in JCoDtenny.  The bar is al ways stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liqtidi-s alitl Cigars.  THOMAS MADOftjr.. j'roprletor.  VJVIIRr   &.  C  J.  W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-OLASS  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Kenovatcd aud refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Kroo bus meets all trains ftouolcfnlra    R   f!  Hourly street car to station HtJVBIMUHB,  U. u.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOOTENAYCOFFEE OCX  NELSON, Ii. C.  Cofrce roasters nnd dealers in.Tea and Coll'eo  OfTer fresh roasted coffee of best quality  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound,   Java and Mocha Blond, 8'.pounds.....;������   Fine Santos, 1 pounds '������ ���'���������  Santos Rlond, a pounds .... ��� ���.   Our Special Ulond, (i pounds .���  Our Rio Hoiust, C pounds -'   A trial" order solicited. .  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows, BlopKi  . Baker Stsoot , .  is follows:  .3 10  . 1 (XI  , i no  , 1 oo  . i oo  , i oo  Wost  2 CiSrs Karly yr^ufcfast Bffifjil I'fe's  1 Car S\Vlft & i'o.'a Ilatns, fiavou  and Lard.  1 Oar finest, fVentivery Unllor In 1 fit).  28,11*, Unfl iilJll, ttoxotfnrul 1 Hi. 2(1...nnd  fill. IlliS.  2 Oars of ne\v PtHatocs.  Wliolcsale Only.   Write or Wiro for Prices  Nelson, B. O.  ASK FOR  St. Alice Mineral Water  from the famous Harrison Mot Springs. . . .  A COOL MEDICINAL BEVEEAGE  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NELSON  Thorpe & Co.,  I.IMITKf).  R. REISTERER & CO.  RREWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag'er Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt arid regular-  -  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  AaMTS FOR  The Imperial' Oil Co.   Standard OH Co;;  WaBriirigton Brick arid Liirje Co/    "''  Thp H. W* WIcNiell Co., t<d,i Canadian .-Aritrirft':  cite Coal '(Hard) ' Xt  Dealers \x\  Nelson Iron  .MANWKACTUltEKS Qlf  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON j��Nfi  BRASS OASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P.O. Box 173.  KNFOIITS  OK PYTHIAS���Nelson   I^IkO,   No.  25,  Kni'Kht'S ����f Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V. Hall,corner  Baker ami Kootoimy streets, every Tuesday evening Sit  8 o'plook.   Arisiting KliiKhts cordially invited toattenoU  T. LILL1K. C. C. It O. JOY. K. of R. & 3,-s:  NKLSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M* -Meete  second Wednesday in each month. Bojouj-nlisif  hrothroii invited.  -^j ��  NKLSON L. O. L.. No. 1����. meets in  I. O. O. F. Hall,  corner Maker suul Kootenay streets.'1st aftd 3rd  Kriday of each month.   A'WUiis brethorn eordiall}-_ I*i-  r'.K)l'lNT TOVK. AV. .Al. V. J. HItADLKY. Uec-Scc.  7 MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTKD���A  k'ood shingle jointer at once.   Apply  G. O. Uticlmtmn's lumlier ollled, Nclsort.  WANTKI)--Got)tl.K<*ncml servant.  Oallihor & Wilson.  Apply at ollico of  30  Men at .Ymir to work on roads and trails.   Wngos  _?2.o0 and ��2.75 a day.   Apply to John Llndblad.  FOR SALK-A'.W'guinua gun, by Holland & Holland,  and a case; also .an S-gninea polo 'saddle, by Grata  of Uelgmve sqviarc. and one dbublo bridle. $125. Apply  at The Tribune olllco. Nelson.   FURNISHED rooms to lot.   Apply to Mrs. F. M. Jai��o-"  son, Carney block, Baker street Wost. TUB TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., .FRIDAY, AUUUST  189!  ipders Filled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  Corner of Baker and 'Josephine Streets, NELSON", BEITISH COLUMBIA  ummer  Suits  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Another Saloon on Baker Street.  A. H. Clements and .liinies Neelands  have been trying for some time to get a  saloon license for their premises under  Llie Knights of Pythias hall, lint owing  to the fact that there was a vacancy on  the hoard of license commissioners, the  remaining Lavo declined to take action.  Dr. Korin, however, was recently added  to the hoard, and the three commissioners���mayor Neelands, alderman Alelvil-  lopand Dr. Korin���held their first meeting yesterday, at which they granted A.  II. Clement's application for a saloon license The commissioners also gave orders that the proprietors of the Club and  Lakeview hotels should be notified to  keep more orderly houses on pain of forfeiting their licenses.  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Oilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Name  NELSON.  II. J. de Korrest, an artist of considerable prominence in Knstern Canadaj has  been spending the summer sketching'  some of the beautiful scones of Kootenay,  and has now on exhibition over forty oil  studies of Kootenay landscapes which  will well repay a, visit. -They are to be  seen in the Knights of Pythias hall.  Mrs. W. Ii. Smith of Winnipeg, sister  of A. G. Shaw, arrived in Nelson yesterday on a visit.  llichard Godfrey has sold out the  Clarke bouse to !<Ya,nk Campbell and  George VV. Hartlett.  Thomas Macnamara. a.nd Thomas Murphy, arrested at liobson for va.gra.ney,  were yesterday .sentenced to five days  imprisonment by stipendiary magistrate  Crease.  !��� .lames Byron, the eoiiA'ict avIio recently escaped from the chain gang, has been  traced to Ymir, and the proA'incial police  arc taking stcMjs to intercept him before  he reaches the international boundary  line.  Gamble <fc O'lleilly yesterday sold lots  17and 18, block 2, in the Hume Addition,  to George Paquih, for $250.  Turner, Beeton & Co. h.avo'bcon appointed local agents for the Calgary  BreAving Company.  The gas company liave laid all the pipe  that has ���arrived,  about a mile  of 4 and  2 inch pipe in  all, and are uoav  Avaifcing;  for'more."'. Four carloads of pipe are  on  the Avay and are expected in today.;  The TitiliUJS'K's fish-catching editor  caught a string -of tAventy-hVe beauties  yesterday.   :    ;  ;  Crops Destroyed.  Two bid let wounds were discovered in his  head, from which he bled profusely, dying  a few minutes after being found. The  coroner is making an investigation.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  To Lot���Two offices in Aberdeen block.  Apply lo Boer Bros.  To  Let���The   building    corner   Ward  mid Vielorin streets���recently occupied liy Charles 11.  Ink.   Apply to Hour Hros.  To   Let���Neatly   furnished    rooms   at  llin corner of Wtiril and  A'icloria  directs.   Apply loA.  II. ClOlllLMltS.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria iiiul Ward street.--, now neoiip'od Ivy W. A  '.M:iuil"iu\l'i, will ho for rent, :iTl1.1- 11n; l-">lli inslnnl.  Apply to A. II. Cieinoiil*.  Kurilished   room  to   rent.    Apply  Tri-  huni: office.  The collection of  paintings now on ox-  liiliiliun nn the second iLorol' tins (Mil Follows' building,  corner nf Baker mill ICnnlcuay streets lire liy Mr. I >e  I''oiti:<I, a landscape painter well known in Ivislcrn Cu-  iiiiilii. Of tins forty-sit paintings on exhibition, all except eight are of KonliMiny scenery. No charge is made  visitors.    Looms open daily.  3t will be to your.' advantage, to see out^JiV^,  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  Neelands'Shoe Empopiitf  .... sB  iu.ul complete stock of  Uoots and Shoes? "jWe"  carrv   the   following  lines:    J,  &. T. 15et],<Jf"  D. iving  &  Co., Nortlr Star Shoe Co., ��j>odt$^  ' Schultz & Co., Stratford  Shoe Co., Airie^Sffcrlf  den ife Co., and other leading makers.    \.   ,  2G AND 28 WKST BAXvER STIU3ET. NKLS0X  8Sa8S8KS^��SSSSiiS5S8������SBK8i��S!S'S58S8iSJS5^SSSS855��aS':  m       ��  IX   ZM^^IRTIBCTTIB   &   CO.  .1 JUST ARRIVED  r��  -An���Entire- Gar - of-  js  Iron Beds and  prings  From George Gale &  &  >',    '^/nlP-n'        1^**11 r*f "i.!^    fen    ip,?'    "tbdWr,    ?.I3    W     % nit     *     ��0      " n   "a.    oC,"    nj ���*L 3Lj 1 * '   '      V  fyf&fcaty tneh^nM^f.ixiii^ ^oM?V ��(2yp��$";iCfiMe���!  "l3b.Q6ii*��0'l3lii3"a!ilJ j^-�� �� !|^tilljy,5^��s�� "d^s%iQyLe;d'S ��m��=iVt la  sPqiuiteHVl?!^ '  'ai)|l at" Moil-It .tfeifltii)iaf^fb4e'" AA?as\ conr  .sidei'a'Bje and' seAvei'^f���].Ie/sohs" AArei:6 kilJed  .aijd^hvoji'iidfecl.-. AM OlQfttO;- Bonis, .sey^iifs  ��13ei%tiilsB=n  A$&$:��� filled.;., and' �����������&���'   HTOB-I.  ^l^iiljiire^ ' g��l��G'i'ipp"oii;  ���$U{& jiL^jilerltia;.'.,:!!]^��":��� Ib.eeir. .entirely  ;�����d;estf6���^ed -mfi- tJie^iglfMiOuf es M, ^fonl-oes  ��� aiid Fossolieli^ 3i;ave   been ^overfetrjied.  '.Tlie��toWi?;of :S;t.!Cdiiis de Matie'Cailaiita;  i iias^^ltfei'eil^ojjsidei^bj^y.  ,).' -.".'Tlje:liiijricaile passed- 46^,f��PoIft&-;FIs.i!ta:I  .ajnd appears to ^harPe ������ .'lrA.^afifefl" "bjte�� uoribK ��  j: o��otli���e Jioifiiliiclin I'epvibiks. *'A]J 60niiiiti;ni'-  "K^it;.i0ii.���betAveeii:��POrt,o Mata hiin,d tlie in>  "te-Vioi', ii&t iiichidibg  San" lDbjlilngo,��is iu'-  'teftrtlpted;, |m;tl j t is  iiiipossible to obtttin,  -a. toweet account ,ol "tiie dobe, although it  is   thouglit to  be important).  Th'e Kaili'Oiid from Porto Plata, to San Do-  ��� wi,ngo is HO longer vvorking.    ISA'outnaJly,  tii^MffFieaiie sAvept" OArer "Cape Ilayfcien,  Avitli less violence.    ���  CD  en  oo  ���J  2C  C5  UJ  CO  _J  ���<  <"��� '  CO  rn  Oo  -4  CX3  r���  S2  C3  3C  n'i  r���  Vi  SCI  oo  CO  o  IT PAYS US to deal squarely with  you arid to represent our goods and  methods just as they are. It pays us  to strive for excellence in quality,  price and. service���aiming to place in  the hands of our customers the best  goods at' the smallest figures. On  this basis we invite your inspection  of our lines.  IT WILL PAY YOU to carefully examine our line of fine gold jewelry,  diamond mountings, mounted diamonds, stone rings, loose diamonds,  and other precious stones. We owe  it to our customers to give them the  best made and the most stylish goods  we can buy. Our manufactured goods  are of just this kind. Our stock of  small diamond rings is especially attractive and prices, equally so, and  you owe it to yourself to buy goods  for as little money as possible. Write,  wire::-or .telephone_us;��� pw���e��� are.always,'  a>t;;nso n^e; ^p^qpiSCMstg 'W-W^'CC^fe^*::*'".  wLam pjg-,eJ^bjle.>\Pj:a,nuo^La1ji p^co'hg?)  tb "In ed';.' :sla rai m'eite s,,"d a'lfd '>% '%&, XK b les,.;  *r?#"^ets^Mrn#6]]g^St^ndsT"Mt^^  -Racks,,iP&pePsMomeKSit Phpto Erames;  fAsh#ii?raysv^,nonzes, Vases ;anaa��� .'Piteb"  % r:% ;of ;a"l:l; *d;es:crj'^trpri i; ;."Scp'n^esj,�� ilyllf.  r.6$sy*a#$ ���,;C'S:n"^jeia'b.tias*;," (^l'��:o,��^Mffa?ge"  bcp;ftsi:^h*me^"�� gil"."Parlour" ��Lamp's";"weit)ad;  'F%n'^J"^bbnes",,".:   ."   :.'  ":        l-"~.._--��t  )$sywa .o^lyjeWipldy^ thei, i^ost .s^ijled5.  w;atchiTfaile^s,��" %ven" ---v^ijli*. .guair^'rti^e&'^^fj,  ^^"^|i^e%3i^,/f; ;";'i;*". v"? -T- ���.'  ���������' "\ rJAGX)B:;E>"0���VER, Jeweler;.  COUBT HOUSE RaSSLAKA B. C.  CJKAI Kb {FjSsfBBKS/ pfoiipriy oudoKod,  P   doJveil W tho HoDOralilo tlio Cliiof Co  of, .liitiwlH and \yprjcs.i yiciorla,,, .I.l.G.,.i!jl to  ��&���  H  ��� ���  A Large BnipEnent of  2S  &  i��  Mounted Policeman Killed.  Litf&iKiiinGii, Aug. 10.���!Lai&'t night some  persons en route to Oardsfcon found constable PloAv-er of fclie mounted police in a,  dying condition at the side of the trail.  Coriiof Baker And AViwl SU-dcls.  Watenneloits 1'iile ApijIok, ami all Oilier Fruits  iii seftsoli r*j(!divu(l dally.  m  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  &  �����  [".'���.Id.    I^^J^JEITJETU-JR   &d   CO.        *  m  ��mifB3BJ��6a��m&%!^^  Grove  Beer  Garden  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and ^Buttermilk  Sweet OruiMi) rccolvcfl, 'I'liesdaj-s and Fi'idayK  l-eavti your ordoi-H.   l^iouiiit deljvory  MILLS &LOTT  Agents fo  Hazlewood Ice Crcanl.  \\ill: be ro-  omliiiHsioaer  _���,��� - -             t   ..-..,..,, to 12 nooirof  Mondiiy, the 2I��fc August next, Toi; die eVoctioM, and eom-  -plotion'of-a.QOiftt-JIoviSeati-IvdsslaiidrlifO. =���  DrfiwiiiKiS; Kp.cciilcnU'oi)% and CondiliOns of tcftderinj;  nrtrt contract, may lie seeii at the I'l'otiiricial Governmdiil.  OMices at Arict0!'ia, VancouVor. RosSlauS, aud .NlSIsoa, H.  C. on and after the 27tlv instant.  Jilaclt tender must be accompanied, by an nceopted bank  eheckordei-tilleitloof deposit made payable to tlreiin-  .signed, efiual to 5 per oontnf the amount of the teador,, as  nfwirity for the, due fultlllinent Of tho .contract, which  shall be forfeited if the party icudoriiij,' declines to enter  into contract wben called upon to do so. or if he Jail to  CoiiSplatc the work contr.1',tea for. 'J'lio cheeks of tho ini,-  .���jifcee.'Ssful tenderers will be returned to.tlieiil upon the  exeontlOn Of tlio contract. 4,  Tendi'rs vviltnot lie considereil, vinlcssmade oiit on. the  forma siippMiJd, and signed with 1M .aerial rfgnaCuru;of  the tertflorisrsj.  The lowest or any tenftor not jitsccts^iu-ily accepted.  >V.'S. li.OUJC,  DejVitty CdftinlisKioiior Of Jajvihls and AVorKs.  Lands and AVoi-ksliepartiiient.,  Vialorja. B. C., 21��U uly 18!��.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  owoer  TR15AX  ORE  Canton Brill Sieel#  '.,\'-V-���"���>-���"  WCCD'EN     N\\  MATERIAL      vvk  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  -Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON SI ORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf  tf.  You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goocls in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The ..:,I^w^wtjm,^JlMrch��m:e,  ^T^^K^r  Telephones fd ancl 4t.    P'osVo'ffiee "^BoX "K & W "  ���  ?>4   . ���  EAST BAKE^"STRBeT:  ������ . H- ���   ';. ���������  WE^"^ 6A^ER STF?iEET  FOR ICE CREAM  AND FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  NEAR FORT SHEPFARD RAILWAY DEPOT  Next llnor to  V. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  THE FINEST PLEASURE RESORT IN KOOTENAY  Hoarding arid day sclicol for girls will rc-open on tlio  lfitli day of August, Vacancies for boarders. For terms  ii iid lirnspcctus apply I o  '     - HiAUFMOlSKhhK KKltW, I'rinoijMil,  Ed Goat Eiver Mining Division.  Tliat tho above mining division has boon extended by  the addition of all that part of tlie Ainswortli Mining  Division lyiliK south of I.Ho beiglit of land between  Gray's and Crawford Creeks, tlienoe westerly to Oiinv-  foi'd Hay. tlienee crossing Ivootonay Lake to 1'roetor's  ,1'oiilt.   ' .     ,  The office cf thin enlarged ."Goal, Kivcr Division" in  now located at Kuskonook. whore [tho milling recorder  will be found in al .tendance during office hours.    ,  .T. FltlvO HU.AIK, Alinister of Mines.  August 8th, 18)9.  Are added to our list each and every month. This month has  Been an exceptional one, the number of new customers far exceeds any; previous month) and we can safely say we still continue to hold the old ones. This is surely ample proof of,who  does the leading business, where it is done and how the people  not Only iti NelsoHi but surrounding towns, appreciate the manner in which we serve them. Our stock of fancy goods is by far  the most complete in Nelson.  Notice Ik hcrobv given that the iindcnuentioncd persons  have made application under the ...provisions of the "Liquor License Act, l.S!)!l" for hotel licenses at the places set  .opposite their respectivo names:  John Carniichael, at LMVlilcf House, between Duncan  City and Trout Lake.  Ncl-rn & .lohnsvn. Halfway JTou?c, between Argonta  and Hawser Lake:  f\ J. Campbell, for a transfer of his license at Duncan  City to Joseph How.-on.  A meeting of the board of License Commissioners of tho  Ainswortli Liccnsc.Disli'ict will be held Lo consider such  applications at the Court House, at tho City of Kaslo, on  Thursday, 21th day of August, IP at the hour of eight  o clock in the aft moon.  WA1. II. liULLOCK-WKBSTKR,      .  Chief License Inspector.  Nelson. II. C.,10lh Aii'giisl���18!lil. - ���    . ,   ,.  ���  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts,-' and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Kaker Street West, Nolson, H. C,  Strachan   Bros.  PLUMBERS,   ETC.  o:p:k::r.a. house slock:


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