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Of a Coward.
Risnnrs, August 10.—One of the chief
witnesses before the court today was
general Roget. In the course of liis evidence lie said: "M. Casimir-Perier deposed before the court of cassation that
an ambassador called to demand an official denial of the statement that important documents were, found at his embassy. The ambassador, however, knew
ib was a fact, but, admitting that he did
not know it, then; is nothing surprising
in tlie Occurrence in view of the facility
with which attache "A" (1 do not mention his name because the minister lias
forbidden it) allowed compromising hitters to lie around. I read one such letter which was very compromising to a
person whoso name 1 cannot mention.
Why, therefore, should not the bordereau
go astray?"
Tho general insisted  upon tho truth of
the statement that military attaches "A"
and "B," under -which letters he referred
to colonel Se.hwathenbass of the German
embassy at Paris and major Panr/ardi of
tho Italian  embassy,   who  were  at the
French capital  at   the  time,   worked together almost   daily,  and   ho  quoted  a
passage from a letter exchanged between
them as follows:   "M. Hanotaux, the sly
' follow, is glad that the embassy is denying.    The embassy must deny."    In the
same document was the name of Dreyfus.
The name of Estcrha/.y, he added, was
not found in any of the documents, none
of which conld  be  ascribed   to him with
the exception   of   the   petit bleu, which
colonel   Picquart  discovered   in such an
extraordinary .manner.   The witness said
he then   felt  great  uneasiness in regard
to the  document  containing   the words
"cette canaille dn].)—7—."•   A certain military attache, said  tlie  general later 011
in     his     testimony,    informed    colonel
Sandherr    that   there    was    some    one
who imitated his handwriting perfectly.
The name Dubois, the witness  said  further, was found in the correspondence of
the  military attaches.      "Dubois,"   the
general  explained, was the  unfortunate
who futilely tried to sell the secret of the
smokeless 'powder  used  in   the  French
army.     "If,"   said   general   Roget, "No
-other person can be found to  whom  the
initial D. can apply, to whom does it then
"■'As he made these remarks the judges
faced about and looked fixedly at the
prisoner, who, however, merely shrugged
Jiis shoulders.
"No," continued the  general, "the  ex
/■ *
'   thd!^s,-„     ,#**r   d       -i™-..,?-,     ■„«_'     „*'    ■**.«_-  J° *■■&£"_   n      .Kiln.,,™   E™,  " °n   n" : •. n    -   'kMP-°-  -S ..n
*a™D ° -., ^u° ad3Dn^,°Du.n..BHnU^ s.Vj0":^""."'^ °^v.'CO:." .■ v° hVj.^v.tp" 'ViD,DlD Dd
hours Avithout adding any new facts, only"
reiterating   in   tlie  most  forcible  terms
what has been dandled about in the anti-
Drey fusard press for tho year past.    The
most interesting   part  of  his   testimony
was his attack on colonel Picquart, which
will undoubtedly lead  to   the con frontal
of  the  two  men.     Me  treated Dreyfus
without inerey,both in wordsand attitude.
It seemed at times as though he would
provoke the prisoner  into striking him.
The general's   manner  was 'most picturesque.    In his outburst at tlie end of his
testimony he uttered the last ruthless attack  with   the   air   of  ono.  delivering a
pleasant Sunday school  address, leaning
over tho front of the witness rail, sipping
from a glass of  water with his lips, and
.mopping his brow with perfect self satisfaction, but again   and: again  he would
half turn  in   his   chair  and, pointing his
finger  at   Dreyfus,   would   repeat  some
cruel    accusation,    at    the    same    time
fixing  his    eyes    on    Dreyfus.    He   inclined   forward,    like   a   cobra   waiting
tlie moment to strike.   Dreyfus, however,
was not a hypnotized rabbit, and steadily
returned his gaze, sometimes throwing a
glance at the   president  of the court as
though appealing for permission to reply;'"
Once Avhen general   Roget had flung one
of these darts he stopped and deliberately
paused.    One could  see  the fire in Dreyfus'eyes', and in   his  tightly closed jaws
could divine the struggle that Avas going
on Avithin him.   The captain of gendarmes
sat   beside   Dreyfus   aiid-'watched him
closely.    The seconds  passed  like hours
and  the   spectators   held   their, breath.
General Roget seemed" to prolong the silence in order to  make a deeper impression. It Avas a perilous moment, but Dreyfus Avon the battle "over his passions, and
Avhen Roget's voice  was  at length-heard
again  everyoim  kneAv   that  the  danger
Avas passed.
Rbnnes, August Hi.—The second trial
by court ma.rtial of Dreyfus continued
this-, morning. The. feature of the day
Avas the story of the '.sufferings of Dreyfus on Devil's island. Dreyfus -wept in
court Avhen the clerk read the'document
recounting the: details of his ihcareera-
tipuii M^Lebpni ^^.oe^^u'inisi^fpig .tlie
;c<Sloi) i essvtesti<  _,..„,„___„„ ,. .t 	
ai-xoisfc I xlnvntt
Declares a Dividend.
The half-yearly general meeting of the
shareholders of the Bank of British Columbia has been held.    In addressing the
meeting  the  chairman said that  trade,
Avhethcr as regards California, Oregon or
British Columbia,was favorable, bearing
evidence to increased activity and to developments  of   enterprise;   but  on  the
other hand avo have to report that with
improving prospects come also  increased
competition,' and consequent  thereupon
increased difficulty of obtaining remuneration for the bank  on   the old scale, or.
on a scale  Avhich,  in  the opinion of the
directors, is commensurate. Avith  the accommodation   they  are  called: upon   to
afford.    This Avill lie readily  understood
when     I     inform     you    that,    Avhore-
as  a few   years   ago  there   Avere   only
two banks,  there   are   iioav  more  than
eight banks operating in ■'thp province of
British Columbia,  in   addition  to other
financial institutions Avho advance money
oil loan.    The problems which* Ave  have
to work out are,  to combine enterprise
with caution and to meet the gro\ving requirements'of British Columbia with ceo-,
noniy in expenditure. The problems, how-'
ever; are  not  left solely  to Ourselves to'
solve; they constitute  the difficulties of-
kindred institutions;  but  Ave .trust 'that;'
the position Avhich Ave hold in British Co-;
lumbia,   and   the   loyal   connection   by"
which we are  supported  and  Avhich we"
strive to cultivate,.will enable us to sIioav
at the end of the year a result not unsatisfactory  to   the   shareholders.;  British
Columbia, the  chief seat of our operations, is a  country  of large possibilities,
but,    OAviug   to    its    small   population,
of    comparatively   sIoav     development.
It   is    gifted    by    nature    Avith   quail-
ties -which"  ■'warrant    belief    that   at
some  future time it  Avill rival the  old
country in  population,  wealth and  industry, but these developments will  not
be in the time of any of those present in::
this room today.    We must becontent to
do our part" toAvards bringing: about this
state of affairs and  endeavor  to  obtain
Cannot Be Held as a Mineral Claim.
Mr. justice Drake's decision in the
Charles Darts a^s. St. Kevorno Mining
Company case is uoav the law of British
Columbia, as the time for taking an appeal has expired. The point is one of
great importance to the locators of mineral claims. By the decision, a mineral
ciaim must be one piece of ground, and
not tAvo or more fractional pieces.       ->.
The point was first raised in the fall of
1805-by. a AveM-known mineral land, surveyor of Nelson, avIio, in writing to the
lands and works department, held that in
running lines as boundaries of mineral
claims it was... necessary to'stop on arriving at the boundary of another survey,
or the boundary of another, claim
though unsuiwcycd. Thepoint AA'as submitted by the survey-general to thp-attorney-general for an opinion, and that
official, through'deputy'Arthur G. Smith,
wrote that "a locator under the Mineral
Act is entitled to all available land that
twould fall within the limits' of ..his. claim,,
and I think the survey should be conducted, in the first instance, irrespective
of any prior locations, and- these should
afterwards be shown, on tho plan aiid deducted from the surface to Avhich tlie-
locator is entitled."
:    The following are the reasons given by
;Mr. justice Drake for making the decision:
'.■>«"WT^"-..>."'."' ■^.'■ia.i S:l"; ."is* *•**■" iV """V '**!'-»»■ r,""-" a '
■\W. .s'MJife'ish'edirni
"dra.vvirUrei^h's fef-Jmli'gmttkM^^
4he ";h:en.tjei-§-. -as • ;^ .ie>readipg^proeeedj}d s,
^fPlIKg^piind: "M'Jida "/trying,- :tof ;p^^Y"G,n"_n;tJi!]itt;:
:s/"'°13f:i|ylus°.|vl^ie^vri ";tfte
;. 'fprllihQ, °c£>i iG°^iLrfc?|tj6i9ni„diF|"]|lijQ-f.jbiE^Qi3S,' *tfi4'
!°.-.""6:f"'ttlo'fjiiiiig ifiU'Jtuifj'* -fee" Welj" "-eiiclcay.-
! 'Ored»"to;jsli0"\y 'that; eojpitel Pietiuarfi had
"»° i-gfe%iijs"o;to f l:iti#luipnfehetl\pds° Avith,„ tlio
"tliitn I^Syfri^'iiifd*^6clai:e\i° Pi&pntef>
spoilt one hundred thousand francs
Ayitlx jihe" o^joet of orgiM-iking a
-<:^;0HW|p:":4^'^Wve;illji:nee i:-pf an u,n-
f^iiiji^fl>^p§t; ■ wjip Avas. .guiltless'.'''
'Tijts*^ye'liiuitU'^tr^l'iousaitd f rat 1:0s, he ad-
.d^p:t"\\\|r§;a.fres:Prv'e aco'itmu'Iat'cd hy eplou-
eT^StiWlfierr by the Strictest of eCOnoilvy
fi-oiijt |h:0 ffflids at the disposal pf the
war oi'ficP and this I'eservo had- olitifely
(lisaiipeared. In rOsiiPnse to gestures of
/H)ii|rtvdictioh "f rpiil" M. DeittaygO, general
Rrtget admitted the figures quoted were
perhaps exaggerated. Tile AVitnets wact
acPiised cpioiiel Pictiuai?t of suppres$ing
documents tending to compromise Dreyfus. As the geuci'ivl AS'aS evidently greatly fatigued* colonel Jonaust suggested
thStt lie continue his testimony tomorrow.
The colonel then addressed the prisoner,
asking him if lie had anything to say in
'reply to general Rogeb. Dreyfus replied:
" No, my colonel. It is frightful that
day after day for hours, I should thus
have my heart, soul and my very entrails
torn without being permitted to reply.
It is a terrible: torture to impose upon an
innocent and loyal soldier. It is a frightful thing, frightful, frightful."
The outburst caused a great sensation.
The audience Avas profoundly stirred and
begau to applaud but the applause Avas
quickly suppressed. Colonel Jonaust
pointed out to Dreyfus that he had been
giA^en an opportunity to speak at the end
of every deposition and the court Avould
continue to do so. The court then adjourned.
As the prisoner passed out in front of
the seats assigned to tlie representatives
of the press his face Avas pale but animated. He seemed to be in a state of
great nervous excitement and in a furious
temper.   General Roget spoke for three
jncl-gc^'-A^i.tij, Jn;sv°!ii.s;iu^
eyOs <§$my ° .ctiinr, ti.i.td'1, te"ai:„s' • ;0 iltoh'ed^-^ii"
, thel&.""''Thcu"".gli|iy°noslpAvl^ ',feuefere1lr^o,Ayi!:
his chocks.:1; IJre^filgi cpqld" stand, it^o
,|Puger,,,aifd f$$ tllO, ''fir^bjtii'up djii'iyi^ „th"e
ti«iOc]^:ga,yeD iylvy. ivi^ sileiitly. >yfepi. St,
Lfeboii at;kirw<¥r<ij3 i'etj,irned to tlie $tai-id
tipii pf his cohduet..
Court Martial Will Not Adjolifhv
RE.VN'ffiSi Ailgnst 1(5^5:20 p.in.—Tjie
following bu.ll.eti.il has just been issued:
"The condition of the patient is Satis-
faetory in ■ spite- o| foyer. The X rays
hav-o slioA^n the bullet traversed the skin,
tl:0 subcutaneous tissues and muscles
ai'PiiilCl tlie spinVrt-i epluinn, fbttoiiiiig
against tlio right side of tins fifth or sixtli
doi*gal voirtobra." The bnUetiii was
signed by four doetoi-s in attendanco
..upon Labori,
jM. Demange liad a long coiiskltation
Ayith M. Jlatliioil l>reyl'us tins afternoon
respecting: tho decision of the Court
martial, the gravity of Avhich is
fully recPgni/.ed. Bl. Deniange is
much upset by the loss of
the assistance of liis colleague, M. Labori,
particularly as the latter had prepared a
special set of questions for general Roget,
aiid the absence of this, together with,
the fact that Labori's secretary Avas cpm-
pelled to be aAvay, places M. Demange at
a great disadvantage. Counsel for the
defense, howeArer, will take general Roget
in hand the first thing tomorrow. The
great preoccupation of the Dreyfus family and M. Demange, hoAvever, Avas the
result of the court's decision to adjourn
when applied for this morning. This is
considered of grave portent, and is taken
to mean an indication that the members
of the court-martial have already made
up their minds unfavorably  to  Dreyfus.
■■'"•' COM PANT.
;    This action is brought by Avay of special case, to decide Avhethcr or not a miner
can locate a claim on each side of a prior
location under one record, in other Avords,
-jAvhether two strips of land unconnected
'■Avith each other, but within the statutory
limit of 1500 feet, can be covered by one
•location and record.
i   The O: B.  II. claim Avas ■■ recorded on
the Ifith of August, 1S04, and tho  only-
unoccupied land Avas a stripilying "n'brth-
feast of the Exeter claim and a.strip ly-
:-'ing fsoiitliwest jof the Exeter claim, but
diyided further on tlie east by the Slocan
^Boy.;: Thus the tw.o pieces of land, which
^th&sHMMderrt^cl^^^ yldell Ittiffpji^
gaze   in   open-mouthed   wonder at   the
elaborateness and    completeness  of our
great'national game as wo play  it  here.
But on Saturday the Nelson boys taught
us   that   "there were  others,"   and  for
many anxious minutes it Avas a matter of
speculation as to Avhich teain AA'ould  pull
out Avinner.   The boys in grey ultimately
landed ahead, but Ave have not got much
room to smile in, and had it not been for
tho regrettable accident   that  happened
to Lynch, the point player of the Nelsons,
in the fourth ganio, we may  bo  excused
for harboring some doubt as to Avhat the
final result might ha.A'e been. It Avould be a
hard   matter  to find  a   finer   put-up or
more athletic looking body of  men'than.
is  the  team   from  Kootenay and  they
gave ns a game  on   Saturday  that  Avas
worth  going : miles to  see.    Your uncle
Reuben, from Stoveston, Avas there, and
so Avas Alex. Turnbnll of NeAV  Westminster,    The latter, who is looked   upon  as
.a-master.of all the Aviles and mysteries of
lacrosse, Avas exuberant in his praises of
the'playing of the ambitious Nelsonites.
They—the    visitors—expected    to   AA'in.
They  knew  they  had  speed, endurance
and  an  experience  of the game  dating
back    over    many    summers,    and,   in
addition,    they    had    the   avoirdupois.
Their team in Aveight totals 1920 ijp'uiids,-
equal to 100   pounds   to   the  man,  and
carrying   all   this   Aveight around  Avith
them they one and all  proved, time  and
again, to be faster movers than the boys
in grey, avIio, at'the present time are but
groAving youngsters, that is, the  greater
portion   of   them   are.       We   sincerely
hope   that    our    opponents    of    Saturday   Avill   take    no    umbrage   at    the
liberty     Ave " take     of.   telling    them
where";.. they   are    Aveak.    Their   speed
of foot, in so heaA'-y a team  is   phenomenal.    Iua scrim  the green-shirted  denizen of the up-country, was always in evidence, and  he  generally  came out with
the rubber.    Their stick handling is superb, their  passing  fairly accurate, but^
from the point of view of an  old-timer,
they pay no attention to  certain  tactics
which,- if  used by  them,   Avould   niake
them a decidedly formidable body.  They
have the weight, but they seldom body-
w6i,-e .Ipse suhp.1 yrbeeause. "theymanjginiipst*:
%$&§} on?..ef6ith^„b.a.l Ui^gleoted- itO'-rpsllfthe
" |Si;yiibl.e;.pn«Piv|fte^he;^^^   b#;i,ily/*;: -&.'.",!*
|^°°:^'7Vj'°^fiifFll:|it™^ J;s*/ ^"
t^° StMibe% "*i%c(ii\ve>^
.„tJiaCtliojh:eadf pnsli •&k.tiie. «. A'. .C;has
decided", to" artitke -n-""" Jigh't^'ligaliist the1
^lTnci'4fTJiilpiji .'j.»I^s^pii|)e^f^t^^jjfe:
;;g3ti|l!tiiiit"=li,e^d figes, :p-9t|DeW^-."t:4iTT'lih e ° flfiyj
;" cnent;S k d!s"yj'"b"iiJ%tha£lip'»will "not Iftq dfe?
f 'tn}fed|t-d;^^ ^\^°'^|ij:(S>i"l °'lj-t° °«ifi^.l^2Jg"5^ J^-i'*-.
"""tfi'O" JhJk.' "C a"e4uireci\^it)i301.-tyvni" ihe
ipfeoyincO, aiid will bo; "doiiig !bnusiiipssl at
tlio sahie standi long rifter f iO,B. A„C.
ilias ex;pii-ed by lihiitati'dit JTh'e R. A. C.
is tlVo fopoign ocoiiipai.iy that owns the Le
Roi .and pther niines "fit  RpsSlaiul: '.fijnj a.
smelter at NcnTthypi't.
The Ore Will
There Will be No Strike.
Boston, August Hi.—An agreement has
been reached between officials of tho Now
York, New 'Haven & Hartford railway
and its telegraphers, and there will be no
strike by the latter.
Come From, British Columbia1.
NWtlipm-t' Nvc,\vs.
Twelve cars of machinery have boon received by the Norbhport smelting' company during the pitst week and tile Avork
of putting, it in place is being pushed
with all possible speed- It is now believed the .company wi" ha ready to
doublo its present capacity by Scptembev
1st. it lias, booy stated by tlio nianagors
of the works that the ore Supply is Sul'li-
ciout to keop tho four largo furnaces in
full blast colitiuliQuslS^ which moans between S00 and lOOO tons of Oi'o will bp
sinoltetl daily in Nprthpoi-t.
Organizing a Conipany to Work, Copper Claims.
Charles McKay, avIio is a practical mill
mati and prospector, believes he has a
group of copper claiins over on Fish
creek, a tributary of St. ,Mary|s river, in
East Kootenay, that can be made a paying property and he has gone east to organise a company. Mr. McKay has spent
live years in Kootenay, and every dollar
he saved out of his earnings as a mill
man has been spent in prospecting and
doing assessment Avork on claims.
Will Not Accept Work on the Terms Offered.
Ottawa, August 1,0.—Delay is threatened in the construction of tlie Rainy'
River railway, for Avhich Mackenzie &
Mann have the contract. A score of sub-,
contractors have returned hero from Port
Arthur determined' not to accept the
maximum prices offered by the principals, Avhich arc aAvay below those.of the
lowest tenderers. Besides they declare
they will not accept the conditions of
buying their supplies from Mackenzie &
| Maun.
£4fatJ;&&&§t 4^'i^'.X^9|i »£tf'#y: .ifiiuVoihv::
f^piiiinOn.'to^ho'th'a'laihis. °"4UanAvhpte"°seope.
XJieii^^^^^^^i''-fetojilftfe - ".*• >";."-1'>
„ /JGfj'eMega^l^
,thfejAq^.li|^tv|ofih " flilnlbjO-r,. tijd"l|he no
,til!es^H--p;di|;n"€nO'.ilnitial''» post Is' to oPiitalli.'
'tlTe ^ifniTieli'p"! fpAt iylu-g tp^thO^ight 'ftiut
i0&& fcli^iijie.. dJ" '     ' .- """;/
TJiO- location' notice'? Iforni' A, iti
StShbd'ute tp Act IHDjl, chapter 29, sec tion
I:l| defines thp clahfi. as: sp nia.ny feet in
length hy £o hia;ny %mt in breadth, and is
and left of tlio location line.
This location notice shows that tins
party .claiming under it claims a clear
tract of land tin each side of the 'location
line; if any land on either side of the location line ipul within the area indicated
by tlie location notice is lawfully «ecu-
pied milling ground, the locator litis Mo
right to enter on it, and tltej-efore nn
right to extend liis line across sucli grontitt.
The locator of the 0. B. 0* claimed
juOOfbet to tlie loft of'the line, but there
was only a few foot .of Ifttid tot life left because tho Exeter intervened^ therefore he
Could otiIy take up to that line and any
fiirtlier unoccupied grpuiid f'Orining portion of thosai.no: jilot without iiitervonitig
bar of recPfded claim.
I am of opinion that the defoiidaiit
company are not entitled to.any portion
of the land separated and cut off from
the portion of land on Avnich they had
placed their stakes. No question is before me for decision as to whether the
records of either parties are valid or tho
reverse. As the parties have agreed
there shajl be no costs, the ■ plain tiff will
have judgment Avithout Costs.
From the Opposition Camp.
(Special to Tho Tribune)
Victoria, August 10.—Ncav Westminster    advices-   confirm    tho    statement
wired-yesterday that  R. L. Reid Avill oppose Henderson, and adds that he scarcely has a fighting  chance.    The  evidence
of the political unrest prevailing isshoAvu
by  the   fact  that tho  NeAvs-Advertiser
thinks that it is necessary to combat the
suggestion that  Peters  may  enter  pro-
viucial   politics.    Cotton's   paper   urges
that while  Peters has  been  premier  of.
Prince Edwards Island, affairs there are;
much  easier to   manage than those   of
British Columbia, and also that Peters is
too new to this  province  to be  familiar
with its requirements.    This,  no doubt,
is another  slap at  Martin, Avho  arrived
at   about   the   same    time   as   Pofccis.
The Times of this city in a leading editorial tonight endorses the proposal that
W. W. B. Mcrnnos of  Nanaimo, the lieutenant-governor's son, should  enter the
cabinet to fill the vacant  fifth   portfolio;;
and  urges  that finance and lands   aiid
works department, now both in Cotton's;■■;■■
charge, arc too  much   for one ,miiiister.:J
This  latest  Mcluncs proposal  emanates r-
from the Nanaimo  Herald, the  organ 6f;V
the Robbius  coal mines, for  Avhom  Mc-
Kechnie is the avowed spokesman in the '
cabinet.        .".'.-:■''■     .■"■'■' '  '_■' Taylor^ J     ;
Another Rush from Dawson. :   ;
Victoria, August 10.—News  Avas re-;H
ceived by the.steamer' Dirigo this :iriorii£;
ing of another big   stampede frohv Dawson,- reports of a discovery of rich; gold:
bearing quartz within a few miles Of tlibi;;?
towivhavihg   caused   great excitement;'■;■<}
The discovery is said to have  been ihade
on Rock creek,...which enters the Klondike
on itsright  limit,  about  85 miles from
DaAvson.    Four locations Avere "recorded
for quartz claims in that vicinity on July   '
28^ and the  news soon  spread that: im-  ;
mensely ■  rich   rpek  • had   boon   found/
A    Avild    rush    to    the    scene    ensued r
and the   country   by -this   time;, must* 0
be    staked    for    miles    round..        The;
original   locators   brought-  samples    of #
the quartz   into   Dawson,   from  Ayhich;e:
they claimed to haAro got assays showing '
$1700, $2500 and $3000 in gold to the tbh;f;
A well  known  mining man   who   eamoMj
do\vn on  the Dirigo,  and  avIio  did? nofc:^;:
Avish his name to be used, stated  tliat hei ?;
secured  samples^ of the  rook^frpih ;tbeS;
■'new discovery,  and   tho; best ^siiy5lie:?y:
could get ft-oni-it gave $2.20 to the toli;9l|*;
;;M; W. Greer,;amining ^expertiOf;; OtziSS
•'.'.;-.;.', ;-j*(SS I
% "M^^^n^^^^iM^W^i^hf
°tilet.felco)|*^ui^^!t^i-M'$i0lt,'ot tft|!
oil. .hol:"4'etu1!n°"''tB'" ¥lc|pijra"Ava%:.Atiil''lnn#u"'
■ -Ii 0'-i;'""prtt iSe.rfftfffe^
,djuill^^1(3ie5m6ikltod"'f>c|I(teo' ^""-Av^H ssts
■of tho 'sue«e% pf>;f!|io'u:- '«ajc):.np:ui§fer/i££y,e lift.
j'airs;,   Boipiiol^eolc^iit tlio-lfoax^of tW
AJaJvOl;'!. |'pi;ocns,. is-oftoO.B" thp liiOs't;HP|JUla;i>
ineia, ill l^wsoji", jwuT'he lidv^r „ sparfss aft
uffprf; to bring^afeisjEaetion.' ttttlio iiiriners
wlio havfcbiiSlhPsS' to trfinsik't wlfll hi"p|,.
of atiythi'Qg'l.tko a Strict r.tdOj aloilg van-
(jnishod, |)l:)sslliirit>y. No matter" Avhat
hour .of tho day. or liight it is, a niiner
Who has very often, waljiod thirty pr
forty miles, j list for tlie ,S|iOcial pinfp.iHO'
of seeing him, c.'ui claini his attention
without any lost time. Tile other olTicei-s
and m-e,n foi-Ri a splendid detacJlnlont pf
ivhat Miss Scott .thinks is tlie finest body
of organis^od men ill the world, at least
so ffrr as licr wide experience lias I'tsucfied.
•  jMuch Taffy and a-Few Good Pointers.
VancoM.viir WOt-ltl.
Vancouver and' Nelson p]ayed lacrosse
on Saturday afternoon, and those of us
who were fortunate enough to see the
match have not stopped talking about it
yet. We have gradually drifted into the
most reprehensible habit, here on the
Coast, of imagining that all the players of
the game in the province are scattered
around amongst the three cities, Van-:
couver, Victoria and Westminster, and
that the "great interior" was incapable
of turning put anything in the lacrosse
lino, at  least, that  could  do more  than
Free Milling' Ore in Atlin District.
Nevvs lias reached Vjetorlu of a wonder*
fully rich find of free milling pre in feho
Atlin district. The find was made by 0.
A. Anderson, of North field, who spent
several years1 pn Toxada island prospecting, ainl J. Pearson of Yakima,, tVaHliing-
ton. The strike Avas made in what is locally known as tlio Big iloi-u district.
Assays of tlie rock rim from $2000 to
nearly $i;3,Q0Q in gold to the ton. Samples .of tho ore wore sent to Atlin to be
assaj'ed. Mi-. Pinder, of the Bank of
British North America, avIio did. tlie
work,' certified as follows: No, 101,
$12,052 gold; No. 102, $12,300 gold; No.
102, $222 silver; No. 168, $2904 gold.
The ore, it is said, was taken indiscriminately from different portions of the
ledge. Two pounds of the rock was
roasted, powdered and Washed in a prospecting pan. It yielded ■$(). Tlio gold is
of a leafy nature, running through the
rock in layers. A stringer of molybed-
ntun is running in the lode.
The Metal Markets.
IS'kw Yokk, August:Id. — Copper steady
broker's $18.50, exchange $18.50. Load,
quiet, brokers' $1.57.]   @ $1.02.    Bar  sil-
ver i)Q}(; Mexican dollars
ficatoH 001 @ Gl|.
48 : silver certi-
inoii 'C$^S»I)1- oa^OX^^^tdjtoi^d.'"^*tlio3!|ft|.^|||
,c,ou-ipa'ny on- •&Q3i4U>lijM\"M\^^mf^i&-^T"': 3-'"
($;Ii).^i0)' shonld Jje'ded^fcod^-fffinK^i^y
wag"es.   The oiBv^tii-Ji^Nv^gi^fg"*
to hire the otholvs*   ''TliP -jvfaiK''^\'4fL'0'«!ri*^;;
given tickets, biit pnfe o'f tirow "\vfl.s.ginv.pii:«
a ptiss' good for IiiniSoff and tiCjit inen-."" t. „ bX
Th6 By-LaAv Said to fe:£ad\ - " -"^
The city has spent over :$1,0W.) in- olV-
forts, to 'fi'iWne .a. '£u'Qa tiftlffe^'t^'Iitiv^'T^iV
will have to wmtimYe jfehp.'ofl%i«t,,„f),s;!ulo!l'^:j'
grant i>iH>oi'VO(f yostordity ^ '\&(3-.°$mtf$&- ?
1'i-oili S. S. 1'aylor is fraptirtet as oOntailf" _
ing ithxi info-i-inttt-ion-: tliat a jhcJgG ^.'f'- 4'ho.
snprenie'eourt had 'docid^'o!, tfifft -MM zbp3*^
,la.W Av.'i.« no good'. -   °   . "
Want to Bace at Noxvport.
NK^TtHt'l', l;i f.„ August 10;—C. CJlivm*
Iselln of tlio Coluiubia, ittid W, Bhtior
OiUH-an of the j^effendei* are in faA?Pr of
holding the America's enp fciials h^rd,
and if tliey can impress their ideas upon"
the cup commit/toe of the Now York yacht
club, tho official -race to select a ciij) d'e-
feiider -will be held off this port, and not
off Sandy Hook as announced in the official programme.    	
France (Jets in Early.
.IlO.vti Ko.N'o, August 10.—A newspaper
published     in    Macao,   the    Portuguese
Seaport tit   the  south  west  entrance- of-
the Canton river, reports that France hasj
occupied the island of San Chan,   west o| ■
Macao, as an assertion   of  her  rights, to '
the province of Kwang Tung in tlie event
of the partition of China.
Drowned at Sea.
Cai.cihta, August   1.0.—Tho  RosolntOj
Avhich was sunk by a  collision with the
steamer Sctudia, had half a dp7.en  European officers and a crew  of about Sixty::
natives on board. Tlio chief oflicet, second/
mate   and  third engineer  and  sonic of
the uatives were saved, but tho  reluaiii-
I der of those on board are iuissiug* ME TRTBUKEi  NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, AUGUST IT, 1809.  ARGAINS  IN  WHITEWEAR  Not-withstanding-  the fact that last  season's  trade was   far W  im beyond  our expectations,   Ave have   still   an   immense  stook   of W  ^\ Ladies' and Children's Whitcwear, which we will close at prices ^L  (m heretofore unheard of in  Nelson.     Read the following: Ar.  jm Ladies' 75c Drawers for 50c;   Ladies' $2 Drawers for $1.50; ^k.  pjfa Ladies'$1 Night gowns for 75c; Ladies'$2 Nightgowns for $1.50; %j.  fl$ Ladies' $3 Nightgowns for $2.40;  Ladies' Chemise at $1, $1.25, jk.  pj^ $1.35, and $1.65, a straight cut of 25 cents. ^  ^ White Underskirts at your oavii  prices.     Our space will not *k,  /jfjlji alloAv a full list of prices of goods, but a laok will satisfy you that *k,  flfa our bargains arc genuine. jk.  ��  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OF  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TERMS   ClA-SH  ^i^A^iA^iAA^zf^i^: A^.  ���^���er  '-&������  T-&  e^e^i  (E>���>&j5>^���>fi^^&iS^sE>���>���s;��  : ^e^g^Sc^^^e^^:^  aster  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  the divekceper and the divekeeper pays  him to hoodwink society. The perplexity could notarise if the policeman Avould  remain true to his employers and not accept a bribe, but the Ne\Ar York policeman never thinks of that. The Mazct investigating committee haAro discovered  that chief Dcvory has overlooked the  presence of gambling and opium .dens  and thus added something to his salary.  Society has come to expect nothing bettor from New York police officers, and  the only remedy open to society is to  make applicants for positions on the Now  York police force "pass the long green"  and pay a commission from their salary  or be removed from oil ice. The corruption cannot be removed; it cannot be condoned.  Guerin Still Holds Out.  Pa his, August 10.���M. Joseph Lasces,  anti-Somite and anti-revisionist; member  of the chamber of deputies for Gers and  M. Massard, manager of the Patrie, held  a consultation today with premier . Wal-  dcck-llousseau's secretary in behalf of  M. Guerin, president of the anti-Semite  league, avIio Avith his sympathizers has  been barricaded since Saturday in the  office of the league, regarding the terms  under which the latter 'would' surrender.  The secretary said it Avas essential that  the law should'be upheld, but the gOAr-  ernment Avas as anxious as the mediators  to effect a bloodless arrest. Further conferences on the subject have been announced as having come, to nothing.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ��he ��rihune.  Dait.y Edition   Wkkkly- Edition ..   First Yrar, No. 102  ..Seventh Year, No. 30  Tub Doctors' Union has struck against  the employment of a non-union doctor in  the general hospital at Nelson. The doctors, .'however,. haA'o an ' advantage over  the miners. When a non-union doctor  attempts to work without first securing  a permit from the union he is arrested  fand v.; imprisoned-.';:   [JWhen    the .���'/Miners',;  Stt:  ;yf 0^i0i d|i|!|r^flc^lae^iej(i ^t'%-��^fl5lfSaJ^  ports has been raised to $1.30 a ton, Avith  prospects of a still higher - figure. At  these rates the average lake vessel; can  /Very near pay for herself in one season, and ship-OAA'ners are repaying -themselves liberally for the. poor .years in the  past. If the OAvners of the Lake Superior irouinines had been managed; by the  same class of men as manage the silver-  lead mines of West Kootenay, they avouIcI  have closed their mines'-rather'.' than be  "cinched" by   the transportation  coin-  'F,^^M^^^^f^^^^^^l'  manager.1  m^i  i^^iiiirfniB^jn'^i'io ]%jle /ttfcS'USii:ios��;'|,y"'S4��Jwf  %^$djd^^  .was7  ^^fe:Mr;  lL'>-.>.  |4:folrl%'a^.tJi'ifc" tlio bus-mess ��^vfe{iai-gely *|  v^^ftf/}nr^vbrkpd a?nd that', tJlre; aj\esii^iing^c6nh  f*��"nfl|^titi'0h had, forged' pVPces, d6%ii=.so���lb���AV?!'  ?\��-"th{i,"j&/i,t  Avas  dilfjditlt evOu  to itt^k^i ex-  =^jep3^.==5oni(Kowiiei^=micnn=affc>afl^tlieu-j  Vessels" for sale at low iJrlcesf.   ^ho sifcti-  ���sMato how is opniiiletely- rSvor-sed.    The  iroh orO shi|iinents luive .shoAvn a great  iuferease over the very large ou.tp~vr.b- of  last'yejlr.   Vessels are in demarid, and the  I'ttfe for ore iVom Bulubli  t<��> 'Bake- Erio  ;ersy4oorfwh��>A|i^  ����-vfe$he"!eiglAt^  "jssii0?in:"the^%cw>"W%��a el,eotioi���i,t  "lnstoad,�� ot�� 'lioiniilating "a"Jawj'er'��> clerk*  ���4i^ej|^eic1^  :4i"Ko^eriff|f)|b!|fi^s^n^^      kbfeohl wh*D^��  tQ^the Iawin ��� ��� aj      ���'���������.,  "  BetAveen $fcb- Fii-es.  Tlio jfeAV york pQlicemah is bOtAVeen}  tAV& fii-c& ��� iSjcleiety pay^ 'hiiil to I'QQjb d{W  INCORPORATED 1670.  What    is   the   difF9rence    between  TETLEY'S TEAS and  other/brands?  Just   the.' same    as    between    trie  Athabasca  mine  and any  one  of the  ^rjundre^  '"!="*/��rS'9'��r".'S."*'^;l"'*v^l,i.:��!��"iV''l'��:n��M  ��������; * .E x pe r i e nee;* as! *p roy ed Mh eiival u e* ofr  yt;rj'|.i^;r|e|v^Tn^b;|^  '"'i&feisii.ifeviSlfltfrs^^^  ;mentinfewhen fyso.u *pan^gekl:sureme-'  ;'|&rns'= f-.'b'y j"- inV^st'irf'gffiri:  "s-arxi1c.i,eJr,:"n ..j. ... ,;��������� *:>��,=����,-  e guaranteed  ;H]'ea;.<spJdrt4  "It" "T-T   ffi/��V=S��"   ">"   "T^-V   *""���""    's��,?iS ."j,' ��",,��"��   .W,**"/".".1'"  V J'favsC'���ousfcp1roccnvcd."a/j3oiiRigiiniciitiof ".Han-is-hoiiie,  r^Th0,supply4HflllitJto no    n^DyD.:.   D  oDnDo  n    -  ^o^nft.nE  ^L^^p-p*"^"^ ?'  ittr  U��ddqu.artcrafor  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo mako a Bpocialty of  -- Sf\iplap aqd Dot ble Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles and Lath Kept in Stock  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agont.  Wall Paper House  of the West  The difference between the J'udjjo and tlio  Bishop may he tl��i6 the Judge can .say "y3u  he"hnnijcd," wlti'lc the Bisliop can say "you  ito d.-uiiiicfi." On 'tlie... otlior. liaiwl ...wlioti, the  Jttdgo-says "you he liariged," you are liarigcd.  Next to tljo Value offered, the most inarked  peculiarity of otti- Wall  X*ftj)er is that avIiom the  ,) udgo liiwi made his  sehjetion and says "you  he hiingod," it is  hanged.; nob evon the  cheapest grades giving  trouble. There are papers that are beyond  the jurisdiction of tlie Judge and coino under  that of the Bisliop. There is an art in avoiding this kind���this arbhas been our study.  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  TKE BlSfjOP SA/Y  Stationery Co., M  5 ^gallons Moot Bee/r\? .  ,2^galhds^em6^ade=-.-^  Effervescing Health &aM 25c  Bromo SeidUtz , , . . 25c  Bromo BeUzer . * . . 25c  Mme FfvM Juice, pis . 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, qtits , $1  Alley's and Eno's Fruit Sj&M  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST  ../.ff-yotijAvant; a ^st.yliKlfepcrf opt ��Hltingp?iiiti,"niad6 pfetfio"  cbb^t.bfild'Ui ever/niip.o.rt'o^i.tb^'Kcf&dM^'loV'V'o "'ydar/order*  Jvvil'li inc./.,,    " �� v  '������'���'.���. ..    ������    '. " "/      w .,'���    ��� -''  g^Sixfliunftrctl/doUars'' jvoi-Lh' "-of-, ric,w��"fjo-btlsi :i).oW? iWrtitr-  'in��.nyjDfflr'iivisiioctioTi." * I gtfti-aiiteosaXisfactildh k6'r jib $a).6^,  \ *j'lfelson^B.'-u^-io^datp T^iilbi-,'. npjcTJvootcijay ��6p0ircC ".Go:  AiirllAvauti lobe in it. I hivvo jiisfe..Tocteiyo.d-  Fiiil. 'gimipk'B of Suitings ftii(l=�� Ovui--'  CpiitiiSuS j-oprCSeiHii'flg ii ?o0,(kO() tjtoolv to  clyoo-s'i) from made l.o joiir order at. p ieow  ilevor bofoi:o heard of in NCIkoiu All (lie latest  fad's in  Kantjy VoSlinfrs for Kill! and winter.  s  '.y(rt;Mi��'rl.:BUSiNjB;|^A^i|'n'Egn^^^  ;*^'S"b^���'l20i,BiJ?aiidrnvjStrdo.t��,"'bdtiW'fibn /il6sophiiiO,��"lvruU "�����:���.  '.^'AVara'stre'd^fs;.'.". s.s/x.S',.,,;/.;,, ^.^..;.,tif .���&��./; z:t:r-j$sooo ���  's��60a*by".]20,41aKorJ��|irGpt betAveen Jb.sepliind'alia JIallb"  *25;by"120 >\-ith iinpfdvomoiits", sojttili" side of A^ernon  ..: ��� streot> v.,. s, .jj....... .^. ���:���. >..-.-... v. ���,gf.,...".,!,.:,. .j.,_,. .^.v o pQOg.-.  50:byil-20 ^vitfi .iinprox-cliioiiK; ;sbirth".eidd ofTdriion" "*"��  ' ; gtreofs-."-:-."..���;���;."./.:.'���,.;..���;,.:���."'���".':".../,��,.i.��.;.'...,.:��.'-.-.'..-.."iCOpO";  "2��Tlb��s \vithcdjitagoronied lit $15;fler.)noiltih, ^ictofia..��� ��� .;  ^���Street'A-,"���:"S-V."'...,.'�����. ah"a��'.sS..,....;...,"/,/.���:,..-.;,.-:".'35Q0 '  ;��� i'lpt" Avifclf tJottagcirisiitcd aVS15��peE?riioiilli, 'VieCoria,  .o ,strcotu...^.. ���-��� ���,;<,. sS'L.',.-. .���J... if/./. ..j.. ..v-v'.j..',.,..,...", - M)0a  2,iots with,coltogardutcdpftfc ��20;pci-���)|ion"th, SUuilcyp  ����� rs't,reet". ���..:,;:.,.,;,.,. .,"1. .-p.,,s.:...:: >.-.>;../,.,;..,, ,; .3000 ;  Cld|s infelbck 1113, all cleared'atidifolicSd.in.....,..-.�� 2500  Js at J. tAYL0R SAPES  "���������   :ilii\Vk>"nii$ Mjjijiig?;Sl,"dclfl.'". ." ;.i   .��ustdifll.8l|rpk:p!&���"  O^S^gMB'?B|?;0;|i6RS':  ���'���'���AU#tf0MfepWS':''"  a#ttfflBALME��  Real Ketato and General Agents, Saker St., Nelson  w  3STE!LSC>3Sr,   B- O.  Having leased the business of tlio Nelson Soda AVator  Factory. 1 am prepared to supply the trade with nil kinds  of carbonated and aunited wuturs. Family orders solicited.   Prompt delivery*.  l"'n<j|flry on  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,   25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in'I. O. O. K. Hall,comer  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. ULLIK. C. C. R.G. JOY, K. of K. &S.  NMLSON IjODGB, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NKLSON h. O. L., No. lfi!)2, nieets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  comer Baker and Kootenay streets, l.-t and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethcrn cordially invited.  JOHN TOYK, W.M. V. J. BRADLEY, Hcc.Scc.  "VTKLSON Aoric, Number 22, Fraternal Ordero'f. Kagles,  ���*���'    iiiccU every second and fourth Wednesday in each  month in Kraternlty Hall, visiting brethren welcome.  J. 1U.V1NO. President.        J. It. WltAV, Stcretory..   j  Canada Drug and Book Oo.,  Cornor of Baker and Stanley Streets, Nolson  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province   of   British   (.-olumbia, Nelson. AVest.   Koote-  iniy, to-wit:  By virtue of a warrant of exeeution issued out, ot the  CJounty Court of Koot nay. liolden nt Nelson, at the wiit  of.Frank Lavin, plaiuliif, and to mo dire-ted itgiiinst'tlie  goods ail t chattels of the Kootenay Ail-Supply Company,  defendant, 1 have seized nnd taken in execution all tlie  right., title, and interest of IhoKud defendant, the Kootenay Air Supply Company, in ono in right steaniboilcr,  one machine drill, one bellows, one anvil, one ore bucket,  two pieces of compressor machiijery, four joints of pipe,,  all now situated on Codec Creek; in tlie Ainswortli niiti- <  ing division of West Kootenay distrift. to lecover the  sum of two hundred and seventy-six dollars and eighty*  seven cents ($27(1.87), amount of said execution besides  shei-ilPs poundngo, officer's fees, costs, and nil other legal,  and' incidental expenses.  All of which I shall expose for salo, or sufficient thereof  to satisfy said judgment, debt and co.-ls, in front o' my  ofUeo, next to tlie Court House, in the city of Nelson, on  the 3rd of August, A. X). 18MM, at the hour of oleven  o'clock in the forenoon.  Notk���Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interests and t iilo of the said Company, defendants.  Dated at CoiFee Creek, B. C. 28t.h ,1 uly, 18!)!).  S. P. TUC1C, Shoriir of South Kootenay.  Tlio above salo is postponed until Thursday, tho loth  day of August', 18!)!). at the same place and hour.  S. I'. TUCK, Sheriir of South Kootenay.  The above salo is further poitpnnod until Monday, tlio  21st day of August, 18!)!), at thesa?ne place and hour.  . S. 1'. Tl'CK. Shoriir of Soutli Kootonay.  and Fa&cy Press doods  Blouses d.Md Press Skirts  CALL Oii  rs.    E.   McLaughlfri  JOSJSPHINE 8TKEKT, NELSON  HAIH GOODS AID HAIB OBNAMMTS  Switchfes from $2 up.  MRS. J. AV-.KKAltNKYhasonctiedaLndieS Hair Dress  ing P-rlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is pre-,  pared to fu nish evwything in the way of hair goods  mid hair tonics,   Treatment of tlie scalp a specialty.  THE GRANVILLE SGHOO  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  ?i550 will purchase a choice .residence Corner, 100 by 120  febt.  $2100 will purchase a ceutrrtl lot and residence. .  $100 Avill  pui'dljasc t\yo nice lots aiid shil'iity, Kbusoh  . slri.et, IfuiiiAadditiom       t>  SIIOOO will'pur-oliasefdui' nice lots aiid residoijee.  i0,0��0 Pooled FnlnuOiit I cents.  Blaokcoek (Ymir) shares 20 cents. 4  5000 Uiieli at ii ceiits.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bocokh blofik, Nelson, B. O.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further,  particulars apply to  FRED   J.:  SQUIRE,    Nelaow,   B,   O.  FOB EHJ3STT  Baker Street, ISIelsbh  FIRST DOOK WKSt BANK B.C: BUlLniNG.  Boardinj? and day school for girls will rc-opon on tho  loth day of August.   Vacancies for boarders.   Kor terms  and prospectus apply to           MAUKMOISELljB KKIIN, Principal^  "W". dp- KOBijsrsoxsr  (Elx-Shoritr of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Poitoliioo Box 572 Nelson, B. G.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine. Limited, Albert Canyon, on tho  main line of tho C. 1\ It., 22 miles east of Kovelstokc, requires six Rood miners.   Wages $3.50 per day.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'l'I.Y  J. L.AING STOCKS, Secretary  At office of the Duncan Mines, Limited., Clement, &  Hillyer Block. ���  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, betAveen Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson.  M.BALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND i'ASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY AVHITE HKLP EMPLOYKI)  :E��-     XZXJJZLttSr,     PBOPBIEfOB  Palace   Bakery  Bread delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, piustry, and confectionery a spocialty.  'iT\vo lots with two-story hOUse oii La'tiiiiei?  stroet. nfiar .loseiiliiife , .....a ..fl1800  Terms:   ?1200 easli,, baJnnet;, on mort{*nKe.;  Si.vtV'aere rniieh, Iililo niilei? fr'oiii city 01:1 lako  shore... ,..,.....���."��� .j.^iQOO,  Ohc-half cash, balaneo bis niOrlgr.iKO;,  .   .. XiQiA.'JSJ'Sl  Ou loaii conditidns are the eTieapest and best  Ollered.   Yon tan repay at ally tinio withdtit  bonus. ' ,        "  British Gdliitnbia i'eniiancnl,Savings & Loan Gdmjlatty'.  Globe Savings &r.L0on Co., Toroutd.  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  GAMBLE <&:0,RBIJUL<V* Agt��  Baker Street West. Nelson, B. C.  ��� VI  GENERAL,  BROKER,  FIRE, IilPB, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALE���Real estate in all parts of the city.  L Pope  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  MANUJi'ACTUREK OV  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  ���wa.:r:d    stbbet,   3srjsx.so3sr  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice Is hereby given that I will apply at  the noxt sitting of tlio Licensing Board of tho City of  Nelson, B. C, to bo allowed to transfer the rcltv 1 liquor  license now held by me for Ihe Clarke Hotel, situa'o on  lois numbered elcvon and twelve (II and 12) in block  numbered'five (5) of the City of Nelsi>n, British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and Geoigc W. Bartlett.  E.G. CLARKE.  Dated at Nelson. B. 0��� this 15th day of August, 18!l��.  ^^���^^m^^p^^^^-r.1 THE  TPJBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, AUGUST  IT, 1899.  Capital,  Best, ^*-  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, President  [Ton. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       I1HANCHKS IN       LONDON  (EtiKland),   NEW YORK, - CHICAGO  and in the principal oltlos In Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cabin Transfers  GRANT COMMKKOtAI. ANI> TltAVKM.KKS' OHKDITS,  availablo in anyopart of tho world.  DRAKTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADIC; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OK INTEREST PAID  A   CANADIAN   HEEO.  An event of more tlian passing interest  to Monti-ealoi's is the early home coming  of Major Gironard, the dashing young  Canadian..oiiieor, whose name is almost as  Avell known throughout.' tho British empire today as that of lord Kitchener, of.  Khartoum, says tlio Montreal Star.  Girouard's achievements in the recent  Soudan campaign must be considered its  being only second in importance to those  of the sirdar, for Avhile tho latter put to  flight the armies of the khalifa, the for-,  mer to a greater extent than most people  imagine made it possible for hiiii to do so.  For it was to him that general Kitchener  entrusted the task of engineering the  construction of the Wady Haifa railway,  aline that crosses the Nubian desert and  saves over six hundred miles of transportation around the great bend of the  Nile.  Major Gironard,  as  has  already been  stated, is a Canadian  by  birth,  having  been born in Montreal on  January' 2(ith,  1807.    He is the son  of  Mr.  justice  Gironard, of the supreme  court  of  Canada,  and his birth  is  contemporaneous  Avith  that of tho Dominion.    After completing  his studios at the elementary schools at  Montreal, ho attended, successively,  the  ...commercial academy of Three Hi vers, and  the Royal military college in Kingston.  He entered the latter in 1SS2.    On -finishing his course in 1SS0, lie triod.to obtain a  commission  in tho lloyal engineers, but,  failed. He also  made tin unsuccessful attempt to outer the lloyal artillery. In this  he was strongly opposed by his - father,  who  wished him   to follow  the  profession  of tin  engineer,   for  Avhicli he   had  boon educated,   -failing to obtain a com-  . mission- in   her majesty's  service he  entered'tlie service of the Canadian   Pacific  railway, and was employed for a  period  of/fifteen mouths on the survey and  construction   stall's.    At   the   end  of  that  time he gained his commission uas a  sublieutenant in the Royal-engineers.    He-  Avent to Chatham,- England; whore lie remained for two years extending and perfecting his engineering studies, and was  subsequently appointed   superintendent  of railway traffic at the Woolwich arsenal. *He filled this position for a period of  five years, during Avhich .time ho  gained  a practical knowledge of raihvay working.    He was first brought prominently  before  the  British  military authorities  through the agency of a paper which he  wrote in  1801, aud in which  he outlined  the engineering works necessary foi; the  :pi?ateetioi.i of the coast Of lJUlglaiid.    He  was then in lu:4 24th year. ���jriiis  paper  =W{ts=ai'terA\7trds=the=Snpject=0f^aii=artic]e=  in thei%rtnightry Review from the pen  of colonel   Boxall.    In   tlie   autumn   of  1,805, he visited Oanattti.   Tlie stay was a  short one, however, and in the winter of  iSOfij lie joined tile  c&pecfitioiiai-y force  uhder general Ivifcelieuer fot- the reeOn-  qsiest of the Soudan, and wiis placed iu  eoiniiijtnd   of  the   railway   ednsti'tietion  biitalioiij wjtiv the rank of "biiiibaRlli/' Or  iiiajor in the Egyptian artlly.  He was present at cvtwy engagement  in thjit iilemotfaljle eampaigii, which only  ended with tlie iiiagnificeiit victory at  Oindlirinan and tlio evacniltioii of Khar-  toiun, the scene of Gordon's tragic death.  Jilajor Girouartrs chief Avork iii the  Soudan caiiipaign was, as litis already  been stated, :the superintending of the  construction Of the Wady Hal fit -railway.,  In this undertaking he .had to face almost insurniountabie difficulties, but his  Canadian pluck and determination impelled him forward until at last the road  was an accomplished *act- The route of  the road was from Wady Haifa-, at the  second cataract, to Harrar and Akasheh,  near the fifth cataract, a total distance of  250 miles. It was rendered necessary in  Order to afford speedy transportation for  tlie Euglishiiind. Egyptian forces to the  higher reaches of the Nile, Avhence they  could bo conveyed in river steamers to  Omdurman and Khartoum: The task of  placing and building the necessary machinery ond Avorkshops at Wady Haifa  and the organization of a construction  staff of native Soudanese, was not an  easy one. Then there Avere the desert  storms and the heavy rains to combat.  Time and time again the line Avas buried  under sand or swept away iu the mullahs  or water courses by the torrents of water.  Iu such cases the buried rails 'were dug up  and relaid, the tracks carried away Avere  recovered and again put in place, and at  of Credit on Sk,aguay, (J. S.  Dawson City, Yul^on District.  Atlin., B. C, and  last,  hi June,   1800,  the  road   was completed as f.'i!' as Akasheh.    Then  ensued  the memorable   engagements at Tirkeli  and Dnngola, in both of which the expeditionary  force, Avith  general Kitchener  at its  head, routed   the dervishes   and  paved.tho way. for the further construction of the road and the advance of the  English   and   Egyptian   forces   towards  Omdurman and  Khartoum.-   During the  next few months the construction of the  railway  was   pushed forward   with   all  possible despatch.    In: a very short time  Kormoh,    which   lies,  beyond   the   first  series of cataracts, was reached.    Thence  the road was continued round the southern  frontier of   Dongola to  Moraur,   at  which point the work AA'as stopped until  the following year.    The reason for this  postponement avjis that the fourth cataract, Avhich lay between 'Moraur and Abu  Hamod, constituted a very dangerous and  difficult.-obstacle  to   the forwarding  of  supplies  by the  river and to transport  supplies "for OAron a small force by camels  or other animals AA'as  an "expcusi\re and  stupendous    undertaking.      The   sirdar,  therefore, decided to construct a railway  across  tho -Nubian'  desert   from  Wady  Haifa to Abu Hamod, audit was to this  road that 'major Gironard devoted most  of his attention. . He got his construction,  battalion to work on the lino in 1807, .and  thereafter the undertaking progressed at  the rate   of about  two miles. per   day.  Concerning  the construction   of this lino  the correspondent of the London Times  Avrites as folIoAvs:  "Great as were his achievements in  ���railway construction, movement of materials and supplies, its avoII as of men  over long lines of communication in 180(5,  he (general Kitchener) has surpassed  ��� them. in'.'.l.S07-8. , Iii no-campaign,'in any  country litis the work of.a magnitude to  compare Avith his ucav line from Wady  Haifa across the desert to Berber and the  Atbara ever been attempted. The inception of such it line was more than bold  ������it Avas daring, while the-iexecution of  tho Avorkjias been' signalized by the display of the highest skill in overcoming  difficulties. The solution' of the transport difficulty meant the certain and  relatively easy roeonquest'of the Soudan.-  Sir Herbert Kitchener addressed himself  Avith courage to theta.sk. He struck direct from Wady Haifa across the desert  to Abu IJamed, and so gained at a bound  the upper reaches of the Nile."  THE   BOYCOTT.  All real friends of the cause of humanity and sympathizers with the oppressed  will not fail to extend their best Avishes  and perhaps substantial aid to labor  struggling under tho heel of tyranny, but  those avIio have the best interests of  trades unionism at heart Avill regret the  system of .terrorism adopted by the  strikers of London and Cleveland. Tt is  nil very avoII for Avage-earners to endeavor to improve their lot by refusing  tOAVOrk until certain concessions arc made  by capitalists, but it is a mistake to resort to mob' law and to boycotting, em^  broiling the whole coniiniuiity in the dispute. The power to lay all classes of  eitizeiisninderaHuoyeott^  thei'n into obedience shows; the great  strides which trades unionism lias imule  diTring this century, but when this power  is used despotically, the pendulum will  begin to swing back to the other extreme.  It is indeed lamentable that the  cause of honest labor must suffer  from the domination of half-brainexl,  tyi'ithts iii the ranks. There may be dire  oppression on the pitt'fc of tile ina,s,tor,,but  this: is no excuse fol* iingoveruable rage  on the part of the servant, when, he finds  himself suddenly possessed of power.  Trades Unions, so soon tis they got tlie  whip hand, sometimes overstep the mark,  and in their, blind stubbornness inflict irreparable injury on their own order. A  number of years ago shipbuilding flourished oil tlie Thames, but the union element led to such unbearable insolence  and dictatorship' oil the part of the workmen that capital Avas handicapped and  the laborers soon found themselves turned .adrift, for'tlie industry had. been  established on the Clyde, -where- trades  unions as yet were unknown. But  history repeats itself. Today the  Clyde shipwrights have become saucy,  ugly and imperious,,and the consequence  is that capital is subjected to great losses,  and is becoming more and more unable  to compete with United States and   Gcr-  Telephone 93  FOR  ICE  CREAM  ANB  FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  man shipbuilders. Some day the bull-  headed workmen Avill wake up to find  Germany monopolizing the business and  themselves loft destitute. Of course, tho  same conditions do not apply to London  and CleAreland, but the same churlish,  stubborn spirit is manifested among the  strikers, and this -will inevitably bring  disaster on themselves. Conciliation is  tho only true Avatchword both in the  camp of labor and of capital. Emancipation is to be secured not by violence  nor by ungovernable excess, but by moderation and peaceful methods.  The Virtue of Care.  Toronto Tolcgram.  Boys need not be taught to go around  trembling and fearful that the next  breath may be their last, but instruction  in the habit of carefulness should be a  part of every boy's education. Perhaps  the public schools cannot be expected to  educate pupils in the art of taking care  of their OAvn valuable lives. Yet it is  true that the educational authorities  might do Avorse than give tho virtue of  carefulness a place on the public school  programme. A good half and more of  the tragedies which darken the brightness of these summer days are due to  carelessness. The average young Canadian guards a fifteen-cent hat more carefully than  he protects  his oavii  life, and  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast,  Flooring  local and const.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  '   ��� of 'ill kinds-.  If what you want is not in slock wo will make it for you  ,   - -  CAM; AND GET PRICES. '     .  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND, LAKE STREETS, NELSON   ,  CHARLES HILLYEH,  I'KKBIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SECRKTARlf  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LIMITED.  MAXUVACTUKKKS OV ;WD  nRAI.EKS IN  ���Next Door to  1>. JJunis & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITT0Gi(  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOKV AVOItlf IJOXK TO OKDKK,  sirciii AS  Scroll Sawing  Band SMib��  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STORK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill o��i Govorwiiont wharf.  Factory and ofllco, corner Hall street and C-IMt. track  WILL f)0 WELL TO  BUY THE]  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hcndtyx street, Nelson  Telephone,.91 Johfl    Rae,   Agdlt  im  Lime 70 Cerjts per 100 pounds.  AVill deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Streot,        T. CJ. PROCTOR, Manager  death  is always  Avaiting to come at the  bidding of rash carelessness.  Misapplied Wealth.  The institution of property has been  piwcd by experience asAvell as shown by  reason to be vital to industry and  civilization.    Communistic experiments have  had no lasting success.    The  whole  primeval  history  of man  may, in fact, be  stiid to haAre been an experiment in  common  ownership, which failed and  gave  place to1 bhe system of private property,  though traces of it still remain iu Russia,  Afghanistan  and    Hindostan.     Yet  instances of the unequal and unjust distribution     of      property      often     occur,  Avhieh     incline      us      to     sympathize  with    . communistic    aspirations.     The  other   day    wo    had    a    glowing    account of a party   of   youthful', heirs of  American    multi-millionaires   who,   had  just left  college  setting out on  a tour  round the Avorld Avith a corps of attendants and a fabulous amount of baggage.  These boys had never done, nor will the3r  ever do, a stroke of work  with, hand or'  brain; probably they will  never  do society any sort of good.    It, is  too  likely  that they may do  society not'a little  harm.    Yet the product of countless laborers is devoted to their pleasures ; they  are Avorshipped lords of the community,  revelling in  luxury and splendor, while  those by whose labor their expenditure is  supported are struggling, Avith their families, for bare bread. c,���'...  TheTremont Hotel  IVIALOfJE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  TIIK BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANUI  One of the best and most pop-  <       ular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  " BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  - Largo comfortable bedrooms find   llrst-cliiss dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  i  R^TES   S2   FEE,   3D-A.-ST  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Itoyal note!, Calgary,  H- D. HUMEj Manager,  The .finest Hotel in tho intdrior,  ���Largo sampler rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  qORNER OK WARD AND VERNON STS:, NELS&N  BAICM A& VV AUD STREETS, NELSON  Tho only, hotel hi Nelson tliat has remained under ono  miiriaKomoilt Since 1830.  Tho bod-rooms aro  woli fiiritiHliod  and   lighted by  olootrlcity':  The dihing-room is not Second to any in Ubotorlay.  The bat* is ahvaj-s stocked bythe best domestic and  imported liquors and Wljart*.  THOMAS! MADDEN. Proprietor,  YtVllR,   B.   O.  J,  W.  SMITH,   Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FiRST-OLASS  Large and woll lighted Heated by hot. al  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  3: V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains * BovalcJ-nba    R   ft  Hourly street car to station nBVBIStaKB!  D, U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Cofloc roasters and dealers in Tea and HoH'ec.  OfTcr fresh roasted collee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound $   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds    1 Ofj  Fine Santos, I pounds \   I 00  Santos Blond. 5 pounds.   1 00  Our Special Blond, B pounds...........: ......I 00.  Our Rio Koast, 6"pouiids.7.'.!i:.';. .'���." V. ���'./..���: v...)>-', :.'\\.\;:l '00;  A trial order solicited. '.       i.  ":'.'. '':���.''"'-' >        .-  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of  Oddfellows   Blocl(,   Wost  Baker Stseet  ,  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at ftelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Ret-iil j\r.-u-kots tit Nelson, Kaslo, Siiitdon, Silverton, New 'Denver, Yniir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Ciusctulc, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaRer street, Nelson E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK ONLY  ABSOLUTELY AT COST  No 20 or 50 PerClCent Discounts.  No Fake Removal:Sale.  Underwear  Pants  Sweaters  Hats  TAN SHOES  MINERS' SHOES  AND  ALL KINDS CLOTHING  Colored Shirts  Cotton top Shirts  Negligee Shirts  Regatta Shirts  Remember, This General Sale Will End on Saturday, the 19th, at 10 p. m.  Baker Street  Opposite Postofllce  THEO MADSON  Calgary Brewing & Malting Company  A CAR LOAD OF OUR  ^FAMOUS   LAQERpUl  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A FEW DAYS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.  W. P. DICKSON  AGENTS EOIt 1COOTENAY DISTRICT.  E. H. H. APPLEWHAITE  "J. MoPHEE1  Kootenay EleeMe Supply "and Constraetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Minos Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. 1 JoBephtne Street. Nelson. B. O. ".   ' -'  Arriving this Wee^  2 Car.-! Early Rreakfast Drawl Ekks  1 Cai- Swift, & C'o.'s H.-iiil��, Riiuon  anil l.ard.  1 Car Illicit (.'ruamoiy RtiLlar in I lid  2.S1J). and .Jlilli boxes ami llli,2li'i,.aii(l  iilli l ins.  2 Car--; of new Potatoes.  Wholesale Only.   Write or Wire for Prices  Nclsoii, ii. c.  ��  ���  ���  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .-".-.-   .   .  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar fflanfg.:Co,  Nelson, Ilrilish Columbia.  ASK FOR  BLAOKSMITHIjSJG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Watfob rftprtit-Irig prOnJ)rtly nltfeiitltel to h}' �� flrnt-daSs  whceh*):i({li:t,   .       "       -  $puqiii|" ivttentioii given to all klwlK of ropiiii-ititf mid  cfistom W6fk fi-om diitsWc pOiiitHi  S))op:   IJall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Iron Works  MANUKACrUltHKS OK  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTOBS  COURT HOUSE, ROSSLAND, B. C/  SKAT EI) TKN'DKHS, properly ondorreil. will ho i-o-  coivoil by tlio Honorable the Cbief Conuiiissioiier  of I��inds and Works. Vielorin, U. C., tip to I 'I noon of  Monday, the '.Mm, AiikjisI next, for llio erection find completion Of a Court Hoiim! at ItOs^land, H. C.  Diitwin'KH, spoeillealioiiK, and condition* of tendering  nnd contract, may be seen al, the Provincial Ooveniinenl  (tflicesal, Vieloria. Vmicoiiver. Uosslfind, and Nelson, Ii.  C. on and after the 27lh insUint.  Kadi tender must, he accompanied by an ncocptucl bank  cheek or eerlillciite of deposil made inynble to l.he unsigned, equal to 5 per centof die amounlof the tender, ius  s curtly for the duo fulfillment of the Contract, which  tdntll be forfeited if the party tenderiuK declines to enter  into con tract when called . upon to do mi. or if ho fail to  complete the work contra- led for. The checks of t.lio unsuccessful tenderer will be returned to tliem ui>on the  execution of I he, contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, and signed.with the actual .si��tiaiure of  the tenderers...-  ���'.' .The lowest oraujvtenddr not neccssarily.ficcepted.  ���w;s.'GORK,  Deputy Commissioner of Ijiindsand Work*1.  I jmds aud Works Department.,  .      Victoria. II. C. 21st July 189!>.  " "St". Alice Mineral Water  from the famous Harrison Hot Springs. . . .  A COOL MEDICINAL BEVERAGE  .VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NELSON  Thorpe & Co.,  I.IMITKD.  R.  IJItpVV'HJltg A&D^B0i*LKftJ3 0#  Fine Lagep  Prompt and rcKulftr  dnlivory to tbo trado.  at Nelson,  ERAL TEAMSTERS  AQKN'TS FOR  The Imperial Oil 0o.   Standard Oil Co.    *���  Washing'tdn Brick aqd Litrja Co.  The H. W. rVJcNieil Co., Lid,, Canadian Arith���ra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers  5 STOVEWOOD  TBLEPHOKiB  1SS  Dvirinpt the, season wc will deliver ice nt private residences  and buNiiiosS boustes daily in anjr  dosircd qimntity at cakoivtablo  prices.  WtlSOH & HARSHAW  1e  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  WAltT & CAUttlte���Arcliltccts.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  ordoon block, linker streets Nelson. m
Mail Orders Eilled Same Bay ss fieceived
Assayers' Supplies
Drugs and Drug Sundries
BRUSHES,  every  kindj
FLUXES of all kinds
PERFUMERY, best manufactured
BALANCES, best  makes  only
Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA
Just a few left of these nice crash suits
Just the thing for this hot weather
Come and get fitted out and do not suffer
with the heat
We also have a nice line of crash Mats which
we are selling at very low prices
J, A. Qilker
The Furnisher
. s.&fiufel^Oo^ • Stra"tTordyShoe;^Q.i7Amb\"",Soi-*:
An Old-Time Official.
A. AV. Vowell of Victoria, swpei'intend-
pnt of Indian agencies in liribi.sh (Joluin-
bia, was in Nelson yesterday after a business trip through East Kootenay. Like
all other arrivals from tliat section, he
reports remarkable activity in prospecting and mining, and lie predicts .a great
future for Mast Kootenay. ]\Ir. Vowell,
who is best known to all the old-time
residents of the Kooteiiays as "the.judge,"
was foi; many years in the employ of the
province in different ol'(icial capacities.
In the (iO's he was iu the Big .Bend, in the
7()'s in Cassiar, and in the SO's he was
government; agent; for both Mast and
West Kootenay. In the early days lie
invested in Nelson real estate, and had
Ins kept his holdings he would today be
several thousand dollars better oil". On
his return to tho Coast, he will take a
long trip among the Indians on Van-
cony or Island.
Two Wires to Greenwood.
The Spokane Northern Telegraph Company, whose northern terminus in Kootenay is at Nelson, has decided to extend
its lines into the Boundary country with
a temporary terminus at/Grehwood, where
it will compete with the C.P.R. telegraph
company, as it already does in southwest.
Kootenay. Tlie now line will start; from
Marcus and reach Greenwood via Grand
Forks. All the necessary materials liave
been purchased, the work of construction
;bcgiiis this week and will be rushed'to
Nelson is Slowly, But Surely, Getting There.
If it can be done without bringing on a
rate Avar, Nelson is to have the same rate
on freight from St. 'Paul and Duhith. as
Spokane. The distance from these points
to Nelson via'the Canadian Pacific and
the Crow's Nosfc Pass roads is tliirby-
eight miles less than from tlie same
points' to Spokane by either tlie
Northe.nr Pacific or tho Great Northern "roads.- Nelson is sure to become to southeastern" British Columbia
what Spokans is to northeastern Wash-,
ingbon. .'    . '  ■     '"-
The College of Physicians and Surgeons
have instructed Elliot <& Lennie to institute proceedings againsb Dr. Rose, the
newly-appointed house surgeon of the
Kootenay Lake general hospital. Dr.
Rose has resigned his, position as house
surgeon, but will remain at the hospital-.:
until he has qualified under the provincial; stbab\i%s.
men, hose races and bicycle races. There
will also lie prizes for the best float in
the trades' procession and the best
decorated house. The committee hopes
to raise $.'];■><)() which it thinks will ensure
a first class celebration.
.J. C Schimmerhorn, manager of J. A.
Say ward's lumberyard at Nelson, returned yesterday from Pilot Bay. The company's mill received this week a consignment of four* hundred thousand feet; of
logs from Goat river, which will be cut
into lumber for the Nelson market.
Dave McBcath has made good progress
wilh the wagon road from Salnio to the
Vellowslone mine. .It will probably be
finished the beginning of next week, and
would have been before but for the wot
weather. Dave is considered to have
made a very quick .job of it. The road is
twelve miles long.
With the exception of a few small fittings overlooked by the manufacturers,
all tho machinery at the sampling works
is now installed, and the mill is expected
to bo- running about the end of the
; Five thousand feet of pipe was unloaded yesterday at Kootenay Crossing for
the William Hamilton Company of Peterborough, Ontario, to connect the Duncan
Mines compressor plant with the Granite
mine. The flume from Sandy creek has
been connected with the mill, necessitating tlie laying of 2.150 feet of -water pipe.
Six-room furnished house to let on Mill
struct. ^Address Hex lw>, Nolson.
To  Let—Neatly   furnished   rooms   at
l.lio corner of Ward and Vielorin streets.   -Apply to A.
II. Clements.
For. Rent—The residence at the corner
of Victoria, nnd Ward street*, now oeoun'ctl by W. A
will liu  for-runt  nfUr   the   loth   iiislniit.
rent.    Apply Tri-
Mi'cd' nalii.
[Apply to A. II. Clements.
Furnished  room to
:Initio oflice.
'^u^i-l^sja^iy-jttlte'd to iiijiti' ;--',,\'/"'_.*„■ ° j'
K:->Tlien"lad iea Sldtfe""Pl!e|Byntfe?iaTr" eltii rch'
:.ligiiffelexeuifeibn"^.and1'.%". lias *'becii-" -afciiil
'fiosbpoiied/upbil.Jomori'OW" dVeiliiig 'on ao*
sfe6Yieia-feot''Pth6 °iiitf^ol?able '\yfialiTl$iv
'■fcleai'' -a-lid! iiiiobstr'gqlcct afgaiii tod?Vy.,      ' ■'
[T*R A^YS -.. US Aot deab sq ua velv- with
?vou ^n,^^t^; repireseinifiauiMgooldsa'anjEt,!
r^etnoasnijust^as^tney %ar8ehi:D..t^pjays^us^;
^^l■:t,Mu^b>tk4■^•S:iM!.0llg;li:t, up, yes-
.tercllty.-botore A...L.,°Ki-i0„x, of. Ifjlair; ou bhei
'cliarge ;ofc sshooferjg'ajid  was .coninutted.-'
^foi^.triah   ;|Ie ,wiis; broiight to  the  pi'O-
i ^viiicjar. jail yestnOrjl^yliy consbvble J£bv*]
,^eK|ei'*'„ .\\°- . O" ° '■ .-.." "°'; "" '"'"" , I
I/J> Sainlbeati, %yho n'buil'<j: tho "big log:
"eiliite" d,own'(»"Mori;ihvig iijoli.iitifc'iii ibv tUe-;
irlaill Miiies coiui^iny, h;as, bpeu awarded■;
tlie contl'iict for "the .csx-cili'-^tiOu. for the;
bi^g, roasfcer to be eOHstrucbocl itt. bhef
gnieltei', and lifts fouf men alreivdy ixt":
-WOife^ : ^—: '■ r     ' — r^=     ■    ■--'-;;
of: ourllirjes.
lariii-rre Joui-„"lurn;es*"dfl°Tlriei.°^o.ld» Tew^el^Vv1
•dia;niond -" toou;titi:ngs, . tripunted/; :Id,ia«:
^TlBhn"cl*s-; -n^dlje.. &"[$0s^ a,o$j^-fd fe^oh$s '
;arrd]" ■ p|Ke^;i:piin*ec.f(|i^°^tjprte^;"t""M^^ifwe''
A Large Shipment of
From The Gendron Mnfg. Oo.
The city hall is putting on style and
has at last got sonic stops from the sidewalk up to the entrance.
G. W> Jlobson, inspector of tlie provincial board of fire insurance" underwriters,
is in the city on a visit of inspection. It
is to be hoped tliat he will see liis way to
i-ecOmltiOiid a reduction ill rates, ■
Boim, in Nelson on Weduesdiiy, August
10tli, to tlie wife of A. %. Lobt, a (laughter.
Mis.s lyhvsnreb of Spoktviie .arrived in
Jsfels*on last uighb on a visit to Mrs. Dr.
jl. D. Andei-soii, bookkeejier for the
Miner, leaves on Fi-icltiy for Spr.'jguo,
Wash ing ton/where he lias purchased and
will conduct the Times newspaper.
M. S..Davys, supel'intendent of the Silver King mine, has received news of the
death of his uncle, who has becpieathed
him a large sum of money. Mr. Davys
intends to resign his position with, tlio
Hall Mines -company and proceed to England as soon as possible.
The secretary of the Nelson cricket
Club has been notified thab Ymir has
finally decided to send-an eleven to play
here on Labor Day, September; <lbh.
The Juaiufcger Jjof the Nelson baseball
club has written- tlie Grand Forks club
asking them to postpone their visit a
week. They were to have played hero
next Saturday.
George It. Keefer and F. W. Walby
liave thrown up their lease of the Collin
fruit ranch across the lake.
The committee in charge of tlie approaching celebration at Itosslaiid on
Labor Day has outlined its programme,
which includes a wet test and hub-and
hub race for firemen, open foot races
and jumping competitions, union inch's
races, drilling contests for boys as well as
iuge can "buy;..  Ou r~tri$"ifiiftf£tuijecf-^Soid^
-are  of,$0i;.. "0ts „ "ki'^d;. /&$£. stock ■ -f)f.
Sitiall diamond".^ih^gs»"is:"esp6eialiy df-J
i$Qspfxy&. fan"d;n;. pWegus; °e;q:u|t!lly4.»,.sup;,-.-5"a:n,d-
yp:u;;qw^' if'td "yourself"°'td; &M%^bb]aki
fpr £is" iittfe ,rapji-^y*a&"^Q5si'b,l|;/^fit^,-
in'ite or tej^lndn.e'Kuij.^^e" airfe" always
at hofiie fo;«'d:i/i:-cusijoiTi-e%.     4»"-:
'  ^   Ffi^ltEW  LINES   REe^EWED
THIS   V^^EK:    tib\$' llahtjps* "Piano
Lanips, Tkbje a:nd   Bianp  Larri"p> "epni-
laihed)  (Jardinieres, ^ardjriifere: Tatblqs,
: FirO   SeiLs,   Umbfefia  Sfandsj  'Letfe'P
rja^jj^Pagex N:pld-ers,^^
Asli Trays, Bronzes, Vases and Pitch
ers of all descriptiPns, Sconces, Mirrors, and dandelabras; also a large"
cdnsignment of Parlor Lamps and
Fancy Gldbes.
As we ptily emplpy the most skilled
watchmakers,   we   will guarantee   all
work satisfactory,
■ UACQB DOVER, dewpler.
THtieii mm «i
Coi-n&r, ISakor atirf Ward Streets.
Watermelons, I'ilro Ajf|il&i;, Hint nil oilier IFrui-W-
i.» SL'ilMOlf t-ouoivoil ilisil)'.
!Hazlewood lee Grea«l
Ice Cream Soda and
Miilc Shakes and ButtermillE
Swotfc Cream- reeeivcrt 'Jucs-dJij'B nnd Fridays
Leave your onlem.   Projnjit (16livory
AgniilB f<s   Hazlcvvopd Ico Cream.
A moetlnROf t.lm c'il.iicctis of Nel.son will be bold it) f,lic
firdluill al-8 o'clock on Thursday, August, 17tb, for t.lm
purpose of (irmnijinK for Lbo rocopt'on of tbe nipiiibers of
the Canadian 1'i-css ASsocinkioii, who firo cXpootcd to
arrive in Nelson on AiiRiiyt 31th.
II. G. NKKIiANDS, Mayor.
FUHNISIIKD rooms.l,o let.   Apply to Mrs. F..M. Jamo-
HOii. Carney block. Baker .street, west.	
FOU SA1.I0—A 30-giiinca, K"». by Holland & Holland,
and a cii.se ; also ail 8-gutnca polo .saddle, by Crate
of Beljfi-avc sntiarc, and one doublo bridle. §1*5. Apply
al, Tlio Tribune ollico, N'clson.	
WANTED—Uy-youiiftviiinn having several years experience in both dry goods and hardware linos, a
positionas salesninn or ollleo band. Can furnish best of
reference.   Address IW. M. C , Hall Siding. H. 0.	
ON 10 or two unfurnished rooms to rent in goo-3 hou o
in residential part, of Nelson.   Apply by letter (in
first instance) to '^Alpha," Tribune Ofllco.	
Canton Brill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
and Woodenware
Stoves, Banges,
Iron,  Steel,  Sheet
Iron, T-Rails
Paints, Oils, Glass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
for a Holiday?
Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to
huy my tackle from
The Lawrence Hardware Co.
Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson
which v(re are selling at a snap
'^"Sjf!.".*6'"**,*". "
maivv ismwv cusroMesss
Are added to our list each and every month. This month has
been an exceptional one, the number of new customers far exceeds any previous month, and We can safely say we .still continue to hold the old ones. This is surely ample proof of who
does the leading business, where it is done arid how the people
not only in Nelson, but surrounding towns, appreciate the mariner in which we serve thern. Our stock of faricy goods is by far
th e most co m p fete in N e I so n>
WANT I0D—Good general servant.
Galliher & Wilson.
Apply at ofllco of
WANTKD—A  wood t-liinclc .ioinler at onoc.   A])ply
O. O. Iiuchanan's lumber oflice, Nelson.
Direct from
half gallons.
Lake of the
the manufacturer in pints, quarts,  and
Woods Flour in stock.
Haker Street West, Nelson, 11. C.
Strachari   Bros.
^'^^v^r/<!*J-^^^^'.'!t'»"'-iii--.--■■■■-■» .


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