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 Pr,  '0vkclai ri#V ^  M. CAVA1CNAC GIVES EVIDENCE  Before the  Conrt-Martial.  ' Risnnks, August 14.���There was a. great  sensation when M. Demange mentioned  the opinion expressed by M. H.-irthout  that general Billot had been forewarned  in regard to the forgery., of lieutenant  Henry. The acknowledgment that Henry  was a forger was among the faetors  arousing his doubts. Continuing, general Billot said he was immensely surprised and deeply affected by the revelation of forgery, lie said: "I never could  have believed a superior officer could be  guilty of forgery."  M.   Cavaignac,   formerly   minister   of  war, was the next witness.    Replying to  the court, he  said   he   was   the first cabinet minister to assume responsibility to  Dreyfus.    He   lind  closely   followed   the  inquiry, he  continued, nnd  still desired  to associate   himself  with   the responsibility  of   those   who   in   .IS!)I  protected  the country and the army against   treason:     (Sensation.)     Continuing  the,  witness said that among tin; principal points  upon which he based his convictions wis  the confession to captain Lebnin-li.ena.ud,  in support of which contention he quoted  a passage from an alleged letter of Dreyfus, but which in reality .was part of general Gonze's   report to  the  minister  of  Avar.    In colonel du Paty  de  Clam's report of the alleged confession, M. Cavaignac admitted  the  fallibility  of human  testimony and said that it  ought   to  be  taken into account  when  condemning a  fellow man, but he was convinced of the  guilt   of   Dreyfus  because  his  accusers  were so entirely in agreement  in  their  testimony.     The  witness   also   said   he  found additional proof for the prisoner's  guilt in   the   technical character  of the  bordereau, and that the bordereau  alone  established  the   fact  that   treason ��� had  emanated from the bureau of the general  stall'and from an officer who was able to  secure     all     the    in formation   desired.  According     to     M.     Cavaignac,     oven  iii    his   attempts    to   hide    his   crime,  the accused had allowed words to escape  him which  indisputably  established  his  guilt.      Everything,   according  to    this  witness condemned  Dreyfus, and he  declared in spite of the prisoner's denial, it  was established that he had been   everywhere where it was necessary to procure  tho   information    in   question.      ft   was  established,   tho   witness   asserted,   that  the prisoner had copied plans of the proposed concentration  of tho  army.    Witnesses, he claimed, would   testify in' support of  this  assertion.    Cavaignac next  discussed tho denials of Dreyfus, and" he  ,saidrhis excuses of lapsCrOf,memory 'jvoro  inadinissable. - Dreyfus, lie   claimed   was  aware of the changes in tho'bridgo corps  belonging to the artillery, and also of.the'  concentration.      Why,. then,   tlie   wit- -  n ess     asked,     had1     lie     denied     this  knowledge.      it     was;   impossible    according'.   ��to    M.     Cavaignac   to    credit  that Kstorhu/.y - was a   traitor  even,admitting the   bordereau   was  written by  him.    Msterha/.y, he  insisted, could only  have acted as the intermediary of an accomplice.    The  inquiry  of  the "court of  cassation proved treason was really committed,and he'(Cavaignac) had not based  his conviction of the culpability of Dreyfus   solely  on   the  handwriting  of   the  bordereau,     in    the   secret   dossier,   ho  pointed out, there  were many elements  for conviction,  and  he  proposed to discuss all the allegations made by foreigners with the  view  of exculpating Dreyfus.    For instance there would be official  dementis   (denials)   Avhicli   Avould  leave  room for the truth  to escape    Besides it  Avas quite possible the accused Avas guilty  of  treason   Avithout   having   had direct  relations   Avith   the    agents    of   a   foreign   government,   and   a   certain   am-  bassador    had  attache       had  TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 15,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  general de Roisdoffre appeared. Colonel  Jonaust then told Dreyfus to rise, and  asked him if he had any remarks to make  upon tho evidence. The prisoner in a low  voice replied :  "I am astonished that the man avIio  produced in the tribunal of the chamber  the Henri forgery can come here and  base his coiiA'ictions of my culpability- on  matters which the court of cassation had  already disposed of."  GOVERNMENT APPEARS WILLING  THE WEEKLV OUTPUT OF WEST KOOTENAY MINES  is    about   one    thou-  The     provincial    gov-  To Listen to Reason.  Special to Tho Tribune.  VicrroiiiA, August 1/1.���Solicitor Gnlli-  ler transa.ctod considerable business for  the city today. He took up the matter  of the disputed hospital accounts with the  Provincial authorities, and upon the conclusion of the interview he informed This  Tr-H'.unms correspondent that he AA'as convinced that the goA'crnment Avould pay  not only the account of Mrs. Gilbert for  hospital attendance but also the drug  account of Teet-zel <fc Co., and that of  LaBau and Forin for medical treatment,  The aggregate  sand    dollars.  eminent -will probably call upon the  Canadian Pacific, railway to refund the  full amount as the Avhole expenditure  was incurred in caring for the men employed up'on the construction of the  Crow's Nest Pass railway from whom  hospital fees were collected by the contractors.  Galliher also had a talk with'- Tapper,  Peters & Potts over their solicitor aiid  client charges. The Victoria lawyers  some time ago surprised the council Avith  an account for $750. It was considered  excessive and today Galliher got the  lawyers to accept $500 in.settlement.''.  The attorney-general's department has  consented to giA'e registrar Simpkins a  couple of months' holiday, which is necessitated on account of his health. During his absence T. A. Mills Avill be appointed as an assistant.  The lacrosse boys arrived here Sunday  IN  GOLD,   SILVER,   COPPER,  AND  LEAD.  For0 the AA'cck  ending Saturday, August   12th,  shipments   of   ore   Avoro  made  from the following mines in West Kootenay to local and foreign mills and smelters:  MI.\K<  I,o lloi   War ICuptlo   Iron Mask   Kvoiiinif Slflr   Center Ktnr   Il.-ilI Minos   I'orlo Kico      Coin   'Jur-lvKon   Wliitewal.pl-   Athabasca..: '..  Queon Hens  .:   Knl.orpi'iHo   Kiitiii'iirisc      Utile Donald    District  Itosslaiid  Itosslaiid  Uoss'aiul  Itosslaiid  Itns-land  Nolson  Yin'ir  Sandon  Slnoan  Slocan  Kelson  Slnonn  .Slocan  Slnoan  , Ainswortli  Ore  Gold-coppoi-  Onld-copper  G'old-uoppur  (il)'(|.i:0|l|K!l-  flnld-coppisr  Hilvijr-r.nppi.T  (.'olil  Silver-lead  Silvr-Icad  S Ivor-lead  tiold  Silver-lend  .Silver-load  Silver-lead  Silver-load  Whore Trailed  Xorlhport smeller  Trail smeller  Trail smeller  Trail smeller  n ra 1 sMi- Iter  Nelson smeller  I'nrt'i llieo mill  Kaslo s mpler  Ka-lo sampler  Kaslo sampler  Al.lialuwua mill  Nelson smeller  NeNon smol or  TRiU'snielt'-r  Nel-on y.mtiUor  Total for tho week   Tolal for tho year IS!)!)   Tons  2,171.1  1,185',  fi:f  157.J  i;fiii  l.lii'i  mil  2i  II!  :�����'  lfli  S!)  ���10  '70  (I.ISSJ'  i:i!),ini)  Approximate  A'alno  a narrow lane, and one of them fired a  single shot from a revolver. The murderers wore only a couple of yards behind  their victim and tho bullet struck La-  borio in the back. The wounded man  uttered an agonized cry and fell flat on  his face. The murderers immediately  fled through the lane from Avhich they  had emerged and both escaped. At 7:.'i0  o'clock it was .announced that the bullet  had entered his stomach : that there was  no outward bleeding, and that the physicians believe that M. Laborie will die  from the wound.  BENCHERS ARE GETTING BACK AT  $154,070  $3,662,000  THE DISTRICT AND THE TOWNS  Railway Building in Lardo-Duncan Country.  James Macdonald returned yesterday  from Howser lake, where he started a  force of men driving piles on his  contract Avith the Canadian Pacific.  He says both raihvay companies are  pushing ahead construction' Avork between Lardo and Duncan City. The  Kaslo & Slocan have a number of engineers locating a line to the Upper Duncan lake, tAventy-fiA^e miles above Duncan  City. The Canadian Pacific have a force  of engineers surveying a line into the  Trout Lake district.  admitted his military  spied under the  immunity granted to diplomats. Colonel  Jonaust asked M. Cavaignac to explain  the discovery of the Henry forgery and  the witness repeated tlie statement lie had  already hia.de on tile subject. He dwelt  at length, do M. Gnigilot's long investigation. Colonel Jonaust then asked:  ''Wliat do you think, of the Henry forgery in relation to the facts now occupying our attention?"  "The Henry forgery, it was alleged, avms  in ordoi; to seeuro a t'OA-isioti of the caso  by the court of cassation, and Was not  even alluded to. This forgery, therefore,  .should remain outside the scope of the  cpiostions submitted to this court martial.    That is hiy opinion."  Replying to another question M.Cavai-  ignac said the statement that Dreyfus  went tb Brussels in tlie middle of 1804,  rested on hearsay. M. Cavaignac introduced during tlie course of his eA>idence,  a .memorandum Avritten in German, asking for various information AAranted by  tno embassy, Avhich appears to have been  unearthed from the archives of the bureau of information of the war office. He  said lie believed it was Avritten by a military attache. M. Demange asked Avhy  M. Cavaignac, avIio Avas so anxious to in-  ���'criminate- Dreyfus, had not produced  this document in the chamber  of docilities. The Avitness ,= replied that he had other means  of reaching the end. Counsel for the  prisoner then questioned M. Cavaignac  in regard to his statement that general  de Boisdeffre Avas absent from Paris .November 6th and general Mereier declared  he Avas there. Tlie Avitness replied that  de Boisdeffre Avas certainly absent on  that date. Colonel Jonaust remarked  tliat this point would be elucidated Avhen  evening and today put in a practice at  the Caledonian grounds. Eynch Avas ou  the Jield-and will probably play in Tuesday's match Avith the James Bay team.'  Blackwood Avill not bo able to play. He  strained,his left foot in Saturday's game,  so'that it Avill require careful nursing tor  enable him to play with New Westminster  Saturday. That the Nelson boys furnish  a good exhibition game of lacrosse is  evidenced by the circumstance that the  .managementof the unitedsocioties picnic  are ciKlea\roring to have the New Westminster-Nelson game played here iustcad  of-at New Westminster. If the people  of Ncav Westminster will consent to the  change the " match Avill be played, in  Victoria.  There is not tho same interest taken in  the Victoria game as marked the game in  Vancouver, Avhere the Nelson boys received close upon three hundred dollars  as their portion of the gate receipts.  Straehan and Galliher have an appointment Avith minister Cotton tomorroAA'  morning, avIiou the matter of the recreation grounds, and the city council's requests Avith respect to the acquisition of  water power facilities of the Kootenay  river Avill be taken up. Henaviok.  Pretty Near the Truth.  The Vancouver NeAvs-Advertiser says  ^that "individually Nelson perhaps has as  fast a lacrosse club as plays the game, but  they AArerc no match for the tAvelve-barrelied, play-together Vancouvcrs. In almost  every Avay but' the right Avay they  showed skill and proficiency on the field,  but in stick-handling, catching and passing they Avere noticeably outclassed."  ���Scene- in~Court.  August 14.���During  Rknxhs, August 14.���During the adjournment of the court in consequence of  the aniiounceinontof the attempt on tho  life of M. Labori, the audience engaged in  violent altercations oA^er the incident. M.  Merciev, editor of the Gaulois, expressed  the opinion that all tlie -newspapers ought  to t'egard themselves as responsible for  tlie outrage, Avb;er0ttpon Madame Savar-  ine loudly protested, saying? "No, *tis  you Avho ou^lit to be held responsible for Avhat happened," The* clamor  finally became; so violent that gendarine.s  were forced to Separate the eoinbataiits-  and take away the sticks of all those'  present, but calm AA'as finally" restored.;  M. Jaures, tho socialist leader, who Avas in;  court, l'oniarkcd that tlie ai'i-ests made in'  Paris had for their sole object to forestall:  a St. Bartliolniow massacre of the;  Dreyfnsards, and tliat the attempt atj  murder of Labori at Rennes was one of:  the scattered acts of the projected massacre.  Dreyfus must undoubtedly- have been;  profoundly moved by the attack on his;  champion, Avho, for all lie knew, might be*  dead or dying, yet the prisoner maintained-  the same imuioA'ability as "heretofore, and  did not give in court the slightest indication of his emotions.  Natal is Arming.  Capetown, August 14.���A dispatch  from Pietermaritzburg, capital of Natal,  says that at a farmers' meeting called  there to consider the defence of the colony,  it Avas resolved that the duty of every  loyal, able-bodied colonist, able to shoot,  Avas to aid in the defence of the colony  against invasion, and it A\ras announced  that A-olunteers Avould be sent to the  front in the event of Avar, and that the  Rifle Association Avould be left to defend  their oavii districts.  WINDEEMBEE.  Winpermbrb,   August   11.���A   pack-  train to the mountains from here is an  every-day occurence uoav.  J. A. Stoddart's new hotel has Just  been opeued 'to the public^ and' Mr. Stocl-  dart, who is AvelbkiioAvn as, a genial host,  can justly boast of Inwmg the neatest  and best appointed house in "East Kootenay, fitted up Avith every' modern convenience, baths, electric bells, etc.  -   _  J. McLood and II. 15. Cochran of Nolson  are recent additions to the prospecting  fraternity of Windermcre,jdistrict.  Manager 11. 11. Bruce came doAvn from  the Sitting Bull Saturday, the first time  iii town for several Aveeks.-  Among the latest arrivals at Windermere are G. E. Grain,- Helena., Montana)  F. M. Chadbourn, Nelson; George B. Watson, Fort Steele; C. R. Dixon, Calgary,  Alberta; 11. L. T. Galbraith. Fort Steele;  A. W. Vowell, Victoria; R. R. Bruce, Nelson; F. A. Mulholland, Rossland; L. 0.  Garner, Rossland; J. E. Gritlith, Golden;  II. Wintcrbottoni, Kas'o.  Jim McLeod is in town from the mines  and reports eArorything on the uioa'c.  Work on the Black Prince is rapidly progressing.  A little stampede Avas caused the first  _of_tho_w_eek_by_a_report_coming_in-that-  J. Hughes, a Fort Steele man. had made a  rich strike on tho south fork of Horse  Thief creek. All the prospectors in town  have gone out, but up to date none have  returned to give particulars. South  Fork is the next tributary to Horse  Thief above McDonald creek, Although'  lying in tlie mineral belt, no locations  liave been iiiade until Uoav. It is to be  hoped the find fe another i-ed line for tile  good Of the finder and the good of the  country.  (3;, E. G'uniT, it proniinent mining inau  from Helena, Montana, is making a visit  to tho Silver Thread, Tied fjiiie and  other properties of the district.  A. W. Vowell, Indiiin commissioner,  and Tl* L.T. Galbraitli, Indian agent, are  here looking after Indian affairs.  J. E. Griilith, goltl commissioner, is  spending a Aveek here.  T. A. Mullholand and L. O. Garnet, directors of the Swansea, arc here looking,  af ter interests of their company.  R. A. Kimpston is making preparations  for shipping several carloads of ore from  the Dalphine before snow falls, the last  shipment having netted such a handsome  return. ���          NELSON.  W. F. Teetzel returned last night from  a business visit to Rossland, Avhere he secured several orders for assay supplies.  He says business is good in Rossland and  that no labor trouble is anticipated, the  miners as a rule being contented with  the existing condition of affairs.  E. E. Phair leaves this morning for  Revelstoke, to meet his daughter Gretchen  avIio is on the Avay to Nelson from Fred-  ericton, New  Brunswick.  Robert Madden arrived in Nelson on  Sunday night from DaAvson City. He reports that feAV of the boys from Kootenay have made anything in there.  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  Eambler-Cariboo Stock1 in Demand.  The reincorporation- of the Rambler-  Cariboo company as a British Columbia  corporation has not yet been completed,  although thecofficers announce that the  neAv company  Avill be formed and everything in readiness to exchange the new  stock for the present shares before the  end of the present month.    Illness in the  family   of   president   McArthur,   Avhich  prevented a  meeting of tlio board of directors in Spokane, has been the cause of  the delay in the reincorporation.    Rambler-Cariboo stock has been in strong demand and has  advanced soArcra3   cents  during  the   past two   Aveeks.      Several  prominent mining men have recently begun buying all the Rambler stock they  could   secure,  AAdiich probably has in a  great measure caused the. present boom.  The long crosscut tunnel,'which is being  driven to reach the A'eiu at a depth  of  105 feet  beloAv the  present Avorkings, is  still  a  considerable   distance  from   the  lead, and it is thought it will be thirty to  sixty days before the strike is made    An  air  compressor has  recently  been   purchased and is  now being  used with the  Burleigh drills iruthc, lower tunnel. . This \syQ  compressor  has been -Avorking smoothly^p' Sergeant Carroll,  OA-er since it started "and  is doing liuich  to hurry  the work  in the tunnel.'' The  claims OAvncd by the company are "among  the oldest-locations in the Slcieam  Development  on Toad Mountain.  BetAveen thirty and forty men are ab  "AA'ork on the properties under bond to a  'London .syndicate composed, largely of  Athabasca stockholders. These properties include the Dandy and Starlight  groups and number eighteen properties  in .'ill. Work is being prosecuted in' four  places. On the Dandy a gang of men are  employed stoping and making an upraise.  The mine has been connected Avith the  Hall Mines-tramway and shipments are  being made daily to the smelter and -will  be continued right along. ��� The ore on  the Dandy is similar to that/ of the Silver  King mine, aud the same lead is believed  by competent authorities to run through  both properties.  Raising Funds to Work an Ainsworth Mine.  At a meeting of the stockholders of tlie  Albion Mining Company. IiekLiiuSpokane-  on Friday night, it was unanimously decided to sell one-fourth of the remaining  treasury stock to raise a fund to resume  Avork in the mine. The stock in the  treasury now amounts to 1J0,000 shares,  making the-amount to be sold at present  8s5,000* It is proposed to sell this stock  at one cent a sIhu'Cj and as soon as it is  disposed of'a'man will be sent to Ains-  Avorth to put, men to work in the in inc.  Sig iBinauor Ava$ given a .00-day option  'on 100,000 shares of treasury stocky wliich  he expecfe to put on the market through  a New York fii-ni of brokers  Payne Dumps Leased.  SaWlpii,Pityjst-rouk.  Russell Donald, George Russell and B.  K. Taylor have taken a lease on the  dilmps of tlio Payne mine,  already commenced Avork,  AVUste by hand. By a process of ground  sluicing they hope to carry of the lighter'  rock and make it an easy matter to collect whatever ore has been put over the  dump. A hand jig will be put in to separate tbc ore in the finely-pulveri/.ed  Avaste. They are Avorking on a royalty,  the mine getting 25 per cent of the ore  saved.  Shot By an  Assassin.  IlHiVNBS, August 14.���Two men ambushed nuiitre Laborie, counsel for Dreyfus, and one shot AVas fired, hitting Laborie in the back. M. Laborie fell in the  roadway. lie is still alive. Maitre Laborie left his house alone for tin; court at  six o'clock this morning. His residence  is situated.in the suburbs of the town,  about a quarter of an hour's walk from  the Lycee, the route being along a. solitary road beside the river Vilaine Ile:  had reached a point'half way oil his. jour-:  ncy when two men avIio had evidently  been lying in wait for him rushed out pi*  The Ex-Attorney General.  -0 Special .to Tho Tribune. '  ,!��� Victoria, August Id.���The benchers of  Ithe La-Av Society^ today heard the accusation of champerty made against the ex-  attorncy general and found as follows:  "Resolved, that after careful consideration of the said complaint, the benchers  arc of opinion that said Joseph Martin has been guilty of champerty, and  that he be suspended from practice as  barrister and solicitor of the supreme  court of British Columbia during the  first Aveek in October next. The date  mentioned Avas fixed so that Martin  might in the meantime appeal to the  full court on the question Avhether the  old English kiAV as to the champerty applies to this province. ;  The complainant against Martin Avas  W. L.-Nichol, Avho charged that in the  suit of Canessa a\s. Nichol, Martin agreed  in Avriting to take as his fee, half of any  money the court might order Nichol to  pay, aud also if successful that he should  be allowed a lease of the quarry  in dispute at a ..nominal rental.  Martin did not deny the facts alleged,  but holds that the transaction is a proper one.  The nomination <*it Ncav Westminster  will be on the 22nd instant, and the  polling, if any, on the 21th. No candidate has yet announced himself iu opposition, though Munn  is freely mentioned.  They  have  sorting   the  The Best Eange in Canada.'  who, for the - past  month has been instructing the Nelson  rifle "company, has tried the new ride  range picked out by captain Hodginsand-  pronounees it, the best range in Canada.  The sergeant has had experience in rifle  shooting all- over " the Globe," so he  knows Avhereot he speaks. - A clcar,"safe  range of 1200 yards can be ^obtained,  which is the longest distance shot at the  Bislcy,coinpetitions, so that Nelson marksmen haA'e an advantage over most of their  Canadian competitors." For instance,-at  Winnipeg the longest, range obtainable  is GOO yards. As at present"' arranged  shooting can be made at 200, 400, fiOO and  1000 yards, and other targets will be added when funds permit. The rifle range  so far'has been constructed entirely at  the private expense of captain Hodgins,  which shows a keenness to promote the  efficiency of the Nelson rifle company  Avhich but few officers possess. Civilians  are also allowed to make use of the  range under the rules and regulations  specially draAvn up for that purpose.  Several civilians have already signified  their intention to join the rifle associa-  tion���and-it-is"hoped"that��� many more-  will follow their example Sergeant  Carroll leaves in the morning  for Rossland to instruct the company  there, and ho desires to compliment  the members of the local company for  the efficiency they have attained ami  also on the I'cgnlai'ity with which they  attended both the drills and the lectures.  ^ OONCENTEATES.  Seventy men are -employed on the  wagon road from Busk's landing to the  Molly Gibson, and; li miles are already  eolnplotod. __^_  Bi'iice White, Blake Wilson and W. II.  Hamsdale have bonded the KirstThought,  group in tlie Deer's fake district, on the  Uolville reservation, Washington. The  group 'comprises tho Annex, First  Thought, Jloniestake and Defender. Tim  terms of the deal are for the present  withheld. ^ -  Henderson Sure of Ee-election.  Ni<:w WiOSTMt'NSTHil, August Id.���Henderson's return in New Westminster is a.  foregone conclusion. Certainly neither  Munn nor Reid could defeat him. The  electors of New Westminster by an overwhelming majority intend to take advantage of this opportunity of securing  cabinet representation. While there is  plenty of opposition talk, there is no organization and no enthusiasm.  Mine Sold for a Good Sum.  Rat PoKTACiM,  Ontario,  August  II.���  The Sultana mine near here lias been sold  to hmglish capitalists.    The price   paid.is.  in the neighborhood of #1,750,000.  .  Price of Silver.  .  Nkw YoitK, August Id.���Bar silver (10��.  -Mexican dollars 48, silver certificates (��0J  @oi.. '- "���  ALL OWING TO WHOSE OX IS CORED  When Washhouses are Nuisances.  Quite a number of citizens AA'ere  present at last night's council meeting Avith  various requests,    hirst it. R. Iledleyand  R. M. Macdonald  addressed  the  council  asking for  the   removal  of   a   Chinese  Avashhousc, on  the Hall Alines road  Avcst  of Kootenay street.    It Avas complained  that the laundry in question Avas  a nuisance and a menace  to the  health of the  neighborhood.    Tho speakers also spoke '  for J. J.  Campbell.     Alderman  Fletcher  said the council had  already condemned  this laundry.    The  matter had been  referred  to  the  fire   chief who   had pronounced it no  nuisance.    The alderman  animadverted strongly  on the  Avay this  officer had performed  the duties of sanitary inspector.    E. A. Crease  also  spoke  of   the    luihealthiness   of    washhouses.  It was  decided to  move the  Ava.slilioii.sc.  W. A. Jowett,  Ceorge Kydd and Fred.  Irvine came as a  deputation  from the  board of trade to ask the council to assist  iu entertaining  the  members of the Canadian Mining Institute Avhen they reach  Nolson  on  September   11th.    They Avill  stay here three days, and the Hall Mines  are  already  making   arrangements   for  their entertainment.   Aldermen Fletcher,  Beer and Kirkpatrick Avero appointed a  committee to  confer  Avith  the  board of  trade as to the best means of entertaining tho party, Avhich includes thirty mining engiueers, twenty hidies, and possibly  others.  E. A. Crease then addressed the council on behalf of the public library and  asked for the ijviOO promised by the council. They needed $200 to tide them over  the year and Avould bo content Avith that  sum. The first year Avas always expensive in such undertakings, and the $1300  already raised aviis insufficient. He  touched on the good A\wk "done by the  library. The mayor said the city had  really no power to vote money for such  a purpose, but eventually, on motion of  alderman"Beer, it was decided to donate  $150 and risk any possible consequences.  The report of the committee on public ���  Avorks, previously published in This Tri-  lUJiVB, Avas then read and adopted.  The finance committee recommended  the payment of the following accounts..  SI roots payroll  S.TCiI) 3fi  Water works construction ditto  JCKi 2.5 ���  Side will ks (lino  ISO SO     ���  Electric lijflitconntriiolion ditto    71 25  Sower maintenance ditto    21 1)0  Waterworks nisiiiiUmancc ditlo      1 00  Police department      C Ofl  Elliott nnd Morrison, health department   Nelson postofllco   John Croft, health department   C. AV.-Uill, electric construction \ ....*...'.  Nelson & Fort Shcppard Iliiilway, health department., i  , , ".   R.JIurry   - P. 11 urns & Co.......' ." -...  .). Norcvoss, fire department   Vancouver Ilni-.l ware Co   . Canada Ilrue & Bo^k Co >. ,   *Cnmpl)l!ir& Deacon, sewer construction" ,.,  M. Scul'y, dido .' '....  Afclieath & Co., ditto.. ...-...: .-..,  Mcileth&Co., oicclric construction   J. Thompson, hewer construction i   J. A: Sny wiird, hide walks , ^  , i   Allan Ili-os?. fire dep.-i'tmcnt  ....^.   Lawrence Hani ware Co .,...,   II. Ilyew&Co...   ,   Hotel Hume ..'..��� ,   Hotel I'hair ��� :   T. W.Koherts , :  W. G. Itobinson  ,   Macdonald & Johnson    '.,...  Kelly & Steeper :   A letter.asking for a sidewalk on the  south sifle of Carbonate street, from Stanley to Kootenay was received and filed.  Harold Selous wrote asking that steps  be taken to .prevent the drain down tlie  middle of St,-inley street from flooding  his garden with sand and mud during  rainy Aveather. The council avus of the  opinion that something should be done,  and, after discussion, decided, to build a-  plank culvert over the Avest side of Stan-  fey street.  II. D. Beck, ox-comctery caretaker,  wrote asking for alleged .arrears of salary.  The communication was received aud-  "fileTl: TiTe"saine fate~Ijefel Ceorge Ritchie's request for a sidewalk from iiis house  on the corner of MWard and Latimer  streets to Mill street, and Mr. Kvan's  offer of a scavenging tank and Avagon for  $."50.  The city engineer reported that the  proposed temporary sewer on Victoria  street would bo 500 feet long, ending at  Mathesoifs property, and Would cost $2X0  exclusive of rock Avork, of Avhich there  would probably be a good deal.  Alderman Heei-said the city had $1535  of M-wer construction money Avhich Avas  not bespoken, and on his motion the city  engineer was instructed to get out a supplementary report on (he localities most  in need of such facilities.  On motion of alderman Beer, (he city  .solicitor was instructed to draft a by-law  regulating the closing of barber shops On  Suiulav'.  05  7 Ml  200 00  6 00  12 as  1,1(1  2 ST.  ���C 00  1 SO  11 S5  300 SO  :���>���> 00  211 15  !*V) 00  26'i C/i  .VMS (!.'  258 CO  ]<W Iti  121 00  ,-iO 01  :��; oo  oo on.  '.).i 1.7  lrss m  Hi 00  Grave the Sergeant a SeadrOtf. x \  The members of Nelson Company of  the Kootenay Iiifles mot last night on the  old tennis court to receive their final drill  instruction from sergeant Carroll, avJiO  leaves today for Rossland. The sergeant  rehearsed the month's Avork, and eougrat'  ulated the men on the progress they had  'made. After being dismissed tlie members were requested, to meet at the opera  hoiife, Avhere light refreshments Avere provided by the officers and men. Sergeant  Carroll gave some practical illustrations  of the A-arious points in company drill,  after which he was presented by lieutenant Beer on behalf of the company Avith  a fitting remembrance of his visit to Nelf .>  son. A programme of songs, readings,  etc., aviis then carried out, the company *  dispersing about midnight. ^s^-  The Copper Market.  New York, August 14.���Copper steady;  brokers' $4.35, exchange $4.62J. 2  riv  THE 1  rnDj  iiUNE  NELSON, B. 0., TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1309.  ..". .* ^c. J '^-ZZ^- *-~-~> ^��~������ *^Z> *^I_ >*<��__;��� ^M ��� a  Notwithstanding  the  fact that  last   season's  trade was   far ^  jra   beyond  our expectation's,   we have   still   an   immense stook   of ^  ' ���'    Ladies' and Children's Whilewear, which we will  close at prices ^  heretofore unheard of in  Nelson.     Read the''following-: ^  Ladies' 75c Drawers for 50c;   Ladies' $2 Drawers for $1.50; ^  Ladies'? 1 Nightgowns for 75c; Ladies'$2 Nightgowns for $1.50; -^  Ladies' $;, Nighigowns for $2.40;  Ladies' Chemise at $1, $1.25, ^  $1.35, and $1^65, a straight etit of 25 cents.  White Underskirts at your own  prices.     Our space Avill  not  #1  %  allow a full list of prices of goods, but a laok will satisfy you that   ^  our bargains arc genuine. ^jjj  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  BANK  OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   C-A.SI3C  juggling With the facts which indicate  that; Manitoba in lS'Jf! was the scene of a  conspiracy to cheat and defraud tho  voters of that province? Public opinion  approved of lion. Clifford Sifton's activity and of sir Wilfrid Laurier's determination to sacrifice technicalities and  money in an effort to punish rascality  and protect the sanctity of the ballot  box. it is true that Mr. Sifton's activity  may have savored..more of a partisan desire to get after tlie other crowd than of  a patriotic determination to protect the  sanctity of the ballot box, hut Avhntever  the motive of Mr. Sifton may have been,  his act was good and the inlhience of  that act was good. It av.-is but politics  for the Conservatives to leave themselves  open to the charge of making common  cause with the rascals who rioted in  fraud at the Manitoba polling booths in  l,S!)(i. The minority report may be technically sound and accurate, but why  should the'party which condemns the a.t-  toriioy-genornl of Ontario for his apathy  in West Klgin in ISO!) also condemn the  attorney-general of Manitoba for his activity in. that province in bS'JfJ?  SO  ^^%L  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.    \  ���;ffiJte��.��r.ttft��ie��  Daily Edition.....  ..wkkklv- edition..  ... First Year, No.-180  . Skvkn'th Year, No. Ml  Last year West Kootenay produced  ore of ?fche market value of $.0,04.2,975. So  far this year ore of tlie approximate  value of $3,562,000 has been marketed.  The preseii t output is of the approximate  value of $150,000 a ;i Aveek, which if con-  ;tinned   for  the remainder    of the year  son   district  that  skilled workers.  is   unable  to   secure  Two years since seventy head of cattle per monlh  siilliccd to.supply the brcf used in the Koolonays.At  present it takes 1200, head to supply t,h,c demand.  The aboAre is from the Fernie Free  Press. The figures are not correct. Two  years ago 650 beef cattle^ were slaughtered eyery inbntli, t9, supply the people of  East and West Koo.teiiay,: and 900 are'  now required for East ancl West Kootenay and, the B.ound.ary  country, a About  P&S* alffporfficld^rolS ���' ��hMSEasT-u"ndkr4co5lt��r/ifet:  ,. :tJPtediffian,^ilrfo#dCa* goocl iay^s.woifc  ��5,��nct,'*MVr0���sult^iS' ���tlrafclh'e-is^Mcbar���A  ^.feuieii^Ol'^tlie.. ���Srii:ii|/piiii^sajid %if e^tpj  Ir.s.  4t,.  "T.IKg^MeijH?  % "ldf\^&^ "f^M^ jad-b.e;tte^ii^|te\i^ffi^il'-:  ^'���'la&idllfioi give "tlie. lam* .a, �����fiii^iaja;l)��alkti  ^���rJlje.jjQqy.er" Jh�� -trial j��i Ji,i.i|icl6;'t:l)tej||#tf&^i4  V^tilJ^bB/for .boffit 'liune' owiiefelaii^riisi11^  ?J*Voni*keI'sy ������ ������'".'  ^Wg^b'otSfccLof^tr.tide^nViglit^pV^OU^ltsJ.  'Sef'yiCle.s as arbitrator to  settle  the  cl-is-  - pute. betAveen the uianagement of   the  Yinir nnuO aiitl  the iiiiiie  AVorkers, as it  jg^BinS. the Yin if is  the only intue iil'TSfgi-:  II  IN'CORPORATED 1670.  What is the diffsrence between  TETLEY'S TEAS and  other  brands?  Just the same as between the  Athabasca mine and any one of the  hundreds of wild cats that have been  exploited   in the  past years.  Experience has proved the value of  the One. The others might be good  but is it worth your while experimenting when'v: you  can   get sure  re-  '^Srn's^ky" :ih^s^:ngl4n^ffi^|^u^a;n#M  ar��tiG e?  #  WE ARE GOING OUT OF THE  BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS  AND  HOE  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE ABOVE GOODS AT COST  m  m  m  ��  m  {$  rn-  m  m  ������w  M  m  w  m  sjstiYfjaya  ��\y'osl3?Sk6!r^Stfepfc  ��, ^VJcpiicmiSifc  fi^.:  ;������ ,'��,: ���������:���    fG)FT#g^WE��r,  :_"  ���' -?j  '^..'^'^���^^fiji^'^-^^ei^ tihc'-.^H/igo md. a$;  :Biisll|)p ��in?iy^4je ��;tll��tt 0��ilte^^uclgp.. caiu==>say f'yO'ui  b6lj4^pd^^Miifcl,>1jc;^8tep.\ei.u\ say frym:  Ijcfdaiiinedv" ;��ii ithc .o.tl.rer.lijuuf av'IicJi. fife-  ^#g^|S--li>O��-^0"liatfgfi.d,"'yo\j aj-e linngcdi;  isE&t.tjj'tbfi' value ollcrcd; the iTiosfc marked:  ..   ���.. .... _.^..,_    n      pcoiUi?tvity of our W'ft'jj,  3?ilpci' is that when (lie  -==4l:udi;'eJjil.s=inade=liifi-  selection and says "you  bfi liaiigecl," it; is  banged.; not even the  'cheapest grades giving  ire papers  that! ai'e beyond  WHAT THE .JUDGE  AND  THE BiSHOP S\Y  trouble.    There  the jurisdjctiou of tho Judge and coine, under  that of tlie l^i.sllop. Thet'C is an ,-irt iu avoiding fihis Ivind'-^-tlTis art lias been our study.  JIcn4o,uiirlprS for  fiRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo make a HpoGiully of  Sfjipiap arid Dot be Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles an,d Lath Kept in Stock  Olllco and yard near G.1MI. depot   E. G; 13KKH, Agent.  NTBOGSOISr,   EL, C  Go., ffi  Gornei- linker nnd Ward Street*  Wiitenlicloils, Pinn Apt>lG>��, suul nil oMier Fruits  in h-eiisOn, received diiilj'.  ^ ^^W^sf^e^o^UM"^. >.;'.  "Eff0Jaes��$nq "BeaUh :SaM> ��&c  'EroM^Sei'dlitz\. / .   ";   .,  ���PrWO S0tmr  ., ',   *   *  Mine Ftfuit* Juie\ pis  .,  ' Mme Fruit Juice, cfuts  . $1  >��Jfj^bi^''AvttliC,fa"slyHsH4?cr;focWI)iUhgE,'i|i]it! hindd.ortne'  wbesb clotli'"CA?cr.jiiiip.ortod" to,-.Nclsojlv IbaA'-o. Votu; order"  sjVitll^rii'd." �����     .�����'�����       ���    ". ���     -;��"���"���".���*  s  -|S.ix pliu^larcd, ilollars .woi-fih. .o��*;nno\v-.3gQ.QdS, ;ijdv^n\vait-��  '.'iiig^Xpui'ji'iSpcSctiion^ -J1 guai;aiite'c";sat.isfrtef;ion: or'hoSale.  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrai  GET THE BEST  g- aafl  Corner of Baker and Stanley Strfinlfl, Nolson  ".sjicjspfi'a.'ti.prj'p-iktc, TailV/��"ox���C/Kd'Q|,ciiay .C?o1lSe rCo: ���:'  "BUSINESS AN��, RESlDENftl'AIi'.'  '3(1", te".rl20, JBaker. ..Starcofi 'bctAvieon 'io"sf6phiiioiaiid��    f���  ���^iby;i20,jgjkeiiistrleeS,nbl;tween>ii6SOfi^ " ��' ��  !,�� .screo^epr.iier.":..,s." ^."y,.,.\s.^!,^."'.^.t--.".-i\:t,.".i.".   ' ;.:  '^SoliM 120 with iihpfovenioiSte, eoiith side Ofe Vernon"  ���   _sfltro^ty%i.VL.,.\i;T.I^.^....,.j;;.j...,.^.j1v'J.,..,'..v;vw, .sooo-  t"^'fiyj^.*'i!;hbirote^fem6flK,-,��s1)rlHi��'3id6"6f Ver.noiv" Sj,"'*  nStl-q,0C ;..,,..,��.��   .^. .;.,j,;s.ij.!k.o .���..-.,".V>{.s.".,."5Jj .Kiaf...-^"'-��!��^  .--J^ptsA^thoott^eronecdat'Sloperiiionih^icforia .    :  *.��� street' ,,v f ."Q4.. ���v%., i:..". .?.,;���::. :.*./'.', .��^ .*..;..'. r.;:.:. "3sot>,  .rV'lol, with'cot&agO xBhi^a'ftti isia.-pcr'inpiitli", Mclatia,"' ��     ���  ^street��.......".��,.,!-.,���..,....��..,.,.���..:���..,-^.:".i..ff>,.;.;...-.;; 2500  Aiid I w'ant to be in it. 1 have j list, received  tfiil! Fiuliplos of. Siiitings and Ovcr-  riln'liiiKM fopi'^sciuini,', a lc'6O,C00' slock to  clio^su, froni nuide lo j'Onr order at pices  .novbr befrti'e hoard of ifi Nclsni), Alllho latCtit  fads in  IiVincSy 'Vc,sUurs for Full arid winter.  Steve��}��s Tl|0  'allots.%ith fcotta'goronlJo'd afcaS20*per'moiith,��,"Stanley  ^street..." ,.-..,.....,.,;:....:,..:;".j."..;r,..:,,.;..,.:. .'sdoQ'  i>)ots iri block liD, ail ctoafeol"and fenced, in.., J*.,.: 2500  AGKNTS l?OR  <i, 8c J. TAYUOR SAFES  y :*��tQ?Rpoiri,��� Bpuse^ ���de;iinriil]jI,lb'Gate4i ��|>2S0t}r.".:��  ; -. ..,o^te)fii ��� G6$tdS&:kid Cia^hSirjSiB^  ��>��"'*f:%6^'l|:o-Ase"i"#;"<��;t^  ��� ��;;MirioB;;(iiid�� MiiiiiiifS^toci  3" ��� ��.n       ":(0u^t'pml:.Brokpr'"  '^Aii EiSa^jffl, 4"^n ���jBEf��Kn^ij;-AQEy>rS:' - ���v  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  Hazlewood Igo Cream  Ide Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  SAVcst Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Lcavu your orders,   Prompt delivery  . Having leased tlio business of Die Nelson Soda AVat.or  Factory. L am prepared losnpply l.lu; trade with all kinds  Of cai'bonaled and aerated walew. Family orders solicited.   Prompt delivery.  Factory on  ���Hoover street  N. M. CUMMINS  MILLS &LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ico Cream.  HAIB 600DSAP HAlFoMAIMTS;  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KKAliNKA'hns opened aLadies Hair Dress  iiiK 1'i.rlor in room 1, Victoria block. Nelson, and is pw-  pnruil lo fii nihh everything in the way of liair goods  and hair tonics.   Ti-ciitmciil of the scalp a specialty.  AGENTS FOll  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ar|d Lirqe Co.  The H. W. KJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Aiitrjra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers In  S  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   WleLaughlln  .TOSRPH1NK STRRKT, NBLSON  Real Fsfoto and General Agents, iSaker St., Nelson  Lots for Sale  ^530 will purchase it choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  ".^2100 will purOliasc a central lot aiid residence.  ijJOU will purchase  two nico  lots find sbanty, liobson  street, linftio addition.  ^WOO will pui'cliaso four nice lots and residehco.  . 10.1)00.Pooled Fairnioiie I e"ont.s. -  Blackcock (Ynrir) shares 20 cents'.  5000 Utica at li cents.  CUSItllVJB BR^KER^S  APOTiarfEEte  JMTELand.  Baker Street, Nelson  (Bx-Shoriff of South Kootonav)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postofflco Box 572 Nolson, B. C.  MINERS WANTED. ~  The Taiiuicr Mine, Ijimitcd. Albert Canyon, on the  main line of Ihe O. P. It., 22 iiiiles oast of Ilcvclslokc, ro-  quircB six good miners.   Wages $3.50 per day. .  136  During the, Hoasou wc will deliver ice nt private residences  and husincs*. houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrablo  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  Lime 70 Cer^ts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver ini ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yiird or ou scows uL government Avharf.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���A. good shingle jointer nt once.   Apply  GJ. O. Huchanan's lumhei- olllco, Nelson.  WANTKD���Good general servant.    Apply at olllco of  Galliher & Wilson.  FOR SALE���A 30-g.iiiiica gun, by Holland & Holland,  anel a case ; also an 8-guinca polo saddle, by Crate  of Hclgrave square, anil one double bridle. ��125. Apply  at The Tribune otlice, Nelson.  PUltNISH KO rooms to lei.   Apply to iw.ru. 'K. U. Jameson, Carney block, Baker strcoo west.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Go., Ltd.  Baker Strcot        T. G. PROOTOB, Maaager  ���^wiiiElcTmoT  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Ilaarding and day school for girls will ro-opon on the  15th day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For tonus  and prospectus apply to  A1AHKMOISELLB KJSUN, Principal  Turner li Bocckh block, NolKon, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For fuitner  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  AVl'fiY  J. "LAING STOCKS, Secretary  ���    At office of tho Duncan Minos, Liinikd., Clement,&  Hallycr Block.  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL SOURS, DAY OR NIGHT.  ���., T BAKKUV IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  JPalace   Bakery  Broad delivered to any part of tho city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  Two lol.s with twoistoi-y house on, Latimer'  sireel, near .l.oriepliin'u ,. ���.,;,  ,$i80o  Terms:   ��12(111 casll, huldncc nn luOr'l&ngu.  Sixly-acro ranch, nine niilosfronl city ohlnke  slioi-o  ��� , Sl'txk)  One-half cash, balance on, niorlyauo.  On  lo.tn cmidil ions arc tlio olvcilpcst: and best -  pirOred.   Yon fail repay at any time witlioul,  loims.  Britifill Golumbui 1'enimncnt Savings le hoiin Company.  Globo Sftviiiys & Loon Co., Toronto.  Mre, X.ife, Accident, and Sickness.  OAiVlBLrE <Sfe 0'RESL,LY, Agts  Baker Street West. Nelson, B. C.  GENERAL BROKER.  ����IBB, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  ifN-sxrie^.3sr<pEi  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���SeVoral houses of different sizes.  FOR SALE���Real ostato in all parts of tho city.  L Pope  MANUFACTURER OP  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  ���w.a:r:o    stbeet,    isrEX-soasr  PROFESSIONAL   CAEDS.  EWART & CARRIE���Architecte.. Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block. Baker street, Nolson.  tf*5T? A\X7"K,rf-��T?T\    -RT?/>rr'WK,T?<2 I TP  B. HARPER, musical director, leader NoIkoii Or-  i 1-/ JV^t VV r %JXf.3J    t>J\\J X XI Ea JCVO a r .   chcslra.   Musicians furnished for all occasions on  Next to Royal Hotel, Stanioy Street, Nelson       .   'J short notice.   Telephone 62.  M��f*ii?'.l'.  WJptyM��f^��-'.-:"-''.:-   ������"'.  "'^iS"*a^fl"J'B'^"(tU!"d' THE-'TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.'C, TUESDAY, AUGUST J5, iS99.  AM OF IONTBEAL  Capital,  Best,  ail paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLO USTON Gci-.eral Manager  IE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  USTIELSOIN"   BEA3STCH  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       11RANOHKS IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Uny and soil SI.erlinK Kxchanpro and Cablo Transfers  OUANT COMMKKCUAr. AND TltAVKM.KHB' QKKDITS.  available in any part of tho world.  niiAK-'ra iasuKi)  cot.t.kctions matjk; kto.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUIIRKNT RATE OF INTKRUST PAID  CANADA'S   FEIME   MINISTER.  Toronto Globe.  At the end of "tliis long and trying session wo feel like congratulating the prime  minister on tlie health and strength  which- liave been vouchsafed to him in  the discharge of his duties of the most  honorable and most onerous post in the  public life of Canada. JA-om the moment  of his accession to the" leadership of the  Liberal party it was- recogni/.ed that an  ideal head had been found for it. Patient, calm, judicious, courageous, ho combined all the qualities needed in the direction of a party which had powerful  foes to contend with. Pitted against opponents who had been so long in'.power  that every controllable political engine  was in their grasp, the task of dislodging,  them was onie of almost insuperable difficulty. Supported by class interests, a  civil service almost solidly Conservative,  and a senate overwhelmingly- partisan,  the outlook when sir Wilfrid Lanirer took  the chief scat to the left oi! Mr. Speaker  was by no means roseate. The confidence  of his friends in his ability, to discharge  the duties-successfully was greater than  ���his own. It is no secret that he was  most unwilling to take up the work. He  had already given a great deal of timeto  -public'affairs, to the neglect, of his own  profession. The leadership of the opposition simply meant that he must neglect  it altogether, v The  earnest pressure of ;  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on .Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk.on. District.  the Klondike itself���what .shattered  hopes, what misery, what relentless  toil has it not witnessed ! Now. suppose  that all this gigantic energy and tireless  endeavor had been used in industry hero  at home in Ontario, or the mines of  Ontario and Hritish Oohuiibiii. it docs not  seem unreasonable to believe that the  gross profit would have been far inexcess  of that from the gold fields. The satisfaction would have been greater ; comfort instead of misery and death would  have resulted, and a far larger number of  'people Avould have benefited, But the  hunt for gold seems to have an irresistible  and perpetual attraction for adventurous  spirits who are blinded to the benefits of  solid industry.   Cars Kuniiing to Cascade.  Cascade Record.  At exactly 27 minutes past ten Saturday morning the first locomotive to enter  tiie Boundary country crossed the 1000-  foot long, 135-foot high Kettle river  bridge at Cascade, and is now busy laying the heavy 73-pound Carnegie steel  rails in the Cascade yards. Tho engine  is a powerful one, with eight drivers. It  is numbered '103, and has H. N. Atkinson  at the throttle and James Ii. Baxter as  fireman, two excellent mechanic.0. Last  night the engine was decorated with  bunting, and presented a gay appearance  today,, as it pushed the track-laying  .machine   before   it,  Avhich  was' putting  FULL LINE OF  down the heavy steel at the rate of one  rail (thirty feet) every tAvo minutes. The  track was laid to the other end of the  bridge last Monday, but lists been delayed  for want of the 30-foot bridge stringers  Avhich Avere en route from the Coast. However, superintendent Stewart and chief  engineer Tye set the Avires at work, a  special steamer was sent up Aitoav lakes,  and the result of their unremitting energy is seen in the presence of the snorting  iron horse in the Gateway City today. A  ear of hogs and sheep for P. "Burns & Co.  was brought down to the bridge, but  had to be taken back to the siding at  Sutherland creek. This Avill be brought  in this afternoon Avith seven other cars of  merchandise. Orders have been sent out  to rush all Boundary freight via Robson  to Cascade. It is certain that the C.P.H.  expects to do an immense business at  this point, as three experienced employees  have been sent here to care for it. As  soon as possible a neat and commodious  station will be erected, the carpenters being already on the Avay here.  Traitor Arrested.  Virnna, August 14.���August Kicsig,  a government railway official, has been  arrested for stealing the emergency mobilization plans, which lie delivered to a  man named P. H. Zibowerski avIio is said  to lnwe communicated them to agents of  France and Russia.  The Tremoflt Hotel  WE HAVE JUST OPENED TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF  inter Woolens  COMPRISING  Tweeds  Worsteds  Venetians  West of  England  Pantings  Beavers  Fancy  s  and  C^tutiitiiefeaf>auiitin^ai:e-. ,tf%d"���^ftygfip^ir :  ^i%=a3idai��!& Wh Bfcfles&^a^ljiK ^}ie,  "^^liifimeA/iiyii's'ter. 1i'a$>;:%ei^%V|ed;.,fUjidei'  ".^bo-felir aiid lievcr. AA?e:re= lli^folf&Av/th-s,;". snrer  ^f*^,ign^lea3'pi��&ui'e'|!.o:| Ibis: =%xtlejfc;lT\cIbin-  >-^v&l|ue��s";%u*di Mvl!;ii;falj;J|���iu:���t1je'u-i��iii.ila:te  ':V$|&iVu*il^  ^s^^ojuiiipf^/^u^^^Itt). Iii^faA^digfi^  ;���^o"$oitf|4^  C^^iS-'iiattlhig^ AwMi'^i^rgajjiKj^ti^. $>$��� -no  "' iiieatis.Ict'upul'ohs.*"' %. %ik:iipkliwil- iso fi'i-  '��� -Vor"was all he asked, ;kut that -waB what  ;;-;J>c/ediiM.not;g;et.   At" the poling; fxooths  3ji^��Urt"crlt6*Uiere�� ii:o"t 'ffiiiy-Wii ioa:c|ej]' di'c$  - "^(of^ervym^aiKl'er-s-acte aiul. uiifair <3ieGto:i.-af.  ��� "'in^eliitieivy;,��T^vikValso; ;aiV'.-VlAl'Uiiitencl!'filud,!  j? Jdifawu Iroin nlilked raihvay subsidies aird  '.   coutractqi's'   "tfxtrasV'    But   he   fought,  "tlieseiulliiences AvBlt.oiifc.jvM.iiiiij?.    Thei-e  \vas" mi's sliouting of cofriipbion without  proof. Corruption was specinca;llyelifl.rged,  and proved so conclusively that even tjie  partisan comniittgeg hacl  to  repot;t_jthc_  Hscandals and retire Che minister and officials who had been guilty of wrong doing  into  private  life.   He fought  the" good  fight skilfully,  stoutly and successfully,  aiid came back from the general elections  of 1SD0 with the country at his back,  Is It Worth the Cost?  Toronto .Star.  The output from the Ivloiidiku goldlields  this year will probably amount to ten  million dollars. This figure1.hay -a magnificent appearance because; it is counted  in solid gold, but a soberer vievv will pub  it down as rather disappointing and 1111-  satisfactofy. The sum seems small enough  when it is remembered at what a fearful  cosfc these ten millions have been scooped  from- out the region of the frozen north.  The amount of the output does not represent clear profit; it hits been accumulated  only at the sacrifice of almost all the  comforts which make life happy ; the  roads to and from the goldfields have  been the scene of almost incredible suffering and of many a horrible death.     And  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows :  JnS^Swl|$@^P  ^^'/���'���"������^'���-������'- 2: ".v���V���ffi ��*����Ti ��:;������*;  Oh      -% D   "     <b   ��"    ���   n�� 0*" ' �� a    m' �� ��^i<5  m&mqI* !Po^fcp" y. �� ./-��������� . j  ���.. ���"������ '��� �����������*- p' ���       ���   ."....  tes ��� '. ...j.  , "'*":���,. * ���/Rou^ aiiiS.     '  ������'.  " =:  ".' : '.��� "Dr;essid"Liinifer��� " '.���/.���'  ."���"';"JV,"  ' J;*\��: ^fol^Mimilk " "  ""        --"J     '    -����, '  tf wfiat; j'6u,>vant.sisiiot ia Stock wo ^vill niako ifc; l*oi:'jwi  '���������"        -      ;CSAi,l>:AND;GI';TI?Bl;GESV  (V1AL0;JE & TREG1LLUS  PUOPllIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectops  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Gigars  ALWAYS ON HAND|  iyerything to be had in a First=class Tailoring House  mported T^ese Goods Direct From,  ountry We can Give Satisfaction  K      * 1 ���  HALL AND LAKE STllKfiTS,, NELSON  LODGE   MEETINGS.  ���RTNiaHfTS  OV PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No;  2.5,  ���EV   KniKhtS of Pythias, moots iti I. O. O. F. Hall,corner  Baker aird Kootenay.streets,: overv Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights co:dl.illv invited to attend.  T. LILLIE, C. C. H. U. JOY, K. of 11. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. W. & A. M. Meets  socond Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON L. O. L., No. lfi!)2. meets in I. O. O. K  cornor linker and  Kootenay, streets  Friday of each month,  viti'd.  JOHNT TOYK, AV. M.  Hall.  1st  nod 3rd  \nsiting "bretherii cordially in-  F. J. BRADLEY, Rcc. Sec  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFAOTUKERS OF  BNOINBS. boilers, shafting, iron and  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attonded to.       P. O. Box 173,  OHARLftS HILLYEIt,  r"KEKI1)KN"l'  HARIlA' HOUSTON,  .BEOW'KTAHV  #8]sQn=Saw-&-Plaaing-ffi[ffliS1r  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  ^Cv/'.-jy-iBAK-ERi^TREET,/  ,:Li  ectnc  West Baker Street  ERCHANT TAILOR  Nelson, British Columbia  _��� Largo ocomfortabl0^���blQtooptns p��and �� flrsVci'lss. cubing  , ��� "* .' 'ijikl!ES." '$!2*''.,:FEl.B/i3^^' ��� 'iS' '������'���  f. &  j-  Lat,o"of thfi Rbj-al Hotel,, Calgary,  ^��.�����;2'ears.Eai?Bs���'y|c;a-lcffe^fel��^Ktfi'*  ����� . 1 Grtr'Svyift' -&= Qo.'s Hains, Olifeai} ���  and Lai'd.   ' [     ,."."..      :" ./  ;!;;.   -  1 Gai-,IiiiGst (Jj-^iinery^;B.u%rin J-ljI.  ,','-,��V'     ^ltl4.aiVi|.5.Blb'bu6xqsiM8d,lfc^iti;uiicl,   :.;" �����  .������������-.���       Oil) lI.I1!Ss ���     ���  J   "DB" ..2.GittS.qftip,wsP"pt!46ej?. ��� "...  '���'#&:oI,eslii4.Only.   Write��'M Wife,foEBnces  WholesaleManlCets^t;*^  "kelson, XX %  ���  ���   0  LIMITED-  MANUFAOTHIIKUS O** A?TD  UKALKBS IX  Rough and Pressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fenee Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  kacI'ouv womc Boxf: ro oiibisii,  sueii: AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCFC  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government whavf:  Factory and office, corner Hull street and O.P.R. track  iflfflDFS  BOY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  WILL DO WELL TO  A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hcndryx street, Nolson  Telephone, M JollI!    R&S,   kgOttt  HrDrHUMErMarTaferr  The finest hotel in tho interior.  Largo Sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OK WARD AND VERNON STS.. NELSON  UAKI3R AND AYARD STIjBETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under onp  miuiaftomont since lfeW;  Tho hed-KJoms arc well furnished and lighted by  oloetricity;  Tho dining-room is not Second to ally in Kooteijay.  The bar is always stocked by the bi  Imported liquors and oifirars:  iiie bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  " oisrars.  THOMAS JVIAIIDEN. Proprietors  McLEOD  YMIR*  J. W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-GLASS  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains Rpvak-frvlcn    B   C  Hourly strnot car to station UB��BlblOK��i  D. U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, II. O.  Codec roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer frosh roasled eoll'ee of best quality as follows:  Java and A rabian Maclni, per pound ?   W  Java and Mocha Rlend, 3 pounds     1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds ��� ��� ��� ��� ���  J OU  Santos ISlnnd. S pounds   1 00  Our Special Blond, II pounds.., ��� 1 l��  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds  .....  1 (w  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 floors  East  of   Oddfellows   Block,,   West  Bakor Stseot  BOYAL SEAL ATtfD  KQOTEJN  OIG-ARS'.  UNION   MADE  lootenay Gigar Maofg. Co.  Nelson, 'British Colninbia.  ASK F  ���&L"t, KINDS OF  "     WKOLESAIE AND R��TAIl: .  FISH AND PGULfBY IN SEASON  MstJi^,.ttffi=E.Jl.J[MIESiJiiraagen  ORDEIlS RY MAIL RECKlVK GARKFtlL AIs'D PROMPT ATTEN^'liON.  St. Alice Mineral Water  from the famous Harrison Hot Springs. . * .  A COOL MEDICINAL BEVERAGE  VICTORIA  VANCO-fjVKR  NELSON  'J  R. REISTERER & CO.  ���BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  ^S.Wtl^Uo.      Brewery at Nelson.  H. D.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  \Va��ou repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright. ','���,���  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Sh,op:   IJall Street, botweeq Baker and Vernon, Nolson  ABSOLUTELY AT  No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts.  Underwear  Pants  Sweaters  Hats  TAN   .SHOES  MINERS'   SHOES  AND  ALL KINDS CLOTHING  No Fake Removal Sale;  Colored Shirts      -  Cotton top Shirts "  Negligee Shirts  Regatta Shirts  Rfimetriber, This Gjnera! $a!e Will End on Saturday, the (9th, at (0 p. rri.  BO  Bilker Street  Opposite Postofnee  A CAR LOAD OF OUR  FAMOUS   LAGER!  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A FEW DAYS.  Turner,   Beeton  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLE WHAlTB  J. McPHBH  lootenay Eleetrie Supply and Constpuetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Bleotrlc Bqutpments for Blaotrlc Power Transmlsalon and Light tag for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells. Telephones, Anno.nola.tors. Etc.  P. O. Box 008. Josephine Street, Kelson, B. C. THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, V>. 0., TUESDAY, AUGUST  13,  1890.  Mail  rte Filled Same Say as Reeeiv  STOCKS THE LARGEST IU KOOTENAY  Assayers5 Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,   every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all  kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES,  best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  .-Mil  IlilS  Ly-  i,i-  Eelieved to Be Insane.  A charge ol' insanity lias I.kmhi  against Thomas .1. Lyons, and ho  been held for medical examination,  ons spent Friday and .Saturday at  poinLo's boarding house- on Vernon street,  and while, there acted very strangely.  Ho left on Saturday night about eight  o'clock, and was found yesterday at Slocan Crossing, wandering aimlessly around.  When taken in charge'by W. II. Jbillcck-  We.bstor at the Slierbrooko house yesterday, he said tliat he had been hunting in  the mountains and talked incoherently on  other subjects. Papers found in his possession showed that ho came from Kingston, Ontario, and had n recently been  working on the Lardo-Duncaii raihvay.  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Summer.  9  s  Police Court Cases.  Stipendiary magistrate Crease had  several cases before hi hi yesterday afternoon. John li.oger.s, accused of stealing  a, watch on April 15th last, was discharged, 'W. II. .Mullock-Webster stating that,  the evidence against the prisoner being  only circumstantial he would ask foi-:i dismissal of the charge. The magistrate gave  the prisoner a warning that as lie  appeared frequently before him he would  caution him to mend his ways in order  to avoid further trouble. A Chinaman  named Ding, accused of assault on  another Chinaman, was dismissed on payment of the costs of the court.  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J A. Gilker  The Furnisher  It  More Business Than Ever Before.  The officials of tlie Canadian Pacific  claim they are handling more freight at  Nelson, in the way of general merchandise, than'ever before. They also claim  business is picking up in the Slocan.  work is being done in the mines, lie also  reports the farmers anil ranchmen of Alberta, reaping a harvest from the increased trade with Kootenay, as they are  getting good prices for their stock and  farm produce���better prices than ever  before in the history of the country.  If the present rainy spell continues,  some of the brick buildings under way in  Nelson will be completed some time next  summer.  !). JNIcUillivray left last night via the  Crow's Nest Pass road for the Mainy  Miver railway, on which he has a large  contract. When at Nelson he forwarded  several carloads of plant for the work.  The Nelson lacrosse team should discharge their malinger and hire a   trainer.  Clements �� Neelands expect to open  their new saloon in about two weeks.  The fixtures will be the finest in Kootenay.  During captain Troup's absence, captain (iore will be acting superintendent  of the steamboat end of the C. I.'. K. .Mo  ai rived from Arrowhead last night.  A marriage license was issued yesterday lo Roderick O. iMatlieson, editor of  the Silverton Silvertonian, and .Ida Marguerite Walker of Ste. flyaciiithe, Quebec.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Six-room furnished house to let on Mill  slrout.   .Address Box 155, Nelson.  To Let���Neatly furnished rooms at  tlio corner of Ward and Victoria s>trcot.s. Apply to A.  11. Clements.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and Ward streets, now occupied by W. A  JMncilcmvld, Mill bo for runt after the lulh instant.  Apply lo A. II. (Jlcmeiil.s-.  Furnished room to rent. Apply Tribune oil ice.  There was no quorum at tho regular  meeting of the board of trade last night.  The only members who put in.an'appearance were: ILK Croasilalie, F. W. Swannell, A. j. Marks, T. J. Sims, J. M. Lay,  W. A. Jowett, Fred Irvine and D. Morris.  S. P. SIulw of the Nelson custom house  has been sent over to the Grand Forks  custom house to help collector 'Gilpin  get his office iii good running order.  Grand 'Forks is a port, the same as Nelson  and tho sub-ports of Midway andOsoyoos  and the> preventive"station of Cascade  City are attached to it. Mr. Shaw, who  is recognized as an expert, will be away  a month.  >J. Fred Ritchie and John' McKano came  into Nelson yesterday from the La.rde.-ui,  where they,have been Io6king��at mining  ;��.nTTUiS ������'��mv i$$k %- on- "Saturday morning,":  V$$:-,4"Piaffe. \ u$ ;jsi^^^��iiiKWia'^  $i$fiI^:$i.ys*"fe'M V'cr b\ sis jfti ��� tt&j&'Til i f inu Jf f/i t  "��" j*t-rt]|e���lp,'oh:G��Pb"n S-jiiirfr ..yfet^rllay:-. Tllbtoill-s  ,��� Jones'ivasj 'filled���$$ 4umxT" co��g'ts"x>f\ fen, ija^'s.  !��� -for- 'hgivfg, drioblc:*aiM/ Wj^Pdgy&yl- Me?is,  |j"n\jVillsPtg"'0',u"#hlSvn3:iBto Artluir;fi'h;%'iire,,---'\\'nl'ib*1  ���; iwA-s ordered Otrfj oF-iott'u alfew <Iifc^s' sigp^  ��dir,l'��not.feo'^bd- was^re-avifestGd^ He wfte".  ;^i;v���e;n?"|6jji.- Jiwirs. iVr^vhicih to'-obey the- b\%-  "\.Ieirolf'��lfIie��ft-6hi%M-">�� ���������s����"��-       - C  "TlierO1 sf|j,sr 'ii _/itifge"fe"^!'^-^*'?!.*' %llo drill;  "of" .the, ��Nels(����H. ��r.Ule contptUiy  yesterday  ,e;vei:iin,g,"it beni|ig the  last ^parade niut&i"*  Hie leadership Of"!?ergeabt-iii^trtict0r Ca;r-  r-oll.  An0tlier aittehipt-at robbery oecirri'eil  of:i Stiturda-y .n'ightf at the residence of  F. fl. StiiitJl Oil" "Mffi street. rj��he frOij*  door of the holiBe; was ulilot-ked, and M-r."  Sjnith Was awakened about riii'dnigjit by  a noise iu the hallway. Upon going  down stairs he found two nieii, who immediately decamped, lottviirg" the dooi-  open.   TboJbiiildbigJately^H^  patrick ���& Wilson from Frank Simpson  lias been sold to Wallace & Miller. Kirk-  pa,ti-ie,k <fe Wilson, are inoviiig their stock  of; groceries from the btiildiiig to their  West Baker .street store.  Fred Irvine & Co. will commence 'their  weekly biirgain day sale on .Friday, of  which particulars will be given through  their advertisement in 'Ihk TuriitWM tomorrow.  W. 11. Grapt, wlio now has charge of  the Calgary office of P., jhirns A; Co., arrived in Nelson yesterday ���morning, after  a visit to the Mgencies pf the firm at Fort  Steele and Cranbrook. He says that business throughout I��!ast Kootenay is good,  and that  a   grea,t   deal   of development  C3  CO  O  CO  ca  CO  aa  CO  UJ  CO  ���i  3>  oo  r~  CO  a:  m  m  r���  CO  oo  C0  IT PAYS US to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods and  methods just as they are. It pays us  to strive for excellence in quality,  price and service���aiming to place in  ���iofep-tiivil^e^"."   ���'*;.;".' ":������;',: ���/."���!-" ��X"'J  ;H'rh. \yx& xpiUpMB e> p,f V^:ri-1 ^g$i&f$&$'&$$  ����di��frrjjb:rinel'f ;;Irin ^uinjihg^" f -��en qu ntted' >::d ia -.  Tmeo"d^ll��:sto"n<5sfi;ngs, ip"Qs;e. djMn|ona.us,  and pihe'r "pifeelous, sipr^es^   ^es^,e��  it .to; our pustplTiers 46 giye, ther?1  lh?  best dmadfe"��an."e|".fBa most atylis^fgQod3S,  ^e can.buy.." ^puh'rhS^uTact^-He^^dS.Gl's^  ���ii:re  pfjju&t" this  kind.,  ��up"^tjb^'-.of  KS,hi"aJf/^i-a,-mjp;it^,.n rings is ^pefei^ffy.\a-t-;  \irf0��i"y/,k land* 'p^j'ce.s .rpq-u'naij.y; .IpV.'^ri'd5  ; yo*u; ovyg. tt" to" ypurs'elf to". buy/gp;p^s ,  "fp-r;a^s 'liittl^eV���rrrpn-'ey'as pd&sibl.ei, Wiyte",  /wi'fr^/.&T telephppe' tl3:;,-we  are<f:alyya#<  at hppie to our customers^  A &EM NEW LiMES rlEGEi^ED  Wi\Q WHBK; Tate!ei;;lkam^; Piahpl  Barnes,; Tab1te" and, Piano ,.hanipj eom-  birieci,." JarEiinieres, Jardinlerje"fables/;  Fire Set&, Umibrella Stands, Letter  Racks, Papetf ���Hoid'pftsv Pnojp Fr,ames,!  Ash - Trays,- Bronzes,.Vases, and Pitchers of all descriptipMs, ^ponces,. IV^ir-.  rors, and Candelabras; also a large:  consignrneht pf Parlor Lamps and1  Fa ncy_ globes.:  As we only employ the most skilled  watchmakers, we will guarantee all:  work satisfactory.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler.  A  From The Gendron Mnfg. Go.  m r  !*!  $mtm&mmm��2m!��^^  ��  �����'  3D.    DyC^^^JBTHITTS,   &   CO.  58,  m  &SOTS5$&88e&OT  Grove  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  ZsTDEILSOisr  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  mice" ST  C0U.RT HOfJSE, ROSSLASTD, B. C.  Q15AT Ell  TKlWKltS,  O   ceivofl by Uili  projloi'ly RiHlorf-cd,  lIoiim-,'U)la the  Next Door to  1��. llin-iKS, & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK.  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  NELSON LICENSE DISTRICT.  Notice ia liorohy given that thcunid-rinivilionud inji-srn-  have iniidu ui>)>lio:ilion uiiclor tlio pi'ovisiuns of thu "liquor License Aut, iS!l!l" for hotel lieeti��osut the place net  opposite In his name:  John Uosjjrovc, !li' Vnltey ITot-el, near Ymir.  A meeting of the board of License (JomniisKioncrs of Ihe  Nelson License Dislriet willhc held lo consider mch  ariplication ul, the Court House, at tho'City of Nelson, on  Tuesday, the 2:)lh day of August, IS!)!) at the hour ut  eleven oelouk in the forenoon.  WA1. XI. UUIiLOCIC-WKHSTKR.,'  Chief. Lieen.se Jiispuclor.  I'tt^'incial IMIiCiOlllcc..   .  Nul.-oii. 11. (A, 11th AuguslvlSW.-.  . Svill be ro'-  Ofiief ConmlisKiontsi-  of Lands and AV'in-ks. Virtorill, H. (.!., up to liJ norin of  Moijilay, tliliSlst August next, for the emotion imd coin-  plet.ionof ftCourtllfiu.se at ItOssland, 11. C,  Drawings, speeifientionf, and conditions of tendering  and coin ract may lie seen jiI the I 'rovincial Govornniont.  Ollices at Victoria, Vancouver, itosslaiid, and Nelson, Ilv  C. on ami after the 2ifti in��l,ant.  JCiichtender must be accompanied byan accepted bank  chock or cei-fificaKjof deposit made payable to the unsigned, equal to ii pur cent of ihe ,'lmomit of the (clidei-, ,a.s  K'curity for tho due fullillmeiit of the. contract-, which  shall lie forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  into contract when called upon to do so, or if lio fail to  complete tho work contra- led for. The checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will bo returned to Ihoin upoil the  execution of the contract.  Tenders will not bo considered unlos.-s made out on the  forms supplied, and .signed with the actual signature of  the tenderers.  The lo West or any tender not necessarily accepted.  \V\ S. GOHK,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department',  Victoria. B. C, 21st July 18!)!).  Re Goat River Mining Division.  3STOTIOEJ  That the above mining division has been extended by  the addition of all that part of the Ainswortli Mining  Division lying south of tho hoifcht of land between  dray's and Ciawford Creeks, thence westerly to Crawford Hay, thence crossing Kootenay Lake to Proctor's  Point.  The ollico rf this enlarged "Goat River Division" is  now located lit Kuskonook,where |Uio mining recorder  will be found in attendance during ollico hours.  ..   .1. FHItt) IIUM10, Minister of Mines.  : August Sth, 1S.U-  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  lardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails ^  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on' a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW. HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence Hardware  Co*  ;&kv.i  0 n   "     ��   -    n  Ml}*0    <nV"ya" "        ���  �� "        "      "   %      "' " " " Do        ��� D       D        n "   "      n     '- o   an       0  ���    o .       .u   u ���     g nn      ,j,. o ��� . Pn DB    ���  Telephones "10 and 41.    PostSffice Box:"K & W"   "  EAST BAHIER gTRBE^  o ,    IS  WEST EtAKEfe Si<eEET  MANY  NBW  CUSTOMERS  Are added to our list each and every rhonih. This month hiiS  beeti an exceptional one, the number of nevv customers far ex*  ceeds any previous month, and we can safely say we still continue to hold the old ones. This is surely ample proof of who  does the leading business, where it is done and how the people  not only in Nelson, but surrounding towns, appreciate the manner in which we serve them. Our stock of fancy goods is by far  the most complete in Nelson,,  ri-say  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker SLreot West, Nelson, 13. C.  Strachan   Bros.  E'lL.XJnVCBElliS,  ETC.  OPEEA,,EOt7SE;BLOCK  ,.���,,.-,.^  r^^W���������a|1'������^^l:^���'^^^^W|^'^^?���.^T^^���^��� "


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