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Was Dreyfus's Reply to Mereier.
Rhnnks, August 12.—The curtain rose
on the same theatre-like scene as on Monday. Judges iu uniforms, seated on the
stage, and every inch of the court occupied in expectation of a sensational scene.
There were more ladies present than on
Monday. The person known as " La.
Dame Blanche," who has attended every
move in the Dreyfus affair, was again
present today, wearing a superb set
of pearls, but, owing to the expressed objections of colonel Jou-
aust, she changed her conspicuous
place on the right behind him for a
modest but still noticeable position in
the body of the hall. A row of soldiers
with fixed bayonets were again ranged
at the bottom of the hall, and rendered
honor in the customary manner to the
judges as the latter entered and left the
court. The proceedings opened lamely
and hopes of a sensational sittings began
to lag as tho morning wore on, and masters began to get tedious as M. Cashnir-
Perier and general Mereier reiterated
what is already known; but this Avas
only the calm before the storm, and when
the storm broke it carried everyone iu
tlie court with it into a whirlpool of the
/wildest excitement.
M.   Casimir-Perier, former president of
Franco, in a loud and  distinct  voice  repeat the evidence given  before the court
of cassation.    He leaned while  speaking
against the witness rail and referred to a
scrap of 'paper he held iu his hand.     He
read the text of a  despatch received  by
count  Aron Miinster-Ledcnburg,  German
ambassador at Paris, from prince Hohen-
lohe, German imperial  chancellor, wliich
the former communicated  to M. Casimir-
Perier during a visit to the Elyseo palace.
It ran : " His majesty  the emperor, having every confidence in  the president of
the republic and the  government of   the
republic, begs your excellency to   tell  M.
Casimir-Perier it is proved that the German embassy -was never implicated inthe
'Dreyfus affair.    His  majesty  hopes  the
government of the republic will not hesitate to declare so without formal declaration.    (Signed) Holienlohe."'. M. Casimii -
Porier   then   recounted how  ho had ex-
. pressed to the then premier and minister
of war his astonishment and   indignation
at   the   interview   which    captain    Lo-
brun     Remind     gave , the    Figaro    on
the subject  of Dreyfus.    Witness  then
told   of    colonel     Picquai-t's     visit    to
tho     Elysee     at    the     time     of     the
trial to in form him M. Bei-til Ion's demon-
torted, for I have no recollection of such
a letter. The words of the former president of the French republic just uttered
are exact. I have never, even in my own
mind, supposed that there was ai'iy engagement of the kind made by him. J
can well understand the indignation of
M. Casimir-Perier, but such an idea- never
crossed my mind. Will you allow me to
explain? M. Demange has asked me at
the time of the trial in. conveying to
count Wnldeck-Rousseau my request for
a public trial, that this publicity should
only be on condition that the question of
the origin of the documents remained secret, I gave my word of honor not to
r^ise this question ; aud now, before my
superiors in the country, 1 say it was in
niyown defense and not with the consent
o I'the president of the republic that my
word of honor was given. I never had
an idea that any .engagement was made
between tlie president and myself; never,
"Then you declare false these letters in
which it is said the president of the republic entered into cortain engagements
with you."
Dreyfus  replied:     "In  any  case   the
sense lias been completely distorted,"
.    M.  Cash)lir-Porier gave   his   evidence
with blanched face but in the determined
tone of a man  who  means  every Avord
uttered, and Avhich inspired confidence in
his words.    The  members  of  the  court
martial   listened   to   him     respectfully.
When his testimony AA'as   ended M. Casimir-Perier Avas conducted back to his seat
by an officer and all  eyes  wore  directed
towards a door to the right.    There  was
a-moment of painful   suspense and  then
general Mereier glided  slowly  into  the
court room  and  was  conducted  to  the
witness stand by a soldier.    He lifted' up
his    right    hand    before-   the  crucifix,
cand swore to tell the 'whole truth.    The
witness appeared to be iu broken health.
He spoke in a hoarse voice, coughed  frequently and asked  to be allowed to be
seated.    Mereier AA'as dressed in the  uniform of a general Avith  black  tunic and
red trousers.    As lie stvtdoAA'n he  placed
a brilliant crimson aud gold kepi on  the
shelf attached to the witness  rail  Avhere
Noonday is Still Working.
Silverton Silvcrtonian.
Although a great deal has lately been
said about the Noonday mine in the Silvcrtonian', still some'of our outside readers are ignorant as to the exact location
of this new mine and also as to its leading characteristics, so Ave again give a
short description of the property.
The Noonday is duo of the old locations
in this district, and is situated within one
mile of Silverton and at an   elevation" of
about SOO feet above the lake.     It lies on
what is known as the Galena Farm   flats
and adjoins the Galena Mines group.    In
the  c?\rly  days  of   the  district, a large
'amount, of  rich galena   float was   found
scattered   through the -surface wash  on
this claim, a carload of which was collected and shipped-to  the smeltjer, giving returns of 120 ounces in silver-'and 50  per
cent lead per ton.    A hunt for the ledge
that-threw  out this  float was  made  at
different times by the  OAvners, and  a lot
of surface Avork, consisting of 0 open  cuts
and shallow  shafts was  done',-but Avithout finding the ledge.    This property Avas
.looked, over by.a number of practical experts Avith a view of locating the  ledge
that   had thrown   out   so   much   float.--
Among   others   J.   M.   M.  Benedum  of
Silverton   examined   the . ground   carefully, and came  to  the  conclusion  that
the ledge  could   be  found  Avith a little
Avork.    About the first of this year he associated with  him  Messrs.  Andy .and J.
IT. Stewart,of this place, aud a bond was
secured by them on the property for the
sum of $35,000, in easy payments.    Work
.'was at once .-started  by them, and a tunnel, formerly started  by the owners in "a
bluff near Gold creek,  which'crosses' the
property, AA'as driven ahead.    After driving this tunnel ahead  about. 20 feet the
ledge ■'was  encountered, but considerably
jumbled up  at that  poiiit and the ore
mostly  concentrating.     A crosscut Avas
driven south from this point iu the tun-
nel about 15 feet, Avhen, eureka! the ledge
hi place  aiid the big  ore shute  of the
°-o M\\i$hm uistQtt Loi^wai*,: ^llott lion g; mvm s *
y^^tl^^rs-j-'ahct- salViSvit^^s^ii'q.Atei: ■ l-epeiyoc,!. ij,'
'/■Jjjieinb>rt\^^^ "Ms'dfi^-
1!   .rsi n ii r-Pm^r Vein icluclet^"'th"isi „ .part.' P'f-" - bis
..   stateiuent-by raising his .^ojceltiiid' speaking verjV ex<;ifcjiibiyr*by°saefi°ng1-' * '"For" 'the
■, ■ -: *honOI[ of-the pli ief '^haglftifacAf Which ,f"
. obepiJied/for the h6iio;i^o£\th(i republic, I
-.   "willy   nbt *allpw. .i .jt/.VtO' "".■. be*' ^aic}. I
luiipxtihang M-'it: "wQvd ■with,ti Captain ih
■ . the Fi-Pnch ariny accused of treason." Tills
sta.t-eJn,elj.fJ'plinspfl!„i]ipp]Hlis0Hil°&oiij[,6» which j,
Jouaust .speedily Suppressed, threatening
to qlear "the-halt if* thpre."was Any-'repetition of it.    Many people iu thecoiirtrooin
thought   M»,   Oasimii-rPeirier   somewhat
theatrical in  this  utterance, ,aS, he had
.tAAjistmg,..:. }j\g- hmmtf ."-Qfe- -swhttes, ^sglo-ves*.
;qbui;t.-" . Be^i'cle."- "his;.. ;.kGi^i.o^"he".™»;,p'fa4§d.
,„ue. a'cefiinpamecl^lii^; ^emarlcs _;Wi$h;*itJCQUr.,J
Vtinuaii:iVQd'di.u*gw^:M-i*e°,&e/id'.s ",li?o{a-"=^6i'«Hi.-"!
g0.r :njg ."aopei^^ir^aXid 'bc^jahg." p^diteesf,
tiii-hed audTlOlivercIl^it as iitucTTto the
audiOhcG as to tile court. The for liter
president ended his statement: "I, .affirm
before this tribunal of soldiers my resignation A\'as hot connected with a diplomatic incident concerning Germany. It
JVloases me to be ilblje to seeond tlie court
jii the Avork of justice confided to it. From
this place there intist ©merge at last, for
the Fftke of tfid couilti-y, reconciliath u
and peace. I can do no no more than tell
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but the -truth. As chief Of state or avIicii
a eitixeii I have always in my respect for
If ranee regarded her as free to niake a
decision as she herself is rovercd."
Various questions AVere asked Casimir-
Perior by tlie assistant judge and M.
Deinange on tho subject of captttiii Le-
bi-uii lietiaud's statement that Dreyfus
had confessed to him, and tho witness
emphatically said that lie had never had
from captain Renaud any SuchConfession in
his visit to him. He added that lie was
not prepared to deny that lie never told
captain Ijebrun Reuauld to communicate
any knoAvledged confession, but lie affirmed that he did not speak of the confession to him. M. Demange then brought
up the question of a letter Avhich the
anti-Dreyfusards asserted they had, and
in Avhich they claimed he spoke of engagements entered into by Casimir-Perier
respecting him. The Avitness emphatically replied that he had never entered
into any such engagement as alleged, and
he asked that the letter, AArhioh was published by the Eclair of Paris, should be
produced in court aud that the whole
matter  be cleared up.
Colonel Jonaust then asked Dreyfus if
he had anything to say. Thereupon
Dreyfus arose and accompanying his utterances Avithhis hand uplifted, he said :
"My words haAre cei»tainly  bueu.dis-
Pi-oj^Gfc'e'd1 tnpre'^'t'Csfavgei.pi^ un
:'^iiig^that:tli\1 'wsTfaTpf wks/„gl)iftg-''"io *pr$y<Si
"aS "'tli(3.'Dreyf)iSite"g:*■prMidtetl|"air jitter'
fM£tso. General "Sleibier Avftre oil, hi?
: breast tlio '(Jec-Qj-ati^n of; gi-aud .oifice0r* .of
the^fLell'd'h" of "lioiiort '..^;Whtlp°he" was" 'iiji?'
xlei' e^ariniliatio^n "ge'iieral :S|(Si|Ciei' asllecl
colonel .Touaust ,to allow hilii to ptieseiit" a
dHcuiuetit sJiOAA'iughow itii.espi<1iih'ge ;S.ys-
t^iu Was] -cirgjihized ;iii - France by
coioiiel ScihAA^arCzkOppeii, the foriiier
Gei'nlau luilitary' attache at Paris.,
The docunient referred tp the fortifications of the Meuss. General, Mereier then
entered into an explanation tending
head of the German espionage in
France, and afterwards had the
famous letter containing tlie Avords^
"Cette Canaille de D-,vead. In tlie nieim-
AA'hile r>reyfus Avatched Mereier througli
liis eyeglass, but apparently -unmoved<
The Avitness Avho displayed the deepest
interest avivs M. CaSiiiiir-Perier. Seated
in the front of a roAV of private seats, he
leaned forward with Ms hands Oil his
knees, throAVing Up his haiids in expressive gestures of disgust or iuipatience.
A stirring scene closed today's session.
General Mereier had Spoken nearly four
hours in .ruthless denunciation of Dreyfus, Who had listened unmoved until
Mereier concluded by saying that if he
had not been convinced of the guilt of
Dreyfus and if tlie hitter's conviction,
had not been fortified since 189-1, he
would admit lie had been mistaken'.
Dreyfus jumped to his feet as though
"the Avords had ■galvanized him into life and shouted in a voice
AArhieh resounded through the court like
a trumpet note, "You have lied, you
scoundrel." The audience burst into a
Avild cheer, Avhereupon the ushers called
for silence. ' M. Casimir-Perier then
rose and dramatically demanded
to be confronted Avith general Mereier in
order to deny some of his statements.
Colonel Jonaust ordered the court to be
adjourned until Monday at (5.30 a. m. for
the confrontation, aud as Mereier turned
to leaA'c the court the audience rose en
masse and hissed and cursed him.
Illegal FisMng,
Complaint is being made that, illegal
fishing is being done., in Slocan lake by
means of dynamite, nets and night lines.
Fishing this season is far above the aArcr-
agc, owing possibly to the shutting doAvn
of the concentrators on Carpenter creek.
;^ilie/, ^r6^.%it;':aliU
;tnnnel< waSEdriven
: .y;ajsStb,:theB or,e^bod^aii.'c}'.", siinteg.^pufc.".iji:i;"
Put Up a Good Fight, but Lost.
Special ti Tlio Tribune.
; VANCOUviiH, August 12.—Nelson lost
the first game of the Coast series of
matches today Avhen Vancouver defeated
the boys in green in a game, Avhich the
Terminal City conceded was a pretty exhibition of lacrosse.
There Asrero oArer one thousand spectators at the match, and avIioii the Nelson
boys came on the field they received a
generous round of applause. This good
fee I iiig on the part of the Vancouvcrites
towards their visitors was manifested
throughout the entire match.
■Kvery good piece of play on the part of
the Nelson hoys was applauded, and
When the two Nelson goals avoi-o secured
there was not a Avliit less applause than
marked the scoring of the boys in grey.
The teams lined up= at three-thirty,
AA-hen it Avas apparent tliat the Nelson
boys AA'ere much heavier than the home
team. In the face-off tlie ball aaiis secured by Vancouver, but AvaS shortly
lost to HoAvden, avIio passed to Hayer.
Hayer made a run toAvards the flags, but
lost to 'Vancouver, and the play for a
short time Avas transferred to the
other end of the field. Lynch
relieved and the ball Avas Avorked by
Archibald, avIio made a straight shot
Avhich Avas skillfully turned by the Vancouver goal. For several minutes tlie
ball was kept around tho Vancouver goal.
Several shots Avere made by the Nelson
boys, but as a rule they Avere Avide:
After about six minutes .play.the .ball
AS'as returned to the Nelson flags and
after sonic clever combination work-'by
the VancouArer home the first goal Avas
Nelson had decidedly the best of the
first.game, but their home Avas Aveak and
they Avere unable to score. The second
game AA7ent to Vancouver also after some
very exciting play in about tAA'enty minutes. Nelson's defense and field Avorked
hard but the home again seemed to keep
too much bunched, and did not ma-ke^
as good use of their opportunities as they:
:jiifiglit:ha-uesr" * -■"•- -""-*■"-- ----• «■'■- - ■*» -■-■*"
last two overs the game degenerated into rather a farce, and Forbes Avas caught
and bciwlcd by Mytton for 21 off a Avild
swipe. The following are the names and
scores of thu players :
C. Huniillon, c Norcro.s=, b Korlics	
I!. M. UroKiin. c Jowett, b Klliot  .
AV. <lc\' lo.AIaisl.ro. b Klliot	
U. M. Diillon, c Klliot, b Ko.bes	
A. Mursli, b Nororo-s	
II. M. Itiiinbn.il, c Wo'more, b Kiliol	
■I. I In II ward, not out	
liornc lioc.licr, <: K. Klliot, b Forbes	
l!ov. II. Irwin, 1 b \v, Ii Forbes 	
II   F. Mvlton, Ii Forbes	
A. IliukliiiK. c and b Williamson  	
Kxtriin ,  	
W. A. Jowett, b Million	
C. It. Williamson, 1 b w. Ii Ilamilt'ii 	
.lolin Nnroi'nss. b llaniillon	
V.. W. H. Ilratliootc, vllullcn, bRi-oi;aii	
H. Forbes, run out  ..
O. M, Hrown. b Haniilion	
11. O. I). Sworl, h Rmnbill	
J. .Klliot., I) G'rotf.'in	
F. Klliot. run oilt .."	
O. AVulinore, b Irwin	
F. A. Mdcriko, not out 	
Total ti	
F. A. Mncrae, c and b Hamilton 	
G. 11. Williamson, b Haniilion	
F. Klliot, o IPeklins,', b Hamilton	
Jolin Noreross, b GrOK-m  	
H. I''orbes, c and Ii. Alytton	
C, M. Hrown, not out	
Total ior 5 wickets	
.... 0
... Hi
.... 10
.... !)
.... 0
.... 0
..  I
..  0
.. 3
.. 0
.'.' "t
.. i
.. s
.. (5
.. !)
.. !)
.. 8
/ Rxnge Rifle Shooting.
The first shoot OArer the iioav rifle range
of the Nelson company of the Kootenay
Rifles \A'as held yesterday at a distance of
000 yards. The possible points Avere 10.
The folloAving AA'as the score:
n   Ofd--
]ofebSJifitevci'iiii;/^\ganip:d' lijjifi. t'ljfi "Stfct"
,' 'fUat? ;alth'o;ngli' -.'phe- 'piue§ne'  of ■gipjind 'at-
readyStoiied AviM hpt. ^Xjc^ed" fffty - feet;
■' long lj|y Hi'fcy^fee'tlijgli ° of %|ie v'elii,,still',
],ii£t;tdhS pf:felt|an or6s JiaV0 aTiveady"«beepb
Shippeitan'cFaigobajniijiiy thousand dol-
lars wOr/t^liiof' eoiibentrating di-e hiis bee-n ■!
pilpd oil" thcKlfjinipi    At no tinien "."has* the
; iiiiiiQ lookjud tetter tlMltji at the 'J.)jfQS6iifj'
The lodge i;iiay be called a contact vein,,
lying' betAv'eeh slate and granite, tlie tfu0
footiviill being Sandon slate,but between
tlie footwall -and iilie ledge is a thin
a granite, but there tilso is a streak of
lime between the granite and the ledge.
The character of the ore is a steel galena
carrying zinc, ruby silver, grey copper
and in places a large amount of native
silver. The average value of the ore,
take it as it conies, is I ID ounces in silver
■aud 40 per cent lead per ton.
While Avork hi the mine Was. being
pushed, outside improvements InlA'o in no
Aviso boon noglected, ati ore sorteVs liOiiso
nnd blacksmith shop have been erected,
ground graded for other buildings and
a wagon rood has been extended to the
mine, A small .jig has been built and is
running successfully on the fine stuff
Coming out of the mine and is ■■■•making
money for the management. Tlie mine
is under the .management of J. H. SteAv--
art, assisted by his brother A. StCAvart,
J. M. M. Beilednni, the other partner, devoting his time to sampling, assaying and
marketing the ore fro.ii the mine;. At
the present time tlie property is giving
steady employment to forty miners.
,.:WA :# wwe^Vthg." "vViln:epiwer<"^4|als\"
s Tlg|>i^i%:-fehfj':sc^
y.ifiMe'iit; -prii nt, i'-ec0i.V.p.(l
Serjeant Carroll l(i
I.ionti'nant G. S. Beer 10
Sorgcant Day IU
Sergeant Dickson.. .. 10
(lorporal MacLeod S
Private MacLeod l(i
l'rivatc Sbaw  12
1'rivalo Pliilli: k- .- 10
Private Kirkpatriek. 10
Private AVhite..  8
Private Mackenzie It
Private A'iinstoiio........ 8
Private Smith  5
lJrivate AVadds...  8
Private l>c :. 8
Private White....  !l
Private Humphries  7
Private Poarcy  7
The rifles used Avere the Lee-Enfield and
Avere found to be very satisfactory. The
range has been adapted to 200, 300, 400,
000, 800 and 1200 yards. Competitions
and civilians are invited"to join the gun
club and are eligible for membership on
payment of a $5 fee.
N;'n.- £ ^  JVIinisters Mean Business:
h"a4'. played 'St.'iya-gi
lljijaW;."OiVtlie; ;Jcri;e"§,".°WiiJp'if■ tlelayjed «bl)p
^jlTsHQ" ifov\se^ej!i3.1jtriijtjFiiUg'S,ft  ^Itho-iigh; =hen
'\yife ..yei;-jr„ laajie "he/.<Teeide,cJ"A'oL*cofiti;nue
r p^a'yjau.cf i changed .-.-placesV wjitli>"i3l)e°%Tiii
!me^weeijJlip-flagS;.. Ai-few '■i.-ifint|fe"°.aft^
)ijIX&e3^fi^yai,ieQ\i^ei\,gQt; -tl'iQ, b.-CH-». ,p$$b
iyjifeLr-ttficl  -tlie ■•-seoirp" ,.wats"'.*ilii-Sei'" V'tp'
■Qh^.'tayMi 'coiild^ipt (g^pii '^letieltf for.
tli-|intth gaihd/aiicl Vaireon^er laid-'..off a
pldyei,'.    After about ten hiinute's play
■A^i;pliibalcKg:ot ''tli-©- jbalLaud,. .scpred "Kel-
Soil's ^iieond' goal.    In- the°.Six.tJli ga!ire',i)i'ic'
Neisoir bpys Avere evldeilitly f[tg.getl, Avhile
Viuicpuver   seejiicd   as   lively  ^s   evei:-".
■ The ball: av;as kept well upon the Nelson
flags, aiid- tlie loss of Lynch av&s manifest
at once:   Finally the ball AAras dropped,
in front of" the lla'gs a-ful s\v*ipod through
. by Vaucptivei-.
There Avpre just  olevoii  ininutes more
Lplay wh^ijL.t|ie^seye'itli^gaiiie Avas_ com
"S;ub.jeots:iS„:ijif;6h-si'0$'eJit5vitlL ■'
''iff e$xji$^^^ of;
."rflt^f-fiair^i{i'dep^W?l'ej;ib''en tfli-'tha^ rPpiiblie '
:- th?.sii;e%y ^aioji'^^jSV^ijlL'go.W^
;."tli<l" 'ijieeple: '■$£' "&x& ."^eents""".^1^"?
;S^utli   AEriQa.. °    It:':i,ieugdS np>-sopt_hT4
Slocan District.
Nrw Drnvrr, August 12.—Furtlier
AA'ork on the Lost Tiger claim, oAvned by
If. Clever, demonstrates the diseoA'ery
made this Aveek to be in jilace, with half
a foot of good shipping ore. A feAv days
before the strike an export examined
the property and Avas offered an exceedingly easy Avorking bond on it for a 3'ear,
Avith no cash payment. This he declined,
iioav much to his oavii chagrin and the
owner's satisfaction.
P. Lindquist, D. Weir, D. McPherson
and D. McCuaig, of ^\ew Dein'er, will
commence actiA'e deA'clopnient of tho
Voting Bear claim in a week or so, and
Avill continue for some months. It adjoins the Bondholder group and has a
promising showing. Tho Avork will be
done on the Springer creek slope.
Tho contract on the Bondholder group
has   been   finished,  and   the  men   liave
come  down   to   toAvn.:   The   Avork  /was
done on the Springer creek slope, on the
Graphic  claim,  formerly  knoAvn   as the
Lone Star.    A tunnel AA'as driven 10 feet, ;
disclosing a chute of ore from four toten
inches in Avidth.    This carries a high per'>
centage  of  black sulphurets, and gH-*l>^
big assays. R. C. Cainpbell-.Iohnston con-'-'
templates  shipping   the  ore  taken   out
during   the   AA'ork.     On  the  Enterprise
Avagon road is a pile of ore. in sacks from
the   Bondholder,   taken   out   from, the
Avorkings on   the Ten-mile slope, driA'eu
three years ago.
Active   doA-elopment   on    the   Anglo-
Saxon group commences next Aveek.
A somewhat curious situation has been
revetiled on the Dalhousie group, on Ten-
mile, Avidein'ng tlie existence of two parallel leads AA'ith but a foot or so of country
rock betAA'eeu.    This  property  is  one of
the  most  prominent  on  the  creek, and
has a number of leads  running  through
the ground.    On one of these, knoAvn   as
the tale lead, a chute of clean ore was tin-.
covered on the surface, giving assays  of
great A'ahie.     The A'ein is about fourteen   >
feet   Avide   and    holds   its   course''wollV'-'
through  the  formation.    Two  or  three
Vancouver experimenting  concerns  had
the Dalhousie under bond, and  a. tumiel
was run in on Avh.-it Avas supposed   to  be
this big A'ein, AA'ith ore appearing- in kidneys.    The OAvners haA'e been deA'elopiiig ,-
the group this summer, and -had- become
satisfied  something    A\-as  amiss   in  this
tunnel.    Making careful surveys they de-^
termined to crosscut to the left frbiii tlie  J:
breast.    A single shot brblce through the^£
hard granite wall, Avhich Avasbut; a .foot
Capital, Stock Reduced.
Albaky, August 12.—A certificate reducing the capital stock of the Pacific
Postal Telegraph & Cable Company of
Ncav York City from $1,000,000 to $100,-
000 Avas filed Avith the secretary of state.
Tlie amount of the company's capital
actually issued is $1,000,000 and the liabilities are $500,000. Among the directors are John W. Mackay, William H.
Baker, C. II. Hosmer and A. B. Cuandler.
. Baseball Games Yesterday.
Detroit 7, Buffalo 0.
Buffalo-11, Detroit 1.
Minneapolis 8, Mihvaukee 1.
Indianapolis 0, Grand Rapids 2.
St. Paul 7, Kansas City ,5.
uieneed, but Nelson was slow and, failecl-
to accoliiplish anything, Tlie ball A\fas
Avell up on tlie Vancoiivci" flags when
tlie Whistle blcAy and tiiiie w,is called,
VancotiA'cr thus Winning by four gotiils
to t\V0i
Lynch will be able t(j play at Victoi-iii
on Tuesday, and tlie boys are not tit all
discouraged.                RyNWicic.
The Cricket Game.
Yesterday was a disastrous otie for the
Nelson crk-ket club, tlie match against
Rossland fosulting as it did in a win for
the visitors by 71 runs on tlie first Innings. The visitors batted and howled
extremely Well, showing great improvement on their form displayed1 during1 their
last match here. This is probably i\ue to
the net practice obtained at liossluiul, it
necessary part of a cricket dub's equipment Which floes not exist here. The Nelson club Avas unable to put its best eleven
into the field, the Wilson brothers being
unable to play, .and J. M. Williams, who
bowled with some effect in the last match,
having been recently summoned to England.
Tho Rosslanders Avent in first, and after
Hamilton had been dismissed Avithout
scoring, Grogan and le Maisti-e did much
as they liked with, tho boAvling, compiling
•11 and l~> runs respectively. Eventually
the side Avas all out for Ji57. The Nelson
innings opened disastrously, six Avlckets
going down for 19 inns. Sword, however, played excellent cricket, and was
unfortunate in being bowled off his pads
for 40. His innings Avas probably the
best of the day. The last Avicket put on
twelve runs and the innings closed forb"|.
Nelson, being more than sixty nins behind, had to follow on, and in their "second venture met with good success,making f)5 runs for live'wicketsi"-. During the
saypr°"'to:    dlscAvw'   Ayhat    is     therein
.espli^tlyjeclaified}   *hatj tfip f$"i?iuisv^aj;'
amtst Stibm'lt tp tfie'dpniajl'i'dS" ijiad¥n\ the:
/qiteen^S jiaiW^'Pi' aiceep't'theiicotifee^Efiicjes.
„ft is1 imsppssibip to acfippt the suggestion '.of Mi-., n -"Midiltel' piiHtt -,aiid % " P.
O'Cofiimrj Irisji nationalist mpifibers .df
pai'lianieut, and others' thatthe" lu'niisters
are inel'ely eondiictiiig a game of bluff,
and at may be taken for granted1 tliat
failing the aeqviiesiceiiee of presitleiit
compel acciuiescence -at tlie point of the
Deroulede in Trouble Again.
Paris1, Ailgust 1.2.— Another alleged
royalist conspiracy lias been discovered,
aiid several iiiipfvi-tant arrests liave been
made. It appears that tlie officials have
unearthed the -telegramssent by tlie duke
of Orleans from Brussels at the ."tint6 of
pt'ftsid eli b h'avi re's: f u i)ora|, the first say ing,
"All our ■men are ready." The second
telegram, Avas (lispa-tclieil tlie following
day saying, "ft is useless to eoliie." The
attemjit at an insiirrectipn against
the       government       Jiad in tlie
meantime failed. Later, during
the trial of M. Deroilletlo details
were discovered; of a fteh vplot
tuid of consultations at which the question was discussed whether the attempt
should be made to change the form of
government before the Rennes court
martial. The government thereupon*
judging that the time for action had arrived, ordered a number of arrests to be
made, all of Avhich apparently IrtiA'e not
been nindci as the minister of the interior declines to give the names of the
prominent parties already captured, or
avIiq are to be taken into custody. When
arrested M. Deroulede said " it is rascally
on the part of the government, Avhich is
trying to impHcato me in the same affair
as the Orleanists Avhose adversary I am."
Looking for Pointers.
London', August 12.—The, correspondent of the Associated Press learns that
Washington has been .. making .inquiries
from the British colonial office regarding'
the'government of British colonies in the
cast, Avith the supposed vicav of the possible adoption of British methods iu the
i.it!l;l is.abuji:dant^
■-.■■ .»■-;"-.. ^StiMiMMr^^^ r-^lw^
u u The ^m]m^wmU<i^^m^i^'^it^i^
,bdlti-d: of tlvUfel«^^^^^^^lMftTa5^liigti®*A,
nnt bi$$ €{^h^ > Bm^^^f^9F^"l:
biislnpSSj. tkc/'feport of tfip".'ma$ ^oinnri.frt.;'?i
tee; -snggpstwis '$£-htid^ng^d^^^
l.-twrs-, and- ,tlie°",fe1ce?i>|:i.&i¥ to'Vth'e lhi/m;fIJ^S
o£ tl'ip .Canmlian #tirih:g3^s^^^S^^h|£>^
(itjte-idpiieth' , ' - _. \;    .-.■.*'.; -^^M$^\
..'J'oiw Rogoissj-fy\fi\.x6 - Aval ,$a-dere.<$ vpiit S>Eif^
town last April,- was. ((i.iffineifk!d'''.°.}*a^|^l-a^^:.'*.
ttud lilaeed in th-p pi'0,vii^d:al'4«l^i^i^!^
\vari:a-nt clla-i-'ging- him AVith having1 lliolefi^
a AValx'h from au ititliimi.'s'.slia'cfc Oij"li'l:s".°.|«
Avay out of tOAVii in the spring. °"ile"is 'fe
relieved H. J. Macdonald' of $M at i\lej "■'
Intyi-e's hotel at HidlSMi|1K. ■■■;■'
There AVere tAvo cases yesterday bgfoi'o  ° "
police magistrate' Crease,,   Arthur:0:lag,iie\   '"""■
a vagrant, AA-nfe ordpred out of  town, aiid"   ^
thou Williaiii Wileher ^"tts tiied for pedi-   -
djing   pliotografihS,   "yvitliOut   n   lipeilfeei-../
Witehei" sa-i'd that he Was' getting, photo-  ; -"'
gwijihsfor the Vctographip Compaisy pf "«."
I'liiladclphia,   and   had.   made   arrft]ige>
tiients'Wltli.-O.sVau .?aepbsQ«, a local ]/h0:   .."
tu-graptier, for tlip use of his  dark  ro:pih'/ ""
'giving in return the negatives  When ho
had taken olie print of Hiein.   The ordprs
lie was solieit-itig AA-ere  for  .JacobsOii, f^r
whom he  A\rj».s  working  on eo'lnmission,
.hw-obson (.*onlit-nied   hf.s  stateiiient, and,
there being no ovideu'Ce to the contt-ary,
the case  Avas  dismisseil.      f\ |;]. Wilson    f
prosecuted for the city, and Wileher defended himself.
Charles Hillyer Avent toBonner's Ferry
yesterday to hasten the forwarding of
logs to the Nelson mills.       s *
Tlie Grand Porks baseball team will be.
in Nelson on August lOtli to pltiy a re-'
turn match with the local team.
T. J. Lendrnm of Spokane Avas in Nelson yesterday.
Kx-aldennan Madden lias gone for a
Aveek's visit to the Halcyon springs.
Re A". II. Irwin of Hossland Avill conduct
tlie services in the Kngli.sh church today,
morning and evening. Rev. Akehurst
Avill hitve charge of the services at Rossland.
Fred' Irvine   had   a   letter yesterday
from  his  brother Herb,  who is uoav  iu
New York, stating that he is tired of the
Ifiast, and is anxious to get back to Nelson.
A. S. Fai-Avell returned yesterday evening from a protracted visit to the coast.
.';'&?1 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, AUGUST  13,  1399.  '&���<*&  IN WHITEWEAR  %  '4  m  4  Notwithstanding- the fact that last season's trade was far  beyond our expectations, we have still . an immense stook of  Ladies' and Children's Whitewcar, which we will close at prices  heretofore unheard oi' in  Nelson.     Read the following-':  Ladies' 75c Drawers for 50c;   Ladies' $2 Drawers for $r.5o;  Ladies'$1 Nig-hlg-OAvns for 75c; Ladies'$2 Nightgowns for $1,505.  Ladies' $3 Nightgowns for $2.40;  Ladies' Chemise at $1, $1.25,  ipi.35, and $1^65, a straight cut 01*25 cents.  White Underskirts at your own prices. Our space will not  alloAV a full list of prices of goods, but a laok will satisfy you that  our bargains are genuine.  m  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO,  BUILDING,  NELSON.  t:e:r:m:s cash  X&  M  NELSON HARDWARE OO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  5Dto 'fSrUnttte*  Dait.y Edition.......  . av'kkkiv kuition     Fiicht Year, No. ISfl   Sbvkmth Ykar, No. 3!)  Until the attempts to secure mine  workers in Eastern Canada and England  have failed, it is not likely that any of  the mines controlled by the Mine Managers' Union that arc uoav closed down  -will resume operations. Tho mine managers are drawing their salaries regularly  and the shareholders are draAving Irish  dividends. The minors are prospecting  and doing assessment work and the busi-"  ness men, who in times past have aided  both the manngcrs and tho'���miners, are  \toki to grin and bear it. .  Nelson wen lr clown in defeat twice yesterday���at homo' at "cricket and at Van?  couberatliicroR.se. We arc still tdl-poAV-  crftil at base ball and lawn tennis.  Tnk Coast opposition papers h.ave given  up the fight and admit that attorney-general Henderson will'be re-elected in New  Westminster. Thus is another "crisis"'  passed.  The Location Not Satisfactory.  I'ranhrook Herald:  There AA-as considerable excitement in  town the latter part of last week when it  Avas known that orders had been issued  to stop the work of grading on tho North  Star branch north of St. Marys river.  Various rumors Avere afloat and one man  from Fort .Steele Haiti at once that it  meant tho company intended to build  doAvn  the St. Marys  to Fort Steele, and  he_Avent  home  rejoicing. Others��� said-  th.-tt changes were concemplated to make  a more suitable route for building the  road   on   through   to Windermere.    But  &mm & m.  Headquarters for  the truth of the whole matter is that a  delay Avas ordered from headquarters in  the east on representations from the Sullivan Mining Company, that the line  could be built by Avay of Marysville, on  Mark creek, just as well as by missing  the toAvnsilo a mile and a half or two  miles. This matter has been pending  and investigations made, but the probabilities are that no change from the present location Avill be made unless it be  the building of a spur into Marysville.  The line could not be built to Jvimborley  that Avay, except by greatly increasing  the grade.        .   Battling for the Right.  -   .   Toronto Telegram'.  , A .battle for reasonable parliamentary  liberty Avas fought and lost yesterday,  when W. F. Mat-loan, M. ]'., stood up for  the rights of his oavii constituency and  for tho protection of the people of- tho  West against the toAvn si to fakirs. If tho  Laurior government does not Ayaut to  leave -its friends, Mackenzie ��fc Mann,  with pOAvcr to play a hold-up game on  the property owners in the towns!tcs  along the .Rainy River line, why did not  J Ion. A. G. Blair keep his promise to legislate for the protection of public rights?  *It Avas a mistake for sir Charles Tupper  to provide the Lnuricr government Avith  .-in excuse for delaying legislation Avhicli  it AA'as never really anxious to advance,  and  Mr. Maclean did  -well to  emphasize  FiRSff-j&Ass mm\m material  Wo make a specialty of  Sl[iplap arid Double Dressed ftfatefiaf  i  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Slifngfes and lath Kept in Stock  Of&eo and yard near C.P.K. depot   K. G. BEER, Agent,  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having'leased the business of tlio Nelson Soda AVatcr  Factory. I am prepared to supply tlie trade with all kinds  of ��iir.tinmit.('tl add aerated water*, Family orders soliui-  ted.   Prompt, delivery.  The Wail Paper fjouse  OF THE WEST  ���Tho-dillbrencc-!>et\vccTi~llic_U uUgo. ;ind"~tlie  Bishop m.-ty he that the Judge win say "you  he hanged," whilu the Bishop c-.-iti sav "you  ho damned." On the other hand when tho  Judgp sajr,s "yqu be hanged," you aiu luingcd.  iTexb to the value offered, the most marked  . ...        peculiarity of onr Wall  Paper is that Avhcii tlie  Judge hhs wade Jijs  selection and says '-you  bo hanged/' it in  hanged; not even' tlio.;  cheapest; grides givi'lig  trouble?. There are .papers1 tliat are buyout!  th6 jurisdiefcion of tlie .Judge and coiiio tinder  that of the Bishop, There is an art in avoiding this kind���t Iris art litis been our study.  WHAT THE JUDGE  AUD  TffE BISHOP SA.Y  tho truth that on this question sirChnrles  Topper spoke only for himself and for  those Avho Avere content to accept his  leadership. The Laurier go\-ernnient  shrank from tho guilt of breaking its  promise to sir Charles 'Tupper for the  sake of protecting the people in the small  towns along new lines of railway,  but the Laurier government did not  shrink from the guilt of breaking  lion. A. G. Blair's solemn promise  to protect these people. There is  a happy medium betAveen tho state of  parliamentary anarchy, Avhere every  member plays his own hand, and the condition of parliamentary despotism, where  loaders in private conference arrive at  decisions which fetter the liberty of the  free representatives of a i'voc. people. The  Laurier government had no right to deprive.parliament of a chance to discuss a  .solemnly prepared measure for the protection of tho people. Hon. N. Clarke  Wallace, Mr. Maclean and Dr. Sproule did  their party a good turn Avhen they proved  that there arc Conservatives avIio will nofc  consent to bo gagged and bound by  any pri\rate arrangement to suspend the  rights of parliament for the convenience  of leaders and tho,benefit of monopoly.  \9i  INCORPORATED 1670.  What    is   the    difference    between  TETLEY'S TEAS and  other  brands?  between    the  any  one  of the  Just   the    same    as  Athabasca  mine and  hundreds of wiid cats that have been  exploited   in the  past years.  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HUANCIIKS IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cable Transfers  QUANT COMMKltCIAT, AND TltAVKI.I.KItS' CltBDITS,  availablo in any part of tho world.  DItAKTS ISSUKD    COLLECTIONS MADBJ KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  TO   SMOTHER   CRIMINALS.  The Japanese government is striving  to discover a now and more modern mode  for the execution of its convicted criminals. It has laid aside the idea of execution by electricity tis it is now practiced  in -America and is considering an entirely  new and improved method of execution.  It is..quick, painless, quiet and peaceful,  The Japanese consider it even far better  than the most modern mode, that of electricity, inasmuch as it does not harm the  appearance of the body in the least,  whereas electricity Avhen not applied to  exactly the proper degree scorches, burns  and shrivels the skin of the victim.  The "death" or "vacuum" chamber, its  it is to be known, is to be an air-tight  cell built in or adjoining the prison. It  is to be eight feet in height, ten feet  wide and ten feet long. The four sides  are to have each an airtight window of  tli roe-quarter inch plate glass, so that the  operators, prison and other officials may  have and opportunity to witness the execution nnd determine the results.  Tho, eel I will be connected with tin air  pump which will have the power of causing the expulsion of tho air in the cell iu  one minute ami forty seconds, thus acting so quickly as not to allow the victim  to become suffocated or distressed in even  the slightest degree, but instead, causing  almost instant death. In fact, it was  shown when the experiment was tried upon ii Iai-go St. riornard dog that tlio ani-  mal was dead a minute and a half after  the vacuum was completed.  The expert* before 'whom the experiment was tried were not only marvclon.s-  ly pleasod'and surprised -by'the excellent  success, but wore so positive, while the  vacuum continued, from the peaceful and  lifelike appearance of the dog, that he  was still alive, that they would not allow  tho vacuum to be discontinued for thirty  minutes. "When on examining the Sb.  Jicrnard they found that it was dead one  and a half minutes after tho vacuum was  completed they, pronounced the method  "a revolution in bhe mode of execution,"  and declared that it was far bettor than  electricity, which causes a stiffening of  tho luusclos aud a frightful appearance of  the face and eyes.  The method to be pursued in the execution of criminals by this chamber, should  it be adopted, will be-as follows:  Tho condemned will bo stripped, so  that the air which might become lodged  I i and between the folds of tho garments  will not bo able to cause any hitch in the  execution. The condemned will be placed  in a position on the Mat of the back, at  full_length.-and_wi.th-tho-hands-cluspod-  j,above tlie head so as to allow the full  [expansion and contraction- of the chest.  This is clone so tliat when tlie vacuum  flfi forming, the tiir in the body, being ex-  jdeilcd by the contracbio'.i of tlie cliesfc,  [will be instantly drawn out of the  jshanibef by the air pump, and then,  piioro tieiug no air in tlie chamber to re-  jfilaee that exhaled, death will ensue.  Novelties in Electric Line Constructions  Tht! ���32-mile lino of the West Ivootenay  [Power Company between JJonningfcon  [Falls and Rossland consists of two par*  kllcl and duplicate pole lilies, on one of  [which the cross arms woe roofed oven- to  [prevent the Wet snow f'ro-ui piling tip oil  [the cross arms around the insulators,  ���Which, it does to a height of Some IS to 2-1  Inches during seasons when there is no  jivind. The cross amis are two in number  jihe upper olie some S feet in length with  |1 pins, and the lower shorter holding two  jjins. The upper one is covered with a  iedar  roofing  24" Inches   wide,   sloping  ghtly downwardly from the pole each  ftvay toward the ends of the cross arm.  ���The lower, immediately below it, is roofed  Ito a widby of 16 inches. During the past  J winter service was continued over both  Iii lies, even when the exposed line had  jfrom 10 to 12 inches of snow on the cross  Janus. If any leakage existed it "was im-  jpossible to detect it, so tliat the roof ap-  jpears to be quite an unnecessary precaution. Another peculiarity of the same  lline is the crossing of the Columbia river,  [which is in a single span 1500 feet in  ���length. Tlie wires arc No. 000 bimetallic,  [maintaining a conductivity equal to that  [of the balance of the line, which is* No. 0  [copper. These spans are unsupported by  ]strain cables, the total sag being some. 52  ���feet, with the strain taken up by a 1111m-  [ber of ordinary porcelain  insulators in a  Is it��w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  strain tower at each end of the crossing.  The interaxial distance between the wires  is only 0 feet, but no trouble has been experienced from swing crosses or from  breakage due to wet snow, which has at  times adiiercd to the lines to ti diameter  of about 1 inches.  MINING SHARE MARKET IN ENGLAND.  Tho never ending political deadlock in  the Transvaal continues to make the  South African mining market practically  nonexistent. Certainly, tile various ..reports and rumors of concessions or refusals to concede are used by the professional element to put the market up or  down, but most of-their actions tire mere  make believes and very little actual buying or selling takes place.' To an outsider  the market offers very little of interest,  for the negotiations, conferences and  political deals 011 which the market movements tiike .place wo (,f il very paltry  character, andean hardly be classed as  high polities; and besides they have  nothing to do Avith mining in itself. In  the meantime, while Boer and Uitlander  struggle for supremacy, the mining operations go on without interruption, as will  be seen from the figures of the monthly  production. ? In June the Rand production was 445,703 oz., and.outside fields  yielded 21,508, figures wliich are almost  identical with those for the preceding  three months.    Rhodesians suffer neglect  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish"   -,   -  ' ' 'local and const.  -   Flooring     ,.". * --/  local nnd coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If wh.it you want is not in slock we will mako it for you  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  owing to the uncertain political future of  South Africa, and also on account of the  poor results of mining, though the June  output shows some recovery.  The only section of the mining market  where there is any activity at all is the  West Australian. Here the mines in the  Kalgoorlie District are all pretty active,  and Lake View Consols lead the way with  the ��1 shares standing at ���23 or ��24.  There appears to be a good deal of buying and holding for rises on the part of  the general public in the Westralian market, when other sections are practically  lifeless.  The British Columbian section keeps in  the dead condition mentioned in my last  letter. The fact is that abundant proofs  are coming to hand that British Columbia is a land of low grade propositions.  With the exception of a few Slocan properties there are no bonanzas such tis one  might reasonably expect, judging from  the proximity of so many rich districts  in the Rocky Mountain states. The Lo  Itoi is proving of lower grade than the  buyers calculated on, and many of the  other less developed properties of the  Whitaker Wright group are averaging  very low values. The London & British  Columbia Gold fields, which has had the  advantage of Mr. Fowler's advice in buying properties, are finding that some of  their niines which showed well at first are  gradually coming into tho class of concentrating propositions. This is turning  Out to be the case with the Whitewater  mine in the Slocan district, and considerable study is being brought to bear on  the question of erecting suitable concentrating plants.  The Tremont Hotel  Absolutely at Cost  NO 20 OR 50 PER CENT DISCOUNTS  NO  FAKE  REMOVAL SALE  Underwear     Miners'Shoes  Pants    Colored Shirts    Sweaters  Tan Shoes    Hats  Neglige Shirts   Cotton Top Shirts  Regatta Shirts     Clothing  -..jlj/'  IW.AL0JJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANDI  Baker Street East, Opposite Postpffice  REMEMBER  :iff.#-l  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air. and  Lighted by Electricity  This Speeial Sale will End on Saturday, the 19th, at 10 O'eloeipl;  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYEK,  I'KUSIUKNT  JJARRY HOUSTON,  RKCItKTAItY  NelsorSawirPlaninrMills,  LIIVCITEX)-  Largo comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial nion.  RATES   $2   _F*__1_E_   ___���"  Mrs. E. C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Arriving this WeeK  2 Cars Ktirly Breakfast Brand Eggs  1 Car Swift & C'o.'s Hams, Bacon  and Lard.  1 Car finest Creamery Butter in J iII*  2Slti, and jClh boxes and lll>, 2lt>, and  oil. tins.  2 Cars of new Potatoes..  Wholesale Only.   Write or Wire for Prices  PARSONS PRODUCE GO.  Nelson, B. C.  MAXUKACrUKKKS OK AND  DKALKISS IN  Hough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doofs and Sash  F&nce Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  i-AC'rojiv v/o'Hk tnitik to oiu>i;u,  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Tho finest hotel iii the iri^orioi".  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat aiid electric light.  CORNER OV WARD AND VERKON STS;. N'EKS'fJN  Madden House  RAKER AND WARD STREET?, NELSON  Tho only hotel in Nelson that" has remained, under pno  management since 1890.  The bcd-roomn are Well furnished and  lighted by  ofootricity.  The dining-room Is not .second to any" In kootenay.  The bar is always stocked bythe best domestic and  Imported liquors and/cigars.      .    .,  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and oillce, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, oIro  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of. Hcndryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  Smoke...  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  GIG-ARS^   ~.    ~.    .   ~.   r  UNION  made  Wenay ipp Manfg,.{to.  Nelson, British Columbia.  ASK  IIkad Oi.'rion .vv  NELSON", J J. C.  Wholesale Markets ���t^  nctiii  West Kociiiit^ SitiliiiilWi  FRESH MO SALTED WRt$&;  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  ���Ba^er-Streetpjilelsoir  i.��-iif->%r-Cs  St. Aliee Mineral Water  from the famoiis Harrison Hot SpringSi . . ,  A COOL MEDICINAL BEVERAGE  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  N'MLSON-  I.tMltKD.  Ooiapleto Electric EJqulpramnts for BleQtrlo Power Transmission and TMghMnsr tor Mlnefi, Tbwfris  Electric Fixtures, Larjipff. Bells, ToloplrOries, Anutihciatoirs, Efcc.  P. O. Box 606. Josapliliie Street, Nelson, B. O.  AND BLANK BOOK MAKING  YMIR,   B.   C.  J.  W.  SMITH,   Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooma  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Krce bus meets all trains Rpvflklnlffl   B  fi  Hourly street car to station nCVBIilUKB, D, b.  .  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving aud departing by night trains.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKACTUHKRS OH-  ENGINES, BOIIiERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Repairs promptly attended to.      P.O. Box 173.  R. REISTERER & OO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to t,hn frrado.  Brewery at Nelson.  Ii. D.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  TEE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, will be prepared to do everything in the way of binding books and  making blank books.  OFFICE:   Hume building, Vernon Street, Nelson.  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outsido points.  Sljop:   (jail Street, between. Baker ami Vernon, Kelson  ���W- DP. l?2,OT3I3NTSOTsr  (Kx-Shcriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignment*? of 'merchandise,  t.'ostofllco Box 572 . Nelson, 11. C.  -^S_S|iwSTED.  : The Tnugicr SI inc. Limited, Albert Canyon, on tho  main line of the (.-. 1*. It., 22 miles east of Uovclsloko, ro-  <l u ires six 'good minors.   Wuges$3.5U por<!ay.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTKD���A good ��lilng>e jointer at once.  O. O. Hiichaiiun'H lumber olllcc, Nelson.  Apply  WANTI-:n~Cood��ei'  Galliher & Wikon.  Apply at office of  FOR.-SAIiK���A :��)guiiiea gun.liy Holland & Holland,  and a case ; also an 8-gUintja polo saddle, by Crate  of Bolgravc square, and one double bridle,  at The Tribune olllco. Nelson.  $125.   Apply  FURNlSUtCD rooms to lot.   Apnly to Mrs. K. M. Jameson, Carney block, Baker strcoi wwt. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 1899.  pders Eilled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST \U KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  CRUCIBLES  SCORIFIERS  CHEMICALS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  FLUXES of all kinds  FURNACES  BALANCES, best   makes  only  Drugs and Drug Sundries  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SPONGES  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  PATENT  MEDICINES  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FACE   POWDERS  MANICURE   REQUISITES  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats Which  we are selling at very low prices  J, A. Qilker  The Furnisher  THE LOCAL NEW8_0F THE TOWN  Stole Three Hundred Dollars.  Albert Maslonka is in a state of great  wrath and indignation because he has  been robbed of $300. It appears that  three or four days ago a Russian eamu to  town -from the States and became acquainted with Maslonka, and, though a  tailor by trade, the two wore going into  partnership. The Russian said lie was  expecting money, and in the meantime  Maslonka lent him $f> on the security of  a gold watch. Yesterday Maslonka made  a-payment of $;"50 on some goods, and  had $.'!()() besides in his cash-box in a desk,  where the watch was also placed. In the  afternoon the Russian was engaged in  moving boxes into an adjacent building  which Maslonka had rented, when the  latter went out for a few minutes. When  he returned, the cash-box was broken  open, the Russian was gone, and likewise  the $.'300 and the gold watch, Maslonka  immediately laid information and describes the thief as a Russian, speaking  fairly good English, of medium height,  light complexion, and heavy light moustache. He weighs about 100 pounds, and  is dressed in a light brown coat and vest,  grey trowsers and tweed cap. His name  is unknown. Maslonka offers $50 reward  for his recapture, but not content with  that intends going on the warpath himself. Tho Russian would do well to keep  out of his way.  Lookout for Housebreakers.  What appeared to be an attempt at  house-entering-was frustrated last night  about 9 o'clock. .Three boys playing in  the alleyway in the rear of the residence  of William Ball saw two men attempting'  to unlock the rear door of Mr. Ball's residence, while another appeared in the  alleyway as a lookout. On seeing the  boys the lookout gave the alarm, and the  two men at the door hastily got out of  sight. It might be in order for householders to be on the lookout for such gentry for a time, as there is evidently a  gang of professional housebreakers in  town.  A report Avas brought to town yesterday afternoon that a man had been heard  calling for help on the side of the mountain, across the lake from Nelson. W. PL  Bullock-Webster, chief of the provincial  police, sent a man across the lake to in-  vestigate,aud in coinpauy with"N. Hoover  of the Hamilton Powder Company, climbed up to the place  from  wliich the  cries'  ,���apjpearedj���|p^ cgme,; but L; could, find :iio  -'1it^be*^������t3je^jri1.iii"  58a  (Bogustown);   W.  H.  Charles  Jiszkowicz;  price  Dowsing to  $250. Lots 5  and (3 block 23, same sub-division; T. J.  Jones to W. H. Dowsing; price $250. Lot  4 block 0, Baker street; Henry Roy to  Dr. Joseph Schaich of Cascade City; price  $3500. Lots 1 and 2 block J, subdivision  of lot 1S2; M. Dowsing to I\ Lamont;  price $300.  E. G. Beer, manager or P. Genelle &  Company's lumber yard at Nelson, left  yesterday morning for a month's visit to  his home in Charlottctown, Prince Edward island.  Manager Honeyinan of the Nelson Iron  Works says that business was better than  ordinary in June and July, and that  orders are again coining in as fast tis  they can be iii led.  J. F. Dixon, representing the Ogilvie  Milling Company, arrived in Nelson last  night and will remain for a week rustling  business for his firm.  Tho six-months-old boy of George Wilson of Fernie was buried yesterday by  the Rev. J. Robson.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  The moonlight excursion of the  ladies'  aid society ottho Hrosbytcritui Church will bo hold next  Wednesday. The steamer Alberta will leave the city  wharf at 7:30 p.m. Tickets arc on sale at tho Canada  Drug & Book Company.  Six-room furnished house to let on Mill  street.   Address Box 155, Nelson.  To Let���Neatly furnished rooms at  the corner of Ward and Victoria streets. Apply to A.  H. Clements.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and Ward streets, now occup'ed by W. A  Macdonald, will he for rent after the loth instant.  Apply to A. H. Clements. ���  Furnished room to rent. Apply Tribune oflice.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  ii  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  I  at  oo  us  to  us  CO  DO  CO  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  iORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails ��'  Paints, Oils, Glass  CO  CO  CO  ��"��W5$P?_*KgT^ BA^KR STIpKT;' 'KjEtsb'lf"  KVA"3_Si_|g_��__$_��_j___  g_83_K88g&3_8$|_3^^  ��... ���:.- .-���"'. .       . . ._    ���   m  I&8&3  .0.  _���  mmt _&DX9_i>  I-as,;  Entire Car of  ���s  From  �����  George Gale "& Son  A Large Shipment of  spkiesdrtyiniorning  ���Re^$��|nbsSSipe^  >"fiffi>��|,.s$ii^  *in:oriilfjf,^aii��d^ "���" >>��*  * _. ���^|Tip dkihpUii<$��$&v"'"��ffi ���Qf "tfe  !|ffiir!Il'S=^bJ���Lodijk:,,..a^n^\��^i-gaj^tl^psfcjjjtpty,�� ;'The.  j,c6iith-.agi;>i|o4.^  ?-bny:0c.to:fei^f.O-t|i:.-������ ���nV-:%  /r�����^V.���"/"        ' ?J  : ���y:lShe'i:ei1 wtll.;b:ej! c1\iidi,eu!ii<5spsgiig' $S,i.-vicetatf.  ^the��"Baiptist^^\chiird^thi��<forenooii*.at^T",  "'o'e|6&kV     -;d l -Dm - ��"J-\��m  J"    an\    .-��� Ja   ���  ��� ;Affe^ wiiittiiig, .iiiany" iiitjoijs for a gd^od.*  **mo.oij,, the ladies aid Of ffliq fii:es%y��pi��dui  CliiJ^li ;e^l|6ct" ffil^^he S^ltiher l?e_��^  {.'fivYoi?kBl <&"%&&��'" ni90iili"grh.t" ^(fidui-sfou .011^  nMedn^tlay' nigliib - wilj" "be silccessliil ill  ire^ery'^faS?.--    ��� ���[ "  '    Chairles"A.��� Waterman:...yesterday sold  tlie e#6t;ts of tlijb 'latfo 'Li^ie :Waitci:at  auction.foiij$71.    The goodsweirerecehtly-i  recovered hf the piroviiiSial JlSo]ifi8'fKnn'  'tfi-aqc . Stebbins aiid James  Byron, who;  had stolen theiiii  _he public school  will reopen on Moui-  =day!_JChi.I.d uon, J;)i;ut;hei:ejQiLti in_______  T. CI. FroGte'r reports inaking the follow--  ing sales of real estate during the week:  Lots 5 and (5, block Iff,, sub-diviskili of lot  IT PAYS US to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods and  methods just as they are. It pays us  to strive - for excellence in quality,  p,nice���and;sexxJce---aim[ng to .place in  ;t$e;$Jja^^^  ._���_: ^"'"^t^fie^r^lJ^l^l'fi^IS^'On-  NELS0N STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE;   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  "'.   .       . . .'  '   . - 'O  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence  Hardware Co.  |lj s/. b.asisj.w.ej" invite %%ours'inspection  ^f"!o^fe��ii^:^^$^M5^^/^��"F":  !a.rg-.ijhe"*-^^- j ine>.{df Afi n e^*:gptds")fe^\ i-y,- r  \d ianiciny^^  ^'g^Qthj^f^pirjBiCio^&j^pp^s^  We, o.we  '.it to}Milfr"^u.gt:o.!^e^s^p/:g(ye*Cf  fbest; m*a*d,6^a^  'SSfg.,j^n. -$U0*- ���\��;u n-%ia'n "u%ctuted fg:Jo.bdI,  J   ^     [rf,     ^��,7>lVi.       n^JH��^, U',,/n��Unn     T-P, ��      ^%   ^��DA'   ., ���I'nS"      n      W 9,"  smal ^.djapiond,\;$ i\jg^i;fs^spe^iail\jjf:f0-:  Specify e-:��a$$}^ppc0^  Md1 ;aw,e. jt ftS :yo"uitselCCo - bak "goool-s,  for:as'. Littlie.trip^ey a^:;pffssiple*,  .Wrjfe';".  ���v$ine-".or' tgiephone" ���^j;:!we>��a-^ alwayb  a.i home} |o�����puf .eiistorri^rs'.5 ���"      ��  ��   ���"��'���  ." "^ ffW: 'r|;E^"._!(^E3'-:REfig;iyi_B.  \$; "WEfeKif"." -J^fe L^Mpsi ;Pia^<3  Sj, TfCbje ^ijd' Pjaf(p La-mpT- .c.6-m��--  'b1,-hie,d.;f'��?!a:i;d['i-p;iere^, .���Janidifiiere 'Taljxjeis-j,  Fire 'Sj^S"^--'^^'^^!^ Stah:dss Letter  Racks, Pap*e!r H^ldeYs, PhptO" Frames,  Ash Trays,, EJrdnXes, Vases and Pitchr  erS of all ddscriptiohs, {Sconces, Mirrors, arid\,!i(��afide'la-J?rasT; 4lso a; large  consignrrieht of PHrlqr "Lamps "ahid  ^Faricy^Globesi;  ���4S,  MMmmi:  Tfeleplhdries' 1Q\and 4% :-9QitoMee;B6x.i^, &:W���  w  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.   |  M  *^!__J^^^S3^_8_IE!8E_^^^g_��_8_8^^  I   1 ix  iv_^-^.ets:tjjr & co. I   1  ����SS__{_8K_KKg^��SM^^^S_^_SK_^  Lime 70 $et\is per 100 pounds.  Will deliver In tdil lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  Al; yivrtl ttr qii ficbws at BovGrninoni; whn-rfk  As we only employ thg most skilled  watchmakers, we" will guarantee all  work satisfactory.  JACOB COVER, Jeweler.  ���EAST BAKEF?;STREET  . ������_'.   " .._..-/4; ���     .:  -���\^ESf "BAlE.R?��TR-EET  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Pftkor Street.       T. 0. fKOGTOR, Maiiagei?  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isTELSOisr  O'HE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF  ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  g^lgSo.        HUMPHREYS & PlTfOCK-  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  N1SLSON, B. C.  CofI*cc roasters ami dealers in Tea ami Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Maclm, per pound ,...$   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Kino Santon, i pounds  1 00  Santos Blond. 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds........;  1 00  Our Itio Roast, 6 pounds  l 00  ' A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of  Oddfellows  BlocH,  West  Baker' Stseet ������.  NOTICE TO iMAMBS  COtfftT HOUSS RGSSJ��ANP> B, 0��  SKAT ED TIONDRIIS, properlr cfidorscrti Will bo received by the Honorable the Chief Gbiiimitaiioiici'  Of IirandH And Works. Yleioria, Vi. C, up to 12iionii of  Monday, tlio 21st .AiiKlHit nex|., !frtr (ho erection and coil)-  pletioii of a Court Moiujp lit Hosslmid, Xi. 0.  ilruwiiiBs, BpeclflcalioiiA, and eonditiourt of tcndoriiiE  and contract may bo seen lit the Provliieial Government  OfliCes at Viqtoria, Vitncouvor. ltowilund,- add NelSon, B,  C. 6i�� and after the 27th instant.  Kaobtchdor must bo accompanied by an accepted bank  cheek or certificate of deposil, mndo p-iyublq Lo..tho un-  sitjnud, equal to 5 per cent, of tho amount of the louder, us  K' curity for the due fulllllnient, of tho contract, which  shall be forfeited if tho party tendering declihes'to outer  lied Upon to, do so; or if he, fail to  complete the work contra- ted for. The checks of the mi-  MANY- NBW  Are added to our list each arid every month. This month has  been an exceptional ohfii the number of hew customers far exceeds any previous months and we can safely say we still eon^.  tinue to hold the old ones. This is surely ample proof of who;  does the leading business, where it is done arid how the people  not only iti Nelson, but surrounding towns, appreciate the manner in which y/e serve them. Our stock of fancy goods is by far  the most corriplete in Nelson,  successful tcnderci-K will be returned to them utfon tho  exeeution of the contract. -.    ' ������  Tenders will not bo considered unless made out oil the  forms supplied, and signed with tho actual signature of  tlie tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  ������ \V. S. GOU'IS,  Deputy Commissioner Of -Lauds and.Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria. B. C. 21st July.'1899.    ;���'  Re Goat River Mining Division.  ISTO'I'lC���i  That the above mining division has been.extended by  the addition of all that part of the Ainswortli Mining  Division lying south of the height of land between  Gray's and Crawford Creeks, thence westerly to Crawford Bay. thence crossing Kootenay Lake to Proctor's  Point.  The olllco rf this enlarged "Goat River Division" is  how located at Kuskonook, where Itlie mining recorder  will bo found in attendance during olllco hours.  ,.     ��� -     ��� .1. KKKI) HUMK, MinfHtcr of Mines.  ��� August 8th, 18W./,- -���  r*i_$_iy  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gal'ons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY]  Baker Street West, Nolson, B. C.  ��� . . .      _ - ���       ���      ���������  Strachan   Bros.  3?Xj _T2_:_l_3_iS,  EJOTO-  OFE-l���i.  HOTTSB   BLOCK:  :"ii?Tr>���'-''


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