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Are Showing Up Well.
Rossland, August S.—Tlie second annual meeting of the shareholders of the
ITomestake Mines, limed, was held at the
offices of the company in Rossland today.
A large and enthusiastic gathering of
shareholders were present to hear the report of G-. It. Bayne. The vice-president
of the company occupied the chair.
After the usual preliminary business the
reports of the directors and of R I).
Howe, the consulting engineer of the
company were made. It had been known
for some time that the Ifomestake development work' in the lloniostake was
of a nature satisfactory to the management, but few shareholders were prepared for the splendid statement shown in
the report referred to.
The present company began active operations  .about  the   first  of   November,
1S!)S, and since that time 110 feet of sinking and i)f50. feet  of  drifting   have  been
done, besides the cutting of stations and
the installation of a. pumping plant.   The
amount expended  by  the--- company  to
date   is  about $25,000.      The   principal
work consisted in sinking a shaft  begun
by the former company  to  the  200-foot
level and running  a  drift  457  feet, and
the making of crosscuts thereupon  north
and  south.     Thedrift  on    the  200-foot
level was begun on a small vein of arsenical iron and continued ISO feet to a dyke.
West of the dyke a large body of characteristic   Rossland   ore  Avas (.encountered
continuing to the west about 125 feet aud
of shipping values.    West''of this chute
the level has been continued some SO feet
showing a. mass of lower grade ore.   This
drift from the 200-foot  level   was begun
for the purpose of developing a rich surface showing of ore about 520   feet  west
of the main shaft, and the ore  chute referred   to  was  unexpected.     Work was
being actively  pushed and in about six
weeks the levels wotdd be continued to'a
point   underneath   the   valuable'surface
showing.       At       the        same        time
crosscutting     is      being     done      from
the  tunnel and  a  raise-is being  made
on the ore chute.    Mr. Howe has spent a
great deal of time in the Rossland  camp
and is thoroughly familiar  with the formation   of  the north  belt.    He assured
the   shareholders , that   the   formation
found in the Home-stake  was. similar in
all   respects  to  that  in the  Le Roi and
'War.'Eagle,'- and   expressed  the greatest
confidence in the same and  that  further
development  of   the   Homestake  would
it a paying mine.
tration, following the United States lead.
We believe president McKinley to be
thoroughly in earnest in his endeavor to
have the question honestly settled. The
misunderstanding of sir Wilfrid's remarks by the United States press is unfortunate, aud bitterness or abuse by the
Canadian press is absolutely unautlior-
r/.ed. The negotiations .arc progressing,
and I believe a satisfactory settlement of
l,he-Alaskan question will be achieved.
C. P. R. and Its Land Agents.
The fine Italian hand   of the  chairman
of the public works committee, who is also resident .agent of the hind department
of the Canadian   Pacific, is beginning   to
show  itself already  in    the 'Hall-street
wharf question,    lie wants to know who
owns the land  over which  the wharf is
built, also who  owns the  approaches  to
the wharf.    The question   might be asked, who owns the land over which the C.
P. R. wharf is built,  and the approaches
thereto ?   Tlie Corporation of. the City of
Nelson owns Hall street from end to end,
also all  the foreshore rights at the   end
that   happens to  disappear' in the west
arm of Kootenay  lake.    It hits long been
known that the C. P. 11. would like to see
the Hall-street wharf .abandoned  and  a
new wharf built at the  foot of another
street, on both sides of which the C. P. R.
ownes  the  land.    It is   always  well  to
keep  your  weather eye  on the C. P. R.
and its laud'agents.    There  is one thing
they, never  overlook, and   that  is  their
own interests.
Gold Standard for India.
London, August 8.—In the house of
commons today the secretary of state for
India, lord George Hamilton, introducing
the Indian budget, said after careful consideration the government had deliberately concluded that a gold standard was
required in the interests of India, and
that they would not be deterred from
prosecuting the policy by all the meaus
in their power merely because tlie next
phase in the adyancemehtAvas coincident
$■■".fis;.M§)^,".dv(Xi'ii;Oj>- desij;eraiXiiff%ti'0t.t of; .'tile/.,
* |fal \ie& ofJ^i|e;;c6.uf p&liy^ &toc]F n-htit thjy
$. saV^° iiijp*^ li&dJ -a,
\: ."#'yOpcVty".of- meyi'V ■Sfebl^ikiiaVddC'-dhf''
-" ° %tj0.i® Aycre; -tei.klere;dBaf^OJ?e:d'f Itlfaifks for
... ':;Wt^|^a:§f>"iej5v!ees/"itffd' "UilailiSuQnsl^ ai;c~
;.TeliaotetH  :'/'»-"1" . „"„„" .   ::-."*""""    . "
Tliii. -annual hve&tihg: qf -jtlie Vii^gjnia
Piijiu^ cofhfiaiiy Was  hejcl-het'e  today.
"   *jfelVe.|H:i:'u:cip'a;I' feature of tlie meeting 'Was.
the report of W. A. MePIterson, the spp-
° " intonfleirt, AVhjcli , w**ts- a nature to greatly
'"■ encourage   £tb£l$iolde;r§.     A   discovery
winch isir'egardjBd;jjs, of eonsiderabie iin-
D pWtaiTce litis, been made.   At t% point §D0
feet south ..aiid 100 feet east-0f the  shaft
house rich ore lias been located,   Two
slia,fft§ have been, sjuii< to a depth of 50
feet, and a Vein five feet in Avidth has
been met.    The ore fi'om this  vein  goes
from $S to over  $100 per ton* and will
ploring this ope shoot  on the 300 foot
level is in progress.
Al&skan Negotiations Progressing.
London, August tS.—Joseph B. Choate,
United States ambassador to Great Britain* was interviewed today by a representative of the Associated Press ill regard to the recent War or arbitration
speech delivered by sir Wilfrid Laurier,
tiro Canadian premier. He said "there
will bo no war. It is safe to say no
amount of politics or politicians iu either
country could occasion war in this connection." The ambassador continuing
said, the Canadian parliament was on the
CVe of dissolution andtlie leaders of both
parties had to speak. "Mr. Choate seeilicd
to think these latter circumstarices explained. Laurier's position, and was inclined to attach small importance to the
premier's remark. Mr. Choate added that
negotiations were progressing, "but," lie
.explained, "they are always slow, and I
can say nothing at present as to their
Regarding Mr. Clioate's statement, the
Canadian high- commissioner, lord Strath-
cona aud Mount Royal, said to a representative of the Associated Press: "Sir
Wilfrid Laurier's remark was merely a
figure of speech and not a political dodge,
as intimated by Mr. Choate. Sir Wilfrid
could not descend to such a thing, nor
did he in any way mean to challenge the
United States. No sensible man cou'd regard war as possible, but Canada in sinir
ply taking a leaf out of the United States'
book in demanding now what the United
States demanded in the Venezuelan case.
Canada is now a nation, though closely
allied to Great Britain, and as such she
must protect her rights. We merely.ask
for an equitable settlement through arbi-
?itandMffi«^r ?:p\ i'WflP^^ ?y"yp^.
■' :-adn^Mi^^o^B^i^-W^nnM}i-^£
Ji0Jiope&$$e:^M\f $&ntyivp B^YipuFdl'be „„ 'ase;
difravlliiitibTe'fdr- the" reduction "(if. I "tape's
■cdinbliife „4o:;,^iy«!: Juilia,^'" 'Mil^W^^Hie^of^
Th& sfirpjus--li-e;.iai'd^ i|i/>||ii.e;lu|ioii,. tiffs'-
y»?at' will fee ^OOOyO^p^rnipees; -. '    "■/'"
A EyiicM&g .{Jajises - Trouble.    >"„
WASiqx#tfo;% ,Aiign^t. ^^The/S^ate-cle;
paiftnieiii h&s received, from "tlfS Itail-iaii
ftiftlidrities•■& copy Of tlie, i*e;pprt„„riiad'e*'l>y
the niarqvjis, Romano, secretary of. tlie
Italian embassy, on his in*estiga;ti.0n of
the lynching of fiye Italians in Louisiana.
Tlie report presents the iyifah: in a §eri6us
light and shows that the Italian, avithorv-
ties View the occurrence a$ one of unusual atrocity. It contends that there
were no^jiiftigatiiig cireumstances, that
DrTHotlge^firltllrew a Weapon ji-uicnth'at
the first shot fired by Defatto was in defense of his, brother, and not a wanton
attack. Describing the alfair in detail,
the report points out that some time
after the first two. men were lynched the
mob made a second then a third visit to
the jail from whence they removed and
lynched the thyee other Italians, all of
whom, it is contended, were in utter ig*
norauce of the Wounding of Dr. Hodges.
Conceding some extenuating circumstances in the lynching of the two men
immediately concerned in Dr. Hodge's
case, marquis Romano contends that the
lynching of the other three was a thing
of particular atrocity.
Dreyfus' Health Disquieting.
Rennks, August 8.—The condition of
Dreyfus is disquieting. His wonderful
will power alone is lending him strength
to go through the 'present ordeal. Physically he is extremely weak. His stomach
refuses all solid food and he is only able
to take milk. His family is anxious.
The correspondent here of the Associated
Press learns that the court martial was
only able this morning to consider part
of the secret dossier. The documents
were submitted to the judges in the order
in which they were classified. General
Ohauohie gave lucid explanations of
points which were not clear to colonel
Jouast. General Chanoine took the documents individually and examined them.
Major Carriere will later on state the
conclusions he draws from the dossier,
and Maitres Labori aud Demange, who
listened with close attention to general
Chanoine's explanations did not enter
into a, discussion on the subject, today's
consideration of the dossier being of a
general character and more in the nature
of a iireliminary examination.
Hospital Directors Meeting.
The  regular  monthly meeting of the
directors of  the Kootenay Lake General
Hospital was held last night.in the office
of the secretary.    There were present W.
A. Jowett, D. McArthur, A. L. McKillop,
A. G. Shaw,   K. A. Crease, A. Ferland, I'1.
W. Swannoll,  and   Mesdames Robertson
and Stocks,    hi the absence of the president W. A. Jowett presided.    The treasurer's report for the past month showed
disbursements to  tin;  amount of $301.32,-
leaving a balance on hand of $951.HO.   For
the building fund  the collections to date
are   $1,7H).(>0.    Accounts   amounting  to
$387.20 were passed for payment.    Votes
of thanks were passed to Mesdames Robertson and Stocks for having secured so
large a subscription to the building fund
of the hospital; to Dr.  G. A.-B. Hall for
his faithful, work' in the past in connection with the  hospital;   and  to the city
council for the grant of $500 in aid of the
building fund.    A  committee consisting
of Judge Forin, C. E. Miller, A. L. McKillop  and  Mrs.  Stocks  was appointed to
draw up new regulations ..for the hospital
and submit them for approval at a special
meeting of the   board  to  be held  next
week.  D. McArthur and Mrs. Stocks were
appointed visiting  directors  for the ensuing month.    The building committee re-
ported.that they had instructed the architects to call  for tenders for the erection of the addition to the hospital building. - .'-.,.
The Exact Date Uncertain.
Cascade Record.-.
Just  exactly when  the trains will be
running into  Cascade over the Columbia
& Western extension with some degree of
regularity,  is still a  debatable question.
■Probably, in a  couple .of weeks after the.'
long Kettle river bridge, east of town,:-is-'
crossed, it will be done—if the inspectors
get through their work by that date.    At
this' writing—Friday afternoon—the end
of the track  is in sight from the Record
office, a couple of miles up the grade ; but
the   expected   has   happened,   and   the
^P-f-^l311^         I?"   C'*1   "   "''ill       J^.D    T.E "'•in'1    .^Ql"   SJ^rJil.n    ' ftn \   rf
.„i.i.^—s. i....ii—    i-~ cmne}
Payroll a Thousand Dollars a Day.
James   McCrcath   of  Greenwood  is in
Nelson.    He  says   that   business   is good
throughout  the   Boundary  district  and
that  the  country   is   making   rapid progress.    In the opinion of mining men, the
Phojiiix camp will   be  one  of tlie richest
in British Columbia.   The Ironsides, Knob
Hill, Gold Drop, Brandon, Golden Crown
and Winnipeg  are  employing about 250
men on eight-hour shifts at $3.50, so that'
the iiayroil of the camp is close on $1000
per day. The Stem winder and the Brooklyn are the only mines closed'on account
of the refusal of the owners to accept the
eight-hour law.    Over $150,000 worth of
new mining  machinery  has  been taken
into the  camp   this   season;  and all the
working niines  are   now  well equipped
with  the   most   modern   machinery.   ,A.
cable railway  will  shortly be built connecting  Phoenix and Greenwood, a distance of four miles.    The recent fire gave
Greenwood' a slight setback, but preparations are  being'made to  erect substantial structures on  the  site of the burned
buildings.    The town   now   boasts  of a
population of 1500.    Thirty-five thousand
dollars are  being  expended in  a waterworks   system   and    in   improving   the
streets.    The   townsite   of   FJiolt,   nine
miles east of Green wood, has been cleared
and surveyed, and. lots  will be placed on
the market  this  week.    Spurs are being
graded from Eholt  to  the loading niines
of the district.
tions of Bessarabia (a government of
Russia, bounded on the south by the
Danube and the Black sea) have revolted,
being driven desperate by famine.
Troops, it is .added, have been sent there,
and several encounters have taken place.
A score of peasants have already been
killed .and many have been wounded.
*iver„us thenj;a .Small jniattei'
Mining Operations at Moyie.
j Moyie Leader.
"Things are going swimmingly along in
the south end of Moyie, and the way in
which that portion of the town has built
up in the last thirty days is simply astonishing. It is now to have the,, highest
building in the town.. This will be built
by J. 0. Drewryon two lots 'which he recently .^purchased on the extreme southern end of Tavistock street. The building will be twenty-nine feet wide, sixty
feet long and three stories high. It-will
have thirty-six--;-rooms, including a large
river,°"Ia|fi uighiU
" „;    Suppfsefly ,to^be,;th|» Body of a;Suiciae.      "
"Ciiief ol^iJoJfcWJaiVis* ^
;l||t%r;fr(3m &l~$^$ikbfiehi .[Cit//7nai\s1ifi;l ;
,,at °.lf6.i£thiJprf>. ™"n^vhi.el-r jieftiyei^oi'-tsVitJl-e
*iu tike Cplulh^ia, rfvei) th^ee miles above
Kbrtlipiorti"". The boclv"° was clotlied in
brown tr.ojusersi" o£ a wpoifen material',-
.■and. a white shirt-„with g^Jd, bjittpusi
.The deeeased' appears; to- liave beeud a
man 6f about" 5-feet 7 iuches in stature
and would: weigh about 1 SO pounds* iEho
face was smooth- shaven. There waS
nothing in any of the pockets by Which
tlie body could be identified, but from
the description given it is supposed to be
tlie body of George- E» Oassells, wlio is
believed toliave suicided in Slocan river,
above Slocan Crossing, particulars of
Tribltnk.- ■ .   .'.
Choosing the Gup Defender.
Toronto, August 8,^—The trial races
for the selection of the cup defender were
continued todsiy. The Wind was light
and southerly with a small roll to the
sea. Summaries: First race, ty miles to
Avitidvvard and return—finish—Myrtle
1.00-12, Toronto 1,01,32, Haniilton J .02-0(5,
Minota 12.57-02 (winner), Betiver 12.57-1 S,
Weir L1-M3. Tliis race was decided en
actual time. Second race—four miles to
windward and return*-elapsed time:
Myrtle 1.49-04, Toronto 1.43-51, Ilamilton
1.17-37, Minota 1.30-54, Beaver 1.37.83
(winner), Weir 1.53^05. Third race-
over a four mile triangle—elapsed time :
Myrtle 1.03.24, Toronto 5(i.l3, Haniilton
57.52, Minota 53.15, Beaver 53,27 (winner),
Weir 1.01-30.   The  last
decided on elapsed time.
two races were
The Trouble Over.
Ci.bvMlaxd, August 8.—Tlie last
■paiiy of militia left the city today,
authorities have decided there is
probability of any further trouble in connection with the street car strike. So
far as tlie strike itself is concerned there
is not the slightest sign it is any nearer
a settlement today than when it was inaugurated. As a result of the organized
fight against the boycott by the wholesale aud retail merchants, it is rapidly
losing its effectiveness. Tlie big consolidated continues to operate all of its
lines with non-union men, tlie cars in
many cases being well filled with passengers.	
Paying His Way.
London, August 8.—Mr. Andrew  Carnegie. Jias  donated   £.10.000s to   found a
public libraiy at Koighley, Yorkshire..
fif•€y...me)i v*in» lii#employr iby;the*tj.lnejjtthe
:bu iIdi Ug*'is >qoinnjeted^ "Tl■%.->naw tu in,i el'
atit'ti.ie^XlaJve'' 'Slioj^^^nj^ *§Sfw- -tn"- be-
stwSen 'eighty and ^iihe§y*'- feet,   Xts'fe'cTe
is°;nearing, t]iew;maii,yo;^e„ ^o£ly.„ Ca.rpe.n-.
"tefis-.'aj-e afr'wrti/k jbuft" ""tlielbig "trestle, over
W,li'ieh theore will Be earfied  froin the
ffiih^^tg-the ore .bin .neatf- ijillje railrcyufv-
lihe  engiiie^aaal  bQiier f^r the air eoni-
;l>resscfr iar.0' In' phice;"'tlie 'boiler:i&.,bijicjvpd"
""in^aixtl'toi'nO'l'rbw thebig'Sjiidkes'taek wilji";
, be-raiseds'. -    '_   •  '     "' ""    ".-.".■
Pair .(Eeturns from Placer "Grround:
Ge/)i'ge A^Doyte retinaied pn Monday
fiight f roin the:phtcer claims at the head
„of.ffilie liettle i'lvexv tliirty miles west of"
the Cbhiiypia„vi*erj Via Fii'O valley, which
are owned by himself, P. E. Wilson, Fred
Williamson and James Rell'ly, ft\\Q
grant consists of fourtecii cialins'j aiul :
from; present indications will tilrn out to
be rieli ground. The company hare
built a ditch eight hundred feet long to
tap Beaver lake and have an abundant
ground sluice of four hundred feet has
been dug for the sluice boxes and they
are now prepared to handle from thirty
to fifty yards of dirt per dtly. A force
of three men were left at work and washing was .started on Saturday last. On
the adjoining propei'ty sluicing has been
going on for some time, the returns being
froin $1.00 to $1.50 per cubic yard.
One of the SudbUry ininurS recently
inipot'ted by the manageii'ioiit of t'i'.e 'Viuti?
miiie lias already quit works lie sa>'s he
did. not know there was any trouble here
when he engaged* and objects to work a**
a ".'scab." All tlie others are expected
down tlie hill within a week.
Paul Johnson* formerly superintendent
of the Hall Mines smelter, .arrived in Nel^
sou yesterday from San Francisco, lie
will spend a few days here before proceeding to Greenwood, where he will li.-ive
charge of the construction of a smellier
for the British Columbia Copper Mining
The Bank of Montreal, yesterday exported to the United States assay office
at Helena a gold brick valued at $5000.
William Hunter of Silverton and Three
Forks was iti Nelson yesterday.. Here-
ports that the Noonday mine, near Silverton, is a wonder, and that business
there is picking up in consequence.
A force of four men will be sent up to
the Last Chance mine on Toad mountain
tomorrow to pump out the shafts, pre
punitory to resuming mining operations.
Starving Peasants Revolt.
Viknxa, ..August S.~:The " None '"Freie,
'Prcs.se'-'.today siiys the peasantry,/)! por-
Expected at Dreyfus' Trial.
Rhnnix,   August  S.—-Emily Crawford
writes as follows on the trial   of  captain
Dreyfus : Maitre Demange, the principal
counsel   for  captain   Dreyfus,   expressed
himself as well satisfied with yesterday's
proceedings.      General   Mereier "remains
here, the guest of general Saint Germain
who tells his friends  to be prepared for
sensational   evidence   that   must   crush
Dreyfus and many others with  him.    M.
Cavaignac   said  that   he  expected  two
coups  de  theatre.    We  now hear  that
one will be an avowal  by general   Billot
that  he said  on his  soul and conscience
Dreyfus  was  a traitor because  he  was
misled.    The other will be Morcier driven to bay.    The  latter issues  from  this
.trial ruined, if Dreyfus is acquitted.    I
hear   he   intends   to  throw    a  searchlight   on    the   secret    councils   of   the
Dupuy government  of  which he .was-a-
member   in   1S94,   and   to   show   what
diplomatic wires were pulled between the
arrest of Dreyfus  and  his  embarkation
for Cayenne.    Mereier refuses to  be interviewed.    He looks bowed  down.'with
care.    General Billot, on the other ..'hand,
seems to have taken out-a., new- lease  of
life.    He also is extremely reticent as indeed are al 1 the witn ess of note.
Mr. Jaures only arrived last night. He
claims to know much that is in the secret
dossier. An intercepted correspondence
between two military'attaches who Avere
mixed up in the affair, is said by M.
Jaures to be a shame to human nature.
These two officers Avrote under feminine
names and in a strain'" that might,
not have shocked the young courtiers
of Nero, or the ribald crowd that gathered around .Lot's g house  iii-tJiedoQined
' Wjitel"n3iife r^^^mil|ts;^w=sut}l^tlfey^
'3ffl!&3*b1ie"Mypferydn Avhicli"lh%s1i|eid,e5i&,s
Siiroiided:"" .■""°'"..'.""'!"""8 j" -f-r^"';"   *»l".,-:""l
I. te5"d%\7>S'-'fer;dQ(iir„ -M& ''ffsl^ed'1 .ansioirs'lyvto-':
j'd'ay 'Avlnvt'-tlle'-pm$>$ 'fttuf ";p\r|jli-^.'thOtigTi'fe;'
; and was lecH'tf'-.'tliiifli that„a,mt)1|e^' ^tnion0
-IS'.-geuefkll^tf^ ^.l-re
;i]eYoKtSs^f*iiat-i0i|s#te^ 'vyhg.tliid-ge",
"haryil^lnjpidlitj^e^p^egs, .^ocM.h^tT61t( tp\\
'■ tlVe.'ifllfiinfJJ'I'lng tait'siariiiy "heflSW"flS5\vji;'
TZ/ea'd,ih°g^ '^per^oh.age^' Bfeffbrd '"'the.  ^r'ijVl^
had' miichtfo say .about the Tate  general
AunenkjOiT and baron  Fredericks  in Coiir
■ iiectloy-'AVl'th DrJeyfits, .tout general, j\I.er«
cieraucl M..Ifai;iOt'.ai»x, forinerpiinister qf
foreign  .affafh's, *vctuse  fcd spealc "on the
subject;   M;. "liaubtaux; looks dejected". It;
will be curious to See wJiether he and
Mei^ier conttSXdict each Other,
There seems danger that all, tlie evidence rejatiitg to foreign diploinatists
Will be given with closed doors. The
public trial will be resinned oil, Saturday.
to learn that lie Would be confronted
with a crowd of hostile witnesses ulid
that the trial niight  last a  tertniglit or
52.S- By Appraisers at $350.«
A special meeting of the city council
was held yesterday afternoon for the
purpose of instructing the city solicitor
as to the amount which the city council
is prepared to offer the Nelson City Laud
«fc Improvement Company for the land
expropriated for the water-works reservoir and such other adjacent hind as the
corporation may consider desirable to
The report of the valuators was substantially the same as outlined in. The
Tm hunk of yesterday. They valued the
seven lots covered by the reservoir at
$350, and found with respect to the other
lots which the land company claimed
had been damaged that the location of
the reservoir enhanced the value of the
surrounding property instead0 of damaging it.
In discussing the  matter the members
of the council expressed the opinion that
when negotiations are opened by the city
solicitor for the  payment  for the land it
would bo  well   to secure   five additional
lots^making  twelve   in  all, and that he
should offer the land company's solicitors
a lump sum of $750 for the whole/   With
respect to the  flume,  the solicitor is instructed to state that the city will remove
the same from the  private property and I
throw it upon  the roadways.'   The offer
of the  $750 will  be  without any conditions imposed upon the city with respect -
to the supply of water'cither in the Dayies   ;
addition or  in  Bogustown.    If the land .
company desires any concessions from tbeV
city for the supply of water, the city will  ;
ex;pect the  land company  to throw the
site in free.    If the offer of the city is declined, an arbitration Avill  folloAV to fix:
the value of the  land,  and the residents
must then make such  terms as they can
with the city for Avater. ^
The city solicitor  Avas  also  instructed  •
to take up the question of the city Avharf  -
Avith the government.    As matters stand
the wharf has been vested  in   tlie  city,
but nothing has been done  with  respect
to the land upon Avhich it stands or the
approach to the wharf.   The governmentT':-;
Avill also be requested to explain the position of the Nelson Saw & Planing  Mills,
Limited.    This company claims  to have
an agreement with  the gOArernment forv.-
the nniin tenauce of a thoroughfare over - -
the wharf to the company's mill, ,which<>-
would  exempt the  company   from ;:the>;>
payment of any toll OArer a portion of theffi-
Avharf should the,council decide to  im?; '
pq§e \ tolls. ;«r?
three Aveeks, or even longer. Tjieii steeling himself he cried.: "You must prove
yourself ft man Dreyfus. You must
struggle for yoTir honor and not give in
until you have cle;\red it once and for-
tn'er. But \\'h;i,t JmVe you done, Dreyfus.
to injike people thus rend you-1 Were
you, bornnnder a malignant star? If so.
light against fate and Avrcstle till you
leave thrown the evil angel,"
Australians Make a Big Score.
HjliMiNf.j[iA.y,  August S. in   a cricket
match between the visiting Australians
and tihtt Warwickshire eleven which began here yesterday the Australiam*, in
their first innings were all out today for
31.3 runs. In the first innings yesterday,
the Warwickshire players Were all out
for 1,35 runs, Tlie Wawickshirc team in
their second innings to-day scored 103
runs for se\'eii wickets down.
The Venezuelan Arbitration.
Paris, August 8.--M.. Mai lotto-Pro vast,
the secretary of the Anglo-Venezuelan
boundary committee, at today's sitting
of: that body continued his presentation
■of the Venezuelan <ai«e, and devoted the
whole day to showing that the Dutch
ncA'cr claimed territory which Great
Britain says they owned.
' &gton. ":•:'■'v;35-" V""1 '■v.':*'^: ":^y/f^-
- StWilJ: the' ^tf'.^iri^^y)iJM^^V*3
proseeutofl vig^iioii^Ix;. frbnLi,„ n^v,. ■ ojQ^Z^},
i^ked''the! ''eloi/ifesfton^VQ-ui'""'-.^
|)iiedy "Y«s,,"s(i'rt *'$}'&syai inf--th(S"^liili|r£t.^
liines front -,iio-\v °Jft.^tfJfJJ^r -i'irQsugcj.ite|t!iS;j
with- ajl encrgyi, ^^^llP th^4nenu^id|Jiie|;^;'^
iirnis .and; all. tl.ie;. .supplies': ne'eleVs/wn^ %o?%%i°?£i
end tlie trOU'.bh> i;ii" tllQ ■islands' "S\fil%|5e-f^ *°
furnished at, ■ the \e!,vrli.eit • iJdsM'blefi^--
moment'." .'    .     ." ""* "r.^t^
"How large a force will be 'at the ^v'of
posaVof the coininandin'g' geiidira) .€ll(Srb^'".*"^
for active sei'Vice si'fc the close &1, "Ui® °°tt°
rainy season, and more will, be sent there, ,° /
if necessary.''" , '.    .   *      \"!
As to the ruinors published ill 'S'on^o of       *
tlie papers that presfdent  Meivinley iin'ct       -
secretary  Root  Were  not agreed  about
tlie  policy   to   be   pursued iij the Philip-     " I:
pines, Mr., .Moot said : " Of tioitrsu' tliii,'fe i;^    „d,:
all   notiptuise."    When  aslved  if geupral      ,°:
(JLis A\'(!iild be relieved, Mr. Root said he
had nothing to say on tlitlt point at this     ; =
time., ..._....- .....=-
Lovers, Take Warning.
LWKDS, England, August 8.—-Miss
Maude Spencer of this city has broken
her engagement with George; A. H.undel.
a young engineer, and has secured $250
damages in a breach of promise ...suit,: because her Jover returned-her better's Avith
tlie errors in spelling and, grammar corrected in ink.
WeM Political Forecasts.
(Siscoial t« 'I'he 'IVlbKiio.}
N'ictoima, August «.—Advices fwnsi
Now'W'estmin.S'ter tire feliat a combination
haw been formed against llendei'sou
strong enough to defeat him.
Iimiliary caucus R. L. Reid
Munn Avere chosen a.s likely
and both consent to run
The choice will be made by
tee of friends at which
Munn     will    be     equally    represented.
Each pledges himself to Work Avhoevor
is chosen. The latest named aspirant for
the premiership in the event of Semlfn's
retirement is Peters, ex-premier of Prince
(Odward Island, but iioav h resident of
Victoria, and member of the firm of Tapper, Peters & Potts. He is now Adsiting
ViHicoiiA'er and taking actiA'e jiart in a
jiolitical conference in progress there and
at New Westminster.
Iti a pre-
and Di .1,
"if desired,
ti eonimit-
Reid    and
Dewey Entertained.
XAim.k.s, August  S.—Admiral   Dewey
exeh.anged visits today with  the general
commanding the army corps here.   The
reception accorded the American admiral
by vice-admiral Goiv/.ales, commaiidev-in-
chiof of the marine department of  Na-
1 pies, aviv9 of a brilliant character. THE TRIBUNE:   KELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST n,  1800.  '.: -a��� _*v-^*jsz\��� S*-JS^--Sa-fe��fe.5^.t^  ^'���^���^-^���^���^^���^���^V^tA  Hi  w  #  0.U  T-is ?w)�� always the prettiest ones that go first and W  though we have only a few left we have still some of jjjff  the choicest patterns of our season's slock. Until W  these are cleared up we will give  Any 90 cent Blouse for 50 cents  Any $1 Blouse for 75 cents  Any $1.25 Blouse for 90 cents  Any $2.50 Blouse for $1.10  Any $1.75 Blouse for $1.40  Any $2 Blouse for $[.50 $.  Any $2.25 Blouse for $1.75 g  Any $2.50 Blouse for $2 '        ^  The chance of a life time to get a good blouse cheoip ^  #  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OF  BUILDING,  NELSON.  t:e:r.:m:s o^-sn  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  their denunciation of the government"and  ic province, it is just possible that the  provincial exhibit will be a splendid one  without the aid of these churlish mine  managers. Were till the people of the  province to act as these men are acting  eA'ery time a law was passed which they  disapproved of, the province would soon  je depopulated. What makes thenctions  of these churls disgusting to fair-minded  people is the fact that every one of  lein is under obligations to the province for every dollar they tire possessed  of. No mining country on earth litis more  liberal laws than British Columbia, and  no people have been more liberal in helping men to their feet than the business  men of Kootenay, who are today so  roundly denounced by those ingrates. As  an instance: Had it not been for ad vances  made by .1. Fred Hume, Avhen a merchant  at Nelson, a well-known mine owner)  operating' at Sandon, would ha.ve been  compelled to sell his interest in a mine  that has since made him wealthy; yet  that 'Operator today'- litis nothing but  abuse to heap on the head of Hon..J. Fred  Hume, minister of mines. A little c'oei  cion on the part of the government might  bring some of these gentry to time. A.  10 nor cent tax on the share capital of  all mines uiiAvorkcd after a certain date  might bring some of these alien soreheads  into line. Make them ' Avork their properties or tax them out of the country.  t---t- <^-:^Zif<- <zL;f2.;��Zz f?.-&.-<A. ��Zz(r-i:fZi ��&(%:��& ��S:^:^e2:��i:^; (^(^-f^f^^^f^^f^^e^^^i^^-^-^'^.f^.^.^.^.,^..  ��ite Srilmntv  Daily Kdition ������  AVkkki.y Edition       Kikst Ykah, No. ISA  ...Skvbntji Yk.ik, No. M>  Pu.iu.ic opinion is .always against the  importation of laborers at a time when  there is trouble betAveen employer and  employee. Public opinion is always opposed to methods that cannot result  otherwise than in .harm. The imported  men tire too often; misled by specious  -promises,. and tire never aware, of the,  :-4tcj^al^oitd���iti|,),i|s; yiafce'xj^t��%iy'!^!^?i^  Ijj-.isv  I  III!  ^-^^Jo^fty ;|^efe^uiy^kon��ie"l6qii,  S^^S|^te^fen^l|w^\aI filid,�� ta^Q^eliauees;  L^i'^^^u^^ AVQyld ttflt  ^������^^'^^���^^^M^A ��5t����: *^Q<2^X4t'ti:i ^��� feJKiJ?Io^xi cFfi.-b. ;  =��^T|i"fe:ypaitJ''w|fo  }n\u .a job 'dVc^iiotta^ei'  ['ll^^ll^. .Jto "the.  n'nin, ^/)\q, 'dls]pla.e^.s"iiini.  p"^"TOnl^la^Sbe{ineliri-ktia,;!,!,^ mrt^6ipriinrnt-iiJ-  ^if^0&.^L ��"Il^A'^nianny '-of the-. irij-ue. .iifahH---  ,.V="-#efsJtih,d^'.";mi.ii.ia,g0,;s'n cl'erJts in   jModterjay  tw-AVOukFlike't'O-be displaced .tomorrow' !b;,y  '���^^^^"���^fr5? " .'Wove ��ucli  a' thing -to.  ^l"%|Siperis'it��fe,Satfe tO-,siuy-'the want-"scab"  ��S��- ��Avtotit���� be "Used .ctuite frect u.eiitly by theni.  i"*"f\lhen di'sSusging the good poijitg Q'f'.��th,eir  '"^ecess^Kiu office. ,  ���  ;.!'n"   O'KiS of (he a|:p'i,osb);tiie value  of $1',,  s    500,000  was shipped  floni     (lie   Slocan  mines, between .January 1st and the date  -=0iUA\diidi=W0}dt=was=su ispei i ded=at=many=  of the niines.   This represents the Work  of 0*00 men Avorking  underground for a  fflut nfflay & co.  lieadqjiarlers Cor  period of five months, or 90,000 days for  one man, at a cost of'$800,000 for wages.  To this should be added the wages paid  surface,laborers and the cost of supplies  and plant, say $000,000 more. This leaves  a net profit'of $000,000, which is a fair  approximation of the dividends paid by  the Slocan niines for the first five months  of this year. If the contention of the  mine managers is correct, that the eight-  hour day increases the cost of underground labor fifty cents a day, then the  fXhh:iev��Jwuej>sJs.d,iyjd..e^  ^joiitf^jlljie^yiCy^IKe^ llSfclling; S|/|caai;��iffiTiq;'  JuSliigiitJie enforcement,$tlleeiglit-hbiir:  iiiipi     ���    ' '/���  -  _���  ; _ |n'_n_ ..    '  :-.     .'"  ����Tif!tf:'c'itAf' ,;eo;i|i!re|l" 'aire- great, sticklers  wlieii it (!Oine$ ���to��� siUall things1. Hoav  that Vtliey I'Riye,' taken" ��over the- Hall-  ,s^t'r,efitn���'AV:ha,T���f,"=they>iy'an.t"t,o, 1<jioav; ''wj-i'ei^''  I ^idt^}Jr���5t?irc�� ��:.iifc j|t'Vj��^A-'��ici^l3ji>atJl'G^^-I-j5,1 iiJ. .f>f jbhe  Belsbn ��aav.'&, ^feningl Mills,- iiuilted',Jo  use .pai^J of it iy gdlngto tind frOxu their  ���sawni'i'll. 'The council gtive the street  railway aliid the gas company the privif,;  fege, of teariiig iip,at'M5l'Cinitci.'tisi'iJg "Bjilcei*  street from e,n(\' to, efjd.Without tlie lijuy-  nient of a cent for tlie privilege, yet a  good sa>Avmil I is as m ueh bene fit to a,  town as a gtvs-AVOrkS oi' a street railway.  TjII'j managers of several mines in, the  Slocan not only absolutely refuse to fnr-  nislrspeciinens-fOr^the^proA-inciabexhibit^  at tlie Paris exposition, but in voicing  their" refusals  are somewhat violent hi  Carloads of Ore Specimens.  The first carload of ore samples for the  Paris Exhibition Avill be shipped from  Nelson on the 20th instant. W. D. Scott,  who has spent the past feAv days in Nelson, says that tAvo carloads will be shipped from the Nelson and the Slocan clis  tricts, and oue carload from Rossland am'  the Boundary districts. The ore Avill be  shipped to OttaAva, Avhere it will be sorted by Dr. Dawson. The samples selected  Avill be labeled Avith the name of the  mine, tissay,value, etc., before being shipped to Paris.  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We Hiftko a HpOciulty of  Slypiap and Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and flooring  Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock  OiHfce and yard near C.P.R. dapot   15. G. BJliJSlt, Agent.  CASTS  What"   i$" the:   tJi-fFarence    b'etw��eri  IfjEti-EY^S fE^&aricl. Q$$e*. brands?  dijsttbe   ,sl"m��e;    d��  "feetwe^tj    the  Athabasca' fcnioe  and-" any .one of the  bdndVeds Of wild cats that" have been  i exploited  in tbe, past years?  Exper-ience has proved the value of;  the one.   The others .might be good  but  is   it  worth   yo"U'F   while   experimenting when   you  can   get sure  returns by investing in the guaranteed  .Tho sftptfiy iKf.liifdto^.i soiPWl early iftid nxiunine t,fti�� st'oclr.  If yon ��!?J��t. ,a Ktylfeh pEitfxjctB fltUiife s'lijf., niaflb.oC Clio1  ^ost^loj.It'.'evop.Siiiflijj'tefl l.t'o Kctsciji, leuVo S'oair Bi'dci'  Avil-lV^iiie.        , i      -  Six hundred (loUitrs"Av&rlii of lit���' Koodk iiow aVAi(>  jng yoiu' aispCClioii.   I gunmntCJO Kij,tiHfuetion or no .sitjtj.  'S'dJsonV ti^slO^lfilo'railgr; i)cSt'�� Kobtcnny .Co.lTfcc Coj  PHyi'ijJi.iTY  article?  TETLEY'S   is   the   ONLY   package  Tea sold  by  s nay mm  AVesl Uakci: Slfuot.      Tulopljono 3ft.  RODS  BAIT  LANDING NETS  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having IcukciI Uir biihinusK or theXelson Sodi'i A Valor  Factory. I mn iiropitrcd tOMiiiply Uio l.-rtulu Willi all'kinds.  of ciirhoiiulud and acraluil Waters. Kumily Ordoiv solicited.   l'ruini>t(lulivui'y.  IN FACT EVERYTHING IN ALL GRADES  ���  TO SUIT EVERYBODY.  The Prices Are Bight Too.  Thomson Stationery Co., LM  5 gallons Moot Beer . . 10c  2 gallons Lemonade . . 25c  Effervescing Health Salt 25c  Bromo Seidlitz .... 25c  Bromo Seltzer .... 25c  Lime Fruit Juice, pts . 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, quts . $1  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST  30,*y. m  jtakcff Street." VuivSicon jfosepijiuo, ntid  Ward sU-oofn ...,.-. .,,..��.,���.,. .,���....,.,... h,. .a,fl.... ���,;��8Q00  �� 50 Ijy 120, Baker Htrccl, ,l)ol,\vcoti .jGS6ftliiue rvr.tl Hall  streete,,corner:., -., ?.,, ',. .,.jl.1���.,.;. ���.��� ".,'  fo t)y ISO wjUi inip!;oVcmoiit;s, sotttii sido of, Areriioii  fitroufc. ..,,..,.���;.. , 50(10  50 by 3,20 Willi iinprO.veiitoute, sOutjh sido.ofe Vornon  ���street...........  ,.���,.: ...;.,.���.,.,....;,..  gooo"  2.J:)otSAn,Ui.eol.tnge,roiYtcd,at;��rlopQrnioflti3; Victoria  street .���.��.,. .,...., ,., ". ,,....",  3500  1. lot, Willi ,cp!,tftgo rented ftfc ��15 ^.firtnonUi, Victoriit  street..,, "....,  ;  ..;".".. .���...,....  25j)(J'  2,feU with cottage rented at ��20;por inoiittt,' .^tidnlbr  . street,..,.., .., ,....,....���., ,..,..*  3000  filOt-^ .in block inD.ltllclcarea and fenced in......... 2500  AGKNTS KOH  J. Be d, TAYLOR SAFES  10-R*jn 3Jo.us.Oj couti'ifly Iqeatetli $SSl36,:  '.Q'3.*0'g.m "Cq.I,1s%q nM �� ik>M on dai?I��Jft��aW  We Jiiiveji fliic assortment of woolens ahyays_  non^'hintdt^Goods'niiiidtriip-at-tho-Khortcslj-pos--  *i.l)le notiei!.   4s cver.VllisiiK is kept and made  on tlVc premises, s.Uisfaccion is assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Jf you want a iwtty.'.slylisH'sintof tslotlies for  ���s-pi'iiitf, and snnmler,, 1 have oVor 0) rti'fti"  wit patterns of Scotch and Kufdisli UV.eeds,  wliieli I 'Will :iimkc to your order at the low  price of  ��� ��25  Black Venetians* inakc a nice suit tor. wttjir-  inor wear at..... ... ,..,. ,...��21  Ulack serge suits in sack or morning coat..321.  A  heavy  Scotch   tweed,  nice  patterns  for  business suit, , 8.18  Trousers ategually low prices. Kit and finish  no better in Canada. Ladies'lino tailoring a  specialty.   Cleineitt block. Baker street*  SOiEIlBBQS-  Heril JCstato and General Agcn'ts,' Baker St., Nelson  aie  e  Kac.lnry oii  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  TELEPEOlSrE  1SS  DtiriiiK the, season wn will dc-  ' liver ice at jirivale residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  Canada Drag and Book Go.,  ralJVL'I'TJEXJ  Comer of Hakor and Stanley RtrcctB, Nelson  The Tangier Mine, Uiliii.tcd, Albert Canyon, on the  main line of the (J.)'. J I., 22 miles cast of Hcvelstokc, requires Hix good miners.   Wages ��3.50. per day.    ;......  FOB STYLISH JHLUHEBY  and Faney Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHIMK STRKTilT. NKLSON  HAIB GOODS KM HAIR ORNAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  ]WHS. J. W. .KKAUNKVhas opened a Ladies Hair Urc.-w  iivjj Fj.rlor in room I, Victoria block, Kelson,'and is prepared to fu nisli everylliing in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  ���w^Ip- PiOBiisrsozsr  (ICx-Sliorifl of ��outh Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise,  Tostoilico Box 572    . ...        '... Nelson, W.C..  55/>0 will purchase a chqiec residence corner; 100 by 120  ��2lW will purchase a central1 lot,, and residence.  &I00. will piirehaso  Lwo nice  lots and shatitv, liobson  Street, HunioinldiliOn.  g.i000 Will purchase four nice lots and residence.  J0.001) 1'oOled fc'itirinoul, t, .coilts.  Jllackeock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  ���5000 Uliea at-li cents. -    Turner & lideckli liloek, Nelson, B. C.  11 mmm m &MimM&f  Itf inos -and Mining, Stocks ChsUms Broker  n.EAL KSTiVTJj] A^J) GKNiailAL-AGisK'TS    -  iWss i latelMi t ft.  CU^TOIVl^ BROKER^  AUGTIQN mMB  and mm& A G0TS  er^treetr^Nelson ��  ���FIHST HOOfl WEST BANK B, U BDlLHlNQ.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   G.  FOB ES3STX  ROOMS AND OFFICES  JWtY  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  T.A,t' ��n|co of the Duncan Minos, Limited., Clement. &  Hillyor Block.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street., between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MKALS AT ALL IIOUBS, DAY Oil NIGHT  BAKfiRY IN CONNECTION  FAnIILY ANO 1'ASTllY COOKING A SPKCIALTY  ONLY WHITK IIKLf KMPI.OYKD  Two lots Willi  two-Story house on Latimer  ,.st:rft<jl. near .loSeplliiio ..�� .,= ....     SIS00  Tonus:   ��1200 cash, lialajiciJ oh .lnor!��ii2o,  'feiXtyiiero raiicli, nine miles from city on lake  shore,....., ,.,.,.���  siotio  One-half cftsh, balances on, mml-ftftttp*,  Oii  loan conditions are: tlio cheapest and best  nllcreri.   You can prepay at any tinio wit.hoiit  -A.c3-EiDKra?s ^oir  : British fpliimbifi 1'ernianenl, Savings & Loan Unilpany.  Olobo kavnujs & Loon Co., Toronto.  Fire. Life, Accident, and Sickness.  OAMBte <Sfc O'RBIJULV, Agt��  Hakur Street West, Nelson, B. C.  *       Vi  GENERAL  BROKER  Q.O��  FIRE. LIFE, ACOIDJE5NT A'ND SICKNESS  i3isrs"crie^A.3srGEi  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LKT���Several houses of difTcrcnt sizes.  D'OK SALK���Ileal estate in all parts of the city.  pe  Bread delivered to any nart of the city.  (Jakes',; pastry, and confectionery, a ".specialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  .Next ioKoyal. Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  ..  SIANUKACTUKHK OK  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, KTO.  PKOFESSIOHAL   CARDS.  ���pi'WAin" & CAKU1K���Architects. Rooms 7 aiid 8 Ab-  ���^   ordeen' block,.Baker street, Nelson.  Tp B. HAHPKK, nnisieal director, leader Nelson Or-  .-*���.��� chest ra. Musicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone 02.  i.i.^:^M^^^^^^^S:%��7,^ THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 0,1,SOU.  ANKOF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  l.dltl)  STRATIICONA  AND   MT   ROYAL. Prosident  lion. OI0O. A. nnUMMONI) Vico-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  THE BANK OF  NELSON  isrHir.soTsr beatstch  M. W. Cop. Baker and Sin nlfiy Streets.        UK Wi'MKH   IN'  LONDON   (lilnKlaiKl).    NKW   V  mil in I.In' pi-iiKtiji:l! I'll.i'  liov   :n,il   jiiII  Sl.ei'liiu:   Kvn'i'iiaC"  :t ciimmkuci it. a:  available ill any  ,'l>  nn'  part -if  VIK.    (JlirOAOO  ��� II   1 ' Mliulll.  i.l  (lilile Trausl'  ���i.i.Kits   (UtKiil M,  i !����� world.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., At I in,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  riKAKTH IHSIJKO    COI.I.KC'I'li. v-<   M.lllK;  RTf!.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUUUKNT RATK OK INTKRKST PAH)  SUMMED   UP   AND  FOUND  WANTING.  Ros.si.AND, August 8.���Tlie convention  of the boards of trade is over and done  with. The visiting delegates liave had a  very good time and have been recompensed for their self sacrifice in listening  to oratory through the day by relaxations  not permissible at other times. The conference failed to excite the remotest interest among the people of Rossland, and  like the kingdom of God came aud went  without observation. There Avere five  main issues discussed.  1. Roads nnd trails.  2. Postal facilities.  3. Separate, representation of the  Boundary country in the provincial parliament.  4. Separate representation of Kootenay  in the Dominion parliament.  5. The lead question.  ��� The discussion on each and all of these  points was purely academic except on the  last where a very wide divergence of  opinion manifested ^itself, not reconciled  or even touched by the resolution finally  adopted.  Roads and trails found tlie convention  unanimous on one point, namely, that a  great many were required. This is not  remarkable as a great unanimity has prevailed for some years on this point. As  to the means to be employed.to raise this  money the convention was vague aud  non-comniittah favoring iti an Indefinite  whore   the   products  of lend were used.  There are only two final   solutions of the  lead   quesiiini,   either    abandonment   to  the United States market, or   heavy pro-  leelioii i-o local smelting and   refining by  the iihposi'. ion of duties  on lead products  made abroad, whether made out of  Canadian ores or not.     It is not necessary to  adopt  either   to recognize the   weakness  .of the convention resolution.    The fact is  that   the load   question   is politics,  high  politics   involving  tlie   root   idea of  the  national   policy.    The convention  dared  not be political if it would.    The convention has  proved   that the only function a  board of trade can successfully discharge  is tlie acquisition and compilation of facts  and   statistics.    As  soon   as they   touch  controversial   matters  their influence  is  shot   all    to   pieces   by    the   divergent  opinions of their members.  was of course carried���.but her career in  English waters was disappointing, for  she won only four races to the Britannia's  twelve. Yet American enthusiasts can  remember comfortably that the conditions are not now so disadvantageous to  the British challenger as they, Avere to  tlie America in 1851, as that craft had  not only the above-mentioned handicap  to overcome, but had in addition to sail  against the Avhole fleet, of which some  Arossels were more than twice her size.  The two boats this year seem to be so  much alike that the result will depend  largely upon handling and seamanship,  and however the races terminate, they  should arouse more enthusiasm ami more  anguish among the sea-sick throng of  sporting land-lubbers than ever before.  While sir Thomas Lipton is a gentleman  who lias heretofore succeeded in pretty  much everything   he tried, and while all  THE PRINCE   OF  WALES SNUBBED.  _  _ etl^L  sV^^slvoidd^tosrefvU'iIet:  The prince of Wales says he never enjoyed ii Goodwood week more than this  one. This expression of opinion evidently is intended sis a snub for his former  host, the duke of Richmond, who had ignored the prince's presence.  The duke of.Richmond-is. the lord of  the manor, and the race track is in his  private park. He did not even invite the  prince to his special stand or give him  the privilege of entry by the private  gate. So each day the prince drove up  accompanied by" host and hostess, the  .Jameses, and. entered the ordinary grand  stand, where he remained during the day,  while the duke and duchess of York Avere  close by the duke of Richmond's private  enclosure.  As further evidence of displeasure at  the prince's throwing-' him-over to stay  with the Jameses, the duke of Richmond  did not invite the prince to any of his  luncheons or parties; though 'everyone  of the prince's fellow guests received au  invitation. In fact, the duke did all in  his .-power..-to. make the prince's stay as  lcli-&t&%&a'i^  "iiC* J'!��'T."'V.V4l>0.*��i*��"  *"��i\n* iiV* ��-Ay. "..-i..,_i>' ����������� ���   w =s  <frl|Oj1$h/l^  FULL LINE OF  niinintc  !61>..  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IC what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GIST PRICES.  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  PRESIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SECRETARY,  rSi-jpitis^fi" rGpi-es^lvtation. 5f fOie Bo.ftJidr'  1 aYy 'coiiu'tvy 'm the Feirifhitm'e  evoked,;  n^tthssr OoTluneiit noil.o;;ppds��ttiorfj h;Ticfc-fclitS  Sttnie". wf|h   separate   Veprqseijtation   of  Koot;eua.y |ii ptirliainent.   Soiar Mse convention   A\fas   absolutely   ftqlorjess,   brtt  "WltjSu 4ihc;fe.id' -question. ��<J��j%c; up - [thiirfgs;  "A'vere 'C^r.(^i)ely^ia;'i;ffee\ft. ��� �����"��"n*o- ptiiut  Of  ��� y'Ujwi Wiisably yt'ese-h'ted' by "<!&"��,;, Bitcft-  iithafl "of Kitafe."    Kr"'a.3,e\v ^pnte "it  ajtlounted to this that Oain\d'a .should give  tip all attempt to have a lead intustry of  her own ami turn heis GnelsgieS to  securing ,thVbesttei>.nis loos?ible for the lead  1'fOiU the llnitecl, States;   }iv. Aid rid g&  epmbatted tlii'Si'yifiW fifoui the. point of  view of the sihelting industry.    The resolution   finally   adopted    uniioilbtetlly  favored the former view.     It is  Worth  -giving ill full.  Resolved, that it;is the sense of tins association that  liho largest possible amount of. relief would ho given to  theloucl .mining iirtliistry in British Columbia T>y a re-  I ���_ ciiirotialiiri'aiig^inoiitwitlilhc United StatesJ)y__.\vlijcl.L  a l'eiuriu bullion and in ore would BcwliSfiti'ttod'frSo'of duty  into the niai'ket 6f ihe United States and then we shall'  continue to urge Upon, the Canadian commissioners to  the international conference the paramount importance  of using every ctlVrt lo sceiiro such an arrangement.  That ponding the conclusion of such a treaty" or in  event of the dual failure of negotiations for such a treaty  it 1-. the sense of (his association :  (a) That loads melted, in Canftda and refined, abroad  Should; ho readmitted duty free into Canada.  ,(b) That import duties upon manufactured lead coming, into Canada-should be increased to a parity with M)0  duties levied nptyi other linos of nutfiahti factum! goods,  (c) That, the bounties already earned by Onnudilui  smelters under the aetfor the encouragement qf silver-  load smelting, lS05, should be immediately ad,i'fl-tcd anil  paid.  -. The first part of this resolution represents tlie finding of the convention- It  carries with it the conclusion that'though  it might be desirable it is jtil possible for  Canada ever to handle the trade in lead  produced within her own boundaries.  Iii the alternative proposition (a) suggests to Canada the advisability of granting a direct bonus to foreign smelters  and (b) a course which if (a) Avere carried  out AVould be useless and Avhile not benefiting lead smelting iu Canada might be  detrimental to manufacturing  interests  :ingS'tiie"prince" Wd-it/'Out��� Visiting -other>:  lionses \v4-iel:e sonie" df'hiSi sp.p;eijxl- croyies  of botli seses Were������st^ywj-g. :     -"     ���  liii.cJitiip.iKf "did everything to ni;\,kie lifs  party gayer tliait ixSual: iii. spite of tljfiiS  pi%iice.. He had fine, .conc6i:ts��a)u:di per-  |OrnianceSi &iv.Q&, ivigJits, though iie caii Bl  aifovd such, au outlay;    ���  The. 'gti'tCng^st 'ehaeli,)i0iit,'|ioAV,eve'r,1,���waS;  ���t'h��-'CVieke.tJn,aJ;^J\'lkrJgaiii^  Of tiiie "ctiik4rsn! laai-ty * 'ami. - eljayeii ,j.O'ckei"S'  ci^ptaiued J5y Aioi'iihigt'oii CitunpUi Tire  4uke Of Fork ,played\ nui;ld.ug .fiive runs,  iiud takiiig his full dliiire-of the, fielding  iii, thei bia/.iiig Siiii. The jockeys Avei'6  easily A'i'ctoi's.  The qiieeu is greatly fujiioyed at the  feucX between Bie'ltmond and; the prince,,  puttkig the blame for it entirely oh tlie  Ititter. As ah indication, of lier sympathy  she litis asked tlie duke; to sttly at Ba,l-  uioral, Wlidre he had��� never been iimted  before except Avhen lie Avent to talj-e' his  turn iis niinisfcer in atteudancei The  prince has uoaV gone to Cowes for tlie i",e-  gatrt^V^blit tis he will-be joined^by^lilHr  princess and their daughter his tether  will' be comparatively short.  The Coming Yacht Race.  A writer in the Ahierieaii Monthly Review of RoviOAVS for August says : "It  should always be remembered in looking  over the; long list of British defeats for  the America's cup that our rivals have  been under decided disadvantages. First  o'f'uj'l is the necessity .of making tlie ehal-  lengei'fit to cross the Atlantic, a condition Avhicii the English considered a particular handicap in the case of the Valkyrie ill. Almost more important is the  diiferencc between yachting conditions  here and there, the shifting Winds and  currents from inland bays off Great Britain changing' radically the requirements  of a rack racing .machine. The victorious  Vigilant in 1S04 crossed the ocean���Iii the  shortest time on record, with the exception  of one race,  Avhere all  possible sail  *'31i-I"3^��ia3!E!ag>S  "���"*���!    "".  "'"  ' "'"M.AN]JF^C'liw3iRnBS\OF"AWB"' *"'''"7*"��'":    ��������'  "."   ���.'.���" "" Di'AT.Rn^"fif       . .."...",  ������'   ^u^'^i;&fe#etlwIuii#er'  MoiiMig^  ' ',I)oQr��,J,]tid-'Sa;s.'}i,.. -     :  Felice ^osts. aiid Pickets  '��� jOpcey-arid '$t$$@ ��M||p^| ' - ���  FACTORY AVORK, DONK'TO SORDKIJ,!;"  " '     SUCH Mi '  ScFoll SaMng  BaM Sowing  W^ardpolbes and  ���r#nera| Joinery Work  Iff STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  J?actory and oflico, cbrhor Haill street aiid,'OsP.U. track  G  WIIiIj DO WELL JO  THEIR  s  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-cliuK dry material on hand, also  a full ljno Of sash, doors, inou.Idillgst turned %vork, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard;   Foot of Hciulryx street, poison  Tcicpiiond, 9i   John Rae, Agent  AND BLANK BOOK MAKING  THE. TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, will be prepared to do everything in the way of binding books and  making blank books.  ���������;;���;���   OFFICE:   Hume building, Vernon :Street,iNplson.^/  Lime 70 Cents per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor Street.        T. G. PROCTOR. Manager  KOOTENAY  COFFEE GO.  COFFEE  NELSON, B. C.  ItOASTKUS   ANTO    DKALKRS  AND   COFFEK.  IK   TEA  Offer fresh roasted coirec of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Madia,-por pound.. ?   '10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds,   1.00  Fine Santos, J pounds ...; ���; '.,  1 00  Santos Bland, 5 pounds    1 00  Our Special Blend, fi pounds .: ��� 1 00  Our Kio Roast, 6 pounds.. ���...   1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms. 2 Doors East  of  Oddfellows  BlooK,  West  -"���;?, :,.;.���.,.. Baker Stseet.,-.'-        ;-.;;^;> :.-':<���;  a'.���founts jipi-po ns to t!io lnu-inosslike AAr;��y  in wliicli \u\ lias gone about. !iis pfosont  t;isk, ono could hiirdly In- an .Aini'rican  anil eonvoi'.sanb with tlio history oC the  Aineriwi'.s cup without bulioving in the  bottom of his heart that this trophy will  not cross the ocean in tin; nineteenth  century."  HOTEL   AKEJVALS.  HUME.  F. Vint*, Kaslo  T. I.oiiMiin. Moyie  .limies Ti��i.i.c-n. i'��ronlo  II. BedliiiKlon, Toronlo  W. G. ItcdliiiKton.  Ilainil  ton  J. W. nans  llamillon  Harry K. Dean, Toronto  Harry Fi^hur, Montreal  W.  V\ Uobeii.son, Victoria  A. T. uarlniid. ICaslo  T. /\.  flarlanil,  I'oilai'i' l��  Prairie  I). W. Moo-c. Tm.il  F. A, ltlnawalil.(.lr. al Fall-.  Aliml.    .  urns  wnoi.resAT.ic Axn  rrtaii.  C.  Honnol.  I'HAIR  Van- ! .1. C  Major (',  coiivcr  N   Veirlhani. Vancouver  A. W. I'.iierou, Spokane  T. I'.. IMilor, .Spokane  N. N'ail, llonniir's Ferrv  Holierl. Atkins, Siilney  ,1. I!. Alai:l.ai'0n, Vaii'ouver  fien. 11. Williams, Spokane  li. .Marks, Victoria  GRAND  CENTRAL  St.oeln, Sandon  II. Ivehne, Sandon  I*. John-Ion, San Francisco  ('live I'inyl ���  (i'O'iiwonil  A. II. \Iu.V -il. Holland  F. Mel.'iiirc, Montreal  A   Selwyn, Kcvclstoko  .1. Ramos, .^andou  \V. K. Thonipson, Robson  l\  el son  Meat Merehants  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL   STORES   AT  Trail,   Ymir,  Kaslo,   New Denver,   Sandon,  Silverton,  Cascade  City,   Grand   Forks, .Midway,  Greenwood  and Sirdar.  j{ead Office, Nelson, B.C.  ORDERS 8Y MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  J. Thompson.  Pueblo, Co'.  James     Williams,     Silver  Kin;?  W. Asliton, Lewisl.on, Idaho  D. lj(!\vis, Salmo  QUKKN'S  O. T. Scars, Grand Forks  IrnN. lilnck, Cascade  Miss Forrest,, Ka^lo  Mrs. Brit.ton, Kuskonook  F. A. Heap, Ainrworth  J. A. Browne, Spokane  T. A. Thorburn, Vancouver  15. F. Crawford, Sandon  James Bell, Rossland  O. H. Appleton,   Kootenay  river  David McLennan, Sanca  John Painter, Rossland  TRKMONT.  Rohert  worth  .1. D. F.nred. Now Zealand  Miss   A,    Fletcher,    Armstrong  II. J. Pymor, Portlmul, Ore  MADDKN.  J. O'Neil, WiimipoK  James Liini;ley, .Saii'lon  R. McDonald, Cranbrook  G. V. Watkin, Silverton  riioinpson,    Ains-  John McPhorson, Robson  II. F. Burmstcr, Goat creek  Alexander    Davy,    Silver  King  A. Gallagher, Sandon  SJLVKR  KING.  P. Mulligan, Spokane I W. Anderson, Trail  L.   I'Jverson,   Silver   King   Walter Smith, Sandon  mine | Kd. Miller, Sandon  The Tremont Hotel  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker street, Nelson E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS RY" MAII/RECKIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  IPUP & TREG1LLUS  PROPRIETORS  As I intend to thoroughly refit my store in  order to make  room for  a large   stock of winter  goods,  for the next ten days I will sell at cost.  Opposite  Postoffice,  Baker Street, Nelson  THBO. MADSON  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Gigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most pop-  "SA'SteK STREET," N��L��SON,  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHEB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construetion Co,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power. Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  is^^��'S',^^'P^.,T/',<k "^Ci��� ��8"���'fc5"*"^^8��";^"i^ y-."-]"'^"*'^^ Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.. [t  Seated, witfe  Lighted by  Hefty  ROYAL .SEAL AND.  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS. -\    .    .   .   .  Layge^-cgin.for'taBlc, fecdromivs. mB" ;ttrjsj>qlasg. jlinirig  rgonr." ;S"q,in^ilo rooms for cbnmtci'cialjnciv.       ..  filrst  L 6.  Late o% tlie Rbyifl Hotel. Calgary,  H- ����� HUME, Manager,  1'he finest hdtc! in the intejIOf.  Large sample rooms.   Stcafn heat aittl electric light.  0ORN.KR OS- WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON'  ��o'.ol  THE BEST GHMLSS: OT BEEB IN ^EtSON IS  AT  THE  UNION   MADE  itienay Oigap Manfg. Co.  " NcKon, Rrilish (.'olumbia. '    '      /  ^  D. AshcrofC  BLACKSIVIITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Coi'liCr Siljca aiid  =Stoilej-St;re��t��.=  BAKER AND "WARD STREETS, NELSON!  The only hotel in Nclnon that has rojiiainort, rinrtof one  nianagoiucnt since lS0O.  'I'lio bcd-rooii)M arc well filfiiishod and lightc'l b}"  olectriolty.  The cliiiing-rooin i�� not second lo any in Kdolcnny.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Strictly first-class. Rates, ��1! per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLK AND EN SUITE.  Hoi, and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. ThoiwJghly equipped  with exits and'lire escapes. 5th llloor Marion block, cor-  ner Riverside and Stevens streets.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rales Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light, in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus niftots all trains RovetaJ-nlffl    R   fi  Hourly street car to station ntSVB.I!>tUKt},   D, U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  McLE6iT hotel  ���'���     YMIR,   ft.   C.  J.  W.  SMITH,   Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  2 Cars Kai-ly UreaWast Mraud Kggs  1 Qui-Swift & C*o,"Si Uwins,  I.iacOn  and l.ard.  1 Citr flmjHt f'rwiwucrj' l:iutU:f iiiMIl*  .SKIIi, ilikI M\U boxes and 1II., *2Ji>. aijd '  Slli lirts.  2 Cat's .of .ne w I Potatoes.  Wholesale Only.   Write or Wire for Brices  Wagon rcpaiiiiig promptly attended to by a flrst-clnsa  wheulwrigtit.  'Special aLioiiiion given ix> all kinds of repairing anfl  custom work from outside points.  Srjop:   Hall Street, between, Baker and Vernon, Nelson  . West & Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOlt  Nelson, ft, C.  ASK FOR  St. Alice Mineral Water  from the Famous Harrison Hot Springs. . . .  A COOL  MEDICINAL BEVERAGE  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NELSON  Thorpe & Go.,  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OK  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  the Imperial Oil Co.   Star(dard Oil Co;  Washington Brk\ arid Lime Co. ��� ��� ���  .  The :Hi W. McNiell Co., Ltd., Cariadian Af^tlfr^  ciie Coa:l (Hard)  Doalors In  SlAMJKACTU KKliS OF  ���BNaiNBS, BOILERS. SHAFTINO, IBOil AND  BRASS CASTINGS Off EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.        l\ O. Box 173.  ~" LODGE   MEETINGS    "^~"  KXIOHTS   OF  PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,   Nd,. 23,  KniKhlsof Rythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, corner  l',:ilicranil Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evoniilg at  8 o'clock.   VisitinK KntKhts cordially invited toattendi  T. l.M.l.jl'T. C, C. R.O. JOY.K.Of R. &8...  NI0I.SON 1A1DGK, NO. 23, A. f. & A. M. Mob$  eocond Vi'ednosday in each month. Sojburnlflig  brethren invited.  NKIiSON 1.. O. I,., No., ICfB,  meets in  I, O. O. F. Halli  corner linker and  Kootenay streets,  1st  and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethern cordially iu-  vik'd.  JOHN TOYK; W. M. K. J. BRAbLKY. Rcc.Sec.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTKIJ���.A  fjood shingle jointer at once.  Cl. 0. Mtiehannn's lumber otllco. Nelson.  Apply  WANTKD���Good general servant.    Apply at oflico of  Galliher & Wilson.   Men at Ymir to work on roads and trails.   Wages  SJ150 and $'2.75 a day.   Apply to Jolia hindblad.  1'rompt and. regular  ... dolivery.to thp, trade  30  FOR SAl.K���A'.iO-Kuiiioa gun.ljy Holland & Holland,  and a case ', also an S-Kuinea polo saddle, by CraUs  Of RelBravc square, and one ilotiblo bridle. $125. Apply  at The Tribune QllloO, Nelson.        ,  Rpmurn-u ot Metlcnn   1 TpUKN 1S11KD rooms to let.   Apply to Mrs. F.M. Jarflb-  BrBWQry at WBlSOn. > r    gon.Carueybloclt, Baker street^^west. II  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C,  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9,  189!).  Orders Filled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,   every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of nil kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  Comer of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BEITISH COLUMBIA  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Qilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Name  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  .). J. Campbell of the Hall Mines, Limited, called at Tiik Triiilini-j ofliee yesterday and staled that he attended the  meeting of the Mine Owners' Association  last week at Sandon on the invitation of  the president of tlie association ; that  during the meeting he spoke in favor of  raising tlie duty on lead and lead products imported into Canada, but that he  took no part in'any other discussion.  (ieorge (J. 1 lodge and wife will leave  for the Coast tomorrow morning, where;  Mrs. Hodge will spend a. tew weeks visiting friends and relatives.  .John Adams, a brakeman on the ISrji-  kusp <fc Slocan railway, was seriously injured internally yesterday by being  jammed between moving cars and the  station platform. Me was engaged in  switching, and after making a coupling  stepped to the wrong side of the car.  Anyone knowing the whereabouts of  Dan Taylor, the well-known prospector,  will confer a. favor by addressing Tun  Timi'.unm, stating particulars.  o The street railway company is making  preparations to strengthen the bridge at  the corner of Baker .and Ward streets.  Jacob Serson has charge of the work, and  it Avill be done well.  Dr. Foriii has been appointed a member  of the board of license commissioners for  the City of Nelson. He replaces John A.  Turner, whose term expired.  H. Mallinson Williams, M.B., left yesterday evening for England in response  to a, telegram. He expects to be back  here in about two months.  Mrs. E. C. Clarke returned last night  from an extended visit to friends at  Calgary. ,  | [H. C. Cummins' Mersey canoe will be  rallied-for. next Saturday evening at the  Bodega saloon. Seventeen tickets which  remain unsold will be thrown for before  the draw takes place. If these seventeen  are not disposed of, those who have purchased tickets will be refunded their  money.  Dr. William O. Hose, the recently appointed house surgeon of the Kootenay  Lake general hospital, has arrived in Nelson and will.take charge this .morning.  Dr. Hose is a native of Prince Edward  Island and graduated from McGill 'medical college in 1S98. He was thirteen  months attached to the stn IT of the Jloy.-tl  Victoria, hospital in Montreal.  who abducted the child from Baltimore,  has been granted to Mr. Newton Crane,  in behalf of Mr. W. H. Terot, father-in-  law of Mrs. Perot, but has not yet been  served. Air. Crane told a reporter of the  Associated Press today that it would be  served, that the mother and child would  appear in the queen's bench of the high  court of justice, and he had no doubt the  custody of Gladys would be granted to  Mr. Perot, in accordance with the judgment of the Maryland court, in which  event extradition proceedings against  Mrs. Perot will be dropped, as Mr. Perot  senior does not desire to prosecute the  case against the mother. Air. Charles  Alatthews, whom Airs. Perot had retained  as leading counsel, threw tip the case; yesterday.  Sunk in Sight of Home.  Toimjuav, England, August S.���The  British battleship Sanspariel, while returning from the manoeuvres sank a full  rigged ship last night oil" the Li/.ard.  One man was drowned. The warship  communicated the news to the other  ships of the great Meet by wireless telegraphy. The vessel av.ms the. British ship  l<]ast Lothian, of loS9 tons, which left  Manila, February 9th, for Nantes, Prance,  when; she arrived July 21st.  Baseball Games Yesterday.  Pittsburg 4, Philadelphia "i.  Washington <1, Chicago 1.  Baltimore 7, St. Louis si.  New York 5, Louisville -I.  Cincinnati 8, Brooklyn (i.  Boston IS, Cleveland S.  Indianapolis 9, Buffalo 4.  Minneapolis' 7, Kansas City 0.  St. Paul 8, Milwaukee i3.  Detroit 1.1, Grand Rapids 2.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  NEELANDS'  l.t will be to your advantage to sco Our-largo  ;md "complete stock-of "-Boots and Shoes. We  carry tho" following lines: J. &. T. Bel], J."  I). .King "&��� Co., "North Star Shoe Co., Foot's;  -Schulbn & Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Hol-  cloii & Co., find Other leading makers.  EMPORIUM  Neeiands' Shoe Emporium  2G AND j28 WEST BAKKR STREET, NELSON ^   �����-  &  x  XX   l^Jb^JE^^B^FM  m       ss-  ��:  JUST AKftlVMD  m  ^m^Entire-Gar���of-  Springs  ��s  From G-eorge Gale & Son  Clark  Wiil Not Be Bulldozed.  Malm Stale Tribune.  Senator W. A. Clark of Alontana- is  now opening his mine on Sunset peak,  aiid  is'reported .as giving   the following  = orders1 to; his  manager ;    "If  you ' have -  any  miners" ehiployed who. have, signed  permits.discharge them.at once.    Employ  "union miners' ."-only without permits, and  if any oJIicor-attempts to interfere with  my property let .mo'know."' This order,  we venture, will be respected oven "by  Stunonberg and Sinclair, Not even  haughty.general Alorrja-m "will dare close  tho Clark mine on Sunset peak. Senator  Clark is in "position to carry a 'fight of  that kind onto the floor of the United  States senate-a'nd he has the money with  which" to fight it imtho courts. Therefore he can defy military dictators.  Thought He Was Pardoned.  Pittas,, August LS������-The Temps "says that  ������|3r3y!u��,��� =v*as g^eati]^-astonish eft at the  atfafet. ���tjhSt' he" "wo"s "^l-ought iiito gout* "a;  iiifrfeoher.   T&"b$jeved, according to this,:  �� l��l)er> t-h^t he Was exitering into the ju*  ''dietal; formajilties of imme���djate" nShtiAyMi*  tati'on",   "aiiel   Wils   thanking geilei'al   de  BbigcMfti'G for tl^e revision, of his ease.  lie said Sit a firin voice: "''Then it is StifL  necessary to sti'tlggle."    " Dreyfus," the  Tewps continues, " Will bo more Sprp.i'isetl  ^Whm^heds^piiegelited^yitli^tixe^SodLdOfin'^  ments contained in the dossier on matters entirely outside his case."  Grandfather Gets the Child.  London, August 3-���A writ of habeas  corpus for the custody of Gladys Perot-,,  the "daughter of Mrs. William H, Perot*  To Let���Two offices in Aberdeen block.  Apply lo JScer Bros.  To  Let���The   building    corner   Ward.  anil Victoria streets���recently ocetipii il  by  diaries  11.  Ink.   Apply to Beer Bros.  To Let���Neatly   furnished   rooms   at  tho corner of Ward unci Victoria streets.   Apply to A.  If. Clonienls.  For Bent���The residence at the corner  of Vielorin. mill Ward streets, now oocnp'cd liy W. A  Mncdi nnUI.. will bo for runt iifti r (ho lath instant.  Apply lo A. H. Glcinonls.  O  en  CO  CO  ea  ���I  BO  te'.  CO  CO  00  a:  CO  o  CO  CO  a  Is. It "Worth Anything to You ?  Square   honest   dealings,   prompt   service,  strict attention to your orders and an earnest  desire to satisfy you, no matter at what cost.  Add to this our very large and complete stock  of Watches,   Diamonds,,, Pine  and   Medium  G radljs -jb'f "��J<5Weh:j���',1 wis, well, fas Our 'Ujj-to-duto  h JfcuiufactuHng0  BeparliiiieiVt,  whtSrg -w6 give  n-sJviTlc.d"!t'Ud prompt iSttentfon to Special ��rdfi).'  f Worlt/iutd"1 feepah's.     ���A business built titpQij  = a'ny-ftjumiction o'ther thiih ilierit is huilt "upon sand.    Wo know thnt c*:ci'yfchj}rg here ex-  :��� dmpiifies tliiS.     Wc, hulM for the friiure.  OUTStocK Comprises:  Large Shipment of  m  and Carts  From The G-endron Mnfg. Co.  1   Id.  m^a-Bthub & ao. I   1  9  ' ipoViipr Baker and Ward StrcoU.   WalcrmclOiM, Pino Apples, and nil other Fruits  ih .sCnsofi received daily.  Hazlewood Ice Gj'eam  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Swoct Cream received Tuesdays and Kridays  Leave your 'ord'era.   lJroiiipt delivery  Grove  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  IsTEXuSOIsr  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlcwood Ice Cream.  Telephone 93  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Tea Sets  Coffee Sets  Berry Sets  Tete-Tete Sets  Sugar and Cream  fierry Bowls  Bon Boil Dishes  Almond Dishes  Waiters  PejJper and Salts  Cups  Prize Gups  Cut G-lass  Silver Mounted  Berry Bowls  Salad Bowls  Jugs  Yases  Tobacco Jars  Cigar Jars  Colognes  Biscuits  Etc., Etc.  As wo  KKS, your  ten tion.  onfy ehrploy  repairs shall  til io J3bst  receive' ou  WaTCIIM'AK-  r pronipi a.t-  NEiiSON,   B. 0.  Gome in and try our Ice Gream Soda and  Kefreshing Drinks.  Next Door to  P. Burns &'Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOGK  ,tfg*  NOTICE TO COMACTORS  COUET HOUSE, ROSSLAND, B. 0.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  H75 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  BoardiiiK and day .school for: girls will ro-opnn on tho  l.Uli ilay of Angnsl. Viicimcich for hoardors. I'"i)i- terms  and pitwiiofil.UK apply lo  AlADKMOiSKLIiK K10KN, Principal  SKA! KD TKNDKI'tS, propovly endorsed, will bo received by tho HOuoi'ablo the Clilo'E Coniiiiissionor  of Lands and M'orks, Vielorin, U. 0,,'up to 12 noon of  Monday, the 'Uxl, A ngnst noxt, Cor tho erection and completion of a Court House at liosslanri, J I. C.  Dniwings, 'specification!!, and conditions of tendering  and contract limy be soon at the Provincial Government  Oilices at. Victoria, Vancouver. Itosslaiid, and Nelson, B.  C. on and after the 27th instant.  IOach lender must he accompanied by an accepted bank  cheek or certificate of deposit made payable to the unsigned. e<|iial to 5 per cenl.of die amount of the tender, a.s  s> curlty for the due fiilllllmeni of the contract, which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  into contract-when called upon to do so, or if he fail to  complete tho work contra' fed for. The checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the  execution of the contract.  Tenders will not bo considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, and signed with the actual signaturo of  the tenderers.'  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accept od.  AV. S. CORK,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department.  V iclorin. B. C, 21st J illy. 18��).  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  it  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  1:1  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  m  1  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  ^re You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  m  WE  STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS  which we arc selling at a snap  LEFT  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.  dp Wilson  Telephones 10 and 41.    Postoffice Box K & W  14  bast bak��r street  WEST BAKER STREET  MANY NEW  Are added to our list each and every month. This month has  been an exceptional one, the number of new customers far exceeds any previous month, and we can -safely say we still continue to hold the old ones. This is surely ample proof of who  does the leading business, where it is done and how the people  not only in Nelson, but surrounding towns, appreciate the manner in which we serve them. Our stock of fancy goods is by far  the most complete in Nelson.  nsay  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS I  Direct   from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING ��& COMPANY  Bnkor Street West, Nelson, 11. 0.  PLUMBEES,   ESTO-  OPEBA   HOUSE   BLOCK  Sfe ���:,��;��� ;g;ft..��,;;


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