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 THE GAME OF BASE BALL AS IT  Was Played at Grand Forks.  The Nelson baseball team defeated the  Grand Forks nine on Sunday afternoon  after a somewhat exciting game. Up till  tlieir meeting with the Nelson nine the  Grand Forks boys had never been beaten,  and consequently most of the Grand  Porks people thought that the local nine  would get away with Nelson's representatives. Unusual interest was manifested  in the game by the betting fraternity.  Most of the Grand .Forks people naturally  backed the home team, bill, there were  several former residents of Nelson who  placed smnll bets upon tlie visitors, and  these with Hugh M-Guirc<>f Grand Forks  covered much of the money which was  wagered upon the Grand Forks' boys,  McGuire's winnings on the game being  estimated all the way from $7;"i() to $1)00.  The Nelson boys arrived in Grand  Forks shortly after midnight on Sunday. Their forty-mile stage drive did  not inspire them with any too much confidence in tlieir ability to win the game,  and this together Avitli the knowledge  that tho visiting team aviis not as strong  as was expected,, checked any further  betting upon the Nelsonitos.  When the game was called, shortly  after tA\ro o'clock, there Avere close upon  one thousand spectators on the ground.  The Aveather was threatening and a few  minutes after play was commenced the  rain came down in torrents. There was  a steady doAvnpour for over half an hour,  tind when play Avas resumed tlie home  team had to take a Avet field and play in  a A'ery chilly atmosphere, Avhile the Nelson boys had the advantage of being at  bat.  Fleming, the left iiand twirler, put a  dainiier upon the hopes of the Nelsoii admirers by causing Houston the first man  up to fan the air. 'Davey. failed to hold  the ball hoAvever and Houston got to  first. There jvas anotlier surprise in  store for him, hoAVCA'cr. He took a rather  long lead from first, and Avas neatly  throAvn out by Fleming. Partridge made  things look brighter Avith a hit, and  promptly stole second. Eacritt got in a  hit and Partridge crossed the plate.  Eacritt then started for second, and in  the throwing about the diamond travelled to third on an error at second. Rockenfieid sent out a hot gi;oundor "to Fitch  avIio returned the ball to first in time to  retire the batter and prevent Eacritt  from scoring. Mills then got in a hit and  Eacritt scored. Mills ..'���stole' second  and AA'as scored on a hit  by Blackburn. Blackburn got around-  to' tliird and scored on ii passed ball.  "Smith then put up the fifth hit in tlie  innings. Campbell got to first, on an  error at, second and .Smith and lie both  crossed the plate on an error by .Russell.  Tu this way'/five hits'and* three errors  produced six runs. '-  The feature of the second innings avjis  a neat double play. Houston opened  Avith ar hit. Partridgq avIio came next  \sent a hot grounder to short. Fitch returned "the ball -to Sullivan avIio. shut  Houston out at second, and then to Russell, - who nipped * Partridge at first,  foicritt then flied out to second and  * retired the side,  Rockenfieid commenced the hitting in  the third innings. He Avas "first up and  made a safe hit. By sharp base running  he-stole second nnd third and came home  -on an error in the fielding of Mills' drive  to left. Blackburn got first on fielders  choice. Mills Avas shut out at second and  a moment after Fleming caught Blackburn napping at first. Smith then got in  a, nice three base hit to left, but Campbell popped a fly to second and retired  the side.  Nelson added three runs in the fourth.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUJYi BIA.  TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 1,  18!)!  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  difficult fly, a couple of passed balls, and  Houston's failure to hold the third strike  of C. Davey's scored Coryell, Fleming and  Fitch. In the fifth Rockenfieid and Houston presented SulIiA'Jin Avith a run. He  went to first on balls and travelled around  the diamond on passed balls.  Grand Forks came within one of tieing  thi! score in the sixth. Fleming was hit  by Rockenfieid, after which Fitch made;  a. hit. Welch then drove a long fly close  to the foul line of right field. The ball,  which was declared fair by the umpire,  rolled into the basement of an adjacent  liouse, and before it could lie fielded Fleming, Filch and Welch crossed the plate.  Campbell's muff of Fitch's fly to left,  a passed ball and an error by Houston at  the plate added a run in the eighth, while  a hit by Coryell iu the ninth and Eacritt's  muff of Fleming's fly accounted for another run in the ninth. The score is appended:  Filch, ss   C. Dni'cy, c ..  Welch, cf....  Russell lb....  K. Davey 3b..  Sullivan 2b ..  Coryell If ....  Wilson rf   Klemini; p ...  Totals....  Houston c   Murtridgrfi lb.  Eacritt 3b ....  liockenlleld p.  Mills 2h   niaekburn rf..  Smith cf .... .  Campbell If...  Neelands ss   Totals......  CKANI) KOKICS.  ah it nn po a k  ���>  1  li     1   ii   i  (1  1!  1      I    5      1  2  0  0     0  II  1>  0     1  (1  II  2     0    r  i  1  1!  3     2  *>  (1  0     1  (1  (1  0     0     1     2  0  2  3     1   10   11  7  27  15     7  nhi.son.  All n mipo A K  1  15  3     1      1     2  I  i;  0     (1    5     .'{  o  i  0     0  1  0  3     0    ;j     1  1  it  1     1    5     1  1  0  0     0  ;i  ii  0     1    5     3 .  l  ii  I)     1  l  i  1     0   ' .15   11  15  2li  7     (i  l!\-   INNINGS.  3   (1  I   1  1-11  0. 0  1   3  1���11  After Houston had gone out at second,  Partridg- Avas lilt by Fleming. lie stole  second. Baeritt then hit a liner to Fleming A\**ho lujule j. very wild tlri'OAV to first  oil which, Partridge and Eacrifct .scored.  Bo_keu fluid then drove the ball iyway. out  in bhe left held and Crossed the plate before it could be rettuHied to Diivey.  Sfhi-rJJ fielding on the. gart of the Grand  ]��tyrks infield in the fifth and" sixth, innings retired the Nelson batters in one,  tlvo and throe owler: In the seventh  ftoekenfield opened lip With a three base  hit to center but lie died -hero* Mills  Avas caiiglit out at short, Blackburn was  tliroAVu out tit first and Shlith retired the  side by striking out.  Thi*e0*ruiis avo-c added iii tlie eighth on  a hit by Campbell, an error at second on  Houston's short hit, a safe hit by Eiieritt  and a timely two base hit by Rockenfieid.  Another run aviis added hi the ninth.  After Blackburn had been throAvn out at  first Smith got in a hit. Campbell got to  first on fielders choice, Smith being  thrown out at second. Neelands then  rounded out the score of fourteen runs  'with a three base hit to left, Campbell  crossing the plate.  Fitch opened up the first inning of the  home team Avith a three base hit, but  Avas shut out at the plate. C. Davey got  first ou fielder's choice, got second on an  error at that bag, stole third, and came  home on a passed ball. Another run came  in tlie. third. Fitch got his base on balls  and A\'as sacrificed to second by Davey,  and scored ou a hit by "Welch.  Tlie home team niade three runs in  their fourth inning. Coryell made a hit.:,  to center and travelled to third on an  error by Smith. Conistock, who relieAred  "Wilson, then struck out. Fleming got  first on fielder's choice. A Avild pitch by  Rockenfieid, Facritt's failure to catch a  Grand Forks.  Nelson...   Summary���Left on bases���Grand Forks S, Nelson ;>.  Homo runs���Wolch, Rockenfieid. Throe b.iso hits���Fitch,  Rockenfieid,'Smith and Neelands. Two base hils���Sullivan and Rockenfieid, Struck out���By Fleming: (I; by  Rockenfieid It. Rases on balls���By -Fleming 0; by Rockenfieid 5. Hit by pitcher���RyFlenunK I; by l{ocketifiold2.  Sullivan declared out for being hit by a fair ball.  Kootenay Mine Owners Intrigue.  Special to the Tribune.  Victoria, July 31.���Tlie lieutenant-  governor received Martin's resignation  only this evening so that no ollicial action  has yet been taken. Aulay 3Iorrison  denies the report circulated that his visit  to Victoria has aiiy connection with  proA'ineial politics. There is a rumor tonight that representations are being  made to the lieutenaut-govoriioi'' from  persons of the highest standing -in business, circles, and not machine politicians,  inf'avor'of requesting Semlin's retirement"  to permit of the formation of a stronger  cabinet. Miuing men of Kootenay are  said to-be represented in this moArenient  by senator Cox, Avho after a few -days  visit on his oavu business, left Victoria on  Saturday night,, but, returned tonight,  and has an appointment with the lieu-  teimnt-governor for- tomorrow. The Columbian tonight strongly urges the  appointment of Helmckeii as attoruoy-  geoeral, Avhieh indicates that BroAvn, for  whom the Columbiiln speaks, is Avorking  against the aspirations of Henderson of  Westminster^   The Bosun is Shut Down.  W. 1-1. Sandiford, manager of the  Northwest Mining Syndicate, avIio are  operating the Bosun mine at New Denver,  arrived in Nelson last night. lie says  tluit the mine Avas completely closed  doAvn yesterday and -will uot resume  opera tions until  the  labor  troubles  are  THE DISTRICT AND THE TOWNS  A Patient' Siwash.  There is a deer lick across the river  near the cottage of ex-alderman Whalley.  and a Siwash hunter kept watch nightly  for a week before he was reAvarded Avitli  a. chance to tako a shot. The Siwash avjis  armed Av.ith an ancient double barreled  iiiii/./,le-loading shotgun, the left barrel of  which aviis split from breech to muzzle.  Me used No. (i shot, and by mistake put a  charge in both barrels. The deer came  down to the lick .about 12 o'clock Satur-  d:i,y night, and the Siwash bla/.ed away  with a shot from the split barrel. The  roar was terrific, but the only damage  done A\'as the awjikening of the ex-aldor-  miui from ti peaceful sleep and the scaring  of the deer. Rut the Indian was patient  and the deer avjis dry, for the caller came  back to the lick in ji couple of hours and  got the cluirge from the sound barrel bo-  hind the left shoulder. The A'-enison is  said to haA'e been tender and juicy, although not'in. season.  NELSON.  A. S. "Wright, who for some time lias  had cluirge of the crockery and glass-  Avare department of Kirkpatrick & Wilson's big estjiblishment, goes to KjisIo  this Aveek as bookkeeper for H. Byers &  Co. Mr. Wright made friends during his  sojourn in Nelson iind Avill do likeAvise in  Kaslo. , ';.'  The golden spike that avjis used yester.-;  day-in..tho electric trtuiiAvay first-spike  ceremony Avas made Jit Jacob Dover's  jewelry liouse on short notice. He received the order on Saturday tit liopii,  tin d by noon yesterday the spike wjis* a  finished article. The foIloAving words  Avere engraved ou it: "First spike used  in construction Nelson Electric. Traimvay,  the pioneer street raihvjiy of the Koote-  ntiys. Presented by His Worship "Mayor  Neeltinds. Driven by Mr. C. S. Drummond, British Electric Traction Company.    Nelson, B. C, July 31 st, 1S99.  The only shipment of the product of  the Hall Mines smelter nmde during July  avjis made yesterday afternoon.. It avjis  valued at $27.-730.  NELSON   ELECTRIC   TRAMWAY  settled. For the past month work has'  been carried oil by cohtriiet, but for some  reason, whieh Mr, Sauuiford AVQuld not  explain j the miners became dissatisfied  and demanded $3.50 for an eight-hour  shift which lie could not pay Avi.hout  breitking away from the Mine Owners'  Protective Association. Development  woi'k on the property has proceeded satisfactorily since tile NortliAV'Cst Mining  Syndicate took, it over twelve months  j, ago,nnd there are how a shaft 100 feet.  deep, three tunnels, nfiniber one being  ill 400 feet, iwii.ib.er two 500 feet and  number tliree 200 feet. There has been  ���shipped' froni tiie property OA'er one  thoiisiind tons of ore, whieh have netted,  about $00 iiei' ton.  Ci-bwds at Rennea,  lli5Nxi-*js, July 31���Already the-crowds  that gathered about the home of Mine,  Dreyfus, and the prison AVhore her husband is, tis she passes one to the other,  have become so augumented as to demand a material increase in the police  force. * Gendarmes were, therefore, placed  at close intervals along the entire distance  from the rue de Chatillon, where Mine.  Dreyfus resides, to the prison in the rue  du Hamlet. Strict orders have been  issued to prevent persons passing from  the rue du Hamlet to the prison precincts. This luis resulted in a number of  conflicts betAveen the peopleand tlie gen-  darines, none of Avhieh, hoAVCA'er, have  been serious.  ��,  -.   The Metal Markets.  Neav York, July SI.���Bar silver, ()0i*e.  Mexican  dollars,  18c..  Copper, steady; brokers' $18.50, exchange $18.50.?* .  Lead, quiet, but firm, brokers' .$1.35;  exchange,. $4.55@$4.57.-i.   ,;. *  Tin, unsettled; plates, steady.  MINES WORKED BY CONTRACT  , Paid Miners $3.50 a Day. ���  a Silverton Silver Ionian..  As ii result-of the- persistent and lying  statements regarding the Avjigcs being-  paid to minors at the Wakefield- mines,  Avhieh luwe been published in the Nelson  Miner during the past AA'eek; and luiA'ing  the reputed source they did, all underground Avork jit tluit mine has coinc to ji  standstill.  On Wednesday, Ben- Kueebonc, the  contractor, threAVup liis contract and the  twelve men employed by him cjune doAVn  the hill. This Avas the outcome of ji  practical refusal on the part of the management to recognize the union. It avjis  jisked that uot only should the men receive union wages from the contractor,  but that they should have these guaranteed in Avriting by the management.  Superintendent Patterson agreed to pjiy  the men whenever they desired, at the  end of every shift or AA-eekly ; he Avould  pjiy the union AViigcs ; but he Avould not  specify these promises in Avriting. Con-  sequently7"the men came doAvn the liillas  reported.  Mr. Kueeboue informs us that, despite  the fact that he lost twenty-five per cent  of tlie contract price of the Avork already  done, on account of his tlirOAving up the  contract, yet he Avas able to give his men  their full Afag"es iind lejive it bajjinee for  himself.  On Thursdity, the following, statement  Avas given the Silvertoiiian for publication. The Miner anil tlie Economist* both  of Nelson, will see by it that ortr statements in tliis luiittor Yvere Correct;  "itegardiug tlio statements appearing  in the press tliat the miners engiiged jit  the Wiikefieldminesj Working on the con-  ti'iicts lately given, Avere Avorking on a.  hash of $3 for the eight-hour shift, Ave,  the undersigned miners, until yesterday  engaged on the said contracts, desire to  state tluit we received $3.50 per man for  every eight-hour shift Avorked.  nKN KNICEBONK. Contmel-r.  II. YIN-IRK,  K.'W. LKKOHAM,  HOAVAUt) THOMPSON,  MIKRaicifA-iXIS,  AVTI,T,rAM GRADY,  ANDIiiaV MITCIIJSIjU  D. K C'AKItoLli,  M. G. GULOWSOX,  UUSSK-nONAU),  THOMAS HUllLKV,  A-JIKRT J. BLANCHK.  Successfully Inaugurated.  A A'ery large gathering assembled yesterday afternoon to Avitness tho driving  of the first spike of the, Nelson street  railway, which included large numbers of  the fair sex. Seats were provided for the  ladies, and in a tent behind the crowd  refreshments were to be obtained. When  all was in readiness the mayor opened  the proceedings with a short speech, lie  said:  "I am glad to see so many here on this  interesting occasion. You Jill know a\'c  are here for the purpose of Avitnessing  the driving of the first spike of the Nelson street raihviiy. When Mr. Druin-  mond made his proposal to the last  council for a charter for the raihvay, and  which proposjil the council expressed  themselves Avilling to support, wo.did not  think it Avould be so quickly an accomplished fact. The confidence of such men  as Mr. Drummond, and those associjited  AA'ith him, avIio are Avilling to invest their  money in enterprises of this kind without  expecting Jiny immediate profit on their  capital tends greatly towards building  up ji prosperous city, and avc all, I am  sure, hope and trust that OA'ery expectation of theirs in regard to their enterprise here, an enterprise Avhieh Avill be  jipprecijited and vjilucd by us all, Avill be  fully rejilized.  "Mr. Drummond, I beg to present you  ���AA'ith this gold spike, and, on beluilf of  the city, call upon you to perform the  first part of the work of the jictual construction of the Nelsoii street. raihvay.  Before you perforin the Jict I have called'  upon you to do, I Avould Jisk alderman  Fletcher, chairman of the public Avorks  conimittee, and alderman Beer, representing the. finance committee, to make a  few remarks." ;,-'���'--.-  Aldernijin Beer then stepped up to the  table Jind delivered a ; short but humorous speech, in fact quite the speech of the  afternoon. He referred to the tact that  Nolson, before entering into jin alliance  AA'ith the street raihvay company, carefully looked into the antecedents of her  future partner and SJifcisfied herself that  he would keep regular hours and that  the contract AA'ould be a permanent one.  Usually the bridegroom presented a ring,  but in this case the bride provided the  spike. Concluding,, he, ������paid ji avoII deserved tribute to "the pioneers of Nelson,',  who, Avith none of the advantages or encouragement iioav obtaiiuible, drove the  first spikes that" ensured Nelson's prosperity.  Alderman Fletcher followed Avith a few  approprkito remarks, and then the object of the gjithering wjis jichioA'ed. C. S.  Drnmniond," managing director of .the  company, took tlio handsome gold spike  presented him by tlie mayor and dro\*e it  into the rail Avith due pomp and circumstance.^ The spike driven, Mr. Drummond  adjourned to the table and 'made a short  speech, in which lie expressed the confidence he and his associates felt in the future prosperity of Nelson, Knowing the  impossibility of niiinagiug such a concern  from a distance of six thousand miles,  the" English board had, after due inquiry,  appointed F. AV. Peters and cjiptnin Duncan local directors, jis two capable men  AA'hom both they and tlie people of Nel-  son~eould~r,rust: Ho~^iJso���p;i1d~7rtritrut-~  to the capabilities ot tlio company's engineer, 0. Htiii_ax- Hall, who has had jin extended experience in railWivy engineering both iu Canada and England for the  past sixteen years. He concluded bysiiy-  idg he expected ..the trjiiuAViiy avouM be  in operation by October.,  The iiiiiyor then called upon 0. Hal ifiix  Hall for iv speech, but Mr. Hah declined  to be draAvn, saying it AA'ould bo time  enough for him   to make a .-peach when  shoAvn the sterling qualities of this branch  of the Anglo-Saxon race.    The army and  navy and the Nelson  rifle company were  coupled with the  mime  of captain A. E.  Hodgins, avIio made a brief and appropriate reply in Avliich he referred to the progress made by the Nelson company.    Alderman Fletcher  replied  for  the mayor,  council   and   city   oflicials  in   his   usual  happy manner, and   Alderiiuin Beer read  a poem written by AV F. Brougham. A. L.  McCulloch referred to the improvements  recently effected in electrical machinery,  and J. 11. Strachan dwelt on the progress  Nelson was making, and   pointed to  the  recent successful sale of the  city  debentures as a proof of the financial standing  of the city  in   eastern money  markets.  Last year the total Jissessed A'alue of the  city was some $000,000, Avhile this year it  is $1,000,000.   The  mayor,  seconded b>r  alderman  McKillop,  then  proposed   the  health  of the Nelson  electric tramway.  C. S. Drummond said in   reply  that the  matter of the construction  of the traniAvay had  been  under  consideration  for  eighteen months, and  lust year he  had  conferred with  former  mayor  Houston  jmd the city clerk in the matter, jmd had  always found a Avillingness to accord the  company  equitable   treatment.      When  the company finally decided to build they  thought it Avould be tAvo or  three years  before   receiving   any  return  for  their  outlay, but the  progress  of Nelson had  been such that the speaker uoav thought  they Avould not lniA'c to   wait  one  year.  Before the Avinter the .tramway AA'ould be  in shape to carry people.     He  expected  that the cars Avould   run  at  the  rate of'  jibout  twelve  miles  an ��� hour.     Cjiptain  Dunc-Jin, F. W. Peters and  W.  A.  Macdonald also spoke.    A."II. -Buchanan, G.  V.   Holt,   Norman    McLeod, ''.'alderman  Thomson and Dr. Doolittle responded to  the tojist of the banks and commercial  interests.  J. Boderick Roderick Robertson, 11. II.  and IL JI. Woiikos jinsAvercd to the tosist  of the miuing Jind smelting interests.proposed by AV. A. Macdonald, while G. Iv.  Tackabury, b\ AV." J'eters and Harry  Connon responded for the railway interests, a tojist given by captain Duncan.  The name of J lector McLlae of Kossland  AViis coupled with the toast of our .sister  cities by alderman McKillop.' The  learned professions proposed' by alderman Fletcher'were ansAVored by thc.RcA'.  It. FrcAV and AV. F. Brougham, and'W."  W;''Beaton replied for-tho press. -The  toast bf the ladies was suitably proposed  .���md responded to by the Boa". B.  l-^roAv Jind A. M. Johnson 'respectively.  By the time the end of '-lie toast list  was readied the evening was far ;ul-  A'jinced, and, after the -luitioiuil anthem had been sung, one of the pleus-  autest social events which has oA'er  occurred in Nelson eiime to* ji  close. 'The guc-sts Avere unanimous in  praising the admirable hospitality of the  tramway company, while the excellent  catering of li. K. Phair deserves special  mention and coiiimeiidiitiOn.  The invited guests included the IoIIoav-  ing: M. (J, Neelands, J. A. Kirkpatrick,  II. B. Thomson, F. Fletcher, A. L. McKillop, G. F. Beer, C. Jlillyer, \V. A. Galliher,  J. K. Strachan, A. L. McCulloch. E. A  Crease, Ntipoleon Fitzslubbs, AV. .1. Goepel, J. A. Turner, A. If. Buchanan, Grange  V. Holt,_G. Jvj-dth_L. M. Lay, Hev. K.  F_ow7~D.~JrB(.!aton, John Houston, \V. K.  Bi'ougluiin, IL \V. 11. Moore, C. S. Druui-  THE   CONSTANCE  JUST  WINS  The Second Race.  Doiivat., July .'31.���The second race for  the Seawjinhaka cup came off today on  Lake St. Louis, and contrary to the expectation of the supporters of the Cana-  diar? boat, Glencjiirn III, it AA'as Avon by  the American boat Constance by 55 seconds, thus making tAvo Avins out of fi\Te  races against the Glencjiirn's nothing,  jmd, as the course tomorrow Avill be to  tho windward and return in a fresh  "breeze the Constance should have ji good  sIioav. She certainly sIioaa'cc! marA'olous  windward work in the first ten rounds of  the triangular course today.' The Constance pointed much higher and stiffer  than the Glencairn against the Avind.  Nine seconds after the starting whistle  the Constance shot over the line folloAvecl .  seven seconds hiter by the Glencairn, both  holding on the starboard  tack.     It  soon  began to be evident  that  the  Glencairn  avjis being outsailed  on  this  particular  leg, Avliich was to  the windAvard.    Some  strong puffs came jilong, 'and; Avhile  the  Constance  stood  Avell   up  to them, the  Glencairn  heeled  over  until  her centre  board came out of the A\'ater and she Avas  compelled    to    lull'    immediately.      On  .making  the  first   buoy   the  Constance  shoAA'cd better judgment as the Canadian  luid to tack tAvice before she reached it.  In the reach tb the second buoy the Glencairn III. picked up 15 seconds, both boats  rounding in one  long  run.    On the run  ;  before the Avind to the starting buoy the c  Constance  had   some   trouble  Avith her  sails aiid  the Gloncjiirn agjiin  gained a ;  little, but it aviis only momentary, and on  this leg, AA'hich  Avas  supposed to be very  fjivorable to the Glencairn, the Canadian  yacht only made a- gain of ten seconds,  jmd nt the end of the first round of four  niiles the American  bofit Avas tAvo minutes ahead.    In   the   next  leg  the Con-1  stance iigain showed fine judgment in her  Avindward Avork, and .'"inade a gain in the  leg of one  minute  and 37 seconds."  On  the  next   leg   the   Constance  increased  her   lejid   by   ji   few   seconds,   but   on '  the      run       before      the      Avind      on  the       hist       one       of       the      second  round she reefed her main sail, while the  l>  'Glencairn-held  on   to hers and  lowered22  the Constance's lead by 1 minute iind  10  seconds on this log, so tluit at the end of  the  eighth  mile  the  Constance Vvyas  2; i  minutes and 31 seconds  jiheiul.    On  the  leg to the Avindwiird  on   the  last .'..round*?  the  Glencairn shoAved  up  much better;?|  than she did on the leg before;; Slie topfc:gl  ji long port tack up -the lake'j-aiid;&nj1n,jd^|-:  the buoy on the starboard tack^S^__fe_iis^  time she JippJircntly had  the ^Vd^a^Jage^  of the Constiuice and siicceede|[-|5|,Stf43ujf!^|  ing her lead by "a/ minute.     Tl^^e^Sf��ei$i  ment vvas'noAV intense, the' suj5pd^;ti|i^^fc$|  tlie. Canadian yacht feeling thji|>ll^Gi0ii-^||  "cairn might still be able to,AvipeSMfSMesS  Constance's lead of 1 ininute Jtiid^SBj.S-C^t-i  ondg.    On tlie reach to the HcConp(ivJfnoy|S��  she   pointed   much .better .aii^ilS^clTic^Ci^  'the  lead  of  the  American   b^fe;��l^vi%��  secondr, juuLoii   the  home  ruii?  (21  "Si  n  my  m  anothes 11 seconds. The Consbalfi^effliijw^  e\'cr,   iinishcil  seconds.  first, Avith  ji   feacrV^ff  Racing in the Solent.  Coavks, Isle of Wight, July 81.��� In  the contest of the Royal London yacht  club in the Solent today the Meteor, Bona  jind IlainboAv started at 10 o'clock in tlie  race for the big yachts..- The course avjis  about forty miles. 'Rainbow gave up the  race. .The yachts finished as follows:  Meteor,-;,!. .32.1.0; -Bonji, 4.5I.00. Meteor,  hoAvever, allows Boiui 11 minutes and 12  seconds. "Therefore Meteor won by 7  minutes and 2 seconds.  he liad; coii.sti��iicted   the triUnway.    This  concluded, tlie iifteriiooii's cei'cinoiiies.,  The bant}net given yesterday evening  by the street railway .company at the  Phair hotel avjis a pronounced success.  Tlie hosts luid spared no pains to provide  the best of the good -things of -thm world,  and everything was in keeping AA'ith the  importance of tlie ���enterprise whose in-  {luguratioii wjis being Celebrated. There  was a large number of guests present,  jind it avjis significant that nearly all the  IocjiI men on the invitation list AvCre pro-  sent, the few ahsen tees being from outside towns. The importance to Nelson of  a system of street raihvays is universally  recognized, and the guests assembled last  night came to do honor to those whose  enterprise and confidence in our ci'ty Jire  about to add smother attraction to the  queen of the Kootenays. No untoward  ���eA'ctit marred the pleasure of the evening,  Avhieh AVas jis etijoyjiblo jis a good cuisine  and good felloAVship could conspire to  make it.  The dinner over, the toast list was  taken up. After the usual loyal toast''  had been disposed of C Halifax Hall proposed tho health of the pro-ideat of the  United Stales,.coupled with lhe mime of  captain Troup. In reply he referred to  the fact thai he had beeii seven years in  this country, bu long before the Spanish-  Ameriejin war broke  out experience luul  mond:, T. J. llunejin, F. AV. Petei's, J,. L ���  Stoc;ks, A. A. Limgl'cjinl, C. l:Tj;iJifa;x J fall,  J. Fred Hume M.P.P., Bewiiti Bostoek  M.l\ Thos. ,h Siins, H, Selous, AV, A, M<mj-  douald, A, M. johuson, J'. Jlodor-ick Robertson, A. .!_. JlodginSj JI. A. Jlejiwick,  (���{tptftiil J. AV. Tfoup, 11. C'oiiuou, A.  iMacdoiUdd, Judge Forin, George .fohji-  stone, G, li. Tjickubnry, U. K. Bens-  icy, Dr. Doofittle, j. L. Merri field,'  David Moil-is, G. ik Bi'ichailau, L. A.  Cjinij.ibelJ, W. ,l. SVihbti., Jfinies FjaU-reiice,,  Jlrnee- AVhite, D. O. Lcavjs. ll. hi Crojis-  dnile, R. ll���: lledley, .1. J. Ovinpbelt,. l\  Griddle, .Si. S. Tilylor, Bruce A rtdiibolil, K.  H. AVoakes., ft. 6. CjimpjbelJ-.Iofin.stori. F.  Nelson-Fall, T. M. AVard, (;eorge Alex-'  under, Robert Irving, C. VV. MeAnn, AV,  \V. Beaton, A lay or Goodeve, 11. G. Black-  stock, A. .11. B. Nuf.keime, Kdwiu Dumnt,  lion. C. 11. Ahtckinto'Sh, J. S. U. Fraser,  \V. F. Tye, T. Mayne Daly, W. 11. Al-  dridge, Rev. II. Irwin, sir William V;m  lforue,'J_. Crowe Biikei.', T. G. Shaughnessy, !L A. Huteliinson, li. il. Atherton.  W. Whyte, A. 13. Doucet, P. Burns, R.  Marpole, JJ. Abbott, N. A. McLeod, 11, II.  Bruce, J I. Monti/an ibcrt, JiiiiiesJohnstone,  P. T. Bone, T. G. Procter, H. R, Cjimcron,  A. G, Gamble, judge Sphi'ks, 1''. F. McLeod, AV. T. Oliver, D. M. Carley.  Customs and Inland Revenue. .���.  d  - o���n���.B  The following tables show tli-sbi|.siiie^#;l  transacted  sit  the   customs  itfld .iiijiiu'd:^  revenue oHices jit -Nelson  i'or-the��liioiith:S.  of July: ^y^y^yf:  customs.        ������ -X":; -H^wfe  Coko '. :;&V!8���*.4��r ."(iO;"-"1"  Oro -s.  (iolil htillion    ...���n  Aniliiiil-i and their produoU <*�����i  Al;niuf;ifli!!'cs ...;i'  .yyyyt  ��������.ij-w*.-VK,;.  ?&��0'  ���Wxiizi" -i1  J..u;a.65i;,,;  Tolal   I mi pons���  IJ u I i;11111; goodr^.  1*1-co ^OOlltl   .:���fT?3:2.-i6"v:-  -.ftfij.'-..'".  -     4Yaluo-*3  ���4     otir-iol'"1:;  ...   ������ it):fJ5 y  ." a?-iifl%yi i  ��� ���*,?*, flt',.fltiw  wf_*J  ����t>?iL..|  .Q^nn^'-f^l  *,S'6"-����if">Ll  " p^ffp-"'.'-.  '���y "tibial  'I'oliil    ...   a   Kevotiuu ���  IliltvV'TOlilccdCtI   ��� -��   Olh^r r^vionuo ,   Total.................   Dull- isollucLgd samo iiiqiiU) tagt your,  ere-.-i!*\ .?K.117A  I^I.AS'I)  ItK^f-S'Uj*!!  ���&OUlTH��~  Sirilrrl.'i.  ��� ..��.,���. ..... .  jiVn  .....  T<jl).L��0O ,  i ���   ��� ��� ,.  TolJi) i;��o. I'll w lelif. .......,...��.���  ���JiiKiirs.  ....  ��� ruu-.ojymn njnijBii(iop..... ..,..���.,..  Toliil  ..................  .Alnau'n'i-  .....,.' jfi'S2-.��:i;  ......:?I^39-^��  AJil^jiiY!;  ..t;tMiG<y  ..      S8.�����ls-  ..     3SS.25  ..   ,m\2a.  iSil'WI  ta-jdO'  ..JltiiTll,.  ,.*���$-  Sir Julian Made a Peer.  Loxdox, August I.���The morning papers express the greatest satisfaction .��� nt-  the elevation to the peerago of sir Julian  Pauncefote and the opportunity is biken  lo pay a tribute to the value.-of his work  ii( The Hague. The Tinies comments especially upon (lie I'Jict thiit.owing largely  to ^ir Julian's iiiHueii.ce^.thc-rcsiilt of the  ���conference ha* been'.-'..to- establish it still  closer friendship;-'between'. Great Britain  iind  the United States.  r Makes a $tateiii6rit.  WAsiiixirrcvx, July .31���Unfrt-f the last  oflicial acts of secretary Alger, who will  leliiK'tiish his portfolio, aviis to preparo it,  lengthy sta.lem.e_.i-. covcr-iug sovurai if|;i,t-  iers regiii'diiig the conduct of -he AV��:r  which have keen tile subject of ci'iticism  in the public press, particnhirly Avith i'C-  fcreijce to the appcantmeiit of stall' officers in tlie volunteer 'anny. Tlie seeire-  tary says that he avjis led to make the  stateinei.it on account of the nuuiy criticisms Avhieh have been made by the public press*, and especially on ac-ount of a  recent article which fippc!ii*ed in the  London Times con tain ing assertions  which, have no foundation iu truth.  A Good Offer for Placer Ground.  R. Fi. Smith of Nelson received a letter  yesterday from R. M AHHurof Vancouver,  representing the British America Corporation, offering a bond of $12S,000 for the  Louise,   Yale,   Victoria   and   Vancouver  placer mining claims, situate on Pino and  Spruce creeks in   the  Atlin Lake mining  division.     The claims are each of eighty  acres   except  the   Yale, which is   ouly  thirty-tAvo acres..   The terms of payment  are $5000 cash,  the balance  of $120,000  to be paid at different dates  within oiie  year. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, AUGUST  I, 1899.  .���5*"*! ���*-^'5S".^:5*V-"'*-_?'*>\--i''^.\.S*1-'^  f-Ot  ��  to  We /.O-ve ou.2/ a few dozen wrappers left,  but still ify  A-cwe -Tie sizes well assorted, and the patterns���well Hjjj  they are positively the prettiest we have ever had. p  Prices from, 95 cents to $2.50, a straight cut of 20 Hjj  per cent on former prices.   See them. iB  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  T__I_=-_S-:S   C___S___  0^  m  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��hi -'��ritamc*'  Daily Edition....  Weekly Edition.  ..-...���;First Ykak, No. 17S  ...Skventh Year, No. 37  The building and operation of an electric street railway in Nelson, the first  spike of which wjis driven yesterday, Avill  m ark a period in the history of Kootenay.  It Avill shoAvthe outside Avorld that Koot-  eiuiy has something more than a lew  small toAA'iis and isolated mines.     It AA'ill  men lire. Joe Martin is.not spiritless;  the trouble Avith all able men is that at  times they take too much spirits. Joe  Martin can say No; and when he says No  he does not mean Yes.  Till- Mjni_r of Nelson, unlike other  newspapers in. this province, lies knoAV-  ingly, wilfully, and cheerfully, on. all occasions and'on" all .questions. -Its latest  bald, headed' untruth appeared iu Sunday  morning's issue. It stated.that there was.  Solid on Arbitration.  "Washington, D.C., July 31.���Secretary  Hay has received a cablegram from ambassador White, president of the American delegation to The Hague peace conference, stilting that sixteen of the poav-  ers represented have signed the jirbitra-  tion and mediation treaties, included in  the list are -France, l.ugland and Russia.  The treaty Avill not become effective so  far as the United States is concerned until it has been rati lied by the senate, so  that its provisions could not be a\*ailed  of at this time to settle the boundary dispute between the United States and Canada. Kven after the treaty is ratilied it  is expecLed that arbitration of this question is not to be invoked Avithout the full  consent of the parties concerned.  A Much   Married Man.  Ciiicaoo, 111.,July Ml.���Martin Dot/, avIio  is said to have married six women,all but  two of whom are said to be now living,  A\'as arrested hero today. The police  allege tluit Dot/, in Wheeling, Va., under  the name of Henry Doesing, married a  woman avIio later died under suspicious  circumstances, that in Milwjuikoe he married Maxima Shoer, a Chicago woman,  Kliy.abeth Schmidt Jind Cjirolina Snoider,  both of Milwaukee,'and upon obtaining  their, money, so the allegations run, he  left them. In this city he took to Avife ji  woman Avorth $12,000. She died suddenly willing her property to Dot/,, then  known as'Fred Hoc. liis next' wife .aviis  a south side Avoman possessed of $1000.  His arrest at this point cut short his matrimonial experiences.  Strengthening the Trust.  Chicago, July 31.���A meeting of the  stockholders of the Diamond Match Com-  pany.was held here today, and-it avjis unanimously voted to increase the capital  stock from-the present basis of $11,000,000  to $15,000,000. It is generally understood  that tlie bulk of the $-10,000,000 Avill be  used in buying up some competing plants  and wiping out the -floating debt of the  company. Edwin Gould, the principal  oAS'ner of the Continental Match Company, it is asserted, is to receiA'e betAveen  $750,000 and $1,000,000 iii Diamond  match stock.  - Suit for Prize Money.  Washington, D.C., July 31.���Hear admiral Sampson today filed in the supreme  court of the district of Columbia a suit  on liis oAA'ii behalf, and also on behalf of  the officers and enlisted men of the ships  of the North  Atlantic station Avho took  AEGAINS  WE ARE GOING OUT OP THE  BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS  /,  /  X'  BOOTS  _*  arts  'Ai  AND  w  I���.  O  O  '\  '*!  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE ABOVE GOODS-AT COST  to  M  '&\, \s a'j:fin��ed'."f"tlir6itgh". tlfe�� JmE6��ce*meat" ;<  ^.V^j^lii^  Ul^#fe^^.:^S^^'J^'>':-''   I" y''y ���-  CA5^:^ -oi'  ^^yyiatiofueyfghnefalj, iHfe, heiYSpjiipefs n tlitit"  Bi>��n^^^'c^-^��^|^ii}. 'ixf ofiice 'afh ":u<Xnfi^Hhg;  * ^^H*i?''l}ei-��.:-|j <ible "man,, '-uid j^jffi^lJ&J^tfS  "f��s"y" '"ti0fiti|e��iJroviii-ee hafte been placed "iii fetter  fl".y^.s;sli^j)$-ihxditghlih work. This 4$: a good*  !T.!*{qeal"li��ke 'flattering a jliiin aider he i_'��  2-^jdgkd.   T'lle troiible is the mafjOr-ity of the  people" prefer to be governed hy goody  ���gop&f, spiritless nieii avIjo -aui'ipt sny No.  Joe Martin is not a good ttJan; feW able  '^IFilJfoM^  r."so:J^1[s]^i|^^ %��j "l-^/.f  '���"iisis-  :$xMe^hft  l^ii^M^ke^k^^-^bv^1  Hp.idqimrtQrs for  LANDING NETS  IN PACT EVERYTHING IN ALL GEADES  TO SUIT EVERYBODY.  The Prices Are Higlit T?po.  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  A^c mako a specialty of  Shjplap ai|ci Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock  Office and yard near G.P..K. depot   E. 6. BEER, Agent.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANT JED���Board and room in a private family by a  .young man of temperate habits.   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Vourth liouse east of iucl.ht " '  church, between Josephine and Hall streeis, Nelson  ���tpOR SALE���I_jU 18, l'J and 20, Block 111, corner Car-  t     .V,P',1,al^.a",i Kootenay HtruetH.   The resulenec of.Ox-  Khond Kobmson.   l'riqc 511)1)0; ��� "'  WANTKO���A   |��ood shiiiKle jolnler at once.-  Apply  G, O. Hitclianan's. limibei- ollice, Nelson.. '.���'.'  5 gallons Root Beer . . 10c  2 gallons Lemonade . . 25c  Effervescing Health Salt 25c  Bromo Seidlitz .... 25c  Bromo Seltzer .. . . . 25c  Lime Fruit Juice, pts .. 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, quts . $1  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST  INCORPORATED 1670.  Do you know what is the best,  cooling drink you can g@t  for warm weather?  Lime Juiee  Do you know which is the  "best brand?  s  Mo use asking you who keeps  it, you all know who keeps  only the best.  Hudson's Bay Stores  Sold in pints, quarts, or by  the gallon.  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As -Vci-ythiny is Kept and mad-  .011 thq prclniscs, satisfaceion is assured.  6" by' __0^,d -_n-lge'_, -4tr;-ceU tbert>vVo.i^��Jfe!5.ep,liin8e1rai'Sd,�� ".  ^^���sfxpopsuyy yyy;^ .���.yy.yiyyy.mxjo  ���SQW* 12(3, 'Bakw'-treot,,btt->vd-n1���J.oscpliino.audjl-_,  ��� istre*ptSi.'cq!;ner..,.- ��� .,.\,.:,^yj,.y.y,,.y.,.:,i,t.,.y.,,syy,."..,:,., -  S-'bSjiSp Avjjih invprja^eniohts,-outh ijltl-o ofverhon  strcot:...��,..-,��.D,,:i!-.,."...;. s."���%*,;.:,v.t.;.,. y,.;-. .,.���.::, y;:.., 50*'  3- by 120 wilh, ,im:i)rb\Snieh'tis^Sovir(!hsSid*duiof;Tcnfoh     ��  ��  .stiiccfe,,...:,..-...,.- ...-,-.,.;,,/...,.". r ."���.,.;..5 ".:.,.,������. yy.,..: 'coop1  "2jlbts Avithcott:j.!it!LrneMed at^l^perjnoiitiv, Viebrla  .���:street..!....".'.,���.,.."?.-f:,.T,...J.!....'.,.iw,i...::..,.'��..>... -ms,,,  X,16b with iott.lgo rCnte*dafc"$lS per-fnontft, Victoria  stT0;cc'......���.��...,s" ���-..���:...-,��,..-'  -��- .."���-"   ;  KfiO  2Jotsytihxcottage-reiAedat:$20pcpimoiiffi, SUviiloy ��  Siireet , .;..*���..?.,*.*;.,..,.,..-...".;...,.,,���,...,; ,���. 3&_Q  (Slots in block _IDj!allpleated andjencedin.....,.-,.# ��^00  AGENTS Mil  J. & J, TAYLOR SAI^ES  H?/��. WiLLlAMSf*  ������      'fiu^/fl^rPkbr-r]'  lili'AL,^SpypSi. A.$P> GENERAL vIGlENTS"-.": - \  '.M-iiies^-iid-MiiiinB^Sto-ckS,  Real Estate and General Agents; Baker St., Nelspn  BAKlR StftBET WEST, NELSON  If you Avaiit a natty, stylish suit of clothes fdr '  spriiiK' and siliiiiilw, I have over 00- dill'or-  ��iH j'wttel'flS of Scotch ami English  tWdedi*.  Whieli 1 will niake to your order at tlie low  tirli-Q ot ,...., ,...,  ,..825  Black A'cnotiiwis make a iiieo suit for suin*  mpr wear at ��� ....,..,.��,... ..$21  Black sorgo suits in sack oi morning Goat.. $21  A, heavy Scotch  tweed,  nice patterns  foi*  business suit  (......,. ,. .$18  Trousers tit etjually law prides. Fit and finish  no better in (.'aiiiula. Ladies' lino tailoring a  specialty.  Glcnidiit block. Baker sti'det.  e  ^3000  .$1500  Bilker Street near Josephine Street, 30 by  120.   A snap..  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W.'lvlCAUN'EYhas opcnedaLiulies Hair Dress  ing P_rlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to fu nish everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treat inept of the scalp a specialty..  ���W*. je. _Ro_Bi__Nrso_csT  (Ex-Slieriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postoilice Box 572 Nelson, B. C.  $550 will purchase a choice residence comer, 100 hy 120  foot, . i  $2100 will purchase a central iot alid residence.  $100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty; Robson  street. Hume addition.  $3000 AVill purchase four nice lots and residence;  10,000 Pooled Eairmont _ odiita. ,  Blackcock (A'mir) shaves 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents. .       ���   ;  ALEX lSTEWAET  Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  I wo- Wis Willi two-stpry houso on Lntiiriei:  si:re_l>. near.los^phibo , $1S0$)  'J unfit-;   $1200 Cash,, ba!|.0"id.e On inortkiWpi  hiNty-lierp I'liiiyli, n-iiioiii\ile.s from city oii litko*   ������  . shol-b'   .SIM)  . Oiic-hjilf cnslii halaiipppu mort(,'n_o.  __.0__-3-T^  Of; .loftll co'|i(1IJ,JoiIm a.re the cheapest iwui host  ottered.   Van can repay tit any linld without.  boiniKi  ���     __-C37^33Sta.S   DFO-it  British {'oliinlbiaPermilndnt SaViiifs & L*U) CdnipMiy.  Olobo Sjivings & Lgoli Co., 'J'orontb.  ia_rs1-rp_i_9-_ig-o_5J,  FIi!ef Life, Acoiijent, and Sickness.  GA-VlBLrB tSr09JREIl_,I_<V, AgtS  Baker Street West. Nolsoit; B.C.  Charles .ft J. Ghristie  GENERAL  BROKER.  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter, miles o_ Nelson.   For further ���  particulars apply to.  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  FOB B-HHSTT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  _i__,-  *J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At olllce of tho Duncan Minos, Limited., Clement &  Jlillyer itlook.  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  I_S-i3T_f__l_Sk._S10__]     ,  BEAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���ScA-eral houses bf difforent sizes.  EOI't SALE���Real estato in all parts of tho city.    >'  LODG-E   MEETINGS.  ���prNIGHTS  OF PYTIUAS- Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  **���   Knights of Pythias, medts in I. O. O. F. Hall.cornor  NELSON LODGE, NO, 23. A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethron invited;  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  ���tmVAUT & OAUItlE���Arohitcots.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  ���*-'   erdcen block, Baker street, Nelson.  son Or-  occasions on  Tp B. IIAItPE.lt, musical, director, leader Nclsi  J- ��� chesfra. Musicians furnished for all occasi  short notice.   Telephone 02. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, AUGUST  1,  1890.  ]ank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  THE BANK OF  COLUMBIA  NEESON  l/lllll STUATI.CONA ANI^  Hon. GKO. A. DRUM MOND.  ���*:    _. CLOUS'1'ON   MT  ROYAL, I'residont   Vice-President   Qeneral Managor  TST3_!__,SO_Sr   _3_Ft A."_TCJ-=_  M. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IIKANC1IKR  IN   LONDON   (UlnKlanrl).   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  .and in tho lirlricipal oith- In Canada.  Hny and soil Storling l.xcliaiiRe   md Cahlo Transf. r-  OHANT riOMMKItCIAI. AND TKA * Kl.'l.KURt' CUKOITfl,  available in any part of the world.  DHAKTS ISSUED    COT.T.KCTinN'H  MA��K.; KTO.  The    brave,   siinple-inii-iled  Transvaal judyed Gladstone  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTKRKST PAID  MINING   EXPERTS.  Butt oMini-K World.  A learned judge, who served many  years upon the bench in Avestern mining  states, once said tliat a mining expert is  one who i.s thoroughly conversant Avith,  and possesses a practical knowledge ol*  mining. And added : "Mining is not an  exact science. What iiiay.!:_ true of one  mine may not be true of another. Geology is a science, but it is a science yet to  be perfectly understood. The Almighty.  gaA'e no easy lesson to man wheu He  placed the study of His creation before  him," To a layman tho reasoning of the  judge appears plausible, if not sound.  The Creator gaA'e no text books treating  upon mining or geology to man. .But He  endowed him with perceptive faculties  and reasoning powers and has permitted  him to fathom the mysteries of both in  liis oavu Avay. If all do not agree it is because each cannot look upon an object  "'.with the same mental vision that the  others do.   '  He A\7as a miner as avcII as the wise man  A\'ho said: "Sih'er is in rock, gold is  AA'here you find it." The saying is  ascribed to Solomon. It was said a great  many years ago, biit it has not yet been  disproved. Hc said nothing about  apexes, dips, angles, spurs, A'ariations,  horses, anticlinal folds or synclinal folds,  or qua(|iiaA'crsal folds or molTaclinal  -folds. JS'or did he mention., any tiling  about simple"fissure veins, or of normal  faults, or the recession of e'lill's or the  many other terms which figure in present  day text books, but he got there all the  same with his temple,. Avith its massive  decorations of gold and silver and  precious stones mined Avithout the use of  dynamite, or the employment of experts,  unless Tubal Gain, the first Avorker in  brass, as-i\s one. Solomon AA'as cvidcntly.a  practical miner, prospected for and work-  ed a placer, or gold bearing ore body, for  -the yellow metal, and milled and smelted  his sih'er from rock in place. !_C'�� doubtless exhausted his mines and sloped to  their apexes or they Avould now be in  litigation and a cloud of experts be on  hand to prove or disprove that Hitler  Haggard relocated the mines after the  death of "She," that Allan Quartennain,  working for him, followed the synclinal  fold of the unlift down to its blending  witli John Doe <fc Co.'s, and that then a  row commenced.  Expert testimony is valuable in determining Avhether a man died from heart  failure or want of breath, or whether ho  is insane Xvheu drunk, or gets drunk when  life is ingfttt&-_ These are nice poiiits to  BetTerniiuo, "bllt^tlf-^lI-ttM^la^^Spertris  supposed to see through  the earth  as  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin;, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk.on District.  of Majuba Hill.    Majuba Hill Avould have  then b'-.cn   recognized at   its true size as  an accident which  did not represent the  Boers' permanent element of strength or  Great   Britain's    permanent  element   of  weakness.  Boers of the  by   their  own   standards   and-  assumed  that   he  ollered   a  compromise   because  conquest     Avas     impossible.       Conquest  sliould  have  jj receded  compromise, and  then the Boers could have enjoyed every  right  and   privilege  conferred   on them  without   thinking tliat  they OAved these  rights and   prh'ileges to their oavu prowess at Majuba Hill   instead of to the generosity of the government at London.    A  decish'e reversal of the result at Majuba  Hill might have been the beginning of an  enduring jjeace in South Africa, whereas  Gladstone's   ill-tuned    concessions   have  ripened   the  elements   of a    permanent  feud, betAA'een the races.  easily as he can through a looking glass  or the brain of a man, and everything he  says goes with everyone but the other"  fellows. Experts can tell us all about  the post-tertiiary period, the tertiary  period aiid the other periods, but they  can't .see into the solid ground fa_ther  than the veriest chuihp. They may distinguish a hanging Avail from a loot wall,  but they can't tell how lav, on0 must slnk  bttfore the hanging Wnill becomes the foot  Wall, nor tan th- most experienced miner  tell, lint there are niaiiy tilings lie can  tell not found in books, lie can tell the  eliariietev of the rock lie drills, tlie loea-  tion of the gouge, and width of the  gangue matter b��twedn Widts. lie u.ay  tell the change in either, but not Iioav the  change was effected. He can tell 'where  the pay streak is, but not Why it is in  " that particular place. He can tell when  he reaches water,, but not why Avater is  struck at a higher level at another place  in the same mine. He can tell a stringer  from .fissure vein matt-i1 and won't at-  ���������tempt to prove one is the other. He can  tell how hard lie works and what he gets  for it, but the books can't tell him Iioav  long either Avill last. He will ahvays  take experience for his guide in mining  matters and let theory go for AA'hat it is  worth, and that is about the way all  level-headed mining men will, take either.  Yet mining experts are handy about a  mining camp. They knoAV a good tiling  ���when tliey see one and Iioav to hold it  down.  A Mistaken Policy.  Toronto. Telegram.  Magnanimity toAvards the Boers .would  hot have bean  mistaken for Aveakness if  if Gladstone had taken the precaution to  'thump these, gentlemen after the battle  Will be Understood by Women.  According to the New York Sun, nearly every bonnet shop in Paris now sIioavs  in   its windows  a card,  announcing that  the "summer stock  has been  greatly reduced in price.    Even the most expensive  shops on the avenues do not disdain this  method of ridding themselves of the leftover headgear.    It  is sometimes difficult  to  decide Avhy  the  neglected supply remained without purchasers.    Some ofthe  specimens are quite as  attractive as any  could   be.    But   the vague   question of  taste enters too closely into the question  of choice to make any  general conclusion  possible.    The  treatment   of purchasers  Avho call for these left-over supplies is not  ah\rays to their liking, if an experience in  one ''shop is  characteristic of all.    "It is  almost better  to do without a hat," said  a woman  who had just bought one at a  quarter of its original value, "than to be  patronized  by  tho saleswomen,  as anybody is aa'ho goes in a shop after the hats  have  been advertised   at cheaper  prices.  You are  treated with  a chilling  condescension that takes  away all tlie pleasure  of the purchase.    I AA'ould haA'e bought  one^ if the prices had  remained at their  original figure, because I needed it.    So 1  was nob in the mood to bo trouted'ai-- i�� 1  had  been been  waiting for  the-drop before   I   did   my   spring shopping.    The  slightest  objection to the shape or color  of a hat  brought out   from the  salcswo-  men the observation that-at this time of  the year  it was of course impossible  to  expect any  variety, in a tone as wither-  ing as if I had  asked her to  give me the  hat.   J* was  as conscious  of the  lateness  of the season as she AA*as, and had no unreasonable expectations.    So T had no intention of being treated  as if 1   Avere an  object  of charity.    That attitude greAV  too  marked on  the  part of   the  sales-  AA'oinan, and 1 left the jjlace Avithout discouraging her and causing myself inconvenience, for I found that the same attitude existed in all the shops.    It was not  tis aggrcssivelv expressed in   some as it  AA'as in others, but that seemed to be the  result  of   the    saleswoman's   character.  Some   of them   were less assertive tnan  Others, but they all exhibited & sort of  scoriifhi pity for a Womali Who bought a  ^l-at=innJuly7^_=Avo^  women in with offers Of such bargaining  when they intended to treat them with  such condescension aftei'ward.  a large party that is searching the peninsula in the hope of finding some trace of  the missing man.  'Tis a Credit to North Kootenay.  Up in North Kootenay Avhere the mine  OAvners deal direct Avith the mine workers  every mine or property under develop-  nient is paying the "scale," $3.50 for  eight hours. W. B. Pool, of the Great  Western mines, says their company paid  the $-.50 scale even before the eight-hour  law was enforced. This information is  taken from the Revelstoke Herald, a  ueAvsjiaper that opjjoses the Semlin government, but it is evident that it also opposes government by little coteries of  mine managers, like the one at Nelson  presided over by .1. Roderick Robertson,  the one at Kaslo presided over by G.  Alexander, and the one at Sandon presided over by P. .!. Hickey.  Quite Irish.  An   Englishman   iu Dublin AA'as being  driven on on outside-car down a street at.  the back of the postol'liee, and said to the  jarvey :    "This  is a A'ery line building."  "Och, sorr," said he; "but you should see  the front. �� This is the back���the front's  behind."    "Then  AA'hat are   those three  figures on the roof?" asked the Englishman.    "These, sorr," said the jarvey, "are  the twelve apostles."     "But," said   the  Englishman, ��� "there    are   only    three."  Quoth  the Irishman:    "The rest are in-'  side sorting letters, sorr."       FULL LINE OF  James I"). Sword, ltossland  K. Nelson Fell, Athabasca  10.   It.   Whitehead,  Winnipeg  C. J. Ivettyle, ICaslo  J. M. Willi mis. Sloean City  Graham Driukw .ter, ltossland  V. J. Hiekey, Sandon  Go.ko  K.  I.artlctt, I.nttc,  Mont.  AV.   I!.   -Alen-lonhall,  ltossland  TT elor Aid Sac, IU ssland  Kr.i- k Rithet, Northport  li. Alarks, Victoria  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  PITAIH.  TI.   C. el'ellingor and wife,  Northport,  AVard Spinks, Vernon  A. W. .Soigel, Spokane  F. O. Sloeiim, Nortlipnrt  I'Veil K. A'onn -, Xorl.hport  Charles   F.   Sl.urtesvant,  North port,  T. V. '���< iUon, Nortlipor'i  (lhar.es _a r, Northport  Miss Id v  Kennedy,  Ilntto,  Mo  t.  Airs. I��� Roue er and daughter, Untie, AI���>nl;.  Aliss Hannah John ton, Po-  I    dunk, Alis-\  QUI.l.N'S.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and .  Dressed Lumber.  of all kinds.       ,   r '  If what you want is not in stock avc will make it for you  _.  GAT/L ANB GET PRICKS.    -  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  I'KKSIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SBCBBTAltY  Nelson Saw & Planing Ills,  I_I_VII_?_I!__).  MAN'UKAC'J'UKHnS OK  DEA-I5HS IN  AND  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY AVOKI- DONE, Tt) Oft-EHi'  SUCH AS  Men's Feet.  The man 'buying a pair of shocks found  the right one poL'i'ucj-ly comfortable and  easy, -lie left one rather snug.  "It's usually so," said the salesman;  "the left foot is commonly a little bigger  than the right foot."   ..        .     ..    "Why doii'tj you malco the left shoe a  little bigger, then?"  asked the custoihO.-.  "YVW," stjid tlie Salesman, "tiie di (Terence is nsiially not great, and ib might)  not be enough .so- that it Would be noticed  in trying on shoes. And thou it is not so  great but AVhafc the difference in feeling  of the two shoes disappears very soon.  And then* too. in some cases the nnVn's  right foot is tlie larger, the mail being  right footed in this respect as inOn are  sometimes left handed, the ruverso of fche  common habit in the use of their hands.  If shoes Avere commonly made AA'ith the  left a little bigger than the right, to fit  the majority of cases, they'd be worse  than ever Avhen you hit a right footed  man. So the shoes are made alike in size,  a mail gets a pair that fit him comfortably to start with and they adapt themselves quickly to any slight differences in.  the feet."         Tliree Men Missing.  EiiikJ Pa., July . 2-.���Thoinas Cavanaugh, a moulder, AA'ho came to Erie from  Hamilton, Ontario, some years ago, is one  of a party of three fishermen avIio, it is  believed, have been droAvned in Presque  Island, bay. The trio went fishiug on  Weduesday and none of them have been  heard from since. Oavanaugji's father  has come here from Hamilton and is  nearly distracted Avith grief.    He is with  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government Ayfiarf. ��� ���,��� ,-��_i  Factory itntl oflleo, cornet Hall .street and, O.F.U. truck  aeto_s  AVILL HO WELL TO  AT  A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of saab, doors, mouldings, turned Avork, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 91 JohH    RaB,   AgeXit  Lime  pounds.  70 Geqis per 100  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wliarf..  The West (\ootenay Brick & Lime Co.,  .   Haker Stroet.        T. G. PROCTOR. Manager  Ltd.  J.-A. Steele, AA'inuipe^  .1. A. Hrownc, Spokane  Mrs. Hopper, Ku lo  Mrs. A. C. Kdily, Kaslo  F. O. Newman, liob-on  K. \\*. .Iiilion. A'mir  Jliss .Iiilion, Ymir  'SIl.VKIl  KING  AV. AA'. Wclchcr, Hossland  .1  G. I'otler, Portland  10. liootli. Spokane  TUKMON"!  A. D. "AloGraly. Rossland  .1. Moss, Athabasca  John J. Hoss, Athabase.A  GKANI) L'.KNTJtAJ*  I1'. Ivemp. lvaslo  T. 1'. Driinimond, Salmo  J. I'. McICenney, A'mir  AA'in, Robertson, A'mir  MADDRN.  K.Jackson, Cranbrook  A\'. Taylor, Cranbrook  John McLaren, AVinnipeg  James 0'_trien, Sandon  C. A. ''\iMiiihar.-.on, Jlryden,  Ontario  HUME,  C. O. AA'ing, Spokane  John Ciinp-ell, Scotland  A\r. H. Sandiford and wife,  New Denver  C. JJ, Ktnier; ltossland  K. G. AVynkoop, Toronto  J. K.^Anderson, JCingston  It. IVnclol, A'mir  John Hong  , _ iinilnn  0. IC    Loring. si, .Sieph-n,  X. H.  F. W. Luring. St. Hloph'-n,  N. II.  Henry Connolly, Spokano  James   Alexander, Sandon  J. Robin, Argenta  I'M win lllowolt. Hall Siding  J. Mollor, Rossland  Frank Fulmer, Trout Lake  A. 11. Gillis, Rob-on  II. R. Swan, Robson.  P. Haley, Halcyon  .1. Hurgess, Robson  A. O unph II  Itobson  J. II. MoM huh, Hrooklyu  A 1'. Junes, Duncan City  A. AV. Hayci'viYmir  i-s. 11. Matthew, Ymi-;  AA'in. C. Card, Argenta  C. AV. A'oung, Duncaii City  Henry Roy, ltossland  AV. H. S. Peard, Orilla  A Game That Was Not Finished.  Four young Hungarians recen Liy played  a uni'ine game of chess in a billiard room  atBuda-Pesth. The squares AA'ere marked  off on a billiard table aud the pieces were  represented by bottles of different kinds  of wine���the finer qualities of course, occupying the places of the more important  chessmen. The kings AA'ere represented  by bottles of .hampn'gno. When one of  the  pieces A\*as taken  its contents were  drunk.    The players Avere also in a  short   time,   and   the  finished.  game    was  very  not  The Englishman Defeated.  Lo.VGAVOon, -lass., July 31.���R. D. Little, of Ncav York defeated Beals Wright  of Cambridge in the handicap singles for  the Longu'ood championship today.  Wright had to give Little a handicap of  15 and could not overcome the odds.  Little beat Wright (5-3:0-3.  P. Bums c�� Co.  WIIOLKSALR   AND   RETAIL  The Treraont Hotel  N|AUP & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at ftelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT .   -  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, .Kaslo,  NeAV Den ver,  Sandon, Silvr.ton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and,Sirdar.  gM^ED Head Office, NeJsag^gf  West Kootenav pitcher Co.  ..-���- '-    ALL KINDS OF  FRE^^ AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESW_=LAND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY llN^RASON  THE HEST BRANDS OF  OPS  and  Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEP HOTEL  bakkr'stiikkt. nelson.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, MatAgpr  ORDERS BY"MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Large Consign merit Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.    Orders filled Promptly.  THEO. MADSON  TENT AND AWNING MANUFACTURER, BAKER ST^NELSpN  W. P. DICKSON  B.'H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Constpuetion -Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Largo  comfortable  bctlroojns  unci   Ilrsl-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  *R.-_._--EIS   $2   PBB   _D__--5T  Mrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Laic of Uio Koyal Hotel. CalKary,  Complete Electric Bauipmonts for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mine's, Toyrns  Blectric'Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P  O  Box 606. Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.  ume  H. 0. HP** Manager.  The finetit hotel in the iritqfibr.  Largo sample room-.   Steam hqut iind electrii? light,  CORNER 0*' WARD AND VlERKON STS., NJ'ILSON  BAKKR AND WARD STRKKTS, NKLSON  eiiittilicd \mt\oi Olio  ami lfelitcd !),  The only hotel: in Nelson that lias  maiiagamcnls_.ee 1890.  Tho berf-rooma  are  well fui-nisih'id  electricity.  The di.njnjJ-1'Qoli} ts ijot second to an�� in KaoUm&y..  The, bar. is alwfti'g stouked Tjy tho feest domgi-ile iu��l  Imported liquor* itiud ei(J[,a;rst      _ TUO_TAS AIABD-IN. Proj-Tlfltor^  Lafgo and wdll Hghtod ireatnd hy hot al  ReaRonablo rtiton Sainpl- rooifts  Electric hells and light in ovtfry room  ,Ronovale<l and rofilnli.shed throughout.  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. Y. PJSftKS, Proprietor  Ifroo bus moots all trains Rou_!cfi.__    R   f!  Hourly street car to station n��VB!!>lUI*.el  D. W.  Niglit Grill Room iii connection, for the con \-ejiicne_ of  guests arriving and departing by night tiMijim.  Strictly flrst-closH. Rates, ?3 por week and up,  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNISHKD ROOJIS, SINGLK AN!. EN SUI'Dv  Hot and cold water, baths, clecti-ie light, elevator and  telephone.   Housekeeping rooms.   Tliuroug'lily ciiuipped,  with exits and fire escapes. Stli llloor JlaWon block, uor��  nor Riverside and Stevens streets.  NELSON, B. C.  Big Schooner  Beer  or  Half  and Half ....  Atway^     C-o.ol  ��� ��� ���  ROYAL SEAL -AND  KOOTENAY^ BELLE  CiaARS   UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  ii.  D.  NeKon, British Columbia.  THE BEST GLASS QT BE_i_l IN NELSON IS  AT tfJSB  QOVVKR  ROASTI5RS   AND    DRALKHS  AND   COFFKK.  IN   TKA  OITer fresh roasted colfeo of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Mncha, per pound.....  ?   II)  Java and Mocha Blond, .'1 pounds   1 '<KI  Fine Santos, I pounds   I IK)  Santos Blnnd.'o pounds  .';.���.:.'......'....   1 (Hi  Our Special Blend, 0 pounds   1 W  Our Rio Roast, (! pounds   1 (X)  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2  Doors   East   of   Oddfellows   Blool^,   Wost  .    -'.- Baker,Stseet  -  t'oriiei" Slli��a autt  Slfiiiley -tracts.  E. J.  P  Beer  BLAOKSMItHlidi  AND EXPE^F-T  HORSESHOErNa;  VVagoii i-ii|,ia��iiiig jiroriip.tly altqt!(led td by !l;*hr?t��^jln?_  wheelwright. ���   ._ ;���    ���     ;  -lift-Inl ntlcnlion givefj l_ all kltlds of t(snal.ring, Iind  eJistuni-work froin ofil.slai3 j>oints. ��� . *   "*"  Sliopr   Hall Stroet, ti.tw^feri Bakor and VernoX ftelstln  IS'  GENERAL TEAMSTfiR"-  VICTORIA  VANCOyVKR  NKI.SON  e & Go.,  ULMITlvl).  R. REISTERER & CO.  IIRKWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lagep Beep,  Ale and Poptep  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  _. E L E 3? JEi 01ST *E  DuriiiK lho, season wo will deliver ice HI iiriviile Tosidenoes  and hiisiiiess houses daily in any  desired (luanUty at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  AGl-N'J'S FOR  The Imperial OH Co.    Staqdard' Oil Co,  Washirigton BriGk arid Lirrje Co.  Th* H. W. rVJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canatliab ^rviHra*  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in.  Crow's Nest Pass Goal ^.o.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    A^e'nt.  Nelson Ipori Works  MANUFAC-UHKJlS Q_  BNaiNES, BOIL.E1RS, SHA.FTING, IBON AND  BRASS C&STINaS OF SVBRY DEWJW-TIOM  Rop&lra promptly attended io.       P.O."fi6x'l73. i.  THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, 13. C, TUESDAY, AUGUST  1,  1899.  POSES  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  need  'Jhe I,.rqcst dru__bouse in Koolcnay.      Coiner of linker nnd Josephine ilrect:-. Nelson.  Summer  Suits  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Now, Wliere Are They At?  The application of S. S. Taylor, acting  for li. (J. Traves, for an order extending  llie injunction restraining tho Corporation of the City of Nelson from pulling  down tlie addition to the Broken Hill  block, was reconsidered yesterday by  judge Korin in chambers. W. A. Cal li her  was present representing the city. Air.  Taylor raised the point taken by Air.  (iiilliher that a county court judge had  no jurisdiction to extend the injunction  by reason of the amendments of .IS!)!) to  the .supremo court act, and pointed out  that the amendments were not as stated  by Air. Calliher at the previous trial. The  amendments only applied to the county  court act and did not .������.fleet the jurisdiction of judge Korin as a local judge ofthe  supreme court. Judge Korin held that  the point was well taken and reversed  his ruling of Friday last, giving the plain-  till" liberty to apply before him or any  supreme court judge, at his option, for a  further continuance of the injunction.  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  l��je ��!.';'���*  iy ��"v*  I tfil_-y." sille"*^l|6Wirlg,- JifcesV Jj.v.&J "4l"_5;ellp;: ���:,]  ^H-$__$"#'Pii-^'iiiii' sfet $_$*��� @��h"m<m  ��6hi.xlizy"&- "@6:,2&tmt&fd 'Shoe ,Ga, Aiiies,, Maty  -Ion?. %" ��Q.Jf [ixiid "qf.e'r faffing.' lfttke. s,  NELSON.  W. G. Wynkoop, representing the  Wright Directory Company., of Toronto,  arrived in Nelson hist niglit. His company publishes a classified business directory of Canada.  The   Nelson  miners'   union   is rapidly  growing, and   now  has gained sufficient  financial strength  to   be   able   to allow  sick and funeral J^nu.fi.i-B rv n-';;:";',v��� 1--;lc  r_-.> --mi   injured   members   will   receive  $10 a week while disabled, while $75 "will  be allowed for the funeral expenses of  any who may die.  The lacrosse boys will give a smoking  concert this evening at the opera house.  An attractive programme has been prepared and an enjoyable time is assured.  The eight-months' old infant daughter  of Robert Hamilton, manager of .John  Cholditch & Company's:* Nelson branch,  died yesterday at the Crickmay hospital,  and will be buried at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  The case of the City against the Giant  Powder Company came up yesterday be-,  fore police magistrate Crease, but S. S,  Taylor, who appeared for the company  produced communications from his clients  showing that they wore taking stops-to  remove their powder to a safe distance,  and that the construction of a uoav ma'ga-  M. DesBrisay &  Cos  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  1%      y  ..AND PIC-NICERS' LIST =���  y.'ine was actually in progress. Accordingly the case was adjourned until to-  morroAV.  The lacrosse team will have a practice  game this evening, and it is hoped that  all members will attend. A. W. Hare,  avIio is one of the combination that will  go to the coast, came in from Ymir last  night, and will practice regularly with  the team.  F. \V. Gibbs and T. Gray went to Kokanee creek on Saturday afternoon and returned yestorkay forenoon with 200  brook trout. It is not only professional  and literary anglers who can catch _ lish.  W. K. Brougham, lisliing editor of the  Aliner, spent all day on Sunday lisliing  and did not even get wet outside letalone  a, fish.  Thomas W. Gray of the Nelson Saw  and Planing Alills, left yesterday for. the  limestone quarry opposite Kaslo to superintend the shipment of 2:10 tons of marble, which may arrive in Nelson tonight.  The marble will lie used in the Hudson's  Hay and Houston blocks.  A well-known real estate operator is  organizing a minstrel and variety specialty company, with a view to giving a  series of entertain ments during the coining winter. He has secured the best local talent in the city as members of the*  com pan y.  Charles Hillyer leaves this morning on  the steamer Alberta for- the foot of the  lake, where he will spend tho next few  days scaling logs recently purchased by  the Nelson, saw and planing mills. The  -..-_i;j:iMy. iiive purchased one and a, half  million feet of logs at the south end of  Kootenay lake for their mill, most of  which will arrive ...hero within the next  two weeks.  The city council takes tlie scavenging  work of the city into its own hands today. Notices to that effect are being  distributed among the householders.  The Greenwood Miner takes two columns in ..which to tell its readers that "it  is high time to saw wood."  BUSINESS   MENTION.  To Lot���Two offices in Aberdeen block.  Apply to J-oer Bros.  To Let���The building corner Ward  and Vicloria streets���recently ot-cupiid by Charles 71.  Ink.   Apply to l-oor Jhos. .  The annual excursion of the Nelson  Presbyterian Sunday .chool to Jin If our. will he held on  Wodm.Ml.iy, August  2i.d.   The slo.umr v,U\ loiuo  eity whai I* nl. fl o'clock a. m.  PRESERVE THIS LIST AND ORDER FROM IT  ' PHONE =8   ,    BOX 08  onum  d;   .MIS^lJRTHCTJJR   &   CO. 1  Anchovies  Anchovy* Paste  Catsup of all kinds  McLaren's Cheese  Coricjgnsed.Coflfee  Candetised. Milk  '^gp;ffe]i%%d^" Cx.dam  "QgvilJe|J^Harn " - ���  /QBvTlX-d hChic|<n0ii  Bevilie^iB(pahs"  Devil;lj_d T*an|ju_  Devilled Beef  Finnan Hacldie  -Hbn'ky in, Battles  irjarti in = Tin.s  IrjshStew  Jaftn"s ai'ind bellies qf all kinds  kime, ���Juice  Lunch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue "  Lobster  Marrnaiade  Macaroni and Cheese  "Olives^"      =       ~  Pig's Feet  ���Boast Beef  Corned Beef  Relish  Sardines in oil  Sardines iri mustard  Salmon  Trout iri tins  Truffles  Herring in torn sauce  Herring in anchovy sauce  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chicken  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted BI eater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard, etc., etc.  o  O-  oo  </>  *���*���> '~"\  S-'y  i,v    \ -' ���  X-   Sy>y0  ^.v    -^~^y$  - . %'. -M-  ^4  - -       A - "W-  jyy^y ���������>>y&x ~  eo  (,ho  CO  CO  I���  CO  V3  oo  CO  '^^���/^\W^\^M^i. -  f��$ notch  3_iHJi:ionds liltye. advanced about 35 pel'  "emit in price since last talk' and1 "another  advance is .ejjpcet'e-' next htqili-.i with tlie  l-iiiit not yet in sight. "S-0*! -inyiiot go astray  %y fcuyihg o.a.a rising' :injti'ket, as yoiir goott-.  will bg worth Hi ore fco��ior_rOw than they are  today, itncl the difference in price will he a  clear gain to you. As I -liade lafge pur-  -liaseS before the* ���idvaiicc, we aro in a position  =;Uid^wi]]ingito~giv*-=our-e*ustoiiiei\s=tlref:bc^  of the advantageous terms oxx which I p_r*  chased of difierent valtii^, all kinds of iDia-  iiioiids, .-ttibi-S. Einerakte, OliveenS and, Pearls.  Bfting direct and largo iniportei's, witli the  best facilities for buying right in eastern  markets, we are in a position to -lief a choice  selection of ston'os^ either loose or niouivfced, at  rigid, juices. Would it not ho to your advantage to ant-icipate your wants rather than pay  a little more.  The Jeweler  Attention to Fine Watch Repairs.  We employ tho very host wai,chniakei'��, and  orders hy mail or express will rec'-iv-tt prompt  attention. JACOB DOVISH.  e  Beer Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  L Pepe  .MANUF.A-.'UKl.R OF  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  gAW)LKS, WHIPS, K'l'C.  "W-A.__-.r3    s,r:Ras-5T.:,    3>TE_Lso3sr  Palace   Bakery  Bread delivcr-ed lo any purl, of the oily.  Cukes, puslry, nnd confcclion'iiry a spcciuJly.  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Nexl, t,o Koyal Hotel, Stanley. Street..Nolson ,    ,  NOTICE TO COSTBACTOBS  COUflT HOUSE, ROSSLAND, B. C.  SEALED TKNDJSJ'tS, properly endorsed, will be received by tlie Honorable tlie Clifo�� Conimissionor  of Lands una Works, Victoria, 11. C, up to 12 noon of  Blonday, the 21st August next, for tlio erection and completion of a Court House ut HOh-sIuiul, U. C.  'OrawiiiKs, Kpeciflcations, and condition.s of tendering  and contract, may bo seen at the Provincial Government  O-llees at, Victoria, Vancouver, Jtosslriiid, and .fclnon, JI.  C. on and after the 'Silh in.stant.  Kuoli tender must be accompanied by an accepted bank  eheclc or certilicato of deposit made payablo to the unsigned, ccpial to 5 por cent of the amount of the tender, as  s< clirity tor tlio due fulfillment of tho contract, which  sholl be 'forfeited If the party tendering declines to enter  into contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail to  complete the work contra' led for. The cheeks of tho unsuccessful tenderers will bo returned to Litem upon the  execution of lho contract.  Tenders will not bo considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, and signed with the actual signature of  tho tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  '    W. S. GOIIK,  1 lepul. Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  .   ..Vicloria., 13. C 21st July..18!l!'.. '  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  ,;SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Goal I  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools; Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  erators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  -STIEX-SO-ST-   _3. C-  ���'Mm^Ak-'M-wmm,  "  feflephonls" 10 ��thyf4l.'��o "'.p.eSsfbffijce*'El-O^ ,'M & W'  EAST BAKER 'SfJF._5gt'-  %m��  BAKER S^ff EEt  I  D-irect  from the manufacturer.in pints, quarts* and  half 'gallons.  Lake of the Woods l^lour in st  A. IRVINO &  'linker Stroot. West, is'oLsou, Jt C,  _?__.tT3-_:_3E!_-iSs  ETC.  O-P-S-a-A.   HTOTTS-S   BLOCK  FOR  ICE  CREAM AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Corner Bakor and Ward Streets.  Wiiterincloiis, 1'ino Apples, anil nil oilier Fruits  in scawon received daily. ���  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  Next Door to  I.'. IIui'iinS Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITT0C((  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Boarding and day schcol for girls will re-open on tlio  151 li (lay of -Aii_n.il.   Vacancies for boarder.-'.    Kor terins  I and prospectus mini vlo  I ���  ' MADKMOISKLJ.]. I-KIIN, Principal  Hazlewood Ice.Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream.  miners'wantedT-  Tlio Tangier Mine, limited, Albert Canyon, on I lio  main line of tho V. P. J I., SUniilcx east of Jtovolstoke, requires six Kood minors.- Wages ?:i._u per day. ���


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