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 ft-OV;  THE GLENCAIRN WINS THE GUP  Tliere was  the morning,  In an  Unsatisfactory Way.  Dorvai,, Aug. 3.���Today's  race  which  was  to have  been the final  one for the  Seawanhaka cup between the American  challenger Constance and the  Canadian  defender Glencairn   has turned out most  unsatisfactorily, for skipper Duggaif had  to sail his boat  over  the course  alone,  while Mr. Crane of tlie Constance, after  protesting the race through having taken  ground   with   her center board in manoeuvring for the starting  line, had the  Constance brought down from the course  oil'   Point Kclaire   to  the  Si;.   Lawrence  yacht club liouse at  Dorva  a fresh southwest bree/.e all  which increased now  and  again in pull's,  but later in   the  day   when the hour for  the start arrived at   1:2-   the bree/.e avus  only   a   very   moderate    one   and    had  shifted more to the south, so that in order  to get a beat  straight   to windward the  the     buoys     had      to      be       changed.  The     wind     kept     shifting     all      the  time     and     continued     to      moderate.  In fact it was regular Glencairn   weather  and  in  changing tho buoy   it  was  seen  that each leg would have to be   reduced  to one  and  one-half miles  making  the  course four times round to complete   the  twelve miles.    After considerable trouble  of this  kind  and  after  the  buoys  had  been changed  three  times, the  starting  whistle  blew at  3:05  and   the  waiting  spectators now anxiously looked   for  a  race. ��  The Glencairn crossed the line at 3:05,  15 but tlie Constance did not cross, having struck the ground while manoeuvring  for the start as above stated. Then followed Mr. Crane's verbal protest, but the  officials decided to contiuue the race and  deal with the protest afterwards. By  this time the Glencairn was well up the  first leg and a small yacht was sent to  inform her to complete the course, wliich  overhauled the Canadian defender as she  was.about rounding the buoy. The Glencairn accordingly proceeded and with the  moderate wind wliich was blowing  finished the twelve miles at 0:25, 15.  This made the elapsed time 3  hours, 0 minutes, 22 seconds, so that  she was well within the five hour time  limit. Mr. Regis H. Post, part owner of  the Constance, gave out a statement to  the press in the matter, and the official  sailing committee gave the following  statement:  The course was set southwest by south  from-Upper   Dorval   light two .miles to  wind ward.    On   the  return of tlie eom-  ; in itfcee.'.s Jjoati ftIi>;tCr��iiie.-npj;q^st^^Jhajb;  **��4*!��  FRIDAY MORNING,  AUGUST 4,  18!)!).  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  torical Society show that 220 British soldiers fell at the battle of Bunker Hill,  most of whom are supposed to have been  buried on the common. The men who  fell were members of the 18th Royal  Irish and 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers.  The monument will be in the shape of an  Irish cross nf bronze with a halo around  it, iii'itinted on pink granite with a gray  granite base.  CITY OF KASLO IN A FAIR WAY  To ho Plucked by Highwaymen.  The City of Kaslo has a damage suit  on its hands as the result of certain irregularities in attempting to enforce its  trades license bylaw. Some time ago  Mrs. Sa.nikins and Miss James were arrested in Sandon upon a warrant issued  by mayor Hartin of Kaslo for a breach  of the Knslo bylaw in peddling face  cream without a license. The women  have returned to Butte, Montana, and  through a firm of lawyers have instructed  lawyers McAnn and Mackay of Kaslo to  bring actions against the City of Kaslo  for $2000 damages in each case. The  women, evidently, think they have a  good case, and the Kaslo lawyers are instructed to employ such assistance as  they may deem necessary for a vigorous  prosecution of the cases.  From the Provincial Gazette.  A^ictoria, August 3.���The official gazette today contains the following provincial appointments: Henry Alexander  Stewart of Victoria; Richard Armstrong  of Grand Forks; William B. Townsend of  Rossland, Arthur Bernard Buckworth of  Ymir, J. P.; Frederick C. Elliott, Henry  George Sanders Heisterinan of Rossland;  William F. Whellains of Kaslo; Arthur  Beattie Anderson of Duncan City;  Charles Edward Thomas of Penticton;  Robert II. Bergman of Midway; Thomas  O'Brien of Golden; Norman William  Irrancis Rant of Atlin; Charles Bentley  Jones of Atlin, to be notaries public.  James McGregor, inspector of metalliferous mines, to be inspector of mines under the Coal Mines Regulation Act.  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  Good Reports From Ainsworth.  Good progress is being made by Maxwell Stevenson on the Highlander tunnel.  It is now in about 100 feet and is getting  into firmer ground, wliich will permit the  use of power drills. It is expected that  the compressor will be ready for use in  about two weeks. When this is used the  machine men will be paid at'the rate of  $4 por day. Although Ainsworth is  generally regarded as a. low-price camp,  there are a great many men here who  aro receiving the Union scale of $3.50 per  day for eight hours. There has been  less trouble over the wage question in  Ainsworth than in any camp in Kootenay. The Little Phil property is shipping about forty tons per day. The output is being put through the Highlander  concentrator. The No. 1 Mine is shipping  again. Tliere are fifty men Avorking on  the property.  About the Size of It.  Now Deliver Ledge.  The Mine Owners' Association and the  the Miners' Union are formed for the  mutual protection and welfare of their  members. The mine owners will do what  they can to reduce wages so as to increase  their profits; the mine Avorkers Avill do  what they can to uphold Avages and . increase their comforts of living. - This is  their privilege. But a reduction of the  wages to $3 a day would eventually t  mean a reduction of the Avage scale to  other laborers about the mines to $2.50  and $2 a day. Good Avages Avould mean  more money to be spent at home by men  AArho spend it at home. Poor Avages Avould  mean more money to be spent abroad by  meu avIio spend abroad.  THE DISTRICT AND THE TOWNS  moy��  "fredH?-santatiVeiO-'��pl^  ^6^-��^ 1 f_| fe-gijiy i:&^oS l^^rji-i i.fet'bli: ;ti r^^'ti^i iYg-.^f'Oil /  ' vifeft 'fieitfi* ".lpnnft'.���llu&' "-iljO". *d$^$$M$?-  \MghA^g^A2,^y *#?& hpld" "and", ^Tij��ljf,��>���  - "ybf^l^f'ofcs'fi wai ina($- by: the .Seawaii-=  lima ���repl'eseiStaiive, fclhi s��cb'h5\;jJi'ofi-S.f  '"]"liehrg;mihfed, oh 4tf&e*$iM'fc'OX S'lioWl"^aterh  \.��0"rMxhd(hx"xvrhtg .arbWul/to' the 'Windward-  'Tiie 'failing .Qi0Bin'iiii|^"��� KFol^fitH  =,i)eci'!i(;6��-fic�� eGtYi*se$!$nr ;$; isi:il.& aild\a"  " liatf'fccf: clfie injie,; .blifeif iir$i*.e-t^v^4miue,"  ���il fd$dhy] hnthfOd,, }yy:Mf- I?&sf' Tli.e."cOm?  ,. niM^..":/"i3fla^fol'^.�� ehanied''the��� starting  l\ho\ <jlo��(eV  into ^(Jhitd-clalre and  ppo-  ^eedexl   fo    lptg   fc*h$   c'Ourgg   oiie    and  ojieJialf   milOS     td \ wiudAvard.       The,  ;pi^pai'a��ory      Avlii|u1)ie       wits       bldwh  at  2,5% the first gun a't 3 o'elp-k and  the st'ii'tini gun tat 3.'05,    Glencairn fll  crossed bhe lin-.a^-iOy-ap but the Constance  did  not cxbss "fe liu��s;     Siibge-  qU-htly Sir. "Post ac;fcbmpailie4 by  Mr.  Cranes caule on board  tlie committee's  boat and repeated to tlie chairman of the  sailing committee tliat after the first gun  ^tn^Gteii-taticediflcd;^^  CGilter board hi manoeuvring for the Tine.  Notice of the protest Was given, for mal-  protest in writing: Avhieh, it AVas advised,  would be entered later.  Tlie Glencairn was received with, hearty  cheers by hel- admirers on her arrival at  DoWsd Wharf. The sailing committee  itre meeting tonight to decide the protest.  Tonight fclie que-tion lias been raised as  to, Avliether tlie Constance nob having  crossed the starting Tine and therefore  not in tlie race, lias the right to protest  it;  hATFiii.--Affcer a two houf's' sitting the  sailing committee has awarded tile race  to the Glencairn.  Faker to the Last.  London, August 3.���Major Esterha/.y  is making a last desperate effort to raise  money by means of alleged disclosures.  SeA'eral of his agents.are trying to get  the newspapers or their correspondents  to-pay ��-00 for what is described as tlie  original bordereau, and letters from general Boisdefre, general Gon/. and other  officers, shoAving that they directed the  Dreyfus conspiracy. Nobody has yet  offered even 800 pence for the documents.  A Tardy Recognition.  Boston, August 3.���The Victorian Club  of this city, Avhose membership includes  all the leading representatiAres of the  British societies in this city, proposes to  erect a monument in the Central Burying  ground on Boston Common to the memory of tlie British soldiers avIio fell at  Bunker Hill. Permission has been asked  from the committee ofthe board of aldermen, and if successful the club Avill build  the monument by subscription among its  members and other Britons in   this  city.  The records of the Massachusetts  IJis-  Six Claims Bonded.  George W. Hughes, manager of the  Idaho Mines, has secured a bond on  "Paddy" McCue's group of claims, situate at Paddy's Peak on Twelve-mile creek,  a tributary of the Kaslo river. The  clainis have been under bond: several  times Ave belieAre, the first time to George  ;Atk.iip,.:w*ho"}-��^  ^pla'a^Bo*^*^^  :. "LEiiwa^d'"^}l]ia;n^iekl^,p|- .MkeiipiK0.  ai'el^^^^^-inl^^^^e^'feX' ;f Of; the) A$lxit ���'  fyihehdXiinigl^hjm  '" �� Alexauciei'4-3-1Sisg,usoiily And re^v1 's'Sinijt-i ��  and- "Fi'aneiB.#ohn -PerAiviilxi'. :pi_" .Grand"  '^���Mine^toxlk"--!-^ XH^nd/'  ^-:il3ie -listfide^, W^l-liaii*t.L-e^n? ���B^i:!_yj  i|il|s".;��Hil^i^:%K'nk^atfejs; 'ain-dViGe^ge^iL :  ;Slni;i;|r|i;p:�� Alb"-jtvni,���i^b.e;f^nce���. V'iWe-rs' fbf",:  't-ftf^j^i-ivel-dtpiM^i^icfff"       (. -  '  BtdphexiWhhxhh Hall"of ,th;e> ^56-Mile.  house, ��tp.;b^^"-feffsti-ar vlhdei'" the.iniaridage  ���act.-* - -.-... .    ...  ;Jo��eph.��Btfi'.C to be gOA*erhiuehfc .ageijt fife  Ashcrpf:-,  The resignations - are accepted of  Messrs. Jolm ll, .MoOre"oJ. Alkaii Litk- ;  George It. Earqiihar of Shoal B?iy'; Au-  gjisius Pimbtrry h�� (lorfield; Gebifge Rifeli-  ard llaAVes of IShderby; A, Barlow of  Qnesnelle; Frederick M>. B-aumonfc of  Ciii-ifcoii; EdAYard Carkley of W-stholnie.;:  Thomas? JicEwfen of Eiiipire Valley;,  George   LeArasseu_   of   Fei*nie;   William  Webster of ^lexaudi'ia; George  CTTlose,  of Cascade City;   William l*rederic Brett  Of liacome. Alta;  Edward Musgrave   of  Duncan; W. Allan of Bridge creek; Jolili  Hodson  of   Alexandria   and   Samuel D.  Saiules of Van And�� of the offices of justices of the peace.  The results ol' felio recent exainiuafcions  for teacliei's'  certificate are inade public  today. ______________  The Shamrock Starts.  Faiui-15,. August 3,���Tlie Slianlrock -escorted by the Erin again started fdr  America tliis afternoon at live o?eloek.  A stiff bree/.e Was bloAving off Ayrshire.,  Captain Hogarth, .skipper, took the tiller  and captain Robert his assistant, looked,  after things forAvard. The Shamrock  swung tAvice around the Erin in Avhicli  was sir Thomas Lipton, receiving hearty  cheers from the creAV_ assembled in Fair-  lie roads. The CreAv of a training ship  lying near sang out "bring back that  cup." AVhen the Shamrock had circled  tA\rice around the Erin, captain Hogarth  dipped the blue ensign as the yacht stood  oif doAvn Bute sound under tri-sail, foresail, jib-headed topsail and mizzen. Sir  'Thomas Lipton, having bidden the challenger fareAvell, immediately started for  London.  Legal Promotions.  Ottawa, August 3.���Hector C. Macdonald, attorney general of Prince Edward Island, has been appointed a county  judge. It is not Arery long since the  premier of the island received a judgeship.  Baseball Games Yesterday.  Cleveland 1, Philadelphia 0.  Cle\reland 0, Philadelphia 1.  Pifcfcsburg 5, Baltimore 5.  Chicago I, St. Louis 0.  ..  bj-," seAt'arp.' s��tnu��d!- wtnjjv-? 'eoMWehei&d^ $s/JVris..  'liviglVe-^ii^tili bMiuegS'       "���  "������' ���    " "    ���  "Tbfc "Mines: At 'Silvertoh:;  fcii.-e. "BoQju#��;5f..i-uine,-7 :ThisfTaypff'^rfe-  Dfyoivte*d.;",B,y (She,Aiiiihhi^ip.fA%:!"^'- hsihg-  ,hiei*ely feii*iJ)oi;al]"y,"a^"a.t"pi''^^e'n-^ !fc"hB'"-iu|U:,e";  is J0oi-mgrasn Avell M eyeiVa;nd the men  ���will be put. back tO av51;1V *\V-thih a AVeefe.  Sixty tons .of .jSJnouda^ ore, Ayei'S shipped  Ori Monday. The Wifla is plitfi-ul't, on a  few men, A tunnel will be driven "to tap  their big' ledge at a good depth. D6vel-  optoieUofc "V/OKk is ih ipi'Ogi'ess oil *fcl|e Silver  Baiid claim.,.one ol the silve-4ead properties on Red mountain. Local lniue man-  ageTS ;atteuded the meeting of tlie Silver-  Lead Mine dwuers:' Associatioii at Sandon  on Tuesday. .  GONCENTEATES.  Dissatisfied With Their Local Paper  An amusing incident occurred at a recent meeting of the Kaslo board of trade.  Wheu the regular business had been gone  through   with, a member  arose   witli a  copy of the local paper in   his hand.    lie  made a short  speech,  in  which   ho said  that no town could grow unless it had a  newspaper that was entirely devoted to  the   town ; this   paper  (holding  up  the  Kooteiiaian) may be   published in Kaslo,  but anyone reading it would not beitAvare  of it.    The   word  Kaslo  appears   in   fche  date line oh the first page and nowhere  else.    Now  in  contrast, take this  paper  (holding up a copy of Tiik: Dailv Ti'iin-  unb). ��� Anyone  reading  it  A\-ould  know  that     it     was    published    in     Nelsou.  And     the     result   . is     that      Nelson  today   is   one    of   the   groAving   towns  of the proA'incc.    He said  more, but the  aboAre  Avill   suffice.    In   tins  connection,  the statement might be  niade that This  Triuunb,- since   the   first   number   Avas  issued  in  NoA*-einber, 1S92, has  devoted  more  space to  Kaslo  audits  local and  mining news, twice over, thanall the papers ever published in Kaslo.    No edition  has  ever appeared   that Kaslo has  not  been mentioned; but at  the  same time  Nelson   has  not been  overlooked.    But,  then, Till-Trihuni-has never  been controlled  by   ambitious  politicians or by  self-seeking     laAvyers    and    pig-headed  mine managers.  Formal Papers Received.  Sheriff Tuck yesterday received the foi-.'  loAving communication from Joseph Pope,  under secretary of state: "I am commanded to inform you, in confirmation  of my telegram, that his excellency the  goArernor general has had under his consideration the case of Felix Pasto, who  Avas tried before the honorable Mr. Justice Drake, at Nelson, for the crime of  murder, and having been convicted  thereof, AAras sentenced to be executed on  Thursday, the 10th day of August, 1899;  rand to state that his excellency has  thought fit too -order that the sentence of  eiidi-mi-M^  ;fcedi       " " "  the influence of liquor being landed in  the lockup. It seems the barkeeper and  the man were fighting in front of the  hotel when the policeman arriAred. He  attempted to separate the scrappers and  Avas resisted, asrhe aviis in plain clothes,  although his star was visible. Barkeepers should do tlieir fighting within doors  and the city should provide its policemen  Avith uniforms.  A meeting of the building conimittee  of the Kootenay Lake general hospital  ���Avas held last niglib in the office of the  secretary. There Avere present judge  Forin, W. A. JoAvett, I). McArthur and  F. AV Swannell. The plans for the addition to the present hospital building as  prepared by Ewar.t & Carrie Avere approved and the architects Avereinstruceed  to call for tenders for the building.  Manager Hand of the Payne.mine aa-iis  In Nelson. He aviis not interviewed by  anyone connected Avith TiiR Timisunu,  but tlie Payne has had many nien on its  pay-roll right along and Avill luwe more  Avhen its manager sees fit to put them on.  PRACTICAL MINING CARRIED ON  Successfully by Practical Canadians.  T. J. Roy returned to Nelson yesterday  from the Richelieu Mining Company's  property on Canyon creek, in the Crawford Bay district, Avhere he has a force of  fifteen men developing a group of tliree  claims. He has uoav things in shape- for  a good Avinter's Avork. In addition to  considerable surface work, there is a' 50-  foot tunnel in upon the lead, Avhieh aArer-  liges about eighteen inches in width. .The  ore is a grey copper, carrying high A'alues  in silver as Avell as lead and copper values.  Two neAV tunnels are being driven.  Adjoining the Richelieu company's  property is the Silver Hill and other  claims, Avhieh are being developed by the  London Consolidated Company, a sister  company to the Richelieu. There are  tAvouty-h>e men at Avorlc on this group,  and considerable deA-elopnient has been  done. One tunnel is in 000 feet and there  are tAvo or three other tunnels Avliich are  in from 200 to 300 feet. "The ..SilverHill  George and James Bi'-Mnei' Avere in  toAvn yesterday from their claims' on Mill  creek, CniAvford Bay district, to get supplies. They have done about $2000 Avorth  of Avork, and returned yesterday to drill  another thirty feet of fcuniiel.  There are Uoav seA-*enty-nve nien employed at the Yellowstone mine, aiid  seventy on the wagon road froni Sail mo  to ..the. mine whose eonsbi'iiction is. in  charge of David AfcBeafch.  J. Wakefield and Ei'iieSt Tl'uman, two  miners avIio 'have been Avorking on the  Royal Canadian niine, leave today for the  Tangier mine at Albert Canyon, a short  distance from Revelstoke. If tlte Union  rate is paid thei'e, a number of other  miners will- folloAV as soon as their Vepoi'fc  is received.    While no news is giveu out, it is gen-  ei-ally belieA'ed that the mine lnamigers  Avho are umvilling to give the eight-hour  laAV-a fair trial are still in hopes of securing skilled mine workers from the East  avIio will work for $2.50 and $3 a day.  The Canadian Pacific is standing in Avith  the play. '   Yellow Men Insurrect.  CAPE I-L-YTiRN, August 3.���It has just  become knoAvn that an armed insurrection has broken out of Levega, a town 78  miles nOrtliAvest of Santo Domingo, in  favor of Jiminez, avIio aspires to tlie  presidency in succession to the late president. HeurcaiDf^^^^^   Hampshire Does Well.  Southampton, August 3.���Tlie Hampshire eleA*en in a cricket match here today  with the visiting Australians were out in  their first-innings for.393. runs.  UreiieW>i\eqtti;_fed%';ifiu.d.":.dh'4efced  ^l*M^^6)Mic��  rifi^S^f.i5%][!xft3-> ^it^l'ue&l^iffto",  ,K-w*^^stmfl^-^>S;^a'day-m��� two,     "''  Believes/ "^restoii" "&as a :Futiirne." ���  yGs J^^C)js6U",ofltiin'ii^ol;t'hJ��fade, tih^ trip,  ���tO-^'elSdn.yhs'be-fdity, fpr-.the; j;-u-r,pji)Se of)  :wmoWikhg.We,.iiui>h"':'Ol-"ili'&oh" tp, thei  $Uoi\ '���fanViljf., The-" "evWt, oemifi-ed -oti,"  '^ailixdtfy, jwdh^ yy$hill(hffp'rt��pp\Yeyq?> <  yhixmow fbbi^%4Vtei|if �����S|j*-|n,J'-sn /si Irofcb-ra^;  liii^fc/pDiiifc-aivd has '.borne to," tlie coitciu^.,  ^-lOn-fcliafcitis going to be a pfece aft-r  ' all;   He _x%y--.-hafc bofcli i^ailAvay trOnipaii^  '..._�� ai��e interested in, tlv6 town site, and  "���iihet'e -ave as',5.na1i,y. wildcats,:back of it.as ������  ihefe ai"e around -felson.    All that is ne-  ee^sary is to get sOinc one 'fo���"put in the "  nioney   and ���samet-huig   i.?   ��Hre   to   be  stru-C'lv. ....',-  NELSOlsr,  S. Sf Taylor's application for an lupine-  tion restrain ing the dty fwm pull ing  d'oAVii the TWw.es building will be lieard  =in=^aj-ic()Uvei*^on=_iIoudIvy-p=_-;H-g;u_-lJ=^.fc;h'^  Should this be refused, the building will  come dow'n, as a matter of course.  In the case of Cordingly vs. McArthur,  in Avhieh Cordingly b-ought an action fco  be declared a partner Avith McArthur in  the eonsbi'iiction of fche Canadian Pacific  Avliarf, registrar Siiiipkins bas found tliat  Cordiiigly's ilitereSfc in the eonfci'iict  ainoluits' to ��$!270.40, winch includes  $010,(52 Avliich the plaintiff jmfc into the  business.      S. J. lieiidei^Oii of At'genta avjis in Nelson yest-l'ilay. He says Argenta. real  estate has not connnenced to move yet,  but with the -oinpletion of the Kaslo &  ,Lard.od)uiican. line it will take a start.  Contractor Carlson has about 500 men-on  his Avork and good progress is being  made.  The customs bonded warehouses lias  been moved to fche office at fche rear of  W. G. Robinson's livery barn on A'ernon  Probate has been granted on tlio will  Of the late George H. Rashda.ll,. who at tin;  time of his death AA'as mining recorder  for fche Nelsou mining division. Charles  S. Rashdall of New Denver is the executor. The estate was sworn at $210.  street. All baggage and goods coining  into Nelson on the Nelson & Fort .Sheppard i.s taken to the Avarehouse for examination by tlie customs officer before  delivery.  A fire occurred at Greenwood on Wednesday night, and the "Windsor nnd  Royal hotels are completely destroyed.  The origin of the fire is unknown and the  loss is estimated at .$.10,000 Avith no insurance. Burns & Co.'s meat market,  which., adjoined the /Windsor hotel, had  a narroAV escape,'and was saved, with  difficulty.  There was a mix;iip at the Royal hotel -  last night; -which resulted in a inaiiiimder  '^-ligdp^^jmtg.;,, ^l|l"^h^-prOJLV|^  ' ,-:_���.,  ,��/i--i"." V��s�� ������..��M?i:vr'iij&:   ..-.".s'Jilt:.i.���",iA ���u-.i:,-, j.i.:;.  ' tics: |5l*fe";^":"*^]|T"li|" ^���iMy3Sid:ed^-"t-*"���|ilief  ; wtfg6ji^\da^jj��"'. f^hj^wi'JJ:;fic�� ojnl^ txyfteiiipof^  ' -a-rf ineilhl% ^jtFraVifw^  ter is fiil'kcsdloJS fipd \fijV4&i^liht he %mji";  iiiMx2b'"m.akin< -.,-("yyyyy ���.. .������>.-...���:���=;  " ,^V:6i^-iss���.aI&9?h.e,lhg",jn^s^^^  -li-iiyjp^-^^lah*'^: "Saw^j> ^e]!iei(4k;"fpnK  ;ini':Jei:^ro'm:t'lM"l|i��c]^  op, ftx$ ibein^corifcinttcid; ���"  All ,tli:e*'.ih'euv^U)pi'0.>*ed httho'Gtii\\r��oi>$!  Btj^-distifuit, life"phii^M ipf the eight-'  JjQiir shift,. an,d���fch;e"inl he in,;anh%^'Siih'tha't  section "say tllal* -hey. "gb'fc txh hiuch ^vol'k '  oil. of the ltaqii iti-fch-e'iglLfclidiu��ra,s conld'  be seeiired in tlie fceli-hptir shift-.  Blair on .Literals' itailway Policyi  ()t,X,aw.a, Aligiisfc 3. ���Mi'. Blair made' a  sp.eecli oh the T'aiU^ay :a.p,pV0pi'iafci:ons in  the house today';.s:howing that thennlouUfc  fco begvo_ffd, A\**a-'s fiot out, of proportiofjjjo  what avu- generally given.liy the previous  governnielit, and there Was nothing inconsistent witli liberal policy. lie *?] oVe  of tire now I'egulafcions and' said, that the  roan's to be subsidised in tlie Avest \vould  forin part of the greafc trans-  contiiiental ra-ilvvay. -Owing to continued obstruction' on fche p-ftt-t-  ot' fclie ojjposifcion ft had. been found  impossible for the government to go on  with their resolution to irici>ofiso the poll  tax. <m 'Chiii-.se ent.ei.'iiig Canada. Thii'  rnafcfcui" is Do be deferred until ne.\fc session.  A _*-fuitless Murder.  iJ')A\)\'TiiLK, August 3.-���Iianile Janney,  aged 37 years, of Krenclitown, was murdered some time last uiglifc between this  city aild Cbniieaiifc lake. He had driven,  to Lead ville. His horse and buggy arrived ab Conneaut lake today eoufcaiuing  fclie 'corpse of I'l -faiuley >vifch a bullet hole  in liis back. It is supposed fchafc the murderer intended to rob his victim, but the  horse being a spirited one, was frightened,  by the report of fclie firearm and ran  aAvay, The dead man's pockets contained  $75, his watch and other personal property.  A Free and Enlightened Land.  Paris, August 3.���Professor Weil of  the Voltaire lycee, avIio recently gave  to his pupils an "Apotheosis of Dreyfus  Rehabilitated" has been suspended for  three months and condemned to forfeit  'one-third of his salary during that  time.  The Price of the Metals.  Niow York, August 3. ��� Copper steady :  .broker's-#18.50, exchange   $18.50.    Lead  dull;    broker's   $ t.35,   exchange    $l.55&  $l..")7.l..  liar .silver,. 00.;|c.., Mexican   dollars 18c..' Silver.c-'rtili-ates C>0.',@61c.  PRESBYTERIAHS THE PIONEERS  In Church Work in  Kootenay.  Rev. Dr. Robertson, superintendent of  missions of the Presbyterian  Church in  Canada,   who is   in   Nelson,  informad  a  Triijunj. reporter  that  steps  had been  taken to build a church Avithout delay at  Greenwood.    The Methodist people haAre  the shallof tlieir church erected and the  Baptists   haAre   made  a   beginning.     At  Grand Forks too a church is to  be  built  this autumn, and GraiuLEorks and Columbia, are each to have a minister  of  their  own after September. At Cascade a church  is being built; and will be ready for occupation in about a month.    DeA'clopments  at I-hoIt, Phoenix and other places Avhere  a missionary is afc work may  necessitate  building   this  autumn  at  these centres.  In this whole western country the  Presbyterian Church was the  pioneer, maintaining  services   for   years   before any  other church put in an appearance, and  the people are not unmindful of the service rendered.    Asked about the progress  of fche church in British Columbia, he said  that it was steady and rapid.    There-are  now four presbyteries with 23  congregations, 20 missions under ordained mission-������(('.  aries, and 21  under catechists  or  uhor-  dained  missionaries.      Speaking  of the  growth of the.work iu the district under  his superintendence he made tlie folloAV-  ing interesting comparison:  Presbyteries......-'..'-..  CoiiKregatioiis   Missions to whites   Prc-chiiiK stations   Members..     4:i2    2ri,0000  Uontributions by Lho people  .$5,421 $320,000  The  church  spends  in   mission  Avork  among whites about $17,000  in  British^ ;  Columbia and $5000  in  the Yukon,  besides about $5000 among the Indians and    ;  Chinese.  Joint Board Organized. -1  Rossland, August 3.���The  joint coil-  Jvention of the boards of trade of Koofce--((2.  nay aiid the Boundary" country  met at  ten  o'clock this morning.     There were  tAvenfcyfcAvo delegates present;  represent-y:.  ing all the important centres in Koote- ,  nay and Yale:    A joint organizatjon Avas  formed  ctdled   the   Board : of Trade  of;  Eastern   British   Columbia.     After    the  meeting hiuhbeen oiganizcd  and  got to   J  Avorkj a prbgWunme  of matters  for dis- 2((y\  Cussion was decided upon including some"(iy  eighteen-different subjects, the  chief of ^  Avhieh are the silver  lead  question, rail-Sj;;  way facilities, governinentapprppria*fcIpuSLv?|  for roads   and    education,  and for  the ^  opening up of the country generally^ and22::]]  theeiglit-hour laAV.--The conference wills:  P-1^I^"his!;S6i!3tltr'"  1875  18D8  ���-l-=  15  2  115  10  204  111  1.081  fin#hdjou,BasS''!T^  * Ma_kKd^_Sdyan6i|m Vfi.Qunda*ry>  "dl-m- d -spur' l^^f-^Sth^l^aBAvtwd'-^tii^  stone'-i'oh to"rs;felf ��M^^_fe_fl"^^'^^  nil  l-QSika  sme_fcQ:i^n!,.ahf|'"i|^^ |)ojblidehtl|^Jc^  i-4  has .gm.wn 'a great Cj^aj" A^ithi-n" :plxe2��liii$i>y  two years iiti��l 0o1uiijj|i'a:,n'.)a;y "b'e^said^feilf;  -have sp-rung *j;iittJ/6-^-<i<Jh'-0 Si) "tha't ;t'P^e.^  "     ���*"- ' "n "* - '���''        ��� n  #i"f;s&2  =^Amzzh&z^y��ia^&yp>isUist>iisJ2),ac^  C.   F. Caldw$l   and    Gay    Jlei3d��ei^t  have  given   notice  of appeal  froin .'the*,";  judgtiielifc of Chief-justice  M-ColIn irt,;tlVe^  case of Caldwell Vs. Davys ami. fch<*? .Hajlj^  Mines-.    This was an aefciou oyer it liniB^  sfcone quiii'iy  near  Kaslo, known  'as the. '  lied Star and Waif" Play,    Divtiys  wi\s 'iif}��  [jossassion, of' tlio gi'-ouu-d   Hnd  liatl'/Ji-ilfU':^  Employed in biiMiigOil* lime fock��    The-  i.HH'csH.'ii'.V'   assessment     work    was   "per1  formi'd, lint had not l'cen recorded,    l^bl-  this"' fmiissioh    .Cald'vfeTl _ a4-i*T��" ReedoF  staked the trround as the Kair Fhiy, ��hd  sued Davys for possession of tile propOi'-  fcy and had pefforlned. the   nccCssni*y   assessment work.  Newfoun_landerS dissatisfied.  St. .Ioii.vs, Newfonudiiind, August 3.~���  The Krone!) Av:irship ha, Manclic arrived ���,  here tonight from the fcreaty coast.    For  the last nion fell she  hag  been   patrolling  the cod fishing areas near the  straits of  Belle Isle driving away the Newfound-'  laud craft that were fishing there. Bittgr-  disappointment   prevails   in  the colony^  oa*ci' the recent declaration of Sir. Chamberlain,  imperial   secretary of state for  the colonies, but  the  negotiations  for a  settlement of the  treaty  shore  dispute  are   not  likely  to  be  concluded  before  next session of tlie  imperial  parliament.  Have the Cinch All Boufld.  Ottawa, August 3. ���In the  house  today Sir. Rutherford enquired whether the  Canadian Pacific had  the   power bv  do-.'  positing plans to build branch lines from  points on their  main  line  to  any  point.  within the Dominion.    Sir. Blair said Mill uestion aviis one involving a legal inters  pietation and in the absence of any judicial  determination ho  did not think it  Avell to give any decisiA'O opinion thereon. o  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  FRIDAY, AUGUST <!,   I SOO.  ,23 V-  '1Z>-^-,..  . 'LL- . VT_ . v:  Sigs^^^S-^i-S^:^--^^^^^  iS*^-<  y^y:~y -ss:^^ .�����^-^r^.^^r^--.^.^.^--_1->.-^^_-���-_3--5v_  ^  We have only a few dozen wrappers left,  but still \%  # have the sizes well assorted, and the patterns���well ({ft  m %  # they are positively the prettiest we have ever had. \%  m ^  # Prices from 95 cents to $2.50, a straight cut of 20 %  m m  # per cent on.former prices.   See them. ' %  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  a?E5_-l*_-CS   C-_.S_--  ���%  ^m^^^.mm^^^mm^.^m^m^m^m^mmm^.mmm  M  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��ite WxilnxxiK.  Dait.t Eihtion   Wkkkly Kdition...     FuiST Ykak, Nr>. 1S1  ...... Skvkntii Ykak, 'No. **S  TjiI- chief of the lire brigade says he is  hot a politician and never Avas and never  will be. He says that if the city pur-  -hasesthe combination chemical engine,  hose Avagon and ladder truck that hc  recommends, there AvilI be no need; of Jiir-  iiigniorenienthauarealreadyeinployejclby  ���syc*fc}io:f4''^  ^ifc&$'s|i^  ��S^IS^^SiSWi^'  A sub-commifctee of the commission is in  the West,and is holding sessions in Salt  Lake City. Wednesday of this week Sir.  Chambers was examined. He expressed  himself as believing tliat the '''mining  interests of the state Avere in a :thriving,  condition. He Avas in faA'or of an eight-:  hour laAV, arid Was fearful of the results;  oftrusts. He thoughtthe smelting trust  was a stock-jobbing scheme, and that the  capital represented by the trust was  niore thait'.tlie j3lanti?���AY���erp Avo^-th;.- "Ufcah.  -pip      i:, "iV^5L~D- %,fl:ip,iVfl^i^���Js,,flil,,������>,���,. ..p,    . ...   b.,.^,..ji  p?,.,^*^ a ,.  _i ".'*'_ ���"&���,���:���!&;*.���:* ��;t��^��^,"s8/,ri-     \,y^kii^'J"4��-A"��   x&.  |.;-qd oDjs  ���^givxngmhe^eigl  ?-.."ihlAViji*,"fan's, tiuah." Nothing} succeeds" ��Iijve'  ,^���j.su,(;cpss,"ji'*^d#je..counfcr���y Ayilh;i.iOt1*'--nui5i!-).l'j  yj1**^ -a."feAV":*p^jniSoj|-st0",  ��|?|*$na^ kv��' uiiHv:UliUg^���'-tc^  tL��H      n     _��nn      * D*-^���      ���_       ,DD    <"L n   frn     rfi.       -,- u        - yoii- Q ^   "    ��2 "    ^     ���    " " **     4, ��"    "      S ^D'O "  "���^%J^"^'^nj&!.^Cbi|de^ fliii\ ei^l3f|.--liolf^  ^^^{^^sQii^'STnrb^fcs;^  .;;gi&indf. .-^'k^��-��]lI��Si^io"ai|jn,Tt"'-.if <f$jj&e.  'j^F^h^ieliiw "d,��0- %iah4i^."^<Mluf  Tin: head push of fclie. mine managers'  combine is said to be wet-nursing AVilliain Austin .lowett's late organ and is  becoming dissatisfied with his.job and his  associates. F. Augustus Heinze is the  only man operating metalliferous mines  in Kootenay that takes kindly to such  work.  Wn have never hoard that J. Kodorif-k Robertson aspired lo become a pol lieal dictator, and as for W. A.  Macdonald, anyone who is acquainted wilh thai Ken Ionian knows hisslroiiK aversion Lo being rrjiardcl a polili-  eal leader.  The above is from the Nelson Economist, the recognized organ of the Conservative party in' Kootenay. It merely  shows how willingly one good Conservative knifes another on opportunity.  Educate Uncle Sam.  Toronto Telegram.  Canada ought to stand tho expense of  a railway into the V'ukoii for the sake of  educating the United States and Great  Britain. All this country's troubles with  the United States originate in the belief  that the American market and American  good-will are the essentials of our national  existence. The United States really believes that trade between older Canada,  and the Canadian goldfields in the Yukoi  is possible only on terins to  be dictated at Washington. It o is  Canada's boundon duty then to  educate the United States out of this  error and to build railways sons to -prove)  that this country can establish her own  trade routes, without help or favor from  the government at "Washington. The  United States is acting as pretty nearly  every other nation would act; if ifc  thought that a neighbor was at its  mercy. The fundamental Ainericai  error is the belief that; Canada cannot  deal with the Yukon through her own  territory, aud it is Canada's duty to  spare no expense to remove this error.  Mosquitoes and Malaria.  Some interesting investigations have  recently been carried ou by physicians  and scientists, intended to prove the  long-suspected relation Avhicli nipsquitoe.-  bear to malaria. Enough has been done  to demonstrate clearly the fact that the  night air is not; fche real enemy, but the  mosquitoes which enter AA'hen the windows are open. Persons, even in the:  most malarious of countries, .who wear  gauze, veils-by day and who sleep under  nets at night, remain impervious to tlie  evils of the climate, proving -that insects,  not the air,- have caused the trouble. - - A.  (I:  m  <$$&.^.^y&^&y&&^y^.^.&^'-^^^^  ?.Io/ffii%fitati^  "��.Mi twiudOAS-las iVJmti aife lit." i  .��n:ioafc*"AFDilI:,acce^jtS,tlum,i.:glad,lA'*-.> .���"=�����"."���.*�����  pigiii.  "ff( ^^SyfsjtTL' iittiififtg j'uan��� .of .pvo��Ahi#dA%&>- oh  ?^:|h^^tsTfia ".Q&ast knows ll. 6.'- -^hahib^i^''  y"J lb��|^|d,'tXi;ake'01tyj. \V-h-,o has/beeii-s^lipKin-'  .^.".s^Meiili "for a good many year.? of the  ify jEainons Oivtai'io inine at Pai'k Gifcy, Utah..  , '''Atfche lasb^esslqii, of CongrMg,a conlmis-  SI||li�� '��i(-KiE  ������'V':l!_-M1|T' ���' ":  ��si6ft: Aviiis aiipoinfced to make i:htiuirie.sj into  the great; ludimtries of the United States!  'Tb.O.,,K^fl)PlV* ,1? \fi-a_>nI.M:'."Jo��",<V(��U, 'fijiMi: g��if<- 'exa*taui_o��,,l(bi-5;;'��todK',  ^mtiMM^Mir^^  "V��sMM����- a** rt?c��'i-m��.ijiTiAJ/''-  "-,It.rfwAvtitib,,a stjj'Jisli.ilc'i-locUjari-g^iiitLiJiJidc'of.lhpii;  bpSfi cl,i;llu"<3vor '(111^01:1.13,(1 'to NelspTlj,* !c^iv��> ypur-orflttir  wi'ili* ijib-.- ���   "       , ..'    ��    ., ".",,,.-,"��   . ���  gi.x :jijindi'cd clojla.r- \v.ortlji ot nejv kcjoVIs iicyy Ayn-iti-,  ��� "-yoiji:ifi^if'lcl.ioii! "1'gu'a-riiiitee''��g4i8f-cti(tii>'0- iio��aI(3...  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Si sJdo I iu'm(i Addftion, nciit coi|.i;iKo. Hue #i''*"!-'.  $350  Baker S'tree't, Neisfth  Film DOOR \Vl5ST BANK B. _. TUIlLDim.  Laliiuer Slceel,, ehoiico cornel' lot 41)0 by 120  Al'J'W 'I'd OXVNMll  T]  Arriving-thi  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  Clorner of Jlaker and Stanley Streets, Nolson  2 Cars J-irly lirenkfnsl, Brand Krks  1 Car Swift & Co.'s ITams, Bacon  and 1-ird.  1 Car fliicst Creamery Butter in I III,  iiSlli, and nGlli boxes and III., 211,, and  .-'ill. tins.  2 Car_ of now I'otatoos.  Wholesale Only.   Write or Wire for Prices  PERSONS PRODUCE GO,  Nelson, B. C.  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaugh I i n  JO-KPHINR STRKl'TT. NELSON  HAIB GOODS AND HAIR OBIAIBNTS  Switches from $2 up.  MBS. J. W. KKABNKYlmn opened a"Ladies Hair Dress  inK I'.irlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to fu nisi) everything- in.tho way of hair goods  and Hair tonics.   Treat mont of the scalp a specialty.  (Kx-Slicrilr of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  J'OHlofllco Box 57- Nelson, 11. C.  _3_-x._3--_j_?i s-___=-__i:__a-  s for Sale  ��550 will purchase a choice residence corner,. 100 by 120  feet,  f <,1a�� ^',',11 'inu'ch-vso a central lot and residence.  fciOO will  purchase  two-nice lots and shanty, Robson  street, ffume addition.  fHE \V.i" purchase four.nice lots and residence.  10:000 Poolod Fairmont i cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  oOOO U'licii at 1. cents.  ~T~  ^ Turner & Bocckh block, Nolson, B. O.  SQUIRES   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Two lols \viUi Iwo-Stpi'y Iloiiso on Latimer  Sti'eet. neai' .losophine ,,,....        8(800  Teiins;  :gl_(jO eifeli, halan-e on mortg-ge.  fai'Stiyacro ranch, nine liiiles from eitS' oiiliike  _nni'ii * ��'..���!,-  sliQie  .,?100o  Drtc-half Citsli, balance on "moi't^e,  Ou   loan conditions are the -heilpest and licst  BriliJih Colliiiibia l'ci'inanoiit Savings & Loan Company.  Glebe baviiigs & l^en CoT, 'Wronto,  iisrsiD*_?i_-_3Sro__!  Plre, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  OAMBLfi ��S:0?f��EiL,l-<Vs Agts  S'lker Street West. Nelson, B. C,  GENERAL.  BROKER.  Containing 120 acres of land -within one and a  quarter miles of Kelson.   For iurtjier  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AN�� SICKNESS  i_srs*cr_5i^_-src__!  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALK���Ileal estato in all parts of the city.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  AVl'LY  J. LAING STOCKS, Seciretapy  At, ofllce of the Duncan Mines, Limited., Clumeiil.&  Jlillyer Uluck.  L. Pope  MANUVACTURKIi OF  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, E'l'C.  vabp    STiE-rE-na.-   isrE-Lso-yr  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  TPWAKT & CAKIUK���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  J-1   ei'dcen block, Bakor street, Nolson.  ���"Ci B. HAIIPKH, musical director, leader Nolson Or-  ���*��� ' chest ra. jMusicians furnished for all occasions on  fihorl, notice.   Telephone G2. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C,  FRIDAY, AUGUST  i, 1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  i;,ofliUii)0  I.ORI) STRATHCONA AND   MT   I��)YAL, Prosident  Hon. GEO. A. DRU-tMOND Vico-Presidont  K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager  -ST-_!__SOTSr   BEANCH  N. W. Cor. Baker and Sin '.nitty Streets.  THE BANK OF  . i  tliey .are skirtling figures must be nd-  mitted, but they profess to establish a  fact altogether against reason, eonuuon  sense and common experience;  INDIVIDUALITIES.  Is now prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlir*, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yut\on. District.       llllANCIIKfl  I".        -  LONDON   fEng-laii-l.   IffiW   Y-1RK.   CHICAGO  hiuI In 1,1)0 principal citii- hi (lun.ifla.'  Huy and soil Sterling  ISxchtuig'-   '"-l '.lahle Transl-  QKANT COMMKItCIAl, AND TKA* IM.I.Kits' l.'K-lllTS,  available in any part, of i.lm world.  DKAKTS IBSUKD    COLT.KCTIONS  MAItK;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OK INT'RUKST PAID  ANECDOTE OF THE SEIGE OF QUEBEC.  One showery September morning in  the year ISO- whilst weiuling my way to  my office 1 happened to meet, opposite  the Kent house, on St. Louis street, an  esteemed oldfriend, familiarly known to  Quebecei's of the time a.s Long Je>hn  l^raser, from liis great heiglit.  Long John, despite his 74 years still as  straight as an arrow, Avas sauntering along  that historic street in the direction of  Abraham's Heights, beyond St. Louis  gate.  After exchanging a friendly greeting,  alluding to the memorable 13th September of 1759, and its showery Weatlier,  described by historians, 1 asked' him  whether lie was bound for the famous  battlefield, on which so many of his namesakes, the Erasers, had, Avith their chiy-  mores, played such a lively part in tlie  great drama of 1759. Without a " yes "  or a ���' no " he replied : " My friend, I was  not there, but if you can spake a niiuute  I will tell you an anecdote relating to me  by one who Avas there aud participated in  tlie fight." Eager to field one more to reminiscences of this stirring period, I,  readily assented, wlieu. the genial raconteur held out as follows: ."In my  youth," said Mr. Fraser, " 1 boarded .-with,  a A'ery old man, named Joseph Trahan,  who, as a young militiaman, had fought  oiUthe Plains of A^rahain.rIn 1759 Tra^.  <l$n%wj^^.i^  lViiin whii'li the baker had removed na.  men full of bread. Some of our exhausted fugitives begged food from him.  He pointedly refused to give us any,  when t'one of our party, enraged at such  heart hiss conduct, lopped off his head  with his sword. Tliis bloody trophy was  placed ou the pile of bread. Hunger having deprived me of any other feeling, I  seized a loaf of bread reeking with gore,  and Avith niy pocket knife removing the  crust, I ate the white portion of the loaf.  " ' This took place in the afternoon and  the sun was descending towards the  west.'"  My pleasant raconteur shook niy hand  aud we parted.  Mr. Fraser ex pi reel recently at Charleston in his 73rd year.  Lord Herbert Kitchener intenels to  leave London on "August Sth for Onidui'-  man, to resume his duties as governor-  general of the Sudan. 'Gordon's palace at  Khartum has now been almost entirely  rebuilt, and will be usee] as the Goverii-  ment house.  DRINKING    AND    LENGTH    OF    LIFE.  In the Popular Science Monthly a  review of legislation during  the past  five  years against the drink evil in the forty-  nine states and territories  in. the United  States   is   begun by  Appletou   Morgan.  He submits apparent paradoxes develop-  ed  from   his  close  study of the  official  statistics, as, for instance, that the larger  the consumption of. liquor-the less elriink-  eiiess.    This conclusion Mr.  Morgan submits dispassionately, liot as his oavu cre'a-f  tion, but as an inevitable eleeluctiou from  the  official figures submitted under the  'paths ;pf'-the authorities commissioned to  collect them.    In passing, Mr. Morgan, toi  add to the completeness of his discussion,  gives tlie results obtained  by the  collection and classification of 4234 deaths by  the British Medical Association, .divided  for  reference iuto  five classes,  namely, I  total   abstainers,  habitually  temperate,  careless drinkers, free -drinkers anel habitual-'���-drunkards.'  The   age  of cleath  of  those in  each class were registered, together Avithbthe causes of death, aud  the  a Averagelength of life for each  class was:  computed, with the following results :  .Total.abstainers,-.'..,..;..,.���,,...��,-,.'.,-,....��.,,...51.32 years.  Peelro Ovida, formerly cabin-boy and  bugler on the Spanish cruiser Vix.ea.ya  anel now a protege of Charles Lambert, a  Brooklyn navy yard employee, wants to  enlist in the United State's n'avy. He has  been conditionally accepted by the recruiting office, pending tlte decision of the  navy department on a point'raised- by.  rear-admiral Philip. The admiral thinks  that as Peelro got his liberty from Annapolis on parole with the other prisoners  who were expected to return to Spain,he  may be consielered a eleserter from the  Spanish navy.     ______  Lady Shelly, Avielow of sir Percy!  Florence Shelley, son of the poet, and!  'third baronet, elieel last month at Bos-i  combe Manor, her charming .place ou the!  cliffs at Bournemouth, .England, where j  she.-had resided in retirement since the\  death-bf her husband, ten years ago. The;  late .11." L. Stevenson, it. is interesting;  to note, dedicated  "The. Master  of Bal-i  Ian tine" to sir Percy anel lady Shelley.  With hor death the last link' with the  poet in tho direct line has been snappee  as sir Percy anel lady Shelley hael no  children. The dee-eased lady was proud  of her connection with the poet and took  a great interest in Shelley literature, anel  with her late husband, edited, directly or  indirectly} a good deal of what has been  published on the subject.  AV. I,. Dowers, Spokano  G. Thorburii anil wife, Silverton  S. S Connangl.on, Liverpool  K. 1<. Klan pan," I/vorpool  \V. It. Cray, Jlaiiiilton  J. F. Green, Toronto  Uavnl Croon, Kaslo  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  F. l-'lcntot.-Kislo  A. 11. McN'iol. Vicloria  .1. I{. HoyIi;s, SpoUani!  It. I,. Peddle. London  <-'. A Mitchell   Ko kIiiikI  Mr.--.  G. I'.  (jarroLt,  New  Doifv.-r  J. II. Inlc-to.'. It-) sin ml  WHOL-SALK   AND   RRTAIL  GRAND CBNTRAL.  A. W. Crittenden, Ymir  A.    (.'aniuron,    Athabasca  lllilK.'  and   wife,  W.  X.   Lindloy  Fort Sl-olo  A. H. McQueen. Joplin, Mo  TRKMONT.  G. T. Itoy. Canyon Creek     I H. Gallon, Itos-land  A. Druminond, Iiossland      | .lames -loPhorsoii, lvaslo  MADDKN.  Henry Hurry, Posslnnd  \v*. W. Tower, Winnipeg  .1. St.. Charles, Montreal  J. P. Mulcare, Silve ton  AI. Ryan, Slocan City  M. P. Kennedy, Spr.kane  n. Fraser, Spokano  W. Sarf-field. Cranbroo-  Jtimes Henry, Sandon  QUERN'S.  Frank Low, Winnipeg I C. Gales, Sandon  George Maw, Ros-land        | N. Walls, Spokane  PHAIR.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  K. Baldwin, Trail  J. A. MeDoncll, lvaslo  O. A. M. Young; Creston  Mrs.   Krankland, Kossland  C. li. Smith, Montreal  Frank Sherman, Vancouver  AV.  A.  Harvey,   Poormaa-  mino  Frank  Itobbins and wife,  ' Phoenix  W.   F.   Ferrier   and  wife,  Kossland  Mrs.  Goodcrham, Toronto!  .1. M. AVilliam , Slocan        s  Frank Watson. Spokane   ' !  Ward Spi ii ks, Vernon  V.. Kme'son. Creston  H. V.-.Ku.-d, Toad Moun--  tain ,  C. Walton, Spokane  G. AV. Frost, Spokane  K. K. Fraser, Silverton  W. A. 11 .nor, Vancouver  Meat Merchants  . Wholesale Markets at jNelson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.  RETAIL   STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,   New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  k^dmrptlyyforwarded \\esid 0ffice; Nelson^ B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher 05;  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON ^^  SILVER KING.  G. H. Hughes. North Fork I J. Katliyden, Goat Creek  K.;Ilowd, North Fork | J, Johnston, Duncan City  -J  IVIALOflE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headpaptep. fop Miners and Ppospeetops  BaKer Street, IMson-^  --     .      ' ORDERS HY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Large Consignment Received of  STRIPED om\fM  IN ALL COLORS  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.    Orders filled Promptly;. .'������'���.*���  ���":,..Cl  TENT AND AWNING MANUFACTURER, BAKER ST, NELSON  W. P. DICKSON  E3. H. H. APPLEWHAITI-  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Gonstaetion Gol  m  mm  aa.^&TSf'r.^i  xugy.  ��� yh^��d2d$ffiiy(di\^  '"i}\M(itpyi}G%^ !)|a|!l*!-i3'B^iii%��  >.s^$iii-;j^ 'yjiiieflli'ett:  .'^^Sf-^i-^V^^wftl- y,".... p. ,-".,��� .- "p " ]  |s'4��''!'����!f_'s��-|ij ^IJ^.i'^iUiiJ'tyaiil-^ ^^.uucleH^.^li''^ 3;<S- '���  yyiigtft���wa��.,sp_f$a;d. 'tJxii^t{4l}^'hp^\xs'UM^f-i  ."��� il^-iTui^' 'eji-H_d.l '.:-\._:d.tii-"�� l^i'Siigli-'Soid-isiT5'  y feiieaiikffif&oi^^^ J^v-iW iii;  .;.- Jhh ..(iii^W^'XS-.ire^ji' ^t^y^0f^vmd:  ;^^.i,ii d .ihttfl o$" th; - ^ainl,g]i^H���a^'iy-^.���^bA^k;  f %hh>yi}Iley'dp \vlxihix ^hrtnt^t^sh As now"  (���-��� bixilt.  "(ireiiieniber tlie ^Stli Iliglflnndei's  v ��i,)fii'Sniiinf us, ti^Qi:OHg.L5; (tfOm ,%& height?  I -'!&- inlnflatted demdimf^heir iilaicfe floit'b--  ��� iofe;'0i��' th�� - wipd, ph^v^^i^^hd ib&  - �� bi'drtd s\vo*t;cr$i��� ���;JiiljiJi-iJi^itjL "sfia-ipsliodtp  . gi's, A^hifeh;welfAdeoneehledih the \vodds  .the I_iglltancl_i's hifd ta pi'dgs, lired "bi'islc-  "  'ff- at illelil.    Several felt.dfcsad anct their  ui.ttii'iiecl iyilts 1 -ft -heir b&ve legs 0Spos>  "   e&,  Whhn  oiu- fugitiArp sol-,iei'S, as  thesy  lfiill along., Cit't out Avitli tlieir Sabres lai;gO  slices froni the most fi_sh>r li&i'te of iiheii^  ~ 2persoh$.   lyvMlinex^f^ihW^iixgiiiveWa^hd"  received in tlie Calf of my leg, a --jpeiit  bullet  which laid   me low.    At fiust I  thought it was ail, up Avith  me, but soon  I got on liiy legs again and contiiiued niy  ra&e towards tho general hospital close to  the  Saint . Chai'les,, so as to  l'eaeji tlie  "-.eau^b'Et etvnjp-over' the bridge of bouts.  "'G)n the Avay tlioi'6 stood a bakery  ".Halfttfjiti', ^.ciinliards-  sS2.03 .yo*-i?s:  '���3rfVeduii'��ld9 thdm\any��� pi]' the* d'egT^s, :off"  1 n      "n    n -lD  n1*     " n-, u    _i    u" 0 q [P  D    "a  "n V      ^    - d    lH        (fn   fl        �� "ii       ��P ' n       B  n   tin     0 1  :.dou-b i.y 2T2hO n i^iil-g^tai'^  ���'Mi& .eqiial'l :or ��� greatei*' *vtdu,-��"mll(b-"ith,ei  ���stitte'ni(|ii'ii ipi- "��� *2^-5l :o,rf iftol^-. qa)s^r..qO]l;eC>trf.  Md��aiid'cla_stfii0tt?nA'itliit emiaKerfre,* JcSbSv^  ledge sand" Accuracy; "by*������;some;peiSdn -...oi*"-  pody;0:��^  'ii]$: ^instphy MteJi'eUl^v^s^j^i^fe^-j. ��� '"T'h^fe  . TJiQl-SALE���Lots 1S.19 ftild'20j yiocfeSl,LcornerLCiir-?:  . 4s' " bdriiitciaifirKoo.tciiay,st,rc8fei   Tlio-urci5I(15nc!c ot.cxi-j  slierilI\tlQbiiis"oiJ.   Ei-icc ��1(300. " y  7*ANTEb^-A "goo-'sliiiigic jointer at b-go;   -tpplK  <<' " G> Q^Bu-cliiinitn'g luiivbci: ofllce, -Nolson?'"      " " T  rwT-'ffib.^-obil-i-geii.ej'-I'-s'ervuliit.-  Giilliljer & AVilSolu  Apply "ti.tr oflleo iOt-  _>f?J Men at "Vftnirfo wotk on,"i*oad- afidStriiilS;   Avages  ��-?V   $2.50 aiid,?2.7o;a (lay.   Apply to JolinJjindblaa. "  FOR @AI.lE_V 30-���uinea gniii by iloflau- toHdlli-id,:  and. a ease ; afeo.au -���guilj6a,Rold���,sadfll(-bj- GraCd*  of llclgravo.giiiiitrei aiid oiie ddublabrldlo.  ,���tTIi- Ti'ibuno olllce, Nolsoti.  ?'125./ Apply.  FOUND���Suni  of nidndy on the sU'ect.   Owner can  have same by provii g ownei^thip aiid payini? cost.!  ofLindvortiscniotit;���Apply -"at���fl,i'0-Tri_iuiB;onicerNolhOh#i  ���__E!i^E_lJ_3IO_SrE!  I5i��'in{f tiie, eea-Oiv, wo will deliver ice at priLvate residences  iind business liouses daily iii any  desired qiianHty at ea-tioivrablc  prieo8.  WILSON & HARSHAW  Bjpgfi $10 iJressec! ��-_.umfe0r  '���lMpr_Haii(l  PAOfQIiJT AVORK -0��- TO ORDKK,  SUCH AS  OF BEAUTIFUL HORSES  ^(jO-STRIAN PERFORMANCE-  AND GORGEOUS TRAPPINGS  ?(yKgUA*io sight-^" TBULV wo-Oewul add ju&t a- ADVERTISED.  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  WardMieS and  General Joinery Wor*!-  Grlass of all Sfaes and Kinds  Sawiuill on Governmont wharf.  Ifaetgiy imd oillco,, corypc Hiill Btfect arid C.I'.li, track;  tpactorsa  WIIjL DO VyFiLL TO  BUY THEiil LIJIBER  AT  G. 0��  The JlircKt1 hotel In the interior.  Largo saniplo rooms.   Steain heat and eleetrie liglit.  -OKNKIt Of AVlAiRD AND VKKN0-? STS��� _.TJi;TiS(-X  iSAItKR AND \V*ARP 'STUKftTS, KBIiS'OiV  cihaliied undei- one  aild   lighted by  CONGRESS OF NATIONS       ROSEVELT'S ROUGH RIDERS  NATIVE CUBAN BAND 63  HORSES  PERFORMED  BY ONE MAN  $1,000,000 STREET PARADE AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.    .  TWO PERFORMANCES, COMMENCING AT 2 AND 8 P. M.  Nel3on9    Monday,   August  .-.'      .Tickets ou sale show dny at.I'"red Irvine &.Co's.dry goods store.      ;.  .  A largo stock of .flrst-class dry. material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doo-rs, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, NelsOn  Telephone, 31        J()hll    Ra6,   Ageilt  Lime 70 Cerjts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand,  At yard or pn scows at government wharf.  The West R^obtenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baiter Stroet.       T. G. PBOOTOB, Manage-  ';:  The only hotel in Nelwn thai, liafl  manftgonient siuqo 1890.  The bud=roomii  Are Well .nirnjx'hed  oloctripity,  The dining-room Is not seoond to any iu lvootenay.  The bar is always stocked liy the *bc>-t dome-tlo and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS -IADDMN. Proprietor.  L-rge and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Kleotrie bells and light in every room  Kenovated and refurnished througheiit  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  __ee bus meets all trains Ro_olcJ-n_A   R  P.  Hourly street car to Btation nBVWlM.UKW|. D. U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for tho .convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  Strictly flrst-class. Rates, ��',1 per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNISHKD ROOMS, SINGLE AND JW SUITK.  Hot; and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping room;*. Thoroughly equipped  with exits and lire escapes. nl;h flloor -laribn block, corner Riverside and Stevens streets.  Palace   Bakery  Urcad delivered lo iiny part of the oily.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specially.  St. iiltee Mineral Water  the  famous Harrison Hot Springs. . .* .  A COOL MBfilC-NAli BEVEKAC_E  GENERAL tEAMSTlEll^j  VIOTORtA  VA"^0-V'.ftR  NKI.SON  e  l,,IMITKI)��  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Noxt to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  R. REISTERER & GO.  15KHWKUS AND UQTTLERS OK  Ale and Porter  nipt and regular  dolivory to tho trade.  Prom  Brewery at Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall strcots, Xelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OH NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMTLY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ?1__E_��?5?' PKOPRIBTOE  POTEMY  COFFEF CO!  NELSON, B. C.  COFFEE    ROASTEJtS   AND    DEALEKS  AND   COKKEE.  * .AOJiNf S Ft>n  The Imperial Oil Go^    StaqdaFd ,0}l- ^fp.  Washirlgtdn Brick and time Co. *'(-,- lV���  The H. W. WJcNifell CO.J Ltd.* OariadiSh 1k$fo  oiie Goal (Hard)  Dealers in  IN   TKA  Oder fresh roasted cqU'oo of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Mncha, jicr pound .SJ   10  Java and Mocha Ulend, 'I pounds....    I 00  Fine Santos, I pounds .;.....' .................   I l>0  Santos Blond, S pounds   X 00  Our Special Blend, (i pounds .; ,.   X 00  Our Kio Roast, (i pounds..........   1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East  of  Oddfellows  BlocK,  West  Baker Stseat  Crow's lest Pass Goal ft.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe, j&ker^  Nelson Iron W&i?Iris  MANt)fACTUHKHS OK  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON A|fD  BRASS CASTINGS OF -VERY BEs6R_PT-6n  Repairs promptly attondod to.  P-O.BOX173.  LODGE   MEETINGS.,.  KNIGHTS  OK  PYTHIAS- NelsOn :^ Lodge. i->No,,_5,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O.-Fs-Hall,isomer  u Kootenay streets, every Tuesday cvesJ-jf at  attend.  &S.  Haker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evea  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited tOJ  T. LlLLtH, C. c; II. G. JOY, K. ot.R.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A.F.&A.-C. Meeta  Bocond Wednesday in each montih. Sojourning  bret-ren Invited.  N  KLSON L. Q. L., No. 1092, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  ixko  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3__  Friday of each moivtU.   YiRitlag. brethern cordially invited.      ..-.-.���. :',.;; \;      *.'   v ,���'".  JOHN TOYK, Vf.U.           F. J. BUADLtoY, R.M. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,   FRIDAY,  AUGUST 4,   1809.
Mail Orders Filled Same Bay as Received
Assayers' Suppli
Drugs and Drug Sundries
BRUSHES,   every  kind
FLUXES of all  kinds
PERFUMERY, best manufactured
BALANCES,  best   makes  only
Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Just a few left of these nice crash suits
Just the thing for this hot; weather
Come and. get fitted out and do not suffer
with the heat
We also have a nice line of crash hats which
we are selling at very low prices
J. A. Gilker
The Furnisher
Militia Notes.
Major-g-neral K. T. II. Mutton, G.R,
A.D.C. to tlie cjuc'.n, anxl commander ol*
tlie Canadian iniliti;i, will visit Kootenay
during the month of October and inspect
the Nelson and other companies of Kootenay rides. Sergeant Carroll expresses
himself as highly pleased witli the progress which the members of the Nelson
company are making under his instruction. When the present course of instruction is linished any oflicer, non-com-
niissioned ofl'icer or private desiring to
take a course at Winnipeg for a certili-
cate "will be furnished with transportation
to Winnipeg and return. The pay allowed by tht! militia department during
the course is $1 per day for officers, i)()
cents for noii-coiiiinissioiied ollicers and
men and .'!() cents per day for buglers or
drummers. At the" parade last .evening
the following order by captain Hodgins
was read: "The company will parade on
Sunday at the armory at J ():-() a.m. sharp,
and march to St. Saviour's church. The
smelter band has kindly offered their
services and will lead the parade. The
N. C. O.'s and men will wear belts and
side arms. Gloves will not be worn.
Lieutenant Beer will have charge of the
\ parade."
F. IT. Smith, Nelson agent of tho Dominion Express Company, received a
telegram yesterday from the route agent
of the company stating that a branch
ofiice has been opened at Lardo, and that
in future express parcels iiiav be billed
to that point.
Judge Forin returned yesterday from a
holiday trip to Balfour, and will be in
chambers at the court house today. He
leaves on Monday for Revelstoke to hold
a special session of court to try a case of
theft, in'which the prisoner elected for a
speedy trial.
Contractor Cannell commenced work
on the foundation walls of the Burns,
block yesterday.
A prominent citizen yesterday ordered
a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of port
to be sent up tq his house. They did not
arrive, and the purchaser went round to
the liquor dealer looking for trouble.
■Explanations ensued and the vendor of
wet goods stated that he had placed tlie
bottles on the V-randah of the parson's
new house next the church. It was at
the old house of the parson that the
liquor should have been delivered.
Tlie children   of  St.  Saviour's  church
took in  $80 at their -bazaar'-"yesterday.
"^S 0D_?n _^uIJ  ,_i   t-5     St-  "       -   D       "     D    ^  -f^-JS" Y,   n 'i.._r *".: d D." D_  i*-"' unCP .^ _,V_hrJnny-_ni].ng '
clincd to be silenced, but when brought
up before the magistrate he was disposed
of by being ordered out of town.
The city (axes for the current, year are
due and payable on the :!lst instant, and
the city clerk and his assistant are busy
getting out the necessary notices to taxpayers.
A basket picnic will be given in honor
of ltev. Mr. Lawrence this afternoon at-1
o'clock. Boats will be provided for ladies
unaccompanied by gentlemen, and the
picnic will leave Male's boat house for
Squire's point at the hour named. Tea
will be served at 0 p. in., and all are invited.
Nelson's soldiers made a soldiery appearance last/ night a.s they inarched
down Baker street to the spirited strains
of music by the smelter band. Nothing
like having an old soldier swing alongside tlio boys. Sergeant Carroil's work
is already showing.
The old-time lacrosse players turned
out last evening and gave; tlie members
of the Nelson team who will visit the
Coast a little practice. The lacrosse
teams on the Coast expect the Nelson
boys to put ii)) a. first-class exhibition,
and knowing this the boys will be on
their mettle. It i.s likely that tho game
beween Nelson and New "'Westminster
will be played at Vancouver.
Judge Forin has givon judgment in the
case of: Vanstone vs. Symonds. This was
an action for damages brought by Van-
stone against Dr. Symonds for failure to
deliver a number of Poorman shares
after the broker had found a purchaser
for them. The evidence wont to show
that' Symonds had requested Vanstone
to sell 1000 shares of Poorniiui, and when
the purchaser was found refused to turn
the stock over. .Vanstone claimed $(i()
dam ages and judge Forin gave judgment
for the full amount.
\b^a: "p.y
""' iihoV$8i$plei\i .|i6dk/^dl^6ot-':;aiicl° "%ho"e%? 4®-
' 'C»*%*. ,1i]i.^;:foll4l\*?iiig.! JlxiOs: " 3. \%]T. :($(Hi}'%k '
■ Us, -S-g*Vfc %, "Wo0ii &k_ Shoe m.y i-ofo
;   §^i.uTfe^-;"Go.j gtiiji^d-.-Sli-e-.Co,, imes; „"IfD;l-
deii" As Co., alid' 'Otilier leading makers..
Book Binding and Book Making, in all
branches, and ruling of all kinds, will lie done by The
Tribune Association, Limited, on and alter tholulh of
this month.
To Let—Two offices in Aberdeen block.
Apply to Heer Uros.'
To  Let—The   building   corner   Ward
and Victoria streets—recently occnpiid by Charles II.
Ink.   Apply to licor Uros.
To Let—Neatly 'furnished: rooms at
the corner of AVard and Victoria streets. Apply lo A.
11. Clemen Ik.
a.tlo):V"tgr. tlie»re-Meue„e°
'&&$£ %*i_-m_^-'-rfft^
s00$^'$00k^^^i^ pi*(j(yfy y ■
y:-& stu^-^feii^"" It^ltoii-j,." 'h?iVipd^"Pj|j]-jk^r:
i3orf#y|tifi; wq&- eoxiiined fu>tlM. "city: .jo-f:
°yg$i$Mt$y -hpdygrxiailf- s4q°e%cfcth"- fii'dcl*""
"/estyj/$Pt>liqy titfi ^->Jti^Ld,^|^oJS^.Mgi=vI,53^<-^l.|>.°■■
.'„pbjiiY!gilfeibnsV"^Mch "}P^^ftfe-^d*fiito- the'
^aijcti%y- d_n'^e.^^iieiLf"r^h{^T3neki] V'He do-.
BAIvl PERS'j/E)«;c:u RSI0N IStSV
and P!&n!cSr*s! uiit  ":
PHONES"    BO* 98*
Anchovy Na$te"
Gaf-up"<3f all kinds
MpLcii%n*- ©he^se
Condensed CbfFee
Gdndenssed Milk
Gdndensed Cf_am
Devilled Haiti
I     1 IX    l^^-A-.^T'BETJ-R   &   GO. 1     1
■ w,       ■    &   ■ g; g>
Devilled Chicken
Devilled Turkey
Devilled Crabs
Devilled Tongue
Devilled Beef
Finnan Haddie
Honey in Bdttles
Ham in Tins
Irish Stew
Jams and -Jellies of all kinds
Lime Juice
Lunch Tongue -
Lamb's Tongue
Macaroni and Cheese
Pig's Feet
Roast Beef
Corned Beef
Sardines in oil
Sardines in mustard
Trout in tins
Herring in torn sauce
Herring in anchovy sauce
Herring a la sardine
Kippered Herring
Boned Chicken
Boned Turkey
Boned Duck
Potted Ham
Potted Turkey
Potted Tongue
Potted Rabbit
Potted Bloater
Potted Beef
Potted. Wild Duck. ..   ,
Preserved Bloater <;   V: . >;
Pork and Beans V
Russian Caviar
French Mustard,, etc., etc.
Js.lt-'.Worl.-MyCIiii-I.^Bffi?'.- ■
' *'S-0-ua.c. Ifpriestf dcMsingS,- ppoji'ip- seVVifiOj
'^i^l^SttoiitibV '0S'W;. W-eM -(Aid.artia%-3°s't"
:de_ii-- "to stxiihiy. joui8l ko irijitl'Oi' ab whitb tuS&t.,
Add."to'this our vqiiy large and complete stock
,oi W.'itche^, Dialnojid^, Fine and Medium
Grades of Jewelry, as. ^Vi_U' asoiu: up-to-fla.tp
MiaiiufaGfovipg PepiU't-jiei-tfc, wiiere Ve give
-^killed and jXrompfc attention to ippecial Oxd&r
Work and Hepairs.^ A business built upon
any founditt/ion other titan inei'it ifj Iftilt. up-,
on S.'tnd. WjS k.no.w tliat cveiytliing hero exemplifies tlii-.     We build for" the future.
Tea Sets
Cbf_ee Sets
Berry Sets.
Tete-Tete Sets
Suga- and Cream
Beri'S- Bowls
Bon Bon Dishes
Almond Dishes
Pepper aild Salts
P_lz;e Cup-
Cut Glass
Silver Mounted
Berry Bow*ls
Salad Bowls
Tobacco Jars
Olgar JarS
Bis cults
Etc., Etc.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges,
Iron,  Steel,   Sheet
Iron, T-Rails
Paints, Oils, Glass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
_\re You Going for a Holiday?
Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to
' huy my tackle from
The Lawrence Hardware Co.
Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson
which we are selling at a snap
The  Lawrence^ Hardware
. $efe phones' "IQ- £i;rjd''41." .PostoffiGe *Bq% -$*&>_-"W'""" ■  ""
■■ ■.■■'■■'$4. ., ■ ■ :
A-s \vc only employ tlie BteT A^tciiSuMc-
kh.S', youi' repiiii'.- .-jli.il;! i;cectve> oui- prompt attention.
NELSON",   B. C.
Direct  from the nianufactttrer in pints,  quarts, and
half gallons,
Lake of the Woods Flour in stoclv.
SKAt.KD TKNDEJ*iS, properly endorsed, will bo received by the Hdiiorable tho Chief* Coiiiinissionet'
of I.iinds and Works, Victori.-i, B. C., up t_ 12 noon .of
Mouduy, the 21st August next) foi' the creution and completion of a Court House at Kosslanrl, 11. C.
Drawings, specifications, and conditions of tendering
and contniiit may bo scon at tho Provincial Government
Ofllces al, Victoria, Vancouver, ltosslniid, and NelsOn, Ii.
r;. on and after tho 27th instant.
Kach tender must lie accompanied by an accepted bank
check or certificate of deposit made payable lo the unsigned, equal to a per cent of the a mount of the fender, as
si ourily I'or the due fulflllinont of the contract, which
shall he forfeited it the party tendering declines to enter
info.contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail to
comijlctc the work conlrar ted for. The checks of the un-
succcssfurieliderers will be rolurucd lo lliein upon the
execution of Die contract.
'I'endors will not be considered unless made out on the
forms supplied, and signed with the actual signature of
the tenderers.
The lowest or aiiy lender not. necessarily accepted.
Ileiuil y ('ommlssipner of Lands aiid Works.
Lands and Works Departnient,
Vicloria. 15. (;.,2Ist July, 18ia , "    ". ' ■
Haker Slrepti West, Nelsoiii Ji C.
Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and
Refreshing Drinks.
Next Door to
lJ. Hums & Co.
JI75. Haro,Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Corner Baker and Ward Streets.
Watermelons, Pino Appics, and all other Fruits
in season received daily.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
lee Cream Soda and
Milk Shakes and Buttermill-
Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays
Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery
Hoarding and day schcol for girls, will rc-open on the
1SI.Ii day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For terms
and prospectus apply to
Agents fo   Hnsdewood Ico Gream.
■ The Tangier Mine, Limited. Albert Canyon, on tho
main lino of tho (.'. 1'. It., 22 miles ea-st of Jiovelsloko.ro-
q 11 ires six good milium. .Wages $3.5- por day.


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