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Railway Graders Strike a Bonanza.
A strike of good oi'e was made last
Week along the line of construction of
the Canadian Pacific railway one and a
half miles from Duncan City. After the
workmen had quit on Saturday night,
several blasts were lived, with the result
that they uncovered soinefine looking gold
ore. .Tames McVeigh, one of the contractors, at once located a claim,and A. L. Dolan
another. Since then there has been eight
claims located on the lead, which is about
twenty inches wide. Samples of the
rock were sent to Nelson this week and
assays running as high as .$2000 were obtained.
North Side Won.
A cricket match was played yesterday
afternoon between men whose business
places are on the north side of Baker
street and those .on the south side. The
latter went in first and compiled 73 runs,
W. A. Jowett being top scorer with 22
runs to his credit. For the north siders
Walker, who went in first with Sykes,
did well, making 13, but the other batsmen failed until Forbes came in and made
25 by hard, clean batting. Towards the
end the game became very exciting, and
when the last man went in two runs were
still wanted to tie, but Christie and Courage hit out, winning the match by eleven
runs. Williamson caught and bowled
tliroe men, two of the chances being very
hard ones. Hardie also brought off a
couple of good catches. There was no
time to play two full inniugs, but the
south siders went in again and knocked
up 1(5 runs for 8 Avickets before time was
called. Following are the names and
full scores:
Sword, run out  J3
Williamson, b ICIliot  12
tleathootc, b Elliot.  is
Williams, c sub, b IClliot	
D. S. llardic, b Hrown	
-Jowett, c Matthews, b Elliot	
Johnson, b Elliot	
Fletcher, cand b Elliot......	
Cioepel, not out'.	
St.; Itarbe, It Elliot: 	
J. Ilnrdig, It Elliot..	
Shaw, b Hrown	
Extras ..' — ....
Walker, b Williamson,	
Sykes, c Johnson, b Fletcher	
Elliot, c and b Williamson	
Norcross, b Fletcher	
Forbes, c 1 fardie, b Sword, 	
■ '■Brown, c and b Williamson	
Sims, c Hardie, b Sword.	
Gallilior, e and b Williamson..........
Jarvis, b Sword —	
Courage, b Williamson........ — ....
Matthews, b Sword	
Christie, not, out.; .-.. —	
Extras '.... ■■■■■■ .... • ■:...........
■f. :ftai" i.".,,".?:
i. rti u '/ft'oa^
\ = S&\30
Both pleaded guilty when arraigned be*
foro magistrate Crease. In the first case,
in which it was shown that a regular
business was made of the illegal stile of
liquor, the magistrate imposed a fine of
$100 or three months imprisonment. In
the other case a fine of $50 or two
months imprisonment was imposed. The
prisoner Annie White paid'her fine while
the other woman went to jail until the
required amount' is raised. In these
cases tlie warrants wore not issued till
Friday night. They were then taken to
Robsoh, executed and the prisoners sentenced inside of twenty-four hours.
But the Work Not Completed.
W. P. Tierney & Co. will probably finish their  contract   for  straightening out
the  Columbia <fc   Kootenay   branch  between Nelson and  liobson  by the end of
the present   month.    As  was expected,
the amount 'appropriated  for the work
.has proven  to   be   insufficient,   and  al
though the  work  done  will   greatly improve the line there  remains a' great deal
to be  done.    It  is  just  possible  that a
further appropriation   for the work may
be had this  fall.    If not it will probably
go over till next season.    Before Tierney
& Co. commenced work this summer there
were no less than 82 bridges between Nelson and liobson.    The work in hand Avill
reduce  this   number   to   about   71.    As
these bridges require to be repaired from
time to time, it  would be much cheaper
for the company  to  have  them all filled
in, and this will probably be done before
the work on the  branch is considered as
finished, such wooden  trestles as it is impracticable to fill being replaced with iron
and Steele  bridges.    Tierney  & Co. have
now but two pieces  of work to finish in
order to   complete'-their 'contract,' and
their force has  been cut down to about
40 men.    They are  now  at Avork on the
road around the big bluff and at another
place  three"miles  beyond  the crossing.
The big  bluff section Avas considered as
the most dan gerous piece, of road on the
jbvaneji&but" -'the/Avork™ now* in handSwilP
Friday night eleven men were transferred from a Canadian
Pacific steamer to a special train in waiting- at Five-mile point and
conveyed thence to Ymir. From that town they were taken to
the Ymir mine, a property managed by J. "Roderick Robertson,
president of the board of trade of Nelson. The men are under
contract to the "Nelson District Miners' Association," which is
made up of the Hall Mines, Limited, the London-&_British- Columbia Goldfjelds, Limited, the Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited,
the Duncan Mines, Limited, the Exchequer Gold Mining Company, and the Dundee Gold Mining Company. They were secured
at Sudbury,  Ontario, through an agent sent from   Nelson.    The
in full below:
contract which the imported men signed is
Memo, of agreement made the thirty-first day of July, 1899, between Ben
Gilbert of Sudbury, Ontario, and John'E. Mitchell of Nelson, B. C, witnes-
seth that the said Ben Gilbert covenants that he is a competent and reliable miner, and that he will work tit the mine or mines, managed by the Nelson District Miners' Association, or such other mine in the Nelson district
as may be directed, for six months from the date of his arrival there ; and
John E. Mitchell covenants that he will find employment for Ben Gilbert as
a miner for six months, subject to good behaviour and capability, and that
he'will guarantee his pay at the rate of $3 per day for an eight-hour day
and $3.50 per day for a ten-hour day. (Signed) B. GILBERT.
(Signed) J. E. MITCHELL.
the Cr.-inbrook Herald. And what is
more, the work is bringing forth the most
satisfactory results. Southeast lvoote-
nny is looked upon today as one of the
most promising mining fields iii British
Columbia, and it will fulfill every promise.
In the Slocan District.
Notwithstanding the fact that reports'
are sentcbroadcast that mining in the
Slocan is at a standstill* the following
items of mining news were clipped from
the Sandon Paystreak of .yesterday:
The Bank of Montreal yesterday exported a gold brick to the United States
assay office at Helena, Montana. The
brick wascyahicd at $3400, and is probably the output of the Athabasca mill.
Thomas Kane, of Kane Brothers, general merchants at Erie, is in Nelson. lie
says work has commenced on the Relief
mine, which is situate thirteen miles from
Erie. The work is driving a tunnel 100
feet by contract. John; Campbell has the
contract and he employs seven men.
The Noonday, on Four-mile, made ii
temporary layoff of most of its force on
Tuesday. On Wednesday the men working on the development broke into two
and one-hiil f feet of ore. The force is being put on again as fast as possible.
Another,, big strike was made in the
No. 5 tunnel at the Payne last Saturday.
'"-The ore chute has widened to nearly two
feet, showing solid geleiia of ah unusually high grade. No. 5, which is in 1400
feet, is the deepest working in the camp.
■ ■*■
In England are,Losing Caste.
(Special to The Tribune.)
London, August 5.—It is understood
that one of the principal government
measures for^ the session of parliament
will be old age pensions, and there ■'•is
every prospect of. a hot fight over the
.bill, „ ManysuBpQriei^bf^tii§goye.rinneB.t,„
•"• „"ffi,r'Ju"i»l ^dl'teiv^St^-rj'p^nv.-ieSViu'g'' - on °tl|-e
■;>J$${§%f!i®tik)! %&C $$& ::}&mi^i lBe;foie
°" fche^OveviiiYi^hiifei'-be^M^
-   pUov|§iana|)rJjo]4m^
i-. ;cbifr°£"sitli »*g§f, 'Blil^'ei? edilc^(6nfli»l.ffacilities
-"". kv't'fan\ftit^
".Vrsads} kM\ "oi^x\atj^qu^s^lpft'|{onf °lpibaHu-
■ter^si to l|ossIand. No .cl^miitoi iietidu
'Was"'£al]ceii rfegardiiig the eight-hoiir law.
^■eo^illfilb.telB'inad-fe'aip^lM -Jk 'Q'J$* Fraserof
■„ Rpssiaiid, T. Mayhe Da)jy oillos^llMid, and
.7..X^odyiiek Rpbei4sGii\c)f Nelson, was ap-
. pofntod 'tf?" draf £ a? nienioviali lipcJxi the
suiijeetk It do°e§ iipti appear wJiat the
epitiniittee is tp do wj|h tlie meinPriti;!
when it is draifcedjas it washptantjioriy;-
ecl as the expveSsioiii of thP convention.
Nelson w^s selected as the place of ineet-
iiig next year. The delegates ar^all pleas-
ed Myith thcM^^i^J^Rpsslaudaud expvess.
{"ifiSfee; Ih'biiJdTO^ ;?icf» TisKi"i|i\t'l^j3voBsll)'g;ibf'i
''pass^qge;f^tn>ifis:, % Whefi"," liiip'/IS^s^M;
Work! of!!*hV° j3bH^iTaetoX°s.°fS°;°H^sii-e;cl^*t:liV
; eoiiii)auy ;t\tllT} ji^'e a ..solid- ijoft*dbed«iili
;i.rov!ndi'.the-b1nu¥='"." ". ■- .■'"    ■ ■, "-"';*^v:>
.-   -.-_■.; -v. :'::^v.-.,,;'■--„,;,,>■- ;-■■ >.*', \.^
• .^lnGrei-S=Mpmen.i's,', Efcqmf^Q^slandj,;!^.-".    »
""RasarkifijJ"■"Aiigjisij "5v'^Thg~*0r„e,B. s's'liip^ -
mjm;ts!£oi' tlie* ^eek: Qndiyg<f"today ^wbk&i
aiSjrjroxih6t;tely ;t0f|2iohSjViis;ibllpws:"
IBlie belief that much good will come f rpm
the Work of the cohvention,
Willi be the City's Wiarf Sereafter.
The governnient whavf has been formally turned over to the city authorities." This is better thaii haying the
whavf controlled by private individuals,
but it Will mean a considerable Outlay on
the part Of the corporation inputting
the whiU'f in veptiir. Notiee of tlie pro-
vincial -.government's action in vesting
the title to the whavf in tlie city was received by city clerk Straehan yesterday
in a letter from Hon. C. A. Seihlins pi-o-
viiieial secretary. It recited that an
order-iii-coiindl had been passed vesting
all interest in the wharf in the Corporation of the City of Nelson. The order-in
coiincil, which is dated July Slst^ 1899,
reads: " On the recouimehdatioii of the
honorable the chief .commissioner of
lauds and works, his honor the lieutenant-governor of British Columbia, by and
with the advice of his executive council,
doth order as follows: That all interest
in the government wharf situated at the
foot of Hall street in the town of Nelson
be transferred to and vested in the corporation of that town for municipal purposes. And it is further ordered that a
certified copy of this order be transmitted to the city clerk."-
Illegal Litraor Sellers Sentenced.
The provincial police gathered in two
Robson women last evening upon charges
of selling liquor without licenses. There
litis been several complaints of illegal
liquor selling in the vicinity of Robson,
and as a starter the police gathered in an
Italian woman named Nellie Collavica
and another woman named Annie White.
The former was conducting a blind pig
at West Robson and the other was selling
liquor in a brothel near Genelle's sawmill.
LeRoi to Northporfc Snidlte.-. .„..,.,
■War Bugle, txMrriiU'sinclter,;..,.
Iron jMu.sk', to- Northporfc sjneltcr ,
Ceiito 'Star1 to. Tfaftsmblter.,.,..
Total1,... „■; .■,....!,..w...,.,.
.". '2122
.. '""'840
.5- ■ m>
,-   «>o
. ,*."0C2"
fiaM^et to Alderman „ T&oinsoii.,
The banquet which was tenclergd tb
Henry B, Thomson last evenings ifppil the
occasion of his departure from this city
tp engage in business, at the loO-mile
house in Cariboo, Avas one of whieh any
mliu inight well feel proud. It Was at-
f riendsliirTMr. Thomson has gained since
his arrival in this city, and the wavmth
of their reception of the toast to the guest
of the evening showed that Mr. Thomson
has more friends in Nelson than could be
mustered by two tramway 'companies
with a gas company thi'own in.
The toast of the evening was proposed
by W. A. Macdoiiald. He prefaced his
remarks with a. neat tribute to the good
qualities of Mr. Thomson and the regret
which all experienced at his departure.
He then read tin tiddrcss, which will stand
framings in which one hundred citizens,
through the medium of alderman McK.il-
lo'p, expressed their regard fpr Mr. Thomson and requested'him to accept as a souvenir of the same a handsome gold watch
and chain.
The recipient acknowledged tile good
wishes of his fellow citi/.eus hi a nianly
speech. He said from the first he had
received uniform kindness from the
people of Nelson, and whether or no he
deserved the manifestation of good Will
which had been displayed in such tangible form on the eve of his departure, he
had endeavored during his stay in the
city to earn it. He had been made to
feel that Nelson Was his home and the
opportunities which the Cariboo offered
to him in a business way was the sole
excuse which he could plead for relinquishing for a time at least the many
friendships which he had formed in Nelson.
That everyone enjoyed himself at the
banquet goes without saying. The arrangements came as near the perfection
mark as such matters ever reach. A
quartette composed of Messrs Thompson,
Caldwell, Prosser and, Hardie gave a vim
to the singing while B. E. Phair maintained his reputation as a host and gave
good fellowship every aid to put in a
thoroughly enjoyable evening.
^Me'asunre-^°Go\ii*d»n. iioverviVe -a"ep;e«5lI.edfTii,i£ a«
^cleinOfrsitic cbixntvy:.   It is reeognr/ed-ou,;
of tlie IJiiited ■ States-- and:-.Europe;!.while-
Much Activity in East Kootenay.
"      Fort Steele Prospector.
The amount of development now being
done On  claims in   the vicinity of Port
Steele is marvellous. It is said-'that never
in the history  of the district has there
been so much activity.    On Bull river are
aiid: iliere," is"; .af ^ti'cles^eigbd,^enejj-n^'';that,j
■ 'hiight ^k^^Sptfin'ilejciiriYfg-^he tgy
.a;gaiub"hb^tile fleets., ° A^s" fo°lilie old age
pensioh   seliemei    many    people   think,
that   it    will    fatally    deerease    tlie
senslei of'.cluty tpWtfeliliefainil^rtudi'en-
der tlie citi^eia less tli.r[ffey aiid energetic.
Whatever faneiful reasons are offered
for the Visit of tlie French, liiiillster of
fbi^eign ajfairs. M. Uejeasse, tP St. Peters^
1 burg, it is safe to assume that it has re-
fereflce to the present: unsettled condition, of European politics.. The appearance of the United States as a World power
iB priniai-ily responsible for this distxtrb-
friction between Germany and the United
States, the latest being Dewey's alleged
Avarlike statements, which give European
Statesmen cause for uneasiness and are
regarded as a motive for emperor William's overtures for a reapproachment
with; France. France is still smarting under the humiliation of the Pashoda
affair, and is inclined to meet William
if once convinced that the Russian alliance litis no real value. The primary
object of Delcasse is therefore to get piib-
lic evidence that the allionce holds good
by persuading the cssar to A'isit the Paris
■exposition', and by personal contact with
the Russian court aiid statesmen to ascertain to what extent the alliance may
be relied on.
The visit of lierr Fischer, special agent
of the Orange Free State, to Pretoria is
regarded suspiciously. His influence,is
not expected to lead president Kruger to
accept the British proposal for joint inquiry into the effect the franchise bill
Will     have      upon      the      Uitlauders.
The condition of India continues serious, and except in Bengal, practically no
rain has fallen in Western or Southern
India for nearly forty days. Tlie Bombay government is already seeking means
to cope with the famine, which will be
severe unless rain conies.
Riots in Salsburg.
Spocial to Uio Tribune.
Salsiu/rg, Austria, August 5.—There
were renewed, disorders here yesterday
evening, the demonstrations in the
streets after the meeting at the German
National Club ending in a free fight. The
people'stoned and .fired revolvers at the
police. Finally the poJice.'.chai:'gcd.;.\y'ith.
drawn swords, but had. to be; reinforced
by troops before they cleared the .streets.
A number of rioters were badly injured.
- Tr(i"oy; Gheejt'j; ,MIning; ^QO^aijiy".. "T, Ile-Se
• clain|ds°'a-re! .liM^llSsTfipji;^;; .soi-ile, ,of tfhefm
^re,now:i'ead^tO sltf^ ^^.liifllfto^hej'S^VJlj"
°n:eqnu'e-but littlte wojuk. .Tiie .Cli'ibkah-Hin.'
:).Stoiie/W,ilI -,cM^.Ule^^c"e\„^h|pull/e,n;.tS, 'as sboW-.-'
:°'a|°'"°4i|S„ i?oard/toP - tji^^i^iy/t^-plptecl1.1
; 'T|i,.e^tel|a" M|i^ sei\f|i^L*4lj|^icli«eTl^QViS! -6f,-:
;^li:g8lrJpi°'a;d'.e- '*r^ ;read^°; to 'siup^ -/(§v&°$.-£$.
jb"^|li'ahll>oned^f i^
,' this', citn "'.Be ■ 'related. ' 'Seveljal '"of" -the
claiinrs oh th'e WiM; Horse t&tiil its tributaries can,  \Yithr little, preparation, ship
***•■■-■ ■',-■■,';.^'/;>■■■-,'";  ■." ■'
.. . It is to/Be a right to a PhiishL
; ^ir^foliowiirg is clipped from tjji-p 'Sslil-
doii fieview, tlVe oi'gau; Of the Mine Mau-
;agers' Union, and 6an be taken that the
Mine Managers' Union, intend to fight the
Mine Workers' Union to a finish: "Some
five Or six mor,e mine owners joined the
Mine Owners' Association at the meeting
be almost a unit in, whatever stand Is
taken on the labor question. We have
no authority for saying so, but still believe our surmise from, the first is correct
—that the governinent will be induced
to suspend the penal clauses of tlie act,
and that the mines will start Within a
few weeks,as they were before—on eight,
nine or ten hours as may be agreed, on.
The owners do not object to an eight-
hoitr law oi' eight hours as the basis of
payment, but they do to the penal clauses that tienp the liberty of the subject.
We should not be surprised; if in the
meantime the government and the mine
owners jointly submitted these clauses to
the privy council in England for their
Opinion as to the validity of the law.
The mines, Under suspension of the penalties, could be operated til! the .same
while the matter was being considered in
England. It is Whispered in some quarters that more than the Slocan owners
will shortly be in the association—its influence will be provincial in. extent."
Wages Paid by the Lucky Jim.
Kaxlo Kootenaiiii).
Our reporter saw A. R. Brown in town
this week and obtained from him the following figures as to men employed and
wages paid at the Lucky Jim mine during the month of July: One foreman, $5;
one blacksmith, ten hours, $1; one carpenter, ten hours, $4; two engine drivers,
ten hours, $3.50 and $•(; eight machine
men, underground, eight hours, $3.50;
two mining on surface, ten hours, $3.50 :
three carmen, underground, eight hours,
$3; two surface men, ten hours, $5J; one.
cook, $3.       __
As They Are Contrary to Law.
British Columbia has a law entitled
"Master aiid Servant Act." It was
amended last February. The imported
miners-from Sudbury, who are now
working at the Ymir mine, of which J.
Roderick Robertson of Nelson is manager, should be made aware of the act.
Sectiou-3 reads as follows :
3." Any agreement or bargain, verbal
or written, express or implied, which
maybe made between any person and
any other person not a resident Of British Columbia, for the performance of
labor or service, or having reference to
the -performance of labor or service by
such other person in the province of British Columbia, and made as aforesaid,
previous to the migration or coming into
British Columbia of such other person
whose labor or service is contracted for,
shall be void and of no effect against "the
person only so migrating or coming.
(a) Nothing in this section shall be so
construed as to prevent any person from
engaging under contract or agreement
skilled workmen, '.not. resident in British
Columbia.; tor perfo.ishi*.l!iboi*Vin.«33ritisht
is&giiWiij -ti'iipiy . °$o ft%aci.ie-r.^;;.^p:r
-.-„.""*''.—,. "v-.V... 4? •■%„. s;nn\ ■■?<» „"
... ni,}" >Sl'oca^v.^r„e'»";SMpment;s..„"^ -.
iiJXe "Sloca*
juines. "fpr. "the^'ye'el! -S'lkljiig:™
1 ~ %."■■ ■=*."■„ °\*f'..^.".■ '3'onsf
V.-« i;.y- -'x-•»>.-. .;„r"L-J"s*/''fi1-
». ;i«i •„•!«• •!••„• "..»•.    P.O
• •„...>. .....,„«..,.,...„„'2ii
The Ruth concentrator is taking on a
business-like appearance as it nears com-;
Xiletion. The outside work is about com-°
pletedand the painters are busy/'putting'
On the finishing touches. Some of the
mtichinery is already in place. /
On the Ajaz Fraction the men are work-;
ing eight-hour shifts  at $3.50.    Maurice; '
Giutzbergersays that he has absolutely ho-
complaint to make; that so far as he eaii
see the work  done   in   the shovt shift is;
equal to that formerly  done in the long/
one, and that the Slocan miners, whoih.
he considers the best class of workmen on ;
earth, are conscientious  enough to give
value for  every   dolhir  they receive in/
Avages.    Mi1. Gi ntzberger is not a member
of the associatioiii and does not mixpoli- .
tics1 with mining. '-„■-■■ -    -.T'-"./:/-
. The strike was two months old on Tues-/
day.    During this time tlie police station
has not had  a single occupant, and the;
police and J.  P's'have  done no business.
None of  the mine   managers or miners/
have broken  the   peace,  and jags are as/
scarce tis currency  around a printing office.    The present is  probably the quiet-/
est and most   dignified   strike that has"/
ever taken place, and the mine managers /
and miners deserve credit for the orderly/
and decorous manner in which they have /;
conducted themselves.  :.-
Eight men arc working oh the Txiltiire /
clainijiminediately below the Trade;Dol/;i
lav, running a crosscuttnnnel. ■ They;ave/
i n 1 GO f cet itn d * expect /to ' tap  the ' ledge /
Si^;ai:^^o.u „itlie% dulMpj"»tak&i^tom^the5*
: have ;e;y^rytli;ing,f..i'Hiiningd .smoothly4 be«*
'"AM/^w.U4*H.,ft^-\s ,;„"."»"» wft1'^'"s"".*'"".   :.!*.f^="'.."Si'."0;i°'»»'.'s
i- -tf.:*^..
More Jnoney is .being .. expended this,
year in the way of. mining development
in Kttst Kootenay .than ever   before, says
In afl^lftiiai^,6S|; tons w„ej.re slijppodfrom
th'§" Jiajlibler-'. .ajiifl - Anto|n;'e"° ltiilieif t1'iir"u'ig_
July./--"     /',-'      "° •;■•• v'." /
"Ii Taking.'a, v^ery Active Part,
It Seems that tjle niembers of, the MhlQ
Ovviier^/Prdtective Union held a'ansetfyg
at Satidoji !Oii Wedhesday. Among those
present frofti Nfelson were <l. >T. CHnipbei j
of the Bfall.Mines, Lixuited, and J. Roderick Robertson of" the Londori &' Britisli
-Coin m bla^Goldiieldsr^Kmitodr^0ije™af"
these gentlenieii took particular pains to
send a message to The TuihUaVb office
saying, that his visit to- tlie Slocan Avtts
for tlie purpose oft! purchasing ore. and
not for the purpose of attending a secret
meeting of tlie Mine Owners' union. For
an outfit that has been specially well
treated by the Miners' Union, the Hall
Mines, Limited, is taking a very active
and not a very honorable part in tlie pro*
sent -dispute.
Wily Orientals.
(S.p«ci;tl to THo Tribune.)
Nrcw Yoiric, August 5.—A despatch to
the World from ilong Kong says: Agu-
inaklo has an advisory council light in
Manihi. Hong Kong having been
made to hot for the FIHpinas through
tlie efforts of consul general Wild-
ma h, the rebels decided to
establish hetidqua iters in Manila.
They were encouraged to try this daring
■experiment by the fact that under a recent decree of general Otis the Philippine courts are now conducted by
natives. So Crisanto Lechancho,
treasurer of the junta, went boldly to
Manila and professed friendship for Otis.
The scheme worked so well that the delighted junta has celebrated its victory
with a grand ball.
vfe;-'8— ■
The Rebels Got Even.
Special to 'Cub Tribune.
Maxila, August 5.—The steamer Saturn us of the Campania Mtsritimtt, coasting under the American flag was burned
Wednesday and -her crew is missing. Details of the affair tire riot known. The
captain of tlie Saturuas once obtained
possession of a ship belonging to the
Maritime Company
/been/ tx%iiluitfg/.tl^
'eno?hploetect' tl^^ ;>^^ini^^fe°1pii>^!}i^|f
day for J.loS^hCntll': JAf^^|Coxiofi/l?ete%^
bomugli5 '0/?ta^:::wlg}>repv^u?t|V^^
capita lists negotlt vMJ) g i o i'tMW ^p^opei^^s
.spent,a few o>jrs:<it.io^l':J'a'4°^%°^¥^I-'
left on ,Sinidi(i.y'" for-' Rqs^wW"^^^^!^*
Coast. The experts were, ae^olnp^viyetfch
liy thoi-i* w'ives;ahd by-Mrs;- .Jaines^^qd-^^ipfj
■erljam, of l*pron.to. ■ 'The n.e.^'otliVtiiOji.fea.reig^.^|;i
"Wiu"g;1wriell=tm^JhTtiie/qnietest pQ3slbre^//r/51;
manner, but it is .believed locjvlly t|i/kt :n"":lf:=|
the report will be. satisfactory/ .TaM:a^,\"p/;^;;
■Cox & Co. of Toronto' are rephtod-' t& - jb% f „:/HfSf
the purchasers. -   ■"'. ' \»'i«°7$
The management of, the Mli'iiiesota'".-„"!/A/
Silver Company; has decktcd' to go. 'alietiS: .°/|".,''/°;
immediately with "tlie eonSti'ttetiOi), „6"f /^"/
their tram and, coKeenti"itor. G. F. B'arfcr " ^\:^h
left of Butte, Montana, Who, has beeh iiiD" ;"1/.|
■town for,.the jia-st few dttys, has beej! iu/////*""!,,
structod, to jii-eparc plans and sp;e6;i;fie1s- - "^j
tioiis for a 100-ton eoneenti'jitor Of the °/^
uiost ntodern  pattern,     $lv.  Bftrtlett is :°l$
one of the most widely knowij and  inost h':
successful builders In the JfortlnVesti,   lie „ ?
has built many  large  uiitls  in  Montana "./;
and Iditlio, and at present has two under 7
construction at Neihartr Montaiia,     1ii,e Ji
site for the concentrator has not been
chosen yet, but it will be below the town /
within a few minutes  walk  of  the  city /
limits iind, close to the C. P. R* track and
K. & S. spur. The tr'a'mway will be between six and seven thousand feet long.
It is not yet definitely flecided what pattern will be used, but either a, Fjulayson
or a Bleichart will i)robably be adopted*
Preliminary surveys are being made and
contracts will be let as soon as the speci-
ffeations can be had. Work on the concentrator will be commenced within
thirty days, and the mill and train will
be completed and running before Christmas.
The Marion Bonded.
Spcciiil to the TriUun?.
Ni:w Drc.Nrvrcu, August o.—David W.
King, representing  Toronto parties, has
purchased-the   Marion   mine, adjoining
the California mine, on Silver mountain,
near this town,    Tlxis is one of the most
held at San Fernando | pvomising properties iii the district.   A
by tlie insurgents by mooring the Sat- 1 force of mew will be started on develop
urnus alongside and hauling the other I ineut work in a short time. The pur
vessel away in the night. 1 chase price is not made public. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,   11 C,  .SUNDAY, AUGUST (i,   1899.
'Tis not always the prettiest ones that go first and
though we have only a few left we have still some of
the choicest patterns of our season's stock. Until
these are cleared up we will give
Any 90 cent Blouse for 50 cents
Any $1 Blouse for 75 cents
Any $1.25 Blouse for 90 cents
Any $1.50 Blouse for $1.10
Any $1.75 Blouse for $1.40
Any $2 Blouse for $1.50
Any $2.25 Blouse for $1.75
Any $2.50 Blouse for $2
The chance of a life time to get a good blouse cheap
Baker Street, Nelson.
©te Alburn.
Dailt- Edition. First Yeak, No.. 1S3
.Weekly Edition  Seventh Year, No. 3S
To pass a law which has shrunk the stock of the Payne
.mlno a million dollars to the loss of bankers in Toronto
.-'■. aiid Montreal is statesmanship in the estimation of popu-
listic demagogues.     ; :
: The above statement is made by  the
■; Kooteiiitiau of Kfislp.    It is not a  statement of fact.'-. ..-The Payne mine is  c'api-.
change1 value of the mine and one-half of
one. per cent on the stock exchange value
of the mine three months ago. It is very
evident 'that, the eight-hour law has not
had anything to do with the drop in the
selling price of shares in the Payne mine,
or, for that matter, with-the selling price,
of the shares of any mine in British
Columbia. ■ '--.-'■ . ' ■■■-.//.; ■'■;'.
Were   the   president   of   the   Nelson
^'tbf/|%!J»ii#ef„aflltijaleys,. as „riigh;^hat5» 1$j
^^thai^h^:pay4ii^of:|^0 |qi>-safe ei^life;;
Wf"^Q^^^f^W^v "m^*V"1v'lMt^^n|l^»:#p<
^IeJs]fihc£ .scale -vi$. ptf&v^e#^0v$Vh&
f^'Iiiiii5;"down "was iti-ade?' T]ie force"^voit|c-.
f ."^/^ing/i'uiiei'gi'O'U^tl .i'n thev£ayn,e, vtfc jio'«.tiine.
':/°" ^Jle^edM 1:50 #htn\. die hundijed' and'
3S^n=f^3G5^ays^atrtfif tyxentSI*dfeyf
•a,..«  -
iSmountS to .$172.fS0 per man, or a^ total" of !'
$26^8f 5 for the year, ov Just six-te|iths.of
One per cent on  tlie present stock ex-
USB filSEM I %
Headquarters fdr
ihitis^ IpokHdl-'f 6'r'1 'fehsiness:'"'. 4
,*"|l/. ^Qiai<3.5{j|'GE"„" R^ibgVFS&f^. -fCritf;.ip^>^oj5f:;
^:!i§sOlip%«f .eohdojifiiing .tlie ;gOvel)-nne|p>?
/f(}r.«'.pli"ssin!*". tfe "eigli^liOU'V''.'-law."". -Tliisn'i
?ai}ii"^t° be°Dgi.slljiT-g" tp, tlfegeVtwO" wortlifes^/"' '•■
- itif ^h"e»"."'.%ihiflV-"g^.erip|ieiity ^av& tl'io-'J
; cOift^Vg?' 'ftO Jd'eelafe" th'at -110■ aiioro %'W;s|
>;shM|".be/' ■p'hisetl' 111" -I^itisli   Goln-Mibilt*
while thp3f»,„are in poAyei:, their liold^ 0n?,
^iJicff-vall^n^t 'bO' "terniijitited' for rfla^J/a:
I'xi'ay,. - "Mue-teiitliB' of'-'the- people of fll'e<;
Iprovyiee,  are   tiTSd   of   the   coiTitinujil
ciiiinges that are made in the laAVs, audi
the province were unable or unwilling
to protect life and property, and now by
being a party to tlie importation of contract laborers, J. Roderick Robertson has
shown himself to be unlit for such a
position as president of an association of
business men. The board of trade of Nelson should ask Mr. Robertson to hand in
his resignation.
As stilted in Tun Tin hunk several days
ago, Alexander Henderson, M.P.P., of
Xew Westminster, litis accepted the portfolio of attorney-general in "the Semlin
government. IIis re-election will be opposed by the Brown element and the Columbian. The young men clement of the
town will stand by Henderson and elect
him, just tis they did last year.
Work   Commenced on the  Worth Star R.R.
Cnuihrook Herald.
Dirt is (lying on the North Star branch
of the Crow's Nest Pass railway, and the
work of construction on this much needed road is now under headway.. Reid &
McRae have established one camp two
miles north of town, and Avill put in
another this week near the St. Mary's
river. Teams are already tit work on this
section of the road and the force will be
largely increased as soon as Mr. Reid returns from Macleod. This firm is now
looking for 200 men, and are offering $2
a day for laborers and $30 a month and
board for teamsters. Mr. Lund's outfit
came in yesterday and it was started for
the work this .morning. Grant.& Shady
have established their camp near Barnes'
ranch and are at work now. The time of
year promises" excellent weather for the
work and it, will be pushed fonvavd as
expeditiously as possible. It is thought
that trains will be ruuning into Kimber-.
ley before Christmas.
a Around Slocan City.
The Chapleau closed down yesterday.
It is understood that the company intends laying out iilans for work 011 an
extensive scale. Mr. Williams., the superintendent, leaves at once for London,
England, to consult with the company.
Mr. -Jeffries,- expert for Dickenson &
Webb, made an examination of the Slocan
Chief and Kootenay Queen last week,
and as a result a deal is being made with
Pearson brothers, the owners. J. Christopher, .who was injured a "few-.days ago
in tlie. Arlington" mine by a fall of rOck,
is improving rapidly at the hospital.
•^•&-*#''srnVn* s\"Q" - °s. *» «'mm^%Trri'r-h'-iTr;^ «>' JHaVe^'iist";rceelve-d5a.;conSignnient/of .Ha^fchoiriC' ■
{uJhB%^Q^is^]iiAitI^.:^o|bajir''bkr^'iiid eSamiivo.fihiH.'Stdcfei
.°R^ft'^."^    m- .?.."...*-   %?^.^„FP.Bff°.U        ^   „       *-    .  m '. °^ D      "". .-     D      U_°.    " .m..L   ".."go.'
B:V fii'St attempting  to show that the-
constituted authorities in this sectioii, of
Wo raako a specialty of
Sfjipiap ar(d Double Dressed IV[aterial
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Shingles an.d Lath Kept in Stock
Oflleo and yard near C..P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.
$^oWi^fc:M$^^ g&t,
^^m-fyaffm^^eamep?, .   :   ■' i
Do you Jcndfw'which is  the
No <k$& asMfyg fyQu Who keeps
it, you all know who keeps
oihly the best
Hudson's Bay Stores      \
Bold in pints, quarts, err
the galloni
°.?Sixtjljun.arcdjdollars',JSvorth»df.' iite\ft.{jooul''.novvM
|ii'&; yoJlt in#o.c"ti6i"i.r^I gwru'aftjiCefsaUlfiicti.oiftpiMiQjs
^|ITS.1$25v/:- "/" .. ,:l|i.'l|W
11 'N"clspn:!,S!nfp-t:6-rdrttq' Tailori licxt Iyo;atcnay=rCo|loa Co.
Wo hate a fliic assortment; of n>voolcn« always
011 hand. Goods made tip, at the ,shortost possible notice., As every thing is kept Biid made
on the premises, satisfacciou is ass.u"rod.
be,"b'l-:iit°'' 3itj&N5;ss;AtNn:diisro;RNajiM,°~i
.„.,.,„--„ --,r. - - 'eph'i-
"■."S'tfce^vGorneri...:a ....-s.^.'..t.;-..a....„,,.=.,".ip:,,^;u..„.,.-..,. >,".".,.„,, o!"„„■
25 liy 120 jvith Jinproycin6iits, south; side bt Veriidn ..' ., *
n n ;Str;o'o| ....;».„ ,;■;..;., .,.•,.:.«:".::.,. :„;-.. ?:*.:,. ;v.° •,"•■•;...,;:-"-. *0o%
,50,oy:i20 Wjth imprflyciiioivtefsoutftsiiio^of Vcrji'Sn"...    V
street ;.;,..,.;;,.".",/„./:,-•,;-*"..«".»..„....,.»{.,-.".■■. fiooo^-
'"2J■,lpts1^^n:tK'Cot'tag,iWh1io(l|a't°SiS.permbntl^ %ctori&': ,, n.
:h.. :s.tfect.;. .-..,v„,..„..-..y.".!.,",./;f.T,./,,.,sv..,v'S';,./^so..,.u.uin:Vo3500.."°'
I lot with cottage, rbriicctatJjlt) „pner,ni.on.tii>»Vi6tbna -y»   '
i " 'iStrebt...,..,...,,..:,..,.-.'.,.:.,..«,."..-..,.."..;.„„,..'i„.s,i.,l.,.•: .,;2500"„
1 2tete.with cottageroiiCcdaiiJao periihonthV SUiiiley   :
street,",..,..».,;;'.;,..,.,.,,,.'.".,.,..„:,,.,;...,,.,.,,;..,.„....M>;.„ soosj
C lots in block \$D, all cleared 'and fenced iftr-....... '2500"
AG'KOTS FOli, " ' - -
J,,:8l, J. TAVL0R a^PEg
,°"°. .Srirics-ai-idAliiiijijgj.StlBclcs'".-":1'..*1*| "*„eiIstbmk.'I3r6kOF>
j"nn-n^ R|Ain^^AT^^p:;B|^^A^^GlE^
West Baker Street.     telephone 13.
Having leaned the business of the Xclnon Soda Water
Factory. 1 ahi prepared to,supply the tradu with nil kind.s
of carbonateil and aei'al,c<l water.-'. Kamily ordure soliui-
led.   J-'roiiipt delivery.
Factory on
Hoover street.
The Prices Are Right Too.
Thomson Stationery Co., Iff
asrEjriSoisr, b. c.   .
During the, season wo will deliver ice nt private rcsidenceN
and business houses daily in any
desired quantity at casonrable
prices.      .
5 gallons Boot Beet . . 10c
2 gallons Lemonade . ,25c
Effervescing Health Salt 25c
Bromo Seidlitz .... 25c
Bromo Seltzer . . . , 25c
Lime Fruit Juice, pts . 50c
Lime Fruit Juice, quts .. $1
Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt
The Genuine Montserrat
If you want a,natty, stylish, mijt'Of clothes lot-
Sprittg and summer, 1 have oyer; 500 diircr^
cut patterns of Scotch and KngliKh tvVoeds,
wbieli 1 will make to your oi'der Jtt Uto Ift^y;
price* of ,., .,....,......§25
Jjlnck Venetians niako a nice suit for summer ;woar at , 821
Black sci'ge suits in sack or morning coat. .821
A heavy Scotch tweed,  nico patterns fop
business suit , « ««■ .$18
Trousers at equally low prices. Fit aitd flliiSh
no bettor in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a
specialty.   Clement block. Baker street.
Steverjs, Tlie
Real Estate and General Agents; Baker St., tfolson
§350 will purchase a choice residciiee corner, 100 liy 120
feet.    .
§2100 will put'cliaso a coutral lot and residence.
§100 will  purchase two nice lots and shanty, Uobson j
street. I luine, addition.
§3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.
W.OOO pooled Kairmont-I cents:
Blackcock: (Yinir) shares'20 fidiifs.
»00O Utica at 1J. ceiits.,
Canada Drag and Book Co.,
Corner of Baker and Stanloy Streets, NeLson..
and Fancy Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin
Switches from $2 up.
MRS. J. \V. KIOAHNKYhas opeucda Ladies Hair Dress
ihg Pirlor in roohi 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is pro-
pared to. fu nish everything in the way of hair goods
and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.
(ISx-Shcriff of South lCootenay)
CaRh advanced on consignments of merchandise.
Vostonico Box S72 Nelson, B. C.
Turtier & Bocckh block, Nelson; B. C,
Containing 120 acres of land within one and a
quarter miles of Nelson.   For further
particulars apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.
Baker Street, Nelson
ri%'0 lots with two-s'tory iioiiwo on Latimer
street', .neftr .IBscphiHo .,, 	
''I'isf'lllKf     Sl"nii Ml^U    1lr>
APPLY ■       ,..   .
J. LAING STOCKS, SeeJ?etar»y
At office of the Duncan Minos, Limited., Clement &
Hillyor Block. "    '   '
Vienna Restaurant
Baker street, between Josephine and
Hall streets. Nelson.
Palace   Bakery
Broad delivered to any part of the city.
Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.
    $1200 Cash, balance on mortgage.
S'isly-nci'e 8'ancli, Siino,milesfrolri-cilyorilako
shore.. u......;.:—:-.-.' :.;.... .'Siooo
Oitc-hijlf cash, bSlaueo oil moH'gagc;
On loan conditions arc the'cheapest jtiitl best
ofrefcil, You can repfty at any time without
bonus; . .
British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan ConViteny,
Globe Savings & LoOU Co., ToronlOi
Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.
Baker Street West. Nelson, B. G.
TO LET—Several houses of different sizes.
FOR SALE—Real estate in all parts of the city.
v. . Next to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson
L. Pops
WABD      STREET,      T<Ttt7Li303&
EWART & CARItIK—Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.
Nelson Or-
occasioiis on
FB. HARPER, musical director, leader
. • ehestra. Musicians furnished for all c
1 short notice.   Telephone 62.
33>S5 THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. C,  SUNDAY, AUGUST 0,  1899.  Bane of Montreal  Capital/  Best,'  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, Prosident  Ron. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON Goneral Manager  til. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nUANCHKS IN       ���  LONDON   (England),   NEW   rORK,  and in the principal ciU<�� In Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH CLLUiVIBIA  NELSON  Is tjow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  liny and sell Sterling  ICxohangrt .ind Cablo Transfr  OltANT COMMKUCIAI. AND TIlA'-KI.I.KIt8' CKKOIT3,  available in any part of tin: world.  DRAFTS IHSUUD    COM.KCTIO.VS  .MALIK; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID      -  STEALING LIGHT.  Montreal Gazette.  There.'is-''one..commodity in the Montreal market which' is bought and sold,  which several firms are virtually making  barrels of money out of and which thousands of people get bills for every month,  yet it cannot be stolen. The firms that  deal in it produce plenty of it and deliver it to their customers in all parts of  the city, but nobody can steal it; there  are laws-protecting these firms in their  ownership of the strange commodity, but  they are not aimed against larceny  and several persons are now under surveillance for taking the stuff without the  consent of tlie manufacturers, but tliey  are not and cannot be classed as thieves.  The commodity is electricity. Gas can  be stolen by the bucketful, and is every  day in the week. Thousands of feet of  the gas company's product is every year  diverted from the meters arid used illegally. But the cleverest thief cannot  steal electricity. He hiay tap the wires  of either the Lachine Hydraulic, the Imperial or the Royal Electric companies  and use the "fluid" to light his saloon,  but after the current passes through tlie  apparatus it all goes;back to the various  plants. There is none of it used or  wasted. The companies get back just as  many volts as they .sent but, whether  the current is used for ten incandescent  lights��� or  10,000. :. Therefore,the  subtle  "%  .^i  ^tgf^^Jiie'rg^lie. ^onjplari^  C /^]^it��|t}] i o"ee��.* Is��0 i-sl.^s-^iii&e.iS't^Sla.lf1' Ji^g'^iiVs^".-;;  b%in]Dern,i^Nath^*-hfe ^raes\.;6'f f:tli'efsCO?i^|  "And you have to pay for  them," says  (lie electrician.  CHICAGO ��of course.'"  " Well, why not get enough electricity  for your money to light up the whole.  There's your a,re light out there, and you  pay for all the ciirrent^that goes through  it. The tire light will mini just as good  if the wire is supplying your saloon, and  you're entitled to till the current on that  wire because you pay for,it."  If the saloon man relents, and there is  evidence in the Grose Secret Service  Bureau that he lias in numerous instances,  the electrician -makes a bargain for ^a  couple of dollars to supply the instrument  which will do the work. This is a piece of  iron fitted with clip springs which is put  in where the feed wires of the company  pass through the building. Then, taking  another wire, he lays it close against the  springs, and that night when the  company turns on the current  the bulk of the electricity is diverted  from the meter, by the cut-in wire, and  flows into the saloon, which is at once  brilliantly lighted at a trifling expense to  the saloon man.  Just how difficult it is to discover this  sort of swindling'is apparent at a glance.  In some instances a flat rate is charged,  and there is no chance of an employee of  the company dropping around and making a discovery.  "Where ameter is used," Mr. Walbauk,  of the Lachine Hydraulic Company, says,  "it is mucli easier to detect the fraud, as  the amount which passes through the  machine is so small as to excite the suspicion of the inspector who goes around  every thirty days. Of course, this other  sort of work is discovered only by accident in some cases by an inspector stumbling on the wire or something of that  kind." !-"A" .���  .  There -are  clever fellows  engaged in  this sort of work in Montreal, who  cover  their tracks so  well, that they  are not  ieasily-elelteci^  inenfcM��he=,;f!e33dr:wires; an some, lobscare;  discoveiieav  avhere thBisprwrglcIi.taa-.iis  that,  m>i  ff ��{afjj&>^r^^  B^fi!^p4�� 'TtQ^it^\i-iT*digfi^fe|ii,^^1''i"^h|r- ^^i'sttei���'i���i,  �� Jti%|ill;^ifet���; tfef ^fe��a}5yg ;|o* jip^iip.. "��tli"e  ;.."%teo>'^.'fa%cl:.-Iteisu-"."flo^ix ���%?&^;.pl{ts!t'e);ihg;���'���%$.  ����� svire> :j6he;.pj{jc'e; �� .^h^ue'^fili^jyibeji .jeinaiuv  n4uffficiifiVecte^di lyftiriftej, d^iijvmqiio'f, !66^ii%��^,  l-vbnll lt;i j_|ay;s04;|atl,y ;tWd6"^b\isiu.i3'sSf ti%. ijl'-��  t^s'tiijuib" -���th Ss ^cula'ieiit feiSj,. jiiU;iie<J.�� ipjjx,-. TJaeiii  stsWifes ��tlf<3:; c^l^y-'u-ibTiec^itsilln', iiBiVitil-y \<$  p'M^G^i^^-'^^i'eii'siiipA, iuv"tlie jM^Jyessive  ���  tihlUgf of "''Sfeafei1'* ��p|r]xajjsu"   the   former  - OAyuei' of ����t ciipaii slibp Mdiich failed, or  ��� else a'u  ex-^ntployee Of some reputable  CDiicern, *yh-q sees m0V& mgn&y in ,sight  fiiirougli {iii ingenious deyitee which lias  ^beeTf^piifelJtjprt  ruake the necessary coniiecMous tliau he  could earn in legitimate channels, and to  the iiiiiih he approaches the simplicity of  the   scheme;   of   getting   something for  nothing is explained,  "Ohj but I don't know anything about  ��ele��tlu��l&y/, says the SiilOpU-keevior. "I  .gixess tlie gas is, all right."  "Well, there's m\ are light or a row of  bulbs in front of youi8 place,'* urges the  tempter. ..���-."..  " yes, there is," assehts the Saibtiii niltn.  *Ol;lKr-s#iis'.n��t>so*&^^  :���plySborro%|^t'h]e^ei)E'ei'g#it^  ^tifb* cqi|4?^%l4'^r;" 4S'"l^^i i&i'formea��fi^sl<,  ��"fui-ietioiis^h��iig|it-^ ."."Mfitlre'?  > ciirrent^lter passing |lirpugh] tjie ;.fainnp.&^  -������r6li\fvifs/t6^t'lj[''e'l3laut p>er ii ifegatj^ejwn'ef}!  "     "-^       4V rT.un.       "--nun*. r lP D 'q'ritl ri n "jT 'PCi      u  ^^       0      ��  .an'dT t,he phly*charge that"/cstii^be broiigh^i  is t\ufltoeriug�� witli, the Wires' f61; "pefesoiirfl":  gaittr" -^. ..' ������������ ���������' :- '���' .��� [_������'; . . .-���'���'    ,  PreferredB a Fijffit; to Ki^icule;  "Why did yon; ;resist when tlie mobs  told yoii  to shout  '��i^e rariuee'.?' " SaidS  MrSCtSLLAWEOiUS.  FOR=SAIiE^Lots=18pl9=and=2Q,^Blocfc=31r,cornor-Car-=  bonateaiid Kooteiiay streets.   The residence of C-v  sheritr Robiiisoii.   Price $4000.         ."  WA!NTED^-A good sliingle jointer" "at oncci   Apply  G. O. Buchanan's lumber oflice; Nelson.  ���tTTANTED���Good gencMil servant.    Apply at ofllce of  W    Galliher SC Wilsoil.  30  Mch at Yntirto workon voads and fails. "WagCij  ��2i50 ajid ?2,75 a day.   Apply to John Lindbldd.  thOR SAJiE^ASO-guinea gnu. by Holland & Holland,  ^ rtild a case f alfep an S-gUInea polo saddle, by Criite  of Beldraye so.uai-e, and one double bridle. $125. Apply  at The Tribune office. Nelson.  dn tile iSti'eqt.   Owner can  sanieby prbvirg owneisfiip and wayihj| eogt.  ".   Apply at Tr.e THbutie dfliqc, Nelfton.  tpbUND���Snni of wOiioy  ���*���    have sanie hi  of adyertisenient.  $1   and $L50  Arrangements have been completed for two performances in  Nelson on September 9th, by Lieutenant Dan Godfrey's celebrated military band.   The performances wilt be held in the Nelson skating  rink in the afternoon and  evening.  FURTHER    PARTICULARS    MAY    BE    OBTAINED    FROM  J  the friendly Parisian who could speak  English. "If you had humored them  they would have let you alone.''  "I knew-that," replied the American  with the blackened eye and bruised nose,  "but I wasn't going to ghre away my  pronunciation - of French before all that  crowd." '  Otis Practically Superseded.  Special to The Tribune.  Nrw York, August 5.���A special to  the Herald from Washington says: "It  is understood that the plan of operations  for the fall campaign in the Philippines  contemplate a division of the island into  several military departments, and general Lawton will have a command in  which the cavalry troops will operate.  It is probable that general Wheeler  will be given command of a  brigade of cavalry in general Lawton's  department. The boundary line of Law-  ton's department will embrace the territory in which there will probably be the  heaviest fighting, so Lawton will be in  direct charge of the most important forces  in the field, and iu this Avay general Otis,  while not being officially discredited, will  be relieved of much of the l'espousibility  in the conduct of war, and will be left  free to perform the duties of military  governor.  . Secretary Roots short experience in  the war department has already convinced him that the views of the military  commanders sub-ordiuate to general Otis,  who favor a larger military force  than  recommended by that officer, are worthy  of serious consiilertition. There are reasons to believe he will recommend that  the force be further augmented.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  J. M. Coombs,  R. McLean. Kaslo  J. A. Harvey, Fort Steele  E. J. Walsh, Eort Steele .  W. H. Cory, Hamilton  H. Thorburn, Silverton  J. A. McKinnon. Silverton  W. I). Scott, Ottawa  CI. C Rowan, South Omaha  I>. W. Moore, Trail  T. A. Garland, l'ortagc la  Prairie  W. H. Vass, Montreal  Douglas Carson, I't. Steele  E. Nelson Fell, Athabasca  mine  U. C. Kingsbury. Spokane  John MclCano. Kossland  A. C. Klumerfclt, Victoria  QUEKN'S.  Winnipeg  A. II. Metnlyre, Portage la  Prairie  G. S. Stirling, Toronto  .1. E. Bowles and wife, Oakland  Miss Mclvcer, Oakland  W.   8.   Hascltino,    Rome,  Italy  H.    O.   Ilascltinc,   Rome.  Italy  PHAIR.  I . Marks, Victoria  Cieorgo Wegcinisi. and wife.  W-i'orlno  K. I). Richardson, Rowland  J. C Dufrcsne, Athabasca  B. H. Trothoway, Goderich  Pi Burns & Co.  wnor.ESAr,!-: and retail  S. Baker, Huston Corners.  Stanley Davis, Hrockville  M. Glaner. Crcston  Albert E.JcH'crson, Crest on  CENTRAL.  I S. Jones, Robson  Charles W. Bohcrly, Malta wa  G. Peebles, Bonner's Ferry  George Green, Athens, Out,  GRAN J")  W. It. Wilson, Kholt  Robert Brown, Mordon  TREMONT.  J. A. Elliott, Sandon iW. T. Passe, Moyic  Charles  Matheson,  Green- i A. Desmond, Itosslaiid  wood   ��� . I  SILVER KING.  A. J. Rainsvillo, Balfour     I M. Murphy, Rossland  J. Turner, Kaslo        - | J. McLaughlin, Brandon  MADDEN.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at /Jelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  promptly forwarded Fjeacl Office, Nelson, B.C.  Frank Campbell, Crcston  William Wells, New Denver  George Bartlett, Yellowstone mine  E. Jackson, Creston  T. Rnll'ortc, Butte ,  J. A. Ferguson, Vancouver  John Holmes, Macleod  F. Henderson, Winnipeg  J. Morgan. Silverton  H. Watt, Kuskonodk  West Kootenay Butcher Co  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.'  Newel Posts  Stair Rail   "  Mouldings  ;3ningles  The Tremont Hotel  IV|AL0J4E & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarteps ftp Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  i*��5::Dressed?,liunil'erK^5a 5  *.*.l��.��^hai'y6u\wsntisDn"ofc:in sfock'-svo wilF,iriako*it;i!orp"y6iO  H^^Ti^^^^B^SjK^/.'NgCSQlir;  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEfl'S HOTEL  Ain,a��7rf  Baker Street, Nelson   E.C.TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Large Consignment Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS ,  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.    Orders filled Promptly.      ���  THEO. M7VDSON  TENT AND AWNING MANUFACTURER, BAKER ST., NELSON  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLEWHAITB  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construction fe  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mlnes^T^wiiag;';  MjAnvjiUctukkbs of and;  ' 'j^gu^i'.-'sitid'' "S'ressed; fiiiWiie'r  -'Fenp^' "ftfsfcs" ptid Pielets- ���.  Office aiM S0re Filtingfs  FACTORY WORK DONB TO OHDKU,!  =t���. S,l'01U-AS^=      ' .        ... ^  jScrolI Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  > Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  "Large ^onvfottablo "$c$rdpihs .rtn-^llrst'cls'tss (dining  'nro.61]!S'��"nSaniple"=rOp;ns' fpij ^onlmcrciar.iiJcTnj "./��� :"   n�����  ���jIjatgn;.o4;flio���3tbyal, Hotel; ^fr^itjjy-.  Ji^JiUMI^Jlanager,,  The finest hotel-in tho interior.  Large samnlo rooms.   Stfiiim heat and electric lifeht.  CQRNi'TR Off WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  'Sawmill oh Government wharf.  Factory and oHIqo,, corner Hall street and, C.P.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  AT  G. 0.  A large stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone 91 Jofoll    R&6,  Lime 70 Cer|ts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at govemniotit wharf.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.       T. a.'FROOTOR, Manager  BAKER AND, WAftfi STlCR'^tt'S, NKLSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained, tinder one  nianagenictit"stuco 1890.  This licd-rooins  arc  i^qll  rurhishqit  and   llghLcd by  clectrfcify.  f ho dinidg'Toom is hot seepnd to any in Kootenay,  The bar is always stocked by itho host domestic and  irivportcd lifluorg and cigars.  THOMAS XlAbDEN. Proiirictor.  Largo and well lighted Healed By hot ai  Reasonable rales Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every roam  Renovated and refurnished throughout;  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V, PffiRKS, Proprietor  Frco bus moots all trains Rovakfrtkn   R  fi  Hourly street car to station 'HBWiaiUKB,: D. U.  Niglit Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and .departing by night trains.  THE BEST GE^;SS',Of BEER I# NELSON JS-  KOOTENAY BELLE  '?'��� X ���>'  m^M^fm^m^h  3?JTX:ii���l3'.  ���-J-a  ��:&4fti  *aJ|^|  *mm  t :  =eorher:Silica?and=  Stanley Strcete.  Ernr  Strictly fir.st-class.  Rates, ?:i per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNISHEU ROOJIS, SINGLTC A.N'U KN SUlTlO.  Hot and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped  with exits and fire escapes. 5th flloor Marion block, corner Rivcrsido and Stevens streets.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  COFFKE  NELSON, B. C.  ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS    IN   TEA  AND   COFFEE.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Madia, per pound S   In  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds. ��� ���  1- W  Fine Santos, 1 pounds   1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds    1 00  Our Special Blend, 0 pounds  ���.   1 00.  Our Rio Roast, G pounds   1 00  A trial ordor solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   Block,,   West  BaJker Stseot  ,2 Cars .Early Brortkfflsl Brand Kffgs  1 Car Swift .Si, ("o.'s Ilftms, liit��i)ii  and Lard.  T Cur finest Cifuainory liutlur iit'tlli>  3SIK ftjid ailt�� bosfosund HI., 211., aiid  Slh tins. o  2 Cars otutsvr t'otatoCM.  Wholesale Only.   Write or Wii-e for Prices  Nelson, B. C.  ASK FOR  Wafeon repairniK proinptli��;a��tondpd toby.'a first-cfasfl/i111*  wheeKyrigW. .. *   '?""��� '"'"��� ��� ��"'  Special attontion givefnio nil kiiids of rdpairing aiid"' '.  .cufltOm=-woi,,k=:from=ou,tSidc^r)ointfl.J '���"���" '-���S   ""������"  Sljop:   Hall Street, ba.twaen; Baker; and Vernoji, Mefsefi  GENERAL  . AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co,   Standard.Bilu-Cb.  Washington Brick af\d Lirne"^.^  The H. W. WJcNiell Co., Ltd,, Canadian Anth'ra*  cite Coal (Hard) "J^  Dealers In  St. Alice Mineral Water  from the famous Harrison Hot Springs. . . .  A COOL MEDICINAL BEVERAGE  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NELSON  Thorpe & Co.,  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AXD BOTTLERS Of  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  l,ro?e&dto8t^rtrad0. *���*W *t HelS0��.  s  PAYMENT:M;USt ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Age^t.   ��� . . ^���i._,F=J   ���:.:   Nelson Iron Works  MANUKACTUKKKS OK  KNGINES. BOILE3RS, SHAPTINO. IBON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP EVERY DESpRIPTI)()W  Repairs promptly attended to,       P. O. Box 173.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF  PYTHIAS-Nelson   l^odgc.   No,. 25,  Kn.iKhfs.or Pythias, meets in J. 0.0.If. Hall,"corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday eveningr at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited todltond.  T. 1,1 LlJK.C.C. ���   R. G. JOY;-TC; of-B^fc-S..  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. MeetB  Becond' Wednesday In each month.   Sojourning  brethTon invited.  KELSON L. f). U, No. W<>2, meets In I. O. 0. F. Hall,  corner Baker and Kootoimy streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday Of each .month.   Visiting brethorn cordially invited.  JOHN TOY18, W. M. F, J. BRADIiKY, R. &L THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C.,  SUNDAY, AUGUST <>,  1899.  Mail Orders Filled km Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIF1ERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT   MEDICINES  FLUXES of all-- kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES,  best   makes   only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  Comer of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA   ^  THE LOCAL NEWS QF THE TOWN  Game Protective Association.  Local lovers of sport are yohifr to organize ;i game protective association, and  not one minute before it is needed, as  poaching on the lake, is greatly on the increase. On Friday night two men were  observed opposite Roberts' ranch with a.  sieve net which they dragged up towards  Five-mile point;. Night lines are also  nightly set in that vicinity, with  the rcsidt that theiw are practically no lish iu that part of the  river at all. It is believed that the fish  so caught is sold in Itosslaiid, as fresh  trout are obtainable in the restaurants  there every day, which is certaintly not  the case here. Such methods of fishing-  are not only depriving Nelson of one  its great attractions during tlie summer months, but they are contrary  to the law, and attention of the provincial police authorities is directed to  these depredators.  lias   fallen   so  days   that the  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher   '  mmMMz  -. "'l?t;j.yiiLb"ot .'Co? yotii,'''iKlj&ita.g$ 'to iee^ftvi'&r|jp"  arid' cOinjJl'cta, ��toc]<" of jBq'ots. ftiifl Sliuods:?\Aro  ". '��?niirry   the   fbllowmg  lm.es::   j��� .3s.. %" Bolt,, *f��s  %\ "ICin^tfc   Co., North Star jShoe G.o.,,"|*Q"otgi  Schiilte ft, Co., SteAtford" "Shoo Co.-,. Amos, HoI--c  dcir &. 'do.-, and otli.er; leading, iYiakePs.   "  Va   ��%��n    ��n   fl    q��  .26, AT8J) %S, WT'EEif' ,J3AJ��rcjft STIlKK?!. N'KlsSON  .    ,Si ��'. ,  r"  tS&2$$l&$��$$$&&sgS  t    "^     '    Vu  '.".'���a?  f. ft d^��  nn    a  ">M  38  fe"n ��!J3   ffn  .      &  % vl*��  JS  |.jiPD -non       n  as  $7.  as.  fe��3Sj$jf$5#g8$^8^  msi?  o6  :$  as-  w  s&  ^  a&  .����;  SSgiggSSiS?  ��.  ��S  ifi  ��� w  as  n  NELSON.  The water in the lake  much during the past few  steamer international was able to discharge and take on freight yesterday on  the north side of the wharf above the  saw mill.  The meeting of the residents of the  Hume Addition and Bogustown, for the  purpose of electing a board of school  trustees for the newly created Hume  school district, will be held in the little  Baptist church on Monday morning at 11  o'clock.  William Moore of the Royal hotel was  charged before magistrate Crease yesterday with interfering with policeman  Hardie in the discharge of his duty.  Moore was pnmmeling Silas H. Cross  when Hardie put in an appearance-in  civilian's clothes. Not knowing that  Hardie was a policeman Moore proceeded to strike at him. The evidence went  to show that Moore did not know that  Hardie was a policeman and the magistrate dismissed the case with a warning  to the defendant. He also made the remark for the benefit of the police commissioners that it would assist officers in  preserving order if all policemen were  furnished with uniforms, ���  Annie Wood, the Argenta woman  charged with stabbing " lied" McLeod  Avill come before judge florin on Friday  for trial.  Thomas   Powell's   fighting  tendencies  '.have' got him into   trouble   again.    On  Fridav  evening  while -watching- a dog  _ 1511?^��#'��yi\*l/��3f"li^^v -fpXi'is- ��� ;;f:nt.'iiisiieel? :tfo<ix  '^��uit'ditt-iBn^for^^^  4yjl'blfe^p^^  .fej;))��j^M^niori-fi���ng< ;"-; -\    "���"."���- ����  'pled/.iln."l^cftoijj'Qii .Sa^iut&lyX;6Jie. iii*'  'famt ;sOn".Qf Sir.lituid j\!lr^vl:31n)ei'Ti'ts^orth,.  The fkiTeral* Will talc(3.placue this afternoon  .Ait ,& o'clock.      ��� ...   '���;,"       ��� : " ���   ....  I\ 33urns Wias- in  YaiiCOtivej.5. on Wed-  i.lcst"UVy> ahd'd'uriivglris��� Stay"ciiT the Coast;  will  Complete iXeWilS ifor the  proposed  CAWfPEFtS;,, EXCiaRSIOMiStS',  Ar^D. Ple-NIGERS'LIST  extensions and improvements to his recently-acquired Cordova, street store and  the slaughter houses. Mr. litirns staled  that four carloads of cattle had left Calgary for transshipment at Vancouver for  the northern goldlields.  Died in Nelson, on Saturday, tin? infant  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. (.'. C. Hodge.  The funeral will take place on Monday  afternoon at 2 o'clock.  I". liiirns & Co. have moved their bus'C  iless office to room 2 in the Cleineiit-I lill-  yer block.  It. Codfrey has sold his interest in1 the  Clarke hotel to Frank Campbell of Ores-  ton, who will lake possession   next week.  The sacrament of the Lord's supper  will be administered at the close of the  morning's service in the Methodist church  today. The subject of the evening service will be "The Law of Liberty."  I'ev. .James Lawrence will preach a.  special sermon to children in the Presbyterian church this forenoon. Row It..  I'Yew will preach in the evening.  Albert K. Moores, whoso escape from  the Kaslo jail 'treated no end of bad feeling among the civic officials of Kaslo,.Avill  come before judge H'orin on I'Yiday for  trial upon the charge of escaping from  custody.  W. ].). Scott of Ottawa, commissioner  in charge of the mineral oxhib'n; for the  Paris exhibition for Western Canada.,  came into Nelson yesterday evening.  While here he will look into the mineral  exhibit which has been collected for this  part of the country.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Book Binding and Book Making, in all  brandies;, iiml ruling of all kinds, will bo done by Tim  Trillium Association, Limited, on and alter IhclOl.li of  l.liisnionl.li.  To Let���Two offices in Aberdeen block.  Apply l.o Mcer Bros.  To Let���The' building corner Ward  and Victoria streets��� ncenf.ly oceupi, d by Cluirlus II.  .Ink.   Apply f.o Hour Pros.  To  Let���Neatly   furnished    rooms    at  l.lio corner of Ward and Victoria streets. Apply loA.  II. moments.  Tin-:   Wisekly  TiimuNK  is  the   best  publication in Kootenay to send toonlsido iioinl,H. II. is  larsely iniiric up of seloeled minirg and loe.il nows. 1'rico  live cenU  For Rent���The residence at.the corner  of Vicloriii and Ward  sti'(?el.-.  now o.-cup I'd  by   \V. A  ai.'icdomilil, will be  ror rent, all. r  Apply to A. II. O'eineiilH  tlie    l;~illi   instant.  ^RESERVE THIS LIST .AND ORDER FROM IT  PHONE 8       iok" 98  An Entire O&f of  Is  Is  Springs  Fr-om G-eorge Q-ale & Son  # ��  A Large Shipment of  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co  I  "|X>.    M��A.Ba?HUB   &   CO.  Crove Hotel  Anchovies  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kiiids  McLaren's Cheese  Conidensed Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream  "Devil iethHaTfr  larden  NEAB FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isTEXiSOisr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT; IN.   KOOTENAY  Devilled Ghickien  Devilled Turkey  Devilled Crabs  Devilled Tongue  Devilled Beef  Finnan Haddie  Honey in Bottles  Nam in Tins  Irish Stew  Jams and Jellies of all kinds  Lime Juice  Lunch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Marmalade  Macaroni and Cheese  Olives  Pig's Feet  Roast Beef  Corned Beef  Relish  Sardines in oil  Sardines in mustard  Salmon  Trout in tins  Truffes  Herring in torn sauce  Herring in anchovy sauce  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chicken  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted. Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard, etc., etc."  Is It Worth; iiiytliini U Jm ?'.  Bsjuar.e. liqneXi d.^drng.8*, prompt ssottfice.,  st'Mct "attefffion. to your Oftlpis rtiid .all' eatiipikk  cjfesi'i'o to-. .Sfifiisfy yon;, no miftt'er .at wha't cost.  Add to. this, ouf very hirgn aixl comjilcte H.tooii  6i "Watches,/ DiaiuQndS, Fine aiid Klcdituii  Gnwicts of Jewch-y, as well aS.oui: up-to-date  HiuVufacteiring .Depaiitniejif^,. ..where wo give  Skilled find prompt attciltioli to Special Oi;dcr  'Work iiavd- Kepairs. A, hiisin-ess built upon  aily foundsi/tioii other' tlia,n itiorit is built, up-'  on Saudi We know tjiat OA'cr^thing hoi-c exemplifies this.     Wc Iniild for the -future.  Our Stock Comprises:  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  eavv Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  'OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  re You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  The  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ��    ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  hawrence  Hardware  Co.  t-7V^T  Telephones 1@�� arid, 41.   ^ostoffice Bo*: \K & W  14  EAST BAKER STREET  ?4- . ���  WEST BAKER STREET  Tea Sets  Cbffee Sets  Berry Sets  Tete-Tete Sets  Sugar and Creaia.  Berry Bowls  Bon Bon Dishes  Almond Dlsnes  Walters  Pepper and Salts  Cups  Prize Cups  Cut Glass  Stiver  Mounted  Berry Bowls  Salad Bowls  Jugs  Vases  Tobacco Jars  Qigar Jars  Colognes  Biscuits  Etc., Etc.  Ah w��'.o!vl,y (jniploy the 'J.Inst 'Watch;ma ic^  hhsj yoii-r repairs sliall .J-ecoivo ciur prompt at-  tentioii.  NELSON,   B. 0.  Direct   from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  ^\:i  Bilker Sf recti West, NcIkOii, It O.  NOTICE TO COSTBACTOBS  COUJRT HOUSE, EOSSLAND, B. C.  SEATED   TEfcDEftS, .     .  ceived bj' i,ho Honorable  properly endorsed, will bo ro-  >y the Honorable the  of I,unds) and Works. Vielorin, B. C. up to 12 noon of  he Chief Commissioner  Monday, Llio-2lst August next, for Ihe erection and completion of a Court Hou.se at Ko.ssland, B. O.  Drawings, .specifications, and conditions of tenderiiiM:  and contract may be seen at the Provincial Government,  Offices at Victoria, Vancouver. Uosslnnd, and Nelson, B.  C. on and after the 27th instant.  Kneh tender must be accompanied by an accepted bank  check or certificate of deposit made payable to UiO'iui-  sifctned, equal to 5 per con I. of ihe anion nt of Ihe tender, as  s< eiirHy for the due fulfillment of the contract., which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  into contract when called upon to do so, or if In; fail to  complete the work cont ra- led for. The checks of I he un-  succos.-ful tenderers will be returned to them upon the  execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, nnd signed with the actual signature of  the tenderers.      '_ ...  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  ���'���'-.���:'-, w. a. uouk. '  Dcpuly Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department, "'. ���'  Vielorin. B.C., 21st July, 18!)!). ''- "-":'.���  an  zpzL-cravr.BEKs, etc.  OPEEA  HOtTSB   block:  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets,  Watermelons, Pine Apples, and all other Fruits  in season received daily.  Come in  and try  our Ice Cream Soda and  Eefreshing. Drinks.  Next Door to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Hoarding and day schcol for girls-will re-open on the  15th day. of August. Vacancies for boarders. For terms  and prospectus apply I o     -'  ���   "MADEMOISELLE KHUN, Principal  Hazlewood Ice Cream  lee Oeam Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Ha/.lewood Joe Cream.  The Tangier Jlinc, Limited, Albert  Canyon,  on Uic-  maii> line of the C. P. H., 22miles east of Hevclstoke, n-   (  fjuircs six good miners.   Wages $3.50 per day. '


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