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At Two Million Dollars.
W. M. Botsford, Vancouver manager of
the Merchants' Bank of Halifax, reached
that place on Tuesday after a three
weeks' visit to the Atlin goldfields. Mr.
Botsford brought back witli him $200,000
Avorth of dust and nuggets. Speaking of
his trip to a, News-Advertiser representative, Mr. Botsford stated that he was
very pleased with the prospects and indications of the Atlin gold field; notwithstanding the drawbacks it had had itAvas
bound to make a. splendid showing. He
estimated that this season's output would
be at least $2,000,000. He had personally
visited a large number of tlie creeks
and felt .satisfied that in putting the output down at two millions I'or this season
he had not over-estimated the figure.
This too was being accomplished with
the.crude methods at present in vogue,
rough sluice boxes and, in many cases,
hand panning, no machinery as yet being
installed. Next year, when the work got
more organized and a modern mining
plant was introduced, he felt sure that
Atlin would go ahead with big strides,
and Avould become one of the greatest
mining camps in the country.
The recent troubles had been enlarged
upon. He had talked with many ofthe
Avorking miners, and they all appeared
Avell satisfied. There was little doubt
however that the majority was bitterly
opposed to the alien huv. Had it not
been for this laAV there would be more
people than money in the country today.
Many hoped that the laAV would be repealed aud thus remedy Avhat they considered to be an evil and drawback to
the development of the country.
The decisions of justi-.e Irving are
giving general satisfaction, and the government's decision to issue hydraulicing
leases will assist in firmly establishing
and deA'elopiug the camp.
At the present time Avork is progressing on nearly all the creeks-although the
high Avater has stopped work on Pine
ereek. The bench claims have hardly
been touched yet; these show Avell and.
there are some good grade gravel tracts
that Avill pay well for hydraulicing.
Wright creek has made a A*-ery good
shoAviug; tAvo of the largest nuggets Mr.
Botsford brought-out Avere from this
Creek, one weighing 10] and the other 14
ounces. The Atlin gold is also of a high
• grade. Some had assayed at $17.59 to
• $18 to the ounce. ..'■'■'."'■;."■.
Speaking;of Atlin itself,  Mr. Botsford
from Calamba in canoes   said a hundred
insurgents held the town.
A force under captain McGrath of the
Twenty-first infantry, and captain Eltou-
hord, landed east of the town, but found
a river intervening. Captain McGrath
and liciitrii.'int Balson swam the river
under a fire from twenty Mauser rifles.
Having crossed the stream the officers
procured a easeor to ferry the troops
over. The insurgents retreated through
the town shooting from houses aiid bushes
as they fled lo the hills.
Three members . of the Washington
regiment waded from Gascons through
swamps, often shoulder deep, while a
group of Filipinos,'concealed in haystacks,
were shooting at them until the Naphtha
focused her fourteen-pounders and gatling guns on the stacks for a few minutes,, Most of the work Avas done before
the Washington A'oluntecrs could reach
the toAvn The Filipinos left three dead.
Of the casualties on the American side
two of the killed and wounded belong to
the Twenty-first infantry. There Avas
much shooting by Amigos, Avho emerged
from the bushes AvitliAvhite flags.
For the Office of Attorney-General.
Vancouver, July 27.—A special to the
Province bearing upon the recent government caucus says: It has been learned
that the government members at the
caucus endorsed the action taken by
premier Semlin in asking Hon. Josepli
Martin to resign. Mr. Martin, it is understood, some time ago announced that he
would resign should those present at the
caucus decide against him, but up to the
present Avri ting, no resignation has* been
received from the deposed attorney-
general. There is nothing in the talk of
a coalition goArernment Avhatever, nor is
there any further change to be made,
saA'e in tlie portfolio of attorney-general.
At present the likely successor of Mr.
Martin is beiug discussed, and the opinion
Avhicli gains the biggest following is that
the •■'position Avill be filled bya man not at
.■prensen*e'«aii:;^]ie.^gislaM :iB™"
No Progress Made Yesterday.
The   saAvmill   men  of   Kootenay  had
another conference yesterday Avith aA'iew
to perfecting their organization  for the
control of the lumber business of Koote
nay and Slocan Lake points.     The Sawmill men of Nelson,  Kaslo,  Slocan   City
and Pilot Bay were represented.    Their
chief aim was to raise the price of dimension lumber from $0 to $12 per thousand.
Tlie scheme as  developed tit yesterday's
meeting was to establish a central selling
office at Nelson.    The yard .for this selling office it was proposed should be supplied by the several mills iii the combine
upon the basis of a certain percentage of
tlieir output.    To make  this effective it
was further proposed  that  none  of the
mills in the combine  should  sell  except
through the selling office.    In this Avay it
was argued that not only Avould the.mills-
be able to regulate  the price  of lumber
but they Avould also be able to economize
in their expenses.    No definite conclusion
was arrived at,  however,  and  the  mill-
owners' combine is at present as far from
consummation as it.Avas tAvo weeks ago.
Just wlntt the stumbling block Avas none
of those present at yesterday's meeting
would disclose, but from the fact that an
adjournment    Avas   taken  Avithout   any
date being set for a subsequent meeting,
it may be inferred that the  projected
combine has fallen through.     Whjle this
may be regarded as unfortunate by the
saAvmill meu,it Avill occasion no complaint
from those Avho are purchasing lumber
at $9 per thousand.      "'-.'■'■•
I'n^addition *-t&
n1"-   *     „," u n^LJ*_'l__T,1;5,-rti   <h   ~ °      n-_i*"h."na   .     "a
' "Mr>^t_tAroi
The Government is Strong Enough.
u r.J cr,J-i!ltJ_    Hnn-D        B        rtO'n15' "■n_~5i„  " *£ p    _„ 0, n   " UW, ", a "       _   l_'':-h_Tf -, "H, N _■
f utm'ev bbfor
|">" jqitiifetT"*%> °° fnaic-e'^iff pi. £./b:_t 'the. 'gre&fesfa"'
Li °^iuining>caffll)|iof"t'h*6 _5u'il-ry: ■■>' A.ifiuhbex:
°:py§j£l"($4h hi","4$o2yMMd$ih'i)is ■ "BahK (di
MlaAiid'x..  ,   "",("""   "]""■" =-«...." "   ■-■"","■..■ -
.-J'-;:   Th& SRaH^td's stqlenVflJetter.* -
' ^oNTKiM-1^, Jhty "'('M.^Thh■• ehiei a.j;gu-
nient jift'the Bell -Cf-sef,tbd^vy -Ayas oil a :
point as to wl.etb.ev Mr. (Serinau;," the
-^luerieau viee-consiil, tibiijd be Obliged to
give testimony aneut the stealing of the
Wlien Mr. Weir, for the prosecution,
asked fbr the administration of the oath
to the United States representative the
latter objected, stating that he "was present in liis official capacity.
Magistrate Lafontaine ruled thnt ae-
cdMing to the code oi procedure Mr-
German A\?ould be obliged td testify, provided proper affidavife Avei'e ihade show->
iiig that he Avas ah essential witness. He
. Avas then siibpronaed by both Sjdgs.
lamest: W. S-nmniei'skiil, complainant,
^yasoh the stand. The text of his testimony8 was tliat lie believed Bell had told
the truth Avlieu he swq._o to the affidavit
eoiifcssing the theft of the 'CaiTaum
letter. Detective Keller, aVIio Avas arrested; and discharged over a yen* ago on
a charge of having stolen the letter, wilt
be oh the stand tomorroAV. Mr. Keller
stvys that the letter was tftken to the
headquarters of tlie .Spanish attaches by
chief Eedfern of the Boston secret
Americans Capture Another Town.
Manila, July 27.—An expedition comprised of troops from San Pedro Macati,
Pasig and Morong, under brigadier-general R. H. Hall, yesterday captured Calamba, an important trading town on the
south shore of Laguna de Bay. There
Avere tAVo hours of sharp lighting during
Avhieh four soldiers Avere killed and
twelve Avounded. The trenches commanding the harbor Avere under Avater
but the swampiness of the land made the
work harder.
The force comprised 400 of the Washington Volunteers, 450 of tlie 21st infantry, 250 of the 4th cavalry, and two
guns of the first artillery. These Avith
the gunboats assembled opposite Calamba
on Wednesday afternoon. Crowds of
people in carts and on foot Avere seen
rushing to the  hills.     Natives  escaping
•■'■I WcTOS^r-l-JulyV^^Alfehotrgli""„HvliaJti:
5 tl'a^lpn;eil%#'ph%l^
L^pj-deciderto; isesigiiL his; -pJmpejt^t^tQhie^,
A party/of schoolteachers from Philadelphia and neighboring towns passed
through Nelson yesterday on their Avay
home, via the Crow's Nest Pass. They
haAre been on an extended excursion,
haA'ing visited San Francisco, Portland
and the Sound Cities.
Albert     Ernest    Coxhead   -'yesterday;
bought lot 9, block S, on;; eastern  Baker
se street?fromi-Wal;te_tv^3ull „- for^ »$;7Q|).> - Tli^
'" TheJb®utybf*%fe^
-■.-; ..." -^-ifl,-- ».-_■•'».■■_; .-.s--.•-"--•.-_,■-■" "".".»■»«-,. .."&.    -.v'ir-^.-  „■
.#*-" ;£*■«■»
;".g.iveu_ the.fgravestlxe'appeai'aneesofesbeing.'
...   .^CtS«.'ln>-!^W^"?.^^
i,sfir.-n"gl'y of »tiie°'j.'&°\i)-reeii^iiyhorh'.y.&".*%
Encouraging News From the Slocan.
Nkw Di_nvior, July 27. -The news of
the sale of the Galena. Miues has caused
much genuine satisfaction in the camp,
as this removes at once from the escutcheon of the Slocan a somewhat darkened spot. The successful operation of
the group will go a long way towards
strengthening the position of silver-lead
properties on the Bristish market, the
past reputation of the Galena Mines to
the contrary notwithstanding. W. S.
Drewr'y of, the firm of Drewry & Twigg
of this toAvn was the purchaser of the
property, having secured it for W. L.
Hoge of Anaconda, with Avhom was afterwards associated the McCunes of Salt
Lake city. Those interested decline to'
name the sum paid, but assert it is a bona
fide deal. Plans for future operatiaus
ai-e iioav being perfected.
'The scarcity of meu in the. camp is
most marked, and several outfits have
had to look elsewhere for the desired
help, eA'en at the $3.50 figure.
Mark Mauley, avIio is superintending
the development of the Black Prince on.
Springer creek, has the most unbounded
faith in that property. The ledge is six
feet wide, three feet of which is shippiug
ore, ancl Mr.-.-Mauley says the -mine••■will
rank as one of the big shippers of the
camp. Seven men are employed, which
force is to be increased. . Au early shipment is to be made, to be followed by
Adjoining the Black Priuce is the Two
Friends, Avork on Avhicli has been resumed
by a small force. The lead of the former
is believed to be continuous into the latter, forming a most valuable group.
}', Work done recently on the Bondholder
group, from the Springer slope, has disclosed a chute of clean shipping pre,
.which has been proAren for some distance.
: Springer creek is more lively than for
years, pro'iDerties A\r"orki n g from one en d
to the other, forming a lively camp—a
big contrast to other sections of the
tional minors luwe been put to work on
properties in the Slocan City district
during the past month, all of whom are
working on eight-hour shifts and besides
these there are a large number of men
doing development work on their own
properties. Among the working properties  are  the Arlington,  Two Friends,
Chapleau, Kilo,  Tamarac,
and Bank of England.
Black   Prince
The management of the Athabasca
mine is calling for tenders for au 1100-
foot flume to be constructed to their
mill. Tenders must be sent in by the
81st instant. "„
Nothing is being done at the Monitor
group, near Three Forks, Avhicli is under
bond to the Wilson "brothers of . Nelson,
as under the conditions of sale Avork is
only to begin on September Sth, when
the second payment falls due. There is a
large;quantity"of ore in the stopes, and
shipments will begin on that date.
The statement of tlie Queen Bess
Proprietary Company shows that the
galena shipped from the Queen Bess
mine in the Slocan realised over $S6 per
ton and the carbonates OA'er $_8. The
average value of the mine's shipments of
galena and carbonates Avas OArer $04 per
ton. After the cost of .mining, sorting, hauling,.freight, treatment and duty
were deducted the ore'shipped netted the
company oArer $20 per ton. It is for this
mine that captain Duncan of Nelson says
that he must import cheap miners from
Ontario and other eastern points.
"i|t *tjf^i^ii'ed'!; "(fpdlJ£ "^tlia,tr> plf£thib "'""fjiid^1
"iai;ewǤliD'.lo :'t%ei pfijcfals' >i-ii= wliis jfl^jsaivt"-.
meiit; audileayes for yanepviyeij ^toulgltt';;
.  W||ile„t|ie4siib.iec„t is .the pue^^tQpiQ^of".
c^i^/^ibfl.^-u^j, iin*i§: ";cj.u;it;e^;'appaf,ei:tiJ
thrtfcbublie-.opi-iion"is .feraetlellly '".iluffini-.""
'     □- . *-L|rfln        Ui^a1 *T_        - i.       u •    ■'*' • -u   D Ti1 *_D      -tin   _        g ,,    4rjm
11KH-S BijiDits^ai|?p hOvid" ',o%ihe;i:px(eihie"f'-$'JAer,
nxdiid: lOf JSlaftixi'sy r.efeig-n^ti'o'iLif" "-Th^fp2i^
a general belief thput? "the- caueiis AVaf.'pjy,
hostile to th& attQ*eney-general. tliat lie
lost lio tiiiie ill resigning tQaiiiiicipJtte
• As another result of fihis unanimity
tin realized that Avith the exception of
himself, there Avill not be a single defection froin the government ranks and that
the goveriinient Avill still command a
a substantial liaajQrity in the legislature,
and lie perfectly independent of any sitp-
poft froni the opposition of tlie necessity
of forming a coalition Cabinet in Order to
carry on the aclministratioii.
Even the government's opponents admit, that Martin's retirement Avill strehg-
then the governiiieut in j-Ublic opihion,
while its supporters are jubilant oVor the
removal of the mehtber whom tliey thiiik
litis eatiSec. it to bo regarded jvitti stts-
picion and doiibt. There a&6 all Sorts of
rumors as to Martin's successor, but they
are Avithout tlie least foundation. Tlie
.matter will not eA'eu be considered before
the lieutenant-governor's l-eturn.   *
Changes Made in Assessors' Districts.
Victoria, July 28.—Theofiicial gazette
gives notice of changes made in the districts of the assessors of Southern Kootenay. John Keen of Kaslo is to be
assessor and collector under the Revenue
Tax Act for the Slocan, in lieu of the
Nelson division. John Kirkup of Rossland is to be assessor and collector under
the Assessment Act for the portion of
West Kootenay described as follows:
Tho Nelson riding and that portion of
tlie Rossland riding Avithin the county of
Kootenay; such .appointments to date
from July 1st.
Wellington Coal the Best.
Victoria, July 27.—The transports in
the service of the United States will burn
British Columbia coal. John Rosenfelds
& Sons, the Dunsinuirs' San Francisco
agents, have been awarded tiie. contract
to supply the United States ; government
.vith 10,000 tons of Wellington coal for
use in the transports.;
:^ixni&sW. Ta%ief£olhIdlscfM" SlSeau"©__$.■'
Tlililev. Js Ss Miinro-bf Tmii, frei?fo"rmtlcl:
,!.t]i*e-cerembiiyf, AA$iicb. - took lil-tee' -at" the
; Jibme-bt W^Ah^lreSvi;. "'"Jjiii,ViTa$t^-
_ salHa pne: bf .SlbCiaji''-.;lS6neer- prbspeotbrs
f ^viio li'S-S 4_ta^e:d 'f'Siipixlu\lf"' h"y tlie cami-,.
'aiktas a;i;eivard;. Is" now1 the pAViiei: di
Vb^^AsajitHtble'^'iitefesfe, tjfmongst wliicli
> -ire tlie Cliaple.au and Violet claims, liow
uiicief bondfoi' liaiidsbnie figiii'es".
'fStlf'tei'sr'ft:^'ms.fiJ_e; i^a^oiV^"',iibb"clbbl|:''.."." -  '
"V fflftan^ip^ntflf ^j^^px^nyj^enyt:
The lead blast furnace at the Hall
Mines smelter is once more being altered
back into a copper furnace.
The Hall Mines smelter yesterday received a shipment of Venus concentrates,
che result of the recent mill test made at
the Athabasca mill. .'•'..'"
A. Mclnnes, miuing recorder at NeA\r
Denver, has made-application lar an assistant, owing to the increase in.;his cleri-
^■^^g!fegil^v^iil|iuejifer''-' ■*
■eixp." oxjjthe»"Avagbij ipad^wli
Cheap Labor for the Queen Bess.
At the second ordinary general  meeting of the Queen Bess Proprietary  Company, operating the Queen Bess miue iu
the Slocan, which was held in London on
Thursday, July 13th, Edwaj-t Hart, chairman  of  the company,  took  the  shareholders into his confidence and told them
of the plan of captain  T.  J. Duncan  of
this  city  to  import  cheap miners from
Ontario  and   the east; and displace the
union miners in the company's property.
In order that there  may  be   no   misconception   of captain Duncan's  intentions
the remarks of the chairman of the coin-
pany in this connection are giveu in full:
" Captain T.  J. Duncan  had   recently
been appointed general  manager.'of the
company in British  Columbia,  and   in a°
cablegram received on the  previous day
he'gave his views of  the position of the
mine at the present moment.    It  Avas as
follows:   'The  wagon   road  is  now   repaired and 250 tons are bagged ready for
shipment;   shipments  of this  Avill commence  on  Monday.    Regular shipments
cannot commence until the strike is over.,
Am making arrangements for importing
miners from Ontario and east.   'Regarding the building of the Ctinadian  Pacific .
raihvay tramway, the Idaho Miuing Company think yoii may.expect a.'competing-'"'
railway, ancl we expect to come to some
arrangement   on   the   arrival   of   C.  S. y
Druinmond.    Getting mine time  timber ,;
in order.'to recommence Avork about mid-";*■'
die of next month.    Have made a further :
discoA**ery of ore in the winze beloAv level V,
No.   5    for   a    distance    of    50    feet;
also   made   cliscoA-ery   for    30    feet   in
the raise f rom leA'el No. 1 PArer and above;
the estimated amount  of pre  in  siglit.
The A'eiii has been proved by others  on
the other side of the mountain, showing; *
a body of; Pre beyond all doubt.    Good
makes  of  ore may be met with at auy
moment.    Indications are  favorable for ■
further development in the mine.    There
are 2450 tons of ore in sight  uoav.   With .
reference to the  strike, it  Avas  brought i-
about by the passing  by the legislature;
of what avus practically an  eight-hour]y
(miners) bill.    The miners were receiving;'?
$3.50 per  day and  they Avere working ?
ten hours.    The bill compelled the; mine- J
OAvners  toy pay.- the  siiinb wages for an-;y.
eight-hour day, and they objected. ;-Tlie3i
result Avas that betAveenthe 1st and; thej
12th of June tlie whole of y the ^minesiliixy
the Slocan were closed doAvn, but one or*-.
• twbvhjid-■ -ince^ mail
-Recent reiiiovais^frOinitbAvnare:
MillWard and family, to Nelsoii; W. McMillan aiitl family, to VtiiieoiiA'ei'j Mrs.
captain Bastbrooks aiid family, to Vernon; J. Scott and''family,- to Queen Bess
mine; and J. Fart'ell ancl Avife, to Slbeaii
J. Wigginton lias practically given
liis business here, aiid citi'zeiis have
send to Outside point.*, for fresh meat.
Charles Wilson is Semlin's Choice.
ViCTOR-fA, July 27,"-^Attorney-general
Martin stated today tliitt he hud forwarded to the pi'bvinciaj secretary his*
resigniition of the portfolio of attorijoy-
general. He repeated the Statement
Which lie made to the caucus last iiighfc,
that he Avill not i'esign liis seat in the
house and that he aviII there make it hot
for his enemies.
W. 0. Nichol, editor of the Vancouver
Province, got a Avarm blast froni Mai-tin
today upon attempting' to engage hiin in
conA'Orsatioii in the presence of several
acciiiaintaneos, and he is to feel the
weight of Joe's displeasure.
There appears to be no decision jret as
to Martin's successor^ though Charles
Wilson, Q. C, of Vancouver, Avould, it is
said, be premier Semlin's choice if a seat
could be found for him.
.agiieart." 3epub£ic4J»mi^
ftdij-fiidc't bftfe^f^tf 'h:i:s;.:j,ijst"Y6^'en .let 'on
■the 'latter."";" 'Tl'ie^syxtdiqaiie: i;_ 'pii t|i^ Ipol.-'
rO'iil.°.f;c ji'-'^fi^c'-^I._s° .jTSi-ij^^St^^i jt^Varli, ■■ ^ijllijlg'.
to^i^^goCFa^-i-jSar''''""'"^      ":.-'     "       _
_^/Snvv^f;''5is"- i.ioi.v.'fjeiti'g-iiiad'g df tire"
Ln0st>"T?i^"er .giptip," on SH\eei' moiintain,
Ijjj-lj^rlttbrj^ to tf.crbwi'i grliut^ H.viClevei'
is„tli#«prAvne-i'%'      ''■,.'.       .'   '".„"'.   '.;..'
Siu-face'p.r.ospefetiii]g' oh tlte H&nio Run,
adjbiuiirg tlie ^foiihtain Chief," has disclosed a parallel leild to tliat uneQvei'ed
in tlib spring- Tliere are several iiiclies
Those Hysterical Frenchmen Again
Paris, July 27.—Generals Jamont and
Herve, members of the supreme council
of Avar, Avere today reported as having
resigned, out of sympathy for general de
Negrier avIio was removed from the supreme council'of Avar on Wednesday.
This report created a great deal of excitement, as it Avould be most revolutionary
in. officers such as they to. pursue the
course indicated. Prime minister M.
Wajdeck-Rousseau, has ordered that
.strenupiis. efforts be made to unearth the
fabricator of the;story.- --.' • *;>:'■■'.;
is to be prdseeuteci at oitce.
Tlii'ee men, axe taking out ore from the
loAVer drift on tlie Nepawa, on Teii-mile.
O. 21, Marino, A, R. Marino arid C Roilo
of NeA\r Denver luwe bonded the Champion groufJ of three clainis, on Wilson
ei'eek, tb F. Kelly. TheJjoi-d follows mi
option, aiid runs to Koveijibei; I, 19,00.
Considerable avoi'Jc is to be done on tlie
property during tlie life of tlie bond.
Tlib .owners of tlie Mollie liuglics .are
preparing a forty-ton Shipment, of Ore.
This will effectually clear  up the dumps.
WatAvitfistitiidliig the pat'tial sluit-
■cloAvn of the camp, 189 tons of ore wan
■shipped' 'last week from the Slocan.
The St. Louis Group Bonded.
The St. Louis group of claUns on
second north fork of Lei-ion creek
been bonded by James Smith of Sloean
City to Charles Brand of Silverton. The
group consists of the St. Louis, Keystone
Fraction, Key AVest, Dividend, Otto and
Hub clainis. The bond falls for the payment of $30,000, divided into the following payments: August 1st, $000: November 1st, $4000; May 1st, 1000, $0000;
and $19,400 on August 1st, 1900. Work
will be cof-inienced upon the property at
Frit!. Cirkel returned yesterday from
Hunker creek, where he put a small force
of Mien to work on the Hunibolt. Mr.
Cirkel leaves tomorrow for the Boundary, and on his return Avill put on additional men. He reports that tlie.Hunibolt is looking very well.
Prank Dick of Slocan City, wlio iiiih
been in Nelson for the past two days, reports mining operations and business- in.
general brisker than at any tiine'd'uring
the past year.    Kully seventy-five nddi-
rag^ivt W-Cedhe$J9n*th_u^
■d'-ty, A]iril'2^(i_i.; °" }y "■•"''.']   ■:-■".'■■■
The -vpiili^tt AViyile"in-b.t - unexpected'', hiis1
Qi'ei^d.°-gr^t:0ke^e2p4h^hm\&y. Itpiiei.n.s:.
that :the'::nui*|ev,s: Vjiiiou "has" been iioph-
iessly bea;tneii.alter puue bf. tlie" greatest
legal battlSes ever, fbnglifc in, Ainericaii
conrts. It ntbans xPO-ve thaii this, for it is,
the signal for the Vigbrous iJroseciition,
ra1vd""seA'c l^pun-isl u^^^^
mob that blew up the Bunker Hill and
SulliVan iiljll just fihrpe inonths ago.
At the session of coiu't this aftei'tioon
Corcoran Avas sentenced ti) iiiiprisoiuneiit
for seventeen yea,i,'S in the peuLteutiary,
The court then adjourned uiitil Sop-
The fi'lends oi' Corcoran, while greatly
(lisheai'tenecl by the verdict, wore not
unprepared j'bi* ifj. They do not lii-lieve
Coreoran Will yoi've seve^iteen years or
even SeVt-ii iii the peiiit'eiitiai'y/'Ncriloiibt
exiiftt but tJliat tlie LVeui:'d'A.Jei.ie troubles
A\"i'H l',Mlvnlsh the :bi.u'i.i:ii,ig issue foi; the
nosfc CHUipaign in tiiis state, and the
friends of Corcoran and those avIio al-e
expected to folk^v lulu to prisoii, are
ceil tyred in the election of a. governor
avIio will open the prison, doors, and send
the leaders of the mi tiers' union forth
once more as free men.
Tfciiihlesfor ;Canadianf„}Fish*ermfen.■*.
] 'kip W:'(pwwd}t^e2$i^
_ . .__!_. J- ^_ - ,'Jju  _ .._ •Ail., .^.iito-   „  Z-&A.  rj3Ji_     .li-1-,™   J- __-f .-"i      ___')1_!   I^_L_. ^ _Lnl il   .. 5l__.* *   Dn     .J-j 3f  n   _.n-.'_l"l
•■•^■i-jB t!bi,uhl1)u.n?;;s^^^::gS§^^
.eonipiai'ii.. nibs hoi,', lis"-" %'thli^''^^lti^0vipi-
government" ii_/'jd^tf^-yun^^bi3|elp;
tliom to-'a^id'lidlii^'m^iS^
tlie; D"i-iited StateS- iseventuy citttii'i^-hjcS
Watch closely for sucli,.uuwi.i"y»C{i/ijad;Jalij
'hslienvien a§ alloYv ilifei¥ boa^s" "hnil] nets'
line.    As far as  tlie  fiSherineii" are con-
Estimating the Shamrock's Chances.
Lt-.S-i-OX, July 27.—The Yachting Woi'ld
issued today contains a long article on
the Shamrock's eliancOs in the contest for
the American, cup. Starting upon tJie
assmnption that the Vigilant and Britannia were equal the writer argues that the
Shamrock showed herself to bo 'capable
of beating the Britannia in a moderate
breeze by from 25 to 20 minutes over a
thirty mile , eourse. With the time
allowance the Shamrock's net superiority
would be from fifteen to twenty minutes.
A.s tlie Defender's superiority over the
Vigilant in sailing the same course is
estimated at six minutes, and the Columbia's superiority over the Defender i.s
assumed to be three minutes, it is esti-
ni.'ited that the Columbia's superiority
over the Vigilant is nine minutes. Therefore, according to: the Yachting World's
eeriied the line is purely iluagiuary,, tlie.ft.
being nd land mark offi the Sliore, Avhicjl-"
they Can distinguish lit aiiy (list*iiice,4"ndT,
before t.hey are aware of hav_h°g
crossed fcltis line, a cutter steam^
rapid!}' out from pdii.it 'llbberts jiiid1
poniices iipciii. t?lien;i- Thebbat^j, uetSjCtcji
are confiscated,,, ah\t the "fi^jieHiieu -ij*c)o
tiii'iii-d lo-i'so on sivoi'e, itiid directed to-ti-Q'"1
nearest.fioint■of theOanadiaii side; TlieiV"
'gent is held by tl,t,e Uiiited S-ales"an.tlio"_?-"
ities until the close of'the season, When it.
is put up at auction a*tid; -jbjxj., ancl 'iv'd^il'";
ear is turned, to all offers Jjy the oWJift'f'§,
to rodeeui' ft. ahd eypfl h;,eiiv*y deposits,'
have bi"t.u refused by .men whose living
depended npojl UsiiJg their boatSj ailcl
nets for tlie reint.i.ider of tlie seasoii-
Thiis, the keen owners of the salmon
traps protect their interests', rightly Oi'
wrongly, ami so far tliis month abbUfe
twenty-live Canadian fishermen have
had to give up their gear. In most cases
it belonged to canneries, but individuals
ha\*e been among the sufferers.
Vancouver's Big Bank Clearings.
Va x .:c) - x i_r <, July 27.—Vancouver's
growing importance as a trade Center
Avns exemplified today when the returns
for the Vancouver clearing liouse, for the
week just ended, were announced as
amounted to $1,004,799. This is the first
time that the bank clearings of either
Vancouver or Victoria haAre gone over
the million dollar mark. Tiie extra business done from the north, and the money
brought down, have swelled.,tho amounts
of local business to the figure stated.
Dreyfus in Good Condition.
Ri-NNKs, July 27,—The recent illness of
captain DreyEus lias proven to be but
article, there.are?;,excellent grounds for 1 slight. He lias recovered. His friend-,
the belief that in the present condition of | say liis mental and bodily condition is
both yaclits, the Shamrock AA'ill Avin. I excellent. . THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C.,  FRIDAY, JULY 28,  1899.  #  #  &  Are ready and  willing  to testify to the  merits of  ��   Thompson's Glcve-fitiing corsets.    They are comfort- ^  fm  able and perfect-fitting while, at the same time, they ^  A give an elegance and grace to the figure which can-  S not be equalled b'y any other corset.    We have them  M  at $2.50, $3, and $3.50 per pa%r.  %  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  %  fe  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TERMS   CASH  ffl  sion eA'er since the Laurier government  took office, Avill scarcely recogni/.e tlieir  old acquaintance in the capacity of an  apostle of public rights.  Senate Reform Goes Over.  Ottawa, .July 27.���It is understood  that the senate reform resolutions which  Avere introduced by premier Laurier will  not be gone on with this session. There  avus another profitless discussion on preferential trade in the house today on the  motion for supply. It was "started by  McNeill, who refused to accept the resolution which sir Wilfrid Laurier had  given him, and which was along the lines  of the recent tar ill" matter. NcNeill  wanted a resolution confined to the tariff  preferences only, and sir Wilfrid included other concessions. McNeill moved  his own resolution, and finally sir Charles  Tupper got him to withdraw it to see if  oui! which could not be unanimously  agreed upon would not be put through.  Mr. hid wards made a iree trade speech.  <^fe *���-_?*;_? *a? S^S*: *  #  vine  Strike Eeaches Philadelphia.  Philadelphia, July 27.���The fewer of  striking, which seems to have taken possession of telegraph messengers in various  cities, reached here today, Avhen nearly  200 out of a total of 1500 employed by  the different telegraph companies, struck  for higher Avages. They now receive two  cents a message, and the night shift fifty  cents a night in addition. No payment  is made on messages undelivered. The  boys want to be paid for the latter, and  demand three cents a message,, and four  cents for night work.  m  M(  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��tt��'"-SDrtbune*  Dailt Edition.  Weekly Edition.    First Yeah, No. 175  ..... Skvekth Yeak, No. 37  The people of the United States arc  umviUing to admit graciously that the  famed Klondyke mines are iu -Canada.  Yet citizens of the great republic have  had every privilege accorded them in  that country except holding.office., Hold-.  "|eveB-".&uericta^^  >;.." will -iaol-J^cl'ihSff ���*politi'cts" kmyiiiytke] -fiMt^i  f"5^Si-^v^^^*S^f^^^lV;:.��  --f ,rY��� y��y -���"���"". """  "  ;fi"-fvi#];-i^  ��  .;t|p Sgeopie" 'bjE:.BiM?'"..�� tfowW'"W$h\ x&lW",  ���,,].hadn'0^2Th^' people, bf isTel;s.on '^vill _Msh>'  ]*y^x^p'^,i^wp^i%'-h'��y''e^v:'     "    ""���'"���.".  ]."] (. :pDiS_rp;5. M*'T_3lXBft," who is, one: pf", Col-,  '"., ��"fXildp'ig inehxbefS of the Uiiifcect States  :" sihdflfeids in .Nelson. His visit is AV^thdiit  ."���  pqlitical1 sigijin _a_.ee.,  Shaughnessy, and Mackenzie .& Maun���  this is the oligarchy for Avhieh the Globe  seeks to keep the. Liberals at Avork in  province and Dominion. The Globe  Avhines to the eifect that Liberals are  being treated like Uitlanders iu their  oavu'country. It is not the Globe's fault  if every Liberal avIio was not prepared  to fall down and worship Hon. Clifford  Sifton aiid play the Crow's Nest game of  friendship for the C, P. R., has not been  treated like a Uitlancler in his own country. The Liberal oligarchy tried to put its  mm  "heh^h%Jb��(01s.vBheydlig^  Will Yield $10,000,000 This Year.  ���Washington, July 20.��� Information  from the Klondike up to June 30th, has  reached the state department from United  States consul McCook at Dawson. He  says that ten millions instead of twenty  millions in gold Avill cover the gold  product for the past twelve months, ancl  adds that the reports from Alaska indicate that more gold AA'ill; be found there  than eA'er Avill come out of the Klondike.  The gambling fraternity is reaping a rich  harvest.             ���   ."���  Result of a Bye-Election.  Chari-Ottetoavn, P. .E. I., July 20.���  Full returns of yesterday's bye-election  for member in the third district of  Priuce county, -shows Prince (Conservative) elected over Gallant, late Liberal  member, avIio Avas unsGated.  . First Race Declared Off-  Co.  i��  '(MmMWw^M^w^sMs  '..'fire.-tliie JiLgalrts,: :pi\ ..tlie.;:pebple���Ayitli';.^;  '" l)l|-ti-udes,>. -13.^.sW^t^',^el^4|,"\AKjl��5  ���h$\5|.sjx|fe^ tetf^it^:  ai^fi.ei.'cliieftap-lb^i'^  I'Afl, a��.  . ��    ��      4h Oligarchy Ihfleed.  '.Toronto'fclegrani.  -Uanadi-in^Liberals-liave^-itjlL  -to-Jwar  against a party oligarchy Av'hicli has the  Globe for its apostle, and which mainly  inelucles the interests which liaVe beeii  fattened at the expense of tlie party's  honor, and the country's good ever since  sir Wilfrid took oflicc. This oligarchy of  Crow's, JSTest l?ass Brigadiers aiid electric  light monopolist's;  ol  Van  Harhc and  writ mmm & co.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  AVe mako a specialty of  S-i-plap aijd Double Dressed IVJaterial  Good Dry Rustic 'and Flooring  Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   Ifi. G. BEI-It, Agent.  ftsifflit smmm  FLIES  LANDING NETS  IN FACT EVERYTHING IN ALL GRADES  :    fO SUIT irvmYBODY.   "-" '  TKe Prices Are Right Too,  fhomson Statloiiepy Co., LM  aSTEXjSOiSTa   33-o.  te  ^  *  m  ARG_A.I_STS  WE ARE GOING OUT OF THE  BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS  *BOOTS*  &  ^  &  <\  AND  SHOES  f  w  l-H  o  o  V  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE ABOVE GOODS AT COST  ���%.  NIV-OHVH  bd  >  0Q  @  fe  fe  fe  m  m^-X'i  **^i;C3*B.C3,^I^";:B_B,e^^,*Ei  JNGbRPORATED 1670.  po yoii knouiv&hdi is&i  cooli'fig] drink ypu can  for warm wedtli&r?  Lime Juice  Do .you know  best brand?  which is me  's  It K1*1!! want' a. sitj'lfeli pcj'fccfr fitting,suit, ijiade.o:f- the  best clglili, ever linpoiled to ,N.blsoii,u,"lgliy<i" j;gut;��8rdM'  witli'ltto. ' .'        -...".'���    Six hiibdi'cd dollars -WQi'th of new good- now v'ftit-  ing j'oui', iiiiSpfcctioli.   I guarnnt-6" fittjisfautioji'.d.r no .sale.  SUJfS ^25 .    ��� ��, L._.b  tifel��pii's iip-lo-datc Tailor, iiext lvootenay Colfcc Co;  Wo have a fliTo assortment of woolens always  on liaiul. C^oods made *np at the shortest pos^  siblo notice. As eyerytlnng is kept and made  on the premises, sati-faccion is assured.  NOTICE TO CONTEACTOES.  Sealed tewlorH will be rruelved by tbe undersigned  (marked tender Tor Burns & Co. building) up to July 28,  18!��l5.atuoon, tor the ereetlon or a brick bloek on linker  streut.   ���  Plans and hpeeilleation- may be seen allhc aicliilucl's  o/liee.  A marked cheque amounting to b pur cent, ul the  amount of Lender iniihtac-Oinpany each lender.  The lovvcbl or liny lender not net'e-^aiily acecjilabU'.  ARTHUR li. IIOIHilNS.  5 gallons Moot Beer , . 10c  2 gallons Lemonade . . 25c  Effervescing Health Salt 25c  Bromo Seidlitz . . . . 25c  Bromo Seltzer .... 25c  Lime Fruit Juice, pts , 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, quts . $1  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST  No use asking you who keeps  it, you all know who keeps  only the best.  Hudson*$ Bay Stores  Sold in pints, quarts, or by  the gallon.  B  West Raker Street.      'Telephone 13.  , ���UI5S'l^JS'S^D JlKS,ir)ENa*IA_;  -'���'".'    "'" PK-feRTi'   " "      "���"  30^ by  120," Jjakcr.h'trcot?. .between  Josephine  and,  r Ward'stircets...�� ,..,..���,.���..,���, ,.*.;....".....:,.-siSOiD,  5.0 by 120, .Baker S-troyelji bc-.tween Josopjiiiio add Hall *  -  stre-ts ���, .,.,..,,,...'....,.���.���...-.. ..'.,...' .J500'  -50 by 120, Bitker street, botwecn Josepliide and 'Sjall  street.?, comnji". ��� -.,,,..:...:.. .,���... ���.-,.��.' .1..". ..,.".���>:.,..,"-.,.  ;25 by 120 With impi'ov.i!inontei"-OUth ��ido of VoEnoiiL  " stroefc , r.,,*...,,. s ,-...,   5Q00  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  .. .Street.,. ..........,.��.,..,,...;, ���.,.,,.,   0000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. I'OOO  2}1 lots with cottage rented at ��ta'per month, ^ictbrja  street ���....,;.,.,.....,,;���;.;,,..;..;..... 3500  1 lot *with cottage rentedat $15 penhonth, yiotoria,  street.. ,, , -.-. ��=;.,....... = :...,��� 2508'  2 Jots with cpttago rented at ��20 per month, 'Stanley  street..:,,..., .-. ....,......:.. 3000  Clots in block JID, all cleared and fenced ifi ..... 2500  AGENTS KOR  J. & J. T/\^LQR,SAFES__-  WABD BBOS.  Real' Kstato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelsoii  JO^QSjin^ liouse, 'c&j'iWly Jt)onMfjp '^W$J  '" G'-J?��.p"<Sl'u eoitii-gc %mnd 2l "Xo:ts,oa�� (_a_bbliiil'-':,  sTtrtjB^-^pCjj ,ehty(.lxm\    ��-"' . ;  (.-��y������".X.���  y  B^ohiil.'Mdxxsh On, Sfeiii'% sti'&o*i=45,l0���-.=  ;l. VAIiSTQP,      fl, if,  'anne-",an"d MiTiiiig'Stocks  _      nf   **   fl    ������  Gu^toirft Brdkpf'  LxK&L Estate,.4;N]),Gi_NisftAL agkni's  OUSTQMg BROKERS  AUCTION EERS  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  If }��ou wrtntanntty, stylish suit df clothes for  spring and stminuT, 1 Imvo ov_r 500 dill'-i'-  ent pntlerns of Scotch and English tweeds,  which I ���tt'ill, iiinko to your order at the low  price of �����.......��,...,.��� S25  Ijlacli veiictians make a nice suit for summer wear at ,. .$21  Black serge suits iii sack Ormoi'ning coat..$21  A  heavy Scotch tweed, nice patterns for  business suit  .?18  1'ronsers at ert.iti.d1y low prices, fit and finish  no bettor in Canada. Indies1 fine tailoring a  speoialtj'.   Clement block. Baker street.  REAL ESTATE  $3000  Miikcv Street near Jo.scpliino Strttet, 30 by  XM   A snap,  Hume Artd.iJ.ion. noat, cottayo, ,ilno gartloii,  lawiushnde trees,, walor |)iiie lo gryundsi  lot (JIS by 12(��, iilso, 1- by fit) |o ruur S( rculi.  lot (JIS b  $35��  T. G. PROCTOE  .tatimor Street, choice corner lot 100 liy lift  Al'I'f.V TO OWJJKR  3________l_a   SO?_3__3E11'  s,  NEXT TO ROYAL HOTEL.  Will bo ready to open on Thursday, .Inly 20th.  Bread delivered lo any part of tbe city. Cakes,  pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  Crawford Bros.  Stanley Street.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LIMITED  Corner of Jlakcr and Stanley Streets, Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker strcot, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  AIKALS AT ALli HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND  PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY,  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOY I-*I)  _=��.      H:XT_SK"5r,      PHOPBIETOE  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STKEET, NELSON  HAIB GOODS AND HAIR OMAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KF.A ItNKYhns opened a Ladies H�� Ir Dress  ing Parlor in room 1, Victoria- block, Nelson, and is pre-  ' *- "-- -'-'  i.j...- .���- .>  -j jmj,. jj0������������  specialty.  r oaie  pared to fu-nish  everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   TreaLmcnt of the scalp a si  ��650 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  S2I0U will purchase a central lot nnd residence.  .5400 will  purchase  two nice  lots and shanty, Uobson  street. Hume addition.  8*1000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont J cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utlca at li cents.  ALEX STEWART   Tumor & BoCckli block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  and GEPBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIKST JDOOIi WIjlST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  Two lots with two-story houso on Latimer  ���"'"���"'     '   ' ''  sia  nui't �����ge.  street, near .1 osophino ,..��� gisftl)  Terins;   $liltjit cash, balance oji morlmige.  Sixty-aei'o ranch, nine .miles ironr city cm hike,  shoie ,., ��  ��� :....��1000  ��� One-hulf easily balance on mortgage,  31iO____srs  On loan conditions arc tlio;.cheapest, ami best  Ollerod. Vou Can, repay ut any tiine witll-li(.  lionus.  -fi-CSEHSTTS   FOE  Biilish Columbia' Pcmmnent Savings & Loan Coiiip*aiiy.  Globe baviligw & Loon Co., Toronto.  iJNrsT_r_s,J____ra__i  Vive, Lite, Accident, and SictilesB.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Gharles  D.  J.  GENERAL  BROKER  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  HsrsT_r^___iisrGE  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Several houses of different sines.  FOll SALE���Real estate in all parts of tho city.  Containing 120 acres of land wltliln one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  ^o_r sEnsrT  W- 3?. K,033i_Lsrso_rsr  (I'!x-jliui'iil'of South Kootenay)  . GENERAL AUCTIONEER  ���  C'n>h advanced on coiii-ignnienl.s of mercliandisc.  J'o.stofllce Box 572 ������ Nelson, B. C.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  _I'ITA*  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ollice of the Duncan Alines, Limited.. ClemcntA.  Hillyer Block'.-  LODGE   MEETINGS.  TONIGHTS Ot' PYTHIAS-NolBOn Lodge, No, 25,.  -l^- Ivnights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V. Hall.corncr  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 P.'0i��J:,k4 ,Y'1S��U"_ Knights cordially invited to attend..  T. L ILL IK, C, C. l^G. J 0 Y, K. of K. & S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  socoud Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited,  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  TrnVAItT & CAKUIK-Architects. Uooms 7 and 8 Ab-  J-J   crdecn block, Baker street, Nelson.  Tp B. IIAKPKU,,musical director, leader Nelson Or-  -1- ��� elie^lra. Musiciaiis furnished for all occasions on  short nol ice.   Telephone (12. THE  TRIBUNE: .NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1809.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STItATHCONA AND   Ml'   KOYAL, President  lion. OKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  *���"   S. CLOIJSTON General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  isr.T-i-Soisr B_si-a_3src_3:  tf. W. Cor. Bakor and Stanley Streets.       IIRANCIIK8  IN         CONDON   (KnKland).   NEW   VOIUC  and in Mi- iirinolpal eil.li1  CHICAGO  I'unada.  Huy and sell Sterling'KKcliaiiije -md  Cable Transf--i>  a KANT r.'OMMKKCIAt. AND TKA" KU.KHS* OKICDITS,  available in any part of Mm world.  DltAKTS ISSUED    COM.KCTIONS MAD-I ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  INDIVIDUALITIES.  Mrs. May Wright Sewall was elected  president of the Woman's International  Congress as the successor of the countess  of Aberdeen, at tlie recent session in London. The next, nieeting will be held in  Berlin.  In a letter to the Brooklyn Eagle accompanying a check for twenty-five dollars to, be added to the Dewey Home  Fund, governor Roosevelt expresses the  opinion that tlie admiral's services to his  country "have justly rendered him the  man of all since the civil Avar who stands  highest in the  popular regard."  Lord Robert Cecil, third son of lord  Salisbury, is a practicing lawyer, aiid has  been made a queen's [counsel at an unusually early age. ''He*devotes himself to  to the " parliamentary bar," wliich is the  British equivalent for the work done in  this country by the lobby. The practice  is described as dull but lucrative.  Charles C. Moore, the infidel editor of  the Blue Grass Blade, who has just been  released from the government penitentiary at Columbus, Ohio, to which he was  sentenced for sending obscene literature  through the mails, received a warm welcome in Lexington on July Sth. He was  met at the station by a number qf friends  and a brass band, and was escorted to  \ the Phamix hotel, where over two'thous-  rand   persons   congregated   to   seo   him.  'Moore addressed chem'from the'balcouy,  thanking them for tlieir reception, and  promised to devote the remainder of his  life to the betterment of the people  among whom he lived.  The will of Johami Strauss, the great  " wait/, king," is to be contested. He left  his property to a Vienna musical society,  providing small life pensions only for his  tliird wife, his stepdaughter and sisters,  but nothing for the families of liis two  brothers. The chief contestant, however,  will ho his second wife, from whom he  secured a divorce, and who is employed  in a Berlin photographic establishment.  Tliey were both Catholics when they  married, but as Austria does not permit  divorce, Strauss went to the Duchy of  Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, declared that he had  become a Protestant, resided in the duchy  for the legal term, and them obtained a  Coburg divorce and married again. As  Austria docs no. recognize sucli divorces  and the Austrian inheritance Jaw secures  at least a third of the property-, to the  =wklo;w?=Stivatiss^divoreed=second-=wife=  seems to have good chances of getting a  large share of what he left*  Miss Amelia Kussner, the young American Who has achieved a high reputation  iii; 13urope and America as a miniature  painter, receii-iy returned to London  from Russia-, where she had some interesting experiences. Site went to St.  .Petersburg to paint a miniature of the  grand duchess \nadimii,v aud had been  'there only a few days .when she was  summoned to the Winter palace to paint  a likeness of the czarina. BefOl'C she  had finished, the czar ordered a .miniature  of himself. Miss 'Kussner .speaks with  much enthusiasm of the kindness and  consideration with which she was treated by the impel-ial circle aud the simple  uiuiriectedness of their life. Her first  sitting were at the winter palace at St.  Petersburg, and the last at the summer  villa ab Zarskoe-Solo. Tlie czar gave  Miss Kussner eight or nine sittings of  several hours each, and talked most freely with her. He is a great admirer of  America and Americans, who, he said, he  admired for their intelligence and independence.  Letters from Buenos Ayres give details  of a remarkable duel, of which the famous  Italian fencing-master, Chevalier Pint,  was the hero. Pini recently opened a  school of arms in the Argentine Republic,  and, having been subject to some criticism by a local journalist, told the scribe  in his own frank, pleasant way what he  thought of him. Reparation was demanded, and pistols were the weapons  selected. The conditions of the meeting  were singular. The adversaries were to  be placed back to back, and at the word  of command were each to take fifteen  steps forward, and then "to turn round  and lire simultaneously. On the ground  the men were placed as arranged, and at.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk,on. District.  1.11e given signal, began to march forward, one of tho seconds counting the  steps. Pini liad only made five strides  wlien lie heard a report anil the whistle  of a bullet past his ear. He turned and  saw liis adversary with the smoking pistol in liis hand. Pini, in a, furious rage,  dropped his weapon, rushed at his man'  and gave him a sound thrashing with his  fists. The .seconds took sides for their respective principals, and a general melee  went forward until some gendarmes arrived. Pini's adversary then took to his  heels, and has not since been seen.  The baroness von Sutter���who recently left The Hague, where she watched  the peace conference, in order to attend  the International Congress of Women in  London���occupies one ofthe most distinguished positions''in the modern humanitarian movement. A well-known and  charming figure in Austrian society, and  at the same time a novelist of European  fame, she has for many years devoted  herself unselfishly to the propagation of  the idea of peace, attending the unofficial  congresses that "have'met in leading continental cities, and editing a monthly  magazine called after her great novel,  " Die Wai-en Nieder! " ("Lay Down Your  Arms ! "). It is by this novel, -which has  passed through some thirty German  editions, that her talent has become most  widely appreciated. Its subject-matter  is the foili' wars which ravaged Central  Europe from 1859 to 1S71, and it is full of  terrible and thrilling episodes told with  the skill of a great artist. Besides her  other novels, the baroness wrote some  years ago a volume of philosophical and  ���esthetic essays under the title *' Das Mas-  chinalter." This remarkable book was  for a long time attributed to various  great Germans-till the true authorship  became known.  safety valve of energy and pull wide open  the throttle of conscience ; where gold is  a substance���the one thing sought for���  and God is a waste basket for our better  thoughts and good resolutions ; where  we pay $15,000 for a dog and 15 cents a  dozen to a poor woman for making shirts;  where we teach the 'untutored Indian'  eternal life from the Bible, and kill him  with bad whisky ; where we put a man  in jail for stealing a loaf of bread and in  congress for stealing a railroad ; where  the cheek book talks ; sin walks in broad  daylight, justice is asleep, crime runs  amuck, corruption permeates our Avhole  social fab.iic, and the devil laughs from  every street corner.  Come to us, Fillies, we've got the  grandest aggregation of good things and  bad things, big things and little things,  cold-things and hot things and hard  things, all sizes, varieties and colors ever,  exhibited under one tent. We've got  guns, more Bibles and more whisky than  any two shows on earth. If you don't  come we'll fetch you. That's what our  gnus are for. Of course when you fellows 'jine' us you will have to stop eating each other. You will be our meat  then. Our people won't stand to see a  lot of good meat wasted that way. Yon  can eat each others substance that  makes the flesh���we do that, but uot the  flesh. You can eat dogged bologna or  canned horse meat. It will be almost as  healthy aiid will expand our meat trade.  Come to our arms. Buzz Saw.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  U   I'. Hamilton, Sirdar  If P. I.inghiim, Creston  W. P. AlcAlahon, Hrandon,  Man,  "MADDEN.  J. II. Munro. Iiossland  Ij. I'lipiwuRU, Montreal  P. Scldon. Sandon  John Donovan, Macleod  SILVER KING.  J. Massandor, Gladstone      I Frank Archer, Kootenay  Frank Phillips Halfour LandiiiK  A. Miirchison, Sandon |  HUiMK.  Harry Kelloy. Huiitsville  .1. A. ICollcv. Ifimtsvillo  II. .1. Madill. Winnipeg  I'. II. <.'onIcy, Toronto  J. K. Anderson. Kingston  Rowland Macliin, ltossland  Charles KllioLt.Urnnd Forks  W. .1. Timfo. Vancouver  A. II. Helhiinc, Winnipeg  I). \V. -Moore, Trail  K. K. Williams, Spokane  A. D. Dodds, Vancouver  S. D. Stewart, Montreal  Mrs. MerUley, New Denver  Hev. .1. Munro, Trail  ���I. Ii. Maguey, Trail  .Ins. Ilillahougli, Kevclstoke  II.  I!.   Sehaller  aud wife,  . Lancaster, I'a.  GRAND CKNTRAIi.  Alex. Grigg, Greenwood  Kivd Niven. New Denver  Frank Curry, Nakusp  R. T. Low-cry, New Denver  ���I. T.   Skidmorc  and wife,  Philadelphia  Miss   Skidmope,   Philadelphia  Miss K. S.  Tnit,  Philadelphia  MissM. C Peacock, Philadelphia  Miss   Ii.   Aheles,   Philadelphia  Miss Mary Kior. l'.lulrviil'>.  Pa.  Miss Ii. A. llaefner, I_ui-  Pa.  M. Ilaefiior, Lin-  P. Burns c�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND    IlETAIL  aster,  Miss A.  caster. I'a.  II.   Riddle and   wif.s, Lancaster, Pa.  L. Marks, Victoria.  L. Loth bridge, Kngland  Henry  L. Kingston!,  London  F. .1, Kwing, Spokane  W.  A.  Harvey.   Poorman  Mine  John A. Lcschen, St. Louis  TREMONT.  Miss Smith, Fernie I H. Floyd, Ymir  U. VV. McMastcr, Ymir        | A. Graham, Robson  QUEKN'S.  William   Pettigrew,   Ai is-  worth  Charles Dunn, Trail  PHAIR.  J.   A.   McDowell,    Greenwood  H. M. Teller, Colorado  W. 11. Alridge, Traii  Frank Watson, Silverton  W. Ward Spinks, Vornon  A. T. Noxon, Ingersoll  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at JJelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade  City,   Grand   Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  PROMPT^FORWARDED \\Qd.{\    Off-CO,   NelSOM,   B.C.  T. G. Jones. Exeter, Out.  C. P. Banning. v\ innipog  S.   0.    McMullcn,   Sloc-an  City  J. O. Hcarn, ltossland  C. A. Dahnent, Rossland  Mrs. J. A. Ri' hardson,  Mary's Falls  A. W. lioyd and wife, Eric  W. W. Eakin, Pilot Hay  II. E. Huston, Exeter  CIVILIZATION. CIVILIZED.  Ybh do not know .what a good tiling  yon are missing by not wanting to become citizens of. this >grand country of  ours. There isn't anything else like it  under the sun. Y"ou ought to send a  delegation over here to see ns���this land  of the free���land of churches and 400,000  licensed saloons, Bibles, forts and guns;  houses of prayer and licensed houses of  prostitution ; millionaires and paupers ;  theologians aud thieves ; libertines and  liars ; Christians and chain gangs; politicians and poverty ; schools and scalawags ; trusts and tramps ; virtue and  vice.  A land Avhere you can get a good Bible  for 15 cents and a bad drink of whiskey  for 5 cents ; wliere we have men in congress with three wives and a lot in the  penitentiaries for having two wives ;  where some men make sausages out of  their wives and some want to cat them  raw ; where we make bologna sausages  out of dogs, canned licef out of horses  and cows and corpses out of the people  Who eat it ; where, we put a,, man in jail  for not having the means' of Support alid  on the rock pile for asking foi' a ,job of  work ; where  we  license bawdy  liouses  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want i.s not in stock wo will make It for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  The Tremotit Hotel  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  MALONE & TREC1LLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  BaKer street, jieison L C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS RY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA C0LDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,  LONDON,  ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British  Columbia  business to be addressed   to P.O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  THE BEST BRANDS OF  and fine men "for telling the truth, on the  streets ; where avc have a congress of-100  nien to make laws and, a supreme court  of niuenieh to set theill itside, where good  whisky makes bad men aiid bad men  make, good whisky ; where newspapers are paid for suppressing tlie  truth and made rich for telling a lie ;  where professors draw their convictions  from the same source they do their  salaries ; where preachers are paid $25,-  000 a year to dodge the devil and tickle  the oars of the wealthy : where business  consists in getting property in any way  that won't land yon in the penitentiary ;.  whei^ trusts hold you up and poverty  holds you down ; where men vote for  what they do not want for fear tliey will  not get what they do want by Voting for  it, ; where'niggers'can vote and Women  can't; wheie the girl who goes wrong is  made an outcast and her 'male partner  flourishes as ti gentlemen ; where women  wOar false hair and men 'dock' their  horses' tails ; where tlie iDQlitical wirepuller has displaced the patriotic statesman ; where men vote for a tiling one  day and 'cuss' ifc 3(54 days ; where we  have prayers on the floor of our national  capital and whisky in the cellar ; where  we spend $5000 to bury a congressman  who is rich and $10 to put away a work-  ingman who is poor ; where to be virtuous is to be lonesome and to be honest is  to be called a crank ; where we sit on the  MISCELLANEOUS. ~  WANTED^-Iloard and room in a private family by a  young man of temperate habits.   Address, staling  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  CHARLES niLLYER,       HARRY HOUSTON,  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  '   * ' BAKER STREET, NELSON.  I'KKSIDKNT  SKCKETAUY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LIMITED.  MAiVUFACTUlt-K? OV ASD  ]>HA_KKS IN  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager)   Klrr.   ������.     r_    r\  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer rlNtLoUlN,   D. O.  Large Consign merit Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.    Orders filled Promptly.  THEO. MADSON  TENT AND AWNING MANUFACTURER, BAKER ST., NELSON  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. MePHEE  Largo comfortable  bedroom- and   Hrst-class dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  __i^_._?__is $2 _?__::__  _3_a_"_r  Mrs.  E.  C.   CL/\RKE,  Prop.  Late of lho Royal Hotol, Calgary,  young  rate por week,  W. M., P. 0. box 202,  WANTKD���Two  waitresses  Kaslo hotel, Kaslo.  nt  once.    Wages  ��25  WANTKD  A cirl for  (Dr.) K<  general housework,  orin, Silica Street.  Apply to  TO   RKN.T  - Street. '  ���A furnished room .convenient.   t.o 'linkerI  Apply I'ostollieo box iii'. Nelson. Ii. (J. :  FOR   RKNT���Furnished room, front parlor, with or  without  board.     Kourlli liouse cast of Methodist  church, between Josephine and Hall street*. Nelson   ���  -  ^^_=^__=_^K_CTOinUW:OI'lKLpONI5Jt'0_OKr>BK, ___.._=_=  Sueur as  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wl'iarf.  Factory nnd oflloot corner Hall street and Cl'.R. track  m  WILL 1)0 \VK_Ii TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  At  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, fioors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FAGTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  Brick and Lime  Lime 7_: Ger^s per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West lvootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  :- Haker. Street.    A T.O. PROCTOR.Manager    '  H- 0. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the interior.  Largo .sample rooms.   Steain heat and electric light.  CoaNER OF AVARD AND VKKNQN STS., "NELSON  BAl-Kl. AND WAM) STHKKTS, NKLSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has? remained under one  management since 1800.  The bed-rooms are  we'll furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.   ...  Tho dliiing-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is aHvays stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars,  THOMAS -tADO-lN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sniiiplu rooms  IClcctrie bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout.  HOTEU  VICTORIA  J. V, PERKS, Proprietor  Frco 'bus meets all trains R-uolc-rnl/o    R   P.  Hourly -trout, car to sUition nBVt}l!>lOHB,  D. O.  Night Grill lloom in connection, for the convenience of  guest-arriving and departing by night trains.  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construction Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for illectrie Power Transmission and Lighting- for Mines', Towns  Electric _'ixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.    -  ,  P, O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Kelson. B. O.  Big Schooner  Beer  or  Half  arid Half ...��  Always    Coot  Smoke...  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   UNION   MADE  lootenajLCigaiUHanl.Jii.^���  Xul-on, HrilHh Columbia.  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  Strictly first-class.  Kates, J}�� pur week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  F-RNlsrilOD ROOMS, SIXGLK AND EN SUITK.  Hot and Cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms". Thoroughly i:i|uiji]>ed  with exits and fire osoapoci. 5th flloor "Marion block, corner Riverside and Stevens streets.  i^of_N^"coFF_Tco.  NELSON, B. C.  CO-KICK    ROASTKRS' AND    DKALKRS    IN   TKA  AND   COFKKK.  Offer fresh roasted. coll'ee.:of best .quality as follows:,  Java and Arabian Mnclui, per pound S   I"  ���lava and Mocha Ulend, ;i pounds   1 00  Kino Santos, I pounds ���.',-...  1 00.  Sanlos Blnnd. ."> pounds    I 'HI  Otir Special lllond, ti pounds    1 "  Our. Rio Roast,- (j pounds.,..-..../. .-    . vl 1)0  ;       A frialoi'der solicited.  ���   .    ���"-     .. '  . ;.'_  Salesrooms 2  Doors   East   of   Oddfqllows. BlocKi   Wost  ... Baker- Stseot    " ��� y     ��� ���.  Corner Silica and  Stanley Street.*.  E. J, GURRAN, Prop.  Ye  BLAGKSIV1ITH1NG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  "tt'aWi) rep.'iirjtix prompt!}' MWSiuleAto by ft .flLfcjkcftuur  wlieisfwrlghl. "  Special attention, given ig nil kind- of repftlriiif'f aiid  cujslom work from dttUjfda points,  Sh,op:   Hall Streei, botwaen, B^ker and Vernon, fiotsori  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  Beer  VICTORIA  VANCOUVKR  XKLSON  Thorpe & Co.,  t,I.MITKI>.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BUKWKRS AND HOTTLKRS OK  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  l.'rompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson,  ��� 0?_i!I-_5!_?-3:OlNrE..L..-; y  3 3G  DumiK tin1 -i .ison \\o will do-  In (i ill il private residences  .md buMiiLss houses daily in any  desired.'quantity at Casonninle  priccH.  WILSON & HMISHAW  AGKNTS KOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Go.  Washington Brick and LFrrje Co.  The H. W. (ticNietl Co., Ltd., Canadian JAJrt\\r*-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in,  STOVEWOi����  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co*  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    AgeVit.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKACT.RKK8 OK  ���EHG-NES. BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON ANP  BR__3S CASTINGS OP EVERT DESCRIPTION  ltopaira promptly attended to,   ���   P. O, Box ITS. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., 'FRIDAY, JULY' 28,  189!>.  fc  _ H_�� ''  ���it? -*'������  II-��"M  if "���������!  tkste^  iw'iy,*"-  iwy.Jfp,  ik'lffl,  %V��Vn,    n **    ,_  Ir.mvi  ll-"?'  I};��nn^��L.:Dn  POSES  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  The largest drug house in lvootenay.      Corner of linker and Josephine .streets, Nelson.  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  lemembep the Name  IIEELAN  *" 'JN> ,. -   ��� - " - - -  jgr. '3[-iOE  iMPORIUM  Jt" will bo to your :icl van luge to seo .our large  and -.complete stock of- Doots and Shoes. We  cai'ry= the following lines: J. &. T. JJcll, J.  I). King <fc Co., North Star Shoe Co., Toots,  Schull'- & Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Holden & Co., and other  leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2G AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON  H   i-~D_ _jvc5^_v_rt_ih:tt_r & oo.l I  j_��      as     ��� " %   , %  *{^8������&��:��S8J888^^  * ����� 8 SS J_  .��������.�� 58 feS  ��� 85   ���   i  8,  An Entire Car of  &  m  gs  From  George Gale & Son  ���as  A Large Shipment of  ss  ss  H.  w  s_  and Carts  ges  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  ��  |_D_    l^L^J^JElTJEELTTn,   &   CO. j     |  I!&��*-*���*��*��'&8s-*$$^  as  Grove  Hotel  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  -LsTEXiBO-LsT  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  The grading and opening up of Ward  street is progressing fast, and is now  completed a.s far as Carbonate street.  The chain gang are employed levelling  off and grading the school house grounds.  The work is progessing rapidly and  should soon bo finished.  Ifc is now four weeks since the celebration and Hags and bun Ling.'ire still strung  across Haker street. The celebration  committee next year will again be wondering what has become of them.  The gas company have got down to  business, and are pushing construction.  They started yesterday on Kootenay  street, and by the middle of the afternoon liad a. 1-inch pipe laid from J.akei'  to Victoria.  Mrs. iMalhstte returned yesterday from  a three weeks' visit to Duncan City.  A. IO. Hodgins is getting out plans for  the Madden block, whieli is to be erected  on the corner of Ward and Haker streets.  Yesterday men were put to work trenching for the foundation Avails. As there is  some uncertainty as to how far down it  will be necessary "fco go to get a solid  foundation this work will be done by day  labor.  The time for receiving tenders for the  construction of tlie Burns block expires  at noon today. Contractors desiring to  figure on the work are required to have  their tenders in the ofiice of A. E. Hodgins by 12 o'clock noon. As an unusually  large number of contractors are tendering on the work, some very close figuring  may be expected.  W. P. Brougham of the Miner staff desires The Tribune to state that he is not  the Miner reporter who contributes,the  letters appearing in the Miner over the  signature of J. Y. Clarke. He adds that,  though it may seem strange, he still possesses sufficient self-confidence not to be  ashamed of his own name. While The  TiiiiJUNi- considers that the Miner is the  journal in which Mr. Brougham sliould  disavow authorship of articles appearing  therein, it has no objection to affording  him an opportunity, through the columns  of The Tribune, of placing himself right  with his friends.  The tug Kaslo brought to Nelsou yesterday four rafts containing 300,000 feet  of dry building material for G. O. Buchanan's lumber yard.  The water in the hike is falling at the  rate of from four to six inches per day.  Died in Nelson on ^ Thursday, July  27th, the infant daughter of J. F. Povah.  ���.. The annual picnic of the Nelson Methodist .Sunday school was held yesterday "at  Balfou*1.. The steamer Moyie carried'tlie,  excursionists.     " * _*" * "'  !)_.(_._ IV Banniug'of .Winnipeg, brother tof. W.;Banning,.who was murdered  at Republic, Washington,3 on' Sunday  last,-arrived in .Nelson yesterday niorn-  iug on the steamer Moyie, and' left'yesterday  by .the Nelsoii  & Fort Sheppard  M. DesBrisay &  Co's  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  AND PIC-NICERS' LIST  raihvay for Bossburg. The remains will  be taken to AVinnipeg foi' burial. Fra-nk  Dick of Slocan City, uncle of the deceased, who has been in Nelson for the  past few days, will return home today.  For the in forma tion of fche Miner, the  ofiice of Till-: Till BUNK i.s not a rendezvous  for people that play at politics.  A lad named Gill broke his right forearm yesterday while playing on Cedar  street.  One of the features of the Methodist  picnic yesterday was a game of baseball  between nines captained by Miss Maltby  and Miss llatx-h. One side won by a score  of 21 to hi, but when the game was over  it was not definitely known whieh side it  was that won.  The horses purchased for the city by  Dr. .1. A. Armstrong arrived in Nelson  last evening and it i.s announced that the  corporation will make a start today in  the handling of the scavenger business.  C Iveland, or George' Johnson as he  was better known, the victim of the  drowning accident between Hal four and  Queen's bay, was buried last night on the  lake shore near his camp. Dr. Form who  went up the hike to eiujttire into the circumstance of the drowning did not deem  an inquest necessary.  The smelter band wants a little encouragement. Its appeal to fche cifcy  council for a donation of $10 a month,  the baud to give an open air concert on  Saturday evenings, was refused. Now it  wants the citizens to subscribe that  amount for a like service. Tin: Tunti'XR  will start the list with a dollar a month.  The ball team which will represent  Nelsou in the game with Grand Forks on  Sunday will be as strong as any team  which has worn the Nelson uniform.  Houston will be behind the bat. while  Rockenfieid and Waters will divide the  work at short and in the box. Partridge  will be at the initialbag with Eacritt at  second and Blackwood afc third. The  outfield will be made up of Campbell,  Phair and Mills. Ifc is understood that  Sam Neelands 'will have charge of the  team while aAvay on the trip.  A meeting of the householders and  Freeholders in the Hume addition and  Bogus town will be held at 2 o'clock on  the afternoon of August 7fch for fche'piir-  pose of nominating a board of school  trustees for the newly created school district to be known as the Hume school  district.  co  oo  <=>  C/3  PRESERVE THIS LIST AND ORDER FROM IT  PHONE 8        BOX 98  Anchovies  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kinds  McLaren's Cheese  Condensed Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream  Devilled jriam  Devi I fed; Chicken  Devilled; Turkey  =_)evilied=Crabs**  CO  OS  CO  CO  co  co  1.4  'VT��    fi  CO  oo  CO  CD  Diamond Prices  Are Climbing Up  BUT HAVE NOT REACHED  TOP NOTCH YET  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  Devilled Tongue  Devilled Beef  Finnan Haddie  Honey in Bottles  Nam in Tins  Irish Stew  Jams and Jellies of all kinds  Lime Juice  Lunch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Marmalade  Macaroni and Cheese  Olives  Pig's Feet  Roast Beef  Corned Beef  Relish  Sardines Iri oil  Sardines in mustard  Salmon  Trout in tins  TrufFes  Herring in torn sauce  Herring in anchovy sauce  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chicken  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  . Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard, etc., etc.  "' MINERS WANTED^  Tlio TuiiKicr "Mini', IJmitod, Albert Canyon, on I lio  lii.'iin lino of (ho C. I'. JI., '11 miles eti.il of lievolsloke, requires Mix good miners,   Wages $3.5- per day.  Diamonds hmo. advanced about 35 per  cent in price since hist fall, and another  advance i.s expected next month with the  limit not yet in sight. You cannot go astray  hy buying 0*a, a rising market, as your goods  will 1)6/���N-yorbti More tomorrow than tliey are  todays iujcI tlie difference in -price will be ��  --cle^-gain^to -=yoii;====As-t==made-large==pii r~  chases before the advance, we are in A position,  and willing to give oiuf customers' the b-n_fit  o�� tlie" advantageous term- on winch I puf-  chiised of different* value;,, nil kinds--of diamonds, BiibioSj Emeralds, Oliveens find Pearls,  Being direct and lax-go importers, with the  best facilities for buying right in eastern  markets, we are in a position to oiler a choice  selection of stones, either loose or mounted, at  fight prices. Would it not he to your advitn.-  tagft to anticipate your wants nUlier tliiui pay  a little more.  COVER  J  (Jeweler  Attention to Fine Watch Repairs.  We employ the very host wi'itchmtikcr.Sj and,  orders liy mail or express will receive prompt  attention. JACOB  DOV.Eli.  IflflGE TO COMACTOBS  COUJRT HOUSE, ROSSLAND, B. 0.  SliALKD TENDERS, properly endorsed, will bo received by tho Honorable the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works, Victoria, II. C, up to 12 noon of  Monday, the 21st August next, for the erection and completion of a Court Mouse at Kossland, 11. C. ��'  Drawings, spceiiiciitioiis, and conditions of tendering  and contract may be seen at the Provincial Government  Ollices at. Victoria, Vancouver, Kossland, and Kelson, ii.  C. on and after the 2<th instant.  Kaeb tender musl.be accompanied by an accepted bank  check or cerl ideate of deposit, made payable to the unsigned, ecjiinl to 5 lier cent, of the amount of I lie tender, rts  s'curity.for the due fulfillment of the contract, which  sliall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  into contract when called upon to do so, or if ho fail to  complete the work cflul ra' led for. The checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the  execution of lhe contract.  'renders will not be considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, and signed with the.actual signature of  the tenderers'.,. -:-. --.'������..'.       ...-.'���  -The lowest.oraiiy lender not necessarily accepted.  ���,;���        .-.������-��� .-,-��� -.      ������* ���"��� w:s. goius,-*: -'  DonnlS* Commissioner of l.amk and Works.  Lands and Works Deparlmciit, ���  Vieloria. JI. (..'., 2lsl, .Inly. I8IKI. '  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Stee], Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  erators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  jsrosLSO-sr, 33- c  You cannot be too particular  about [what you eat  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  are noted for keeping wholesome  groceries and provisions  0ireset- from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and;  half gallons..  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, H. G!.  *<B_, <^�� __.    JSL  _?!_XJ_vI_3__!_aS-   ETC.  o_?:e:_-_S- ecottse, BLOC-EC  Telephone 93  FOR ICE  CREAM AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in  and try our Ice Cream Soda and  EefresMng Drinks,  Next Door tn  P. Hums & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  11.75 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C..'  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, Pino Apples, and all other Frulln  in season received dailj'.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Lcave your orders.   Prompt delivery  . Boardinf,' and day sohcol for girls will re-open on tlio  I.-itli day -I'AiiKiisl. Varii-cius for boarders. Kor term's  and propped lis apply lo  A1ADKMOISELLK ICICRN, Principal  MILLS &LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream.  T OST-On Saturday n'fiht at. ilie corner of Silica and  ���M. Stanley streets, opposite.I lio Pliair hotel, three tin  boxes containing feathers, gut cists and liy l.yingacees-  -.ones. if the Under will kindly .return the same lo W.  !���' Jlroiighain he will be rewarded.  *$2 <  *Y*  _-., ���*��,. _ ��ASa__sMei_S��ffiSs_s_RSo_6_


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