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 I*  1V  GENERAL   OTIS  WILL  REMAIN  In Charge at  Manila.  Washington, July 2(5. -Tlie president  lists no intention of relieving general Otis  from the military command in bhe Philippines. He had thought seriously atone  time of assigning an officer of high rank  to conmiand the forces in the field, leaving general Otis to perform the administrative duties of governor general. The  president had two propositions before  him, one to niake*Lawton the commanding officer of the fighting, forces, and the  other to send Merritt back to his old  place. The latter assignment would  mean the subordination of general Otis  as governor general to general Merritt,  who outranks him by regular, as well as  volunteer title. Both these ideas have  now been abandoned. Speaking for the  president, a cabinet ofliccr says:  "Why should general Otis he relieved  lieved unless he had some reason for asking to be sent back to tlie United States.  The president has had no reason to find  fault Avith liis Avork. li, is true he has  not ended the war but he has certainly  made progress and has shown himself  equal to every emergency. He has taken  good care'of the troops and has shown  himself capable of handling large bodies  of men. He has made known his general  plans of operations when the campaign  begins in the fall and the experts here,  together Avith the president, consider that  he has a thorough and practical program mapped out for his future Avork.  "To remove him now avou Id be an admission tliat he had failed. We can not  admit this, for certainly the ollicial dispatches from the Philippines sIioaa' a  material extension of our lines far beyond the points controlled by Spain. To  place a ne.Ar commander in control of the  troops and make him independent of  general Otis would cause no end of  friction. There can be but one entrusted  Avith plenary poAvers, and I can repeat  that the president is Avell satisfied to  trust general Otis Avith those powers."  ^  '<����_  **/  ��&*  THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 27,  1800.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY, $2;  Boll to the Montreal Star was a rank  fake, yet from his oavu individual conclusions he had been led to believe that  Bell aviis guilty of a serious offense.  While the examination aviis under way  Hon. Henri C. St. Pierre, avIio is conducting Uoli's ilifense, stated in open court  that if I'liii'f Itedform of the Boston secret  .H.-rvii'U would come to Montreal to testify  in the case he would guarantee him immunity from arrest, and undertake to  deliver him safely across the line into the  States. 'Pin! inquiry will be resumed tomorrow afternoon. Among the many  who'have taken interest in the case are  Air. Cooke, crown prosecutor, and Mr.  Gorman, the American vice-consul.  France Has a New Sensation.  *  Paris, July 20.���The depression in  rentes, Avliich declined a quarter of a  point today, is attributed solely to the  action of the ministry yesterday in the  case of general De Negrier, by which M.  Wj_Ule-k-Ronssea.il, the prime minister  and general, the marquis De Galliffet,  minister of Avar, gave neAAr proofs of their  enemy  in  dealing  Avith all elements of  '-.--. trouble.    General De -Negrier is  acknoAv-  j-^-lge'^rtpi^  \ *f eValS? \kii ��xds"as^JLhipeetor(^,0iy^j[0hf -. ftii_8iy>  ��ljcVp��; '%-iiliIirt-ig-filfe  ^Su^d^vaV^^  yvhis, :$eu6M- ���^^^^^^^^''.'p^'  .-- ����Boiirgessjnack'��QstronglyoiacoTmd,,etat  ^piei'I^^  .^g]p;nil\^^^  ^.f-ipnl^  .    . _,��� .���,_..��-,..���-.. --j-^  Peace Conference Proceedings.  Tin.; Haguj._, July 20.���The drafting  committee of the international peace conference today decided upon the form of a  convention on the laws and customs of  Avar, and the adoption of the Geneva con-  A'ention to naval warfare, as well as a  formula for accession to the arbitration  'scheme by non-signatory powers. It is  hoped that the conventions Avill be fully  signed by Saturday. Sir Julian Pauuee-  fonte, head of the British delegation,  having demanded that the non-signatory  powers be entitled to adhere to the arbitration eoiiA'-eii-ion only by the unanimous consent of the signatory powers.  Count Nigra, chief of the Italian delegation, proposed an amendment permitting  such adhesion if no poAvers opposed. It is  hoi.ed that the British foreign ofiice will,  accept the amendment.  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  Rapid Advance in Homestake Shares.  "Rosslani"), July 20.���The Homestake  mine is the sensation of the day in Rossland. The shares haA'e risen rapidly  from nearly zero to 12A cents. - It is said  that very high assays are causing the  advance. It is not yet known Avhether  any considerable body of ore has been  developed yet or not. The boom in  Homestake is Avatched A'ery eagerly for  the reason that it is a south belt mine  and if it justifies present anticipations  will rcA'ive interest in the south belt. The  Homestake Avas originally incorporated  by John M. Burke and lay for a long time  idle after the treasury gave out. Then  D. M. Linnard.took it over to London,  but liis efforts to float it there failed. On  his return the. company Avas reconstructed on an assessment basis, and de-  A'elopment Avork has been kept up steadily for about nine months. ;  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  CONCENTRATES.  The contracts for the construction of  the branch line to the North Star mine  from the main line of the CroAv's Nest  Pass have been let. Brecken ridge & Lund  will construct tliree miles of it, Grant, &  &. Shady r have a large slice, and the  C.P.R. a. ill construct the balance of it  themselves. The branch leaves the main  line tAvo miles east of Cranbrook.  How Bob  Wixon Went Broke.  A pretty good story is told of Bob  Wixon, avIio left Nelson two years ago for  ; Dawson. Bob is a hard worker when he  works and a great gambler when he  gambles. About a month ago he won  $1800 in DaAvson.and he and a companion  started to one of the transportation company's offices to purchase tickets to Skagway. When Hearing the ofiice, Bob remarked, "I'll go back and Avin the price  of the tickets." He went back to the  gambling house AA'here he had Avon the  $1800, and asked the dealer at a faro  table to take off the limit. The dealer  did so, and Bob Avas broke in fifteen minutes. ' . ' ���  Admiral Dewey's Next Job.  Washington, July 20.���There is much  gossip in naval circles respecting the  duty to Avhicli admiral DeAvey will be assigned upon his'arrival in this country.  Secretary Long positively declares the  post has not yet been selected and that a  decision will be. made only Avhen he has  had an opportunity to consult "with admiral Dewey and has learned his'Avishes.  There, is apparently no doubt, however,  that the admiral; Avill be stationed in  Washington  at  the! ;head   of - a  strong  fctjtflfcr^1ft_si&^^  %i|W0"^iu^eyi\w -^y^r-be.^  j-��i:gl&?so-nl^  ?��i:el-at-rn-g/t6-��.s]-ia;p��co.n-sti. uetiou-^s"�� .-.����r;��y & ��y  ���^dnh6|itibH^��ftw  -Jiffieultil^ifiS^^^  JAP-i_MN^"Jnly..2G"^  .-,^-v--/_..+---,,��. ���_,--.- -l-._ ;thG>"iiJeudi--g*>��titeaty"  ^^k:Aiyx.:iry,yy-^jyyy  The masonry Avork on the Granite mill  is completed and about half the frame  Avork of the mill house is up. The  machinery for the mill is daily expected,  the invoices having already arrived.  The work of installing the machinery  for the Slocan Ore Purchasing Company's  sampling Avorks AAdll start today.  W. C. McLean and LaAvrence Peters  left yesterday afternoon for the Gold  Cure and Pull Rig claims, on the south  fork of Kaslo creek. They '.will return  by Avay of Kokanee creek to look over  the Avagmi road to be built^byrtlie Mpllyj  -^SilSiOtfAmin^  ^iiMfflg^^_||^^  ^iiMM-?'^!^  1  ;;���.., 'tJ'0^N.'iaSj-'.uR'o-; ."��nfly.��*.2p^��; ^ji|foiv..a:s"  '��;: |iY}'��el.(-,.Iiere��-tjiat -fell-'. Jraad^;i*-*t'|irist j?c^  .;"- ^sed^t^-ac^^^^  ��_]iiqih oiily, by(p^lie,.'ehdipnxan}B, j^ljiug.nT4tps  ���V|L*(i^^nnM^^\a1^  1��; i'p he, al'axiiixed .dp^ihe^i^r.exjt^et^miifa-  " 'iioh'.pi2' the"yMhkf^ao- "tdi 'ei-tucel   tli^ii'".  -' oiioLi-fopoi^"- '^^^^^.^t^Jftf_i4(iH|i0 ;|  '. discits.sioi\ Liipbft" tlie - *cqii. pftuy proposals.  ��.Jt is, s.t<^^d=ii][iSit*tlieVe_:e^tli,we'�� couiieil at  Beetoi'^.Ti-i'&^tejSte^-^"!1^ dJecto;ral dis^  ���.I'ibvitipu prolMsttl" giving the WiWater  a;iid Golclflelds ten in_iiil>ei-s ih Yblksteiad  instei*id: of fou f.   An iuuueiise nieeting of  =tJitktii-lei;?s^tdh1ghtr-het*^  tions  deiioiniciiig the  ff'_*_uehise JaAv as  Wholly iiiadectiuate aiid deMiandiiig eff-c-  tive guarantees and a pifoper redisti-ibu-  tioii scheme. .. _..  Division of AutHofitv in Samoav  HlWJT'IN. July 20i���Tlife National Zoi-  tiing piiblishes an article _ cdntalniu-g  infoi-i-iatibi. as to the pt'octtedings of the  coMiiiissitHi apij-inted to eoiLsider and decide "upofi the-Saiiidan -pK-stidii, in Which  it says: '"The1 English h-vve wanted to  cstabHslt .a i'oi'ee of 800 men. iind-i' an  l-Uglishfioinniitnd to mainfcain order. The  coinniission wits niiable to itgree to this  proposition but cOiisented to the establishment of a peace force of 100 men,  dVawii equally from the two native  parties under the command of Knglish  Officers Avho Were not concerned iii recent  events. In accordance with this arrange-,  liieiit an English imd German lieutenant  will eaeh have charge of 500 men, under  the s-tpe-iiitendeiiee of an American  captain.    Kids Cause Trouble in Cincinnati.  Cincinnati, July 2_>.^The messenger  boys' strike Avas continued today, biit the  laAvlessneSs attending it heretofore Avas  much lessened by the more active . Avork  of the police. Throughout the day policemen escorted the messengers and no  croAvds Avere allowed to collect.  The Letter Thief on Trial.  MontrI-AI-, July 20.���Ernest W. Smn-  merskill, publisher of the Sunday Sun, at  whose instance ten days ago, George  'Frederick Bell, tlie confessed thief of tlie  famous Caranza letter, -was arrested, AA-as  the chief Avitness today at the preliminary examination before magistrate  Lafontail. In his statement to the court  . hc said that from a journalistic point of  A-iew he believed that the story given by  ^ my^]b"'yi^'J^.paii|sseJu u  "tli-at". ������;f,-��Ed^di'^e?trtiesi\VSajfilolf?" dS6 ,"2 "sxxf-fi  ?p*:yy. af-f! Aw -.'''wwi��������-" i��,'ss-a"x-*"w'ii----' >-'�����>'i"fl"p,  .mouiited&PetinceClungMidmiefdaAvager  x-*y .y -y -% iyry^.->.y.y:y.y��'fy-'-y'.,-y.-f-i-i'ji:-j?r":ip.  .impress; are tlie .pri|jeii^  .; %��ri'Mige)n^ntf :th^  .Spcui'e'0ili.a froin*fpPreig&,ag.grjess_6_i��''-aiW  'i   D     *        n:p ��n u_ " ,|.--nLi "    u,%^ ^   H-j.-^c   un .&fp a m u v0 fj L, "   -  fgarful  thitt" the- treaty "'migfit "ili;vOlv.,  '��� .Chln;a'jiip=ser^ ^ ^'-'..v ]  ]���] "'Histoncafcl!^^ ��  '  ������ '--'_|BttKrN^^\iI^(>;^f^  at Slariehii'urg, Wesjl. -Prussiat :A;'t nqoii;  forty ��� liOiises li^d been ^fuzed aii��d "Are  bi'igades fi'om Dflu-fc/_ic- and : Elbiug Avere  sXininiOned. -The buildijigs de-troyecr include the Rathoas Avhicji Was built in. the  his--  _the_  NELSON. ,  The business men of Nelson are becoming someAvhat anxious for the appearance  of the map of Nelson and its surround-,  ing country which the board of trade undertook to have published some months  ago. The general feeling is,that if the!  map is verymucli longer delayed it .will-  altogether miss, its object in that it will  be behind the tinies.  A. P. McKenzie of Pliojnix is in Nelson  securing a stock of drugs for a business  Avliich he proposes to open up in.Pho3uix,  a humming mining camp in the Bound-..'  ary district about seven miles from Green-  Svood. He placed an order AvithW. F.  Teetzel & Co. of this city for a $2000  stock, and the order Avas filled in two  days. This shows that the business men  of NelsOn are. in .shape to handle the  trade of Boundary Avithout the assistance  of the jobbers of the 'east.  Walter Main's circus has obtained a  permit to sIioav here oii the recreation  grounds. They aredue here August 7th.:  The permit to show here AAras only given  after it Avas demonstrated that there Avas  no other suitable place Avithin easy reach  bf the populous parts of tho city. The  management-.of the circus Avill also liiiye.'  to put tip = adequate seenrity that the  recreation grounds  are Jeft in;".as. good  Iq o liditioiii as.wlieii.they.�����.ouiidjstliem.^Thisjs  ^yprlf,;m)hphe-"40h,e;.inxd,er^  'ixy0.  2ix(p)^a>��olA"��/��d^  ���wi^;dol6n|flffiOTVi^  *y:  tliere is .plenty "Wbi'e to keep tlie sin effc^i*  f'iiniiing ste.i   fourteenth century, aftd, se\*enteeii  torical houses built oyer fl-rcades  on  Ttalian $tyle~^iu the market place. The  histoiifeal records were saved audi so far,  the ca$tle of the Teutonic kniglits,,oiie; of  tlie iiiost aueieiit aiid interesting historir-  cal edifices in Germany, has not been endangered.  Suicide at G-efirffetdwii,  G120RC.KT0WN, July 2fi.r~"yesterday the  ���l3o.d>f of Jj H. Hall was found near here  with a terrible gunshot *.yound in the  head and an empty gun lying across his  body. A memorandum book in liis pocket contained his name Jind a nuinber of.  messages to his mother and other members of his family. The case is' evidently-  one of deliberate suicide. A sinall stick  Avas found Avith Avhicli ho is supposed to  haAre dischai'ged his gun. Tliere is no  reason for the act, and an inquest will be  u 1111 ecessar y.   Picnic Ends in a Biot.  Nisw York, July 20.���TAventy persons  Avere injured, two df them perhaps  fatally, in a riot at Coney Island early  this morning. Tavo men accidentally  jostling each other provoked the trouble.  The participants in tlie riot Avere members of a party of Brooklyn and Coney  Island rail\Aray employees, who Avere picnicking at the island, and a number of  race track men from Brighton Beach.  John Whyte, aged twenty-three, of  Hamilton, Ontario,' is among these seriously injured.  Sewanhaka Cup Races Tomorrow.  Montreal, July 20.���The yacht Constance, t.he American challenger for the  SeAvanhaka-Corinthian cup, is now in  readiness at the Royal St. LaAvrence  yacht. club at Dorya.l.. . The contests,  Avhieh A\rill be the best tliree out of five,  Avill commence' on lake St. Louis today.  Sleuth Aitferican"^^^  n ��� Ft._.'-.>pfc ��$RA.N.dR;b���tgl'an^df '��fetift%u<*,  -Inly.,' n26i7^,Gleji,!9.rnai,a tflysses Hou^rQuf-,  ptjesidentdf tl|e D^inii-ican re|-unblig>,was  assassiii��a��ted, at^Idfeea. at hall past" four  d'clock/thisafternoOli. The name df the  jnurdei'er js Itamdn (.aceres. He sue-.  eeeded in.maikint his escape, but an energetic .purfeu it Avas at once begun, and'it is^  j-irpl-able that he Ayill soon be^jaaptured.  Oneida lake, thence through the Mohawk  to the Hudson riA-er.  A single lock avi 11 be 1000 feet long,  with walls OA-er ;j0 feet high. The greatest problem has been to find storage for  the water to feed the great canal on its  A'arious levels, and yet not injure the  water supply of the manufacturing concerns now using A'arious rivers. The  Rafter plan now i.s a great dam at Carthage in Jefferson, county. From this place  Mr. Rafter planned a canal 90 miles long,  as Avide as the Erie, to the proposed ship  canal just west of Rome, and on the way  doAvn he has planned a-reserve in the  Salmon river. .  The commission's Avork also includes a  similar survey for a canal of the same  character, leaving the St. LaAvrence river  at the head of the Croteau rapids, and  thence into and through lake Champlain.  The Cuban Butcher Rebuked.  Mauri ii, July 20.���The discussion of  the army bill in the senate today lead to  an exciting scene. General Weyler arguing against any reduction in the strength  of the army, Avarned the government that  the present situation made a revolution  highly probable, since it had never been  so easy for the army and the people to  make common cause. He himself had  never thought of heading a |rising, but it  must be confessed that'revolutions sometimes cleared the political atmosphere,  and accomplished the work' of regeneration. Senor Dato, minister of the interior, replying^scA'erely censured general  Weyler, declaring that a general avIio,  haA'ing 106,000 men, had failed to sup-  ��� press tlie Cuban rebellion, had 110 right  to make such threats, and that any attempt to make a revolution, no matter  by Avhom, Avould be prosecuted against  ���with the utmost rigor: of the law.; The  senators warmly applauded senator Dato's.  speech.    The army bill AA'as adopted.  Bugs Destroy Electric Lights, v.,..;...,  .Kingston, Jamaica, July 20.���The city  of Geoi'getoAvu, British . Guiana', has recently introduced the electric liglit. -The  arcla;mps;beca,iiie.the -centers  of attrac-  ^GljfSnsSQts7  the; -&a%utJ"^*wMcli^fcn��sB,t.lfefii^8dd0��f8"8m  that Jiis*;parhaineiitary. dutiesjiat'cl of suelv.  Vice-president general Figuei'o immediately assuuied the direction of cilfairs.  The remains of the president Avill probably be taken to San Domingo for  funeral services.  Baseball Games Yesterday,  St. Louis 4,���N-W, yorlc %  Chicago 5, l?hi.ladelphia 7.  Pittsbilfg '_��� Wasl:iiiigtoi 1 1.  Louisville 2, Brooklyn li..  Cincitmati   '),  Boston   !); Cincinnati 2,  Boston l.  MiniiQapolis 0, Detroit 7.  Toronto 3, Montreal -1.  Syracuse 3, Rochester 8.  Springfield 10, Worcester 4.  Ihirtford o, Providence 0.  Buffalo 1, Kansas City ft.  Milwaukee i, Grand Rapids 11.  Indianapolis 8, St. Paul 5.  4linihg.,cjoi.iip!.in.yii Colonel.Prioivi]}.is<jgn*-  iteiTdecl*..sdlf|"tlYe -.stoiik; jd IS.*-Kbi!?afeIiau" |D"05.  O^hroiitbfTW%5���a "^h%k '-"feiier tjief  sijdchkixiqseyitOfl(��!>��. ���!* S'h'.i'i.i'e* aud 'colbjiel  @r|p^��:jv|fei*(di?e\Y -1i-i-in the- "agfOem&hi"df  ,th���e��^at,'e.;" "Tiieji. a"c'tidn was "entered: "by-tlie  ' pMutiil:',, Mr- Coxy and* coloiiel -fPinOr ye-  1 fli^ed.-to attend 6durt during the sitting  ; of p%tlianipiit., �� Tiie .doiirfc ordered coloilej  Pripr td attend on Wednesday.  _May_^b9__.Clianged_:tc*--Infantry,-  VANCOuyioi-, July '26-���^Tiie officers of  the local iniUtia com pany state tht{t no  official eoinjniiijieittioii lias been received  Avith deference to the regiment being  changed into .itn infantry one. However,  thei'e is a possibility that such may be  tlte case as local nil!itary .'uithoi'ities .:iiW*_  been agitating for the -bangtj for several  yeai's^. And should I.stTuimalt be properly  garrisoned by Imperial troops the change  Avould natiirally follow.  .anld M%i:tid.^."'i,ii^o.7^  ^l-w-fiaftc^VdfMvii'iefi %^v^i^^.'ililixoil^\ik��Srty.  ',(2Iriih,tic".,   "..";��� - - *.-���V- ��".:;.";(y"Xy 2-y^p;��vi"-��'l "���}" -*'  :"4^":"%a^^o^R^c^  ym^^m il&M^^^^MeQi^  ?p<^^l^^iy$^;0  4igi.tin-st���\lfp:lr-ttlfi'Cia*ti-!)i"''oJ' flie^'Sfest"'f,Ji.],?:  f&$n*$y^pi;9i$ty-: .:^isa^y^^&^'qi^deax\L  p i;es& cp^dia'l]'yi..l'V%hes JBtjj(.|t-ii''Siyc^^S;D..^Tl|e  Gfe&i'4r|f^fjuJ^^hivtD njH]'^-'- feihl ��}.)i:qs"ehl):  -diiditicm^  'than hff&ipxfiM^fS'^ thfire^:  foi'e Amr_i*feW'retifprofjitf1 is- in u& hxfof  in Jajnjtit'it. On Chc;(3ontrary tlie Bleanef  adds: 'j��i"x.e, sen_lte Ayill.iselp ns "by tlu-<Tw>  ing out the "ifea(tya. and thus mj.se more  reA-(3uiio, AyJiilst in Such an even* there  could be h'o"retaliation.  MARTIN IS TO BE LET OUT  Result ofthe Government Caucus.  Victoria, July 20.���The expected happened at the caucus of the government  supiiorters here this eA'euing, and although those in attendancerefu.se to give  out any information it is generally understood that the decision Avas reached  by the members of the party to support  premier Semlin and drop attorney-general Martin Avith as little noise as possible. It is not thought that there Avill be  any general rearrangement of the portfolios. A new man Avill haA'e to be taken  in as attorney-general, but aa'Iio he will  be cannot be learned tonight. The caucus  Avas well attended.  Thk Triiiuni_\- Victoria correspondent  says:    The caucus  lasted  till  midnight,  and aUthe members declared  that thej*-/(v-  had been sa.'ohi to secrecy and could not  divulge Avhat had happened.    It_did-''n'6tv'  take an expert mind reader, however, to  find that as a result of the caucus premier2y  Semlin is a happier looking man - than he  has been for Aveeks, Avhile minister Cotton��  and a group of his friends are chatting  together at the New England hotel as ify'y  trouble was unknown.  It is safe to say  that the   caucus decided that Martin must go, and that to  ���'  make his exit easier  no announcement  Avill  be made,  at least  until  after-the  lieutenant-governor's return f rom Atliri.; *;  "SomepeoplehaA'efoundthatthey liaA'e ;  been to hasty in making announcements''  Svas i)reniier Semlin's significant remark ;  tonight.,     Lt .. :yy.2i  . Cleveland's Street Car Strike. _;  Cr.i-An<;r_AND, July 20.���The storm ceiiter:';  "oi the street railway strike luis, accord-((22  ing to the authorities, settled in Brook-  lyn, a suburb connected with Cleveland '  by a long high bridge. At noon 150 emr; - ��  ployees of the Born Steel Range CpniS;"'  pany blockaded a car on the bridge, ahd��^  dragged the motorman and conductor;-AJ;  from their pOsts. Soldiers on -guard(at-jy  the1 barns half a mile aAvay hurriedto tlie^'.  scene, but the rioters luid taken refuge inSS  the factory, Avhieh-stands^ under :^lie api-;c;  proach to the bridge.; .,.'.,.- '( y:y.2,]y(yyy(2;y  y General Axliiie iii command ;dfvthfeSi  ti'boi. s hei-e; in order ;*,to "personal 1 y'"���:A**iew��  "-- ' -���'--.'.     ::-������-    "-���'���'.(.i��;i^jL.ia^����PSera-fe/*i-��-^.a  y^ril  'irm'ld"i.  uTiileli./  oB Hjft'en.bal-'. ^aK%$%&^#&&&$  Watkins Becbmeis  an Adventist.  IlA.Mii/i'ON,   July    2G.���Eredorick  W  Watkiii��, proprietor of Hamilton's big do-  partinental store, has joined the Seventh  Day Adveutists. He kept his store closed  from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday,  opening from eight to ten Saturday eA'cning. This action caused much comment,  as Saturday is the big trading day in all  -brandies of retail business.  C. P. R. Traffic Receipts.  MoNTRKAr., July 26.���The Canadian  Pacific railway traffic receipts for the  Aveek ending July 21st, Avere $543,000.  For tlie same week last year they AVcre  $448,000.  The Metal Market. ;"  York, July 20.���Bar silver  Niow York, July 20.���Bar silver OO.jc.  Mexican dollars 48c. Silver. ..certificates  00@6lc. Copper firm;, brokers' .$1.8.50,  exchange $18.50. Lead (juiet; brokers'  $4..'-5, exchange $4.55@$4.57.J.  Pacific Cable Resolution Passed.  Ottawa, July 20.���Tlie postuiastei--  gene.i?a!'s Pacific citble expense resolution  was put through its final stages today  ,'uid Sent up to tlie senate. Tlie government bill fco empower loan companies to  gain incorporation by letters patent, instead of coming to parliament as at  present, Avas likeAvise passed. The measure is designed to secure greater uniformity in the character of compiinies so i*_i-  ���corporslted'.-    The Men Did Not Go.  YjiiI-, July 26.���Yesterday a dozen or  more miners arrived here from Nelson intending to go to the Ymir mine Avliero  they Avere to be giA'en contract work.  Representatives of the local Aimers' Union  met them, and thoy refused to go further  unless they Avere guaranteed ���$.'*.50 a day.  It is saitl all the men returned to Nelson.  The Great Canal Project.  Ar-HANFT, Ncav York, July 2I'5.���Enginect'  George W. Rafter, in charge of the survey for the proposed ship canal from the-  great lakes to the Atlantic. ocean, lias  completed his preliminary work*-and.  drawn his report. The project is to cut  a canal thirty feetdeepaiul 1.40 feet wide,  from lake Erie to hike Ontario, around.  Niagara falls, leaA-iiig lake Ontario at.  OsAvego,   through   the  Oswego. riA'er   to  Detroit Has ft Strike in S%hk  13jCTR0"iT. ��Xuly 26.���^A strike of street  railway ejniLiloyees oi Detroit is among  tlie, possibilities of tlie near future. The  exceltbiVe conunittee of tliolocftl union is  in conference witli the company officers,  the chief' points at issue being changes in  tlie number Of "working hoiirs,, ami an increase in jiity i'i.'om 21 to 25 cents per  hour.  Stewards Death  IlAAiilft'oN', July 20:-  Gonfirmcd.,  -Kurt.her coldlristation of. the reported (loath of exii;nayor  A. JJ. Sta\va:rt' was. .reccLvwl by |-et,ter  from Joliii Wilson, formerly a. IiUvycr In  C'oolgai'die, \?estern Australia. Stewart  was a member of oik; of the Haniiltoii  parties Avhicli attempti-d %o reat-h the  lvloiidike by the .-dinontoh route.  Surrey Defeats the Australians.  LoniiOx, July 20.��� In tlte match game  of cricket begun at Keiiningtoii ov;il on  Aloiiday, betAveen tlie Australian team  and the Surrey eleven, the Australians  were ail out in their second innings Avith  104. runs. The total rims litadi! by the  Australians AVas "351), while tlio Surrey  eleven scored a total of 102 runs.  ife!|f'vfew' tajday i c^cl4mt]^��$fiji,l-: %hef%tm��t^  "tiiff doin.nj*0i'fi^MStii}lT^  ^ry My-wffMti W%#rt��Q#if Ij?^  be,aeL-addso1.il> ^In^-^^fafiSi^jft.'gfCf".^  ,de;i;,.iLt*l-\''e.rettBt'otIii:^n-igainVtdlM  ,c-f arbi,tra;tio^.^ia*lj'|>^p'nyi^  ing to arbiitr-t'ter- y,y -.,",".   2 .",,"    .'"....��� -f."1".^-;.1"?*"  Poles Riot, in,ff-"��the; PfoSofe "JE_6user- f/'W?^  B151-1-tif, J'ul;'y g6;-^^.tj^i^-^X^KgHgeg^  ScIifinTni^iri^tlie p]-o,A'i-ice (jfT?dsen, "Ohr.  l^-al-iy last, ;neilrly 400 inm'6teB,,,m0st ,q|���  | them Ptdes. attacked the attend#iit-i���aiHl."  overseers Avftli  'lti-iVes  md cliibS-   "tflie"  ���poli'ce were suiiiuioned and Av'ere atfjiWke^l  by the l'iotei's aijd   obliged  to  use  th.err"  weairails in self defence.    Several <df�� tin. .:  rioters   Avfire    seriously    W'oiuided,   Hnt ,  finally tlie I'lugl-sade^s were itrrdsted; and -  order was rystofed.  3  California Volunteers Sail for Home.  Ma.nila, July 20.--Tho transport Sher-  ,/,'an sailed today for San hYnnciseo with  the California infantry, consisting of 48  officers and 950 nien. two batteries of  California heavy artillery, nine officers  and 80 men, and 275 discharged -soldiers  of other regiments.  Minister Tarto on the Mend.:  Touoxtp, July 20.  rThe Globe  special,  cable.says: .. Air. Tarte i.s making  excellent progress since liis. operation.    He intends shortly to visit and inspect public 1 ship Companies for the  carrying  works at Antwerp and Hamburg. | mails.  Shamrock's Raci'nj: Gea. Shipped..,  NtvW 5*oi-j<, July Mi��� .Agent Coverlyy  oi Ivli�� Anchor liii��i to*-fa-y siftt-d tlni't^l'iill  spars jmvl racing gear of the Sluinirock,  hail been placed aboard tlid ;KMl*h(_s__.rt>  which sails from fllitsgowr on Aiignst '3rd,  and is due in New York on August l-th,  Tiie spins and racing gear will be guarded day and niglit toiirev'outpersons from  tampering with them.  Conservatives, Express Sympathy.  Ottawa, July 20�����-Sir Charles Tupper  has arranged to sail for lOngland on Aug.  ust ��3rd.    A caucus*  of  the  ConserA'ative.  members   Of   parliament    adopted   this  morning resolutions expressing  deep   regret at  tlie deaths of  the  late  senator  Sanford and honor-able  Air. Ives, and ordered  that expressions of sympathy bo  conveyed to the bereaved families.  Canada's Foreign Immigration.  Ottawa, .July 20.���In reply to a question by Taylor, fche minister of the interior stated that 11,5(50 'Galileans and  Austrians ami T.'iOO Doukhonors immigrants have arrived in Canada since July  ISO".  L-S-f.  British Mail Contracts Eenewed.  Lond'-X, July 20.���It is announced that  the govern ment lias renewed its contracts  Avitli the Cunard and White Star Steam-  of  the THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, JULY  27.  1890.  %  #  $  Are ready and willing to testify to the merits of  Thompson's Glove-fitting corsets. They are comfort- ^  able and perfect-fitting while, at the same time, they ^  give an elegance and grace to the figure which can- -^  not be equalled by any other corset. We have them ^  at $2.50, $3, and $3.50 per pair. ^  playing clean lacrosse theniseU'es they  ���will compel like playing from their opponents; by accepting defeat like sportsmen they will compel respect.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO,  %  BANK  OP  B. O.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   0-A.S_E_C  &&&&&&&&'&&&&&&&;&;&&;&;&&&&&&&&&  M  ������&  -__���-�����  ���S*:�� �����*: ��^^ g-^.e-: ��-S^  ^-_?S5��^  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��tte ��.rtlntm*  -Daily Edition. ....  Weekly Edition. ,   J. irst Ykaj., No. 174   Seventh Yeah, No. 37  Al though ��15,000 was appropriated this year by the  provincial govcrnnieiib for roads and trails in- Kossland  riding, scarcely any of it has yet been expended, .evidently Joseph Martin is as Rood as his word.  The-above is from the  Nelson  Economist and is a foolish  statement.      The  amount named AA'as appropriated for tlie  .''. year.'beginning July 1st,'1S99, and ending  June 30tli.--19C.0-L.  -Fault is found because,;  bf^ulidsi|(S^t^  [M^:Mhyl^^yit :y%i sa ::$m 'J^i"j:iL\^&iU  Owners' ProtectiveAssociatiouforappearance sake only; that AA'hile they proclaim  they are only paying three dollars a day,  their pay-rolls sIioav that tliey are paying  three dollars and fifty cents a day. It is  even said that J. Roderick Robertson is  ���weakening, seeing that it is impossible to  get skilled miners to work for the three-  dollar Avage. The mine owners and the  miners may yet accept the disinterested  advice given them in Thi_ Tribune, and  get together and settle their differences.  ���A-*- *, -*,:*-.._. ���.-,--���.,,._.,,,���-,, -���*-*_-*.��� i g  "<xt-  ';-.��.*3"/=.������."?[; *������"��/ .-,,"K4pyi��...".M'".yjjy.'\ y. .-y \ a*&.' cv�� ��., ���  Wn. ��s_..Y-f,ir.iVj.*-^  Air Resistance Measured.  In the last issue of the Scientific American the ride of Murphy behind a, locomotive is treated editorially as furnishing  A'aluable suggestions in railroad engineering. Among the statements is one, based  on the theoretical figures, that a racing  man traveling one mile in one minute,  and displacing the air would have to  overcome a resistance of more that seven  horse power. Professor Denton, of the  Stevens institute of Technology, the article states, "testified one or two powerful  riders on the Webb Moating dynamometer, and found that an extremely, powerful man, by using his utmost effort,  could only exert for a. few seconds power  at the rate of 19,780 fout-pouuds of work  per minute, while another, in a, hill-  cliinbing contest, exerted 21,200 footpounds, or say two-thirds of a horsepower, but only for a fraction of a  minute."  1 By Order.  Recently a solar eclipse Avas visible in  Germany, and the colonel of a regiment  of infantry sent for all the sergeants and  said to them : "There Avill be an eclipse  of the sun tomorroAV���the regiment will  meet on tho parade ground in undress. 1  Avill come and explain the eclipse before  drill. If the sky is cloudy, the men will  meet in the drill-shed as usual." Whereupon the sergeants di-CAA' up the following  order of the day : Tomorrow morning, .by  order of the colonel,-there'Avill be an  eclipse of the sun. The regiment will assemble on the parade-ground, where the  colonel Avill come and superintend the  eclipse in person. If the sky is cloudy  the eclipse AA'ill take place in the drill-  shed. - ���       '  "Who's the Nixt."  . A small party of infantry Avere storming a stockade and had at last reached it.  An Irishman ran foi'Avarcl and planted a  scaling-ladder against it, and was about  to mount when a brave youug officer, ran  up and said : "Let ine be the first to  mount, my man ; I want to get a V, 0."  The Irishman readily stepped aside, and  the gallant young felloAV clambered  quickly up", but AA'as shot .through the  head as soon as it appeared above the top  and fell to the ground at Paddy's feet.  The latter looked clown at him Avith a  .comical expression, and then, turning to.  die  &.-e3.-&��'S>-&-&j.c��jL<^?.&z^.'A-��Z-  65 S-^-S: ��5?ig?S5 ���  ^  fes?:.  vine  BARGAINS  WE ARE-GOING- OUT OF THE  BOOT*'AND SHOE BUSINESS  M  BOOTS  AND  SHOES  &  /  #  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE ABOVE GOODS AT. COST  NIVOHVa  I-.-SS.V  ;rfa-iip5Wrn"-on*stree;-��&  j%n:K|tR" rMhiiheVy^ ,^ ,:^ *���';' \ "' '���  ^g^^iiprelT ftl$��^$9_$t oi" Mf %n&t&.]  cffiYfc-l^ tired Of '�����0keiv': .coiif  ^^fnSeiiAu W'itliSlie'K^^  ;;V*iMs^i^j5-toji\V.��ar3fclj are��'bnly aAvaitifig-'A good  ;"i���^(|xJ\'^se:��t��(5.],^)-reak,' aw|iy from that'Of-giml/it-  ll^roi-.- '-[Eliey are Ijegmnhig to- fitifcl; tliat  ���:��*."-:*|lii:e-rnd��cilrar uieh afe inbi'e expensive in,  >*�� *0e long fun thita three-aiid-a-half men.  DnDn_       .        ,."'���      ^.o '  - Tlie'latter are good Infners and  undei'-  -ftaild their business; the fonner are not.  Some Oi the "mine O-vners say Mi-tt their  AvQi'k is costing them 25 pei- cent more  than it 'would if tliey wefe allowed to  de.if -direct with uiiion men. Others sjty  that they axestanding in Avith, the Mine.  Headquarter., fbr  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  �� 'IEf =:!_iie''M'-3-lfe&-_J��' fj,n^*o'BLs.-> -teain.^- sifesecXls''"  ���ft).;ge15tfe'g.l, ^Kf to;���thj6;:Clc5|i^, It' isTto- be,  ' h&ped^hat'ffiicy' Afili pl|vy; ilbj-ti- la-i'Qsstf  AV'lieiKtlxe^ .get. t|iei;e: "fibres it "'is t,p'��."b,e;"  li'6j-6(t:-tluit af defefiited "fihOy 'will a'ceep^  defeatlike UiprOxfglilAfed spoj-.tsnidii.   Bf  week we ar�� shovying a special lih;e of  E}~R.  P0fS���  JARDINIERES  AND  HANGING  BASKETS  Away below regular price-  Thomson Stationery Co., M  ��� ��� r.' i^&^Eh"B:AtEp2rMi4.��2  :JBo yOM fcripw #w(t:tis th&best  co^U^Aink jyfitijb cyan get,  for w&rm w&atMer?  Mme Juice  $,o^you^knowt3^U)Mch^is^ybh&^  h&st brand?  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Willi cottage iri.nted,a- $18 pcrn.olil:.li, Yiotoria .  s,t ivene t........, ,..., s.....;...,...;.....;.;.... 2000  2 lot. with eottogO rented at ?20 por liiohth, _--ffnlcy  strei-t.�� ..,...,..,.,.-.'...,.,.., 3QO0  Clots ii) blodk -IK,-ail oleiired tilid fenced in  2500,  J. 8l J.  A&BiSTT3 TOR  TAYLOR SAFEES  "   r03iQtj.ni. J_totisQs .cfoiftt-iill^ lb^atetl, f2,�����of  ��� :C%l%oi)V'C'itit.;ni��G tui.I, 2'-��3&'"tni��-Gai^ppi'-tp.  ^.tvcCep, .^I-K-Q, cayy" l<sx$ii$v -.      ' " "y��-  '-' y^H'oqm j&u-jtf ".jjii,". =�����- itl-ti,il>>..��� siii-cfp-'ti;,-g.S liao".����  _\lniSi. anfl JVtiiiilil'; Stocks" "Clisl-flls Bypkof  &-0.  Gy0T0IVIS, BAKERS  AUefiONaERS  "W"^._R_D BIOS.  Heal 1-stato aud General Agents, IJakef St., Nelson,  BAKER STREET WEST. 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BCT_r_Sl_S"3r,     PEOPRIE _.0_R.  HMB GOODS AND HAIfi OBNAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. \V. KKAllNKYhnsoi-onodtt Ladies Hair Dress  iiiK l'_rlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to funish everything in the way of hair goods  and. hair tonics. .Treatment of the sealp a specialty.  :W_ IP- BOBI3>TSOIT  (Kx-Shoriir of Soulh lvootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Caslrodvanccd on eonsiijiinients of merchandise.  I'ostoillco Box 572 Nelson, B. C.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeokh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  '1 wo lots With two-stovj- house on, J-��tlnsor  street, iloar Josephine .., ..'.... SIM)  Tortus;  --d-fft-C-lK-i, halautfO on lliort_ago.  bixty-aere raincli, nine miles,from, city oh litko  slioi'O. ...,..���* , ..StOOO" ���  OllO-nalf C(-sl), btUancOon nSoi'lKat,'C.  __.(D__v3SrS  Oil  lOuu conditions arc lho cliouposjs unit best,  oflcred.   \ ou can repay at any timo wltlioul,  boh us.  AQENTS   -TOjB  ]- I'itisli C'olumhia I'einnXireiit Saving.. & Loan Coinpiihy.  Ulobp Savin),'.. & Loen Co., Toronto.  I3-TS-CT^S_S_.3STO__]  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  GAMBLE dfc 0'RSI__,L,Y9 Agts  Baker Strcot West, Nelson, B..C.  0. J,  GENERAL,  BROKER.  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ollice of. tlio Duncan Minos, Limited., ClonicnU'fe  Hillyer Block'." ".:���-.-..:  FIRE, LIF-0, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  iisrs-crE,-__._sro_e3  BEA_. ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LKT���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALE���Heal estate iu all parts of the oity_  LOBGE   MEETINGS.  XT NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nolson Lodge, No, 25,  ���*���*- Knights of Pythias, meets in, I. O. O. F. Hall,corner  Bakor and Kootenay streets, overy Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock* Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILT-IK. C. C. B. G. JQY. IC. of R. & S.  NKLSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Moots  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren mvitod.  PEOFESSIONAL   CARDS.  EWAHT & OAHHIK-Architccts.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  .. erdcen block, Baker street, Nelson.  ���pi B. HAKPKIt, musical director, leader Nelson Or-  -1- ���. chestra. Musicians furnished for all occasions on.  short notico.   Telephone 62. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1899.  S  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STItATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, Prosidont  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  I -   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  N  isrEiLsoisr BRv__isrc__3:  , W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       I1RANCIIKS IN  LONDON  (EnKlan.l).   NEW  VORK  and in tho principal oit.i"-. in  CHICAGO  -.__u:-dn.  Buy and soil Sterling  --.-Change. m<l Oahlo Tnin_f>-rs  QUANT COMMI-KCIAI. AM) TKA \ KI.I.KUS' CII.I-I1ITS,  available in any part of Min world.  DBAKTS ISSIUKD .COLLKCTI'IMH'MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTKRKST PAID  TALE   OF   A   LOST   LEG.  It was really quite fortunate that a  medical man chanced along. There had  been an accident on a. suburban road. A  horse liad run away, the rig had been  smashed to smithereens and two women  had been injured to an unknown extent  and had been carried into the dining  room of the road, house near by. Tli i.  doctor had come that way just in time to  be of .assistance.  Of the two women, whom he found under the care of the landlord''- wife aud  the| waitresses, the elder, seemed to be  ���more pressingly in need of his services,  Avhile the younger struck him as being  more hysterical than anything else. In  the grave case he saw that there was  work to be done, at least two ribs to be  set and a collar bone, and the liklihood of  internal injuries. While the doctor was  at work on these fractures the other  woman Avas making quite a fuss. She  was able to sit up in a chair, and showed  no signs of injury beyond superficial  scratches and disarranged apparel. She  might, therefore, safely be left to the  ministrations of the waitresses, who  brought water and towels to remove the  dust and other signs of the mishap, and  set to work with pins and needle and  thread to repair the damage to clothing.  While the doctor was working out the  ���i splints :for .tlje TrtiQtui-ecl b^ones, -lie. could  ^^���ei%U^^^^0^^^tei''^^^  IJ-p*!1**."..".^ _���",#** -*T'-*."������* ��>.."o',��sn..��i"��-.iu"',,t.  "-.. "=X"�� "l- X *- - ,   ���."_.-'"   "  ;4b^^"^I%|i^iti/:6f"^i^ ttia&thfc .shoclv;  ,^^u.iii>/|ill'VtMf^g;!^ the  V^the^-i-ti<5Ut^te'*^'iil(l -IMS 'Me hy��feetf>  "".$al��'git-lr�� an'-O^ning"; iWvh-"iosCt-'jii-y' leg,!  . 'i.e-1 ypn-s "hrxhg ihe -xiif ieg:'!- -*   "" - *        "  ���-rf-U a _ flit'*'.-   D-Dy       D' frf   ��       . " V        ^       -Wu _ '-,-'-, i>*  *     ^fllen. tliff �� nipfe pnp>Of$Jiiixt avoi'kn lutd  :be0iilpixe; ahdfl'ihe -ids,i'0$'' tho', hiiiidiige$  , ;|iut];n;'.iilaa^;t-._e" 'dOetQr"W��aS^t(ly "toiooj. ;  ;^.^ft'($��f"i}Ee; ��lii^j3l'(^r: tsastjsj f�����l!{wMel|". hfi Tiatl-'  !-" i^h\elli|y!ma(le'�� ��otft tli��-'di'->4i��lGSts* *$��� ^'lain  - "liyMeflo^..,. y        ]��y,-"        ' y'��f  " ������"��!bnH.j   now!"   lie   -ttict in  SomeA\.liafe  �� 'sluiffp %f)��.es,u "dpi)'t be!.^JBal3y:    Y��u'lre"al-  ���. ^ifg-ljK il yohh -only' tliinlf. s.6>"\ ���    ~*.     , n  ''*! "want niy "leg," the girl ajisWeroxL  '���^-1 eoniVo'lil''''' :   >"   '"���;";     ' ' *,/  'f'ISF6iise})se!" the", dOctOf aiis\S-ered. **__''}_.  give you a little soniethij-ig to sefctte youV  "nerves and; yon will be all rigJjjJ, fbr you  will have to look aftdi;. your friend going  iionie."  "But, doctol-, jny leg's coma off, 1 want  my leg."  ^���^Nonsense! Stand���up,_i_ow.  aucL you  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin.;, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  A. Ferguson and A. Dunn: Church Property. Revs. A. I). Mon/ies and Robert  'li'row, and P. McL. Forin; Church Life  and Work, J toys. Robert Frew anil ... I*1.  I'.vaiiH, and A. B. McKen/ie; Statistics  and Kiii'inc-., Itevs. .1? McCoy, .1. F. Evans,  anil A. I). Meir/.i-.s; Examination of  Students, Revs. .1. Munro, W. A. Campbell, .1. A. Ferguson, I). McG. Gaudier and  .1. McCoy.  Henceforth, there will be two stated  meetings of the presbytery, in March  and September of each year. The next  meeting is to bo in Nelson.  At the afternoon session J. A. Ferguson, missionary at Whitewater, Avas  itaken on trial for ordination. These  having been satisfactorily sustained,  arrangements for his ordination at  WhifeeAvater on August 1st Avere made.  SOLITARY  CONFINEMENT   IN  RUSSIA   .     . w  Ry Prince Krapolkin.  My first movement was to -approach  the window, whieh was placed so high  that I could hardly reach it'with my lifted hand. It Avas a broad, Ioav opening,  cut in a AArall five feet thick and protected  by an iron grating and a double iron  window frame. At a distance of a dozen  yards from this window I saw the outer  Avail of the fortress, a piece of masonry  of immense thickness, on the roof of  Avhieh I could make out a gray sentry  box. Only by looking upAvard could I  perceive a bit of the sky, which was now  faintly illuminated by the last rays of  the sun.  I made a minute inspection of the  room, AArhere I had uoav to spend no one  could say how many years. From the  position of the high chimney of the Mint  I guessed that I Avas iu the southwestern  corner of the fortress, in a bastion overlooking the Neva. This room of mine  AA'as a casement destined for a big gun  and the AvindoAV Avas an embrasure. Sun  rays might never penetrate it=;even in  :slfnlfeeM^  Iti  They,  therefore,   put  in   the   remaining  time, making  no attempt to score again,  and hoping   by that means to get out of  the city  without further  damage.    Just  as John and Fred Dowling were passing  out of the grounds, accompanied by their  sister, they were approached from behind  by Richardson,  witli Elliott  of the Athletics' home field.    Fred Avas felled to the  ground   by the  former and  rendered insensible at once,    lie avus then jumped  upon, hammered and kicked, outsiders, as  avoII   as Richardson, taking  part  in  the  brutal Avork.    The elder   brother escaped  serious  injury with  tho assistance  of a  policeman.    The younger Avas got into a  cab and couA'eyed to his hotel, Avhere under the   care of a   physician  he was restored to consciousness in about an hour.  Lacrosse   has never been   put down as a  harmless, healthful pastime, but the people of St. Catherines rather exceeded the  limit, if the above story is true.    It is a  matter that sliould call for a prompt and  thorough investigation by those avIio are  responsible for the Avelfare of lacrosse in  Canada.   "Where Do Drinkers Go To?"  The minister of-a certain parish near  Edinburgh AV-is taking a. Avalk one afternoon recently Avhen he diseoA'ered one of  his flock sitting by the Avayside in a state  of intoxication, while her burden lay in  the mud before her. "Oh ! -will1 ye help  me up Avi' my bundle?'-, said she to the  minister   as   he approached.    "Fie!   fie!  Janet," said he, "to see the like o' you in  such a plight. Do you knoAV Avhere all  drinkers go to?" "Help me up Avi' my  bundle, sir, an' I'll tell ye." "Well, Avell,"  said the clergyman, "I Avill. Noav answer  my question." "Weel, to tell ye the  truth, sir, it's my belief tliey go just  Avhaur the drap o' goude drink is to be  gotten!"  r,   HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  To  ll'. I). Whyte and wife,  ronto  P. i\ I'iehai'dson,   Valicou  It; C.   Walboy,   San  Kran  icsco  PIIAU-.  II. A. Small, Vancouver  .1. "Vl.Slicri-.-d, Hinh HriilKe  N. Y.  W. H. Poard, Orillia  J. -iIcNaniar.i., Kr e  J. IT. Piuilrie, New Vork  K. T. Irwin, New York  G. O. linnlianan. Kaslo  A. ICIoekinan, ltossland  I'". Cirkul, Crawford Ray  F. J. Kwitit;, Spokane  W. A. Harvey, I'oornnin  W. F. -'oi-rici. ltossland  H. Rehoe, ltossland  ,1. Norricli, ltossland  W. IT. Yawkoy, Dolroit  W. (J. Yuwkey, D.'.lroit  P. J. Iliekej'. Sandon  Miss Johnston, Noiiliport  F. P. Ho���an, Spokane  (!. F. Sliirlivanl, Northport  S. -AT. Carr, Northport  F. K. Yniinjr. North port  If. (.;. 1-iillintccr and   wife,  Norl.lipoi't  AI. Wilson, Noithport  Miss   I.   Kennedy,   Mnl.l.e,  Mont  Mrs.   F.   Houeher,   Unite,  Mont  .1. I.. Ponporo, Lardo  11. 1), Seribnur,, San Fran  eisco  Burns cfr Co.  AVIIOI.1CSALK   AND   ItETAIL  (JUEKN'S.  S. O. McMnllan, Sloean City  J. J. McMnllan, Kaslo  G. Walsh, Fort Steele  MADDEN.  C.  J.   Campbell,    Duncan  City  Mrs. Bailey, Moylo.  FULL LINE OF  will see What a silly delusion it is."  +'But, doctor, I can't stand up on one  leg, my other leg's come OJY."  Hoav much longer the dialogue might  have continued it would be liard to siiiy,  But one of the AAraitrosses seemed to have  ah idea find nislied Out to the scene of the  bi'eak-down. In gathering up the frag-  "ments of tlie broken carriage tli�� nien had  picked up a piece of artificial anatomy  clad iii a black stocking and a laced shoe,  but exhibiting at the upper end more or  less conipH-atecl and dei'anged ljiacHuiery  On the groifi> of ineu ihe Avaiti'ess descended Avith tlie A'elocity of a toniado, eX-  pj-essii-g hei'self as any WOinau aVOuIiI be  expected to uncle- such cil'cuiiist-incei..  She seized the leg and ran back into tlie  dining room auct before the doctor and  patient had fuiished their colloquy.  From that on all AAras cle.tr, but it took  the doctor longer .vith the aid of a bicycle AVrench and a screA\fdriver to set that  artificial leg than all his. work ou the patient Avho had the real broken boiles required.   Kootenay Presbytery Meets.  The first meeting of the. neAvly constituted Kootenay Prsbytery Avas held  in Rossland on Tuesday, the moderator,  the ReA'. R. FreAV, presiding. After Mr.  Frew had opened the session witli a sermon he AAras re-elected moderator for the  ensuing year. Rev. A. T). Menzies of  Kaslo Avas elected clerk. P. McL. Forin,  B. A., treasurer.  The foIloAving committees Avere appointed to have charge of the church  -work for the year : Home missions, Rev.  D. McG. Gaudier, J. A. Gleland, J. McCoy,  .���J. G. Duncan and John Munro, and John  Hamilton of Nelson. Young people's  societies, Rca-s. A. D. Meuzies, J. M.  Wallace and C. I). Campbell; Sabbath  Schools,   Revs.  M.   1).   MeKee,  J.  Avbi^Ifplft|_^  ���iikcl1''--^  ;.!,A\ji'tjis.p|vi;it-"eil���fel'^  lloj/ - iVH^i5;-". ���HolA*;ever;" *tO"' ;d��eMleiiv����tlire;;  ,'Sp;h'ilds'j":t.fte**np;ai3err?*"A5.aS' -.not' (Pixt b|t�� ihe.2  Avij-II 'itself ]',8i|.wits' ���JjaStedi -tipbu. ..eiinvas,;;,  aiid bdhihcl th-C-ienvas J*��fdiscWV$lieci'"a"  Wire giMttng, behind1 Avhieh aa^s a .la*y;er��  of fel& _ Only" Imyphd "tfeifef-' ']4phtl:I,  reae'h tli^, stonewwftll. ��� '"   n  At,:the -/liiTier' sjd'e   b�� tjie, 'AfoohX'- there'  AV-i&ifeSvj*^^  'inHv'h1ch']l^tfiatie:'Oitt:ft;^J^^^ ;td-"'  pass the fobtl thi'dnghs and a ii-ttie" slifc,  projected ;by glJi^s aiiclllby- a.-lultlsei-^fI'oni  the butsid'e. "This v?as the "Judas'5  ���fclirough Avhicli the pi'isoii^v eouM' be  sjoied npoh at eA^efy nioinent. The sell-  try avIio sto'od in the passage frecii.ently  lifted the little shutter (t-id looketl iiiside,  his'boots squeaking .vs he erept toWftrcl  the clooi". ItMect to speak to liiibi Then  tiie eye which I could see through the  slit assuined jlit expression of ttei'ror-, aiucl  the shutter Was iniiilfediately l(3t cloAvh,  only to be opeiied fiti'tively a miiuite or  tAVoJater.,   But_I  eo*ajcl_jiot g____l-____VQrd  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  \Mouldings  Shingles  -���?������ yf-) % jDressedl-EnmteeB w y.0.y  fifwfiat "ybu W-infciafiioVin^  *2, ^v^^^^l^fiSfetl1^^^  R. B. Dougan, Forty-Nine  Creek!  A. H. Kcttleson, Spokane  GRAND CENTRAL,.  J. TI. KcLLleson, Spokane  J. Grant, Toronto  J. T. Stopper, Stairs.  J. TI Rice, Maine  R. R. T_ano, Rossland  AV. T. Readies, Salmo  T. Johnson, Slocan City  SII.V1.II KING.  V. Ii. McLeod, Bosshurfj       I G. Wohstor, Canghnawaga  J. Stephen, Fort Steele | F. G. Reeve, Krie  TRRMONT.  H. F. Smith, Fernie I J. I .oRcr.., Yinif  C. Floyd, Ymir l      | K. F. McMurray, Ymir  The Tremont Hotel  IV|AL0j-E & TR EC ILL US  PROPRIETORS  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at J.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  phomptly forwarded i}eacl Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS I-YMAI1- R1CCKIVK CARRFUL AND PROMPT ATTKNTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  All communications relating to British  Columbia business to be addressed   to P. O. Drawer  605, Nelson, British Columbia  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager ��  S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer f  NELSON, B;C.  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson;  .... ........  "BALL; ANlD^AEK STREET-gy 'NJffiSON,  GHAR-.ES,"H.IBIJ-i'ERl,  .- ".   " l^iitiSi-iiriisiisr _���"* ��� .   *  HAI-Rf�� ���HOUSTON,,  "     " SECi-KfeVHY;*   "  ���LBAKER'.S33R'EETj^l-I3S;ON>,;.  Large Consignment Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.    Orders filled Promptly.  *tf|Nf|��^_)n|^^?^3J||lijJiFACTURER, BAKER ST., NELSON.  ^���.;p;^��iboksp|1;-  MilBii H^Ai?PLEWHAITB  J. McPHBB  �� Harge pdiiifdill.'nblo bcclrpoiiis" "and!" -l.g(ir(-las?' rdii-iHg  "roSm.^S'ainplc rooms for-xommfercialjimefi-   "     ����� "    n  -n   - -fl* ,-^.-r.fl- '.       -   %, - P.     - ,'.-,h.^      D"_# -B D  litafell-teilMpp ana Construction Co.  ��� fl_���^{iiaipgsiJPPLiEs  ^a__fc��ia?:___*_i._  mAJ-U-?ao'TOi.k^s��of'  ASP  of reply froin the Senta'y<  Absoltite silenc6 reigned all round;; no  sounds came froin anywhere. I dragged  iny stool to tlie AVindow aiid looked njlon  the hit of sky that I. could see. I tried  to catch any soitlid from the JSreva or  from the town on the opposite side of the  ' river, "but I could catch none.  Brutal Eastern Lacrosse Playefs.  The national game of lacrosse as it is  played in some Easterji cities avouKI  niake it slaughtering mateh tame by comparison. The other day the St. Cathitr-  iiies and Oi'angeville teams met at the  foi'nter city, and the St. Kitts people  were satisfied to send out a report to tlie  effect that the lioine team had Won an  exciting match. The press agei it ofthe  defeated team, .however, looked at it in a  ���different light and on his return to  Orangeville sent out the foil OAving list of  easualities: Fred S. DoAA'ling, kidney  ruptured by being kicked, eye blackened,  jaAv badly bruised ; Patrick Kelly, kneecap fractured ; George Donaldson, right  lung injured, spitting blood; Adam Olar-  ridge, internally injured ; Cliai'les Shore,  three scalp Avounds, one requiring seven  stitches. . Mr. Press Agent continues his  interesting report as folloAvs: "Seeing,  there Avas no chance to AA'iu the game, the  Duffei'ins attempted to leave the field,  but  Avere prevented by  the spectators.  MISCELLANEOUS. ~~  WANTED���Board and room in a private family by a  younir man of temperate habits.   Address, Btatinlr  rate per week, W. M��� P. 0. box 203.   WANTED ���Two waitresses  ut once.   VViiffe*;  ��25  Kaslo hotel, Kaslo.  ouscwork.    Apply to  Rpugli arid Dressed.*Lijjr_j&@r  Iffcllldings  Doors and Sash  Eerice Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  - ACTORY WQK-- DOifK TO OBDKH,  SUCH .is  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawinf  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOOIC  Glass df all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill, ou; Government tyhurf.  lfaofiorj' and ollltfe, corner Hall street and-'CIMl. track  WILL DO WKLL TO  WANTKD���A girl for general ho  Mrs. (Dr.) forin, Silica Street.  mo  11EN1VA furnished room convenient   to Baker  Street.. Apply Postoflico box 92. Nelson, 11. O.  FOR   I-KNT���Furnished room, front parlor, with or  without hoard.    Kourlli house east of Methodist  church, between Josephine and Hall streets, Nelson -  BOY THEIR LUMBER  At  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  Complete Eleetijic^ and Lighting: for Mines, Towns  "^ydl BoK^&H-'   -    ". ."*".]"p.;i.yy y2"y"appp.   yX '"lOBephlne Street, Nelson,"B. O.  or.  ��lf  ROYAL. SEAL AND  KOOTBlSrAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .   -.    .   .-   -   =^=^Thp^liie5-ghbtel'iri=tl-0^interi6r.  Largo sample rootns.   Steam hei-tand electric light.  CO.-NEII OF AVAR!) AND "VBI-NGN STS,* NKLSON  BAKKR AND WAR]) STRISKTS, NKLSON  A, largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, Tnouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 Joh_l    Rae,   Ag&Ilt  Brick  Lime 70 Geqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West lvootenay Brick & Lime Co.,  :. Haker Street. '     T. G. PJaoOTOR, Manager  Lid.  The only hotel in Nelson that lias remained wider ono  management since 1890.  The, bed-rooms are well furnished Iind lighted by:  electricity..  Tho dining--oom is not second to any in Kootenay.  Thcbitr is always stocked by the best dojnqstiq and  imported liqj-ors and cigars;  THOMAS MAD13RN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by lint; ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Klceli'ie bells and light in every room  Renovated and refuruished throughout  HOTBL   VICTORIA  J, V. I'KRICS, Proprietor  Freo bvis moot- all trains Rp.a|cJ-n_-.    R   R  Hourly street, ci_r to station HUVBIblOKH,,  D. U,  Night Grill Hoom in coniieetlon, for the con venicno- of  guests arriving aiid departing by niglit trains.    ,  Strictly first-class. Mates, $!) per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  VUUNTS1I1-I) KOOMS, SINGI-T. AN'J) EN -iUiTlC.  Hot and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped  with exits and (Ire escnpe... 5th llloor Marion block, coiner Riverside and Stevens streets.  s Fresh  Qool  THE BEST GtASS OF BEEE IN NELSON IS  AT  THE  C'oflicr Siliciiand  Stilnloy Streets.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE  NELSON, B. C.  COFFKM  UOASTI-KS  AND  AND    DKALKI-S  COFFKK.  GO.  IN   TKA  Oder fresh, roasted colfee of best quality  Java and Arabian Maeha, per poutid..   Java and Mocha, Ulend, .!. pounds...:   Fine Santos, I pound..   ���   Smiles Blond. 5 pounds  .   Our Special Ulend, _ pounds.  ....  Our Itio Koast, 0 pounds  :.   A trial order solicited.  its follows:   $    1.0  ..;.'... l oo    ii.)  ,���    I  (Ml  :  \ m    I <K)  Ye  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Ni'l-on, Hrili-,h Columbia.  H. D. Asherqft  BLACKSM!THING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptlJ* attended lo by ii flrj-t-elass  ���wHeL'lwrlglit.  ���      ��� '  Spufii.il atfenllon rtttcn to all 'UiitM Ot ropalfing ttud.  einilflin work from OuiMiflo paihtn.  VICTOUIA  VA'NCOUVKH  NKLSON  I.I.MITUI-;  Sh,cip-   Ha" Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelsqif  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRKWI.I-S AND HOTTLERS OK  Fine Lag'er Beer,  Ale and Portep  i.'rompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Salesrooms 2  Doors  East   of . .Oddfellows . Block,,  Bakor Stseet .'.'..-.  West  TELEPHONE  .136  During .the, season we will deliver ice at. private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at, casonrablo  prices.   .';��� ���;.:   '."������'  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.    Staridard Oil Co.  Washington Brick arid Lirr-e Co.  Tbe H". W. f/|cMiell Co,, Ltd., Canadian A*fjt(ira-  cite Coal (ftard) '' '���"'  gggJg STQVEWQQD  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Go,  PAYIVIENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKACTUl-BRS OF  ENGINES, BOIIjERS. SHAFTINCJ, IRON* AND  BRASS CASTINGS OV EVERY DESCRIPTION  WILSON   &  HARSHAW RepakB promptly attended to.      P. O. Box 173. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, JULY  1899.  ���s���  I-'-"  l,K .  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  The largest drug house in Kootenay.      Corner of Baker nnd Josephine si roots, Nel. on.  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash.suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Name  itpyJ"y  Ik* ai4?-*>-'.'  IP -.__���$-  lyr-rh  8 ��-��  .*"��*  li will be to your advtintuge to sec our large  ju id complete stock of Boots and Shoes. We  carry the following line,*.:' J. tfe. T. Bell, J.  'D. 'King- & Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Schiiltj- &fCo., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Hoi-  don & Co.i and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  26 AND 28 WKST BAKER STREET, NELSON  Si-KSSSaS-i  53. _5  ML   M^AETHp-K   &   CO. ^  JUST ARRIVED  my  tt  '&  An Entire Oar of  _    :Q  prings  From Gteorge Gale & Son  g |J |  A Large Shipment of  m  i��  fl  !Q  From The Gendron Mnfg. Oo.   | 0  SS  I     1.3D.  Emsssmxmsm^i  ���*^*8*8&'s��&f-*;��-���^^  M^ABTHTJE   &  CO. 1     |  s.  ^S^^i^^  Grove  Hotel  Beer  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  3Sr_EX_S03sF  THE   FINEST:,-PLEASUlfl^^RESORT^IN   KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  NELSON.  James IMcPhee of the Kootenay Electric Supply and CoiiHtriietion Company is  back .from a business trip to the Boundary country. IMr. Mcl'hce's company is  the only practical electrical supply and  construction outfit in tlie province outside of 'Victoria and Vancouver.  J. Fi. Boss of Spokane, one of  the  first  mining operators to take a   Hy at  mines  on Toad mountain, and afterwards in the  Slocan, is in Nelson for two or three days.  Fred    Hurry   has   sold    liis   dairy   to  I'Yaser & Co., and  Avill, in  a   short   time,  leave for .'Idaho, where he has purchased  a  stock   ranch.    Mr.   flurry  commenced  business in Nelsoii in .181)2 witli two cows  and lias managed to make a comfortable  fortune by attending strictly to business.  I fere is the way a business man sizes it  up:    "I paid the lAIiner close on to a liun-  'dred dollars for a write up in  its much-  advertised special  edition and I have not  received   one  quarter   the   benefit from  it that 1 have from an article tlmtappeared  in  Tiii_*Ti-ii-UNJ_  describing  the manufacturing industries of Nelson, for which  I did not pay a penny." p  George Tunstall, agent for the Hamilton Powder Company, leftvr yesterday  evening for a business trip over the  Crow's Nest Pass.  The members of the fire brigade had a  practice run last evening. An alarm was  turned in from the Lake View hotel and  live minutes later the extension ladder  had been run up in front of the hotel and  the nozzlemen were on the roof of the  building with the two streams of water  playing. Those who witnessed the test  were highly pleased 'with the way in  which the members of the department  handled themselves.  A. P. Macdonald, who has served as  purser on the steamer Alberta for the  past eighteen months, has decided to quit  stearaboating and go into business on his  oavu account. He lejwes tomorrow for  Moyie, Avhere he Avill open a general store.  A. 'Macdonald & Co. shipped ten tons  of goods yesterday to up the lake points  and along the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  raihvay.  The lacrosse team still want about $100  to coA'er the expenses of their trip to the  Coast, and a meeting Avas held last night  to discuss AA'ays and means. The suggestion of a moonlight excursion was  moved and condemned, and the meeting  finally decided upon a smoking concert,  which A\-ill be given next Tuesday evening. The place at jwhich it Avill be held  will be announced later on, and a 'varied  and attractive programme is assured.  Although it looked for a time as'if the  trip u of ��� the .Nelson ,. base ball team to  Grand. Forks woukH'all through there is  now every prospect that*1 a strong team  Avill be got together, and leave for Grand  Forks on Saturday. '   The boys in Grand  _-__      -,   j_ + ���    ��� -  M. DesBrisay &  Cos  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  , AND PIC-NICERS'LIST  Forks have l-iiule" every arrangement for  the entertainment of tlie Nelson team, and  no effort Avill be spared on the part of  the local team to give the Grand Forks  people a lirst-class exhibition of ball in  return. The understanding is that a return match Avill be played in Nelson upon  a date to be mutually agreed upon.  li. Hopkins, foreman of the reverbera-  .tory furnaces at the Hall mines smelter,  was receiving the congratulations of his  friends yesterday upon the birth of a  daughter.  Born at Nelson yesterday, to the wife  of S. Nelson, a daughter.  Two Nelson citizens recently went into  the hills to visit a claim. They went in by  Nine-mile creek, and while camped there  a bunch of young cattle invaded the  camp. The cows devouroil most of their  provisions, and likewise cheAvcd portions  of the raiment of one of the party, destroying some valuable papers and money  iu the process. Anotlier party was  recently annoyed by the same band.  The transportation companies operating in Nelson report business as good.  On the lake the C. P. It. steamers are  fully employed in making the transfers  between the CroAv's Nest line at Kootenay  Landing and the Columbia. & Kootenay  branch at this city as Avell as in the  moving of supplies to the railway construction camps at the head of Kootenay  lake. On the railways there is a greater  A'olume of traffic coming in and going out  of Nelson than during any former period  in its history.  The three teams recently bought by the  mayor and .Dr. Armstrong for scavenging  and general city purposes Avill arrive today. Two of the teams cost $200 a piece  and the third $312.50. One team Avas  bought from Mclntyro of Bossburg and  the other tAvo are _NTorthport horses.  News was brought into town on Tuesday night that a body, presumably that  of George Johnson .who death by droAvn-  ing has been chronicled in Til is TIMHUNI3,  had.been found at Queen's bay. Coroner  Forin went up the lake yesterday to view  the body and hold an inquest if he should  deem one necessary.     _,.  A marriage license Avas issued yesterday to Edward James and Mary BroAvn.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  "Ward Bros. have instructions to sell  Ron. .). Jued Hume'., re .idi'iice, at t.lu; corner of Win.I  and Hoover .trcels logetliei- wilh lho furniture, for  S'.-.Uun=li.   A bargain.  PRESERVE THIS LIST AND ORDER FROM IT  PHONE 8        BOX 98  , Anchovies  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kinds  McLaren's Cheese  Condensed Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream  Devilled Ham  DeyiJJed Chicken  l3evi I led Turkey  Devilled Crabs .__ :_  ^      ^^Deviljed^ohgue'^^"^" =  Devilled Beef  Finnan riad,die  Honey in Bottles  Ham in Tins  Irish Stew  Jams and Jellies of all kinds  Lime Juice  Lynch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Marmalade  Macaroni and Cheese  Olives  Pig's Feet  Roast Beef  Corned Beef  Relish  Sardines in oil  Sardines in mustard  Salmon  . Trout in tins  Truffes  Herring in torn sauce  Herring in anchovy sauce  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chicken  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  ��� French Mustard, etc., etc.  "   MINERS WANTED^  The Tangier "Mine, Limited, Albort Canyon, on lho  main lino of tho 0. P. It., 22rnilos east of Kovclsiokc, re;  quires six good mlnciu * WiigosJ3.S0 per day.  CO  oo  J2.  eo  eo  . %^yy ^  co  oo  t���  CO  rn  eo  C3  OO  CO  Diamond Prices  Are Climbing Up  BUT HAVE NOT REACHED  TOP NOTCH YET  Diamonds have advanced about 35 per  cent hi price since last fall, mid .mother  ���idvi_i.ee is expected next month with the  limit not yet in sight. You cannot go iwtri.y  by buying on a rising market, as your goods  will be worth more tomorrow thim thoy sire  today, and the d'iftei'-ii-O in- price-.Vill b& a  -leaf gain to you. As X mad- Jarge_ ntify,  ^fi^^b^foi^fl^^l^fi-STwlliI^Hr^p^iCio^  Cind willing to give our customers the benefit,  of tlie advantageous terms On which I purchased of different 'yaluej all kinds of, Diamond.., Htibies, Emerald.'., OlrveeiiS and; _>earls.:  Being direct alid lafge importers, with die  beS-t facilities for buying fight in eastern  markets; wc are in a position to .offer a,.choice  selection of stones', either loose or mo unfed, at  right prices. Would it not bo to your advantage to antici|)at(. your wifitts rather than p-,iy  The Jeweler  Attention to Fine Watch -jepair-!.  We ein].iloy tjie very best wiitchinalcers, a\xd  orders by mail or express will receive prompt  attention. JACOB DOVER  NOTICE TOJMMCTORS  COURT HOUSE, BOSSLAND. B. 0.  SKAT,I_D  TENDEI.S, properly cnAorsod, Will bo received by tlie Honorable tlie Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works. Victoria, B. C, up to :12 noon of  Monday, tlio 21st August next., for the erection alid completion of a Court House at RosslaiKl, li. C. ������-  Drawings, .specifications, and conditions of tendering  and contract may be seen at tho I'roviilcial Government  O-liec- at Victoria, Vancouver. I.o.sslanct, and Nelson, 13.  C. on and after the 27th instant.  Kadi tender must bo accompanied byun accepted bank  check or certifieate of deposit made piyablo to the unsigned, equal to o per celitof the amount of the lender, as  _" cur ity for the due fulfillment of the contract, which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  Into contract when called upon to do so, or if hc fail to  complete the work contra' ted for. The checks of the Unsuccessful tenderers will be relumed to thcni upon tho  execution of tho contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, and signed with the actual sigtiaturo cf  the tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily acccpl-d.  W. S. GO UK,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Dcpai'lmeiil,  Vi-I ori.i. Ji. C!.,L2lHt July IS!!!'. ,";.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery/ Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,: Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  isrEX_so_sr, db. c.  You cannot be too particular  about what you eat  Kirkpatrick d? Wilson  are noted for keeping wholesome  groceries and provisions  I  PU'ept f-piti th# matiufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stocks  JOHN A.  Haker Street West, Nelsoii, n. C.  roa  PLITMEEES,  ETC.  0_-?-E3_E-___.   __0*CTS__   -3LOCE  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  Gome in and try  our Ice Cream Soda and  Eefreshing Drinks.  Next Door to  P. Hums & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  1175 HarO Street, Vancouver, B. C.  HoardiiiK and tlaysclirol for girls will re-open on tlie  lot li day of Align .I. Vacancies for boarders. Kor terins  ami prosie.-tiis applj lo  A1A_-KM0ISEI_!_-- KKltN*. Principal. ���  Corner Baker and "Ward Streets;  Watermelon'., Pine Apples, and all other Fruits  in season received daily.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ico Cream.  T OST���On Saturday iirIiI, at the corner of Silica and  ���*-�� Stanley . treols, opposite tho Phair hotel, three tin  boxes containing feathers, nut casts and fly tying accessories. If the Under will kindly, rotunr the same to AV.  !���'. __-ou_liain hc will bo.rewarded.1.      .  imiSyiyy; 2  fS&isii'&KS'^^


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