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 ���xrov  CHEAP LABOR TRIED AND FOUND  tssr- To be Too Costly.  Spokanm-, Juls*" 20.���The Japanese laborers empkiyed on tlie various section  gangs along the entire line of tlie Great  Northern must go. Such is the edict sent  out from the general ollices of the road  a few days ago, and as soon as white labor can be secured to take their places  the change Avill be made. Tlie cause alleged by tlio railroad company is incompetence, and on good authority it is  learned that, within sixty days there will  not be a .Japanese section hand at work  on the road. In new construction work  alone will this class of labor hereafter be  employed by the Great Northern.  During the past year the road has furnished employment to nearly 2000 Japanese, a large portion of whom were  shipped out from Seattle for section  work. As tho various inspections of track  by division road masters were made periodically it was noticed, it is said, that the  roadbed was not materially improving,  although large forces were constantly  kept at work. On some divisions, it is  claimed, the ties have been rotting underneath, while on the surface tliey are  apparently sound. The Japanese, it i.s  stated, have been slow to discover this,  and the decay has been allowed to run on  for such a length of time as to leave portions of the roadbed in bad condition.  These facts, it is reported, have been  known in St. Paul for some time, but it  has been almost impossible to secure  white labor.: ��� and the condition was allowed to'remain as it was until a more  favorable time. It will now, it is alleged,  cost the road many thousands of dollars  to rectify the alleged errors of the Japanese and Mr. Hill, it is said, has decided  to get rid of them.  While all of this is said to be the direct cause of the change tliere is another  reason back of it which to all intents and  purposes might be called a victory for  labor unions in Montana, says the Seattle  Post-Intelligencer. Ever since the Jap  auese laborers were imported into the  state the white labor unions haA'e been  opposing thein. On three different occasions, it is alleged, the Japanese at  work have been assaulted, and in two instances death is stated to have claimed  some of the victims. The unions, however, kept up the fight, and with sections  of the roadbed becoming impaired, as is  alleged, through Japanese handling, the  unions found a way to enlist the sympatic of the Order of Railway Traiumen.  A committee was'appointed and in per-  SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 30,   1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  feet that it is not for him to speak, but  for the generals whom he has openly accused, to .justify their act. He is curious  to see whether they will do this at Ilen-  nes. Mut, at any rate, he is not going to  be present at the trial of his victim, captain Dreyfus.  Australia Will Federate.  Mkuioi'KN'io, Victoria, July 30.���The  colony of Victoria, as the result of the  referendum held on the subject of the  commonwealth bill, drafted by representatives of lhe Australasian colonies of  Great Britain in 1898, and revised by the  premiers last January, has decided by an  overwhelming majority for federation.  Inasmuch as New South Wales, without  whose adhesion none of the other colonies  is willing to federate, gave a majority of  22,000 for the commonwealth bill at the  referendum of June 20th, the action of  Victoria as showing the sentiment of the  younger colonies shows the union of the  Australians in a commonwealth of Australia is assured. The colony of Queensland will hold its referendum on the  question on September 2d.  Big Smelter at Grand Forks.  Guano Forks, July 27.���The board of  trade tonight tendered a banquet at the  Alberta hotel to the visiting directors  and shareholders of the Granby smelting  company, the City of Paris, Knob Hill  and Old Ironsides. The guests included  S. H. C. Miner, W. II. Robinson, Granby;  Jay P. Graves, A. L. White, Montreal;  1_. M. Carroll, New York; E. Stephens,  Waterloo, Que.; William Farwell, general  manager of the Eastern Township bank,  and H. B- Brown, Sherbrooke, Que. The  guests exceeded forty. Richard Armstrong, president of the board of trade,  presided. The affair proved very enjoyable aud the utmost enthusiasm was  aroused wheu the various visitors outlined the scope of their mining operations  in the boundary. S. H. "0. Miner announced that the smelter uoav building  here would- be enlarged to a capacity of  3000 tons daily.  THE DISTRICT AND THE TOWNS  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  Rapidly Assuming Shape. \  The  ride association  Avhieh   is   being  gotten up under the auspices of  the Nelson   rifle  company, is  rapidly assuming  shape.    A council to regulate the  target  practice and to pass upon the  bylaws  of  the association has been   formed and will  meet   in   the near future,    it consists of  captain   Hodgins,   president;   lieutenant  Beer,  sergeants  Dickson  and  Day, corporals   McLeod   and   Beasley   and   five  privates.    The  preparation  of  the rifle  range  has   been   undertaken   by captain.  Hodgins  at his  own expense, and. when  completed  will  amount to about  $175.  To recoup him for this  expenditure and  to meet current expenses, the  rifle  company will donate $50 out of the company  fund, and civilians who join will liave to  pay a $5 entrance fee.    The shooting Avill  be entirely under the control of the company, but the  council above mentioned  Avill confer  as  to  rules  and regulations  governing the practice, more especially of  civilans, and of the management  of  the  ground Avith civilian marksmen Avho take  an  interest   in   target  shooting.      Any  civilian, properly proposed, may join the  association, and a certain number of rifles  Avill  be set aside for their use, and for  Avhieh they Avill   be   responsible.      The  rifles are  valued  by the government at  $25 apiece.  The butts have been finished and the  distances measured off, and carpenters  are uoav employed in putting up the targets. Captain Hodgins goes out Monday  morning to inspect the range and see  that all available precautions luwe been*  taken. ./  Anotlier Discovery on the Gold Belt.  Six miles southwest of Nelson, ou rCagle  creek, prospects are being made mines hy  capital and clainis are being made prospects by labor. The Poorman and Granite and Royal Canadian are in the hands  of capitalists and they are likely to be  developed into paying mines Avithin a  year. The Greenhorn Fraction is a'claim  owned bsr men without capital, on which  a 15-foot prospect shaft has been sunk.  The A'ein is three feet AS'ide, tlie vein matter being quart/, carrying free gold. The  claim lies between the Poorman and  Granite, the vein being about 500 feet  above that of the former. The owners,  E. O. Nelson and J. P. Swedberg, believe  they have the makings of a mine aud are  Avilling to put all the elbow grease they  haA-e in an attempt to prove it.  be $30,000, the greater part of which Avas  saved on the plates. Although the mine  amis not worked full handed, owing to the  difficults' in securing miners willing to  work for tliree dollars a dajr, the mill was  run to its full capacits1*, there being no  dispute between the mill men and the  mine management as to wages. The  mouth's product was $500 to each and  every man employed at the mill, mine,  and the compsiny's ollices in Nelson and  London.  Rossland Ore Shipments.  Rossland, July 29.���The following is a  detailed statement of the ore shipments  approximately for the week ending July  29, and j'ear, to date, from the Rossland  camp:  CANADA'S GREAT  IRON MINES  w^angu^  f-yftxexe-Mief sihyofdhf "-fpr, *he^D*j(d$i,rgo -0,  iy*^^3it��paix\^d^(a^i&eeiy,0^''i2'"   '���'."'" '."% "'  ��"g    'o*^no'   y$,"'y*      V     "  "'   '   .     ���  ,1-       ,   '-QU       v1     .:.''X   -   '    .-    "'-"..' p  ������:";y ,2'^Gk��0Adny(Ni&gdr"d Fower Company. '   .  ,'"". ^AgAJJA "FXi'4aS,; ftiil^'^-'^l^iAjiifp^  ������ #inti ^iiouhegmeiit jii 2.eOxin]p,etii0n  ivith  ,   "(the ^idgavi^-.^pOw^.^'idb^lo^t^ej^'' waif;  '.-. niadepi^  i  "kine-Qf theJ^ra'gai'aHP^ <  > f&iiH that- aii .anie,nd$tory agreement be-.  .��-, fJAfeen ."the eonnuis��iqiiersis,of5Q^iieeu Yic--  'tyiji'a-K'Niivgifei .Falls 3?i*-e44irKv$etiJrg:for']  tji^-proyiuce oj Ojitajrio,-. ;aixd tile GiUia-  diairNiagjifa Pbrw_i*\ Company, has "been  -xeputed. This agreement was author*  ize|i by] flie act oj. the�� pr^iueiail fegishi-  tltfe passed "in March last; and by its  terms the time Avithin Avliich the Canadian Niagara jPoVyei" Company jntist IiaA'6  l0,00Cl.jioiis��' poAver developed in. Victoria  Bark is, extended to July 1st, 1908. The  new franchise is for 110 years, and the  annual   rental   has   been  reduced from  ���$2-i000=to^$l'5i0().0r^Th'ere==are=other*  ani&iulments to the agreement in regard  to the location of the plant and po\ver  house, all the plans for Avliich haA'e now  been approved,, The Canadian Niagara  Power Company has yielded its exclusive  right to tlie use of tlie winters -within the  Canadian ttyee Panic, and the eommission-  ei's Of that possession are at liberty to  deal with othei" companies for the devel-  nieht Of power outside the territory occupied by the Canadiaii Niagarii POAver  Coin pany.     ^   Esterhazy Stands Sat.  Paris, July 29.���The Echo de Paris today prints ex-judge Beaurepaire's promised' revelations in tlie Dreyfus case, Tlte  first article names four Avitnesses who.  heard some anti-Semites say, '* We will  get Dreyfus back or drag Franco into  Avar." They did not care for his innocence, but only foi' the glorification of  their sect. The second article cites witnesses Avho allege they Avere offered JeAV-  ish bribes to support Dreyfus. The tliird  article relates Iioav Dres'fus AA'as seen  talking to some Germans. The fourth  says that Dreyfus was extravagant, and  the fifth gives opinions of certain French  . ministers and Others on the prisoner's  guilt.'  The whole revelation is of the flimsiest  character and obAriously trumped up.  There is oue point upon which both  Drcyfusites and anti-Dreyfusites are in  perfect accord, that is the importance of  l-sterhazy's presence as a Avitness at the  new trial at Rennes. Disgust is therefore general at the news that he has refused to attend, notAvithstandiug the safe  conduct given him by the government,  Avhicli . guarantees him against arrest  until after the trial is concluded.  The Matin gives a declaration niade by  Estorha/y to a correspondent, to. the ef-  revival1.; of" thejirfliiL jiwliistisy |h Canada.  CalutdajOlfe . s$id, is0.}tr��,"s:,bec"$m:e". a .gre/tt  ., c."pinpetitbr iii _1;I\e}j;ii*&ii^  ^country has oife��r_d*. -for Bye oif Sixye^i^J  "��a bounty!iof" S2sjiv ^0bu:oix:]3f^��ironhr'He" safct  'he had" examined,- nigifchm.. ja/ AveeM;: fjjX\_tf  '*.dil��er%i! "��0ti V;of -^plS^  Noya Seotia'}o,.a.iTdn ^oifesrldif npt'|ierS��� W^r'e:  phlnuedi, ��. A;gre"ai/'feU"of ''cSpilarAyillhl)-',"  tfiiis iuyested. n. He said theije "��A\*as ���;miicli.  to "f(|ar fi^iii'tlijl* doxiffe.,  ,StvfiIllo���'s;gir|atr-���  est LmeuacB; at iiresent i4" tfie 'W^llaud;-.  '_aha'l'..      .        "n  �� ��� ���    "      ' �� "p "'';""v"�� " " [  "I Avould  rather   h'ave,"  he saidi/ea  blast ��ufuace in Buftklo tjiail iXhy ;0ther ]  place in" tliis co!iii|try, buj I SvotiM, ivither  have a blast furnace on the Welland ek^  xial thitn aiiy other place in Aiuefiea."  The bouut*y offered by Canada aiid the  facilities for shipment oil the A^ellaild  canal, he explaiiaed, Avei'e qei?tain advan-  .tages.  ���NELSON.  A deal Avas arranged yesterday by  Avhieh Kirkpatrick & Wilson take over  the stock in trade of Frank Simpson, do-*  ing business as;a dealer in i^rovisions on  Baker street, east of the Madden house. .  The box drain behind the opera house  got choked up yesterday,'with the result  thatthe overfloAv choked up the Ward;  street culvert  Avith   rubbish  also.    The  .iQitA^rigiu^  f" audiaf't^uV.spn\%.��,- ha"rdsnvo;rk^#h"&Vdi3am.ss  ��fi^, ��rr\1 ��2n a  ^"^^.^-th'Sfi^tSffn  nf-nS* n.p ' ��� .Hn   ^B^fcl  ,. -,^8  :? j]n^ aSl^: D�� ^"E.".      n. JnnDDijD Bn  X "Slhe. !\vo^,fQ*E ;l^iiUg^^^.^e^^^pi'j^9n^  $��""'   *"-1 ���"-'"'��� "-"-"*"   --���      ���---.=..-- -��� _.. _-���.*.  Doing the Work Well;  F. M. Chadbourn is making good hea'd-  Avay in the Avork  of  collecting mineral  specimens for the proA'ineial exhibit at  tlie Paris exposition. The district allotted  him comprises the Nelson, Ymir and Goat  river- sections   of   West Kootenay.    He  has two men Avorking in  Goat river who  haAre informed him that they expect to  secure at least forty good specimens.  Mr.  Chadbourn has been \Arell OA**er the Fmir  camps, and Avill secure specimens from all  of the  Avorking  mines and many of the  prospects.    From  the  Nelson   mines  he  "has secured specimens that will probably  be the finest in the  province's collection.  The Athabasca- mine has  sent cIoavu   a  /specimen that sIioavs the full AA'idth ofthe  vein.    The   specimens * from  the   Sih'er  King mine are the finest  that eArer came  from that mine.     When  the  specimens  are all  in Nelsou,.. "which, "will be by the  15th of August,  they  will be packed in  boxes or   barrels" and  forwarded to the  proA'ineial mineralogist at Victoria.    One  of the specimens that Avill  be sent is a  block of Kootenay lake marble a foot and  a half scpiare, Avliich Avill be cut and polished.    Mr. Chad bourn estimates that the  specimens^ sent from  Nelson Avill .weigh  ��� ^"):i|isr-'Ji^fo;n^  TO.VS  TONS  MINE.  1*151- WKEIC.  I'KK YKAK.  Tjcrol  ....   1821  17.030  AVar Knglo    la'JU  25,215  Iron Mask        270  1,785  Evening Slur..  ...    no  2iiS  Deer Park   ...  ..,.;    18  Centre Star     S10  1.027  Total.  ....   ....1GII  78,313  CONCENTRATES.  ; ^Tlie .ease��&f,,t3ie^�� G-i;o.iJi,fc'  ,pQAV{le't*'-",C���o;mi5aii^  ���auaifti��f;y. "of. g.unpiowdeif"Avithin^ie���s��_����tixliXx  ��j_-   -- \   S,     .I   ,p ,rt^W��*   .-^.IflF-'flflS        n   -,-iiP -I    ���"     ,"UH:.,'r..r;  ���two nules ��� qf;, ^h��". eipyjf "8AV"i-l 1-,be triecFQ.n  Silo hday mo��i'iifung;" "Jjet ofW. 'S^rpeKii^y- aijli/-^"  ���gi-trp'S 'Ci'easeV'  ��'���     .���..-. �� ��� ."���   ' .." .   �� ���"."  " J^ .spit. of^lotJli^Sjairid^a,  {'Sj-tpppseid'jit-Q; havej.b^eJi; std%nj'jv"eure��f6'und-  ���.VfiMtAi'dav -in "BSfVnifi ;'KnSlir>s-�� .���i.rTft". Iffi.iVdprT1  y'.Wil "y h/ "*"j�� ��"S'ai).'_6i1'.:,i?_ny"fefrci(,fe�� "S^  n        n   ,,    ,��S     D�� l^^lrn      D -t    rfl DiDn      c%' ,        D   -^S   nhn   n       n- ^      -r."      ��nn  G-nti'Sev���1  "' "=-������>�����"--��---  "What Av.il 1 this bounty cost the peo--  pie of Canada in five years?" Mr. Baird  was asked.  " I sliould say it would bankrupt  tliat eoii-itry," lie said. "���Hundred's,  of furnaces would be started, and  Avould be continued even tliojigh  the bounty Avas ^vithdrawn. One contemplated fui'iuiee," said Mi*, l-ajl'd,  *' AVould draw $2,000 a day bounty," and,  he added: "I don't think Ganilda can  Stand that thing very long." "I expect,"  lie coiitiunedi "to begin building a furnace on the Wollaiid canal next spring."  Mr. Baird said tliere Avas much talk  about a vast combination to control the  iron ore output, but Said it Avas visionary  as Avell as impracticable. J\To ten, twenty,  thirty or any other number of interests  could control the Iron ore owing to tlie  almost unlimited deposits,  Anglo-Saxons Excluded.  LoNtJ'ONj July 29.���According to the St.  Petersburg correspondent of the Daily  Mail, the Russian government has introduced a compulsory passport system for  Talien-Wan and Port Arthur, preventing  Englishmen and Americans from tnivel-  in-g there.  New Immigration Inspector.  Vancouvj-R, Jul;y 29��� Rob't Watehorn  supervising special immigration inspector  of the United States, arrived from Washington, D- 0., today to look after the business of the United States' immigration  office here in charge of  DaA'id H. Healsr.  How the Eight-Hour Law Works.  Fort Steele Prospector.  There is more avoiIc being done on mining clainis in this district than ever before in its history, and the work is of.  such a character as.tb fully demonstrate  their value. , ,  - ...��= ��.�����-. WK^lll1^���-^^^  O^er tp���,:fcliG,*;6jiief. pi��� :$6iiG���e>����The,.rigl-tifftl  pAYiiereaii have "Mfgin ougiyfuly" pi-dof'of  i liiS-dAyuershiii,    ".,���"���"  l^rank JjeAvJs, boxing, and- athletie in-^  structor "bf R.osslaiid, iiiforineda TjKiiifNi-  reporter last "mght that, he intended to  open an afchletie club. In Nelson -this  Awiuteil if he coldd .obtain Jtsstiraiices of a  -uftcieht 'iiiuiijjei*' of pupils, He will put  in "a complete stppanitiiS Avitli baths Of  various kinds and all' necessary appliances.  The lacrosse boys are getting up a  varied and interesting programme for the  smoking concert Avhich they p^posej?iv^  The miners at Sudbury, Ontario, are  striking for a 15 per cent increase iu  AA'ages, wliich Avould bring them up to  about $2 a day. The mines there belong  to an .American company that has made  fortunes out ofthe nickel deposits.  Over tAvo hundred men are employed  in and around the mines at Sandon and  business is improving-in the town. If  lightning Avould strike two or three of  the alien managers of foreign- companies  operating in that neighborhood, within  twenty-four hours thereafter every mine  would have resumed operations.  Hall Mines shares haA'e risen -recently.  A Aveek ago they could be had for $3 and  now they cannot be obtained locallv for  $3.25..   '. *,..;:'.;-��� .   ������:"���:-;  The  second  the sampling  carload of ���inachincry;foi'  Avorks at Nelson Avas unloaded s'esterday, and "will be- placed iu  position at once.    .;    ;  An accident occurred onFriday to,the:  jjmtfeliii^rs^iij, the .i^j1tji^��ViJ I;;^iicdlpr^i'|l'i;  ��fne|eS,sitaWsetfdii.ig?tiO? S&  "S-i?i#i!^.Mlle^:lTl!elpiiawi^  :fb^Qsed?db;wn;t0"^^  .._..^.__^_.,_...a:^>-te  lug in-the opera house on~Tiiesday evening. It Avill inelude songs, duets, recitations and several boxing bouts betAVeen  local .amateurs* Harper's orchestra AVill  be in attendance, and possibly the  smelter band.  YMIR.  The inquest upon the bods' of the late  J. N. Greensill, Which Was recovered from  the Salmon river Friday, Was held yesterday-in tlie Bos? house parlor. Dr.  Forin of Nelson Avas tlie coroner and a  local jury empanelled. After AdeAV'iug tlie  body and taking the efidenee of several  Avitnesses as to Avhen they last satv him  and to the discovery of his body, etc.,  the jury, Avithout retiring, retiU'iied the  verdict tliat the deceased met his death  through accidental droAviiing in the Salmon river on the night of the 13fcli May,  1899. The deceased Avas a mining broker  of this camp and came of good family  from ���Worcester., England. The funeral,  took place yesterday afternoon, the service being conducted by the ReAr. Mr.  Akehurst of the Church of England from  Nelsou. The cortege to its last resting  place up the Dundee road AVas followed  by a large number of friends.  J. A. Turner, gold commissioner, was  here yesterday arranging for starting  roads and trails  for Ymir camp at once.  Work has been commenced upon the  New BrunsAvick group.  Baseball Yesterday.  Chicago 6, Philadelphia 7.  Cincinnati 9, New York 8.  Pittsburg 0, Washington 5.  St. Louis"4, Brooklyn 0.  Rochester 9, Ss'racus.e 3,  Providence 15, Springfield 4.  Providence 3, Springfield 2.     "   , -   '  Hartford 3, Worcester 0.  Hartford 7, Worcester 5.  renii  tb/tlie  ItMiAest  i jiifu'^'buildiugt ���tl���l,a'^'";^]',���is,. evne$ *Keeni_ bin _  in-British Col*tvi.nb'iiiy��:b:ft;�� none", "^h^b"i dld]y  ux"^ is divided-. into'- -'iy6Sius,.-;ea4h* loy.'-b-ur;  ���in;eu j,"and �� ^ie: bunksj, "-are "fitted up With '���  jih-e- -uphelalered' ma-tlr^ses,". .TIie^l5u]lcfej  i,Yi.gyn".AvJiir be" Seated'- wit��l.i"\ steam; n-i^lioutf,  'air 4nd-��� ".nt'ted  Ayitli "inod^yv'pluuibjn'g,  'tllrjSllgliSiiti,   ^uotlier ..buirdiiyg aaViJJ  be"  bitiitJorva batk houses aiidflh'- c6jnpany  ;isumJioAv fig;u,i'ing- oii. puttfu^ ir'% to, electric  plant)' 'dcjAyi- .-xit tli.e";I siding, ^o" light tlie  inin^j-eamp and bffieesi   Life at the mine  \fili, be inore like a residence at  a ujoun-  tain" hotel than  a niiui'irg 'camp  such  as  ���ine-n hci5\*e had to, put'&p in |n, the Slboair,  and��� th^Payife miners ivill be inore ,afc  home       tit,  .]   the       Inine     than      in  toAvn.   The   improvement   oi?   its    ac-  comniodatioiis   will    allow    the   Paj'ne  to pick   and  choose   the   most   skillful  Tuifilt'S=i,n=]3ritisir=S01mlTbia^  reason  alone  is one of the best investments that the company could make.  Mining Company Reorganized.  Tlie National Gold and Silver Miuing  Company has been reorganized, and J. A.  Turner, 1_. C. Travel- and J. W. Walby  havO resigned their respective positions  of president, Vi-Coresident and secretary-  treasurer. The new officers are Arfchui'  Painter, president, J. L, Vaiistouc, vice-*  pi'esideiit, alid Alexander Stevai'-i m&e-  tary-treasurer. Meh'Uhs Pany and W.  Walker of; Colorado are on the board of  directors: The company as -reorganized  a\4H operate the Ajax group on Tamarack mountain, near Ymir, and work will  be started in tlie near future. The company has some money in the treasury  and no shares have as yet been put on tlie  market. The company is capitalized for  $1,000,000, Avith. head offices in Nelson.  CANADA SUFFICES FOR HERSELF  Says the Saturday Review.  London, July 29.���The Alaskan boundary,, dispute again looms large in the  newspapers and a heated discussion is  raging for and against the latest suggestion that a harbor sliould be leased to  Canada. The ollicial A'iew seems to faA'or  this compromise as a general basis foi- a  friendly arrangement. It is pointed out  that as the United States, Canada and  Great Britain haA'e to live as neighbors,  and in their hearts desire to live as  friends, neither, should or can afford to  assume an attituduof non-possumus or  act if that were to be the last transaction .to be arranged, especially as the  main question at issue, though almost  lost to view among the multitudinous side  issues, Avas the means of access to the  Klondike. =The lease of a harbor avouIcI,  seem to meet the difficult needs of  Canada.  .!'On the other hand, the Saturday Re-  vieAV voices the feeling of a considerable  section of the public in pointing out that  by accepting the" suggested settlement,  Canada debars herself from again raising  the question of territorial rights and becomes a mere licensee where;.she claims  to be the owner in fee simple^ Many  think the proposed compromise would.-..;  lead to endless complications, acts of retaliation and attempts on one side to exceed the other side or restrict their  rights. Under the proposed compromise  the Saturday RcA'ie%v thinks Canada  ought, in ho eA'ent, surrender her rights  in international la av, unless she concur- ;  rently i'eceiA^es considerable concessions  from the United States.  On the questions before the commission, the Saturday Review proceeds to  claim that Canada uoav suffices for herself, both politically and economically,  and has no further need of the United,  States, aiid that only the most factitious  policy on the part of Great Britain could ;  give the annexationist party, iii Canada  an excuse for existence. - The  eludes as follows:  "With thousands of Americans slaughtering Filipinos:.whom they Avent to free,  while the truth is concealed from the'y  public by methods Avorse than Russia's,  as au instance of external aggression, and  Avith a reign of terror in Cleveland, AA'here  a tram strike is conducted Avith nitro-;  glycerine bombs, as an example of intei--  nal coiiA'iilsions, there is raised the grave  question of A\'hat Avill happen Avhen the  present tide of prosperity turns;.^ Tliere-^  ,���fore;to urge, Canada', ito^ gC-'sbes��)hdstlie '  article^cph-  f iheh.i%s a^^tei^dii^.fiape'is ffmmtlyr^^  itlie l^^ilrspiel^r  - t"en "Scored" l|y &'e��rih"'-ii''"Pfe"ss."  Bis-to^s Jul^"%l.~*TUG papers' t��%"syeek  have been" 'gi'^iifg* ttheii" Ve,rdi_tS, q'u the  outeomo of "iffe 'peaeo conference'ftttflie  liagxxe.: rEh& tone of the 'comment of the  papers Iri&ndly to its objeets; gen ei'alls'-  sIioav disappoiiitiireiit tliat little lias been  .aceonipiish-i&d'jAviiiMethosei.p-jTOsi'ngintlTiige  in gleeful felicitatioiis tlnvt ho more Ws  "���cjated"^-SSplW|w'|VIr:j_fe^  ^isi*(^f4by^theSo^r-^nder^  .ada.at mtf iiihxey. ��T-'Mwfe^ir^^nId'&pS^y^i%  Well Able to Pay Standard Wage.s.  When the Queen Bess Proprietory Company took over the Queen Bess mine,  about eighteen months ago, the engi ileer's  report estimated there was about $2-10,-  000 of ore in sight. The report recently  submitted to the shareholders states that  that amount of oro has been shipped during that time, Avhile it is estimated that  owing to recent development about half  that amount of ore i.s blocked out now  ready for stoping. The mine originally cost about $120,000 and is one of the  mines whose local manager says it cannot  be Avorked profitably unless he is allowed  to import cheap labor from Eastern  Canada.   ''���-,  Over Five Hundred to the Man.  Although the actual figures a re, not'at*  hand, it is estimated that the* product of  tiie i'uiir mill for the month of July will  Hone. The fageblatt considers that the  form of ai'fci&ratioii adopted marks an important step towards securing the peace  of the AVOtid, and adds:  "���Whoever knows the toilsome way the  progress of international JH'Ay is made avU-I  be satisfied Avith this result."  The l_reii/,e Yjeituhg, referring to the  United States and BnglalKl. says;  "flic nations tliat boasted loudest of  .tlieir humanity;, made the stoutest i-esist-  auce to really practical .luiuian-iuuian  propositions."  It further points out th.-Vt while Kng-  land and tlie United States stood together in opposing the prohibition of  bombs filled Avith noxious gases;* tiro  United States backed up Mngland's refusal to abandon the fiiim-duiii bullets,  "Tlte platoiiic declaration, of the conference for the principles of the czar's proclamation," the Jvretr/e Zeilnng continues, "introduces absolutely no change  iu existing conditions."  The A-wwaerts gives tlie confcroiieo a  parting shot, calling it a coiueds'. "The  hardest Avork of the -members," this journal says, "AVas to refrain from laughing  in each others' faces at their own insincerity.'"  * Were Not Pretty Enough.  ANrsVKiu"-,    July   29.���Queen   AVilhcl-  mina not. long ago  objected  to the portrait of herself appearing on the postage  stamps of the kingdom   because tho hair  only fell   to her neck, and  has  now requested the  Avithdrawnf  of the present  coinage on which her effigy   is tliat of a \  child, and the substitution of her present  likeness.    For this  change  slie   says she  chooses.the epoch..of-the-j)eace.!-pnfei,ence'  as  the' most  appropriate.     Accordingly  the well known dutch .artist  Pander has  been, commissioned to  model  a bust of  her majesty for reproduction.  ���diate Avhat had Aevjdefttly 'Been judnls^^  as a public ti;tteranee. '���       ' n   ,  ".   " ���  2^(1]"������%  No Tkefrl&iWeg hx Ifidia.,;       - "'.'�����j^-, k  =^l4)^-Oo^-r^2l'uiy^2drr^A=di$.^^  liord James Haniilton, seeretrfry o�� state. V  foi;* India', to   bamu. -ChXmnf jibe Indian;:'"!!  vicui^oj',  has been   made  public;,    It aUr ���"  liouilees that the goVernnient has deelded;  ��  to adopt tlie repoi't of tlie Indian eurr " ���  rency eommittee and tliat the policy of  keeping the Indian lUints, closed to tife "���  OMi-es'tricteO,  coinage1   of-   Bil\l��ii>   will be ,���  main (-lined-   The dispiitch says -the' .BriU -.-;  isli so,v*ci,*eig,u,s Avill ��bo mi-xdo a legal teiicfet:  aii'l lfi<-.'���i.iit"i'f��ii_ coiil   of India, thU't^tlio*"���"  *niiilt�� vrill In '.opened1 to "the -ni-lrerftiVi'e-tied "���(  coinage1 of gojtl,,  .arid that tile permanent  exchange value of-the rupee w'iljvbe one,  shilling and io,ffr pence.  Seawanhaka Gni* Race Put Off.  DoliVAi., (inc., July 2��.���In c^nneetimiL  Wi t h today's rnee for the S-Juwanhakaeupj  which was p(>stpou.ed till Mo);idaj�� on ac*  count of thei'e not being .sufficient Avind,  it may be explained tliat the sailing eoin-  inittee liad no power to order the race  after -i o'elock. By mutual consent tlie  crews of both the Constance and Glen-  eairn III. Aval ted until 4 o'clock. Ou account of no. Avind at 4:15, Uuggaii ofthe  ���Glencairn was consulted, nnd he was iu-  elined to wait until a o'clock but the  American crew were not, and conse-  quentls' tlie comniitteo had nothing to do  l)iit postpone the race until Monday.  Irish Are Kindhearted.  Cork, July  29,���The   ���municipality   of  Cork   takes   particular   interest   in   the  children   of   its   poor.      Yesterday   the  mas'or and the citizens' committee carried  1000 of the poorest children io the city of  Youghah), a seaport on Youghate bay,; 27  miles  east  of Cork, where  they  spent a  day ih frolics and regaled on fruit, dAveet-  meats and   saudAviches.     Three   special  trains Avere required, and  the  excursion  AA'as accomplished Avithout accident. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, .JULY 30,  181)9.  i '=s-=S''5-5<3-S_i  ^^���^���{-'���^^���^^'^���^���^^���^'���^���^���'^���^���^���^���^���^Tc2T^  �����=>���<=?;  m  %  The Finest Glove  I EVER SA W FOR THE MONEY  %  #  W We have had this expression from dozens of our  m customers when asking for that great $1.50 glove  # it's a great glove, made of the best French kid in all  ^ colors, including black, black with colored stitching,  �� tan, red, green, blue, and all light shades, and the  fyi price is undoubtedly the best value on the continent.  �� Also a full range of Perrin Frerre's kid gloves in  fyi black, tan, and white at $1.25.  m  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  %  BANK  OF  B. C.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  0?E*R_vIS   0___S_3I  'M  "ruined" the.mining industiy in the state  of Utah? lie had to admit that the  eight-hour law* had.worked well in t.ha  state, and that the mining industry was  iu a A'eiy prosperous condition there  today, lie also had to admit that there  had been no suspension of operations in  that state Avhen the law AA'ent into effect.  The supreme court of the state declared  the law constitutional, and the mine oavii-  ers, like good citizens, accepted the  changed conditions. Here in Britisl  a few mine owners and mine managers  are unwilling to Avork tlieir mines under  the new conditions, are they therefore  in a position to give an intelligent  opinion a.s to the practical effect of the  law? Hncl tlmy worked their mines for  six months under the new conditions,  then expressed themselves a.s tlies'* do  iioav, public opinion would be influenced  in their favor.  BARGAINS  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��to ifcitame*  Daily Edition.  Weekly Edition.   First Ykak, No. 177  ... Seventh Ykak, No. :fi  Mine.Owner.Harkis of Sandon is reported as gradually breaking aAvay from  the cheap-labor combine of metalliferous  mine managers. He is employing'miners  on the Reco and paying the standard rate  of wages, $3.50 a day of eight hours. He  giA'es as a reason that the mine is -very  wet and  the ..--boys  are  entitled to the  m  a?  '^'^^^^^^��^ft,^^i^ ha���a-e��t  "i^npte'dito^^d; ''kipi-titf�� g^pt^0^y!ghyy  -,|f���vMr|"p;*ilrrifstenants,." ^li'.H^'ia-.^^^fi1-  Bi?  y-m^o ln-vje^fo.^en' -!*V piffp of jfis,A\^unj?gs  '^.���'tiliffeitisir^bi-ainliia.   ' ......  �� |A'!||iVSK^m^rva-iVes.'$_��*>* ;Sff (Shaife  ."r���"-TMpp"ei.i:ffojOf. aXxiQudihg'th^Aixixim-^^hws  l-'J'bMHeWoiaiiaion of eauada^so as to deprive  ";l*;^mei;ican,S; ;of the riglit to-, locate- min-  ", ."injg ground in the Yukon aicd other por-  ti5Us'0f ihe Dominion under feontrol of  the  federal. gove-ittii-lit, because of the  -hostile attitude ofthe United States on  ___^the^laska=Boundaiy���ciuestiour^i^would^  not require much   agitation here to de  &  priA'e Americans of like rights in British  Columbia. -American mine owners and  mine managers haA'e made themselves  very offensive to the goA'ernment and to  a majority of the people through the  shutting cIoavu of mines under their control, because of the passage of a laAV that  is*not as stringent or as far-reaching in  its effects as laws that have been passed  in their oavu country. Legislation Avith  that object in AioAV has been introduced  in the legislatiA'o assembly on Iavo different occasions, and each time failed of final  .passage only through the efforts of Canadians living in Kootenas*. Were such  legislation-attempted again, it is doubtful  Avhether mans*- Canadians in Ivooteiuiy  -AA'ould be active* in opposing it: Sir  Charles Tuppor's Avarnihg may indicate  the beginning ol the end of American  domination in the mining industry in  Canada.  A -AiiNJXf; operator Avho Avas deploring  the effects of the eight-hour law was asked, Avhy it was that a similar law had noL  THOMSON'S  FISHING TACKLE  CASTS  REELS  1J. .1. HicKEA', who manages a Slocan  mine named the Ivanhoe, sasrs that had  it not been for the eight-hour Iiiav he  Avould now be Avorking eighty men on the  Ivanhoe instead of eight. Had it not  been for the liberal mining .laws of  British Columbia, P. J. iliekey would  probably be a mucker doAvn in some mine  in Colorado.  Railway Contracts Let.  Cranbrook Herald.  The  contracts for  the construction of  the  North Star branch are  let at  last.  Tuesday the final  bids  Avere   accepted,  and the names ofthe lucky meu and their  sections are as follows:    From Cranbrook  to  St. Marys  river, seven  and  one-half  miles. Reid and Mcllae.    Next four miles,  Grant and  Shady.      Next  three   miles,  Peter Lund.    Last three miles in Kimber-  lesr, M. M. McCarty.    Leitch and McDou-  gal haA'e the contract for  all the timber  AA'ork on the line.    The contracts proA'ide  that the work of grading' shall be completed bsr the 15th of October, and the  work  AA'ill  be pushed  forward with  all  the speed possible.     M. J. B.  O'Brien ar  rived  last Aveek and Avill  have  genera  charge     of      construction.        Engineer  Richardson has gone into camp near the  St. Marys, and is finishing some points on  the location preparatory to cross sectioning.    Actual work on the road avi'11 begin  this afternoon or  tomorrow on Reid am  McRae's section, and   tlie others Avill fol-  Ioav suit as soon as their outfits get here,  which will   be within- tAvo or three days.-  Alreads' quite a number of  strangers are  in  toAvn, and  business  is picking up all  along  the line. =Th'e  hotels are croAvded  and everyoiuris feeling- happy.  Chicago Building Trades May Strike.  Chicago, July 2S.���Officialsof organized  labor here'aver that the. brickmakers*  strike is liable to precipitate a general  Avalkout of building trades' unions, with  forces 5000 strong, thus tieing up all  building operations in this city.  HUDSON'S BAY~  COMPANY.  vine  WE ARE GOING OUT OF THE  BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS  *BOOTS *  AND   SHOES  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE ABOVE GOODS AT COST  JSIIV-DHVH  vine  yiCTOEiA elocs:,- _3_A._s:__!_a, street, _sr_��i__,so2sr  SPECIAL ATTEflM  II.'ivc just. receiA'ed a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds fj'om Talbot'Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho r-tiDPlv If limited, so oil! early and examine lhi��t stock.  Do You Want One?  FLIISl  s  LANDING  INCORPORATED 1670.  Do you know what is the h&si  cooling drink you can get  for warm weather?  Headquarters for  FIRST-GLASS BU1LDSMG MATERIAL  Wo mako a. specialty of  Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed IVJaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles at]d Lath Kept in Stock  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   K. G, BEEK, Agent.  IN FACT EVERYTHING IN ALL GRAB_3S  TO StfIT EVERYBODY,  The Pr"ices Are Right Ttto.  II *  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���Board anil room in a private family by a,  youiiL' man of temperate habits.   Address, suainj,'  rate por week, W. M., P. 0. box 202,  TO  ItKNT���A furnished room convenient   to Baker  Street.   Apply -"astoll'le- box <J2, Nelson, 11. C.  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BUILDING.  r Sale  ��530 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  foot.  $2100 will inirclin.se a centriil lot and residence.  $400 will  purchase  two  nice lots and shanty, Robson  street, liunie addition.  8,'iOOO will puretiaso four nice lots and residence.  lO.OOD J-'Oolcd Fairmont ���! cents.  Blackcock (V'mir) sliarcs 20 cents-  5000 Utica at Ii cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B, C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Two lots with t\yo-stoi'y house on Latimer  sti'eet. near Josephine ., , SlSyo  Terms:   $1201) cash, balance oninoi-ffjagc.  bixty-acre ranch, nine miles from city on lake  !il'F("'-;--,v ...........���:. :;.-..-......, ��1000  One-half cosh, balance an mortgage.  Oft loan eonditioiis are Ihe fthcapcsf and best  ollered. Yqu can repay at any time without  bonus.  _-vO-:___sra:s _tO:k  Brillsh Cpliilnbia Ia(a-in��'_eoi Savings & Jjoim Company.  Globe Savings & J.oen Co., Toronto.  iasrsT_roR,_9_3-ra__!  Plre, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  GAMBLE <& O'REILLY, Agts  Bakei' Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Christie  GEKfERAL  BROKER.  Containing: 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter inHes of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B,   C.  FOB ZREZTSTT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  AVPI.Y  J. LAING STOCKS, Seeretary  . At ofllce of tlie Duncan-Mines, Jjimited., Clement &  Hillyer Block.  FIRK, LIFE, ACCIDENT AKD SICKNESS  .  i_srstJE____sroE!  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO I1F1T���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALE���Real estate in all parts of tho city.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  TT-NlGIITS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  J-*-   Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F.lli  .   No,  2.0,  Jail, corner  t  Haker and Kootenay streets,.every Tuesday evening at  8 S.��lP,'V r-MY'/i11^* K��tsht- cordially invited to attend.  '- LlLhlFi, 0.0. H. 6. JOY, K. ot K. & S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday iu each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  "tPWAItT. & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  JJycrdoen block, Baker.street,.Nelson.  Tp II. HARPER, musical director, leader Nelsoii Or-  J- ��� chestra. jMusicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone C2. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, JULY 30, 1899.  3  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   R   S. OLOUSTON   ROYAL, President   Vice-President  ... Goneral Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  OSTEX-SOISr   _3_SA.TSrO___  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.      niMXCriKfl in   ���  LONDON  (EnRland),   NEW  YORK,   CHICAGO  and in l.hn principal citii-- in Canada.  Ruy and  sell Sterling  Rxchmw   <".l  Cabin Transfi-r*  ORANT COMMBKCJIAI. AND TKAVKI.I.KHS'  _ KB l> ITS,  1 ; available in any part of i.Ih; world.  y  DKAKTS I8SOKD    COI.T.KCT IONS  MADK; ICTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTERIMS'- PAID  AROUND   THE   WHIST   TABLE.  Is n��w prepared lo issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^oq District.  The ninth anmial congress of the  American whist league lias passed into  history. Although, perhaps, not quite so  largely attended as some of the earlier  meetings of the league, ��� it Avas as well  managed and as satisfactory in its results  as any of tlie others.  Almost all these annual gatherings  have some distinctive feature by which  tliey are remembered by those who attend them.. Will any one who saw it  ever forget the display of suspenders and  open-backed shirts at Put-in-13ay ? Will  any one ever forget the surprises that  were sprung on the crackajacks at Chicago this year? Two or three comparatively-unheard of clubs, from whieh no one  ever expected anything in particular,  came very near carrying off all the  championship honors. These were Racine, Wis.; Toronto, Oaks of Austin, 111.,  aiid Indianapolis.  Tlie Minneapolis team started their  match against Indianapolis in the second  round of the trial heats for the Hamilton  trophy with a sort of half chuckle at having drawn such, a snap. So little did  they think of the Hoosiers that they did  not even stop to ask them what system  they were playing, and after they had  lost the match, and with it their only  hope of the championship, they were the  y s  :Wi&Mtl^  :^th*--.a"seye*|.vLot l-tlfeivMJl^iilij^; y py.y^hOa,  **Sti^i-faTj_t';f&^  "GhictVgo;;  ���jjlayliVg;*^  tfe:;  ��^-tliduglraie\_?o:st?'iii 'idanypawled  "'hi\\ l<^^j$ir-tf%7;��" ^11^611^ f^U^eefciii^.  /Inii^i-fking-'atf^' tie��e.; ��^]?lrtyer'��6iinth"e��-.'rigli:t j  "g.o^ilVaild;���ctxifiei hat^Ayithiiie 5 iBiggtir-  drops,the deiice, tljeji falls |roin tlie qi_-  I gii),if leader aiulr$i&oSje4$ "vyifijsi, Q^liei-y  ^-Wlreiie :ire tlie sjjadfs:?:,  ::- Tlie ;Oaks"tea.mO--A;uStij*i, .JUniois,, were  airather sui',j3tsisee,. Tlfey "got" inte the  liainilton fini-ls'b jr de&eMAngT-ofOutQ and  St, 'Loixis, and in the ^emi^jiiiiais had the  Satisfaction of beating tlie p. eseu:i eliajnr  pious by* two tricks in tlieii'; match against  BnffalO. \  Tlie   Heyer   ���whist club, formerly the  "Racinero^^  one's breath away by the ea_e with  Avhieh tliey knocked out Philadelphia aiid  Walbrook in the preliminaries for the  Hamilton trophy, afterward, defeating  Gliieago* Buffalo, ' Indianapolis, Austin  and Toledo. All this Only goes to prove  tlie truth of tlie asset'tioi^ so often put  forward by The Sun that if some of our  youiiger teams could only bG persuaded  to try their skill against some of those  witli a big reputation, and would avoid  going info the match scared to death before, the play began, they would find their  cli.-inces much better than they think.  As usual, there were a great ninny  things expected at the ninth congress  that didn't happen. There was no change  in the rules about tlie turned trump, although all the progressive games were  played without one, clubs being declared.  In the championship events a trump was  turned in all cases, probably so thatthe  " turned-through-the-honor-called " fellows might have a chance.  As to systems of play, it would seem  that little or no attention was paid to  them, although some one did make a motion to adopt the league system as a  "standard." The only team of any importance that luwe made a. profession of  this system for'important work arc from  Toledo, and they certainly did not make  a success of it at the congress which has  just closed: Although they got into tho  finals of the Hamilton they finished with  the lowest match and trick score.  All the winners of the big events at the  congress played the long-suit game pretty  strictly, and so did all the losers, because  there was nothing else played. Tliree of  the Toronto team are in the habit of  playing the common-sense game, but in  deference to the wishes of tlieir fourth  man they dropped it at the congress. It  was a subject of constant remark that  the matches won and lost did not turn  upon the nse of any system, but simply  upon the want of care and steadiness in  critical situations. Simple blunders were,  to blame for the loss of the most important matches in-many cases. Walbrook  lost five tricks by leading trumps once  too often, and so shut themselves out of  tlieir chance for the challenge trophy.;  One little finesse against Chicago shut out:  the Minneapolis team, and Toledo drop-;  ped the two tricks that would have de-i  i$^t"eclyG-^ $$utb>  al   iiroperties   in   that   province.     These  journals and the'mine-owners with whom  they sympathize have  given a black eye  to  the British   Columbia "propositions,"  which   have tempted the  speculative enthusiasm of  the eastern   investor.    British Columbia, journals and British Columbia  mine-owners must, know their  own  business, and  their actions indicate that  they have set an unduly  high  value on  the mines, which are working so close to  the margin that a difference of two hours  a day means the difference  between profit and loss.    British Columbia mine-owners  have been  dealing with  the eastern  investor as if their properties were amazingly rich.    Some  of these  mine-owners  give  the lie  to their  own   pretences by  professing that their  mines will not pay  on an eight-hour basis.    These mine-owners  have a good case against the eight-  hour  law. ^They  should   be  freed from  the  restrictions of  that  statute,  and at  the same time the eastern investor should  allow able and patriotic journals like the  Vancouver  World and   Nelson  Miner to  open his eyes-to the   truth that he  is  asked to pay too much for  stock in Bri t  ish Columbia  properties which  aie capitalized for one, two or three  million dollars, aud are yet so poor that they can be  put upon the road to ruin by two hours'  difference in   the  day's   work   of   each  miner.    When  it is a  question of selling  stock a certain class of British Columbia  journals talk as if every property in the  province were  worth millions, and when  FULL LINE OF  it is a question of paying wages these  same papers talk as if there was not a  property in British Columbia which  would not bv. pushed into bankruptcy by  a decrease in the length of the working  days and .such a decrease docs not necessarily imply a decrease in the working  power of each niines.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.    -  .1. .1. McKay, Vancouver      j J. Johnson, Iiossland  A. K. Suckling, Vancouver j R. Marsh and wife,  Ross-  Win. JlcMaster, Vancouver |    land  J. 1). ('hieur, Duncan City i S.   Wa'nwr'Kht   and   wife.  M. McMartin, Rossland       j    High I liver  R. -IcOiiirc,' -lolly Gibson j K. A, l-'ei-tfii-on, Scotland  J. McDonald. Winnipeg       ! W. CI. Iloyd, Herks. Kng  W. li. Orde, Rossland  QUKKN'S.  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  E. Hendriekson, Rossland  Miss I,. Guerliii,Calgary  Mrs. .J.  Mc.Mullen,    Porlo  Rico  Mrs. Hopper, I_ ilispell  TRKMONT.o  O. Cameron. Hall Siding       I W. 1��� Tebo, Angiif  J. O. Covington. Slocan        I F. K. Tebo, Angus  GRAND CENTRAL.  A. Gregg, ICaslo  Duncan  C.  J.   Campbell,  City  K. L. Kuwiiian, It ibion  Mrs. t��. A. Higelow, Creston  Out  A. L. Hollhiger, Kokanee  tl. Aheiidorth, Portland  A. S. Williams, Kaslo  MADDEN.  II. Urown, Cranbrook  J<\ Campbell. Creston  J. Mauley, MacLeod   '  SILVER KING.  C. Hicks, Athabasca Mine I.I. G. Routh, Calgary  D. Johnson, Athabasca C. Anderson, Spokane  D. McKay, Athabasca          I C. K. King, Spokane  PHAIR.  W. R. Wilson, Eholt  I'. J. Mulligan, Spokane  J. A. Roy, Spokane  R. F. Green, Greenwood  Wholesale Markets at flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway,  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Greenwood and Sirdar.  rjead Office, Nelson, B.C.  years- -agctthey yvefozso pu_y:ay:itli��� tl-te  ^greatiQiirOf prjva^eeonyeiitjoi^  .-..could hep "hpiliiug4lsd,ybni.. n$wMffyylj$$eg  ' "be'ginui'h^ taLi/ealii?e .that ,aj ;KnOTVleLd^|I.'6^'  ���: th"e)s^jld;^)riu^iples��� ���jbf "'the !g{>inft.i��;.;*\f6rtlif'.  fil-i;e^tha*fl till "t}X% Systeiiis ���ever ^le^iled.".  S-*ffe\yiug ��^Y;lie_> Id '.cWei^-alii^Ji^i'o^^itli*  '��%n��iiDii9^r^.n_B.^Qnct^U^X;d" is>yv&i$h,�� SixieOfi'i  Street".'atibafcinifeiStsI . -        '" ��� .      "-���"������"."  Watferli-ttsd   of l-t^toilj,  took   i|at't hi ii  -lia'nipieiiSliip  itiateh,' ^Ivsyiug ��- -.for S^'ew  Englaud in  the a,u-xiliary1;    _\;bou't iifty  to6k - IS^rt���"_ in   the   various   ppSgressiye"  gaiu;-Sj andgdpd SiTclges, sdf ilxdif play'  Was* hett-i* oil the  average tlian, that of:  tlie nien,-  It was   at first  intended, toj  Iceep the games in Avhiclithe -wonien took '���  part separate Ifom   tlie   xiffin's  Itegiilar  cojnpass events, which are ehWiy distiu--  gnished 'for shirt sleeves' and smoke, but  the arrangement did not la$t long, and  the women were soon invited into jtiany  t>f"theTpmW_r^ir>\-^  ly intended to exclude them.  Warning tb Investoi-s.  Toronto Telegranii  iEasterii. investors are deeply ind-bted  in British. Columbia papers^ like the Victoria Globe, the Vancouver Woi-ld and  the Nelson Miner for the true light they  have thrown on the possibilities of miner-'  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  G. Percival, Montreal  F. J. .Slocuni, Northport  II. U. Sayers. Sandon  S. li. Allen and wife, Philadelphia.  A. J. Sewer, Northport  Klizabcth  del pit ia  J.   II.   Hiirllott  Philadelphia  Miss Gallop, lialfour  R. Allen. Pliila"  and  wife,'  The Tremont Hotel  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  IPLONE fi TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospeetors  THK BEST BRANDS OF  BaKer street, nelson E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDKRS BY MAIL RKCEIVR CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British Columbia business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i  S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer f  NELSON, B.C.  ft-C;/!*; (Dres^ed^lJ^rEiiber:^?.;^;;:"^!  '"��M^Yha;-^o\V\yan-i|;not"jiiistoc&  ^all: A^rp ''"L^lfe;��f^eets,. iffEL-Qgi'. - m  One of the best and most pop  ular hotels in Nelson.  Large Consignment Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS  Orders filled Promptly.  iCBfARIsES.SILLIER-.  "liMRY "HOUSTON;  ���8EGft_TAKy;  aD-.i^^iop-Eiap,  MANtfLB'ACTigREKS, OV,  .DBAIiKRS ,i?f  FIRST TIME  ^^^5^j_-iWA"N PERFonMANCE-  AND GORGEOUS TRAPP|NGs7( VAGRANO  SIOWT.-lOl TRUIV WOWDERruUAHP JUST AS ADVERTISED.  CONGRESS OF NATIONS       ROSEVELT'S ROUGH RIDERS  NATIVE CUBAN BAND 63   HORSES  PERFORMED   BY ONE MAN  $1,000,000 STREET PARADE AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.  TWO PERFORMANCES, COMMENCING AT 2 AND 8 P. M.  Nelson,    Monday,    August    7th  Tickets on wile show day at Kred Irvine & Co's'dry i^oods store.   *  Roiigfli aMi Dressed j^iimjber  MdMifegs  Boors a,M S-ish  Fence? ftosts #d ^Pi6kets  dflice and Store Fittings  .FACTORY WORK DONE TO ORDUK,    airf!ii-,\a  *tr^CiSNfeT/MiyiN@*J_1|^-l3fACTURER, BAKER ST., NELSON  ���-~ .^.Lsi_ii��B"���- . p^'-fl j/-p%-pi>iy-i.,'��pjry,fliep^-.rft,-.: -J�� pfl>^,,-p' i%, -, - '  -   -'    :       ....  ,-    J. MoPHBB  :..--,���   a .��� ,.p.-".ay,.p   ,,"..$.,���; i.   flx.pt'--,  ,p    dakp'pii        ng     ^i  ^^ted^^^MP^^^^risI  and Construction Co.  Saarge; /cOiftfortebi^''"^-^^^!!!.^ iiT>a n flrat-Slass idin'tng;  "room." Saniplei'topiifefor cQiriraercial" iiieii.-  ,"'&2kn?(iBrSy i����37:__��3��aa" '3&_��^ ��� " " -������  'E'.;"��C...  j  |Jate, of thc���ljqy��l 'Hot*!.}Calgary:;  ft D, HUME, Manager.  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of iall Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory aiid olllce, corner Hall strcot and C. I'.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  etc.  A large Btoek of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work,  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson  Telephone 91  John Rae, Agent  rick aqd Lime  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor StrooU        T. O. PKOCTOR. Manager   ,  "1'lie finest hotel in the interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and eidctrte light.  COKNEIl OK WAllB ANfi VERNON SI'S., NELSON  HAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON'  ^CoD-pl-te-iirectrio.BytiC'P.mBrits fdr*:Ell-Ct"rle"Effwei^c3?ran-__ission and I/lRhtlng- for Mines,-Tovrns  "  "  y      "���;"...--   n��   �����,"', r��-__i_^_ii*'L_ii&_ "V_!_t-i'.i��'��'ii��'ina-_i.������� i_�� Tn-_  E3l!act-incfRl^;|;ait;eSi.liarnpft^SeliSj ���5C^lephones, Annunciators, Bte.  B.fQi Bbx;'6Q6.  Josephine Street, Nelson, B. C.  &:&mr' ��?r'. W^If  Always "Pre-sh;  rs    Qool  ������ ��� ���  ROYAL SEAL AND^  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   UNION   MADE  lvootenay Cigar Maofg. -Co.  -Nol-on.-Rritizili-Colunibia.-  Tlic only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono  ���manageiiieiit since 1800.  The bed-roonls ai-e well ftlrnlshed and li_litcd by  electricity.  The diningjrooiii is not second toaliy hj JCooteiiay,  The bar is al ways Blocked by the best ddlnosMC and  imported lltjttors find cigars.  THOMAS ifADDEN. Proprietor.  Largo iind well lighted Healed by hotai  Rcasorialilc rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Innovated and refurilishod tfllrougfiont  HOTEL  VrO^ORIA  J. V. IJ,KRICS, Proprietor  r?rcc biw meets all trains 8o__!c-rn__    R   IT  Hourly slrncl. car 10 station I-BVB.I&IUHW,   D. U,  Niglit Grill Room in cdiinuoUoii. for the noliv-nioiiccof  gliests; arriving and departing by night trains.  Strictly first-class. Rates, ��:i per week and up.  MRS. WALTER  B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  EURN'ISHKD ROOMS, SINGLE AND EN SUITE.  Hot aild cold water, baths, electric liglit, elevator nnd  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped  with exits and fire escapes. Sth llloor Marlon, block, corner Riverside and Stevens streets.  TH_! BEST GLASS OF BEER __J NELSON IS  AT THE  NELSON, B. C.  COFKKI. ROASTKRS AND DKALKRS IN TKA  AND COKKKK.  Ofrer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound  ?   10  Java and Mocha Ulend, 3 pounds ������   r.  1 WJ  Fine Santos, I pounds ���   1 IX)  Santos lIMnd. ."i pounds 1 W)  Our Special Ulend, (i pounds       1 00  Our Rio Roast, (i pounds    1 00  A trial order solicited. ; .  Salesrooms 2  Doors  East   of   Oddfollows   Block,, .West.  ,. Baker Stseet ,  Comer Silica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Ginger  Beer  H. D. Asherolt  BLAOKSMirHING  ANb^Xi^ERT  HORSESHOEING  0 0��"��^^  Wagon repairing lironiptiy attomWd to by a nrstM3l(i8. ,  wiiewlwriglit. '   --    ���  Special atioiition gw'ew to ill! kinds p_ repaifi&g ran4  custom work frwm Outside pbint-ij  Sh,flp:   ijall Street, between, Baker and Ve-Wnjf Kelson  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  VICTORIA  VANCOUVKU  NICLSON  Thorpe & Co.,  l.l.MITKn.  R. REISTERER & CO.  RRKWKRS AND HOTTLKRS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson,  TB'LBPHOWE  136  During thc,: season we will deliver :..iee.:-al;-;iirivato  residences  -and ".business- hdusesdaily in any  ���  desired  quantity. ut easonrable  prices.  AG15NTS FOR   '  The Imperial Oil Co.   Staifdard Oil.Co*  Washirigton Bricfc aqd Liir[e Co.  The H. W. WJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian 'Arjihra*  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in,  stovEwao��  Crow's Nest Pass Goal ���b.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles    St.   Barbe,  "Agent.  Nelson Iron Works  M'A-ffU-'AOTUUKBS OV  B3NQINE3, BOILBRS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DBSORIPTION  WILSON   &   HARSHAW Ropaire promntly attended to.      P. O. Box 173, THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, JULY :i0,  1809.  PURPOSE  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  TZEL & CO.  The largest drug, house in Kootenay.      Corner of Haker nnd Josephine si reel.'-. Nelson.  Oc  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hati which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Name  K will he to your nd vantage to see^our large  and complete stock of Boots and Shoes. ,>Ve  carry* tlie following lines: 3. &. T. JBell, J.  D. lving &' Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Sehultz & Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Holden it Co., and other leading makers.  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  '    ' ' ��� 26 AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET,.NKLSON  1     1 ID_   M^ABTHUB   &   CO. 1     I  is        a-- am  ,***-����� is        2_  1.1 JUST ARRIVED  SS fl m ��� ���   b  _Afl=&Mr^u-Gar__.of=  pniig's  Fi*o___ George @ale & Son  8*  ��� ##  A Large Shipment of  &  ���������&,  ��  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  �� 0  &  Ss *$*_ �� &  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Pasto Will Not Be Hanged.  Sheriff Tuck received the following  telegram on his return from Sandon yesterday :  OTTAWA, ,1 uly 27th, IS!'!'.  The Sheriirof Ihe County of IConlenay, Nelson.  I am commanded lo inform yon that his excellency the  governor general ],j|S iH,cn pleased to <-omninle to im-  Iirisoiniienl. for life in Uritish Columbia penitentiary tlio  death sentence passed upon Felice I'astn, now lying in  the Nelson goal. .IOSKI'11 POl'l'*.  ruder .Secretary of Stale.  When the telegram was read to him,  Pasto did not seem to be overjoyed. He  merely asked why it was that an effort  liad not been made to find the man who  aviis along with lly-in at the time Jiyan  was killed. The death watch -will now  be removed, and a.s soon as the necessary  papers are received Pasto will be taken  to the penitentiary.  fish-  who  fisli-  NELSON.  A. branch of the Imperial Hank of Canada will shortly be opened ,-tt Golden, in  l-ast Kootenay, and a branch ofthe Bank  of Hamilton is likely to be opened ab  Nelson.  E. C. Beer, avIio sells more lumber in  Nelson than P. Genelle '&, Co. ean ship  him, left last night on a business trip to  ltossland.  S.. .I. Mighton leaves on Monday for a  trip to New York, where lie has secured  a position as traveller for a large firm.  His district avi'11 include the. Western  States and British Columbia. Sam, may  the good lord look after you in New  York.  Tins Tkiuuni- avi'11 Avager that its  ing editor, Mr. EdAvard Bosquet,  does not tell what he knows about  ing, can catch more fish in a giA'en time  than can Mr. Brougham, the fishing editor of the Miner, who takes a column  every Aveek to tell what he does not know  about angling.  Alderman Hillyer, Avho has been down  Avith malarial feArer for seA'eral days, Avas  able to be on the streets yesterday.  The Merchants' bank of Halifax has  purchased A. W. Strong's private bank  at RepubliC'Siud will open a branch bank  in that thriving mining town at once.  The=proinoters of the street raihvay intend to begin actual construction Avork on  Monday. Tlie first spike avi'11 be driven  Avith impressive ceremonies, duly moistened   with   beer.     Later  on   the    boys  M. DesBrisay &  Co's  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  AND PIC-NICERS' LIST  //  Avho can change their overalls for'  spike-tailed coats Avill be wotted Avith  champagne at a banquet at the Phair  hotel.  The brickwork on the iicav Hudson's  Bay block commenced yesterday.  Recent* -arrivals from Kossland state  that the Rossland cricksters are so elated  at their recent narrow victory here that  they are thinking of going down to the  Coast, where they expect to carry all before them.  The contract for the construction of  the Burns block on Baker street has not  been let yet, nor will it be until P. Burns  returns to Nelson. \| I  Second Lieutenant W. A. Galliher has ]V  resigned   his  commission in   tin-   Nelson  rifle  company  and   sergeant   George   S.  Beer has been provisionally appointed in  his place.  The cricket practice on the recreation  grounds yesterday afternoon was but  thinly attended. If the local cricketers  will not practice, how can tliey expect to  win matches';'  The Rev. 11. Frew will preach tonight  on clairvoyance. The service will be fully  choral, including an anthem and a solo by  Mrs. Oliver.  Dr. Robertson, superintendent of the  Presbyterian home missions, will be hero  next week and avi'11 deliver an address in  the Presbyterian church on Thursday  evening.  The instruments for  the  band  of  Nelson rifle company were  receiA'ed yesterday  by captain Hodgins, and  consist  of tAvo drums, four bugles and  tAvo pic- .,  col os. /?  A. J. Marks received" yesterday the  present of a beautiful gold watch from  R. C. VaiiHoughton of Helena, Montana.  Tho watch Avas brought to Nelson and  presented to Mr. Marks by R. S. Lennie,  who returned from a two weeks' trip to  Helena and Great Falls where he Avent in  the interests of the Exchequer Gold Mining Company.'  N. T. McLeod, manager of the Nelson  branch ofthe Hudson's Bay Company, re--  ports that the mouth of July will be the  best business -mouth, both in cash payments and other business, since tho con_-  pai 1 y open ed its Nelson bran eh.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  To Let���Tavo offices in Aberdeen block.  Apply to llecrUro.s.  To Let���-The building corner Ward  and Victoria streets���-recently occupied \>y Charles II.  Ink.   Apply lo Ueer Ilros.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  tne>| Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  . Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  PRESERVE THIS LIST AND ORDER FROM IT  ' PHONE'8   ,   BOX 08  Anchovies '  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kinds  McLaren's Cheese  Condensed -Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream  Devilled Ham  Devilled Chicken  Devilled Turkey  Devilled Crabs  Devilled Tongue  Devilled Beef  Finnan Haddie '  Honey in Bottles  Ham in Tins  Irish Stew  Jams and Jellies of all kinds  Lime Juice  Lunch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Marmalade  jyiacairQn:Larid-.Cheese^=  CD  OO  V)  %o,  V  ./ty^'yy-  .*":--     N'V  ������'��� '-���{      <t  /w.^**^*;^\  !i/^y> ~^2_i  _2  ca  co  LU  i, 13     cpv'-c.' fe'  ; i\| *<^fe&> h ,���%a.  CO  CO  CO  erators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  -TELSOIT,   33. C-  oo  ties  Olive-  Pig's Feet   ���  Roast Beef  Corned Beef  Relish  Sardines in oil  Sardines in mustard  Salmon  Trout in iins  Truffes  Herring in tdm saufce  Herring in anchovy saue6  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chickfen  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard* etc., etc.  Diamond Prices  Are Climbing Up  BUT HAVE NOT REACHED  TOP NOTCH YET  Diamonds ]i;lvc advimecc] about "35 per  cent in i^rice since1 last fall, and another  advance i.s expected next month with the  limit not yot in sight. You cannot go astray  ))}��� buying on a rising market, as your goods  will be worth more tomorrow than they are  tod;iy, and the' difference1 in,, price will be, a  clear gain to yo*u^ As -T wadti large p11^  =cli��i:s��-sL-ljefoi;e^jfe'adTTfn"ee7W^  and willing to give .our cilst-roeps tlie* be;ii-fi.t  of the advsintageou.s teiliis oji which I purchased of dilferent value, alJ lands of ]Jiaj  mond_, IlubieSj Emei'alds, OJiveeas and ^GarJ-.  Being direct iliid hirgo iniportersj witli the  litost facilities for buying i-iglit in. eastern,  markote;, we are in; a. position to olFer a choice  .selection of stones, either loose or niouilted, at  right pisi<Sf)S' "WQtfld.it not be to your ���id'v-in-  tage to ai)ticipn;te youi' "wslnts rather fchali pay  a little fti-l'o.  Great Clearing Sale  OF WH1TEWARE ..'  MONDAY ONLY  6o doz.   Bowls,  regular price $1.75,  sale price $r.20  20 doz.   7-inch  Plates, regular price $1.25,  sale JDricc 75c  40 doz.   7-inch Soup Plates,  regular price $1.25,  sale price 75c -    .   -  20 Soup Tureens, i-cgular price v$:.25,  sale price 60c  50 Butter Dishes,   regular price 30c,  sale price  35c  70 Cord Vegetable Dishes,  regular price 75c,  sale price 50c  Hundreds   of other  articles   all  through   the   department are   reduced accordingly.  Attention to Fine Wafch fjepairsi  Wo employ tlie very best watchmakers, and  orders by liiail. oivoxpress will receive prompt  attention. JACOB DOVISH.  T  Direct  from the nianufacttirer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  nsrsx-SOisr  L. Pope  .MANlTK-CTUJtHH OK  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADWL.KS, WHIPS, KTC.  *vcr_g__=_xj slT^I^3-!_I!^x,, _yr_3__,soi!T  Pailace   Bakery  Broad delivered io any part, of the oily.  ', Cukns, p.-ustry, and confcclionury a specially.  THE   FINEST   PI-EASURE   RESORT^ IN   KOOTENAY | C^^K2ESs^2IMoE^S  00UBT HOUSE, BOSSLAND, B. G.  SEALKT) TENDEIIS, proiJCriy endorsed, will *bo received by the Honomlilo the Chief Cbliniii-ssionei'  of Lands and A\'oi'ks. Victoria, 11. C, ��i) to i'l noon of  Monday, the 21st August next, for Hie erection and completion of a Court House at Kossland, li. C.  Drawings, specifications, and conditions of tendering  and contract may ho scon at the Provincial Government  Offices al, Victoria, Vancouver, ltossland, and Nelson, H.  C. on and after the 27th instant.  Knch t-iider must he accompanied by an accepted hank  check or certilicato of deposit made payable to the mr-  Kigti-ti, equal to 5 per cunt, of the amount of the tender, as  sFciirity for the due fulfillment of the contract, which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  info contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail to  complete the work contracted for. The checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the  execution of the contract.  Tenders will uot hc considered unless m.-ulc out on tho  forms supplied, and signed with the actual signature of  the -tenderer!'.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  W. S. G0.K.K,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands ami Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria. B. 0., 21st JuIy.-IiSH).   ������-���'.'"  JOHN A.  ��S_ COMPANY  Haker Street West, Nelson, II, C  __���__>T_r_va:_3__!s,s. Etro,  o;e>j_3:e-__- _=a:o*x_rs__! block  FOR  ICE  CREAM AND FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come ia and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Kefreshing Drinks.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, Pine Apples, and all other Fruits  in season received daily.  Next Door to  P. Hums & Co,  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Boarding and day school for girln will re-open on the  loth day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For terms  and prospectus apply to ���  MADKMOISKLLK KKKS, Principal    :  Hazlewood lee Cream  lee Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays nnd Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream.  ^Ilners^wanted.  The Tangier "Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main line of the (I. P. 11,, 22 miles east of Itevolstoke, requires six good minors.   Wages $3.50 per day.  <*  -/.,^"fcrti.Mj('jK*N, *��_���. -


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