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 a'  ALASKAN   BOUNDARY   DISPUTE  Latest American Proposal.  AVashington, July  24.���Inasmuch as  the   Canadian   oflicials   have   laid   stress  upon the refusal of the United  States to  accept a fair arbitration of the  pending  questions   it  may   be   proper  to explain  .lie reason for tliis refusal.    In the   first  place the United States government contended   the   absolute  soundness   of   its  claims in the matter of boundary.    This  would seem to be a good reason   for submitting the matter fco arbitration, on the  ground that a good cati.se has nothing to  fear from fair arbitrators,-but   tliis government holds  tliat arbitrators   in their  treatment  are  all   subject  to   the   fatal  weakness of .compromising.    In   our case  any   compromise   would   amount to   the  loss   of  our   whole contention,   for  once  Canada gained any material advantage in  theboundary contention the United States  would lose the only weapon which it now  possesses for the protection   of American  miners going into the Klondike from  extortion and   perhaps  expulsion.    It  was  for  this  reason  that secretary Hay rejected thejiCanadian proposal to arbitrate,  as it was presumed that in any case Pyramid   harbor  should  be   bestowed  upon  Canada.    Then too, it was  realized  that  an agreement to arbitrate may  be  extremely unpopular in the west and   that  the oflicials will be  made to adjust th��e  matter without  resort to  arbitration   if  possible.    Tliis has caused a   revival  of  the project to allow Canada  free  privileges at some specified ports on the Lynn  canal, Dyea, Skagway, or  Pyramid   harbor, while allowing soverignty over them  to remain in the United States  and  this  i.s one of the propositions "now  engaging  attention.  It is realized that this plan Avould meet  witli strong opposition from that clement  wliich favors no concessions whatever to  Canada, but under sneh an arrangement  American miners niight reasonably expect to benefit a good deal from the construction on the proposed railway running  from a free Canadian port on the Lynn  canal straight through to Dawson, in the  heart of the Klondike.  une  TUESDAY MORNING, JULY  25,  1890.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  says is Miss Hobbs, was caught shoplifting in the louvre. Inspector Albanet, the  head detective of the louvre, followed her  about the store and noticed that she  picked up something at every counter.  The woman was arrested outside the  louvre ami taken to the police station.  A policeman searched her rooms at the  Hotel Continental, wliere a number of  stolen objects Avere found. On paying  for the property the woman was released,  as it is (.lie custom of the louvre not to  prosoeulo kleptomaniacs when they are  foreigners or well known.  Boll on Trial for Theft.  Montreal, .July 24.���The preliminary  examination of George Frederick Bell,  charged with larceny in having confessed  to the stealing of the celebrated Carranza  letter from No. 42 Tupper street in this  city, wliere the Spanish attaches were  quartered during tlie recent war, was begun this afternoon before magistrate Lafontaine. A large array of legal talent  on both sides was present. Charles O.  Gordon-Smith, city editor of the Daily  Star, produced an affidavit in which Bell  admitted having stolen the letter. Hc  stated that Bell had come to their office  voluntarily and told his story, whieli was  reported the next day, Avhen notes were  made of what he said.  THE TOWNS AND THE DISTRICT  'AI5J2  ,y  Kruger Has Not Kesigned.  ���- July 24.���Despatches received  here ^f_b1a Pretoria, South Africa, say  tlui.fc the . absence of president Kruger  frOm .the -.meeting of the executive couu-  cilftqday gave currency to a report that  hlpiaclresigued, owing to differences be-  nvjeeu^i||ns|lf .Lan-daiieinbe.rs^- of -th���|. yolksr;  The Edmonton Death Trap.  Wrangel, July 20 (via Seattle)���Tlie  Stickeen river steamers Strathcona and  Casca have arrived here with fifty-seven  survivors of the Edmonton trail. These  unfortunates liad been on the trail nearly  two years. They related tales of hardship and demonstrated the non-feasibility of both the land and water routes  overland. Under the orders of the Canadian government, the Hudson's Bay and  other trading companies have sent out  relief parties to bring in the several hundred sick and starving '-'who- are still  struggling along the Liard and Felly  rivers. During the last winter it is  thought that fifty died of scurvy and as  many more were drowned. .c.-:.  B o      -**       ���* on--.nWtt___    _    .���_       Jfla   n-1- ,��_ jifj ii _       l^n?_fiu      'n-5tf?5K,. u Jy*log,     ~%   gJjVq,  .oppositions u --sho^-ii^by s, &the',yy��xpsw.  ��� ":ipi0X-"$,cpftn^il���"-iitud*<*,"wxey.y�� y^U<!fyajvcl-;  ���>a||ja)j%i^  %":Z aiioijojfjBl^lie 4pi^l"=��i^l^,ef4j��sM -.Sfcli^'" .dtTyfiJit-^'  "*" ^oh"ph,a.i lie. n^l'o"nge^ *  " ud"ei.i^^i'ftV,li;liQ�� SlUVijShai'rjiSl' "the- j^bJKf'Sltd  1 iA;��/_jj$^ :i hduftedf" jiiAi-%0*1,  ^4$e-u 4�� ��ii* secret .session of* "ilie pvdlk^rdafl,  Late .thi;^:, eyf0^^^ o itipip  " php2vxnksfahd��y.'h^  ypxesxilpnk'tliapAt had��8tii- utiuost cbiift-*  ndeijce"-:tii "liijn, It* is ifMderstciod however  ���thai; -C-_hatf--rlt^. _ o| "tjjj'.e "4ilehib��f$ of the  Ajbjksraatl >sti}l pilfer froin the president  Oil tlie'dynamite nionopbly qiiestiou-  gli  ^_-T**��-S.anD-B'--fl_?jl'"n   "flVfliy^fl... .,a��'-~ X-.l   --BtfO- -    ' Jr,LSUi!'^DDo^n V^��'^P.*-7.'����   ^   .   -�� \  /tlns^afternqonsAvl^  "fone.f ��.ivtfsjoii*. pi\ yhehaAf ' "df. "liH^'J.tJni^elt?"'  ::Ktatej3,  "^^  No -Gleihency for ,Mrs.��� D|iayhrick-  L0NJ-.ON-, Jtily 2j.^-Xn -hehouse of com-  iiiOiis today MMioel Davitt, infember fov  ^SoTr0Oli!t$*d,^^ {isl^rt)_^_governinen-"if 1!T  vieAV of the fact that the'.-conduct., of Mrs,  lilaybriftk in prison has beei% uiicommouly  good,, the home -ffieers would not reeoiii-  mend royal clemency in her Csise. Sir  Matthew White I-idJey. honie secretary,  said 'tluit he was vuuible to hold out any  hope of exceptional .i-ea-tment foi* Mrs.  _V_aybri��k. The home .Secretary lidded  tliat he Avits not aAvare of the existence of  any renson for clemency.  New York Tailors oil Strike.  Uksy YO'RK, July 24.���It Avas said at  tile headquarters of the brotherhood of  ttiilors todiiy that; b-tAve-ii 5000 and 7000  tailors in Gi-eater Ncav York had gone  out on a strike this morning- The strike  has necessarily thrown out the toasters,  trimmers and others. The strike seems  to ha\?e been precipitated by the action  bf the pressers, to the number of 1400,  a\.1io last Aveek made a demand for piece  work, ten hours; a day and twenty per  cent increase iu the scale.  .-|��u_|^;t3je.,g^ (tkojlp: Sviih :|C:  rl-iV'fe^.cbmji^Bial/n^^^ '""  .���';"'**'*������������' �����  "���- ���"*'. \\.^X^e*����lll&B yy  lugpf&Ollj tl|<?"AyidbnA*>r of ���"piip' laip."e(upttel  Ingersolljls Qoiiilued to lict-jbed. jit��� h^r  llqme ^lir-l^blSbJ^lfei-r^f-..' n Me*ii|b^ei;s>���-df��ftl][e)  family"sity that"the"ili*nes.si�� cine tbprhsf  tration with gr|efjfaiitl/^lliefceasiiless yrgil  that sirs has" kept lit tlie 'bipf of "lier (lead  Iiu|ba.iid since Fieiil'ay. If is liot thought  thiitthe Illness Will result gjeriou^Iy; - -At  foiir 'o'clock tcj/norrOAV afternoon tliefuu-  (Si-al seryiqe, sihiple tvu-fl yet "iinpi-essiye,,  will be held at Walstone, the Iiigersoll  hoihes  Conductor Sharpe Was Neglected.  A. L. Sharpe, a  freight  conductor  on  the Nelson & Fort Sheppard and Spokane  Falls <fc Northern railroads,  died  at the  Kootenay   Lake  general   hospital  early  yesterday morning.   He was not taken to  the hospital for treatment as he was beyond all medical help when Dr. Hall Avas  called to attend him.    The removal to the  hospital was decided upon merely to give  the sufferer a decent place in  which to  die.    Sharpe complained  of being ill on  Saturday and lay down in a caboose at  tho   Nelson   &   Fort  Sheppard   railway  depot.     He was allowed to'remain in the  caboose   until   Sunday afternoon  when  some of his fellow-workmen endeavored  to Avaken him.    This they Avere unable to  do as Sharpe's sufferings had caused him  to become unconscious.    Through the inhumanity  of   someone   the ^unconscious  man was alloAved to remain in the caboose  until early Monday morning when lie was  removed, to the hospital, and . he  died in  about two hours after being admitted. It  is said that Sharpe in common Avith other  employees of the railway company paid  hospital dues regularly Avhieh Avas 'supposed to have  entitled  him  to hospital  treatment and care in the event of illness.  -Such being the case there appears to be  room   for   an   investigation   to fix  the  responsibility for the neglect ..which permitted the. unfortunate virtually to die  in a raihvay caboose Avhile Avithin sight  of a hospital.       =  NELSON.  W. Wilson of Victoria, avIio is peddling  Williams' B. C. Directory, struck tlie city  clerk yesterday for a siibscrip.tioh and  ���was confronted Avith a demand for. the  necessary $50 peddlar's license. He will  probably do business through local book  agents in future. ;. '."  The .engineer for the traimvay com pany  last eA^eniiig mailed to the members of  city council a plaiv shoAving tlie route of  the proposed traniAvay. Until the same  has been received., by the: cquiicil, the  *0mcetiS3oMJie^omiiaB-^sajecliiie"4oia.is(t��usSi.  ,o    ifl.tfflfl'.p . ,���__.,;?. Ju^���p",,p^pD p.^.-i:  fl.,.,i.^.n   ���fl::^%jp-   I"*--0 Hi._-?u- .-DS  "either  Opircpi  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  More Activity Than For Years.  Ni.w Di.NVt-H, July 21.���A change for  the better has set in for tlie lower lake  country, furnishing more life and activity  than has been noticed in the camp for  years. The several creeks are being inspected by experts, seeking openings for  the .investment of capital. Each day  witnesses the arrival of some now representative, and as a result every property,  of any merit is being examined with a  view to a possible deal.  The general activity is centering upon  Springer and Lemon creeks, and fully a  dozen claims luwe been bonded during  the month. Ten-mile had ' no "less than  seven full fledged experts inspecting claims  on Saturday, but the; results are so far  negative. The representative of English  money inspected the Mabou and Ohio,  but the price was beyond him. Two  Scotch authorities paid a visit to the Iron  Horse., and. a Vancouver man looked at  the United Empire. Three others Avere  oup to the camp in the neighborhood of  the big glacier. All professed to be anxious to buy, and are but the vanguard of  aii increasing band. So far the claims in  tlie vicinity of the Enterprise are meeting witli the most attention, but the general resources of_t'he creek Avill soon bej  .widely known.-  ; On the Dalhoiisie group, Ten-mile, two  men are Avorking and some rich ore has  lately been 'taken out.  ���: R. C. Campbell-Johnston of Nelson  ifirrived here today. He stated that ho  had just let a contract for tunneling on  the Bondholder group, Ten-mile summit,  being a continuation of tlie old Avorkings.  lie is in hope of disposing of the property shortly. Mr. Johnston AArauts to  start up the Monitor, near Three Forks,  but $3 per day fails to fetch the necessary men, and the .management, will not  pay.more: ". .'���1.-������;���,   *:  ��������� ,;     .  Four men are employed on the Mabou,  above the Entei'��Drise. A shaft is being  sunk on the recent strike, which is also  ibpingftraced^on-theLsOlnQ.,.^"' ^2x.y^y'2,y,y  MOxpxpi "ihf:,:^ -(dn -"���" *C1-"  nel being driven to crosscut the lead at a  depth of eighty feet, on which three  shifts of eight hours each are Avorking.  Mr. Farrell aviis formerly owner of the  Lake Shore, which was sold to the Canadian Gold Fields, Limited. A carload  of machinery arrived last week for the  Lake Shore air compressor, and is being  placed in position. The Canadian Pacific  Railway Company has built an eight  hundred foot siding at the mine. A now  ofiice 24 by 28 feet has also been built.  Fn the St. Eugene'there arc eighteen  men at work on eight-hour shifts, thirty  men engaged in building the concentrator and lifteen on the flume. It is expected that the concentrator will be  ready to run by September loth.  Wages at Cripple Creek,  tnswer to an  inquiry the "'Mining  In  and Scientific Press of  states the scale of wages  Creek district as follows :  Hand drillers ;.y.  jVIachinc drillei- . ....... ......  Macliino hulp-X.- '..'   Ti'-Ui.mc-s. .'  ..  I-Mni-l-incn .     Top cavemen....   Master mechanics    Shift bosses '..,.   Supc-inteiidciits    Engineers ���   Firemen .".   Carpenters   Tiii-I-Ci'mcn, underground    Blacksmitlis.     Blacksmith's helpers   Laborers, surface work   Assayei-i, mine work .   A- baby machine  San   Francisco  in  the  Cripjile    S3 00      I 00  ........... ���3S0     3 00      I 00       3 00      I 00      I 00      7 OO  ............   1 00  ...��3 00 to 3 50  ...........  3.10  ...S3 00 to 3 50      t 00  .. S2 00 to 3 00  ....... 3 00   ...a 00  "Sng"'  ���fllormeu-:sMpQxnexitla^  "ip^dU'M^flihoMqpM  edr.fepi(,""-"     ".2.7..",^-.f.��*".t"2i-* \��*������","�� "('-.y ��"����'*  ��"' _^:n _S*ie^i4nTK'*nje>fi- ^Vli"^^0^,3, '���i'^ellfe^bje^ ih^  tJie"*;fn��p.oB|d"^%i:l3rif^  tll-e"6"b"ast 'A\iill$:e";ifei:-l,:in<Jtlid ^e'.-'liall" ^o>'*  Alleged Dynamiters Discharged.  Ni_av York, July 24.���The examination  of tAveuty-one men charged with being  implicated in the dynamite plots and explosion at Thirty-Fifth street and Fifth  avenue, Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning last, took place today in the Adams  street police court, before magistrate  Brenner. Magistrate Brenner considered  the evidence insufficient and discharged  the men. Tliey threaten to bring suit  for false arrest.  Another Rich American Kleptomaniac.  Pakis, July 24.���A sensational case,  Avhicli recalls that of Mrs. Castle, of San  Francisco, iu London about'" two "years  ago, is agitating Americans here. A hidy,  who is described by some papers as an  American millionaire, well knoAvn in New  York society, whom,, the  consulate here  Lipton Will Spend Money.  Rothesay, Isle of Bute, July 2-1.���The  Cup challenger Shamrock* which alri-ved  here yesterday, hoisted her einivaS today  and sailed around the bay, but did not  do any racing.. Many of the local officials Were entertained at luncheon by sir  TliohiaS Lipton, wiio declared that no expense Or skill Would be��� Spared\ in eoni-  plctinl? tiie Shamrock fUf the race for the  America's cup. She will proceed to  GreCilOck tomorrow to comiilete fitting,  out,    Large Loses of Fruit.  Nl-W Yoitiv, July 24,���The striking  freiglit handlers of the Feilusylvania &  Lehigh Valley railroad are still holding  out, and tliey are encouraged by tlie large  stores of perishable goods on tlie road  .ainoiinting.to'several, hundred thousand  pounds. Large quantities of fruit and  vegetables, including 191,000 pounds of  watermelons* have already been destroyed as unfit for Use.  House of Lords Does Something.  London, July 24.���The house of lords  today passed the second reading of tlie  tithe rent charges bill by a vote of 113 to  23.' The house also passed the third read"  ing of the bill creating an agricultural  technical instruction department for  Ireland.  Metal Quotations.  New York, July 24.���Bar silver  003c.  Mexican dollars 48c. Copper firm; brokers' $18.50, exchange $18.50. Lead  quiet; brokers'  $4.35, exchange  $4.55 @  $4.57|, ���      ���  Scotchmen Defeated at Golf.  , London, July 2_.���In tho international  golf tournament at. Gaiiton, Yorkshire,  today, Vardon and Ball, representing  England, beat Park and Tait of Scotland..  on  . JLugiiSt ;,_);th>:" fTheJfii^$:ga^^^^  "Awll'-'foe'played  i,|_u;giist 12th.,  Mie,"#her:gMi!e$.-A\-lph:^ip-f ���  ��� torla, ^6stini;nsstej,Dan*3[f J^ttiitiiiiiia will, be";;  arranged by 2D. A." Simth,, secretary pp.  :'.th,e B; C. Aj.IL,"A,.' 'Cnfhe' l'|tn___ trfp.a,"  ;"ganie A\lll"be .p5^e'd"di#-E.dJtii_b"6p's: .'Tlrose  desiring tb:a!-cOinpaiiy the teyaxxf "wilT" be  Issued tiekltSi at-faiie tiiid; 0ue*thfrd��� for  the round trip:   The boys expect to Be  aAysiy about two Aveeks. "  Thbiuiis Madden is in receipt" of a letter  from Williaux Tttyior, Avho is Avoi-kiiig oil  oiie of the creeks heaf Dawsoii. He  elainis the country is a good one to stay  Avith and that all the. boys froin Koote^  Lnay/aregettiug along_:Avell���Hugh Mad-_  den is running a hotbl at DaAvson,  NEW DENVER.  II, J. Pymau, a well known youiig man  in tliis vicinity, was burled here on Saturday. The New Denver brass band, of  Avhieh deceased AVas a member, accoin-  paiiied the body to the grave.  The townspeople now get tlieir water  supply from tlie iicav system just put iu.  Tlie price lias been raised to 35 Cents per  barrel.  0. F. Nelson has lumber on, the ground  for a cottage on Eighth street.  J. Irwin has been appointed school  teacher A-ice 0. E, Strickland, resigned.  A number of those recently seized with  tlie Kettle river placer fever have returned, reporting negative success.  Ball Games Yesterday,  Chicago -_,' Baltimore 3.  Cincinnati 3, Boston 8.  Pittsburg 4, Philadelphia S.  Pittsburg -2, Philadelphia 4.  Springfield 10, Worcester 7.  Hartford 6, Providence 5.  Buffalo 5, Minneapolis 4.  Detroit (i, Kansas City 5.  Grand Rapids 4, St. Paul 3.  Toronto 1, Montreal 3.  Syracuse 2, Rochester 0.  A Chinese-Japanese Alliance.  London, July 24.���The Shanghai correspondent of the Times, referring to the  Chinese mission recently sent to Tokio  with valuable presents from the dowager  empress, ostensibly Avith commercial  aims, but really empowered to discuss  the China-Japanese alliance, says: The  recently adopted reform tendencies ofthe dowager empress are attributed to a  desire to conciliate Japan ami to obtain  Japanese support for the Chinese dynasty rather than recognition .of the  necessity for reform.  baby machine  driller  gets  $4  for  eight hours, but he  is  his  own  mucker.  Muckers back  of large .machines get $3  for eight hours.    In some of the wet and  deeper mines hand drillers get   $3.50 for  eight  hours,   the  men   furnishing  their  own gum coats, boots, hats, etc.    This, in  the main, is said to be the same  scale as  in other districts in  Colorado, and  Avith  the  exception of  the assayers, is for a  day of eight hours.  .������''������ _    ' :   ~      -'o  Contract Work in Mines. *  The Nelson organ of the cheap labor  crowd of alien mine ..-managers, says the  Wakefield mine, operating near Silver-  ton in Slocan district, is only paying  $3  ���n,-'0..^-'' 'ppfl^^t  fl^xigp,%  HM&  ��� g]niSfi#bii'" Plxe^^eyMom^MP^d;  ^tlfes"��|Jj^  )i*^^|f|ev'V^M���^i^%^ :��"  ^:^^S^m^M}\n^i'Q^f 'the -Gitttoeiijr  'aanK^,,Sitoc'>9^fa.i the cast^|";tl. p Etiifcet .pdsGj  i&lj-^jv".in;jljJ|y' ;��ffenltf'.. '$h& idpp^alh��;h$k'  ���heex\ :pa"sisetl��"b,y at#ki_t|t %v-.iW^&0t,;a_0.-tl'  .p.��_j-".s'i"l��u.a"'. ��� '_c? "i'��ji - y, _L..j"���*_'._vj." ?,���'. "vi- ^���i*;,��. ���   ��  jta'Sexi)ec*ted"twe!:.iM,f^^!te  ff Ittclr" "tl^liaij^S^li; x^roffi.wlf^-  ixas*:";nj,us"t hpeix "gr'vcn" i\s-'p&cdii!'d xiss'Ay.Milne  ^^Qi'Oipdei'-^^ilve^yM^i'k is'to he.  "piislted dhexid omihis property,.  . ...��}., Heiii/,e aiidD M. l3a.\is have a fine-  tocitking pt'osiiect "oh pli'S Mojiie,, to the  east of Bilndle ereete;Te!i-ini|e. A few  ct-iiys ago their t'nhii^li-'Cn't.inl'd a three-  inch pltysti'eak of gafeuA, vMcll; g'ives  good 'VaJuos in silver and lead,, wjth in-'  dicatiOi-S of (JOpper, "  The-Neepawa,, Ten-mile; luvs been in���  speetdd, by seveia,! parties of late. Two  lueii itre working on the strike niade'during the spring, and they are taking Out  rielrore  6 ar^lhgt a^_^^^lL^^!S-l^fiU��^!-Sl^.  "!";",'"::" "���" ���"" *K&m$M$hATEs: ~" 'l"�� '"���"���Ji^J  DICKERING WITH THE COMPANr  Over Laying Gas Mains.  The principal subject of discussion at a  nieeting of the committee on public Avorks  yesterday Avas the laying of gas mains on  the streets, the  committee objecting  to  the gas company's proposal to lay  mains  on the streets  running  east and "west.  R. J. Merrifield, Dr. Doolittle and  David  Morris were all present on behalf of the gas  company.    After going into   the  matter  at length, a   compromise   was    evolved  which will  be  submitted   today   by   the  company  at  a  special   meeting    of  the  council to be held this afternoon at  2:30.  The proposed compromise binds the com- '  pany to put in  connections   with  all the  premises on  Baker street, between Falls  and Hall streets as far as the sidewalk as  they.lay.their mains.    This .avNI  obviate  the necessity of digging up  the   street  OA-'cry. time a, householder wants gas connections.    The company will  also  guarantee that this work   will   be  completed;  within thirty days from the start of laying ���  the main.  The  city solicitor  Avas  instructed   to*  draw up a contract between the gas com- ���;  pany and tlie city embodying the provisions and stipulations in the gas franchise  and have the same ready for signature at '  this afternoon's meeting of the council, l*  Applications for the position  of foreman of the health  department were  re:  ceived  from  W. E.  McCandlish  and  T.   i  Syines.    Tlie latter received the appoint- -  ment as he liad had experience in similar  work at Winnipeg..  The question of providing suitable  stabling for the horses belonging to the  city was referred to the chairman of the  committee-  A letter AATas l-ead from Strachan Bros,  asking for tbe. extension of the Avater  main on Water street to the city limits.  The letter stated that the applicants liad  been commissioned by residents in Bogus-  town to lay GG0, feet of pipe there providing the city Avould extend their Avater  system to the city limits. The matter  Avas referred to the city engineer for an  estimate of the cost.:  More Indemnity May be Demanded. yyyy:yyy  "2 A^icksiiurg, Mississippi, July 24-^Sig-: ��� ;S  nor Enrico Cayalli, the representative of :(-.:;2(y22,  the Italian "consulate - at New Orleans,-/;i5ii;  visited Tallulah today to investigate the(y$(2M  'lynching of fivcTtalians here- lastlTli*ure^|i^l^i  day-night,;(y. -:-y::-:(- *- .-..-���."��� (y--y-(-y'(.yy(y2:i(^:(2m  Thei circuhistances:Avhich"led up to i;tlre;S:i��;l  e^|tWljKn#3^^^  The tra;tnway from the No. 2 Avorkings  of tlie Enterprise to the Avagoii road has  been completed, and the ore in being  shipped out. One foiir-horse team is employed and it will lie a month, yet -before  it is all h'andled.  Over on tho Arlington, on Springer  creek, fourteen; men are employed in  three eight-hour shifts, under the fore-  manshi|) ofVf. Lettrick and 'the management of W, F��� DuBois, late of the Enterprise, The iiiain shaft is down 120 feet  and. has ctlt through tho ledge, exposing  a .magnificent showing of ore. A station  has been cut out and preparations .Hindu  for drifting on tlie vein, as well as in the  level furtlier tip the hill. New rails and  a car have just been in stalled, and everything is moving smoothly. Active tie-  velopni-iit Avill be pushed for some  months, then a new level will' be commenced further down towards the creek.  If this demonstrates the con ti nuance of  the ore bodies a big concentrator is to be  erected and all the Arein matter run  through the mill. As it is now everything goes OArer tlie dumps awaiting the  installation of the mill. Tlio Working of  the Arlington is helping out tliat section  wonderfully.  R. Cooper has just completed assessment on the Burlington Fraction, adjoining the Arlington. He has the same  ledge as the Speculator.  Considerable work is to lie done at  once on the Bird claim, loing just below  the Dalhousie, on Ten-mile.  Society Girl's First Shipment. .  C. C. Farrell, owner of the Society Girl,  two miles froni Moyie, arrived.-.in-.Nelson,  yesterday with a trial shipment of a carload of high grade silver-lead ore for (he  Mall Mines smelter. The ore was .sampled yesterday, and assays will be made  today.    On the property there is  a   tun-  tliij iftt-rnational' bpi|n/laliy\l'm..tj.  Daye" H'fcB&ftthy avIII Ifcave tojiWrtbAv  J,fo,r."'ti|e��",Y��11^".vStDi]��e" .lmtie to" .c!brnlinen,tife  , ^4rk.upen-tbc cbns,tiS<:.feiQi,i'.pf#t);-e'Mvfel-f-e  in"iI_.Ay.'igoii.u-oad.'.i\vhi'qli the o^'i lot's,.ofthe  YellpTftT'Sto^e haye Coitbiiacted for. "Mi\i-  ployai,eL-t.'A\^il.b(i- oferecl foi? a-bdut Si%t)e  ���meh ar)d"Ava;g"e--���uppn"��� t|lp wo"rk ���Vvilrrangl-,  from $2.50 per day "up." Jn the congtrivci-  tion ef tlil-s road Dave Is going to try and  beat the recoKl >\'li'tcli he inade ,6'n ttid  Crow's Nest Wagon road from Koote-  Hay lake.    _���" " ^ ��� "NU ]0^3^iqtF^p^^i^-sMe^  Wjft^ettiS";  '.,fl-t:?'-.  fSgk  ���.UiQip/ihgXyG-<.0uiphti^^^  ^aS^tfity.'e d^b appiix %$-$J$BfM$ 'dyp$0y  ; 1 iantentm\ .tM ^fclkfe'-l-Eii-^��f_uiii^->^��_fiitJt^6J^^  libnsplf;.wiph^.uujjpQcgshi^..eiie'^g^sbXipyfy^  lacking' .tct 4i)ie .:p|��|sp"ii|; =i>osfSb^-cff{^a:^3  iNew York Kids oil Strike.  Nk\V Yok k, July 24.��� About 200 nless-  cnger boys employed: by tire Pontal Telegraph CoHipauy went out mi a. strike  today. The oflices of the eonipaiiy most  afTected are in the fiiuUicial district. The  strikers defn.md tluit. they lie paid a Hat  rate of two and a half cents for each  message and that returned liU'ssages.  which tliey are unable to deliver,, sliall be  paid ("or tin; same as deli ve red messages;  that the levying of fifty eel;its.|i Week- on  each, boy for clothing .shall -ne'ftse, and  that tlie boys lie permitted to puirehuse  their own clothing. A number of postal  boys who have rcinained a-t work have  been attacked in the street;, and very  roughly handled.   iStamping Out Disease in Havana,  llAViANA., July 24.���The health report  for the past two Aveeks lias been the most  favorable ever known in tlie history of  Havana. Tliere have been no yellow  fever cases, and the number of other contagious or infectious'diseases has been reduced to a minimum. The authorities  will not declare that it is impossible tliat  there should be a yellow fever epidemic  here, but are doing everything possible  to avoid sucli an occurrence. They are  congratulating themselves upon tiie success thus far attained, but aro not relaxing their efforts to maintain a proper  sanitary .condition.  Austin Daly's Administrator Appointed.  London, July 21.���Letters of administration on Austin Daly's personal estate  in England have been granted to ffon.  Bernard.;'!-arriijgtjofi; .private sec rets try to-.  the-niai'-Hiis Hi I' 'Salisbury, lis the representative of the widow of Mr.' Daly, and  the executors.:'of. his estate. The gross  value .'of Mr. Daly's personal estate in  England is ��811.  -Brty*: ���   ~*eSif. -Gdhxrle^ 'Tiippei"*eK��.��e^etl$ :  hbrisplf", .Avlttibv '    "        - ��  - ��      --- ���      -,-.-_._  king'to,  Alaskan .iefto:$LH._".ns'" "S\^-~"|ieipc": AV.e>"iiiaf  disn^-ird" lysf "d.i'ft;&r_y��_fl�� -f ii^-��^V'd^?-_U_i^S^^''^��'iS  frid Latiriei^' *(���%$$��� ^^"^udl^n^^"^"^  Eon.ci.liato.ry'(t'trd ii-ibduferfitc  'fctjssions will be,'m.adfean.���Ala&kiiJwith^^  Canada's km y$p$0jin$^ojzmifa pjj^'jg-."!-.^1  no room at pr/esiM't fox 'the pessiYnl^i^^^f;  views of ,pol iti clans at -Ottaava "or Wa^(i:f';;^j  jligfcoii, 'Judgl'n',g"fi.,',o:m t}rS3_.'��,tte*rnii;c;es of-*" ^y  =fi -HYTlfiHd-ibTin^  see nf. reason foreifeherplooiin or reerirn(i-  tionon either side.. It^lll beujpi'ecIignifiM- . ���-��i  for the two great nations to settle their  differences  without   reference  to   third'     '."-"  parties, but it is also iiicredil-le   thiiit thpi.  IJnltcd States should beniiAvjlIiug to consent tn arliitrntiop whorl   other  lHefehbcfe" \   "",  Iuh.I  proved, iu-il'efrtftial,   Thdt attitu-le.     '"���'  at  the  Mag-ie  'ami   In   tiie   V't-nosstrylai-  alTair nuikerf it Iiiipossiblo for theiii, to re*"  fuse-io arbitfate a'dispute  iuvoj'y'iijg na,  question, of nati'oinilhonor.  : "J- i"-|  Programme for the DominlQii Shoot,  Vi-Toria, July 21. ��� It has? been decided tliat tho rifle team, for Ottawa, to  Lie sent by the provincial associ-ttioli,  shah consist of sis members, besides;  wiioni It is hoped assistance of tlie locoi  batlaiioiis will enable two more to go, so  that there Avilj be tlie team of eight required to compete in the London Merchants cup competition. Copies.of the  OttaAva programme just received show-  that it i.s unusually attractive to new  men, there being introduced a series of  prizes for tyros in each match, a plan  I'olloAVcd by- the provincial association.  last year aud'this.  The Columbia in Dry Dock,  BlUs-Toi., Rhode Island, July 24.���The  Columbia was hauled out of water at tlie  .ilori'rihoff works today for the purpose of  having her under body cleared aiid her  steel mast stepped. The big racer arrived  here yesterday and the Avork on her was  began early today.  . The Morgan City Arrives Safely.  San FitAStustx), July 24.���The transport Morgan City arrived today from  Manila, witli returning troops, including  those in vtvlided home. She was at once  sent to Angel island quarantine station  for examination and fumigation. 2
•^^ _C3-^z.<C'sz~>---i -^-T*
-12> ^ •,_=••• ,_y • 2_" <_-'
' ~-iJ V
^^iS^B , -
^ usi yy ?y2 yy • y
& Are ready and willing to testify to the merits of
fk Thompson's Glove-fitting corsets. They are comfort-
X  able and perfect-fitting while, at the same time, they g
jm give an elegance and grace to the figure which can-- ^
B i&
jm not be equalled by any other corset.    We have them ^
B " id
B at $2.50, $3, and $3.50 per paw. m
-1^.-<-^?==**-. P^^Er^KyKyP^r^ <r~-.c__- <y^r <y^>S_.<__--'—wf^.-^. Fvr^.ir^r^.r'^.'r^.tr^tr^-,!^-r^-rf
Baker Street, Nelson.
Dailv Edition. Fihst Year, No. 172
Wkkkly Edition Seventh Yeah, No. IJO
The people of Nelson look to the members of the city council to protect, tlieir
interests when dealing with the gas company. The gas company got its
franchise for nothing, but that
is no reason Avhy the city council
should do eA'erything that the gas  com-
i_3'*'..m« ;„-■;.- "%'*"A 'Sr-r.y Y-'.fliPi",, •"» «»; *"-"" "-   "  - '
The rate of wages paid in Colorado averages" as high as the rate paid in British
Columbia before the eight-hour law went
into eifect, but the Avorking hours are
eight a. day. Wheu the Mine Owners'
Protective Association entered into the
hard and fast /agreement in May last
'they.thought the mine Avorkers would
quietly accept the °Avages offered. Tliey
did not seem to knoAV that there Avere
other mining districts in America Avhere
'.jklpodiyipieAf bu^^.^ie|vyiif^f ^e? 'nfilj-©"!
;jisnfaiag;gers".""&'.d "Hh^excly.T-dOhpfliliat they arre :
'i^^^6°iM%|iiS' 5wJuk>sli'u°^ih§iiiv- $0}ife
pf 'Ui&ihixM-nxaitagefs, dfe- il'o\r begfii .it. i-g
l|S^'%W 9Qmp^MiiMei|t-^I'^hatri't' itfliQt
|$-''^*}r^^^^^ ofW's44°^ ^$%F-f'f^f^y l-ifvoivas little ^tfbottti
nI^-N"^ '°%e cdhd'ftidri-ft^ivtl-Pev^-iTl:^ Other min-
^ll;ptdaer^lif|E|)i-" ^cfii^itf^m - ihe ixxixXe,
fl"A^i*6li;liexniii!n;c^e^;°„'Thtyjspedi upon'»rv&isi to
^^■^3^§|a*ii**t(j- "the- jfiails. 'exposition,. ■ Up fe-
^'"rP)Mll^i^^Py^^ not "allo^ a sp"eeii.n,e"n
• %"<£. b„e"i%feii5l.l|inr liis itih^ for shell a-flih'-
l43f)Sej;itiia|rt,he lol'fc-ViaicSe was not hi to be'
t^?(|pi'pi^r\ted,;anioiig ciyilized nations as
f^iig jas; the, ".eig.)lt-l_Wil% law was. on the
^stii-tnt-'l-ooks.,   Jt is needless to,say that
/jiiihe hianager is an alien—from south of
tlie line;    Jf the laws of tliis countfy do
not-$xi}t him, there is one thing that lj6
changed to .suit liiiu.,
Mine owner.- in, Kooteiiay who refuse
to pay the Standard rate of Avages to
mine Avorkers cite tlie wages paid in Colorado to bolster up their contention that
the A.;ages demanded in Kootenay are too
liiglr. Elsewhere in tliis paper will be
found the rate of Wages paid in Colorado.
fir^'CQuntries -as tlrey do <ilb;out praetital
ihlning as a biisiiigss.
•■' Wi^'tJieiGijiy' (xbiuiclb-f-ill. <l0Wih hO%V
- 'phat th"a ,gad .ebnipiiiny iWopje liave- .cfe-
.elivred:' tfttft tli-'ey" prefer to' Vise*"the' streets,.
'insteact;o£tlae ^Hi^rvYayg,$fti>their,mains?
The.gas compflny fi'iaiivchistt Avtts harried
This iveek we ai-e showing a special lir-e of
through the council and hurriedly ratified by the people, and now the people
are beginning to realize that the .|ucstion
should haA'e been given more consideration.
A. (;i.xti,i..ma.\ who is thoroughly well
posted on the situation in the Slocan
says that there is altogether too much
pontics mixed up with the mining situation there : that the mine managers to
a man supported the late Turner government, and are now doing tlieir utmost to
bring about the downfall ol' the Semlin
government. The Turner government
was the mere tool of the l-iinsnuiirs, and
the mine managers in the Slocan want a
government that will do their bidding.
The Diiiisinuirs paid tin? election expenses
of the navie-Tiirner crowd for years, and
in.:, return escaped taxation. The mine
managers in the Slocan, being mostly
aliens, arc Avilling to do likewise to
escape taxation.
The Enmity of Aliens.
Toronto Telc._f[vim.
A. vivid imagination,  a copious flow of
la.nguage  and a book of familiar   quotations are blended in a picture of the exceeding sinfulness of Hon. Joseph Martin,
which   appears  in   the  Iiossland Miner,
above  the signature   of P. A.   O'Farrell.
British  Columbia must  gather from the
remarks  of  Mr.    O'Farrell   that   Josepli
Martin,  Eight-hour   hvw  and  the  Anti-
Alien law are iniquities which must be removed.    A paradise worthy of the angelic
presence of Mr. O'Farrell and his felloAV-
alieus—that  is   Avhat   British   Columbia
Avill be AA'hen the Eight-hour laAV, the Anti-Alien  law and Joseph Martin   are all
SAvept away.    A Canadian who operated
an advice mill for the benefit of Americans  in their country Avould be told to
reserve his advice for the nation Avhieh
had a claim  on his allegiance.    It is e\'i-
dently the  duty of British Columbia to
immediately get rid of  every public man
Avho is  not stamped Avith the  "O.  K."
mark of P. A. O'Farrell, and to'promptly
repeal oA'er'y law Avliich does not meet
with his distinguished approbation.    The
enmity   of   aliens   like  1?.  A.  O'Farrell
and  of journals   of alien ownership  is a
tribute  to the good  service Joseph Martin has  rendered in standing up for the
people against the exploiters of the public resources and the Yankee mine-owners, whose unchecked  greed is now striY-.
n        -n .y.".^ ......  .^IIP       ■>'',   -V-J.1       o^-J°-'nnD       .floapflp, \       n£a,.   ,■*
• ■ K,"° , .«._ ■ y,°,fa „■«-_-•?"> s"°y(i *|W J 'si,. - .   _,°"»-°-. "  .""'."'"
;.   - 2p.\. - F'_>V"!P''?W^%?^^fa.?*-5.-. "°"«
•'"'"  "'"""6". n !""!.t6i'6nlo"/jiclc"gv,\mV"' ".     -  *■".; °,
r-".C"j_Si^o ■ {^bicij^^s^iv\^'aj^^^&^^i.v j.."st«
■tiirie; 'the .Ii "'Vylllijtni MiitQck, faf'iii hi
-Sbi'th "t'Ofpi vtfll,2hp, il'fe:4he' .scelie ''qf ,a "dp-
' ligfhtfid. "Sei'I^f. of-'iphV o'cloek breakftlsts,
! at 'AA'hlcli the^hirfid' in.au avIH be the gfl.est
of hoiior eY.0i:y iilorhiirg- "
w;a:"©a?o;_?i'±-5_ -. :__a_,;iib.<3_s^" .s,iA,.2S._s^*i ..sS^ebt,: '3S____gcJ_irL -33*. "Si
»5s5.'*^,^'i^'»^ j_*%j_ais***i i&.
Baker Street, Nelson
,Ha.vQ jiisE i-GCptvorl'a -tajsifei'moni,, dt llurfjs iioilra,
inuflo iwbpdnjrom 1'aHiot HiiriyS./StiblluTia,.
Tho supjilr Is liii-Jod,,$& call oi-rly1 and axaminq thfe, stook.
Jf >-,oh want a stylish, pcrfccli, fitting suit, iiJafte ol fclii-
bgst clollv ovel' iii-i-O-'tccl to Js'clson/Ieavo j:ouis oi'der
tvllJi iiie. ." *
J*is liinult'ed1 -lollar.. worth of no'\v" jjoodK now waiting yqtir insl^ctibi).  % .giiitriulksC! satiisfaetion oi* no sale.
Hcadtluarter 8 'for
Away below regular price,
Thomson Stationery Co., IM.
3STE!I_SO_Sr«,   '__!_ O-
Wc mako a Bpecialty of
Sl]ip!ap arjd Double Dressed IVjaterial
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Shingles arjd lath Kept in Stock
Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   JE. G. BEKFt, Agent.
Containing: 120 acres of land within one and a
quarter miles of Nelson.   For further
particulars apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.
5 gallons Root Beer , . 10c
2 gallons Lemonade , . 25c
Effervescing Health Salt 25c
Bromo Seidlitz .... 25c
BromO Seltzer .... 25c
Lime Fruit Juice, pts , 50c
Lime Fruit Juice, quts . $1
Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt
The Genuine Montserrat
.'.'.-.    GET THE BESX; ■ yy
Who sell "Lily Cream." We do not
clairti it is better than ai! other brands,
but only ask a fair trial to convince
you that it is the equal of any.
'lO-Hooitt House, ccnbi-ally loetifced, $2800.
-'Hooni Ofi-tage siiid- 2 J-Ote on .Carlionato
■stu-Ot,. .f:1.400,, easy terms.
____5_-B_i0i > wfe
jfCeJsQft - np-tOTdate Tailor, next Ivoolenny Co'll'ce Co.
Canada Drug and Book Co.,
. r_i_vii.T__ii-
- - -   Corner of Maker and Stanley Streets. iNclson
West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.
Vienna Restaurant
Baker street, between Josephine and
Hall streets, Nelson.
R.      •B--qrjE.3R-5r;,     PBQgRIBTOB
Switches.from $2 up,
J.IKS..F. W. ICI-AI^rcVlmsop-n-clai-lilies Hiiir Dress
iiiK P_rlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nel. on, mitl is jn-o-
l»nrc(l Io fii'ni.'-Ii overylliintc in Ihe way of hair koikIs
and hair Ionics.   Trealnient of lho scalp a specialty.
_,      R. H, WIUTAHS,.
Mines and Mining Stocks Customs Broker
^CDJEl   B-A-XiE.
TWo lots wilh two-story liouse Oil Laliliiici-
Streei. near Josepliino  , .,§'1800
Tot'ins:   §1-2111,1 wash, ,bn,liin<|0 on inorth'a^o.
Sixty-aere faiieli, jiinu miles from, ejty ou lake
shore. , ,..,  .§1.1..).
  OnoJialf easli, balance on, inoiigs.gc.
Ou   loan (jOnditions aro fheohenpest ftnfl host
Oll'erod.   Vow CM rtispay nt any tinio witlionl-
British Columbia I'ennnnent _>aving,s & Loan Company.
tiMabd SivvingT- & Loen Co., Toronto. >
Fire, Life, Accident, ancl Sickness.
Baker Street West. Nelson, B. O.
Lots for Sale
$5-0 will piti'chnse a choice residence corner; 100 by 120
$2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.
$100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.
$2000 will purchase two nice lots and Cottage.
$8000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.
Buy Fail-mo nil shares for a rise.
5UU0 -Lien at 2 cents.
time 70 Gerfts per100 pounds.
Will, deliver in ton lots
Brtek $12 per thousand.
At yard 01; on gco\Vs at go^ernnient vyl-ftr..
.he West ^dotenay Brick & Lime Oo,, Ltd.
Bak"(?r Street.        t, G-. PHOGTOR, Manaser
Wc have a fine assortment of woolens always
on 'hand. Goods made tip at the slioi'teat possible- notico. As everything is kept and made
on tlio promises, satisfaccion Is assured.
If >;on want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for
sp-iHK and -imjinor, X hare over SOO, diller-
out liatterlis of Scotch add Knglish tweeds,
wliiuh, I will mako to your order at the low
price of ., .., $25
Black reiietians make a nice suit tor summer wear at  v .$21
Black serge suits in siu-k or Inorning coat. .$21
A  heavy Scotch  tweed,   nice pii-torft-   for
1-UsinO-S suit.
Troiisors at ennnlly low prices. f?It and finish
jio -Otter in Canada. Ladies'fiuo tailoring a
specialty,   Clemen- block, Baker street.
Will be roftLdy to.open flu Thursday, .'Inly 20th.
HjPi-l-1 delivered lo iiuy pavt'Cfthe eity. CakeS,
piislry, and confeetionei'y a,spooii.!t}'.
Staiiliy- Street.
Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.
Charles  0.  J.  Christie
1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. G.
. i_srsxr_=_____src_a- .
TO I-1.T—Several houses of dill'ercnt sizes.- -
-'tilt SAI_K-Ileal cilAle in all ))arts of the.city.  ■
Boarding and day schcol for girls will re-opou ou the
151 h day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For terms
aud prospectus, apply to
MADI-MOISKLLl- iCI-FlX l'lincipiil.
DuriiiK the, sea son we will deliver ice tit priv.ilo residences
and business houses daily in any
desired quantity at casonrable
-The Tniiio'nr- Aline, Liniiled, Albert Canyon, on the
in.iin line of I,lie <:. I'. li., •>■> miles oust of llevelslokc, requires six f?ood miners.    Wanes $.'1.5(1 per day.
George Holbi?ook
City Scavenger and
Chimney Sweep
Prompt attention given to all orders loft at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street,. Nelson.
Strictly first-class. Hales, $:i per week and up.
Hot and cold water, ballis, electric light, elevator and
telephone. FTousekecping rooms. Thoroughly equipped
with exits and lire escapes. 5th llloor Marion block, corner rUvcrslde and Stevens streets.
Sen led tenders will be received by the undersigned
.marked tender for Burns & Co. building) up to July 28,
IS!)!), at noon, for the erection of a brick block on Baker
PlaiiK and specifications may be seen at tho architect's
A marked cheque amounting to 5 por cent of tho
amount of tender must accompany each tender.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily acceptable.
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots
Wril-o for prices.
*i-^,---.__.--\.l--0;U»-]^a^K^^ THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.,  TUESDAY, JULY 25,  1890.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRAT1ICOXA AND   AIT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DltUMMOND Vice-President  I.   S. CLO USTON Gonoral Manager  _sr.Hir-SOTsr B:_-__-_src.:____  NT. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HKA.VUIIKK  Is  CONDON   (England).   NEW   VT1R.K.   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cit'r* in flanada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  Huy and  sell Sterling   l-xclianpri' and  Cable TraiiKfris  OKA-IT COM .IK ltd A I.  AND 'I'l. v-Kl,I.Kit!.' CKKRITS,  available in any part of Urn world.  DIIAKTS ISSUKD    COLr.ECTIO.Nfl >I_1)K; F.TO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK FNTKI-KST PAID  individualities:  The Argentine and Chilean governments have resolved to award one hundred thousand dollars to minister  13iichana.li as a reward for his intervention iu" the Pun tit de Atacania .jnestion.  In all probability congress" will have %o  pass a resolution authorizing it before he  ean accept tlie money, a.s the law is very  strict in matters of this kind. Friends of  Mr. Buchanan in the state department,  however, say he accepted the arbitration  in his private capacity, and therefore  should be allowed to receive the payment.  Professor A. G. Nathorst, the Swedish  explorer and scientist, who is now searching for Andree, or th'q.relics of his expedition, is a member of the Swedish Koyal  academy and of the leading geographical  societies of the world. In 1S70, and again  in 1882, he explored Spit/.bergeu. In 18S _  he made a voyage to Greenland, and he  was a member of the famous Vega expedition around Asia. The Antarctic,  professor -Nathorst's ship, will sail to the  region between seventy-three and seventy-five degrees north latitude, near Cape  Bismarck, on'the east coast of Greenland,  and will folloAV the coast toward the south  in the hope of finding some trace of the  intrepid Andree._^  *  . JLoily llip\jlpl]p)x.. Cl^ushill,. Jiayi.ng ���sug-.,  j, edsik illy "2 |4h;iVcJ��^  |_-Vl-efv| "���ti^t">ii^Wt,!'^# \WV&'':il- '^V" ����^s-  b��"pl-i->Si_:S ��Jpf 01 dliixihI,-/ Mf-bli-*h"e; JiQiJeiLvtj^'  '�� :%lSiIeseii|"iix p'Vr,liai-ieii%"in,'^|ec^gi^O|o��  .$)e��"fMe"-ippbeft 'AscrOip. qp'nsbrmif'iVel  '���"Ii:pTiP&itfiii ^Wxn&ioix Ghhx:clnW$ dam^  piligu a-^raefced great attention all oyer  tl.)0 country. 1,tWins-Oil ..is liii^kiirg a  groat fight of it," said lady Qhurchill, in  an iiibei-viowj "and m fche .struggle g_ts  ."hotter add, hotter ihe more we ai'e enjoying xi.. It's e(uite like old tinies. Qf  co:urse, 1 axh goiOgto be iPn the thicfe of  Pile fight during, the coining Ave^k, for."  "-3h.-$ "(jXpiaiiied,. laughiijgly, "blie __ib;eri".l  ��-ari<;lid'ateSi being jiV-ti'iaOd!, Jiaye a distfiiict  advantage, Winston is OA^erwhelmed  with deputations fi'Oin lieei-Sd**. v'ictiial-  fers, i-OB-H-ited-i'S, vaccinators, aiiti-vac-  tsinators, and -women,_uffrajjisbs." Besides  he is, ad dress ui g four meetings daily."  I_.ieitteOa.nt Clmrenili Wins defeated by  J���G0_'-votes. ."   ���".  A   SHADY   SIDE   OF   SOCIETY.  The faseihatiag list of all, the advantages" and luxuries to be iqiijO-yecl by -lie  debutante who puts herself, and her  money, into the hands of a society (.liap-  ^eroi:ie=ha:s-a=baekgi'ound=(writes=a==lady*  correspondent of the London Morning  Leader) that is hardly so alluring. One  who has been through the mill, and vvho  is acquainted with other sufferers at the  hands of paid chaperoiles, lias been telling  Me most inglorious accounts of their outings during the gay Loudon season.  "In tlie first place," explained this now  seciirely-iaunch-d wolnan in society, "I  hiut to pay ��700 for my board, and lodging, itVtrodtlctions, etc,; iii fact, I wnsto  pay the money quietly, biit was to come  out in-public- "with all the eclat and advantages of a dauglittu' ofthe WelMcnoWu  lady of title,  'in my ignorance, I thought everything was being done in proper style, ft  was only gradually I began to realize  that my-chaperone Was one of the crowd,  the by no -.means  small crowd, of women  whom men flee from ns'the spongers.'  "Take Henley, for instance. If you are  not going with a party or by invitation,  you can easily buy tickets for Clubland  lawn, but tlie'spongers' don't, they leave  these things till they get down there and  pounce upon some young fellow just up  from tho university, and with a gush and  simper that they ought to have dropped  twenty years before, they will point-  blank ask the man if he is not going to  take them to lunch. Some of them murmur something about not being able to  find the houseboat to which they were  invited, and, of course, the young fellow  has to say 'yes.' They always go for  these boys. An older man would diplomatise himself out of it with an excuse  that he has a large party now or something of the sort. Imagine my disgust  when my chaperone at Ascot reintroduced herself to a man who,,], know, did  not remember having met her before, and  made him take us both to the Guards'  tent, and of course he had to pay all our  expenses, though I had previously paid  the lady a special lump sum for this outing. She must have made heaps of money  out of me, for avo seemed to sponge on  everybody, and I didn't get much of the  attention when she did capture a man as  an escort. Of course she introduced him  to niCjbut that Avas about all. She would  talk���how she would talk���till the poor  fellow Avas almost bored to death. And  people Avho Avanted to invite me to their  parties hated having to ask her, in spite  of all her family connections.  "And then, you knoAV, Ave Avere"asked  out of town for a good long visit, and as  I didn't like the people 1 went someAvhere  else, and although her 'town liouse was  shut up foP a whole month out" of the  four I had arranged to spend Avith her I  had to pay her -��100 for this one month  that I didn't even see her once.  "The  fact is the girls are a mere blind.  ^h-%-w,oi_��M-h^#  '^iiiiij'iiLN-3^^^ 'els6^-3^jlei'i|e: n *'Th&y  ;f--\^<}h?L^  'Mid'sllfe'y ���iil--slv-'"nt0h,ese" gi��ls;" tho '.excuse/ fox  'pisshiiig iriieyOry.yhere,;��� --Lud/whtoji" ineu,  see them -coming, "and" with a girli that  aneans two to pay fori, aiitl they .literally  (lee, A hostess of this type nitty giye  "some of the best arranged partfess but  men dread to accept the invitations be^  cause Of the hold she will get over theiif,  ahd they know she & clever enough to.  niftke thein pay for it over and. Oyer  again iu some Other A-ray, (Btft her,  stt-nggies to get hold of these young boys  "are really inar-felloxis,, for lii-U warh each  Other of these .yonieia who take hi girls  for the season. It's a regular trade,  and���-people hate it, as I know now to my  ���cost, . "   ���.  "1 know spiilG' girls have had evfcsn  worse tinies than I had, and have been,  let in foi- nice sums in the shape of extras*  ali.cl there are Vcn'y, very few Society  women I avouIcI ask to .chaperone a, girl in  Avhom they have no interest but what  they can make by her.  "The fact is I don't believe there is any  niee  woman who  wants  in her  honie  a  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  COUUT HOUSE, ROSSLAND, B. C.  Sl-AT-KD TENI>KUS, properly ondorso-l, will be received by tho Honorable the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and AVorks. Victoria. 11. C, up to 12 noon of  Monday, the 21st August next, for the erection and completion of a Court House at ltossland, 11. C.  Drawings, specifications, and conditions of Icndcring  and contract may he seen at the Provincial Government  Ollices at Victoria, Vancouver. ltossland, and Nelson, 13.  C. on and after the 27th instant.  Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted bank  check or ccrtiflcato of deposit, made payable to the unsigned, equal to 6 per cent of the anion nt of the tqndor. as  security for tho due fulfillment of tbe contract, which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter  into contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail to  complete the work contra' ted for. Tho checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them.upon tho  execution of tho contract. .  Tenders will not he considered unless made out on the  forms supplied, and signed with tho actual signature of  lhe tenderers. .    -  Tho lowest or any tender not"necessarily acccpluil,, .  Deputy Commissioner of F_u��ls anil Works.  ��� Lands and Works Department,  -.Viol-ria. H. C 21st July, 1SK1,   - .  stranger, whom sliolsThbuudoy contract"  to treat as a daugli ter and to introduce to  all her relatives, friends and acC|uai;nt-  aiices. It's unnatural to imagine it could  be carried out properly.  "Another girl I know,, Avho had to stay  OA'er here in Loudon, went to live Avitli  oue of these women, and was in perfect  misery. The good woman asked her  Avhat day she would hhe the draAviug-  rooni for her own friends to call and see  her. She named the day,rand''when they  eanlo the lady of tlie house went out.  The following week, When it was the "at  home" day, she sent my friend's tea up  to her bedroom. Tliis avus the kind of  homo for which my friend was paying the  rent and a good lump suiii beside. And  had a girl come along who would have  paid for cltaperonagG as well f. don't  doubt the girl I know would have had in-  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,   No,   29,  ICnights of Pytl-ias, meets in 1. O. O. F.Hall, corner  Dakor and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. UL LI 10, C C. R. G. JOY, K, of R, & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.   Mcots  second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  \ bretliron invited.  PEOFESSIONAL   CARDS.        "  EAVAFIT & CARRIE--Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  PB. HAFIPEII, musical director, leader Nolson Or-  ���    clicstra.   Musicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone 02.  w  w  MISCELLANEOUS.  ANTEF..���Two or three rooms for light housekeeping.   No children.   P. O. Dox (joG, Nelson.  rate per  ANTED���Board and room in a private family by a  voung man of temperate habits. Address, stating  ���fr week, W. Al.,. P. O. box 202,  ANTED���Boll boy at Phair hotel.  ���"^���ANTK  TTTANTKD ��� Twq_ waitresses  at once.   Wages  S2j  w  Kaslo hotel, lvaslo.  ANTED���A girl for general housework-    Apply to  .Mrs. (Dr.) -'orin, .Silica Street.  .��� .-  T  O   KENT���A  furnished room convenient   to Baker  SI reel..- Apply. Postoilice box Hi., Nelson; 11. C.  timation that she could be dispensed  with. I know these women so well now;  and the girls who struggle into a position  to Avliich they don't belong, don't Iind it  all honey in spite of the Avealth they can  command."      A Scruby Lot.  "The ;jeunesso doree of Paris arc certainly  the most enervatingly effeminate  lot  that it has ever been my  ill  fortune  to see," says Anne Morton Lane, the London correspondent of the Chicago Times-  Herald.    "The I'Yench   young man about  town is a terrible individual.    His whole  life   is evidently   composed   of a simple  round that can be followed by the observant eye  of any casual   visitor.    During  the   four days that   I was  in Paris 1   attended   all    the   fashionable   places   frequented by the smart young men and the  many beauteous ladies avIio appear to be  the most conspicuous  feature of Parisian  life.    During that short time at all these  places I Avas sure to see exactly the same  number   of   masculine   pleasure-seekers,  the same faces avcnt the round each morning,  each afternoon,  and  each  evening.  At Armenonville  they breakfast; they  drive in the Bois in  the afternoon ; they  trifle  with   iced   absinthe   again   at Armenonville in the  afternoon ; they dine  at  the   Ambassadeurs  or at  the  Ritx;  they go on to the .Tardin de Paris or the  Casino, and they wind  up at the Cafe de  Paris or Marine's.    After that I do not  folloAA' them, but evidently it is the same  thing  day after  day.    The dress  of the  French man about town is very peculiar.  He   usually   Avears    small,   high-heeled,  patent-leather shoes, Avith Avhite gaiters,  white duck, or very pale-gray trousers, a  black  or  dark-gray  frock  or   cut-away  coat, a  very high collar  Avith a long tie,  tucked  and frilled  shirt, and a straAv or  tall  hat.    An eyeglass  without  rim   or  string is invariably  screwed in  his eye,  and white gloves and elaborate stick complete his make-up.    He usually drives an  automobile,    and    sometimes    a     high  phaeton  with a  pair of  dashing  steeds. ���  He is   always   accompanied by a   lady  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  ,;^SGreen-#Dpc?rs _ _. ;; _d.*;_ ���, /,  "]"l"yWw&^$y_'V" "'y  :��"-J:  "Sinsill^^Msb''"' ������������-���*���.���'  ������!-;��"u-ab��^cfetr"' _     .   -v  FlBoiing -      - -   ���������  locat and' coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Eirail  MotJlciings  les  3R.oiig_i q,nd  Dressed IjUrriTber  of -ill kinds.  If what you want is not in;stock Ave \yill. initkc it for you  CALL, A_.D GFiT PR1C1ES.,  J  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, nelson  CHARLES HILLYJ-It,  Ml-SIDKNT   HARRY HO0STON,   _ijKCltCTAj{V_  &  8  ___I_vEI_-__!I3-  MAN'UKAe'l'UItl-ItS 0*" AND  PKAi-i-its; J_>'  Rough md Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  -WC'i'Oi'Y wow- nox'ti xo oi-l)!'-,)-,  sucli as  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  1N STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  AA-hoae ]tosition in socitsty is undoubted, of  Avhom Ik> takes not the slightest notice.  -while his chief mission in life appears to  be to drink absinthe varied by champagne, and to follow every woman whom  he chances to see Avith the lack-lustre  eyes that obviously are uot guided either  by the intelligence of observation or the  piquancy of flirtation. One can readily  imagine why it was so many women suffered tortured deaths at the Paris Ba/.uar  fire, and one can also understand very  thoroughly the disgraceful scene that occurred at the Auteuil races when president Loubet aviis assaulted ami insulted  by the royalists and their adherents."  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  T. Mcriiiignii, Spokane  F. Carney, Sandon  Geo. Williams',  l.olhhridgc;  Al. Utick ley, Creston  SI I,via  -.lAF-DEN'.  ,1. I.aiitfloy, Creston  I,. II. Snyder. Spokano  .1. A. ICnitfK, l'o....land  .1. Cl-mont., Ko.-sland  ICING.  P. Bums c�� Co.  AVFIOI-KSAI-K   AND   nETAIJ-  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at J.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL   STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand   Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  p-Iomptly forwarded Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  KiiiK  AV.  Graham,  Silver  Mine  \V.   IF. AVarrcn, liepuhlic  Wash.  F. L. 11 cLeod, Sandon  G. FT. Cooke. Brandon  John Gillis. lvaslo  U. C. Wilson, Jlontana  Kdwaifl Colo. A'ii-ir  A. II. Kvans, ltossland  GRAND  CKNTFIAI-.  Thomas AVatt, Rossland  .1. It. McLean, No Ihport,  J. 1-. Kano, Krio  Goo. V. Hastings,   Winni-  Van-  , l'og  .lames  F. lt. l-cat-lic, AVinnipeg  AV.  F. Carey, l-oiiiiingl.oii  Kails  ...  James Power, Fernie  HUME.  Philip White, A'mir  J-ii_:cno Crotcan, Ymir  Callaghan, Van- .1. W. Ross, Ymir  con ver J. FT. Atkinson, Ymir  Sanford Shaver, Montreal  Mrs. Tj. Carson, Ymir  IF. 10. T. IFaultivin, Yellow  stone  A. F'j. ICnox, A'mir  PFFAFR  H. 13. Alexander, Sandon  Mrs. Hopper, Spokano  Mrs. Kddy, Spokane  r_onis Ostorslci, Greenwood  IJ. C Johii-lon, Everett  W.  A.  Harvey  and wife,  Poorman Mine  E. IT. Ivnighl., Spokane  W. M. Cunclill*, ltossland  (JUEEN'S.  John E.  Todd,   Riverside, | Charles Farrell, Moyio  (California  Miss Todd,  Riverside. Cal.  W. Crawford. Trail  Mrs. Carson, Ymir  Geo. Strachan, Winnipeg  H. .1. Sullivan, Wiunipog  W.  H.  I.angridge,  Winnipeg  I).   N. Oiiimotto, Monte  Christo  A. J. Lit'lcjohn, ltossland  li 11. I. rnscr, Silverton  C. T. Cross, Silverton  C. A. AVnrsnop and wifoi  Vaiieouver  Graham Drink water, Ftoss-  land  VV. Perkins, Ftossland  Mrs. Hopper, Spokane  A. C.Eddy. Spokano  I G. A. Clothier, ltossland  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  The Treraont Hotel  I-IALOJ-E & TREGILLUS  BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDEFtS BY MAFh FIECEIVE CAFIEFUF- AND PKOMPT ATTKNTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to  British  Columbia business to be addressed  to P.JO. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  PROPRIETORS  o   ���  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THK FiF5ST BRANDS OF  '��������������� '������ -" y ���.'; - *2^R_4s3a^'M^  >tytf.eypfymeyfiest,i and) moi^t yppp*  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   ..,_,   _>/->i_i     n   _-_  S. S FOWLER, E.iVI., Mining Engineer f   NtLbUN,   B. U.  Large Consignment Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.     Orders filled Promptly.  .^^WbteWSJ^M-A'f.'SFACTURER, BAKER.ST. NELSON  '". .'��*w4"te "feiHi?--o^f  e^jKh.jaeplewhaite  -" "if'  u'tiS p^ -   -J,L-fl-  J. MoPHEB  BAKF-I- STREET,- ,-.lBI_SON.  Heated with H^pt -Aif and  Lighted by 'ilec^r:ie!tV  1-nrjje oomf-orl-nl-1.0 boclroi-iiis and   flrst-ola....  tliiiii'S  rooni.   Sariiple rooms foi- cominctCipvl .THdiii  JR_A.1-EIS   Si2   !��?_E__K   3D-__.-T  L 0.  rS��      _.���    ,w_      .uLninvh}  Lato Ot U-c Koyjil, H-tol, -algary,,  r\. D. HUME, Manager,  ���The Ducst liotftl, in tho Ititerfor.  Jjirgts saiiii-lo rooms.   Stcft'-i licnti anfl (ilcotl'ie li^ht.  CORXKH OK W-Alin AND VKUKO'N S'l'S,. NKLSOX  :se  FlAI-l-F, ANFJ WARF) STUIUKTS, Nl<;i_SO*\  and Construetion Co,  B__Ep5pKM .SUPPLIES  Complete ElecJrlLO; Ecl^lEfflerits for Eleotrf^PdW--sTransmisslon and Ughtlng'for Mines, Towns  �����   '   JElecljrio: F-s't-^e^.^j^m^-BeJls-i d-^lephones.'Annanclators, Bto.  P. Oi .Box 60-.     - ,    "   ' .j,       ." ,    "�� " Josephine Street, Nelson, B. C.  :li_��e*e-r or H-^lff  Always F^reisH  Always     Oool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER I_T WESSON IS  AT  TBE  Sawmill on.Governmont-wharf. .-_,,��� ,  Fnctory and oflleo, corner Hall street ancl O.FM_. tracK  Contraetors and Builders  WIF_I_ DO WKI-I- TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G.O.BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand; also  a full lino of sash, door., mould im;-., turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Xelson  Telephone, ill  John Rae, Agent  The oiily hotel in Xelson that has'remained under oue  -tH-Uageinonti si nee 18WiI.  The  l)od*ri-OiiM are  well furril-Sliod  and   lighted hy  Olootrieity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.'  The bar is always stoeked by the best domestic and  imported liquor.- and cigars.  THOMAS MAPI)KN'. Proprietor.  liargc and well lighted Healed by hot ai  l.easonable rates Sami>le rooms  l'-lectric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and rofurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. I'l-KKS, l-'roprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOraAY~COFF_Foa  COl<'-'F<_K    1-OASTI-I-S   AND    D1.A1<I-I-S    FN   TKA  AND   COKKHK.  Oiror fresh roasted coll'co of best quality as follows:  Java and Arnbian Madia, jicr pound \  to  Java and Mocha Blend, .') pounds.    Fine Santos, 1 pounds ,   Santos Blond, ,o pounds  ��� ....  Onr Special lliotul, 0 pounds':   ���������  Our liio Roast, li pounds  ,     A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2  Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   Block.,   West  Bakor Stsoot-      .   -; ���  *���-  NELSON, B. Q.  1 WI  1 00.  I (-fl  1 IK)  I 1.1  r'ornor Silica and  Slaiiley streets.  E. J. eURRAN, Prop.  R. REISTERER &. CO.  BRI-WRKS AND ItO'l'TFiKI-S OF  Fine Lag'ep Beer,  Ale and Porter  moke...  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  GIGARS   UNION   MADE  lootflnaj- Cig8P_fflanfgs-Jfl9-  Nelson, Ili'itish (.'olmftbia.  BLAOkSMITHING  AND-EX PERT  HORSESHOEING  -V.ijSm. reiiairii-ig proiijptly attcijdLHl to bj-ift ilift.fc-4JnK-  wFtcrra-i-isht.  Kpetfial ni,.<-iit.iol] given to all kiu(L. 6f fejwirlilff aittt  ou.^tfilii Worl; . roifl o-ULsite p-in,tB.  Sljop:   r-Jall Street, bo-we-en. Baker and Vernon, Nelson  ftompt and regular RrowAfv al '-Jek-iil  dolivery to the trade. Drewer/ dl ItBljUn.  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALF- ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STl.f-.'.T, NKLSON  Nelson Iron Works  MAXl,'.-AC'I'l. I-'.lt!- OK  ENGINES,  BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS,CASTINGS OF EVERY; DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly aUcmlod to.       P. O. Box 173.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS KOR1  The Imperia! Oil Co.    Standard Oif,Co.  Was'hiqgfton Brick a��id Lim,e Co.  The H. W. rVJcNiell Co., Ltd,, Canadian;4A^-t^ra.-  cite Coal (Hard) :  Dealers In;  STOVEWQQD  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co*  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Age^nt.  BOATS! BOATS! .BiQATSSi  KOU SALE OR 1IIRK  W. J. ASTL.EY & CO.  uilt to order.   Repairing and .1  In made and ringed.   Kisliinu rb  n.euded.   At Governincnt wharf, Nolson.  Floats Iniilt to order.   Hopairine ami .fitting a specialty.   Savin ri-iulo and riKKcii.   Kishinir rods, and tackle It-*. -  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C.,* TUESDAY, JULY 2o,  1899.  POSES  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  The largest drug house in FCoolonay.      Coiner of llaker and Josephine streets. Nelson.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Back from Dawson.  AVillimn Perdue is again in Nelson  after au absence of about a year. JIe  left Dawson on June 17th and came out  by way of St. Michael's. When at that  place lie attempted to reach Cape Nome,  where there are said to be fabulously  rich diggings, but he only got part of the  way and was glad of it, for he afterwards  learned that the (Jape Nome diggings are  a fraud, lie reports Dawson one of the  liveliest places he was ever in. Plenty of  money, but many men out of work, lie  also says that there aro more liars on the  Yukon than in all tlie remainder of the  world. Mr. Perdue looks as if the country was a healthy one.  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  NELSON.  The excursion to Balfour under the  auspices of the fraternal societies of  Nelson, which was to havo been held last  night was again postponed until the  weather becomes settled. The date of  the excursion will be announced later.  G. C. Paterson, bookkeeper for the  West Kootenay Bntchei' Company, returned yesterday from a two weeks' visit  to southern Alberta. He reports the  ranching industry in a nourishing condition and the farming community more  prosperous than ever before. The completion of the Crow's Nest Pass raihvay  has given the farmers of Alberta a market for all their surplus produce and has  been a great stimulus to agriculture.  The members of the Nelson ball team  are exijectetl to attend practice during the remaining evenings of the  week. The team leaves for Grand Forks  on Saturday.  The lirst meeting of the newly constituted Kootenay presbytery will be  held today at Hosslaud, where  the mod-  M. DesBrisay &  Go's  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  AND PIC-NICERS'LIST  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Name  N  I.I,.will ho to your-sulvantage to sec oui' large  and complete; stock of .Moots and Shoes. "\Ve  cany- the following" linos: 3. &. T. Boll, J.  10. .King "<fc Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  iScluiits- it Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Hol-  .l-'fi &- Co., Jind other leading makei's.  PRESERVE THIS LIST AND ORDER FROM IT  PHONE 8        BOX 08  EMPORIUM  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  26 AND 28 WKST BAKER STUKKT, NELSON  1     1_D.   M^_A.BTHTJB   &   OO.I     1  . ?�� as   S? _i&  ?ss$-5-$j-J-5��&i3:-K."--��.^^^  JUST ARRIVED  &  An Entire Oar of  Gale & Son  ##  A Large Shipment of  Q:  ges  fl  From The Gendron Mnfg. Oo.  I '   1,13-.   M^ABTHTJE   &   CO. ��     ��  Anchovies  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kinds  McLaren's Cheese  Condensed Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream    ,.      y  Devilled Ham -  Devilled Chicken,  Devilled Turkey..  . Devilled .Crabs  -Devilled -Tongue   ' -   - ���   ,  -Devilled Beef  Finnan Haddie  Honey in Bottles  Ham ih Tins  Irish Stew  Jams and Jellies of all kinds  Lime Juice  Lunch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Mnarmal|. e!��," .  lyiaearbb.i and ���Chee$e  C.iivies "  JRig'S jrleiet'  Roasf "Beef    (     ���  Corned - BBef  RelfeS     ���'���   // ���"_..*     "  Sardines?'in; "oi I    "  Sardines in niustard  Salmon  Trout in tirj.s  Truffes  Herring in torn sauce  Memo g_Jn__a 00 hpMy__�� a u ce______  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chiqkeri  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater,  Pofk and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard, etc., etc  en.tor, the Hev. R. Frew of this eity,  will preside. The Rev. Men/ies of Kaslo  nnd Mr. Ueimett of Ainsworth accompany him.  The Kootenay Klectrieal Supply and  Construction Company expect to start on  the wire stringing rendered necessary by  the addition to the electric liglit plant  this week.  F. W. Swannell, secretary for the  Kootenay Lake general hospital, yesterday received a -elcgra.il from Dr. Rose  accepting the position resident house surgeon at the hospital here. Fur the past  year Dr. Rose has been senior resident  liouse surgeon at the Koyal 'Victoria hospital of Montreal.  I<-. R. Atherton of Sandon is in town,  and when asked what he knew about  things in general he said nothing.  John V. Cole of Rossland and Miss  Viola Odom were married by Rev. Robert 1.1'ow at his residence yesterday a l.'ter-  noon. After tho ceremony a. number of  the groom's Nelson friends were entertained in the parlors of the Phair hotel.  Yesterday's rainstorm should cause the  ' city engineer to take a careful look at  covered culverts and drains in order, that  mistakes may not be made hereafter in  their size.  There is to lie an attempt inade to  throw the city down on the recreation  grounds question. It is needless, to say  that the new proposal is not in the city's  interest, for it conies from the Canadian  Pacific officials.  Rossland AviII-get a court house after  a.ll. The province will build it by tender,  notice of whieli appears elsewhere.  Thomas Madden intends to commence  next week the construetion of the foundation wall for the brick block which- he  has decided to erect on the corner of  Ward and Baker streets. Existing leases  will prevent the commencement of work  upon the superstructure for at least -two  months. .The building which will be tAvo  stories high will have a frontage on Ward  street for the entire depth of the lot���120  feet. It will cost in the neighborhood of  $1.2,000.  Sergeant D. C. McKinnon of tho Winnipeg police force, who lias been visiting  in Nelson for the i-iist-few days, left this  morning I'or iiossland.  The gas company commenced trenching  on Stanley street yesterday morning  without authority. This availed the  company nothing however as the storm  ���water destroyed the entire morning's  work in hall' an hour.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Dpill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  a  OS  oo  CO  x-  ��2  ZZj  ����  to  y >M#  /J--***-*-.: ���^���/���^\\\  "\ <;-��-.���>-_���-..  '->-.-���'-'        ��'/  <yy>���-<"���  CO  CO  m  C3  CO  CO  eo  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  _sr_i!__,so_sr- _3_ o.  '>mm��n  he.;Gtte  ;ifi&**^p  ��m mm not jrs&cjhed  Di'iiiion-ls luiive .advanced ftbont 33 per  Cent in price since lii&t t'.'-ll, nnd ;tndtli'cr  iidviince is cxpccliod next ftipnth with the  lh nit not yet jit sight. You cuilvot go ���if-.k.'iy  rhy^lmying_Qn a rising niarlc&t, as your gooclsT  wjll be worth more tomon'ow than they are  today, and the di-Torence in price will he a  dci-i' gf-in to yon. As I nradc huge jsup-  ���ehiises lief oro the ik-*>-���.nee, wc are iij, a position  mid willing to give our customers the benefit  of the iidvi-Uitagoous tern*is on which I piiv-  ch.-isod of diirercnt value, all kinds of l-ia.  ���laondSi lvuhics,;]i_nieraUJK, Olivcens arid, P��iu-l's.  Being direct and largo importo.i'S, with tlie  liGgt facilities for 'buying right in (jitstern  niHikets,- we we in a positiyn to oiler a choice}  schjetioa of stono.-y cililifir loose or niounted, at  right prices, Would it not he to youi; -id:vftn-  tiige to iiiTticipato your wants ratlier than pay  a little more  You cannot be too particular  about what youye<at  ^Kimi^ntrieky"&" WitS^n-  are> not$M f02r keeping, whblQspmey  groceries and, provisions  SI  The  5g  Ginger  Beer  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NKLSON  Thorpe & Co.,  MMI'I'I-D.  TROPICAL OTIT DEPOT  Corner Baker and Wftfd Streets.  Wntcvmolons, Pine Apples, and nil oilier I<"i-uits  in season received daily.  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isr_Ex_so_rsr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE RESORT IN KOOTENAY  Hazlewood Ice Cream  lee Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream rcooived Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prom fit delivery  MILLS & LOTT-  Agent-! fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream. ���  Attention to Fine Watch FJepairs.  Wc employ the very best watchmakers, and  Orders by mail or express will receive prompt  attention. JACOB DOVER.  CtflD    0*1 C    BUSINESS AND RESIDKNTIAL  tUK    OAIX PltOPEl-TY  30 by  120, Baker street, between  Josephine and  Ward streeis .*:$8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets ' ��� 1500  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner    25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  ..tre-t ���-������  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vornon  street  (5000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snaji).. _000  2Alots with cottage rented at $lo per month, Victoria  street ��� ;��� 3500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street ������������������������ 2����0  2 lot,, with collage rented at ��20 per month, f Utnley  street ,.  3000  G lot- in bloek 111), all cleared and fenced in.  2500  Direct from  half gallons.  Lake of the  the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  Woods Flour in stock.  Baker Street West, MelsOn, B, C.  tra  ro  PLtTMBBES,  ETC.  0"P-E_E=l_i_.  KCOtJSEI   BLOCIC  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  J. J.  AGKNTS FOU  TAYLOR'S SAFES  "W~_A._RID OBIROS.  Ileal EhIaIo nnd General AgonlJ., Baker St.; Nelson  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  REAL ESTATE BARGAINS  $3000  $1500  Baker Street near Josephine Street, 30 by  120.   A snap.  If nine 'Addition, neat cottage, fine garden,  .   lawn, shade trees, water pipe to grounds,  lot U0 by 120, also 15 by 120 to rear street.  Next Dooi' to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & P1TT0GK  -FOE, KEZsTT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  ... ..        APPLY   *      '  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  - -   . .* AkoIIlco of the Duncan Mines, Urni-Cil.  $350  Latimer Street, choice corner lot 100 by  APPLY TO OWNKU  120  T.  Gk PROCTOR  _B_A._g:EiI-   STREET  W*.. P.ROBHsTSOjN"  .-       (Kx-Slieriir of South, Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  -  Tash advanced on consignment-! of merchandise.  1 Postoflico Box 572 Nelson, B. C.


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