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 HE FOUND WHAT HE WAS TOLD  Fairbanks Reports on  Alaska.  Chicago, July 20.���A Tribune special  from Washington says: "Senator Fairbanks of the joint high commission, had  a conference with president McKinley  and .secretary Hay at the White House  on the Alaskan boundary dispute. The  senator reports that from personal observation lie is (irmly convinced that fclie  contentions made by this government are  correct, and0 if the modus vivendi is  agreed upon it must be upon the terms  ofthe United States. Senator Fairbanks  has been all over the country in the vicinity of Kink wan, Dyea, Skagway and  the territory in dispute, and linds incontrovertible evidence that tlie contentions  ot* this government are correct.  It was said that this governmunfc will  not yield a foot of territory, and thatun-  less the British government agrees upon  a modus vivendi on the lei-ms which this  government' offered there will be no  meeting of the joint high commission on  August 2nd.  While senator Fairbanks declined to  discuss the subject of the position occupied by the Canadian police, because he  may again be called upon to deal with  the Alaskan question, it was learned  that members of this force are now, in the  Porcupine region, which unquestionably  belongs to this government.  The orders whieli were given some  time ago for sending American troops to  Pyramid Harbor have not been" recinded,  but are still held in abeyance at the request of the British government. In view  of the latest information furnished the  state department at this point, it would  be surprising if the British government is  not notified that American troops Avould  be sent to Pyramid Harbor whether  Great Britain objects or not. The government is determined to protect the interests of American citizens no matter  what the position of the British goA'ern-  ment may be.  News Notes From Honolulu.  HoNor-UhU, July 13, via San Francisco,  July 20.���The volcano of Mokuawoweo,  on fche island of Hawaii, has become active after several years' quiet. There is  an immense (low of lava aud great excitement prevails all OA'er the island. It was  rumored in Honolulu that the lava How  was-.within' live miles of the city of Hilo.  The hospital 'ship' Solace arrived from  San Francisco on the Sth,and the -trans-,  tttl��  FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 21,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY* (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY,  at Portland and in none of them has he  said anything about any intention to retire from the presidency of our company.  In addition to our business relations,  Mohler i.s a close personal friend of mine  audi ihink he would not have taken  sii.-ii a step without letting me know  about ii*. 1 do not believe the report is  true."  EXPERT YACHTSMAN'S OPINION  On Shamrock's Qualities.  S0UTHA-.11TOX, July 20.���It i.s reported  that the New York yacht club has consented to the Shamrock being towed by  the Erin in tlio event of being becalmed  in crossing the Atlantic. Two strong  hawsers are being made for use in this  eventuality. ��� The Shamrock is a mere  shell and quite empty below her deck.  When the prince of Wales boarded her  and went below he found himself in a  vessel destitute even of ordinary partitions,'and looking from end to end he  said in a surprised Avay, "Why, she is like  a street, perfectly empty."  The correspondent of the Associated  Press had an interview today with captain Carter avIio besides sailing the  Britannia, commanded the Genesta when  she sailed in American Avaters. When  told that sir Thomas Lipton could have  won by half an hour yesterday, captain  Carter replied:  "Yes, I believe she could. She is a  splendid boat*. With regard to the criticism that she did not sail as well as might  have been expected before the wind, it  must be remembered that she only carried her topsail.' Nobody would be more  pleased than myself to see the Shamrock  Avin as Avell as she did on both days this  week, and the prince of Wales Avould be  well pleased. He undoubtedly avus delighted to have the Shamrock prove suck  a flyer, as Ave want to capture the America cup if we can. Without the slightest  doubt the Shamrock is magnificent in  beating fco the Avindward.  - Anglo-American Athletics.  D &nV��DAL%,_^.Dr.�� iC".," aD'.f a v D_Dup..v.c ='*. ri, ^"^f^fl>.yy^yy��"sny^     -  ���^Bj-.f-.'lM'to^^^  !t\\:G.enwe*-epi"eseuut^  ���ana-..Ame^iptti *Jf niy^'|i1>}."ii|ib|(^t{j!��:3pi*v^1tl;i  ^���'_|il'"_he^?|i!:tf "oil ^re'i-n\��a^����to'J��aff"Fi>aueis��->.:  y w^v^tJiii,;i|#itif les: B. Biitp^hhi 2t\io "&i$ph \  i n. '^i.rt'-'ije- f,y 'ediiiihandhi'g'hditefy" l�� "-iti - .-liis  .:]iQi,'fc',1'd'ie/t..oii phe- jOfcli.fcjf Ipfdux ��� .fcl'tfuljle.  ' ipcr J:..fS-Ve��, ai write, 'iWcrPiild^i^o^tres^'.  "��   Moirhi.e,;'YtrginSfc     ���.'".'    "��� ���  "  ;������"������      A Northwest. .Tefpfcpry :\^ndt��a:g;  ; .\;jj0'g;.i^ ' "a slim  St'tb;n'da��iLii'e- isl'l^-llfoj-iseg *\ylj^iin,:i'1i iuet this1:  hlPrhihg., A^'i'.hoiilfe^ajii'y-i-r-eli-niiitEitriegi-tJte'  'debate-on the ���preferential -trade resolution Was iie.sviiiie(| by I$tfvin. lie "prd-'  ceBledfe .skfifcch the gr^Avth of imperial  - fyderation from ite" iilaeptioii to the  lixeseAxi .time.. Ifell. ,(Pi_^ie.-5 Edwards  Island") \..as Speakingwhen -tlte, house rose  i'or rece.-s rtt 1 o'clock. The depai-tment  of trade and cc_inme:i'C��) lias Inade a pi-o-  Visfsioiial i-i'raiigemeufc Atfifch the JjJtdei8-'  De"iiipster Company for carrying the  British mails fbr tlie sfiinnler season, but  ho contract has beeii  entered  into.    The  ^iiOSt^a^^^  JtE"  ^o%h:;ade|:B��-The;  ^gOVernhieii--is defcernlirTe��l"~tha��t AV]Ten a  contract is entered into, tliat there must  be faster services.  Unknown Man Found Suspended.  KAiMLQOi's, July 20.���-An uukiioAvii man  has been reported hanging froin a limb  of a tree near fche Indian r^erve here.  Indians came to tow.-n and reported tlie  case to tlie authorities and said the man  had evidently been hanging for days, as  the body was in an advanced stage of decomposition. Police haA'e gone to the  Scene to bring tlie body to town. Ifc is  supposed to be a ease of suicide, as no  person is mis'siitg at present.  Beat in London.  London, July 20.--The prolonged spell  of unprecedented heat whieli has pre-  vail'ert' over tlie country, reached a climax  yesterday and today, registering 12S degrees in tlie sun and 87 degrees ill the  shade. There have been numerous cases  of sun stroke, many ending fatally.  Horses suffered almost as much as human  beings.  ^^  ���   Secretary Alger Has Resigned.  Washi.nC_.ton, July 20.���Alger, the resigning secretary of war, Avill turn the  war department over to assistant secretary Meiklejohn on Monday next, having  today receiA'ed a telegram from the latter at NeAV London, Wisconsin, stating  that lie Avoid d arrive in Washington Saturday niglit.  Has Not Left the O. R. &N..  Ni_w York, July 20.���Regarding the  current reports that A. II. Mohler, now  president of tlie Oregon Raihvay & Navigation Company, lias accepted the presidency of the Big Pour, William L. Bull, a  leading director of fche Oregon Rail way, &  Navigation Company, .said. today : "I  have several telegrams today from Mohler ,  ^Anipi'ic'jWi" n ���tlfiiwii; ��� i|iS UQii^|ily��=;d'|^e���ua��6��d;��,  {iiTd.-.'the/cOiif.lj.iJioi.i' * ari,-i,vn-d>fc����w-a# thai'  ; ,|ibv^nee;fcidii..iof".thwy' would Il'tOi-lJfOr* a>  iiiolfieiita ��\- Mr.   ���luejcsjo-i" '\yo-us; .vSry '"ehi-  ��� "pliaM�� 'in cleli&fm-S'iii-ig" fclie* English, lVeays-.  papers, t_.ift.Xj. Originated il]\d. cOhtitOAj^tsy. '  He;t.slced��.|;he i^o^i,a^kL_|i?6s&'t^"'i-!Vkc! ifc  plain to,i)\e, Aihefiean pewspftpers;; fch'a;t/  ^leifclieif flS$" >ioT y'lixs ":^oh%igtxpky^pM6yxiv-  ah^f ��� eiitojimstai_ej3 Jiave coiftsideifcd; rtify  o^bjei-fcioii to eitlief C^iiinlan orBnrk-.  "The fact th;!* 'Pltpse geMtlenxep, SfiV-  X^end-ell Cind. life fello>\-'-<ioniij:iifcteei.nen,  -who are-Of suehlii|jli st}i;]idi]ig iii-i-il-jiteiu'  atlil.-ibics, Avouch for tlieni is eiitii-ely .suf-  iicieut," s^vid Mi'- JaclvSon, "aiid: if any .ob>  jedfcidii -hould! be raided agiiiiii to eifcli^r ifc"  will riot proceed Irom the Oxford-Cam-  bridg- oflieiiils a-iid will not haArd tli_ sympathy of tlie Oxford or Cambridge men."  . Tlie main object of today's meeting  was to liarmOhize tli- Anglo-Americaii  aniateur, athletic rules,, which vary in.  =-30nie^mii:t0i^p;irfcieul*_.rs.^^i*u=<:u!dex^that=  the contests may be carried out under  conditions that shall be Indisputable, it  Avas agreed that the liui'dle race should  l)e run under Ani'&ricau conditions, ovei'  loose instead of fixed, hurdles, and that  each side should follow its own custom in.  hanimer throAving. It Avas also agreed  tliat tlie high jump should be taken from  the turf in the center of the grounds instead of tlie cinder path. Some nil nor  details Avifch regard to the, long.jump.  Avere also adjusted.  German Press Less Hostile.  BiiiM-iN, July 20.���The celebrated economist, D'ft Ivuliland, has, in the agrarian  Deutsche Tagesfceitung this morning, his  second article scoring "the seven great  American packing firms, which by their  Ioav prices have monopolized tlie meat  market of the United States and dictate  to the American farmer." Now, he declares, the same seA'en are trying to get  control of the European market and to  dominate the  continental agriculturists.  Presumably following in their tone the  drift of the Anglo-German agreement,  the Berlin papers are slowly changing  their attitude on the TransA'aal question.  The National Zeitung this morning says  that Avhile Great Britain's policies in  Egypt and South Africa may be attacked  from the point of A'ieAV of ethics, yet one  is forced to admire the nation's resoluteness and force of Avill iu executing its intentions.        '  Dixie H. Ross Dead.  Victoria, July 20.���The United States  training ship Adams on her annual cruise  arrived here tliis morning from Honolulu  A'ia Port Angeles.  Dixie II. Ross, Avell known throughout  the province as a pioneer of the Cariboo,  gold -fields and latterly a - leading citi/.eh  of Victoria, died today. His. death Avas  the result of an. operation. .  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  Collecting the Paris Exhibit.  F. M. Chad bourn is  making  good progress Avith the collection of the  exhibit  to be sent from this and the Goat  River  mining divisions to fche Paris exhibition.  The  Hall  Mines  haA'e  furnished a very  handsome exhibit of about   1500   pounds  representative of  the different classes of  ores found on their properties.    Capcain  Duncan   has   engaged    to   forward   him  samples from their mines on Eagle creek,  and an exhibit is expected daily from the  Athabasca.    While in  Ymir recently Mr.  Cliadbonrne   arranged   for   the   exhibit  from that district, and about 300 pounds  of specimens are   now   at  the Nelson &  Fort Sheppard  depot,  and more are expected.    The samples  come from numerous .properties,   including   the   Dundee,:  Porto       Rico,      Tamarac,      Blackcock,*  Willcock    and    Fairmont.      The    Ymir  ores are  mostly  a   quart/, carrying iron  sulphurets, and  some  carry quite a percentage of lead.    J.  Roderick Robertson  Avill send in samples from the Ymir mine,  as Avill the  managements  of the Yellowstone, Second Relief, Arlington and Canadian  King.    Mr.   Chadbourn   leaves to-  morroAA' for Creston and Port Hill, Avhere  he av ill get specimens  illustrative of the  ores of that  district.    All  exhibits must  be in Nelson by August 1, Avheii the pro-;  A'incialmineralogisfc  will  be here to pass*!  upon tlie collection. ;  CONCENTRATES.  The Marniiou and Maryland, recently  purchased by R. R. Bruce and situated  on Springer creek, are to be developed;  John McKinnon is in charge. The first  pack train AA'ith supplies Avent Up yesterday from Slocan City.  Mr. Hind of VaiicouA'er, Avith an expert, is examining the Highland Light  and-Silver Cliff, tAvo Slocan' City district  properties. ��  Messrs. ProA'osb and NeAvlans are driving a tunnel to  crosscut  the lead on the  3B_ancik*����Jte^^  ����A\ftlfkhow%i^^^  Fsis;fa-gyi-W_i.0-]ii^_ts;^?:.:"��^ :���**$_*  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Where the Gas Mains Will Go.  The engineer of the gas and coke company filed with fche city clerk yesterday  a plan shoAving the streets upon whieli  the company desires permission to lay its  gas mains. The plan shows the site of  the works as a liloek of land hounded  by Silica,.-Slocan, Victoria and Hail way  streets. From this site a pipe line is to  be laid on Railway street to Haker, along  Baker to Cedar, down Cedar to Water  street, and along Water street to the  eastern limits of the city. A circuit is  also made of block one. the pipes running  from Baker to Vernon in Ward, along  Vernon to JosexDhine and up Josephine to  Baker. Another line runs up Stanley  street from Baker to Observatory, AA'ith  lateral lines of pipe for A'arying distances  oii each of the intersecting streets.  Coupled Avith this plan the gas  company asked-for-permission to commence ou Monday the laying of pipe on  Stanley street from Victoria to Silica  street; on Victoria street from Stanley  fco Josephine street; and on Silica street  from Stanley to Hall street.  When the communication came before  the members of the council yesterday an  informal discussion Avas indulged in as to  Avhether the company should be allowed  to lay its pipe on the main streets of the  city or be covi**polled to lay them in fclie  alleyways. Although no action was  taken, the general feeling of the members of the council appeared to.be tliat  the company should not be allowed in  any event to lay their pipes on cither  Bilker or Vernon streets.  NELSON. ,.  ���   ''  The raffle for H. C. Cummins' Mersey  canoe Avill take place at the Bodega on  Saturday eA'euing at S o'clock.  The AVilliain Hamilton Company have  tAveuty-fiA'e men at Avork on the foundation of the mill for the Duncan Mines,  Limited, and expect to have'the Avork of  construction completed in about two  mouths. '���'���''������.���'-'' y"y, ]-,]���' ,,������ ���.���".������." ,������������:  y-p*At-]f^#:i*^  )j!*-:i$-i/T4^^^  ���it-/ Cirkel  !*%" liping^iif t^^et* ii^8^$$$'x$i.$W.  tlxixnbpli;, -'group, .^n. -Itlur-ker ������drpeli2" '��� ��1\__. $  Cfrkel i*epres(|].|ts. ,3: 1%:, iracl_u;gu><'iii,d��";Tiis  a.sso'ciat,c.s;��� atid^ 4el^eB;Vt'l_|..",Juo1tfiiijV_,._ito.  look, af feel, theif .interests; dip RV|3iibiic.  '0ii liis I'etujn lie .Ayili;uiake.a.t;i^^n  fo\r lurtli-t-i- develo-iJ,ip-rl1.��'0ii����t1Ve: lTuin-  bolt, ���'  ,-   :    ���      ' -  ���������     ��� ���������   . .  rmi|n G.!-"j-i|'01ik��� Bee*;' i���;efciTi}ue"d  ^Vedilfisday frcjni a trip" to, .the Lai'deau  di&triefc." Ife repofts^thaCliliOi'- "afe .$"eV-  era. feet of siioW pt the Beatrice Atfhj-'-.h  will, dela^* the resuiuption of \VOrk upon  tliat prOpei-ty for at least fclii-ee weeks.  Wliilje in the district aldel'iiian gBeer  learned thatya. good strike had been  niade oh fclie Terrible elaiiii Wiliidh. he is  deA.eloping" on Gaynoi' &reek. Tliree  yeius haA'e been uncovered and sti'ipped  at intervals for a distanee of J 000 foeL  . Satjsfsictory assays have been had front  the leads Avhicli cai'ry good lead and.'si'lvel-  values.  '**_(|i'ii|Jlet:iVn?io P<^li&_\pI__yc_SU^^-H^1_:^Ul\i^w6^  S^oni^Cyt^M\'^d>Iid$;->r^nl;^  |3j;i^iii!aV#if:"|o^hJ3  '"'pp-i-iy&lra^^^^  p-4et"."'t-o*JiI��-\'e^J)he';^ya"i^ tive���.  |'kiVi'nitii'&,iTi''abdi"i'fe.'|ontftAv^  ���:�� ;."    *"fttlef ":Brfa:Ghe|PiQf.:tfi:0 ,B^law.  :��� "A=spj6sc)'al .j-titffo-t-ng1 of the "city aojiaei!  .^rfD..      'I'-. "..''I- n.l        *./-.-.-5....l'A..r,  them Avill be aAvaited with great interest  here. The team are training and practising steadily aud should give a good ac-  i-otint of themselves against the best.  The new sticks ordered by the club have  arrived, and have every appearance of.  being what they were represented to be  ���the besfc to be got for money.  IWOTORIWEN  STILL ON STRIKE  In Two Big Cities.  New Youk, July 20.���The strike in  Brooklyn up to 10 o'clock this morning  resulted in no important changes. More  cars were running on A'arious lines after  than prior to that hour, and the lines  were freely patronized."- Motonnen and  conductors express theinseh'es unwilling  to run out.to the suburbs unless accompanied by. police, and the police are becoming weary of the continued strain.  Although general master Avorkinan  Parsons said yesterday that today was  to be a big day for the strikers in 'Manhattan throughout, this morning opened  iu the quietest Avay so far as the strikers  were concerned. Almost Avithout excep:  tion the cars on all lines started from  their barns on schedule time. Parsons  issued a statement today declaring the  strike was practically won. He said 1500  were out and more Avere going out  hourly.  GU'-Vi'-i.AM), July 20.���Nine of the lines  ofthe big consolidated system were in  operation this morning. Up to 11 o'clock  no disturbances had been reported.  Gave Kootenay the Go-by.  Cauiai-V, July 20.���All Calgary and  hundreds of cattlemen from the ranches  tributary to the "Sirloin of Canada," as  this foothill city is called, Avelcomed the  National Editorial Association of the  United States when the specials arr_A*ed  at the Canadian national park today.  The day Avas spent ou (die spacious race  course, Avhere- Avas congregated one of  the most picturesque croAvds seen in Alberta for in any a day.    Several, hundred  PI. R. Bellamy returned yesterday froni  a visit to the Daisy group, consisting of  the Daisy, Edith and Florence claims,  situated on the north fork of Hall creek,  on which he lias had a force Of fjve men  doing development AVOl'k. There is now  on tlie propei't^* a 20-foot shaft and a, 50-  foot tunnel, the face of Avhieh is in copper ore. Work on the Daisy group. lias  been suspended for a few weeks, the men  ���being moved to the Royal Oak group on  AVild Horse creek, work on wliich will be  coin!.refioed on Monday next.  May Build to Balfour This Year,  It is understood that Aviiile here Mr.  Whyte made arrangements with Harold  Selous find T. G. Proctor for the purchase  of portions of land belonging to them  over Avhieh tlie railway Avouid have to  pass oil going from here to the lake. Mr.  Mr. Selous' pre-emption is situated at  Nine Mile creek, and Mi-. Proctor's on the  outlet opposite Balfour, This is taken to  mean that the Crow's Nest Pass road may.  build from Nelson to a point opposite  Balfour this year.   Rioting in Spain.  BahceJ-QNA, July 20.���There Avas a serious demonstration here today. A mob  of about 800 sei/.ed the opportunity afforded by the presence of the French admiral Founder at an official lunch, to  parade the streets carrying tlie French  tri-color and shouting seditious cries.  The crowd Avas dispersed by the police  after some trouble and a number of arrests Avere niade.  Alger's -Resignation Accepted.  WashhV.iTO.v, July 20.���Secretary Alger  has received the president's acceptance of  his .resignation, to take place August 1st.  The secretary did not make the terms of  the-letter public, but read it to a fe\\\in-  fci nuite friends. "-��� ��� .    ���-..."-   '-':'-.'  AvSis.. lielli .yesterday   aitprwoh f?.r  fche  fhuspose, <jf djgcu-ssiiig, lnaMprs' ji_ ���coj.iiniC'  , tioi^AVifili ^li.e..en��f��;i'cenio.n,fc--:if the fireii'ni-  ifeiyJSW.   ^Ji^vyj^vfesv  ���fli|s!tj fefeeii'Hpj  -H-ifl 'oii  moi^ph-pf ak\&f-  inah.-ilhifx2i% .SefcoiifetT-y .ildel^i'ian lleef,  tlie  eouiicif ���dp.cjided   to  eiiipowe-r clu'ef  .T'lioinrpsoii. of tire lire department top-nil  "tlie"Trii.Vei=iJjviilj::liiig' .down., as sOQUaa the  tinie set for fbs. i.o,.n,Q.yaJcxpil-es.   Tliis, of  -CO.u,V5c,. Avill be  cHiidifcioiial OpOil; the ap-  pliCatioii foj- iiLii Injunction being, Iieftise-L  The A'iolation of the fife, liiiute bi.rfa^"  in t'he erectioiu of J:. Y. OriTfiil's snlokt>  house was aiso tfilked ovoi': The owner,  of tiiieJ-uildihU received a permit to erect"  and main tain p, tempoi'Jlry buikling in  the rear of the MaOdOnaid block for sis*:  lnoiithg. Tiie time eXiii-rgs on the 2?feh_of  the present months ,aiid tlie coliilcii \vitl  take steps to secure its 'removal if it is  not removed, in fclie llieaiitiine by the  owner,  Tlie Salvation Army's breach of the  byhiAA'. Avas also discussed, aldei-inan li'lot-  cher expi'essiug tlio opinion that the army  officials had oA'Crstepped tlte perini t wliich  Avas granted by the city, biit tliere was.  no suggestion, of going after them.  In the matter of the perinit granted to  H. Burns & Co. to-move a frame building  in tlie fire limits, aklerinan Beer said' tliat  tliere had been a great deal, of talk over  this action of the fire Wwdejis, and he  tlioUght it should be definitely stated to  the people tliat when the new Hilrils  block is ready for occi.i])tiucy fche frame  'building at present used should be torn  down. All the members of the council  agreed that this should be insisted upon,  and the nieeting shortly aftenvards adjourned.           Will Welcome   Lacrosse Players.  A. E. Suckling, a noted lacrosse player  and a member of the Vancouver Lacrosse  Club, is in town and informed a TuilUr.NK  reporter that tlie Vancouver chili Avere  making every preparation' to give the  Nelson players the heartiest of receptions. The match is arousing a great  deal of interest and the Nelson club will  be allotted the whole of the net gate receipts. The date selected is Saturday,  August 12, this being the only irce. Saturday of tlie season. The exact dates of  the Nanaimo, Victoria, and New Westminster fixtures Avill be-settled by the  British Columbia Lacrosse Association so  as not to clash with any of the lc.igi.t-  games. Each of the four teams in the.  league play the other three, four time.-,  and fche winner of the greatest number  wins the .championship. New \Y.'st-;  minster,'last' year's champions, are in the  lead again this year, so the game against  '-VUi'U ph^A��i^i\m,ahip "AM -MuhW^gQny  crafty:   "piciy&ioyl tip mi"; %���$?>%?. i1#sj  '.vas-iiiu-'e^pe'-i^ilypleq^iy^te Oil->...i,l(Lft  \v!i& Av:i|li',ii-uicl:i Vegx&i "tliey?, \v6ij0 ��� IOijcdd L  ; -by limit pf time to 'lOH.'V*a. .fail's ^a>E*fcy^pi_>^.,  ,'iij.n tiie  ^yi^cliai- ^niLoSji;it&y\ jii^,. " Thd'  <v'Bjtox$>: left" koftij^t'fQf (hhfaiitphd, "$ni,��'  ���jlftD-r a Yll|'i>*o4>^i?'t^l^^efe^  'StvPaul;:M%)ieapOl'is'a&d;;^Hi% 4,     "  n ��c.i|t-u-D-|'p ..^flw-_,^-_-��_-_! "^irJiP0 ^       ��    ��   ^nDD^o  ErOfe-jSQf "Skhilleif Semsfcatod.  BBffl.i^ July 2a -.--Oeilern-l KfCtiiAfactioii  ig e-spi*cSsod:'.5j!fc the 'Uctijm' ofthe* H-fssiTtfn  gavcrnri^ont in .i'^hiftei.ti^g' 2Prpi}. BcIxjUqv,  of tlie * ijiti,ver.--i!fc"yi of 'tfiesseii,.- wliow-ivs-  ousted- "for cl'iticisiilg' tlie goVernuicut'K  policy. -The fepveRinlient in reJ-Wi'iGg fclie  p.roffessor yields to the t,,en.ra,ns.Ccctin-0S''of'  thb'deaus "of tiie ���tnii.Vei.'sity. A lifwubei*  .of iiCA^Spapei.' men point out tljo fuctj.  stf-H'tl-iig by coiltfast with professol'  Schiller's case,,, th-it tho, goveriiuieut oi  Hesse for a long time protected Herr  ^Iveuel^eT^rtil'li^nieiiT^  goverlimental position for personal  gain.  Cloudburst in Texas,  Dai;i-a$, Texas^ July .20.��� A report  from OhU.--.o��8 in Textis Pauliaiidle, two  t,iund.i"edi miles north of Dallas, state.1, tliafc  a cloiidbilrst lias oecirt-red in that region  with d'tea-stroiis re-sii).ts. It is knou'U  that tlie property lows is very heavy  but  nothing has been Joamed uf the fate of  the people of tlie inundated '-section-wliich  embraces portions of eight co unties*. The  secti-Oii is thinly settled and tin? towijs  are suiall and fai-.apart.  Died in Chile.  VA..PAi.A-.so, Cllile. July 20.- -The Itev,  Dr. Allis, president of the American I're.-*-  bytorian miHsioii in Valparaiso, dieii tliis  inoritiug in the Knglish hospitaJ. I tis  malady was softening of the brain. Dr.  Allis was in his Gist year.  j. W. Toiiilinson Elected.  CiiH-AOo, July 20.���The National Bi-  Metal'lie eoiuitiittee met liere t<jday and  elected John W. Toiiilinson of Alabama  to succeed the late Senator Harris. No  other business., of importance was era as-  acted.,  TRAVES  FINEDJNE  HUNDRED  Fire Limits Bylaw Upheld.  Police magistrate Crease delivered  judgment yesterday in the prosecution  brought by the city against E. C. Traves  for a breach of the fire limits bylaw in  connection Avith the erection of the addition to the Broken Hill block on Ward  street. The police magistrate upheld the  validity of the bylaw and imposed a fine  of $100 upon the defendant for his breach  of it.  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, made a vigorous  fight for the defendant, aud inunediately  issued a writ, for au appeal which will  probably be heard early iu September.  In the meantime he will make application before judge Forin foi- an interim  injunction restraining the 'corporation of  the city from proceeding with the demolition of the building, as threatened in a  notice to the defendant Traves. The application for this injunction will-be heard"  by judge Forin this morning. Should, it  be granted matters will probably remain  as they are, but otherwise the building  Avill be torn down when the clock strikes  tAvelve this evening.  The   judgment   of   police   magistrate  Crease Avas as follows:  The municipality of the city of Nelson  has lately gone to considerable trouble  and expense in hii/ving its bylaws revised  and consolidated, and this has been effected by the aid of experienced counsel.  To declare revised bylaw No. 7 invalid, a  clear case must be made out. E. C.  Traves, accordiug to the eA'idence, has  erected a structure ou lot 7, block 9, in  the city of Nelson, said lot being part of  subdivision of lot flu, group 1, Kootenay  district, wliich structure adjoins the  Broken Hill block, erected on said lot  7, and fronts on Ward street, a principal  street in the said eity. On the 14th inst.  the Avails were up and the roof on. It is  a framed one and roofed 'with tin; its  outside covering is rustic; its size is 10  feet by 40 feet and 35 feet high from  the ground sill. This I consider to be a .  building and an addition to the Broken'  Hill block, a frame building iioav in existence.  No authority in Avri.fcing Avas obtained  by Mr. TraA'es from the fire Avardens and  building inspector for the additions to  and alterations in the way of repairs or  otherwise of the Broken Hill block. The J  two crucial sections of the by laAV are 18  and 20, Avliich are (18). No . Avooden  building shall be erected within tlie' fire, -  ,ftAi5teiie|,;Sii��h;  'sSfey%i|li tif"ilf A%W ?'fl��pl* :'��^  "~�� !-"-,'-K::^^"~',^#plf^5S_^"s  'tio-ii.^ha-|l*^rcv(|h-g|fr.u^  -.d-rpfc-Ai'li-life^^  Lot. 7- ,%nd*, :the^"bti"^  , ^cend^j^^jrfdtoiiri^^^  .djjstineti'on waf.- soviglit.��"tjt>'"'"I_e"dBv^iSiii^^  tliQ jn<gtn"iient"b;ctWGU, jvoodjS.y .i"yd^i'I^if^��l(_i  "bididlngfe wmii^i^^iB^i^ti^^O  Syitonymoitsa. t<Jfc,m&.'iii tfi-ei":-!snu1j4i,i^'tey4ife5"'^:'  and l I'ogafd .%\jbm��� -Im ���"S-i^lCZ*SS,r-^^^","^  laid in ar^mueut" tfia!t".'thjl< eil^:;iial3".^-o*��>;-j  po-wer to de0Ue "f|i.e llui|t_?. "'Wi&^li^yl  in.u',n,ici-,pal-;..cIh'Hs-enS''a,e,tb,y scsjji^u 5r0;:\|\i��f|-TG^j  section 2$ speak-s' ol: -wooden1 'IliiiJdiiig^V^,  within the lire iirfiiits ancl of '0.fclie,r"'bi.iild-: ft;  lugs in specified parts of tlieinuuieipalifcy" **-_  1 fake it that pa .v"ei. is intendeti "to be ��,  IsnTl  ��'A.'.��|  Defeated,  rcdisl i'ibution  Bedistribtition Bill  Ottawa. July 20.���The  bill was defeated in the .senate by .'.ti for  Howell's amendment to 11 against, a. majority of 22 against.  Baroness Rothschild  'Aj-Jfc-,   July  20..   Haront  Hot.hschil  disease.  d died   suddenly  Dead.  ss   Nathaniel  (odav'of heart  1-d.MK,'  earthipiake shock  morning.  Earthquake in Rome.  July   20.-:-Tliere   was  a slight  hi.i-o  at   "> o'clock this  i s^gtyctmr' i mTFii cil5Jl ity^-oTllfiWf  what these fire limits shali be. Til H.f->r-  ence to the Objections to the penal clause,  ofthe bylaAv, '{ hold tliat'under siibrSOe-  fcions-12 and 4:J, of section. 50,, iiuinieipal  clauses act, tlie penal clause js, good.  Section 81 of said net and itegi.na yas,  I'eLersky, 1, 0, Criminal Oases ;it pagft*.'91:,  bearing upon tliis last .section', SUStUi'iWd'  this coH-ht-iioiT. i find1 fclftit byliiav No, 7  ���Ati alTecting the matter in Piuesfcioii fco he.  valid and (he revisloii tbei/eyf elTectual,  An iiifi'-iction, according to the ilvJbi;HUi'  tion, has been .conm-itte/d,;; j-t Was, dc-it-d-*-  a,t:e and in face of notice .fco discontiiiiie.  This is the oiily case before me to consider. Witli the others mentioned in the  _v.d-.nce I have noU' absulufcely nothing,  to do.,  1, find E. (J. Traves guilty .and fine him  $100, and in default of payment thereof  forthwith, distress and sale of said  Traves" goods and chattels, and in case, of  i.io. sufficient goods and chattels, I Order  him to be committed to fche common gaol  of. the County of lvootenay at Nelson for  tlie period of two months.  A Terrible Rainy Season.  WasiiixoTon', July 20.���The folloAVing  has been received at the Avar department:  "Manila,  July   20.���To   the   adjutant  general, Washington.    The storm is still  prevailing but the barometer is rising, indicating improving   weather   conditions.  The average rainfall for July for several  years has been fourteen and a half inches.  Foi- fclie twenty days of July now  closed  ll. inches  have  fallen.    The country  is  Hooded, troops on outposts have suffered  and Cornier lines of connnunicivtioli have  been cut in some  instances, but not  seriously.    No material increase in sickness  is reported.    Telegraphic communication  is maintained Avith San Fernando, Bacor  and nearly all the other point1-!.   Iain im-  j able yet to coal the returning transports FIIE TRIBUNE:   NELSON   B. C.   FRIDAY, .JULY 21,   ISM.
We thought this part of our stock complete until
these voere brought to our notice last week. They
are the prettiest either you or we have ever seen.
Prices from   20   cents   to   $1.    Call   and   see   them.
TE!__*-3__:S   a__-£3___
&-A-<^A<^^<^^£^eZ-f^<^ (2-f^<F^ ^£^£Z±A^^f^£^£Zi^0>ieZ±£Z.
The Olympia will remain here about two
weeks. DeAvey's health is___perfect. He
has not decicled whether he will go to
Carlsbad as has been announced, but it is
not probable he will do so. The admiral
intends to visit Vienna.. Upon her arrival here the Olympia fired a salute of
21 guns which avus returned from the
fort and four Austrian and one Creek
Avarships. Dewey received a visit, from
the local authorities, the United States
minister to Austria, Addison Harris, and
stall' of the legation and the consuls of
the United States in Austria. The
foreign consuls were received by Dewey
on board the Olympia. during the forenoon. The Olympia hail a bad run to
Aden again'st a monsoon, but from that
point on the Aveather was line. Dewey
expects to remain on board his llagship
Avith the exception of occasional trips on
shore. Americans here Iind the weather
cool and refreshing. Most of the chief
government officials are absent on leave.
British consul Churchill was the lirst
caller on Dewey and Avas saluted in a
most cordial manner.
Baker Street, Nelson.
©ttje f£ritame+
Daily Edition	
Wkkkly Edition 	
 First Ykah, No l(_)
... Seventh Year, No. SO
Lax enforcement of the city's laws Avill
cause no end of unpleasantness. Had the
fire limits 'bylaAv*' been rigidly enforced,
E. C. TraA'es Avould not now be lighting
the crty. The time to haA'e stopped
Traves Avas when he commenced building
tion, „to the„BroJj:en„„Hill
IL-P -_
|-P«:'"d!q. _->
I''..  ■ rf0*    m°'
I ■'-■-*„^Q . °
I .|^fe\*°D ° Jp
W. H. Smythe manager of the Cranbrook
branch, arrived in toAvn on Thursday.
The business men of Fort Steele'met the
gentlemen Thursday eA'euing and Mr.
Cox inform ed them that the bank Avould
put in a branch at Fort Steele at an early
day,-or as [soon as "matters could bear-
ranged. The party left yesterday morning to see the North Star and SteniAvinder mines.
Won His First Race.
Liverpool, July 20.—The American
.jockey Martin made his first appearance
on an English track today at the Liverpool July meeting. In the race for the
St. George's stake, Martin finished first on
sir II. AValdie Griffith's Sweet Marjorie.
The betting in the case of Sweet Marjorie
•was 10 to 1. Martin created a most favorable impression and was heartily cheered
after winning. He has been engaged to
ride sir li. AValdie Griffith's Ista for the
Liverpool cup tomorrow..
Aguinaldo Still Fighting.
Manila, July 20.—Lieutenant J. Moore
of the loAva regiment, shot himself today
while temporarily insane. The steamship Saturn us has returned from Aparrie
and reports that Aguinaldo, hearing that
the inhabitants Avere prepared to Avel-
coine the Americans if they came, concentrated 2000 troops there and fortified
the town and coast approaches  strongly.
?> ezi^ezi (SLzez-zy. ^«^i^ ss_..-s_;-s2_. e^$z-<?^ e^£^?z±^<?^<?^ ez-tz-
■.*?& s?5?& e^e©©© ^.wm^.^.m^^m^^.mmmmmmmmm^mmi
%(y"£i€j^ ^fdyes ^nil'
?t: -tilife1.' ■ei^'"4iiQifey„:'(u-i,G{; •3Kilcli'°:t-a°C-,".'b1*6ott.;,
J.nrf]n   Mnn^-ji,    naff-       u-iii >Jjrt      no   ntf"        a   '"     n L^i      nnLj'J1JLJ     dJi n d n ■    . u n on n n      "'    n d
-^^|ft|u^ l)f,, 0i„% ft^'tjL%';
-^^^'B^s7'^i^9*^'0'^*^^,-,i^ci^tel Wgh-6 .po "break"
^M^^MiiMoi-i-.'5tlie;byia\vsf Ayith-Ont Iear ,pf,
■V^a^^"^_i;.taj0^ia-uee&A:.re -lie. oiiiy pei« .
;>l^it>|fu;i:-iit'0d WiEi-ie'tijoJa^yei^-ri-ud.-iih-e'
,T% ."J:5T'r.'n;»;M-i. .taris "^xWixrJ;; - the- A%y" Ipx1"itfe
'2y:"txxhee^"gx\- -Bfl-e ""Efc.0ii5i)itsti l-aVid. -Miw%
^■ybbflpty i-to- he thpllteMxy Ueacl of the,
*" Mackenzie*!. I-inu^II;iC(3oiiuld*'Eliiot daily
^ .T/otf aii dn Nelson. The chling.e & to he
,in\tdpph"iheafiivai iroxn Toronto" of the
. "„• |iackeii.zie4jai,iix feud of the cOin^rJiatioji.
.  - DaA'idj niay t|ie gods, treat yon kjiiidly.
3. llODj-i-iioK KonisRtsoN and his ■ ppli-
tipai fiollo-Vj_i*& in tlie board of  trade  are
so: largely representative of kelson's Ijnsi-
juess AvealtK that they are altogether as»
provem-uts in the  city of kelson, while
the liiettibers wli-in "3. Roderick and  his
Gi'OAvd chai'actei-i/e as of Jittle or no ae-
eountj but Avho want to keep politics out
of tlio board of trade Are assessed  for
$01,118.        _________
Fort Steele to Have a Bank.
Fort Steele Prospector.
. ft.  .A. Cox  iiresident  of. tlie fJaiiiidian
rBaTik of Gonwierce,  aecolnpaiiied  by J.
Increased Activity in Mining.
_'oi-t Steele.Prospector....:. ;
' ; - jA'dniiieal "D.eAV„eyJg'.*Mtivem.entsj "■  ' - "'
..^Ri:f-S^i4 "-A-usViai ^y?0.-W_jM',crui|«3j-;
^Oiyinpgj, with"-VdJiiiivai _3eAvey" On bOa^d,
'ly-l'i'A'-.d, li.ero-'-yestei'day;.. TJ,i"q j-iriiieipar
.le-ffepi-pte^ ;fl"J?i-o1.0j hhfik,h -lattCuing ax-
ticie ^vdli^inliig tiie'adjiural  to, inlS-li-iji.
& CO.
Headquartei-.s fou
This week we are showing a speciai line df
IN CO R BO RAiE D-.1670.
^ •__& •^s.;i'n___>*,=* S_B-.» !SEi"S«ti...
' IC=>X& •,£?,£(=?:•,£=>,• <&*> &> "0$, •-,
Vef •^'<=>iy^'ymf$3.',,<=i.
Away bdlqw regular price.
fhomson j. .iionepy Co., LM
Who sell "Mly ©ream." VS. e do not
cla;irm it is bettef" than all other brands,
but grily dik a fair trial to convirice
yeiu that it is the equal of any.
Baker StPeet. Nelson
S5IRST 1)00-1 W,3EST "B-tNK, B.C. JjUIbDJNfci.
I&'-Raom liouse, -_nti-'i.ly _ooatctI:t fSSGO.
(5-Eoqivi Cottage iind 2 Lot- On :G-i'i4>o)i.itc?
street, §1400, easy te'riii!-.
If, j'on. wn.it fi, stylisih pej^ect. ritting sirit„llinl}Q)0f the
litet cloth, .fever; Wipottei} -ih- jy^lsoji.JiSnVo, i'.onr order
Willi mo/:
Sik liiriiili'od -loll-ii'S wovtli of: iie\v Ktfotl..' now "wi.it-
ii'i(|.,yo;iii,"i|i«pectio!'i.   t jfjvii'iiiitec! ._._-i__.ieCiO!i oi' no ^16.
SUItS $25 J, ft.
-fclson's iipJt6fciajJo 'Pallor, ;iicj<t JvooConny Colfce Oo.
West Baker Street.      Telqpliptie 13.
I»I-OPJ-l-tV    . -
"Wo make a specialty of
Sujplap arjd Double Dressed IVJaterial
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Oflleo nnd yard nenr C.P.R. depot   K. G. BKKR, Agent.
Thesse hot summer days is a duty yoii
really owe to "No. 1."
Probably tlte best thing to do is to fortify your system Avitli some
We have all the standard preparations
that are. recommended for tliis purpose.
:*. Uy 120, Bilker street, •between  Jo..oi)hine mid
W'iiril tiiruet s $8000
50 liy 120, i-iikor street, between .lo.seiilllno and Hull
st-eufe' — , am
Mb}-12(1, Bakdr street, between Josephine and II nil
street*;, Cowiei'.., ...,..;„ «	
30 by 120, ISil..t Baker street ,    800
25 _y 120 With iiii'provomontH, south aide of Vernon
street  ,. 5000
50 by 120 with iinpro\"oirie.its, south side of Vernon
street  0000
2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. 1000
2ilots with cottage rented at, §15 per .month, victoria
street   3500
1 lot with cottage rented at §15 per month, Victoria
street  2500
2 lots with cottage rented at §20 per month, Stanley
street — ■ :  8000
0 lots in block UD, all cleared and fenced in   2500
For general information on roal estate and for further
particulars on above proporty apply to
J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H.
Mines and Mining Stocks Customs Broker
FOB  B-^-XiE.
Two lots Wi(h two-story house on JjiliI inpr
■street, uqitr .loscpliiilo ..., r. — §1800'
'I'ci'iiis:   §121)0 cash, biilance on iiioi'lg.gc.
Sixtytiioronineli, nine miles froin ciliy ou Jnko
shoriLi...;   §1000
One-half cash, bnliui-u on mprlgugUi
On -Oiiit conilitiotis iu*o tlio islicapcst and best
olle!-d. 5*0ii can repay nt any tinro without
---cs-asii^i-S _?'o__i
iji-iti-.il C-iltlnibia Periniiiiljnt Savings & Loan <"0iilpany.
Globes Savjiiys & l.Oen Co., Toronto.
Fire, I_Ife, Accident, and Sickness.
OontainlngL120 acres of land, within one ancl a
quarter miles of Nelson. ■ Por further
particulars apply to '
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.
Canada Drug and Book Co.,
Corner of Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson
Vienna Restaurant
Baker street', between Josephine and
Hall streets, Nelson.    .
-w~_a.:k.:d BEOS.
Real Estato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson
Province of British Columbia, Nelson, AVest Kootenay,
By virtue of a warrant of execution issued out of the
County Court of Kootciiay. holden at Nelson, at the suit
of Miilono & Trcgillus, plaintill's. and to me directed
against the goods nnd chattels of W. H. Swerdfcger, defendant, 1 have seized and taken in execution all tho
right, title and interest of the said defendant., \v". Jf.
Swerdfegcr in tho "Kurcka" mineral claim, situate on
the south side of Kootenay river, between Kagle and
Sandy crocks, and about two mi'e.s from the I'oonnan
mill, to recover the sum of three hundred and seventy-
one dollars and forty-live cents (§1171.-151, amount of said
execution, besides ,s.!erill"s poundage, olllcer'- fees costs,
and all other legal incidental expenses.
All uf which 1 shall expose for sale, or sutllcicnt thereof
lo satisfy said, judgment, debt, and costs, in frontof my
ollice, next to the court house, in the said City of Nelson.'
on Thur-dny, the L'7th diiy of .Inly, IM!', at the hourof
eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
NOTE- Intending purelia .er.. will" satisfy tliem^elves-
as to interest aml.tille of. aid'dot'1-ntlant.- - - . .
Dated nt.-Nelson, this _<illi July; IS.!*'. . -*.
"S.'I'.TUCK, Shci'ifl* of SoiillrKooteniiy.'
Baker Street West, Nelsoii, Ji. C.
Lots for Sale
§500 will purchase a choice residence comer, 100 by 120
§2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.
§100 will purchase two nice lots and shflnty.
§2000 will purchase two nice lots and cottage. •
§3000 will pui'cha.0 four nice lots and residence.
Buy Fairmont shares for a rise.
5000 Utica at 2 cents.
Lime 70; Geijts f& fQO puihis^
Will, deliver ,», t61i .1$-
Brtlck $lt per tkusanUi
A. yftrd or on- scqws; dp govpxiiniciil; -wliarf.
AVe have a lino assortment of A.'ooWns always
on hand. Uood^ made Up at the shbrtfest posv
sible notice. As eVetiytfiihg is kept aiid Oitide
on the premises, sat-Sfi-i3c_on is assured.
The West _^kjptenaty BVitsk & tim^ Co., M.
Bakor Streef..        T, G. PROCTOR, Manager
If yon want a natty, siylish miit of clothes; for
spring alid suninier, I have, over oOO (liII'oi>
cut patterns of Scotch, and Knglish tweeds,
which I will make to y6uv order at the low-
price of ...§25
Black Venetians wake a nice suit for summer wear at    .§21
Black serge suits in sack or morning cbttt. ,|21
A heavy  Scotch  tweed,  nice  patterns  for
business suit ,,. .§18
Trousers at equally low prices. Kit and finish
no better in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a
specialty.   Clement -lock, Baker street*
Stevens, Tlie Tailor
1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Will lie ready to open oil Thursday, July 20th.
Bto'tid delivered lo any pilrtoj: tju. city. Cakes,
pastry, and eBufCftimiory a ..jjeeiall.y.
Stanley Stiteet;.
Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.
Charles   D.  J.  Christie
i _sr s xj _a j__.._sr c _h_
TO. LKT-—Several houses of di-Torcut sizes.      -;
KOR SALIC—Real estate in all 'parts of,-the city:' -• -
Boarding and day school for girls will re-open oo the
15th day of August;. Vacancies for boarders. l''or terms
and prospectus apply to
ATAI-J-MOISEI-IjE Jvl-Iiy, Principal.
During the, season we -will deliver ice at private residences
and business houses daily in any
desired quantity at easonrablo
The TiiiikIci- -line,- Limited, Albert, Canyon, on the
m.iin-line of I lie ('. I-;. It., •>■> miles eii-.l" of ■ Revelstoke, requires six good minors.. Wajjus §":i.5il jier day."   •'
Geoi3gre Holbrook
Gity Scaveng'ep and
Chimney Sweep
Prompt attention given to ail orders loft at M. DesBrisay & Co s, Baker street, Nelson.
Strictly first-class. Bates, §3 per week and up,
Hot and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and
telephone; Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped
with exits and lire escapes, oth flloor Marion block, corner Riverside and Stevens streets.
Scaled tenders will be ivceived by the undersigned
(marked tender for Burns & Co. building) up to July 28,
1811!), at noon, for the erection of a brick block on Baker
IJlans and specifications may be scon at the architect's
A marked cheque amounting to 5 per cent of the
amount of tender must accompany each tender.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily acceptable.
AH sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out to order, and shipped to Nelson iu carload lots -
Write for prices. . .
»_   '.Si* THE  TRIBUKE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1899.
Bank of Montreal
all paid
up, • ■
Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President
F,   S. CLOUSTON General Manager
■N-ELSON*   B_R___._-TC._-__
NT, W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      1IRA.NOHI-8  IN	
and iu tho principal cities in Canada.
Huy and sell Sterling  Exchange ■md  Cable Transf.• r.
available in any part of i.ln- world.
The foIloAving will be a trifle amusing
to citizens.of tlie United States who now
live or have lived in British Columbia.
Here tlie stars and stripes ,floafc side by-
side, or are entwined side by side, witli
the cross of St. George on all public occasions, it is.the right spirit. It shows
that the-people of British Columbia are
on good terms with tlieir neighbors to
the south, and it shows our neighbors to
the south that they are among it tolerant,
neighborly people wlien they visit us :
Greenwich, Connecticut, July 7.—Because a girl refused  to be  dared   a  riot
was narrowly averted at Shippan  Point,
near here,  on   the fourth.    Miss  Muriel
Russell,  an English girl, a  guest of  her
uncle,  Robert A.  Fosdick, was  dared to
run   up the British  colors from  the flagstaff in front of her  uncle's house on the
fourth of July.    She did not wait for the
dawn of  Independence  Day,  but   flung
the   colors   to   the  breeze   on  Monday.
That niglit flag and pole disappeared.
Miss  Russell  made anotlier  Hag,  and,
nothing  daunted, displayed   it from  an
upper  window.    Tliere  it waved- triumphantly until  sundown, while  neighbors
raged, |and one 'oven went  so far °as  to
display a revolver while talking with Mr.
Fosdick. .........
»'■ ;tMiv Jbsdic.k-.^o^ rail, nfoi-^mi^cjr ..of,
Is rtow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yu^on. District.
down the table, was surmounted by tall
grasses, the stems of which came about
to the height of your lips, and these formed a screen, which broke the waves of
sound and prevented the voice carrying."
To test the matter the same company
was invited to dine again a day or two
later, and this time the table was decorated with cut flowers laid Hat. The room
recovered its acoustic properties, and the
conversation and laughter were as lively
as could be desired.
'sc^uii'd; M(sud.n*&..?.ii®
,°»D   m rl    fl. B° •-*■ o°     q, f*™M°°n **    W    * "vf.»
"ytfowdy'-htas; "rxiuhxng" across ,  „.„..„    „
-.jVI;I_S' Riis.sell;ari>ihiediatply Stai»fied.ol* loih
"n%rtirrfo^tF-%>^tWQlifieii! "Bi-flilsfi- "fll^Ti-if
°=li|oi\(J" 'w"a,S'-'";t9 hd hiid^ '-^„«sJ^"^U'*Mli?i^d'
' l'«if|$i.i'i*fl;'aud'nby ^o'diChftd^iiiadc'0j.4 ".""■"
°°. Tilie i-tfeiltidn  6f°:ih-tyo£ :Ti"t£)^r aiid.
. °$e%$pmajn^ IJ$If*\$pM s^dledip"0^-4g)ip''
"dfp"tixe' 'wdvxiig ^l$&fyl%"cdYor$,\ %ihU' thhy-
■■" -%v<ji_i:t^§eik^,,^.^iteli" j'tli^Jbftjr
. Mwdy n0y2pr 'Tupp£*_*;^6 $i.}^^-t-ln.t3 "Miefd,
wii-j fea.ro;feft difeturbaile'e; JTf&giWe men,
ihort a*i)S"we.ii,, tin-T n wlifilj I told; Mil ti thtilf
.the ueiglibovs, Ob;ik%d;to the |j|*tg tlild
pix&pxt inxgiit be \VbJl f-0-.!-hV*j)utjlii; pyape
xt\ it vdefe talidh doWiif, lip'sl$£U " !The. ptso-
,isie..qan: gp'to the .de*il/ ■dphateiixlett iiiyo
iailk wifcb'him." ■""",-"
Selectaiiaii Holly and %Ir. Brown, a
jiBigliftov of _J*Qs$ic-_'s, went toythp littteit'sj
place, but say tliey wepe ordered aswhy
hitpf b.eiiig fcjireateliecl: tt'ttih a whip.
Anotlier caller drew a -revolver, but .vent
ftwaj" without using it.
.v;is a huge joke. My niece, who is loyal
to her home5 was dared by -eVei'til of our
neighbors to fly tile British (lag on the
foiii'tii, And they said if she did it would
be torn down. I advised agaiilsl; it, "but
1 decided to uphold her. I told ]ier tliat
there Avas no IhW against it, but that it
was a foolisli thing to do.-'"
It is said that Mr. Fosdick intends to
erect two flagpoles of tlie sam6 size, Hying
tlio stars aiid sti'ipes from the oiie and
the British Hag from the Otho.
t"lowers at Dinner.
Who would ever have thought that
the way of arranging flowers on a dinner
tahle could influence tlie gayety of tlie ;
gu(.sts? A i'-V days ago M. and Mine.
X-—— gave a little dinner tit .vhitsh there
were eighteen people, accjuainted, in syni-
pathy with one another, and several of
them of a very lively disposition. To
the surprise of all conversation flagged.
It was a series of asides without echo.
The master of the house, haunted by the
perpetual smile of his wife, whose lips he
could see move, though lie could not hear
the slightest sound of her voice, wondered what friend's she Could be pulling to
Tlie company had scarcely retired to
the drawing room when gayety broke
out and the- contrast was immediate and
striking. A young doctor, versed in the
study of the nerves, was being accused of
having hypnotised all the guests when a
well known professor of the Conservatoire exclaimed: "I think I have found it
out..   It is the fault of the flowers."
"Yes," replied a youug lady, "it's the
smell of the roses. The Romans 'wore
wreaths of them in order that they
might drink freely without talking foolishly." - ■.-,,-.. -' \ '-'■■-
"I respect your opinion, niadame," said
the professor,. "but mine is rather different.    The row of flowers which extended
London Daily Mail.
Quite an astounding number of animal
occurences are made the subject of wagering. Years ago, before the vagaries of
the weather had brought the four seasons into discredit, wagering that snow
would be found on the ground on Christmas morning was very popular. Even
now, when the weather behaves with a
sublime indifference to the time of year,
wagers are still made as to its raining
forty days if St. Swithin's be wet.
One enthusiastic supporter of this
hoary legend a few yeai'S since wagered
all he possessed on one wet anniversary
that tliere would be rain every day during the prescribed period. It did rain
twenty-two days, but the twenty-third
ruined him.
A well-known bookmaker who lays
himself out for what he calls "fancy wagering" has stated that the amount of
money which was wagered on the late
Righ°t Hon. W. E. Gladstone reaching the
age of ninety was simply enormous. He
also says that being a believer iu the unexpected happening in politics, he accepted at the time of the Home Rule split in
the Liberal party three Avagers of £3000
to £1000 each ...that. Mr.'Chamberlain
would one day be prime minister of England.    The stakes are deposited..!!! a bank
[ed4iwit" Mg)ft-itttti'n^r^eii ifepMTint.$r", "t£&»-
r,sui:-.ti^.oi' Jlrp'„Thanies.";„ -j^djless. tofejvy,,.
iso' "iiniiO.sSjbre. i&l, (feftp :l'end.™":to* .iv, ileal ipf!
'■nipppy, btSihg,"lai'd(ph,'At" he. .cp"i!|dn''K''i^;.p!ii;
"the ;aiipo'intne.d, divy ihd ■ 4p.usld.Ing; %yjx$, %fadr:
ill a;§iick a^ii.cll'siuik;.fe6:=tho4refiLuired"depth",„
.the"- £ts.sjtj!Xiplec|: . erowcl .-being greatly
ainiised with tlie Carefiilinaiiniir in w;ljficlV
:|%"p4#6rmifei'1^!i3lMf" tlj& Sack,": Atyplxe,'
ienfplpfypi^e iipdi'4', "il\e? jiuddiu'g Hyas":
dn-.\^\1i^f"^fevslv.^ce"^ tp'
"be ^korovfghiy cooked;:^ Qnl-^f^ulf being, that it Sy-afy a li-tle; too welVdOiie.
Tlie siick \vaS half fiill of Ifine. .
_t dredit to .CaMda.
Jraiuiitois Jfo^alii",
What is nieCint hy the" Ppfhi "spOrts-
iiiatillke" is .flip 'Spirit of ^nahlhies'ss An
all-roiuid luanly maii is a good sijprtfinan
if liis tastes/and talents 'vnny hi the direction ol sport. On the (jonti-ai-y, a man
may be a world-beater in any particular
branch of sport, or in tnorb than one, aijd
yet be a poor sportsman. What, miikes
ti'es, but inOrtd. The Argonaut oarsmen
of Toronto, who went to Henley to eoni-
petc for- honors with the best amateur
oarsmen in Gi-eat Britain, are good
sportsmen, for they tire manly men.
They failed to capture any of the prizes ;
they were beaten; but they took their
defeats in a right luaiijy spirit. ISrOL excuses, 110 complaints, no cUiims of unfair
treatment, no attemiits to belittle the
Victories of tlieir opponents. ..."AVe Were
defeated on Our merits by faster scullers"
—that was their only explanation. The
.fellow., countrymen -of tlie .Argonauts,
would "have liked to see them return
home crowned with victory ; but better
even than victory is the knowledge that
these fine young Canadians are men who
Would wear the honors of victory modestly if they had Avon them, and who can
accept  defeat   cheerfully   and   without
KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,
Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, corner
Bakor ana Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited toattend.
T. MLLTE, C. C. R. G. JOY, K. of R. fe 3.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.   Meets
second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning
\ brethren invited.
EWAHT fe CARRIE—Architects.   Rooms 7 aud 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.
FB. HARP--R, musical director, leader Nelson Or-
•   chestra.   Ivlusiciatis furnished for all occasions on
short notice.   Telephono (12.
WANTKD.—Two or three rooms for liprlit housekeeping.   No children.   P. O. Box (!5G, Nelson. .
'ANTED—Bell boy at Phair hotel.
WANTKD — Two  waitress.s  at once.   Wages  §25
Kaslo hotel, ICaslo. •
TTTANTKD—A girl for g-iicral housework.    Ajiply to
VV   -Mr.. (Di'.l Horin, Silica Street.
FOlt '•ltEN'T—Furnished room, l'nmt parlor, with or
without board.    Fourth house cast of Methodist
church, between Josephine and Hall streets, Nelsoii
O   WONT—A furnished-room convenient   to Baker
Street.   Apply Postoilice box !«. Nelson, H. C.
envy. And it is also pleasant to know
that even in their defeat they showed
themselves to be oarsmen not unworthy
to compete with the best. When the
Argonauts come home, Toronto should
receive them, not as vanquished men,
but as Canadians who have worthily upheld the honor of their country in the
field of aquatic sport.
Pawned His Legs.
"Your honor, this man pawned his legs
to buy liquor," said an officer in magistrate Foster's court in Chicago the other
morning. Every one present craned forward to catch a sight of the prisoner
charged with the unusual offense.
"What man? Where?" demanded the
magistrate. And a couple of policemen
satisfied his curiosity by holding up PI.
W. Harrington for inspection. The prisoner was without both lower limbs. The
officers explained that he was found on
Clark street the night before in a hopeless state of intoxication and unable to
propel himself. After being locked up
he told the officers that he had pawned
his cork legs. The magistrate dismissed
the prisoner and instructed the police to
assist him in the recovery of his artificial
limbs.   .
Had Clothes to Spare.
Washington, July 20.—Investigation
of the complaint that the Oregon troops
were not properly clothed brings out the
fact that the quartermaster of that regiment turned into the quartermaster at
San Francisco a considerable amount of
clothing, including more than 700 greatcoats, a number of blankets and heaA'y
underclothing. This clothing when received by the United States is not
charged to the regiment and is accepted
if it has not been used.
Claim a Diplomatic Victory.
Berlin, July20.—The Cologne Gazette's
Apia correspondent cables that the Germans there are highly pleased over the
successes achieved by baron Von Stein-
burg, the German member of the Samoan
commissiiu', against the opposition of the
commissioner * of Great Britain, Elliott.
The German commissioner, the despatch
adds, accedeil to the demand of United
States commissioner Tripp for the confirmation of chief justice Chambers' decision merely as a matter of form, and in
order to preserve A-aluable American
friendship. Germany's influence with the
natives, according to the Gazette's despatch, is stronger than ever. It is added
that the Samoaiis demand privileges from
Honors for Sir Henry Irving.
Glasgow, July 20.—Glasgow university
today conferred  the  honorary degree of
doctor of laws upon sir Henry Irving.
P. Burns cfr Co.
.lame.. Ilourke, Salmo
A. A. Huchanan. Ymir
H. F. Amiable, Trail
F. O. Elliott, Victoria
W. H. Koss. Fort Steele
J. J. Stiihbs, ICcllowna
It. IC. Neill. Spokane
R. J. Hawkey, St. Paul
11).  C.    I-obertson,    Grand
III. McCulloch. Salmo
J. _\I. Shcrrerd, High Bridge,
New York
C, W. Busk, Kokanee
1). G. ICurtz, Kokanee
J. J. Ray, Toronto
Lt. Col. A. H. Lee, AVashington. D. C;
Lt. Col. G. C. Kitson, England
Mrs. Kitson, England
J. Beveridge, Winnipeg
E. J. Coyle, Vancouver
W. R. Ma-Innes, Winnipeg
S. Smith, Oro
11. Brand, Oro
F. Ronald, Trail
A. Olson, Hall Creek I K Race, Granite
F. J. Davis, ltossland | M. L'arrolls, Ymir
C. E. Meycnber, Winnipeg
E. O. Egan; Grand Forks
C. H. Rowla .ds. Berkeley,
JI. J. L. Ross, JCaslo
A. H. Gracisy, Oro
J-i'uce White, Molly Gib-on
S. Waters, Rossland
W. Davies, Kaslo
Front Doors
Inside Doors
^SsGreeni: Doors:
• ■_ ", Jocaliund qoast.;.„„ v-.„
C. Dempster, Rossla-id
J. Forbes, Sandon
E. C. Morton, Lardo
F. A. Heap, Ainsworth
F. IJaddock, ICaslo
J. Gill's, Hull Siding I J. Pattinson, England
W. ,1. Williams, Burlington   J. R. Ganey, Cranbrook
Montana D, B. Johnson, Vancouver
W. H. Davidson, Hall Sid-   O. Zettlcr, Rosslund
Ing I
The Tremont Hotel
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at /telson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,  Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade
City, Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
-r.mpti'/fobwarded    -|ead Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager
All communications relating to  British  Columbia  business to be addressed to P.fO. Drawer
505, Nelson, British Columbia
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
T-1""- .. DDn-
; - aloe..- and cqn_.t;. "„
^tgif Irvpii
S'h"    n    DDnJ   Bn  ^
the best and most pop-
fe^^^jbf^NeJSjdiiv:;. ■'. ■
J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager 1   Klrr,   0_->i_i     r-»    _-_
■S...S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer flMbLoUN,   D. U.
Large Consignment Received of
Suitable for House Curtains and A-vvnings.    Orders filled Promptly.
n  u*l."     n"    y-r,n *_'        H "      ^-U      BU    -*_    i¥^ ffUn.    *(_   U ' d     _    _ "-." "n fPn¥'     ' n °    n^n *
?* "S,
■ ■   „-a.'_rL'j:j.,j8i-.-...   - ;
ftn-fj   °   -'n^C11^1?,^'^
Ot "vlMii-iai3..    "
If wha-ryoii want'is imfcan stook ^-e wiil niake it for you
Gall and '&f pittej-S.
A. Sayward
 I'l-isaiPKNT^ —-=^s.:ci.KT.v._vr =
Nelson Saw & Pkiiiig Bis,
'He&ked iWitflfa't-jtfQfc "A^iir &w$.
Jjiji'fjc pqfitfiiiLLi-ljle; bcclcgtiwfi  oi^tt. llr^t-Glas.-  ai.ii.i.„
room--" Siiniiilfc irpoiii.'for coliimferci^l men".
li^A-'-C-ES   !fe2   ,_?,_i!nR   _D_A_T2T'
.  E.  G_
Late pf the ItcsyW HoWi). Wgary,
Upugh and Dressed Lumber
Doors and Sash
Ffencfe Posts and Pickets
Office and Store Fittings
F-lCTOKV W01-l_ DO.\'l- 'i'O  _KDl.lt,
Scroll Sawing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes and
General Joinery Work
Glass of all Sizes and Kinds
Sawmill on Government wharf.
Factary and oflicc, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track
ContFaet-PS and Builders
A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also
a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.
Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson - ,;- ..
Teleplionc, ill Jolll!    RaC,   AgC-lt
r|. H. HUME, Manager.
The finest 'Hotol'-ih the Ulterior.
LargO sample rooms.   Steam heat) and eleetrie light.
Madden House
ifeiiiSlnd Construction Go.
, -■"". "•-".."._<-"'" • '-_xci° ?oy°. .A,".
?&mcmm& :swpplies
LOo^plete^BIebiirio^Eq^ and Llghtingr for Mines, Towns
„„" *.-   ;„'-   *'|sr«.ctri's.'j_;^n-iu^SS,J'paitt,*^st,B^
- P.aQ:-"rB'o_;,'KBi " '""'" \".:J2 "„""°„}"\s "!«*-""'i°"»„„*'° """yy"-" »"$,; Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.
AivV£iy,_3'    'Cool
The only hotol in Nelson that has remained Wider One
management since 1890.
The  -ed-rooms  aro  Well furnished  and   lighted by
The dining-room is not .second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors and cigars.
THOMAS _>fADDRN. Proprietor.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot ni
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric bolls and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
J. V. PERKS, Proprietor
Frco bus meets all trains
Hourly street car to station
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Night Grill Room in connection, for tin: convenience of
guests arriving and departing by night trains.
Offer fresh roasted codec of best quality as follow*;:
Java and Arabian Madia., per pound S   '"
Java and Mocha 1-lend, II pounds     —  1 '{*[
Fine Santos, I pounds    1 w
Santos Blond, » pounds v   1 (W
Our .Special Ulend, 0 pounds    I W
Our Rio Roast, (i pounds '   1 W
A trial order solicited.
Salosrooms  2  Doors   East   of   Oddfellows   BlocK,   Wost
;" Baker Stsoet ': ■-
CIGARS.   .    .
•       *
iVcl-on, RrilKh ('olinnbi.i.
D. Ashcroft
g_!;^%.&?d      £■ J- CURRAN, Prop.
Fine Lager Beer,
Ale and Porter
^AVgMFinuii,    ^»'«wery at Nelson.
and Fancy Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin
Nelson Iron Works
- Repairs promptly attended to.       l\ O. Bo* 173.
\Vakton ftipRirlftK prolnptly ftttBhded tft b^ a f-rst-clns«,
WhcolvvJiiKlil,. "
Speoial attontioii ui veil, to, n',1 kinds Ot repairing and
eiist-ttiii ivfl-'k. 'froin out-side polll'S*
Sh,op-    Hall Slreeti l)-t*-i.ri Baker and Vernon, Nj-llB-i
The Imperial Oil Co.    Sta^darJ Oil Co.
Washington Brick ar*d Lirrje Co.
The H. W. NjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian At\i\\t&-
cite Coal (Hard)
Dealers In
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.
i-oat. built to order. Repairing ami fittiiiK a specialty. Sail- made and riggcu. FishiiiK rods and tacklo
mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson. ;■' THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  FRIDAY, JULY 21,  1899.  IS ���;< r  J **.;;  li?.:.*. ���  lis  l%-  IIS-  11.,  Ky  IP'  |#  I*Lm  li_"'3 ���  te-  PURPOSES  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  The largest drug house in lvootenay.      Corner of Baker and Josephine street., Nelson.  Recreation Grounds Fade Away.  L. A. IT-Uiiilton, laud commissioner for  the Cana .lian Paeilic railway .-onipi.iiy,  was interviewed yesterday by aldermen  Hillyer, Thomson, Beer and Fleteher upon  the time worn subject of the title to the  recreation grounds which the railway  company agreed with the provincial government to make over to the city. The  visit to the city of land coinniissiouer  Hamilton puts an altogether dilfereiit  lace upon the matter so far as the present  recreation grounds are concerned, in that  he says that there was no agreement on  tlie part of the railway company to��give  tlie land in question. He then offered a  new proposition which was that the railway company should place a value upon^  the present, recreation grounds and allow  the city to take acreage up to this full  valuation from the railway company's  land to the southwest of Nelson. No  definite arrangement was come to iu the  matter, but the probabilities are that  this olTer of land commissioner Hamilton.  i.s the best which the raihvay will make.  /  Summer  Suits  \  /  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  NELSON.  Men were sent out yesterday to get the  new rifle range into shape and it will  probably be finished by the end of this  week or the beginning of next. To begin  with targets at the 200 yard and the 000  yard range'-will be erected. The markers'  will be protected by a four foot wall of  masonry. As soon as things are. in shape,  an association will be formed and civilians  invited to join.  The safe peddler who got out of the  town just in time to avoid the information laid against him, clis2_osed of seven  safes to merchant.1- and others in town.  This is not as it should be, for the identical safes could have been got at the same  price from the local agents of the company who are in Nelson to stay.  Tlie Kootenay. Supply Company" has  been reorganized as a joint stock company, with a capitalization of $100,000,  the bulk of the stock being held, in England. H. F. Pollock, who recently returned from a visit to the old country,  found no difficulty in   floating  the  com-  DesBrisay &  Go's  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  AND PIC-NICERS' LIST  PRESERVE THIS LIST AND ORDER FROM IT  ;   . "   PHONE 8  "    BOX 08 =-   .'  Anchovies *."." ���. '    '" -  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kinds  McLaren's =Ctfeese' �� *  Condensed Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream  Devilled Ham    "    ^  Devilled Chicken  Devilled Turkey  Devilled/Crabs  Deyjlled Tongue  Devilled Beef .  Finnan Haddie*  Honey in Bottles  Ham in Tins  Irish Stew  Jams and Jellies of all kinds  Lime Juice  Lunch Tongue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Marmalade  Macaroni and Cheese  Olives  Pig's Feet  Roast Rf-P-f  pany, and he and C.. E. C. Martin will be  the resident directors in Nelson. M.  McKay, formerly with A. Macdonald &  Company will be business manager. The  new company "will engage in the wholesale grocery and produce business.  The board of trade has ordered a. large  cabinet in which to display the mineral  collection that is to be formed.  All trouble between the Crow's Nest  Pass and the Kootenay Valleys roads is  now tit an end, and it is expected that  the latter line will be in operation in  sixty days.  A special meeting of Court- Kootenay  Helle.-No. 7l:5, Canadian Order of Foresters, will lie held tonight to receive I). K.  McKinnon, district high chief ranger for  British Columbia, Manitoba ami the  Northwest Territories.  The tramway company has not yet  hied the plans of its proposed road with"'  the city engineer. It was expected that  the plans avould have been turned in  yesterday, but instead the statement  .was made that the company would be  unable to secure the delivery of the necessary ties for at least one month, and  consequently there is no necessity for  haste in the submission of plans.  Alfred Burniash pleaded guilty yester-  torelay when arraigned before stipendiary  magistrate Crease upon the charge of  assaulting Martin Habegard ittLapointo's  brickyard, the particulars of which appeared iu yesterday's Ti..l.i'Ni_. The  magistrate sentenced the prisoner to one  day's imprisonment, and to pay a fine  of .$:10 and costs, or in default to a .further term of three month's imprisonment. Burmash paid the fine and costs,  amounting to $04.25,,of which sum $10  go to the physician who dressed Ha.be-  gard's injuries.  The engine of the C. P.��� 1?,. train from  Slocan ran oif the line last night about  four miles above Slocan junction, but the  tender did not follow and no serious damage was done. A train was sunt down  from Nelson and brought in'the passengers.  The eleven which will represent Nelson  in the cricket match against Rossland tomorrow has not yet been quite settled  upon, but it ."will probably consist of J.  -.lliot, F. Eletchcr. C. M. Brown, K. Mackenzie, J I. M. Williams, il. and I'l. Wilson,  J. .1. Norcross, 11. 11. Haines and two  others.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  A  grand  moonlight excursion,  under  the nu^pices of lho coiiiinitluc of Kralurnity hull, will be  given on Kiidaj-, July 21st, if.)!). Tho ..learner Jloyio will  , leave .Ihe-iLy .viiarf at S:H() juii., unci rci.uni about. HI  p.m., iitnl again leave ut 10:30 p.m. and return ut 1:30 a.m.  -A magnificent, dancing lloor will be provided, upon the  scow which wi)' accompany lho exour.iaii' . lenuior. - Se;  otii-.ti-Iculs wiily from tlie Tlifiuwun Slntkmcry Oo. mid  iMilis & bolt, as only n limited ni'imbur .Will-bo issued.  Tickets Si each.   . . =  -    -"  NELSON, B, C.  KASLO, B. C  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  helf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,0  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Whari  rf.  oo  C3  CeiTied B_ef ���  Relish  Sardines iri oil  Sardines in mustafd  Sc.imc.ri  Troij*. in tins  TrufFgs  Herring iri torn sauce  Herring in anchovy sauce  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  Boned Chicken " ".'  Boned Turkey  Boned Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard, etc., etc.  Fashioned  English  Ginger  Beep  _2  ___!  <c  J���  :m  CO  ���I  3��  ?co  '_-_-  T/i  ac  m  C3  C/3  O  __:  CO  __  o  Diamond Prices  Are Climbing Up  BUT HAVE NOT REACHED  TQF &0TCH YET  Refrigerators  PRICES -_.NGING.FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  _sr__ii_so_sr, _3_ c  _)ii--ii_!-cls have advanced about 35 per  cent in price since last iall} and aAQtlier  ucl.vai.ee is Qxpecfc-d ncMt month with tire  limit not yet in siybt. You cannot go astrmy  by buying on a rising Uiarkt,ti hk your goods*  will be ���..'i-'i'lsii. more tomorrow- tllaii. they are  today, ,-*_)-._ the diilei'-iif-O in price \vi|J bo n  ���Ql'enr gain to you, As T wudv, large pur~  eli!-_C- bel'ore the advance,', We are Jli a pQyiti.m  and wiHiiiiis to give. tiur.i-U.sbom'-l'.s the benefit  <-_ tlie adyantilg-OUvS tci-iis on -fj.'ri-li 1 pur-  eliiised Of dili-j'Oiit valvio, al! kinds of I)ia-  mojlds, Bubiej.,, Knieriilds, Oii veeas -nid iPeads.  Being direct and large importers, with the  best .facilities for buying fight in, eastern  n'liirketfi, W*$ are in a position to oiler a choice  selection of stones, either loose or mounted, at  right prices1. Would it not be to your advantage to anticipate your wants rather than pay  a little more.   ���  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  One-half price sale of Qrock-  ery and Grlassware for the week  corD/mencing^ July 17th. \  You "who have visited this  department during' a sale know  what this means.  The reason for this sacrifice  is, that goods cabled for from  England and Japan will arrive  in a few da^ys and we must have  LJa^TOa^shoa^^  W1LSOH  S!  Direct  from the nmniifact  half gallc.ns.  Lake of tlie Woods  xxtQ-r in pints, q,ua-r,ts,- and  Flour m stock.  A.  linker Street Wc..-, Nelson, B. G,  an  VICTORIA  VANCOUVKR  NKl-SON  Thorpe & Co.,  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  IsTELSOlsr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN ��� KOOTENAY  ({Alii  GOODS   /\ND    HAIR    ORNAMENTS  SWITCHES J. ROM �����! UP  Mrs. J. W. ICc-Li-niiy lias o]ieneil n I.iulics, Hun-. Dross  itiw I'ii'lor iii mom 1, Viuloria bloek, Nelson, anil i.s pro  in (hi!   way of "Imir Koods.  'pared to firnisli' everj thing  i  and liair.tC-iiies.   Ti'ealiiienL of  the .sculp a Mpeeially.  At.ention to Fine Watch FJepairs.  We employ tlie very best watchinnkers, and  orders by mail or express will receive prompt  attention. JACOB DOVER.'  TROPICAL FBUIT~DEPOT  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelon-, Pine Apples, ancl all other Fruits  in season received daily.  Hazlewood lee Cipeam  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery.  FX-tJIVIB-SI-S,   _3a?C  0-_P_E_R__-   HOUSE   BLOCK  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and. try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  Next Door lo .  P. Hurns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  Baker Street near Josephine Street,  120.   A snap.  30 by  FOB -RZEHSTT  MILLS & LOTT  AgontR fo   Jlazlowood Ice Cream. -  ROOMS AND OFFICES  ��� - ���   , -il'1'I.Y - .:  ���:  '��� ���������������-  J. LAING STOCKS, Seeretar-y  At olllce of tlio Duncan Mines, Limited. -;  $JOOO  -firf-OO  I   ?r"mc Atlditioii. neat cottage, fine garden,  1 ./?.i,Llaivn'-^h-.ldu,''ro0K' watcr 1J��'�� to 81'o.iin-ilfl,  lot (ID by IS), also 15 by 120 to rear struct'.  $750   I  La(imcl' Street, choice corner lot 100 by 12(1  APPLY TO OWNKR  T, G. PROCTOR  '��� B-A.SIE!-,.   STEEEO?  W. P,BPBI_N"soosr  (li-X-bliorill of South Kootenay)  GENERAL; AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on.eoiiHigiiiiicn(.s of merchandise.   "���  Postoilice Box 572        . Nelson, B. C.


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