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At Last Night's  Council  Meeting.
Alderman Beer was tlie only absentee
at last evening's session of the eity council when alderman II. B. Thomson handed
in his resignation, coupled with the intimation that he proposed leaving the
city about August 5th foi1 Cariboo. No
action was taken upon the resignation
and the probabilities are that matters
will be so arranged that alderman Thomson Avill be granted sufficient leave of
absence to carry him through the balance
ol' his term.
The report ol' the finance- committee
was read recommending (In- payment of
accounts amounting to close upon $3000.
The conimittee referred t.o the council
the account of the Minor Printing & Publishing Company of $120 for 1.200 copies
o. the Miner's "special." The reference,
of the account to the council created considerable fun at the expense of the publishers of the "special." It also developed in the talk which followed that tlie
Miner company had not complied with
the terms of the council's oiler although
furnished with a copy of the resolution
on the same day that it was passed by
the council.
Several members of the council expressed the opinion that the creation of
the Miner company did not conform to
the conditions imposed by the council in
its offer of assistance and the matter was
disposed of for the present by alderman
Hillyer who moved that the account be
laid over until the next meeting of the
Two tenders were received for the construction of the sewer on Arictoria street
between Ward and Josephine. The first
was from .Josiah Thompson. His figures
were 74 J cents for earth and $s5.f50 for
rock. The tender of IL II. McDonald was
1~) cents for earth and $0 for rock. The
two tenders -were referred to the public
works committee with power to act.
The throe debenture bylaws were then
reconsidered and finally passed, on ' motion's by aldermen'Thomson and  Hillyer.
Messrs. Macdonald & .Johnson's bill of
costs was referred to the city solicitor.
C. W. West & Co's application that
.Falls street from Baker to Silica street
be graded was referred to the city engineer.
The application for a water 7_>ain on
Hall street fl-om Latimer to Hoover was
referred to the public  works  committee.
A ■.-communication was read from
Messrs. Crease <fc Crease, solicitors for the
Kaslo. The crown grant for this lot
shows the boundary on the easterly side
as being Kootenay lake. A part of this
lot has been laid out as a townsite. A
groat dill", reuce exists between the high
ami lowwaier mark in the lake, Avhicli is
sail lo haw as much as fourteen feet and
upwards \ ertical rise. The plaintiff
ei.iii:i: d ,ii riparian owner the right to
lay out 1 its on the land laid bare at low
water, and to exclude anyone else from
eroding any structures which would interfere with free access to the water.
Tlio defendant company oavu two lots
in this towu.-ile, partly above high water,
and they are erecting a wharf for the
use of (heir steamers on land which the
plaintiff has laid out in town lots. The
defendants claim tliat from tiie field
notes of the survey it is apparent that
the high, water line was token as the
boundary, tliere being 400 feet between
this line and low water in places. They
also contended that foreshore rights belong to the Dominion and not to the province.
Justice Drake declined to express an
opinion as to what rights the plaintiff
may have as riparian owner, but decided
the plaintiff is entitled to have free access
to tlie "water, and that the defendant's
wharf and piling interfered with this.
The questions which arise in-the action
arc of considerable importance and can
only be settled at the trial. The injunction is granted untiL-the trial, but in the
meantime the defendants are entitled to
use the -wharf as heretofore for landing
goods and passengers.
$ Tlh^e^|§^<^
; ■ itl'M'^tsVvilssibtl ;;*u1;nn/d!-**vMi ollSC a11'!^'-1- " lJ,re°''
.:^^«^jy]i^i\Sftv0ip. "ci$y *^f!^"^$'ff ■;
.\.ti]|-ic^ -Kh|vtV
- '(Sveiv' *T'l le" ^olty" "iolj di |$i£^\kvs5 'in"§^i. ud^d'
Preliminary Meetings Yesterday.
Eastern financial methods aro being
imported into British Columbia and yesterday saw tlie initiation of the first
trust known to the interior of the province. Sawmill men from all over West
Kootenay and parts of Yale were assembled in Nelson yesterday. They held a
meeting yesterday afternoon and another
again in the evening, and it was eA'ident
that „spmej*hing .was; in ...the .wind, .v.. Oyer.'
*(.i^Jj5*yirdJe;u-c'6.of■inteutMn.;-po, get 'Qufrxhey t
"^iJtwptl^e.pvi^hed,."" ""; ' „ 2: -,",,
Thp fivixxatigp "Of thd' I-IiWiiifton ' PoWddr
C(;mipalii^* .#' Storing Hip's, -ih 'tfe Rake1'
s%eet;„olTl|ci?,„aV;as tly.ii. .Itakdh np, and the
.c(fm^l;irioc;ided ip'T\oP\0[pkp°!e&hipaisy to
flejliQve all capS .i'l.--expiss Oi the aihouut
allowed by law. Tjie company \viil be
g'iyeiX five, days hi "wliicli to doiiiply.
G, ]tfalifa.\t-HMl, ^dngi-heer Oi the local
trainMay,WrOtd td the eifect that thd
tranjAvay dOnlpahy 'Avould require froni
600 to'SOO yards of I'oek. Tlie company
desired permission to take the rOek from
the Victoria pi .Josephine streets bluffs
the cost of taking out the rock. The
communication Wont to thd public works
committee. „
W. J. Thompson, in his report as chief
of, the fire brigade, said that there Was
no loss by fire during the last quarter,
lid also suggested that stand, pipes be
put in for thd use of the tank of the
water cart. This the council decided
to dp.
I'ho Sanitary iirspdctOr reported upon
the complaint Of " Sdotty " flepburn aild
others cODC'ei'iling tlie Chines- wash
house on lot 10 in block 7. The inspector
reported that tlie Chinaman's pfemisds
word much cleaner than tliose of the
Chinanuiu's neighbors.
Tlie mayor and engineer were: instructed to secure a capable man to act
as inspector of sewer 'Construction.
The public works committee was
authorized to call for tenders for the construction of necessary sewers alid report
said tenders to the city.
Aspires to be a Dictator.
Paris, July 17.—On of the chief questions now occupying public attention in
Paris is whether or not there has been or
is now an Orleanist plot to overturn the
republic. The really important feature
of the question,, however, is whether or
not M. Paul Deroulede is in the pay of
the duke of Orleans. ' The deputy denies
this indignantly, but there is no doubt
that liis intentions are not so pure as he
Canadian Pacific Knocked Out.
-■'■'■'Victoria*,' July 17.—In the case, of Foster vs. the C.P.R., "justice Drake has
given his decision granting tlie injunction applied for by the plaintiff, restraining the railway company from constructing  its -wharf over  lot 208, group  1, at
$f*thfe4^ , ...
'"Mil 'into "oi|'e;^,oju ."-..tpeiy .cnoi,upiii|.y,.aC,fedi:n,g'
'the- 'bdli df" M" 0-|f of d; ^nfter^td^^^
"C^ni'|^a*ii*>%rwell° .orga-hizdcly, *\voi!fd'.'""-.bue:." i'h- -a-"
'pd^}pipp^p}..edht]L^lfilie pnee- dpilunxh'^ip
plieihterhlf df.ihepiiofinee. " ' _ '    . ' V"„ ;
>:j^ueli»a. t'schdln^.r^qniilds* iintej**! .pdrfl^t""
.ikan'd'thd. lkddtTng' yesteMlay ;\\*. 'dflly
"p,relimiluiry.%^ ;Tj'ie^ "pl-_&,>.]i,bn.ydyer>„:-Ay?Ls:i
.cu.t:.(li\;ti."n"_ "jtixei- "xQiigh iXnd", "\xh':e^ehi)\ve-:
'C^fii-ilrf.fctep^is eldcted..    It i§,4nterided">
i that they §l|all ehoosd comp.etdut. clis_
iiiterest(-d par ties to %ci" jis Vtihlei'S "who '
Will fdi'iii ain" eSti'jnate of the .wprtll"-of-
•the  A^aricuiS'  iiiills,  ..IS   going   coucdiyiSi,
^Vhen, tliis ijiipertant niatter is seplild i
the conipany Avill b.d organized  and Ike I
in prop0rtao.li; to the valuation made of
tjie'ji"'respective plants fts outlindd aboAre.
The valuators have not ydt bedix dhosen,
but it is expected that thdy aviII be desig-
liated  iu tlie  .immediate, future, Avhen
_tJie*\___jv-il'l—^proceed _Avitll_jtlie_^svork_at
once.    Those intercstdd in the formation
Fire Limits Case Adjourned.
The case against E. C. TraA-es for erecting a wooden building Avithin the fire
limits came up before police magistrate
Crease yesterday, and the evidence of
the city engineer and the city clerk was
taken. After the case had been proceeding for about an hour it appeared there
were two informations before the court,
and the council were acting at cross purposes. Au information had been laid
against TraA'es for not supplying the
city with lines and levels a.s provided by
the bylaw, and S. S. Taylor^was prepared
to fight it. Another information had
been laid for erecting a neAV building
within the fire limits contrary to the
byhiws, and W. A. Galliher, avIio had
just retured to town, Avas prosecuting
under this one, being under the impression that the first information had
been formally withdrawn. It had not'
been AvithdraAvn, hoAveyer, nor had the
defendant been served Avith a copy of it.
After some argument the original information Avas dismissed by consent, the
new one properly ser\*ed and the case
will be gone into again this morning at
10 o'clock. _-
President Bywater has been on a tour
of inspection to the Wilcox group, and
says everything is going on famously.
The shaft is uoav doAvn 45 feet and in
solid ore. A. F. Scott, a large shareholder in the Simcoe company, .vent up
to the Big Horn group recently and expresses himself satisfied Avith all he saw.
Mr. Scott says they have plenty of capital iu Boston if they could be induced to
invest it here, aud no doubt on his return
there he Avill do his best to influence
Mr. Chadbourn is here getting samples
of ore for the Paris exposition and is also
arranging for the purchase of ore for the
Hall Mines smelter..
The family of A. .Tulien, Ariee-president
of  the Blackcock  Mines,   Limited,  have
arriA'ed and taken up  thei r  residence at
it/Jigg mine*.- The iif&eoinmitfcee_ |,iave„ -jjnet ]
Shipping Zinc Ore.
Five carloads of ore carrying a high
percentage of y.iuc passed through Nelson on Sunday consigned to 11. A. Brown,
Filsmcre, I.ngland. The ore aviis billed to
lOverett, Washington, via the CI*.II., and
goes thence to Kngland in ballast round
the Horn. Mr. Brown i.s the Mritish Columbia representative of the Smelting
Corporation, an Knglish company that
has recently erected large works on tho
Manchester ship canal. The company
controls ji new process for tho treatment
of /.inc-boaring ore, AvhicJi enables it to
treat such ores Avithout charging the
usual penalty on the over percentage of
/inc. Mr. BroAvn litis obtained the control of several properties in Slocan and
Ainsworth'- districts, the ore of Avhieh
carries a high percentage of zinc, and
the above shipment is the first of many
that Avill surely folloAv.
Mining Industry Forging Ahead.
The number of records made in the
ruining recorder's office for the Ivottlo
riA-er mining division for the first half of
the present year sIioavs that the mining
industry is forging ahead. The records,
especially tlie number of certificates of
Avork, are greatly in excess of the number, for the first half of last year, and
this is encouraging, as it shows that the
rescources of the district are being steadily deA'eloped. Of records of mineral
claims, some 483 Avere made, of certificates of Avork some 329, while the number
of free miners' certificates of all denominations totals in excess of 1100, thereby
showing'that the mining population is on
the increase. A very . considerable
amount of mining property has changed
hands during the six'months just passed,'
and altogether the year promises to be a
phenomenal one as far as the Kettle river
division is concerned.
Pushing Work on a- Smelter and Mine.
: The work of grading the site  for the
smelter iioav building near Grand Forks
is progressing rapidly and by September
1st the  flume  Avill  be  completed.    The
Jvn"c)E"IEll",s otfeVoi;^
of arranging freight rates. Until the
company takes over the line contractors'
rates will be in force, and the existing
tariff has been reduced one-third and in
some cases one-half. The merchants over
there had been holding back tlieir orders
until the; rales were settled, and a big
rush of freight is now expected. Mr.
Peters also went into Republic and made
arrangements with the United States
customs oflicials for the handling of
freight into that section. He expects
the Canadian Pacific railway will do a
big business there. The line will be completed into Cascade by the 10th of August, and will reach Grand Forks by the
latter end of that month. . When leaving
Cascade yesterday a teamster brought
the news that., the Columbia hotol, the
chief hotel in the town of the same name,
Avas burnt down oil Sunday night. No
lives Avero lost.
"fri'Q dxtiiiguisl'l^rj?"'
of the donipany expdet that it Avill be
nearly six months before everything is
settldd, but they seen! to entertain no
doubt of the ultimate success „of this
attempt to control the lumber industry
of the interior of British Columbia.
Eleven Drowned iii Lake Bennett.
ViC'i-ORlA; July 17.—Marry Howard of
this city was in the party Of eleven,
Which also included Mi*, aud Mrs. Wilts of
Vancouvdr, who are believed to have
been drowned in Lake Beuneb, AA'Mle attempting to cross in a sail boat,
Mr. Clearihue of this city, who recently
returned says they Avere preparing to
start on their journey when he left, and
none of them knew Iioav* to handle a sail
boat.   '
Ball Games Yesterday.
Chicago 4, Brooklyn 7.
Cincinnati 2, Philadelphia 3.
Baltimore 2, Cleveland 7.
Baltimore 21, Cle\'eland (i,
Boston Q, Pittsburg 5.
Milwaukee 7, Detroit 7.
Kansas City 1, Indianapolis .4.
St. Paul 14, Columbus 7.
Reducing the Salvage.   :
**6t. Johns, NeAvfouudland, July 17.—
The iSfeAV found laud supreme court has reduced the salvage for rescuing the Do-'
minion liner Gaspesia1, Avhieh was locked
in the ice in the gulf of St. Lawrence for
about four months. The salvage has
been reduced to .$6500. .
■ ■   Price, of the Metals.
Nisav. York, July. 17.—Copper, firm;
brokers' $1S.50, exchange $JS.50. ; Lead
quiet; brokers' $4.45, exchange .$'1.60 Qi
$4.(ij>.    Bar silver 00jf.
,m. i'hoh!as^to^yeJl „ 'Ayas:^!clia^ged'""in;"/Pi.e
polled ° doiiivfc .yesterday*' iift$$\ ■ "^iss-auipifig-
David Lticlar'dsyiilia"b.i;i(3% -' ' \ . ' .";
• R.JK.;IIediW, s\u3erinteiid."eht of tlidllfilli
Mines ■ "SilidJter, sr*|fc;ur;ied;;?frdiJMi„ the old
douhtry On'SftiKlaf' ^iplt^iti^ ^i-iclb. 'The
%n-lXl'0,yeeui*rait° |ji.e .".siii-Jttdr'^^ydS^h'ted. -"Mie
'.iidAVly'.inaK'iied' cd.u|Sle.. wiili a" ]i-andso.itid;
cas,d of Silver spoijiiSHliiid forks., ° and J|..
Iledldy showed kis appi'dciatioLii of thd
gift by l.sk'i'ii^' tlieih :all" i!p to liis?" house
last night, wiierd thfey Spent ii. niost enjoyable eveiiiiig; ■ .'
* S.. §, Taylor^ .counsel for the J_an_i!.tois
PoAvder CbmiDiuiyj gaAre notice ydsterday
;of his iiitdiitioii to. appeal against the rodent dddisioh of the *p.olicd niagistrate by
apj. lying to the sitprdnie eoni't for a \vrit
of certio!!ari.
Thehfody of William Bfeard, who was
droAviied in the hilie on June 2Q,th. was re-
coA-ered-A^esterday:.,. OiisIoav NeAvling
noticed it floating near tlid rock bluff, opposite the city wharf, and informed the
chief of polled immediately oh his ar-
rival in tOAvu,. The latter Avith T. J.
Scanlon and John Miles set out to recoA'er
tlie corpse, and eventually discovered it in
tlie last dddy abovd the rapids. The
body now lies in D. McArtlnir »fc Co's undertaking parlors, and Avill '.probably be
buried this afternoon. Tho deceased had
been employed as bladksmith at the
ytnii' mine. V
Thirtyrsix mdinbers o| tlie local company of the Kootenay Rifles turned out
last night on the old tennis court .on Victoria street for their first drill by sergeant-instructor Carroll. The.-e are only
foui' vacancies in tlie Company, and every
man enrolled was present last night.
Regular drills will be held ou Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. /
This Triuune modestly suggests that
tlie city purchase another sprinkling outfit. Some of the boulevards are a trifle
Mrs. J. Martin, sister of Mrs. H. R. Bellamy, leaves this morning for Gray's Harbor1, Washington, on a three-months'
visit to her son.
H. B. Hubbard, machinist on tlie Miner,
was married Sunday night at the Methodist parsonage to Miss Flora A. Wiman,
of Olympia, Washington. The newly
married couple have taken up their residence in the liouse at the corner of
Josephine and Silica streets.
O. M. Rosendale, manager of the Slocan
Ore Purchasing Company, returned yesterday from New York Avhither he had
been on business .connected with., his
Charles Prosser, the  popular   clerk   of,
the'JIiune hotel, has resigned his position
to tiike that of manager.of the Waverley
hotel on Victoria street.
of Rossland \U_jiug
'.",$»Mit/lln- "fire.pj£y%fes' %x2ilie »Bo.un,tUlJ.yV 'ti
■ "tlts"™.  -ku.. .!_?':„. v'z.ki'.-     x-n   Wi    " """    "
Track Within Seven Miles of Cascade
Edward Ferguson, of II. J. Evtms &
Co., returned on Sunday from a trip
through the Boundary district, and reports business good. The track of the
Columbia & Western raihvay extension
is'laid to within seA'en miles of Cascade,
but as there is considerable bridging the
track will not be at Cascade before the
10th of August, and it AA'ill probably be
September 1st before Grand Forks is
.Newspaper  Men's Revenge.
Nl_w Yoi.k, July 17.—The Journal
prints'a dispatch from James Creelman,
who avus the Journal's correspondent in
Manila, and who is iioav in London, in
Avhieh he says that unless 'general Otis
is renioA'ed the campaign in the Philippines'will be a failure. He says general
Otis is a fussy old'man, unaccustomed''to
anything but regimental .commands, and
saturated with the ideas and methods of
ti routine clerk. His experience does not
go outside of regimental lines. He is incapable of dealing Avith the far reaching,
intricate problems involved in a Avar
■with  the7 natives.    Creelman .sayS: that
^/.^.'tv.» ^v**-:V.    ..lj.' ..V.. ^ of.*j.\*>   .. „.
tohiiniy tliat
JtAiveiay,- - was"-.
l'°y\      Peoile..:'\Va;s, ;3_Iis<iu.6*tV_.D ] "y\
,..""2 " "   "H(G^ooiiwoO^"S!.uj>os, •    "    "p    °",    °J
Sjgoiige'Hddi'j -o'p the "_NdlsOi? Hiiuefware
__'__" _|ann5*;V. \v)1o. ""'visl't^dV plip, pp'xxjidxxry"
'Qx&^h :Qoniip'vyAV"^loxp ti°*iii'S»i.ag,bJ°.Aya^ li|-
"terlfd'\ved.: %' the,"iN;e'l-*.roJi MJuS'-" • .'T|te'ill*
tdryid^ved .or the ihtqrvieAv-dL' was; 'l*raelly
nlix'ed up, Mr., l}eex: is credited Avith
sayl rig" that thd WiWipeg is the ilea rest
ii-liuo to Gi'dfeiiAvd()d: and ti'lat it has, been
closed through the enforcement of the
digiii-hour l$f\V: Tliere are a score of
inMel' neai'dr GredUAVood. thai, tjje Wjn-
nlpd'g and that n.iiJ\e has not been cloSed.-
'Tildi'd are many other inaecuracics in the
interAd'dv. equaliy glaring.
-The Mining Room.
 The_.Ne_AA>_York Financial News gays .
"KoA^er before iii the world has there boon
such general and Avidespi-ead, Jidtivity in.
mining in all ptirts of the .A'orld, and for
till the important minerals. This activity is more cohdeiitratcd and intense in
the United Slates than elsewhere, but it
is spreading in every region. AiistralUv,
Africa, Chiinl, the islands of the Pacific,
Europe, South America, British Oohtin-
bia, British-.North America, Mex'ico, are
all in thd rush 0al? well as are woof the
United States.   It is an age of ruining."
pailp p£%.Tlef figltlM; ■ V'. ■   '""" "*■". *f
.   :Crcdi-h5.iiii° ^B^Ppdtyg^femiy&ti^
^.ei'di-se/of his"-[l^ghx^i'^oy^ev^p^re^^hs^,
. patehes; yYlxi" ■ 4ytai.iiti'da!>;. * lP:ine*';.Di-;igl_y"'
"Crd'eluiau'-'bt'ougOit" to  liivn -ii- djspalelfs."'
n     _."-     "'      n  't.  "o '. H        n   '  *•_■  ,-P_n   fln.__.       l"! *D °° "_      D ui_?"n_  ilrJ       BtftiL
Not Even in the _?almy Days.
Ainsworth, July 17.-—Although there
were many predictions some AA'eeks ago
that the enforcement of the eight-hour
laAV Avould bring eA'erything to a standstill in this camp, the experience of the
past month has not borne this out. There
are now more nien Avorking in the mines
of the camp than for several months and
the immediate prospect is brighter than
for several years. -..
Work is going ahead at the Tariffcnime,
but it is reported Mint an Knglish syndicate is negotiating for the purchase of
all the interests of IVank Heap in the
camp. This would include theTarifTand
the Pontine group as well as a mercantile
business at Ainsworth. Should the deal
go through Heap will go to South Africa.
On the Little Phil property there is a
force of from Ifi to 20 men at Avork. The
general impression is that the Trail
smelter has acquired an interest in the
Little Phil, and that it Avill be Avorked
steadily for the purpose of keeping up
the smelter's reseiwe of lead ores. Already there are over 100 tons of ore on
the dump ready for shipment.
Maxwell StoA'enson has° about 30 men
Avorking on the Highlander long tunnel
and other Avork. Half the force is at
Avork in the tunnel itself. TAvelve inch
timbers arc being used in this tunnel .
AA'hich is eight feet in the clear. The
compressor is not yet ■'-.ready, for use, so,
the tunnel is being driven by hand.
There is also a deal pending for the
sale of the Highland property, which has
been held idle for', several "years. It is
said that the owners have been offered
$100,000 cash, or $130,000 on a bond with;--'-
a first payment of $15,000. The owners
are supposed to be holding out for $150,-
000 011 a bond with a $50,000 cash payment. There is room enough to 'work..:
100 men in the-Highland at o»ce. Tliere
arc 1300 feet of drifting on the vein and
upraises aggregating OA'er 500 feet, besides several crosscuts.
On the Star property there are  about 'y
ten men at Avork sinking. ■ This"property.
is near the  No.   1.    The latter has been
pumped  out  and  sinking has  been   re-:;
sumed.    There are about fifteen men at
the mine.
The OAvners of the  Silver Glance Inive
had betAveen 300 and. 100 samples tested.;:
from the Silver Glance ledge for the pur- ;:
pose of determining Avhether it would be-^
advisable to i>ut in a cyanide plant.   The ^
tests   were  satisfactory, ; and a cyanideyy
f(Bxj)okh(pL. tstre^fit^fgtfike.;;
oil 'ijh*S^^o"£ssSthat"1.«.e' l^ul;Qih thfejjhvy,"
At auothdij iimejAh, -cdiisoi'Ing 4).§patchgs.
of actual"o.ddKrreiiddS,""Otis sft'idj""! don't"
,pfo;pos(d :ip ".allow- thc"-^]B.er:iean" .public., to -
kiiow itn-ything" about".this cainpa-'igii'tliat
j)l'a^"'agi.ta;temor exneitd,.» ".'So? I'dng 'fts 1 llin.' 1
in coniihaiid1 thdv IJd'oIJlo of "thd Bnited .
States Ayjll loiow oiily.Hucli" iiRittcrs. fl^ I
doeni .adA'isjabTd; to-alio xv to be, ki \dtsvh,''"
The properties un Motning mountain
.conttnue to look avc.1. IT. Wilson and
fi. C. '.C-impbell'3ohnston were up at the
Birdsdyc yesterdaS'j and were very well
satisfied with what they saw. Tliere are
four veins on this property, and a force
of men is now employed stripping three
of them, Avhile a tunnel is being driven
in on the fourth.
Work upon the South Fork trails in tlie
Ainsworth camp, is progressing well.
When completed the trail will be twelve
miles long, reaching from the Ainsworth
Avagon road to tlie summit of the South
Fork. Already something more than
eight miles of the trail have been completed. It Avill open up Avluit are alleged
to be Avonderfully rich claims.
W. C. Noble, formerly timekeeper at
the smelter here, leaves this morning for
Greenwood to take up his new position
as manager of the Buekhorn and War
Eagle Mining Companies, who are operating tlio claims of the same iiaiiie near
that eity.
Freight Rates into Boundary.
'F: W. Peters-returned yesterday afternoon from a trip through  the   Boundary
country, Avhere he went for, the   purpose
War pepaftiHent Officials- Reticeiit.
Wasi'i.I'N^ton., July 1.7.,—The publication of the War corVespondduts' fOi-.iiWl
i ti d ic tineiifc^oC^t1! 1 d=mai;i agei .11 en __-ofL_tlit*i
Philippine cainpaign ca,i.sed a sensation
in tlie depai'tijidiits here. Secretary Hay
had, received advices as late as today of
tlit. civil as well as military 'branches of
the service ]iv the. Pliillppines,, Avliicii led
liiin to declare that tlio0 situation there
Avas certainly improved' materially, and
that the prospects of the future had
brightened very njiic-ln With these advices the set_"i.dfc-»'_y said general (His had
tiottiin'g.io do, and-.'thai, they yyerc from.
disllltereyted persons, U'hose opinions
in list carry weight. Generally there U*as
si strong riisr-ncliaa-tiim exhibited by (..lie
officials to (fiscuss this last round • robin.
Gener.'i.] lyiiles, Avlio was acting jus secretary of \va.r in the absence of secretary
Alger, an*"!, assistant seerctaj'y M^eikle-
joim would not eonilrjcnt upon the
despatch, and adjutant-general, Corbin
pursued the same policy.
.djejjtSi-ii ri;ri d'd^l^iaji^h^^fe * >5^fi_fe^X^#^
'crippled. ' Noue:"'of."t^lie|'tiiKk«niI^^^
feti-i fixed to 'i\%uk^4it.|;t3Q'y^.^
busy 'during the'liay,^
nnion men,. ou'".*t3_e,;^filVe^".„lLil!&^.^t.i^
work.   In th% 'ref|pe^"t" »;tlxe. .stiilveivs/;>vei!"d:""_ ^
partially fc.iwssft^
itti-oads on"tlid  ftuliilil'ig' "Of tad" Pi^niaiifrj
avenue cafS. ■■■'""■]
..^LoncloH__?ress_.'Har&L.on jOtis.
General Otis' Hospital Repert.
Manila, July 17.—The hospital report
of the medical department of the past
week is as follows: 'Typhoid fever 23
cases, malaria 1 fever 223, dysentery 283,
diarrh.ea 1,73, intestinal troubles six,
gastric troubles 13, wounds and injuries
110, exhaustion 8, sunstroke one. contagion.*, diseases 10, undetermined, diseases 310, all others 250, total J37S. The
total number of men Avounded to date is
1 (.;".<!, died of wounds, not including those
killed outright, 2S2. The total number
of patients today, including (hose sick in
their quarters, is J8S|).
Good Regiments Ordered to the Cape.
London, July IS.  -The   Daily   Graphic
this   morning-  pulilishe.s.a .rumor to the
effect thai.a ba.ttalipn.oj.^ the Scots Guards
'and a battalion,  of" the Grenadiers have
been ordered to the Cape.
London, July lSW^Vfost of thd aiOrn-
iiig piuiers doninient ypDii thd.jpiiitStatd-
lnentof the American eorre.-pOiidd»i,!3 in*
M-ani'la regarding the censorship thefd,,
The Times says general Otis durinot conceal or explain aAvay thd gl'dat fact tliat
lie fails to tiring the Avar to ..In .Qi.il1.. ltd
might just as well dt.ase playing the. ostrich and. .m11o.v the eorrdspoti'dent.. tft
tell the publicwliat thoy see., The Daily
N'eAVssays: Tlie moral,of it is that tile
correspondent will turn wdieh you- ticild
too Iiai'd, upon hrtji. and that his ddtdr.-
miriation to let the cat Olit of the bag
may still prove a blessing to inoderH
Anothe. Strike in Cleveland.
C1.1 •: v 1. land. .! niy 17. - -Th e i 1 lai 1 g 11 rati on
of a second .strike by the emiiloyeds of
the Consolidated raihvays was ti complete
surprise to the public this morning, aild
nearly so to the company, liver since the
men returned to work three weeks agOj
under an agreement prepared by a conimittee of the city council, and signed
by representatives of the strikers and
of the company, there have been frequent complaints on the part of the nien
that the company avus not, living up to
the agreement.
The Pope Will Run the Show.
London,  July  17.—The, Itome  correspondent  of  the   Daily Telegraph  says:
The pope is resolved   to  conduct personally the   religious  ceremonies  connected
with the opening of the coming  century.
He will inaugurate them av'itil  the holding of a  consistory, at which the archbishop of Santiago de Chili aViVI be given
a  cardinal's  hat,  and  other   important
changes will be made among the South
i American prelate.. .2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY,  .JULY  18,  1899.  i,<  u  w  m  li" -.  It".   -  ���  II �����'_.  ���-ss -.ss. iSs v_s ���__*. oa -J  4$  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  ,B  B  B  ,__S:_S:3:_3:^:^:-^:3*-_3:S-3:S^-*^  20  O  O  This is just lhe weather for muslin blouses, but we still have  loo many for this season's trade. We consider the room can  be used to better advantage for fall goods which "ire on the  road, and to clear these wc will give a straight cut of 20 per  cent on every blouse in stock". It i.s hardly necessary to mention that we have still anything from the cheapest prints at 50  cents to the best silks, and all sizes, from 32 to 42. A glance  will satisfy you that we mean   business   when  we say to clear.  ffl  B  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TBBMS   C_A_S_E_C  This means that half a million a month is  now being paid out for Avages, and yet it  is said that the mining industry is dead  iind the country is ruined. The people  of l.ritish Columbia can stand a double  dose of such "ruin."  Till. Spokane Review says that .Americans in the Yukon are being robbed as  outrageously a-s are tins Uitlanders in the  Transvaal. The Review* knows better.  The Review knows that there is one law  in the Yukon for Americans ami Canadians. The government collects a royalty on the gold mined. The Canadian  minor pays the royalty just as grudgingly as does the American miner, but he  has to pay it just the same. Canada  treats American miners as liberally as  she treats her own sons, but Americans  of which the Review is a mouthpiece  tire hogs. .    v  Mil. Justice! Irving has made two  rulings tit Atlin that sIioav that he has  good common sense. One Avas that claims  staked by aliens prior to the passage of  the Alien Act*arc A'alid; the other Avas  that those Avho staked claims under' the  impression that the district Avas in the  Northwest Territories are not entitled to  more ground than is allowed under the  mining 1;iavs of British Columbia.  10  IAY  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��to QKrftatra*  Daily Edition....  Wkekly Edition.  ... First Ykak, No KM  . Skventh Yeak, No. 'Xo  That nonsensical and persistent intcrmcddlcr in matters which neither concerns it, nor which it understands,  the Nelson Tribune, has considerable more lo '���ay than  it should about the political crisis which tho province i.s  now face to face with. Deadman's Island question lias  nothing whatever to do with tlie embroglio existing between premier Semlin, finance minister Cotton and attorney-general Martin. Every intelligent citizen in Vancouver i. aware of this. The discordant ministers split.  on nthcr topics, and The Tribune is perfectly well aware  of this. That, jouron., however, is but an ^insignificant  pollywog���11 confirmed faultfinder, ahvays dealing in  acrimonious assertions, the truthfulness of wliich arc always qiieslioncd by its contemporaries'. It is the mouthpiece���the special pocket organ���of a disgruntled indi vi>  ���dual, who for sonic time was even more iMTog'.nt and  dictatorial than the mo.t detested Czar that overIh'ed  in Russia, Or that most notorious of all civic corrupt ion-  isl*, the late .William Tweed of New York. Bill the end  of his tether wan reached;and great has been his fall.  The   above, is   from    the   Vancouver  1 *.  World. If. the Deadman Island dispute,  ���it is not a question���has nothing whatever to dp Avith the quarrel 'between" Vancouver's tAvo members in the Semlin government, then what started the quarrel?  This Trihuni. contends that had Vancou-,  ver not been represented in the Semlin  government, the government would not  ���noW'be in trouble, for the people of the  province outside of Vancouver nevOr obtrude their local disputes on their neighbors. As to the personal reflections on  the editor of Tin. Ti.ii.UNi-., the editor of  the World will never have a chance to be  either a Czar or a Tweed. The people oE  Vancouver know him too well, lie cannot even be a senator by appointment.  Tiik managers and owners of the  closed-down mines in the Slocan must  feel a trifle lonesome Avhen they see mines  all around them hives of industry and just  a little bit "sore" when they hear of mines  in adjacent districts Avorking full forces.  Eastward, in East Kootenay an A West-  Avai.d inBoSiiidtuy, two sections tluit are  as yet Avithout railway facilities, every  pi'02_orty that can be Avorkcd to ach-au-  ttige is being Avorked on the basis of  $3.50 for the eight-hour day. Northward  i 11 the Trout Lake and llovelstake mining divisions and soutlnvard in the Slocan City and AinsAvorth and Nelson and  Hosslaud divisions more men are employed than ever before, and at no mine  except one (the Ymir, near the toAvn of  Ymir') has the rate of wages been arbitrarily cut for the eight-hour day. Yet  the Slocan mines ha\:q been advertised jis  the.richest on the Pacific .Coast.and, their  dividends as the*"largest over paid for  the amount1, of capital iiivested. Tho  managers and oaviioi's of these wonderful'  properties have neither gratitude nor  shame. If they- had gratitude they  would not have closed down, and if they  had  shame  tliey* would  get out of the  country.         r  Over 5000 able-bodied men are Avorking in and about the mines and smelters  in lvootenay and*Yale districts, at wages  ranging from $2.50 to .$3 for laborers and  $3 to $3.50 for miners. Blacksmiths, ds-  sayers, shift bosses, foreman, and super-'  intendents  draAv from   $4  to $20 a day.  THOMSON'S  This week we are showing a special line of  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  WE  ARE  THE  PEOPLE  Who sell '/Lily. Cream." >We' do; hot  claim it is better than all other brands,  but only ask -a fair trial to convince  you that it is, the equal of any.  CLE ARIIST G-  __T3 I I ______  DRY GOODS  BOOTS  AND SHOES  GENTS'  FURNISHINGS  MILLINERY  HOUSE  FURNISHINGS  In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,  we will offer the balance of our spring- and -summer stock at a  Special Bargain Sale Gommencing Monday, July 10th  ii.  n  ii  ti  it  n  it  it  ti"  TRY  A  SAMPLE  CAN  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Bakor Street.      Telephone 13.   FLOWER-���  POTS  JARDINIERES  AND  Away below regular price.  k  Headquarters for  FIRST-GLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We make a specialty of  Sfjiplap arjd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  Thomson Stationery Co., IS  _sr_G.i_so_sr- _3. c.  Wo have a fine ;a....b*tmcnt of woolens always  on hand. Good? made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made  on tho premises, satisfaccidh is assured.  H  Ladies' and Children's Department.  Ladies' Cotton Shirt Waists, less than cost, 25c up.  Silk Blouse from $3.00 each tip. "���  ���'  Cotton Wrappers, to clear, from 50c up.  Black Alpaca and Serg*e Skirts $2.00 up.  Children and Misses' Black Cotton Hose 10c per pair.  Ladies' Black Cotton Hose 15c per pair.  11       Cashmere Hose 25c per pair.  Summer Corsets 50c per pair.  Cotton Undervests from 10c each up.  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Baker St. lelsoi.  SAL^B  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED  J.   SQUIRE!,   Nelson,   B.   C.  These hot summer days is a. duty you  really owe to "No. 1."  Probably the best thing to do is to fortify your system with some  WELL KNOWN TONIC.  We have all tlie standard preparations  that are recommended for this' purpose.,  If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best cloth ever imported to Nelsou, leavo your order  with me.  Six hundred dollars worth of new goods now' waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.  30 by  12(5, Baker street, botweon  Josephine  and  AVard streets...... -580WI  5frby 120. Bivkor street, between Josephine and Hall  streets ..' -.   1500  50 by 120, Baker street, betwoen Joscphi.no and Hall  streets, corner.. ��� ��. ���   30 by 120, East Baker strcot     800  25 by 120 Avith improvements, south side of Vernon  street  5000  50 l_y 120 with improvements, south side of Vornon  street... ..  C000  2 lots and large house beautifully tuimished (snap).. _000  '2_lot_ with cottage rented at Sloper month, Victoria  street  3500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 por month, Victoria  street  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Stanley  street  3000  6 lots in block __D, all cleared and fenced in ���, ��� 2500  For general iiiformation on real estate and fbr further  particulars on above proporty apply to  TO-Jloom House, centrally located.. $2S0'0.  6-Iioom Cottage and 2 Lots on Carbonate  street, ��1.100, easy ternis.  5-Kocimi House* on Stanley street, .fDtOO.  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Alining Stooks Customs Broker  HEAL. KSTATJS AlSfJI GEN.1.RAL AGENTS  GENERAL  BROKER.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  x.i:_v_:it:__:__.  (Jonior of Baker and Stanley StrceU, Nelsoii  SUITS $25  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Kootenay Coffee Co.  J. R. WRAY  Strictly first-class.  Kates, ��3 per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FUI.NISHKD KOOMS, SINGLE AND EN SUITE; '  Hot and cold water, baths, electric lijjht, elevator and  telephone   Housekeeping rooms,. Thoroughly equipped  wilh exits and lire c.capes. 5th llloor Marion block, corner Hiversido and StevonB streets.  -Vv^-A-_RX) BEOS.  Real Estato and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  FOHSTYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts   .  CALL, ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON  PERB, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  I3iTS*0-__.___IsrC_E_  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Several houses of different sizes.  IfOR SALE���Real estate in all parts: of the city.  __���__<_X____J3_?_E3:03SrE!  35  Twp lols \*Jt:l,i; two-sloi1}' hdusb on Lutiiiicr  RlVeel. iielir JoSephiiru .$1800  TownS,:   ��12(. ),ei.sli, biilnnee on lnortb'age.  Sixty .iQro rnugh, uilie utiles frOm city on laHc  shtii'e, ,..��.., ,.,..,��� SlOw  Une-lialf cash, balfulco on mortgage.  H_o_9_asr��3  (lIii loan condiUons nrd the choupest and host  oH'ored. >'ou call repay at iuiy tiino witholil.  tonus;    ,  _A.a-__i_sra.s __f*o_r  ISritisli Collinlbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loeu CO., Toronto.  Pire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  QAM6UB afO��REIL.__.V, Agts  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  During the, season we will deliver ieo at private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  FOR SALE.  A building and lot on First Avenue in the town of  Ymir. Itcnls for ��20 por month. Will be sold cheap I'or  cash. Kor further particulars [apply to John. A. Ivirk-  patrick. Nelson, U. C.  ��500 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  ��2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  ��100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.  ��2000 will purchaso two nice lots and cottage.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  Buy Fairmont shores for a rise.  500U Utica at 2 cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders left at M. DesBrisay & Go's, Haker street, Nelson,   ...  '������'Tif+'rtrtr THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1899.  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OUI.  STl.ATHCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, Prosidont  Ion. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Prosidont  K   3. OLOUSTON Oonoral Manager  isr__ix_so_sr _3_a_?__isro_Ea:  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  nllANIIIIKH  IN         (__.ig.ai.d).   I.BW   V*ORK,   OHIOAGO  LONDON  mid in the principal oiti  Canada.  Huy nnd sell Storllm;  I.xehanK''   ind Cable Trail..!--.*  H....NT COM.IKK.I.IAI. ANI> Tit.' *��� f.l.l.KIW' OI.I.MT8,  available iii any part nf l.lv; wnrld.  I.KAKTB ISSUK.l)    (J01.T.KC'l'li'i\'M  MAllKJ KTC.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is r|ow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin., B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on, District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUKttKNT RATK OK INTI.I.KST PAID  A   STORY   OF   LI.  Of Li Hung Chang numberless stories  are told iii Chinese society. Now and  then one reaches this country through  our consuls in China.  On one occasion when tho premier avjis  haAring  a Ijitter  light with   some of the  moreeonsorv..t_Are uiemlicrs of tlicTsung-  l--Y"a.niou, lie received as a present a magnificent .cake Avhieh lie had reason to suspect contained poison.    Ho put the cuke  aside and set all his  powerful machinery  to work to find  out avIio Avas at the bottom of the plot.    The  investigation was  partly successful, the  crime being traced  to three men, of Avhom one, at least, Avas  absolutely guilty.    Li hud the trio arrested  and brought to   his  Yamen.    When  they arrived thoy were ushered into liis"  presence and 'were received in his courtliest manner.    The   cake   was produced  Avith tho remark tliat "politeness forbade  his  tasting it until  the  three  generous  donors had had an opportunity to enjoy  its excellence."    Li out the  cake and one  -of his servitors handed it to the uivwilling  guests.    Each took   a  piece and   ate,  or  pretended  to eafc it.    One crumbled the  pieces and let  them fall  upon the floor,  but  the other tAvo  ate  calmly,  Avithout  manifesting  any emotion.    Ten minutes  and the  Iavo men  began to  show symptoms of suffering.    Li smiled benignant-  ly   and said  to   the man   avIio  had  not  eaten :    "Your wisdom is so great thab I  am compelled to preserve your head as-a  souA'enir to transceiident genius."      -   . ,  The  man wus  removed and promptly  decapitated'.    To  the other tAvo the premier  remarked : "The cake that you are  eating-is- not the- one you  sent, but "one  which"���! had my cook imitate. Tlie'poison  r from which yoii"are suffering exists only  in your  imagination." ,1 know of no way  to.cure  your present pain except .by letting you   share tho   same" fate   as your  friend who has just left the room."  As they AverO led away the statesman  said to liis refciimc: "It is a pity that a  man. who can eat a deadly corrosive poisoning Avith an unmoved countenance  should so misapply the talent Avlicrewilh  heaven has endowed him."  julians. Tliey drink rye Avhiskey. They  jire a temperate, hiw-abiding, thrifty and  ro.spoi.l*a!>ie lob of citizens. They tako  their nip regularly and without any fear  of evil results.  "On I.lie other liand tliere is your Ken-  tuckiaii. lie drinks corn whiskey, old  Bourbon, 'red eye.' That is the state  where you have feuds, assassinations and  riots. Corn Avhiskey is the stuff that  does the brick. No sir; if a'man Avauts  to be happy and virtuous he must drink  rye whiskey instead of corn juice."  .Growth of Interest in Whist.  Chicago Record.  Only those who have devoted serious  study and long practice to the game can  comprehend fully the interest and enthusiasm Avhicli attend bhe sessions of the  congress of the American AArhist league  this Aveek. To the average person avIio  plays whist only at rare intervals and  knows -just enough pf the rules of the  gani6 to foi Ioav suit arid avoid, trumping  "IBs par;i_u.If1n^^  time, to be taken up only when there is  nothing niore _*scitihg to, do. To the in en  Avho" hatte played it as chess is played  and who have sought to n.ake it scientific} it is more than a game of diurds.' It  is a contest of wits, employing actively  the fttculbieS pf memory, reasoning and  perception. To a player of this kind,  cadi card laid on the table is a sentence  to be interpreted as an iiidieation of the  playshe Jiimself should make, lit games  played in tliis miliine!' the slightest rules  of procedure^ sueli ass are Ordinarily ignored in casual whist play,, become topics  Pi Vital importance. The AVarin tlij.eil.s-  sion excited by the question Avhether ill  bhe present tournament trumps sliall be  Oi it for or declared is only one instance  of tlio care Avith Avhioh experts, labor to  make the game in the highest degree a  Scientific test of relative skill. Whist, in  short, for many men has come to fill the  place whieli chess lipids among the expert chess players. It is not to be doubted, too,, that eA'er since American whist  was put on a scientific basis this interest  is becoming more general. The 180 clubs  which Avill be represented in the contests  of this week comprise a large and growing membership, and the results of the  finals will be arwaited with deep interest  in almost all sections of the country.  Different Effects of Eye and _.our_on.  The lengthy reports of the Howard-  Baker feud in Kentucky started some  gentlemen in Chicago to talking���no matter Iioav���about the respective merits of  corn and rye whiskey. Arguments passed  pro aud con, and finally one of the advocates of rye whiskey floored the supporters of spiritus fermenti by the foIloAving  argument: ;  "Just look at the different classes produced by the two liquors.   Take the Can-  Thoy War to the Death.  Toronto Telegram.  The C. P. It.'Telegraph Company burns  up the wires in its haste - to servo the  ejiHtern papers Avith everything that  transpires lu British Columbia unfavorable to ��� Hon. Joseph Martin. Eastern  papers get news of all Mr. -.Martin's bitd  luck via the C. I\ it. thirty ".minutes after  date, bub the news of his good luck comes  by slow freight, Eastern papers can get  news of every trifling occurence unfavorable to Joseph Martin over the C. P. It.  wire, bub bhe same company Avas in no  haste bo transmit the' news that the  representatives of hundreds of miners denounced the "tramps in dress suits" avIio  insulted the .attorney-general at the  Mackintosh banquet. There is no form  of prosecution too petty to be useful in  the continuous warfare which has been  carried on against Joseph Martin through  all the agencies in the service of tlie subsidy-grabbing corporations which have  been Avounded by the devotion to the  public interest -which is the great virtue  of jl picturesque career.  Thrust into an Engine Boiler.  India is a country Avhere the gross  superstitions prevailing among the na-  tiAres frequently produce the most horri-.  ble and ineoncei\rable tragedies. Many  of these are done in secret, but iioav and  then they come.to light, and give a startling reminder to the Englishman in India  that "Mast is East and '.Vest is West, and  never the two shall meet." In the up-  country town of Hingoli, in Deccan, is a  cotton-gihhiug mill owned by natives.-  One of the proprietors, a Parsee named  NoAvrojee,, looks after the engines .and  machinery of tlio mill: Lately, the machinery lias not been working Avell, and  the engine" in particular has been giving  considerable trouble. The native engineers seem to haA'e got it into their heads  that the engine AAras really driven by a  -gocl which took the form of steam.  'When it AVent wrong they thought, the  god was angry and needed propitiating  by tlie sacrifice of a human being. One  night a Hindu laborer named Govindah  aviis passing the mill. Some. Avorkingiuen  sitting in the yard smoking called out to  him to join them. Tho gang had just  been discussing the vagaries of tho engine  and the necessity of offering a sacrifice to  it. The Avhole party "walked toward the  boiler, aud some of the men seized Govindah. Others SAVung open the furnace  door, and the unfortunate man was cram-  K1  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NIGHTS' OtfrPy-THI=AS-*Nolson=liO_gc,^Nb,=_*5,_  gb.s of Pythias, rueets in-1.- O, P.M.;Hail,corner  Bilker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting, Knighta cordd'allv invited to attend.  T..T_t__LlI_.C,Cv R. G. JO��. K. of R. & 3.  KELSON LODGE, NO, 23, A. J.: & A. M., Meets  second Wednesday in each month, Sojourning  brethren invited.  PBOFESSIONAIi   CARDS.  "W-WAUT & CAI.niK-Arehi.ccts.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  -LJ   ordcen block, Baker street, Nelson.  FB. _iAttl.K_-i musical director, loader Nelson pr-.  ���   elvestra.   Miisicians furnished for all occasions oil  short notice.   Telephone 02.  or bookkceiler'**  HUsines.  Col-  Wiiitaw, Tribune  MISCEIiLAKEOUSi  WANTED���To roiit a. small furnished house or cot-   tage.   Apply to A. _������ 'j.ribiiiie; Qfllc'e.  WA-.TI.1>���Situation as book-kcei'dr  assistant.   Graduate of Northern  legOi Owen  Sound.   Address  A. N.  olllce, Nolson. ^ .    WANTI-D.-- Two Or,three rooms for light housekeeping.   Nd cliildre.1.   P. O. Hox USl*; Nelson.  TTTANTEi.-liell boy at Phair hotel. ~~  WANTED���A girl for general housework.    Apply to  Mw. p)r-) florin, Silica Street.    FOlt  I.BN'f^���Fiirnishcd room, front parlor, with or  Without board.    Fourth house cast of ..Methodist  church, between Josephine and Hall streets, Nelson  RENT���A furnished room convenient   to Baker  Street.   Apply Postoflico box !)2, Nelson, B. C.  TO  LOST���Ladies Gold Hunting Case Watch on Tuesday, botwecn Stanley and Latimer streets and  tho smelter. Ten dollars reward; Arthur Painter, Latimer street, Avese of Stanley.  rick af\d Lime  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.  AVill deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West K.ootenay Brick & time Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.       T. Q. PBQOTOR. Manager  med inside, head first. Tliey had to  loose their hold of his body in order bo  shut bhe furnace door, whereupon GoA'in-  dah, who was a very powerful man, managed to get out and free Himself. He  was frenzied with pain and fear and had  sustained ghastly injuries. The engineers did not make a second attempt to  thrust him into the furnace, and lie  eraAvled iuvay to his hut. His faithful  wife tended him all night, and book him  in bhe morning to bhe local hospital,  where ib was found that he was horribly  burned about the head, arms and chest,  parts being absolutely charred. He died  March Idth of tetanus. Nowrojee aud  one of the engineers have been arrested.  Small Offenders Suffer, Great Ones Escape.  President McKinley has approved the  sentence of the court-martial iu bhe case  of captain .John M. Nua.ll, .Fourth cavalry,  and the officer has been ordered dismissed  from bhe service. The papers have been  in the president's hands but a few Aveeks.  Captain Neall misappropriated $1000 of  bhe mess fund of his company at bhe  Presidio in San Francisco. Tliis sum,  Avhicli never belonged to bhe government,  the captain paid back. The papers in  tlie case of captain Oberlin M." Carter,  convicted by court-martial of misappropriating $.1,000,000 of government funds,  are still in the hands of attorney-general  Griggs for review. These findings already had been revioAved six times. Captain Carter was convicted on May 12th,  1898. He Avas sentenced to dismissal  from the army, imprisonment for five  years and a fine of $5000. His crime and  disgrace Avere also to be published in tlie  newspapei-s of his home town for one  year. -'.Captain Carter is still'drawing-his  pay and enjoying his vacation. The influence Avhieh protects him is one of the  mysteries of the McKinley administration.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  SII/VI...   KINO.  K. .1. Tlininp .on, Silver | .1. U.l11i..{1i<:i. Greenwood  King Mine illuti lliirriiiKluii, Butte  William Moyln, Koyal Mont.  Canadian I J. Ui-.on, Greenwood  GI.ANI.   O I.NTRAI..  Cleoi'tfo O'ouKlilin, St. Paul I Goo. Koyos, Koolenay  J. Wall, Cascade l_iii(liiiK  ���1. Davis, Itonnor's Ferry        Henry Wilson, lvootenay  G. McCarthy, ltobson Landing  C. C. Harrington. Chicago |  MADDKN.  It. Graham, Slocan City       I P. Shannon, Creston  Samuel  Reynolds, Sandon    W. Taylor, lirooklyii  M. Gorman, Pilot Day |  TM.MONT.  J. O. Covington, Sandon T.  .'rod I>. Londin, Crawford   K.  Creek  QUI. UN'S.  Ilonnalie, Hall'Siding  Ittim-iteltcr, Ynur  Paul I. itS-Rcralil, Salmo  l*. .1. McConnell, Hpoknue  .). A. Donaldson. Kamloops  M. I'cl.or... lvaslo  S. l.iiid, Ymir  l'HAlli*.  l-'rank AVnl.. on, Spokano  llrnci; Whilii, llcissljui-g  K. "Aliller, liiil.tn. Minn.  "Miss. .1. M. I'Vciiuint, Portland     .  .1. A. Thomson. Victoria  I'l. A. Patterson,Vancouver  H. O. Martin, Swansea,  R. O. Kgan anil wife, Winnipeg  .'. .1. I.wing, Spokano  F  C. Atkisy. Kngliui'l  W. If. .Ii'llVey, lio:-s:.tnd  Louis Illne, llos.sland  Adolpli _'islier. Greenwood  .I.S. I)0-ch:imps, ltossland  C. J. ICettzlu, Knslu  .1. 10. Poupore, r.ai.lo  Cliarlns Tlieirs, Spokane  Burns  WHOLESALl.   AND    RKTAII.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City, Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  STf&rdh. Head Office, Nelson, B.G.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  ^    Stair Rail    -  '.    Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of nil kinds.  If wlnit you want is not''in sloclc we will make it for yon  CAM. AND GUT PRICKS.  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, Ni.I_SON  CHARLES HILLYER,  PHKSIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  fiiECl-l-TAl-X  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LIMITED.  JMANUl. ACXt-fi-'TiS OFjVND^  DBA-EBS'IN ���  Kougli aiid pressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  IfACTOUY  WOKI- l)--.'.  SUC1I AS  TO OKIIKl-,  Scroll Sawing  iand Sawing  Wardfohes and  General Joinery Work  it. StoCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Gbvernincnt wharf.  Factory and oflicc, corner Hall Ktroct and C.P.R. track  $3000  $1500  lot CO- b.  $350  Raker Street near Joseiiliino Street, SO by  120.   A snap.  Hnnie Addilioit. neat cotttieo, fine garden,  lawn, shade trees, water pipe.- to 'grounds,  lot CO' by 120, also 15 by 120 to rear street.  Latimer Street, choice corner lot 100 by  APPLY TO OWNER  120  T.  a PROCTOR  _____________E_? ___l___!_E_i?_5______   GOAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  AU Hizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  AVrito for prices.  A. Hillicr, Ingorsoll  Thomas II. Ingram, Calgary  M. P. Thomson ond wife,  "Vancouver  VV. F. Robertson, Victoria  .1, If. Spooner,Montreal  F, W.  .'Uzgernld, Toronto  Kng.  li. H. Martin, Swansea  Eng.  HUME.  \V. II. Pearce, Medicine  Hat    '  Thomas Long, Toronto  II.  IC.  1 iving.slon. Hob-ion  II. L. Wilisoii,Toronto  James   l_. llolan, Honiier's  l<"errv  Geo. N. Jordan, Trail  The Tremont Hotel  WjALOflE & TBECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS OF  .tiquops-^nd/.Gigaps'  A LAV AYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEENS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo��comfortable bedrooms and   tir_t-class .dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  __s._a.,__'___s ��2 "__?:e_:e- t>a.st  Mrs.  E.  C.   GIERKE,  Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Tho finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and elcctiic light.  CORNER OF AVARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  U-_h3s$ a?>td" Ward streets, neesoK  ���  The only holelin Nelson that has remained Under one  managcn.cn tsiiiQfe! 1890.  Tho besd-rooms are well furnished abd  lighted by  olcc��ri'ci'_y.  Tho diniilgrrooui I_ nob second to any iii JCootcnay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigaras  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Prbfirietor  Revelstoke, B.C.  Kreo bus meets all trains  Hourly atroot car to station  Niglit Grill Rtfonv in coltueclion, tor the con-, ciileneo of  guOSts arriving and departing by night trains.  TEA  CO-EEIS   ROASTERS   AMI.    DEALERS   IN  AND   COEFEE.  Oircr fresh roasted cofTee of best quality as follows i  Java and Arabian Macha. por pounii $   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds,    1 00  Fine Santos, I pounds ,  1 no  Santos Blond, u pounds   I 00  Onr Special Blend, G pounds.   1 00  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds...   100  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Boors  East of  Oddfellows  Block,,. West  Baker Stseet       NELSON, B, C.        Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, botweon Josephine and  Hall strcots. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY AVHITE HELP EMPLOYED  _=_���-      I3:T_r_=*��*��.-_r.      PBOPP.IBTOH  ���   MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine. Limited. Albert Canyon, cm the  main line or ihe C. I'. U., 2_ iiiilorf csust of llcvplsKiki'. requires six good miners.   Wages J3.WI ner day. I  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Bake, street, jieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British Columbia business to be addressed to P.|0. Drawer  605, Nelson, British Columbia  . RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   ��,,-.   _>_~\._i     ci   #-\  ;. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer ��   IN fcLoUIN,   b. O.  Large Consignment Received of  STRIPED CANVAS  IN ALL COLORS  Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.     Orders filled Promptly.  THEO. MADSON  TENT AND.AWNING MANUFACTURER, BAKER ST. NELSON.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPIiEWHAITE  J. McPHBK  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power, Transmission and Lighting- for Mines, Towns  ' Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc. ������  ,   P. O. Box 606.       , .   Josephine Street, Nelson, B.'C.  Smoke...  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   UNION   MADE  fKootenay Cigar Hani. Co.  JNolspif, jjrjti&li li'<3liim*b!ti.   R. REISTeRER & OO.  miEAVBR- AK1) BG'ra'Ll_RS OF  Melson Iron Works  MaNUKA&TtrilBiM' p.-  ���ENSILES, fiOILERS. SHA-*Ti_T0, IRON AND  Brass castings oF every Dfisofii^TiON  KcpnlrH p-ft.ui.tlj. aliteiiflctl lo.       P. O. Hox 173.  .row's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  FOB  S,_EHSTT  *.  Contractors and Builders  AVILL LO AVKLL TO      \    '  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S /  A liu-KO ..lock ot flrhti-cliiA. dry mtilcrial on  hand, also  ii full line of _a.lt, dporsi, luouldiiiKS*, turned work, cU).  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Jtarft:   Koot of Kondryx hlrect, Xcl.on  TgIcjiJioiic, ill  John Rae, Agent  H, D_ Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  .'-���_  WftKOH l'-i]iairiiiK profiilitly allciHlMd lo iij's (lrSt-cia|t!5  whoul'wTitfhu '   ��� .  Siiccirtil akimUoii kI*"bh Co Ml kiii'li. of; rcprtirlilg* and  ciiwioid work from oivUlilo points. ;   "  SI-op:   S-(all Street, b-.tv.ecr-  Baker and Vernon, Nolson  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'l'IiY  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At oflicc of lho Duncan Minos, Limllcd.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOK SALK -OR IIIKK  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boat* btlitt to ottlor. llepairihu and flUiiil. a s-pne-  inlly. Sails made ami riKK��d. KishiiiK rod_ and tackle  mended.   At Governuient wharf, Ne! .on.  ^r_E37_ROBi_rsrso__>r  (Kx-Slierill* of South Kootenuj")  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on coiiKigtimenU. of niorcliandiKC.  l'oHtolUce Uox S7_ Nolson, B. C.  It  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGKNTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Star-dard Oil Co.  Washir|gton Brick an,d lirr|e Co. I  The H. Wi NlcNiefl Co., Ltd., Canadian Antlira-  cite Coal (Hard)  gg_! STOVEWQOP  BONlffl RESTAURiNT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant   in   the city  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders  at  all  hours, _.l
From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared
to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large
quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need
not be accompanied 03^ a physician's prescription.
The largest drug house in ICoottnay.      Corner of llaker and Josephine street'. Nelson.
The Gas Company Gets a Site.
Tlie ii.'t**o_iaLio!is between tin. gas company and tlie Mall Mines, Limited, have
readied a sla^e at whieli tin. gas company people seem certain ol' securing' Hie
site tliey want;. The deal is iiolcom-ludcd,
but the local management of the Hall
Mines. Limited, have decided to recommend (.lie London board to sell the'site in
consideration ol*special concessions in the
supply of coke to the smelter. The site
i.s situated on tho Mat below the smelter
between the lower sAvitch and the Y
now used for shunting. The reverberatory
furnace building is inunediately above it.
The works will be so constructed
that tho coal will be unloaded direct from
tin. track into bins, whence it Avill be
automatically conveyed to the. ovens.
The work of laying mains Avill be started
once the pipe begins to arrive, and the
first carload is expected any day.
W, Whyfce, manager  of the
Pacific   railway   Hue  AVest  of
Fort Wil-
Nelson on
The warm season
See   Gilker's  assortment ' of   Rubber   Coats,
Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,
ancl all sorts of general wet-
weather goods.
P. O. Store
M, ,
liani is expected  to  arrive in
Born in Nelson, on Saturday niglit, to
the "wife oi: Patrick Henry, a daughter.
Miss Crease, matron of tlie Kootenay
Lake general hospital, leaves this morning on a three-Aveek's trip to the Coast.
J. T. Don.In rant, avIio on Friday shot
William Keescr, the dance hall proprietor
at Port Hill, Idaho, will probably be
brought before tlie grand jury in Kootenai county, Idaho, upon the charge ol:.
nia,nsla,ughter. Dendurant, who is a
constable, Avas acquitted by. the coi'onor.s
jury, but he will be again arrested.
The proprietors of the Bodega saloon
have taken over II. C. Cummins' stock of
cigars and tobacco, and Avill run the
cigar store in connection Avith the saloon.
H. F. McLean and 3. II. Vans ton o, both
druggists, have been -appointed official
postage stamp vendors. Mr. McLean's
place of business is between the Lawrence HardAvare Company's and S. Nee-
lands', and Mr. Vanstone's on the southeast corner of Baker and Josephine
Frank Fitch brought in Dan McLean
from AinsAvorth yesterday. 'McLean,
Avho AA'as Avorking at the Star property,
is supposed to luwe become insane. He
A\'ill-be examined by local medical men.
The first consignment of stone for the
Houston block arriA'ed yesterday, and
three   stonecutters  Avere put   at  ■work.
/|^ili.ej°"tp- yd.u^v%l%rrt|i|a t&. see; xmr l-tpygai
,pJ i.fd-d^fT*^fetdr-_tjfcte 4f "(liootg ;ii\"il 'S-lfe®.,   W,.<V
'" ^|uTyv&fblfdVipt:'°,^ft'^:'   &  &- "f- ^el|,'*J.
:l>/.lfiijg-(S- $'$., ^'tii Sii.it- Shoo Gp,, Fbots,
■;_&.&•*.&. ..&" Co., ^tratford Shoo. Co.,.ApieS-;, liol-
" dent.ife" Co., &!0 dtliar-lending makei'...
Ivh'tJ"V ^iU^V.'Vy ° l°c^-_1tS-_t<|*t'Qii;^ vynv;iH- "Ait.ri'te^ »tf.'
"St."" Jaiires 'spi-ppt,  Sarf Jose,   Ca.ifi.'Tui-j-,-
>"th:py „*ivill -Ihditi'. :ao"iiVetliiiig „to* tlieii' Htl-
,v!.htag<§,°   „.'*-"■
.''I'J&jjivss^-Sujg-'.isf .To:i/'<,-)nbt(5>-one ."of ;t1ro
A\'fi8#M^:,aie'i-j^|'.,j;hatG ..eijy, is .-i',^Wi-i
"fedkiiig?^^^ pf
"S^yn -fbl<j&a     "   ' "'"o V&"    U uu __ - u _ _ _■ _    _u        -u _     - . -_    ^ -      - uu ..^ ,-____
Wi^:ri^^i^Mp-j^^^^ttx^ & oo,
i"S • "*■" 58s..   ■'_."" -.   - - -..-_.-■
iv°f ,rl        -   JUST
;     . °8.'„.f 1 Si  . _-,,—.-.—--.—-^
-_-,____.^0--<g ____________ .- ■    ,
I      i   An Entire Car of
i; i_Y _.
>® m
& w>
&'. ,      :sS'
"M i_:
8. SS
,»5 ii*.
:Q .8.
k _•_
From George Gale & Son
atirtci Half . , . .
Always "FVesh
AIw£iy_5    Cool
Coi-i. or' Silica and
Stiuiluy Slu'octs,
E. J. DURBAN, Prop.
the loan companies of which ho i.s a
director. He will leave Nelson Avith a
good impression of the town, and by the
time he leaves the district he will know
that British Columbia is tin. seat of an
industry that will in time make Canada
one of tlie foremost countries of the
Wilson Hill, a pioneer of Nelson and
now a Slocan lake sawmill owner, was on
Baker street yesterday wondering why
he was not there every da.y.
The street raihvay company has let
contracts for the supply of TiOOO ties to
the Nelson Saw iv. Planing Mills, Limited,
and J. A. Sayward jointly. The former
firm has also secured the contract to supply the planks.
Mrs. John A. Irving, avIio has been
suffering from a severe attack, of pneumonia, is recovering.
Another typhoid fever patient was
received yesterday at the general hospital
from one of the I .nbsoii-I'eiiUcton railway construction camps.
II. B. Thomson, manager of the Nelson
branch of Turner, Beeton ct Co., has resigned, and is to be succeeded, we believe, by Percy diddle. IMr. Thomson
will go north to Cariboo, where he will
have tho management, of tlio company
that recently purchased all the interests
of Vcitch & Borland, .with headquarters
at* 150-Mile House. Mr. Thomson has
made many friends in Nelson and lvootenay, and it is safe to say that every- one
of thorn will wish him a full measure of
prosperity in liis new venture.
Why are we so busy at ilie present time?
Why is our stock niors lisiidsoiiie?
Why will it pay you to see our new lines?
We always have something
- „ „;iieWr: anfcoriginal.»^Alwavs
" 1tm^p^gOQJ%,$^l^4""%Jltl
w"" _":■ "
:6itr stock is amdiig the most extensive, nttst cajefiiJly sel^ted,
mi best adapted kr pureliasers.
■ -    . -■     . -        - . »  -
Salable selfecticms to gult the, resources
and,   the"    reaiilreraehts   of   everyone.
!__*____::___   JIE_*W^3C-_i!_=l
'Corndr UiU-cr aw! AVard Streets.
For SIrn.."bciTies and  oilier fruits in  sciison.   Ijcave
yoilr ol'dei'.   I'lonlpt, dolivory.
Hazlewood ice Or-eaitt
Ice Creatn Soda and
All Kinds o| Soft Drinks
A Large Siiipnient of
Baby Carriages
and Carts
From The G-endron Mnfg. Co.
1     1XX    3yE^_A.JBTSI"GrjR   &;   CO. 1     I
si M S! _.
Kept by all grocera and fruit, slol-o floalors,
Lime .luice Uoidial. .Tliiupben-y, Stmwliorry,
Pineapple. Lemon, Vanilla, Siu"'aparilla, Glide-
olatc, Coll'ee. Orange, Orange IJhosiiliatc.
Agents fo   HnxleV'/ootl leg Creain.
Ice Gream Soda
Thorpe & Co.,
Grove  Hotel  Beer Garden
Will be ready to open on Thursday, July 201 li.
Bread delivered io anypnrtofllie city. Cakes,
pastry.and confectionery a specially.
Crawford Bros.
..Stanley Strct)l~
Frofih Fruit rccoived daily
Next door to Nelson Wine Go.
Telephone 9*.. HUMPHREYS S. PITTOCK:
A meeting of the South ICooteilay Hoard of Trade will
bo held on Tuesday next, 18th. July, at five o'clock in the
aflernoon, to reconsider the recommendations of the
council of the board as to cerlain subjects regarding mining interests to be submitted for consideration at. the
joint meeting of Boards of Trade lo be held in ltossland
next jn on th. The subjects recommended included consideration of the lead duties and the ell'ect upon the mining industry of the eight, hour law.
Nelson, July 12.h, 1S!J!'.
Sealed tenders will be recived by the undersigned
(marl.c-1 tender for Unrn.. &.C'o. building) up to July 28,
IS..), at noon, for the erection of a brick bloek on Baker
I'lans and .specification., may be seen at lho architect's
olllce. .
A mnrked cheque amounting  to'5  per  cent  of  the
amount of lender must accompany each tender.
. The lowest or aiiy lender not necessarily acceptable.
.'■■■.,'.:■:..yyy .■*"...*;.-* ahtjiuk.-... iio/jginh. ■
Heavy Hardware
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
 s Tools, Cutlery, Tin
^££$.>.^.-^   and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges,
WOODEN   ^v\   Iron>  Steel,   Sheet
1ATERIAL    \n__-      Iron' T-Rails
v>* Paints, Oils, Glass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
_sr___x_so_sr, 33. c.
One-half price sale of Crockery and G-lassware for the week
commencing' July 17th.
Yon who have visited this
department during* a sale know
what this means.
.' goods'; daMed =' fta?, ftc^n
England and Ja/pan will arrive
in a few days and we must have
space in our show room fbr the
\V_ baVo ertrylbiiig you refpiire for the oiilfiig.
General Grocers
M. DesBpisay & Co.
Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and
half gallons,
Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.
Bakor Street West, Nol.oii, 11. C,
^LTJ_VI_3E!_i-S,   -J-CTO-
;0_?_B___l-__: HOUSE   BLOCK


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