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 -A;:.:;.;oy_��  ?%w  '"'oial  4^  PROSPEROUS   MANUFACTURERS  A Factor in Nelson's Growth.  That Nelsou is gradually forging ahead  in those essentials which go to  make a permanent town is evident to  anyone who chooses to make even a superficial review of its progress. Its supremacy as the commercial center of  Kootenay is now generally recognized,  the mere handling of the merchandise  arriving and departing over its railway  and steamboat lines furnishing employment for over 200 men. In a short time  the same supremacy will be conceded to  Nelson as a manufacturing point. At  present this element of future greatness  is yet in its infancy, but even at present  the working of raw materials into finished  and partly finished products in Nelson  provides employment for over 250 hands,  of whom all, save possibly 25, are adult  males earning the highest rale of wage in  tlieir callings in the Dominion of Canada.  First in importance to Nelson as an  employment furnishing industry is the  Hall Mines smelter. Operated to its  fullest capacity the smelter has 130 men  upon its payroll. At present only the  large copper furnace is being operated  but this alone finds employment for 75  men. With the lead stack and calciners  running another 35 men will be given  employment, and when the reverberatory  starts up the full -compliment will be  130 men. . '���' ���  Next in importance as a local industry  is the saw aiid planing mills and sash and  door factory of the Nelson Saw & Planing Mills, Limited, in and around the  mills [aud factory, and altogether aside  from the company's contracting business,  this industry furnishes employment to 30  men. The capacity of the .sawmill is  20,000 feet per day of ten hours aud the  growth of Nelson and the development of  the surrounding country has been such  that the mill has now sufficient -work  ahead to keep it running steadily  all summer. The company's factory is  the most complete in the province outside the coast cities, and an outside  market is found along the lines of the  Crow's-Nest Pass and Nelson & Fort  Sheppard railways for all kinds of sash  frames, doors, counters and turned work  'of-every description. Buildings'which  are in course of erection in Nelson will  keep the factory busy for the remainder  of the building season.  Another local sawmill is that operated  by-Bydges, Fisher & Co.    This mill has a  nne  SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 22, 1890.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $��.  last was 7S00 and the sales (.000. For  the month of June, whieli is the last completed month, the company's sales were  (51,(550 and the make 09,000, and in addition to this the stock of cigars in bond  has been run up' to 55,000, while the  v.'viiM. of tlie raw leaf in bond at present  is .-i.5').-i). The making of these cigars furnishes employment for sixteen men and  five boy.., and they make the highest  wages of any cigarmakers in Canada,  those in Kamloops alone getting as high  wages, tho Nelson and Kamloops union  rates being identical. Tliere is.another  noteworthy thing about the cigarmakers,  and that is their h(3urs of labor. They  nre all eight-hour men, and have been  working on the eight-hour basis for something like twenty years. The wages disbursed by the Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company now aggregate over $300  per week, and the territory tributary to  the company embraces the entire Kootenay and Boundary districts, the company's-nearest competitor being the factory at Kamloops.  Another local industry whieh is growing rapidly is the Nelson Brewery, which  is being operated by R. Reisterer & Co.  The brewery at present has a capacity of  fifteen barrels per day, but the demand  for the company's brew has so steadily  increased that it Avas found necessary  soine time ago to operate the brewery  night and day, thus increasing the output to thirty barrels in the twenty-four  hours. The territory supplied by the  Nelson brewery reaches to Cranbrook on  the Crow's Nest railway, to Salmo ou the  line of the Nelsoii & Fort Sheppard railway, as well-as points on the Columbia &  Kootenay and Slocan River branches of  the Canadian Pacific. The company is  uoav building Avhat Avill be the finest  brewery in Kootenay. It Avill be fitted  with all modern appliances, including a  six-ton refrigerating plant, and Avill be  the only brewery in Kootenay"with stOue  cellars. During the summer the company breAVS lager beer and porter, and  during the Avinter turns out ale.  The Castle .brewery..wliich is conducted  %y4^illi^  ./���i-C-'k".^. /x. --.*Sr__ii -lit* ."���.:���(.  ^Ii-rbil-iT)^  af.V'n-ni?."*.-,'.    VnQ,n.l,-lii-_,f,.D '   uu^   n yi     D, *%a onn ��� Dn   l00^^1-    Sj-Wfl.4'   . -ttjTl'W'    ���1Dn\D    lPfl  ?:.Mig3i{*^tlre4'��H^  .-"��___*-l._i_.._. "���_._! "tJ��..._-   _-l.*.pi"-.0-'ft;-_!-.-.'-.^_--?4./:*Hi--!-*-ll,  ^-^��^ft_^  ii ,1)1^X1% "egs-As ����hfey*-&;Upplyiug,; of .tiinb "e i*s; ������ toj  ^"^^inl,*   "V^Xj    ^.�����d_       ��    ,n  ���,      -      '*��     b      ���___ %   "n      "f flS  n nDnn *Jd ���     n D��     ��a��  -onf iniiniigvCQinpanies^ /3^/a.w, a-**-*b���� -_^ ��^  "0       uu,      fa*   -u^Ct"    -   J-        u0l ^    uu.   " ��_D     o     ��o       __��  ffffi o ��� o        �� 0  anicleus;of ��� whUt-proinises;��'*���� "9e" bhe' ,op;.  t-lny<_��d#i^  '&M5iiSl_-ejii^^ NellM";  ?byvrcj.i;softlpf^the ;fap$itie,s> Avhieh; i\elspi_  %ffpi-ds  ��or sitea-iii-ii-g "Je^ery1- ��� . cinart"% pf :  *AI__Oo"tenay ancl Bbxihclltt^ " ftalso -'cliffers���'[  if din ftjflf JoBSi-elf %d$!3| i4l^:-enterprises iij.  "MiaP fife ^i'��'it;%Ikvp-f^;it��"l3^  ";iiipip outside* 'poi$__iC jSir'iUiiStration, of  . $.fiis,U:j-a,y�� "Jferg'ifen %pthe ^st^tei^ei it"' tliat  fife the prespnt%iine��tlife Avoi*I- in hand to*  ��lu<l_?   pr0t���i���^o^&��''���^l��'n!^at^in-^,l���Jr, for  the  compressor at the* Highlander mine at [  Ai h-Ayiortlr,u-e"pjtir '^���5r6^���Bff5-*tkfe.^���a'c%hi'Il.ei^y,.  ifi the Peru ifriiie.  repairs for the Mall  Miiies, Limited, pf this city, h_w and r_~  pair work for Q. 0. Buchanan', saA\nnill  e ",upon|tAvl^eaj*_^ "^'Tli^^lSiiei.��-.of''  ;tln&-Jareiv^i-^. l^eightj^  .;tl-ietti_inai_&/feMe*^  >_&ielt-Dha^it^ee*ps4h^-.^|,,e>x��vy8-; goin.g4i*i*,.  ���#?5uil-s-*l*f^i^iei#  y^rpj^hy-mh^xyy W?*a��ke--:  ���' mitkfer'i-s-.wivfe-f th- :im-*bo\nti"3ticm&ythk,'  -P-UU^     riH-U07L.      .UoudP ..-ri-y-      ,  MAY ASK CANADA. TO SHARE  The Empire's Burdens.       .  London, July 21.���In the house of commons the tithes rent bill passed its third  reading by a vote of 182 in 'favor  to  117  against.  Discussing the ship building A-ote the  right honorable .George J. Gosehen, first  lord of the admiralty, said that as there  had been no change in the xiolicy of foreign governments there Avas nothing to  induce the British government to.change  theirs, AA'hich AA'as to maintain equality  Avith the fleets of Russia and France combined. In whose programmes, howeA'er,  he saw no menace to England.  Alluding to the use bf electricity in the  navy, Mr. Gosehen said: "Both the  United States and Japan are uoav naval  poAvers, sufficiently important- to make  us think Ave ought to haA'e a naval attache in those countries. As an attache  to the Washington embassy the government is going to appoint au officer especially competent to deal-with electrical  matters."  During the consideration of the Avar  ofiice A'ote, dealing Avith the subject of  recruiting, George Wyndham, parliamentary secretary to the Avar office and  member for Dover, referring to the reproaches levelled against the government  for not entering into some agreement  with' the colonies, said it Avas difficult to  approach the colonies on the subject unless they displayed a disposition to -volunteer their assistance in "-sharing the  burdens of the empire. At the present  moment, however, proposals Avere being  submitted for Canada's consideration, the  nature of -which he could not now indicate.  CONCENTRATES.  The Molly Gibson Mining Company are  calling for tenders for the construction  of a Avagon road from Busk's landing up  Kokanee creek to Avhere the proposed  traniAvay Avill connect it With the mine.  .^ttiij\?fevl&s^^  '%e*-lireHto:-|^ot, ^��^u?Rle"- #inh_^���pm^  ]     uTr u, m,jiu���.u"      ���'��� u   n"   ttf   ,Jjj J Tj     0 0�� * &    _[0. ,    o   "��    UL_0     doj      ���    r       o_ . S. __" uij-g* n   uaUiSuu   ���   jlj    D|f  ; pahy** tpday,VAylien'th-f i3laii'6��cijhe*'1|iitiri!p^  ;Kvpi'ki-ijn&S-oS^-lid*=.-EQiiie^Vill^-bp Dclepid(|dr  4poii.  MAKING READY FOR THE SPORTS  At Queen's. Club Today.  London, July 21.���The calm preceding  a battle  marked   the  eve  of   the international varsity struggle^ both  the London and  Brighton  tennis   resting   today  and harboring their strength   for tomorrow's   contest.      The   new- competitors  appeared   in the  Queen's  club  wliere a  score of workmen were engaged in fixing  up the track for tomorrow.    The demand  for seats has  long  since  exhausted  the  supply, and the exorbitant prices asked  by speculators have caused the management to refuse  all applications  so  that  tonight'��5 aud ��10 are vainly offered by  late  comers.    The  prospect is  that  tomorrow's contest Avill be close,:.and. avou  pr lost probably'by. one eA-ent.    The Americans are confident  of  winning  three  events, the half mile, the high jump and  thi-OAA'ing   the -10-pound, hammer, those  considered doubtful are  the  100  yards,  the hurdle race and the 440 yards dash,  and these are virtually conceded  to the  Englishmen, the long jump, the mile and  the three miles run.  ;   FoIloAving is the official  programme of  ���events.:' ThroAving the 10-pound hammer  ���J.  D.   Greenshields   of   Oxford,   I.  O.  Baine, Cambridge,  and  W. A.  Beal and  II. 3. BroA.'n of Harvard.  "   Long jump���G. C. Vassal of Oxford, L.  R. O. Bevan, Cambridge, and C. D. Dally  .and J. I. Roche of IlarA'ard.  ���100 yard  dash���C. L. Thomas and  A.  L. Hind or A. M. Hollins of Oxford, arid  F. Quinlan  of -Harvard and F. A. Pi-out  of Yale.  ; One mile run���A. Hunter of Cambridge, A. L. Dawson and Freniantle of  Oxford, and C. H. Spitzer and H. B.  Smith of Yale.  - |  Hurdle race���W. Paget Toml in son of  Cambridge, H. R. Parks  of  Oxford,  and  F. Z. Fox and  J.  W.:. Hollo well  of.*Ha_-  ;.vard. .. ��  '* Half-mile ritn���II. E. Graham of Cam-,  ''bridge/C. F. L; Strubcr of Oxford, and  L. K. Burke of Harvard and N. P. Adams  61 Yale.  _f d   n__L*      _nn tt_.   f  Imus and Bacor from communicating  with Manila. Under the circumstances  it will be impossible to drive Avagon  trainsv as the trails haA'e become doubtful. Pack mules will be utilized if it  should become possible for soldiers to  make inarches.  The oflicials will haA'e their hands  for some time in arranging for the  partiire of volunteers and settling  eplacing them.  full  de-  the  regulars who are  at'Diineitii Git-yi as well as;sproeket? Avhefels  for tli0 steamer Marion and iron eastings  fpr Nelspn buildings uoav in course of  erection. The foundry aiid machine shop  furnishes steady pniplpyinent for nhife  mcu and at tiiues for as lhaiiy as seventeen.  BrjC'kinakiitg is aublher industry which  provides olnplpyiueiit lor a nuiiiber of  iueii. Taking into consideration k'ie  l��-i<i^ i)i(Hihftitituved by tlip West JvoOtfc-  nay Bi-icJ. & Lime Company both; at *^fel-  s.o,_ and at Balfonv its av^oII as the brick  mads locally by thp|s*^ls6i]i Brick M-aunfue-  tn ring Coinpaiiy, the brick used in Nelson  are furnishing employment for 38 u.en.  At the Nelson Brick Manufacturing 'Cain-  pany's yardj Ayhich has a capacity of  12,000 brick a day, thei'e are tweh-e men  employed and the company lias orders  ahead for all the brick which it can turn  out. Oiie kiln of 150,000 is being burnt  now. In this kiln are 8000 pressed brick  for one of the buildings uOav in course of  erection hi Nelson. A second kiln of 200,-  000 brick is uoaa' being prepared.  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime  Company is Avorking a force of eleven  men at one of its Nelsoii yards, and at  the old Walters yard, which is being  worked for the company under contract,  thr_e men are Avorking. This company  has, perhaps, the best equipped brick  yards in the province, and turns out  both machine pressed and re-pressed  brick. To provide, largely for the local  consumption of brick, the company has  also a well-equipped yard at Balfour, and  at its lime quarry a force of thirteen men  is employed iu getting out lime rock for  the building trade of Nelson.  Possibly the greatest growth Avhicli  has marked any of Nelson's infant industries is that shown in the business-pf  the Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company, AA'hich is conducted by T. J. Sims.  The make of this  factory in  November  f&cjiom^^  :diVl cle ylli _��"AyJif I^pf���* -&_.e_ .ti^e^ififetj-ie";  ^Ko-oteil-iy^ .'a��d;^ouu"aaip5- / ���-;Tlfp- U'ilSoii*  .S6d^i=.Wat,el,v^��AmPaW-^bM^P''-5ss.:was���''thei='  iirsfe-ieStablished:, - 'ThisV.epmpaiM Tiiianu^  n L^"- n uj^| " TV rTi' o_4i'a ^iio yJU*^p^'u ^        -C/,       ���   ^h^u u o_ q,    v$ u   D  o ���   ���' o     n      '.  ;Lf _f^tuJjeu%,iXll.ik��ijid^or�� l1,618*^!, V^ajop'S^and.  alsbbotyes ihe Av4t���e.iiD^  "niinePai Spring. ���r|l|4 |aetory �� fiiViiishes  ���^fipliSyillj;eii-tf.^by".-feoui'^.e_i>. -axi^:- .ih"p n man-��  ' "agej-iQiit .sflys","PUat.buSiliessns ibetfeer"tliaiii*;  ;at ahy d*t;iier pei-iod in the eonipMiy'S:  lilstbry,        ���" . rf "'   ���  :Th"ol'p'a,'&'IQoitai?0.uy,'"TIii_^ is tlie  Style pf "the Secohcl: factory; This fc'oni-  ;paily first commenced biXsiiiieSs ijiD Yaii-  couA''Q'r in IS.S9 - A year Mter tv b$u_dj_  Avas opeiied ill Victoria :and iii 1S97 ��� the  NLelspii brailcli Avas estaBji^hed. EaclL  -yeai^*|}he=groAvth=to=the^b|iSiness_.pf=tlie,  Nelspn branch cftllecl for increases. in the  company's plaiit, and as has been the  case with the Nelson Soda Water Company, the Thorpe company says that the  business of the present summer has surpassed that of each previous yean  Another industry which- should be included in the list Oi those which Avork up  articles, into the finished product! is the  tent and aAvnilig factory of 'Theodore  Miiclsoi'l. In this factory is made virtually all the tents used by the prospectors and railroad contractors iti Koot-  eilay. The factory has appliances for  working xlp 3000 yards of canvas per  week and the only competition Avhieh it  has to meet is that from Spokane and  tlie Coast. It furnishes Constant employment for four hands.  Cannot be Laid on East and West Streets.  The public Works committee of the  council have notified the gas company  that gas mains cannot be laid on any  street running east and west, instead, the  mains must be laid'in the alleyAvays. The  mains may be laid on streets running  north and south. The council should  back the public works committee up in  this. The gas franchise Avas obtained  from the city for nothing, but the city  should see to it that tlie mains are not  laid along streets that are likely to be  graded and paved. More: the gas company people should be made to understand right at the beginning that the  streets do not belong to them.  ���M.>>.-_  ����� LiJ-f-i, -����..i'���- = "o>-,'r" V "��'��� ���*��������-*������".'������. "" "  .Rice.-and"C. Broa-cfcof =Hai%^rik<��-m*>? y���-* *>  [SdlmOy  lomor  iipxx of /tli;��R "S!&;w^i*iill^^{^hp;3J\nr^t.ft�� pf.  aud 'Slieneil��i-i|ekSi.is'^  2 ��� Tlie^aiiers'Ayill: "be "Signed: today foj-th'9,  '^iiSolidltibii ^I;$li-1-^olclpril -&Hp!��� Mid  ��biden Cno\vh infueKiil. clahiig. owli'pd by  Olaf Liirid, aiid the cl-iinis "eomprisirig the  .KefCEehdiiiii gi'oljpi" ipr AYhi-fir a neiwcOiu-  pauy-Av;i]I be fOrmedi It is the intent-ion  of the li.eAv company, .to .Cpinmonee de-  veippiilent AyOrk at puce.  /I!]u-ee!3lip5^il?^^.">;V^ot*].S^     , i'^iljv  '^ridfeei ^"^TJ*;j^;v^ll!r&*#e4'"^��&^ j"'  !jSltiSf-li,"#ifd_-d>G:^.lPi*9feM^  M, ^ ih^e2aMffl}fll( "plp^df Btfrfdrsp \  '���������{-.��� n s - fetbli(js;^orks jM|eiiiigi" - " -  ���yAy "i3ijeettiTg;.'-pf, :t1,iS'>.pub|l6 ."-\Y-?ip.vl' COlii-  Very Important News From Ottawa.  Ottawa, July 21.���In  the  house this  morning sir Charles  Tupper  denounced  the cable sent to Renter's press agencies  in'Europe   from  OttaAva  in  connection  Avith Yukon  affairs.    Sir Richard Cart-  wright said that it Avas a waste'��of. time  discussing such matters^ and this led Mr.  Foster to make a speech on AVest  Elgin  and-West  Huron.    Mr.   Fielding,   in referring to the Reuter's  dispatch,  said it  AA'as fair   and   substantially   true;    the  trouble Avasthat the London Times correspondent in OttaAva Avas also the Mail Sc  Empire's   correspondent,   and  therefore  the Times Avas not Avell informed .011 Can-,  adian affairs.    At theiiriA'ileges and elections committee today the.deputy returning officer Avas _.u.-the.r examined.    It Avas  shoAVii that at other polling sub-divisions  ballots  Avere   exactly  the   same as the  fourteen ballots Avhicli Avere  said  to be  spurious.     It   also  turns  out' .that the  statements given to Mr. Borden by electors avc re not sworn to at all, and in some  cases parties signed them Avithout having  them read. .  The Field on Shainrock.  London, July 21.���The Field this morning, referring to the races betAA'een the  Shamrock and the Britannia,---says'* it  thinks the trials are of-no specific A7alue,  as it is impossible^to form any opinion of  the challenger's capability against such  an old yacht.. The Shamrock's approximate rating is reported as 105,- Avhile  the Britannia last season Avas rated  90.S. The Shamrock beat the Britannia,  in 36 miles by 13 minutes and 20 seconds.  By the yacht  racing  association's  scale ���  ���hibS'-  }iye^mMm&^mmM^MiPhM20l&,  The Metal Markets.  Nkw York, July 21.���Copper, steady;  broker's $18.50, exchange $18.50.  'Lead,   dull;   broker's  $4.35,  exchange  $4.55@$4.57|.'.- 2~-i '��� *-- y-~. ������ .;-..-  '.''���TiiiT:.''.-unsettled;i: ^Strait's    $29^@$30^.  Plates firm. (���'������  Bar silver.'-00|; Mexican dollars 48.  The Delight gi'oiip, consisting of the  Delight,, Calgary, Wpodstpck aiid AtUt'i"  ; tic jninei-al claims, situate oil Giveo.it  creek,. Were Surveyed last week for croaa*ii  grant by the Hamilton & Bosslaud Min-  ing Company. The property has 225  =IeOt~df"tunneling, and good^issays~l!!tve"  been secui-ed from the ledge.  The survey for the croAvn grant of the  May & Jennie claim on Forty-nine creek,  owned by Captains Jolm Patterson and  John Campbell has been Completed by  John McLatehie. _.he showings so far as  development AvOrjc has ilroceeded are  very, satisfactory. The owners are in  communication with a Scottish syndicate-  which dcsjt'cs to take a bond oh the property.,    Match Against Rossland.  The members of tlio Rossland cricket  teaul who are to play tlie Nelson eleven  today caine in last niglit. The team is  in some-respects similar to the one that  played against Nelson last year, though  there are seA'eral fresh names. Several  good bats are included in tlie number  and the game should be an interesting  one. Play Avill commence at 11:30 a.m.  and if tlie weather is fine there should be  a large number of spectators... FoIloAving  are the names of the players on the res-  IpectiA'e teams:  Rossland: A. Marsh, cap tain, D. Kennedy, R. M. Gi-ogan, F. W. Rolt, C. Hamilton, W. de V, Lemaistre, H. M. Rumball,  N. R. H. Bullen, H. Taylor, E. Kennedy,  Lome Becher and H. F. Mytton, spare  man.  Nelsou : J.Elliott, captain, F. Fletcher,  E. Wilson, II. Wilson, H. M. Williams,  G. B. Ileathcote, C. M. Bi-oavh, J. Y. Nor-  cross, R. Mackenzie, H. B. Haines and T.  Atkey.   A Last Gasp.  The poor old Miner of yesterday appeals to the business men of Nelson to  AvitlidraAv their patroiiage..:,froni /Tiuo  .TitI im-NK because its editor :' has''bpiiiioiis  tli'atV diit'er ���' frOm those of the Minor's  latest wet nurse, J; Roderick  Robertson.  WORK  OF PEACE CONFERENCE  Is Nearly Over.  Tin. HAguk, July 21.���Baron de Staal,  presided at   the  plenary  session  of .the  international peace conference  today  to  place the final seal upon the labors ofthe  first committee.    The point of Mr.  Kar-  nebeck's  report, dealing "with the prohibition of dropping  explosives  from  balloons   was  unanimously agreed to.    Tho  second   point  of  tlie prohibition of the  use    of   asphyxiating    projectiles    Avas  agreed to by all except the United States  and Great Britain, Avhose abstention nullifies  the agreement of tho:'others.    The  tliird point, which  relates  to  expanding  bullets, occupied the bigger part.of. the  sitting, owing to the question of the ilum- '  dum  bullet  used  by the British army.  Sir Julian  Pauncefote  expressed  regret  that  the   plenary  session   had  beeu  so  suddenly summoned as the British government had intended to  make  a  statement  regarding dum-dum bullets.    The  conference agreed to leave the minutes of  the session open for the insertion Of the >  British statement. .        ^  Mr.: Andrew D. White, the head of the *  United States delegation, then spoke in  opposition to the prohibition of such bulletsas the dum-dum. Mr. White's arguments made a great impression upon the  delegates, especially Avhen he explained  that the adoption of the proposal, as submitted, Avoiild not preA'ent the use of  another'bullet'-.-, which had already been  invented and--which AA'ould attain the  same end as'.the dum-dum, but in a mucli  more cruel manner. The missile, Mr-  White said, Avas outside the specific definitions of the president's proposal.  Captain Crozier, military member of  the United States delegation, proposed as  a substitute the following : "The use of  bullets should be prohibited Avliich inflict  unnecessarily cruel injuries, such as ex- ;\:  plosiA'e bullets and in general every kind  of bullet exceeding the limits necessary ,  to put a man immediately hoi-s de  combat." ���"���:/���'���        ' '���::.y(-1-:2  A long discussion ensued as to Avhether;  a vote should be taken upon the original l-;  proposition or captain Crozier's. *The} ;  latter was finally chosen to be A**oted iip-L--y  on, as s'ir Julian Pauncefote announced l  that he Avould accept captain Crojcier'sl^  proposal, but it A.'as rejected by a vote of y(-  17 to 8. Mr. Karnebeck's A'ersion was;: /"  then adopted. Great Britain and tlie- i:  United States '.alone' voted against it, und l 5;  the Portugese delegates abstained from's:  voting.  ^��*^x^(n^  Tl%'f.:eiiiK!Jl-^--. - - ,  fPP^Mieiiy2"'yymi  ;i'u;y.-1i6.rseB "ivhd ap,|ilia"]ice^A\}'ill"'l36.S-Ci!i_>ed ;  without i'lii'ShCr delay. ^JTir. this .eotinajtJ-  ���ti<jn6 thp'" cpuiicii cleCided to call for  ";ag"plicati0.ii�� ;-|m''".tiipn jiosiAipp. p'f fpjieniafv  of/tlifescjiveVgler Work" avJio AvOnkl also  filf'the* position Of" asSistaiit; ganitai'y ,in-  Sl_eet8r;. Tli���e city c.ork wits _dso author^  Izwi'tci ^IraAV up a set of books for this  branch of the corporation work a*lid also  to secUl-e such printed. foilUs ivs lii-ty be  nqcessal-y.  The coftiniiittee  also decided  to  give  Josias  Thompson  the   contract for  bile  -seAvet--coltst'i'_iction-OU-_Mc-Otiia_s;treet-be'--  tAVepn Josephine and Kootenay streets,  his tender being the, lOAVost.  With respect to tlie plain statement  by the gas company showing the stl-cet.  1-pOn Avliich it proposed to Jay mains, fche  committee- instructed the city clerk to  call the attention' ofthe company that  the plan submitted sbOAved pipe mains on  all streets running castand -as. est, Wliei-eas  in the opinion of tlie conuiiitttse it was  desirable that with I'espiiCt to such; pipes  they should belaid in tlie alleyways instead of lypou the streets, TliO fionipany  ivHl be asked to state its objections to  .comply With tlie views of the corn mittee.  The committee also jjoei'dod to will, for  tenders fqi-- tlie luying of 5200 feet of  Sewer pipe, tenders for the same to be iii  by iMonciay, July 31st.  Coluin'bia and Defender to Eaee.  Ni-AVpoitT, Rhode Island, .July 21.���The  Aveather this morning Avas cloudy and  muggy, but about 8 o'clock the sun aji-  peared and began to burn tlie mist away  and the prospects foi' today's race betAveen the Columbia and the Defender  are good. The wJnd is southwest, blowing about tAvelve miles an hour and  gaining force. If it holds good tlie two  boats Avill race towards Point Judith,  thence, to West island and thence to the  starting point at Brentoli's Reef lightship, tAvice around, about forty-six miles  in all.  Rain Impedes Operations.  Manila, July 21.���The  unprecedented  rains during the last week have convinced  observers here  that military  operations  on  a  large  scale, or  advances  covering  many miles Avill be impossible for a long  time.    Many miles of country arc.flooded,  to .a  depth . of ;-thi:oe.. tiIfuuh'fe'et."-'; The/  ]'arannqno bridge, wliich .was .con'sidci-e'd-  impregnable,'*has been , swept away, cutting  off   temporarily   the   garrisons  of  ���;��� .Kerfie"5and|tp;Ha^d" Fight,  MaM&�� "���July 2Yii^"4ws:, luis bidn to-  'coiyed fcoin gendi%l%iiiilfixPlMT^i'slaikl"  Of Wlipjijygtjf ���pY'e?:eiiglipii^piiy 'V^ediies-  day/betvve^ii ���eaptU.iri.-��lBjyi:!-..'|!;: .^i��teeutljL.;  in f api fy, ���A)ixijx, ,��e;Aj-e irjjy-fi^&J.rnto^j.^ndi^a"  j'o.i,:ce. of -/I-jQ- Sabylonas, \vhp sixrpri$ed,  the-Alndklc?aiv.trc-)6ps, "-Oirfe/hUiXdved .and  fifty Of'"flip 'ellOijiy avCkq" killed/ a.? Is  shown " by aetuitl; -corliit.". Man|r' y\vdx;e  A\*oU;i;ided aiid One taken prisoner., The  American loss was one man killed and  one wounded. Tiie fighting Avas inosbly  jit^ cloge^m^ers, witli bayonets ahd  "c-iTTl5l5ecl guns. A cpjisiderTTl-lo stock, of  supplies and arms have been captui-ed.  Captain Byi-Ue, A-v'ho is in coinmand of  the battalion,, is opeiutilig at La CarlOta  in the district of Negroes.  The Noonday and the Wakefield.  Sil-VloiiTOX, July 21:.���Yestel-di-y .sixty  to(iS of Ore AVere shipped from, the Noonday mine hereto the Trail smelter. Forty  tons more at-o now on the wharf awaJting  sli.ipi.i|ci,i.t. liliis mine is now uinployiug,  IS oi.e--soHc.rs and .10 miners. Todn-y the  iiijdGi'gi'oiind, force at the Waki���lieid ra'nie  ������was inGrc-ised, to 12 rueii., and more aj-c  expected to arrivo from Sand'on to go o��  at this mi i r I ti. AlfcliOugh these men ary  engaged by the eoiltraofcoi",, they arc  guaranteed $.'-.:"-() for the eiglit-houT .shift.  IT. S. Cadets at Gibraltar.  GmiuaJ-TAI*, July 20,���The American  cadets Avho are making a suniuier practice cruise on board the United States  sclioolship -Sti Mary's, were the guests  yesterday of the British navy. The British torpedo boat destroyer Griffin and  torpedo boat No. 01, 'conveyed the young  sailors to Tangier for a day's outing, returning the same afternoon. S. R. Giiin-  niere, United States consul-general to  Morocco, accompanied the cadets on the  return to Gibraltar.  There Will Ee No War.  Cai'ISTOWX, July 2!.-~In the course of  his reply to an address of welcome at  Claremont yesterday evening Mr. Cecil  Rhodes, formerly premier of Cape Colony,  declared that tliere was not tlie slightest  chance of Avar between Great Britain and  tlie Transvaal breaking out.  Spanish Royalty Welcomed.  St. SkuasT'IAx, July 20.���The royal family of Spain have arrived here. They  were Avarmly Avelcolned by the people.  clnd^t \vit,kthe.;$x^tio^^^  beloi-'C tlie -ai-bitration; couinftttec.*. "<y*"yf(yh*  "::"-   "   ' "Ting^|^^g^|^^:|^g  . Dj_i.uoi.r��;July ^i^Q^oig^y^p^^^}  tods     "      " " " " "   "     =--"-" ������-  "'"^���If-f-l  Avtvksh  are al-s^Ji'!teiy"-:i^luvible";.b#i^i^  I'ip0:|.itl;i'(.^rcia1ii0ns^b*etwe6iipgpuera;l^^^  and ;pi'e.-idcnt'i%,��r5iiil.eyv Vliick the .llii-lj".^'!  lie-are not��� fi-tuiliai,* With/* ."" ��.(H  At  the  outset, the  govetaior go^ys: lt_  have no hesiltitioi.   in saySig that tlie.  cout'so pursued  by the  president fn the  ���matter is li title less than C0wa.rdly.    ;It i��,  the '      '  /if*!  to say tlie least, very unmau!y.J'  iiieii-iilg Upon the whole matter* the go A"*1.  eruor sa5-s that general Alger's saci'ifie^  Was* cmnpelied: by deniauds of NpW Tojrk.  pollticjuns, backed by an i.iUscruiiuldrt��  and heartless p1*ess. We predicts that Jt"  will be learned that the p.-_sideot hiiiK-  s,sjlf' h,n_- been responsil-jle for nl-stftke.1?' %  Condi feting tlie Avar. ...........  terrible Marino Ardent.  LoXlOO.y, July 2;-.���iVH yJcplOsion pit  board the torpedo boat destroyer J-i-ill-  lineh on the Sofufst, during lier trial, today killed nine iiijd injured four of tliose  on board. It was the worst uavtil aecid*-  ent of this nature that lias oceui-red in  the British navy in twenty yeai's. 1*hq  victims were terribly injured, steam and  boiling water filling the engine room,  Tlie Bullfinch is one of the lateatdesigncd  ;_0-knot torpedo boat destroyer.  'While the Bullfinch; Avas r��onin.jg at  her full speed of 30 knots, the connecting  road of tlie starboard engine broke artd  strii-ing the cyclilider, knocked off its  end. Tlie engine room presented a terrible sight. The injured AVCre moaning in  agony and olio man, who had apparently  been struck by some flying metal, had  his head nearly torn off.  Venezuelan Argument Starts.  Pah is, July 21.���Maitre Prevost opened  the case for Vciie/.uela at  today's sitting  of* the British-Venezuelan boundary arbitration ".commission.        Maitre   Prevost  cited authorities on international law to  show  that tlie right of recovery gives  prior rights under  conditions  which, he  claimed, Spain fulfilled.    Spain had occupied and settled points on all the important rivers between the Orinoco and the  [ Amazon in 1G30. 2  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C..  SATURDAY, JULY  22,  1899.  __���_ ������.  ARII  A WORD OF SOME NEW ARRIVALS  B  ifi i  I'M  If.!  ��� fe ?  I'  Ifc  I-.'IL  ^.  W  fl.*  We thought this  part of our  stock  complete  until  these  were   brought  to  our notice last  week.    They  D  are the prettiest either you or we have ever seen.  Prices from  20   cents  to  $1.    Call   and  see   them.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  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"irtade;sohiethihg"ihoi'.e tnaii a" lneSiB- nnder-".  \w.y  my  f.li^^^^^Jia]iiU7^i\k^ hey^epupdxi, _i_  i.$22.k^l��"d}9flfoh,a, i^P^iibul^pkiM" ami. thp  ^gli^ly^-Ss, '^emMegfOuh^ - '$li$oiiJ-j.  ??"=|grdifn.lsuitxab'lel iyili' s$(5$fc_d,* bxi% It-'hap^  ^ "p��*iil.d fco*belong'to tlie" Caiiadii-ih"Pacific  ^"^a^^'Gonrpany,   The tifficilils. of the  ;;."V-^inpany =*ivbw_  appi^oachedi;   aiid-..they  '^yagieed)"X-& deed over tlie"land'-tB tileproV^  i?/ fihCJal.'gdA-ernuieiit in trust, provided the,  (y go^eriiment ,gav-p them land sow^wliei'e  ���    else hi lieu thereof.3  This the gov-i-a-  ",mewt did, land ne&r the Canadian, Pacific  depot having been Avithdeawu from  sale  fpiryphat purpose, and it 1'eli.iainS unsold  ~lio~T*J_is. diiy. A year elapsed aiid the  transfer AVas not niade, tlie excuse being  that the land Commissioner Of the rail-  Avay company was absent, but tliat it  Avouldibe taken up on his return. On his  retui'ii jt was taken up, but not -in a wa,y  that promised results at all satisfactory  to tlie people. The land commissioner, in  timCi   visited _>-elson, and at  once  saw  that the land Avas A'aluable. He intimated that the land AA'as too valuable to  giA'e aA.'ay, and suggested that land to  the south of the FarAA'ell tract���aAvay  out in the Avilderuess^���be selected instead. This did not suit the people.and'  the government Avas asked to bring the  original deal to a, close; but the goA'ernment Avas poAA'erless Avhen it came to  dealing Avith a corporation that makes  and     unmakes    governments.'. at    will.  ^'e.'tola1' th-^t'they eajundi uav;-x��tho"{pn'ly,"  .Vlii'cli��tlpy=lia^re'SpernLt��. several jRiiiclireid;  do]l)i.i!Sj:.becayse' it.hap" "Secoine Valvrabfis^  tFhif ?gif��_-iq]i "iliigS^be "'aslvody wHo iKtiq?-;  ^fe;*lMid���valuaJiile';B' "'_.]'& tm^vpf ':WPuld]  bh,, the people of Itfelkp.iu," /       ���'���-.;'.  This is,;. questipu that the board of,,  ti'ade jnight take up^foi; it concerns the"  Aveffare dl-overf niftn, \Vom.a._ and dlVO-P  iu the liOAVh. Jt-pveii .concerns the wel-*  ' lard Of ffhe ^licirtlg; of 'the 'Cahaclan -"$10- -  flc Ayha reside in: -kelson. .-'"'-  Thi- Hivll street ground is easily acees-  d from ovefy part of the toAvn, and  those who take part in outdoor sports  claim it could readily be made suitable  for all athletic games. The land Avhieh  the railway company now Avant to trade  for this desirable little plot is located to  the south of the smelter, considerably  more than a mile from the corner of  Baker and Ward streets, and fully six  hundred feet of a climb would haA'e to be  made to reach it. It i.s not level, but  rough and full of large boulders. It  would cost thousands of dollars to improve, and when improved people avou Id  go to it .just as tliey now go to the  cemetery.  Tiik provincial government sliould  compel the railway company to live up  to its original agreement, and the city  council should urge that such steps be  taken. An acceptance by the city council of the railway company's proposition  is a betrayal of the peoples' interests.  The Greenwood Board of Trade declared emphatically against the discussion  of the eight-hour law at the llosslaiid  convention, as did the Nelson Board of  Trade at its regular meeting. The Rossland Board of Trade is afraid to declare  itself one way or the other.  Tin. "blue ruin" shouters, aa'Iio all follow the lead of J. Roderick Robertson,  president of the board of trade, Avill no  doubt be surprised to read the statements  made iu another column that the manufacturing industries of Nelson Avere never  in so. flourishing a condition as they aro  today. They AA'ill also be surprised to  hear that skilled AA'orkers, like cigar-  makers and stonecutters, liave been  working eight-hour shifts for over twenty  years, Avithout either ruining themselves  or their employers or the country in  Avhicli they live.  >: &&& &&&&&& &&& fS S_ S= -SS?fS-g;&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  ^*^��^e:^^@^^^^^@^&&^^^��:e:-��:��:-S::*S:^&?  BAY  COMPANY.  this week via are showing: a special line of  ��ai��S  ^m  '^^���^^Tm^y&'^i  *KiS  :Who sejl 'Cjily'^fei-Sm^ VVe do not  claifti it is better than all other brands,  byt only ask a fair trial to Convince  you that if is the equf.1 of any*  POTS  PETIfl &HELLE & CO.  Hcft-dqutirtcrs for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo make a specialty of  Shjplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard Hoar C.P.R. depot   IS. G. BE!.H, Agent.  s  AKD  HANGING  BASKETS  Away below regular price.  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C0O0  Slots aiullarjje house beautifuUy funiished (��ni-P).. -1000  2i lots with cottage rented- ivt $15 per mouth, Victoria  streei  3500  1 lot With cottage rented at ��15 por month,l"Victoi'ia  Street  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per ihoiith, Stanley  street ��� >.-  3000  0 lots in block 41]), all cleared and fenced in  2500  For general information on real estato and for further  particulars on above property apply to  rQ-iloom HouseV centrally located^ |3S00.  G-Booni Cottage and 5 Lots on Carbonate  street, $14'00, e,',tsy terms.  5-lloom   House on  Stanley .street;, fSlQO.  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Siines and -Wining Stocks Cii-toiiis Broker  REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AGENTS  Two lols with two*story house on I-iitihicr  street:, hour Josephine .., ��1800  'Tonus:   ��12011 Cftj-h, balHiiee on inorlga��e.  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Swerdfegerin the "Kurckll" mineral claim, situate on  the south side of Kootenay river, between JCiiglo and  Sandy creeks, and about two miles from tiie Poorman  mill, to recover the suni of three hundred and seventy-  one dollars and forty-live cent- (��371.15), amount of said  execution, besides sheriirs poundage, ullicer's foes, costs,  and all other legal incidental expenses..-        ���������-..':-       ,...  All of which 1 shall expose for sale, or siilllcicnt thereof  to satisfy said judgment., debt, and costs, in front of my  ollice, next to the court house, in. the said City of iN'elsoii,  on .Thursday, the 27th flay of July,'188.1, .at lho.hour of.  cloven o'clock In.the forenoon, .     .-.���'���������'-���. .  NOT!.��� Iiile-itling purchasers will satisfy Ihomsolvc..  as to interesl. and lit le of said defendant.  Dated at NcNon, this 201 h July, ISlll.  ���   a. P. TUCK, aiiuriir of South Kootenay.     |  GAMBLE <S_ 0'FJEllwL.V9-\gts  Baker Street West, Nolson, B. C.  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Will bo ready to open on Thlii'sday, Jiity 20(h,  B'l'eait delivered loniiy partof tlie city. Cake...  jiurtti-j's artd coiifecliioiiery a .siiecialty.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh block, Nolson, B. C.  Charles   D_  J.  Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  If j-ou want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring and suinnier, 1 have over 500 dliFor-  ent patlci'lis of Soetch and I-iiglish tweed-!*  which I will Inako to your order at the low  price of  , |25  Black Venetians make a nice Suit for summer weal' at.... ,  S'li  Black serge suits in sack orniofningcoat..��21  A  heavy Scotch tweed,   nice patterns  for  business suit .g)S  Trousers at equally low price... Fit and fliiish  no better in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a  specialty.   Clement block, Baker strcot-  Stevens, Tlie Tailor  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Crawford Bros,  Stanley Street.  Boarding and day school for girls will re-open cm the  lutli day of August. Vacancies for boarders. Kor tonus  and prospectus apply to  MADEMOISELLE KEItN", Principal.  ''.   PIRE5, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  i_srsT_r_s__-_sro_3-   .,  .:   REAL ESTATE AND LOANS..     ..  TO LET���Several houses of difl'orenl, sizes.*  FOR SALE���I teal estate in all parts of the city.  *3?__!I.__i_P___0_-r_-)  136  During the, season wc will deliver ice at private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at ensonrable  prices.  WILSON _ HARSHAW  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine, Limited. Albert Canyon, on the  main line of lho ('. I'. It., 22miles cast, of I-cvelsloke, requires six good miner.-,.    U'ngos ��.'t.5i> per day.  City Seaveng'er and  Chimney Sweep  Trompt attention given to all orders loft at M. Dcs-  _Bi;isay Sc Co's, Bakor street, Nelson.  Strictly first-class. Bates, S3 per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  :    * SPOKANE.  FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE AND EN SUITE.  I     Hot and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telophoiio.   Housekeeping rooms.   Thoroughly equipped  with exits and fire escapes. oth flloor Marion block, cor-  i "i-r Riverside and Stevens streets.  i  ' ' :   NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Sealed tenders will be rrcoived by the undersigned  ^marked lender for Burns & Co. building) up to July 28,  ���IS!)!), at noon, for the erection of a brick block on Baker  j 5-troct.  Plans and specifications may bo seen at the architect's  o/licc.  A marked cheque amounting to o per cent of tho  -.mount of tender must accompany each tender.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily acceptable.  ARTHUR E. HODGINS.  COAT^WLUMBEfTcO-  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  , All .sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  i -.it to order, and shipped lo Nelson in carload lots  ! * Write for prices. ��� THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C,  SATURDAY, JULY 22,  1S99.
Bank ofIontrbal
all paid
up,     -
Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President
I.   S. CLOUSTON Goner al Managor
IN-EX-SOISr   _3_n__A_-N*0_E3:
N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     HRANCIIKS  IN      	
LONDON   (H-iR-land),   NEW   VOR.K.   CHICAGO
ami In tho principal citin- I" I'anadu.
Huy and sell Sterling  l.xcl.aiigo and Cable Transfi-is
available in any part, of
.In- world.
A miner named Hart/-, living in Oakland, Calefornia, has had Avhat is probably the most remarkable fall that a man
ever experienced and lived to tell about.
That he could be precipitated a distance
of. 1..0 feet and not be fatally injured
sounds fishy, but it is true, and the shaft
down wliidi he fell and himself prove the
assertion. Ifc was last April that Frederick llarti- had this Experience. He' is
badly bruised, but not a bone in his body
was broken, and he will recover. Hartz's
story of his thrilling experience is best
told in his owif language, and it is as
"I was working in the Mount Jefferson
mine in Toulunine county. I had been
there about a month and was considered
quite a old hand for that place, for the
fact was that few men would stay in the
mine after they became aware of the dangers that surrounded the work. They
would generally work a day or two and
then demand tlieir 'time' and leave, usually with very few words in the way of
"On the day that I mentioned I was
working in a stope a few feet from the
bottom of the main shaft. The mine was
always wet everywhere, aud the pit below, when we were working, contained
several   feet   of "water.    It  was  to  tbe
,    presence of this water that I unquestion
!"£."•,/"     "" °'""' "" -"'--      "'"- --""-■"-■-■■  - '" -   -- -
y\^fl^y3ammip^W¥^M^mii3 .sw
*.^"*i s\"\velf k hm^
ll-! ^t-U"3feTi;(Ttweiue.l-ilJIk| ih, flip "Jiu>i;l_,^ ffii.it-,
"(;.yAiir£llh&hmpoxxhiy-, ",1'astXew Yeitr'.s' "Day,, ■
,!Y"-W*$">©"&Vl^®g>C>fj'ei-;geV«  - .n.   -y     ■    ;     ;
y. . " 2«%Y&\\[&i]e dbiiiifig a .^etof -liolbs'iu. the
fj"";%iee pi ihevehf'nititii&fydffihei §eige, 'mid-.
yy°Ilkdynxi\de]mxm fhe blasts, iu,,
f" tifese.4iplm r^ad^.foi!:li!ing;pr shooting"
i "lb>--iVOc3„u:tim<S'i. SO fea*;titeSmolci? and pQW-
:? c. m^ii»rtjs^lJg^rt,°lj^*^ fcjIjTSi to',oljefii-:nl-Vv|iy ,
f./^liiie #&*^Vle-iUi'°4S?--»ei- W had iiiiisU-
2.2-del ihe Avork, .arid it being■ 'thy turn,, I
start-d to go up to the SOO-fOOt lovGl to
2 get the po^ydef 'xx0d in bkiSthig: I, niacl&
: - tlie tuilA dp -stj-feiy L-iiongh, autls .ulYiufe
: secured what 1 wanted, got iftto tlie skip
I,    withy niy   load,   jiiteHding   to  go: dO*Vp
• "LgaVe'pfie -signal,.two b^lls, to thep,u-
j gtiiei-r foi: deseendiiig, but he lias always
]. declarpGl that he never got but one,
\ tl-Oiigli,f as he left the place very suddenly after 1 was hurt I cannot help thinkiiig
tliat lie knows ho made a iiilstake.    Oiie
bell would raise instead of" lOAveviiig nie,
aiitl at oncie I felt myself ascending
through the black darkness towards the
'"This did not alarm nle seriously, for I
thought I would simply go up to tlie next
level and tllei-e stop, and see if I could
find out What Was Wrong with the signal
bells. I had proceeded upward perhaps
thirty feet when 1 felt the skip, a sort of
truck in which I was ridiligj leave the
trade upon which it rode. It trembled
for a Moment iu a staggering way upon
the edge of tlio track, and then, quick as
a-lash-, it tui'ued squarely bottom upward.
"Instantly the liglit of my single candle
was sivulEed out and 1 found myself iu
total darkness in mid air and standing
upon nothing, at least 150 feet from the
bottom of the shaft.
"Of course, I fully understood what
that meant. Death, sure, swift and terrible, was upon me. In a few seconds its
cold fingers would be clutching at my
heart, and then Would come for me the
end of all; things.
"I have read that persons in such situations have declared that the most Important events of their lives, and especially
matters where conscience had condemned
had passed swiftly in review before them,
but I had never believed the statements.
Noav, I know that such things do happen.
In that aAvful moment I saAv numerous
phases of my past life. Many tliat I
thought long forgotten loomed up before
my mind's eye. They were far too numerous to mention here, but I will say tliat
among them I saw my wife as I had left
her iu my Oakland home, and even my
.mother in the old cottage among the hills
of Germany. The latter has long since
been dead, but I remember that I won-
det-ed then if I should see her. in a few
"Of course, I Avas plunging downwai-d
all the time that I Avas doing this. Down,
Is r*ow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yuk,on. District.
down, 1 fill, with such frightful rapidity
thai- the very breath seemed being sucked
from my body, and yet 1 remember
thinking that 1 seemed a long time in
reaching tin; bottom of the shaft.
"Kiii-illy, when it seemed to mo that I
must strike the ground the next instant,
I drew myself together and braced my
body for the shock. I remember doing
this, but I remember nothing more for
some time.
"Either the swift descent, or being
beaten against the sides of the shaft, or
the terrible fright, or all these combined
had deprived me of consciousness before
I struck the earth, for I have norecollec-
tion of the collision.
"The next thing that my senses told
me was that my partner Avas examining
my bruised limbs by the light of the
candles in the stope Avhere Ave had been
working. O'Neil said that he had heard
the awful shout I gave Avhen the car left
the track, though I do not remember uttering a sound, and that he rushed to the
edge of the pit .Justin time to see my
body shoot past and plunge into the dark
"Recovering consciousness, the first
Avords that I uttered Avere : 'Where is
the powder?' thus showing that Iremem-
ered my errand upAvard first, notwith-
standing the many other things that I
have described as xoassing -through my
mind iu my fall. I had been terribly
bruised and beaten about in my descent,
but strange to say, not a bone In mybody
AA'as broken.
"I Avas taken from the mine to the
boarding house aud well cared for. The
company offered to send me to the hospital, but as I had a wife aud home iu Oakland I preferred to be taken there, and
here I have remained ever since. I applied to the mine owners for some sort of
reimbursement to offset-my Injuries, but
^ajl6sjp|*tlie?uiiuie,, aydr tihatslf X}had?;b„ee'nv
■ .""SleyMiig-J :the,^ptcli-i}ikuist,::isj'liQ av&b;
imprifoiLie^l -pi. a wlul.e„iil "Aij.strla .la.sb'
suihinei: fjjrdisiib-ipect.to „a afeligio?is:pi-b-
06881011, is w-ppi'te"d to hiiye- elppgd'Svitlx
thj daughter pf ii. ■ViejinaUiOtei. Iceeper;
The repp ft., that 0§boi>ne |)eig=n.aiXi Of
IOaa'%:oiie "of ffi-iigOiij'S c^nipani&ns oii:tlie.
_\tpii'ima{-,"", .'h^cl'.'Jbi'eiv '-Ojnpeiled>ifol- Av^n'ti
di moTi'ey to* give up 'tlio jpt-ojec't* ofieiiteis
iiig tlio" ° aVWal aciul^my is" .dein'ed. a't Dei
jlloiniijs," wllBife, it is■ Said' thai hO is abotit
to eiitfer tin, preparatory* school at ATiiia-
polis; aud that the" people of Iowa will,
me that lie do^s notfaiLtobecOuie a eadei
for hick of funds.
D-s Doj^eU, a l^renqh surgeon, has '-'ex.-:
hibit-d to nuliierOuS doctors and students**'
at the    Itiiil uuiA.-rsity   cincimatrograph
pictures shoAA'iug Various Snrgical operations.   Dr. Doyen advoeatfes the use of
sueh  pictures for tli- education  of students, saying  that they are far More ef-
descriptions.    The  spectators   AArere   enthusiastic oA-er the marvelous, accuracy of
the i'epreseutatioUS.,
Commenting upon tlie recent reports
that queen Victoria Avas about to undergo an operation at tlie hands of a German oculist for Cataract, the British Medical Joui'ual says: "We have the best
authority for stating that the alarming
paragraphs regarding the; queen's eyesight which have appeared lately are
erroneous ahd misleading. l?or a considerable time her majesty's eyesight lias
KNIGHTS OK FVTHlAS- Nelson   Lottee,  No, 25*
Knight,- otfytliias. nieets in I. 0. 0. V. HalI,Gorn(Sr
Bakor and Kootonay StruCts, evory Tuesday bvoning "t
8 o'cloel..   Visiting KniKhts cordially invited to attend.
T. r_TI,I_lK. O. C. R. G. .IQV, K. of R. fe S.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. If. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in oach month. Sojourning
brethren Invited.
EAVART & OARRII-—Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.
"Ci B. HARPKI-. musical director, leader Nolson Or-
-»- • chestra. Musiciaiis furnished for all occasions on
sbort notice.   Telephone 62.
WANTED.—Two or three rooms for linlit housekeeping.   No children.   P. O. Box G56, Nelson.
been to some extei.t impaired owing (o
changes incidental to adA'anced years,
but we are glad to be in a position to say
that the deterioration has ceased to be
progressiA-e, and that the queen's eyesight, has in no respect become Avorse during the last feAV years."
Palermo has not yet got OA-er the due
d'Orleans' dinner costume. The French
pretender presented himself at a dinnerparty given by an Italian duchess there
in white knee-breeches, Avhite silk stockings, white waistcoat, velvet smoking
jacket Avith the orders of the Golden
Fleece and of Charles tho Fifth on the
breast, and in shoes with diamond
buckles. He explained that it was the
Avay he dressed for dinner at home.
Admiral of the Fleet sir Harry Keppel,
the father of the British navy, celebrated
his ninetieth birthday last month. His
son, commander Colin Keppel, Avho has
been promoted to captain for his brilliant
services Avhile in command of the Nile
gunboats during the recent campaign, is
noAA** by seA**eral years the youngest captain in the navy; he Is not yet, thirty-
seven, and received his promotion over
the heads of oiie hundred and forty-three
other commanders, his seniors in some
cases by many years. Sir Harry Keppel,
in spite of the Aveight of ninety years, is
still in vigorous health, and the other day
not only attended a revieAv lu company
Avith the prince di Wales, with Avhom he
has been for rnauy years on the closest
terms of intimacy, but Avas present the
same evening at a ball.
Brigham Young Roberts of Utah, avIio
Avas elected a member ofthe fifty-sixth
congress in November, 1898, aud about
Avhose eligibility for that place there has
been some discussion, appears to be a
member of congress, and if he has been
as business-like as most other members-
elect, he has been dra .vlng his salary
since March 4th, or for about four months.
A copy of the "unofficial list" of members
of the house published by the clerk of the
fifty-fifth congress, Avho makes up tlie
roll i'or the fifty-sixth congress, has just
been issued, and in that list the name of
Brigham Young Roberts appears along
Avith some three hundred and fifty-tAvo
others, A-acancies existing in five districts.
When congress meets: Roberts will be a
member of it; at all events, he Avill have
received pay for eight months at the rate
of five thousand dollars a year. Roberts
may not care a great deal about the salary—he may not even haA-e taken it—but
the fact that he is on the "unofficial list"
clearly sIioavs that it is not a question of
his admission, but of his expulsion, that
is to confront the next congress.
P. Burns c£ Co.
AV_IO--!-SA----   AND    RETAIL
R. M. Grogan        Rosslund
A. Mursli
A. Tlickling "
N. R. Mutton "
H. M. Rinnball
l.niesl. Kennedy "
I''. VV. Roll.
Lnrno l-echor "
Wallace O. Wright     »
E. S. Wilkinson, Giilcsburg
J. 0. Drewry, Rossland
P. A. O'K-iri _11,- Spokane
O. D. Porter. Spokane
Thomas Ilcniiett, Salmo
C. K. I.er.neU, Salmo
L. H. Wells, Spokane
.1. Dougall. Gaylord, Minn.
IC. K. Mackenzie, Ymir
airs. T. Q Tracy, St. Paul
Maniio S. Nolan, Waneta
.lames Johnstone, Kernie
J. M. Williams, Sloean City
Pi'unk Watson, Sloean City
W. dcAr leMaistre, Rossland
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,   New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade
City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
■-Jomrptly\orwarded Ijead Office, Nelson, B.C.
II. ]•_. T. Ilaiiltain,  Yellowstone
Frank O'Rrien. A'cHow'stone
J. L. Parker. Rossland
R. Plowman, Rossland
F. C. 1-lliott. Victoria
AV. lt. Ross, Kort Steele
Frank l-efobro, JMontreal
G. M. I-ai'tlett, Creston
C. K. Stonller Creston
P. Hayes. Creston
Charles Gibson. Cranbrook
B. Laumhco, Toronto
AV. H. S. Pcard, liledieine
Miss McLeod, lvaslo
R. II. Brycc, Winnipeg
George F. Cleveland, Danville. Quo
J. Tinling, Silverton
II. Michaelson, Montreal
R. Biirke, Brandon
II. Hori'ison, Silver Ring
.1. Clements, Brooklyn
J. A. ICrigg, Brooklyn
Jlrs. Riddell, Pilot Buy M. Jacob, Portland
F. JeH'rey, Vancouver M. John, Po-tland
Sister M. Leona, Portland   M. Joseph, Portland
Fred Bradley, Ymir Fred Mason, Rossland
J.  O.    Covington,    Slocan   W. Salisbury, Balfour
City M. Murchisou, Rossland
A. Oleson, Bonner's Ferry    I E. H. Home, Hall Siding
J. McC. Innis, Hall Siding | M. Duke, Robson
The Tremont Hotel
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager
All communications relating
to British  Columbia business to be addressed
505, Nelson, British Columbia
to P.JO. Drawer
J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager \
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer I
Front Doors   -
Inside Doors  '2...
fy"iy1-".y°."l.".:" .-r?lpekl>Ji:ji_"-coa?t.«vp°";;";"/„.%J,\<y.»"^
y-"  ".. .*•  ' """" .flooring"""*"" "-'R-'""^;s *-'..
"   ■■    ■■    .. loeiLil,ua-nd;.coas,ls»„» 0     '  -. -
■■ ilSFew^l Posts;
.Bt&ir"'iMI/' """
Dressed Lumtoef
ot ail kinds".
I_ •w-hatyou \vant is not in stock we Avill make itifor you
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
P*B _n° _-" ?" ill*   n rP     °fh   n      n     n0n    „  o,_ a„
Large Consignment Received of
Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.    Orders-filled Promptly.
III Constpuetion Co.
J. A* Sayward
g tins,
Mealed v^ith l^fot A1^ send
Lr|*hied by E.ieclridf^
Largo coiiifortabie, Jood^ooinsj ari4   first-olass  dinfiig
rdpin.   Sample, rooms for cbinnioi-cu-i iji-ii.
^__5L!_-_E3S   Sfi   FEB   T3J&J&"
Mrs. £ fi*
Late of the Royiil Hotel, Calgary,
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Doors and Sash
Fence Posts and Pickets
Office and Store Fittings
Scroll Sawing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes and
General Joinery Work
\\. D. HUME, Manager.
1*h0 iiliest) hotel in the interior.
Largo sample rooiils;   Steaiii heat and electric light.
.Complete"JElectrlc .^ouiiJm^ntg»fpr"«Bl!ecfr^ and Llgrhtlng- for Mines, Towns
2''""'    " .■ ",        MlMctvIc",FI^tUvm,i^&"a£p"i, Beilsl/djaliiiiil-nes, Annunciators, Bto.
B,p3:f_J06,v"  "" ,-  -"-     ,   /-''"' •"»"    "°:-°\(~.L"
Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.
Always Fresh
Always.    Cool
ANTED-Bell boy at Phair hotel.
WANTED —Two  waitresses at
Kaslo hotel, Kaslo.    .
once.   Wages  §25
WANTED—A girl for general housework.
Mrs. (Dr.) Korin, Silica Street.
Apply to
RENT—A furnished room convenient   to Baker
Street.   Apply Postoilice box 02. Nelson; 11. V.
Vienna Restaurant
Baker street, between Josephine and
. -, Hall streets, Nelson.
Glass of all Sizes and Kinds
Sawmill on Government wharf.
Factory and office, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track
A largo stock of first-class dry material on
a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work
hand, also
Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson
Telephone, 91
John Rae, Agent
The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono
management since 1890.
The bed-rooms  are  well furiiishoil and   lighted by
Tho diiiing-rOom is not second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors and cigars.
THOMAS MA DDEN. Proprietor.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric hells and light, in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
J. V. PERKS, Proprietor
Free bus meets all trains RduoIqI-iL'P   B   C
Hourly street car to station -,BV-1.1U*.B, H. u.
Niglit. Grill Room in connection, for the convenience or
guests arriving and departing by night trains.
Offer fresh roasted cofl*ee of best quality as follows
Java and Arabian Madia, per pound.......—
Java And Mocha Blend, ',1 pounds.	
Fine Santos. I pounds	
Santos Bland, S pounds  —
Our Special Ulend, (I pounds  . — .
Our Rio Roast, (j pounds	
, A trial order solicited.
Salesrooms  2  Doors  East, of-Oddfellows   Block-,;   West
... Bakor Stsoet ■
1 (JO
1 WI
I 00
1 00
1 (_)■
• • •
Xul.-oir. IlrilKh ('oliiiiil)ia.
H* D. Ashcroft
Wa^on repniflfljf- proiiiplib' nHJci-t}-- lo by a"fl-rHt*lns_
Special alleiition given to all i-jinls of rehiring, dlid
custoin work from Outside poilitei.
Col'iioi' .Silica and
Stanley Streets.
E. J, CURBAN, Prop.
Fine Lager Beer,
Ale and Porter
Shop:    Hc.ll Street, bfitv-Oert  Baker and Vernon,' N&lsbn
Prompt and regular
delivery to the trade.
Srewery at Nelson.
and Fancy Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
rs.    E.   McLaughlin
Nelson Iron Works
.    .IAN-UKACTU-.KKS. OK ;'       '
The Imperial Oil Co.    Standard Oil Co.
Washirigton Brick arjd Lifrje Co.
The H. W. rVJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Antb,ra-
cite Coal (Hard)
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.
ItcpairH promptly attended to.
P.O. Box 173.
l-oats built to order. Repairiiig and fitting a spec-
ialty. Sails made and riKKud. Fisliini; roils and tackier
mondod.. At Governmcnl wharf, Nelsou. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,   B.C.,  SATURDAY, JULY  22,  1809.  L PURPOSES  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  'I ho largest ding liouse in lvootenay.      Corner of Raker and Josephine .'.reel.. Nelson.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Interim Injunction Granted.  An cxp.irte application was made yesterday in the elmnibers before judge  Forin by S. S. Taylor, Q. C, on behalf of  K. 0. Traves, asking- for an injunction restraining the city from tearing, down the  applicant's addition to the Broken Hill  block. Affidavits made by the applicant  and his counsel were read, and his honor  granted the interim injunction and also  leave to issue a .summons returnable on  the 28th instant calling upon the city to  show cause why tlie injunction should  not be continued until the trial of the  case before the supreme court. S. S.  Taylor has issued a writ against the city  in the supreme court,an<Ihasalsoappealed  from police magistrate Crease's decision  to the county court.  1-1-  li-  juris?-'������������  Wi':-  It? I ���"  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and  do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  NELSON.  John  Gratton was lined   $5  and   costs  for  making   a  disturbance   outside   the  Salvation Army hall.  Yesterday the gas and coke company  started work by distributing gas pipe  along Victoria, Silica, Carbonate, Kootenay and part of Stanley streets. The  work of digging trenches will begin on  Monday. The company is finding some  difficulty in getting good workmen, most  of those applying wanting to take sub-contracts and not work for -wages.  License commissioners Dr. E.G. 'Arthur  anil P. li. Wilson Avent down to Salmo on  Thursday and granted liquor licenses to  VV. T. Beadles of Salmo, and W. Bauer of  Sayward. These licenses had been held  over because of unfavorable reports from  the license inspector.  A letter was received yesterday stating  that a row boat belonging to G. Johnson  of Queen's Bay had been found drifting  bottom upAvards betAveen Balfour and  Pilot Bay. The owner of the boat went  out rowing on Monday and has not been  seen since, aud is now supposed to have  been droAvned; T. G. Proctor went up-to  Balfour yesterday and will make enquiries.  W. Wilson, formerly manager of the  Nelson .Hardware Company, iioav of  Greeinvood, is spending  a few days in  DesBrisay &  Co's  CAMPERS', EXCURSIONISTS',  AND PIC-NICERS' LIST  Nelson, lie reports business good in the  Boundary district andc*utlTi.t a great deal  of development Avork is being done'in the  niines in that vicinity. The Canadian  Pacilic Railway Company has commenced  grading the branch line from Greenwood  to the Mother Lode mine, a distance of  four miles, and are also .surveying roads  to other mines. On the Old Ironsides  there is a large force of men at work and  shipments will begin a.s soon a.s the railway is completed.  (Jn account of the rainstorm, the moonlight excursion under the auspices of the  committee of .Fraternity hall, advertised  for last night, avus postponed until Monday, .July 2-l.th, on the same steamer and  at the same hours.  Mrs. T. Madden yesterday evening  entertained a. large party of friends at  her house on Stanley street.  Married in Nelson on the 21st instant  at the residence of William llaidie, by  llev. Robert 1'Yew, David Simpson* Mardie  of Nelson and Miss Lizzie Smith of  Auchterarder, Scotland.  The steam launch which George Hale is  building for W. It. McLean will be finished in about three weeks. The launch  is promised to be speedy and great  secrecy is obseived to prevent too much  being learned of her before she is ready  for her trial.  The ladies of the Presbyterian church  are arranging a moonlight excursion to  Balfour for next Friday.  Born in Nelson on Thursday night, to  the Avife of Frank Graham of Victoria  street, a son.  Fred Irvine ��fc Company's summer clearance sale proved such a success that the  company has decided- to inaugurate a  bargain day each Aveek, the particular  day to be announced later.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  eavy Hardware  Ball Games Yesterday.  Washington 3-5, Cleveland 3-8.  Pittsburg .0 Philadelphia 3.  Grand Rapids (., Minneapolis 1.  Indianapolis 4, Kansas City I.  Providence (5, Springfield I.  Hartford 7, Worcester H.  Rochester 14, -Montreal 1.  Syracuse 3, Toronto 18.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  0  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  PRESERVE THIS L.ST AND ORDER FROM IT  ' .PHONE 8   -. BOX 98  Anchovies  Anchovy Paste  Catsup of all kinds   .  McLaren's Cheese  Condensed Coffee  Condensed Milk  Condensed Cream  Devilled Ham  Devilled Chicken  Devilled Turkey  Devilled Crabs  Devilled .Tongue.  Deyjjled Mdef  Finriari 'hfaddie  riplxby ih Blottles  Ha.m in Tins  Irish Stev/  Jams and' Jellies of all kinds  i-irfip Juice  Lu'n;ch Tcahgue  Lamb's Tongue  Lobster  Marmalade  Maca-p&r-i' and Cheese  O lives  Pig's Feet  Rdast^Beef���  Corned Beef  Relish  Sardine- in oil  Sardines in mustard  Salmon  Trout in tins  Truffes  Herring in torn sauce  Herring in anchovy sauce  Herring a la sardine  Kippered Herring  -Boned Chicken  Boned Turkey  Boiled Duck  Potted Ham  Potted Turkey  Potted Tongue  Potted Rabbit  Potted Bloater  Potted Beef  Potted Wild Duck  Preserved Bloater  Pork and Beans  Russian Caviar  French Mustard, etc., etc.  The Ladies' Aid Society of the Presbyterian church will hold an cvonin;?-.-CU-sionto tlieoullel  Kriilay, July 2SI,li. on (ho . learner Alhei Iii. 1!<'fio-Jiin(.n_s  of ice .-.cam urnl cake will lio served on 11 it.- boat. Muir  ���S-Ciner-or-licx-i-ii will rurni.li music. The M earner will  leave the eity wharf at 7:30 p. ni.   Ticket ��1.  A  grand   moonlight  cxciii-hioii,  under  the nil-pico-0- the comii-i-tccof Kiaternily hull, will be  given on JUoiid. y, July 2llh, ISil!).   The   .trainer Jloyie  w ill leave tlio citjMvlmrf a(. &_() ]i.m. ami return nb.iiit.lQj  p.m., and _ig..in leave ul. ]0:.'M inn. .'.nd rot urn ut l:'i()aln_.\  A magnificent danciig door will be provided upon ,tlic-  . cow which will accompany (ho .-.cur-ion steamer.    Sij-.*:  cure ticket* esii .y.from the Thoui-on .Stntion_ry Co. uijd"  _tlill. -v Lot I, as only a limited niunliev will be issii-Jl..  Tickets ��1 each. ^  rators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  _STHlX_SO_N*,   _3. o.  c_>  -OD  CO  6Q  __i  ca  '<'"  'ti*'.  SO'  CO  CO;  rirt  "OS  oo  re Olimfeifig Up  BUT HAVE NOT REACHED  TOP NOTCH Y.ET  *_|t^ **       * n     - ^J n        _���**       "     o ���   u    u ^ Dn       no��fl      %n-  nJ^_-i V/aL -1 UP_D odd n       a     a   ^      %^^T Ud ' D        'a- u        u      "-" DD u u      - a    u ^   ' D Cto        Lii  is, that goods ��eMati ibr fr��te  English  Ginger  Beep  D_-.nioiic.-s have adv-tuced about 35 pet-  cent in price since last fall,- and anotlier  advance is expected, next month with; tlie  limit not yet in sight. You cannot' go asti'-iy  by buying on a rising market, tis y,our goods  will bq wortli- mere tomorrow than tliey arc  today, and -the dijlei'enco. in price will be a  clear gain to you. As I made large purchases before the advance, wc are in a position  and willing to give out* customers, the benefit  of the iidvafttageous terms oh whioh I purchased of dill-rent v.-i_ti-os all kinds of Dia-  mt.nd's, Rubies, Emerald.., 0Hvcens and pet-n-ls.  Being direct and large importers, with the  best facilities for buying right in eastern  markets,, we are in a position to oiler a choice  Selection of stones, either loose or inoiinted, at  right prices. Would it not be to your advantage to anticipate your wants rather than pay  a little more,  DOVER, The Jeweler  a few days "and we must foams  Lin=j__i__^sho-w_j_j^  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  T JARS I  Beer  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  .        :35r_B__i.JS'0��?T  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN . KOOTENAY  VICTORIA  VANCOUVEI.  NKLSON  Thorpe & Co.,  LIMITED.  HAiH  GOODS   r\m    HAIR   ORNAMENTS  SWITCHI-- KI-OJI ��2 UP  Mrs. J. W. ICcamny 1ms oiienecl n I.iidic. liiiii- J>i'c^s  iiiK 1'ii'lor in room 1, Viciorift block, Nolson, aiul is |ii'R-  liai-iMl lo rn'iiMi cvoiTtliini? in Hi- way of liiiii- kockIk  nnd huh' Ionics.   TrciilmoiiL of llio scalp a '���pccially.  Attention to Fine Watch Repairs.  We employ the very best watchmakers, and  orders by mail or express will receive prompt  attention. JACOB DOVER.  tkaTfauit depot  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, fine Apples, aud all other Fruits.  in season received daily.  Direct  Froni the mal-ufkcturer -in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Wood's. Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, II. C.  'fe-'J-.   %_~<4L~  enn  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  MILLS& LOTT  AkoiiIj* to  -Ias-lcwood Ice Cream.  IPX-XTIvIBEItS;,   ETC.  oo?:___-i.__. _a:o'crs_ii block:  Telephone 93  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Gome in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  $3600  Baker Street near Josephine Street, 30 by  120.   A snap.  Huine Addition, neat; cottage, line garden,  , , ,. , ,.w,Ia,"'"' M,V,t,c Iroon, water pipe to grounds,  lot GO by 120, also 15 by 120 to. rear street.  $ I 500  lot GO bj  $350  Next Door to  V. I-iirn.s & Co.  HUMPHREYS & P1TT0CK.  FOE  EE  3STT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  AIM _-_���  , , J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At oflleo of the Duncan Mines, __iniiled.  T.  I-alinier Street, choice corner lot 100 by 12(1  APPLY TO OAVNK.U  Or. PROCTOR   b__-___:-_:-. STBEET  "W- p.robinsoIt  (li-X-Slienil* of youth Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cnf.Ii advanced ou fonsigiimcnlK of merchandi .0.  J'ostolllce Uox 572 Nelson, U. C.  **~y ���".Ci" O'V--. r-     r  !_���__ ^HC_|^'5gij_J  *1'2 ?*Z~'*<b^S^Mpfi&^V3Vfh&SK#*i*k. t-���-l -��


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