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64/ ryiUy
Public Opinion Changes.
London, July 15.—Another week of
bickering, oi' heated invective and A'itu-
peration, accusations of tyranny on one
liand and treason on the other, of increasing distress among tlie Uitlanders of the
Hand owing to tlie dislocation of business, of military preparation, and,
throughout all, the apparent maintenance by the Boers of tlieir stolid attitude of indifference. All the representations made have only served to add to
the perils of the Transvaal situation, and
everything tends to confirm the opinion
that the imperial government means to
obtain reform.
The ministers have practically pledged
themselves to enforce the reforms, peacefully if possible, otherwise forcefully.
The empire appears absolutely united on
the subject. On top of the Queensland
offer of troops to serve in South Africa
should an emergency arise, tlie reports of
the debate in the Canadian parliament
and the tone of the remarks of sir Wilfrid Laurier and sir Charles Tupper have
caused the greatest satisfaction here.
The  startling   telegram   published   on
Friday by the Boer organ   here, the Diggers' News, showing apparently that the
Transvaal had given in, and   that cordial
relations had been   resinned,  which-was
promptly   denied   by   the  secretary   of
state for the  colonies, .Josepli   Chamberlain, though evidently tinged to suit the
susceptibilities of the papers, was so circumstantial       iind apparently      authoritative       that       the       hope       Avas
aroused   that   the  end   of   the  quarrel
was   in   sight, but   the  only foundation
for the  dispatch was  found in the fact
that Air. Chamberlain on Wednesday, before the new franchise bill was introduced
in   the   volksraad,   requested   that   the
text be communicated  to him and sug-
geeted   that  the  debate   be   postponed
pending such representations in regard to
alteration   therein as the   imperial government might desire to make in the interests  of peace.     The refusal of president Kruegr to accede to  the request is
regarded here as fresh   evidence that the
president   is   still    dominated    by    Df.
• Leyds,   the  European   representative  of
the Transvaal, who has heretofore piwed
the  evil  genius  for the Transvaal, and
continues to delude the Boers ..with the
theory that if they can only gain time by
simulated concessions no real reform will
be necessary, as a new ■.■grouping  of the
powers will shortly occur -whereby Great
i=IMtaih a\*111 n^^^^
, x n:j§9uth,fAvr,iea(,}, s
an unknown man burst from the crowd
that lined the street and, jumping up on
the step of the carriage, tried to kill him
with a heavy piece of iron gaspipe. The
blow was warded off by an officer, but in
the interval of general commotion the
man escaped. (■'en. Booth sustained no
Day's Shooting at Bisloy.
To I {onto,, July If).—A special cable to the Telegram, dated Bisley Camp,
July I nth, says: Four members of the
Canadian team captured pri/.e money in
the Prince of Wales competition. Lieutenant II. A. Robertson of the Thirteenth
battalion, Ha.milton, did some splendid
shooting and stood tenth among the winners. Private A. B. Fleming took 22nd
place, and private I, W. Simpson of the
10th Royal Grenadiers 2-ltI'i. The three
get money prizes of £-'i each. The only
other pri/.e winner on the Canadian team
was lieutenant II. C. Blair of the 79th
'battalion, who secured sixteenth place
and a prize of £2.
Shooting at the 000 yards range in the
Association cup competition today lieutenant IT. C. Blair made a possible. Captain Cartwright got within the bull's eye
in each of his ten shots at SOO yards in
the Burt competition.
Lord Strathconn. and Mount Royal, the
Canadian high commissioner, has invited
the team1 representing Canada to a garden
party at Kenworth, his county seat, on
the 22nd.
Today in the experimental No. 2
match, sergeant major S. C. Huggins" of
the 11th battalian scored a ijossible.
The distance in this competition is 500
yards and there are twenty-seven prizes
amounting to £30.. The target is an experimental second class, having a 24-ineh
circular visible bullseye, the remaining
six inches being included in the 30-inch
'^'fM pojtix^n i^ipiecopm ig
*jbiii;uig%aiiore diffieultV - °
fining ^ct|fj[t^*^^iiud^§%e^;jDnt,
. -^j_vEiy?«jN„ %uy- i§;^^*^aK^'W
' *thnei":i|tOi|ei ^nteh^y,ot'kii''ig|*a?aY: a€lie^ .njhfesi5
"tili.aii" "a*"."ahy" ("fpfmm,'".'. peXidd^ih"tlieir \p$-.„
"i0ryr   and iii- every - iifs%nu&<_ - tlie" edhi*
^afljieS operating <_iie ,inliiag,° are pSylng,
-tliejr i'nlneVs. the unlbn j3c)il4"of»$3.:50 f&f
tile qjght-liovlr   shift. . Tljat   this is.no
idle statement the' fallowing 'figures will;
.show.   At tlie ^.opndky miue there are ;
15 men empkryed, at the ]3oi|v;tii, 1% Emily
1_t|i|h 12; Wakefield l?y_fesex id. hud Goii-
t|;oi:!3.   TJie total ore  shipments for the
Aveek, aside froin  the B'ogun  shipment,
were? l'OO tolls.    Tlie total Sflverton ship-
mehts  for the  current  year   aggregate^
Britain's Naval Manoeuvres.
London, July 15.—Tho present manoeuvres of the British fleet are likely to be
the most important ever held in British
waters, no fewer than 118 vessels,
manned.-by. 25,000 men, Hying;, their
.j<-3fe'^dMip|l'|p Oppnd^-J^^^idei g-y J
,%wiPy Assemble* 'at"-'t_>j[,yinou-th'„ swic} .-$that.-
' ,m%nith\?'%Vit"it if? a*f*|ii}iied. lft .xiif-\^il^Qi'i;nelfe|:,
[ ihat2ohp,;pffl;ihe, ptii i-pipal- ^obje'HsVif r"tjre*»°
liiiaileiijV^s .is- ^t'Ov" inak& „' ^nfk.°e^hjiiu.St1iv._'-J
'"givill^rfllie v|ilu_ of ■toi*iibHy,.bb"at§'andv
, ile^tSjrfe'r's,'""" "tife* .itpr.pedp,.."f)p$ifla (id'?"$&.
."liresMfe, ineludn^g^ -ho* "fewer" °tli"ftii -,-fiftyi-}
fo\ir;oFtlieu!5e -MueJi discii"*?sAd SilgiuSs-of
■■tlestruct^ji"., . -  - • y   ;. .    -%y    .   •
""^Tiie, fleet" pf .cruisers^ also(, will* "be ex-*
cepti^ifrtilly Strong*. 'Other' natipnsi; fixe:
F^endh esp^diidly, Kayo lately dev6ted
nttyclp>fcte}*$io:n to ti, cji|ss of Vessel ppiiir ;
: biiffng'ihe strength- Of the haPtteghip
Witli the! speed oif ijhe e;-uiser. Ifyurteen
, of these vessels are "now tuider "cOnstrnc-
tiou here aud tile foin't*hcoii|iug operations
are likely to be jli'raligecl td tes't Mieii'
caducity. _ _ .
Will Insist on Reforms.
Bkui.ix, July 15.—Now that a plan for
arbitration has been adopted at Tho
Hague anil the articles regulating warfare on land have been published, the
press is paying much attention to the
work <if the peace conference. Notwithstanding the skepticism with which the
conference is generally treated, the opinion is freely expressed that tho result
may be of considerable value and permanent. It is added that the exaggerated
hopes indulged in by some that the conference will do something to make war
well nigh impossible in the future have
not been fulfilled, but it is pointed out
that the conference is not therefore a
failure by any means.
The Cologne Gazette says: Although
the conference does not offer a guarantee
against war, it has erected a barrier
which in many cases may prove effective. The Pan-German Deutsche Zeitung
referring to the arbitration plan, is exceedingly uncomfortable over the thought
that Germany may be "caught in this
trap," and says it thinks the permanent
bureau will become the "arena for English intrigues.''
In treating the question some of the
papers point out that the United States
and Great Britain have not shown iu
practice as -much zeal for arbitration as
they have displayed at The Hague. The
refusal of the United States to arbitrate
the difficulty with Spain aiid Great Britain's refusal to settle the Transvaal difficulty are mentioned as inconsistent witli
their position at The Hague.
The sub-committee on arbitration had
a short session today in order to clear up
some objections from the minor powers
to the arbitration 'scheme,- prior to the
sitting of the committee ou Monday next.
The amendments proposed are calculated
simply to protect the minor powers that
they will not be forced to accept arbitration umvillingly at the hands of stronger
,   ,,2BoM phe Robbers iWere .Captured.,
y-fj:yfl.fltfii?*''..!y,y\y2y\><t\y*sv--?■= .^y,y.h^ -,-^-.
Willia;in:^dl.den,"1jhe s^Ificpfifesled-r'asb-
'-*■  Montana Man Looking for Mines.
The eight-hour law   does   not  seem  to
keep mining   men   of   recognized   ability
from looking up good properties.    George
Doyle of Nelson returned this week from
a trip t;o the headwaters of Kettle river,
wliere he   is   interested   in   placer claims
recently     discovered     there.     On      his
way out he met -I. L. Toole of Anaconda,
Montana,   who  is one  of  M;ireus Daly's
trusted experts.    Mr. Toole was going in
to look at the quartz   properties   belonging to the Old   Brothers   of   Fire  Valley
and Robert Shiell   of  Nelson,   which are
situate pn the main fork of  Kettle   river
and about thirty miles west of  the   Columbia  river.    Mr. Doyle  says  that the
placer ground in which   he  is   interested
will pay about a dollar a  yard, and that
the wash is about fifteen feet deep.    One
outfit  has  built  a  liume 3000 feet long
and others areopening up their  ground.
The  best  way   in is by way of Fire Valley, although there is considerable fallen
timber on the trail.
t Ippp^'psp \ had-, •a"bn-g&^"bBp"©u.ney^irel3',n,Jps1<|]
^n.^fie-'CJ:r^^ ""esie^'p.e' pf "Pl{p!
The shaft on the Trask is now down a
little over 30 feet. The vein is 5 feet, 10
inches in width and has a paystreak of
22 inches. It assays $38.53, almost all
gold. Another ledge will be opened up
shortly. It is 30 feet wide and gives
good shipping values.
On the Rio Grande an S-foot ledge has
been struck of concentrating ore in the
At the Big Horn group Tom Woods is
busy with his force of men# doing both
tunneling and shaft sinking.*
On the M. & M. mineral claim up AVild
Horse creek assessment '..work is being
AV. M. Jeffcry, the-mining' expert, has
been reporting iipon the Rainy Day and
Rainy Day No. 2, the properties owned
by the Gold Reef Mining & Milling Company, Limited.
Sixteen Mile creek is beginning to give
a good account of itself.    On the Wilcox
'Phil-White and Ids force of inerrie men ,
ypxP-as:bn^rf*«§jlpiei^*t;s^^".^X-;2^\"y *;■.!'?..
1212 tons, so that sfuce the eight-hour
amendment JaW went into effect the
■mines of Silverton have uoit only fur-
nishe-l einployineut for iiiore ntiners but
they have maintained a higher avei'r:ige
of sliipinents-
—t j.        a :—-^—^—
Barbarian Brown's Big Suit.
Victoria, July 15.—Another step has
been taken in tlie celebrated suit of R.
I'D. L. Brown, tlie America*"! mining engineer who is operating in the Slocan,
against the Tj-ansvaal gOVerunient, in
wliich nejtrly two lnilliQ!) dolhirs are involved.. Aii appeal to Washington to enforce the payment of tlie amount of the
judgment .secured by Brown has been
forwarded through, the American consul
here. This appeal sets forth tlie particulars of the litigation at great length, giving tlie judgment ofthe Ti-ansvaul chief
justice in Brown's favor, aud showing
how far tliis judgment was subsequently
dismissed' by president Kruger.
Cashier Short at Least $140,000.
Nb\v York, July 15.—It is estimated
. that the theft of George M. Valentine,
the defaulting cashier of Middlesex
county bank at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, will, amount to $110,000 or more.
The bank examiners are rushing their
work as rapidly as possible, but the exact amount will not be known until the
examination has concluded. Valentine
has made a confession in which he says
every cent of money was lost by him in
stock speculations.
Tried to Kill General Booth.
Stockholm, July 15.—The Rev. AVilliain Booth, head of the salvation army,
arrived today from England to assist in
the salvation army revival which is being
held in Soedermalm, a suburb of Stockholm..'- As he was driving to the meeting
An Acquittal fiooked For.
PiRls, July 15.—M: A^aughnj editor of
the advaneed Dreyfus organ, L'Aurore,.
the slightest doubt of the acquittal of
captain Dreyfus. I say this, not because
I have overwhelming confidence in tlie
idea of justice being done by the Rennes
court-im-i'tla., or aiiy other military tribunal, but because the court of cassation
has alL'eady outlined the course which
the Rehnos judges liiust folloAV. They
must confine their attention to the bordereau ; Otherwise tliey Will disregard
tlie decree of the highest court of Franco;
If the Reinies judges call new Avitnesses
or take new evidence they will be acting
like a second court of cassation. Tliat
would be a judicial paradox." If new
evidence should be given subsequent to
the examination, trial ot' whatever one
may please to call it, this might grow
out of tlie Rennes case, but the coming
trial must be confined exclusively to the
bordereau. Tlie officers of the Rennes
court-Jnartial know this perfectly well.
Alaska Boundary Dispute.
London, July 15,—There is a great deal
of anxiety regarding the Alaska boundary dispute in political circles, though
the general public does not attach Jiiuch
importance to the matter. Jingo papers
like the Saturday Review grasped the opportunity to air their anti-American proclivities. After asserting that the Canadians desire to finally decide the matter
by impartial arbitration while the United
States demands a tribunal wliich will
be either a farce or unlikely to settle
anything, the Review says : " AVe
cannot concede more to the United States
Avithout Canadian acquiescence, aud our
own experience in that direction does
not give much hope. If the Anglo-Saxon
entente does nothing to modify the
American attitude towards Alaska it
will have proved to be more useless than
the bubbles of the champagne in which
it floated, into existence;'' -.■..'
gthe. d"e|"fci_pt
; 'tb'fiwait" r$ie°'Hl*3Ftih^
authorities." Inspector. Gi-eqr "of rrbrTpufco
Cdtpiuxe, l^ftlfor" .;i^^M%, ^ff. Jpu "his,
' Iirr h;al/he *was - aishei'ed; i|ft"0.4he"-pt-'bseiree*
of tlie two -ese&pe/dV" cohlde°ts,"wlio*- W^re
wellkuQwii to liiih. """ Kfeilp3- inspectorF'
aviis Hohleii's greetingto. the cleteetive.
" AVcill,, 1 see tlie jig isiip* ahdf Ave AA**iil go
After tAvo mprftlis' AAra,hderihg through ,
the provinces of' Outarip and Quebec*, the
state of Maine ancl tlie, provinces of fiovii,
Seotia and ffew BrnusA\?ieks the eseaped
eomdets Were, trapped by a connti'y constable in a si nail town lleai-fy seA-en li uiidred miles f foni the place of their escape.
It seems as if it Avei'e the irony of fate,
like represented the distance they have
Avandered since tlie morning of May 1,
when they made their escape. Time and
again they Avere compelled to retrace
their steps to aAroid all possible danger of
detection, Holden's intention was to take
s'li'ip at Halifax ol' Gampbelltoii to get out
of tlie cotintry, but as Pare was' Suffering
from a lame leg he would- not leave him,
and in-standing by his pal Avas caught
along Avith him.  „  ....,
Entertaining Chicago Cadets,
BltAMPTOX, Olitiu'io, Jiily 15,—The Armour College cadets from Chicago had a
big time at Brampton today. Tliey were
met by a reception conimittee find the
leading townspeople. The boys received
a AVarin reception at the station and,
headed by the town liand, Avei'e marched
to Concert hall. Addresses of Avek'onie
and responses for tlie visitors Avere made
by chaplain Henderson, captain Mc-
Creary and. surgeon Fitch. The cadets
attended the lacrosse match, in the afternoon, and in the CA'ening they gaA*e a
fancy drill exhibition. The ladies later
gave the cadets supper in Music hall.
Bail Gaines Yesterday.
Boston 1, Pittsburg 0. .
AArashington I, Louisville 4.
Cincinnatti 1, Philadelphia 4.
Baltimore 10, Cleveland 0.
Baltimore 5, Cleveland 0.
Chicago 2, Brooklyn 5.
Promoters Modify Their Demands.
Victouia, July 15.—The Port Angeles
railway promoters have presented a mo-,
dified request for financial assistance
from the city of 'Victoria., expressing'
their Avillingness to be satisfied Avith $17,-
500 a year for ten years,, as a bonus for
providing a first class 'passenger- and car
ferry. . , .*'' '':■■" '' \"J
„ ;ipC wi'thlio'If/lkig; ''fife ^aiipijj'iprfa-ijipnsf' fpx
^•vpa^^xA}d(hi(ail& fi&^irbifaiseck l)}f Plip2fiihy
^i|tei'->q£ "in-irfeijj  iind'- "1iwthpfy&fin"iipmning.
7ilip"dbhxpp^pfph's gpS'iernxiiOnp;^/,^})^!)^-
%'afiyu|:dV!fi/u\**e beeii IbrWiiMed t6-"_li°ei ten,
232.F". iiumej rejircseiiteitive„of this1 riclihg,
^fecl al&'o t°o° the chief "coiiintissi&ner of
laiids rau-'d!Woi',ks,.. ' ' _"- '.. °
" fj?li6 - fblloAyii-ig ge;iitlemeii were appointed a fire cpmniittee to see Into, the
pjireliase of °hpse and -a feel for the filre
pi'ptectlPn' of ymir, UOAv that tire AVatei^
sA'stem, lias been installed, viz.: John McLeod; Johtj. F. Biinie, •!■ W, ■Smith, (3,-., AV.:
Ross, Grant Moi'i'ls and Joe Bpyef,- and
are to meet at oo£;e to go into the whole
matter. The government should conti'i-
tpWn Is not ii\co])orated and fchey'derive
a revenne of about $20^000 from this
cainp. Tire property ovviiers are willing
to pnt up their shafe.
At the Venus property Dr. Doolittle is
Avorking ii creAv pf tAventy men, Tliey
are I'tuining two tunnels besides doing
cpnsidefable sui'faee work am! putting
up additional buildings; Tlie property
lias greatly improved: of late! and the
lead, which Avas rather flat, is straighten^
ing out;
Neil Gething yesterday received the
Hall Mines smelter returns upon the 20
ton shipment from the Taniarirck mine.
The sanipllug showed that the ore carried 135 ounces silver and a, .shu-.de! better
than 20 pel' cent lead. Mr. Gething says
that even better returns may be expected from subsequent shipments from
tlie Tamarack, as the ore comprising tlio
first shipment avus not so carefully
selected as it niigl.it have been.
Mrs. G. B. Hall returned last night
from a two months' visit to Nanaimo and
The .organization of the Presbyterian,
church in, British Columbia has been
remodelled, and East and West Kootenay have been made into a separate
presbytery called the Kootenay- Presbytery. Rev. Robert Frew of this city
has boen appointed  the first moderator.
A special service for young men av'iII be
held in the Presbyterian church this
eA'CTiing at 7:30.
Nine applications fbr liquor licenses
came, up yesterday at New Den\_,r before
the licensing commissioners of the Slocan
licensing district and all were granted..
The names, of the successful applicants
are Sloane Bros..,. Slocan City; .0. AV.
Ayhvard <\_ Co., New Denver;. Martin
Levnllel-'Kiiterpriw. .Landing;  H,   Siege,
New Denver; J. T. Nault, Rosebery; Albert Haller, McGuigan; L. M. Knowles;
Silverton: Bowles <fc Fairburn, Silverton:
Angus McCillivray, New Denver.
It was reported round town yesterday
(-veiling that there was a lire at the Silver King mine. F.nquiry revealed the
fact that there was only a bush lire not
far from that, property.
John L. Ketallack of Spokane is in
"The country is ruined!" is the cry of
the Mine Owners' Protective Association
and their sympathisers, yet tliere is not
aliArelier town in Canada, on Saturday
nights than Nelson.
The boarders at the Queen's hotel last
night made a presentation of a purse
and money to Miss Mary Dietrich and
Miss Agnes Campbell, the former of
whom is leaving for Teeswater, Ontario,
and the latter for Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday next. The presentation was made by P. Chapman.
Born—In Nelson, on' July Mth, to the
wife of Stephen Allan, a son.
Some Deadly Bowling.
The Nelsoii Cricket Club had a practice match yesterday afternoon, and
though there Avere not enough present
for tAvo full elcA'cns, an enjoyable game
Avas played with nine batsmen aside.
F. Fletcher and J. Elliot picked up, and
the latter, Avinuing the tossr sent his
side in to bat first. Elliot played good
cricket for 17, and Walker contributed a
useful if rather lucky score of IG not out.
The nine batsmen compiled 00 in all.
AVhen their opponents 'went in an astonishing thing happened. J. Malliiisou
AVilliams A\;as put in to IjoavI and developed quite unsuspected powers as. a
boAvler. He is fast Avith an easy delivery and keeps a good length, and "the
batsmen went down before him at the
rate of about two Avickets an oa*_i\ If he
has time to play'.'Mr. AArilliams should be
of great service to the cricket ehib in the
forthcoming matches. The fielding Avas
again noticeably bad and there does not
seem much sign of improA'ement. Many
.members., pf the club deplore tlie lack of
net pin"ictiee^ Avjiich is.pf far more.usptijan r
,:M^0i^f-g^^-J^^> ^Spmiiftee} 4(prMyhS,
n ,'.1   ,fl,   flflfl,",.^    fennDn.flDnDDD"   Dnfm  pH,, p°   fla  ,   ^°   °. °^    n p?     "   ^4
^are;,tJie",n;a-n-i,eS',aiid •^cofe^-- °{" '■'°.-f - ■
'°.-° "°""°!v i" 'V"° VAli^s^iim'ji:^. ;■ It"-; b--o.. »ff- =-
.raW(i;£|\$^ .„"„. „."._,f,."-M
*ipvfjiijs). s'li'lljfuaion*. b;»i-o,w'*t.";.,.„.-.^,».".".. .4, „. ."*...,., 4)
Willi.^ijlK.-cil.rui'rtf'u;,;!) ■Ij'lcicliyi'''.. v.. „".. .'..V^ y,t.,."".. „«/."
I'Xn-iAj;,..^ '0i-i;i'is?uut!.>u.fJottfUei:. „ •-.--. - ■■""- -,■■,■■ «• ■'.-" -y ■
tlroriijlwhiv h. p:, fe I'lotqlicf »... „ i» «..*..„ , 1 v»»
~VV.nl.k6rf ,rirbl!.&utl™.s,,..«».... .,.":.,,:.1 .,".,.". y.«,. ,-.",^.,." ,.
a-SSf l')6s. VaiUlWltSUsWr....... ...".»-....... J., ..-„*_. ......
}5(5iit-a)i:; 1. .Kloi'j^ioft:...,.„. .V.p.. .•.".,„.".".:..*"."."».". "■ -»,. "
,St'mibi1; b OI)°a;pfi-fi"n. u»« •"• .*».•».«.''. .i>.wj.i!
jCktrftS'...:....,°.......$,...™B...-. ..„,«...,a..,„ ,
'Tp,tal:„ „,.,".. „.- !.„ ;.",.".. .".'„"S.. i,,., V.,:-."....! ."
-   "„"„" nR ■ .Kiii*i'fiiii-;n'_«i?jn-*i-KNu:. ""-
li'I^1_h^>iiv'.y..iijani_..... ^.,..,.....	
Urown, b1 lOllidk .,■>.,...,,.,»„...,.«..,..«. p.,.«.«-.
F., 'FiftiOZ lio_ b,li.t°» »...»... 1.......,	
^K*'V'^W^n's **'* ' "* -"**"*
II(f.iVlrc,,))"\\»»Ii'i.'»'fl.«»»..*.t.- -.."»..».    » ,,
Qn>ist-id,nli"Wiilliilnls.1 .,, .v..;.. .».,.;'..„.....
Simt "(spMimit'ln,, b'-ElJiots,,.. ..„„...:.. „9.
JaTYi-^'s.  VVilliajiisi ....„..,,..,,  „..,.,..
'Cliitfiouin'.0 b; WiKianlS.»...-.,,,."..,.,,,.....,..n. ...
IJrXtntSj  ...   ..,, ,,  ..,.   .,„.,.,,.,
.   Total,.,..,,...........i«.«.  . ..«,» ...,t   „
At Work iu Mines on Eagle Creek.
A business man   of  Nelson paid a visit
to Eagle creek yesterday for the purpose
of shedding a tear  OA'er  the ruined mining  industry  of  Nelson   district*   which
Avas out off in its prime by the eight-hour
laAV.    Upon his return he described it as
the liA'elicst corpse he had ever seen.    At
the  Granite   mine  he   found  a force of
about sixty men   working in Avhat promises to be one of the   best mines in West
Kootenay.    The bulk of  this work is being done  under  contracts,  and  tho men
say that they are  all   making the union
rate and  a   little   better.    On  the same
property   there  aro   also  about tAventy
men at work constructing a stamp mill,
wliich is   presuinablj-*  being  erected   for
the.purpose of attending the wake of the
great mining industry.    A short distance
from   the   Cranite    there    are   another
twenty men Avorking on the Royal Canadian, which is  being  operated  by'.virtually tlie  same company  as the Granite.
Lying between the Granite ancl .the Royal.
Canadian is  the   Poorman, at Avhieh another thirty men are employed.-'  So that
'•the  industry  Avhieh   furnished   employment to fifty  men" before the eight-hour
law killed it, iioav furnishes employment *
to one hundred and thirty. \
The Victim Was a Canadian.
The steamer Moyie, .Avhicli'arrived"-in
from Kootenay Landing on Friday night
brought full particulars of the homicide"
wliich  occurred at the  Port Hill dance
hall early Friday morning.   °The victim
Avas a 'Canadian   named AVilliain Reese,
who  Avas   the  proprieter of  the dance
hall.    From the story toldby passengers
on the Moyie the killing Avas in a measure done in self-defense.    It appears that
Reese was fighting  with one of the inmates of the dance hall  when Denruni,(.(,.
who is a peace officer, Interfered  to pre-
\rcnt the Avoman being injured.     Reese
then turned on the peace officer and the
latter beat a hasty retreat.     In retiring
he stumbled and fell over a log.     Reese
advanced upon the prostrate officer, the (■■-.
latter d re av a reA*x)lver and ordered him ?
to halt.     Reese paid no attention tb the
command  and, Denrum  then   fired, the:?
first    bullet   passing    through    Reese's i :
heart.    The  feeling   in the   vicinity -Of;
Port Hill is that the killing Avas justifiable.(yy
The .victim ofthe shooting came froni?
eastern Canada.     He was a carpenter by iv
trade and Avas Avell knoAvn in the vicinity
of Cranbrook,...where he Avas associated; K
.Clergy' Mixed OCfp iii, the Plot.
Mci-stfpw,. July 15,—-All today's
patches li-oni Belgrade indieatft
panic reigijs among radical piolitjciiins ,of'
j^vcjyyjiggrce in the Servian 'Capita}.' 01-^
ura iyhejeA*itch, tile "Bosnian, AVho attainted to assassinate ox-king Milan, under threat of torture 'has confessed that
he was not a principal but an agent. He
has revealed the entire plot, declaring
that be Was hired, by tlie leading i/adleuls
to murder Icing Alexander's father. Must
of tlie leading co'iispiratoi's, hiiVu been iiu-
lirisoiledj a'liiong (jlieiii several clergymen,,
including the popular avchi'iopc Militcli
andcon I* tell a plain. Djurit-trh,, K'nejevltclfs,
be,tru,tlH.!<l,-' Uh-.e riuiaway witvi.P a capuin 1
in the .Servian army, has also 1h*iu:ji lakm
in custody. In her pns.ii*s»*loii wvro
found uuiiieroiis dO(*i1in,enlw which shed
liglit on the t-oiii-piraey. hlx-kiiig Mihtu
now Jives, in greater dread tliHl't ever of
lUU'inpts upon liis life.
Trolley Car Strike in Brooklyn.
Ni'JW Vomc, July 15.--*It is, believod
that nothing sliort of a miracle will liro-
ven't a tie-vrp Of the IJrooklyn trolley
roads tomorrow1. The strike is scheduled
to begin at ~> o'clock in the morning, and
all Brooklyn borough went to bed tonight expecting tomorrow to stay at
home or walk.
Permission to Sell the Plato.
London., July Lj.—Judgment was given
today in the long pending application of
sir Kobei't Peel to sell his family heirlooms for the support of .himself and family. The court directed the sale of plate
valued at $100,000, but refused to denude
l.rayton Manor of historical heirlooms
which are valued at ifr.OO.OOO.
The Whitewater Deep to Resume.
..IvAShO, .July 15.—The eight-hour trouble i.s subsiding here, and another big
mine has accepted tlie changed conditions. The 'Whitewater Deep will resume operations at once Avith a full stall
of nien, and thoyi,;are. going to pay the
union rate of $:-!.50 a day.
»__■ »■ p, .._,—
, mines. ,i\P 'Me SjI^ek*3£w;g¥^"^'h1- = „._,._,.„_„^.....
VOTiKlerj. one- o|„i*bie^Gl^insi;^'i"She*^_fe
likely "to hp-nk P% :&.$ifak*%$\^
A '_he ci*o^';!N^,.'i§s^:^|iftli^
is to'tlij} tlie i^Prtli^Stpl A^ili;jq;a^e|lrl:i
-vhfor lin-o about' twO"*n:i|le_ _pb?p^t;irjit,1i";
b;r.'0.ok.n ' Tenders lor the .xvdf^; "Sferey
opened at CWnbhQQk the Piim--dixp2hp.t"J"€
they were all i-onsMe^ed-.a-S'- tpo-.Iii0'K?,Tvn(%*
the probabilities now &)•<* th-M -the- "^iprh\
CumiiMiiy itself,- *
At Moyie the foutidation foi> the rcon*
cent tutor is hi and the work of cleA*elop-
uieufc is going steadily ahead.
Emp&ror William's Blunder.
BkrmN, July li5.—I-inperor Wijliiviif..
■tel. gra'm to Df. IltngpetBr, tlie fanner
tutor of liis majesty, furnishes tbe preM
with a wfolcoin-e .R-lief fi'pin tbe iiiidslun-
nier dullness. 1(is- majusty's as.fx'l'tipn pt
; his, unshaken .(.UsCCniilfiafcijm, to eon tin tie,
hi spite of all r-esistaney,, in -tho way he
eonshh'l's right, Is generally wttyrpifO-tod
as reJV'Ci'ing to-the auti-sti-ike bill,, bi.lt i"t
is not believed' the emperor*.- -Words will
help the measure, which fill agree k buried beyond hope of re.siirrectiiMi.
'Tlw k-legrarn lias not been welf rev
ceived Dtitsido of the Conservative press.
It is geiioi"«Jly considered another of his
majest>''s 11 nfoi'tunate errors of meddling
with, parry polities. Tlie Conservative
Post regards tlie telegram, as a symptom-,
of the Imperial government being determined not to leave the path followed' by
the late prince Bismarck in dealing with,
labor and social questions: -•-   . -
Mutes Did Not- Hitch.
Nkwih;ne*, New York, .July 15,—Judge
II irsch berg has decided that Henry Jan-
son llaight must pay his wife, Mary
1 blight, $125 per month alimony, and
$.'-!75 counsel fee. The couple are deaf
mutes and lived happily together for
thirty years, when the wife sued for a
separation on the ground of non-support.
The defendant became a millionaire at
tlie death of his father.
Chief Justice Field Dead.
Boston, July 15.—Chief Justice AVal-
bridge A. l?iekl of the Massachusetts- supreme court died at 10 o'clock tonight. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, JULY  Hi,  mi).  IK  t* ���  t'y  15?  lit  Ift.  Ik  r  I*-  ^B  B  B  ���  ��  is count  B  B This i.s just lhe weather   for muslin   blouses,   but we still   have rj^  0) too many for this   season's trade.     We   consider   the room can ^  B be  used to   better advantage for   fall   o*oods which   are   on the ffl  B . . ^.  B road,  and to clear these we  will   give a straight cut of 20 per \(^  B ,, ���       ,     1        t��   ���   -i      11 1 ^  jm cent on ever)' blouse in slock.     It is hardly necessary to men- --A%  tion  that  we have still anything* from  the cheapest prints at 50 ***.  ^ cents to the best silks, and all sizes, from 32  to 42.    A glance ffl  B ��� ffl  B will  satisfy you  that we mean   business .when  avc say to clear. M  B  B  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OF  B. C.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   O-A-SH:  _?'_r: _?��� _?%^ _? ^-*^_?-%_^_?'*^^'^_r-,^<^-?_?���_? _*?_?���*  M  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Daily Edition  First Year, So  KB  Weekly Edition Skventh Yeau, No. X>  SAYS  COUNTRY  IS  RUINED!  Captain   Duncan   Returns   From   a  Trip Through tub Slocan.  The   above  is  the  way the  Spokane  Chronicle heads  an  article  referring to  captain Duncan's remarks on  his  return  to Nelson from a trip to the  Queen Bess,  a mine in the Sloean which is uoav under  his" 'management.     Captain   Duncan   is  '* also,the reputed -manager of  the Granite  .and Royal Canadian mines in the neigh-.  . borhood of Nolson.    Tlie Queen" Bess is'a  L developed property andjias been'stocked  ��� in  the  old  country.   The ore minecLis  r good grade, and work was not suspended  .at the mine'because the ore had petered  out, but because the"management refused  ,to pay the skilled'millers Avorking underground   $8.50   for   an  eight-hour   shift.  The management -offered   $3,  and    the  miners  refused  to  accept the offer.    If  .the  country  is  ruined, who  is  more to  blame than  captain  Duncan?   But the  'country is not ruined, and captain  Duncan   kuoAA-s   that   it   is   not.      Captain  Duncan refused to pay $3.50 a day In tho  Slocan,  where  the  ore is  rich  ancl the  mines Avell  able to pay a good  rate of  Avages, yet he pays $8.50 a day at Nelson,  -where  his  mines  are   undeveloped  and  have not shipped a ton  of ore.    This is  -not-consistent.   IP the mines in tlie Slocan were shut  d0A\yu every time the pi'ice of mining supplies, such as poAvdei*, steel, rails, tiinljei'j  and candles, were increased, the eohhtry  AVpilId be "ruined" at least olice every  slx month... Tlie prices of steel and rails  have been  increased from   10 to 3,0 per  cent Avithin a year. The railways' have  advanced the freight rates on ore arbitrarily, and smelters have clone likeAvise  on treatment charges, but the mines Avere  not closed down. It is only when the  man Avho furnishes labor for the mines  raises his price that the "blue ruin"  cry is raised ancl mines are closed cIoavu,  yet labor is the one thing that cannot  avoII be dispensed with in operating a  mine successfully. The trouble is, there  is an irrepressible feeling of antagonism  between the men avIio manage mines and  the men avIio Avork wider them." The managers A\dio are Avilling to treat .with the  men Avho^sell labor on tlie same basis as the  men Avho,sell-mining, supplies are so few,  in lvootenay tlrat their" names could be  printed iu "a half dozen lines of The  Th 1 BUN is.   Tub city council of Rossland has made  a peculiar deal. The Avater and light  systems of the town are owned by a private company, a controlling interest in  Avhieh was recently obtained by the company that is operating the electric power  plant on Kootenay riA-er, twclyc miles  west of Nelson. Before the power company  Obtained  control, both'the water  THOMSONS  This week we are showing a special line of  ���MJyWMBi���^  AND  Hcadnuat'ters for  FIRST-GLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wc make a specialty of  Sfjiplap aqd Double Dressed IVJatcria!  Good. Dry Rustic and flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEEU, Agent.  Away below regular prioe.  _5<f__i_liSOisr, _3. c  .,:    XI���  and light systems were'offered to thecity  at a fairly reasonable price, but the city  council refused the offer, maintaining  that the price was too high. This week  tliey have accepted an offer made for the  sale of the water system alone, the price  to be $-10,000 cash. The electric light  system will continue to be operated by  the j lower company, and knowing that  they have a monopoly they avi" 11 continue to  charge the people of Rossland up-to-date  prices for electric light. The city council of Iiossland haA'e blundered.  Tiik enemies of .Joe Martin accuse him  of being a wrecker of governments. No,  he is a wrecker of -parties. With his  little Manitoba School Bill he sunk the  great Conservative party in deep water,  so deep that it will take ten years to bail  it out so that it will float and obey the  helm.  HUDSON'S BAY  IY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  WE  ARE  THE  PEOPLE  Who sell "Lily Cream." We do not  claim it is better than all other brands,  but only ask a fair trial to convince  you that it is the equal of any.  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Plans and specifications may bo scon at tho architects  OlHCC. ... ���,���',.  A marked cheque amounting to ,i per cent of tho  amount of lender must accompany each tender.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily acceiilable.  AUTHUK K. 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Huy and sell Sterling  ISxohmigo and Cable Transfers  GKANT COMMKKCIAI.  ASI> TKAVKI.I.KKS*.   CKKnil'S.  available In any part of tho world.  DRAFTS IS8UKD    COM.KCTIONS MADE;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  PEN-PICTUEES   OF   FAMOUS    PEOPLE.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlirj, B. C, and  Dawson City, YuKon. District.  By Justin McCarthy, M. P.  I think the first impression wliich  George Meredith made on me Avas that of  extraordinary and exuberant vitality.  When I saw-him for the first time lie had  left his younger days a long way behind  him, and yet he had the appearance and  the movements of one endowed with a  youth that could not fade; energy was in  every movement; vital power spoke in  every gesture. He loved bodily exercises  of all kinds; he delighted to take long,  brisk walks���"spins," as he called them���  along the highways and the byways of  the neighborhood, and he loved to wander through the woods, and to lie on the  : grass, and I have no doubt he would have  enjoyed climbing the trees. He seemed  to have in him much of the temperament  of the fawn ; he seemed to have sprung  from the very bosom of Nature herself.  His talk was wonderful, and, perhaps,  not the least wonderful thing about it  was that it seemed so very like his writing. Now it was Richard Feyeral who  talked to you, and iioav Harley Adrian,  tind then Beauchamp���not that he ever  repeated any of the recorded sayings of  these men, but that he talked as one could  imagine any of them capable of talking  on any suggested subject.  am not  sure that I  can  very  iq .what, Is sliQiil*;! wish.to  Now,  sCleayly  wrote the letter had spelled agricultural,  with two g.s. Parnell looked at the letter, smiled sadly, and handed it back to  inc. "Do forgive me," he said, "and tell  me all about it. 1 couldn't read through  a man's letter who spells agricultural  with' two gs." it Avas indeed a curious  stroke of fate wliich [.led the unhappy  author of the Parnell forgeries to ornament his letters with flagrant examples  of bad spelling. -  Merits  of the Corset.  Chicago Chronicle.  Students at the North London collegiate school for girls recently held a  friendly contest Avhieh for novelty certainly took front rank. For a long time  routine school work 'had been sadly interrupted day after day by animated discussions concerning the merits or demerits of wearing corsets. It Avas finally  decided to settle the matter by a practical exhibition.  The non-Avearers of corsets issued a defi  to cope with the corset-inclosed girls in  any form of exercise suggested. The  challenge AA'as accepted instanter and  sixteen girls AA'ere selected on either side.  No men Avere admitted to vieAV the test  but it is safe to say that tickets for the  performance, if put up at auction, Avould  have brought prices to make prize light  figures blush into the background.  The first trial was'at leaping. Neither  side scored an appreciable advantage.  The average- leap for the corset 'wearers'5  Avas _'��� feet.7 inches,-while the abstainers  made an average of 3 feet 6 1-11 inches.  Then came a long leap, in which the corset champions cleared 9 feet 1 1-4 inches,  and 'their ������rivals 9 feet 4-11 inches.  Among the non-corset wearers, however,  AA*as one girl avIio out-stripped them all  Avith a leap of twelve feet.  All the girls had trained hard for the  tug-of-Avar. The sixteen aa'Iio never wore  the Avaist embracers easily had an advan-  tage OA'er their sisters, aa'Iio were tAvice  dragged OA'er the line. On the programme there AA'as also an endurance run,  in which it Avas shown that the corset  girls had an advantage in the matter of  respiration rates. In the way of pulse  rates the other side scored. The breathing capacity furnished a good test and  the corset wearers Avere found to have  had their capacities diminished by 0.8  cubic inches. On the other hand, after  the hard run, the abstainers' breathing  capacity was found to have increased 4.1  cubic inches.  The test didn't definitely decide the  question, but it gave the young Avomen a  novelty with plenty of fun thrown iii.  Milks Six Cows at Once.  In Germany they haA'e invented n. machine for milking the cow. The inventor  is named JMurchland, and his machine is  now in successful operation. The principle of the machine is merely suction  through long tubes. The advantages of  it are the -saving of expense and the  greatly increased cleanliness due to the  fact that human hands do not have to  come in contact AA'ith the coav or the milk.  An iron tube, about an inch and a half in  diameter, runs all around the coav shed  at a-height of about three feet'above the  animals' shoulders. This is the distributing pipe, and from it descends to the side  of each -animal, a sterilized rubber tube,  ending in the milk reservoir, placed under  the cow. These reservoirs are of cylindrical form and air tight, Avith a thick  glass  cover.    From the.reservoir,'a''tube  FULL LINE OF  with four mouths connects with the four  udders of the cow. Instead of a handle,  the reservoir litis two hooks at the side,  to which is attached a hand, AA'hich passes  over the coav's body and holds the reser-  A'oir at the right place.' All the tubes are  in connection with a groat cylinder, installed in the ceiling, and from Avhieh a  tube descends vertically into a vat of  pure Avater. A hand pump serves  to draw the air out of the cylinder.  Rarefaction takes place aud extends  throughout the system of the tubes.  The connection between the pneumatic  cylinder and the vat of water serves to  regularize the pressure. A few strokes  of the pump starts the work of milking  the coaa'.s. There is a faucet at the end  of the tube leading to each reservoir, and  as soon as this is opened, the AA'ork of  milking begins.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  TREMOXT.  II. Fr anncl", JCaslo I Mr*. A. McPhersou,  P< Burns  WnOLKSAI.E   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  j.  .1. Clubb, Uobson  Kaslo  Ainsworth  ��.-Mi"y4$$*^^  f^'finn-i*, :t6>r^���"hin-r;u*te'^  kV#i-3_yf!wM^^ "fe? :the/:  '^:hL->vSo_!_asIxfo^  "{ "\vithih,.S\^y"iniiiiK:"ti((genpdpe' P��0et2" A"��:  ". �����^v^ih*'is��;ai Strgaiujtljou^li its How be liot"  ��� , l_i;Qa|l";<Kdeepi,'; jxhil] L6iig$ell6Ay>" %\s Dan,  ";* \s:i'ref.Qic-��nh��v:ey is'tliiit; if Iliad lixepluohgr _  t��:��� ife'llo}^: |*ei&onai^  �� t^|ins ifiid-liis "pi;b_e &6 _ ksj. ilpd -ia<rli$j_  ,._.;ii��chiiii6esQJ��.ttilkinf tti liirri siieh���as _���did  -""���agtiiaflS^^i-iJo^'.-iit" various, "times*, about  fia;trij%, aiid; sqeaery, alid books,, and tlie  iihpfufeesl ;thoti^lft_,/#ndr,cfeed^ that in*  spife books, and  about tliG life aim the  heart of mail, I Should have .expected to  ==^find-iii4xis-piduted-Avorks4he-sttinip^of=a  literai'y order higher than that to which,  according to my judgmeiiti the author  attained, ,  I had often heard Wendell "Phillips deliver lectures, but I had never heard him  .make' a really great speech on one of* his  own especial subject- until I "went to attend a meeting whieli was held to celebrate the passing bf that amendment to  tlie constitution which secured a man  against being precluded from the right to  votejbecause ofthe color of his skill, I was a  little Tate in getting to the meeting, and  tlie A'tist hall was already packed with  listeners ; I could only get staiidrug-room  ori a staircase, from which I could hot  See the platforin or any of the speakers.  Presently a iJoWerf.nl voice filled the hall,  iind I soon became carried aWliy by a  flood of noble eloquence, the like of .which  1 had not heard .since some of the most  'Splendid efforts of Bright or Gladstone,  I could not help whispering' to my Wife,  who was with me, "Why, this man is a  greater speaker than Wendell Phillips."  It Was,, in fact, Wendell Phillips himself,  whom I had not before that time had a  chance of hearing at his very best. I  have ahvays thought it���selfishly  thought it, perhaps���a pity that fortune  did not place Phillips in the house of  ��� cqmmons." How he would have sustained  thp cause of Gladstone, and rivaled the  eloquence of Bright, and outsatirized the  satire of Disraeli, and answered Avith  pitiless sarcasm the" sarcasms of Robert  Low!    I once handed Charles Stuart Parnell a  letter which I had received from a constituent of mine, asking me to call Par-  noil's attention to soine improvement  ��� which lie'thought might be made in a bill  then .-before the: house dealingwith' the  , subject of agricultural occupation of Ireland.   2 Unluckily ��� the   poor . man ../.who/  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson Lodge, No, 25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. V. Hall,corner  Bakor and Kootenay Btreots, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock;   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.'  ~-r^^V��M^^^pB0^oyW^WSS^^^^'!  risecoh_��"Wed_eBaayj;i_; each" r_ioflt_."iSojour_in_>  "^w;AIlTS&"GARhWi^"A.r6)iWpctk.fl,  ______     _     _ OFtooriistT'ands'S^klJ:  ��� 'erdeenV-Blpc&Bakpr "fit'rSe^^NelsonX";*^? -"y .4 "�� ������  ^ :l"-y M|cel'E^^OUS;,?:/ ]y."y-y, .,,  ^%TED^Tc.',rcn't"%i*^  ���. -.t-ago;r-.A^>ply|.fe^ .��- ."���'" ...  ^'NTED4%."j)OS'ibibTi,i_f���chbii^  n"^S6:&'aftris^yj!rp6,Qj/"__hgla^  Roitgo, Mi.G."Winnipeg. - Address'" Albert, Hall, T?-"*>  Pffl^? -2 ���_������;��������� ~:y.  "yy.y   ''.. r'-, %". f,Y--y ',���.-'-  WANTBIJ.-^Twbiorthfee'roOTiiS for liglit" housckeep;-  iiig."   No children.   P. O. Bo,>_;(i_6, Nelsoii."  ��"TX7^^^nI^^'m^0��^''1'iI,':fe ",lH^ookkd=pei^orJ;ii)\elieeper  ^^VbKSournSnan^  .'"nffANTEI-���B_U" boy "at piiair hotel:-. '"      ~^y"  yy ; *";n y "j,    "��������'*���-"'-.   . �� .  ���_:.���-���    ,-   -.��  -    ';  :I��__��J'lW?:tfvnis0h'ed room, frpn\ parlor, \yiih 01;  'Avlthbut board;    Kourth liouse" east -of. Mcithodist  "c_.ULT.oIir, BHtiB'ccu Jbseiiliine aiigd'^alI<^ect_,''J_nbl8Qn,-    ���  rpo  RENT^A furnished! rdoni convenient   to Baker-  =L   Slrdo'ii   Appjy Ppstoilicpibo-: !)2, Nelspii, B: q.  LGST^iiadieS Gold' Hunting Case Watch on Tiiefe:  day; hot ween Stanley aiid Latinicr streets and  the smelter. Ten* dollars reward. Arthur Painter, Lati-  iuer sti'ccfc, ivest of, Stanley.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  "Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  '���M^eif^^kv  "��� -*.��...   .- ye X"i.:.y>--..������  ti. McLeod  MAIJDKN.  A. Clark. Los Angeles  W. Hill. IlonaiiJia City  C. H. Phillip... Rossland  GRAND CENTRAL,..  AV. N. Hrayton, Kaslo I .1. A. Sloop. Port Hill  S. H. McColI, Winnipeg P. Dibble. St. Paul  S. J. Arthur, ICaslo |  PHAIR.  A. Stewart, Woodstock  A. AVhouller, Kaslo  J.McKano, ltossland  Alex Diek, Rossland  J. A. McDonnell, lvaslo  II.M. Stevenson, Ainsworth  J. L. Retallack, Spokane  HUMK  C. D. Smith, Sandon  H. Roy, Rossland  J. Murray, Winnipeg  F. C. Potts, AVinnipeg  G. VV. Bedell, Toronto  It. IT. Brewster, Rossland  J. McPhersou, Slocan Oity  T. A. Clark, Spokane  J. H. Scott, A'ancouver  T. Clark, Vancouver  G. O. Koss. Gran'I Forks  J. C.  Dufrcsnc, Athabasca  . mine  H. McLean, Kaslo  J. Shields, Anaconda. Mont  VV. Henderson. Creston  C. F. Smith, Rossland  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway,"Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Ofiice, Nelson, B.C.  QUEEN'S.  XV. Henderson, Creston  F, Darling, Vancouver  J.  A. 'Richardson, Shakespeare  G. Bigelow, Crcstrm  H. B. Strahan. Duluth  A. Forrester. New Denver  C. C. Brown, Rossland  F. S. 1. rceman,  Vancouver  H. Billon, Calgary  M. Alexander,  Vancouver  The Tremont Hotel  NlALOfJE & TREGILLUS  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH" AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker street, fieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,  ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British Columbia business to be addressed  to P.|0. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J.  S  . RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager )   .,,-,   _>/-m_i      r_��    _->  . S FOWLER, E.M.", Mining Engineer f   INtLbOlN,    D. U.  PROPRIETORS  iziy-y.yyi :&.;j*"-'��/&:''-;-"'K ?, .^x  !".".  "    ."."fl".- ���' \.��    '.5V!iRll'"if- .'"  1.     '��'" ���Hl'j'f* Lt '     pi:.;..  '   ��������� :��� ��� .-:��� "���Shingles/'V'r---.- ���  ������������ v  ��� ������ ���     ���. .c.    :."���?""��� ".T""'/, ��������� :'.      "..  ���   ����. * yy"   y,"poizd.t:Mind"si;. /. ..��;�� ���*=."."   ��"���  , I�� A^hat yqji'wBiiti'is riot* in Stook.wo ^illfmake it for^you  ���";   ���-'"'" y'BALL:Avh^o(Mf(2iiRiGM,iy.   "." ]���"���-  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  _D nnn ��� D ���������       m5*D��_ln_        Dn       B   ���5  DDj   n        itn  .    _D  .DDld^'n      _ ?   n  _JE     ���^^7-r,       n._   W  _nD_   D *.     . bft  ' "���Atif^AXS^N.ECANI)"  .HAtfi AifD'-ifAKE/'STItEEa.iS, N_!Ii��bN  CHAltLES. HlBfiY M,  WtlsiDJENT        "    *  UARRy HOUSTON,  SBCBET_iR_f  BLAGKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flfcst-class  wheelwright. ,  Special attention given to all kinds of fepairifig and  ctotoiH Avork from out��ido points.,  SI\op:   (fall Street, between. Baker and Vernon, Nelson  SI^ITSKD.  SfANttFAPTUftliMlS' OP AND  PEAliKKS IJ.  o  "-^^Rougli^and^Dressed^Lumbei.  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOHV \VO_tK JDONK TO OltDKB,!  SUCH A.S  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN -TOOK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  (."- f-^^ljo^s^in^elspn.^/v"  l..**_J..^._���_._,_*_..��*... ,^..��*_._. ..  W.  A. THURMAN  SMOKERS'HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL. AND KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  And all other brands of the  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company  AT FACTORY PRICES  o-j* asr-ELsoisr- b.c.  nsienme  j * p--yjt  bf  'BA'_?'ER-STREETS iNEIISJON;,  Electricity  "ifiirgis .cQmfdr&hlo  hedrodins and  lirS.t-Class  dining*  room.   Sample .rooms for commercial nien.,  .'      -ZR^^dES" :.��'__" ,WElM. "JD^JW-'   ,     '������  I. Ci  Bate of tlio Ttoyal Hoteli C'Slgarys  Sawniill on Government wharf.  Factory and oflleo, corner Hall street and G.P.R. track  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Go;   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ar*d Lirrje Go.  The H. W. F/(cf-iell Co., Ltd., Canadian Atith,ra-  cite Coal (Hard)       ... .L  Dealers ir*  Brick and Lime  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  Al yard or on bcows at government wharf.  WILL DO "WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  "' ���'��� : .�� -���������   "."'- ;���    , -i,^"-.^y^.-^K^Pi'y"^,  S"d\$A&&ifdf:"Mohs& puVtairil" "fnd jA^rjIrigs, -  iOr^ers filled Promptly.  ''-,^llP^.i^^_)N--'':: "  /^^^fp#fc$.N^ ST. NELSON  Complete ,Blec,fcr tc .Equipments foi. Blocjrlc Power tftransmisislop anii. Lishtlng- for Mines, Towns  Electric* F*l_Ctufces, tiamps, BellSi, Teiephones; Apn^nplators, Etc.  P:, O. B0x 60& �� .fbs*Bphlno Street, Nelson, B. O.    ,  r\, D. HUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in Xhe interior.  Largei .sample rooms.   Steam hen,t and electric light.  COftNER Ol. IVARI) AND VERNON STS-., NELSON  MAKER AND WARD STREETS, NKLSON  A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 JollI!    Rae,   AgCllt  The West Kootenay Brick & lime Co., Ltd.  .Baker Street.  .    T. Q. PROCTOR. Manager  GOAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  -All size, of dimension limber and all kinds- of lumber  out'to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload 1oI.h-  Writo for prices.  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The benVrooms  aro  well furnished  and   lighted by  oleetrlcity.  Tho dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported lifluors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample room.  Klcctric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PKRKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  B.  :��.e__  BREWERS AN'D JlOTTLBRS OP  ger  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson,  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly stroot car to station  Nijfhl, Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  COFFEE  ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS    IN   TKA  AND   COFFEE.  OfTcr fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound S   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds.   1 00  Fine Santos, 1 pounds  1 00  Saulos }.]ond. S pounds  'I 00  Our Special Blend, 15 pounds :. ... .'...���'.   I "O  Our Rio Roast, ti pounds.   ��� ���   I M  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors   East   of   Oddfollows   Block,, . Wost  Bakor" Stseet  NELSON, B. C.  Nelsot* Iron Works  'MAN'U. AOnrVli'-H!' op  ENGINES, _.Oj_.��RS��� SHAFTrNG, IRON .ANEl  gRASS QASTI1. G-S OF EVERY "DESCRIPTION  Hcpairg pi'oinptly attended 16.        V. O. Ifox l?3t  Cpoi's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  i  -RESTAURANT.  OPEN MY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing" only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch frorti t<2 to 21  o'clock, 25 cents, Dinnfer jfrdm?. g  to 8.    Short ofders  at  afl   hQli^.  Vien&a R$stam*��Mt  Raker jjtrngt, betweqh, Josephine and  Hftll streets, N'elsop,  JlKALS AT At,L HOURS, DAV OR NiQHT  BAICKItV IS' CONNEOTION  FAMILV AND PAKfRV COOKING A SPBOiALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOYED  K_     _3!X7_s_S TT-      _?_5_Q_e_B��CE__?C)Ii  ^OJB RElsTT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  AJ'I T.V  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At office of the Duncan Mines, Limited.  BOATSl BOATS! BOATS I  FOR SALE OR HIRK  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order.   Repairing and  fitting a specialty.   Sails made and HttKCd.   Flshhiif rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf. Nelson.  . ��� ^������-----^  Notice is lurcby ftiven that an extraordinary Kcnernl  inooliut,' of lho National Odd and Silver Mining l.'om-  panv. Limited Liability, will be held at the.olllce nf John  A. Turner I.������--i..'in tho Turner fc Kueekli block, corner  (if Wind and Raker-Ircels, Nelson. H, C, on Jlonlay,  the ITIhday of July. lHft.iil four o'clock, in the afternoon, for'the'purpose of-iiieroa.inKlllio. number of dircc-  toi's of. the eonip.aiiy..flllihK:any vHcimcy on the board,  caused by. liny (lircctor'bciii'_ linaWe.toact, or ceasing to  be aiiurtlilleil shareholder, and the transaction ot such  other business as may be lawfully brought before it.  J. \V. V.AL1.IE. Secretary  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 11th day of July A.D. ia��l  BOARD AND ROOM  Fifst-cliLss, board1 ancj room. Todd's old stand,.corner  Ward it ltd Carbonate streets, in fear of EiiKlIsb church.  Healed by steam. Table board $1, room arid ���' board' ?5  _n��t S3.S0.  A collection of fine RolKiuin Canaries for _Alo.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  MINERS WANTEB-  The Taiurier Mine. Limited. Albert Canyon, on the  main lino of Ihe C. I'. R , 22 mtltss cast of Re:velstok;c, r6-  iliiiressix"Ko<xl miners.   Wages 93.50 per day.  o  "  M. 1  (Ks-Slieriil' of South Kooteiiay)  GENERAL  AUCTIONEER  On. h advanced on eonsiBiiments of merchandise.  1'ostolllce Hox 572 Nelson, B.C.  caed~of" than__s!~"       ~"  Mr. A. H. Holdich. assayer and anMytipal chemist*  boss to nniiouiicc his removal from Nolson to Rovelstokc  where his business will bo carried on in future. Mr.  Holdich desires to tha' k his many friends for tho kindness (hey hi.ve-t.hown him duriug the last four years.and.  hopes that ho still may bo favored With .-any assay or  iinalvtical work they may require.  , Revelstoke, 1$. C, J niy 10th. 1_99.  ���  ^NOTICE.  Notice is? hereby (jivon that tlte partnership heretofore  subsistiiu? between R. M. Mtvcdonald and W. F. Broug'  bam, nncler the firm mime of Macdonald and lirougluini.  is dissolved as of the SUlli June, ISKi, 11.".  |SA��  liW��_  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B. C, SUNDAY, -JULY   10,  ISO!).  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  The largest drug house in Kootenay.      Corner of linker and Joscpljiiic street-1. Nolson.  Rubber  Goods  The warm season  commenced  has  See   Gilker's   assortment   of   Rubber   Coats,  Umbrellas,   Rubber Soled- Shoes,  and all sorts of general wet-  general  weather goods.  P. 0. Store  J.  A.  GILKER  Remember the Name  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  ';Nee1ands' Shoe Emporium  Jt.will he to your* iidviui.iigo lo see our liii-ge  .md complete stock of Uools and Shoes. "We  cui'i'v tlie following lines: 3, &. T. JJell, 3.  I). King & Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Sclmltz & Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Holden & Co., and other leading makers.  AND l28  -VE-T BAKER ST&EET, NE1"S0"N  J5S'  ���_?.  SS  m  H _.' '���'�����, ���**'  "m,  ��'  SS'  _as_  It  S3  is  33  ts.  JUST  5_  An Entire Gar of  .as  !0 1  p  Jj >_  ���as ri a.  ���xyr ��    St.  53  __'  sfel  B  8*"  85  0:  as  28.  fl  ifi  2.  i&  2S  S3'  '82 ���  I  '2.3  .38  ��  S.  "Si  "*:  S_  ��5  SS  $  Springs  From George Gale & Son  ". r  _*. ���  fiS  ��� $e  A Large Shipment of  Baby Carriages  and Carts  *  Prom The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  H as  i ��  H I  a H I  & rr ss  It. $<  l;p   Op aS  5s   N, SS.  KB   ^1 ?_;  ii.  ��3  h_  SSS  _S  IQI  01  as  II ID-    _M:^_A__R_r_S:TJjR   & (GO. 1     1  -s^^is^g=_^_E_S^_iS-_=2^______SS _^Sis3^��^*^^i^_>i^^J���^^S_l S^I=;iK s ^5 i ^^ s^? i^^ ^^ 1^^ I��^ I3B^^SiT"r&! T^^ i^*^ i^Ji i*: i^i^S^S^^==^ tra^ ��-K ^_^ -^S^i^ii^^ ��^r^ ��^^ _.^^S^: SSE^I^C i^S _KC 2^^J_^_f ih)K "-5_^ ^85^. 1^�� i^: _^^ ^rr-I ^^1 _!^_:^^^ 1^.: ^��3  Grove  Beer  Garden  NEAR PORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  nsrsiuSOisr  THE LOCAL NEWS CF THE TOWN  Daily Mail to Cranbrook.  A telon'i.iin was received yesterday by  the l-ic.nl postal nufcliorities stating' tliata  daily mail service had been inaugurated  between Ferine, Cranbrook, Kootenay  Landing and .Nelson. In future mail from  Feast Kootenay will be received at tlie  postoflice here daily except Sundays.  NELSON.  Manager Neelands of the Nelson base  ball team litis received a, coniiniinieation  from .1. _\. Keogh, secretary of tlie (. rand  Forks team, in which the offer w;is made  to pay all (he Nelson team's expenses for  a. game of hall at Crand Forks, provided  the Nelsoii boys reciprocate for a return  game to be played at Nelson. The offer  of the (b-and ForksJeani will be accepted  and the first game will probably be  played on Saturday, .Inly 2.).h.  Forbes (���'. A'ernon, who waseoniniissioner  of hinds a.nd works iu the Davie government, and who for some time afterwards  HI led the public eye as agent general for  British Columbia in London, i.s now stopping at the Phair. The other evening  the ex-ol'/ieeholdec was impressing upon  some of Nelson's visitors the sagacity of  the government of which he was a member in having Nelson reserved as a government townsite. The way he put the  matter was that lie sent captain Fitv.-  sttibbs up to Nelson to reserve and stake  oil' the townsite.  The Miner yesterday morning took occasion to enlarge upon the blunders of a,  Ti!im*i\i'_ reporter in connection with his  account of a real estate transfer which  was put through by Messrs. Gamble &  O'Reilly. Among other inaccuracies the  Miner complained that the name of the  purchaser was not given correctly, it  then stated the name of the purchaser as  Thomas Raymond. Messrs. Gamble &  0'J.ioiI'ly yesterday requested Tin.  Ti*ihi;a'I_ to correct the Miner's error, as  the name of the purchaser is .Thomas  Itayiion and not Raymond.  A row occurred at the Bank of Montreal building yesterday morning which  Avill probably be ventilated in the police  court. Thomas Powell, a mason, and  David Laclare, a hod carrier, were  the principals. They had words over  the maimer/in Avhieh Laclare was doing  his work. Laclare says that PoAvell  slapped his face, and that he then  clinched with him, and after the  break-  BigMooner  Beer  or Hailf  arid Half ....  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  away was hit on the head witli a brick.  Mis head was cut so that it required several stitches to close the wound.  .1. JMallinson Williams, who returned  from Slocan City on Friday night-, reports that he has made ai'raiigonteiit.s for  starting work on the Chapleau, wliich he  recently bonded, and eight men will start  work on Tuesday,  The Silver King mine has just'received  a new boiler from the .James Cooper Manufacturing Company of Montreal. It  weighs six and a. half tons, and is the  largest boiler ever taken up to the  mine.  Although two weeks have elapsed  since the six special constables quilled  the Ymir mine, .I. Roderick Mobertson  has neglected so far to return the special  police badges with which his kniclcer-  bocker brigade were armed. This omission gives rise to the rumor that the president; of the board of trade intends to  use the badges ,again for six special constables to be sworn in I'or Tuesday afternoon's meeting of the South Kootenav  Hoard of Trade.  At the meeting of the board of license  commissioners for the Nelson district,  which was held in the court house yesterday morning, the application of  ���Joseph Campbell of Erie for a hotel  license was granted. 'Tho1 application of  Robert Woods was la iti over until the  applicant's premises comply with the requirements of the license act. The application of Wr. T. Beadles I'or a license at  Salmo was laid over till Thursday, when  the commissioners will hold, a session at  Salmo.  ���James Delaney, a resident of West  lvootenay since the early days of main  line construction, died "last "week at  Grand Forks of pneumonia. Mr. .Delaney  was from Peterborough, Ontario, and  was about 3S years of age.  Editor Lowory of the New Denver  Led go went north yesterday.  Fred Irvine ifc Co. will'continue their  midsummer clearing sale until Wednesday evening next. If sales-continue as  good as since the day the stile was first  announced they will not have ��� anything  left in their store that they want to sell  at bargain prices.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Goal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  mmmmMmmm   and Woodenware  mtmmmssmziz^^     Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    NNk    IroTn>  st��ek Sheet  MATERIAL    % - ?r?n�� ^Ra^S     *  t> Paints, Oils, Glass  ..NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  oo  CO  ��2  .__!  QQ  PS  eo  erators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co,  isrELSoasr, _b. c.  THE &EST (JLASlOF BEEE IltfiJEtSON IS  AT THE  Corner Siliea nlitl  Stanley Street...  ��, J. CURRAN, Prop.  ��� .#  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   Why are we so busy at the present time?  Why is our stock more handsome?  Why will it pay yoii to see our new linos?  We always have something  new and original. Always  attrafctiVeV ^00$ sellers* aiid  well diSpj&yed. * . .,., ,, . .  If Yw fcsire  Qne-half price sale of Crockery and (_Hassware for the week  commencing* July 17th.  You who have visited this  department during1 a sale know  what this means.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar 'fianfg. Co.  Nelson, I'MlMi ('oliiinbl.-i,  Corner Bnkoi. and Ward Streets.  For  Stiu-vbcrric-.  and  other fruits in season,  your oi'dcr,  i. roinpL delivery.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Gream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  Leave  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Hanlewood Ice Cream.  mFaTestate bargains  Our stock is among tlie most ex=  tensive, most carefully selected,  and best adapted lor purchasers.  Salable selections to suit the  resources  ancl    tlie     reauirements   af   everyone.  _ :g0��d&m:cal3l#d;;.l�� 'ft-mm-  iigland and Japan will attrye:  in a few da;ys and we must have  space in our show room for the  samples.  KIRKPATBICK & WILSON  TUB   J"_II"VCr*E__C_-E__a.  ��   .3  FVuIt  $3000  Haker Street near Josephine Streei, 30 by  120.   A .snap.  (Jj . -n^. j Hume AiUlilirin. neat collnj?e..line ^nrden,  >..__>���- -J j Ijuvii, shade trees, water pine lo Kruunds,  lot IR) hy IS), also lo by 120 lo rear streei.  THE '. FlHEST^/PLE^STro  $35o.  m  l.alimor Street, choice corner lot. 100 by IL't)  AIM'I.Y TO OWNKI.  "0yffR(3m<M  N "_B____S_S__�� :STEE_i!'I';;:L*.,.'jLv*:  Kept by all grocers and ��� troll, store dealers,  Liine Ji.ice Cordial; Haspborry, Strawberry,  Pineapple, Lemon, Vanilla, Sarsap. rilln, Clioe-  olatc, (.'ollee. Oraiit'o, Orange Phosphate.  vicroiiTA  VANCOUVKll  NKLSON  Thorpe & Go.,  Ice Cream  (HAZLKW'OOD)  PiC-NlGERS,   EXCURSIONIStS   AND   GAMPERS  We hftfo evcryiliiiiK yo 1; I'tdiiire for the outiinfj.  CORNED, BOTTLED, AND PRESERVED  PURE GOLD JELLY IN ALL FLAVORS  SKK OUft LIST NKXT WICICK  am%!��iS88?$.c.       M. DesBrisay & Go.  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half o-allons.  -* o  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  VJ  AND  Ice Cream Soda  -,^T-: CENTRAL FRUIT,ST0R.E  ,  Fresh". Fri'iii; received daily   '.   .,.       ....    ...:'���- "r.' ''���'���'���V'  Next door to Nelsori Wine Co.  -.'������������  Telephone.!.��.;.\yy- *.>::;;IIUMP]IItJCYS & PITTOCK:.  JOHN A. IRVINO <S_ COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. C..  ���BLijMBEES,   ETC.  ���OPEEA-HOUSE   33I_OC3__  "2ry0m<?$z��T7~


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