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To the Hall Mines Smelter.
A carload of ore from tho Tamarac
mine, whieli is situate on Springer ereek
about four and a half miles from Sloean
City, has reached the Hall Mines smelter
at Nelson. One of the owners of the
Tamarac, Neil Gething, i.s in Nelson, and
in an interview stilted that from 75 to
100 men ;ire at work in niines and on
prospects iu the district tributary to
Slocan City. All the miners employed
underground are receiving $.'-S.50 for the
eight-hour day. Six ineii are at work on
th<> Tamarac, II on the Arlington, (i on
the Two Friends, Iii on tlie levelling Star
No. S, () ou the Black lYineo, and the
Others are scattered throughout the district. Heretofore the men who sought
to acquire bonds on Slocan City claims
were.men with very limited means, and
the result was that little actual work
was done. Now the men who are acquiring bonds make .substantial cash payments and have nioney to carry on
development work. Mr. Gething, who
has been in the Slocan since 189.1, says
that the Slocan City end of Slocan dis-
triefc\will yet be a large producer, and
that business tit Slocan City is on a substantial and permanent basis.
inckl ^iZfb
Save the Queen" was twice sung by the
people. The speech of the governor did
not refer to the political situation, excepting that he said the relations between Cape Colony and the states,
colonies and territoi ies of South Africa
were friendly.
Mining News From Silverton.
Silverton, June 11.—Dr. Bell-Irving,
one, of |the directors of the Comstock
mines, arrived in town this morning and
ieft at oiice for the mine. This property
has been lying idle some months. It is
said to' start up as soon as the road up
Pour-Mile receives its spring cleaning out
but,as no one here knows what work will
be done, or when, on the road, the starting up of the mine and mill for some
time seems doubtful. Some work, $500
■worth, has been done ou the road, clearing about one-third of the way up to the
IS. B. Fraser, local manager for the Vancouver <fc British Columbia General Exploration Company, limited, returned on
"Wednesday, from England. Since Mr.
Fraser left here last fall he has visited
South Africa to examine some mining
properties for a company in the Transvaal. He speaks enthusiastically of the
good tinies in store for that land when
their political-, differences are adjusted.
He will begin work, here for his company
in a short while.   *
The Wakefield mines have had to send
to Sandon for men to "work arouud that
property, owing.to"every miner  in  this
V>:SliO;G.'/fNL« C ^
^1&*fng|i^s-^^ iiertlf"i
(^pfkypf ^emoft," -creels-rfbiH the>;suhi 'df
• $l'8,W{i,2\ptii,a ,p$$m.tiiiP"pf,, $2500,; "■ down,
the balance ,in* qiie*^eaf.. Tliis property"
AV&S'«,uiidel* b&ncito file. Hall. Sliiiesj LlmV
ted - "two years," ago) ..l^.ut, .'tsibroitgli,'-- their-
failnreto locate .the" ine1i"d> mth\e property
Was: ihfown \ip. Mark?"' Sfaitly,, .fbrinei'Iy
.Supei^nteucleii*" <if' HlO ^i-lmgton, has
b§en ■ apiDoii1]jbed° Siipfejrh-itehdent at .th;e
Black Brihcje and" will ialie Oliai*gG a*t
Once. The iifst silipinerit Of: "ore Will "he
in ado next week. •
Satisfied With Their Treatment.
Ivi^STON,   Jauinibas  Jhly   lii.r—While
the  "returned JruiU*iicaii delegttites  maim
tain considet'abie reserve  regarding  the
teijnm of the reciprocity treaty discussed'
in Washington; one of them advevteiitiy
tnfeiiiiatod in the, course of ah  interview
tliat cbffce would experience a material
reduction   If  not obtain   a. preferential
duty   over   Brazilian:   coffee.    They all
agreed  that the treaty will be  highly^
nient: is consequently intensifying.
The Newspaper Men Will Be There.
N-iSW VoiJiv, July 14.—The newspaper
men of tlie country at large will be given
ivii opportunity to participate in New
York's reception to admiral Dewey, The
press committee mot today at the city
hall and decided to Send to every daily
newspaper in the: United States and to
every prominent weekly and magazine;* a
circular letter inviting the editor or
other representative to come to New
York next October and partake of the
city's hospitality.
American Athletes in Good Form,
LONDON'* July 14.—Although tlie members of the Yale-Harvard athletic teams
are doing comparatively light work, tliey
continue in excellent condition, surprising
their trainers and admirers. T. R. Fisher
and D. Boardman of Yale ca-me up to
London and took a few spins at the
Queen's club. The remaining members
of the team will follow tomorrow wheu
a number of time trials will be indulged iu.
Hon. W. B. Ives Dying.
Ottawa, July 14.—Hon. W. B. Ives,
who visited Nelson recently iu connection
with his interests in the Molly Gibson
mine on Kokanee creek, was stricken
"with paralysis while on his way home,
and is very low this evening. The doctors
say he cannot live many hours longer.
Cape Parliament Opens.
Capetown, July 14.—The parliament
of Cape Colony opened today. A large
crowd of people assembled outside the
parliament building' and hailed the
arrival of sir Alfred Milnor, Boer com-
, liiissioiier, and governor of Cape Colony,
with deafening cheers, after which "God
To Advertise tho Province.
•Siiucl il Lo t.11<! Trillium.
Vkjtohia, July 11.--Mirschull Cohen
talked like a father to. tho board of trade
at its annual meeting today, his text
being that the mining committee of the
board have not the experience necessary
to deal intelligently with the subject and
that the 'mining laws of tlie province
must be thoroughly revised before it can
attract English investors. He explained
in detail that tho niines should pay more
taxation for the benefit of the whole
community; that no secrecy should be
allowed concerning tlieir operations,
but that particulars of their
output should be regularly published; and that charges for the incorporation and registration of companies should be higher.
lie held that the mining revenue ofthe
province was absurdly small, last year's
revenue being from West Kootenay $32,-
0.00: Cariboo, $10000; and for all the rest
of the province $2023. He wanted to
know how in the face of these paltry
figures the people in England were expected to believe that we have got Avealth
in minerals. He advocated the compulsory working or forfeiture of claims, and
a charge of $50 a year for each claim.
Mining Disputes at Atlin Settled.
Port Town-send, July 14.—The steamer Orizaba arrived from the north this
morning with fifty returning Klondikers,
most of whom have gold dust ranging iu
value from $1500 to several thousands.
The ship's strong box contained 100
pounds of metal from the interior. The
party arrived up the river from Dawson
on  the  steamer  Terrell.     Some  of tlie
"a-eportathafchiosteof -the s claunsAj, m J that*
<-erlt|"sa;lji^fii^^ clan/iS;
ton tlie'''^ri'|ji'u-;i,I ioWtOtSj'ipixd. that'--'f hoy
'".a^e-^pei'ij'jitt'ed; t^/cOnnneYiee Ayofik." lie
makes "hb diStiu&tlSn.1 b^etvveqn Antei'ieltinS
"and Canadians A$d Iiolds that Americans
who had^^ takeu^Out.'ilrthfef's-liceifses.in a^=
ebrdajiee with the taws of British",(6p-
hhhhlai^ti/pd f>pIor po:. pn.p passage of" the
,af"&: fenjitled' to  tlie  saa*',b privil-eggs  as,
'Canacliaps.,  ^___^ _^°   ".'--■
A Preacher is  Missing.
BuinrAEo, July 14.— Rev. Willjam JSay,
a resident of .Betha-Uy, New York$ is niis-
s.ing, avid foul play is Suspected. Mr".
Hay left his home just a inoiith ago, and
came to Bafr'ttlo, eli route to Paisley Ontario. There tie expected tp; settle his
'father's- estate, and to receive °$60DO;
When, it was time for Mr. Hay to return
li'Sineiliis Avife wrote to Paisley asking for
news of her husband. To lier surprise
she lea-rued that lie had not been there,
homestead heard anything of hinii The
matter wag kept quiet until  yesterday
Full Attendance   Hoped For. X^
The Nelson Rifle Company will be put
through a thorough course of training
according to the schedule outlined to a
Tuilil'NK reporter by sergeant instructor
Carroll, of tho Hoy a I Canadian Dragoons,
who arrived from Winnipeg yesterday.
Ho will take the corps through a course
of training beginning at the beginning.
Parts of the course are intended primarily
for officers and non-comniissioned officers,
but all members of the corps are invited
to participate iind will be given an opportunity to qualify for a certificate, and
it must be remembered that a certificate
is ti necessary preliminary to promotion
or to confirniittion of a provisional rank.
Drills will be held four times a week
during the0nioyth tliat sergeant Carroll,
remains here, aud a full company parade
has been called for Monday evening at
the armory at 7:30 p.m. sharp. The
special course laid out for the Nelson
Rifle Company consists of two. parts.
Part I. (a) Infantry drill. This includes the whole of squad drill.
(b) Drill for officers iind non-commissioned officers. Tliis i.s instruction to
render them capable of handling a company, and will be open to any member ofthe corps. The maximum number of
marks for this section is 100.
(c) Guard mounting, marching reliefs,
and posting sentinels. Fifteen -marks
can be obtained in this section.
Part II. (a) Rifle  exercise. -.    This   includes manual  iind  firing  exercises, and
the method of instructing the  same, iind
is worth 100 marks.
(b) Sword.exercise, for officers only, in-;
eludes the handling of the sword in occasions of ceremony. Fencing does not
form part of the present programme.
There will also be instruction. ou the
duties of the regimental army officer
(40 marks), aud on the correct dress to
be worn by the officers'and. men on different occasions (10 marks). This covers
the subjects mentioned, in the general
orders, „ from „ lijeadq.ua.utera.. brought by?
JseifgeAijfe.eaiato'lU"^ .^y»- r:. "fv «£> *Vvyl*f &
rtoe^feg^-i^^ti.^n.}ao"l a^ay ^n£n® erj
?togsl"*^-el^^^ '"a"£"i0 Qilif;
'eets an/r.|h^ijlks.ol,;":tlie'cOnipali'y hpi-ie-to]"'
ihols&php, k-ajiiifji:g] ,a "siftjC&ss:,; aii d the hPie riv,
■bV'QU^anSj intending .l^gglvrdfis ■dr.*i§i:i°''tb:;
th:e foi;fewn|g pai'agraplr &roin" tile Regt i --
lations"   and"   Orders "Of  "the    Ca'uadian"
Militia" ISOi;: . -.     :     -      „      '  ' .;".
""EvSryoffiper"anirinaiii of tlie lhilitiii,
■*\f ho AvitliOilt. 1'tySMiii r0xetise, neglet'ts or
refuses tbiiitend^any-paracfe or '"di?jjI,°'or
tralning.at the plaee and boniT: appointed'
therefore}, or wlio refuses :pr liegiects to
obe,y any lawf tti, order, at oi' eoneerhiiig
sitch parade, or drill Or training, shall iii-
Cnr ji, peualtys if aii' olficer, of ten doHarsi:
a:ud, if a nianof tiie militia, live dollars'
for each offence, and abse'nee for each day
shall be held to be a separate offence."    /
, An iniiiortcd mine nianager residing in
ICaslo entered a small fruit store in that
town the other day, but before making a
purchase noticed the sign over the door
bore the name "Green'." "Awh, the tradesman whoruns this place i.s the member who
helped [Kiss the cighc-hour law," was the
interrogation of the imported .Johnnie,
"iind I will not patronize such a, man."
lie left, but the fruit vendor is still there.
Max Johnson   was  sued   in   the  small
debts court yesterday by L. MacKay to
recover the sum of $17.50 which  ho said
*was owing to him for  services   rendered
as clerk in Johnson's store on Hall street.
It was a peculiar case in that MacKay said
that he went to work for Johnson Avithout any agreement being arrived at as to
salary.    He said he Avorked ten  days in
all and paid himself $5 out'of sales which
left a balance of $17.50 by calculating his
wages at $2.50 per day.     Johnson on the
other hand said that he did not consider
that MacKay was a clerk.    From his conversation he gathered that lie was a capitalist looking over the country and .that,
lie assisted him around the store merely
as a friend.    As an evidence  of  the unreasonableness  of  MiicKay's  contention
that he was engaged its a clerk he cited
that the sales made in the store did not
average more  than  $0  or  $7   per  day.
There   being   merely   the   unsupported
story of the oue man  against the other
magistrate Crease non-suited the plaintiff.
Colonel Jacobs, chief secretary to commander Eva Booth, and  second in  command of the army in Canada and Northwest   America,  arrived  iu  Nelson    last
eArening.    He comes on a trip of inspection and Avill take part in  the meetings
of the local corps '"this  evening  and  on
Sunday afternoon and eA^ening.
The   directors   of   the-Nelson'.-public,
library are'dickering with-tlie piwincial
government for,',a';donation of fifty books
:ciuai;terlyfGAvhiQlid,A*,:Go1vi.ld add .two.liundred.
5Si tons of carbonate ore and netted the
shippers $0070. The ore assayed $2 in
gold, 178 ounces in silver and 27 per cent
lead. The Beatrice is under bond to the
Beer brothers of this city ami it cash payment amounting to $125,000 falls due on
September 1.
The SewVGold Fielids,
Sjiiattlis, July i;4.r^-The steamer Alliance arrived- this morning frOm St.
Michaels, Alaska,. She is the first vessel
to arrive froni tiie mouth of the Yukon
this_seasou and-brings_adyides_fr.ont_tl'-i:e_
Avhen tlte brother arrived in Bethany and
took the wife of tlte preacher and her
14-year old son with. him. The missing
minister was about 50 years old. He
studied medicine iii Canada find Wits admitted to the profession, practicing fot» a
short time, He afterwards entered the
ministry and Was .ordained as a Presbyterian preacher oii November 22nd, .1800'
at Bethany. ^__	
Baseball Gantes Yesterday,
Cincinnati 0, Philadelphia 0.
NeAV York I, St. Louis 3.
Baltimore 4, 'Cleveland L
Chicago 2, Brooklyn 4,
Washington 0, Louisville 8.
Boston 2, Pittsburg 0.
Minneapolis 7, Columbus 3.
Indianapolis 5, Milwaukee 2.
Kansas City 10, Detroit 1.
Syracuse 10, Providence 9.
Worcester 12, Rochester 2.
Springfield 8, Montreal '9.   **-■
Twelve Years for Arson.
New York, July 14.—Elht Larrabee
was today sentenced to 12 years in
Auburn for arson in the second degree by
judge Hurd. Although she is only 33
years old she has already served several
terms in the penitentiary. The prisoner
was known as the female burglar, and
while in the penitentiary on a previous
sentence, a farmer attracted by her
beauty, appeared at the institution and
wanted to make her his Avife but slie declined the offer.
Small-pox in Toronto.
Touonto,- July IS]—Mrs'.'Thornton Do-:
litney - AViis discovered to bo suffering
from, sniall:pox on ..Tuesday and has
been taken to the isolation'hospital..-'
iteAvly discovered goid fields of the cape*
Colors were found most everywhere
throughout the district, -which is thirty-'
five miles Square, and nearly all the available ground' has been taken up. The
pans run from $2 to $4. Only one 'Clean
up hits been mucle thus far. .Four men
shovelling eight days took out $9(5,000.
The gold is different front that of the
Yukon* in that it IS quite black, due to
tile iron. 11 runs ttbtjut $18 to the ounce.
One ehiiiii adjoining that of Price aiid
Lane yielded $4 to the pan. There was
a. great rush of men front St. Michaels
into the district. To\\'ii lots are selling
as high as $1000.
The Alliance had sevent! passengers
and a small anion nt of gold dust from
Dawson. Out of a party of 100 miners
at Cape Nome, eighteen severe cases of
scurvy developed during the Avinter. Tlio
stricken men were finally loaded on sleds
and hauled over the ice to St. Michaels
for treatment. Tavo were frozen in tlie
The Shamrock's Hollow Keel.
London, July 14.—With reference to
the new -challenger for America's cup the
Sportsman today says: It is stated that
that the Shamrock hits a hollow keel in
which her cable is stowed, Remembering the difficulty and unpleasantness
AA'hich arose regarding the Defender's
shifting ballast, it Avill be interesting to
knoAV if this statement is correct and
what the American, yaclitinen Avill have
to say about it. .
Bank Fails, Also the Cashier.
PicHTH A.m liov, New Jersey, July 14.—
The Middlesex county bank closed its
doors today. Kdward M. Valentine,
cashier, is'missing with possibly $100,000.
Cashier Valentine surrendered, late this
afternoon to a deputy sheriff' in .Perth
Amboy and-is-now in tho county jiiil..
"fQir SitbScrijatioistexpe^t^tli^fjJiJSid^ (df 'a)
;-WQ^.$i&flia4^^ ijuiite;
;|o thai tll"q.y„.ca^i:,^laii:u"t'he„ $500 d-^Uated
fpyStlte 'city council",,; - ..
: °- sT/iereis"a ruinOr Stit'L-eUt' that.the rate
bfj,i-*;iti.nigipul' taxit'tioii is nuQt ■ycipdpflnitejy
settled. Seine tinieag'O1 aldei;V;iia)i»:&ietclter°
secured 'ait, "anicftthneht, fib the rate. fo;fl-
;..&,"fi:f^i*itl, purpose**, by Avliieh Phd rate *pt'P-
'pOs^'d &\-^t'lignfiiUi:bc*3"rcbiiin.ii^^^^ was" "Cut
.jn^t.AV'o.. ■ "Duriitg .aldeiatian ]?l'et'Khej,;'S' -at-»
•ieiupts at seeui'tiig a redu&tioii in the
rate -for general ptirpdaes akterihai'i B'O-er
was,absent,, but iu tlte end the council
4'ecidesl to redue.e th-0 gerieral ptn'pose
rate from Six mills'"t<S three fttijls. '\Vh-eu
thi-s decisioit AvaS arrived at, there was
not a dissetttiiig voice in the council.
Since then, however,, alderman Beer has
returned and he is stiid to be opposed to
the reduction initde iii the rate. Whether
lie tvill sttcceed in his ejfOrts to liti\*e the
fate inoroasQcl, rentains to be seen.
Robert Rnflick, pi'oviticiiil coiistiible at
Feimie last night who lias a term of three
months to ptlt in on4ch.argeo'f viigi'nncy.
Fred Stsirkey, manager of the Parsons
Prod lice Company's branch fit Rosshind,
is in town. He reports business good at
Rossland and the toAvn improving.
I-leil Gething of Slocan City was* in Nelson yesterday. Sloean City, he .lays, is
in much better shapu How than this time
last year.
Di*. LaBau lias,1'osos* in. his gardc-n.tluit.
measure Sixteen inches jn cii'tnuUferenee.
W. & D, Crawford expect to ha ready
to do btiainess
Stanley street, liy
day nexfc.
The first barge load of marble .from the
quarries on the east .shore of Kootenay
fake, 'Opposite Kaslo, arrived at the Avharf
last night. There were 180 tons in the
load, and the marble- will be used, in the
buildings now being erected withiu the
fire limits by the Nelson Saw & Planing
mills as contractors.
The Nelson gas and coke company expect to start laying gas pipes on Monday
or Tuesday.
The lieensecommissioners for tlioNclson
licensing district meet this morning in
the court house at 11 o'clock to consider
applications for licfuor licenses by It.
Wood of the Thistle hotel, situated five
miles soutliAvest of Nelson, and W. Bauer
of SayAvard.
S. S. Taylor, Q. C, left yesterday on a
visit to Kaslo. He is expected back today.
The cricket club is anxious to arrange
for a return match Avith the bankers, and
in the meantime will hold a practice game
on the recreation ground this afternoon
at which a large-attendance is requested.
The retiir.ns-1'roin a shipmoiit'rooontly..
made by the Beatrice ■"mine in..lho Lar-
deau:'-to the Trail smelter -we're received
yesterday.   . The '.shipment  consisted' of
Kolapore Cup Shoot. •
Touonto, July 14.--Following is the
cable to the Kveiling Telegram, dated
Bisley Camp, July 14: The mother country Avins the Kolapore cup, but her
greatest colony, Canada, only stood eight
points behind when tlie "aggregate score
Wiis announced. The score of the victorious team was 70S, Avhile the eight which
represented the Dominion had 700. At
000 yards the Canadians ran the mother
country a very close nice, being only one
point behind. Though the Canadian
team loses the much coA'oted honor of
capturing the Kolapore cup, the colonial
prize of eighty pounds goes to them, the
'•prize being aAvarded to the team that
makes the.highest aggregate score . in the
Kolapore competition exclusive of the
mother country.
The Canadians'shot splendidly, captain
Rennie of the Queen's Own rifles particularly* distinguishing himself by. making
the highest Individual score of the eight.
He was the only member of the team who
landed Avithin the bullseye every time at
any of the ranges. At 500 yards he succeeded in gaining that distinction. In
shooting at the 200 yards range the wind
proved A*ery strong and' the light was
cloudy, but tit the 500 yards range "the
light Avas much better and the Avind
steadier, and at that distance the Canadians did much better.
The scores for the Kolapore cup were
as folloAvs: Mother Country at 200 yards
243, at 500 yards 205, at 000 yards 200,
total 70S. ,
Canada at 200 yards 240. at 500 yards
264, at  000  yards  250, total 7-00.
The   eight   representatives. Avere   not
;it tlieir Palace baicory on
Tuesday  or Wedties-
,.: 'Cli;alh?i.i"|e',trophSr dohtpfetlph A\%ie"h tdkcii
ppla&eV ay-AVeelc". -ixdiix"" tQcjUi'yC'■ ,rj.!l,iis c°OtoJ
^petit-ibi)" is open "to Sjrtreitms froni i3n,g-"
lan'tl^ Ireland,, .^othto^'^i-i't'l". TWi-iilSs# ,ntK
^Ordt'It.g-tO^tj-ie " I'egt-il'atiOii^,' -tli-P 'CU'staVlce*"
, o-rth<3..j.'iingeff.'aye Md,5Q,Q]^xpil. Q.0,0 o ya-rcls;
Tlie* .fetiie^f'iti'l'.QsS'tjxT. as" -oficc^.toiu'■ .aiid^thjii
mnKl-^-ofsh^-fe^e^i '/' '„ ""*""""*"      *-''
Dirty Insinuations Refute"*!!.
Tlie MiHer is, much Worriell over tlie
Poiitjiiion". Dji-ty .c0Dl0br{it|Ou fund:, it ?«»
si::i"tttat"e"§ that-tlte men. who had charge ofj
■bite celebration; txre- petty thfeves. This
■may- 'be true," but they - were iti Nelson
'(;h'i'i'itig;tlte.eerebt'i\tioti"»^,iiOfe in Vancouver"
dt'iU'ik.'' The luoiie-y-'tliat Avas "su'bjsci'ibGd,
iind paid Avas deposited tfl the B<iiik of
Britisit'Cohtii-ibiitj ami 6*vei*y dollar titat
lias been disbursed feduly aecotinted for.
'flie sccrtstary of the genei'al committee
didljij'otjmj'citas&ttityiif the "iiri^mJliyeruil
Power an After Consideration.
The city council has decided to adopt
the proposition of the Kootenay Electric
Supply and Construction  Company, aud
as soon as the   necessary  material" is on
the ground   Avork  will   start  under  the
supervision   of    W.   P.    Dickson.      The
mayor,  and   aldermen   Kirkpatrick  and
McKillop   were- present   at  the  special
meeting of "the council   hist night, when
alderman   Fletcher   read   the  company's
offer its  received   by  the   committee  of
public Avorks.    The committee had gone
into   the   matter  carefully   with   \V. P.
Dickson,   the  company's   engineer,  and
had come to tho conclusion that his plan
of   splitting   tho   existing   system   into
two,   with   a  direct  system   for Baker
street and vicinity  and  an   alternating
system   for   outlying districts   avus   the
cheapest   and   most effective   that   had
been  submitted   to  them.     The  system
would supply 5000   lamps,  and   in  the
opinion of Mr. Dickson and tho  city  engineer sufficient extra power could be obtained from the available water supply.
About  $10,000  Avould   coA'er  the  Avhole
cost, including fixing the dam, Avhile  the
direct   three-wire    system    avou Id   cost
W. P. Dickson   was  asked   to  explain
his plan, and said that as the city already
possessed ; low,   tension     machines    he
thought it best to  haA^e  a  direct  three-"
Avire system into the following  districts:
From    the     corner     of,.    Falls    street
down        Carbonate       to       Josephine,
doAvn    Josephine ■ to     A'ernon,    thence
. to Fill Is street and to  point  of starting.
Under present system about 20 percent
of the poAver was Avasted, but this could
be   obviated.       The  further    got    froin ;
the  poAver  liouse, Mr. Dickson  said, the
more expensive tlie  low  tension  systemV
became by reason of the amount of heavy
copper Avi re necessary.   This  was  saved,
in the 'alternating system with / whieli he.;-;;'
proposed to light the outlying  districts^
putting  in  alternators  about every 200;;
lights.    He thought, and   the   city  engineer agreed Avith him, that 'when- the dam2'2y
Avas fixed and the flume completed, there
would be sufficient water power  to , ruii ;;
the  city  for  the Avinter, assuming that,
not more than 3500 hiinjis Avould be: connected, "■(y.-i.yy
Speaking   of   the   expense    the    new <
machinery 'would entail, Mr. Dickson went ?
on:    "It"will be a good; investment as; it; S
means   $500   or   $600   a   mouth ; extra(2,]
by,any of the subcommittees and. die!
liot dictate where thoy were to be purchased. He had nothing to do witli the
boat .race, eoinmittee's purchases other
titan to OK. the bills presented' iiiin by
Melville Parry, one of the conmiitCt'e.
Looking After His Foiuies;
VaiScoiH'tT Ntffiw-AdVt/rfisuE.
The houoritble P. Carter Cotton, mijiis-
ter of J1n.itnee, came over from Victoria
on Wednesday. Tie left on the 'Imperial'-
.Umited,' for violden, l\X whieh phtee hte
proseuee luis been, rLKprnsted ill order to
dls'cugs certain mutters itllecting tlie dts-
trict. If time jioruiUs, .Air. CarLer-Cotton
wifl go, from Croldeii t<') Wiiidermore,, that
promising mining district winch is iioav
making do mam Is an the treasury for
roads, trails .and bridge.". RevoLstoke and
other towns will be visited.
tain primary tuse Diopj^, '$.Q,0° pOunds"«/ofl
■SO; ill- \^i^a^^i^^^^^^a^
Initi'MSi - ■«#■-.?$!$[ ;io-U'iid^"of ■ ,N^0l§h^I-
.c-oppei.' Avire "for- "fe"edet'Si fpt^Ios^tptfsjrfn^
hep Avork.  ■    ■■„.-./ :„• =,.   -. .„».""     "yi^y""22y'!°y.
After the ,eity ple& had. "beeji^j
jy.ed: to, ,notily th.e,;6,W-fiets ".of thp°.additioxW-
to the Broken HitBil-befc -t'l-u^°"^lfe:r"-"ii-i\"v|r
'b!:til'diii;g mtist "be moved'" "AVitiiitj' "§.6"^|i)0|;
days or it AVili be moved "for tliein "ate°5"
tlieir expense, 'thP ,ctiui%\il .iidjotfrned.'  .:" *&
Opening of New Niagara Bridge.
Bt;t''l''Ai.o, July ,1:4.— The new suspension
bridge over the Niagara river, connecting
Lewistoii iind QiieenstoAvn will lie
formally opened, on Friday, July 21st.
Invitations for the event have been
issued by the LoAviston Connecting
Bridge Company and tho Queens-ton
Heights Bridge Company.. The opening
ceremonies will be interesting. The
formal opening will take place at 12:'*!0,
and later the guests will partake of
luncheon. The day will lie observed a.s a
holiday on the frontier.
The Peary. Relief Expedition.
Pit I ,v< .■■•:ton. .July l.'i. —Professor Charles,
Arnold R Ortniann,  Walter A. WiskolT,
Charles F. Silvester and K. C. Hichardson,
uiembors of the  Peary, relief .expedition,'
left    Princeton ■ t<)nigli.tvJ'oi*'.'-NeAv   York.
-They* will" leave  t here;, for North Sydney,
Cape    Breton,   Avhere    they     "Will     join
Professor  AVilliam   Libby, leaving   that
point for the Arctic regions on  the 19th.
Lacrosse Boys Will "Erayeli : %
The local lacrosse' team have deeicled to
go fche Goa-st to try their mettle against
the teams there and a scliediile of games
has been proA-isioually made out. They
leave for Vieioiia on \'Vediiesday,JA;ugi.fs;t,
Otli. and play there on Satut'tlay, Angijst
J2tii. Tuesday or Wednesday of th'S■"
next week tliey play at Nanaimo, .fjitthtg
bark to \fancottvei" in time to play tltet-e
the fofloAVing ^ittfi'diiy. Dliiiing," tlie
:mid.(,lh't'0-f the nwi week th«,y play New""
WeSt-Hiijiister, who, at present hold" the
chiimjikmsliip, and, will hm-kb it ivig Blirprt,
to bring tlie .coveted 'tfoph.y hOhxu with
l/hejn. Tl'tey may also play Kamloops at)
the way back, but this is, not Settled*
The Nelson coinbiiiatioii jiiis? proved itself
a strong one. Tliey have gone into braining iind are practicing hard. The mimes
and positions of the players art? its follows: A. Devlin,, goal; F. Lynch, point;
F. W. Grant, cover; J. Thompson* first
defense; D. Blackwood, second defense; A.
.Jeffs, center. J. Perrier, third home, Mo*
Nichol. second home: Hayer, first home;
Archibald, outside home and Fraser, inside home.
Rich Ore but Low Wages.
Xcvv Denver licdgo.
3,   ft.   Robertson  of   Nelson   resident
manager  of  the  London  company operating the   Knterprise, paid  a visit to the
mine  last week  and inspected tlie workings   on   the   property.     He was highly
pleased with tin; property, and freely ox-
pressed himself  so.    The only  drawback
in the immediate Avorking oE the miue is,
he states, the question of getting miners.
Under  different  conditions and in some
other  countries this  would  be  ait  easy
mutter,  but not so  now in  the Slocan.
Fabulously rich as  the Enterprise ore is,
yet the management  refuses to  pay its
miners more than $.'5 a day, and  the result is that it cannot get miners.
.fl THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY  ir,,  1890.  B  B  2  B  B  B  This is just flic weather for muslin blouses, but we still have  too many for this season's trade. VVe consider the room can  be used to better advantage for fall goods wliich arc on the  road, and lo clear these wc Avill give a straight cut of 20 per  cent: on every blouse in stock. It is hardly necessary to mention that we have still anything from the cheapest prints at 50  cents to the best silks, and all sizes, from 32 to 42. A glance  will  satisfy you that we mean   business   when wc say to clear.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  fflu  ffl  BANK  OP  B. O.   BUILDING,  NELSON,  T^-ROVCS   C-A.SI3:  ffl  laAV its is .1. Roderick Robertson. lie has  not yet shown by his action.-, that he  considers that \Arorkiug minors cannot be  trusted to preseiwe the peace, or that the  provincial constables cannot be counted  .upon to enforce the law. The president  of the South Kootenay Board of Trade,  who desires to voice the opinion of the  board upon the working of the eight-hour  law. hits done both. Having so little confidence in anyone save himself, is 3. Roderick Robertson the proper man to pass  upon the political acts of his political  opponents'''    AcconniN'* to R. (��'. Dun & Co's report  of Canadian failures, .British Columbia hits had but twenty-two failures during the last three months ending  .Juno .'lOth, IS'.)!), with total liabilities of  $10.V.:}u.  S BAY  COMPANY.  O LIE ^IR,! IN" G-  r\ J iJzLi  DRY GOODS  BOOTS  AND SHOES  GENTS'  FURNISHINGS  MILLINERY  HOUSE  FURNISHINGS  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Whz Mxibiinz.  Daily Edition.....   Wkkkly Edition   ... .First Year,-No- Nil  .Seventh Ykar, No. 35  tmly.  The Miner says the president of- the  board of trade is showing- a proper regard for the dignity and- self respect of  Kthat body in issuing a call for another  meeting to reconsider 'the'.action taken by  the board at'a..-regular nieeting held on  v -Monday last;   ; Yes, the president of ;the  j'y^dis^  '..'��������� (k"W"��yy I:VA*Jl"XvcV!i�� "i*** >.""   .%.--'**'W,v>  ?Ju;:|y-ijb'%^  .^J|-H'te*W\^''Kaypn.'> it��is--pist"i>o^ibleA  ������;��� -.itiiat'-^he%4b'fei'^|tp'":��t).f "':the 't*wbj,Qig'i-tna!��.a!?;  fv^S^ identical.'" '���TKejje  '&$ Jii^iii"mi^"4ppnlhex-ydi pie .fofifti*�� "pf' Jfed'e:.��  if^-wJ-'iQ^^ rate, of'wdgpMbiy  \ykthph i$o"pisihg. 'An th-e- mines "avI-11 T^rd'"  |���.,-(j;tKe6-. gi'OAV'th1'  of , Nelson  and . h$ ,hxirt-  ^I'l'ijl4   jto    its    ''business     interastsj   feit  ;\tj.iey are nTnAvilliiig to obtrudetiteir��yiew&  ���    pit tjie booj-d,    It i's__aIso  notiQeable, in  .plii�� cofihection,, thttt the president of tlie  b.oard of tvade ��ihd his following are,poli-  tieat Opponents of the present provincial  goveruiiieiVt, and, judgitig.from their ft<>  tions, they are Crying to'make the board a,  ineaus by which to advance' their political as well ass t-iioiv niaterial interests,  Thd presideMt of the board of trade iind  k GO.  his followers may all be men of unsullied  character, and the nien who opposed his  arbitrary rulings on Monday night may  all be men of blemished reputations, but  mud-throwing was'not oue of the objects  for which the board of trade was organized,' however much the editor of the  Miner may be qualified for the job.  The   house   of  lords  has  passed   the  second reading of the bill requiring shopkeepers tp proyide scats for their assist-  ;^lsiS*ia2?vbte of 73 "to 2S.   Tins is grand-  jn^i^tlib\W:]cgisliitioii that every" Knglish-  In^tvibMNelson  Avill  resent.    It  is even*  sAfor|��XlW)a11   legislation   restricting   the  4i%mbefe"��pf hours  that'miners "shall-be  pe6nti*ljt"qd to work underground.  y��IJi"it?Averc proposed to send secretary'  "^Yife'/^f.the miners' union to Rossland,  ;ah"d*f;a��chtirge him-Aviti,i^tho responsibility  fM'^oiei-jig the amoavs of .the South Koote-  infiy Soal-'i of Trade upon the  eight-hour  /h\4v,j���llp\v��� uiiiiiy members of the Mine  ^w'jfer.s'.Brtitective Association would be  ys4l'/M$; With the importance of having the  'bMfcrd Represented at the conference?  ^t"%8fetary AVilks is just as  impartial''  f tvj'jtdge".of tlie working of: the eight-hour"  THOMSONS  this; week we are showing a special lirje of  {INCORPORATED 1670.  ��B  ARE  THE  PEOPLE  Who sell "Lily Cream." We do not  claim it is better than all other brands,  but only ask a fair trial to convince  you that it is the equal of any.  In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,  we will offer the balance of our spring and summer stock at a  n Sale Commencing Monday, July 10th  ��� TRY  SAMPLE  'can' .  Ladies' and Children's Department.  Ladies' Cotton Shirt* Waists, less than cost, 25c up.  11      Silk Blouse from $3.00 each up.  a      Cotton Wrappers, to clear, from 50c'up.  a       Black Alpaca and Serg'e Skirts $2.00 up. '  Children and Misses' Black Cotton Hose 10c per pair.  Ladies' Black Cotton Hose 15c per pair.  11       Cashmere Hose 25c per pair.  Summer Corsets 50c per pair.  Cotton Undervests from toe each up.  Silk Undervc'sts, half price, 50c each up.  Nightdresses, a sm.ain.ot to clear,- at 50c.    ; .  Sunshades "and Umbrellas, from 50c up.  a  11  a  u  Till  Hudson's Bay Jtes  West Baker Street.,-'   Telephone'13.-  Fine  ing  AVe have a fine assortment of .woolens always  on liand. Goods "made up at the .shortest possible notice. Am everything is kept, and made  on tlio premises", satisfaccion is assured.  H. M. VINCENT  -BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Millinery Department  Ladies' Sailor Straw Hats at 25c.        ,  Ladies' and Children's Trimmed'Hals at Half Price.  Dress Goods Department.  Plain and Fancy.Figured A*lpacas from 25c a yard up.  Fancy Colored Dress.Goods front 25c a yard up.  "Fancy Dress, Costume Patterns, less than cost.  Silk Department.  Black Brocade Dress Silks from 50c a yard up.  Bargains in Blouse Silks in waist lengths.  Washing Silks, plain striped and checked 35c up.  Boot and Shoe Department.  As we intend to close out   this department,  we   will  clear the' entire stock at cost prices.  Cents' Furnishings Department.  In   this   department --our   clearing  sale .prices  will be  , -', sure to .move the balance of our spring-stock.    -".-   \  Boys'-Summer Blouses at 50ceach up. V, y-    y--'-' v.  n-' -Separate Wool and Tweed-Pants 60c per pair."    *  li     and Youths' Ready.Made Clothing at.cost.    ,' y .  House Furnishing Department.  Chenile,   Plush and Tapestry   Curtains,' - Portiers and-  Table Covcr.s at extremely low prices. '  ,;  Curtain  Poles, and Window Shades cheap.  Tapestry,.Brussels and Wilton Carpets, Rugs  and Squares at lowest cash prices...  Remnant and Bargain Counter;  Ingrain,  Light ancl Dark Washing Prints, half price, y^cayd.'We particularly call attention to the special baro-ains  Summer Dress Muslins from 10c a yard up. of remnants, etc.,  on this counter.     These fronds  White'Swiss Striped and Checked Muslins from Sc up  have got to go.  on this counter.  All extra value.  These goods  AND  HAMGaNG  BABKBTB  Away bfeltjvy regular price.  Stationery 6b., Ifi  Hcftdquartta for  N'BLSON',   B- CJ.  It. ,j'QU,Avant a natty,, siylisti stilt di clothes for  =ftpriiig=aHnd=suihnTcr,=I=liaVeiOvei'i500^diire*i=  out patterns of Scotch and Knglish WcedS;  which I will niake to your order at the low  priBc o��'  ............��25  Black veiictiailg, inako a nice suit for summer wear at  ,., $24,  Black gbi-ge suits in sack orin8rhiiigcoat..$21  A, Heavy  Scotch  tweed,  nice patterns  for  bii.sincss suit  , ^)S  TroOSdrs at cSqimUy low".pr'itica Pit arid finish  no better in Canada. Ladies'ilne tailorint; a  Specialty.   Clement block, Baker KtrUet.  e  ��eMB3iAr43M^  &  CUSTOIVIS BROKERS  AUOTIONEERS  mkL mm ami.mmi  Baker Street, Nelson  s  If, you walit a Styiitjh porfedt fltting suit, made of the  best cloth over Imparted to Nelson, Ic'uvo your order  With live.  Six 'hiimlifect (1611m*!? worth of rtdiy K  ing your inspection.   I giiftruntcD wilisnt  , oods now wixit-  'itctlpii pr no sale.  SUITS $25  J.  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo mako a specialty of  Sl|ip!ap &t\d Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  O/Iice and yard near C.P.R. depot   K G. BKMI!, Agent.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED  J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  NUMBER  ONE  These hot sunmieiv days i.s a duty you  r��a]jy owe to "No. I."  Probably tlie best tiling to do is to fortify your system witli soine  WELL KNOWN TONIC.  Wc Lave all the standard preparations  tliat are, recommended for this purpose.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  -    - LIMIT-BID  Corner or Haker and Stanley SItccIh. NcIhoii  Nelson's tip-to-dalo Tailor, next; Kobtciiay Coil'ee Co.  Strictly il rat-class. Kates, S'i per week and Up.  MBS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  KURMSflXD HOOMS, SINGLE AND EN SUITR.  Hot and cold water, baths, electric litfht, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped  with exits and fire escapes. 5th fll'oor Marion block, corner Riverside and Stevens streets.  ~~ NOTICE   OP   MEETING.  A meeting of the South lvootenay Board of Trade will  tie held on Tuesday next, 18th July, at five o'clock in the  afternoon, to reconsider lhe recommendations of the  council of the hoard as to certain subjects regarding mining interests to be submitted for consideration: at the  joint meeting of Boards of Trade lo bo held in Rosshind  next month. The subjects recommended included con-  Mderalion of lhe lead duties and the.effect upon the mining industry of the eight-hour law.  Nelson, July 12lh, IS!*!).  -   .  ~~     "NOTICE TO ColSTRACTOES.  Sealed Lenders will be r ceived hy. the. undersigned  (marked tender for Burns & Co. building) up to. July 2S.  1.SIU, at noon, for the erection of a brick bloek on Baker  street. ��� .;'.    , .  Plans and specifications may bo seen ai the architects  olllce.  ���  A marked cheque amounting  to 5  per  cent of  the  amount of tender must accompany each tender.  Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily acceptable.  AHTUUH K. IIOJKilNS.  VIItST DOQK WKST BANK Vt..Q. BUILDING.  BUSINESS, AND iJESIDJCNTlAL  vaopini'gy  Tho supply la limitod, so coll Odrly and oxamino Chfa stock;  Hayo just received' a causignniont of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotlafidi  mm l SPIBI Baker Si Nelson  30 by  \% Baker sti'cet. between  Josephine aud  WivrdsU'cels S80W)  60 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets ��� ��� ���.  1500'  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, comer,... ���,.  5W by 120, Kast Baker street.    800  25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street.  0000  2 lots and largo house beantifully furnished (snap).. J000  2Jrlots with cottage rented at '$15 per month, Victoria  street  -  3500  1 lot with cottage rented at SIS por month, Victoria  street.    ,���   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per month, Ftanlcy  street :.",  3000  6 lots in block ;tlD, all cleared and fenced iii  2500  For general information ou real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  i'O-ftaojat Jlotrsei wnli-u-Uy located,, .$3800.  (S-:Koo!h 'Cottage and 2 I jobs ou Cai'litoiatO  Hlreet, 01400, easy tenjis.  :j-],iooiii   I'lionse on   Stanley street, $5100;  J. L VANSTONE,      R. H, WriLIAMS,  INilncf; and Mliihig Stocks CustonifS Broker  KKAL ESTATE AND fiKNKUAL AGENTS     '  ����*)'../rk ylLj JHj.  Christie  GENERAL. BROKER.  -w-_A_:raD BEOS.  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STKEKT, NELSON  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Several houses of different sizes.  VOll SALE���Heal estate in all parts of the city.  TBL3BPaOITE  35  During tho, season wo will deliver ice at private residences  and business houses.daily in any  desired Quantity at easonrabld  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  FOR SALE.  A building and lot on Fii'st Avenue in-tho town of  Ymir.. ^tenjs for $20 per month.   AVill bo sold cheap for  'I wo lots with two-.si,6i3y houso on LaCiiDcr  Street. ngixr.Josejihine ,..���..",".9*1 S'lQ  fl'erftsi   $1200 ci-SJVlml'anoo 6n Uiorlgsgo.  Sixly-at'rorUiieh, nine miles filuii��� dity on'iiikft  shore,,.......��,..:.*...,.,....,..,..,��  .,...91000:  Olicrhlilf oitsli, balailee on. mortgage,  LOASTS  Ou  loan conditions im! IhouhcftjioRl and best  tfll'ared.   Vou can ropuy at any time without;  tonus.  ^l.C3-*E33STTS   WOH  ilttitish Columbia Pennuncnt Savings & Loan Oouiparty.  Globo Savings & J.Ofci) Co., TorUnto.  iasrs*tj-EiA.*i**r<dE!  Fire* Life, Accident, and Sickness.  G AMBLB ��Sfe 0'REII-,L,Y, AgtA  Baker Street West, Nblsoii, fi. C.  Lots for Sale  ��500 will purchase Ui choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet. ���-  ��2100 will pui'chaso a central lot and rosideucc.  ��100 will purchase two nice lots and shautys  821100 will purchase two nice lots and cottflge."  $3000 will purchase four'nice lots and residence.  Buy Fairmont shores for a rise.  5000 Utica at. 2 cents.  cash.   For further particulars apply to John  Patrick, Nelson, 11. C.  A. Kirk-  ALEX STEWART  Tumor & Koeckh block, Nelson, B. C,  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt atl.cnlion given to all orders left at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.. THE  TRIBUNE;  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 15,  1890.
all paid
up,     -
"Ion. GKO. A. DKUMMONI) Vice-President
K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager
*!SrE!IJS03Sr   BR-AJC-TajH:
, W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      IlKANCIIKM  IN     	
LONDON   (Bmchuid).   NSW   YORK.   CHICAGO
•mil in I In; principal cities 111 Canada.
Huy and soil Sterling  l-'xehango and Cable Transferi-
available lu any pari of lhe world.
Is now prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and
Dawson City, YuKon. District.
Hy Justin McCarthy, JI. P.
J heard tlie duke of Wellington make a
speech, and, although it was but a short
speech and not remarkable for eloquence,
it astonished and impressed' me more at
the time than the greatest oration the
'greatest parliamentary orator could have
done. The duke, as I gathered from the
speech of another peer—a law lord, I
think it was—had already been offering
to the house his opinion on the measure
under consideration,' and the noble and
learned lord was now criticising his remarks. In the course of his criticism the
noble and learned personage ventured on
the observation that he feared "the illustrious duke" had not quite understood
the measure now before the house. This
drew the illustrious duke. The duke of
Wellington sprang to his feet to reply,
and he struck the table with indignant
gesture. "My lords," he said, "the noble
and learned lord has said that I don't xin-;
derstand this bill. Well,-, my lords, all 1 *
can say is that I read the bill once, that
I read it twice, that I read it three times,
aud, if after that I don't understand the
bill, why, then, my lords, all I have to
say is that I.must be it damned stupid
fellow." Then the duke resumed his
seat, and that was the only speech I ever
heard him deliver.
many opportiuiities  of meeting
not given any clear evidence at home.
lie became one of the most delightful
and fascinating after-dinner speakers I
have ever heard. I rank, him second,
tti id only second, fco Charles Dickens as
an after-dinner speaker, lie never said
anything which was not fresh, original,
and striking; Ins made the most commonplace theme sparkle with fancy and
humor, with exquisite phrase anil poetic
suggestiveness. I think the famous old
illustration about the orator receiving in
a vapor from his audience that which he
gives back as a flood, would have applied
admirably to Lowell, for it seemed to me
that the manifest delight of his London
audiences, had the effect bf making him a
great after-dinner speaker as he went
along. Yet I cannot help saying again
that I liked him best as I knew him first;
that the Lowell of Cambridge,-Mass., was
more to me the real Lowell, the poet and
the critic, the moralist, the thinker, and
the dreamer, than the Lowell of London
society, the Lowell of London public dinners, and fashionable dinner-parties, and
fashionable drawing-rooms.
Thomas Carlyle had a fashion of expressing his opinions Avhieh was likely
enough to make any modest young beginner in the literary craft think twice
before he ventured on the expression of
any views of his own in the presence of
such ti master. Perhaps I ought to explain' here that when I spoke of the literary triumvirate who then ruled over
England, I Avas not forgetting the.rule of
Thomas Carlyle. Such a forgetfulness
Avould be impossible ; but I felt that his
was not by any means a purely literary
force, but something quite different-
something like that of a philosopher Avitli
his  school.    To return,  however, to my
immediate subject, I should say that the
dread I felt of Dickens was not at all
like the dread I felt of Carlyle. In the
case of Carlyle, I did not like to run the
risk of being snubbed ; in Dickens's case,
I knew there was no such risk—I knew
that he was far too sweet and kindly in
nature to snub me, but the very exuberance of his good humor bore me down
and kept me in my modest place.
Bright told me  that  he and  Disraeli
were sitting together one night—I  think
in   the  smoking-room  of  the  house   of
commons—talking, like the pair in Kirke
White's   poem,   "of   various  things—of
taxes, ministers, and kings," and, among
other subjects,  of  the  amount  of time
that had to be given up to the work of
parliament.    Disraeli paused  for  a  moment, and then said: "You know, Bright,
what     you    and    I    come    here    for—
we     both     come      here      for      fame."
Bright     earnestly     insisted     that     he
came for no purpose of the kind; but he
assured me that it was impossible to convince Disraeli that he was serious iu the
disclaimer.     Disraeli ceased to argue the
point, aud listened with a quiet, half sarcastic smile, evidently quite  satisfied  in
his own mind that a man who could make
great speeches must make them with the
desire  of  obtaining  fame.    Bright's objection to Disraeli  was  founded  mainly
on the assumption that Disraeli was, and
must be, a radical reformer at heart; that
a man of his intellect could not be anything    else;     and    that,   therefore,   he
had      become     a      Tory      with      the
object  of   making his  way   to   a   high
position   in  parliament and  in  society;
This sort of assumption or conclusion belonged to Bright's whole habit of mind,
and he could uot free himself from it. He
judged everybody by a rigid moral stan-
dard which he
mind,   and   \v]
honest    man
must really be
had set up in his_ own
iich assumed that every
possessed of intelligence
in favor  of an   extended
electoral suffrage. In this way- Cobden
had a far more liberal mind, and was
quite able to understand that a man
might differ absolutely from him on the
most essential principles of radicalism
and yet be deserving of confidence and
The Collection Agency Moves.
Bum.i.v, .July 14.—A dispatch from
Kiel says the German cruiser Ooier has
left Corinto, Nicaragua, for Guatemala to
join with the vessels of Great Britain in
a demonstration on behalf of the British
and German creditors of that republic
and to force the republic to pay up.
P. Burns c£ Co.
KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,   No,   25,
Knights of Pythias, meets in I.-.O. 0. F. Hall, corner
". er§y;   tlief e; was"• ,$pxnophihg " physically
»p v.e"r pp^vei'iu g- aboufc i t", &„*"*• - ,i|i"tlie4i| :seeuled
sn|bjnidfiihh'vei'y. ^eh^mjSiice",ol-Hhi|^clieenry-
?|fopel-hwii-pr.ratlier %f:6 ojie. dpwii. "KrOm;
^■ti■le)^fet .A^»;^#»i'9^ to- }M fe.Be a .Sua,}!
Ajvijili „\vhpm;jt oouKtuoiiv"e!iifcilr9 ppzo\iif'0fc
"'iouyiihy fubject* "Then •agajii;,a.s,„was*btnfe
;uatuyil,lj fie was geite^ali^ j*n*t£y^
/li,   crpWitl of   yPUng liieit;D-*Mi&°|gfncer,eiy
worshipped   him/aild* to* wlipinT; indeed*.
"'lie spemecl  tp represent all literature;    I
i know how kind and friendly and eilcour-
was, and whose very first efforts in liter-
, atiu'e, l-Weived his .helping hand*—I knew
' iUahy such  young men,  aud they were
5 never tired  of telling iije how kind he
was, aiid how geutlP, How  ''quick to en*
courage and! slow tp disparage,' if I njay
' adopt cortain wprds Which I think were
i used Ijy himself when speaking pf auPtlier
leadej: of litei*atni,e;   But I ain only put-
tiijg down my impresSiolis just for what
they are worth, as the pura,s<3 goe§, and,
indeed, fchey two wovth uPtlung at aJl ex*
eept its inipiiessibfis, and 1 can only gay
that I3»ickeus sPmohow, another always
inade mo feel rather afraid,
I had inivny opportunities of meeting
Jaiups Bitssell Lowell during ihy ettrly
visits to Boston, find afterwards when he
caliip to London merely as a traveler; and
still later when lie aviis settled in London
for some time as American minister here.
I admired him always; but I may be forgiven if I say that I admired him niost iii
bis own home, and amid his own familiar
surroundings at Cambridge, Mass. It
seemed to me that I understood him best
under such conditions, perhaps because I
had for so many years come to associate
him with the poets, and scholars and
essayists, the workers and the dreamers
who made that corner of the United
States so dear aud so fascinating to admirers in the old country. Lowell was,
as everybody knows, oue of the most
popular American ministers Avho ever
came to London. London society thoroughly appreciated him, welcomed him,
'.'went for" him with hpmage and rapture,
did all it could to spoil him w\th praise
aud social flattery, but could not prevent
him from being tlie poetical, fanciful,
dreamy Lowell of the college halls, and
the homes, and the lanes of Cambridge.
Indeed, Lowell developed in London a
gift of which, so far as I know,  he had I
^NELSON; r,ODQE> N,0*::23,".;"'A.".F;;Ss ACMr^tfeettf
.■.second'" Wed'nosdayf0"in8sea6h'" mdhth,^ ,;Soj6urnihg;"
;o-br.0thriigi in'vite-d."^ *».*-".* ^S •if' '?.:?ft!''"'W'
^PEOFESsiON^E *}G£M)$y ~^!P"B
^ _..« ,or3eeu,blpoK,«BaU-'binst?c^]if"NclsH:ii.^u"n°-""„ o  u"""*^°.;n ;
„, :". :MisGELLAN:Eairs. ;.y .-
■ T^^N^TKD—A»pOSition3iS(choiKninastVrJiiUcvspl6»biisSj''
yy^-ysj,'.jy\wK.LH!2ei!%oqX"-E^ ■■ '" '''
Kongo,? "Mi
jPfflcef"  "
"0. jVViiinl^g.'/i ">id'dress
Albert -Hall,,J$>sfc
rA^**ED.~T\vo or tlifieajoomp for light housckeep-
"-' lij'g. u^V.pl»lHS'iV- l^^P>B6x(^Ci.N'elaci'iu-, " :•   ""■■■
Ni'fi'jD—^^]?inpi65shicii6, ass .boolcke^iier or tiinc
by yo'ung,,h.iiii'iive.#jiri'?iteJcd.,J B.jlljVr..-Trihjii
"" dive." %. «i"
'■*^A^TE.D-JJel^ "".■".     --   '■"   ■;
TjttQl" KlSl5ip*Fni'nisli8tf rooili} '.tr&nfc parlor,- *with |>u
I J?    witliBut, board;    Fourth !h()iiSc.cast ol.Mctliodisit
cVty'c'h, -bciiiv^eoii Joscnhili.e'and Hall streotst Nelson
S        '        '
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
local and coast.
.    local and coast.
.1. K. Dolan, Ilonner's Kerry
I'edro Chorbo,  KiiskonooU
Ohas'. l.'iLi'kur, Itooland
.1 S Conlln, Toronto
W. W. Johnson,  Rossland
.I.S. Ilisscll, Ymir
P. H. Wallace Toronto
A. lt. iMcICinley, Toronto
Mrs.  Nellie  Uraden,   Spokane
II. V. I.evel.irs, Toronto
Krcd  Emerson, Vancouver
H. li. Wilson, Toronto
A. Lnit.cli, Cranbrook
Alfred Reeve, Toronto
A. Bnllick, Eornie
It. W.Hncoin, Ymir
J. Campbell, Krio
W. Ii. Huudles,   almo
A. Poison, l'*ort, Steele
A. A. Clregg, Whitewater
Geo. Howard, ICrio
G. A. Somer, Erio
.1.  R.  Ruddock and   wife,
J.  Priidhoiiimc  and   wife.
H. VnnSwilzor, Toronto
F. Smith. Toronto
F. Oliver, Rossland
J. H. Nolan, Wanela
W. C. Forrester Ymir
.Mrs, M. Ca-thnt,,  Rossland
Fi. Edniuii(ls,"San Prancisco
.f. M. Williams, Slocan
F. Watson, Spokane
G. K. Ilitchy, Ymir              1 T. Cyr, Pinchor Creek
J. Henley, Rossland              | B. Keen, Silver ICinR
D. Mcllcalli, Halifax
C.  McUougall, Shei'brooke
I). Brogan, Montreal
iY-J. O'Connell,   Wallace.
F. Doverean, Three'Rivers
J. Goodrich, Spokane            1 R.ilutherford, Halifax
F. V. G'-Ncill, Spokane           | .1. H. Beley, Oro *
K. McLeod, Ainsworth         1 A. Gardner, ICaslo
A. Sherman, ICaslo                | C. Canierop, Robson
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at poison, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade
City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
tyead Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager
''' .,'-'. . .     0       , ■
The Tremont Hotel
„j     -„'   ,yy  ,„".-'« ""./on-jll^feiii^s;".  ss."f-°'TS
f|*whatj'oun want is]}iot>in stock wc will„matte,il'foFyou
' r■■"."■■ ■."■" '  .ekl/i/;^ND/&lT"*i-^----n*^*u!;t"":** - -
Headquapteps fop Miners and Prospectops
l \ai>^*y;S;P$ :&A^pJ
•i -"iji-'V,'*,**''" V™ .w''-i,,;i™«jfj *$.y i' fl".2i$yi!Jr-."flfl°'
HALL :&l0>hATiE.&mpWfS, ,'NELSO.*SE
0* RENTV-'A-"fiwnislied room convenient .to Baiter
"Sb-ect.   A^iply ppstibfllcc box ;i'2, Nelsoji; Bi p.    * *
t OST—Ladies Gold  Hunting Case  Watch  on  Tucii-
4-J   diiy,  between  Stanley aild Xiatinidr .streets  aiid,
Lthe'smeltcr._.irona6ilafS?rewai'd. Arthur.Painter. Lati^
hior street, west~of"Staiiloy*
H. D, Ashcroft
Wujon ropaii'hiff proiirptly aUotided to by a flr|tTclatSel
wheelwright. '        . ■
Special attontiou givcii to call kinds of repairing and
iiiistom work froiri dujAIdo* points.
3t]op:   KJa.ll Street, hetweeq Baker and Vernon, Nelson
'H     ill     ?5f-V:V
■»'      "„ "i'R'KsriJENT' "**
■"■" "/g^cRE-ilAB'sr:*   -
All communications relating to British  Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.[0.
605, Nelson, British Columbia
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer
Keeps a full line of
And all other brands of the
Kootenay Cigar Manufectuping Co
of isrE!3i,so3sr, b:o.
* iVP      n   liC        V%^J-&     n n   ufiBn □ yP 1/
*   •' "-^^   fl.B "■■   "-B^  an"D "I.^'b   °°y     Pff n     D°B ^i-yi,PrfIDoBfeon'^la   ■'^B'.nHDn^fcfi0 -
.'■-. "yyy:^yy^;,ynyy4M"'M^,, .^..,, _^__.. .it.....^.^,tfL -....„-,_ .^
"■Bu'j,     00    i- .^    „„ -   ^ _r*:b .   n*.     U     o-    D   n4"' **    „ nd0 0 flO „      -   "       ° %    tS*'     "     O-_ BnaSP    „U*HS''-flS>     ^ ^ n $   -nDnffi"-     5 Jr'diM'* if  JI iDn  S' * at!"
'■^k^^Mi^^^ - -
Liirge' cpinfojtable 'hedrooins "aiid"; flrst-clrts^ diliitig
rooin.   Sajupie, rootiijs for coninierdial'njeii.
' :°"-(R^styyEi& ifea, eejS,-. -j3i'M2zt ■
I;   C.
Late of 'tlio Roj'al! Hptgl! Calgary,
DKAiEltS IN     c
Doors and Sash
fence Posts and Pickets
Office and Store Fittings
FACTOltV tVOUlt pdSK TO OKtoKIt;).
sueit as
Scroll Sowing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes and
General Joinery Work
In bto/ck
Glass of all Sizes and Kinds
Sawmill on Government wharf.
Factory and olllce, corner Hall street aiVd Cl'.R. track
The Imperial Oil Go.   Standard Oil Oo.
Washington Brick arjd Lirqe Co.
The H. W. IVjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Goal (Hard)
Dealers in
Brick ar)d Lime
Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds,
Will deliver in ton lots
Brick $12 per thousand.
At yard or on scows at government Wharf.
The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.
Bakor Street.  -   T. O. PROCTOR, Manager
■s ana mi
The finest hotel in tho interior;
Largo sample ?oqiit.s.   Steam hcaj, and electric light
Madieu Eouse
A largo Stock of first-class dry material on hand, also
a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings,' turned work, etc.
Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street. Nelson
Telephone, 91
John Rae, Agent
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumbor
out to order, aud shipped to NclsonMu: carload;,lotss
Writ* tor prices..::.;.  :,   .
Tho only hotel In ^oli-oli that Jnw remained under oilo
nianagcmoiitKiSico IBIM).
The bed-rooms aro Well furnished and lighted, by
Thq diiii.iig»room is n6t second to aiiy in Kaotcrlrtys
Tlio bar is ahvays slocked by tho best domestic and
Imported liquors and cigars.,
  THOMAS "WADDKN. Proprietor.
Largo and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric bells and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
3. V. PERKS, Proprietor
Revelstoke, B. C.
Complete iBlectiiiiQ Eaufptnoiits ,fbr Electric, Ppw'er Transtalsslbii acjiP4 i»l-?h*tjn'gj'jrb*c^,MlnesifT6*wrns«
.- BlectVic Pliture?, L&mpsi BbI14'^ ,:"■"• T"  „.?•„.•%■
PI O: Box 606j, jtosfjpjiine} Street, *Nfel8on;°!;Bi„0. "   2,
OPEN ©Af AtfD ilt
Vrompt and regular
" 611
delivery lo tlio ttad'ci*
Brewery at Nelson,
Melscm Ipoh Works
.'MiA'Jif-U,l>AO!rUftK»«J OK
Repairs pi-bmptly iittoiidiSd lo,       P. Q>- Boh 173.
Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.
The only restaurant  in   the;
employing only white cooks.
Mercliaiits' lunch  from   t?
o'clock, 25 cjants.    ©jfirier
to 8.    Short orders  at  all
Free buR moots all trains
Hourly street car to Station
Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of
guests arriving and departing by night trains.
Offer fresh roasted eofico of best quality as follows:
Java and Arabian Macha. per pound..... $   10
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds   1 00
Fine Santos, 1 pounds   100
Santos Bland, 5 pounds -.     1 00
Onr Special UIen<r, 0 pounds  .... :...;   I W
Our Rio Roast, (i pounds  —.   1.00
A trial order solicited.
Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   BI00K,   West;
Bakor Stsoot
J. LAING STOCKS, Seeretapy
At ofllce of the Duncan Mines, Untiled.
boai^iIboats! boats:
for sai;k or hirk
Boats built to order.   Repairing and  fltliiiK n spec-
Sails made and rigged-   fislii.HK roils ami tackle
At Government wharf. Nelson.
Notice is hereby given thai an extraordinary general
meeting of lho National Hold and Silver Mining Company, Limited Liability, will be held at the olllee of John
A Turner Ksq , in the Turner & Hoeckh block, corner
of-Ward and Raker streets. Nelson. B.C., on Mon-lay.
tlie 17th day of July. ISlti. at four o'clock in the afternoon, for the puipose uf iiicreasing the number of directors of the company, lilting any v» enney on the board,
caused by any director being unable to act, or ceasing to
be a (|iial'ilied shareholder, and the transaction of such
other business as may be. lawfully brought before it.
J. W. WALDlK.SeercUiry.
■   Dated at Nelson, B..C, this Uth day ot July A.U.. 18SW.
Raker street, betwt'Bii Jbsepiiino.aild
Ball stCOpts, NeliSdii,
FirstelnsB board and rooiii. Todd"n old stand, corner,
Ward and Carbonate StreelS, 111 roar of Fhrgltsh blinrflb. '
Hontcd by steam.   Table board $1, room and Boiird:f5
md■ ,55.50. ..„,»,>-
A eolluetion of lino Relgluin CatVarfes for salo.
J. V. 0%AUGHLI|^r*
The Tangier Mine, Limited. Albert Canyon, on (he
main line of the C P. ft , 22 miles east of Revelstoke, requires six good miners.   Wages $3.50 per day.
(Kx-Sheril!"of South Kootenay! .
Cash advanced on consignments of mcrcltalidlse.
I'ostolllc« Box S72 Nolson, U. C.
assayer and analytical chemist.
Mr. A. U.  Holdich.  .. _  ,	
begs to announce his removal from Nelson to Revejstoke
where his business will be carried on 111 future. fMr.
Iloldich.desii-os to Urn- k his many friends for the kindness they have shown him during the last four ycare.and
hopes that he si ill may bo favored with any assay or
analytical work thoy may require.     *'* . " '»*"
Revelstoke, B.C, July 10th. 1SH9.        _^___
Notice is hereby given that tho partnership heretofore
subsisting between R. M. Macdonald and W. F. Brougham, under the ftrni name of Macilonald and Brougham/
is dissolved'an of tho 30th June, ISIS),
'•fyytyyi '^^r>  ,i? *V n" -��  ��f        ^   ***V  THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JULY  lf>, 1899.  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  The largest drug house in Kootenay.     -Corner of Raker and Josephine street^. Nelson.  Rubber  Goods  The warm season has  commenced  See   Gilker's  assortment   of   Rubber  Goats,  Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,  and all sorts of e'en era 1 wet weather goods.  P. O. Store  J. A. GILKER  lemember the Name  NEELANDS'  I    SHOE  EMPORIUM  Tl will be 'lo your advantage lo see our largo  and complete slock of Uoote and Shoes. "We  carry tlie following lines: 3. &. T. Boll, J.  1). King & Go., North Star Shoe Co., Pools,  Selmlfcz &, Co., Stratford Shoe Co.; Ames, Holden & Co., and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2G AND 28 WEST BAKKR STREET, NKLSON  5   ^��ffisSJi-p^ms;^^  :  1     1 _D_   M^A.BTHUB &   OO. | I  ���" as        ��* ��& ss  "   . ����**          i_ iS 1$  ��-  -m:  f  mmw  m  1g   An Entire Gar of  sis  m  1. K  ���SS,  S5  prings  From George Gale & Son  fi  ��  d  A Large Slaipnieiit of  .as,  m  i  fl  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  ^  I   fix  nvc^-A-jRT^aiTJS & co. |  Grove Hotel  Beer Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  2sTEIl.S02sr  THE   FINEST .PLEASURE ; RESORT: IN   KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEWSJF THE TOWN  Figures From Queer Premises.  It was stated yesterday on the unimpeachable authority of the Minor that  forty-five thousand tons of dynamite  were stored in the niaga/.iiie of the Hamilton Powder Company across the lake.  Tlie printers devil of Tin-: Tiiii:i*NK i.s of  an arithmetical turn of mind, and he litis  made some interesting calculations.  Dynamite is put up in HO-pound boxes,  so that -Iii.OOO Ions of dynamite means  I.SOO.OOO boxes. The storage of this  (|iiantity would take a building 2000 feet,  long, 100 feet high and 10 feet wide to  contain it, not counting passage space, so  the Hamilton .Powder Company i.s to be  congratulated on getting that (|tianti(y  into a building 2Ox I ;*>x 10. The same  mathematician shows tluit it avou Id take  __���"> trains of 10 cars each to transport  ���15,000 tons of dynamite, though one train  about IH miles long would dojustas well.  It may be further noted that, supposing  the dynamite to be manufactured in  .sticks nine inches long, these sticks sot  end to end would roach a distance of  51,MO miles.   NELSON.  The Eureka, claim, on Toad mountain  adjoining the Star, was bonded yesterday  by Johnson __ Co. of Rossland, acting on  behalf of tin English syndicate, from A.  Leiteh and his associates. The consideration could not be learned, but ifc i.s  understood that it is a substantial one.  A cash payment accompanied the closing  of the deal.  "Jack" Nolan, her majesty's custom  house officer at the outporfc of Waneta.,  arrived in Nelson last evening. Jack has  spent the last five years in Waneta Availing for the place, to blossom out into  some sort of a toAvn, but up to the present the yelp of the coyote is the sole  answer to the shriek of the locomotive  whistles.  The Topic of Trout-Lake has been enlarged and is now a, six-column quarto,  printed on good white paper. Trout  Lake is dependent entirely on the mining  industry, and the improved appearance  of the Topic is good evidence that the  mining industry is not at a standstill in  that section of Kootenay.  James Byron and Grace Sebbins, the  Kuskonook couple arrested upon the  charge of having stolen goods in their possession, the property of theestateof Lizzie  Waitc, came before stipendiary magistrate  Crease yesterday. They failed to satisfactorily account foi- having the goods in  their possession nnd consequently the  magistrate sentenced Byron to six months'  imprisonment at liard labor and the  woman to throe months Avith such labor  as she ean perforin.  Should there be no interference by the  minister of justice with the death sentence passed by justice Drake upon murderer Pasto. it is understood that the attorney-general's department will make  arrangements with Kadclill'e tlie ollicial  hangman of Canada to ol'liciafe at Pasto's  execution  from l-loiuier's I'Vrry last   night   I  word   of   the killing  of a   man  "IWII"   Reese    at   Port   Hill    on  day.      Heese    was    killed     by   a  arrived  irought  n-imcd  Th u rs-  police  oflicer named Dciiruni, who endeavored  to arrest him. IJeose resisted arrest  and was shot dead by the constable.  Tenders for the erection of the Burns  liloek must be in the office of A. K. Hodgins, tlie architect, by noon on Friday,  July 25th. The advertisement calling for  tenders appears in another column.  C3  O-  OO  C3  eo  ca  LU  ar  V3  _J  ca  eo  -���fJifrwV  GO  ���i  s*  ca  CO  =c  m  C3  CO  Why aro.vtesoksy at tbe pmsenttime?  Why is our stock more handsome?  Why will it pay yon to see our niw  Big Schooner  Beer or Half  and Half . ....  io Ots.  Always Fresh  Always    Cool  ������ Wecalways have something  new and original.    Always-  attractive, good sellers, and  well displayed. . .  . ., .  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  If You Desire  t Diamonds  Pearls and  Precious  Stories  Remember  Our stock is among Uiq most ex=  tensive, most carefully selected,  and best adapted for purchasers.  Salable selections to suit the  resources  ana   the     reauirements   of   everyone.  Jacob Dover  THE   O-HJ'VT-'EJL'BR  iS*l&a      E. 4. WRAN, Prop,  ��� '��� ������  KOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTEIsrAY BELLE  OIGA1-&   .    _   .   .   .  tJNlQN   MADE  Kootenay dp  NelSpn, KritiKli Columbia..  Kept .by till grows awl fruit .store iTeulors,  Ijiifto Juice Cordial. 1 tasjihei'ry, Str.wherry,  l'lrioniiiile, JifHiiQii, Vtihilto, S;uNUim.rilIa, Chocolate, Coflee, QmiiKc Oi'ilnBO MhOsnliat..  VICTOirlA  VAKCOVVim  J.'jMn'Ko.  AND  {IlA/iLFAVOPm  Soda  Comer Bilker and Wnnl Streets.  For Strawberries  nod other fruits iii season,   l.eflvo  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo  Hazlewood Ico Cream.  ___________  C..->/~v.-i/-.  I   linker Street near Josephine Street, 30 by  $3000  J   120.   a snap.  $T rf^f.  I  Hume Addition, neat cottage, fine garden,  *Ouu  I   lawn, shade ll'ees, witter pjpc lo grounds,  lot Ii0 by 120. also 15 by 120 to rear street.  (!;_-���   I   Latimer Street, choice corner lot 100 by 120  AI'I'f.Y TO OWN Kit  T. G*. PROCTOR  33___3__E3_?i   STEBB!T,.;.i:-;v,  PJ CENTRAL FRUIT ST0I|E  if'rcwh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nolsgn Wine Co.  Telcpliono <Xi. HUHPHttflVS & I^T'I'OCl.  ~ '"   notice"T     "~~ '  In tlio Comity Court: Of Kootenay  holden at Fort Steele. No. 102 of IS9!)  In lilto nuilttsr of John Olson Uisharg, alias John Olson  deceased,  and  In the liintter of tlio "Ollicial AdlnihiMtmtors Act.'  Hated 21th dnjf of June. A, 1). IS!)!)  Upon   reading tho ftlllaiLvils of Alan  Forrester  and  Janics Ferguson Armstrong, it is Ordered that James  Ferguson  Attnslrong,   Ollicial   Administrator for  the  County of Kootenay, shall be administrator of all and  singular the goods, chattels itnd credits of John Olssn  liisliang, alias John Olson, deceased, and that this order  lie published in two consecutive weekly issues of thd  "Tribune,1' a  newspaper  published  at  Nelson,  in  the  County of Kootenay. (Signed)   J. A. FORIN. J.  Creditors and other claimants should tile their claims  with J. F. Armstrong, Ollicial Administrator, Fort Steele,  11. C. '       Notice  of Applieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  AKUNflTO.V AND AKUXtiTON . ItACTION JHNKKAT. CLAIMS,  SI'l'UATK I.V THK NELSO.V MINI.NU DIVISION OK WKST  ICOO'I'KNAX DISTltlOT. WIIElili I,OCATi:i>: Ojf MI.VUHAI.  HIM., HH'I'WKIS.V \V1I!SKK\* AND KKST CKKKIfS, TIM4KIS  MI.I.KS l-'IiOM KlttK, II.O.  Take notice that I. J. Jf. II. Fnirbairn of Kaslo, B.C.,  acting n,s agent for the Hastings British Columbia Kx-  nornllon & Ucvelopmcnt Company, free minor's certillc-  ate No. :i2sWa intend, sixty days from the dato hereof, to  apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  of the aboveclaini And further lake notico that action,  under section 37, mtist be commenced before tho issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  J. M. It. FAIIUiAHlN.  . JIatnd this IIth diiyof i\lay,���18S)il.   :;y-\ ..'..:'.....,.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton.-Ml Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass'  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE;   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  o  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  NELSON,   B. O.  ENOUGH  SAID  44-Piece Cermah China Tea Set  $4  &  PIC-NICERS,  fXCURSIONISTS  AND  DAMPERS  Wo havo everytln'liK yon requirg for tlio clitirig.  CORNED, BOTTLED, AND PRESERVED  P0RE GOLD JELLY IN ALL FLAVORS  SKK OUR LIST NK.V. WKBK  Gene*. al Groeer��s  NELSON, B. C.  M. DesBrisay & Co.  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the njanufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVINO <S_ COMPANY  Bilker Street West, Nelson, 11. C, . ,'  Str^achain  1  5;V:;;PL*D:M��|!pS3;ETC;,;::;  'lOPEEA .HOXTSEi BLOCK  .#���-


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