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 SHAMROCK DEFEATS BRITANNIA  In a Good Racing Breeze.  Southampton, July 18.��� There was  much excitement in the Solent today  over the Britannia-Shamrock race. From  early morning crowds watched the preparations on board both yachts while the  whole fleet from Southampton. Cowes  and other points made for Hyde. Long  before the start crowds of fashionable  visitors arrived. The Shamrock was  towed from Southampton, the Erin following with sir Thomas Lipton, and a  distinguished company. Tho prince of  Wales arrived at Southampton at eleven  o'clock, wearing a yachting suit, and immediately embarked ou board the admiralty yacht Fire Queen. The yachts  started punctually at twelve o'clock,  with a. fresh southwest breeze blowing.  As   the   starting     gun    boomed,   the  Hritannin almost immediately crossed the  line,    the    Shamrock    following.      Tlie  Britannia did not long main lain   the advantage.    It was a  dead   beat   to   windward, 'and  little  distance  was  covered  before the Shamrock,  which  started oii  the short leg to port had overhauled her,  and on the  following  long  leg  to  starboard,    the    Shamrock    forged    ahead  rapidly.    It'was at once noticed that she  wassailing nearly  half a  point  nearer  the wind than the Britannia.  The Shamrock was carrying her mainsail jib-headed  topsail and jib foresail.    The Britannia  carried     the     same     canvas      but    in  addition       had       her       club      topsail.  The  Shamrock  was  half a  mile  ahead  when passing Warner.    Hogarth was. at  the  helm  of  the challenger.    The  boat  held up admirably, and there  was not a  drop of water on her deck.    She  proved  extremely quick in  putting  about, only  taking  10i  seconds.    Ou   rounding   the  ISTab lightship both yachts set their spinnakers for the run back.    Tlie  only mishap of the day was that when the Shamrock's sail began to /ill the top caught in  the crosstrees.    The huge canvas flopped  flat and then suddenly burst  like  a balloon, and a big rent became visible iu the  upper part where a long  strip c.had been  torn out.    The Shamrock's speed  naturally  suffered  somewhat from this  accident.    Both boats soon set their topsails,  and when tliey jibed to port, near Ryde  they were traveling at such  a  rate that  the press  boat,  going at a speed  of  11  knots, was unable to keep pace with the  Shamrock,  though  the  wind  had lightened considerably.  The Britannia appeared to be holding  ire.fel-e;d4^  UTl��  WEDNESDAY MORNING, JULY ]��,   189...  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  better, and could evidently have done  the distance in much shorter time if she  had been put upon her mettle. The  Shamrock is decidedly the fastest boat  ever launched in these waters. No other  craft over gave the Britannia such a  be i ting on a fair sailing trial.  There was considerable inniio'iivringof  tlie ync.iits before the start, and the opinion was freely expressed that the Shamrock did not appear to be so well handled as the Britannia, wliich was in the  hands of the veteran Carter, who skippered her sii-.-ccssfully against the Vigilant in I SOI. Tlie Britannia was sailed  beautifully and excited general admiration among the immense crowds of fashionable persons who witnessed the return  of the boats.  CIVILIZING  OF   THE   FILIPINOS  Good Progress Made.  -Washington, July IS.���The state department yesterday received from the  Philippine commission-an important dispatch conveying the news that by the  co-operation of the military with the  commission, municipal governments have  been established in several important  towns in the provinces of Manila and  Gavite. These are Avorking admirably,  and one good effect of them is that considerable numbers of insurgents are constantly deserting and. coming in, and  some of them with arms. The system  will soon be extended to other towns  Avhieh are asking for it. Continued success in this direction "will mark the beginning of tlie end.  Dispatches from Dr. Schurmer on his  return from his trip through the southern  part of the islands were of the same purport. A disposition to accept American  sovereignty and to welcome the United  States troops "was everywhere manifested.  The report of general Otis of June 26th,  referred to by commissioner Denby in  the above dispatch stated that as a con-  sequeue'e of the rainy season little island  campaigning was now possible in  Luzon.  ^p^efe^  I "folxiiftsiol&i l^tli^fni^h^kpi^'^^^^^  '��� "*dti%hd ifxe. li r<_odii^i Si"|b-:|)ie����slejj51 buoy*.-  ���CiU &oy -ikihg" aroundthey.fcettelietl "back".  ,-; fiuJ4)ting, -./itlX^^shorti; tsrt,ek Jo; imtke. $hP2(  ���" iwhie jjiarli" ��� "l-Sxp^ ,  ���tlie^hain;i;0cfc >^Wl.be,ii>J-e'toj give tt/good  .. iltccouilfeof herself iii tile contest "for ���tjlre".  "-AntpVica's. cHffi     '    :.../-:-���'. y "'"���   2   '", , ,',  ""y""Tix'.e^��'SlWwp$kp"hpd   ilie-2 heki- of the;  . Start, ^iton the -ijf.t%tftekrtheBritannia.  got tlie *\veatlM^ \Stvilif.^Oloser   to   th��  wiild. vSrvrd than the Sdfit&uuia the Shajit-  reek gaptP the: Ay/injdwatd. and. was tliree  ���'.cjliiti'ters of a mile ahead .Within half .ah  hojil? afler the stark'  Tlie Shamrock rounded ' Nab lightship  at: l.Qj):2a and the Britannia at LOG.gO.,  TheShanvroek passed R-yde pier at i.5%30  andf-the Britannia at ;2..G3.20," Tlte Sharif  rock won easily finishing at. 3.40.00.  Jt was tlie opinion of those closely  watehing the race on the steamer, following the yachts that the Sfli.amrit._k was  ^uever-jrushed^to���her^titn-iost^in^today's'  trial, and that Mr. Fife, the designer of  the yacht, who practically entered the  contest oil behalf of sir Thomas Lipton  merely desired to ascertain whether the  Shamrock could show the Britannia 'a  clean pair of heels. He had no desire,  however, to let everyone into the secret  of tlie actual speed of tlie challenge-. A  confirmation of the foregoing opinion is  found in tlie fact tliat while tlie Britannia carried every possible stitch of  GapA-as, the Shamrock was running before the wind from Nab lightship to the  Solent bank buoy, and only had her jib  headed with the topsail instead of the  club-topsail like the Britannia, and on  the broad reach home from Solent buoy,  the Shamrock lowered her big topsail  whieh woiilcl have been of material  assistance had her skippers really wished  to show her at her best. Mr. Fife and  'Mr. James were on board the Shamrock  but sir Thomas Lipton followed ou the  boat the Erin, which with a lew yacht-  and one solitary, but crowded, excursion  steamer, escorted the racers round the  course.  The fresh breeze that was blowing at  the start fell somewhat, but revived  sufficiently to bring the racers home at a  good pace, and proved an excellent wind  from a racing point of view, as it enabled  tlie cracks to be tested as to their points,  namely, beating to windward, running  and reaching. The Shamrock showed to  best advantage in beating to windward,  and gained six. minutes on Britannia in  the eight miles beat to the Nab lightship  from the start, although beating is considered one of the Britannia's strong  points. Ou the run back to Cowes the  Shamrock's gain was less perceptible,  considering the distance���about fifteen  miles ���but the 'Shamrock did, not set her  club topsail, and so did.not do her best..  Oh. the  reach   home, the  Shamrock  did ,  THE TOWNS ANEMTHE DISTRICT  Pushing the Road.  The contractors of the Kaslo and Lardo-  Duncan railway are by no means allowing the grass to grow under their feet as  far as construction is concerned. G. A.  Carlson who has the contract for building the first lo miles of the road is getting in additional supplies Avith a view  to increasing the force of men employed  by r.00. He has three construction  camps, a big one near Argenta, a smaller  oue about half way between Argenta and  Duncan City, and a third at Duncan City.  The right of way has been slashed from  Argenta to the outlet of Howser lake  Avhere the railway bridge will cross Duncan river. Both lines pass through*,  Duncan City, and the Kaslo and .Lardo-  Duncan road have their right of way  graded through the townsite. A survey  party is now out ou the east side of Howser lake locating a line through the  upper Duncan.  KASLO.  E. Stephenson and Neil McKay, license  commissioners for the Ainsworth licensing district, met at Kaslo at 8 o'clock ou  Tuesday evening for the purpose of considering applications for liquor licenses.  There were three successful applicants,  Chain e & Stubbs of Duncan City, W. H.  Bell of Argenta aud Swan Peterson of  Argenta. The applications of H. A. Macdonald of Lardeau and Alex. Cummings  of Duncan City Avere laid over until they  had erected buildings satisfactory to the  inspector.  Kaslo has a firm of city solicitors, but  it has been obliged to send outside the  city for legal services. This difficulty  came up in the proceedings against  Messrs. Dedorif and AVheltarns, who are  charged Avith being mixed up in the escape of a prisoner from the city lockup.  The case came before police magistrate:  Carney, Avho avus not content with the  manner inwhicli the city solicitors han-:  dled it. ; He said as much, and the solici-  torsieft the couivt.iii, a .huff. * .'.Tlte*iuagis���-.  tf ate*then��� ad*) oiirned*-the>case*y and,- -M-s -lay  ^^^W)^i^i^^''^^r^^i0Si%^  ���tffaslo.tfpH*-^  KOOTENAY MINES AND SMELTERS  !l.i'Qh\iJrb;**i^  -Th^re are scattered, forces" in Php !JS%i1d'%  rOf2frginyfO t'p",5t}()2-In "���o.th,er*���;pprti|$liS,..'np]'|;  Lu^on: ? -$n��\Ga-v_t6; and the Bataiigas"  pijmajices, they cotild pOsslbl-y '���Xssenibie,  j��i^']naiiyEiiS 2000."  The .insurgents are demora]ized,���fr;omu  recent .defeats. The, most of the people  "aire: terrorized" byytlxp insurgent soldiei'S,  :aud:��desi^;& peace- aiijd American" - pn;0t:ee>  ti0h." Thhefeha�� been hoteeent bi.irfiii.vgr  b^-tOAAtn^. The trade Avitli p^rts- itot-in,  Our possession-, the former source of iii-  stifgeiit i-eAfehueS,-.��is now interdicted.  General Qtis dbubted; the Avisdojii qf this  policy;, as people in thofee Ports are uoav  AVitlloiit supplies txxxd mSrehaJits s.ui"fei_i_g  losses. The courts ai'e iu successful Oper-  jitjon under tlie diTectioil of abl.e���Eilf_  pinos. Affairs in the O-fcher isiattcls are  Lconipivratiyely quiet, awaiting results in  Luzon.   Ball (James Yesterday;  Toronto 7, Spriugfield 0.  =Syracvise-0,=Worcester-8?  yfyy^y-^���2i\��]:��it^%^^JM^k^y;��. -^^>'"�� }sV^"����i  " *[ ^pfe'gMit "'tqpjB^ot-f'ebn^-e^Sj^  jtiSt ���M%av is" tlid ,d"estihaf.t6n" '6j?\$$e����sv$gOii#  road f j:om the Y-lloAA?stoh.e' jiiiiie- ���"���"II'A*gasj  arAya;yS"ta)ke)i ris a��iii|itte,r; of' course 'tliii.t.  It Avould come to S^.lijio, hup r.^ehtiy the  "people of Ej;je ha^'e ]?Je��i"agitatliig to get  iLt   tlijere,   and," $hg$ ��� have   offered   the.  iYelfowgtoiie,   do_apa'|vy  �� $ij)W " towards  Will Eeorganize.  At a meeting ofthe stockholders of the  stockholders of tho  Rambler  ifc  Cariboo  Consolidated   Gold   and    Silver   Mining  Company held iu Spokane last Saturday  it was decided to disincorporate the present Washington company and   to organize under the laws of British  Columbia  as the Rambler-Cariboo Mines, Limited.  The meeting was largely attended, about  ,72r),()()0 shares being represented in j-.er.soii  laud by, proxy.     Tlie   j.lan   for  changing  the company  from  a  Washington   to a  British Columbia eo'rj.oration, as already  outlined by the trustees, Avas almost unanimously agreed to.    The trustees Avere  authorized to transfer the mining claims,  machinery aud all other j.rojjerty of the  -..present-  comjjauy   to    AVilliain    Hastie  Adams   of   Kaslo,  the  manager  of  the  company, to be  in  turn  transferred  to  the Rambler-Cariboo  Mines,  Limited,  a  new eoinjiany to be organized Avith head  ofiice at Kaslo.    The neAV comj_any Avill  have a caj. ital stock of $1,250,000 divided  into  1,250,000  shares  of $1   each.     One  million shares of this stock Avill be exchanged   for   the    jiresent   certificates,  Avhile the remaining 250,000 shares Avill  be placed in the treasury.    Tlie new company aviII haA-e seA'en trustees instead of  the jjreseut five.    The neAV members  of  the board will j*>robably  be  Avell knoAvn  Toronto mining men.    The present directors, Avho AA*i 11 jirobably continue to hold  office under the reorganization, arc:    3.  B. McArthur, Rossland, jjresident; J. J.  Huinj)hrey,  Sj.okane,  Ariee-j_re.sident; A.  F.    McClaine,   Tacoma,   secretary   and  treasurer,  and  William   Hastie Adams,  general manager.  Moyie Mines and Mills,  lloyie Leader.  : The frame Avork for tlie, first story of  the St. Eugene concentrator was raised  this Aveek, and carj.enters, are iioav at  work boarding it in. The building is being pushed to comjiletion Avith all jjossi-  ble sjieed.   The '--clearing of'; the" right of   " "   "        $fr.:Bel:]5.;  d'Ahnena drew a lamentable j.icturo of  the sulTering of the prisoners, which  caused frequent outbursts of sobbing  from the women. ,: Count D'Ahnena  blamed the American authorities and the  Spanish government for the fate of these  unhappy men. Senor Silvela in defending the government, said that although  the United States had at first placed  objections in the Avay they were now Endeavoring to assist in obtaining the liberation of prisoners. For the sake of  prudence, aiid in order not to hamper  the negotiations now in progress, the  j.reniier declined to say anything regarding the steps being taken to accomplish  that end.  ;th(***'"|flu*m|yfe -v^g-^njdl. r:. ^wipy  Rochester 8, Providence 0,  Rochester 5, Providence 1.  New York G, Chicago 7.  St, Louis 9, Boston 3.  Pittsburg 8, Brooklyn 2.  Washington &,, CleA^eland 5.  AVashington 11, ClcA^elaud 4.  Baltimore 5, Cincinnati 7.  Louisville 8, Philadelphia <1,  Indianapolis 5, R_i.m-iSi.-s- City _..  Gi-rtnd Jlapids 10, Minneapolis 7.  Detroit 8, Milwiviikee 22.  bnikfing.thea-oadif|"tliey;^ill only *coi,.tes  Ihtp, l-i'ierthOft'gl." it" ��i��s "ttnclfeVitobd tha*f>  no cash lifts beeii fpiit itp;.- The niaimge-  aflent of the yelloAvstbi-e haA.e Avritten  the Sali.nO people asking AA'hat indtuje-'  ments they Avill offer for the wagon- rpad,  ahd a jneetihg of the ei.izei.g is to be held  to discuss tlie inSCtter; The jieople of  SalniO are fairly Confident that they Avill  get the road after all, a Avagon road to  Erie would- be three miles 1 oiiver than tile  SainK) l'.oad, aild ail expensiAre bridge  AA-ould have to be built OA'er the SalinOii  river. The river is already bridged: at  Salino, where there is a substantial sbi-'uc-  ture erected by the late gOA-ernment at a  Costroir$l:000. ~   Maccabees in I'ldurishing Condition.  PoilT HOJtON, .luly IS.���The eighth biennial revicAv of the ��uj_rem.e tent of the  Knights ofthe Maccabees opeiled today  with 85 delegates in attendance, representing nearly every state in the union  as well as the Canadian provinces. The  report of suj.renie commander Markey  sIioavs a net increase in the niembershij)  during the biennial period of 43,485. The  increase in membershij. in the entire order, which includes the sujjreme tent,  great camp- and the ladies' organization,  during the biennial jDeriod Avas 98,058.  The membershijD of the supVenie tent at  jn-esent is I8,B3l. The financial statement shows a Siirj3lus on hand of  $403,038.   Big Federation Refuses Aid.  Chicago, July IS.���The efforts of tho  AVesteru Federation of Miners to have a  national labor convention held in Chicago  today to j.rotest against the course of  general Merriam, U. S. A., during tho  Coeur d'Alene strikes in Idaho have evidently j. roved futile, because Of the dis-.  inclination of the American Federation  of Labor and other big labor bodies to  co-ojierate in the movement. The local  labor leaders claimed, today to. know" little concerning the proposed' convention  excejit that it has failedto materialize.   .  Tlie saAV mill inachiuery recently purchased by the YelloAvstone at Frank  Lavin's mortgage sale is uoav being  jjaCked uj> to the mine. The mill AvilJ be  put up again near tlie juudtion of Wolf  and Sheej. creeks.  Changed Owners.  The Rossland, AVater & Liglit Coiniiauy,  the stock in Avhieh is owned by Patrick  Clai'k, John A. Finch,: A. B. Campbell,  "W. S. Norman and R. K.-, Neili, all of Spokane, Jind Harold Whit�� and C, AV. Bender of Wallace, Idalio, has sold its entire  holdings to the Bonnington Falls Power  Company for $80,000, or $3000 less than  the price they asked from the City of  Rossland. Tlie power company has already sold' the Avater system to the city  foi.' $40000, and have an asset (the electric light jllatit) remaining Avhieh will not  cost any large sum to extend, while extensions to the Avater syetem will cost a  large sum. Rossland got buncoed on tlie  deal. ������   Big Tire in Quebec City.  Qu__!__.c, July 18.���A fire, which broke  out in the St. Rochs suburb of Quebec at  three o'clock this afternoon, destroyed  sixty-five houses, entailing a j.roj.erty  loss of about $100,000 Avith insurance of  about half that amount. A strong northeast wind was bloAving, and there .vas a  break in. the water main. The old ser-.  vice jiipes Avere found to be quite inadequate and assistance was summoned  from the citadel. A detachment of the  Royal Canadian Artillery rendered good  service jnilling doAvn houses in the path  of the flames. It Avas seven (.'clock before tlie fire was under, control. Three,  blocks were burned. Most of the houses  destroyed":Avere small Avoodon buildings,  and over a hundred-families were rendered homeless: .     '���''-. y ., .' /_  ^Vloy^^liiglve^k^ ^;��nea^;a^c'orad'^)ei  s|0S-��d - ih\--j3iiiiaffld" fo** ^i^'oljCf"���^S.jl  ".shares, and the: shares'-are" if^ing .sd'ld lit  pa* A'alue,    live property \vjll  hxs xfoflt-  'ihg��yytth'nvsi$.'tfrd:.iiyl.   '-"'.   .*���������"���  �� 'More Miners; Put oil M: the Wakeflerd.   .  .��� SffivigRto*;., jTuly lS��^TPdiiiy ��.!. more  pUifd^rgroxxxitl xxipii "went ho S^Orfe'.a.^ke  Walceiiefd 'inili.e.., The-^VCMjIt:8"b&iifg dpixe  is ,u"iid._i/ contract,, "*to 'avdid. A\?itlMra"i*\.a!  by the inaui.gen.eut from the Mine  QyvjiePs* Di\.SBociation." Tlie Kb.i-.l-iday is  stitl|3utting .oh inoifi. nreii. Forty toits  of "Noonday ore are lying o;u tlie Avharf.  liei'e.aAA'.aiting shijiMent. Tills -"hakes 2Q0  tons brOiight (jloAvn froin, that liiilic  Av��thiii a nionth:.  CONCENTRATES.  Ferine Free Press: "Since our last  issue avo learn that in order to meet the  competition of Eernie coke hi Montana,  Amerit-an makers in the East have redite%  =ed^their���pi'icer(Mid=i-i^Jessrfigiire=TS=being*  offered for the former in consequence.  It is more than ever clear tliat in order  to contest this market cheaper transportation, aiid the abolition of transfer, is  indisj.en.sab le.'"   The Last Chance mine on Toad mountain is about to start up 'ftgain. li.  AVi'lsoij- was up tliere yestei'day and  Found tliat there was a good deal of  water in the shafts which will lui^o to bo  pumped, out before in in ing can" be i,(.��  sumed, Tliis will be done at once, anil  then a force of men will lie put to work.  ��� Lumber for the Noonday ruin, at Silverton is* being delivered from Jfill Ilros.'  inill at the head of Slocan lake.  FICHTINGTHE FIRE LIMITS BYLAW  In the Police Court.    .  The Avhole of yesterday morning Avas  taken nji in the hearing of the evidence  ��� in the case of the prosecution of E. C.  Traves for violating the fire limits bylaw.  At two o'clock S. S. Taylor rose to speak  for the defence, and his argument lasted  all the afternoon. He made a strong attack on the A-alidity of the bylaw, adducing numerous arguments tending to  show that the bylaAV aviisi ultra Arires in  essential particulars. He objected first  that the bylaw in question was not under  the seal of the corjjoration nor was it  signed by the mayor and city clerk as  jjrovided by the municij.al act. He also  objected to the bylaAv on the ground  that the clause recently inserted  jiermitting buildings to be temjiorarily  moved from one portion of the fire limits  to another constituted fresh legislation,  and the bylaAV as amended should have  been read three times and reconsidered.  This Avas not done, and. consequently, he  contended, the byhvw Avas null and void.  ���He further argued that the city had no  power to constitute lire limits at nil, as  such jioAvers could not be inferred from  general Avords in the charter. He considered the bylaw ultra A-ires because it delegated jJOAvers to the fire chief that had not  "eo^^'#^^%fMfipjf^  ;- j eetecf .id Jjie :ela'use ebwf e|a'ingyd,i��^c.r-etiO-ii---*"  ,ai!*y"*ife]inf*s, As to-"per*mrfi��..5& ^idd;it|:onfe''450;  hp-. bilil.t -on ,>\*^%len ' ��� �� ^i*uild%g;C  and " "alsO- to. the- elaugfe" vvhfc"ii'  , ip'rhiitteci-Pi BuVas.i. "Co. to utdve' ''dreir'  '���pa idkling,,. -ai.v'i",$u^g'e'3tnfid tlSat/the.-ppujieil',  \hadvSJ_pYf"j)' faT\��oi.i4mni��� . ^lii-S.^HiVp'kect-a.  troubled wa"teis.v He��1ti!gunedi-.tsbe poiiiXdi-  had no^pOAver -t'o p-iijl tpruvotf' IsnlJdii'ig ,  d:(.w|i,��|>jf i'ggolutioii, as .a., special byhtAv  Would"be tn.e_de4 and, also" dbjected." to-  -lie maciiiU'eiy provided' 'I'Ob-onfoi'cl'og fho  byhtAv oii tlie ground tliat it exeeeded  and coh'licte.d with tliat already pjt'O^  vided iii tlie nniuieipal act,. These and  several, othei. pDihts Afere ^adduced by  Air. Taylor aiid supported by copious  citations of autl'ioriuieSi AV. A'. Galiilier  Avill reply.for the City this niorriijig at  10 o'clock.  Will Hush Up the Scandal.  Paris, July IS.���It is uoav stated that  the present cabinet in the event of the  acquittal of Dreyfus .at Rennes. which is  regarded as almost a certainty, will try  to hush up the .vhole scandal, This is  considered, in political circles to be the  A'ital question Avith which, ['"'ranee will be  confronted as soon as the court martial  at Rennes has pronounced its judgment,  in Sjiite of the Aveight of the authority  of M. Ribot and ofthe influential republican jiajiers like the Temps and the De-  bats, j.eoj.lo are beginning to ask whether  such a j.olicy of "hushing -up" and of  shielding tliose who are responsible for  the terrible consjiiracy against an innocent man avou Id not destroy confidence  in the republic.  Spanish Women Sob in the Senate. .  Madhid,. July ,18.���A scene occurred in  the senate today. Several delegations of  women having, relatives among the Spanish prisoiu'i'.s.in the hands of Lhe Pilipinos,  sought an audience" with .senor . Sil vela,  Che.preniier, who had been"' com luc ted, -to'  the galleries of the'.senate:,'   where .count  More Gold From the Klondike.  A^.xcoi. ve.., July IS.���Tlie steamer  GareiMie, from St. Michaels, -mlA-ed this  evening at 7:3-0. Purser S]3t1agfif. says  tliere is $3,000,000 aboard, of which  $1,000,000 belongs to the Canadiaii 'Bank  of Cohi.nerce. G. S. Lippy and ux-  gOA^ernOi' 3. H- McGraAv wei'o Miiloiig the  350 passengers. IveiniCtli Sten*ai't and  :otj, cxiLielueiiced minor,.-.'  never nfiw...anything' ..in..  Aiistraiia ol-"California to eqlial in rich-  n.ee'S l-ldorrtdo and Bonan5.a. d'ceks.  The mt.nagt-1- of tlie Dawson branch of  a, Victoriia fir,ms Writing fi'mn tliat eity,  says: " From reltaliki sourci-s We have  learned' that tiie steamships Uoaiiok.'.'-.nd  (iaroiun. Avill lu-tiig from St. Michaels to  Seattle and Sail Pranoisco $(.,.R)0,'O0.J or ft  little more.  IT IS NOW HORSE AND HORSE  Next Throw Decides Who Wins.  At a special nieeting of the South  Kootenay Board of Trade Avhieh was held  yesterday afternoon, the action taken at  the former nieeting, in Avithdrawing the  eight-hour question from discussion by  the board's delegates, Avas reversed. The  effect of this will be that the men avIio  represent the South Kootenay Board of  Trade at the Rossland conference will be  able to discuss the eight-hour question  and any other question Avhicli may come  up.  yesterday's meeting was larger than  that of Monday last. It Avas attended  by 31 members which was just tAvelve  more than attended the former nieeting.  Frank Fletcher was voted to the chair  and he jiroceeded to say that the meeting  was a special one, called by the president,  to reconsider the action taken by the  board at Monday evehing's.meetiug.  John Houston raised a j.oint  of order  ���that the procedure to reconsider was   irregular.    It was admitted that tlie  pre-       2  tent  meeting   was  called  for    no other ,  reason  than   to   reconsider   the   action    -  taken at a former meeting.    Such being '..  the  case  he  would   like  to   knoAV Avho >  called, the meeting; also Avhether  at  the ;.,  last meeting any motion  Avas  made to *  reconsider the board's former action, and 2  if so did the member avIio moved for  tlie l J  reconsideration Arote iii favor of the  mo- -  tion it Avas desired to reconsider.   This  was required by parliamentary procedure *  and if it could not be sIioavii that it had       ,,?  been done the j.resent meeting  AA*as  irregularly  moving  in   the  matter  of re-   ,'-:(y  consideration.  The chairman ruled that the  meeting  AA'as regular.    He  added  that  a special,  meeting of the board  could be called to  discuss any giAren question. :    ;  The   minutes  of the former  meeting.     ;    ;  were  then   read  and adbj.ted  and   the    ,     ;  next  order  was business ^arising out of  the minutes. ;; '" -���/r  A. E. Hodgins then introduced  a reso-     ��  ;.  lution to  the  effect, that  the  delegates i  appointed by the board to represent it at -('y-y  the Rossland conference, should liaye : : ���  poAver to bring up for discussion aud vote ; i:.  uj)on any subject under consideration in (������_���(*'2'(  such a way as they consider to be in the . iO  best interests of the district, aud that ^-::  any resolution passed at the last meeting :,yy:yy  of the board Avhieh conflicted with such :���-?'.  authority should'be thereby rescinded. *���;%:yy(y;  A. 11. Kelly seconded the motion, '-.y-' :'2:.yyy  ,.-'���'������ J^hii. A,���Tur,i*ier tipdk; _i  point. Of order; u^fl*  Wmtt^^p^i^U^^^M^M^^  }pe-^ifi2^^^iMify)fi^^^'i\ p i^|re^:--."j^^|p|p.. v  !^*U>"LBdAa-6lji*|^o1is^o^  Ja-n.es  SlePhei'.-  both. say .tliey  Six Years for Misappropriation.  Ni'.w York, .July IS.-O00. M. 'Valentine, cashier of the Middlesex County  bank at Port li Amboy, New .Jersey, was  sentenced in, M'iddlesox t.mi'nty court today to six years in the _vew ,h:xsey state  prison at Trenton, lie pleaded guilty fco  tlie charge of larceny in connection witli  the misappropriation of about $200,000  from the Middlesex County bank. The  full amount of the defalcation has not  been ascertained, but it is understood  that it exceeds $208,000.  May. Evidently Poisoned  Herself..  Stony Mountain, Manitoba, .July IS.���  Miss May Smith, about twenty years of  age, daughter of John Smith of Fiohl-  h.ead farm, left home -about: noon yes--  t.cnliiy. and did not-return... A searching  party turned out last night and searched  until about'noon today, .when tliey found.  her body in. a.milk house on an adjoining  farm.;. A- bottle -susj.osed to. contain  poison,-partly full, Avas beside her.  iieeftihg ��� b"f Mxbp"mpx0pmrkS^JsdffimiMlIm  .tfoiiJS&'iij. ii-iy 'ifriutl"%jlie^]i(!r^i^^lt^  tniii-bi'ou^ht-f^r^rai^ " "  in .order Q;rr nobs ' '^biv.e^iT,iUX^��^CWin*^^4:  sides-'it a-dv'Milsfe to- irnleifb'ut" ^r"oi''d.#5"";.:  t John Hoiiaoll.O;kk^"^i5l.^il:!li%  if-he con-side;red<_h'itVpa.^  cedxtm should, be !al>plie(^:to:1\i^"���^s?:^J;  resolutions: oh dt'pnday ,nnj-ght3 '���h-fe^id'^^;^  ���eon si dor complianc'e^ .ii(?_es$^r^.���^!!^ii^^f!  jwesefit meetingi '^fe'sad-tfld" ti.a|f e'Vjeiv"y:"^  presidents of boards ;of 'teacle shoiiVT-'eiir^ ^ ;*;  deavpr to be coiisisteutr., n ��       '/;m-  John A. Turner then ,rai".Qd a second. '��-y  poipt tliat it Wal  hot jn   Oi-der  for ttiixx �� -n  JA'_:aii_d_t._o_discmsaapol.iticid_o;:uestious._.^S^^^^  pivictice was mnti'tM-y to1 tlie  byhtWs .of  the board'.    The only objection Which he  had   to  tlie  discussion   of the   q'U-stiOHS  Avas that they were essentiiilly poiitif-jai  questions.  The .'lullrnian replied- that he cousid*-  fired the discussion of such questioiis  <|iiitc rcgulai'.  This ended the matter, as thos.0. AV'ho  .v��ci>e opposed to tlie. consideration of the  (|iii"st.ions con tonte'd theUiSelycs Avi'th ob'  jecfi'-ng'ttr vvbai. tliey termed, the in-efu.-  lal'ity of tho lioard's procediU'e.  motion moved.by Mi", llodgin-s was.  put and carried witlioiifc a clivision. The  board .lieu adjourned.  Those present at thp nieeting wuT-e J.  ttoderick IJobcrtson, VV, A. Macdomihl,,  F, W. Swaiuiell, Joliu Houston, A. J.  Marks, X. A. MacLeod. 11. (,i. Xeeland.-.,  [���'rank Fletcher, Charlu-". Ilillyi.r, Hobert  Na mil ton, Prank Gibbs, A. I J. Kelly, G.  V. Holt. A. I_. Hodgins, l)r. Arthur. J. A,  Turner. J. A. Gilker, Thomas Madden. 3.  J. Campbell, H. B. Thornson, AV, A.  .Jowett,T. .). Duncan, P. Lamont, O. NeAv-  liiig. A. G. Gamble. George Kydd, IL R.  Bellamy, Thomas Morley, J. M. Lay, A.  Byer.*., K. A. Rei.nrj._k, J. R, Rowlej-, F.  AV. lJeters and A.. H. Sherwood.  The  th-cii  A Dominion Minister Dead.  'Vai;i���i.m...i.i., July IS.���.Hon. G. A. Geof-  frioii, ininister without portfolio in premier Laurier's cabinet, died at Ids residence at Dorion at 2:15 this morning.  The Metal Market.  Xi:w York, July IS.���Bar silver (iO^-c.  Mexican dollars  Wc.    Silver  certificates  (i0  and  (Vic.     Copper  firm,  lead  quiet;  broker's $L3r., exchange $_.00@$_.(.5.  Nicolet's Member 111.  Montkkai., July 18.���Mr.  Leduc,  M.P.  for Nicolet, is seriously ill, and it is feared  he will not recover. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON   B. C.   WEDNESDAY, JULY  li>,   1899.  B  B  We Never Tire  B  B Of giving bargains, and we intend keeping at it until  B every yard of summer goods is cleaned out. We need  B the room for fall goods, and to secure it we are cutting  prices regardless of cost.  B  B  B  READ   THE   FOLLOWING.  White Bleached Muslin  5 Cts.  20 cent bleached muslin  15 "  121-2 cent Dimity  8 "  20 cent Dimity  15 "  25 cent Organdies  18 "  30 cent Organdies ,   .      .      . 20 "  35 cent Organdies  25 "  50 cent Organdies  35 "  60 cent Organdies            .      .  40 "  65 cent Organdies  45 "  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  'UDSON'S- BAY  COMPANY.  v %    ^1      **fe  ;va fr-v"!**** /rrr. .____*__i  .��.���___ _-^_t__  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,   NELSON.  TJSDE-irvtS   CASH  ffik  M  INCORPORATED 1670.  WE  _A.R_Ej  THE  PEOPLE  Who sell "Lily Cream." We do not  claim it is better than all other brands,  but only ask a fair trial to convince  you that it is the equal of any.  TRY  A   ,  SAMPLE  CAN  C L___G_A_._R,i:_Sr G-  __c_____LjjE__j  DRY GOODS GENTS' MILLINERY  AND SHOES    FURNISHINGS FURNISHINGS  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Daily Edition  JTibst Year, No 107  Weekly Edition   Sbykntii Ykak, No. :._  At a meeting of the board ol trade, at  which' twenty-two members were in  attendance,, it was decided by a two to  one vote that the eight-hour law, beiiig  apolitical question, should, not be discussed at the eon ven tion of boards of  trade to be held next month at .Rossland.  ai'lff'  ���>MM>"iSvo$^  ��  AS    a��."      "   2$       n��  0,mD   nPt    _ D��       *    nD   _     2^��    "   __��nP..r.     ^_        ��� _   ' .  0?   "-Plh       P.n��3,n   ���.  �� 5 "Ji1---ft  ��� DV.MJ  I iy-y - y p  y!mmifMm^v,o^  .jjthe��ffiei:ilbte|'js>A^eiie :tiiii,d:-yotin:g,.;'?'  Sa^si^l-fifop&>!i_ -ye^tfi^ist'jSs* iMfph) \m  ^.exbressigii? ;Iof"^olll!n.i'Gn;' of --the^ VjP&J&k dl;  ^^e.it_ktl]f4^iefc ..liift.ith^ .f_eaj|nl'y�� pf"  yth^(hp(af^ -tdypaty icji. the"'  f^^^^plr^Klprk^aw^y h^x-kyiasi "syh%y.  r'ii^^:,J::':'; .;���::'''������' y:Z.-7y : ?v ��� '��� ''��''  "^' ^%���Sj^i -ilki^siMSi:. ��.-BBt��i^i *_3cj1*i.ai-  '""b)',a"llfifedes"Jisre udw afeud" to*\vear ihbif  . af'*swAllQj\-jtailed cejife lest they be Inis-  ."-.'-.(-alc^rC^ dress stilts wh'o  ='-. A*ei-e"s:Q tftd'aYei^bly nientioned by th;atj  (.-" ffl'niee p�� after-dinner spci*diei,s, the  ; ^.lioiii. JoseiiU Martin.'"  * A-dv-CI_s from the Sloean tit'e tlrat the  "ibihteg eoiypaiiies are one by One breaking away froin, the mine managers' c&m^  ypj^, jxud_yty^y^^nat^in^i^  Few Like Him.  Canadians without distinction of party  will experience grief at the fatal illness  that has suddenly overtaken Hon. AV. B.  "lyes, who aviis minister of trade and commerce in sir John Thompson's administration. He was a politician of superior  type, such as Canada needs in these days  Avhen politics seem to be degenerating into a contest of crookedness between party, managers. ������'  Steamer Eeceived Some Attention.  ?:i.ii^'fbl|<_. J-U8*cei^3^_Lt-����&= l^n^" ^���#h*f^fe*5i^|n(stQTs*.  'yjiiiSbdiip lMxAii0, swc>iii-^li.g*|.ii bfe^si^t^yL-frtii /.,  al^Jeii;^f-tifeli"P.'Tie;"^*a'�� alhpiig "tgie'^flsVf  Isrss ���and yalsp "li^xitehaht-coiixinaudev:  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  Big Schooner  Beer op Half  and Half ... .  In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,  we. will offer the balance of our spring and summer stock at a  ecial Bargain Sale Commencing Monday, July 10th  1."  fp  Wjll be resumed .3.11 along the line Avithin  a month.   Tina Ymir Miner, according to a return  made by Hon.  3. Fred Hiiiiie  A\'as  paid  "'$2,0.0'fov its siippott at, thebye-ejeetion in  February last.    It avus paid its price and  it -lioiild stay bought.  PETER  & 00.  lJea��li]u.'U'lws for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  AVe make a specialty of  SI'iplap aqd Double Dressed Materia]  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce and yard near C.lMt. depot   K. G. BICKR, -Agent.  i���_5'ij.ig-g-x{ q|;- tjl-fe- "lJ���il,ited;n String: jfiixvy?,���AVhb,  tatel- tlte ,di,stiirej.%ii; o| "JWijiig. :pix.e'W$i '.-Hot  lit. ��tlie batfe 'oilJitlixilt.iHti*^. J��:l._prti'y be-*  _bi.epnth.e 'vesset *ai.ti;h"'gd.��.'a*--�� l��obfe - ^rjifce';  He'i-iry -df��($'&mixi$�� .vis^te^l' -ihp po-rt^jv'iieit'  $h& U"e,fh)xpifl ileep "^xyp- a deniifoli��sfe:-tiV).i:��  'in his-hTirtdr. '  This vveek- we ate. showing* a sperjial llr^e, of  FLOWHB  AND  HARG.ING-  BASKETS  Away helow regular price.  Thomson Stationepy Co.; EM  _ST__I__jSO_*jT,   B. o.  Ladies' and Children's Department.  Ladies' Cotton Shirt Waists, less than cost, 25c .up.  11       Silk Blouse from'$3.00 each up.  it       Cotton Wrappers,'to clear, from 50c up.  11      .Black Alpaca and Serge Skirts ��2.00 up.  Children and Misses' Black Cotton Hose 10c per pair.  Ladies' Black Cotton Hose 15c per pair.  11 11       Cashmere Hose 25c per pair.  11       Summer Corsets 50c per pair.  Cotton Undervests from 10c each up.  Silk-.Ujider\^^  3^E!pi^_. GLASS: (DIP ^EER���IW'KEIiSp]Sr IS;  Silk Department.  Black Brocade Dress Silks from 50c a yard up.  Bargains in Blouse Silks in waist lengths.  Washing Silks, plain striped and checked 35c up.  Boot and Shoe Department.  As we intend to_close out*   this department,   we   will  clear the entire stock at cost prices.  Gents' Furnishings Department.  . Gdrnei'���SiliC!V.?iiid  ,*_StaiilQ> Stifcet..  E. Jj DUlRRAN; ��>.���  lURME  ^_u^K>_ss?__N;i.~pE��:roKN'i'iAll.(.  "      PROl-KBTiT  JSOVbX' IW,, Baker ..treet. ljetVceii Jb^Qpliine and  ward xtroct$,.,.,.,;.,y.,,....,.-.:.,.,...,...:.y:,..,,..:��s<w��  '50* 1.. "120, ,Bi.kor -Iti'ect, Setwecn^Jofeqi-lii, ie and Hall  streets..., ., : <,.".  1500'  uOUy 120, Baker street,, l)c.t^'ec,ii .Idscpliiuc aad Hall  'sti-ets.ucornoi-.��.,��� .���....���..,. , ......  30 by 120, Filial Bakorstrfeet.,.->..,     gOO.  2a by 120*with ii-ipiipvei-lonts, south si4- of Veriidti  street-., ,    3000  50 by 120 with improvOirtCilt'-, south Side o�� Vcnion  ��� "atrec-t,.,.."....:.,; , , ,.. fiooo  2 lots and largo housfl beautifully ftinh'shcd (sna'p).. 1000  _2il6ts_\vithcot,taBe)'.ei-tetlLal_9l5porjnontii,_yictb.itt=_i=���  Street....... ,���.���., ,. SoOfT  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 p6r months Victoria  street ,.   2500  2 lots with cottage routed at ��20 per month, Stanley  street  .......   3000  G lots in block ill)., all cteu-Cd and fenced in  2500  For .general information on real estate and forfnvthOr  particulars on abovu property apply to  ���W_^___e3D BEOS.  Ileal ,Kstate, and General Agents, Bako. St., -(elsou  ^Sies^ ilfilLp^tr^f |fi^;at"?fG.;'"V "'"���  ljadi;GS;^rtd3C;h-Ji��^ at Half ''Fr-fee,-  Defr#tirti0nfc    '���  :.\  ^l|itn;"��ani| B;a.nfSy��� _^giiire4\Ajl^,aeans.;fipn_ 25c: .ac^artlMtp,.  ����-_LifLc\2;��Coi0i:ifl'|)'^ss"-^Cr0(Mf'f^tri"2��q a "ya.-rdj"U:p.,   ��� .:\  I^aney ��Vess^Costume1 Patte%_���Jess, it'h'aa e:o"st.  I_%ht and" X_>ark" Washitig-��� f'rjriits^'hal.f ;pri:Q_^ j}4c h yd.  _.,tIrirmnsi^1_)re^"%u:_K.^ fa-ont ^Oca yard u|L  Whjtfe! Swiss SklpeHaiid Chepked Muslins ffo,m 8g up.  %PJJ'^%vPf*ish---ah^-^pj��ti'y" Giti-itai'n^ "���#oi-_L_i?��^M:f  .     I'abJe feov.ers ;?i|- e^ti.e-nTqlp ��l��x*������ pyi:c<04    ��.y ,-fy- ������  iCii^tS:^<5l^rG��i'pd^ifWiia\y ^S#d>si"'4^f2|ij\ J����:"/��:;'��^: ������'  '."..��� . .���*^_id^9^|ti*-(��s ^f 4^�����'��l.df^lv.p-ri'Gfes.��"�� *n -;""' -.:**'yy"������;(, ;  v" : ;fSntrf|'nt;��d;:*li^^  ���We; -p_ti.ti;cui!ai-]y ��alt a*tentrtou' 1& -&ie :��peeii.l "faa%aii.V  ;of remnatvi^ etq.,,  oil tMs eotlintcSr.     ^h'ese |>*q  A'H fixt-ra v*attte'.��  ha^e "got to -e-Q.  ^^^8^Q-RMr^LQ��Sr^^K^E=S-lS_5  GWes A. Walerian k Oo.  GUSTO MS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one ana a  quarter, miles of Nelaon.   For further  '...'V. particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  NUMBER  ONE  These hot surmiior days is a duty you,  really owe to "!No. I."  Probably the best thing to do i. to fortify your system with .some  WELL KNOWN TONIC.  We have all tlie standard preparations  that are recommended for tin's jiurjiosc.  AVe havo a (I no assortment of woolons always  ou itafld. -loodtf inade i.m at the KhortoBt po*  . Ihle notice. As evOrylhiilK Is' kept aiid made  On tn* prvMiIscs, (.atiiiTiveoiou ia nssrui'ed.  H. 1,  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  a_.r_v_:ia?__3__)  Corner of Baker and Stanley Streetn, Nelson  MINERS WANTED.  The TuiiKiur "Mine, I.iinited. .Albert Canyon, on lliu  main lint, ot* UuT. I'. I!.. 2_ niiliw east of Uevol. I0I.1 ���. ro-  (inires .ix Kood ininer.. " Wukiss $_.,.!) pur day.  IC you want a natty, Hlylishsnit of clothes for  sprinfj and summer, I have over 500 different patterns of Scotch and Knglish tweeds,  which 1 will mako to your order at the low  price of    S. 25  Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at ��2-1  Black serge suits in sack or morning coat..��21  A  heavy  Scotch  tweed,  nice patterns  for  business suit 'SIS  Trousers at, equally low prices.   Fit and flni.sh  no bettor in Canada.   Ladies'fine tailoii  specialty.   Clement bloek, Baker street.  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOK AVKST BANK Ii. C. BUIJ. DING.  Have just rec(.iv_d a consignment of Harris liomfc  made tWecds froin Talbot Harris, SOolland,  FBED J, SQUIBE, Baker St, Mm  The supply ia litnitOd, so call early and oxjirnino fcl.i. stock.  I--.llooni  House, centrally located, ��>-SQ0.,  G-l.ooTii Cofctaye and 2 Lots on Carbonate  street, ��1400, easy terms.  Ci-Hoohi   House on  Stanley street, .fDlOO.  WOM BAIil.  fvfo lots with Uvti-story lifiuse oi) Laliincr  "  " '   " ��18*)'  ge.  lake  ,��1000  Mi-fict. iioav Josephine ....  . ,'l'ftr!n..f" ��120!) cash, bahi-  t., - ,-, - ������; ���.��. -....HJ-C fill ina-i!iBS.K_.  Sixi.y-atii'c raii_li, niliu miles from yity on lake  S-llOlT  If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of tlie  best cloth ever imported' to Nelson, leave your order  with me.  Six hundred dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.  nga   Stevens, Tl|e Tailor  NOTICE   OF   MEETING.  A moot ing of tho South Ivootehay Board of Trade will  be hold on Tuesdny nexl, IStli.luly, at; live o'clock in the  afternoon, to reconsider tho recommendations of lho  council of the board as to ucrhiin subjects regarding mining intei-Sls to be submitted for consideration at the  joint meeting of Hoards of Trade lo be held in Ro.slaiid  "next month. The ���sub.ieols roconitiionded included consideration of Ihe lead duties and Iheell'eot upon the milling industry.of lhe ..glil-hour law. --��� ��� ,  Nelson, July IL'th, IS!.).  SUITS $25  Nelson's up-to-dato Tailor, next Kootenay Colfce Co.  Strictly first-class. l.atOs, $_ per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FUI.NISHI.D ItOOiAIS, SINGLK A'NI. EN SU1TK.  Hoi; and cold wntcr. baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping room... Thoroughly equipped  with exits and lire escapes, olh filoor Ivlarion block, corner Riverside and Stevens streets.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Scaled tenders will be r ceived by the undersigned  (marked tender for Burns & Co. building) up to July 28.  18!)!', at noon, I'or the erection of a brick block on Baker  "-trout. ��� ,',.,.  Flans and specification!, may be seen at the architect s  olllce.  A iniirl.od cheque anionnting to 5 por cent ol tho  amount of tender inu.-.t aceoiiipany each tender.  The lowesl or any lender not necessarily acceptable.  ���" ..    .- AI.TH.JK I.. MOIXilN.S. ,���  J. 1. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Jlinos and Mining Stocks Customs Broker  1 .KAli I.STATE AND GI.NJ.RAI. AGKNTS  GENERAL  BROKER.  FIRE, IilPBi ACOIDENT AND SICKNESS  i_srsi_r_s.____srGE  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO 1.KT���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALK-Rcal estato in all parts of the city.  T__JX__E_?__ro3-r__i  35  During the, senson wc will deliver ice ot privnlo residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  One-half cash, birfaueu on mortgftgO.  ii.o_i_._srs  On loan ('(ondilioin. <t|-c U\c cheapest niid IjeftJ.  oil'ered. Vuu can rupny at any linn, without  ion vis.  _A_C3-_i3ISl*a-S   _?OS  British Columbia 1'oi.nun.nt Sa\ings & !;oan Company.  (. lobe Savings & l.oen Co., Toronto.  i__srs***_r_a__-3^rG__i  Pii-e, Life, Accident, and Slokness.  FOR SALE.  A building and lot on First Avenue in lhe town of  A'mir. I.eius for ��2U per monlh. Will be .sold cheap I'or  cash. For further particulars apply to-John A. ICirk-  puLriok. Nelson, 11. V.  GAMBLE <&O'RHIL.t-.Y, Agts  Bakor Street West. Nolson, 13. C.  Lots for Sale  ��500 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  ��2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  ��100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.  f2000 will purchase two nice lots and cottage.  liOOO will purchase four nice lots and residence.  Buy .'airniont shares for a rise.  uOOU Utica at 2 cents.  ALEX STEWART  Tumor & Boeckh bloek, Nelson, B. C.  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt, at lent ion given to all orders left-at jW. lies--  Brisay & Co's, Jlaker.si reel,, Nelson.   ��� THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, JULY 19,  1899.
Bank of Montreal
all paid
Hon. GEO. A. DRUM MONO Vico-Prosidont
F.   a. CJ .Oils'.'ON Uoncral Manager
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      U-UI-CHI-H IK
LONDON   (EnKland).   NEW  YOR.K.
anil in tlio principal citie.
Liny and sell Sterling  ..-change   in.I  Cable Trail-.rr-
available in any part of i.lir world.
ni-AK'rs ihsuki)   cor.i.Kcricvs .iaiii.; ktcj.
Is r|ow prepared io issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^on, District.
a couc-lusion was reached, but that cou-
clusinn is severely cliscoimiging to iMack-
eni_ie &Manii, and the friends who pressed for compliance with their demands.
The government has decided that the
compensation shall he .simply for outlays
in connection with the road, authenicat-
ed by vouchers or fully proved. No
great drain on the Dominion treasury
will be involved in this appropriation
which, it is declared, is a refund of expenditures and nob a dolls., more.
had followed the argument dimly.
"Iv coor.-e I'm right," ssikl Mr. Dooley.
'-What they need over there in fiii-rin'
count.Iifii-s is not si. priest, but a plumber.
■'Tis no good prayin' again ai-nychists,
Miiuii»*v.    Arnychists is sewer gas.
" 'Tis ha-ai'd bein' st
ing these days,"
said Mr. Dooley. "Msinny's th' man on si
throne wishes his father'd brought him
up a cooper, what with wages bein' docked be parlymits sin' ragin' arnychists
I'-runnin' wild with dinnymite bombs
undher their ar-inis sin' carvin'-knives in
their pockets.
"Onaisy, sis Hogan says, is th' head
that wears a ci-oavii. They'se other heads
that're onaisy, too ; but ye don't hear in
thim. But a ln.ui gi--rows up in wan iv
thim fun-in' counthries, sin' he's thi-ained
I'r to be 11 kiug. Hivin may've intinded
him fr a dooce or a jack, sit th' most;
but he lias to follow th' same line as his
father. 'Tis like pawnbrokin' that Avay.
Ye niver heerd iv a paAvnbroker's son
doin' anythin' else. Wausb a king, al-
AVays a king. Other men's sons may pack
away a shirt in a thrunk, an' go out into
th' Avurruld, brakin' on a freight or ladin'
Indvtinny bankers up to a shell game.
But a man that's fr a throne can't r-ruu
aAvay. He's got to take th' job. If he
kicks, they blindfold him an' back him in.
He can't ask fr his time at th' end iv th'
AA'eek, au''. hive. He pays himsilf. He
can't sthrike, because he'd .have to
oi'dlier out tli' polis to subjoo himsilf. He
can't go to th' boss, an' say : 'Me hours
is too long an' th' Avurruk is tajious.
Give me'iiie pay-check,' He has no boss.
'2- t A Lilian.cau't be inc^ipiiidiut pu^ess^lie has
y-yk :j$ti0$yT]A&yiki^
Ot'u.v.t (,'c)rre..])0iidfince Toronto TeH'Ki'ain.
The firm of railway contractors travelling   under the  aristocratic,  title of  Bill
ami   Dan do  not  seem to  be   nearly as
thankful for their escape from the Yukon
railway   bargain as   friends  of  Clifford
Sifton, its deceiver,   would have the public believe.    Almost before the remains of
the Yukon   railway bill had   received decent burial   jidniirers of the Able Young
Minister proceeded to let the people know
how  delighted were  William Mackenzie
and    Dan  Mann    that  the bargain   into
which they Avere inveighed through the
statesmanlike  cunning of Clifford Sifton
had  been  smashed.    That  pair of innocent contractors Avere reported to be simply bubbling  over with joy that the bill
lay in   countless pieces  at the feet of sir
Mackenzie  BoAvell.    And  such has been
the cry since that fateful day iu the Canadian senate.    It might be supposed that
if William Mackenzie and Dan Maun rejoiced  in their  release from  the  Yukon
raihvay  bargain they would have taken
thi-OAArs   with'   their   hats   at   the   blue
heiwens  that look  do.A'n on  parliament
square and jubilated generally according
to   regular form.    Also it AArould not be
too  much, to expect that Bill and Dan
would' shun the haunts of honorable Clifford  Sifton,   the   man  avIio   giA'es  gold
bricks  to ciedulous  contractors  for his
country's  sake Avithout a shadow  of remorse.    But Bill   and   Dan   have   kept
close to the ground that came dangerously near  being the scene of tlieir destruction.    They sIioav no sign of fear of Clifford  Sifton, they ..-have, strange A\rays of
Character Not Good.
In some rural districts of England
there are held annually hiring fairs,
Avhere the farmers and others attend to
engage servants. Atone held in Gloucestershire hist autumn a farmei' opened negotiations with a lad who seemed suitable for his purpose.- Various questions
have been 'asked and answered, the fanner inquired at last:
"Hast got a character from thy last
"No," replied the boy; "but my old
gaffer be about somewhere, and I can get
lie to write I one."
"Very  AArell," Avas the reply, "thee get
it and meet I here again at 4 o'clock."
'•' The tiine  came, so did the farmer and
the boy.
"Hast got thy character ?" Avas the
query. The ansAver came short and
"No; but I ha' got thine, and I bean't
a-coming."     '
The Shamrock's Lines Described.
London, July IS.—The Daily Mail,
Avhieh gives Avhat it calls the secret of the
Shamrock's construction, hitherto carefully guarded to prevent it being used
by America, says : "The Shamrock is designed Avith SAvauline lines, rounded in
such a Avay as hardly to cause a ripple in
her   AArake.    She  displaces  the   smallest
possible amount of AArater. Her keel is
shaped almost like a thick letter T, so
that she can turn as if on a pivot.
It is claimed tluit she is two seconds
faster than the Columbia in the stays.
Those in charge of the- Shamrock doubt
whether the Columbia has proved her
superiority to the Defender and considered it quite on the cards that the Shamrock would have met the latter. Sir
Thomas Lipton will leave for the United
Slates on August 20th.
Robert Hendricks, Kaslo
W. II. Ten. ant, Mcdieini.
.lame.-     Christy,     Ak'on,
.1.    .1.   AlcCallnni.    Slocan
I). A. MeOiiiiri-in. AVimiippi;
A. K. SiU-kliiiK,  Vnicnnwr
.1. A.  Wliittinr  and   wife,
Krank Oliver, Rossland
A.C. Dick, Rosslund
Jolm MeKane, Rossland
IO.   II.   KniKlit   and    wife.
II. M. Milling .. Palmo
Captain .1. lunula;, l.din-
Kami dl Davidson, Montreal
W. A. Manor, Vancouver
Burns & Co.
-VHOI.1-8A-.I-   AND    ..fcTAII.
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at J.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.
Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,   New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade
City,  Grand   Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
Head Office, Nelson, B.C.
W. Ford, Greenwood
II. II. Lansing. Rossland
I). 0. Smith, Slocan City
.1. Hour ko. Salmo
AV. A. Alexander,
James   Richardson,   A1ac-
Charles Ranter. Cranhrook
R. Fitzgerald, Hrandon
S. G'autliier, Montreal
.1. C. Ryan, Ronlder Creel-
Chris Storey, Macleod
.1. LudwiR. Hall Mines
A. KlnKar, Trail
Frits. Hiiro!.., Trail
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
local and coast.
IT. Fi. Doyle, AVinnipeg
F.. T. Morton, Lardo
H. .1. Hill, New York
N. McLeod, Ymir
F.   Heap and  wife,
J. Walker, Robson
A ins-
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
T. J. Rook, Cranbrook
C.   H.    HarriiiKton,    Hall
A. 1). SlngK. Sloean City
Joseph McPhersou, Creston
The Tremont Hotel
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
BaKer streetrjieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager
AM communications relating to British  Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.fO. Drawer
605, Nelson, British Columbia
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer
Liquors and Cigars
One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
ruPMmlt'^^-Pia   --"a,"**   "    OolW^ttf"*   ^fan'"-    nlln   l""\>.      ftr"1      <Pa    u       *i_*.    gfrfl0*1*       "fl
%>V y.=yy >. ytfy «>/$.- yK^yy; *= -. * -itA--.-- ";v •>•
".        -C3_'<'1J     i    V-^n- -^-'/in    ^      a-yP    y»°uJPtpu"eJn,™tP   4,    ty-if   q/n** n    no   D
Large Consignment Received of
Suitable for House Curtains and Awnings.     Orders filled Promptly.
1  n^^P n'>utfP*''!eP>'pLt     n   -■_]■£; . ** -d-^    .^mW"    u*nn       "        \" #n-nv;a£ „ Vn , u m[1 i-  %      p u A,  ° »
liwy%. pICKSONj
■ ".st'iiTiig'd'-'-JitlLVgjcfeecl^iIc-Wn^ tli,,„ 5vm-
' ~;f0i:|;ij#e- ip: 4li'*lli^&^lg'axf 0.}y -4_ajt';
*_: -_>VsJJx ^llViV^ :f_| J'iw- ^^s^M'_\ii^jtl\?ftait*. i>JS',ai!l_'4-i''.''.
' 'iVL'i'si-e- ",Sie°Pf imigy",:
mi, °m
'^hati'S' my^ .naifhei
sjtyu-,°'hh¥ ■Mvj-e-.fcS.." '$Ut\iei'' l"deady iays
th' I%--t,';iljWi}.j ai-i* %_y"W,ii;aei.a&i.te; hi? ^
yapothefItliii-g-'goes <5ye^ phei ph Ipug r-i#i4 ;
fy*! cr-i_*t:'_ciiOw -li'iioli. fflt. o.iit; iii,iiS':S'Msltef
Wb 'Mx-d "tMfni: iiex^^^anst."." Tliey wiist'
again poltgemexi-,, xiipsflt'i,    Mehhp"thttt's
liecaifse jioriseineii's iili* rij3ai;esfe 'tkiygs "to
Mugs titpy Oixd find-;    ,i%iip anyhow, B
s6ni-tiiii6^ tliiiiij- :T"kno wli-y tl^ejf're ai-dy^
ciilste soRXeAVliei-e, an' why they ain't in
oPhet ]3laces.   It iuiuds ° me iv Ayliab h'Ap-
peiiexl   wanst   in   me   cousin   Tereuc-'s
fitan'ly.      They   was   livm*   clown   hear
==H-aley_:s^_ongl-Ji i =-^
iy'§ houses,—1. Ot Doherty that ye know,
tli' .finei', ft. good man whin lie don't
dhrink. No, 'twaS aii ol' gi'oucli iv a man
be tli' nameiv Sialaclii 33ohei'ty that used
to keep five-day nOtieesin his thrunk, an'
OWndeci liis own privifc justice iv tli'
peace. Mo Cousin Tei'i-ence was as daeiilt
a man as iver shOed a hor-i-se; an' lib?
wife was a good ivOnlitil, too, though I
iiivif took mueh to th' Dolaiis. Fr'in
Tippevafy, tliey Was, ait' too hancTy
tlii-ttwin' things «!t ye. An' he luicl a niee
l'i.ni'ly gi'invin' up, an' X uiver kuoAved
people that lived together more quite an'
atnyable. 'Twas good f r to see tliiin
sOttin' atH'Oun' tli' pavloi-,—Terence
spdliii' out tli' iiewspapei', an' his good
woman lueiidiii' socks, an' llonoi-ia
playiii' th' ^Vale iv Avoca' on tli' piauiiy,
an' th' kids I'-i-OAvlin' oiith' ilut-e.
"But wan day it happened that that
wliole  I'ain'ly   begun   to   rasp   on   wan
* anotlier. lionoria'd set down at th'
pianiiy, an' th' ol' nian'd, growl: 'P'r tli'
love iv tli' saints, close down that hurdy-
gurdy, aii' lave a man in;}ye his headache!'
An' tli' good woman scolded Terence, an'
th' kid's pulled tli' leg fr'ni undher th'
stove; an', whin th' big boy Mike come
home fr'ju Omaha, he found Hon iv thiin
speakiu' to th' others. He end do naw-
thin', an' he wint fr father Kelly.
Father Kelly sniffed th' air whin he come
in ; an' says he, 'Terence, what's the mat-
ther with ye'er catch basin ?' 'I clinnaw,'
growled Terence. 'We'll,' says father
Kelly, 'ye put ou ye'er hat this minyit,
an' go out fr a plumber,' he says. -Tin
not needed here,' he says. 'Ye'er sowls
ar-re all r-right,' he says, 'but ye'er systems ar-re out of ordher,' lie says. 'Fetch
in a plumber,' he says, 'whilst I goes
down to Doherty, an' make him think his
lease  on th'  herenfther  is defective,' he
.■■says.!'- ,. .  .       - ■■'.  -2.    " \
"Ye're right," said Mr. Hennessy,. who-
,hxxixdxpdrplioxxsand<d'dllai:s". to a coor half I
ii^,lffiii^:lTfc^mal0" 'xxp- ihp.ix^phhp,tth€y,]
arfe«- Slii°d( M[ *.,d-einaiid,, sb'iiieJ; iiOvei^;"items.
%m.§i2 Sfr *ii-Qlu_ltedi/rj 1" °_lfeiu :tfillj°° perhaps :&,.
Iiidfeninif5r t'of wpunde^eMliYtg auc|libfeis-
ai cash 'cdnipeiisa/tioii" rfoi-1 lo„ss\pf teiflper
wi'ih ihe wiGked''^icl^s^ia*t0:/^.II!l\e^pAr&-!i"^
ineut, or l'athei'the coiitirOlUnginllueiices',
in Phe- -^^'vernnie'trt, InWe 'Ifeld on. firmly °
agaiiist   the giitii__   of   the   coiit^acto^s
Clill'ord ° Siftoil's tentfehcy po( ii'bej'alifcj
wasniot shared   by" the other powers, of
the admini^ti'ation, and when thn-e..siijpple-
lneiitary estiniates come doWn it will be
found that the, indemnity voted' M^cken-
>/Xe  & Ma.nii isTeasoiia-blyfiiiir.    It was
only after niany Wrangles in council that
■ ■ -'    ■  «". ° * o^«-Tiii?j_r«_as-i* ■ ."■"■',
i°:I_*5^hafc"y6ti wtihl .Snno't j)i.st6ek*>fe Will.jnakeiitjfo. j-o.u-
"■      " "■CAT4B-i^ir,;OjsTn°,p.Rle]<;S> *■ " " "
-R^NlG-fiTS OF PYTHIAS--Nelson Lodge, No, ,25,,
-E^- Kniehts ot PythirtS, meets in I. 0. O.I. .Hall, cbrhor
Bakef and ICobtenay stoeets, every Tuesday i--i.enii-g at
8 o'clock. Visiting Knights co«lially invited toattend.
T> I-ILbl-i, O. C. I-.'G. JOY. K. of R. fcS;
KELSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. V. &A.M. Meets
sooond Wednesday iu each mo_th> Sojourning
brptlirdn invited.
EWATtT & CARR-K—ArcliiteoU.   Rooms 7 and S Aberdeen block, Baker sti'eet, Nelsoii.
B. 1-lAR.Pl.R, nutijieal director, leader Nelson Orchestra.   JI tisioians furnished for all Occasions on
-hoEt- notice.   Telejilione 112.
WANTEII—To relit a gmall  furnished house or cbt-
tagc.   Apply to A, J... Tribune olllce. 	
WAN'l'KD^Sitiiivtion as bookkcoper or bookkeeper's
aKsistnnt.   Clraduato  of Northern  iRisinCsw Qui-
X. Wiulaw, Tribune
lege, Owen   SoitnU.
olllce, Xcl(ioii.
A'l'VreK-  A.
i)i&\r._i<3 in
WANTED.—Two Or three rooms for light housekeeping;   No'<ihildr.n.   I'. O. Box (550, Nelson.
tVNTRU—Itell boy nt Phair hotel.
WANT..R—A girl for general
Mrs. (Dr.) Forin, Silica Stn
Apply to
FOR  KBNT—Furnislicd room, front parlor, with or
without board.    Fourth house cast of Methodist
church, between Josephine and Hall .streets, Nelson
RKNT—A furnished room convenient   to Baker
Street,   Apply Postollite box 1)2, Nelson, B. C.
LOST—Ladies Gold Hunting Case Watch on Tuesday, between Stanley and Latimer streets and
the smelter. Ten dollars reward. Arthur Painter, Latimer street, west of Stanley.
Lime 70 Ceqis per 100 pounds.
Will deliver in ton lots
Brick $12 per thousand.
At yard or on scows at government wharf..
The West K.ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.
Baker Street,        T. <_.. PROCTOR, Manager .  .
RougJl and Dressed Lumber
Doors and Sash
Fence Posts and Pickets
Office and Store Fittings
.•ACTOH,-' WOUIC liOXI- TO OllDI-l.,
Scroll Sawing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes and
dreneral Joinery Work
Glass of all Sizes and Kinds
jjargo," coiiiforl^bif'fbcdi'poiiig: '.and. lirst-class; .dining1
^cpoiif.". Sample ^.dm^'JIOEi^Bptrtfqfeqiafiiflen^ '
1Mb :pe/Hio4toy?t^tpi::*Oai^a;ry,-«
H- D. HUME, Manager.
The finest hotel in, lho interior.
Large sample rooms:   Steam heat aiid electric light.
Sawmill on Government wharf.
Factory and ofllce, corner Ball street and C.P.R. track
Haker Street near Josephine Street, 30 by
120.   A snap.
<-. -.-..■- I Hume Addition, neat cottage, fine garden,
Cp 1JUU | lawn, shade trees, water pipe to grounds,
lot .80 by 120, also 15 by 120 to roar street.
Latimer Street, choice corner lot 100' by  120
b__w_s:e3_?i s_?JS__3--_!a.
' All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out to order, and shipped to Nelson in'-carload lots
Writo for prices..-
The oirlyliotel in Nelson that has remained uuder one
management since 1890.
'Tlio bed-rooms are  well fu_!-isJ.ocl and   lighted by
Thd diniiig-rooili is not SfScOnd to any in l.Ootonay.
TJiebar is always stOtSked by the besl^ donVestic aud
imported, liquors aud cigars,
THQMAS AlADDHS'. l-'ropriet'ir.
Largo and well lighted Heated by hoft ai
Rciisfinable rates      . Sample roftm.
Kldctrlo bells and light in every -•oom
Renovated and refurnished throtighout
,1. V. Pl-RKS, Proprietor
Revelstoke, B. C.
wiiipillili™      Construction Co.
f-.-■■'-\.-h;yy,-" .(J °'.    ■*-•*■ j-i <,^"*.<m,.yj»zr}'l:::if,""
pomi3le'ite^Electric°}B^uipm .Pb^er'JTrjarismlsslori and. lilghting- for Mines, Town_
.     *    ""'] n-21"""" $jS0$I%°.^Jigtureg;,_.amp„?rLB^U_,-*!rueiephones, Annunciators, Etc.     _      - *     .
y i_-V°Oi «Bpx,«6-8j*D""" ]"(y ^•.':°°^"y }-",(y""" ■ i*°7 °."*°„."2,.p Josephine Street. Nelson. B. O.
" yy—      .   ..      ——. .    .,      . __t
Nelson, Oriliisli Co-tuuU-n.
Ale and Porter
Kroo bus meets all trains
Hourly fltrc-t, cor to st.ition
Night Grill I.ooiir in coniieiition. for the convenience of
guests arriving ami departing by night trains.
AND   CO-*-'!--..
Ofl-r fresh roasted col.ee o£ best finality as follows:
Java and Arabian MaOha, lier pound .$   10
Java and Mocha Rl'cnd, 3- pounds    1 00
Fine Santos, 1 pounds    I '*
Sautos RIond. 0 pounds    1 00
Our Special Blend, 0 pounds     I 00
Our Rio Roast, (i pounds.   1 00
A trial order solicited.
Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   Biock,,   West
Baker Stseet
Vienna Restaurant
Baker streei,, between Josephine and
Hall strcoU, Nelson.
_=a_      HP"EBT-   .. PEOPBiETOE
• ro^Ur| ufCtrade.     Brewery at Nelsan.
Nelson Iron Works
MAN(,'KAC11II.Klffi O-."
Repairs promptly attended to.       P. 0; Box 173.
Crow's Nest Pass Goal Co.
Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent
tractors and Builders
A largo "-loci, of first-Class dry material on hand, also
it full line of .ash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.
Yard:   Foot of Hendryx .-Ircet, Nelson
Telephone.01 JollR    Rae,   AgGllt
H. D. Ashcroft
J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary
At olllce of tho Duncan Mine.., Limited.
Boats built to order. Repairing and IHtiiiK a spec-.
ialty. Sails made and rigKcd. KishiiiK rods and tackle
mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson..     .    '
(l.x-Slierill* of South lvootenay)
' Cash advanced ■■■'oil consignment*! of morcUandi. c.
PostolHoo Rox-57'- Nelson, R. C.
WttKon repaiflHK promptly attpudeil to by a fi^t-chiffS
S|3(-cmh1" attention giveu to aU Itinde of rcfjatriili?' Snu
custom work from ontfiidB poiutfi.
Stjop."   ,rl,a1l Strofct, jjatwecn. Bakor and Verndfi, .Nelson
The Imperial Gil Co.    Staqdard Oil' Co.
Washirjgton Brick and L\n\e Co.
The H. W. WlcRiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Aritrira-
ciie Goal (Hard)
==_= _____________?
and Fancy Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin
JOSEPHIKK STREET, NELSON THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C.,  WEDNESDAY, JULY   19,  1899.  !  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  LL PURPOSES  From and after August 1st we expect to be prepared  to sell wines, whiskies, and brandies, in small or large  quantities, for medicinal or other purposes. Orders need  not be accompanied by a physician's prescription.  W.F.T  L & CO.I  The largest drug house in lvootenay.      Corner of Raker and Josephine streets Nelson.  Rubber  Goods  The warm season  commenced  has  See   Gilker's  assortment  of   Rubber  Coats,  and  Umbrellas, "Rubber Soled Shoes,  all sorts of gfeneral wet weather  goods.  P. 0. Store  J. A. OIJUKER  A Rifle Range Chosen.  \/ Captain Hodgins of tlie Nulson Iti lie  Company has for some time advocated a  rifle range for the local militia and others,  and he and sergeant instriietor Carroll  haA*e j licked out a, suitable site, lt i.s  situated just beyond Bogiistown anil  captain Hodgins says that a range of 700  yards or at any rate 000 can be ol.ittiined.  There is a splendid natural stop butt in  the shape of a, granite side hill, and the  target practice would not cause any  accidents. Captain Hodgins will bear  the initial cost of putting up targets,  etc., and II. 10. Croasdaile has already  promised a cup. A. party starts out today to locate the butts, and chain olT the  distances. It i.s intended to form a rifle  association, and a public meeting will  shortly be held at wliich all interested  in  ride shooting are invited to attend.  NELSON.  Fred Irvine <fc Co. announee that their  clearing sale of summer., goods Avill continue today only.  W. II. Bullock-Webster of the 'provincial police department; has receiA'ed instructions to prdceed Avith the erection  of a $1000 jail in Cranbrook.  One of the connections avi tli the AA'ater  main under Baker street bridge broke  yesterday afternoon, owing to the Aveight  of earth piled upon it.  William Beard Avas buried in the city  cemetery yesterday afternoon, tlie Rev.  3. Robson reading the burial serA'ice at  the graA'e. Tiie hearse aviis folloAved by  a number of the friends of the dead man,  and on the coffin Avas a handsome Avreath  they had provided. The deceased, avIio  aviis a single man, As*as a natiA'e of Wales.  Sergeant instructor Carroll has expressed himself as greatly pleased Avith  the progress made by the members of the  local company,. Avhieh he says reflects  greivt credit on their instructors as Avell  as on the men themseh-es. Duriug the  instructor's stay here the men Avill drill  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. A^bugle band'.with, eight members  has been formed, and captain Hodgins  has sent aAAray- for the instruments.  Samuel Neelands, A. Gerrard and H.  McVean left last night on the steamer  Moyie for a four days' fishing excursion  to Sanca..;.,' ..  The local company of the Kootenay  Rifles have secured l-ooms in the 'Jowett  block, on Victoria street, where;in-future  drill instruction classes Avill be held each  '^s^^^i^^^^p^^^; yZ  *-T$c%_,(b$^^ ��� 'Mid' Metlft^Mf, j  ^r _&*i-_jf^^!^^ f*%v!  commons, the governor-general may, by  proclamation, convene one or more joint  sittings of the members of the two liouses  for the consideration of such bill or  amendments, and the question Avhether  such bill or amendments shall pass shall  lie decided by a majority of the members  of the two houses present and voting,  anil the votes of any such joint sitting  shall, as respects such bill or amendments, have the same force and effect as  a vote of the senate under the existing  constitution."  International Athletics.  London, July 18.- Messrs. Jackson,  'Wendell, Morrison and I.rooks of the  university advisory conimittee, held a  ii lift I meeting at the Queen's club,  Brighton, this afternoon to complete  arrangements and decide upon the order  of Saturday's events iu the athletic contests between Vale- and Harvard and  Oxford and Cambridge. It was agreed  that the programme should open at 1  p. m. with the long jump and .the hammer throwing concurrently, closing with  the three mile anil high jump.  * Shooting at Bisley.  BiSf-EV, July IS.���The first stage of  the contest for the Queen's prize av.-is  completed tonight, and corporal Fell-  niingha.in of the 2nd Norfolk's Avins the  bronze medal Avith a score of .1.10. Bertram  of the Canadian riflemen made a score of  10.1. The Martin challenge cup aviis avou  by priArate W. T. Ward, and the secretary of Avar's prize Avas avou by lieutenant Dunlop of tho First Lanarkshire  regiment.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  A grand moonlight excursion, under  thd allspices of the committee of l<'raleniMy hull, will be  given on Friday. July 21st, IS!)!). The slimmer Moyie will  leave the eity wharf at S-M) p.m., and .return about 10  p.m., and again leave at 10:_0 p in. and return at, 1:110 a.m.  A niagnillcunt (luncing floor will he provided upon the  koow which will accompany tho exciir. ion steamer. Secure l.ickels early from the Thomson Stationery Ho. and  Mills & Lott, as only a limited number will be issued.  Tickets ��1 each. ��� _  The midsummer clearing sale Avill positively c'ose tonight at Fred Irvine & Co's. Ladies in  search of bargains should not forego the opportunity.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORIEE;  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  mTtS  % Ir��5onSt|lair  ivia i tmAL-     \\_�� Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  ^NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  '^iJ-^a'l.ffiTjiV.njjg jjlr'0":ii:6^"-^-eal]ieil!  * y"m; p-,Ija^ief(:sy^��hdiey^ef6rmyy ���_:      .'  ^T^^^ul^ t^^'^tit^^ei^i'  ; litis. Lgi':fe"-i .il'-'-fiica-bt'W-i'esSiutiOix -Avhieh' hej  Ai'ifl-njjtjvje -nqiLfSi,*rQAv; wliich einjb"odies php].  f6\ii&��^6��e ���Ol2Jbd"pli(hpu��eslif^{e_1io>iS of'  dilplilf4;". r"ea ds'i i "That" iihf" huiiiplp .ad-',  -dresslfe |>-'es$*dt.*d ���to w.hel ihiiiijiiy - tlie.  :que"eii��, -sefbfii^ f-t'-h that* "tli0 provisions"  ��pf iff��-B.'itHsh-jSpr-th AAiipfiGh:$(Sp MTS.0'7;.,'  L��X!iSSj3idetin*|*-b]i6poAy.ei^/oJ.: "th.# "��,(3.*rTafc- !.ol!  i.Qlijit.d'^ iii thp mdlgxig:."of l$w$i- ^r.e tiji-'-,  '��� "s'ati^iiptofy hud :sl\ox^  jiito haa-moliy* Avith'Jtli6"pifiieij!lp of pop-  ular gOA-eru-meut, atfd pi'tiyi, .ig tli-Vt. her  ilUtjefSty may he pleased to rec-Miiieiid: to  the itflperhxl pitrliameiit a itieasure for  ihe aniendhieiit Pi said act in such  terins ate will effectually make  tlie   pj*.oATdai:ons    as   foll-cnvs*: "   'If   tlifa  :i_^.^kiidrfdffiitofef>.3S_Il��^^:'  att��act;iv-e,n��� good sellers, and  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  ISTEI-SOa-T-   B.C.  ^'-..)?_-iS "y^  %'/y^a^y.^fs ��n"  f5J,"D^^'^n''B'^';|  ^:^"^T^''  ���Bfi-n.-"^-*  %fb "��SH    ���<'  -'..* ���"���'-I  house of'Coiuixipiis passe$ aiiy hill AA'liich  the senate rejects or fails to pass, or  amends in any Avay not aecept-d hy. tlie  liouse of coijimons, then if the liouse of  eommous at the next foliov.dug session,  again passes such bill and the senate  rtgiViu roijeets or i_tils to pass, oi' amends.  Santo ii;i any 'Way  not accepted  b}* the  &*M  &  j-opt liy nil grocers rind fruit stow; doali-j'.,  1-iliM- J'ujco Cordial,, Itusjiborry, Stri.Avbei'i'j:,  Piiicrtniilc, I.-Siiion, Vnnillii, Si��Nii)>!B'iIIa, Cllou-  olnto, C'Oilci!. Orange, Orunjic PUosplinto.  VJC'POKIA  AMNCOUVEH  XKLSON  I     I ID. - M^ABTHUB   &   CO. I     1  Grove Hotel  Beer Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  i^riEjJLSO-isr  LIMIT.....  PALACE BAKER  NEXT TO EO'YAL HOTEL.  Our stock is among the most ex=  tensive, most carefully selected,  and best adapted for purchasers.  Salable .selections to puit the   resource-  ana    tlie     reau-i.-__.e_its   6f   everyphe.  a?3_-I_E_   a"__!"W*_SI_i3__!_=l  Mmglm&& $m& 3q$$&n will ai*ftt��  in m few dm^& mA wi mmgfc imxm  apace in ovrn^ Bkow rooni  SHiIil  KIRKPATRICK & "WILSOlsr  Corner Baker and Word Streets*  Will be ready lo open on Tluti-iday, July 201.1..  Bread detivered fo any -part of tlie eity. Cakes,  pastry, alid confectionery a .specialty.  Crawford Bros.  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  Stanley Street.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  r.oardiiif; and day sciiool for girls will re-opr-n on I lie  lath day of Align. I. Vacaisciu.. for boarders. - l-'or terms  i-iitl prospectiiK apply lo  AlAI-Ji-MOISICI-l-l- K'KKM, Principal.  For Strawbei'ries  and  other fruits in s��v_oii.   I_oavo  yoti- order.   Prompt dolivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds oi Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  Agent, fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream.  Telephone 93  FOR  ICE  CREAM AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF  ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Ecfreshing Drinks.  Next Door.to  P. Burns \- Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  PIC-NICERS,  iXGURS-ONISTS   AND   CAMPERS  Wo hftye Gvorylhiiif,* you jci)iiire for the _uU.i|{.  CORNED, BOTTLED, AND PRESEKVED  PURE GOLD JELLY IN ALL FLAVORS  SKI- OlJIt LIST NliXT' WKJ.K  General Grocers  NELSOIS., B.C.  . DesBrisay & Go,  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  _P_l.*Cr_Mi:33EaE-S,   ETC.  o:e=:__-__--___ _e_cotjs_-3 block


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