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Yesterday's Cricket Match.
It was a lovely afternoon yesterday
when the bankers' played the Nelson
cricket club and a most enjoyable game
was the result. Tlie issue of the match
was .somewhat of a surprise, but the club
bowlers failed rather badly after a while.
.1. Klliot kept himself on^ too long and was
very badly punished towards the "end of
the game, though it must be admitted
that he had little bowling talent left to
choose from. One thing was very evident
yesterday, and that was the necessity of
boundaries. I?very ball that reached the
grand stand or went over the hill on the
other side netted at least four runs to
the batsman, while several got temporarily, lost in the bushes and were counted
as six. Regularly established boundaries
■ -would save a great deal of unnecessary
hard work foi' all concerned.
The bankers won the toss, and of course
batted first,  but  their  innings  did  not
open   very successfully.    Elliot  bowled
Macrae for five, and Haines after making
seven played across a straight ball from
tho same bowler with disastrous results.
But with Ileathcote and Wetmore associated, the game assumed a different complexion, and the fielders were treated  to
a great deal of leather hunting.    Finally
Wetmore drove Fletcher prettily to the
bushes for six, and  Elliot  crossed   over,
Stutter bowling from his end.    The batsmen    continued   to    hit   and    Stutter,
who      Avas      not     keeping     a     good
length.     was      relieved      by      Booth.
Still the hitting went on until Wetmore
attempted  to  drive a  straight   ball  of
Elliot's very hard which kept Ioav, knocking his middle stump out of the ground.
Brown was the next man  in and  sent
the  first ball  to  leg for tliree.    He continued to treat the  bowling  with  some
contempt.    Heachcote    playing    pretty
cricket the Avhile, but a  good  ball   from
Booth eventually proved too much  for
him.    Winter was bowled when'he  had
made four  but  Ileathcote and Walker
continued to make, things lively.    Wilson
was next tried instead of Booth, aud the
rate  of  scoring  decreased  a little for a
while.    Then Ileathcote  was  caught  by
Sims off,Wilson and retired with twenty
to his credit, his last mistake  being the
only chance offered during a well played
innings.     He  at one   time   looked  like
carrying his bat.
Dunlop  was  the  next  batsman.     He
made  a couple  of good drives and then
standard, with the British sovereign as
legal tender, and ail vises that the Indian
mints be allowed to coin gold without re-
restrictions on the same terms as the
Australian mints. Finally, by a majority
of votes, the conimittee recommends fixing the rupee rate at 1(5 pence. Tbe report says iu conclusion: "The effective
establishment' of a'gold standard i.s of
paramount importance to the material
interests of India, not only, to promote
existing trade, but to encourage the influx of capital."
Wages Increased Fifteen Per Cent.
Chicago, July 13.—The officers of the
American Tin Plate Company and the
wage committee of the Amalgamated
Association of Iron and Steel Workers
who have been iu daily conference for
the past two weeks over the question- of
wages for the tin Avorkers employed by
the Americon Tin Plate Company, agreed
on a scale today. The scale, Avhieh was
signed by the tin plate officials and the
Amalgamated Association committee,
grants-a straight increase of fifteen per
cent. The increase takes effect July 1st.
Over 3000 tin plate workers a re benefited
by the increase.
Shutting Out American Beef.
Bhfcltn,. July 13.—The Reichsanzeiger
publishes a decree, issued by Dr. Struck-
mann, president of the Rhine province,
prohibiting the importation of fresh beef.
The decree which is similar to the regulation adopted by the Oldenburg government, is due to the fact that- Belgium
having permitted the importation of live
cattle for slaughter, the meat found its
way across the Belgian frontier into Germany, in contravention of the existing
law against such importation.
i*******:**** $■&&*&&&&*&&<
• see ess '-ssa 222 a-saaaa swsmw&wis&w****
Silverton, July. 13.—Today two more carloads of Noonday
ore were sent to the Trail smelter. This bring's the ore shipments
for this week from this point up to 110 tons.       0
Yesterday a carload of ore was taken from the Bosun mine at
New Denver.
. A good strike of ore was niade on Tuesday on the Torpedo
claim, lying hear the Vancouver. The owners are preparing to at
once develop it.
The Wakefield management wished to put twelve more men
at work around their mine on Wednesday. Only six could be
found around town. -.'•
The Noonday keeps adding to its force, having now forty-five
men on their pay roll. Beginning next week they expect to send
out a carload a day.     It is breaking all records as an ore producer.
what becomes of the hindquarters of the
beeves which are shipped out to the
company's camps.
William iMartin of Rossland, brother
of the member for the Rossland riding,
was in Nelson yesterday securing supplies
for some mining development Avliich he
has in hand in the Slocan.
Alexander Lucas, the ConscrA'afive
party's organizer in this province, arrived
in Nelson last night from Kamloops. lie
reports his political fences in pretty good
shape from the Coast to the Rockies.
id-M'g,e"°4l -Mn^sohie'
.fl .^p-.\-- nyfl-,.a.fl.% flii.JX,-pv_ flfl
Railroad Company Successful.
St. Paul, July 13. — The Northern
Pacific Avon OA'er one million acres of. laud
today in the suit of the government to
declare "Void part of the laud granted to
the railway company. Tlie issue in the
ease turned on Avhether the terminus of
the rgacj .was at Dul utli lor,Ash]anuc!.„ » Tlie-^
War Preparations Continue.
London, July 13.-^-Although the neAvs
that president Kruger and the Transvaal
raad liave adopted the proposals of J. H.
Hofmeyer, the Cape Town' journalist-diplomat, someAvhat clears the South African
outlook, yet the situation cannot'be regarded as altogether cheerful. There is
a wide gulf still between the Boer eon-
cessions and sir Alfred Milner's "irreducible minimum." Military eirfiles here
are much excited in regard to the dispatch to the Cape yesterday of special
service -."officers',- including lord Edward
Cecil,   the I marquis of.  Salisbury's   son:
■7af tferhlo.bfr;"."and*, is,::ip
"-^Bbrwli ug,: audcliel :lrftUJihg?!,'.i:iiitdVi;h4^i»m^'
ra0ntB   ,r*U**a**^.n«  ^n^nnn1*^      °°    to nD   n^n   nn       " n       „ "o **        '       "Un n "  **      *T       n 0   J -, nuftf      »   *p
J^^0rJL()g^rlii!s;SVf/="  .% ,» - ,■■ \ y:y\ ■. y-y,,
^ ■fa;e.sip^cti!ve„Iy,"I.. .and^»;seenmed* Jikee-jinakmg",
■^ii-i-nlsl^ :^na|&$pt§f }
'-:fCluiiice-tQ^IJeatheote^at.'long :om but lie
Hughes Charges Fall Through;
I :xngf&;ihe, js(M»& °^B?fclip;' 'gafdp.     (Fax, a,
, s^ulesi%l9-Pketl; jis =nif ]=pj]xe„- haiihejrs ^'h'e
"y%dxiid»b^"QViialled if M>tHuiipassed." W$ft&.
J!i!$rt■$$lid" Jo2"hiAg. a/liot :i;e|u-^ "fi*jii
"°"»ji$l|roi*/,-'ah^4lt*-the''n^-X't. Q,ve*i' BfioAvii Was;
i>i'tfa]boA%r the fieid^ffeut he  piilledl "'liun:-"
sSKtog^LtiierH-Jt.ii-i'S.iie'fct'. assay and seu't
J^*>V^e"ij$'s"6ff spuhip flyiiig Qlft .of grotind:
:Tlf&";jiibx-t: Mxlly hixp due "cl|spissed  FrOft
ISli'iot^ydnd   irietelier eainh in.   Me, liad
tlie iiiisforf;iin&   rtlmost immediately to
"dbstrjict his Avicket aud J. Elliot cauie
making se^en Avas cleverly tivken  in the
lqiig field by Baines.    Soonr af tejnvafds
Wilson Was boAyled by Wetmore, having
played well for his; thirty, the top score
on either side.   The side then Aveut to
pieces altogether, five wickets- falling for
seven rufis.   The total score was 70.
As -in tlie last ganie the fielding 011 both
,-3id0s was extfcsiiiely loose. There Avere
individual good Catches made-, but rnu
after run was throAvn aAVay thi'Ough lack
of sinartjiess in, the Held. Some attention slibuld be paid to this department
befoie the match against RosslaUd. Appended are the names ancl Scores :
F. A. Macnie, b l*\ KUibl. .',	
,0» W. H;, Hbatlicotc, c Slum, b VViIkoi) ......	
II. 11. lliiinoi), b .1. Kllibt,,	
.1. M. W, b J. Klliot .,, -. 	
J. A. VVotniorc. b J. Elliot.,.  ,	
C. M. Jirown, b Booth	
C. 11. Wliitort b J. Klliot.  	
C. < •-. Walker, e F. Klliot, b J. Klliot	
J. Ii. Dunlop. run out a.,	
G. It. MoKarland, not out	
G. Bell, c 10. Elliot, b Wilson ,	
K-Sbras ,,...■	
?eomplete.lyf cleared dinn self; pf.tJieichargeliS'
;tua!deby«.epl^u|3l»J^I.ughes> ^hat he^4ax4d^
«jarniners"2u0;pej.''p :e.eiixviorp clainis- ;eolTeM;efi'^
.. 20
... 7
.. 0
.. il
.. IS
.. 4
.. 15
.. 0
.. 10
Total..,. ,., ,....,
\V. A, Jowett, b Brown.... 	
T. 3, Sims, c Boll b Wetmore	
H. WilKon, b Wetmore -...
F, Klliot. b Brown 	
F. Kletclier. 1 b w b Wetmore	
J. Kl lot, <: Haines, b Brown	
JavviH, b Brown ..,	
Booth, b WetWioro	
Leicester, b Wctmoro 	
G. Stutter, not out	
J. It. Rowley, (.tub) b Brown	
Extras -,	
...   tl
.. li
.. 8
.. 30
.. 0
.. 0
.. 7
.. 1
'.'. 2
.. 1
... 0
.. G
.. 70
A Gold Standard for India.
London, July 13.—The report of the
parliamentary committee on Indian currency, just issued in the form of a blue
book. approAres of the decision of the goAr-
ernment not to revert to a sih'er standard. It argues that it Avould be impossible to maintain the stn-usquo permant-
ly, and '-.therefore recommends that
measures be taken to  introduce a gold
gatfion^'QveU ■^^i^.:i^y§(^^l^
-si*i;g<gdsted«felhli pplp^tel .^ugix-e^siipxxfdpdy
I the eost§.in °.^        '.. y-     ■.-...,   ...
:  •■ .;..     ''-iCilled-W-^. .Trolley>C!aT> .'.'."„
K'KAy° f'oKij;,, "Syxxly lB".^40&e xixun ,py,as
kilietl aud; J-avo sh
liopu, iu aii^acaldenColi thje. B'rookl-yji
bridgei" A Jiprse ;andV Avagon. %'er"e. riin;
iii^o b*Jrn a trolley par pn thpBfoohlyheAxd.
Ol tlie bridge and the occupants pf' tin*
AVagou Wefe throAvn viplently out. The
dead man is Geoi'ge. A., Slater, 56 years
George and another man Avere only slightly iuijured.        _  _
McLean May Be a Candidate.
Washington,} July 12.—*John R. He-
Lean, questioned today as to Avhether he
AVpnld be a candidate for the Ohio demo-
cratie gnberliatoinal iiouiiiiatiOU, niade
this statement: "If the democrats' .of
Ohio giA'e nie tlie nomination aiid my
friends ask uve to take it I, Will accept."
Further than tliis he declined to talk.
Ship Lost aiid Grew Perished.
PkiItii, West Australia, July 1:3.—The
British ship Carlisle Castle avus lost in n
storm yesterday off Rockingham. The
crew perished. The Carlisle Castle, captain Lindsays 1344 tons net register, left
the Clyde oii March 21st for Freeman tie,
near Perth, West Australia. She was
built at London in 1868.
Baseball Games Yesterday.
Cleveland 1, Philadelphia 5.
NeAV York 5, Pittsburg 9.
Brooklyn 2, St. Louis S.
Boston 4, Chicago 9.
St. Paul 4, Buffalo 0.
Detroit 4, Kansas City 3.
Columbus 1, Minneapolis 0.
Bushing the Franchise Law Through.
Pretoria, July 13.—The volksraad today adopted the preamble of the franchise law which declares that the necessity exists for the immediate adoption of
the laAV, thus aAroiding the three months'
previous publication required by the constitution.          .
Germany's Exports Decreasing.
Berlin, July 13.—Germany's . exports
to the United States for the quarter ending June 30th last were $21,000,000, as
compared Avith . $24,500,000 for' the .coi-t
responding quarter last year.
Vk«. ,.". 8: flj*.-..-i.-.i.- -,yJ.,ifl,^t «,i„ •• r»"^.*>„-,;. Vv.'iiVws, i-yji'
..•<•.-&■ ,<s-*fl°hflj«-'-;flipS, fl.'. .■*,*•;."";,* ",4. .
p.'^A*^fjaisti%4H|^^^%fliK ^fi^*4^*f;
:^ett^gi«>^tt"Hei!^vriiME^^ *tlfe?chief*"clhn-„*
^aiM^and^j^^ iill^plli^W-a"'
"■ though' certainly 'h® "iViXs *>ap .Alcterslidt
'^e°sTej»da-j*S"'"f,..".',-,"-.""="*"";" ."I--."'-"'■- .--..- - °- :
.""Gjuei'M8 sir^ilK&m'V^ran'Sis^iBuliiei!,
j. '■ • ■••■   -.   :..  ; --■ :"■
:j     :  Hamilton Powder Company Pined.    .
,-' The hearing of the case against the
-Ilaniilton Powder Company for maintaining a poAvder magazine Avithin two
miles of the city, proved very tedious
business yesterday. The interests of the
bity Avere looked after by acting city
solicitor Wilson-'while S. S. Taylor, Q. C,
appeared for the defendant company.
Thei'e Avas no material for the defense to
go upon and in the end magistrate Crease
overruled all objections and fined the defendant company $200, the maximum
fine being $500. The defendant's counsel
at once gaAre notice that he Avould apply
;i;o':have;Mie„ ca^e^;^
^uniljirlau.dt"1 °" " "
,4Ugl|y-4Ui-p^iS°uiiaJ:^ ;as:. Ivefl "as
' ij;e-ren0. '"{le- is«disliked?^b°,y Vhil^lneii^.'pAt'iltg
fo; liis. eonstaiyf}0 Avprr^ing^ ".ami billlying,
■Av:hiie h.is»5V.i|ej;latfy„ Elizah^tii, m.tlie, cele-
iiifpo-piilaitity* ill "tlie; seryiice. ,-"Ip is": uOw
liis openly" degl'ared: s-y|np{V|hy Ayi'fih the
; Boei's,, hoAyeAiei:, Avdii-flf seeifls likely to;
lfad to his Recall" |t is liot forgotten
that in liis -elitflier yepirs general "Biitier
.deeply syinpatliizied ' Avith tlie irisli
nationalist mo*ement,rand;Avas even liidk-
naihed "Fenian" by his comrades.
Piiii<a iJEia'HtA, July 13.—The anuou uce-
ment has been made in ship cirdleS that
thousands of tons of iron ore haA'e been
purchased in ^TeAvf6undIand by local
capitalists for shipment to this port, to
be mauufactured into steel, and that already a schooner with a sample
cargo of ifoii pre Is uoav bound
for Philadelphia from Newfoundland.
The German steamship Claudius, with a
capacity of jiearly" 5000 tons, has been
cliai'toi'Od fbr ihp NoAvfoUivdland ore
trade. The demand foi' ii'on and manganese ores' for the manufacture oi steel
is tremendous, alid not Only are tlie
mines in British India and on tlie Black
sea Jind Mediterranean sea districts being drawn on to supply it, but shipments
are being mads from Rio Janeiio and
other quarters in Brazil. At present
there are twenty-six. steamers on theif
Avay to this port with cargoes of either
manganese or iron ore.
The Bill Got Through Committee.
London, July 14.—The house of commons in committee had an all-night
session last night OA'er the the tithes rent
charge rating bill, the second reading of
Avliich Avas carried on June 29th by a
majority of 314 against 13G. The government forced the clause through by means
of the closure, and the bill finally passed
through the committee Avhicli rose at four
Maccahees Used Him Rough.
. Jamrstoavn, New York, July 13.—Roy
Terry is at the Jamestown hospital in a
serious condition the result, it is alleged,
of injuries received while being initiated
into, the Jamestown Tent,, Knights of
Maccabees. Terry has placed the matter
in the hands of an attorney and demands
financial satisfaction.for. his injuries. It
is claimed that his abdomen Avas injured.
i pdjiipcl ifdi^plien if,' ;J3.e%lopinnen"t AVo/Jf Is ;
^belea?'!*!^ Ynrdl^-jfhes''
.jiSia^Oine'Ut^of '■&.} $..y SleDoiiald " dixcf Xk
] c^^f^gnWit.^ill^^ sh$?4>ly: ."ffiI*•p]i■e(l;f4):,•
,*■ isOi^f'lt^W-il^ieWi'Ghaiiii,! .rfp,";"Porcupii.te".
',.dr§e%; 2(K|0 ^^f^::A\*(3r^:!lftiv^-l^eneil d.p'i|ps
;■i^'Gibficlifi'4rg:%b^rt'.°" ,5!o5a .-toYis; of, ptp nis
ls1^ib^%^y^g";$|r5[)l'18."   ^^ujgw lead" has
beep,struCikYO(0 Iecihigller\p Uxe.-qreelfj,
\yhieh, i^ five^fe^t iii width and no. Avails
%isiglit;     TheassaysgiVe $iLffOiin fold;
ai*|^$1.0S iii'Siivei';      - -
- °°,fc''.Ei T," IJaul-tafii, general manager of
'<Phe\ Yellowstone mine uaud a Soiiib.
Afi'ieau miiiiu gexpel't^ haA^e'boenrCportii-ig
0"ii, tlie Nevada I*!roperty; A*VJi'l^h is b«jhig
operated by the American. Eagle company.
A new strike  has been Wade  on  the
Big I'lorn, group, showing peacock copper.
ore is being taken oitt Avitli the view of
au early shipment,
F. A. I-feAver and G. II. Mogtoi* have
paid a ATi$it to th6 Tjiluarac iniiie in Avliich
they are interested, and expressed themselves satisfied AVith the oj)eratioi,us now
going on.
A public meeting lias bceli, convened
for (Friday) tonight in the miners' union
hall for the purpose pf discussing the appropriation for roads and trails,.tlio advisability of orgaui/.iiig ft'board'-of trade
or other ropresOntative body, and foi?
general business'. All are Invited, n
chairman to be appoiufcdd at the meuting.
The School trustees are now receiving
applications for the post of teacher to
the Ymir public school.
Tlie 12th of .July Was celebrated in
right royal style by the ornngcinen of
Yinir under tlie leadership of Dr.
Piscatoi'ial anecdotes and fishing are
considered the proper thing these warm
days.    Some tall stories are rampant.
Big British'American Company Formed.   '--
Nkav Yoniv, July 13.—The Tribune tomorrow Avill publish the following: A
business alliance of American and English capitalists has been recentls' formed
which is of unusual interest and importance because of the leading positions held
by the members on both sides of the
Atlantic, because of the many millions of
dollars in\rolved in it, because the. United
Slates government is about to be asked
to give the compact official sanction
and moral support, because England has
already approved of it, and because the
'field of operations of the alliance is beyond the jurisdiction of both nations.
The announcement of this alliance Avas
made yesterday by W. F. AVhitridge, of
the firm of Cary & Whiteridge, Avho iioav
fills the place left Aracant by the death of
ex-senator Bryce, as the chairman of. the
executive committee of the American-
China DeA-elopment. The company is
one party to the agreement and the
other is the British '& Chinese^ Corporation. This makes a combination of the
most poAverful capitalists in the Avorld.:
The field of their activities.is-China.
Lively Times in Cape Colony.
Caphtoavn, July 13.—The cape parliament Avill open tomorrow and some exciting scenes are anticipated OAving to the
attitude of iire.mier ; Schreiner on the
TransA'aal question. A large number .of
the opijosition members are in favor of
the premier's impeachment. In the
meantime' the Afrikander-party is AViiken-
ihg a Boor agitation and doing: its iitinost
g^ii idfr^ti^^%|^^*ii|*
;"''¥,' *"
■   dddd       on       n     ^ nn   &   n     '"" 4  "" J '' n*1 W^"     V "-••^ "-'V %''    # ° n
'"- -■-....' &.y-'..\.¥iciprfdi$l$fiiesfy...''2
y^mofrtA, y"3uiv" il.iy^^JAh^tmm:
IxfieiyAofdfiig^ ifo.ifLSj't)^y^0jt#,6"j®mfe
;a-nc|"i:Icfn.o|ulu„,Ml\■ ;pf n Jvily^vaiI'ltvedxtjusv
Climate Their Worst Enemy.
San Francisco, July 13-Advices received by the transport NeAV York from
Manila, dated June 11th, are as folloAvs:
The volunteers are greatly debilitated in
consequence of their hard campaigning
through three months of tropical
weather. Since the middle of May no
volunteer regiment has had a sick list of
less than 20 per cent. Most of them at
present havo 25 per cent ill, and a few of
the regiments haA'e less than one-third of
their men on duty. The Nebraska •regiment has suffered the worst. It came in
from San Forndandiuo a few days ago
with less than two hundred men in the
ranks. The South Dakota foi lowed yesterday with 275 men on duty. Tlie
Montana and Kansas regiments at San
Ferndanino have not niore than 250 available men each.
The morning after the Washington
troops took Morong, a Aveek ago, only 203
men • responded to the roll call. The
Washington men have been engaged since -
March 12th preventing the insurgents of
the north and south from forming a
junction on Laguua bay, and they engaged at the same time AA'ith the enemy
iu opposite directions. Twenty-four of j
the Nebraska regiments officers are on
the sick list and the Montana, Washington and South Dakota regiments show
twenty or more officers in hospitals or
sick in their quarters.
Of the regiments that have  borne  thej
brunt of the fighting their losses in killed
and Avounded''-range from "1(50. ih the Montana regiment to 2S0  in  the Nebraska.
The loss of the Kansas regiment is second  '-
to that of Nebraska, while the Washing-  i
ton and South Dakota regiments  foi Ioav
closely, each  with  losses  of about 200.
The Oregon regiment also suffered seA'ere-
ly.    Of the regulars the third artillery is
the heaviest loser, its killed and Avounded:(((
.numbering-123. 2 2:2/yyy
The Mouthings of a Vaporing Romancer.    ;
P. A.  O'Farrell,  a Araporing romancer, vi
Avrites as follows to the Rossland Miner:
"The silver-lead mines of the Kootenays
are no longer hives of industry, affording
good Avages to the toiler, good dividends
to the capitalists and freight and revenue ..
to railroads.  There is gloom and poverty..--^
in a 'thousand lionies where a year'2ago:(("
Avas comfort, happiness and money;* 'Mil-? rt
lions haA'e been spent building railroads ;y
to the silver-lead districts.    Millions have"vS
Hi J cA^erfiigl gllted oh '■fcliei-i-way- to Ans»
tl!alia",,"th'e; }\I;i0Ay(*ra?..Ojl' 'the^rd ',of .Julie
ahfij^the' \Jfaa'f;i,i!l0",,nea*^"°n-i1dji%^ - .pf" °'6tU"
Qf/JjIl'-y", ', .      ■■*,"„' '■.", .-"" -    " ■ -
Aftli"ur■ Jrla-Afkiii&>sft^if^>'iO'%,ft,fl:^o■a;0■f, the
celebrated; IS)i.glfeh 'judgeV died  Iju   tlie
periled :eells.- th\§"" lKOriiiji.^ ".a   S*i:eti°m.   of
ilicohpl:., ";jl:IO'lia^"bee.i'i *fi.|a;i,iy yua'i'a a res-i:-
' dehb pf the .pyoyfyrfe.
Another Brush With Filipinos.
JlXxihA,   July   13.—On   Tuesday   the
at MantUphla on the sontli shore of the
lake. Tliey found 500 insnj'gents en-
tixnclied near the shore. The Napedian
shelled the rebels a,hd a party of Amci'i-
.catl troops, numhei'iiig 135, landed ami
d'i*o\*e them by a sharp I'unniMg fight to
the hilts, Avhere they Were too strongly
eiitceiiched for a small force to attack
tliom. T\vci oi the cavalrymen were
vvovlnded anil the bodies of ten itisiu'-
geutg Were I'ottud. it is sujrposed thai
the eiieury's loss is tihirty»frve.
Gerald Pollock, tlie seven-year old son
of Mrs. Pollock, liepheAV.of Mrs. A. R.
Sherwood, avIio has been suffering from
an attack of typhoid fever, aviis reported
to be out of danger last night.
• There was no regular nieeting of the
public Avorks committee yesterilay as intended, but one or two of the members
had an informal discussion yesterday
with the city engineer and AV. P. Dickson
as to the best .method of improving" the
electric light plant. A special meeting of
the city council has been called for this
evening at S o'clock Avhen the engineers
mentioned will present their report.
George H.'West, general accountautfor-
contractor   fins   Carlson   on UieKaslo Ac
Lardo-Duncan ■ rdacI,"   is in   Nelson.-   He
will endeaA'or   while   here   to" ascertain
The French Shore Difficulty.
St. Johns,  Newfoundland, .July tii'.	
jAno'thcr evidence of the deteriitina€i(»lM.).f'
tins Britisli to force il settlement of the
I'Vcneh Shore question was afforded hy
tlie action of the colonial legislaliji'e last
night in passing a bill granting mining
leases along the shore. Mr. Morine, minister of finaiice, in moving tlie I'eydbig of
the bill said lie expected within a- few
months that all restrictions upon mining
operations along the coast would be removed by the action of tlie Britisli
A Brantford Tragedy,
Brantfoiu), Ontario, July 13.—-James
O'lleilly, cigarmaker, aged 31, drove into
the country on a. s))rec with Tims. Cunningham early this morning, liis horse
aviis captured near town with O'Reilly's
lifeless body entangled in the reins.', ft
was dragged for over a- mile. Cunningham told'Contradictory stories and an inquest has been ordered.
Police Man the  Trolley Gars.
London, July 13.—Trolley cars manned
by police are running today. -, A. HoAvay
a j)roinjneiv,t:.;x'iti/.en:,''was committed for
*i,i'ial today oil the.charge of breaking car
windows. Summons are issued for a
large number of rioters.
■enays   that' Mr - Senllbi "01^" |^*,yC4fct^ii
.sliould have eAftfr, ^e^ifefeil""'^^'^'^^!.
inei.it of such a law";   tind   ifxe 0.nIy..Ayay|
' tli at tliey ca^n "redee;ni ilie^fe'elyesn'tl)fef^*^"^r^l
its repeal."'  . -■ .-
Trying to Beat Out the, Bylaw;
Although the city council is supposed
bo be opposing the breadh of tlitofirelhhits'
byhnv vvliicli is being made by the erec*
tion of tlie additioli to the Broken IH\1
bkw-k, the building is being *capldly fcgih-
pleiL'd and tlicehaiiees are that Allien it
i.s up it will .stay up. Tjie first move" pf
the acting city soiicifcor hi tlie matter*
was lo continence 'proee«litigsagf(fi,iS't'tl;f«i
owners ol'the block foi' not; ffiitiishif'g
Iriii^ mikI \eveh of the new biiildiiig, S,Si
Taylor, Q.'('., who is haltdling, the case foi-
the owners "f the blofk took objections
to the summons fesiifed on, tlaj grOUi-idi
that the erection noAv UlidOi' Way is nut a
new building but merely ail* addition to
the jiresent One. In view of tin's objection tlie acting city solicitor was not ready
to pi-oceed with the case and an adjOurij-
nieiil w.as asked foi' until Monday next,
in granting the adjournment the magistrate <aid that he Avas ready to hear the
case nt once, but tliat ho could not interfere with sucli arrangements as the
counsel on cither side might make.
Texada Iron Mine Sold.
Victouia. July 13.—It is reported that
J. 1). Rockefeller has purchased the Texada iron mines,  the  consideration   being
in the   neighborhood   of   $125,000.     Six
years ago an offer was made to  buy  the
mines and   $2;"S0.000   was  asked   for   the
■■roperty. . That was at a time  Avhen an
iron foundry avus taking a portion of the
output and Northwest prices were much
higher than at present.    The Texada iron
mines are  the best  in  the A\-est.     The
quality  of the ore is excellent aud the
mines are within tAvo hundred feet of tide
AVater.     Steamers   which.' Avould   carry
aAvay  the product could lie at that dis--
[ tanee and load with the raAy product. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C,   FRIDAY, JULY   M,   1899.  GAIN  ^mmmm  IN DRESS GOODS  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  %  100 Blouses for   125 Blouses for   150 Blouses for   175 Blouses for   100 Blouses for .       .       .  225 Blouses for   250 Blouses for   300 Blouses for   375 Blouses for .       .       .  450 Blouses for .   500 Blouses for . "    .       .  550 Blouses for .  600 Blouses for .       .       .       ���  !>  CALL AND SEE THEM  ffl  80c  ffl  $1.00  ffl  1.25  ffl  1.40  ffl  1.65  ffl  1.90  ffl  2.00  ffl  2.50  ffl  3.00  ffl  3.50  ffl  4.00  ffl  4.50  ffl  5.00  ffl  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO  BANK  OP   B. C.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  TEEMS  o-A-sia:  <����:&��:��*:& ��:��:��: &&&&��:&^&��:&&��:��T^  M  and must be very weak when the coarse  abuse is printed over an fictitious  name. Since the government decided to  (uiforce the eight-hour law for men working underground in mines. Tiik Timiu'nk  has from time to time defined its position.  If this position is not to the liking of  some of the opponents of the law that is  their privilege; but throwing mud at the  editor of Tin-: Tliiur.vio will not change  Tiik Timiu'.vm's position.  AN   ENGLISH   MOTHER.  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Mte'^vibxmz.  Datly Edition'.  Weekly Edition.  ... First Yeak, No 1(13  . Seventh Yeak, No. 35  The Rossland Miner, as is Well known,  is- owned -by F. Augustus Hein/.e of Butte,  Montana, who came to British Columbia  in 1895 with, a shoestring and-departed  with a. gripsack full of good Canadian  money in 189S. It is also well known  that the  late Turner  government was  my;  I'yyyi'  Wyff  W&-'"j-$k  -".. V5N5* ��*f".w Ay��.'.KM���*v��;."i��. .'������>��v*..iif:,.e..jC"e-riW'��� ���  r ��� ;���fi*)-j'aisei.tl\e^be-npf-i-ctoi's :pi.%t}i :g^uexylx)Key  :,-.��t^vi'sgji it. iieye'-c^erioolis* a'^hanee-�� it-p^b'* ���  tor he is called on by the city to prosecute the same client for doing what he  advised him to do before becoming acting  city solicitor. It is needless to say the  interests of the city have not. been very  vigorously defended so far.  If.the bylaws recently revised at an  expense of several hundred dollars are to  be broken at Avill by our best citizens,  the city can be saved; several hundred  dollars by the cancellation _of the';order  -Jf^^heig^tbh.^  Kvory week of every season out of Knglish jmrl.-tKo I'orl h.  While of sull or while of trail, east, or wi'si, or miiU.Ii, or  north.  Seal U'i'iliK like a Ui^hl of piKeons, hull' a hundred home-  sli-k ships  Hearing hull' 11 thousand  striplings--each Willi kisses on  his lips  Of sonic silent   molhiT, fearful  lesl she show lioi'solf loo  fond,  (living him lo hush or desert, 11s ono pays 11 sacred honil.  Toll us, you who hide your heiirl-Urenk -Which is sadder  when all's clone.  To repine, 1111 Knglish mother, or lo roam, 1111 Knglish son.'  You who shared your babe's lirst. sorrow when his ohoek  no longer pressed  On lho perfect, snow nnd rose-leaf beauty of your mother-  hreasl,;  In the rigor of his 111t1M.itru.  was your woniiin's mercy  mute.  Knowing he was doomed tb exile wilh lho savage nnd  t.he brute (  Did  you school yourself to absence, all his adolescent.  years, ,  Tluit, though you  he torn wilh parting, he should never  see t ho tears'!  Now liis ship has left the oiling for I he many-inoiil hod sea,  This your guerdon, empty heart, hy empty bod lo hend  the knee!  .And if ho be but the latest thus lo leavo your dwindling  board,  Is a sorrow less for being added to a sorrow's hoard?  Is the inother-pnin the duller that today his brothers  stand,  ��� '    ' '  Kneiiig ambuscades of Congo or alarms of 7. jl 11 land?���  Toil, whore blizzards drift, thosnow like sniokoacross the  plains of death.'���  Kaiiit. wliere tropic fens at morning steam with fever-  laden breath 1���  Die, that in some distant river's veins the English blood  may run���  Mississippi, Vangtsc, Ganges, Nile, Mackenzie, Amazon?  Ah ! you still must wait and suiter in a solitude untold,  While your sisters of the nations call you passive, call  you cold-  Still must scan the news of sailings, breathless, search  the slow gazette,  Find the dreaded name and, later, get his blithe  farewell!   And yet���  Sliall the lonely at tho hearth-stone shame the legions  who have died.  Grudging not the price  their country pays for progress  and for pride V  ���Nay, but England, do not ask us thus to emulate your  scars  Until women's tears aro reckoned in the budgets of your  wars.  OLIE^IRIlSrG-  J.  E  DRY GOODS  BOOTS  AND SHOES  r'TPM'TQ* MILLINERY  FUBNISHINGS PURNIS**|0����1  ,lv?pi)I|^  flmfSt*  p'. q(tf-. jjav  ]%^0^i0Wf^ifS^^HS*-!^ }$$$ SW  (������^"yip'LBt:  y^yFip^,i^^^gflHyp$ $,'��'��?> ^Jg-^Qlf^^  wi ���.^B.urSi't^,iS^$ijii.nC'' .fehiiegS'^, saAi$( :0j*jliei's'.��  p|^��/^!f?33.^i::fei--|,}y����'^qI'-uBf"bill, .o-w^sAw '"$!& phege"  jv>^;|e^eVnpJlf$;ge'utl.eh  : "4tpaid*.tli.einv^ndlPat ,b''i,'IarL^l:'s#ri*be' Hived  3>yypd"jw"fite thpin to that effect.  d?D. -B"S y        . .-.$ -. n n^  "' f^.r-WijivT a farce the Ja;w is, tp he sure.  y^T|i;e "&ifry of .kelson has a city solicitor  " wh.o receiyes" a salary of one thousand  dollar!*! a yeai;'* At present lie is indisposed, and the city's legal business is  looked after by the city solictors few  partner. The lawr iJartner, before be-  cOiiiing acting city solictor, advised a  client how to evade one of the city's by-  fews.   Al'ter becoming acting"city soljei-  SUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  kfyii,^Qiiie���*of f,o*ur* best"\ci;ti55ueu,sS�� As laW -tlfa't  ���ffAfolfen"��it ".Jufci*(Jsii1jf.; "6ii -'a- -"gdn6|l;\."citiz0ji  '^lioAilcl^liya^l^e; ^epg^l-qVL "��� '-''LaAVs' ,are^  ',;6j!p'yf ina'de' -id '"be:;ejifp*r��^dv"a-.gawS.tv|a"|:",  f%3"oqi)pl(*!^"i]'\|vl3';��}SlS^ Afti^h4lOlls"QS'!  ���; aud":labori!iig iiigh" who drifik -iv-hisky,  ��� ������   OPiiK'.caiu.'fe lhnslb 'be w'eak; *\\dieii.%eo{i|'se,;  -1 fibuseiis ilesQi'ted to Histead7 of".ai'gniireiits,  In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,  we will offer the balance of our spring and summer stock at a  Special Bargain Sale Commencing Monday, July 10th  this Week we are showing a special llqe of  POTS  AMD  HAHGrING  fWh*b sell: "piy Gfea(m."   We do ngt  (pl^wpAk h biB*fl*e^rltl*i#)T[*k\): glbef brands^  but only. as;k; a jFair irfelyid'donvmod  you that jf..is- "the. equal of any.  Ladies' and Children's Department.  Ladies' Cotton Shirt Waists, less than cost, 25c up.  11      Silk Blouse from v$3-00 each up.  n       Cotton Wrappers, to clear, from 50c up.  11       Black Alpaca and Serg*e Skirts $2.00 up.  Children and Misses' Black Cotton Hose 10c per pair  Ladies' Black Cotton Hose 15c per pair.  11 11       Cashmere Hose 25c per pair.  ���ii      Summer Corsets 50c per pair.  11       Cotton Undervests from 10c each up.  11      Silk Undervests, half price, 50c each up.      ;-���  f^^iMI^^Ies^lMrf^  .��" *.- /���"���^��vs"?>/?i��,,*v=Sf!.r^'�� Jnsi9,i% ly^iffl. sky, ���������.,.; ,w".'*f-i��,'i-:��f'5:.."-, --"."  :. v ^ ;��� -l^^ishcU^ej^f^LI'i^te x y  >.-.   ',''" .".' .-'".�����*' V'!jr'gi&'*-,-V'''C',h'' "^ ���4V*.".i";J.*t�� "���">"%��"'���!".'"!"". ""."���  Silk Department.  Black Brocade Dress Silks from 50c a yard up.  Barg*ains in Blouse Silks in waist lengths.  Washing Silks, plain striped and checked 35c up.  Boot and Shoe Department.  As we intend to close out   this department,  we   will  , clear the entire stock at cost prices.  Cents' Furnishings Department.  ;fe^djie^"'S.gj'f^i;^^\^^eik'ai^ii^��-l"- '     '���_";" ������','.'���*'.���.-*1;    *  l^ite^8 ^n4! "C'hjilS at .Half ��� F:!)i$e��"n";:  IrJss BbiGyisvilepaEtmeiiti  0 .   ��� ' n   d      ��u . " o      ��      Q��       .      0.  (&'l^rh Eand-jfiai^py^ IHgwi^A^Ipa^as frorn .a^e���Ay0alr4;���*tpi-s.:  . Fit'ndy .feofei'etllDregs."(jo0ck*"from a^c. tf 5fafd'".u;p)." " -..".'  ��^afiGy��D-r���eS��/G&iirrfie "Patlerils.Jess. trjati .cosr]..  |lighnt and ;Dat*k W'^p!l*ing Bfjiiifs, lialf pricOj. ��7^a,c a yd>  Wll'i'te .3��Wisfs,.'Sti?};p:e-d! &nA. Checked Miisiins' fr.om."St, up.  .y ^,  '.SnB*. '  iyh^^e^mm^2gm.Wi%  . o  .^'aibl.e^v^oyefs^wfe/exti'e^.ejy!' .lp\i-"Bpriaes>;- ���       "������:,,���,.2.1  Curfa'in^lPb]^ &$&[ W.i^d:qsyy%u44hM -^e^v ".":.":'.- ^\ "."���.%  I,,, ������ a?o"'��!��^4fe|f%:"CfJp^^ "yyy. .SfJ:^},'?  We pa;Rtie.u1I-aTl.y cal:l atteilti.on? to- thespeciat bargai��ri$  "���-.."��� df i'e;ip,wants, Stcv, 'Qn, this ..cdti^ter.   ":'El3^e"B':  ,feve &6p to go".    A{llLeicf4i-*a Vc<ltre,"    "     ":  A  SAMPLE  CAN"  SMS  &  IIcaitouartcrH for  FIRST-GLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We mako a specialty of  Stiiplap arid Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Oflleo nnd yard near C.P.K. depot   K. G. BKKR, Agent.  Awiy below regular price.  Thomson Stationery Co., L"  Wbfit Bakor Street.      TGlopliOJm 13.  4^O3?QBIA��BL0��l^^Al^il^8mR13Et^^  Charles A. Waterraen & Co,  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BEAL ESTATE and  Baker Street, Nelson  SMIL  HaVo just received it consignment of 'Harris lioiiio  niade tweeds froni Talbot Hiiri'is; Scotlandi  mm l SqfflBE, Bate St. Jelson  ;j!he supply is limited, so call early, unci examine this stock.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land -within one and. a  quarter miles of Nelson.   Foi-further  particulars apply to -  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   O.  FOR  NUMBER  ONE  These  hot  summer   days   is   a   duty  you  really owe to "No. 1."  ��� Probably tlie   best  thing to. do  is to fortify your system with some  WELL KNOWN TONIC  . We   have   all   the   standard   preparations  tliat are recommended for this purpose.  Wo have a flin* iissoptificiit'ot >voolons always  on hand.' (3odd.�� inade mi at tlte shortcut possible notice. As everything is kept and niude  pn the promises, satisfacclon Is assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Corner of JJaker and Stanley Street*. Nelson  If you want ft natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring and summer, I have over 500 different patterns of Scotch and Knglish tweeds,  which I will make to your order at the low  Brice of i,  .$25  lack Venetians mako a nice suit for summer wear at ��� ��21  Blaek serge suits in sack or morning coat.. ?21  A  heavy Scotch  tweed,   nice patterns for  business suit  �� $18  Trousers at equally low prices. Fit and finish  no better in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a  specialty.   Clement bloek, Baker street.  Stevens, Tl|e Tailor  Strictly first-class. Hates, ��3 per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNISH HI) KOOJIS; SINGLE AND EN SUITE.  Not, and cold water, bal hs, electrifi liKht, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped  wilhexils and lire escapes. 51,h flloor Marion block,- corner Kiversido and Stevens streets.  FIHST DOOE WKST BANK B. C. BUHjDINO.  FOR  BUSIXKSS AND BKSIDKNTIAI,  PROPERTY  !f0 by  120, Baker street, between Josephine and  \Viirdstroels ..,.....$8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephines alid Hall  streets.....  1500  SO by 120, Bakor street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner. ��....-   30 by 120, East Baker street.    800  25 by 120 with) improvements, south side of Vernon  street..  5000  SO by 120 with improvements, south side of Vornon   '  Street ��...  G000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snafi).. JOOO  2J lots with cottage rented at ��15 per month, "victoria  street   3500  1 lot with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  street.  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ?20 per month, ftanloy  street ,.., '.  3000  8 lots in block iiD, all cleared and fenced in......... 2500  For general information' on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  10-lloom Mouse, centrally locaifcftd, $2800.  G-Iioom Cottage and 2: Lots oil Carbonate  street,, ftllOQ, easy terms.  5-Eoom   Mouse on  Stanley street, ��0100.  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines aiid Aiiniug Stocks Customs Broker  REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AGENTS  Gharles  D.  J.  GENERAL  BROKER.  ������    T\yo lots with tWQ=story Jfouso on LHtimcr  ���  sl,j'oet.-ncnr.I.osQijliii.io ���..,,,..;.,....,.,..,,��1800������ ... .  Terins:   $1200 cjl'-Ii, blilanKO dn mortgage,  Sixty-ncre ranch, jiinb miles from city oh hike:  shoi'e.  ,.  SJ1000  Oiiclialf Casin liulahee On mortgage.  On   loan eonflitioiisaro the cheapest, and bost  oU'ored.   Von tail repay at uuy time without  I'OIItw;  British Coimnbla I'eriiVanent Savings & Loan Coinpa'ny>  Globe Savings & Lodh Co., Toroifto.  I2sTiS*0*R^.*ISrO*HJ  Plre, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  "W^IMD BEOS.  Heal Estate and General Agents, Baker St.. Nelson  Fl^TYMJIUINEBY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  -     JOSEPHINE STIIEKT, NKLSON  fire, life, Accident and sickness  real estate and loans.  TO LET���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALE���Real estate in all parts of the city.  T-BLE^HONB  35  During the, season wo will do-  liver ice at private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  FOR SALE.  A building and.lot on First, Avenue iii the town, of  ���Ymir. Items' Tor $it) per month. Will be sold cheap for-  cash. , jt-or further particulars apply Id John A. Kirkpatrick, Nelson, It, O.  GAMBLE dfe O'RjBIJULtY, Agts  Bilker Street.West, Nelson, B. CV  Lots for Safe  ��500 will purchase a choice residence comer, 100 by 120  feet.    ��2100 will purchase a central lot. and residence.  S100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.  ��2000 will purchase two nice lots and cottage.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  Uuy Fairmont shares for a rise.  50UO Utiea at 2 cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bocckh block, Nolson, B. C.  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  ChimneySweep  Prompt, al.t.eiition given to nil orders loft al, M. Pos-  Hri*iay.& Co's, Haker street, Nelson,  ' '; THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY, JULY  14, 1899.
all paid
Hon. GKO. A. DUUMMONI) Vico-Prosidont
K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     IlKANfllIKH  IN     	
hikI in the principal cities in (Junadu.
Huy and  -i^i-
*nig  Kxe.li.ingo and Cable Transfers
available in any part of t.lin world.
Emperor William lias elevated Herr
von Billow, minister of foreign affairs, to
the rank ancl title oi' count. His elevation is a recognition of his services in securing the Baroline islands for Germany.
According to the Chicago Times-Herald a New York Chinaman has been sued
by-his wife's dressmaker. This disposes
of the-old theory that Chinamen are incapable of partaking of western civilization.
The Montreal girl who is suing her
septuagenarian uncle for breach of promise wrote him a loving letter a few
months ago asking him for a lock of his
dear hair. Now she Avants his scalp, says
the Toronto Globe.
It has been definitely decided that the
young duke of Albany, grandson of queen
Victoria, is to succeed to the throne of
the grand-duchy of Saxe-Cobnrg and
Gotha, on the abdication of the duke of
Edinburgh and the renunciation of the
duke of Connaught
The Gaulois of Paris publishes an insulting letter addressed to president Loubet by lieutenant ■ Arnal, in which the
writer says: "I hate you because you
harm Franco. Twice have I blushed Avith
shame at having to carry a sword and
Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlir*, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yuk.on. District.
Carlyle, Rossini, Talleyrand. Bull'on ;
among the last, Loyola and Franklin,
both thirteenth children ; Schubert a
fourteenth child ; and Volta, a seventh
child. The professor thinks this arises
from psychological reasons and a law of
Probably the most valuable work of
Anna 15. Khunpke, the San Francisco
portrait-painter, is a recent, portrait of
Rosa Bonheur, painted at the great artist's request a few weeks before her
death. Miss Klumpke is something besides an artist. She holds the degree.of
doctor of mathematics from the Sor.-
bonne, in Paris, and has been employed
in the French bureau of measurements.
She has also exhibited paintings in tlie
Salon. Her portrait is the last one ever
painted of Miss Bonheur, and is said to be
one of the best ever executed.
Admiral Dewey i.s of old fighting stock,
and he has now become a member of both
societies of descendants of the American
revolution. Upon his own application he
was admitted to the Vermont Sons of the
'■''tititf'iiie: (fpppx ibl icaii, „„ oifipti j^u'" '?unjclV*h\ -
" 't'ql'^stetthl.'ia<it fhap, ,Jahie$,]iiuchaxuhi wii§s'
" ' ^leeted^||es&leiii',° o'iv" au,' ei*-#efid!tihi?ei °cp
-|HSv(l£fe/ Tlio 'optimffpy lor plW H\\phan2
°W"fj0$$&' siS ^lon(jl„.fam:es* #. Jlerref^ Q:f-:
"."Wa^hiilglJon:,. xvlxO i\\'ks ii Sn'em.beiJ of flip
Deniooraitie eWnmitt^'diai^ci "with ilx"&,
,e^peudiiui^ ot m^u0y."°;
KNIGHTS  OK PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,
Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall, corner
Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
EWART & CARRIE—Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.
FB. HARPER, musical director, leader Nelson Or-
•    chestra.   Musicians furnished for all occasions on
short notice.   Telephone C2.
WANTED—To rent a small furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune office.
WANTED—Situation as bookkeeper or bookkeeper's
assistant. Graduato of Northora Business College, Owen Sound. Address A. N. Winlaw, Tribuno
ollice. Nelson.  ----.'■     .        '      - ■     - . -..
^^^VNTE'D^Hbii^e^oJbui-j ocWii.t'no^T-Si'x'i-ooni'sfa-ii'd.:
°f«;v"l°"'p6Tv\:-en:iehce§ij JAp°pl>j(«J'.-iJ.^R^TjibuWe.Sftlce'^f.ji
American Revolution, on November 14th,
1892, his brother Charles, president ofthe
National Life Insurance Company, and a
resident bf Montpelier, being admitted at
the same time. William Tarbox Dewey,
son of Charles, became a member on
November 9th, .1890. Recently the admiral received the compliment of an election as life member of the New York
Sons of the Revolution .(in lieu of honorary membership, for which that society
has no provision), and is now entitled to
wear the badge of both organi/.tions.
One ofthe main features of the Rough
Riders' reunion at Las Vegas, New Mexico, was the presentation to governor
Roosevelt of a solid gold medal. It is
pendant from a bar by gold chains, V-
shaped, with the ends attached to the bar
and joined to the medal at the centre.
On the bar is the inscription, "Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt." Between the bar
and the-..medal the coat-of-arms of New
Mexico is engraved. On the medal proper
are crossed sabres, and above them is the
monogram "R. R. R." Below the sabres,
is the foIloAving : "Presented by the citizens of New Mexico; Las Vegas, N. AL,
June 24th, 1899." On the circular edge
of the medal are the Avords "San Juan,"
"Las Guasimas," "Santiago." In the
centre, just beloAv the crossed sabres, is a
diamond. -.    *
Japs Are Not Inferior.
Toronto News.
The decision of the federal goA'ernment
to veto any hostile legislation against the
Japanese on the part of the British Columbia ; legislature is an eminently wise
course to take. The only tenable ground
upon Avliich such legislation could be
sanctioned would' be the inferiority of
the Japs  to other classes  of immigrants.
It is a .well-known fact —of which eA'ery
person who reads newspapers has had
plenty of evidence - that the Japanese
are a superior people to many Europeans
upon Avhom Canada has imposed no restrictions whatever. The fact that
Japan is contiguous to China causes
many superficial observers to class them
together, AVhereas their mode of thought
and manner of life is altogether different.
It may be the case that Japanese laborers Avork for lower wages in British Columbia than Canadians, but that condition of things will not last any longer
than is necessary for them to make the
S. Davis Holland | Grunt. Morris. Ymir
P. Burns c£ Co.
Kurd,Greenwood | C. Stanton, K'io
M. Ruddock and wife, l-'lk-
H. Rutherford, Halifax
G. If. Hello)'.'Oro
II. K. SIrohm, Duluth
If. ItaiidorlUiuid wife,Krio
THI0MONT.        °
Mrs. Gardner, Kaslo I H. Grant, Oro
Charles Cameron, Balfour | AI. Harrison, Uobson
H, Durroll. Wan eta
C. Nelson, Ainsworth
Samuel Underbill, Ainsworth
Wiley Skcrs, AthabascA
\V. li. Truman, Spokane
N. Dnd'rier, Slocan
Lee Fulton, Sandon
H. Gafl'ney, Pilot Bay
AI, Horn, Republic
H. A. McDonald, Lardo
A. Stewart, Slocan City
N. Gothing, Slocan City
James McGregor, Rossland
Thomas Hughes, Lockport,
W. IT. Tennant, Medicine
J. If. Edwards, Ro=sland
Ed.   Gosselin,   Silver   Hill
T. G. Vornon, Victoria
Bruce AVhite. Revelstoke
Frank  Seaman  and wife
Geo. Hindi, Toronto
Geo. Aftel, Montreal
A. G. Yuill, Medicine Hat
Geo. S. West, Bedlington
T. G. Frster, Toronto
W. Cauldwelly, Toronto ,
D. McQuarrie, Winnipeg
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at jfolson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon,.Silverton, Cascade
City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood ancl Sirdar.
promptly forwarded Head Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
, ■■ :n"^r^sspr" ^Befl^Mt^ 'I$& - Wlieelep bjr
''0oijSiiQ.il . "uniybil^it-^^WJift-JiaS 'hej&x eleptejt'
pi'as^dodtlpf €lie^'®Iifdt'lliaf:DS„t(fc'te uliiven-
Sifjy,    ill though   still    "a   edifip'M'aliiveJy
. yOuiig iiiaiii has gained jnticli fame as a
2phi^'Qiogisb-,,. Sis spoensiity is &i'ee,k, aild,"
heserved fpv Several years as iil-'striietor
in tlie classical sciiool at^Atheus "before"?!
going to CorpellV A vecqiifc history- of
AlQx&Bcto\ the Cfreat, willfrleu; by him,
has a*ttrt*iptec] lilneli afcteiitioii.
. Di,:. Daniel Ifelkiiiar, -formerly lectiirej?
in" sdiology tit tke university* of Chicago,
has been appointed- as professor Of anthropology* fife tlie ue\y university of
^i^uJselsT^Belgiiiin, being one of few iia~
tive Americans who havO held a foreign
professorship. He has also "just received
the title of doctor of social sciences from
tho university. His thesis, a large volume oh "Philosophical Anthropology,''
Will shortly bo published in both, French
and English.,
George Wray, aged One huudfed aiid
three years, secured a divorce in Columbus, Indiana, oh June 22nd, fl'Olii Susan
E. Wrily, aged thirty. He had been
married four times, outliving three wives.
He said that his last wife, came to hint
and offered to take care of him if lie
Would many her, but that she had robbed
him of over one thousand dollars in gold
since they were married, eight years ago.
He is the progeuitor of a great part of
the Wray family iu southern Indiana,
having several great-great-grandchildren.
Captain William A. Andrews started
from Atlantic City on the I8th ultimo, to
cross the ocean in a little sloop-rigged
boat, twelve feet long, five feet wide, and
twenty-two iuches deep. He carries provisions for two months, and expects to
reach tlie Azores in forty days. He has
made the voyage before in a boat hot
much larger than the one which now
bears him. Ou the same day, Howard
Blackburn sailed from Gloucester for
England by way of the Newfoundland
coast and the Irish channel in a boat
thirty feet long. '
Professor Axeufeld of Perugia has discovered that three-fifths of all men of
distinction are first-born children; the
other two-fifths are either second or third
children, or else the youngest of A'ery
large families. Among the first, he
points out Luther, Dante, Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci, Confucius, Heine,; Seliopen-,
hauei", Goethe, Ariosto, Mohammed,
Shelley, Arasinus, Milton, Byron,.Moliere,
'^•^V^tfe^^ faW\eare=o"6a"b'iiby.:;
".VVv:&ppJy:a4<£h;e^^^^ "-"-;*■*";:":.
'T7l^^^,T]$D"i^J^vo"or£llre"c, rooms, for Ifeht'lSo'usclieop*
■ ;YV"=   ing.   "JJoQliiiaVeii., P. 0: Box OoG.'Nolspli. V  ""
TT^-AjNjED^Kmployineiit :aH''lH)ukke?>'dcr:orm'iiickc*cp&^
"3y; "'.by youiig'niiVii.'Oxperieii-c^d:" l^.M.',-„TrilJ,iri)S.:
^NtED-Jlpl^bo^at'l,^^^^^^ \ .""•"
FOR "RBNU'^Eiirnished' l'odiw,- frpnt parldr,, jyith *6u
iyvitUout, bdai'ds   'FoiHtlr-IiouiSd ea$iy"of iSCcfchoHtst
dliurclif ibc'tween "Josepliiifg aiid Hall Streets," Nelson!    ""
0' "Rj''N''l!'i-;H!\: furhisftcd .rooni ;cbii\:eilieiit " £6 ,'Biilicr
" Strict,, .Apply; PostotticO'tfoxlS,. Nbls61i#'lJi;0j    "'
;.T OST^L-ildiqs Obld, Huijting„,Case& W;at"ch on! TiieSr
iJLJ* »daj», ibetv'dqn, Staiiloy* aiiil' Latimer ..Str"eets,.„aiid.
tile sitieltcr. i'en dollars reward. Arthur Painter, Latii-
lifor 'fifcrbiSfr, jVcSC of Stialildy.
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
...     .1,-
Inside Finish
local and coast.
n„_V-' lpcolnand'-.c-qost,..=I-   "
©f essed ^uniber
■        ■        of nil kliitls;
;If Syhat, ybuwant isviiot in stock .wciwill mako it foryoii
wheelwright. .
Specinl attention Bivon to all kinds of repairing and
custom work from outside points.
Shop:   Ha" Street, between. Baker and Vernon, Nelson
0. W. West & Co.
the Imperial Oil Go.   Starjdard Oil Co.
Washington Brick aqd Lirne Co.
The H. W. K|cNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Ar-th/a-
cite Coal (Hard)
Dealers \i\
■     » ■ ■
Rough an4 Dressed Lumber
D6ors itnd Sash
Fence Posts and Pickets
Office and Store. Fittings
factohv work donk to OnDKUil
Sucii as
Scroll Sawing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes and
General Joinery Work
Glass of all Sizes and Kinds
Sawmill on GovernfilOilt wliarf.
Factory and oilleo, cornOr Hall street and C.I'.R. track
Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.
Will deiivcr in ton lots
Brick $12 per thousand.
At yard or on scows at government wharf.
The West lvootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd,
Baker Street.       T. G. PROOTOR, Manager
Do You Want One?
If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the
best cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order
with me. ,
Pix hundred dollars worth of new Koods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.
Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Kootenay Colfcc Co.
A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also
a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.
Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson
Telephone, 9! Jollll    RaC,   AgCllt
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out lo order, and shipped to Nelson in carload. lot«
Write for prices. .     ,   .■_■{;
Alex. Lucas, Vancouver
Captain C. L. Marks, London, Kng.
Mrs. and Miss Gilbert, London, Kng.
M. C. Martin, Rossland
M. Lai (oil, Rossland
F. L. Christie, Sandon
P. .1. Hickcy, Sandon
A. J. McLellau, Victoria
New York
Miss Gilbert, Detroit
F. J. Whitney. St. Paul
Miss Whitney, St. Paul
Geo. G. Whitney, St. Paul
Don Campbell, St. Paul
The Tremont Hotel
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
Baker Street, Kelson   E. G. TRAVES, Manager
All communications relating to  British  Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.fO. Drawer
505, Nelson, British Columbia
. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager*,   .,,-.   o^ki     »   s\
i. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer f  INtLoUN,   B. O.
,baeer;sT;Iieet, ^els0^. -i ■
■Hlea|(Bd vvitb -Hot, JMr arid
bighrted; By EJeGitrteiiy
Keeps a full line of
And all other brands ofthe
Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company
_ AT,JAgjORY^RICE^.,- ;-„: ,,,
of nsTELSoisr,* ,b. c
■%fli,"L  Lu ■" yi,~
$"$2° y^.^fl fS'»-
Largc comfOrLablb beftrooms and   llrst-claS§  dining
rpbm.. Sahiplo foonig ;f6r: opniiuercial'mo|i..
*BJjA.S,'3B3B   S2   I'iBK   ij5iA"ST   .
.  E.  G.
La£o of the Royal; Jloteli Calgaty-i
H. D. \\Um, Manager.
The llnciSt hotel in the interior.
Large sample rooms.   StOam heat and olcctnc liglit.
The only hotot in Nel.spn that hnu remained under ono
niaiiftBenidnt kIdqo 1890.
The bcd-.room8 are  wall lurniKhed  anil   lighted by
The dtmtig-rooM in not second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and
imported llqtfors and cigars.
THOMAS aiADDKN. Proprietor.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable ratOH . Sample rooms
Electric bells and liglit in every room
Henovatcd and refurnished throughout
J. V. PERKS, Proprietor
Freo bus meets all trains
Hourly street car to station
t|agg|^p^ of       .\"
SiifiWS CANVAS";-■■"-
;■.■■■■-;•■■;-■■'■-■.• :=  i#ki4 dolors 'y ■ —'     .    ;
Suitable fdr HS.DseTdMr't^i;n1s■a,h^d, Awnings.    Orders filled Promptly.      -*
■'■■ ;;'.fWK8k'-;-*/IADSON..' .'■■
Ml ip||ly and Constpuetion Co.
Complete Electric "BpTulppa^nts for Bl&otrie Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns
Electric Fixtures. Lamps, Bella, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.
P. O. Box 606: Josephine Street, Nelfson. B. O.
Fiiie Lager Beep^
Revelstoke, B. C.
Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of
lcsts arriving and departing by night train*.
OfTcr fresh roasted oofFcc of best quality as follows:
Java and Arabian Muclia. per pound S   I"
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds   1 00
Fine Santos, 4 pounds .' ■...-.■ •  ■'■ .'J'
Santos Blond, f> pounds ;....... —.  1 w.
Our Special Ulend, li pounds     1 ''"
Our Rio Roust, (5 pounds  j...   IW
'. A trial order solicited.     ■'," 2-■•.'.'    :■(_   •'
Salesrooms 2 Doors  East- of. Oddfellows   BlooKi   West
■ * Baker Stsoot * " .
Nelson Iron Works
lib-pairs promptly attended to.       V. 0. Box 17»,
Crow's Nest Pass Goal Co.
Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.
*      J. LAIKG STOCKS, Secretary
At ofllce of the Duiioaii Mines, Limited.
The only restaurant in the city
employing only white cooks.
Merchants'lunch frorn 12'to? 3,
o'clock, 25 ceritSi Dinner from 5
to S.    Short orders  at  all; ^Hours>
Vienna RestaMmni
Baker street, between Josephine atid:
Hull streets, Nelson.
Boats built to order. Repairing '»"d fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rods nnd tackle
mended.   At Government wharf, NcNm.
Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general
nieeting of the National '.'old and .Silver .Mining Company, Limited Liability, will ho hold ai the olllce of .John
A. Turner F.sii.. in ihe Turner Si Boeckh block, corner
of \\'iml and Bilker stri-eN. N'i'Mn. II, (.*... on Mon-lny,
Hie 171h ilay of July. lrSill, ul four o'clock in tlie aftur-
.110011". for the piii.p"0M\i>r iiu-rca.^itiK the number of dtree-
.liirs (if ■lire.'comiian.v, IIUiiiK any" vurriiii'y'oil lhe board,
caused bv anv director lieiiiK uniible to act,, or ceasing to
he a i|i>al'illcd~»hnri!holilcr. and the tralisiiction of such
other business as may he lawfully brouKht. before it.
- J. \V. WAIjUl'K,'SecroUvry.
. Dated at Nelson, B. C„ this Ilth day ot July A.D. 18U9.
First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner
Ward and Carbonate Streets, in rear of English church.
Heated by steam. Table board $4, room and boBird $£
"ind S5.50.
A collection of floo Bolsinin Canaries for sale.
The Taimior Aline, Limited. Albert Canyon, on tho
nmin line uf the C. P. II, L'imilofa east of Revelstoke, requires six good miners.   Wages 83.50 per day.
(Ex-ShcrifT of South Kootenay)
Cash advanced on consignments Ol merchandise.
I'ostoflice Box 57'2 Nelson, B. C.
'"~"card" ^"thanks!
Jlr. A. II. Ifoldich, assayer and analytical ehemist,
tier's to, announce his removal from Nolson to Uevolsfcoko
where his business will be carried on in future. Mr.
Holdich desires to tlw k his many friends for tho kindness they have shown him during the last four yearsfanoV
hopes that he still may be favored, with any assay or
analytical work they may require.
Uevclstoko, B. C. July 10th, 1893.
-   N0TICE
Notico is heroby given that, the partnership heretofore
subsisting between ,K..°M. Macdonald and \\ . F. Broug-
Uiun, under the linn name of Macdonald and Brougham
i Is dissolved as of the SJtli June, lStlil.   . THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C.,  FRIDAY, JULY   14,  1809.  I^E^L,  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Misery Makes Queer Bedfellows.  A. J. Marks is back froin the.Sloca,i i. where  lie went intending to put a force of men  on the California. lie could not find  miners willing to work for .$.'���! a day, iind  now lie says he will not only not start  work on any of his properties until tin;  eight-hour law is repealed, but he will go  Lo the boartl of trade (.meeting on Tuesday ami vote with his friends Croasdaile.  Robertson and Hotelier to down the men  who are opposed to making the board of  trade an adjunct of this Mine Owners'  Protective Association..  ending   May   HI:  ���against cC(5U,;*>7'),  of ��P2r,,mr>, ��s, lid as  j, '.Id   for the previous  CORN KB DAK Kit AND JOSKI'HIN'O STRKKTS. NKI.SON  Goods  The warm season  commenced  has  See   Gilker's  assortment  of   Rubher  Coats,  Umbrellas,   Rubber Soled Shoes,  and all sorts of general wet weather'goods.  P. 0. Store  J. A. GILKER  Siilibep the Name  NELSON.  It is rumored that the president ol' the  board of trade, now that lie   has   become  managing   editor  of   the Miner, i.s to  be  knighted.  All indications point lo Lhe conclusion  that Lhe counsel for the defense  in the case of Felix Pasto have  given up their attempt of trying to  save the -prisoner's neck, liecently the  prisoner received a communication from  a relative at Cranbrook in whieh he was  informed that there was no hope and  that lie sliould prepare- for death. Pasto  was sentenced at the last assize to hang  on August 10th for the murder of a man  named Edward Ryan. Tlie killing took  place at Cninbrook on the. evening of  March 27th.  The survey for the wagon road from  Busk's Landing to the Molly Gibson mine  has beeu begun, and the work of construction will start on its completion.  Bruce White goes up today to see what  progress is being made.  3. M. McGregor, inspector of mines,  passed through IS'elson yesterday on his  way to Fernie, wliere lie has been instructed to inspect the Crow's -Nest coal  mines.  F. S. Whitney, general passenger agent  for the-Great Northern railway came into Nelson yesterday on his private car,  accompanied by several members of liis  family. He said he was only on a 'plea-sure trip and declined to be interviewed.  Alex. Stewart sold yesterday lots 7 and  S in block 3, addition A, to Thomas.Ray-  mafi for $250. It is the intention of the  purchaser to build two cottages ou the  lots.  The annual report of the Hudson's Bay  Company is an exceptionally favorable  one.    It shows a net profit for the year  year. To this the sum of ��20,372, S)s, lOd  brought forward from last year must be  added. The committee recommended a,  dividend of his a share and :i bonus of 7s,  amounting in all to ��100,000. A sum of  ��10,000 will be set aside towards the formal ion of a provident fund for the company's employee's, leaving a balance of  ��11 ,'<)(KS. <)s, !)d" to be carried forward.  Fresh proceedings are to be La-ken  against the Giant Powder Company for  maintaining a magazine within two miles  of Lhe city. The former proceedings  were dropped on Lhe ground of insufficient service.  The Xelson gas and' coke company received word yesterday that Lhe lirst car  load of pipe has been shipped from  Toronto.   Negotiations are still dragging.  John V. Clarke can hear of something  to liis advantage by calling at Tiik  Tli it't'NK ollice.  Vcstcrday .James Byron was again before stipendiary magistrate Crease upon  Lhe charge of having stolen goods in his  possession. He informed the court that  the United States consul on the coast  was interesting himself in the case and  asked for a further ad.iournment.till Saturday whieli was granted.  M. DesBrisay & Co., who won the prize  for the best decorated window during  the Dominion.Day celebration, have another handsome display, the central  figure of wliich is a -prospector's tent  supplied by Theo. Madson.  oo  oo  CO  oo  CO  ���I  CO  CO  **/??  CO  oo  CO  C3  IlffANDS'-  It will lie to your advantage to see our large  raH9DRI.UM.  and complete stock of .Boots and Shoes. We  carry the following lines: J. it. T. J3cll, 3.  I). King & Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Schultz & Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Holden &. Co., and other leading makers.  Beer or Half  arid Half . . . ���  Why are v>cso liusy at (lie jwonttime?  Why is our stock more handsome?  Why will it pay you to see our new lines?  We always have something  new and. original. : Always  attractive, good sellers, and  well displayed. . .   onum  If You Desire  Diamonds  Pearls eund  Precious  '��?1,1"N|) ::28"Wk:st b'akeiivsthWTj1 nelson  �������  oOD ���"   '   ** ^KB'^ y ^o     ny "* **��� . " " n D*     J    **    ��a ��     n n   "   ��� n D   ���       n���   Dn n iii 'Soi.  ^^^0kMmmwmm^.&^M^M^m^M^^^^  %w^$M^>m��������i%��&^  JTOSf  Our stoiik is ainoii|f the mosfex*  fensN, filos^ eailt|illj selected^  ani best aflapef for purchasers,  ���Efaiable'seleotlons to* sujt* tlie   r&sburces  and    the     requirements   of   sSveryoiire  An Entire Oar of  rings  From George Gale & Son  Large Shipment of  From The Gendron Mnfg, Go.  ;ig8$iM88^88^3S^^  JS  X).    IlVCS^IRCrieiTTJB ���&   oo  ��mmM^^ R EA L ESTATE  MILLS &LOTT  Hazlewood loo Cream.  Grove Hotel  Beer  NEAR PORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  $3000  Hukcr SI reel, neiir Josephines Street, HO liy  120.   A son p.  $1 cv-in   I   Hmne Addition, neat, coltiiifc, lino burden,  1 jtJU  I   lawn, shnde trees, water liiiic to Kioiinds,  lot, IV) by ]-*'', nlso 15 by 12(1 to roar street.  Latimer Street, choice corner lot  100 by 120  AVPtiV TO OU'NKI*  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN.  KOOTENAY  $350  T.- G. PROCTOR  Ice Cream Soda  r\J CENTRAL FRUIT STORE  Fresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone 93. HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  NOTICE   OF   MEETING.  A meetitiff of the South Koolonny Hoard of Trade "'ill  ho hold on Tiie.sdiy next, 18th July, at five o'clock in tho  afternoon, to reconsider the recommendations of tlie  council of the bosird >ih to certain subjects rugiircliiiK mining interests lo bo submitted for consideration at lhe  joint meeting of Hoards of Trade to be held in ]{os��land  next month. This subjects" rocotnmended included con-  f'deration of tlio lead duties and the effect upon tlie mining industrv of tlio oitrht-hour law.  Nelson, July 12th, IS!)!).  NOTIGzYo CONTRACTOES.  Scaled tenders will be r eeived by the undersigned  (marked tender for Burns & Co. building) up to July 28.  1809, at noon, for the erection of a brick bloek on linker  street-. .  ��� ��� , ,.,-,.-  Flans and specifications may be seen at the aremteo. s  ollice.. ...... ���    ��� .���    ,  ,,.���������  A liKirked cheque amounting to 5 per cent of (be.  aiiinunl. of lender must accoiiipany"cacli tender.  Tho lowest or any tender not, necessarily acceptable.  AltTilUK K. IIOJJU1NS.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C,  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Gaps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woo den ware  . Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  ]ST*E!31.S03Sr,   B- c.  =w.   "U  ENOUGH  SAID  ���*tfl  If Yc  tfre  %^>  Strangei  And  IM'tgll!'*'!'  know un,  you will  in douhfc -whore 'to go to gc  iiijuiit ti.s.    It, iimM'Tfi not w  find if yon are a\it of ihe, l  gat full jiiitiiculius liy rellnii  t good   gfi.'dH nl. lioiii-sfc  })i'icfs, nslf  yodX  litit  I'Hii't of  the I'ity you tiro in l\w:y all  ity drop it line to box. iJ.Sj Kislxdii^ when  until.  3-Pound Box Cream  Sodas 35 Cents  General G*poeeps  NELSON, B.C.  m.  DesBrisay  & Go.  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarls, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Strcot West, Nelson, 11. G.  PPLTTIMIBEIKS;,   ETC.  OPEEAHOTTSB   BLOCK:  -,fl .^n-^��.,-,^..;.;^'^���^p.


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