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 IN THE RICH BOUNDARY COUNTRY  Mineral Found Everywhere.  The Dewdney trail is becoming less and  less a means of communication between  the basins of the Columbia and Kettle  rivers, and it is destined to disappear altogether. Part of it has been much used  as a connecting link between Rossland  and the Sophia Mountain camp; but even  this part will soon give way to a road  down main Sheep creek to the Red Mountain railway, while the trail of the summit from Sheep creek to Cascade City i.s  too much of a good thing to encourage  much travel over it, and as soon as trains  are running lietwoon Brooklyn and Cascade it must inevitably disappear. Still  one sees the country from a different  point of view by riding leisurely through  it, and the picture one gets is different  entirely from that suggested by being  shut up in a Pullman car and deposited  at one's destination, or from being hustled over rough roads iu a thorough brace  wagon and thrown out at hotel doors at  all hours of the day and night. A set of  impressions is received that will always  be an interesting reminiscence, and is  only too well worth describing if the description Avere adequate.  One enters the Boundary country proper when the summit between Sheep creek  and Christina lake is reached. One can  look back and see tlie shaft house of the  Velvet mine on the west slope of Sophia  mountain, and a few steps further catch  a glimpse of the Kettle River valley close  to Grand Porks amidst what most descriptive writers call a sea of mountains.  But seeing a place and being there are  two entirely different things, as was painfully impressed'on the prophet Moses at  Pisgah. From this summit tho enormous  size of the Boundary country strikes one  immediately.    North  fifteen miles is the  : Burnt Basin camp, Avest the range dividing Christina lake from the North Fork,  still west the range, between Greenwood  and Grand Forks, still west'the range betAveen Fourth  of July  creek and Bouii-  ' clary creek, and AArest still farther the  range, with its higher peaks still covered,  witli.snow, in Avhicli Camp McKinney  lies. And here, there and everyAvhere ���  through that enormous country are prosperous miners, mining companies, toAvn-  sifee owners and railroad builders at Avork  Avithout, so far, one 'dollar .having come  out of the country to recompense theiu.  The lockup of capital in all its different  forms is enormous, incalculable. It would  break the greatest corporation ..in the  y\voi*Idii\i"id(yep iCiss^a^oiHplished^^by���the^  ".tiriiffct'  ����*��4h&?  SUNDAY MORNING, JULY !), 18'lil  PCJBL ISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  ^V^i-n&V^  ,"��� .C'JJc-iH^V^^fy^j^-'*"."...'"..':. -.";.'."""." ��� *����. ��"i  "Y���� V b4t\^h.ni'iSJtjbi*.t -feaike^h^^^ .;  "y ,��ttc?$ i|��rtl*jbnfe .iliha:bi|an,l/^ "^ lThe"-nxp$cpnpp'fy  v:\ ape/' active" va;iicla"en;t^;iKtsiu^.I ^.A, ,^opd  I" ' ina.fty4ir/?s;p��^ .3b#'t#��'ancl^  .'.��> jfik^clWm "-h^icf  * ���" ��.c)lit,bf "ili.e�� :Bni:n;tT!l|-iib'Slii, ��^��nil;.;:"13vir-nt;  ' - " teisln.aiictKc^ giye��eVery"n^  "'��"iseo�� being',.-$��� .^rSluefiiVe: dfe|riet:   ,Hq-  "     ports frdih not phd" but Vhalf a" do^eil  * ���fe properties; iM|d^ are "pxast  r    eilt-luiragiiiif*    Fro)ii.".jSaseacte to  Giand  1^0'f ks: it As thirteen"iihiles, Vei**yJongJ.nil;&s  to the man Avho lias iiddciu from Rossland. In (jrand Forks they talk of the  Graves smelter and Grand; FOrJcs real e.s-���  tate. Streets aye beitig graded and  buildings: put np in GJraiid Forks very  rapidly. " The town lias a go-ahead ap-  pea^anefe. Tjie hotel accomodation is'too  small at present but tliat 4S__bei*ng  reiUe*  "tlieTJoTutcl^  ~(liefcL itTs a goodTMTfgfoT  ary country that a smelter is being built  eoueurrently witli tli0 vailroach The  railway avq.u1<*T not do much to relieve the  the situation by itself. The country is  exhausted 'Avith tlie development of the  last year, which has brottgnt in no returns Us yet. There is every where grea,t  and justifiable expectancy but that butters no parsnips at the present tiine.  Gr^eiiAVood wliich lias had a boom is siifr  feping more than tyny other place. But  every camp in the country is quiet* It  is going to: be longer before** tlie raihvay  is in working shape thitn the people in  the country imagine. At present the  bi'idge gang and, tracklayers are creeping  'down Christina lake, and they have quite  a bit of work ahead before tliey get to  Grand Forks lot alone Greenwood. The  liveliest places in the country are close  to the mines where a clcA'elopment payroll keeps money in circulation.  The second day's ride from Grand  Forks to Midway is an, easy stage. There  is a very eoiiAreuieut trail going through  "White's camp noAAr called Central camp  and coming out at Michvay itself. It is  at least four miles shorter than the  DoAvdney and quite as good going. Midway is on the alert over the actions of  tlie Great Northern surveyors who are  .making connections betAveen this point  and Republic. It may be an interesting  speculation for those avIio combatted the  the Kettle RiArer raihvay whether a line  tapping British Columbia through Republic or a line tapping Republic through  British Columbia is most in accordance  Avitli their peiwerted idea*of patriotism.  From Grand Forks west a great change  in the trade relations of the country is  noticeable at once. The ordinary traveler  is first struck with the fact that he meets  with different'brands of Scotch Avhiskey  and cigars good  enough, doubtless,  but  different.    JIe finds that it is so with all  goods.     The supplies for this large country come in from Poiitieton and the merchants deal  with jobbers   in   Vancouver  and Victoria.    The people also  read  the  Coast papers depending for news on the  Spokesman-lteviow.    Here  is   wliere the  new railway is   going   to   work   a   great  revolution.     The  eastern   drummer and  the eastern jobber   will   inevitably supplant the Coast trader.     If our   cities in  Kootenay are alive the trade may be held  only a short distance to the east.   'But in  any  case   it   will   leave   Vancouver aud  Victoria ancl   go,   if   not   to   Nelson   and  Rossland,     to    Toronto    and   Montreal.  Through   an   American   road   the  Coast  merchantsmightdoubtfully havo retained  their trade, without it they Avill at once  and with startling rapidity be driven out  of the field.    They  wi 11 lose for trading  purposes    Greenwood,     Midway,     Rock  Creek, Camp McKinney, the upper valley  of the Kettle river and the camps of the  west fork.    This may be regrettable or it  may not.    One result it  should  have  if  tliere is any wisdom in the Kootenays, it  should make the Avhole mining area from  Trout Lake to Camp McKinney, at least,  (even if the  East  Kootenay  country  i.s  not included) an industrial -mint, able to  control the affairs   of  British  Columbia.  Here might be inserted an eloquent paragraph, but  the   facts   being   given  the  eloquence may be lost to the imagination.  Living ih a place like Rossland and in  an era of boiled -shirts and afternoon tea  parties, one often Avonders  Avhether the  prospector Avho Avhittled sticks  and discussed the universe round   the  stove  in  the store has departed.    A good many of  them are up the Avest fork of the Kettle  river.    They are Avearing out shoe leather  in that section  and  generally -maintain  that it is a  good  country.    It  is  a Ioav  grade smelting proposition and there is a  year or tAvo's  patient assessment AArork  ahead of the claim OAvners yet. .  From Boundary Avest one enters a A^ery  strange country. It is an old country  and many queer survivals exist therei  One old gentleman stated that he had  been in there "for forty-tliree years. Asked  ifvhj^id^yer>��^  ^hecfp_!e^*is;^^  ���l^flpp-A p,yp~P&V,^-,$p*^ o'n.V9     ��DB       ��     QD       .i,iS>Wi     *  ��Ap   &���/,&   B     ^"On*    nL  *mean and- c^mous .world; 'but $$& ��lai��sprp,'.  '.".on^jias'i-beenvw^  ,*"f|^n%r.":: ^ri^oi a-ie^lljiiajrfgtf $"t tlfe-,';  l3qi_uti].r^"*feoit&t|v^ haye SBva'sh.11 Ayilvpk"." 'The"  jfli^t: fhftlf. breed ''Oljin^toau. Jiiiei <sp��s;-.is  "i,jithei|(a*Jshqek. ^hfeis%:av:(5liii*|,ese--)nn.iei^  ;0i��|iit"|%'Roe3v"t5reek .W1i;q'.rpjoie'es.^iv-'tho;  inai|i0',';o.f .Ii>lc_k^'V.-auh ii\jii l^Pp."- -'ij'e ^IjiOu-id  Jia3re\t;Ayo:iSiwjiah^^^ "'    .;.".    ^.'ky*  ] _ A telfsp^OueJju0 as plTSjijug 'its "\ya^'11i-  ^6*0^1^��m^i?Vp&y j whei'o n' It', is1"�� iiitrelj  iieecletf." ^Caujfi"' SfcKini-jey" ^s^Vjia.f "all  fife- eyideiige oT inSkiiig a vei;^*pui;ocJuej/-  |ivl:1ii��ijng eijrilip.    It eput&insf wijudei'-  ful ledges of cj'itartK aflcl: those ledges eon**-  taliii" ini uiatty iustanees Workajjlfe A'ahves;  jn? gold,.   The" CitrrboQ Jjiiue _i-ts'eJJE' isjii  pretty good shape now.     There- was a  tin fe'^ this Spring" AVhen the" future did not  look particularly bright.    Ijt: Avas  a long  ltiirit for the vein oii the UOO-fopt level,  but wlien fotincl it CoiJlilined sjx  feet qf  good 'milling epiart/..    The Cariboo veiii  has been and can be AA^orked for SOO  fegt:  and  prdbably rati eh  furtlier  along  the  strike oflthe_vein so  that^Avhen-a���new  level is opened it giA^es a  great body of  Oi'e equivalent to SOO feet of depth, on a  chute 100 feet lougi It pays its dividends  from the output of a 20-stanip inill AA'hich  chews up about forty tons of ore in  2*1  hours.    Consequently the Cariboo is good  for    some     considerable      time      even  if      it      does     not     go      down      any  further   or   becaliie   too base   to  work  profitably.   A number of companies have  this year taken Jjold  of other  prospects  round1 the Cariboo group.    A live  stainp  inill is iioW in operation on  tlie  Granite  and   Banner   and   a mill and   hoisting  machinery is to be erected   this  summer  on the Watei'loo, a property Avliich looks  first rate.    Camp McKinney   has  a  very  bright future before it and a few yours  Will see quite an output of gold from that  camp.  Anyone avIio Avishes to look over the  country farther Avest had better go in  the other Avay. Camp McKinney is the  Avestern limit of a journey through the  Boundary country, but from all sources  comes tile same story of mineral, mineral,  mineral, AArhile surely if sloAvly from the  east comes the advance of enterprise and  capital which is eventually to make the  Avealth of this enormous stretch of country available and the country itself productive.  SPORTING EVENTS OF THE DAY  Cricket Season   Opened.  The Nelson Cricket Club  opened  their  season at last with a. practice   match   on  the recreation grounds  yesterday afternoon, and none too  soon, for  the  match  against Rossland comes off on   the  22ud,  and everyone expects  the  cricketers   to  follow the example  of   the   lacrosse and  baseball players.    A   goodly   number  of  players assembled and a game of  twelve  a side was  played   Avith  alderman  Fletcher  and   F. A.   Macrae  captaining   the  two sides.    F. Fletcher avou the toss ancl  he and Elliot opoiied the innings.    Nothing of particular interest transpired  until II. A. Barton had been in  some  time.  Once he Avas let he punished the bowling  unmercifully, being   eventually   not  out  Avith 50 runs   to  his credit.    The   other  noticeable feature of the  game  Avas the  extreme slackness of the Holding of both  sides.      Shortly  after   live   o'clockr the  batsmen had accumulated 112"runs  Avith  four Avickets still to fall, ancl accordingly  the innings Avas declared closed.    The innings of the  other  team  opened  rather  disastrously, the very first ball delhrered  by Fletcher uncling its Avay to the stumps.  W. A. Jowett  boAvled cunning tAvisters  from the other end  AArhieh  the  batsmen  seemed rather to despise, but  AArhich   resulted    fatally    for    several   of   them.  Eventually   the  innings    closed for  44  runs, Fletcher's combination .winning by  08.^ - Appendend  are  the  names  of the  players and the full score:  FLKTCJIlOiVS  "KI.lSV'KX'.'*'���" '    ������-:���-*  F. Fletcher, b Booth  ;.'  0  F. Elliott, e Booth, b Kowlcy::...: 13  .T. M. Williams, run out     7  H. A. Barton, not out   AV. A. Jowett, b Booth    1). C. D. Sword, b Stutter.   O. V. Carmichael, b Booth.   IT. G. Neelands. b Macrae   IT. B. Haines, not out.   S. Neelands...*! -..'.'.���   J. Fraser .. j-did not bat  '.-." '.'...  Melville Parry j   Extras   THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  56  6  8  7  1  Totui.... ..............:.;,  MACJt'Alj'S "ELEVEN."'  .1. Cocker, b Jowett ;..............   II. Stutter, b Fletcher     A. Wetrnore, b Jowett   F. A. Macrae, c Carmichael, b Jowct.t .  .112  ;l'irL?W.'^r.bc'k-f1li"0!ii��6ufi,J;       .���._,..  '^iD/.Sy-kesS^Klercheife*^m'.���'��� V^i-"-"-^-"^'"*-"'��>1  4?tf3s>mS�� l-mn^Ki^^^ "y^y^yy^^flfS  "C��M.JBroM5'fl? ���^  nC yy ���->*&���$���>' ��"^��#'V'a-'��;'.sM-'' --,���!��� y-M--!pSk"y"������'�����'������������'i��"  Tjoitiy.,,,.'. ".��.4'-4;-*.-��� i(y ~-1 "������*���������< ���'������ i.s. *:�� ?*yyy^y(y ��*  The Deadlock Still Continues.  The decision of the railway committee  of the pri\-y council   to  grant the Kootenay   Valleys   road   running  powers over  tin; Crow's Nest fass road has not, so far,  affected  the   local   situation.    The deadlock   still   continues.    The  arrangement,  it will be   remembered,   was that in consideration of  a   yearly   rental   of $175 a  mile, the Kootenay  Valleys road were to  have running powers  for  ten years over  eight  and   one-half   miles  of  road,  two  years notice being necessary for the termination-of the  lease.    The trouble iioav  is the  place  the  Kootenay Valleys road  haA'e chosen to .join, onto the Crew's Nest  road   after   crossing    the   international  boundary line.    At that point the Crow's  Nest road is on  an embankment 25 feet  high, and   the proposed   road   would endeavor to climb up it  to the Crow's Nest  road.    This  the   Ci-oav's  Nest  engineers  claim  will interfere  Avith  the road bed  and endanger the embankment,'and they  refuse to alloAV  such  an  approach to be  made.    It is  stated  by  those avIio knoAA'*  the ground that there is a place about a  mile ancl a half further north Avhere the  junction can be safely effected, and it is  thought that this  Avill  be the final solution of the  difficulty.    In the meantime  the situation remains as it was before the  decision of the railway committee.  Railway Notes.  . W. W. "Whyte, manager of Canadian  Pacific lilies west of Fort. William, and  R. Marpole, superintendent of the'Pacific  diA-ision,'are expected to.arriA'e in Nelsou  early tliis Aveek. During their visit is is  likely that something AA'ill be done in the  suggested rearrangement by Avhieh all  the coiiipau3'*'s. branch'lines will be dispatched from Nelsoii.  TV. D. Forster, who for some time past  has filled the office.of cashier in the .Canadian Psicific freight office, has resigned.  He will engage, in tlie teaming business  Avith W. G. Robinson avIio recently purchased the  business : of  Wilson* &.'-Har-  ��Yshaijiv\ * Hi's' iDpsi.,tiUir';iii��"��t,-l iie^Caiftid iaii^Paei-v  'fn% 0^fMt$g5*^  'ffeTgi/l-Mdi-^^  $iiiei  The ���Ggfxh^hia,:^th^2^e4i:2B6Kt,-,     .  "  'tfxiiy yjM^l^^%^^t\&ig: sldop:  : ya'fSjhtsy: 0pl'Uin'b|a,fau^'���5^ieii,cl^ -d\  : battleI'oya-i today that Wtfs�� satiisfacjtnor|f  "tpal.l fioiicjeji'iied1, "in-a strong ;aiid stead>y  . bVeskc^aiijcl sfri-fe|i^':}v\(ivte)^"\'^  Oyer "a, coursercif abouti^^voiity-sl^ iniles;  and ih oOyeriiig tlle'dl-'feiiSe sthe nCloliini:-'  bia lairly ^md,   sqi,iai%y - Oittsailecl tjxp  Befendel-   by   3   minutes' .$&   seconds.  If tlie Colui.nlbia,, after* nieasureineut,  is  fOIJikI to alloAV the IDigt6iid:er two i*aii.intes^  she will have beaten her !by one jMiinte-  and 13 seconds'^    That i.neans that she  can beat her now* over a full thirty mile  course, the expert^, says*, by at' feast tAvo ]  ininiites, eori'eeted tiihej; "and thttt wheii  she is turned, up, say by tlig Sbptembei'  i'aces,   she   Will heat her "five  uiimttesj.  Winch is all that is required of hef.    Today's   race Avas   as fine a smooth  test  ats-^th t*s=yach tswuiaj^iejver^expect^to^get^  On   the    first   leg    of   the   course,    a  stretch of about four miles, Avith a beam  wind, the Defender gained  about  2  seconds.    On the second leg of six miles in  which the Avork Avas slightly to tile vvind-  Avard the Cohinibia gained I minute 53  .seconds,,   Oh the third leg, a three-mile  run before the Avind, Avith spinnakers set,  the Defender gained 0 seconds.    On the  first  tack around  the  Columbia  gained  I minute, If seconds.    Jn tlie closeliauled  Avork oil the second leg she gained  only  30 Seconds and in tlie run  to the  finish  the Defeiulej' gained 43 seconds,  -j^jl'pps;DC;Oinpa:iiy*=i.u.;t__liis city,- -   ;  ;^g|i�� gUtgojug- -frei^hrt/fi;ojh." NefeOn  fpr  ;��rJ*\^%"N'es,t;poii-ife���sTi:olAVSithat.thp. ntex"-,  %}\Wt&4fy^hlgp\\,afe(gf:Mha^  :x%.e^-edkitis\Xippev,sy'ih thi^'ctisti^t.. W'hen'  '%p.'v'Ci*6^a"j^esS -.tfoacV'waS'. 'fji'St. 'Op-gn^d:  'thp litiik-.ojf "the nlerchaindp-ye o,on;signe"d ���o  >l"xSihfevatOM^' th?|.li'n.e caiug, ffoiji'tlre'eoas'tr,",  '"l$uM- \jr"'i^"]ii,n"'!ih,e 1#t"��eAv^^Ayfeckl'vDji,ehf ly all  (iof .phff\\ye%thlknxd ir&gli-p to tl'ies^ jVoiiSte  ^rlg"<i:iia"tecl. at.lS^elsoli',   This gp,p�� "to 0p\\'  t'h?tt;."]\Tels'c)fi'S elaini. as a dis*6ribviting ceil'  "ter11 is beiiigf J'Scogiii^ecI.  Boycotting tHe IJ-riSune.  ^A.3Fei^ii;n.d,& Go,, geueraj niei'diants off  jKeJ.Soii aiwl Sandbu'i lire boycotting Tim?  TirmtrNi3 for the i-e.as.on* that the enforec-  Uient of fche eight-hour law lifts made  business qpiet at Sandon, TruS TrjuOni*:  can stand it if A, Ferland cte Co. can.  to other classes of residents Avithin seA'en  years, the naturalization clauses to be optional, Avliich is confirmed from se\'eral  sources, appears to offer a fair basis for a  friendly settlement. It aviis generally  expected when Herr Mofineyer, the Afrikander lender,' and president Steyn, of  the Orange Free State, conjointly exerted pressure upon, president Kruger,  the latter would -be obliged to concede  what they demanded as the price of  Dutch unity in South Africa. In the  meanwhile Great Britain is keeping up a  clatter of arms forthe double purpose of  quieting the British demands .foracti\rity-  and hastening the Boors. Lord ^Jeorge  Hamilton, secretary of state for India, in.  a speech on Wednesday, described English feeling saying: "I am certain no  goA'ernment could remain in office if it  attempted to in any way run away from  the enforcement of sir Alfred Milner's  proposals.  The Pope Against Eussia.  London, July S.���Owing probably to  the hour at ��� Which ��� cardinal Vaughn's  speech at the Fourth of July banquet  Avas delivered, which preA'ented the majority of the papers from reporting it,  the speech has not attracted its share of  'public attention. This is especially noticeable in vieAV of the pains taken to  spread the information that it practically Was inspired from Rome. The '-important passage of course is that dealing  'With the future of Asia, its description of  Russia as a great despotic pdAvcr and its  reference to America's interest in the  Avelfare and future of the Asiatic continent. This...is ;taken her to mean that  tlie church of Rome has*one- againr.stepr.  ped into the lists against the Greek  church and is to throAv the Avhole Aveight  of its influence hence against Russia and  on the side of Russia's opponents, eA**en  though the chief opponent be a Protestant country like .England. ��  : Ocean Travel Increasing Greatly.  London, July, 8.���-The rush of Americans to England is so great the steamship  companies are "partially  unable  to cope  The Ehodes Join Forces.  London, July 9.���Colonel Frank Rhodes  has joined his brother Cecil in the Avork  of empire making in South Africa,.having just been appointed managing director of the African Transcontinental Telegraph Company..; In. many respects this  taciturn, stern soldier is as remarkable a.  man as his optimistic, colonizing brother.  He.Avent into the. army at an early age,  ancl has fought. in ��� many parts ofthe  Avorld, Avinuing for gallant Avork tlie  prized distinction service order.  The Gossip of the Shamrock,  Sol'tha-aii'ton, July 8c���The cup challenger Shamrock unexpectedly left her  moorings at 11.30 this morning and sailed  on a canvas stretching trip. The Ivcriia  also started, apparently Avith tlie intention of testing her speed against the  Shamrock. The Meteor has arrived and  is being docked and cleaned. It is expected she Avill be ready to sail next  Aveek, though her captain still declares  that lie has not yet receiA'ed orders to  sail the yacht against tlie Shamrock.  Emperor William is expected to inspect  the Shamrock before she sails for tlie  United States. There is much interest  in yachting circles here in the prospect of  speedily getting some inkling of tlie  Shamrock's qualities.   Must Repair the Erie Canal.  New Yoiik, July S.���The investigation  conducted by the Ncav York state commerce commission, to ascertain the facts  concerning the decline of exportation  froin the port of Ncav. York, Avas continued yesterday.^ John P. Truesdell  testified:tlutt in his opinion NeAV.V'ork  would not regain her old place--in.., com:  nier.ee until, the Erie canal has been P.nt.  in proper shape.  YMIR.  "TireHfrnif^wlv^  SAving and the Avater is being laid into  the business and private houses at a.  reasonable cost, winch is a*great saving  of labor and having the advantage of  obtaining the purest and tlie best of  water. Tlie McLeod hotel lias been taken  over by Monsieur de Sniit, and Mrs. Carson is running the dining room and bedrooms. The Miners' Union half Is being  ceiled. W. J. Walker delivered a lecture  here yesterday oiutlie labor question. ���-  NELSON.  R. Melmc, late of Toronto, lias been  appointed route agent for the Dominion  Express Company for East and West  Kootenay and along the ntaiii line of the  Canadian Pad fie railway between Moose  Jaw and Revelstoke, with headquarters  at Nelson. Mrs. Jlciine and family will  arrive in the city iu a few days.  George Keycs, n ship carpenter at the  Nelson shipyard cut his finger on Friday.  The wound avus regarded as slight, but  he is iioav being treated for" blood poisoning and his arm is badly swollen.  Tlie performances at tlie opera house  last night netted the general hospital $50.  The receipts Avere nearly $1*5)0. The  company giving the performance were  paid $135. These benefit performances  are frauds on the public.  Mrs. E, 0. Clarke left yesterday morning for a-visit to Calgary, Alberta,.  Services Avill be held today in the  school room of the Roman Catholic  church at 1.0 a.m. and, at 7:30 p.m. Bishop Dautenville of Ncav Westminster  *vv i 11 officiate at both,services....  " Trouble. as. Good as Settled.   ..  -London,   July  0.--The . news -of   the  volksraad's -.reported   fiction *��� in , deciding  to grant the,franclii.se.,inu.ne��'liiitely;t<> .'ill  settlers in the Transvaal  from   LSilO, and  3fbV3��W0i!iTO  ^tJlpto^  $lai?cli|f:'foG^  ferJ^'^fSiilioii: "'Me- ���"MatiiM ''$$&$*.  lJortat��)Vi0^  tigihg l"2;-aQft "^pV'm ��4dlp"-Fe\opmi\��iifi^  "i\dp^y^p^xv^l: ;b$} 1)00; fcQfolfn|^-T%.  ^uew*.t^lt\i.(f/ .ihi&i, 'Wihl$f"edi&%~ "���idf'hip,  ' Boatol'l |i'M'e,nJii.i'uie 'Jver tLfi-aVt\:il3s'toj:|liy..  ll'v^h tli-t);..&kikof feati^.i^  ci^eaiigi.'n^&s "C.Ii-cii:i*o=i?_il.S"l*cSi"i ^jSi'.'-'ae"^-)] ulfi cf>?i fi-lsjai _&  wytJr ."t'l-iB;;��4-j.ei*v^ "c)f*"iue���e-l)I'n-|? tli^'grdWllig  .(leruauclf 'iof" passages. The; '^ini'fredi.a-ii;  Avill "acc^hnnoilate liQi salooij passerigerS;,  ;Reyiig\y of Metropolitaii Vdluntee:i,'sj  Lp^i)o>fi'-��^% .S;--^The Ceijtei5ai*y fe-  \*itf% :a'nd ihspeqtion of" the M'etro.polltan '  n\'olTint;|Qj,'Sj Avli0'���w<ire 6rgaojxed' in liycle,  pa=i'k;by Gep'rgfe III., to ^ppOsc?: the *ppro-  licitcfecl invasibn1 of England by" the  troO])s of .Napoleon, ocotrred on the  HolyrOod horse parade ground this afternoon. About 530,000 London volunteers  took part in the fevicSw, and tlie public  "Wad e=tl i e**eve u lni^spfei*ilM=h olid a-y*="S tr  James park and its neighborhood were  Crowded' with abotit l-jOyOOO people. The  reviewing officers consisted of tlie prince  of Wales, the duke of York, tlie grand  duke Michael of Russia, field Marshall  lord Wolseley, tlie eoiumandw-in-chief  the dukcj of Cambridge, the headquarters  staff and tlie America.!! and continental  tourists. _^  Rossland Ore Shipments.  Rossl'iAxn, July B.���The folloAsing is a  detailed list of the ore .shipments Ci'onj  Rossland to Trail, and, Northpoi't for the  week ending July 8th and so far for the  current year:  Mi no Week��� Tons  'l.c 1 !'0i  17B8  Wnr Knplo 1110  Icon Musk..   Kvfilijrtjfi Stuir    ��l  '.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'2.'.'.'.'.'.'.]'.'.'.'. 510  BOUNDARY NEGOTIATIONS  FAIL  JDispute Eemains Unsettled.  Washington,     July    S.���Ambassador  Choate   has   not   communicated   to   the  state department   the   result of any representations he   has   made   to lord Salisbury in London respecting the modus Vivendi.    Although   it  is  be!ieA'ed almost  hopeless to  expect a successful outcome  of     these     direct     negotiations     with  London,    it     i.s     not     regarded     here  as     inevitable     that    a    hostile'1 clash  will     follow      failure      to     secure     a  modus.    Confidence is   expressed   in   the  sufficiency  of   the  present arrangement  backed by the  sound  common sense -ofthe. officials  of  the   United   States, and  Canada, now in the disputed territory in  Alaska   to  prevent   a  collision.     As   a  matter  of  fact  the   United   States  and  Great Britain have actually Avorked under  a tacitly understood modus viveudi.' The  existence of  the  understanding  on this  point is manifested in the ready acquies-  ence by  the  United   States government]]::  in the suggestion by the British foreign.'.','  office   that   it   might  tend "to 'prevent*:;-.-'  trouble if the Avar department abandoned  its plan of sending a garrison of troops  to.Pyramid harbor..  On its  part  the   British   goA'ernment  shoAved its disposition  to .maintain  the  status quo by quietly but firmly restraining the  Canadian  officers  and mounted  police,   avIio   were    greatly,  harrassiiigyy  American miners passing OArer the  trails.  If this spirit continues to be exhibited on  both sicles there i.s little fear that failure ,  of the London negotiatians Avill reside in :  anything more serious than anotlier long;;  disagreeable 'postponement ,of  the final  settlement.   The British embassy is simi- :  larly Avithout advices from the foreign  office as to directing  of  recent  negotia-  tions, and decline to discuss   any  phase  of the Alaskan question. " : ;  Looking for Beds in London.       v^S  London, July 0.���Although they only;(y  landed Tuesday, the Canadian*1 riflemen-  were already practicing at Bisley'on-  Wednesday.^ They had a pieasaut ex  perience on "Tuesclay:*1 Tile"visitors ar- fi f SK  rived in London late, inisscd: the last ^|.j|  train to Bisley, and drove about London'yyy(::$-$  for hours seeking lodgings. , Finall*y they:J��<S|  had to separate and each man hustled^:yyM^2  for himself. Bisley is already Avhite with|% 43  tents. The attendance ; promises *to vbey.'(((2(222$  unprecedented and, the....entries-; ��� have, Ih-^fKiii  creased immensely, aggregating hundreds ^.^Sif  above.those bf ;1S9S. :^-:. 2yy-( y ���'- -,22u\i ] 'yyyyyyymS(  ':-��}  m  ^ixif n^tlft l-il^^^^ife; ii'g^^litj ^ j5i_-^|^i�� f;���  a!'$l  .   "Tite^'pfiesl" |^kster^^bugd|.!me^t.'  '.nvejb -ah n^Qi"i-tQd*i3&:affct ^keix^m^di^ifi^i^i^-  Jn^niea/t^h.Bil-di.^h^Miilelf^  Deer Pitrfc  Conlro SUn1  V'uilr���Toiw  |2.S!.��t  '-'"."���'-'  !IS  is  2��l.i  ,- 9*%  Lee adjo-ni'ned' -itKeiir- .'g-tttiics,ii-j\e>/^-t-"pcls'^:;c>��-  feions. '-      .     y. �����&:  Pleased With the ShaniEdcki -     ."    .  _Sojutiia' atnTftf, JidV &-^-Tlie gfiamroejl;  liatl^r-^^lcndid^-rnii"-ff'TjiiT-off^Itpgifr  castle, and it is Iioav believed tlia& slid  will probably nennvin -Pli Cowes* wliere-  she now is, for the niglit. Yaclltsihen  liCi'e declare that she fillfilldd every"  promise'today, and gives every evicleiice'  of being the best eC|iii|)ped CLipchalleilger  ever seen in, these* w'a'ters1. *  Total.  ,:t70S  ��s,;��7  Baseball Games Yesterday.  Brooklyn 0, Philadelphia 2.  Pittsburg 0, Chicago 0.  Louisville ii, C'incinnatti ���!.  Baltimore 1, Washington 1.  St. Louis 1, Cleveland 0.  Indianapolis S, Minneapolis -I.  Kansas City 0, Buffalo- 5.  .Detroit 7, St. Paul 1.  Milwaukee 7. Columbus (5.  Anotlier Invention by Maxim.  London, July S-.-'-L'ord Kitchener, of  Khartoum, is about to inspect guns  mounted on motor carriages and invented  by Hi ram Maxim, flic American inventor  of the Maxim gun. The war office is  giving carefill consideration to the use of  tlie automobiles'in*- war, and. an official  order for the organization of an experimental battery of machine guns mounted  on gasoline motor carriages is likely soon  to be issued.  ConfessiQnal Boxes Not Coniinon.  Lnxiio��V, ,liily $.���A parliainciitarj'* re*  turn issued.i'U regard to the nulyber of  Church of Eng1a,u(l chtiVches in which  the confes-sionnil; boxes are n&ed, .seems to  show tliat the ac,cnsa;:tioris of tlie anti'  ritualists in regard to this speeilie alleged lavvl&sHiHHjs are totnily groundless.  AM the dioceses except five say not one  exists.  The Players Defeat the Gentlemen.  London, July g.���In the cricket match  between the players and gentlemen  elevens, which, began 'Thursday lit Kensington the gentlemen were all out today  in their first innings for H0S runs. The  players in their first innings yesterday  made the extraordinary score of 017 runs.  Fatality in a Diamond Mine.  Cai'KTuavn, July S.--A disaster has  occurred at tho iiCav Jagirsfontein diamond mine, where the fall of thousands  of tons of earth has buried many persons, including the Australian Forsythe.  Other 'Australialis were killed, several  were injured and .sixteen are missing.  Admiral Carvera is Acquitted,  Madimij, July S.���Admiral Carvera and  the other .commanders of the Spanish.  fleet Avliich Avas destroyed in the battle  off Santiago, A\'liose conduct has been the  subject of inquiry by a special coitrt martial, have been acquitted and formally  liberated* THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, JULY !��,   1890.  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  Knights ok i'ythias-*��� .\ci���n i.niU'i\ No, 2.'.,  Knights of 1'ylliins, incuts in I. O. O. K. Ilall.cornur  Haker and ICootciiny streets, every Tiicsdny i;vc-iiiii�� ul.  8 o'clock. Viwitinir Knights cordiitlly invited toaltimd.  O. KltKNOH. C!. 0. (3. l:OSS, K. of l��J��_^  NKLSON 1.01 HiK, NO. 211, A. F. ft A. M. .V.-i-s>  second WodiKNdiiy in mich moinli. Hojomnii'i  brethren invited.  7&  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  ���gAVAKT & CJAWMK���Architects.   Booms 7 and 8 All-  F.  ci'decn block, linker street. Nelson.  It. llAllPKI*,  innsical director,  leader Nelson (,)r-  chesti'a.   Musicians furnishid for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone 62.  ~~ MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTKD���To rent a small  furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune ollice. 0  WANTED���House to buy or rent. now.   Six rooms and  conveniences.   Apply, .1. J. II., Tribune olllce.  WA NTKD���A position as choir mas ter, lal e solo bass,  SI. .Johns. Liverpool, Knghind, and director Kort  Kongo, Al. C. Winniptg. Addles Albert Hull, Post  Olllce.  WANTKD���A small nurse girl to lake care of a baby.  Apply at Ihe ollices of Galliher & Wilson.  WANTKD.���Two or three rooms for liglit housekeeping.   No children.   P. O. Box (i5U, Nelson.  or or timekeeper  WANTKD���Employment as bookkcpi  by young man, experienced.   11. ft!  1., Tribune.  LOST���Ladies Gold Hunting Case Watch on Tuesday, between Stanley and Latimer streets and  the smelter. Ton dollars reward. Arthur Painter, Latimer street, west of Stanley.  Daily Edition ';   Wkekiy Edition.....      Fjkst Ykar, No 15!)   Seventh Ybak, No. '61  ���w&~  te^fef  22--K  .. .....If. .premier Seniliii and minister Cotton  *-^^**0?*r- -" ]'������' ���   ��� .'���'���'-...��� ������������.;.:. o  y^are parties to a; deal to displace tlieir col-  !��leagues in order to make room for .no};!;;1.  H ���-cal'fdildwei-S**^ Tup-  " per, theii they are both traitors to the  .'-���'. people who placed them in power. The  last general election iu this .-province was  not run on party lines, and had the people been satisfied with the Turner government, the members of -which, were all  party fblloAvers of the Tuppers, they  would have said so at the polls. It  ^.>as^;sf^^  %>M^X%1?M5l^^'^i^l^ # iffil  .Ini! M.i I'l in is a. dangerous man. lie has struck u hard  blow al tbe Itrilisli Columbia industry. The mine's a I.  Sudbury nre glad to get S1.25 for a ten-hour day, and  why should the lirilish Columbia miners get ��.'i.;'iO for an  eight-hour day /  The foregoing-words show that the  British Columbia government has alienated the mining brokers. It might be  nearer 'tho facts to say the eastern  brokers; but the western brokers are like  ���them in their inability to see any virtue  in a laAV which increases fche cost of mining for the benefit of the miners. Ontario  AA'ould sooner level the wages, of tho Sudbury miners up to the British Columbia  standard than level the AA'ages of the  British Columbia miners down to the  Sudbury standard. "It is a disgrace to  the country that the nickel Avealth of  Sudbury, Avhicli has filled the pockets of  alien millionaires, has never paid decent  living Avages to Canadian laborers. British Columbia does avoII to resist any  approach to. the Sudbury standard of  AA'ages. The brokers avIio are shouting  uoav against $3.50 for an eight-hour day  in British Columbia Avould soon be shouting against $3 for a ten-hour day. Ontario objects to the conditions AA'hich  haA'e enabled a monopoly to extract the  Sudbury nickel on its oavu terms, and  those conditions haA'e not been sucli a  blessing to the Sudbury district that they  should be reproduced in British Columbia.  ing permitted to vote. The change will  necessitate the issue of thirty millions of  dollars of bonds, for it i.s designed to haA'e  ���in adequate and sanitarily perfect supply, regardless of cost. Every owner Avill  be required to equip his premises Avith  sufficient piping and faucets, official instructions being rigid, lie Avill be expected to use all the water needed for  domestic use, for lawns aud streets, and  for this water there is to be no charge.  In this, the experiment Avill differ from  any yet tried, the ordinary plan being to  permit the city, as an oAvner to make ;i  profit. The aim of Ncav Orleans is not  alone to secure ample Avater, but it involves the construction of a modern and  complete system of drainage, such as has  always been lacking there. It i.s believed that the Iree use of -water, together with means for carrying it off.'  will do much to promote general health  and banish the tendency toward epidemic  disease. If tliere is basis for this, and  that tliere i.s surely seems reasonable, the  project Avill result in such substantial  good that it would be cheap at any  figure. Naturally, the matter will bo  closely Avatched and out of the lesson  drawn from the outcome other cities will  draAv information that Avill go far towtvi'd  producing a solution of the problem.  54  ;orrs bay  IY.  Ks I   i  ALE  DRY GOODS  BOOTS  AND  GENTS' MILLHOUSE  FURNISHINGS FURNISHINGS  -y ^rj^i^l^shouid^i'sh-iSss.^ Phpidf." from. oftiM,"  yy ^pilvi^'ki'laiS.fta- Jsa^' "fjh &p'" nel-p|i'';#i.ll"  iC^^-^t^*^i^"%h'. "Ofiteeydxt^riiilkh "���  New Orleans is to Have Tree Water.  San Francisco Argonaut.  1 ^ The_:cpjestion,of municipal'ownership'  of certain" properties usually classed a.s  public utilities has frequently been discussed; in certain instances the theory  ���put to the test. That the question Avill  be a live one in San Francisco soon, even  casual students of the new city charter  understand, and that an active interest  has already been aroused AA'as demonstrated at a recent conference betAveen  mayor Phelan and the executive committee of the Real Estate OAA'iiers' Association. It Avas notable that y all of these  "'i-feiifcleiite^  '^^the^nlj^r^s^-ieA-ft .thecity ^md^i^sue ���  wa&dfef :fl.'pmOTalioej. pa^allsrlnterest .ancl  "ai*aiii^onec1ip*C  ���Coluinn-biat& y,lsl -l"  xft-lp  I  J. fl? fl  yy^'Sy  $-��� ^,fl  *^��ne&ns^'ivfj-ivh'S'' -of* ..tlie: .TXfdvjiiee-p (fpr yfOxxvy:  fVs-fSS^:-; =i|"'Mi,_"- ;S<3in}i-n- 'a.nd.l|'tr.,Co'tto-ii:.are  ^Ml^b'-s^ cbl.leaiguesy.-th'ei.i  rrfSliis^j'Se-mf'iii;' .'and -'Ml'.-' Cbit^n-'-'had-Better  l.'^sjtgp down alid" out and let -their coT*  "^vsteitgne'^ cafr^f���.oi.r ���th'e*dusJ!iic*'.ss,- '^he'.pep:-  ;^.jpJe--:do n'dt want to ' be put tb-^hfe-AA^or-ry  -Vajncl! expense of a, ^genegal election Wory  8 -8 ^ear. - The i)eople are not ��0 anxioris to  ���"--place Sir Charles l-Iibbert Tiipper iu office  =^as4;o^be=ui.iAAylIiiig^t,o^Wait=riiitil=theJiext=  general election in 1902,  ARE  THE  PEOPLE  Who  sell   "Jily Cream."   We do  not  i.",v.'j.y'-:.yy^ A'fl-yy&i'vy %���"p,'^fl.,"y'"fl'"ii",yy\yp". &&,&*&  ���^laip'Kittfj.s^^  ^b^t'* q rji y-. as kf���:?a^fai Hit rj a If ���st,o~: ao n v-isjiee-.,  'yy-".; "iyii b*cs"��ii����.?:"j����f,f ",.ysyfl>��yyy��:-* -;.���-.".��-,i^�� ���'���.  :*you^thM.'siW-S'Sh���._ftequalkO.Lan<]y;.   ���  t3,*'   nnUn��     ��Pn "  n      B D �� H   ti    ��A ^ �� D     0 ���     ��L     '* O,  ���   fl �� ^ �� "^ ���" 1"   M ^' ��   . ��� ��"  In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,  we will offer the balance of our spring and summer stock at a  Special Bargain Sale Jiunmeiidni londay, July 10th  Ladies' and Children's Department.  Ladies' Cotton Shirt Waists, less than cost, "25c up.  n      Silk Blouse from $3.00 each up..  .  n       Cotton Wrappers, to clear, from 50c up.  11       Black Alpaca and Serge Skirts $2.00 up.  Children and Misses' Black Cotton Hose 10c per pair.  Ladies' Black Cotton Hose 15c per pair.  11 11      Cashmere Hose 25c per pair.  11      Summer "Corsets-50c per pair.        .'",*'���'  Cotton'uUnclnervestsBirpm rpc each up^  Silk Department.  Black Brocade Dress Silks from 50c a yard up.  Bargains in Blouse Silks in waist lengths.  Washing Silks, plain striped ancl checked 35c up.  As  Boot and Shoe Department.  we'intend to close out.  this department,  we   will  clear the entire stock at cost prices.  Cents*;furnishings Department.  I   0   ."PS  'S^oSnJ^   ���.Xf  /J?..-flp."   Pp   Sfl.    .".!"   ."Z&Zfl,    p   ^J1��U-   ,*",.* *ap..n,.-.PpJ.p    <     -^0dn:-:n,  -���>ras/uo"tygOfri^ .ih*to?1-cVe"S'pfy-,�� "but tln>t' .gj'itc^V  " i.ticonl-Srence avjisjhelct-^agin itself ^iguihf  ."csS/ntr, ��;as-i-\,tv:as ^d's%��'theiclelij:!lte ;cuhnaractuer  - "of. $h% propogifioh-s. ;4"d>iit.ncedi- ��� .Tli^sj-n*.  ;\di!.c|a^Lh^ fgeti-njj* fin; fitN'br1 of innhieipliii'  ���^oxvMicsrsliii);- ���lials/;n6AV%Sfe .iS3"u!wl��n5otdsatl_f  "'^V.&iced" ''expresilbji^lu-vil, ih STe\v" Orlealls*.  Tlie scheiiio  of taking  tlie  Avatne,i'*-^vb,rfcs,  thfere; froin. iprh\at'e .hands lA-as citrried hy;  cfthii'ge majioiiity,, onlf reality-holders b&2  lit-.  If/'  III  The1 Sudbury Standara,  Toronto 'l'elogram.  i'he nliserable $1.25 per clay '\\rlrich an  alien monopoly pays to the miners ait  Sudbury is the standard by which the  miniiig brokers of Toronto conclemn the  British Columbia n;iinersr demand for  $3.50 for an eight-hour clay.    They say:  This week we are showing a special Ui\b of  I'M  &  H<;a(l<iaartCfij for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  JARDINIERES  AND  HAHeiisre  BASKETS.  Away below regular price.  r'.'-l'Jte"*'  '  ��������� "A".... ���������  ������pO&wy:  s  "WoSt Baker Street.      Tplefilidiie 13.  |Wil!ifi|r|^I|^rS  Jjatl'fe^ "Saj-lj6r .ptira"^' Hafs at 2;*jc, -    .. y." '  "\ .  IfiUxil aiid-fen-cl'" fifgttre}d Alp^tcp fmm sigCa .y-arcj tip.  Iptfic)' E'oioJred; ,l!):res".s ^0,0"ds���fr0nrn'a^c a yard lip.  j'Patioy ^ess" ^CbMuirie PaMerns less *t>han cost.  .Light and ,E)ai.ik Washing. FrintS).half price, ?{%�� a, yd  ,oti;ijinie*E- "Di'eSs MusTihs froiiX 10c a yarcl���'up.  White Swiss Strtp.e-crand Piecked Muslins from Sc tip.]  ������/������": . /tBlft^-WM^  y p" '���...,;.-���; .   ��. ^fc-     "   ���. " -     .-    --x-.��" *frl�� ���:.!'��� --^ >.:���>**'"*".    .  (Dheti rife- _���P"M��h .lasd. T^a|!esf>|jy - $vir^$s^��^&i$&t$r] arfdft ':"f|  Ostein' '^tle^C^rid1"WniMiovV-'ihad^s/Bn^a^/V:'''. y"'; .,\(}" V-J  I^^ii^l^pjes^-^ugl^  nte /ay* "B^i^iEfe-/i^wk'lej&.      '  ��    'lb D0     �� .'.'       ''*^f       DD      "     DD0     m    DDD     Jt     &g     D   "       d'    1^1     ,^'iftl'' .*���*   fl   0 .�� ��  particuJai-ly js$ll attention to the -spe^al-sha^g^rnis.  ���of remtiantsj etc., on this"coutta; "fees^|:o6ds,  havp gofto go.    All^ e^trC value/ . "..  Wo baA'o, a lino aSsdi'tmciit of woolgtis rtlwayS  on liaiid.- Goods made iij) .ii*�� tl'fo sh6rlcsl, \)os-  Rible notice. As cvofyfchitig is, kept aiid made"  pn the preinisesj sati-sfaccion1 is assufed.  BAKER STREET WE$T, NELSON  Thomson Stationery Co., W  If you Avant a natty, siyllsh suit of clothes for  HjiriiiK alfd suniiiKv,, 1 havo over S00 cliflbr-  o'nt patterns of Scotch an<l Knglisli tweeds,  which I AA'ill make to yanr order at tlie low  price of ��... ���  .,, i., ��25  ijlack A'cnetianS make a nieo stiic for sum*  nidi' wear at  ��. .��2-1  Jllack serge suits in sack orliioriiing coat..821;  A  hoary Scotch .(Iaa'CccI,  nice  patterns for  Inrsinoss suit   Sl8  I'l'diiserg at equnlly low prices. Pit and finish  no bettor in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a  -specialty.   Olcincnt block, Baker street.  VICTORIA .BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSOU  s  s,  e  Wo make a specialty of  SFiipJap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Olllce and yard near C.I'.Tt. depot   K. G. BICKU, Agent.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH    FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter, miles of Nelson.   Foi- further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  NUMBER  ONE  These hot .stunnier days is a duty you  really gavc to ."No. I."  Probably the best thing to do i.s to fortify your .system Avitli some  WELL KNOWN TONIC.  We haA'e all the standard preparations  that are recommended for this jiurpo.se.  CWes A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AyOTiONEERS  BDAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGEIFS  Baker Street* Nelson  If ypu want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best cloth ever imported to Nolson, IcaA'c your order  with me.  Six hundred dollars worth of iioav goods now waiting your inspection,   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.  . R. WRAY  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  C'oniflr of Maker and Stanley Strcctn" Nelson  SUITS $25  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Kootenay Colfec Oo.  SFSTYliB^IiXliY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  ..  JOSEPHINE STREET. .NELSON       .,,....  __���.._.__.-___.-_^-_~-7~-T-. . .: . .. .^.. ,   . .  Notice is lierohy (,'iven dial the partnership liorelofoic  sulisisting liutweun R. M. Macdonald and W. F.  Hnmg-  liniii, under lhe linn inline (if Macdonald and Jiroiiglimn  ih dissolved as of the :��Hh .Iunc, IHK).  FIKST DOOK WEST BANIC.B. C. RUILPING.  Two lots with two-story house on Latiinor  street, near Josephine) , $1800  Tenns:   ��120(1 cash, balanco on niortgnge.  Sixty-acre ranch, nine miles froin eity on lake  shore  , SlOffl)  One-half cash, halance on moi'tgnge.  Ou loan conditions arc the cheapest and best  oH'orcd. You can repay at any time without  bonus.  ^.<3-Easr*rs ^o*r  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Locn Co., Toronto.  I3SJ-StJl4^.*N*OEl  Fire. Life, Accident, and Sickness.  Save just received a consignment df Harris homo  made tweeds, from Talbot 'Harris, Scotland;,  PBED I SfJIBE, Baker St Nelson  Tho supply Is, Ilmitod. so call early aiid nxamino this stock.  GAMBUB ��Sr O'REILLY, Agts  Haker Street \Vo3t, Nolson," 11. C.  Lots for Sale  ?500 avIII purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  ��2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  ��100 -will purchase two nice lots and shanty.  ��2000 will purchase two nice lots and collage.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  Huy Eairmont; shares for a rise.  5000 Utiea at 2 cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & liocckh block. Nelson, U. C.  TO-llOoin House, cenfrmlly locited, $-2800.  6-IlOQin CottngO h-ik1 2 Lots oil Carbonate  street*., SVIOO, cfiwy tonus.  5-Kooin   House on  Stanley sfci-ecfc, $5100.  J. I. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Milling Slocks Customs Broker  HEAL ESTATE AND GKNERAL AGENTS  Charles 0.  J.  Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  P1BE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  X3srsxjs.u^3srCE  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LET���Several houses of. did'eront sizes.  FOR SALE���Bcal estate in all parts of the eity.  TELEPHONE  35  During the, season avo will deliver ice tti, private residences  and business liouses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSNAW  CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE  OF SAWMILL. Ef 0., fiY PUBLIC AUC/fION.  .Notice is Hereby given that vo will'soli by public anc-  titfn in front of the court hous-o, in the City of Nelson, li.  C.. oh Monday, the 10th day of July, A. Di WI0, lit tho  hour of clovon o clock in the fareiioon, the following  goods and chattels: .  (1). Tho sawmill building ami buildings, ilscd in c6n-  noolion I herewith, situate at Salmo, B. C., and known as  the wof'tirly of >Vanfe Laviir.  {2), All sawmill, pianiiiginil), mid shinglcniill machinery and plttilt therein situate, including boiler and engine*  about ;io horse power, with pump and all tools and feup-  plit's and nil cnrp'iiter and hlacksmitlj tools, appliaiiees  and .supplies, and tramway and tram ears for carrying  lumber, allsitualc in aiid around the said sawmill building. Also a logger's outfit, consisting of sleds, trucks,  tram chains, axes and other tools and supplies.  ���(��>. Also two spans of grey horses, used at lire sawmill.  Also tho two sets of double team harr.ess used with the  said teams.  All the ii bovo goods and chattels have boon seized aud  taken possession of by Harvey M. 1'aulson, formerly of  Ballard, in the stato of Washington, now of Salmo, B. C.  FOR SALE.  A building and lot oii First Avenue in the town of  Ymir... Kenls for ��20 pur month. Will be sold cheap for  cash.:.. (.'or fiiiMmr particulars 'apply to John A. Kirk-  pal rick, Nelson, B.C.  other dated tho 30th day of May, A. lt. 18,')!), to secure  ��()6i.2o, and also under absolute bill of sale given as  security to Anna K. Paulson and transferred to the said  Harvey M. Paulson. Lpon which two conditional bills of  salo therei remains a balance due of ��1714.42, and the said  goods and chattels will be sold tosatisfy the eaidbalance,  and all costs, charges, expenses and disbursements of  said seizure, possession and sale.  A full inventory of all articles will be produced at tho  time of salo.  Terms cash:  For further particulars ap  Aberc    or __  Dated 27th day of June, A~. i5.Ts9b~  iti ins bii*iu.  For further particulars apply to Taylor & HanniuRlon,  Vbei'deen block, Nelson, li. C, solicitors for mortgage,  ���r,.��<   ��i*A8,* A* WATiCRMAN & CO., Auctioneers.  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimneysweep  Prompt atlcntion given to all orders left al M.  Brisay tc Co's, llaker htreel. Nelson.  Dch- THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, JULY 9, 1899.  o  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.  ���$12,000,000  6,000,000  Mlltl) STRATHCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, Prosident  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  I'l   S. CLOUSTON.. .* General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  inELSOnrsr bbaistch  tf.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        BKAN'CIIKS  IN       LONDON   (England),    NEW  YORK,   CHICAGO  nn.I in lhe principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling ICxcliango and Cable Transfers  OHANT (JOMMKKCIAI, ANIl   l'K.\ VKI.I.KU8' (2KKIII I'S,  available in any pari of l.lui world.  DRAFTS  IBSUKI)    COIXKCTIONH MADE;  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  .CURRENT -RATK OK INTEREST PAID  INDIVIDUALITIES.  Paty's arrest by an eye-witness: '"Colonel du Paty was at dinner with his wife  and wife's mother at his residence, 17  Avenue Bosquet, when a colonel Avas introduced who whispered that he had  come to arrest him. The whole thing  was done iu a gentlemanly fashion. Colonel du Paty apologized to the ladies and  left the table, and accompanied his friend  ���to Cherce Midi prison.  Is n<>w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin., B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  Henry Walters, of Baltimore, has given  forty-five thousand dollars to that city to  provide two public bath-houses.'  U.S. Grant, jr., a grandson of general  U. S. Grant,/has been appointed a professor in the 'Northwestern-university.'' Mr.  Grant will have the chair of geology.  Tlie German government has refused  to permit.Sarah Bernhardt to play Hamlet in Alsace-Lorraine unless she plays it  first in some important German city outside of the proscribed district.  Richard W. Thomson, formerly secretary of the navy, reached his ninetieth  birthday on the ninth ultimo, and in the  evening braved a storm to attend a dinner given in his honor by the Thomson  club in Terre Haute, the city where he  lives. Colonel Thompson was a member  of congress twenty years before the beginning of the Civil War. t  It is now knoAvn that the breaking of  the engagement Jf Helen, the daughter  of the Russian grand duke Vladimir, and  prince Maximilian of Baden was not due  to their different religions, but to the  fact that princess Helen is in love with  tlie czar's brother, grand duke Michael.  She. flatly refused to wed prince Malimil-  ian.' In St. Petersburg -all the photographs of the couple taken together  while tliey were engaged _,h'av6 been,,couv  .fiscated..       -   -, ���-' *" " , ,        ".=  -;="      .    :  .  ,-_ J).  W.J  Krider  of. Wharton.   Ohio,  a.  ; member of the Third Regular artillery,  ,who was shot  twentyr'six  times -in  the"  {Filipino "outbreak on February 1th, and  who"receiA'cd'thc most terrible Avoimds in F  the Manila campaign^ still  survives.    He  wiis shot at half-past one hi the after-  : noon, and because he was thought to*  haA'e beei/f killed was not treated by the  surgeon  until  nine  o'clock vthat" night.  = His escape from death on the field is little  short of miraculous. If he recovers, however, he Avill be crippled for life.  According to the London Critic, there  AA'as "no royal biography published under  bhe personal supervision of a British  sovereign until that of the priuce concert  appeared. Queen Victoria now spends a  considerable portion of her leisure in  reading, or in haA'ing rend to her, the  Xxroofs of forthcoming! publications in,  wiifcjjh: she is interested;. It i�� said that  this is /the real Reason whjf. both the official bipgropliy of the duchess of Teckand  =the^mQre^eagei'/l5Lii.waitedJife^ofJord_  Bdaconsfield liave beeu delayed so long.  In each case her majesty has insisted on  reading ev/ery document and letter..  Emperor William has invented a new  simile to describe the German nations  Speaking at the distribution of prizes  Won in the Elbe regatta, in Avhieh his  majesty steered liis yacht Meteor into a  mud-bank, frOm AA'hich it had to be toWed  by a torpedo-boat, the einperor said that  "the German.people are like a thoroughbred horse, A\?hieh alloAvs nobody to bridle  hinii but will maintaii/f the foyemOst  ' place." As this folloAVed a declaration of  Germany's ability to secure .peace' on the  basis won by the empei*oi*''S grandfather  and father, it is being asked whether the  reference to a horse that can not be  bridled was not a covert allusion to Germany's attitude at The Hague.  Cellainy Storer, the new minister to  Spain, avIio was "officially lost" for a  Aveek oi* two* but who is now in Madrid  representing the United States at the  Spanish court, is the son of the late judge  Bellamy Storer of Oinciimatti, and a personal friend of president McKinley. He  came out of Harvard in 1887, and two  years later was au assistant United States  district attorney for southern Ohio. In  1890 Mr. Storer avms elected to congress  and Avas returned for a second term. A  profoundly read jurist, he is Avell informed in international law. The Storers  were among the earliest settlers of the  state of Maine. His mother was Elizabeth Drinker of Philadelphia, aiid she  herself Avas descended directly from the  eo-pioneers pf William Perm.  Major-general Wood, U. S. V., who is  now in Washington, B.C., having been  called home from Cuba for promotion;, it  is said, owing to his excellent adniinistra-;  tion as military-governor of the province  of Santiago, tells this characteristic story  of the dislike of the' Cubans to injure  one's feelings: "A few days ago, Avhen I  was out of the city, Trujillo, the Cuban  journalist rAVho issued a paper in New  York for a Avliile and then went back to  Santiago to renew the publication there,  printed an article giving the president  and the secretary of war fits. When I  returned I saw the article and sent for  him. As he walked into my office lie exclaimed : 'My dear sir, I so regret that  this has happened. I wouldn't have had  it so for anything, but you" returned four  days before you said you would return.  I should have knoAvn. '��� Really, I wasn't  to blame. I intended this should appear  when you Avere away, so that it Avouldn't  hurt jrour feelings.    I am so A'ery sorry.'"  A recent issue of Le Matin outlines the  defense that colonel du Paty de Clam is  espected to make before the court-martial AA'hich is shortly to try him ou  charges of forgery and using forged documents. Le Matin says that Du Paty has  documentary proof that in all his actions  .he was obeying the com mauds of his  superiors of the general staff. The  proofs in question were taken to Brussels  last fall by the colonel's Avife, avIio is the  daughter of the duchesse d'Ursel, honorary grand mistress of the queen of the  Belgians' household, and is god-daughter  of her majesty. The documents have  been placed in the possession of the  D'Ursel family, and AA'ill be presented by  du Paty's lawyer at the court-martial.  The   foiloAving   account   is given of du  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  English merchants in Constantinople  are exercised by the campaign carried on  by the Turkish censor against trademarks and ach'ertisements entering the  county. Two recent examples illustrate  the scope of his control. A firm designed  a trade-mark for use in Turkey, in Avhieh  the star and crescent formed apart. The  design Avas forbidden. Another firm had  the advertisement and directions thatac-  conipanied their goods���a special brand  of soap���translated into Arabic. The  translation AA'as done in London, and iu  the phrase AA'hich in English read "Soap-  makers to', her majesty the queen," appeared a title AA'hich'in Turkey is only applied to the sultan. The censor offered  the importer the alternate of returning  the soap to England or removing the obnoxious label. In the meantime, British  merchants are warned against sending  any goods to Turkey bearing trademarks,  or circulars which could by any stretch  of the immagination be in any AA'ay connected with Islamism or the Sultan.  Mrs. Emmons Blaine recently Avent before the board of assessors of Chicago and  filed a complete schedule of all her possessions, of Avliich the personality alone  called for taxation on $1,563,000. Although Mrs. Blaine is by no means the  richest individual in Chicago���there are  doubtless some thousands richer than she  ���her schedule of personal property is the  FULL LINE OF  largest eA'er offered in that city. Mrs.  Blaine's procedure has'given cold shivers  to some of her friends and relatives, but  she says that she has come to the conclusion that the rich must fulfill their obligations to the state, that property own-  ers should tell the whole truth about  tlieir posiessions, and pay the full tax  tliereon. The modesty and simplicity of  Mrs. Blaine's act makes it especially  not dole.  German Comments on the War.  Bkkt.in, July 8.���The press comments  on the war iu tho Philippines, and the  decision of president McKinley to increase the force of American troops  there, are not hopeful for American success. The'difficulty of the situation is  regarded as confirmatory of the views,  expressed before the rebellion. TheVos-  sisch Zeitung makes merry over what it  calls general Otis' Napoleonic art of preparing bulletins, and adds that Avith negligence of the most obvious ..facts, he lias  been reiterating for months that the resistance bf the insurgents was broken,  their armies Avere in a complete dissolution, and that the end of the Avar is in  sight. "..������*'  The Tremont Hotel  b r*  mmmmmmmmmmmmm^  Seeing is Believin  with  In order to keep pace  have found   it   necessary to  our departments betAveen seasons.  we  our eonstantly increasing trade  add   considerably to seA'eral of  One of the most important  of these is our Neckwear Counter.  We have now in s'tock some of the most  Ladies'Ties that have ever been put on sale in  neAvest being Brussels Net at 75 cents, $1,  and  To those who may be skeptical as to the attractiveness of  these ties,  it is but necessary for us to say  novel   fads in  Nelson.    The  $1.25.  ffl  seeing*  IS  believing  W|AL0flE & TRECILLUS  ��  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  %  BANK  OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TERMS   CASH  .(=>.��=>,  :����:  ���^l^J.^1  -^���e^  M  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters Top Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Wagon repairing-promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright: c- '     _,  -  -  - Special attention given tb all kinds of repairing and,  custom work from outsido points. --. V    -  Sipp:   Ifall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  C.W.West&Co.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Go.   Standard Oii Co.  Washington Brick arid Liqe Go.  The H. W. IVJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Arjtrjra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in.  STOVEWOOD  Brick and Lime  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring .  -.'.'-_-      " '  . -     locaLaiu!. coast. - '"'2-  ��� '"���;=.-.  Newel Posts,  Stair Rail  ;���   Mouldings      =    -'  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wc will make itfor you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  .Heated with Hot'Air and  Lighted by Electricity 7  iLargo ��� comfortable bedrooms and   lirst-class- dining  room. " Sample rooms for .commercial men.  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks, 'Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  l'KESIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RKCKHTAItY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  aziiajcins^-x)-  Lirne 70 Genls per 100   AVUl_dcliver_iu_ton,lots   S.  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or oil sftows at government wharf.  The West lvootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd*  Baker Street.  T. Q. PROCTOR, "Manager  R. REJSTERER & CO,  Bll^WERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Lai  Vrompt and regular  ditllvory to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Ipoii Works  M.ANUFACTUHERS OK  El^alNES, BOH.EBS. SHAFTING, IRON* AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly- attended to.      P. O. Box 173.  Brow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOM PANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear o�� English church.  Heated by steam. Table board $1, room and board $5  nnd $5.50.  A colleetion of fiuo Belgium Canaries for salo.  J. V. Q'LAUGHLIN.  Strictly first-class. Rates, $'.1 per week and up,  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  .���FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE AND EN SUITE. .  --���: Hot. and/cold'water,-.'baths,, electric, light, elevator and  telephone.   Housekeeping rooms;   Thoroughly equipped l  with exits and lire escapes.' 5th llloor Marion block, cor-'  nor Riverside and Sl��v:eiis Hlrcots. .  kUNUKACyiJKKRS OW  DBAIiEKS IN  Mrs.  E.  G.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, "Calgary,  If. D. >{UME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel, in, the interior.  Largo sain pic rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  GORIER OF WARD ANB VERNON STS;, NELSON:  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors aiid Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY WORK DON* TO OltDKli,'  SUCH is  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN 8T0CK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ofiice, corner Hall street and C.l-'.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G.O.BUCHANAN'S  BASER AND WARD STREETS, NiELSOty  The Only hotel in Nelson, that has rcinalndd utider one  maiiagemciit singo 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  The dining-^oOni is hot second to any in Koatonay;  . Tlie bar is ahvays stocked by the best donlestic and  imported liquors and cigars;  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  "     ��� .  n  -   .1  11 I '���' . *l   Largo ami well lighted Healed by hot at  Rcasc'iiablc rates iSanijilG rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTBL  ViCTORiA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  Baker street, (kelson E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDKRSRY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.    '"  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND^  All communications relating to  British  Columbia * business lo be addressed  to P.^O. Drawer  605,  Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK  S.-S FOWLER,  ROBERTSON, General Manager  -E.IVI., Mining Engineer  \ NELSON, B.C.  w.  A. THURMAN  SiyiOK ERS' H EA��Q UARTE RS  Keeps ia. -full line of  foOYAt, Sg&L. A^TD KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  And ail "oih0r brands of the  AT FACTOItY JUfl-CES^  Kootenay Gigap Manufacturing Company  o^t nsr-Ejosoisr, e.g.  Kreo hiiH meets all trains  Hourly strcot car to station  Night Grill Room in commotion, for the coiivcnienco of  guests arriving and dopartint! by niglit, trains.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  A large stock o�� first-class dry matorial on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 91 Johll    fifoe,   Ageilt  GOAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  -:-All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds, of lumber  Vo'iit to'order, and shipped'to  Nolson iu carload lots  Write for prices. - . ���..,.-'  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  POTENAY  GOFFETIbO.  Nelson Tent and Awning Manufactory  -A-LXj   ^tJSriDS   OF  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL KV/iKS OF TKNTS IN STOCK  Haker strcot, opposite postoilice, Nelson  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. S. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHEB  COb'FKE  ROASTKRS  AND  AND    DKALKHS  COFFKK.  IN   TKA  Offer fresh roasted codec of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Maclia, per pound. ���?   10  .lava and .Mocha. Hlcnd, 11 pounds :  1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds .'    1 00  Santos Rloml, 5 pounds    1 Wi  Our Hpeoial Hlcnd, (1 pounds  ...  1 ''"  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds    : ....I 0(1  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2  Doors  East   of   Oddfollows   Block,,   West  Baker Stseet . ,  NELSON, B.C.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators; Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. C.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  "MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ���:    ONLY WH1TK HKLI' KMI'LOYtflJ  ���R..  ���ECTJ-RIR-Z",      PEOPBIETOB  MINERS WANTED.  FOE EB1TT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  .VI'1'I.Y  J. L.AING STOCKS, Secretary  At cfllce of the Duncan Mines, Limited.  BOATS! BOATsTbOATSI  )VOR SALK OR HlUfi  - The Tiui^icr Mine. Limited, Albert Canyon, requires  six n<md.minors.   Wages %:! per day; shafb sinking, t:i.ao  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats Imlit to order. Repairing ami Atting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rods and tackio  mended.   At Government wharf. Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, JULY i),  1.899.  Gool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNKR BAKKR AND JOSFPHINE STREETS, NELSON  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  The Corby Cup Shoot.  The shoot i'or the Corby cup, which  was donated by Henry Corby of Belleville for competition among members of  the Nelson gun club, took place at the  traps yesterday afternoon. Tliere was a  strong gusty wind blowing, which had  the effect of cutting down the scores  away below ordinary practice shoots.  Dr. Hall headed the list with eleven birds  out of twenty, four being his best run.  With .Blackwood, who i.s considered one  of the best shots in the club, it was hit  and miss from beginning to end, whieli  gave him a total of ten. George Steele's  shooting was remarkable, lie missed the  first five, got the second five and missed  the third live and tliree in the fourth  live.    The scores are appended :  (J. Goepel 000(1(1   IIIKlll   (101(10    111 IM��� 7*  11010    11(101)���in  10110���II  C. I). Muck wood  Dr. Hull   Geo. Steele   VV. Hawley   S. Nelson..  101II) 0011(1  i intil oiooo  OOOliO 11111  UOU 11010  01010 01010  Dillon  01010 00110  R. H. Williams 01100 00001  H. K. Maedonell  10001 01101  J. M. Lay  01000 10001  10111  OOOOO  00010  10011  oooou  00010  (10001  10001  101 IO- s  00110���1(1  00000��� 7  10000��� 5  00000��� I  10010��� s  011000��� 5  Rubber  Goods  The  warm season  commenced  has  See   Gilker's  assortment   of   Rubher  Coats,  Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,  and all sorts of general wet weather goods.  P. O. Store  J. A.  OIJUKER  v:  ���ks.:  }m4>,..w  lis.*J,~Vi!'"^  fyyyyy  *��' >���$ *���*  5t   Qoisp* n'q  *f|>*;  Sr'l-Sy p  y^'y;,  wm&mm  "��� I$n^yif|*b���B5^ to soc qui-.-large  '���"Si-l^.*e^|-5gi^te^t^lc-'^f*��� .Oioots and Shoes.'"" We  Jcar%vthV* foIlQ^ng,'"linos; J. ifc. T. Bell, 3.  :"'0^g ��l��.'?8b-V'Min?fih�� Star Shoe Co.,'Foots,*  ���jBujjpifejl'���C*^%tfc|cii'cl  Shoe Co., Ames, Hoi-.  " cleir 4":^fc* *ui���d' oTiher'" leading makers.  mm  I^K  ��� 2CfA]f 1)^28:; \XtgT'R AgER^STREKT, n N KI .SON  CO  ",My ".���"as""'-  .-.-*    - ��� 8*. "-" ���. ���                     ��� .. & $>.  ���j?%&        m" " ���...."- 5K jg  m�� -    "' -.          "���   ���_, ���   ' ... ... ... ss &.  "'   -- ��� ���'���* ��� ��� 8 &  <jg  JUST  .��'  Entire Gar of  Iron Beds  [ppings  Froai Greofge 0ale & Son  w  NELSON.  James Byron and Mrs. James Byron  were brought before stipendiary magistrate Crease yesterday morning' upon  the charge of having in their possession  stolen goods, the property of the estate  of Lizzie Waite. The evidence of provincial constable Wilson was taken. He  was the'officer who had locked up the  property after the death of Lizzie AVaite  and hearing that the house at Kuskonook  had been broken into he A'isited it and  found that several articles of wearing-  apparel had been taken. Other evidence  was adduced to the effect that the goods  later were found in the possession of the  prisoners at the time of their arrest. The  magistrate remanded the two prisoners  for eight days in order to giA-e the crown  time in whieh to prepare its case.  The regular monthly meeting of the  South Kootenay Board of Trade will be  held tomorrow evening at S o'clock when  the questions to be submitted to the  board of trade conference, at Rossland  will be again gone into. The council of  the board has recommended four subjects  but as yet they have not been approved  by the board. The subjects as recommended by tho council aro: (I) the encouragement of silver-lead mining by increased duties upon lead products; (2/  the encouragement of lead smelting by  the free entry of Canadian silver-lead  bullion after being relined in tlie United  States;1 (3) ��� increased ..representation for  .'Kootenay in the liouse of commons; and^-  (J) the consideration of tlio; eightrhour  huy. and-its clle.ct upon tlie^ mining industry. .. " - *"_ -     /"'  = _  "Word was received yesterday from  Armstrong & Morrison of Vancouver to  the*effect that they could guarantee the  delivery at Nelson-by September 1st of.  2000 feet of steel pipe and complete iJio  delivery of the -Ayliolc amount required  by the city by October 1st, making regu-*  lar weekly shipments. This -satisfies the  requirements of thecouiicirand the Vancouver ..firm will accordingly be given the*  contract.  A party of ten left on tho steainer international yesterday for Hal four. They  secured a- special rate from the international and took their canoes along with  them which'will enable them to spend  their outing in iishing.  Messrs. MacBeath &]>ctcrs, the successful tenders for completing the carpenter  work in connection with the electric light  Hume, have reported tliat the necessary  grading upon the flume line will cost in  tlie neighborhood of $200. As this is  .cijHsidel'M-LiO-a^ i$agoiiahio   fjg.uiLej_it._is_  ledge i.s mineralized and assays from portions of it have given returns of from  $1.-10 to $20 in gold. The property was  located in September and two men have  been working upon it for over a month.  A double shift will be put to work -on  Monday.  A. DesBrisay and Miss DesBrisay of  AVinnipeg are in Nelson. The former is  on the lookout for an opening in the  grocery business, and the latter has come  to spend her .summer vacation with  relatives in this city.  The I'ooriiian mill will be starled up  as soon as the machinery has been thoroughly cleaned and put to rights. This  work is now proceeding and will shortly  be completed.  Yesterday $230 worth of gold dust  from Wnncta was entered at the cusloin  house for exportation to the l.'nited  .Stales mint at Helena. The Bank of  Montreal also ' exported a. gold brick  to the same destination worth $7-'>00.  This brick probably represents the last  cleanup at the Athabasca mill.  There will bo a baseball match ou the  recreation grounds this afternoon.  - A man, whose name could not bo  learned last evening, attempted to go up  to the Ball Mimes smelter yesterday  morning in one of tho-tram way buckets.  When near the mine the traimvay stopped, and.the man tried to clamber to the  nearest tower. His coat got caught, and  he lost his grip and fell some twenty-five  feet breaking his leg.  The management of the Athabasca are  calling for tenders for the erection of a  dam ISO feet long including wings. The  dam is to be used for storing the tailings  from the mill.  Frank Lavin's sawmill at Salmo will  be sold at the court house at il o'clock  Monday morning by the sheriff to satisfy  a mortgage of $1S00. A second mortgage  for wages to the amount of $1000 has  also been filed by the men. Two span of  horses will be included in-.-.the sale.  The first annual church parade of Nelson Loyal Orange Lodge will be, held on  Sunday, July 9th,from Fraternity hall in  bhe Oddfellow's block. All members and  sojourning brethren are requested to  meet at the hall.at 10 o'clock sharp.  H  *"  0:  A Large Shipment of  Baby  .  &  likely that a meeting of the public works  committee' "Will be held and the contract  awarded for the grading as well as the  carpenter Work.  "Dr. Armstrong is meeting M'ith every  encoura-gemeut in the development of the  Chantal prospect which is situated, on  GriWite mountain fliboat one and a half  miles from lvootenay lake and half a mile  from Grohmau creek. The ledge lifts been  stripped foi' $00 feet and where .crosscut  is about thirty feet'���wide     "Tjie entire  BUSINESS AND liKSlUKKTlAL  -iHiovtiivvK  A Ring of Beauty  is a Joy to Both  Giver and Receiver  STANDARD QUALITY  NEWEST STYLES  BEST FINISH  They iilwnys sell where anytlihiK will, nml cosl  no  more limn those of doubtful roputulion.  Wlieli you want.diamonds, write lo Jacob Dover.  When you want walchcs, i-otiil to Jucob Dover.  When you want gold mid silver lorgnello chain-, itsk  for Jacob Hover.  When you wAnt sterling silver rioygllics, send to Jiifibb  Dover.  JWhgn^^U1. wftjifcjlgd'feoi^.fo'.o'^  IQ  * n  From The G-endron Mnfg. Co.  ���*    i ���    -f    -  I     13D.    M^ABTHITK   &   OO. ��     I  30 by  120, Bnker Htreot, between  Josephine  aud  Ward streets .., ..���...-. ���,..,.,..... .5501x1  60 by 120, linker .street, between Jotseiililiieiind Hnll  streets  ilflpO  50 by 120, Baker sireel, bu-liweeii Jbsc|iliino and Hull  streets, corner.    30 by 120. Hast Baker stroot.     800  25 by 120 with imin'ovcinojits, south side of Vernon  street...,  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernoii  street  0(100  2 lots unci large house beautifully fiirriislicd-'snap).. 4000  2} lots with cott'lge rented at ��15 per ..month, Victoria  street    3500  1 lot with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  street   2500  2 Irits with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Stanley  Street ��� ..,.   3000  G lots in block II I), all cleared and fenced in  2500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars Oh above property apply to  send lo Jacobljovor.  When you w.'iht a nice lamp, ask for Jacob Dover,  When yoii wailt'tho Karn piano, send for catalogue to  #Th'cob'Dov<Sf.  When you, want llrstrcLiss goods, buy fi'om Jacob  Dpvei'.  When yon want wnlchos repaired, send them to Jacob  Bovqiv  WTIien yon Wi.nit Jdwclry niaiiTiflieturcd !or I'epaircd,.  scitd it to J.'icob Dover.  When you *\vnn;l. lo sec acoinplotolliie of ^ooilsiwabove  tnentiiancd, citll at  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and "Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails   ,.  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO S30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  ITELSODST,   B- O.  Buy r  Your  Groceries.  and  Provisions  of  Kirkpatrick  &  Wilson  and  You  Will  i:ways~  Be  Satisfied  REMEMBER WE  ARE   HEADQUARTERS  FOR.  AND  GLASSWARE  TELEPHONE   OR    MAIL   ORDERS   PROMPTLY   FILLED  JEWELRY STORE, NELSON  F*ruit  Hotel  Beer  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isTELsoisr  ���WAED BEOS.  Ileal Estate and Gonerat A gouts, Baker St., Nolson  TROPICAL FRUIT BETO  Kept by all grocers  and fruit store dealers,  berry,  Choc-  And in doubt, "whm'o to go lo gob good goods at liowi.sk 'pi-fces, nsk yfliir  noiglilior ab.oi.it \ih< It liialtars not livTiat nnit of (lie city you arc iii (liey ail  know us, nnd if yyu ace out of tbe city drop a lino to box JJ8, Nisluon, wlien  you  will get full particulars by TCUu'ii mail.  3-Pound Box Cream Sodas 35 Cents  General Grocers  NELSON, B.C.  DesBrisay & Co.  Jjimo Jiico  Cordial,  Itftsjlberry, Strawberry  Pineapple, Lemon, Vo-niMu, SaiNaparilla,  olnto, C'oU'ee, Orange, Ornngo i'liosphato.  VIOTOIUA  VANCOUVER  NKLSON  Thorpe & Co.,  ce  AND  Corner Baker and. Ward Streets.  For Strawberries and  . your order.  other fruits in season.  Prompt delivery.  Leave  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE. RESORT   IN-   KOOTENAY  Hazlewood lee Cream  .  lee Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft prinks  *..'- Agents_fo *��� Hazlewood Ico Crcani;->���;.-;.:.;yyy  (HAZLKWDOD)  Ice Cream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT STOHE  Fresh' Fruit received daily  NfCXt door to NolHon Wine Oo.  Telephone 03. ITUMPHRKYS & PITTOCK  -w~~ :e>- i^OBiisrsoisr  (Kx-Sliui'iir of South Kootenay)  ;.;-,-''.GENERAL;.: AUCTIONEER  :   CokU advaiieod::onebiisigimiehlMfof nioroliandise.   .,'-'  I'oKtolllcoUox.STa - '.-*; ���:"-.;.?'���:���" y Nelsoii^lJ.,e.  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.      . '  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, 1). C.  ELTJMBBES,  ETC;  OFEKuiV ho'tjse . block:  to.;.^*,to.a2!^-i��8ii&!rt^^^


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