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Helmcken May be Attorney-General.
Special to the Tribune.
Aaictohia, July I.—Reports come from
'Vancouver and from Ottawa through
Vancouver to the eifect that premier
Semlin has called upon attorney-general
Martin to hand in his resignation.
Premier Semlin was interviewed tonight
by tlie Tin-: Tihiu'nk correspondent on
the subject of the report from Vancouver that Iks had asked for the resignation of the attorney-general. Me seemed
much interested in the report, ini|iiiring
as to its source, but after some hesitation
lie said lie preferred not to discuss
the subject. "Will yon say yes or no?"
he was asked. "I cannot say anything
whatever tonight." was the reply.
liofore iMr. Semlin could be seen Mr.
Cotton had been interviewed on the subject. Though he too said lie had no
statement to make, it was evident from
his replies that the report was probably
well founded.
Lieutenant-governor Mclnnes i.s absent
on a trip to Atlin, whieli fact may delay,
any public statement its to the present
crisis. Overtures looking to the formation of a coalition government have been
in progress here for several days,and the
name of If. I). Ilelincken is freely mentioned as the successor of Martin.
I). W. Higgius also intimates that
in,. any cabinet '■" reconstruction
lie must be included.:^ Rumor lias connected sir Hibbert Tapper's hurried return from Ottawa with the provincial
crisis, but if tliere is any intention of inviting him to join the ministry the fact
has been-kept profoundly secret. Attorney-genera,! Martin "went to Nanimo this
morning and probabiy is discussing tho
affair with McKechnie, president of the
council, and Samuel M. Robins of the
Vancouver Coal Company, who is said to
have been a considerable factor in the
recent election.
A statement appearing in the Vancouver Province tonight, under Victoria
date, and probabiy emulating from at-
toriiey-gcnerel Martin himself, says that
premier Semlin called on the attorney-
general on Saturday and asked him to
resign for tliree reasons: First that he
had neglected the business of his'dopai'fc-
nient; second, because he had disclosed
private business of the 'cabinet; third, because he had brought the ■government into disrepute by liis actions at the Rossland
banquet;. Attorney-general Martinposi-
ti vely refused to resign.   The first charge;
r*i» -" ;'&Kv.» «a si.™.:?*". ,/*.V.'^Z..!__k_?1.',_!^v_:fe"__,
surgents have promised to release the
sick soldiers, who number several hundred, and the civic officials, but they intend to keep the friars, expecting that
the church will finally pay a ransom, lt
is reported that the civilia.n prisoners are
being concentrated at Tar hie as well as
some of the other ports recently opened,
from which they could be shipped to
Manila. The Spaniards assert that the
Filipinos are impressing all the military
prisoners to engineering, hospital and
clerical work.
Another Flood Disaster in Texas.
Dallas, Texas, .July I.—Another Mood
disaster, which from first bulletins received here to niglit appears to be worse
than that of last week, oceurod today in
the Rrazolos valley, about one hundred
miles down the river from Calvert.
Alarming reports come of* loss of life in
the vicinity of lh-ookshiie. One report
stiys that this afternoon there were from
300 to '100 people on a small island near
Brookshire, and the water was rising
rapidly. There was no means of escape
and fears are expressed that they have
been drowned.
Otis Will Have 44. OOfXMen.
Washington, July 4.—Having heard
from General Otis that he needs 0388 men
to fill up the regular regiments and 2000
men for the two volunteer regiments he was authorized to enlist, orders will be issued today
for the enlistment of 15,000 men.
This will actually give Otis about 44,000
men. Allowing, a loss of 12 per cent for
disease, wounds etc., which.he stated as
the present percentage of " ineffective.-,"
he will have, instead of an effective force
of 30,000 men, one of 39,000.-
Agreement Eeached on the Cable.
London, July 5.—The Daily News says
this morning: We understand that the
Pacific cable conference lias arrived at a
satisfactory basis. The general principles of the scheme have been provisionally agreed -upon, and will be communicated „to the. colonial.; govQrnmtsnts.'.„' JJji-1
•yiy.:."f:\^4iShy^y:€kp:i..flii.Jiy^yyfjyiJ.i * ■j.^ii.rftijs.-_■,_■
Canadians in Good Form.
HiCNl.Hiv, July I.—The river Thames
presented an animated scene this afternoon on the opening of the Henley races.
There are fifty-three entries as against
fifty-four in I SOS, of whom tliree have
crossed the seas, without mentioning
G'audin, who, though rowing under
Thames colors, is ambitious to carry off
the diamond sculls for France. The oarsmen of the Argonaut Rowing Club of
Toronto have already made many friends
here, and will make a bid for the grand
challenge cup and stewards challenge
Hrnley, July 4.—Though tho absence
of a body swing in the Canadians makes
the English critics shake their heads,
close observers point out the important
fact that their long slide makes their
stroke look much shorter than it is. The
Dutch crew from Delft arrived today
and meets the Canadians in the first heat
for the grand. The Hamburgers also
continue to attract much mention.
Most English crews are well up to Henley form though none are of extraordinary merit. The Leander eight, for the
grand, is not, perhaps,- quite up to tho
level of former years and many, have
already spotted the combined Trinity,
Cambridge crew as the winners.
Balliol has greatly improved under McLean's coaching. This crew will meet
Leander in the first heat, and if Balliol
wins that crew will be hard to beat in
the final.
Eaton's claim to the Ladies' Challenge
plate is only to be contested by Hartley
and Pembroke, Cambridge.
Great things are expected of Black-
staff in the diamouds, though Pox of
Pembroke, Cambridge, is highly regarded.
In the meantime Howell, the American
holder of the trophy, drives his boat
through the water as only he can. Wednesday was the day originally fixed for
the opening bf the regatta,'-but. the date
has been changed to Tuesday. :';
,'M()Mi)sc".'h&" 7ekplaln:eM.;%>&^^
;thafc.^hi*'" .(S^hilljiifr"" wife,"* Simply ""tiiere
sidepiitiyi-il^showii iriiii- -at°;?t:hV "CaueuS ;it
|;V;:j,iVc"f»i°U-bi! SKnilfu ; cOi|Id"> "hot have" had
?t;hen*skightijs-fc'-.- elfance. Of .JMh.f.-.-tSailed'" to
'jfl-i^y^eiiii'ejsshi'i!).;" ■ .H'^.act'/ised*.- 'SKm'liij .of
beiiig„a weak -idol in the slnuid| of" 0arte.r-
■Cottonj, S'a'tJieVui-ffei'Vle^w'ei-i^.^-
l\A,^eOfMiug tq tll-e... "Prol-rnee statement ,
Mitrtiii. lta.4 up inteijt.ioii, of resigning, his
WqW. being that the "premier has,no more
sa;y iii tlie 'matter than aiiy member of
tlie eiibineti
"Friends, of tlie government," the disr
totd^Qpchi^^^ tl caucus is_Jo_,
be lieltl~at. once. The portfolfo of
Jifctprney'genei'al waSto have been offered
fco llelmckeil, tlie senior member for Vic*
PQi'ia. There is little doubt but tliat
itn. election in tlie near future must he
j-tekl} its tlie present situation cannot coii-
jViarfciu returned to Victoria tonight
Jj'om Nanaiiuo. Ho refused to be inter-
l/tewed, biit Nanaimo gives the story that
Jt is understood that the .plan; to be
iigrood upon as the result of his confer-
hnee with Messrs, Robiiif. and; McKochnio
Is tliat Martin is to Vosign contingent
[ipou the reconstru-tioii of the cabinet
|ipou tho following lines :
Hume to I'osign, being itilxi(juf3 to attend
fco private filTairs, and the fifth salaried
Portfolio to be iillod; Henderson of West-
Jninster to be attorney-general; Ralph
Kmifch of Nanaiiiio, to be minister of
mines; and one of lvootenay members,
probably Martin of rtossland, to join the
I'abinet. It is lidded from Naniaiiio that
he rumor of a dissolution on tlie return
|)f the lieutenant-governor is without
Bank Bobbers to Come Back.
CAmi*u_<_i_i_ton, New Brunswick, July
Ji.—Detective Greer of Toronto arrived
[here this morning, and on seeing -fclie men
iarrested here recently on suspicion of
ibeing Pare and Holden, the escaped bank
Irobbers, identified them as the men
{wanted.. They will leave for Toronto by
[tomorrow morning's express. Tliey have
[been very reticent all the time of their
(incarceration here.
.: %ffiw?t3$&fp. rfhlf '"^^Tlio, y^ihehyry
paced- jhrateh/_b^
-Buims"-- l>iere°0"t.^nd.j'ty. .'pi-o^'ed1 spntfethiiig^of„'
'tv  -disltpj.Jjaihtj-i'iet.iti, WalieiJ .leaving the '
track Oii account -pf "illitess.    'tV'hfin. tlie'd
I'ace tvas" finished* Pierce   had  covered'
440,= 1-Oniiies (and Waller "&&$(:
Big Cpmpany Formed;
Month kal, July .,4,-^Tt, is announced
that the jiewly formed. Dominion Stpel
and Iron Cbnipauy will" take over the
Dominion Coal Company and will guarantee to pay at least six pel- cent on the
stock of tiie Dohiiiiion Coal Company,
Tenders Called for Sewers.
A special meeting of the city council
was hold yesterday afternoon for the
purpose of considering the tenders received for the supply of (/he necessary
pipe for the proposed waterworks extension. The several tenders were opened
and read and turned over to the city engineer, so that he could compare them
and report to the public works committee'at its meeting at the close of the
council's session.
John Croft's letter offering to sell his
scavenger''plant to the city for $550
was received and filed.
In response to P. Burns & Company's
communication asking the council to provide an entry on the side of thoir warehouse, the council decided to call for tenders for the removal of sufficient earth
to comply with the same.
Messrs. Gamble & O'Reilly had a communication before the council asking for
a settlement for the land covered by the
city's electric liglit dam upon the basis of
some suggested agreement.
Alderman Thomson repudiated any
verbal or other agreement on the part of
Alderman Fletcher explained that
while several members of the council
were upon the ground Avith the owner of
the property he, made an offer to accept
$1200. This Avas a great deal more than
the laud was Avorth. The land noAror
Avas saleable, as it Avas creek bottom
Alderman Hillyer suggested tluit the
mayor be authorized to effect a settlement Avithin a certain figure. To this
the..mayor -replied, that he did not think
the matter could be adjusted except by
The question Avas shelved for the present by the council recjuii'iug the agents
for the property to file. a plan Avith the
council shoAving the location of the land
in dispute. '■';■•. .'".'• .•<;"
; A. P. Mc-Kiiinon's application for em-
.iDlaymeiit0'a§ a= n.igh.tr watchman - _vasi%
ferred," to "stlia
$l3(i -lap welded pipe—1-1   inches, $2.1(5.
(Vane Company of Portland—Matlieson
Joint   pipe— per   foot—$2.X7..lnp   welded
City engineer McCulloch said,,that the
tender of (lie Carts ho re-Thorn.son Company for cast iron pipe Avas .the lowest
and thatthe tender of Armstrong & Morrison for steel pipe was the lowest. He
said tliat under the Garfcshore-Thom'sbn
tender' the necessary -pipe'' would
cost l'. o. b. at Nelson $22,S73,
the necessary lead $781, teaming
$1500, and trenching, etc., $3435, or $28,-
780 in all. The Armstrong & Morrison
pipe would cost f. o. b. at Nelson $17,320,
necessary lead'$082, teaming $2S5, and
trenching $3200, or $21,493 in all.
The members of the committee hail
therefore to decide between cast pipe at
an increased cost of $7,400 and steel pipe
The cast pipe was generally conceded as
the most serviceable but it iin-olvetl a,
greater expenditure than the committee
felt it could make and on motion of alderman Thomson it Avas decided to wire
Armstrong & Morrison Avhothei. they
could ship 1000 feet by September 1st
and the balance by October 1st. If they
can comply -with this tlieir tender will be
The committee decided to  call for ten-'
ders for the construction of a seAver from
AVard   to  Hendryx   street   in   the   lane
between   Carbonate and Mill   street, ten-,,
ders to be in by noon  on Saturday July
Sth.   '
The committee also recommended that
some grading be clone on East Baker
street between, Hendryx and Cedar
street, that Cedar street between Baker
and Silicia'be. made- passable, and that a
catch basin be put in at the corner of
Hendryx and  Baker streets.
""" :\pSin_-yOjit^|ke5|r^6f ■' .(fqmfdn£\y,
Loni)"q^"„ 30°fj ^4;-rIii %e:;hQhsevM«c^in-;,
eh!e|i't'ieij,; mp:. Mlelii/el: .Hj^ksjl^el&jji, . suii|- '
ni-itteci tJ.ieJp'i!oJo'S.0dJ|ierjh\s'io.ii, njVhi^li;rtShp_
f^veruniei^taJve^. pv&fSiie'- ^f %d-i--' /^.'i-Wf-
'"pi-iir^-t^lf^t^!" *Mk:.;scheii% "ihfilirrtei ',
%hp,f$YOeat^n'fljoIy tire- "jtsliji'irfcev. '-lijb^.iSa.'y^
men t of ^Bjj.^O^Iind Imli tlm ^proceeds
from royalties oh iliiiijjrals exported
th rough Ilritisht tqi'ri toVy. f of ;0Q yc<'ir.s.
Wjlen the Niger territories are takeit
over .the Avltole of tlio British West Afrt-
emi teriutoi'y 'will he re-dn'Med iiito
three ■divisions. They AA'ill all, be Jttimui-
isterert from tlie coloniait office, all}" inland
Custoins Avill be abolished and perfect
freedom of trade will be pei'niitted, except in tlie CaSe of spirits,
2_ Drey-fus^jDounsel-	
Chess Masters' Tournament.
London, July „.—Th**. international
eliess masters' tournainent today resulted
as follows.: Mai-oczy beat Tinsley, Show-
alter Avas defeated by Sclileitcher,
SteinitS', lost to Jla^on, l?illsbury aild
Bird drew, Janowsivi dis[)osed of Colin
and Lasker defeated Lee
Won't Give Up the Friars.
Manila, July 4.—The negotiations be-
jtween the Spanish officers and Aguinaldo
[at Tarlac, concerning the Spanish prison-
lers in.the hands of the Phillippiiies has.
(resulted in a partial agreement. According to the unofficial   reports  the  in-
A HVEonster Road Race.
CuiCAfal, .luly 4.—L. II. Bender won
the Pullman road race in the rain today.
Two hundred and eight riders started.
Thei'e was, much dispute as to the exact
time niiido by the winner, William
(Tovvden finished secoml and George (J.
White tliird.   ^^ ^ ^^_
Counting Endeavorers by the Thousand.
Dietrtorr, July 1.-—Slore than a thousand, Christian Endeavor delegatesarrived
in Detroit this afternoon and evening,
the forerunners of a. thousand other Endeavor delegates to tlie convention whieli
opens toniorroAV night.
Had a Mile to the Good.
Nmw York, July 4.—Harry Elkes today defeated Artliur Gardiner in the
twenty-live mile bicycle race at Manhattan Beach for a purse of $1000. Elkes
finished one mile ahead of Gardiner.
Time 47:32 2-5^	
Jeffrey Penfold Dies Suddenly.
Monti*kal, July 4.—Jeffrey Penfold,
local manager of the Bank of British
North America, died suddenly yesterday
from heart disease, aged (54. lie Avas ill
for but a.few days.
Oxford-Cambridge Cricket Match.
V London, July.4.—At the close  of play
today, in   the Cambridge-Oxford ..cricket
match  Oxford had scored   171   runs for
three wickets down in the second inning.
Paris, July 4.—It is reported that
Maitre Denlalige, Captain Dreyfus'
lawyer iii J#0_; Maitre JVlornarch avIio
pleaded', for Mine. Dreyfus before the
court of cassation, aild Maitre Labori, M.
tola's advocate ih the novelist's faniojis
trial—the most distinguished members of
the Paris bar, will have tlie ease for tlie
defense in (ihe retrial of Dreyfus_ Tlieir
first consideration will be whether the
trial should be proceeded with at once or
postponed until Dreyfus is in better'
Women May Practice Iaaw.
Paims, July L—The chamber of deputies after an hour's debate, passed a bill
allowing' women to pi-actice law. The;
author of the measure cited tlie United
States in its support, "in America," lie
said, "wonieii are admitted to the bar.
Why should it not be the same in our
democracy?" The bill carried by fche
large inajoi'ity of 31.0 to 174—a striking
example of the rapid progress the "Avoman's movement" luis made in France in
the past feAV years.
Running Powers Granted Over Crows ITest.
Ottawa, July 4.—Thd raihvay committee of privy council met today Avhen
tlie application of tlie Nelson & Bedlington Railway Company of British Columbia for running rights over a. portion of
the Crows Nest Pass line Avas granted,
the compensation being fixed <at $475 per
mile. The privilege is for ten years and
due provision is made for renewal.
Body Found in the Niagara.
Niagara Falls, July 4.—-The body of
a well dressed man, apparently about 35
years old, was found in the river, abtn'o
the falls this, afternoon. In one of the
pockets was found si card, bearing-;"the.',
name of Isaac Warner, Swansea, Ontario'.
The coroner i.s investigating.
''cJiide^feAsJahle^ji'an, Mcj^i'-llOp. tijc^cjnii^'i'(jii|',:
yt|f p^ll'.^r" :aind\"2ApPep"t"'fonde"r$ fpr. t;;he :'
nCOh|pI^fcio.i,v.o'f*„l.fifiO. feet np§'se\yei\
•"" • -'^^e\fi\i^i\i}^'6^i\^e^ 'ij^^lio lacati-^n-'of"'
'.a .CJviiiftse:j\lashJ.i'Ou--§e
I-fall nun-^s'i^i.id1 ahcFEOo.'fcei.i.a^-s'fcr.det.V'alj.
discji's]sed"»ariXlphe„cOunbi 1:„cl,e't3id.nc|d»to t4lv,e
the  ii°eeesia*i:y"° steps' "to have "the wash
h'oiTscS^einp.MC'll.". ■ .       : ".
'■ Tlie'.m.u.ttbt' Of the a Miifcrss 't'el.id'61- fbr
pi'intiiig' 't'ij'e eo^isoliiiatsli B^i.aA'vs. .and,
tax liotices wiis tlien fcaken up-. The,
tender laid been j>hro\$'i,i .oufc.at a pi;6A'ious
iiieefcin'g oil the ground1 that it had ijcot
been received! in tim.e, biit as fclie city
clerk explained Mo: tilnc lim it had been
placed in tljp notice furiiislieil to fcheS
Stiller conipany, tho council decided to
to be $1,70 per page the first hundred
and 40 cents pei' page additioiial for extra copies. Tlie tender foi' printing 1200
tax notices was $5.50.
After Comparing tlie (.avo tenders the
members of the council'' decided that
tliere was virtually no dlll'eroilee befcAvee/n
the Miner's tender and that of Tiiw
Tii-iunxi-: association and that whatever
(liffei'encethere might be was in favor of
TllFi'. TiMltiTNK. The Miner's tender foi*
.printing the ta.* notices was about, half
that of Ti IK TliliftJNiOjbiitas several'mem-
bers of the couiicil expressed themselves
as dissatisfied witli fol-iner wol'k I'tir-
nislied l_>y the Miller conipaliy, it was decided to allow the minute awarding the
work fco Tiik TuincNi-; to stand arid the
Miner's tender was received and filed.
Tills completed the work ofthe council, and upon the council adjourning the
members of tlie public works committee
took Up tlie tenders for water pipe.
There Avere eight tenders in all as follows:
Abend roth & Roofc Manufacturing Company of NeAV York—spiral .riveted steel
pipe—f. o. b. at fact.H'V* No. 10, $1.90;
No. 12, $1.52; No. 14, $1,12.
Montreal Pipe Foundry Company of
Montreal—cast-iron pipe—2000 lbs, f. o.
b. Montreal. $29, f. o b. at Nelson $10.
Boyd '&, Burns, Vancouver—converse
lock-jointed,-—per lineal foot $l,!)5f,
specials 7 1-1 He per pound.
fjartshoro-Thomson Company of Hamilton -cast-iron pipe 2000 lbs., f. o. b.,
Hamilton, $21.:".(), f. o. b. Nelson, $ll,-'50.'
R. D. Wood & Co., Philadelphia—cast-
iron socket and spigot—-I-I-inch, 2000 lbs.,
f.-o; b., Philadelphia, $23.
Armstrong & Morrison nf Vancouver-—
riveted'steel pipe—No.   10, $1.SS,   No.   12,
$1.04, No. 14, $.I.3S, f. o. b. at Nelson.
.- .11.. J. Evans tVCo.-- cost iron pi | )i'.2()0();
His    f. o. b. at   Nelson  $17    steel   riveted.,
pjpe — No. 10, $1.0(.';. No. 12. $171; No. 1 I..
Public Feeling Against the Measure,
LoNiJON, July 4.—Although the government carried the tithe-rent charges bill
by a large majority, OAving chiefly to tlie
Irish members' abstention from A'oting, it
is likely to proA'e a dear victory. Tliere
is not the least doubt, that feeling in the
Judgment Reserved.
A rather curious case came up   yesterday before police  magistrate Crease.    It
appears that James Aranfc Irving, brake-
man on the Canadian Pacific railway between here and   Robson, missed   a black
coat, A-est and trousers on   his return one
evening   from   his  daily run.    This Avas
last August, and he could find no trace of
fchoni anywhere till last Saturday during
the   celebration   he  espied   some   of   his
long lost garments on the back of  Arnofc
Munro, wheat one time wis a Canadian.
Pacilic   railway   employee.      Irving  obtained a search warrant, and the trousers
were  also  discovered iu   Muuro's   house.
Accordingly    he    laid    an    information
against   Munro.    When    the   latter  appeared before the  magistrate yesterday
he  stated  that  he  had  got the clothes
from a man named Murdoch   in payment
of a debt.    Murdoch is now in   Montana.
He also offered to compensate Irving for
the  use  of the  garments.    Beyond the
faofc of the clothes being in his possession,
tliere AAras iio evidence to connect Monro
with  the  theft, and   the magistrate decided to resciwe his decision   until today.
S. L. Long, the general manager of the
Porto Rico mine, reports that the mill is
noAvin good  Avorking  order and   every-:
fching going at satisfactorily,at the mine,,
also that the suoav on the heights is fast
J. D. Anderson of Trail "is suiweying
the Armor Plate, owned by R. D. Mar-
kel of Rossland.
H. Holland, the .mining man, has been
over inspecting claims up Porcupine
ereek.     / ;.    ..',-'
Work is about to be ..commenced on the
T. F. Trask mineral  claim by sinking a
shaft to the depth  of 40  feet.    A"-small".'-:
syndicate oaviis this.
J. Lindblade, aa'Iio will -have', charge'of ;'
all the goA-ernmeiib work of the construction of roads aiid trails in Ymir camp,
advises that the survey of the extension
of the Ymir inine road up AVild Horse
creek AA'ill be started at once, and others
as soon as possible. As soon as that road
is completed the Dumas mine and many
others Avill'be".in".'a position,-to.ship ore.
J. W. Smith, late proprietor: of the: '
Cosmopolitan hotel, will -.shortly' take'Jr
over the McLeod hotel,'as John Phi|bert.- ..
has decided to give all -his: attention,,to
his,mining intercs^s.'.:-^:"''-^'-'^
e,„T^J^^t^4.$§'_£^h-ej^ i^;e»"^f I;
'!jfj*. i-noi.iey'."rroi|T* "Mb •&\t$l\h\i~ ^fiiljiufflfci
" fetitfljs "thev^i*gy>p|y;: "^fe:_^fji ^a.:g|
[.'ihP cohnW ""pJrrislfK" "■ l$r$f\ 'tlW^Cniai^
"(.litii^ "fclie' ""re°^f*^Bfi"^h1ft.c?p"- he^-^afftaV
has argye.(|:a^fiisbtih.e-bilJ,i^M iio'
avai'l.- By means of a-mechanical n^i/jor-,
ity fche"""g,ovei'l,i.»:t!int /ca-rrleVP tire .tiili"
through, A>ilit ad'^Wieeil" ofiO" "Stop- i.i„f3a.rer
its own .dlfesolutiOii.   -    "''"'■".'
Whist, prayers Toiirnameiit.
C,'ixica%;o3 litfyih-^ludipaix-ons, point to'
■an attendance of,-iiiore tiia.ii. #0,0  of the
country's best. Avliisfc players at fclie ninth
Aiimrifttii whist congress to be helil ait"
tlie Auditorium,  hotel for live days, bo-
niglit of the  opening ilay  the  Brooklyn
'trophy innteh  lor auxiliary associations
wiil be  played, imd, beginning on Tuesday, July 11, and tion tin j ling, each, afternoon and. everityig during,  the week, the
Hamilton   club- trophy   ilia tell,   fur   elnb
fours   Will    be   played.,      The  challenge
trophy match for club fours will be begun on  July   12j and, Avitli   two sessiims
ilaiify,,   will   bo   COiifciiiuiMl    through    tlje
Week. ■■The' Minneapolis   trophy match
will lieopen July   13th,, and  will   lie con-
tiiiil.eii to the end of  tho etingress, ai'''ti.,.,r-
iioi.i'j and  eveiiilig.    Titis   Inaich,   will   be
Cur  club pairs.       Already   tlio  Chicago
Whist Club,, which  is  .making   the, local
a,rrangenieufcs   for  (Jie congress,   ha,s  received assurances that players of reputation  from more  than  half the  states of
the union Will be here.    Progressive playing will bo iii order at  all sessions except
at the one on the afternoon   of the opening day.         ^	
Tupper Throws Up the Sponge.
Ottawa, July 4.—Tlie last lias likely
boon heard of the Manitoba election
fraud cases. After running up an .extraordinary heavy bill of costs for bringing witnesses here and the taking nf evidence iii the case sir Hibbert Tupper,
who had charge of it, runs away to the
Pacilic coast and will not return tins si's-
^n\SKfe%aw Wis-, m h^w^ikflWi
' to te$I<iq'o|fe$^^
hatch * '■Tlmi:de.faj^ig^
asked the ■G_ou£fc"_£of,re l&"ni"pn% sdiiihim&^S"-, f]
ho was a%e,i,ifcHHld'._'lfc._\Wi^^
Orders: • __\s 'if A^iS'tli^f iujsMoJ'ffo^^'iyfit^s^
tli-e"npAV iVet-alidfite a.%a,i;i{in.}f 4^tli.e?;H'is^C;.-;
fci'isjfc fclits-court jinked--tlfeni^
"of $20.- and' costs. ' ". n - " ....*%( \2-f&f">>
- Tim 4th of July 'fnutieil'.Ofit'-s^A^i^Ay^t?::^
in Yniii' fcha-t tliere was." Yei^" ij'til-dpcie\""s:°l
Ixrafcioli beyond the ,uuSA.i'al"bciyi,ii,ii:iii,fce. s-ft.rv°°.
fil,to and Clio j.nvp'iTiles*^ li-iats-Works.
0.   SI,vie Ids' and J^atsy CftiVfh  are ex-.
_pgcted in__Yi_mi^ghortl;\*^to loojc iVtLJji'ln^
li'7g:; I
siihi. The.committee was at a standstill
when it met today. Sir Hibbert left for
Vancouver on Sunday last and will not
return again, this session, lie has left all
his eases at public accounts committee
unfinished and -slipped away on the
quiet. His -conduct is causing considerable talk here.
Mi\ (libsoii has .snbpo'iiai.d Mr. Me-
.Lea'n, .who is said to lie a,, partner of Mr.
McCleary,.. M. P., for... Wclin.iid, to give
evidence .. respecting $:.,2()0 Avortli of
lumber which ho sold the government.
"ing matters,  with  the view? of investing',
ca,j,Htal iu this Canip. Ca'pitfilists J'ik<-
Patsy ;Clark are ..s.'ully need.ofl in the" district for (lie d'Ovolopfuont; of tliO mines
a:ud prnspoi-te. .Some one with go -or vim ,
is required for there are as ecp'iaiiy good
tihiugf* here a.s in the ilJoiiurlai'y COuub.l/j!'.,
Tliere .are three candidates from t^li'U11'
in the oxaiui nation lor school teach ere at
.. MiniiiK Pte|itte Settled.
The litigation over the Lnsf. Chalice and,
Sunset groups near Vmir has been tVfnU
i.-ably settled. These groups are situated
neXl   to   the  Bullion   grertip, about    two
miles, from Vijili*, and, are operatdd-
by (Ire Kootc.nay-Taeoujfl. f'j, C. Minhlg
L'oiirpi-iii-y. Certificates of .improveiriefits
on ikm"-- pi'imertios vvero iiiipHednot long
ago, and an adverse was entered by J. F.
Ilarbottle, owner ofthe Pink Diamond,
who claimed that his pooporty was bqiiig"'
trespassiHl upon. The Pink ].)ianiond is a
relocation of the Union Jack, the first
location in the vicinity," and the 'survey
on the Sunset and Last Chance took in
part of the Pink Diamond, in pursuance
of (he terms of the agreement the Ivoot-
I'ltay-Taroma L. C. Alining Company have
executed a document releasing all claims
upon the portions of (lie Pink Diamond
taken in by the survey just  mentioned.
Inland Revenue Collections.
The collections  of  inland   revenue  at
Nelson for the financial year ending June
.'Hli. as reported by F. W. Swannell, local
collector, were a.s follows:
Mull.."..-    .-   ...........
Tolmi-ao. m'iinifuntil rcrt , •	
Tnl.iuco, raw leaf	
('..Kill's ,   ..........i.... ■
Petroleum inspection ••■••
Collections for previous year	
I        Incrciuio	
?tl,M7 10
3nn.69 - ...»
4.78 -X)■■'■■"
1.729 80
.' ''Q'. '■' '.*q-n _o-
330 00
213 fiO
.;          '   ,-.-
. ?51,127 TO
.   2_._t58 Gi
. !f->_,85S 6tf THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, JULY  1890.  Dominion  Nelson  Red, whjte an,d blue bunting, and flags for decoration purposes. ,.  A large assortment of boy's lin,en. ar.d ducl\ suits.  Ladies' white an.d blacK muslin blouses.    Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FBRLAND * CO.  Klliol It.oek. I'liUnp Sired. Nolson  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,  KNIGHTS   _____    Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. 0. F. Jinll, corner  Maker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at.  8 o'clock.   "Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FIUCNCH. C. O. G. IIOSS, JC. of It. & _.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 2:1, A. F. & A. M. .Meet,  second. Wedne-day in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CAEDS.  eels,   l.o  crdecn block, Baker street, NeNon.  EWART & CAimiK���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  r.r,l  Tp   R. IIAItPKR, mii.-ical director, leader  chest ra.  short notice.  _\iu.->ician . furnished  Telephone (12.  XcKon Or-  for all occa-ioiis on  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTKD���To rent a small  furnished house or cot-  , tage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune ollice.  "WANTKD-  Clarke.  Two   waitresses  at  the  Queen's  apply.    Mrs.  Ifolol.  K   C.  WANTED��� A servant girl to do general  Apply lo Mrs. \V. .1. "Wilson, "���  -  housework.  A"*ernon street east.  WANTKD���House to buy or rent now  conveniences.   Apply, J. J. _M., "  Six rooms and  Tribune olliec.  WANTKD���A position as choirmaster, late solo  St. Johns, Jjiverpool, ICnglnnd, and director  Rouge, XI. C.  Ofiice.  Winnipeg.    Address   Albert J Jail,  bass,  Kort  Post  WANTKD���A small nurse girl lo take care of a b.iby.  Apply at the offices of Galliher & Wilson.  -A lady's gold pin, wilh diamond setting.   Find  vill bcsuii  tlic.Tribunc oflicc,  LOST-    er will be suitably rewarded on returning same to  wilh diamond paste buckle           _ . j suitably, rewardec"  returning tatiic to The Tribune ollice, Vernon street.  LOST���A black silk belt,      _  set, iu silver.    Kinder will be sliitably. rewarded by  525 will be paid for its rc-  lo" The Tribune ollice,  LOST-A JC. of V. jewel,  turn and no questions asked  ���Vornon street, Ncls6il,_    '  LOST���Tn Nelson on Monday, .June 2Gth, n>diip]ieat'c  delivery check book with name of P. Burns & Company at lop of each page. Kinder ,.will be rewarded by  returning same to the oilicc of the company, Baker  strcettJNclson.    _,   LOST���Ladies Gold Jlunling Cnsc Watch on Tuots-  'day, between Slanlcy and" Lalimcr streets and  the t>mellcr. Ten dollars reward. Arthur Painior, Latimer street, west of Stanley.  FOR  JtENT���One cottage   on   Latimer   street,   half  block west of Stanley .streei.   All conveniences. SJ7.50  a month.   Apply at Tribune olliec, Vernon street, Nelson.  ��to ftvibxxnz*  Dailv Edition   WkbkIiY Edition-.  ... Fikst Ykak, No  1 *>5  . Skvknth Yeah, No. :i."i  The uiiiuagoi' of ii -wJiolosulc hou.10 in  Nolson remarked yoslcrtljiy that Jiis  firm's business wus good ; that lliei'o was  uo material decrense in shipments to any  section except Lo the Sloean. This goes  to show tiiat tiie eight-hour law lias had  no effect anywhere except in one district,  aud that district tlie one best able to give  ~~tAio~eightzlidhr~law liTfiliFTfiii 1~TjeTorcj re-  sorting to a roductioii in the wages ofthe  men employed underground in the niines.  Tim iiutii'ufactiiring industrdes of Mellon support one thousand people. As  long as Soutihei'u British Coln)ixbi/i fen.  -jiiiillng eoiiJitst-y, sO long will it r&inire  itfrticles; nnd i.i���iac}iiiioisy fchftfecaii, be liiavu-  faiffeured to bast advaiitaga at sonic  ehdtfal point in ilk.1' teOiTi,lti'.*y\ Nelson fe  fcl'liit" ceUtCaJ point,, and every eiVort  should, be made to Make Jvolmoo a Inauu-  taeturihg coutfr,  CtiAhms A. Si*:mun was selected leader  of his party when it was in -opposition-.,  Now that Mr. Semlin i.s premier, the people look upon him as the real, not the  nominal, head of the government. If he  wishes to change .any of his colleagues,  he should do so without hesitation.  the organ of subsidy-hunting Liberalism,  worries about  the private faults  of Hon.  Joseph   Martin,   and   preteuds  that the  province is  brought to the brink of ruin  by differences between the attorney-general and Hon.   I'\ C.   Cotton.    Onttiria envies   British Columbia   when   tho   latter  province is so  well oil' that it can afford  to get excited about   the injudicious performances  of lion. .Joseph Martin   under  extreme provocation from a festive mob  at   Kossland.    Ontario  has   no  need   to  speculate as to the  private faults of any  members of  the  provincial  government.  Their collective lack of public enthusiasm  is a public   fault which makes this, province the easy victim of the subsidy-hunting gangs which raided the treasury with  the consent  of both   parties.    The attorney-general of Ontario does not allude to  banqueters   who  insult him as "tramps  in dress  suits,"  but he  sits with  folded  arms while-corruption is rampant in one  constituency and fraud is rioting iu AVest  Elgin.    British Columbia, with a government of strong men, who quarrel among  themselves, is more to be eiiA'icd than Ontario,  with a government of weak men,  who agree  jn, everything, -especially  in  their desire"to cling-to.office.    The performances  for the'1 benefit of the Hardy  government in'West Elgin -give Ontario  more reason to blush than the worst construction .which.' can  be-put   upon   tlie  Rossland  episode, in  whieli Hon. .Joseph  MarLin'foolishly and injudiciously figured,  A Prosperous Bank.  "Monetary Times.  We have already had occasion Lo notice  the unusual earnings of the Imperial  Bank of Canada during the past year.  The earnings for the year were $302,676.-  30, or at the rate of rather more than 15  percent on the capital; and enabled the  addition of $100,000 to rest accouut, a.iid  the writing oif $20,000 from the bank  premises account, after distributing nine  per cent to shareholders, it is very  agreeable to observe that the nieeting on  'Wednesday approved the proposal to  contribute $20,000 to a. pension fund, for  officers and employees of the bank. A  generous paragraph in the report refers  to the loyal earnestness of the staff in  working for the best interests of the institution. Ton years having elapsed  since the last increase of the capital  stock of the bank was, authorized, and  the deposits and circulation having more  than doubled in the volume in the interval, the directors recommended an increase of the capital stock to $2,r>00.000.  This was approved by shareholders, and  will be carried into effect during the ensuing year. The total assets have been  swelled during the last year to $I8,81'V  000, and of this large sum no less a proportion than $S.;"i:*j!),000 is in readily available shape. The death of Hugh Ryan, a.  valued director of the bank for eleven  years, having left a vacancy upon the  hoard, if; was filled by tlie election of  William Hendrie of .Hamilton. Branches  of the bank have been opened in  in Hamilton and Listowel, Ontario, and  Nelson, British Columbia, during the  yuar.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  m  B  B  SPECIAL SALE OF  INCORPORATED 1670  YUM  YUM  FRESH  CANDY  JUST  IN  Hudson's Bay  *    West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  Brick aqd Lime  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds,  "Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  Ai J'iinl or on scows at government wluuf.  Hose and Sunshades  B  B  (IK.  B  B  A complete line  of the above g'oods, which*  fu "which we are selling4 at prices that "will make b  it worth your while to buy. b  B  M We have a very ehoiee variety in all shades of colors  eqts fiats, Men's Ladies' and Children's Shoes  Co.  B  B  \ VICTOEIA   BLOCK,   IB-S^ECIEI-   STEBET,"   _ST_i!I-SO_IS3r,   B.C.  M  ��� __=?���._=>���_==��� ���,-_=".=_?���__=*.  S^v***^  Charles A. Waterman & Co,  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have .iiist received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot, Harris, Scotland.  REAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  SON'S  A Special Line of  Cloth���Bound  BOOKS  IN 4-TTRAC_*iV"_. BINDINGS  ALL POPtfLAR AUTHORS  OFFBBEfi AT  The West lvootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G-, PROCTOR, IVanaerer  Gentlemen  If you want a natty, stylish suit of clot lies for  spring and summer, I have over 500 dill'cr-  out patterns of Scotch and Knglish fweeds,  which I will mako to your order at the low  j. rice of  ?25  iilack Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at $-1  Black hci-f,rc snils in sack or morning coat. ."521  A  heavy  Scolch   tweed,   nice  patterns   for  hiihinohs suit $18  Tr_.ui.Qrs at equally low prices. Kit and Quish  no hcttevin C'arta'Ia. Ladies'flue tailoring*  specialty.   Glonlgnt block, Bakor street.  FIKST UOOR WKST BANK B. C. lil'il.DING.  Lots for Sale  ��.">(_() will purchase a choice rc-idcuce corner, 100 by 120  feet.  ".2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  'Sl(H) will purchase two nice lols and shanty.  S-llOO will purclui-o two nice lots and cottage.  88000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  _Bu.v_Iiairinont_bhares___o__.a_ri!_c.   WOO Ulica at _ cents.  FRED J. SQUIRE, Raker Si. Nelson  The supply ia limited, so call oarly Mid oxamino this stock.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Good  Government and Bad.  Toronto Telegram.  British CoJunibiii is to be congi'afcuhited  'on'tlie possession of a provincial government -"vliicli seems to be competent .and  faithful in every department of   public  business.     The charters which gave a lot  of promoters a chance to play ducks and  drakes with the resources of the province  ���have   been   wiped'   out.    Tlie   rights of  labor to a share  in the profits attending  the development of great stores  of mineral   wealth  have been asserted  in   tlie  eight-hour law.    Just now British Columbia 'seems to be the one   piovincoiu this  Dominion with   a government whieli  has  some regard for the   rights of the people,  and there is so little to Iind  fault with in  the public conduct of the-*-British Colum-  ,.bia government thatthe .Victoria Globe,'  Thomson SMionery Co., IM  These hot .suiiiinei  really owe fco "No. I.  Probably the best  lifyyour system vitl  OUT  FOR  NUMBER  ONE  days   is   n   duty   you  fco   do   i.s to for-  8iev0i|sr Tf|e Tailor  If yon wftnt a Kt.j.Iish perfect fitting ftujf, iliadi; of the  best Mb'Ui aver imported to >'��}soi.i, leave your order  with (no.  Six lilindi'od dollars worth of new L'OOds now wait-  ing your ili-SiieiMiOn.   I gimrunkoo sal .infliction or no sale.  ALEX STEWART  Tumor Ss Boeeklt Mock, Nelson, B. 0,  Wa&on repairing promptly attended 1,0 bya Jirst-clasb-  wheclwriKht.  Special attention given to all kind.-? of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Sljop:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelsor.  ��� W6Sl  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AiSKNTS FOll  lO-Koont  I-Iousoj centrally ioo'itod.  ��2S00S  6-lvuoiu Cott.tge JijitJ- 2 Lots ou Carbonate  street, $M'00,  is'tsy toons..  5-Jlwym   iEqiuso on   S Ian ley .street, ��0,100.  SUITS $25 v_  NcIsoii'k up-to-date Tailor, next lvootenay Cofl'uc Co.  Un   R.  thing  some  Wo have a flno assortment of woolens always  on hand. Goods inade up at the .shortest possible notico. As everything is kept and made  on tho premises, satisfaccion is assured.  WELL KNOWN TONIC.  We   have   all   the   .standard  that, are recommended for this  preparations'  purpose.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LIMITED  Corner of Haker and Stanley Streets, Nelson  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Charles  D,  J.  Christie  GENERAL,  BROKER.  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  IlSrSXJ_=l_i_.3>TO___    .    .  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO r_KT���Several houses of different, sizes.  FOR SAIjK���Ileal usl-ato in all parts of the city.  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mining Stocks Ciisloins i3i _kcr  1U0AL ICS'i'AfJg AX'l) GENHiRAL AGKX'l'S  B^QJR   B^A-X__E3-  Two lols with two-story house on Latimer  street, near Josephine �� ..��1S(K1  Terms:   $!2(l'l cash, haliiiiee on mortgntfo.  Sixliy-aere ranch, nine miles from city on lake  shore , '. ��1000  CJite-lmlf cash, balance on mortgage.  LOAN'S  Ou  loan conditions are the cheapest and host  oU'ered.   You can repay at any time without  tonus.  ^_.c3-__i_*>ra,s zfcxr  British Coluinhiii Permanent Savings & Tjoiiii Company.  Globo Savings & Loen Co., Toronto.  I_E*TS*CJ_S_A._N'C__1  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sicliness.  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washirigton Brick and Lifye Co,  The H, W. lyjcNiell Co., Ltd., Ganadiah Anthracite Coal (Hard)  R. REISTERER & CO.  MltlsMrKHS A?JI3 HOTTLjSrtS OJi'  Fine Lagep Beer,  Ale and Fopter  t'rompt and regular  dislfvery to- the trade  Brewery at Nelson.  CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE  OF SAWMILL, Ji'l'C, BY J'UJJUC AUCTION".  Notice N hereby given Unit we will soil bv public auction m front nf the court Inline, in the Uitv of Nelson, II:  t;.. on Monday, the 101 h day of July. A. "l>. u.!'!l, at the  hour nf eleven oeloek in the forenoon, the following  good-, and chattels:  II). The Mininlll building and buildings, used in connection thorowit.li, situate nl.Snhno, II. C, and known as  the properly of Frank Lavin.  I'.*.. All i-aw mill, plnningniill. nnd sfiiiigluinill machinery andplauL (herein sil mite, incliulingboilcv and engine,  abn<il.:.j hor-,e power, with pump and all tools and supplies and all carpenter and blacksmith tools-, nppllnncos  and .supplies, and tramway and (ram eai�� for earning  lumber, nllsitiiare in and around I ho said .sawmill building. Also a logger's outfit, consist ing of .sleds trucks,  (rani chains. _ixi\s and other tools and supplies-.  Ci). Also two .spans of grey horses, used at the sawmill.  Also the two.scu of double team lian.e.ss used with the  said teams.  All the a hove goods and i-ballels have been seized and  aken possession of by irarvey__vl._L'(1ul=on,_f0rnierly-of-  -JJallnrd, in I lie stale ot Washington, now of Salmo, 11. C.  under two conditional l.illsol mlo, one daled Ihe Kith day  ol January. A. D. 1SS��, to secure ��ii:i7_._;{, given lo one  Anna K. I'aulsonaiid assigned to Harvey Al. Pi.ulson, the  other daled tlio :.0th day of May, A. 1). 18!)!), to secure  SWil.Zo, and also under absolute bill of sale given as  security to Anna Iv. 1'a.iils.on nnd transferred to the said  Harvey H.. Paulson. Upon wliich twd conditional bills of  sale there remains a bfllnnec diic of Slrl-M-, and tlio said  goods and chattels will be sold, to satisfy the said balance,  and all cos's, charges, expenses and disbui^emehtM of  said Seitfuro. poSscssigtuiud s.lc.  .Af-Ull inventory of all artiolfiis wi'll be producod at the  tune of salo.  Terms dish:  I*of,fui'tlun' pitrticiifar.s npplj�� to Tiiy.or& Ilaiinilifttoi  bcirteeu blftisk, Nelson, it. 0.. solicitors for iilOrlgagi  i- lo.    CHAS. A, WATKItMAN ^c:(_)i, Aliei'iolicers.  J^ifel-27l4i day of,June, A. 1,1. JSKI,  GAMBLE tSrO'RBII^LY, Agts  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. b.   -W- _p_ _RO_Bi__>rsoisr  (K.x-Sheriir of South ICootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postofliec Box. 57'2. . * Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing. 120 acres of land within one and a,  quarter, miles of Nelson.   For.further  . particulars apply to.  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  Nelson Iron Works  MAN'UFACTOKKKS OF  ENGINES, BOILEIBS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. 0. Box 173.  Crow's lest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in roar of Kn_,'lish church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��1, loom and hoard .$5  .iiiii_?;).'a0._:���....-.������ ' ..���'���'���������'������,"';-:-  ���:. A collecUon'of fine BolKiuin:Canaries for sale,:���'-'..  ^^w^;Jv"V;;^I.A.UGHLIN;''>.'y'.  NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTORS OF LAND.  iVotiue i.s hereby iCfivcn that all pro-eni]itors Qr pur-  Clllisei's of CroWi hinds fi-onv wlioni the pin't!li|.i.se" .mOlicy,  reiiiatniiift unpaid on such hinds Is overdue, iiro required  to make full payment of, such balance, tOgoili..r with  interest thereon, if any is clue, within twelve month!,  froin tlie dale of this uotii-u, failing \vlileh tlieir records  or agreements concerning such lands tii'o liable to cancel-  teUwh, as provided, by section 3S of the"' t_iiiid Act."  F, PAU'EKR-COTTON.  Chief Oonuuissioiier of l^ands and VVorks.  Lauds and Works Department,  Victoria, B. C,22nd Juno, 1899.  T__ir,_3_?_3:o_sr__i  35  During, the, season we will deliver ice n't privnlo residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrablo  prices.  WILSON & HARSNAW  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders left at AI. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.'    .  y;yy:M--^On.SALE.-   .-.  'A building aiid lot on  First Avenue iii. the town of ���  Yniir.'. lioiils for $20 per month.   Will he sold cheap for.  cash..  l<*6i'.futtber parlicuhirs'apply lo John. A. Kirkpatrick, Nelson, B. C .. .' ��� THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON", B. C, WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1899.  ANK OF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  lion. OFiO. A. DRUMMOND.  10   3. CI.OUSTON   JIT  ROYAL, President   Vicc-Prosidont  .. .General Manager  rsTTHLSoasr 33_R_e__sro___  M. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  ���   im.iNriiKs! is      LONDON   (Rnts-lanrt),   NEW   YORK.   CHICAGO  .uni In I.he iirinuipal i-alos lu Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  liny  and  rntAN'l  soil Sterling  Exch uii<<.  and Cablo Transfers  COMMKUCIAI. AND   I'KAVKM.KIIS' RKKDIT8,  available in any part of tho world.  DKAKT8 ISRUK11    COI.I.KCTIONS  MADKJ KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURUBNT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  ANOTHER   SHIPPING   MINE.  Moyio Leader, July 1st.  Next week another mine will be acldeil  to Moyie's list oi' shippers. It will be the  Society Girl, situated just east of the St.  Eugene mine, and so far as can be determined traversed by the same lead. The  wagon road was finished Thursday, and  first load of ore will be hauled down over  over it next Monday or Tuesday. The new  wagon road is about two miles in length  and connects with the St. Eugene road  just below that mine. This makes the  distance between the mine and Moyie by  the road close to five miles, though as the  crow flies the distalice is not over two  miles. The Society Girl -was located iu  the fall of 1S97 by Charles Farrel, and is  still owned by him. The development  work consists of two 20-foot shafts sunk  on the lead. Out of these over a carload  of ore has been taken. There is still  plenty of ore in sight iu. the shafts, but a  tunnel will be driven in about 200 feet  further down the hill to tap the ore body  at a depth of about seventy-five feet,  thus affording a more economical meaus  of taking out the ore. Three eight-hour  shifts -will be employed doing this Avork,  and in all the Avorking force at the, mine  during the summer will average twelve  or fifteen men. The ore for the present  will be shipped to the flail Mines smelter  Vat Nelson. '���������������,,-���^s(,'\ 2^-���.yy] yy '���''''���' '-V: ...Vl-'i.  h !"*"_ iy(^f2'^"'^y2yif"~":.-.^yyy2fl:, y^yytyyy?- -y  yy^i^^iySm^^y^   -    the��i3ommftv-  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on. District.  in British Columbia anil has been systematically developed by means of tunnels. It is said that over .$700,000 worth  of ore is now blocked out. The concentrator, upon which work i.s now iu progress, av ill be tho most complete in Canada when finished, whieli will not be until  the latter part ofthe year. .It will be  connected by tramways with all the tunnels of the mine.  - ��^ai\ii.p!$,:, .altllbxigk':he ' tljiuks,   'ihtit. M  "^(iffi^iiii&f'e, *li'lie'r,0-_ ���.'jyijl ".bey.af fitS "bet't*^  "f/sli^waiijf .^'fiui'de" ',|ihaT'( the" "f:^s\iii�� oi %hx% \  y0ii^oix'\yiil. ��11,0w.D ��� I-i<t'"AVieu.'t. t.o.. Ska.^iuvy  ;��.%'kl&ve,i;'; fO'it* pa^sy-oix (2fho,. pevtf 'raih?"dj\d.,  .' ���j&(s?��0itgf}i i&s&Hj)^ ^i'^C  .,"gil;Dt'h.e:rc1t!!.:"'iii, "there; jbliis���;|$eii.I? befor^ the  lakes Were opeii iiiictlutd'' $pA\.ait"fel: the!  stsi]tSoil "toXadA-jttiQe; At- Atlih he found a  toAfh .o�� feui* or .hVe tliOusand. - peOpltei,  ���n'tA\f5f).-Miivds of ..Av.lip.iiis.A\j(|i^ Avilihp,ii:'tn ".tfoifk;  and eoiupfaining.    Stjijiis bvvil.t���ti|3"fair-  ,'iy Avell, and" lias on�� lidjfM that" cost $15,=  J 000. Liiintoer sells at $T&5 to 1150' ix  " thousand, iind two mills have been, turn-  iifg "p\Xt ten to .fifteen, thousand a day,  ���iind a th'i;rd mill has started. The d'e-  iii*hd hits fallen" oflf iioav and "thei'e may  fee quite a drop iu prices. Haiy costs  jj.3()0 a ton iliul other coniinodities in pi'o-  poi'tioiK Birt~strange to may, a good nieaF  can. be bought for fifty cents, due to  ruhiQus eoihpetition ttnioilg, hotel and  rcsfta.uraiit keepers. Most of the business  men are an*xious to get out. The alieii  law, iind other litigation OA'er claiiiis, is a  serious setback to tlie country*}, as it lias  prevJent0d active mining and development. 'While there lie be��3itine interested  ill, soine bene)) claiiSis, and AVhcn lie returned, to V^aucoiiver he :purchased a liy-  draulkt plant aiid s^iit it north.  While nt Atlin lie iiiet .Tim Wardner,  Avho had coine in thei'e ill Searcli of  qimrt'/. propositions, Wardner was  drc'.ssed in oVeftillk, deor skin jacket, etc.,  tind Wus the same old Jim., plausible and  confkloiitj and sleeping sound at ni^ht.  The Selling Price of the St. Eugene;  A few details of the deal whereby the  GooderhamrBla_kstock syndicate secure a  controlling interest in the St. Eugene at  Moyie City have been made public. The  purchasers have already taken charge of  the property, and are preparing to develop it into a dividend-payer. The original owners retain a large interest. The  control Avas purchased from James  Croniu. tlie locator, and John A. Finch of  Spokane. The influence of the purchasers is already shown by the reneAved activity at the mine. Tlie foundation is  uoav beiug laid for a 150-ton concentrator, Avhieh is to be erected about one-  fourth of a, mile from Moyie City. The  purchasers have secured a sixty per cent  interest in the mine, the sale being upon  a basis of $450,000 for the property,  ������which, means that $270,000 was paid for  the control. A company is to be formed  to operate the property, the purchasers  receiving -sixty per cent of the. stock in  it, and the original OAvners forty per cent.  Tlie St. Eugene group consists of two  claims, the St. Kugeno and and the Pierre.  It is one. of the biggest galena properties  Man Killed Near Cascade.  Cascade Record, .I niy 1st.  An unfortunate accident happened  Tuesday 'morning, at one of the Sutherland creek bridges, three miles from town  by Avliich one man, James Girard' lost his  life.  About 8.30 o'clock, a 12x12x11 batter post Avas being placed in position,  Avhen it was noticed to start to fall.  Girard, who Avas ncar.it, jumped as he  though*; to safety, but tlie heavy timber  struck him on the back and head. A  messenger Avas sent post haste to toAvn,  three miles away, for surgical aid, but  before he got back the poor fellow had  expired. He died within fifteen minutes  after the accident. Girard Avas a young  mum of ^tAventy-seven years, and a native  of Arnprior, Ontario, where his people  live. He Avas Avell thought of by his fel-  Ioav bridge carpenters and employers,  having Avorked on this structure three or  four weeks, and before that on the Porcupine creek bridge. The funeral was  held the same afternoon, coroner Smith  uot deeming an inquest necessary. On  the bridge work was suspended the rest  of the day. This is only the second fatality that has occured on Porter Brothers'  bridge work, who have been constructing  bridges aud trestles on this line for ten  months. No blame is attached to auy  one hi either case.  Paper Company, comprising half a  blc>ck, aud has now spread to the Gayos  hotel, across the street.  Socialists Win at Brussels.  Brussels, July 4.���In the chamber of  deputies today the premier at the opening of the session reiterated the government's strong desire to effect a reconciliation and pacify the public mind. He  continued: "The government considers  there is ground for entertaining the  counter electoral proposals suggested by  various members and submitting them to  a committee on which all parties will be represented. The government in the meantime is prepared  to consider the necessary steps to accomplish the desired understanding." 'Van  der Velde, Socialist, on behalf of tho two  parties of the Leftists, supported the  ministerial   proposal, which   he  declared  FULL LINE OF  Dreyfus Fails to Interest.  *%n  ap   ^&fl,y   5&-v   n/r.   Pflf-   y  nnf���D  "n1^  " \W     ,1���   ^   "WV'nOn^0      ^   , rf 11     ".-/fl,'  ^^ginjri*^  i ifi^i--"^'^^  SeJ^l^ftji^  :*_liabf.aM-o%n^  Id��*couu$# ^  ��;i|tfisoit"totla*|r^3})|e;toA\^  '���olllet^jtive^  i jtijd "-a- *_0:w ���*|enc|liriiie��,��'ai;.e^#s\.^ .  "fbj'e, tlie  I'^sidence ,o3E''|&i*flaYjiuQl\_i)ni.^fus:  Tliey ��� abproaell" Sltifd, "watc'li?'%yej>$f. One  st,opnpiug;D beiore*thet'j|a$Je leading - to .the;  XjOiii't  yaji'd  of  the- fiiiiiisioil.     Mathieu  u      -      u Li p       W** IP rM D    D*     'titj'       '."'"it0" D   D       n n        u   rr^ $        "      P  "B.uqyffts paid'^i's.fl  at 3"p. jii.\ _fi_ie\ inte%\H"eAFJast"ei�� 'halfiali'  hour.,     "He1 .foiliiacl, ��� Dreyfus .^bijolceia^iu  "heaiMiriiu*fcijOt"&e %f*ebK��'TjB"iPea*c_d;ViiJ!i  = vi*eAV: of?'his suffefirig.     -        . , "  Gernianj'.'s Olyectipris Were Co'tfsidered.  'Thi-> ifiG-iuR,.,',J;iiJ*ypD,4.-^At,; iv iiieetiifg  rt|iis aSteriioOu of tji*3 ais!bif>i*iVtipii Qomiuit-  tee the qneiStioih A\��li��lilief arbttrafjiou.  Slioiild' be* Obligatory "otv Optional!" av^s  raised j and drew a, declariCti^n frOm the  .G'ei-inau delegate to the .effect that lie  had received foi'iiiiil, instructions hot to  accept obligatory arbitration, other thau  by special coiiA^entioii. In view of the  stateinelit, article", tell of the Rilssian Jjro-  -posal^wasrstraeVoiit^and���replaeed^by^a"  proA-ision    declaring    that     arbitration  i should be optional e&eept in case of eon-  ���ventipn betAveen the powers.. All the delegates adhered to this. M. Boufgeoiss,  head of the French, delegation, declared  lie accepted it only us a coinproinise.  New British Consul at Samoa.  XiOxiloN, July 4.���In tlie house of com--  niens today, parliailientary secretary for  the foreign Office, right honorable Win.  St. .iohii Broderick, replying to a question, announced tliiit Mi\ ilunter, the  cjlief police magistrate of the J.f'ijii islands  hud been appointed' British consulate at  Apiu, Silinoii, during the absence of 1?. li,  S. iMakee, adding that ho would oxei'Cise  the same iTinctions.  Manila's First Fourth of July.  Manila, July 4.���There Avas a good  celebration of tlie fourth hero today with  flreAvorks, bands, speeches and decorations everyAVhere, all nationalities participating. The foreign ships and consulates, including the Spanish, raised their  colors in conjunction Avith the stars and  stripes. The flagship Baltimore fired a  national salute at noon.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock we will^make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  av.-is equivalent to the withdrawal of the  government scheme. The country, he  continued, thus achieved a signal victory  and is coin-inced that the only solution  of the exciting party differences was an  appeal to the country, either through an  election, a dissolution or a. referendum.  Eev. W. J. Doherty Appointed.  Monthhal, July 4.���Rev. AV. J. Doherty of Georgetown university, Washington, has been appointed to a vacant  professorship in Loyola college, Montreal.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  IIU.A1K.  II. Maeliin, Ymir  11. Noll, I'oil.o liieo  G. 11. Matthew, Ymir  r-'-<2''\_?���__='���._?���.___?���.__������,___?��� /=?���__? ���0'c=3'e3>%d  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  The Largest Assortment of Corsets  IN THE KOOTENAYS  C Parson*. Montreal  M. II  Gilliam. Kric:  Mrs.   l.omlioi'Ker. Spokane  S. liable, Iiossland  GRAND CKNTItAU  W. F. 1'Micar. Ymir I Robert, ('joper, Slnoan City  H..I. Irwin, Grand Works     | N. MeArLliiir, Sloean Oily  QUIOKN'S  Win. I'ayne, Uobson  A. IC. Alel'liail, JlonnitiKton  .1. J. Iliroiis, Winnipeg  F 1'. O'Neil, Spidiiuie  IT. IC. Livingstone, Robson  TJtHMONT.  I'*. l<'orest, Kootenay Land-  ins  ,1. Cannawan, Calgary  .1. Spencer, Ainsworth  J. L. Skene, Uobson  PIT AIR.  J. Pender, "(�� John, N. II.    I B rtram Astley, London  .lames Head, London | J. IC'Clarke, Sandon  MADDEN.  %  Since opening our store some few months ago our. lady customers have said many kind words of the satisfaction obtained  from wearing any of the standard made corsets sold by us.  For this reason we take pleasure in stating that we have just  received another shipment direct from the cast, which places us  in a position to stale that we now have beyond a doubt the  best assortment to be found anywhere in the Kootenays. We  handle the "D & A" at prices ranging from $i to v$2; the  the "13. & C" from 75 cents up; the "13 & C Athletic" for  $1.50, and the famous "Thomson's Glove Fitting" at $2.50  and $3. If you want corsets' come to us. If you think you  want corsets come to us. If you think you know of a friend  that wants corsets brine her to us.  B  B  B  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  R.lll. Doiigan,  Forty-Nine  .lames Goale, Sookano  Karl Kckcrt, Three Forks  It.' D. Lovali, Silverton  M, MoniKhain, Sloean Crossing  The Tremont Hotel  IVlALOfJE & TREGILLUS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  f%s  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TERMS   C_A.S___  s5^^^^^-_^_^^-_^_^-^.^,i^.^.^.^._=*'.^.^._^.i__'.(_^.__^.__?.  '^-.e^'C,  ^.s$y*  M  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  l'BESIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  .     HECHKTARY  h  I  LIMITED.  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best  ular hotels  and most pop-  in Nelson.  QUEEJfS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON, ���  P. Burns & Co  WIIOLKSALK   AND   nETAIL  ;_Wi*.,awj^^���-ifc*i')*ii  ^ahdCl)-*,essesdS'_|umbe^"  *��ir,'*,''Viari'.''"*' v" *"'" "- ~��".'*'*";.�� t *"  ;:MojiIdings^"b-V" -.*.���   ���'/"'���..' :-\ ���' *  :p^r^^l:^|i^ ���,. y..,"'",. .,  pfficie^y&m :Stor��: Fittings; �� :  irXcTbiit, ^ou_iiio.N:K;fiTO"ORnEitjn|,  , .'^ _..    '   .S.OGI&AS'" ���    ' ���    "  :^t^S9S^t^'���'������''���'"'' '"������'������''     "���.-������  B^ni Ba^p^r ��� '*" 7 ���   ��� "���'v"     ."  ma_^rt.(^;_tnd;v.     ��� '��������� "  General Jfeiner-y Work  IJf;STLOOK        . .  Glass of ail Sizes aiiid Kinds  ^.���aie^^^wid^^A,i;r_C��a^  . y,.:h i#h|t.6a5 m/yBieot ntc i��\6V"��  .    H��Dnnn   W_. O   J.>,     ps.        o*/3ono^^^���   flpa-pffflpyp?, e*-l,flfl,fl l&'p'.,^    ppA  Kp,Largcf��cpii)fortobI.e*m"|)o;clroqTn.S>.aiid^_^^  Jrborii)/"Samp'Id"i;6qnni^forfc'coijtni?^ . '". .;  i��� .*" "��".sl    .;��"��_ _���:���_.�������� ; �� :, y-i .���>,, j��    *��   ���'���?.:.��� ��*.  yy      _R.A2q5.__iS.-il 2  -S'.-SiJB:" __��.__-"_rn���  :��inl"&  ^���i'j;':'i|||g^iite  ��.".;."'./"   o ,LatC"0"r,tl_e';^  Saivnlill on Government, wharf." .  "  FttctQi-i' nnd oflleo, corner Hall etreot and C.P.lts track  _W-ILLaD0__.W_ELL=TO__:  AT'  Australians Lead Nottingtutmsliire.  London, July 4.���Iu tlie cricket match  at Nottingham today between tlie Australians and the Nottinghamshire eleven  the latter were ail out in their first innings for 1SS runs. At the close of play  the Australians had scored 100 runs for  three wickets down.  Memphis Has a Big Fire.  . MioMi'ins, July 4.���A fire which broke  out at the corner of Front and Gayos  streets today destroyed fclie buildings and  stock'.of the Blumenthal Liquor Com-  pany, American -Biscuit Company, tin:  Standard   Oil. ollice. and   the   Memphis  6. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of  Ilrsit-cljiss dry material oil blind, also  iv full line of satjh, doors, nloi!l<liii!|S, turned Work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL   STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  PH0MPTLBYYF0RWARDED ty6^    Office,   NelSOH,   B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  :$y^mm^ WHOLESALE AND "RETAIL - / - \  GiSlSSiSH AND,POULTRtflN SEASON : -   *  iHS^ Neison E- C. TRAVES, Manager  .'      ��� ",;y_". *'-;'OKDKUS BY MAIL RKCKIVK CARKKUI-ANU PROMl'T A'J TKNTION. _   '"  AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ud.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND. .     ,    -"  .  "AfKcq^rfjdnjcatibrfs t-elating to  British  Columbia  business to be addressed t to P.O.*  505, Nelson, British Columbia  Dravit r  ���K? % HUME* MaKager.  nTho iiiJicst hotel in tho interior.  Largo sariiplo i'66ii)S;   Btcani hgat and Cldctrioli__::ht. ���  tfORNBR OfVaR"!) ,jv,N_) VKRNOiS' STS., JJ'BI_S0K  S#  BAKER AMD WARD Sl'REBTS, NKLSON  Yard:   Foot of HoluVrys atroot, Nelson  Tclonhone. Ql        Jxjjfijl    Rae,   Ageilt  PETEB GENELLE & CO,  Headqiiftl'terij fpr  FIRST-GLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We mako a specialty of  Sfii'plap ai\d Double Dressed Wlaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Oflleo and yard near C.P.R. depot   K G. BEKR, Agent:  AND  Ice Gream  (HAZLEWOOD)  Ice Gream Soda  ^T CENTRAL FRUIT STOHE  Fresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Oo.  ,���������,,  Teiephono 1)3. HUMPHREYS & PnTO^C  GOAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sij_cn of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  "out io order, and Hlijpped U) NcIhou in carloiul lots  Writo for price*. ... "  The only hotel iii Nelson that has remained under one  management since J890.  The bed-rooms  ai'o well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  Tlie dinl.ng��ro0nv it" not second io any in Jvootenrty,  The bar is always stocked  by tile best domestic and  imported Jiriuor.s" and ciu_i>'.  ^ 'THOMAS' MAUDHN. Proprietor.  Larj?o anfl well ri iglited I Foal ed liy hot al  Uciutonithlo ral.Uft "���*������ Saniplu rooliw  KlectriG bells and %hlin,ovejfy rqoift  Renovated1 and "rofiitinlBftea tbi-\iKhoul  HOTEt  J. V. 1,'KRliS,  Free bus moots all trlilnc  Ildurly Hlrndt car to aiation  Prdpt'ietor  Revelstoke, B. G.  Ni>$ht Grill Room in cumicctiifli, for tlio convonlencu of  guests arriving and dupartinK by night, trains.  3. RODERICK  ROBERTSON, General Manager i  S.;S FCiWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '  NELSON, B.C.  A. THURMAN  SMdKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL AND KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  ���= And-all-ofchep -brands-of- the   Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company  AT 'FACTORY 1'IUCKS  OU1   3STEI_SO_Sr,   23. C.  Nelson Tent and Awning Manufactory  .A.i_._- _s:a:,3Sr_-)-s o-h-  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS  FANCY STRIPED CURTAIMS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  J*>��*5"  if  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.     Short orders   at   all   hours.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE"GO.  VOFFlSFi    KOASTKRS.  AND    DKALKKS  AND  .COFKMK.  IN   TKA  Offer fresh roasted coO'ee of best quality Ils follows":  .lava and. Arabian Macba, per pound. S   I"  .lava and Mocha Ulend, 3 pounds,   J 'Jj  Fine Santos, I pounds    1 tm  Santos Hlnnd. ;"i pounds ; ���.. ���'. ���   j ot)  Our Special Ulend,.(> pounds..  : ���   1 "  Our Rio lioasl, (5 pounds    ��� "���'  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   BlooK,   Wost  Baker Stsoet  NELSON, B. C.  AliL SlKKS OF TKMTS IS' HTOdtC  Haker HtTftet, opposite pOsJldlllco, S'lSlson  TSTJESO.  l_S_i;.*T^'_L-^ .ASl,    '���'���*^_ji:i:P��"^.^ll'*'"^'_5^-  2^^_^3DBOa_>r  W. P. DIGKSON  E. H. H. AFPLEWHAlTll  J. McPfiBB  trie Supply ai GrnistFuetion U  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Tranainisston and Lighting for Mine-, Towtas  Electric Fixtures, Xiamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P, O. Box <30G. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  Vienna Restaurant  linker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT AM, HOURS. DAY OR NI011T  BAKKRY IN CONNKOTION        FAMILY AND  PASTRY COOICINO  A  SPKCIALTV  ONLY VVIIITK JIKLP KMI'l.OYKI)  _R,     HtTRBT,-. FROPBIBTOB  "Miners wanted.  _F-0_S. E._H3srT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'l'tA-  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At i.fllcc of .the Duncan Mines, Limited.  BOATS! BOATSI BOATS!  FOR SALE Oft HIRE  The Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyph. requires  six Koiid minors.   Wages ?3 per day; shaft sinking, ��.**.5l)  VJ. J. ASTL.BY & CO.  Uouts built to order. Ropftiring and fllU-uK a specialty. Sails miulo iw��l rigged. Fishing rods and tackle  inoiiacd.   At GOvommonii wharf, Nelson. 4  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, JULY A,  1899.  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO  COUNKR HAKER AND JOSKPHINK STRKKTS. NKLSON  Rubbei  Goods  THE LOCAL NEWSOF THE TOWN  A Dominion Day Ball Game.  Two of tlie members of the Kossland  base ball team who played here on Saturday played in a game here on Dominion Day, 18!)5, when JI. D. Ashcroft  managed tho Ros.sland club. The two.  players were Gibson and Pullman. Nine'  of the Nelson team of that year played in  Saturday's game. The Nelson players  in IS!);") were Smith, c, Stopher, p., Stuck-  ey, lb., Urown, 2b.,Chcsley, .'-ib.,'Wright,  ss., Cnmpl'ell, cf., Neelands, rf., iMartin,  If. KM Smith is in Alaska, Kd Slopher  i.s in Spokane, Dick Stuckey is in Alberta,  l<_. V. Urown i.s in Vancouver, Charlie  'Wright left Nelson for. Teslin lake and  Chesley Campbell, Neelands and iMartin  are still in Nelson. The Iiossland players were Smith, c, Whitter, p., Dougherty, lb., iMcAulil'i'e, 2b., Gibson, :Jb.,  O'Connell, ss., Pullman, cf., Nagle, rf.,  and Hayes, If, The game was played on  the south half of block 2, paitof which  is now occupied by the Queen's hotel, and  was a red hot one from start to finish.  with friends in Nelson, left last night  for Moose Jaw, North West Territori-  tics, where she will spend the balance of  the midsummer holidays visiting her  parents.  Hillyer <fc Company yesterday started  a force of men on the brick work of the  new Hank of Montreal block at the corner of Baker and Kootenay streets.  The warm season has  commenced  See   Gilkcr's  assortment  of   Rubber  Coats,  Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,  and all sorts of general wet weather goods.  P. 0. Store  J.  A.  GILKER  Remember the Name  EMPORIUM  Jt will be to your advantage to seo' out- large  and complete stock of Boots and Shoes. AVe  carry tlie following lines; 3. &. T. Hell, J.  D. King & Co.-, North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Sc']_uh>,'i- Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Holden it Co., and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2G AND 28 WEST BAKKlt STKKKT, NKLSON.  xJi_r>ro_ii._ETJ^c  ��&__3_SS&iB_$g__B.S��  DINING   ROOM  j��rr  I'oriici' 'linker liiiii Wiii'd SlrceLs  .NELSON,   6. C.  DRAWING  ROOM  IMLJL.T'TTNOr -s_  NELSON.  All parties having accounts against the  celebration   committee    should    present  them at once to the manager  or  the secretary.  The natal day of the republic to the  south was observed in Nelson by the display of bunting alone, the weather not  permitting any outdoor exercises.  The manufacture of cigars ill Nelson is  an industry that keeps money iu the  town, for over twenty people are employed at good wages. It is also an industry that pays tlie Dominion government a good round sum in the way of inland revenue on raw leaf tobacco and  manufactured cigars. Last year the  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company  paid $2203.10 inland revenue.  Mrs. 3. 3. Walker left yesterday morning, on a A-isit to eastern Canada and England. While away she Avill inspect the  eastern markets, and select novelties in  tlie jewelry line.  The chief of police reports that the free  special train to Rossland on Saturday  was the means of getting a large number  of objectionable characters out of town,  who otherwise niight have given trouble.  The contractors have the building for  the Granite mill well under way, and it  will soon be ready for the reception of  the machinery which will bo here before  long.  Yesterday being July 4th there were  groat rejoicing in Nelson by citizens of  *thc United .States. Among others/Mrs.  Janiieson gave a very pleasant "-supper  party to a 'large number of- her friends,  and a most enjoyable evening was spent.  The house was tastefully decorated for  the occasion. * .    '-. .  A.r JI. Buchanan, who with Mrs. Buchanan returned from'a trip to Europe on  Monday, arrived in Paris on tho Sunday  that the president of Franco was assaulted at a race track. The following Sunday 18,000 soldiers lined the streets and  boulevards leading to the race track and  guarded the president during his stay at  the races.- Mr. Buchanan met J. A. Mara  and F. S. Barnard in London.  Yesterday Wilson & Harshaw sold  their freighting and rlrayago outfit and  business to W. G. Robinson, who until  lately was proprietor of tlie Royal hotel.  Mr. Robinson will cany on the business  at tlie old stand on Vernon street, and as  hp is a good business fflW .will, continue  tlie, Imsiuess .successfully. Wilson, ifc  1-Ifirsliaw will carry on the ice business  on their own tvepouiit. "Billy'" Wilson,  aud He-toy HarSh&w are two- of Nelson's  ofd^ timers:, tend during their business  career never undertook airy-thing thoy  =didkiiotfcari'yn">ut^pr^  toi-ily* Mr. I'larshaw will probably take  a trip for pleasure ancl roct'Cation.  ^W. 3. Hippersou of the Larwouce TTuid-  ware Company left last niglit for Winnipeg on as holiday trip.  Mrs.. Charles D. 3. Christie left last  niglit on tlie steamer Moyie fori.a three  inQntlis' visit to friends in Brandon awl  Wiliiiipog, Mtiiiitoba.  Miss Emily Green, teAchor of tho Ymir  public   sciiool,   who   has   been   visiting  liUSINKSS AND JtK.sWJ'.N/I'lAlJ  I'ltOPilKTV  License Commissioners Meet.  I\ U.Wilson and Dr. M C. Arthur, license commissioners for the Nelson license district, held a session in the court  house yesterday for the purpose of  hearing applications for liipior licenses.  All the licenses aslced for were granlcd  except three. The inspector had reported unfavorably iu the cases of Joseph Campbell of Krie, W. T. Hcadles of  Salmo and Joseph Blanchard of San cm.,  considering that a second license in these  places was unnecessary. The application  I'or the last mentioned license was refused, and the other two were held over  until July 15th. 11. M. Macdonald appeared as solicitor for tlie residents at  the Silver King miijp and made application to cancel the license of I). Morice of  Fredericton, a townsite near the mine  in question. The application was refused,  the commissioners saying that sucli an application could not be entertained unless  there was some evidence forthcoming  that the hotol complained of was improperly conducted.  The names of the successful candidates  are Boyer & Lovell, Ymir; Mrs. D. Keefe,  Ymir: J. W. Masterson, Ymir; Fred  Adie, Waneta.; C. B. Archibald, Ymir;  Joseph Blanchard, Pilot Bay.  Today the commissioners sit again and  will  hear applications from  Hank   Noll,  Grove Hotel  Beer  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isr_E]X_so3sr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT ,IN   KOOTENAY  ;��> by  i_0, linker Ktroot. between  .lo��(_|illl��le and  Wtml i-ti-cotH '$8000  Sh liy 13). BalSoi- fcft-'Cel, "bobwepn .)_.��<. ptiniu tti��l Hall  .b'titooW. , ,,  SO by 1.20, Hiifci. i- t.tt*ot;, between .loseiihino mid Hull  Hi'i'c c U.,, corn of. ,   ISO by 120, KrtSt Baker Htrcol   25 by 120 Willi iuiprovemoiits, soutli side of Vernon  street ���. ���   ,   SO by 1.20 with improvements, south side of 'Vornon  street.  ���  ........  ,  2 lots awl largo house beautifully furnished (snap)..  2_r lotH with collage rented at, $15 per .mouth, Victoria  street   ...  1 lot with cottage rented al, $15 pen .month, Victoria  street   2 lots witli cottage routed al. $20 per month, Btanley  street  ��� , ��� ��� ���  G lobs in block J-ll), till cleared and fenced in..... ���  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  1500  800  5000  tofto  ���1000  :isoo  2500  Sooo  250(1  "WIA-IBID BEOS.  Real JSstalo and Gonoral Agents, Baker St., Nelson  TBOPICAL MIT DEPOT  Corner Haker and Ward Streets.  For Strawberries and oilier fruits in season,  your order.   1'rompl delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  Leave  MILLS &. LOTT  ;        ;. Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream.  Salmo,   T.   G.   Proctor,  Clarke, Pilot Bay.  Balfour; David  Cliurcli Parade.  The first animal��� church parade  son Loyal  Orange Lodge  will be  Sunday, 'July  0th froin   the   hall  Oddfellows' block.    All members  "journing brethren   are  requested  tend.  CD  oo  CD  CO  ea  co  _j  CO  co  of  Nel-  held on  I in   the  and so-  to  a,t-  CO  CO  CO  C3  OO  A Ring of Beauty  is a Joy to Both  Giver and Receiver  STANDARD  QUALITY  NEWEST STYLES  BEST FINISH  ask  They nhrn-ts sell where anjlhing will, .md com, no  more than those of doubtful reputation,  When you want diamonds, write (o Jacob Dover.  When yon want watches, noiul to Jacob Dover-  When you want gold and silver lorgnolle chain  for Jacob Dover.  When yoii want sterling silver hovolties, send Co .fticpb  'DovStfr.  W,hcn: you Want llqdgor lire's 1817 knives and forks,  Soiict to Jjic-b DoV&r.  When you* want a nice lanip, ask for Jilcob Dovor,    ...  \Vheii yon want flip Kmn piaiip���,sne;nil Xiir catalogue (jo  Jacob Dover,  _____When___y.fit____.\\'_U]t__^  .D6Vdr,  WJicn yon want Watches repaired, send then! to Jacob  Dover.  When you want, Jewelry nlamifiietiircd or repaired,  send it to J.-icob I loveiv  AV'heii you wilht to see a complete line of goodsfts above  nicnbioned, call at  JEWELRY STORE, NELSON  ICept, hy all groucrs and fruit store denlers,  I_inlo .lidi.'C, Cordial, Itaspberry, Sti-awberry,  I'lnt'iipplu, l.enion, Viinill.i, ysirsaparilla, ChoO-  oltilo, ('tlllee. Orange, Orange J'bosphate.  VICTOI1U.  VANCOUVKIt  NTXSON  J.IMI'I'ICD.  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STRKP'T. NEI.SON  Strictly (irst-cla��-. Kates. ��.*i porweek andup.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  KljUNISIIKI) UOOMS. SIXOI.K AND K.V SlilTK.  Hot and cold water. I_nl.li.-;,'.clem-in liffhl. elcvalor and  lelcplione, IIousekceiiiiiK rooms. Tliinviu^hly ciiuippeil  wilh exils and lire c.-caiics. fltli llloor Marion block, corner Itiver.--idc and Stevens .streets."  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  erators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrenee Hardware Co.  isrEXiSO-sr, b. o.  A Volley of Economy that Carries Conviction into Every Home In Nelson  Jn aptte  of Uio howling succps.s of lust weeks l>i��,r .sUu.k rcducl/ioii s.ile, some  lines .se.iUcrPri (.lirougli Uie crockery (li'p.irl.nieiit cseajied the uuin-  ������iger's pi lining IsiiifVj or tlio .iistoinoi-'s iiLlcntion. These, villi a score of lucky pnr-  cli.-i.ses in other lines, ;ire your fiuit for this week. This side -would not he necessary  hod (he warm leather come two or tliree weeks oni-Iier, hut it i.s our rule in business (o lower (he stock hefore our .semi-annual inventory, Wc lake our medicine  philosophically and will greet you pleasantly when you come io help us empty our  shelves (o the (juick-stop time of sloek-i.'iking prices.  WE, ARE THE EXCI.TJS-V'E AGBN-'S for riiany oif the best lilies of  groceries," and always hiivoi & fresh, w;h6iesom_- stock ori hand.  Baker street West, Nelson  ���JVMIIY SAVED BY BUYING- YOIJR  _gj_?a-, JFisoay- ne  We. c.-il'i'j- Uiu I.'H'KokI. sloctc  fan 111! your ol'diirs for iinj- nunnMty  M- DesBrisay ^ Co.  FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the. manufacturer in- pints, quarts, ancl  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods-Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Uiilccr SI root West, Nolson,. 11. C,  StracHan   Bros  PLUMBEES,   ETC.  o_?:eje-_a. hotjse elock


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