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Four New Veins Discovered.
Auother important strike was made on
the Granite group on Saturday, one which
greatly enhances the value ot the property. No less than four new veins were
discovered while driving a crosscut on
the Red Rock claim for the purpose of
obtaining depth for stopes wliich already
had been proved. Tbe four veins lie
within sixteen feet of one another, and
aro all of quart/.. The first, where crosscut, showed .111.1 eight inches wide and
carries visible free gold, the second i.s
eighteen inches wide and also shows free
gold, the third, which is four inches wide,
shows mineral,'and the width of the
fourth has not yet been determined.
Samples of the ore ace being assayed and
the result will be known today. The existence of these veins was unsuspected
as they do not come to the surface but
are overcapped by country, rock. This is
tbe second strike ou the Granite group
since R. C. Campbell-Johnston was appointed consulting engineer. Readers of
■This Tribune will remember that a short
time back ground sluicing operations on
the Nevada disclosed a new vein, a sample
assay of-whieli subsequently gave returns
of $102 a ton..
The mine generally is looking extremely
well and the ore body in the Granite has
proved its continuance with depth, the
horse that appeared in the Drummond
shaft having been completely got rid of.
The upraise from No. 2 level to No. 1 level
from the above shaft is all in ore, and in
No. 1 level upraises are being driven every
seventy feet for the purpose of stoping
ore for the stamp mill and they are all in
good ore. The erection of the twenty-
stamp mill, wliich is being put iii by the
AVilliam .Hamilton Manufacturing Company of Peterborough, Ontario, started
yesterday. D. J. McNally is the foreman
in charge of construction for the company. .
Will Wait for the Water.
A meeting of the directors ofthe Kamloops Placer Mining Company was held
yestordav in H. It. Bellamy's office. The
proceedings were not made public, but it
was learned that on the advice of H. R.
Bellamy and W. Wilson of Woodstock,
Ontario, who represent the eastern
shareholders, it Avas decided not to start
work" for a week or two, the water being
still too high. Messrs. Bellamy and Wilson returned on Sunday from a visit to
the   property.    In   the   meanwhile ^he
J&Q29M*- MORNING, JULY 11,  1891).
begun on the A. E. and the L. 11. is being
opened up by the owners. All these
are Red Mountain properties. H; G.
Bragdon, who i.s interested in the Wil-
lard, on Four Mile, i.s in town from the
Boundary country. Considerable prospect and development work is being
done on the Galena Kami (lat, the good
results of the work on the Noonday and
the strike on the Queen fraction having
encouraged adjoining owners.
The Slocan City football club has challenged the Sandon players to meet them
in Silverton on Thursday. Three Forks
is also expected to meet the Silverton
team on the same day. Football is booming in the Slocan.
In local business circles things are
assuming a more encouraging look. The
owners of the various packing outfits
have had occasion to increase the number of the stock, and tliere is talk of
another outfit coming in to handle the
Wakefield business.
Manager Hill, of the Vancouver, is expected in town daily. The general impression here is that his arrival will see
the reopening of that property. °
Some surveying is being done around
the Emily Edith mine.
The Wish Father to the Thought.
Victoria, July 10.—The following appears in the Globe .this afternoon: The
Globe is in a position to announce that
arrangements have almost been perfected
for a coalition between the opposition
and tlie government, wliich arrangement
will obviate the necessity of a general
election. Unless all present plans be
changed.'Mr. Martin's successor will be II.
D. Ilelmcken, Q.C., senior member for
Victoria city. Two -other members of
the opposition Avill be given portfolios
also, but just who these gentlemen ..will
be has not yet been fully decided. Messrs.
Semlin and Cotton will remain in the
government. One important feature of
the negotiations,/which, have reached a
stage warranting the announcement,  is
a  [i..,n.   HnA,-.      n    „ .on.   S jy . "l. n V &     P.     _n _    Ji-,13      *i.n.,_ 3-" P    "    n°D °  aP,     _ nn „ JL.   t'  J' fi     P      -d
ipojj,     °v.bL''*'-'   °   a" u     n "r^^yy^"^   •UJo!!   "*£"   ° s^"8     y^  J    --"■«""'•au  _ - ..
> Jildepeuden t*Grder of Qdcr-.
iQld%§£ mgnftlit l^t£rni£y
iff*""""..f. ■"".-■ "i'OddfeiloKs" 'itis'tltffi^Clffiei.ers.*.."   „     "
"2,-(" Th^istallatibh"^ $biblncers -elect f0r
*;^he?Lehsuing%-x: -■iteiihF Idf 2lSPdienaf
l'ffpiloiyi" wad-held
*"-hxffiy,"AyW fadtp-"~$0i di^trfct""d£pnty
" gfaiid inagtei'   ait.1 :'0: Jftldohier, acting
;mai^halfy The-
folloAylngiofftcQi*^ xVPie 4ust|*dle|i:   Aligns
"G. t!^hjlii•\•^/'Udl^^^;^iK^; Johiis^cojey, vice-
g^rarid; f?fed ,3,- Squire, secr0tai;y; A. H.
" Cieinents, ifin^^
treasurer:. .* The appointle,d officers were
Mlixi "Me^raeY  conductor';   &  F.  Etter,
porter of noble grand; J. Ititeiue> left
supporter of noble grantt; George Hale,
right supporter of vice-grand; JohuMun-
foe'j l&ft supporter of Vicg-graud; E. C.
Arthur, outside guard; J. L. Vanstone,
inside .'guard. '
The Shamrock Has ai. <3hance.
SoutiiiAaii'tonj July iO.--The prince of
Wales' cutter liritanuia has beeli taken
out of ddck aiid is expected to be
ready to sail tonTQrtidAy, when perhaps
she will lntve a trial with tlie Shanmick.
The vShaTlTroek's sailing nutster declares
that lie is delighted wifcil'her, particularly
with the Way she answers her helin, and
her Cliiiekness in the /stays. While
it is impossible to .fully" guage tlie
qualities of the clip challenger*
at present, her supporters believe she will
fulfil all expectations, unless she encounters heavy weather while crossing the
Atlantic and strains her exceptionally
light hull.
The management of the Noonday mine
are putting more men to work daily.
Five miners went up. to the mine on Sunday and no idle men are left in town. Up
to date considerably over 150 tons have
been sacked at the mine and the daily
output is increasing. Two car loads a
week, forty tons, is what the lesses ex-
poet to ship.
Nothing new is happening around the
Four-mile mines. The surveyors are still
busy around the Wakefield laying out
the site for the new concentrator. The
right-of-way for their tramway is about
cleared. All trees have been cut down
for fifty feet on each side of the tram
line, which is 6000 feet in length.
A few men are at.work on the " Willa,"
on which a good strike of gold-copper
ore was recently made..   Work has been
oft ^lM^S8nml*ffi,fSa^Siiiglbi^io^
^sinntd^ojKce:;" ■' ';■ ■; ■; ■■; .. ;-"
"„■«„■" ""Helmckeff AslMe0y pot"J6ih,a"  '■-," m
■ \". ,     , „_»" Spiefcial'td'.tiiOTi'ilJunO:. ,    .  "
"PictoiiiA, July; 10>Vl;here; "is uptftihg
nPJ>    n" n"2 „ V     D       'fn'**  H       ^(btf^n," * B tfi   u      a"n   n       erf?
tue\A^iii :pi:&viAdialo vol iffi©;, iiftd° tibsblutely
npphxpgVm^;tl(i.e? lprtg ^tpry ot .epalitjicjiv
ior Member"for' Victoria, is kildwfil "to lie
w411ihg to jojU . premier SeiiilJu's "dabiiiet
^iiile his/colleagues, pf; the:0p,l50sitiohven*-
cieay.pr td; indviee Him ttp fleiiliue the" |pvi-
ta-tioii wlii(5li is supposed tp jK*\\*ait him.
■|?5U|*uo„if;sivys tliat atjtoi'uey-geiierfil Mtir-
titi's" clg$;tihii*tiQn is Seuver, ^olbradij, and
tliiit\his dbj-eet is-the iiTiiiting; up of"jfiicts
tP Cot toil's (iisafl vantage,
Gdverttment daucus Called.
It is stated in Victoria that premier
pf the supporters pf the government on
the 20th instant. The meeting Avill be
held in tHe parliament buildings at 8:30
p.in,, thus alfprding the Mainland Members the opportunity pf arriving by the
boat from Vancouver that evening and
getting away by tlie return steainer in
the hiprniug. Presumably Mr. Mtirtiii
will attend, though how he can (jail himself ii supporter of the government pusses
comprehension since he has dPne his best
—^nhstiecessfiilly—to wfeck the tidniin-
istration.       _
Atlih's Greeks Are Good.
Victoria, July 10..^-William Beavcn,
of tlie Bank of Montreal, who left Atlin
on the 2nd Jtrrivqd hei'e today on tlie
Rosalie. He says justice Iriving is giving the greatest satisfaction there, and
all reasonable minded millers express
themselves as well pleased with his decisions. The creeks are turning out
splendidly, and Mr. BeaAren believes that
$250,000 will be taken out this summer.
One man took out $1,000 in two days on
Wright creek shortly before he left.
Rioting in London.
Windsor, Ontario, July 10.—Forty local militiamen left this afternoon for
London hi response to a call from the
district officer for troops to aid in quelling the street car riots there. It is believed that the presence of the troops
will lipid the rioters in check without
any actual fighting.
Grand -Duke George Dies.
St. Petersburg, July 10.—Grand duke
George, brother of the e/ar is dead. He
was born April 7th, 1851, and was in ' ill
health for a number, of years, suffering
froin consumption. The heir apparent
died at the imperial palace in the Cau-
Lively Board of  Trade Meeting.
At a fairly well attended meeting of
the South Kootenay m Board of Trade,
which was held last evening the majority
of the. members present voted against
the local board taking any part in the
conference of the boards of trade of
Kootenay and Yale which i.s to take place
in Rossland next month. The chairman,
however, did not catch all the votes and
declared the division a tie. He then
gave the casting vote in favor of the
board being represented and refused all
demands for the yeas and nays.
When the meeting was called to order
John Houston was voted to the chair but
before any new business was reached J.
Roderick Robertson, president of the
board, arrived and the chairman retired
in his favor. After J. J.-. Campbell, had''
been admitted to membership the meeting proceeded to discuss matters in connection with the proposed board of trade
The first resolution on the question
was offered by John A. Turner who
moAred "that the motion to represent the
board at the joint meeting of the boards
of trade at Rossland, which Avas passed
at the last meeting of the board be rescinded, aud that this board be not represented at the joint nieeting of the
boards of trade." This was seconded by
John Houston.
Frauk Fletcher asked for the reason
for the motion to rescind. He thought
that it was childish.
• J. Roderick Robertson called John
Houston to the chair and took the floor
in opposition tP the motion. He asked
for some "explanation. He said that he
had been appointed a delegate against
his wishes but that the board having
gone so far in the matter he considered
that it .would be an act of discourtesy to
the other boards to withdraw at the;pre-
sent stage. He moved in amendment
that the board maintain its present position in.the matter and added that if it
^yasj desiyablg; Jbhe'., deleg|vtem. qpuld;vbc
"" e"cf
.i g'l:pha'rtMil;dJi*5he.B
xhj.       u_ rf_.ii..,, -        ■      C*     -ni U„    ,,r.il_       w , n iCC-p   U1"n Lii 0 n    n_.d~.l_H      n.nn!n'n    dn*   n n.
me-^^IH^Mou^*3r^^uld<be'' iMin^
;-fle<.r fe^n^ra^" l^^'l^ijl^ liad/'febr-.
ye'Sppiwlene'e; w/|th sthaf'otHer- &p"ai*ds' 0U
tjie'iiiatteij,.. -Jj|5vquld>be"taken. tPnhieJtn^
that; the ^l'spiv°:b6iil'd.' %a&°shiukij:fg a*
diseusslpn e| -questi-bus wMch uiight he
''"bxppghtl'xipyj" ' (*   "";,""*" ;y.   y'n       .,,   ...
John "4-.. TiVr^j|r- i'h>;'r]epjy ■ §ai:d'*" thtvt'>it',
■svHS' ehilfiis'h^lf-Si.: 'l'&ief(hOafd]ji&''eQiiMe\i$ "-J.P :
"ya, (sOxiferehed,of which jt- 'Jtn^V iio'tlii'ng.,
' If tJfose in fay pi? oi] taking part 3|l the
conference would State why the Nqlspn
boai'd slipuM take pirt5i aud Ayhat phe ,ph:-
ject of the-c-ouferen.ee,, ^ya's ihe liieMbeis
could tlisJBuss it., -
1-vrank Fletehei' said, that the object
was to have an interchauge of ideag> and
he, thought that lhaiiy .matters of great
benefit to Kbotenay could1 be discus-jed.
The .imvttei* wag disciissetl at a previous
meeting, and if Sir. Turner Avas present
he should have been able tp grasp the
meaning Pf it.
ehairmah then read several sections of
the ini'intes of pveyiotis meetings beai-i'ug
on the'question after which the di vision
Avas taken upoii tlie chairman*s amendment. The vPte stood nine in faA'or to
ten or eleven against but the cliairiiiail
declared the A'pte a tie and said that lie
would ghre a casting A^pte in favor of liis
oavu aiueijdinent.
Several ilieinbers protested against the
decision of tlie chair and. asked for yeas
and nays, but the ehairiiia.ii refused to
■liavo the vote recorded,
John A. Turner—l)o you rule that the
yeas and nays cannot be taken?
J. Roderick Robertson—-The chair has
ruled that the amendment lias beeu
S. S. Taylor endeavored to set the
chairman right. He said tliat he had
voted in favor of his amendment but he
thought that parliamentary rules governed the deliberations pf the board
which A*ery clearly provided that di\-isions
could be recorded.
The chairman replied that he had not
a copy of the constitution and that Avithout it lie did not prpppse tp give way.
Jphn. A. Turner said that in calling fpr
the yeas and days he contended that tlie
vote Avas not correctly taken by the
chairman. There Avere Several other protests against the arbitary ruling of the
chair, but as the chairman persisted in
his refusal to take tlie yeas and nays the
motion Avas alloAved to drop.
The chairman then read tlie list of
questions which the council of the board
had suggested should be discussed at tlie
board of trade conference. They were
briefly (1) the encouragement of the lead
mining industry by increased duties upon
lead products; (2) the encouragement, of
sih'er-lead smelting by tbe admission,
free of duty into Canada of lead .bullion.,
smelted   in   Canada and  refined   in ■ the
United States; (:l) the desirability of increasing the representation of Kootenay
in the house of commons; and (I) the
consideration of the eight-hour law and
its eifect upon the  district.
S. S Taylor said that he would object to
the consideration of the eight-hour law.
In the first place the eight-hour law had
been passed by the legislature, it was a
.reform in the labor laws of the province,
and it was well known in the history of.
all countries that when any such reforms
were once passed they were never repealed. To set up a. discussion upon the
question of the repeal of the law was
therefore attempting the ' impossible.
Such legislation Avas neA'er A'aried or
materially amended. Another objection
Avas that the board in taking up the
question invited a clash with the interest
in the community known as the labor
interest. It Avas stepping in between
two factions and would thereby
destroy the .usefulness of the
board. The question was also at
the present time a political one.
For this reason the board of trade
could not take the question up without
stultifying itself and injuring the usefulness of the board so far as the general
public Avas concerned. He thought the
delegates should be instructed not to discuss or A*ote for or against any current
political question.
J. Roderick Robertson said that he
would like to discuss the question, and
called upon John Houston to take the
chair. He said that he did not regard
the eight-hour question as settled and for
that reason desired to have it discussed.
He said that the measure had been put
through the legislature at the extreme
end of the sessipn.
Johu A Turner here took the point of
order that the president Avas talking
Tlie chairman held that the point was
well taken and instructed the speaker
that he might tell the members Iioav
the operation of the law affected him as
a mine owner.
The president-theu proceeded by say-
jng,.';that_.a.',measUi;e_.-J'*tad« ^been^passed-.
Iy^^^j^Ml^r^0^ ||^%p1&h|^;
■piip^hv otlspi-i-boai-'dr ~c *■***--1" •'-"••■■••J- •"■-
- ,„..,„„_,„.. -.,,,„„,..._.,,  »      Bt|ri*|d^Jfi;fe=^jir0i|_      _..
plipJait #tp;K&|&Mif-l .p ■ .fcliffiisjlifc
nv.   Iran     .       n    Idid    dJI   ."■.u,'*    n       ^.P ,?**d) B,..     Hi   ■ Sg -hq „te *« cFn ft        **   n *j ~- "n
^luit slAtbihg th,e*q;|ie^tio?if^ff wa^ sjiirk-
i:lng?;rBsppi.i&ib^i|ity.H  l^p mo veil in aiiieird-
I-iaeUit tliat the0 cUliise.stli'n'd".,
',a"'Tup. aUaifhikh,,2"iidpd-"yihp .animdine-pt
pj.it pf ordgi; pilj-fihegt'buiid. thai ft'sijnply
^negatived the prigliiai motion-.
when the question came up of appointing
delegates to represent the Nelson board
it never occurred to him that tlie delegates would have their tongues tied so
far as not being able to express their
opinion upon any question which might
come up. At the time no such idea was
suggested. He had expressed at the tinie
a desire to be relieved of the office- of
delegate and he would inform the "members that he would probably exercise his
right of appointing a substitute to proceed to Rossland in his place.
The question   Avas  then   put  and   the
.motion instructing  the  delegates   to let
the  eight-hour  question  se\rerely  alone
..was.carried on a vote of eleven to six.
John A. Turner then moAred that the
three other questions recommended by
the council of the board for consideration
at the Rossland conference be struck out.
This was seconded by John Houston and
carried without any attempt at discussion.
John Houston then moved that the
secretary of the board be* instructed to
inform the postmaster-general by Avire
that the Crow's Nest Pass railway i.s
running daily trains, and that it is desirable that a, daily mail should be instituted. This was seconded by A. R. Sher-
AArood and carried.
Those present at the meeting '"were:
J. Roderick Robertson, John A. Turner,
F. W. Swannell, J. J. Campbell, W. A.
JoAvett, H. Byers, J. A. Gilker, L. Hyde,
Thomas'Madden, Charles Hillyer, Jacob
Dover, George Kydd, John Houston,
Frank Fletcher, A. R. Sherwood, S. S.
Taylor, Q.C, A. H. Kelly, Robert Hamilton, J. A. Kirkpatrick, John J. Malone, J.
M. Lay and Robert A. Renwick.
The Land Eegistry Office.
The commissioner of lands and werks
has aAvarded the contract for building,
the land registry office at Nelson to the
Nelson SaAv & Planing Mills, Limited.
There were six tenders, and. it -is '.under.-
a ""■""—-^ ^it^^thbW*yj^*^ikW;
n°°       nS      tf       ffoal    $y!
;:° "Tlie ^resident;4lieU„ .resumed, tiie/ chair"
.:^anti #,",M°. lve|ly:tooi-:tl/e°"|1.0pX\%{.;oi%osis-
lipnto 'the;.motioiJf.„ . Jpe'safift tfh&tJi'GvcHd'
•.p^i    see    t}xh .,\x$e    pf   sending    delegates to thdiGonfei'euce, if they could npp
fliaVe   the  pii'vjjcgs  of   disc„uss„ing siroii
^mtiti^sof Vital 'iiilportauce as' the eiglxt-
;"liovi;r* htvi and questioiiB, effecting the lead
jnin'ing indnsti'y. •
3ohn A- Turner replied that he objects
ed to 'felieAvliplepi'ogi'amiue op tlie giiouud
thafe tlrey Avere alt political (piestioiiSi
3. 3. Campbeil reminded tlie board that
they had passed resolutions dealing witli
the lumber industry and lie expressed
the opinion that ifc would be difficult for
that questions Avliich affected the interests of the community Avere proper
subjects for discussion. His impression
was that the members of the dilfereiit
gpArernments w^ere glad to get tlie ideas
of boards of trades upon such matters.
S, S. Taylor in. reply said that tiiovo
was a 'difference between the ({iiestioii of
lead duities and the eight-hour law. Tlie
question of duties was an open question
in that the govern m0i.it..AvaS' pTcpiired to
adniit certain articles &ee and impose a
dttiiy upon others. Tlioro wits iiothing
fixed about it. With the eight-hour law
it was altogether different.- A dominant
party had taken a definite stand and
luado it a 'political issue of the party.
No other member wishing to speak,
the motion was then put and carried on
a division of 1'3 to (5, Avhicli struck the
eight-hour law question off the list.
John Houston then moved that if the
question of the eight-hour law was referred to the conference of the boards of
trade or put to a vote that the delegates
from Nelson be instructed to vote against
tlie consideration of the question and refrain from speaking upon it.
A, IT. Kelly opposed this motion also,
lie said that he knew it would be useless
to speak against it, but lie regretted tliat
so many members held opinions differing
from Avhat he considered made for the
best interests of the country.
At this Stage of the proceedings Frank
Fletcher consulted the secretary as to
the right of certain members to vote.
The consultation was carried on in whispered tones. but the mission
was •understood and was greeted
with derisive laughter, and some,
good natured chaffing followed as
to the president's right to vote, in. that:/lie-;*
bad neglected to. pay his membership, fee.-
J. Roderick. Robinson froni the chair
opposed   the. resolution.       Me said   that
The;sfhe^ifters' ofM&^istfdhf Loyal; yO%,
Ssng-il" Ppd-Md to, t'li-0 £ivtih°!5e|*s1p|n'^&-',b5^'ig^.-t''
heid'Jtiiel^^iU-uarsili-vtijcHr rMr^ad-fe- to- '"thd
And Award Tenders.
At the meeting of the public Avorks
committee yesterday afternoon Campbell & Deacon's tender for the laying of
sewer pipe Avas accepted. They offered
to lay all sizes of pipe for (S8 3-5 cents
per foot and $3 pei- cubic yard extra for
the removal of rock encountered in digging trenches. The other tenders were :
Josias Thompson, 75 cents a foot for 12-
inch pipe, Oil cents for 0-inch, 00 cents for
S-inch, and $3 per cubic yard for removing rock; and If. IT. Macdonald, SO cents
for 12-inch pipe, 7:*5 cents for 9-ineh, 70
cents for S-inch and $0 per -yard for removing rock.
The city engineer reported that he had
been over the ground where  the electric
light Hume is to be   laid, and   on   his recommendation   the offer  of McBeath &
Peters for its  completion   was  accepted.
Their offer amounted to  $1580—$200 for
finishing the grading and $13S0  for the*
carpenter  work, the  Avhole  to  be* completed by August 1st. ■'■■'•*:'■'.'
A letter Avas received from G. HolbroOk -;
and John  Croft, city scavengers, asking:
that a regular dumping ground be allotted
them, and also as to whether the city intended te take  PArer the  scavenging  pr
npt. The Aviitors laid the blame of dumping garbage in authorized places on the
drivers pf store wagons.    This statement
was receiA'ed Avith some incredulity, and    .
it was also pointed out that the  scavengers had receiA'ed permission to dump on
C. P. R. land not far from the Hall Mines
road.    As tliere was some reason to believe that the  Gas  and   Coke  Company
niight burn the refuse, it/was decided to
take no action till  the company's representatives  had  been  seen,   and  in   the
meantime the scaA'engers aviII be notified
only to dump their garbage on the ground
provided for that purpose.
George Henderson and E. Kerr Avrote
offering the city two teams with new
harness, and tAvo wagons and sleighs for
$1500.    The letter Avas filed.    V ,-■'..'
The committee recommended  the  laying of several sidewalks.    The petition of yy
J. Laing Stocks and others for a sidewalk '
on the Avest side of Josephine  street  between  Baker  and   Vernon   streets   was
granted, as Avas a petition signed  by,-.H.--';.-•>;
B. Macdonell  and others fpr a; new/ six-';^
foot sidewalk on the south  side  of • Vic-:/
toria street west of Kootenay street. , It yy
Avas also, decided  to  straighten 'out tho -:(y
th ree-foot.' si dewalk;-, on £ilica£ sti-eeti« in ]
lipyy life |^^du:.;:;ii|;(^ui.i^ti%i;S|i'^
tlie' =5i,'aiig"le,iuo-ii ^f'^'esl/.lvootll'ft^ th(e-
lo"ca]hlddge. A\'il;l .obTe&^afe°'fjii&
■of iix% l-uiittle of.thb^Bb^Mta 1;i^,^eisoij,. pu
Wediiesdliy., The..mewibers "of, the local.
lo"dge will meet at■K>lipU; h'all at '!). .o'tslo'ek
aiid nittlcO°"ari"^ngeiitenfe fpf- Jneefcijig;' the
<n.sitinp Wetkvhn ffopv 'ko^iahd] at tho
Catiiadiafi: °.P^ac"'i;fi.g-:-JiailVwty (iopot." At
two o'clock a prPjtf&siOn ^viTL he" formed
and inarch to tlie "ngroVe in t]le easteril
part of tlte city Avhere speOfilies Avill be
deliArered by proiniiiejifc ijielUbers of the
order. A pifpgrainirie of a thlefcic sports.
etcs* is also, being arranged.
^^GeoTge^Vr^iBlralflsoii Sf^03iSlaTj(17
who is largely interested in Tin-: Thiisu.vis
and other Valuable properties -throughout
Kooteliay, was hi. Nelson yesterday.
F. C. Potts of the business department
of the Wintiipeg Free Press is making a
trip through -Kootenay in the interest of
li is pa per.
A   telegram   was   received yesterday
stating that tlie Tinirbaso- bail team will
not bo able to be IVe.re.on- tlie.'l2th as Was,,
■hopccl,. but there will probably he a gaine
bdtween two local, fiiiics.
A cricket match, beginning at tliree
o'clock punctually, will bo played on the
recreation grounds tojwn'1'ow between
■elevens drawn from the bankers of the
city and tlie Kelson cricket club.
The ladies' aid society of the Methodist ehui'cb will hold an ice cream and
strawberry social af, the schoolhouse on
the evening of Wednesday, July 12th, at
7 o'clock. A good programme is being
prepared and the smelter band will furnish excellent music. All are invited to
Alexander Sproat has been removed
from the position of gold commissioner of
the Slocan mining division. Slocan district is now just in tiie same position as
other mining divisions that are without
gold commissioners,   like  Ainsworth  for
- f roj**^. &ia Aiy^i-Mito^^
„     .--      P.    - .,;    .h^plpp...        fll-     n  ft,     -   ofll,   .-      n\"^      ?.p,d1 C   p-  y.-L'  '■
of'    the
$.1 JIS.   . Tlie:.,e^i|imtf®!:£;'S"
0-piilio.h. .that- :":llns>r"sWu':e:dr *"
nn    ^ '". c^ln ^, "     ^J** "" °    aurH."^.       "Bin        ~nB        l»".'''°.
a inosfc reftsoifi^fe. pr^i*t0sitio^wtfia^;hp*;:^|
yet been made tji'^i,; °rnjS*t -tlfe^^S^'^o^g-^;a^2
-'Careful-ly 'i-iSto'' the'' Vtaajtler t'liis"" "e'V^jiattg/K"'*'^-'
with Wl F, Bicit§ou, 'thp. comi^h^ymy^
ginee-r, nt a' s/peci-al ■ Meeting wHicIk-awII- ^0}
he he-Id' At $, o'clock,   ■ "   ..„ „/° °.'."•";
Arranging for the Coast T.rh}s,
A meeting of the Nelsoii Laciossd'Gully
jiui'iiose of niiiking arrangeinentg for
practices for the contemplated matches
with tlie lacrosse teams of the Coast
cities. There was a large tiitteudauce of
members and arrangements Were made
for the procuring of suitable suitsfprtlie,
pliiyei's. Tiie colors of the team, titis*
year will be green sliirtsand Afliitepants-.
Jfarry Wright, manager of the teaift. is,
iirraiiging the iscliedule of games \vitlv
Victoria, S*"aneon ver, Nmv \\Vstiiiilist;<!r
and Naitaiino teivins, *vvhich^vill be played
during tlie second week in,
Mall has consented to act
(lie team..
August.    Di*.
as triiiuer of
instance. The Turneritos are trying to
make capital out of the removal, saying
that it wilt bring business to a standstill,
'which is nonsense.
A. J. Marks left yesterday for the California mine, near ^<c\v Denver, fie intends putting a. force of men to work in
a couple of weeks.
Bishop ...Dautenvlll.e ;dc*.sircs TllK Tltl-
.'U;\■•":-to/\thauk" the-Nelson school trustees
Tho Eight-Hour Law is all Eight.
{s''l';I,HON. .lul>-iitfi, isw,,
To tho Killior of Tlio Tribjiiio.
J)f«r Sir: I witssufiiuised to sec «ij rtrticlc in todny's
issno Of Tmc TKni-u.SfK .sUitlng thnt our (1ml luid boy-
coUcd TriR 1'M'l hu.N'B on account of the cik*lit-lionr Ittw
liiiviiiK luiule business ((iiiot at, Sancloii. I uni ptoasOd to
stiy, for the short titn« nvc hnVo: been at Sandon, trade
'■hits heon fully up to our expcctiaiolls, \Vheii I told your
Mr, .Alcllonnld to take otil our "nd." tsaid that when our
now goorth" iirrived I'or tho fall trade we \vould iiKain
have nn "(id" for him. Yours is the Only paper in which
we have had any advertisement tor a long time, and it
■ccrtuiiity is not on account of tho ciifht-hour law that
we have for the prts-ent withdrawn our advertisement.
Vonrs truly, A. KKHliANI).
The Rochester Yacht Won.
Chicago, July   10.—The Genesee,
Rochester boat, won the  second   trial in
the 'yacht   race  today  by   17  minutes.
Tlie contest was held for   the purpose of
selecting  a    challenger   for  the  Canada
cup.    The Prairie came in second and the
Josephine  third.    The   Genesee coA*ered
tlie IS mile course in 4:1:17, Prairie 4:2t:25f
and Josephine  4:23:1.    The r.es\ilt  js accepted as clear e\*ldence of  the Superiority of the Rochester boat, and  the  Chicago yachtstneu are becoming  reconciled
foi' tlu/ir kindness in granting the \ise of I to alloAving the visitors to represent the
the school building for religious services 1 orgaiuKation in tlie races for the Canada
on Sunday. I cup at Toronto in August. THE. TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, .JULY   11,   1809.
Baker Street, Nelson.
KNIGHTS   OK   PYTHIAS- Nelson    Lodge.   No,   2,*i,
Knights ol" 1'ylliiiis, inecls in 1. 0. O. F. Hull,corner
linker and Koolemiy streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock.    Visiting KniKlils cordially invited tonttcnd.
C. FRENCH. ('. 0. O. IIOSS, K. of II. & S.
NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. ss A. JI. .Moots
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brothron invited.
■gWAKT & CAIMMK—Architects.   Rooms 7 and S Ab
erdeen block, linker street, Nelson,
FR. HAIiPI-'U,  musical  director, looder Nolson Or-
•   chcstiii.   .Musicians furnished (or all occasions on
short notice.   Telephone- 62.
WANTKD—To rent a small  furnished liouse or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune ofllce.
WANTKD—House lo buy or rent now.   Six rooms and
conveniences.   Apply, J. ./. 31., Tribune olllce.
WANTKD—A position as choir master, late s< lo bass,
St. Johns, Liverpool, KnKland, and director fort
Kongo, M. C. Winnipeg. Addicts Albert Hall, Post,
WANTKD—A small nurse yirl to take euro of a I.aby.
Apply at tho ollices of Galliher & Wilson.
WANTKD.—Two or three rooms for light housekeeping.   No childn n.    P. O. Box (158, Nelson.
WANTKD .    .
by young man, experienced
Kmploynionf as bookkeeper or timekeeper
li. AI., Tribune.
**\TTANTED-Hell boy nt Phair hotel.
TO   RENT—A furnished room convenient   to Bakor
Street.   Apply Postoilice box- !)2. Nelson. 11. C.
LOST—Ladies Gold Hunting Case Watch on Tuesday, between Stanley and Latimer streets and
tho smelter. Ten dollars reward. Arthur Painter, Latimer street, west of Stanley.
Daily Edition  First Ybar, No 1(10
Wkkki.y Edition.... . .....Skvknth Ykak,-No. St
The Tangier miue, which is situate
near Albert Canyon, a station on the
main line of the Canadian Pacific, twenty-
tA\-o miles east of Revelstoke, is in need
of six good miners. The company--operating- the mine advertised that they
Would pay three dollars'1 a day, but the
good miners did not appear, to be Avilling
to accept .'the offer.    The  offer has been
iS r4il)*tt^>3^ td- fh:bw3:
ySdjxyi^*- "Thex^Mp So/^ufhel'^^aiu^-bng^ai)
tso° .^^y^n"jhyy*w,^°  D^s  . °\" °   *bd4*"°  .Hn»m-&D^ ^.n
;/j£?<*^tklS;l^;'j^ -tb .'pre^ ,
^"S&ii^fefl'n^^ Hip offered
y^^^y^ffyy:" -■':-'■ ■ ~'  '
*-C'::|J^V^%^^^'#H^i1^VHii.e Ro^k^cl
^^^/^^fiai^'fl^xMr dimiiSspd:uti°We
'tJ^l^i^S^^M'^S^i^^: Wram,j(y}Si?
»MiSid"in°"":ihat ttiwiixte^t",hlpnph is.' 'that ..a
'3^Jaxid,x2pghtfy ollice &fatBc3:tenay™a-iid t}xe-
^"■^■Bhn-aaTy-GO-tiifbt'y hpestablished at "some
^iCeJi-jj^j-fd-ya^iii :Kon4rtenuay. This,, in Plip
:;>°"^yc''e/.6f:,|he''|act°tiiit-l> tjie: 'gp.Vcrrh'tifeh'fj has
"y mfixle' an appr^priijctibn. for bvfiidiug a
".planci" registry offfce at 'ftefesii and
:"-' aAfa-i'd^d-the Contract fox- tlie building,
* )Veecb e^Iatiaition froin Rosslaucl.
THE iS'elsou Board of Trade* placed
itself on  record  last niglit.    It will no
to the Mine Owners' Protective Associa-
tio'n. _
The Gauge.
Salt Luke Tribune.
The Philadelphia fteeot'd thinks it was
"Thomas F. Bayard avIio, as our embassador in EnglaMd, laid the foundatiGlis arid
itccohjiplislicd the marvelous work of pre-
pa-ring the way for a grand revolution in
po|.)iil;tr  sentiment on   both sides of the
Atlantic which has brought   the Knglish-
spenking nations back to back.''     Is that
so?    It  is true   that  Thomas F.   liayard
was abject   in   his   toadyism,   but   then,
what about einbu.ssa.dor Phelps, and   before him, James Hussell Lowell?    We beg
to  say   that   the  action   of  one   George
Dewey   in Manila   bay about  a year ago
had more to do   with England's desire to
stand   dos-it-dos with  the United States
than  did all   the embassadors   that ever
our country had in Great Britain.    Prior
to  that day, when  the war with Spain
was talked of, Great Britain behaved very
splendidly.    The press and  statesmen of
continental   Europe had  been trying for
three  years   to  "isolate Great  Britain,"
and when  they in chorus joined in sympathy with Spain, Great Britain, knowing them like ti book, and knoAA'ing* very
well that if Cuba  lay within  sixty miles
of the coast of Great Britain, Great Britain   Avould stop   the deviltries going on
there,  joined in earnest sympathy Avith
the   United   States.    'Up  to this time it
was   pure selfishness  on  her  part.    But
after that  performance of the American
fleet  in Manila  bay, a deeper chord Avas
touched.       Englishmen   talking   among
themselves said :    "There is a Nelson OArcr
there,  or a Drake,  or a  HoAvard.    They
They, are a crowd that will do to tie to."
And the  other performance off Santiago
harbor intensified that feeling.    The cannon-shots   from the  OlmypiaJ'- from the
Baltimore, fiom the Raleigh, the Boston,
the Brooklyn, the Oregon, the Texas, the
Iowa, the*Indiana aud the  little Gloucester  Avere   the   arguments  that touched
John Bull's heart, that stalwart old heart
that for a thousand years has beeu holding ships up to storms and to battle, and
it gave a .responsive, throb, and it Avas
not the toad}** talk of Thomas F. Bayard
that did the business at all.'
who did it although it pleased everyone.
This man has held office for a number of
years and never misses a chance to put
in a word against Canada and Canadians
and to express his opinions of the government which employs him. Of course
when he meets a government official or
any other man, he gives them the glad
hand and welcomes them as a lost brother
if the few hours work a day is hard on
him, he should resign before the goA'ernment relieves him. lie has now enough
wordly goods to retire from active life,
having made it till in Canada-. The man
himself i.s known to all who have lived in
this part of the country any length of
time, and many were not surprised to
hear of his refusal to put up the flag on
.Dominion day. knowing his antipathy to
A Cabinet Wrecker.
Toronto News.
Premier Semlin's request for Hon. Joseph Martin's resignation is a justification for his exclusion from the Dominion
cabinet. There is in Hon. Mr. Martin's
record ample eA'idence of his public
spirit, but unfortunately he. does not
combine Avith that a temper fit for a
cabinet minister. His conduct at the
Rossland banquet, where he is-reported
to haA'e acted in a most insulting manner
to the guests, Avas an exhibition of the
turbulent spirit that controls the man
and makes it unwise to entrust to him
affairs of state that require delicate
handling. if 'every political question
could be settled by brute force Hon. Mr.
Martin Avould be an iuAralviable member
of a ministry. His fighting qualities are
superb. But statesmen must be able to
control themselves in order to succeed
in their efforts to advance the public interest, aud this unfortunately is beyond
the powers of Hon. Joseph Martin. If he
can so quickly disrupt the British Columbia cabinet, how could he have, been
restrained in the federal cabinet? From
a party standpoint the course adopted-
by sir Wilfrid Laurier in preferring Hon.
Clifford Sifton to Hon. Joseph Martin
Avas good tactics.
Too Many of His Kind in Office.
:fpoM $isti?i!*fs :«$$$'$$& .ok .JShhpph^
''"'&aix\r]d'ity°"%"eifxg, "ll'bl'iiinio.i,?, dhf:' ho su%%,.
M$ijs4en -n;jH?^^%i-"'tli^|la"p^0o'pa%^i(^
,go-ve-rii,iheiit J^iiildvj'igS -."an„c.t SQiiie -dpplie,-
plx^mp0°eShii oi"xlm"d$$ieU So*iie"s:d|it*vvC
ing'■liis. a:tffe'ilti<>h to, llhd hnittei!,"thihjeing
it A\fai\ah,':6A^er§fght"o'n.'M&paiti,   To/their;
Dd'isniay*: it-lie "Bos.s :pf tho goyerpmexit "refused" tp" raise 'the.n^g.auYt. info'i%edi 'the,
citizens, tliat lie lja„(l recelAfdd" no .ofec-fai
-not'tee of il'fe flay, or^'to pat 'the Atg, vrp» ]
" The -peymilt wi&PlsaPtn^php evening" sojifel-
■pfeVieri. -Qf po'rs0jjs."'S,e;eured ''sa^v^-and1 hub]
phe pole' dosvn, ii fdl)ipg over 'the £$h<se"
on to ilip public hi^liAvay.   The ouftiug
djoAvii of tlie Hag pole. Avas. clone in a qtviet
yIa^u'J~ler, aivll UP, #ue  lis  afV^lilable  as to
In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,
we will offer the balance of our spring and summer stock at a
Special Bargain Sale Commencing Monday, July 10th
B      .    .'"        -Afl.
""",»""    " ,*>f.:.flp-".,*.■». ■"'*"„"■; H»*-™ »..\*»;
this week we are showing a special lin,e of
Etqndquitrters for
Away below regular price.
Wb0 £611 'Wily, '^reaim/ We do wot.
clajni it is betfef thsTn all otrier brands,
but only ask 3 fair trial to convince
you that it is the equal of any.
Ladies' and Children's Department.
Ladies' Cotton Shirt Waists, less than cost, 25c up.
n       Silk Blouse from $3.00 each up.
11       Cotton Wrappers, to clear, froni 50c up.
11       Black Alpaca and Serge Skirts $2.00 up.
Children and Misses' Black Cotton Hose ipe per pair.
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose 15c per pair.
11    -     11       Cashmere Hose 25c per pair.
11       Summer Corsets 50c per pair.
11      Cotton Undei-A*ests from ioc each up.
Silk Department.
Black Brocade Dress Silks from 50c a yard up.
Bargains in Blouse Silks in waist lengths.
Washing Silks, plain striped and checked 35c up.
Boot and Shoe Department.
As we intend to close out   this department,  we-' will
clear the entire stock at cost prices. '    *
Cents' Furnishings Department.
*■   J7n„_pn    sa'     ' ,>      nn.    '-ofl'      nj,n_nn    o      „, o oq,      0 ■ _ n     0 *-*   n  n     n     ' Mfe     L.| Dn "    n ■ ■       nnfunaq?     ,»     „     ,
'JLsVjclxe^" aild1 CHidreii!is "f r-fhthlee! Mats at Htilf"ftuce..
Pi06 and^l?a^Jsy ^ilg5m--ei AJpsClisi;fr0m, 2;5C a j^rd; j.ip.-
Fancy Colored Dj-fesS Crootlsfrom 25^ a yafft tip."
Parity Kress Cosii-vrae Patterns less than cost.
Lighia.nct©ai:k WasBiMg <Pdints, half price, 7^c a yd,
S-iaiitiiiei? ElreSs 'M'u-sli.rta'ftQjSi ioc a yai;d up.
White Swiss Striped and Cheeked M'tisll-ns froffl; 8c "up
Clieni|^;;Pl=tl|lf aird "Xll^e^ti^ &$13$!k&t. 'fW^W^ixtiS-
Table Coders at [extrSm^ly: "low prfcSgs,    " ,"  .]•"■{
Curfeui Pjofe .atod: ^itictgw ^li^<?s?;*6^iys;n y   ' ,• -: ° J J
Ijlgrau'l^ -i'apgst'ry,' 'iSrja:s"s¥ls j^nd^P^jflfli"!^ -Cltijl^^f^r. -^d^Si
. "" .affrf;Sqi-r^^ ,","■";"".-.   .""."■   "•
ii "       .D„      "     °D °u     ■°        f-*' L'      "   ',IJQI       'f       ^g* tP "n "    °n        D m    Q ° "   Q     a       ** "
V^e ■p.a*c;tiicuj;a-r,l|r call ^t^ift^-ft to ihe special bairg-apsi
of rfeiixi-istnls*,-, <tM.f,, :Sn this couiilen. T^hesse'g^opda
have ;got to f 6...    All exitra, y.a)#e.
West; I3akqr Street.     'J^l'cphond 13.
Thomson Stationery Co., W.
JSrELSO'KTi   B>. C-
We mako a specialty of
Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed Material
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Office iind yard near O.P.K. depot   K. G. BICKR, Agent.
Clarfes L Waterman & Oo.
Baker Street, Nelson
Wo have ii lino assortment of woolens ahvays
on hand. Goods made up at tho shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises, satisfiiccion in assured.
Containing 120 acres of land -within one and a
. quarter miles; of Nelson.' Por further
particulars'apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.C.
Tliose hot suinnier days is a duty you
really owe to "No. L"
Probably tho host tiling to do i.s to fortify your .system with some
We have all the standard preparations
that arc- recommended for this purpose.
Have just received n. consignment of Harris home
made tw6eds* from Twlbot Harris, Scotland.
FfiED J, SflUIIlE, Baker St Won
tlyo fiupjily Is limited, so call early and examfdo this Block.
Canada Drug and Book Co.,
. -Coriier of Itukcr"and Stanley Streets, Nelson'
If you want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for
spring and summer, I have over 500 dill'er-
ent patterns of Scotch and Knglish tweeds,
which I will make to your order at the low
price of  »'..; S25
Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at .-,..'.• ; S2i
Black serge suits in sack or morning coat. .$21
A  heavy Scotch   tweed,  nice patterns  for
business suit §18
Trousers at equally low prices. Fit and finish
no bettor in Canada. Ladies'fine tailoring a
specialty.   Clement block, Baker strcot.
Stevens, T^e Tailor
Strictly (Irst-clasH. 1 fates, §.'i per week and up.
Hoi and cold-water. Imths/electric li'Klit, elevalor aud
leleplione. Iloiisokceiiing rooms. Thoroughly ciiuipped
wilh exil-s and lire escapes. Atli llloor JIarioirblock, corner lUverside and Slovens streets. .',.'":,.
30 by  120, Baker Street, between  Josephine, and
Ward streets £80W)
60 by 120, Baker street, between jo.s0phino and Hall
streets    4500
50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall
streets, corner... 	
30 by 120, East Bakor street       800
23 by 120 with improvements* south side of Vernon
street  5000
50 by 120 with improvements, south sido of "Vernon
street.,   ....   6000
2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. 1000
2J lots with cottage rented at ?15 per month, Victoria
street....  3500
1 lot with cottage rented at ?lo per month, Victoria
street...,   2500
2 lots with cottage rented at §20 per month, Stanley
street  ;.  3000
0 lots in block UD, all cleared and fenced in  25O0
For general information on real estate and for furthor
particulars on above property apply to
I'G-Boohi' Mouse, ijontraHy located, .$28Q0,
G-IJooiii Cottage and 2 TjOts on Carbonate
street, $H00> easy terms.
5-lluoni   House on   Stanley street, §5100.
Mines and Mining Slocks Customs Broker
D. J.
'J'Wb lols with Uvo-«s'tufy houso on Latimer
struo'Ct near Josephine ...'.,,...., .".. §1800
Turjijsi:   §1200 eitsh, balance on JiiorlgaKC.
Sixty-acre ranoh, nine inilpsifrom,eity oil lake
Shore , .-"JlOOl*
UiiC'half cash, balance on mortgage.
On loan conditions are the cllen pest, and best
Oll'ereti*. Veil can rejuty at any time witliouli
boii as.
^CS-EiSTTS   *POfi
Britiali ColiiiiibiaPeruiilneilt Savings & Jjoan Company.
Globe SaWftgs &: I^oon Co., Torouto.
Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.
-w"_a_:r,;d BEOS.
Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson
and Fancy Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin
TO LET—Several houses of different sizes.
FOR SALE^Roal estate in all parts of tho city.
During tho, season wc will deliver ice at private residences
and business houses daily in any
desired  quantity at easonrable
• A building and lot ou First Avenue in the town of
} Mir. Hems for 820 per inonlli. Will bo sold cheap for
cash. For'further particulars apply lo John A. Jurk-
patric.k, Nelson, B. C.  !
Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.
Lots for Sale
5500 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120
§2100 will purelmso a central lot and residence.
§100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.
f2000 will purchase two nice lots and cottage.
3000 will purchase four nice lots and resideuce.
Buy Fairmont slnu'os for a rise,
5000 Utica at 2 cents.
Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.
Geopge Holbrook
City Scavenger and
Chimney Sweep
Prompt attention given to all orders left at M..Dos-
Hrisay & Co's, Raker street, Nelson.
.'!.i£jar.«^'.iaa^.---*"£fc~ THE  TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, JULY ll,  1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, Presidonl  ���Ion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  N  Tsr-EXiSoosr -BR-A-isroiar.  ,W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON        HKAMI'IIKH  IN        LONDON  (England).   WlilW  VORK,   CHICAGO  and in i.ho |iriitri|i:tl ull.lcts ill Canada.  Ituy and sell Sterling  Kxch-uigo and Cablo Transfers  nilANT COMVIKKCIAI.  AVh TIl.U'KI.I.KIM' OHKI'IM,  availohlo in any part of the world.  DRAFTS  IH8UKD    COI.l.KCTlONH MAI1K;  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OK INTEREST PAID  GRAVE   AND   GAY   STOEYETTES.  Is r|ow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, IL S., Atlir|, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on. District.  Max O'ltell relates tliat while lie was  teaching an English school a lady wrote  to the head-master : "Dear Sir: It is our  intention to place our boy under your  care, but before doing so we would like  to know what the social standard of your  school is." To which the head-master  replied ; "Dear Madam : So long as your  boy behaves well and his fees are paid  regularly, no inquiry will be made about  his antecedents."  In spite of the humor in his poems,  John G. Saxe was extremely sensitive to  being made fun of, as Richard Henry  Stoddard discovered. The two met one  day in Broadway, aud the old poet was  feeling in a particularly good humor.  "My son," he explained, "is doing better  than I expected. He is making a great  success." "How?" Stoddard asked. "He  has started a lumber-yard up in Albauy,"  Saxe replied. All out of his own head ?"  the younger man asked, and Saxe immediately left him in a huff.  One evening at a social function where  Sarasate was among the guests, a young  violinist had the bad taste to play one of  Sarasate's compositions with variations  of his own creation. The latter were iu-.  'appropriate'and inartistic, and jarred upon the ears of all. The performer ended  his- woiik and-made .his way tp.Sai'asate,-.  l���?a���hipl^  ���,i-i��ifi;^H'*��t��{���>.'���,.*��� -I��������� ���>; p.-.ysy"-��"'. C",- ��� = ��� �����  y$^F^:yy '-y.-yy::^?-:, y.!::::l ..-.,$  |>lVp1��-|}rfess" Ah % Pxiai befdrs Pjhief, hdroh1  '^C>--i^iii^f,.- ,-jliH "^pttksel;/ jt^ez';��"dij*)��s.fei;jLiJg;'''  :���:"*\yjjieli "i'ph'kdied"on; the 4fJ^h<?5s��'S',,-v'h��'inra;e-*a���  ��.*-$hTJ "f t^yk a* 'Jhei*thit<l^gOT��^'P?gis^;y^  ^li��>fci��te"'ift\^ Tixe-,,  ^^i^el-^p;i^ah>{& $d^th&: ^lu%".:^bi*Mug:  ("tlkt;"'a:y'��"t|liswei*;1n '|va& ;n;ec|!gsary^tn6'!"l-i.i.S  ^\ei'}^n\% easpf^endihg, iip��� pijAphiAxhtlxxory:  , i'l^iitl't wiqidd y&iir lorudsliip.st;dN%e"nie to  do ?'f ^ffyouldfk re^yeufB "ripmi tlie  .��, cjiies:tio:u"I^��^pjiW the a&iU^. -^'d^^-^ ������  "y��pu'"to.'lhbv&a,little fI'bm, thd'xvithdsai"   ���  : ���.  " A.clsrtrti'U siipejtan^eildbjlt Was sent, pot,  " lofig ago, to: the Standjind .Oil Goiiiimiiy's  ;.;*u-qr:ks at Wiiltiug  to  0Ypi'se6' niatftet-S;  One inorhiug he disedVered tin Ttishitiaii  jayiiig pipe in the customary excayti;tion.  The" Superiuterideiit lias a wonderi'u} epni-  i mpxd   of- stiljiliurous   language:   Soine-  jUiifl g^ftboji.tjjhe^irtan 'sav-PKkwdispleasecL  him,  and he suddenly opaued up on the  poor fellow with all his heaviest ai'tillery.  But�� though he conclenrued him to iJerdi-  tioii  iu a dozen different ways, the man  in the ditch never so nmch as looked up,  The superintendent suddenly pulled up  In liis wild tirade,   "See here* niy niaR,"  he i-oared, "don't you know I'm giving  you    heJl ?"     The    pipe-'layer    paused.  ���S'lijj'litiy framing his head he squinted tip  at   the   superintendent.     "An'   ain't   J  - takiii'   it like a little inon?" he asked,  quietly. __^____^  GovGruov Roosevelt's rigid enfot'efeinent  of tho civil-seryice regulations in New  York political appointments brings angry  reiuoustrailqe from tlie professional politicians. "Some time ago," said the governor at a recent dinner, "a man came to  me and asked to be appointed to a minor  office. He was very 'hot' when I told  liiin he would have to stand the civil-service examination. 'Why, I have tried  the pesky thing,' lie said, 'and tliey  wouldn't pass me,' The liian had such  good backing that I told liinl to try the  examination again.' '-You have them  sized up noAvt sir,' I said, 'and you can go  through flying.' Today he caine to me  again, about the angriest politician in  Hev,' York. 'Do I get that office?' he demanded. 'Have you passed the examination?' I asked. 'Passed it!' he raved;  'how could I pass it when they asked me  the same old questions ?' "  Labouehere tells an amusing story of  how he did a good turn for a legal friend,  who, although accustomed to address  ���juries and judges, was afraid of the house  of commons. "One day, Avalking home  with him," says Labouehere, "I told him  that he should get over this curious  dread. A matter was coming under discussion whieh involved a good deal of  law.   .I said to him :    'If you like, I will  get up and speak against the government  view. You must jeer at me. I will complain of this, and suggest tluit a.s you are  an eminent lawyer you should express  your objections articulately, then you���  having prepared your speech���must get  up iind crush me.' This was arranged.  AVhen 1 laid dxiwu the law, he laughed.  I looked indignant. J went on ; hc uttered sarcastic 'Hear, hears.' On this I protested, Silt down, and invited liiin to reply to me. He got up and made an excellent speech."     The old duke of York, Avhose effigy  looks down from the top of the column in  St. James's park, was once commander-in-  chief, and frequently entertained fche officers under his command. On one occasion the empty bottles had accumulated  inconveniently, and the duke called to ii  servant: "Take away these marines!"  Now a distinguished officer of marines  was present. "May I ask your royal  highness for an explanation of that  phrase?" said the undaunted representative of the "sailors and soldiers, too."  The duke Avas the last man in the world  to take refuge behind his dignity as royal  highness, or even his exalted rank in the  service. "I wear a blue coat, and you  knoAV Avhore to find me," he had Avritten  to colonel Lennox, AA'hen there Avas a  quarrel between them, and he had "gone  out" AA'ith the colonel as if he had been  only plain major Dobbin. But on this  occasion  a readiness  of wit, Avhieh Avas  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  not usual Avith him, saved the situation.  "They have done their duty," he said,  "iind are ready to do it again. That's  Avhy I call 'em marines!"  His Power Will Last.  Toronto Telegram.  All theMacken/.ie-Maim-C. P. R. papers  hasten to write an epitaph over the alleged political tomb qf Hon. Joseph Martin. A government satisfactory to the  monopolies which inspire their newspapers in Ontario and the Avest to curse  the name of Martin will not be serviceable to the people of British Columbia.  It is possible that the surviving members  of the British Columbia goArernment may  be strong men, devoted to the public interest, and iu that case they will come in  for the criticism which has been aimed at  Joseph Martin. It is hard at this distance to measure the rights and wrongs  of the dispute over Deadman's Island,  which is said to be separating Mr. Margin  from the other members of the government. There seems to be a good deal of  force in Mr. Cotton's contention that the  laud, if it belongs to the province, should  be sold to the highest bidder. Mr. Martin seems to bec conforming to the local  sentiment which would utilize the island  for the establishment of a great industry.  If he retains his strength in Vancouver  he Avill still be in a. position to appeal to  the industrial element in British Columbia, and inside or outside the government  will remain a figure in provincial politics.  Keeps on Fighting.  Hamilton Herald.  Fighting Joe Martin ought to be happy  now. After fighting sill the enemies of  the British Columbia, government, iu  -which he is attorney-general, he is now  forced to fight the government itself.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  G.   AV. ItichariUoii,   Criin  brriok  C. Parker, Rowland  D. W. Monro, Trail  .1. Kleuto', Kaslo  D. W. King, Sandon  10. Criddle, Silverton  AV. Wheln.li, Toronto  G. Phillipson, Montreal  A. Jackson. Spokaii'!  SIIA'KR  li Ui'ccii, Kaslo  .1. White, Kamloop*  G   A. McUiie. Seaitlo  .1. R. TooU>, Montana  i.l. II. Taylor. Kiro Valley  RIIAIR.  ,1. (',. Daniels, Northport  Mrs. ''airns, Ymir  J. I'!. 1'oniiore, Lardo  .1. M. AVilliams, Slocan City  A. K. Dotieet Lardo  KING.  Silver KinK  Theodore Kuy.  mine  W. Moyie, 11. C. mine  Fred R. Gronl'ell. B.C. mine  T. Iloneman, 15 O. mine  Nels Larsen, Sandon  A. Gnstafson, Sainton  P. N. Ilarrelt, Sandon  VV. G. Matlinaii, Northport  .1. 0. Ilonald-on. Rohson  W. II. Lawrence, llossburg  QUKKN-S.  F. .1. Smith, Nakusp I .1. Mntrol and son, Krio  II. Wood, wifoand children,   Mrs. MeMnllen. Porto llico  Hrantford .1. MePheivon, Kholt  G. AVillianison, lion ver ,1. Wilson, Creston  II. .1. Koliie, Denver              |  MADDEN.  .1. .1. Godfrey, Sandon  .1. .Inhnsion. Slocan City  .1.  Kleining,   Leehan, Tn-  mania  GRAND  Mrs. Smith, Trail Creek  K. Miller, Lardo  N. Leon, Kaslo  TRKMONT  T. Tresiia. Rossland  P. ljinl.li, Rossland  I!. Lur.ih, Wallace, Idaho  T. Ai'iisoii. Molena, Mont  CKNTRAL.  A. Glencross. Kaslo  A. Oliver, Hall Siding  eeing is Believing  with  we  it   necessary to  T. Wait. Pilot Hay ���  .1. Henderson, Kaslo  0. A. Smith, Helena  P. Louth, Rossland  W. Beadles, Salmo  The Tremont Hotel  ipLOfJE & TREGILLUS  In order to keep pace  have found  onr departments between seasons  of these is our Neckwear Counter.  We have now in stock some of the most  Ladies' Ties that have ever been put on sale in  newest being Brussels Net at 75 cents, $i, and  To those who may be skeptical as to the attractiveness of  these ties,  it is but necessary for us to say, seeing* is believing"  our constantly increasing trade  add   considerably to several of  One of the most important  novel   fads in  Nelson.    The  ffl  ffl  ffl  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  ffl  ffl  ffl';  ffik  BANK  OP  B.C.  BUILDING-,  NELSON.  TBBMS   CASH  %  '.&.��=>,  ?&��  W*  >m  "M  PROPRIKTORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  *V\Va��bn^rep��i'$fe^ firsftolass'  Sv.heel-^rig:ht." vs-*V ;'�����-"- *��<": yy.y !*."��"���"-=�����V��": f ~s ��-��y  , -J Sp1Bdial!'attefltion,|!gjJ*veh .to'all. ^kindsjof "repairing ���a'Ud  l"gustb'nv/'v^prk..(r'dhKo;tit^id.e"qpoiiit8. -i.%y."Z2y y". "*! V* *"3  Shop:;  Street, between Baker and  lemon, Helsor.  *S�� *"��%l '  ^:GcE(^ER��fe;t^(tSalE^S!  '.i&iSNTSjtOR:  ,��� f The^lm|ariaJffppC.b;. ��!Starjd��ra :���di'E''C.o/" ���  '    ��-  \Wasfiirt^on-Ji:i'cfe"a^ds-0^        ������" "  ma. H::W> tfcNielfeCa., MA^Canaaiatf Anthra-  ".   " ':cifeNPpa|";(Hap;d);   ". ���   . ' \\.  Front Doors  Inside Boors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  n��   n 3? m    n        '   O   n  -  ��� m   Han   n   ^jn**   |     aD,Ji|in    '   [*�������* ^ n  8t m'-mi��       ��jlan    n      "a"    J3 n tn- $�� n- Bi   K^n &  ���> ^H^"'^^��^^Vl1^l*n��lir^-1^��^  >:?:f.":.J .\-^^���>^'*^'**3^^'^-/"% *&������?"��; *,"���  :���   ��� ;." , ..^JShinglejS-":^ y "���-.������_  .   .. \R^i4i-li,^id";^'�����.   ���.;.".���  Dressed; ^mmber y    ��� >  "'" " ^.o��al|"kii"i'dg;" .":- V" .     "   . .,  it what,4:ou* 5vant?jshofc in stock Ivvo wilt fiiakCiiftdr'yp'u,  "     " -"  6iLi),A^&^f^T?A&Rsi. y^y2"�� ��  THK BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STRKET, NELSON.  Heated  with Hot Air and  jargo .;com'MEtal)larbcdroo'^smn(i*"iJlrst?fclass -.dijnng���  im. "SamDle'rooms.for-eommerciaumen? ��� ..-.,  ss.*���:^i  ���"���SJil  lp ��; .}������. ..  ",rcom.  *.SamplD*rooms0;f6r��c6nirrieroialjirien:  ,-.,7 ws'sw,. .y-pi:"&*��* f -'"" "����y,s,"%��� ��� V"? -o.-..-.- ���-  1 "$i^JrpiEl"s, "i&&" ��>��$& : "TD'A2-Sr-  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  gg-ya,^ Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co,  ALL KINDS. QF^ERESE ANDrSALXEO MEAXIS^  ftfe^l1?  1. $&\}ifyp%:t?.nS  dealers ii*|  S^^^S^WQD^  Lime 70 Geqts per 100 pounds*  Will deliver in toil, lots  Brick JB12 per_ thousand.   At yard or on scows at government wharfs  I' ' (**|\  HALL ANP'-KfiCE I'SWKBTSi, ^EtSON  CHARLES HJLBYER,,  H!A"R1,IY Hb'UStON,  teCKETAKV'  t-  xJi3vcina7Elri)r  MilNUFACTUHKK& OV AND  dkaWsrsjn   The West Xootertay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd,  Baker street.       T* O. PROCTOR, Manager  R. REISTERER & OO,  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Ftae Lager Beep,  Prompt and regular  dniivery to tlin tratln,  MANrUKACTiniERS OK  UNGINHS, BOILERS, SHAPTINO, IRON AND  BRASS OASTINOS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.     . P. 0. Box 173.  Crow's lest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent,  Do You Want One?  If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best cloth ever imported to Nelson, leavo your order  with me.  Six hundred dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale,  afrd Dressed Lumber  Mdulding's  Doors aftid SasM  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOKV WOitlC DONK TO OKDHR.l  strfiii AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  88  ' ��� 0M!KRllBK"5tfkfL .'  %n vt���     n n  ^^���    n^jtf"    �� pa .n ���       n      nn     _.  'flk-yy'i  '-���> -��� .���.=si.'i"***i��.��ifci*V! t  Sjcfc^va* carkfDl: AN-;D\,fi.RdM-ET ���attention.^- -x ��  K- D. HUME, Manager,  i'hd finest hotel fii the Interior.  Largo sample rooms;.   StcaHi heat ftnd electric light.  OOENBR OK Ward and yernon STS., SrftLSDN  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and olllce, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  J. R. WR.AY  SUITS $25  Nelson's up-to-dalo Tailor, next Kootenay Cofl'ee Co.  "W". X3. ROBHsTSCOT  (Kx-Sherifl* of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postoflico Box 572 .- Nelson, U, C.  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  A*  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The olily hotel in Nelson that has remained under oiie  management since 1880,  The bed-rooms arc well furnished atitl lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not Second to any in Kootenay.  The ba*r. is, always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and oignj-s.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted :       Hcatedi by hot Hi  Reasonable ratqs, . Saini*lo rooms  Electric bells and light ih, every room  RonovjitQd and refurnished, throughout  VICTORIA  J. V. PERiKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  !HfeAl^^|fj��lp.e^^-Mp.Ni:  S .. "n nDn.0 Jj^o . (f     S*  npyo\ f  ENGLAND.  &ll,=c*pr|im���lioiGatib,ris relating* to  British  m��,  'Cpj|iwBl��busi'qfesis. fo, pe- ��addne;sseq  ;nNeJsdhi "Bpitish jCpluiri'bJci   ���      -..���..-  to  -f>$>��  Drawer  "-"Si," & "FOWlirE'R;-.E:.;M.; ,Mif)Jn:g".En;gijrlee���?, J y \      $..IN*&li��*b|y^'\g".*\f2:>  W:.' M THiiftSAW " '^'^  SiS/i^OKEBB* HgWQX)ARTERS  ���*���<?. ���?����.  Keeps a fall line of  Aiid all other? brands of the  GI&&RS  AT FACTORY PRICES  Kootenay Digaf KsmtkMg loipafll  Ci-E*'   3**<r3SXJS03Sr:j   *B.Q^  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Niglit-Grill Room in connection, for tho convenience of  guests arriving and dejiarting by niglit trains.  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 J()hn    R&G,   Ageilt  GOAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  AU sizes of dimension timber and nil kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  Write for prices. ������  fill  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing' only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE lea  Nelson Tent and Awing iaifflftiolf  wS^XIj K!jqsf*r->*3 cbtrr  CANVAS GOODS!,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OK'TBNTS IN STOCK  llaker street, opposite postoilice, Nelson  THEO,  ISZC-^IDSOJsr  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. AP*PLBWHAITE!  J. McPHEB  and GonstraetiM Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  COKFEI5  ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS  AND   COFFEE.  IN   TEA  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Madia, per pound .���$   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, I pounds '1 HO  Santos Blond, 5 pounds   1 00  Onr Special Ulend, (i pounds..... ... ,    1 on  Our Rio Roast, li pounds    1.1X1  A trial order solicited. *.-.'-  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of- Oddfellows   BlocK,   West  Baker Stseet  NELSON, B.C.  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Tolepuonea, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 608. Josephine Street, NelBOn, B. O.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAT OR NIGHT  MJAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  It.      *ErXTRR"5T,      PBQPBIETOB  NOTICE.  - Nolict; N liureby jjivi-n Hint the .partnership heretofore  snltM-t'iiiK between 11. "S\. Macdonald and ���\V. V. Brougham, under the Hint name of Macdonald and Brougham  is dissolved as of the*.��)th June, .18119.  FOB, IRIEN-T  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'lT.V  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  . At t lllce of the Duncan Minos, Limited.  BOATS! BOATSr iOATSl  FOR SALE OR HIRE  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order. Repairing and nt'ting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rods and tackle'  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  MONDAY, JULY   II,  1899.  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing- as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  F.  GO,  CORNER ILUvER AND .JOSEPHINE STREETS. NELSON  Rubber  The warm season has  commenced  See   Gilker's   assortment   of   Rubher   Coats,  Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,  and all  sorts of general wet* weather goods.  PO. Store  J.  A.  Q1UKER  " ^AETHTJE   &   CO.I     j  JUST'   *-���*>�������>���* *  �����  will 1>Q to,,.your--idy.iintiige to see our large  1 complete stock of .Boots "and Shoes:    We'  rt  and coiiiplct  carry tlie following lines: J. &. T. Uell, 3.  J)/King & Co., North Star Shoe Co., -Foots,  Schulta &" Co., Stratford Shoo rCo., Ames, Holden & Co., and other leading makers.  ' Shoe Emporium  20 AND 28 WEST RAKER STREET, NELSON  prmgs  From George Gale Ss.  if-.  A Large Shipment of  Baby Carriages  ��>��  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  &  33.    lyE^^-jBTSITJS   &   OO- I     1  ������-''������������"g*'8i*'S'^&l'^  Grove  Hotel  Beer  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  3sTEH,S03Sr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEW80F THE TOWN  A Sawmill Sold Bv Auction.  One of the results of the sale by aue-  tion yesterday of the Lavin sawmill,  wliich is located at Sal mo, a station on  the Nelson it Fort Sheppard railway,  twenty-live miles south of Nelson, will ho  that a sawmill will be established al,  Duncan City. (J. O. Buchanan of Kaslo,  the pioneer sawmill man of Southern  Kootenay, purchased the mill and will  remove tlie boiler and engine, shingle  machine, odger, etc., to Duncan City. He  has a. contract to cut 2,000,000 feet of.  bridge timber for contractor Carlson, who  is building the Kaslo it Slocan extension  from Argenta to Duncan City, a distance  of twelve miles. One of the bridges is  1000 feet long. Part of the mill (tlie carriage, saw frame and planer) was sold  by Mr. Pjuchanan to manager llaiiltain of  the Y'ellowstone mine, which is located  near Salmo. The price paid for the Lavin  mill outfit was $2025. it i.s said to have  cost four times that sum. The Nelson  Saw and Planing Mills, Limited, purchased the horses and harness for $'350.  NELSON.  The promoters of the gas and coke  works arc still dickering with the Hall  Mines, Limited, for a site on that company's property. It is generally understood that the promoters of the gas and  coke company prefer to be near the  smelter for the reason that they expect  to quote a sufficiently low rate to the  Hall Mines for eolce as will ensure them  the business of supplying all the coke required. So soon as an agreement is arrived at with respect to the site work  . will be commenced at once. The coking  plant which the company will put in at  first will have a capacity of about 75  tons per day, which will be more than  sufficient to supply all demands ofthe  local smelter.  Sheriff Tuck will offer for sale in front  of his office this morning at 11 o'clock  tlie building and set of shoemakers' tools  belonging to Nicola Palorcia of Sandon,  which were taken iii execution at tlie  suit of 3. M. Harris of Sandon, to recover  the sum of .$300 for arrears of rent.  Ten miners left Nelsoii yesterday for  the Silver Hill property on Crawford  creek, upon Avhieh a Jlo.ssla.iul cpnipaiiy  will commence development. Thomas  Roy will be foreman ab the property, and  all the men employed "will be members of  the union.  The Canada Powder Company,  which  is\eng'aged in manufacture of powder- at  Five, Mile point, is fiuding'.a ready market  'for its product for"' mining-' arid' railroad  work.-   The'company has  thvoe  men-"at  rAvork ih its powder mill, the manufactur-  . ing beingjmdcr*:the.-supcrinteiideneyvdf  C. G^Gi'ilnn'.' "OiiV'advantageiVhicJi'-the  local company has over its  oiitsidc  com-  "petifcors is that it is in a position to guar-  ~ MINERS WANTED.  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited. Albert, Canyon, on lhe  main lino ol" tlie C. P. R , 22 miles'cast ol'-.Kevelsloke, requires six KOod,miners. . Wages 88.50 por day.  antee new powder to the consumers, and  this advantage thy company considers  will be found so important that the demand will warrant the sale of all powder  whieli it can manufacture.  George Williamson of New Denver,  district superintendent of all the telephone lines in the Slocan, is in Nelsou.  He has charge of central offices at Silver-  ton. New .Denver. Alamo, Sandon and  Cody. Lines run froin all these towns to  the mines.  Information has been laid against the  Hamilton and Grant Powder Companies  for storing explosives within two miles  of Nelson, contrary to law. The representatives of the company will appear  before police magistral*! Crease this morning at 10 o'clock.  James Myron and Mrs. .lames Myron  wei'e before stipendiary magistrate Crea.se  again yesterday upon the charge of hav-.  ing in their possession stolen goods belonging to the estate of Li/./.ic Waite.  The prosecution had a witness from  Kaslo, but when he was called it was  found that it was his brother and not  himself that the prosecution required,  and the prisoners were again remanded  until Thursday. During the proceedings  yesterday tlie prisoner put in the tiiiie  crying. JIe said he was sick of the whole  business and was prepared to go to jail.  The woman however did not give up.  She repeated that she purchased the articles at Kuskonook from a man named  Mansfield and paid $85 for them, not  knowing them to be stolen. The prosecution expects to have its material witnesses on hand Thursday when the case  will be filially disposed of.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  lielf and Heavy Hardware  an  oo  co  LU  CO  CO  co  3&  DO  GO  -*���***:  m  r���  CO  CO  CO  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Eanges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Eaker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Why are we so busy at the present time?  Why is our stock more handsome?  ���Why-will it pay yoii to see our new lines?  \t We always have something  ; new, and original.   .Always  i attractive,; good sellers, and,  well displayed. .'".  . : . . .  Beer  or Half  and Half . ��� . .  Always F-VesH  Gool  TBE BEST GLASS OT BEER IN NELSON IS  AT  THE  If You Desire  Diamonds  Pearls and  Precious  Stones  Remember  Our stock is among the most ex=  tensive, most carefully selected,  aiid best itdlapied for preJlasefs,  Salable selections to suit tbe  resources   fond the cequirements of   everyone^  PRICES RANGING FROM -39.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  ITELSOlISr,   03. C.  Buy  Yo u r  Groceries  and  Provisions  of  Kirkpatrick  &  Wiison  and  You  Will  SPSIE!   arim-W-ESXiZEiCR,  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  I J. GURRAN, Prop.  �� ����  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .    .    ...  rups  Always  Be  Satisfied  REMEMBER WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR  AND  GLASSWARE  TELEPHONE   OR    MAIL   ORDERS   PROMPTLY   FILLED  Kept, by nil Hi'oeers ami fruit store dealers,  Linre ,li,jce tiordtol,, Kft.splio.iM'y. Strawberry,  Pineupj'te, l-cmors, Vanilla, .Sarsa pari 11a, 0lvou-  olat'o, C'oUiic, Orange,'Orange Phosphate^  VICTOHTA  VANCOUVER  NKLSON  WMiTKn.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar laflfg. Co.  Nelson, British Columbia.  TROPICAL FRUIT DEPOT  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Ice Gream  (HAZLEWOOD)  AND  For Strawberries and  other fruits in  season.   Leave  your order,   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  lee Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks (>]  MILLS & LOTT  Agent* fo   Hazlewood Ico Cream.  Ice Gream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT ST0I(E  Fresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Winn Co.  Telephone 93. HUMPHREYS & PTTTOC.'K  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam. Table board gl, room and board ��5  ind ��5.50.  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  A'titl in doubt wlitiro 'to go to get good goods ut liOixKt prices, ask your  iioigh'bur* ul-out us*. It ni'ittei'.s not. what part oi lhe city you .are in tliey ;i!l  k.no*\v us, ��nd it' you are nut of tlio city drop a line (:o box tiS, Nelson, when  you will got full particulars by return niml.  3-Pound Box Gream Sodas 35 Gents  General Grocers  NELSON, B.C.  M. DesBrisay & Co,  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS I  Direct   from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  CARD   OP   THANKS.  Mi  beg  Ir. A. IT. IToldicf), assayer.and analytical chemist,  ;s to announce his removal from Nelson to Revelstoke  wiierohis business will be carried oil in future. Mr.  Holdich desires to tlui' k his many friends for the kindness they have shown liiin during the last four years,nnd  hopes thai he still may be' favored with any assay or  analytical work I hey may n<|iiiro.  Jtcvelslokc, R. <-'., July 101 li, IMP.).  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. 0,  PLTJMBEES,   ETC  OPEEA   JErOXJ-SE   BLOCK


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