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Of the Edmonton Route.
Vancouver, Juno 28.—The steamer
Cottage City, which arrived from the
north on Tuesday, brought fresh tidings
of the terrors of the Edmonton route.
William Doolittle, Who made the trip
over the Edmonton route, reported the
finding of three more bodies. The unfortunates who were found dead in their
cabins at iAfoo.se lake, 120 miles in from
Telegraph creek, were Sam Carter of
New York and A. V. Allison and J. E.
Allison, two brothers, of Kent, England.
They Avoro on their way to Lake Teslin
from Telegraph when thoy wore stricken
down with .scurvy and perished miser-
.ably in tlieir cabins. Doolittle and some
comrades found tho unfortunates and
buried them by the trail side two weeks
Doolittle says the relief expedition
sent in by James Porter, the agent of the
Casca Trading Company, left Dease Lake
on May 12th. The members of the expedition hauled a scow over the ice to
the head of Dease. Aceoi ding to reports
which have since reached Telegraph they
relieved the suffering there and are
pressing on to Liard. Doolittle says the
full quota of victims of that route will
never be known. Dead bodies, now that
the snow has cleared aAvay, °are being
omul all along the trail.
The Velvet's Large Ore Body.
Rossland,   June   2S.—Superintendent
J. Morrish of° the Velvet  mine on Sophie
mountain, Avas iu the city yesterday and
he brought excellent news wjth him.   On
the 2G0-foot level the" large ore body that
was met on the  150-foot level  has been
tapped.*   This'proves the ore chute to be
about 300 feet in length, and 250 feet in
depth.   In some places it is (50 feet in
width.    The ore  body on  the  250-foot
level was found after a crosscut had been
run from the shaft  for a distance of "51
feet.    When superintendent Morrish last
saw it on Monday the ore body on  the
200-foot  level  was  about   four feet   in
width, aud  there  were no signs of the
other   wall.       The   presumption,   however,     is     that     the     ore     chute     is
as wide on the 260-foot level as it is on
the  150-foot level,  that is, from ten to
thirty feet.     This establishes beyond a
doubt that the Velvet is a great mine.
The ore is all of a shipping grade and
carries good values in gold and copper.
The Velvet is not only one of the great
mines of the camp but also of the Koote-
finished the whole distance in 7'.minutes
and 17 seconds
This morning Charley Goldman covered the last half of the course, wliich is
credited as the most difficult portion, in
•1 minutes and 14 seconds. This is considered by oarsmen here as good time.
Howell, the American, who is rowing
under the colors of the Thames Rowing
Club of London, -who i.s the favorite in
the diamond sculls, thinks well of Goldman. The London Rowing Club's four-
boat has been borrowed by the Argo-.
nauts and will be ready tomorrow. Ned
Skippon has gone to bring it to Henley,
and the Toronto four will row in this
shell at the races.
Judging by the form the Argonauts'
four have been showing in tlieir spiu
over the course since their arrival, many
authorities who have been watching
them carefully look upon them as pr<
ble winners. A "good deal of the time of
the crew has been occupied in sprinting.
Percy Galfc, the president of the Argonauts, has been to Putney, and while
there examined the London Rowing.
Club's four and expresses his entire satisfaction Avith it, and is sure, the boat Avill
suit the Argonauts. Mr. Gait is determined to allow the men no opportunity
to make excuses if they lose.
Bush Thompson lias just returned
from an hour's hard practice, Avith a
vieAV to' reducing his Aveight. Charley
Goldman is not as confident of AAinuing
as he has been, but he is Avorking diligently and is uot in the least discouraged.
Girls Join the Strikers.
Chicago, June=28.—-The latest recruits
to the strikers at the stockyards are forty
girls', .'who.'have been draAviug 75 cents
per day in the butteriue department of
the Armour AA'orks. They asked for an increase to $1, and upon refusal AAralked
out. It is estimated that 1200 strikers
Avere out today. It is claimed by the
men that the raise in avages Avhieh
caused many to resume AA'ork is only temporary and there is a strong undercurrent of discontent running in: the entire
army employed at the yards. .     -:'x- b:.-y
T."^ f;St*:i.:te
FR *__-_, ,lCV'-~.HnP^nP>Pn-<fi'J,„n&nS<i-.     .     -_     ._"_?_. _,_ __     " . n   ■      J*1  1*3 n° -n -       _   *?    _n    'M1**?        .»'.      "oM.lTtaB'      D J* „
«i" 3's<nit$.C^
|:J',''i' '";/Hi.ff<#nd;"^
;.'{fJ*Jj;*w^ :safk;fiiki["
--V iD^Sbiir-r ;fs„./>f afl
: '^jOVJKig •;%,; ,;or„d§r*„n yrqcpiitly. y.x^kkd'U. hyy
6| ".""itlie
muhjoii 1gQA'*er}nn(3i:Vt Vtov-thefoffect
"■■] "-^i0fii(^^^§fhey^^a^ ^f'&iirfcl _of
'._"" Boiialfea; kj3,dv3Sl^i^i4.Q"*^"e^^ha_3. oeeii
• '_ .A^ithd^a^vn IrOjn^iltijy;;.f .It-p$a Avelt b„e
'"7^"i:f*yl*tg||i|(]'-:°^lift „■ iK4^l^l?"4T*^s i'»|ih^
.r^sQuJgeiiclQVed'./ „'3;| is'^o^©/6Jy#ie"-rjuQs.* far*
" n reachingpr<;lei*S pvoniuigkieifby, "the gov-;
■*. ^Wmjent $iixie %lip"disbo4efy. of ihe-I-lpij-
- dike. The tjotiQe p^the igijiiig >fas posted'
- ."Tuesday;, JunB Otliv.ljy'gold epinmissionei**
Senkloi', acting, under ihstriietions froni
coinmissioiier DgliVie. The order was received from Ottaava under the hand of
the secretary Of the minister of the iu-
Dutchmen fight this  Time.
B;Russi3£S, June 28..—A disturbance
occurred iu tlie eliainber of deputies today Avhen the order of the day of the
right AA'as adopted, expressing confidence
in the president of the house against the
Arote of the socialists. The anuohncenieut
of the vote was the signal for a general
Uproar, all the deputies rushing to the
(.enter of the flooi* Whore a free fight
took place; M. Guiclinatacre, Catholid
labor leader for Ghent,"wks badly beaten
by socialists and a, guard of soldiers on
duty Iiiiiilly cleared the galleries. Later
on tlie session AA'as suspended. The minister of Avar Avas thd object of great
abuse by the socialists avIio blamed him
for originating the uproar.
largest Order Ever Placed.
PiTTSKURG., June 28—The Carnegie Steel
Company has contracted with representatives of the Russian goArernment to furnish that country with 180,000 tons of
steel rails for its immense railroad enterprises in Siberia and China. This, it is
said;, is the largest order ever placed with
due firm in the world, and represents an
outlay Of between $4,500,000 and $5,000,-
000. In filling the order 200,000 tons of
pig iron will be consumed, and profitable
employment insured to all the rail-mill
Avorkers for the next tAvo and a half
Toronto Oarsmen Working Hard.
Hknley, June 28.—Lack of practice
cannot be attributed as the cause of defeat if such tho Argonauts might meet at
the coining regatta. Not only are they
training themseh'es diligently and carefully, but the creAv is familiarizing itself
Aviththe course as well. .Last night the
eight men went to PaAvley Court, half the ;
course, in 3 minutes and 88 seconds, and
- mtist "beru".i3ossessioi"i;or »the. ■tiseasureiviii-"
stituted^„anJyinvestigation,«=tJie resvilt'of,
''■Jyiy y^Afyspy^
: :^^^^^^^^^(^£S^rk^1'
Al*%hui*\jQJiiisonj:";^ .
^uddenl'if.'lhil, mQrhiiig(D„ ^6|insOh iived
"Avith "Stl'addioi^ tlie q%|&er/ and" A#0rj|ed
iii tM gre»c„erjy'iy^^j.JY^^^^^ii^- "fa,
;gb.od: healtji "A\^ieh;,"%^ltetii^d^ night,-m
biii e6iiii*iiMnfend°"of^J3el"ng .dir- pn-vciaiuiing
down stairs this- - iyormng. He ..becainei
iiiicoriScioiis at breakfast' ami" died a |ew
minutes later.     ■
further. Interference Probable.
QttaaVa, Jiine .ZSt-^r^ijeiiii'ei;' Laurier, in
reply to a question put by colohel Prior;
stated tliat lie AA'as aAviire that foiirteeu
legislature on February 2,7th last, contain a clause prohibiting, the employment
of Japanese and Chinese; the matter AA'as
under eonsideration of the Justice department.     	
Going to Chicago to Orate.
Toronto, 3xme 28;—Hon. George W.
Ross, minister Of education, is announced
as the orator for a grand reunion of Chicago Canadians to be held under the auspices of the Canadian Veteran Association and Sons* of Canada at Chicago on
Saturday next     ^	
Michigan Men ifile Claims,
O'i'TAWA, June 28.—Michigan limit
OAvners have filed claims for .$98.6,500
against the Ontario government for
breach of contract regarding the "timber
limit conditions compelling logs to be
saAvn in the province.
Commissioners Eeceived by the' President.
Paris, June 28.—During the afternoon
president Loubet  received the members
of the A^enezuelan  commission.     Tliey
Avere   introduced   to   him by professor
Martens* the umpire in the boundary dispute. _______________________
Admiral Hornby Dies Suddenly.
London, June 2S.—Admiral sir Wynd-
ham Hornby, K.C.B.A., retired, died suddenly of apoplexy this afternoon Avhile
presiding at a meeting of tlie Hotchkiss
Ordnance Company.
For the Paris Show.
J. A. Robertson, provincial mineralogist, has completed tho Avork for A\rhich
he visited Nelson, and left toAvn yesterday evening. He informed a Triihink
reporter that-all arrangements had been
made for the collection of the mineral
exhibit from the Nelson and Goat RiA'er
mining divisions for the Paris exhibition.
The South Kootenay Board of Trade
haA'e undertaken the responsibility of
making this collection, and has deputed
F. M. Chabourn, ore buyer for the Hall
Mines smelter, to collect and send in samples. . Mr. Robertson, on behalf of the
government, promised a small grant out
of the general appropriation to cover the
expenses of making the collection, and he
Avill be back here again AAdien it is ready
to see that the exhibit is complete and
representative. Specimens must be eight
inches cube, though exceptionally fine individual samples of larger size Avill be
It will be remembered that Canada has
been allotted one-eighth of the total,
space alloAA'ed the British Empire at the
exhibition, aud Mr. Robertson has tried
very hard to get one half of the space
set apart by the dominion government
for the Canadian mineral exhibit devoted
to British Columbia. The result of negotiations has been that Div DaAA-son, who
has virtual control of this department,
has 23i'actically promised that British
Columbia shall have half the space set
apart for the dominion mining exhibit,
providing this province sends a collection
Avorthy of such prominence. Thus the
proA*ince is put upon its mettle, but Avith
a little care no trouble should be found
in ensuring an exhibit Avhieh Avill be avoi*-
thy of Dr. DaAvson's approval and ofthe
great, mining country from Avhieh it
.■:'■-"- ~—: .-...■   :'.y-■--..:
Why Germany Opposed Arbitration.
The Hague, June ■ 28.—The report is
current here that Kaiser'Wilhelm's objectionto compulsory;^arbitration is due
Mineral Specimens for the Paris Exposition.
Mine OAvners in Nelson and Goat River
mining divisions of West Kootenay district can aid the piwincc in making a
creditable display of its minerals at the
Paris exposition by Sending '.specimens to
the .secretary of the South Kootenay
Board of Trade in care of F. W. Peters
when shipped by the Canadian Pacific,or
in care of G. K. Taekabury avIich shipped
by the Nelson & Port Sheppard raihvay.
All specimens so shipped Avill be carried
free. P. M. Chadbourno has been appointed to obtain specimens, biit should
he not call, send along the specimens as
Another big pack train left for the Big
Horn group this morning and another
one Avill leaAre on Friday morning. It is
the intention of the directorate to start
AA-ith tAvo mouths' supplies on hand.
J. W. Astley has completed his report"
upon the Evening Star, Fairmont Gold
Mining Company, and it is eminently
satisfactory. It is understood the management Avill let out another contract at
Thomas Purgold paid a A'isit of inspection to the Blackcock mine yesterday
and Avas pleased Avith all he saAV. _ There
is an immense quantity of ore in sight.   .'
Assessment AArork has been done upon
the Free Silver group on Round Mountain
and the ledge is looking fine.
The companies operating the Tennessee,
Bullion, and NeAV BrunsAvick group intend resuming . development Avork next
A lot of development AArork is being
done up Porcupine aud Wild Horse
creeks by OAvners of indiA'idual claims as
well as by big syndicates.
Peter Philbert   returned   today  froni
Sixteen-mile creek, AA'here a force of men
fare   doing   development   woric   on   liis
.claims.   ■, ..'..■•.'.- .;.:
, H.   C.   Purcell,   the   manager   of the
but $I,J75 for its queen's birthday celebration. There Avi 11 be close upon this
amount* spout in Nelson on Friday and
Saturday iu prizes and the entertainment
ol' visitors, yet Nelson i.s neither as large
nor are its people as Avcaltny as those of
Dawson City.
Dna?tipns**^dul;d;°be „;tfe
i .IpiiaAV „^ui%'».bSfe "With^U:^
)c.QnfbiiHc|ied%yiS .u'na&im
b'brtratib*"n "
Boers Ecady for War.
London,    June   28.—Tho    iicavs   that
reaches London from the TransA-md is of
somewhat conflicting character.    On the
one  hand  there are  reports  of A'arious
meetings of the Boer burghers, at Avhieh
the modified franchise for the IJitlauders
has   been   approved,  showing  that  the
situation  generally  is  changed  for the
better and that prospects of peace have
improved.     From  another  source, Iioaav
ever, comes au account ofthe Boers plans
in case of Avar.    These plans are giA'en in
, detail.    Commandant-general  Piet Jou-
bert could command 30,000  men,  mostly
armed with Mauser rifles.     The artillery
has forty-six quick-firing  cannon.' of'-the
latest pattern and 1000 trained artillerymen.
The Boer tactics" Avould be offensive.
On the declaration of. Avar a strong force
.would march .to Kimberley, Cape Colony,
Avhieh is practically undefended. Kimberley cjiptured, they AA'ould Woav up the
De Beers diamond mines, and simultaneously Avith this movement the Cape-
BuluAA'ayo railway avou Id be destroyed at
various points by the Orange Free State
burghers. Then the Boers would advance southward ou Cape Town, recruiting on the.Ayay from tlie Dutch population of Gape Colony.
Joubert calculates that he Avould be
master of Gape Toavii fourteen days after
the declaration of Avar. With Cape Town
in his possession he expects he Avould be
able to dictate terms of peace.
For the protection of Pretoria Joubert
relies on the ueAV forts at Johannesburg,
Avhieh would also ser ve"'■"'■'to OA-craAve the
Uitlanders, for they are so ".placed' as to
be able to bloAv Johannesburg to pieces.
This -plan is said to liave- been"'- drawn up
after consultatipiiAviththe; German of/i-
cqrs of. jQubei't's, staff, but all»clepe„nds»"0ir
Mip".Boers^hehe v.ej. "xvdp h^^x^mfPMmP^i
ffirdhh* ?...":,: y-"* .y-'-iflS .2 ..y\>* yyy-iy^
Will Be Tackled Next.
The inembers of the public Avorks committee hud a lengthy session yesterday
afternoon in Avhieh they listened to the
proposals of three different electrical
men as to the best method of improving
the city's electric light service. Alderman
Fletcher presided and with him Avero
mayor Neelands and alderman Hillyer.
The first proposition made Avas from
Thomas Hilliard, a representative of an
electrical company. His proposition appeared to be advanced in the. interest of
the Bonnington Falls company in that it
was altogether beyond the means of the
council to entertain it. There Avere two
sides to it but both Avere equally expensive. The one aviis adA'aiiced Avith the
view of making the present direct system
of three Avires efficient, and0 the other-
proposed the tearing out of the Avhole
system as at present installed and the
putting in the alternating system. His
figures .Avill come before the council at its
next meeting on Thursday, July Gth, but
they .will. likely be regarded as pro-
hibitiA**e. r
The second proposition came  from  A.
L. Campbell of the West Kootenay PoAver
&'Light Company at  Bonnington  Falls. ;
It  AA'as   the   old ■■■•proposition   that   the
Bonnington Falls company sliould supply |
the city Avi tli  poAver  for electrical pur-";
poses at the rate of $50 per horse pOAvei'
per annum.   'With the highest degree bi
efficiency  he    estimated   that   a    horse   ■'
poAver   Avould   furnish   fourteen   lamps ;_
of     10-candle      power       He      figured 22'
200 horse poAver  sliould supply the city:-
Avith 3000  lamps  of  16 caudle poAver, so
tliat upon his shoAving the  pOAA'er heces- ..
sary  to  furnish  the  3000  lamps, would :
cost the city $10,000 per annum, in addir
tion  to  an  initial charge of sbniethiiig
like $3500 for transformers.  This Avorked . ;
out a cost to the city of a shade under 33/y
cents per lamp per month,  Avhereas, he . .;
explained, the rates charged in Rossland :C
Avere betAveen SO and 90 cents per lamp.2:y:
This  proposition  Avas  robbed  of any;';._'.;
charm by the statement that the rates at;};
present  charged  by the city averaged
but 40 cehts per month, Avhichleft aivery.
small margin betAveen the rate Avhieh the,2::22
city AA'ould  be  obliged  to pay and-thepQ
rates '.which'-, it wpiikl. receive from  iiri-;}*
A'ate  consumers.    In 'repiyJ;toVthis^-Miv^\|;
Campbell said that it  could, uot be^coii-^;;
sidercd as the••pb.wer company!s fault; if ;y
the rates fixed by tlie^couuciplfprjilighfe;;
y.v.~y;i?.<?i I
Settling "for _the Lives "Lost.        l
*"i.H »"„„„"*   nB- -n Jn       n" u     n   * n      .-„"„     '
PaMsj Julie ^S.-^The action for" damages brough|j by „Mi},;dam Resal, as. a i'e-"
s'n'lt 61 tlie ,lpuSs„:„oJ ;iiei! "husbaMl. by "^he*
Sinking df: the iPrbueli. line, steamer La
Bourgo^ne, .by eolllsidn with the". British
Vpssel Cromartyshire pn J^ily _th, Ayhile
i off Sable Island, NoAra SCptia, has re-
, suited in a verdict against the eomiaany
for 10,000 francs. The plaintiff at the
same tiiue is debn.ai'i,*ed from claiming any
money lost Avith M, Resal, wihicli, may
hereafter be recovered.    The courfcfound
Ball Games Yesterday.
Buffalo 10, Columbus 7.
Minneapolis 3, St. Paul 1.
Mihvaukee 4, Kansas City 2,
The Silver Market.
..   NkaV York, June 28.--Bar sil Ver 00 jc-
Mexican dollars 48ic.     Silver certificates
OO.it*;    ;.*■."   y(y. .;-;-. (.:■' .-.*. :■ ■■ ■
^tli6""compauy responsible for tlie acts of
the captain xyho Was declared to be at
fault for not 'bringing* his shipi to a standstill after the collision, in losing time in
launching the boats, and in not furnishing the passengers, Avith life belts.
Civil Servants Still Safe.
Ottawa* June 28.—-Although Mr. Richardson made a vigorous fight to secure
the passage of his bill to permit the garnishing of the salary of civil servants
his'.efforts caine tp .nothing. Sir Louis
Davies declared the act imconstitiitioual,
but Mi*. Richardson Said he had the declaration of the minister of justice that
the bill Avas constitutional. He declined
to accept a conimittee toconsider tlie bill.
On motion of Sir Louis Davies the bill
was killed by 26 to 17.
Steamer Danube Floated.
Victoria, June 28.—The Avork of pumping out and floating the steamer Danube,
ashore, on Denmau's island, Avas successfully accomplished yesterday Avitli the
aid of the steamer Maud and her centrifugal pumps. As soon as the Danube AA'as
afloat captain Meyers ran her up on a
sandy beach in a sheltered coAre AA'here
the holes in her hull Avere patched up.
The Danube some time aftenvards started
for Victoria under her oavu steam, convoyed by the Maude.
Damages for a Lost Dispatch Boat.
Neav York, June 28.—Justice BroAvu
in the United States district court today
handed cIoavu a decision aAA'arding $05,000
damages, with interest froni NoA'cmber
18th. 1808, tp William Moore.in his action
against tlie Sun Printing and Publishing
Company, for the loss of the yacht Jvaii-
apaha, stranded in September last, Avhile
off the north coast of Cuba.. The boat
■was in the employ of the" Sun as a dispatch boat.
"jnJgj^'T^Q^S^pipkane 'l)'oy,fyMnKkryfA^e"
■this eA^ening's tritiu., ■" - "= " '" " ,
y "The" ,^t|iVadian preAV in theinterPiiatio.ual
foiiri5" co'iiiftetitipii lliavei'»lo;stI" JSTp.-„2 J. "F.
P|vah",-but they say. that« they?, da-e able
1To,Jsafe||ifet0i*iiV-fl_lJ^h.e\vac^ne*^i " .
"Secretary ftladrke of the la\vu tfeijufe
9pininittee nrei3pi\ts that" the oiitries are
filiing up well.' There are. "tA^eh^e entries
so far for the gentleiiieil's singles, tAVp pf
Avhicli are froin RoSSland players,
Herr Steiner's orchestra lias, been engaged for the series of datlccs Avhicji Avill
=be_=given^ufei ter i iitjMia 1 l=d 11 ri n g^th e^
afternoon and evenings of tire celebration. The dances Ay-ill be under the management of the friendly societies of the
eity and every provision AA'ill be made for
the comfort of tliose Avho attend.
A 0. P. R. train ran off the ■ti.'-acj- yesterday evening between Trail and Rob-
soiis Avitli the result that the train from
Robson due hove at 7:25 p. m, was three
hpui's late.
The niaiiagemeiit Of the Ve litis claim oil
Morning moiintai'-i haA-e (leeided to have
a mill test made of the ore fi'pni their
claim,. Accordingly a shipment of about
tAventy tons have been made to the
Athabasca mill, Avhicli Avill bo run
tli rough next Sunday,
The Salmo mill, Avhicli was OAvned and
operated by Prank Lavin, is advertised
fer sale under a chattel mortgage. The
mill will be sold on Monday morning,
July lOth, at 11 o'clock, by Charles A.
Waterman & Go.
The members of tlie Columbia Company No. 0, uniform rank of the Knights
of Pythias, are requested to meet at Fraternity hall on Friday evening at 9
o'clock to make preparations for joining
the trades procession.
Theodore Madson and The Tribune
Association, Limited, have offered the
foIloAving special prizes: Mr. Madsoii's is
a fine field tent for a fat man's race, all
under 220 pounds barred, distance 220
yards; The Tribune Association's is a
pair of military brushes, for the best
dressed store Avindow.
The Orangemen of Nelson will celebrate the 12th of July in befitting style,
and in order to dp so have iiiA'ited all
Orangemen in .southern Kootenay to help
The people of Nelson" need not- fear
comparison Avith-tlie people of any other
city in Canada, for the quality of their
public  spirit..   Dawson   City   subscribed
constitiitiSij-al, ;\s,. \aT-JU_ -as: Ife. tjqi
-gaftptfeftM. ,b..y iSi^fefeiifc   AC "ihh ■ eon
ohxkioxil' Ofa-.a  ld1i:$*°." "d6b.a°te itfe"'ihoMgh .of
the jMte^ii'e^-gelie^-  l?el!0MX,.'tP' "fefp*
the dder^.io""-ih.e-lF0dxhkiii'tee- ikf "pblikkjdl
bills Av^-ad^tecf b^°a„A?otp pf 2bs to i;§.
Will Enlist Ten.Thousaiid. Men,
W,A%mkG,Tox, 3me '28,-^-It AA'as define
iteiy decided today? tp begin, the enlistment for .the Volunteer. Service tinder the
the adjntaiit^gcneral, based pirtlie reports
of tlie recruiting officers, and on close
estimates as tp the number of soldiers iii
the PiiilippiueS, and in each command' in
Cuba and Porto Rico SIioav that tlie regular army is dp to its full authorized
strength,;, For this, reason the additional
soldiers needed must be obtained under
that section of the act of congress
authorising, the eujisfemoht of A'oliliiteers.
The.present iuflications are tlrat aliPut
10.000:nien AA'ill be Avanted.
Are Not Yet Doaviu
Judging from a, telegram received yesterday by F. W. SA\;anuell, secretary oi"
tlie South Kooteitay Boaril oi Trade, from.
HoAA'itt Bostock, inomber of parliament
for Yale-Cariboo district, the supplementary estimates have not yet been
brought d'OAvn. This may mean that an
appropriation for a public building may
yet be made at thik session of the house
of commons, or it may mean tliat an .appropriation Avill not be made.
"plant"of ,'tiic .Gitvy: ^Hc«^I«,_J:^^^lfig
sup^l yin g>1 ig-ht fpr; .pie>JS*t!°§ijicsjT *
Railway Eumor from Vancouver.
The story caines from Vancouver tliat
the Canadian Pacific and the Groat Northern raihvays, which Avere both thinking of building a line from Mid AA'ay to
Republic, have, it is understood, arrived at an agreement AA*lieroby a joint
line Avill be laid to connect the Boundary
creek mining camp -with that of Washington. The line
miles long.
Avill bo about thirty-five
Shooting Into a Crowd.
Cr.HVHi.ANi), June 28.—F. Coiner, a, nonunion conductor on the central avenue
line, fired four shots into, a, crowd that
held iiji his car at tlie Cleveland-Pittsburg tracks today. The ..bullets Avent
Avild.-,' Tliere'Avnsa■■'panic among the passengers. The windoAvs of the cars AA'ere
smashed but no oue Avas injured.
ofttlyijig" pot'tiSns "Pif^lie "Bity^ii^ld^b^
sttppl^d by "WO' Bkniihyginr- 10^i)^tixk-,^
puny lit a fiatratefof; %&Q"-p$:iiffl%£$4i^*'F-'
: per 'annum. i ^latf^filkit: thi'^'Ayold&e^M1
the city >vonl'd„d"epeiitl' npoii tlie" arftqnilt*-?"*
Of jioAvef furnished.., . .   -   5#.n *.. -«y
The commttteo. tl-rai'ikSd^'Itesrs.: Ili'll'lhld'"".^
=ai i d=©a*m pbel i=f ot^tliei r=i ni^irmatfoiran';!^
promised them that they woiild go; kito
the matter at the next meeting of tho.
council.     Tliey   accordingly   AvithdreAA-$"
and  'W. P.  Dickson, of the Kootebay
Rlectrk- Supply &, doiistinictipii Compku^
was announced and developed his scheme.   .
Mis proposal Avas to spei-id ^tbovit $fO0oC" *-
In tlie first place lie proppsed to cut tliCj "
present system iu Gavo and to snpp!y the
business portion with the direct etirrent
thrcc-AA'ii'e  system   and'   put   in  :i  ?ff "
a I tei'ijat ing system mj)ch iiie for sopplyiu-g
the 'balance of  tiie light i-ecpiired.    ije-
explained:, that tile alternating sectioli of
the plant could be, so CoiiStritctcd tliat in
tho event of the city finding it desit'lible
at any  time  tti adopt the system as a
whole tlie partial system  at present proposed   could   be  titiiiy.ed.     Mr.   DicksOn
suid that lie llad not gone into the matter   very   thoroughly  as    he   AA'onld  require in the first instance to know just
Avhat object the council desired to attain
ancl   the   amount   of money   aA'ailable.
AVith respect  to poAver he thought that
for the coining Avinter the present power
AA'ould'  be sufficient in  view of the fact
that by cutting  the system in two aud
making certain minor imprOA-ements the
present heavy loss of energy in  the city
plant would be materially reduced.
Mr. Dickson Avas also requested to lay
his proposal before the cot in oil at its
next meeting and the committee then
Chess Masters' Tournament,
Lo.vnox, 3une 28.—The tAventy-second *.
round of the international chess masters'
tournament   today   resulted  as  follows.:.''!
Lasker  and Mason had draAvn, Ste.iftit.v_.
had disposed of Tiusley, Marocxy had the
bettor game against Colin, Pillsbury had
the best position against Sehlchter, Avhile
the games betAveen' JanoAvski and SIioav-
altor and Blackburne and Lee Avere 'a'tl-
journed in"even iKisi tions.
"i .»i3f- r
n^ym 2
Red, w_i_te an.d biue bunting, and flags for decoration purpose?.
A large assortment of boy's lirje-1 and duc}\ suits.
Ladies' white a_jd blac!^ rquslin blouses.    Just the thing for hot weather.
Kliot. Hind:.  Maker Street. Nelson
A-^^^^f^'^'^*^*^'^'^''-^:^ _*=?
^^•@*^^-^'*--?-^%?'-?«^@%: •**?.? @
• 1
Baker Street, Nelson.
KN1UI1TS  OF PYTHJ-AS— Nelson   Lodge,   No.   2:;
Knights of Pythias, meets in 1. O. O. F. Hall.porner
linker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening ::t
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited toaltind.
(J. I'ltl-'NOH, (J. C. G. ROSS, K. of K. \- .-*.
NKLSON ■ LOllGK, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. .Minis
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
"PIAVAUT & CARRIE—Architects.   Rooms 7 and S Al»-
J—'   erdecn block, Raker street, Nelson.
WANTKR—To rent a small  furnished house < r cottage.   Apjily Lo A. F., Tiil.uiic ollice.
TTTANTIUll—Two   waitresses   af,   Ihe   Queen's  ilolel.
vv     None hut wait tens   r.ccd apply.    _Ir-.   10.   C.
TTTANTK1I—To ptii'cli_i*-o, on three years'lime nl  fair
*"'     jnLere.st, a plot of land for building pui'po-e-. -izc
about ISOxiai feet, distant  within lifteen minute1- walk
from posloflicc.   Addiess 1'icsto, Tiibunc ollice.
VA/ ANTKD— A servantgiil fo do general lions-, work.
vv    Apply Lo Mrs. W. .1. Wiboii, A'ernon street cn-l.
WANTKR—House lr> buy or rent now.   Six room-, and
conveniences.   Apply, .1. .1. j\I„ Tribune ollice.
LOST—A pair of gold-rimmed spcclacle.s. in u leather
case.   Kinder will bo -suitably rewaided on rot inning same to The Tribune ollice, Vernon street, Nc-Non.
T OST—A black silk belt, with diamond pa«tc buckle
■LJ set in «ilver. Finder Mill be suitably rewarded liy
returning same to The Tribune ollice, A'ernon street.
T OST—A IC. of P. jewel. ?2."i will be paid for its ie-
-LJ turn and no questions atked, lo The Tribune ollice,
Vernon .street. Nelson.
LOST—Tn Nelson on .Monday) Juno 2.ilh, a dupl'icUo,
delivery check book v il h name of P. li urns & (.'i .n-
1 pany at top of each pitgo. I'"inder .will bcrewaidul 'by
-returning ..line lo the ollice ot" the company, liiiker
' street, Nelson. " '
FOR  KENT—One .cottage   on 'Latimer   sLrccI,  half
block west of Sin nicy street.   AH conveniences. $I7..>0
a month.   ApplyatTribuncoilice, A'ernon street,Xc1m.ii.
Paily Edition	
\Vkkici_y Kditiom.
  Fm&Y Year, No  l.">0
..* Sevkntji Ykak, No. ;«'
Tin?   public  AA'orks   committee  of the
y,   city council is considering plans  for en-
liu-ging the electric liglit plant.    One of
the parties consulted is evidently stand-
_' "' ing in AA'ith the Bonnington   Falls power
Ijliinb people, hut  they f-houkl   have  no
■ consideration, for AA'hateA'cr is done, the
city sliould not go into partnership Avith
any corporation.    Jf the  city  can  only
*   supply 2500 lamps AA'ith its present pOAA'er,
it should not make any effort to supply
5000 until such time as it has the requisite
power.     The   city   has  uoav   250 horse
poAver dcA'elopcd, AA'hich i.s  sufficient to
_. o_[ierate_C!flif'ic.ntly_2,'500_I_fi_c._p._lainps_<in(.L
no more.     Jt has dynamos that AA'ill supply current for 2500 lamps and no more.
Can additional poAA'er be deA'elopcd AA'ith
the present Avuter supply?    If not, AA'hat
is the use of increasing   tlie  capacity  of
the dynamos?  Before expending a dollar
on a iicaa* plant, the city should ascertain
Iioaa'AA'ater can be procured  for clevolop-
ing po\A'c_r,  for AA-ithout power dynamos
AA'ill be useless.    If electric light AA'as sold
by   motor  measurement.,  instead  of by
candle power, the present plant AA'ould bo
found   to   be  suffioicntly  large  for  the
town's,    recjuiroments.     .Anyway, before
.placiiig uu order for an additional plaj.it
it niight be well to consult an  hydraulic
.    engineer.    Once the city lias power, then
call in the electrical engineer.
The postoffice department is-after the
Vancouver World for a 'flagrant violation
of the postoffice regulations. It has been
sending out bills for subscriptions nicely
folded in papers mailed to subscribers,
tlms effecting a saving of two cents for
CArery bill sent out. The World is one of
the papers that has been bitter in its denunciation of attorney-general Martin
because of his utterances at a banquet in
iiossland. Jt is said that the postoffice
department AA'ill giA'e tlie World the
■maximum of punishment.
Till-, rates for electric light at. Nelson
have ahvays been from no to 100 pot-
eel it lower, than the rates charged at;
Jiosslaud. At Iiossland*. the Houuington
Falls   Power    Company ' furnishes; ,the
poAver to the local electric lighting company for a percentage of the gross i-ca*-
enue. One of the terms of the agreement is' that eArery 1(5 c. p. lamp used
shall bring in eighty-five cents revenue.
The poAver company tried to make a similar arrangement AA'ith the city of Nelson
last year, but the council avou Id have none
of it, and they Avere right, for it meant a
uniform raise of over 70 per cent in electric light rates, as avoII as taking the
poAA'or company in as a partner. The
City of Nelson should not haA'e anything
AvhateA'cr to do Avith the liomiington
Palls poAA'or people.
Koirsi-iS   that   handle    hardAA'aro ' and
mining supplies should be affected  if the
mining business is so utterly ruined as it
is said to  be  by  the Nelson   Economist,
the Nelssn Miner, the lvaslo Kootenaiaii,
the   _Kevelstoke   Mail,   the   Fort   Steele
Prospector, the Vernon   Ncaa's, the .Kamloops  Standard,  the  Noav  Westminster
Sun, the  post  ofiice  revenne-dofrauding,
VancouA-or   AVorid,  the   A'Mt',tc)ritvnGTpb&e~
and the   Victoria  Colonist. - TheAFiSBltl"'.
hard AA'aro  and  mining   supply h'titige^itiji
-Nelson* has   done    more    busiiie§s> tti'ii-=
month than during any month sin°Cei''f|il|nc;i
.house  AA'as  established.    All   thi^pfik-fi'sr
aboA'e mentioned  arc opponents.* tif'ilfe.,
Semlin  government,  and  are  try-i'il^%($*
make political capital  out of the  Ayojjk-
ings of the eight-hour laAV. .     .".".-
A Special Line of
Cloth Bound
 AMr-pOPUlTAR-ATJTHORS "^        °°^
Hudson's Bay -Stores.
AVest Baker Street.      Tclcpliouc; 13.
Our first kiln of brick will be ready for delivery about
tlio lsc'oE ,'liinc.   Civil at our cllico for jiriuus.
During the monyi of June wc will deliver lime in
o,u;inLilies of twenty sacks and over at
60 Cents per 100 Lbs
The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.
Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, '.'anafi-er.
If you v,'_mt a natty, stylish suit of clothes for
sprinu and summer, I have oyer 500 dill'or-
A complete line of the above goods, which
■which we are selling- at prices that -will make
it worth your while to buy.
We have a very ehoiee variety in all shades of colors
e'n's ladies' arjd Children's Shoes
'"fp^ojiiltyr-'eieniciit^biptik^^^ y   """
i »fl'y,Q#;.wa_)>,._i^^^
.hestfclotH ic\ier iliipoi'ted to Selsd-i,' Itj.ive your drd&'".
wiisif jo is.   ".   .;,-. :    ""*- "' ■      """"""„■   ■  -  ■
..--i.\: liuiidred. "Sollars woi-.tli»,rflt li0w .g^odf. HoAv^ Avait-
iiigyotir ihsjieetion. J giitfrajit'e'e isatiftfiicti on pr no Sale,
S1|ITS $25
.IJolsdnfe up-tp-datb. TiUlor, utest _Kd6tVi!a}' Oofi'dc Co.
'" i.''    '" -Safer Str^ti'ifslMson
35c  EACH
Thomson Stationery Co., ]&.
 3snsLSo_sr, b. a_
By price alqne in your clrirjj huyinjf. Looking
well lo quality mcanH s-affefaciory results—means!
seeurinK tlie rornedy that: best, fulfills tlio purpose
for wliiqli you intended It. Purity, quality, satis-
factloSi, arc first considered hore, but always a
price* that makes the puruhaso an economical oue.
A price that irtcstns something to you. One pack-'
age of our
Wc haA'e a lino nssortment of woolens always
sible notice:   As oveiythniij is kept and made
on the proniiscs, satisfaccion is assured.
iltdo .(iVeends\fr6u.i;.*alJiuol,:^ir_^ .'ScoyAn.d;. '<" •
T-ho" SiiP^jjf ikjlinitto'd. 'fio'.caill' cnriyjai/A Q^R^piinft.iiltJj"'"snntb'eks"," °v " °" \" *""  '""' °*;"n°n. "'.""
§500 will purchase a chgiec residence ebrn,»r, 100 *£>}-" 120
feet. - ■     .
.'S2100 will pufeliase h eentnil: lot aildYcsidi nee.
S1O0 will pufeliase two nice Jots' add: Hlinliij".,
$2.(100 will purchasd (Mo (liqe, lots and: cQi'i'ifcte
S3O0O will ptu'Oliasfe four nipi? lots ancl re.sideuee.
fliiv Fairmont Shiires for a; rise.
;50l)fi 'Ulie.v lit 2 'ooritP.
Turner & Bocckll block, Nelson, JI. O.
A:V*n},'riii reiia-iriiiK pronnitilyatlterd'eil tb by n flrjjl^cl:iss
AVlutelwrifflit. ..-.■■
Spi-eial atlcivtioit given to 'till -kinds of repairing .ttnd
ctistni.ii work, frdiH outside points.
Sfiop:   IjalJ Street, betweeif Bak;er and Vernon," Nplsor,
will make one quart of the best spring tonic on
the market, and is unequalled for all i.lood, liver,
stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is
TO J_I*_T—Several douses of diirerciit sizes.
ivOTt SAIjIO—Heal estate in all nitrite, of the city.
]0-i*vOGin House, centrally locnl.cd, .$2SO0,
C-lloom Oottitge nlid 2  Lots on ■C.-irbon.ato
street, §1400, easy tei-ms.
.  D41oo.li) ' House'.on   Stanley street, .15100.
aj-OB. _R_H_I_TT
Canada Drug and Book Co.,
Corner of Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson
J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary
At oflleo of the Duncan Minos, Limited,
2G Draught Horses,
12 f>rauu.ht Mules.
11 Pack Mules.
13 Pack Horses.
Tho above stock i.s in first-class condition and perfectly
broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete rig-
BiiiK for pack animals, also harness and wagons for
balance of' stock.    *------'- «■'■■■       -
yon, B. C.
Apply to Waverly mine, Albert Can-
- 1,?0iU,l.,,.,,"lt lo, °*'der.   Repairing and  fitting a spec-
lail.y.,   bails miulo and rigged.   1'ishing rods and tackle.
■*■    AL Government wharf. Nelson. -
A building and lot on First Avenue in the town of
Ymir. Rents for §20 per month. AVill he sold cheap for
cash. For further particulars .apply lo John A. Kirkpatrick, Nelson, B. C.
J. L. YANSTONE,      R. H.
jMines and Mining Stocks Guslbmg Brokor
UTO B,   S-A.I1.E-
Two lots with two-ston* .house on  Latinier
street, near Josephine §1800
Terms:   §1200 cash, balance on mortgage.
Sixty-acre ranch, nine miles from eity un hike
shore ,  .§1000
One-half cash, balance on mortgage.
Ou   loan conditions are the cheapest aid best
oH'ored.   A'ou tan repay at any time without
_!\.C_3-__-_5rTS   IFOU    ,
British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.
Globo Savings & Loon Co., Toronto.
Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.
The Irnperiaf Oil Co.   Staildard Oil Co.
feshi_]gton Brick arfd Lime Co.
The H. W. 1/lcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Antl'-fa-
ciie Coal (Hard)
g_g___j ■• S:TQ VE WQQJD
Fine Lager Beer*
Ale and Porter
f3_3E53_,_23_?._3: OfESr-BJ;
D    D p. PI.       m    °3, °*~P  *^* D % fi^DDDn
Djirlng, .the, j.caSQn' \vc Ayiii- deliver i,e.e lit fptivitl'e f'cs'idcnp.eS .
'AiVd businessliol.scs dnjlyfii°_inny
desii'c.i q'li;\iiiM.y hf," (yi.-qiiuva.lilp,
. prices*, ■     °    ."..
DRAYlNfil nnd
Merchandise  bawled  to and frpin depots; bus
■meets nil trains and boats.    Sfiqeiat ittl.unt.ioii
given   fco  the transfer of  Iwt-gitgo.,  OlHee_and_
pars095 prodij^ Q>.
Wo .lie reeeiving daily direcjb from
t)hc growoi-.s Gonsigniiimtts of iS()l"nv-
bonies, Olioi'i'ieij, JJauailiis, Oi'iXiigcs,
Lcnions, etc, S'ewd us your
fSttijicliiig; o't'ders.
Tli_> Trad. Only Supplied
Prompt and regular,
d.-livery to the trade.
Brewery at Nelson.
For Sale
NlOivKL-lN-'l Hl!-S'I_OT
Apply to..
II. C. CUMMINS, Bodega Cigar Store."
Baker Street West. Nelson, B. C.
(Mx-Shcrill'of South Kootenay)
Cash advanced ou consignments of merchandise.
Postoilice Box 572 Nelson, B. C.
Containing* 120 acres of land tvitl-.in one ancl a
quarter miles of Nelson. . Por lurcher
particulars apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   O.
Nelson Iron Works
Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Go.
Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.
Pirst-class board and room, Todd's old stand, corner
Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.
Heated by steam.   Table board §4, 100111 and board §.ri
mil §,**.,*'.'_,
,   A.roll''(_l,ioii of fine Belgium Canaries for. sale.
Parsons Produce Co,
Nelson, B. C.
The only restaurant in the city
employing only Avhite cooks.
Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2
o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5
to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.
George Holbrook
City Scavenger and
Chimney Sweep
'. Prompt attention given t.o all orders left al, AI. DesBrisay it (.-o'h. Baker street, Nelson.
»" *"«
p. iii
'■_^_^__j_ft_^i*^weife^—n^^ ■ THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 189li  3  BankofIontbeal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,    ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT   HOYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-Prosidont  K   S. CLO US'I'ON General Manager  THE BANK OF  BTBSH COLUMBI  NELSON  isr_Er_so_sr _B_R____sro___:  NT. W. Cor. Qakepand Stanley Streets.        UKANCIII-'S  LONDON   (Biiviand).   NEW  nu.l iii i.ni  principal  VORK.   OHIOAG-O  ii i.'S in  ..insula.    .  Huy and  OHA.N"  sell riterlii^ Kxch .  an.l Cable Transfers  (..OMUKKCtA- AND   I'll.*. I'Kll.BKS   CKKUITS,  availalili- in any part of tho world.  dkakts isstTRi)   oolli:<:tionb mark; icto.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT MATE OK INTEREST PAID  LUCK   IN   MINE   FINDING.  An old-time prospector sat in a saloon  in  uCripple   Creek,   Colorado,   groAvling  about his luck.    He had been prospecting  for twenty years and  knew all about indications and formations and could sling  technical terms by the yard, but he had  never made a find that sold for more than  a few hundred dollars.    He said that all  the best mines in   America, had been discovered   by men who  did not know one  rock   from another,  and he   Avent  on to  cite instances that he knew  of in Colorado.    Among  them   was   mentioned   the  Little Johnny at Leadville.    lathe winter of   I879-S0 three  lads���John  Ciu-ran,  Thomas Kelly and James IT.  Donovan���  left  Galena, Illinois,  and went  to Lead-'  A'ille,   where they  dug away  six  feet of  snow on Breeze Hill  to put up a cabin.  In   this Avay  they froze and  starved all  Avinter.    Young  Kelly died  from illness  brought on by exposure and privation,  and was soon followed by Curran, after  Avhom   the  mine  is named.    Donovau is  still  living.   They knew nothing about  mining, located  their claim  hap-hazard,  and yet discovered one of the richest gold  mines in the  Avorld.    But Kelly's  heirs  are  said to luwe sold  their interest for  only  $1000, aiid  the  Currans for $2500.  Tlie amount Donavan got is unknown.  August Rische and  George  T. Hooke,  Avho found  the Little Pittsburg, which  . .gary-e- Loac] \dl_lg/s4ts._bQ^ ���  In"'  Von'-i153-!^   n'jb r^% I* % n1 V-tf?*!   D Q  nft^'J *nDV1^ ln��  ."j, n �� * n*?" -a ** BV **<n 2$:*?J,  -. ��     3 �� ' > ,f_?  �� nn��  L  'iStjji.*^^  fe^l i?a-g-;ln^ %|i r_p,u��|?,fi^i^ :S#ee;iv.'f;; lirtcl ^ kSkW-  (^pylu.fe2ii.h-d -leaniiSd.'its ;|fi'^^: v^tjhe. That  yc^alid^yy^kS^go^l}, lach,",andl:ddt: tl'm fey  r^ytiyift;_&^ ..���"'.  i'��_. 4T(1aa>arlljcij.iTijcj' iSillpii bjfotliej;.1?,,jj^i.' and,  ��,' lOidk.- l&iiew ,a-b6_i# Jliiuinfe tilel&alTii'-rgy.aj.i'ft  ' 1" .."��_*."��."..]..��^Vs"..��...*_��*_*. ''jii.'���? "Vi;*_,.,i���vA���K,-i:   +i._v  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on District.  of land comprising about one-sixth of an  acre that had no OAvner because it was  considered worthless. Doyle and Burns  took ii]) this land in the belief that .something was better than nothing. They  set for Jolm Harnnui, who was employed  in driving a street scraper in Colorado  Springs, to come and help them dig on  their claims. Harinan's mining experience consisted-of what he had learned as  a child in picking slate from the screens  of Pennsylvania coal mines. For months  the trio put in hard work sinking their  shaft without a sign of payore. Their,  acquaintances sought to discourage them,  but they persisted, and Avere reAvardcd  by strikiug a vein that made them, millionaires. '  Possibly Dennis Sullivan studied mining and mineralogy between stations  Avhen he Avas a conductor on the New  ���York-Central back in 1S7G, but it is doubtful if he Avould have applied this knowledge had it not been for his weak lungs,  which drove lii.ni to Colorado. He helped  to locate the May Queen silver mine at  Leadville, and the money he receiA'ed for  Jus interest.in.it enabled him to buy into  the .Dead Pine at Cripple Creek, which  gave him his fortune.  The Creede boom Avas started by the  finding of some good-looking stuff on  Baeheior mountain by a poor prospector  named George K. Smith. He had scratched all over the mining districts Avithout  success and finally got the idea that luck  might hit him up around Creede, where  Holy Moses had found ore. Mrs. Mary A.  Coffin of BuenaNista, Avas impressed Avith  the same idea, and she and her husband  Avent to Creede and ran a boarding-house  in order to grubstake Smith. One day in  July Smith came into the .cabin' and said  in a joking Avay, "I've found our fortunes  this time," and he told what he had  found. Neither had any idea, that an immensely rich mine had.been found, but it  ing link between the thumb of a catcher's  mitt and "the body of the glove. The ins  and out of a. pitcher's work, the moisture  and a few other causes broke this ou  catcher Chance's mitt, a speedy straight  broke through, a passed ball came along  and lost the game in the ninth aud literally gaAre it aAvay in the tenth. The only  kick the" fans haA'e coming is that some  progressi\*e mind on the Chicago ball  team did not suggest it be mended during  the game. Then the second ball would  not have come, and the tAvo teams might  have been playing yet.  Federation Expected Next Session.  London. June 27.���Replying to a question in the house of commons today, the  secretary of state for the colonies, Mr.  Joseph' Chamberlain, said he hoped a bill  providing for the federation of the Australian coinnioinvealth Avould be introduced in the house of commons early  next month.  The Kootenay Eiver at its Highest.  llonncr's Ferry Herald.  High Avater reached its highest mark  for the season last Tuesday, and the  Kootenay has been gradually receding  since. The river AA'ent up 30 feet and  some inches above the Ioav Avater mark  of last winter. This season has demonstrated more than ever that no  one who  FULL LINE OF  has any  regard for liis re]  prophesy about*. l!iis high w.-s  It   was   generally   expected  ill  n.i: tion will  jer business,  that there  avou Id bo a big Hood-this year, especially  a.s the season was so backward, but the  cool Aveather held the water back and  permitted it to run --off gradually, showing that the weather litis more to do in  causing Moods than the amount of suoav  in the mountains or any other agency.  High water mark this year was tliree  feet lower than last year and soA-en feet  and ten inches lower than the great Hood  oJMS9_.  Ja 10. Smith  C. Williams, Spokane  JT. Jones, Sandon  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  SILVER KING.  ICaplo | E, A. HiKtrinson, Spoknno  I William liurko,  Winnipeg  I  QUEEN'S.  Walter P. Ad tin*:, Sandon  Mark Man ley. Spokane  C  W. Cii-ciin, '.'reston  C. Dell Smith. Hosslaud  O. A. Uni->rc, Duncan City  .1. Kigby, llossln cl  J. G. Martin, H_.-sl.tnd  TREMONT.  S. Gtancro.-fes, Kaslo I T. Boniiilie, IT.ill Creek  Alfred Olcon, Hall Crtek      | Carl Weber, Cranbrook  PHAIR.  _^-S <5^"3iS;:^_p,:-*%-^_3 -y  the  C. Fi. D, Avood, Macleod  Frank P. Itogan, Spokano  Ii. A. Campbell, Ttos*land  F. A. llennctt. New York  James Head, London  Bertram Asllcy, London  T.J. Lendrnin, Spokano  Mrs. AI. Purple, Leadville.  Colo ado  HUME.  Mrs. Anderson and daughter  A. H. Gracoy. Burton  C. Fi. Bennett. Toronto  Miss SatlioGenclle, Nakusp  P. .1.. Hiekoy, Sandon  C. "i'jTWic-ikiI, Cascade  S. M. Hay, Port Arthur  B  B  cooling"  "hot weather" times of  comforts   some   months ag*o  genuine  comino*  As the next two months are  summer.    We thought of  and placed our order for these wearables that have been  in for the last few weeks. So if you have not already supplied  yourself Avith cool apparel this store stands ready to fill your  wants. That organdi muslin cannot be equalled for summer  wear is an acknowledged fact. We have the latest patterns and  the quality is unsurpassed. But it necessarily follow that in  addition to having a cool dress you must also have a parasol to  protect yourself from the glaring rays of the sun. We have good  parasols for 75 cents, and still better ones from $1 up to $5. A  call  Avill convince'you.  Oliver Hall, Colfax, Wash,  li. D. Turner. Montreal  A. MeG. Campbell, Winnipeg  H. A. Small, Vancouver  B, D. Carter, Spokane  W.Br.vdson, Toronto  J. S. McCallum, Slocan  City  S. A. Might on, Sandon  W. F, Dfsiiiii-', tlocan City  D. F, Dickso-i. Winnipeg  G. M.Loisliin.in, Victoria  James Parks, Seattle  VV. JT. Tennant, Mcdie'no  Hat.  G. Howden. Medicine Hat  T. H. Laurie, Cascade  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  .��-.�����  ^AVCrijtitis:*^^^  ' SeeiiSg tb Ekiiow* *W'he"n.tliey iocated their  ���claim",j,t \a?<vs 've&yTcJ-fi'"1jy. She otlier niiil-.  e,i:-s.���as3,il;L'i"el*i gr^uuc^ .aii.c| tjiey \vjere  jjatigiied nt by hiany >vho tiioirglii tliat  "ii^iiiing, wivf ctii ekkeh seieiiee. 3Tn*|ging  ippip tihifijltiip Billons' did "hot feupw:mneh.  *J;lvey iiad An iddi\:, ha\Vineyei*, tJh;at the e%- '-  Ijcrienee of Iliische and: ilooke with: the  ; ILfi'ttio Pittsbtirg' could; be repeated', so  tliey dng avvay and wtvited for\thoir turn  ; to ItogJi.. At a eoiliparative slialloAV  depth the rich ore avus Struck in such ilu  inliiiense body tliat the Billons aiicl" th&ir'  ^artnei'^Petoi,=!bluiiertj*i^siyeeclily=bel3air^^  Avealtliy lueu. In less ih'an tAyo y&il's the  Billons .had run thi-ough iivoi-e than $000,;-  0(30, the' lii'O'd'U-t- of the Little Chief and  Other claims, and AVere neai-ly broke.  Bick Billon is now Avorkiug in, Oripple  Creek as ii millet-at $3 a day. Pat Billon  kept his niojiey "better, and made some  good investments iii Cripple Creek, and is  reported to be Avorth $150,000. JTe lives  on a big ranch in CaliJforiiia. Fimierty  avi\s the shrtjAvdest of the three, and. has  iiecuinillated $250,000.  The very best in j nos in the Cripple  Ol-eek district were ���discovered by nien  Avho had luck and good muscles instead  of capital and scieutitle education. Win-  field Scott Stratton, Ayho located the  famous Independence' mine, had ahvays  beeu a carpenter, and neArer got rich fol-  loAviiig his trade. It Avas nearly a year  after tlie great rush to Cripple Creek that  lie picked out the group where the mine  is located. He had seen the ledge a hundred times before he located it, and  others, Avith greater or less experience as  miners, had seen and examined it a thousand times and passed it by just as he  had. No one, not even Stratton, asserts  that the discovery of the Independence  Avas anything but pure luck. He happened to be fortune's favorite at the time.  The experience of Jimmy Boyle, the  millionaire mayor of Victor, in tlie Cripple Creek district, also illustrates the element of luck in mine-finding in Colorado.  Boyle, who had learned the carpenter's  trade, but did not folloAv it, aviis driving  a hack in Maniton Avhen the Cripple  Creek excitement began in 1891, In Colorado Springs Avas a young plumber  iianied Jimmy'Burns. The tAvo Avere acquainted and together they Avent to Cripple Greek to try. tlieir luck. Neither  kneAV anything : about mining. Battle  Mountain, near Victor, Avas then covered  with location stakes.    There Avas a piece  .P4f!t!sT^M#ji^ ^hyy&ie,  'edniii\itte<*> ,<bn; .cliiiiS.li"_if p aiid" AvdrH.   Qhy-,  gectiM,is ���ipttde tO .tlij?. mibJicatiQu |)f-de-"  : tails of^i-ilijtjsg.and qtfl\&p;rpniiiiQiic(?;g;i.Vesii.'  to: tlie fivers   o^f  eriiuihals^  ��Thi.-��^"it"'��� A��\  thought,," ha��..*aiv��ftn'l_����^l-iiliy piiepi "lipoii'  tlie "jnorajs. ���bf they cOimiu;in%y.   .It is not',  .."���sti'ailge'.. tliat, jjastiors  'sjioijfcl' ���t��ike- "this*1  ' yiew."' n'Tiiey >desir^"fii)bjf)nt;e^ oilll;tlii,fi^ife>t,'  (tlieir. ftoefvs  sliould be -'kepi' froih, tlie"  .evil."    ihxi it is a narroAV vi'eAvi, all tlie  '���sitiiie.,   The best qriality p$ iiingeiice is:  not thje inii;o.cenc_e of igiiorancJe.   We be-  ��� l'ieve it is bett-31- that tlie details of ci'ilnes  ? shoulcfbe jMiblislieds so. far" as it can be  dpxie Avitli decency, i'alher th"ansuii|ji'ess '  the detijils phd Mepp people iii iguprance ���  of A\fh''it Qpustitutes brimei   It is not true,  as Pope said, that familiarity Avith Vice  induces one to 'iil-st endure, then pity,  then embrace" A'ice.    If that, Avere ti-ue,  then the |loman Catholic father confessor,   and the   Protestant pastor   A\rhose  rdnty-it4s4o=knoAAr-=andteUi-b^the-=v.ieioiis  propensities   of   members   of liis   flock,  Avould be of all men the most in danger  of falling into ATieious courses���unless Ave  except policemen.   But Ave believe that  both, clergymen and policemen are better,  ���morally, than the aArerage run of men.  People should know the evil  as Avell  as  tlie good.    It is the business of the neAvs-  papei'S to tell tlie truth about things���to  be "the abstract and brief chronicles of  tlie  times,"   the   mirror.. Avliich . reflects  tilings" as tliey are, not as tliey should be;  Tlie iieAvspapers should do Avliat tliey* can  to help the pastors' in  tlie good Avork of  milking the Avorld better; but they can't  do   that   by   suppressing   truth   about  crime.    In publishing the truth, however  the newspapers sliould be careful not to  present crime in  an attractive' light or  make heroes of criminals.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings     ��  ..  Shingles        ���  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  :^2i^f$:^y^%y^^ 'y^y^y^i:  :eff>$- fiat ybu;wa-��n1." % tioiTii j'stock. \vc5wll���mai3i 'k 'tor.yoj^  GRAND CENTRAL.  ,T. Pomery, Duncan City  K. .1. Dm mmond, Salmo  B. 11. Camphcll, Sa'mo  W.GriitchlioId, Salmo  Tliomas llciinett, Salmo  MADDEN.  D. 0. Sccordandwife.Uoss-  land  AV. Jj. ilaimer. Ymir  Krank Carrabin, Ymir  Win. G. O'Brien, Hong  Koiik  Charles Richardson, Woodbury  James Richardson, Sandon  AV. B. Muir and son, Spokane  Hugh McNeill, Slocan City  John Dixon, Cascade  J. H. Thomp-on, Creston  %  BANK  OF  B.'C.  BUILDING-.  NELSON.  T__l_=l_vIS   o___s_3:  ���(=>-&,���<5> ��� r=*. (=>. ___?'.(=>.(='.(=>��� t=*. c=>. 1  ��� C3.C='.(,  ���&.-ZL  &B  &.&.&.!^.G3.C-J.^.c=>.  -. ^^^et^e^^-s:^^^^  urns  Co.  AVIIOIiKSAl.B   AND   ItKTAlL  Meat Merchants  The Tremont liote!  IVlALOfJE & TRECILLUS  I'ROPRIETORS  HAiL. .AND" L A_E_f, STJIEETSJ &&LSQW-  " CHAREES "=HibTStf ER,  ."���PBESIjilSNT' ,     ��� *  Jl'AlMY'.-HOUSTOsSr,  Headquarters ftp Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Itooiti^  #��jvj.ys .oSdiH-flte.  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Derwer,  Sandon, SiK'erton,  City,  Grand Forks,   Michvay, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Cascade  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS   i^siis^iMs&iiii^$B^fj.L ������ '���"���'.  yyK?"s.y"?~'^y��'":"'^,-^''y *-*"*':-#t*-". .*��� l y^yy*yy.y��  iliiiA|i#ijftigfat5S_EAS0N ..���*.'���  ' >-y*y  ���r^_i_!_G*ECPED_?^  MAXUi-ACrBJlBUS .pi.-  .DKAliKiis: in  AND-  RQugh and #ress<_$ Lumbeip  MopMings  Boors aild Sa^sh  FGnee Posts -ind Pieket&  ��iluje aM Store Fittings  va&hohx woiiic noNB to okokr,*  s&cir as  Sterol! Sawiilg  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  GeneraMoinery^Work-  W00' With'-'$&t A IP' and  Eightei-I: by Elejejrfeity  Ijtirgc  oopifortablc Ucflrfiotris aiid   flrst-clasp  dining  room.   Samjilo rp8mS fpr-cpritmcrcial iiich."  _S,^___?__!.a 'S2   e__fiB  XD___i_r,  Mrs. I. G.  j  Lrtto of the Royal Hotel, Calgary:;  A Trifle Lost a Game.  It only takes a trifle to ciliiuige tlie tide  in many baseball games. Chicago lost a  game by a shoe lace by a score of 2 to 1  in a ten-inning pitchers' battle recently.  The shoestring in question is the connect-  ~        NOTICE TO GONTRACTOEsi        ~  Sealed whole tenders will be received until 12 o'clock  noon Thursday, June 20th next, by thc.inideri'igiied for  the erection of a stone and brick I_and Registry olllce for'  the government of British Columbia, to dc built at Nelson, 13. C.       . , ,  A deposit in the form of a marked ehecnue made payable to tho Commissioner of Lands and AVorks for the  sum of.ten per cent of the amount of tender, must accompany each tender. ...  Drawings, specifications and conditions of tender may  be seen at tho ollice of Kwart & Carrie, architects, rooms  7 and 8, Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nolson, U. C.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  JNO. A. TURNEU.  Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  -: Hall streets, Nolson. ~  MBAIjS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR.NIGHT.  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY AVHIT10 HKLP KMPLOYKD  K-     BTtJ_=.E"Sr,     PBOPBIETOE  in stock:  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf. ,_,.,���,  factory and oflleo, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  AVIt_L DO WELL TO  BUY THEII  AT  0. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand,  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work,  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  also  etc.  k. *���-���--���  Yard:  Foot of Hondryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 JO__l_    RaG,   Ageilt  PETER GENELLE & CO.  Headquarters for        .  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  AVe mako a specialty of  Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce and yard near C.P.U. depot   IS. G. BKER, Agent.  COaTrIVER LUMBEI^Ca  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  " All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds, of lumber'  out to order, and shipped  lo  NcIhoii in carload lots  Writo for prices.       .-.���,.- _"-''��� '  fyi D. PME, Manager.  The ilhcst hotel in the ihtorlor.  Large salnple rooms.   Steam heat ami electric light.  CORNER 0F AVARD AND VJilRNON STS., NlaSON'  BAKKR AND WARD STRKKTS, NlOLSGN  The only hotel iu Nelsou that has remained under one  management since 1800,  The bed-rooms are well furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is nob second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars^  THOMAS MA 1)1) EM. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Klcctric bolls and .light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout;  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  ���   J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Niglit Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing, by night trains.  POTENAY  COFFEE  GO.  COFFEE  ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS  AND   COFFEE.  IN   TEA  OfIbr fresh roasted Coffee of best quality as follows:  ���III  IK)  (��)  I  (XI  I  (i'l  I  IH)  Java and Arabian Macho, per pound. S  .lava and Mocha Ulend, 3 pounds   Fine Santos, 1 pounds   Santok Ulnnd. .*) pounds   Our Hpucial Ulend, (i pounds  Our Rio Roust, (I pounds   A trial order solicited. ���        ,..,  .Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   BlocK.. West  Baker Stseet'  :��� NELSON, B.C. ;-,.���:���;.;  ....._M,sw,,^,JiliiiS, Manager  i|^^ip|^ij]iE_Ds;"u^  All  l6"pmmupjca]tip��^*j',_1_*f5;ii��f to"B.ri|ish*��CpJ"i^,D'^ Be. addressed^ lo P. O. Crr.wcr  * "       "     "        606��, Hlilson^Bkitish CbliiriihiU:"  i: S''FbWtEjB-, _;.M>,;:.Mnrng. pn;g,i>.Br flNpLb.UlN,   bS. U.  o_?*.  rihtsirig Company  iN_m__.S.O&?J%   B- ;0.  Is  now prepared  to  buy all  classes of sillver, gold, silver-lead, lead and  copper ores,   THe careful attention given to large contracts will be extended  to=thensmai 1 est^sltip^  ing guaranteed.  Address .all communications to drawer S, Nelsoii, B. C,  ���   GEORGE M. McDOWELL,  IWanfij-rg,-.  O. M. ROSENDALE, Purchss'rair Agent.  _r\.  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL AND KOOTENAY BELLE CKJARS  And all other brands of the  AT FACTORY PRICKS  igar  O-T"  _ST_E1LS03^,   B-C  ping  Nelson Tent and Awning Manufaetoy  ___.3i.i_ __;i_sri_>s ofi  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  AM  .. SlXKS OH* TKNTS IN STOCK  I laker street, opposite postolllce,. Nelson  T_EC_EIO-  _MI^___I3S02sr  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPX.BWHAIT*_  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetfie Supply and Construetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Tratisirtlsslon and lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  / ��� p. o. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O, THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, JUNE 29,  1899.
1'  ;•
Cool and Refreshing
When tired and heated there is nothing so
refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.
We have all flavors and our fountain is the
best in Nelson.
Along the Water Front.
During the twenty-four hours yesterday, ending at (5 p. in., the water was at
a standstill. This was the first time it
has ceased rising since the early spring.
It rose half an inch during the heavy rain
and hailstorm last evening in half an
Kishing is still very poor.
Parties going to the C. P. II. station
from the east end of town now take the
lake route as they can land almost ab the
station platform.
July ist is nearly here
How can you celebrate unless properly dressed?
Seo l)ow GHher caq fix you up for a few dollars.
P. 0. Store
Remember the Name
Neelands' Shoe Emporium
•It will be1 to your ;id vantage to see' our Large
and complete stock of Boots and Shoes. We
carry the following lines: J. «_. T, Bell, J.
I). King .'& Co., North Star Shoo, Co., ;Foots,
Schultz <fc, Co., Stratford1 Shoe Co., Ames, Holden ifc Co.", and other, leading makers.
1; llitWO^OESl^^M: ■ .
"nl. a°^~
I **"■■■
and Fancy Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin
Ice Gream
Ice Gream Soda
KrcRh Fruit, received daily
Next door lo NcIhoii Wino Co.
1 otophone IK). ]
The regulardrill ofthe Nelson Uiflu Company will be held this evening at 7:130
.sharp. A particularly large attendance
is requested as the commanding oflicer
wishes to devote more time to skirmishing drill with blank cartridges. Tliere
are still some vacancies and any man
wishing to join the company should apply to the recruiting sergeants—sergeant
Beer at the Nelson Hardware Company,
or to sergeant Day at the smelter office.
D. B. liiiirdon, proprietor of the Bon
Ton restaurant, is enlarging his premises
by taking in the adjoining building.
All the■ prizes to be given at the Dominion celebration Avill be on show in
.1. Dover's AvindoAV.
P. Burns •& Co.'s new Avarehouse on
Front street, near Brackman & Ker's
warehouse, has been completed.
The police commissioners decided yesterday to appoint A. B. Storey and J. J.
Parr as. special constables during the Dominion Day celebration. Ten additional
men, wlio Avill be chosen from the members of the fire brigade, will be SAvorn in
by Mayor Neelands today.
An Italian brought .word-to the provincial authorities yesterday tluit on
Tuesday lie had seen a couple of men
drown in the Kootenay river about nine
miles below Nelson. . He 'endeavored to
create the impression that the victims of
the droAvniug accident were the two
prisoners Avho escaped from tho Nelson
jail ou Thursday Aveek, but the officers do
not attach any credence to his story.
Dr. Doolittle Avas telegraphed for yesterday to proceed to Rossland to complete the negotiations Avith the city
council there for a charter similar to the
one he has been granted here. On his
return the site of the Nelson gas and
coke Avorks Avill be decided upon. At
pi'eseiit there are three sites under consideration, each Avith their peculiar advantages, one'near the smelter and two
close to the'_ Nelson > &, Foi-t Sheppard
track--ill BogiistoAvn.    :\"'-       ""-_",  , = -, r"
The animal examination of. applicants*
for. certificates of license to teach .iii .the
schools of British Columbia..Avill be. .held
next-Aveek* simultanebusly in   "Victoria,
Vancouver, Jfcainloops. and Nelson.     This
is the first time that applicants from the
Kootenays have not been compelled to
incur loss of time and money in attending at one or other- of the three places
aboA'e named. This examination -will be
held in the public school building, commencing at 8:45 a. m. on Monday, July
.'h'd, and Avill be under the supervision of
AVilliain Burns, B. A., inspector of schools
for this district.
Only six of the subscribers to the celebration fund are delinquent—,$S7.50 iu
all. The secretary -will not refuse the
several amounts if tender is made today
before 0 o'clock.
George Stanley Kcllav/ay and Caroline
Jemima llarrowa Mouat Avere married in
the Presbyterian church yesterday by the
Bev. Robert Frew.
- ; LOST]
T OST—Lmlics Clplrt Ihniling Cnso Watch on Tucf-
J-J (lay. liulwuuu Slmiloy anil l__it.ii.icr stris.-ls nnd
'Ion ilollin-s reward. Arthur Painter, l.iil.hiirr sl,n;<_|.,
\v«>t of Stanley.
A Ring of Beauty
is a Joy to Both
Giver and Receiver
They always sell where ,-ui.vlliinjr will, and cost, no
more than thoscof doubtful ro'iuLilion.
When yon waul diamonds. write to Jacob Dover.
AV'heii yon want watches, .-end to Jacob Dover.
AVhcn yon want gold and silver lonjncllo eh.iin.-, ask
for Jacob Dover.
When you want sterling silver novelties, send to Jacob
AVhcn you want I lodger JJro's 1S17 knives and forks,
send to Jacob Dover.
AVhcn you want a nice lamp, ask for Jacob Dover.
AVhcn you want the ICarn piano, send for catalogue lo
Jacob Dover,," .,_"--
. -When- you want   first-class .good*",- buy  from", Jacob'
Dover.    ■'_        ,--_.-'_..-'.       .   -     ' -
-  When you want whlchcs' repaired.send them to Jacob
Dover.', ,      - .. , ■'(  .     '-     ,--'"'      '    .,*.       .   -    /
■ When ybu.want. Jewelry manufactured or repaired,,
send it, to Ja'cob'Dover. "' _ _-" ,.,     .
Wlion you want/ to see a complete line of goodi'asabove-
mentioned, call at    - ... _       i   -
Mr. G. Ellis, of P. W. Ellis &
Co., Toronto, will be here and will,
display his. stock of- diamonds ancl
all kinds of precious stones in rings,
brooches, necklaces, etc., etc.
You will have the advantage to
examine these goods.
30 by 120. Baker street, between.■' ,Jo scphhrtj and
War&.sfer-eetk,....-..,...:,,,..,.',.>....,;  t§50u0'
50 by 120, Bake* street^ bdtjvcon JoscpHinc and Hall
.'8treejte,4w.„..,..._._„..,.,.....\.,., ,.,.,.. 4500
i50 by* 120," Bilker street, between Josephine andHall
streets, corner.-.......... , ....,, ,
30 by:i.2g,_J_:a.-Jt Baker gtrcot.-».,».. ...2...-. .,.- .^800-
25 by 120 with Jiiiiprovoinbilte, South side of Verno'ri
street _ ,...., , ,  500ft
50 by 120 with improvements, south side of VcrnOn
street, ...... .... , ....»,....,....,   CQ00
2 lots aiid largo house beautiftillj'f iirnishcd (snap).,. 4000
2J-Iots with cottage rented (it SlSpor monlli, Victoria
street...»*.».. »  ....,!.  3500
I Jot with cottage rented at $1» per month, Victoria   "
street   _,,'.■«..'._„  2500
2,lpts with cottage rented at $20 per month, Stanley
street......  , ,...,....,... 3000
C lots in block ill), all oldarcd and fenced in ..... 2500
Dinner _TraE
!).room house aiid 10 lots set ollt in orqliurd _  j 100
2 lets and iiiiprovcniQn(.s, 52 head1 of cows, 2 horses,
wagons, sleighs, linrnos*-, ftiijl everything ill con«
nectioti with Hurry'srnillc ranch......   ,.'. ,   flflflo
For general inforniatiou on real oslatn aud for further
particular on above prolioriy apply to
JtJME 30th aiid ,fUI_if 1st.
FtoXX 12 o'plbuk to S p, ni.
W~_^__B_D BEOS.
Real Estate and General .Agents, Baker SL, Nelson
rpe *s
Kept; by all grocers and fruit store dealors,
■ Jjime Juice  Cordial, itaspborrv,  Strawberry,
Pineapple, Lemon, Vanilla, QiiiNaptirillii, Chocolate, Collce, Orange, Orange'Phosphnte.
Thorpe & Co.,
Corner Baker and W'ard Streets.
For Strawberries and  other fruits in season,
your order.   Prompt delivery.
Hazlewood lee Cream
'" Ice Cream Soda and
All Kinds of Soft Drinks
Agenl.i fo   Hazlewood Ico Cream.
Notice is* hereby gi veil -(,h(lt "wo Vi'UI .ucli l-ij" imlllio irj.no-
tioil inlj'ont oE.'lilioeoui'tlioiise.iptjho City of Nelson, H,
€_. on Jlanday, the lULli dii.vof .Inly, A. I).. ISjl!), :_it the
hour Of eleven o'clot-k ih the foreiidon, the tolloiviiig
goods i"l,nd,eli!itit;eisi:
(1), 1'J.ie s.aH;._iiil I. ujlding and buildiugs, lined in eon-
■iiccCrou tliorowjl,!), sitMiate «!■',KnIu.p_ '.11: C, Iind IsjlO^wi) ttri
tlie property 6f, irfank Lilvii).
(2). All saAvu.Ul;, i)]iiniligil1i.ll, hnd sftiirgleniill inft'cl-u-
el'y t\nd, plitnl/thei'eili sjiiuato, iiluilifliiigboiloi'fludon^in'Oi
about ',li> linitic power, wlfli pump and nil tijylsupd sup-
tilicxuml allearpriiter ait<;l lihlftk.slniUi tool,-", applinnecs
and supplies, and I i-nmwivy and traip enrs for caruying
lumber, allisitjiate lliand around the said sawmill building. Also ii, logger'* QiitJlt, coiisisl-inf,' of rfludN. trileks,
1.1'ain e'linins, axes ititu otlier togls iinfl supplii-s.,
(!1). Also two sjians of {^rey horsjes. Used nt tliesftwinill.
Also tlie Wvo sets Of double team harness used with the
said teams.
All the above goods nnd ehattols havo ljeon seized and
taken possession of by Harvey _I. Paulson, formerly of
BallnWl, in the slate of AVashington, 'now of Siilmo, U, C,
under two conditional bills of sale, and dated the l(jth day
of. Jmraiiry, A. 1). 18*10, ,to secure S1372.2S, fiiven lo one
AiinaK. Paulson and assigned to llarvoyJl. I'lMilson,the
other dated the '10th day of May, A. 1). lS!i:i, to secure
SCfil.25, and also under absolute bill of sale given as
security to Anna K. Paulson and transferred to the said
Harvey M. Paulson. Upon wliich two conditional bills of
Kale there remains a balance duo tff $1711 12, and the said
goods and chattels Wi II bo sold to satisfy the > aid balance,
and all costs, charges, expenses and disbursements of
said seizure, possession and s^lc.
A full inventory of all articles will be produced at the
time of salo.
Terms cash:
For further particular*; apply to 'ray.or & Humiington,
Aberdeen block, Nelson, 11. C, solicitors for mortgage,
Or to    CHAS. A. WATERMAN :& CO., Auctioneers.
Dated 27th day of June, A. 1). 180!),
Notice is hereby given that all pre-emptors or purchasers of Crown lands from whom tho piueliase money
remaining unpaid on such lands is overdue, are required
to make full payment of such balance, together with
interest thereon, if any is duo, within twelve months
from the date of this notice, failing which their records
or agreements concerning such lands aro liable to cancels
lation, as provided by section 8S of the "Land Act."
Chief C'ommissionor of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, It. C. 2_n«l June. ISilil.
eavy Hardware
Giant Powder
Canton Brill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
and Woodenware .
Stoves, Ranges,
Iron,  Steel,  Sheet
Iron, T-Rails
Paints> Oils, Glass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
asr__!__,so_sr, b. g.
A Volley of Economy that Carries Coivvietioiri into Every. Home In Nelson
Jn spite
of Uio howling success of last "weeks big stock reduction-snip",/sonic'
lines scattered through thecrgekery department escaped the man-'
ng-i-'s priming knife, or the customer's attention. Those, with a score of lucky purchases in other lines, aro your fruit for this week. This sale would'not bo necessary
hod the warm weather come two or three weeks e.-irlicr, but it is our rule in business to lower the stock- befoie our sc-nii-anmial inventory, Wc take our medicine
philosophically and will greet you plensniitly when you come to help us empty our
slielves to tho (juick-stcp time of stock-taking prices.
WE ARE THE EXCIiUS_;v__! AG-ENTS  for m&ny, of the, best lines oi
groceries, and. Always HaVe a freSH, wiiblesoine stock, oh l__a;n_U
Telephone 10.
p. o. box k: &i w.
Baker street West, Kelson
e-x-O., _?-_ap3__: T_rs
Wo Ciii'ry the Inrjjost Kloof*: TUT
Can 1111 your orilors for any .quanlily      XvA«
DesBrisay 65 Co.
Direct   from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and
,    half gallons.
Lake of-the Woods Flour in stock.
Bakor Street West, Nelson, JI. O.
0^__!_S._9-   _HCOT_TS__!   BLOCK
*^"jwjtj^»_i_____i_^^«_a_ai».> »«_v
r^'__>l_»t_^_^^ljw»«r»<*_»'»'" -_wM.'W
a _<___*_ ^_uik.


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