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 RESULT OF PEACE CONFERENCE  May Settle International Disputes.  Tiir Hague, July 7.���The text of the  proposed convention is as follows:  Article 1. With the object of preventing as far as possible recourse to force in  international relations, the signatory  powers agree to use all endeavors to effect by pacific means a settlement of differences which may arise among them.  Article 2. The signatory powers decide  tluit iu case of .serious (inferences or conflict, they will before appealing to anus  have recourse, as far as circumstances  permit, to the good ollices or mediation  of one or the several of. the friendly  powers.  Article ���'*!. Independently of this, the  signatory powers deem it useful that  several of the powers not committed to  this'arbitration .scheme, shall on their  own initiative, offer, as far as circumstances permit, tlieir good ollices or mediation to the con tending states. The  ��� " right of offering their good offices be-  �� longs to powers not connected with the  conflict, even during the course of hostilities, which act can never be regarded  as an unfriendly act.  Article four sets out that the part of mediator consists in reconciling conflicting  claims, and removing resentment Avliich  may have arisen between contending  states. The functions of niediiitioncea.se  from the moment it may be stated by one  of the contending parties, or by the  mediator himself, that the compromise or  basis of amicable understanding proposed by him has not been accepted.  Good offices and mediation have the exclusive character'of counsel and tire devoid of obligatory force.  Articles seven and eight provide that  certain conventions must be entered into  in an event of good offices being offered  during the hostilities, in order to prevent  mobilization or hostilities until the acceptance of good ollices is decided on.  Articles nine to fourteen provide for  the institution of an international commission of enquiry for the verification of  facts, in cases of minor disputes not  affecting the vital interest or honor of  states, but impossible of settlement by  ordinary diplomacy. The report of an  enquiry committee will not force a judgment, leaving the contending parties full  liberty to either conclude an amicable  arrangement on the basis of tbe report  or have recourse ulteriorly to mediation  or .arbitration.  Articles 11 to 19 set forth the general objects and benefits it is hoped to derive  from the arbitration court, and declare  that signing the-convention implies an  understanding to submit in good faith to  arbitral judgment.  With the object of facilitating tin   immediate recourse to arbitration for inter-  * national   differences,   not   regulated by  .diplomatic  means.    Article' 20  provides  .thatthe signatory powers  undertake  to  organise a permanent court  of arbitration, accessible at all the time and exercising its functions unless otherwise stipulated, between  the  contending parties  in conformity with tlfe rules  of  procedure inserted in the present convention.  tmc  SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 8,  181)9.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  The Cable and Canadian Imports.  London, July 7.���It is believed in well-  informed circles here that the all-British  cable conference will result iu the scheme  being carried out almost along the lines  as originally proposed, The imports from  Canada during the mouth of June reached  the following proportions : 14,017 cattle,  valued at ��234,0-1(5; 52,42s sheep and  lambs, valued at =��8,013; 44,070 hundred  weight of bacon, valued at ��73,452; 11,480  hundredweight of hams, valued at ��22,-  037; 11.074 hundredweight of butter,  ���s'ti lucd-at-��22.037-l t974-"hun"dr-ellweiglit-  of butter, valued at ��52,005; 147,752  ImndredA^eight of cheese, valued at ��310,-  221; 478 great hundreds of eggs, valued  at��.i;30; 515 horses, Valued at ��13,098  Venus Ore Tested by a Mill Eun.  The recent test of Venus ore made at  the Athabasca mill hits given satisfactory  results. 'Thirteen tons of axe were run  through, aild a gold brick weighing: 14 ��  ounces will, be shipped east today, The  assay returns of the concentrates have  xlpt yet been received. About twenty  men, are how employed at the Venus* and  three eight-hOitr Shifts are being worked  in each tunucl. The tipper tunnel is in  SO feet ft.ti.tt the lower 50. Men will also  be put to Work erosscuttiilg tlie lead ou  the surface lower down. Tlie new cook  house, 24 x 40, aud office were completed  yesterday.    ____1   The Spirit Wrestlers on the Way.  Winnipeg, July 7.���The first large  contingent of the emigrants, chiefly  Galicians aud Doukhobors, is expected to  arrive today for settlement in the Northwest. On Tuesday they passed til rough  Ottawa in nine special trains. Of this  number eight of the trains carried Doukhobors ancl Galicians. The Doukhobors  remained in 'Ottawa only a short time  and were hurried on to their new homes  in the Avest. Each train had ten coaches  and the number of immigrants ou board  numbered 3500.   Lipton's Advertising Scheme.  Southampton, July 7.���Interest hi the  Shamrock's trial has been greatly increased by the authentative report that  emperor William is sending his yacht  Meteor to ..participate* in- the trial spins,  to take place early next week. Sir  Thomas Lipton in an interview this  af ternoon said the Shamrock  is  prepar  ing as fast as possible. "Tliere is a lot  to be done yet. AVe ought to be able to  stretch her sails tomorrow evening, and  she will be quite ready by Tuesday or  Wednesday, but we are not going to unduly hurry or leave Southampton preci-  pately." The trials will be over a measured course. If the Shamrock takes a  spin tomorrow she will be escorted by the  Erin, with a distinguished party on  board.  NO  INFORMATION   GIVEN  OUT  Keorganizing the   Cape   Forces.  London, July 7.���There was some lively fencing in tho  house  of  commons today over the  government's  policy  with  respect to the  Transvaal  situation.    Sir  Henry  Campbell   Bannerman,  leader of  the.Liberal'opposition, led- the  demand  for information.    After several of his interrogations   had   been   turned  aside he  said:    "It is not   \vith    regard   to   the  bringing the present military  force  to a  proper standard of efficiency that I wish  to inquire, but as to the paragraph which  appears  as  an  official   communication."  Ho . then   read   the   following   extract:  The   commander   in    chief    has     been  engaged in  completing  the  composition  and organization of a larger force, Avhieh  it will be  necessary  to  despatch should  the negotiations with the TransA'aal fail.  " It is with regard to  this  statement of  the Times, which is apparently a iicav declaration  of government  policy, that I  Avish   to   inquire."    (Opposition   cheers).  Mr. Balfour replied: "1  do  not  think  there is any new declaration of policy in  the paragraph, but   I   conceive . that the  Avar    office    would    be    extraordinarily  wanting in its most ordinary and ob\rious  duties if it were  not  prepared  for any  emergency,   hoAveA'er    undesirable    and  however   unlikely,  that  could   possibly  arise."    (Ministerial cheers).  Henry Labouchere, radical member for  Northampton, asked Avhether the officers  spoken of in the communication as going  to South Africa, Avere going into Cape  Colony and Natal to organi/.c the police  and local forces, and if so whether it was  Avith tho consent of the "colonial authorities there. ,r .        *   ,  Mr. Balfour" re plied: "I do not know."  Commander George _ Richard Bethel.  Conservative member for the Holderhess  division of Yorkshire, asked: "Would  the right honorable gentleman stiy in  what circumstances the special officers  are likely to be employed, and against  what enemies of the queen."  Mr. Bal four answered: "My honorable  friend is quite as competent a prophet as  1 am, and it-Avill require a prophet to  answer for circumstances which may  arise."  The Flood in Texas a Disastrous One.  Dallas, Texas, July 7.���Tlie flood situation is more grave today.    The  Brazos  river rose tAvo feet during the niglit and  is still rising.    Life savors from  Galves-  ton started out soon  after daylight and  are doing splendid Avork.    The Galveston  creAv brought in sixty-eight refugees last  night from the high embankment at the  Santa Fe raihvay bridge oa'oi fche Brazos,  where the people had taken refuge.    Refugees are flocking in from both sides of  _the_river���H!oiir_deaths_by-droAvning-are-  reportcd near here  in   the  hist  tAventy-  foiir hours.    Governor Sayrfe  today received il message from Sealey, over the  long distance telephone, saying that 1000-  people Avho had taken refuge on a mound  three miles beloAV there ore $lpwly perishing for Availt. of food.    To add to their  terror, the uijfortunates are surrounded  by poisonous reptiles.    Huddled together  Avith the htunan beings are .several hundred head  Of live  stock.    A number of  those on the mound have received bites  froin the reptiles and are in serious condition.   Baseball Games Yesterday.  Rochester g, Springfield .1.  Rochester 3, Springfield I.  Montreal 4, Worcester 0.  Washington 4, Baltimore 3.  Pittsburg 7, Chicago 0.,  Philadelphia 7, Brooklyn 9.  Louisville G, Cincinnati 3.  Boston 8, NeAV York 3.  Columbus 3, Kansas City 4.  'Milwaukee i, Buffalo 0.  HOLBROOK   TOOK   THE  BURRS  It Cost Him Fifty Dollars.  The whole of yesterday afternoon and  part of   the  evening  was  taken  up   in  hearing   the   case  against  George   Holbrook, who, as sttited in the last issue of  TiiK  Tin hunk,   was accused   by   II.   W.  Hawley   of -.stealing   two   burrs  oif. his  wagon.    Joseph   Ryan,   who for a time  was driving for Holbrook, swore that on  the night  of the   15th   or   Kith   of June  Holbrook left him, saying- he  Avas  going  to get two burrs off a Avagoii, afterwards  returning with them.    He wrapped them  up in paper, - and  'placed   them   on  the  Avagon, saying he  had   fixed the  Avagon  the burrs belonged  to for  the  summer,  Tlte   night's   work over,  Holbrook  put  them in a sack and left them in a Avagon  box   near  the dumping ground,  where  Avitness found them the day of Holbrook's  arrest.    Though pressed very hard by A.  M. Johnson, counsel for the defense,  the  witness identified the burrs and also the  paper they Avere Avrapped in.     The line  of defense Avas that  the  burrs and  the  wagon they belonged to Avere Holbrook's  property, and accordingly a mass of evidence avus adduced as to  the deal.    The  story   giA'en   by   HaAvley   and  William  Ragless Avas practically identical and .was  to the effect that the hitter had agreed  to accept $10 and a scraper.'for. one of his  Avagons.      HaAvley   agreed  provided: he  could turn the Avagon .oyer, again,  and  offered it to Holbrook,. avIio agreed  to  take it in exchange for a truck that Hawley Avas then using and $10 boot, providing the Avagon  suited  him.     The three  Avent up to Ragless  place  on a  Sunday  evening, and  Holbrook  looked  trver the  Avagon and decided to take ifc, saying he  Avould  come for  it  in the morning, and  Hawley and  Ragless agreed  that their  transaction Avould be closed if he  did so.  Next morning Holbrook came down Avith  a Avagon of Ilawkey's he had been using,  Avith  his  scavenging   tank  on   it.    The  tank did not fit the  other Avagon ; Iioav-  CA'er Holbrook drove off Avith  it,  saying  he had another that Avould at home, and  as he Avent threw IlaAv.ley a  neck yoke  and ti pair of Avhiflletrees to go AA'ith the  truck hc had "traded.Avith HaAvley.  Holbrook's story Avas very 'different.  Het claimed in ,efil'ect that lie took the  ���wagon off oir the understanding that if  he could not make it fit his tanks it Avas  to be returned, and that on getting home  he found the Avagon three inches too  small, Avhcretipon ho immediately returned it. He further said that HaAvley  promised to give him back his truck, but  aftei'Avards put him off.  At the close of the etise for the crown,  A. M. Johnson moved to dismiss the information on the ground that the Avitnesses for the prosecution differed as to  when the alleged deal Avas concluded,  saying that Haw-ley had stated it Avas  concluded on Sunday, Avhieh Avould make  the transaction A'oid. S. S. Taylor disputed this, and the objection Avas not admitted. By the time George Holbrook  evidence was concluded it AA'as fl p. m.,  and the court adjourned until eight  o'clock, Holbrook in themeamvhile being  liberated on his own recognizance.  After the recess S. S. Taylor began the  cross-examination of the accused, Avhom  _hc_rather_taiigled_up_-in_inatters_of_de=-  tails. Counsel on both sides then addressed the courts and on their concltid-  hig Holbrdok Avas sentenced to a $50 fine  or tAvo months' imprisonment. The fine  Avas paid,  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  A Word to Advertisers.  Tun Tkiiiunic treats all its ndA'erfcising  patrons alike. It does not bargain oif its  -space to transient advertising solicitors,  nor does it insert outside advertisements  of firms tluit compete with the business  men of Kootenay. ft litis always refused to slid "fake" advertising schemes,  and will continue to do so. Ifc employs  men at good wages. to solicit advertisements, iind no charge is made for either  writing advertisements or making  changes. .  KASLO.  Kaslo, July  7.-���Judge  Forin   hold  a  session of the county court hero yesterday.    The chief case was that of Sausttn  vs. the Whitewater Mining Company in  Avhieh the plaintiff claimed  damages for  injuries   received  Avhile  working in the  defendant   company's   mine   at Whitewater. Howe ver tlte case did not proceed  to trial as an application had been made  by the defendant company to have the  case transferred   to  the  supreme .court.  The plaintiffs claim for damage is based  upon an alleged faulty construction of an  ore chute in  tho WhiteAvater mine,  in  consequence of Avhich.tlie plaintiff Avas  injured by a flying piece of ore.  "  Another  case of considerable interest  was that of Dr. Rogers  vs.  the  city  of  Kaslo.     This Avas au action in .which Dr.  Rogers sued the corporation for the sum  of   $00,   being   the   hospital    fees  ou   a  patient sent to the hospital by the former  council.     The defence of the corporation  Avas that there was no provision  in any  bylaw for the care of the indigent sick.  This  technical  objection   did not weigh  Avith the court avIio took the ground that  if Kaslo had no provision for the hospital  treatment of its poor that it  av.-is  time  that such provision was made. Judgment  Avas   giA'en   for   $00.   the   full    amount  claimed.  of Uitlanders at 21. The importance of  the volksraads action, if the Digger  News tidvice is correct, can scarcely be  over estimated .as it means a compromise  whieli will do much to obviate a clash  between Great Britain .and the Transvaal. In the Bloemfontein conference  the best president Kruger could offer sir  Alfred Milner was the enfranchisement  of the Uitlanders resident before 1000 in  two years from now.   This Avas rejected.  The Victim Was an Englishman.  Niagara Falls, July 7.���Isaiah Warner, of SAvansea, Ontario, whose.card was  found on a body of a man droAvned here  ou July 4th, today identified the body as  of W. L. Reidmand, of the hop exchange,  London, England, AA'hom he met one week  ago today at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, and whom he had not seen since.  Coachman Wants Damages.  Ottaava, July 7.���Napoleon Richer, the  coachman, Avho Avas driving treasurer  Cowan of Carleton county, and his son  Avhen they Avere killed by a train on the  OttaAva, Arnprior aiid Parry Sound. rail-  Avay, Richer"escaping' Avifch his life, but  being seriously injured, is now suing the  company for $20,000 damages.  The Wind up at Henley.  HlCNLRt*, July 7.���The Henley regatta  CJiihe to an end today under tlie most  favorable conditions. The Aveather avus  perfect but the attendance Was. not so  numerous as usual. The racing contained lio surprises aild no close finishes.'  There was a feeling of relief however,  when in the-stewards' cup- Magdalen disposed so easily of the German Crew, that  many predicted Avould win. Tlie cheers  AA'hich; greeted the Avinflers Avere  much heartier than those given  to the other A'ictors, and -emphasized, the  general joy that the trophy Was not to  be taken abroad. There was also much  enthusiasm Avhen the Etonians fairly  roAved down their strong opponents,  Pembroke college, in the ladies challenge  plate, and re-established their claim as  the holders of this handsome cup.  Howell's victory in the diamond challenge sculls Avas also immensely popular,  but he is regarded as an Englishman  rather than an American.  When lady Esther Smith presented the  prizes after the races, colonel Willan, the  umpire, made a brief speech in Avhieh he  Avelcomed tlieCanadian and foreign creAvs.  Weeding Out the Agitators.  Paris, July 0.���It is regarded as probable that general Faure Biguet Avill be  appointed military governor of Paris and  that general Zur'lindcn^ the present incumbent.of.tlit.it post,.will be transferred-,  to the^cdmmand.of an army corps. At-  the -cabinet..'council today the marquis dp  Galiffet, minister of war, announced-the'  arrangements for the military review of  July. 1-1 th, which will take place as usual.  YMIR.  Harry Jackson is just in from doing  assessment Avork on the Nellie K, situated  on the south .fork of "Wild iloise creek.  They have struck a ledge of solid Ore,  varying from IS inches to throe feet-in  Avidth.        "       �� 1  - '-In the Good Hope, 100 feet iii 'the tunnel, J. DoAvar has struck a two-foot ledge  of free'milling ore, exactly the same as  that disclosed on the surface.  Some fine looking rock litis been brought  down from the Independence, OAvned by  C. B. Archibald et al.  A. W. Crittenden is back again, having  been doing assessment Avork up the Wild  Horse.  An outfit left Friday Avith supplies I'or  the Eh'se mine. This property is operated by the Lerwick Gold Mining Company and is situated up the south fork of  Wild Horse creek. A contract for shaft  sinking is being let to a firm of Philanders. The property Avas pre\ iously developed on an extcnsiA'o scale and assays  went in gold $00. It is only about two  miles from the Ymir mine.  The London managing director, of the  Ymir Gold Mines, Limited and party paid  a visit to ymir and the ymir mine Friday and expressed themselves avcII pleased  Avith the result of all they saw.  Arrangements arc being made for sending a represeutatiA'o collection of ore  from the Ymir Gamp fco the great international exposition in Paris next year,  aild Percy J. Gleam* is to have charge of  the same. Prospectors and mine owners  should send in their specimens, Avhicli  should be eight inches square, as .soon as  possible.  The committee for' an exhibit of ore  from the Ymir cam]j tit fche Spokane Industrial Exhibition in October are already  moving in the matter.  ���The? Free Masons of Yinfr have fitted  up a splendid lodge above the store of  Mathers & Kclley, and; next week-, intend  applying for a dispensation. They are  already about twenty in .number, and  another dozen could lie hail from Salmo,  Krio and Wanota.  Hank Noll opened the Yellows to tie hotel at Salmo yesterday.  NELSON.  While coasting on hike street last evening Miss Hatch fell off her bicycle and  received serious injuries in the ft ice and  head.  Burns and Stevenson, who won the  drilling contest here on Saturday, went  from Nelson to Greenwood, aud drilled in  the contest there on the -tfch, beating  Ross aud Murphy by 5.} inches. Burns  and Stevenson drilled 42 inches, in. a down  hole in 15 minutes.  CALLS IT A JIM CONSPIRACY  Wants a Show of Hands.  Attorney-general Martin.has given to  the public a tAVO-coIumn letter dealing  Avith the recent split iu the Semlin cabinet. In the first part of his letter the  attorney-general enters a defence to the  charges which Avere niade against ..him,  and from this he proceeds to state what  he proposes to do and Avhat, he imagines  premier Semlin and his colleague  Cotton tire up to. This part of his letter  reads:  ."Noav Mr. Semlin, having dealt Avith  the three reasons given by yoii for asking my resignation, I beg to repeat-in  Avriting Avhat I stated to you on Saturday, that I did not propose ta resign my  position iu the cabinet, and I charge that  the reasons given by you are only pretenses, and that you have been induced  to ask for my resignation by Mr. Cotton ;  that you aiid Mr. Cotton haA'e entered  into a conspiracy to wreck the present  government and drive from it all the  Liberals, Avith the idea of forming a Gon-  scrvatiA'0 government.  "I am informed and   believe   that  you  haA'e alretidy negotiated with  Mr. Ilelm-  cken   and   Mr. Higgins  with'  a  A'iew  of  their entering a government of this kind.  I  knoAv that   you   haA'e  not   consulted  either Dr. McKechnie or Mr. Hume Avith  regard   to   asking   for   my  resignation.  This contemplated course on the  part of  Mr. Cotton and yourself is in my opinion,  a gross outrage upon the electors  of this  province.   Dominion party lines Avere expressly ignored by the  late- government  and the present government' parties in  the last general  election.    While  it appears thatthere are in fche present house  ti majority  of  Conservatives' that   is a  mere accident and they Avere not elected  as such.    For you therefore to attempt  to    form   a   government   which*   avou Id  depend for its.support upon these gentlemen  avIio  happen   to  be  Conservatives,  would, it appears to me, entirely nullify  the A*ote wliich took place  on July  9th  last.    I feel satisfied  that your attempt  to cany out ii conspiracy of this nature  Avill not meet with success.    -At any rate  you can depend upon eA'ery effort being  made by me to  frustrate  ifc,  and  1   feel  certain   that  the   Con.servatiA'es  of   the  province who voted for the late opposition Avill be entirely opposed to any such  attempt.    I haA'e urged   you   to  call the  supporters   of   the   government  in   tiie  house together in caucus, to consider the  Deadman's   Island  question,   which  has  created such an agitation in   the  city of  Vancouver.    I think that course should  still be adopted, and I  think  in  addition  that it is absolutely necessary now  that  our supporters should be called together  to   determine   Avhether   your  course   in  LACROSSE  BOYS^ COAST  TRIP  Westminster Offers Them the Pot.  The management of the Nelson lacrosse  team has received a favorable reply from  the New Westminster lacrosse.team with  respect to the proposed visit to Ncav  Westminster of the local team. The NeAV  Westminster club offers the Nelson club  the entire gate receipts of the game in  their city if they will visit the Coast. It  now depends upon the nature of the  replies received from Vancouver, Victoria  and Nanaimo whether fche local boys Avill  make the Coast trip or not. They have  ii team Avliich can be counted upon to  do Nelson justice a,nd if anything in the  way of favorable replies are received  from the other cities oil the Coast and  Island they avi'11 make the trip.  Should the trip be decided upon they  will take Messrs. Devlin, Lynch, Grant,  Thompson, McNichol, Howden, Laekie,  Jell's, Hayer, Perrier, Archibald, BlackAvood, O'Brien, Fraser, Rutherford and  Revee. These men have -had considerable experience upon the field and should  make a good showing against the crack  teams of the Coasfc.  Of the individual members of the team.-���{  Fred Lynch,  Avho  would  probably play  point, has played on the Peterboro team  and had an offer this year to  play Avifch  Montreal.  II. E. Devlin may be depended  upon to give a good  account of himself  at  goal.     Joe  Thompson   is almost  too  well known to require any mention and  at   'cover-- point   he   can   be   depended; :  upon      to      gi\'o     his.   check     plenty:  to      do.        W.     F.     Grant    Was     ibr^y  mcrly   a    member   of    the   VaneoiiA'er  team and plays  the  first defence as  it  sliould   be   played.     D. MeNicholl  avIio :  would probably play, second defence did >,:.  some good Avork on the  Peterboro  team;  last year.    HoAvdeu has played in the in-,|  termediate league games  Avitli  Toronto.  Mike La hey avjis a member of the Inger-  soll team   when  Joe   Thompson   played   '  there.      A.   W.   Hayer   playetl    in   the ;���  championship scries in  Toronto  againstW  the Cornwall  team, the  Shamrocks  and: v;  the Capitals.    Alf Jeffs  Avould  probably  captain the team     He played in  the in-:  :;  termediate  games  in   Ontario   and has;:  given a good account of himself on the;'::  local field.    As it home  player A. Perries(((2;  is rather Avell knoAvn and   the same can--?.  also be said of Blackwood in the defence^ f  field.   Revee, Archibald, Rutherford andiM  Henderson ii re also good  meu  iind  frbhijVs  them a team could be made up couldibe;?!  made up which avou Id place  Nelson in|rti;fs>��  favorable position to bid for the lacrffeself  championship bf the province.     ,    r   S^*i���,,  So soon as the other qities of tho  c6^t||  are  heard  from  the local* team Avill|go|��  into training, and A��*in or ]0iiC they  give a good account of themselves.'  SLOCAN   ORE   SHIPMENTS.'  SSSsSI  "miiiiil  f?y  "ciTIIingTor my resignation  is  in  ancowifch their Avislies.    If it is 1  pared at once  to resign,  but I  against your right to ask for niy  ittion."  aceoroam pro-  protest  resign-  Kruger's Compromise Accepted.  London, July 7.���The Digger News  says that the TransA'aal volksraad today  agreed to the new franchise' proposal  av hereby all persons limv .naturalized', stud  persons who settled.in the country prior  .to January, ]SOli,:sha*n-rreceive!.>-the,:-fi;iuK  chise. . -'.Immediate .'���iiewco'ni,er^.^wiJI.'.:--be-.  franchiser! after' seven years' ; residence.  The sons .of ".burghers will 'exercise tlie  franchise at the age of 10 years ami those  Conscription Bill Introduced in England.  London, July 7.-���In the house of lords  today the secretary of state fok' war, the  marquis of Lausdowne, introduced a bill  Avhwk is regal'dod as the thin end of the  wedge of conscription-, and therefore'  likely to ,1'Oudt'r tlfe governnieut unpopular. T1& bill, wliich is entitled the  ;< Militfa Ballot Act," is intended fco si>j:i��  pHI'y and regularize an existing net .prats-  ti cully suspended in favor of voitrtitoei"  elilistnieiifc,, in his speech introducing  the measure, lord Lansdowne core-  fully explained th.it the government only Avail ted it mud the first time.  He repudiated any intention of trying to  introduce conscription, by a side Avind.  Personsally, he said, he did uot favor conscription, but he thought it advisable  that such a bill should bo in readiness if  wanted and that tlie country should  realize how it stands with regard to the  question. Already the Liberal papers  are. attacking the government and asking  what need there is of such a measure unless conscription is intended, and looking  to the fact that recruiting is dwindling  the bill will be regarded with great suspicion.  Politicians Mixed With Assasins.  BKi.oiiADlc, July 7.���-The fireman who  attempted- to assasinato former king  .Milan is named Kne/.cv:ic. He had accomplices. During' Ill's flight Kiie/.evic  endeavored to shout. ..himself.. Several  ;w.qi;e;:irrrested/:yester'(liiy::.'bii'; suspicion of  .���behrg'coiiilectetl with'tiie-'iilTair, including  cx-preini.er Tauchanovics. Another premier, Pasics,vhas been placed under police  supervision.  Total shipped  to July -ifch:    *  Krom Sandon.  J'nynu....,   1.11st ClljllK.'O   .Slocjm te'iiir   S.ijipliii'c   Coin   Ajax-      Sovereign   Ul'c-o   IViDlllOC ^.,.  TrriiMire \*aiill...���  rl'fti(l�� Dollitr   Liberty Hill   Mndiioit      From 'J'lucu Fork-,  Idaho .Mine-   Quuen Hc���   Wild Ooo-c   Monitor   Prom Whitewater.  WljUuw.ili'i"   Jack-on.    .,    tirll    Wellington   l'*roiJi .Ak'tiujtfiii-  AnloijH'   tfiiniblcc   Dardnjii'llt'-        Gi'un' Wu-leni   Krnm.Ny v\_l Jr_n \ er.   iin-uti         Marion        Cipella   From SilvortOri.  Fidelity   Vniicoiiver.   AV'akolicld   Kurily IMH.li   Cofi'Mwk .    ,...���....���.  I'TOJtT Ten Mile.  EntefpHscf   ,   Total tolis..  from January 1st, !$$��&  T  3,527-t.  ^m  y.t%\&  S" 20 "V?5  "S^y  b stisi' ys  yriyy  ��"���i.S��.S"'  f,'"��l$v*:S  S, fl'-y&ffl-y  f.-0), f ���"  ������"���'lni%-..,  ������ytiQ-'-s-  'I'UO ' .:  it"'" i-= :  .  b'M-s"      h  Hiy:  X't ��� ��.  2ilU  ioa" :  x$   .  rm  -���&),  its-,  '3  320  5SU'  IS)  -Wi  lii,��!3  Senators Will Kill the Bill,  ..   Ottawa.    July l\-~~The   Conservative  senators have* deeidfed to :fc!u!0-w out tl��V  G'ralid Trunk agreement bill   tjfijes.s' tlte1  coiruiiohs will consent to .mivt'erialaiue-iKi*  ments.    At a caucus on the bill tliu feeling was unanimous against  the  aeceptr  tuu'C    of    Mr.    Blair'.-;    njiiondi,ifeiifc     to:  authorize the   goveriiiuenfc  t��  tet'ininafco  the    supplementary    tl'tilTie    agreement  on   oih��  year's   notice,  and  a  large majority   was   in   favor  of   putting   both  bills  over   until   next year,, so that the  government could   give the present ex-  peri inetit  a   longer  trial.     Two eastern  Townships senators Avere the only ones in  favor   of   the   governincnfc's   agreement  with the Drumniond   county and Grand  Trunk.    A final decision   was  postponed  in order to see Avhether  the gtn'erimicnt  would bo disposed to substantially amend  both bills.   To Organize the British Porces.  Lo.vdu.v, July  S.���-The Daily  Mail announces this morning that brevet-colonel  Robert. Baden-Powell,  commanding' the  Sixth Dragoon Guards, captain   lord  Edward Cecil of the Grenadiers, and lietiteu-  iiht fche Hon. Algernon Banbury Tracy of  the Royal Horse- Guards, who, according  to the semi-official communication in the  Times  yesterday, have been ordered  to  proceed to South Africa  to organize the  residents, police and local forces at various points  on the  frontier, will  sail for  Cape Toavu today on the steamers Georgia and Dunbar Castle  *:i?-1  ���vim THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. G, ��� SATURDAY, JULY 8,  1800.  m  m-  m  ��� ��!<_,  m  rp  |3  Red, w^ite an;d blue bunting, and flags for decoration purposes.  A large assortment of boy's linen, and ducr\ suits.  Ladies' white an,d blacl, rrjuslin blouses.    Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FERLAND & CO.  KUiol. liloek. Haker SI rod, Nel.-on  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. 0. F. Hall,corner  Baker and Kootoiuiy .street!-, every Tuesdny evening nt  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRKNCH, C. C. G. ROSS, IC. of R. & S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. "Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  EAVART & CATtRJK���Architects.. Rooms 7 and S Aberdeen block. Raker street, Nelson.  FB. HATtPKIl,'musical director, leader Nelson Or-  ���    clicstra.   Musicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone 02.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTKD���To rent a small  furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune ofiice.  WANTED���House to buy or rent, now.   Six rooms and  conveniences.   Apply, J. J. M., Tribune ollice.  "TTTANTICD���A position as choir master, late sclo bass,  ��� -VV ....St. Johns, Liverpool, Kngland, and director Kort,  Rouge, JI. C. Winnipeg.  Oflleo..  Address   Albert Hall,-Post,  WANTKD���A small nurse girl to take care of a baby.  Apply at the ollices of Galliher & Wilson.  WANTED.���Two or three rooms for light housekeeping.   No children.   P. O. Box G5G, Nelson.  LOST���Ladies Gold  Hunting  Case AVatch  on  Tuesday,  between   Stanley and  Latimer   streets   and  the smelter.   Ten dollars reward.    Arthur Painter, Lati-  ���   nier street, west of Stanley.        ��� -:  "��������".,.",  *t .,  .j^U  U  .^, ^.    '  'k::.f*-.*y"fl"'..fl, -,-���> ���-->  'j^mwB-  y-%i-i-LVf"EWTioift'.k-."iX.p.3.i**." ^iR'STf-Y/EA^>To-".��|aS".  ^^^'i|Eife^*^'^o^^1ib�� it "prffimeihli .gssii��efttl_ (  q^^l"e^So.u* ail s��!6lfe"7lhpp"6rt(rii'n& pf, '.the "lape  1 ^.VTitl^^-gov^-fiuilTeiit 'ilredj-Jt,,   The Txirneyr'"  'yy"Mfp$yd^er,&m f q-^V" "��� ^^.'S.  �����|".@|e^e*un|ii:"��; ���gWrn-Sflnqat*. slapi^lcl hp.Vp  'yv(tiSthing2x^hdievPf- t0:d(o"ivith Jthe "scnidh2  i ^i^l^MW-iihepxiyex" 'poliiitiiaus ,,oyey.n t\xe  '^y.Beitd'iuaix fc'lanid 1samMiir"dfetoit&. #.lileli  ^^Hg'Q"*?, ndt concern .itn^boclf hi 'tlrcr ^yov-  '^Jilx^'M^side 41' Vaajcofl-Vfiiv It. ,wOdid he-  VD':5M^n-��^-t/leoinne. io. pass if a. gpxierixiei^c-  y}��idix hadyiohfehpld hVevy tiiiie yaiicou-  *"D ��    n n ^ n " U . o     n ' , "     p  :^   "n^Qts p0liticiaps litttl a  frilling  opts   Vsiji-  ���^ ��q'tiuyselr T)a.s only .about finCs-Si'xtJV of 'thp  : "4y)yAiite jpopiilatiou of trie province^ aijd  it  fe"'about tiiije it Avas told tliat tli-3 other  ""JlVfi-Sixfelis ipteiid to ran tho show.  ���oijrlifc hours ;t day. The chances are,  some of: tliose boycotting mine managers  ���would themselves, be handling pick and  shovel today had it not been for the help  given them in the early days by Bob and  Sam Green. Attempts to ruin men simply because of differences of opinion on  questions of political economy should be  ���frowned doAvn by all good citizens. S. JI.  and R. P. Green have been residents of  West Kootenay for more than a decade,  nnd no men in the district haA'e been  more enterprising and public spirited according to tlieir means. Every lover of  fair play and every wage Avorker should  resent this attempt of alien mine managers to financial cripple . a firm that has  done much to develop Ainsworth and  Slocan districts.  tor in the domestic politics of this province: no more ol' a lac-tor than is its  afternoon contemporary, tho Vancouver  World, in I'tict, the people oi the province are becoming a trifle tired ol' V.m.ii-  couA'er through its press and its poli-  ticians.  The public- in general arc fairly cognizant, of the main  attendant circumstances of the issue, upon which for the  moment we prefer to make no special comment.  The above i.s from the Vancouver  News-Advertiser and refers to the light  over DcjmIlium's Island that litis been injected into the Semlin government by  Messrs. Cotton and iMartin of ViineouA'er,  both'of whom happen to be in the Semlin government. The public in general  are not' particularly interested in the  headman's Island dispute. It is one tluit  concerns      Vancouver     alone. It     is  one between two 'factions of tluit  town. One faction is the local sawmill interest, wliich has borrowed  so much money from ji local bank,  that Avere a rivjtl sawmill started  the mills already there would depreciate  so much that their owners would be required to give the bank further security.  This faction is backed up by minister  Cotton. The other faction wants all the  lumber used on earth sawed in Vitn-  couvcr, and minister Martin stands in  Avith them. Tins Triiuink is of opinion  that neither;Mr. Cotton nor Mr. Martin  luwe shoAvn good sense in alloAving this  loctil squabble to interfere with their  duties as ministers of the ci'oavh.  CI  jC_L.JLj_t!_j  DRY GOODS  BOOTS  AND SHOES  GENTS'  FURNISHINGS  MILLINERY  HOUSE  FURNISHINGS  OI  SOWS BAY  OH PANY.  In order to make room for our fall and winter importations, which are now on the way,  we will offer the balance of our spring and summer stock at a  argain Sale Commencing Monday, July 10th  'Wantjsd���for exhibition purposes only  ���"A British'' Shareholder," avIio is interested   in  ii  mining ������-'.''company tluit   has  ���"-������qi<**fa'b^^^  ".hibitji oii=ttt" Kelsdu.. ��.  panics operabiiig in tlie Sloean are boycotting the firm of Green Brothers, general n^rcbants, Krtslo, because owe of the  m<-inbo;rs of the |irm (It, F. Creeu) i.s a  incniber of the legislatiii'C and a Supporter of tlie Seinliii goverutti-CJit,- a, gov-  cr.nmoiib that is res|ioiisibIe for the pass-  ago of tlie IiiaA- that prohibits men working   uViderground   in . initios longer thjili  -." .^ivsb^rfeo'fie^tejfs'litxye, .befin, p|jiiit<s4v  ] oii ���t��Kei:eigiit:hpii.r qiiestio)!," blip ihe ,sil|i-"  "esti'.strlii";. ils'r..tlie biie- ".ihM apiioai'eCl in��  y-isteiida^'s ^Ih:ingr'-'���Qy;er the,- ^ii.ofiyiiiovis  Signature ol'''l,A B^itisi*,.l��,h{H'(|'li&;lder."    ���  Tnte ^Bctoi,ia;*Cl|iS��|t c|dls. '*��ai*%p^.es^ii^.  stituvtmhi betAyeen  two V^rtcOiiyer polr^  tuift;nlg".a" pbXiti'pttl. 'crisis/' "��� :Mo-,, it is -only  ; 'a :l��ili!teiin.y ejtt ligitt.  OPhb ' "Vtlnccsiiwei" PrOA'ince had bottpj--  ��� ahdef$innd that ft is. not iliueh of a, filer  INCORPORATED 1670.  this week we are showing a special line ;of  FLOWERS  mm & co.  Ifcadqitarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  AND  Away below regular price.  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Nfltiee Isheiplw.giveli tlujt; wo willsell liy public auction in front ol tli(s court liouse, in the City of Nelson, B.  <-.. on -Monday, tlio loth ilni�� of .Inly, A. 1). ISO!), at the  ���hour of ()lev(;ii p��lock in lho forulioon, till), following  g0ods and chattels: b  ill The sawmill .huijdm'g aiM btvildings', used, incon-  neulion lh0ro\vil, 1, situate at. Halmo, B. C.>and kiiowrtas  the property of I' rank Lavin.,  (���.'��. Allsawnlill, ]ilani.iigiiiill1,(i.tul shiuglcinlll maOhili-  cryaiid p ant,therein situate,itielTKliuKboilort'MKlengine,  uboiit.)!! horse power, wilh pump and all tools and supplies and all earptntc-r and blacksmith tool*, appliances  and supplies, and train way and tram cats for carrying  lumber, all situate in and around the said sawmill building. Also a loggers outfit, consisting of sleds, trucks,  tram chains, axes and other tools and supplies.  (8). Also two spaas of grey horses. Used at the sawmill.  Also the two sets of double leam harness used with the  said teams.  All tho above goods and chattels have been seined and  taken possession of by Harvey M. Paulson, formerly of  Ballard, in the slate of Washington, now of Salmo, 11. C  under two conditional bill's of solo., one dated the 18th dav  of January, A. 1). IS!)!), to secure '��1872.23. given to one  A ii na K. Paulson and assigned td Harvey 51. Paulson, tho  other dated 110 30th day of May, A. ll. 18!)U, to secure  6MH.20, and also antler absolute bill of sale given as  security to Anna K. Paulson and. transferred to the said  Harvey jVI. Paulson. Upon wliich two conditional bills of  sale there; remains a balance dim of $171,1.12, anil the said  goods and chattels will be sold to satisfy the said balance,  and all cosis, charges, expenses and disbursements of  said fcoizure, possession and silo.  A full inventory of all articles will be produced at tho  time of sale..  Terms cash :  For further particulars .apply to Tay*or & Iiaimington,  Aberdeen block, Ne son,, H. u.. solicitors for mortgage,  0,i ��i   Wn^ A* WATKItAIAN & CO., Auctioneers^  Batied 2/th day of June, A. 1). laiii.  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  -  Prompt alteiition given to all orders loft al-M. Des-  I Brisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSOST, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1899.  0  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OR1) STRATHCONA AND   MT   KOYAL, Prosldont  'Ion. OKO. A. lmiJMMONI) Vico-Prosidont  I'l   S. OLOUSTON General Manager  M. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BIUNCIIKH  IN        LONDON   (Enffland),   NIBW   YORK,   CHICAGO  and in Mid principal hIUok in (Jiumd.'i.  Huy and soil Sterling  ICxehango and Cablo Transfers  HICANT COMMKUCIAI, AND   1'UAVKI.I.KKS' OUKIirl'3,  available in any part of lhe world.  DHAKTS 1SSTJKD    COI.LKCTIONfl  MAD1C;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RAT1C OK INTEREST PAID  THE   SPICEOF   LIFE.  "No man can have health without a  holiday."  "That's so, and no man can earn a holiday without health."  "Y"ou don't mean to say. you have had  four cooks in tliree weeks?"  "Yes: and that 'isn't' the worst of it,  either!    One of tliem is still with us."  She���I'll bet when Adam first met Eve  he put on an air of superiority.  He���Well, there was nothing else to  put on just at that time.  Persistent Bride���Will you love me  just tis in itch when I am dead?  Bridegroom (absently)���More, darling,  more.  Teacher���And how did it happen that  Joseph had a eoat of many colors ?  Little J'etie���'Co/, lie played gulf,  ina'ain.    We suppose tluit the last intelligent  thought in a woman's mind in a moment  of peril is to wonder how many will seo  the hole in her stockings if she gets  killed.    "I have a number of friends among the  clergy," began the stagestruck lady from  the best circles of society.  "Jtluh !" growled the manager.  "And I am '.quite sure, that several of  them would be kind enough to denounce  jne."   -__"���-- ���; "-    *-' "./, ' '-"���-*, =        -..  = ;. "Popper,.* can't we have -the fourth ot*  J illy now instead of^waiting for it :���*",_, ask-  > ed the niagtwine-editorls little boy;. - *  "i-Cvery one would laugh at us," replied  , tlio father, "if*wo were to do anything so  childish. And, besides, I am too busy  getting out the Christmas "number for tlie  third week in November to have time to  help you." ,  She^-Twenty-three American girls  have married princes.  He���Ah, yes!    I would Iwero a prince.  She���I'm afraid it wouldn't do you  any good.  Ho���Why?  She��� Even jt prince must know enough  to hold his own when a girl snuggles up  to him in a hammock.  -And then ib was just his luck to have  the rope break.      "H^rteiisev" he said> "1 loved yor wuust  anil I do yit, but it ��tu't neve'r be, A  gulft luis come laeTbweoii_yi&"  "HOnri;! lloiri-i!'' the weeping girl im-'  ^ptoi^l^-^ui&i^^  th-em words;"  "I cannot!" he answered. "Onr fani'lies  is ho longer in the sanie class., It is fate.  We must part. I cannot marry beneat'  mo."  "Ol:i, heaven!" she cried, "What has  came over him? You haven't got. I'ieh  .suddenly, because you're weariu' them  $8 clo's yon got last Winter. I must  know tlio troot. Tell nie, Hoiiri, tell me  all, and I will, be brave. I will try to  b&iyit."  Then he gtrtve her a parting kiss upon  her pale, chaste forehead and replied .*  "My ulicle Bill drilv the etirriage \vhat  *\vas liired to take Jelfries to his hotel  from the depot! But I will' always re-  meniber you wit' tender i'eelin*sk"  One of Cleveland's sudden-rich citizens  is credited with a number of lnalaprop-  isms that would have filled Brinsley  Sheridan's dear old lady witli profound  envy.  Some time ago a friend called his attention to a certain popular young doctor  who sports a handsome beard.  "I wonder why Dr. Dash wears all  those whiskers?"' remarked the friend.  "I suppose he wears 'em," said the sudden-rich man in a profoundly sagacious  tone, "to give himself a more matronly  look."  Our liero saw Julia Marlowe as Rosalind and came away from the opera-house  quite delighted.   .  On the street car a friend asked him  how he liked the performance.  "It was splendid," he answered.    Then  lie wisely added:    "What a pity it is that.  that man didn't wzite more plays."  Even-Handed Justice in Atlin.  Tlie first.civil court heldin '���Atlin commenced its session two weeks ago Mr.  justice Irving presiding. Only a few  ctises  of minor importance came up dur-  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is n<>w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on. District.  ing the first few days, but in the case of  Urtiyer vs. Harrison a decision was rendered that put at rest the fears of the  Americans in tlie district that justice  would be administered on tlie all-Canadian plan. Brayer, the plaintiff, located  ii bench claim on Spruce creek last fall,  and upon attempting to record it was  told by gold commissioner Rant that he  had not then time to record bench claims.  Rant Avas appointed by the Turner government. Soon, after the mining recorder's ollice was closed for winter and Brayer was obliged to wait for spring. In the  'meantime the alien law was passerl and  Harrison, a British subject, was advised  of the circumstances by a friend occupying the adjoining creek claim, and proceeding on the more less popular idea of  jumping everything American, relocated  the claim and commenced active work,  spending, all told, about $400 in development and taking out considerable gold.  ..Brayer reappearing, tlie claim wtis laid  over by gold commissioner Graham, avIio  was appointed to office by the Semlin  government, and on Friday judge Irving,  in a scathing manner, rendered a decision  against Harrison, and- peremptorily ordered him to take liis belongings and  quit the ground now occupied by him,  and pay all costs of the case.  Title to the claim will be .awarded  Brayer on July 3rd, the day set for  granting title on disputed claims. As a  great many claims were located by Americans last fall and not recouled for simi-  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly altcudcd to'by a llrst-class  w;heol\vright.   ������. r -.,.--'  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing-and  custom*work from outside.points.  Sh,op:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGKNTS FOR -  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick arjd Liirje Co.  The H. W. IVjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in,  STOVEWOOD  Brick ar)d Lime  time 70�� Cei|{�� per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or. on scows at {fovcrmncnfc wharf;  The West l(ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.       T. G. PROCTOR, Mapafeer  R REJSTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Mns l*sig*ep Beep*  Ale and Popter  I'rolnpfc and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Works  MANOT'ACTIXHKHS OK  ���ENGINES, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON ANB  BRASS CASTINGS OP EVERT DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co,  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS   .  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish churoh.  Heated, by steam. Table board ?i, room and board $5  uid '55.50. ���        .        ���  A colleotion of fine Bolgiunl Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Strictly flrst-class. Hates, ��3 tier week and tip.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNMSIIEI*- ROOMS,'SLVGLEANi** EN'SUITK.    *  Hot, and cold water, baths, electric liglit, dlev.itor and  telephone.   Housekeeping rooms.   Thoroughly equipped  with exits and lire escapes. 5th Hloor Marion block, corner Hivcrsido and Stoveim street*.-'  lar reasons, this case established a precedent that will give property to a great  many who had lost hope, and fixes the  standing of the local court as indubitably  in favor of justice for all, nationality not  considered.  A Question of Manhood.  Salt Lake Tribune.  The  courage of the American  people  was on trial hist year and.they never faltered.    The  manhood   of  the   American  people is on trial this year and many are  falling  down.    For the   very meanest of  partisan purposes tliere are reproaches tit  the government and daily impeachments  of the motives  behind those  in  power ;  though Havana litis become more healthy  than New Orleans and Santiago has a less  proportniiiite  death rate  than Philadelphia; though school houses are spreading  through Cuba, and order and the beginning   of   prosperity   reveal   the   benign  work goin}? on there; the hint is thrown  out daily that there is a purpose to never  "surrender the island, and it can havo but  ono   purpose behind   it,  and  that  i.s   to  kindle   an   insurrection   there.     On the  other hand, our soldiers in the Philippines  are pictured as monsters of cruelty and  Aguinaldo as a-u. unselfish patriot struggling  for .freedom  for himself   and his  people against- a merciless foe.    The truth  is that the American people do not show  up well unless some serious business is on  hand, something so serious that it causes  them  to forget  their  selfishness and to  kindle their honest pride.    A writer from  the Philippines declared recently thatthe  American soldiers, the volunteers especially,   Avere  great   growlers;  that   they  were .indifferent to  details and that the  only  place where  they show what they  really are is on the firing line.    It is a  good deal so with the nation cat home.  Ours is a magnificent  nation in action, a  FULL LINE DF  mighty trifling kind of a nation in-uSnip,  so trifling Lh.it, the people often forget to  be just.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  W. il, Tennant,   Medicine I W. F.  Unbutton.  Victoria  Hat Charles I'ai'ker, Hosslaud  G. O. Rowan, South Omaha | C. O'Donnell, Kaslo  PHAIH.  .1. Hov<ri(ls*(\ Winnipeg  \V.   O.   MiiclCenzie,    Van-  oouvor  Krnru White, Molly Gibson  J. (!.  Diifresne,  Al.liuhuxcn  mine  I*. "McVeigh, Lardo  K. W. Hock, Ottawa")  W. W. Leash, Ottawa  .1. JI. Williams, Slocan City  T. II. Tretheway, (lodorich.  Out  II. Ward, London, Out  J. A. Iveeniiii. Vancouver  T. H. I'utlcr-mi, Ho-sland  (i. H. Fry. New York  B  B  B  B  >c=>-c=>'(3'73-5>-^>-S>'&  ^^B-B^  -^������-^^^BfB-B^B^B^B^B'^^.  rish Ta  !f��^  l*^**  Another   shipment   of   Irish   Tabic    Linens   came   lo hand  GRAND CENTRAL  T. MeMiirchy, Trail  S. .1. Lawlor, Nakusp  K. M. .Mills, Victoria  0. Herald, S.ilnio  W. F. Head les. Salmo  MADDEN.  IC. 11.  Ksmonil,  Forty-Nine  creek  .1. II. NTultey, Hosslaud  .1. Joyce, .Sainton  S, .lacksnn, Sandon  J. Horgol and wife. Nakusp  QUKKN'S  .Maddon,  l.os   Ange-  J. M.  los  .1.   II.   "Mi'Mnmis. llronklyn  II. W. Sinelnii', lirooklyii  ,1. Mcl'.urney, Sandon  J. Wilson, Creston  A. A. .McDonald. Sandon  D. Stephens, Sandon  siLvrcn ICING.  ,1. Jamas, Vancouver  W. II. Onle. Hossiand  A. A. McDonald, Sandon  .1. iMiLc.licll, ltossland  II. Sonicrs, Lardo  J. Graham, Lardo  II. Williiinis, Kamloops  J. Pholan, Ottawa  B  B  B  B  B  yesterday,  are offerino*  ered a  In  at  bargain.  it are included   some splendid  values,  which we  reasonable   prices.     Every inch   may be cons id-  %  W  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  .We have a few pieces of unbleached  dispose of at   40   and   50   cents a   yard,  have some exceptional  values   at   prices  to $1.  linen, which we will  In the bleached wc  from 40 cents  ranging-  In  TREMONT.  G.R. Smith, Silver King  A.   11.  Crowe,   Newcastle,  N. 11.  H. Hislop, Sattburn, Eiik  W.   S.   Hrandon,    Duncan  City  W. Dawson, Uobson  The Tremont Hotel  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  ",-���--'-      Flooring    :  *_.    local and coast. ----  j  Newel Posts :,    :  '"'.���.--- Stair Bail  Mouldings.  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of -ill kinds.  If what you want i.s not in stock wc will make it for you  CALL AND GKT PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  I'KKSIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RKCUKTAKY  <! Planing  iJi:jM*_i*ai,E3aDJ  manufactVSkbs ok1  =DKAriBHSilN"=  Rough and Dressed lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY WdltK 'DtfN'K TO ORDBlt.l  .SUCH AH  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN 6Tqcl��  Glass of ail Sizes and Kinds  Saw-mill 011 Government wharf.  Factory and oflicc, cornci' Hall street and C.P.K�� track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 Johll    Rae,   Ag6Jlt  GOAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of dimension Umber and all kinds of lumber  out. .to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload IotN  Write for pricos.   "'  IV|AL0|IIE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  B  B  ran 0*1 noes   &  $3  per  the  in  dozen  line of table muslins  price ae $1.25,  $1.50,  wc  have  75,-$-  varied  assortment  S2.50,   and  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK   OF   B. O.   BUILDING,   NELSON.  TERMS   C-A-SIH  mmm.m.mm  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  #  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE- AND    RKTAIL  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKKR STItEKT, NKLSON.  Heated with Hot Ain and  Lighted by Electricity  Large comfortable bedrooms and   lirsfc-class  dining'  room.   Sample rooms for commercial-men.  RATES' ��2   REE   ID.A.-'Z-  Mrs, E. C;   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late" of the .Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Meat Mepchants  Wholesale Markets at fielson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City, Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  prompt"FQBwiiRDED tjead Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND,RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer street, jieison E| G- TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS-BY MAIL RKCKIVK CAKKFUL "AND PROMPT ATTENTION.     '  'n  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD .OFFICE,  LONDON,   ENGLAND;  All communications'relating  to  British  Columbia  business to be addressed to P. O.  505, Nelson, British Columbia  Drawer  THe; ilndst.hotel in the interior.  Largo sailiplc roams;   Sten.ni Keatiiind electric light.  COIINER OF WA.RD ANfi VERNON STS,,, NELSON  BAKKR A!sTD *\V*ARD STREETS, SljJLSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The  bed-rooms  arc well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is ilot second to any iii Kootoiiay.  The bar is always slopkod by the best domestic, and  imported liquors and cigai'S.  Tl!0"MA$ iVIADDEN. Pfoprletnr.  Large and woli lighted lleatbd by hot ai  Reasonable rates Siu��)ilu rooms  I'Jleetrjp bells and light in every room  Jtcivovnted (ind refurmKlicd throughout  I-iOTeiU  VICTORIA  J. V. PKIUCS, ProiU'iotor  Revelstoke, B.C.  Free bus ilioet-i all traiuf!  Hourly? street fear to static)*)  Niftht Grill Kootn tli eouueetrou, for tho convciiiencttaf  guests arriving mul dOparting by night, trains.  d. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   .,.-,   <-��/-mvi     -n  s<^^ *���'"���-  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer I   IMtLoUlN,    D. L��.  W. A. THURMAN  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTER��  jgeepts a full linear  ROYAL SEAL ANK KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  And all other brands of the  Kootenay Cigar lanufactuping Company  AT IT'ACTORY PRTCSCS  OF   3STE31SOXcr,   B.C.  leteon Tent and Awning Manufactory  all jK*:x:ixr:Ds OJ  CAHVAS GOODS,  TENTS  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SJJiKS OK TENTS IN STOC'tv  Raker .street, opposite imslolllcc. Nelson  IHEO. 3VC^.XDSOisr  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing" only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE  CO.  COFFEE   ROASTKRS   AN*D    D1CALKRS  AND   COi'FKK.  IN , TKA  Olfer fresh roasted cofl'ec ot best quality as'follows;  ���Tuva and Arabian aiacha, per pound.  ��� ��   10  Java and iUocha Rlend, ',1 pounds        1 00  Kino Santos, I pounds ���    1 W  Siintos Blond, fl pounds  ���   1 wl  Our Special Rlend, (i pounds ;...    l.W  Our Rio Roast, (i pounds..,    '......-���������   I'l").  A trial order solicited. ���; ^'/'^v: y-2y:2y  Salesrooms' 2. Doors  East   of " OdtifejtoWs^BJocKiV/Wost-'  "Bakor -StsoetV". ������'" ^���������:.':'   ���'���'..:������'-,?  . ���V-NBLiSQNi--!B;.d;feSS^  W. P. BIOESON  B. H. H. APPIiBWHAXTB  J. MoPHElB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply  ELECTRIC -SUPPLIES-  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lightlngr for Mines, Towna  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 603. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nel.-on.  MKAI.S AT AIX HOURS. DAY OR XICSIIT  HAKKRY IN CONNKUTIO.V  ���FAMILY AND  I'ASTRY COOKING  A  SPKCIALTY  ONLY WIIITK I1KL1' KMPLOYKI)  iR-      -E-TXTKOR-X",  .   PBOPRIBTOS  MINERS WANTED.  FOB BEHT  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'l'I.Y  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At olllce Of the Duncan Mines, Limited.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  VOR SALK OR HIRE  ���The TiuiKicr Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, requires  six.Kood minora.   \Viigert?3 per day; Hluift sinknig, %.l;M  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Roats built to order. Repairing and flitiiiK a specialty. Sails made and rigRed. Fishinif rods and taeklo  lucuded.   At Go\*eniinent. wharf. Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C.,  SATURDAY, JULY s,  1800.  il-  it  it*.".-���  I��V  I'Kfi  Cool  Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL ft CO.  CORNER HAICER AND JOSKPHINK STREETS. NKLSON  Rubber  Goods  The warm season has  commenced  See   Gilker's  assortment  of   Rubber   Coats,  Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,  and all sorts of general wet weather goods.  P. 0. Store  J.  A.  QIJUKER  Remember the Name  WE���"tA:N0S-;  EMPORIUM  Neelands3  , IL will bo to your 'idvantage to sec our large  find complete stock of Boots and Shoes. We  carry the. following lines: 3. &,. T. Bell, 3:  D. 'King * Co., Forth Star Shoe Go., Foots,  Schu.lt/. &" Co.,-Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Holden A; Co., and other leading makers.  ium  2(1 AND 28 WKST BAKER STRKET, NKLSON  . &^L*i5$&:&!*3"***S-:'^  ' 85 �� - ,   'ii'. ��i  1     1ID_ IM^^ZmriOITTJR   &   CO. |     1  ' sg        - jig ���'&        ,   kS  ���~s>S "          &i "                                                                                ax            ss  as       k b       E  f 11 JUST ARRIVED             I H |  v|0 i  ���:-=���=r^r^ ��� fi U fi  4hMI .- ���        *     *  ^se=. a  Entire Gar of  Springs  From George Gale & Son  m ��� m *  ��  Large Shipment of  Baby Carriag  &  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  &  &      w,  .    3v��^^_JB,TH:TJJR   &   CO- j  KSS  Grove  Hotel   Beer  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isriEiLsoiisr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE . RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Gold Brick Goes to Helena.  Tlio Bank of Montreal yesterday exported to the United Sttites as.say office  at Helen.'! a gold brick valued at. $i 1,500.  It i.s generally understood that the brick  in question represents the last cleanup tit  the Vmir mine, saving of course the values saved   in   the   concentrates.  NELSON.  Tliose employed in the dressmaking  department of Kred Irvine it Co. had an  outing yo-:terday to the Collin ranch  whieh is being managed this summer by  Messrs. AY'nlbey and Keei'er. A very enjoyable time was spent.  W. Fleet l-Jobei'tson, provincial niiner-  ologist who i.s getting together the  mineral exhibit for the Paris exposition,  litis returned to Nelson. Yesterday A. II.  Htichanan, of the Hank of Montreal,  tendered him the several line specimens  which he has gathered during tlie past  few years, and which has been on exhibition in the bank. T-ho specimens tire  unusually large, but as Dr. Dawson litis  consented to allow largo specimens from  shipping mines Mr. Robertson was able  to accept them. They will be packed for  shipment by J**1. M. Chadbourn who has  charge of the local exhibit.  'VV. G. Gillott lias secured the contract  for the erection of a $2500 residence,  which is to be erected on tho corner of  Victoria and Falls streets for 3. M. Lay,  manager ofthe Imperial Bank of Canada.  W. A. Thurman left last night on the  steamer Moyie for a month's visit to  AVinnipeg.  The annual church parade of Nelson  Loyal..Oriuige Lodge Avi 11 be held on Sunday morning to the Methodist church tit  11 o'clock. "  The members of the smelter band have  agreed to parade the city and play in  front of the opera house this evening  when the Lyceum company give their  performance in aid of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital Society.  Messrs. Rockenfieid and Caverley, who  have'been best known as the pitcher and  catcher of the Nelson baseball team, left  For Rossland yesterday afternoon. Jt is  generally understood that they will join  the Bossland baseball team in Avhieh  event the local nine will have their work  cut out in any match with the .Rosshmd-  ers on labor clay. Rockenfieid ancl Caverley are both good ball players but they  were imbued too much with the professional spirit, and as Nelson is not hirge  enough to maintain- purely professional  ball players tliey have decided /tb go to'..  Rossland."    "-        ��� ".*'--.-.  ���' Thelacrosso club has some $500'or.$(i00'  iii their coffers, and they aro'going to  hold a "meeting tit S..'3() on Monday- evening at tlio fire hall to decide" what to do  with it. A trip to Rossland and also to.  the Coast are contemplated, and the  question of uniforms is likewise to be discussed. A large attendance of players is requested.  Local real estate men report that the  demand Lor houses for rent increased  rapidly the last day or two. 'Real estate  is also moying,"and a, $2000 deal Was put  through yesterday, though the names of  the parties are temporarily withheld.  The Rossland race horses (Rossland  and 55) that were sent over to Greenwood  because their alleged owners said they  had received unfair treatment in Nelson  in 1898 cut no figure in the races. They  did not even win a place.  Thp Nelson Gas and Cokes Company litis  not yet decided upon the site for its  works, but that the negotiations tire  nearihg &n end may be gathered froni tlie  fact that a l'nsh order foi( the  necessary  iron work and pipe has been placed with  the Fcononiical Gjis Apppnratus Supply  Company of Toronto ami London, Fng-  land. the parent of the local company.  The gas holder has been ordered from the  Stacy Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.  JI. C. Cummins of the Rodega cigar  store is milling a- Mersey sailing canoe.  The canoe may be seen behind the saloon.  C. McGinn, accountant of the Hudson's  Ray Company, left hist niglit for Winnipeg, whore he will be married on Monday  next. After spending a, two-weeks' honeymoon in St. I'an I and Chicago he will  return to Nelson.  Captain .1. W. Troup returned last  night from .Rosebery, where he gave orders For t he overhauling and re-painting  of the steainer Slocan, which is now on  the ways. The repairs to the steamer  will take about six weeks.  The ladies' aid society of the Methodist  church intend giving an ice cream social  in .the Oddfellows' block on the evening  of .July 12th, after the Orangemen's celebration.  "Jiory " McLeod, one of the pioneers of  Ainsworth, but who has of late-been  prospecting in the western part, of Yale  district, i.s in .Nelson.  Judge Spinks of Vornon arrived in  town yesterday.  James iMartin, M.P.P., of Rossland, was  in Nelson last night on his way to New  Denver on business connected with his  mining interests there.  The first.annual church parade, of Nelson Loyal Orange-Lodge-will be held on  Sunday, July 0th, from Fraternity hall in  the Oddfellow's block. All members and  .sojourning brethren are 'requested to  meet at the.hall at 10 o'clock sharp.  (39  OO  v>  CO  OO  vfitf?  CO  ���1  C3  GO  m  r���  OO  oo  CO  A Ring of Beauty  is a Joy to Both  Giver and Receiver  STANDARD  QUALITY ,  NEWEST STYLES  BEST FINISH  FOR SALE  BtJSINKsS AND itB.St-i>KN"fX-Alj  IMOPKKTY  ���30 by  12fl, Baker sti'COU between Josephine and  *Wav(l streets, , ��SQO0  60 l��y 1120, Bilker street, between Josephine nnd IJftll  streets ,, ......,....��,   1500  50 by 120, linker street, between Josephine and Hall  StrefetSi corner.   ."10 by 130, East Baker street.    SOO  23 by 120 with iiSVprovemoiits, south Side of Vernon  Street,  , ....'.  SOOO  SO by 120 with improvements, sotith side of Vernon  ��� street,....,...,...    BOflO  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (Snap).. .1000  2i lots witlicottagerented at ��15per month, Victoria  Street   itiOG  1 lot with oottilKQ rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  " .street  2500  2 WU with cottage rented at ��20 pot' month, Stanley  s>cet ........... ,.  3000  0 lots iii block III), ail: clouted and fenced in  2500  l'"or guneral information on real estate and for ftirthor  particulars on above property apply to  Tliey always sell where iiiij thing will, and cost no  more than llio.-eof doubtful reputation.  When you want diamonds Write to Jacob Dover.  When you want wttlnlics .-.end to Jacob Dover.  Wlioii yon want gold and silver loiynet te chain.-, ask  for Jacob Dover.  When you wants! erliiiK silver novelties, send to.laeob  Dover.  AVhen you want Ucdger Bro'.-i 1SI7 knives and forks,  send to Jacob Dover.  When you w.uit a nice lamp, u<,k for Jacob I lover.  AVhen you want the Karn piano. Mini for catalogue lo  Jacob Dover,  When you want first-ela^s goods, buy from Jacob  Dover.  When you want, watches rcpnircd, send thnin l.o Jacob  Dover.  When yon want Jewelry manufactured or repaired,  send ii. to Jacob Dover.  AVhcn you want lo seeaeompleteliiie of goods as above  mentioned, call at  JEWELRY STORE, NELSON  Heal I&tate and General Agents, Bilker St., Nelson  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  For Strawberries  and  othor fruits in season,  your order.   Prompt, deli very.  Hazlewood lee Cream  lee Gream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  Leave  Kept by all gi'Ocers. and fruit, store deulom  .Lime ,I.i:>ice Cordials ita.spb(!rry. Strawberry,  Pineapple, i.cinon. Vanilla, Siirsnpnrilln, CJiOe-  Oliite, Cojlee, Orange, Orange I'liOsphate..  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NKLSON  u.Md'l'urj.  AND  (SAZLISWOOD)  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream.  5-sSV  AINSWORTH LICENSE DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given I hat the undermentioned person  has made iipplicatinn under the provisionsof the "Liquor  Ijicense Aut, IS!)!'" for an hotel ut'AInsworth.  Mrs. M. McLellau.  A meeting of the board of License Commi-sioners of I lie  Ainsworth Licenso District will be held lo cdiisidcr.siich  apii lieu tion. at. Ihe Court House, at Ihe City of Kaslo, on  Monday, 2llh day of July, ISM), at the hour of eight  o'clock'in the aft-rnoon.  WAI. n..lH*LLOt.'K..\VKHSTKI{.  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Police Olllce, Neh-on, B. (.'., 7th July, 18!)!).,  Ice Gream Soda  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT ST0R.E  Fresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nolson Wine Co.  Telephone !��. HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STHKICT. NKLSON  (Kx-Sherill* of South lvootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER ..':."  - Cash advanced on consignmenl-sof merchandise  Postoilice Hox 572 . Nelson, li. C.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR .  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware .  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  n-sr-ELsonsr, b. c  Buy  Your  Groceries  and  Provisions  of  Kirkpatrick  &  Wilson  and  You  Will  ���A4waysr���=  REMEMBER WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR  CROCKERY  AND  GLASSWARE  TELEPHONE   OR    MAIL   ORDERS   PROMPTLY   FILLED  If You're a Stranger  And in iloiilit where to go to  gQt good  gondii at liontst prices, jt.sk your  neiglihoi' aWufc. tis.,    It ui'tUeri-i not. wfiiifc part.  know 'Us, 'md if yniv aro out of   Uie city drop  yuu will get full particulars by return UiiUl.  of  t'lia city you  a line to box (,)S\  ire. in tlmy all  Nelson,  when  3-Pound Box Cream Sodas 35 Cents  M. DesBrisay & Co.  General Grocers  NELSON, B. C  FRUIT JARS!  S!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Bakor Street West, Nelson, 11. C.  PLtTMBBES,   ETC.  Q&lSJElJtL   HOUSE   BLOCK  .   f:3S^?A:.^1t��Vili^t--,ra*^"-.^*i��^


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