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Everything Running Smoothly
Tlie first thought  apparent  in  eA'ery
one's mind yesterday  Avhen   they  arose
Avas, Avhat Avill the Aveather be like?   But
a glance  at the sky allayed  every  one's
fears  for the morning   Avas  bright  and
beautiful as could be Avished, as   befitted
the celebration   that was   to take  place.
Baker street no longer a  plain   business
thoroughfare,   Avas  a   thing   of  beauty.
Trees had been placed on both sides, and
there were bunting and flags galore from
the west end  of the street  down to the
east end where the  decorations on judge
Form's   residence stood   out conspicuous.
The trades'  procession   was  scheduled
I'or 10 o'clock, but it was nearly 11:30 before it started.    When   it   did   come   no
one remembered the waiting.    It may be
said without   boasting that   such a  procession has never been   seen in Kootenay
before.    All agreed that many more pretensions   parades   gotten   up   in    much
larger cities  fall ghort of yesterday's exhibition   in   the  taste,  originality   and
beauty Avhieh characterized all the floats.
There Avere fourteen   floats in all, though
Reisteror & Co., the Hudson Bay Co. and
the  Miner  Printing  and   Publishing Co.
did not take part.  The float of the latter
A\ras pied.   Manager Waterman, mounted
and in gala array came  galloping  round
the corner.   .The Miner float  (led  incontinently and   was  unfortunately  unable
to take any further part   in the proceedings.     The   parade   Avas   led   by   A. J.
Marks ou   his   race horse, then came   the
band, which was  followed   by a detachment of the  Nelson rifle  company,
hind them were the uniform rank   of the
Knights of Pythias soldiery and martial in
appearance as ever. The Trail band came
next and closed  a fitting  prelude to  the
parade that Avas to   foi Ioav.    Next  came
the   floats   in   the   following order.    The
children's float with nearly forty  pretty
--'children,'P. Burns■&  Co.,  D.  McArthur
&   Co., Kootenay   Cigar   Manufacturing
Co., M. DesBerisay & Co., Nelson Planing
Mills, Fred  Irvine & Co., Neelaud's Shoe
Enipori mn, Hudson  Bay   Co., J. A. Say
illOW, TlMIlUNl'l
Association, C. E. Chase
and then the Salvation Army band.
Then followed a number of callithum-
pians, tAvo of Avhom seated in a donkey
cart and represented a nigger and his
"honey" created roars of laughter. These
Avere Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, and the
former got the prize for the best calli-
thuin in costume.     There  Avere also  ah
farina, generally known as Dago Bill,
mounted on a cayuse leading an old time
time pack mule loaded with pork, representing Iioav meat Avas packed into the
Kootenay by Wilson & Perdue in 1893.
Following this Avere W. 3. Wilson, Kootenay manager of the present company of
P. Burns & Co., and Thoburn Allen in an
elegant top buggy drawn by a handsome
team of carriage horses, representing the
present head offices of the company.' Jn
the rear Avas a car draAvn by six horses
in which Avere ten employees of the company showing the different processes
through which the meat goes before being placed on the breakfast tables. Tlie
live animals were taken as the procession
moA'ed along the street, butchered, hung
up and'thc different parts cut up ready
for market;.
R. lleisterer <te Company's brewery
float Avas unfortunately prevented from
joining in the general parade OAving to a
break doAvn in the wagon, but it is deserving of-.special mention. Mr. Reisterer
had gone to a great expense in fitting up
a display of the goods manufactured at
his establishment. Sheaves of barley
were imported from southern California,
hops from Washington state, and the
Be-J^Avhole process of brewing the beer that
"makes Nelson famous," was represented.
Seated on the throne in the front part of
the float, was a representative of king
Caiubrimis, a German king avIio first
breAved beer in Saxony in the year 1240.
At the rear Avas a representation of a
German beer garden, from Avhieh refreshments were served to all who desired.
In the center of the float Avas a large
chip cask of fifty barrels ■Avliich represented a whole brewing.
The Hudson's Bay Company Avere particularly unfortunate Avith their float,
■Avliich Avas one of the most attractiA'e features of the procession. Through some
misunderstanding Avith the committee
just as the procession Avas about to start
it .'was found that the float had been
built tAArenty-tAVO feet high Avheii the
Avires across the streets Avould only alloAV
a float of twenty feet to passunder.
The  car Avas;Arery  tastefully decorated,
~_.     n.      _.■_ ..    ■.-     no     .n., P...-."--, P PP. '      _Vo    .?_        „-      _. n __.n,_        __.,
, "$iaMcu/r$r|.i^^^ B^rtiey,
'-"_il tfi^CEltl^ Minnie-'
,"^-^W-, .<_*_ .,*....._* "^-"^^'Me^iiiav
HlCyAyood, -
_An'ine^l^AV(&t, ""KaM§"""ileBli.e.-,^lttagg,fe
;fMePJ!e"i"B%# Blanche tf&ek*
°S&n]rEffi Nellfe' :Annabl<3, Lulu
JEvjv   McB.ri.y,    Iha^ McKay,
^ilclirlst;: ^       _	
Mxxbei McKddr, Lottie loVieor, Eva Mc
yiedr,  Marie   JTOrfcoUj   Dora   Hamilton,
J\ose Itiuiiiltoji, .B-ilti'ieej Pfeffei-, Edith
Gelia irr_!sser, Greta Macdonald.
feed Irvine & Go. showed another very
JiaiidS()!iie .float.. Ml opinion wliich the
jiidfes evidoiiily shared, as they awarded'
■fjtleiu tlie sdeppd ypri-Ae. The float was
BiU'ihojuyted by ah linuiense horseshoe
draped ill red, wliite and blue, and in?
" scribed Avith the Word 'Welcome.' Tlie
Avliole float was", luiiidsonlely draped 'and.
jiung \v|fch bhiitiijg, and at pach corner
aviis a piWav of ear:pefc3 on which; Avere
Hags, the union jack, and the Canadian,
English and; Irish national standards.
Tlie party on tlio float included two boys
in pretty fancy costumes, and the head
Of the firm, Fred Irvine*
The float of the Kootenay Cigar Maiiu-
facufiug Company could be recognized at
at a glance, for it carried as its emblem
a gigantic cigar. Under the canopy Avere
seated the AVhite-shirted cigar-makers,
Avho distributed some of their firm's excellent Cigars among the droAvd. Bunches
of raAv leaf Avere hung about the car,
which Avas tastefully decorated With flags
and bunting.
The Miner Company had a well gotten
up float descriptive of the art of type
setting, but, for reasons chronicled above,
it took no part in the procession.
The Tribune float Avas an unassuming
affair—just planks on Avooden rollers and
labelled "The Old Timers." Ou it the
foIloAving Avell-knoAvu old timers stood:
Harold Selous, E. C. Traves, T. M. Ward,
H. Ward, J. A. Gilker, T. Madden, P. Goldsmith, John Blomberg, A. H. Kelly, John
Houston, George Wilson, Silas H. Cross,
and John Miles.
P. Burns & Company's float Avhieh received the first prize, consisted of tliree
parts.    Iu  the  lead  Avas William Brusi- |
_L u       T   io u     D ■ Cf nj    P"&i u tn &tn    n „ ._ „ u, - -  ___-_.
- shovels-,"" si<OTjc:j«J°ifect^
and Finnigau had been shut o!T at the
initial bag ami Yates Avent out on a, foul
to Partridge the hit did not result in any
addition to the score.
In the fourth inning the visitors added
tAvo runs to their score. Rutherford got
to third after an error at tliird and Weeks
advanced him with a nice hit to right.
Fawkes followed with'a safe hit Avhicli,
together Avith an error in left, produced
a net result of two runs.
There Ave re just three men to bat in
the fifth. Finnigau and Rush struck out,
and Yates who followed was caught out
at first by Partridge, In the sixth, however, the batting of Weeks and Fawkes
told. After Haas and Rutherford had
been retired McDonald Avas sent to first
on balls. '• Weeks and FaAvkes then
dropped in hits and McDonald scored.
In the seArenth Fiunigan Hied out to
Eacritt, and Rush, Avho followed, sent a
fly to Mills, which Avas gathered in. Tho
inning closed by Yates striking out. In
the eighth inning Rockenfieid struck out
Haas and Rutherford and McDonald went
out at first.
The last run Avas scored in the ninth.
After Weeks Avent out at first, Fawkes
got in a two base hit to tlie right field
and scored on an error at third.
The home team did not score until the
fifth inning. The first man up Avas Partridge, avIio Avas sent to first by being hit
by Rush: He stole second and third and
traA'el led home on an error by Weeks at
thirxL Four runs Avere added in the sixth.
Eacritt opened it up Avith a safe hit.
Houston got to his base on an error at first
and Waters scored both men Avith a two
base hit. A hit by Caverley and a fumble of Moore's hit to second evened up
the game. „   .'
In the seventh inning Houston got in a
tAvo base hit after Eacritt had beeu
struck out. Waters, Avho came next,
drove the ball out for three bases and
Houston scored.* Rockenfieid then got
in a three base hit and Waters scored,
aiid Rockenfieid aftei'Avards stole home.
The Nelson boys struck another batting
streak in the ninth, ..when. Fawkes,-who
was put In tlie box after the seventh in-
B a well-bred, racing looking strawberry
roan won the first heat easily by a length
and a half.    The city band paraded down
the street.after Avhicli the horses entered
for the quarter   mile   for   Nelson   horses
lined up.    There were five of them, Kelly
«fc Sleeper's Speck, A. J. Marks' Fly Binder,   Blake    Wilson's  Butcher    Boy,  .1.
IIirsch's Molly   and  P. 3. llussell's Oleomargarine.      The   public pieforeneo was
divided      between     Marks'     black    and
Hirsch's bay'mare, and these two fought
out the finish together,the latter winning
a   good _ race   by   half   a   length.    The
judges  did   not   place   the  tliird   horse.
The second heat of the open quarter then
came up with the.same result, save  that
Jennie B's jockey let her go at  thecfinish
this time, and she avou by at least  three
lengths.    Great interest centered   in the
second heat  for the  Nelson   horses,  and
the" race   Avas  eAren   closer than before.
Fly Binder and Molly Avere  ahead of the
ruck and  came racing neck and neck for
the Avire.    When a feAV strides from  the
winning   post,   Molly,  splendidly ridden
by Patterson,  came out and   won   very
cleverly by a neck.    It was tlie prettiest
finish that has been seen in Nelson  for a
long time.'
'.«■ * #«. 4jw»"n_ju,"s _ _. ry-lSa-»* «■, *& «»■ ** w.*'_**sT.,w_-n\-.3»,°r«9.YjJ*,,;r*i&
^nauJup^Jbut^he'^vas^'i'etired. on *a*fiy%Oy
,,M,".i u.-,i.s r-'«Tft",»; 'if*."" ■■ as'"""!''v > ;., »««n »/s"n _%»-"i"_ .;;.-&'■
"thu'dH«u_bnston" ^
The Firemen's Eaces.
The unexpected happened in the firemen's sports, in that Nelson lost the hub
aiid hub race Avhieh Avas looked upon as
a safe thing and won the wet test, which
Avas virtually conceded to Rossland. The
huh and hub'race Avas as pretty a sight
as could be wished for. The Nelson boys
got considerable advantage at the start,
aiid over the first half of the course
maintained a nice lead, but as the
teams1 passed the Bank of British
Columbia the Rossland boys crept up
upon, them and for several yards the
teams ran on eAren terms. Through the
heaA*y portion of the road tlie Rossland
boys gained, and Avhen they crossed the
line they had a good three foot lead.
The time for the 200 yards which Avas
OA'er a very heavy road was giA'en as 23i
seconds. The names of tlie Rossland
teams as published in The Triuunk Avere:
yt -^lmw^^W-Aiiaii;"^!: i$mxywiimny
J in   °       n*r__"   n 0* tlii.     "WmnrVll:      iSJ'.'qU' ■ „!.  ld il o „        fi      d    S . 1 nL1 &"n     u    Jn u  ^        ~G_   nZ7nD .
,Joj?al*teaii.i;'"Wfe..ni.ad.e;np:Of :»V.'®hoiSp^hfA
itpfpjy""""v"*"-"»-°*3/ - -•-"-  ■- - "»^s-"" -•* --'- *"- -
;tIiei"£u'nlb]|^of - l^ihrsMg x3Sffi'&$ifcG}ifi£
iJbun-d'ed-"#t*'a. "^feFle^f^f^
5shoAjjed"tthe1buslnessJ^;oi* the^fimn to;*'goocE
•allA'-antage:. ? It tppK% -the* .fprni". of sa.-smajl,
house in which- Aveije: displayed -saurples
n-uuJ^ "i%   u        ui u     i^i-u n   jtn   '     n   D no'   o* d°d-'      - ,^»   .       n     n     un      n*1' !*     a  m jfi 4_i _:i     ° .*■ "□   ' n     y n
Av;6"r^'.."OF"nt'h,o f'h^^
. "doot%\ri*^G,\ii;dfi!'g^ *«.". ~ ("y "■
The:' -Nl^iont ^W°. .xi^^ld^^^^ll'S^?
_ 'theurJ5kw|iii(l^ "d * log &6^ iiipilsj":
"bjj 3§ ineliesj iGieet long ayll,rcokt%iuiug
p\fm J500 ciibicfeet of - $Iuib;ei*... "^ifrthe
secOhd car Avere samiiles o5f"tMe" work
turned -Oni by the ■plaftingottiH^ which is
M. Des Bi'i§ay &" ObiiipahV. whoresal^
and retail grocers, had a very attractiA'e
■display, showing to good advantage the
goods in Avhieh o*n<3 of Nelson's leading
tradesmen deal. The ear Avas very tastefully decorated, and along the line of
; march packages of Imperial tea.j' Which
are. plit ftp in packages by tlld firin were
dlstribiitiSd anioilg the sp^dfratoi's.
Neelands' Jloat r§pr&s_iltfed his biifSiiieSs
ill tile form of an ijri'iuOi'tse slioe Aei'th the
old AVoiiian "who lived in» a shoe and had
so nUHiy (jhiJdren that she did pot know
\fhab to do." The Jkiat was very attractive and Was tlie only shoe llpat entered
iii tho processioii.
C. E. Chase, fI'liitei'^i' in-id confectioner,
bad a float .e-hdWliig the goods he handles
at liis store on Ihxll street.
The Ball Game,
Fully 2000 people Witnessed the base
ball game between the Blair college team
and tlie local nine, and had the satisfaction of seeing the Nelson boys bat out a
victory in the seA'-enth innings. The visitors opened the game well. Weeks Avas
tlieir first man to bat and lie started the
game Avith a safe hit aud Avas folloAvedby
FaAvkes, Who made a safe hit to short.
Au error in the left field and a stolen
base by FaAvkes Avith a passed ball converted the tAvo safe hits into as many
runs. The next man up, Grobel, sent a
fly to second Avhieh Avas gathered in by
Eacritt. Finnigau struck out and after
Rush had been given his base on balls
Yates struck out and retired the side.
The Spokane boys did not score again
until the fourth inning. In the second
Haas Avent out on a foul to Caverley, aud
Rutherford, who folloAved him, Avas retired at first. McDonald got his base on
balls, but Weeks Avent out at first and retired the side. Rush got in a hit off
Rockenfieid in the tliird, but as Fawkes
"    .-A'B
■   R
Mil VO A,
"SVeofcs;,'3&  .
 ,.....-,       5
3     2     2
.Gi'dbfl; $i!v*. »"..
:,,,.,ilfl,...:y, • ""5/
' (I    -X    *
* 0     ,'i   " -2
; HM-iriigjuiv lbs... .,»■
 .',..,.,".,:..-.     &"
. 0
.0;     Ss    p"
..HiFsliV'])*^ 1(. ...,'..._• _
.,,..,...«...    r
■ ,i; ■ M. .o.
YatcHfJf :,,.■.„..„»„.,
..,.,-. .__.-.   "t"
0'^  ,V ""0
"'HiiSs, d..,..,,--'«•„.-••
Q'   "f23   ..'0„
....,.,     ■■!!
«'   2   :& ■•
• ()
' MoDBiutia; 'M	
_.,.,...        ;l
O1     0     '1
r8    '/f    -11.
Bli   FO   A
t "Houston, jsg.!	
  t.       -a
2      1      5
vyateri.,':lb;..,. ,.,.
 .......       i
■}'      0       1
I     10,      I
Gaycfloy, <i.	
............       <o
'2      .1,  *' ii)'
I'at.ti.KlK'c, lb.......
.,.,        n
0     11       1
"Afooro, ft ■■
.......  .....       _>
I      1.0
Wills, of	
2       1       0
0      t)      0
Eacritt, 2b	
1      2      2
—   "        -o—            r—1
1«     27     1!)
then with Mataafa. Tanu and his chiefs
readily agreed to give up their arms and
staled that they were prepared to accept
any form of government the commission
niight recommend, even if the kingship
was abolished. Mataafa also readily
agreed to give up the guns held by his
party, but insisted that-as the weapons
were the private property of the natives
they should receive compensation for
The commission issued a proclamation
stating that guns Avould either be returned or proper payment made for them
after all troubles had been settled. This,
of course, means that payment "will be
made, as it would be folly to return the
Avcapons. Mataafa's party also asked to
be represented by attorneys before the
commission, but tlie request avus declined.
After Mataafa's men had turned in eighteen hundred rifles and tlie Tanii'supporb-
ers a thousand more, Tanu avus invited
onboard the Badger. There he Avas informed that the commissioners supported
the decision *of chief justice Chambers,
and that Tanu had been king of Samoa
ever since the decision had been rendered.
Claim Jumpers Imprisoned,
"Seattle, June 30.—-Advices from the
Atlin mining district are to the effect
justice Ii-A'ine, avIio was sent into the district by the provincial government to
straighten out the tangle caused by the
alien exclusion act, has arrived there and
has settled many disputes over locations.
He has decided that the original claims
located before tho passage of the exclusion act, shall stand Avhether the
locators be Americans or Canadians.
Several Canadian claim jumpers haA'e
been imprisoned.
Ihe Argonauts Keep Up Practice.
"Hi-NLKv, June 30.—The members of the
Argonaut Rowing club of Toronto today
tried a new four-oared boat loaned to
them by the London Rowing club and
found that the boat suits them admirably. They did the full course
against a gale in a rainstorm  in 9   nn'u-
"" xni\
On the Steamer Ridout.
Victouia, June 30.—The steamer City
of Seattle arrived at the outer Avharf this
morning Avith returning Klondikcrs Avho
brought gold estimated at $100,000.
About half of these passengers left Dawson on June Mth and the others on the
10th. Those avIio left on the 14th came
up the river on the steamer Ridout and
had an exciting passage. The steamer
struck the rocks at Five Fingers and
crushed her false deck into splinters, and
at Thirty-Mile, near Avhere the Doom-
ville met her fate, she ran on the rocks
but was floated without great injury.
The quartermaster Avas thrown oyer-"
board and (was rescued by sonic of the
-Among  the  lucky  passengers are the
following, Avith the amounts  credited   to
them: Ike Swartz, Portland,  $20,000;  H.
Stevens and Avife, $10,000: F. Conrad and
Thomas Blake, $18,000 each;  A Bon 1 ton,
$30,000 ; II. G. George, $7,000; A. L. Spots,-
$5,000; P. A. Audet, $5,000.    The miners,
say tliat-the greater  portion of  the gold
will conie out by. Avay of St.  Michaels; as
the miners  prefer   the all   Avater  route,
thinking  it  safer,   there   not; being   so
many transhipments.    They  say  that it ;
is useless for any  man   to go to  Dawson
in   search  of  work,    lie   would be  two
years too  late.    Labor can uoav be  had
at rock bottom Avages.    It is equally useless for any man to go in Avith the intension of prospecting with in  a  radius of
DaAvson.    All ground   where any  colofs
can be  found,  has been  takenlip.    The
latest finds are the benches. y'-'':2-'~:
Sifton" SJef-atea^Bratfe
,' . .  ^  °V       ..-..-a,-...       4.      ."        *-" ,._    flp _£._m_
New Smelter for Toronto.
Toronto, June 30.—Seaver,...of-Wells-"
man & Sea ver, the famous American furnace builders,  who "-are" at present erecting plants in Russia,   Germany and England, as Avell as in the United States.and
.Louis   Schilling,  of Saden,  a  large iron
■manufacturer  and  furnace 'operator'!6f;;
Ohio, avi'11 be here tomorrow and  confer ;
with  the  assessment  commissioner and/
certain  local  capitalists avIio. _ are interested regarding a site for a smelter.   Correspondence has been going On for some
time     and     Seaver and    Schilling   ^al- .
ready     have      a      general      idea      as
to      the      location:      that       will      be :■/_
most suitable   Their intention is to erect
a furnace with a  present.capacity of 200
tons daily.*  This Avill 'consume in the.yi-^
cinity of 300t6ns  of qi-evp^rvday^;
synd icate  h as  al ready  pu rchased■;' a - re£
The Bicycle Races;
The bicycle races, which commenced at
7:30! o'clock on Baker street attracted a
large crowd, the streets being thronged
oii both sides to Avitness tlie contestants.
In tlio quartei' niilq dash for tlie
championship of the Ivootertay anil a sil*
ver cup donated by the liootpnay Cigar
Conipiiny, tliere Avei'O four entries: 0. A.
jtlippei'sou of Nelson, T. Jf. Cassidy of
Rossland, George Wjlson of Kaslo* ntjd Ifc.
W. A. Troup of Rossland. The cup and
chiinipioiishil) was. won easily by Hippei*-
soii Avith Cassidy second.
In the quarter mile race,—straight
away, open to all, in the first heat, Gas-
sidy avou AA'ith Hippersoit a close second.
In the second heat Cassidy won Avith
Wilson of Kaslo second. This left a tie
betAveen Wilson and Hippersou for
second place. After some delay the tie
Avas run off and AA'as Avon by Wilson securing him second prize.
In the obstacle race Cassidy got first
prize; Troup of Rossland second.
In the sIoav race Rutherford got first
prize and Wheeler second.
The hill climbing race Avas not finished
none ofthe contestants reaching the top
of the hill on Stanley street.
The Horse Races.
The horse races  started  about 3 p. m.
Avith the usual imniense  croAV'd  assembled to  Avatch them.    The  first  race  Avas
tlie open quarter mile, best tAvo  heats in
three, for Avhieh the first prize  Avas $150
and the  second  $75.   ..There,were  only
tAvo entries   for   this  event, Jennie .B,.:
owned by Y.  W.  Hortline of Rossland;' •-
and .'.Tack, which avou this race, last year,
owned by Wilson of   Northport.    Jennie
"hy d;rant,,(aud„. the ^tBeain Maecoi.
" .ga^Sd^ftfiied:": fe^^ofti^-^Jie" lloS^nfl
,-^tWWe'*3oV_f<?i.' Th'i§v:puU=fiheifi„ou"t?o$
;"0Ai^^|e; ^ lirl^vi-i^
,i'iJa^d.eW%'°JpdO''i''i^y1S],}sl ''WW-* Saj/EiVredMh'e"'
pfee?." '^       "" ' j_J__   '"     '-""■""
- "*. y-:y' "The ^Tennis TpurnaMent,
- Ma% "iiftthe- (id-imW tojifnainent, yestei'a
Clay, did not begin until "the afternoon,,
aptl."as- ihe Kasfloaud "Rysgland playehs
had not "arrived Only a iOW ties Wf
'pj{"vy_d" pit,. SOA^'evei'^iti "the°rg(i_ Cleineil's
singles "F. A.. MacniO'.bei-tft I;h S. ■^towrs"_f'—-
1, '(j'-4, and W. It Dieksou be.at A. 1).
Sykes 0—1), (j'—0. lh'tli o ge li tie men's
doubles ^V\?^H. DieksoiMmd F.j\.Jtfu,ei';i<^
0-2; 0—3,-iind II. W. Pollock and B. Wilson beat H. Wilson and A. D, .S'ykcS 0—
1, 8—15. __^	
Disorder Forces an Adjo*arii'me6t.
IWB'I-19, .Tune SO.—In the, ehaiiiber of
deputies tonight the 'Socialists and the
extreme left cOiniiKmced thoir obstructive tactics, ahil created .11*11 immense np-
roa,}'. The p-rtiawlen^ of tlie bouse com*
batted the efforts of tho olisl'i'uctionisls,
and finally the deputies left their seats
and crowd efl-on. tlie floor. Tliere was
simh a-U tipl'oar that fclie Sitting was suspended. When it was i-esuincd siinilar
tacties were carried on by the ineiiibers
of fclie OXtreuie left, who crowd'cd upon,
tlie floor. The tumult was deafening,
and eventually a free fight ensiled and
the sitting was again suspended.
New Government Develops Strength,
Paris, June 30.—In the chamber of
deputies today M. Millevoye, republican
nationalist, said lie desired to interrogate
M. Miller, the minister of commerce, avIio
is a radical socialist iu politics, relative
to tlie manner iu Avhicli lie proposed to
apply his socialistic doctrines, but the
chamber by a vote of 357 to 1 (55, supported
the ministers' request to postpone the
■question for a month.
The King of Samoa.
Apia, Samoa, June 10.—(via San Francisco.) Peace and quiet uoav reigns in
Samoa in marked contrast to the Avarlike
scenes of two months ago. Tlio arrival
ofthe auxiliary cruiser Badger on May
13th Avith the international commission
onboard caused a distinct change in
a If airs here.. ".The , commission lost no
time .but vwent to>.work:...i.mined.ia,tejyj:*
electing jMiC-Tf'ipp . chairman^"and'■**Mr-
Morgan, secretary. •The coinniissioiiers
held   interviews,   lirst' with   king  Tanu,
vv.ill'vicasyrln'in li-ni^^ity^fk^hfby"."°""""
T^n"/Ba|s'.for MaSsliJUgh*ii,er.
.   Fg«fe|^o^fidion;4p.^ -pf
G,ove,f,„ *wtip ]?|jlect' ^lO^h^^h^'riaiiie'*!
' McLeitn^ ,:%f ter.- Bfdh'ig," "the' "%iti'ef. in -*i|lfc
bedrooi4 of- tire .pi'-isjoner1-! AVifi:., Was -eoli>'
clnded' la^t;e\*enn|g.' Tjie- jury ac_qni!tted
the, at'Gti^e^-'Oii.. 'tte:cliuarge of. np-dpi; but
hundhikxgnilty of liianslauglitei'. TJle
ii^'goiierls ^iOifuHpi" a"|*ipealsc|. &r cloni-
and- 23mlge  Vap  Wert,  ain id, tip*
plaiise, seilfencod
-jail. t^
Cover to ten days in
Browning Acci&ent at Kamloops.
:i,vA_M:r.oo*p4 June 30:.—A very spd
drovviiii-ig accident occurt-ed here this
evening; T\vo cigarmakers went out in
a canoe to A'iOvv a boat l!ace between two
comrade eigamiakers, .when the canoe tip-
set, d'HQW'taing Oscar Hs.ig.ai'. Tlie body
has. not yet' been recovered., -There isix
swift cijf'i'eufc i>unning sifc tlie 1 Joint where
the accident, occurred, and little hope is
entoi'taiiied ,Of recovering the body for
some days.
~—--— .'"-.fl —„,ii ,n  "1	
Pireman Killed and Driver Wpuii_ett,
SliAHofelx, Peniis5'lva.nia, June 30.
The rliiladelphia (4 Reading express,
wTikh' left Pliiladel|)hia. at 8:3(1 o'clock
this evening, u-as derailed at Btickridgc.
tAVo miles east of here, shortly before JO
o'clock, owing (Gone of the rails spreading. R. Morgan, the fireman, was killed,
and Jolm Gardiner, engineer, was badly
bruised. None of the passengers wore
One Thousand People Wounded.
London, July 1.—The Brussels 'correspondence of the Daily News says : it
maybe regarded as certain tliat a revolution would have broken out if the
government had not declared n truce oh
Friday. The electoral bill i.s virtually
withdniAvn. It is estimated that no foAV-
er than one hundred persons have been
wounded in the rioting.
New York Railway Leased.
Xfav York, June '.){).—At a, nieeting of
directors ofthe New;. York Central today,
the lease of the Boston' Sc Albany rail-
way to the New York Central railway for
DOS) years was unanimously passed, and
jiresidonfc.CaUoway has been notified that
the directors of the Boston & Albany
have taken similar action.
■a it. mixim£"0ih^dm] 'Tiiw^&fym,^,
■thli& pliieiS'ii*," fcffe^fringq:eeo*fe
,at,!*!,tfelWiftr ■^■e^y^ii^^1jbusi's-Siil^
;th:e 4>,4_,&toft^itf._^^ %nM£f-
in Iks. froni :t l.i% ?l^j^=-ifc^ip^S^i^iii^^^uf i/^
filing -a i(irj$aii}ii\i&§i\:^
.'pressor ■ "-plant."^^"S^^*'M^Mim^^"
eni|i''.n-e"' y,nd   bi#0-n^i6iise'!j.offi_B ?2bni:ld"-"„™;i;
in#, mess h0Hse,>eo6fe^Io"uM:§Ka'd]gi!>i"
ami vmwg6^s 'fp^hlpiic-cc] ^l-te^laar-an^jd
buildings costi2p^SQ"  XM'de^yeiW'ileu^" rf
consists of  fclil'ee:;^i|li'it "<.viuhe1sj?^vin?4|-';V
■■_iuad ■titiiftiWHjg. .dMpBj _Jt#_i_jjgafci_ug^i|^?""f
"fJliing   o\*ei»   1W0 --feet'-of.« work*.   01^^-
thoiiglit that the iproiJeUty" i$ a first, class
iu vestment.   The pi-oper'ty "el;ci_,ed' do'%i» .
' oAving to litigation far 'iudeb^'dn"ess,,,obh:„ ■
the 1st of .Tune,  ISIJ'f.    In Kovopibei-j®'!;
tlie same year, JWchard" Plewinaii Wapiti,)-   °
jioinfed the liq-uidafcoT of the pf&ppr$y^\fg;
add lias been   in, elfiil-ge evei.'sllfceJ {Th,op"'"f\
iildfcli'tt'dness .ftiUonil'ts to. between §.ly»$ufl.
and i-wO.UOO. •    "    '    '„    ■'
 H--B.-.   _i—   ■-,_ ffl u   ■     ■     ™ **-...
Tho Cl|ff t/e ESsumc, 'Wi:_*. "^ 2 "
Hossi.A>aj, iiine ^-^.'ln^i mwm:s- pi
the Villi mine on Red uiminlkVih-Jniive'
about settled their arriiligohients to cOhi-
nienccs work on the ]Ti'u-j.30t«ty. Clareiice
Tensdale, who hasbeaiin fchecifiy fbr the
]»ast fortnight,, left for Spok,auo yesterday, lie says lie has- succeeded in disposing of" the machinery uoav at the mine,
which has been erected by Colonel Whan-
ton, and that arrangeuieufcs to put in aii
entirely new and miieli larger plant AVere
abont completed. The lnaiiageineufchope
to have the Cliff bftck in the shipping lis't
of Kossland properties during the nei-fc
sixty days.	
Know Nothing of tho Postponmeht:
~$. W'ASiiixoTON,   June    30.—Nothing    is
known here of the reported postponment
of the meeting of the joint high commission   from   August 2nd    until   October.
Neither   tlie  state   department   or   the
American   commissioners  are parties  to
the settlement, though it is doubted that      .
the meeting can   take place on the  date
originally set if at all, unless the dispute-
over tlie Alaskan  boundary is arranged.
Sir Richard Is Still Talking.
Paris, June 29.—The Yeliezrtetatt 'arbitration commission Avas again in session,"
today, and the leading counsel for Great
Britain, sir  Richavd Webster, continued
his presentation of his side of the case.
■!.."■'£ "T
:4^?._.'Sfe^l^St«g_^_i_| THE TRIBUNE:.NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 1,  1899.  Dominion  Nelson  Red, wlijte an,d blue bunting, and flags for decoration purposes.  A large assortment of boy's l_F|en, and ducl\ suits.  Ladies' white an,d biacl, muslin blouses.   Just the thing for hot weatfjer.  A. FERLAND & CO.  Klliot li.ock. 1 nker Street, Nelson  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson,  LODGE   MEETINGS.  XTXIGIITS  OK. PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No  J^-   Knights of Pythias, meets in 1. O. 0. _'. Hall,corner  linker and ICootonay streets, every Tuesday evening nl  o'clock.   Visiting. I"  -������--.-  C. FKKNCH, C. C.  .     ,     .. at  8 o'clock.   ViJtine"Knights'cordially invited to attend.    ���*-,.       b g. KOSS. K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  EAVART & CAItUII<_���.Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, linker street, Nelson.  miscellaneous!  WANTED���To rent a small  furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune ofiice.  WANTED���Two  waitresses al,   the Queen's Hotel.  None but waitresses   need apply.    Mrs.   K.   C.  Clarke.  WANTED���To purchase, on three years' time at fair  interest, a plot of land for building purposes, size  about lflOxliO feet, distant within lifteen minutes walk  from postotliec.   Address Presto, Tribune ollice.  WANTED��� A servant girl Io do general housework.  Apply to Mrs. \V. .1. Wilson, A'ernon street east.  WA NTED���House to buy or rent now.   Six rooms and  conveniences.   Apply, .1. J. AI., Tribune ollice.  LOST���A black silk belt, with diamond paste buckle  set in silver.    Kinder will be suilably rewarded by  returning same to The Tribune olllce, Vernon street.  LOST���A IC. of P. jewel.   ���***?.*" will be paid for its return and no <_ucstions asked, to The Tribune ollice,  Vernon street. Nelson.    .  LOST���In Nelson on Monday, June 2'itli. a duplicate  delivery check hook with name of I*. Burns & Company at lop bf each page. Finder will be rewarded by  returning same to the ollice or the company, Haker  street, Nelson.       , _ _ '.���=.*. "������&!���& i"  LOST���-Ladies Gold Hunting Case AVntch;:Qi]V.fl_u_ss_  diiy, between Stanley and Latimer oteefcls'. and".  Ten dollars reward. Arthur Painter, l.atiiiiejf'&'ttvofc  west of Stanley. y_^  ��*��''L '"J^y"'  FOR   RENT���One cottage   on   Latimer   ^frdBfrJlffilf:  block west of Stanley sU'CcL   Alleonveni(.0C8fi��?17^_50��  a month.   ApplyntTribuncollicc, A'ernon street;_STels0iiX.  * - ��to ��ribxmzifS^ - ���  - Dailv Edition   Weekly Edition...  ..... ElKST YKAKi" No  152  ... Seventh Yk*a!r; Na.. 32'  Today. Canada celebrates   Che $m'i#yV  second birthday of the .Dominion".   Tlie.  generation, who Svill  manage   aii'4 "give ,  eclat to the'festivities  which marls-;  national Jioliclay froni the Atlantic io/ilip- r'  Pacific has   been  born  and  grown llftO;;  manhood since the birth of the yew illation.     Most of tlie fathers of Coiifedei'k** '.'  tion have gone oA-cr to the majoribj^ bttt  happily a feAV remain to note, and tflih  pardonable   prido   rejoice   at   tlie   A'ast  strides Avliich have been made in n&tHrat  Avealth and in eA'ery branch of ii&tibii"al  industry since  the separated provinces  Avere   cemented   by  tlie   British  iKorth  _Amei_ica_acfc,���elaborated���\vit]i-sO=mueh!  care in the einpirc's capital. No better  illlisti^tion Of the national expansion can  be needed Hi&n that which may be had  at our rely doors. Thirty-tAvO years ago  Brifrisit Cohinibia was an isolatedpl'ovince_  governed froni Downing street and  khOAvn or 1y to the small iinmbei' of vou-  tiilrcsoiiie spirits attracted hither toy the  joiQtOi'iety of gold tUgcovuri-es within its  bordersi. Its imhieJl.se miiieral resources  Avefe not even dreaJiRid of. The tiiagni-  fceiit distances which .scpnrated it from  the centers of wealth and popnhition  A\*ere only ovel'C'ome by an iininonsity of  patient toil and rndQini_.t_l._fc pluck. Tlvo  iKootciiays were oif its outer verge. They  xvere literally a terra incognito. With  the entrance.of the province into the  confederated sisterhood ami the construction of the Canadian Pacific raihvay  by the young Dominion came the beginning of that ei a of prosperity which is  jioav rapidly carrying the province to the  forefront. With easy means of transit  came an influx of population, bringing  tlie wealth of the Hast to tiie develop-  menfc of tlie vast resources of tho West.  Trade found new channels and the necessities of the incoming immigrants gave  an unwonted impetus to the industries of  those Avhom they had left behind them.  Ncav centers of population came into existence, and with them came cultivation  and refinement. The trades' procession  of   yesterday  accentuated, the advance-  -���wient wliich has been inade  in. the newer  and more recently settled portions of the  province. The young city of Nelson is  tlie growth of but a decade. Its groAvth  has been rapid and steady, Its present  position is assured. But that position  hits been made possible by the confederation which it so creditably celebrated  this year. With a population energetic  and aggressive it Avill continue to advance  with even more rapid strides than has  already marked its career, until it is in  A'ery truth the center of the trade, the  industry and; the culture of the Kootenays. -    Trifi circumstance that 'black .'jack,  Klondike, chuck-n-luclc and other gambling; games were permitted to run all day  "yesterday in places licensed to sell liquor  is evidence that mayor Neelands does not  object to tin horns fleecing the people  whom Nelson has invited to assist in  celebrating the thirty -second anniversary  of confederation.  Yankee Cruiser at Delagoa Bay.  ^"Cvl^^illh"''. it- ���^���s.-'-'ijot ���" ifs.uual - fp0r_* ",(.ap,  fltitfnifflxl td.- }ei>m.\ -fes " -4^K> f0' lhx��\  'Teeed ��oyerh\u ^inltp ffijigihev. &6hiiiry. ���: _IKir'  ."doitf-fied fhc�� adndx'ixjl willy-consult thd  : Aiiieiat'au eonsi'i.Ivgfgnfii'jvl at Pre-oria r'e-'  -ug" the"'3iitl0^k iii'. -the JTraiisvaal,  "xindwilf b& gijiy etl lajr^ely/ by his ild-yifee,.  us to-how Jong. 'tlie-Clfi'jij.gofwi-l.l hey- d��-(  ���Jainjetl; at"JPelli^oa. (bay: -which as the nefiii-  [p^, p'OiiA:t"o"ihe''fllfahs%iaii ." "' "  THOMSON'S  A Special Line of  ��loth Bounce  IN ATTBACTIVB BINDIN&S  ALL POPULAR AUTHORS  OFFERED AT  35c  EACH  Tkamsort Stationepy Co.  3STE13-j*SO_Sr,   S. C.  Be  Influenced  HODSQrS BAY  COMPANY.  V*\ tA*v-, try. ,..v..   -��--_^ _-t**i  ~Mi  INCORPORATED 1670.  YUM  YUM  /Zl;=2.C=>'e='' (=>���&.  vine  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  SPECIAL SALE OF  FRESH  CANDY  JUST  IN  Hudson's Bay Stores  AA'cst Baker Street.      Telephone 1.1.  brickT__ime!  Our first kiln of brick will be ready for delivery about  the 1st of June.   Cull al; our ollice for prices.  ll.iring the month of June wo will deliver -lime in  quantities of twenty sacks and over at  60 Cents per 100 Lbs  The West ((ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  Gentlemen  If you want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring and summer,'- have over 50(1 ditl'or-  enfc patterns of Scotch and Knglish tweeds,  which I will make to your order at the low  _*-. ypricc^ofy'x'W^  '���Hose and Sunshades  \^  A complete line of the above g'oods, -which |  which we are selling1 at prices that will make it-  it worth your while to buy. *  We have a very choice variety in all shades of colors B  en's Ladies' arjd Children's Shoes  Q1W ���, ���       ������   "n6?Kqtvtbr��jn��.C. atTarfa. ""T>-ia'ios* tfltSo>tu'iloiliig'# ..  . .special-��; ^eirtfcij^blook^^  irt. Waists  B  vm  Co.  B  ft".  &  .Iflyou want a1Klj;I-iSli'npei'fe,<}fc/it"ting4iiii?,"��'il���--  _  'bcSst^plgtfv6v!er 'iftijiarted "to' Jv'elson^Jeaj.e. "j'o.ur1 prdcT  ,��inn.|lo 6/ the.  ,   Six lutndred tlolla'.s wo.rth of nc\vs gp&dxe no'jv w.rtit--  ���iug yollr iiisp.ectibn.. I giidraiitcd "sap.'.fabtjoji'.dciio salft  suw$w iii R�� -v-  -.   G   .    . : -.D ^ p.  , 'Nrolsfbli's up-t'o-diite Tallorf ncxt,Ko0��6hay Coiroe Co.:  VICTOBI-A   SLOC-ST;,   EAKEE   STBBET,  rlSTELSON,   B.C.  2?-2^  ���c=>-e=>^~gS?&>'t=>>  ���ez> -cS-c-)'fiJ-c3'e=)'t=3^(p  ^^^^H\^sm & Co.  *    . ^yS^^iS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  ||ft|��San_ (JENEBAL AGENTS  ..Biker.Street, Nelson  1  We haVe a fiiio-'assortment of woolens always  our Jntiid.   Ooods inade up at the shortest pos-  siBlo notice.   As everything is kejit and xiiadc  =Oi]-tlic=preinise8jri.ntiRfnccioiv=ips!issitretl; *  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STBEET WEST*, NELSON  ���;' VI  GENERAL.  BROKER.  PlltS-l' teOOll WEST BANK 11. C, HflLDiyG.  hois for Sale  SoOO will pitreliase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  'foot.   ***���*���  S21U0 will purchase ft .eenlral lot and residence.  ��1(10 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.  S'MmJ will fl-irefuise two irice lots and, cottage.  S3000 will pnrchast. timv m.c6 lots *nd re.sidotifcc.  iiljiV Kairmont -shores for a, rise  5000 Utiea at 2' cuhts.  _A._LE_K S  Turner & fioeckh- hlock, Nelson, B. 0.  ECIAL ATTMTM  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.-  FSED J. SQUIEE, Baker St. Nelson  Tlio supply is limiiwl. so call onrly and examine this stock.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  vr-iujon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special iittcntion given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Stjop:   (fell Street, between Bafter and Vernon, Nelson  FIBE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  i_WST_r_s_ft.iSrc__i  REAL ESTATE AND I-OANS.  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Sails made and rigged. Fishing roils and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MKALS AT ALLHOUIIS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HICLP EMPLOYED  OR.     ECXJ-SK-T,     _E3___eOJP_SI__!'I,0_a  IQJioofli HqukCj coo-kit'lty locitlec], ��2800.  ��� G-Eootii Oottitge and 2 1aA,s oil Otrbonato  .s-trcetj STi'00, easy tcrma.  U-Eooiii-Hpuse on   StftiiTey slreot, SOl'OO.  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Go.  Wasliitigton Brick and' lin\e Co.  The H. Ww IVjcNieil Co., Ltd., Ganadiart A^tJira-  cite Coal (Hard)  MINERS WANTED.  The TaiiKicr Mine. Limiled, Albert' C.niiyon, rccpiires  six KOOiI minors.   Watfes ?,'( per day ; shaft sinking, ��;i..">0  J. 1. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  .Mines and Miiiiiif,' Stocks Ovistoins Broker  ilEAL ESTATE AND OENKltAL AGKNTS  ���Two. lols witli two-story house on Latimer  street, near Josephine $IS��'J0  Terms:   $121)11 cash, bahiuee on iimi'tt;roi;.e.  Sixtv-acre nmcli, nine miles fron.) eity on lake  shore, -.81000  (Jne-lmlf cash, balance on inorl��at_:c.  3__0_ai-_*srs  Ou loan uoudil ions are the cheapest and best  offered. You can repay at any time without  bonus.   _A.c3-_33sra:s tfo_r  Uritisli Colliinbia I'ornianenl Savings & Loan Company.  ("Hob- Savings & Loon Co., Toronto.  x_isrsxj_E?._*-._srO-ii  Plre, Life, Accident, ana Sickness.  GENERAL TEAIViSTE^S  Ice  During tho, season we will deliver ice nt private residences  and business liouses daily iu any  desired quantity at eiisonrablo  prices.  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Merchandise  hauled  to and from depots; bus"  uiaets ft.ll li'ai'As and boats.    Special slttention  gi\'L��n  td the transfer Ot baJrgagc.   Ollice and  _s-tables:oiL^oriioh-sti'eot-,__opi)ositiIThe^Tribdiid.-  AGENTS F'OR  Dealers it]  R. REISTERER & GO.  UltpWlCRS AND HOT'l'LEltS OF  Fine Lagep Beer^  Ale and Porter  Pronlpt. and regular  delivery to the trftde,  Brewery at Nelson.  Wilson & rjarshaw  parson pro-tip Qp,  lNH'LSfO'lS*,, '13. e*  \Y{>, tirfi i'o��.i\'iiig daily diroct from  the gcon-oi's eou.sigailicirts of Straw-  'beniies,, Cfjori'ies, Ditiuiivas, Ofan^e.1*,  us     yon-}*  LeinonH,    etc.     Send  standing orders.  Tlie *l'riicle OiTly Supplied  GOLD STOpAGE y*/AREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  GAMBLE 6_0'R_EIL,L.Y, Agts  llaker Street Wosk, Nelson, 13. C.   w. ip_ TiOJ3TJ$r&03sr  (Kx-Slieriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postoillcc llox 072 Nelson, 11. C.  SQUmi?S~ RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing* 120 acres of land -withiu one and a  quarter miles of Nelson:'For further  : particulars.apply.to  .  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  Nelson Iron Works  SIANUKACTUliKte OP  BNeiNBS, BOILEKS, SHAFTING", IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly att.endod to.       P. O. J3ox 173,  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent,  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in roar of English church.  Heated liy steam. Tabic board SI, room and board So  iiul.S5.50..,..,. ��� -...,.-  A.c.ollootion bf'llne HolKiiim Canaries'for sale.  L���"Ji.-V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Parsons Produce ��2Pff  Nelsoii, B. r;  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch" from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt atlcntion given to all orders left at M. Dos--  llrisay & Co's, liaker street,.NeIsqn. y.  \ ^:\  x  THE  TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, JULY I, 1399.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STltATHCONA AND  MT   KOYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DUUMMONI) Vice-President  K   a. CLOUSTON General Manager  nsr-iiLsonsr b_s_5__dtc__c  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHK*  IN        LONDON   (England),   NEW   Y*ORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Huy anil  soil Sterling Kxclniaic.) and Gable Transfers  OltAXT CflMMKKCIA- AKI> TKA VKLLKKS' OKKD1TS,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUKD    COU.KCTIO.VS MADK; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BEANCH.  CURUKNT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  INDIVIDUALITIES.  Andrew Carnegie's latest gift is one of  fifty thousand dollars to Stevens Institute, Hobokeu, N. J., for a new engineering labotory.  The civil authorities of Santiago on  June 13th, re-uanied one of the city  streets after general Wood, bestowing  upon it his Christian name as well. Tliey  propose to name the road over which the  American troops entered tlie city after  the surrender ''Sliafter Avenue."  Tlie other day, the earl of Petrb, the  oldest peer in the house of lords, celebrated his ninety-second birthday. Among  the earl's other titles arc included hereditary Thane of Lennox, and hereditary  steward of 3Iontieth and Strathearn, and  while fourteenth earl of Perth, he is sixth  earl of Mel fort.  John Armstrong Chanler, former husband of Amelie Rivers now the wife of  prince Troubetskoy, who .has been an inmate of Blooiningdale insane asylum  since 1S97, has finally been declared incompetent by a New York sheriff's jury,  ami an application for a committee of his  person and estate will now be made to  the supreme court.  Princess J [clone of Orleans, wife of the  duke of Aosta and sister of the duke of  Orleans, litis sold a considerable part of  the valuables in her Turin, Genoa, Milan,  and Paris houses, and placed the money  thus realized at the disposal _ of her  brother to be used in the Orleauist cause.  The pictures and statuary have been pui  ol   '   " " " "     '  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  j  chased by Various museums 'of art ,and  *>y =l<_nglish- and* American collectors of  objects of art."  Prince Luigi, the duke of Abruz/.i, who  .is now on his way to the North Polo, sailed in his ship, Stella Polarc, on June 12th  from Christina, Norway. He is aceoni-  '- panied by the crown prince and princess  ���of Italy, who will go witli him as far as  North Capo. Princo Luigi is taking with  him twenty-one persons, including count  Quiri, a lieutenant in the Italian navy,  Dr. Cavilli-MolineHi, two Italian sailors,  four guides,, ten Norwegian sailors, and  oue Esquimau.  Miss  Soiina  Pit/.herbert Fox recently  took honors in the examination for bachelor of medicine at tho university of Durham, in England.    She headed the list of  candidates,  who, with  the  exception of  herself, were all men.    Miss Pox studied  at the London school of medicine for wo-  , .men aittl-at the college"Qf iiledibjne, JS%vv-  * castle-oi^Tyne.   This is the first time ill  live years that the qnulincation has been  open to Woinen that advantage has been  l.i_ak��!)_^f__the___pnA^  Eosa Bouheur, just before her death,  put her foot doAvn on a scheme of the  woman itgifavtOrs to make "use Of her  fame for their own euds. The picture  she sent to this year's Salon was the first  she had exhibited 111 many years. The  "l.<,eiiiii.i"iili.t5tes" .t'ho-i'eupoit assailed the  ���jtn'y witli-demands' that the "Medal of  Honor" sliould be awtu'ded to her, because she was ti woman. Tho artist wrote  a note to the jtry forbiddiiig the use of  Jicsi: name, "as it Would be I'idiciilous that  tlie iiisighilicant pictuve 1 exhibit this  yeai' should receive so high tin honor."  The story is told of general William.  Ludlow, nivsv niilitary governor Of Havana, tliat wheli lie was stationed: at De*  troiti,. soilie years ago, in charge of river  and luirbqr -work, he' was visited by a  contractor who, wanted to do some government work. With his visiting-card  b,y way of further introduction, the contractor put down oii tlie table a" crisp fifty 'dollar b|l'l. tmdlo,*-.*/ in.TXJ'G iip sign tis  to whothor lie had noticed this or ||not;  but saying they had better smoke while  talking, drew forth two cigars and gave  the contractor one of them. Theu, turning to the table and not seeiijg a match  he took the fifty-dollar note', twisted it  into a lighter, set it aflame at the open  grate fire, and lit his cigar with it slowly  aild carefully. Then he handed the burning stump of the bill to the contractor.  The United States court of appeals has  rendered a decision in the famous case of  Mrs. Hetty Green of Ncav York, who has  been fighting for twenty years to have  her title perfecttd to part ofthe old Gage  farm in Chicago, now valued at one million dollars or more, upholding her claims  to the property. When notified of. the  court's decision in her favor, she made  this cheracteristic remark: "Thissuitis  a part of the almost ceaseless litigation  which began one year before my father's  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  ol Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, YuKoq District.  death, in 1805, and litis pursued me ever  since. 1 do not court public notoriety,  but never shirk my duty when I feel that  I am being persecuted. The judges of  our courts arc all right when you can get  at''them, but the lawyers hamper litigants  where money is involved. They want it  all. I Jim a thoroughly determined woman, and the entire Seventh Regiment  with shotted guns can not keep me oif  when once I start in to defend my just  rights."  KingoAlbcrt of Saxony,'who celebrated  his seventy-first birthday last April, is  now one of the grand old men of Germany, and he is well entitled to the  epithet. For he is perhaps the soberest  and wisest soldier-sovereign in all the  Fatherland, much beloved of the emperor,  who went to Dresden to congratulate  him in person. The one mistake of his  life was to side with the Austria]is in  186(i, but iu the eyes of Prussia he more  than atoned for this by his championship  of a united Germany, in 1870, while he  commanded the Army of the Meusc, and  held the most important section in the  circle of the investment of Paris. King  Albert, prince Albrecht of Prussia., and  count Blumenthal are now the only field-  marshals surviving from the great war.  In.the early 'eighties the queen sent over  the earl of Fife at the head of a special  mission to invest her royal Saxton kinsman with the Garter. On his death-bed  the emperor Frederick committed his sou  and heir to the special care of his uncle,  the grand duke of Baden, and the king of  Saxony, and the impetuous young emperor has ahvays shown himself singularly  amenable to advice from those two Nes-  tors of the Fatherland.  Losses From Lightning.  Few questions are of greater interest,  whether considered from a practical or  theoretical standpoint than the manifestations of energy iu lightning discharges,  /flic practical side bf the problem appeals  directly to a great portion of'the "population^ but more' especially-to the people  who live in tlie country and the smaller  towns and villages. .-By the practical side  is meant a working knowledge of the  character of the lightning flash, tho kind  of object most frequently struck, methods of protection and the distribution of  destructive flashes both in time and over  space.  It would be of manifest advantage to  know the precise character of the ordinary lightning flash���whether, for example, it approximates a coudition of steady  flow or partakes of au oscillatory character, i. c., a current which rapidly reverses  its direction. A better knowledge than  we now possess of the kind of object most  frequently, struck, whether tree, dwelling house or barn, might be the moans of  saving human life. If, for example, certain trees are more apt to be struck by  lightning than others, they should be  avoided as a place of shelter in time of  thunderstorm. There are other lines of  inquiry ill whieh greater precision of  methods and devices would yield valuable returns.  A little over a y eiu^gpjijie dg^  country lost by lightning alone during  1898 live stock valued   tit  about  $50,000.  During the same time there were over  1S00 cases of destructive lightning strokes  on buildings, causing a nioney loss of  about $1,500,000. Three hundred and  sixty-seven lives were lost and 491 persons were more or less severely injured by  lightning stroke. The killed were in various conditions of environment���in  dwellings, barns, under trees and in the  open. More people were killed under  trees than in the open. It is not safe to  seek shelter from a thunderstorm under  a tree.  The regions of greatest danger from  lightning stroke appear to be iu Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and North Dakota, although more extended records are  required before a definite expression on  this question can be given. The statistics confirm the general, belief that  danger from lightning stroke is least in  closely built cities and greatest in the  open country.  The ratio of deaths to total population,  assuming the latter to be 08,000,000, is a  little over five persons in a million living,  a rate considerably larger than that of  England and Wales and Norway and  Sweden, but about hqual to that of Germany and Austria.  FULL LINE OF  The Tremont Hotel  ipLOfJE & TRECSLLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  TIIK REST BRANDS OK  Liquors and Cigars  *��  NINTH   CELEBRATION!  B  NELSON'S GBEAT ANNUAL EVENT I  ALWAYS OS HANI)  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NE I.SOX.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  "������ local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.   .  I�� what you want ifi not in .stock wc will mako it for you  ' CALL AND GET PRICES.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortablo  bcdi-ooms  and   first-class  dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  BATES   332   _?_H_S   _D__._T  (^ Visitors will please remember that in addition to the $3500 put  i^\ up for sports,  there are various other prizes not on  the official  ^ programme which are open to all.  'Call at  �� MARTIN O'REILLY & COS  $k Store and see the staple and fancy goods in all the latest makes  ^ ancl shades.     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The results of tlte first year's work  and considerable information of a general character are given in bulletin No.  '20 of the weather bureau just issued.  The bulletin consists: of two parts. The  iii'sti is' largely devoted to a discussion of  tlie eleetriffication of the atmosphere and  the methods of investigation that have  beeii pursued by diifofent experimenters.  The application of the knowledge thus,  gained to the construction of the apparatus for protection from lightning is ro-  viewed, and, finally, methods of pi-otoe-  tioii are discussed and rules for the erection of lightning rods are given. Tlie  latter are intended not only for the  guidance of persons desiring to. erect rods  themselves, but more particularly for.  those who may contract xy-iih others to.  do tlie work for them. It is quite essential tliat every person who feels the need  of a lightning rod should know himself  whether or not it has been properly constructed nnd placed upon his premises.  Part II, by Alfred J. Henry, contains a  summary of loss of life and property in  the United States by lightning during  1898, and so [far as known during previous years. Tile statistics are not by  any means complete, especially as regards  the loss of live stock by lightning. The  fact of greatest importance developed  thus far in the inquiry is that about one-  third of the cases of fatal lightning on live stock in the  fields occurred in . the immediate  vicinity of wire fences; indeed, there is  evidence that in some cases lightning  struck-the' fence at some, distance ..from  the place whei.e the stock was killed.  The statistics, .incomplete as they doubtless arc,  show. that.the farmers of the  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOJIV WOKIC DONI_ TO 0R_)K1_,|  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms aro ,\vcll furnished and lighted by  electricity.      -  Tins dining-room is not second !o any in Koo(2iiay. =  Th'j bar is ahvays blocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  I. ^  Large and well lighted Healed by hoi, ai  Reasonable rates "    Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in c\ cry room  Renovated and refurnished lliroughojit  HOTEL,   VICTORIA  .7. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Erce bus meets All trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  Nighl Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by niglit trains.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE GO.  COFFEE    ROASTERS   ANU    DKALERS    IN"  TEA  AND   COWBK.  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wlviirf.  Factory ami ofllce, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  OfTer fresh roasted eofl'co of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian ATnclin, per pound S   10  Java and Mocha Wend, .'! pound*   1 Of)  Fine Santos 1 pounds,       1 00  Santos Bland, a pounds   1 00  Our Special Ulend, (1 pounds    inn  Our Rio Roast, (i pound*    100  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of  Oddfellows   BlooK,  West  B_.ker Stseet  ,   _B. O.  CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE  QR SAW.Mtf U ETC., BY PUBLIC AUCTION.  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 Joh_l    Ra6,   Ageilt  PETER GME-LE & 00.  Headquartors for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We mako a specialty ot  Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed IVJaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. IlKEll, Agent.  w��vmJMBEm  CRESTON. BRITISH COLUMBIA.     .  All sizes of dimension limber and all kinds nf lumber  out to order, and Hhippedfo Nelson in carload lol*  Write for prices.   ���...".���. -',;*- ���_"..  Notice is hereby given thrtt we wi'iRcll by public auction. In, front of the'conrt hoiijse, in the 'City of Nelson, It.  Con Monday, the 10th day of July. A_ I). ISO. nt the  hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, the following  goods aud (.battels:  ((). The sawmill buildiri}; anil buildings, usiid iif connection tlterowil.il,, situate at Salmo, l!, C., and known as  the pi'opcl'ty af Frmik ...a\i|i.  (2). All sawmill, pbuniigjiijll, nnd. tSf_inglen_lll mftfchln-  .0ry sukI plaut therein rillunl.c.lncludii.Kbi.ilef'iind engine,  about iV) horse power, with puuip 'i��.f nil tools and sitp��  plies and all carpenter arid l)lft;Ol_j.mitli, tools, uptiliances  and fcUpplkw. i.nd tramway and fain tsu's 'fgr .carryim*  lumber, all situate, in and around the siVid sawmill liuiM-  ing. AU) ft lOKtfur's. (Jul lit, corWijHiug of slofts, trucks,  train .chains, axes nfid 011)01* tools and supplies.  CI). Also UVO.��pans of grey horses, used at the sawmill.  Also the two sets of double teain flumes* used with tlte  said, tennis.  All, the above gortils am] chattels have Loci) ����iz��s<l ami  taken possession of by Harvey JI. Paulson, formerly of  Hallartl, in the. slate of Wusbluwton. iiow nf Ma!mo. ll. <!.,  under two condition)'I billsof salo, oiks fluted tlio Hill..day  of January, A. 11. IS!��., to seuur.0 SIUM.33, rIvoh to one  Anna K. Paulson and as��ij,'nud to Hftl'veyAl. I'afileon, the  other dated the With day ot M.ay, A. I). ISO!), to secure  $fj��'l._*>, and. also under absolute hill of sale telven, as  seourlty to Ann.i K. Paulspn and tr.uisf'tm.'d to (ho said  Harvey ^{. PanUm. Upon which t.�� o coiiditUiui.l bills of  sale (here remains a balnneo due of SITII.i'i, and the said  goods a nd chattels will be sold tosa1 Ixfy I be mid balance,  and all cosis. charges, expenses and disbursements of  said seizure, possession, and Bile.  A full inventory of all urtioK's will bo produced at the  time of sale.  Terms cash:  for further partlculai's apply fo Tay'or & Hauriiiintnn.  Aberdeen, block, Nelson, H. C. solk-.itors for jnorlKaKC,  or to     CHAS. A. WATERMAN & OO-., Auctioneers.  Dated 2"tli day of June, A. O, ISfR  ���^"5_>  NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTORS OF LAND.  Notice is hereby (riven that all pre-emptors or purchasers of Crown lands from whom the purchsiso money  reiiia.iliinK' unpaid On such lands is overdue, are reipiired  to make full payment of such balaubc, lo^ellicr with  interest thereon, if any is due, within twelve months  from the date of this notice, failiinr which their records  or agreements ooneeniiiifr such lauds are liable to cancellation, as provided by section .'i*. of the " I.ami Act."  F. fJARTKI'-COrn.N.  Chief t'oniiiiNsionoi' of bunds and Works.  Lands and Works Department.  Victoria,.,!!. (J.. -'2nd June. IS!l!l.  FOR SALE.  ��� A biiililint'ami lot on Kir-4. A venue'in Ihe lown of  "Ymir. Keni.s for 820 per month. Will lie .-old cheap.for'  cash. l<'or further particulars apply lo John" A.-Kirkpatrick, Nelson, II. C. . ' _.    ...    ' .      .'. -  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE , AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at Jtelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL   STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade  City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  promptly forwarded \\eeid Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker street, j^eisoh E- G. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL, ItKOHlVK CARKKUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION. :  SoYAFDl^l^ircOUjlBTA GOLDFIELDS^ Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.     ' '*  -    \  All communications relating to British  Columbia  business to be addressed'to P/O. Draper  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager)   .._.   o/^_m      r>    _r-\  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer I   INtLoUIN,    D. O.  The Slocan Ore Purchasing Company  orE1 3sr__ii-SO_sr7 _3. c.  Is  now prepared   to  buy all   Classes Of silver, gold^ silver-lead, lead and  copper orps.   The careful attention given to large corjtraefs: will be extended  _to_Jtlte_s_niaJ!est^  ing guaranteed.  Address all com muni cations to drawer S, Nelson. Bi C.  GEORGE  M. McDOWELL,  Manager,  O, M. ROSENDALE, Pui:Ghaj?rng Agent*  A. THURMAN  SiyidKERS1 HEADQ-JARtERS  Kfeeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL AND KOOTENAY BELLE OIGARS  And all other brands of the  AT KACfOllY PIU'OKfe  ipr Itnufaeteing  Q3T   JST'--!X.'SQ;3ii=ri,   _S- C_  Nelson Tent and Awning ManHfectory  _5_X_.t_   ICX3*sr*DS   oiri  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  AM, SIZKS OK TKN'TS IN STOCK I  I'litki'r slrcoi, opposiic poslolllcn, Xclson  THEO.  M__VDSO]_T  W. P. "DJ.CKSON  B. H. H. APPMWHAITB  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie; ��� Sjply. and Constraetiofl Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Eloctric Equipments for Electric Powei* Tcaasmission and IAglitlng for Mlne3. Towna  Electric Fixtures, Ijampa, l_eU��, Telephones, Annunciators, Btc.  P. O. Box 600. ao8ep_iln- Stroet, Neleon,_t,0. -W >  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY  I, 1890.  Oool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS. NKLSON  July ist is nearly here  How can you celebrate unless properly dressed?  See l)ow Cilker can. fix you up for a few dollars.  P.O. Store  J. A. GILKER  Remember the Name  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  It will be "lo your, advantage to sec our Jargo  find complete .stock of Boots and Shoes. We  carry the "following Jincs: 3. <fc. T. Bell, J.  D. Xing & Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  - SchuJtz & Co., Stratford Shoe Co,, Ames, Holden & Co., and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2C AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON  DINING  'ROOM  -A-a?  Corner l)a_fef and Wtii-d Streets  NELSON,   B.C.  DRAWING  ROOM  M:_A_T_r?iisrG-  THE TOWN ANDJTHE DISTRICT  NELSON.  Nelson people aro said to  bo  clannish,  that is why thoy .stop at Mrs. Walter 11.  Muir's when they go to Spokane.  The river rose half an inch during the  forty-eight hours ending at 0 p. in. yesterday.  Owing to a difficulty that arose yesterday, but which has been satisfactorily  .settled, the Irish and Canadian crews did  not row. They will row this afternoon,  however, and the races will come off as  announced in TliK Titim.'NK.  Tho Nelson ball team will play oil'with  Rossland this afternoon, Special police  have been secured to keep the ground  clear so that those who wish to witness  the game had better take seats in the  bleachers.  Mayor Neelands and alderman Fletcher  yesterday spent the entire day looking  after the comfort of the corporations  guests.  There will be a large delegation in  from Rossland this morning. The Ross-  landers will be accompanied by tlieir  local band so that they will be music galore for todays celebration.  Aid. P. C. MacG'regor of "Victoria has  accepted the plans of A. C. TCwart of this  eity for a handsome block to be erected  at the corner of Broad and View streets.  Mr. Kwart is in Victoria to superintend  the erection of buildings on Humboldt  street I'or the British American Paint  company.  The members of the Nelson Gun Club  are re<(nested to be at the traps early today in order that the team to represent  the club may be chosen.  A practical way for the people of Nelson to show their interest in base ball  would be the purchase of tickets for the  bleachers. They were erected for the accommodation of the public and the public should sec that there is a sufficient  patronage to repay the necessary outlay.  YMIR.  J. II. Graham is back from his claim at  Goat river with some magnificent specimens of oro.  HI. Croteau is down from the Belmont  group. He reports that the force of men  employed are doing well and that tho  shaft is now down thirty feet. Sinking  is to be carried steadily on.  On the Fourth of July work i.s proceeding with great vigor, as Phil White intends making it one of the great mines  of Ymir camp.    -    .  An outfit left for "Wild Horse crcclc to  do development work, on claims belonging to Fred Adie of-Waneta.  A. IS. Rand of New Westniin.ster.paid  the'camp a visit yesterday and looked up  his claims, the Stamford group, adjoining  rthe Tennessee.   ' .    "*- , .'  ./The water is .now .all ready for laying  into the town.    The fall "of 2J0.feet gives  Mr.,G. Ellis of-P..W. Ellis &  .Co., Toronto,*-will be her.e and will  display his stock of diamonds and  all kinds of .precious stones in rings,  brooches, necklaces, etc., etc.  You will have the advantage' to  examine these eoods.  it a pressure of 91 pounds to the cubic  inch, enough force to lift some of the  roofs in case of fire.  To Entertain the Filipinos.  Washington, June .'JO.���The situation  in the Philippines was discussed at the  cabinet meeting today, and general satisfaction was expressed at the administration's plans for the reinforcement of general Otis, which contemplates the reopening of active operations on a large  scale when the rainy season closes on  September loth.  Dreyfus is Coming Home This Time.  RkxnivS, June .'50.- Mvigiiie, the chief  of detectives, has gone to L'Oriont, in the  Bay of Biscay, to receive Dreyfus, who it  is expected will be brought here tonight.  The prefect of the department in which  Rennes is situated has returned here to  await the arrival of Dreyfus.  Ball Games. Yesterday.  Indianapolis .11, Buffalo 2.  Minneapolis li), St, Paul 12.  Milwaukee  S, Kansas  City  3;   Kansas  City 0, Milwaukee 5.  Louisville 9, Philadelphia VI.  Cleveland .1, Boston '3.  Pittsburg 11., Brooklyn 10.  Toronto 2, Syracuse '���!.  MUSIC.  *tp 11. H-Altl'KH. miihiciil direct or, loader NuNom Or-  ���*- ��� clicsti-.i. .".IiiHoians liimi-.l_c.il for nil ncciiMonson  hhorl, not ice.   Telephone U-.  CM  CO  CD  CrO  _���_>  UJ  ___���  OO  __-!  OQ  ��**C  I���  CO  8^-'  CO  -H  3>  eo  i���  co  ac  m  O  2_  rn  i���  CO  CO  CO  A Ring of Beauty  is a Joy to Both  Giver and Receiver  STANDARD QUALITY  '     NEWEST STYLES  *   ' .   BEST FINISH  JACOB DOVER.  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by  12fl: Baker street, between  tfosoiShiiie, and  Ward gti'cets :,..... ��., *...��, ,. .,.,��SOO0'  50 .by 120, Bnkci' sti'ect, between -Josephine and HUH'  Streets ...,..,, .,     1500  ___.50_.by__120._Bakc*_skreD(y-bctw^  streets, corner,,. ...��.'    30 by 120, East Baker s��rcct      SOO  25 by 120 with impro v-einbiits, south side of Vernon  street.  ,.�� i,  oOOo  50 by 120 with improycnficiits, ��outh side of Vernon  Street......... , ,  GOOD  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. lOOO  2J lots with cbttufjo rented at $15 per month, Victoria  Street ., ,. 3500  Hot with cottage rented at Slo p<5r nlontl', Victoria  Street. ,, , . ,  2500'  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per rivcSnUi, Stanley  street �� ,._....��.   30p0  (> lotsin block lll)j all cleared and fenced in  Spoil  il-room liouse and 10 lpts sec out in orchard ........... 1100  2 Idts and ljnj.i'ofcjivon!_., 52 bead, of cbws, 2 libi'soi.,  wiie.qi.is, sleighs, harness, iind ovurytliiiiK in con- .**.-.  .nn*"ctloii Avith"H;liri'J��',s"i'Jiilk ranch."��.' _,..,.,....... 5y00  Kor general nifoi'inntioM on, real testate' and forftirthyr  particulars on above "property apply to  ���WAbSTB-BOS.  Real Estate and General Agents, Raker St., Nelson  Grove Hotel  Beer Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isr_E]x_so3sr  Prult  Thoy always sell whore* (mything will, aud cost, no  more than Uiosuof doubtful njpuliilioii.  When you want diamonds, write lo Jacoli Rover.  ,"\V*lien you want watches -end to Jacob J lover!  "When yon want gold and .silver lorgnette chain-, ask  for Jacob Dover. - '   -  When you want sterling silver novelties, send to Jacob  Dover.  When you want Rodger lire's JS1T knives ami forks,  send to Jacob Dover.  When you want a nice lamp, ask for Jacob Dover.  "Wheji you want tho Kara piano, send for catalogue to  .lacob Dover.- _ *  When you want  first-class  goods, buy  from   Jacob  Dover.  "When you want watches repaired, send I hem to Jacob  Dover.  When you want Jewelry manufactured nr repaired,  send i|, to Jacob Dover.  "When you want to sec a coinplcteline of goods nt. above  montioncd, call at  JACOB DOVER'S  ���JEWELRY STORE, NELSON  AT THE  JUNE 30th and JULY 1st.  PRICES 25 GENTS AND UP  li'roni 12 o'clock 10 S p* nn  Restaurant open all night  Kept by all grocers and fruit store dealers,  Lime Juice Cordial, .Raspberry, Strawberry,  Pineapple, Lemon, Vanilla, Sarsaparilla, Chocolate, Cbll'oc, Orange, Orange Phosphate.  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NKLSON  Thorpe & Co.,  i.iitm'KD,  TROPICAL MIT DEPOT  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  rE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  For  Strawberries  and  other fruits in season.   Leave  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  lee Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  Agents fo  Hanlewood Ice Cream.  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON  I  AND  (HAZLEWOOD)  Ice Gream Soda  r\l CENTRAL FRUIT ST0R.E  iTresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone .S3. HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  Strictly llrst.class.  Rat os, 5,1 per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  SPOKANE.  FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE EN SUIT.  Hot and cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms*. Thoroughly equipped  with exits and lire escape* .5th llloor Marion block, cornier Riverside nnd Stevens streets.  NELSON, B. C  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  helf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Eanges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Class  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  iterators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  _sr_i!__,soasr,  _b_ o.  A Volley of Economy that.Carries Conviction into Every Home In Nelson  "5-lt C*1^lr7> ��^ t'1C *10w,'nS' S*-R'ccsn pi ksl' weeks big .slock reiluclWi sale, some  Jll 53-j^/HrC lines scjitLci-d through tlio ei-ookery clep'trlinenk escaped the uiim-  at;<Vs pruning knife, or Lhc customer's attention. These, with a scoio of lucky pur-  cIduscs in other lines, are j'our fruit for this week. This sale woxild not be necessary  hod tlie warm weather come,two or three weeks earlier, but it is our rule in business to lower the stock before our semi-annual inventory, Wo, take "our medicine  philosophically and will greet you pleasantly when you come to help us empty our  shelves to the (juick-stop -time of stock-taking prices.  w  B ABB-ffHE. EXOfcUSlVE), AGENTS for many of tie 6-sfc lines of  groceries, and always have a .fregh, w_iole_o__e> Stocfe- oh Hand.  Telephone 10, l3. O. Bo** K: _4 W. Baker streiet West, Nelson  ���L-~vB"*~:-jrrTra"'~' ���  MONET SAVE1> BY BUYMa YOtJB  __sto-, dteopm: xjs  Can 1111 your orduivs for iiny rt'imltity      JLVi.*    J___l'G'SJ-S|?lS@tJ     C8/    vO��  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. C,  Strachan'   Bros.  FLXJlviaBEKS,  _3TC_  o_?:e_e*j__- _H_OT_rs:__ block:


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