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 ARCONAUTS WIN THEIR TRIAL  Speediest  Race of the Day.  ITtiNU-Y, July 5.���In tlie first'heat for  the grand challenge cup, eights, the  Argonauts beat the Dutch crew by two  feet. Time 7 minutes, 0 seconds. This is  considered very fast, as the record is 0  minutes, 51 seconds. The Dutchmen  started badly, rowing 34, while the Argonauts got away well at 40, securing a  good lead before the Dutch realized what  was happening. Then the Dutch crew  spurted and led at Fnwley Court, which  was reached in 3 minutes, 1!) seconds, by  the length of their forward canvas.  Thence tliere was a terrilic struggle, but  the Canadians, after repeated spurts,  succeeded in getting the nose of their  boat to the front at the finish.  In the second heat foi' the Thames challenge cup (eights) the-London 'Rowing  Club beat Trinity Hall, Cambridge, by  throe-quarters of a length. Time 7 minutes, 32 seconds.  In the third heat First Trinity beat  Pembroke college.  In the fourth heat Jesus college, Oxford, beat Twickenham.  In the fifth l\cat fche Kingston Rowing  Club beat the Thames club.  In the lirst heat for the stewards challenge cup (fours) the favorites, the Ham-  nionia crew of Hamburg, beat St. George's  hospital by a length and three-quarters.  Time 7 minutes, 42 seconds.  Li the second heat Magdalen college,  Oxford, beat New college. Oxford, by six  lengths in 8 minutes, 7 seconds.  In the third heat Balliol, Oxford, beat  tho Thames Rowing Club by three  lengths in 9 minutes,'!!, seconds.  In the fourth heat for the stewards'  challenge cup, Trinity College, Oxford,  defeated the Argonauts of Toronto by  four lengths. Trinity college time .'was  ���7 minutes, 52 seconds. The Canadians,  handicapped by their hard race for tho  grand challenge cup, were outclassed  from the start. The crews started well  together, both rowing 38, but before  reaching the end of tlie island Trinity  College was clear and from thence won  as they liked. The half .mile was'done in  2 minutes, 41c seconds. Pawley Court  was reached in 3 minutes and 37, seconds,  and the mile was finished in 5-minutes  and 44 seconds. "Won easily" Avas the  umpire's decision. The umpire did not  give the number of lengths Trinity College woii by. The Canadians were heartily cheered at the finish.  ���rov  __k  i&brary-?..  THURSDAY MORNING, JULY ��, 189').  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR:  "WEEKLY, $2.  pines without their consent than king  George had to govern us without our  consent. If that is treason make the  most of it. George Fred Williams  charged that the newspapers of the  country were being edited in favor of an  English alliance.  Americans  Score a Success.  Tllfi IIaoum, July 5.���The American  delegates scored a great success today in  obtaining from the peace conference a  unanimous vote iu favor of having the  question of private property a,fc sea in  time of war dealt with at a special conference to be summoned hereafter, flinch  diplomatic management was necessary  and many obstacles had to be surmounted  before this result was reached. In the  course of a clear and eloquent statement  of the American case Andrew I). White,  head of the American delegation, .said  tlie United States government had  accepted the invitation to participate  in the conference with alacrity because  of the opportunity it was expected the  conference would afford for preaching  the true facts regarding the immunity  from capture of private property .at sea.  JIe admitted, however, tluit the United  States government recognized that it  would be hopeless to expect any decisive  result from this conference, owing to the  absence of instructions from powerful  governments, doubts as to competence of  the conference and the length- of time  necessary foi- a discussion of all the bearings of the case.  Another General Checked Up.  R15NNES, July 5.���There were interesting developments today in the "Saxce  affair. General Julliard, commanding the  garrison here, issued to the troops an  order of the day upon the occasion of the  departure of colonel Saxce of the Tenth  artillery, to take up the new command to  which he was transferred as a disciplinary  measure by the minister of Avar. General  Julliard, in the order paid colonel Saxce  high tribute for his brilliant qualities,  and declared that he enjoyed the entire  confidence  of his chiefs.     Thus general  ,SKl<  ^i-idvdil-'ie'^'i^  ^jyy^iilte^e^  '^.diaii&ar&yJ!^  ���; >p%i$b0��.i - Tliey^teii*���^  ]fci^win&*01id^i^  ��v;<bl\\$li$i\ge #|Py ^ 'TM^^'E0!1^1^.'OiirsmeA *  v 4r-0;Hine^4Hi����&�� l&TO^^iliii'; Sn^rirlh  ."'#l-r^,kc/WJ'fic)i��� tliey/ ti\i^"%i^erB_ti'tnI^* pot- ���  ] toi* Maiffced'to'the ^mddili^yfrtgj1".of lleh-  _.ley. fchan thoii>;9\yr-v.sijiipKe^ yy..:, -  ���������^ ���*'"IhP fclie"'sfeflfiti^ jieat-"hfyilipidiattiPjtet  - seiillsV stinglesj -ifo^ybifi^e"Ainel!ieaj.i "beat.  ��� B.i-i|ljifc bttuei'Axgdtiifnisy (fiflgiih did not  fia-yeia' gltoskoif li --ehjivke . y^h% .Howell,  Ayivciiulnped'oif witii-"a lead "and wasblear  pf his, opponent before he  reached  the  " i.eftd pf _fclJDo" i's'tali'd.." Thence liowPll  paddled  ah^ad, luci'easihg his   speed as he  liked.  ==^jEn-liIVe=tliii,d^lK;at=Heiiunei:��le,^Oxfoi.d,=  beat Goldnian of the Argonauts.    Bom^  inpifde putclilssed Goldnia u.  Tlie Oxonia,n  started with a stroke pf 8! to Goldman's  3S, aiid fed before leaving the island.   At  the Roctoi-y Hoinnloi'de was'half a length  ahead, and at }'-aWley, which was reached  iu  4   minutes,, .1, second,,lie  was almost  c-lo-ir.    Iloliiinerdo steered  badly  subsc-  (luc'iitly. but vvoii by a length in  �� min-  ntas, ���.( seconds.  The fifth heat of fche diamond sculls  WiiB one of tlie MPst exciting seen at  Ilri��!iik��y. Thoinpsoii pf the Ai'goi_aut.s  Can.ie in first ih nine minutes, seven sec-  frlxilti, but as a foul occurred near the  qimrter'inile post, Ayhieh Avas allowed,  tiipugjt the aiinouiSceiijent of the claim  *\\*as"-received With universal hissing, the  race was given to Ashe. At tio time in  the race wore the oarsmen ever clear of  each other.  - The-" Saxee-idiff ieulty=;��^a.ik*j.'*iei! - thron-giii  newspaper ".coin n len tsy .��� Tlie.��,i laiu&or" cot  ���on.e.libaxce���.wa.s::ihen:tionetl" ��as the presi-  jlity��ror"h:is\appop|-(jj-iie.n't^"pri���jtt     w=i.  _,fcliW6l'K<SO^^  "*a_r/.^t;P��_A.vr,s_S*^f^.*._^;te��" "l/f<k"T^:,:._.:fto:"_iA_."_  Clan^Nae-Gael Supports Kruger.  Bohton',. July 5,���Senator William .Mason'- of Illinois, John Devey of New York  and George Fred Williams spoke against  an alliance with England at a, elan-nae-  gael meeting last night- Resolutions expressing themselves in sympathy with  president "Kruger in the pending struggle  in the Transvaal were adopted. Mr.  Mason devoted most of his speech to  an effort to show that the action of the  United States in the Philippines'was due  primarily to England, and that it was  part of a plan carefully prepared by  England to force this country into an  alliance witli her, and make America dependent on her. He said next year one  of the political parties wo*ild have a  plank in their platform declaring for  Philippine freedom. He said the administration alone was responsible for the  -.Philippine war, as congress had not declared war. : in closing ho. said: We  have no more right to govern.the Philip-.I  ^giilieiit" in Avhicli lip clfis'sej:! Sl^I^e P^psV  eucP as an infafijQusj'sc^ s "I^tv this'  he -was Ji!t$h'Sf^'i:&^ :reg.mi:tj��iit_  J^uTj/ayisriUiip^ .���..,_T|"ily ���y&.y^Tli.f hxtpf-  , jJiltioiial cricket jilateh be.twe"Pu\ tjie  -scplleges of the���, tJ!ifit.(jcI��'States, arfd.'the.  dahadian colleges, begrtila, today1 at [Mami-  heim,, on-the grounds of tlrieGermaivtPwn.  cricket club, aild Will .be epntiiiuod "tP-  ���yvoi'row. As tlio match lipw Stands the  TJiii ted States has. the better of ifc The  ��)aHadians^ar:e__able*_iieid_rs=but=^th.eiiM  bowling was easy to Ilits:aild they do not  appeal' ooinfprtabje or confident befVire  the wickets. The visitors went tp bat  first and were retired with 85^ runs to  theii' (Jfedit, Tlie bowling of Sharpless  was very .crff-Optivt*. A heavy storm broke  out wlvile the homo eleveii was at ba,t,  and notwithstanding the bail evonditiori  Of tlie field the Aiiiericitns I'ptled ,up. a  total of Hit) runs fbr five Avickets before  stumps IWere drawn.  The Tax Will De Increasecl.  WawA, July 5,���It is stated here us  on the whole probable that tlie gioverii'-  inent will undertake to moot the view of  tlie Pilcific coast for an increase of the  ppl| tax on the Chinese to $500.- This  ahnoiinceiiient will come as a surprise to  those who expected that in view of the  protest made by China against hostile  legislation no advance Would be made in  the present tax.  The Strike is Postponed.  PiTtsiurHl', July 5.���Tlie proposed  strike at the Homestead plant of the  Carnegie Steel Company lias been abandoned. At a meeting last niglit it was  decided tliat the present was not-am opportune time to strike. The work of  strengthening the organization of the  men will be continued.  ATTORNEY  GENERAL   EXPLAINS  He Won't Get Out.  Victouia, July i>.���Attorney-general  Joseph iMartin was interviewed by a  Globe reporter today and made the following statement about the incident of  premier Semlin refusing his resignation.  When asked if the story published in  'Vancouver was correct, he replied, "Yes;  it is perfectly correct."  'To tho question "Do you intend to re-"  sign?" Martin replied in his well known  emphatic way, "Certainly not. If any  one should resign it ought to be Mr. Semlin, for he has not the confidence of the  whole of his cabinet nor of the members  of his party in tho house."  The whole proceeding on the part of  the premier Mr. Martin pronounced as  most extraordinary. "As was well known,  the position of "premier" is not recognized in the constitution, and because he  happens to disagree with certain members of his cabinet no premier has the  right to request that member's resignation, especially without consulting his  colleagues.  "Mr. Semlin did not consult his colleagues," went on Mr. Martin. "He acted  on his own responsibility, or rather on  the advice of Mr. Cotton, as -Mr..Semlin  is a weak man and is governed by what  Mr. Cotton says. The whole thing is a  conspiracy between Mr. Semlin and Mr.  Cotton. Cotton is one of those men who  Avould rather stand behind a '.tree and  push someone else forward to do his  work. As for the reasons Mr. Semlin  gaAre.for asking me to resign, it is most  extraordinary that he would have acted  without overrequesting me to give any  explanation. I told him so plainly on  Saturday.  "It is very ridiculous for Mr. Semlin to  charge me with neglecting my department after he made such a muddle of the  lands and works department that we had  to move him into the much less responsible department of provincial secretary,  and he is not eSren equal to carry ou that  in an efficient Avay.    It is Mr.  Semlin's  gbooT. Jnm'Uipt^p;^-^  Hvaiijt* hiinrfpr B^p^iViier/au-j^  Sid^^t^^ifd^oiHo^  "affpvdv'wgtli'/oiily JKiha3orityiOf.pii:e,-tp:;do'i  jAyitlfOufi "hliii: "Itis^  if Jie-Avas Tipt qjremiei.' tp." Jc'ifil^sOyeisMio;  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Rand Purchases the Ocean Claim.  D. AV. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail  smelter, yesterday sold a ball' interest in  the Ocean mineral claim, on Payne mountain, in the Slocan district, to A. 13. Hand  of ATew Westminster for $10,000, with a  cash payment of $500, the balance to be  paid in equal installments in one, three  and six months. Mr. Rand owned fche  other, half interest and will place a force  of forty men at work on development.  The property i.s situated about one thousand feet from tho Payne mine and has  one hundred feet of tunneling done on it.  Assays from the lead give good values in  silver and lead.  YMIR.  ��� W. N. Blanch field, J. Goodlad, C.  Creamer, Peter and John Philbert are the  owners of a group Of five mineral claims-  situated on the divide between Sixteen  Mile and Grant creeks, about three, miles  from the Hennessy group and one mile  from the Cariboo mine. They are named  respectively Enico, Leadville, Stem-  winder, Yukon and Goldbottom. The  lead, which is outcropping on the surface,  is well defined and can be traced for a  considerable distance, and galena ean  very easily be knocked off the top. The  characteristics of the ore, Avhieh is a very  hard Avhite quartz, are oxides and pyrites  of copper, galena and pyrites of iron.  The assays ran from $12 xo $17. A small  force of men -luwe been busy putting'in  shots all along the lead, which is visible  through all the claims. Jack Goodlad,  Avho is an old miner in the Kootenays,  considers it one ofthe best things he has  ever been connected .with.  At the Cariboo mines, in Avhieh W.N.  Blanch.icld is largely interested, the  ledgeis '10 feet wide of solid ore, carrying 4-tp 8 per cent in copper besides gold  /values. ���';  - y  '.���:... The Hennessy group is called the Big  Wonder, for they *are doing considerable  development Avork,-haying a ledge of 22  feet of solid ore; ; s;  %%3y s\&y;^tje^^  j_:(3Vif,9*Io^      .   ..gave  cabinet: secre.fcs.fuufc xvhen*!:  More Yellow Fever Cases.  Santiago, July 5.���Ten iicav cases of  yellow feA'er and seA'en deatlis were officially reported here today. All bhe victims of the disease Avere soldiers except  One.  Match Declared a Draw.  London,  July   5.���After  the  Ausfra-  wickets  ���).  lians had scored *.'_S runs   for  six.  down   in   the* .match   with .Nottinghamshire'the match Avas declared drawn.  -���",1'1~_  TJie excitQhX'Pn^ ���& 'extveWe ampiig "ihe.  polifcidiails and" a iliieefcing pf tlie ppposi-  , tion suj)pp.i'tPrs ijS tlie Pity, aa^iS  help!"-tp-  ttay? - TliP" chaiice$ are tfiat .a. epalition  Will be niade with' 3V_iv Martiii, put in tho  :.cts0i:y ;-:��� ���*"��� '���  lioss of Life Will Be Great.  .Dallas,.-Ti_x-.-fcs, July SWDeputy sheriff Sweai-'ingeii pf A;U.stiii ctiunty maile  the following* statement Over thp long  distance telephone at Spaley today. Belief has not reached tlie flood victims in  "this'spcti OiTf���!^  been recovered near tlie town of Book-.  shire, tliii'fceen miles from here. Forfcy-  five persons above Sealey are reported  to be jiiissing, and are given up for dead.  SeVen AvCro drowned today about scyeil  miles .below Sealey. About 400 persons  are isolated on a siiiall piece o-f land  tliree miles froin Bi'OOkshii'O; Several  hundred more are .siniil'ai'Jy surfoniHled  at San Philippe,, tlii-ee niilp^ froin Seal-ey.  Unless- i-elief enli Soon, reach these two  places the 800 lives will probably be lost.  Many will die as it is from hunger, exposure and exhaustion.  Tlie water today is running thvpngii  tlie town of Bi'ookshire, .sonietliing  nevor k-uown before. The sixty-five  lives reported lost hero today  were within a radius of twenty mi les,  and north of Sealey. We are completely  isolated at Sealey, but this to\vn is hot in  danger. Can't estimate the situation beyond the limits 1 mention. The whole  face of the country hero is a. sea,. The  channel of the Brazos river has shifted  about throe miles, and the water here is  fifteen miles wide. Logs, houses, lumber  and railroad material, merchandise, live  stock and other floating objects make it  worth fche life of rescuers to go to the relief of the endangered people, most of  whom are negroes. The railroads arc  destroyed for miles.  Decline Before Invited.  Special to Tho-Tribune.  Victoria, July 5.���Several members of  the opposition caucused here today and  decided to have nothing to do Avith any  coalition with the Semlin government  should any be proposed.. This settles the  Ifelmcken proposifcionwith respect.to tlie  portfolio of attorney-general. -' .The'  suggestion. is now made that Charles'-  Wilson, Q.C, of Vancouver will bo-invited,  to be attorney-general.  >1||S-:*^^^ _  3"t\e,ijib,ej'l6.f^ a.ab1;)utJ to  eSilfaf^ Stgffim- ^���^'^\0^*H5_5lg>#S-Q,  rBajls.fi;eqlM^  '���iiiul, tlie expei.fs'k; \'ep.6rtia)'i/rjje**lla^eIlo"r-'"  S   ,'_-_..-flftnD',***)" ,1       ��      a.fl..1~     n,"Bn_nD���'^l     00        ,,,       '"        ...      ,1   ..   ,   , ' ^      rt       ���^      V     ^,*      ,  ��� liljTglaiid- n.e_xt  week to;, -get .fa-s "fiyejidss  '���i-:ntei!.e'pfed^4n;";tJiiS, K-ainp.. "'Be'fprp,. a^p%.^  '.a.:steaii|";pu|),ip.D^ r���*��. :-:.* - ���'  V^:!fP^3���^lS%b���f %W^lj|i^l^stl*l|ji^>^''  ���aggiffiifI. tpy.trftpJcii'nicS' di'^li^jn.ljfeli to>"WO  cdiijfi^fci(fu".o"f tlie" jn ven;iles.  :    A public ���me��etiu{|As to be��� h'dtd, Shortly  ito^iscjiss'thiS advisabUity "of- ei|tiiblis|li'iVg  ,a"ciiainbnbr.fpt"..coj)uiy#<3e'i-h-^T'ntit.    ��   ���'  Tl\bilii-hiQ to.vgo"jip. Boibid; inonnfcjliir  iinfdi'fcitiuvtiily did iiofc (JOme off on Tjixes*  day "as bile Aveatliei' W.)sso i-inpi-opitions,  ver.yfnrifilj to fclie ti'feayppfrfutmejfifc of the  fa.iis sex. !  ��� Water in inch pipes  is   being  laid to  hotises on Second.avenue.  SLOGAN   CITY,  syndicate, paid over tlie first jiistalltuoiifc  oil tlie Chapleau deal today. They will begin operations afconce.and iti?,* proposed,to.  Avork blic property on a. large settle.  Messrs., liogers, Newnia;n, and lileiieh  bonded tlieir el'ahus, tlie Wliito Sparrow  and Torpedo, fco IS. J. Felt for $��0,00()  today. The agreement calls for the expenditure of $1000 per month from  .July lslfcli.  1?. J. Felfc, who lias been ill New York  for some mouths jiastj jiTaeing soine  SIo_a.ii properly has .insfc returned' affer  a very suciiewsfiil fci'ip,  Kootenay Lake general hosjiital of pneumonia, on the night of Saturday, April  20th. after being driven around the city  streets in the Arain endeaA'or to secure admission to the hospital. The deceased  came from Kuskonook, and after her  deatli the provincial police took charge  of her effects at Kuskonook and locked  the same up in her house in Kuskonook.  Some time later the house was broken  into and a quantity of clotliingand other  articles stolen. Word was given to the  provincial police at .'1.30 yesterday that  Bryon and the woman Avho was stopping  at0the Club hotel had the stolen goods in  their possession, and ten minutes later  the couple Avere taken off the Iiossland  train. When arraigned before stipendiary magistrate Crease the Avoman claimed,  to have purchased the clothing at Kuskonook for $:_>l. Pending, an investigation, the couple were remanded for three  days, bail being fixed in each case at  $100. "'���'  In the Police Court.  There avjis aii exceptionally heaA-y  .docket yesterday in the city police court,  no less than six cases being dealt with,  with the result that the city treasury  Ava's some $02 fche richer. The first case  was that of Ernie Munro, who had been  charged the day before Avith stealing J. G.  frving's clothes. This tiiueP.E. Wilson appeared for the defence and called J. A.  Gilker, J. A. Kirkpatrick and Alex Dow  to testify 'to; the good character borne  by Munro. He was acquitted of the  charge brought against him.  D. Williams was'fined $5 and costs for  being drunk and disorderly.  J. G. Dewar Avas charged Avith being  drunk and disorderly and refusing to  obey the orders of the police. He Avas  fined $10 and costs."1..  The next Avas an assault case. N. W.  Nordling, night porter at the Hume  hotel, had laid an information againsfc  G. B. Gibson, and ifc aj-ipeared that the  accused and a mining man.name'd Williani  Moore had come into the hotel about five  o'clock yesterday morning to get a drink.  They  were  told the  bar  Avas n ot open  ivg&lhM fy��h(hh "vV'if 4i��hijSlE_d/?.. "2- "'  1-Qii gyliop ^a^acjensed SS^pilddlnnig: |^i:lj<  NELSON'S CREDIT^ UNEQUALLED  Big Premium on   Debentures. :r^?  Mayor Neelands yesterday sold $f. 0,000 ';  worth of Nelson's five per cent debentures, payable in twenty years, Avith interest at the rate of five per cent per  annum, for $04,200. This is at the rate  of 107, Avhieh is probably the best that  has been realized by any city in British  Columbia for five per cent issues. The  sale i.s of course subject to the approval  by the purchasers of the three loan bylaws which were passed by the ratepayers in May last.but there is not much  likelihood of any exception being taken  to the same. .'   "  The  purchaser  of the  Nelson  debentures this year is J. 1<\ Gross, a barrister  and solicitor of Welland, Ontario, who is  supposed   to  be acting   for  an   eastern  client.    His tender   read  as   follows:   "I      ���  beg to submit for  the  consideration  of  your    municipal   council   the   following      ?  tender for the purchase of $00,000 of de-y  bentures of your city, bearing interest at  ;   ;J  five   per  cent  and   payable   in   twenty :.Si  years from  the  20th  day  of July  next   .    v.?  upon the terms and conditions set forth; '(-yy  in   your  advertisement  in  the  Toronto       ;:-  Globe.    I will pay one  dollar and seven: :v|  cents for each dollar of the face A-alue of;-...;.'.>*'_?.  the debentures and  AviII   take the Avhole 4  issue.    This offer is subject to the bylaw ^  being legal and regular.    Yours,  (Signed)'  'J.  K GHpsS;"-:v''-:-:.':';;:-.'5  The Welland lawyer Avas not the only ?  one who Avas anxious to secure Nelson's <  debentures.      There   Avere   eight   other.    ^]y-{  tenders which, ranged from 90�� up close     v'M  to that.of-the successful tenderer!;   They     -fe-  were Cesaro J. Marani of Vancom^er, the i':.":  Bank of British North America, Hanson .  Brothers of Montreal^  G.  A..  Stinson ifc  Company  of Toronto, H. Wilson  Smith ���  of Montreal, the Maiiufacfcurers Life In-..--2y\<  siirance Company! the Bank of Montreal,  and the Confederation Life Association, i; i  All the tenders Avere for tho Avhole issue(-"y2y2:  of the debentures save that of theSCon-y.:���?"$$&  federation Life Association, which dp- .; I  sired to purchase none biifc'.'the;$30,066;-^.^:.-^  issued for water Avorks. ;   :;    ���  '   '^'2;  Certified copies of the bylaAvs haAre;; S' i  been foi-Avarded to Welland and if no���yyyy  hitch occurs the sale will be completed f lyy%  and fche money -paid over thi,pugh.::'-tlie'!.'.^^:-';A  local branch of the Bank of Montreal on ^^w  July20fch.... '��� 2-2'���- 22.y:   :( ;     ���:._ ��� y'2 yyyyyyyfM  A Wagon Road to''a/'-2Mihe^xy.(y'):y;yyyi2k  ��� - - '. _-'.:���-       ,. - .'.������' ..���..''������--.-��� .     ���' ; ":..\,.-y. ��� ' - _>'���-;'. ;.*   ::--( -.'P���|  The Molly'Gibson.Mining Gpmp{*iny?3villS;;W;2!ili  ..JiQdaIy.csmin.ieuce..fcljpj_ATOr^  in.^6?fte^^  S��e^-Jtey|^'i%l^-A^t^r  l���.^M./^_���^A,^i^^':^fES^_,^fK.rt*.^.^.���r."S5.^"io.;S.l!���l,_���v,.eA v.A'l  real  fr \y  NELSON,  Work on the new Bank of Mon  building, Which has been suspeiidui  some days, was resumed yi'stoi'diiy.  A can of gasoline .exploded' yesterday  afternoon at the office of fclie Last Cha nee  mine on Toad mountain, with the result  that the office1 building and tool house  were burned down. Most of fclie contents of the building- were saved.  The people of Brooklyn had a double  celebration on Saturday. They commemorated tlie thirty-second birthday of  the Dominion as well as the birth of the  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 3. II. McMaiiiius  of the International hotel.  ���Chase? "=wliic1i- he .-siibse^ffyi'tly sold5  F, A.- :Tan'i_biy'nin "The.eage._w4i*j "reiy-ai/i  uirtii'today... Tlie -pofifeO-'believe ^hafc,,a  grtu^ of.bp"y;slarpj'e$;po.i|S,Mc fob inaiiynf  tlte petiy fchoilfcs i'eiiSi'l^il'iiecently," audit  is i-jL-obable tiiafc-se^eraV'fitlier sinai! ^boys  ���wjH be ni" tte dhek today: ;  Grant!s Favorite Prpacher Dead.  SAif/VTOf!.^., July S.r-43islio,p   NoAvmau  died at 2.H0 this iMtpr.ho'p.Uj   bishop 3phn  P. Newman was boi'h in; Ne\,v  York  City  ^u':=Se'pit-'enTbpL,"=lft^  iniiiister of the Methodist Kp isc-opa 1  clnireli and Wftf for several years pastor  of sMet(i'opoli(>a.u ehureh, Wiisiiiiigfcon4 and;  cha.].),laii-i of the1 United, States senate  from 1800 to lST't Ho was a member of  the society of llibliea! archa-oJogy aiiii  aufliof of " FrOm Ufili toBeersheki." and  "tlie Thrones and Pahiccs oi f-tabyloii  and NUneveh/' \vorks of Oriental. traA'el,  pi'i'soiiting observations iliade on nn nlTi-  ciA'l tour of ihspceflon of L'nUcil States  consula-tes iij' Asiii. lie bifcfuni.' 'pastor of  fche M issloii Aw en ne t'< iiig-ri.sga.tioi.ia!  .cljureii: iii bS\S2 and was i4ei.'ted a bishop  at the general cod fere i tee of the Metho-  dfi-it f'/iiiseoiinl churcli in I-SS&  A Kuskonook Couple Arrested.  James Byron and a, woman who said  she Avas his wife were arrested yesterday afternoon at ;!.I0 as they were departing on the Canadian Pacific train for  Iiossland. Tliey were arrested by AV. II.  Bullock-Webster of the provincial police  department and chief of police .-Jarvis.  The charge against them is haying in  their possession- a. -quantity oT.vsilk. anil,  other Avearing1 apparel, tlie'.property of"  the estate of f/r/./.ie"Waite/'deceased.  The deceased Lizzie W'nite was tin- wo7  man   who   died ,at   the   entrance of the  May Modify the Agreement.  MoxTiiRAi,, July :1,~-Tho report is cur*  rent; tliat a solution of the difficulty  wliich has arisen over the proposed trfdlic  agreement.between the Intercolonial and  tlie Grand. Trunk, now before the senate,  is not improbable. It was slated that  the Grand Trunk had suggested an  aiueiidnieiifc liy which flu.  ionablc feature of the bill  that company a perpetual  all i h icon signed west-bound  hinting on fche government  tined foi' all points west  would bo so "modified that  would be continued to a few years or terminable altogether upon notice being  given liy either party to the agreement.  . ;vQjiu>'fHlcl:" ofche,^die,f^pmfegfiwp;lq  a Ne^2kk^^i^:^y.y?^  ' Fret} WliHainsprK%'���Alcfitpr_,t^Ge^rg'e/"  LOoyie gives a ft&%%r$pk?j$jt��$  disti-iep w,l,iich. .ba^ feeli d1i^'V(Si'6-cl*Al^lMl-  111.1,16 niiles fVoii-i  the iibad'AViiters" ot'tlV."  _lvetfc'lc^'uuv-el^___$i,i<^nu^^__,f:i^  thii-ty mile-1? fifph;i, the A'l-fo.vv:Uikethj'Pu'glf��  Pire VuilJcy, and some  sixty  .Utiles over,"  the wagon r.oa,il jroin "Vernon; to th;e,.i\|c-.  Iulyre niiiie, alul  five .uiiles  over a trail"  from   tlie   Mcfiity.fc'   mine,- Tvvo  tslfli.'ni.S'  Were being worked \fhen   :\V,i:l.l,iaiu.S5.oi:,i aiv.  rived.    On <>ue.of t'henj Ijo Wi'itses "thafcjl''  AVortli is l.ak-ilig out $S a  day,  and' ��xix"  (;h,e  ofht'r ..'!. .Lodge  is doiilig. /S'OlWetlilng  better than $1:.,   Tlie  llorn-ier i^   \vorkfi$  on beih-nek and ha~4 from live to -fff'Sf id  of good1 pay gl,aV1wI"i"t,'i" fViJ  old   ereii'k h"dd.  Lodge, has a.liotit i'our feet of pay  gri.*a..v'el;  and is working oil a  clay   bott^hi.    A;^i.'l*  Jin ni sou says tliat tliere is lots of ground  (.nth   aboVc   and   below   fclie  elalnis  of  ^Vorth and Lodgi-i audlie  has  taken up  sonic of it-    There is moi'e or  less copper  float   in    the    neighbojiiood,    bill    the  vi-eatlH'i:  so   far  has   beeii  against jiros-  iiecting.  object"  giving  monopoly of  freight orig-  'ojid anil des-  of Montreal,  its operation  Long Life in the Cool Shades.  Ottawa, July o.���Sir Charles Tupper  celebrated, his seventy-eighth birthday on  Monday.. .Premier Laurier took occasion  to. congratulate him.. 111:! hoped sir  'Charles would long enjoy life in the posi-  'fion'���'.'which.*be".::u'bw; .filled. .To be' condemned.", to life withoiit powei  seai'eely bivacldeil, is*not to' sir  liking.  it need  Cluvrles'  sefc of  Vaellt  Tlio Constance Wpn Again.  Nkw YoliK. Jidy ;1,���The second  trial -races of the Seawanliaka  Club, In choose a. yacht to challenge for  the Seawanliaka clip . now held by the  I loyal St. Law-re n e(j Vai'lit Chili of Canada, was held at Oyster bay this afternoon. There were three races over a  fifteen-mile triangular course. The Constance won. the Algonquin being second  and the I'aim tliird in all three races.  The final test races of the yachts will beheld tomorrow.  Lasker Wins the Championship.  Loxdo.v, July- O.���The results in tho  twenty-seventh round of tho chess tournament   played   today    were  as .follows:  .Lasker beat Steinite, and  tlie clvawpion  is thereby sure of livs**-, prize,, Mason defeated Maroc'/.y, Pillsbury Avas .beaten by  Tselugorin, Janowskl awl 'TiVtsSlcy di-CAv;  ShoAvivltev Avorsted Bird, and Schlechter  and Colin drew THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, JULY <��,  1809.  I  llik  I*';  it.  IjF .  y at Nelson  Red, wljite aijd blue bunting, and flags for decoration purposes.  A large assortment of boy's linen, and ducl\ suits.  Ladies' white an,d blacl\ muslin blouses.   Just the thing for hot weather.  a. ferland & co.  Klliol liloek. Haker Street, Nelson  8 B  JDSON'S BAY  OMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  YUM  YUM  NELSON HARDWARE OO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. 0. F. Hall,corner  Baker aim Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH. C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F.&A.M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethron invited.  PEOFESSIONAL   CARDS.   J' & CARRIK���Archilci.  erdecn block, Haker street, Nelson.  THWART & CARRIK���Architects..  Rooms 7 anil S Ah-  F.  B. HARPER, musical director, loader Nelson Orchestra.   Musicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone C2.  MISCELLANEOUS. ~~  WANTKD���To rent a small  furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. 1<\, Tribune olllce.  WANTED���Two   waitresses  at,   the  Queen's  Hotel.  None but waitresses   need apply.    Mrs.  K.   C.  Clarke.  WANTED���A servant girl to do general housework.  Apply to Mrs. XV. .1. Wilson, Vernon street east.  WANTED���House to buy or rent, now.   Six rooms and  conveniences.   Apply, J. J. M., Tribune ollice.  WANTED���A position as choir master, late solo bass,  St. Johns, Liverpool, England, and director Fort  Rouge, M. C. Winnipeg.    Address   Albert Hall, Post  o Olllce. ' :        '.' '.. ' ."          WANTKD���Asmall nurse girl to take care of a baby.  Apply at the olliccs of Galliher & Wilson.  LOST���A lady's gold pin, with diamond setting.   Finder will be suitably rewarded, qii returning. samo,ia,  - thcTribiinooni.ee. ' .      *:".*.*>"p"8lw_"���_"�� ���^���"."-y. y  -  . -   .fl,a   . V_._P__. ^Jn"^���  P.. ��n��   ��ad_.  ������������=��� r ��������� '������*!,���. i  . _v,nri i. III n '  , ... __.^.. __������������*_'  - l:  relurni  T OST���A JC. of P. jewel.  turn and no-questions asli  Vernon St reel .-Nelson.  525>nHn"on Jpdid J_.6r~i.ts-.re1-fe  li.od'rtb<T;huG - Twb-&nbTMHeep��i  LOST���In Nelson on aioiiday,,^ino"._^Ui,,jrt,*11iipl&��fJi��l  - delivery check book with nfflriiefpf P.?^iirhs.&;pQihj"  pany at top of each page. _ l,'indern"��,\_-i|lftbc*ji;ow:m��re|l;l)'y  returning same to the o/lice of "tlie- cbnjpahy,,. Baker"  street. Nelson. ,  * .   . - -; ,'f ,s. ������    . ."  LOST���Ladies Gold Hunting :Cjiso Watch,iqtf Tire/*?.  day, between , Slnnlcy and'i1_iathiiB_.,'i,'___Sret'foL,l��ind'"  the smelter. ��� Ten dollars reward... Artlii'iti"]J;tijltfir,X��a*ti-''i  mer street, Vest of Stanley. "�� "������������  V��. ."���"   "      *    '  FOR RENT���One cottage   on", J��J;ififcr ^.tlfofc.  fSAlfi  block west of Stanley street.   _Ulfcpiij;dnipiicos.^Sl'. vpO,  a, month.*  Apply at Tribune 0_ice]��jV'tc^p^!s^e_2W(!s'-��ts.oll-i'E  y--~ ��he ��rli&lC"'  Daily Edition....  Wkkkly- Edition.   , .'.Firs?- Year". No ToB��   S.E^E*>-T.IL1^E^-R,V1_tf.Q." 33,  sou's credit is high because its business has  been carefully managed, and its councils  have had tlie good sense to borrow money only for public works that produced  revenue.  The Nelsoii Tribune long enjoyed the reputation in this  province of being not only a political back-biter, but a  willful fabricator and a most wretchedly conducted concern.  The above is from tlie Vancouver  World, tiie only paper in the province so  mean as to take advantage of a section in  the postoffice regulations framed specially for pa,pei*s in the backwoods townships of Ontario, through which tlie  editor of the World used to peddle sewing machines and bibles.  Our heart is sad and our soul is filled with longing.  Wc have received an invitation to attend the opening of  a new ��330,000 brewery'in our old homo at Sioux City,  Iowa. Special mention was made in the invitation of  free lunch and free becrfortwelvc horns straight. When  one lives in a land where the exhilarating amber liquid  is passed out at 15 cents per, or two for a quarter, the  thought of such a layout makes a man feel as if ho had  passed over a lead that would assay 810,000 to ��20,000 a  FRESH  CANDY  JUST  IN  'r^ks?-'"ST-"*-.' >E_f;e_*r-^��  fald?Mrb_e"\i"di.*^  ���*'__.__*"'"._"��". f x y *"" _��_*/V ..it;"-__ v  ��� y&;^y.3,-." �� ; y3&  -TIIK eight-hour law fo.r jmfpSi'S "Woek^.  - ing underground has been- .ji> fofoe.-ifi-  this province since the 12th of Jjme. .and,  if tlie newspaper mouthpie"c:e.s of the  opponents of the law have, been, Seating  facts, the operation of the law liag.lalle.tt  the mining industry.    If the jniiiiilg iti-   d.usi'ry i.s_kill(ii.l,_the_dii.'Ce^eiit__=_iIeeo:i:cl=  offtccls throughoiit the province Sliould be  tiding little business..    This   _?Iuij_Xe  is  not in a position to state  the amount of  business ti;ansactcd -itt every record office  in, tlio province, but it is in a position to  state Ihat the ajuonnt of business now  beifig transacted at the vccdi-'cI office iii  kelson is us large as at any  tiijie since  tlie oilieo was  estitlilislied.    The wining1  wJcorlier and. his e'l-i-ks wofk overtiiiie,  thud then, I'lto not able   to keep up  with;  the Work.    Nelson i�� one of the  largest  Itlid most imporiiUit  in in ing divisions in  the pi-ovinee.   The jVinsworth   division,  the record olYifc. of   vvliiah   is  located at  Kaslo, is also aiiOthei"  iinportaiit  itiiitiiig  division.  The recorder of the tlivisioli lifts  .ti'aiismitted   the   government  agent at  Nelson .$'S885.5'5 as his receipts forthe week  ending June 80-th..    If these are statements of fact,  the  mining industry of  this section of the province lias  not been  affected to any great extent by the operation of a. la.w that simply  shortens the  hours of labor of tlio men working underground1 in our niines.  But the statemoiits  made above are not what the opponents  of the eight-hour law like to see in print.  The most virulent opposition to  tlie law  comes from men who are not interested  in   tlie  mining   industry.    The  virulent  opponents of the law are  the  politicians  who were.defeated at. tho  general  election in June, 1898.  S^u#":"'(3ity.^��"^oSi. "hb.d; "id(Mp^Mowi*  tiiKT-tteeir onwJin;ei-�� SijifeSed" g'rea't'-lorss;," l]lei  !'f"df'e_"e'16smgjl 1down;;��i. ift|^tlx6(Jist inifti^tferl.;  VJio ��lV|;dijbe.e!i�� yery 4*#y e'ai_i'^e\*aiteSrtgs'tl*i^5  eiai-fotteemont of tlie��la(W^'*w.as.H^^ai'd^S_iQ,  ..jighti "and,..shot ��".def��.cL_   Mhh: fqoai-uee.te.d":  Svjttlx, "oxie. of-tire: bi?ewerieis Wiefp" arifestedi  oii. s.lr��i3i.Gloii ,rbf'"b,^iug;M1$"'ii*i.u.Sd|d-er     "bu#  "ajfter nliitn.y" taiiils "and the expexdituseuOf"  jiiuch inoney tliey wefe. .'ae^nttted.   _Mi  "���tliiiS Oceurred^feo 'recently that it ftppelar*'*  but yestertlay* to, men; Avho were iu, Siou'x  ! (3jty at tlie time, yet costly bi-ewerieaariS  being erected to eominemorate the de&tji  of prohlilpiti.on.  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  LOOKING  OUT  FOR  NUMBER  ONE  These   hot   summer   days   is   a   duty   you  really owe to "No. 1."  " Probably the   best  thing to  do   is to fortify your system -with some  WELL KNOWN TONIC.  We   have -all���''���the'  standai'd   preparations  SPECIAL SALE OF  m  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  Hose and Sunshades  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  A complete line of the above g'oods, which  which we are selling at prices that will make  it worth your while to buy.  '.v..-*  B  B  B  Silk Shirt Waists  We have a. very choice variety in all shades of colors  B  Gents  en's Ladies' and Children's Shoes  B  B,  <��� ^6rao��5"���8  il  B__BaUGni:^annd��rStanlcy^S^ p ���  -_V"-"Wh ,   n    "   mn^     .>    B D'J   ..DL^nri.D,DLJ|,        "*    nnn     ���..        n    " ���     "n  ;*^_^@1*l'j*^_^1i.^;_S.^.t^<3^^  -1,.^"^__"'iiS  \g&��SmM^^  ^���^,^r&y^y^"^.^^^-:&?'&y&y^  .'^"���^'^iiSS**:  . ^^S"^3_T_S-"*>-"*l  '���.���^.<sjajfe)  "{_^oi^^;P��<_i_!s��  -Insxae. ��pops"  i|.c_?ec3ii OSb^rs"  "Windows  liisidle ^Msli  local iplid, coast.  ���. Flooring  local and coast;,  N^dl Eosts  Stair Rail  __ M^ul_d|ngs  it" 'H^-ffy 3jlst;re<_c.h.e:rf,i.i��snco'iisn!'gtiniCnt" ot��Harris'liirnVc"  "Xtiiidp feed's ./r.oiy* ^alboVftirris^ Scotlancl.""'. '  ... ...... _;'"...;:..*:#i^#��"i&ii^.  The supply Is liniltoa, ko cdli early and, ftxiimlliq tjiig sloij|c. " .     "    �� ����     ���'"    .  Saker" Strqfeti /Nelson  ^jRs:r dOoe a^st bank p?.c. BuipDiKG^  A Speolal Line of  Clotil Bbund  IN ATTRACTIVE BINDINGS  ALI. POPULAR AUTHORS  OFFERED AT  e  Tlioison Stationery Co,,.L_  _sr_E3i_,soasr, b. o.  e  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of) ^11 kimls.  jt what yon ��'an(iIs not in fitocU wo will makq it for you  CAliL AXUi G'KT PltlOlCS.  J. A.  HAJA AND I_AKK STRKlfJ'rB, NI��U_SON  SSflO will (purchase, a choice rfeidenco corner, 100 by i-0  ��21(10 Will piii-ha'So a central lot aiitl resilience.  ��100 will purchase two iiiiCe lots aud shanty.  ��2000 will pHi'chase two. niSo Jots aiid cottiigc.  SilflOO will purchase lour nice, lots and residence,  =tirfy^Kairinont=sliiires___Coi'-a_rJse. ^   ."ilRXI Utica at ,2 cents.  ���H*. -2K-'-^_��fc_$3i��  ���;.%���,���",  BL^CKSPlffllNG  .AW'd'-'E^PEirr.  HO^ESMaElNG  i    ���Q^1WW**Vl.I1CL,r].5;i'g."43iY IjUJfil'lfl^GTtipB.T   "'"  _ ,.^��M��?,^,'!*<:fs-^reivEi�� pJiJ-t 'w* wiii,spii":i8j-,.t.iri)iid*a:i1fc:-  ���" tion nl ri-ontMf the court liouse, in the City of NiilSoii.'.Bj,  ! p.. on, Monday,,,j,lM lOtlj diiy6f.,ii:uly, A�� Jl^lStlil.Cat the  hour ot eleven o'clock iii the forciiObn", tho 'fblfdwing  gOQdS_aniWlbl);i.ttoi:s:'��� .     "        .     * ." . V  '(I). Thd sawiniH1 lililldins;; and l){nldiui!;s, .Used.in eon.  ��� nectiofr th.Orewjih, siliifato at Salino,, li. S3' ,_iml "k'tibn'ri'di!  , tlieiiroifei'ty otVrafikaiavift.  <*?)-   ^".wWiiilli'plaliiiignTiii.aiid1 Ktiilifelemiil liva6hiii,-  ���y.:_irnfl plajlfeUi'6r.-in sjtliate,,Jilcliiiirn!��,ljoileriiiid oiigine,  Avagon repairing proinptlj- attoTidfid to by a Jlrst-e)ass  wheeUvright.  SpeojiU attention given fco; till kinds of i-cpairiiigi.ithcl  custom work from outside "points,  SI(op;   Ifa!' Street, Ijetweei) Baker and Vernon, Nelson  turner & BoncRh block, Nelson, B, C.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  TO-Room House, coiilrf-all^ Jo&uteri, $2SQa  G-Ilooui Cuttagf! nviil _ Lots on Cufbonirto  ���sirfjol., $14(10, ea&y terins.'  5-Tiotuii   Hotiyfe on  Sliuik'y .strftofc, ��0100.  Lime 70 Geqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  Ai. yard or ou scows at government wharf.  EVEli-v, rcHiiliiiit oi' Nelson sliould ice!  proud of tbe fact,tliiiL-Lliijcrctiil ol" t.liiiir  town stnnds so bigli���bighui' '.thun tliat  of any ofclier town in tbe j)rov-incc.,   Ni;l-  The West lvootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. Q, PROOTOR, Manager  Charles   D.  J.  Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  WILIj 1)0 WElilj to  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work. etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  PIRR, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  I__Nr_ST_r-R_A._N"0__!  yy.    REAL ESTATE. AND LOANS. ���'  TO I.KT���Several houses of dill*eront sizes.     .  FOR BAl.K-'lleal estate in all parts.of the city.  -.  Yard:   Fool, of Hendryx street. Nelson  Telephone, 91        Jphll    Rae,   Ag^Ilt  PETER GENELLE & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  J. L VANSTONE,      R. H. 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THE BANK QF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared io issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on SKaguay, U. S., Atlin* B- C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on District.  All'i'od Dreyfus, ton years ago a private soldier from tho lost provinces of  France, lias become the most pathetic  figure ol the last decade of the nineteen th  century. Simply told, freed from the  coin plications which have gathered about  it, there is no more touching story in the  whole of history. He is one of four  brothers, and was born in happy circumstances, his family being well-to-do manufacturers in Mulhouse. France never  had more loyal sons than the four  brothers at Mulhouse, and wlien, in 1872,  they had either to declare themselves  Germans or quit their native land, the  three younger brothers, including Alfred,  swore eternal fealty to the land of their  fathers and went to Paris. The elder  brother, Jacques, remained behind to keep  intact the business on wliich the family  depended, but his loyalty to France, apparently less ardent than that of his  brothers, .was evinced in a striking manner later, when he 'determined, to make  naturalized Frenchmen of his sons.  Though the act exiled them from their  native country for nearly thirty years,  Jacques Dreyfus made each of his six  boys citizens of France, and since 1S0-.1,  when the name of Dreyfus became a  name of scorn in Paris and throughout  all the departments of France, this patriot lias  left Alsace, with his youngest  n biji^flgiijlie' C^ifti|fcl^*GoJfe^:i*iuci'' tli&��<H*> -  '"Xe^e o/SlilUt. B&nie...: 'Folii} yefirs.la'teir'jli'd;  �� ,")t;rili;Ui_t.;i.i'y. 0c,<jh|i'eJ:s1i,i:iUii.*C^wfe/':\:^0oi*\\H,ch,;  -   _]Ha!e,"T_fiJi'_iii'e.e'_,'>u4��'6.f iii^s^sjLtbsQqiie'u't^cav.eei/  ��.^speaks, eloqiieiit'ly.of hfe yipility aiid chai'-  tjsstei-:  ... Ijfe  rose. jral|id:ly /nyte'i'^Vier  Jie  ,"���"iiveifti   _,���![__ {entered, -'they. p6lyt_eh'iiiuctji,t���e  ��� vjf��2tl"Tr*r (kd"er of fflijif^ ttattl^Bft "=it-"4gSth;  .^ii;ir���".tUe�� llsfc  "Ok eliteT'ecl? tlie. school of aj?:-1  >^"'J4i,e^-t^ngliiiI'n^l*y-tl's 88th dn: the jistafld left  "   it 3;_(_k" -lie  was -*biieii  appointed Second  lieXitejniiit Jli the, T^n^'ty^firsta^egiinent of  aisiipleryi iii the gan-fepn at _��laliS_.sei'v!irg  iil.that  (Si.pye1.^y for iift0eii illpntlis.    At  the end oi 1S.83 lie  was commissioned to  'the Won i'th' .mounted biijttei'y, detailed at  Paris, and SsijE years later he became captain i'ft the  Twenty -first "regiment  Of av-  til leyyv  wlitcli was   -lieu iii eojiiiectJon  With the cettti-al School of .militai'y pyi-o-*  teclinic at BOurges.    In 1800 he was ad-  niitted at the Eeole do OueiTe^sjSTo, 07,  anTTtVvo   years lafceT^lie^lo|rit~allsroT=Or  with tlie nientioii "Yevy^good," to  take  tip work on the general stall', Which eon-  trols   the   French   army.     In fourteen  ySJirs,   in spite of  the obstacles lie met  Avitli   as a Jew,,   he had raised   himself  froni the position, of a private pupil in a  military   school to  oiie   of the   liighest  posts in tlioitriliy.    He Was the only Jew  among tlio 200 of the geneva,! staii.  That, ib would seem, sliould. have won  for IXreyI'iis the esteem of liis comrades,  and made his position secure. Instead, it  brought about liis doOin. It trailspired  tliat secrets were being betrayed by  someone on tlie general stiUT_ Iii, September, 1$01, an Alsatian servant brought  tho famous bordereau���-a, letter showing  that militai'y secrets liad been betrayed,  ���to the intelligence department of the  French war office. It was torn in many  pieces, which were pasted together, iind  colonel Sandlierr, to whom the investigation was instructed, was only too ready  to believe the tale of two officers, who  came forward and declared tho bordereau  to be in the handwriting of Dreyfus.  The colonel, now dead, was a notorious  enemy of tlio Jews, and he readily  pounced upon Dreyfus as the guilty  ���traitor.  It only remained to bring the charge  home���not a difficult matter once the colonel's mind was made up. Commandant  Du Paty do Clam was charged to conduct  a preliminary inquiry, and the story of  how this wretched man trapped Dreyfus  is told in a semi-official document which  has been inade public. It will enable the  reader to form an opinion of the worth of.  tlie document, however, to state here  that the day before". Dreyfus was "examined," the-prisqn authorities had been ordered to prepare a cell for him! Du Paty  asked Dreyfus to attend at the war office  at 9 o'clock in'the morning of October  15th, to receive an important  conimuni-  cation and on his appearance Du Paty  began to dictate a copy of the bordereau  to him.  "At these first words" (says the document referred to) "the captain turned  pale, his hand trembled, his pen wavered.  " 'But, pray, write straight, my dear  fellow!" said tho commandant.  "Dreyfus'tried to recover himself, but  almost at once his hand was shaking and  trembled nervously.  " 'What is the matter, then.?' asked Du  Paty.  "'My lingers are cold,' he answered,  after some hesitation and stammering.  "That day the temperature was fairly  good, and there was a fire in   the bureau.  "The coininandantcontinucd to dictate,  but Dreyfus soon said:  " 'I don't know what's the matter  with me, but I find it impossible to write.'  "Then the commandant got up quickly,  stepped to the door of the next room and  opened it.  "M. Cochefert, chef de la surete, and  commandant Henry, employed iu the department of statistics, entered the bureau.  "M. Cochefert stepped up to Dreyfus,  laid his hand on his shoulder, and said:  " 'In the name of the law, I arrest you.'  " 'But why ? What do you accuse me  of?' asked the captaia.  " 'You know well enough,' replied Du  Paty. 'Your emotion in writing the letter which I dictated to you "just now is  sufficient proof.'    *  " 'I assure you I do not understand,'  replied Dreyfus, quite upset.  "Come, come! It is useless for you to  argue before sucli evidence. Your treason is discovered.'."���  And in spite of his protestations, Captain Dreyfus was thrown into prison.  Not a soul outside tlie general staff knew  what had happened. His name was not  entered in the prison register, and only  the chief warder was allowed to take him  food.**" BMaioirFoi-,sinetti, thesQQinmaudan.ts  -yj.n..y^_unp-^-A,dp .'.a%..u,a__..>>_��n__^5,__,D^_ .^"'.'ijpj.H ..$.  fethe^pv.isoner.;  "^fOdpikh^'  h%x "rri.z^x _.....  ,.._ Ji"22idiK'tov^oire1 i'^ai'd^hj{i_r���ffs:��i;dau^|4t>y!  , on:t,;��"taik ."Jt^jtlfe."ipp'ypi Jhis'V^oic^j'.al.ways:  ;"pvdfestih;i|*Mi�� innocence, �� tie ifefew^ 'him,-'  self" against" the furniture^ a|faift.s��i3"the;  ."*#vl'i_3V a"n,dD appear.etl . itji-dijseidjYs"-of'the.  h\i(-,ts he0 hxllietedy o}\ hiiiiselfj Fie Iliad  mot. a^sijigjle moineilrfr's, rej)0ss<j ��� aiul when  he, AVas. pjoustr��a|.ed by suflel'iug and.  fti^gX^^JLtP^ivisxY ji|iiisel|, withiSiit hu-.  "di"eMih"g^"dx(" life beci. " ��;3ps^" 'sleep "=was :  Irani ited toy-fe ��     :  At" last came the cduvt ihaistlal, and,  ���Dreyfus lyas again eahii, As-he pa.ssed  out of Lliis cell to appearj,before his judges,  he said to an. offijeefi of the prison i? "I  hope now that ifty suffi.rihgs Mill soon be  , Overj and, that I sliail soon Wlia'cfc in the  bosom of my family." Biit it was hot to  he-. His family had neither Seen nor  heard of Dreyfus Since his avvest. They  knew nothing of the charge made,against  hiin, l^or seventeen successive days Du  Paty visited Madame Dreyfus, ransacking her home, torturing and threatening  irevT'and^filling^Iier^iuiiid^withHiorrible  doubts. For seven weeks the unhappy  prisoner was not allowed to: Avritc to his  wife, but on Deceinbei* 5tli, lS9i, a fort-  niglit before his trial, tliat: series Of letters commenced wliich, by their intense  pathos, their expressions of profound af-  fections their heart-breaking protests of  loyalty to "my own deaf Prance," are  enough to move a h,ea(rt of stone.  *'To have worked all one's life for one  single end, and that end the taking of revenue against that infamous robber who  had despoiled us of our dear Alsace, and  then to see oneself accused of treason towards that country---'no, my darling, my  mind refuses to take it in. Do you remember hpw 1. told you about my being  ten years ago at Mulhouse, in the inOilth  of September it was,and 1 heard one day  passing under our window a German  band celebrating the anniversary of  Sedan? My anguish was such that I  wept witli rage, tliat I bit my sheets with  anger, and swore to consecrate all my  strength, all niy understanding, to tlie  service of my country against those who  thus trampled on tlie Alsatians in their  anguish."  On January 5th, 1S05, there came a,  rude awakening for Dreyfus. At 9  o'clock in the morning the troops gathered in a public square," where, the mob  looking on, Dreyfus is to.vcceive the last  degradation a soldier can suffer.  " Hearts cease to beat," says one who  witnessed the supreme scene, "and all  eyes are turned towards tho right-hand  corner of tlie square, where Dreyfus is  shut up in a little building on.the terrace. . . . . Dreyfus walks with a  quiet, firm step. 'Just look how erect  hc walks, the scoundrel,' i.s the remark  one hears. The officer in command makes  a sign, and the drums beat and bugles  sound; then there is a- fresh _spell of  silence,  this  time  tragic in  its   import.  The gunners who accompany Dreyfus  fall back a few steps and the~co_idemued  man is seen alone and apart. Tiie clerk,  turning towards Dreyfus, reads out, in a  loud, clear voice the judgment' which  sentences him to deportation to a fortified station and to military degradation.  Dreyfus has listened in silence^ The  voice of general Darras is next heard.  It is raised and slightly touched with  emotion, and ono hears clearly the words :  'Dreyfus, you are unworthy to bear  arms. In the name of the French people  ���we degrade you.' "  At that supreme moment Alfred Dreyfus threw up his arms, and, head erect,  and in a strong voice, shouted, "I am innocent. I swear that I am innocent. Ou  the heads of my Avife and children, I  swear that I am innocent. I swear it.  Vive la France."  As the troops tear his clothes and  bieak his sword in two, the few seconds  seem like a century, and above the noise  and the shouting of the mob rings the  clear voice.of the degraded soldie r: "You  condemn an innocent man." Passing the  reporters. Dreyfus, his clothes hanging in  threads, says: "You will tell the whole  of Franco that I am innocent," but his  voice is lost in the cries of "Dastard!  Traitor!    Judas!"  "My heart has bled too much this day,"  writes Dreyfus to a friend, when it is all  over. "Innocent, I have faced the most  awful martyrdom which can be inflicted  on a soldier. I have felt all round me  the scorn of the crowd; I have suffered  the most terrible torture that can be  imagined. How much happier I sliould  have been in the tomb. All would be  ended. I should be at rest; all niy sufferings forgotten. But, alas! I am  obliged to live���obliged to allow myself  to be martyred for long weeks to come,  before tlie truth can be discovered and  my name rehabilitated. Support me,  dear master, with your burning and eloquent words. See that this martyrdom  lias an end, that they despatch .me1 as  soon as possible yonder, where I sliall,  along with my wife, Avait patiently for  them to throw light on this mournful  business and give me back my honor."  It was the hope of Dreyfus iu his  darkest hour that his wife would be al;  lowed to accompany him, but that couso-  latiou has been denied them both. Mine..  Drefus, the brave, beautiful mother of  tAvo children, has not, hoAvever, been idle  duriug the last five years. Not for one  moment has she forgotten the man Avho  AA*as so ruthlessly torn from her side. In  M}ite>d:fi^  8:;*AyhQ__Kiid^n;oil^  - &!thel@^*&i>a^ :i51an��" ���^vnti'''  .'jjii^*y^iffiM"^v_hlM^a^wf ^iiiei %Mc$*j  '^co.nmigj Hin^  ;���photograph qj.liei' linsBaiidi' nor"' a, "ser.iip  " .of;h,is writing���for np I-Slfter- passes be-  ' tweeu theni w>hi?c]i is.nbt subject to plfi-  cial vevis.ioi*ij���a.nd_ -neither receives  mot-^ .  - thail copied  extracts: -froni .the other's  letters-  ���   It-would be Avestii-iso.me to. go thvo.-igh  ; all the sfetges of the ��ueyfits "case since  .the, prisone-i- -was, -��� :cuQjiye,yq1d into D.ey^l's j  Island.   N:0 qase iof this kind in- modeiHl  history has be'en. ,sff full1 of "draiha'tic surprised and of tragic* developments.     ft,  would take a, whole issue to tell the story  of 'h<3w colonel Picqtiart discovered th��,  plot a'gainst liis comrade; liOw he, found  that   Esterhazy,   tjie   soldier  avIio   sold  himself   and gambled1 away his  wife's  fortune,  AVl-ote the bordereau;, JiOav tlie  documents Avhicli convicted. Dreyfus haye  been discovered to be forged; hfiwColonel  CHARLES HIMiYER,      HARRY HOUSTON,  FKKSllJKNT RKCUKTAltY'  Henry, the forger, died . in his cell; 1ioaat  ministers have fallen and' reputations  haAre been wrecked; how presidents and  gOA'crnments have resigned to escape the  case; Iioav plot* upon plot has been re-  vealed; and Iioav the wliole dark tragedy  has been spoken of in AA-hispers lest a  fearful war should drench France in  blood. It is enough to say that the  whole civili/.eil Avorld outside of France  is on the side of Alfred Dreyfus as  against a cruel military conspiracy. Ea-ch  if he is guilty nobody denies that Dreyfus was unjustly convicted and it is becoming clearer every day that the  "evidence" of his guilt was manufactured  after his coiiA'iction.  "I have nearly reached the limit of my  poAvers of resistance," Dreyfus wrote on  the day of his degradation. Since then  he has had four years in a wood hut on a  lonely island, "all around him," to quote  from his letters, "profound silence, broken  only by the moaning of the sea." His  very jailers curse their lot and one of  them has been driven mad. Dreyfus Avas  the only captive on the island. From  sunrise to sunset he Avas free to walk  about his rock, but he could never wander  out,of sight, and on no pretext dared his  guards speak to him. All night an armed  sentry guarded the door of his cell.  The Tremont Hotel  ipLOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  s  ''o   Pnn    "^   X90 *  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  fk:Xi ���"_.]  ����   n n  n    %P,tP   dln^  tB," n      fto n^ ^      ��� - "S S o,    �� *' D      %_ J      o   "   n ^    ^ r  1' n       o     " 0      nD %   i  ">"v!*fL.ig^ited.y3^:ibIjeiGtiif^^^   . .._..  fiitrgE- 1.c,DmWr,ta*lJle"^'bcndri*^      "lifitf ^ri.sl>:clitssl��aii)i.ugl  roQin.   SiUjiplo .roohjs"^or1 "ioiivincrpiaf niQii,,"  feA-f'Ss SB2  feilS; __)_&.*_::  Mrs. fi C;  VTJV.J'    "  Lafo^of the"R6yal .Hotel, tSaljjary,.  _t_iiy_iT_-i__).  MANUKACTUKEHS OV AND  -KAMillS in;  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KA(JTOIlV WQIllf 1)0X1? TOlO'ltnK'Uil-'  SUCH  Al  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  H. D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel1 in thq interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Stiiaiiv Heat anft electric light,  CORNER -OK 'WARP AND VERNON SI'S:, NELSON  BAKER AND "WARD STREETS, NELSON  Sawmill on Government, wharf.  Factory anil olllce, corner Hall street and C.I'.R. track  ing  Wo have a lino assortment of woolens always  on hand. Uoods .made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made  on tho premises, satisfaccion i.s assured.  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  COAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of dimension timber and nil kinds of lumber  out to order, and" shipped to Nelson in carload lots  Writo for priccH. -   - ..���,-.      '--. \ '   ~.  The only hotel ih Nelson tliat has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bod-rooms  arc  well fnrnii.hcd  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is riot Second tb any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS *MAU1').KN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Healed, by hot ai  Reasonable rales - ���'-Hniuiilu rooms  Electric bells and light iii"OVory room.  Renovated ancl refurnished throughout  HOTEL,   VICTORIA  J. V". l'ERkS!, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly fit root car to station  Nisht'Orill Room in f:onnt;<:tl<>h, foi' the convenience of  guc*ts arriving and departing by bight trains.  BON TON RESTAiim  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  KootenaT~coffeFco.  COKKKK . ItOASTKHS   AND    DKALKHS    IN   TKA  AND   COKKICK.  Oiler fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  ���lava and Arabian JUnehn, per jiound S   10  Java and Mocha lllcnd, .'I pounds   Kino Santos, I pounds   Santos 1 timid. 5 pounds ,   Our .Special Blend, li pounds   Our I {io. ltOi'isf,..!! pounds   '.A trial o.rdiM'.solieil.od..     ������''.'.  Salesrooms 2  Doors  East   of. Odiifellows   Block..   West  / Bakor-Stsoot      " '���.���."  NELSON- .B;.C,.=: ������ "���;���  1 IK)  r- (so  1 l��9  xw  1(H)  m  air  B  B  "or Shrewd U/omep  WHO HAVE SILK NEEDS  Shrewd women will be quickest to appreciate these silks  In fact the women who keep fully posted on values are the  most rcg-ular customers of our silk department. Such women  are shrewd���they are quick to discern, true silk economy.  Arc you a shrewdc woman? Ir so, we will expect you  around today to share in this offering*.    We are selling:  20-inch Japanese at        .        ,.. . . . . . 35c  27-inch Japonese at    . .        .        .        .        .   60c  Shot and Plaid Taffetas at. . . . .     $1.00  Black Surah at . .        . . . . 1.00  Black Surah at     . .*.���'.. . . ..,.-      .        1.2  Black Peau de Soie at"    .  ffl  ffl  ffl  I.40  MARTIN  O'REILLY &  CO.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,   NELSON.  T__!_=._v_:S   C_A-S___:  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLKSALK "AND   RKTAIL  Meat Mepehants  ... ��� ���  Wholesale Markets at f^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL   STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  g^affS-DE, Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ���^���i'^im^^^^w^mMmiy  ��� cpfl'n ju -H   n oSt  .   Pn��n����ai.   ^  IrfjoH  0  O].0)KK�� Pt ^^^Rl^IX'^-OMliM^. ,A_5�� i^6m%;"AjiMmTpx  er  SPpLDS, Ltd.  KEA# pFFl&B, LQim��Ny ���6N@I_ANup^  All cprtrt'ujitcaliotis "relating to BfiiisH "dptOiri-bia feusin^s-.^/W^dd'iife^ld lo P.O. Dr.iw'i r'  505," Nelson,"British GolUr-rfbl'a "   * ' "   *���  d. RbDERIGK R'OBERTSQN, G(5ni*ral Manager \  K,j-^.   o",/\iv_     r��   ^x  S. ,S "FQWLER, 'E.'M��� Mining Engineer I   W fcUpONr,   B. C.  SMOKERS'HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line or  ROYAL SEAL AND KOOTENAY BEL.LE CIGARS  = Ahd=all-oth<3r'^l3i*ands=of>=ttie =-_=-=  AT PACTOllY PHIC1CS  OF   _l*Sr___3_,SO��sr,   __3_C3_.  g  Tent and Awning lanufaetery  al_ s��_i:_rsf_DS o_r  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  A\iii sizes of TENTS In STonic n-inr-i���o~i/-~-\       ~T\7r   A.   "T~^ C2 /"-^TCT"  lUkcr str��ul, Bpjiosllo iiorftolllco, Nclsrtii     _J CZL dj V. /_      __J__l__^��JOV_/d-N  W. P. DIGKSON  B; H. H. APPLEWHAI1!l-  J. McPHBB  Eleetpie Supply and Cotstriietion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and I_,ijtjhtln_? for Mines, Towns  S! lee trie Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box BOG. Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  Vienna Restaurant  Haker-strenl., between Joi-Gphitic and  Hull sIxucU, Nelson.  iMKAl.S AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR X10IIT  RAICKKY IN CUNNKOTION  FAMILY AND  l'ASTRY COOIvINO  A SPKCIALTY  OX1A' W111TK 11F.LV K.Ml'LOYKD  _S ���      ErXT_^���R*_T,      3? R O J^TOTOBf  MINERS, WANTED.  ZETO-R _R_Blsr_r  ROOMS AND OFFICES  AI'I'l.Y  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  '..- At. olll��u of the Duncan Mines, Limiteil.  BOATS! BOATS1 BOATS!  FOU SA1_K OR UIllK  The TiuiKter Mini;, Limileil, Albert C.unyon, rciiulriw  ix Komi niiiiors:., .W'i.kcs 9:1 licr tiny ; slmft nhikiiiK, ��;i.ni)  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Hunts built, lo order. HeimirinK and fittinf. a, spec-  iulty. Sails imule and rtKKud. FUhing rods and tacklo  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson. M'-
When tired and heated there is nothing so
refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.
We have all flavors and our fountain is the
best in Nelson.
Customs Ketiiras For June.
Collector .Johnstone of the port of Nelson gives out the following statistics concerning the business transacted   through
his office foi- the month ending.lime 80th:
1 Mutable i
;oods .
"•••■../■■iii 00
11.AST on
Total '.   SIT.'WIl 00
Duty collected SIo.SO.'l 10
Coke (Kllil Ions) S fi,MXl 00
Lead bullion   JMi.KCi no
Gold bullion    IS.}),'-' 00
Totnl for the mine Sf.l.'.Hi'' 00
The fores! S       If. 00
Animals and their produce  10 00
Mniuifac.iures  511 00
'.'.fill 00
The warm season has
See   Gilker's  assortment   of   Rubber   Coats,
Umbrellas,  Rubber Soled Shoes,
and all sorts of general wet weather goods.
P. O. Store
Jn tV^n^f/nn**_ n_ dd_,(H
nDD       n   nnngii □  :   □ "D
° -1st. wpl; lid tb' "yQitE* a^yan taij*}" £o""%ce- -qM^-pg^
:hind iftdiiiplcte1 stock* of" l$t)jbt& knd. 'Sfio.es,    JVfe
■jSacry . the'»t'QlI.owing   linos;:    3. .&. _*, .35&1-1. JfC
3..'Mng. A.<Bo.,,lSprth SWr Shoe Go., lE-Ofis/i
..Uefllifta "& ]@o., Sfe(/&rcl" 'Slioc/Go,r^yics,,Hol-*
tlciS,".*. 06., and otlicr leading *makt_i*.s»
The collections of the  port  of   Nelson
for the year ending June 30Lh iiggi-egiiti'il
$12cS,007.l.S.    For   the  iirovious year the
collections were $1.1.4,050.98.
There will be a scratch niii.tch of cricket
on tho Hall street recreation ground on
Saturday afternoon. Game will be called
at "two o'clock. This will be a, practice
game to prepare for a match to be
played here wiLh fche Jlossl.'tnd team on/I
Lhe 22nd instant. All intending members
are requested to be on the ground
promptly. Arrangenients will be made'
for two afternoon practices a week.
The work of surveying the proposed
wagon road from the Yellowstone mine
to Salmo is now on the way, and construction will probably begin on the 10tli
instant. The three machines at the mine
are running night and day, and the winze
is down twenty feet.
A largely attended meeting of the
.Presbyterian Ladies' Aid was held yesterday afternoon in the rooms of the
Rev. Robert Frew for the purpose of
electing a new president vice Mrs. McCulloch who has resigned. Mrs. 'John
Hamilton was chosen to fill the A'acant
H. .11. Harrison, librarian, has received
a letter from the Hon. J. Fred Hume
stating that as soon as the necessary application forms have been sent in a travelling library will be sent here by the
government. Mr. Harrison has written
to Victoria for the necessary forms, and
as soon as they arrive application will be
A special service will be held this evening at the Presbyterian church at eight
o'clock preparatory to coinnmnion.
The contractors  who are  making the
Proctor was gran toil a liquor license for
twelve months at Ualfour, as was Hank
Noll at Salmo. David Clarke of Pilot
Bay was granted a license for six months.
Work at the Fern mine is for the
present con lined to No, 4 tunnel. About
ten or twelve .men are employed at the
City clerk Strachan i.s at work upon a
large number of informations which he
will lay against real estate agents, retail
traders, lawyers, boarding house keepers,
contractors and others for breaches of
the trades license bylaw in that thoy
have been carrying on business for the
six months ending .luly 15I.Ii without
taking out the licenses prescribed in the
During the last thirty days the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company has .imported
and entered through the customs 2i50,00O
lire brick for the construction of their
new- coke ovens.
\V. F. Brougham says his sole contribution to the Miner special is a, hymn,
liis "Angling Notes" were mislaid.
The only person who knows the public's opinion of the Miner's special edition
is the man who is collecting the advertising accounts.
IS The Nelson company of Lhe Kootenay
rides will'meet for drill tonight at. 7:.'!0
o'clock.    All   members  of   the  company
eavy Hardware
ire requested to attend.
of Ross-
Gold commissioner 3.   Kirkup
laud came into town last night.
J. P. S wed berg left last night on a
to Sweden and expects to be gone one
year. S wed berg made a clean up on
Fagle creek which will enable him to do
the fatherland in style.
Giant Powder
Canton Brill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
and Wooden ware
^g$     Stoves, Ranges,
Iron,  Steel,  Sheet
.,       Iron, T-Rails
V^ Paints, Oils, Glass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
5.„D   n 0# »5Sn     o   '      __.**„.«     rf1        m " n ° a
■!/. -■!
"m"" ' ■"$.
ft* ' '8_
as; m
ss,       ■&
'"strji'fJti'oij..- "„*/," x, «_"" *y"V ° B 2. Cy- "y .™y.y -• ■'
; "':iCCll|jB|: :&»0fc>; $i*f Uup^h(y°ixx^60-' fflns.]
pf'- d'iincixSiou fsiddxyfvOpi" tli-e^-fitiw'i.'y 'dp-'
|)o:$ite; j&Mp,_ _ be'lpngu) g _ to   the   Wes t
IJpppehayi 3$f-I&ks^i£:@i*-ie_:Qpippany- fox
UBeyip'ihp lloh^iph^iiixd Ihd-hs l)ldek§".'
At tlfe '3a,^l.|bi-u**q^^;.s_sSiiait'0'f the license
'cojjljiij'ss&jiltsH .'ixckV  yestetfdWv $.   "'■_}.
. BHjS^jjESS'i.m} BE'SlijEN-TIAL
""„ "      '•"PSbPfi.ftT'Y' ""   '
A Ring of Beauty
is a Joy to Both
ffiy^l'^ndy Receiver
-fl   .    _*'     rt'K  . ^D D     nn        .__-'<  ^J.'"       ™*
30 ity,  12Q, Baker „ -troo.fc. ° bcnyeciV "Josephine ana
Wittd1 strccf S,...",,.,,.., ,..."... .■"...:.....,,,.,.,.',..; .^.".".SSDoO1
Why 120, BivlvGi'istroot, ,l)ol,vvcon« Josui.lifii'eniid Hail
. stre'i.te,..... .*.-,«,,....,..,.., «„......... w„,r ...... -..,.. .'JutJO
50Jiy" iS&j'Baker "street, bfi.fcw'eeii .Jos6"pliliie_a;nilrHaH
slrbetSv corfior; ■ !-■»'. s —;".",.»..i"." «....,".	
SO-by 120S "JSife^B'ikorst.refel,. V..,.-.."».........:"..,»»..,..,.   S00
25 bj* 120 With .iiliproveinont*, sanfclr §Wo M "Vocn&n
fjiti'O'ot.;.,...■.-'.,,.',.....: ._.......:—:„..,..:....., 5000
.50 by 120 wilh imprdveiiientij, souf.li side ot Vornpn.
Kiircet; «,. .,."".-....,«:'..,........-_,._.  finofi
i ^.jlbts and largo liolisc bbftutifiilly tjii-TfiKheH (stiaf.).., 4000'
2| lots Witlixottiigo i'c ii to* _St §15 pc£i' hlbntl),, Vjdtoria
street.......». ....... J. .,■....... »..,._. .j,  3500
1 lot with cdttiigo, rented at 9151 per iiioiith, Victoria
street....?... --■.••'» * ••"  2J*>00
2Iot.3 with cottngo rehtediili S20 per nionlH, Stanley
Sfcroot..... •■,..., ,......,..., ;..-..  3000
G lots ill block UP, all. cleared, and fenced iir  2500
.For general, iiitonilaliion on real estate And for further
"°" °Thdy ftlwaJiS' soil vvKqiJq .ifi'iyt'lHili^ will, ami c"os\";n6?
ti.iorft'lhai^'thosiS&Cdiiii'b'tr'uj ri;r_ii'i.ati^i>. "  ,
W^lioii. ypii"\yai")rt'.d'i!V.ii:ipirtfe, wI'itp.(4_.THCiib°I.'_ojT{S1.
■ "»A^he.n' yoii \>'ant waphog." .-."qild &).lii{.;ol) iloi'ojv
° WjidH yoir \\'iii)Lt .gold and gilvdr loVgiicCI<>■ (jljaiiV, a^k
for iTacoti. 1)6 .'or1,. .        _    .. ,       ■ "
\^h:cn.,you want sl.i.rliiig's.:h'er*iio^e.ll,i,i;s, send to.raeob
"Dot?ojrt. „  ■■ n „-   ■
^Vli'cn yoii want ;lJodger Bro^s ,lS(7..kiil\'es and (grits,,
.■send .tg.sTa.o'oll'lJovc'r:". „
" WljOp;*ynQU \\'al)t1a.>nlcoJanip1,a'i.k.lfDp,J_gg'U'rr().VOr.l    .    '
^Iieii ,.v"<3u waiit the Kai'ii piaiip, send for eiul.ftl6g,iic.to
'jjlcob IJover,
When you" „want  flisfeql.'iss goodsj buy  froin, Xticoh-
Jjpver. .
Wb&li'.yon .waiit watel'icJ!',,rcpiiircd,,soii(lp thoni to Jacob1
Wlioii you  want Jgwelfy niairiiftiqtm'cd Or repaired.
Mod jt, to Jacob,©Hvcj-;
°Wnhcn you want" Co'.s.cc afiQinplctelino of gftodsas/ibdve.
inciiti&ned,, catlnit
Lawrence Hardware Co.
-ST-HILSO-Sr.   B. c.
A Volley 'Of Epdhoxhy (ifidt "C3a]prie.a ;€oh^icti;p*tt,. i.h;to*'Ey^*py,d H^ra.e^ip'^elj&Qn'
■ _•«?,!
iV7"-A__R_D BBOS.
lical JCStato and Gener.al Agents, Baker St., Nelson
From George Gale & Son
• ##••
m , HI m
A Large Shipment of
•j_    I     ■ ;.«
y rn i
n M4 «
B H $
as , ' k
Si IT i
i*: Do '.3?
!_   u     &
From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.
If, you want a liatl.y, si J'lish sutl, of clothes for
spring and summer, I; hav'e ovilr 500 difl'cr-
ciil. patterns of S-eotch and I'lnglis. h, (.woods,
Which I will make to your order al; the low
price of  , >.   ,825
Black Venetians make a nice siiit for hhiii-
mi, r wear at -.- —, S2!
Blnfck sbrge siiifs in sack or indlmi'ng coat. .821
A lloavy Slioleh  tweed,  nice patterns  for
business suit, ,   .;§1S
'L'rQiisersS at equally low prices. Fit and finish
ito, better in Canada. Ladies'fine tailoring a;
Specialty.   CJletnoiit block, Baker street.
as i
V W*"
i ~   S! !
id.  _vcs_^__e?,T-_i:tt_s, & co.
Grove Hotel  Beer Garden
If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit,, made of the
best, cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order
witli «1o.
Six hnndi-ed dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale;
Kept hy all grocers.a.ud 'fruit -sforo dealers,
Mine .l.i.iljo UOrdial, Ilaspborry, Strawberry,
l-'inoapplf!, Lemon, Vanilla, Sarsftpnrilla, Clioe-
oliile, Cfld'ei). Orilnge,'Oriuige Pliosphato.
i  :-^*dp4i»&- = I'ljiwSs feettlitoTOrl.".lilji-oir^ir-lilic 01;^^ de,paH%iit esqiyBcd. .'ft-J, iiira)i-.  """]."
agell's p,t;irning kiVifQ"j, or1 tlie oiintonfef'* :atte,0,ti"oL-i.   . TltCM, i\v.it'h .jk s.qi*_. oi' Jucky pflr-
cli.'lses in otLer lines,',, .life y6xw 1 iMiit-for this \v.6ck. ■-fTliis sulg. '\v»_ilrl fl'Ot'lw ijjj^siwy
liod i li0 -wcti-m \V»e?i(,hf. t- come" ty',0- or ilirqe. wedes1 eAt'lio.-, but.it '.i'S "Ojii.   rule inr busK
,n,osfj to lower the. Stcfcfc liefoi/c oiu" sfeiui-jWiriuiil irjAMiterys   Wjf liakc'our liijjdteiire  "
phi'l>)srtp'bicrtlj.y''(in.<;l will gi'cct you plj'asf.mf.ly wlien ,ym c-Ojne to iiijlp, us euxply and'
slictves to the cnif«^ste6p_-tnne of stock-taking prices.. .  "   ■   "'
E ABB THE BXCLUSI-tfE AgEINTS fov many of this bfest lines of
groceni-S, and always have a fresli, wlijjiesome stoob: oii hand.
Telephone 10.
P. O. Box K & W.
BaKer* street West, Nelson
Ice Gream
SUITS $25 J. R. Wf|AY
Nelson's itp4o<late Tailor, next Kootenay Cojl'ce Co.
Corner Baker and Ward Streets.
For Strawberries and other fruits in season.   Leave
your order.   Prompt delivery.
Hazlewpod Ice Cream
lee Cream Soda and
All Kinds of Soft Drinks
•    Agcntsfo   Ilazlewood Ice Cream.
ice Gream Soda
Fresh Fruit, received,daily
Next door to Nelson Wine Oo.
Telephone !_3. RU'MI'nit'KVS & I'T'I'TOCK
and Fancy;Dress Goods
Blouses and Dress Skirts
Mrs.   E,   McLaughlin
If You
a Strangor
in doubt where te
go to g
it.goorl   goods at lioiK-sb   priais, ask  your   :
al.uuL us.   -It inattt
rn not m
■hiit  part of  tho city yon are in they all
In hi* us,
ft nd' it' you aro out
Of   the
;ity drop it liijo to box 9S, Ntilsoii, wlioii
yen will
yet full p.'irticuIai'jS
by return mail.
3-Pound Bo
x Cream Sodas 35 Cents
General Grocers
,. DesBrisay & Co.
Strictly (i rst-class.
Kates, .?*. jior week and up.
Hot and cold water, bal lis, electric lij,'lif. elevator and
tcleplioiie. Ilon-'okocpiiif,' rooms. 'I'liorouyhly c(|iii|ipc(l
witli exits and lire escapes, r.lli (lloor Mai-ion block, corner Riverside and SI evens streets. .
Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and
half gallons.
Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.
Baker Street West, Nelson, U. C.
_?L"CJIvr_3_i3_^S,   ETC.
0_?__I3R-A.   aHCOXTSE   BLOCK


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