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To tho Arbitration Proposal.
The Hague, Juno 17.—It is important
that the present situation regarding the
board of arbitration question be clearly
understood. The work of the peace conference has been virtually suspended, on
this point, and probably will not be resinned for several days. On semi-official
authority it is said the situation i.s practically this: The German government
was opposed on principle to an organized
arbitration court, and it has been found
that these views existed prior to the conference, and tliat instructions to this
effect were given the German delegates.
Tlie conviction also existed in Berlin that
other powers, notably France, were instructing their delegates similarly.
As the conference proceeded the  spirit
of conciliation advanced, and the  desire
to accomplish  important permanent  results was manifested.    "With this grew up
schemes   for   an   organized    arbitration
board, notably tlie British   proposals  to
which  nearly  all  the   delegates  rallied
with the authoritative  support of  tlieir
respective  governments.     This at once
left the German  delegates in a  peculiar
position.    The difficulty was not at The
Hague but at Berlin.    Iu order to relieve
the situation Count Von Muuster head of
the German delegation, after a long  conference yesterday with his colleagues decided  to dispatch Dr.  Zorn  and  Baron
Von Stengel to inform the emperor  personally of the  condition of affairs.    In
tlie meantime efforts had  been   nufde  to
find means of conciliating by tho creation
of a  limited board   established at  The
Hague   under   the    ordinary   representatives of the powers which was  proposed by Mr.  Andrew  White, head of  the
American    delegation.      This   plan'   Dr.
Zorn and  Von  Stengel,  have beeu  commissioned to present to emperor. William.
The  question,  therefore,  is  what  his
majesty will reply.    The most important
fact is that the German  delegation from
Berlin were accompanied by Mr.  Hollis,
secretary   of   the  American  delegation,
who is able to explain fully the American
plan.    In the meantime the delegates of
the great powers here have been merely
marking time.    The  delegates of Russia,
Great Britain and France have held several meetings concerning which the delegates preserved silence probably because
no definite  decision  had been  reached.
There is a growing belief that emperor
William is favorable,  and  if the  other
powers will accept the new plan as the
basis "of .discussion,the .cpuferemtje-'will at
Hon tee* £ proceed. „*tOYdis c uss.. indefinite * plan!
^i^ife.-i'^^ _*£»#« y
jf _»___«_. .__= _._....... -.. ^. ^.^ ■*-"  j«"
sul at that point to make an endeavor to
trace him, so the latter wired premier
Semlin requesting some information if
aiiy were obtainable. Mr. Semlin immediately communicated by wire witli the
Canadian Pacific railway oflicials, and today received a message from Mr. Marpole
to the effect that Mr. Schmucker had
gone east on the 7th instant. The missing man fully intended sailing on the
Teutonic.         - :| -.,
Another Strike Imminent.
Buffalo, June 17.—A secret- meeting
of representatives from the coal heavers'
union, the ore handlers,..elevator men,
marine firemen, freight handlers aud
grain shovelers was held tonight to consider the next step to be taken in an endeavor to force the Erie Railroad Company to grant the demand of the freight
handlers for an increase of wages. The
situation was thoroughly discussed and a
proposition was drawn, up demanding,
the increase. This proposition will be
submitted to the Erie company by a committee on Monday. Should the company
again refuse to grant the increase the
committee is to report back to the different unions, and a general strike of all
men employed along the docks will be
ordered. .0 '
Henry Slye Mason Dead.
Victoria, .Tune 17.—Henry Slye Mason,
barrister, died this morniug at his residence on Dallas road after a feAV days
illness. He was born in London, England,
sixty-two years ago and came to this
province in tlie early days. For some
years he was deputy attorney-general
and acting registrar-general of titles. He
left the government's service to become a
partner in Allspp <fe Mason, now merged
into the B. C. Land and Investment
Agency, but some time ago he retired
from business. He leaves a widow and
one son.
President McKinley Feted.
'Holyokb, Massachusetts, June 17.—
There was fully 25,000 people upon the
streets of HolyOke this afternoon to Avitness the parade in£ honor of president
MeKi hieyi „ ^l-eli?^S5^e^^r3'46f »yisi tors
Upon the Contract Basis.
The Trihune has been informed upon
good authority that the management of
the Athabasca mine has decided to bridge
the present difficulty between the mine
and the miners' union by letting a number of contracts. As has been previously
noted this policy was adopted at the
Granite mine, and also at the Royal Canadian, so that should the Athabasca management follow suit it Avill practically
settle the eight-hour trouble so far as the
mines in the immediate vicinity of Nelson
are concerned.
The officers of the miners' union
are not seeking any trouble with the
mining companies over the question of
the recognition of the union, and Avheii-
ever there is a chance to put members of
the union to Avork in any of the properties upon terms which renders it possible to secure the union scale of Avages
they accept it. They look upon the
adoption of the contract system as an
indication on the part of the companies
of a desire to bridge present difficulties,
and AA'ill phice no obstacle in the Avay.
Profitable Year for the Bank.   ■
The eighty-first annual nieeting of ilie
Bank of Montreal giving the result of
the bank's business for the year ending
April 30th, makes the following shoAving :
Balance of Profit and T.oss Accoun', 30th April. 18118 *. ....§ 1)52.210 07
Profits for the year ending SOth Apr 1, 1899, -
after deduccing charces of management,
and making full provi-ion 'or all bad nnd
Loose Ball Game at Ymir.
The baseball match betAveen the Nelson and the Ymir teams avjis a very onesided affair, resulting in an easy victory
for Nelson, owing to lack of practice by
the local team. The features of the
game Avere the batting of Mills and
Emerson for Nelson and the fielding of
Manning and Anderson for Ymir. Partridge of Nelson aviis in the box for five
innings and struck out eleven men. Joe
Parkin Avas the umpire. The foIloAving
is the score by innings:
Ymi- -.5      0      0     u0      1      1      0-
Nelson 2      0      -I      0      8      (i      0
Base Hits—Nelsoii 20, Ymir 0.
Error..— Nelson 9, Ymir a.
0- !)
The reason for this re-
already   been    pointed
doubtful debts.	
1,350.532 65
Dividend 5 per cent, paid 1st December, 1898 :?600,000 00
Dividend 5 per, cent, payable 1st
June, 188!)  .......... 600,000 00
$2,302,792 72
1,200.000 00
FtxXxc"Pif^er,- /audYlsail.-d_
• t"p}feppr¥Miey'$s\dif. o&hib"
p;apc.i*sY   Mp^aJtiiig, oi. the
"A}nWilckiV"",ixQQ\)s,' TiirotfY said:  _ *'The
: ^Vin^'i^ah^ opinion, xa-
- ^idn"s>\?lfi|;|i a^e'^t^^'lleji.ti'ng:; "They are
°/°|.itliii*i;iri|biy-„VjJl>5lli^l ^wi-fefi; iir^isipii:^ but
] lffliii°s()ldiers^^^^
, 2 ■ fike." °'0tey!|i ghfHvCtfi'"igi'%vf>voL%yery^.l3iit
iti ilfjiu possible ftpfcVto remai'kthe lack df
discip^i_l_5 aniong. the, voiu;iite£l'S.
Ttifr llivkter *cqnd5rt_it. n t__eniselves aa'cII
Under1 " fire, biit they pay little
. attention" tp tlies Oi.dS-§; of tlieir chiefs-
ffi "spilg" of eulirgetie .oi.der§ -here has
beeu r..gretablQ. pillaging." Duriug one
of- tlie expeditions of Jgieiieral" .Law.On
■..gainst S^uta Cfii-jsdiile of "ihe volunteers threAV their rifles into the river jtud
i'tifuSedto go fur'tlier. Iti does not seem
"toune possible to hope for a, Complete
victory during  tlie  rainy season.     The
^d iffieulfcy-of^^^^
mountains and excessive heat, must hot
be overlooked.   For this conquest of the
iii tenor   100,000 men   will1 not   be   too
The Transvaal Problem.
Loxnox, June l"i.—-The Transvaal
sibuation is still the {.114-bsorbing topic
of discussion in Great Britain, and even
the continent lias caught the disease,
though in a less virulent term. Outwardly the qTiestioYi seems to have advanced but little, though those Ayho are
supposed to be oh the inside think the
cause of the Uitlanders has gone up
several points. The publication of the
Transvaal blue book, Avitli the emphatic
den a nciatioti of lYauS vaal niethodS,..etti 11 g
forth in measured paragraphs the alleged
political, financial and judicial incompetencies of the administration of president Kruger, and adopting as part of the
government's oavu programme: all the
grievances of the Uitlanders, constituted
a step of the highest • import. It is regarded as an unmistakable Avarning to
the Transvaal, as Avell as an indication to
the people of South Africa generally,
that the government has 'arrived at a
fixed decision from which it is impossible
to recede, and there are not lacking indications that the hint has not been lost
at Pretoria.
An Ambassador Missing.
Victoria, June 17.—Consul-General
Schmucker, the Austro-Hungarian repre-
seutatiA-e to China, Avho arrived on the
Empress of Japan en route to Europe, is
..missing. , Mr. Schmucker Avas to have
sailed from NeAV York on the Teutonic a
feAV days ago, and left Vancouver by the
Canadian Pacific raihvay on the 7th, the
day of the arrival of the Empress. His
friends in Ncav York, becoming alarmed
at his absence, requested the British con-
■    .nSffn  frf_ _S   9    "J*   D^fr.InVY,   „->f.h   .*?ri,,  "n   IP    P-n°fn:  rta   _'l*    i°    S"«'rS n*^  m^h I»" *l *1
u   *.      -j       m.  t, o        1-",4]      "•      1JI*_gi:ni"*D'raEPg     jM-'^"' *" *^       n -."'It fln J1 -       TL * ■        D '°''n '
i'-gre'atlyijleasedici^^lie^ ■ ■ °';""f- ',
Y "' Vf_^rincess""(^^_,„iaD'^G°5A^.*?%*: D»?°YY
VfjE^"^ Jiiil'e. ,l'7.vY,p.H^eessY|,6ui|6^
r0o,bii%;I|a%"° tfkto0§f°ved{p5,L 'fejt'l^s.Q.nV,
, f{liiiq\is* ^^i^^^inCenfe^ :heaf 'I)|*e§Y ■
■ <d'ern^f oi7\pB&M^4fn'| .^
oal;si«^itl^!i' Miff-'GWif-i:'dO0bpr^ ".'h^Ve. decrctY
ed "tliilt;^lie is AA^ifej-iiincIe^1 au^l^espl. ii*- *
sible.   PiyneeSs* :IjOUJs_?s "meutal^l^bili'ty
is attributed -by"tlie inediciiF faculty t°6
eoileiissioii of the"]bijain^^ oc"eui^*iiTg^Jyeivits ;
ago by a. fall SyHeh: -nmintiSin - "climbing ■
aiitt teau attack of typhus which folloA.*-.
ed,    10f. B'eestmaptel has been appointed
hef! guardian.
Prdtest Will _>e Top Late_
Lom)0%   June   J7, — The   Pall   'Mali
Crazette says that   a petition   JiaS been
presented against the feestoAA'al by '0^
Balance of Profit and Loss carried forward ..1,102,792 72
Romantic Marriage in Rossland..
Rossland, Jude 17.—A romatic marriage took place here today. Fully half a
century ago George Kuchle and Bertha
AVeidel Avent to school together and subsequently became engaged. Circum-.
stances separated theinhoAvevei-, and Viiii
J. L. Parker, mining engineer, Avent out
yesterday Avith AV. A. Galliher to examine and report on the Golden CroAvn
group, near the Granite, belonging to O.
; Lund. Considerable Avork has been done
on the property, and, if the report is favorable, it Avill be stocked in the near
The opera liouse was broken into on
Friday night, and.two men Avere arrested
•yesterday eA-eniug ou suspicion..
G. Small has been appointed night
patrolman. He -Avas--formerly a member
of the Kingston, Ontario, police force for
thirteen years.
I' A. E. Hodgins is preparing plans for a
'residence to be erected by J. M. Lay on
■ the lots recently purchased from B.
Campbell-Johnston at the corner of Victoria and Falls streets.
"The average receipts for the ore already
A-ended (l-l:.S tons) were $7S,75 per ton
after deducting duty, freight, treatment
and zinc penalty. The net receipts for
the first shipment of 1051 tons Avere
equal to .■jiS!).";. per ton : for the second
shipment. $'j9.I*.,
duced price  ha-*
out. It simply indicates the reduced
tenor to which the dressing has been
carrie* I.
'■With the present amount of deA'clop-
nient and method of Avorking an aA'erage
output of thirty tons per day can be obtained—that is, at the rate of about
10,000 tons per annum. To maintain this
output the deA'elopment must be kept
well in advance ot the stopes. Taking
the net \*aluo of the average tenor of ore
to be shipped—after deducting duty,
freight, treatment, and zinc penalty—at
$70 per ton, and the Avorking cost at $21
per ton, the annual profits from AA'orking
•the mine would be $550,000 We have no
hestitation iu saying that,Avith competent
management, even if the present method
of AA'orking be continued, the mine is
AA'orth $1,000,000, and if certain improvements are made, as suggested below, that
A'alue would be increased."
On the Canadian King fifteen men are
working on the Arlington ledge.
On the Waffa adjoining the Second Relief, COO feet has been done. .V:
V On tlie Siuglehurst a lot of Avork has
been done, but  it is noAAr, closed down oil
account   of water.      Sixty-four  feet of
shaf t1 AA'orlc- has been done on the Ontario.
DeA*elopment Avork is being carried  on in
the Belle and Rosa.  Already 300 feet has
been done and drifting is being proceed-
aed^itl^s WP *tilie ^PByi^JR .eli^d^^eKeiSl *
brid6"S9l '" ^^ir"*S_ff op ^icfn^oiu,tl'aiiis
for tlieifrfiitureiion|^.mJColvillc-:5 .'—■ "Y-
'Rossland'sJ-iine^ "
.   '^SMA^D_ Jiiqefllw-Y-Th^ '
;"fis0i__ hpxe. fi$v!°tifce°\pgx$fi■ -sev'eii" 'ditty-®$S6'*b
7ft-l.l_^I3<l&()° 'tons,. OfG3j;iifejj' i?S'| tons kveh^
•'p^,%h]e]^6t^^Qr,i&fn^l%e^,i "an,d"-102 m tons'
to the frrail7°snielteit, .Bo fat* tliis year
tlie filiipiueiits iVnrpnut to SSffin tons.
The shipments fr°Qiii the different niiiles
Xv.ere as'S-OifeWs;:, '
Vv"ciCk.  jV^ciir
■airy degree Upon Cecil Rhodes; The petition bears many inlpoi'tant signatures.
The signers Avere ihf_u,eueed by the crisis
in the Transvaal, and by the fact that
lord Elgin and general lord Kitchener
are also to receiA'e degrees. The general
feeling is that the protest against the degree for Kliodes is belated.
AVill Buy Up the Lakes.
London, June 17.—The watehword luis
gone out that neither Tammany nor
HoAvard Gould wilt have the Lakes of
^villai-i'dy. Tlie duke of Westminster
and others of the National Trust Society
have actively taken up the matter. It is
expected the duke Avill announce a plan
for saving the lakes from passing into
the hands of tlie Americans who profess
a willingness to purchase them.
Insurance upon Registered Letters.
Ottaava, June 17. Postmaster-general
Mulock has introduced an amendment to
the Postoffice Act, AA'hich Avill enable the
government to indemnify losses through
registered letters to the amount of $85,
aud also to introduce the English system
in providing a special fee by AA'hich mail
matter may be sent from postoffices to
trains after the departure of regular
mails. '      	
A Fatal Accident.
Buffalo, June 17.—Elias Yaegar, 21
years of age, a SAvitch tender in the New
York Central yards, caught his foot iu a
frog tonight and could not extricate himself before an engine backed down on
him. He Avas terribly .crushed and died
in a feAV minutes.
Jie Roi........
War JSapfle..
Iron Mask.-;..
."Exoifinfi. Sjar
Diecr_>ark. ,
Centre Star.
.... S'.)3-
..... 130'
Ten Dollars to Dine at Rossland.
RdSSL.A_,T;i)j Julie 17>—A public banquet
will' be tendered Hon. Cliarles U. Mackih-
7toslibyithe citizens  of Rossland on the
occasion of his return from
Tuesday  evouing next.
Powder Mill Exploded.
San  Ragakl,   June   17.—The United
States smokeless  powder Avorks bleAV up
this afternoon.    Four men  wore killed. .
lluglaud on
Although the
price of tickets lias been fixed at $10, all
the 120 available seats haAre already been
engaged. Delegates are coming from
Spokane, GreeuAvood. Grand Foi'ks and
Germa*_ Tariff Changes.
Bkiimn,, June 17.-—The reichstag dis-
eussed the proposed iiiodifications of the
tariff of 1879 by wliich ad valorem duties
Will be levied upon imports froin countries
where German goods pay ad valorem instead of tariff duties.■' Tlie modification
also provides that dutiable goods from
countries Avheife Germany does not receive the most^aVOred nation treatment
shall be subject to an additional' duty up
to 20 pei-'cent, and goods on the free list
up to 40 per cent.
Ball Games yesterday.
Detroit 11, Indianapolis 5.
Columbus 0, Buffalo 8.
St. Paul <S, MilAA'aukee 4.
Kansas City 11, Minneapolis 9.
Worcester 7, Toronto 4.
Springfield G, Worcester 4.
Syracuse 4, Hartford 3.
ProArideuce 4, Montreal 0.
Pittsburg 3, Cleveland 2.
Louisville 0, St. Louis 7.
Philadelphia G, Boston 4.
Chicago 12, Cincinnati 1.
Troubles in Servia.
BFiLGRadK, June 17.—Serious conflicts
are reported to have occurred on the
Turkish frontier. According to tlie advices receiA'ed by'the Servian-post.'Pro'-'
paehtidah has been plundered, and
burned and several strategic positions,
are occupied by the Turkish troops and
Albanians. Great excitement prevails
'AA-if^l.' ^{^.tl^ it deal
^p°eifdii%:."""' *4P°0Q-|fe"et" $$■ f$n&M.-.hayd'. bepk
■a'apl,^tli_"«'l£a^-.*"i;s :dpWg- 'SQ&.feeU, :Us,
tpkhpf "Qre w*6i_e"" sliippecliMotile NOfth..
pygt^'^irielter VAviiicll* '.ijejkt'ecl $>7$"-. p"ern,ntod.n."
/■^4j^;sEli*t|Si^f i l|.il_j4'_.lSi:jR.dL=b_, i_^:A^S°oil^_ll^gyj^i^i4 ■
, ^i^° a§say_^i'jSii,,°si;iiffiiGe' "AA-Sit"$u'8;.Si .""""
^ifSthoi 1(1. fdSt^liaft of' tke-#ii_p^5KiBg
t,iie>assay»'re*lii'*ned""$2G. , f0°d lheY_>T6lJA^a;y"'ei:!e;"i's'50j i"pet" tuihlelaud they'are .Wbfk-
ixigi ph tAvo' d'l'if tsV St is beautifiU ibbkiiig'
OlfefahdiaiVassay"gkve,$30. W^i;kVi^ also
being done on th^* Edith, .MiuTiiie -and,
DeelYT'i'adi.      ' ° ■-      ■■:■
„"_JjibniaSr;l'ui*gold, a Liverpool lirerelilint.
ahdajaj'ge owjier in  the Tf.maijie and'
Fairmont mines is> taking ,a farewell! look ;
over the camp prior to f ettirijiug to Eug*
There is, very little doing in tile real
estate bitsrjless, but prices are holding
their QAvn.	
The Spanish Budget.
Mad.rh), June 17.—The budget Avas
submitted to the chamber of deputies today by the finance minister, senor Villa-
verde. It showed that theYexpeiiditures
for the colonies from the commencement
of the insurrection in Cuba to the end of
March, 1800, AA'ere 1,909,355,000 pesetas,
of Avhieh 1,790,290,000 pesetas Avere for
Cuba, 7,007,000 for Porto Rico and 105,-
98Sy500 i^esetas for the Philippines. Of
these sums 1,445,279,000 are represented
by bonds and other securities outstanding.
The budget estimates expenses for the
fiscal year at 937,173,134 pesetas and the
re\*enue at 937,930,415 pesetas. Senor
Villaverne proposes a live per cent loan
in order to meet the floating, debt, AA'hich,
deducting the 11.0,000,000 pesetas receiA-ed
from the United States, exceeds 3,000,000,-
000 jiesetas. In introducing the budget,
senor Villaverde, speaking of the.coloniai
An **PnIno^nvwifef^Miake-. a-"Claim;*
Pi:_"T_B.Gri-<_; *"« vr,.-?!..^ Mmb±m
s> *^Iinae*. -"Jl&^Tu^)"' t*a°c3*i*I fclisi.
And Adjusting Freight Rates.
The conferences Avhicli are uoav being
held betAveen the special committee of
the South Kootenay Board of Trade and
F. W.Peters of the Canadian Pacific rail-
Avay will probably result in the accomplishment of much toAvards the recognition of Nelson as the distributing
center for Southern Kootenay and
The  chief" question   Avhieh the  representatives   of   the   boa ril   are   iioav endeavoring to settle Avith the railway company is the area which shall be  considered  as   Nelson    territory.     At  the  first
meeting  of the committee the  members
were inclined to think  that the railway
company  proposed to  restrict the  territory which it would  consider tributary
to Nelson  to the Slocan and  Kootenay
lakepoints.J This, hoAveA*er, AA'as not favorably regarded by the Avholosale men.Avho
maintain that the Nelson area'should extend to Revelstoke on the  north, Fernie
on   the    east    and    Penticton   on    the
A\'est.       They    base    their    claim    for
this extended area upon   the  contention
that they could not profitably carry the
large stocks AA'hich the trade   requires if
they  AA'ere  restricted  to the  small area
Avhicli Avas first hinted at.    The members
of the  committee  are  inclined  to think
that the' will accede to
their demands.
At the last meeting each member of
the conimittee Avas requested, to make
out a list of the chief commodities which
they handle, for the purpose of ascertaining AA'hether there is at present any
discrimination against Nelson in the rail-
Avay coinpany's rates. These lists will be
presented on Monday, when some satisfactory solution may be expected. -
Change of Time on the C. P. E.
On andrafter today, the Canadian Pacific trains and boats Avill leave Nelson as
folloAvs :   V Y' -.'.'. ..Y . 7,    Y
Leave Nelson for Rossland and Trail
and all main line points daily at 7 o'clock
a. m., and at the same time daily except -
■Sunday.5 for   Sandon    and   Sloean   lake
points.   ■.-. ■'■ 2 . .
Leave Nelson for Rossland and Trail
daily .'at 3:45 o'clock p. m.
Leave Nelsoii by steamer Kokanee for
Kaslo and^Kooteuay; lake points'daily except Sunday at 4 o'clock p. in.
Leave Nelsdn by steamers  Moyie and   -
Nelson for   Kootenay !Landing   and all
"""" " "'  ■■■■*-■■-■■-■----■- ■--'■—    ,_
-    _rc_icli
,n-   .-= Vnu„w-W     .       fe_  n   rw.».f SW-"''"^'^''^. :'i'^\ann"2-%^J-^y"], \y
mipdem^pt^hoiiiq^Tort^^Miv. 85
^b^i..;i(fB^^%^^ *
of; the'"i?Meu:ix" bii^e|^-?cliWlP: "!# 1&&? V-.
will -frfjict: ,a_$5P'0-;,OO0Uekt-Vt-k itinojig. h%k
N. F. SleNaught Of Silverton is taking
up ji force of ui en today to do deA'elopment Avork on the Kilo on Lemon creek.
The OAvners of the Lucky Jack haA'e
just completed a 'survey and are applying foi' il ct'OAV-il: grant for that property.
3.G. Galium., manager and part owner
of the Arlington, arrived from Spokane
yesterday and lias gone up to blje property'.	
The Black Hussa., recently discov-
ered, is attracting considerable attention,
aud few days pass without a trip of inspection being made by some one. An
expert went out today.
Tlie steamer Slocan is to be laid up for
repairs at Rosebery on Monday. The
tug Sandon will take tlie regular trip.
Gun Clul) Shoot.
There A\ras a good attendance at the
Nelson Gun Club traps for the Aveekly
shoot yesterday afternoon. The shooting Avas from unknown traps and angles.
The foIloAving scores were made :
Dr. Hull...' .1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 l 0-12
George Steele....! 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 0 1 1 1-17
S. "Nelson 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 I) 0 0 I 0 0 0 - G
AVilliams 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 (I 1 1 0 0 1 0 I 1-11
Dillon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 110 0 0-1
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C. T). ninekwood 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 I 1 1 1. 0 1) i 1 0 1.1 1 1-Ifl
If. K. Macdonald I 1 1 0 I 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 I   .    Left— !)
A Profit of $50 per Ton.
The Enterprise mine on Ten Mile is one
of the Slocan properties that ■ is. not
Avorked because it could not afford;
to pay the union scale of wages, lh connection "Avith the plea of poverty it is refreshing to read the report of J. I).. Kendall upon the. property Avhicli was laid
before the British investors by the -Lon~.
don & British Columbia Gold fields.
.J. 1). Kendall  says  of the -Enterprise:
had s,u^;4airglij_e>.»: -v-yaien^
tors %gfttY° = -^
d&HE. &£_ ■■ .K&- wei-ioslioiyiSlid; *&Fi& also, a GhiQaygpySviie.p. Th;e4-.t_et:v it is „,sf-id;
*was' des-iitecl^,Jay; ^ .§% or■ !-;Wfnlajn. 3.
M:oranJ''D„\vH}1cliV= it"fe ■ait_g,edv wus "liis
nailie bA^enty-fotti^Vyetfrs-.agd. €.la!inViiig
to be tii_i fil'st.and %wfullxvifey the ©lie*-
ago Avouiau deiiiaflded ■ oue-thji'd "of "tlie
estate, "The" Pittsbnfcg v?ife. Who has
been, prguijnent iti eJiaiitaibleinoA'eniei 1 ts,
is prosti!ated at the discovery.
SfwaBowing ifp _Kerea.
—=Lo tfrtoj-f^u ile=4ifr**s^lioii:gh=rlr*has=i iolr
attracted much attention Here, today's
neAA's froin Odessa is of real iiiiportauce.
It appears that Russia lias leased from
the Seoul government three ice-free,ports
on the coast of Korea, probably including
Port La/.arel.1;,a really niagrti(icentharbor
on the eastern side of tlie j.ei.insnla;.
Thouglt the lease is only for '.welvq years,
those qvialilieci to judge are conviutied
that Rrissia never ^vi] I lose her hold on
these hal-borS, her ne^fc step being to.eon-
; ireet by rallvvay tlie l,'ootho:}d' tluts gained
on tlie Korean littoral with VliulivostOek.
It is beiieve<i that liiissia will! priU'tieally
apply to Korea tire process which has
niade Manchuria a Ui|,_..iaii  id'oVince.
Loeking for Colonists.
Victoria, Juno 17.—Among the pa,s-
seiigcrs on theS.S. AVai'iiiinee this mcn'ii-
tng was colonel Albert "W'hyte, from
MoiiolUlu. lie Avill visit the states of
Washington and Oregon and possibly
tlie Mississippi valley with a view oi* inducing small farmers of these sections to
emigrate to the Hawaiiian islands, and
replaeoeooiie labor there in the tilling of
the soil.
A Record Breaker.
London, June 17.—Tho iicav Japanese
torpedo boat destroyer "Akabene,"
claimed to be the fastest ever built, avus
tested today by a three hours' run to the
Noro and return. Tlie new boat attained
a speed of 31 knots, which i.s a knot
ahead of the fastest destroyer in the
British navy.
Jeffries and Sharkey Matched.
Nhw YoMv. June 17.— A .match' was arranged this afternoon for a twenty-five
round bout.between Jim Jeffries and Tom
Sharkey, to take, place in the latter part
of October' before the club offering the
.largest purse.
'   o D Pf,   ' ,f ■   ^ ,fl, ^i    »°      n       n * dp]i n"b"d o -rfffH1     D   ntfi_i]fl_?° tS ^
*fThrefe ^nd_t^3^#l^fefcl>^^
1 Imudred   de)e^te^!^.re^iKfeeiid.;il^"7£i;"
upon. t'h;e,a'ii'inu!pivni.eetijiLg»0'f_Jte/siipi7eiU4^™s
lodge Of the "-v^l-i^^^ide^f^S^^S
Workmen'. 'TJiey^'refregent,; :^iVt_nlfe'ef^»"'^
ship of 35OV0a%^_ei-tter^ifidlV,'-Sv:e^line^V^
United. ,StJi*es ;au;d^^ai*"- .M^in^etfhf-|s _
Will 'CoutiJiJ'fe.'iU. j_ut. ipu ik^^k^ydnd^vi]
a i'eso'fti.tion adopted kt ihe^teeen^se^oh^y'
oi the Je-gishi-tire is u^ld lp ih"0'imfy.ify-s
the^ ho use c*-ljrepreseii tatlA'es. ^fhy&y1- "!.
the Stijireme niaSter AVorkiiiaii of tlife
order. . ■        .
Refrigerator Service -Inaugurated.
TheGairadian i^ieifie li'tihvay has ilSr
aligu rated a refrigej-ator-car Service
bet'weoH A'ancotjA-er and points ip KaO$* " '"
enay by wlneli [lerisTiabb goods can be
liand led and iced i. i ti'airait. This service, accord ing to n. circular issued by
Allan Cameron, district freight agel\t, „ 7
will bufjin. on Monday, lOth ilis-u, and on
the dates Iheutioiijid (.hoi'ein a fC*
frigeratoocar will be provided for perishable sliihinc.nts from Vancouver to Av»
roAv'hcrtd ill id'designated iJoiifj.Cs in Kootenay. Cars will lie iced Ayh'tl- in: transit.
lietween \"ancouAfer autl Arrowhead, and
at ihe tatter point sliiptnents Avill: be unloaded and forwarded by first steamer
after arriA'al.
New BisboB of Three Rivers.
TH'i'iKl-: 1-ivi.i.:,, Quebec. June 17.—Mgr.
Marois, vtcar-general of the archdiocese
of Quebec, has published the papal bull
announcing the appointment of the very
l.ev. R X. Cloutier us tlie third bishop of
the diocese of Tliree Rivers. The ordination will take place at the cathedral here
Dti the 29Ui instant, the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, and it is probable that
the ceremony will be presided. OA'er by
Mgr. Gravel of Nicolet.
Braden Held for Robbery.
Van^oi-vkh,  June   17.--The   result of
the   hearing  of   the  charge of robbery
against R.  E.  Braden  for  having been
with AV. II. Oit. tho rich Klondiker, when
he lost his roll of $1,100 on Sunday night
Avhile indulging in a spree, aniis that he
was committed for trial and the amount
of his bonds fixed at $1000 to insure his
appeai*aiice when Avanted. THE TRIBUNE:   KELSON   B.C.,  SUNDAY, JUNE  18,  1899.  il:   -  [VI  pr; 2  n!  oil  r;  11.  '-...  Ifi_  .���   -isa^V^P ��� D  \m%fl  .3-5"*  t I  IM '  i  Si  >  ii  PA  We are showing a very kirg*c assortment of parasols ranging* in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call in and sec them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits are going fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hals.  Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FERLAND & CO.  Kliol. Illocl;. liiiker Si reel. Nelson  ���__��  OSON'S BAY  INCORPORATED 1670.  Hard Times  o_f  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  Nij-witlist.itKliii"  o _  hard  all tli. talk- about,  timos resulting from tlio labor  trouble's, wc will venture to say that if  you    stroll   down   tho   sunny   side   of  will  the  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  Lixl.  Xo.  KNIGHTS OK 1'YT]|J_AS.��� Nelson  Knight- of Pj-iliins, incut- in ]. O. 0. F. Hall,corner  linker ami Kootenay streets every Tiic-diiy evenins,' at  8 o'eloek.   Visiliiitr KiiiKhtH cordially invited toaltind;  e. kkkncii, c. c.   ' o. noss, k. of it. *. s. ;  ANKL..ON  I.OI'GK, NO. '-'.'1. A. F. & A. X.    Meets  second   WudneMlny   in   each  month.    Sn.ioiii-nirii;  . v��      hroOri-n inviled.  ,>y*   PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH*.  nor_PICH���Analytical Chemist and A.-w��yer.  ���      Victoria street. Nelson.  EWA HT' & CARRIE���Architects.   Booms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, NeNon.  SITUATION   WANTED.  WANTKD���Situation as housekeeper, by a middle-  aged   woman   who   is   willi_i_;  to wo k.   'Apply  Housekeeper, Tkiiiuni: ollice.  SDIte C^rtluine.  Dm r.v RnmoN.   W'kkki.v Edition .....      F'KHT Yeah,-No   Ml;  .. Skvk.nth Yk.u*. No. :io  ��� ,-Thk differences between the miners  and.the mine owners over the eight-hour  law are practically at an end in southern Kootenay. By the middle of .July  every mine, will be working.    The rate of;  ^ihixi^^^aW^ik^eHs: -  ,$iWtib$.  ip-nyyyy  i^liJ4,'-"* lfel �����"!$��-._ ^��]'j^i_ ^f'hity*jt_&��" :kd"dj  "^yf^lWl^xee 'eollea^mMym' Wes"t".'pp.pi)e-.',  ���i^f^^fl^i^M'' "MP^'W]^hh ^hitslii ��l%hpyl->  liy-'t krp $i��ppvtiiig. iildoMhg, forJ&Ie^ylhat.e"'  'Ay'pr^kf'of St..J Wi*Mn ^l^e^'^nths-oj'f  ���"���' ..^'"t-ieii* ��.-6!��otiCi.uV,fc.*-' hmd '^Ibsed^VtOaivti!  ��v^^V^i:5^*:ipil|g li-17 thd ''Slde-iih, "P^iu^ykjitf^  i("/ymkhyhel^ei\%pfe- itf .he'iice,: Y9M. <syv  t_'ii|iiiyA*-'':.u.iaagd7l0OO iiie_i, wild.'Hv^rfeiiit -fd-  ",;"bpe)pt," ofvtkges  (.qua! to fflie Bg^t gtlid  1*Urt*yA_-iei*e--n ithe *\Vq��_(1, 'oxdi:of eipploy-2  .HDD Q     D n n _, q * D -     &,���''_ ���       .  /'men.-, and they" have brought netirlyl  ���"\rO'yOry wi. eet of industry .iTi$hfe ccfutitijy  " 7" t-inii-iorariljr  to a standstill."*. As long  ais -he  Avheels in that ecli: _0_-'s< l-eatf keep  prejudice the Avorld  against  Germany's  pacific intentions."  An important foreign office official  says that the distorted partistiu reports  of the doings of Germany's representatives at The Hague are calculated to create false impressions. It was on account  of this that count Minister proposed that  full reports of the transactions from  day to day be given out officially. As regards England's proposal  for a permanent court of arbitration,  this goes beyond the. Russian proposal.  Germany's objection to this was that it  failed to provide essential features, such  as absolute impartiality. As soon as  guarantees of such impartiality are given  Germany Avill be able to assent. Some  method, he thought, Avould probably'-be  found to improve on the. incompleteness  and unfairness of..the .meetings of the  conference now in A*ogue.  Although it is difficult to separate fact  from fiction iu ..the multiplicity of .-the  conflicting stories, it is the general impression of those in a position to know  that the conciIiatory despatch': which Dr.  Ley ds, the. representative in Europe; of'  _'__bJie_'Ti,i\n'*i:yaal.u^  p .._,..._..,._..   J.l.,��� ^j...    ......4... _...*.....���* 5.........1..1.., ��.  ,.  J3akei* street about, 2 p. in., you  hear more complaints about  Aveather than any other subject.  A Suggestion to Those in Danger  df ill   Effects   from   Sun   or  Heat.  Keep in tlie shade as much as possible,  and every half hour take one bottle of  Schlitz Milwaukee Lager Beer. No  other   than   Schlitz   will   answer?.-  The   Beer  that   Made   Milwaukee  Famous.    No Better in the World.  SOLD   BY  revolving the country is safe.  TUB 'Victoria Globe is becoining  rabid;  becau-le the Semlin goveriimelit does not  break up in  a row.    The  truth  is, the  government    1$    no   particular  ttJojible in liirtjiiaging the business affairs  of the pro\';iiiee, now that the business is  acljlisted    and    conducted   on   business  pmhciples.    It rec(itired.a.lew, niouth.s to  do this.    Tlio Ji,ini!?ter of linaiicie and tlje  ufctoi'ney-geuei'al may have had a spat  ' ��� Over detaUs, but Avhat government is run  Avi thou t such little discei isions ?   Minister  '' Cottoja  is  a careful    administrator and  hard "Worker   and   the    th-pai'tnici).-   of  ..which he has charge Avoro never iii more  careful hands; Avhat is more, they  Avere  never in better shape tliail they are   to-  ., day.    So Avith the  attorney-general's de-  ��� liartment.    It is carefully conducted, and  the attorney-general, and his deputy earn  ' their salaries.    Minister  Cotton alid  attorney-general Martin will be in tlie Semlin goA'ernment until the summer of 1902,  for the people will have none of the party  heelers and party self-seekers Avho make  the Globe their mouthpiece.  Germany is Touchy.  IjERI.In, June 17.���The recent developments at the peace conference are generally commented upon here, and tlie  statenlents of the foreign papers, par-  -H-iiU-i'ly the. English, tlittt the 'German.  r'opi'i.s��n_a_ivuK at The Hague are opposed  to arbitration, have been noted with displeasure. Almost tin; entit'.. press of  Germany gives indignant, voice to what,  the   papers .term  ."Knglish   intrigues   to  in$fi^'",$VsXtuso^  (give. |JMsi:d6j_i-'"XI;uge,i'j''tiiiie to2"gp% llii'"'  .dioiVse' 11)70*$-iC :Bu_. "ilij'lijs'-.fce,talk-#(|f:  ;'-oacesstoits _5ho0ld>"bri>? ^jeorlily0 "il.ftiife,iW��  YtVte.d " ih->higii't%i��. .epliS-^i'teliceS" i��iii,;e*"pr6S-*  '.d:iet<fl.��".  ��� "...-.* '. ���    . *'. ���     ��� ..     "'��"1"'"; -  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  BRICK! LIME!  i.   '   :\  Our first kiln of brick will be ready for delivery about  tho Isc of June.   Call at our ollice for prices.  During the month of June we will deliver lime in  quantifies of twenty sacks and over at  60 Cents per 100 Lbs  The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  JJakcr Street.        T.G-. PROCTOR, IVariager  Cr-entleiiien  Men's Alpaca  Men's Straw  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  B  B  B-  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  Tf|esG goods are tho proper thing for summer, nice ancl cool, all sizes and shapes |t  ffl  ffl  Felt Hats  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Black and Brown, the newest  shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection.  B  B  B  B  B  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1 50 up.  Blouse Waists  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  B  ffl  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  in white,* fawn, green, and blue  The above are the goods you need now.   Come and see them, buy  them and enjoy comfort during the warm weather  B  B  a ��#Mei_'.w_ai_ui)y,��y:y.y.,Cp"y:'."...-M.?.,:,.:.y.��.ss-iys,,  s'p'tiPylfplkr1' i*1!'-  ��� ^0m0WBT'*  jVlily l)o obtAinea, by u'.sinij j  l)URlNO   TfiB   HOT   WEATHER  NEW   STYLES   AND   COI_ORS  D   ify. y-Hj-i  nip \JU,tff iu<v' P J-*-tii.*u<.*>; niitia tt___.v-_  o^ppGiaifcy^ Cienjelf __bi;pQk;u_^  '&.  *j~  ��� te_"o. 1. Waht7a"4tj*l!S-h;pevf'epii fltising sti| ef the"  beSIiffelotjh ��eN-er imported, to -Nelsonfe leave your ,ol'(l_i'7  Wjth ine7 ���   V-     " -���" ="   -������        -,.*��� ,   ��� ��� ��� ,,-..���  .Hx hundred ;tlollar_S "Worth of new goods'"how wall>'"'  irtg j'our iilgpec*. ioil.  I g(Ki^ah.tqe��i5ati..��iiejiroti.ori]!:o:_iiale.  suM;$2S ^k;B,;  7    .     iSfpigante iip-to-Hal'4 a'iii&r, next ililI-:& ,'Lott:  ?;^f2y^^^^^-m'-m>  ?^l^^fe^^p  -J-^^_B'iMS?.^l  pp,    jt *���'���-   ���_ -; ��� _f   ���-���      -"���"-     ,.,���..- ;.       .    ������-..���  7     -" Y Bciker ;Stp_^J5-;N^I_tQn  VSriliSTTpQOl. WKST -TLpik K <S.- -!TJJLl!)l;NG.  A   OEOiOE   THING   FOR   THE   BABY  ���A^'JE   TO   SEE   IT  Tliomson Stationery Co., M  -STBLSOasTj   _3_ c.  Infltiencecl'  -liy price atone in your drug' biij*h_u. Looking  well.lo tjUality moaiix s-atisraeioi'y resiilts���ineaiis  sueuriiiK tlie remedy that bust fultl'lls tlie purpose  for whieh you iiitoiulud it. Purity, quality, snti..-  factioit, al'c first considered here, but always a  price thai, makes the purchase an economical ono.  A price that means.. omctl'iiiig to you. One package of our  Wc have a fine assortment of woolenfi always  oii'hand. Goods made up at the shortest pos'-  sible lio'tiee. As everything is kept and made  oii the premises, satiSfaeeionis assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Charles  0_ J_  GENiERAL  BROKER.  ^'^^_3^-__rp���aiftE-'��.:'��"  y "};��� '��'&&������ "''"]        ",,  -.Qfti'iH*��..t}\K.)iisoii is*Q -fill 'de-  ili.ver "Je'e- ��atr,li*"f%'}|e "���^id.'e.itpeS",  "' nbjt;ffilff*ifms^i;(Jitsc|' ilalljf.iiKtiaV,  ^fesired'Y'itiaijClty jit i'asb.ij.rii-li.  Y;PVlcQSi.," ���������"'    '   . .:"  BRACING '$vb  So. O'JWilj .pureli'ase >a choice re.4ia.tfi.-- corner,. l.Ot) liy l2();  S'��00"Will i.tirchilse a ehoice1 resjcleiiee corner, ,1.00 fool  S2i(.)0 .ilj ']Mi'i*lia'se-a central lot and residence.  'Sto6-will*purchase-t,wa=iiice-lots^aiHl=i*liaulvy.?====ft=T=f  ?10f)fl will purciiiise .hoiee  resilience  corner,  lall  foot  froiitage.     '   ' ��� ,     ..-'���'  SaidO will purcllaSe.two nice lots and cottage.  ��3000 will purchase four niqfc lots anurcsideijcei*  YXrorcliandiso' hriu-lell "to and'"frlom dbpn't,:; '.bus  meets (ill tr��i.ns,"ftna boatri. Sp__ial,_af.i;-iVt;)0!fi  given 1,0 - the .l,run-fer of JiHtrTgitgo! '"Ofll'eiS "ahU  stables Oh"Verii6n gtreeli. bppbsitt' Tho Triblin.o..  .^  y. - 2"M^m^i0pm^': -��� i;  Wogfin i.'efi__i.iliog/li_ou.ij:>i;iy'atl_oi;_ed��to)��by'r^^  , .wheelwright. ��� *    .-.'.-y        u'__.    Tyy '""  Speeial altentibn gi^n tb all.Uiiids1 of rcpaiiihn ami  :o_stxS*fn '.W()i.-k, fS'Qin oliisido'pbiiits:.: 7        '"   ".   *. " . "  .Sflpii:    HJR Silrfee., between Baker/and Vofnogf ^KeJsbS),-  parsor^ prodo^e Qo>  'N'E'L-SO'N,, B, G.  turner Sc iloeekli block, Kelson, )h C.  PIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  l3^S'CJS-JS_.lNrC3E  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO I.TCT���Sav-rul houses of diircrctit sizes.  fc'UR BALK-Kenl oslalo in altparts of the city.  FOR SALE  By   PRIVATE   BARGAIN  l-'O-Ilooi-i House, qenfci'iilly lociteflj $2800.  G-lloOiil Cot-itgc ftivd 2 Lots on 'CsirhomiUi  .sfci'-ot, fl 400,' oiis,y term...      .     ,  5.0.loom   House uii   St;ink-y siii'C-fc,, ^5100.  Celery  Herb  Tea  will make one quart of tho best spring tonic on  the market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  omach and kidney troubles, and the price Is  stonii  25 CENTS  Canada Brag and Book Co.,  XJI3__CIO?__]_D  Corner of linker and Stanley Streets, Nelson  ������ f_       I  ror bale    ^-"js.?!.  Apply lo .  '.'.,-' H. C. CUMMINS,'lioiloga Cigar Store;  2li tlrauglit Horses,  12 nraught Mutes.  11 Pack "Mules.  18 Pack Horses.  The above stock is in first-class condition and perfectly  broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete rigging for pack animals, also harness and .wagons for  balance of stock. Apply to Wavcrly mine, Albert Canyon, li. O.  GAOL SUPPLIES.  Tenders will be received by (lie undersigned up to flic  evening of Monday, the lill.h June, for the supplying of  the following articles lo the Provincial Gaol at'Nelson  from July 1st, IS!)!), t.o June 30th. I'M: Groceries. Bread.  Meat, Coal, Vegetables, Brooms, etc.. a detailed list can  be seen and any information obtained at the Government  Agent's ofiice.  JOHN A. TURNER, Government Agent.  FOR SALE7~^ ~  A building and lot on First Avenue in the town of  Ymir. Rents for ��20 per month. Will bo sold cheap for  cash. For further particulars apply lo John A. Kii-k-  palrick. Nelson, H. C.  ���J. L, VANSTOHE,      R. U. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mining Stocks �� Customs Broker  RifiAL ESTATE AND QKNiOHAL AGENTS  NOTICE  Wo ai'C I'eeciving daily. cKi'ecb ivQih  tho growers consigninftiifa 'of SIxaSv-  bei'i'ie.s, C'liet'i'ies. Batifiiias, Oi'itngbh',  ymn  us  Lemons,,     etc.      Btericl  .standing orders.   'l-l-ie Ti-iricle Only Supplied  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OFi'GREEN FRUITS  NOTICE.  All parties having accounts against Ihe lale Waller S.  Aslipitol are rutiiiCKled lo send 1 In: sum>. lo Ihe undersigned, at once.       -,    -. -JOHN 11. JiOWLKY..  Nelson; J.t. C, Miiy 2(11 li, I8!K).    ���        ���-..'-.-  Altliougli the Ijutes & Hum ber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE �� O'REILLY. Agents  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. C.  Removal Notice.  John Choldilch & Company bog to announce to the  trade Hint, they have removed their, headquarters from  Nakusp to Nolson, where they will for ihe future be established. Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  tliey have secured temporary quarters in tbe warehouse  of 1'urncr, Heeton & Company on Wirt or street, where  they will be ploa.sod lo receive tlieir patrons.  Nelson, II. <:., May, 18!)!'.  JOHN CHOLDITGH & GO. |  Parsons f-^r-oduce Co.  Nelsoii, B. C.  George Holfopook  Gity Seaveiig-er and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders left at, JI. DesBrisay _: Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  _i W MSTlUflANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  fapse; nbzisles, Wos'i.t't'fpoa-,"iawn iMowers;  - 9^va^ sprays, and water, fcipe iittti.<ra  ol all Kinds.   ��  lei us Put Your- Lawn Service in Shape  BROS., Plumbers  Opera House _01ock��� Nelsoiii  toon Worfcs  MA.N*UKACT-Hl.IiS OK  BNeiNES. B0IJ-_IKS, shApting,. ieoi^ and  BRASS CASTjjyl^S Off sBVERXT DESCRIPTION  ftepalfs promptly attended Co,       P. O. kox, 173.  GENERAL TEAIV1STERS  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co,   Standard "Oil Co.  Washington Brick aqd litr\e Co.  The H. W. lyjcNiell Co., Ltd*, Canadian A_ith,ra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers it)  The only restaurant in the city  employing* only white Cooks.  Merchants'lunch froni 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  toJS.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  ��� First-class board and room, Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Hn_;lish church.  Healed by.:-.loam. Table hoard ��1, room and board _**>  .nd $->..*..'        - -  ��� A collection of fine ..elgium Canaries for sale.  J: V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  .  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  ���UltKWRRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  I'rompt and regular ���  delivery to the trade.  Brewery ai Nelson,  JSs_.  i^BaieatKmr^aitiui&irjiiffrvsv. a  zi+atu-,***-*-'**-: <D  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, .SUNDAY, JUNE  18,  1899.  tnmwra  BankofIontrbal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  0,000.000  THE BANK OF  I,OKI) STltATHCONA AND   MT  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   R   S. CfcOUSTON   ROYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  isr_______so-<r beanch:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BKAVfMIKO  IN        r.ONDON   (BriKland).   NBW   YORK,  n.1111 iu ihe ii'-ln'-iiiul  CHICAGO  -.ities in Canadii.  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl-aguay, U. S., Atlir*, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul<._t] District.  you !"��� lie roared; "do   yon suppose tliat I  liny and ��i_ll StiirlinvC  Kxcliaiign and Cable Transfers  IIHANT COMMKKUMI.   >NI> TU.WK1.I.KIU*' OKBDITS. .  available iii any pari of the world.  I.KAKTB IKHl/KU    COI.LKCTIONH  MADKI  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OK INTEREST PAID  GRAVE   AND   GAY   STORYETTES.  ever said a word before you  want to have you print."'  that I didn't  AVhile  Omaha  Chauncey AI. Depew  exposition,   he    and  Frank Buck land, the naturalist, when  collecting -information about White of  Selborne, met with an old lady who professed to have seen him, "a Avhite-haired  old gent who used to walk about his garden with a crocodile." "Wasn't it a tortoise?" suggested Buckland. The old lady  admitted it might have been "one of tlieni  furren birds."  Dumas the elder was not in the habit  of counting his money, but did so once,  afterward leaving it on the mantel while  he left the room for a few minutes.  When he returned, and was, giving some  instructions to a servant, he mechanically  counted the pieces over again, and found  a louis missing. "Well," he said, with a  sigh, "considering that= I never counted  niy nioney before, I can't say it pays."  A story at the expense of the colonial  secretary is going the rounds. Mr. Chamberlain, when a little boy, was playing  one day with his sister at a game of  "battles"���each child having a regiment  of toy soldiers and a popgun to fire at the  enemy. The little girl's soldiers went  down quickly under her brother's heavy  firing, and he Avas proclaimed the victor.  Thoughtful child, he had glued his men to  the floor.  was at the  president  Callaway   of   the   New   'York    Central  chanced   to go into  a booth  on the Midway Plaisanee.    It Avas a tame en te r tain -  nieut and   their stay   would .have  been  very brief except for the fact that they  had   scarcely   taken   their   seats  before  there began a steady inpouring of people,  which continued until the small auditorium was crowded.    Half an  hour's wait-,  ing failed to reward tlieir  patient expectancy,  howeA'er,  and Mr.  Callaway suggested that they move on.    Just then ex-  secretary of agriculture 3. Sterling Morton pushed  his way through the crowd,  and extending his hand to Mr. Depew exclaimed:    "Well,  Mr. Depew,  so you are  really here!    I thought that 'barker' was  lying."    "What do yon mean?"  inquired  Mr. Depew.    "Why, tlie 'barker' for  this  shoAvis standing outside and inviting.the'  crowd to   'step up   lively'  and  pay ten  c..nts for the prmlege of seeing the 'great  and only Chimney M. Depew.' "  Some time ago a young poet brought  tlie manuscript of a Volume of his verses  to a Avell-knoAvii London publisher and  agreed to pay for its publication,* he being  allowed to deduct such copied as chanced  to be sold. Time passed and the book  was published, but the poet could not  find a copy of it anywhere except in a  feAv bookstores. In despair he Avrote to;  the publisher to know Iioav miich he owed  and to close up the deal. To his astonishment he received a check for fifty  pounds Avith the intimation that the book?  had "gone up." The bewildered poet'  wrote.back   ahiote to   know  where  the  a large amount of shipping ore in sight  and is becoming quite a factor among our  local mines. It i.s held under bond and  lease by J. M. M. Benedum and Stewart  Brothers, and tinder Avhose management  it is being operated. It i.s probably needless to remark that this is a union mine  and conforming to "the eight-hour law  and union scale of wages*.  His Secret Agents Were Bloodsuckers.  President Kruger has determined to  abolish the political secret service which  has cost the state so much nioney. The  sums paid Avere enormous, and at least  one-fifth of the entire Avhite population  Avere on the list. The barmaids of Johannesburg came in for a particularly large  share eachmonth. This body of so-called  agents has been responsible for much of  the unrest in the Transvaal. To prove  their vigilance they constantly sent reports to the chief detective in Johannesburg that for the most part consisted of  the suspicious sayings of men at the public bars, when they had indulged too  freely. Mr. Kruger has at last arrived at  the conclusion that his agents are nothing  more than blood-suckers, who live at tlte  expense of the state, and draAv pay for  furnishing false iicavs.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  �� SILVI.R KING.  .S. Pi-ice. R-ibson I _.. Andcr-ion. A'mir  Jume-i Wilk-i, KosslaiKl        | G _0i'K<! Lainh, (iruuili!  GRAND  C.RN'l'RAL.  JI. Snyder, Slocan Jnnetion  A. I_. Knox. Ymir  ,1. W. Ross. Ymir  Geo. Rn-isell, Ymir  W, P. Patcher, Ymir  Owen McLaughlin.Spokane  HUMK.  L. H. Brijftfs, Silverton j I). G.Kinpr. Kokanee  K. Lewis, Toronto j G. H. P.nrliii". Victoria  A.  IT. CftmphoM, Montreal ! H. W. Smith, Ros-land  J. Muilltui'l,Toronto i I'owlund.Machine, Victoria  ,1.   1-7  Callum,   Wcllesley,   Win. Brydson. Toronto  -Ins-*. ��� Geo. A. Campbell, Montreal  T. Keatinfr, Trail ! W. II. Tennant, Winnipeg  C. F. Williams, Hiiinilton    ! F. Western, Toronto  ,1. M. Coombs. Winnipeg     j II. T. Tilley, Toronto  D. Kurtz, Kaslo j  PHAIR.  A.  R. Macdonald, Toronto  Maxwell Stevenson, Ainsworth  Stuart Tod, Slocan City  Thomas T.  Purgold, Liverpool  Charles S.  Riishdnlu, New  Denver  .lames A. "Mi-Don .11. ICislo  W. A. Harvey. Vancouver  .1. C. Cameron, Rowland  R. K. Palmer, Rossland  QUKKN'S.  W.  N.   llrayton and wife,  Kaslo  T. F. Gaine, Cascade City  A. Murdoch, Cascade  C. Dell Smith, Rossland  .1; Ittaby, Rossland  D. It. Young, ltossland  John Millard, Greenwood  ('. A. Brown, Ymir  ���Frank Low, Winnipeg  Airs. .1. Scott and children,  Winnipeg  ���(TJ-<^-<=J.  B  B  B  B  B  j>^e9- c=>^&' !=>���(=> ���  i-a:  ^���^���^���^^l-^-  1^:  mmmmmm-m  NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS  on  B  We have just placed  Lace Curtains. For  Notti no-ham  make.     We have  our  shelves   another  consignment of  neat designs you   should   see   the famous  W  ffl  ffl  f>'  hem in  the following* sizes  3 yards long, 40 inches wide - - St.00  3 yards long, 50 inches wide - - 1.25  3 1-2 yards long, 50 inches wide    -       1.25  3 yards long, 60 inches wide -  3 1-3 yards long, 60 inches wide  Fine quality, bound edge     -   -  S1.52  1.75  2.25  ffl  ffl  Extra fine quality, 60 inches wide  -   -   $3.25  TRKMONT.  C.   W. Harrington, Sandy  Creek  Fred Ross, Northport  Geo. R. Smith, Silver King  Mine  MADDKN,  N. D. Stewart, Port Hill  D. N.McAule-.', Port Hill  J. Felix, Kernie  T. Skeenoy, Fernie  >Yvbret%is Appetw^  Yide^eptive-^Tlia -.will^ofr.Stephen tGit'ard.",  2ln"-2helP^aW-Mi02 Akimpf, " ��lllje ^Y %  *an^l'^'��iiii-['lS0^i��a%ei'i - �����<��>__,.! simple  !,:j'a"iti'.6r5 *(3'xet.i.e" me   ^ftfy _%]i i. TiiY'V*" *.<">  D ''" " ���     ^ ' n        ������F|.n����  n .JD n       n    5- - fl      * nn .      g-  ��� - ���-"n n'     "    --    a -    -n��       .        .    n   *    ��� n "       I"        ^      "  V^.omigC Groke% ,��i Iniei^ 'jb OyY.dl: ��"*#\yten .t>$w,  "Silt ' ��  :  "      '"  c)��J,:t-y_ .-s-tintt. . ������-���li.Av'-SMv J^hQAvali aboxxt  ��hU-Bltra^Sa(.Moii,'';_a^ der  Mxlihg.sotixpxShing ahoui (vljeged cpntra-titsj  ; irr\v���ul)i-h; youh'E Ch'oifer!S -ii>ii. \v*|s-^i|cl^-0^  _ liiivp    feeeu  colicerhed ;��� *'do�� yoii   dpif^  '"X'eSs sir."     "-NJf iieii did yoii fir��1' heiW ��$  It?'' _dem#ided-floss; -liai-ply-   "3(hsi i\o\v,  whpu you _ told hie)'* *\\nt^" young Oi;ok��i-7.  I'tttlier erualliiig reply.  A 'school-master iii a_ village scliooj Jiiid  been in the habit Qf Vj)ui.chasiiig p--i?k  f'rohi parents of his pupils oil. tlie oc'easj  ',J|on-Of7th-.-killiugof-.the^pijjf. iDne'-day-tif-  sinall boy marched up . to the ina_ter,s  ddsk, and inquii'ed "if he AVojild like a bit  of porkf as they were going to kill their  pig.". The school-master replied in the  affi-lnatiye.   Seyeral days .iaving elap_ed  . iind hearing nothing of tile pork, b-ie  mtistei: called the boy vip to hini,.and inquired the rtiilsoii he had not brought it.  "Oii, please sir," the boy replied, "blip pig  got better."  At a, meeting of the bishops,, a measure  was proposed and (ix*pUUnedby itsO.igin-  iltor, biit With Such incoherence thab nobody understood it, A second speaker  essayed to malke the mutter clear, but  only darkmed it. Wheh he had fiuislied,  Bishop 3_-ii*iamiu Smith, of Kentucky,  tried to explain the question, and also  the explanations. Feeling that he had  failed,' lie said : "Bishop Williams smiles.  What has he to say about it?" "Only  this," said the old bishop of Connecticut:  "that 'the mess of Benjamin AA'as found  to be greater than the mess of any of liis  brethren.' "  ."Oil'.  your, edition, -.wJiit.ii.was :destrdye.d:.r K  -.. . , yhe ^o|)iiday: a ^Producing"|lIine..;" ���  "" *, Da;.      7 s��� SilvertBn ���Sii\fei;tqjln'iinY. ��    ���'  _.Itp "khghfyipipfefei? -Win-li iffVsiturp^.���  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and const.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  p Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  V. of-ill kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES. Y        7  *  J. II. Jones, Vancouver  Israel Mclnnis, Hall Siding  C. Storey, McLeod  T. McKay, McLeod  John Ryan, Toad Mountain  Miss M. Hansen, Rosslund  The Tremoflt Hotel  IVlALOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  B  0k.  Special Values in Swiss Curtains at $4 per pair.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO  BANK  OP  B.C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEH-IVIS   CASH  '���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���(^���^i^.-&jl^i^i^i^i^i&.  mw.&mm^&^&^&&^^!&&&&^&&^^^  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  M:  P. Burns & Co.  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  "^"^s^-^^^^^^iMis^i^p^  CHAatLESffltLL^ER;  " "   "7 HsiiBSIBEN'T._. " "?"  '��^r_-K_t^i3Coi5fsa'ONi;  AVIIOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,- New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  ( QK^'bocljfc ^a^iiigf pr0n^hve;i^iip& feet 6|  ^\��eJj"esViiQ.��,|;V6Vifp|jt./Qf^c^  ��c|Jh _!Cl' tip"fOihxi lppgih^pfyitQ2iepi: ��'FCtnk"  .atbijea hkS'e beells .avt'ec. *ivi)cl s& niejr afo-  dfcpr&gavt eiagaged iii stopihg, pre,,, wlilx-  th_ i'esiilt tjutt���t].i%e "ore-soi't^i'Sftw'eJvepfc;  liioi'eJtMuliiilyi^  a gpMhgxade.df. sliiiyimg ove.    Tlie' qfiiss.;  ofioi;-_ beiiig:silt*l'ed is ��� stqdl gttfeita tliat,:  cal11'fes" GbiisideraJ-Ie" g"i^y;-cQppeji'-.twicl oe-s  4asiQiiiyiy!ini;ti^-__- silver ajid wili; run 1,4(1  HtiiiCes in. silver ant! 'SO" pel' kept lead per  ton.   ���'43l,'eAidy <i]_e_ij__ttlba_li of oxe Jiasbeen'���  Vsliipped* and another   is How ; raAvt.itfug  tfiiii-poi'tation  at; the  miue,  wJjile   tlae  tjiird cat. aild will soou be sacked.    A jig  "has'teeiT"^  duinii, being operated by wator power,  and the fine stulf comiDg out of the mine  is being run through it and a large  amouiit of good coneeiiti'ftites ai'e thus accumulated     The !Sroouday mine lias uoav  ��  �� "Lffrgp.'c. .llbr^lile.'vJjeil-rQgniii1" .mid jIrs&el.a^aV.limiig'f  rq&VnVVSaivi��pierroonis��for{cdm^ "";, y. j  77"   l_R;|x3?;E'.��;��aii2^^|E!^ jd.J^&y- :    Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Gqy  ALL KINDS OF J.RESH AND SALTED MEATSil  .".dJ'ljBi iYyi/'^fln'io'.  l^fp^i  ?,'.��"���.o.  JjI^CITEJID;  Srxx Ofa'cs ujiKfts1 of  ANP.  .Corner Baker aiid Ward Street*;.  For  Slrawborrios  aiid  yoiir order.  other fruits iii seasoii.   Leave  'Prompt doli.-.j',  :l^-_m|h|^.**. *      "        '��� - ,  floors a.tfdSasH.  Fen^g Poits ahdif'iekets  KACTO|tV WORIC'SONK TO 6Ri>i.K,|  ".- "    ������"   ;'-..   " su'-iiYvs.  Scroll Sawing  Bati-l S-t^ing  Wardr-obes  G[e-ieral Jpinery  i>* sroci*^  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on, Government wliarf.  J'acto.y and oille-, corner Hall street and C.l'.R. bradk  Tha finest hotel: in the jiitci'Mi'.  Largo sanvple rooms,   Stpain hdafc and, electricll__lit.  CORNER' OF WARD AND. VERNON ST$., NKLSON  'w%2"��4���."������>": "*_V-��y���"."��� ;isY��-*������,���: sii-"��y.* ���  �� = ���   . *   y&yyp" y   i>H'^y��,^'.:i'"'%^e^^Wil!'^'r'"'^\ 'v.^  nn ���nD   "y, ������:. /#|}ii^!;j&^^  . .*.' ��� .    ... ��� .... ';fl-^.i\bj:$'<^  All- "c o 1*0 rfi tin i C at iP ��� s��f e la. ijri'g  tqYfiVitlshfu0p!okibmyBOS'irJeSs .rfp"  5��G5{ riJelsoh, DriHsh" Goici'rnbla  feerauHHr'esse��'.p- -iRfg&s Jp/avfefi-ifS  ^flVy?n{rt I  *>'.-.VffiV...|  iD,_/:'v."f;  $r>:--l:l  . .yfl; A'|  ;'i__';il  : :yi  ,fk-.7il;  32 R'iQ-DEFftCit; ;R�� 13ERf S��Ni :'GeherW tiftMieX v  '���Si S 'FOWLER, E,M., iV-tining Enghieei' I  'iSfps@i|'S!p:;  b. <s;  %y."-t  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  one  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR L0MBEH  Hazlewood ice (Dream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  Agents for Irlaclewood Ice Cream.  During the siege of Paris, Dr. W. II.  'Russell, unpleasantly familiar to Americans as "Bull Run Russell," was acting as  war correspondent fOr the London Times,  and was very much in Bismarck's society.  One evening, when Bismarck had been  denouncing the other English . papers  with his usual violence and pungency of  phrase, Dr. Russell took occasion to observe, in a self-complacent way: "Well,  you must admit, count Bismarck, that I,  at least, have been entirely discreet iu  everything that I have written to the  Times. Ybu have ahvays conversed be-  Fore me with the utmost frankness upou  all sorts of subjects, and I have been  most careful never to repeat a word of  anything that youhave said." Bismarck  turned upon him with a look of mingled  anger and   contempt.    "The more   fool  Baker* street, between Josephine and  Hall strcots, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  KOR SALE OR HIRE  AT  G. 0. M  A large stock of Urst^class) dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, moulding-, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.-  to order.   Repairing and fitting a spec-  Repairing and  Sails made and rigged.   Fishing rods and tackle  Boats built  ialty.   -.       mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson  -W- IP. -EtoBiirsrsoiisr  (Ex-Shorifl* of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advnnced on consignments of merchandise.  Postolllco Box 572 . Nelson, 11. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within oiie and a  ���quarter, miles, of. Nelson.   For-further  particulars apply to -  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91 Jofa|I'    R^e,   AgQllt  PETER &MELLE & GO.  Headquarter.1, for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  by  The Oiily hotel iii Nelsoii that has remained uiiddi  nirtnajfoment si'litse 1890.  The bed-rooms arc  well furnished  and   lighted  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in I<o_tentiy..  The.bai' i. always stocked by the best domestic Jind  jm*>6rted liquors and cigars.  fljQMAS afAPpEN',, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Ifcated by hot ai  Bcasonable rates Sample rooms  Eloctric, bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. V. 'PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to ntatinn  Revelstoke, B, C.  KOOTENAY OOFFEE CO.  COFFEE  ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS  AND   COKFI-K.  IN'   TEA  Is  now prepared   io  copper pre_5.   The Car  Withe smalIefFTIr.\pper  ing guaranteed.  Address all communications  Oi1 HsroEiLSOasr,  .-". y  buy all  clas-es: or silver, gold, silveMeadj lead atrjd-1*  attention given to large .contracts .vvilli��BeYext'6ndeitj:!'  Prolffipt^^tll^mei.ts and^SBoiceTblTnode^of sampls-^  to drawer S, Nelson, B. C.  GEORGE M. McDOWELL, Managtsr,  O. M. ROSENDALE^ ^ui*chasiii|- AgEnfc  A. THURMAN  SMOKERS* HEADQUARTERS   ......  KeOps a lull line of  ROYAL SEAL AN��> KQOTENAY JBELLE CIGARS  And Ml other bpands of tfte  AT If'ACJ'Olt'V PlUt-K*.  w  of 3SrEx.so3srs _b.c_  g  We make a specialty of  S(|ip!ap and Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Oflicc and yard near C.P.R. depot   K. G( UKFAi, Agent.  GOAT RIVER LUMBERS  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.      ���  ��� All sines of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  ���Write for priccB.  Offer fresh roasted ccMItoO of best quality as follow*.  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound S   Hi  Java and Mocha Rlcnd, 3 pounds   1 IK)  Fine Santos, -I pounds ., ,.  1 'K*  Santos Blond. 5 pounds    I Ofl  Our Special Ulend, (J pounds    IH"  Our Rio Roust, 6 pounds.........    1 (Hi  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   Block,,   West  Baker Stseet  NELSON, B. C.       Notice to Contractors.  The undersigned is prepurwl to rccoive scaled lenders  to be opened at 111 a. in., Aloiirtsiy, June 'ilth. for (he. following material, delivered in Nelson, for the construction  of an I'leotrie Tramway. -       '  4000 Railway Ties.  40.000 P. B. M. of Squared Timber.  40,000 P. B. M. of 3-inch Plank.  150 Cedar Poles.  The above <iunntit.ics being approximate.'  Specifications may be seen in  the" Miicdoniild  liloek,  Room 7. Y��� ,'      .     ���   ..-' -  ���  The lowest or any' lender not ifoeess.irily accept oil.  *,.   .... C. !1A1_1I''AX IlAI.L.  Kelson Tent and AwninpManiifiaetory  J^ILiTi   KIIIT-DS   O-TI  FANCY STRIPED  VERANDAHS AND  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  CURTAINS FOR  WINDOWS  ALL S1ZKS OK TKNTS IX STOCK  Raker street, opposite po..t.ofllc-, Nolson  THEO.  MADSOIsr  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPX.BWHAITB  J. McPSBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Constpuetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  - Electric Fixtures, liainps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  . P.O. Box 606. ...���,_. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  SUNDAY, JUNE  Itf,  1809.  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  TZEL & 00.  CORNKR BAKKR AND JOSKPHINK STREETS. NELSON  PR STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  ...   CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STREET, NELSON  Ice Gream  (HAZLBWOOD)  AND  Ice Gream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT ST0F{E       \  Fresh i*ruit- received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine  Telephone 1.13,  e Co. '  ���-.������?���:������������?._.���>���._;  IIUMl -IttKYS & I-ITTOCK  THE LOCAL NEW8J)F THE TOWN  Dominion Day Celebration.  Subscribers to the celebration fund are  paying tlieir subscriptions promptly,  manager Waterman having collected  $271)2 up to six o'clock yesterday. The  privilege of selling polls ou the horse  races and other sporting events was  awarded to James Neelands for $120. The  base ball committee have decided to  make two prizes of the $2-0 alloted for  base ball���$17;") for first prize and $7;"5 for  second. "Tom" Trenary writes from Sandon that he will come down with his  brass band if transportation can be  arranged so that the boys will not lose  too much time. The Trail band is also  willing to come, lu may be possible that  both can be brought.  NELSON.  John Croft, the scavenger, was hauled  up yesterday by lire chief VV. J. Thompson for dumping ashes and garbage on  AVard street between Baker and Victoria  street. Police magistrate E. A. Crease  emphasized liis intention of putting a  stop to such, practices by fining him $20  and costs.  Two blocks of Athabasca shares were  sold yesterday by J. L. Vanstone. One  lot of 4000 shares was sold at 3SA cents,  and another of 2000 shares at 39 cents.  F. J. Starkey arrived from Rossland  yesterday afternoon. He says there is a  great deal of talk in regard to the Nelson  Dominion Day celebration, and that there  will be 'fully five hundred visitors from  Kossland and Trail. The hose reel and  base ball teams are practising steadily  and liope to carry back some of the  prizes. A .number of horses Avill also be  brought over to compete foi- the purses  in the different events.  H. It. Bellamy returned on Friday  night from Arrow lake, where he spent  three days 'examining the Golden West  group, situated twenty- miles south of  Nakusp, on which- au English syndicate  has an option of purchase. There tire  four hundred and twenty feet of tunneling done on the 'property, the ledge averaging about four feet and looking -well.  A meeting  of  the  shareholders iri the  Nelson syndicate who hold placer claims  on  the  Thompson  river, west  of Kamloops, was held yesterday forenoon in H.  R. Bellamy's office, at which  the offer of  a Toronto syndicate to purchase one-half  interest iu the  property for  $-15,000, as  reported in yesterday morning's Tribune,  was accepted. . It is not the-intention of  the  syndicateYfco  stock- -a*-company,* as  .they ,'feql confident that when the dredge  starts towork the returns avi 11 pay- working, ".expenses and .provide dividends'.- . ' " '  ��� .Vancouver. News-Advertiser, Kith:-Two  civil officials-"of Nelsoii 'are-, visiting-=Lthe.J  coast.    They are city  engineer A.2L. Mc-_  Culioch and alderman Beer.     The ollicial  object of the visit is for the purpose of inspecting   crematory   plants.    Yesterday  they paid a visit to, mayor Garden at the  city   hall, sand* during  the day colonel  Tracy  and,health officer JMarrion  drove  the visitors .out  to the  city crematory  arid^'urnislied- them with full details coi.-  cerning  its ��� workings, etc.    The  visitorsi  proceed to Victoria today.  At the recent meeting of the provincial grand lodge pf the . I.O..O.A, W..  Walsh, of Ncav Westminster, was elected  grand master; W. E. Johnstone, of A'Yui-  couver. deputy grand : F. Davey, of Victoria, secretary; J. Stark, treasurer; "VV.  Hogg, Vancouver, Avardeu; and W, 11.  Dempster of Victoria grand representative to the supreme lodge.  The tug. ___fer-.it_._g', Arigei-ona- arid Red  Star hrpvebeen tied up at ICaslo for breachV  of the Canadian navigation laws, in not  'ean-yirTg^TigirilM^^  his daily trips to Lardo and Argenta. J.  S. Clute, inspector of customs, will be in  lvaslo on Monday to investigate the  matter.  Secretary Cox of the miners' union at  Sandon reports that the outlook i.s favorable for a. speedy .settlement of the present dispute betAveen the mine-owners  iind miners over the Avage question, lie  expects to see all the producing properties resume operations upon the $-._l)  basis.  George Bullass Lyon and Cecelia,  (irainniie Neumann were married yesterday by Rev. Robert I'Vew. The couple  hail from New /calami but. for some time  the groom has been employed at the  Athabasca mine.^  Rev. James Lawrence will address a  special children's service in the Presbyterian church this morning at 11 o'clock.  Manager James Neelands left for Rossland last evening with a team oh' hull  players which may be expected to give a  good account of themselves. The players  were Rockenfieid, Coverley, Waters,  Houston, Mills, Campbell, I'liair, Emerson and Smith. "Waters will probably  be put in the box.  :' L. A. Campbell, manager of the Kootenay Power Company of Bonnington Falls,  has been appointed electrical engineer to  have charge of the electric part of the  construction of the Nelson tramway and  will at once ask for tenders for the required electric equipments.  F. W. Peters has uot been overlooked  by the promotion committee of the  C. P. R. Yesterday he received a telegram from Robert Kerr, Avho is at Montreal,, informing him that he had been  made assistant general freight agent for  Kootenay aud the Boundary Creek country. The increase of salaries"committee  have not yet made their report.  J. McMullen, superintendent of the  Porto Rico mine, is laid up in the Kootenay Lake genera,! hospital, suffering from  an attack of rheumatism.'  The members of the Nelson Gun Club  would like to arrange a team shoot with  any five men in the local -company of  rifles. They are prepared to shoot with  shotguns, rifles or gatling guns.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  James Kelly and 11. Steeper yesterday  piiruluihcd froni G. W. Pale_.-on _fc Co. the livery business mid piviperi,}- adjoining their .stable' on Stanley  sLrcel.. They luivo now a complete outlit and can  anti'C sati.-fae'ion to the public in the way of middle and  pick horses lo any of the mines. IIr. Kelly is well  known, not. only hero, but, also in the Ivainloip- district,  where ho =111) has considerable business interest/*, he  having befn iu the province for tho last twentv ye ir1.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B.C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenwa're  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STOB'E" AND'OFFICE.- Coiner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NEISON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN  SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  o  era  00  CO  to  ���J  ea  <c  t���  OO  U-  m  CO  ���H  -eo  ~3_*.  69  CD  OO  . CO-  CD  In the cool of the evening- the weary ean find rest  by reposing- in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Stow-r's  Lime (pints and quarts)..   'Stowfer's Clarified,  Lemon Squash.     Slar Lime Juice.    Sain. Lucia'Lime Juice.  -J. F. Mcintosh, ct-i_._-.i_is collector,, re_ft.i_.ei.  to give tlieiii a cleai'jiiice. but tlie Anger--  ona continued her trip to Lardo wi_l_o.1t  clearance. Captain Angus Caiiipl.ell of  tlie i-I-jrcules sent to Nelson; yesterday lor  a -Oinxjetent engineer aiul will continue  Fair Prices  Square Dealing  Liberal Treatment  "_F7I  Lunch arid-Ox Tongue,  i's  Potted   Meat,  and   2 s.  squares.  large  and  2,s.     Roast Corn  Beef, r  assortment.    .Lazenby's soup  OUR   LEADERS  Veranda Chairs  and Roefcers  Children's Go-Carts and  Buggies  Gentlemen's  Arm Rockers, Etc..  I will shown- extensile line,'of goods "bought direct  from .lie nianiifactu res in Englatidj Malice,. Genu a iiy���  aiid Uic Unite _, Stales.   A1S0'goods fronVtho, best C'aiiu^  aiaii fp-vimfli-_ _f-rs:. ._   "Tlic!5I5sirJu>U~--St_i_^^  Jewelry, Ebon}'and Cut Glass.  I also catry ii large variety of Gold and Silver  lilrooehcs. Stars, Crescents, Pins��eto.  We alwujWCarry a complete Iiife of Watches.  ALWAYS IN  STOCKY  ID Aiifl M eilrot Solid Gold Lorgnette*.  5. 10 and, 20 year Lorgnettes.  Gilt and Braid Lorgnettes.  Coral nnd SiBfc Lorgnette!-.  itcjllctl 1-la.e Blouse Sots. I'.Jled Blouse Sets.  Silver aild Gilt Hlouso Sets.  Gold and. .Silver .ijsti Bo.kles.,  l'lal.��, and Gill, Susli llnel-le...    ���   __������;���  ... it), is, ami ���*'), .'car'.Kolled Plsdu Gold Killed Alberts.  Silver, Gill, > nd Goalm. Albeiis.  10(1 styles and ,<iuftlitic. in Broooli-s.  100 ���lyl0s in "l*_ns-.  S, 10_ 18, nnd '20 ydur Rolled Plate iunl Gold lulled  Milks aiid I'nt.lons. .  Hi Ivor ii ltd I'earl Links', lintlolis aud Studs.  tint Glass J'erfnmo Ilotlles.  Cut Glass .-''lower Holdois.  Cut ���(Jliw . -'pilot sUotLles,  Cut Glass in _I0 dill'oreiit styles alul articles.  Diamond Kings, (.law unci Gem HitiB in every known  stone and desitjn.  Fop the Table  Famous   Pure Gold   Jams ancl   Jellies.     McLaren's  Cheese.  Fresh Canadian Cream Cheese.  Ittrp-esr  ^-tfck^f^&t'OT&fe  The Jeweler  carry in  Nelson or any other town' in the Kootenay.  Your trade is solicited,  satisfaction glut ranteed-  -Telephonie 10.  P. O. Box K & W.  Baker street West, Nelsoii  Mail orders promptly attended to.  J.'ine watch repairing a specialty.  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND HKSIDK^TIAL  PKOPKUTY  FURNITURE  OF ALL KINDS  ALL GOODS MARKED TO SELL  NOT TO LOOK AT  lelsoii 7; Fupnitiipy |,:  Y'Y. .     'VY VjjAKEKSTJtKJOT WKST.VY'7-V.YY:--7vx  30 by  120, Baker ���street, between  Josephine  and  Ward streeis    .8000  60 by 120, Bilker street, _etweon Joseiihiiid and Hall  streets   4500  50 by 120, Bakei* street, between Josephine al:d Hail  streets, corner    30 by 120, East Baker street    SOO  25 by 120 with improvements, south side, of Vernon  street....  ,   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street     G000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. 100!)  2_ lots with cottage rented at ?15 per month, Victoria  street  3500  l lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  MONEY SAVED BY BtJY_lNGr YOtJR  -EiTG..   ^EODM:   X7S  VVe carry r.hc largest stoek  Can 1111 your onlei-s for nuy ()iianlity  M. DesBpisay <& Co.  FRUIT JARS  street  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at .20 per month, Stanley  street  3000  6 lots in block 4ID, all cleared and fenced in  2500  fl-i'oom liouse and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots'and improvemi nts, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch;'. '....'.     5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake" of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nolson, 11. C. ...  SPECIAL ATTE  Real lCslatc and General i.Agenl.s;7Baker St., Nelsoii is limited, so call early uiul oxiuiiini! Lhl�� slock.  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. ..SQUIHE, Baker St. Nelson  JwpB^fts^^  ffl^-S6jt!-A_*��-^^tiWi^!^'M*_.---^ .���'


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