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 THE LAW AND THE LAW COURTS  More Expert Evidence.  All of 3*_s_erday was taken up in the  hearing of the wise for tlie defence in  Kelly vs. Hall Mines, and H. E. Croasdaile,  F. Fletcher, Randolph Bruce and M. S.  Davys were examined. Their evidence  went to show that to operate such a  tramway a right-of-way 200 feet in width  was required. Mr. Fletcher's evidence as,  an expert was objected to on the ground  that he was not an engineer. Mr. Fletcher however stated that he was a qualified civil engineer.  The evidence taken J. IT. Bowes proceeded to address the court on behalf of  tlie defence, and cited authorities to show  that whore a company was not acting  mala lido tlieir engineer was the .judge of  what wasor was not requisite for thepro per  construction of legitimate works. About  ���1:30 p.m. his lordship wished him to touch  on the point as to whether the aerial ,  tramway now in operation was the kind  of tramway contemplated by the Companies Act of Incorporation Mr. Bowes  said that he had understood that the defence had agreed not to press this point,  and that consequently he was rather  taken by surprise. Eventually adjournment was taken until this morning at  10:30 when the point in question will be  argued.  Rossland Sitting Cancelled.  The sitting of the supreme court, which  was to have taken place in Rossland at  the close of the present assi/,e has been  cancelled. There is now no prospect of  completing the business of the present  assize before Saturday and this will barely allow justice Drake time to reach the  .coast'for ths sitting of the full court,  which has been set for next week.  tttt��  THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 15,-1899/  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY, $2.  ronto, becomes general passenger agent.  with headquarters at AVinnipeg. A. N.  Notmau, passenger agent at St. John,  N. B., will, it is said, replace Mr. Mac-  pherson at Toronto.  Dunlop vs. Haney Motion.  In the familiar old case of Dunlop vs.  Haney a''motion was made yesterday before justice Drake to have the case dismissed for want of prosecution. V The application was not granted, but an order  was made that the plaintiff go to trial at  Vancoliver on the 27th inst. The mineral  ground over which the parties to this  suit are contending has so far occasioned  more work for.' lawyers'.than most mineral claims iii Kootenay have occasioned-  for working .miners', and as yet very little  progress appears to have been made towards a settlement.  Companies Shut Out of Atlin.  v..2 Victoria, .Tune   14.���There are/sonic  A "J_�� " g* P^d&Msthe. ^kieanmifereceuthy:  ^/���$.iClo^  i'f^cK^ernYh^  "'*'"'��� tot &"fuiclijlh" ._ bl _ip!iui<^^^^  New French Cabinet.  ���Paris, .Tune II.���Jt was announced today that M. Poiucare had requested the  president to grant him until tomorrow to  form a, cabinet, as he had been unable to  see certain .statesmen whom he i.s desirous of consulting.  M. Poincare is continuing his efforts to  form a cabinet but meets with numerous  difficulties. He has been especially-desirous of having'M.^ Bourgeois,-M. Kraut.*  and Delcasse in the ministry. M. Bourgeois declines to abandon his mission at  The Hague. 31. Delcasse declines to take  anything but the foreign office portfolio,  while M. Poiucare wants him.at the ministry of tlie interior or the ministry of  marine, and M_ Kraut*, raises difficulties  concerning the Dreyfus trial, pointing  out that he has discussed the matter with  M. Casimir-Perrier. *���'  It is ������ understood that several other  prominent men have refused to enter the  cabinet. These rebuffs are likely to discourage M. Poiucare, who is modest aud  diffident and is inclined to steer clear of  political troubles.  Kruger is Defiant.  Pretoria, June 14.���The Volksrad luis  resolved to accept president Kruger's  franchise, proposals and to refer them to  the people before putting them into  operation. President Kruger, in thanking the Raad, said that in these troublesome times they could not know what  was going to happen. , England, he said,  had not made one little concession and he  could not give more. He reminded the  Raad that Germany had always stood by  them. AVar, he asserted, he did not want,  but he would not relinquish anything  more.  Transvaal's Gold Output.  AVashington, June 14.���The output of  gold from the YTraiisvaal during March,  the.date of the latest official report, Avas  ii \f. ��in:��xcife��s mf, ai-jy.pr^A-joit^s'inaiith^tl-e^  ,fg.��^Mg^  $S$6^0i*YKi$|I^^  !^_��g._IL.l"H^  ^ShitSjM-g.^  S'.;V.;?_t"eF��i��*i7��-i���,___�� -_������>>,.���_..���___J-Y:?u"XW-ti ��4_-_5_  The  price at wliich  tot given out, but it  .  '._^ngYfc)-e>_i"dpp^  -";]a*t.ionl._ ;. ;    ���,:,:,��� ���p-y   , ���     -.7.   ...��� -���,���, ���  2.\ '^^J^tcJ-^^-^ll,, ��� if ftp ,JA!-A,s],,,,fpfd^dy"k  :y,yiip"phM f��iYa*:cQ)'n'^  '/; ^s-'^misl^ ; li'ohi Swjj/1-,  ��� "Yljred, ^ttFyifie-i *tij^i_ii^^_5f 5,^;?!^4?-J i>^!��>!*'= s'tl-tjfiiju:"  : vt^a-;,.ii��_;ifc  ,;nibitei^���ti%^%feni^;h|l| Ifeidl^-uCit/tw";  -' "perhi/t- eb!}pc>i'_.i_ iO$^^^ iri-A'tli'l-.;  " Up��%b^afl2skys2hd, ^kxxlflnkefsnexvs wifeh  " 4:ll'*l3i_"mi-ui'^i-st_Xee^)t ��_farthf, and . uU].  beek . JU'rti_ij�����ed a Recuse.   AVhen .Martin  ��� i-etui-ned to 'Vicfei-hV/-Mid when MiiC-  DbSylillV s^kt- "t0.3nhfpl-e ga*ve��� a cuV  c0���nragilig":r���<_ply. Tlit- pfi ipuilietiter f roin  Hume aiinouiyeing. #ie oilier xninisters  .change of froni. came soomtvf:terWar,d._:  The In"s_rg.n-_ Mst 500 M��n,  :MAnILA> 3xuxe lli���^Thh Filipinos retreated . several miles southward after  yesterday's engagement, to the Stvohgly  ^fortificC^-0\viroMiuusr=^The=shelling=of=  the"American ships drove the rebels from  Baeoor, so the Ame-icjms control several  more miles of cotlst. General Lawton,  with his staff and a troop of the Sixth  cavalry, started to ascertain the nature  of the insurgent position. He found the  town of BaeOor full of white flags, but  tliere Avere no soldiers tliere. The Avomeh  and children A\dio 1. ad fled to the Woods  during the bombardment AA'ere camping in tho ruins of tlieir homes.  The shells had almost knocked the town  to pieces. The big chui'eh was AVrecked  and, many bitildiiigs AVere ruined. Sov-  ct-al women iind ehildreh came into the  American lines for i^efuge, and the road  from Baeoor AA'as filled all day long with  processions of them on foot .iind in carts,  driving animals and carrying goods oil  their heads. Tlie appearance of the battlefield testified to the fierceness of yesterday's fighting. The American officers  intimate that 100 insurgents Avere killed  and 400 wounded duriug the engagement.  The next battle will probably be fought  at Iinus. The American troop. Avill soon  control the coast to Cavite*  "^aa*fy,fi&_^  MaeriTiu 4Vfeefroi_ a:- ���  More Canadian Pacific Changes.  Montreal, June 14.���In consequence  Of the recent changes iu the Canadian  Pacific RailAA'ay Company's officers, the  following changes.have been made, taking effect on July 1st: Robert Kerr,.  AVinnipeg, to be general manager of passenger traffic at Montreal, to succeed H.  McNieoll, Avho is appointed assistant  general-manager. AV. R. Mclnnes, Chi-  eaga, becomes general freight agent a vest  of Fort AVilliam. AV. A. Kittermaster,  freight agent at Detroit, succeeds Mr.  Mclnnes as general freight agent at Chicago. M- BY Brown, chief clerk of freight  traffic manager at Montreal, to be freight  agent at Detroit.    C. E. Macpherson, To-  73E$*^jng}tIi_..,JJe^^  JSTBW.R%_fl;^  ,.'] *$^s$^> n^  iVvwe- ;-wpfS,-_$le,���^  ig.n��,6q.nsjte&it���!|ncee.s|ip^<dji^  irig"  th*aS*n|]:rpi*CsS}ig:��f. " -tliKfuglf" ^rib"Y��ii_fc-  tered     Street;   all     :the"     .day    ,||)iigY  Tliere   is     still" --a.   large    iiuniber" Of  jjMb.ifieja- .dead,, ��� apd   sav& ".Vfor^.tlie fact  thjCfc&lttigj^ foiled f;o  ai;rive today, it is  likely the "liiimbei" of'-,  liuierti 1�� Woiikl.have been close to fifty.  Ettach Will Be ExiiiaditeS".,  Boston, Jiiiii. li.���Jolm T. Koaclij whp  was aix'ested liere two Aveeks ago, ehai-ged  Avith ���iidiug in t]ie robbery of the Do*-  nijiiion Bank of N_tp.ai.ee,. Oirtario, in  1S97, Avas brought before the United  =States7coin.iiiissionerS"*today^{i.ijtM  $5000 bonds. __o will be taken to Canada  AA'hen, the necessary extradition papers  have been passed upon by the seei-ettiry  of state.   Results in Chess Tournament;  London, June 14.���At the 4.80 adjournment of tlie fiitovnatiohal chess toitriia-  nient todiiy Blaekbtlrne had the better  game against Tschigorin, Lasker had  doAvned Tinsl'ey, Colin had Succumbed to  Steinit/, ShOAvalter httd been beaten by  Maroczy, Jauo\vski tuid Pillsbury had adjourned their game in an eveii position,  and Lee had tlie better .position' against  MasOn.   Toronto Oarsmen Sail for Liverpool.  jNtkav York. June .14.���The Argoilau.  boat club, Composed of the crack oarsmen  of Toronto-Avho are to take part in the  Henley regatta, arrived in the city today,  and sailed ou the Teutonic for Liverpool.  The members AArere iu charge of T. H.  Gait, president of the club, aiid Alex  Fraser, the treasurer. All Avere in good  spirits and health Avhen they sailed.  Bitter Fight for One'Cent,  Buffalo, Juno 14.���Fully 3500 men are  on strike or have quit work along the  docks for various reasons, and outside of  the eleA'ating of grain, no Avork is beiug  done. The freight handlers had a big  meeting tonight and decided to remain  out until the demand of the warehouses  for an increase of one cent an hour in  Avages is granted.  The Metal Market.  Neav York, June 14.���Bar silver  f50Ac.  Mexican dollars 181c.    Copper dull ;  brokers $1,..25(?*_$1,S.50"; exchange   $18.  $18:50.    Lead firmer;   brokers  $1.^  change $-1.25(��;$4.50.  THE CRANITI^jlESUIVIES WGEK  Union Wages Will Be Paid.  Work will be resumed at the Granite  mine today and the men employed Avill  be paid the 'iinion scale of Avages. This  result has not been secured by tiny conference between the Duncan mines and  the miners' union, but is tho working out  of the policy of the Duncan Mines Company in letting a contract for such work  as the company desires to have performed  at the property. This contract was secured by Fi. Mo.Carty, who is a member of  the miners' union,  the work was let is  is said.that McCarty's arrangement AA'ith  the company is such that he is to have as  much Avork as he can perform for one  month, Avith the oi'tion of renewing .the  contract from month to month. Under  this arrangement contractor MeCarty  will-take eight miners and two muckers  out to the Granite "tomorrow, Avho Avill  work eight-hour shifts and be paid $3.50  and $3 per day respectively.  It is said that the difficulty at the  Royal-Canadian mine Avill be surmounted  in the same Avay. Contracts for Avork  have been offered on this property also,  but so far have not been accepted. It is  likely, hoAvever, that a contract Avill be  signed Avithin a day or tAvo for considerable 'work, in Avhieh case the Royal Canadian Avill be., reopened at the union  scsile of AA'ages. The officers of the union  are uot shoAving any disposition to split  hairs, and the prospect of a settlement  Avith local properties  is considered good.  YR. E.. Burns .Missing.  R. E. Burns, the Nelson barber avIio  Avas the first secretary of the local  Miners' Union, is missing and his relatives  fear that he has met AA'ith foul play.-  AA^hen last seen by his relatives Burns  AA'as supposed to have started for the  Exchequer mine and it is because of  threatening letters received by Burns  and failure to secure airy trace as to his  Avheretibouts that his relatives think that  he has met with some mishap.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  The Yellowstone Mine Trouble.  J. J. McLennan,  avIio  was foreman at  the YelloAA'stone mine until the day before  yesterday, is in   Nelson.    He stated yesterday that the  trouble at the mine Avas  occasioned  by superintendent  Haul tain  discharging four muckers.    Of the eight;  teeii nien employed  underground tit the  mine   four   avc re   muckers.     AVhen   the  muckers had put in their eight hours underground  they AA'ent  to the boarding-  house, just as did the miners.    They did  not refuse to Avork;  they simply refused  to put in a two-hour shift on the surface  after A\rorking eight hours underground.  For this  they were  discharged, and the  foreman was instructed to hire others to  take their places, the new men to Avork  eight hours only.    The foreman told the  superintendent that the ineii discharged  Avere good men, as  good as could be got,  but he refused to  re-employ them.    The  ���miners and  the  foreman  then  told him  they did not  think  the four discharged  men were, beiug  treated fairly, and they  quit work.    Yesterday a conference Avas  held betAveen the  officers  of the miners'  union    and     superintendent    Haul tain,.  Avhieh will result iu work beiug.resumed<*  at the  YelloAA'stone mine at the union's  scale, of-wages.  WHITEWATER.  . Miners Avho arrived from Whitewater-  yesterday announce that the WhiteAvater  Deep miue has decided to pay the union  rate of Avages for the eight-hour shift  and has resumed operations, paying $3.50  for miners-and'$3 for. muckers.  KASLO.  The steamer Hercules tOAVed the old  boat liouse and botits, that formerly belonged to Cockle Bros., up to Lardo on  Monday. This is one of Kaslo's old land  marks, in Avhicli the firm has been doing  business since the early days of the town.  The proprietor litis gone to be a pipiieei.'  at Lardo.  L. Borrodaile, of the Bank of B. N. A.  staff,  luis  applied' ;fqr a  three months'-.  9Z  >  to  15, .ex"-.  ��$vhe;iMi^>waskiep6*S  ^���l^^biV^^^MM'fiet^l^'hpif  aatei'-.ynss" ���successor** AA.a-^appoiiited" ��� the  k^M^&^i^:^iW'^fms ��'^b^imm"%id  aifef ". "gperiding*spy, __ew��, "days,. "tliei-S  iretuiiiled: *i^i^elsoU||i_5 y\���'a^^^n4rj;.^fe,  ; [jncinbeijs-.of('-fhe "^Iiikef^' tJAiidir>i.re" fawiirg."  ; of 'tlie1"!a;(\t Miajt^he exn4seC.retju*y-Jiiee_>iA':e4^  iii7aii6nymQus knd -InYeafeniiig let.ei,' iii  whiqhYy  cl/awing "0%..  it  ���..QfmiYiig"tived,,  ;"nwJncli'stl|e^WriteK-'Sait| *f.he^cix.-_gci?e-t'_.i,r^  "^ouW^s1'^^^ ,i?A*:C.$&yh  ; do/not'^oiiiiect his.: disa,p\p,e.ai,?i!nce with  apy ,carry-i_g��blft^o^-Jli-in��tlhveatSincoiitaiii  The uuioii mtt.e.rst incline .tq the belief1  ,th.i*t.__iui^t6o_l��,ihis' '"dqp&i-ftiQi. fKOnx the  office" o|�� sepretai-y �� so liiiicli to lieai't*  tliat he decideel to leave .Nelso.il Ayithout  eonimunicatiiig With his friends'.,  ItiS said;thatVB"urns Avas niixed xtp in  the minCi'S sti'ike at Gripplb Creek Aviiere  lie was knoAvn as gehei'al Biii'iis, and it is  though'; that the writer of the aiiony"-  mous letter Was some one Avho kneAV him  tliere aiid avIio having a spite against  =him^t0ok-this=iiiethod=of^aniioy4ng==-hini^  As to the causes which prompted the  local, union, to depose Burns as Secretary,  This TRfi.UNE is informed that this action  AA*as considered necessary for the reason  that Burns Avas rather hot headed, and  did not show sufficient generalship in  handling the business of the union.  The Wedding Bells.  The residence of Mr. and: Mrs. AVilliam  I.rivine Was the .scene of ;. A'ery pretty  Avedding last 'evening, tlie -ontr'acting  parties beiiig J. Herbert Johnston, Clcrk  in Messrs. F. Irvine & Go's, aiid Miss  Bessie 0. Blackadar of St. John, NY B.  The ceremony Avas perforrned iii the  presence of. a few* inimediate friends. The  bride aviis charmingly costumed in Avhito  duchess satin and carried a luindsome  bouquet of roses and carnations. She  Avas attended by two nUiids of honor,  little Miss Mildred, daughter of W.  Irvine and Miss Bessie, daughter of  JoSepli Ii-A-hie of St. John, N. B., and avjis  giA'en aAvay by William Irvine. The  maids of honor looked \-ery pretty in-  pink .and blue satin and carried bouquets  of roses. The groom Avas attended by  Harry AV. AVright. Rev. C, AV. Rose, of  the Nelsou Baptist church, performed  the ceremony. The bride Avas the recipient of of many handsome and costly  presents from friends in Nelson and the  east. After a sumptuous repast the  happy couple drove to tlieir iicav house  on Silica street, amid showers of rice.  Dutch Remonstrance for Kruger.  London, June 15.���The correspondent  of the Daily Telegraph, at The Hague  says: "The Dutch government has sent  president Kruger a remonstrance respecting the disastrous consequences that tire  likely to foi Ioav a* persistence in his present policy.'-' ...  Y^eases "publ i Ctitioii*.  ���^.^...- .i._nD....s,���__��,-_, pp.ptp._.n,  ^,.. _,_.__^���.- -_____nn....ft^,,,..  .-,..*.,���  ���.aui.ou;havef  "ojfc 'JljiJicah,  Ikkd,," ithere2.ythefr- '"likv^ "&e��nafe:(l Yejibugh"'-  Golden Calf, from E. Peters to M. Des  Bristiy, and one-sixth interest in the Golden Calf and Canadian Pacific from E.  Peters to T. S.. McPhersou. These properties are situated up AVild Horse creek.  Development operations are to be commenced at the end of this Aveek upon a  large scale on the Big Horn group. Three  eight-hour shifts are to bo started, and  the standard union Avage of $3.50 Avill be  paid. Tlie work will be in charge of Tom  Woods.  E. S.. Larsen is A'ery busy doing development Avork upon his clajm the Porti-  peu, up Porcupine creek. The property  is to be surveyed and a crown grant applied for.  In the Rio Grande AA'ork is steadily going ou. ��� :  ��� A good ledge of satisfactory looking  rock, has been struck in tlie Ncwada mineral claim and assays are going, to be  made.  There is no truth whateA-er in the ��� Nelson Miner's statement that' a man had  been hurt in the Ymir mine by miners.  Absolute law and order prevail in this  camp. The Ymir is the only mine in this  camp Avhieh has refused to pay $3.50 for  .the eight-hour shift to skilled miners.  It is expected that the Dundee mill  AA'ill start up again at the end of this  week.  A lot of the boys AA'ent out this  morning to do assessment and   development  .work  on their  various-mineral ���claims,-'  situated up AVild Horse, Porcupine7and  Bear creeks.  IIOSSLAND.  Negotiations by the city council for  the ,,pu'rchase. of the Avater and--: light  plants in Rossland have so far failed.  The council offered $70,000, ah advance  of $15,000 on ������tlieir-last offer. The company jioav stands out for $SO,000, plus  $2000 lately spent on caiiital account  The council, it is said, is still in hopes of  being able to get a ������.'water supply from  Rockcreek. Y;  .Numerous rumors haA'e been in circulation that ex-governor Macintosh's connection with the B. A. 0. Iiad ceased.  These rinnors are iiicoi'rect..   He jschiser  " 'khW  4snepfteat@f7c.oiiii.a!.i:y'S9ifite-i?e.^^^^^^  m.  LITTLE   FOLKS   FURNISH   FUN  At the Opera House.  One of the prettiest and daintiest entertainments ever witnessed in Nelson  Avas given yesterday evening in the opera  house by the children. Tasteful dresses,  pretty dances and careful training combined made au attractive performance,  Avhieh A\'as enthusiastically applauded by  a very large audience. The curtain rose  Avith tin operetta, "The Gypsies," and the  children's A'oices rang out SAveet and clear  through the house, every A\*ord being  easily-distinguished. The operetta AA'as  Avell rendered by the Misses Blimey, Hor-  tou, Johnstone, B. Johnston, Eporson,  Deacon, Cuminiugs, McFarland, F. Macdonald, II. Macdonald, F. Hudson, B. and  C. Murphy, G. Smith, M. McCandlish, AV.  Troup, R. Cordiugly, M. Croasdaile.  The red, Avhite and blue drill \A*as pretty  to Watcli.    The costumes, as throughout,  were tasteful, and the  CA'olutions  accurately performed by the youthful  actors.  .Tliose taking part-Avere:    Ruth Cording-y]y:  ly, Daphne Hay ward,' Flossie Johustone,  Hilda Piuder, Bessie Forin, Barbtira Cum-  Y  miugs, Maud O'Laughlin, Ivy Kempling, Y Y  Maud: Haysvard. V    Y-V  Miss Gertie Smith sang prettily, and Y;Y  Miss F. Hudson gave . a . clever skipping yy  rope dance. 7*7?  A single stick contest and sword exer-V  cises ensued,rAvhich were  strongly  con-    7  tested and  thoroughly  enjoyed  by the   77  youthful champions, Percy Horton,Arin-; V; Y  cent Eperson, Tom Gallon, Vivian Gallon,'7?  Roy Ridesdale, Oscar  Kempling, Reubeii  Y  McCandlish aud Hugh Gallon.      ���:''���'yyyyy^ii  Little  Louis Johnstone, arniyed as a     ���  soldier, theu sang "The Soldiers of the YV  Queen," and right Well he sang  it. fairly Y ; ;  bringing down the liouse. Y  The liext iteni, tlie minuet, was tlie YVV.  event of the evenings The girls with VYY  poAvdered hair, and pretty old-time f rocks, Y7  andotlieir partners in ^appropriate1 cos- 7 2y  tiunes, looked most qiuiinty and pictur- VYY  esque as they trod the measures of theY Yl  stately old dance. Roars of applaiifse Yg  greeted the curtain,:wlien: it Avas rungYY. *  doAvn, and the pleased audience yiusisted Y&Y  on aii encore. The dancerswere:^ Greta22(02.  Macdonald, Winona Troup, Bettie^ Jbliu- ; YvY  stone, Esther McFarland, Blauchard*vY|Y  Johiistbne, Harold "Cameron, Hugh YAllan^YY_Y  George Gi-oasdaile. ,;-;. ������': .���'���'��� 7V,77/'YYi;^YJ  After Miss Mabel ,*��� McCaUdlishVVhjia^YS|  played a violin solo, "The Cimipbells7are;Y��  Coiiiing,1' tAvo lance contestsI took place.YY^Y  The combatants had no masks and. Ibbked^YSSl  very niuch  i 11  ear nest,  audi it V .was^rerY  , ^hgkkppk.���andVfare5 jiial^ihg* #"iA{b; :tisi53s��*a^  '"dfty^betAveeiirKrisi- siiwd^the?.lieacl" oo| tohej  |Iaker-_"  .���-���-.-.' \ -   ��� ��� -. - - - "  *"-"��:_i|]&_\t_i%^  1 i|.i^|li^"itfe"^iI]'jnot i^uce;th_|Ihl:eu|e  fOf tjieeonfiq'iiC." Mi-s Holkiii"d7a*ppI_ed' to  liaveVthe license i-eduCed to $2.50 t, night  instt-ad of*-$'5]. ��� So if lie/wlshes to open he  jvill haA��e, to.'.pay the i$5:\ai���night:, Bnt. it  is not?likely that the present council AA'ill  alib.V'.iij'm'.tb fe-open in; any case,  A KeSohltiOU has afeo to coinq before  the council to amend the liquor lieense  byla^v so" tlrat the saloon license will be  raised from $150 for every six mouth to  $300 for the same: term. I. this cai'i-ies  it Avill likely drive-out a number of the  =smtll'leii=saIonoiis4i"OW=dtoi:ng=b-usiuess.===  An el-Oi-t is being; nitide to have attor-  ney-geiieral Martin visit Kaslo for the  purpose of investigating the recent jail  breaking case.  The saAv mill AVill start up again tomorrow aiid work steadily unless it litis  to close agtiiin. on account of the high  Avater,  Captain Angus Campbell is putting  tliree boats into service to handle the  traffic during the suiUiner. . The boats he  has are the Hercules, Red Star iind Kaslo.  There will be plenty of an'oi'Ic to keep  thoin all busy if the railroad construction  continues as it uoav is.  A spe^i{|J ��� meeting',of the _clM_ comic if  ���i-S, -<ialled.-;yest(|i:diiy "foi* n."Visttl?^;7ii��6err  iioo^j"a_''l2s30Y '-B^^hiAVv 25,- ';tt^l,Vo-riii!ig;;th!e'  coiisolid<��fjion"of th;e 1a_.4ftWs5i audbylaAvs  _6'Yi'7-:-l'SV Jxi_ig -theVi-at^ ol taxation* of  1899^ ivill- tlien^eame tip. foi' tlwai-v third ^  f'ettding. Tlie .Claijiii iigains't tlie ciityh.y  tlie Nelsoii City Lfind & Ijiiproveiuent  Company i'p'f alljeged dh'HWge done to, the  coiuptiiiy's property by the erection of  tlie city rCsei'Vo'ii' will, tilso be cOilsid^  -crcd  The  made:  YMIR.  follow ing     loea ti o 11s,  havo  Up   Porcupine   creek:  been  the Hidden Treasure and Red Rose by A. Foster, Diamond Dust by J, M. Gourdneys  and Big Pot by J. G, Garvin. Up Wild  Horse creek: the AVindsor, by II. Story  and L. Mosher; Ski Pilot, up Bear creek,  by AV. Connell;: Mary B., up Clearwater  creek, by F. Philbert; the Rossliind and  the Keystone, at Salmo, by D. Campbell  and Mary Conantine. The following  transfers have been effected: Galena.  Lady, Galena Jack and Half Eagle, on  Sheep creek, from J. Sumpf, T. Stella  Hadley and II. C. Brough; interest in  Friday and Monarch, from G. P. Jones to  Jas. AVestgate, and a conditional stile  ofthe Friday has been made by Jas.  AVestgate to Jno. Reith; Lucky Tom,  from A.J. Campbell to W. C. Forrester a,nd  AV. Askew; one-quarter interest in the  Chehiilis. up AVild Horse creek, has been  sold by I). E. Grobo to J. Stui-geoii; one-  third interest in the Canadian Pacific,  from E. Peters to C. Dundee: one-quarter  interest iu tlte Centre Star, from C. Dundee to/P_ l-'lynn -a.nd a. c|tiart<!r to J.. I<\  Armstrong ;  one-third    iii<.oi*t:.-*i.   in-   the  Notwithstanding the strike n, block of  Athabascn shares cluiiiged hands yeste.iv  day at 3S^- cents. -  Noav that tlio snow is going the record-'  Ci-'s office is being kept busy AA'ith new  locations and, assessments. For several  days past Assessments have been recorded  tit tlie rate of twenty-five .i day.  A special meeting of the rneiiibers of  the South Kooteiuiy board of trade will  be liold this evening for the purpose of  selecting delegates to r-epresout the hoard  at the joint nieeting of hoai'dis, of' fctudc  of Kootenay and Bouiufai-y iiisti'ict to be  held in Rossland on, Thursday, August  3rd. Tlie subjects to lie presented by  the Nelson board at the conference wilI  'also be riisciissed.  F. M*. ChaclbtttirJi, purchasing agent -for  tlie Hall Mines smcltel', returned yesterday from ti \asit to the Porto Rico mine,  where he ���arranged for tlie shipping of  concentrates to the Nelson .smelter. The  Porto Rico mill Avill start on Juno 20th,  when the force of men in the mine avi.11  be increased to thirty-five, the com pany  hsv\'e decided to continue paying $3.50  for eight-hour shifts.  Mrs. IL, Stevens left last night for a  visit to her former home in St. John,  Ncav Brunswick.  Hon. Joseph Martin left Nelson yesterday afternoon for Kaslo, He expected to  leave Kaslo this morning for Hosslaud,  and from there go to points in the  Boundary Creek country, thence back to  Vancouver.  A. missionary meeting will be held in  the Presbyterian church tonight at which  Rev. .James Lawrence will preside. Addresses will be delivered by Mrs, .1. Laing  Stocks, and,. Rev, .1. Robertson. . ���-Mrs.  Oli.ver", Ali.ss..v(-)nistc;id, George Kydd, T.  I'ni'kiiisoiiV"aiid Herr Steiner AA'ill i'urnish  tht. musical part of the programme. .  and "am'u&ihgl-fe ��iSig_ ^  QjlcOno- Ai'iS_S'.t\ecfJM|||;  " *ei* t.vd"-"p1'e:tftiWY .  iiadV'beau S-h'Ownj7a1|.;lli;eVpCr|S^^  ���afti the stt-ige And  sii-ng_ tlie, niij|^oj^t\^ti*|1:^  thcuif, ti'ird; tfafi' twidiejice "di$'p.ty'&edj, li^iug-^  spent .'1 thoroughly eii|o��ai:l_lnci _,V.e.iviVfgi "yty,:f:i  iocal MeAvs of the Town. ��  V  Jo],i 11 Aiida-ew AVilson and Lillie .>_dspi-v,  both of Northport, \yorfi nuirrled yest^r-"  day eA'cniitig tit tlie Jlcthodist parsonage;  by Iter. John Robson.  An excursion, of Minnesota btlUkersn  will leave Minneapollson the Slst iilBtiint":  for Kootouay,;tfta^  Pa elite.    The-/ &re scheduled to arri-ye ab  N'elson on the 20th.  .'I.. If..Park luift resigned tile, office of-  mvyeUiry ,o.i' -the local Mthe-lw'TAiibu-.'���Hfis*  business will take hjm- out of the1 city  mtti'C* or less and, he will t'bei ewiffi' to u\iy  able to discliurge the duties of the tiflice.  ft is reporteditteit JanieS AA'ilkes Will be  apjiointecl secroftiry,  D. .),, Mc-va]fy. etui tractor for tlie ore  sampling Works at Nelson, is sCiidiiig out  this morning AV. M. Lemon, millwriglit,  and B. VAr. DaA'is, tissistant, to Miners*  Creek, Wrtshington, to eominoiice the  erection of a combination mill foi- the  Interstate Mining and Milling Company.  O. Poole, nf the Parsons Produce ���Company, has purchased the stock of F. R. G.  Beer _c Company at Robson, and Avill  move the same to .1. unctui City AVhere he  will open a general store.  The Dominion Won Again.  Mo.vTiu.Ai,,   June  11.���The   Dominion  defeated the   Yankee   today in the third  of the ctiji   races,   Avinuing over a Course  two miles to  the   windward  and return,  three times around, by  two minutes ami  twenty-eight seconds.    A brisk northeast  wind blew throughout the race, iit times  reaching a moderate gale.    The race Avjis  a. fine one to watch, the handling of both  boats being superb.   The Yankee made ��v  good showing in  the last round, gaining  six seconds in  the beat  to windAvard on  the Dominion, in a light Avind, and sixty  seconds on the last run home. rHX����- KJftW *M��__WWrt��Vt7W.%3 MWTIUSJ Oif  ���'.tif-U&tWSZ.l_.*TSt'1n2.i^ff��**CM*��'.�����--  1  f  ���i >Y  m  ft*  K  fell"-:  !���  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.,  THURSDAY, JUNE  15,  1899.  We are showing* a very laro-e nss. lin.ent of parasols ranging* in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu-and see them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits are going* fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing* for hot weather.  HUDSON'S BAY  A. FERLAND d. CO.  Klif-t  I Hock, linker Street. Nolson  \M?? &!*���&.������**, JL  &M  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  KNIGHTS  LODGE   MEETINGS.  OF  J-'VTJIIjVS���Nolson    l__.f!(��-.  No,  ��� of I'ylliins, iiii.-uIk in 7. O. O. F."Hall,corner  H;il<_r and Kootenay si reels, every Tuesday urchin.* at  8 o'clock.    ViM.ii._- Knights conliitlly invitfd toaUi ml.  a. nor-   C. KHKNUII. 0.0.  JSS. I ".of K. *_ ;  NKhtiON  I.ODGK, NO. �����!, A. F.-& A. M.    Aleuts  ���������ecoM'l  Wednesday in each innnlh.   Sojourning  ^-\ lirollirmi invilcii.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  ATI.   FlOI.Piai.���Analytical Olieinisl and A..,ayer.  Victoria .street. Nelson.  ' and 8 Ab-  EAVA1  Old  ecu block, ilakor street, Nelson.  TOR   RENT.  TAVO six-room cottages on Latimer street, lifllf block  west of Stanley slieet.   ?__ a month each.   Pos>-ess-  ion .June 1st.   Apply to Alfred Bunker, or Tribune o/llcc.  SITUATION   WANTED.  WANTED���Situation as housekeeper, by a middle-  aged   woman   who  is  willing  to wo'k.    Apply  Housekeeper, Tkiiiunk ollice.  Daily Edition. ::��� Fikst Year, No 138  AVkeklv Edition   Skvknth Ykak, No. :.()  The Miner postures as the mouthpiece  of the "respectable" element  in  Kelson,  but its utterances  sound much like  the  ravings of the  wilcl-eycd. ,iinar<.hist  ancl  the labor thug..   Yesterday  it" said that  premier Semlin   aud his  cabinet  .should.  ** i *>  not only be kicked out of office,'but some.  of them should-he kicked into the Pacilic.  Such utterances are attempts" at intimi-"  elation, aud are therefore unlaAvful. We  hold that the five .Canadians in premier  Seniliu'scabiiiet are entitled to protection, and timidly suggest, that chief-justice Selous or associate-justice 'Jowett * be  empowered to SAvear in a sufficiently  large force of .s2-uci.1l constables "to pi-o-  tect them from the laAvless 3Iiner and its  bloodthirsty editors. ' <-  -  TiiFi mine owners and mine  managers  Avho can get down  off the pedestal  oil  which somauy of thom haA*c climbed, are  -beginning to realize that public opinion  is strongly opposed to their action,  and  the utterances  of  their  newspaper and  legal mouthpieces.    They are also beginning to realize that business men AA'ill not  have the interests of tlie country put in  jeo]lardy  merely  to  gratify a lew self__  opinionated  men  -who by chance  have  been made managers of mines.    The business men   of   Southern   Kootenay have  held up many of these iii.n for years, and  thoy   do not   intend to til Ioav  them  to  cither ruin the country by an indefinite  stoppage of Avork, or by the importation  of  cheap  labor from   Kafctcrn  Canadian  mines.    British  Columbia  and  its  business men have been  kind to these  alien  mine managers and will -land  but little  nonsense at their hands.  Kootenay so long as they can maintain  tlieir dividends." Tp do. this they Avould  be content to flood Kootenay Avith cheap  labor. The merchants of Kootenay Avill  not have much difficulty in "making up  tlieir minds whether their oavu, or the  interests of Kootenay as a whole, lie in  fche direction of furthering this policy of  tlie mine OAvners or not.  TUJ-.TKJH_>*_���. has boon informed, upon  what    may   bo    considered   as   reliable  authority, that the members of the mine  owners combine, Avhohavu the interests  of Kootenay so much at heart, arc considering a scheme foi-the importation of  cheap labor into  Kootenay  to  take the  places of the striking miners.      It is further said  tliat   negotiations   are   being  made Avith the Canadian Pacific Raihvay  Com2)any for the  Livinspo-lafcion at half  fares of all men engaged in the east for  cin2)loyment in the niines.    These cheai>  miners are to be engaged in Nova Scotia,  and at Sudbury, Ontario, where the rate  of wages for miners is  $2 per  day and  less.    The plan of the- mine OAvners coin-  bine is to offer these men $2.50 per day.  It matters   little   for present purposes  ���whether'this scheme is carried into effect  or not, but the fact  that sucli  a scheme  is seriously considered by .the 'members.  Of the mine-oAvners combine.. shows that-  tlie  members" of. this combine' l_;_vc_   no  concern   whatever   for   the   inthn-sts of  A Boston Romance.  Pacts are  sometimes more interesting  tis Avell as stranger than fiction.    A modern  Boston   marriage   recently resulted  from a  combination of romantic circumstances that make the ordinary society  novel dull,  stale ancl unjM'ofitable.    It is  not often a real romance is  attached to  the  modern marriage, but there  can be  such a  remarkable  combination,  for it  has occurred in all places of the world ���  in Boston.    Less than a  year ago a swell  young bachelor, breakfasting at his club,  began reading his morning mail, Avliich a  servant  considerately  brought   in  AA'ith  the first  course.    Among various invitations  *was one for  a dinner party in a  fashionable subui;b, but,the hostess' -name  Avas  utterly uhknOAvn to the.recipient.  Who  could this  lady be'?   J-Tad he ever  seen her?    No,  he thoughtYnot, yet the  note AA'as  so eh regie and the address all  right,  so fearing   to make a blunder the  young  gentlemansaid   it. was bettor  to  accept than to offend some one whom ho  had probably met in his various Avander-  ihgs,.andh.e "would go.   The night of the  dinner he therefore presented himself at  "the house designated,Tint pnly to find his  hosts utterly strangers and they  eciually  surprised to see a gentioman A\rho had not-  been   invited.    A few  explanations  foi-*  lowed, to the mutual amusement of guest  aud host, i'or it seems the note of acceptance had puzzled the latter quite as much  as the iirvitation had the guest.    But, as.  it pleasantly turned out, both Avere soon  iu possession of those clues to  common  acquaintances by Avhieh the elect of Boston  society    band    together,   and     the  "wrong"  guest avus  cordially given  the  2**rettiest girl in tlie party,  and avIio happened to be the   hostess* niece,   to take  out   to  dinner.    Tho accpiaintance thus  begun  iu an anti-Bostouese fa-shion, was  continued   through   the    summer,   aud,  -Avheii-a-fo-M���weeks-ago cvclia fining���wedding took place Avith this young man and  young lady for chief actors, the conventional, and   Braliininical   rules   of   Boston   society  receiA'ed  a   shock  that  did  them   a heap of good.    Kate sometimes  resorts   to devious   Avays to  bring  true  hearts together,  and in spite of  it being  a   selfish,   yractical   age,   romance  still  flourishes in it.  Ball Games Yesterday..  Syracuse (i, Montreal 0.  Rochester 7, Toronto '*..  Ncav York 4, Boston 5.  AVashington 3, Baltimore 0.  Cleveland I, Pittsburg 10.  Louisville 0, St. Louis 2.  Chicago I, Cincinnati 2.  /v>&_-  mm,  *-��_____-���>  INCORPORATED 1670.  We would like  To supply you with groceries  We know  We can give satisfaction,  ancl  that it* would be for our  Mutual benefit  To have yo deal with us  Try it  Hudson's  Bay Stores  To come in  our establishment  and  look around  We always have  the latest  styles in footwear  to show- you  We  *���    would like  .?    to make    '  your "acquaintance  and introduce  ypu to-our   *  SHOES  Lillie Bros.  ABERDEEN BLOCK.  BRICKI^LIME!  Our first kiln o_ brick will be ready for delivery about,  this lsc of June.   Call at our ofllce for prices.  During the month of June wc will deliver lime in  quantities of twenty sacks and over at  60 Cents pep 100 Lbs  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.   Baker Street; TV G.-F__0-TO__r3Mrai_a_;er   Gentlemen  If you want a natty, sf ylish suit of clothes for  sprint, and summer, 1 have over 500 diil'er-  ctit patterns of Scotch and English tweeds,  which I will make to your order at Hie low  iiri'co' of  ...'_  ,$25  J-liiok Venetians make a nice -suit for smn-  nier wear at , S2I  Black serge .suits in sack or morning1 coal.. _���_!  A  heavy  SeoLch   tweed,   nice patterns  for  business suit  $18  Trousers at cqimlly low prices. Fit, and finish  no bolter in Canada. Ladle-.' line tailoriiiff a  .specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.  Stevens, Tl|e Tailor  EASE AND  COMFORT  May be obtained by using a  Jf you want a stylish perfect lltting sui(, niade of the  beil, cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order  wilh me.  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Men's Alpaca  ffl Men's Straw  ffl  ffl   Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  B  ffl Tfjese goods are tho proper thing for summer, nice and cool,.all sizes and shapes  B  ffl  ^ In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Black and Brown, the newest ^  ffl shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection. M  West Baker Street.      '1'clcphono 13.  Dont be Afraid  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  ffl WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  ouse Waists  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  in white, fawn, green, and blue  ffl  g The above are the goods you need now.   Come and see them, buy S  �� them and enjoy comfort during the warm weather B  CUSTOMS BROKERS  . -; _="���__ y-ytflfl".wt.-��� >.��7".7''*".��������"��"-yy...  :���.,- :v-iMcirp:N;Hii#:!7 ���  . ���, ���   "-BakeK St^tif"���.N^ls.cin'''       -  ,PiRST:BQ'0#W,E*S,1 ba^Ica:" _?J3sl|iiibiN|l:  "�� doslrcf^=sOrlij.fltij_* "hi" "eas-iirKhlc;.]  'Y'HridijSf,*  ��� ;'.'���!,"',< y . "'��� ,  mAtflH�� thd  ���S500 \yill7ptu;��Tha_o��� a choice residence Corjior, .100 by:l2()  fefct.  SWiO will pHrchasc" a "Choice" residenco .corner, 1(10 foot  fi'drituge.                     "   '                  ,  ..aiilfl'-A.ill-i'iiu'o'li'iso-ft.-CoiilJttl-lotjatiajC-ideiicc ^_   ��.^_ilflJ-__Wlli-|)Hri;ilUr-^-rt-Ui:iii.,...i-_t_u-......_. ^..   , nit) .will purchase two nice lots and shunts*.  ��1(11.0 will pirrchase choice residence corner. 150 foot  fl'-lltilgC. .  32-00 Will purchase t^:o llicc lots and cottage.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lot. and residence.  Turner ifc Eocckli liloek. Kelson, __?_ C.  JVTcrQlvandise., hauled  to, iind" ffciiii .'depots; .liiis  'inoet. all" tiraitfe ikiid "b.otite.    Special, 'a.fjdiition' ;  given  j.,.   tl-tj. Iraiisfei- r__   .itggajfe'. .Otl}oW .aiid ���  stables on Vqriion street;. b'pf)o!ple*'llKe"Tri'_uirc_s,  �� B a ff   __ l-D Y^7|Y��*n a     ��**   *    Hnn   -ft ��� Pft ��� ttf^n-f' u -  AVngflii, -Cpairiiijjf,,'prbmptljrabtBudedtd b*r^u'Qi-t_tla*_s.  ,-W.i'_-h>'rigl.ifci"    ������-���������..��� v- ������-.�����������- yc *       "     -y  ���   Sf>.clnII.r'.tl!-_nt'ifft__gH^  I,-��ci}4^_i.I>,\��/,^-1^-:s��S'^|i'rt'_P*>-t^i!_.eo'goine_su,r>" . ���   _���"������������ .-���������/��� ."''."'Y  Sfipp: "ffall sStfeet,,'^^i!ibj\\,ilkliir}&n��^f^ol^^Hehci^t  parsof?5 frodaqz Qd,  NELSON, &. O:.  10-llooin Housei, ceuti'iilly locitted,, $2800.  Grltoom1 Gofctivge and 2 .Lots on Carbonate  .si-feet, $1-1.00, easy terms.  D-RoGm   House on   Stanley strc-fc, $5100.  J. 1. VANSTONE,      R. H. WilLIAMS,  Minos and Mining Stocks Custoliis Broker  RKAi KSTATE _iNT�� GKNKTtA1_ AGKNTS  Wo are receiving daily direct from  tlio gi'ow-i's consiyinnentf* of 'Straw*-  Ijornes, Cljet'i'ifes, J,aiiiti,i;is, Oranges,,  Lemons, etc. Send ��� us your  standing oi'ders.  Tlie Trade Oiily SuispliesH  GOLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  JRarsori-S Pfoduce Co,  Nelson, B. C.  Although the Innes & Hamber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn from  sal-, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots  in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Nolson, B. C.  Removal Notice*  John Cholditch & Company beg to announce to tlie  trade that, they have removed their headquarter- from  Nakusp t.o Nelson, where tliey will for thy future lie established. Poudine; the erection of suitable warehouses  thov have secured temporary quarters in the warehou.se  of Turner, Beeton & Company on Water street, where  they will be pleased to receive their patrons.       -   ���    ���  Nelson, II. 13., May 17th, ISiCJ.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.  George Holfopook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders left at M. Dos:  Bristly & Co's, Baker street, tfelson.   .  M TON RESTA-BANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  "-_o_"eHriozz____. jhose.trippds, 'lawn jeaowei-s,.  Garden sprays, and. water pi��)e, fittings  of all kinds.  Let us Put Your Lawn���: -Service in Shape  ers  Opera House Block, "jSfelson.  Nelson foofi Woi?fes  MANUKACT-HKIIS OV  ���ENGINES.  BOI1.ERS, "SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OB* BVBRy DESORIPiTfoN  ftepairs prpiiipfcly .(itrc'tidcd to.       P.O. fiox 173;  GENERAL TEAMSTERS'  AGENTS FOR  The Impsrial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington BHck aifd'�� Li'riie Co.  The H. Wi IVjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Aiitf]ra-  ci-te Goal (Hard)  Dealers iq  The only restaurant in the city-  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8. Short orders   at  all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class, board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  . J J, C'H'ooni.tc streets, in rear of English church.  Jleateo. by. steam. Table board Si, room and board $..  and ��a.50.  A collection.of.lino Bo].'iuin Canaries for salo.  ���J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  .row's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BltKWEIiS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Portep  Pro&^y CTXa*,.    Brewery at* Nelson. TOmatejgiw^www^wwj.-u.M.^...?  THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.,0., THURSDAY  J CM. 15, 1899.  AIK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up.  $12)000,000  6,000,000  THE BANK OF  I.OIU) STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  H_   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  _ST__3__.__OTvT   _BI__A.ITOia:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IIRAVCirRH  IN   LONDON   (Hn��laiirt),   N_3*W   VORK,   CHICAGO  itritl in i.lie priiii _|ial" i-itios in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling  Itix .him., i and Cable Transfers  UU..NT (,'OM'IKKOIAI.   INI" TUA VKI.I.KICK' Ot'KI.ITS.  available in any pari, of the world.  DHAKTH ISS17KI)    UOi.LKf'T'ONM  MAUJC  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  AN EPISODE' OF WESTERN WARFARE.  The Sibley scouting expedition is one of  the bravest episodes ih Western warfare.  CaptainVR W. Sibley, now of tlie Second  United States cavalry* is famous among  the army in the West for his daring as a  scout   in the   Sioux campaign.    In   the  summer of 1870,   after Sitting Bull   aud  his   thousands   of   Sioux   warriors  had  swooped   down   upon   General   Custer's  force in the valley of the Little Big Horn,  and had annihilated every white   in the  valley, the savages stole away aud went  into camp miles distant, among the vast  region   of barren   hills   and   sagebrush.  General Terry and his army Avere on the  north.    General Crook and his force were  more than   100 miles to the south.    The  Sioux, some G000 strong,   were in secret'  camp in a valley among the trackless hills  and valleys between the two generals iind  their forces.    The slaughter of troops under general Custer 'and the unusual mili-  ���tary skill of Sitting Bull aud the savagery of the Sioux   made brave   men timid  and headstrong   scouts  thoughtful.    No  one knew how far the Sioux were camped  from the two forces, how many warriors  the chief had or what their plan of operations were.  As days passed the situation became  more grave. General Crook had to know  the .location of the Indians and the routes  to and from there. Lieutenant Sibley,  whoihad done some creditable, scpiitiujg  l_wi_ IvkiMws the^ndnvuS". nvays Bfairly .well,"**  s**.olurifeered*to^  _"i"."".*'^_". i"y"i-,��i.-��,\ yp'^ . ��� ", ���Si"*'"'.*_"��.-f._^^.".-B��J,.'s��'w��S4  riiifeaiiclous'"' tiha&tak'hiKSvlijcfei^  i*lK\rfeti"after-Ifonsidcirafeton ?of the.\y  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on S!*ag*uay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, \u\ot\ District.  if we   can't retreat,   Ave'll  die   fighting;  Ave'll get no mercy from thejSioux.  It Avas at the fust break of dawn when  the horsemen Avere pushing their jaded  horses as best they could  up the mountain sides of the  Snake Mountains.    Tlie  Sioux had spent a precious hour in finding  the trail, and were now coining fast several   miles   in.the  rear on ��� their   fresh  Tpouies, yelling, screaming and shooting as  they   rode.     The   soldiers   forced  their  horses  through a pass among the rocks  and on into   a growth of timber on the  mountain side, and forded a little branch  of the   Tongue river.    The Sioux weze  coming on faster, yelling and shooting at  times.    Some of the Avarriors had spurred  their broncos  ahead and were trying to  flank the detachment on the right.    By a  supreme effort the soldiers reached the  heavy timber.*   They tied their horses in  a second, aud lay doAvn among the fallen  logs and  behind the horses, resolved to  sell their lives as dearly as possible.    Fortunately, they had an abundance of cartridges.    In another moment the fighting  AAras oil in dead earnest.   The Sioux Avere  coming like painted demons up the steep  and rocky grade of the narroAV pass. Tlie  soldiers had a good vieAV of the pass, and  they kept up a continuous discharge of  bullets  into  the   swarm   of   advancing  Sioux.    A dozen Indians fell in the first  two minutes.  "Make every ball count; keep your  nerve and expect no quarter," shouted  lieutenant Sibley to each man as he  dodged from tree to tree. He then lay  behind a log and made plans Avith scout  : Gruard for a possible escape for the detachment. The barrels of the carbines  greAv so hot from the firing that the sol-  Vdiers could scarcely load them. The Indians had older and sloAver-fire guns. At  length a warrior of some importance fell  dead from liis horse just as he; came up  the grade Y of the pass. The hail of lead  that the savages Avere sending intpt|i��  aihW^ii^  llti.S.x.sf.T.nr-i._oi. ���11A����ii".i��llHiJit.f&T_&.#"_..!._.i.">i  siicli a desperiite"time, and, beginning ou  tlie left the men one by oiie were to  siieak to the rear and 'get away as best  each kneAV htiw*. The firing was'to continue as long as possible. The purpose  Avas to deceive the Sioux, who, seeing the  horses and camp outfits still there, Avould  not knoAV that behind the cloud of powder, smoke, and the trees and logs, the  soldiers Avere slowly disappearing among  the mountains.  Immediately tlie hostilities were renewed, and, amid a flame and a pattering  of bullets among the timber and on the  rocks, the detachment sloAvly melted  away. Seven men in the detachntent  Avere shot dead that early morning. Two  had crawled to the rear and Avere just  about to get behind the rocks when'stray  bullets felled them. The men waited  about ten minutes between one another's  departure to attempt escape by retreat.  The men avIio remained on the firing line  kept ceaselessly at work Avith their hot  carbines, in spite of blistered fingers and  palpitating hearts. Lieutenant Sibley  A\*as the last to leave the line of battle,  and when he had eraAvled back and joined  his surviA'ing comrades among the rocks  he ordered tliree niore volleys. Then the  soldiers  scrambled'over  rocks  and  ran  down the main part of Tongue river like  madmen. At tho same moment the Sioux  made a rush upon the supposed line of  the detachment and carried'the position.  One may imagine their disappoinment  AA'hen' they found twenty-six dead or  dying horses, a lot of rations and a good  camp outfit. They scalped the dead  soldiers and, gathering up their own  dead, went back doAvn into Hie A'alley.  The famous sub-chief White Antelope  was killed that morning.  The story of the hardships the sur-  A'ivors of the Sibley scouting expedition  endured during their retreat to general  Crook's camp is a dreadful one, but in the  end all managed to reach the goal.   ���-i=>?72>-(=}-e3-  'tz3-(=)'C3-  m  t=3't=3-(z3.c=3-p3V^).^.  Guarantee Satisfaction  WE INVITE INSPECTION  %  ffl  ffl  THOSE WHO CALL AT OUR STORE DAILY ARE ASSURED OF THE FACT THAT  We Handle First-class Goods  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  n. w.  p. J.  Moore. Trail  M-Maban and wife.  Pan I'-.aiicisco  J. F. Roddy, Spokane  G. A. Mil-hell, ltossland  R. I'. Dnucott. Lardo  Julius Gordon, Lardo  Mrs.- ii'. R. C. Jicer, Uobson  Allan Forrester, Uobson  F. It. Burns. Trail  A. IC. Lewi--, Toronto  H. II. Campbell, Montreal  L. Iteilly, Vancouver  J. F. Cotton, AVollcsley,  Mass.  J. IT. Freeman; Victoria  '  QUEEN'S.  VV. VV. Old, Uobson .. I Paul Fitzgerald, Salmo  J. C. M. Davis, Cascade       | E. Haney, Spokano  ]....".. madden;  Charles E. Large, Brooklyn I Dan Sutherland, Ymir  James Tarry, Klvorview      I E. McCarty, Creston  Sil.VER KING.     .  J. T. Scott, Halls Siding  Geo. Larma, Granite  H. Ginsburg, Silver King  Mine  A.  Sweeney,  Silver King  Mine  ffl  ffl  ffl  B  B  R. J. Thompson, Silver  King Mine  J. 11. Mcl'licrson, Yellowstone Mine  N.J. McLeod, Salmo  PHAIR.  Ife^��^M^felu,|^^ha��^        " '  .uiuittep.   $lle;��de1^  ��Q^-*sad<_le^^^^  i"%nS:i7.i..-A_.".:DH-">���>^**j*'��".��"n__!i7'.w I.."_?��� "*��� .���".p^y^.-'.y,:  ������amm\mit^o.n:^y<^re,: ^py2b.e^ba^dpnpdtfliri  Jdl^ti^!^^^^1^^.' "oSy "^A^nt^-Hf e;  jl��_;picKe;cliin"hiiJii' 'fvife* fl-su|igj| pci4���:;. "p,;��lidutidiianti"  j^ibis^.v^AmoiJ-lvtheuyk^^^  Ka^Si^S^^oUt'pf ;i_;o|u1a��je^-d,;U^  |*it-jg_^i-iij^.;n^&ft'&ra^  |rjw.!i'4W|&i^lmie^l^  I ?*efciM^ _j��a. e fKs-";: ^The Is'tai^. ��� jf as:s'-hiuM"'  l��from:the7ca;mp_ on^1 ^rooseny^iYOn^_July}n0th,-  |_^^Mi��u liight fe.f_l|-|ii Wh^^iolej^  [YanlT'his nieii Afefe .tiwgntf nitil<3s $som_geil-:  era! &ro6k's caXup,   Jn the-"���hM6\y; dp'ph .  Ip-feiiikkging'. .'Miff, flhe: -party'ktpyffiYpid-';  V2fp&xh   TlxeUf Ifedby the^utOfuSrdJiiaiici*  K]ieu$;eiiAnt Sjbley,, the.spifSlieiis .reffii^tflited'  janu"d}re^hi4"ed   th^.uijdi-c'ly'iil'td*' the^SiOux ;  |',&unti.3r.'   Ml night ibiigthey ir^vdli^d.'  It av!__ a clear apil jnooiilight night, knd"  f;:th(S ��olciiers, ;^ri|jpiug tlWhj carbine^, and  \pagprly  seafeliihg the- " 'iiq|ikoii)fer  .the-  searliest signs of the presence "pf Si'tMhg  FIB nil's ai'Jiiy, rode in silent'fe.I Along abpufo  iJhree^oicloc^  I'G-i'iij. rd, at the head of the flle of cavalry,  J signalled a lialt. LiehtShaiit Si_-ley  |moved swiftly to the scQiit's side. "'"  A mile and a half aAA*ay, down iu an  jelliptical A'jilley of green griiss antl b-side  la strej.u. of Avater* Sitting "Bull and his  r'al'my of Sioux Avere cairlped. There Were  ] the smothered -amp fires, and tlie out-  jlines Of hundreds of tepees could be dis:  J tinguished iu the ni6onlight. The bfay-  Liiig of a mule, that one of tlie nien in tlio  detach men t had chosen to ride, began  JAvith emphasis Avhen lieutei_ant Sibley  Ifljud scout Gruard had nearly fiui_hed a  [survey of the Sioux cainpi Iu, iv moiueut  [the Indians were roused by the mule's  j brivyiiig." The savages seemed to rise by  [the score from behind every bush, to leap  j by the hundreds froin the ground. A  [dozen sentinels, less than half a mile  [aAvay, whooped and yelled as a signal to  J the camp below.  Leajjing into their saddles, lieutenant  [Sibley and scout Gruard shouted to the  |detaclnneut: "Follow Us; save your am-  [muuition; the devils are after us and es-  [cape's our ojily way out."  They all kneAV there were several hun-  [dreds   of Indians   against   each   of the  j tAventy-six men in the detaehineiit.    In a  feAV minutes the Sioux AVould be armed  aud on the trail of the fleeing Avhites.   It  seemed impossible that the detachment  'unfamiliar with this strange region, its  mountain passes and. hiding spots, could  ; ever get   aAvay from   these savages,   so  thoroughly at home  there.    But a faint  hope   existed   that   the   soldiers  might  reach the   rocky and timbered foothills  over to the  Avest.    Once there, a feAV of  the   men   might   by    some   .miraculous  chance get back to Crook's army aliA'e.  AAvay   the caA'alry   galloped, straight  across   the   mesa,   Avith   scout    Gruard  -ahead.    Once he turned and  shouted to  lieutenant Sibley and the others: "Boys,  *-'.; "V  .AVillJJp4fe^ Hou|e qliYii  ; "". "i7''��Y"Y " ��&"iA9^p'ihD^!_^jS6f^._'^k ; ��0"��4".,   .���������'  .       D '    0 D ��n.       n       ��(  m   . n     'a.,'iWPD��       �� a'*  ��� ���'  �� ��� ^_o0|__:_e_-_,���_��" #s    ������'  ;���;  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring-  local and coast.  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We carry a well assorted stock  of both, and no 'matter whether you are big or little, old or young,  good looking or (Avell, all tho ladies in Nelson are good looking). Hoav-  ever, it matters uot Avhat your taste may be Ave can please you in the  corset line.  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  ffl-  ffl  ffl:  m:  ffl  ffl  1%.  BANK  OP  B.C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEI.3VIS   CASH  ?e-*��.��*r����.  -&���&'&,���<='���&'&��� l=?.t=},(=>. (S>'.(=>.(3.  1='���&.���<��'���(=>'.c3.e=>.c  .(=>.l=2.C=>..  M-  m Tremoflt Hotel  -1AL0JJE & TRECILLUS  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  C__il__'KS'.BI^L��SrE"B;.''b' -YHA^ijY^HOB;SimTl "���������'  ���   " ''7 i>RB��roMC'YaC"��"sVY^"7i,'"RBG|_i.'rAft?. l-fl,;'"7  ROOM��3 AND OPPJGES  ���    ���"   ^    s^eV'  j. _j_yJNT& STOCKS,, S_e-*et%i?y;  At. _fllc~e'of the'DuncanTMines^, LimitQoJ..  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'��Mke,: aitf jStop-iii1 ���vFit|i-ip'  FAC-OKy lyORK'nONI" TO' oiitoMKii  SUCH'its ���  Set-oil 5[^ing  'Baiicl. ;S:awlnf  .  fepdrobes an#   ���  General Joinery Work  BOATS! BOATSI  KQ.RSALE OR HIRE  W. J. ASTLEY & GO.  Boate built to order,   itcpairing nuxl _l,tiii_; a spec-  Sails made faid. rigged,   fishing rods and tiicklo  irilt}*:  in.G_.dQd  At Govdriiniont Avharf, poison.  ,(Bx-Slicriif of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash' advanced on consignments Of nierchandi-e.  PO-tofllce Bo_ 572 Nelsoii, fr. 0.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing* 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For furtlier  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQtTIl-E,   Nelson,   B.   C.  FOR SALE  BY  3PRIVATB   BAKCfAIK  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  nf'^  -   "   odPt  -��n|    .   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Sealdd tenders, properly endorsed, will be received by  the undernigned up to noon of Saturday, 17th instant,  for the completion of the second story of the Nelson public school building  Drawings, specifications, and conditions of tender and  con tract may bo soen at bur oflicc.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  KWA.UT & CARRIE. Architects.  Rooms 7 and 8, Aberdeen block, Baker street. Nelson.  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, alsb  a full lino of sash, doorsj moulding^, turned" work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A Sl>ECIAtTY  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  (_iKfe|lii|^|i^  ��� ��������� ��� ';. ,Y ���   y[��n l"yn,Q^pEii��lpXef(^    ��� ����� "7vV'.���* *v/v. v.Y'u":::,.:ymyyy�����t'y.y,..*.. ,��s.��vvy" >Yv. ��,yy2"."y :.''yyflyy��"^^2y*i'yy%p'^"^kVfl2yy-,"p.(  2-      �� ���   ���'���   -������������"  y^,y^"' . Y=/Y��': ������� *=i'4:f.*i^r"i"*. v*~i"^.^^^  A%* colt^unlcatfiop s!-^  S^V-.*- *^a*  nn   %�� �����**i.J$.|  naYil'(1��-^n-J]D��'--'^,,|  s;s*_?oVv���bERYE.M.YI^i.j^ . . NhL%^lN,Yp:7��'",",  l\. D. HUME, Manager.  The flndst hotel in the iiiteriof.,  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric liglit.  CORNER OF WARD AN-3 VERNON STS., NELSON  BAICER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  PETER GEMM & CO.  Head _uarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  FOR SALE.  A building and lot on  First Avenue in the town of  Ymir.    Kent- for $20 per month.   Will bo sold uhcn�� for  cash.   For further particulars apply to John A. Ivirk-  "pafrick. Nelson, B. U. -       ,,-  Wb make a specialty of  Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BRKR, Agent.  COAT RIVER LUMBER CO'  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson iu carload lots  Writo for prices.   . -   .  The only hotel "in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to aivy ill Ivbotenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDKN, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted   - .Heated by lio'. ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Kleotric bells and light in every room  Renovated ami refurnished throughout  HOTEL.   VICTORIA  J. V. PKRKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street, car to st-ation  of asr-EijSoasr, _blo.  is novv prepared to bdy all classes of silver, gold, silver-ffead,, lead arid  copper ores. The carefijl attention given to large contraqtsrwiri- be' extended  to^the^sirMlle^t^hi^pWrT  ing guaranteed.  Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson, S. G.  =Prompt sefflemenfs and  choice of mode of sarTipl-  GEORGE M. McDOWELL,  O. U. ROSENDALE, Fyrctesing. Ag|snt  Matiag-er.  A. THUR  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEA,Li AND KOOTENAY BELLE  And all Other brands of the  AT FA-TOHY PlUCfeS  QJB**   _-T__3__,SO_ST-   ^1-G.  Revelstoke, B. C,  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  COKKKE  ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS  AND   COKr'Klfl.  IN   TIC A  Oirer fresh roasted codec of best quality as. follows:  Java and Arabian Madia; per pound S   10  Java add Mocha Ulend, 3 pounds ������  l'OO  Kino Santos, 1 pounds  -.,.-���..... ���;......   1 (K)  Santos Blond, 3 pounds  ... ���   ' 0"  'Our Special Ulend, 6 pounds   1 *''>  Our Rio Roust, C pounds :  . ���;   I W)  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms" 2. Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   BlocK.  Baker Stsoot .  West  Nelson Tent mi iwfling MSaufaetopy  -^lx. B-iisrias o_n  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OI<- TENTS IN STOCK  Baker street, opposite postollico, Nelson  THEO.  3Vi:^���X)S01sr  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. MoPHEB  Kootenay -Eleetrie, Supply and Constraetiflii 1,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  NELSON, B. C.  Complete Electric Baulpinenta for Electric Power Transmission and -lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, I_a.t_.ps, Bells. Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. ��� %7&S&'.2eaWfiffSKB -P&f-  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C., "THURSDAY, JUNE  1899.  Cool and  ���f  Ell  fl  . ?.-:  lit  Y���  ���������$��.  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  . . - o  COIINKU HAKICI! AND JOSKIMUNR STHKKTS. NKLSON...  .      I'*-  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER   .  FOR  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In ail colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM y  Q �� >�����_- P. O. Store  $X__2��. up  :sl$i|l^ ���-  *:������-' -   ��� :��������� ������������������/':;\l  V   ".-"."���_*._-"-  l7"Y"I��"��"*"  tysy.  jP-jj-lJ. ������-" ��� _     ������_"������.   VY     ,��� V.,' ,,."������   _ _��" '���,, '/'YYY..  ??��".*"* 7 "  3iK_.vill";*b_Ji''to 'yqiftvW^l*,tg^"fcft''Seo:��^i,'fergo',U|  imd mmpi&tih '&W<te of KM* nnd Slmk. "Wc-  ���etirry. $}h i6$lh\Yi%"g &._.:,. J,-ci.|,-:_p]]j'|7  ��� ���J-.-i-i-.gf -&.,0oh 'Noft-h, "gjiftr- MneVC%_, :i%fcs, :  ;-     S_li,ulte V& ��a�� "Strjiti&i'd "?*-li"<?e -06.,. ^njb_j,"_FtoL-  (ienV-5 (5oA, iinfl O-li.r ]e*i<_U.ngj makers.  ___.*  ',$,Atfn 2s 'w-i-Si: jiAivKU, _Ti-kft;i., nklsOn  ppfpf n  ��  SsSS  ��V"  DINING   ROOM  Comer Baker and "Ward Streets  NELSON,   8. C.  DRAWING  ROOM  3yn_A_-TTX3NrG-  3_  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  Ice Gream Soda  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT STOI(��  Mrs. 7 ������ E^7;iyi.c__a;ughlj.n7 x&$$*^.**&  josbphinb STJ.BKT,. njj.lsqn' '"  Ice Gream  AND  (HA55LKW00D)  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Where is Mr. Bruce?  A business woman from San Francisco,  Mrs. Tcniiaii- by name,, i.s now endeavoring to track lier missing manager through  this country. JIe i.s variously known as  Bruce and White. It appears tliat she  was going from San Francisco to Los Angeles for her health with her mother, her  business manager, Bruce, accompanying  them. On the way, according to Mrs.  Teimant's story, lie levanted with her  valises, containing over $2,000 in money  and about $3,000 worth of jewels. He  came north, picking up a lady friend on  the way. Mrs. Tenna.nt went after hi in  and tracked the pair as far as Spokane,  where she swore out a warrant for liis arrest, but the man had gone on to Kootenay. lie came back from Rossland to  Northport to get a trunk that was being  sent after him, but for some reason the  police tliere neglected to arrest him. Hc  is supposed to have then come through  Nelson and gone up the lake. On Thursday last Mrs. Tennant was in Nelson enquiring for Bruce and her "jewels, leaving  town on Friday. The man is now somewhere in the Lardo country, and the proA'ineial police are after him. Till-Triii-  uni<: has been in possession of the facts  for some time, but lias hitherto refrained  from publishing them, in the interests of"  justice.  NELSON.    .  Manager Waterman av ill start out today to collect the sums subscribed for the  Dominion Day celebration. All the committees except four have handed the  secretary their programmes, and the official programme Avill be announced ou  Saturday. There will not be any hitch  in any of the sports, and the full programme Avill be carried out to the letter  and on time-card time.  When the new time card goes into effect���next Sunday���the Canadian Pacific Avill run sleeping cars from Arrowhead to Vancouver direct. This Avill boa  convenience,   and   shows that president  NEW  REED  Furniture  Shaughnessy knows that his road runs  through Kootenay.  F. \V. Laing, who for several months  has been in the employ of I). McArthur  _c Co., has been appointed to the vacant  clerkship in tlie gold commissioner's  ofiice.  John A. Turner, government agent, has  been instructed to call for tenders I'or  the erection of the land registry ofiice on  the corner of Vernon and Stanley stive*!..-*.  The building when completed will cost  something over .$10,000.  A meeting of the base ball players of  Nelson has been called for this evening  at the lire hall at 7_:;<). The object ofthe  nieeting is to amalgamate the two ball  teams and choose fresh ollire.s. All interested in base ball are invited.  On Monday morning the examination  for general promotion at the Nelson  public school will begin.  The next sitting of the county court  will be held on Monday, June 1'Jlli. A  long list is expected as this is the last  court before the long vacation. The next  sittings will not be until September.  Olai Lund's license to sell liquor at the  Klondike hotel was yesterday transferred  to J. Johnson and L. F. Nelson by the  board of license commissioners. The  three commissioners���mayor Neelands,  alderman McKillop and gold commissioner J. A. Turner���Ave.ro all present.  No other business was transacted' by the  board.  The Irish crew that will compete in the  "international" fours at tho Dominion  Day celebration haA'e begun training.  The crow consists of H. B. Thomson, F.  V. Thomson, W. A. Galliher and J. Fraser. II. W. Davy is for the present taking II. 11. Thomson's place while the latter is aAvay at the coast.'- ��  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Tlie calico ball to be held in the  opera  house on l<'riiln.\-evening, llilh insl., under tlie auspices  of the Indies aid of the Uatholie church, promise- to be  the chief filtriicl'ou of the season. A lasty supper will  be given by > he ladies nnd no eU'orts will bo spared to  muko the.alliiir a success. Special"]'- v> i'l bo admitted  to seats in the gallery for 50 cents. 'Grand march at 'X.'M  sharp.   Kntrance oil'Ward strc-1.  Veranda Chairs  '"���"Al.^V-ii":"%"2"l'j.f,^flji"s^\, "feSy.Tl"."���"b"��7�� >yif,.  V "  ". "_v"slJL   ,,77s-__��.��Y"V��7f  . >_:   "" '      ...  ,���.'���"?.�����*" ���  f����"R'tf_*Trn'__'"_! "a. "'i��� "   "���  '  ; ���.." - V ��� * ��$.vgMggSpl; sk: Yj y .-... ���/  �� ���*���   *- ��s""Yi*s'��V"*"*i.i��7.*%5 ��,(F2"s"2fs.9 A �����i-�� "�� "fl"  ���;������/. ��$ff^Bm^r;' \:y  OF ALb.,KlNrE%S  fiODDS IVWiKiD TO SELL  NO* Tb' LOOK AT-  BATCltH ._.Tl-Jltyp TsVl-ST.  InHnenced  Uy price alojic in your drug buying. Looking  "iVell to 'Hiality ilieaiis satisfactory l-cslills'-nieiitis  setUli-iiig the remedy thai, best fulfills the purpose  for whieh you iiitei.ictfld it..' Purity, qunlity,,.s(U,i.*^  fiictiAn, are licst considereil liere, tut fthvays a  price that nin]-.e,. the purchase an economical one.  A price Mini, menus* Kiinetlring to ycrn. One package of oil r  ���;"qVB-;^p-i_._.fiS'.  I nwiJl.<!liowqn. ext.eiisjve* Hiiobf ppejds Wnglit (lii'cct  fr_m the ijuiuufiuil(ires in J.iij__ _i;ncl,�� J<'i'*aiieft 6'crnliBiy,  ana' tllC'lini'tetl States: Also p.oc.1. froiii the, befjtGaiia,  di_.it niaiiiifaclturersji  , 'l'lve latest a��i"nl best an Gold, Silver, Covali iand' Plated  -Jo-Worry, Bboiiy flild Cttt'Gla*, '     *  X.iilso citiTyalai'gcA'ai'iutj?of G.ojd and SilvovN-Vottias  hrooChCs,'I-t.'li'S7.Ci''es _eii.ts*, }Hus, tiki ";'       ' ���  AVe Wwitys cUrrj" acoiivplote line of AValeliesf.  ALWAYS IN  ST0t5K.  10 and: M carat, Solid .SoUYLorgnettes.  ,5, TO and 21) year Lorgnettes.  Gilt and liraid Lorgnettes.  Coral aiifl Silk Lorgnettes.  Kiilled Plate Biauso Sets..  Gold ri-llcd Blouse Sets.  =Silvefeand^(3ilt=BloUse^S0ts ^ ____  Gold and Silver Sash Buckles.  Plate iiiid Gilt Sash Buckles.  ... HI, 15, and, 20 year llollect Plate Gold Filled-Alberta.  Silver, Gilt, and Goldine Alberts.  1(10 stylos and qualities in Brooches.  10(i styles i.ii. Pins. , _,.,��� ,  5, 10. IS, and 20 year Rolled Plate and Gold Filled  Link,. ,tiid I Wit ons. .  Silver and Pearl Links, Buttons and Studs.  Out Glass, Perfume Bot.Ues.  But Glass Flower Holders,  ut Glass Toilet, Bottles. i  Cut Glass in 10 dill-rent styles itild articles.  Diamond Dings, Cla*,yand Ciciu King in every known  stone and design.  Celepy  will mako one tpiart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and is Sineqlialled for all blood, liver,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is  25 CENTS  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Li__v_ia._3r>  Corucr of Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson  The Jeweler  Mail orders prompt!.' attended to,  ifi-;io watch repairing a specialty.  E  BUSINESS AND RESIDKNTIAL  PKOP'KRTY-  TROPICAL FflUIT DEPOT  Coriier Baker and Ward Streets.  /Next, door ..to Nelson: Wine CoYYY:  7J.elephpiie:dOv-^7777Y,.. llUMPHUK  YS&PITTOCK  For  Strawberries and  Other fruits in season.   Leave  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  .Agents for lla-lewood Ice Cream.  For Sale  NK._CKL-IN-T11K.SI.0T  ".CAM'' MACHINIO  ������"':, PKICJ. .12  ���:        Apply .to ������������������';'������:������. V;-;7.:': ��� yy ���?- ���'���:���  II. C. OUAIMINS, l,odcKa'.Cigaf..Stpr.e. Y;  30 by 120, Bakor street, between  Josephine  and  AVard street s .'. S0.0  30by 120,.Baker street, between Joseuhnipalid Hall  streets'..'....���' ..._.,_...���...'.,.".'. ���.  1500  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner    30 by 120, Knsst. Baker st reel,...'. ,...*.........     SOO  25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vornon  street   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vornon  street   0000  2 lots and largo house beautifully furnished (snar... 4000  2Jlots with cottage rented at 515 per month, A'ictoria  street  3500  1 lot with cottngo rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ?20 per month, Stanley  street... ��� 3000  Clots in block ill), all cleared and fenced iu.  2500  D-room house and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in. connection with Hurry's mill* ranch     5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  ���wabdIbbos.  Real Estato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Charles   D.  <J.  Christie  GENERAL BROKER. Y  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  x   Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ��   and Woodenware  ?     Stoves, Ranges,  ixN\    Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  /M    WOODEN     v\    iron>  oteei,   sneet  Canton Drill Steel# material \P^:^ms  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  \  NE1S.0N WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOP HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening- the weary ean find rest  by reposing in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. G.  *���%. %'-��*"i&;__?!  ,       _  _5��D _ ���i_  _.,nD      0^  WlY_.Y _'^__ *"'^7'"*��"*^" n'D"^  u. ,��� r.���B"'~��"'^r_'i~^flT:c^*r  <*&y$x  ���yyy^-  .JJ~~--~       T.':tnji,Jfr_^,^|M ��DL  Ml  ��tndv*2'_s.    B^--^   Jj&88&,yfoqgto -m^Hmrdy "La^i^^.^ii^  sq-uaxeS'.   " ,'���"���-. . . ";i  ., nj,   ....nfn'"-  FaniQifs   Pyre Goh\ Jams anicl  jellies,    M-cLairen's Cheese.Jj  Fresh Canadian C.feari_ Cheese.,  "We carry tlie-'larg-esf stock pf-Gl^eFies,, Crockery etc.,  i_iYJ  Nelson or any otber to.vn in the Kootenay.  Yotrr trade is solicited, satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephone 10.  P. O. Box K & W.  Baker street West, Nelson  MONEY SAVED BY BUYING- YOtJE  ETCj   -EfROIvl   rrs  Wo carry l.hc liu'ROst stock  Ciui. (Ill your oifl-i's for iuiy- fiiintility  M. DesBpisay & Co,  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  FIRB, LIFE. ACCIDENT AUD SICKNESS  ���   . x_srsT_TE^_.israE!  ��� .'   - REAI^ESTATE AND.LpAlTS7;-..V;;V*  -TO JilCT���Sovor.il lioiuscs of <li(rorcnt sizes....  l''OI.:.SAljlC~-Hcinl. ctilliitc inall pnrtti of.the city.7  JOHN A. IRVING <5_ COMPANY  linker Street West, Nolson, I). C, .    ���  ���  1ECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a .oii-ignnient of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J; SQUIRE, Baker St Nelson  The HUiiply Is limited, so cull early.nudexaniliio this stock.


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