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 SCHOOL  MATTERS  DISCUSSED  And a Trustee Elected.  Tlio meeting which was held in the  school house yesterday morning for the  purpose of electing a school trustee to  fill the vacancy caused by the retirement  of Dr. E. 0. Arthur, was in many respects the most important school meeting which has been held in this city for  several years. In the first place, the  attendance, was much better than has  marked school meetings for several years  past, and in the second a resolution aviis  passed endorsing the proposal that the  city should take over the control oi tho  schools.  Among those present were: Dr. flail,  3. fl. Wallace, It. I.. Kerr, 31. DesBrisay,  Martin O'Jleilly, F. A. Tamblyn, A. Ferland, John Bannerman, A, K. Sherwood,  C. D. J. Christie, George Young, and 3. Ii.  Amiable. A. It. Sherwood Avas appointed  chairman, and J. II. Soady secretary of  the meeting,  The financial statement for the past  past year avus submitted, shoAving a balance on hand on July 1st, 1898, of $24.29,  which, with $195 receiA'ed from the government, brought the total receipts up to  $519.29. The expenditures for fuel, caretaker, etc., aggregated $501.45, Avhieh left  a balance on hand of $17.84. The A*alue  of the present school building AA'as. estimated at $9500, and of the land $9000.  The report A\ras received and adopted.  The report of the board, covering the  record for the year, was submitted as  folloAvs:  "At  no time  during the i_ast   three  years haA'e our school facilities been adequate to tlie needs of our city, notAvitli-  standing  the  most  strenuous  efforts of  the  trustees to  obtain  the  same.    The  trustees have AA'orked to obtain  a good  central  school  building, and  the   establishment of a high  school Avith tlie discouraging   result  that  when school  reopens in August,  Ave sliall  have seA'en  rooms instead of ten that will be needed,  with  no probability of ..having a high  school unless the city establishes it.    To  give some idea of Avhat tlie trustees haA*e  had  to contend Avith, it may be stated  that in February, 1898, Ave asked the government to provide accommodation  for  400 pupils for the opening of school in  August, 1S9S, at the same time explicitly  stating that desks Avould be needed for  the new rooms.   The iicav rooms Avere not  ready for occupation until NoA'ember 15,  and then no desks had been provided aud  only room for 200 pupils.    At the same  time  Ave asked  for an appropriation of  $500 for-incidental expenses and receiA'ed  $300, of which  $250   were  required   for  fuel alone.  :  ., "Before.thojast,,sessio*a.,rof^thei.legishi-  , I.lire opened, the trustees applied to the  department of education and our'member J. Fred Hume for an  appropriation  large enough to finish the school building  as planned  by A. G. Bwai't, and for four  additional  teachers for the .year   1S99.  Only enough Avas appropriated" to finish  "two - rooms in  the ��� iicav building.     The  board' asked   to have  these two  rooms,  made ready for occupation, by May 1st,  but nothing ,Avas done and the superintendent-of education instructed the trustees to rclicA-e tho OA'crcroAvding by taking  half the pupils  of  the  tAvo junior  forms iu  the forenoon aud half in  the  afternoon.    One of these rooms has been  on  half  time for  three  months of  the  present school year OAving to the refusal  of the government to provide necessary  accommodations at the time asked by the  boai'd, the appropriation in  both cases  being available at the time asked by the  board.  "In view of the unsatisfactory condition  of -in1--Sclfools���imd__--the^pr.eseutL  arrangement, the trustees luwe decided  to ask you to authorize them to ask the  Pt'0yhiv};,j   Ijuly 99  une  SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 25, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  district and requested them to call a  public meeting of citizens to discuss the  question and take action, if deemed  necessary.  The election of a. trustee to fill the  A'acancy on the "board caused by the retirement of K. 0. Arthur whose term of  ollice had expired avus then proceeded  with. A. It. Sherwood, .1. II. Wallace, A.  Ferland and !_.", C. Arthur were nominated. Tho first tliree withdrew and I_.  C. Arthur aviis declared re-elected by  acclamation.  If the legislation making Nelson a city  school district is passed, the present  school board will resign and a new board  of seA'en members will required to be  elected before July 1st of next year.  gover unieiit to give tlie eity control of  tlie schools, feeling sure that the citkens  of Nelson are Sufficiently .alive to the im-  portanee of good schools to establish and  maintain first class. educational facilities  in dm: city, if they are given the poAver  to do so. That the city .would reaps,  dii'eet financial gain by taking over the  schools Avill appear from the fdlloAving  statement: The city avouM then receive  the poll tax of tliree dQllars per  jioad of adult population and ten ddlUtrs  per head of jwerage attendance at the  schools. A consei'Vative estimate of the  number of poll taxes eolteetible during  the year Avould be 2500, avhieh Avould give  ._ revenue of $7500. While the attendance based on the month of April, 1899,  -would giA'e $2400, making a total revenue  of $9900. Against this Ave receive at  present in salaries of teachers $3480, incidentals $450, a total of $8930, or including $5500 expended last year in building  and furniture, a total of $9430. If the  city had control of the Schools Ave could  then haA'e such schools as the citizens desire and are Avilling to pay for, whereas  uoav Ave are taxed for good schools and  are grudgingly given a miserably insufficient sum and told to make the best  of it."  The question of the taking OA'er of the  schools by the city Avas taken up and  discussed. Dr. Hall reported that the  trustees had iutervieAved the attorney-  general in the matter, Avho stated that if  the citizens of Nelson desired the change  he Avould introduce legislation at the  next meeting of the provincial legislature making Nelson a city school district  On motion of F. A. Tamblyn, seconded  by W. F. Brougham, the meeting endorsed the action of the trustees in their  efforts to have Nelson made a city school  Will Eegulate Railway Companies.  Ottaava, June 24.���A bill of considerable importance Avill be taken up by Mr.  Blair at the next meeting of the raihvay  committee. Its proA'isions will deal Avith  the building of telegraph and telephone  lines, public bridges, and the operation  and control of the raihvays. Perhaps  the most important is that Avhieh refers  to the operating rules for raihvays. It is  provided that the raihvay committee of  the priA*y council.'may make rules and  regulations for all railways Avithin the  jurisdiction of the Dominion parliament.  These rules Avill supersede all previous  ones. Such rules AA'ill be subject to the  approval of the governor in council. Another provision in the bill is to give poAver  to the railway committee of the prh'y  council to order raihvay companies to  erect and maintain stations at gh'en  points. The bill also proA'ides that anyone destroying gates, fences oi' buildings  of a railway company, or entering a train  with the idea of defrauding the company  of a fare, Avill bo liable to a fine and imprisonment.  The telegraph and telephone companies  incorporated by act of parliament, are  empowered to break up or open any high-  Avay, subject to the jurisdiction of the  municipal council. TraA'el is not to be  obstructed and the surface of the street  must be restored to its former state. Tn  case parliament sliall' order at future  times the "wires of such companies to be  placed underground, the companies ^iioav  entitled to carry them on their poles will  \upt,be-able, to-recover damages.        .    ���-_-  ^+    Another Hitch in the Negotiations.    "  Washingto.V; June 24.-^The memorandum, handed to ambassador Choate at  London yesterday, concerned the modus  for a temporary arrangement upon the  Alaskan boundary, Avas .only another step  in the negotiations. A mod ifi cation has  has been requested by the British goA'ernment which the United States -will, haA'e  to consider. The negotiations had progressed so favorably up to the-time of tlie  last memorandum that the belief was expressed that an agreement avou Id soon be  reached. The points of difference betAveen the governments are not niade  public, but the modifications requested  by the British goA'ernment does not meet  Avith faA'or by those avIio are conducting  the negotiations for the United States, as  the last proposition submitted by this  goA'ernnieut Avas believed to contain all  essential concessions, and to be fair iu  eA'ery respect to the Canadians and the  T____tfg___   BRITONS    BECOMING    UNEASY  Over the Transvaal Situation.  London, June 24.���The rattling of  swords in .their scabbards groAvs more  pronounced, though the Avar ofiice refuses  all information regarding the Transvaal  situation, and declines to confirm or deny  the reported circumstantial assertions of  the closetings of the British military  leaders or tho dispatch of this or that  regiment to Capo Toavu. The ministers,  however, have been unable to successfully parry the multitude of questions  raised in tlie house of commons Avith  the intention of getting soine inkling of  the government's intentions.  A reply of the parliamentary secretary  of the Avar office, G'eoige AVyiidham, yesterday evening, is considered jjorten-  tously significant. He Avas questioned  as to the truth of the report that the  British garrison in South Africa Avas to  be gradually increased to 40,000 men.  Had the government Avished to give a pacificatory answer Avith the A-ieAv of allaying the anxiety here and at the Cape,  the question offered ample opportunity,  but Wyndham replied in _avo Avords;  " No sir! " The truth is that Avhatever  plans the go\*ernmeut has decided on the  ministers regard it as impolitic to con-  trad ict reports, hoAvever extravagant, of  Avarlike intentions..  While it is not true that general sir  RedA'ers Buffer has already been appointed to command, he has been heard  to remark in 2Jrivate com*ersation that  he reserved himself for a go at the Boers  to repay some . old grudges. The big  military expenditure of ��20,000,000, as  proA'ided for in the military Avorks loan  bill, introduced in the liouse of commons  on June 21st has caused some alarm  among the taxpayers.  The contrast betAveen the proceedings  in the liouse of commons and at The  Hague peace conference has also been  much commented upon, Avhile a great  deal of dissatisfaction has been aroused  by the intimation conA-eyed by the proposed fortification of her harbors, that  Great Britain cannot rely on her navy tp  defend her coasts. Rear-admiral lord  Charles Beresford strongly opposed the  fortifications, taking the same grounds as  captain Mahan,,U. S. N.,.that the ex-.  pendi-U re'ought to be doA'Oted to mobile'  instead of fixed defences, saying that ho  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Eight-Hour Slocan Mines.  The Noonday took doAvn a number of  men Monday to add to tlieir force. They  have now 25 men employed. The Hillside at Whitewater is at work again with  a small force. More men will be employed as soon as the conditions of the  mine Avill permit. The WhiteAvater Deep  has IS men working and Avill mako another increase in its Avorking force  shortly. The Arlington, the only Sloean  City property Avorking, is increasing jts  force. The Rambler Cariboo took up a  small force the early part of the Aveek.  They are running a tunnel. The Ajax  and Ajax Fraction haA'e four men each.  They are both working in their "drifts and  both have ore. The Wonderful has a  small force at work on a contract tunnel.  At the Noble Five a number of men are  Avorking. In all, probably 200 miners are  Avorkingiu the Slocan and receiving the  union rate of Avages.  SLOCAN   CITY.  The public school examinations which  Avere held on Friday Avere Avell attended  aiid the AA*ork accomplished by the children Avas good. The honors AA'ere carried  oif by Jessie McCallum, Neil Wickmau  and Arthur Watson in the senior school,  and Alex McCallum, H. LindoAvand Hazel  Wickman in the junior school.- At the  school meeting Saturday Messrs. A. York  and W. S. Johnson Avere elected as trustees to fill the A'aean.ies on the school  board.  The HoAvard 'Fraction Company have  appointed A. E. Teeter as manager of the  company for this season, and assessment  work "will be done on all the properties  in this vicinity.  YMIR.  The school broke up yesterday for the  mid-summer vacation. The public examination lasted about two hours, after  Avhieh a short programme of songs*and  recitations Avere gone through. There  Avere a considerable number of visitors.  The school interior avus nicely decorated  Avith wild flowers. " One feature of the  afternoon Avas a spelling match betAveen  teams captained by'YBirdio Shruin and  Mabel McLeod, resulting in a Avin for the  former."   - "  *         Y  (el at I_holt.    Lougheed <fc Co., tailors, of  Holland,   have   dissoh*ed,   and    W.   J.  L'lughccd   is   continuing alone.    .Mrs.  F.  A. BrybiNki i. closing  her millinery  establishment  at  Crand   Forks.      Fli  Fox  from Hall Siding i.s opening a soda Avater  fountain at Grand Forks.    Olc-son <Sc Phe-  lan,   general   merchants,   of   Givemvood,  havo opened branches at Rock Creek and  Rendell,  and   also  a   hotel   at the latter  place.    Qiiinliven iV** Ross, hotel keepers at  Cascade,  haA'e  dissolved partnership, 3.  AV. Boss  retiring.    AV.  AV.  Stewart lias  opened  up a  furniture store at Grand  Forks.    Fckstorin ��fc Simpson, hotelkcop-  ors at Cascade City, hove dissolved partnership,    C.    3.    Fckstorm    continuing.  Harry Nash is opening  a  hotel  at Phoenix.    J. I?. Jacobs, general  merchant, of  Midway, has changed his business into a  limited liability concern   under  the title  of   the  Midway   Trading   Company.    ,J.  Albi has opened a hotel at Midway.  The annual meeting of the school board  thought that if Great Britain Avas unable    took place in the school house this morn-  to attack her enemies at  Avould not last long.  sea, tho empire  Strikers Sectire Recognition.  Gr_r_vi3r_ANi), Jtiue 24.���An agreement  between the big Consolidated street rail-  Avay company aiid its striking employees  was, reached at six o'clock tonight, and it  is probable that cars Avill be running as  usual ou the lilies of the company tomorrow morning. The agreement pl-o-  vides i'or the hearing of the men's grievances and a resort to arbitration in ease  the men and the company cannot agree,  and it also provides for the .einstate-  niont of practically eighty per cent of  the old men at once, the remainder, except those who have been guilty of violence, being placed on the waiting list. -  General Epget is Transferred.  Pah is, June 24.��� It has finally been decided to renioA'e general Roget from Paris  and to appoint him to the command of  the brigade of infantry at Belfort. General Roget Avas in command of the troops  Avliich M. Deroulede and M. Marcel-  Habert, members of the chamber of  deputies, tried to lead from tlieir barracks  to Elysee palace during the troubles  Avhieh followed the election of president  Loubet. It Avas at first announced that  the ministry had decided to transfer the  general from Paris to Orleans.  Shamrock Will be Launched Tomorrow.  London, June 24.���The priuce of  AVales, captain Hal ford and Mr. Jameson  inspected the cup challenger Shamrock  today. The prince and party Avere received at Thornycroft's yard by sir  Thomas Lipton, AV. Fife, junior, and  Charles Russell. The heir apparent  spent tAvo hours in making a thorough  inspection of the yacht, and left amid  cheers of the large croAvd of workmen  employed in preparing the Shamrock for  launching on Monday.  Evil Omen, for the Columbia.  Bhistot,, Rhode Island, June 24.���AVith  the rising tide and just after a heawy  thunderstorm at 0.35 o'clock this eA'cning  the new cup defender Columbia, Avhicli  had been aground all day Avithin three  hundred yards of the !lerreshoff's' docks,  floated unassisted and Avas toAVcd to a  safe anchorage for the night further out  into the stream. The grounding of the  Columbia Avas an unfortunate happening  to tho neAV craft on this the day finally  readied for her initial trip. Day after  day, for a Aveek past, something has delayed the Columbia from being taken to  Newport to have her first try out against  the Defender, and after all efforts to get  a start bright and early today came to  nought  ^^Tlie~C51umbia Avas being AA*aisped out,  into tlie channel froin the Herreshoif's  docks by means of a tOAV line. A stern  line AAras not out and to this fact may, in  a measure, be attributed the mishap, for  a heaAry southerly wind Avas 'blowing' at  tlie time, and this wind SAvung the  steamer out of the channel and the craft  brought ul) to what Avas supposed to be  a mud bank, ft is uoav quite certain that  she had struck a log but the force of the  blow was diminished and serious damage  entirely prevented by fclie mud. ShoAveiit  on at a. receding three-qnat'ters tide, and  after several attempts? to start her had  failed it Avas decided to wait for the next  Hood tide in the evening,. She came off  earlier than Avas anticipated and, the rising Avater simply lifted her, and the lines  on her brought the Craft into the channel out of harm's AVay, It is certain that  the Cohinibia will be towed, to Newport  the first thing in the morning.  Victims of a Kailway Smash.  Butler, June 24.���Eight people were  injured, one perhaps fatally, iu a wreck  on the Pittsburg & AVestern raihvay .at  Renfrew, thirty-two miles north of Pittsburg today. The most severely injured  are: Miss Grace Phil lips, daughter of cx-  congressman T. AAY Phillips, of New  Castle> and Miss Mollie Knapp, of AArash-.  higton. The latter had her spine injured  internally and may not recoA'er.  -Two Records Broken.  Neav Bkdkoro, June 24.���Eddie Mc-  Duii'ee broke two Avorld's records here today, the quarter in 22 seconds, breaking  major Taylor's record of 22 2-5.. seconds,  made at Philadelphia in 1S9S, aiidthe  Avorld's record for the half-mile in .45.  seconds, Avhile major Taylor's record  made .'it Philadelphia aviis 45"1-5 seconds.  McDufi'ee's time for the mile was l.'M .'5-5  against Taylor's 1:*. 1 1-5. i  ,ing,Avheu AV. Delahay, J.P.,presided over  quite a^ number of ejectors. A. AV.  Hayer was elected chairman, and Thomas  McQueen, secretary. The first business  Avas the -reading of the annual" report  from the secretary of the sciiool board,  AA'hich Avas adopted. Then followed iiomi-'  nations for the A'acancy of a trustee  through the retiring of W. Clark: \V.  Clark was proposed by S. Des Brisay ancl  seconded by S. Sanderson; AV. C. Forrester  aviis proposed by D. Keefe, seconded by  J. Carroll. Upon a sIioav of hands being  taken*it Avas decided to have the election  by ballot and the hours were fixed for  voting from 1 to 4. The poll resulted in  tho election of Forrester, the vote standing Forrester SI and Clark lu.  A petition is being numerously signed  protesting against .the incorporation of  the toAvn of Vmii, Avhieh it is thought is  too-yoiuig-to_take-uiito~icself-inunic!ipar  honors. ���  A surface assay from the Crested Butte  gave $27.09,. a nd in consequence tliere is  "some talk, of tlie owners paying a visit to  Paris next year to attend tiie exhibition.  Tile picnickers to Erie l'eturiiedr having  had a most enjoyable time.,  M_].SO.N.  The Various boatcreWs ai'e practising  enthusiastically for tlio forthcoming  races aiid are to be seen out in their  oacifig boats both in tlio early morning.-*  and iu tlie evenings- The racing events  promise to be closely contested fcliis year.  Mils. J. A. Gilker arid son i-etunied h^t  niglit from a two months' A'isit to Victoria. A'ancOlivei' and Seattle.  The Following a,re the names of the  Nelson lacrosse team who avi I'l compete  against the lacrosse tea in on July l.st: F.  L. Lynch, .Joseph Thompson, I.). Black-  Avood, A. Jell's, 11. Archibald, A. Grant,  AV. Hoodeii, Fred Menary, D. W. Rutherford, AV. J. Eraser, D. McNichol and A.  Perrier.  George AV. Hughes, manager of the  Idaho Mines, Slocan district, is in Nelson.  He reports the snow pretty Avell gone  from Idaho basin.  Lee Coombs of Rossland is at tlie Phair  for one night only.  Business Changes.  Among recent business changes in  AVest Kootenay aud the Boundary country the following may be noted: Cumberland & Bertois, livery stable keepers  of Cascade City, have dissolved, partnership, J. A, Bertois'.continuing. G. T.  Curtis & Co., grocers, of Cascade City,  are removing, their business to Gladstone.  J. A. McMaster <fc Co. of Cascade have���  closed tlieir hotel. '-Knox fc Dclaney,  jewelers, of Cascade!, have removed to  i.hoit.    Sam McOrmond is Opening a ho-  Socialists Welcome Captain Dreyfus.  Brest, June 24.���Captain Dreyfus will  not arrive here until Sunday evening at  the earliest. This Avas the latest ucavs  that was circulated in Brest on receipt  of the announcement that the cruiser  Sfax had passed Madeira yesterday. The  populace continues to maintain the  calmest mood imaginable. Red posters  displayed at A'arious points' heralded a  meeting of Dreyfusites tonight in the  hall DeVoiii*., the biggest dancing hall in  Brest, situated in the vicinity of the  arsenal. The demonstration Avas organized  by socialists and Avas attended by twelve  hundred persons, the audience consisting  mainly of socialists and anarchists, together Avith the detectives.  The speakers, among Avhom were most  of the socialist leaders, addressed the audience from a balcony. They attacked  militarism and reaction. The audience  enthusiastically cheered all references to  Dreyfus, Zola and Picquart. A couple of  individuals who lately cried : "A bas les  juifs ! " were promptly bustled out, but  otherAvise tho meeting Avas pcrfectly  calm and the squads of police who, were  stationed in the adjacent streets had absolutely nothing" to do. The speakers  called upon their ] hearers to assemble  upon the "arrival of Dreyfus in .order to.  defend liberty aud justice. The audience  dispersed Avith cries of " Vive la revolution Ysociale! " "Vive Zola I" and-"'Vive  Picquart!" ^Somc.shouts of " Vivo Pan-  archie !" Avere heard.  The representative of the Associated  Press saw M, Chison, leader of the Brest  socialists. Avho said in the course of his  coiiA'orsation: "AVe intend to be present-  at the landing of Dreyfus, but wc do not  -propose to make any demonstration. AVe  shall be perfectly orderly and quiet unless  the reactionarists attempt to make a  demonstration against Dreyfus. In that  case we shall defend the Cause, liberty  and justice.'" This means thab if the  anti-revisionists attempt a demonstration  tliere will be broken heads in Brest when  Dreyfus is landed.  Tho military authorities are still reticent as to the arrangements made and it is  evidently their desire to conceal the  arrival of the prisoner of DcwiFs Island  until he shall have been safely removed  to Kennes, Avhere there i.s more reason to  fear serious disorder than there is* here.  M^ieTLoiioanj wJio represents Brest in  the senate, said ho did not expect any  trouble upon Dreyfus' arrival unless a  few hot-headed individuals make trouble.  Regatta Attended by Drownings.  Ni_w York, ."June 21.���Two lives were  lost today at the twenty-fourth annual  I'l'gatfa. of tlie Seawainhaka-Coriiithiafi  yacht club at .Oyster bay. The hi en were  lost off G. T. PierCe's C-.tbo.il ji, Dot, dn ring  ,.a-squall which, came out of the northeast..  causing, all the flyers to take down their  sails. One of tlie mop lost was a Mr.,  I.nek wood of Fugle wood, 3N..I., ,a friend  of Mr. Pierce, and the other a sailor  named Mitchell., When the ..quail struck  Lock wood and Mitchell attempted  to lower the sail, but tliu  boom swung over ��� to stal/boai'd  and threw them into the water. Several  yachtsstcauK'd to the spotand stood by for  tliree-tpiartei'K of an hour, but the meli  had di.sappea.red.  Statue in Hughes' Memory.  Loxnox, June 24.���The archbishop of  Canterbury, the. right Rev. Frederick  Temple, D.D., former head of the I-tugby  school, unveiled at Rugby today, iu the  presence of a distinguished assemblage, a  statue erected to the memory of the late  Thomas Hughes, Q.C, author of "Tom  Brown's Sciiool Days" and "Tom Brown  at Oxford" and founder of tlie British  settlement at Rugby, Tennessee.  ANTI-STRIKE   BILL   DEFEATED  By German Socialists.  Beuux, June 24.��� The attention of the  reichstag this Aveek was chiefly deA-nted  to the anti-strike bill and the public  shoAved more interest in this than in any  other measure of the session. The galleries Avere filled for the first time and the  members attended better, Tho press  also devoted a \rast amount of space to  the measure and the agitation against it  became more active during the few days  preceding the debate. This is not confined to the socialists a.s the evangelical  Catholics, labor unions and the central  coinniittooof Christian miners pronounced  against the bill. Kven the conimittee of  trade of Berlin, a semi-court institution,  petitioned against tho measure, ami all  other such courts and organizations of  laborers and employers did the same.  It Avas clear from the beginning of the  debate that the goA'ernnient's case was  lost.    The  ministers   and   Conservatives  never showed a ray of confidence.    Their  Avhole attitude  Avas  apologetic.    On the  other hand, the attacks, Avhieh  Avere uncommonly sharp, came from  all  parties  except   Conservatives.        The    Centrist  leader, Herr Lieber, Avas  called tp  order  for a sharp arraignment of the courts for  " monstrous  decisions "  against laborers  and "'mildness toward employers."    The  National    Liberal   leader,  Herr   Ilasser-  niiiiii),   complained    that    the    measure  pleased nobody but social democrats, giving them excellent material for agitation;  Herr Babet, the socialist leader, spoke  for hours attacking  the bill  with great  sarcasm and vigor.    The points made by  the many opponents of the measure Avere  that it is  unnecessary  class  legislation,  and that the present laws are adequate  and reach all cases of strikers maltreating others.    They demanded,  instead of  the harsh punishment  provided  by  the  bill, freedom   for  labor  unions  to form  coalitions Avith each other.     The refusal  of the reichstag Thursday, by an immense  majority, to refer the bill to a committee  as equivalent to its death.  Plan to Entertain Visiting Editors.  A telegram Avas receh-ed in toAvn yesterday stating that the members  of the  Western Press Association AA'ill arrive in  Nelson next Tuesday afternoon  over the  Nelson '<fc Fort Sheppard.     They reached  Rossland last night Avhere preparations  had   'been   made   to  sIioav   the  visitors  everything Avorth   seeing  and generally  entertain them.   -Many  think  that this  opportunity  6f*iegitimately advertising  the toAVn, its resources  aiid  attractions  should not be overlooked, and the folloAV-  ing  plan  has  been   suggested:    As   the  "  visitors Avill  probably -go  out  over the    '  Crow's -Nest I 'ass the same evening there  is not' time to do 'much, but  it  is  stated   .  that the C. P. R. AVould be Avilling to meet '- ���  the train, at   Five  Mile .point Avith the  steamer Moyie and take them for a couple  hours'   cruise   round   the   lake  without  making any charge.    After  Avhieh there  would be time for them to-see the,town,  and the siiKil ter sliQuld they so desire.   It   .  is further suggested that a public dinner  be given to entertain them, ifc being calculated that the sale of tickets to those  citiw-ns who would wish to attend Avould  be sufficient to cover tlie expenses1 in, the  absence nf any ollicial action of the city  council.  Dominion Day .Celebration.  All but $200 has been paid ofthe total  amount subscribed for the Dominion  Day celebration. Those that have not  paid should hand the amount of their  subscriptions to the manager, secretary  ._____tj-__i--jirei__bj__:j__oIclock-on��� Monday-  The ba.-cball committee have assurances  that teams will come from Spokane,  Northport, Rossland and Kaslo. The  trade, procession will alone be worth a  day's vi>it. The boat races promise to  lie as famous locally as the Henley regatta is nationally. The decorations and  illuminations will be the finest ever seen  in the interior, The celebration will be a  success, weather of no weather.  Van Home Soes Farming;  MoXTiU'-A.., Juiio.'J4,~-Sir AVilliam Van  Homo has gone to his sunnnej' residenx'e  at St. Andt-ftAv.., New Brunswick,, to mafce  arrangements for spending the -Uinmer  mouths on liis farm.  Ball Games Yesterday.  Chicago 3, Brookl  lyn 2.  St. Louis 2, Philadelphia I.  Cleveland 2, New York 7.  St. Paid I, Milwaukee 0.  Indianapolis 5, Detroit'3. .  Minneapolis 12, Kansas City  Columbus 5, Buffalo 2.  Worcester S, Rochester 4.  Providence 4, Syracuse 1.  Chess Tournament Results.  LoXDox, June 24.���In, tlie evening  session tho following results were recorded: Stein its* drew with ShoWaltcr,  Pillsbury drew with Maroc/.y, and Tsehi-  goi'in lost to Lee.  Engineer D_owned at Parry Sound.  Pai.ijy Sound, June 21,���Frank Da-  zoite, an engineer on the steamer Bertha,  is supposed to have fallen into the bay  and   been  drowned   while  lying   at the  dock.   Dilvid Garrick Won the Trial Stakes.  SiiKKi'SHKAii Bay, June 24.���Tlie great  trial stakes, worth $20,000, Avas avou by  David Garrick, Mesmerist second and  'AVithers third..  Spain Parts With the Carolines.  MaduiI), June 21.���The queen regent  has signed the bill for the cession to Germany of tlie Carolina Islands.  The Silver Market.  Xi.w. Youk, June 24.���Bar silver  Mexican dollars IS.Vc.    Silver  certificates  U0.1, (?j (i2e.  00.] c.  ���HI TILE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C., SUNDAY, JUNE 25,  1899.  If.-, s1^  If���*.  t  DSON'S BAY  Red, white at]d biue bunting, and flags for decoration purposes.  A large assortment of boy's lirjerj and duel-, suits,  Ladies' white an,d black, rrjuslin blouses.    Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FERLAND * CO.  I'liol liloek. linker Street, Nelson  INCORPORATED 1670.  YUM  YUM  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHJ-AS��� Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights o�� Pythias, meets in ]. 0. 0. _\ Hall,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visitinir Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.  NELSON L0DGE...N0. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday" in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  EAVART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���To rent a small furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune oflicc.  LOST���A pair of gold-rimmcd spectacles, in a leather  case.   Finder will be suitably rewarded on returning same to The Tribune office, Vernon street, Nelson.  FOR  RENT���Two cottages on Latimer street,  half  block west of Stanley street.    All conveniences. ��20  a month.   Apply atTribuncolIiec, Vernon street, Nelson.  LOST���A' black silk belt, with diamond paste buckle  set in silver.    Finder will be suitably rewarded by  returning same to The Tribune ofllce/Yernon street.  -A K. of P. jewel.    _2;'i will lie paid for its return and no Questions asked, to The Tribune ofiice,  Vernon street. Nelson.  WANTED���Two  waitresses at   the  Queen's Hotel.  None but waitrc-ses   need apply.    JMr.s.  J'".   <J.  Clarke.  To purchase, on three years'time at fair  interest, a plot of land for building purposes, size  LOST-  prominently  identified   with  a   number  of other large mercantile interests.  THOMSON'S  EASE AND  COMFORT  May l>o obtained by using a  HAMMOCK  DURING: THE HOT WEATHER  NEW STYLES AND COLORS  FRESH  CANDY  JUST  IN  WANTED  intcrct...      _ _   .  about 150x120 feet, distant within lifteen minutes walk  from posfoilice.   Address Presto, Tribune ollice.  WANTKD-Aservantgb'lto-do general houspwoi-k.,  Applv toJMrs. W. .1. "Wilson,- Vernon street casl.<-  __ . -. .       -  :      ��h�� y?&xibtxnz+  "' Daily Edition...".....;  Fins. Year, No 117  ��y WkkkIiY Edition.;..-.... Seventh Yeak, No. .'11  ^ ���. .���_.���-������  _   ;     ~ ���       . ���       ^  ���".." .There tire still a number of .dissolute  "���'rounders in Nelsou. The police know  _=J*_l_en_. The mayor has signified a will-  ;_ inguess to back up ,the .police. Then  ��,"; every one pi' them should be. out of- Nel-  i?_oii by noon on Monday. The dissolute  grounder must go.  . T*HI3RK are more men working in the  _luines around Rossland and Nelson now  "���than at any time in the history of the  j-ountry, yet, according to the Victoria  'Globe and other newspapers opposing tho  Semlin government, the mining industry  of the province is at a standstill.  CHOICE   THING   FOR   THE  ASK   TO   SEE   IT.  BABY  This, Semlia g_v-e-j._n_i__ seems to he  getthig along fairly well, notwithstanding the wild minors, that are iii  circula  tion. Two of the j-ieinbei'.. are in Victoria sa.ving wood and saying nothing :  aliother member is sa,ymg nothing, but  sawing woodj in Atlin.; and the fourth  was in Rossland the other day splitting  the heads of the opposition  with words.  Thomson Stationery Co.-, LM  __j J _yT-_l__.SO_-T_   33- c, ..    -  Dont  Be  Influenced  By price alone in your drug buying. Looking  well to (iiiality means' satisfactory results���means"  .s-Curii'H the remedy"Umt best fulfills the purpose  for which you intended it. Purity, quality, satisfaction, are first considered here, but always a  price that makes the purchase an economical one.  A price that menus something to you. One package of. our  Celery  Herb  Tea  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  BRICK! LIME!  ..   <*  ir- .  Our first kiln of brick will be ready for delivery about  the 1st of June.   Call at our ofiice for prices.  During the month of June we will deliver lime in  quantities of twenty sacks and over at  60 Gents p 100 Lbs  The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  Gentlemen  If you want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring and  summer, 1  have over 500 dil.er-  --'    _ent*patterns of Scotch and Knglish  (.weeds,  wliich I. will make to your order at the low .    . .  -   price of ,...,,......,..."=. ���' S25 -  J '.Black Venetians make a1 nice suit for.sum-  '. mer wear at ". r. .7 . ��� ��� -%2\   ��� _  ,. ��� Black serge suits in sack or morning coat.. $21 -  = *���   A heavy' Scotch   tweed,  nice patterns-.for .  business suit .', '....' 818 -  Trousers at equally low prictss.   Fit and finish"     -���*  no better in Canada?. Ladies'fine tailoring aL .  specialty,   Clement block, Baker street.  Stevens, Tiie Tailor  Do You Want One?  g-S& g:*S-& g-g-g" &&& gSAggg; ���^&���2^&&&&^-&-&&&&&&-&^���^&i^��^f^  @^���?  ��c-���?^ e-*^^ &�����?.<����� S'-^Sr^  ^������5ET-��'S^��5C'  ^^^^^^er^^^^^-^&fe^i&fe^^&^fe  ^  ffl  Co.  m  B  SPECIAL SALE OF  B  Hose and Sunshades  i&  A complete line of the above goods, which  which we are selling1 at prices that "will" make,  it worth your while-to buy.  B  B  ffl  Silk Shirt Waists  We have a very choice variety in all shades of colors  Cents Hats, iVien's Ladies' and Children's Shoes  B  B  (=>���(=>��� e=> v2> -^ ��� t=> ���&-*��� e=> -1=? -29 %& ���^  ����g:  will make one quart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  stomach and kidney troubles, and tho price is  25 CENTS  iLIiJVCITEi.D  Tiii- -owners, and mtuiagci's of -lr_  S1q-  > can mines who refuse' to  pay tho  Standard rate of wages  now prevailing in  British '.Gdlinnbia. that  is, $3.30 per clay  of eight hours for skilled luiiit'i'S work big  tmderground and $'i a dixy for imt-keh..  ���pre -.aid to Ije unwilling toTiUikeftn','* cOt��-  ce_$tQi_$.    Tliey 'tclWiit  they cannot got  men  wllo have lived  in the country to  accept tlie  thveo-dollur  rate of  wages,  and their only hope  is  to bring  in men  from the cast, where thd rate of wages is  two dollars a day.    Ettstei-ii laborers. like  eastern storekeepers, soon after arriving  iii British Columbia adapt themselves, to  the conditions prevailing here.  Tl-IH Tribune does not print anonymous letters. Letters always read better  when the name of the writer is attached.  Corner of Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Scaled whole tenders will _c received until __!'o .lock,  noon Thursday, .IrineL'-tli next, by the undersigned for  the .erection ot a stone and brick Land R-grstry ollice for  the erovernlncnt Of British Columbia, to bo built at Nelson, B. C.  A deposit in the form of a marked checque made payable to the (Joinmi'SiSioner of Lands alid Works for the  sum often per cent of tlio amount Cf. tcmW, lini-t accompany ouch tcndOr.  PraWilms, spccillcaUoiis and conditions of tender may  be seen at the oillm. of l'_w-^rt & Cari-ic, architects, fodins  7 and 8. ^\berdeofil)lo(_k, Bakel*street. Nelson, B. C.  '1'lie lowest qrahy tender not ilceessarily accepted.  ���      ��� JNOYAVrUllkKU.  Assistant:C-mhii-Sioncf of Lands and Wo-kfl.  Notice to Coiitpactors.  'J'lie diidoi'siKtlcd is prcnni'Cd to receive scaled touder.s  to ho opened ui. ID a. in., Monday, Juno 'i'lth, for the following niaterial, delivered in Nelson, tot the construction  of an Kicct ric '1'raln way.  40(00 Railway Ti_s.  40,000 B*. B. M. of Sauarea TiiUbef.  4O;000 P. B. M. of 3 inch Plank.  ISO Cedai. Poles.  The above quantities being approximate  Specifications may be seen in the Macdonald Block,  Room 7.  The lowest or any tender uot necessarily accepted.  ^_^_^ . C. HALIFAX HALL.  Hcadq uarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  If you want n stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order  with mo.  Six hundred dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.  SUITS $25  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next JCootcnay Collce Co.  J. R. WIJAY  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BBAL ESTATE and GENEBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  _WeJiave.aJ.iio assorl-incntofjwooleiisahvays'-  onhand.   SoOds made up ats the shortest .os-  sib_ 6 notice.   As everything is kept and iiiade  on tn�� premises, satisfaccioii is as-ured*  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST* NELSON  GENERAL.  BROKER,  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  Lots for Sale  $51)0 will piu'chage a choice residence eor'ici,, IQO by 1.20  feet.  S_100 will purchase a ceniii'al lot and residence.  S400 will pii-chilSe t.wo nice lots aiid shafity..  ��2000 will purchase two .nice lots aiid cottage.  SSOOO will purchase four nice lotsiifid residence,  liily Kuu'inOii- sliai'cs: f0ra rise.  ^��0(K)=--ti-ii=a^2^ceiit'-.^=-^^^   TELEPHONE  35  During the, season wo will deliver ice at private residences  and business houses daily in an}'  desired nuulitity at easonrable  prices.  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  -Merchandise hauled to and from depots; bus  meet, all trains and boats, Special attention  given to the transfer of baggage. Oflicc and  stables on Vernon streo. , opposite Tho Tribune.  Turner &; Boeckh block, NelROfi, B. D.  PIRB, LIFE, ACCIDENT ANX) SICKNESS  x_sfstji._d-_srcE3  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LOT-iSeveral houses of different sizes.  .'OR SAl.K-Ji-al estate in aii parts of the city.  10-Eoom HousCi eei.-r._Hy hctxt&il, S3-00.  G-RoOifi Cottage and 2 Lots on CfirLoiintc  street;, $1400, easy tej;ms.  5J.-OC.H   House on  Stuiiley strcfetj $31,00.  H. D.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work- from outside points.  parson pfoaii^e Qp:  N-_3L.i_ION., e_ e-  ^ojr EEisri?  One Pleasure Wit_iii Beach,  "Nancy, you ongJit not to attempt golf.  You don't like exercise, and ] know you  can't manage tlie dialect."  "No, but I ean have my picture taken  in my golf suit."  Death of a New. York Broker.  Niaw York, .June- 23.���The death of  John C. Moore, of the stock brokers firm  of Moore & Schley, avus 'sunumncud this  afternoon. He was a director of tlie  Western Union Telegraph Company, and  Wc make a specialty of  Sfiiplap arid Double Dressed NJaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.K. depot   K G. BKI.H, Agent.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  APl_,Y  j. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ofllce of the Duncan Mines, Limited.  FOR SALE  BY   PRIVATE   BARGAIN  2(5 Draught Horses,  12 Jlraught Mules.  11 Pack Mules.  ':  13 Pack Horses.  The above stock is in flrst-class condition and perfectly  broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete rigging for pack animals,, also harness and wagons for  balance of stock. Apply to Wavcrly mine, Albert Canyon, 11. C.  J,  H. WILLIAMS,  Customs Broker  FOR SALE.  COAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All Mixes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order." and shipped to Nelson in carload IoIh  Wrllo for prices.  A building and lot on Kirst Avenue in the town of  Yntir. Herns for S20 per month. Will, be sold cheap for  cash. For further particular's apply to John A. Kirkpatrick. Nelson, B.C.  For Sale  H. C.  N K'K KL-IN-THK-SI.OT  CAIt'D MACIMN'K  IMUCK .?12  Ajiply to  CUMMINS, Bodega Cigar Store.  L. VANSTONE,      R.  Mines and Mining Stocks  RFiAL ESTATE AND O'KNKRAL AGKNTS  FOE   B^^-XaEl.  Two lots with two-story house on Latimer  street, noar Josephine  $18(10  Terins;   ��3'��()(l cash, balanco on moi'tgage.  Sixtv-acl'e ranch, nine miles from city onlake  sliorc $1000  One-half cash, balance ort mortgage.  Ou loan conditions are the cheapest, and best  ollcrcd. You can repay at any time without  bonus.  -_s_.<3-jE:isra-S __r-o_-4  British Coluinbia Pennanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Locn Co., Toronto.  i^srs t_t:e-.a.:i_t ce  Pire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  Wo iti'e receiving daily direct from  tlie growers eonsigniiusnts, of Sti'tiw-  borries, ChetTie.s, .Bfitumsis, Omng&s,  Leiiion.s, etc. 'Bene! . us your  standing orders.  The Tj-acle Only Supplied  Stjop:    Hall Stroet, botweeri Baker and Vernon, Nelson  STRACHAN; BROS.  PLUMBERS  Opera House Block, NELSON-  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  GAMBLE&O'REILLY, Agts  Baker Street West. Nelson, B, C.  (lOuX-Shel'iir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postolllcc Box 572 Nelson, B.C.  squTre's ranch for sale  Containing 120 acres of land ���within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  . particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   d  Parsons Produce Co.  Nelson, B. C.  Geopge Holfopook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders left at _YL DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  TON  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Nelson ItfOii Works  MAKUFA-l'OT'liKS -OW  BNGINBS, BOILERS, SSAFTING, IRON AND  BliASS OAST-NOS OF EVERT DESORIPTiON  ROpair-_ promptly attendcrl to.       P. O. Box l^.  >st & Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co_   Siat-dard Oi! Co.  Washitigton Brick and Liirje Go.  The H. W. H/|cNiell Co;, Ltd., Ganadian Antljra-  ci.e Coal (Hard)  Dealers ir-  city  The only restaurant   in   the  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, iii rear of English church.  Heated by steam. Table board ?���!, room and board ��,.  1 ml ��5.50.  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for salo.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Crow's. Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & OO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  l-rompt and regular  . delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  * wawJ^^h^Tfr -,^. _*-_*^|J1*l_ji��'MW.''rfl_.��W   ^��#_C*U��Ufrw'l_��.. -%-..**,��... THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B_ C, SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 1899.  BankofMontreal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA ANI>  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President  1.   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  _sr__3_LSO_sr Bi-___isro_=_:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       lllt-NCnKS IN       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   OHIOAOO  and in the principal cities in Canada,  Huy and sell Sterling  Kxchango and Cable Transfers  OKANT COMMKKCIA*. AND TKAVKLLKHS' CltKDITS.  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS IB8UED    COLLECTIONS MADH); KTC.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^ori District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  THE   LAND   OF   THE   BARMAIDS.  Among the thousands of tourists who  are rushing OA*er to England at this season it is probable that by *���'_��._ the largest  proportion are going there for the first  time and are full of eager curiosity to see  whether or not the country is anything  like what they have always imagined it  to bo. Men and women usually go to  Europe with very different anticipations.  The women go to see picture galleries  and churches and to price articles of personal adornment. The men go to see life  and to learn the foreign methods of  painting towns' red. The women liaAre  visions of Westminster abbey and Parisian bonnets, while the men dream of the  Moulin' Rouge and Monte Carlo.  Tlie observant man /who visits England  for the first time cannot fail to be impressed by two great English institutions  which are absolutely unknown in this  country. The first of these, and the one  that will force itself upon liis attention  almost as soon as he lands, is the English  chimney pot, a short slender affair of  terracotta, which surmounts every chimney throughout the whole length aud  breadth of,the land. If you ask any  builder why these pots are placed on the  chimneys, he will tell yon that without  them the flue would not draw. Tell him  that you have no such things in Amei'ica,  ,aud yef}=the chimiieys _di?aw.well enough-,.  *and!uasKJ.*h"Kifih_ae\^er*tried -.a-dnmney;.  0iiYi:f*,:or iever "jcii,igw J,aT^jrR]*iTB ���>  %'']^x\^e^y'\\fiihonkfl.  W  $y__hoi.foi _****,  ���ycdiiHe^uokyif  ':i>ijp���fclij^t-p-i^  " \c|ijif".|i;1_li"e1:din|l��]i '%ai-nfM|:l- �� j^ilc^/'tlre.  . ..diSiwiferf "ixoMi- (yflieyseeixi" ��,o_ be ifretefredi]  "��� \ #<_ H_l.-_ ��� "lAiiieriean1 St fie] ("b(pcaxxsefplxey\'a"re'  "������ ��V0j��KJ_O!secl'- to'letraw 1^��#iife^.^lthoufeli"��'f *-*-  "���_ kllkged feasphfdr ejhpld'-'ahg^  "���."ilipy arenioife J-Q'n fes*" .* _(^p#s����)f ��'%)xxh$?"  fashion:  YOUNO GIML would like position in hotel lo learn the  business ; willing to t.o for a time fur nothing.  There i.s no necossity to say that it is iu  the bar that she wants employment.  Any person reading the advei'tisment-  knows that. If she is good looking and  bright, she will have no difficulty in getting a chance to try her hand at the beer  engines, but there may be a good deal of  luck in the kind of place in which she gets  a start. After a talk with the pi-oprietor,  who tells her what her duties will be and  what he is willing to pay her if she turns  out well, she is probably told to be on  hand at a certain time and take her first  lesson, and after quite a little fixing up  aud many careful finishing touches to her  toilet she finds herself for the first time  behind the bar of a public liouse.  While a girl is learning, and before she  gets to waiting on customers, she will  probably see enough to convince her that  the mere selling of the drinks is not  everything, and that the barmaid's attitude toward the men who patronize the  place is a matter requiring careful study.  The other girls will probably inform her  as to what she may expect in the way of  couvei'sation from the men, and they will  advise her to look pleasant and turn it off  if anything unpleasant is said. Girls who  have not been properly warned of the  difference between a man at home and.in  front of a bar have been known to bring  their careers as barmaids to a sudden end  by slapping some customer's face, and  then rushing off. to the proprietor in  tears. Barmaids must be made of sterner stuff than that. The great secret of  success is to judge her customers, and the  'principal thing is to study the regular  ones and to learn their funny little ways.  Almost all the regulars have some particular drink, such as gin and bitters, and  the barmaid must know just how much  they like and how to mix it. Having  been .once-told,:.she.Ashouldll;never .require!  "���" "      ._.-._"_��������?."_*.�����".��__�� .��_!."���"__,��i,,"nAr *  ���whatsit; "^������IJ.'Jqe.-j^^  . .think bat'ihaids ai_e more honest,;  _. ajnoifntvof eiis^m a$d;��� fendkffdMeUp: ilie:  :!(Jii_5ti-ii_iei,s'.tj_a-���'Sl'i1��/lia_s.:.."   -    .  .-  Th"0$e J^-maicls. kfe to be . foiYiijd in  every gradovof; SalooD., frO.*a_ the lowest,  "pubs?'"id Wliiteolfapel,- AV��lier| aii" A&xevi-  %n WC��uJd sjjfepose .that .a re_ iijed pii _��*���?���,  figliter auci prQlessiouol. Bon7ttce.fr would  'ffe hiore appi'.opi'iate, to the hiost j_xeliis-  $ye private hotels iir tiie West End? It is  . tjie same all overEhglaiid, and a p*retty  barmaid lia_s of ten k good deal-to do Ayitli  attracting tlie pa.tr0.iis of avliat ar<- knOw_i  as comiii-l'ci'al- lxotels���-that is, liot^la.'fjee-  ���jluented by drnmniers. It is aii old say-  =ing7that-the"hand-that=pulls=the=beer=en^  gine goes with the face that bi'ings the  tirade. As a class,, bax'maids haye two  charafiteEistips; they are always good  looking and ahyays young. If jron, find a  woman oVer thirty-five in attendance at  an English, bay- yoii may nest assured  that she is the housekeeper and that it is  the bai'maid's evening out. The typical  English barmaid has a roijiid fa_e, strong  eyebrows, a firmly cut mouth, and very  "good t_eth���signs of good Sense, self-con-  tV-ol, judgment of liulnan nature and a  cue'ei't'i.r disposition. She iskl ways plainly but neatly dressed, speaks in a low*  well-bred voice, and has tlie happy faculty of beiug. all things to all men.  Where do all these young and pretty  girls come from and how do they happen  to select such a business as tending bar V  AH ranks Of life have tlieir outlets for tlie  restless spirits. In all classes there are  to be found a certain percentage of girls  who are fond of life and amusement and  for whom home comforts have no attraction. They are bored to death with tlie  inonotony of sewing and dishwashing.  Just as some boys have a craving to go to  sea instead of to business, so some girls  long for a freer and wider life than nursing their littlebrotliersandsisters. Girls  of the middle classes who have had the  advantage of a good education usually go  upon the stage if they are good looking  enough ; otherwise they go into business  as clerks or typewriters, or even as saleswomen in the big stores. Girls of the  lower classes, who have little or no education and have no capital but their good  looks and jolly disposition, naturally turn  to the bar. Sometimes they are recommended by a friend already in the business; sometimes they know some man  who keeps a "pub" or a hotel, and is willing to ghre them a chance. Failing any  of these opportunities, they advertise, the  usual  form  being  sonietliing after  this  '.jmalce! ;a?Ypi%|;eii_;e :��� .6|J7h'|Ipirife��,tlife$i i^hdiK  lt'h^ir" ��fyi:ehti^'qut��v.pjc ,a; ;c'��-t4iii:J;%ri)ta'te'  '.battle.:". ."",* _ ��� �� ,,, *. ',������'...", ���] , "��� ���'",_  ;"'%tIs.qiiite'"an ar. tofcn#w h^iliu^fto,  vtalks to, the: y-trionsYm'e h, thk^ctfi^^ilr^nll;  ^w9iat. ip,y-sixf:-n y��pipe�� m"eii, %l^e���'|3a���r,m^ajycl,  '.'miis_-noj/speak7t6V unless, tliey ^pealcYtO"  _her, no,matt_rshowj.long.tliey.hav6 laiown:.  .Ifer or.liow. ;familiai" tlfej*^ "\ve|^;j3*^tl*ieir  'flixsi yisjif:y��Mpme 'inu..t��."be! treaftfeCLyety  ^dIffer}JiJ������tf%'X^I_d''4^���, differ^ut conclifjjoris, - A'  "iha,k .w-ilf comie in by Jiini^elf sand; .be.Vvery.  Yjoll*^ and fiuniliar if lie finds the Sarmaid,  "aloiie Ait a fliotel bjfi;; aiid" will* jpei^ha-ps  evejx. try .to.-liuck Jier -ft|id'e_.  thechiii.  Tlie;.s,ame aft<_ riiook jie^wili cpnie in wit^'  a frieiid. -'and, will apt as. if he hYid7uevev  sgeu her befor^ find ueyer spoke to Sncli. a  eteaturp |n Ms life_ Soiiie. men'expeet a  girl to tall: to them as if they" were, her  brother.-, others aS if they Wjere sweethearts, While a* few, fortunately a vei*y  few, speak to barinaids as if they were no  better^thairthey^ough^to^be^ "~=  ��� Like ehcjrus girls, ballet dancer', and  others who have left tlieir homes to make  their living in the glare of public life^  barniaids have a very bad reputatioii,  but careful observers agree tliat it is  largely undeserved. Tlie girl behind the  footlights lias no one to account to for  her time, and is free to spend her morning., and afternoons pretty nuich as she  pleases and to stay out for late Slippers  titter the play. The barmaid iji.ust be QU  duty before nine every morning, aud  must stay behind tlie bar until midnight.  She is usually so tired after being on her  feet all day that site does hat need any  housekeeper's rules to send her directly  to bed. The only leisure she has is one  evening a week and one day a month.  The evening is a very short affair, for she  cannot go out until eight and must bo  back in the house before twelve. The  day she lias to herself is usually a Sunday, and it does not begin until one  o'clock and she must be back at ten. She  has no chance to go to any of the exhibitions that take place in the afternoons  and seldom sees the sun except tli rough  the windows of the bar.  In spite of all this the barmaid luis unusual opportunities for making acquaintances and friends. These are usually of  two very different classes���those who belong to her own set, such as the tradesmen that bring stuff to the hotel where  she is employed, and those whom she  meets across the bar. Nothing is more  natural for a man who has to hang round  liis hotel a good deal than to strike up an  acquaintance with the barmaid, especially if- she is good-looking. If he finds her  agreeable he may perhaps venture to ask  her to spend her next evening out at tlie  Earl's exhibition, or her coining Sunday  afternoon in a trip up tlie Thames, with  a supper at Richmond. The girl has to  use her own judgment in accepting such  invitations, but if she goes and the man  has sense enough to behave himself and  to remember that the only difference between the girl he is with and tliose that  he may be accustomed to is that this one  has to work for a living and that she is  availing herself of one of the few opportunities she has for enjoyment, he liiay  pass some of the pleasantest hours of his  life with her. There is nothing about  her of which he need be ashamed. She is  always neatly dressed, quiet and well behaved. Barmaids haA'e no earmarks by  wliich they can be picked out in a crowd  like actresses, and their knowledge of the  world and its ways makes them the most  agreeable companions, always jolly but  never loud or conspicuous.  Wluit becomes of all the pretty barmaids . They get about $3 a week and  their board and lodging in the house,  about twice as much as liouse servants.  They cannot' save a compentence out of  this, and most of them leave the business  before middle age. A surprising number  become installed in some of those modest  little cottages at St. John's Wood or  Blackheath, Avhat Englishmen call "second establishments," usually the outcome  of some of the pleasant exciu'sions already  referred to. It is a matter of public  knowledge that one of the best known  men in England had sucli an establishment presided over for thirty years by a  barmaid that he met in Wales, and Avhose  companionship he said he enjoyed more  than that of all the great ladies he had  eA*er met.  Quite a number marry small tradesmen, or men avIio keep bars of their own  either in small public houses or hotels.  On account of their business training and  their tact in managing and., keeping customers they make excellent AviA^es for  small tradesmen aa'Iio need help in the  shop. They usually get along and "save  a bit," and before long you Avill find them'  driving a dog cart on Sunday ''afternoons  FULL LINE OF  aud going to the theatre occasionally.  After a Avliile you avi 11 hear that they are  living in a neat little cottage in the  suburbs, instead of over the shop, and if  you happen to pass that way some afternoon you Avill see that the hands that began life by pulling on the beer engines  under the glare of the lights in a public  house luiA'e found at last their true occupation in pushing a baby carriage under  the shade of the chestnuts on Hampstead  Heath.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  Miss Graham. Balfour  Jliss Gallop, Balfour  A.  K.  Rand, Now   Westminster  V. I'. Mohair. Spokano  K. .1. _Matthewa, ICaslo  C. 1>. Itaii'l, Spokane  Lee Coombs, Rossland  Janus A.McDonnell, Greenwood  F. J. I'inuoane, Greonwood  W. G. Hughex, Alamo  QUEEN'S.  l-IfAIlt.  Charles Thomson, Van-  con vor  J. H. Hill, Vancouver  .). W. Tyrrell, Hamilton  F. II. llD.stwick, Denver  I... A. Campbell. Kossland   ���  .1. C. llrewry, ltossland  Geo. 11. ' rooks, San Fran-  ���ciso  E.   NcNon  Fell  and wife,  Athabasca Mine  B  2S iS ^ <s <a <3 <s  ��� ^> ��� (=} ���____-. cS> ' c=> ��� e3 ���!"_?  ._ ,r^<_. ��3.^.jS>. gy (=>. c3' (=>��� t^>-^*s' ���- ���  ^mmmmmmmmmm  WHEN   IN  DOUBT  %  B  As to where is the best  wrappers,  place to buy your dress goods, blouses,  underskirts,   hosiery,  etc.,  Play   a   Trump    Card  Thomas Johnstone. Spokano  Robert Jones, Rossland  L. AVestwood, Columbia  Horace M. T. I'ym, Ymir  F. I'. O'Neill, Spokane  A. iV. Callum, JCaslo  TREMONT.  AV. J. Smith, Fernie I A. Frank, Robson  F. Finglais, Rossland D. Tonoy, Slocan City  David Forest, Sandon |  MADDEN.  Loiiis Perau't, Colville  James Brown, Toronto  James McGuire. Brandon  J. AV. Walker. Donald  John McKenna, Robson  B  By coming to us with your order. We will see that you gel  the best goods for the nioney, and guarantee them in every  respect. VVe have black dress goods in crepons at $5.40,  $6, $7.50, $9, and $10.50 a pattern. Black poplin at $4.50.  Fancy brocaded black at $3.90, $4.50, and $5. Colored dress  goods in brocades at $4, poplins and whipcords at $4.50, fish  bone at $4.50 and $6. Navy and black serges at 75c, $1 and  $1.25 per yard.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  A Manson and family,  Waneta  James Jackson, Silverton  W. H. Ferguson, Slocan  City  GRAND CENTRAL.  C. D Hayward, Spokano  James B. Brunn, Rossland  J. Elvidgo, Robson  HUME.  A. Crossloy, Flying Dutchman Mine  G. M. Lo'shman, Victoria  Mrs. R. E. Smith and dau-  j    ghter, Kamloops  j E. Fi. Vincent, Calgary  J. H. AA'ilbur, Toronto  G. M. McDowell, New A'ork  Mrs. Green, Chicago  C. Dixon, Rossland  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  i&  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  TEEMS   CASH  fe  ,(=3.1=)  :*S^&e-:��.e*:|  :e-e.*��.l  m  ffl  ffl  M  m Treffloflt Hotel  N|AL.|_E & TREGILLUS  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  ",���" -;$lpc.aliand.tco.aj.t._,s  .'�����_  Y't?^,,. >��� :yy, y yy y  ."*. ��dis,.tf.__'I._rv/^T"iTi-nf,%. ���-y.-  y.. j .PfI@^K_#&"Syy";  g'.y". ",lbcfil".annd'"cbasp."i _  PROPRIETORS  P. Burns <�� Co.  WIIOLESALK   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Cascade  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospeetors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  PS  and  ALWAYS ON HAND  Newel Posts  SV, Jj  , ^Mouldings, ���  /"Hpig__-}ajQC-7��� ���/  ._Sress'e��_��� E_i_M$er  '.Ofc^ir kinds:  "If wlfatfyoif want/i-^iiot .in ��tock \vo\lvilljimake it for you  ���'    " ^LB^A^P^'ETPl.lBJK.S. ���"     ���'���   ���"���  lOne-mpdheimstymd;  ^\faiM9^h0tem> im_ MeIspR4  EPS  pop-  p_ta__igR iSf-tBiEj,. n^ss^s;.  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Gity,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  Wiplt -   WHOLESALE 'AND RETAIL   y .  m^��mSH AND POULTRY IN-SEASON    ;. *'  ifi��-et,f_eiso_i E. C. TRAVES, Manager  -' _      /. **Y,t:,   ^ORDERS BY AIAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AUD PROMPT ATTENTION.    ' '-^    *  ���������Wjls^^ ^i^::P'!p^|r:;^r|d7  :;%i^i^,'d:._aV^St'���!St#i<i^  ;ha"ll a^p-lAke; Streets,, n_.ls.05J  C__AI���-ES  ���sEIt,  HARRX-'HOUSTON,  IJ3|-S��_I'_E__3a3.  MA.VlJBACTUltKK- OV  ftKAKEKS IN"  AJ?D  Rbligl W0 Dressed Lttr-iber'  Dbors and Sash  Feftee Posts and Pickets  OMce and Store Fittings  KAQTOItV WOllfe. CtJN'K TO OnDfcllf,  Such as  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  WardroBes and  General Joinery Work  1>* STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Jj_r_e comforpible ���b<jdrobjh_. ttiid,'. flrst-.olSss .djiiinfe*'  rooiiiv _arniil<Jfrooms tor-cornni^rcial iiieif..  �� .   ^jL-fDiES.'' _0��2. ��� F.iEi-R "3p___ __-  - L>   'Iii.    u_.r\iiJr\i-j  Late of the Royal SptelYCalgary,  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ollloo, corner Hall street and C.P.R, track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  ���.    ���:���:.���  ","''"' HEAD  OFFICE,  LONDON,   ENGLAND.     -        "-  ^A.I)^cio^ifi\i'nTcations relating to British  Columbia .business Jo be addressed to P. O.- Drawer  "     * .     605,. Nelson, British Columbia  *"ij,7R(-DERICK  S. S  IQDERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager >   Klt-t- om<i     o   <n_  lYPOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer 1   INtLoUIN, .D. O.  The Slocan Ore Purchasing Company  OF  ITEXjSOJSJ-,   B- c.  Is   now prepared   to  buy all   classes of silver, gold, silver-lead,  capper ores. The careful attention given to large  t^tRf^ffi"?l!es"t^hrpper7 Pro7npt~seftlements and"  ing guaranteed,  Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson,  contracts will be  lead and  extended  choice of mode of sampl-  B, C.  fi. D. HUME, Manager.  The flncist hotel in the interior.  Lar^q sample rbbniij.   St_ani heat arid electric light.  CORI-Kn OF 'WARD AND VKRNON STS., NKLSON  e  BAKE-t AND \VAUD STllKKTS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nolson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms arc well fiirnifilied jilld light., by  -ieotricity.  Tlio dining-room is not second td wry in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THO_MAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Heated by hot, ai  pie  Largo and well lighted  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Klcctric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  A larg0 stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone.1        Johll   RSB9   Agetlt  WANTED  EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKERS  F. IRVINE & CG.  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  GEORGE M. McDOWELL. Ummgm  O, M, ROSENDALE, Puf_._asii.io' Agdnt  THURMAN  SMOKERS'HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAI_ AND KOOTlENAY BELLE ��I0ARS  i-Lnd all other bpa-nds of the  Kootenay Cigar lanufaetoping Goipany  AT FACTORY 1-lUCKS  o^h* asrEi-soasr. b.0.  Kelson Tent and Awning lanufaetty  ________   _3_X3SrJDS   OFI  Kree bus meets all trains  Hourly streot car to station  Revelstoke, B.C.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  COFFEE  ROASTERS  AND  AND    DEALERS  COFFEE.  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THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C.,  SUNDAY, JUNE  25.  1899.  it i  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  CORNER BAKER AND JOSKPHINK STREETS. NELSON  Yesterday's Work at the Traps.  The scores made yesterday afternoon at  tho practice shoot of the Nelson Gun Club  were not so good as those of Thursday's  shoot, saving that Dr. Hall .secured nineteen out of twenty birds. In Thursday's  shoot three of the members���Steele,  Blackwood and Goepel���secured sixteen  bii'ds, while in yesterday's shoot Williams, with a score of thirteen and Hall  with nineteen were the only members  who came near them. The shooting yesterday was from unknown traps and  angles.  K. W. "Ma' thews loo id  Dr. Hall. Mill  I!. Ii. Williams 111.I  0. D. Goepel 11001  Swan Nelson 00111  W. G. Cookson 01010  Gi'Oiwo \V. Steele (KJIU  001011 00110 00001��� (i  ioi ii urn mil-io  1011] Ul'tlO Willi���13  oino ooooi ooiio- si  10110 01000 10010��� !l  10001 101)11 01111���11  00110 11010 10110���11  Ir  July ist is nearly here  How can you celebrate unless properly dressed?  See fjow Gilker can, fix you up for a few dollars.  P. O. Store  J.  A.  QUAKER  A nieeting of tlie club will he held on  Tuesday evening for the purpose of selecting a team to represent tlie club iu  the tea-m shoot on Dominion Day. Up  to date the secretary of the club has received word from the gun clubs of Revelstoke, .Rossland and Lethbridge that  they Avill be represented at the traps, so  that a successful shoot is virtually  assured!  NELSON.  Beginning with today the Nelson <fc  Fort Sheppard train will leave the depot  at 9.10 a. in., arriving in Spokane at G  p. in. The train from Spokane will reach  the mountain station at5.10p.m.,twenty  minutes later than heretofore.  The Hall Mines made another shipment  of silver-lead bullion to the refinery at  Newark, Ncav Jersey, yesterday. There  Avere 430 bars in the consignment which'  was valued at $3548.  Born, in Nelson yesterday, to the wife  of Mr. 3. E. Johnson, a daughter.  All the men who are working-.. upon  contracts in the mines around Nelsou are  making more tlian tlie. union scale of  wages. The chances are that at least  two of the properties will revert to the  day labor system within the next two  weeks and pay the union scale of wages.  James McDonald,' of D. McAr_hur '&,  Co., leaves for Kaslo tomorrow to drive  the piles for the two,.wharves- which the  C. P. 11. and the Kaslo & Slocan railways  are putting in at that place.  News has been received in town, of the  wedding on June Gth of Robert RistHed-  ley ancl Eveline Anna Sherwood at All  Soul's church, South Ascot, England. The  EOlkSALE  .BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  '?-9Yibyf:'l|d,f^  ceremony was performed by the Rev.  Vernon Staley, brother-in-law of the  bride. The happy eouplojol'fc England  for Nelson on June 22nd, and will spend  a week in Toronto on the way.  F. 3. l-*inucane, manager of the Bank  of Montreal at Greenwood, is iu Nelson.  Like every one else from the Boundary  country, he claims that the vastness of  the mineral resources of that section are  not realized ; that within ten years more  gold and copper Avill be produced from  the mines of southern Yale than from  any other district in the world.  \V. A. Harvey, superintendent of the  Nelsoii-I'oornian mine, has a gang of  twenty-seven men at the mine. V'ester-  day they were employed in cleaning and  renovating*the mill. The mine starts up  today.  Dr. Doolittle will leave for Rossland  tomorrow for the purpose of renewing  his negotiations with the Rossland city  council for a granting of a coke and gas  franchise. He expects thai; a start will  be made in the construction of tlio local  gas and coke plant within the next thirty  days.  The fraternal societies of Nelson .will  hold a union ball on Friday, Saturday  and Monday, June 30th, July 1st and 3rd,  from 3 "fco 5 o'clock in the afternoons and  each night commencing at S:30 o'clock. A  meeting will be held on Monday night to  appoint committees. The tickets luwe  been placed at $1 for gentlemen, ladies  free. The ladies of the Maccabees have  arranged to supply the refreshments.  ANY A. Macdonald leaA'es today for a  trip over the Robson-Penticton extension  iu company-'with Mr. Newman, superintendent of construction. The track is  now laid past Gladstone.  Eliolt, situated on the main line of the  C. P. II. about lifteen miles 'north- of  Green Avood City, is the latest boom town  of the Boundary country.  G. M. McDowell, manager of the Slocan  Ore Purchasing Company, returned yesterday evening* from a visit to New ^fork.  The uniform ;rank of the- KnigUts of  Pythias have decided to take part in the  Trades'procession during the Dominion.  Day celebration.  The chief of police reports that a number of undesirable characters have left  town in response to a hint from the  authorities. Three or four more have  been given until Monday-to get out, Avhen  'lie says the town  Avill   be  rid  of these  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C,  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  eavv Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Wooden ware  Stoves, Ranges;  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  \ _. .*_*"���  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine StSY  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  W. M. Sprott,; Avho A\ras for several  years connected.-' with.'*J.'"'Dover's establishment in" this city, has opened  up a  ""^   " "  '""'-        ^TtT3K  ^'.^P^^flg'TjB^^fij'STRJIE^ NB&SOST i  tA-T  1. Wriur ft Coi  Goitr.or Butter and, Ward Strqols  NELSON,   B.G.  DRAWING  ROOM  ^E__A_a?TI3STGh  ��88_3^^^^g__3.8��8_^^  725%*' Jj^-iyittit .^joy(Biltert-S'f_ou��h. 8i<_ o -oiWaftrcm"  .BO^m^Jth��:i-mVl^*-n*i-**ite{/ib-til_sjd_,"b%tto.ri.j_- "   '  00*.  ;;!).rroo)rill6-sbVand".iWoty-dfioub-firprclrard''!"...."..,. I'lOO'  .- Orjl>W;_..���._ ,\A. i..,i^.i-n���'^,.i.ni^i.^ u_iori.t_ :_..,J_jV.l_..,i. ri.-.-:- _."._,._�� I,.,;���.?.-_?_. .    -'  &Ms  je"i*_3s;ely6s.?ars Ji-i%i.y.g ha<J% a* -v-ofy. em  IgjL'atfid^  *ei<m&��^ngiW2'jM 4sC rfofe? !J*' V"|I*"'  rigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  _STBI_S03Sr,   B.-O..  fA^olley. \c��'$��cdj3gmffi tH-^"JCarr i��=^? ,���eiolc v|e]tiS*hvi^ t�� .Byoti^y. "H-j_;rht��^V _KTe lstbtt'  '.K-i* .gdifeM" iii-fou-__abi".i&dji^iilsd-tip.��- aftd. _r_.--ii_i._ei'  " 4;Biii;lJ.bulais���or.i aljo.yeipropcrbyapplv t6.  �� ��Reaf._!Rt"alc;Sd^i3^nei|tl^gBht4 B___-''SjU Nelsou  K_pt Iri' all grocers and fruit store dealers,  Lime 'Jvlco cordial,, liaftpbcr_y. Strawberry;  Pineapple, Lemon,, Vanilla;'SarsnjiM'illa, Cliou-  olate, Cbil'ec. Orange, Oritirge Phosphate.  ^i$fc^_-uiqi.if^ Y,  '" . .ilij^to^hferltoiiis. ,.p!f^goin@to. - pfUSs the  '"-p iSfispn^rs-^vHo^q'-ipe.d "4h<m$p 'Not  l$$ii-o% Tiiiirida^kre *s*bill�� esca-pfetlY ���  isf*  'isoh  victoria  vancouvkk  NELSON  e  LIMITED,  CornorBaker find Ward Stt'cots.  lfor  Str'aVv-eri'ics irlrd other bruits irr  ro^oji.  yoj-i-r 'Qrd-or.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  lee Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinlcs  iVoilve  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON  ...  Ice Gream  (HAZLEWOOD)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  h\T CENTRAL- -FRUIT STOP  KrcHh Fruit received daily  Next door to NoIkoii Wine Co.  Tolephouo <J3... HUMPH-IEYS 8c I'lTTOCK  MILLS & LOTT  Agents for Kazlowood Ice Cream.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelsorr.  meals at all hours, day or night  bakery in 'connection  family and pastry cooking a -specialty  only white help employed  _=_.    :_3:tt:e.:��."5-V   fhopbietoe  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  K011 SALE OR HIRE  hQ*l tliflYyai-iu wfijtfigi' fecpiijf. {ftvo.oj,', tlij^o Aytifeks eai'Her, but it .is ou.r.-rtile i���i. -tyu.i_3��  nms: tb .l_rw;pr* tlie- siock -hiefp'-'o^ sGJffi#(iU'n\i:i.i_);��� inVeii',toi?yi ^<J thke oiijt-.arte"(i'j:Qiife"-��  pliilo-.opl.Vtcj.ijl'y a(i"(.| wi|17gi'(_e(i', ypk jifelsiyj.Uj"Xvli(*lj }*oti"ct5ii;i(. ip ���'Itelp, us--.enlptj.* Wk'"  .hfilvcss to tile ijuiek-s.;pp -uit@.0i^:t(i(_lfe%il|ii3^Vpi'!GC^7 '-'''���"���' 2 -  ;*���        ���;-'  WE ARE THE feXGIjttSifrk A&EliTSyiof __S_y of  _he best lines of  fyroeeries, arid' always .HtfAre-a fresh, wh:6iespm& sto.ck7 on hand.  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built lo order. Repairing and flttine a specialty. Sails made and figged, lfishing rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  TENDERS   WANTED.  Tenders will be received up till noon on Wednesday,  JuiiC-SUi. 189U, for sinking a S by 7 foot shaft, fill fool  more on the present shaft of Fairmont mine, now 1(10 feel  deep, at Ymir* eanrp. The lowest or any tomlur not  necessarily accepted.   Bids loiho sent to  ���-   IIKNIIV t). CARR, Consulting Engineer, .  June 2M, 18113, Box 5S0,' Nelson, H.C.  OUR   LEADERS  I will show a" extensive line of goods bought dit'eet  from the rnanufaol'iiros irr England, Erairee, Germany,  and the United Statos. Also gdods from the best Canadian manufacturers..  The latest and best in Gold, Silver, Coral, and Plated  Jewelry, Ebony and Cut Glass.  I also curry a large variety of Gold and SilvcrNoveltios,  Brooches, Star's, Crescents, Pins, etc.  We always carry a, complete lirro of \V'atchcs.  ALWAYS IN  STOCK.  10 and 11 carat Solid Gold Lorgnel I es.  a, 10 and 20 year Lorgnettes.  Gilt and Braid Lorgnettes.  Coral and Silk Lorgnette.";  Rolled Plate Blouse Sets.  Gold Filled Blouse Sets.  Silver and Gilt Blouse Sots.  Gold and Silver Sash Buckles.  Plate and Gilt Sash Buckles.  5, 10, 15, and 20 year Rolled Plnlc Gold Filled Alberts.  Silver, Gilt, unci Goldinc Alberts.  100 styles and qualities in Brooches.  100 styles in Pins.  5, 10. 13. and 20 year Rolled Plato and Gold Filled  Links and Buttons.  Silver and Pearl Links, .Buttons and Studs.  Gut Gloss Perfume Bottles.  Cut Glass Flower Holders.  Out Glass Toilet Bottles.  Cut Glass in 10 different styles and articles.  -Diamond Rings, Claw and Gem Ring in every known  stone arid design.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  Mail ordure promptly attended to.   ���  i'ine watch, repairing a specialty.  Telephone 10.  ]?. O. Box K & W.  Baker street West, Nelson  MONEY SAVED BY BUYING YOUR  i Jars, Mv li  Ei_-c_, ib-so-m: tts  Wo can." the largest slock  Can (ill your orders for any (|uan(ity  M. DesBrisay & Co,  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  s  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply is limited, bo call early and oxmnino this stock.  W  "3k,      -_*  _. TKki, ��_5_  ^afflf-aww^^wrf'


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