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 rsTteaarBBBii  MURDER FOLLOWED BY SUICIDE  In a Cranbrook Brothel.  Ci.anbkook, June 20.���This afternoon  Cranbrook added another chapter of  crime to its history but this time the  murderer made matters easy for the administration of justice by inflicting a  mortal wound upon himself. Shortly  after 2 o'clock this afternoon a man  named Brandot shot and killed one of  the inmates in Nettie McDowell's resort.  Tlie woman's death Avas almost instantaneous, and as soon as Brandet was  satisfied that he had accomplished his  purpose lie turned his revolver upon himself' and inflicted what the medical men  in attendance pronounce to be a mortal  wound. The murderer so far as can be  learned at present i.s not very well known  around Cranbrook.  The circumstances of the double tragedy are tragic in the extreme. The victim, Mr.. Lillian Atwood, who was  young and beautiful, formerly lived in  Minneapolis, Avhere her husband was en-  * gaged in business in Lake Calhoun. It  was there she met Brant, who owned a  pleasure launch on tho lake, and became  infatuated Avith him. Aftenvards he  lef b and came to Fernie where he secured  work as a musician in the house of prostitution and she followed him.  Two Aveeks ago they came to Cranbrook  and rented rooms for housekeeping and  Friday they quarrelled. This morning  he returned and soon after noon called  on her. Tliere Avas no quarrelling, he on  the contrary seeming in the best of  humor. Rising to go, he suddenly pulled  his revolver aud shot her tliree times  causing instant death. Turning he  Avalked out of the door, hesitated a moment, then went back into the house aud  fired the shot that ended his career.  Such surroundings and the tragedy has  caused great excitement in the'town.  Fighting for the Toilers.  Ottaava, June 20.���The union label bill  came up again today before the senate  committee on banking and commerce.  10. 3. O'Donoghue of Toronto addressed  the committee. He pointed out that the  adoption of the bill would materially assist in relieving tlie Avorking classes from  the growing evils of the SAveating system,  unduly low Avages, long hours and labor  under unsanitary conditions. Mr. O'Donoghue denied, as suggested by senator  McMillan, tliat the bill would dictate as  to Iioav business men were going to run  their establishments. He (O'Donoghue)  made an earnest plea for the bill, pointing out that labor classes had'-been asking for such legislation for six years, and  although progress Avas being made it Avas  not yet obtained. ,. ,    , *'   .  ��� Senator McMillan in reply said._that_he..  did not think that O'Donoghue Avould  live lOng enough to seo such a measure  become laAV, 'to AA'hich Mr. O'Donoghue  retorted that he might live longer than  the senate.  The bill Avas alloAved to stand oA*er  until Thursday next, but the,senate from  the discussion wliich has developed upon  -the bill so far is evidently hostile.  The usury bill has been* again postponed until Thursday next. Mr. St. Jean,  a Montreal lawyer, appeared before the  committee and said that the Iiiav as proposed would inflict a great injury at  large upon the country.  The Henley Eaces.  London, June 20.���Ned Skippeon, the  Toronto Argonauts steward, says the live  boats, that Clasper is making for the  Argonauts, are ready, AA'ith the exception  oi' the eight-oared, but all Avill be ready  tomorroAV. From all appearances the boats  are satisfactory, but it is impossible to  "jlid gtT]iToperly until-they are~laiuiehed_  Avith their creAvs.  The following entries .hough unofficial  .are probably correct: Grand challenge  cup���Leander clul>, Trinity college, Cambridge; Thames RoAAing Club, Baliol college, Oxford; Lager Rowing Club, Delft  university, Holland creAv and Argonauts  of Toronto,  Steward's challenge cup���Magdalene  college, New college, Baliol college, Argonauts of Toronto, and possibly the  1 (.ammonia club of Hamburg.  Diamond sculls���Howell, the present  holder, S. F. Blackstaffe, Vesta RoAving  Club, Hemmerde of the Leander Rowing  Club, C. A. R. Goldman of the Toronto  Argonauts,, and possibly Pittmau, the  former Oxonian president, and Fox of  Pembroke college;. Oxford, winner of the  university sculls-.  -Pi-,  .     lablliiy  WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 21,  1809.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY. $2;  shipwrecked men falling into the sea during a battle and picked up by neutral  hospital ships. He also proposed three  additional articles wliich Avere referred  to the drafting conimittee.** The Persian  delegate, general Miriza Rizkhan, avIio is  Persian minister to Russia, moved to  change the red cross emblem to a white  Hag with a red sun. The plenary conference met to adopt these additional articles and appointed a conimittee to draw  up a general act embodying the report of  the Geneva convention. This is the first  definite result of the conference.  More Trouble in Cleveland.  Cleveland,-Juno 20.���Cars were  running during the day on all lines operated  by  the  street    car    company  since the  strike.    Atone  p.m.  the committee appointed to settle the street car strike met  the representatives of  the  strikers  and  the,.company. Pending preparations of the  formal  statement,  a  recess   Avas  taken.  Riotous   disturbances   broke  out  about  noon.    A croAvd boarded  a  Wade  Park  Avenue   car   near   Liudus   and    Annal  avenues and beat the non-union  motor-  men  into  insensibility.     The conductor  deserted- the car and fled. Another Wade  Park Avenue car Avas stoned and one on  the  Euclid Avenue line  AA'as   attacked.  Many women were on  board  and cried  Avith  terror as  stones  crashed through  windows.    One woman fainted.     At the  corner  of   Wilson   avenue   and  Quincy  street one man Avas shot and others had-  narroAV escapes.    Passengers  escaped as  best they could AAiien the stones began to  fly, but  the   conductor   and   motormau  Avere struck repeatedly.    The latter dr'eAV  a revoh'er and fired three times into tlie  crowd.-   He then put on speed and ran  his car out of the  mob's  reach.    George  Berger, a striking conductor, Avas hit in  the leg  by a  bullet.     No  arrests were  made.  The creAv of Scoville car No. 224 Avas  badly beaten by ten men at 11 a. m.  The car was on its Avay doAvn tOAA'ii at  Wilson avenue when one man got on, and  eA-ery crossing thereafter one or tA\*o more  men boarded the car until tliere AArere ten  passengers. While Harry - C. Clark, the  conductor, Avas taking up fares, he was  struck on the head from behind -by a  coupling piu in the hands of one of the  passengers. SeA'eral of the other, men.  .tlieu.ju_uped-.on him and pounded him insensible, The others theu turned their  attention to the niotorman. lie Avas hit  on the head and body and sank to the  floor in an unconscious condition. At  Hackmau street the men all left the  cars. A block further on Clark recovered,  sufficiently to cut off the current and  bring the car to a stop. After a short  wait it was run back to the barn. Both  men AA'ere badly hurt.  A. W. Wigel, a letter carrier, riding ou  a Euclid car Avas struck full iu the face  by a stone. He Avas unconscious and  covered Avith blood when he reached  liome. As much freight as possible is  being delivered to the raihvays and the  managers at the different freight houses  appear altogether indiffereut as to  Avhether the strike continues or not.  Ball Games Yesterday.  Worcester 2, Toronto 1.  Providence 1, Montreal 2.  _Bu_falo_l 1 ,_Columbus_5   Kansas City 11, St Paul 3.  Minneapolis 8, Milwaukee 0.  Detroit 11, Indianapolis 8.  Hartford 8, Syracuse 1.  Pittsburg 2, New York 1.  Cincinnati 3, Philadelphia 2.  LouisAille 1, Baltimore 2.  Chicago 1, Boston 5.  Cleveland 7, Brooklyn 9.  St. Louis 3, Washington 5.  POORMAM   TQ  RESUME   WORK  Upon Contract Basis.  The Nelson-Poorman Gold Mining Company has arranged for the resumption of  work upon the Poorman. W. A. Harvey,  who Avill have charge of the mine for the  company, has arrived in Nelson and.i.s  now engaged in getting supplies out. He  says that a considerable force will be put  to Qvork at once in straightening things  out at the mine Avitli a Aiew to getting  the property .in shape for the letting of  contracts. As the attempt Avill be made  to do most of the Avork upon the contract basis Mr. Harvey does not anticipate' any difficulty Avith the Miners'  Union over the question of Avages. When  questioned as to the size of the crew  Avhieh he intended to put to "work Mr.  Harvey said that at the outset there  would be Avork for at. least tAventy men,  but when the surface is put in shape and  the management gets doAvn to the eon-  tract basis the force may not be so large.  As supplies are iioav being taken up-to  the property from the railway crossing  Mr. Harvey expects to commence operations in a day or so.  The Strike is Postponed.  Buffalo, June 20.���Contrary to expectations a general strike of dock Avorkers Avas not ordered tonight. A conference was held by representatives of the  various branches of labor along the docks,  and after the freight handlers had been  urged in vain to return to work, it Avas  decided that no action looking to a general strike would be taken until president  Keefe of the Iongshoremens' association  arrives here and looks into the situation.  A telegram was sent to Mr. Keefe urging  him to come to Buffalo at once, aud he is*  expected here tomorroAV night.  Leaders of the different labor bodies,  when spoken to at the conclusion of'tonight's meeting, said that Avhile they  A\**ere averse to a general strike and .would  try to prevent it, the agreement between  the different unions to stand by each-  other AAras binding, and should the advance iu Avages asked for by the freight  handlers not be granted, nothing could or  AA'ould prevent' the calling out of every  union man employed along the docks. In  the, meantime but- little AA-ork is being  done on the .docks. A number of, the  lake freight boats have been laid up and  the feAV that-"are in the harbor are beingt  loaded, slowly by non-union  men.  The Magazines Exploded.  Pexsacola, Florida, June 20.���The  smaller magazine's of Fort Rickens bleAv  up this morning having caught fire from  some unknoAvn cause and wore completely  Avrecked. Private Wells of battery "H"-  AA'as killed and four men Avere badly injured. The larger magazine in Avliich  Avas stored a great quantity of dynamite  and other explosives Avas in danger, but  it and the forts were saved by hard  work.    The loss Avill reach $75,000.  International Chess Matches-  London, June 20,���At the 4:30 adjournment in the international chess tournament today the results were: Schlechter  and JanoAvski, Cohen and Pillsbury and  Lee and ShoAvalter hud adjourned their  games in even positions. Lasker had the  better position against-BlaekburnerTschi--  gorin had beaten Steiuitz and Bird and  Maroczy had drawn.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Conference Makes Progress.  YTHE Hague, June 20.���The Brussels  conference sub-committee at the international peace conference convened today,  Professor de Martens of the Russian delegation presiding. The drafting committee's report was amended in regard to  awarding greater protection to neutral  states, defining the rights of civil populations to organize for resistance, and the  rights of armies as toward armed civilians. Ten clauses of the report AA'ere  adopted. The report of the sub-committee Avill uoav be presented to the conference and it is believed that nearly all the  powers.''will adopt the neAV articles as a  basis of instructions for armies when entering the field.  The Geneva convention conimittee held  plenary session today to cousider tlie report of its subcommittee. Captain Mahan,  ofthe American delegation, again dreAV  attention to the omission of an article defining the exact status of wounded, aud  Federationists Win in Sydney.  Sydney, New* South Wales, June 20.���  Tlie referendum on tho federation question resulted 11,05-1 in favor, as against  10,551 opposed in the city of Sydney. .In  the suburbs the A'oting avus 2-1,458 in  favor and 25,0-18 opposed, and in the  country district the returns, iioav praeti-  cally complete, show 05,097 for federation  as against 44,035 opposed. The result  has been received Avith great enthusiasm,  and the federation leaders are applauded  and eulogized on all sides.  Another Car Strike.  Akron, Ohio, June 20.���Not a street  car is running on the Akron and Cuya-  hoogo rapid transit lines today. Some  time ago there Avas a disagreement as to  Avages and the matter AA'as referred to  arbitration. The report, which was submitted last night, included a clause providing for arbitration in the future and  the company refused to accept it. The  men held a meeting and decided to strike.  No effort was made to run cars today.  Earthquake at Victoria,  Victoria, B.C., June 20.���The Dominion goA'ernment observers record that a  well-marked earthquake Avas recorded  upon the seismograph here on the 14th  at 3:58, lasting one hour, and a less pronounced one on the ,16th-at 1.7 hours  and 23 minutes.  Australians Score Heavily.  Portsmouth, England, June 20.���At  the close of play today the Australian  team in their cricket match A\ith the  eleA'en representing Oxford university,  past and present, AA'hich began yesterday,  had scored 373 runs for eight wickets  down in the first innings. The Oxford  men Avere all out yesterday in their first  innings for 251 runs.  A Long Tunnel Started.  Maxwell Stevenson started work on  Monday on a tunnel that Avill tap the  Highlander mine at Ainsworth at great  depth. The tunnel will be about 2000  feet long, according to surveys made by  A. E. Hodgins of Nelson. Ainsworth- is  not considered a high-grade camp, and  undertaking sucli an expensive piece of  work at a time Avhen operations at mines  in high-grade camps are suspended because of the .eight-hour laAV looks A'ery  much, as if the high-grade mine owners  do not Avant to do the fair thing by the  country in AA'hich so many of them have  thrived and made fortunes. Mr. SteA-en-  sou is from Philadelphia, where capitalists are said to be A'ery conservative.  NEW DENVER.  The Fidelity group, adjoining the  Bosun, near this town, has been purchased by a syndicate headed by Hon. Mr.  Morris, president of the Montreal board  of trade. The Fidelity Avas originally  discovered and OAvned by Byron, Holtz  and Williamson of Silverton, avJio shipped several carloads of ore,'with good returns. It finally passed into the hands  of Scott McDonald, late of the Payne, aud  his associates, Avho have .since disposed of  their holdings. The deal has caused  some stir here, and folioAving closely upon  tlie sale of the Mountain Chief indicates  a much brighter future for tli is immediate vicinity.  A couple of experts haAre been inspecting the Silver Mountain properties surrounding the California and a deal "is  again in progress for the purchase of the  entire layout.  On the August FloAver, adjoining the  Hartney, on Sihrer Mountain, E. Shannon  has uncovered four inches of clean galena  by ground sluicing. There Avas" twenty'  feet of AA'ash.  D. Mero, who owns a claim on the  toAvnsite just south of the creek, Avill  have a 100-foot tunnel driA'eii to crosscut  the' vein in exchange for an interest in  tlie prospect.   '  Sandon footballisls met defeat on the  local grounds oh Saturday, the Ncav Denver team Avinuing-by two goals to one.  There Avas a large attendance.- Silverton  plays'here on Saturday next.  A local syndicate is putting in a limited system of Avatcrworks from a series of  springs" on Goat  mountain  to  the  residences surrounding BigeloAv Bay.  The Arlington mine, Springer creek,  has increased its force lately. It pays  $3.50'per shift.  The people in tlie Ioaa'ci- lake camp arc  anxiously aAA*aiting the com pie lion-pf the  Springer creek wagon road. Machinery  is needed at the Arlington, AA'hich cannot  be hauled up to place till the road is in  shape. The snow has all gone off and  the ground is drying up, and the present  is an excellent time for tho building of  this much needed road.  More agents of purchasing capital are  in the camp these days than for several  years.  The suoav has gone rapidly the hist  feAV days and tlie lake has come up Avith  a bound.           FERNIE.   Tlie~~Canudiari    Pacific Railway  Coin-  No Trouble on French Shore,  London, June 20.���The admiralty officials Avhen questioned today regarding  tlie announcement made iu special dispatches from Halifax that vessels belonging to the British north Atlantic squadron AA'ere being sent to quell trouble on  the French coast of Newfoundland, said  there A\*as no truth in the report.  Fins Dissatisfied.  St. PETl-RSBtmG, June 20.���Grand Duke  Vladimir, Avho AA'as recently sent to Finland to inspect the troops there Avas received unfavorably, even Avith hostility.  Popular irritation in Finland oA'er the  government's scheme to russianize the  province is daily becoming more pronounced.  The Metal Markets.  Neav York, June 20.���Bar silver, GOjjjc.;  Mexican ��� dollars,' 4S��e. Copper, dull,  broker's $18j-. Exchange, $1S(�� $18.50.  Lead, steady, broker's $4.25. Exchange,  $4.25.    Tin, steady ; plates firm.  A Significant Order.  London, June 20.���The CapetoAvn correspondent of the Daily Mail says, that  the Natal-volunteers have been officially  I ordered to hold themselves  in   readiness  J for active, service.  pany's saAvmill at Fernie, the largest mill  of   its   kind   in   British   Columbia Avas  SAvept   away   on   Monday   niglit   by   a  freshet on tlie Elk river.    The  mill  dam  Avas broken by the force ofthe Avalerancl  the mill and a large number of logs went  down with the current.    There Avere several million   feet of   logs  on   the   bank-  ready to be ..iiAvn as soon as the   water  Avent down,    it is doubtful Avhether  the  company Avill rebuild the mill, as the original   intention in   its construction  Avas  principally to saw limber to  be used nn  the construction of the Cvoav's Nest Pass  raihvay.        ___________  NELSON.  Work was commenced yesterday on the  basement of a two-story brick building  ou the northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets. The east half of fche  building Avill be occupied by the post-  office, and the remainder by stores and  offices, all of Avhieh haA'e been "spoken  fOr." The building is to be completed by  August 1st.  The Hall Mines, Limited, has subscribed  $50 to the celebration fund, Avitli tlie request that it be added to the drilling  contest prizes. Banker Indel I i has donated  an open-face silver Avatch for. a special  trophy. Twong Sam has donated tAventy  dollars' Avorth of firecrackers, Avhieh he  imported for the occasion direct from  Canton, China. The official prograinnie  AA'ill bo in the hands of the printers to-  morroAA\  The Tribune modestly suggests that  half a dozen more arc lamps be procured  foi' lighting the; streets'during the celebration.  Postmaster .Gilker has been .allowed  fh'e dollars a inoiith-towards the expense  of a night clerk .at -the:, posto.ffice. Tltio.  services' of a niglit clerk1 are'required,'  now that Nelson has become a raihvay  and steamboat centre, Avith mails arriving at all hours. The mails are now distributed on arrh'al, but, the general delivery is opened and closed the usual  hours. W. W. Bradley is on duty at  night.  The following Slocan Lake four will  compete in the open fours at the Dominion celebration here: S. Todd, boAv; V.  P. Christie, 2; F. Gillus. 3,' and G. B.  Wilthain, stroker Regie Christie A\rill  cox the crew. Three and stroke intend also entering for the tandem canoe  race. -  li. J. Tribble, the Silver'King-minor  who died of pneumonia on Saturday at  the company's hospital. Avill be buried  this afternoon at 2 o'clock, the previous  arrangements having been0 altered. The  funeral, will start from the Nelson Fiirni--  ture Company's undertaking parlors.  Rather to the surprise of the local legal  fraternity, judge Forin Avent to ReA'el-  stoke on Monday eA'euing. The result  was that there was' no sittings of the  county court yesterday, Avhile the date of  trying the remaining cases on the list remains unfixed. ���  The examinations for general promotion at the Nelson public school conclude today.  P. Burns & Co. haA'e purchased the real  estate aud iniproA'ements of Wilson &  HarshaAv on Vernon street. This firm  AA'ill go out of business as soon as they  can-dispose of their horses, Avagons, and  other chattels. ��  There are about a dozen miners employed in getting the Dandy miue in shape  for development Avork this summer. The  first important Avork to be undertaken  A\'ill be the connecting of the tunnel Avith  the shaft, so as to secure ventilation, and  the probabilities are that Avhen this is  done considerable ore will be taken out.  YMIR.  At the Yellowstone mine everything is  in full SAving again. About scA'eiity-five  men aro employed and the standard union  AA'agc of $3.50 for eight-hour shifts is  being paid.  Work on the Crested Butte is being  rapidly pushed fonvard. ,  The two mineral  claims  I'm  a .Little  Sampson and the Iron Duke have recently  been "located by M. Cosfcello, J. Bourgoine  and AV. Montgomery,-' and 'Avork  Avill be  'commenced on them-at once.   .  Q.i the Homestake, OAvned by C. Willis  ct al, Avork is to be started up next Aveek.  This is a most promising property.  There are a great many deals pending  upon properties, partially developed and  prospects, in this camp by eastern capitalists, and if they come oft things avi'11  be quite lively ere long.  F. P. Drummond -recently Avon in a  raffle a eayuse, saddle and bridle, and  the Avhole outfit only cost him $4.50.  The main pipes for the water have all  been laid doAvn and the hydrants erected.  The complete system should be installed  this Aveek.  Jn tho local stock market things are  beginning to look up, as enquiries are  coming from the cast.  Tlie Ymir mine has not done one foot  of dcA'clopinen. Avork since the miners  quit on the first. WhocA'cr is responsible  for this, Avhether tlie general manager on  the spot or the managing director in  London Avill have soni<>_explainiug__to_do_  at the next nieeting of shareholders,  amongst Avhom are some keen business  men, Avho avi'11 Avant to knoAV the A\*hy  and A\iiercfore tliat the mine has been  shut down Avithout cause,  R. O. Pollett has brought down from  the Nevada mineral claim, operated by  the American Kagle company, about 200  pounds of good looking rock which he is  going to have assayed, lie says thoy  have about eighteen inches of fine shipping ore, and that the vein is a true fissure. He i.s much pleased with the outlook generally, and Avork is being vigorously prosecuted.  A temporary bridge has been built  across Porcupine creek by those mo^l interested in that route.  They are still busy at the IS veiling  Star shaft pumping .out water.  The Laurel adjoins the Nebraska on  Bear creek where there are twenty-eight  feet of a tunnel and Avork is going  steadily on, four .men being employed.  The assays ran as high as $18. Four  samples averaged $0.75 each.  W. H. Jeffcry, the mining engineer, is  very much struck AVitli the formation up  Wild Horse creek and .says Avithout doubt  it is a fine gold bearing belt,  II. M. T. Pym has gone on a fishing  trip up Kootenay lake.  Commissions as justices of tlie peace  have been issued to A. B. Bncl'Avorth, W.  Delahay, A. L. Knox and J. W, Boss all  of Ymir for the counties of Victoria,  Nanaimo, Vancouver, Westminster, Yale,  Cariboo and Kootenay.   Agrarians Receive Another Check.  ...B.-I.,i_in,  June  20.���The 'committee" on  the commercial, provisions between Germany,  and   England    has   rejected   the  agrarian .amendments  to the  measures.  These provided that the English colonies  be excepted from the benefits of the pro-  A'isorium.  ELECTION OF MHOOL TRUSTEES  To Be Held on Saturday.  At a meeting of the ratepayers AA'hich  Avill be held in the school liouse on Saturday morning, for the purposo of electing  a school trustee to take the place of Dr.  E. C. Arthur, who retires, the question of  the desirability of having Nelson created  a school district Avi 11  be  laid   before the  electors.      It  will  be  remembered  that  upon the occasion of his last visit attorney-general Martin promised that in  the  OA'ent of the people desiring it  the  gov-  .ernment would introduce the   legislation  necessary to the creation of Nelson as a  school district.    The  adA'antage of this  change Avould be that from the proceeds  of  the provincial  school  tax  of $3 per  head and the proA'ineial per capita allowance upou school attendance there Avould  be much more available for school purposes than the trustees can secure under  the existing   conditions.      The  trustees  consider that if the people  are  desirous  of securing this change, Avhieh  -will giA'e  them not only the  control  of tlieir oavu  schools but a larger fund for school purposes, it is incumbent upou them to   put  in an ax-pearaucc at the meeting on Saturday   morning   and   so  express themselves. Y  Another matter Avhicli Avill probably be  laid before the electors is  the  action  of  the proA'ineial  education  department in  'stopping the pay  of the school teachers  Avho in accordance Avith the instructions  of the trustees closed  their class rooms  for. a couple of' weeks during the month  of May OAAing to oyei-crowding.  Water Wastage Increases Taxes.  The Tribune maintains that .Avere all  the', leaks stopped," there AA'ould be ample  Avater in Anderson creek to supply Nelson.    No effort is being made in that direction.    The foIloAving  fron   the   New  York Sun goes to. show that Avater Avast-  age is tbe cause of largely increasing the  cost of a water supply:    "The testimony  of      expert      Avitnesses      before      the  assembly   committee,    corroborated   by  general observation, Avas scarcely needed  to establish the fact that more A\*ater is  Avasted in NeAV York than in any other  city of the Avorld,  and  that NeAV York  wastes more Avater in a year than some  large cities use.    The Avaste of Avater iu  New York has entailed the issue of bonds  for a  A'ast municipal  debt, and imposed  taxes    upon   householders    and   others  which haA'e operated to the detriment of '  manufacturing  concerns   iu   NeAV York  "and have "caused tlieir removal to other,  neighboring  cities.   The daily consump- -  tion of- watpr in the eity of London is, -  approximately, 175,000,000 gallons.    The  average  daily consumption  of water in  the eily'of Paris is  100,000,000  gallons.  The  average daily consumption in Ncav  York county  for the year 1S9S was 243,-   ��  000,000 gallons.    London- had, by the estimate of the registrar general; in 1897, a  population of 4.405,000.    The  population   _  of Paris,'by the municipal census of 1896,    '  was 2,000,000, and tho population of New  York county, according to the board of  health estimate, is uoav 2,040,000.  License Application Adjourned for a Week.,  A meeting of the board of license com.  missioncrs- mayor   Neelands,   alderman  McKillop and John A. Turner���was held  yesterday afternoon  when the  applica-.  tion  of   A.  JI.   Clements   for * a saloon  license i'or the Oddfellows block was considered.    The application for the license  AA*as   opposed,   howeA'er,   byia   counter  petition and on going into the.matter the  cominibaioners decided that  the  petition  did not have  the  necessary  number of  signatures. A. II. Clenlents Avho appeared -  before the commis.sipii.e_rsJn_pej_KOJ-_said_  that he Avould have no difficulty in securing the required number. in a'Icav of  iliis the commissioners decided to defer  action upon the application for oneAveek.  Another matter which came before the  coiuiiii.-^ioners A\*as the notice from the  city council to the effect that the hotels  and saloons in thecity AVere not obseiw-  ing the law Avith respect to the closing of  their premises and also other irregularities in connection with the conduct of  lic.n.-ed liquor promises. The com-  iiiis.iioners, however, took the A'iew that  the board of police commissioners AS'as  charged Avith the duty of seeing that the  law was properly observed and they  therefore declined to take any action.  Eecefttion to Grand Army of Republic.  Moxi'KEAiv, June 20.���Two -pecial  trains, liearinj. the luenibersof tlie Grand  Army of the Republic, ilrrived over the  Canadian Pacific rail way .at five o'clock.  The*,' were met by a reception committee  comprising the officers of the local Grand  Army of the Republic post and relief  ���corps, the police band and a detachment  of the highland cadets, by whom they  AVcrc escorted to tlie Windsor hotel.  Among those present Avere William  Dewey and A. Cousin of Manila bay. At  tlie Windsor the Highland cadets did a  fancy drill, and an informal reception  was held by the officers of the Grand  Army of the Republic and relief corps.  This evening Hancock post and the local  wonian's relief corps tendered tlie visitors  ii reception in the Windsor hall Avhieh  was very largely attended.  Fraser at a Standstill.  Quksxbu-K,   June  20.���The   river   is  about at a standstill, and the weather is  cool and cloudy.  L-I,loo.et, June 20.���There is little or  no change in the river since morning and  the weather is cooler. 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON   B.C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21,  1899.  We are shewing* a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call in and see them. Our White Duck  ancl Linen Suits arc going fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot Aveather.  A. FERLAND * CO.  HUDSON'S BAY  OMPANY.  Idiot liloek, linker Street, Nelson  Ik;  P  f,'i.  _  ii  fc  1  �������  fY  w  INCORPORATED 1670.  HARD TIMES  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE. MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias,.meets in I. 0.0. _bY__l_i.il,corner  Bakerand Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening al.  Visiting; Knights cordr"-- �����������������" '     ��� �����-.. j  C.FRENCH. C. C. G.  8 o'clock.   Visiting "Knights cordially invited to attend.  ~     ---��������� ~ , ROSS, K. of H. & S.  A.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethroh* invited."      ��� ���   ''  , PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  H. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Ao.iu.ycr.'  'Victoria street. Nelson.  EAVART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  "ei'dcon block,'Baker street, Nelson.  ' MISCELLANEOUS.  TTTANTED���To'rent asmall' furnishrd house or cof-  ',y.V;:tage.   Apply to A..F., Tribune olllce.  LOST���A pair'of gold-rimmed spectacles, in a leather  ease.   Finder will be. suitably rcwaidcd on return-  ink same to The Tribune ofiice, Vernon street, Nelson.  WANTED���Situation as housekeeper, by a middle-  aged  woman' who  is willing  to work. "Apply  Housekeeper, Tkibune'oIUcc.       "'     .'  ' :  FOR RENT���Two cottages-on Latimer street, ��� half:  .block west of Stanley street.    All conveniences. ?20  a month." Apply at Tribune ollice, A'ernon street, Nelson.  LOST���A black silk belt   with diamond paste buckle  ' 'set in silver."  Finder will" be suitably rewarded 'by  : returning same to The Tribune office, Vernon street.  >DAr___r_EDiTY6N,4.Y.S us-  i^B^^^^i^p^^��^^^%^.^fl^N^^^%^tO. Si  Samuel Chan dps Pole whom, she charges  Avitli cruelty and names"- as respondent,  Miss Enez Broome, iioav the Avife of the  honorable llupert Cecil Craven, brother  of the earl of Craven. The allegations  are denied. Extraordinary letters from  the husband to his wife and mother-in-  law, full of abuse, abominable language  and threats Avere read in court. Right  honorable EdAvard Heni-y Carson, Q. C,  formerly solicitor general of 'Ireland, is  counsel for the petitioners.  Ho&isoi-rs  EASE AND  COMFORT  May be obtained by using a  -fiitwitlistiiniliiii; all tho tulle about  liard times resulting from tlio labor  troubles, wc will venture to say that it'  you stroll down the sunny side of  Baker street about 2 p.m., you will  hear more complaints about the  Aveather than any other subject.  A Suggestion to Those in Danger  of ill   Effects  from   Sun   or  Heat.  Keep in the shade as much as possible,  and every half hour take one bottle of  Sclilit*'. Milwaukee Lager Beer. No  other   than   Schlit_*   Avill   answer.  mm-  B  B  Men's Alpaca  Men's Straw  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  These goods are the proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes  The   Beer  that   Made   Milwaukee  Famous.    No Better in the World.  SOLD   BY  ���m  rsh  7iit!efi*DihgSvli'en: the eMciitive'fhietYa  .��"."gationvii-omfWancouver ��� _'ev7il.eadma.n,s;���  y.^��:��'t.f,yy^y*r&!ymyyy ^yyyy��ymy2*  ?;���vis.la_id.;-h^  ^���^4$Bi*^  : _tf *_td_.-��^ n��VD^ c^-i..' %-XiHy. ,,^',^.7,1 ;a v ",.fl. "a .^yy.ifl.', ��� i- ���*  >. ^'��:Miie4.'"?'I-,''!_.#an%��!a��� "_3"^0'fi-g,,"61;fean."1iai!'-'��'  7/^i'jnonipiis;" _ fiOpii lar*- gov;ernnifent_.0,at" d0/��  ��. _;.rf��"f..lM. _*flrf__iY.f_l ._-_���" k.h +;iT"Mlsn.a.>A-plS'tfi>7n.l'"7*Alpfc  m  i  *;'_ '$' j  W2  _*__.  .  $  Iti:  7.ty 'i(i(0?he inclemencies-, of-^uy1 ddp^igniug,nj;^  VY'""fi^��v|iiijs^iu 'Of oil't-of theijftesen^.pfif-tf':'  ���|. "-f^in'jiqjfAr^ii.and will insist oil theii'- gov-  :��" '**"Ormi-ent being purgedaiidstt'^Hgtilienect  ',.-".���"."'\*ks>-0r ben, as inay be .uecessar_*-^ai3ci."tlie  ==i^"s��Oitoe]Yall^*|.jarties=cOuceEaed^t-^  "-> tico an4 govei'n theinselvesaeeordlngly,  " ithe bettei-."    The people of the iiiiterior  voted. Mr. Semlin into oflice, and tliey  Avan.ifc hinl to dischavge all tkxe diitieg of  his qfl3ce.,   If any liiejiiber of his cabm,e*-',  A^fll hOt AVork in luiLMhOny, then let  hini  eajj in someone that will.  TmiluB are tAveiity-Iive hmi-tU'e-d iil-iiipfs  Y.awljiiiicikers {it a\*oi:&. today iu the niines  :in West Kootenay.    It is safe to say that  ^heir  average wage is three   doll'lrs   a  day,   This nictwis tliat nearly a quarter  of a inilliOn is disbursed every inoptili for  lA*ag.es ip iniiiei's and muckers alone.   Another tAv'ent-yYfive huiidred lire ehiployed  at all other- avocations, and tlieir moutlily  Wages will aggregate one hundred and  . -fifty thousand dollars.    Of the four hundred   thousand    dollars    disbursed   for  Avages three hundred thousand are spent  in | West Kootenay.    That is West Koote-  nay's dividend feoni the mining industry.  Out doAvli the rate of Avages and this dividend will be correspondingly cut doAvn.  Dangers of Soda Fountains.  Pittsburg, June 20.���Andrew Hammers, 55 years old, AA'as this morning  dharging a soda fountain at his business  plat'ej No. 133 BeaA'er avenue, Allegheny,  AvhVen the carbolic gas tank exploded. Mr.  Hammers AA*as almost bloAvn to pieces, liis  body being horribly mangled. He died  half an hour later. : The. building Avas  considerably damaged.  .   Fashionable Divorce Case..  LONDON,   June  20.���Tlie  liearing  was  commenced today of the application Tor  divorce  of  Mrs.   CJiandos  Pole,  against  BABY  _a^^iIJi3'OJg^ ���;  X'*��*=&$  B: C.  fl   fl,fl .Jfl-  ^'D-  "'    ���.   p-       ',    p   ���   '   , n��        oS'00 o . n   .���  ,     '"  a  " % "Mice .alone ii): ydiu-.tea.ig buying. Looking'l  ���wyll;to ^Mality^iiftailS-ivtisfactory tesults���mfe-iiis*  - .sficurjiig the -.ehi.-tlj. liMatiljjo _6 fulflils 't__ pucpo'sof.  . fbK*wluelryoiisirii;-iidecI_it.n l,,imty,���qiialit,y, j_a't'i_=?  Df_l__t_i____. flrft^firs- nrinm'rlp.r^Yl liArp. .Im.. ft.lwiVi.'-a*"-  "-aetion, arc^fli's. odiisiaei'.d. here, _u"t _1 v/u,y_7a,  ���..:_.__ (is..( .-,...i.���..n._, ^���v...*.��� ._._., rii-alfoiieV  Dhepaek-'1  ln'JcjS. tli-sit ni.ake^tli0.piirchd^Oi.'in..'<robnoraiical;oQ&.~  A ,pi;ico, that lttciyig soiilethihgto yoih   0:        ""  ago of oii.  Mson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  BEICKNLIME!  Ourflrst kiln of brick will he ready for delivery about  tho lsc of June.   Call at our ofiice for prices.  During the month of June we will deliver lime in  quantities of twenty sacks and over at  60 Gents per 100 Lbs  The West _\ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, TManager  Gentlemen  'If you want a natty, stj'lish suit of clothes for      v  "t." /fipriiii_r*and#-'?iinimer7l��have*ov"cr.,n*i(K!,,_^  '.��� i4ii"t��p.'lttei'iVsYo"f*SQ0t6K^(di;lfl^  ..^-^""���whibterAviU'.Makoi.to'ybiiteoW  <,?y: :,mCe\ot%y ^hyyy<^y y%y..y.y. r.\\ &&$���;.  y y���Blaeksveh-tia:iisLinakeYa":hiee. .suif-for'siitiir. *_,  i �� Aih'erSvc_i:c!at7Y-;YY-��-��?..i.Y'- Y"j ��� ^^'���^K-^^.ot'  :>.".?",Black,.s._gl_,��uit��:an��aek _r.mbWing'coafr7;$21\���!  *��� fa" "'^hbavyf8JiScdtch: 'twe-d,4iVi'ceiiDp&ttei'hs_.n;fo- _  ..i^ ilflya.iriossi.sfif-.^^  V��'7 #i-6usuQr��.attCQliillly*lbw']J-i'cps. .^k,a;h��3;';fliiishJ  '��������� no'.'h^ttbrin 'OahattaYYl'adicsWnBktailbnifg-a,  '2"%��� = spe^ialt_-y!X'l-m.nt_l.look: BakeuStreWf.")!.."��%,  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  ffl  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Blaek and Brown, the newest  shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection.  B  irt and  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  DUCK SKIRTS  B  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green ^  ffl.  ��� "B  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS        t  ��� ... ^i  in white, fawn, green, and blue ^   :________         . :��      ���      ' '.. ��� '���'.   '..:   '   v.- .     -   -' '          y  ���        ;^i  ���������������     ..'������*     '��� ������""**' - ���-:��� B  The above are the goods you need now.   Gome and see them, buyM  them and enjoy comfort during the warm weather g*}  '-Y^-Jrg^  ^$l!(^^W(^'^^i^^  >..��������-f��;ybtt"?iva-ii'fta'__tyii��ii�� perfect' .'fitting sijit^niade'ojj.tho��  ', bbst��,clg.th,.rej'-cr Jiii^orted'Vt _ 7^'elsbn;��^le'ive''",}tp,Ul;,,ordol^,  AVjith'mo,  > 1Six'J\iii__i,ed7,,dbUiifJj_,wbj'l;lv, rof%.li(_Sv=Vgo.Q"d_"now'-wa'itv  ���M(f-'p.ri'ii^i^8t_id'S.^X'Bi{_i'fi_'''     " " "'    '   "   '"" '"  'au't-C satisfa-tioft of jio srilbi  isuii^r^^-  rfo0     o��   .'^^rn  M'B;  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  ���y/yy ;YY;:"'"  "FJIlST-Dnd6R^VE��* "jk^S R.M".(0liM$dy ]  n_S_eisbn!s npB-tQ.-dai;q^frailor,��.hexii' Jililis. &' Lott.  25.GEMTS  Gaflada Epog and Book Co.,  Lii__:iq?SJ3->  Oornor of Baker aiid Stanley Streets, Nelson  **5f-*  NELSON   LICENCE   DISTRIGT.  Notice is hereby given that (lib undermentioned person-havn made apOli-iitibfi lindu)' Use previsions of the  "LJq.uo. License __V'q-M��_9,"��� or hotol Hcc��s.-en atllio places  net Opposite to their respective names:  Sjaiutiol Miller ttti A'mir.  ���     Josejih Campbell at Krio.  .Charles B. Archibald all Vniir.  ��� AV. T. Beadles at Salmo; -  Thomas Flynn at Ymir.  Mrs. D. Keefe at Ymir.  J, W. Mastorson at Ymir.  __i"red All to at Waneta.  .1. Blatiehard at Siuica.  .1, Blatiehard at Pilot Bay.  AmceUngof the Board of License Commissioner- of  the Nelson License District will he held toconsidfr such  applications at, the court house at thecilybf Nelson on  Tuesday, tho fourth day Of July, 189!), at the hour Of  cloven o'clock in the foronoon.  TO. H. BDLLCOK-WKBSTER.  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Police Olllce, Nelson, B. C, 2_Lh June, 1899.  Wc7hayo a fine assortment Of wcrol(T!i-~SlW!ty.s  on liand.   -foods made up at tho Sh'orto-fi po._-  "sihle" hotieo".   As -yerythiiig is kept and miulc  on the, p-cnii_es,. -ia.isfacpion is assured.  ,#_B���^^f'^^'I^l;���E���, \ \  ..   -pp    ffa  o     _tD^DD0jno   y�� .afl,^.p-h��        / .  fl.-.  ^  'Pg^bjgl-flf^^^qn^wft^H^dbf,  l.i*.J0.r,};icci"Bat, i)rivlvtcn��,,_;^ideiicsc*Si  _a��� ��ndV^ii^i'h^shpu|ssjdaiIi^^^  *'.|lKir-(r/fluaiXitj_.^V.^  . prices."'"__."."��� ."-.;"���  __ _ V. ���   r '���.  ��_1A��M��%i��  ��X".  1PSH  __ "M  V-._ a  n Dff 0��       o       u  n       . *P     & p.     D        flfP  H "  fl D -.. " "p    :   ���        .       P"    ��    n    0      D  ��:_y^{mi^!^^:i#^!  ifeSSd%6���id^MI_9i-lt-  ��� Mei'ciinndiilc. 'hauled to' .and- from-depot.;. hus,  "meets all traiifi. itiicl _'daU_., Speciiil ,,a'(,tci"i-i6'n;  given to" tlio fct.-ftf-fbr.-f ib.'Vg&hge,..u Qftlgo."_,"ahtl,  stahlcs on Vlqrnou -treetf opposite Tlie *l!i.:-b.t-iic^  BAKER STREET WEST; NELSON  |a  J.  GhriStie  GENERAL  BROKER,  AINSWORTH   LICENSE   DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given thatthe undermentioned persons have made applie.xt.ion under the provisions cf the  "Liquor License Act, 1899." for hotel licenses at the places  set opposite to their respective tiainos:  .  A. C. Pearson at Argenta.  *V. A. JtClcitischmidt at Duncan City.  ��� A meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of  the Ainsworth Liconso-DisLrict will he held to consider  such applications at the Court liouse at the City of ICaslo  on  I'riday, the IhirtleUi day of June, 1899, at the hour  of ten o'clock in the forenoon.  .   \VM. 11. BULLOCK-WJ-BSTJ-K,  ..        Chief License Inspector.  1 rovinciM I'ohce Olllce, Nelson, B. C, ICth Juno,* 1899.  PIRB, LIFE. AOO-DBNT A-ID SlOENSSS  i_srS'cri,^:3sroE  REAL ESTATE,, AND LOANS.  TO LKT^-Several hoiises oC diirorent sizes,  FOlt SAL15���Heal (.stale In all parts of the city..  FOE ^HJHSTT  ^oOO-Cvill jnircha-e a choice rds-idciice corner, .100 hy'120,,  S-lXl'-iiU pjireliajso .choice rcsldeiiee cof'neKlO." foot  J;frotitiigcY       "'" ,    ,, ,      ,       .,_���-������  -82l00lwfll.purchase ix_cs��tviilJql_amlTesideiieg^  SilXTwill purfliaSTtwo ifiCo 'loiffTivim shaiitj:;^  ��1000 frill, piu'chascS choific i'osideuco comqr,  frontage.  ToCi foot  S2000 will 'purchase two ������.-__ Jots _,nd cottitgc.  ��3000 will, purchase four nice lots and re-id-iiCc,  OJurhcir & Boo-jkh hlock, Nelson, B. C.  parson prDdd^i Q3.  N^L-S.orsr* ,b. o.  10-Ro-iii, JSousC, eentwil'iy located, $_S00.  .-llooiil CottagO nnd 2 Lots Oil Carboiiltlo  stueot, 814Q0, easay terms.  5*Uoom   House on   Btiiuley 'street, $5100.  ROOMS AND OFF*IC__S  Al-'PJ.Y*  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At oflicc of tlie Duncan Mines, Limited.  FOR SAM  BY   PRIVATE   B AROAIN  20 Draught Horses,  12 Draught Mules.  11 Pack Mules.  13 P,.ck Horses.  The ahovc stock is in first-class condition and perfectly  broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete rig-  ping for pack animals, also harness and wagons for  balance of stock. Apply to VVavurly mine, Albert Canyon, B. C. .  ~FOR~~]^  A building and lot on First Avenue in the town of  Ymir. Kcnts for ��20 pei' month. Will he sold cheap for  cash. T<*or further particulars apply to John A. Kirkpatrick. Nelson, B. C.  J, L. VANSTOHE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Minds and Milling Stocks Customs Broker  REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AGENTS'  NOTICE  Wc lire receiving dully direct froin  tlie growers aonsigmnent- of Strawberries, Cherries, J3aiianivs, Oraiigesj  Lemons., etc.; Send us .yOllr  standing o.de. ���...  Tiw TPt-'aci^.-Q'niy �����Mp|_ llett  _\YagpiKfcpaifiuff'p^ �� *  iw'heci,wrig-hte.    ...-���' ._ .��� cl...�� "���". ������,, ���..%. .���" . yyy   ,  ��� !3pi3cialuattcntidii��given-;to*{iir kiiidtfof" .e'pairiiig and" "  jjusj.om^yorlf.^ ",." ��� "... ,"���  " s"y*.y".y" _-  ;_Sffo��pr   MWkrM, betwe.f|si;Bak,r. a_dl��errf.n;_NBl8d.n. ��-���  .. ������  ~- -.' ��� ������   ������j;v-Vj,_��-j--��-;':. �����������     .    ������'���'.vij:  ;  S^fR^GH^N BROS;  Opera House. Block,;?!SlELSO,r)l  gold Storage warehousemen  and jobbers of green fruits  Par-sons Produce* Co.  Nelson, li. C.  Fop Sale  N1CKEL-IN-THE-SLOT  CAUD.MACHINK  J-RICE ��12  Apply to ��� -   .���   ,  H. C. CUMMINS, Bodega Cigar Store.  Although the Innes & Hamber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn froin  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots  in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Removal Notice.  John Choldltch & Company beg to announce to the  trade that they have removed tlieir headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, where thoy will for the rul.uro he established. Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  tliey have secured temporary quarters in ihe warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company on Water street, where  they will he pleased to reccivo their patrons.  Nelson, B. C, May 17th, 1899.  JOHN GHOtDITCH & G0_  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt; attention given to all orders left at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  MANCfKAQ.tfrtK.U8,01*  BNOIN0B&, BOIIiEKS. SHAFTING-, IRON AND  BRASS pASTINdSbp BvMT���^ESQRfp_'i6N  Rqpairs tiroinptjl^.aljtqiidca.to,,      _._ 0.:Box_173.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  AGKNTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washing-ton Brick aitd Lime Co.  The H. W. WJcNieU Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Goal (Hard)  Dealers iq  S-TOsVE^OQU  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from. 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room, Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board .4, room and board?,'*)  md ��3.5.1.  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Crow's lest Pass Coal 'Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  R. REISTER6R & CO.  BRKWERS AND BOTTLERS OP-  ep  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular,  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  -X'^^Kt.'HflJ^wrf-S THE  TRIBTJJSTE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, JUKE 21, 1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $1^000,000  6,000,000  LOKI) STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, Prosidont  Won. OKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON Goncral Manager  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  o. Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlir*, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^ori District.       BltANCHKS IN       LONDON   (England),   NHW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in Hie principal cltios in Canada.  liny and sell Sterling  I'xcliai.go and Cabin Transfers  -KANT COMMKKUIAI. AND THAVKM.KKH' CKKUITS,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS I88UKD    COI.LKCT10N8 MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK4 -BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATK;OJ..INTKREST PAID  STRAWBERRY   BEAR.  As soon as a New Brunswick man finds  out that he cau produce something wliich  city people want and are willing to pay  for, he* becomes so devoted to his specialty that he overdoes the business. For  two years Jack Gilpatrick of Pembroke  has made efforts to add chcckerberry and  strawberry flavoring to bear meat by  feeding the live bears on au exclusive  diet of berries. Iu 1897 he sold a check-  erberry bear for $G5, which elated him so  that he resolved to form a chcckerberry  bear trust to control the world's markets.  Last year, checkerberry flavoring not being iu demand, he modified his plan, selling one pure strawberry bear for $40 and  another that was about half-and-half; for  $25. This year he has made a specialty  of plain stnvwberry bears, ancl is now  raising them under contract for delivery  in St. John on or before July 1st.  As few strawberries get ripe in7New  Brunswick before June 20th, Gilpatrick  has fretted of late because the season was  cold and backward, giving him only a  short time to put on the finishing  touches. One day when he Avas standing  outside his log cabin feeding, his bears on  strawberry jam and wondering if he  could afford such luxuries,' George Coleman, who drives a soft drinks cart from  Perry Settlement to supply the country  soda fountains, hauled up in his yard and  of the two shoes disappears very soon.  And then, too, in sonic cases the man's  right foot is the larger, tlie man being  right-footed in this respect as men are  sometimes left-handed, the reverse of  of the common habit in tho_u.se of their  hand. If shoes were commonly made  .with the left a little bigger than the  right, to fit the majority of cases, they'd  be worse than ever when you hit a right-  footed man. So the shoes are made alike  in size, a man gets a pair that fits him.  comfortably to start with, and they  adapt'themselves quickly to any slight  differences in the feet.  $ipir<%S^^  What Makes Success.  "We are forever going to begin work  -in earnest tomorrow," said Mr. Staybolt,  "and Ave are never satisfied with: the job  we've got, and Ave perform the labor -involved in it in only a half-hearted manner, but Ave are going to work in dead  earnest Avhen Ave get a job to suit us.  "The fact is that tomorrow, when -Ave  get to it,-. will-be to us as. today is. to us  iioav'J we shan't feel-any more like work;  and that other job, AA'hen Ave come iu  actual contact AA'ith it and see it close at  hand, won't suit lis any better than the  one we've got uoav does.  "The truth is that we are daAvdlers and  shy of work, and trying to get along just  as easy as we can. We hate to pitch in  -and goat things.  "The time tor ns to work is now,.'not  tomorroAV; and the job for us to collar is  the one we've got. Round that up in  style; do the work completely and thoroughly and you'll be astonished to find  how you'll bring it out and what chances  there are in it. And everybody that  kuoAvs about your woz-k or is in any way  concerned or affected by it, as it is done  well or ill, will be delighted to see it Avell  done���everybody likes to seea job, .whatever, it is," well, done���and pleased with  the doer,  and there's  money in it every  fluence on my after career, for I not only  resohTed not to go back, but never to  fight any game of chance in the future.  So I quit gambling then and there and  kept my resolution. In my time I have  knoAvn many of the biggest gamblers of  the West. Some of them I Avould trust  in any sort of Avay that man can be  trusted, but very lew have T known who  ever saved anything out of the business.  "The last time J was in Virginia city,  one of the most honorable members of  the fraternity I ever kneAV, a man who  has been worth $500,000 at one time, told  me he was hungry and hadn't a cent to  buy bread. For the sake of old acquaintance 1 relieved his necessities, but I  thought of the time Avhen he cared no  more for dollars than if they Avere  pennies."          Would Not Buy It.  London, June 20.���Replying to a question on the subject in the house of commons, Mr. Gerald Balfour, chief secretary  for Ireland, admitted the county council  of. Kerry had petitioned the government  to purchase the Herbert estate in Kilkenny, but he added there AA'as no evidence of a general * demand on the part  of the public to purchase the estate as  FULL LINE0F  tlie place, he explained, was removed  from the population centre and was of  no A'alue to the tourists during many  months of the year.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  GRAND  CENTRAL.   .  K. Thompson, Spokane  Jas. Mcl'hail. Slocan City  A. Ai McDonald. Montreal  James Wilson, Ymir  HUMK_  1). T. Hamilton,'Spokane  R. McGniro, Molly Gibson  mine  Mrs. K. II, Smith, Kaslo  lt. McLean, lvaslo  SILVIOR KING.  D. AV. Moore, Trail  G. lt. Mlckle, Toronto  G. Ri Linklator. Salmo  Richard I'vnns, Kernie  James Jones, Kurnio  K. Worlund, Lardo  Win. O'Urien, Kingston  QUEKN'S.  T. Lynch, Coireo Creek I J. \V  L. J. Conkoy, Robson I  PHAIR.  J. E. GenrKu, Gr.niite mine  A. Chisholm. Mollie G bson  Samuel Kinney. Sandon  Graham, Rossland  m  B  B  Something for the Men  Although  B  Smith Curtis. Rossland  J. C. Croft, Vancouver   i  Frank DarlinK. Vancouver  W. H. Wills, De'roit  It. Shine, New York  Mrs. Wcb-slcr and daughter, Spokane  It. II. Finloy, Kern mine  W. J. Rocke, Rossland  K. H. Dull'y, Rossland  M. Joyce, San Francisco  T. Milliard, Rossland  Sydney H*. Loo. Toronto  S. J. Mannils, AVinnipeg  TREMONT.  James Hawkins, Robson     I J. S. Gillis  J. Clubb, Kootenay river     | Thomas Jackson, Rosshind  MADDEN.  Samuel Curry, Donald  Joseph Daly, Cranbrook  James Henry, Creston  M. Howark, Kaslo  J. A. McDougal, Donald  D. O'Loary, Rossland  H. H. Macdonald, Victoria  The fremont Hotel  we pay particular attention to the wants of the  Ladies, yet the gentlemen should not judge from this that Ave  do not carry anything on their list. We have a line of Negligee Shirts, Silk Striped, at 75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50 and up to  $2.75, White Dress Shirts at $1 and $1.25. Men's Neckties  in Lombards, Derbys ancl Puffs,  rect styles, at 20c and 25c We  ders, collar and cuff  buttons, and  ffl  ffll  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  cor-  Good   English  Collars,  also carry a   line of  suspen-  the   hundred  and one other  ij4  small  things  that  SO  to make up a gentleman's toilet.  ffl-  B  gave'  , _b_%ii^'-h&^u;"B_Ml -pfdjie '"*kaip  "'p$0fdtti Ith^&^^r^^^j^Jlfe^;:  1_^cm-M^^^  ^ay^CMein^^^  y and:,eqnT-plaM  2 herMi kh'd.Aiivdra&whpy lie< said." 1. ii-l>b���e��ei_?  isteahn^gmis *soft drinks:^,-7!- "-,.��� ��-.-- _ - v  )'��� .*. s^lUlie^^tifeteiiSg-i^fer":dle"^k.bii-m  ���U;p.���      .,!,",.    ��T,'V.      *��ilU.TJ"r-*   ������'��1*_^���j_       X%Y-   7"^��i_.--T__,    '       ��   '  ,=:bj_ei��jw. ,��auMie; . T_ ivo.iudpv t sha;*yj*. if em so  \hnxy;yhesj)f strawberry ;exti?��Cc,t, which, is  |>^_v&i, ��0 cSi^^bpt^!5^;",^":^ ',, , '" '���  YV��;Wsto,J%*^  "ytlip? 'iltrip''heavfybdimpyf���  lofting* "Out; "their totfgirefe " ah^l   makihg  , ^ranfiic .effoi-ts to ��n get" aft -he - ca^ts   As  I feooh'-as rfjh&_t_vo itiexi went liito; canip �����the  1'ke,tu'&  helped   fthemselyes. .��� to   whatever  they lifcjed on the cart, ijllcapping tii-  Vbottle�� AA'ith their teeth and drinking a  j--dozen*ibotftleS:of=straAvberry^and=vanilla:  flavoring.   They opened - sevei'al'bottles  di beer and ginger ale, but did not seem  to relish either.  The cart iiiaide One or two tfips tAvo  days later, *\viie.n the bears Tetii-.d ottit  I'or toll both AVays. Cblemaii "coiiftiuued  to comi-laiu abtjtit the bad boys, threat-  (eniug to bring a deteetive from St. John.  Gilp-ttriek AA'as so sorry ovijr Oolenlan's  losses that he furnished tAvo diune_$ Avitli-  put chfti'ige, AA'h-i'-jipoia qoleiiiap,, not to  be Qiltdoue in g-uerosity, preseuted to  IVthe hunter six bottles of flavoring extracts, all of Avhiqli went to the bears as  SOoW ��S the .cart wits out of sight.  C-ilpatfiiek hasYQliut^vutlkiiig ou.tlS��*side;  of the hill to see Iioav the green straAv-  bei'fies are getting" along. Whatever  timO he has to spare from his bears is  1 devoted to writing postal cards to pa-  trolis. One card which ho has lately  mailed read a_ follows:  Dear Sur: One b_ir is ripe ennff to  pick and smells jest like a straAvberry  shortcake, being seasoned clean thro.  P. S.���Do yon Avant anything of a ver-  nilla b'ar ? I hev one that lias got more  veriiiila. inter htm..thaa.a__soda fountain..  Yon caii hev him this Ave.ek.fer 45. dolls.  The price is goiiig up rite erloiig.. Ans.    - JaCjk.  Men's Feet.  The man buying a pair of shoes found  the right one perfectly comfortable and  easy, the left one rather snug.  "It's usually so," said the salesman ;  ''the left foot is. commonly, a. little bigger  than the .right foot."  "Why don't you make the. left, shoe a  little bigger, then?" asked the customer.  "Well,"said. the salesman, "the difference is usually not great, audit might  uiot be enough so that it AA'ould be noticed-  in trying'on shoes. And then it is not so  great but Avhat the difference iii feeling  ;Q_itf___.'_ad5^fi:*.it_feVGa__e".}'  P^n^m   ��"pfiHU-_- &&.P, *_        u��_inn__���. ��_ g, ,!)"-.    ^   ^  \^"S.enatOri?V6ul?AVere��onIes��of'StheivArgOH^  fkxipli.",pf(iih]"e^  Front Doors  - 0       - ��� .  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  "Windows  ^InsidecFinish  \local andcoast.  Flooring"  y 1 local and_coast.    -.-    . ���  :NeweUBosts  ISt-iir&Rail  iMoiildings  ^Shingles  Rough and  ;!Dressed Lumber y  of all kinds. Yi  If what you want is not in stock.we will make it for you  CALL AND :Gi_TlPRlCES.  IVlALOfJE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OF  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEieiwCs c<__s:e3_  mmmmm^mmmm  1=3.(=3.c.  _?-e?:i  mm  m&m  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  P. Burns & Co.  Headquapters for; Miners and Ppospectops  THE BEST BRANDS OF  and  ars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  }'Mj^^J^.-T^^^^.^!^^Ei^i'^t^i  of the best  ular hotels  and most pop-  in Nelson."  WHOLESALK   AND   RETAII.  Meat Merchants  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  LDYM'j_J,n^.ri_L_?:iil'dpD l^i*'..^ "Vis   ^ ��*D-*|  ��� n'gi_Qa\��jitf*l'w'b<z'i��. 0 ��.- Y.���^1  ^H;e.ateGpwj|b ��H��rt .-^Ct sfKrd  ���:" l]]t^K$y^lM^i^^.: 2? $i$  ^^gh-fed-Ktey*.EJ;ec^^-t^'  ?p.-.\^na\yn.x,.*-.it,y���-fl��ii  "CHaVRCEa HILL VER:  v yypuMsifftiNyysy a  ;__ARMrli!o'iisaiON;*  .. V VV"3K.cr_..tAi\_ .1 "VV.-  ;..;L^fgi-l"fc6Aifor|aWo,7,Bj''d'i:o^  ^^��4��"^^3.^���sy^sJY_^^:iR'B7-^-^'S:" '"^ ^  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Green-wood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED    Head Office, N|lspn, B_0_  West Kooten^^  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTEJJ MEATS 11  M  sfhigh  : f#_i"iori-g* tlie ="_fetoort-:l_t^hM^.day^s"i"s Iil'doK-"'  .,_ ed; pDj"*iDute did; not/. pa*etici��a te., .My;-first5  khdy(biilyy-^perieiiee.^a^i ii�� S/tn l^-thdis  Co;;|^,tl3.��| sj^ii^^^  "??��� - -     - ������_      -        .  AA'O.ald",, aild  xyiietili, .p^Pihimpf.^asyhpit^  at eveiy tfutii, aiicl hxdk se&inpd) *fo( pomp  Ms Avay.    I didii't* liaVe M%BlfeJiio��^  -Oi-chided! I'd take a cliaiiee, find stavted  iii   *\\'itli   a   Silver * tfuai'ter:     l-l'olloAyiug-  pyery  'toLet-'Sfj-tlie'/niiiiqi.   fr^aii" tills" *25  d-iits Uft to���,$;25?���an.d tlioVtgl_,:e]a$e(i Avitli  mA^fprtitife doeyedythe ^*m*_oi)_iptiug_6f_   , _;Biiiii|fet.  Tpplildinp  ttooi?S  Fenc-e _?o_itsr^n%i?-cfcets  Office' M-^o^lE:iti__gs:  YQBPERS^.By" M^Il^REpl^  !��-J*Y_||3.  ��m-iym  ���'taZmtasi  KlC-OKA'  w.bRi-'Do.a.  sifen M,  /rpORDKIJil  piiudo-ice and-^mt.  "As I Aveut Out of tho place I li_ard ail  old ganibl-i' say,"ihe siicliiji- A\dll be back  inside of an hour and lose it all.* Tliat  iv6i_Jark, foi* all I kueAy, hac( a gMat iii-  Conie. Btiltei' and, AV'urd Streets.  i'or  StraWliowio- and dtiHor tritits fn season.  yOUr ora'er,  IJromrit doIlA'cryi"  Hazlewood fee Cream  Ice Cream Soda arid  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  Leavo  MILLS <& LOTT  Agents fop Hazlewood Ice CrCani.  Baker str<_efc, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson;  MEALS AT ALL H0UR8, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CO>TNEOTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  B.     __ET-TI-3R"S--     FBQgBIETOB  BOATS! BOATS! BOA^S!  FOR SALE OR HIRE  Sp_Poll S^iftf  War-fpobes; %<-_  Genei-al loMevf ^c>_?k  IN .STOCK  Glass of all Size$ and Kirias  Sa^vniill on1 Governnieiit wliart  Factory and office, corner .Half street and, O.P.U. track  WILL DO WELL TO  At  HUME, iManager.  .    �����; TKe; fliiegt "hotel" iti the iritcrior.  Large isaiiinle!room_��� "'Steam-heat and electric light.  CORNER Oi-YWARD AND TERNON STS. f NELSON  BAI-ER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order.   Repairing and fitting a spec-  Sails made and rigged.   Fishing rods and tackle  A largo: stock-of flrst'Clasij: dry material on handj.als-  a -uli lino ot sash, doors, motildiiigs, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WflBK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Tolcphono, 91  MSH nil & w.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  ^he .only hotel in fJclsojii that has remained under one  management since 1890.  Tlie ��Bod':rooms are well- furnished and lighted by  electrjeity,  '1'ho: dining-room fe not second to any iii l_oot<Sii*i.y.  The bar is always st-cked by tho best domestic and  iijinortcd liqiibrs. iS"d cigars;  . THOMAS' SrADlM-N, Pf&prlctor.  ^j ,���*ji���-y.���^i-������ .f'n   in". L��� , n j " ff "V "-*-* " ~~^���  Imrgo arid Woiriightod HGaled by iidt M,  RcA-OiuiBlo rates. Sample rooms  Electric bolIS and light in cv_r_" room  KonovAted and rcfuriiisiied tbrouglvout  7 ;g05"|'*N6!LSphV��BB>jitrsih,^e  be addressed  \p$pW%  Drawer  ^^l?0jDEBIdK^R��B6Rfrj_|-Nf"GKnfe^  ^n-mim^ff^i  '������i^i^'-l  f^o  ..-.'.. J5%,J^*n'JI'l  "A ' ^/MpJnn\'2p * I  Y^'-f^s L  ���*"     n ��      '  Is riowprepaFed  to  buy all  Classes of silver, gold, silVer-*lead, lead.a^d.  copper ores,   "the careful attention given to large contracts1 Will "b^ex't^'ifded'  =t0=the=sma!lest^sM  Ing guaranteed.  Address all cdnirriunicatioiis to drawer S, Nelson, B. G.  GEORGE M. McDOWELL,c Manager.  D:..M, ROSENDALE, Purchasing AgeiiL  ��� V7"��"7_va  6 _n��"."_=^-|  "- My  "." ��� "fell  Krco bus liioots all trains  Hourly stroofc ��iar to stsitlon  J...V. PEliltS, ProprioWr  Revelstoke, B. C.  COFl'-flK    liOASTKRS   AND    DJ.AI.EHS  AND   COFFEE.  rsr  TEA  Offer fresh roasted cblToe- of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per jiouivd,  S   10  ialty.  mouded.  At Government"vvharf, Nolsom  w. _P- i^oBiisrsonsr  (Ex-Sheriil* of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments ofi merchandise.-  Postoffice Box 572 Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing:, 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For furthei*  particulars apply to. -  FRED  J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B.   C.  Wc make a specialty of  Sl|iplap a(|d Double Dressed IVJateriaI  Good* -Dry- Rustic and; Flooriirg  Office and yard.near-G.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  GOATTOEII tViBERCO.  CRESTON, BAITISH COLUMBIA.  AU sizes oldinionsion timber and- all kinds^of lumber  out to oilier,.and shipped* to. Nelson in carload lots  Write for prices.  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds,...  Fine Santos, i pounds   Santos Blond, 5 pounds ���,   Our Special Blend, 6 pound..   Our Kio Roast, C pounds.   A trial order solicited.  1 (to  1 IK)  1 00  1 t) n  1 00  A. THURMAN  SM0KERS' HEADQUARTERS  a -full line of  nay At, s__Ai_ AiSfD" kqotj-Kav belle cigars  And M- other brands of the  a'v FAdTOnv i-nrc��s  (_>���:_.   israa.'r^sp.DN-;,,  _3-_ O-  Nelson Tent and Awning I-nnfaptopy  _a_i___ iciistids o_ri  Salesrooms 2 Doors-  East   of   Oddfellows  Baker; Stseet  BlocH,   West  KELSON, B. C.  Notice to Contractors.  The undersigned is prepared to receive scaled landers  to bo opened at HI a. m., Monday,. Juno 23th, for the following material, delivered in Nelson, for the oon.il mot.on  of an Electric Tramway.  4000 Bailway Ties.  40,000 F. B. M. of Squared Timber.  40,000 F. B. M. of 3-inch Plank,  -150.Cedar Poles.  VThe above quantities being approxininte.  '��������� Specifications may be seen in    '  Room 7." ..:=.        ';��� -' -7 ���'  The lowest er any tender not necessarily  the AlhcdoiiaUl ��� II'.00'-'  accepted.  O, .I'IAI-_-rAX. HAIJ_  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  AIA SIZES OK TENTS IN STOCK  Haker street, opposite postofllce, Nelson  rHEo. 3vi:^k.i3soisr  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLHWHAITE  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and ConsteuetioE to.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  domp-eite Electric -Equipments for Electric Power TransittlBslon and* Lila_.tin__ for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P.O. Box 606. Josephine Btreet, Nelson, B. C. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21,  1899.  f Y  11 ��� i  7.  y  |-i;;.i--��  I  (:  I  Hi- !  '! i  ii  .. Dgff-.-^  '}--__?'  "Yd  . flv,  i * Y.1  E v _ c  !Y7  l��4r_  !! it"  II  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  COKNKK HAKKI- AND JOSKPHINK STJtKKTS. NELSON  y  See  V  ��    GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  __ P. O. Store  Up  $1.25  Along the "Water Front.  The river ro.se '..} inches during tlie 21  hours ending at (5 p. in. yesterday.  Numerous boating parties are on the  river every evening now that the warm  weather has set in.  A large number of passengers are coining and going on the Kokanee and International, but tliere is very little freight  moving at present.  NELSON.  An order was made on Monday for the  committal of John Ilastieof this city for  contempt of court. Ilnstie was served  with a judgment summons in the case of  Arthur vs. .Hastie but failed to appear.  He is now supposed to be in Spokane in  wliich event the order will not be of any  use unless he happens to again cross the  boundary line.  it i.s reported that K. V. .Davis, Q. C,  has been retained to assist lawyer Costigan in his efforts to secure from the full  court an order for a new trial for the  Italian murderer, who Avas sentenced to  hang in August for the murder of Hyan  -at Cranbrook.  Tne Nelson Company of Kootenay  Rifles has been ordered for drill every  Thursday eA'euing at 7:30 o'clock instead  of Friday eA'euing as heretofore. The  order goes into eifect on June 22nd. A  squad drill Avill be held eA'ery Wednesday cvetriug at the same hour for those  avIio Avish to attend. There are a few  vacancies in the company which the officers Avould like to have filled by men avJio  haA'e steady employment in the citj**.  David McBeath arrived iu Nelson early  this morning from Rat Portage, Ontario,  where he went as a Avitness in a case that*  has been pending in the courts since the  building of the Canadian Pacific raihvay.  He says the covers of three Bibles luwe  beeu kissed oif by Avitnesses since the  suit began. He left Winnipeg at 9  o'clock Sunday forenoon and arriA'ed in  Nelson at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday- morning  ���131 hours. The Crow's Nest Pass road  is in pretty good shape, and his. train  made up an hour on it that Avas lost on  the main line." ' - ���  G. E. Manuel left for his home at  Donald this .morning via Robson and  Revelstoke.  -Work on the superstructure of the new  Hudson's Bay and Bank of Montreal  blocks Avill begin after July 4th. In the  case of the Bank of  Montreal the con-  Remember the Name  N  M  It will be- to1 your udvantag&Yto" W& dixpfSdrgS.  nnd complete .stock of Boots aiid. Shuo.<3S-! "We..  carry tlio following lines:. J. ���&<. '__-3-1]. S?..]  D. King ct Co., North Star -Sto-;Co;, fc^ts;  Scliultz & Co., Stratford Shoe" 06-.;"^injbs^llot.  don & Co., and other leading- maker*..       -   ���','  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  26 AND 28 WKST BAKKU STREET, NELSON ~     .   -      ���  '__^___8^&_S���S^$_?S_^  iff.---. -^^e^Q^-EjCTj^  DINING   ROOM  .___/__  Corner Maker ancl AVard Streets  NELSON.   B.C.  DRAWING  ROOM  3yc__^__.a?Tiisr<3-  man (,Ioe Armstrong of New Westminster) refer to Cariboo. Mr. Clements Avas  elected an officer of the grand lodge, and  caine within three* voles of bringing the  next nieeting to Nelson. The next meeting will be held at Victoria.  Tliere is no truth in the report thatthe.  management of the Athabasca mine is  endeavoring to work the Athabasca with  Italian labor. It is understood that two  Italians went up the hill but one came  down yesterday. The members of the  union say that they are convinced (hat  no such policy would be dictated by  either Mr. I-Y.ll, the local manager, nor by  his foreman at the mine, boi.'i of whom  recogni/.e the advantage of skilled labor.  I'1. Simpson is about to put in a billiard table at the (.'rand ('(Mitral Hotel.  It has been ordered from May of Toronto.  Probably few people realize what the  pay roll of.an industry like tlie Nelson  I'laiiing Mills amounts to. No fewer than  ninety-eight; men are directly or indirectly employed by the company. They  are distributed as follows: Twenty-nine  men are employed at the saw mill anil  factory (which are at present working  short-handed), there are also twenty-nine  carpenters, five bricklayers, ten masons  and twelve laborers. Tliere are also nine  men in the quarry belonging to the company and six teamsters.  At the Exchequer niine stoping Avill  probably be "commenced at the end of the  Aveek. From the tunnel level to the surface there are about .100 feet of stoping  ground, so that considerable ore can be  taken out if the management decides  upon making a showing.  A three-story boarding house is in process of erection .at the Dandy mine on Toad  mountain. Ore bins are also being constructed.  oo  ���I  a**-  c_  r���  CO  _E  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  s'0iieei.t}!l^  '-" ������" *Wh:eE'tii.e::fi-le,''1_ia.'gkkl*e .is,*T3ern_au0M__y  ^reorgariiz-ed fiyJj���njei-qQf MiB i^r^sent f&rce.  "Vvillbe" Jaid ���xjil."Wt"Avho thef .vlUbeis";  nioi,yei,mitled2   W l^eiffdr yykl he -a*p=-  (poinded io the Xie^i'ip'exxnaineht'pbsiiionV''., ,  ',,-* ���Aii. itjjip'lt&ijbip-Lf^ffrffiaii;: 6r?fei!. to -stay ����&_  ecuiion has ^eennia^feiii :tl\e .'ISaglo casp  oTIipavis \'s.VCA'ijiMmngs��^&iCh. \v~a%, tried  ���"ai,M"ieA"agt,ix:ss(yjpk:&ixd:Au A^iijcSh' the $$fy [  .r���ft*(ihri.1;etl\a'%H|lf-'fc iOv-^7'6'2^^ _lto,ii_l_ loi8'  -eiv-icesrehde'red as ���a'bo.ok^eB'p'ei^,    Tlys;  Hieans that an, ai.peal;AA,'il|: .be taken.  There is coiisiderable speculation, as. |p��  what a^iltfi; tlie  tnraiiii\fay *qoi\i.pai"iy Atiiil  select ��01. its -propose.! lihO; of ?��'iiwa;$*.;  The "general opiijibii   is.   that Stfttaley  street is vil-tfiall-y the only cross-street;  which the conipany could use for getting  up the hill, but further than this there  ai-e nq two opinions avhieh agree,   The  officials of the company have a _o informa-  iion to giA*e out as to tlie probable route.  A. ll. Glements has retul'iied from a  inoi i tlrS"*ti'ip=to=Vie to rU-^and^Va-iTcouA* err  and while at the latter place attended the  grand   lodge   of I.O.G.R    Mr^ Clements  says the  coast people are hardly aware  that   there is such a place   as Nelson.  They have heard of Atlin and  belieA-e  there is such a country as the Klondike^  biit diiring  his  stay lie heard but one  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  __:  oo  CO  'WM&mwmtmmt  _i,_  "iW^ifn*  ***_)    tfV-nr-Untf.-nn--'-1'- n n   "n       ������" n   n      -" _,    ����   __> "h  - .;, v\'^o^<'L:b^:p,e,bs.-;:'"  . 71'_.vill, !.li0jv aj> fixtCnsiVc ")\n&oi fioocls boiight _*l*U-?ct  "febiSii iilic'.lBq-iis^fit^ifc-^n ���J3ngl!^i_ v;^i'iuieq,",G"_i'lftaiiy,  ihdijift"'PmXofikhtss.   JlsSp'goods fi-onj -IS- Ubsl;_afia-  (liaft mft-nifaqWirj-CSj.     -,  . ��   ��� . ���   ' ' "  -('ThcMiQ&kaiitl bijfSt an-"Gpttl..Stiver. Cpral', afut l-lated  j'c\\-<ai'i', VfinoiS-- ana gftt^GH-j. i  f iildo' ��"��� ny,_ iilr_,e variq.y Of GfSd sure. Sih*-5,-_ 0 vcllfes,  = I'iSfl-oli.'is., Stars,'(_ .-S-piit^" Sjds, .eta. : .  V W<��7_:\ya.>_vcar_'}'a'-0_^^^  AL\^/V?S IN grfO'SK  JO and.,]-cftj'a.t$oli(T��-col<l'Lqi'gii. lies:  5, 10, a|id ���0 j-car J^orgffetfc"-,  GilC'ai.fl B^aid, Loreifijiites.  X'oriil t_ii_U Sil'U L6i'gh-ttfc". '  'Kolfod Mate, Hlbuscr Stils.  Gold iKillcd WouSO StSIS,  Silyci' anfl Gilt,Mouse, Sets.  Gold aiid*. fiver Sa_lv7Bvicklc...  Male arid Cfilt &_sh ijricllles.,       ^ ���     ���,,  ,,*_, I.��� 15, aiid 20 year Uolled pllite Qdlfl .Filled Albert;-:.  Silver, Gilt, and Goldiiie* Albortsf.  100 ptylos and, cjttftl.ili'es in Brooches.  10U -lyles iii Pins. _       .     . -    ,  5, 10. 15, and -JO year llollcd Plato and Gold lulled  Links and, liuttoiis  Sirver and 1'eftrl I_.iiiks, Buttons and Studs-  Cut 'Giro*. Purfuine .B'obtle8_  Gut Glat..- Jflowcr Hdld-rs.  Cut Glass Toilet Bottles.  ="eut-=GIass-iiril(l'_i;ll'Oi'Otlt=stel-S=aiid=artiolo.-_i-  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50,TO $30  Lmvreneb Hardware Co.  aSTEL'SON",   _B. O.  either in open  TOlLE'r  and '.colo-UTs��  ��� Witii. ;haj.E5S0i'n'.Q,i jc^i^].ei._al" "ai#n pra^tiba.1 articles:;ap.p#5:jpr.tlir^ -$ikl  s'ifts for all: occasions-.   "'."..' �� ,������("���.      ...''"(  �� ���   * " ".���  ��� .���������*���'.���       .        ��� _   . �� �� =.. _  DINfsFBR  'SBTS���*_\:   very   cbi^pleteY ^smsej-j;jiii.en:,t��� .'.of 4_i_fnej;\^aie;;|  ov toa-fe-u-p sets.   Ml iisjisfuli |ts wetlcn;ii).g' p,r0js:eiat��:/.  fD;CH'-AM''J^E'.S��TS'--lfi"'_i Mi-g?e vttxfciy ,ofls...-^Sj  jo or t2 piece sets, -fro_n $3,2,5 up to $i2,  Lots-of l-andsoiiTe  jardinieres, very Sfasoftaljile  use.. .  ',&."*���'  JARDINIERE'S  for yeraixda or win  Diaiiioiicl lliiigs, Claw and _em Itl-njj in every known  stone aiid design.  The  Mi-rl orders pronililb* aitenddd to.  Kino watch i'cj_aii'iiig a siioeialty.  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STBEKT, NELSON  Ice Gream  (HAZLEWOOD)  Veranda Ghairs  and Rockers  Children's Go-Carts and  Buggies  Gentlemen's  i  Arm Rockers, Etc.  BUSINESS AND ItRSIDENT-AL  PftOPKIWy  30 By 120, rtaker streut, hetweeu Josephine and  "NVai'fl.Stfoe!s .....,  SOW)  50 by 120, Iiul-ui' sti'-el, botwceii Josephine and1 Hall  .   sire ci ts ,   1500  50*by* 120, HftUd(*st,rc-t, betweon Jo-.ephiii-,analirtll,  line pf decorat-d   lamps, especially beautiful as,j  LAMPS���A .new  waclding" presents. -  CUT GLASS���-Berry or  salad   bowls', olive  or boi,.   bon   dishfes,  celery   trays,   water   bottles,   wine   decanters,   oil   Or  and ^tumblers. cii_tL_onL.iin_e_s_t_^i-yst_aJ^  vinegar  bottles,  We carry the freshest and most whol_some g*roceries In town.  Telephone IO,  P. O. Box K & W.  Baker street West, Nelson  streets, corner. ���  .80. by 120. feist Utlktir street.  SOU  23 by 120 with <iiit-pruVcn-iCMl. _, south side o�� Vcrnoil  street , , .,��� ���   6000  00 by ,120 wi(,h impl'oveili-Hts, soiith side of Vornon  street ,  fiooo  2 lots and largo houso Dej-.titifully fiifilishnd fsnap)..   tOWJ  2i lots with Cottage runted n. $13 porinoiijilj, Victoria  streot   ���  H5(|0  1 lot with cottage rented at SIS nor month, Victoria  street....... ..'   2500  21.fe with cottage rented afc,?20 per .month, P tanloy  street  ...,   IIOOO  G lots in block ill), all cleared a lid fenced in   2500  0-rooni house and 10 lots set Out in orchard   2. lots and improvements. 52 head Of cows, 2 horses,  WAkoiIs, sleighs, harness, and everything: in connection with Hurry's milk ranch   For general information on real estate and for fur  pat-iculars on above property apply to  .1100  55110  FURNITURE  OF ALL  KINDS  AND  Ice Gream Soda  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT STOfjE  KrcKh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  leluphouc IKS. .     HUMPUKKYS & I'lTTOCK  ALL GOODS MARKED TO SELL  NOT TO LOOK AT  -W"-^_-_e,_D BEOS-  Real Kstato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelsoii  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Sealed whole tenders will be received until 12 o'clock  noon Thursday, .1 line 2!Jth next, by the undersigned for  tlie erection of a stone and brick J_and .Registry olllce for  the government of British Columbia, tone built at Nelson, U. C.  A doposit in the form of a marked ehecnuc made payable to tho Commissioner of Lands and Works for the  sum often per cent of the amount of tender, must accompany each tender.  Drawings, spucillcations and conditions of tender may  be seen at the office of Swart & Carrie, architects, rooms  7 and S, Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nolson, 13. C.  The lowest or any louder not necessarily accepted.  JNO. A. TUKNKK.  Assistant C'ominissioner of Lands and Works.  WANTED    ~vV  ElpiENCEDf  Y-Yi;F..:IRV-NE:-&. CO.  MONEY SAVE�� BY BUYING YOUR  , Jelly filasS-S, Stone Cracks,  __3_.o-��� _r_ao3v_ xjs  \\'e carry the largest stock  Can fill your orders for any quantity  M. DesBrisay & Co-  FRUIT JARS!  JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING <5_ COMPANY  .-..-.���."��� -.-������      ���       Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds fi'om-:Talbol;.Harris,.Scotland.  FE__.D J, ySQUIBE; Baker St. Nelsoa.  The supply''Is ltmitod, so call early, and oxamino this iBtoek.'.-;���  ,j&*  \��^^^^^i��ai^a^Kw^ai^m  nvj)S>mKeuhK��<��^w.j��n.�� ^v


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