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 *���"* .�����������.�������-��������  CRYINC OVER JtK SPILT MILK  Alderman Fletcher  Wakes Up.  The question of a new temporary site  for the post office was tlie first important  matter that came up before last evening's  regular meeting of the eity council. A  letter was read from postmaster 3. A.  Gilker, whieh set forth that the post  ofiice must be moved in the near future  and that a central and commodious  building was at this time impossible to  get. Consequently permission was asked  to move the old Merchant's hotel across  tlie street to the empty lot next the Nelson hotel. A letter was also read from  Stephen White objecting to a wooden  building being placed next his hotel.  Blake Wilson, manager of. P.- Burns <fc  Co., said that A. .J. Marks, who owns the  Nelson hotel building, had no objection,  and that they would be willing to move  it again on forty-eight hours' notice from  the council. it appears tliat 1*. Burns <fc  Co. will occupy the building until the new  premises are ready i'or occupation, when  the post ofiice will move in until they can  get suitable quarters.  Alderman Hillyer favored granting the  request, and alderman Fletcher then pro-  posedan aniendmenfcto thelireliinit bylaw  which provided that Avhen a new building is going up, the old building may, with  the permission of the lire wardens, be  temporarily removed to some other part  of the fire limits. This amend men t was  supported by alderman Hillyer and accepted.  Bylaw 25 was then finally passed and  accepted, as was the finance committee's  report recommending the payment of  the following accounts:  Streets pay roll   S 770 50  Sidewalks pay roll     217 50  Water works construction pay roll     J14 00  Sower construction pay roll      4(1 50  Customs duty on scrapers ���      27 (10  C. I ���*. Jt. fr ight on scrapers       1 ��� (10  Trilnino Co., Limited, printing and stationery���    217 70  O. II. -fawcett, streets      !I2 00  Total :.... 81828 40  Mr. JiszkoAA'icz wanted the council to  put in a sidewalk ou Front street, between Park street and the city limits.  lie was informed it would be laid by the  end of next mouth.  The council then went into a committee  of the whole on the general tax rate bylaw, with alderman ftlcKiilop'.'in the  chair, when the following estimate of receipts and expenditures from June 1st to  December 31st, Avas submitted:,  ESTIMATED RECEIPTS.  tttt��  TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 20,  18  _<KI  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  Electric light rates.   Supplies :   Licenses ...... .,.��� .*'.,..  Miscellaneous .....:......  .Police cpurt f|.iyv  'I-oaxl tax  i#,_  ....S 6,300 00  .... 140 00  .... 0,000 00  ....2,450 CI)  V--1. 7*03?'00-.'  Yt". "73,000', 0,0, .  h.��.&��-.SjKr.otf",  x"..j-_.oon:QO=  _:^Yv*25o*i)."*,  ^fs%:sa0'W��  �����,"..��17iU2tW*  .y.uY^2,.ooo .go ���  .i$XW.  _ _ C-UI..I. toi .-.ihlndi^aloSjon_\Cegiulty-|Yo- ���" ���_?��������������  ^&.tf_-jr_.t��.rf^  ��� \ -Va"ii!'fcr_,froj.ii:ilebeiitirre^a(;eo(int".^v. vffv.jt  4";._' ej.!iesjrate'iMxiSsy^Fi^y!yz(i:2yyyy  *��v��$Y���'"-"^ ' v"__ ,y.  N"irii^,nepitxt-tto_1ife.*Y*."..7,'.,.Y.....,.Y..Y ,<$ Xj57&QQ  .   _l<u_I andnliglit,."...,,,,^��.��(,...,i..s ��� ���..,. ��������.   �� ��� JjdgaiaSxpHifscs (soJiC'itdi^S.sftlar^....��s.,, ."..,���-���..,,.,  :" ,Le,#i:eyp"-U'_:si'lHippcr.,l-,oter-aiicl"JJotts bill);.  . Oj'ei.dh.f.t, -iH*eiirreiIt;,_c,e;ouii.t".....*."."._���,.��� .-_."..."..*  ��� TlS-ifftiuf,i(i.tl gt.ri.i-i.iijory'.;..-.:,,��..".���   .  1 Sttlario'*.. i�����- ...',>�����,* ^"--.,,. ��� !���_-.��� ��,..,��������������'���_ .,.-���...,.-%��� ���  '���   ��IiVterost aiid^siiiKiiig. fijiid...",��. ..���=.. ._��, .-,.,��� a -....  if qs ijtaliKi'iui.t. ���.,,��.��.,.,... e...,,.,_.,..... i, .....  7 _-r|>si)Jti_.l��'uU5*crii)tibiin,'Si_fcii iffi_iith>ati��_ 0*......  Kaslo aldermen may come, though the  civic fathers of Revelstoke, New Westminster, Seattle, Vancouver, Nanaimo and  Victoria declined for various reasons.  Tlie smelter band offered to play for  an hour and ahalf every Saturday evening  if thecouncil would thcm.$ 10ainontli. The  letter was referred to the finance committee.  .Mrs. Clarke asked leave to erect a tent  on the foundation next her hotel, where  beds would he placed for accommodation  of visitors during the celebration. The  required permission was granted.  T. C. Collins wrote offering to pay a  license of $10 per month per slot machine  if he were allowed to keep them running.  The council considered that tliey could  not legally accept the offer, but on the  motion of alderman .Fletcher and Hillyer,  it was decided that the slot machines  will not be allowed in town after July  1th. This may be taken as tacitly allowing them to run to that date.  The following tenders for the supply  of sewer pipe were opened and referred  to the board of works:  From the B. C. Pottery Company,  Limited, of Victoria, 7200 feet of 8-inch  pipe, $17S2; 500 feet, of 9-inch pipe at 35  cents, $175; 1300 feet of 12-inch pipe at,  52 cents, $070; 260 pieces of S-inch junctions, $200; 12 pieces of 9-inch junctions,  $15.12; and 45 pieces of 12-inch junctions  at $1.71, $76.95.    Total $2985.07.  H. J. Evans & Co. tendered 1300 of 12-  inch pipe at 59 cents, 500 feet of 9-inch  at 36 cents, ancl 7200 feet of S-inch at 28  cents. Also 15 lengths of 12-inch junctions at $2.27, 5 lengths of 9-inch at $1.39  and 260 lengths of S-inch at $1.11  After aldermen Fletcher, Kirkpatrick,  Hillyer, and McKillop had been appointed,  a committee to make arrangements for  the entertainment of official guests at the  Dominion Day celebration, the council  adjourned at the call of the mayor.  Terms of the Anaconda Deal.  Chicago, June 19.���Marcus Daly of  Montana and his associates in the Anaconda Mining Company sold all their  holdings in that .company-interests'to an  eastern .syndicate ^headed _."by_*__J^QlJjrrl)."b"  THE LAW ANfl THE LAW COURTS  ne^er.been unade .put  "The!-  jjuo .oo;  7SQ700  ,700 00'  '7_0t��00.  700 .0'  '8,000' 00  ���J.945.00<  500 00  _5(l 00^  ��� .b.vei'di'aXt oii4lb__e i.itfi'? <?, _iccd_ii,ii">...'..  g'lLiittPoo  ..���,.,.. ukosm  '''���."           "                                  .      8--.-1-'OS  V.Kstlmlitcil'balancp.. ..���.....;._......,  .,,..��14,-90 ,00;  i\:lieri.iian l^letdher Seemed astOnisued>  - at-_I_eYsize~of tlie* estimates aiid asked" to  see "tlie" monthly" statements, Referring  tOVa$ 2000 item fbr AVafcei'AyorksconSfci'UC-  tioii; in April, he said he Jiad no idea so  much mo.i_-ey\yas*b_ing si36nt, or that ���.iny  Such C0nstrltctipn tyas gding on.���  The eity cferk iufoi'med him that the  'Cpu 1.1 ail had ajUthoiSiS'.ed this work being  (loxie as soon as the ,p\p& arrived. The  work had been done by dhy' labor.   _-After_ina_kiug_-C{llcidati.ons^fl��iii___^the_=  mPnthly -tatements alderman Fletcher  stated that during the first five months  of the j^ear the city had received about  $10,500 and had disbursed Some $30,000.  "We start off on the first of June with a.  deficit of $20,000 "he exclaimed. Then,.  I'ef0i'ring more _speeially to tile nioney  laidont in water works coustruCtioii, the  aldermait ^v*eM,t oil: "I do not kno\\*  where the money has all gone. There is  not enougii iuoney to go round. You  sliotild have ������asked, for more, Aye haA'e  .spout more money already than Ave bor-  i'OAved to spend. I don't sge how tlie  pipe Ave have bought is to he laid unless  it is paid otit of the general revenue."  The mayor said that nearly all the  AVitteovorks had been laid.  Aidei'Hiah Fletcher did not think, the  extra three mills proposed by the finance  committee would be of much good, but  thought that the Avhole thing should be  further looked into and considered, and  tliat in the meantime the fixing of the  rate should be postponed. This Avas  agreed to and the committee reported  progress.  A letter Avas read from the attorney  general about the Hamilton PoAvder Company's magazine; He thought that the  council should take steps to enforce the  laAV, and that tliere Avas no excuse for  tlieir not having done so. The police  commissioners had formerly instructed  the chief of police to lay aujnformation,  but action in the matter had been deferred. Ou the motion of aldermen  Fletcher and Kirkpatrick the city solicitor Avas instructed to take immediate  action.  City scavenger G. Holbrook offered by  letter to sell his scavenging outfit to the  city for $1500.  Several ansAvers to invitations to the  .Dominion celebration Avere. read, and it  appeared, that several of the Spokane and  f|i^j^^54;?ii|ajci��lf3^. fnStic^I^heVpiY;  vfar^V'lo-KH 'Of 'i&Xeghdkr. -'^8^1^ ��ftsV"iiiipes'  ] and^snielters aiiid coaP aaionclYfJim%j.f _l&h$>  ih "MPutahgt.jaud Wyoming.",   "Evert..for  this" A*a$t .siijii, "hpAveyer. ;tii^plii'clXftspfStdof  not become the- sole Pwh^:- ��* |SA"J__qtidoii  . syiidictibte,���|lhat tvvQ.f e..rs agp-boVglit ���hi-.  tpKsts qf;tbfe*iHears% ���"&ta%'.^'"'_!7!,tJO%-,  ;dj^^si*|lliOA\5iis; that. ii*|i^_ ljfeiiti.-   Mv,, ���ffipily-  .agi'eed .t^"���i;emaiii, geueraLmaii'l^eBbf the"  entire property* fdf oiie y-fe   -   .��"���_���"���  Baadsinen, ori Strike N;o*^r.  Ofi'AAyA, June 10.���Beqavise pf their,  Objections to some hew regulations miicle*  by the; -.aivd,' coiMmitt^e Of* the '(joveruor-  Geiiewtl's Foot Gifards, th_ bandsmen of  the battJtliOii Mwe bfeeS., prcteJi'ed by  lieutent-iit-icolpne. _-|odgiiis, the command-  ing officer, to hand in tlieir instruments.  Tlie regulations ill tiuestion pfovide tliajb  six drills be held aniiualiy, in addition to  all parades and baiid meethigs; Fbr absence from aiiy one of these drills a  -bandsniaii=8hall-'be=finednt"doila.r7==Ej-Clf  man shall pay five ge,r cent of all band  eaa.iings into a fund to be managed by  tlie officers. All the drill pay of fclie'band  shall be managed by the band committee,  wlticli is composed of officers.  Klondyke Gold Coining Out.  SijAiTl.1-, June 19.��� A .half jiiiHjoli dol-  jars in gold dust and $225,000 more in  dvafts and Canadian bills represents tlie  Alaskan wealth brought to Seattle Saturday Jiight by the steamer City of Seattle,  the first big ship of the year to arrivo  from the north. Fully $500,000 in gold  is uoav iu transit from SkagAvay. It all  Came up fclie Vukon on the first three  steamers to arrive from Dawson^-the  Flora, Canadian and Columbian. The  train way people at White Horse Ilapids  checked 2100 pounds of gold for transit  past the rapids and nearly 300 of the  passengers carried their own.dust.  Horseless Ambulance Knocked Out.  Toronto, June 19.���The dream of tlie  local police department tliat they would  shortly be in possession of a horseless  ambulance has been shattered by the  board, of police commissioners. The  police appropriations for the year haA'e  been reduced by $5000 and consequently  the commissioners Ini/ve decided tliat the  purchase of the horseless ambulance Avill  haA'e to be deferred for another year at  least. ^   Greenway Pleases the Prohibitionists.  Winnipeg* July 19.���Premier Green-  Avay has pleased the Methodists of the  province by promising a deputation of  prohibition adA'oeates that the Manitoba  government Avould prohibit the sale of  intoxicating liquors to the fullest extent  of its poA\*ers. The Methodist conference  meeting at Winnipeg, was hirgely represented in the deputation.  Lavin "Wins His Suit.  The sittings of the county court opened  yesterday with an all day case, Lavin vs.  the Kootenay Air Supply Company. The  action avus for $175.90 for lumber delivered.      The   liability   Avas   denied,   and  there was also a  counter claim for $121  for damages, and a claim for $38, the difference between 75,000  staves 3} inches  and 3 inches in size.'    The contract  was  originally made in, December, 1897, and  the  staves had to  be  planed   to  three  inches.    To do this the plaintiff claimed  that they had to be saAvn 3]  inches, and  Charles Hillyer, P. A. Poison and J. A.  DeAvar testified that this Avas so.    It Avas  also claimed that Avhen the original contract was made the defendant company  agreed to pay for it in the rough.    It also  appeared that the p]aiiitittYx>considering  that he Avas not being paid sufficiently on  account, eA-entually refused to deliver any  more staA'es till he aviis paid up.    Fran'k  Lavin,  the plaintiff, and C. H.  Taylor,  manager of the defendant company and  D.   Lynch,   the foreman, also  gave eA*i-  dence. . ��  His honor, Judge Forin, summed up  strongly in faA'or of the plaintiff, stating  that the original contract had been  broken by the defendants, and that under  the circumstances the plaintiff was justified iii delaying delivery until he Avas  paid.' The jury, avIio consisted of W. Wilson, foreman, E. J. Curran, II. Hurry, li.  Machiu and David BoOth, gaA*e a A'erdict  for the plaintiff for the full amount  claimed, after a feAA** minutes deliberation.  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, appeared for the plaintiff, and R. M. Macdonald and C. W.  Wragge for the defendants.  Miners Get Their Wages.  The hve suits entered against the New  Jerusalem Mining Company of AinsAvorth, for AA'ages due to men,,employed  on the company's property, Avas settled  yesterday by the company paying the  miners the amounts.claimed. The plaintiffs in the action Ayere  C.  G. Johanson,  " w-     ""    "     ��"  ���"    _,'_-. __Y_��-i_1V=__-___-" ='..   -r-PdV _.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  up,e^Q^<|hy*w'T^^p^!-  .Ayaslsliable idf 'tlie Yahlouiits!  l_m  clamed -_ai-d  Adjusting Freight Hates.  The Committee of the board of trade  ire still  at Avork with assistant general  freight agent Peters of the Canadian Pacific over the freight rate to and from Nelson.   Some of the discriminations arc glar-  ingand very unjust. For instance, candies,  made in St. Louis, are shipped to Vancouver in carload lots and reshipped from  tliere to Fernie in less than carload lots  for 34 cents a hundred less than the carload rate from St. Louis to Nelson plus  the  distributing    rate   from   Nelson to  Fernie.      In other Avords, the   railways  are hauling goods to a point 100, miles  Avest   of   Nelson,    then    hauling    them,  back fco a point 250 miles east of Nelson  for 34 cents a hundred  less than to Nelson, thence to the point 250 .miles east.  There are still more glaring cases of discrimination  in favor of Vancouver.    If  Nelson is to bea AA'holesale point, the men  avIio are in that business must not rest  until these discriminations are wiped out.  On equal terms, Nelson can hold her oavu  Avith the coast cities, but it cannot be  done Avhen the coast has the best of it  from 10 to 45 cents a hundred on many  lines of staple commodities.    Our  wholesale merchants maintain that the carload  rate to Nelson and the distributing rate  from Nelsoii to any point 150 miles north,  east and a vest, should  not be more than  the carload rate to A^ancouA'er and the  distributing rate from there ,to common  points  in  Kootenay.    They  cannot   see  Avhy the railroads should haul goods 500  miles on an average for nothing, as they  are doing uoav.  SILVERTON.  Ore is coming doAvn from the, Noonday  for shipment. The present shipment Avill  be forty tons.  One of the. principal stockholders of  the Vancouver company is in town. It is  expected that , a definite plan will be  adopted as to Avhether the mine Avill resume Avorking or not.  ���Y-V OnY; ^a^Vi'day ... af fcernooir ,ita.���ufoqtb,i.ir  "Siiat dli'itvas" pla\fed"J,*ie  7sea|i-City\chil^��ui;dr *'��� ���---������-���������-���'-��� ���*������  '$dWefi-]mtles"i  :kkcli4eo^^i��g__, .,  i^fcih^t^^  co_ lteJitio^r^'as/tJlis'^ "t>"y thp decision" tit  fclie ^i]%ht" 9PiipSpe#sY*ase;?i ''and' 'aS'VJtiie  '! iff ns" "Aiei>e rgpsJiH^d^a'gjaiusfc'tlie-'properi^".  tlie' eoinpauysdbeicted" tg "pity nyp'. ��� ^alld h��f  '&j Witsofl relareS^h&e^^^ fche  action aiid ^Vhealle^ & Mai-tlii  of lvaslo  tliedefendViifccohipahy. "  -   ��*Y  Sandon Editor "Arrested" in UTeisdri.  Chaile-j!, biiii'e,, Mjk "fe'aistloii ed\fcor,A*ii*as  arrested in Nelson yes.teWl.iy tipoiis. the  Strength -of a tele^raiia f ��� oiii Kaslo to the  efi'eet fchatn a Avarrant had been issued  against him chai'ghig him with having  iu his possession stolen books and papers  belonging to the Saiidon Miners^ CJ-iioni  Cliff e A\?as taken before magi stf'ate Crease,  who admitted liiiji to bail iii the Sum Of  $50Q to appear befoi-e the magistrate at  Sandon on Wednesday nioi'ning. The  editor did not take the charge against  ; him A>*ery seriously, as he says there is no  yplpydn^niijniyiX, -wh-ii*evnr   ���ar#I\���inflefci_i6Ee  SihifedvaE  Witness Gunmngham Arrested.  John Cunningham, A\rho was arrested in  Grand Forks, aa^is brought into Nelson  last night by constable Cox of Niagara.  Ouiiningha.ni was subpoened in the Iiossland theft case of Regi'na vs, Davis, whieh  Was set doAvn for trial afc fclie recent assize, hut failed to appear' and a bench  warrant Avas issiied for his (vrresfc'. John  li. DaA'is, the prisonel' in tlie case, also  failed to put iii aii appearance and his  bail was escheated. DaA'is is supposed to  have nnide his escape across the boundary line. ^__  The Lake Shore Mine.  Tlie hew owners of the hake Shore  mine" at Moyie, in. East Kootenay, Avill  take possession Of the proinOrty this  Aveek. They have ordered a five-drill  compressor plant, and it is to be installed  by August 1st. President Pridhain and  vice-president Wilson,'both of Montreal,  are in Moyie.   Supplementary Estimates Passed.  The supplementary estimates for the  year 1899 Avere passed in the house of  commons this AA'eek. Total $2,647,328.  Of this amount $993,51.4 is charged to.the  consolidated fund; $453,919 to capital;  $425,000 to railway subsidies, and $1.94,-  628 foi' unprovided items.  Murderer Perrier Will Hang.  Ottaava, June 19.���The cabinet has decided in the Perrier case,. Ncav Westminster, that the laAV should take its  course. He will be hanged on tlie 30th  hist.  Date Set for Dreyfus' Trial.  Pauis, June 19.-���The i.cho de Paris an-,  nounces today   that ' the = coiirt   martial  which  Avill   re-try Di'eyfus   will .be"con-'  i veiled on July. 17th.    .  yyy .shOGAP oxt^.  1 .; 'Tlje<go1d'��,c0niigissiioner caii'ie iii on..Siit-  .iirdliy aii|l .arraiige'd "Fpf j^feA^l|:ie,n.Clih.tljer  J_ilnii[eKii.nj,o.u, to* 'beglii, i_epaiHl% the,  Avagon road,.- ^ "     ^ np     ���_ ��*_  JaMeB/Jvijigstoiie and- J^lyi ^.eliv*-  Bheh.se ,niade, a good iind on fche liotigh  aiid��lieady last Aveeiv.  . ��  _��� rtf *^ n-^! ^TK   NELSON,  lieisterer & Dompany's ne\s' bj-eu'efy  is i;a^>idiy7iieai'i;i,ig eoHipietioii and aviII be  ready fOf fch*5 machinery in a coilple of  Aveeks. The (i 1'in is extending its business thrOiigUout "Kootenay and find it  iiecessajy to: run fcheh* plant day and  night to keep up AA'ith tlie demand.  W. J. Quiiilan and K., A. Crease left  _tlii--mor.n,ing_t.O--at.fcend_fche--mee_t.iu^____L  fche Masonic Graiid Lodge whicli opens ill  Kaiiiloops on -Tliui'sday. TomorroAV  inoruiug they will be followed, by Jolill  A. Turner, W. A. JoAvefcbi E. C. Arthur,  Jolni J-Iajnilfcoil, and George Johnstone.  W. J. Thompson iii liis capacity as  Avater commissioner is taking effective  measures to secure the collection of  arrears in Avatei* rate... His method is fco  shut fche supply of AVafcer off until the  same are pai(;l..and it. is said, to be u'Wi-ido-i*1-.  fully effectual.  Miss Dowiing of: Bi'-tnti'oi'd, Oijtario, is  A'isitiiig Jisr sister,, Mrs. A. G. lio]:'iiistall.  She left j-ranfcford on Wednesday and  arrived in Nelson on Saturday, via Great  Noi*tlic,ri11'ailway.  George E. Manuel of Donald is in Nelson  and wislicshe had located hero five years  ago. Mr, Manuel is one of fclie pioneer  merchants of northern Kootenay, and is  looking the country over for a location  iioAV that Donald is no longer a division  point on the C P. Ii. Like niauy others,,  he Avants to locate in a town that has  good schools.  Ii. W. Hanningtonleftyesfcenlay morning on a six months'visit to his home in  New BrunsAviek.  Mr. and Mrs. A. 'It. Buchanan .sailed  from Liverpool on the 15th. They will  probably arrive in Nelson about the  middle of July.  shaft work and six open cuts all roA'cal-  ing a good vein and samples of ore linvc  been brought down for assay.  Pote, the Packer, strongly advocates a  bridge to be erected across the Porcupine  creek and will head a subscription list  with $5. o     ,.  Metal Largely Used in the Shamrock.  Lo.voox, June 19.���"-In spite of the abnormal secrecy in writing connected with  the American cup challenger, Shamrock,,  a representative of the Associated Press  has been able to glean a feAV facts about  the boat interesting alike to yachtsmen  and the general public. The original estimate of the cost of the A'essel has nearly  doubled, but Sir Thomas Lipton Avill not  have to foot the whole of the bilk as the  ThoiMieycroffcs, who are keenly interested,  hoping the Shamrock's success Avill add  laurels to tlie firm's reputation, are bearing a portion of the expense. Those aa'Iio  are on the inside declare-the'yacht's construction is absolutely unique and that the  amount of metal employed will be a surprise to the yachting Avorld when it is di-.  A'ulged.  In color and texture the alloy has the  appearance of aluminum, of Avhieh, indeed, it has a very large percentage. It  possesses extraordinary resistance aud  lightness, and has been used eA-erywhere  Avhere wood Ava-s not considered absolutely essential. Great difficulty has been  encountered in moulding the plates. Although the sheathing tends to giA'e her  a heaA-y appearance, the yacht has in  reality been built for light Aveather; and  it is considered that her chances of success Avill be reduced should the Aveather  be Arery heavy during the cup races.  Her deck and over-deck arrangements,  as regards sails, etc., are considered original and peculiarly effective. Liglit larch-"  Avood berths are being fitted for the use  use of tlie creAv in crossing the-- Atlantic.  The contracts of the creAv Inwe been  signed for sixmonths certain on racing  pay, and substantial bonuses haA'e been  promised in case of A-ictory. The first  appearance of the Shamrock avi'11 be at  the 7Hunters', ^luiy^reg-ifcta; YFii'fcli.so_7  lOO^^vii'neAiVp'rrn*1 ���&*% v ��_* ��� . *." Y=^"  ���;*������" ����y&1  AS^y,!WK-y-\-\ -yy��� ���'���"���..���."^-."yy-y:����.- v^-f  ^yy^fyppdhltlMti^  liite-  y,- -  khly fche-iheanSw6f|si^i.n^*i]i.-.  "We ri i yifpi "iglx,. p wl/61 keS _& a: ;ii-(  prii_|e|::Y "|I^7cohsich|r"(^4h,!;ni|^i^ ^ra-  in life "siildYsQ went"��%fc4A'*fc_l��:e^o!i'���^ yef  teiJjClaf:' Wifcli' iiiteu't- .tp7*e0i)liii|fcB"lSiriteidl\  Wi'thiv *-'a?or hy\5pii^ptely��. ^e^erMd hisj  'Wipd��-(pim,i :ah$.-feii"i&-vih^���;_ic_3ed' ffeB";  i^i*^reiidfe;tjii'|ied"*fc";tGYi^ pocket, _.&���  plnjrgecf into the Vat-... - n:'pus.wa��:pi!ob-;"  " feli|e"fe'^fi}i-.v  'Ijpiel ,hkxi-^y  saw t1\e'm^ji"Tl.oafcii;.lg,V!,n .the \va)ier, ..and *  piillied "h'im as|ho_*e."% Tl'ie"ra/.orJj'ii,st missed :���  the jfl^i'la!' 'Veiij aiid' fclie siivgeoji. says'  fche vufti-ih:,u.ay t-eco-vei,'.; " 'Thei'eis insaiy  ity in the MifccheII "fanilly anfl' fclife, yOiiug  ���man is Saidto have been, afTlicfced  xvAish  religiotisVi-ianias ���  Steamer .'Danube Finds; An&ther Rock.  'VtmmliA, June lU.���The steiinief Danube, yne Of Avhose passeogei's is lieiiten-  aiit-go'VftrnoL' Meliines, sfci'licjv a roc'k  wliije going out from 'CniOti this morning  liftoj7^__ji:ng _fche;_le_joiJ__ll(a7._Al*ay_-to^-the.  GOOD STRIKrON^THE MABOU  May Be Another Enterprise.  New Di-XVKH, June  19.���By   far  the  most important strike that has been made  on Ten-Mile creek since the discoA'ery of  the Enterprise is that just uncovered on  the Empress Fraction and Mabou claims  lying- just above and adjoining the Enterprise.    The discoA'ery was to a certain  extent accidental and was made by one  of  the  owners of the Mabou, avIio was  picking on the edge of a  rock bluff exposed through  the suoav.    Cutting down  iu the snow and  wash the  rich float was  found, and a little more work soon uncovered  the  A'ein.    This has since  been  traced  down to  the   Enterprise   group  Eight open cuts have been made, and in-  each case the vein stands  exposed.    So  far as  traced the A'ein cuts right through  the Empress Fraction and three parts of ,  the   Mabou.   The   lead, -Avherever   cut, ���  shows an even Avidth of eighteen inches.  The  A'ein  matter is most   encouraging,  there being fully eight inches of carbonates and galena, Avhile the quarte carries  the black zinc and other characteristics so  pronounced iu the Enterprise ore.  The Mabou owners haA*e a tunnel in SO  feeton Avhat Avas supposed to be the Enterprise vein, but Avhieh iioav appears to  be a companion ledge. These Avorkings  are. not .more than fifty feet A\*est of the  recent discoA'ery, and in the breast of the 7,  tunnel is a Avell-mineralized A'ein, AA'ith  four inches of clean ore. The Mabou  owners are now facing up for a tunnel to  be driA'en on the recent discovery.  A deluge of surface water has caused a  temporary suspension of Avork, on the  Ohio, situated just aboA'e the Mabou,  upou Avhicli a shaft Avas being sunk into  the big A'ein. In the foot of the shaft  the A'ein matter is mixed throughout  with ore, while on the hanging Avail are V  eighteen inches of fine looking galena.  As soon as the suoav goes off Avork on  fcliis property Avill be resumed, as the  prospect of catching the Enterprise A'ein  from the Mabou ground is practically  assured.". .-Y--  Opposite the Enterprise, on the north  side of Ten-mile, the assessment AvOrk oh  the Black Cloud has exposed a splendid  ledge tAvo feet in Avidth, Avith from three  to eight inches of galeuii and zinc. This  ore gives high A'alues. The Black Cloud  is ' the fourth relocation* of the. same Y  ground, P. W. Ellis of'Toronto being one Y  of the present owners. V  Two  men  have  commenced work Yon ���:���__?  vi^e^ypp(mvMgm  'i^ea^iig%P��i^^  -tSsaft^rmffl "i)Uniy2 b��Y:tiin_ i&v^iid _^aM��.i"-���  ihi^ditiOnWsCaiiit^r^ig^^  5eh.arg*e -of -.thpWlme  Affsit fcO'-thafc'pi  npk$l]pp ^^Ca^iV^i^^^o^SUiEn  $iiu- j^-d&tac. Aiij-lis'^'tB t"iheiV.wlieixstiiiv  .    YMIR.  The Ymir Mines, Limited, sent iIoavii a  gold brick to Nelson on Sunday.  W. Blatidfield, J. Goodland and Peter  Phillips have returned from Granite  creek where, they located ' eight' claims  and will be starting development work  upon them shortly as they have a splendid surface showing.  . On the.'Gol.deii * Queen   aiid   Mulligan,  properties .'up Porcupine creek, .owned by  J. Astley,' there .are ''twenty-five feet of  Lynn, canal ports. Finding that she had  sustained serious damage, iier captain  then, rail the Danube a_hoi:eYon "Denm.au  Island, and tlie coasting steainer Maude,  also owned by the C. P. N. company, took  off tlie passengers and is removing the  freight. The Danube was also ashore on  her lust blip, but got off without serious  damage, it is thought that the Cs P. N.  company's steainer Tees, which arrived  here from the ijorth today, will lit once  be sent back to continue the Danube1'*.  trip. Another official passenger on the  Danube was .post ofiice inspector Fletcher.  Confesses After Another is Hanged.  Chicago, June I!).---Until word is received from Loudonconcern ing fclie confession of William Bryan, a prisoner at  the Bridewell, avIio says he is wanted in  that city for killing a policeman Hanjcd  Toohey, the police "will hold Bryan. The  man is serving out a sentence in the city  prison, but to prevent him from gaining  liis liberty before the story can be investigated an extra watch will be .kept on  him. For the crime tho commission of  which Bryan confesses, Marion Bi'oavii,  who was arrested in Seattle, was hanged  several Aveeks ago. Brown was known  all over the continent as .Peg Leg Brown.  Greenwood Has an Expensive Fire,  Bosslani*, B. O, April 19.���Chief of  Police McLaren came into Iiossland on  the afternoon train today direct from  GreoiiAvood. The chief stated that tho  lire in Greenwood early Saturday morning started in tlie kitchen of Escalct's  restaurant, attached to the Clarendon  hotel, owned by Dave Morgan of this  city.. It Avas not known how the fire  -originated, but both the Clarendon, and  the International, lintels, :.AVere''"totally  consumed,, as1, well- as*��� aii:-assay ofiice adjoining. The, estimated loss is $7000 to  $8001).  'fields ,'_I���)e*"&'lit6H*iris^"i^t��l_i_f"c<3hsid;#Mil^Y;  improved, it Imhigy'Pd iW "febfealuifeti^ _  '.spend $-00,000. ..Tftis"if,*to1eo^eV^4^-ttP^".  ting In of; air |,co^n|)_^ss6Ws���i4adii&e��>4|'^;l^���i',:  "and the ,erect,iO,ii-ol:'aJiii:ge gincfeiill|\4%r>*:  It js .also'.' 'hi1 eoiiteh,-plati<_ii tto haye *fcll-_'Y|  wagon road1 chaiiged. so y-s to, eontii'l'iie 'dp " ���"���  the .nortli sicle-of fclie.greek from ^yla^iir,.,-'  ci'ossing the ereek lusfc beloAv thC>��� $��-<.!���- " "  Several bears have been met Avith of  late on the Ton-miie road-  Along the Water ftont.  The river lias risen 6| ioclies dui'ing  the forfcy-efglit hours ending at G pun.  yesterday. It has risen 284 inches dni'-*  ing the last week, with a total, of 1,5. feet  1. inch from the lowest point last Winter.  Another four feet avjII j'eaeii last sum *  mer's higii water mark, and at fche prcir-  sent rate of rising it will take another  sixteen days to make it,  The Italy, tug; captain Woss, Avas attire wharf yesterday  J. It. .Matlieson, lias liis yacht *-;l'ea.dy  ,f<_ r sea," and she looks well with hor new  set of sails. There is some talk of taking  her east for some trial trips wifcli fclie new  cup defender lately launched.  Dickens'Writings Bring Good Prices.  London, Juno 19.���Kemarkable prices  were realized at the Dickens side at Dothfe-  boys. The original "Pickwick Papers/'  presented by Charles Dickens to liis sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth, brought _��ly0,  and other copies sold at ��85 and ��63 a.  copy. '-American Notes," presented by  Dickens to Thomas Carlyle, sold for ��0.i.  Au original autograph manuscript of  Dickens' "Biifctle of Life," on fifty quiwto  pages, brought ��400. Fol-ester's "Life of  Dickens,".containing autograph letters,  manuscript and portraits/ literary celebrities, avms knocked down for ��500 and  Dickens' cash book, Avhen he Avas in the  office of lawyer Black more, showing  Dickens' salary to have been thirteen  shillings and sixpence per AA'eek,.  fetched ��95. '  Metal Quotations.  Nkav Yohk, June 19.���Bar''silver  Mexican dollars _S|c.    Copper dull:  C0|e.  bro  kers $1S.25(2$1850,  $18.50. Lead quiet,  $-1.25, exchange $1.50.  exchange  but  firm :  $1S.25(S.  brokers- THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON   B.C., TUESDAY, JUNE 20,  1899.  We arc showing* a very large  from   50'"cents  to   $7.50.     Ca  and   Linen   Suits    are   g'oing'  Just the thing* for hot weather.  assortment  of parasols ranging* in price  iu   and   see   them.     Our   White   Duck  ast.     A full  line of   Men's Linen Hats.  ! i  A. FERLAND <_��� CO.  Kliol. Hloi.l,-. linker Si reel, Nolson  ii'  . ;7!  lit  k  III  m  P  If-  I  m  m '  I  ^.(A^<_|5^���iS^^���^-^���-^;S^���'S'���  .<s-!f^'=^- *"=-**���*���=  ^������s^.  .-c^-ti- ^s^feC"^**1  ���^c=>.(=y.c=y.t=3.��2.(=>.c^.  ������sr-fe-.'sr-eC'��^^'.^_^^^��-:%f_r'.^<^^  INCORPORATED 1670.  HARD TIMES  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS���Nulson   Lod.o,   No,  25,  Knight!" of Pythias, meets in i. O. O. F. Hull,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  0. KKKNC1I. C. C. d. ROSS, K.of ,U._tS.  NELSON I.ODGK, NO. 23, A. K.& A.M. M cot.  socond .Wednesday in ouch month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  ~ PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  All. .HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Aoaayer.  A7ictoria street, Nolson.  EAVAltT & CAREIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  "      " MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���To rent a small  furnished house or cottage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune olllce.  LOST���A pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, in a leather  ease.   Finder will be suitably rewarded on returning same to The.Tribune oiliec,.Vernon street, Nelson.  WANTED���Situation as housekeeper, by a middle-  aged   woman  who   is  willing  to wo. k.    Apply.  Housekeeper, Thihunk oflleo.  FOR  RENT���Two  cottages on Latimer street,   half  bluck west of Stanley street.    All conveniences. ��20  a month.   Apply at Tribune ofiice, Vernon street. Nelson.  cheaper mining labor tliat 99 out of eA'ery  100 mining properties in tlie country will  never be worked. He eAren goes further,  nnd says that it will be his duty to point  this out in his official capacity to European capitalists. Major Haider may  have Avonderful influence Avith European  capitalists, but Ave doubt it. Capital is  ueA-er scared from a country because of  the price of labor. .What capital AA'ants is  reliable labor, and reliable labor can only  be had in British Columbia by the payment of good AA'ages. If the mines of  British Columbia are so poor that they  can only be Avorked profitably by the employment of cheap Asiatic and semi-  civilized European labor, then they had  better remain uiiAVorked for all time.  _.ot, withstanding all the tulk ahuul,  hard times resulting from the labor  troubles, we will venture to say tliat it'  you stroll down the sunny side of  Baker street about 2 p. in., you will  hear more complaints about the  weather than any other subject.  A Suggestion to Those in Danger  of ill   Effects   trom   Sun   or  Heat.  .Keep in the shade as much as possible,  and every half hour take one bottle of  Schlitz Milwaukee Lager Beer. No  other   than   Schlitz   will   answer.  The   Beer  that   Made   Milwaukee  Famous.    No Better in the World.  SOLD   BY  ffl  ffl  ffl    -  ffl  Men's Alpaea  en's Straw  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  B  B  m  Tfyese goods are tho proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes $   ; ;       ;  ��������� b  _ .__    . . .^  B  B  $  jj  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Blaek and Brown, the newest  shapes and colorings are now open for inspeetion.  Daily Edition..   AVkkkly Edition...  ...  First Year, No  142  . Seventh Year, No. 30  _,_      u    D   qj[_,*' '^    Jj,   _ qjiqj n ^ d iB      ^ftn-        $git,n.n SlY^"     �� !fef DB��       .  ������[flDI1If      �����D $      isft, |7��__fc, _n n D    %<?     Jf     o  >JI��iV_-f-_F^^  :||/H/��  fer_Y$".  !-1S  'is,-  ���i" V  ��� y* ���  ��� {^^0ki,hi<n0��pfo.gveksifp kh th'gii J4 i&-$pif$ _ el;';  /_:^#l4|i^ ;cit^;<*>t*i:��ti}- = OilS. t  ��Jh.��� =;ii;|Yi,9^ V&Wbn^ejY 'dllxims,'  ^i :'>^.^>y^'4'V"P'^B^Pb.(if' * ^^a^l'-A-tlo'ii,. ��.��fclsf)1i AuiB,'  f.*'J&o$& p ...''"   ."��� /*,��v'������".������ ���  ;YJY. 'y.liii,�� l^ifetoriiv&Ia-i-iBt aii'cl-_bliBi'^j.C!t,6-j:a  .5��; sj3--l0l3c Vsa-y that the Semlin goveijniiie-llt  '���";;"fefe;J>n].'llne.dVbusii*ie..ss '0-. many pojiits in the  .", .'������-,-piuviyco throiigli bhiitdering fegM&tioii-  - * !Wi_ l tliese two blue-ruin _hontei.s be  -*    moke spccittc-   Froni all advices,  Van-  Ai.DEKArAN .Beer is   talking  through;  his   hat   down    at    the    Coast,    if    he  is correctly reported..    One  of his  airy  assertions is that the City of Nelson..had;;  jto*ab^ii^  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street., o Telephone 13.  BRICE^LIIE!  Our first kiln oE brick will lie ready for delivery about  the Isq of June.   Call at our ollice for prices.  During the month of-June we will deliver lime in  quantities of twenty sacks and over at  60 Cents per 100 Lbs  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street;     .   T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  B  B  B  ouse  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up."  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SilA-*e,i'toii have feAv* idle tuou and no fa'iJ-  ures   are   .reported  in  cither   plaee.    li!  bnsindss in all these towftsaud cities is  aboA*;e the average* tlie country cannot  be getting along badly.   The  truth  is,  British Oolunibia is the most prosperotis  province in the Dominion.    This prosperity is not a result of the Semlin government being in. poAver.    British  Cohinibia  has great mineral AVealth, Avliich is being  developed., not by   cheap,  half-civili/.ed  labor,   but    by   high-priced,   intelligent  Avorkers aarho have a voice iu conducting  the business affairs of the p_Qvii__e,   Under such   conditions,   British  Cohinibia  could not be otherAvise than, prosperous.  ftans.. Staionery Co., S_  ��out  By price itlone in y<Jw 'lrliK buyiliK,  IjO-kiM'g.  nieanji  ut-jiorfcS  Well to inmiity iiiciilis. walisriiutui;}' ih_.<uUs���means  -ucur'Hij. Hie reineilj* tliat _e..Lfulfill!. Uie'put*|io_<  fOr --.lik. If you Hit ii��tied it. I'urity, (|in. lity, -idis:  ruc.iQ'ri, are ill's, considei'gd here, but iilwuyi. 11  price Hint miSkcsi the plireha��e un ecorloiiVical one.  A prieft that hioUiik soinetfiinl. to you. One puek-  age of our  Tf-i-b��u.j\v'aul. a slyllsli^pc'itoctVllttiJig.jsliit, matlo.of tll.e  bestcldth ls"-_r iitip*o"i;li.d'_ to*7rJ.t5._r6n, leave yotir'.ordQF  Svi-li Wo. "  - .-.      " "- "������",, o  .fei'x lutiidred dollars worth'ot neJW goods nowivaiti  ifiisy.Oui' in&peijuoii.   I gu_l.!ai.it;^oJsay,s8a"-tion or.uo.sjalg;.  ��S $_5 '���'%."fig  S'eIsoil!s. iii_ ito-idiito bailor, inoxt -Niliflj.1 & l.qt,i_  "   '" " ��� Baker "Street;  son  '"���*. j-ttsa? "doon xve&t &a^\<2& i��:'iiiiiXiMit&.  r  AAre haA'c a Hue assortment of W'ooleiis always  on hand. Ooods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made  on the premises, Satisfaccion is assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSOlf  will make one .liarf of the best spring tonic 611  the market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is  25 CENTS  aENERAL BROKER.  ORAYM�� and:  BLACKSMITHING  Aig��EB'SfiiJS��^  AVagpii ropairiiiK proni'ptly ftltedded ;to* by'ii^flrst'clasy.  ������.���.la.el.wi'ig'ht. ' .    ' ..-.���.  Special at(enta0nDgiyj5n to alL'ldnds of. repaii'fng anil.  cti}_to..n1 ">y or k n:giii'bu.t.sidq'.points'. * "  .   ..'���.':;''.;���.>  ���  Merchfijidiso. hauled X6.. and from dejjots; Uu_  ���mec-S till trains and.iioatei Special iftteution  givcii to the traifetel5 of baggage. " Olllce, i&d  stables on Terfipft street, ,.0.pp-site '1'lio Tribjuie.  ^gno "will pm-clvits-e fi'dboicc residence eoi'ller, 100 by 120  ���3G110 ji-ill plirelnisc fl olioi-0 pesidepee qorner, lflffi tooU  froilttigo. , ,  =5210rrSyill*Turoliase=tt=eoii|.rrtl~lQt^lvnd^  ��10.1 will .iniiicluiso 'two hice lot** ftud shanty  ��1(100 will'" _mrch.iui.-o' elioico  residence connji  frontage.  :_jM0 -u'ill purchase t\\-0 nice ldts and cottage,  ��3000 will purchase four ilico lots aiid vesid-iioc.  150  foot  ALEX ST'E  Turner & gocckh blo_k��� Kolson, B. G.  par8oi75 produce Qd.  NeI^S0IN, JB. G.  Sli*p_i -^1.1 Street, .between Bak'eF. a/M :V-r:ndn.^N_J^rj7  Hose, nozzHeB, lios_ tripods, fa-wn mowers  eai-dfeii sprays, ana water-pipe iittinks  of all kinds.  Lfct us Put Your lawn Service in  FIRE, M-K, ACCIDfeNT AND SICKNESS  I__vT S *CT3-^.3Sr CE1  REAIi ESTATE AND LOA1. S.  TO-IwR't'���Several houses of diirereiit sizes.  li'Olt SAW.���Ileal estate iu all part..'of tlio eity.  FOB EEJ3STT  A major HaLdkr, avIio claims to be a  mining eoi'resiaondent for lleuter, avIio is  to European neAA'spapers what tlie Associated Press is to Anieiiean papers, is  talking quite loudly doAvn at the Coast  about .mining matters in general and the  eight-hour law in particular. JIe says  tluit the high rate oI' wager, prevailing in  British Columbia ' will always militate  ^.against the -mining industry, and that  until   something   is   done   to   introduce  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Corner of Baker and Stanley Streets. Nelson  AINSWORTH   LICENSE   DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby gii en that the undermentioned persons have made applic tion under the provisions < f the  " -_i<|Uor License Act. !_-!>." for hotel licensesat the places  set opposite to tlieir respective names:  A. C. Pearson at Argenta.  V. A. Ivlcinschmidt at Duncan Oily.  A Hireling of Ihe Uo.ird of License Commissioners of  the Ainxworih License District will be held lo consider  -iifli implications al Ihe Court house ill tho City of I\ii>-Io  on Friday, the thirteenth day of June, 18!)!), at the hour  of ten o'clock in the forenoon.  WM. JI. m;i_l_OOK-U*KH.S'J'J.l*_,  Chief License Inspector.  , I'lovineial Police Olllce, Nelson, H. C. ICtli June, IS!'!!.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Ai'ri.v  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At olllce of the Duncan Minos, Limited.  FOR SALE  BY   PRIVATE   BARGAIN  20 Draught Horses,  12 Iirautjlit Mules.  11 Pack Mules.  18 Pack Horses. '  The above stock is in first-class condition and poi'feutly  broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete ritr-  (?ing for pack animals, also harness alid wagons' for  balance of stock. Apply to Wuverly mine, Albert Canyon, 11. C.  10-Room  Ho.se, centr.'.lly located, ^aS1  ���G-lloDin Cottitge anfl 2 hot* an Cfirbmuite  street, $1400, easy ternis.  y-lloom   Housb on   l.t;uilcy street, foi00.  J. L, VANSTONE,      R. th WILLIAMS,  5Mihes and Mining Stocks Customs Broker  RKAL ESTATK AND GENERAL AGENTS  We are receiving daily direct from  the gi'oAvers eonsignineiits of Sbi.uv-  bei'i'ies, Clierriew, .Bfiliitnas, Orange;*,  Lei'itons, etc. Spud as your  .standing orders.  ���*l".i��_s. Tru-de Ooly Supplied  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  FOR SALE.  A building and lot oii Fii'st* A venue in the town of  Ymir. Items for ��20 por month. Will be sold cheap for  cash. For further particulars apply to John A. Kirkpatrick. Nelson, Tl. O.  For Sale  NICKKL-TN-TH1.--L0T,  7    CAUD M.'\C.HL\**. ..  yy,yy���( y:Rku2k($\-  Apply to ���.-. ...'������ .."-,....���..'���.������"    yyy:  II. O. CUMMINS,'.HodegiiVCigar. Store. ���;:  Although tlie Innes &, Hamber synclieatc  lots in Addition "A" are Avithdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots  in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Daker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Removal Notiee.  John Cholditch & Company bee to announce to the  trade that thoy have removed, their headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, where they will for Die future be established. Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  they have secured temporary quarters in the warehouse  of Turner, Hceton &. Company.on AVator street, where  they will be pleased to receive their patrons.    '. :  Nelson, 11. C, May 17th, ISiW.  ......".     '���;'���..  Pamons Produce Go,  Nelson, 11. C.  Geopge Holbpook  City Seaveiig'ep and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to nil orders left at II. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  BON TON HESTAUEANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city-  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  Kirst-elass board and room, Todd's old stand, corner  -Ward and Carbonate.streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam.   Table  board .?i, room and board $5  : ind; SJ5.30.'���  ,. A collection, of flno I.ol_.itin_ Canaries for sale.  yJ (V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Opei'a House Block, NelsOn.  Woi^ks  MANUWCTlSHEl_'OIl'  BN&INBS.-BQlI-l-BS, SBtAPTING, IRON AND  BRASS CAS__NGS QP EVER*? DESCRIPTIOl.  fimillii's j*ompt.lj* attended to.       P. p. Uox 173.  6i_^  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGKNTS FOR  The Imperial Oi! Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington B. ick ai^d liif-- Co.  The H. W. lyjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian An.t(ira-  cite Coal (Hard) *  Dealers in.  Gpow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BH1CAVERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag'ep Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt aiid regular -  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  ers $1  >$&fiji>* t^t'^at��_t___fr*s.A"w__twa-5fi*s^^ -_, ,������_.���  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C,  TUESDAY, JUNE 20,  1899.  ANK OF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OU1) STHATHCONA AND  MT  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   I.   S. -HOUSTON   ROYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  jsrEX-SO_>T _b:_e__a_.:i5TC--e_:  N.W. Con. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  IIKANC'KK-  IN        LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,  and in i.ho principal cities in Canada.  CHICAGO  Huy iii'il  sell  Sterling  Kxchiviig. and  Cable Transfers  RKANT COMSIKKCIAI. AND TltAVKLLKKB' OKKIHTS,  available in any part of the world.  DBAFT8 ISSUKD    COLLECTIONS MADE; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  ERA   OF   THE   PLAIN   GIRL.  'Tin very niuch'ili'tud I cannot find a  place behind our counters for you," said  the ttppoiiitment clerk of tlie big department store, with a negative shake of the  head, Avhicli implied all manner of .sorrowful thiugs. The applicant, a young  girl of remarkable beauty, turned away  with a sigh, and a shower of tears seemed  imminent.  "Oh, dear!" she faltered. "I understood you needed at least teii saleswomen, audi certainly could furnish you  the best of references as to my ability to  sell. This is the seventh place I haA'e  .applied for this morning. I've no luck  at all."  "Why, 1 thought you said you were  hard pressed for'coinpetent salesAvomen!"  remonstrated the reporter as the beautiful, young Avoman vanished.  "Well, so I  did," retorted the clerk.  "Then -why did you not give that one a  chance?    Surely her beauty������"  "Her beauty V" iiiterriij-ted the clerk.  ���'That's the sole reason Avhy I refused  her, and it is also, perhaps, tlie sole reason  why she did not obtain any of the.six  other places she sought. This is the era  ; ofthe plain girl in business, and the girl'  whose beauty is so insistent that none  ..'���may deny it has to step aside for her sisters who are less bountifully endowed  witliY'Charms'yof face -.JMicl'i ���Hgure_:-;-''7'.:Yoir  _?^ili^^^  ,''"WtrdepW^  >.-_ meh_ioi_'sscq. f_siot jiietailrestabhshiii^iitsmE  /.J^^jvsgpiftf 4^,1|P^^l_iv* _%i;��4fs%iirv  #i46i.'sio_i^^  ~t>V.  Win **_'�����_    "   _*__   **_.      nn.Dj__-^D Do  �������� _ _n'   n       . %n    _... _n_ ��m_ n 'SdW'S -   "    .^^  Is r]ow prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  o. Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^oq District.  ported at headquarters in hope that it  may bring about her discharge. Sometimes to accomplish their purpose malicious clerks will go to great lengths, although taking care not to expose themselves. Such conduct, of course, is death  to that discipline and thorough organization of forces AA'hich is necessary to the  success of large enterprises, so it has become absolutely impracticable for department stores to .employ'beauties.".  Klodyke Gold and Dawson Officials.  John McRae of Martintown, Glengarry  county, Ontario, is in receipt of a letter  from colonel Donald McGregor of Dawson, iu which he says there has been considerable prospecting done since the early  part of last summer, but, notwi-hstand-  ing newspaper reports to the contrary,  there has been nothing proved to pay so  far, outside of those creeks in the vicinity  of Dawson, namely, Bonanza, Eldorado,  Hunker,���Dominion, Sulphur and Gold Run  and some of their tributaries.  ���Eldorado is the richest, but after all  that has been said and Avritten about it,  I cannot but think that three or four  miles iu length of Williams creek, Cariboo, contained as much gold as a proportionate .length.of Eldorado. I believe the  richest patch of all was a portion of a  claim, eighty-six feet in length, ou Bonanza creek, a few hundred yards beloAV  -.he month of Eldorado. It AA'as owned by  a man named Richard LoAAre. An old acquaintance of mine worked the claim for  Lowe. He began at the loAver end and  took an open cut through to the head  line, about twenty feet wide, and out of  that cut is said , to haA'e taken $300,000.  It does not seem as if that gold was deposited there in the usual manner, there  being no traces of wash, but black muck  down to bedrock in places, and the gold  almost lying in. bunches in that bedrock.  ;   As regards   the  camp,  it AArould  be a  talk. They are forgetful ofthe fact that  Avhat may be rare sport at their end of  the line may cause serious embarrassment,or Avorse to the young man at the  other end. Even if the young man enjoys it, his employer does not. Sending  unnecessary or even fancied necessary  notes to young men at their offices during  business hours is anoth-r favorite pasture  of girls. �� Sometimes the fun is carried  further by meeting a young man at his  luncheon hour, or by even calling at his  office. Again, eA'en a more dangerous element is introduced by girls urging young  men to leave their offices before closing  hours to escort them to some place of  amusement, some game, or to a train.  The danger in these acts is not in themselves, but in the injurious distractions  which they mean. Business hours,  though doubtless they seem inexplicably  long to girls, are, in reality, all too short  for the accomplishment of things necessary to a young man's success.; Hence  every moment when he is at business  should be precious to him, and it is  mightily precious to the right sort of a  young man. His mind should be focused  on the problems before him, which mean  either his success or his failure.'  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUjYlE.  Collon,   Wellesley,  Hi_Iop, Sun    t'ran-  G.   W.  ei-co  W. T. Ueadles, Salmo  L. Hancock, Spokane ���  1.. Ilum'ock, Spokane  J.    F.  Mas.  F. JI. Aledherst, Cranbrook  W. .1. ICirby, Vancouver  L. V. Wallace. Kelso. Wash  10. H. Smith, -Montreal  tili.AXIl CENTRAL.  .1. ll.Crae, ICaslo I James Keith, Trail  T. W. Coleman, Trail | W. 11. McLaren. Trail  PHAIR.  W. V. William-, ltossland  G. II. Williams, Spokane  I!. K. Martin, Lardo  C. H. Taylor. .Mont real  .1. Poupore, Lardo  T. I{. Ella, Vancouver  li. L. Knelt, Kort Steele  .1. 1 teslin, A'ictoria  O. -\Iei_an_lilin, Spokane  K. Sanderson, Trail  G-meral and Sirs. Hamilton  London  AV. Mora, A'ancouver  A-. Pridham. Granville  Dr. Wilson, Toronto  .1. C. Drewry, Kossland  J. i). Sword, Iiossland  MADDEN.  .lames Lojjan, Sandon  Thos. Jlorley. Kossland  W. J. Wellcr, Vancouver  SILVJ.lt KING.  1). Collins, Slocan City  I*. JIcGircn, Slocan City  .1. It. MoPhcc and wife. Silver KiiiK initio  W. 11. Whetmore and wife.  Silver I-iiiu mino  S. Kilmer. Northport  QUEEN'S.  F.   II.   Ilutlunvay,    Walla  Walla  I. .Alelnnis, Hall Siding  L. .1. Keating, I'alouse  A. W. Sinton, Spokano  W. .1. Harry, S|)okano  B  - ��� <=: ��� t=> ^3 ��� ��3 ��� ��3 ��� c=) ��� e> ��� <=>  iJS:  ��� S2. ��� _S_ ��� Si   *=>.  NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS  w  B  We have just placed on .our shelves another  Lace Curtains. 'For neat designs you should  NottiiiQ-ham make.    We have them  in  the  consign merit of  see   the famous  following-  sizes  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  .1. A. Dosehamps, Sandon  A. Halle, Montreal  G. Williamson, Kossland  Mrs. Graham, Burke Falls  I). C. Cox, Niagara  TREMONT.  Graham,    Burke  Jennie  Falls  W. 10. Potter,  Greenwood  AV. K. Esling, Trail  *-ip;i&foff6^  3sts.;6f'l_.in^l%^_r&,��� ^B'.dvhiipyMi^'large: rjef.:  bcJiHigf-tJlp^trutii. "d;r$iip ~"X-��n  y^dfm^fif^b^  "^j.ftfie.&_f 'foiip "is:,'S��x%ea"r"pkffpptidn h$, id-  hold yoi- s^jel l-boundi   " OiKe "*Ch��_*e Avas "a"  , .gf "ea't> "(. ��t^bli- h&'cM-��* sfet" ji��$�� -|n: ��":��he " heaft'  2p%thpp,,$lippping.: kebiioxi,"A\'h6-e.iSt. lesAA'O-  Vien�� w7ej)e all ^Ojispic'uSitS fpr Mieir beau-  d4^. ��� Tjie -stkblishl%en|;ma;cie Iwsppcif.l'ty  of��"feililuihe roA**eiiness:behind its countei's  a^id laisgely advortised tuefact. - What  AA'as the result'. WJiy. t]i& store was  croA\-*_3d froki< mdfnihg tt} night -with i>e��v-  SOns avIio Game #6 ttvke if- the ibeauty  shoAVr but ra/rely i;eluft>iiied to  purchase  .merchanciise.^ Dtldt-s_aud_mash_rs _7\vere  ah\*ivys7hangiu^ around, and, lost in the  admiration of, their own charmsj th0  beatitiful salesAvOinen had little time to  deA'Ote to their real mission hi the store,,  which eventhally Avent "up the comnier-  dial flue Avitli. a rush.  uNo, k really beautiful girl Avill not do  for the big metropolitan stores. Her advent behind tlie counter is only an iiiA'i-  tation for customers to stop and stsu'-,.  for women to beco.me envionsi and eouse-  q-ueiitly prejudiced against the establish-  ;meut Avhfeh r_taftis ;her; fbr feJIoAV clerks  to become jealous Of her superior attractions, and for foppish niale shoppers to  IIirt Avith hef. She hiay"be. a paragon of  modesty* A^it'tue and ihnoceiice, but still  the fact remains that she is a beauty, has  probably been told so often and is not liable to forget it* and that, in all likelihood, she will, render conspicuous the  salient features of her prettiuess rather  than keep them undercover to the promotion of her employer's interests.  "Ai-other reason for this opposition to  the very beautiful saleswoman is that  she is rarely cleA'ei' at making sales, being  too much absorbed in her personal affairs, AA'liereas the plain girl, AArho must  rely on her.mental abilities to aa^ii the  battle of life, 'cultivates her persuasive  faculties and becomes an expert iu the  manipulation of a convincing tongue.  To be a good salesAvoman one must be  free from self-consciousness, and avIio  could expect a strikingly handsome creature to forget herself?  "The life of a beauty behind a counter  is often rendered miserable by envious  shopgirls whose plainness of face and  form she makes doubly noticeable by  comparison. The ugly ones groAV to hate  her, and leaA'e nothing undone to annoy  her. She is always under their stealthy  .surveillance, and her slightest infringement- of the rules governing the deportment of the employees is instantly rc-  - -i$_^__��j^^  $ phere^ai;ef;far^ top, nlaiy5- :p^ople;��heue��� -'^orf.  '���it hfe.-^'fe_M^!ifeSten^" 2oi '���- the'"_ si tfiitesi*JCMul  ytlt'eyilmvs are-badlPaiwkheyihxxxefs��� .-have='  �����t '���fl.A �� "i"i#5,,>_'-"%'*i" ��������.--" ��S".*S" w j��4w.��#_!i it'Spf ���{'"."/������'y��7=Jflfl-   .-���'  il^*-_.|jiU.fcejiitpaene���ejnY'pj^  "'df"$l_Q-"la5v, ���" ���'.���If^tr;" "3��};��:g|l��v|,-e^Ytli_vpi!^  ^;%ts-*pn.ni1ss:i'pne-^"0^  ��Ju;inh%i5VMd.".ictl&  - until'ifche mat,-6> .soukl bp fixye&ijgate;d**; he;'  YftjSufcl :he���- k:'.heii0:Ytoda_-.%"_The;piJiiicipiir  ..toprc^'on* .#ib_ streets,. jn,-;__he"_. .llnles .oi*?  "��:,_. *ijg ^tyyfyy.y.y'p ty-:y-y^iv.,.yf''.-r .^��, h;\ *  lAvhei'eveiYouesoeS;i_7eor,i7ufttiou���"and-f),,atrd!  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,;>.*"-...  If what you want is hot in stock wo will 'mako' it for you  CALL AND GJ5T PRICES.  7 :-.:  L. P. Hoy, Silver Kiiigniinc  l''rank Dunn, Kernie  A. M. Harris, Summit  Green, Ross'and  Porter, Forty-Nine ereek  3 yards long, 40 inches wide - - $1.00  3 yards long, 50 inches wide - - 1.25  3 1-2 yards long, 50 inches wide    -       1.25  3 yards long, 60 inches wide -  3 1-2 yards long, 60 inches wide  Fine quality, bound edge     -   -  S1.52  1.75  2.25  Extra fine quality, 60 inches wide  -   $3.25  m  The Tremont Hotel  fALOp & TRECILLliS  Special Values in Swiss Curtains at $4 per pair.  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUIIjDING,  NELSON.  %  TEDRlvCS   O-A-SS:  ���fcr-'s-j-^  ��3.(=>.c3.e3.C=>.tS>.l=>.c=>.��3.=3.(S'.tS>.  =3. c=>. !=>.(=>.(=3. c.  1.C=3.C=*.tS>C  .1=3.e=>.  *:��:�����!  ffl  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospeetors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors ���t Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  P. Burns c�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  : Kilomijflce.tjjait; Xvfis gained'k&ihe juMIpe.'  .It geeins ratHei' sjci-'iinge -lu*tij *he goyet'ii-  ln^t M^ulcl t iS^i'ilii^ ;.tlrg..-^oo.cl. uaii*te..pf  'jC!i._i'i-<:la - -to be ' t/i-ivilecC"!-ii" tiik d-iisi," Iff' tl. p'.  plip._eii-e ^!R6pin,j-__--.*��ati*^_s pf |iil!"enllgif<.-  enpdliatioirs.Y "     .-(.'..��� .n.. .   - ���       ,'=n..  TheYclyntttfe seeiDS good: t liaVe never  seen finer we'_._l-<_r .th$n ���vyeliave liaci"all.  tlirouglu 'M fft-1. evkr'since 1came it  li-is-begn hxip ;5f COuri-<_i |3i;eity frosty at  tiifteg. ftboflt /if ty lb-Ioav y,efO ipr teil clays  Or so at -a time. There af e no stOt'iiis, and  not iliueli OTef two feist of vSiiow: It is  =a=ver\v*^easy^coutitry=to-get=aronncHu*nrv  tlie winter time, but -fche summer is bail,  as tlii3 goveriaineiit niakes no trails,  Girls are Young Men's Enemies.  .Girls are by far too apt to thought--  lessl^* puuel. holes in ihe business prospects of the youn g nien of their acquaintance. They work tliis mischief ai various ways. They consider it 'great f un' to  step to a telepliOiiej for exaiuiJle, and  'ring up* some young uian wl_U(_ he is at  Ins office, only to sencl���hi.ni some umie.ces-  sary inessage or indulge  ill soine" flippant  'My-'wmv--  y'M$my,ySkM"s.M$^  ���' -eHiflLE*p.|Hfe&_��Ri��*D^^ ��.y  -. -.. *!!I-|EmbkN*iri_..V^. .    -ica7.sj-;ofi)s''\Ai-:S" "���'���-;. ���"���*'",  D "-'rff-Qn1'- ;_.     .Wil'] !��S=8��� ���H_    ���.-.���Bn^Pn"%f     '.n^nPVffJrfPti       ^A ** ".D^  I  ' '^ttks^-Eltt^rt  'i ji S n JC    ���_ B       n  " n"      ^   fi     u"ui    ��� "nm   "iV    u.   - n    a . "     ��� 4,   nm n ��� "n        Vp - i'rHrr  fK^aledL^illif^'Ol:: A i;^an a*  i "_,;,_li^kte%��,y:<EJ'-.e_c.t;Pj.rG^ v.- $  ,    XiRr^eY._oni$rl^fe  Kfoonir%*nfi)*-51i! rdbniiV-.��-dr��b_mnine^qiai7iti|n��"�� ��. <���^">-*  " ,":-'*"��: y&y "**"!��*" yy.".".��." y yy. ��� ��� .v yt"^  Meat Merchants  (_,  %  _   Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  gg^a-Di, Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL,KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS.  P0W0B WHOLESALE^ AND RETAIL . .    *.'���,;.'  IfSfiif^H'AND. POULTRY IN-SEASON   . ������    *-,  Corner Baker niid Ward Streets.  For  Strawberries  and other fruits in season,  your order.   _"rO_vpt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  Leave  ��� ���'  ��� ��� "'M,L\_TFLAcWfiKn'-'r_iY'lW��:   ".i," ���"   "���� ��  ��� ;    "���"������" V-   ��� -"i_^'vr'B?%.i"'' V  ����� ;;_   "y^}l���� "'2  ���y  v Mb^^lij-alici.;3Fd|-seidY;__;wM'l-Ce._ts;  'a 'tiWrsi alic|  lOfficja sap(|sStoi-e y^||iii^s  7FACT6lt*f*'#O^K"D_^*B PT67QBDI'_H,f  ���".".��� ,80'bii- a^     Y  Seroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes  General Join^r^ Work  j. _ 'lx-sTfti*;-.   yiU'i Y*"Mc/"-'A_��;'l_f\f If _ VI,  n- '"     1$��p"'!f'"    D��-7"Dff'  n "nD-^ sSpDD   D  "M.^/"   n      n^'y'-  y '��� ^"Jjatjej.of^tli^ Jloyal^Hotpi-YGi|lga|'js''daJs:sii"  ^||g^eiso_.vE.-D. TRAVES, Manager  *-'-" 5KS BY'.J,rA_lL lll-CEIVE CAJ1EKUJ, AXT) I>K0M1-"1' ATTENTJON.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  ].y  -Y^Sn^k! HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,. ENGLAND.   .    r .  nAIJAcp.nm��m;U��nicatipni5ki*elati       to  British -Columbia  business io be addressed  to P. O,  ���_ YY,- ��::2���y;y\' 505, Nelson, British Columbia " >  Drawer  jJ;:(R0D:ERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  .iS^SYF^V/L.ER, E.M., Mining. Engineer  } NELSON, B..G.  HUME^jyiahageri  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory aiid ollieo. corner Hall street and C.P.K. track  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-Glasa dry material on hand, also  a fiill line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK Jt SPECIALTY  MILLS &LOTT  Agents for Hazlewood Ice Crcani.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOR SALE OR HIRK  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order. Repairing and fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Joshing rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  ^w1!^. iROBii-srsoirsr  .   <Ex-Shcriit' of South JCootcnay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postoillcc Box 572 Nelson, Ii. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  ,.   quarter miles of Nelson.   For further.  ..  particulars apply to .  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B_   C.  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telophone, 91  Agent  PEIIH fiENlLLE & GO.  i   ! . ( . i. _   vi    l^. . ��������� i .   ._ i r. >).. :    .; 1  Headquartors for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  ���   The finest hotel in the interior.  .Isarge ftaiiiplfe rooms,   Steftm heat aiid'-leetHc light.  CORNER (Hf WARD AND y-Kl-NON STS., NB.tSQN  Hadden Hows��  BASER AND WARD ST.ftB_.BTS, "Nl5i.S<JN  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management Since 1890.  The hed-rodms are well filrnishfed and lighted by  electricity.  The dlningTroonf is not Sccojid tp arty in IvootenaSr.  Thobai-is always stOGfccd Uythe best dbmcHtic and  inlported ijciuors aijd cigars.  ���.,.'..'��� tHOMAS aiADDKN,, Proprietor.  Large and wc.ll lighted Hqated b? hot ai  Rcasbiiahle rates Sample rooms  -Electric hells and light in every Vooin  Renovated and refucnished thrOughont  HOT.I_3l_.' VICTORIA  .1, V. PJCRKS, Propdctor  Free bus meets all ti'ahis  Hourly street car to station  Ther'M��$an Ore Purchasing Company  OIF   WELSOIT,   B- O.  Is  now prepared  to  buy all  classes of silver, gold, silver-lead, lead and  copper 6'pes.   The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended  td the smallest shipper.    Prompt settlements and   choice of mode of sampling guaranteed.  Address all communications to drawer St Nelson, B. C.  GEORGE  M. McDOWELL,  Manager.  O.  M. ROSENDALE, Purchasing Agent.  A, THURMAN  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Revelstoke, B. G,  KOOTENAY  ���COWER    ROAS'TKUS   AND    DI'.Al.KitS  AND   -OKI." JCft.  IN   TttA  We make a specialty of  Shiplap at|d Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofiice and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. 6. BEHR, Agont.  COAT  . CREStON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sues of dimension timber and all.kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  Write for prices.  011*01' fresh roasted cofleo of best quality  Java and Arabian JVIacha, per pound   Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pound.   Fine Santos, 4 pounds ,   Santos Blond, a pounds     Our Special Blond, 6 pounds.   0(tr Rio Roast, 6 pounds    A trial order solicited.  as follows:   s   io  .    1 (Kl  ....... 1 no    I 00  ....... 1, no    1 ou  Salesrooms 2  Doors'  East   of   Oddfellows  Baker Stsset  Block.,   West  NELSON, B. C.  Notice to Contractors.  The undersiKiicd is prepared to receive scaled lenders  to be opened at 10 a. in., _\landny, June liHIi, for the following material, delivered in Nelson, for the construe:! [on.  of au Electric Train way.  4000 Kallway Ties.  . 40,000 P. B. M. of. Squared Timber.  40,000.P. B; M. of S-inch,Plank. .;���_;'  150 Cedar Poles.. .  The above quantities being approximate.  Specification's may be s'eeii in Ihe-. IWacdonahl liloek.  Room 7. .���'������'���' .;.  The lowest Or any lender not necessarily accepted.    ,  .    -    -   ..       C. HAUI'-AX HAI.U  )S a full lirie of  ROVAL SEAL AWD KO_ TENAY BELL fi OtGARB  And a.11 other brands of the  AT 1'-A<7'TOl:Y I-RfCKS  of _sr__3__Lso3sr3 b. d  Nelson lent and Awning lanufaetory  A.XjX_.   __3ZiO-TIDS   03T|,  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALl  SIZES OF TENTS IN STOCK  JJa'ker street, oppo-itc postofllcc, Nelson  T_Ed_:_HJO-  _MI-A-IDSO_Isr  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPIiEWHAITE  J. McPHSB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Const. letion Do.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Blectrle Power Transinisslon atid Liehtlng for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, ��-118, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc. ;*  ��� E. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. a THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, JUNE 20,  1899.  ���\ I!  if :ftS��. &  3V_ .$��  u  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNER RAlvER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS. NJ.IiSON  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR.  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  Q r���������-_>������   - P. O. Store  $1.25 Up  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Dominion Day Celebration.   .  Including   the  amount   realized  from  the sale of tlie pool-selling   privilege, tlio  total of the collections for the celebration  foots up Sj_:3221..;_0.    Of  the   total   of  tlie  subscriptions  $200   cannot  be  collected,  and $230 will   probably   be  gathered   iu  today  by   manager  Waterman.     11.   A.  .Jackson, general  freight  and   passenger  agent  of  the  Spokane <fc Northern   and  .Nelson & Fort Sheppard railways, writes  that his roads will give a rate of a single  fare for the round   tri])   from   all   points  north of  Mjircus, tickets   to   be  on   sale  June   .'iOtli   and  July 1st, good to return  till July i.fch.    The Canadian  Kacific  will  do  as  Avell, and   may  do   better.    That  road Avill have tickets on sale at all points  on June 20th and -Ofch and July 1st, good  to return  till   July   5th.    The  ivootenay  Railway cfc Navigation Company  will do  likewise.    An effort is being made to get  botli a ball team and  a hose  cart  team  from Spokane, as Rossland's firemen  and  baseball players have decided to  go over  to one  of the  towns  in  the  Boundary  Creek country.  STELSON.  Peter Lamont returned from Regina  on Sunday night, where he attended the  annual general meeting of the Canada  Drug & Book Company.. The reports  from the Regina. Nelson and Revelstoke  branches "were presented and Avere very  satiffactory. The following officers were  elected for the ensuing year: P. Lamont,  president; "YV. G. Pettiugill, vice-president ; Robert Martin, secretary-treasurer.  The ladies who had charge ofthe calico  ball report the event a financial success.  After paying all expenses they have  $153.50 to the good. This sum will be  used by the Ladies' Aid of tlie Catholic  church as they deem best. The ladies  who took au active interest in. the management wish to return thanks to the  public for their generous patronage, and  to It. E. Lemon for his invaluable services. ���'.,.'"'  The drift from the main tunnel on the  Exchequer has beeu connected with the  shaft by the upraise. Something in the  way of trial shipments from the Exchequer may now be expected, as the policy  of the management was to make this connection before'attempting' to ship, and  thus bring the ore'out through thetunnel.  The vote at the Silver King mine to  decide who should be the mine physician  resulted in Dr. LaBau  securing  a large  y?yy.y pjzi%-&.'��q,,:y any ^'i^r^j^adipg.^-uiKgry.1"  lp      -��.-��nHnnD D0'D ^y       - ' - ��� ' "   ' ��� -.I" oft"      ," "' -  onum  026;.AND-28'"WEST' BAKER, STREET,JNEDSOjN���"  &��$_*&_��__-__^:_^  '.�� "���-..' "���������    m  PINING   ROOM  .A-a?  1.  I. Ariir 1 Ci  Coriior Baker and VVu-'_ Streets  )fc  NELSON,   B.C.  "SB"  M  at the present time there are nine express messengers running into Nelson.  There are five running on the Crow's  Nest Pass railway between Medicine Hat  and Nelson, two between Nelson, and  Hosslaud, giving a double service daily,  one on the Slocan branch, and one on the  steainer Kokanee to Kaslo.  The Nelson ball team suffered a defeat  at Rossland on Sunday in a somewhat  loose game by a score of 17 to 1(5. The  fielding of the Nelson team was poor save  for the work of Roekenlield tit short who  showed himself to be a fielder a.s well ns  a pitcher.  F. IM. OVih'ien, book-keeper at the ���Yellow.--tone mine, was in town yesterday.  He reports that tin; mine is working full  force, and tliat there i.s no more trouble  with the men.  Jack Tribble, a miner who .has been  working at the Silver King, died at the  Crickmay's hospital of pneumonia, on  Saturday night. He will lie buried today. The funeral will start from the  Nelson Furniture Company's undertaking parlors.  The lead furnace at the Mall Mines  smelter was blown out on Saturday, all  the custom ore having been treated. The  big copper furnace will start 'up again  treating Silver King ore at, the end of  the week.  Dr. Synioiids yesterday brought in a  trout Avhieh he had caught at Balfour  Aveighing 10} pounds. This is one of  the largest trout ever.caught on aline in  the lake. o  The London '& B. C. Goldfields paid  their Dominion Day celebration subscription yesterday to mayor NTeelands, Mrs.  Mallet te'paid-hers on Friday to manager  Waterman, and the Bank of Montreal  paid theirs on Wednesday to secretary  Houston.  The miners at the Silver King mine  Avant bo take part in a Avrestliug tournament during tlie celebration. They are  willing to contribute $250 for purses,  provided the celebration conimittee donate an equal amount.  A number of the prisoners iu the provincial jail are being employed in making  the necessary excavation for the new  registry office behind the court house.  A group of members of- the South'  Kootenay Board of Trade, consisting of  3. Roderick Robertson, James LaAvrence,  F. W,-Swannell, T. G. Procter, H. J.  Evans, G. V. Holt, A. E. Hodgins, C. Hillyer, F. Fletcher and W. A. Macdonald  we're photographed yesterday in front of  J. Roderick Robertson's office.  NELSON, B. C  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Brill Steel  WOODEN  MA . Lr.lAL  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coa_  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps* and Fuse  w_  Tools, Cutlery, Tin.  and Wooden ware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON  HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  ..    r YtyVl'or-.��eXporj-. :to-\tT\P-.._ _  ;:_i6__-___a-&s^^  ;-^lr.l.i"feVl���t��.t_._li"sfl.!.> -i. "YVY ��-i*?��*_*��_"V_="_Y��"   Y  "gro.ce^sidiii   nntfjug tli'9*-Jp^o^e-sioii they  will .dig tribute 500 0 sahiples" o|- -*- tinp'etfa]���'  "Tea^ne'M ���bji'e-'fiifn^peeM.ieS ' 7-" -  - .V|j_4J|a,ge'>a^ were  brotlght b'efore ii_lic'e��"hi{igifetrat_i4Crease;  yesterday iipon a clSu*;ge * of'. vagrancy:  J$laii_uigan wt-S [also accnsed of breaking  into the, 6pera, lioiiise - early Sattirday  moxaiiug'after the cailico ball, and, AvTheii  ���;eatxgbt said he was looking for _onie-  tliiMg to eat. Thfey Xvere both sentenced  to tAvo months' impfisomhent.  Alderxnan    MeKillop's    residence    Oh  DRAWING  ROOM  ~ *%���  ��  m  TJoover and Stanley streets will be the  inost imposing one in the West ward  AAfheh it is completed*  TjiG Dominion Express Company is  centraliziug its distributing business for  _Sast and West .Kootenay at Nelson, and  :.cn--  jzo  W  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening' the weary ean find rest  by reposing in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B  UX  Mbem0 !'ffm&MeM  .'. ���      OUR  LEAtyEBB    .  I will -Sun*- an dxleiisivo line p�� ,go-ds tibughls clii'eGb  li'din the niftniifacUirOs iii Igiit-iand, France, Germany,  .ancl Ui _! tJnitccl States: "iilso gpotis li'pmtlie best .Caiia"  diaii rnaimfaotureMi ������'..:..-  Tlie iritesfc and best in Gold, Silver, Coral, and plated  a;f  fo  TOTiypf  colorings,  FOB STYLISH MILMfflflY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  .    CALL ON  iMrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STKEKT, Nl01_3ON -������    ���  Ice Gream  <fIAZLBWOOD)  AND  Veranda Chairs  and RoekGrs  Children's Go-Carts and  Buggies  Gentlemen's  Arm Rockers, Etc.  "J^vxl^rKbTOyTCiid'Out'OliiS^ :     2,     T  I Also carry alarge variety df'Gold and Sil vci' Novelties',  Broodies, Stars, Crescents, Piils, etc.  We* always carry a .compi.olc fine of .WatclitSs.  ALWAYS IN STOOK,  lOaiid U carat Solid Gold Loi-ffneltes;  5, 10 and 20 year Lorgnette-.  Gilt and Braid L6rgijettes.  U _r.11 and, Silk LOrfjilctte?.  Kolled Plate Blouse Sots.  Gold il'iUcd Blouse Seis.  Silver and Gilt Blouse Sets.  Gold and Silver S.ihIi Buekles.  Plate iuirt Gilt. Sash Uupkles..  .->, 10, 15, and'20 year Boiled Pinto Gold Filled AlUevl***.  SilA'er, Gilt; and Goldine Albert*  100 styles and n,u, .lities in llreoelies.  .100. styles in Piiis. -    .  5,, 10. IS, and i>() year Boiled Plate and Gold Filled  Links ajid 'Buttons..  Silver and P-tU-l Links, Htiltons jtnd SUUls.  Cut Glass Purfunio Bottles.  Cut Glass Flower 11 oldens.  Out Glass Toilet Bottle,..  Cut Glass in JO difl'oret'i styles nnd ivrticles.  l.inmoiid ]���__ iks. Claw andVOoni lliiiK in every known  stone and designs  JACOB DOVES, The  Mail orders promptly attended to.  Fine watch ropaiiini. a specialty.  BUSINESS AND HESlDKNTlAL  PKOPERTY  ��� 0o��k^ Ot-&aa:_^|>'.����e0y fJ$$,I-ii^SiJr^^cjt|i!it^_jggsi)f^5��  4M8 Willis '"^ifB4ib^M^^k^6i :MSiy,  0     ��        '    D��' nn        "D nn        *       n n. 'n ���   J. '*** *? D u"    *  '" .    D V      ' 0 ��n " "^,^2"^        .   DB  f�� <oe i?(yy$h<M.BVtij ii?pm7;$gY^". iip'".t_"$:iaif   "'- "2 ��� ' ���.���;:-" "�� .'  JARDI0J.E'jFyjE:S----1Lq-.te' of handsome - JOTclindergs,, -mky se-tso;nabI.e   ���  \^ratiada ��r Win.lo^  _is._*     ."' ...'      ���'*"-���" ���- ���  "'���'-���     -     ''   '. '������    y  LAMPS���A fjgvv-.ljW'.p'f dfecprateclj 1a_ii_psj e$pe_la;l:|^ '_>eatitiful���as   '  Wadding presents. - .  "'.." " '��� .;   " .    " .'."-,  COT C3-LASS���-Berry or  salad   ���bm-y'Js-  olive, or "boa   Bon   dislie^:^  "  celery   trays,   water   bottles,   wine   decanters,   oil   or  and, tumblers, c.tjt on finest crystal glass.  vinegar  "es>  carry  fresbest and ltjost ���wholesome groceries in town.  Telephone 10.  F. O. Box K & W.  Baker street West, Nelson  FURNITURE  OF ALL KINDS  Ice Gream Soda  y-VT CENTRAL FRUIT STOFjEi;  KrcHh Fruit received daily  Next door t,o Nelson Wine Co.   '  -elcphonc !��. HUAtPHItKYS & PITTOCK I  ALL GOODS MARKED TO SELL  30 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and  Ward streets ���..,.. ��8000  60 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine aiid Hall  streets   J500  60 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner ,   .10 by 120, Kast Baker street ;     800  23 by 120 with improvements, south side ot Vernon  street     5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street. ���   6000  2 lots and largo house beautifully furnished (snap).. JOO0  2_ lots with cottage rented at . lopormonth, Victoria  street  3500  Hot with cottage rentedat ��15 per month, Victoria  street  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at-.$20 per month, Ftanley  street  3000  G lots in block ���!ID, all cleared and fenced in. -  2500  MONEY SAVED BY BtTYIMG YOUR  sses, Stone  We carry the largest slock  t'an fill your orders for any (lunnlity  isay ��& Co,  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct* from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  NOT TO LOOK AT  Nelson Furniture Co.  BAKKit STIIKKT WKST.  ���BOO  9-room house and .10 lots set out in orchard   2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch     5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  Heal Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  . .. ...  .:. Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTEMGi  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made twoeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FBED J. SQUIfiE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply Is limited, bo call early and examine till. stock.  _���_,,���:. .SS ,1, jBSA4ja��_,  sa^����iN!rai5ii<��SiMwM��_^


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