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 ATLIN'S HM WILL BE SHORT  As a Placer District.  Victoria, June 21.���Tlie find made in  the Atlin  district during  the  winter is  said to have to have been, made by a man  named McKay on claim No. 22 below discovery on Pine creek.    He had eight men  working   live   days   and  took   out   ten  pounds of gold, giving him from $1500 to  $2000.    Dr.  Mitchell on .'i and  -1  above  discovery, on the same creek, is reported  to have found a nugget weighing a pound.  Willow   creek   i.s   turning   out    well.  Spruce creek is  promising  below  Sixty,  but above there bedrock is too deep (o be  reached profitably.    Otter  creek  i.s   said  to be almost worthless.    Boulder is panning out well for a short distance  above  discovery, and Wright creek shows some  good nuggets for five or six claims above  and below discovery.    Ruby creek is not  considered much good.    Birch   creek has  one or two claims near discovery.    There  was   too  much   snow  on Dixie  creek  a  week ago  to  make a forecast  possible.  The general impression is that tlie Atlin  will have to be hydraulieed to bring out  all that there is in it, and that  ordinary  sluicing will give out in-a season  or two.  Prices in Atlin City of ordinary commodities are in  some  instances  cheaper  than   at  Skagway.     Flour,   which   was  quoted at $9 and $10 for a 50-pound sack  in March, sells for $3.50 to $5 ; St Charles  cream has dropped from 50 cents a can to  25; fresh  meat   is  sold for  25  cents  a  pound   and    porterhouse   steaks  for  '10  cents;   rice   is  twenty   cents  a pound,  cornmeal 15 cents and ham and bacun 30  cents.    Meals in the hotels have  been reduced to 50 cents each, and single  rooms  for $1 a night, while hi one of Skagway's  hotels $1.50 a night is  still  charged for  rooms.     AVood    is  comparatively  high,  bringing from $S to $10 a cord.  &>  L*..  -"Hiv.   ��9  PUBLISHED AT NELSON,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE *>,  ISO'.).  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  goods into Canada, was charged before  police justice Kennan this afternoon with  having stolen the same from Mrs. .lennie  Tennant. Mrs. Tennant returned last  night from Rossland, where she went to  get some of the jewelry pawned there by  Barlow. She says the man had sold jewelry to the value of $150 for $00. Mrs.  Tennant was notable to secure this. To  get back her lost jewels she would have  to pay the sum for which they were  pawned or prove that they had been stolen from her by Barlow. So she returned  without them.  Barlow would not make a formal confession that he had stolen the jewelry  from Mrs. Teniianb, but he expressed his  willingness to go back to San Francisco  with Mrs. Tennant and stand trial there.  This arrangement was finally made, and  by agreement the case was dismissed  when it was called in the police court  this afternoon.  NO  MORE  TALK ABOUT WAR  Mayor's Resignation Causes Trouble.  Brantford,   June   21.���This   city   is  much exercised over the question to have  or not to have a new mayoralty election.  The city council, by a majority, does not  want  it,  for  reasons  wliich are  these:  W. G. Raymond, mayor of Brantford, received the appointment recently of postmaster,  and thereupon  sent in  his resignation, the document expressing the  intention   that   the  resignation   should  take effect at a future date.    Under the  new   act    of   the    legislature,   the   resignation   of    a    mayor,    if    it    takes  place   after   July   1,   may  be  followed  by    tlie     election      by     the      council  of ' one   of   its  members   to   the   office.  Now mayor Raymond's resignation was  to take effect before July 1st, and  thcre-  , fore the council cast about to  oppose it.  The opinion was given that the  resignation was not proper, being only a' notice,  and Mr. Raymond was asked  to do the  thing  all  over again,    lie said No, and  declared himself no longer mayor.    An  eminent Toronto queen's counsel gave the  opinion that the resignation was perfectly legal, but nevertheless the city  clerk  refused to call for a now election.   Now,  Mr. Raymond, or mayor Raymond  is becoming tired,    lie has instructed  Mr. S.  A. Jones to move at Osgoodo hall on Monday for a mandamus, compelling the City  of Brantford to call for a new election,  and tliere will be a hot time  in the old  town.   Baking Up Old History.  Parts, June 21.���The Venezuelan boundary commission reassembled at 11  o'clock this morning, and sir Richard  Webster, the British attorney-general,  resumed his speech iu behalf of the ease  of Great Britain, dealing with the 'period,  from 1500 to 1037. Iu close detail, sir  -RichardYWebster 6xainiiied-the_^Work-0f7  tlie various explorers of the period, upon  whom Venezuela relied, claiming, they  were not relevant to the territory of Guiana, and adding that  the statements niade before the  United States commission must not be  Used ii. argument against Great Britain,  as frequent deductions wore made which  Were totally unsupported. According to  counsel for Great" Britain the first explorer Avho really reached Guina was De-  berrio, and liis expedition Was intended,  sir Richard added, to apply to a different  part of the country, and foi' a different  object thai! alleged by Voiie/aiela, who  soitght to apply it to a small district. Sir  Richard protested- against its being  pieced oil so as to establish tlie so 'called  Spanish title. He further asserted tliat  it had failed miserably, as both, the Dutch  and Spanish historians agreed tliat there  Avas only one Spanish settlement on the  Orinoco before 1720.  No Prosecutor Appeared.  R. Charles Cliffe, editor of the Sandon  Mining Review, appeared yesterday before stipendiary magistrate W. H. Lillie to answer to the charge of having  stolen the books of the Sandon Miners'  Union. No one appeared for the prosecution and and the case Avas dismissed.  It is said that Mr. Cliffe intends taking  proceedings against the union. The  union is making great efforts to iind the  books, and to that end applied for a  search Avarrant to search the ollice of E.  M. Sandilands, secretary of the miue  owners' association, but nobody could be  found avIio possessedc a blank form of search  Avarrant, and e\**entually Mr. Sandilands  had to be asked for the required form.  Quite unsuspectingly he furnished it, and  Avas naturally much disgusted to find out  afterAvards Avhat it Avas wanted for. The  search did not reveal anything aud the  Avhereabouts of the books still remains a  mystery.  German Friendship for America.  Bi-i't-LiN, June 21.���During the course of  the debate in the reichstag today Baron  Von BueloAV said: "We hold it to be our  first duty to see tliat our relations Avith  other poAvers are undisturbed by thoneAv  acquisition, and avo hope that our rola-  tionsAvith our immediate - neighbors, the  Ainericaus and Japanese, Avillonly become  niorerintimate.* We have not thought of  placing ourselves in opposition to the  Americans in the south Pacific, and avo  as little wish to prejudice American interests as America contemplates injuring  us Avithout cause or reason. We shall  meet the active and talented Japanese  Avith sincere sympathy. There is no  reason Avhy, on the basis of mutual fairness and respect, the poAvers interested in  these regions shall not, side by side, for-  Avard the Avorks of peace and civilization.  We hope, through the treaty, Avhieh harmoniously ends the political and economic  differences, that the relation between  the Germans and Spaniards aviII become  one of the friendliest description.  Federation in Australia Assured.  Bkisi-ANE, Queensland, June 21.���The  federal enabling bill has passed both  houses of the colonial legislature, and the  referendum is fixed for September 2nd_  In Victoria the referendum ofthe federa-  tjo^pLopoj^LAyilL.be_ tak^ up_ toAyard.  With The Transvaal.  Cai'I-TOwn, Juno 21.���The activity of  tho Avar office authorities has been suspended in the matter of contracts for  certain military requisites on the ground  that the regiments arc now ready to  leave Capetown for Kimberley at short  notice. An engine driver on the Cape  railway declares that he has seen men,  armed and mounted, engaged in drilling  near Deaar and Ponsonte, not far from  Kimberley. He was informed that they  Avere Dutchmen preparing to assist the  Boers in the event of hostilities.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Wholosale Robbery of Mails.  Chicago, Illinois,   June 21.���What is  regarded as due of the boldest of robberies .iu the history of the Chicago post-  office Avas detected  yesterday, and two  drivers  of mail  Avagons, Walter Porter  and John  NeAvman, Avere   arrested and  au immense quantity of letters and many  money orders and cheques Avere found in  a lodging house on Halstead street, Avhere  the two  men  oceivpied  a room.    There  AArere letters, cheques and  money orders  intended  for  nearly  every toAvn in the  union and "all parts of Europe.    All the  mail AA'as taken in pouches Avhile in transit between the postoffice  and  railway  stations.    The prisoners AA'ill not admit  that they stole any large sums of money  but declare that they AA'onld have been  much richer if their scheme had not been  discoA'ered so soon.    When arrested they  Avere preparing to destroy the mail matter, and had hidden most of it in sacks in  au  attic   in  a Halstead street lodging  house.  LOCAL   MINING  NEWS.  A Working Miner's Version.  To   Tim   Editor   of  Tin.   Tuiiii'nk:  There   appears   in     the    Nelson    Miner  of   the   20th   an   article   from   another  anonymous  creature,   signed  "A    Mine  Manager."    It is amusing  to notice the  lame and rather hackneyed   excuses  advanced by one who evidently would better fill the position   of a  mucker than a  manager.    Could  some of the  ignorant  mine operators' strong supporters follow,  the Avorking miner and look at the hoA*els  called bunk-houses and share for a few  days some of the hardships of a miner's  lot they Avould be inclined to take a different vieAV of the  situation.    Not  only  does  the  miner put  up   witli   the foul  smell arising from filthy sleeping apartments, but iu  many  mines  he  works in  bad air and Avet places.    When   twenty-  four men are crowded  into a  room sixteen feet square, and  mingled with the  air that they breathe is the odor of damp  sox, AA'et clothes and other filth, one can  Avell imagine, even although he has never  been compelled to occupy a bunk  there,  how A'ery unhealthy  such  a room must  be.     Noav placing  yourself, " Mr.   Mine  Manager"   and   "Business   Man"  in   a  miner's position, Iioav would you like  it,  and Avhat Avages would you Avant?   It is  unnecessary to again quote the fact that  a skilled miner can do as much Avork in  eight as in ten hours';' as Ave  have fairly,  demonstrated it to  operators, managers  ���and business men alike.  G__orgi_ Alton.  the end of next month.  Brakeman Severely Injured.  Victoria, June 21.���J. Mottram, a  brakeman on the Escpiimault & Nanaimo  railway, AA'hile stepping off a freight car  near Oyster Bay this morning got his  ti-ouser leg caught in a brake hanger and  was dragged some distance Avith his head  on the ground. His neck AA'as terribly  gashed aud lie sustained very se\rere  Avounds on the head. The passengers for  Victoria came along very shortly after  the accident, and Hon. Doctor McKechnie  being a passenger dressed the man's  Avounds and ordered his removal to Victoria for treatment at the Jubilee hospital, Avhere he remains in a critical condition. .   Barlow Discharged in Spokane.  Spokane, June. 21.���George. B. Bar Ioav,"  Avho was arrested. at Duncan . City upon  the   charge   of   having  brought   stolen  London, June 21,���The Times and other  morning papers contain editorials in a  congratulatory A'ein regarding the New  South Wales -referendum, Avhieh assures  the success of .Australian federation hir  ashiuch as the results in Victoria and  Queensland are foregone conclusions:  The" secretary of state for tlie colonies,  Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, in tlie house of  commons today aunouilcod amid cheers  that New 'South Wales had voted in favor  of federation by a Targe majority.  Fontenoy Company's Meeting,  Victoria, June 21.���The Foiitenoy  Gold Mining Com pany held its first general nieeting of shareholder., yesterday.  The stock in the company is held by a  strong Avestern syndicate and is rapidly  acquiring '"reputation as likely to be an  early bonanza. Two shafts are sunk upon  the ledge, 95 feet and 65 feet respectively, Avhieh have proved the ledge to be  between six and SeA'en feet Avide.  Assays give as high as $120 per ton in  gold, silver and lead, and none Avent  loAA'er (.than $40 a ton. The machinery  Uoav being put in place Avill enable further Avork to be done on these shafts, and  by next Aveek a drift Avill be commenced  from the northern shaft to cut the Cariboo, Camp McKinney ledge, at a depth of  one hundred feet.  Ball Games Yesterday.  Minneapolis 7, Milwaukee 0.  Detroit 6, Buffalo 4.  St. Paul 5, Kansas City 1.  Indianapolis 6, Columbus 5.  Syracuse 16, Springfield 1.  CleAreland 6, Brooklyn 1.  Pittsburg 2, Noav York 5.  7 Cincinnati 6,Philadelphia 7.     .  Y Louisville 8, Baltimore 4. Y    Y  Chicago 0,Boston 5. -*  - . V       ...  The management of the Fairmont mine  near Ymir intend to prosecute deA'elop-  ment steadily. The Avater has been  pumped out of the shaft, AA'hich is already  doAvn 100 feet, and tenders are being  called to sink it 50 feet further. It: is a  single compartment shaft 5x7.  D. G. McNally, Avho Avill build the  Granite stamp mill, yesterday staked over  the site of the mill building, and the Avork  of oxcaA'atiou Avill start right a,Avay. The  lumber for the Hume to be built .-from  Sandy creek to fche mill is jioav being delivered. Mr. McNally also* has the con-'  tract for the construction of a platform  and Avarehouse for the same company at  Poorman Siding. The Avarehouse -will be  used for storing supplies for the mine  and mill and the concentrates. The  Avork of construction begins today.  R. 11. Finley, superintendent of the  Fern mine, is in town and reports that  everything is going on Avell at the mine,  and deA'elopiuent is being steadily prosecuted. About fifteen men arc iioav employed, and the neAV compressor, which  started up about ten days ago is giA'ing  CA'ery satisfaction.  A contract is about to bo let for driving a tunnel in on the A'ein on the Birds-  eye 'claim on Morning mountain. This  claim, Avhieh is beiug operated by a London, England, company, is a free milling  proposition, and adjoins the Athabasca  and Juno.  Arrangements Avere completed yesterday Avhei'eby the Chapleau mine passes  into  the  control of English^ capitalists.  ���Tir_"l5cmxlls"forV$30T000 and extends over  eieA*eii mouths. The necessary papers  Avill be made out today and it is expected  tliat everything Avill be settled so that in  a feAV days a large force of men "will be  put to Avork developing. The Chapleau  is a high grade dry ore proposition,, carrying good values both in gold and silver. It is situated on the north fork of  Lemon creek not far from Sloean City,  _�� &-.     11   ���  ___.  EAlLEOADS AND STEAMBOATS,  President Shaugliuessy of the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company is expected to  arrive in Nelson shortly, when the local  officials of the company say that something definite may be announced Avitli  respect to tho buildiug of the lake section of tlio Crow's Nest road. Local oflicials say that there is a general understanding that a start will be made this  summer upon tlie work.  The Imperial. Limited, the fast trains  wliich the Canadian Pacific company has  inaugurated betAveen Montreal and the  coast are making schedule time. The  first of the westbound trains ha\*o so far  arrived in ReA'elstoke to the minute.  NELSON.  While playing at school yesterday  afternoon, Maggie, the nine-year old'  daughter of captain Duncan ran a needle  into her breast, Avliich had it been one  inch further to the right AA'ould luwe  pierced her heart.. Dr.. Hall extricated  the needle and no serious results aire anticipated.  Yesterday John P. Swedburg purchased tAAro lots on the northeast corner  of Park and Carbonate streets from Alex  SteAvart for $600.  % Notwithstanding the eight-hour troubles, miners are being" aYh'ertised for at'  the, standard rate, $3.50 per day.  -3' J: Walker has had a.* handsomely  chased sih'er speaking trumpet specially  made for presentation to the successful  fire team on the first. The trophy will  become the absolute property of any  combination that Avins it two years in  succession.  The results of the recent examinations  at the -Nelson public schools Avill be announced tomorroAV.  The chief stock transaction noted yesterday A\*as the transfer of 10,000 pooled  Fairmonts. This stock is iioav quoted at  four cents.  The public library has received a copy  of the sessional papers for the years  1S97 and 1898 from the gOA'ernincut.  Captain 15. J. Rathbone, formerly superintendent of the Avater lines ofthe O.  R. __ N. Company, is A'isiting Captain and  Mrs. Troup.  P. J. Elliott leaA'es for the coast in the  morning to represent the defendant lithe case of Dunlop vs., Haney, Avhieh will  be heard 011 the 27th instant. This case,  =whieh=has--,been-before=the-coiirts-foi'^a"j  number of years, arose from a dispute  over the ownership of the Legal Tender  claim at Rossland, Avhieh adjoins tlie Le  Roi and Centre Star niines,  The remainder of the machinery has  not yet arrived at the sampling works,  though it has been expected for some  time. But for tin's delay tlte works  Avould be in operation-.  A hii'So number of people have laid  tlieir Avater.connections . CUt..o_f. because  of failure to pay tlieir water 'rates. Fire  chief Thompson,says, however, tliat many  of the defaulters are now coining to time,  The Tribune Association, Limited,gives  employment to twenty learned ami unlearned people. The Eighteen, unlearned  are employed as printers and reporters  and newsboys. The two learned gentlemen are lawyers, one avIio threatens  to bring libel, suits and tlie other who  stands him off.  day ��'i big pack train and a crew of men  will start out and development Avork will  be commenced in earnest. Two thousand  sacks have been ordered for shipping ore  (o the Xorthport smelter as there is no  duty on copper or gold ore.  J. Brcau and Newt Grib have gone out  to the south fork of Porcupine creek to  do development work on the Bonaii/.a  group.  On the Nevada work is being steadily  continued by stripping tho ledge on the  surface.  P. McBride has gone to Greenwood on  a mining trip.  . Some fine looking ore has been brought  in from the Crested Butte and assays are  being made.  The school breaks up Friday and reopens again 011 August 14th.  W. Burns, inspector of schools, passed  through by train this morning to inspect  the school at Salmo, of Avliich Miss L.  Coghlan is the teacher. Mr. Burn stated  that he had receiA'ed seA'eral applications  for the post of teacher to the Ymir public school, wliich of course he could not  entertain as the present holder had not  resigned.  Paris is Ready; but There is no Man.  J. A. Mara, Avho has been in Europe for  nearly a year, Avrites from Paris, under  date of the 6th instant, as follows: "1  spent the Avhole of the day of Marchand's  arrival in Avatching the croAvds, thinking  there might be some fun and that I  might see something of- a Paris mob, but  everything passed, off quietly. The excitement of the populace knew no bounds,  and for a time, at least, the people haA'e  a hero to Avorship. If Marehand hasn't  a cool head and good advisers he Avill find  himself forced into the position of leader  of one of the parties that is preparing to  strike a.bloAv at the republic. If he has  the ambition and brains he-could today  play the role of Louis Napoleon. Paris  is ready; but there is no man." Mr.  Mara is making his home in Switzerland,  where -avo of his children are attending  school.  Two Teams from Eossland.  Rossland Record.  The, announcement "of'the conditions  aud rules governing the drilling 'contest  at Nelson on Dominion Day has caused  some changes in tho teams to go from  Rossland. William Ross will not drill  Avith Mike 13urns, a.s Avas intended.  Burns' partner Avill be Eric Stcwonson.  Probably the only other team that aviII  go from Rossland is Talent and Mc-  Xickles. They are aJJ good miners, and,  barring accidents, they Avill win first and  second money. The condition of the-  eontcst is that ten minutes must be  drilled on an upraise, ten minutes on a  breast, and ten minutes on a down  hole, and that forty inches niu,__ be  drilled during the thirty minutes. Either  team mentioned will make the forty  inches in twenty minutes.  FIGHTING   IN   A   VAIN   HOPE  Of Sympathy From America.  Manila, June 21.���9 p. m.���The insurgent army has taken to the SAvamps  and hills beyond Inius. The largest  force is supposed to be in the neighborhood of San Francisco, towards Malabon,  holding a position more towards the lake  according as exigencies demand. General Wheaton returned to Imus, bringing  tliree men who were wounded in yesterday's fighting. The heavy rains that fall  nightly make campaigning uncomfortable. The roads are still good, but the  rice fields adjoining them are pools of  water. The Filipinos will not fight unless they can meet the American troops  in positions most advantageous to themselves or take the reconnoitring bodies  into ambuscade. It is impossible to  learn Avhat effect the recent defeat has  had upon their leaders. Tin's should be  disheartening, for they had boasted that  the Americans could never conquer the  proA'ince of CaA'ite, Aguinaldo's home  country, Avhere he always worsted the  Spaniards.  General Otis recently received a letter  signed by tlie native women of the 2U'o-  vince declaring that if all the men Avere  killed the Avomen avou Id still keep up the  fight against tlieir enemies. Copies of the  insurgents' organ, Independencia, shows  that the Filipinos' hopes of success are  kept aflame by political moA'cmcnts in  America. The Independencia prints reports of alleged speeches made at .different places in the United States denouncing the Avar, and it asserts that they represent American sentiment. It declares  also that the Filipinos Avill continue- the  war until the next presidential campaign,  Avhieh is sure to result iu a decision to  withdniAV the American troops from the  Philippines.  It is reported that the Spanish garrison at Balera, in theproA'ince of Principe,  on the coast, of Luzon, Avhicli had;become  reduced to thirty men finally surrendered  to the Filipinos after holding out for a  year. The Filipinos imprisoned two Englishmen on the island of Samar, south-  Avest of Luzon. The British first-class  cruiser Grafton steamed there from Cebu  and her commander demanded their release. Wheu this Avas refused he landed  a force of merines and cleared his ship  for action, whereupon the Englishmen  Avere handed over.  Information is Desired.  To the Editor op The Tri hunk: The  Miner, in referring to tlie celebration  Avhieh is to take place in Nelson on Dominion Day, says that a pleasing feature for that occasion AA'ould be  the appearance of Herr Steiner's band  upou a float during the Avater carnival.  Would the Miner please state Avhat comprises Mr. Steiner's band andAvho are the  members thereof ? ���      .  .  . T. A. Mills. . .  The Metal Market.  Neav York, June 21,-^Bai.���silver.-*: OQlcY  Mexican dollars 48.. e.   Copper .quiet: brokers' $18.25, exchange $18 @ $1,8.25. Lead  easier';- brokers' $4.25,' exchange  $4.15 (h-  $���1:50.."._" '���    '.,.,     7 ������.., -yy '   y ���  YMIE.  In the north drift of the Tamarac the  ore body lias Avideiiod out to tliree and a  half feet and averages $14 to the ton.  In the tunnel in the Rio Grande, which  is in 120 feet, the A'ein lias been finally  encountered and cross-cut for six feet.  The face of the cross-cut is in ore of a  shipping grade.  When the appointment of John Hays  Hammond Avas announced as consulting  engineer of the Randgarteu's estates the  shares of that company recorded a rise of  $2 per share.  John Olson is Avorking on the Last  Chance on Round mountain but is greatly.  troubled Avith Avater.  - W. Blanchfield, P. Philbert and J.  ;Gir.odlad. left,.this ..morning, for. Sixteen-  Mile creek to .Avork the -claims they recently located. -'  '_ Tom   Woods goes out .again on Saturday to the Big Horn group "."'and Von' Mqn-.  Ledge Struck on the Nevada.  A discOA*ery has been made on the Nevada, one of the Granite group, Avhieh  bids fair to be of great importance.  Large quantities of rich free milling float  have been found on, the claim, and for  the past year -a force  of men  has been  jveiit_stgad:ily._aj_____Q'rlc c,ross-tl'ei.ic;l;iin^  and ground sluicing in an attempt to locate the yeiu.. Now the .news arriA-es  that a, body of high grade me three feel  ill Avidth has been .encountered. The  mineral is thought to be in place, but a  little more Avork is necessary to establish  this essential point. If it be, the new  discovery will, add iuiiiielisely to the  value of the Granite group.  s Goldeh Cache  Taken by the Sheriff.  The Gokleir Cache miue,in Litlooetafter  a short but brilliant .aroei' lifts been  gatb'ii-ed' iu by the ���sheriff to satisfy two  judgments Avliich in the aggregate do uot  anion nt to more Chan $1000. Golden  Cache stock at one time touched $'1.80  per share, but after tlie diselo..rii'cs made,  that the director.-, had knowledge that  the property was virtually wortliles.��, the  stock fell to nothing.  More Squabbles From Newfoundland.  St. Joiin'sY-SIOwfol-.vdla.vi), June 2l.~  Tlie British sloop Buzzard and the.special  service A'ossel Columbine left St. John's  yesterday for Bay islands to enquire into  the alleged misconduct of French war  vessels on tne treaty coast. A colonial  magistrate reports that the French commodore has a boatload of armed men to  remove the fishing nets of tho settlers  against wliich tlie colonial government  will protest as an assumption on territorial rights by the French. Colonial agitation on the matter is A*ery keen.  Progress of the Conference.  . This   IIagui., June  21.���The   best informed circles here   do   uot   share   the  gloomy A'ieAvs of the European  press regarding'the peace  conference.    After a  week's adjournment tlie arbitration committee met. for- a short time.today, Dr.  -Zorn of the Gorman delegation and Fred-  crick Holies of the United States delegation   attending.   -Mr/'Holies  expressed  himself as satisfied with   the   results  of  the trip he  took   to Berlin in  company  with Dr. Zorn, and the German delegates  have been instructed to take part in the  deliberations of the arbitration  committee, Avhieh Avill now continue brisk Avork ���  pending the definite decision of GermanyY  The disarinauent committee to which'  was submitted the circular of count Mur-  avieff has considered the second, third  and fourth paragraphs in sub-cammittee,  the result being a   negative A*ote   upon  all three, on tlie ground  that itAvould be  impossible to decide upou a satisfactory  plan for checking the continued improvements in explosives and ordnance.     This  decision  Avill  be submitted to  the committee  tomorrow.     The Russians,  it  is  .-aid,   intended   to  introduce   fresh   proposals, and it is not doubted the conference will reach important conclusions on  theJns__f<->ui__paragi'aphs- of-the-circular���  supplementing   the   GeneA*a   convention  and the Brussels conference, and providing for mediation and arbitration.  Press Excursionists Homeward Bound.  Victoria, June 21,���The Western  Canada press excursion party readied  here this afternoon, having been brought  .from Seattle 011 the Dominion govern-'  incut .steamer Quadra. They'' start for  V'an'couyer tomorrow .evening on their  way-home, and will arri\*e in Nelson on  the 2(5th instant, ...  Admiral Kautz Eeturfts,  Sax Ruan-..1.(jo, June 2J.-~T]ie United.  States cruiser Philadelphia, arrived lii.ro  today from Apia. '.On board the eriiisor  are the bodies of two offi_erss lieutenant  L'tiisdak; and ensign Moiieghan,. who lost  thob'fiV'S in the fight between the Mil*-,  tan fans and the ooflibined, forces of the  AinerU'-Hii and British, .eahien. Admira:!'  Ivaulz in in eoinmand of the crulsei*  and lie reits-rates that ho has  done his duty In the inattor  of the Sain0.-1.1 trouble, and lie believes  Irf! has been subjected to much, unjust  criticism iii certain qifti_i.*t-*i-s_ lie is fully  convinced that lie will beable to puthim-  scH' I'iglit with the people, and it is already known that his actions have had  the sanction of the navy department.  . Yellow Fever, at Santiago.  Wasiiixotox, June 21.���Surgeon Wey-  jiien,. of the .marine hospital seiwice, today  received a cable from Dr. Park, the quarantine officer at Santiago, reporting the  existence at that port- of fourteen cases  of yellow fever, and four deaths from  that cause. Dr. Park also states thatthe  American troops have evacuated the barracks. ^   Khalifa Heard From Again.  !_hu._,s|.;i_s, June 21.���Advices received  here from the Congo state that the  Khalifa has recruited 40,000 men aiid  crossed the White Nile beloAV Khartonms  capturing the island of Abu. ou that liver.  Dewey in Ceylon.  Cioi-OMi-O, Island of Ceylon, June 22.���  The United States cruiser Olympia, Avith  admiral DeAvey  on board, arriA'ed from  Singapore this morning. THE TKIBUKE:  NELSON   B. C,. THURSDAY, JUNE 22,  1899.  rp  We are showing a very large assortment .of parasols ranging* in price  from   50   cents  to  ancl   Linen   Suits  Just the thing for  $7.50.     Call   iu  and   sec   them.     Our  White   Duck  arc   _>*oin<>'   last.  A full  line of   Men's  Linen Mats.  hot weather.  A. FERLAND cfr CO.  Kliot lllnck, linker Hired. Nelson  HUDSON'S BAY  INCORPORATED 1670.  HARD TIMES  NELSON HARDWARE. CO.  <���       Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS��� Nolson   l.odjje,   No,   25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, corner  linker and Kootenay strcots, every Tuesday evening al.  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. HOSS, K. of K. & 8.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23. A. F. & A. M.   Meets  second Wednesday in each month.   Sojouniin.  '. brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and A.imiycr.  ���     Victoria street. Nelson.  E XVART-8c CARRIE���Architects.   Kooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���To rent a small furnishrd house or collage.   Apply to A. F., Tribune ollice.  LOST���-A pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, in a leather  case.   Finder will be suitably rewarded on returning same to The Tribune ofiice, Vernon street, Nelson.  WANTED���Situation as' housekeeper, by a middle-  aged  woman  who  is  willing  to work.    Apply  Housekeeper, Tri hunk olllce.  FOR  KENT���Two  cottages on Latimer street,  half  block west of Stanley street.    All conveniences. ��20.  a month.   Apply at Tribune oflicc, A'ernon street. Nelson.  LOST���A black silk belt   wilh diamond paste buckle  set in silver.   Finder will be suitably rewarded by.  returning same to The Tribune office, Vernon street.  ���.'fiAi-LyCEbiTib^.!''.*.!?  7W;KKki;%E __>___ ON ji_.Jp  V��Y*S&YFlRST���'^KAifA5*-.6"-"i3l'1  sYsi-f; s7a':���� SEvasN-Fu. sY.Se_-. _t&No>M  n    DO,,    n       *riftL";n***Vij.       ��.���"    "nn-,,        V    ^   JLu.n     AkP���eA,>        .   P."n,P&  " portunity oi informing himself on any  " of the matters about.Avliich he is said to  " luwe expressed himself so positively. I  "know that people from tlie old country  " A*ery often alloAV themselves to criticize  " before they luwe time to understand,  " and J.haA'e a A'ery vivid recollection of  '���tlie severe rebuke that Avas adminis-  " tered by the director of the Ontario  ������ bureau of mines to an engineer of this  '��� class from the other side of tlie Atlan-  " tic, who had scarcely arriA-ed in Ontario  " Avlien lie began to criticize the laws,  " etc., of the province and compare tliem  "unfavorably Avith what' he knew of  " South Africa. The director, in liis re-'  "port for 1S9S, after .showing that the  " Avould-bc critic could not have read the  " mining laws lie seemed, so anxious to  " criticize, concluded Avith these Avords:  " 'A iii an' AvhoAvill not qualify himself by  " information -to express an intelligent  "criticism is not one to be depended on;  Nolwil.lislumliiig .'ill the l.'iilc about  hard times resulting from tlin labor  troubles, we will venture to say tluit if  you stroll down the sunny side of  Baker street about 2 p. in., you Avill  hoar more complaints about tho  wftather than any other subject.  A Suggestion to Those in Danger  of ill   Effects  trom   Sun   or  Heat.  Iveop in the shade a.s much as possible,  and every .half hour take one bottle of  Sclilitz Milwaukee Lager __c.r. JSro  other   than   Schlit-.   will   answer.  The   Beer  that   Made   Milwaukee  Famous.    No Better in the World.  SOLD   BV  ffl  ffl  zeZi^-tg- &-S-C34, zz-cst-cZi cZi&stZ.  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Y ion-Sj :piy Jeh& J3^1a*w_ oilv.th&'liyo^ai'd'jn.s,  ^:j_ii^3Dldg��^de...����� TKisYis >ti��_aTi..*. - "Tlie jiHsoY'  ^-_'"p$S_idl_#i^^^ "7- '-."���"���'      ���  !Y Y "^tjf-idjfcPtH.'i. in^orCsc Miy boilc'linj? _s*.di'iVg^creeled; ,ox;  '":yff aHo)int'��to' -be icre'cleil upou 'any" _an_" Within��tli _ h%a"'..  _i��_7��jn'i/_f|l5S, t,1ic "b jlitd_ti&. then on thfi'lan4s��uppnu3 ^yhidh.aiicw"  "."."-iJilding'igotobQ ferect-cl jfiaj* be temporarily rcmoygil .  -; .froni {tjie, prt'ctot'tlre lire? limits to any other par), Alport*:  "%Ij6."-diififen% jind' approval of the fire ,\var_.c_��li such build- ��  " *inf_��t6 bo...o. rCm pyotl and plated,, for sai<Sb peluocl a4 (live  ti. (giWliTclgnsn.ay direst., dm".upon d.ii'Cctioij'frtii.ii the'fli;c  w._:i;(len_i go "XO do S.iielFWfl8iW^l!SllYbe fBHlfWiTiF  removed beyond .tlio lire limits, and iii tloCiililt fiiioh  bll.ildiiiB.nKiy bo dealt with as hercinaCter provided.  _>%t long ago tlie owii-i'. of the 3Broken  Mill, folock asked tlie cotineil for permission to erect au itdditidii to their building., and the ehairinfin of the piihli-  AVOrks eomiiiittee <>p_iose'l it Avi^fc tfigor_  He? shonkl oplio^e with etpipl vigor any  .���tttGiy^t to T'enlove old fruJ-jie birildings  fiioiii oho lot AVifehin th. limits to another  lot Aivi-Jiili the liinits,,  ClarexcH! J. McC'yaio. of the Paypc  mthe,-, is rfithdr uneasy lest tlie .shut doAvn  of .i>l*���*�� rayrie, tipoa th?e [ilea that the  Payhe coni|-iauy cannot alTord to pay tlie  viiaion scale of 'wages, may cause a .slump  ill l?i.yiie stock. When Mr. McCiiaig  I'e.iclied Montreal, Avhere inneli of the  stock is held, he made the aiinouncenient  that the shut do/wii Avonld not affect the  company's present -dividend's^ as there is  already sufficient money in tlie treasury  fco pay dividends for seven or eight  months. It is eyidei.it that such statements regarding the Payne's dividend-  earning capabilities are not intended for  home consumption in tlie Slocan.  Tins is -what J. D. Kendall of Vancouver, the Avell knoAA'n mining man, avIio  represents large British interests in this  prOATince, and Avhose report on the. Enterprise mine, on Ten-Mile ereek, Slocan  district,. brought about its sale, says  about .the. .criticism of the'������mining la.Avs  of British Columbia .made by major I_;il-  der: "I know-that he has only .just come  " to the province, and has not had an oji-  .ra.ttfcSanyvc)n0"Qceniiying."tli_��l;fespons^^  pp^jitIoifcjl{_6tl��;��lt^n^^s>v'e^  ���'?".:fe0}.lld :M"��J|nJl^_5 b��>a'iiy7;sj��.iilifi;lfefeof_"'  ^^lii^l^si^il^  '*.' ,S;ignatl4'e;4^  ���*��� _l|i^bu.teicVtQ:ii'_ili^9Ja' lAY'iI:l'Y^(j(is^ _|ri���0i,;n id��,,  '" 'f _D-ftlap]Jnj_��� tee^i^e^atf ��lift-ion.M'-tMili'!?*'P.  7�� Tym dfpp in "tiip selling "p%ee" of.^hkie^  ���4_p:"tlren'I'>ay'__eJ'irtMie,_i.ii^  ''a:.&p��a\te,ezn,vg3*SonVe;p,'f ��� _tlxe wii'ter -o0Jb$  ihefiioSk. ," Tl^y&iffre^. Averd.^.ellii.ig��a_ \Jay  "itbbve their^eaiViUue." " ".'��� ���:"."."   '���  %  Mm  ����lYEFOBtT  Mny bo pl-ttiincd by using a  Hudson's Bay Stores  AVest Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  BRICKIVLIME!  Our first kiln of brick will bo ready for delivery about  the Isd of Juno.   Call at our ofiice for prices.  During the month of June we will deliver lime in  quantities of twenty sacks and over at  60 Cents pep 100 Lbs  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  ; Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, _Vanager  Gentlemen  irt and Blouse Waists  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  B  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  in white, Yfawn, green, and blue  B  The above are the goods you need now.   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"If ".yon ^vant" a ,styslishn pterfcefc"fitting suil^mtidc'o'f itltiS,  best clotilv ."over* impbrtfccT .to jNfilson1, Vleayc" j'oiir order  Willi' iii'-.- * _,:""  ��� Pix liuiidrcd dollars worth "of :iicyfe goods- now wft.it1  iiig yoiir ihSpestitnii   I gilarantep .saiiisfrtctibn or no .rile;  N<_laQn!s"Tip*-f,--dat;e Tailor, riej-fcTSlills & liott,  BURING   THE   HOT  WEATHER  NEW   STYLES   AND   COLORS  CHOICE   THING   POR  THE  ASK   TO   SEE   IT .  BABY  Thomson Stationery Co., L*i  Dont  Be  Inllueneed  lt_" price alono iii- your drug buyinj.. Looking  we)] lo quality means satisfactory result.���nvciviis  -securing the remedy that best fullllls the purpose  for which you intended it. Purity, quality, satisfaction, aro first considered hero* but always a  price that makes tho purchase an economical one.  A price that nicann something to you. One pack-  ago of our  Celery  Herb  Tea  will make one quart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  sloniaoli and kidney troubles, and the price is.  -:Bi-iker''-'Strne���etrN"sisonri.��.-"       -,. '  'Fiiiif iSoOr WJ5ST" banJv b. b.-iB-'iLpiMeY  '��m^t^^^t^>^f ms:. :?���  -.. '."  -"i.fl.":, o'S.5- p ��o os ��   .."f.  Duiuiig 'ih"-.; "^ehsoa VQ-^'ill "do-  .   ��� no nS-    _    a ���  .   p. a J, p    .   J,    ��� .    . P -fttf     a ��� n- ^ Pf  _���'<  Xixpi-;"i^.. ��� ._t^riwle*. i'p-sjdpnc^;  1aiid"buslncX^!liOu.'_eW}iliiy4ii��.j. _J''  ..dV^rfld* ;qu",_ iflit|* ali> "neiftonrrabl6�� <  'PSiegs.v"���'.._  j=:'_ "S��"���"������ ��-n"   -  DR&W& md  AVe have a fine a.��sortnicnlj of .woolens alwaysi  on hand. Goods hvado ujl a. the shortest possible notice. As ovorytlulig is kept aiid lmiclD  oii the promiKCs, _ati��faCcion, ii? assurQd.  H. M. VIMCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSOfi  GENERAL BBPKEB.  PIRE, IjIPE, ACCID5__|NT ANi) SICKNESS  i3srsx3-_a_A._<*r ce  REAL ESTATE ANb l-OAUS.  'l'O L'CT���Sovonil lioiises o��.(liirbreli(.,si''es.  injll SALl'l-lleal eslliie in all pfti-ts of the city.  POE DR3SlSrT  SoffO; will purchase a choice 'residence cornor, 100 by 120  'feet. -    ���  ��2100 will purchase a ceiitral lot ayd residence.  ��40(1 Will purchase l<wo nice lots and shanty:  $-t)0l) jvift. purchase two* nice lots and coUsige.  ___300. will pui'chaso-fbiirjiic'e lot-land^residence^  7IlTryTPaii^i6nir^i1vi]c^fSrT'rriSe-*~OT^^  Tttriier & Boeekh, block, Kelson, B. 0,  _\tci"eWa,iidiso'i hauled''to''aucV ffOiii.depols^ bus  Lmee"l._ ,iill traiiisj-.riua b&a.f-Sj"' Spcciitl" a.te'ntioSi ���  given to the* tranSfcF bf baggage:. Oiltcc. ;ai"i,d _  stables oh Yerjlon street, oi^poiiite Tlie Tribiincj  BLAGKSM1THING  ._ .....  ..�������?����"* ��.:>."*_*'��*-7C-S.7"*..".   .  parsopj product Qo.  NEL'SONi B. G:  iO-Koom Hou.scj eeiibnilly .located, ��2800.  G-Ko-Hi OrtttngoY'iivd 2 Lots oil CiH-borifrin  rtfcf-_fc, ll'fOO, ensy tO-nisY ,  U-Kcioni   Houfe'o oil 'SttfOxley strbta), $yl.OO.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'I'IA'  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ofllce of the Duncan Minos, Limited.  25 CENTS  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  __.I_-II_.E_D  -    Corner of. 1 taker and Stanley Streets', Nelsoii '        J  FOR SALE  BY   PRIVATE   BARGAIN  2(1 Draught Horses,  12 Drauuht Mules.  11 Pack Mules.  13 Pack Horses.  The above stock is in first-class condition and perfectly  broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete rigging for pack animals, also harness and wagons for  balance of stock. Apply to Waverly mine, Albert Canyon, 11. C.  ~^OR~SALE~ "  A building and lot on First Avenue in the town of  Ymir. Ileni.s for ��20 por month. AA'ill be sold cheap for  cash. For further particulars apply to John A. Kirkpatrick. Nelson, 11. C.  4 L VANSTONE,     R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mininj,' Stock.1? Ctistonis Brokci'  KEAL ICSTATIO AUD GK)\',].KAL AGM'NTS'  FOR^SAUB  Two lotjswilh two-story house On Latimer  street, near Josephine S1SI1II  Tenus!  .��120U cash, balance ou niorlgage.  Sixtv-aci'o ranch, nine miles from city on lake  shore. ;   . .�� 1000  One-half cash, balance on mortgage.  i_o___isrs  On loan conditions arc the cheapest and best  odcrcd. You can repay at any time without  bonus.  _5_.__-__33Sr_-S   FOR  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loon. Co., Toronto.  i___nts'ct:e-.a.:n'o:e-  Plre, Life, Accident, and Sickness  Wo are recdiving daily c.ii'Ci.. froin  1'he groAvor*- consigiliiients of Stew-  bft-ri'Ics, Clien-ies, J.s;mi'u<%s, Ontngcs,  Loition.., etci. Send us your  utiuiding Orders,  Tlio Trutip pniy SUji!>|S._<c>^l  COLD STORAGE, WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  GAMBLE ��& 0'RBIL,L,V, ASts  Baker Street AVest, Nelson, B. C.  For Sale  NICK KL-TN-THK-HLOT  '  (..'AUD MACI1INK  -      " PIUCK ��12  Apply to  IS. C. CUMMINS, Bodega Cigar Store.  Removal Notice.  bog to announ  trade that tliey haA'e removed their headquarters from  John Cholditeh & Company bog to announce to tho  _*adc that they haA'e removed their headquarters from  ���Nakusp to Nelson, where thoy will for the future be established.   Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  they have secured temporary quarters iu the warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company.on Water street, whore  they will bo pleased to receive their patrons.  Nelson, B. C, May 17th, 189!).  JOHN GHOLOITGH & GO.  Parsons Prodiice Cd.  Nel��0n, B. C.  George Holbrook  City Scavenge]? and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention giA'en to all orders left at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  ���Hall ;S.tr-et;.'b"_tw8_ii,IBaljefeand "Vernon, .jtol-_n_  S1:RAGHAN BF.0S.  PLOMBERS  Opera House -Slock, NELSON  Nels��ii Iron Works  _IAi.U_"AC?l'l_JKl_J- O.  ���EWGINHS, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  gltAS-t OABTIiStffS OF JVBRTf1iiBSbRIP_'ipN  li-pairs promptly attended to.       P.O. BOxilra,  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGKNTS FOE  Tlie Imperial Oil Co.   Star-da. d Oil Co.  Washii-jg-bn Brick arjd iiirje _o,  The H.-W. lyjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Ant lira-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers Iri  STOVEWOOD  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing*, only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 tcehts. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room, Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��4, room and board ��n  md ��5.50.- .       "-.:���������   .  A- collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. OXAUGHLIN.  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  ���-*��-*'.���'_�������� ������  ^.'YYY',;;  ':yp,.-."(Myif^yy THE  TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1899.  Baniof'Moutbm  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  l.ORi) STRATTICJONA AN1>  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  I.   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  _sr_s.-i.so3sr BR^e_isrcH:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       I1KA.NUI1KH  IN       LONDON"   .England),   NEW  YORK.   CHICAGO  and in Hie principal cities in Canada.  liny and sell SLurling FxchatiKO and Onblii Transfers  OKANT COMMKKOIAI, AND TKAVKM.KItS''UHKUITS.  available In any part of tho world.  D11AK.8 1S8UKI)    COLLECTIONS MADE; KTO.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^oq District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  C U 111 l KNT It ATE OK INTKKBST PAID  THEY   WELCOME   THE   THAW.  Winter is ;just breaking up in the Col:  oraclo mountains. Trains are running  again in tlie valley of the Blue, and Uncle  Sam has called in his"snowshoe brigade  of mail earners. For six months tlie  snoAV-covered mouutaius have presented  a spectacle of unparalleled beauty and  grandeur. Gorges have been packed 200  feet deep with ice and snow. No man  knows how deeply the summit of the  Great Divide may be buried in its magnificent white cap. Away up near the  timber line of Buffalo, the "storm king"  of the Blue Malley, five miles from the  little town of Breckinridge, one sees tiny  brown wisps above tlie surface of the  snow. They look like stunted weeds, but  they are the topmost branches of tall  pine trees, only these being visible to tell  of the forest below. During the winter  the suoav has been on the level ground  from five to six feet deep.  Breckinridge is in the centre of the  snowstorm region and a Avinter here  gives one an idea of Avhat snow may be,  the splendor in Avhicli it garbs tlie  Rockies ami the perilous blockade it  builds about the miners' lints. This little mining town, nearly 9000 feet aboA'e  sea level, is in tlie valley of the Blue, in  the southern part of what is called Middle  Park, and on the South Park branch of  the Colorado Southern railroad. It is  1 _10 miles west of Deirver and thirtyriiye  miles northeast of LeadA'ille.  Tlie valley is -praoticallyiiiikiibSvii except" to the ranchmen and1 the miner.  .Few tourists haAre as yet found their Avay  - hero. 'Tlie Blue riA-er, which giA'es the  valley its name, runs its course for seventy ,miles betAveen these glorious mountain ranges, and then empties into the  Grain!. Just hero the* valley is over a  mile wide, inclosed by ranges Avhose  _peak's lift from 12,000 to 1-1,000 feet, and  on the east the summits of Grey and Jr-  Avin, peep OArer from the Continental  Divide.  During December and January the  blockading of trains AA'as intermittent,  but from the 1st of February until the  middle May no train entered the valley  from either direction. On the sixth day  of February the huge "rotary," propelled  by six locomotives and throwing snow  fifty feet into the air, rounded the hill  above Breckinridge on its Avay OA'er the  pass. Since then no engines haA'e been  able to bring it back. Tn the main street  of Breckinridge the suoav Avas so deep until the thaw of last Aveek that tunnels  Avere dug through it from the sideAvalk to  tlie-beaten path-iiP-he middle of the  streets. Many of the loAver houses,  stables and Avoodsheds have been completely submerged, only a bit of the roof-  tree visible. Communication has been  cut off with the rest of the Avorld for  Aveeks save by the uncertain means of  the postal service, carriers coming and  going on snowshoes.  When the situation reached i_ really  serious indication it avHs eoneiuded in  Breckinridge to undertake to build a sled  roild froin ihgre over the pass to the  station in South PiU'k. wh&re-freight had  been eolleetiiig. The 1'oad of ten iniles  between this place (viicl Breckinridge had  been kept open all along. The people  appropriated two oi* three hundred dollar's for the venture,, and ntraiiy twenty  nien went out to help in the building Of  the road. It Was accomplished, and after  the middle of March supplies of provisions were brought in jn sleighs from over  the pass, thirty miles away, and an occasional passenger also came in or went out  by this route. Since the warmer Aveather  has softened and granulated the suoav  this road, like all other sleigh roads, lias  become almost impassable.  Paths or trails and roads here are not  shovelled, as where the snow conies in  less quantity, or rather AA'here the wind  bloAVS less persistently. A path that it  had taken a half day to shovel might be  filled in an hour. When tlie first snow  conies it is trodden, Avherever the path is  to be, and continuous -walking over it  packs it harder after each successive  storm, so that the "trail" rises with the  increasing siioaa', and, if constantly used,  ahvays presents a hard surface ou a leA'el  with the suoav which surrounds it.  Fences are mostly covered, and before  many houses here the drifts are several-  feet high, and in some places nearly as  liigh as the second story. In such places  steps are cut in the side the drift facing  the door, and the'descent to the store or  house thus made. __.  The only method of locomotion anywhere off the trails is by means of snow-  shoes.' A few of the Canadian web variety are used, but the regular Norwegian  ski are most in evidence. They are commonly from nine to twelve feet in length  and from tliree to fiAre inches in width.  They are made of hardwood, when that  can be procured, but are mostly of pine..  In climbing long hills, to obviate the  possibility of slipping backAvard, little  blocks of wood are fastened under the  shoe, just back of the heel place, or some  pieces of cloth or rope, called "toggies,"  are wound around the shoe.  The summit of the hill reached, these  are removed, and the expert, using along  pole Avith AA'hich to balance, glides swiftly down the steep, often at the rate of a  mile a minute. SnoAVshoe coasting on the  lesser hills about the town furnishes fine  sport for the young people, and on moonlight nights the A'alley echoes Avith their,  shouts. ' :  A    really   uncomfortable    experience  peculiar to this altitude is AA'hat is known  as "suoAvburn"���the reflection of the sun  from  the suoav burning the face till in  some cases it is'very sore.    The burning,  is more intense than the  direct  rays of  the sun iu summer or even reflected sun-;  liglit   from   water.      Dark   glasses   are!  usually worn on sunny days to protect;  the eyes, though men who are obliged to;  Avork in the open of ten protect theirs by \  blackening the loAver part of their faces.;  But   greater care is   needed to preA*ent  "suoAvburn,"  and  not  only ..women but;  men avIio haA'e long distances to ride or  Avalk, Avill noAA',  in  these  clearer spring  days, frequently be seen with heavy A'eils  about their faces.    Although this is a region of such terrible shoavs, the cold is by  no means  unusual.    One nignt in February  the thermometer  registered  41 degrees beloAV zero, once 30 degrees beloAv.  Nine nights in the tAvo coldest months it  ranged bctAveeii  12 degrees   and l28   degrees. J For the other nights, Avhile occasionally below zero,  the average'lowest  record aviis over 5 degrees aboA'e.    Only  tAvieo in all  that time was  there a drop  beloAv zero in the daytime, and the highest average for all  the days  of the tAvo  months Avas 27 degrees above.    There has  been no suffering among the people from  l��*ick of food owing to the unusual severity of the winter,  as has  been reported.  Much lh'e stock, howeA'er, perished.  Quelling a Porto Rican Outbreak.  The story telegraphed from Havana, -  about the conspiracy to overthroAV the  American authority in* Cuba reminds mo  that a. similar scare Avas once attempted  in Porto Ilieo. One morning a man from  one of the interior toA\*us came to headquarters and in a most imperious manner  announced that it avus imperitive that he  should sec general Henry alone. He AA'as  shoAvn into the general's office Avithout  ceremony and asked to state his business.  With a great many preliminaries aud  mysterious airs he Avhispered that a conspiracy aviis ou foot to assassinate all of  -tJie-A]iieriean-of(ieials--OA*erpoAvei'-the-soI~  diei'ii and seize the goA'ernment. He admitted that he had reluctantly joined tho  plot, but Avas remorseful and Avas Avilling  to reveal the details and give the names  of  the men   engaged,   provided he Avas  TROPICAL FRUIT DEPOT  Corner Raker and AVard Streets.  AArell rewarded and assured of protection.  General Henry had been lookiug him  OA'er and "sizing him up" during the inter vieAA', and AA'hen the A'isitor finished his  narration remarked, indifferently:  "Is that all?"  "Yes," replied the stranger.  ''Well," said general Henry, "you go  home and advise your friends to commence digging graves at once. They will  need a good many, for the first time a  shot is fired in hostility to the United  States I "will hang every man avIio is engaged in the conspiracy, directly or indirectly, and I knoAV them all. Good  .morning."  Nothing more was eA'er heard of the  outbreak.  Lesson by Telegraph.  A discussion as to Avliich i.s the proper  Avord to use, "got" or "gotten," was the  feature of an uptown evening company  on Friday, and after most of the party  had expressed their thoughts on the subject, with the result that opinion AA'as  about equally divided, a bald-headed man  spoke up, saying he had become convinced that the word that should be used was  "got". When asked his -reason, he replied  that about a AA'eek back he decided, Avhile  at his office in the afternoon, to take his  FULL LINF OF  Avife to the theatre at night, and he sent  to his home in the suburbs the foIloAving  telegram:    "I. haA'e gotten tickets for the   Theatre tonight.    Meet  me   at the  theatre." The telegraph operator had  deciphered that message to read: "I haA'e  got ten tickets," and the result Avas that  the Avife, joyed at the news, lost no time  in inviting eight of her friends, and all of  them greeted the sender of the telegram  at the theatre. He declared to the company that it cost him quite a penny to  learn Avhieh aviis the proper word   to use.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  II-.All..  K. I). Mcrm'on. Mb. Vornon  II. Flincnmn, Fort Steele  J. F. Redely, Spokane  A. York. Sloean City  G. Lambert, New York  Madame Lambert, N. Y, -  O. P. Mooncy. Creston  <'. Thompson, Toronto  N. W. Spear, Chicago  .1. llano}*, Ainsworth  .1. IT. Spooner, Medieine Hat  T. M. Wallace. Ashcroft.  B'  B  B  B  ���ysn-js*-  '���2S. _=_>��� c-3������ c.3- [U3-z=>  m  &--&>fj��.^-^>  ���^mmmmmmmmmmmmi  Something for the Men  %  ffl  ffl  ffl  SILVKIt KING.  W..I. Williams. Silver Kintf  mine  J. S. Williams  .1. Sesson, Gladstone  .1, Gill is, Athabasca, mine  It, Everett, Uobson  MADDEN.  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West Kootenay Butehet"(Jol  7 ^LL #IN^  7:.7!>JI  yy?ni  iiym  isfil  "���s^.yism  ii;y$y  '5$Sfl?j!ft-;86  m  'Larger coihf6fth.lilfl  Wtfpoiil,,- ;ahfl,�� flrst-cI-.^S' cljiiing"'  roonii ^Safiipre.-cioiilsVfSfe'ioinlkeisiai uveji'. ���  . ��� '' ���',  MAN ihCACTURtiKS^DIW AXIJ "  ; .   y.'dH'ff&iEns",in .:- ��� -��� ��� .  ^^^Yanl-IDress^ liUmbii?  #ooi?SY3Jr.d%g|i.'p ,;  ���.���.���..  fencfe lPqst|t��si|Mr.Bickets'  "Offi'&e-and ���Sto/l'evMttings '  FACtORA' WORK DONE  ��S-Cll AS  TO ORJJKR,,  Kpr  Slrawl)errie,s and  your order,  otlle> fi'liitsjiil soitKOil.  Pronipt deU.yory.  l-elt\-  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  AU Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  Agents for HazlewOod Ice Cream,  Scroll "Saving  Band Sawing  Wardrobes aiid  General Jbinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass; of all Si��es and Kinds  _E-_f_._.__!S   $2  feb. r.___v_r  �� IL  0UDIjate of \.h6 UoyM Hotel. 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MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OK NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY AVHITE HELP EMPLOYED  _��-.     .KTJJE-R-Sr.     PBOgSIBTOB  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  '   FOR SALE OR HIRE  W. J. ASTL.EY & CO.  Boats built to order. Repairing and fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  w^Ip. :Ro:Bi:isrso:N~  (Ex-Shcriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced ou consignments of merchandise.  Postoilloo Box 572 ..    ���        -  Nelson, B. O,  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   Por further   *  particulars apply to  FRED  J.   SQUIBI-,   Nelson.   B.   C. J  Yard_   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  PEI1R WMIM k CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  The finest hotel in the interior.  Large: sahvple rooms.   Stoaiii heat and electric light.  CORKER OF WATlD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  BAKKR AND WARD STREETS, KELSON  The only hotel in Noisorl that has remained uiftlcr one  management since 1890:  The bed-rooms are \voll furnished a��fl 1 it.Iiicd by  electricity.  The diiviiig-room is not second to any U) Kbotouay.  Tho bar is always stoeked by tlie besi {Ionic. Uc ftnrt  imported liquors and qlgars,  TKfOMAS M.VBDaK. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Ileuted by hot ai  Reasonable rales Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. Y. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly Btreet car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  Wo make a specialty of  Sfyplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  GOAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  y CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA;*...  - All sizes of dimension timber and all-kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson Ui carload lots  Write for pricoH.  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NKLSON  Ice Gream  (HAZLEWOOD)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  f$ CENTRAL FRUIT STOI^E  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Tlio river rose 4-j inches during tho  twenty-four hours ending at (i p. in. yesterday.  Mrs. Will Hanks of Mitchell, Montana,  arrived in Nelson yesterday on a visit to  her brother, Charles IE. Ink of Till- Tni-  III'NIC.  Tom Duncan had an awkward fall from  his bicycle yesterday opposite the Grand  Hotel on Vernon street. When falling  he was un fortunate enough to strike his  heiid against a broken bottle, sustaining  two or three nasty .seal]) wounds.  One of the subjects that "will be discussed at the next meeting of the city  council will be that of verandas which  project over the sidewalk. The owners'  will probably be instructed to remove  them by a certain date.  It is announced that there will be no  more county court sittings until after the  long vacation. So now all cases still  pending must go over until September 5th.  Unless the majority of the members of  the board of school trustees change their  minds, there will be more than one vacancy upon the board withiu the next  thirty days. The action of the education department in deciding to stop  the salaries of teachers for the time during whieh the school "was closed during  May has brought matters to a head. The  trustees no*w say tliat unless the education department shows them more consideration thoy "will resign in a body.  George 0. Tunsta.ll, junior, local manager for the Hamilton Powder Company,  is circulating a petition praying the police  commissioners to remove the soda water  fountain in W. F.Teetzel & Company's  premises. The preamble to the petition  sets out that a soda water fountain exploded somewhere in  the United States  and killed the attendant. From this the  deduction is made that the fountain in  Teetzel ifc Company's premises is a menace to the lives of the people of Nelson,  and its removal is accordingly prayed  I'or. Tin; petition is being freely signed.  A. 11. Holdich, the Avell known assayer,  lias been offered the post of assayer for  the Great Western Mining Company by  \V. H. Poole, manager of the company.  The company is operating in the Lardo  country, with head'piarter.s at Kevel-  stoke, whither Mr. Holdich goes today.  The closing exercises at the Nelson  public school, prior to the midsummer  holidays, will be held on l-'riday afternoon. The pupils have prepared a programme of recitations and music, and  tlieir parents and friends are oxi.ec.---d to  attend.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C,  SANDON, B. C.  NEW  REED  Furniture  Veranda Chairs  and Rockers  Children's Go-Carts and  Buggies  Gentlemen's  Arm Rockers, Etc.  FURNITURE  OFyALL  KINDS"  o  C-  oo  OO  3_  CO  _J  o_  <c  CO  :_������  CO  o  m  I���  CO  c_  as  oo  CO  DEALERS IN  avy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Fair Prices  Square Dealing'  Liberal Treatment  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STOKE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  ALL GOODS MARKED TO SELL  NOT TO LOOK AT  OUR   LEADERS  I will show an extensive line of goods bought direct  from the3 manufactures in England, Franco, Germany,  and tlio United States. Also goods from t.hc best Canadian manufacturers.  The latest and best in Gold, Silver, Coral, and Plated  Jewelry, Kbony and Cut Glass.  I also carry alargo variety of Gold and Silver Novell ics,  Urooohcs, Stars, Crescents, Pins, etc.  Wc always carry a complete lino of Watches.  ALWAYS IN  STOCK.  10 and 11 carat Solid Gold Lorgnettes.  5, 10 and 'JO year Lorgnettes.  Gilt and Braid Lorgnettes.  Coral and Silk Lorgnettes.  Rolled Plate Blouse Seis.  Gold Killed Blouse Sets.  Silver and Gilt Blouse Sets. -  Gold and Silver Sasli Buckles.  Plate and Gilt Sash Buckles.  5, 10. 15, and 20 year Boiled Plate Gold Filled Alberts.  Silver, Gilt, nnd Goldine Albert..  '   I0U styles and qualities in Brooches.     -������-    .-. -  "100 stylos in Pins. "      -      -=.y    '     - *,-.-.-  '   -, 10.-In. and 20 your-Kolled Plato-and  Gold  lulled  Links and Hut tons.    = ,   '  Silver and-Peiirl Links, Bullous and Studs.  Ciit Gla_s_J'ej'fun_c Hollies.--     -' "'.  Cut Glass Flower--Toldc1 a.       ' "  Cut Glib-'-'oilct-UolUcs. -    '  Cut Glass-in 10 diU'orenlstyles and articles.  Diamond Kings, Olaw.and- Gem lling'in =ovcry known  hi one and design.       ' " . -  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  -.Tail orders promptly attended.lo.  Fiiie watch repairing a specialty.  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrence Hardware Co.  NELSON",   B. C  gjhe  A Volley of Economy that Carries 'Conviction into Every Home In Nelson  Nelson Furniture Co.  BAKER ST11KKT WEST.  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PHOPEllTY  30 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and  Ward streets $S000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets  .1500  50.by 120, Baker street; between, JoijephineandHall,  streets,'corner. .__.,...>... _,.,   30*by 12(1. East B*ikor street ���. ��� _..���...,.   SOO  25"by 120 with iniprovcmdiits, feouth side of Vernon  , street.., .��_...��*.  ._........ ^. L. .��.j_X00_  -oO'by^lZOwibh-improvcmontsfsouth-sic^    Street ........    GOOO  ,2 lots niifl large house beautifully furnished (snap).. 4000  2J lot_ withcolUigc rented at ��15 pcrUionth, Victoria  street...........     3500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street. ,.....�� .,,  2500  2 lots With cottage rented at .20 per month. P tniiloy-*���'  street .. ,.,  _  3000  6 lots in block WD, all cleared and fenced in.."..,..... 2o00  ���tf-f-  NELSON LICENSE  DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby st'iven (lint the undermentioned person has made appll-alkli under the provisions of ihe  '���Li.r.or License Acl, ISO!),"J'or an hold license al, the  place _ot opposite to his name.  Hank Noll at Salmo.  A meeting of the board of license commissioners or Ihe  Nelson License District v> ill he held Io consider this ami  other applications at tho court house at ihe city of Nelson on Wednesday, Ihe jlh day of July, 1S9!>, al the hour  of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  WM. H. B _*LLOCK-WKH-Tl__U,  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Police Olllce, Nelson, JJ. C, 21st. June, l-IKl.  Jn spite  ���noo  fl-1'ooili house and 10: lots set out in otchard s  21otsanfl iiilprov-incists, 52 head of cows, 2 llorsi  wagon-* jslcifebs, hariiess, and everything in CC  ncetion with Hj m_"s milk ranch....�� .........   5500  For ^-..1 Oral inforniiition on real estate and for further  jjlil'tieuliti's on above property apply to  scs,  Cttn-  SXr^MJD BEOS,  Real "B. Into and General AfeQilts, I.akor St., Nolson  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS;  Scaled ^'liojo tenders will bo received until 12 o'clock  ilOWlThai'sday, Juno 2l)th next, by tho uiulci'sigiiod for  Cli�� erectloli or a si 0110 anil brick Ijalid HeKistry ollice fcjl;  tlie gbvouiiinelit of llritisli Colilllibia, tubebuilt at NCI-  soil, 8. C.  Ade])0sit in the form Of a marked ciiQ-qitc made payablo to tliq Comniis..ioiicr of Lands and Works for the  sum of ten per cont of the amount of IcndOr, miist accompany each tender.  Drawings, speciiications and conditions of tender may  be seen at the olllce of Ewarl & Carrie, architects, rcorns  1 and 8, Aberdeen block. Baker street, Nelson, U. C.  The lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.  _'NO, A. TUIINEH,  Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Notice to Contractors.  TNEIiSQN  EICENSiS  DISTRICT.  Notice is ltereliy given tliat the linderm-iVtioiicd pcr-  SOiisVliuV- lilailo application midgr the provisions of the  "Liqiior Licensi". Art,, 1811!)," foi; hotel llecnsesat Clio places  set opposite to thoir respective nanicS.  .'. G. Prdciror at Balfoiir.  JlaVW Clarke tvt Pilot Jiay.  A meeting 6f the board of licoi:iso:coiiiinissioli_rs of the  Nelson |_i.o.iSo District will be held to consider such np-  pliealion.. at the court house at tlie cjty of N _lsbn on  Wednesday, theSthday of July, IS!)!), at the h-iir of 11  o'clock, ill tile 'forenoon.    __  WM. II. JlUJ.LOCK-Wi-l^TI.I.l,  Oliiet J-iccnse in_i.ccl.oi.  I'rovtlicial Police Qlltce, Nelson, J3. C��� 21st Juno, 18I-):  of the howling success of lust weeks big.stock reduction sale, some  lihes scntLored througli tlie crockery doparlincnt escaped the* man-"  ager's pruning knife, or tlie customer's attention. ' These, with" a score of lucky purchases in other lines, are your fruit for this week. This Hale would not be necessary  hod the warm weather come two or three weeks enrliei'j but it is our rule in business- lo lower the stock before our semi-annual inventory, We take our medicine  philosophically and will greet you pleas'inlly when you cOmc to help us empty our  shelves to the quick-step time of stock-taking prices,   ���  *ft/B A&B THE EXGIiUSIVJ- AQENTS  for -many of the best lines of  vv    grbceriei, and always' iiaye, .a fresh, wholesome sto'cl? On hand.  Telephone) 10.  O. Bok K & W,  Baker street West, Nelson  Fresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co,  Telephono !Kt. i_l)i  IIUMPHRKYS & WTTOCK  The undersigned is prepared to receive sealed tenders  to be opened at 10 a. in., Monday, June 25tli, for the following material, delivered in Nelson, for the construction  Of an Klcctric Tramway.  4000 Kailway Ties.  40,000 P. B. M. of Squared Timber.  40,000 P. B. M. of 3-inch Plank.  160 Oedaic Poles.  Tlio above quantities being approximate;  Specifications may be seen in the Macdonald Block,  Room "'��� ...  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  C. HAI-IITAX HALL.  TENDERS   WANTED.  Tenders will be received up till noon on Wednesday,  June 28th, 18911, for sinking a �� by 7 foot shaft nil feet  more on the present shaft of Fairmont mine, now 100 feet  deep, at Ymir camp. The lowest or any tender not.  necessarily accepted.   Ilids to be sent to  HKNItV C. (.'AUK, Consulting Lngincor.  June 21.1, J8!��. Hok SSI). Nelson, JJ. C..   .  NELSON   LICENSE VDlSTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that the iindei*iionlioH(jd por-  spns liavi-tpade appliciiilbli under the provisions of the  "Liquor license Act, li.i.9," for hotel licenses at the places  set oiipo.lie to their respective names:  SamvicJ Miller at Ymir.  Joseph Ciinipbolt at Krie.  Charles 11, Archibald at Yinir.  W. T. Beadles at Salmo.  Thohias Flyim at Ymir.  Mrs. JX Keefe at Ymir.  J. W. MaslcrsOn at Ymir,.  I'l-ed Adie at Wancta,  J. Blanchard at Sanca.  J. Blanchard at Pilot Bay.  A meeting of the _3oard of License Commissioners of  tho Nelson License District will be held to cOnsidnr such  applications at the court liouse at the city of .Nelson oil  Tuesday, tho fourth day of July, 189!), lit tho hour of  eleven o'clock in tho forenoon.  WM. IT. BULLCOK-WJCBSTlSIt.  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Police Oflicc, Nelson, B. C, 20th June, 1S99.  MONllT S^."VED BY BtTYING- YOUR  Bio-, _?*_=-o:m: xts  We carry ihe largest stock  Can fill your orders for any quantity  DesBrisay & Co.  AINSWORTH   LICENSE   DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that tho undermentioned por-  sons have made applicntiOn under tho provisions of the  "Liquor License Act, 1899." for hotol licensesat the places  set opposite to their respective names: . ,  A. C. Pearson at Argenta. ...      .    .  V. A. Kleinschmidt at Duncan City.  A meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of  tho Ainsworth Licenso District will be hold to consider  such applications at the Court liouse at the City ot Kn.slo  on Friday, the thirtieth day of Juno, 1899, at tho hour  bl ten o'clock in the forenoon;  ..   WM. H. BULLOCK-WKBSTER,  ���    ���..���' Chief Jjiceiiso Inspector.  J'rpvincial Police OJlicp, Nelson, 11. C. 10th Juno, 18!��.  FRUIT JARS!  Direct   from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANV  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  FECIAL ATTEMOI  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  .   made tweeds from Talbot. Harris, Scotland.  PBED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The supply is limited, so cull early and examine this Btoek. .        .  ��� ij_ ���.*__.-j


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