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 DOMINION   DAY    CELEBRATION  Arranging; the Programme.  Manager Waterman met Avith tliree refusals yesterday when collecting subscriptions, and every committee except  one has handed the secretary a list of  events and prizes for the official programme. The official programme will be  announced on Saturday. As far as arranged, it is as follows:  HORSK RACES.  Kir*..  I'lrst day��� Prize  Ouarter mile. 2 in 3 '...ISO  Homo horsos, quarter mile, 2 in 3 .  Second day���  CO!) yards, 2 iu 3   (-tiurt.i.r niili: dash   I'ony race, qniii ���fr mile,  Slow mule.    Second  Prize  ��75  20  Second  Prize  $73  40  First  Prize   SI";".      50 _>  in *C     (.i 25         10 5  ' .Racing to begin at 2   p. m. sharp each  day.    Entrance   five  per  cent  of purse.  Judges���J. S. C. Fraser, Rossland ;   II. II.  Pitts, Sandon ; Bruce White, Nelson.  DRILLING. CONTKST.  Each team to  drill   ten   minutes on   a  down hole, ten minutes ou a breast  hole,  and ten minutes on an upraise hole. That  seven-eighth steel be used.    Not less than  forty inches to be drilled to win a  prize.  First prize,   $225;   second, $125;   third,  $75 : fourth, $25.    If only  three  entries,  fourth money to be added to second prize.  .Judges���Dr. D. LaBau, John  A. Turner,  Thomas  Madden.    Drilling  to  begin  at  .9 a. m. sharp on second day, (July 1st).  ATI-Lil-TIC SPORTS.  F _���__' Second  Prize Prize  1. Quarter milo (open) $25 310  2. 100 yards (open)  :...  20 10  3. 220 yards (open)   25 10  ���1. Millers' race, 100 yards (open) to bona lido  miners; competitors in Nos. 1, 2 and 3  barred   10  ... Putting Mi-pound shot_.  .<...    7  The sports will begin at 10:30 a.ni.  second day, July 1st.  CIIILDUKN'S SPORTS.  First    Second  1 Boy's race, betweon 10 and 15  years    ��2  2 ltoy's race, under 10 years ..      '2  3 Girl's race, between 10 and 15  years..        2  ���1   Girl's race, under 10 years        _  5 Hoy's three-le|_|.cd race (handicap) under 15 years         2  C Boy's sack race (handicap)  under 15 years        2  7 Bicycle race (handicap), boys  under 15year.-  FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE  1(5,  1891).  PUBLISHED  AT NEI-SON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY. $2.  3  on  Third  try      therefore      gets      comparatively  little     benefit     from     them.        It     is  uot the  big  dividends   that contribute  to the country's  prosperity  so much as  the  big  payrolls*.    Reduce  the payrolls  and  you   reduce the   country's   profits.  Every cent  taken  off the wages of the  miners   is that  much more to go  out of  the    country  into   the  pockets   of   the  shareholders, from which the country receives no benefit.    With  one-fourth   the  number of men employed the  silver-lead  mines  of  the  Slocan   have paid  better  dividends than the mines of any camp in  Kootenay.    There is less expense attached to mining  in this  camp  than in  any*  other.    And the only possible chance for  the country to receive even a small fraction of the profits taken out of the mines  is  through the  payrolls.    Reduce these  and tlio Slocan will will'be made  a'Chin-'  ese cam], at once,���cheap  for the   laboring man and business  man, but a  mecca  for the foreign companies  operating  our  mines.    Skilled miners are   paid $3.50 in  all other camps, and'why should they bo  asked to work for  $3 in the  Sloean, the  acknowledged high-grade wet ore  camp  of the northwest ?  SPORTING EVENTS OF A CAY  Base Ball Club Re-organized.  It was not until 8:30 last evening  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  .1  1  50c  50c  1  1  50c  50c  1  50c  1  50c  1  50c  -1  *" 50c  50c  50c  8 Bicycle ruce (handicap), girls  under 15 years...   9 Potato race, boys   10   Wheelbarrow race, boys   These sports, will begin at 9 o'clock and  on the second day (July 1st.)  ;' 7.    UWN TENNIS.  Gentlemen's singles, open to all comers, prize value. .$15  Uentlemen's doubles, open to all comers, prize value.. 20  Mixed doubles, open to all comers, prize value........ 15  Entries for these events will have to  be hau ded in to F. A. Macrae, lion orary  secretary...lawn   tennis  club.not   later  Orangemen Appoint Committees.  At a meeting of the Nelson L. 0. L.  held on Wednesday night the following  general committee was appointed to  make the necessary arrangements for the  celebration of the 12th of July in this  city: Wesley Callbeck, C. H. White, J.  Willes, John Toye, R. Robertson and W.  M. Crawford. Tlie general committee  will meet on Friday night to appoint subcommittees to take charge of the decorations, sports, music, etc. Arrangements  have been made for*>a single fare rate on  all railway lines and steamboats running  to Nelson and a large crowd of A'isitors is  expected. There are lodges of the order  at Rossland, Slocan City and Sandon, all  of which have accepted the invitation of  the Nelson lodge, and will bring as many  of their friends as possible. There area  large number of Orangemen scattered  through the Kootenay who are members  of .eastern lodges, who will celebrate the  day in Nelson, and the committee expect  Yo'vVpiVSOOfCfei^^  ���ce#ij*3i.i;:^  i.:"^."���J.,.X__,"��.V��*_4*Ci ���yfi.&i.;. 7; .iV-V.  /7%$Tlita|cej>^  _?��rf.i7p\6g^^  .-.lUtiifi?,.'viljG he ^iifrit."n;geci :ifI'pdsSibipy :Th_  ' "HpiWu^ioi'i;". is'o' tiy�� �� demote;. '*��� We. piji ��e to,, the  . ;cft_& wiiihingYffiVe^ ..of"the  ": fepbt^ua^K   _$iCc_0hii^t$^  ei'^ss-- -lub Yf<S-lj "Wfili ;44l_isFied' wiifcli ihe  [, ;v*'(ii*^���jgehe:r|)p.s��� "m-rxixii ".���phicq&, ."iif-ftheir ;'jfisr-  ��� "posiil.j  ���tnd*"iJr6n||S(|"�� t.cT^^ii'pabj'i't^, tl"ieIrD  "'"share to\Vai*_L  _iialo|iVg ."the" eelebra-iph a  success.    T_i\ifS'i:eVi-��&-fu'ljf-ir_j   _  ���0i .M/^feM._��j .  Chaifinian LaerjOSife Couimittco.  ,u:g_0iU*_r_o>f,."    _  To the Secretary ��-leui'at. pn Committee.  Sir\ The decoration cOifiniittee will en?  deavof* to make tlie best Of- the $25�� set  itpaft for decorations (on ��� E> ominion  Pay:  Will yoii kihtlly arraligi. about .seeuring  1000  Chinese   Ian-erh��_     Bftiitihg,  flags  and other decOrat"t6iis, I presume, can be  purchased in tOAVil.    I have plans under  :Way_for_at'cl les _an d :_A\riIL get���estimates.  is possible aiid submit  d ecoration    committee.  ready as soon  them to the  Yours ti'uly,  AkthOr, E> HoncJlNS,  Chairman DeCOrafcioU Committee,  TKADlSS POSSESSION.  For the best float, $50 and a mantel  VTahted at $50, donated by the AVa. hing-  ton Brick & Liine Company -of Spokane.  For the _econd best float, $30. For the  best' Callithuinp in costume, $20. For  a eliil;d_eii's llosit, $00, Judges: George  Kydd, Gilbert Stanley, IL '__; Phair. Jt  will tako place at 10 o'clock a.m. On first  tlay (Juno 3Qth).  'The baseball, boatrace and hose  race programmes will be ready  in or row.  cart  to-  Good Wages, Good Times.  New Denver Ledge.  It is argued by some that the mine  operatoi'S have the right to say what  they shall pity to their workmen. They  have. Tliey have tlie same right to say  what they will pay as the workmen have  to say what their labor is worth. Skilled  meu of any calling are worth for their  labor all they can possibly get in this or  any other country. And let this be remembered also, the men who employ  skilled labor will never pay any more for  it than they have to. Mining companies  are not philanthropists, neither are tlie  men who work for them. Both want  all they can get. The question that we  of the Slocau must look at is this: What  will most benelit the country, low wages  or high wages ? It is indisputable that  when wages are high the country is prosperous, and as wages are lowered prOs;-  perity diminishes. The condition of the  Slocan mines is such that tremendous  profits are made with very . small  forces    of   men   employed.    The   eoun-.  ?Busmesst^h|hgeg  Yi&TOoiig Y.r<_e$^^  loUoAvmg ymay,�� be. <iioied:' "^y iIlco& y&?  ��0'&iiiyp^#i6>0ss  nntf"  -1   ri^n"rlD      *   ,       n8 in  V-fl -!     ,tS  %,      'T-\:-r<n���   ��  r^.  J'%-r-Vrr*li'nnn^��na.n    n^n,  ��\  "Solved partnership^ W.j .B.- YANJillcoxY coiit-  "tjTiiiiug 'alp_ri_, ���. ���Brlf%"hY-^��.-t;uee|e^gf^  'Coluifibijii" liot<3l -"lit \&pl^nbikii:Aiay,eygphe��,  ���ditko'l'liiisinds'sf ' "-E. ��%:jSSiiTejp.'^^s-''��s*b^iftp^_fc��  na":flgui'"ahtf|'ee.d-S;to\e .it; l_pft���" Sfe^ler."nB ���JK,.-  'S. P-iVrfce il 'op'etiinigVi_p'"a="H6t*e'l]fpp.��MG^Mi:  'LaiicTiug   0h!'. 0hristma.s   lake." ��, ;Oi*i  ]. briery "hotelkge^e'rsi at T_i.il," tife r^mov-v  ing their busihe^sto Huiican ' City. " Ctirl  Baijd is abot-t tp"ppeil rip a'br^yery at  Kaslo.   Y. ]\fcN;iepi, geSeraliiieroiiaiitYat  Midway, lias soltl out to 3. FL. JaU.Gibs.   <j. .,  R. Liiiklatoi-j of thig/Salmp hotel at Bah  mo, hits soId out to PY Fit*_g<.i'ald.  Standard Guage on C. & W.  Rossland, 3xnie JSi-^The first stan*-  dfflrct gauge train" on the Canadian Pacific  railway from Rossjand dii'eet to Robsoti  left this evening at 6.20, the line from  "Here to^Tr^il^luWiTtg-been eomplefefr  today. The train came up from Trail at  3.15 p.m. today, and Avas met by a largo  crowd at the station and aloni. the bank  overlooking the track. The engine was  pi-ettily decorated with flags and bunt-'  ing. F. P. Gutelius, manager of the Columbia & Western, W, J. Mhlv-ehilh chief  despatcher at Trail, and coinmoclore  Gray were the passengers. The first passenger train over the line came into the  camp on the 4th of June, 1090, to report  the first ore tri.iu that left the camp  for the Trail smelter, And . tonight  tlie first ore train, of standard  gauge cars went down to Trail. All, the  inarrow gauge outfit has been taken' out  Of Rossland including **Brigham Young's  famous coach," and hereafter only  standard gauge cars will be used.  Legislators' Holiday Jaunt.  Toronto, June 15.���^The Algoma excursion party, including about sixty members of the legislature, representative of  both parties, and a dozen newspaper  meu, left the city this morning for Col-  liugwood, where they will take the boat  for Sault Saiute Marie. The government  is represented by the Hon. Messrs. Ross  aud Davis. James Conmee, M.P.P. for  West Algoma, is chief cicerone of the  party. The excursion will last about  two weeks, and will take in the chief  points in Western Ontario, and probably  go as far as Wiunipeg before returning.  Pacific Cable Conference Settled.  London, June 15.���Each colonial government will be invited to appoint a  delegate to meet the chancellor of the  exchequer and the secretary of state for  the colonies with the object of discussing  questions relating to the raising of the.  necessary capital- for the construction  and control of the Pacific cable.  that  the joint nieeting of the ball teams were  called to order, and by this time a large  and representative gathering of the  lovers of the game were present. James  McDonald was chosen chairman, and  James Neelands secretary. The meeting  then got down to business. It was  stated that neither teams had any funds  or liabilities worth mentioning, so there  were no financial difliculties in the way of  amalgamation.  A letter was read from James Neelands  tendering his resignation as manager of  the first ball team. On motion of W. R.  McLean it was decided that the officers  of the old club should be accepted as officers of the newly organized club. A  mOtiou re-appointing James Neelands  manager of the new organization was also carried. W. R. McLean then moved  that an executive committee of three be  chosen, avIio also should choose the team.  This Avas carried and the following were  elected : Harry Houston, W. R. McLean  and Frank Dana Moore.  A discussion as to the ,next match ensued, and it transpired that Rossland,  Kaslo and Ymir were"all- looking for  matches with Nelson next Sunday. It  was decided to go to Rossland next Sunday if a final answer is received from  there in time. The team will be picked  today, and the nine will then choose  their captain.  The manager of the base ball team was  instructed to confer with the manager of  the lacrosse team with a view to putting  up seats on the recreation ground by  July 1st for the benefit of both teams,  and to obtain the necessary permission.  . Before adjourning the point was raised  that the manager wtis not included in  the executive conimittee, which was also  the team committee. Accordingly a  motion Avas passed "that the committee  as originally appointed be empoAA*ered to  add another member to the committee,  and also the manager, so as to make a  committee of jflve.'^ An ajneiidment that  ^he^ext*ra^  >p_ay-n&j3"ee;uj^ ''i'ii"���* -:-��fr_���i-.r:  ;4nfjtli<Sitf^^  ���Th@v.tiie__-:\  ��_Jl_r%e7^i.n^  The Supreme Court Over.  In the adjourned case of Kelly a-.s. the  Hall Mines, Limited, it Avas decided to  settle the issue out of court.  When the case of Stevenson vs. Croasdaile Avas called E. P. Davis announced  thab a settlement had been arrived at.  The terms ofthe settlement briefly are  that if the defendant exercisesjiis option  on the True Blue mineral claim near Kaslo  by October 1st, either by taking up the  bond and AA*orking the property AA'ith  reasonable energy,.or by giving up possession of the property the action Avill be  dismissed Avith costs. . ��� '���  x In Milne vs. Bidgood an adjournment  was granted on the terms thatthe de-  fendent pay the costs of the day. and also pay $310 into court as a condition precedent to the hearing of the action,  OtherAvise judgment to be entered against  him. W. A. Galliher appeared for the  plaintiff and AV. A. Macdonald, Q. C. for  the defendant.  KASLO.  Fred Kelly of the Reco mines at San  doiiAvas in toAvn yesterday.  Archie Fletcher is in toAvn on business  in connection Avith his Lardo hotel. . He  reports that there is no boom at Lardo,  but a good steady business is being done.  The steamer Flirt is the latest boat to  go in for the Lardo-Duncan business.  Her captain left toAvn this morning Avith  the intention of .tunning the boat right  through to Duncan City. When she  gets on Duncan lake it Avill make the  third steamer plying on that Avater.  C. F. llalit, formerly of .the Jackson  mines has goneto Libby, Montana, Avhere  he has secured a position as foreman at  the ShoAvshoe mine.  A. B. Morris for some years chief clerk  in Hamilton Byers' Kaslo store has  bought an interest in the hardware business of A. J. Dill & Co.  A man  named  Barron,  alias   White,  who. Avas  acting  as  townsite   agent at  puncan  City for W.  J. Twiss, Avas arrested yesterday and brought doAvii to  0&islorf^ .iiiY-th&f-  Edna and Kitten fractions, from James  Findley to the Dundee Gold Mining Company; one-sixth interest in the Golden  Calf and Canadian Pacific, from J. E.  IVtei'.s to T. Gallon; the Golconda, up  Wild Horse creek, A. Moran to G. Pellant.  Phil White has located the New York  up AVild Horse creek, Findley McLeod  the Enterprise, John Ilibbald the Morning Glory, and A. W. Crittenden the  N"elIK.  A lot of outside Avork is going on in  the way of development'and assessment.  A quiet but interesting ceremony took  place last CA-cning, Avhen captain Forrester, provincial police officer at Ymir,  and Miss Bessie Campbell Sutherland  were married by Rev. James Hicks, pastor of tlie Methodist church. '  Miss Constance Adams gave a party to  celebrate her twelfth birthday, and invited a number of her school friends and  also the teacher, Miss A. M. Green.  Games Avere indulged in, also a plentiful  supply of tea, cake, fruit, nuts and candies.  Hector McLarty left this morning to  join D. A. Cameron at Starbuck, AVashington.  CKESTON.  It is stated on the best authority that  the chief engineer of the Kootenay Valleys railway has positively refused to put  in a station at Creston. Ifc Avill be placed  four miles further on, at the junction of  that road and the CroAv's Nest Pass road.  foi%^tibii?J  fl, ^ y..%. ">flu p.*Da  ���-S_liQ.seiit;  _;de|e;_  '.the'<;f(3ij;r.feh; of",tlie:i!ac^ J^>iv|he';gii��;:^viij-  "llingV'^v^l**;.keoui;__ei.A\_0. ii^ie_��.tp;'tiie'-AvS-f _l-"  "AV;ard^fi'ftVr^tui-i', ,tlu,pe%time.sB ;ai:.01"tijGr7r������b*y��'  tjy*-3"iui-4u^��0|!;*n"cl, thii;tyfe .coiidSi;, A brisk  ���uoi.iiiea.sfAV.��^  ht times' i:e?icBiu^::'a tfiVOfjei'aje-' ngaie{ o"Th:e":  .i(anite.e"inajye''a��;gO%l 'S^'^J1^" ^^'"'t^feSl!1^  'yi'oitncl,.Igai|iiiig'���'si*xj,se|oM^  the win&xafxloi. -tlije jSoiiiiritol! i iii a" liglii.  wiucT,; ailfl sixty.SecQiidsi'g i tfie last round,  but tihe Dominion's lead AvaS too great to  ovei'-Oihe. ���.-   ���'  Kenny "Training for DixukliorSt.  Nkav YoUk, Jhi|e 1:5.���Yiank Kemiy, of  Michigan, A.vho AVas "FitzsiininOh's hetivy-  weight sparring partner during his preparations for the fight AA'ith. Jeffries, is  now training at FifczsimiJiOii'S quarters  ! foi- his comi|.g bout of 25 rouiids with Ed.  Dunkhorst |6f Syi'acuse avIio is to take  place���befoi'e--the-CoUeyi_i:sla.ild -sporting-  eliib, next Monday night. Kenny is almost an inch taller than Jeffries, liut expects to enter the ring at 190 pounds.  Ball Games Yesterday.  Boston 6, Philadelphia 1_  NeAV York 2, Brooklyn (5,  Chicago 6, Cihciunati 4,  Louisville .2, St. Loiiis 1,  Baltimore 10, AVashington 2.  Cleveland 6, Pittsburg 2,  " Buffalo 2, Indhintipolis il.  Detaoit 6, Colninbus 0.  Kansas Cityl, Minneapolis 0.  Manitoba's Session Again Postponed,  AViNNipfiCt, June 15.���The adjourned  session of the legislature, Avhieh *\\*as to  haA'e been resumed this afternoon, has  been further adjourned until July Ofch.  This course has been deemed necessary  by reason of a telegram received this  morning from Ottawa informing premier  Green way that it avus of urgent' importance that the delegation, comprising himself and Hon. colonel McMillan, provincial treasurer, that recently Avent to  OttaAva ou a mission regarding the school  lands, should visit the capital again at  once.    Compromise Beached in Boundary Dispute.  London, June 15.���The Daily Chronicle  says that a settlement is iioav practically  assured of the Alaskan boundary dispute.  The arrangement made is understood to  be in the nature of a compromise. There  is iioav said to be no doubt but that tlie  conference Avill meet again in August.  Sifewas^-1^  t;A.'ex^McK:^  ii��j(��p'�� spj&&?iM^  �����^^��"��._if^Kp!ai3l^_j1_i5|r: ^%S';;^rfeyi-��''t|iiei ^flii^..  ���^jhiSiSiai'^ ^  ���\ej.ii.i'^n_t6iist3?U(ik-f^iy���Be��''-4^ *,o!f  seeihgtlie nian7tu'restfefl, .On the boiifc  thq^VinAii WaSifeoutiut]jilly thphtipg dhd",  pl_st?|terVan��d.kilaakihg hi&tripHi.s���5nii;i��.ejl-s'-'i  Ah^.'Ssl'pd_sible.7".sM*y|r!6ii.. wilS he keynf *^q '  Nelsbii .���jaiKto-Xw^it his, .Ii"_arii.g.    WBile  n"       n        n*a.    app   tl _      .   UjjJ ^'        n"Q  n        -u       u      o   "      u.    "- "   \       uu   qC? n '���u  Ah'lJxWcan City lie seeins tD'.ha.A*e infttTe Ii.  g,o,:OcI>iinpre.iSsi0.h' aiJiQi-'g' tfie" ijfe0|il^"tlier.e  ajifJi'Was. doiiig, well as"a   "real   eS-itfe :  ���agent. '  .The people; in the* LltrdO-rDuiieaii dls-  tridt have made aiipliSfltioiii foi* a, proA'ift-  <Aal constable to be stationed in "the ciis-  ti'fefc. AVifch so iiiahy people tip. ���tTiei'e it  is thought that tliere is heed for a con-  Stlible at each, of the three towns. At  present tliere is no i-esldent con_taible.  ���'      . ___- , __*;  '    .-  A1WSWOETH.  F. M. Hatcjli  of Califoiiiiia has put a  force  of iHcft to work on the Star-    He  ^'i:lrtfg:_riI^if.ft=I0O^fretTrfa^il=-liff  NELSON.  The members of the Canadian crew  which.AvilI compete in the international  four-oared events on Dominion Day will  be Messrs. Brown, Chambers, Poyah and  Wragge. This makes the second creAv  cliosen, but the English and Scotch creAvs  have yet to be nominated.  The disbursements, on account -of  jurors and Avitness fees in connection  AA*ith the recent assize aggregated $2950.  When the amount spent by .'��� lawyers' and  Others in attendance on the court-is  added ifc 'will be seen that the, sitting of  an assize court isa rather good thing for  a^towUj,;2 ,:;-i.yy''���y2( ������, V7 V^7;-:'B-;.-���YV'=_.YY-V'77���Y'-,  !YvJ^fli.i^yijVA^i|."cy-ik^^  ^-^p^I^.toj^t^illi*^!!^  ^^!lti0:4't^:#^^Hg"^Mh^ �������  imiindl-dinh1t,il:^mS-"iil"orixi-ng^  '���a ,"(,'i:- ���"���_..�� .���,.."���*r��*_..w.i!"��<j��t'"."J,"i��'i--- ����� ."Sf��i"'��������...  /��he'i$p��fd][pd:  Giai uoijk'Saftlk^Splo4b,^h^i^i$,^l^\^  xiigyippyica~MoiikwA^  Ihiyo p.&iljilkn uaimtV .Igiisk.ouoOk'��;"...MYl|^G'n'^  likhr/Mi&y So^SiS.fe^-i.vfjlV Yihirf '$?*,  $itzg&aldy^kio,  Metal Quotations.  V  Niow York, June 15.���Bar silver  Mexican dollars 4.8��c. . Copper dull  00 j{c..  bro-/  kei-s'  $IS  to  $18.25,  $18.50.    Lead  firmer:  change $4.50.  exchange  $18.25"(?.  brokers' $1.25, ex-  appearance of the property warrants ifcAvill  put iu the necessary hoisting machinery,  A representative of the Ymir mine Avas  in the camp last Aveek endeaA*ori.ng to secure miners to take the places of union  men av ho left the YmirOAving to the coin-  pany'S refusal to ]jay the Union ritte of  Wages. Although the rate of Avages in.  fclie AinsAvorth camp is only $8 per day,  and there is no organization among the  miners, yet they stoutly refused to go to  Yinir .and Avork for tlie same Avages as  they receive in AinsAvorth.  'Charles Olson has returned froni a  prospecting trip through the Windermere  district. He reports that there is still  too miich snow for anything like satisfactory prospecting.  YMIR.  R. C. Pollett, niauftging director and  and one of tlie largest stockholders in  the American Eagle company, is superintending* operations on the NeA*ada  claim just outside the town. Last Sunday the ledge was struck, four feet in  Avidth, containing fine concentrating ore.  It is the intention to strip the ledge iu  order to proAre its continuity. The shaft  is doAvn 25 feet. The company has $.'*!00,-  000 intact in the treasury.  Three men and two pack horses carrying supplies haA'e gone out to the Crested  Butte on the south slope of Big Horn  mountain to do development work. The  owners of this mineral claim are Messrs.  Collins, J. Bourgoyne, AV. Bonner and G,  B. MattheAv.  A. J. McMillan, a mining man of ltossland, is looking at claims up "VViltf Horse-  creek. -   ���    .  Tlie   following.! local... transfers . have  been made:   one-quarter interest* in  the  Ymir Belle, up   \Viki   Horse creek, from-.  II.   L.   Jackson   to   Findley 'McLeod; the.  trip.^hijough^lfb 'bou^a..;&/eoiii-tigfo.  Abe-fpinl'sorj ^eftJIi" ���.fe" ili^htff^ftVa. .t<_n  days' vlsft to"th0 HjtlgyiMi feot;spi'ings.   .  The n safe,, tya-pei's and other elippijs.:,of  the������Bu,ykeij|:s r^^i^^-^-pj-fi^-esAfefe'^siei^  ���; 'day 'l.e|S.'fg^r.e:ti"i6yed' %(p- KtiSk^nbolc_; '"EYiTfi  Mui'phy is���ath���"ne���>y'���reeOl���del���.  J. A'^^&Av^li -ft li-'-Of' ��reiStoi..,nibtitt'us  ?ioi ne' iSl^iS' jii^r-1i.-iw^. =tt^J-���_lEJ���l,' sp"G_i_l.rixjEj.- ii-. lfe.*w  days ill the (_ity.,  Gold, eoininission')!' Turner left yoster--  da.y affcef'nOOii for t)i.e S'ir0ctT.n_ He will  take a trip through tliat country accompanied by 11. IF;. Green, M. P., for the ]5iiX'  pOH-^ofHooklng'over-therrojpls^ttid^  for Avhieh appropria tions were gran ted  at the last session, of the legishvtiire.  Should tlie local ball club make safcis-  faefcory arrt-ngements for a game at Iio._s-  la'iid on, Sunday-the local club wiH probably be represented by Rockenfieid,  Waters, Caverley, Einei'Soii, Partridge,  Campbell, Smith, Houston and Black-  Wood.  A nugget Aveighing -IS dvn. and several  small ones Avere foiind ill the .'.luice box.  on a claim belonging to Mrs. Mallette, on  Hall creek. Some exciteineirt Was caused  ill town by the news, and seA��eral claims  were staked yesterday, Tom Mitchell  taking up four.  The cohtract for the excavation and  foululatiO). for P. Burns & Co.',_ new block  oil Baker street has been awarded to R.  P.'. Kerr.  Janies AVilks has been appointed secretary of the local miners' union.  Thursday's Gazette Notices.  Victoria, June 15.���The official gazette  today contains notice of the appointment  ol: F. AV. Laing as clerk in tlie government agent's ofiice in Nelson.  The council of public instruction has  appointed Mr. Burns of Nelson and IS.  Stewart Wood of Kamloops to be sub-  examiners to preside at. the examination  foi' teachers' certificates at Nelson and  Kamloops respectively.  . The head office of the Whitewater  mines has been removed from Nelson to  Kaslo and George Alexander has been  appointed agent In place of J, Roderick  Robertson.  A special meeting of the Nelson-Poor-'  man Gold' Miuing Company will lie held  at. Vancouver on. July 17th, to. consider,  the disposal ot the*com.pan.y'.s.'*'.asse-S, and  the-nieaiiH of. .raising money" for '''development work_  TWO DELEGATES^ ARE NAMED  For the Rossland Conference.  A meeting of the South Kootenay  Boaid of Tiade awl. held la-a eA'euing for  the purpose of appointing delegates to  repiesent the boa id at the conference of  all the board, of Kootenay ancl Boundary, Avhieh is to be held in Rossland on  August 3rd, and also to take steps to suitably entertain the membeis of the Canadian Alining Institute upon the occa-ion  of their approaching visit to the city.  There A\eie piesent at the meeting: J.  Roderick Robertson, piesident; F. AV.  Swannell, -.ecietary; T. G. Proctor, P. \V.  Peters, Geo. Kydd, IS. C. Arthur, Frank  Fletcher, Fred Ir-ine, A.J. Duncan and  David Mori is.  The selection of the delegates Avas the  first business taken up and on motion of  Frank Fletcher, seconded by T. G. Proctor, J. Roddick Robertson and James  Lawrence, president and vice-president  respectively, *.\eie lequc-ted to represent  the boaid at the Rossland meeting, and  were given power to appoint substitutes  in the event of their being unable to attend.  The couucil of the board A\a& requested  to formulate a ptogianune of subjects  for discussion, and submit it to a special  meeting of the boaid for ratification.  The question of entertaining the members of the Canadian Mining Institute on  tlieir approaching visit to Nelson AA-as discussed, and on motion of AV. A. JoAvett,  seconded by Geo. Kydd, the president  was empoAA ered to appoint a committee  of three to intervieAV the city council in  regard to joint action being taken to entertain the visitors. The president appointed \V. A. Jo.\ett, Geo. Kydd and  Fred Irvine a.s membei & of the conimittee.  A letter Avas read f i om F. AAY Peters,  district freight agent of the Canadian  Pacific railway, stating that the company has fixed its lake and rail rates  from eastern points to Kootenay, and it  is contemplated to make some other  changes in their local Kites. Mr. Peters  further stated that he should be glad to  nieefc a committee of the board to discuss  the question of local rates Avith the object of remoA'ing any grounds that may  be found for complaint.  A conimittee consisting of P. Chapman, Hamilton Byeis, Ficd Ir\ ine, John  Hamilton, II J. Evans and P. J. Russell  Avas'appointed to propane a statement of  freight lates to Nelson, as compared Avith  Coast points and intei view Mr. Peters on  the question and report at the next meeting of the board.  V._4|lie following  letter Avas  received by  _th|_Secretary of the boaid   from the edi-  jfejf the, Miner, in i egard to alleged dis-  ^gmnation against the paper, whs read :  #���^811': 1 desire that you sliall call to the  Sii%ntion of youi boaid the fa.t that in  .sgwiftg notices of its meetings  the  Miner  YjSisS^Stematically ignoiod.    It may not be  ���i.i aeknoAvledged piactice to  notify the  Yi.ie"w_papeis, but 1 obsei v*o that Tjie Titi-  B__Kill!: has  ah\ ays   information   ol  them.  I7ll��sn'e al-o that you. shall call attention  ;tp��th_. fui ther fact that in the  distiibu-  'nf|ons:pf the boaid'.1-   punting  and   ad ver  stfeirig: pationage the Miner is  neA*er con���  S-ctcSleii.    Such pi notice. as these  aic-o  e"��jE��t*_r.Li y  to   the   spirit  and   puipo'-e  of  boards of tiade that I feel confident the  discriSnination   is   not   made   Avith   authority.    I  am, etc., D. J. Beaton) man-  laglhg editoi."  ��� The seeietary in explanation stated  tliat lie had never sent notices of meet-  ��� higs, to any neAtspaper in Nelson. Two  inembeis of Tj11_ Tkiuitn'i: stall' as ere  meiubeisof the boaid, and a. such received icgulai notices of meetings. None  of the Mmei staff A\eie membei" and  consequently no notices of nieeting were  _senfc_to th.it  office. In__iogard_to di_r   drimilia tion iu the distiibution of printing ho .latod that since hc took the office  of ���f-'ceietary theie had only been two  jobs ol punting, one being one thousand  envoi ope-* and the other the petition sent  to the Dominion govei nmeitt. Acting  under instructions fiom the council he  had sent both jobs to the Tribune. He  had ne\ci supplied any information to  either papers forestalling the business to  be fcii'l.en up at the meetings of the  board.  ���Ou motion of Geo. K.\ dd, .-econdod by  -_. J. Duiic.in tin-societal y A\a�� reciues--  ed to send forma] notices of meeting-, to  the editors of the Tiibune. Minor and  Economist, and also to put the subject.'*  for discussion on the notices of meeting  sent out.  The secretary was also instructed to  iu form the editor of the Miner tha% the  matter of the distribution of the printing  for tlio board is entirely in tlie hands of  the council.  Contract Let at the Iloyal Canadian.  Work will be resumed on the Royal  Canadian today upon fche contract basis.  The contract iii tins instance is for drift-  and has been aAvarded to Nick Treble-  cock and five others. They haA'e been  given as much work as they can do during the remainder of the month at a  stated price per foot, aiid such labor as is  employed will be that of union men at  the union scale of $3.50 for miners and  .$3 for mucker.-'.  Three Ministers Secured.  Pah is, June 15.���M. Poiucare coiiferretl  with president Loubet this evening, reporting the acceptance by M_ GuiHaiu of  '"oi tlie colonial portfolio, by M. do Lorn-  bre of the portfolio of finance, and by M.  Ribofc of the portfolio of public instruction.   He Avill report more fully later. i^.�����^*-'i*i.-i_:*'**-^^  2  THE TRIBUNE:-NELSON; B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE  Ki,  1809.  k  We are showing a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu and see them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits are going fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot weal her.  A. FE  <$��� CO.  Klinl. Hlocl*. linker Street, Nolson  HUDSON'S BAY  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGS   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OK PYTHIAS��� Nelson   Lodge.   No,   23,  Knights of Pythi'is. mtets in I. O. O. F. Hall,cornel  Maker .-incl Kootenay streets, every Tiu-nluy evening al  S o'clock.    Visiting Knights eordially invited tn attend.  C. FHKNCH, O. O. G.-ROSS. K. of K. ��:-���..  NKUSON l.Ol.'GE, NO. 2:1, A. F. & A. M. .Aleutf-  feconfi Wednesday in ouch mont.li. Sojourning-  brethren invited.  A.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  H.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist aiid Ansayur.  Victoria street, Nolson.  E.\*_._RT & CAIUUK���Architects.   Booms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nolson.  _~    ~~ FOR   RENT. ~  TAVO six-room cottages on Latimer street, half block  west of Stanley streei.    .20 a month each.   Possession June 1st.   Apply to Alfred Bunker, or Tribune ollice.  ��� . SITUATION   WANTED.  WANTI-D���Situation as housekeeper, by a middle-  aged  woman  who  is   willing  to work.    Apply  Housekeeper, Titiii-Ni* oflicc.  Daily Edition   WKKKT.r Edition*.    First Year, No 13!)   . Skvkntii .Year, No. 30  A meeting of the miners union Avill be  held today AA'hen it is said steiDS will be  taken   to; prevent - the inein'bers  of the  !SMm  '���ap.  , ���-p.,  tk  Pn(?  ai'e created for the tax gatherer. Before  the recent trouble over the eight-horn*  law was precipitated there Ave re close  upon 3000 miners employed iu Kootenay.  Tlie rate of Avages AViis $3.50 per day. The  policy of the mine owners' combine is to  reduce tlie rate of wages to $2.50 per  day by the importation of cheap miners  from the east. The effect of such a policy  Avould be the lessening by .153000 per day  of the purchasing poAver of the miners of  Kootenay. Is this what the interests of  the merchants'or the interests of the  province demand?  Noav that the management of the  Iloyal Canadian mine'-has followed the.  example of the Granite mine, and given  union .men a contract to perform Avork  on the Royal Canadian, it is again in  order for the Nelson Miner to 'show that  the mine oavu ers, combine has landed  another "knock-out   blow   on   the ������solar  ."��������� ���  . . ��� . ..  o-  -  plexus ofthe miners' iinion.  feiSi��s!f����7^  __biy^  ���Mifhokk-d'Of-pyAidi^  |��"���7��v_Y��*   "5J.Vi -,,4. V/.Y"��� .��s i��V:*;.?Vv**7ffi!��7-'V7^-_ l"i.V�����'  INCORPORATED 1670.  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Tlie aliens  who  oavu this property have  dosed, it ���c1_avu  because the nien avIio .vere employed de-  jujiuded $3.50 for a day's work, and it is  auiionnced  that  tlie   nline  will remain  closed doAvn tui. til the jiiinorsare forced  to Accept .$;_.    Tl J is is a ease of lutrdsliip  upou   the  OAvuei'M  of  the St.   Bugene.  .Sev'eral' years ago the Sfc, ISugeiie Avas located by au si-u.i'ij a Oabiiolic priest and  an  li-di-iii. iij:  return for which the pro-  VihSe f'eceiAred $2.50. Tlie Interests ofthe  priest and Indian were subsequently ac-  cluired by  other  aliens  for $12,000  and  the property is uoav held at $500,000.    It  pays lio taxes to tiie province  'Wc  such  as may be levied,upon its outpilt, if sold  the price received for i t Avould  be taken  to a foreign country, yet its owners are  harshly treated in being obliged to pay  living  AA'ages to  the men avIio develop a  wealth given gratuitously.  trade niatter.Ss     The; Kdlsou Mitten  " ���wou;d'erJ,ui��ne-M^i.)ape,r:,d.  -. ���   ���.'%. q -    ���;  :. .Y " TMeason.Su^pepjife A^ain "^einan^edl"  ; .PjitSTOKiA,. iiUifJ'!.���T4|e triajl,"ao|7th��_  i alleged! fbrnier VBritisli. officers Ayho' Were���-  ; ;arrestI6"d* /at ";^ohan1tesb��u_ ^,�� pn" ''%(dty.jI0lj$,  lftsi, ou; tlie. .chai'ge 7o;f .highVtreasoii'lji*  havi'iVg aitteiiipted to ku'i'011 taei:_ witili ae";  A*i&\r"to a -'flJtSlTiouj- Sittbreak, A\*}:iich :b���e_;  ganliereaii Jjjhe 9th, teiriu unite _l today  ii! tjie pi'isOiier, b.^lg:_ii��i'tjtt_id'?cl,..      Y   "���..  :mk".  C-OMFORT  Otii'Brst kiln'of biibk>vill bo rcS.itly.f-S.ctoih'prj*about  the, IS & P6E -iilic. ��� piill _tJ"diir"!6fflc3;i'jpr>pribo.._  ���During.the iiYoiitli dE-Jjino \ygAvfll uqlivci? liiiio in  iiuanflties iit tweiifcy Siicks liutl" oy^r.at  ii  mm tiww ppsp'  "     ���    -Biaker Street;, ;l_lelson  l<ifiST��I��Oll AVK.ST7BAN.K -1. Q. BmiiUING.  0RAY1MG m  Mny be _btiiiifc"��l^byii..infj  _)"_*RING-   THE   HdT   WBA2HER  NEW   5T-5T_.ES   AND   GC>_iORS  &  CHOICE   THING   FOR  THE   BABY  ASK   TO   SEE   IT  _sr_3_ii.soisr. b.o.  the W-st Xdotenaiy Brick & time Cd., Ltd.  ===iBftker=Strcetv=i-=T_,.=&rP3p,OC!_'ORrjVTanaBe-ia-^  IE jrou wnnt a natty, stylish suit of clot. Iidr for  spriH(j unci summer, 1 have oVOr 500 clid'ei^  ent patterns of Scioteh and JCiigli.sl. 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C.  5JorGhandi.se hauled to and froin, .deuots;; bus  inopts ,111 ti;ainS [.and. boati... Special attention  given .(._. the transfer"of7 baggage., Otlico mid,  stables _i. Verii-h street, opposite The Tribune.  parsons produ^e Qd,  :.^#D-iE^B^-Y'  ;:SSR.sisI*3��iSlY  AVii^oii repairiiu)g���;projirplly*.atteiidcd to by a flrstrcliigs  ���.vheelw.wghl, u ���     .        ��� ��� " " -*"  Special "atl#iiti_oti7giv'<5ii .to till kinds, of repairing and  custom-iviork freni ptitAititfpdijite. "     "��� .    7        -  SIjojk Jail Street;,bMwjBeri -Balked and".Vertiorj; Nelsoii  Hose, no_ . le��. hds;_ tuipdas, lawn m6wer_3,  -����-?,e:_ ispi'ayfe,. and. water pipe fl.tiijgs  or au Jiinas.  NELSON^, B.C.  Influenced  By price alone in your drug buying. Looking  well to quality nieans salisfaetory results���ineans  securing the remedy that best fiilillls the purpose  for which yon intended it. Purity,, quality, satisfaction, arc first Considered here, but always a  price that makes the purchase an economical one.  A price that, means something to you. One package of our  I'll  Iff *  PftAGTiCAi-LY the sole   beuelit Avhieh  accrues to thi._ i^roA-ince through the development of its  niines is fche   business  created by the men  employed.    Mining  property, for taxation purposes, is treated differently from sill  other  classes of  property.    It virtually pays no taxes unless it is producing a  revenue.    Ifc is. in  the rate of wages paid to the minors employed  that   the. province   receives   any  benefit. 7 It  Lhe .men "aru   paid -liberally  they "spend liberally, and indirectly values  Celery  Herb  Tea  will mako one quart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  ..toniach and kidney troubles, and tho price is  If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best 'cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order  with me.  fix hundred dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.  SUITS $25  Wf(AY  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Mills fc Lott.  10-I.oom House, centrally��� located,-.fSSOO.  G-ltooni Cottage and 2 Lata on Otrboiiate  street, ��1400, easy terms.'  5-Room   House on   Staiiley street, ��5.100.  J. L VAHSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines: and Mining Stock- CiistOms Broker  URAL ESTATK AND G'MN'KIIAI-'ag'RNTS.  NOTICE ~  We are receiving daily direct frOJn  ���fclie grOwei'S cfoiisigMilicsnt.- -oi Btraw-  hcri'ies, Cliordes," Buuanas, Oranges,  Leiiioiis, etc. Send us your  standing ordel's.  ���ThetraUe Qiily Supplied  COLD STORAGE WAREHdUSEn/iEM  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  25 CENTS  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  ���:'���._ i_a:_M:ia?__!_p-;- / ���  . Corner of Hakor and Stanley SI reels. Nelson.7  Wo have a fine assortment of woolens always  on hand. Goods made up at tho shortest possible notice. As cveryUmig is kept and made  on the promises, satisfaccion is assured.  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  NOTICE.  All parties having accounts against.tho Into 'Walter R.  Ashpitd ai - reiHiosted to send the samo to the. under-,  signed, at once. -       ��� , - JUI1N Jt.JtUWU-IV.   ���  Nolson. 11. C. May 20Ui, 18!W. ., , ���     '.   -   ' '.  Although tho Innes & Hamber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" Jire ���withdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Nolson, B. C.  Removal Notice.  John Cholditch & Company beg to announce to the  trade that, thoy havo removed their headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, whore they will for the future be.es-  tablished.   Pending tho erection of suitable warehouse.  thev havo secured temporary quarter- in the warehouse  of  -'tinier, Beeton & Company on Water street, where  they will be pleased to receive their patrons.  Nelson, II. C, May 17tli, 1899. .     .  JOHN CHOLDITCH & GO.  Pafsons I^rodlLic-e Co.  Nelson,].. C,,  George Holfopook  City Seaveng-ei? and  Chimney Sweep  .Prompt attention given to all orders loft at M. DesBrisay 5s Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  BON TON flISTAOBANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  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CURRKNT RAThl OK INTKKKST PAID  THE   BLUE   SATIN   SLIPPER.  Leon and liis bride were Seated in a  eomijartment by themselves. They had  given tlie conductor a fee, and promised  themselves solitude on their wedding  journey.  "  "All aboard!" shouted the conductor.  Just as the train was about to move,  an elderly man sprang on the step, and  entered the compartment. The door  slammed, the bell struck, and the train  moved away. Although annoyed by the  intrusion, the young couple continued  tlieir conversation in English, when they  were interrupted by their fellow-traveller.  in a much better English than tlieir own.  "Monsieur," he said, dryly, "if you have  any secrets to relate I would advise you  not to do so before me in English, as I am  conversant with that language. I am  sorry to intrude upon you, but this is the  only compartment I could find place in.  However, I Avill try to go to sleep."  And he faithfully tried to do so. But  his efforts were vain, and finally he drew  a book from his valise aud began to read.  Wheu he plunged into his sack he drew  therefrom a large roll of Bank of England  notes, and, showing them to Leon, asked  if he could change them at the next  town. Leon replied that it was probable  he could do so, as tlie road was much frequented by English travellers.  "When they reached the next town the  Englishman descended first.    After him  came Leon,   who endeavored to conceal  his   wife's  ankles tis she  descended   the  stops.-- Such are young husbands!    Suddenly  there dartedh from   the group bf  -loungers on the platform, a young man,of  - peculiar appearance,    lie was sallow and  unshaven;   his   eyes   were bleared   and  bloodshot; his clothing was shabby to the  last, degree.    His  once   black coat   was  buttoned closely to his chin, probably to  conceal the lack of shirt,    lie advanced  toward the elderly Englishman.  "Uncle," said he, humbly,  "is that you?" said the  other, angrily;  'be oJT!    1 don't want to have anything  to do with you."  "Come, uncle," said the other, with a  mixture of menace aud humility, ���'don't  be so hard on a man."  He seized the elder's arm, and-led him  aside. After some moment's conversation  the uncle seemed to soften, and opening  lur-; *alise gave the other some banknote. The nephew devoured the re-  m'uning roll with his eyes, and after a  curt word of thanks disappeared in the  crowd.  i_eo.il and hx�� bride entered the hotel,  and were Shown the best room, in it,  _JJ!heuL_st.ifcn.^^^  procured .the.ii tliat, hoiior. The walls  were covered wi tli ptuper representing  Scenes aroiiyd Naples, Unfortunately,  certain idle travelers had added inus-  tit'ehes to all the female faces, and pipes  to all the male, so the olfec. t was, to a  certain extent, lost. The room was Called "the blue room," the furniture having  once been of that colors  Leon ordered dinner to bo served in  their room. The .difficultyin;, procuring  it excited his wonder^ and on inquiring  he found thkt the officers of* tlie Fifty*-  Secoud Hussars were giving a dinner to  their oinrades of the Sixty-First Clias-  soi-i-s that very evening*, hence the confusion. To liis horror he leanved that  the banquet Was spread in the room im-  niediivtely adjoining the blue -haiivber.  However, tliere was no help for it. The  host swore by all the gods that the officers were the quietest men he ever saw  in his life; that���excepting the chasseurs  ���there were no more lamb-like incl ivi*  duals iu the service than the hussars,  And besides, they always rose from the  table before midnight.  As Leon, son.eAvluvt troubled.in mind,  returned to the blue chamber, lie noticed  that his Ejiglish fellow-traveler occupied  the room on the other side. The door  was open, and through it he saw the  Briton seated before a bottle aiid glass,  and contemplating the ceiling.  "Well, it makes no difference, after all,"  said he to himself; "the Englishman will  soon be tipsy, and the officers,, will be  gone by midnight."  When he entered the blue chamber  Leou looked to bolts and bars. On tlie  Englishman's side there was a double  wall, and a door, which he bolted. On  the officers' side there' was no door, but a  . very thin partition.  The young, couple had a mediocre -din-  more had it not been for the talk of their  military neighbors. The conversation of  those gentlemen had nothing whatever to  do with tactics, strategy, or tlie art of  war iu any way. On the contrary, it  consisted of highly seasoned stories.  And such stories! They were'followed  by roars of laughter, and even our friends  of the blue room found it difficult at  times to preserve their gravity.in quiet.  But the stories grew broader, the  laughter grew louder. From des histoires  decolletees they became toutes lines. Although he was not prudish, Leon thought  the situation 'embarrassing for his bride;  and, sending for the landlord, he requested him to beg the gentlemen not to make  so much noise, as there was - an ������ invalid  lady in the next room. The host entered  the banqueting-room, and his request was  followed by a roar of dissent. Finally  oiie voice prevailed over the others, and  cried:  "What sort of a woman is she?"  "Well, gentlemen," replied the host, "I  don't know for sure, but I think she's a  bride, and that they're on their wedding  tour,"  "Abride!" roared the revelers; "bring  her in ! Fetch 'em both here; we want to  drink to the bride and talk to the  husband."  Our friends in the blue room trembled;  'they'feared an assault would be made.  But the same voice prevailed over the  din, and it was evidently that of a superior, officer. He lectured them on tlieir  lack "of courtesy, and tliere was comparative quiet, for .awhile. But from the  muffled laughter that broke out from  time to time, Leon and his bride had an  idea that they were still the topic.  Suddenly there was a roar from the  left-hand room. "Garsong!" shouted the  Englishman, "gimme another bottle o'  port."  The port was brought, and the Englishman grew quiet. Finally the officers,  having drunk all thoy could cany, and  some of them more, departed, after having joinediii a'parting tori's, to the bride.  *  ** ���   *    **<*      *      *      *   y*  Quiet at last reigned over the hotel.  Thcniglit was clear, the moon shining  brightly. Leon and his bride looked out  from the window, and inhaled the fragrance borne from the flowers in the garden below. Suddenly Leon's gaze fell  upon a mail who was sauntering amid  tho shrubbery. He walked with his head  bent down, a cigar in his mouth, and his  hands thrust into his pockets. As he  turned the moonlight fell upon his face/  It Avas the Englishman's dissolute nephew.  The night wore on. Leon and his bride  had almost forgotten their English neighbor, wheu they heard a strange sound in  his room. It was that of the fall of some  heavy body. Mingled with this there  was a peculiar crashing, grating sound  followed by a stifled cry. Silence. Then  there were two or three muttered oaths,  and silence again.  Tlie young Co.uple ��hu.ddei'ed> What  could it mean? Leon tried; to reassure  _J_iis^treiiibling^cOiiipa.nioii,^but=lie-Avas=iJi;nv=  terrupted by the cautions opening of the  next door. It Wits softly closed again,  and then slow sluti apparently careful  steps were heard in the hall. They were  lost in the distance. They ceased. Again  all was still.  Soon, the young bride was. sleeping  calmly. But not so Leou. Despite himself, the sinister face of the Englishnian's  nephew returned to his recollection,  The.ro was hatred, he thought, in tlie  glance cast iipoii the iijieie by the young  man wheh he left him; aiid then the roil  of bank-notes in the valise. And that  dull, heavy sound but now, like the fall  of a body upon the floor���the ery���tho  curses. Such Was the train of thought  that ran through Leon's mind.  Mechanically he fixed his eyes upon tlio  door whieh .communicated Avith the Englishman's room. Tliere was a little space  between the bottom of the door and the  ���flooring. By the dim light falling from  the partially turued'down gas, he conic.  see something forcing its way under the  door, It seemed, at first, like a knife-  blade, foi' the edge Avas thin, and reflected back the light. It moved slowly to-.  Avard a little blue satin slipper. Avhieh had  been throAvn carelessly near the door,  "What can it be?" thought Leon. "Is  it a knife? No, for it has divided into  two parts. And iioav it divides again���  and yet again. What can it be ? It is  some liquid."  The thing slowly crawled toward the  little blue slipper. It encircled its heel.  It stained its front. It was a liquid. It  Avas a liquid of strange and unmistakable  color���the color of blood.  For a long time Leon lay aud gazed upon the stained slipper and tlie reddish  stream Avliich encircled it. He pictured  to himself the corpse lying in the next  room.; its discovery in the-folloAving niorn-  ,, ,'iich the bolts Avere on his side; the  biood-stained slipper. These things passed through his mind, and a cold swer.t  started out upon him. He attempted to  rise, and hide the slipper; its lie did so, his  wife awoke, and started Avith affright as  she felt his icy hand.  "What is the matter?" she cried.  Leon explained to her the terrible situation in Avliich they Avere placed. Ho  arose, and attempted to romuvc tho telltale stains from the slipper, but it was  useless.  Day Avas breaking. Already the servants Avere moving around the hotel. In  a few hours the crime would be discover-  ed, and the officers of the law would be  upon them.  "Alas!" said Leon, "our only hope is  this: At eight o'clock the train leaves for  Paris. Tf the Englishman's body is not  discovered before that time wc are safe.  AVe Avill take the train, and lose ourselves  in the great city.    There Ave shall be safe."  His Aveeping bride flung herself upon  liis bosom. She felt almost as though she  had committed the deed.  But there yet remained tAvo mortal  hours before tlie train left. At each step  in the' corridor they trembled .with  affright.    They  made their preparations  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  6  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wc will make it for you  CALL AND GIST PRICES.  for departure. Leon's hrh'e wish'-d to  burn the bloody slipper,' but he restrained her, and concealed it on his person.  Seven o'clock sounded. The hotel was  aliA'e AA'ith bustling servants. Leon forced  his wife to take a cup of coffee, although  she declared that her parched throat refused to swallow. 1 hy then descended'  to the Avaiting-room, aud Leon demanded  his bill. The host presented it, and  begged his pardon for the noise of the  previous eA'euing. Leon assured him that  they had passed a A*ery quiet night..  "AVoIl, I'm glad of it," said the host:  "however, your neighbor on the leftdidn't  disturb you much, I'll be bound, lie's  sleeping like a dead man yet*."  Leon shuddered. His wife grasped his  arm convulsively.  "He's an English milord," continued  the hoft. "We've got another Englishman here, too, avIio paid his bill ancl left  this morning. He gaAre me an English  bank-note* I" hope it's good. Look at it.  What do you think?"  He showed Leon a bank-note. On one  corner of it there was a reddish stain.  "It seems to be a good one," said Leon  Avith forced calmness. "Hoav long before  the train goes ?"      ���  "Half an hour yet," replied the host.  At this moment a waiter entered.  "Gimme some brandy-and-soda, quick, for  the English milord," he remarked ; "and  send up a chambermaid with a mop; he  dropped a bottle of port on the floor last  night, and the room is flooded."  To the amazement of both landlord and  waiter, Leon and his Avife sat down aud  laughed until they cried.  "Order us a good breakfast," said ho to  the landlord, "Ave won't'go until the two-  o'cloek train."     Y  The Tremont Hotel  B  B  ?|f��*<S^.<S<3  s=_:_3s>_ ^HS^S. ^^HS j��*"��H3'  ��><c=)-e3 ���^'c=>-i=> ���7s>-e3-e=> ��� 25 ���_<___>���,=��.  ���(=3-C=>-C=)?��3^T^.  m  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  Blouses for Everybody  B  We are making a special line this week on Ladies' Prints,  Muslins, Zephyrs, and Pique Blouses. Our slock is still complete, so you need have no hesitation in coming* here to purchase. On fine summer days, such as we are enjoying now,  a lady might as well be without a hat as to wear anything'  other than cool summer blouses. We can give you any size,  auy pattern or color, and the best of it we can furnish them  at at any price.  %  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  H^  BANK  OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NEI.SON.  TBBMS   C___S___  'fe  C=> . &3. c=>. c=> ._="��� C3 .{=>.(=> �����=>.(=>.  &��*=:&?&&*_&.��_&?&&'  ;�����*��. ��.��^  ��?<*����� <��*.S*  ��� (=>���!=>���&��� <=3.c=>.c=>. c=>.(^.(=>.l=>'t=2.C=>.C  ���*,C=>.C=>.c  ffl  ffl  IV]AL0. E & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  P.Burns&Co.  WIIOLESALK   AND   RETAIL  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKK ST11KKTS. NKLSON"  CHARLES HILLYER.  PRESIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RKCKKTAKV  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  "ALWAYS.ON HAND  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  I_,I3VCITErD.  JIANUI.'A-TUIlEItS OK AND  WBALKKS IX  One of the best and most pop-  *   ular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKKR STREET, NELSON.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood arid Sirdar.  jig "-&�����. Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  ;       -      ; : ; .  ..        : ��� : .  .        ...   .      .. , .       ....  ..   .   .. ������ -        .     . ..     ,.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  v   ���- 'f0i^^^��AW0mM&M(MM  , ��� fx-' ������:-;..'. **. v Vs -."-."fe ?.* ����� ������_ .K- yr s ���>..=-*.��� *��#.��� *.-.; ^y^ -��� .e*% y%>:&2"gfl ��_s __ = *._  7 .��� .ms^ssBB^fwis^msmm^is^  ss  Baker Strej_tl���sop  "("����"S*W^  -��� t*,'i.'-*Y.:V   '.���  _".��"���",�� ^"* **������ "dt" "'=" .��> S^Jsf.  .JJn��D'ft?  ENTION  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings.  KA-TOKY WORK nONK TO ORDKltJ  siren ar  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  .  IN' STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Kftctory and olllce, cornci' Hall street ami CP.R. track  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity .  Largo comfortable  bedrooms  and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial nien.  BATES   ��2   _?__!_=_   JD-A.^  Mrs. t C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late ot tlio Royal Hotel. Calgary,  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA C0LDFIELDS, Ltd.  All communications, relating  .6 jBVjtTsh/^CSJ  ��   ��� 605j Nelson, BritisH .Gplurribia,     ;    ";" ���". .".      ( ."*���':���"__"\.^y:4f,  J. RODERICK' ROBEBTSQ^I Ceri.erjaf Mhnag_r i  S. S FOVyLER, CM;, Mini%YEngine-r /  :M��L^dirg^Bi^  WILL J70 WKLL TO  BUY VfflEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of Urst-class dry material oh hand, aim  a full line of sash, doors, ill-Hidings', turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx Street, Nelson  Telephone, 91        Jftbll    ^6,   AgCIlt  ncr,   which.-thoy   would have   enjoyed I ing; tho door opening.- into the room, of-  PETER  & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  rj. Q. r\Um, Manager.  ' The fluent hotel iu the interior.  Large saiiiplc robin,*.   Steam heat and electric light.  C0J.--_.tt-Q-' WAHI) _VNL> VJ. I-NON S_*S3., NKLSON  BAKKK AND WARD STUEBa'S, N3CLS0N  The Sloean Of�� fwelmmi:tu$$$  <3&  B- C  aKfEiLeSO-Sr.  Is  now prepared  to  buy all  classes of silver, gold; siJvef-jead, lead and  copper ores,   the careful attention given to large contracts will be;extended  iovthve^sma^  ing guaranteed.  Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson, B. C.  GEORGE M;, McDOWELL, Manag-er.  O. M. ROSENDALE, Purdbasing Ag^ntY  We make a specialty of  Sh(iplap arjd Double Dressed Materia!  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce and yard near C.P.R. depot   K. G. BKI.K, Agent.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  . All size., of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out.to order, and ..shipped to Nelson.in oarload lots'  Write for prices. .' :.-���".  The only hotel in jVelson that has remaiin. d under one  management since 1890,  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Ivnotcnay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDKN, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted floated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Klcctric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. V. PKRKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B.C.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE  CO.  COFFEE  ROASTERS   AND    DI.AI..KRS  AND   CO'KJ'I.K.  IN   TKA  Oircr fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Madia, per pound %   10  Java and Mocha Ulend, Ii pounds  ;���  I W  Kino Santos, I pounds  ���   1 no  Santos Blond, ii pounds  I......:    I W  Our Special Ulend,.(. ponticls.'. ��� .   I "!���''  Our Rio Roast, (1 pounds    1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2  Doors  East   of. Oddfellows  Baker Siseet .  Block..   West  NELSON, B.C.  THU  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS..,.,,  Keeps a full line of  RGyAt- SEAL AlSlJP KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  And all O-her brands of the  Kootenay Cipp laBuleteing CoiBpny  AT FAf.'TOIiY l'HICKS  of osrEx.soasr, b.o.  Nelson Tent and Awning lannfeetopy  -a.__<I_  _ECX_sri>S   O-TI  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  : . .    .^*-i__'*^'*** J^.��?o  <SB_^*____?*����.a*-'  AT.!- SI5.KS OF TKNTS IN STOCK  Baker street, Opposite po^totllce, Nelson  TJEL^O-  ^_t^-X)SOISr  W. P. DICSSON  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITE  J. MoPHBEl  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Coast.aetk Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Tr ati-mlsslon and Xjlgbtlng forDlines, Towns:  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606.. Josephine Street, Nelson, B, Or ���^rc��^-wa**'"'*,**''-��"*J.^  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE  10,  1899.  Gool and Refre  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  w.  EL & CO  CORN-.ll 11AI-I.R AND .lOSlCl'HINI. STREETS. NELSON  i^fe  l&Y  'isK ��� ���  I'l'  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  <�� r  -% - ���������'���''" P. O. Store  fJ>/.^5 Up  *���"���> "-"y^y^y^  y-'p-yi  '������?_"!  :: -" A^yyilVhkp'tp- yci:ur���" adyrtn_ag�� t.Q* sc'e "Q.uk.lai?g��.  - afld"co^le'te*' .stock,*q�� AJootg and ��>l\oes. ��"We-i  ���    " ""   y   7.^^ Vffie' fdllbwiiig 'Hiifes;. XV-A. [D. '_Bte-l��,_M  ;".,;-j;;. *D:.lCing & C^ "%:�����.i, -Sfcafc S.-��jo jEfc^ *Mtit%;,(  "^-"'if-t-y'- 's-Uoiiklt'//(& '''do.j "Stratibrd" '-Shoe ;Cb,, Anies,5,3_||jli  Ii.Rs-_li*�� -   ^gp gi. Qq,,  ^^j gflier ]eadingYiniJ.k-t's.      '������.."  THE LOCAL NEW^OF THE TOWN  Sensible Recommendations.  Tlie board oi Avorks will recommend  the council to immediately take over the  city scavenging, and the city solicitor  will be instructed to draft such amendments as may be necessary to the bylaw.  Such was the conclusion arrived at yesterday afternoon. The board considered  that at present this work was being inefficiently done, and could be better and  cheaper performed by the city. A discussion ensued as to what outlit would  be needed and where it could be obtained,  and the general opinion seemed to he  that anything that could not be bought  could be constructed here in Nelson. The  members of the board and assistant city  engineer Dill will endeavor to get together all necessary information as to  what is needed, and the best style of  wagon and tanks by the next regular  meeting of the council.  The board also recommended that the  12-foot sidewalk on the south side of  Baker street be extended down from  Kootenay to Railway street.  Another recommendation was that the  water main on Mill street be extended  from Cedar street to the city limits, and  on Carbonate street from Cedar street to  Park street.      '  NELSON.  Hugh Martin, of Utah, better known  as Hobo Billy, the Handout Scout, gave  The Tribune a friendly call yesterday,  and requested this great family journal  to announce to his friends at tthe Silver  King mine that he arrived down the hill  safely aiid that he purposes going out on  the steamer today for Kaslo for the purpose of casting a 'venerable prospector's  eye upon some claims which he holds in  that vicinity.  C. H. Taylor manager ;,of the Taylor,  -Air Compressor Company of Ainsworth,  who was in Nelson yesterday, says that  his company haA'e .completed their new  flume from Coffee creek to the air compressor, which was started on Monday  last. The flume is 1380 feet long aud is  said to be the most crooked in the .world.  The company has a large portion of their  power leased to the niines in the vicinity.  Hillyer & Company started -work yesterday on P. Burns & Co's 'new warehouse on Water street. The building  will be GO feet by 10 feet with 14 foot  posts, and will cost about $20,000.'  c_  e��  GO  o  __1  3_  ___  ca  __i  _c  _2  __  _3_  PS  CO  CO  ���H  3*  CD  CO  r-n  0  0  *__  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Fair Prices  Square Dealing  Liberal Treatment  OUR   LEADERS  l will show jxii extensive line o�� gools bought direct  from the manufactures in lOnglawl. 1<Y_._ii:<\ (lerniauy,  and the United. Slates. Also griods from the lies. Canadian manufacturers.  The latest and best in Gold, Silver, Coral, aid i'lal.cd  Jewelry, Kbony and Cut Glass.  I also carry ularge'variety of Gold and Silver Novelties,  Brooches, Stars, Crescents, Pins, etc.  Wo always carry a complete line of Watches.  ALWAYS IN  STOCK.  10 and 11 carat Solid Gold I .org., el les.  .*>, HI and 20 year IjOi'gi ottcs.  Gilt and Hraid  I orgiu.tl.es.     .  Cornl and -ilk Lorgnettes.  Rolled I'late mouse Sets.  Gold Killed Hlouso Sets.  Silver and Gilt Hlouso Sets. "  Gold and Silver Sash Hucklcs.  lJlai.c and Gill, Sash Hnckles.  5. 10. 15. nnd 20 year Kolled l-late Gold Filled Alberts.  Silver, Gilt, nnd Gokllno Alberts. n  II id styles and qualities in Brooches.  10U styles iu I'ins.  o, 10. la. and 20 year Kolled Plate aud Gold Killed  Links and intloiis.  Silver and Pearl Links, Buttons and Studs.  Out Glass 'Perfume Bottles.  Cut Glass -"lower lloldes.  Cut Gins- Toili t Unities.  Cut Glass in lo different styles and articles.  Diamond l{_n_.s, Clasv and Goin 1'ing in every known  stone and des gn.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  Mail orders promptly attended to.  Fine watch repairing a .specialty.  lardware  CARRY IN STOCK  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  jW   WOODEN   YK\    Iron>  Steel,   Sheet  Canton Drill Steel# maSW > PJ^^t_ass  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  _.v,___   Tools, Cutlery, Tin  FiT^fe^   and Woodenware  %&&i$zw-  _ Stoves, Ranges,  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN  SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND U!.S11)_._\'TIA1_  rilOi'KUTY  HO by   120, Baker  street, between  Josephine  and  Ward str, e s ..' ......'....*   .... _.?S0_l)  50 by 120, Raker si root, between Josephine nnd Hall  streets.-.:.....     1500  50 by 120, Baker street, bv tweon .losepliine a> d Hull.  streets, corner������    ������ '.   30 by 120. East Baker si reet.       SOO  25 by. 12U wiili improvement**, south side of Vernon  street.... ........;.............. :.-.���   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, so"uth side of Vernon  In the cool oi the evening1 the weary ean find rest  toy reposing* in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  t-flh*  ��r��nt  *v "ty2&$(p?%ls WEST BAKER STREKTi NELSON  Miia#ejti% i&&Kts�� ���iii  Afiii Routes, Mb.  ..... i_\vl:tii^_rry's;niil.teriinpli!!77;D.. y.,,, _ 'SollO  R6,_ .gcneritr^itit-rfiiatibiitpH ��eal; estate!jarid"forturUie_  JpaT.ticJiilar..'oii.abdyo��'pi^per^>:;ailply7toY    ""'"'_    " -:"  ttfejSi fe fete _iitl��iG,p]]neral'"'i\ngis"iii.s, Balieft i^VYNolsbn  '$Ssl3___^_8&&.'_^  .-.--^s-S  DINING  ROOM  _^_T  . MriiiF 1 Co's  Corner liakei- alid Ward Streets  NELSON,   B.C.  DRAWING  ROOM  OF ALL KINDS  Will .-(j iiclclMii Jghg*. .SeKgii Oi|era7H6iisa on  ��>*  _Wj  UViclQP the allspices,pf the ���  Ladles Aid. Society of the Cathoiic Church  LAPENfi^HWTOEYCja.  '*;nn�� *��.;   *'ftT-" '"���'*"i"��" "jV'. .ws'^fWc*!^. ��if s ".���*r' ���.������*���.'-| .=.  ." *-"=u.��i".  ~t���*_*.'sM'J'_.'.. ''".���"'^���s;  Xeft-GHi.^StJuaslT,    _S.af-ili.-iSe? Ji.uicS.    ^^^"jLiiCSlis Lif^vfi.ii(2e|��  SUicT'-a'S."."Potted "Meat �� lak&b" asa^rtntehl.5 "L_izeni3\._s" SctfttS  .gqiiafes,-; -   / ��� �� .  TICKETS. $2  NOT TO LOOK A'I2  son wmm tie*  ISA ICKR, SlXWFiT WlCST.  Corner Baker and Wiirtt Streets,  ifor Strawborries and .Other fruits* in season.   Leave  your Order,   i'roilipt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Creain Soda and  All Kinds o* Soft Drinks  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor-?treett=betiween=Josophin(Si=aiid====  Hall st_ccts, Nelson.  StBALS AT ALL HOtfUS, BAY OI. NIGHT  BA.K1CRY IN CONNKC'WON  FiUHlLY AND PASTKY COOKING A SPKCIALTY  ONLY WHI'J'B HELP JSMPLO YKD  R. __cxt^bi-_-, j_?^_,cbgR.i!--_?0'-a  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOR SALK Oil HXBJ-  Kamous Pure (Sold  Janis aiid  Jellies.    McLarert^s .Gh-eese.  Fresh Canadian Cream Cheese".        ���   ���'   . :  -We=_ar,iy-ri_e=4argest=st0"Gl-=Df^QrD-ej-iesr-- Cfo_kei-y-etu.,=in^=^|  Nelson or any other town in the Kootenay.  Your trade is solicited,  satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephone 10.  P, O. Box I_ & W.  Baker street West, Nelson ���  MILLS &LOTT  Agents for Ha__!cw-0d Ice Cream.  GENERAL  BROKER.  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CAIjI.ON    *  Mrs.    E.   McLaOghlih  JOSKPHINK STIlKK'r, NKLSON  .  Ice Gream  (IIAZLKWOOI.)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  r\J CENTRAL FRUIT STOP  Krcsh Fruit"received daily        . "  Next door lo Nelson Wine Co." ���_.'���-.,  Tclcphon- !��. - .      .- HUMPIIUIOYS & PITTOCl-  FIRE. LIFE; ACCIDENT AND SIOKNESS  l3srST_r__-J__ITOE  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LKT���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALK���Ileal estate in all iiarts of the city.  ^GAOL SUPPLIES.  Tenders will be received by f ho undersigned up to tho  evening of Monday, the lSlth June, for the i-upplying of  the following articles to the Provincial Gaol at Nelson  from July 1st. lSUfl, to Juno 30th, 100O: Groceries, Bread.  Meat, Coal. Vegetables, Brooms, etc., a detailed list can  be seen and any information nbl._ii.n_d nt the Government.  Agent's ofllce.      -  JOHN A. TURNER, Government Agent.  W: J. ASTLEY & CO.,  Boats built to order. Repairing and fitting a specialty. Sail8 iiiiule and rjgge.l. Ifishiiii. rods kild tackle  niended.   At Govcrtiinelit Wllarf, Vclson.  (Ilx-Slie.ill' Of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on tSonsigntneiits of ln'erulianflisc.  Pqst,olH,cc Box 57- ' * Nelson*, ll. D.  SQUIRI'S   SANGH   FOR1  SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  .   ,. ��� particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  FOR SALE  BY  PRIVATE   BARGAIN  atrick. & Wilson,  For Sale  ii.  N K:R1.L-IN,TTI1.-SI_0T  .  CARD MACHIXIO   :  '     ,1'RirK .12  ! Apply to -","    :     7    :.~  C. CUMMINS, Modegii".Cigar Store.   -  20 Draught Horses,  12 l-rnughl. Mulos.  11 Pack Mules.  13 Pack Horses.  Tho above stock is in flrst-elass condition and perfectly  broken. The vendor can furnish if desired complete rigging for pack iinimals. also harness and wagons for  balance of stock. Apply to Waverly mino, Albert Canyon, 15. C. "  NOTICE TO CONTRACTOilS.  ��� Scaled tenders, properly endorsed, will lies received by  the undcr.-igiicd up to noon of Saturday, 17th instant,  for the completion of the second story of the Nelson public school building  Drawings, spocilications, and condlt'ons of tender and  contract may ho seen at ourotlice.  Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  KWART & CARRlfc, Architects.  .  Rooms 7 and 8, Aberdeen block, Bakor street, Nolson.  ,  .,..-.;'. / FOR ..SALE.. \,...'y-]y  A building and lot.ou Kirst Avenue in the lown.hr  Ymir. Rents for ��_i(l per. iiionlh.. .Will _be sold -lump for  cash, h'or further particulars apply lo John A. Kirkpatrick,' Nelson, B. U. .,   -."-.'  MONEY SAVED BY BUYING- YOtTB  Fruit Japs, Jelly fees,  OSTCX,  __-i?.rt3vi:  XJS  Wo carry the largest stock  Can fill your orders for any .pmfitity  . DesBpisay ��& Co.  FRUIT  FRUIT JARS!  Direct   from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING <& COMPANY  Raker Street West, Nelson, H. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  l'ho supply Ih limited, 'so oaU oiwly and examine-i.hi" stock.  si?*:  ���V.


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