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 NELSON BOAT CLUB'S RECATTA  Haines Crew Won the Fours.  Quite a huge number of spectators  assembled on the water front yesterday  afternoon to witness the first regatta of  the year of tlie Nelson Boat Club. Tlie  'club boa-house was gaily decorated with  flags, and in the private boathouse adjoining tea and cake and other dainties  were provided. The weather, though a  little windy and somewhat chilly from  the spectators' point of view, was fairly  favorable, and among the spectators that  thronged the wharves and boa-houses  were numerous ladies, whose pretty .summer costumes added greatly to the  beauty of the occasion. 11. Scions officiated as starter in all the races, and most  efficiently, no complaints being heard.  The first events on the programme  were the heats between the .scratch  fours. Great interest attached to this  event, as the crews were evenly matched.  Tliey had been practising steadily, and,  Avith a feAV individual exceptions, tlie  men Avere in fair condition. The first  heat Avas betAveen Haines' creAv,  in  yel-  ^><*._ I-  SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE  11,  1891  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY, $_.  Ioav, and  Povah's  in  green.  were made up as follows:  J. U.yer _ Bow   F. A. Macrae... _' .  F. V. Thomson ...  II. Jt. Hniiici*   Omer McLean   2.  22..M...2  ..Stroke..  ...Cox   Tlie crews  ... . II. AVilson   J. Fraser  ...J. Chambers'   F. Povah  C. Jlauiicrman  The race Avas a half mile, aiid the boats  ; started about opposite the sampling  works, finishing in front of the boat-  house. Tliey got away Avell, and for a  long time AA'ere going fairly evenly, but  by the time the Avharf Avas reached there  was daylight betAveen the boats, and the  yellow boys Avon a good race by tAvo  lengths..  A feAV minutes Avait, and the other tAvo  crews came out to do battle. C. Matthews stroked a creAv dressed in blue,  and their opponents in red we're stroked  by C. B. Winter. This AA'as a splendid  race. The crews passed the wharf together, but when withiu. a fcav lengths  of the Avinuing post Winter spurted  grandly. His creAv..responded jind they  dreAv rapidly ahead in the -last-'few  strokes winning, by three-quarters of a  length. The mimes of the two creAvs  are: '...,[  J. A. AVetmoro .How  . R. McFarland  llr. Morrison.. 2......;. G. S, Moor  -Drown  ���;.-. H. B. Thomson  cancer has led to the 'formation of a  society to combat the disease. Its inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday  when Sir Chas. Cameron spoke on tho  necessity for the society and pointed out  that the number of deaths from cancer  in New York had doubled during the  past ten years, and that it is calculated  'that if tin. increase is maintained there  will be more deaths from cancer in 1!)()!),  than from consumption, smallpox and  typhoid fever combined. In Great  Britain, during the same period, the ratio  per million has raised from .'585 to 787.  Launching of the Columbia.  Bristol, .June 10.���America's new cup  defender Avas carefully lowered into the  water at the Herroshoff works at S:19  o'clock tonight, and as she started down  the Avays Mrs. C. Oliver Lselin christened  her "Columbia." This launching Avas  probably one of the most spectacular  tliat lias ever occurred, for the light of  day had almost faded Avhen she started  doAvn the Avays, and tliree poAverful calcium lights played upon her stern, and  shining golden underbody, with 'theatrical effect. Ranged on both sides of  the dock Avere five thousand spectators,  Avhile off the end were clustered fifty or  more yachts of all kinds, so that there  was plenty of noise���.cheers, Avhistles and  guns���to help out the brilliaut effect of  the lights. The launching Avas a groat  success from beginning to end, being  attended only by an unfortunate accident among the spectators. The  apparatus of a photographer avIio AA'as  preparing to take a Hash-light picture  exploded, killing a boy and injuring several others.  o. M.  C. Matthews,  W. Steed....  ......-.3.......  ...Stroke...  ��� Cox. ���  ���C. H. Win tar  ....T.  Gallon  There were  foil r  entries for the  next  /cA'cnt, a ladies' single sculling  race,  Mrs.  Proctor,    Mrs.  Whalley,   Mrs.    Nicholls  and Miss Gui-d.    Tlie course was'-froiri the  |. :fej?�� _i;^'.whai*j| ?fe-lii�� \ b6at?�� h otispY<TlH>  I. S?.,;74."!,��i"i "*i"^"-'*-i*.';"_.i��*'-r_- .*.*.��"������   ���",."-. "St.Y ii,\ "-Ji--* .:  vrape*was7piose,YM#;.^  ..lYY'.^.A'si.Y'iY-^fcY.M^ ���  - Criminal Code Amending Bill.  Ottaava, June 10.���The bill amending  the criminal code Avas read a second time  yesterday in the senate. Hon. David  Mills in speaking upon the bill said if  the criminal code erred at all it erred in  going too far in matters relating to  criminal offences, many of��� Avliich'' in his  opinion could better be regulated in  police ''courts ."than, in '������the assize court. VHe  rfemljl^  Weddficl" ^Vrtfi %"il$", kmiioityyfei _ i;j'i)ig��" to**  photographscmprpsenting^  Wij ch- / might."be Yhjred :a/and;;:-exhibi tecl".";  ;��P__iPn,thej^  :_S--"��<^*7r..*��!**-***%.i"^  ���raeiu-g^  ;?��i_X^  .tbliiiiffc*^  t$AMeiifw^  :;in|j^eupii_ie<^  ��4vn��^��i|(|^S&jG^i.fe' eamfeVclpAvrii ���' -tq "^iiu^j.iYf;h^|  "(s"dnfp]2t jii n-g^i*_^^Ii^fl_L-_^ii^Iiig^j6-P" ]._'**'j_f^tj_S'*"�� j"*-"  th.e*-Br;i'ii^o"E;  n       f "     _L-    Ci.        .'____      Pf    nnn '  fiPp."w*i- ^(nne^stpii^  _iji_tei.'s Pr_��Av ste|>\mt^  ^he^vl'tr  &ppeVr��t.  wey'e""pfte vpr  -Tlie Ire"  iwfci'  -iVj.-lfeiigth' - before" tliey ��� x��i  4iingY *pdst.. -" ljufc" it* ja.'fl$t��fy$rd$i.  l��ll|j-i,tvt>lit-crQA>' ijilstoo0k. ah ^lYjelS  |%|v'_',fi3."aii; pt-tj pf ''tplstj_ia"*4^n^b_Ld"n1?j|iJ35r",'  [^jS^ied. . Q-lierWisPtlip tape' hiigjlt hay_  ibPplh closer.   " _���>-;.,.'." n ,, :. :, *���"-";d Y'f"    "������  Thpre AVere flye-entrleS ton the .lailie's"  land- gen.tiem-n's1 ��Jiaudic?ip tandem canoe  |'*i.tfft_ Mi-s, Wlialley and 0, &, Winter  Ifvere scratch, Kiss Douglas; and F. A.  [Slacrae had^ tAventy Seconds start. Mrs.  ||!_^l!Trrl.feV{^  [five second'., and Miss (jriif:d atict '&'.. Boyer  Khifty.' There was a good race between  Ithfe) t*,A*o pairs with the longest Start, biit  ltheSCH'a-(3h pair never looked like winiting.  JftlisS Gnrd and 3. Boyer aa*ou by a lengtli  Tviid a jialf, Mrs. Akeliui'st and H. B.  JTaite beiug second. The course avjis from  Ithe C. P. II, Avharf to the boat house,, and  [the successful lady will receive; a brooch.  Tlie tauclern ..canoe rape dxew five ei'ews,  llj, llodge, and B, B.. a|ighton eirtyrlng at  Khe last ihointiiit Avitlioitt aiiy previous  |pra_t_-e> Tliey had the longest Start,  JiViid started, nc^vrly ojiposito tlie boat  [house. J. Boyer a��d H. B. Taite \yere  Jsqiuc ten yni-ds further back, Avitli F. A.  [\facrao and 13. V. Thonipsoii about tbree-  jriua,^tei-s of a length behind; tliem. H. B.  Jl-Iaines aiid C. B, Winter Avere scr-ltch,  IStarting froin the city Ayharf, The race  jAvas I'oiind. a buoy near the C. P. R.  [Avharf aud baok to the boat house. The  [scratch cre\v avou by hfilf a length, after  [a desxDerate finish Avith (Boyer aud Taite.  [The scratch men gained a great deal of  jgi'oimd on the turn. This avjis one of tlie  | best races of the day.  By this time tlie afternopn Avas draAV-  I ing to a close, and it AVas decided to drop  Tthe remaining events, except the four  paddle canoe race, and tavo crews Avere  hurriedly got together fbr this race. The  creAvs Avere as folloAvs: J. A. Wetinore,  G. S. Beer, 15. V. Thomson, H. B. Haines ;  and B. B. Mighton, F. A. Macrae, C. M.  Bi'oavu, C. B. Winter. They started at  the G. P. R. Avharf and finished by the  boat house, Winter's crew Aviuniug by  three-quarters of a length. This concluded the afternoon's sport, and spectators and competitors betook themselves  speedily homeAvard.  - Cancer on the Increase.  Londox,   June' 10.���The  alarming increase in mortality in Great Brit-tin from  n ;:f-y^^^:0^hti-0i^ the #pmv  ' "v#ii.y;i4&^M|&3y  ���ih4  fe*   . ....   . ...    _���    .���,._     . .,       , ., .   ���  -received"^5i.ai^and^i|<3rtes $21^1., 3ft  is declaired; Fii'A Avcjuld" -hpt iiultlce'" ihe]  fin.tcfli'- uh'til" he" .fiadAeeiii.gnairaiii"e"ed: |1ie  large" .end- of the purse .'tt?ui,d'�� t-*t<��-"'g&l|e,  , nioney, PAfi.n^ to his reiautation and posi-  tibji. ��� Mr.. B���;tidy accepted -��Q per eput  forTlijsiuanv believing tliat* hi the long  i'liii such an -..lio'uut and a decision A*_ere  Avorth more thiin (50 pet' cent and ade-=  feat. liUinedifttely aftet* the fight Jefferies suggested that a benifit fbr* Fit-i-  simnions AAras iii order and offered his  serAUCCs, .ThiS__:of1_ei7_Avas_ accepted__aud  NEW MEN REFUSED TO WORK  At the Ymir Mine.  An amusing scene occurred at Mountain siding, just above Nelson this morning. 3. Roderick Robertson had engaged  about twenty-four men through an employment agency for the Ymir mine. At  the Mountain they were met by A. Parr,  of the Ymir Miners' Union, and informed  of tlie truth of the situation at Ymir.  The men declared that they had been  told that there had been no trouble  whatever. After stump speeches' by the  representatiA'cs of capital and labor much.  to the amusement of the train passengers  the majority of the men decided not to  come on, and the general manager of tlie  Ymir Gold Mines, Limited arrived here  Avitli only three men to take to the mine.  The recording secretary of the Miners'  Union Avishes to refute J. Roderick Robertson's statement that on June 2nd he  was Avaited upon by a deputation of miners, Avho requested a conference. This  statement, tlie secretary says, is entirely  incorrect. Recently by mutual agreement the superintendent and foreman of  the Ymir mine met some of the executive in the Miners' Union hall, but nothing materialized. Under the bylaAVS the  members of the Miners' Union may be  miners, mine Avorkers, mine mechanics,  smeltermen, mill aud ore handlers.  The Ymir Miners' Union have issued  the foIloAving posters':.'"' "Warning.���All  miners, top men, mill men and other mine  workers, are hereby notified to keep  aAvay from the Ymir mine at Ymir, B. C,  until such time as the difficulty betAveen  the mine OAvners and employees be settled.* By order of the Executive Committee."  Diplomacy at an End.  London, Juno"10.���When the secretary  of state for tlie colonies, Joseph Chamberlain, in the liouse of commons on  Thursday summed up the result of the  Bloemfontein conference by declaring  that a "neAV situation has been created",  he used a pregnant phrase; open  appar  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Will Have to be Scaled Down.  The amounts asked for by the several  special committees of the Dominion Day  celebration will haA'c to be scaled down.  So far the amounts,asked for are :  _a��li.  Committees���                                            Prize.-;.  Trophies.  Inviinliii i   and   Reception   (for   ox-  Ileuses)      SHOO  lloi-ao Races. SI225  Drilling <JrmL_.t     .WO  75  Caledonian Sports     -OS*  Hose i art Knees COO  Uoiit, ltace.s  (no  report,   from   com-  mittee)   Lacrosse ... '     400  Bicycle Kaoes     _!7.*i  75  Ha.selji'11     1'tQ  Cricket.:..      50  Children's Sports      35  Trap Shooting     150  Lawn Tennis     120  Trades  Procession  (no   report from  committe)      Decoration   (no   report   from   com-  riiittoo)   The as-  in y Avork  S'.!K_:.  . SlaO  c'i__nli_$]_^^  !__^.&eua_&n"_^  l?.h|'^(a-ti -uW: ^h^pp; $f$xdxhjl  ^|f**|[^  '"--.'lV^^'sSl  Total   From the above it Avill be seen that  $441. have been aske'd for, Aviththe boat  race, trades procession and decoration  committees to hear from, not to say anything of tlie amounts required for music,  printing, adA*ertising and incidental expenses.  ROSSLAND.  The Masonic hall Avas burnt to the  ground last night about midnight. No  person Avas in the building at the time,  and before the fire Avas detected the  building AA-as past saving. The fire originated someA\*here in the upper part of the  building, probably through tlie fusing of  an electric wire. The Masonic hall Avas  the first public hall built in ltossland,  and has been used as a court house until  lately. Its position is fortunately isolated or A*ery serious damage might haA'e  beed the. result. A great portion of the  values of .the.various, friendly societies  Avere saA*ed before the buildiug fell hi.  L. H. Harris, the broker for the Le Roi  shares in London, is visiting the district  and looking over the A'arious iiroperties  in AA'hich-'he is interested. Mr. Harris  ���'was...the purchaser of the vendors' shares  ih; the Veh'et mine, and visited that* pro-  slope of Sheep creek, almost six miles  from Salmo, i.s showing up avoII. ft is  oAvned by Pat Burke et al, and the first  assessment work has been done. The  ledge is nine feet wide and lias been  stripped upon tlie surface for 700 feet.  The characteristics of fche ore are galena,  iron, copper and a little /.inc.  says are from $0 to $10 before  was done.  The road from  Salmo  to  the  YcIIoav-  stone mine is to be started this  summer.  'Frank Lavin's saAvmill at Salmo, AA'hich  has a capacity of 20,000 feet per diem, is  now employing about tAventy men.  The appointment of G. It. Linklighter  as a justice of the peace does not appear  to meet Avith general approval.  Fred Drummond is starting a general  store in Salmo, and another saloon is'  talked about.  The people of Salmo are going to give  a dance on tlie 22nd inst.  There are quite a lot of old timers putting in an appearance in the Ymir camp,  principally to put in assessment Avork.  H. Hellberg is back from Rover creek,  AA'here he located the N. Y.  W. H. Devereux, P.L.S., arriA'ed yesterday to survey C. Dundee's claims, tlie  CroAv's Foot, Blind Canyon, Johnnie and  Redman, up Porcupine creek, and upon  Avhicli development Avork will be commenced at once.  On the Fourth of July claim, one of the  Wilcox group, operated' by the Broken  Hill company, everything is looking Avell  and proving up right along. Work is  being prosecuted in the vertical shaft  aud the assays are .remarkably good.  ^a^^'T^H.'*^  7"*'i.^-/._^,.'__i.,,VtilA_4:J_Y_45i" ,t__ ;T?_^_Y"_ WAi^r^M.".-',.V.Y,_  ^Avhiclli'jthe 3ritish?'lHgh^  j_#i'ed>���,;Mnil^eur^ l":l}W ��:ex?  ti&ustgtf- "-Q^'ery^'!tii':pl.o:h_afci'Q' x:es2ppree,2to,  '��ei|'etefc^ vesximxixhldSeTftf^eiiiGjitof ��-hne,5iiDsut--.|  ;ters" aii, .tlispuie.;nY3jt i_s'."ii;6-_v')fe.gard;(.dYua''s ,'  pifq^ied. .tlm^*i^s.^-eft*t! J��*t��_i]?gei-ilDA\jaS^il"!i'e7-!  cohdiable,.���"ii)utt .tliat" ailMiope .pf auiir-  eceiit"-b(>oiii iii"  Mew^irtfiSdSi  ^RoiSz^dlvefai-rtpd']  NELSON.  ."��� The steamer'KootenayYvill take the  regular run on the Columbia m*er on  June 14th, in place of the Minto, AA'liich  Avill tie up at Nakusp for repairs.  G. 0. Buchanan has sold to the representatives of the local traniAA'ay company  the tAvelve lots comprising block 7>-5 for  $3500. The lots are at present used by  Mr. Buchanan as a lumber yard.  O. M. Rosendale, ore purchaser for tlie  Sloqau nDra���Pu.r.chasiiig1YCpiiipa).i.y,v;^  rM-_4'"*-0"l _-,���_*?_ Ar,.S. 5?i^i. .,*/���:.". &"'# .-LtiAW1^ .*__{.'**&�� a-iJSSl,-.  D^^.-.^-lotflS    0      "n      U'    ��.> __S D       .. �� -D,���Jb,^L.' ���___,   D^n     y_"n-nf���-U    U*^-^    y    -n^rt"^^  yeigli% ^lidiif^ laHvYbut. bB-tIiSide_?\l6nok��foKM  SVliW".-"-f St,. V "-.ill*"    '-^L.  ���*��� I! 'If .    S _'l".-_l_i.' "    A ."'","'*'�� ':��� -Wt-d  meejl^&QtttQme^  ��� Thex  Satiu'thiy night next aviis set as the date  and tlieCouy island sporting club as the  place.  .  Eloiidyke is Holding its Own.  WAS.nXGTONY Julie 10.���Consul J. C.  McCook, Avriting from DaAvson. City, adds  a Valuable, chapter to the history of gold  mining in Alaska. The goldfields At  Forty-mile City and Seventy-mile districts are becoming more promising, lie  says, and bid fair to rival, any territory  yet discovered for placer mining. The  outlook of the placer goldfields of the  KJ on dyke hi _s not been better since they  Avere discovered. Already this Avinter  several nfeAV strikes haA*e been made oil  creeks that Avere supposed to .be barren.  A conservative estimate of the gold output fn the Dawson district is $20,000,000,  President's Race Meeting Arrangement.  Paris, June 10.���The perfect of police  has issued an announcement that -0,000  police, tAventy squadrons of cavalry and  a brigade of infantry will be stationed  to-mqrroAV between the Elysee palace aud  the (paddock at Long-Champs, upon the  occasion of president Loubet's visit to the  race course, in brdei* to witness the race  for the grand prix Of Paris. Numerous  detachments of police cavalry and infantry will be distributed at points  AA'here disturbances tire thought to be  possible.   Canada Will Be Considered,  Toronto, June 10.���The Globe has the  foIloAving special cable from London:  Professor Maj'or of Toronto has sucr  ceeded in making a very good impression  here regarding the Canadian copyright  claims. Mainly on his representation the  international congress of publishers today passed a resolution affirming tlie desirableness of entering into satisfactory-  arrangements A\rith the Doniinion.:  ,;i.a_igSiii^nt b:^;**suHggc.st;i0i.r Sf "diplVMnacy'  ^vas^h'ejipfefp,!^ _���.���',"   ���"���'*; "'"  " Th^Bi^tii^l^jvi'e esisMciiilly" ex^l���eiJ!j.te;d  because, they fee! they haVe been -trified  with, aiid the <*iiie._tion������on eA'erybody's  iilSS" is " What next '{*" - Mr. 'Cliajiibferlaiii  is uot ihe. nian to- be diyerted fi'Om" his  -ou-Se.; He h'is.publi^ly and deliberate]y  eSpoiiSed"the ettiise of the tlitliiinders,and  his next stepYAVili be, ft,deijnilic'. Then  there AA'ill be ene-fgetie action to Support  ] the demandi It ulay be regarded as t*er-  titin that this has been fully foreseen, for  mouths past. Fresh troops aiicl large  jiuaiitities of muiiitious of Avar"liav-o gone  "toTSouliir^LfriSarby every steamer. TfuT  troops liaye been described as reliefs, but  those Avhoni they AA'ere supposed to relieve have remained in South Africa.  A steamer Avhieh sailed iu May-took  500 of these reliefs, and passengers Avho  had previously secul-ed accommodations  had to yield their places to the officers  and men. In Nit-it!, notably at Laily-  sniith, a large force has heen asseinbled  and ready to march at aniomeut'snotici..  It is estimated that the TransA'aal could  : muster a. fighting fbreo of from 16.000 to  18,000 men, Avhile tlie British troops  there nmnber 11,000 xixen, who are commanded by the A*eteran major-generstl sir  Wm. Francis Butler, who lias been in  comniaiid in South Africa since 1_9_._ In  addition, the Biritish have a large body of  splendid mouiited riflemeu and mounted  police aA'ailable. While the country generally is backing Mr. Chamberlain, many  Avell informed people assert'that, ni'ged  by Cecil Rhodes and the social influences,  the British Chartered South African company is hurrying the country to disaster.  They say not only will president Kruger  not retreat, but that the Transvaal forces  are familiar with eA'ery inch of tlie  ground, aud Avill be able to cope AA'ith any  force  Great Britain can put in the field.  Journeying of the Mahdi's Head.  London. June 10.���The acrid discussion regarding the final disposition of the  mahdi's head is stillproceeding. Wilfrid  ScaAven Blunt asserts that Gou.Kitehen.er  claimed the head as liis perquisite, but  destroyed it Avhen the outcry AA'as raised.  Tlie truth-really is that Maj. Gordon took  the head and brought it to England, intending to offer it to the Royal College of  Surgeons, but latter sent ifc back to  Wady-llalfa to be buried by the authorities'there, .in _-order, to be able to say  truthfully that those remains that Avere  not burned had been buried on the ..spot.  ��� -yy ," yiiiJN'0^;^i2my ��� ' ,.    ,  1H7^jlfi��a��ins"Wa.s. fined; $?T .Vand-fco.'.t.s ,p.>  I ^Friday ,iW #*elliiig _ Jhjn'or-1 ^'ItlipfttV^viiCr..:  Vehse. ;Y"T!ie|i3"tfeI'^ _iYo) itl-l. _ ���  4nipri����n;m-(|n---,." ajidY;'i]bD���"xyag *not< ".ithtillie":  Vre^Q!i|c|7|iansjp that ^mlai^nJi. tfagieSV"-��''  rystles ""theJ "ii|o"n^y. ��� .I-t"'{iio'iJ-.*j,r_' tWt" a"  '���lic'eusli'. \vas/j i_5s;ufecli to- auotDl|'0;i| p4r;S__':".to  splli Itq-uoi'.p'ukvAokf -ab Kootehay **Land^  ju|j,��. and^.i'llianis AA*as using %is* llepiigp.  WhVh^hlh^k^s^<--�� tobi5bop'i' atVfche h"pkd,  pf theflittke Williains had his.'float  fowed,  up -(-> vSi^pnta kndf rpcoininenc^d _selJiiiTg..  iitjuPl. there.     When haied beforp Jplin  luxlh '*Tf*iP^i lie said Argenta xviis "a Jvpot-  eiiay landing."   This  dM not go, ,a.< lie  Was SPhteiicPd������;*!(j_��aboVc. staged.     ��    '  Thp liPtel business is brisk, at Duncan  Gifcy. Therp are uo\y pigJit applications  ih for liquor licPusPs thei'% jlt^present  "Silly one Ho-pFis i'liuiiing, i-TRTfour moi-e  are building. There are also four applies..ions for liquor licenses tit, Lai'do, and.  three for_Argenta.  iiesVChaUenges^  " ���*.-a-��ft'ffiA^]sft|'iisJ^iii^^^ .  ���ThS- tk |iew eha"ipfidiy^gh^piXfii^  '"lit -the " Aca"4e.h'-iy "of/Miilic .VlJ;pi'e;."'tPji,igJifJ:  before  a ^ackftd-lipuse', .. Jpffries^ 'bp^pd'.  three 'rOui^.^^d'-ifYh^sp^ilg" *jp%kt'.pi,.,  YJiiii.paly pf|nis Pity.    WJhYA.- Brady,"  "Jeifties manager,; .��ead fmift thcYstage "a"  eludlenge' .to^fi^kfe TbnwTSfeV'kfey -'fepiife  .Sep-tpj'iibei^ &��$h\ ^yythfi, "iai'^tf' ' club  piirse lindYa:$|^^0"^e|)6|s;7 lie s^&'ii.-  latecl ",tJiitt;��ti|^7,ejitirp -iiut'sSv^hould go, bo;  tjie AvinnPr, andV-luitnp gidp ,agree,u.iC'iits  or Secret aB,t;i%igpmpnts be pPiisldPi'ed^titd  tliat   the   Sailor  "Must agree 'to Geoi'gp  Si lor as re-Pree.    'The. confcPst nutslj" take  place iii an pightepn foot ring.  B__l ;IiQwer Ygsterday.          MOLLY OIBSqNJTTLE CLEARED  Callanan's Claim Settled.  The JMolIy GibscSi  litigation  has come  to an end, and the cloud that has hitherto  rested on the company's title lias been re-  moA'ed.    The original tliree claims in the  Molly Gibson group AA'ere located by tAA*o  prospectors  named  George and Willey,  and, after changing hands seA*eral  times,  AA'ere  eA'entiially acquired  by the Molly'  Gibson Miuing Company.    The litigation  arose  from  the plaintiff  in   the action,  Callanan,   re-staking   the   three   claims  above mentioned.    His reason  for doing  so Avas that the three claims were staked  on the same lead, and   the original location consequently void.    He subsequently  brought an action   to  establish   liis title  to  the  claims.    The  company's defence  AA*as that the three claims AA'ere not staked  on one  lead,  and  they  further  claimed  that Callanan's  oavu  location Avas in no  ease  valid,  as  ho  had.used mounds   instead of stakes.   The company succeeded  in the British  Columbia courts, but the  plaintiff gave notice of au appeal to the  priA'y council, and   the trial  Avas due to  come off shortly.  On Friday afternoon, liOAA'ever, E. P.  Davis, Q. C. and W. A. Galliher, counsel  for the contending parties, came to a settlement of the case on the terms that  Callanan in consideration of the payment  to him of $1S,:_00, immediately stops alh .  proceedings. The mine closed doAvn some  months ago until the legal tangles had  been straightened out, and it AA'ill not be  knoAvn until Bruce White returns to  toAA'n AA'hen operations a\M 11 be resumed;  The Molly Gibson is one of the rich mines  of Kootenay, the ore being of ex- 'y  ceptionally good grade running high in  silver, and a considerable amount has  already been shipped. There is a large  quantity of ore on the dump and blocked  out in the mine.  The opening up of this mine means a  great deal to Nelson Avhere all supplies  for it are bought. It is situated about  fcAveh'e miles up Kokanee creek, AA'hich  floAA's into the lake a feAV miles above  Nelson, and uoav that everything is settled they AA'ill probably complete the  waggon road from Busk's lauding to the  mine, AA'hich Avould mean increased and  regular shipments and a larger force of  miners employed.  Britain's Representative  Enters   a  Protest.  Thi_ Hagur,YJune   10.��� The   Brussels  the peace coiifer-  coi ifereii ce  section  of  m  ...      . .. ..;W^M^i_iJ4Ma-5_  for  the  KASLO.  A pile driver lias arrived hi tOAA-n  the purpose, of driving piles to hold  new pontoon Avharf that the '.Canadian.  Pacific railway ai'u going to put inat  Ki-slo. A iiew AA'harf, no matter by Avhain  built, hits hpeu long and-patiently waited  for by our citi/ons and travellers for six  or seven long years. The makeshift that  has done duty since the big wharf was  carried aAvay by the flood, has been a disgrace to lvaslo and a iiiosfc dangerous  inenacp to those that had to use it, ft is  to be sincerely hoped that this time avc  AVillget.'a respectable landing ])lace.  Ed. Bray, former OAvner of the Fernie  coal fields, from the sale of Avhicli lie  realized a - snug competence', is in, the town  reneAving apquaintauces.  Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Aldridgc, of the  Trail smelter, accompairiecl by Miss Ayers  and F, T. Aklridge of Ncav York, are  spending a foAV days in lvaslo.  The iiGAvs that a satisfticfcory settlement of tlie Lardo-Duncan railway dispute lias been arriA'ed at, was hailed with  general satisfaction. Just previous to  the settlement the Kaslo and Lardo-  Duncan-company had stopped hiring any  more men on the construction Avork, and  a feAV people took it for granted tliat  Avork Avas going to be stopped for the  season. This should set, a feAV of those  AViseacres' fears at rest.  YMIR.  J. Jump lias disposed of all liis interest  in tlie Galena Lady to his partners.  At the VcIloAVstoue the ledge; i.s ~>l  feet., wide . of solid ore, and siljout fifty  men are employed. }  The Legal Tender, situated oii the north  Springfield 5, Worcester (j.  Providence 8, Hertford 4.  First.game Pittsburg (5,, Louisville I.  Second game. Pittsburg ;>, Louisville   1,  New STork o, Boston 5.  Chicago 3, St. Louis 0.  Toi'on to 0, Montreal 2.  Rochester 4, Syracuse 8.  Buffalo Tr, Miuneapolis 1.  'Coliiinbns'3, St. Paul 0.  Detroit 7, Kansas City 0.  Cieaaihg up Havana Harbor.  11 avas a, Jump 10.���CVipbalw \V��bfti*, in  cleaning up tjie upfx.r end of tlie liaiiior,  luus cut a. twelve hundred-foot channel  through the artificial shoro^ and a hundred: years' aceu_mula.ti.on of dunrpa'*''*-  from the old Spanish dumps lias been removed. ' Tlie former- y_llo\V fcA*er breeder  liji.. been thoroughly- cleaned, .some ten  thousand barrels of lime being used in  the vicinity. "~2  Tarte Still on the Sick List.  Tohonto, June 10.���Minister Tarte  spent an hour in the city on Thursday,  coming in.on the goA'ernment tug, Avhiph  is making one of its regular trips of inspection. Tarte is still ill very poor  health, and AA'as unable to receive any  deputations.  Famous Sire Dead.  London, June 10. -The thoroughbred  stallion G'alopin, bred in 1.872, -liy Prince  Batfchyatiy by N'edetta, out of Flying  Duchess, is dead. Galopin avou tlie Derby  in 1875. After his retirement from racing he became a noted sire.  ^W'-HW_4.<A_^_^^&-qd/^_Jiifl  ��,\ *   ��� o  ��� .I pf^H       .._.    .,..���������  lirinpipj     ���.   ._.���   Avrts:?hgld-mm ioh^iiMmeM0si^h'^  'cpa&h-inuicat^il ���A\_ifii|ht,^ie^S^^?;5  4hg to "f-__i!nre, of dele_fd_faj|-: io^r'S^Sfiey}:  mepting was "ad-��_n"@Syti:!lYMfell^^  'big-  of    diSgUietMu>  is:: toljsjS-Vabl^^  ijntihg "the," d'efcgatSs"��f_p^=."tl^|_^,mtne^^  pp*vvprs'*fi tlied'pci^^;'of:"d��ni|^^iicp��i*c^l*  slatiifg  to the tpi.id'_-r.._b�� |od{lV'��f fct'S'rfor*/  pxeii i tklAoo,, tl icy f e-^in^^ia;*-; %\fis ���kiiiy-^t  ���be 'imposed on" tho*":lSsei-$OAg'-i^i'iHa_A-^^  s'.Bv.?'l?  yy^0y$Ji  d_3o"'Y^ JLs^'---1  ,   ��   9     "a   _   *��b^7^_  y.fl p^p-'-iyi  �����������_ '*���.. i'jny  to restrict their .ind;e]jbnd^i1ep| _u;_rt:&M<_r!.l'  iiniend'ineuts to Vhli'ts,- .effePtAAii!!! ^bc  ���posed Avhen  fche- scheme 7is TUnally  cussed. :���' ���       ;  ..Li'I  1 S^U  P"_Q-"  ���dis-  f ����- \ 2-���'���;���  -Yale^R^ners^Defeat-dr***  Nisav York, June 10.���The .i>-ty-Sepoud  series of a-tlilPtic games On tetek and  field of the New York Athletic Olu;b Were  held fchis aftoi'iMOU at Travcrs Tgtlh-iftJ-,  a.nd: over 5000 persons AV._hPSse.fj. the  events, which niade iip a vPi'y interest"-  iag iJi'Ograjnmp. ThP one ?ni!e vnu, han-  dicapj was won by AJox- Grant, a Serntch  in.'iii, avIio deft-jited a good held ol Avliiiph  tlio ruuneiv up Avere Spity.el- and' Smith  of Yale. Coining i|i to the h<_mesfcrut_h  CM'aut cub in on Smith, and wore it not  for this the Yale men would probably  have lTi.ii_.ht-d fiV,st> afid sacoiid. Smith  CHt��ercfl a protost against the Aviuner, but  b'.'fore the referee could pass upon it the  Yak, man   witlKh'PAv   Iris coinpluint nnd  fjj  Me  ,.28  men  1-5.  were  j.laced  as uanied.    Thno  Afl'ieo-  Statcs  Silverton Defeats New Denver.  Silviortox, June. 10.���In Clip  associa-  ion foot, ball game played here today the'  Silverton team   defeated  the  boys   from  New-_* DeiiA'er. after  a close and excil  game. . Tlie score stood 1 to 0.  Negroes Ask for Fair Play.  WA.siriNGTox, Julie iO.���The'  American council of the Unite*  lias issued an appeal to the governors,  .legislators and officers of the S'outhorn  States to prevent lawlessness, and to secure ��� to all: citizens tlie * protection to  which they arc entitled, under the htAVS.  After reference to the burning of Saul  Hose,, the lynching of'Lige Strickland aiid  the political riots in South Carolina and  Norih Carolina, the appeal adds: "Since  tlie first day < f January, tliere have been  twenty-eight cases of lynching in the  south, and every one of them colored."  Ludgate Quits the Fight.  . VY\\TG'on\'Ki", June 10.���It is the general  opinion here that Theodore Ludgate Avill  not   further   bother   about    Deadman's  Island, but Avill locate his saAV mill on the  American  side of the line.   He and his  brother and foreman left this morning  for the  south.    It is  reported  tliat  Mr.  Ludgate was assured by Hon. J. Martin  tliat the litigation Avill last several years. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C., SUNDAY, JUNE  11,   18JJ9.  Si 1  -'  fy  m  M  We are showing* "a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu and sec them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits arc o*oii*i��>* fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot Aveather.  A. FERLAND & CO.  Klint, lllo-ik. Itiikci- Street. Nelson  Tools  _. COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  _���__������__*%_?  COM PAN  Co  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS   OF  PYTHIAS���Nelson    Lodge.   No,   25,  Knights of PjLlii..-., meet- in 1. O. O. V.llull,corner  linker-lid Ivoot enay >-i rcfN, every Tuod,.y evuiiiiif. ul  8 o'clock.   A'.silinif Knight.-, cordially inviit-d to ul u.-Jid.  C. I'TiKNCTI. C. C. G. l.'OSS, K. of It. *- S.  NKLSON LOUGH, NO. 23, A. F. & A.'M.- Moots  .-oeoni Wu-nuMiIity in ouch month. Sojourning  hrolhi-ui) invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.        ~~~  Alt.   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Avith the representatives  of  tlie ' .Miners''  Union.   .Tlie  reason   given fov.tlie adop-  .  tion of this line of. action is tJiat tiieni.m-.  age:-  of the*Athabasca regards as au in-  tcrfcrence   Avith * liis    management    the  ���    efforts of.the representatives of tlie Mm-'  ers*. Union  td adjust the differences existing between the members of the union  and the Athabasca  company.    The .only  construction Avhieh can   be  placed, upon  . sucli  actipn  is that the manager of the  Athabasca mine is not anxious  to  effect  * any  scttlciucnt Avith the miners  in liis  employ.      Tie is proceeding upon the as? ���  sumption .that, notwithstanding. Avhat-  eA'er    grievances  the Athabasca  miners  .may have^ they have no right to'be heard  except in a court in Avhieh ho himself has  * unlimited poAver to punish all who coin-  plain. It AvaS to re-iioA*o this disability  upon Avorking miners that miners' uillons  AA*ere formed.    What avou Id the p-opleof  ���a-connnun i ty-thhik-if���thc-oflicials^-bf^-iie'-  Canadian Pacific Railway Company publicly'refused to treat Avith  tlie  reiir'esei--  tives  of ti  board of  trade  because  tlie  officers of  the board did   not ship  goods  OATer  their  raihA*ay.     Yet   there   is   an  exact analogy  between a board   of tt'ade  and a  minors'   union.    Merchant,   fiatfe  found  it  necessary  for  their  own protection,   in   adjusting   differences   Avitli  railway companies, to organize board., of  trade and deal through tlioin, and  usage  has   so  established   tlieir right   to do so  that railway officials would not dream of  refusing to treat with the merchant's re-  presentatiA-es.      The   same  causes  haVe  forced working miners to organi/.e unions  and settle  their differences through the  union officer.-*, aud the mini' managers  of  Kootenay Avi 11 haA'e to take conditions as  they find them.    Mino managers  cannot  fly in the face of public opinion with impunity.any more than can Avorking  miners.    They cannot  be a  hi w unto  themselves and the sooner they recognize the  fact the better   it Avill be  for them and  the   people    Avhose    affairs    they    are  'managing.       Bad "Whiskey in Boston.  Boston Journal.  Some time ago we spoke of the quality  of poor Scotch Avhiskey in tlie market.  Today it is still more difficult to find  Scotch Avhiskey that is fit to drink. The'  stuff' that is sold under that name at 09  bai'rqoms out of 1.00 in this city is rank  poison, and we include, in. this calculation  the most pretentious inns as Yvell as resorts that might well be call dives.  The Americans   are inclined   to  turn'  liking into mania. As it AA'as Avith the  bicycle, golf, buttons, so it Avas with  Scotch whiskey,' which suddenly and  without apparent cause became a fashionable drink. Rye whiskey, the Avine of  our country, av.-is Aroted Ioav, and the consumption of Scotch became enormous.  The supply is not iioav equal to the demand. In clubs, in restaurants 'there is  a steadily growing complaint about the  quality. One brand after another finds  favor for only a feAV months, and the  price of that Avhieh is fit to drink is higher and higher. Already are there signs  of desertion. Will Irish Avhiskey be the  next favorite, or Avill there be a return to  ���American rye ? The choir Avill iioav sing  the touching lines of Dr. Maginn :  Glad was T in my soul, though I missed my national  liquor,  Aiid with a tear in my eye my heart fled back info Ireland.  AVhiskey, my jewel dear, what though I have chosen a  dwelling  Kar away, and my throat is now-a-days moistened by  J lodges-  Drink of my earlv days,  I  swear I shall never forget  thee!  The" patriotic Ncav* Englander, if he  must drink, should drink rum. It is true  that Dr. Holmes, Avith historical accuracy, puts Holland gin in the punch brewed by Miles Standjsh; but-rum. Avas for"  years, -the. beverage . at ^church-raisings/  ordinations, aud other -meetings of"the  highest respectability. Possibly Plymouth gin has its uses, and by a violent  Avrdneh" of the' imagination it> may -lead  the soul.to thoughts of Plymouth Rock,  but rum has more claims.  THOMSON'S  INCORPORATED 1670.  We would like  To supply  you  Avith groceries  We know  We can  g*ive satisfaction,  and  that it Avould be for our  Mutual benefit  To have yo deal with us  Try it  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      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TELEPHON*_E  35  During, the, senson -we will deliver ico at private residences  and business houses daily in an>"  desired quantity at easonrahlo  prices.  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Merchandise Inulcd lo ,'ind from dcpols; bus  nicfts all irains and boat.s. Special altciiMon  given 1.1 the Iraiisfiir of baj*gagc. O'liets and  ���"Iahles on Vornon street, opposite The Tribune.  IL D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  .   Wagon repairiiigr promptly attended to by a Hrst-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of ropainng' and  custom work from outside points.  SI-op;    .jail Stroe., between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Lawq Supplies  Hosgi nozzles, hose tripods, lawn mowers, ��  Garden spraysj -and water-pipe fittings���-  Of all kinds.  arso95  rsetiSON, b. :o.  Turner & Boockh block. N6l-qn, U. O;  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Corncr of Baker and Stauloy Streets, Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOY!.!)  JR.     HtTBRT,     -?_=-0*g'*E-IE_**'0__-  GTJN    CLTJB   MEETING.  A meeting of the members of the Steele (inn Club w'll  be hold in the fire hall on Monday evening at'K o'clock  for the purpose of considering (he advisability of cliMiig-  ing the name of Ihe club a d for the transactiiin'ol' .other  business.      .    ' OKO. A. IIUNTEK, S-i:ri_iur__  SUITS $25 J,  R.  Nelson's wp-to-dato Tailor, next Mills & Lott.  lothing  We have two, big simps in .real estate  "Call and &et p.\rticulnfs.  Moiiey to Loan  Agtints for Mellor's pinto Class and  Lloydrs Wat- Oluss rnsuraiice.  J. L VARSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines arid Mining Stocks' Customs Broker  REAL ESTATE ������AND GENERA^ AGENTS  We ���irfi rccfiiA'ing d;iily (Tii'cct front  lilid gi'G>vc_r.s eon-igniivoiit.s' of Stinivi*-  Ijei'rios, CJici*i*ic.s, XJsinaujiij- Owti*if{(..,  Lcinoii!., etc. Send us youir  stand iijii* ordct*.  .. The Tf-itlcs Only Supplied .  COW  STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  Wo have a fine assortment of woolens always  on hand. Goods made up at tho shortest possible notico. As everything is kept and made  on tho promises, satisfneoion is assured.  H- Jf. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  NOTICE.  All parties having accounts against the late Walter S.  Ashpit.ol are rwiuesled to send the simif! t.o I ho undi r-  Kijrnud.'atonco.' .-' JOJLN It. l'OU.r,.'V-.  1 Nelson, 11. O:. May 20th, l.SXl.  Although the Times & iTanibei. syndicate  lots in Addition "A" Jtre AvitlidraAvn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots  in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'HEILLY, Agents  Baker Street AVest, Nelson, B. C.  Removal Notice.  John Cholditch & Company bote to-iuinounce to tho  trade that thoy have removed their headquarters from  Nakusp- to Nelson, where they will for the future bo established.   Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  they have secured temporary quarters in the warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company on AA'ater stroot.-whorc  thoy will be pleased to receive their patrons.  Nelson, B. U., May 17th, IS!)..  JOHN CHOLDITGH & CO.  Parsons Produce Co*  Nelson, 1J_ C,  Geopge Holbpook  City Seaveng-er and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt nilcntion given to all orders left, at M. Pos-  Brisay & (..'o's, Uaker street, Nelson.  mTth BBSTA-MST..  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only Avhite cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  AVard and Carbonat u streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��i, room and board 83  md $-.">_.   -  A collection of lino Holgium Canarie.. for sale.  .  J V. O'LAUGHLIN.  "Let us Put Your Lawn Service in Shape  Op_nt House Block, poison.  ^rs  Nelsoii Iron Woi?Ms  ,MANai.'���-rn/riBHs qi-  BNttlNBS, BOIrBRS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF BVE*R,*r pEStiRIPTIOf.  Itopairs promptly iilteiHtal to.       P. O. libx IM.-  GENERAL TEAMSTERS*  AGENTS FOR.  The Imperisj! Oil Co.   Standard: Oil Coi  Washington Brick at*d Liirie-Go.  The H. W. filcNiell Co., Ltd,, Canadian Ai*th,ra>  ci .e Coal (Hard)  Dealers \\\  Crow's Uest Pass Coal Cov  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALU ORDERS  Charles   St;   Barbe,   Agent.  R. REJSTERER & CO.  BUEAA'ERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer^  Ale arid Pbrtep  I'rompt and rcffular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery, at Nelson.  fjf.-  te_;-^  myyy  a*a*i^c_^-_^*_�� THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY   JUNE 11, 1899.  ANK OF  Capita!,  Rest,,  all paid  up,     -  $12;0Q0p0  6,0-0,000  LORD ST1.ATHCON.A AND  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND,  I.   S. CIiOUSTON   MT. ROYAL, Prosldent   Vico-Pre.sidont   Geiiorul Manager  THE BANK OF  NJEI-S^N  N  _STEii-So_sr Bi-^v-isrcii  VW. Con. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HKANi.l.Kr.   I.N        LONDON   (EtiKlantl).   NKW   YORK.   OHIOAGO  and in i.hu prinuipal cities in (Janad...  liny and sell ssinrllng  Kxcliang_ and Cable Transfers  (. .   .  (1UANT <.nM.MKKC.IAI. AND TKA VKI.I.KKH1 CitKmTS,  availalile in any part; of the world.  DKAFT8  1SSUKD    CO-LKCTrONS MADiS; KTO.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Slfaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk.oq District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  PECULIAE   JAIL   BREAK.  Recently the county jail in Toledo,  Ohio, Avas tho scene of the human pyramid act AA'hich is generally Avitnessed in a  circus or on the stage. Five daring post-  office robbers performed the feat, and  thus escaped from durance. These men  gave the names of AVilliam Johnson,  George Jones, William White, Thomas  Miller and Fred-Williams. Williams aud  Miller Avere locked in the same cell.  They discovered that a bad job * of .'riveting had been done Avith the lock thereto,  so they made it Avorse. They Avere locked up in April, and in less than three  Aveeks were free. The pyramid AA'as  erected in the inside of,a chimney Avhich  led to tlie roof. Thence the men dropped;  by an improvised rope aud lightning rod  to the ground.  It seems '"tohave.taken A'ery little time  for the five men to make their plans for.  escape, for they Avere only captured at  the beginning of April. While some  Avatched the warders others Avent behind  the cell tier and Avorked at the lower bar  which guarded the fireplace leading into  the abandoned chimney. The bits of  stone they removed AA'ere ground'into  powder and scattered as dust. The place  of the stone Avas taken by skillfully prepared and colored bread.  Ou the, night'chosen  for   the escape  William _> and Milsl(|y dreAAY th^bolt and;  ,_���i<^e*^  .;cpnii*al.&��4i. *n.w ^  ,.%8��J��n. _.n      .'i^-dfl,        ,~fl'*    -     _        fl, & nnnn__qj.f-        ' ^   ^   ...,,    ^  .../i^eciui  |^^ft_^fecl"'\'ixm-bis.-* |:he 'eeir.' ippixi fbiY "a:  . C&foihesiik'e]�� �� 'Thk .^tf cists'; ��:wekef" -iOx-h into.  ;="��.st^ipis^^ and-adoug, "str<?ng -.rope was inadi3  '"2"!rdni.tjiem: n '.- ' . ..." *,..'-. ��� ."���  ,y ^V'hexi" kll iyA&jfOkdy _��he Joosentid bar*  l ��\tds�� t4k0n* aJ;oin the" ftfe^ide,] aiid' tli"e��  7.,ilig)||,es.^" -ofijlie "mgjiV^tr^d Vfco iil.imb; ihe,  ; >-li-im1)[ey.- "=^&^v^i$foX;JM)^ -a  .- 'K*t>YM!a*4  " failfd ��%_a;s ��_0n. :iujo;t*l*__ yumiiey ���.gaiii.  l|e nijina^ed to sci^iubljOaipa feVv feet* So  as to iriii-ceroOin for another man to get  ��� bpxiekth Mm. ���   .        ���-'-"' ���;-  In tins Avay, man1 by iliaii, tilley built a  j'Ogtilar jiyramld nutil tlie top maii Avas  ' able to- reach the  i#irsV;tt."the upper end  .of the chhpuey.   Inequalities* of the? a*, all  helped to   ikke off   soine of  the weight  fi,6iii  the mall who Avas lowest  in the  pyramid,  Avhile. sis there was 310" ba_a,ii(--  ing involved, it Avas a liiere matter Of  ability to carry Weight.  ^==It4o&k=but=little-tiine=fo.r^the46p=man=  to loosen tlie.gual'ding bars of the chini-  _iey.    He made his rope fast to one of the  bars, clambered up aild then; pulled * up  One of his comrades.   There was plenty  of room for all on the broad -Oping of the  chimney.  Froni the top of the chuimey to the  roof was a fifteen foot drop and the five  were afraid to take it for f _ai: of walcing.  someone by tlie sounds of the thumps upon the roof. Their rope arrangements  had been liberal, so they drew up a pitt't  of the line, leaving the rest of it iii the  chimney for emergencies; A lightning  rod rail from the chimney to the roof and  by putting the Hue near to this the nien  got the advantage of a double* hold as  they slid doAvu.  When the five had finally removed  themselves others of the prisoners sauntered out on the roof and took the morning air for a while, Frank- Henderson,  having the price* descended to the courthouse yard, crossed to a saloon, got a big  drink, brought a flask and returned via  the lightning rqd tq his comfortable cell.  Just as the dawn changed froni gi'ay to,  pink another prisoner came forth to. take  another look at the height of the Avails.  There an negro boy Saw him and fired  at him with a revolver. The shot woke  - a policeman; avIio wakened a janitor, who  disturbed the slumbers of a, turnkey, avIio  Avoke up a warder*. Avho awakened the  tlie warden, who Avokelip the sheriff, who  called the fire department, which Avoke up  Toledo.        . .   YUKON*  INQUIRY   A   SHAM.  Toronto Mail and Empire.  The report Mr. Ogilvie makes of his  --. Yukon investigation bears out the popular" impression with regard to that enquiry. On August 25th of last year the  order to look into the scandals was issued.    By February Oth of this year, Mr.  Ogilvie  avii.s sitting   in   his ofiice Availing  for somebody to   volunteer accusations,  or for  the miners   fin- and   near to conle  in  iind    tell-him   the particulars   of the  extortions   of Avhieh  they  had  been  the  victims,    lie  sat from   February 0th, on  and oif, until March 15th, finding out two  or three of the official improprieties and  discovering  Avliat   Avas  more   important  than anything else, namely, that he could  not ttike cognizance of transactions tliat  had occurred subsequent to August 25th,  the  date of his appointment.    Then the  alfair Avas closed, with the promise, howeA'er, that it Avould be reopened to hear  what   was  to   be said   Avith  respect  to  Messrs. Wade and Norwood.     Mr. Wade  is  the   Winnipeg   lawyer  who   became  registrar or croAvn prosecutor, and is said  to haA'e accumulated great Avealth; A\rhile  .Norwood  is the  American, formerly the  captain of a Avhaler,  who Avas  appointed  a   mine   inspector.      The   enquiry   Avas  precisely Avhat it  was expected to  be,  incomplete and comparatively harmless.  One circumstance  that helped to render  it futile was tlie report that eA'ery miner  who told upon an  official having a finger  in his claim, Avould lose his holding, aud  would  go  out   penniless.    Another Avas  the fact that complainants if disposed to  come -forward   Avere   expected  to leave  their Avork and proceed to  DaAvson and  give evidence without receiving even the  ordinary witness'  fees.    But the strong  influence robbing the enquiry of its usefulness  Avas the   knoAvledge  that it Avas  not  likely to  be  serious,  except to the  witnesses who might tell too much.    The  euquiry differed from  an investigating  commission.    The principle  upon Avhieh  it proceeded required that some person  othertlian the commissioner should seek  outthe facts and marshal  the testimony  for consideration by that official.    Everybody  kuoAA's that  if there A\*ere   irregularities  in  a public   institution,   and a  com missioner were told  to sit and Avait  ^i*fi"ti!s__tfe^  ^iu|i^4inQ:^quM^^  *M-ie%bfsM-^���Yi-n%oi;ta{ice"i^^^^^  ;MciimMf^  gniental* tr{VU^agtl<ps ^<<i^;ig^.;a-|ve^'y<a^*:  Ylerfeu-i*. 'b*oimni.g*_iiOii;nutO f���hiit;AHii.h?" 'Was,,  "Clidsen- foi?vtlie; ^"jlvftii.. It "reqiiii^s, theY  ConnnissiDuers ��f&. tak"?- "posses^ioh pf itlie��  'ofiiQejVto go throiigli all tlie b^d%',. .itijiti  > to .iij^obe-aild ti'ftcie every trEusac|ibiiv for*  -itself. a��*A" ���eommi0sio|iY3|;;this" n_tt*ci:re,"in"  ';"view o"f the!av{*ilan<?hft bfVq'offljij^i^jpiaf.:  Oaille ffQm ihe, ni,i*tlfng district���hoi fkom  disivppbintedf ^?^i|kg_% aa nw_ts-* pxiep 'prpr,,  teiided^bjit ^fi'Om'  iMipartial"4vi%'3S��^S,;f  both. English aud" OimirtdiaiT, wasYfeyyk:  ed" to do justice in the -premifeQs tthd to  clertxj the good]" name of "Canada of the"  repfpaplij ^Aditeh "th"e.-G0ari.da,I^;haA*e"MtSic!h���-.  ed'to   itY  This  gOverniri^nt  isshedrVsiieh :  a  cbiniliissiOir to �� investigate   ihe, pehe-  teuthi:-i*ies=;a,t Kingston, and-St.JVfiiicent de  Fixhl.   It ha_ had like eoniliiissi0ns to enquire iittb  the "political predilections of  officials against Avhom general complaints  of p'lrti^uShip.have.been niade.   lit "the  ease of the Manitoba deputy returningc  officers it CA'en employed Finkorton detectives iu order to tissist it in making  out a case. In the Yukon affair it has  not exhibited a like eagerness to discover  the truth respecting the charges that  haAre been so Avidely made. On the contrary, it has assumed the attitude of defence, and Avhile attributing evil motives  to those aa'Iio haA'e made complaints, it  has sought to blind the public conscience  by ordering an enquiry that docs not  enquire, and is so restricted as to be useless. That parliament will be satisfied  Avith the futile investigation Ave doubt.  But Avhether it is or not there can be no  question as to Avhat the opinion of the  country Avill be.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL. ARRIVALS.  PHAIR.  G. II. Garden, Lardo  .Al. Ar. Adams, Ivu-lo  G. o. nnchinii". Kaslo  .1. MalliiiHon Williams, London, KuRland  |{. I!. Davis, ('n.bc-  L. Davidson, New A'ork  K. l-itt, Now Denver  ll. L. JIonUiKiio. Vancouver  K. II. Curtis, London  HUME.  Mrs.  McArthur,   Ho sland  F. Itoliliins. l'lueiiix  .laincs 11. .Sullivan, Chicago  II. Sutliei-laiid, Toronto  .1. O. McCarthy, Toronto  C.   I*.  Mc-Liiclilan,   AA'inni-  pet?  J. A. Drown, Spokane  A.       McDougall,      Grand  Korkrf  C. H. Oliver and wife, Spokane  Smith Curtis, Rossland  W. K. Dceks, Montreal  A. Hincliy, Montreal  George Hi'cli, London  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GKT PRICES.  K. G. AA'ilson, London  Miss AV. J. Edwards. Glas-  Kow  David  Edwards a*i<l  wife.  Glasgow  AV. .1. O'Mrien.  A'ani'ouvor  QUKKN'S.  G. F. Murilocli, f-i'anli-ook  K. .lacksoti, llossliiud  II. A. Dundee, l.olison  F. L. Newmaii, Uobson  Thonins   O'l.oiiKlilin.   Spokane  T. O'lirien. Seattle  A. P. Illandy, Creston  ,1. A\'ilson, Greston  I'*. A. Cross. Toronto  AV. W. Smith, Medicine  Hat  Mrs. .1. R_.d_-_.ch, Cranbrook  T. T. Wallaco, Cranbrook  GRAND CKNTRAL.  .AV. Parker. lirooklyii i J. S. Itowurinnii. S-ilmo  IL S. Howden, Slocan City   Thoinas   Johnston,   Silver  J. J. Lawlor, Nakusp |     I-Inn inino  SILVKR KING.  .-,._.--,.  _.. _-. e3-c=>-p3^SI-^-i=3 >��3-tz3'e^^g3-^>-,  D. R. Collins. Silver King  mine  James Barnes, Ashcroft  J. Dover, Ashcroft  JK. Saundors, Cranbrook  A. McCaskill, Cranbrook  J, Cosborkic, Cranbrook  Charles  Hicks, Athabasca  mine  Fred Ryan, Kort Steele  Stephen    McKay,    Silver  King initio  A. McDonald, Silver King  mine  B  We have just received a consignment of Ladies'  Waterproofs, which we will dispose of as follows:  %  %  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  B  Ladies' Waterproofs $ 8  Ladies' Waterproofs,.. .      9  Ladies' Waterproofs .    10  Misses Waterproofs .............. 7.      4  EVERYONE A BARGAIN  ffl  ffl  MADDEN.  S. Kelly, Duluth  John Dowd, Winnipeg  AV. Parker, Hrooklyn  S. J. Lawlor, Nakusp  John  McCorin ck.  Itobson  James Langloy. Uobson  The Tremont Hotel  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  %  BANK  OF   B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  t:e3:_"_:m*s o___s:e_:  K(=>.(=>,c3.c3.C3.C=>.c=t ���<=>���<=?'��=>.(=*.��  .<��*.��.��:!  .p3.t=3.��3..  #  W1AL0J.E & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  P. Burns c�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER;  ���     1'HKalDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SKCKETAUY,  Nelson! Sw&vPlaning fills *  LIMITED.  ��� ��"7W_   ��-��,��. * 0 ������_IAN'UF.ACTyjlRKSJ-OK l-A?. I}'..*.. ���.��� *n  . �����'    ,, j  -^zy:.^,^^  %>7i-c-Ro:ugbr_and_iD;rBes^etd#'Um^^^^  .YY*;rYMouldl-ngS|Y;^ &.*:w: ��� y, -^y-it.  ^%!fe_^ell^t_#^cl::^ieke-s^  ��� /. ; .Office aiid; iS^ox'e Fitrfcing^  "KA'CTOliA'SWORK BOX,)* TO, .<5RfilCl��jj>���  -   ��� "" ��� " ��� - - ._,0-'���?i.vs^,    . "  -        .  ���  -. .  S0tilk SawiWgr  i-Jatid..1Sa^i-i^-.  ii_ SToqic  Glass of all Sizes atn�� Kiiids  and  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  gfEP HOTII-  BAKER STREET, NELSON. :  .. ��� bitehtaqi���Joy M' eeJng ity * *  SaAvmill on G_vernmeht wliarif. ��� ���   . -  Factory find ./lice..corner HaTI strno*bli;,aim, G.P.B. track  .   Ijftrge fcpji|fbrj;aj)le bc-rooni^ arid.  fli'sfe.cjaKij "(Uftlbg"  jrdom; ��'SiinApl6-''^)-m��I^f6v"coIIin1C-_j(vl^l\5i)>I',   "  '*'.'��� _R __y__ E3S /***B-_2--^-_E3_=-:. IS^"X" ���  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,  Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ggS.1. fa,M. Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Buteher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  :ST^tr*:^M__SSAlE7  ^jI^HA^^Nl'ION-  Xat_��o| tho^tpyalV_Iot-f,"Cftiiary;  ty   good'  stonemasons,   at  once.     Wages   Five   Dollars   per  day.of nine hours to first-class men.  Apply Nelson Saw and Planing*  Mills, ��� Limited, Nelson, EC.   Of IX cJ  GB^BRAL  BROKER.  FOR BENT  FOR SALE  AVILL 1)0 WKkLVO  BCY THEIR LffiMBER  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  '. ''"     " ��.-_ifjE|_^_C^;j^^l?|^__^--'il��-i^'E||3f!slv������ ^'tsl&LiSJSo^"     =      "   -  All con-imunicafidni rfelatinig!  Vfd "BritliKv^bl-ui-fi^ P. O." Drawer  '" ?%8'5/^i;_-b.i-,; ��#itisa -Cdiumkk-," """'i^c'-"    ���   '  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A, 7-ro_ni houso ,  A 5-rooin hoiiso .  ...$30  ... 20  :o.o_  AlltrgoliCardii>j.*liouHoi __..���  bysiiloH!., centrally located  ���Koiil estate in all parts of tlio olty.  LOANS INSURANCE  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing' 120 acres of land -within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   Por farther  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  TEN COLLARS REWARD  I  A large stock of first-class dry material oii hand, also  a full line of sash, dobrt. moulding-,, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPEGIAITy  H- D. H-M-^ Manager.  The finest hotel in tho interior,  largo sample rooiiis.   Steam lioM and elqetrio light.  COKNEU OF AVARD AND VEHKON STS., NKLSON  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, I.olson  Telephone; ill  PETM MIM & CO.  IIcndqiiartoi'H for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  The above reward will be paid by The Tribune Association, Limited, for the arrest and conviction of any person stealing a copy or copies of The TuntUNE from the  pren  THK  TAIIIUNI*.  SKT.  (Kx-ShcrilF of South Kootenay) ���  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postoltlce Box 572 Nelson, II. C.  ~~    FOR SALE  BY   PRIVATE   BARGAIN  20 Draught Horses,  12 Draught Mules.  II Pack Alulos.  13 Pack' Horses.  ��� The above stock is in lirst-class condition and perfectly  b- oko'n.   The vendor ean furnish if, desired complete rig-  giiiK  for pack animals, also harness and   wagons for.  balance of stock.  Apply to "T. Cil," Albert L'unyoii, Is. C.  AVo mako a specialty of  Sljiplap arid Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Offlc- and yard near C.P.U. depot   K-.-G. liKETl, Agent.  COAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of luinbor  out to- order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  Write for prieos.        -  FLORENCE PARK HOTEL  Two and a half miles tip the Outlet from Nelson.  .���R��DE-R:-ICK".R0BeR-T'SDNf'fG(en'eK-��,l-'r;'iVI'_n-ag6r''V' _v'r''_?'*-"tfVv*;'i  J r-��   /-\  "S"',FOw_:-ER;/^iyivJ7.Mfri.ne;Ehgi'n       " .        -I P.feLovJIN,, p. Ov  ,S- o.  any  O-1   aN3t._3X'S03Sf,  Is  how prepared  to  buy all  glasses of silver, golcli silver-lead, lead and  copper ores.   The careful attention given to large Cdritra5t& will be extended"  Vto the_snaaliestL^sbipper.   Prompt_��ettie7ments_an^d^ mode of sampl-  ing guaranteed,  Address all communications to drawer S,  BAKKft ANl> WAItD STltKBTS, NKLSON  Tho only hotel in Nelaon thut has remained under olio  management siiicc 1890.  The bad-rooms _iro ^.voll nirijishcd and, lijjht-fl bit-  electricity.  Tho diJiing-Toom is not H(_<jond to any Iti KflOionay.  Tbqbar is always slacked by tho best doincstip and  iiiiportcd liquors and cigars.    THOMAS MADDKN, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted II_a!,ed by hot ai  Kqi-sonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells aiid light In every room  Koiiovated anil refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. A?. PKIll-S, Proprietor  Froc bus meets all trains  Hourly streot car to station  Netson, B. C  GEORGE M. McDOWELL,  O. M. ROSENDALB, Purchasin.Gr Agent.  Manag*er.  A. THUR  SMOKERS' HEADQUARf ERS  Keeps a full line of"  ftOYAL SEAL Ai-TD ^dQTENAY BEXjLE GIGA RS  And all other bpands of the  AT FACTORV I'I.[-I*S  OF   lsr__!_lJ_-03Sr-   B. Os  Revelstoke, B. C.  Orl-UlA-illJ-i!.'.-   Pure Milk, Fresh-Uid. Eggs.  All of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotol  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy dclicaciCR that cannot bo obtained in .hotels or  -.restaurants at Nelson.   Good stabling.   Opcirday and  night. ' Can be reached by. either road or- water.  :    -, .   WILI-IAM.IlOHreitTS,'Proprietor. .;*  COSMOPOLITAN   HOTEL  ���32T3yriS-3   B. o.  .Everything flrst^class  Choice brands or Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Hates $1.50 and .2 per day.  J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  POTENAY  COFreFctL  COFFKE.  HOASTEttS  AND  AND    DEALERS  COFFEE.  TN   TEA  Oil'cr fresh roasted cofTce of best duality as follows:  Jura and Arabian Macho, per pound...: S   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds     1 "0  Kino Santos, I pounds.    1 00  Santos.Blond. r> pounds   1 00  Our Special Blond, (J pounds  .   I 00  Our Rio Roast, 0 pounds.. :..   1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of   Oddfellows   BlocK,   West  ���' ��� ' Baker .Stseet ,. .-.;-..  ,-'���'. N-E_SO"N, ;B._C-.-'-Y 7  Nelson Tent and Awning laniifaeiopy?  _A.X_.I_   ICIISr-DS   ov_-|  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OF TENTS IN STOCK  Maker street, opposite postoilice, Nelson  TSIEO.  IMI-A-IDSOIlSr  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLE WHAITE  J. McPHEB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply anil Coastpuetion Co,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Conipdete Electric Bquipmonts for  7        - .   .    :  7    Electric Fixtures.  P. O. Box 606.  Electric Power Tratismlaalo*- and l_-g-_t.__g- ��or M.l*aeB, Towns  Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  Josephine Street, Nelson, B.O. THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, .JUNE  .11,  .1899.  Coo! and Refres  When tired ancl heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  L& CO  CORN Kit BAKKR AN1�� JOSKI'HINR STRKETS. NKLSON  :-.*��  Y *  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR    ,  Summer Shoes  CANVAS'OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  C�� f   -__ _- P-O. Store  0 /.^5 up  Remember the Name  id  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  ;I^ ��� ��� X.��t#0'li.2E3lE_r3_^__  IL will bo to-your'ful vantage to see our largo  and complete stock of .Boots and Shoos. We  carry tho .following linos: ��T. it. T. Bel], 3.  IX. King & Co., North Star Shoe Co., _._oLs,  Scliultz & Co., Stratford .Shoe Co., Ames, Hol-  -flcfn A Co., and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2G AND 28 WKST UAKER STRKKT, NELSON  DINING   ROOM  ���r  _____  I.  leA-iiif ifi  Corner Riikei' and Ward Strcc(��  f  OS  NELSON,   B.C.  ...,   .-I,  '  DRAWING  ROOM  3VC^.TTI3STO-  ;i_  w  ;_,  31.  Si  ���ft*  ii-  s_  ���j.  in  &>&wg&��&-��:&_^  I'-!  I'1  FOB STYLISH MILLIMBY  and Fauey Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  C ALL ON  rs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STHKRT, NKLSON  AND  Ice Gream  (HAZLKWOOD)  Ice Gream Soda  flj CENTRAL FRUIT ST0R.E  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Gun Clu-'s Weekly Shoot.  Tho inenibei'.s oi the Steele Gun Club  luul tlieir first prnctiee shook .�����._ the traps  yesterday at'tei'iiooi), .vIumi four .sets of  live birds Avorc shot ofV. The shooting'  was from unknown traps _.._<_ unknown  angles, Avith sixteen yard rise. The feature of the day's practice was tlie score  made by George Steele, avIio secured nineteen birds out of a possible twenty. The  second up was Clarence Goepel, who got  eleven birds, getting all in tin* second  and four in the fourth set. The following were the scores:  S. Nelson  0 0 1��0 1 (in 0 10 1 0 II 0 1  I 0 0 0 1��� 7.  .1. A. C'ilkcr .... 0 0 (1 1 0 I 0 0 1 I  I 0 0 0 0 I 0 I 0 (I��� 7  W. Cunkson... 0 0 0 ll 0 0 1  I ll I 0 . II I) I) I  I  11 0��� 7  ('���������A.  Hunter... 0 0 0 Ml I 0 0 I  1   10 0 1  1 II II 0 0 I��� _  Dillon  1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 1  I 1 0 0 0 0 1���10  (J. (_iu-|i~l  U ll 0 I II 1  I   I  I  1   I (I 0 0 0 I  1  10 1 ���II  It. II. W lliiiins. 0 0 0 1  I 1  1 0 0 0 ll 1 0 0 1 0 1  III I - !l  Dr.  Armstrong. 0 0 1 10 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 ll 0 II 0 0 1 il 0��� 7  Geo. Steele...... 1  1 1  1  1  1 1  1  1  1  1 I 0 1  I  1  I  1  I  1- 1!)  lluwloy  1 0 0 0 1 0 I  I II 1 0 0 1  I   1  I 0 (I I 0-10  The.elub will have regular shoots eA'ery  Saturday afternoon, but members who  find it ineonvciiieiit Saturday, will doubtless be able to shoot any eA'euing, as there  is always someone around the traps.  Along the Water Front.   -  The  river rose  If  inches   during the  tAventy-four hours ending at (i   p.m. yesterday.  The'Kokanee-had the river to herself  yesterday, the Alberta having gone to  Bonner's Ferry to be inspected. The  Kokanee took her run as Avell a.s her own.  The Aiigoroiu- tug Avas at the wharf  yesterday with a raft of lumber. .  Suggestions for Boating Committee.  No stone is being leftunkm __ecl to make  the Dominion Day celebration a greater  success than ever, and those interested in  the various sports are vieing Avith each  other in devising attractive programmes  for their various- departments. A novel-  idea lias been evolved by some of the  boating men Avhieh is presented to the  boating .committee for their consideration. They'propose, outside of the ordinary races, to have international four-  oared races, iu whieh a Canadian, Knglish, Irish and Scotch crow Avill compete.  They also propose another sek of four-  oared races in whieh crews drawn from  the wholesalers, bankers, merchants of  the city and also a general crew, Avill  compete. They think that races gotten  up on those lines Avill arouse greater  interest among a larger number of people  than the stereotyped form of races, and  they take the line that Nelson, having an  unrivalled course for roAving races, no  effort should be spared in making this  feature of tho. celebration programme  particularly attractive;, emphasizing, as  it does, one of the chief beauties of  Nelson.- r ���    ,  -  It is also proposed" to have an -Humiliated, carnival on the lake on one of* the  evenings. Jf one of theC. P.IX. scows,  or a large raft, could be secured, an' attractive display of fireworks and illuminations' could be given for A'ery little  money, while moderate prizes offered for  the best illuminated craft Avould bring  numbers of smaller, boats on,the river.  Anyone   avIio   possesses,  or  ean   hire, a  canoe or boat could join the procession,  and by hanging.out a Chinese lantern or  two would add greatly to the general  ell'ect. Such a procession has never been  seen in Nelson, and on a fine summer  night should have a lovely effect. It is  intended to bring those suggestions officially before the boat committee, and as  comparatively little money would bo required, the originators have every hope  of seeing their ideas materialize.  NELSON.  A China-man living down on the Hat  at the end of Silica street complained to  lire chief Thompson yesterday that a  white man fried to-burn hi- shack down  about one o'clock yesterday morning.  The hen coop and park of the roof was  burned before tlie fire could be extinguished. The Chinaman did uot seo the  man distinctly enough to give an intelligible description of him.  The entire time of the court yesterday  Avas taken up by the adjourned case of  Alexander vs. Heap. The defendant  swore that khe plaintiff made no -enquiries as to any fresh strikes when the deai  was made. Tlie action is for a rescission  of the contract granting a. bond on the  Teeumseb and Pontine claims to tlio defendant. Justice Drake reserved judgment.  At the last meeting of the Nelson  Miners' Union the following officers were  appointed:" Charles McKay, president;  John McLeod, vice-president; John 11.,  Park, secretary-treasurer; !\. M. Mowat,  Avarden ; and John Scott, conductor. The  executive is composed of Charles floskins,  W. J-. AVhite, Jolm II. Park and Charles  McKay.  . D. L. Dover of Montreal, brother of  Jacob Dover, has arrived in the city and  taken the position of manager of his brother's jewelry stove.     ������  co  oo  oo  NEW  REED  Furniture  ��2  _i  CQ  i��  CO  m  O-  ���.  3**-*  CO  i���;  CO  _c  nn  a  CO  oo  G9  Veranda Chairs  aiid Mockers  Children's Gti-CaFfcs and  pes  Gentlemen's  Arm Rockers, Etc.  _-*&���  already established of doing*  honest  and thoroug*!.  ^ Toffer fhc larg-cst stock in* 3^  ' the Kootenays, wholesale  "and retail. * Call and examine. Special attention  to watch repairing. Watch  attention, careful, experienced, painstaking attention. Attention that will  keep its fine mechanism  in perfect condition. I.t  doesn't take much oil to  make it mark time, but it  must have that mite, and  have it at the right time.  It is our business to correct all difficulties about a  watch and make it keep  correct time. If not worn  out*, -we can do i__ It is  our ambition to add to the  imputation we: think we  ^hi^~^in^iKi^0iTrSl\^fil^^^  ^ watch repairing*.  OF ALL KINDS  NOT TO, LOOK. AT  JUKI.!. STItKRT WKST.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  KO.lt SALiC Oil H_EK  Nelson, *__ U,  HDS-NKSS ANI> HBSlDBNTIAL  P-tOl-Klt-A.  SO by 120. Biik-i* tit. .al). between  Jonepliine  mid  Witwlsti'ccl.s.... .....SSOuO  SO liy 120, _Buker stl'ool:, between J osoi.luuo anil Hall  street...,   ...,.7 . .5_o  ..0 by 120, J In Ker rft reel., bcl.wocll JoMejiIiincardJIftll  _-_q_1$, -ciji'iler...   :'() by 120. Mist linker si reel,      800  ,25 by 120 with i_i_i_rov.__io._U. (south side of Vernon  street  .., ,.���  liOOO  30 by 120 with Jmprovbm-i.t'H south side ot. Vornon  street  ���������:., ����������������� ��.. yl-K.. 'TOO*  2 lots mid large h0u.se beautifully I,lirn inhctl tsnai.).. 1000  2. lots with .01 tiigo rented at $15 per month, Viutori;.  street ���������  jioOQ  1 lot with cottage rented at S. 5.per month, Victoria  street  ,,   2500  2 loU with cottafc'o touted at ?20 per month, H'lnloy  ���.r_ol_  ..>...   ���  ;iooo  Olol s in block-ill. all cleared find fei.ced in ,. 2500  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to ordot*. Repairing and fitting a spec^  ialty. Sails made and rigsca. Fishing1 rods and tacklo  inondod.  At Government vi'barf, Nelson.  Notice to Gontraetops.  Sealed tendois will be received up to Op. in. Saturday.  10th June, by the undersigned for the excavation and the  basement walls of ihe Burns Block, on Baker street.  Plana and specifications can be seen at _iy oilleo.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  ARTHUR K. HODGINS, Architect.  FreHh Fruit, rnccivt'd daily   ���  NuxL door to NcIhoii Wiiiu Co. '-������-.  Telephone !>:.. .    JIUJU-HHKyS & PITTOCK  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  - Sealed tenders, properly endorsed, will be received by  the undersigned up to noon of Saturday, 17th instant,  for the completion of the second story of ihe Nelson public school building ���   ������       ���-���--   -���--  Drawings, specifications, Jind cond.Lions of tender and  contract may be seen at our o/lice.-  Tho lowest, or any tender not nuces-sanly urceplcd.  ���-KWAHT & l.AJtllll''. Archit'-uls.  ,  Rooms 7 and 8. Alianluun block, Baker street. Nelson.  n-rOoin house and 10 lots set. out in orchard   _J'Oo  Slots and imiirovemciits, 52 head of co\\:s, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in coil:  noction with Hurry's mill* ranch. ;     5500  For general in formation on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  Real Kstato and General Agents, Maker St.. Nelson  TROPICAL FRUIT DEPOT  Corner Baker and AVard Streets,  For  Strawberries and  other fruits in season.   Leave  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS & LOTT  Agent,  for Il.iidowood Ice Cream.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  ardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant  TRUAX  ORB  OAR.S  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  ���AV   Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ^y-^yy  and Woodenware  ^��d,^m(��/     Stoves, Ranges,  .o___,yV��pa.  WCCDEN   %   Irop>  steel>  f1^  MATERIAL     ^ -p ?r?n'^"Ra1^    ���  ^< Paints, Oils, Glased  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON  HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool oi the evening" the weary can find rest  by reposing- in one oi' our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO  -Fop . Summer  StowcrV Lime Juice (pints and quarts):     Stower's Clarified  Lemon Squash.     Star Lime Juice.    Saint Lucia-Lime Juice.  Fop Camping1  Lunch ancl Ox Tongue, r's and 2's.. Roast Corn Beef,* i's  and 2's.* Potted Meat, large assortment. Lazcnby's soup  squares.  Fop the Table  Famous   Pure Gold   Jams and  Jellies.    McLaren's  Cheese.  Fresh Canadian Cream Cheese.  M��-^Gar_py^,hfc^l-^ge3^  Nelson or any other town in the Kootenay.  Your trade is solicited, satisfaction guaranite  ���antecd.  Telephone 10.  P. O. Box K &o W.  Baker street West, Nelson  Very Busy  This week filling orders  No time to write ads  Will see you next Week  IV). DesBrisay & Go,  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons,  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock,  JOHN A. IRVING ��& COMPANY  Baker Street West, Noli, on, 11. 0, ���  PECIAL ATTENTION  Tho mpply In limited, so cull onriy mid uxaiiiiiic ihi- ntocl-.  Hiivo juut 1-coived ti consignn.eiit of Harris homo  mad- tweeds from Talbot. Harris, Scotland,  FRED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  *"i\


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