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 THE LAW AND THE LAW COURTS  Anxious to Get Out of Court.  The dispute between the Arrowhead  and Kootenay and the Kaslo and Lardo-  1 Juneau Railway Companies was ended  yesterday morning when two motions  were made before Mr. justice Drake for  the purpose of dissolving the cross-  injunctions which had been filed preventing both railways from proceeding with  the construction of tlieir respective lines.  Both motions were made without opposition, and the rival companies are now  free to continue the construction of their  respective lines.   Dundee Pays for His Interest.  The case of Dundee vs. Richardson  was called, but was amicably settled by  tlie parties before any evidence was  taken. The action Avas brought by  Charles Dundee, president of the Dundee  Mining Company, in which he sought a  declaration from the court that* the defendant was his trustee with respect to a  one-half interest in the River Eden mineral claim in the Illecillewaet district. lie  claimed that the defendant acted as  his'agent iu locating the claim, but that  instead of staking it in their joint names,  the latter only put liis own name on the  stakes. The defendant denied that any  agency existed. The terms of the settlement was that the plain till* should get a  bill of sale to one-half of tlie claim on  the payment of $1300. J. H. Bowes appeared for the plaintiff, and Cliarles  Wilson, Q. C, for the defendant.  FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 9,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA*.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  be materially benefited by having the  trade betAveen the two countries enlarged. The desire is so to shape the reciprocity arrangements that ships going  in either direction would be assured a  full cargo instead of only ballast one  way.    WERE TALKING AGAINST TIME  Cannot Hold Segregated Sections.  Mr. justice Drake handed down his decision in the case of Darts vs. St. Keverne  Mining Company, giving judgment in  favor of tlie plaintiff. He held that a  person could not locate a mineral claim  so as to include two separate pieces of  ground in one claim. J. H. Bowes .appeared for the plaintiff, and Charles  Wilson, Q. C, and J. Elliot for the  defense.     ,.   The Company Must Pay.  Hannington & Taylor, acting for the  defendant company, applied for an adjournment in the case of Auguste Anderson vs. the Bolander Mining & Milling  Company on the grounds that notice of  trial had been served at a date which  made it impossible to get tlieir Avitnesses  in time from Tiffin, Ohio, where the officials of the company reside, and also because the amount of siioav ou the ground  still intike*- it impossibleYto have an ex-  ;;rl3^eal_ci ��$ $��^-��ft^-'^_f_^te_K-^^  Y^'thatl^  ��Aelid'^-'dtriS-(itgSf _-fi^^^'.^ifeieyvi^!tlyy  Mmfesisy ^m^k^^^^i&J^i^^. ty.fi���  Jg&iif$pffhd$i^  ^rVeci-fi* ed' ^udgilti-^^  ���^01\i^HnnpA\0i^^^ }y^;; - .1 y,  \- , ���;  k/;W;\^-:_v$^ ������ ���'���.  ""- ���' ThevJasij'' .''ca_��e''"'fe.KeH"\y"^stej'_lay':. Ata*.-  ;^^lai;bih7A>;s;tI|rOj\;ft, iti, ^hi^V.^ikp pl^intili*  . -Yw'as* asking- ��� f6'^,��=li-p^pqi^iii-j^ .��i��'|i,^= "i'^i- ^."Cjli-^.j  f="4iiii$fi*^t�� de-  i.-fS|du_i��   'Tlli" xilaixMli^&tfyi\fwa-��iMha't  ���2 dli J .iu_s15&9l^���_ie ^  .   ant, WhOtS hiaiiaggi*^^  f)Qep Mining Company;: with ps. view tp  gbingViiito.tlie hote, * ]tfusi?ieBS". vith .liiinat  WliiteAyater. As k resulthe-Went up to  Whitewater, took an Option oh the Mc-  Kiiu hotel in the dfeffej_dant's_Manle aiid  stocked 'WidTitted tip- *flie~~liQtelJ ts the  Whitewater Deep hotel at aeostof itbout  $2000. The defendant siibseqiieUtly ratified these aetssand it AVrts agreed betAyeen  them, the plaintiff sayss that -lie; defendant was to pity the cost-of opening up  the hotel, and the defendant Avas to inti_  it, each getting half tHe net profits. The  hobo! Avas subsequently closedj and Martin is suing for his share of tlio profits  mijTo'r tjie foregoing amiiigemGnt. The  defendant claims that the arrangemi_.nt  was that tin? plaintiff sflioiljd only be entitled to half the net profits lifter lie  (Brown) had been recoupeci for liis initial  outlay in acquiring and fitting Up the  hotel. The phiintij. testified yesterday  afternoon, nnd Avlieii; his evidence Avas  concluded the court adjourned until this  morning lit 10 p. m_ Nelson Martin is  represented by Mae'touald & Johnson of  this city, and 11, EL L, Brown by 1_. V.  Boil well, Q.C, of Victoria and G. E. Martin of Kaslo.  To Embarrass the Government.  Ottawa, June 8.���The appearance of  the house of commons this morning recalled the days Avhen the franchise bill  was under discussion in 1885, or still litter  Avhen the late government tried to force  through the remedial bill during its dying days. On both of these occasions the  opposition Avere fighting tAvo important  questions which were known to be at  variance with good goA'ernment and the  popular will. ��� The .Franchise Act of 1S85,  notwithstanding that it was greatly improved by that long sitting, has since  been repealed.. The remedial bill Avas a  death Woav to those avIio introduced it.  The all night's sitting on'this occasion is  a very different one. It took place in  ostensibly discussing a legal instrument  Avhicli contains nearly a hundred clauses  governing the leasing bf that portion of  the Grand Trunk railway to give the  Drummond County road an entrance to  Montreal. It has been several days under  discussion aud debate. No objection has  been taken to the principle of the proposition nor has the cost been seriously  attacked. No attempt is made to  disguise the fact that the opposition  in pursuing the policy of obstruction,  imagining that in this Avay the govern-  meut will uot go on Avi th. the redistribution bill.  When the discussion AA'as started on  the third clause of the agreement last  night there had been a Avhole day's discussion previously giA'en to it. At tAvo  o'clock this morning an all-night session  Avas imminent. Messrs. Blair, Fielding,  Sifton and Mulock remained all night.  Clarke Wallace did the heavy Avork for  the opposition. Mr., Foster left at four  o'clock. Ypri Montague held the floor all  wlieuMrffi  ;uig:>:i������ Sir-?Chai_es'_ -.upper,:-Avent���Bhome!D  :-&^md^^^l^^^^^ti�� *to''  '; .i^MlSlJciiig* w. ti. Y% ��-6Iii'l^: m��..H "er:  ^ifet^^^^"-!!^^^?  jt v^li^:i(tl.^iv^*fcS_^  '"-iile-p:^  British Gruiana Wants Reciprocity.  Washingto-**; June 8.���Negotiations  for reciprocity AA'ith British Gtiiana have  proceeded so briskly that a confident  hope is exi-rassed that a treaty Avill be  signed next year. Sir Cavendish Boyle  and J. H. Dejonge of British Guiana, and  Mr. Tower have held numerous conferences Avith Mr. Kasson, iu Avhieh the proposed treaty has beeu urged as having  threefold advantages. The Guiana commissioners maintain that their large product of raAV sugar Avill come naturally to  the United States, and that it is to the  interest of this country to receive the  product rather than have it go abroad  for refining. That there is a large market for American goods iu British Guiana,  particularly for mining machinery, agri-.  cultural implements and food products.  Lastly, that the shipping interest would  he A.&S" iipk kivkfk "ofw(lia%*"(liad!"%kk.ei  .       .--'     .        -----       i*��.1  ��V   tf     "������^Km."''   .    V",|       Dfl*TVD   _**1 *^n    Dtf-|"..inUS.  ,�� nC. '"  plt^pe nntu heyre^tiru'ecl, _ Ife^lioUght^tli^fi  V*_^|^is,�� -\\|ird;-;s Siij.�� ���'J@S*r-*iK':li-acl'a' .��*i.i^��^^^ ���sSiJU-^'f  ��mf64&litiou: 'k shed. Ibr hiofi .= ofilfg- in- tli6"  pSssi_s_J0i'V\^��.tlie'��li^1^ster���L6r oKthS Ii|t|ii'-"  -Olbiriftrrailw-li^^ ht.v6Y^4_jn;  no: delay"'iiise'twitt'g inittters."        -.   '" ��  ]Pre|ni,r |aauri(3r sitM tliat tjie leader of  the opposition: had- agreed to let -the.  agi'eehi&nt throii^li:iiftefroite Jioiiff's con-  Siderabioii. and' he proposed tliat the  lious6 should takfe recess until 3 o'clock.  eiarke=Wallae6=Cleinanded-mor^4ufbrraa^  tion, but sir Charles Tupper Sat oii him  unmercifully, and;'stood by th0 arrange  mfint made -with tlie first minister  coiiimittee then took recess liutiT  o'clock.  THE TOWN AND_THE DISTRICT  The Maccabees' Social.  On Wednesday evening last the ladies  of the Nelson Hive oi the Maccabees gave  a social to the Knights of the Maccabees  and their friends after their regular  meeting. As soon as the ceremonies of  initiation were over, the following programme was''proceeded Avith : Duet���  Juanita, Mrs. Macdonald and Mr. Clark;  trio���Far away, Misssos Tamblyn, Johnson and McDermott; recitation���Selected.  Miss Maltby; speech���A Curtain Lecture,  deputy grand lady Troup; song���Selected, lady commander Armstrong; recitation���Selected, lady Hatch. Liglit refreshments were served, shortly after  which the company broke ..up, having  spent a very pleasant eA'euing.  KASLO.  There Avas still another alarm of fire  here Wednesday morning at about 3  o'clock. This time it Avas at the Cameron  block, opposite the Slocan hotel. The  fire brigade and most of the citizens Avere  quickly on hand, AA'hen it was found that  it Avas only the chimney that Avas burning, though it shoAved a big flame for a  little Avhile.  Byron N. White, the principal owner  of the Slocan Star mine, Avas in town last  night. V  The tAvo sons of G. O. Buchanan have  returned from college to spend their holidays at home1____   NELSON.  Four idle miners Avere picked up in  Nelson yesterday and sent out to work at  the YelloAvstone mine. The YelloAvstone  is managed by men Avho think it better  to pay good Avages to skilled miners than  to shut doAvn There are about sixty  men employed around the property and  miners are paid $3.50 for eight-hour  shifts.  P. Genelle & Company haA'e received  an order from the William ��� Hamilton  Manufacturing Company for 90,000 feet  of lumber for the Duncan Mines .stamp  mill and Annie.  ;���:.f^r{yiik�����H'^ai").  iliificonne^ti^nA^ Uii. VuU.^<i��.^.  ���i|p|jaS|kiii|^|_��ote  eiip^'fjurfeh'-aletls ���'*fcTfe-^ihstei*jel.,. Ydf? J.I'M.  -fl.-t*3   -1     l*!"1        ___.i*'Y.*fl^off '*!       '^^��Hd   ^"T^  il iiP ^___hDn'n���   ��  iwhicli"the! vendor- did >iotY.  KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  Cheerful News From the Exchequer.  Considerable work has been done of  late in the Avay of stripping ami uncovering the Exchequer A'cin. It was crosscut yesterday at a distance of about ;j00  feet west of the present workings near  the boundary line of the Cleopatra, another claim in the Exchequer group, and  three samples taken gave big returns.  Two were taken from the surface and  assayed $302 and $32 respectively in  gold/Avhile the third, taken five feet be-  lo'w.jtho surface, went $209.(30 in gold. An  additional shift has been put on to push  development at this place. Work on the  upraise connecting the tunnel and shaft  continues, and about fifteen feet have  been comploted. It is expected that the  coiuieetion Avill be made about the 25 th  instant Avhen shipments Avill begin. The  ledge in the upraise continues strong,  and now shows up five feet Avide.  KASLO   DISTRICT.  Al'O. Moore, better known as Bonner's  Ferry Jock, the man avIio made his escape  from the jail on Saturday night, Yyas  brought back to town on Wednesday.  His captors Avere policeman Houston and  SteA'e CleA'elaud, avIio Yvent to Moore's  '���mining claim at CraAvford Bay, Avhere  Moore AA'as doing assessment work. He  offered no resistance and was not uiiAvill-  ing to come back. It is evident-that lie'  Yvas let out by interested parties and  assured by them that no search Avould be  made, otherAvise he could easily have  gone across the line and so haA'e been  safe. It is likely that there Avill be some  interesting and sensational developments  iioav, as the suspected parties are very  prominent in Kaslo. The authorities say  that they intend to go thoroughly into  the matter, and should the guilty parties  be found, they Avill get the full penalty  of the laAV.     .��� .'-..7. y '������ ,. -. -  ���y. ���'-��� YMIR: DISTRICT.  R. C. Pollett. managing director of the  Canadian- Eagle Company, Limited, bper:;.  ating the Nevada group, just outside of  Yb'lieV-'toAvSi. ��Srii^'_ clMii:. YmiitJoi'iV^reGlnes-  FOifei -AAfas "^iV/'M^n7.^��|W.d^. ��� >H|>"i;e  " tn       "P'^'nH, !.     y.P^n   ���     �� **"   H^     nSVnyJL       *f      n _   t n"^ & V      ** D��     ^        " P_ ���    _   _   U HU   '  Wfenj'the. iheu L quit <oii VJirrit&lMi -there _  fWas^iio exfliibitioiiHof^iard*"feeJmgljbotlte  %ke?miXuA;geihjexxp -[amW the niija'pril^benig  _n0ra^'tliat.tJieTJ^j.aner^  ken <5ff." ilr.". Bcoav_.,-eturns to"the���mine  today. 2   ���   . Y.-...-���. ... y ..' '      ''�����,.      . ,  .,A t'ekl"estate(dealfhxispeeii^pnttlnmxgh  By W^akl^Si'bk, AA**hgr(|^y Wiac Dehiial'  Fei^ul{0n.ae'^nii;e���';l��t^��3 aiid % blbcl- %  in sfi%cliy!s_ oii" 18:2, froiii W." A. Waid" for  ^K^brd|i-i|tp imkk ^i^m>^_pd|iJifl;  '*a>"orOAVii'^ra_i&|'be-fei'vedviso^ie^",tinl^  (iSl,:^:.-���]&_��&__- ^viir "]faAM"1dniiM(-!*,dlf";bli^.  lOppratipxisx , ...rf *��� �����������    ... -..��.- .-.. -  -^fm^Jiife'tSy'i ^A-gaMhijA^^^lifbyi^a'i  fontein, would now be presented to the  TransA'aal. This reply is semi-officially  described as "explicit but conciliatory."  It is believed to be in the nature of a  practical ultimatum. The resources of  diplomacy are regarded as exhausted  with the failure of the conference. Nothing is left, it is felt, but a recourse to  force.  VICTORIA CITY IN HARD LUCK  Must Pay Damage Claims.  Victoria,-June S.���Tavo of the actions  against tho city for damages through the  Point Ellice bridge accident in Maj*, 1890,  were before the priA*y council in London  yesterday, and from a cable received by  the Colonist it seems one is going against  the city. The cases Avere Patterson vs.  Victoria and Lang,, vs. Victoria, bobh  judgments of bhe'British Columbia courts  being against the city. The former Avas  heard first, and of it the Colonist special  says: ���'Haldane and Crawford finished  bhe arguments for the appellants. Blake  was not called upon." This would seem  bo indicate that bhe privy council did uot  consider it necessary to hear Mr. Blake,  counsel for the respondent, Mrs. Patterson.' The action Avas brought by Mrs.  Patterson for the loss of her husband,  tn id she Avas awarded $13,500 damages by  justice McColl, the judgment being upheld by the full court. 2 "' *,  The, Lang case Avas opened yesterday  afternoon by W. J. Taylor, city barrister.  This is considered more farvorable to the  city, although the British Columbia  courts aAvarded Mrs. Lang $20,000 for the  loss of her husband Dr. Lang. A stay of  proceedings was granted, in the other  cases pending the decision of the privy  council in"the tAvo mentioned. 7  Gazette Appointments Yesterday.  Victoria, June 8.���The Official Gazette  of this Aveek contains the foIloAving appointment notices: Alex Forin M. D., of  Nelson, to be a coroner for the proA'ince.  E. M. N. Wpods, of Ncav Westminster,- to  be a stipendiary, magistrate in and for  the county of Vancouver, als6.'"-o'-.,be;-'dis.T-.  .-ii^erj :dt;^^li^|^4o:^gi:|g_4|^  bhu(Jrepiiuty ".couti:M��YotY^  The  three  Cabinet Crisis is Expected.  Par is, June 8.���In th- lobbies of the  chamber of depufrieS' today there Avas  niuch talk of the possibility o| the oveir-  thi'OAv of tlie Dupuy eabinot next Aveek.  Gossip says tliat presidenb Loubet is not  t()o. well pleased at the falliiri. of the  goV^ernment to take greater precautions  to prevent the Aubueil demonstration,  and Avould not be adverse to a change of  miliiStei'S 'in- any event. Probable lists of  the members of a new cabinet are  passing from hand to hand and  much, depends . upon the outcome of the threatened demonstrations  at the Grand Prix. M. Dupuy presided  at tho cabinet council today, Avhen the  measures to be taken AVer<- considered.  It is announced that the goA'ernment is  determined not to alloAV aiiy of the generals Avho are mixed up iu the Dreyfus  affair to take part ill the revieAv at Long-  champs On July 14. There-are increasing  indications that there Avill be violent  scenes at Auteuil 011 Sunday, as various  parties are expressing a determination to  demonstrate.  Making New Cardinals.  I.OM.I-, June 8. ���It isofficially announced  that the pope at a secret consistory on  June 19th will create tAvelve Italian cardinals, including the meneio at Madrid, the  archbishop of Coritz, the archbishop of  Toulouse, tlie Latin patriarchs of Constantinople and Antioch and others. A  public consistory Avill be held on June  12th'when a number of Italian and foreign bishops'will be recognized.  A Lohg-Winded Attoriiey-G-eneral.  London, JuueS.-���Tlie attorney'-general,  Sir Eichard . Webster, (& G;, JFtobOi't  Thersie BeidjVQ. C., the former attoiriiey-  ^geueralfai-dYGr-Rr^sk-withr^fih-^^^  _*,ueliui boundary ebniiiiis*-ioiiers, started  foi8 Paris today, Tlie others Avijl leave at  the eiid of the1 week, including lord <?hief  justice baron Russell of KilloAven, aiid  sir Richard Ifenry Colliiis, lord justice of  appeal. The counsel for Venezuela, and  Mallet-PrevbSt, secretary of tlie bouiidai'y  connnissioii, have the statement of the  ease amoulitiug to (iOOO pages of closely  p'rinted matter iu Spanish, Dutch, Frehch  .and' Englisli, accompanifed by 200 maps.  Tlie opening fpeecli of sir Richard Webster, is expected to last sixteen days.  Rubbing it into the Irish.  London, June S.���Both the house of  lords stud tlie liouse of commons today  passed Votes of thanks to geiiei'al lord  Kitchener, of Khartoum, and the other  officers and men engaged in the Soudan  campaign. Michael Davitt, Irish Nationalist for South Mayo, protested and  challenged a division, with the result  that there Avas '321 votes in faA'or of the  motion and tAventy against it. A. J.  Balfour, the goA'ernment leader, remarked  that Mr. Davitt attended the house as an  aA'OAved enemy of his country and added  that he understood that a British reverse  would not break Iris heart.  Newfoundland Wont Pay the. Damage.  St. John's, NeAvfouudland, June S.���Tlie  NeAvfouudland goA'ernment "will decline  to recognize the French claim for indemnity for the recent burning of tlio lobster  factory ou the ground that no direct  evidence is forthcoming as to Iioav, AA'hen,  or by Avhom the factory Avas destroyed,  although . Graham Taylor iioav under.  arrest.at Bonn Bay, on. the charge of.  burning the factory, boasts that he did  it. There is really no evidence apart  from this statement to connect liim with  the ease."  RtUnyj^ay ^'0_3^jii&���'iis^,i%jd'7gntiiosi,'n'p  :'|I;i%iiS.ig'"^d^Mrl'lj.ng" 'Cqinpailty,,tLiiUjte_l,  1 3J^aisSc&np,in:i,(.!:l by L^M.'f'.Le-vyf"-"a* #i;-  edidr ol the company. =" -  =nT.hfe^eUo^��ton'b>u-aii-ageiue  lUa^Mne .ihe?n" $4  dix'd 'xxuhef^ %'6.25il 2f0f  ei'gl'iTtjr.hbiiiJ ifliifbS". ,-"���-]"���"��� �� ".-���'  " '-tyke idea\.���eein& to be i.i'evaleiit Jhat lb  li Qli,ly.a,7q*,iesbioii of days i&k\ Ml�� Y'lnfi':  ��pill. -t-fiiies; Limitpdi to���'pay."t'te standard  uiijbn x-a 1*e of Avag6.  Tenders a've beiiig.called for to sink tlie  100-foot shaft; on the Evening Star, Fair-  inoiit Com pany, ano.ther fifty f ieet. II* i-s  expected that the Petersoii boys \VJU'l get  the contract;  Looks Bad for Ki-uger.  London, June S.���The Daily Mail says  it learns that it Avas president Kruger  himself Who suggested the recent conference, and it also claJnis to lurve reliable  inforiuatioii for declaring tliat sir Alfred,  Miluer, tlie Bribish higlic<imniissloiier,has  his back to the wall,; and is suppoi'ted to  the utmost by the cabiueb.  -The Daily 01.roniele deprecates Mr.  Chamberlain's warlike Attitude but does  not d-iiy tlie gravity of the situation. It  seriously eoliiiS-ls the Boers to grant all  reiuionablo reforms as tlie only ineaiis of  preserving their independence agaiiust  the plots of the stock exchange and the  violence of Downing streei*.  Tlie Standard, Avliich Tcniinds the  TransA'aal that its independence is nob  absolute, but is contigenb on a faitliful  execution of the agreement stipulating  etjual rights for all Avliite inhabitants,  says: "We now demand that all Englishmen resident in the Transvaal sliall be  treated Avith justice, and president Ivrti-  ger may rest assured thab the whole  country AA'ill'support the government in  any measures required to make this demand effective. Let Mr. Kruger grant  the Uitlanders full citizenship, aud the  Avhole question is ended. At present he  only offers a note of hand for a ridicu-'  Ions sum, payable many years hence, in  return for our immediate abandDi.im.cnt  of all the legal rights Ave now possess."  London, June 9.���The  morning papers  are beginning to talk quite  seriously of  the possibility of "Avar" in  South 'Africa:  Mr.   Cluunberlain,   in   his  speech   in the;  house of commons, yesterday, announced:'  that his reply to thu.petition of the Lit-.',  landers, Avhieh had been held back pond.-'  ing the result of the conference at IJlooin-  i_feeVe'litpke_-^i&e" lL>"N^(Jt)fi*fsie..j���."*"..",'�����s  n      0.0 <h     nn     ��nnn     0"        0   ���"n"      "    "n    ��   M*���"    o   ��      ^   ij1 (A'n*' r   S? D    ���      / ���� ' n d en. ��n    n    '" n  lA:Smel^er-and^-'Oxe/''|p^S'mel'jb.;' ��� -77.:  " ."^.i^ojia^^-i^i^si^  "Vaa And^lMiwi^^^is-iDamiwiSi^ (kif,  ytairApdh$i^"Txi^^  ��, cpi^0ep^^^'^I^y^M^^i^ilJi' *a;jlfoijlll^, ��  '' 'Tjie Sokigaii^-ViBfjJ^lljfeii^^ ;���  ���iug_ ,HS'"-9-<.w1_-"6reC"��"'ii&:ge.=v<jL\u  AVhicii: ai:��. ni��yyJ)^'Dg:4.rQa-'?toe4^,._|L-il-Pe*,-_1,  now .*^TO_#si-^"Mi^i.lfeY .su--ifl-^��i��i."^li_b.:"  wliile ain-fiVe-'drilii, tlirees 0i|*��*-l>_-Y$appef��,  Q1iioeii*.a_id'twO'6ni;h-' C-n-n^ll "6l|ij_in:;jjti'e  Avorking cm;"ofe. ^Jipi'jS; ttfe tWelfe" fSet.  ' of bhe ixlglipst gl'-Jtcle- ore <pvef $pupdyolv';  the property in 'feefMtfoni of the Coi'iielf'  ghaft).  ' ���  Dreyfus Riots in Earis.1'  PaiMS,. June 8.���Sliglit  riots  occurred  "=t'hi'_*^"veiiiifg^  antl-reA'isioili��ts afteraineetiiig addressed  by M. Francis do fressejise of the Teiups,  in the. Cliehy disfcrfct of Parts, The.ro  were s.cyei*al fights between rioters and  tlio police Aviho charged the populace.  Finally fehO I'evisionlstsniade a, move toward the fusldence of M. Zola Avith the  object of demonstratiugj but tlie police:  interfered. Sev*et"a,{ revolver shots were  fired during the distnrbailce and twOuty  persons worn placed Under arrest-.  ���-,���..���,,������_-_�����������  ii  .  Wiped Out the Plant.  Nviw Y<mk. JtiiveS.-���Tliirty-fotir liuild-  iugs, coniprisiug almost the entire! plain  of tlie Nordlhiger Chaltoii I**!reworks  Company, at Grani___vilie, Avere blown to  pieces this afternoon, and the entire  plant practically wiped out of existance.  All fche bilildiiigs wore destroyed within  a .space of five minutes-*, although tl^lire  wliich followed lasted for several hours.  No lives were lost, but three persons were  injured, two of them seriously.  Ball Gaines Yesterday.  Cincinnati 0, Brooklyn 5.  St, Louis -.1, Philadelphia 8.  Cleveland _, New York 11.  Pittsburg n, Baltimore II.  Washington 5, Chicago 4.  Boston 7, Louisville _.  Montreal 7, Rochester -1.  Worcester 11, Hartford I.  CELEBRATION COMMITTEE MET  And Discussed Arrangements.  There was a large attendance at the  meeting of the invitation and reception  committee at the city hall yesterday  evening, and the preliminary Avork of the  committee Avas put through. Several  practical suggestions were made and  adopted, and things AA'ere generally put  in shape. Those present included aldermen Beer, Hillyer, Fletcher, Kirkpatrick ,  and Thomson, and AV. F. Teetzel, T.  Madden, J. A. Gilker and city clerk J. K.  Strachan were also there. Alderman  Beer was elected chairman of the committee and alderman Thomson secretary.  Alderman Beer called the meeting to  order, and referring to the objects of the  meeting, said they had no information  with regard to rates, transportation or  accommodation for visitors. Alderman  Hillyer suggested that a sub-committee  be formed to inquire into the aA-ailable  accommodation and report. Thomas  -Madden thought the matter Avould adjust  Itself, as men..--with families or who in-Y".:.'���.2.;Y  tended to bring  ladies  would   telegraph Y  ahead for rooms..  W. F. Teetzel thought 7  that an information bureau should be���es-.Yyy::��-  tablished for the benefit of visi- Y ;Y  tors. After     discussion,      it      .was* Y;-Y7..  Settled  that  all  members  of   the  committee should  make enquiries as to the  aA'allable  supply  of beds  in    town.    A  committee consisting of alderman  Flet-     V     7  cher, Thomson and city  clerk  Strachan.,](('    7;  were appoiuted to try and secure an office   ���     Yf  in a central position Where there will be  someone in charge able to supply visitors  with all information   regarding  sleeping V  accomodation, dates of arrival  and  de- 7  partiire of trains and  steamboats, etc.   V  When such an office is secured  the  com-  iuittee-will.be obliged if anyone ha\'ing a Y  room to  rent  Avill send in their names  and addresses and the number of guests Y  they can  accomodate to  the person in 77  charge of this  office, and, in   the niean-  time, to any of the members of the com-   ������.."���;Y.Y:  mittee. 7. 7 ������'��������� ������ -.'.':;      ������ y- ": '-,'7-7- -Y':'Y-.  The city clerk announced that at the 7 7 Y  request of the council he had already YYjV  issued invitations to the mayor aiid conn- Y7.  oil.of every city in British Columbia, and7 7  also to Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma��� 7; Y  fourteen invitations in all. It was then V YVi  decided also to invite premier Semlin aUdv Y7  his cabinet ministers, the members of -the y YY 'Y y  provincial legislature and the Britisli-YY;Y YY  Columbia members of both the Dominion YS-Yi  houses; the recently defeated Kootenay Y7YYMV  candidates, A. S. Farwell,VJohn McKaue*yy:y&j((y  and.. J; L.Retallack,; Walter; Scptt,VpresiYv y$y  -.-���.-    ..,    -..-^    ���-    ...   'on^hgdVas.to^yliajii'.  ;^UQ,Oid/-b,ex^pne>;l^Wqj��df��t^  l.i-^    ,n�� 11"_*. r-'.-r-t. P, u��\i,e-rP i 4--0   ��iif.i_��pr��_   _ i_^ .-.'S-'fi ��-_--*'-���".���_.'Mil     fl' ���-* ' r^rt,��� ��. .���Si'^'ti'v���.'"!  *".soihe 'sitifi-bM %ti<ffi%t82^men���, _���^r.-^..,-ffl.  tiib���.pli'i!pf_^.. 'iSTd Sii^.^iprY\fe^*^i^^-fc*^]^  ito-ent"?r iinTess ���a-c'c.O.inpau'ietL"_by* .tC.iiieinf^  111  The Twins' Papa Alive.  London, June 8.��� Despite the fact tluit  Vienna, Brussels and Paris papers published despatches yesterday from Cairo  and Alexandria which reported the.death  of-Rigo.,-. the K.\Tsy. husband 'of, princess'  Chiiniiy, itlsuowYsaid tliat. l_e-:is alive  and well. -'A. private message received  iii London today from Rigo reads: "Iiigo  and the twins are well."  ; xptxde of Sill _ ;.bear%gi��i^  and,  aide!  Mil . ,._���.._ _a_  be In the bauds 'of -.���i^derniautlfill. _3r^'J:*iA_v^  Gilker and W, f.Tpeively '     . Y. ��� ...  ". : ^  The question, -of ���adv&Mis-fcg   was "i;.iext;^|  discussed, and it ^^asnnauiiUOnslyagiieed^?  =���__-ft-fr^ th i fi=i mis 6*==^be===jiiX;beiiBi V-1 y���an d===  bhoroiighly done,    Large posters will  bo  printed and  distribnted a.dA*antage'ftusly  througli the different towns, add tasteful  invitatioi! cards, will: also be   procured.  Tlie design I'or tlie latter  lias  not  beeji  sub-led, but they -will be sni-inouuted; by  a maple leaf    J. KlStrachan a-,uct iiircltel1- '-"  men Fletcher and Thq-iuson Ave-i-e ehoson "  a comtoittue to take elutrge Of the a<lver-  tishig,  alid  -ilso of tlie .inat-i.r of "ti.'ans-  portaliou.    They inteilCl   to make4  a bife  elfor't    to  get  exceptlo)Sally    low*   rates  from the dilTeronb _o-mpanics.  .All these plans will reoiuiro !iioiiey���aiH.l  the seci'otary "will l'.c<iuost the executive  committee lor an appropriation of $S(_0  from tlie general fund.  ���^r. �� ��-* _.���  Ontario's Returning Eros-parity.  Torolito 'rolOgrlinj,  Some of tlie lured aliens avIio manage,  the tlrand Trunk Raihvay should take a  turn with siiOA*el and handcar, for just  one day of ten hours, to ascertain whether  08 cents is a fair and just remuneration  for such services.  Of course, as sir Wilfrid Laurier Says,  there are two sides to the Grand Trunk  Railway trackmen story, but he cannot  deny that the Canadians who have beeu  toiling for ninety cents per day have the  under side of the narrative.  Grand Trunk trackmen cannot keep  their families on ninety cents a day and  s.*iA*e enough, money to buy a Globe to  read therein about The Growing Time  and the golden.atmosphere of rollicking  prosperity in which the-whole country is  revelling.  Supplies Voted to Expedition.  Bum.in, June 8.���The budget committee of the reichstag today Voted the first  instalment of 200,000 marks for the Ger-  1 man Antarctic expedition.  Yfs.1 ��^_^:^-U^-is^?-**s=y=!s?*  I_  iy,��  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE 9,   1891).  AoC2:  We are showing a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu and sec them. Our White Duck  ancl Linen Suits arc going fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FERLAND & CO.  Idiot lilonk. M-rker Street. Net-on  Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co  o Baker Street, Nelson.  COM  ii  '$ BAY  PANY.  ll  *__  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF  PYTHIAS���Nelson    l-idpe.   No,   2,5,  I.nigiils of Pythias meets in I. O. O. K)laII,cornci  Hukcr and Kootenay stiects every Tuu^lny evening at  8 o'ldonk.   "Visiting Knights cordially invited lo attend.  C. Kl'KN-H. C. C. G. HOSS, K. ot 11, ic a.  NKL&ON l.OUGK. NO. >:', A. P. & A. M.   Meets  Mscond Wednesday  In each month.   Sojourning  "J"^"*"   brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH.  HOIjnCH���Analytical Chemist and Anmiyor.  Victoria Mroet, Nelson.  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Au irk man Fj_.i__tc.ui_r. docs not like the  tax rate wliich tlio finance Oomjiiibtcc hits  proposed  tor iix I'or   the   curro'iit.   year.  - Tliis .dooa the -liairin_.il of theYgreat  spending coinniitteo credit, hut hc does  not enjoy any .splendid isolation in holding the opinion which lie does. Tho only  di/Terence between the great body oi'  ratepayers aud alderman Fletcher, in  .connection a vith the proposed tax rate, i.s  that blieyare powerless to do  anything,  ' while alderman Fletcher has aiLoppgi'tn-  nity to have the rate amended av_ic.ii the  bylaws are again before the council I'or  consideration. An advance of over 70  per cent in the land taxes in one year is  crowding even Brandon rather close, but  * this is Avhat the finance committee's recommendation means. Last year the  'land in Nelson vras assessed at $S06,S70,  and the rate on it at ten mills, allowing  for prompt payment, provided a tax return oi' $S,00S. This year the value of  the same land lias been advanced to  $1,100,025, and the tax rate upon the in-  creased "value," ai't er"a 1 low il7g~~loFprom pt~  payment, has also been advanced twenty  per cent. This means tliat the city council proposes to fix things so that land  which produced $8068 in taxes last year  will this year produce $13,038. The "difference between $8008 and $.I.,-9_ represent, tlie advance which it is proposed to  lft'ike in hind, taxes for the ciU'reiit year.  It figin.es out an advance of soiuething,  over 70 per ecu t.  TtllS lii-ii-bors of the Nelson board of  school trustees are beginning to fear that  tjie doiiseqiiences of tliyir action in closing the Nelson  school,  owing   to- overcrowding, "will be visited upon tlie unoffending school teachers.   The  reason for  the suspicion is that so far  the school  teachers have not been paid their monthly salaries for May.    Instead  of 'cheek.-,  representing their monthly salaries, accompanying their regularin.otith.ly report  form  as  usual,   the  report form   came  Avithout  the  checks.    The  forms Avliich  the teachers make out Avill  give  the  education department  full   information as  to what time Avas lost during the month,  and the trustees fear, in view of the  implied threat of tlie department, that  deductions Avill be made in   the  salaries of  the teachers, Avho by order  of  the  trustees, were relieved from  duty  during a  portion of tlie month...; Tlie idea of. punishing a school teacher i'or the...o/Tense of.  a  school   trustee   is   new,    and   hardly  emanated froni the local   campaign   coin-  jit_it.ee  which  gave  .Dr.  10. (J. Arthur to  Hon. 3. Fred  Hume  as  a  political  bed  fellow.  Chamberlain Shoulders the  Blame.  London^ June S.���In the house of commons this afternoon Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, in reply to Mr. Holm an, said that  a certain enactment of the British Columbia legislature, imposing disqualifications on immigrant Japanese had been  disallowed by the federal authorities at  the instance of the imperial goA'ernment,  on the ground that it was " unfavorable  to a friendly poAver.  Cricket Match at Lords.  London, June 7.���The cricket match  betAveen the Marylebone eleA'en and the  Australians at Lords, has resulted so far  in the home team being all out today in  its second innings for 230 runs.  THOMSON'S  EASE AND  INCORPORATED 1670.  We would like  To supply you with groceries  We know  We can  ��*ive satisfaction,  and  that it would be for our  Mutual benefit  To have yo deal with us  s��-C3.c3.��3. ��3.C=>.(2- C3>.C?.C^_' t^.tS..(&. 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Ponding the erection of suitable warehouses  they have .secured temporary <iuarlcrs in tlie warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company on Water street, where  they will be pleased to receive their patrons.  . Nelson, li. 0., May 17th, ISO..  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.  City Seaveng'er and  Chimney Sweep  Des-  Prompt attention given to all orders left at M.  Brisay & (Jo's, linker street, Nelson.  BON TON RESTAURANT.  OPEN BAY AND NIGHT  PS     II I  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGJKN-S FOR  The Imperial Oil Go.   Standard Oil Co.  Washingtoti Brick ar-d time Co.  The H. W. IVJcNiel! Co,, L-td., Canadian A_*t_-|ra-  ci.e Coal (Hard)  Dealers ii*  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, _>5 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders  at   all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  Pirst-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  ward and Oarbonato streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam. .Table board ��1, room and board ?.*>  ind $5.50.  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AND TKAVKI.I.KIts' OUKDITH.  availalilo iu imy part, of tlio world. ,  DRAFTS  IRHUKD    COIXKCTIONS MADKi  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OF INTEREST PAID  HIS   LAST   PBOSPECT.  Tho Story of a Defrauded Miner's Mad l.esistnncc.  Peter had the. instinct, but that was  about all. That is to say, he prospected  for the joy ofthe chase, lie liked to  find ledges of red-brown rock, which became pyrites after lie had gone down a  way, and then pure white quart*.. He  liked to follow out the probable dip of  the lead, partly by experience, mostly by  instinct. He liked fco dig those rabbit  burrows of an expermental nature, running straight down or straight in, called  "prospector's shafts." Thus he would  got to knoAV the cross-section of a hill.as  you know the interior of the apple you  have just cut in two. Thus far Peter  succeeded as Avell, even better, than the  best. Then he lost it all. He either sold  out to parties insolvent, or on insufficient  security, or illegally. He never seemed  to learn how. Other men reaped where  he had sowed, while he moved ou to plow  up a iiew and A'irgiu country.  The worst of it aviis  that Peter, in a  patient way, Avas trying to gain a competency.    Back in Vermont there Avas a  farm  with more stones  than even these  stony hills could show, and with less gold  in its harvests than even in Peter's, negative  gleanings���for  here Peter at least  kept  out of debt.    But near the snake-  fence stood a little peak-roofed and clap-  boarded . house, with  blinds of emerald  green. . Over .the  house-.rioted Virginia  '   creepers.    Near -the ancient Avell SAvaycd  lilacs, broad and low*.    In the old-fashioned front yard won the chirp of crickets and hordes of Avhite butterflies  with  spots of sulphur-yellow.   Tho house Avas  empty and   thcyard overgrown ; yet to  tiie vaciint rooms'of one, or to thechoked-  out -lowers  of the  other,  Peter's  gentle-  thoughts eA'cr SAyarmed, like homing bees.  He   saAV  it   bathed in   the sunshine of  prosperity.    Jn   his A*ision  the yard Avas  orderly,  avoII kept; the house AA'as populous AA-ith  the affection  of loving hearts.  Foi in that Vermont country, those many  years, a girl had Avaited���growing older,  and    quieter,   and    more   resigned���for  Peter and the fortune he Avas to bring.  If  Peter had had more .self-assertion,  he might have retained some of the property lie had so patiently.relinquished.    Jf  - Pi.tor had had hiss faith, he might have  been in more haste to return.    And somc-  Avhere the qualities of meekness and faith  are   extolled above   all  else.    So  Peter  .Riiio  into a gulch  one afternoon, when  the birds Avere singing, all alone.    In his  slow Avay he built a  shack, made himself  comfortable, and started in.  J. irst lie niade a general stirvey of the  'Ugouji__^.___HQ__5iefl^  even to the shallow top of it filled with  loose stones; he followed out the sky- ���  line ;of every ridge; he seized frequeiit  opportunities of taking a Jong, diagonal  down the slopes.   In this he proceeded  rapidly,   but   carefully.     Noiie   of   the  bj-oad iiidicatioiis escaped him,   lie noted  accurately the various dikes, tlie general  "dip''  of the country, the general direction of the parallel ledges df striata, the  numerous cross-ledges /and irregularities  of structure.    Theii  he carried With lulu  a hand-pick, oiie end pointed, the other  forming a blunt hamnier, and a number  of canvas bags.    Fi'oiil   Ararious   places  near one another he knocked oif chunks  o." the j'Ockj which he broke into fine  pieces and mixtid thoroughly on an old  half-blanket.    After  tliat he raised the  Opposite edges of the blanket, about the  centre, in such a manner as to .divide the-  ernsh^d roek into two equal piwts.   Oiie  of these parts he tl-u'ew away.   The other  he mixed again as carefully as at first.  By a repetition of the process, he at hist  obtained an "average," Avhieh he stowed  iu one of the little canvas bags.  At |the end of tlie day, he dumped an  "average" into a heavy iron mortar over  Avhieh a pestile Avas suspended from a  springy sapling. By alternately :pul'Hng  down and letting iip on. the sapliug, the  pestile was made to crush the quartz  fragments into fine red and white sand.  This, Peter poured and scraped into a  flaring-sided iron pan, into which he let a  quantity of water. He then Avhirled the  pan in a peculiar manner, pausing to  rock it back and forth every few minutes. Much of the sand thus flowed over  the sides. After the first water was all  gone, he poured in some more. Thus hc  panned the Avaste out, until, at last,  nothing was-leffc in the angle but soine-  heavy black grains. These were the con:  centra to...    By a deft rocking in one di  rection they were made to string out in a  long, fan-shaped mass, at the apex of  which was the fine yellow gold���that is,  where there Avas tiny.  In this way Peter slowly got an idea of  the country.    Some ledges  which seemed  to him promising, and yet Avhieh did not  show free   gold at the   top, he  exploited  still   further.    With  a  charge or so of  powder  he penetrated   to a layer   below  the surface.    Or perhaps  he spent sever-.  al hard months making an irregular deep  hole  like a well,  from  whieh he carried  the debris in bags, climbing up a notched  tree.    Then   he   selected   more samples.  This is hard  work.    When he had learned the country pretty   thoroughly, Peter  staked out his  claims.    There Avere  four  of these... Then he commenced "sinking"  on   all   four.    Working   alone he could  make about a foot of progress a day.    By  winter he  Avas far enough below ground  so that he did not feel the cold.    Occasionally he Avould make a short cross-cut  ���that is, a tunnel across the trend of the  strata���to see how far it AA'as to the Avail;  sometimes he Avould drift���that is, tunnel  iu the direction of the strata���to see Iioav  the  quality of the lead held out.    All  this took time, as did the timbering aud  the trips for supplies.    Men  in the toAvn  called him   "Happy" Peter,   because he  was  ahviiys   humming   a   quaint   little  song, and because his eyes beamed Avith  such steady, gentle kindliness.  Time slips by rapidly in the hills. You  get up at daylight and cook breakfast;  you carry water up to your shaft; you  spend all the morning making a little  hole in the rock with a drill; at noon you  blast; in the afternoon you haul bucket-  , fuls of broken rock out to the windlass.  The night has come. You measure the  days by Avhat you have accomplished, and  it is little. Ypu measure time by your  trips to camp, and they are feAV. One  morning Peter, in looking into his little  square mirror, caught sight of a gray  hair. .He looked' closer. There - -AA'ere  many of them. J With a sudden great  pang he .realized that he Avas getting to  be an old man. He took from the table  the. miniature of a girl'with, great gray  eyes. He Avoudered if she A\*as "getting to  be an old Avoman. At the thought, Happy Peter became another man. He rode  to toAvii that very day���OA'er the mountains, through the gorges���and showed  them what he had found. Then' he returned.  The morning after meu came into the  lonely gulch. In an hour the side-hills  Avere covered Avith them. BetAveen "the  trees figures glanced to and fro, as  patches of red or flashes of light reflected  from polished metal. White claim-stakes  sprang, mushroom-like, in thick bunches  of four. In the canon Avas the gleam of  fires; the smell of Avood-smoke and of  bacon broiling Avas in the air; white lean-  tos, shone among the bare bushes iind  .saplings. Horses Avere feeding eagerly  on the half-frozen grasses and the broAVse  of trees, raising their heads as the creak  of Avheels further iIoavii the draw told of  still neAV-comers,  Peter Idbked Avith excited satisfaetitiii.  ,This_meant. pros;p-_ity,=4Ehis.niea.i it=that=  on tne niOrroAva new town would d-Sei've  a place on the map. This meant, above  all, that Peter's claims \yoiilct.have value,  that he could sell .them out at a price*  and that he could grow old happily in a  country Jtself as old as his distant youth.  He Avandered restlessly from oiie of his  four claims to the other. He told himself that -his time lie would make a 'careful bargain. The need was imminent in  tlie light of this discovery of gray hairs.  It had never seemed so before. He began  to forestall difficulties in his iiiiiid. It  should' be spot cash, nothing else. Peter  kneAV just what his claims were Avorth  and he kneAV what he Would get for them,  Tlie sale should be by deed, legally, this  for that. Then he Avould go east at once.  He cast in review the technicalities of  milling law. He had staked the claims  correctly; he hail done the proper assessment work on each. Perhaps it would  haA*e been better if he had had them recorded. At once he made a t.mr of his  property to see if all the notices Avere in  place. It had never occurred to him before that some one might "jump" him.  Peter began to think it might have been  wiser to have brought the purchaser in  here quietly, without agitating a boom.  Perplexed and tortured with doubts and  anxieties, he spent the remainder of the  day in going from claim to claim.  His accustomed aspect of gentle impassivity had left him. His eye became  shifty aud suspicious. His hands worked  nervously. In his breast there fermented  an excitement which would uot let him  rest even for an instant. For Peter realized that this Avas the last chance. Heretofore he had had the consciousness of  youth to encourage him. Failure had  meant only delay. Now it meant finality. -There was. left to. him no more  tiiiie. He saw that before he could again  dig his  shafts and blast  his  age Avould haA'e banished his dreams and  his hopes together.  He passed in feA*erish review the tliree  occasions wherein he had been swiudled.  The San Francisco man had giA'en him  Avorthless paper, and had resold tit once.  The ���DeiiA'er sharpers had merely taken  possession, and had refused to pay. The  St. Louis men had pretended that the  property was not as represented, and had  compromised at a ridiculously low figure.  Peter might have fought the thing successfully, but in his great diffidence of  mind he had been too easily persuaded of  the justice of the others' position. He  Avould ne%*er be caught so again; but  these men bewildered and puzzled him  always, and he confessed to himself a  great fear of their unknown wiles. At  the thought'that they might cheat him  in some new way he went into a panic.  He made another tour of the claims. It  was uoav* dark. At daAvn he Avent over  the ground again. He had not 'Slept all  night, and had eaten nothing since the  noon of the preceding day.  On returning to liis cabin,* he placed  the/miniature and the square mirror side  by side/on the table, and looked at them  intently for a long time.    Then he kicked  FULL LINE OF  his chair over backward, and went out to  his claims' once more. The first comers  ofthe stamp-ders had finished staking  out, and were iioav wandering about the  hills. Peter found a small group of them  on one of his claims. They were reading  his notice, and AA'ere laughing idly. Peter  knew two of them.  ���'Hullo, Happy!" called one, on catching sight of him, "what do ye call this?"  He Avinked at the rest. The history of  Peter's losses were Avell knoAvn to all.  He Avas pointing to the Aveatlicr-beaten  notice.  "AVhat?" asked Peter strangely.  "You ain't got this rendii.' right. She  says 'fifteen hundred feet.' The law  says she oughter read 'fifteen hundred  linear feet.' Yore claim i.s n. g. I'm  goin't' jump her on you!*' The statement was ridiculous. Everybody' knew  it, and  prepared to laugh, loud-mouthed.  Peter, without a Avord, shot the man  through the heart. Men said, at his  trial, that it Avas the most brutal and unprovoked murder they had ever known.  The Metal Market.  New York, June 8.���Bar silver  OOj.c,  Mexican dollars-Sj-c.    Copper"dull; brokers'    $1S.25 @ $.18.50,  exchange   $1S.50.  B  ":vSitl=>-l=>T&-e3'l.  '���_-?���___-�����=?  w FROM EVEBY COBNEH OF THE  |      BARGAINS PEEP OUT CLAMORING TO BE HEARD  B  B  In our Dress Department we show an unbroken array of  Black and Navy Serges, Black Crepon, Biarity Whip Cords,  Poplin's ancl Sateen Victorias in  dress leghths and whole pieces.  Our Hosiery stock is well assorted in Silk, Cashmere,  Lisle Thread ancl Cotton. These goods are the best German  make with prices right.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  Lead   dull;    brokers'  $4.45 @ $4.50.  $4.25,    Exchange  Front Doors  Inside Doors i  o        '���  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Sfcair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wc will make it for you  CALL AND GUT PRICES.  The Iremoiit Hotel  IPPJ.0 IS THE TIME TO DO SHOPPING  MARTIN OrRE ILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B.C.-  BUILDING,  NELSON.  T__-_=._V-S  a___s___  _r.^-��. <_?��=:��'  mm  ���mm  mm  mm  JVj.ALOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  P. Burns <�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular, hotels in Nelson.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  ]��'{KRI DEN-  HARRY HOUSTON,  RKClilSTAKY  Nelson Saw k Planing Ii  LIDVCITEOD.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  MAN-KACT-UBKS Ob'  DHAI.KKS I.V  AND  Rough and Dressed Lumbei-  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  PAOTOKY  WOKIC DQ.VI.  SUCH AS  TO ORI_l:li,|  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  Large comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class  dining  room.   Snmplo rooms for commercial men.  _-_____7__IS   S2   :_?*]__._-   DD_A.Tr  Mrs.  E.  0.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotol, Calgary,  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL   STORES  AT    :  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, .Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  'iSSkSJSSmm Head Office, Nelson, B.C^  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS Wi  ���    - *���   WHlliEfliilS^  ���v.*. '  FISH.AllSEiftiiil  iy$nyy$y.  ifSffSY  -'!_,*?����"  Balder  Wreet/NeilpSfeiliKiiillili  ���vv y.yi.yyy���.yr<>"i<. z. :.yy*yyyy4.yyy*'^Myj-$'Y��jc^_"Yf3| _Y-xV  ORDERS BY ^fAlia��R^0IfCTJB ;qAREF^ ��^ss ill   *"_���_,.C����  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA C0LDFIELDS, Ltd.  .^.vlStl  "'&�� slY?'*'  A   -  0_^_?j_-^...1  All communications relating*|fr"^ ���add'Aiiieji(  : -'   565, '^spnf<&-rftl��hs:^_P|ulfijvbi*       ' ?l��"....:Vf���'  1B;  "PiSO.  Drawer  IN STOOl-  -Glass=o_^a;llHS_ze��i=and^inds=  Siiwmill on Government wbarf.  Factory and ollice, corner Hall Ktrect and O.P.I., track  WILL DO WKLL TO  BUY THEIR  At  G. 0. BUeBANAN'S  A largo stock ot (irSt-ci������ dry irtalo. lai on hand, also  0, full lino of hash;' doors, moulding^, ttirncd work, etc,  FACTOBY work a specialty  .*{. D. H'_M_, Manager.  The finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and (.loctric light-  GORNKR 0*' WARP AND YEitNON STS., NKLSON  RODERICK ROB E R TJSJC_ rl ���!Ge n e cal "M a ri ager 1  S FOWLER, E.Mi. Mfnin'g' Engmefir V- " "       I  NELSON   B C  The Slocanvl^^li^l^ligl^^^  flp-   ifl',.l?  .V.'����vfl';il  c_>i_p _5Jj_];_i,sd)Krs  bl o.  tjuy all  class_s of silver, fo|dj silvefTleacI, lead and:  attentten given to large contracts will be extended  Pro m pt=s et t f ernen ts^and"- H^i cW^fTnecle=Qf=Sampir  Is   now prepared   to  copper orgs.   The carefu  *to=the=smaHe_t-=shipperf"  ing guaranteed.  Address all comniunications to drawer S, Nelsohv B  '��.  CEORGE^M. MeDOWjELL^ Manager.  RAKMR ANIi WARD Stl.KKTS. N_i_L_��)I_  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  peter mmm. & co.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We mako a specialty of  Styplap ai]d Double Dressed JVjaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Oflleo and yard near C.P.R. depot   ]_ G. BKKR, Agent.  GOAT HI VER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  - AH sizes of dimension timber and all kinds', of.lnmbar  _......���_,. -    ill out to order, and shipped to  Nelson in carload IoIj1 ���  tunnels, old |  vVrite for prices.     .  The only hotel ifl Nelson that hits remained under one  inanft|rcrmcnt since 1890.  The bed-rooms are vtoll furnished and ligjitcd' liy  electricity.  The din. jig-fcCM. iv is liot second to aiiy in ICootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best dDincstio and  imported liquor's and cigftrs.  THOMAS MADDKN, Proprietor.  HOTEL  Two aiid a half mites up tho Outlet from Nolson.  -BEWTA T THFC.     Sp^ng Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  OXJ_Lil_lLlI___iJ.     Pure Milk; Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which are from the ranch1 belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson.   Good stabling.   Open day and  Can be reached by either road or water.  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  night.  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  "srivriDE-, :b.  O. M. ROSENDALE, Purcl.  asi ng*  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS        .  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL A_*JD K?OOTENAf BELLE GIGARS  And all other brands oif the  "AT FACTORY J-IUCKS  _  0_r isrEX,SQ3sr, 33.0."  Nelson Tent and Awning lannfeetepy  ^.X___,   ___X_STI_)S   OEI  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  �����3^__j__s_^s:  O.  ICverything flrst-elass  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Rates ��1.50 and $2 per day.  J. "W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  .....  ,- J. V.PKRKS, Proprietor    . 7  Kroe Iriw meets .ill trains  Hourly, stroot car to station  Revelstoke,, B.C.  ALL SI/'KS OF TKNTS IS' STOCK  linker street, opposite postolllcc, Nelson  rHso. _i_v_t-_^_Dsoirsr  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHEB  Kootenay Eleetpie Supply and Construetio-i Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Ooin'plete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission.and Lighting; for Mines, Towns  " Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P.O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE  !>,   1899.  Purses a  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries ofthe best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention   to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  CORNER BARER AND JOSKPHIN'B STREWS, NKLSON  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  G* r   -_,_- P. O. Store  0:/'._25   Up  Along tlie Water Front.  The river rose 2{ inches during the  twenty-four hours ending yesterday at (i  ]>. in. it is an unusual record I'or. the  river to make a steady rise from its  lowest winter point without once dropping as it has done this spring. Last  hill it was also recorded that the river  fell without making its usual doublet rises  The tug Hercules yesterday evening took  in tow one of the huge pile drivers belonging to iMcArtluir iV*. Co., for ICaslo,  where it. will be used driving piles for a  wharf. The water in the Narrows up  the river is very wild and swift at this  stage.  NELSON.  The Bank of Montreal yesterday exported to the United States assay ollice  at Helena three gold bricks, the aggregate value of wliich was $1-1,750. The  bricks wore from the Ymir gold mine at  Ymir and the Athabasca, mines. The  output of the Ymir company was $0000  and that of the Athabasca. $~>7~>().  The .Hall Mines smelter made another  shipment of lead-silver bullion yesterday  to the refinery at Newark, Now .Jersey.  There were twenty tons in the shipment  which carried a. value of .$'3508.  A. nieeting of the directors of the Nelson public library was held yesterday  afternoon in the office of ]_. A. Crease, at  which the sum of $150 was reported as  the net proceeds of the ball held in aid of  the library -fund. The directors wish to  thank the committee in charge of the  ball and all others who "contributed towards making it a success.  The members of the Steele Gun Club  are requested to meet at the traps, on  tlie south side of the Canadian Pacific,  railway track for practice, on Saturday  afternoon at 2:30 sharp.  On and after June 19th the C. P.'.R.  train from Revelstoke will arrive in Nelson at 7 p. in. Consequently postmaster  Gilker has decided to close tlie general  delivery at 7 p. m. from that date on, so  that the mail can be distributed in.the.  boxes over night.  At the conclusion of the regular meeting of Nelson Lodge of the Sons of England held on Wednesday evening a social  entertainment was held. The lodge has  now* forty-seven members and a number  of applications for membership.  James LaAvrence re turned yesterday  evening from a business trip through the  Boundary  district.     He reports  that: a  and fit up a. kitchen, dining room and  hall for social gatherings and lodge purposes. Tlie hall will be opened during  the celebration with a ball, and throughout the celebration there will be music in  the hall between the hours of 2 and 5 and  S and 12. The Lady Maccabees will also  Furnish refreshments.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  The Nelson h'uiiiiture Company has re-  .���oh-cd a large .oiisignni<_ni of Ihe lali-sl, designs in rend  iii mil n ���-<_' mill Ion nj<i iik i lmii-s siiimlilu for stimuli!!' re-  i|iiii'ciiu!ii!s. Tlio company's annouii.i-mi.nl appears in  aunt hnr minimi.  O  O-  oo  3-  o  CO  a-  LU  ___  _2  _i  oo  I���  CO  GO  ���i  CO  m  c_  co  oo  CO  *Hj  Mid>��'M\vay'"iki'^kpeciml, _tjNtyfc&qli,"'.Oiqdusv  *wooa .abpu*-.^i__iigj. sfc. __str.' - ������ ���:" ���.,> *-�� " "*,$"������'! *��� _.  kf2.  %ii{i_J-tp;^rii^tgag��-''hy:^niyiltpm W^rge.  lATe'el'ahtfe;," ;Thera:m-oAiiit -of; the'' uTdhtgtigQ'���*  WW*^%vA.iy*^^"fi#:.  ':lSxpngliy^fMOi  .-!_��>���  honest" ancl  thorough  ^ I offer the largest stock in 0-  tlie Kootenays, wholesale  and retail. Call and ex-  ;:mi'nc. Special attention  to watch repairing*. Watch  attention, careful, experienced, painstaking* attention. Attention that will  keep its fine median ism  in perfect condition. It  doesn't take much oil to  make it. mark time, but it  must have that mite, ancl  have it at the right time.  It is our business to correct all difficulties about a  watch and. make it keep  correct lime. If not worn  out, we can do it. It is  our ambition to add to the  reputation we think we  have in no small measure  already established of do-  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf asid Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  .TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Brill Steel-  N2I-  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse   Tools, Cutlery, Tin  U^^^^S^my and Woodenware  ���������-^^mkiM^^y Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN   %    Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  MATERIAL     VvS ��� *r?n* T-Bafls  V*- Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  , NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  ^^_>yat'ch repairing.  - i- -  i-*_  *��_�����  MM DOVER, The JeweleK  '5  Nelson, B, O,  ^gf-Si-gYij." IJii��*%^\?^5*��fg.c^* ���'ffiS;.iu3bi-S:f  jdf ' 'Tlie Si;ii!'-r Ve_3��Ahi^Tae"_-4f:ltfie. '1i0"l7;  '-v^i^i ^ C.l:Qg^l\0liif<5|.i5f9i__.iti;id(;  eontiiijie'-til.-.iie.-ii-iiiill^otWI-Pf2th% .bqtiw  kg.,   "riiis 'is to sliQ.vY jjnietiedlly liis coil*  %$X\pi fox%he eighkiidpf, bill. ""'.���  . A ineetihg pfythe 'repxeheptk^ives of  l\y'e of, khp- ^kteru.kl sqei(_tie.S? Was Ii-Itl.  ,la-?te*��eyiii'g/^vh&iij-]fe local !T--i''i.iieli:e. of  lilre I.����yd, KiYrt. M _?.>. G. "0- fe, (K. Q.'  ;_.\ M. -Hid __���. "0(. "T. U., .tee-fried-"to rkuk tlie.  mcoud ilpor oJf the f.Q. "0.,-F.. biiiia��%.  wfoem Advertised  At  "Aii-fciOia iPriees.'*   slidiild  be  left  alone.     Aii  =iiiicMou^pi-i-e=ilife��'M^  My  ���;..��."t  Whip " _  ky  >    �� *i5_y_  THESE EOODS we ard  . ���" bound to sell Wljile  _hey '(.email, the patterns  of the season. We prefer to1 mar!< them dowrj  riow, at*d let our regular  cus.oiflers have the ad-  - Vantage of t^e cut, ta.i\\-  kr t||a?i have $. slaUgljier  sale some months later  to m,ake room for rjew  goods. Our display of  Rugs?* arid Art Squares  is -the. finest ever seen  in Kootenay. tliey are  received"direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are virtualfy reaching  headquarters.  liiitfcliaser can be induced to piiy.  New Spring Designs  In Axtuinstoi'S of the best qiialife*/, .yitli Or witlioiit  bord.(ji'3. Bi-ti'sli aiid Canadian iiiakes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Stiitable fbr di-awiftg-i'ooinK, diiiiiig-voom.s, lialts or  stairs, With or witliont boi'dei's.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union i.i't .-.qtiarefi, Jajilwicse squares and I'ligs,  Sinyiiia iviid Tccninseli ruga-.  4q Different Styles  Of baby carriage- and go-carts to select from.  Rattan eliiiirs and i'oekers.  Purniture of all Kinds  Is advancing, and notice to this effect has beeii  sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Having a large stock on liand Ave will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  competitors. We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  MEU  Veranda Chairs  and Rockers  Children's Go-Carts  Buggies  Gentlemen's  Arm Rockers, Etc.  iffSALE  BUS1NEFS vA-NO' IlKSIDKNTI AL  '     "       PROIMCRTY -  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON  HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN  SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening- the weary ean Iind rest  by reposing* in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  __v_-''��_y, 120, Hilled' street, between   Jo. _i.)m_-   and  >    Ward'1 si rocs i - ....$SG__  I 50}f5". 20,,._;i_.__ ..treol, between Jo��u]iliinu and I fall  .sti'dlets. -. : ....  .1500  L-P.bjj:g(.,:Baker street, .. tweun Jo<;c]3liIuc !i< (11 Tall  '   sstrcefe," corner   ...  ; $0 .bj'ISQViCast Baker si i-ect  :    SOO  J25 b*J".120 frith iiiiprovcmonts, :>oiilli sirte b�� Vernon  j��/*s|v,cei;.":  '., - 501)0  ��50]b*j~ 120 with iinprovcnienlK, soiitlisitle of Vernon  ."street.   Slots iWi'llargo house buautifully furiiiKlicrl (sua;)..  *2tlotewith eott:i_o rent ed al, 815 por month, AHetoria  �� '"stS'eet ,.  =1 lQ&jvit.h collage rentedat .1.") per month, Victoria  .   ..strejit    2 lot... with cottage rented at, ��20 per month, ' kinloy  St-Q'C-li       , "G'i'ot- i4iS .-block 111), all cleared and-fenced in   ��000  1000  .1500  2500  3000  2500  1100  fl-'-Oin house and lOlolsscl out in orchard   '2 IdUs illnd improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 hor.os,  WagonA sleighs, hnvness, and everything in eon-  jieetion wilh Hurry's milK ranch   For gen.ral information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  5500  All lovers,of a good-'cup bf tea have a chance of ��� a/lifetime, by calling  at* once at Kirkpatrick &- Wilson's, and procuring;-a 4o-ceiit -package  .of 5 o'clock Cejlon Tea, which' is a standard. 50-cent" tea- in "any":" town,  in Kootenay. If wc* don't suit you wc will cheerfully return your  money. But we guarantee wc can please you as we have thirty different blends to choose from. Call and sec us. Everything.first'-class.  Don't forget we arc the leading house and carry the largest stock in  Nelson of Groceries,  Crockery,  etc.    Wc want your trade.  Real ESUiteaifd .Gtmeral Agents^ Baker St., Kbl-oU  Corner ijaker and Ward Streets;  S'or' Strawber.rips  and  other fruits in  sqason.   T-savO  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewobd Ice Gjpeam  Ice Gream Soda and  All_ Kirids di Soft iSrinKs  MlliliS & I_OTT  AgyillS for 3fas_lcwood: Ice CreniiVi  D. McARTHUR & CO.  Corner Baker and W^ard Streets, Nelson.  OF ALL  KINDS  SELL  NOT TO LOOK AT  FOR STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts,  '       7 7CALL oisr...  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOST1PBWF1 STREET, NKLSON  Ice Cream  (HAZLKWOOD)  AND  Ice Gream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUJT STO^E  Krcsli Fruit reeeived daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co. "  Telephone UV ���'������  .    iUJMl'IiJiJ.YS & P1TTOCK  Nelson Furniture. Co.  Twenty good stonerni^pns, at  once. Wages Five Dollars per  day of nine hours to first-class men.  Apply Nelson Saw and Planing  Mills, Limited, Nelson, B. C.  W. 3E?_ BOBIITSOB"  (Kx-Sheriir Of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on ooiisigmncnts of merchandise.  Postollicc Rox ;>7a Nelson, 11. C.  B*5.   PRIVATE   BARG-AIN  Telephonfe IO.   P. <X Box K & W*     Baker street West, Nelson  usy  This week filling orders  No time, to write ads  Will see you next week  llAKElt STREET WEST.  C. D. J. CHRISTIE  GENERAL  BROKER.  A 7-rooni house ..  A 5-room house ..  FOR RENT  FOR SALE  *    ' Real estate in all parts of tho eity.-  LOANS ', .iNSUitANt'U  ...30  ..  20  A larj-fe hoarding-house doing good  bii-iii_--,' eentrally. localeil.  21! Draught Horses,  12 I'raught Mules.  U Pack Mules.  Ill Pack Horses.  Tho above stock is in lirst-elass condition and perfectly  b oken. The vendor can furnish if desired Complete rig-  King for pack animals, also liar' ess and wagons fur  balance of stock.  Apply to *'T. fc.���" Albert Canyon, 11. C.  Notice to Contractors.  Sealed lenders will hc received tip to fi p. 111. Saturday.  10l.li .June, by the undersigned for llie excavation and the  basement, walls of the Hums liloek, on Hakerstreet.  I'lans and Kpecilioations can bes-.cn al, my ollice.  The lowost or any tender not necessarily accepted.  ARTHUR li. ilOUGiNS, Architect,  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVINO & COMPANY  Raker Street West, Nelson, 11. C,  PSCIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The nujtply is limited, ho call early mid examine this tilock.  ___       _     !__-> *��� _"t,      "  1*1* -IJ*       "  Bfi'&.lA- &> w_r -5 ��'>..-"'''


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