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 THE LAW ANDTHUAW COURTS  Jurors  Split  the  Difference.  The case of Davis vs. Cummings occupied the attention of a judge and jury  all day yesterday.    The plaintiff had for  a long time acted  as  bookkeeper  to the,  defendant, and lie was suing for balance  of salary alleged   to  be  due  him.    The  defendant runs the Slocan hotel at Kaslo.  It appeared that tlie plaintiff had worked  for the defendant from  May   18th,   189(5,  until   April    13th,   1S99,   with    the exception of six or seven  months.    While  working * he   had   received  the   sum of  $1210   on   account   of    salary,   and   he  claimed tlie further sum of $15-0.20.    He  was also suing for $127.7s") alleged to have  been paid out by plaintiff for defendant  out of his own funds at  tlie  hitter's re-  quest, and for $12. on a note given him  liy   tlie   defendant  and   $11.87   interest  thereon.     Tlie  evidence   was   very contradictory.    The plaintiff swore tliat he  was engaged at a salary of $100 a month  and   board,  that  he  had  paid out the  $127.75 at defendant's request, and that  he had demanded  payment on the  $125  note.      The   defendant swore   that  the  plaintiff-was only engaged at the rate of  $00 a month, that he  had  not  paid  the  $127.75, and though  the  $125  note was  admitted, the defendant denied any demand for its payment which would dis-  , entitle the plaintiff to the $11.87 interest  on the same.    Mrs. Cummings also gave  evidence to the eifect that tlie plaintiff  had informed her that her husband had  engaged him for $50 a month.'' There was  a   counter   claim   for   $24,  which   was  dropped by mutual consent.  The jury were asked to answer the following questions:  (1) Was there aiiy agreement made for  wages between the plaintiff and the defendant?  (2) What was the amount agreed  upon? Y     ,  (3) If there was no such agreement,  what was the value of the plaintiff's service 'per month ?  (4) Was the $125.75 paid by the plaintiff out of his own funds?  (5) Was any demand made in, respect  of the promissory note for $125?  After an absence of nearly au hour the  jury returned and handed in their verdict. Tliey did not answer the first and  second questions, they placed the value  of the plaintiff's services at:$70. a. month  and board, and they* found that a demand had been made for the payment of  ;��� the promissory note. His lordship said  itlijit^slieY-would;'���; -defer ��j iicigineu& j-__3H _Q,;  rov  .,..'��� ���������'Pi-arjr.  nne  TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 13,  1899.  PUBLISHED  AT NEL-ON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY, $2.  *-^���v���">_7-^_ v-i���: v��-%"- ���:3��7nY - j 4!��ili��".��.". ���*.���* ���.-*,*  -, vl:*4:��iY^M -: ,J}.:  almost nothing as the race was ended,  the Dominion crossing the line exactly  ten minutes ahead of the Yankee. The  race was witnessed by a large gathering, though of course the interest  was not as great as it was  when the Dominion successfully defended  tlie Scawauhaka cup last year. Tlie  start was made af 2.27, the Dominion at  once taking the lead and never relinquishing it. The Canadian boat showed  herself much Superior in windward work,  most of her gains being made there. She  outpointed the Yankee. Towards the  end of the race the Yankee lost considerable ground by becoming becalmed, while  the Dominion had a faint flutter of wind  to help her along towards the home  buoy.  UNION   MINERS   CALLED   OUT  Of Three Properties Yesterday.  , The eight-hour law went into eifect  yesterday, and in consequence of a disagreement with the managements of the  Athabasca, Granite and Royal Canadian  mines over the scale of wages to be paid,  the union ordered all its members out  of these three properties.  At the Royal 'Canadian mine the summons of the union was obeyed by every  miner iu the company's employ. At the  Granite there AA'as some misunderstanding-on the part of'the miners and they  did not respond to the call at once, but  the greater number of them did so later  in the day, and it is expected that the  property will be completely closed down  this morning.  At-the-Athabasca mine the greater  number of the men quit work aud came  'down the hill. Some of the meu continued at work but it is said that virtually  the entire night shift left the mine. As  the men.who came out in obedience to  the call of the union have not all reported it is impossible to say just Iioav  many are left at the Athabasca but the  number is variously stated at from ten  to thirty-five men. The action of the  union has. not affected the running of the  TRUSTEES THREATEN TO RESIGN  sTlmvea^qf vKelly^sctl^  ?.-n.77M.i_s.^.-___^Y: ft^  _   a ,f^y n_ __y n,'   -s*     "^ np        n     *y  u ��  bfyMd-i  :a3&"l-.ni"ejrauci*ojvfted "Jbyp  _ oi%luT_l'l:y^^^ id:, ihe^pfWe/ip?h%  "   "c^V    ���jiP-4,  .n0.-1.,,11-^^ <*3*��    �� Ft?        ".,.$   ofl  SonnDD     rV1     ^i*6^^   ^ n,   S��n T n       ".   ffl ��� -2  ��anjtev_ p|tp$.gi'S'" x^G,���^-fil_��|Me^: W. dp,-.  :The;n_gi.o.t*Hi^ ;*dj**  ei>  Sj_tf o m  ?^$&$u�� iMpid She 2$e$$k' i���� 'Mh  "iyidph"ypi���|tli| ���^gh$.J>fryfnfy vilneh ,the  , ojf��>yi-^  "by����$-"eljy; "-_51li_-"��is^^  cfrurt-will Jiayeto dedidle.after ASJiiehVthe  value -of^^l_elaiid;\\;ill -4$ve I o be-fi^edby  arbitrators,    -ft is said  -that tlte Hall  Mines   company   offered $l:o6t)   for the  ^���igi__Tt._YWay^  tiiuvt $3000 wefe demanded.  Slocait Star Closed Up.  San do??, June 12.���Tjie management of  the Slocah SttiiYmine laid oif part of the  mine force: this morning, leaving thirty-  five nien itutlbrgrouu^l at regulation hours  and union AA'agef**. The/union called thenl  out, a. noon, thus leaving the Slocah Star  dosed up. The miners are holding a  meeting tonight to- consider Vftribits  inatter$. Tlie Slocan Star management  offered; to pay $3.25 for ininers and $2.75  for car ft-6'i'i and ninckers lint the olfer  was pxOhiptly I'efused, The union officers  are sanguine of success and are prepared  to stay out for an indefinite period if  necessary. Pei-feci order reigns and no  trouble is anticipated.  The Widow's Fight for Dower.  Toronto, June 12.���Miss Eva Booth of  the Salvation Army, is appealing before  the divisional court to set aside a judgment from chancellor Boyd, granting  Mrs. Jane Eves a doAver in the estate of  her late husband. Mi1. Eves willed all his  property to the Salvation Army, but his  widow brought action, and * Avas successful in securing a third of the estate in  property in Charles street. The Salvation Array's appeal is sustained by a deed  of separation, made in the year 1868, by  Avhieh Mrs. Eves barred her dower. Chancellor Boyd held that the bar Avas insufficient.       .     ... '  Tlie Dominion an Easy Winner.  Mcn.TR.i-AL, June 12.���Last year's Sea-  AAranhaka cup-winner, tho Dominion, ran  away from tlie White Bear Yacht Club's  challenger Yankee in the first of the  series of races to be sailed on Lake St.  Louis. The Avind bleAv lightly from the  southeast at the start . and freshened up  as the race progressed, but died aAvay to  /';t?' Y��jBonnectin'gifIrela-ndsby--Tunnel.-..^^Y  ��i%fl "* .���& ��� T &".-'". .7"�������, VVD .f",_,s. -_:���_"*3_:".  nPl'p-J��. . 3" -  ite.ud:0d_��1ttQe*ta  yyo.u^ei;-'"pf 4ep|flhi.ou_,^  !adopted"sto>adckne';s;:a<petation.to^the^hrst*  f1oWoli.l^fea^Ir^"krth^  ^���'elati^:*to?%^-ojecteS  Sr^S^&clvtllni^^^  - IJ^f4|iud!erry,."pi^d  ?;��i?Sm;.loftl Sose^i;y;4!#t" %i'��^^:M^:  ���Klpy'^lox'c����^  ?fi\fpityig^&  =it Aj|>nfd*iijii;tte E'^^  "ejpiely. ,l "Tjlje VpVoljo.scti'^.roMP  Vd i'�� fatfcfe 0iyveh % "ii Aj.a iiiilgfe aucl'-" is" "ufi -  ^ip^iaife-fiv-C?0eb;gf:AvjilegfV '^fit? ���-<j^_j.  ma-ed"   ccts"-"-Of Y-he�� midertakihg.  is,  ii^000.QOO!' 'p :   .���;;_��� _ _y        y  Shaughnessy S*acc_eds Wan Horne.  M'p'Ni.'R'BA.L,/3Hiue��� 1'2;.���A^���th���e inon^hly :  lneeMug, oj tlie "%oard Of directors Of the ;  ^Cauacfian-Ilacdlie^Rail^i^ComiSauy^  da^y Sir William Van ffoifh- Avas elected  chairnntn of the board, and TJioinas 0.  Shaufhiiessy Avas elected president.    It is  understood that the object of this change  is to provide for an enlargement of the  executive organization of the eoiupaily,  which is made necessary by the growth  of its bnsiuessi iind the wide extent of its  operations.   No change in the policy of  the coii-pany is in any Avay con templated.  Because They Are Slighted.  Hon. Joseph Martin, attorney-general",  and minister of education in the Semlin  administration, had a conference Avith  tho Nelson board of school trustees yesterday afternoon, when the differences  existing betAveen the local board and the  education department Avere gone into.  Although Hon. Joseph Alartin lias been  minister of education for several months'  ho informed the local trustees that until  the recent trouble over the closing of a  portion of the scho.il cropped up he had  no inkling of any differences existing be-  AA'een the local board and tire department.  He also said that he had never heard of the  board's request for $0000 for the purpose  of adding another story to the older portion of the present school buildings.  With respect to the deductions to be  made in the salaries of the teachers for  loss of time occasioned by the trustees,  action in closing their class rooms, the  minister accepted full responsibility. He  contended that the trustees should not  haA'e closed any of the classes altogether  but should have relieA'ed the overcrowding by putting the classes upon half  time.  When asked as to Avhat chance there  Avas for securing the amount requested  by the trustees for bringing the accommodations up to the requirements, the  minister of education did not hold out  much hope as he said the unappropriated  vote for educational purposes AA'as A*ery  small. When the legislature meets again  the matter'could be arranged, but he re-  eoguized that this process would not relieve the probable overcroAvdiug Avhen  the school reopens after the midsummer  holidays.  Upon the question of making Nelson a  separate school district he said that if it  AAras the wish of the people of Nelson to  manage the schools of the city the government Avould pass the necessary legislation at the next session of the house.  Upon this matter he likewise said that  he Vhad  no information  until  after the  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Foolishness Rebuked This Time.  Messrs. Elliot & Lennie made application yesterday to W. A. .Jowett. for permission to alloAV the foremen at the  Athabasca mine to carry reA'olvers. The  application Avas based upon the testimony of an employee of the Athabasca  company, who expressed tlie opinion that  the men Avhom it Avas proposed to arm  Avere mild mannered and not likely to  hurt any ono. The justice decided that  the evidence did not disclose any necessity for granting the permission,-and he  accordingly refused it.  FERNIE.  .- The CroAv's Nest Pass Coal pom pany  has commenced exporting coal as Avell as  coke to the United States. The coal is  going to Helena and is entered through  the customs at a valuation of $3 per ton.  NEW   DENVER.  y A company has been registered at  Somerset House, London, under the title  of the Enterprise Miues, Limited, for the  purpose of acquiring the Enterprise mine  on Ten-mile creek, under au agreement  Twith the Loudon & British Columbia  Goldfields, Limited. The capital of the  company is -��150,000 in ��1 shares, and  the prosierty to be acquired consists of  tAAro claims and a fraction knoAvn as the  Enterprise, Slocan Queen and Enterprise  fraction.  the mine under the new conditions will  then be settled. This mine has in the  pasf been Avorking under an eight-hour  system, paying the men $3.50 per shift,  and it is considered quite probable that  this system -will be continued.  Today a pack train lea\*es for the  Essex group, so that the shut-down of  that property seems doubtful. The Essex is not in the mine owners' association. . "   .  The miners' union held a big meeting  here on Saturday night. Tliey passed^  several resolutions, copies of AA'hich are  being circulated.  SALMO.  Billings & Bennett, the OAvners of the  Yellowstone mine near Salmo, lnwe'*; discovered the YelloAvstone A'ein on the  Yosemite, the northeastern extension of  the first named property. SeA'eral men  have:been employed for some time past  doing surface work ou the Yosemite, and  the A'ein uncovered there is just as strong  and as good a grade as on the YelloAvstone. e  i_tiJli^!u*^  ; Y I;tiig:-needI#^,ifcovsayffitlia^ '-r^sult^of��.  3��liCd^ii*f erfefeg ^Ya's^m  ;:df,��tl.:e*_ch^  ^ollf._wjtn^tli^gn|to \lip ai^^  j$nd^��!is>judte^  ';%Mynieii%:insiS&:i:n^if^  *i&4-igt^J|ntr^^^ig^^  ^yill:'|j(^d0iife7'as"'':^  '~$Oii >ofYt���h"e "���etl.nca|i)f)ti td e*i-i-rfe*feht;jQ-j^  Y YMIR.  , Today the eight-hour law comes into  force and is received with jubilation all  over this camp.  J.D.Anderson of Trail has just returned from a tAvo AA'eeks' suiwey trip up  Wild Horse creek, Avhere lie has had a  lot of suoav to contend Avith. During his  trip he surA'eyed the claims of the Ncav  Brunswick Consolidated Company, Limited, yi*_. the Brunswick, Deadwood and;  Florence,:adjoining the Dundee "group;  the Rainy Day and Rainy, Day No. 2,  owned by the Gold Reef Mining and Milling Qohipauy, J^imjted; the '���Q olden, Calf  ^dji&a^^teci  ' 'fe^ir ^.:'!^fiil#^s:^i}i;bs TUCtiW  Finns Coming to  Canada.  S-PCic:nOi--i, June 10.���Prominent Finns  who have left their cojintry since the  czar's abrogation of 1 ibei-ties guaranteed  by himself and his predecessors since  Alexander 1., and Avho arc making their  teiiiponiry residence in StockholmY are  Casting about for a place to colonize.  They have opened negotiations with the  Canadian go\-ernmeiit, and have received  the offer of attractive inducements to  establish a large colony in the Northwest  'Territories.   Strikers Riot in Cleveland.  Clbvet.and, June 12.���At one o'clock  today the most serious disturbance in  connection with the street car strike  occurred at the corner of Euclid avenue  and Bond street. Stones fell on the cars  in a shoAver, and the trainmen locked  themselves in the ears' taking refuge  under the seats. A strong police" force  drove the croAvd aAvay, but not before  three cars had been derailed.  .    ���n '-,_-.     '   . vr -_- ,"._ ��$ n p\,,  '" -J'     .pnm,flfl:,flt    Itf fl-"'? "n"flfl.,.   ��  _.DnVB  ��.and;;t$.^K^  ' and "f hixpe^'tmc,dnTodaiiPAiC^- ^P|^s.'jbi*,ii_tee_.  '���coiiteh.l- .tlfat, Vtlie aegoinodati'M.," -ofY'ithe:'  school is*'a!l;w:a?fn'J at, Iea_-"'_ix 'inoutlisbe-  'hind its re^uireni-nt^ .|indVpraciiieally no.  ���rj_--_v'b'ei-ij-JiQJi! J.^'JP'j!i'^-"'t^"'tili3ahJ ^���e^T^e^"-^-*-''''^!?^'!.^-;  the accomodation, vabreast of ilxe times.  "Ministry's; Resignatibn" AcQepted;  iPAftlB, Jin ie" f2.���President Loubet "lias  accepted the res.ignatioii of ihe cabinet  innii. ters_ apd has requested them to retain, their offices until their* Siieeessoi'g  are named. It is presuined that Loubet  AA'ill summon the presidents of tlie ehain.^  bers tomoi"i'OAv~in order to eoiisiirt~w;itlr  them upon the fovniatibn of a new* cabinet. On leaving the chamber M. Du*  pity obserA'ed to a group of deputies  in the lobby :    "We hand over the busi-*  Ball Games Yesterday.  Toronto 8, Montreal 7.  Springfield 5, -Worcester. 3..  Hartford 4, Providence 3.  Rochester 19, Syracuse 9.  Noav York 2, Boston 11.  Cleveland 3, Pittsburg 15.  Buffalo 4, Kansas City (5.  Columbus 4, Milwaukee 1.  nes�� to luckier, but not to more Courageous men." The hl-erview betAAyeen M.  Dupuy and his colleagues and president  Loubet AA'as brief, but cordial. The president a__pflessed'"hi_ thanks, for the support he had received from, the retiring  ministers and added that he would a.l-  Avays remember tlieir sorA'iees gratefully.  M. Dupuy wi-V. agl'eeably surprised at  Loubet's Cordiaiity. Tliere ai'e already  many sarmis,es as to the composition of  tlie new cabinet, but it is pointed out  that as thetoupuy ministry did not fall  on a question involving the political coin-  plexion of the ministry, it is dlflieult. to  see upon what basis the iioav cabinet Avill  be selected.   The Way They Do in Alberni.  Victoria, June 12.���It has remained  for an Alberni mine manager to discover  au easy solution of theproblem.prese.nted  by the eight-hour law. This genius is  captain Williams, manager of the Alberni  Consolidated. JIe employs the men eight  hours underground and for tAvo additional hours on the surface sharpening  drills and in other employment, so that  they put in ten hours, as formerls'*, and  receive the old pay. Colonel Hayes,  manager of the largest mine in Alberni,  has closed doAvn because of the demand  for ten hours' pay for eight hours' Avork.  ���   ii - ������*���     "      ��� ���  "    "���-���������  The Metal Market.  Nrav York, June 12.���Bar silver 60ic.  Mexican dollars .Sic. Silver certificates  (K).'> to 02c. Copper quiet; brokers'$18.25  to7 $18.50, exchange $18.25 to .$18.50.  Lead quiet; .brokers' $4.15, exchange  $1.45 to $4.50.  Bettye/!' .Qi'eel^/  iiy Jaek!fDewa"r";gcjes :n;p^tQday"Ytb-"��,i'^$\i[)ciei.  :'iv_r"k��mi"t_i;Q^ WiJd.H','J.lS>'e,  ''���e'reeJcr-'-.-s"'*'--.-.' "_��*.    ���&"'>-  "��� * '   ,   *-f���� '  ;-^���JiiH.��Grah^m  r\0;O'l|Hu'ver"|?)"h)|%���^  Y*i��Q,i��?ditS_ utfeSiCs "4n.d����ba_|-�� "'bal U=p"i_aeixkp^,  Vtakj--.iipl-iill Mie tS-pitin;e4ttentio'ii -liS\*_ iTd'a^s. -���  n" Tl}e '^Ij^^^lSufe^^xlii^ |Hrd:'  ;li-iiStantfEai.ld "liext! '^yeefc '-the rpxa'iij-p.a'if.lQi-.i'  fojf.the, prizes commences;, to*which.the  '-"Inlveiiiies are aiixioiisly llo^jci^gJf_'rw|lird. .-  ����0n 'iji"e- t&th. the��li,AM-n^ba"ahYMe4����i\��.bf a  ���jSplioor triiStec "vicC" Wni.  ��laiik.  "'O^here  ���Icije^ su*re .to6 be several ilo.iniiiatCd" and;  '^6infe"f*an fa. auticipaieel at the contested,  efeetipii.  " W��� B< Sliaw dl* the JETall Miue$ Smelter  paid YiViir a visit, on Sunday,  J. L. Parker, consulting engineer of the  Duiideej Fairnioiit, etc., has beeil out on  =an^official=iuspec;tioii. ^^=^=-  The tender^ for the further sinking of  fifty feet on the EA'euing Star Will be  opened tonight.  Dr. Iveller is going oh a trip to look up  properties lie is interested in at RoA*er  creek find Avhei'ehe pui'poses spending a  lot of nioney iii, development worit,  SILVERTON.  A considei'able increase avI'11 'be iiVade  tlijs Avcpk iii the AYorkiuU foi'ce at the  Noonday mine. Ore will be brought.  'down for shipment in a few days. Two  Carloads are .MlI'Cady sacked at the property and niore is being mined daily.  The Value of this Noonday ore is -considerably liighei' than tliat of the initial  shipliient, most of which was mined from  near the surface. ���  A persistent rumor is being circulated  to the effect that the Bosun mine Avill be  AVithdraAvn from the Lead Mine Ovvuers'  Protective Association, and Avill start up  again on Wednesday. The ore showing  at the time of the shut-down avos better  than it has been for some time.  A.feAV AVOeks ago a 100-foot tunnel Avas  driven to catch the vein on the Silverton  Boy. The .showing in this tunnel warranted the supposition that the vein was  close at hand, but it Avas not reached  when the contract avus completed. This  claim forms one of the Emily Edith  group, and manager Rammelmeyer decided to ground-sluice the surface before  continuing the tunnel. This Avas done,  resulting in the uncovering of a two-foot  ledge of quartz and galena. The tunnel  had missed the A'ein, being nearest to it  when in tAventy. feet. . The show in  coA'ered is equal to tiiat fii  the big Emily Edith ledge.  .Manager' Leslie Hill of the Vancouver  mine is expected to arrive in town within  a feAV days.    The question of re-opening  KASLO.  The lake has risen almost fourteen feet  at this point so far. Owing to the  changeable and cool Aveather,.. there'will  be no Hood at Kaslo this year. The suoav  is going very sloAvly and the Avater is going out of the lake almost as fast as it  comes in. It is not expected that the  Avater will be as high this" season as it  :was last. .7 '',.:''"'"''��� '7  The steamer Hercules has brought in a  big boom of logs from Lardo, and  Buchanan's mill will probably be started  up. It had to close down on account of  running short of logs. Another raft is  expected from Bonner's Ferry "as soon as  the river aa-ill admit of their being tOAved  doWn. ,  ���;.-'. James J. Hill, president of the Great  Northern railAA'ay, canie in Sunday morning on a flying trip. The steainer Alberta made a special trip to Bonner's Ferry  Saturday and brought him direct to Kaslo, Avhere a, special train on the Kaslo &  Slocan raih\'ay stood;. Avith steam up  W'aiting;Vv-_j(i wasVtalven-dirept'toSandQii'.,';  BOARDS OF TRADE CONFERENCE  Will be Held in August. "^  The regular monthly nieeting of the  South Kootenay Board of Trade was  held last night. There were present: J.  Roderick Robertson, F. W. Swannell, W.  A. Macdonald, James Bannerman, A. E.  Hodgins, T. G. Procter, A. H. Kelly, J. F.  Weir, A. R."SheiAvood and J, M. Lay.  Several matters of importance Were  brought up, but owing to the small  attendance it Avas decided to defer discussion upon the same uu.il a special  meeting to be held on Thursday eA'euing,  June loth.  r The following applications Avere received and accepted a.s "members of the  board: T.J. Sims, J. F. Jacobson, Geo.  S. Beer and R. J. Hamilton.  A letter was received from Hon. J.  Fred Hume regarding the appointment of  F. M. Chadbourn as collector of mineral  exhibits from the Nelson district for the  Paris exhibition, and asking what arrangements had been made for his remuneration. Ou "motion of A.E. Hodgins,  seconded by T. G. Procter, the secretary  Avas instructed to Avrite the minister of  mines urging upon him the necessity of  haying the collection made at once, and  that the board of trade considered $10  per day and expenses a fair remuneration for Mr. Chadbourn for his services.  P. Burns <fc Co. Avrote requesting that  the name of Thorburn  Allan  be  substituted for tliat of W. H. Grant, as repre-  '  sentihg the firm on the  board  of trade.  The   secretary   aud    W.  A.   Macdonald  Avere appointed a committee  to inve'sti-.-'-;'-:  gate the matter and find Avhat authority:  the board had for making the change.     Y V'  A circular from B. T. A. Bell, secretary V  of the Canadian  Mining  Institute,  Avas'.(..  read, giving the programme as  outlined |  for the summer  outing of  the institute  through this province duriug the month:Y  of September.    The members Avill leave  Montreal on Friday, September 1st, being  joined at Toronto the foIloAving  day by  lnembers    from   OttaAva,   Toronto   and ;  eastern  points.     After  reaching  Revel- Y;  stoke the party will proceed directly to  Nelson, arriA'ing oil Saturday, September  9th.     It is proposed to spend three days   .  in Nelson and viciuity, leaA-ing for Rossland on September 12th.     Taa'o days will  be spent in  Rossland,  after  Avhieh  the   J  'party-will spend a day inSaiidbuVaud Y  return to Nelson on September 18th.    On  Tuesday, September 19th, the party Ayill YV  leave Nelson on the  return trip  via tlie Ys  Crow's Nest Pass raihvay.    TheVfareYin-?:"V  elusiveTpf sleepersi and  mealsY*willY Costs  yy  y ceeded .to,--��F,i've*m.-le {raoXnt^o,.., inlpeCtei h S#  I^&i$S^";;^ ^Y :f02'Jyyfr?r 0^^.2fy  s* Mricei ��ii.��0:h!_^i'.-p^  {,of;tHA"%t*-oh'^o.^  be^i&iirbjVGn^J'&^ii  .in ��   o fl      rf!Dnntt,B    Si-   nfiU OA   ,    nft.-1'        "  ��    ���  ���.W    S-   u nn-   ��     n t.  W  T1     S^    m. '���    n��� W    n      n  '������ '' ^Jc_:!l__^^  nieut olYMadrSilye'r biilhqn Dye..te|;"<;uiyvtq,;  jit" Mkwkfki-'N"e"S% _tersey_ ���  the, ���refiiten^  ��Thei  inent  re Hya*5"��y;6i_.ty-'i.dd tpni ih :m^��\iih]  't'wihlell^i-ad'si-V'vlne'of $PjW,4-.2'.    "-. ".  ���tt  '��n-  *t found on  ianrfj.-vine wa$ dowh town ��ye"_3te1is���_,  (la-y fo^ihe'rfarst"tihie. afteriatliree-Ay-eks1'  ll in ess l-OiliJlt. grippe.  TJiC" till "pf tlie Divide hotels on the  liob^oiirPenticton railway, sixteen miles  Avesb of Brooklyn, ivas bfokeii into on  Friday night during tlio absence of the  ^.i-oi.igetoVr^os-plHJr='G''B{Rhainr'ft  worth of clieqites* issued by H-Mnh l?oley  BrotlIters <& Larseb were stolen- Tlie  cheques Were drawn on the Bank of Montreal at Nel&On, and payiuent lias been  stopped.  It is intended to start the construction  of a CQinjnodious boarding house On the  Dandy about tlie loth, of the mouth', and  Steelier & Kelly have the contract foi'  hauling the lumber. Wlieh this is completed a large force of men will be put to  Work by those who have taken the bond  on the mine. At present eight meu al'e  employed gorineeting the Silver King  tramway With the niilie. If all goes well  fche managenieut hopes to start shipping  forty tons a day to the Hail njincs smcl-  tei; the" beginning ol" next month. " Mr.  1-aynovUle will be the ueA\- siiperiutend-  ent. It is also understood that the Silver King Anil rc-comi.iienCe shipping 200  tons of ore pei' day at. the same date.��  The big copper furnace at the smelter  will be blown in on the 20'th iii-tant.  J. L. Parkei', consulting engineer for  tlie Dundee mine, lias asked Tilu Trib'Oj'K  to publish the following challenge : He  will bring a team of 12 men who have  worked in tlie Dundee mine, and will  back them to beat any other mine team  in a tug-of-war at the Dominion. Day  celebration here for $500.  On Wednesday Mike Johnson acquired  an interest in the Eureka claim Avhieh  adjoins the Granite group from W.  Swerdfeger. Tlie consideration is said to  be $2000.  Steve McKay returned yesterday from  Ymir Avhere he has been doing assessment  work on his claims on Six teen-mile creek.  The Canadian Pacific; Telegraph .Company have est a bliriheU.com lnuni'cation'be-  tween Nelson and Spokane with a repeating ofiice at Iiossland.    The  new  service  _ k^Ystepl^t&s.  tertain th:e n-_iu]bj_fsnY^  MiuiBg  l!istitute'rb#"-'tI-4W:"^wiviffi^ii^^  Nelson,. - "Y-. ���    _ -C^-si !"V��^:i*it  . Tire petitionn ofthe Rbs��la'nad' Bqai-cl-^f^S  Ti'ade to the ���i)OihikkJfii, 'g.-fA._e,i*-iimeut;^'��4,e,^��"^  ,q'uestitt'g the^-l5oh:iini'onYp.a^liai-n'euOM_[��  provide foi1 the representation of KotjtS*-  uay in the liouse of eoinnn^ns,, wa.,, _>ti"  motion of W. A. MacclonaTd, seCoilded h$��  A. Ik Sherwood, .endorsed, and: the Secretary Was instructed" to Send copies pi the  petition, so endorsed, to. sir Wilfrid  Laurier and HoAVitt Bostock.  Local News of the Town.  Archdeacon Pehtreath and RoV. Saihi'  uel Hhodes Xield inissiomii'S* sdl'Vicp.s in  the lOnglish cli.ui'cb last pveujug. Asfch.-.  ���deacon I'ontroath hu4 recently returYjcd  frofli Il,erHie. lie is looked upon as the  coining bishop of tlie diocese of Kootenay  wht'n tlie same is organised.  Jieriici'bT. Irvine leaves tjiis morning  for a three ..months' vacation tli rough  l<-ari.(;rn Caiiadn and the United States  during which he will visit his former  home iu St. Jo).n,..'N'6\v Brunswick.  s A children's entertainmettf Avill be  given this evening at S o'clock at the  ���opera house in aid of the English church  building fund. The programme includes  an operetta, fan ey drills, single sticks and  sword exercises, tableaux and singing.  Avas commenced yesterday.  Along the Water Front,  The river rose six inches during the  forty-eight hours ending at G p.m. yesterday, making a rise of ISi inches for the  Aveek. The total rise is"l8 feet li inches  from the lowest point last winter. Last  eA*ening the Avater was just fourteen feet  below the high Avater mark of 1S94.  F. Meyer' yesterday caught _avo nice  fish and some smaller ones. Among them  Avas a beautiful rainbow trout of tAvo  pounds and a four-pound char.  Tavo hobos Avent out and brought in iv  trout 5| inches long. Very few fish are  taken Avitli the ily. The Phantom minnow seems to be a good trolling bait.  The Alberta Avas back  on  her  run as  I usual yesterday. THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON,  B.C., TUESDAY, JUNE  12,  1899.  We are showing* a vciy  large assortment  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call in  and Linen Suits are going* fast.  Just the thing for hot weather.  of parasols ranging* in price  and   see   them.    Our   White   Duck  A full  line of  Men's  Linen Hats.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  A. FBRLA ND * CO.  Kliol. Illor.k. linker Street., Nelson  A COMPLETE LINE JUST, ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  * . o     Baker Street, Nelson.  Co.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS-Nel. on Lodge. No. 25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in 1. O. O. F. J lull, eon.or  Baker nnd Kootenay streets, every Tue.-day evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting K nights cordially-invited" lout Lend.  -  C. i'RI-NCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K.of H, ic S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, At F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  lirethren invitf-d. ���������'-.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  H. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and AtmH-yor.  Victoria street, Nelson.  greater force is used than is absolutely  necessary. The proposition of asking  the authorities to arm mine foremen is on  a par AAdth asking permission to arm any  man who imagines that his house is going  to be broken into. It is needless and  therefore silly.  A.  ���pWART & CABRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  -*-*   erdeen block. Baker street, Nolson,   HCANK���Architect s*nd  artist.   Jiroltenhill   Block,  ���    next door to Nelson library.   ���-' FOR/SALE.  SCAVENGER outfit and business for sale. The business amounts to between ��250 to ��_00 a month. For  further particulars apply to John Croft, or to The Tribune office.  .FOR   RENT. 7  TWO six-roonv cottages on Latimer street, half block  vest of Stanley street.   ��20 a month each.   Possession June 1st.   Apply to A If red Bunker, or Tribune oflicc.  WANTED���Situation as housekeeper, by a middle-  aged  woman  who  is 'willing to work.    Apply  Housekeeper,Twhunic ollice. "���' -"--..:  y,yyy ��ite M,tMllim���   (  INCORPORATED 1670.  We would like  To supply  you with groceries  We know  We can  give satisfaction,  and  that it avou Id be for our.  Mutual benefit  To have yo deal with  us  S>:  W  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  B  B  ffl  Men's Alpaca  Men's Straw  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  fi TS]ese goods are ths proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes Sp  B  ��i  B  B  Try It  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker. Street.  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Blaek and Brown, the newest  shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection.  B  Blouse  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  "WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS frora $1.50 up.  ��� Daily JEdition....  Wkeki.t Edition :  ........ Fikst Year, No 136  ...... Seventh Year, No. 2!)  infY|i;p^  ^^���S'^��_;*C �����V__.".*,j|-i."*����"**-m"MLjr_.7 i.. '.'bBmI'..*.*-..  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  in white, fawn, green, and blue  . -    "     ' . "      ..-'���- ��  The above are the goods you need now.   Gome and see them, buy  them and enjoy comfort during the warm weather  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  #  .B  B  '^S^^RO^'j^I^OC}^:,   BAKEE   STEBBT,   HsrOSLSOOSr,   B. C.  ���^���^���pi'tf'^0'(=i-(=<'(C,c='..0.(-'.^^."*5i.^'^i^!i*-.^yfg*<2>5'  ���{=>���&���  i:&is_s_  jr****?*  fi  #  ���*  ������*!_.&���_ _  olmpst^eyer^p^hprfXiniie' m ����ihp\ ���ustxidT,..  . .���, i^=iW^^nfi|i3"��--i'r.Slie,��fejiairiliiori.iS'- wlio��ijfecech"  fe.s���JB^yJ^il^'V;|^|i3toii|.liss-ael.ljOAA-'lbge- -.t&tt-^ifc-  I      ��WflA? D__��_n^��.   l7d.l_fljrfl.n.TJ    .t.^-      IL,    --".en.   ._      T.   ..   J...^.-.     __.,__   _   ...   ni.   ��'_.-_.T. ., fr  mi -  ^.^i^iiianjfe professibmU p ugiliBt Hying  ;;'7����fipi3k?f;AN   Fmst-CsiiIsr   is   i-espdi^flfle  l^^^vSh&yShitG'inJe^iii fiiai the .-ate of tax- n  Y.*f;atf|_j.   >1-_ieli tlie liiiaiic�� coimM.t<je _ias  f|3| iccoiSinelided   mil raise fifty per cent  y^($hpfe>general; revenue tliat the (.oxiitcil"  ^Y^AVjill .r@ciMU'i.i    Tlxis being so tlie uciibfi of  YVAldeiaii-ih Beer Iii resigning the _kaXri-ifl-i_-;  .'\_'^Hip of- the llhahee Xiominittee is, easilrf j  ;_ "^Imdfei'StoS-l.     _fc titiio tints to a coitfessioh |  i YY -fchaiVJus head is uot long enough ior the  f�����jiab.      Mgaiilvhile   the   i-ien,ib<-i's ��f.-].g  f   ^ecJutiC-l .-jlioiild give the pi'oposod. tax fiyie  '-"'. Soil!-  eohsideiatiOii, a.K_  luake  up tlieir  '8 :- liiiu.ds AVht'thw it is really .necessary to  ���   o adVei*M_P   tlieir   iiieojupe-eiiey    to   the  >     AVorltl by iiicr-asing the taxes upon real  ��� ������ property by 6Arer 70 per- cent over those  of the previdtts year.  Some  of the lSiine maiiagei-s  around  "'   -kelson.-are'.uaking- themselves ridiculous  in tlieir efforts to impress the 'general  public   Avitli  their   fears,   that because  working miners decline to Avork for $3  per day that they intend to Avreck the  property of the mining companies.    To  request a justice  of tlie peace for ppr-  mission to alloAV a foreman, to  carry a  revolver on a mining claim for the protection of property is about as silly as to  request permission to alloAV a foreman to  take a pink pill.    The owner of a mining  property  has   no  occasion   to   get   permission from anyone to protect his property.    He occupies tlio same position as a  householder.       He can    use   sueli   torco  as is necessary for  the  protection ol' .his  property   and must  sec   to  it  tliat no  lAvill njafcc ori." qiiivrt of Cho bosfi spriiig tonic 01141  ' (l)iQ,jiT_.i!kbt,.!ii.kl is uifcq-Ailed for all'bloody livcjr,"  gl,a!ii_ch,ajVi_l''kidnoy:trpftl)le^> and the pri_ois  Si��SK:^!^HBl  ���-'��0___. fli1stjkiiii of .BriclJ%illfibioTl'eadi��*fdr.doliA'o.y aliojifc  7t'hb^ls^'|i'f>T5rii(5.������rCallJ_it'oui..6in6q^o-n-iHb.c��..:-��' /���. ��� .  .==*����4_Duririe,0.thb��"Irioittli iof*'.Tuiic 'wq-wiliVdbliv'.er Hiifio in1  ��� q.uanli'tici^of-tAveiHK^ "'  IhifWest -^potenay Brick 8t l\m Coj, Lid,   LBakorAStreet JT. G.._PKOdT-.Bt Manager-   o?Ei_____Pi-3:oasrE  35  Dni'ing' tHo; season ws ��ill dc-  livei' ice nt. private residences  iind buFinc-K hoiiKe.s daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  lU'iccs.  jB&kbi? Str(g��^ *Njejfs^^^  '���i^^^PQ^^^'&AN'kj'J^p's pWtLplRG. n  Goriier ofTBakcr and Stanley StrcOt., Nelson  Corner Baker and W'lrd Streets.  Kor gjtra_ivbe.rrics a.nd  Ofchc'r fruits in season.   Leave  e ypui' qrffer,   l-roinpt delivery.  Hazlew<-04: toe Gi-eam  Ice Cream Soda and  All ISIiids ot Soft pwnks  AgQiiti. fOr JJaS-lowood Ice Cream.  Bail  It y-H'want'a._i'a._ty. _lylish suit Of clothes for  spriiif-aud silintHOr, I have, over 500 diU'er-  ,'O'nt patteiins of Scotch and English tweeds,  Avhicli I Avill Iiisikc to your .i-der at the low  jiric$ of' , ,  ���  -?25  Black vonetiaH- make a- nice suit for Sfini.  mer wear rtt  _ SJ'ii  Black sci-ge Suits in.saclc oncoming, COttt.. $21  A heavy  Scotch   tweed,  nice  pdttOrhs fqr  Business suit ... :;���  ��� .18  TrOusersat cnii.*iHy loWpricos. lipand finish  . no belter ill eaiuula. lAdiea' filio tailOrinj. A  spociii'lty.   Clcniciitblocki B&ker.street.  Wj  One?  ��500 Will purc-liasq a cliOiec residence cOriier; 100 hj-jl2fl"  -   f.-gt.'     " , ' .     -       "'i  ��800 %ill ^ptircliase a chpico reside, fee* corner, 100* foot  . frontage. .    "  ��2100 lArlH pui'chase a .entral lot and1 TcsliT_nce'_  ^S400=Wilhpu_'cliaEe-two-nioo-loCs.ahd=.h?tnty_==^======  ilOflO Will  purchase clibice residence  citfrlter, InO foot  frontagCi  -2Q00 Avill '.purchase Iavo nice lots and cottage.  |.0O0: will purchase four* nice lots and residence.  Turner & BoeCkh Wobk,'-Jpl_o.il, B.C.  Wrphave tAyo big snaps in real qstato,  Call alul get pai.'lie.liar,*.  Money to Loaix  'A'gcTiUi foi- Mollor's Plate Glass and  Lloyd's Plato Giiuss JimuniiiGOi  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Merchandise hauled to and froirt depots; bus  meets all (rains and boats. Special attention  Hriven t'�� the transfer of bnp&agc. OlHcc and  stables on A'ornon htrect, opposite The Tribune.  Wilson & Harshaw  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  whee^rlgrht'''lirit"C pron,ptlJ' a^oc<ied to by a flrat-class  Siiecial attention given "to all kinds of repai-iiiK and  custom work from outside points.  ?arso_75 produce Q).  NEUSGN, p. C  Will be held in the Nelson Opera House on  !J     VUIIV      IVy  Under tho auspices of the  Ladies Aid Society of the Catholic Church  If yoii want a stylish perfect fltting suit, made of the  best cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order  with inc.  Six huhdretl dollars worth of now Roods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no salo.  SUITS $25 J. RH  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Mills & Lott.,  TICKETS   $2  BOATS! BOAT^I BOATS!  KOlt SA_.ii: OK HIRE  VST. J. ASTJLEY & CO.  lilt to order.   Kepairing and  __�� made and rigged.   Fishing n  mended.   At Government M'harf, Nelson.  Boats built to order.   Repairing and fitting a specialty.   Sails made and rigged.   Fishing rods and tackle  J; !. VAHSTONE,     ft. H. WILLIAMS,  Miiies and Mining Stocks eiistoms Broker  REAL ESTATE AND GENERA!., AGfCNTS  NOTICE  AVe .trp Fcceiving ditily .dj'i'ea. from  the growers coiisignnifiiifcs of SfiraAv-  ljei'i-ies, Chcrrifrs, J3aa{tiwt_y! Ohinges,  Lemons, etc., Soiid u,_ your  stiinding ordci's.  Tli0 TriicitS Ot-tly 3'MPpl!��*C_ii.  6OLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  R&r-soFss Produce Co.  NelsOii, 11. C.  Sf)op:   Ha" Street, betweerj Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Lawn Supplies  Hose, nozzles, hose tripods, lawn,mowers,  Garden sprays, and -water pipe fittings  of all kinds.  let us Put Your lawn. Service in Shape  Ofiefa Hous0 Block, 'Nelgoii.  Jf elsoii Ivoti Woi?fcs  MANUBA-l'UKKj*- 0*"   '   '  BNCJINES, ��OlifeRS, SH-lFriNCf, ���IK��--T ANP  BRASS CAjSTING-i- OF BVTSRy "pfiSORIPMON  Rcpaii's proiiiptly %tl grided to.       P. Q. Box, VS.  W*,'    -BB      B��WVtt'Vli-''l-':Wl  General teamsters  Wo havo a fine assortment of. woolens always  on hand. Good- niade up at the sliortcst possible notice. As every thing is kept and made  on the premises, satiafaccion is assured.  "W_ IE3- iROiBi^soirsr  (lOi-Shcriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Ca^h advanced on i.'niisigiiiiicnls of merchandise.  I'oHtollice Itnx .���>-���_ .   Nelson, li. C.  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  NOTICE.  All parties haviiifr accounts against the late AValtor S.  Ashpitelaro renucsted to send the wmi'i to the under-'  sinned, at once. JOHN R. HOWIil.Y.  Nelson, li. C May 20th;!_-!).  Although tlie Innes &, Hamber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Strcot West, Nolson, B. C.  Removal Notice.  John Cholditch & Company, hep? to announce to the  trade that, they have removed their headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, where they will for tho future he established. Pending .the.erection of suitable warehouses  they have secured temporary quarters in the warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company 011 Witter street, where  they will bo pleased to.rcccivo their patrons.  Nelson, B. C, May 17th, 1890.  JOHN OHOLDITCrj & GO.  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders loft at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  AGENTS EOR  ; The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick and' Lime-Do.  The H. W. l^cNiell Go./Ltd., Canadian* Aathra-  cite Goal "(Hard)  Dealers ir\  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours,  BOARD AND ROOM  Kirst-class board and room. Todd's old stand, comer  \Vard and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Ho;u_.'Y.by "'cam. Table board .1, loom and boards  ind S5.50.  A colluetion of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Crow's Jest lass -.oalY...  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  R. REISTERER & GO,  BREWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag-er Beer,  Ale and Porter  I'rompl and regular  delivery to ,tho- trade.  Brewery at Nelson. vmmmutsm'm.'t  THE  TRIBUTE: ISTELSO^T, B.C., TUESDAY  JUNE ig,  1809.  ANKOF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  ���up,     -  $lg,0Q0,000  11,000,000  LOUD STItATUCONA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  'Ion. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  10   S. CJjOUSTON General Manager  _sr__3i_soisr _3_=*i-__._sroia:  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets  THE BANK OF  NEJ_SON  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^ori District.      r.l'AN-.m.H in      LONDON   (Enj-laml),   NWW ;YORK,   CHICAGO  and in* Mia |irtnci|ial cities in Canada.  Uny and soil Sterling  Kxoliaiigo and Cable Transfer.-  -KANT CO.U.MKUOIAI.   AMI TKAVKI.I.KltS' CltKIMTU,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS 18SUKD    COM.K0TION8 MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT KATE OF INT10RBSTPA1D  STAMPEDING   IN    THE  'YUKON.  Tlie following is. an'extract from a letter   written   by   a prospector   at   Fort  J Cnclahy, Alaska, to a friend at Ashcroft,  jaud reprinted from the Ashcroft Journal:  .'Have been stampeding  all winter ex-  leopt when I had to return home for grub  |I would rest up a week or so.    Have pull-  red  a loaded   sled���200  to   350 pounds���  [over 1200 miles this  winter and it is the  (hardest work  a human  being ever did.  j Remember that a sled does not run ^easily-  Jin this  couutry, on< .the contrary,  owing  [to tlie  extreme cold and the dryness- of:  (fche snow   it pulls almost as hard a- on  sand.    Dress  as light as you will sweat  Jwill run oJf you in streams.    Every bit of  j.lothing on you will be as wet as if you  Iliad fallen in the river.  -..-When you stop  [pidliug you liave to have a.fire very sud-  jdenly, ..or,it   isv*'all - off" with you; -.but  Jthere   are road   houses   on all the riiain*  Is-reams where you  can stop over night*'  [cook your meals on their stove with their  j wood and  water and   sleep in your own  J bed for $1.    These road houses are a God-  Isend to the country, as no one so fully  lappreciates as   ono who has slept out in  (wet   clothing   several   times.    Von  can  [stop in  them any  time of  the: day and  .���ook your meal and the charge is nothing.  Irhe   only charge   is for   stopping   over  Iiight, and money or no money  you are  (ilways, welcome.  "The miners.in general am very hosjjit-,  lible. You can stop in any miner's cabin  lis lohg-as there is room to stand up; but  [his hospitality is the hospitality of ne-  [essity for tliey may be ou the road them-  |elverf in a few days. They are all liars.  is there is no telegraph communication  [hey tell all sorts of .stories about- news  [hey heard from the "outside" while at  liost. They lie about rich strikes, on  [reeks far away aud cause innumerable  [tampedes ; lie about tlie temper'iture, lie"  IbOut their ijrospeets, etc. Some are  lifted artistic liars, some low", unscrupu-  |.u_ liars, others are good- conscientious,  lever-failing liars "\ylio regard the plain  Itatement of iacts as a lost opportunity,  man who does not invariably lie every  line he clears his bazoo for action cannot  jecome a member ofthe Ancient Order of  lour Dough Stiffs, a very powerful Yu-  loii organization.  "One has to learn tb cook up grub for a  jampede.   To begin with he must slice  \) some bacon aud throw it in a sack,.as  freezes too hard to cut.    The beans wo  l.il   and then   drain of!   the water aud  bread   out on a table outside to freeze.  |iey are then in shape to be cooked in a  |\v minutes in a frying pah by tlie addi-  !_n���of���water--and-bat_on;7grease_    The-  [oked frozen beans are carried in asi.Qj-  line as tuieooked*beauS..  Then, I bake  a saek full of piihkih biscuit form and  li .ready to 'go,    OfYCOiu-se I take along  hie'.' fruit, sugar, rice, lHilk, rollec-.-oafs' \  Id tea, but flie backoone of rt stainpede'  l_H t is beans, bacon and punk, but the  featest of these is pujik.  r3.eople   come to   this   country With.  [ne great ideas about grub.   They look-  in an almanac ktxd saw tables giving  jiiifcritivO valu6 of dift'brent foods and  Iyer stopped to ���eousidel' whe-Jiei" they  Md Live   oh il dertain food exclusively,  law An old iuan.li*isfc wiiiter jirst start-  out : froni. Sk&gway; - with yaii   outfit  [lsistiiig 6f  _00, pounds ' of --i_e, five of  SiPee knd flvo of ba'cfen, and that wasab-  jutel'y all.     I asked him if he had ever  [ed oil rice straight a?ml he Said he had  It but the almanac gave it a very high  Jtritive value and nutrimeiit was -what  I needed.   The poor oldmeiital imbecile  /er dreamed that .his stomach would  iiituaHy rebel against trying to extract  fifty-five   elements   of nature from  ff_teless,   slimy, swamp grown rice.   A  nnd of  i-ice. or. oat.meal ..may. contain  n-e   nutriment than   a pound of beef  t a hungry man can easily .devour two:  uuds of beef at a.meal, -while, aquai.ter  a   pound of rice   or oatmeal   would  mder a hound .pup."  dynamite no larger than a pea���and  there will be wholesale fear and soft coal  in that boy as long as he lives. I have  seen a case of 100 sticks of dynamite fall  SOO feet down a shaft and never wink,  and I've seen an Italian drop a half cartridge from his hand to his boot and not  a grease spot did the poor fellow leave  behind.  "At that the poor fellow deserved a  better fate, for he made a desperate fight  for it before he scattered. : lie was loading a block-hole at the time, and had just  broken a cartridge in half, when he  dropped one of the pieces. Before*, it  could touch the ground he sort of.half  caught it, and then began a desperate  brief juggling act. Again . aud again he  half caught the deadly thing. Then he  missed it. He made one last effort, and  stuck out his foot.. to; break the. fall  against the hard ground, but it didn't  work. There was a bang, and it was  lucky no one stood near him. Which  shows that dynamite'is like a woman,  because in my time I have dropped similarly, hundreds of cartridges of dynamite,  and. still I am here and with a good -'.digestion.  "But it is in winter,  when  dynamite  freezes, that it is most capricious.   Then  ! if you want it to go off it simply refuses,  Or burns-vwith a  dull roar;.;.like a, boiler  blowing off steam.    It is in thawing dynamite 'that most of the accidents happen^ about* which you  read.   There are  two ways of thawing dynamite���one, by  placing the  cartridges on  a steam boiler  or   within safe   distance of   a fire; the  other, by immersing them;iu pails of hot  water.    As the latter method draws out  considerable of the nitro-glycerine from  (the  cartridges,.and, therefore, weakens  .them, it is often   discarded  in   favor of  the more risky thawing by an open fire.  I once  saw an  experienced powder man  thaw a dozen cartridges by an open fire,  though, as the sequel will show, he completely, lost his head  when suddenly confronted with an unusual emergency.    He  had placed the cartridges  within a foot  of an open wood fire and had seated himself nearby to await developments" when  -one  ofthe  cartridges caught fire.    Had  he left it  to burn itself out the chances  are a thousand to ono that nothing very  startling would have  happened, for it is  concussion  and not   fire that   explodes  dynamite.    Instead, he rushed forward,  picked up the burning stick by one end,  and holding it upward like a candle began to bio wand blow until lie was black  in  the, face.    He never let go  until- the  flame began to nip his fingers, and then  inchis excitement he throw the cartridge  to the ground and began to stamp and  grind on it with his heels as if lie were  killing   a   snake;   aud,  by thunder!  lie  . stamped- put the burning cartridge and  lived   to   tell   about it!    The cart boys  called him -Angel' after that, because by  rights lie ought to be an angel now.  "One day a professor from Stevens Institute of Technology came to tlie quarry  and asked me to perform a certain experiment for Mm. We printed with dynamite direct from a newspaper onto a  block of iron. The professor said the ex-  -porimeut"proved~most-intere~sting7~as-lKr  had .discovered among other "things that  proving.-that.in a quarry is to lay a stick  of dynamite on.top of a boulder. After  the shot the boulder is smashed to ;bits.  But, the,professor had his own notions.  He carried three .round, blocks of iron,  six inches in diameter and three inches  thick. Then he took a newspaper from  his pocket and spread one sheet over the  face of the block. I placed, half, a stick  of dynamite on top and covered it with a  little, heap of sand , and touched her off.  You would hardly believe the result, but  you can see the block on exhibition in a  glass case in the Stevensinstitutelibrary,  and you can read , on it distinctly���of  course, the type appears -.backward���the  printing of that part of the paper which  covered the block at the time of the explosion. But the professor, had. another  wrinkle up his sleeve. He picked an ordinary oak leaf and spread it over the  face of a second block.- I prepared a  charge similar to the first and.this time  the ribs of the leaf and even its outlines  appeared distinctly pressed into the iron  surface. According to .the professor, the  action of the dynamite was so.quick that:  the ribs of the leaf had not time to burst  apart before they were impressed on the  iron. In the case of the newspaper the  printed letters .were harder than the sur-  FULL UNEOF  rounding white of the paper, therefore  the impression.  "The professor's third block is not on  exhibition for the reason that Ave never  found a piece of it larger than a clove���  and that reminds me, what do you-say?"  The reporter said "Yes."  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME,  and    wife,  ^^^^.^mmmmmm?  ���&>���&  m^  mi  E.  Ciiinminjjs  Kaslo  L. R. Buell, Victoria  C. If. Taylor, Montreal  ���H. W. Huoke, _y.-iv.1-  A. B. Burns, Kaslo  O. U. Gerrarel, Kaslo  N. F. Jlackay, Kaslo  D. II. Ross, Slocan City  Lee Cochrane, Denver  G. W. Avcril], Grand Forks  W. Sndran and wife, Spokane  J. I). Mitchell. Now York  V. Carson, Ymir  W. Newlmrt, Ymir  C. O'Oonnol, Kaslo  Smith ('tii-tis. ltossland  II. II. Kiild, Winnipeg  L. Godholt, Toronto  PIIAIlt.  E. M. Snndilands, Sandon  K. li. Sawyer, Toronto  li. G. Horner, Northport  L. 11. Atherton, Northport  Mrs. 11. C. Bellinger, North-  purt  E. .1. Parsons,  San   Francisco  .1. W. Pantnl, Spokane  1j. A. Thurston, Slocan City  L. Curric, Vancouver  .1. McMiuniinan, lvaslo  P. .1. Rickey, Sandon  M. Stevenson, Ainsworth  L. Shaw, A ins worth  Mrs. Murphy, Kaslo  A. H. Macdonald, Toronto  W. Evans, Brandon  B  I  B  B  B  B  B  B  We have just received a consignment of Ladies'  Waterproofs, which we will dispose of as follows:  %  ffl.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  Miss' Newman, San  cisco  J. W. McCarty. New Zealand  J. Brown, Robson  F. Campbell, Hall Mines  MADDEN.  Fran-  Front: Doors  Inside Doors  Screen; Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  ���".;_ Flooring  . local and coast,  New.el Posts  Stair Bail  ;Mouldirigs  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock we will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  C. Foley, Rossland  AUnn JJain, Sandon  IV Grant, Athabasca mine  A.   W,   Grant,   Athabasua  mine  W. Iioylc, Athabasca mine  T.    Stoneman,   Athabasca  mine  TREMONT.  C. F. Stoll, Rossland  Ed Cojer, Quebec  J. Dcngon, Weiaskiwin  M, Duquctt, Wet.askiwin  Xavier    Gauthier,   Montmorency Kails, P. I.  SILVER KING.  M.Matthews, Duluth, Minn  John Courtioii, Athabasca  mine  IT. Cargill, AUinCily  Ed Saunders. Atlin City  J. McKinnon. Atlin City  J. Coboski, Renfrew  Ladies' Waterproofs  Ladies' Waterproofs  Ladies' Waterproofs  Misses Waterproofs  ���$  8  9  io  4  EVERYONE A BARGAIN  T. Connors, Sandon  XV.  IT.  Darby,   Kootenay  Grossing  A.   D--   Shugg,. Kootenay  .  Crossing  C.  J.  McDonald,  Yellowstone mine  S. Darby, Athabasca mine  T.. Rock, Kootenay Crossing  QUEEN'S.  C. C. Brown, Rossland  F. M. Low, Spokano  T. F. Gaine, Cascade City  Mrs. E. McMullan,   Porto  Rico  Mrs. L. Curson, Ymir  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  T__3_=__V_:S   CA8H  m&mm  t=3.t=7.t^. i=3.(=}.(S>.  C=2.C3.(=).C3.l=3.(=?.  m  ffl  -ffl  ffl:  ffl  ffl  M  IPLOJJE & TREGIL-US  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prqspee.drs  P. Burns & Co.  WIIOLKSAI/E   AND   RETAIL  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  J.*/A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER.  l-KESIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RICCltliT.Uiy  ALWAYS-ON HAND  One  of the -best and most -popular hotels in Nelson..  NelsoriJ-aw & Planing Mills,  LIMITED,  MANUFACTUKKKS OF AND  -     DIJALE11S IN  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FA-TOKY WOI1K DONK TO OKDIOK.I  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  I.V STOCK  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Meat Mepchants  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETA.L  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,- Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenvvopd and -Sirdar.  .!g.yf!!g!lA,DED Head 0ffice,vNels_ n, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALXEPMEATSYi;  .   - WHOLESALE ANtpiftllgii  FISH AND POULTR^NfiEAliN  V*'^i  fc_?7*=-  ^^"^f -^YjiVv^-ir  ,fl. ..iH^fl-  p;��>" .  %ifl,":.KfJiy"A'  ll    H'     -    ?ri__:-^nP_^..'i    .        OoS  iy^0ffyy]  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  dynamite wjorksdowHWarclS aiid ilot up  \Afat'd, " like" black powdeu*.    Oitr way of  C.YD. J.GHElSTiE  GENERAL.  BROKER.  A 7-rooni house  A o-romill house .  20  FOR RENT j  T?ni-   CATt?  I ��� -A largo boaftling-liouso doing good  rUM   Oi_VJ_J_  |        busiiites; c-iitMljf located.  Real cstatd in all parts of tlio city.  LOANS  INSU*KANC_)  Baker street,'botweon Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MKAtS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONI.Y WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���R.     ���SCTT^H.Sr,     *t?BO]PBIBTO__  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Large  comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  _-.-__.a___JS   SB2   _?__!_=.   _3___"_r  IVlrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of tlie Royal, Hotel, Calg.vry,  BaKer Street, flelson ��. C. 7111-11^1111111  . ��� y^. y.yj .iy^hy - ��<^%^/iY*?"C^v"--Y7  ORDERS RY MAIL RECEIVE CARF.FVL AKD;,fMQl$WyA$T^  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA COLDHELDS, Ltd.  :^y-y"��^$MA-  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDOI*|r. 1ENG|A*N;D���  All communications relating to  British  Columbia  businjfessVtP^^  505, Nelson, British Columbia       "      ":_,Y"-7" ������-. ���"   "��*Y  ����.*;  J.  S.  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer  SawiiiiH on Govei'ilmont avharf: '        _    ,  i-actory and oillcC, cdriier Hall Btrcob and C.I'.R. traok  WILL DO WELL TO  AT  G-0.  DYNAMITE  IS   LIKE   WOMAN.  'A cartridge of dynamite is pretty  icli like a woman���you can never tell  nit it is going to do next, because it  esn't know itself,", said a boss blaster,  have seen a powder-salesman throw a  rtridge of .dynamite into the red-hot  e box of a* twenty-horse boiler and the  dl.just, burned like. lark. Next day I  iv a cart boy l'epeat the experiment  th a blacksmith's forge and  a pill of  NOTICE TO GONTBAOTOES.  Sealed tenders, properly endorsed, will be received by  the undcr.^iKned up to noon of Saturday, 17th in..tnlit,  for the completion of the second story of the Nelson pub-  lie school building .  Drawings; specifications, and conditions of tender and  contract may be seen at our office.  The lowest or any tonder not necessarily accepted.  EWART & CARRIE. Architects.  Rooms 7 and 8, Aberdeen block, Bakor street, Nelson.  " FOR SALE T  BY  PRIVATE   BARGAIN  2G Draught Horses,  12 Draught Mules.  11 Pack Mules.  ��� 13 Pack Horses; ,,,._. -   .,  The above stock is in flrst-class condition and perfectly  broken. The vendor can furnish if dosircd complete rig-  Klifg Mr pack animals, also harness and wagons for  balance of stock. Apply to Waverly mine, Albert Canyon, 11. C. .   ROOMS AND OFFICES  AI'I'I.Y  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At ofllce of the Duncan Mines, Limited.    .  A largo. Stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash,..door.i, inouldiugri, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  The flnCSt hotel in the interior.  Largo samplo, roQins.   Steajn heat and electric liglit.  COUNER OF WAIU) ANB-VEUNON STS., NELSON  The Slocan Ore Purchasing Company  OS1   3S3*____l,S03Sr,   B- C '"���* "      ""���"!        ������     '*  Is  now prepared   to  buy all   classes of silver, gold, silV_Wl;0ad, le;ad and  copper ores.   The careful attention given toJj*��ggjiG^  to-the"smallest"shTpper.    Prompf~seftlcments and  choice of mode of sarhpl-  ing guaranteed.  Address al! communications to drawer S, Nelson, B. G.  GEORGE M. MeDOWELL, Manager.  O, M. ROSENDALE, Pirrcji^ng %eet  A-THUR  SlViDkERSYHEADQUARTERS  I.AKS.U AND WART) STKEKTS, NK1_?0N  Yard: . Eoot of Hondryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 91        JoM    R^B,   Ageilt  pster mmm &: w,  ��� Headquarters for  I FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We mako a specialty of  .  Sfjiplapar!- Double Dressed IVfaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  OlHco and yard near C.P.It. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  CRESTON, BRITISH'COLUMBIA.  All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  Write forprices.  The only liotol in Nelson that has remained: under olio  management Since 1800.  The bed-rooms arc well furnished and 1 fell ted by  electricity.  The dining^'Oom is not second to any in fCoOtcnay.  The bar is; always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquor-and cigars.  TlIOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hoi: ai  'Reasonable rates" Sample mums  Electric bells and light in every room  Itoiiovii-ed and refurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains . - Roi/of _-fn__o   R  f!  Hourly street car to station n_V-*-lU_-( D. U.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE GO.  COFFEE  UOASTBRS   AND    DEALKKS    I.V   TKA  AND   COFFEE.  . . Offer fresh roasted cofleo of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Mucha, per pound $   10  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds. ;.,.....  1 00  Fine Santos, 1 pounds .7  1 00  Santos Blond, .. pounds    ' 00  Our Special lllend, li pounds...   1 0'.i  Our Rio Roiwt, G pounds     I 00  A trial order solicited.  West  Salesrooms 2 Doors. East   of. Oddfellows  Baker Steeet *  Bloc.*,,  Keeps 0. full line oi  i-QYAL SEAL A*.P KOOTENAY -JELLE Cl&ARS  Ahd all othe-" brands of the  AT P.ACTGK\T PJIICKS  [gar  03P   3STE!XJS03Sr:,  IM  B-O.  y  Nelson Tent antl Awflingf Mnfaotopy  _2_TjI_   _S_r_STXDS   OBI  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OK TENTS IN STOCK rTTTiq Cn_^_ T\/T   A   T^_ _^ f"*_ TSJ"  Maker street, opposite postolltcc. Nelson    _J L-_1 ���.-?���! V-V -     JLVJ C____l���/ K_? V^' ___>I  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLEWHAITE  J. McPHEB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Gonstruetron"-Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  NELSON, BL.C.  Complete Electric Equtpinents for Electric Power Transmlsalon and Llsbtlng for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, liamps. Bells, Telepb-oneB, Annunciators, *Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. 4=  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., TUESDAY, JUNE 13,  1809.  Gool and  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  TEETZEL &  COl.Nl.K UA.KI.H AND J0S_.PJ._1NE STKKKTS. NELSON  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  P. O. Store  Up  $125  I.?";*  -\  -.  %. ������!������   ���'.-;-  |-Y".--.Y-'-'--v.  a--.'t'!*YY��p".7Y  -V.,  "-."?.("  ^yyiy"- ,^ ��*  1^5: -_ v? "y  *?-..-"% ��� p.p��y  t^ J3        '"n't     Dm   fP  slp-f^yi:  ID"     "-   *_lfil-��I_    .     ^g.  IfSYYY-  _��� 1^   ^^D   ��  Iv ���__  S'l  rt-nd reoi"iijiJ.Qfjc, stele gB _5.<-t,ts iiiid." <ShQ<|s. - We  Y . ^G-ti'^y ��� ��!_lfd? Mlowiifg -.iriogV "J:.. ��_���- *P. \__b11. Ji  ,, v_V_K5ng '& ;fio.rJN^rth Star'-Sbj_e. .@o./.^o]ay  YY^gph-lfe* ���_.^%a#e_.rH]W Go., M��$$$*.  ��� V "(l^n.H- ���CJp.j itMd: c^tlicr leadaig ���jn.'ik.e'rs.  orium  ������"��� ��� 2C;^g -ii yiSST jgAgER f TKElgl. ���H'Efeg'QN  $gs-_f&____4_?_i!l__.^  EX3^0tEr^3T_P_MI_  sl  DINING  ROOM  -A.O.  IfiMte 1 Go's  Corner llaker and Ward street*-  NELSON,   B.C.  DRAWING  ROOM  3flLA-_rTI3_TO-  The Prize  Money Allotted. c;  A largo sum of money has boon subscribed for tho Dominion Day oolobi-n-  tion, but it looked small when confronted  last night with the demands of the various committees. The total roouisition  come to $'.,"iJ):. and tlieaniountsubscribed  so far is $.. .00. There: was a large attendance of members of the committees,  the mayor being in the chair, and alderman Thomson was chosen secretary. The  lirst report road was that of tlio horse  race committee. Tlieir prograinnie included six events, all quarter-niile races  except ono. They are. a free-for-all race,  a race for Nelson horses, both best two  heats out of three, a. quarter-mile dash, a  slow mule race, a (i()0-yards free-for-all  race, a quarter-mile free-for-all, and a.  quarter-mile race for ponies under 12.1  hands. The committee asked for $127:1  for prizes, and recommended that... _���_. (J.  Fraser, manager of the Bank of Montreal  at Rossland, Herbert l.'itts, mayor of  Sandon, and Bru_e��Wl_il_e of this city be  asked to officiate as judges.  Tho drilling contest committee asked  for $575, part of which is to bo spent in  buying a silver hammer, which will be  the property of whoever A\*ins it three  times in succession. The conditions of  tlio contest call for three holes to be  drilled, a dowirhole a breast hole and an  upper hole. The time of drilling will be  ten minutes for each hole.  There are thirteen events in the Caledonian sports programme, including a  quarter-mile race, a 100 yards race,*a 220  yards and a tug of .war. The committee  wanted $208 for prizes.  The firemen's sports will consist of a  hub-and-hub race, 200 yards carrying  five lengths of hose, and a wet tost over  the same distance, seven lengths of hose  to be carried and live lengths to be, laid.  The lacrosse committee held out hopes  of the Rossland, ReA'elstoke and New  .Denver teams coming hero, and also  wanted ball throwing competitions and  races amoug the members of the teams.  They asked for $400.  ':'��� The bicycle programme included races  for boys and girls under twelve, a race for  Nelson riders, an open race, a race for  boys of sixteen and under, a hill climbing competition and* an obstacle race.  They wished also to have a race for the  championship of Kootenay, for which a  trophy worth $75 will be given to become  t] '  **-im.6"_5i  'tiMexh'Bi  _���_. \_/jy_i.i (y      vt wl u__.   <���/ i  ��     _.._____.  r^'V-'   jj _.* .*_*--   uv/   ��-��v_/^v/_-�� i<_/  bhe property of-".whoever--- wins  it  three  �����_._* v"_.<��""��,:"s.y.-hp{ ������-��_. ���_*"*_.��� w���" :sfiy.."p"i.sbCpptflt  .__ipieca.to "pa.*j��� th(3n'7expeiiS-S*ajHlv$M)Q���i,ojg  j*t:lfe;.pr-i-z<}.._ ������ ..  .-....- - ... y- y-.yyy., yy.i..y  ��� "?iPJie" ���cyi-Slytfi'SSfi'* $hqiight- tlia^b "tlie  __%  G '���pi/oati0f-:g^oji;i_tl'. /\.^'iyi't.# ;s_: ��$nhy occp-  "$p_.l ^VvD&m '^he-f-e-nvoViid'  li!i,rdl;y" ib^-jguifjcfent iipie 'fpr'a' :n'i.atelh  7The^_74ji'opOsetf,' ���iiq.weyta'j   i'p YgQ.:t   P"p<  ii"1^t��|Ii:es"5'\5^ji"J^o^&htird"�� *4ald.--Sj^!&kaj)6i���tq''i  lipjjib'kl'Oji tt ,_i.i_3seq\iejv|/' _ hl|qYa:h.l a$kp<i'  "|q"lf $.."507t(:*.;iassi.at.An the ehteftainnxehb :���&��  7t?l|V��, v^Lftug t__*_irtS. n    n _;..���.'  ���; The tr^'^ApO'iei'il vyl^toql1 4$SQ. Thqy  iiiinVp also the Corby cliallpugsi cup to  coin pete for.  There were top'.���<5y.-i1.t_ in the pro-"  grattihire forTtli.e childreh's spqi'ts, Whie'liV  ihtjhided k . lK-C--leg��6d face, a -sack rdee  Airiid ti potato raBe, rX3u;ei- pi-llz-s will be  givcil foi' each oteiatr*-.f2, $J. uhd'0 ceii*ts.  : lh all, $:��5;."\Mf_3, asked for.  Th_ laVvii tennis club will hitve three  Veranda Chairs  and Roekers  Children's Go-Carts a  Biiggies  Gentlemen's  Arm Rockers, Etc.  OF ALL KINDS  events: ladies* singles, gentlemen's singles and mixed doubles. The proposed  prizes were $25 and $15 for each event���  $150 in all. In view of the heavy expense they have boon to in.laying out  the new courts, the club will charge an  admission fee, five per cent of the proceeds going to tho celebration fund.  Two hundred dollars wore wanted for  the trades' procession. It was proposed  to give three prizes, $100, $50 and $25,  with a. further prize of $25 I'or the best  cos tin no.  The boating committee had arranged  the following prograinnie: The ������international" fours, open fours, tandem and  single canoe races, and a sculling race.  They asked for $IS0.  The decoration committee wanted $U50  and the invitation committee $.">0() for  the entertainment of guests.  As the sums asked for were so much  more than the money in hand a. committee consisting of .1. A. Turner. Or. La Ban,  Dr. Hall, J".lake Wilson and I). \V.  Carley wore appointed to cut down  the estimates. They did so with the result, among others, that the decoration,,  invitation and cricket committees wore  loft with nothing. There was disatisfae-  tion with-..soine of the .conclusions and  the report was debated in detail. One  hundred dollars more Avas taken off the  horse races and illuminations after an  attempt to take the trap shooting appropriation had failed. An attempt was  made to get the lawn tennis money for  the same object, but it also failed, the  above being the only alteration made in  the committee's report.  The appropriation of prize money as  eventually recommended by the coin-  mittoe was as 'follows: Horse races,  $900: drilling crntest, $500, Caledonian  sport, $175; hose cart races, $500; boat  races a.iid illuminations, $450; lacrosse,  $250 ; bicycle races, $100 ; base ball, $250 ;  children's sports, $35; trap shooting,  $100; lawn tennis, $75; and trades procession, $100.  NELSON.  Another consignment of coke, from the  Fernie coke ovens, wont through Nelson  on Saturday for the Le Roi smelter at  Northport. There were 10*3 tons in the  shipment which, was valued at $577.  Tlie ladies' aid society of tlio Roman  Catholic church wilt hold a calico ball in  the Nelson opera, house on Friday evening, June Kith.    Tickets $2.00.  4j$ I offer thi. lafigi-st siocli it..  the 'I-v 00 ten ays, w;lTole$ar_  anql retail. Call -and ex-  an-lne. Special1 attgntioti  to watel. repairing*. Watcft  attention, careful, experienced, pai Ji staking' attention. Attention that will  _keep_   its   fine   mechanism  ,^T_..  iA.  lti perfect condition., It  doesn't take much oil; to  make it mark time, but it  must have that mite, and  have it at the right time.  It is Our business to cor-,  rect all 'difficulties about a  watch and make it keep  correct time. If not worn  out1, we can do it. It is  our ambition to add to the  i-epufation we think We  have in no small measure  already established of doing-   honest  and thorough  ���^ watch repairing.  ..**���>-  "5.*?  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  ���j  Nelsoii, B. O,  i  IS 7  t.  I-')  i'l  :_  FOR STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  'cam, ox,     - ' ��� Y.  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STREET, NK.__ON Y'  AND  Ice Gream  (HAZLKWOOP)  Ice Oream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT STOHE  ALL GOODS MARKED TO  NOT TO LOOK AT  Furniture Co.  BAKKR STIUCKT WKST.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing. 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   Por further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson, Yb;   p.  BUSINESS AND UKSIDENTIAl,  PKOPERTY  30 by  120, Baker street, between  .Tosophine  and  Ward street S .8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets    ioOO  50 by 120, Baker Htrcct, between -OBOphihear.d Hall  streets, corner,.  ,.,..,.  30 by 120, East Baker street     800  25 by 120 with improvemonts, south side of Vernon  street ���   5000  50 bv 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street -.    ' ,   G000  2 lots and largo house beautifully furnished (_ nar).. 1000  2��lots wilh cottage von tod ub.lapcrn_onr.ti, Victoria  street   3500  1 lot with cottage rented at .15 per month, Victoria  stroet  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at .20 per month, *��� tanley  street  3000  0 lots in block I ID, all cleared and fenced in  2500  Fresh lu-tiit received daiiy   -  Next door to Nelson Wine Co,  Icloi'hono IB. -  iiuj  HUMPHREYS & i'lTTOCK  FOR SALE.  A bilildinf,' and lot on First Avenue in"'Ihe town of  Ymir Keiils for $20 per nionl h.' Will bu . old cliuuii for  cash." I'or further particuhirs .apply to John A. Kirk-  Patrick. Nelson. 13. C. ������    .  n-room house and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  . , wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch..   ."....".     ..500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  -,      .  Ileal Estate and General Agents, U;iker. St., Nelson  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  .eavy  SOLE AGENTS FOR  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  WCO DEN-  MATERIAL  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  ____3&i_v\V- tj  v>*  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAAVN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening- the weary can find rest  by reposing" in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  HARDWARE GO.  _Stow.er's -Lime Juice (pints"and quarts).-     Stower's .Clarified  Lemon Squash-     Star Li,mc Juice.     Saint Lucia Lime Juice.  For Camping  ���ft \&n_l--j_% ^^gsmi! .sfe..%f-^^%.-"���'i"%��S0:-^:jC_fCn^��feir^'li-ij  'kml  ,sei .tares,  Eamaus   l^urfe QoM ja|Ti;s arid  Fresh Canadian, "Creatt. .Ghee��e.  ies. -�� MeLafe.i's -Cln'eTKae.-"  "We carry tlTe^largeat ,stoc:l^YH=GT^ccHes7121^ck_,iy etc.,,-, \1V\  Nelson or any other town in the KooteiKiy. ;���:  Your tr-i.de is solicited, satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephbite 10.  P. O. Box K & W.  Baker street West, Nelson  MOMEY SAVED BY BUYIMe YOUH  ttrno-i _?:e-o:iv_ -ej-s  \\fc c.'U'1'y olio largest .stock  Can fill youP br(l_i'.H for any ijiirtnlity  DesBrisay' & Go.  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half'gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A_ IRVING & COMPANY  Uukcr Street West, Nelson, 11. C.  Have .inst ru-uivoi'l a -u1iMK.1111.1_nt of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Hurris, Scotland.  I llUiAL  AllMlluil  1 FREE J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho Hnjiply is limited, RO ciill oarly aud i-xaniinn I hi- rilotik.


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