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 BASEBtLL AS IT WAS PLAYED  BETWEEN" TWO SCRATCH TEAMS.  Tin baseball match yesterday, betAveen  the mie captained by James Neelands  and ho scratch team, made up largely oi'  rejected material, resulted iu an easy  victoiy''for the scratch team. The feat-  lire p"the {fame was the loose fielding of  tlie N;elands nine, and the luck wliich  tlie''"geiond nine had in the bunching of  theiifjiits. The game also demonstrated  that jjtfelson jcould make up a team from  the tVo nines Avhieh it would be hard for  any ciitside organization to get away  with.  Tlie'second nine was sent in to bat on  theopBiiing of the game. Eacritt was  the only man to reach Hi-st, and lie was  presented with a base on an error of  Blackwood's., Emerson opened up the  second Avith a hit, stole second, got to  tliirdjand scored on a passed ball. Blackburn and Votau struck out iind Hawkins  was ��nelded out at first. In the third  Smith was fielded out at first. Eacritt  got. tp first on an error at short, and  Mopri\ got in a hit, but Eacritt,'was  cauglit at third and Rockenfieid flied out  to'Houston. - lt was in the fourh inning  tliat -lie procession commenced. Caver-  ley opened with a hit and Emerson got  to first on a long hit to right which was  not handled.- Blackburn went out at  lirst on an assist from third and Hawkins  got iu.ii hit and scored Caverley. Votau  was thrown out at lirst and Emerson  was.scored on a hit by Smith. Errors at  third and first on short infield hits by  Eacritt and Moore and a clean hit by  Rockeniield brought the total for the'inning irp.to six.  Two more were added in the fifth.  Emerson got to first on an error at short,  and was followed by Blackburn with a  two-bagger, Emerson scoring. Hawkins  got to first on a fumble of Partridge's.  Votau made a short hit to short, forcing  Hawkins out at second, and Smith did  the same for Votau by hitting to third.  Blackburn scored on a fumble at short of  ���Eacritt's hit aud Moore was sent to first  on balls, filling the bases. Rockenfieid  then came to the bat and struck out.  Auother half-dozen runs were added iu  the sixth. Caverley. was given first ou a  dead c ball and Emerson got thereafter  him through another error at short.  Blackburn then struck out, but hits by  Hawkins, Arotan, Smith and [Moore and  the fumble of Eacritt's hit to short, and  a base on balls to Caverley rounded out  the second half-dozen. 7  SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 3,  1899  ���PUBLISHED AT NELSON,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  enfield struck out eighteen men. Blackwood in six innings struck out .seven,, and  Waters in two innings struck out one.  There were several changes made in  the positions of the members of the first  nine when Blackwood was taken out of  the box, of which no account is- taken in  the appended score, errors iu the field  being assigned to the positions as originally fixed.  KIKST N'l.N'K.  THE LAW AND THE LAW G.URTS llOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWNS    / ���   ������  ���  AH R HII P(.) A  I.  Waters, e and p    _  .  1  ll  !l     2  Pari ridge, 11)    ���<  ���)  .  !l  0     3  Houston,!.    5  0  ��.  I  1      1  J. Neelands, 31) and e    ii  1  1  1  >)      .  Blackwood, p        5  (1  0  il  3     2  Mills,*--  ���     S  0  1  ...  1      0  S. Neelands. s.s. unci .'ib     1  1  11  4  (.      5  Campbell, If      1  3  2  1  0      I  Phair, el*    1  2  0  0  (I      I  42  11  9  27  19    17  SCRATCH TEAM.  AH R IlIIPO A K  Eacritt. 3b.   ...     8  3  0  3  0     2  Moore, 11)    7  2  4  3  0     i  Rockenlicld. p    7  1  1  IS  i     0  Caverley, ���������       7  4  1  1  20     1  Emorson, s.s    7  fl  ��)  (1  1     1  Blackburn, rf    7  ')  2  0  0     0  Hawkins, If         7  4  3  0  0     0  Votau. cf    7  ���)  1  0  0     0  Smith, 2b    7  3  2 *  2  1     1  ���                                       (>4  2(i  Hi  27  2(i     9  SCORH   HY INNINGS.  First Nine 2   1)   1   0  1  0   i  0  5-11  erateh Nino    0   1   0   (1  2  (i   t  !.l  2-2li  >;?.\3^.t!ter����^^  ^-Yb!m;.ir;^H-awkins yax \dy\ \Qtai}y%entyoptxp},  _.?.��,v_Ji*.LV_^_._i1'. &:?roi;^  Blackbu  Bunch, of Knights Created.  London, June 2 ���Sir Charles Howard  Vincent, M.P., and James Rennell Rodd,  secretary of the British consul-general  iu Egypt, are made knights commanders  of St. Michael and St. George. Iu the  case of Mr. Rodd the honor  is bestowed as a reward for his  successful mission to Abyssinia in 1897.  Sir Charles Howard Vincent was honored  for his services during the recent, auar-  chist conferences at Rome. Percy Sanderson, the British consul-general at New  York, is made a knight commander of  St. Michael and St. George, and captain John L. Burra, of the British second-  class cruiser" Intrepid for his recent  services at Blufields, is . made a companion of St. Michael and St. George.  Dreyfus.to Return to France.  Kingston,  Jamaica, June  2.���Advices  received here from Cayenne  say that all  preparations have been made for  trans-  *f eridin>VDreyfus;". $who ixsymxwteoned^n: !'  ;^fciM^Iraifd*!'tp '���_ tlf e;"] ^a%&d& "bfTi'dex-B^.  Y.yh|miy._"sa^'J,'\^^ *1.I  v1iy'_" lafen:iiife "-aa.. exk reiordpM- -agklM^hhti, r  11 n"-1-   ��?*'   =   -��    *"'_   S"   n " ��0    n?    *     ft   S"   ''J ��    nn        _.w   .. 1      V*'w��� -|Un      .     '        "       T��*tfV   n -.n   n  ., _y_ _i  ���..,_��..���,_  i  l..*,   i.y   JVlpQi:��.  pdu���eed a  y- "2 Tli-vitt.s_t*'imfiiig!! W|Cs "pitphe^d! ���Ixy-$_Cnnml  i4]S^e1--ifft-ct|ft*^]f6l1e%^ 'iioT'liits.". rilade pii  r^fn# :hdkh$���enj "��0srp&k^dy8h%��h'to  S "ii%'ft oil, fells. ^i'ici-5^%iu5-.67r"aI dead %1L  \^idph, wi^li yeriprs -.pit slipl* and. third,  Enabled the   scratch; teapfc td- add? two  j-iliotfi-i'un^,, niltkingf 20.4n all.  ��\'r^h-e first nine. scoi|sdtw*o rilhs in their  - t[r|(|,7iun1pg.    _I?artridge.s opened with a  two "baseliit pyef firft audigOt tO  third,  5.nd" from *ih"ere ��� hOii-ey oh> -^passed balls.  ^mn--$"'^ela'hjia,reai��i0 aft;ei'Hoiistoii, who  struck Opt.   Hq drove the ball oyer third  close !.p the fpul line iind secured tyro  bases,   He stole, third and scored on an  error- by Eacritt,  In the seecmd Mills, Sam Neelands and  "struck"  ~Ganlpl3Sll^tl!nc!k^ht==iIi one,~tlv^t]rree  Order ftud the spirits of the scratch teams  backers went up. In the third Phair AVas  ftekledout at first. Watei-S" -vyas given  his base OP balls and stole second. Houston scored Waters on a two ba_e hit  after Partridge had Struck outj but James  Heelands retfrcsd the side by striking out.  In tin. fourth, RpckeiiHeld struck out  l-lackwqptl^ Mills aaud )Stlm Neelands, one  after apbther*  Caiupbell added another run to the  - .coi'ti tn the f|f th. He opened it wi th a.  hit and got home as the result: of three  isrrorsi in the sixth Blackwood got to  first On an errpr ���<;of Elherson's after  Houston and James J-Jeelands had struck  out. Mills got in a hit and it looked as  if a score would be mtiile but Sam Neelands retired0the side by striking out.  Two runs were added in the seventh.  Campbell skinned to first after having  fanned the Mr three times. He beat the  ball there, and slid down to second and  third, scoring on a passed ball, Phair  got to first oil an error by Moore and  scored by a second error at the same  place. The eighth inning produced nothing. James Neelands was fielded out at  first by Emerson. Cochrane, who had  taken Blackwood's place in the game,  fouled out to Caverley, and Mills Avas  fielded out at first by Rockenfieid.  The ninth innings produced five runs.  Samuel Neelands was sent to first on a  dead ball. Campbell followed with a  nice two base hit to left and Houston  scored for Neelands who was disabled.  Phair got to first on a dead ball. Waters  and Partridge got in a couple of safe hits  and Houston rounded out the score of  five with the largest hit of the day, upon  which he travelled to third. Rockenfieid  then retired the side by striking out  James Neelands, Cochrane and Mills.  During the progress of the game Rock-  i i_Y_ V_Vrf��''*"'"��.u.�� IrrviV-J *.___>�� ��� ���" ?^���l'^,H.-in:.*_^*'��'^*���^'*,'  sfi-i^hASjip^  iSi_iiffcs,L!$*i%^ lie'^v-as*;-  '" $o$he talph rja;$vito'iPrailee;"fOr^thej'phv-l  ���'$ps#��p#.*fti^^ " l _*.���"���  "CommissioR" Status'sQUestioned'"% ..���!������  :! W-vSiiiNGTf)^, J^�����2:^The- JBi'|.i.h  iwi|h;o.ritie"s�����.iir'& all a���ions!i- "t0Y:aoc^b\ii|t jfor  ffiyi . tariff: -eolniitissipn ifroinf Jt*tma3_a,F  AyhiOli will start didi' ^"ishitrgton wititiu  the next few chlys; Thits. far no AVord  lias .b6en received from tlie London  foreign Pffiaej) ail though _hij? "Say ��� cbine.at  any. time. InVllie IneahtiWp the g'tatps  o| the Jaipaifiaii comnlissioii is spineAvhtlt  ip doubt, as "the gpyernmeut officials Jiere  are riot in the habit Of recognizing colonial offieerS, Unless they come to speak  wiih the authoi'ity Of the liojue goA'ernment.    *  The Trial of Pasto for Murder.  When the supreme court adjourned  yesterday evening at six o'clock, the  crown had not finished its ease in the  trial of the Italian Pasto, accused of the  murder of J. Ryan at Cranbrook on the  night of March 27th last, and the case  will probably occupy the court today and  part of tomorrow.  When the court opened yesterday  morning the case of Pasto Avas first on  the docket, but at the request of the  counsel for the defence it was adjourned  until the afternoon at 2 o'clock. The  case of Regina vs. Frank Levesne, accused of theft, Avas then taken up and  after a trial of about an hour and a half,  the prisoner was found guilty and Avas  sentenced to nine months in the provincial jail AA'ith hard labor. Levesne is a  chiropodist, and on May 15th Avas committed for trial for stealing a number of  articles from a hotel in Rossland.  When court resumed at 2 o'clock the  trial of Pasto was proceeded Avith, and  the following jury Avere empamielled :  W. Starmer Smith, foreman, A. R. Sher-  Avood, S. J. Mighton, George W. Steele.  G. D. Curtis, W. H. Dowsing, George A..  Hunter, A. D. Emory, A. Ferland, E. C.  Traves, John A. Irving and J. E. Amiable.  J. Matlieson and William Mansfield  gaA'e eA'idence as to having been in a  liouse of ill-fame in ||Cranbrook, kept by  Jennie HoAvard, on the night of March  27th. Tavo Italians came to the door and  Avanted admittance. Jennie HoAA'ard  Avent to the-door and refused to let them  into the house. The Italians used abusiA'e  language and Matlieson and Mansfield  Avent out. Matlieson had ,a fight Avith  one man, avIio, he said, attempted to  draAA' a knife. Mausfield Avas driven into  the house by the other man Avhom he  identified as Pasto. He afterwards Avent  out armed with a poker aud struck Pasto  OArer the head and then returned to the  liouse. Shortly after\A'ards they heard  two shots, but as the discharging of firearms Avas a'comnion occurrence in Cran-  M\��PkJ ^^^dp(P%SQ^&0in \7e��tigate  *-'-lto^blfi. JfifcJSt-i ��� '_iigi_i&r>{o!|::tl_^  Wow$( N^^a^p^^i^^md1^  Dominion Day Celebration.  Mayor Neelands   was asked   to call  a  public meeting to endorse the  action  already taken by those avIio have  been instrumental in getting the ball moving for  a- proper celebration  of  Dominion Day.  At eight  o'clock   about fifty  subscribers  to the fund   Avere at   the fire   hall, in response to the mayor's call.    On motion of  alderman  Thomson,   seconded  by John  Houston,'mayor Neelands took the chair,  and in a feAV Avords explained the objects  of th_   meeting.    He said  that if all the  people   pulled   together   Nelson   Avould  have  a celebration  that Avould  surpass  any eArer given in Kootenay.   For himself,  he  heartily  endorsed  Avhat had already  been   done.      On   motion   of   alderman  Fletcher,  seconded by T. M. Ward, John  Houston Avas  made  secretary.     Charles  A. Waterman reported that he  had met  AA'ith good success  in securing  subscriptions, a total of $2800 Inning been secured.    The  secretary  read  the  names   of  those that had been appointed on committees.    Oh motion of A. J.  Marks, seconded by K. D. Ashcroft,it Avas resolved that  the meeting appiwe of the steps already  taken and endorse the" appointments  on.  all  committees so far as  made by  the  'manager.     The   resolution  Avas  carried  unanimously.      The   meeting   then   adjourned.     Manager   Waterman   put   ih  niost of the afternoon  on the  recreation  grounds, and did not do much in the Avay  of securing subscriptions.    The folloA\ing  are in addition to those already reported:  Previously reported.  ��2,722 00  Thomas Stevenson 1        25 00  Kelly & Steeper         15 00  J. Keith Reid .;...  E. A. Croasrc ���   Hu(?h Stevens  .*   A. R. Sherwood.   M. J. Byrnes  :   Nelsoii Ci_.<r Company   AV. 1'. Tierney   Ward Hros  ���.....;...  10 00  ���a 00  5 00  5 00  ' 5 00  5 00  S 00  5 00  upon 200 licenses. Those taking put hoav  licenses are talking of petitioning the  goA-ernnient for a rebate upon their unexpired papers.  The irony of fate was illustrated in a  striking manner at the Bosun on ���Wednesday, the last day of underground  work on the property. A test shot was  put in one wall of the No. 2 workings,  and upon beiug cleared up 18 inches of  solid shipping ore Avas disclosed. This  cannot be developed for a while yet.  Twenty tons of ore was shipped the same  day, making 100 tons for the month.  The management Avill ship their zinc  direct to London, via Montreal, in future,  they securing most profitable returns for  that part of tlieir product.  Ore on the Queen Bess is improving in  grade, recent assays shoAving 500 ounces  silver and 7!J per cent lead.  ,' Currie's pack train is preparing for  business on Ten Mile. SeA'eral development parties haATe gone up the creek.  ! Silverton plays New Denver at football  on the local grounds today. . The home  team is minus several strong players Avho  are at present iu the hills.  W. F. JelFery Avill arrive here next  Aveek to carry on the tinsmith business  of his late brother, Fred Jefiery.  The neAV church bell for St. Stephen's  has arrived at Nakusp from West Troy,  NeAV York. It Avill be hung here in a  day or so.      .  The Tin 15une of May 24th arrived here  today���au apt illustration of the speedy  mail serA'ice of Kootenay.  The Knights of Pythias gave their filial  dance of the season last night-  *. Rca**. R. N. Powell left yesterday foi- his  neAV appointment at Euderby.  THE EIGHT-HOUR LAW AND HOW  IT   IS   WOEKING.  Total../:  .$2 807 00,  Cutting Off Side Issues,   TlijIjgAGU^ Julie 2.���The special com--  lUissioTi^t^^wlliMiVilU projects~haA*e been-  referred, has decided unanimously to discard all projects not Coming directly  within the precise aim Of tlie Goufereiide.  The third commission has finished the  Avork of treating upon good offices and  mediation. It has welded the various  projects into one. Whieh will be submitted for discussion on Monday. When  the disfvissioh is concluded the cominis-*  sion will resunie their ojcaiiiiurttion, drafting a single larbit^ation sc.he.n_e based on  the yarious projects ..submitted..  His Friends Will Save Him,  Paris, June 2.��� Lieutenant-colonel Du  Paty de .'Chun's arrest is certain to occasion some stajtling revelations. General De Boisdoffre, hoAvever, is safe. He  is associated with'the Franco-Russian  party. He Avas a personal friend of the  late czar's, and enjoys the friendship of  Nicholas and the empress doAvager. To  hunt him down would be offeusiA'e to the  court of Russia.  Triple Drowning at Little Current.  Little Current, Ontario, June 2.���A  boat containing Fred Willis, his Avife and  two children and John Griffith capsized  near the mouth of the Whitefish river  yesterday morning, droAvniiig Willis and  both children. Griffith and Mrs. Willis  clung to the upturned boat until a tug  picked them up, after being iu the Avater  an hour and a half.   England vs. Australian Cricket Match.  London, June 2.-���In the first cricket  match," between England and Australia,  Avhicli began at Nottingham yesterday,  the All-England eleven Avere all out in  their first innings today Avith a total of  193 runs. At. the close of the play the  Australians had scored $) _ runs for one  Avicket.  ^'switdltin-.theLyain-fcl-_��i_l ��:A*ja��^-^igage^f;,iii  ".Ayipin^ it^'whenY -ie;_ iSa���," -"a. Jsjiot ''fii-SYly"  ;" kitd phi I'oo^ihgVout' of "(0lfk cahys;k}$2 {ifcniai i:  stagjjer  alOu-g  the track'for ilbont ten:'  ��p&t and! the|u" fall;   JJe��� "kufi: 'hisyireipMi,  rail tO his assistance fiudjfound that the  wounded mkir,   Ayiiom YJig   ideiitifi _d: ajSY  Ryah^ had! beeii shot in tire breaSt. Ryaii"  died   lii    about,   fi^tej-h   miilutes taft#  fali.iig. -       '       .    . ��� n'"    U"Y= '      �� " T  John   ifaiisen,   ear   inspector   on   the  Ci'Oaa*!s Nest Pass rail_ viiy. was   at his  usual Ayork on the lliglit of March  27th,  and on  Avalking along  the  trjvck saw a  man   iliTSAVeriiig "to  the    description   Of  Pasto, Avith a revolvel'! in liis hand, standing about eight feet fronr tlie ea_ beside  Avh-Lcji Ryaii  wits shot_    He Avould not  swear' to the identity of the prisoner:  Damien Alphohso aind Vicenzo Alphouso,  two Italians, gave eA'idence as to Pasto  going to  the Cabin  of the  latter about  12:30 on  the night of March 27th.    Vi-  -coiizo-said=to=hiinr-^Throiigh=-yoii-=I=Avill-  get into tropble."    Pasto replied, "I shot  the  man  and   1! will pay  fo���' it."    Tin's  concluded the evidence taken  yesterday  and tlie court adjourned until 10 o'clock  this forenoon.   The judge directed that  the sheriff take charge  of the jury for  the night, alid they AA'ere  provided  with  rooms at the  Hume hpte).    Deputy attorney-general J. D, McLean:  lias  cllai'go  of tho case |'or tile ci'oavu and the prisoner  is defended by John BY Costigan of Ci_ih-  brook.  _^ ' '_        "'  Confesses Himself the Forget  LoNDOX, June 3,���TlieDaily 'Chronicle  says that major Comte Ferdinand Wal-  sin Ifisterhazy called at its office late last  evening with a confidential friend and  made the following statement: "The  chiefs of the army have disgracefully  abandoned me. My cup is full and I  shc'ill speak out. It was I avIio Avrote the  bordereau. I Avrote it upon orders from Sandherr." Esterhazy  then proceeded to explain that for  months before 1893 moral proofs had  been obtained of leakages, Avhieh Avere  only possible through an officer belonging  to the ministry of war, and itYvas necessary to catch the guilty party by material evidence.   Hence the bordereau.  Match. Trust Perfected.  Neav York, June 2.���Ethvin Gould,  president of the Continental Match Co.,  has: disposed of that corporation's interest to the Diamond Match Co., for the  consideration of $1,000,000. With the addition of several other independent factories Avhieh the Diamond Ma tell Co. now  has options upon it will practically coiiV  trol the entire output of-inatches in the  United States. It is expected that, Avith  practically all coinpetors removed the  new capitalization, will be able to earn  fifteen per cent.. ������'���  -,    KASLO. - ;*''o,-  ��� Frank Wood, manager of che Last  Chance mine, is in toAvn, having closed  the mine down completely. ��� y?,   -  ._-^"Kviljf35.o? 4S;^HM����-g-at^i;b|^fe  ���|olip 3i(.Le��i*n5."4W%: h'ife|-^b��e.d.n��:_ wo^k^hgy  (saptthp ''GiBson* liihY-.Jffltel^^taofig. 13* 'ili-:ounfe��'  , ol.tli^",fj|ieSt, bear  sldps!" "^dstc-rchvy- that:'  .'hfys JJjei-ii__ ,br6,u!g|it'Vihtp;Kas''lp for soine  f-imej v Be tslio!t"!tfip bear at the niiiiB after  it���jaad.;"_inad^ off Avith;be^e.uty-ii,Ve poinds ���"  dfbeefi   "���, y*  ��������������� '.,.- s.y     ���  " ,   .. si-  yBofks-spe,t;ilato'r ik trying to. Bity tho  , Sartin-Aurdlier bloxik oil Front street,  An  oifei* ���\\-;*iiS  ihade todHy- th.ilough, .coloiiel  Stone of  |10,000  for  the blocl^ but the  oAvtiers VA'fll; not sell fpr auything less  than $15.(_00_ .. -    ���       ���  The steamer Marioli came doAvu yester-  da^7}li'id is' being repaired preparatory to  making aaiOther attempt tdi\iiu up Lardo  i'i'yer., _^   YMIR.  W. N, Blanch field and J. Ruddy have  just returned from the south fork of  Wild Horse ereek, where they have  started' a gang of men doing development  ^Avork^on^thcvii'-claii l is-Carni i I ite=aud=-irea t-  Western, Phil White, superintendent of  the Broken Hill, Company (Wilcox group),  was doAvn this, morning and reports that  Avork is steadily proceeding on the Fourth  of July claim,, froni AA'hich tliey are raising, soine very good ore. The ditches  foi' the flume AVilibe started in about four  days'time and'he Avill be putting more  men at work. The Wilcox: is paying  $3,50 for tlie eight-hour shift., for Phil is  uu old miner himself and "does to- others  as be would be done by."  The Purgold Brothers visited the Tam-  ai'ac mine yesterday, in which they are  largely intcresteti. This 'company commenced on: June 1st to comply Avith tlie  eight-hour law- and pay the $3.50 rate,  The Porto Rico starts preliuiinarie.s tomorrow preparatory to starting up the  mill. The men employed state they are  to Avork eight hours and receive $3.._0.  Tom Woods and W. V. Edgar returned  yesterday from tlie Big Horn group  where they report matters as progressing  most satisfactorily.  Thomas Purgold of London is iiiA'cstiiig  more capital ill this camp and yesterday  bought some of tlie Ymir waterworks  shares. The waterworks company haVe  iioav a large force of men at work at the  dam, and laying down the main supply  pipe from the reservoir towards the toAvn.  A meeting of the local baseball club  takes place in the Ross House tomorrow  at 8 p.m., the principal businees being to  fix a date for the match with Nelson.  />'  NELSON.  Captain Hodgins has been ' notified of'  the shipment from Ottawa of 120 rounds  of blank cartridges and A'alise equipments, consisting of knapsack, canteen,  ball pouch, haversack, etc. The uniform  caps have arrived, and last night there  Avas a regular, drill in a room ou the  second floor of the OddfellpAvs block. As  soon as the blank cartridges arrive,', the  boys  -will- 'practice'.''-ou' the    firing   line.  ^eikt-M$"M$' ���^lioh/;lh'ipya^'#n%��S,:  There is no trouble, more than A\'as reported in Tiik Trihune yesterday, at any  of the niines in the neighborhood .of Nelson. Tin, Tribune's reporter at NeAV  Denver av rites as follows, under date of  yesterday:  Thursday marked the inception  of the  first struggle.in this camp betAveen capital and labor.    Apart from the fact that  that there were a few more men in town,  no one Avould be aware that  a determined   contest   was   on   between  organized  forces, or that anything unusual was taking place.   Throughout the \*arious towns  there  is   no perceptible  excitement and  not   the   slightest   indication   of trouble.  Almost  all the  niines ha\re  closed doAvn  and the skilled labor is idle.    The exceptions Avill folloAv suit on June 12th, AA'hen  the ��eight-hour   law   comes   into   force.  The  cessation   of work, applies'   to the  underground  Avork,  mainly, for  several  properties, are   continuing   surface   de"--'  A'elopment.    Many of the men  are heading for the Lardo-Duncan country, where'-'-  they Yvill  spend  the  summer  prospecting.     In   the towns,  howeA'er,   one can  notice a  contraction iu business  circles,  and   the  merchants are complaining  of  deteriorating sales.    Some  of theohotel  keepers in  the camp  are'faA'oriiig the  closing of their dining rooms so as not to  incur the expense of holding up the men.  Luckily,  howeA'er,   these adA'ocates are 7  few  in  number,  and   the men AA'ill find  universal good treatment, as  in  days of  yore.    It is reported that the  mine OAA'iiers have given warning ..to'the  men on-  their  respeetiA'e  staffs  refusing  to sign  the new schedule that they will not  get  another  chance for   employment   when  the  Avage  question  is  settled.    No  farmers from Ontario or Manitoba haA'e yet  made tlieir appearance to take the place  of the men on strike.  . aiitl KObteru'ty" Isaudifigf .AyheflV u.heY��iej-fe  ,tjin:e'Sehgdhi.e faljes 'eil'ec5t'5prhV- J*uji.e!!'"iStI.iV"  'filpni-e re_uai'J_ab".ly. "hi��l^" -i*f _a0���"kf,p r_e���-7  ported' ffbisi 'the P32inc'hipkf^fllel^lJii ih^ ���  "G-rapj,!f.e,n ..Three a..Sa^|3 "jti-Ckeu. aeiio^S. tjiftj  .streak .are said; to liaVe"-iudicated'a_-��*vaii_e  '.ot>$050i-i"..��iSJcl��    '""" y   _���   '.   Y.;'Y"  Aiong?��t!h:��}'Water'"Front. "'  Tile rise of the liver fortlie-fOrtyreigfit  hours e.iidi_ ig at'6 p_m. yesterday was ul  inches-. aV-^fliVeh'. liio-i'e rapid rise may. be*  eXp^S-ted^l^ co|i.r���  tiiiues. It i�� sitill about-six feet belCjjv  lCiSt suniiner'sVliighest point.  Thq lvo%(pnee Avill resume ker Usual i'liti  on, Monday next haying" beeli put iu"  tliol'pitgli rgpair. Hei,' boilers have been  overhauled.  Yesterday was tlie  fii'st siunmor day  this year, and  tile' rivei' Jind- a  gay ,ap^  -pt^tra'ilce-Avitii-the-iiuiiterou.s-lioaitiiigjiai'---  ties and increasing  rush  of business on  tlie Avater front generally.  Local Eagles Elect Offi&ers,  Tlie followiiig are the officers elected  at the meeting of Nelson Aerie No. 22 of  the fraternal order of eagles, field in the  Oddfellows' block last night: W. Irving,  worthy jjl-esident; W. Thurillan, \vorthy  past president; 11. ���!, Phair, Avorthy vice  president: I.I. W, B. Kilpatiiclv. cllaiilairv:  J. ft.VWray, secretary ; A. Heid, conductor; J. J. Scott, outside guard ; W��  .Jacobs, inner guard: _). .J, McNally, .1. W.  Smith, .1. C. Tliiiiu, trustees: 3, lilass, '11.  Ymir, June 2.���At midnight a sjiecial  train arrived with six men for the  .London &��� British Columbia Goldfields  Avho had been sworn in at Nelsoii. last  eA'cning as special constables for the defence of tlie property, and employees of  the Ymir mine, OAving to a telegram having been sent down by an official of the  company here to the effect that their  lives and property Avere in jeopardy, ���:  Avhieh is a gross exaggeration and entirely uncalled for. The posse of special constables Avere met by .captain!..-.Forrester;'v  chief of police here on   arriA'ali and  they!  ���'"Mefen- nrp|.^^d.7$3||p���r"-|prv!��aiiY"ie^^  ^_J|i!fts .*a"d.\tere%n^  ...the goyeripneptt_5:��|Bij'4iJ^;aiid^?u'^  '" tration   tlie nllile ��� p#fS^ ;^.fipnl _t|!^Wit"2-j  ' . f la, n__-   Oin      n   Bon : n    [P    _    4nJ nM^t   mQ ,    tfoYrYnn   ��   n   "  ylmnx . As lax as fp.ni, ):epre$eii]bati,A?e��^���  '>cpu'l-��� di._t'0\'(*ii', etferythipg '?A^i._j-",gphig,rtfii*^  sin oo  men well  :: illg the  issi.e:-pf ''e^itts* "%f( the2'$6xM&'sJ  '-d 0 0C?n n nH_i��/n__nn g,   Lj   r,*-^n u       nT'1.IIn1J      Iffn   i__    _,  u-!;-. j j t   taki ng :mnset.i.siii;e-S. jjtpf' fl,iirhitrkiApix(:,y  The nifiiG-rs .of" -thj!sVx'.aliirix! Ifi|.v��e*.iii!\vay3.�����' _  been peaceful .aiidi:i^ya^idhig)i'ud.eapM.nCe  : Forrester, chief-Of tliei|4<34iofej-^.i^r!^-Y  ed tins morning th���;!t tli.e ip\yu liad neA-er   .,  been so quiet.    Fifteen   of ttic nleu  Avho - "  -(*|i!itte(l-AV'-ork=frOm=the^Yiirii^niiie^tpok=^  the evening train yesterday  for Nelson.  The camp  is  under the most excelleiit  police control, anil there are four justices  of the peace in the town, and there is no  (liie.stiou   whatevei'that  law  aiid Order  can and will lie maintained.    J. Roderick  Robertson, general manager of the   London i\: British Ooiuinbia  Goldfielcls arl'iy-  ed here by the 11:1.7 a, ui. train  and:  pi.o-  ccoded   tii>  to  the   Yuiir  mine.    lie  re*-  tiri'iii'd...t(r�� Nelsoii on the evening (.rail).  ��� *___?$  NEW   DENVER.  The rush this week on the local record  ofiice for the ''renewal'of- licenses terminated-in a genuine crush on Wednesday,  and the clerical .stall" were kept jumping  sideways to attend to the applicants:  Fully $900 was taken in o\-er the counters during   the  day,", representing' close  Wilson, J.  It   Wray  physitiiiii eouimit-  uoAV  seventy.s?even  tee.    Tjie  aerie lias  memljers and will hold regular  meetings  every Thursday night in tlie Oddfellows''  block.  Rossland Customs.  The returns of the port of Rossland for  the month of May are as follows:  Import.��� A'alue.  I.itf:.a..l_jj-Oil..H. .$.II,C'.K_ (XJ  ,.'*re_ goods.     '  Total   Amount of duty collected..,  'Kxpo-is���  Ore (8(170 tons   -.12- (HI  ....$.*>1,1-1 (Kl  ...SIl.'-ll 11  Value.  ,. .$21,1.501 m  Says it Was No Secret.  LoXDOX, .June 2.���The Rome correspondent of the Daily Mail says: .Lieutenant colonel Fanizzardi, militaryatt-fcho  or the Italian embassy in I'aris when  Dreyfus wa-s-condemned, informs me that  the Itjilian embassy always knew that  Ksterhay.y Avrote the bordereau.  Lumbermen Drowned Near Pembroke.-.-.  I'lO.AiiuuiKK, Ontario.". .June7 2. -Word  reached'here larit;uight!ofvtlie .drowning  of a young man named.���Lade'rout at the  cascades on tlie Indian riA'er. Laderout  was working on J. II. Booth's drive-  IvA.sljO, June 1,���On .today's train _h<-.re  were I'll) passi.!igers! the largest iiutuber  tin! train has brought in for some time,  They were mostly miners from Whito-  ���wuter a,u��l*-��'i}aiidon AVho are on their Way  out of the country. All tlie mines ill  the district shut down today letting out  their men, the greater part of them are  going to the Cceur d'Aldies, Montana,  and Colorado, while some Avill remain  here doing assessment Work and waiting  for the mines to open up again. A good  many of the miners Were in favor of accepting the $3, and going back to  work, but the majority wanted to fight  for their demanded rights, so it Avas decided to refuse the offer of the mine  OAvners. Kaslo is full of idle miners at  present as a result.  Baseball Cfames Yesterday.  Brooklyn 11, Cle\-elalid 10.  New York I-'J, Louisville .17.  Boston 0, Cincinnati l.  . Bal ti more I. Chicago 2.  Fittfburg'.-, Philadelphia ���!.  Washington 2, St. Louis 7.  Buffalo li, Mihvaukee 0.  St. Faul 0, Detroit-2.  Columbus 3, Kansas City 2.  Toronto 2, Rochester 4.  Indianapolis 9, Minneapolis 5.  Providence 0, Hartford 2. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  ?>. C,  SATURDAY, JUNE  1891  Wc are showing- a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu ;md see them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits arc g'oing- fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot Aveather.  A. FBRLAND * CO.  I'liol. Illo.k, linker St root-. Nelson  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nel so n H ar d war e  Baker Street, Nelson.  Co.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KN��5HTS_OK PYTHIAS���Nelson OrfKlge. No, ai,  Knights.ofl .thias, mcols in I. O. O. K. Ball,corner  linker aii'l Kootenay ��1 reels, every Tuesday ' evening at  S o'flcii'k     Vi��iljn�� Knights -cordially invited loattrnd.  ti. KliKNCJI*. C. C.  G. ROSS. K. of K.K. ���_���  NKLSON l.OI'GK, ND. _;<, A. F. & A. ,\1.    Meets  ���^ -croud  '-VediieKlay in  e.-ich moiil.li.   Sojourning  \^r~   brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  All.  HOI.I.ICH���Analytical Chemist and An.-_.vyer.  A'iclnrln street. Nelson.   EAVAItT & CAI'ltU.���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen' block. Baker street. Nelson.    H.  CANK���Architect' nnd  artist,  next door to Nelson library.  Brok-iihill   Block,  WANTED���A girl to work in tent factory.   Apply to   '1 bco. Madson, Nelson. II. C.  '  POE  SALE.  SCAVENGER outfit and business for sale. The bnsi-  , ncss amounts I o between S2.>(l lo ?.'��'_ a month." I'or  further paiticulars apply to John Croft, or lo The Tri-  bnnc olllce.   FOlt SALK���A magnificent. Impc-riale edition de I.uxc  Ridpath's History of Uiiivcr. al l-iileralure, 2.5 volumes, morocco. Cash or Installment-,. F. AV. 1'ettif,  room 3, Tiirner-Boeekh Block.  _-���_-_-__  TWO fix-room cottages on Latimer si reel, half block  west of Stanley _ti eel.   $20 a month each.   Possession June 1st.- Apply to Alfred Hunker, or Tribune o/Ilce.  ��>hx? Qfrftatne*  Daily Edition Fikst Ykak, No  128  Wkkkly Edition* Seventh Ykak, No. L'S  Lrcss Lliaii' fiye lnmdi'-d minors in all  Kpotoiiay have quit A\*or__ through tJio  ciiforcciuent of the' bight-hour laAV.  TJie.se men  refuse to Avork. because tho  . mine owners refuse to pay iiioi-o than $3  a day. Of the five hundred thab-haA'e  quit, one hundred Avill be engaged for a  time iii doing assos&inerit work on claims  in which they are interested, and another  hundred Avill spend the summer in looking for tho'surface indications of hidden  bonanzas. Of tlie remaining three hundred, one-half of them Avill seek AVork in  .the mines of Idaho, Montana and Colorado, and the other half Avill stay in the  country and take  chances.    So, after all,  -the blue ruin that Avas to deA*astate the  country because of the enforcementof  the eight-hour law is not cA*en going to  be an issue ou which the Semlin govem-  "mpntean be turned out of office. Tho  mine OAvners���most of whom arc either  aliens or men not particularly in love  Avith Canadians or Canadian  institutions   to a-niaii���almost��� supported���the Tur~  ner governnient, and they are inclined to*  -hroAV mud at Mr. Semlin and his government _it eA'ery opportunity. The eight-  hour law for men Avorking underground  in mines has come to stay. No country  has yet repealed any law that shortened  the hours   of   labor for   working  men.  Working  men   are  a  political   factor in  British Columbia-���a   much  more   potent  factor than alien mine OAvners and their  mine managers.  and yet the boys and girls, young Svbiiien  and young men, Avho are applying all  their energies to the study, of subjects  wliich from the curricula of colleges and  uniA'ersities do uot appreciate the fact  that knowledge is of little value unless it:  is combined with ability to apply it to  practical'ends.  Some 'persons'imagine' that education  is an evil in itself, which is manifestly  .absurd. Education consists of the acquirement of knoAvledge, and if those  Avhose duty it is to instruct the' rising  generation could teach them'*'.that, every  opportunity fpr Avork should be improved, that to look foi-AA'ai'd to a life'of-ease '  is ignoble, there Avould be fewer men  Aval king about idle because they are unable to obtain employment in the particular line AA'hich their inclination leads them  to prefer.  Men who are successful today learned  Iioav to Avork in their youth. Industrious  habits Avore acquired at an early age,  and their Avillingness to meet every responsibility, no matter Iioav onerous, has  beeii bhe ladder by Avhieh they liaA-c  risen to high places in the world���places  coveted liy companions of their youth  avIio lacked the same measure of application for difficult, and distasteful  .duties that foil to their.lot.first, although  perhapp more successful in their studies  at school. * .  Tho men Avho.stand highest in tho estimation of the world are those who avoi'Ic  h'ardest. The meu Avho have tho largest  ni east ire of happiness in "the Avorjd tire  the hardest workers. The meii Avho live  longest and enjoy the pleasures of tlie  Avorld to the fullest extent are those who  by* hard work have earned the opportunities to partake of all tlie good tlie world.  -has to give.  When a boy reaches the age of soa'cu-  teen years, unless he is intended for one  of the learned professions, IiCAvill be more  likely to make a success of his life by beginning the actual braining in the calling  Avhieh lie intends to pursue. A knoAv-  ledge ofthe Avorldand of the main details  of  business ean be  acquired  much more  readily and thoroughly by a young man  Avhose mind is not filled Avith the higher  mathematics. If he has spent the most  impressionable years of his life in studying text books, written by men who  never came in contact with life as it is  today, and avIio, notwithstanding their  great ability, arc unable to impart knowledge that it is most important for the  young men to learn, he will bo handicapped in the race.  A mistake that most parents make is  to imagine that education ceases when  their boys letiA-e schhool. That is Avhen  it should begin. The subjects that are  taught in our public and high schools  are nothing more than the foundation  upon Avhieh to build the superstructure  of culture, if upon leaving school the  boy is allowed to throw books aside,  then his education is complete, but if  a parent understands his duty to his boy  he will endeavor to inspire iu him ji  love for literature, the exercise of which  will give him wider knowledge than  ever he could haA'e gained at school,  and better fit him to Jill a sphere in life  Avliich his abilities may earn.for him in  the future. As a rule a boy who has  learned to Avork will not be hard to keep  Avithin the realm of study, so that the  most important thing every young man  has to learn today is to Avork and that  the harder lie works the more completely  AA'ill he fulfil his destiny. ��  M  jgjgj.g. C^-eg-Ar c��-t��-&- (2z��IlA  Sfes"-****?^ S^^e-T _?�����.�����-: -S-S-S  ffl  ffl  PVlll  Sailor Always.  Admiral DeAvey is a sensible sailor,  who AA'ould not AA'ant the presidency of  the United States if he could get it, and  could not get the presidency di the  United States if he wanted it. There is  every indication that DeAvey is the same  quality of man as William Tecumseh  Sherman, avIio knew that he AA'ould lose  in-the AA'hite liouse the glory that he  gained in his March to the Sea, and  avoided eA'ery temptation to run for the  presidency. Then it does not folio av thatthe A'ictory at Manila Avould give admiral  DeAvey a nomination for the presidency.  General Grant returned from his triumphal tour of the Avorld to meet defeat in  the .Republican convention, Avhere the  "Immortal 300" delegates stood by the.  Silent man to the last ballot, aud then  failed to nominate him  for a third term.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ffl  W  ffl.  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LOANS ' INSUKANCB  Although tlio  innes & Hamber syndicate  lots in Addition   "A"  s;ile, we still  have  lots on our  list,    i-ofcs  are  withdrawn ii-om  n large list of residential  in   Hume Addition.  & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Nelson, li. C.  SINAJPS  Wo have two big snaps in real estate  Call and get particulars.  Money to Loan  AUKHDKKN BLOCK.  Agents for Mellor's Plate Glass and  Lloyd's I .alo Glass Insurance.  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mining Stocks Customs Broker  KKAL KSTATK AND OKNKItAIj AGKNTS  JUDICIAL SALE.  Pursuant lo a.judgment, of the County Court of ICoot-  cmiy. liolden at Nelson, entered on tho 17th day of .Jami-  nvv, A. 1). IS!)1.), in the eonsolid��ted notion of J. F, Holden,  AVilliain 11, Hudson, Christian Ulben, William H. Wright,,  and William li. Warren, plaint ills, against Ihe Unghl  I'rospi-ls Gold Alining and Development, Company, Limited Lialiilitv. defendants, being plaints Nos. (li-1/98, l(ii/!IS.  ItW/ft.s, Ili7,!i.s, and I()S/!I8 tliere will bu ollurvtt for sale by  imbliu auction by S. I3. Tuck, Sherill". at the court, liouse,  in the city of Nelson, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, on  Thui'sdiiy, fhu-th day of June, lSKI, all and singular Ihe  mineral claim "The Northern Light, "situate on the south  slope ofthe On tor Korkof l-'orly-iiine Creek, and adjoining ihe llibbiiigs mineral claim on Ihe southwest, corner,  being in I he Nelson Miuing Division of British Columbia,  located the j'iIIi day of Jlay, 18117, and recorded thetiih  day ol* May, IH!.7.  The purchaser shallpay ihu purchase moneyiiito Court  to the credit of Ihe said consolidated action ou 1 he day of  sale.  Dal ed al Nelson, li. C. lhi>", a_n.l day of May, 18!*0.  K. T. II. Sl^VlPKINS,  Begistrar of the CoiMity Court of Kootenay,, hofden at*  Nelsiou; ���   ' ' ,    "  George  City Scavengep and  Chimney Sweep  I'rompt, attention given to all orders left at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  mm mtmm.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant   in   the ���city-  employing- only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 Cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.   ��� Short orders   at   all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's 6ld stand, corner  AVard and Carbonate streets, In rear of English church.  Heated by steam.   Table board ?l, room and board $3:  ind So..")..  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for salo.        :  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Strachan Bros.  Plumbers, etc., Opera House Block, Nelson  Nelson Iron Works  MANUPACT-KKKR OK  ENGINES,  BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP EVERY DBSORIPTION  Repairs promptly ulinndcrl to.       P.O. Box 173.  C.W.West&Ca  GENERAL TEAIVISTERS  AGENTS FOB  i  The Imperial Oil Co.   Staiidard'Oil'Co.  ; Washington Bribk'arjd !lirfjefGo. .  The H. W. IVidNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian '_\in.t.j.a-  cite Coal (Hard)  Oealei-s If]  Crow's lest lass M Go.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Bar^e,   Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF,  Ale arid Portei*  Prompt and, regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson. THE  TEEBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JUNE 3,  1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all 'paid  up.  $42jW.0,000  6|00D.000  I.M.I.  STRATHCONA AND   MT. ROYAL, Prosident  Won. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Presidont  K   S. CLOUSTON General ?_anagcr  TSFELSOTST   _3_=--A.3STOHC  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  NELSON  Is now prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin., B. C, ar.d  Dawson City, Yu^on, District.      T.KAMIltKM'fN  ���..ON-KIN   IBJiiKJdnH..   NEW    -*ORK  Hurt  in I,hi: |ll llli'.iliill  OHIO AGO  ilias lu Canada.  Il-iy anil  -<>ll  St'-rlliiK  Kxiiliimife and Cahlo Traunfers  (IKANT COMMKItOUI. ANT) Tl... VKU.KKS' C _K_>ITH.  available in any part, of the world.  DIIAKT8  1SHUKU    OI)i.l,KCTJON8 MAI)K;  KTC.  SAVINGS BAlsTK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTKRE-TPAID  BOBBED   MANY   MAIL   SACKS.  An innate tlesiri. to investigate the  written contents of letters intrusted to  his care as baggageman of a Michigan  Central train running betAA'een Chicago  and Grand Rapids was the cause of the  downfall of L. N. Washburn, who is now  in the custody of the United States postal authorities, charged with robbing  mail sacks of portions of their contents.  Such i.s the reason he himself gives.  The prisoner has been* in the employ of  the Michigan Central company for eighteen years, aiid' was regarded%s a trustworthy and expev_-ba-ggi.g(-nVan. He lias  made his home in New Buffalo, mid is  said.to be the only support of two elderly sisters.. He was giA'en a hearing be-:  fore United States commissioner Mason,  aiid after-admitting liis'guilt avus held Ito  appear before the federal grand jury-in-  bonds to the amount of $7500. Being  unable to furnish sureties to this amount,  he Avas given into the custody of the  United States marshal and locked up in  the county .jail. There lie will remain  until fall at least, as he aviis held tb the  October grand jury. !  It is estimated by major Stewart, pos-;  tal  inspector    and   his   assistants 'that'  Washburn   opened    fully  30,000  letters  during his trips from Chicago aud Grand  Rapids  since October,  18_7.    He claims,  that he did riot' profit-in' a financial way!  through his misdeeds, but was prompted  liy an' uncontrollable desire  to read-the  contents  of eA'ery letter  given  into his  charge. - lie says liis stealings in money  will notexceed5-$200,Vbut>this'portion -of-  his confession  is doubted'by  the postal'  authorities,* who claim to be certain that  Washburn rifled letters containing $71 in  two days, in addition to  $12'in marked  bills AA'hich were found in liis possession  -at-the time of the arrest.  The postal authorities claim that he  ' destroyed drafts and cheeks amounting:  to seA'eral times that sum. While he  , may have secured money and money orders, Avhieh when converted into -cash  amounted to'$15,000 or $20,000 and may  haA'e returned to needy persons an  amount reaching '$10,000, itis estimated  that he destroyed commercial paper representing thousand- of dollars.  count, and I am quite ready to agree  with an old trapper who was sleeping  soundly in his cabin one day when an  Eastern man in search of hairbreadth  stories of adventure, knocked at his door.  The door was opened by the trapper's  partner, to whom the visitor made known  his errand.  "Bill!" said the younger man, "this feller* AA'ants to hear some narrer escapes  you've had from bear."  The old man, rubbing his eyes, looked  the stranger OArer and said:  "Young main, if there's been any narrer  escapes the bears had 'em."  Dawson People.  Life and property are considered safe  even in the most doubtful establishments,;  and it is not uncommon for a man to*pass;  hours in a crowded dance hall with vir-  tually all his possessions, possibly a few  hundred dollars, or it may he thousands,  carried in the form of gold dust in his  trousers pockets. Tavo main factors are  involved in this condition of security or  iii the feeling that it exists. The first of  these is, perhaps a wholesale dread of the  mounted police, whose efficiency in  the   direction    of    controlling   order   is  ESTABLISHED  1879.  conceded by eA'ery one; and the second,  the circumstance tliat thejjiihabitants of  Dawson and of the adjoining Klondike  region are not, as is so largely supposed,  a mere assortment of rough prospectors,  intent upon doing anything for the sake  of acquiring gold, but a fair representation of good anil indifferent elements  borrowed from'all professions and stations of life, and not from one country  alone, butfroin nearly all parts of the  ciA-ili/.ed globe. During my brief stay 1  stumbled upon "counts," "sirs," military  and naval officers, scientists, kiwyers,'  newspaper men, promoters, and others of*  broad and liberal standing ; and if some  of these Avere undistinguishable in external garb from their brethren in mustard-  colored lnaekinaAvs Avhose sole resource  was digging for gold, their polished and  intellectual method was evidence enough  that civilization avus present in good  quantity along the upper Yukon.  German Warship Christened.  IvrrcL., June 2.--The German warship  built to replace the ironclad. Kaiser Wil-  lielin AA'as launched in the presence of emperor AVilliam, avIio named her Kaiser  Wilhelm der Grosse. The grand duchess  of Baden performed the christening.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  SILVER   KING.  John F. G'asson. A'mir. I A. Poi'ras, Rowland.  W F. Olasson, Ymir A. McDonald, Ymir.;  M. Ale  uuig. Hall Siding.    I  TREMONT.  R. M. Iliggs, Ro-'slaud.  J. Ij-pcIi, Ros-iland.  AV. J. Mnlronj. Rossland  PHAIR.  K  W. ?amer. Rossla-id.  J. Mcituc, Spokane.  F. Van Agnow, Athabasei.  Chester F. Lee, Spokane.  L, A. Campbell. Rossland.  F..]. O'Reilly, Silverton.  Frank Watson, Spokane.  A.   F.   Rosenberg, r,    San  Francisco.  F.   H.   Rosonlierger,   San  Francisco.  M. ft. ICatze, San Francisco.  Fr.mk Shaller, San Francisco.  T. H. Rosenb rger, San  Francisco.  John Liiiik. Cranbrook.  W. F. Curd, Cranbrook.  R.J. Walker, Toronto.  James Slnvin, Spokane.  GRAVD CENTRAL.  L. Ileckmau, Slocan City.  ��� T.-AV. Colinan,  Tr.iii, B. (  C. Sicely, Iceland mine.  J. Kelly, Rossland.  C.  II.     Harriso  nunc  L. Graliam, Ymir,  C. Reuton, Spokane.  HUMK.  Atliaba^ea  W. D. Phillips, New  York.  C. -v. JlcCann, ICaslo.  E'lwi i   Cummings,   Kaslo.  M. H. lvalue  Hank Noll, Porto Rico.  James Howie. Winnipeg.  James W.  Hamilton, Sar-  nia, Out.  Cooper,  Van-  Van-  Harry    11,  cou ver.  Alex.   ii. Gartshor  con ver.  Fred F. Hum?, Vancouver.  Hugh   H.   Gilmour,    Vancouver.  4?  B  ���^"��3-?3?73-  i^a<  ���c3>'��3-e3T&-t.  m-f  YOU IVJAY WONDER HOW WE DO IT  BUT WE  DO  ��  ��  We sell goods just as cheap as the cheapest, ancl the  quality is just as fine as the finest. We take pleasure in  quoting you a small  list of our specialties:  QUEENS.  Samnol Lovett.  Pilot Bay,  J. J. Ullimaii, lvaslo.  D. K. Gnlletly, Vornon.  MADDEN.  J. Paterson, Kaslo.  AV. H. Maclvay, Robson.  Twenty years old and still growing.  parsoi?5 produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS. Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  -  - CHAS. MIIiNB, Dawson"  Manager for Southern British Columbia,  P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson  She Changed Her Mind.  A young married Avoman of Clevoland,*  whose  health is   not robust,   lias   been  . strdngly   urged   by   her   husband   and  Vfrieiid-rto try the ^'iil-iiesVOf^k iriilder  din. kte during thevErying We-Its. di early  spliiig.    So sheflivally"d-i6id.-d jipon a  __ti:ip_to_=Mexie<_uiu iopjiip^jiJ^Witli^stiASeraL  acqiiaintftriefes,   say's; the   Pltiin "ij-aler.  All - tfics' arrtojfe|neii-s   av ere liiade  and  then it"siiifdipiily" occurred  to tlfe lady  that   it would   be a   wise tiling to get  Yju.eini__t.-d.   Her   hCisbaiid   agi'eed Avith  her, and whil_:*kh<.y Vere --tlking if dv'er  her   father, a  prohiiivei-t   railroad Man.  dropped in,  "I wu$ just saying," explained the lady.,  "blnVt I thought it AA'ould be a safeguard  to be vaccinated before I go,"  "An excislleiit. ided" gfdd tho father.  "And >vli _-fD Wilt you be viieeiiiatptl?"  "Why, hei'c, in 'ClQVelauci, before I  start."  "NO, nd," said thefathef, "I don't meitn  tliat."  "Oh," laughed the daughter, "on a  lower limb, of course.'"  "I don't think I'd do that," said the  father; you might find'it iiicdnvfeiiielit."  "But all young women are being A*ac-  cinated in that Avay," said the daughter.  "You knoAV that AA'hen you are vaccinate  ed on the arm it frequently, leaves a hideous sear, and it isn't nice a bit aa-lieu you  Avant to Avear eA-ening dres.s. Why, almost eA'ery girl that I know is Vaccinated  on the lOAverliitib."  "All :the same," said ��� the father, "I  don't think I wpuld follow the custom  this time."  "AndiA-hy not?"  "Because," explained the father, "according to the present stringent Mexican  regulations you will certainly be obliged  to show your vaccination mark AAdienyou  ci'oss the border."  So the lady Avas*'vaccinated on the arm.  Tlie Trapper's Story.  I have alAArays been of the opinion that  OAving to his keen sense the bear is our  first galne animal and should be earefully  protected by laAV. His depredations on  live stock are not Avorth taking'into ac-  Bl.__-_sroi3:E!_3 -   n .:  VANCOUVER���A. F. nalph.-Maiiagoi'.  IMAVSON OITV���A. G. Cuniiinghaii, Manager.  ATLIN CITY-J. A. Krasor, Managor.  ���NKLSQN-P. J. Russell, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland,  Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  . -The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian North-west. -  Fine Ordered doling  We havo a fine'assortment of woolens always  on hand. Uoods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made  on the premises, s.vtisfaecion is assured.  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  ���'If what you want is not in stock we will make it for you  CALI-AND'GIST PRICES.  A. H. McQtiarrie, Kaslo.  Jo-. Colling, Krio.  Hector'M-Kinnon, Ymir.  J. R. Reed. Ymir.  James .1. Godfrey, Sandon,  White Pique from 15c to 40c  Blue at]d Brown Duck from 18c up  Ladies' Vests from 10c to $2  Farasols from 75c to $5  Organdie Muslims from 12 l-2c to 35c  Ladies' Wrappers from 1.25 to 3.50  Ladies' Underskirts from, 1.25 to 3.50  Blouses from, 50c to $6  ffl.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl:  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  The Tremont Itoel  O'REILLY & CO.  iipLONE & TREG.LLUS  PROPRIETORS  P. Burns & Co.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospeetors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  and  ars  ALWAYS ON HANI)  TWJIOIiKSALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  J. A. Sa  HALL A>JD LAKE STREETS, NELSON  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Heated .with Hot Air aiid  Lighted by Electricity  CHARLES HILLYER.  ������KESIDKN-  MARRY HOUSTON,  SRCUKTARY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  J_II_Cla.^3ID.  MANUKACTOKKKS OK A>*D  DEALERS IN  If j'ou wailt a natty, stylish suitof'Clothes for  spriiiguiind .uThiii.i. I linxc over 500 dHrc_*  =____.entanal.t.eriistotScotelwan-lj.ngHshfc-tw_ce-i8)==^=_.  jvbi-h I Will iliako, to-Tour order at tho Jtiw        ��  6" rico.'bf  ...,.jf,,���:. .;.������ ���'..-. ... ���,.;,,."��.. ,.*'$2S  itic-c*Venetian- male, a" nice suit for sum-  .mcr��wear at,.,s,...,,...... ..,,....���........i.^?2i  ���Blaoksergfe.suit!. iri'sack orviiionung*-6at--821  A" heavy Scotch  tHvced,  hice. patterns for  business suit ., '., .818  TrodserS at egiially low prices. Fit and finish  no WotteriiiJ-aimda. Ladies' .finq tailoring a  specialty.   Clejiient block, Baker street. ���  %  e  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  wokk don*!': to okdki.,1  such as  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  WardrobjBs aiid  _|eneral Joinery Work  Large comfortable bedrooms and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  _=-___0?_-!S   $2   _?__!_-_   _D___**_T  Mrs. E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  JJ.  STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wii.ai:f.  Factory and office,.earner Hall street and C.P.R. track  NELSON   LICENSE   DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that tho lnideranent.ionod per  nous lmvcj made application under the provisions of tho  'Liquor Licenso Act, lfifliV" for hotel licences At the  pliiCos sofcOpposite to their respedtive naiiies-  Chcrbro &_ M_ari.iariiib.... at... Kuskonook  M. H. Gilliam....  at .'...Krio  Hoyor Si Lovoll At. Ymir  Paul I'-tzgomld.,, at .Siilnio  A meeting of the board of .license commissioners of the  Nelson license,'district will be held to consider such applications at the court house at tlie city of Nelson on  Thursday, the loth day of Juiio. 18!K), at tho hour of 11  o'clock in-be forenoon.  WW. H. B0LLOCK-WKBSTKR,  Provincial Police Ofiice,       Chief License Inspector.  Nelson, 11. C, June 1st, 1899.  Removal Notice.  Cholditch & Company beg to announce to the  at they havorcmovedtbeir headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson., where they will for the future be es^  John  trade that the,  have'rcmovei  an, where the  tablished.   Pending tho erection of suitablo warehouses  they have secured temporary quarters in tho warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company on Water street, where  " iy will bo pleased Lo receive *���'-"*- �������-��   lelson, B. C��� May I7th, 1899.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  KOR SALE OR HIRK  W. J. ASTL.EY & CO.  Boats built to order. Ropairing and fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf. Nelson.  A graduate cf: Toronto,  General Hoftpittil, does  all kinds of nursing,  massage, and treating  Silica street, opposite Knglish church.  AT  G.    Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ���    .    -   ^����I_iSAi_^^_^  . ���     'F-ffiSlfeliM  ' i . - '���;777^v,<^��/=.-"S*s^.J^/-A%��-;:,d, ".^��t��:ftf^  o ^   nt,   "^.  ^"  Baker-Strepiiif^  5 _,- *.. _?g^, r;���'fs.���-?is'4r,_-B' ^,. ��*-!!, *-*/- "\>lt. -.-Sf �� v"�� tf.^_���>* -=_ ���_^*^��-*-^^*��"* ^^-iP^rfW  ORDERS ;��Y;MAJ!(te-C#:\PYto ��� 5-, i-f'*'  D'n'��'''KV-j'o'-iji-'  0yy  >���**!..;_!_*.'  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  All communication%?i:elati_ing)'t6 !BHHisfiYColt'��!'Bia;�� .lausin^ss-idl/b- addlresse^^  { V\ ';������ ��� Fy so^e^M^Bh 'WkmSk ^""= '��$*&{'���'"" ft'*;*$M  RODEn\GKRQBER%JSON$&e^ r .....e... ��_^^i.i .*iK,"Y"&.: "  s Fov^tm,Elf���?^^J'm^m^"p     " ���" 'N:^^f_^.*P-^  "^.V   n"'j-S'  H- B-HVME^ Manager.  The finest hotel in tho interior.  ���^Large^s^ln_plOF^'OQniSi^Steam^heatel^nd^eleetric'li_htt&-  CORNER Oi-1 WARD A;ND VERNON STS., NELSON  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  A largo stock of first-class dry material on httiid, also  afiiH line of sash, doorsi mouldings, turii-d wbrk. otcs  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTy  Yard:   Foot of Hojjdryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo make a specialty of  Sfyiplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office a_d yard near C.P.R: depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  C0ATliiH_M_iR^7  CRESTOH, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  . i.he scalp  < All-sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and Hhippcd to Nelsoii in carload lots  Write for prices.  The only hotel'in Nelson that has remained under-one  riiuiiag-ment since 1890.  The bed-rooms aro w&ll furnished'add lighted by  electricity^  The dlhing-rodmis H6t second to any in Kootoiiay.  ^'he-bar is always stocked by tho best domestic iuul  imported! liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADliEN. Proprictorj  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nejson.  The S_o*i$'-4_F^  Of asrEX^^Oosr, b. a  b��_ffl.ntf^--?"l  iff..." .a I  Is fi'-W pr-pared to buy all classes of silver, .^cxidj gilver-lead, lead and-  copper oreis. The careful, attention given t,5 large cotitraefs1 will be extended  to.the, sm;alle_st_7ShippeCi F%omfit_.s.ett.l,et_ti.e^  ing guaranteed.  Address all communications to drawer 3, Nelson, By��.  GEORGE M. McpOWEEL, Manager.  O.  M. ROSENDALE, Purchasing _%enf  W. A  SMOKERS' HEADQUABTERS  Keeps a> i'till line of  ROYAL SEAL AltfD _^OG��f J3__ AY BELLE CJIGARS  And aJll ot-ien brands of the  -DPPTA rTTFCi   -'Spring Chickens, Fresl' Cream,  Orfi-lALllM.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoon... Overlings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be .obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can be reached by cither road or water.  WU_I._I._M ROBERTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  -_r:______-_, b;c.  Evcrything first-class  Glioico brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Itatos ?1.30 and $2 per day,  J. W. SMITH, Proprielxir.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTTER  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Krce bus meets all trains  Hourly street oar to station  Revelstoke, B.C.  NOTICE.  All parties having accounts against the lafo.Wullor S.  Ash pi I el arc requested lo send the san in to I hc under-  signed, at once. ".JOHN I*.- I'OYVU.Y.  Nelson, 11. C. May 2(lth. ISM. -"_-..  AT I'ACTORY PRICKS  i|ar  tng  '33. O-  ALL   __"_:3i_*I.iS   0_T:  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  > _J_yaa_ciS^___��-e  ALL SIZES OF TENTS IN STOCK  liaker street, opposite postolllcc, Nelson.  _r_E3:EO. 3_^^_^z)BO!Csr  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHEB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lashting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bella, Telephones, Atmunclau��rs/ Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.O,  SATURDAY, JUNE M   ISJMJ.  it '.���  Purses an  Pocketbooks  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These arc the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries ofthe best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  CORNER RAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NEI.SON  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  SEE GILKER FOR  CrasF] ar]d Ot^er Hot Weather Suits  $5  and  up  NI.XT P.O.  Ciicket Chili Elects Officers.  A meeting ol' the Nelson cricket club  wus held l.sfc evening I'or the purpose of  organizing I'or tlie season. The election  ol' ol'licer.s resulted as follows: .1. Roderick Robertson, honorary president; \V. V.  Brougham, president; A. II. Buchanan,  (���range V. Holt, Hamilton (J. Neelands,  and A. R. Rowley, vice-presidents, The  following were appointed members of  the committee; C AI. Jirown, John lOHiot,  II. .1. ICvans, J. A. Alaerae and P. Criddle.  ���John I'Yascr the former secrelary-  tre.-isurer having notified the members  that lie could not continue to discharge  (.he duties of the dual ofiice, Fred Klliot  was appointed in   liis -.stead.  The membership fee of the club was  fixed at �����'*> per annum. J'ractiee will  commence at once and all interested in  the game will be welcomed on the recreation grounds, and the secretary will  be pleased to receive their applications  for membership. There were some thirty  members in the club last season and the  treasurer's statement shows a balance on  the right side. The chances are good for  a match game during the Dominion Day  celebration either with Rossland or some  other team.  Lady Maccabees are Hived.  Nelson hive of the Ladies of the Alac-  cahees held a meeting yesterday afternoon in the Knights of Pythias hall,  when the following officers were elected  and were installed by Airs. Troup, grand  organizer for British Columbia: Airs. A.  AV. Purely, past lady commander; Airs.  Dr. Armstrong, lady commander; Airs. J.  Ritchie, record keeper; Airs. W. McDonald, treasurer; Miss Tipping, lieutenant  commander ; Airs. A. E. Clarke, chaplain ;  "Aliss Gertrude Alaltby, sergeant; Miss L.  Hatch, mistress-at-arms; Airs. Oakes,  sentinel; Airs. C. E. Chase, picket. The  hive starts with a good membership and  and with a number of applications for  membership. The charter will be left  open for a fe.w days, and ladies desirous  .of becoming charter members should  send their names to the record keeper.  The members of the hive met .last night  at the residence of Mrs. Armstrong, and  spent a pleasant social evening. Airs.  iTroup leaves today on a visit, to'-the  .lives at Trail and Rossland and will return to Nelson next week.  through the customs within  the last two  days, which were valued at $1310.  The Midi Alines made another shipment  of lead-silver bullion yesterday. There  was something over twenty tons in the  shipment, wliich was valued at $'i3'*>."i,  Frank Simpson yesterday completed  the purchase of the interest of his partner, I'Yank .). Donley, in the Cirand Central Hotel iind the grocery business of  Simpson _c Donley. The purchase price  for the half interest was $12,(500 cash.  Jeremie Robillard writes Till-: Tmiu'Nl.  from Crawford's Ray, under date of June  1st, that there is deep snow in the inmiii-  .tains back of the bay. At the Humboldt  and Silver Hill mines the snow is still live  feet deep. Rack horses can only lie got  as far as Hooker creek, six miles from  Crawford Ray.  Yesterday was the hottest day of the  season, the thermometer registering SI  degrees iu the shade.  Henry Avery, a twelve-year-old-school-  boy, had the bridge of his nose broken  while playing lacrosse in the schoolyard  yesterday afternoon.  c_>  oo  o  CO  CO  ���1  cct  ���a:  .���  CO  00  IPCS  oo  m  C3  CO  CD  CO  CO  G_>  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  lardware  K��I  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  n    i      n mi m     i   ///    WOODEN  Canton Brill Steek^ material  *-v  y&mzw\&zi  ��^-__��$23--_-fi3____^$^  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  *![5tff7" .  Remember the Name  N  EMPORIUM  It will bo to -your 'advantage to see okf* Ikvge*.  and complete stock .of Boots and SjiQQS'.Y y$e;  c.u'ry the following lines: J. it. T. 'BelljYsJ?  J"). King- &, Co., North Star Shoe Co.;. iPpops,  Schulfcz it Co., Stratford Shoe" Co., Ai*n"ess=���  den & Co., and other leading milkers.-  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2fi AMD 28 WEST B AiCKU STREET, NELSON \ "  and  When Advertised  At  "Auction Prices"  should be left alone.     Ah  aiiptiOM  pric. means the  highest price which the  =*====^nircl*faJser=ca;n=be=iifdii!ce^^  NELSON";  The Nelson junior base ball team  are  te;taJ^iug pi, Asspjug aMiallengpj^o .phty^lie  &$ffi��tl$$���;{:??���'':...   ..Y_-f';Y  ,.;'..:������   I  ;Hl%eJ^^py likelier Jist.���N:orih\m-t'yi&"';.  ���'the .-fake ;  (Doi'ife^ Bak. r sj-itl Ward '{"Streets.,  I F��of- SU'a'i\. jerries" find  o.tljor fruits fii seas,  f. . -yojif 'order*.   l^'oniE _ deli^eVy.  *       y "^k^lhy("op.d'2Icp 'Gvpdm  "    Zee CheaMSodd^and  "     __ll"^in"(f& .dl ^bft'-toinrikis  ���ISO..    I'jCftVC  &_2___L__ -mMi0FT:  THESE GOOD*5 we are  ���'     bound to sell wljile  they remain tHe patterixs  of the season. We prefer* to mark them down,  now, and let our regular  custortvers have the advantage of trie cut, rath;-  er flj.au have a slaughter  sale some months later  to make room for new  goods. tJur, display of  Rugs and Art Square-  is the finest ever seen  in Rooter-ay. Th,ey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  New Spring Designs  In Axh-insters of the best quality, with or without,  borders. British and Canadiiui Initlce...  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for di*aw'ing-rooms, diiiihg-rooins, hulls or  stairs, With or without borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  -Jijiou', art squili'es, Jjlpaiiesc squares and rugs,  ��inyrita and .T__iuuseh rugs.  ^Different Styles  Of. baby carriages and go-earts to select from.  Rattan eliairs and rockers.  Furnitj/re of all Kinds  Is advancing, and notice to this effect lias been  sent to the trade by all large ruauiffacturers.  Having a large stock on hand we will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  competitors. We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  Twenty good stonemasons, at  once.. Wages Five Dollars per  da}'* of nine hours to first-class men;  _D. McARTHUR & CO.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson.  FOR STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINK STIiKICT, NKLSON       .      ...  Ice Cream  (HAZLKWOOD)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT ST0R.E  Krosh Fruit rect-ivod (tally .     "  '  -Next iliior lo Nelson Winu Oo.  Teluplioim !H. ���_       JIUAlI'lIItfOYS'& J'lTTOCIC  Apply Nelson Saw and Planing  Mills, Limited, Nelsony, B. C.   .  SALE UNDER CHATTEL MORTGAGE.  Under and by virtue of llio iiowcrs uoiituincd iir a .certain eli.iU-1 moi'tiKUge, bonrhig dnlo tliu^olli of Kebriiiiry,  I8l)!l, and duly registered "in the rcKistry Ollice ui the City  of Nelsoti, Hi Q., inado by Conrad i.ininierniaii, of tlie din-  trict of Kootenay, in the firovinco Of H7C, liUllviimii, in  favor Of -iamilton George Neelands, in the said diHtriot  of Kootenay, gentlemaii. To seenl:u ill. payment of four  lnihilred dollar-. (-5I.U) besides Uiteresi, and all costs and  expense**, and to n e tlired.u',1, I hax'e scl/.".r. and laken  tlie goods apd (.haUel- <ts speUtlled in said ulfattot niort-  Bauelexeoptliib'one. cow,),, viz;    ���I<iru.e'��rc6.wa(i5)i  One bjitl' (U.  Onp ltu.nl.er sliality about ,1,(1 by 11 feel.  One JiiKibef- .table about -il by \fi fedti.    .    j  One milk wrtgDli.  AU of w-hirli 1 tiliall expose for sale f-i'mifli-.ont thereof  lo cover above anmtint) by ptiblio it.iicl.ibii. if not pre-  viousiy sold by prlnuto sale, ou *\Vcdne.>iday, the ilb <lay  of June, A. D��� IStlll, at 2 o'clock in the uftoritoon, at the  city pound, situate in the City of Nelson, B. ii.  ''I'ei'ins Cash. VV. IMUIHINSON, Uailtll". ���  :Uated this 30th day of May, 1.99. ���  NOTICE.  In the County Court of .Kootenay  holflcn at Fort Steele. No. 1W of'1S!)9  In the matter of William 'jSerldoman, deceased,  V and  In the matter of the "Olllcial Administrator's Act."  Dated Kith day of May, 1801).  Upon reading theallltlavitsof Alex F, McKinnon and  James Ferguson Armstrong, it is ordered that James  Ferguson  Armstrong,  Official    Administrator for  tho  County of Kootenay, shall be administrator of all and  singular the goods, chattels and credits of William II rk-  leman, deceased, and that this order be published in two  consecutive weekly issues of the "Tribune," a newspaper  miblished at Nelson, in the county of Kootenay.  1 (Signed)   J. A. FORIK. J.  Creditors and other claimant- should file their ebiiins  with J. K. Armtrong, Ollieial Administrator, Fort Sleek-,  11. C, ]   NOTICE.  In tlie County Court of Kootenay  holden at Fort Steele. No. al of ISO,')  In the matter of Patrick O'Reilly, deeea-ed,  and  In tbe matter of the "Ollicial Atliuinistiator's Act."  Dated llith day of May. IK.!)  Upon reading ihe allicavits of Thomas De la Cour Des-  Urisay and James Fergu.son.Arm.st:rong, il; is ordered tliat  James Ferguson Armstrong. Ollicial Administrator for  the County of Kooteiiay,shall bcadministi-ulurof nil and  singular  the  goods,   cliatl."ls and   credits  or*   I'ulrirk  O'Koilly, deseased, and that this order bo published in  two consecutive weekly issues of the "Triimne, -a newspaper published at Nelson,' in tlio counly of Ivoot-.-nay.  (Signed)   .1. A*. FOKIN, J.   *  Creditors and other claimants should llle tlieir claims  Willi J. F. Armstrong.Ollicial Adniinistralor, Fori Sioele.  U..C.2 - '   .. -..-���''        ������''-_'���  It pays us to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive for excellence in  quality and price, always aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best goods at the smallest  fio-ures. On this basis we invite  your inspection of our lines.  The latest and neatest stock in  ;Sash Clasps, Belts in all patterns,  :glqus���e_ ����ets^ ��L!_.irt PinsJ(i SfiQjppiqg,  Ip-ili^n^^-- yyiy"'", '"'"v ����; ""." '���y,  '"9y�� -A"- spe��iM_y Vof "Dilxmc^d "4l_wfilry  Jiff).    D   ;     Q      D   D ���      '      lrJq     n l"l" -. 0   D   D - n ^ , " n �� "^ _ "     "   hT  ��0l.��all ��kiiiyCs ��anid ;tfesffl-p_-ion.^, ..' "  \ - We- "^aitt. :^__ii_-. wliteji. rlpai/aiiig;;  J @ o d ." '���-      ��     . ��� IP        " �� n " r '  and we : enlptey pnty ;--tpert watch-  makers,    Send yotir"\^i'tche_ as #e  Ydan .saveyffiBu   money on   your rp-  W'di-kvv.1' ��       ���    ' " ���"'."' ��  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening" the weary can find rest  by reposing" in one of our  HAMMOCKS  JIGIB fiPIR, T. e Jswel-r  IIUSLVK?- ANl>.iESIUKNTIAL  PH8i-__-tT'_  30 by 120, Bakci" slr-_t��� between .Tosepjiitio and  ;   W'JircI streets.....".. ,.,���.... ... ,...��SS0...Q  pOby 120; Baker street, between J:osepliinuand'Ila'll  * streets'....". ._..,,."..., ,....: "1500'  oOby ]20;,,Ba:k,er',strreet���bGt\Veen J.Os.op!i'iJie,ii.udIIaU  streets, corner, ,..- .'�� ,. , ,   30 by 120. East .Hakor Street......... r,.'. ..,,..,,.., .,.   ,800,  25 by 120 with iinurbvronibiits, south side "ot VOrnon  ���*.street.,.,:,...:, ,, .......,���.,..,:.:...,. ,.,,. 5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street..........;. ,.     CQQ0  2 lots and large house, beautifully furnished (Snap).. .(OOO  2Alots withicottageroiited at ��15fi .r month; Victoi-ia  street.i!L.-... LL._1���,_^1��1J..���. ._._!4=.���__....^.,t���.,.__... .-JlaOO,  ^riotTwifclrcottagc'rontodTat. ��1u"per hiofitli, vibf.oria  street' ,. y..,. ,   2500  21ots withcottag-eroiitodat 520" per month, f titnley  street ...' ',  H000'  Glots in blockI-.ID, all cleared aiid fenced in. ......... 2500  NELSON, B.C.  HARDWARE CH  AU -'ovei-s of a, good" .cup ,'$��� ���ttk2.$i3tv. ft. ,chajice.oFa"ilfel!il.i^ _by7_allim"^!st  at once _tt Knd.;p'atf.i;el< &, Wilsbn's - and- i_T.<^iid_W^  ; of 5 .o'dpek Cpyfeii"._i:e^, .y"hieli-,fe Jt ^stehdaTd- 5^^iit^i;fn^a%��� tcSv^-ifl  in Kootenay,    IF av��  don't suit  yo_i   jfee   will ; eheei?f-il:ly j-jetufii" yQur* ��  money.    Bwt -yv�� guarantee vve carj   pfeas& y0ii:as we j^aye" thhky 4^" :  ei-ent blends to ��c!hodse froni,    Call ftnd see us.    E^eiytoig* n%_Ycl-iss.*  Don't forget we are the leading  house and cany _ be largest sjiock. fir"  Nelson of Gi^ceries,  Ci^Oclveiy,  e.c.   We Want yonr tradei  .  noo  0-Tooii) house alid 10 lols.set; 6ui in orchard  ....  2 lots and imj>rovenif-nl;s, 52 head of Ooivs, 2 lioi's-es,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and nveryj|���ilu{_ In Coiif  Ueetion witb Hurry's milk ranoh       flilflO  For gcileral inforinatioiron real estate aiid for ftirtliei-  particulars ou above proijorty applj' to  wab5bbqs.  Heal IC-tate and General Agents, liajter St., Nolson  Telephone 10-   P. O, Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Our first kiln Of briek will ho ready foi' deli very about  the .lsi, of June.   Call At .mr.Gfllce.lW prices.  During the month of June we will deliver lime in  quantities of twenty nicks !nml. over at.  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co,, Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. &. PROOTOR, Vanager  _r H Jj H �� Q    S. n _ n   __      __T   H  1        11 H 111      li#4   I   I  Wondefpul!   Yes;  H.. ceil IK buys a .'i-pomut box1 of  Fatersoii's Gveam Sodas  FIlKSII l-RO-l k4,t:'POI{V  This is the .Tculest wjip over oH'orud in the line of biscuits  Tho Irflx is worth this amofiiit alone I'o- your pantry  CALL ANl> SKE Til I'M  M. DesBpisay & Co.  Why buycloilies from an inferior tailor, when  the same amount of money will buy a stylish  cut, well trimmed and noatly made suit at  SUITS $25        J. R. WRAY'S  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor.  Satisfaction guaranteed  Vienna Restaurant  Uakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson.  MKALS AT Ah], 1IOUKS, DAY OK NIGHT  UAKKHY IN'CONNKflTION*  FAMILY AM) PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITl'I HKliP KMPLOYKD *  k.    :___���*__ rEm-ZT,    apjRO-?_=_i_-i toe  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  Direct, from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and  half gallons.  Another carload of Lake ofthe Woods received today.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  linker Street West, Nelson, ii. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have1 just received a consignment of Harris home  made .tweeds froiii Talbot. Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The mipply is limited, so call early and nxuniine this stoek.


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