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 SHIFTING THE RESPONSIBILITY  FOR   THOSE   SPECIALS.  THK Tkihi'NK publishes below :l letter  from the solieitors of the Ymir Gold  Mines, Limited, containing an alleged  .statement of the facts connected with  the appointment of special constables by  the manager of the Ymir company. The  letter i.s, in brief, as misleading as any  statement conhl be. The first material  statement contained in it misrepresents  the position of the deputy attorney general. When shown the letter by Tiik  Thiiu'NI-: he admitted that he did not like  it. Mis statement of the case is that he  was informed that souk; men who were  willing to continue at work at the Ymir  mine were being intimidated from doing  so, and that the property of the company  was threatened with damage. Me was  also of the- opinion that constable  Forrester, who i.s stationed at  Ymir, was absent from his post  attending the assize court at Nelson,  and that therefore there was no police  oilicer at Ymir. Accepting the story of  the Ymir company that its property was  in jeopardy, that the company's workmen were threatened "with iutimidation,  and being under the misapprehension  that there was no police officer at Ymir,  he consented to allow the company to  swear in six special constables.  The statement, that the government  was in the first instance to pity the wages  of the specials, is misleading. The deputy  attorney-general states that it i.s the duty  of the government to protect property,,  aiid that it is prepared to do so; but that  it is only when the regular police is insufficient to cope Avith disorder that the  governmentappoints specials,and only in  such instances Avould the government pay  for the specials' services.  The statement that in most instances  the specials were selected by peace officers  of tho crown'is also, misleading. The only  color of truth in it is that the men  selected by the Ymir company's manager  were to be subject to rejection by the  resident chief constable at Nelson.  With respect to the sending of the  specials 'without arms, this was astipulation made by the deputy attorney-general, who took the view that the specials  were merely Avatchmeu for the company's  property.  The statement that captain Forrester  was to accompany tlie specials from Nelson is untrue. There is no such man on  the provincial police force. There was a  constable    Forrester,   of   Brooklyn,    in  Oi.  >>]  lsl"A-  SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE +,   I SOO.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  Tlie government lirst were to pay t.lin wages of the  specials, but as the company were anxious lo avoid tho  slightest delay, they undertook not only to fiii-nNIi Hie  pay, but also incurred the furl her cost of eharterintc a  special train lo convoy the men to Ymir, without any  expense to tho country.  A word as lo the specials themselves. Tliey were in  most instilnees selected by peae ��� ollicers of the crown  and sent without arms, r.uptiiiii Ken-ester was lo uccoin-  pany th in from Nelson hut when it was found that tho  brother si a' i-uied at lirooklyii. was in attendance at Ihe  assin-s, they were sent to report lo the local olllcer al,  Ymir. who also received his iustriir.Lio s from the crown  olllcer-.  This eoinpanv has introduced very la-^e amounts of  cipital into this country and has also spent in actual development work about, two hundred thousand dollars ou  tlieir Ymir property, with as yet a trilling re1 urn; no  dividend having been declared on I heir stock.  Since writing the fore_oin_, we havelearnt that four  Co.ur d'Aloners have been driven out of our eily by Ihe  olllcials and ano' her is now under arrest.   Yours elc,  ELLIOT & LK.VNIK.  Solicitors for Ymir Cold Mines, Ltd.  ��lo. report.!-���  5ay|ii|^|r��iii. ?|'ei'.fiff' tlie" "letWtroni the:  . "i^-citoVa of -'the YiixhycPuTipany ^eklk'  :l%jAth"��fhe2e%peudxWrh$ye�� i'h.(  ' *d^GTdpin'i.' 'Its* ppi'Ppprty,, Avhicli niiiy ��� Of  "(:ikayjp]pt .fye cpffpeti hnt] w$ficli ij,i..<Ui5r���  ��_ 6veiY&^ .th^./quesJ/ibn" of :  J ]*_ lleY fw|sVl6|#��j(|t! ��� t1\el';s5ini5ahK's> piiij^t. jg'e-  "'-ftiV^J^ fpr -a  ����''diWt*jb-t���'iK.\v-JjibIt-Sfl-iO' i'^Pi&l^ police oM-  ^^i_i��!^p(i5l'��t6c^^.������ev_l���yQlftlg, quiet, With rto  :- pi'Mpeet of .disorder of any kind.     -  W4tlV?'e;sp(_i_t .to. tlisevl-^itlity of the np-  .iJoibtmlintofYtlie; sp-cni ls,���the deputy at-  tbriA^JT geuel'lil wak not"prepkfed to give  an pphdon, "but hp ��ta;fcetl that if-liea;p"-  �� pQiiitnieH.�� _Y��_*e7in.td_" uiider*the:pr:ovAu-  feial statute, halting been Made in Nelson,  they won id i/ecpiire "t -avo justices of the  peace, and Hot oiie. a_ Titii T^ii-HiVE has  been informed WaSi the1 case, ji', however,  the appointments Avere made under the  criiniual Code, it Might be that Harold  HE>ol_Jt1sT^ifflfT5tl^^  peace would be sufficient. This is it point  which might be, looked up by the local  police authorities in order to prevent the  million.; of Mining companies from masquerading as special constables Avium they  are not regularly appointed.  As to the \visdom Q- the justice, Or justices of the peace, Avhichever it may be,  ill appointing special constables after the  resident government agent, ami a resident stipendiary magistrate, had virtu-'  ally refused to make Suck appointments,*  the question may Avell be left to "A Nelson Business IVIah" Avho rushes to the defence of 1 lardld Scions, but Avho, either  from direct interest in the Matter or cowardice, neglects to sign liis name.  The ��� letter of the Ymir Company's solicitor is appended:  NKLSON. June 3rd, l-9il.  To the KditOr of the Nelsou Tribune,  Sir: Having read the recent articles in Tii_.TkIii.unk  and the "Ymir correspondent's hews" anent tho late  action, of the Ymir Gold Mines, Limited, and having received the sanction of the company to make public the  actual fucts in regard thereto, wc now address you :  On the first day of June instant, the general manager  of the company, Mr. Robertson, having received information from the -nine that a number of hands, who  had been prevailed upon to quit work, were wiling to  resume, but had been threatened and intimidated to  such an extent that a promise of protection was insufficient to induce them to continue, they requiring to have  such protection actually given first, consulted us as to  tho matter.  ICiiowing, as we all know, the state of affairs that has  existed for some timo at Wardner, Idaho, the late afl'air  afc the Athabasca mine, the announced policy of the government not only to enforce the law but permit all citizens to follow their business without hindrance or molestation, and afFord _uch protection as might be required,  not to remedy, but to prevent any damage to property or  interference with that personal liberty which is the  birthright of all British.subjects, we took advantage of  the presence of the law officer of the crown, the deputy  attorney-general,- and laid the ease before him, and it  was after full discussion" and careful consideration that  the plan of sending the special constables was adopted,  prevention being considered preferable to cure. ' Wc  have it on the best authority that no repetition of the  Wardner affair will be permitlcd here.  Germany May Oppose It.  Bi-ULi.v, .June 3.���The Hague peace conference     has    largely     occupied    public  attention   this   week.    The   papers have  freely  commented   on   its  doings.     Tlie  news that it had really taken up the subject of international arbitration came as  a great surprise  to  many.    The leading  papers at first refused to believe it.    The  Kreug Zeitung, often the reflector of the  A'iews   of   the  army  and   upper   circles,  acknowledged that sir Julian Pauncefote  had played a clever game on M. De Staal,  and declares that tlie idea of arbitration,  of such   a   sweeping   nature   as   Great  Britain proposed, Avas untenable and out  of   the   question    so    far   as   Germany  was   concerned,  as   it  Avould  open   the  door   to   constant   foreign   interference  in the internal affairs of the nation.   The  paper also doubts the correctness of the  version  making M.  De Staal accept the  British proposal, as it considers it ��� Avoidd  be  going  too  far beyond the czar's  instructions.    It also reminds Russia of he-  Polish and'Finland  proA'inces, and Great  Britain  of her  Irish  question, and  expresses the belief that  neither  power is  willing to accept in principle such courts  as  sir ' Julian. Pauncefote _ lias  outlined,  AA'hich  it  is  claimed   \vould reA'erse the  natural order of things.    This article has  attracted, much :a,tt��ntian and���it.���isV^e-=���  ^^&^i^h^^[^,^i^iiMw 0&$he1  ft),Vsvv.K"'4i.J?I'n. ri9,��_. ��.��� ,.���:����-������..i .-.f.pp^ys���_>���. y..., ,%��?  $2y KDreyW gets fi^^^k^^-f^ji  today ��qiiaSjted^thet*^^^^  ^Thifefe 0, do ti e. itfy'&iT^tli^^^  leyidfeifge^Afa.. ���"seduced? ill" .itlM'tl^'M^of^figtY  t-^s,:%ai"ing:tji;e7 ^^  reau "ahd? %:rit����eu. upoiib 'tlid'^lifnej ;khMn;o|;l  paper." * TJioge letters tlie court"sMclKv-ir^  djsicJOvered in the; house of ���Esitei*liiVay,;>|h^,��  A.-i'ithvg xliiplk xyhieh .experts dedlat^ecllto-  be'jeh^ s^ine   aS" that Yof  tlie borc]fereau|3  Thes^e-faeSts-Wert, tii:ukntovii-to-the']cpdrj&  utartial" ttiid tei _t| to   estabiisrt th^ in*nt)-  'eeii.ee of $_i'eyfiipt Th_7C'6nrt" qtiashedsaiid  anhiils the A-erdipt  of condemnation pt  l)eeein;ber, ISOI; a'&aihSt Alfred I3i^yfus  ;by rtlie lirst coiirtiiiai'tij-I of '-'khp: lillliWry  goA!*et*un\0n t' of: Pai'is,   and sends the accused before ii eoiirt niivi'tiial at Beiiiie^to  he 'Specially api-diuted   to   poiidiiet the  1 neAV trhvl. ��� ��� ���  W_.plesale Browning of Indians.  Laggan,   Alberta,   June   3.-���.Between  tAventy-iiVe and thirty Indians, incividing  men,, Avomexi and cliikireii, Avere drowned'  in the Lake, of the QIomIs, Qj?ar:the Q.B.R,..  Avfricl-   crosses   the   reserA'afibn.     They  Avere eolnilig  to  ttttend  a potlach,  aiid  were travelling   iii  boats rudely manufactured of Cariboo skins, Avhen the long  boats collided.    Both Avere rendered useless and the entire party -were lost.   A  third boat bearing skins of deer, hear,  mountain sheeps and goats, iind manned  by four IndiaiiSj readied the spot as tlie  last surviA*ors slipped  froni the capsized  boats and disappeared into the glaeier  'and fed'tlie" water  of  the   lake.    1-Onso  clovtds which were resting: over the surface of tlie lake were responsible for the  accident. __________    _  The Story of a Broken Pledge.  Victouia, June 3.���-A violent altercation betAveen ministers Martin and Cotton took place yesterday at a private interview betAveen the members of a Vancouver delegation and the executive respecting Deadinan's Island, and though  the delegation pledged themselves to secrecy as to the proceedings, a story of an  unseemly row has leaked out together  with other information. As one delegate  put it, Martin simply made rag of Cotton,  charging him Avith rank disloyalty to  Vancouver, of which Martin proclaimed  himself the champion. He freely revealed details of the proceeding of recent  cabinet meetings, and, it is said, virtually  gave Cotton the lie. Semlin seemed  greatly distrassed at Martin's violence  and repeatedly begged him to be more  temperate, but the attorney-general took  no notice of the premier's remonstrances.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  A Fire Destroys a Sawmill.  The mill of the Nelson Sawmill Company, in liquidation, situated two mile,s  up CottoiiAvood creek, Avas destroyed by  fire yesterday together Avith all the nia)-  chinery and fixtures. A fire was started  some distance away by some Chinamen  for the purpose of clearing land aud got  beyond tlieir control. There was a man  in charge of tlie mill, Avho tlid everything  possible to check the fire, but without,  success. .The loss is estimated at $4000',  of which $1000 is covered by insurance iii  the Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Coni.  pany. Hugh II. Cameron, liquidator]'  and W. N. Rolfe tried to get to the mill  yesterday afternoon, but could not get  Avithin three hundred yards of it. tf  NELSON.  The Ladies Aid of the Methodist church  Avill hold a reception and social at the  parsonage on Wednesday eA'euing next  from fiA-e to eight o'clock.  Fred J. Squire is endeaA-oring to find iv  purchaser for his ranch across the lake.   V  The  provincial   authorities should as-*  certain   Avhether    or    not   J.   Roderick-  Robertson's special constables  Avere duly  appointed.    If not the specials should be  notified at once that they are merely eiri^i;  ployees  of the Fmir company.    If duly  appointed     it    should     be   ascertained,  Avhether "the   alleged  emergency Avhicli.  occasioned   the   appointment    has   .not.  passed. T  The Manitoba Free Press lias receiA'edi  inquiries from parties in Spitalfields,*  Loudon, England, concerning the Avhere-  abouts of one Joseph Trattle Jones, who;  spent a few days in Winnipeg about a,  month ago, leaA'iug ostensibly for Nelson.:  Any information regarding the gentle-.  man may be sent to the Tremont House,;  this city, Avhere there is considerable,  English mail aAvaiting him.  The raihvay committee of the house of  commons has passed a bill giA'iug the  Bedlington <fc Nelson Railway Com pany  federal  incorporation,  and  allowing the  KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  $3.00 and $3.50 a Day.  Ymiii, .June 3.���Out of the twenty men  left at Y"mir who quitted the   Vmir mine  nearly all have assessment work of their  own to do in   various  parts.    It  is computed   that  the   Ymir  mine would have  hail to pay just under ��1   per  day more  under the $3.;.0 rate to keep the mill anil  mine iu full swing; and the British shareholders would much rather do this than  see the mine shut down and   no development work goingon, for these Britishers  do grasp after dividends, and  the Ymir  could   IniA-e. paid  one  this month   very  easily.       At   present   concentrates   are  being hauled down from the mill at the  rate of eighteen tons  per day, aud the  mill of forty stamps is in   full  operation,  as the mill hands do not come  under the  eight-hour  law.'   In the .'meantime   the  posse of special constables  are having a,  high old picnic and consider it grand fun  drawing  good  pay  from  the company,  first-class fare, anil  haAre nothing to do.  The  special  train  cost   the  Ymir  Gold  Mines, Limited, something in  the  neighborhood of $100.    Picture to oneself the  first general meeting of the shareholders  at  3, Laurence   Poutney   Hill,  Loudon,  E.C., Avhen the balance sheet is presented  and this item  is spotted by the " usual  one," who iiwariably searches after anything glaring.    Tell it not in Throgmor-  ton   street;    publish   it   not   in   Capel  Court:." our"  property  being  guarded  by  special  constables ; preposterous, under the British flag.    The result will be a  committee of. enquiry, and all on account  of a paltry ��1 per diem in the best mine  in British Columbia.  losses like sportsmen, it is the smallest  fry who, while Sloane succeeded, reaped  a harvest, that while losing cannot find  words enough to denounce him. Iii spite  ���if the cliimor of disgruntled losers,Sloane  maintains hopes of ultimate success this  season. Out of 103 mounts he has now  won 37, while Otto Madden lieads the  list with HO wins out of 200 mounts, and  Loates has 43 wins out of 201 mounts, so  Sloane has won 35 per cent out of his  races, and the best l_nglish jockey litis  only won 10 per- cent.  ^and^thcrfe'-iSffi J e_ xtfeofY SR,. ���; Return s; irpnl*.  |e^v^_!-g^  :M|'B&^^"^i_(Mes' 3v]ll'Y^ndu^te*3^  Anglican"Suervlqe_.j ��� ^IP-ltrja" Cdrd.iall^YJ,h-7(  ���;f itVA-o/attpttl 'Bkth.     fnijr Wifl; he MK  ��itti!f->r ������sei^^es' l-Qmori:o(w," as, "��h_r_' hfe  the  fi.-|uai; JVfOt'hb'di'sjt "and ;Presbyt'erl\tti  o.neSt   '���'_,,���     _    '._������. -.'-��"'.'   "  Y Tjie n\il\vt^ stali^uYplatforin "is- quite,  eOiispicftG'ife" $ry i^ifp'-"k&0i\ce^pf pive* of1 its  "lieit f _re:^iient"er-s^litii%"d^        liu-DAvltou,;,  Avho lias,"g,on<| t6?live at;: the oth_f' eii'c! of  "the7townvSi\d^x6,��'j)latif0rii\ iioA\j .kiipivs i  hiiii no more.  George t-iicl TJroiiias Purgolcl left for*'  Rossland via Nelson bj7 this .afternoon's  traiu. %>Tli<gy haA*e been u|i inspecting  properties on Wild Horse creek todtty:. In  conA'.ei'sation Avith a, TlimUN.E /'epreseuta-  tive, Thomas purgold, avIio is tin English  capitalist; expressed himself highly satisfied, with tlie present and future of this  camp. He will be back here again Avitbiii  the next ten da5rs, and upon his return, to  the British Metropolis will be able to  state from personaLinspectioiw\y_hat^thc  ].t    The Output of Rossland's Mines.  ,'��� RossivAND, June, 3.���Shipments of ore  from Rossland mines -for tlie past A\'eek  Avere : Le Roi 1920 tons, JVar. Eagle 1730,  Iron Mask 774, Center Star 185 ; total for  the Aveek, 3918 tons ; total for the year,  51,(37*7 tons. ''The Evening Star continues  to report a good shoAving of ore in the  Avorkings.    A  strike  has been niade  on  JJbeeyi.S- J'i''Cfe'on|l^hSline|,f���.'Chti)il^^^^  i-inautiis" enifiug^Mtty" .jLfjC.'.^li-�� Uh- ��h>&r  ^t-hrnsfi'o^i-Marclifl^to :Moy If5tli'-"-K.  *dt_$s^!fho:w#�� ^3i420;- A-ef.^k? ��� sjiip|jedj  "fyiekilng .1^.4-0�� oiificesVgolf'/ '2^";0Q��,pu2npes��  Ysil^er,n;��US:0S000;' I5t>,un4l^. "Ofi".',epp,per,";ipia,y  ���value' "-!|4lS,:000,;' &\:gv��vg�� -sliipWeiiii.' *%%iv"  .flay 3112,tons, woi--lr$^D0.   ,_|lib_e figures  VAA^illi^give an  idea ofYtiia AA-oi?k tliati. is'  ;��(^iiem_r��'''B!EEiug; doire>'��� The Britls!. Ain^i'iCtt  Corpgi'{)it.if)n are openijig e&te,ns_A.e Biacji-  ]ihjp ^ItQj.s.thiS' Aveejc, AVhiell Avill Ybe used1  both "for maiiirfactuT-ing supplies and re-  pairingV   The War Eagle plant Will-be in  full forfieVthilJ cdniiug week.-  -There i�� ilo  trouble, on the 7litlJor   queStiQii." in this  (?aiii.p, nor is there, likely to be,  Uitlanders Will Gain Something.  London, .June 3.���The Pall Mall Gazette  makes ti forecast  of the negotiations betAveen  president  Kruger  and  sir Alfred  Milner at  Blonifontaine.   Avhieh it bases  upon information obtained  from a high  official at Pretoria.    President Kruger, it  states, is prepared, Avith the concurrence  of the burgers, to reduce still further the  term of residence necessary for qualification  as  it   voter.    The   Uitlanders may  also    secure     a     compromise     on    the  education question,  Avhicli   will  giA*e an  improved municipality to Johannesburg,  and   grant to  the  Uitlanders a   fuller  measure of control OA'er the police.    Still  the  declaration   in   regard  to  the Cape  boys and natiA-es Avill hold good.    President   Kruger   can    impose  upon   'them  differential kvws Avhieh he says the London convention  gives him   tlie  right  to  do.    The question of the dynamite mon-  oply,   the'Gazette'says'-Avill   prove the  hardest  problem  to  settle   in  the  conference.  Another Home Coming to Pans.  London, June 3.���A representative of  the Associated Press secured a brief iu-  terA-ieAv with Emile Zola, Avho is uoav living in strict retirement near the Crystal  Palace, but avIk. proposes to return  to Paris early next Aveek. Zola aviis  naturally overjoyed at the outcome  of the Dreyfus reA'ision proceedings, and  in the course of the iifterA-iews said ��� " I  kneAA" the liglit was bound to break  through the mass of falsehood, calumny  and forgery, and.that Dreyfus'���;'��� would be  Ymir camp is like and Avlntt its minesitud  prospects are.  The local baseball teilin are practicing  hard, and Nelson wilt have to look to its  laurels at the forthcoming match,  KASLO.  John A. Cameron, conductor on tlie  Kaslo & Sloean j has returned from a lioli*  day trip to tlte east.  A large . munber of the locked-ou-fc  niinersare going into the Lardo district,  both to prospect anil do assessiueiit work.  There will be more prospectors out in the  hills this suninler than there has been for  some years past.  J. Mulhollapd and Wm. Fiske Ijave returned to Kaslo of ter spending the winter in Rossland.  The Porto. Rico Pays $3i50.  lell Tait lias secured the contract  for hauling supplies from tlte Porto: Rico  siding lip to the', mine and -oncenti-ttes  from the mine to the siding. He has  -beeiluo-\-ei'-to-Rosslaiid=buj^ing4iorses,-ii,iid-  yesterday brought them hi by trail via  Saywai'd in Very fair condition, but he  reports tlie trail as not being in a very  good state. The Porto Rico commenced  operations yesterday with men under the  $3.1.0 pay for th"e eight-hour shift. Everything Will be in.full sAving in a few days,  as the mill is expected to' commence1  emsliing on the 7th. A few good inachine  moil and miners'are wanted.  ^ili-ribli'SS'adfer^Jib^^^ilJidV^P  " j'eiittinjjYtq. tlie; ;'|ti;-i5i.n,geii|ent :'o|"!ifc"i,,|it)dijs��"  fi^eftdT^p^tA'^r^Vui,^  oil tfeVA:h|^-^lio|;o'e-7tl_virfng^lic-;.pfcefe!#ii"-feY  seasoni_$ieiisibl " H is ^^cieVfitQ-.^XHu'e'*!  the pegpiipiiionsi- "Of' the ��'te{'i$s of'..efitld-v'  iiTCnt of the"- Avhote bouhdai'y qiiCstioiS"  wliCh^Sir": Jv-Jiajn'. l?itiiii:cefc*)t_, i'eti"irns t%���  VVasliin;gtisir%',_in  Tlitj IliiMKY'Tli-fC'IS'-  eA'prJ* reaSoir. to believe tliea.tt.eiupt.tff Seen re aniodiis, A-iveildi AAnll succeed, Ijvit  Avhattlie,ha$e aviII bp cannot,be disclosed  at this time.  Diplomatic Relations E-Sjimed.  \VASii.>.T&foN, June 3.���Diplomatic re^  hi tions Avith 'S'lJain, wliich were broken off  on April_ 2:1 St,  1&98, were foruially r.e-.  THE LAW AND THE LAW COURTS  Pasto Sentenced to Hang:  The trial of the Italian Pasto, charged  Avith the murder of a man named Ryan,  at Cranbrook, on the night of March  27th, Avas concluded at S".30 o'clock last  evening. Justice Drake in charging the  jury at 5 o'clock was clearly against the  prisoner. The jurors, retired tit 5.45 and  remained out one hour and three quarters. They returned with a verdict of  guilty. The prisoner was then ordered  to stand up, aud through the interpreter,  Alex. I.u/.zetto, wa.s'asked if he had anything to say why the sentence of tin.  court should not be passed upon hint. He  then commenced a recital of the events  which marked the night of the murder.  He began by saying that he Avas not  guilty; that some men, probably those  with whom he had the row, followed him  home. He was proceeding 'with his nar-  ratiA'e Avhen his solicitor^ John Costigan,  Q.C:, interrupted him. He said that in  vieAV of the fact that he would apply for  a case reserA-ed upon the question of  the adinissability of the evidence bearing  upon the prisoner's alleged confession,  iind also upon the court's instructions to  the jurors as to the law of homicide, he  avou Id itd vise-his client to make no further statement.  Justice Drake then proceeded through  the interpreter to pass the death sentence. He said: The jury, after a long  anil careful'trial,' have found you guilty,  of the murder of Ryan, and it is a verdict  AA'hich I do not disagree with. . 1'have ���'."*.  iioav only one duty to perform, and that  is to pass the sentence that thelaw.'pre'vV  Scribes for the crime of* murder, and before doing so I entreat you to look for  pardon from One 'who is a greater judge  than anyone on earth. The sentence of  the court is that you he taken from hence  to the place from which you came, and to  be taken from there and hanged by the  neck until you are dead; and may God  haA'e mercy oil your soul. The execution  will take place on Thursday ^August 10th.  Times Are Changing.  Hamilton Herald. .,  In   the Stittes,  Canada is  being called  "the spoiled child of the British empire."  We don't knoAV about  that,  bufcwe  do   7  know that Canada  has in the past been*  the  despoiled, child   of the empire,  and Y?  that she has been despoiled by AmericanY  :  diplomats   and    governments  with .theVY  knoAvledge and consent of British states-Y V  men.    But that time has passed, neyerTtoYY  !#n-'-ife^^  The Town of Republic Burned.  Rossland, June 3.���The toAvn of Republic is burned to the ground. Only  four houses in the.business portion left  standing. . No Avater and no insurance.  Several, residents of Iiossland "., heavy  losers.. .'    . ��� Y '       . .'      .'-..'.'-.'.'���     .  ** ��� *  SLOCAN   CITY.  A deal has been made on the Maryland  iind Marmion claims, near here. The first  payment of one thousand dollars was  made to J. McKinnon yesterday. R.  Randolph Bruce of Nelson Avas tlie purchase-*.  George Hickman, Avho has beeu engaged  in mining here for the past few months.,  left this morning for a trip to Oregon.  J, D. Reed and J. Skinner commenced  Avoi'k on the Magnet yesterday.  AINSWORTH.  A. A. McKinnon has uncoA*ered a three-  foot body of solid ore on the old Sheriff  claim, AA'hich Avas formerly owned by ft  company in which AV. P. Robinson of Nelson avus interested. The property, which  is situated across Cedar creek from.the  cemetery, av.-is alloAved to ritn. out some  time ago and re-located by McKinnon.  The strike was. made on Thursday,'and  although ho assays have yet been niade  the ore has every appearance of shipping  'ore. .-��� ���        '-���--.-"  Are Italians to be Employed?  A report comes direct from Eagle creek,  which is six miles southwest of Nelson,,  that the nianiigenieht of tlie Duni.ln  Mines are employing Italians ;, that eight  arrived at one of the company's board lug  houses yesterday, and that they were to  go to AA-oi'k oii Monday.  The Noonday Mine Pays $3.50.  Sii.,vkrton, Julie 3.���The force tit the  Noonday has been increased, and more  will be put on as room can be ..made for  them. The rate of Avages paid is $3.50  for eight-hour sli if ts.  The Arlington Pays $3.50.  Slocan City, June 3.-^-The force at the  Arlington mine has been increased. The  rate of Avages paid is $3.50 it day for  eight hours' work.  The Vancouver Group Pays $3.50.  Sir,vi_RTO>., 3une 3.���At the Vancouver  group Avork is progressing as usual, and  a full force is employed at $3.50 for eight-  hour shifts.  ,,_ Sloane!s. Followers Desert Him.  London, June '(%'-��� :Thq.,_fickleness. ..of  popularity is beginning to' (lemonstrjite  itself in the case- of Tod Sloane; whose  recent failures have Avrecked many of his  supporters. . His big backers, like -Riley,  Grannan   and   the    Dwvers   take   their  siiineil ti;t~rl3'i-1^4^tb71ay, avIieu pI'esiden t  Melvinley greeted Due D1 " Arcos, tlie  newly accredited minister to the United  States, in the blue parlor of the AVhite  House. Simultaneously in Madrid, if the  programme arranged was carried out,  Bellamy Storcr, the new United, Stittes  Minister to .Spain, avu,s being presented to  Christina, the queen regent.  Cabinet Minister Pefeated.  "'��� St. J chins, Newfoundland, June 3.���In  tlte bye-elcetiou held in, I'lacenthi district Mr. MeGiiath. a meiiiher of the i)p])o-  sition, defeated \V. .1. S. Donnelly, minister of finance and ciistoius by 225 votes.  This will involve a re-ai'rangcment of  the cabinet offices, Moi-ine taking tlie  finance portfolio instead of the fisheries,  which' he now holds.  Will Bonus Merchant Marine.  'Wash ingtox, June 3.���Chairman  Pa.yne, of the ways and means com mittee, in itn interview today expressed the  opinion that the next congress would pass  a bill for the encouragement of the merchant marine by granting subsidies. He  also expressed the opinion that a currency  bill would be passed.  Baseball Yesterday.   .  New York 2, LouisA-ille 5.  Pittsburg 15, Philadelphia 3.  Baltimore 5, Chicago 14.  CleA'eland 13, Brooklyn 4.  AVashington II, St. Louis 2.  Boston 8, Cincinnati 2.  Rivers Steadily Elsing.  Lii'JiOOKT, June 3.���Tins Fraser river is  rising 'gradually."-The.'weather is warm,  and .windy. . At Quesnelle the'Thompson  river rosea foot in;the last twenty-four  hours. The Aveather is AA'ariu but still  cloudy.  TOifiue.cti.tlie representatives ^ot^tlie-in'esS - ,ft -f JY ��l  " rin "n ���   % l_.ll'1_      nLD0       "nDD ^ ����ndDll[_lj,^11P4^_rfr[_.ffl *��� n . J R]- �� _fcfl r    *'    -" I  #hitt ^fternooto tli|p.'tlieyf i^d^ii^ n^.f0i|n.ui*^_ f^^ J|v|  t'ion to give .to'.tileip^essv. ; �� iS^%^"''''J  _,_..."". Y:,. - ;v���y:_^:'"s���j^. ���..:-. ^y-Siyy}  - Dawson s'.City^1-* Pinances-.*" %v v����� ���* yy y ��� s .  'WteN'ifl-Ci,/ fpne:y 3j^fa^h;^i*%|l:s.s^^  wri'tiiifeYfi'0i'nvD{lAv-soh,.,fiv6S";7'tlin' i;e>?ltt_i-.-*fC".'  fof. six n^oritJss^tC:^^'"::it^i��.^_^m|:^  eluding' '$'i_.Q��>-. ������fih>s..*|^*i^BI^*^|?��H  fees, .$40*000' for  lf__ttQi*. J&Ci'iSes^.t^oXtfrlf^  thirty    In   pum'ber*;.    ;|3O0    fbr   ^vti^?fc<��  ti'aneei'S,    $25jQ06   'for   licjuor*   :periu;ints,j*Y(_  The expendit-ire  was :��!i&$Qd, iffClj.i-li.igY, y  $..1,000 for  ti-qafaueiit  of  the incligeitt;" y  ^iel-7=lrospitaiIsr"biHiigitfg^ic  creeks, etc.   $400 for  ,'idministriitibn   of  justice, $150  for  'burial,- Jil&OOO   on account of <"t fire engine and appar-itusv the  iKilaiice,  $T5,i.)0O!, fox ndministratioit   of  justice.  The Report Further .Confinn'ed.  I.ONUON-, JVIno 3_,-��-Jr__1li_ A.-?so,e,i-ated -Press.  is able to conliriu, the report that those  who have been -.vorkiiltivin favor of 3lr_s.  Florence :Maybrick,wil,l not be ���surprised,  at her release at any moment, now that'  I;nitell States a-Mbassndoj' ClioatC_ lias  had two interviews &u the subject with  the niarquis of Salisbury, at vvliii'li his  strong representation of tlie Ainericau  vii-Av of thenratter met with a most pro-  Uiising rei.'eption.  The Falke's Commander Honored,  Bi'KUN, June ti.���Coniniander Schoeh-  fekler, of the Gerinan Avarship Fitlke,  Avhieh Was at Samoa during tlie recent  trouble there, has been decorated Avitli  the order of the red eagle; of the third  class, with the ribbon ami crown.  Kitchener's Bonus Brought Down.  London, June 3.���-Tn the house of commons today the government leader, J. A.  Balfour, presented a message from the  queen recommending a grant of ��10,000  to major-general lord Kitchener of Khartoum, the sirdar of the  Egyptian  army.  Match Resulted in a Draw.  London, June 5.���After AH-1-iighii.id  had scored 155 runs in the second innings*  for seven wickets doAvn, the match be-  tweeii All-England and Australia was declared drawn.  Tennis Champion Defeated.  London, June _.���In the amateur tennis  chanipiouship contest at the Queen's club  today, H. E. Miles beat sir Edward Grey,  the holder of tho championship. THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON,  B.C., .SUNDAY? JUNE 4,   1891).     ���....           ���-  We  are  show in  o-   ��-  1    VCI  y  large  assortme  nt  of  parase  Is rang-ino- in  price  from  50  ec  n ts  to  $7-  50-  Cal  iu  and  see  them.  Oui  ? White  Duel.  ancl  Linen  Suits  are  s  oino-  0  "ast.  A  full  1  ine of  Men  s  Linen  Hats.  Just  the  th  ing-  for  hot  weather  r,  A  ____  I  C  F  -r ��  --j*  8      ^  A  4  />  u  ) c  *  a  0.  Kliol  I'loclc, l'��iker Struct, Nolson  Oiarden Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  Co  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS   OK   I'VTIllAK���Nelson    Lodge   No.   ai,  Knight- of I1} thias, inccl . in 1. O. O. F. Unll.roriier  linker ami Kootenay -tieets, evciy Tne-ii.-iy i-wnini* ill  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invitnl lo ain ml.  <;. FllI.XCH. C. C. 0. ItOSS. K'.of It. K S.  A NKLSON 1.01'GK. NO.'.'H, A. K. & A.M. Al i fib  df%,r -crond U'cdnu-da} in i-.t.cli riin.illi.--/>a.iiiin'i-B  )\z?     brethren invitpd..  A.  PKOFESSIONAL   CARDS.  II.   llOl.niCH���Vimljl.cal '*ln-i!iist mill A.���ocr.  Victoria sln-t>t. NeNon.  EWAKT & CA HltlK���Arohilceis.   Room-, 7 anil _ Aberdeen block, Baker -Iroet. Nel-on.    H.  CANK���Architect .Mid  artist,  next floor to Nelson niii-an*.  Urok.iitiill   Block,  s  FOR   SALE.  AVKNCKl. outfit and business for--ale. Tho business timoiiiit!* to between S_-() to s_<_0 a month. For  further paiticulnrs apply to John Croft, or lo The Tri-  Imi o olHce. __________  FOlt PAl.K���A magnificent Impcri.ile edition de Luxe  Kiilpatli'h History of Univi-i-j-al Literature, _>."> vol -  lime., morocco. Cash or Installments. F. AV. I'd til,  room 3, Turner-Boec khjjlqck.   FOR   RENT."  TAVO six-room collages on Latimer streei, half block  west of Stanley stieet.   $20 a month each.   I'os-o^s-  ion June 1st.   Apply to Alfred Bunker, or Tribune olllce.  .'.''    HELP WANTED.  WANTKIl���A K"'I to work in tent factory.   Apply lo  Theo. Madson, Nelson, li. C.  aiid (-iipit:ilisth "will tinnblo over oiic-li  oilier to ".ot ti (.luiiico tit it. I.s it not  just ti ti-illo absurd to .say that a mine  stocked for a million dollars, and tlie  stock selling at par, will be worthless because the working expenses have been  i ncreased $7200 a year, or Jess than three-  quarters of one per cent? A niillion-  dollai- diA-idend-paying mine should, pay  12 per cent, or $10,000 a month; but if  its Avorking oxu-.ii._e_. are increased $7200  a year without any offsetting advantages, then the'dividend would be reduced  to $9100 a month, or 11.28 per cent a  yeav. On tlie other hand, the $7200 a  year if it Avere all disbursed for Avages  Avould mean that forty men would draw  $105 ��i month instead ol' $90.  Daily Edition   WKKKIjV-KmTIO^..  ..  Fiiist Year, No 121)  . S_VK. th Ykai-, Na. 28'  - "'-   *-. iiUSlJI-D.-tll-X TO-   Y.AIIIt.  Sl-Ji-IAI. * CONSTAl-I.KS    ARK    SWOHX    IN,  Al{.AII_l).  ANI)' --1UKI.II.I)  VOHWAKO'  .  To'" t'ROTKCT'TliK  Y-.MIU   _IlJ.I,.  These*are the" startling headlines of." a  ���_  special ; dispatch  from  Xelson   that ap-  * pea red 'in tlie Spokane Chronicle on Friday afternoon.    Tims is a peaceable and  laAV-abiding section of Kootenay "blackened by a set of men avIio are trying to  mould public opinion.    They are trying  to make it appear to the Avorld that property is in danger and that life, is* not safe.  They are trying to make it appear that  theprovineial authorities are unable or iin-  . Avilling to inaiiitain order. They a re trying  to make.it'appear that had it not been for  " the iwonipt measures they took, the Yinir  mill..would  haA'e been destroyed.    Now,  in order to carry out their scheming to it  --siiC'ees.-iil-.undtt .ion���thcy"~slfcJuld_bloAV"  up their own  mill   Avith  dynamite  and  then place the blame on the anarchists  and thugs and agitators that havo been  peaceably working for a iiumlier of years  in the mines of Kootenav.  Tub editor or Tin. Ti.imwi. will contribute $25 towards either the public  library, or (ho general hospital, of the  bicycle path fund, if only the ..Miner Avill  pi-int the name of the "'Xelsoit Business Jlan " whose letter to its editor avus  printed on Saturday morning. Anonymous Avriters are usnaiy two-faced, always coAva rdly,and never ���truthful.  SETTLE   THE   DISPUTE,  A lockout and a deadlock! That in  brief is the position of miner and mine  owner. The latter made haste to say  "AVe Avill not." The miners -have said  "We cannot." It is a crisis tliat demands  dispassionate and cool consideration to  avoid results disastrous .to both parties.  "The initio owners have, contended iu  support of their action that they cannot  afford to pay men $3.50 for eight. Injurs  Avork. The miners are a unit, in "saying  that they can do as much Avork in, eight  hours as .they have in ten. As it is the  Avork the miner accomplishes that is* valuable to tho employer and not tho time  'spent in ics performance, the stand taken  by tjhe miner is clearly reasonable. Were  any extra demand inside on the pocket of  the operators, it Avould be then full time  for thorn to remonstrate. But the case is  reversed.* Practically the mine owners  are demanding "the-samo ten hours ���work*  which the ���miners- contend they can  accomplish in eight hours, for fifty cents  less per shift than they secured under the  old regime.  .    That   the   miner's   contention  of  his  ability, to  accomplish, the Avork  of the  THOMSON'S  XVK ARE MOT ADVEltTISING  ���FfSHING TACKLE  This  season, it   is   not  necessary, everybody  knows  that our  Stock is Larger  and Prices Lower  Than Other Dealers.  long hour.shift in the shorter one  is   no  idle   excuse   is   well   understood   by the  more     astute     mine      managers,     and  the fair-minded of them, we believe, Avill  have no objection in conceding the $-.50  for the short shift.    To those  avIio never  hammered steel and did'the other  arduous Avork of the  miner  it may  seem impossible to obtain such results, but a little consideration will show its feasibility.  To successfully cut rock a blow of certain  weight is necessary, according to the tenacity of its grain.    If   the' blow i.s just  tinder the breaking strain of the particles  of rock no   number of blows will accomplish anything.    The miner, therefore, is  obliged to work  at  high  pressure.    It is  on the strength and precision of his blow  that results depend. .   When  his strength  i.s so reserved   .-is   to  extend over a  long  period its expenditure pur minute or hour  is   that much   less  than if concentrated  into a shorter time.   It is a simple mathematical   calculation   whieh   holds   good  with   the  animate  as  A\*ell as the inanimate machine,    .lust now the advisability of cheapening the  price  of  board  is  under discussion.    If   this  i.s  done   the  mine  owners should  see to   it   that the  quality is not impaired.    If men tire well  nourished   they   naturally   must   work.  The  .surplus  energy   within   will   assert  itself,     making    the     performance     of  work   exhilarating  rather  than   a   task.  Heport litis said that .-nniny mine operators believed that  by  coercing the men  they may effect a repeal of this, to them,  so obnoxious  legislation.    Let  no one be  deceived!    The eight-hour  law is here to  stay, and   the   sooner   we   make up our  minds to that  condition   the sooner will  the issues tit  stake   be adjusted.    If the  miners can   perforin   ten   hours' Avork in  eight, the mine owners are doing a great  injustice in seeking to reduce the scale of  wages.    That the  miners can do as they  say  has   been   amply   demonstrated  in  Iiossland, all reports to the contrary notwithstanding.  To avoid any ombittcrment, it is better  thtit both parties interested get together  as soon as possible and thresh out their  differences. .Reprisals arc ahvays undesirable, and it Avould be most deplorable  if such things Avere Avere resorted to. As  the miners Avould doubtless ondeaA-or to  get redress  through  the  legislature, the  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ffl Men's Alpaca  m Men's Straw  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  ^ _____ . ._ . . _���   ffl Tliese goods are the proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes  ffl ;  ________  ffl "���'. ' ���     ���-   - ���  ffl  B  B  m  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Black and Brown, the newest  shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection.  ORASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  ouse Waists  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  ____> _.  B  B  B  B  B  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITSs  in white, fawn, green, and blue  The above are the goods you need now.   Come and see them, buy  them arid enjoy comfort during the warm weather  B  B  B  Fred Irvine & Co.  INCORPORATED 1670.,  1670 1837 1899  THREE IMPOIiTAJNT DATES  1670, Hudson's Bay Company incorporated.  1837 Our Gracious Queen, Victoria,  ascended the throne.  1899 May 24th, Ave all, prosperous,  happy and contented, unite in  celebrating her 80th birthday.  May you enjoy your holiday, your  picnic sandwiches, salads, pate de  foie gras, etc., and return on May  25th, belter satisfied than ever to  homemade bread.  BLOCK,   -B______EIK   SI-BEET.,   IST ___:_. SO-XT, '_B- O.  ^-^-*^5��.^s|_m-->,--��-  ���M  .inin<- operators might .us -avoII bear'in  mind that Svifch a popular gOA'crninent  the country i��" not run \solply i'or tlioir  benefit. .  E. J*. Eni-Aixi-U.  - New Denver, .Aiuo 2nd, JS9_. .    _  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  a'__!__.__!_?_a:o_srEi  ,35      '   *  -liirini. I lie, ycnx-ii wo will dc-  Fivei- ice at jM-i'vnfo residences"  mid luiPincPP houses daily in un}'  desired qtmnlily ai.- civ.onr.iblc  prices.  BEAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRSV DOOR WKST HANK 11. C. UVILDI'SO.  SUBSCRIBE FOR SHAR  Sportsmen   want  the  best   and  _ret it at  can  always  IT    Wds   predicted   that the   country  AA'oiild.go to smash,iti] because the Sunilin  f/ov_i-iinent passed it law* limiting the  mi.iibe-r of hours that men  could Avork  "uiKlergt'OttiK- in ��� the metalliferous mines  Of thepi'OA'uice.    The law���by the action  of the Mine Owners' Protective Association.���went into effect on June 1st instead  of Jujiie 12th, the date set for its enforcement, by  the  government.    Practically  the same predictions Avere made in 1890,  by .the.  same   men,   when   the   Turner  government decided to tax the output of  ' metalliferous   mines.     They   said   then  that capital was timid, and the action of  tlie Turner  government  AA'ould  scare  it  away from British Columbia-    They repeat the same -.story now.    But that story  is becoming**aV.trifle  stale,  aud 'wont''go-  through aiio-her campaign. Show capital  that there is__.ro/it in Avorking a inine,  Thomson Stationery Co., L"  OSTEiLSOISr,   B. C."  Memo:     You    will   if  "Hudson's   Bay   Patent  you   use  Flour"  's Bay Stores  West Dukcr Street.      Telephone 13.  Subscribe for shares in Pleasant-  Valley Mines, Limited, Cariboo.  Now is your chance, as only a  limited number aviII be placed on  sale here, and Avill soon be sold.  Apply to  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  _Ici-(!liiiiidisc I'.uilcd to nnd from depot*-: bus  meols all 1 rains and boal.s. Special all.etil.ion  Kiven t. ��� I lie Irans-fci- of liiipifrt^o. O'Hec 'ind  M.ible-; on Vernon -.trecl, opposite The Tribune.  arshaw  H. D. Ashcroft  .    BLACKSMITHING ..  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  . Wnpoii repairing promptly attcrded to by a first-claws  whuch\-rii-lil.  Special attention (_iv-n to all kinds of i-upaii ing and  cn.-.toin wofl; from oillhido poinl��.  Sljopr   Ha" Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson-_.  Lawr) Supplies  Influenced  Ry price alone in your drug: buying. Looking  well to (jiiality means satisfactory 1-Knits���means  -(.curiiiK tlie reined)' that, best f iillllls tho purpose  for whieh you intended it. Purity, quality, satis*-'  fitotioii, are first considered here, but; always a  price tliat makes tlie purchase an economical one  A price that menus foiiicthiilg; to you. One package of our  Celery  Herb  Tea  will make one quart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and i.s unequalled for all blood, liver,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is .  25 CENTS  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Li_E_-ia.:E_.D  Corner of Iiaker and Stanley Streei h. N -Kon  To come'in  our establishment  and  !o6k -around  We always have  the latest  styles in footwear  to show you  We  would like  to make  your acquaintance  and introduce  you to our  SHOES  ALEX STEWART  Turner & -loeckli blpck, Nelson, il. ('.  SNAPS  Wo have two bfc snaps- In real estate  Call and net particulars.  .Agents for Meilor's iJlate Glass and  i  iJIoyd's Mate Glass Insurance.�� .  J. L VANSTONE,      R. H.  Mines and Mining Stocks  Custom- Broker  REAL ESTATE A1.P OENKRAIYaCENTS !  m  _____^  JUDICIAL SALE.  I'liisiiiini tout judgment of the County Court of Kootenay, holden at Wc-Kon, cnterod on tlie 17th day of January, A. J). 1S!)!I. iu Ihe coiisoliduteil action of J. I''. Holden.  AVilli.nn li. IIiuKun, Christian Ull-eii, Wiiliauill. Wright,  and Willi.-iin 11. AN'arren, plaint ill-., ajfain.-t tlie JjriKht  I'rospci-th Gold Mining and Development Company. Ijim-  ilcd l.iabiliiv-, defendautB, bcinj; plaints No.-. 4(i4,'it8, Ilij/MS:  tli(i/i)_, Hi7,!l-. and l(��,ll_ there will be otlei-ed for sale by  public auction by S. !'. Tuck, Slu-rili'. nt tiic court liouse,  111 the city of _S,c]-.'oii.4it It o'ulock in the forenoon, on  Thui'.-diiy, IheSih (lav of .lime, l.ilil. all and singular tho  ifiineml claim "The Northern Light,"Kituntcou llic-oittii  ���dopi- ol the (Jcnler Korkof Korty-nine (Jreek, nnd adjoin-  int'the Ilibbiiigs mineral claim on the southwest corner,  being in the Nelson Mining Division of Ilrilish ColiimUin,  located the _il__ day of Ma\', 1SII7, and recorded the (ill.  day of May, l.!)7.  The purchaser shall pay (lie purchase money into (,'ourt  to the credit of the said consolidated action on the day of  Kilt.  Dated at Nelson. 11. c;��� this 22nd day of May, ISflD.  ���K. T. II. SIMDKINS,  the Cobtity Court of Kootenay,.holden at  Registrar of  Nelson,  Hose, nozzles, hose tripods, lawn mowers,  Garden sprays, and water pipe ilttlngs  of all kinds. -  Let us Put Your Lawn Service in Shape  STRAGKAN BROS., Plumbers  ('pem House Ulook, Nelson.  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W. ftlcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian .'AiiifiWi-  *    cite Coal (Hard)    -   ��� Y  Dealers it-  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only "restaurant   in   the city  employing only white cooks.  . Merchants'lunch   from   12   to   2  o'clock,  25 cents.     Dinner: from 5.  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class, hoard and room. Todd's old stand; corner  AVard and Carbonate streets, in rear of English church.  Heated hy steam. Table hoard $1, room and board ��.*>  mil ?o.50. ���-..-.  A collection of lino Bolgiurii Canaries for Bale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Crow's Jest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  R. REiSTERER & GO.  BiUSWKKS AKD BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag'ei5 Beep,  Ale and PbPter  '^*U * Brewery at Nelsons  I Jkv^X*-,-   j&g     n��  '       fi^_?-te  <3rf_  ��^^S^ti^^^'^tUS&^i0^eili^^Mar^i THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B."&_ SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 1890.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     ���  >."*  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD  STRATHCONA AND   MT.  ���Ion. GKO. A. DRUMMOND   K   S. OLOUSTONt*   KOYAL, President   Vico-President  .. .General Manager  TSTELSOTSr   33_=.____STOSC  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  NELSON        IIHA.N'CKKH  IN        LONDON   (England).   NEW  YORK,   CHICAGO  and ih I.he .11-im.l.ial c:il.ins in Caimd...  Huy and sell Stni'lim.   ..xehanicc and Cahle Trnnsfers  OKANT. COMMKRCI .1. 'AND TKAVKi.'l.KllS' CltKUITH.  availahlc In any part, of the world.  .    DRAFTS ISSUKD    C01.I.KCTION8  MADK;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  MOSS   FROM   A   ROLLING   STONE.  Books! Books!    Give me books and not  bills.       "A   cheque    Avill    oblige."      Si  siguor.  Ya!   Meiu Herr: as many as you  like  and much  good may  they do you.  And if the bank teller smiles  when you  present.tliat cheque then shed a tear for  me;   foi*"a soft answer  turuetli   away  wrath."    I   must  buy,   borrow, beg   or  steal  books.    Books  of reference, books  whereby  knowledge  is increased, books  to relieve the tedium of the hour, books  to  while away the  night  watches when  sleep is denied owing to the.pangs of indigestion brought about by an over indulgence  in the culinary horrors of my  "two bit" restaurant.'   "Come" said ..mine':  own-familiar friend "and see our public  library."    Noav  a   public   library   in   ti  small   town  always   suggests  to me  (I  don't know  why,)' middle-aged females  and Marie Corelli.    Besides this entrance  to the Nelson "Bodleian" is suspiciously  adjacent to   a    famous   saloon   and as  my    pockets    were    innocent    of   anything'approaching the price of ������refreshments for two," and my friend had already applied to me for an infinitesimal  loan (without success), I had no desire to  give a wrong impi-essiou to the byestaud-  ers as  to my intentions.7 V However, my  7 friend informed me.-:that there were no  middle-aged- females^ in   Nelson���-I   ain  7siu-e,;from close -person.il^observiitibn,vJjieV  3|^r��fitf|_to^^  |��.C!&iJ-H_'._i_$^  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, ar.d  Dawson City, Yu^oq District.  own particular case. Would 1 rather  write four than two-column articles were  I paid according to tlie lengths of the  'same, even if 1 had to work twelve instead of ten hours out of the twenty-  four"? (Renteniber 1 have other "fish to  fry" besides improving the minds of the  Tribune's readers!) Not much! And  please forgive my siting.  When we have   but our oavu  charnel  house to fill (with the necessary food and  unnecessary   liquid), to   shelter   and   to  clothe, our own gross intelligence only to  amuse  or distract, Ave  may be contented  Avith  a modest income and a plethora of  holidays.    But  there comes  to many of  us  that   unfortunate   blending between  the. sexes,   known   in   polite  circles   its  marriage,   with    the   inevitable    consequences!    More  mouths   to fill,  measles,  mumps,   medicine bills,   then  the   dark  days  of sickness  or affliction, when the  hand or  the brain is  retarded and there  is   but little   grist coming   to the   mill.  Hoav to reduce the "pack" of debt is now  the question; and the brave man. will be  desirous of adding to the day's Avage by  sacrificing  the hours of rest in. order to  make a'..headway against the black tide.  Is it for the state to step in aud say "So  long shalt thou  Avork and no longer!"    I  'am-fully.'aware that there are arguments,'  equally plausible, on the other side.    But  we live in a   free country n-rid a" mail is  entitled to hold  his OAvn  views,- though  often  it were well for him if he did but  keep tliose said views to himself.    I have  drifted, in spite of my determination, into a soliloquy on this  question  of   the  hour���so far as Kootenay is concerned at  least. AuTOi,Y-AS.  but instead of pursuing that course, led  on by some renegade Canadians, they  adopted the McKinley bill, Avhicli was almost a prohibitive tariff against Canadian products. That was the point from  which Canadians began to groAV strong  and self-reliant, and the fact tliat they  feel themselves stronger today than ever  before is due to the development that  was forced upon-them by the hostile legislation of the United States. By nieeting these unfriendly measures with the  determination to open neAV channels of  trade in a direction where, friendship  could be counted on as a permanent sentiment, Canadians not only strengthened  themselves with themsel\res, but they  gave stronger reasons to the mother  country to value this portion of the empire as it had never been valued, and to  concede to our statesmen a measure of  influencing imperial concerns (so ."far as  they effect Canada) that had not before  been conceded. Canada has reached a  stage now where it ean do Avithout the  trade of the United States. In fact, the  prosperity-of the Dominion hinges almost entirely upon the cessation of trade  between these two countries, as it depends upon the enlargement of iuter-im-  perial commerce. Therefore, the American statesmen who are today deploring  the influence of Canada in the councils of  Britain have nobody to thank but themselves, and if that influence restricts their  effort to attain their ends hi"the Alaskan  boundary matter, they may attribute it  to tliose -who framed prohibitive tariffs.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  H. 0. Hurton. Si-.itlie  C. S. Wallis. llns-l.iml  Joseph D. Dabne.. Spokane  A. It. McDonald. Toronto  K. L. Becker, Cranbrook  J.lines Howden, Cr-nbrook  It. Kidd, Winnipeg   .  HUMh'V -     '"*  John A. Grain, Portland  I_. .Yt-l.i.-nii, Kaslo  W. E. H Nolinan and wife.  Norhuin, N. Y.  H_. Johnson and wife, Leadville, ('ol.  If. Girdwood, Ymir  PI-AIR.  H.  V.  tain  Henry ftoy, Re  .1. Hopkins and  1).  W.   White,  ci'mjo  J. C. Dufrcanc,  mine  J. C. Hodgson. Montreal,  J. C. Drcvi-ry, Kossland  J. C. Randolph, Rosslund  ���  Arthur Randolph. Rosslund  Cliarles Wilson, Vancouver  Rndd, Toad lloun-  -slmid  wife, Silica  San   Fi-an-  AM'nbnscu  It K. Gosnell, Victoria  it. H. Jameson. Victoria  W. J. C -rro'l, Vancouver  Frank Sellwan, San Francisco  Charles E. Donald, London  England  W. C'armichaol, Toronto  W.   H.    Ward   and   wife,  Glasgow  E. Phillips. Hrandon  E A. Digby.  London, England  QU KEN'S.  Lillie Hamilton, Spokane  P.. 1'.  Urcniner, New Denver  M. L. Cnllannn, Now Denver  C. AV. Linton, Toronto  Carl Webber, ("ran brook  T. N. Cross, Toronto  A. T. Carr. C'eiitraiia  A. K. Stub, Trail  s^-fS^^fa^a^^ ?a^^ i��i-_3;  -e3'cj'~&  ?&  S>'&  &�����=>  &���  t=3'^-'c3'-&'  mmmmmmi  mm  l-^-S**  YOU  %  B  B  B  B  B  IV|AY WONDER HOW WE DO IT  BUT WE DO  We  quality  quoting  sell goods just as cheap as the cheapest, ��and the  i.s just as fine as the finest. We take pleasure in  you a small list of our specialties:  MADDEN.  A.J. Smith, Silverton  J. rtichnioiul.  Uclfiist,,  land  1). Daly. .Alontreal  Ire-  Mitchell Tui  Jean Lebaii,  Quebec  John Thomas, Kuskonook  , Ymir  Three Rivers,  SILVER KING.  George Lamb, Iron Mountain  IT. Blewett, Iron Mountain  M. McCuaig, Hall Siding  O. Hansen. Ro_sland  Thomas Brown, Robson  John W. Price, Nakusp  The Tremont Ifotel  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  .ffl  White Pique from 15c to 40c  Blue arjd Brown Duck from 18c up  Ladies'Vests from 10c to $2  Farasois from 75c to $5  Organdie Musiirjs from 12 l-2c to 35c  Ladies' Wrappers from 1.25 to 3.50  Ladies' Underskirts from, 1.25 to 3.50  Blouses from, 50c to $6  IVjALOflE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  a.  BANK  OP   B. G.   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JfvS^^^-fcijoftfJigti-^ -  7>\'pJ;&s %\!i|ipli "MKOuidY do dVdndi-i tpy any  Ylibrary and wliich Avill> X kii6\\*;j-bS a_)].reT j  fjoittt-d jby a_ ^rnall,. liiiii,-]hpn$. the, les^  7��e1iolai4y niin6rity iii thisscfty.  ]\fky I also suggest thai the salid eqih-  |4niitte(3_,might__;sfcii:dy_=sir^%lih_^  "list;o|��� the due litindi-ed" liefelj books -iivlth  itdya;utagiQs     )Vitli" Jheste additions   ihe  iib&i'y-^yill'l-e a4i'6jtlit au'd aii ov|_anieiit  to the town,   jt isli step in  th1-  right  diifectiOh and proves that Sfelsou is iiitel-  leetually ti-5 fkf'above tlie ayerage niiuiiig  | ca.up i>i_ tlie ui'-fii^lds written by s*_Axi--dly-  i eiis-" ivre abovi-  the restY ol" the  reading  Uiittter in this' pap-i',  Please!, Mr. Ed itoi', tell theiu to piit in a  star line or something oi the stii't here  and lot nie "switch oft" into st)iiiething  I of a less dangerous natui*_ than practi-iil  eomments on your public iiistitutions,  No, not the eight-hour bill, please. I  ,ould not aiid would not elitei? into the  pros*, and cons, of that question. But as a  layman, I will tell you frankly that I am  opposed to what I call gi*andinotherly  legislation in any shape or forin. That  certain rules and regulations should be  enforced,, which prevent the reckless  mirier froin endangering the safety ��f ius  fellow workmen, is but reasonable. But  when the purist or perfectionist steps iu  and endeavors to put into practical shape  the product-of the vain dreams of the  modern labor delegate, wheu the state interferes and, treating the laborer or.miu-  er tis a mere mechanical contrivance,  commands that the human machine can  only be run for so many hours a day aud  no more, then approaches dangerously an  infringement on that postulate of every  Anglo-Saxon, "the liberty of the subject."  Possibly I am wrong and near sighted in  my views. I have frequently seen it  Avritten and heard it said that a man is  degraded into a beast of burden if he  works longer than a specified number of  hours���the number .varies according to  country, period, and the anxiety ofthe  particular demogogue' who desires to obtain labor votes. That may be so, but I  cannot help applying the maxim to my I .he scalp.  .^^te recdiS'iiig daily "dirfedi. 'ft'piiT  the grower^ 6"6nsigiii.i-eii|s.of Jj|it-ajtt,--  henries, Clleme-, fianahaSj grange:.,  Lemons,, etc. J-Jerid" .us your  _taridihg di'ders.  The fraae Only Supplied  ddjLD STORAGEWiSREHOUSEW.EN  AND tJOBBERS; OF <_R]EEN FRClitS  P^strs-Ons ���'P'r-a'-d'-uee- Cd��  '*M$.:.kifit<^��*j/"mn%(-  a^i__SS_l.32a7.3SjE)i  MAS_Vi<rCT'&Kt_{9, OF  ���   , '.'- rDK'Afiij.ifjis-:"  ii  ^6u^|i ar|-l^i?__0ss"fetrEi&h$_.!  "M^uMnfS;'";'��� ��� -." /''-' ' ".���������*. -'��� v.  l)o>t-_,i->-;ahi-i -S_asii ''..'.���  S^g'^dsts: and" J^fekets1  Qffices ancl? Store Mttliigs  _'AOTOliV WORK DOXK TO OlSlJlfli,!   _SUCI.l_.As__      _    '   .JjsLarngX/co_iM'toBlo*Vb.-.^0-nisV'i^  ���X.. "a" ���   t>JS���.   "*   n S  "f   ".^-.'-"   flfi     A"*afr��    .  ,<"'...; '_ti,_B'_��!8i-,4!" "     ���J  roqini%^��ainp'le*roonis*|or|cpni*nerCial;:^^  MeatM^rchahta  Wholesale Markets at j.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORESAT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  y (("'        City,  Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar. Y  ?!g^F.^^ Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher GcjI  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTEDMEATS  fY&^^pi|ES8_iia^  :/Sa#f��iiMND��li_i_^^  ���mi  &yy*:  sii  iy:y&  time�� Streetifllelsan  n��n��  Bfl.    *ftfe* f"*^0   ���   n"nn^UninmnUanV'^ ��n-   * ^�� *J ft��� '^    *'n '' "   n     \    ^Y  y'^y y"^*l2y. 2P^^i"^^i^32kHWM^.  nf     a    P"        -oY        1 _rl.  d���b,, -      o V__m ffeP  ^  ,:*fc -C^v  ���  (L.1   ���   ���,*�����   "  ^'ftte"4"t;te^'^^"'^l^!?pai_SS.?to  Nolson. B. C.  Wo li(i*e a flit _ ussortnioiit of woSl-iw always  on hand.. UooU^ made tin at the shortest pG_-  siblb hQtic'o. As cverytliinK is kept and iuftde  on the premises, -atisfacoloil is assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  If jon want a natty, stylish suit ot clothes for  spring amd summer, I liave over 500 ditl'or-  cnt patterns of Scotch and English tweeds,  which I will make to your order at the low  price of  .��25  Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at ��� ��� |2i  Black serge suits in sack or morning coat.. _2l  A heavy Scotch tweed,  nice patterns for  business suit _  ��� .818  Trousers at equally low prices. Fit and finish  no better in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a  specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.  Stevens, Tt}e Tailor  GOAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  AU ai-os of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, aud shippod to Nelson in carload lots  Write for prices. ___u__  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  Genfci-ai Joinery Worfc  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  -'actory and olllce, corner Halt i;treot and C.I*K. track  "vvifcEi no v^Hj-.ti vo  At  G. 0.  Miss Tipping,  A graduate cf Toronto,  General Hospital, does  all kinds or nursing,  massage, and treating  Silica street, opposite English church.  A large stock of first-class dry material On hand, also  a'full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Tlie flnosis" hotel in f,ho5 interior,  /liairge sample rpoiris,   Steam heat and electric light.  CORKER-OK W^-tl) AND VEirj-Q.. STS., NHLSON  BAKKK AND ward STREETS, NEIBOft  iiiiliiKiiiiiiiiiiiii^^  ���_l'��  ��fpA$_!ll!!^��^^  , Ky/i  ��AIh  ���CpiupvuriTcatibh &;  i-eistting  to- Btritisti^Gofuirtbiai-business to.sbe; a_dresse3Kto^p; 0." D>-. w. r  ���    .��� ���������" *;_.505,.Nelson,,:Bi-itish*Co UQitna ���'7_=  ���.".-**-:^.1.esS-. >",�����". -^ ^y  _v  ilgl  ���^_:W-|  'fflyj'.f^h  f-*ift--4'-_^|  "..'"^^'."aJs-''  /'���*:(VIi.^-:. %'���  jV-^; %.(y? I  f0^^o^iEE^mt^mi^Eki\k^^-^"'t N'Etli:����:^^IB&G&  5  u   rttfs"       ��" -    "��-a-- ..-"'��� q.- ��  <��� u _' "�� "��4j p   ."��? B    ^ isy -p"*' n    ^-n   n. y ^ay nS^m ���-_n.(   *'     -ni in, Jb��%  'lea&mdf^M,  The only hotel in Kelson that has rcmaiii-d under one  niftriag0fflents.in.ee 1890,  The bedrreoms are Well furnished; and lighted by  elcctricit. ������.  The dining-room is uot second to any in __.oo_Btt.ay.  The bar i% always stiOqked by the host domostic and  imported liquors and cigars,  .   THOMAS MARBKN, .Proprietor.  Two and a half utiles up tho Outlet from Nelson.  Spring 'Chickens. Fros.| Creamy  Pure Mllkr Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of'Which, are from the: ranch belonging to the hotel  Yard:   Foot of Btendryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 91        Jphn    Ifae,   Agellt  PETER &ENELLE & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wc make a specialty of  Styplap and Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can be reitehed by either road or water.  wri-LIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN   HOTEL  ,: "r "y" ";}y ��� "��� '"��� " y ' ^M1-��^JE3___BO'Ifsr,   33, 0,  Is now prepared  to buy all  classes of silver, gojd, ,*sn.i|ve}^'  copped ores.   The careful attention, given to large con,.racts��."v*3j-li"��>0,,-0xten5-f!e,d'  _to_tkeysjiLaII;est^s:hip  ing guaranteed.  Address gj| comrnunicattphs to drawer S, Nelso.1.. B. C.  DEOKGE M-. McDOWSLL^ fei-ager.  0. M- ROSENDALE, Pdtzhamg Agfent.,  A. THURMAN  SMOKE RS' NEADQ0ARTE RS  Keeps a Vpll line of  ROYAI- SBAI_ AND KOOTENAY J3'__.L____ CIGARS  And all bthep brands of the  AT KACTOKY 1'RfCKS  OP  gar  g  as-c  KverythiiiK first-class  Choice brands of Winos, Li'(|'uor_ and Ci(.ars  .    Hates .1.50 and $2 per day.  ,1. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Hentcd by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in overy room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTBL   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Jfree bus meets all trains  Hourly street, oar to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  7     KOlt SALI. OR UIR!':      .  . /  Nelson Tent and Awning faoletey  ALL   _3_1_ST_PS   OF:  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  A LI  .. SV/iFiS OF TENTS TH STOCK  Hakcr street, opposite postolIlCe, Nelson  THEO.  _3VL_A_IDSO:iS-r  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLE WHAITE  J. McPHEE  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Constpuetion.%  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  ���W..J. ASTLEY & CO. Y  Boals built to order. Repairing and fitting a specialty.' Sails made and rigged. Mshing rods and tackle  mended.   At Governmenl wharf. Nelson.  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Plxtures. Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nolson. B. O, THE TRIBUNE: NELSON,'B. C, SUNDAY, JUNE A, 181)9.  Purses an  Pocketbooks  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line everL>rought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding  perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  CORN Kit KAKKIl AND JOSEPIIINTK STREETS, NELSON  SEE GILKER FOR  Crasf] and Otl|er Hot Weather Suits  $5 and  up  NEXT P. 0.  NEELANDS  EM  M  It will bo.to-your advantage to see our large"  and complete stock of Boots aiid Shoes. We,  carry., the following lines: J". &. T. Bell,-,J.  D. King ���& Co., JSorfch Star;Shoe .Co., Poots,  Schultz it Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Hoi-;  den & Co., and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  20 AND 28 WKST BAKER STREET, NELSON "  and  When Advertised  At  "Ant-lion  Prices"   should  be  left  nlone.     An  auction  price means tlie liitrliost ]>fico_*\vhie]j���tTie.  THESE GOODS we are  ��� bound to sell wfjile  they remain the patterns  pf the season. We prefer to mark them riqWri  i-jaw, an,d let our regular  bustorners have the advantage of 4h,e7cut, ratf]-  * er tfjari have a slaughter  sa|e some months later  to make room for new  goo.ds. Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is the finest ever seen  in Hooteriay.' Th,ey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  purchaser can be induced to pay.  New Spring Designs  In Axi ni listers of the best quality, Avitli or without  boHlers. British and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Dominion Day Celebration.  Yesterday niniia^ei' Waterman increased the total subseriptions for tlie  Dominion Day celebration by Jj.20'"). The  The following-named aro the new subscribers :  Previously i-poi-lcil   Nelson Kleetrii-. Train way Company.  .Miner Printing Compii- y   II. O. ."..elands   lirackumn & Ker .Milling Company.  Hank ol' Montreal   Taylor & Ilaniiington   Klliot & l.ennie   C'ilbert Stanley   Heor Hi-others   (.'. I). J. Christie   W. .1. G. Dickson   T. 0. Praetor   Gamble & O'Reilly   .1. F. .Iiit.nhson   It. C. (.'ninpbc_II-_l-linston   K. W. Peters   ... Ci. .Shaw   I). K. Rioi'diiii    David Melleal h    ...:  :,807 (W  i*�� oo  ���2r> oo  ���_'.*i oo  2C> 00  is oo  10 00  10 oo  io oo  10 00  /*. 00  5 00  a 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  ;*i 00  5 1)0  5 00  ;"> 00  Total ...,tll_ (10  NELSON.  The option held by the Nelson tramway people for the purchase of one hundred lots in Addition A and an interest  in the balance has been taken up. The  price paid is not made public.  The Ore along Cottonwood Smith creek  is destroying timber and bridges. The  bridge on the Athabasca wagon road was  burned yesterday and the bridge on the  Silver King wagon road, across Giveout  creek, was on fire several times. A force  of men "were sent up from the smelter to  protect the small bridges along the road.  Thomas McPhersou and E. Peters returned from a three weeks' prospecting  trip on Duck creek and Kootenay Landing. They located three claims," from  which they brought btick some good  looking specimens of copper ore.  Mayor Neelands and Alderman Hillyer  met last night as a board of police commissioners. It is said chief of police McKinnon is to be removed, and the charges  against him are to be heard by the board  on Monday.  David MacBeatli, who has'the contract  for the construction of the wagon roads  from Kootenay crossing to the site of the  Duncan mines mill, arrived iu Nelson  last night. He lias twenty men employed  and will have one and one-half mile of  the road completed by Thursday night,  so that lumber can be hauled from the  crossing to the mill site.  Edward Wallhas purchased tlie.intere.st  of W.-.G. Robinson in the Royal.hotel on  Stanley street, and has entered into partnership  -with: Samuel  John,  under  the  rnijn^mefpj^^^  ��� is  ilili_-"if'"b_-Vm t. "'il'ate^M'r's;*;  McLftfa^S  Re^��f-^r^  " I|o.'"Y-]m  day. He will spend the summer holding  religious services among the miners, visiting the working mines in the district  alternately.  The lirst practice of the Nelson d'un  Club, which was to be held yesterday  afternoon, was postponed until Monday  afternoon at three o'clock owing to the  delay in the arrival of the clay pigeons.  Three; thousand blue rock pigeons arrived  ou the Canadian Pacific railway yesterday forenoon, but the ear could not bo  opened in time for the practice. On  account <>r the high water the traps have  been moved across the railway track.  Arrangements a.re being made, for a  match with the l.evelstoke and Kossland  clubs to be hold at Nelson during the  Dominion Day celebration.  The water rose -I..] inches in the river at  Nelson (luring tho twenty-four hours ending at (i p. m. yesterday. The .Moyie  brought in over 100 laborers from Kootenay Lauding on yesterday's trip.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf.and Heavy Hardware  Suiteible for dvftwing-rbonig, dii'iiiig-rcfoiiis, halls Or  Stairs^ with or without borders,  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   i_fb   squares,  Japanese   squares   and   rugs,  Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.  4�� Different Styles  Of   baby carriages  and go-Carts  to   select   from.  Rattan chairs aiid rockers.  Furniture of all Kinds  Is advancing, and notice to this effect has been  sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Having a large stock oil hand we Avill be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  '* competitors. We have also three carloads of  .furniture on the way.  Cont��inin_r"-20�� __-_ Ss -Wand1" 'wi-hlf. pne anct a*  quarter"__il__. -of. NelsoiiJ/Ipor'-urtheY  "f"��p�� - '""* -" ^Bart'lculars'.ai)pjy"it,8"" ".*:    ���"���  FREJ_7J:.   :*��  CD  OO  3S  O  CO  CD  UJ  ��2  Hi  GO  _���  CO  m  GO  CO  CO  m  t/i  OS  CO  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coa]  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ^SB  and Woodenware  &*     Stoves, Eanges,  WOODEN    ^\    IroTn>  Stee^ Sheet  MATERIAL     Y\      Iron' T-Rails  \> Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  _�����_  Nelson.   -B:   'C,:  \ ". i_plm6'r Bafter ���paid'.'Ward: S&pfs.   - .  For Strawberries and  other fi-ui.tsYiri seaspn.   Le.-_v.d_  your" ordcrC Br'onvpt'delivery. "   .  ������ "M^zl&wdpdyfeW.Qpd^'hi [  icefecl-aM'So_i'a;4tn:'dY '  All KiMls -of :sdft ��rnnkS'  I offer .the largest stock in  the Kootenays, wholesale  ancl retail. Call ancl examine. Special attention  to watch repairing. Watch  attention, careful, experienced, painstaking attention. Attention' that will  keep its fine mechanism  in perfect condition. It  doesn't take much oil to  make it mark time,,but it  must have that mite, and  .���Jiaye^it^t^  ?It;fe>0ifi/7|^  __T/&  "*. ���  tip if-, .aire] -2jfft-^'Jf e ":$t * VKf^p^,  sferSfSu-p^'^f'n^M^ff  ,,      ��."����"�� >��".����.T."f�� ii-; ,���!.���%../, J.,'"..*'  . pM-��2$&-��t$vp :&W*:iP'"'"$& IB-,.  "'^iX��*a|h!Bi'Gcfn*.'-0';|t.tfd^^  " Jd.pu.t^li^ri f [,xy<��a, itliii Kk�� *w.-��  ;h;ay*_ '')h"."�� n:6��' S.tn%ll :,n.ea's;.u��:re"  .afreatl^ .eltglaH&Ke^df "dor-  ih& Jh,0n.est.�� anfl: thfefottgh"  "w_�� tqliir^pa;! pi hgy  RUBBER HOSH  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOP HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  .1  ���!*_'  ���Si**.  JMBB W8�� T%e _-Me.1-r  , JI   _'Nelsph.sB o_i  ��� ,Btf/5tNfcSS ���_V5N,..]_? 1 .ICSJDKJiTTIATv  FHoi'jii^'V  M11j-_jS :&. mm T  AgonlS' tor ilsxtpviood Ice Ci-.aiii. j  JD. McARTHUR & CO.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson.  FOB STYLISH MIIMERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  .    CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STBEET, NELSON .  Ice Cream  (HAZL'EWOOD)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  i\T CEtfTI|AL FROIT'  Fresh Fruit 'received daily '��� ������  ���Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone !��. UUMI'II1-EVS.& P1TTOCK  Twenty goo4 stcSnemasons, at  once. Wages Five Dollars per  day of nine hours to first-c].iss men.  Apply Nelson Saw and Planing  Mills, L. mi ted, Nelson, B. C.  sale; under chattel mortgage.  IJnder ftnd Ijj' Virtue of (lie jiowers eoilliiiiied in n e��jr-  titiii clnttlol inbrtKiiL'e. byiii'ii.* ditte th(;'J.'jl:h of K(.linini-y,  iStilJ, (*d kIUly't-ciiisiXTofl in the I'bjflstr)-eiUce ifl'lliu City  of Nelson^ Hi C..1nadc byf..'oiir(i(l,/iii.ii.ierinaii, of .tlKSdiff-  ii'iet Qf ICoot-iifiy, In tlie province of B. 0.7nijlkiilnn, iii  fitvor of ITiiiniltoii George Neelandi?, iii the snid distriet  of IvOdtctti. v, gen tl fe iiiitlr. To seCJii'e tlie pny iiiqilt bf four  liilndi'c(1 dojhvivi !(i5il00),'UC-lrfes inIci-cht,, h lid till, cos.ts nnd  expenses, _jtmi to ire. dlfceted, I ItiU'o soi/Xl mid Uikfin  thegbodi. fttld. eliiiilci.s us speeifled in .(lid olnittel mort-  Kii(j;e<. xeeptinii one Cow,} vi_-  Kifteon cavvs (IS)-  Que bull (1).  OneluinljershuiityaTjoiit 10 by 1. feet.  She lumber stslble ubout 21 by ".12 feet,  ne milk wagon.  AM of which I shall c-poHC for sale (oraiillleietil, thoroof  lo cover aboi'e umomit) by public unction, it not previously sold by pri_ui_ c sale, oil Wednesilny, the 7th (Lay  Of June, A. D. 18!)!), lit 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the  city pound, situate in the City of Nelxou. 11. C.  Terms cash. VV*. P. ItOUlNSON, Uailill'.  Dated tliiH 30th day of May, 1899. __^  Removal Notice.  John Gholditch & Company beg to announce to the  trade that they have removed their headquarter- froni  Nakusp to Nelson, where they will for the future be established. Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  they ha v.'secured temporary {quarters in the warehouse  of Turner, "Beeton & Company on Water street, where  they will bo pleased to receive their patrons.  Nelson, B. C, May 17th, 1S99.  JOHN GHOLDITCH & CO.  C. D. J. CHRISTIE  GENERAL,  BROKER.  30, _y  120, Baker1 Street betiwecii  .To^cphiiic -and  -"\Vard tftii-fi.e'"'- ���,..,:'...��...'......"..,. A,:��;_, V. ,.,.    ........ SOOO,  30, by 120, Baker street, betw.oli: J.bSjcpluue and Hall  streets'............ ;���.*.,.��� ...:.....'..,," .(���.....".',.���.,���..'. -BOO  50 by ,120, Baker strqeJl;,. b( t.\\'een Jdsepliine fvud IIAfl  istreets, coiih'ci....�����     ,. ���..���., .,..,_. ��� .�����������. .,7...  30 bj-120. JSiih". Bitter str_<ffl.,. .��� _. �����.,. , .,,,:    SOU;  ,25 bv 120!with, improvements, south, Side* -f Vofnon  street, ���....._....., ��...__._ 3000  50 bf 120 with iinpi:ovoniciits, south Bide of Vernoni  street,.,��."V..V...  ." ..." ...�� .......... GCI0O  2 lots,and large house beautifiiHy fui'.nished (suar)., 4UO0  7iiJot__,vith_cott!igC:i'e!ited,ia-$15p-r-iii-iii:h,^ietoria==  sl,r-dt. , :  .., _ 3500  1 lot with cottage rented at SI5 pernronth, Vietoriil  street.........,,..."..,,.  2300:  2 lots with cottage ,rentcd,at $20 poririoiitli, Fl-anloy  Street-..,  '. 3000'  _l.l_ iii block 111), alldleared and fenced in,  SgOO  9-room house and iolpts .et out ill orchard ...... ....   1100  2 lots and iinnroveni.nts, 52 head pf eOWs, 2 horses,  wagons, sleifehs, liariiqiii., aiid fiverytltint.' iii .on-  , neetiois with" HTu,i-y'...ntilk raneli     530O  !**or gijiioral inforiiiaUon oii real estate and for further  partigdlai-s on above j .E-perliy iipply to  ,Jl<jai ftstate and Onim-'1.! Aleuts, Baker 5t��� Nolson  In the cool of the evening1 the weary ean find rest  by reposing* in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  *%���;}.".  C^aS1,0-^*  AH loyei^s ,of _a go:od: -ffitt^"^ .ta hm^Q" n=vejTf^uxei"(Sf"^,U^i:n!i^^:^  at once at Mjrkpatfi^lv ��?Sc ^isOin's:  kiM ' pf^cirrliT^; a?':;46>cb_iife  ���.- v.   ������������ ���*   "    '.������: ���"��� ���     ���. s ]-{'t "."p'-y.'y,/���>.".".������*."n-T-:".s^s�����  of 5 'o'bltjck 'Q&floiy^ ^%Y\^]"r_l.>Yi^ ;a;.sTS.rid'a  iri Kootenay,-   'Kv\V_". dort't ��� siife - you   ,-/_   ^^Ijv^^Gliif.^fxril^"��r^"Ctii^^^bi](-*^  nioiley.    Bill we guar^ntfe-, \ve ean"  please youYas-wS havd .h|r-y:dlfi0^  erent blends to eHopse fooiw    Call; anil see Us,    E\_3ry_lirn^V^;rst^l^S7r��  Don't forget .ve are the jj_adi'n^  house and1  carrV.'t-ie largest stoel. iit  V ���    ��� _,-<-? - - ^ D- ,_0    ������       u ��� "**    ** ". ��     ;     'do  Nelson of Groceries,  Crockery, etc.    We wrant your trader  Telephone 10.   P; O. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Our first kiln of briek will be ready for delivouy about  thd 1st of June.   Call at our o/llcu for prices.  Xlurihf,' the month of June ^^'e will deliver lime in  (Junnlit.ie.. of twenty sucks and over ai.  Woiidefriill   Yes;  35 cents buys a 3-pound box of  Patefson's fe*��eam Sodas  FUKSII J-'HOat' KACri'OftV  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co,, Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Vanager  E UP Tl  A 7-rooiii house  : ?30  A 5-ioom house  20  A large boarding-houKCadoing good  FOR RENT  Jr UK   bALu  |        business, centrally located  Heal estate in all parts of tho city,  LOANS  INSUKAX-E  Why buy clothes from an inferior tailor, when  the same amount of money will buy a stylish  cut, well trimmed and neatly made suit at  suits $25      J. R. WRAY'S  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor.  Satisfaction guaranteed  This is the greatest srap ever oiluicd in the lino of biscniti.  'Die Ikix is worth this amount alone fo- youl- pantry  CALL- AN0 SElj. THMM  M* DesBHsay & Oo.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY.  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  R.     rHTTTIE-R-Sr.     PEOPEIBTOB  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS!  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Another carload of Lake of the Woods received today.  JOHN A. IRVIINO & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. C. .  SPECIAL ATTENTION  The supply Is limited, so call oarly and examine this stock.  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  ' made tweeds from Taibot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. ��on


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