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 Pi'��^ci-(j t]Hv-09  '���>fan  THE LAW AND THE LAW COURTS  Bannett Secured an Acquittal.  Tlie criminal business of the present  assi/.e was disposed of yesterday when it  developed that deputy attorney-general  ��� McLean had reserved the most interesting case on the list for the windup. Tlie  ctise was styled Regina vs. Bannett, in  wliich the prisoner was charged with  feloniously removing a consignment of  stoves belonging to the partnership of  Houghton ��te Bannett for the purpose of  defrauding the cl'editors of the .--aid firm.  Everyone mixed up with the case was of  the lord's chosen people, but, somehow,  no two of tlie witnesses agreed as to  what disposition was made of the stoves  in question.  The chief witness at the preliminary  hearing when the prisoner was committed was not present at the trial yesterday, lie is now in Butte and desired to  turn liis evidence to account, liis proposition was that tlie crown should pay  him $ls_ a day and expenses, in return  for which he would tell his story of the  alleged doings of the prisoner and his  . wife with the goods of the firm of Houghton & Bannett. This proposition the  crown refused to entertain, so Polsky remained in Butte and the trial proceeded  without him.  Samuel Glazan Avas one of the chief  witnesses for the crown. He said that  he had purchased tlie stoves, and that he  owed $113 for them, but that ten days  after the assignment he was given a receipt for. payment which was ante-dated.  Another witness named Gibson,.who was  employed by the firm of Houghton &  Bannett, testified to having got away  with the books of the firm for the purpose of aiding the prosecution. The  books did not disclose any entry which  could be set down as payment for the  stores.  For the defence the prisoner's wife,  -..Fanny Bannett, was put in the box. She  testified that Glazan had paid her, in the  store, the balance due upon the stoves,  and that the the money was placed in  the firm's till. She also charged -crown  witness Gibson with stealing the books of  the firm, Avith taking money out of the  till and also goods from the store.  Another witness for the defence was a  pawnbroker --named Silverstone. He  testified that he loaned Glax.an the money  to pay the balance due upon the stoves  and .'saw the 7payment made. This was  in the face of Glazan-s evidence that he  never boi-rowed the moneyv from Silver-  s ^��o"_��3 __ud^-ev*,e^  "*::!_1^_fee-p^:^  Ivi^l^iif^  ";jlil*f<lfp&  ' """   ^Wh^m^pip^^yM^m^''rt,i  THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE S,   18!)!).  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY. $2.  sentence which he was bound to impose  in the interests of society. The sentence  was that he be sentenced to fifteen  months' imprisonment in the provincial  jail at hard labor.  ^^uj'^'srticl;'  faus**-fdi  hoy&fldbfacd'.A\��- %o ty\&.��itk$:< wrlieJiV |he.'  Two Years for Sinclair.  Sinclair, who was regarded as the chief  offender in the stealings from the railway  company, pleaded liis age and  his family  of six   small   children   as   reasons   for  a  lenient sentence.   Justice Drake said that  he could sympathize with  the  prisoner's  family very much and added that he had  received  a   very   strong   petition.     The  prisoner, however, had an opportunity of  expressing himself and saying anything  he could in his own  favor  wliich   he did  not  take -advantage  of.    He  could   not  close his eyes to the fact  that  the  prisoner had placed every obstacle possible  in the  way  of the  prosecution   and  iu  preventing his own return to this country.    So far as the evidence went large  sums of money had been traced into the  hands of the prisoner aud had never been  traced out.    .Justice Drake concluded by  saying that he could not allow consideration for the prisoner's family to interfere with the  administration  of justice  and under the  circumstances  he  would  sentence the prisoner to two years in the  penitentiary.  Five Vags Get Three Months.  William Watson, Thomas Dunn, George  Moore, L. Dingman . aud 3. D.-Kelly, the  five men who were brought from Slocan  City last week, upon suspicion of being  implicated in the stabbing of the man  who gave the name of E. J. Mack, were  brought before E. A. Crease, stipendiary  magistrate, yesterday for vagrancy.  The provincial police officer at Slocan  City testified that the men gave considerable trouble and tliey were accordingly  sentenced to .three months' imprisonment. Mack refused to identify tiny of  the men as his assailant, but the police  believe that they had.--a-hand in the  stabbing, as they were found in Mack's  company, and had been drinking witli  him before the trouble. 7  that all work underground is eight, hours  in British Columbia aud what will follow?  It will invite the most skilled labor of all  America into our country. This alone will  advance the development of the country  to an extent that is far beyond any man's  comprehension. We all know that the  most experienced miners look for eight-  hour shifts, and these are the men who  can bury the less skilled one and give  them the advantage of two hours per  shift. And, again, when their work i.s  done it is properly done, it is safe to  say that fche best miners on the American continent are iu Butte, Montana, and  what is the percentage of killed and injured in Butte'. It is by far the smallest  of any mining camp in the world.  In the Slocan, mines are closed down, it  is said, on account of the eight-hour law.  . What has been their reason for closing  down every year since 1893? Was it the  eight-hour lawl-* No! It was on account,  of the loss it-wonlc_-eau.se operators'in  mining high-grade ore in the wet season.  To be sure, they have gone a little farther this year and stopped their development work. What schoolboy methods!  Let us uphold the law ! Let us herald  the news abroad. Let every man in  America and England know that Ave have.'  a legislative assembly who are Avorking  ���in the interest of the rapid development  of the country, an 'enormous output of  ore and humane treatment of their fel-  loAV-citizeus. Let the eight-hour laAV  banner forever Avave over the rich gold  and silver fields of British Columbia.  RESULT OF BEER'S FINANCING  M.  II.  Gilliam.  Erie, June 7th, 1899.  ����� s:Pto\yder ��Gompany/Secure;d,#Afd3ournnien-'.x -  %* ts$^��fA^sJ&Miih���v��S'Pl)^tell "��� $ef qreYj ulfcififc  %D��'aw��y,es;^  ne."  '.tfeSf.S- \v��eVe,_ iohsig _.cd tbT(Sjs��[ i;ecei .red Jjyj  ff..,ffclxk'Jirui:���'&t-.SBGsslanckf{'Y^Sqihef7 gfekt  !%> .Mifii&vi'.t^"^ of  '���Z "'��ki$h(.ix"&ha!r,aQker-M  \ : "ycX')lijd"^"0d'ded ..i*gQn^!��n^W:��i)i-_ " If ��tlie.  Y tJhf/y flj"ii/MySh.^t(ilx'e $t$}^��ns��" werfiYsqld in  ; "*������ ���' "121.1$ \rdfi\b"ky(^-k]y*72hel okk^hekssignment:,.  "7Yth.re'  wa#    hdthiug; ' "to,    support   t|le,  iud-C-ih-U_i " " "���".���.' "'"���'���  i���" ... Th(ij(iry��-,eQinp6sedfcff, David,_ Mor ri._,;_  ' .&v-WffM'i. &titoley,, J:'C- ��titjii||)i;cTv. Johit Mc-  V*6 j^lnta-nY2C _��j"jf-. (_.h\'istj%,^>H. Williams,  _" :G�� J*. -WilsOn- ��� W". *H. ��oav��ihgr A., Gi Gam -  '���"��� T%E, 1\ Wlfoijefrj;0^i'ft-#ppfe  y   auii-'3ohh'Aliimhg a vei'diet  0f hot guilty *vvitli6iit leaving the box.  HeneSger (Jets Six Years;  Justice Drake then proceeded to pass  sontenccLiipoiiVfche prisoner^HelieFigei'.._of_  Bosslalid, convicted of attempting to  couiniit incest*., and B.i?e .vstel* aud iSinclair,  convicted of concurring in and oinitting  to make entries^ and theft froni the Oan-  jictiali 1'acifi*- Btiiilway Ooinpahy at Trail.  Heiieagor was .senteiiced first. He had  nothing to say* 'save to ask for the exercise of iliercy by the eouift. Justi.ce Drakd  did not regard the plea for mercy. He  said: You have eoimnitted a ci'inife wliich  si rocks the senses. Yhn as the sole parent  of three motherless children haye blackened tlieir eharaetei's foi'ever^ Even tlie  most degraded races roeogtii'/c the parental tie Avliich you have ig*iioited. Fortunately for: you the erhiie for which you  hrtve been fouuci guilty is only that of  atteiupt to eoiumit this disgi/aceful crime.  There are rnauy parents who are cruel to  and neglect their children, but they would  all recoil from' the commission of such a  crime. You by your own act have left  an indelible staiil upou the character of  your children. I only regret that the  laAV Avill not alloAV me to pass such a sentence as your conduct deserves. Under  the circumstances you will go to the  penitentiary for six years.  o    Brewster Given Fifteen Months.  W. D. Brewster- when asked why the  sentence of the court should not be  passed -upon him said that he had only  offended in his attempts to shield Sinclair. Justice Drake in passing sentence  remarked that the jury had taken the  A'ieAv that the prisoner Avas not guilty as  a thief, but that he Avas guilty of not  making entries in the railway company's  books, which as a servant of fche company  ifc was his duty to enter. This avus a  criminal offence, but as the prisoner had  stood his ground, and had given the railway oflicials every assistance in tlieir investigation of the accounts, he Avould  take. this  into   account  in  passing the  'ju^-fo  Hvjthifrtwo 'i|ii"fes�� of ".tlie :eity;. y'^keiiiili^  ;."3%tt^i��e;'d|^  ^pai-iy.SV ofhQe _.at/1_ictOria./ "/Tii^'Yc.epitt^  i jittoi.a\ey-gfeiiertii|iclicl'^q^Viu^ajiyJo'Djec^v  'Vtkjn^ jnit "iie��� sppiutect;.qUfcD that-'YtlfSf.i'ct^  ' jj_iat "tSl^.coj^i.^a.h-y* i-.-dflap-en" iiufl^jfed-Ayas:'  a, ''.fpi^us-'^u-vatter^ -khd' "ii^iUiatecl^-.tihli.t.'  stefisV^lto.i.ia^evkikei-fld-^fe  in -���- m   ��� _Pr n n n     _   ���  dj nn ���   .^ u n ���' u d^ii?  ger feqiiiphuiiea - of��    JUpjjise ;Di*ak<>   ex-  presSecr the "ojfpinioii tliat tlie reci^ies| Avas  "a reasonable "oUe." aifel the CaseW|fead-  '. journeel till the next assize. ��  .,- ��� ���  ..  PJSGI. SSEP   Bff��� A MINEE.  It seems tfeOeSSflfcy that the ..tii,ikhtr(I-,  bearers of the eight-hour law sho/rlcl try  and put before the public the virtues of  that niosfc righteous and humane piece of  legislation. The oppose.rs of this law are '  only those avIio are soreJieUdeel by defeat, aud if this laAV liacl not have been  _passecl_they_w:o.nl'cI_iiave.__b-acl-..to-lu*i|V-(--  attaeked some other of the reforms in-  luigufated by the present government.  Do these fault-finders ever stop to thiiilc  that they are trying 'with, all tlieit* energy  to put the conutf y back. They are crying that the eight-hour, law 'will drive  capital from the country. In their unmanly ancl short-siglited camplaints they  are impressing upoii foreign capital tlie  idea that the British Columbia government have passed laws that are .ruinous  'to'-_h_ country and the interests of capital. A Capitalist in London seeing sneli,  outrageous reports may say tliat "tliey  will get none of my nioney." Whitt  could he say after reading some of the  brilliant articles qf the opposition supporters ? Let us look at the law and the  effect it Avill have.  In the lirst plaee, I am a miner of six  years' exiierience, and have Avorkecl in a  number of West Kootenay's producing mines, and I have my first  mine to Avork in yet in Kootenay where  the shifts Avere ten hours that more than  eight hours Avere ever put in in Avork. I  know that there are A'ery f eAv miners avIio  can stand ten hours hard Avork underground e\*ery day. I know, also, that  men avIio Avork eight-hour shifts work to  their utmost capacity, ancl accomplish  even more than men working ten-hour  shifts. These are personal experiences,  ancl eA'ery foreman and superintendent,  pf any standing knows it, and dare not  dispute it except for personal gain or  oppression of the miner.  Next, how much more development  could be accomplished in a year 'under the  eight-hour law? In all the mines of  Kootenay it avouIcI assume enormous proportions, almost beyond conception.  Suffice it to say that, in every tAvo years  Ave Avill gain one year both in de\relop-  ment and hi the output of ore.  Again, let ifc be heralded along the line  Kruger Would Not Yield.  London, June 7.���Lord Selbourne,  under colonial secretary, announces that  the Kruger-Milner conference at Bloem-  fontein broke cIoavu, and is entirely Avithout results. A telegram has been received  from Miluer, stating that president  Kruger obstinately refused all concessions tending toAvarcl a settlement of the  Transvaal difficulties. Upon '."receiving  the dispatch secretary Chamberlain, lord  Selbourne, and others held a consultation  iconcernin g .the; failuite of",the*"Ii,egqtidtious i  (f|-1 "d :*xnii\o rfcant" fcd^ces^ii s5 -, :"'!Lie * liSfd e,  i.tjiem :c^ntiiige|it*'iip6*ii.,B  ; fpi((ih,e, p"rinc\;p��ilf of J_Jrbitr|i.trqn��" oii"4ll��. fii-2  fei-eiices, existiug"bft\\feen " G;reat Bi-i-tiiuY  'and-ii'lie" Tfa. iSVital. t"TM^y ;Gi;eat ���Britain;,,  heretofore" jias refused." pn, the [ground ���;  thait-it w<?nid he ail. acknoAyleclgerneht of  Practically Doubles Taxation.  At the nieeting of the city council last  evening bylaws fixing the tax rate to be  levied upon the real property and improvements for the current year were  introduced and put through the second  reading. Put in a few words the rate of  taxation for the current year, after making allowance for prompt payment, will  be thirteen mills, or an advance of thirty  per cent over the levy of the proA'ious  year. These figures do not represent the  entire advance made in the taxes since  the assessment values upon which the  increased tax is imposed was increased  about 40 per cent over the A'alue returned  for the previous year/or taking alderman  Fletcher's figures for it, increased by .3;'.  per cent.  Tax Bates Struck.  The report of the finance committee  was read and adopted recommending the  payment of accounts aggregating $-701.  It also made a recommendation with respect to the application of the business  men for a reduction in the electric light  rates, that a reduction of 25 per cent be  allowed on the present rates to business  houses during the mouths of May, June,  July and August, provided such rates are  paid on or before the 10th qf each month.  The clause Avitli respect tq the tax rate  read as fqllcnvs : "Your committee recommend that the taxes to be levied foi'  the current year be. as folloAvs : For the  general fund, to be leA'ied upon land only,  six mills, and a rebate of one sixth if paicl  by August 31st; for interest and sinking  ofund on the $50,000 loan, to be levied on  lauds and on 50 per cent of the assessed  value of improvements, tAvo mills and  one mill respectively; for interest and  sinking fund on the $05,000 loan, to be  levied on land only, three mills -and'two  mills respectively.      V  Some of Alderman Beer's Reforms.      *-*���'"  While the council was in committee of  the whole consider in g the bylaAv: author-:  years and put the ground- in shape for  horse-racing and athletic sports. In the  meantime the city probably could, in the  event of an exchange being made with  the railway company, secure a live-year  lease of the present recreation ground-:  from the railway company. The committee appointed to deal with the recreation ground question will examine the  ground referred to by alderman Fletcher  and report to the couucil.  the equalities-x>t the two .Countries.;    AC-  c6rding��tq7the c|ispateh  received "hyjpr,  ; Eoydi. president' Kruger prpj3o��e���l tli_it=  ��� re^ideifce-'qf, tWo j-e-Vrs.-be; tieeeSsa. y for  .natural!���atibl.i", ahd that the   full franchise  be   atiqUirable    _S,A_e   yei.rs   later,,  coupled with property and. other Cj.uaJiPi-  1 cations.   The British high commissioner  regarded the proposal as iusUilicleiifc, and  .made a counter proposal,  which Was rejected.  The report of the breakdown of tlte ne--  'gO-iatiOiis has created considerable  anxiety iu political and official eircleSj  and there is much speculation as to the  next iliove of the British government.  While Great Britain probably does not  Tfteai_rA vai ���ritY"isI=gen:eraliy���tliOuglirt^tlirat"  there will be military preparations.  New Policy For French Fishermen.  St. John's, Newfoundlandj June 7.-���  The British cruiser Counts,, commodore  Giffafd, the flagship of the fisheries protection squadron, arrived, here yesterday  from its first visit to tlie French fci'eafcy  shore. Commodore Giffard is pursuing a  policy .altogether different from his. predecessor.. He refuses.to adjudicate upon'  local civil cases arising- along the  coast, and turns them over for consideration to the colonial magistrates.  Commodore -Gifi'ard also (leeliues to recognize the status of bout fishermen from  St. Pierre, who squat along the coast, and  lie Avill only recognize sucli deep sea fishing vessels as prosecute tlieif industry in  manner prescribed by ancient treaties.  His attitude is regarded as evidencing a  change of policy on tlie part of the  British ministry, and forshadowing a  speedy adjustment of the difficulty. It is  hailed with general satisfaction.  Bank Man Disappears.  Ottawa, June 7.���John F. Henderson,  accountant of the Union bank, and Son  of city clerk Henderson, disappeared on  Monday last and has not since been heard  of. He has been ten.years with the bank  as accountant. Mr. Henderson does not  handle any money, and the manager of  the bank says he knoAVs of no reason  Avhy Mi'. Henderson should leave.  Golf Championship Scores.  London, June 7.���The open golf -championship contest opened- today tit Sandwich with magnificent Aveather. At the  end of the first round the leaders were  Varden, Kiniiell and Williamson, with,  scores of 00. Berd had SO, and Tait, 81.  Park 77, Braid 78, and Hall of tlie Kirk-  aldy club 81.  ti^ff��;b^d?iA\Yb��^ fi'blit  ddinirii'ttee'., .��� _ ���   ������  Tlie 'lirst, jiU. fitei'S" brought np wore"kng*-  geste/iameiidnients to "the -1 iqiior lieense  ���hoi., Aldprjpdp Beer wanted*, a fcifitilsfef  fee .qf ���$|0 charged foi' alj Van_f._r.-ot  lijqttcji' licensqS's butAat thqy suggestion qf  ; -tttl^r.imi-i Fletolt'er it was cle.cicled.to^itke  stqiis- fqr iiiipOSiiiga" transf#r"f(.cj! of ��� $25.  - ^Iclerman Beer al_q thought tljat steps  thoijl'd be taken to, close "tlie hotel bars  and salqqns frrtin 12 o'clock every niglit  Until 0 o'clock the following mqrniiig.  Tl^et'e wasi not .another hiembe'i,' of the  council who fell iuAVith itldernian Beer's  views: and, the matter was eventually  dropped for lacJ-c of interest _q be taken  Up again about tlie close of the meeting  Avhen a niotion Was passed directing tlie  attention of the license coiuniissioners to  the fact that tho hotels and saloons clicl  not qbsei've tlie laAV with respect tq  _elqsing._and_also dii'ecfciiig_fche__attGi.ifcioii-  Re-organizing the Fire Brigade.  Alderman Peer reported that the committee appointed by the council had  interviewed W. J. Thompson, chief of the  brigade, and found that he acquiesced in  the proposal that six of the men of the  volunteer force should, bo dropped, and  that a permanent man should be appointed in their stead to be on duty at the  fire hall. He accordingly moA'ecl -that  William Pfeiffer be appointed caretaker  aud assistant to the chief. This av^is  carried, and tis it result six of the Aroluu-  teer force will be dropped.  Want to'Supply Lighting Power.  ��� '���L. A.  Campbell,  general  manager for  the  West  Kootenay  PoAArer   and  Liglit  Company, had a  communication  before  the council,  Avritten  at  the  request  of  mayor Neelands, in AA'hich he endeavored  to sIioav that it Avould pay the city better  to take power from the Bonnington Falls  company   than   to   make   contemplated  repairs   to   the  city  plant.     -'The-.offer-  which he made to the city Avas that the  company Avould extend,  its  lines  to the  city ancl supply poAver for fifty xicr cent  ���of the gross receipts.    This percentage to  be based upon all 1--candle poAver lamps  .averaging 75 cents per month.     The city  to siqiply the necessary transformers for  bringing  the  A'oltage  cIoavu from   2200  volts to 115 Arolts  and  the  company  to  run all lines.    The  transformers  it  AA*as  stated could be laid cIoavu and erected in  Nelson for $1.20 per light, so that an expenditure   of   $3000   upon  transformers  Avould put the city in position to supply  3000 lights, and increase  fcheVsupply' indefinitely foi- an expenditure of:$l.20 pei  li-ghfei^iTh^Ccqinn  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Along the Water Front.  The water rose 2| inches during the  tAA-enty-four hours ending at 0 p.m. yesterday. The Flirt was at the boathouse  wharf yesterday afternoon. Mr. Busk,  the OAvner, took btick a load of fruit cases  to his ranch at Kokanee creek. Two  light scows Avere shipped for the Lardeau  ri\'cr freighting by the Kokanee yesterday. They Avere built by l.lliot <fc Hale.  The racing fours are doing energetic  practice for the regatta on the 10th instant. A trifle less splashing in smooth  water would be an improvement, but the  pace seems fairly good.  SILVERTON.  Although the management are reticent  in giving information, it seems a certainty that the Avork of erecting the  Wakefield ^traniAvay will be begun at  once. Men have gone up to that property to clear the sur\'eycd line, and a  cook wu_ sent up Tuesday.' It is street  rumor that over 100 men will be As*ork-  ing around the Wakefield before the end  of the month.  A jig has been set up at the Noonday .  mine and is now running. The low  grade stuff, once throAvn aAvay, is being  run through the jig at the rate of twenty  tons a day, ancl is giving concentrates  running 00 ounces silver ancl 10 per cent ;  lead. -..-���'* -�� .  '    7 -  Work on  the  Queen Fraction  is  suspended.     The   Avorkings   are   near   the  water leArel-and  the  lake has  uoav risen  -  so much that the men areclriven out.  KASLO.  boys  of this  good   frame  place   are  hotel    at  The Johuson  putting up a  Argeuta.  The Kokanee came in Tuesday night at  about 7:30.making the run in good time.  She had a big cargo of horses, most of  wliich A\**ill go up to the Lardo-Duncan  country. The tug Red Star took a scow:  loaded,;.'with horses and machinery to  Lardo Monday morning. A big gang of  Italians came in Tuesday night from Kuskonook to work on the railroads up north.  J. B. McArthur of Rossland, managing  director of the Gold Hi lis DeA*el opment  Company, is in town to  meet  the manager,  J.  M.  Anderson,  avIio  is  Avorking  some of the company's property, in Lardo. Y  This comijany has recently made ��*i trans- ;  f e r ��� 0 f. con si derabl e s tock to Man il & Mac- 2  kenzie, and uoav expect to spend considerable nioney in  working <sotneYqf tlieirYt  M#t^n^mi*?ing/p^p_^ -���<���---������������'���      --  D^  _n   WAY."    ���.u"   "-(j]--[nm"D-D'   H.*--,   ."-.^-T:".n.l ..  ^m^Mff?0M^f:'  ��� > ,The"c5,un.cifep'c|if'l^ 'ilipt  Pityi wxkglxmkkWtit the" "(bdrkQEyi^P'riipiv  ���aiicl'Wiu.'d'-S-treij'feV   ;'.'     ..     ".;"���    ".  n .''0'i-i,'ntotion4t'-A\'as -decided ��tpl;ky( afpxp^  tiicti W^t6i(nH#fr.0-p.^I"fco.-^ the. tyidhip". ^tkaiiii  ��Mkwkpy$;AfXysty^ re.toy "tlie ' ��     " *���" "*"*"'* "���""'"'  si'fcle^^ilk'fqir _t'hc{v#e"s. ..sideiqf, ^arcl strefj.fc,  between tBftkei*. ��� ��t*n��tl - .-.^er-ii&n-" ���ktreetS'-.stO'  grade:  fe',.-_ J-.-lfl  &.7;sS^-'  J'-. if'S-f  VOlltiStf^^'^^aiy^^  'On motion _f s.Me*i_*tua-_ ��� :B.eer,��"��s*J*cqn;ded*  f ihldefip-M 'Mdl4$\Tdffi- the ^position -of  of tlte police equiniissioners to tlte fact  that there ai'O ���lUfikel-i'n-t'he-slot machines  running in tile city.  Fence-Viewers Appointed.  John Elliot, Avas present and directed  the attention of tlie council; to the necessity .of appointing feMce-Y'ie\VerB in accordance vvith the ���'provincial statute, iu  order tliat fence disputes could be  easily adjusted. The council accordingly  decided to appoint Thomas _M. Ward,  Harold Seloits and A. 'IS'. Hodgins, provided they will consent to act. The salary paid by statute is .$_.��� per day whenever tlieir services are required.  Fire Alarm System Decided Upon. ���  On motion of alderinaii, Thomson, seconded by aldernuin Beer, the council tie-  ���eideel to call for tenders for the iustalla-  tion of a fire alarm system consisting of  SeA'en alarm stations. Thestationsaretobe  ])ut in at the corners of Kootenay and Baker, Hendryx and Baker, Front and Hall,  Stanley and Silica, Silica and Hendryx,  Ward ancl Vernon and Observatory ancl  Josephine streets. It will be stipulated  that the system to be put in must be of  such a nature that it can be extended as  occasion 'demands.  city'treasitrer Was bestowed' Upon . alderman i-irkpatriek. "  "�� - ���" "Another Fioneer-Dead.  Vf-c?pdi-H,{,.-j!tine Y.-^Peter Tueecii.. at one  time city engineer of" :VVictc.riaf di.ed at  th& Jubilee lloSpttal 1'a.sfc .eye-nlng, after an  iilue..._ of a feAvdays. Leech was one of  the pioneers of the province, coming frqiri  I_t_gfund |n iSoS Avith. the Royal Engineers itndef colonel Moody. For four  years he remained with tlte eoitimand; at  New Westifiiiistej,',_AVlieii Qii__.*jt_' disbiiifd-  ment~~lie took to his profession, and  assisted in tlio .surveying of the route  for the proposed telegraph line through  this province, Alaska, Siberia and l-ussi-a.  The Recreation Grounds Again.  Alderman Fletcher brought up the  question of the recreation grounds again.  He said that the present grounds aynuld  not meet the requirements, and suggested  that before the title to the land in question was passed to the city 'that iiegotia-  tions be opened. Avith the Columbia, ifc  Kootenay Railway Company l"1' -the  transfer.of a, 50-acre plot behind the.city.  This land, he said, could be got for something, like $50 an acre, iind a local;company could doubtless be formed which  would lease from thecity  for -a* term of  Scores in the Chess GaMc.  LONOO-X, Jiuie 7.���Tlie score in the  seventh round of the chess wasters'  tourlianioiifc at tlje 1:30 adjotiriniient today Was: Scbleehtor had beaten Birk,  and JanoAvski had Worsted Tseliigoriih  'I'il.J.si-bui'y awl Cohn hadthcY better ,po..i-  tions in the adjourned games agaiitst  s.lason iind 1a2i.\ whih the uthei' games  stood e\*efi. At tlie evening .ess'io,,. Sho-  wa-Uyi* was benl'cti by Tilisley and Looby  Colin, while Maroe-.er and Blackburn  drew.  P-lk Got His Divorce.  VurroiilA, June 7. -Thedivorce case of  I'olk vs. Rolk came up before* justice  Walkem today. Stephen Polk asked for  an annulment of liis marriage to Johanna  I'olk on the ground that they neither had  banns published nor a license as required  Ity tlie marriage act. The pair had been  living apart foi- some time. The court  declared, the marriage null and A'oid.  Arthur Davcyappeared for the petitioner,  tlie case being undefended.  Ball Games Yesterday.  Washington S, Chicago 3.  Baltimore 0, Pittsburg 2.  St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 2.  Cleveland 1, New York 7.  Cincinnati ~>, Brooklyn (I.  Louisville 7, l.ystnn (i.  Providence 3, Springfield n.  Toronto..1.2, Syracuse K. .  uvula iu-���this_ Aiiib.|p-if��gaji:t4'" ^Si��$-*3i  fjlim l&s:. D ui tdee,,, hi company A _: tltSTcf hi*:  Flvnn, and ArfclnirCn:iniA^  tip Bear creek ii^pee^jlgYl_it_*^aiS^-l^"^  ���Centre SteYCWvv^. _F&ofc> $liUd^ijt:_^^  , and Lucky"Tonkivlbh^  ceed whili f-iU'ther8d��y���elqpt^eiit��*;\;Oi^  W. it ',iacfeqn, ��:U@-Ugf^a!i^|B|s^��  land a-Ud' Tqrontojfand ajdii-ectOi:"' 0fY;tl��,e^|  'Staiidafd' 'Gold Kitties^|iilh'i:t_��c4is, j;j'r |l__J^  cttntp-..inspecting elahusY -       -���"'���'"*   " -"*"*  Finrfley   McLeod,   ^Vcllie    M^BougalK  and Marry JackSOtt   ai'e  dpw-n   fr6ii;| the/s  _JlmirJ3el_Le,_ujjjVil d^b^ise^vsshet'eJthciyu^  have  been   sinking   a fifty-foot  incline    ���  shaft.  jit the Dundee carpenters are bosyafc  the new engine liouse. it is expected .he  m ill wi 11 start up ere long.  1... K. Burns, the secretary of the Nelson .Miners' L/niqn, i_ paying tlte camp a  \*i��.it today. ' '    .  Tin.- s|)ficial cditstables tit the Yin'ti*  mine struck work the other day, jtibject-  ing to do utanuai, labor as. thafc did not  come under the heading of pqiice dii'tiesY  The miners here are very quiet and or*  dcrly, hut, m1. detenniqieil not to yfcop,  less than the stainlat'd tiniou Wage,  $3,;.(J for the. eight'Itovtr sit if t. The  Porto Rico are offering this for skilled  minor- and also Urn TaJtiarac.  A carload of concentrates from the  Vinir mine leave-* for Nelsou pei' next  freight train.    AINSWORTH.  Water was turned in the air shaft of  tlie Air Compressor Company on Coffee  creek on Friday, and it proved a success.  The gauge showed 8*. pounds pressure iu  less than live minutes after the water  was turned in. Special preparations are  beiug made at Ainsworth for Children's  Day (next Sunday). The lately organized church choir is rapidly improving  Avith practice, and will give a concert on  the 15th instant.  SLOCAN CITY.  At a nieeting of the citizens held in the  Arlington hotel last night ifc Avas decided  to hold a celebration hero on the Fourth  of.July, and to invite the miners' unions  froni Sandon, Nelson and Silverton. A.  committee, composed of Messrs. McGalkim,  _..��������,���,_.     r.   ,, York,   Teeters,   Payne,  Arnot,  Worden  Augustm Daly Dies Suddenly. aud Clements, was appointed to  arrange  Pakis, June 7.���Augustin Daly, -thu I for the different sports. A finance corn-  well known'theatrical manager of Noaa* I mittee Avas also appointed to canvass the  York, died suddenly this afternoon. I toAvn for subscriptions. . THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C., THURSDAY, JUNE 8,  189!).  I s  We are showing"  parasols rangTng" in  price  Our   While   Duck  a very  larg*c assortment  of  from   50   cents  to   $7.50.     Call   iu   ;\\u.\   sec   them,  and    Linen   Suits    are   g-oing"   fast.     A  full  line of   Men's   Linen Hats.  Just the thing* for hot weather.  A. FERLAND d_ CO.  I-Iicii. Block. linker SI reel. Nelson'-'  G&Lrdi&fi Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Ne.son Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  Co.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OK 1'VTI.IAS��� Nolson    l.oilj-o.   No.   25,  Knight.--ol I'ytlii.'i'-. mr-i'lsm I. O. (). F. IIi_ll,.:orjior  linker anil Kool unity '���I u-c-ls every -I'lie-day evening al  _ o'clock.   Vi-ilin|f 1'innhi.- cordially inviu-d toalU-nd.  C. -'I'l.NCII. C. C. ��. ItOSS. K. of K. &*- o.  A XKLSCS I.OIKJK, NO. '_<, A. H*. & A. M. Moist**  *if\f -ut-i.d \A"u.l:iu^��iaj in ������aeh monl.h. Sojourning  /���i~y     hr_!lh"-i>n invii>.!.  p-^r^-SI0NAL CARDS  All.   Ht;l_l)lClI���AiiiiljUcal Chemist iind An.-��t.ycr.  Vj< Inria -.1 i-.-oI. NVUoii.  EU\_I'T & CAI'HIE���.Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  eidi-eu block, linker street, Net-on.    H.  CASK���Aiohiter.t .-nil   iii'tKL  next door to NeK-on lilir.irv  Iirokenhill   liloek.  FOR   SALE.  SfAVI.NGJ.I. oui lit and business for salo. The busi-  nes-amounts to between S2.>(. lo.?."C0 ii iiiont.h. For  furl her jiuit iculnrs apply to John Croft, or lo Tho Tii-  bnnc oJhco. ___  FOR PA1.K���A magnificent Ini)>t-ri>ilc edition do Luxe  l.idpalh's History of L'nivi r-al Literature, 25 vol-,  nines, moroeco. C.'.'ish or Installments. F. AV. l'cttit,  room .'1, Turner-Jlocfkh Jilock. ���  FOR   RENT.  TWO six-room cottages en Latimer street, half block  west, rf Stanley street.   520 a month each.   Possession .June 1���1.   A..niy to Alfred Hunker, or Tribune ollice.  ��he ��vttame;:  J-AIT.Y Kdition   U'KKKl.V  Kl-ITION   ... J. just Year, No  l'i2  .Skv_._nt_.Ykak, No. 2(1  TuFi l-I-onoiiiis. is aiV!Utl,ijhat"tlio��"Pjiiift  owners will bring  Italiaii.^tui^-. sli|ij^|j^i^:i  ���-"lians and Poles to work in ���6|i(5|i*f1%'a|^|b'c^^  cause of the r-_i_sa.lhoL' tlid.���]���''^*?glj^��cl^-  employed .to  work for le^S':'l|��_t|f'.|.i|li)a\fl'  " day.    That   will   pimply ['^W��fer|Bj^1.-^  'with Lite policy  of tho  iilfefiV Spoi'jtjbiitg',  .iniiio.. in  this provihec.     W-e. mearf."%y  aliens all operators wlio  live'Otj._s._lp ol",  ..riLisli   Colnnihiii.     -'heirYlJoJifcy   |'s   to  make nil that is possible out" of..the ?pj'Q-  poi'tic.�� tinder their  control. "&k"d�� il ailoro  can h_ nnide hy cinploying^ltajui'til  atiid.  Iluiigai'iuns and Poles thttiiby etji^lgyjltg  -Canadians, then it is only it, c(:ii:eg'tiD;i�� of  rtinie when sucli action wilDbetjtke.n. 'The  enl'orcemenkoi the  cight-ho"iir -law  AV'ill  not hasten the time, it will only give, tun  excuse for hastening il.  ���, . _ .���_e_-  Of the $10,000 tluit will he pit. din real  estate taxes this year, only $Xft0OO7Wiill he  used to pay interest and sinking i'lind  charge's on debenture indebtedness, and  none of it Avill be used to pay tiM.el-_.-S- or  sinking fund elnu'ges on   thg__$_6D-,.Q_)t)' ih>_  Beer Drinking as an Art.  Hamilton Herald.  Wo C'anadiiins are so much accustomed  to hear the practice of drinking beer and  other beverages, malt, vinous and spirit-  ous, denounced as a sin, that it is somewhat refreshing to see the subject treated from a now and novel standpoint. Jt  was so treated by professor Jvoestcr,  principal of the university of Bonn, in a  recent address to the students.  Beer-drinking by German students is  carried to great excess. Drinking bouts  are matters of e\reryda.y occurrence, iind  sometimes they end only when one side  or the other is under the table. '."Professor Koester objects to these excesses, but  he bases his objection on the ground that  they violate the rules of good taste.  Here is part of his advice to the students:  "Drinking is advantageous for the onlivcnmont and  refreshment ofthe organism ; it widens the heart and  the brain. It i.s likowi.se profitable to the social organism  when it adds to its cheerfulness and health * " *  In the rules of drink there is charm and witchery just as  in the rules of poetry ami of (hearts. .Just as in poetry  rhythm and mot re give to slow words energy and mot ion  so do the metrical rules of drinking give a flow and an  animation, an intellect ual mobilization to (ho spirit tin!  EASE AND  COMFORT  Hay be obtained by using a  HAMMOCK  DUBING   THE   HOT   WEATHER  NEW   STYLES   AND   COLORS  A   CHOICE   THINGS-   FOR   THE   BABY  ASK   TO   SEE   IT  Thomson Stationery Co., LM  _-T__.___SO._sr,   33- o_  benture indebtedness created this year.  With $00,000 boi'i'OAved money unci $00,-  000 current revenue, surely the eomtcil  will be able to run things so as to wipe  out the alleged overdraft, of $.109 loft as  a legacy from last year.  U-JTK city  CfMTiictl  have   fixed  the  tax  Ttl-o  for   this,  year  at   II.   mills  on   the  ���'.ollai', iwr iitcrcaw: of three mills over last  yejtr.    A rmbatii of one -mill will b_ allowed for pi-oiiipt payntenl., as w'PH done  hint year.    I.u.sfc year tlie hs���sc_ sniel'tt 'foil  tptklled $1,000,000, ami the tax rate Was  JO Milfe (allowing for  the  rebate), whiyli  gave,   the  council  ft   revenue   of $|)000.  This   year   the   as..es..iM.nifc   roll   totals  $1,600,000, and  the tax rate is li>,  mills  (allowing for the rebate), whieh, Avill give  the council a revenue of $10,000.    'jlMiis is  as This Triiu-xk said'. It would be.   ft is  increasing   the real estate taxes 75 per  ceiitj AvhhJi is not a  good; iidvertisement  for Nelson, henvevernmcli joy it may give  the council in spending it.  TllFi Tninvmc believes that the council  has made a  ntistake in  raising the   tax  rate this year.    Nelson  is  attracting the  attention of the capitalist and the liotne-  seeker, and a. high rate of taxation is not  attractive to  either.     Better loAver the  rate so that the loA*y  pre-vides  sufficient  money to pay   the  interest   and   sinking  i'uiHl charges on the debenture  debt, and  no more.    Drop   the   general   rate.    You  .should be able   to  get  along   without it  this year. ���   .,.'...  Dont  By priqQ alone in your drug buying. Looking  well to .uajity mean. -ulMaotory rusvills^-incans  -ecuring the remedy that best fullillH the purpose  for'which you intonded it. l?urity, finality, .satisfaction, aj-e tir.sl.. eoiisidoreil here, but always a  pri_u _lij.it, wlakow Uiu p.irel_!ine fti) econo'iiioat one.  ���A IJi'ico that, means i-bitieUiilig to you. Ono package of our  will (invito ono rtlMrt, of I'lto best Klli'ing t.oniooit  this niarkBt. nlid ,is niif!(i,u._lleil for nil blood, Iii or,  sltmlaeh and ktd'n.j'ti.'Oiil'les, i.ntl the pi'fee is  25 CENTS  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  I_I_V_I'3-E!I_  Corner of linker and Stanley Streets, Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nolson.  .MEA.iS AT ALL HOUItS. DAY OR &IGHT  BAI-KltY IN CONNKCTION'  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPlCClALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOYKD  I-.      H"CTBRY,     PBOPBIEI'OB|  SQUIKE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing: 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOR SALE OR HIRE  life of the drinking bout to whieh students are diivrled.  Rut metre is the art of nuasuro, not a training in unrestraint."  Here is food for relleetion by our Canadian advocates oi total abstinence a-iul  prohibition. Instead of "putting themselves in opposition to other people's  thirst for beer, how would it do to so  utili/.e that thirst as to. make it the  means of inculcating the principles of the  True, the Kenutiful and the (Jood? AVe  know of several people iu Hamilton a\*1io  would be glad to assist personally in  promoting the cause of beer-drinking as  a line art.  H!  mws BAY  INCORPORATED 1670.  1670 1837 1899  THREE IMPOIJTAJ-JT DATES  1670 Hudson's Bay Company incorporated. ...  1837 Our Gracious Queen, Victoria,  ascended the throne.  1899 May 24th, Ave all, prosperous,  happy and contented, unite in  celebrating her Soth  birthday.  May you enjoy your holiday, yo'ur  picnic sandwiches, salads, pate de  foie gras, etc., and return on May  25th, better satisfied than ever to  homemade bread.  Memo: You will if you use  "Hudson's   Bay   Patent   Flour"  * & 2?=* 2"**=- ��=*=* S^�� ��"  &*��:^ &@e: e^e^fef- -5-^r- ���_?=" ^^ ���--  --^-���^^���-^^^^^^���^^-!^_^^f^^:SS!!S;^.^.s_.(=*'.^.(^.��  W  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  TVft  %  B  B  B  B  ffl Men's Alpaca  }l, Men's Strav^  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  Tliese goods are the proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Blaek and Brown, the newest  shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection.  blouse  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  ffl  Hudson's Bay Stores  AVcsL Bakor Street,.      Telephone 13.  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  in white,  fawn, green, and blue  The above are the goods you need now.   Come and see them, buy  them-and enjoy comfort during the warm weather  b:  ffl  VICTOBI-A   EUOCK,   E_____Z_i!_S.   S __���_._:_.--IT,   IDTEI-S��__**__   _B- C:  To come in  our establishment  and  look around  We always have  the latest  styles in footwear  to show you  We  would like  to make  your acquaintance  and introduce  .you to our  SHOES  ^  iis^'-a^i  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  m  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BBAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  _?_3T_,__33?ia:0-5TE!  35  Duriiifr tlie, season as-c will tie-  liver ieo RI. private residences  !in(l bu.-iiK'.ss bouse- daily in an}*  desired nunnlily .il. e.us-onniljle  prices.  ABKUDl.KN BLOCK.  Oui* fli-St kiln of brick will by r&uly for tlelivory about  tins ls6 61* .lillie,   (,'itll at our oflluo tin' pPSimh.  ->_i'_*ti_f��  _!.��' ihrtntli of Jufto wo will deltver llmo ill  HiUititfen of -Woli.ty h\.g\'& and over aj,  ���flltUtlf.  s p 100  F1KST DOOR WKST HAN1]. 11. _. BUUjDIXG.  UBSGF{iBE FOR SHARES  Subscribe for shares in  Pleasant  Valley   Mines,   Limited,    Cariboo.  Now   is   your   chance,   as   only   a  liraiteel   nuinbei- will be  placed   on  -sal ���e=='herep*a-n d-nvi 13=soon=be^  to  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  MorchuntlNc hauled to a ml from do.sofs; bus  ini.'l . all irnins and boal.s. Speuial alteiilion  '.iven l,_ tlte transfer of bas-'fjaKe. Otlico and  Muble . on Vernon -.trect, opposite The Tribune.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to bra llwl-olitss  wheehvrit'ht.  Spcci.il attention given to all kinds of repair-in.' and  custom work from outside points.  Sfjop:    (fall Street, between  Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Lawn Supplies  Hose, nozzles, hose tripods, lawn mowers,  t��artJpP .siwoysir and water pipe fittings  of all ,1-inds. "        :   ��� * -  Turircr & JJoeokl't block, Nelson, 1). C.  \\re have two bif? snaps in i'-ivl nstate  (Veil and��� tfet) pa.rtienlars. .  The West l^ootenay Brick.& Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. O. I*R06Tdi., Manager  If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, rvmde flf the  best cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order  with me.  Six hundred dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.    I guui-antce satisfaction or no sale.  Money  Agents foi* 3Uellor's Plate Glass ami  Lloyd's j.i "  'late (ilass Iusm't._ini_.  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Klines And Afining Stacks Customs Broker  R1.AL KSTATK ANJ-> OKXKI1AL. AOHNTS  NOTICE  SUITS $25  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Mills & Lott;  J. R. WRAY  W. J. ASTLEY ��& CO.  . lioats built to order.   Kepairing and   fitting a specialty.   Sails made and rigged.   Kishing rods and tackle  - ,   ,  _  rigged.   1'i.sliing .  mended... At Government wharf. Nelson.  Wo have a fine assortment of woolens always  on hand.   Goods made up at the shortest pos-  . sible notice.   As everything is kept and made  on the premises, satisfaecion is assured.  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON    .;..  Although tho Lines & Hiuuber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our. list.    Lot?)   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE .ft O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Removal Notice.  John C'boldilch & Company beg to announce to the  trade that tliey have removed their headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, where they will for the future he established. Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  . they have secured temporary quarters in the warehouse  of Turner, Beeton &������ Company-oil Witter street, where  they will be pleased to receive their patrons.  Nelson, IS. C, May 17th, 1800.  JOHN GH0LD1TCH & CO.  JtiDICIAL SALE.  Pursuant to a judgment of: the County Court of Kootenay, holden tti -*ol--it. entered on the 17t'h day of .Juiiu-  ���iip.v, A. 1'. ISO!), in theconsiilidfited notion of .1. !���'_ Holden.  William H. Hurison.Christian Ulben, AN'tlliani H. VV*right,  and W'llli.im JI. Warren, ph_inti,l!s, iiguinst the Bi'jglit,  l.'r<jspeet:s(.old Mining1 and l)u\plopMiciit Cbuiiiaiiy. Untiled Unbilily, d.if��;iidftnts, being plaints Nos. >l(ii/!)-, KiS/ilS,,  ���ilil!/!)-. UiT/'US; and -IfiS. IS HlcfQ will, bo Otrered -tor Sail) by  palilioaueiion by S. |,*. Tilck. Sheritl'j,,4i.t thu court Imii.se,  in ,1'ltu uity of Nelson, at 1,1 O'clock in the foreijocm, on  Thursday. UteStlt day of Jttiie, IS*, all ittifl Singular ihe  nlitierftt o'.aiui ''The Northern Ughf," situate onxlt_ south  slope of the Center li'orkaf li'orty-rwno Crook, and itdjoii!-  ingthu lUbhiiigs minei-al clalin on the soiitliwes)/corner,  teiilg in, lite iVelson ^litiiiisy UiVisiou of Uritif.h CoUuiibia,  Igeaf.bd Ui- iilh day of .Maj", IS!i., and recorded I.h��� fiili  ���iltiy of Msiy,. ISI7.      ,  '('lie )>ui'cmis.1' shall pay tiig p'tirebaso inbno}* into Cotirt  to 'Mte.eredit of the said consolidated action pn tlie day of  sale;  J-dieditl. .Nelson, H. C, tlii.-* 22nd day flif May. ,180!).  -��� -      ��� k: t. ii.snvn'KiNs,  Hegistrar of the Co&nty Court of ICootenay. holden at  Nelson.  George Holfopook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt at tent ion given to all orders left at ___: DesBrisay &CoV_ IJaker street, Nelson.  TON MSTAUMNT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Let^us==PuUYour^Lawn-Sefvice=in=SK^^^  BROS,, Pliinibe^  Opera, j-ouso liloek, Nelson,  WOFkiS  j'.I.'.NtJI-'ACrU'l.UJIfe OK  *BK--lN3_i'S. B<-I1.,3.RS. S^AFTIWG-t, IRON AND  BRASS _ASTIKIGS OF IBV-IR*-* t)ESeRIPTJ0-_.  Uopiiir.'promptly attyndod tn,       P.O. Hex 17,.:  B     Vff Wtf_    ^,54     *U0_  GENERAt TEAMSTERS  AGENTS foi .  The Imperial Oil Co.   Staqdard Oil Co.  Washiqg-On Brick at|d lin\e Co.  The H. W. f/jcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Arit^a*  ci.e Goal (Hard)  Dealers It)  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short .orders   at   all   hours.  BQARD AND ROOM  Kirst-class board and.room. Todd's, old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��1, joom and board $5  iiid ��5.50.  A collection of fine IJolgium Canaries for sale.  :.-. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  STOVEWOOD  Giw's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  R. REiSTERER & CO.  HRKWEKS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery tol.he trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  ^��^t��i&��ii.rf_.s _..'s*��� w THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1899.
all paid
up,     -
•Ion. GKO. A. URUMMOS1).
ROYAL, President
.. .tiennral Managor.
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      ll.t'J'OHKH  IW    	
LONDON   'ErtKland...   NBW   YORK,   CHICAGO
and iu tlie principal cities in Canada.
Huy and sell Sterling  IC-chango and Cable Tran'fers
available in any part of the world.
Now York Sun.
"J hate to tell this story," said the man
from Long Island, as he raked his chin
whisker with liis fingers. "It's a tale of
deception and the betrayal of the confidences of faithful, hard-working creatures.
"Well, to boil it down, it was this way.
A thin-faced Yankee moved over from
Connecticut bringing with him about
fifty hens. He fixed up the old barn on
the place next to mine, which he bought,
and he installed the poultry, with three
or four arrogant roosters, in this here
barn. He gave out, although he . didn't
talk much, that he was a-goin' to run an
egg farm. He called it an egg ranch. As
he wasn'-t sociable to,any large extent,
iind was in the habit of drinkin' by himself, nobody paid .much attention to him.
AVe let him potter around and just formed the conclusion that he was a mighty
mean man. And, by ginger spruce! he
was the meanest, low-downdest cuss that
3I've ever run up against, and we have
some pui'ty mean members of the tribe
over in Long Island.
"Well, things went along, and this fellow—Perkins was his name—rAveut down
to the railroad station everyday 'n shipped his eggs to N'York. One day Sam
Martin came to me and se/., sez'.ee:
" 'Joe, how many hens, has that 'ere
Perkins fellow got layin'. fpr him.'
" 'Well, I- didn'tV"kn6w\: exactly, but
Vilier    "-   "   ■-"--- " -   -■   ■ ""■■ "
,hni§ _ _c-jifi&ile;?so> whezfe "'ol"thhndef dljeB lie
fk    nS£n.%D« a "J. **•*_,"  " 'a    n      n        **      ° n     % '   ■ ° ' °     " E
\gqt :0iM , ••; .   y     ■""',"■:
^■■_'°- li^p-^-tn-tilie"'-. rfc^tli^ ^^i' -iyiE^oupSi; Saiii
:jy4sY-iiliS°tn;keh-,,"nb.tii'. "'.he ilex!" (lay L was
*a_ iot]"oi".ci'-herl."" S/tteYeno_igh. Pei*kiu§
_s)i:f|)p,e_l:'1-i!t)d"ii,-)°,iiwe]vlc;" -®.b&&d Bg"g;_f*1}0".the
, nui\_k'Q,fc''    n -     ..."
.7 K_.oWj ^ouifolks^vho'live- up here Caii't
^b'ink ltqw th:vt Perkins' egg situ/.-ioii
•_ijtf*iker^tl*!„Si' - "^fe fe_o|^3^.'*t^lfel.-f*4_iii'j|1"t:fcsi,-
r_-ihi,._jli:1:siq;vi#)bles°WP^7lo?l;".Igiii of, !h'
a*\y_' diflli'f "dp anfthing.hn%tklk tibOxii the
:3%i'ki'us egg ontput %yt4r.iie .aiXdlu tlie
■^bgtoiYicei at liiglit;. Rimeby it, "game to "a
fjii-isisi     The strafn   was *vg_ t_ ifi'   too
lt_.ea.vy. We Wei?-, losiu' sleep Aver the
I n^attei'. It was decided tluit We must in-
|»ye._tig{vte. We ajJ|3<Miited 'O, oohjinittee
jiVild- we. it; out tri Perkins' Jilaee.,     But t\o
jof.-Iljttbarn?   Nkfy
'W. felt bad oyer ouv throw-down for
\k -day or- two;till flmvlly s6Uiebody ■stiff-1.
Jgested: that I'erkins Intel cast a spell oo
jthe ly.ns. The; thing |ool_ed stiperiuvtur-
|al, unctinny, you know* so to got at tlie
[gist of the *wh6j_ tiling we tlecided to
[sneak out to tliat barn some night about
[midnight. Well, we did, ?n I'll nevpr
[forgot that night till my dying day; We
jsneiiked tip to the barn, 'Everything Wit.
|;rjiiiet, V- we dklii't 11.at.icp tjiCit he jam
Olpctric. light Ayii'es fi»om the big hotel into the barn. HowesQiiievoi'i We got bold
yri one of oiir gang threw open the barn
"Say,   geutloitieSi, it   Wits the saddest
Islght of my life.   I've seen deceived W*o-
Iniqu ami such, but  this beat 'em all, for
1 those hens w_)'e diuilb creatureiS.    What-,
jer think this mean cuss of a I-'erkins had
1010116?   Well, he'd hung up painted scenery, like ye see hi theayters, all round
I the sides of the barn, to look like landscape.   Then froni the middle of the roof
lining   down   a    dozen   eleetrie     lights,
'Around   the sides of the barn, iu their
boxes, set the most woebegone, dejected,
wornout set of hens you ever saw.    If
you ever   saw agony   in a   hen's face it
was there.   "Why,; tliey had almost  human lines of cave writ in tlieir faces.
"You see the game of this Perkins party* was a slick one. It was this way.
He'd turn on the electric lights for four
hours 'u the hens would do their duty 'n
lay their usual eggs. Then he'd turn off
the lights, 'n the hens would think it was
niglit 'n go to bed. He'd let 'em sleep
for four hours, 'n then slap would go the
lights again, full glai-e. The misguided
hens would think it was another day and
strain themselves, work overtime, as it
were, and lay another egg apiece. The
poor things didn't know how tliey were
Is f|OW prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^orj District.
fooled, but they knew something was
wrong, 'n the appealing looks they turned to us made us almost cry. -Say, some
of those fowls was on. the verge of
"Well, we held our indignation meeting the next day, 'n the result was that
this Perkins feller moved back to Connecticut to dodge the cruelty' to animals
Fable of Two Gamblers.
Sir Charles Tupper in his speech at
Ottawa on the redistribution bill dared
sir Wilfrid Laurier to leave the constituencies as they are, and taunted him with
being afraid to submit his claims to "the
electorate as it existed when he obtained
Once upon a time two gamblers sat
down at a table to throw dice. The old
and experienced gambler drew dice from
liis pockets and dividing, them said: "I
will throw with these and you throw
with those."
"No," stiid the youug gambler instinctively, "let us use the same dice, or, let
each use his own—I haA'e a box of good
ivories in my pocket."
"Wait. I'll tell; you," said the old
gambler with generous enthusiasm.
"We'll do as I said—I'll throw Avith these
and you throw with those and we'll keep
that up as long as I Avin, but AA'hen you
Avin you can change the dice any Avay you
like.    Come on now—here goes."
And at it they went. But the old
gambler had loaded dice and Avon hands
doAvn—he avou all the money of the other,
aud all his jeAvels and clothes. Things
looked very bad for the young man. He
spoke of suicide and of murder, Avhieh
the old gambler declared to be shocking,
aud bade him play the game like a gentleman.
Tilings  Ave nt from  bad to Avorse, and
the  loaded dice never failed,   until by
some strange chaiice the3r tumbled wrong
side up once and the young gambler Avon
Xoiyrk fhdty yb'ii^viil: °S^dt$ffe^^1^^rg^ii%pf,--
l-"<jirt"V°fvthe°B»*jvihd-6w^»"      Y.Yv    °° '".... ^ ,••",'•
...-. i^d)i$jyem04ie.o hdy.,gah0lpr.. ("t'l^owl
;(doS kuro.vyQ.u'YiteAV ofieSiare ijot;a„s :%i_li
Vatf. tlie" ■Ofih&£§$.  (<BPnies,- .uQAVis"let Y*as 'ea,c"|ilD
Jk^ep tli!e?ud|c0 Aye;,haJd°b'ef&Ve.J    Yoificah't.!
bgat fme.fagaih.  .)^;djtdasseh't.try!l y:jBk\k.,
'■- spprt^coihe bu-^g,i\**®',iftfe7io^4|ci_'._J_i _i' ti;y„
mea^ain\" =       '.y, '   -    n      ""_„■. . .-.„ -.  V
"Noutkh$$I''hteplidd.-he "yQuiYgag^mSier_^^
;._*iijgitig°, thd bell Icir 'CJi^nip.agueifitfd^i'Ei^,^
Avliidi he "had "begUh id tlnhky ANf<Suld;b^
foreyer beypiuic|«his„i'eacli,     "JjFo," he saifl
iHim|na-f'iugly, "as near as 1 eixu tell,- not
■kky.    You!ri2i_ „'It,* as "tliey -say.in the ex-*
citing, gaiiie oJf ti.g."
A Moyie Mine !3bld.
. _rloyui(_t LQH<ier, Jijnft1 *>M. .„ .
Yestei'daiy .the Li-ka Sho_e niiue AA'as
boiided to tl. 0. Ifrf&yrvy of Iiossland, lnan-
ag'ing director of tlie Ca>U.d:iaii ©old
Pields. Liiuitedj for a consideration of
$125,000, The bond- covers a; period of
nine mouths. A cash jSi-ymeut has been
Avill be made six aud nine months from
date, respectively. The former OAvners
retain the management ofthe properly
until July 1st, although the receipts of
all ore shipped betAveen now and that
date Avill be applied on the bond. The
Lake Shore group consists of the Lake
Shore, Menlick, St. John 1. motion, Dude
Fraction, Jameson, Trade Dollar, Lake
VieAV, and a controlling interest in the
Baltimore. All the claims, Avilh the exception of one, the Baltimore, lie immediately to the south of the town of jMoyie
and skirt the lake bearing the same name.
The Baltimore lies just east at the St.
Eugene. The Lake Shore Avas located
July loth, 181M, by Charles ftirrell, Tom
Racier and ,0. J. Johnson. Johnson's
share Avas shortly afterwards purchased,
and Martin Koley, John Day and T. B.
Murphy became interested. The other
chiinis in the group were located during
the past five years. The , Lake Shore
mine i.s.traA'ersed by the St. Eugene load,
aud. Avith the same amount of development done will, no doubt proA'e an equally
valuable : property. The Avork done consists of one 170-foot tunnel,. tAvo shafts
iind a number of .open cuts. There is a
fine body of ore  in  sight in each of. the
different workings. The ore runs about
70 per cent lead and about 45
ounces of silver to the ton. SinceP
the first of the year 250 tons haA'e been
shipped to the smelter at Trail Avhieh
netted the owners about $30 to the ton.
SeA'eral hundred tons of concentrating
ore is also on the dump.
Joint Dinner, Toronto
C.    W.    Hti.sk,   : Ivokanee
It. McUitlrc, .Molly Gibson
I', A. _\lniiro. New Denver
Miss Gillis, New Denver
A. Ferguson and wife. New
II. P. Christie, .Sloetiu * "it y
lloberl. Irvint.  ICaslo
J. II. CI ruy aiid wife, Knslo
\.V, F. Korrler, Hosslaiul
Krinik Watson. Spokane
lt. K. Krotvii, Victoria
A. Jacksnn, Spokane
l<\ Cuskel, lie|>iiblie
.1. ll. Walker, i.osslauil
W. H. I'ool, Ifevi.lstoke
A. O'lieury. Kernie
JI. .Marks, Moiilmil
F. Urainwood London." Kng
O. Sweeney, Vancouver
Jlrs. Allison, Vancouver
•£3-f3 •C3'c=3-f3 • £3-iS>'£3^ffi-£3'^3^l-c.
J. .1. (.'.'iinpboll. Mini  Creek
Ij. I1'. Mroivn. ICuskonook
J.K Kennedy, Kuskoliook
G. Garinley, Slocan City
A. McKinnon, Slocan City
J. O'Ncil, Sandon
A. Hobiusoii, l'ilot Buy
A. H. Dockstoader, Cody
A. Anderson, Cody
M. J. Ifalnin, Kaslo
II. J. Wright, Kaslo
N. Martin, Spokane
AV. Carefoot, Spokane I F. V. Stimley, Ymir
J. Spencer, Ymir | Isaac Hall, Itobson
L. H. McC'oll, Winnipeg E. Smith, Sandon
J. Higo, h*ort William
N. AleLco-l, Princeton
J. T. Moore, Sandon
F. A. llcan, Ainsworth
M. McAndrew, C'ody
A. McVicar, A'inir
C. Foley, Ito.'sland
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
local and coast.  . ..
local and coast.
Stair Rail
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
of all kinds.
If what you want is not in stock we will mako it for you
The Tremont Hotel
In our Dress Department we show an unbroken array of
Black ancl Navy Serg*es, Black Crepon, Biarily Whip Cords,
Poplin's and Sateen Victorias in  dress leg*hths ancl whole pieces.
Our Hosiery stock is well assorted in Silk, Cashmere,
Lisle Thread and Cotton. These goods are the best German
make with prices
T__3:E__\__S   0__-S___
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
P. Burns ct Co.
y.'2. °.?__it_,siii__st
:&T$: "typ$$0(k" L iili-bjer
,|-il^f:'tn(| , „
feline -fdstl ;an'd* ^icke-S:
Office and Storfe l^ti-rig^
One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
__!■., «tA "-y ■ ■2Yp"-%n'TVt"'   • y- " yy - •_■ IVy Y4"
_D    n^-Vj? ,||   °nDnDtf nVf, .0   J^DJ__   H°e.'n     "%D%^n  -°» °   " \° -
^ lEJ:e,e:i?i3.i,c fty..- y
Meat Merchants
Wholesaler Markets ai|.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade
City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
pr-mpstly\orwarded Head Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay ButcherGoi
■ .&Sj_$-_l
$-pf ■y.,yi:p.yi'?.iM-. ?.t■-,*■
• Jiarge, coiiifortablc ■ bqdr _6m_ Silict' fli'-t-glffs.. tliiiing
rjooni. :S!Hnnpl&v_:p"on}_ IdiucpnVmereia'iimdiii   "   "  .","
■KAGTO'riy. WOltK H-XK
■id: ORDKifj
luatle July lst_ at wliich, tiiiiie Mr. Drewry
will take charge,   .fl'lie othei7 ljay_*a0flti*.
parso95 produce Q>,
We lire receiving daily tlircct froni:
tlio growers consignments of Straw,
harries, Cliqiric-,, Jiananas, Oi'iirigcSj
Jjouioiis, etc. .".end us your
standing owlcrs.
Tine Tr_«d«* 0«ly Supplletl
SceoII Saving
lantl Saving
wrdi-olbes alid
^eperal Joinery. Wofk
Glass of all Sizes and Kiiids
* y.. y"„':, •:yy.fl •/"■&%;»;'&i"(i->.y^tvSSkv " JZS~<:.".""&■&-."->■■« ::y«^:»-#^;;:_^«_,#;^yyy^yyyTyi
Sawmill On Government wharf,
Factory and pfllco, corner Hall .street and G.P..11. truck
Parsons Produce Co*
Nelson, li. C,
It yon want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for
spring and summer, I have over 500 dill'or-
uut patterns of Scotch and Knglish Uvceds,
which I will jiiake to your order at the low
price of — S25
Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at _-_
Black serge suits in sack or morning coat.. $21
A heavy  Scotch tweed,  nice patterns  for
business suit  .818
Trousers at equally low prices. _ it and finish
no better in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a
specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.
Stevens, Tfye Tailor
All parties having accounts against the late Walter S.
Aslipitel are requested to send tho same to the undersigned, at once. JOHN It. ROWLKV.
Nelson, 11. C„ May 20th, 1899.
A largo stock of1-Irst^lass dry ■ilatci'lal on haiid, also
a full llti. of sash, doors, moiildlngs, tuMied work, olc.
Yard:   Foot of Hendryx Street, Nelson
Telephone, 0i        Jofafi    Ra6,   kgOTlt
Headquarters for
\{. D. HUME, Manager.
The finest hotel in the interior.
Large sample rooms.   Stqani heat and eloctriic light.
r. ^ s°a ta„ .
J. "RQ*E.°ERfi_'l< R,CiBefe?t'§0^»l''G6j.fe^al\Mnagfei-\° mf-i   o-^i_*n'- a"
Is now prepared to buy al!pGlasses df silver, gold, gil^er-leatli 'lea^ancf'"
eopper ore_. The careful attention given: to large Gohivratets vyillYlae. ext&ncfedj
to the small-st shipper.    Prompt settlements and  choice of mode, of samp I-"
ing=guaranteed-.       ==^ 7 =■     ' .        ■-■■■■■    - -
Address all comiriunica.ions to drawer Sr N'el'soni B. C.
ROSENDALE, Purehasii-itr Asrerit.
O. M.
The Qidy hotel in Nelson tluit Has i-ymaiiiwl under ong
lnar!_igemqnt'iiii.Vcu 1890.
Tho bod-roomi. are Wf3U filriiished and lighted ity
TliodiitinK'.ooH] is ntit secohd to any iii ICbolenjiy.
Tho bar Is ahvftys stocked by the bast (lomostic and
iniportcd liquors (ind Cigars.
TTroXIAS JlAbDWK', I-i'o|irlctor.
Miss Tipping,
ihe scalp.   Silica street, opposite Kiiglisli church.
A, graduate cf Toronto,
General Hospital, does
all kinds of nursing,
massage, and treating
Wc make a specialty of
Sljipiap ai\d Double Dressed Material
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Ofiice and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEKR, Agent.
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds oflunibor
out to order, and shipped to Nolson in carload lots
Write for priccn..
Two and a half miles up the Otitic, from Nols.n.
-DtiPTVA rrilTUC! i     Spring Chickens, Freslj Cream,
OIJ_UlALllJliO;     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.
AH of which arc from the ranch bolonging lo the hotel
A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and
enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or
restaurants'at Nolson. Good stabling.. Open day and
night.   Can be reached by either road or water.
WILLIAM 'KOBKKTS; Proprietor.'
Keeps a full line of
And all other brands of th_
AT KAv7'T(»llV I'lUClCS
5* a.
^_.x,n. E:xiTr)s on
ICv-crythiiiB Urst-class
Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Rates §1.50 and §2 per day.
J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.
Largo and well lighted Heated by hot al
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric bells and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
J. .V. PERKS, Proprietor
Free bus-moots all trains
. Hourly street car to station
Revelstoke, B. C.
J^^IWr"^- .-      .**-_ *l___KJ-*-*VX__*"*
liaker street, opposite poslotHco, Nelson
bcieo- avc-^iDsoisr
Kootenay EkM. Supply and Construction k
Ooinplete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lilBhting far Mines, Towns
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Eltc.
P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. THE TRIBUNE:   KELSON,  B. C, THURSDAY, JUNE 8,   1899.  OOKS  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries ofthe best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.       _  W. F. TEETZEL & CO  CORNKRRAKKR AND JOSKPHINK STREETS. NELSON  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Dominion Day Celebration.  The thii'ty-five-hiindrcd-dollar murk  has been reached and passed, and all that  is wanted now i.s a report from each one  of the special committees. The drilling,  hose cart races, baseball and trap-shooting committees have sent . in reports.  The following-nanied firms have agreed  to take part in the trades procession,  namely, Keisterei' <fc Co.,"Hyde, Tits-worth  k, Co., Tribune Association, Kred Irvine  ��.v, Co. and l\ Burns 1V1 Co. Tlie following  subscriptions were received yesterday:  Previously reported    $.':..I.'.' i:il  I'tini-in Alines, Limited           '.'5 li.i  G. W. Iluli!  5 no  III', l.nc.liltle  ."> Oil  .). A. |)i:u.ir& Co  fl i 0  O. A. Ilimt.-r  2 f.lt  will, if the present efforts succeed, be at  the AVhite Pass on the east, and in the  Chilcoot at the points where the Canadian customs houses were established  about eighteen months ago.  Total  $:_,;*_(> I iiii  See  GILKER THE FURNISHER  FOR  Summer Shoes  CANVAS OXFORDS  CANVAS BALS  TENNIS BALS  In all colors, white, gray and tan.  FROM  P. 0. Store  Up  $125  ��    NELSON.  The body of A. V. Neville, the Crow's  Nest .Pas., bralceinan, who was drowned  on Sunday in Duck lake, opposite Sirdar,  hits been recovered and forwarded to  relatives in Winnipeg.  The present sitting of the assize court  will put from .$2000 to $3000 in circulation. The petit-jurors were paid oil yesterday, tlieir services in the aggregate  amounting to $900. The men were paid  upon the basis of $3 a day.  The contract for the machinery for the  Duncan Mines' twenty stamp mill has  been awarded, to the William Hamilton  Company of Vancouver and Peterborough; D. .1. McNally Avill have charge  of the installing of the plant.  Peter Lamont, secretary of the Canada  Drug & Book' Company and manager of  the Nelsou branch, left last night for  Regina tb attend the annual meeting of  the company.  Court Kootenay Belle of the Canadian  Order of Foresters will hold their annual  'church parade to the.Presbyterian church  on Sunday, June 11 th,*; where a special  sermon will be preached by Rev. R. Frew.  An invitation is extended to the members  of Court Kootenay of the Independent  Order of Foresters to join in. the-.parade.  The members of the Dominion Day  invitation and reception committee are  requested to meet in the city hall this  evening at 7.30 o'clock. Every member  is expected to be present.  One carload of machinery has arrived  for the sampling-'works', and', another car  is on the way...'...Contractor' McNally will  start today to install the machinery.;  3. F.-!Armstrong of Fort Steele, who is  in* Nelson ���oiiJbfticiar-'-b'nsiii.ess, ''-Ysf-ysYifchaj*'  ���*,&(.*; _.v��">YV''->^___-."> ___. .y,u&fy*i'*��\: y-y. y^iXmivz  Six Test Races Arranged.  London, June 7.���Arrangements are  being made for six test races to take  place during the month of July between  the Prince of Wales' cutter Britannia  and .sir Thomas Lip toil's Shamrock, the  challenger for the America's cup.  C3  CD  _E  ���ssi  CD  CO  ~J  l.u  __���  as  Q  LU  _e  CO  f���  09  m  V)  -H  3��  OO  p~  CO  =E  m  o  CO  oo  CO  O  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C,  DEALERS IN  ardware  _>T_  THESE 'GOODS we are  -''    Bound to sell wljile  they remain th- patterns  of the Seasoi*..   We prefer to. mark them dowr-  i|oW, arid let our regular  custorriers have the advantage of _|j. cuti tsdky  ert_]an have a slaughter  : site sorhe mpnths later  lo make  room for fl-w  goods.    Our display   of  Rugs "and  Art  Squares  is the finest  ever seen  in  Kdoteriay.   Tfyey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  ih  buying from  us you  are   virtually   reaching  headquarters.  "A_3  "Aitctibri  Piiees"   .liould  be left alone.    Ah   auction  price means tho  highest price -njiichTijkgV  = Iiltrchaser caajTbe-lutliiced-to pay.  New Spring Designs  In AMMiH.stei's of the best qnality, with or Avithout,  boi'ders. Biitish and Cjihadiaii makes.  Brussels ;amd Velvet Pile  Suitable for drawing-rOaSn.j diniiig-roonis, lialls or  -.toft's, with oy without borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   itrt   scjrtares,  Japanese   srjuA'!���_..   and   l'llgs,  Sjiiiyi'na aiid Tecuniseh i-ugs.  ^i-hrerfv-yecyr $gfe ^^:^.^>..5l^-->^_'t��'f;  .rt%&-#Qifc*t^  :fxfd20,1 .^M, kntie\ di��.0"u"t" l&fyjfcti ":��df thjy  1 ���ijlfii^fi;vgyffilfa^^(^ty .^b)| tov^-Oc.. �����" "��� .  ,���>,���;��� ��       /.*.-%' Y**-Yf YYwt "J"-',?: -���.���:������','' (;"     ������     , "���.'   "  "y"y"r-  \\^^d'^e^^^^^'''''" "'   *"'-'  '" ���'<2;^5|fe-^l%��'|i'i��iet^=j|tiil^a*>0^il't1-]^'. px^  t&tjjM^^ the*  I offer the largest stock in  the Kootenays, wholesale  and ���rv.tail. Call and examine. Special attention  to.watch repairing. Watch  attention, careful, experienced, painstaking attention. Attention that will  keep its fine mechanism  in perfect condition. It*  doesn't take much oil to  make it mark time, but it:  must have that mite, and  have it at the right time...  It is our business to correct all difficulties about a  watch and make it keep  correct time. If not worn  out,, weYcanY_do': it. It is  our ambition to add to the  reputation we think we  have in no "small measure  al ready establ ished of do-  _*J_,  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Brill Steel  %  WOCi  MATERIAL  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Wooden ware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON ST0BE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf  .f.  night, "fili-py "*vj]|p:' _toj_*retiu't_ "and, -.tltftil!  'pav.eiits (Htd.-fri^ji-jJs .epp)unpnpei. to servi:.^  3f0_ ^ehji^id^-(^i'QlxrWafe k����i3> .pp $K  40 Different Styles  Of baby carriages and go-carts to select from.  Miittau chairs and rockers.  Furniture of all Kinds_  Is advancing, and notice to this effect has been  sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Having a large stock on hand we will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  competitors: We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  D. McARTHIJR & CO.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets, Nelsoii.  ,1-  -  ; rightxfevyii. -o."Pilotj iBayj's^opplijg tliere;  .overaigiitandbVeohiiiig baefc-to>Ka_lo��"  next niQrhii%  Tlie LeAiatJian ^lining Company ik  meeting 'with good eiieoui'jt'geJn'eilt in -he  xlevelopniou1r-o�����thel,r=ijropert.>*~*=_.:hey  have a well defined ledge Of ores six feet  in A\idth, wliich, s_lthQugh not giving  very Jiigli values,, ;giV0.s 'every evidence or  givhig good -values at greater dep,*fcl,i of  gold,: copper a nd silver. A gahg of men  are at Work now sinking a 50-foot shaft.  The annua] meeting _>_' tlie fcojnpany will  be held on Wednesday, at whicli tfie  directors expect to pool all stoclc, AVith.;  tlje ohject of taking ft. I shares out of tlie  market, except treasury stqck, which will  bo sold at p uniform' price.  Maskan Bbunclary Cpmproinise.  Wa.siukgtqx, 3uhe 7,-t- Nothing is  * known here officii, ily its to'SfJlat progress  has been made in tlie ncgotiiitious at  London towal'd reasseiiibiing the Canadian -joint high coin mission. It is known  thatthe arrangement of a niondus vivendi  to govern the relations of thelJni ted States  and Canada on the Alaskan boundary is  receiving a great deal of .ambassador  Choate's attention. The basis for the  ���temporary delinttation; of the boundary  in the neighborhood of the passes leading  into tlie Klondike from the Lynn  canal  C. D. J. CHRISTIE  GENERAL. BROKER.  J-llfe'" :*%Il.C: YB_%_lS^^p;$i_'iDK^i'i^B'"!  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening1 the weary ean find rest  by reposing* in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  j ��.i ���_��_,&_.' s7_"��.*_:,_"V���?-���v__,* .'���-".yy.."iSs-efp'fiy'-'i'i-y �����"::'.- ���jswft".*'.^."."%��'__,___?'".��.-.i*  S0>l_y! .1-20,-" _3iik<5r; .8.reeffi."bet.,'v,ocii!f  ....     ,rf    -.^       ...    ��� n " p^fl      J,     .. ���     "*_   _   _#_        . _���  jscphino -aiftt."  ���*<���'  - Ay.S'wf. ttec" s .7 :y.sy. '��� {5S,fti".?:v." ������*���*. - ,*"��������� ,-$sm,:  7:50-.-?r:_4j#i,kgfe^^  *��,.-(;i:cei,4��- "v*- -f-"-'" ��� ��� "*.,?. {.i'-'j". _ s.=.....,". .���,*_*���'....."..,..:,_ ._7b,"...��.��1500'.  7a.t_iy>l%_5rfko��f,i:eoo6sl)r|;_^^^^^  I y%tiv"6tei,ctirncr.$,?,.������.',, - .;.>!��.. ..,.���":/r*...;,.j.1.7toS, - ���-  &��bj��J_0��a\'itlrSiinpi'ovoniojlts,,"south"i*iftc���tof ^Vcrnpii/".   '  Y.sk*ccti ������". yv.'-Yy-y^-; - ���j-y^y^yyy..��yy:!i^.ymb<  50-lJr r4'J,JvitlBil!JproVcniS0i��ylg; soul.li $}dp -Of yomjoil       ,.  .��� "-tr_o'.>.��.j]Kvu;r y!.y..y.^y,i y.y.yy.(,.y,x-y.ii fmo,  2a-fe4<lHl*3,l>'-e,ht,i, _ <5.bc!a!�� "$t iilly'^ti'iviShea jfeij jt; \X. iiM"  , 2*"Ta._ vlUi.-ofei"^  ���   st'Vo-bY,.,,.":.,.;.  ,v...._���.   ��;....;.-,35fl&  ��U_&__Mfc1i .ottjrigf. rdntcrt it'tf *5j,"s pt-i' iffou't-li. yictoria "��������� ���_  ,*" m-ohb,-,.yr���y..-......,".,;."��.;^. ��.,..".;.��:.,.j\.',3:..... 2?xi)p  \2,lofe..vi'l-h -_t.(>v_csi'ciit;c(l __ SiypdfSiiont-h. StSuiley "    ���  ., jstou.:............ . - r.. . .7 -..,.,... _ -k. -..,".. .7.1..-1 Y,>.. ^..*3ooa'  'C'lolslhfblbi'Jc \il\ iill���g]ciii'C(l"ana MncctriiV.. ..... .,a_500;  "2-lpt.  ���no  room Ti'o.nSe _ml'1(Jlots ti'et, 61a "ifi q-L-I_'_.r|L..... .��...  Joi.simid iiftj:ipwrvon.(!i'its, 5_.li_ ji(ltof*-0'\s-s, 2,bp!_or_iO..  ���wufeoiw*, feletglw. lmriMSsis.. ffinl'.'Cvofy.UlJiig -iii coii-  .ii)G_liibij"s>viUi Hifi'i'i'*-milk r.in.(_l).,.Y. Zf J*.-,? ".��.,   S5QQ:  'Wi' feoiiei'ftl !Iiifon;)i;tt.i��in on��� cdjil esWIte a nd for Cwlolicr  pflrtii-ilUH- 6" duovd ft__p-_ty npljly to  l.cal. febito Wi_4 G(?neml A'goii'Ut. PakdrSI... >*qi_ori  TH0BOAL WIT II  Corner lltvkcr and Ward, Sti'cct..  mopmy: -"But AVt5Y_f;!j^h_^ w^Clu1vpl<e-isje. n^ia����.i_^-wB.4-ay!_��;l_-:i^^  Bi��e nt Men d"s la -ihooso (fcoiii .ir ���'��� 'C^ijl and v^e. di&i V ���. SV_.i||t_ii "im- ^rhGckiss^^  Don't forget Ave..ai-- the leadil.s:. ht)ii��e' airdf _ai!ry���-tlxev:ik^  Nelso-n '-6f 'GrocerieSj.. Ur&cke,(y, "��� -6|e..- ��� f'^p/'W^o:'.' ^oiBY-ffrad^i   ". . \ . "V;"'.; ^  Kor Slrawl-errfiis  aiid  other fniil,_   in SorlSon.  your ofdur.   Proui^fl dclivory.  Hazlewood Ix?e Oreain  lee Gream Soda E^iid  All Kinds of Soft DrihKS  l.e'avo  MIL__S <Ss LOTT  Agun-t;. .for Has-loSvoos. loe C'fetjin.  T  ; Twenty g*ood stonemasons, at  once. Wages Five Dollars per  day of nine hours to first-class men.  Apply Nelson Saw and Planing  Mills, Limited, Nelson, B. C.  Telephone 1C_  Box K & W.     Baker street West, Nelson  .... _ .  Very Busy  ���w~  FOB STYLISH MILLINEBY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  GALI_ ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK STHKKT, NKLSON  Ice Cream  (HAZLEWOOD)  AND  ice Cream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT STOfiE  KroHh Kniit rcci'ivod daily���:'"  Nuxl, door'la NcIhoii Winn Co. ��� ���'  1 uluphonu !i_. JIUM1-IIIKYS & P1TTOCK  FOR RENT  FOR SALE I  A 7-room house ��30  A o-rooni house :   20  A largcboarding-hotise doingi.ood  business, centrally located.  :_?_ _E?,OBX3Ntso3Sr  (I.x-Shcr'll* of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Postoflicc 3lo._ ,."_ Nelsoii. 11. C.  FOR SALS  BY   PRIVATE)   BARGAIN  Real estate in all parts of the city.  LOANS INSURANCE  TEN DOLLARS REWARD!  The above reward will be paid by The Tribune Association, Limited, for the arrest, and conviction of any person steaiiiK a copy or copies of Tim -'l'mituNK from the  pri'inisFH of any purson or persons who are subscriber., for  Tin: ThiiiunkY  2G Draught Horses,  12 UraiiKht Mules.  11 Pack Mules.  13 Pilck Horses.  The nbovo kUkiJc is in llrsl-class condition and perfectly  b'Okcn. The vendor can furnish if desired complete ri_-  gimj- for pack animals, also ban.ess and wagons for  balauco of stock.  Apply to "T. G���" Albert Canyon, 11. C.  Notice to Contractors.  Sealed tenders will bo received up to 0 p. in. Saturday.  10th .June, by the undersiKncd for t.hc cx.cuviil ion and the  basement walls of the Uurns Mock, on Uaker street.  I'lan.s and specilleations ean be s_ en at. my ollice.  The lowest or any louder not necessarily accepted.  ARTHUR K HOUGJNS, Arcliitcet.  This week filling orders  No time to write ads  Will see you riext week  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, 11. C. ���       '    .  XjQuIAL  AilMllllJj  1 FBED 1 SQUIRE, Baker St. Neta  The -upply is limited, so call early and examine this Htock.  Have just received a cousi(.nmeiit of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot, Harris, Scotland.


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