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The   ratepayers  yesterday assented to
three of the four money bylaws submitted to them by the city council.    They
did this  by  a   vote  that    need   not  be
questioned.     When  two to  one  of  the
people want a thing tliey  should   get it.
Two to one of   those  of  the "assessed"
owners of Nelson   real   estate   who took
the   trouble  to   vote   yesterday said by
their votes   that  they   had   faith in the
city council, and that they  were  willing
that they  should   have  the spending of
.$.■0,000   on   the   waterworks, $15,000 on
the  sewers, and   $15,000 on   the electric
light   works.      Alderman    Fletcher will
now have a chance, as chairman  of the
public   works   committee, to  prove that
lie  can   spend    public   money   to   good
advantage,  for  it is generally admitted
that   since   alderman    Hillyer   resigned
he   is   the    council,   tlie    others    being
mere   pawns   to   be   sacrificed   at   will.
Alderman Beer, chairman of the finance
committee,  has  made  two  or three attempts to "down"  Fletcher,  but  he has
always failed, and judging by the result
of yesterday's vote on the civic building
bylaw, alderman Beer might .just as well
couple his resignation jis chairman of the
finance committee Avith one resigning his
seat  in  the council.     Fletcher  and the
little coterie that get tlieir inspiration at
"The Club" defeated Beer's pet, the civic
building bylaw, not in the public interest,
but merely to show their contempt for a
man they call an "eastern Canadian upstart."     But,   somehow,   these    eastern
Canadians upstarts tire good stayers, and
Beer may yet be mayor, before Fletcher.
The election passed off quietly,  and the
result is given below:
East Ward—
Sowers bylaw. No. 'IS	
Electric Liglit bylaw. No. 3(1	
^Waterworks bylaw. No. 40 . —
Tramwav bylaw. No. 12	
Gas Works bylaw, No. I'l	
Public Uuildings bylaw, No. 41	
West Ward-
Sowers bylaw. No. 38.	
Eleetrie Light bylaw. No. 3!)	
Waterworks bylaw. No. 10	
Tramway bylaw, No. 42	
Gas Works bylaw. No. 43 	
Public Buildi'-gs bylaw, No. 44	
Sewers bylaw. No. 3. 7	
Electric Light bylaw, No. 3!)	
Waterworks bylaw. No. 40.	
I'ublie Building bylaw. No. 44 .....
'•■ -Tramway bvlaw, No. 42 7	
Gas Works bylaw, No. 13  '.,	
The Day at The,Hague.
The Hague, May 29.—Tlie drifting
committee, or sub-committee on the arbitration committee, met  today  and  dis-
n9ussfijl • „ the^ Bnsjiaii YJcjieine, ..^Ippi^g
TUESDAY MORNING,  MAY 80,   1891).
.. 173
«o    1"
... !I7
.. 121
... 75
fef^i^ailtK-li!^ iwtep
1 ./-calls ali-tfj %ubi n i ttfi'd ^aji, -_ aineiid 1iifn t _d e- ■■*
^auidiof SliaiAh M:^_e# °,pi- pay.dMlitp-
$&tXy2eekfli\$h" nations each .si#$uid -eliopse
'_■-   «.*   77t»!*» $   -"_ ** .a"'""__    • <•    j."' ii.'..'].-, * ■ A;.,  _ ,-■,*••
.D»_an0theimiation.,tp'< arct together as, arbr-
': i;t_ja-t.gi;sr tO'B%ttJ;e7th;(jn."'flH|^i:^ii'_ e nv_.hqu_t?'
•Y^bl^d&hed'..  This i>u1i^*fe.%idJi°^^;&ib>jTpjLjUtfecTI
iM^Vfe'-tlti'on iVlbi.i-na'l aWM"_h- ;fiui n ^i'lUet.catls
°: ^v_i:il7uii'i.¥i-li!tcQ ^iHng'^ljLe^vf^]^ _ - -
; .^%.(_^.feiil,i^""|iv^(^ :hi^-$lS,,ti icl^i-6
* „ iffieyiding that ikkdikt'iOjx apd ai*bibi*a:_lon,
," slxali liot stop "mobilization or- "Preparations for xvin\ Neither the Amei.ic"a!,i nor
i Italian amendment has yet * --beeji dis-
'' 'ensued.
; _flie_uaA_al and military see.ions Of the;
disaimianieiit/ferinniiittee both met today
alid' excjianged■'.', ideas hi -a,, desultory
■ uiannei:. „ The" hh**lre;s_iom gains ground
that the otit-Oiiie of this eojiimii.bee will
be pi.aetl:c_ifly nil.
The (Jubans WeaKen,
Havana, May 20, —Today's events Jit
T.oiuiection   witlF^-he   payment   of tlie
izes the imposition of a retaliatory duty
on lumber from any country or dependency which may impose an export duty
on logs. The increase will apply to lumber of all kinds imported not only from
Ontario, but from tiny other Canadian
Admiral Dewey Closely Guarded.
llONOKON.', May 2!).—Admiral   Dewey
shows great   improvement  already.    Installed  ..spaciously  Jit Peak   hotel,   with
lofty windows that catch every mouthful
of wind from the sea, he i.s losing the air
of languor that he wore when he lauded
from his blistered   cruiser.      It   was rest
that lie needed—rest and a cooler air. He
is getting both at the Peak.     There  are
no disturbing factors.    It is here thatthe
English      officers     and      tlieir      wives,
the government officials,, the   rich   merchants and distinguished travelers take
refuge from the  heat  and   noise   of the
town.    They all  feel  a deep interest in
tho hero of Manila- bay, but they respect
his       desire      for       quiet.       He       has
become     one     of    themselves    already.
He has dropped into his place in  a little
community that'really resembles a liouse
party at an  .English.,country  residence.
Strangers cannot intrude upon him, however.    The government detectives see to
that.    So do the detectives hired by consul-general  Wildman.      If  the   Filipino
junta ever meant more  than   bluster by
its  hints  of assassination,  it has   been
thoroughly cowed by the British police.
Howard Bray, the English confederate of
the insurgents, has been suddenly stricken
dumb.   -So   have   his   American  fellow-
seheiners.   These people received brusque
warning from the authorities that if they
did uot behave themselves they would be
treated  to a dizzy surprise.    The Filipinos themselves were similarly cautioned
and are under close surveillance.
The Maybrick Case Again.
Washington, May 29.—Secretary Hay
today said that he had no official communication with ambassador Choate ou
-he subject of the release of Mrs. May-
brick from prison, and had received no
cablegram from the ambassador on  the
V _S*«.9V*
Cuban troops entitled to apply here for
a share in tlie American gratui ty, have
effectually killed off the opposition to the
receipt of the bounty by privates. In
American military circles it is considered
'that a fine start has been niade, and that
the'opposition*is defeated. Three hundred priA'ates art-iyed during the day to
apply for payment. Many who brought
at'ins Wel'O not on the Mil at all. Ninety-
, iiiiie t'ifles were surrendei'ed. Most of
tlio applicants declined to take any
chances In turning the weapons over to
the mayor of Havana, evidently believing
it would, be better td give thein direct to
the Americans.
M, Do Beaupre read his report amid
religions silence ancl in tones of singular
clearness and distinctness. Tlie most
characteristic feature' of his address is a
scrupulous impartiality. His first day's
task was to summarize the ground and
to classify and explain the documents in
his portfolio. Tomorrow he will give his
personal opinion of the matter, but his
aim appears to be to let the evidence, as
far as possible, speak for itself. Only one
judge is absent, owing to illness, and the
general belief is that revision is secure.
To Retaliate Against Ontario.
Washington, May 29.—Senator McMillan of Michigan had a long conference
with secretary Gage today regarding the
proposed imposition of a countervailing
duty on lumber imported from Canada.
Senator McMillan, on behalf of the northern timber interests, strongly urged
early action, and if the attorney-general
in opinion holds that under section
105 of the Tariff Act the secretary can
lawfully impose a practically prohibitive
duty on lumber from the Canadian provinces, such action will almost certainly be
taken.    The section in  question  author-
- f Qr^hei^rel-asei-bu^^
;pre-ya,i-Ied,Y r-!a:udv cilie? •y.eifprty.: 'failed.:8
■ o ■ I?a_isY%ec„6__e_ ^eai^:;d-»:I>rey-us. ""   "-'
iip,peiCi'.s: t"o°p li&if§l ,^ft „M^°^i. ow^df''."^^^-.
tluefngt  any   ulijisual ve*pileiiient.° V-The.
_£_£)■_'■-■■ in - theY^oi-ir'ib^ -pf 2ea^shtibii)kjld. all
the .asp-'c'-S-"pf, ,-a ^sotemii* r.eiigioils cpre^
.■[irey-'ehKhe "„o|c^e^^
tions "prov-d* qilitferiuiiieee^sary.   ;Nbtl_-j
ing ijidicatdd that anything jiiitisual had,;
happeiveclFiji; tfife-a._sei_ib1y, ° Amdiig the
Slnali audience  tll.rt; cquJcI ;be. adeoiinnO-
ttated   Were   general"Chanofee.   |oi_:u©r
inlnister of war,,: aiid, the iilothev of Dreyfus, who was dressed in hlpidkf
A Town* fbr Negroes Only.
PrtiNCHTOX, Indiana, May 29.—The
negrosettlement at Lyles—ii ve mi le s west
of this city, inay becoiiie a iown of eoii-i
sidei'able importance ruled by colored
people. The ColOi*ed M-chanics' associa-
mombei'ship of 500, is devising ways to
colonize Lyles and make it a town exclusively foi? negroes. Joseph Carter of
Louisville is president, .aiid $20,000 is now
re«*idy for investment in purchasing
lands. All products are to be sold to
colored persons only.
Will Take Supplies: to Peary.
St. Johns, fr-wfoimdiaud, May 29.—The
sealing steainer Diana, .which litis been
charteol to convey relief to the exploring
expedition under Lieutenant Peary during the coining. ..ii-minc-. will leave for
the north about July 15th, proceeding to
Whale Sound, where it is expected• she
will coinniunioate with Liofitetiant Peai-y's
steamer the Wind wal'd, which lias passed
the winter in the Arctic regions, if all
the objects of the expedition are successful the Diana will return here about
September 15 th. ________
Don't Like the U. S. System.
Lonoon, May 30..—The Standard in an
editorial this morning on the Alaskan
boundary dispute says ; "Lord Salisbury
would be justified in refusing to assent
to the American demand that the umpire
in an arbitration of a dispute should be
chosen from among the citizens of an
American state. It is to be hoped the
conference at The Hague will establish a
permanent arbitration tribunal, before
which the United States could hardly refuse to plead its case."
Tramcar Accident at Seattle.
Seattj_b, May 29.—An electric car containing tAventy-five passengers was run
into today by a Northern Pacific train,
killing Emil Broad, a clerk, and injuring
.fourteen others. The .severely, injured
are: Frank Hofeltle, broken leg aud
other jn juries, aud ,K. K. Hope, arm
There was a race for the mining recorder's office yesterday to record some vacant ground between the claims comprising the Inverness group. II. C. Campbell-Johnston, who has taken a bond
upon the group for English capitalists,
gave instructions to the surveyor, John
McLatchie, to stake any fractions which
should be found upon surveying the
group. It happened that Harry Atkins
was also on the lookout for vacant-
ground in. this vicinity, and he and Mc-
Latchie's man staked the ground'about
the same time. Atkins was tit the record
office first, and he was just completing
his record when McLatchie's man put in
an appearance. The ofiice clock struck
nine as the latter entered, aiid he demanded thathis record bo taken at the
same time as Atkins', but this the recorder refused to do, as he said the clock
was three minutes slow, and Atkins
therefore beat him out.
On Saturday 98 tons of coke taken
from the Crow's Nest coke ovens were
forwarded to the Le Roi smelter at
Northport. The coke had a customs valuation of $498.
The Hall Mines smelter made another
shipment on Saturday of lead bullion
and copper matte. In the former shipment there was something oyer 40 tons
which was"-valued at $9468. Of copper
matte there was 42 tous wliich Avere
valued at $11,900.
Dr. Doolittle, who is-operating the
Venus property, will make .a sample shipment from the Venus as soon tis the new
trail is put iu. He has already some fifty
sacks of ore taken from the four-foot
ledge upon which the tunnel is being
driven, and by the time the trail is
ready expects to have another 200 sacks.
Sample assays upon this ledge have given
an-average value of $20 in gold and the
result of a sample return will be awaited/
with interest. *
P. J. Russell, manager in Kootenay for
the Parsons Produce Company, has returned from a trip through Washington,
Oregon and' California, "where he litis
made arrangements with the fruit
growers of those states for regular consignments of fruits. I<\>r some time past
this trade litis been handled .by local
merchants through Spokane jobbers and
the Parsons Produce Company now proposes to enter the field dealing direct
with the growers. With this end in view
the company will next week open ti retail
fruit depot in the opera house block on
Victoria street, and give their'-patrons,
the advantage of dealing direct with the
Henry F. Cummings, who is now a.
provincial land surveyor at Fort Steele,
is iii Nelson for the purpose of giving
professional evidence in the Cranbrook
murder case. In bygone days Cummings
was a competitor wi th Thomas M. Ward
in the mercantile field in Golden and the
pair spent yesterday in figuring up -Avhat
it cost tho people"of Golden to deal with
Victoria Times: Sydney Toye, the
manager of the Golden Eagle mine, left
this morning for Alberni, taking with
him a party of Kootenay miners to prosecute work on his property. Mr. Toye's
experience in the Kootenay has led him''
to value the type of miner who delves'in
the earth there,'and the present detach-'
ment are trusty fellows ' upon whom he
"can-depend. He says he will push the
property for all its is worth this year.
Miss Amelia McLaughlin, of Port Hill,
Idaho, arrived in Nelson on the steamer
international yesterday. She will sict tis
interpreter in the Kootenay Indian
tongue in the murder case of the Queen
vs. Phillipps which comes up at the present assize. .
James Daniel Gordon, Canadian customs officer at Tobacco Plains, is in Nelson'-.renewing his acquaintance" ' with
Nelson ^pioneer merchants who .wore in
should become productive this year, and
tluit will help the country out wonderfully. So far every dollar that litis gone
into the Boundary litis been a dead dollar,
or tit least a case of suspended animation.
And the aggregate of tlie capital invested
litis been enormous, larger than has over
gone into a non-productive district before. Things are quiet in Boundary because the strain is becoming felt. But as
soon as returns begin, it is in for ti great
Governor Macintosh" is expected back
on Thursday. It is curious if he has a
big purse with him that no word of any
financial undertaking of such magnitude
has leaked out. The only big thing on
the stocks is the Standard'Exploration,
which YVhitaker Wright is floating on a
lucky bag full of West Australian properties.'- It is possible, hoAvevei. that the
Standard Exploration is going to invest
in British Columbia through governor
tas-ay -^o-iulf;"^.. .; Thpysamples ,#ffi$A
ited'.-ai". magpeiiip.irol-i^, wiljL i'qp'p_i*°it-3^1'-»
gold; iiiterspersecl"A\?ith quartz, and" took*;
well., _■■•." ° yy ° ':■ ■ • ,. • ',
, ,__-irt%tn'-(-{tn^^ to
dp, assessment wqi;k" up Poitpiipnie ereek :
adjbii,iii.lg;tli-e Q^ieeii... *•"'.„
7 Y'jivyJirg^oul/fitlfp-tho deve"loj°pi'i-ieu"t of
tli©' BuX Ilopi„;grahli. ,0*o©ral*ecF "by" the'';
Siihcoe" Gold MIniii|? Cojiipauy left" town
today under the superiujendeiiee of Tom
Woods and W. F. Edgar, At this property the directors htlve deteriiiined
upon extensive developliient aiid ship-
piiig operations this slimmer.
3,■•']__. fancier, president of the RosSland
& Ymir Mining <fe DeVelopjiient Company, apei_{,./U)g the Bruce group,, is in
town ou business iii connection With, his
Eugene Croteau is down, from liis
clainis, the Belmont gi'oup, up Wild
developnient work. He reports that
e\*erythilig is looking well, and the cabins
are completed.
A large 'amount of development work
AA'as done ou mining properties iri the
vicinity of Fort Steele during the past
Aviittei*. aild tlio majority of then, are
Showing up Av'elL The Big Chief, situated on, Boulder' creek, a tributary of the
Wild Horse, live miles east of Fort Steele,
Avas bonded a few days ago by J'.. C, l_gan
to eastern men for $10O,«.OO., 'Two hundred feet of tviiiiieliiig has been done on
the property. The lead is now ten feet
wide iind tile average of four assays
gives values of $117 in gold. The sale of
the liig Chief has had it stimulating effect
on other properties on Boulder creek, and
representatives of several eastern companies are iioav .-making examinations
Avitli a view to purchase. The prospects
tire that a large amount of capital av! 11
be inA**ested in the district this season.
The Chicamun Stone, on Bull river,
fifteen miles south of Fort Steele, was
bonded last week by the locators, Robinson and Johnston, to Spokane men for
$40,000. It is a copper proposition and
has a lead of tAvo feet of clean high-
grade ore. There is one hundred and
fifty feet of tunneling and a thirty-foot
shaft on the property.
On the'Estella on, Tracy creek, sixteen
miles north of Fort Steele, 700 feet of
■tunnelling has been done, and there are
over 200 tons of high-grade galena and
copper ore on the dump ready for shipment as soon as the Ava.gon road is open.
Alex Poulson of Seattle is the owner.
Canadian   Pacific Above Par.
Mo.vtkuai., May 20.—Commercial cable.
.$1.S1 to $1.88 ; Canadian'Pacilic, London,
$1.01 j!./; • ' -' ■-■ .'- " '.-■- >'-':•'.'
1-^_^:%To& #i^te^biiV' tKi t 'Aidjf 2
:gxqiyi^-skfv^e§y:ai -the 'elppydh• d%f\ ■ ii\iy %eY'
f,gi*,iyjS_ wSlCbe/'|jO}"idwe.ecl. .f>y _ /tex^. Joffii
i^obsoii,,-,   „ ,      „ . ■   .     .„._.;.„..      Y- - ''"
, V\J'.„^VY^iui(5l)j,,iAV4u:i,fbr,seA'ei';ii ye-ti^'s.pasli
■' .has "heeil i|rOyirteitil •Sftiisttiible" at ^Asi^is^**
A\*Qi.-th..-i_ls reslgiiM his- po^itioiiv lll_ei_.
ii** now lio coustitbje resident at 4i.l»-
lAforitli,/ind ^ijie chaiiceS, are lio oueAyillbd
'ap'poi'iited-.   n ■ „     °     '       , * '
- . Pi^)A**iueitil cOil^table "Desllt'ilay, Avlinse
headquarters hjifrcs beeli at ItoJisoti- litis
been ,apj.-oiiited" chiof of the IJroviiicJal
police at At'lii;i, City. He will leave foi'
the Coast on Saturday a;iid- take the first
steanier for Atlin. i'roAriiicial constable
Poi-'ester \.vil.l 'succeed, DesBrLstiy :at Robson.,
Tlijere are quite a nUinber of tile prov-
iileiiil police force iii Nelson on business
ill connection Avith thotippi'oachirig assize.
Attioiig tlfeiii ai'0. constable Btirnes of
Fort Steele, eonstablo Morris of Cl'tin-
bi'Ofik, constable Devitfc_of Ti-aj],-BB^y
"ftable=i=Poi'lJc!.-F of "Npw DeiiA'er and
constiible Forrester of Brooklyn.
C. M^, Edwards, who for several years
filled the position of chief constable find
nuuiiig I'ecorder at Fort Steele,, is in town
tiAViiiting tlie heal'ing of tile .murder trial
of the queen vs. Pasto, in Avliiek he is to
be cfilled tis a Avitness. Mr. lildwtirds i'c-
signed his. goveriinieiit aiijiointiiieiite
some time ago aiid is at present representing the Gi'aubi'ook Townsite Coin-
pan y at Cranbrook /during the absence in
Euglftud of V, Hyde Bnkei*.
At the lleX;t nieeting ofthe city couneil
the application of the Salvation Army
for permission to break the fire limits 'bylaw will be considered.
As swearing ..and the use of obscene
language has become too prevalent upon
the streets of Ymir, aud a source of continual annoyance to ladies, the authorities haA'e decided to put a stop to it, and
section 207 of the Criminal Code of Canada Avill be strictly enforced.
It is raining hard here uoav.
"A. W. .Hayer, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, left for Trail on Friday
to occupy the pulpit there oh Sunday..
The Rev. James and Mrs. Hicks returned
on Saturday from the Pacific Coast. They
were greeted on the platform by. quite a
number of friends, and the sei'A'ices in
the Foresters' hall yesterday Avere largely
D. A. Cameron who Avas expected here
to spend the 24th did not come any further than Spokane, having been recalled
to Starbuck on account of two of his
Avorkineu having been droAvned, but he
expects to be -here about the end of next
An assault, case was up before tlie local
justices of the peace this moi-iing:—that
of Louis Blue Ars. George Klayeua.   From
"'. i)k 1$:$md$y" fn^iilglr^^-feJ^:" "3".]
(B7 Kekiipfkl hJ&nel%ini-J.i^-^l|6tii&'"4h^'
'Otaa^lP., 4wbliii,ig:"°l^us^j^4_kjltuy„||e-
°£M\nioil;_■" -sliajity.^^J$keyl\iy& ^tarjted; (at
a"l_(-U;t7tin'4e^_.°fn.V'i'n "tl-ip'pl|te^jyjf|il|J„;khQp,,Y'
"oxxfl it loojc^jis'^hoitgli fp. flhkh dPiid *fifjf'
sOilie- holio* OX' „driinkej.r ..ilitin," .Ayj'iiJ.. y-iigjl't
haye b-ehYsi|,.epj^
Jittl|_! '\vi-Hd>- hard
as< t,l-tei*e'"i:w|i'SV "\-fery
enough: t67" i$!i\ ""idif .SpiiMss', whf&li, nikyy
have 'ben(3t. "loib °hx tlie f&rge 'p&or ""%&
previous evening. As the build lugs 'Were
■aii small1;. -h&_fes&-was. iroj> very he_ iv^the.
tottul A\*auld"";i5i'tfba^ly-bo. ^$M0. The
biriidingsAve^e situate on wlitlfc is k:u*own
as Ktiiie's ""Aexdr direefily at the head of
Shipments for the week ending Satur-
rlay Avere 2354 tons. The large drop is
due to the partial suspension of the War
Eagle mine.
The weather is intensely cold fbr the
season, Suoav showers are visible on tlie
hills and in Rossland itself cold rain aud
wind are tile order. So far we have had
two isolated spring days.
The following extract from a letter describes, tlie position of the market in
Montreal, the promoter's Mecca at the
present time: "Montreal is already
loaded up to the throat AA'ith mining
stocks. It i.s extremely hard to get people to go into anything at the present
time. The banks will not mako any
loans on mining stocks, and in fact are
calling up many of the loans they havo
outstanding. IiiA'cstors here during tlie.
last fortnight haA*e been pretty hard hit.,-
Everything has gone in sympathy, with
New York." *'./.■."_.,.*;:,;.'''. .
With due allowance for enthusiasm, the
Boundary country is going to make a
great change in British Columbia's tonnage.    There are four or five mines that'
Front 'strgetj, aiid there-is a big -I'lrs-cr of
buildings rail.cl-ose 'together which Avould
probably kh hkve, huriied had, thei'-o been
juore Wind*. "The nearest Itw-ge buildings
are the Bank of British Nol-th America
and McPhtiii'.. block-.
..acting.a bad element to Kaslo. Last
week someone broke into tlie cabin of
the Hcvculcs and stole .•_ suit of clothes.
Another gang, or maybe the waine, broke
into tlie Kaslo & Sloean depot and robbed:
tho till. And on Friday ■night a uia_rr
tried to L'orCO an entrance into _a;idwrnian
Twiss' house, but wa»s 'taught and ttlken
to tlie lockup. The perpetrator., of fche
other two thefts have not yet been
caught, ■
A nieeting of the license t-oimnission is
called for .Tune 15'tji at Kaslo to cojisidei'
the following applications for liquor
licenses: Arcliie Metclier, l-ifdu; C .1.
Ctuiipbell, Uulicaii City; ,1. McKicrmm,
Lardo; Ralph Bradford, Lardo; .1, G.
Devlin, Duncan City:; \Vr. H. Bell, Argenta; Hector Peiric!*, DuuciM City; OIo
tjl'viu, Ltiitlo.
Clarence 3. McOtiaig and V. Beverly of
Montreal registered at the Ktisio last
week. They tire looking through the
district for opportunities for mining investments.
J. C, Eaton, former part .owner of the
Whitewater mine, who sold out at sucli
a good profit to himself, litis again added
to his wealth by disposing of tho Madison
claim, situate near the Last Chance at
Sandon. Mr. Eaton sold his interest in
this property for $20,000 to an eastern
syndicate. lie still litis some good properties left in the Slocan, wliich are likely
to prove as profitable as the others. None,
of Mr. Eaton's friends begrudge him his
good hick.
The steamer Ma rum, litis been tied tip
by .the., authorities, owing to some teiii-.
pbrary ' trouble over her papers. ^ The
owners 'expect to resuine their run this
week. ,:
Ernest Stonhani has arrived from New
Voi'k to take a position on the local staff
of the'Bank of British North America,.
The following have been drafted for
service on the grand jury for the assize*
which opens today : John Bannerman,
Henry E. Connoii; M. DesBrisay, H. J.
Evans, A. C. Ewart, W. A. Jowett, N. T.
Macleod, Thomas M. Ward, William J.
Wilson, Fred Irvine, II. R, Bellamy,
Charles Hillyer and W. P. Tierney.
So far there are some thirteen cases
upon the civil list for the approaching
assize. The case of Macdonald a*s. Hart-
man is an action to recover the price of a
consignment af groceries Avhieh were sold
by the A. Macdonald Company to the
defendant, bub which Avere lost iu the
Ainsworth disaster.
Darts A's. the St. Keverne --Mining
Company, is an action to determine
Avliether or not a mineral claim may consist of more than one piece of land.
Armstrong vs. Richardson is an action
OArer the Erin mineral claim in the Illecillewaet mining division.
Anderson a\s. Bolandcr is an action for
money due for a tunnel driven upon the
defendant's mineral claim.
Kelly vs. the Hall Mines  is an  action
OA-er the expropriation ofthe land co\'er-
ing the Dandy niineral claim for the de-s
fondant's tramway.
The case of Alexander  \'s.  Heath  audi...
Heap is an action to set tiside the  sale of
the plaintiffs'-,interest  in   the   Pontiae
mineral claim, which-.at present is being
operated- by Frank Heap.
McMillan A's. Sandilauds is an action
for an accounting by the defendant as
assignee in his dealings Avith the estate
of McMillan & Crawford of Sandon.
DaA'is vs. Cummings is an action for
the recovery of $1800 for wages- due as
clerk of the Hotel Slocan at Kaslo.
EdAvard Quinlau came up before AV. A.
Jowett, J. P.," yesterday for his preliminary hearing upon the charge of stealing
$10 from Joe Derham of Brooklyn. W.
II. Bullock-Webster appeared for the
prosecution and R. M. Macdonald for the
prisoner. The prisoner was committed
for trial and his case Avill therefore go
before the grand jury at the present
The Slocan City Assault Case.
William Watson, Thomas'Duhn, George
Moore, L. Dinginan aud J. D. Kelly7 were
brought to Nelson last night from. Slocan;
City upon suspicion' of being_ implicated
in stabbing E. J. Mack, the .'man at pre-Y
sent in  the  general hospital.     WatsonY:;
7«vSs",."=jjS.?.s«: "A wi;-.* J.yr'T-Xtyl_.*,„"!,*•" Y"i;i;;s^Y':».s»_?*i',/*-:S
:^n;p^5^^8^-iei^; _ieaSf iifelii^iigy
?J5.   aft. -_ --'^4^1- L
„ ji e„ so'lie^ftdVij b" •heffl phi #;1.di:„kn&hfftd^M^
'" |ifi& oife_n-efe „ ^^_5T.i;Ji.%=eil||^__i75°v^
s ^Memnati EleiMliS\r it|^S Jie. •dlff'f;^i^i,''"„. „
Ms, Iibbie. letter .in tlie"Miner-;: Shtifc liailvlfew -p
^ u J a u     'a1'   u ' n    it     n n     - u ^P    an '    Aft   * DD   ki
dot .penned,, tluit'J$tleif^^
^■ould have he"o_l lost; "„^id^ri0i|i "pidffl??^
son ,ga-ys it AA-H-sVDa.'vXd |S,f^^^°^E'fcis_^^^3:i^^^f°^Sl
■day edition of i-ifeYi$trpu.?.i/^
Alderman. B-eer"^i|si^§js^hiS' s$n%efiilfix\'yy
HhpUwed the Vptpxky:- Alperiliar_:i§iijki^.t^p:'
,H$I_ -says  that   it ' AS^-a*■ hi]s- easy AA'ay-,oE"vY
■■svvappiii'g ii..o.i.'5e\s°A\-,h.ei^-ero;SS"i,rt'g! -a si-fietini.
that ,mati« the W.est Wtr<l solid,   -j_.ldc.r.^
mail, MeKilTop  *;\"aii't°.li!iy wl'xat 4kT 3".'.
-Mayof *-NPe laud s "Stxys^it^Atas^"^!! ■i.i}iayisry====
pttll that woil the day.    "JPflE  TftlftpXi- iS
is. of opinion that it,   vyili  saw  Avood for
■_ while tind: sky ■"nothing.,
Dominion Day Celebration.
The sui)seri].tion conllivittOe I'eiiort
met-.tilig good success, in securing subscriptions ,for, tlio Doiniiiian Day Cel<_-
Jira-tion, and the secretary is corresjiolitl-
Eiig with the trans])Oi'{;atiOn jjcople in the
hopes tliat a cunti-ti-niile rate can be ol)-
taiued from till points within a hundi'ed
tifid; lift." wiles of iS.el.soiU Tlie subscriptions up to, last .night were:
I'rev.ioiit-y rupflitel, ..
IT. .1, Evan- ic <!,o.,
t'asil<> Urovvt'i-y...
K. K. Phair	
W, A. ■Wn.nl .  ..
A. •). -Jflrlv-i — ... .
...   10J
...   m
...     »5
Dead-man's Island Case Adjourned.
Vancouvot, i\[ay 20.—The supreme
cotti't was. Avell filled Saturday morning
when the Deadman's Island injunction
case came up. Alexander Hotidersou. on
behalf of the Dominion government,
made application to add the attorney-
general of Canada, as a 'party defendant;.
The application was granted ami the
case adjourned until June 7th. An order
was also niade for the examination of the
provincial attorney-general on aflidavits
already 'filed.
An Advance Made on Furniture.
Chicago, May 20.—The National Association   of   Mtuiufactiircrs   of   Chamber
Sets   met  at   the .Great Northern   hotel
yesterday and decided to  tulvan-O prices
15 per  cent-.June  I.    A committee AA'as
appointed "to consider the  advisability
of ti further adA'unce of 10 per cent July
1. -Advances in tho cost of  iuav materials   and ; in    Avages   were   the   reasons
offered by  the manufacturers for their
course. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, MAY 30,  1899.  We are showing a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu ancl see them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits are going fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FERLAND * CO.  Kliol. Muck. I!:ikcr Street. Nelson  Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  TURNING  AVe are turning out a groat number of men's outfits, for the reason  thai our suits fit nnd ;iic Avell nitide. We handle everything of . the  Lest and sell at close pi ices. If you want a iicav spring suit,"��� hat, tie,  "���hoes, under wen r, collar, shirl, su spend ers, or socks, inspect our stock  and be convinced that we ;iie tlie people who can give you the most  good  goods for the least money.  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.  C.  J. F. WEIR  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OK PYTHIAS���N-I-011   LoiIkc.   No.   2J,  Knights of Pythias, meow in I. (). 0. F. JI_.I1,corner  liakcr and Kootenay ....els. every Tuesday evening at  8 o'eloek.   "Vi'sil/int. Knights. cordially invited to attend.  C. -**. .KN(JH. C. C. G. ROSS. K. of R. J. _.  NFiliSON LODGK. NO. 28. A. V. fr, A. Al. .Meets  '���yr second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  g^*. brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CAEDS.  AH.  HOIiDICH���Analytical Chemist and Ajuiiyor.  Victoria street. Nelson.   EWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Jtooni-s 7 ancl 8 Ab-  crdeen block,,Baker street, Nelson.    ���   'CANE���Architect. . nd  artist.   Broken hill   Block,  next door to Nelson library.  FOE  SALE.  SCAVENGER ontlit ,_iiid business for-s-alc.   The biud-  lie^samounts lo between S2J0 to _-';() a month.   I'-or  -, further pui Iicnlar. apply lo John Crofl, or lo The/Tribune ofiice. ' ...  H  _  FOE   EENT.        '        "   .  TAVO six-room cottages on T_alimci* street, hnir block  ' Avcst.cf Stanley stieotV S-0 a month each.   Post-ess-  ion June lot.   Apply to Alfred Bunker, or Tribune office.  r._     __     .      ;-��j^r ~        ~    r~  ABL'NCfl of ten to fifteen keys on ji steel ring. Finder  will be paid for his tiouble ou returning lo J-O-uis  Levesnuo. or to Tribune oilice, Nelson.  FOR SALE���A magnificent Imperiiile edition de Luxe  Itidpath's History of (j'niversal Literature, 2.5 volumes, morocco.' Cash or Installments. F. AV. lJottil,  room 3, Turner-Bocckh Block.  Daily Edition���...  Wkkkly Edition   ...  First Yeah, No 121  . Seventh Ybah, No. 27  r ,-NJ-LSon Avill havo one oi" the host  Dominion Day cclebrtttions this year that  ib has ever had. The nicil avIio are  putting up the money arc taking the  matter in hand, unci guided 'by the experience gained in former years, no men  are named as members of committees  ���who do not take more tluin a passing  interest in the particular sport Avhieh  ~ tlicir~_ommib letrwi 1 l7haA*e charge of.-For"  instance, the committee ou horse races  Avill be W. J. Wilson, J I. JJ. Ashcroft and  Dr. Armstrong, all of Avhom aro men  who Like the sport and knoAV Iioav to pull  oil* a race meeting sut'ce..s>-iil-y. And so  through the several committees. Men  Avill be chosen for tlieir Jitno.s, not for  their social position.  Tijjire of the four bylaws received the  approval of the "assessed"' owners of  Nelson yesterday. One avus turned down.  This avou Id indicate that the council have  Hut the OM'tU'o cOididdicv of the people.  ATLIN'S   FI^ST^BANQTJET.  Skagway Alaskan.  Atlin is doing tilings is great style, according to the news brought out by E. G.  Teunant, Avho got in from  tliere late on  Sunday night.   The night before he left-  he was one of the guests at a banquet  cooked  by a chef of wide repute, and  served by waiters imported   from   the  Hotel  Vancouver.   The   .dinner   was in  nine courses, and a change of wine at  every course,, just as at a great cabinet  banquet iu the great banqueting halls of  the east.  The banquet AA'as given at the Hotel  Kootenay, by its proprietor, 3. Byrom, ;t  man'well known as an accomplished boui-  fa.ee throughout British Columbia, including the Kootenays.  With the coifeo and the imported  cigars chairman Browiilee proposed a  toast to the mineral. Avoolth of Cassiar,  with a .special reference to.the iicav gold  holds at Atlin. To this the member from  Cassmr,. Mr. Clifford, responded,..tolling'  liis personal-reminiscences of.old Cassiar;  of the  .mineral Wealth  of other ��� parts oi'  this rich mineral district, aud incidentally referring to recent legislation on the  subject and the stand he made against  the passage of the alien law.  Other toasts Avere proposed ancl all the  guests made brief speeches during the  course of the pleasant eA'cning, and at the  close, Avhile the parting bumper to the  health of host Byrom Avas in hand, Dr.  Munroc made a flashlight picture of the  scene.  At the head of the splendidly decorated tables sat 3. H. BroAvnlee, provincial  surveyor; at the foot mine host Byrom.  The other convives Avere: Mr.* Clifford^  member of the provincial parliament foi*  the district of Cassitir; gold commissioner  Graham; Mr. Meusries, the customs inspector -sit Atlin: Mr, "Vickers, the chief  assistant of'thcgold commissioner; chief  of-police McKenna; Dr. Munroc, the coroner; Messrs. Spencer, and' Re id of 'the  Bank of Halifax; Dr. McDonald, kvwyer  Young, Mr. McFeeley, the. hard ware merchant, and E. G. Teuuant, manager of the'  Atlin Lumber & Mining Company.  -Spain's Former President Dead.  Barcelona, Mtiy 29.���Emilio Castolar,  leader of the republican party in Spain,  who has suffered since last A\*inter from  pulmonary catarrh, and Avho recently  left Madrid for southeastern Spain in  hope of regaining health, died at Mureia  Friday afternoon. Grief at the death of  this  high-minded  statesman  and astute  AVIS Alt!- NOT AO.taETI.SING'  This  season^ it  Is  not  necessary, everybody.  knows that our  is Lapg-ei.  and Prices ___oW0r  :   Than Other Jj__le__.  Sportsmen   want   the  best   and  get it at  dan   always  .lioiiison SMionery Co., i__  Dont  By price alone in your drug buying. Looking'  well to quality moans .satisfactory rcsults^-mcans.  securing the remedy that best fulfills the purpose  for which you intended if. Purity, quality, satisfaction, arc flint considered here, but always a  price that makes the purchase an economical one.  A price that mean.. t on ib thing to you. One pack  age of our  politician is not by any means confined  to his political following, for senor Cas-  telar was esteemed by those who fought  the principles he espoused. Although  for four months in 187-*! he was president  of the republic that filled in the gap between Aniadeo of Savoy and the father  of the present king, the queen regent  and the ministers of senor Si I vela's cabinet lost no" time in sending their condolences to the family.  Bookmaker Holland Jailed.  Ni.w* Yoi.ic, May 29.--Win. 11. Holland,  the bookmaker, avIio on April 2nd last  shot Samuel Heller, the ticket seller for  Buffalo Hill's wild west show, in a saloon  in this city, and who escaped after the  shooting, was arrested here today and  held in .$500 bail for examination on  .June 2nd on the charge of felonious  assault.   .  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  1670 1837 1899  THREE IMPOHTA^T DATES  1670 Hudson's "Bay Company incorporated.  1837 Our Gracious-Queen,- Victoria,  ascended the throne.  1899 May 24th, Ave all, prosperous,  happy and contented, unite in  celebrating her 80th birthday.  May you enjoy your holiday, your  picnic sandwiches, salads, pate de  foie gras, etc., and return on May  25th, better satisfied than ever to  homemade bread.  W  ffl  ffl  vin  Men's Alpaca  Men's Straw  ffl  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  m  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  ..B  iiji, Tfjese goods are the proper thing for summer, nice and cool, ail sizes and shapes  ffl _  B  B  B  Pelt Hats  ^ In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Black and Brown, the newest ^  \% shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection. M  otton  ouse  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  ���B  B-  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  '".���'��� -     c -    B  in white, fawn, green, and blue pq\\-   "   ������������"   '      ��� -Vy:    :'        -  ���'��� ���"������   "���  ���-���    -   '   '      ���      ���'���   '  '      '   -���������'   ':���: -   .: B  .* ������: ������#  The above are the goods you need now.   Come and see them, buyM  them and enjoy comfort during' the warm weather -���'J|  Memo:     You   Avill   if  "Hudson's   Bay   Patent  you   use  Flour"  Hudson's Jay Stores  AVest Jlakor SLreot. =   Tclophono 13.  Dont be Afraid  &  *��&  -    * viCTOEiA block; _3_��_3s:ejr ��o?_=-__i3i)_., _srn!i_so3sr,. JB- c.  B  To come in  our establishment  and   c  look around  We always have  the latest  styles in footwear  to show you  We  would like  ==t.G=nn-ake==i=:  your acquaintance  and introduce  you to our  SHOES      ���  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  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BAKKIt SV., NKLSON  35  I'luring lire, kciikoii. \Vc will deliver Jcu I I pi'iviilo rcsid0ilcfifi  and buslhesf! houses daily in an}'  desired quantity at eafionrabi--  prieeli.       :  Bakor street-West, Nolson, B. C.  Canada Yflpug and Book: Co.,  (Jornorof Uak_r and Stanley StreelH. Nelsoii  Will buy 125 by 120 feet at the  southwest eoruer of Vernon  and Park streets with improvements. One of tlie best  residences in Nelson. Terms;  S2500casli; balance in six mid  twelve months. Apply to John  Houston, Vornon St., Nelson.  Although the Invjes & Ilamher syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn from  sale, we still havo a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots  in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Maker Street AVest, Nelson, U. C.  SNAPS  We have two bis snaps in real estato  Call and get particulars.  Money to Loan  Agents for Mollor's Plato Glass and  Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance.  Phihl-ors, etc., Opera.House Block, Nelsoii  Nelsoii Iron WopKs  StAN-KACliHltlSItS OK  _SNC-INE53, B0ll_ERS,.SI_AFfINO, IRON AJJI).  BBASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DElSOIilPTlON  Repairs promptly attended to7      P. 0:. Box 173.  GENERAL TEAMSTEBS  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  AGENTS FOK  Merchandise honied to and from depots; bus  meets all trains and boaffl. Special attention  .given tj tho transfer of baprgngo. Office and  stables on Vornon street, opposite The Tribune.  Ison  arshaw  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washingion Brick arjd Lirrje Co.  The H. W. fVIcNiell Co., L.d��, Canadian Ar-tfira-  ciie Coal (Hard)  dealers if]  BON TON SESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  a  j. l. vanstone; v r, h. mums,  ���    Mines and Minint; Stocks.7.  : ������.,' Customs.Ilroker  RKAL KSTATJ.-ANJ* GKNKKAL AGKNTS  The only restaurant   in   the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock'. ���' 25; cents^7, Dinner: from 5;  to'..8... Short orders   at   all   hours.  .i-ow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,*  Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRBWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  ^^Iv-.y'CTlrUdc.     Brewery at Nfelson. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1899.  THE BANK OF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.     -  $12;000,000  8,000,000  l.nl.l) STRATIIOONA AND  MT.  'Ion. GKO. A. IIRUMMONl)   E   S. CLOUSTON   ROYAL, President   Vice-President  ...General Manager  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.   .UK INCH KM. IN        LONDON   CEnKlandl.   NEW  YORK,   (3HIOAOO  :uwl in Min principal cities tn CaniKlu.  NEI-SON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^oq District.  Huy and sell Sterling  Kxclianee and Cabin Traimfert-  UHANT COMMKltrjIAl. AMP TKAVKLI.KKH' f!RKr>'TS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUKI)    COLIKCTION8 MADE; KTC.  SAVINGS) BANK BRANCH.  C . KRENT RATK OF INTEREST PAID  SOME   VIEWS   OF  MARRIAGE.  The frank talk heard on railroad cars  is conducted generally* on the principle  that every one in the immediate vicinity  is stone deaf. On a suburban train a few  days ago a young woman avIio had entered at one station was joined at the next  by a young man, a drummer and old acquaintance. Without delay both plunged  into intimate personal reminiscences.  Said the girl:  "You  heard'" Jim was married,  didn't  you?"  "So a feller told* me."  "Say, now, that  feller ran into a great  cinch.    He went West to Uncle George's  and  got took  into  partnership  on  the  ranch and then married a girl Avith $3000:  They  Irve perfectly  elegant.    She's only  sixteen, too���they** marry real young out  there.    I wish I'd got married at sixteen."  "Whatmakes you wish tliat?" . <-.  "O, I guess I'd be a sight better off  now if I'd got a feller with plenty of  money."  "Well, I don't know about that. You  ain't always better off."  "Why? Don't you get along with your  wife?"  "Oh, yes, but then I ain't home much.  I go back on Saturday night and leave on  Monday morning; so we don't have much  chance to scrap..- 1 tell you if you'marry  a travelling,'man you- get along pretty  well; but it'ain't in human ifaturc for  two people to live together without get-  tin' to, naggin' and "jabbin' at one another,  and if you want a peaceful home you'd  - better be'on-the road.- I tell-you, there's  been timesi av1k.ii she's been a ja'bbin' at  me'that I felt' like fiyiii."  "Well, 1 guess it's better than being to  Avork, anyhow.  -I suppose you knoAV I'd  been Avorkiu', didn't you?"  "You don't say!"  "Well, now, that's what . every one  said. I was Avorkin' in a dry goods store,  and no one would believe it. People just  came to see if it was really so. Why,  sometimes thore'd'be four or five fellers  to see how I Avas gut-in' along, aud if it  hadn't been for that I'd "never haA'e  stood it. The manager was.awful mean  about ifc, too. It seemed'to make him  * mad to see me say a word to any. one,  and after awhile I made np my mind  that F wouldn't stand his sas . any longer.  'Twas this way. Some gcnTin'ii friends  of mine came in and wanted, me to go to  the theatre Avith them, and as it Avas the  busy season the girls was made to stay  till eight o-clock, aiid if X was goin' I'd  'hove tQ leaVe atVHifr, ^mJ^fepOke to^tha  ~~floorwalker^-�� reaP pleasant geuTm'n���  aildf'l-- said he'd' try and. "fix it. At noon  I wei-trup to tlieidesk and he was talkm'  to .lie'iii^hagev.-  " 'Tllis is tlie young' lady I whs tailkin;'  about/ he says*  " 'Oii,' says the'ihanager, 'aiMtloefeu't  she know that Aye are takiii' on girls; to  work overtime and are iutshed at that?'  " 'Well, says the floor Aval ker, 'she's1 got  an engorgement and wants to go at six.'  " 'All' right,' says tlie manageiv 'she can  go at six, but she needn't trouble tocoine  bilck.'  "I wasn't* going to take none of liis  sass, So I says: 'I'll not wait till six, and  you can give, me niy time and I'll go this  minute, foi* I Won't work in a place where  AV_'r_ drove like slaves from mofniii' till  night, with never a chance to talk to a  feller that comes in to see you and kept  iti over hours out of spite.' So I came  aAvay."  "Well,'' said the drummer, "maybe  you're right. It's better to be married,  for then you can boss things yourself  and your husband foots the bills; and if  you never see him you can enjoy life  your OAvn Avay."  �� The train at this "moment stopped at a  station and the couple parted;  Baptist Versus Methodist.  The leading denominations prevailing  among the > mountains of .'Virginia; Kentucky and the adjoining states are  Methodists and Baptists, and as a rule  they are fairly; well divided- among the  mountaineers, but occasionally, for some  reason or other, an entire community  Avill be of one faith. I remember one  season my Avork took me to a remote section on the headwaters of. a small creek  about twenty-five miles from the North  Fork of the 'Kentucky river^ and I had  not been there long until I. discovered  that all my neighbors Avere Methodists.;  They had a good hewed log meeting  house and a. Sunday school and were  thriving as a congregation. There was  one old chap, though, who didn't seem to  be an enthusiast in the cause, and one  day I got to talking to him about the  condition of'affairs.  "Were you born a Methodist?" 1 asked  as a starter.  "I reckon I wuzn't," he replied Avith a  sniff of disrespect. "My folks wus. Rabbis',  I guess clean frum the time uv Noay."  "You go to the Methodist church, don't  you?"  "Yes, but I wouldn't ef .could help  myself."  "Isn't there a Baptist church anywhere  around here?"  "Not nigher than the river, and that's  more'n twenty mile, cuttin' acrost ridges.''  "How does it happen that thereis no  Baptist church Avith- a congregation as  the Methodists have? I have ahvays  seen it that Avay till I came here."  "Thar wus. once, up to about tweuby-  five ye'r ago, an' Ave kep' the Methodis'  on the jump. But sowehoAV I' guess  Providence kinder forsook us after that,  caze e\'ery ye'r sence then fche crick has  been froze up all winter aud dried up all  summer and Ave lost our holts. Yer see  the Methodis' don't need Avarfcer in ther  business like the Babtis' does, and they  keepa-clutterin' right along Avhether it's  a ' drdu th er * a freshet. The crick * wuz  our salvation; and Avhen it went back on  'iis we jisb famished, that wuz all, aud  them that didn't move down by the river  j'ined the Methodis', me bein' one."  "I suppose there never will be any  change," I said at a venbure.  "I ain't so shore about that, colonel,"  heaiiSAvered with impressive earnestness.  "I've been Avras'Iin' Avith the Lord in  pra'r ever sence, fer a flood."  Chamberlain Yields to Jamaica.  Kingston, Jamaica, May 29.���Joseph  Chamberlain, British1 colonial secretary,  has yielded to Jamaica's- prayer for' the  ^negotiation of a reciprocity treaty with  theJUnited States, to >��� avoid the" retaliation upon Jamaican exports, threatened  by the state department at Washington".  Sir Augustus Hemming, governor-iu-chief,  Gentlemen  It 3 ou wanta natty, stylish suit of clothes for  sprinif and summer, 1 have over 500 different patterns of Scotch' and English* tweeds,  wliich I will make to your order at the low  price of $25  .Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at  ��� $21  Black serge suits in sack or morning coat. .$21  "    A heavy  Scotch  tweed,   nice patterns' for  business suit .    $18  Trousers at equally low prices. Fit and finish  no better in Canada. Ladies' line tailoring'a  specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.  Steverjs, l\\e Tailor  has receiA'ed a cable from the home gov-  eriiinent, in which Mr. Chamberlain directs that two leading Jamaicans shall  go to; Washington, Avhere, Avifch sir Cavendish Boyle, acting-governor of British  Guiana, they will confer with the state  department aud endeavor to arrange a  treaty.    Betting on the Derby.  ���Montreal, May 2!).���The Star's (table  says : The Derby race this year, which  will be run on Wednesday, is looked upon  generally as a walkover for Flying Pox.  The latest betting on the probable starters  is as follows: Flying Fox 2 to 1, Holocaust ii to 1 against, Oppressor I2i to 1,  Damocles 25 to 1, Desmond dO to-1, My  Boy 40 to 1, Innocence 50 to 1, Scintillaut  00 to 1, Matoppo 100 to .1, Courser 200 to  1, Sir-I-eginald 200 to 1, Ballybeek 200 to 1.  Calumet and Hecla Dividend.  Boston, May 27.���The directors of the  Caluinefc and Hecla Mining Company today declared a dividend of $20 a share,  payable on June 28, to stock recorded on  May 31.    It is the 111th dividend.  FULL LINE OF  R. W. Riddell, Pilot Bay  (1. A. Mitchell, Ito-.laiid  O. J C iate. St. Louis  A. A. Youiik. St. Loui.-i  VV. Weinliart & wife, Ymir  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUiAlK.  II. K. T. Kaultain, Yellowstone mine  T. F. Uichardson, Vancouver  J. T. AVilson, Bo nin_ton  PHAIK.  H. D. Curtis and wife. Slocan  F. J. O'Re liy, Silverton  F. V. Christie, Sandon  P. McMinim, Kossland  Thomas Kane, Erie  F. B. Arthur and son, Spokane  J. K. Saucier and children,  Uos-laiid  A. E. IJhipps and wife, Spo  kane  MADDEN  \V. J. Orewery, Salt Lake  G. II. Barnhart. Ymir  A. J. Gorrard, Toad Mountain  S. C. King, Kaslo  I). C. Johnson, Kverott  Mr.-.. VV. It. Allen, Kaslo  V. J. Bradley, Greenwood  A. B. James, Sandon  J.   D.    Gordon,     Tobacco  Mountain  J.  Clements,   Iron Mountain, Mich  J. A. GriKg, Iron Mountain,  Mich  H, P. McAndrew. Kaslo  T. Uichardson,Illecillewaet  W. Niven, Three Forks  II. Niven, Three Forks  D. N. Long, New Denver  J. Monahuu, ltossland  .1. Casey, l'ossl.ind  VV. Harvey, Threo Korks  R. B. Dougaii, Forty-Nine  Creek  James WriKht, Yakima1  M. B. Knight, Salmo  TRKMONT.  VV. Woodward, -pokauc  F.   P.   Stanley,    Monarcli  mine  W. K. Golden, Sandon  James  Spencer,   Monarch  mine  D. Fraser, Greenwood  J. Brunett, Deer Park  SILVKR KING.  Silver  Charles   Kngberg,  Kinj. mine  AV. 0. Tonkind,  Monarch  mine  AVilliam Harvey, Six Mi'c  GRAND  __>\ Sudie, Calgary  -. S. Durham, Calgary  J. H. Harbottle, Ymir  Grant Morris, Ymir  M.  McCuaig, Yellowstone  J. Ryan, A'eliowstone  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  ��� local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of -ill kinds.  If what you'want is not in stock we will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  Henry Hay. Oro  C. J.  Canidboll,    Duncan  City.  A. Murdoch, Cascade  D. D. Burk, Trail  A. Johnson, Congress, Arizona  CENTRAL.  J. II."Alexander, Ymir  VV. T. Beadles, Salmo  F. P. Drummond. Salmo :  K. 0. Miller, Helena  QUEEN'S.  A. R.'Main, Cascade  Allan Forrester and wife,  Brooklyn  M.- Loughlin, Robson  ^a^i  ?-��3-e3'e3;=3^.  1^-  B  B'  B  B  B  ladies' ll/lpiteu/ea  m.  %  r  The   large   sale   of our   Ladies'   white   underwear   is   ihe   best  evidence   that   the   prices are   right.     We   have still   plenty of:  LADIES' NIG-HT DRE3SE3 -Full size, nicely trimmed at 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50, each.  LADIES' WHITE  skirt at 1.25, 1  UNDERSKIRTS-  50 and 2.00 each.  -A  good  wide  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  Thelfefflont Hotel  B  B  B  LADIES' CHEMISE���Embroidery trimmed  at   1.25,  1.50, 1.75 and 2.00 each.  LADIES' DRAWERS���At 60c, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75  and 2.00 each.  The best value in the market.  ffl  ffl  MIRTIN O'REILLY k CO.  %,  BANK  OP  ,p3.C=>.C^'C=>.C=3.C3.t  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  T-UI-IMIS   CASH  ��� ^.(^���(^.C^.C^.<^.t^.^.C=:'.C2>.C^.C3.&.c2.��3.��3.c3.c3-c3.  ^-^-^Stg*: ��:��:��: _>_>&r &B>&fc-&:Ce<- *<-**-���  r.&\  ���^���<s  ^  :_r^  ?.&i  '.&$  M  Hf|AL0)lE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters ftp Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  oris  and  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  ALWAYS ON HAND  J. A. Sayward  . HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HH,LYER,  lUtESIDEN'T  HARRY HOUSTON,  HKCKKTAIMT  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  I-IIMriTJEID-  MANUKACTliKKIiS OV  DKALKItS JN  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEjMS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  hjead Office, Nelson, B.C.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Wholesale Markets at/falson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  .|;" RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City, Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  "WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  . '.ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL LAND PROMPT ATTENTION.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Al'I'LY  J. LAING STOCKS, Seepet_i_>y  At olllco, of Ui_ Duncaii Mines, Liiililcd.  George: Holbpecife  0My��$ba^eii^p a)_id  G_iimneyffi Sweep  Prothpi; aUUiilion given koull oitlers loft at M. I)os-  Jiriwiy &C.o,_. Riikcr street, Nblson.  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KAOTOUY WOKK DONB TO OUUHK.l  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  in sroi'i-  ^^Giass=of-ali=Sizes^and^Kjnds-  Largo comforlablo  bedrooms and.  /Irst-cla-ss (liniiig1  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES  _?E!I-   Hj&TZ-  Mrs.  E. 0.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of tlie Royal Hotel, Calgary,  * Sawmill on Gbvcrnfiioiit wharf.  Factory and ollice, corner Hall Street and CJ'.R, track  JUDICIAL SALEY  Pmsiiiintto it judgment of tlio Gounty COiirtof, Koot-  eiiay, holddn tifcN-18ot>. ciilered on tho 17th. day of .laiiu-  ai'j\ A. I). 18��il, in the -Q.i_oIi_al.-ci: action of J.'.', H-ltltiii.  Wiiliam B. liiul.son.ChrJstian Ulbon; William H. WvlUht,  iind AVilliam II. Warren, l'laintifl't. iigaini?fc thft Itrijtirl'it  Prospects Gold'Mining and Dovelopmeiit Gombany, Liiii-  ited Liithilily. (loftndaiil*, being plainto No* HUM, Ki3/!J8,  :|C-/-S. l(i7/!'8. and _f_8/as tlicr. will be olfcred for salo by  iiiiblic auction by S. P. Tuck, Siioriil', at the court, house,  in the city of Nelson, at. M o'clock in the forenoon, on  Tfairsday, thc.tli day of Juno, 18!)!), all and singular the  inineral clainS "The Northern Light," Kicuilte Oii the _ou th  slope of the Ceiiter Korkof Forty-nine Creek, and adjoining the -libbinfjs mineral claim on the south west Corner,  bcinur ih the Nelsoii Mining Division of Rritish Columbia,  located the 5th day of May, 18!)7, and recorded the 6th  day of May, 1897. .  Tlio purchaser shall pay the purchase monpy into Court  to the credit of the said consolidated action on the day of  S D^ted at Nelson, B. C, this 22nd day of May im.  E. T. H. SIMPIvINS,  Registrar of the County Court of Kootenay, holden at  Nelson.   IMPORTANT NOTIGE  RE DUNCAN CITY LOTS  WILL 1)0 WELL TO  AT  G. 0.  S  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,  ENGLAND.  . .  All communications relating to  British  Columbia business to be addressed  lo P. O, Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager)   ^.r-,   jr__/**V_n      n    /?.  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '   INtLbUlM,    D. V.  H, D. H_ ME, Manager.  The finest'htTtel in the interior.  L?irge Sarnple rooms.   Steam heat and electriolight.  CORNER OF WARD AND YERNON STS.,. NELSON  BAKER AND WARD STREKTS; NELSON  A -Urge stock of /Irst-clast. dry material on hand, also  a Mil line _{_M8]i. doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  KASLO, B. C, May 12th, 1899.  Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that  I havo been appointed solo agent for completing all the  sales made by Messrs. Simpson Bros. & Keeling of'lots at-  Duncan City, Housor Lake, West Kootenay. B. C, under  contract for deeds thereto. All such purchasers aro hereby required to notify mo Of their-address, and present,  holdings, that the roll may be corrected, in ���aicordaiice-1  therewith. Tlie second overdue payments must be forwarded to me on or beforo tho 15th day'Of June, proximo,'  when appointments will be made for_the completion.  Solo agent Simpson Bros. & Keeling.  "board~and ~room~  . _*lrst-class board and room; Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate strcots, iii rear of English church..  Heated by steam. Table board .1, room and board &.  ind-$S.50.   ���   .   ' " ,'.,        ,.  A collection of line Belgium Canaries for sale..  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN-  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91        JollIT   Ra.B,   Agetlt  WM MMM k  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  We make a specialty of=  Sfyplap aqd Double Dressed IVJaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  The un'ly hotel in Nekton that has remained under one  management since 1800,  The bed-rooms are Well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  Tho dihing-room is hot second to any in Kootenay.  The bar M- always stocked by the host, .domestic and  Imported liquors and.cigars,  "THOMAS MADDKtf, Proprietor.  IE PARK HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  The Slocan Ore Purchasing GohijMy  ore*1 NiEi-SOiisr, b. <d. _  Is now prepared to buy al! classes of silver, gold, silver-lead, lead and  copper^ores.--Thc-careful-attention- given -to-iarge-contracts-*^!!!'!^--^^?!^^"  to the smallest shipper. Prompt settlements and choice of mode of sampling guaranteed.  Address all communic-ttions to df-awer S, NelsonV B-'Q.  GEORGE M. McDOW^tt, Manager  Gv U, ROSEN DA Lis  IPurGhasino*  rife  ���mi  Spring Chicken-, Fresf\ Cream,  Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of'Wliich* arofrom the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings aud  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson,   Good stabling.   Open day  night.   Can be reached by either road or water.  WILLIAM ROBKRTS, Proprietor.  and  SMOKERSYHEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAk AND KbOTJsNAY BELLE CXC_AlRS!  Aiid all other brands of the  pr  A'l' FACTORY I'HICIOS  ogp1 MrE3X-SO_��*, 33. e.  I  Kelson Tent and Awning lanuf-efey  all ___i]srx>s o_r  AH si.on ot dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out l_ order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lot��  Write for pricoH. ���. ...  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  lCvorvthing first-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Rates $1.50 and $2 per day.  J. W. SMITH, Proprietor. .  Largo andwoil lighted Heated.,by hot ai  .Reasonable rates.   .-..-������ Sample rooms:  Electric bolls and light in.every room .     .  Renovated and refurnished throughout.  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Kreo bus meets all trains  Hourly Htreot car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALI  SIZKS OF TKNTS IN STOCK  Baker street, opposite postolllcc. Nelson  THEO.  JML^k-JD&CDiSr  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. MoPHBE  Kootenay lleetpie Supply and Oflnstraetiflii lo.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Bleotrlc Power Transmission arid Lighting for Mines, TownV  . Electric Fixtures, LanapBi BellS, "Telephones, Aimunolator-, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. C. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY,  MAY 30,  181)9.  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These arc the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention   to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  CORNER HA I .TOR AND JOSKPHINK STRKKTS, NKLSON  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  SEE GILKER FOR  Crasl] arjd Gtljer Hot Weather Suits  $5  and  up  Along the Water Front.  The river has risen'eleven inches during' the forty-eight hours ending Monday  at (i p.m., a total rise of tliree feet tliree  inches in tho past week.  Tlie tug Hercules was at the (J. P. 11.  wh.irf with lime rock on Sunday morning.  The ymir met with an accident to her  propellor, breaking oil' one Ijlacle. The  opposite one had to be cut off to balance  the two remain ing.  A neat catch of (ish was taken on Sunday by Messrs. Meyer and Wliittetin the  vicinity of Five-mile point, one trout  weighing live pounds and another two  pounds, with a. string of smaller ones.  Char will bite more freely as the water  rises and gets less clear.  The swiftly rising waters have gracefully covered the outer end of that decrepit institution, the government wharf.  Few people reali/.e the large amount of  trallic moving on this wharf every day.  Surely Nelson ought to have very soon a  safer and more commodious landing for  freight and passengers.  The powder magazine has not blown  up yet, bub ifc is liable to at any moment.  The Alberta brought a large number of  passengers in yesterday morning and the  scene on the wharf was a busy one for a  few minutes. There are likely to be  serious accidents at any time when the  wharf is so crowded, there being no  guard rail and scarcely room for teams  to pass. Ladies are in continual dread of  being crowded over the edge into tlie  water. Either the government or the  city should provide some hooks or poles  for fishing unintentional bathers oub.  day last, and the kiln will be ready to  open on Saturday. The company have  fixed the prices at .$ lo per thousand delivered on Baker street for large contracts  and $12 per thousand on small contracts,  taken from the kiln.  NEXT P.O.  * NELSON.  W. P. Robinson, late sheriff of Kootenay, returned on Friday afternoon from  a business visit to Chicago and St. Paul.  Mr. Robinson made nearly a record trip.  He left Nelson on May 15bh, spent two  days in Chicago, two days in St. Paul  and two days in Lima, Ohio. In tlie interval he travelled over four thousand  miles in six days.  The proprietors of the Outlet hobel ab  Balfour are arranging for a single fare  rate during the season on the stenniers  from Nelson and lvaslo, tickets good from  Saturday to Monday.  A party of; Indians from tlie Goat River  district pitched camp at the outleb on  Saturday for the char fishing which they  claim "will be at its best in another week.  The annual high school entrance exain-  C-  CO  a  :_;  CO  ca  ��c  i���  CO  "M&  m  OO  _r��  CO  CJ  C3  C3  :__  o  It pays us to deal squarely with  you ancl to represent our goods  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive Tor excellence ih  quality and price,  to place in the  the   best  g-oods  always   aiming  hands of customers  at   the    smallest  figures.  "b ' ("-.;,_-  Y_,YY'lYJs����v-���V��riYVY��:<',f _ s��i  i.._.(?, _>aU:I.of.to"^cmr,' �����*.<  ' rfuvd'_ $��.tsj^fe s%M'(. <  f _o',D����  ���H77_>  Iviinltec, -..sex** 'QW'Jfiv&e"  ���pn1^3y7ftJ^^���"16l,]0>vii.^'^lill-g":, _4VY.. T,  B.-U, "J-.f  \M-' ^ifig V| ,<&. .^tJiMu 'Sfcte'Snoe "<B.o,if Fb^hsf  "dph "i-y^Py^kd' o$fer:A&xding4m]SMef$i,   "'  "2S."AND.28'. Wl-St I3AKBR STREET.; NHL��0:N  _____  When Advertised  Ait "Aii6tion Pi-C-s"  shot-It. be  auction  price frueang the  highest  loft alone.  pj*jce which_  An  tlie-  17^-  l��i__  |;Do|fl^J��n  ������:s__-  iM[-a-       o  1  THESE C00DS v/e are  ��" bound to sell wl**ile  they remain the .patterns  of the seasot]. We prefer to mark them d-Wn.  rib*, at*l_ let our regiilar  cust-njers haye the advantage of th,e cut, rath,*  er thjari, have a slaughter'  sale some months i&tep  to make room tor n,ew  goods. Our display of  Bogs and. Art Squares  ist.tj^.-#iest ever seeri  in"? KooterfayY Th,ey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from -us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  purchiisei" can be iii-lucett bo pay.  New Spring Designs  In Axininsters Of the best cjttaliby, with or without  borders. British, and Canadian make...  Brussels and Velvet Pile  basis   we  invite  our lines.  neatest stock in  patterns,  Shopping  Chains in  ins,  On   this  your inspection of  The latest   and  Saslf Clasps,  Belts in  Blouse Sets, Skirt P  Bags,   Ladies' Lorgnette  patterns.  A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all "kinds and descriptions.  We want your watch repairing  ancl we employ only expert watchmakers. Send your watches as we  can save foil money on your repair work.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  avy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OAR.S  Canton Drill Steel  MATERIAL  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  , Tools, Cutlery, Tin  :^ym  and Wooden ware  ___^\Ms^     Stoves, Ranges,  x>\    Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  V      Iron, T-Rails  v Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall, Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER  HOSE  COTTON  HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN  SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening- the weary can find rest  by reposing" in one of our  HAMMOCKS  Sultaibl- for ctfivwing^i'-oms, diiilng-j'oonis, halls or  stains, with or *\vithoitt t)oi'd_'rs.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  (Jliioii   art   sqiutrcs.   Jupaii-SO  Smyrna and ���T-eiilrtseh rugs.  40 Different Styles  squares  and   rugs,  Of   baby carriages   and  go-carts  to   Select   froliu  Rat tan chairs aild rockers.  Furniture of all Kinds  Is advancing, and  notice to  sent   to   the   trade   by  all  Having a large stock on liand Ave will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  competitors.     We   have   also   three   carloads   of  furniture on the way.  this .effect  has been  large   nianufactu rers.  :���fiboljt"niw.pyy"pe]li��(. ,,lii:'pjjclei?"to ."pid^Meh  ^_i*iXclj.3f*^  :_&\i6j&0-,;$O_%peV^^ 'OS';  p*3r;'eeivt;on.^h)3-'_��otal.     ��"/ -    "       '" "  '.    |-evi=" |5^cSt6^V"^|iJ_]ie,_:l_3.ridi   iljf-Sio'ijfti'y '  .seSt'.e]fci".ry."of the*-Bfetliotliist ^itii-di ii_  ; <Gan'a:da,_.&. ^peifdirig itr-f d>Sr��- Afteesl. s  iii - Mies  Vlvoote-iii.*^ 031,1'flitdnr ci;_'^i^sj>^feibi_- of the-'  2diiterpnp.nd^i"dX\$2   '^li^'xppnpks. 'tliat the  churph i,s tffakiiig i'4n.M: pfogrcss' in i.!U_i.i/  bersljip and nslso hhkhci\\lly in iiv.ar$ part  "pi'Ythe cpuntry.    Ok _>i\Tiday evening he  ipiieaehed in. the "Nelson Met]ul.pdi&tcj-u^!eJJ,.  ;_.heriii' _?Uck; lifid a* party/of *\v6rkj.ien  ���at work yesipxihty pxxtiing-"the eouvt-  'hOnse in Coil.di'ti'oil fOr tjie 'opening! of the  assizes this forenoon. The '-svitiresa to_��  has been moved ftveir to the right hand  side of the "judge's de_k in order to enable  the jurors to better heiir the evidence  given.  r Ml'S.-Tronp-OfY]ye:u73Vest]ni:ii.stei'---iS-iii=  N-lsoli "with a view to organiziiig a local;  liive of the lady Maccabees. She reports  having met with considerable success.  G. 3. Campbell is in Nelson making arrangements for the issuance of liis license  lor a hotel' at Duncan City and for a  Stot-k of goods for tho sanie. He says  that everything that goes into Duncan*  Gity now lias to be pitcJced j:n at a cost of  24; cents per pound, so that Uiill sawn  Itlmber is out of the question in building.  There is already one hotel in Dirncaa  City and Campbell's house will be the  second to open up.  Men who are Avalking tlio streets in  apparent good health have been I'elieved  from lury duty on doctors' cei'tificate.s.  P. 3. O'Reilly, of the Casca.de Record, is  spun ding a few* days in iVelson, reeuper-  atiug from the effects of a bicycle accident, in which lie sprained the muscles of  his right leg.  The fire was drawn from the first kiln  of brick at the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company's Nelson yard  on   Satur-  E0B= SALE  _"   *nn    na...   VpcTfy' &,pfl     ���  L^^.felm.'l��'^j"��'"'f^  li USIN KSS "A N D. ItESII. 1-NT.l" A1j  iino.I_i_it.uaw  ^_q �� fp"^��y p  .ftiitt* _���_....  " i��;  by 13), jn .tit jinproyQiiTCiils. ^nQi-jJcti  _ ,sbis__-".;,"ji.,.iifa'X.v^fa "v��y ��� ���"�����������������8-".^S*���...��. .��&"����  aiotsyuliUaree^/o'iisftill&a.^ \.% llliop  ��i"lo1.-.\fi-l-_bI_vgO,!.ijli.bU.i^K$lrp:)joi5^ ,   ;  ";.sl-rect.r..s."..*.;,."-.��..._.��,.,".��".,,���.,"��. = .,..,. .���.>,.,.���� ;^__-.  1 JoU_\<:I},h sftt*. iige;roi_ fe_l oi. ��15' fl _ i; _ _*. ijl,li, *VloWin. .. ,  >^f.if_etV .��*. e.,.oB,^.... .rt^^.'^j.^p..!,.,. *���&.,?. &, .,.,},,* .,,.5* 'l23U0-.  -.ibLfS* wiUi'CoHni.cy'clH'baSit.:.?. iicisiiion^lu .-tiinl-}*  sti'c--t i,,,,..,-.... .,���,.*,,....v...,?.,-,,..,���*,.���...,....���_ mm  (i lotslu'l)Wofc..r.llD/laJl,.cl��i'od.%l"f6ncc(l,ili.���a,.,,.... SflflU  vO-Yo-_i.,l)n--So rt)��t .IHjotf! soKovifcin ���orchard,,���t���,.7��7��j JIO. ,  2;lotS(tiitt:.imlM'bWnftrtS. u2 ,h_i|<lft)f "&-w. /2fHfecs.  _vSpftiis..,,.)ci��li._, 'li,mp'i)W'3& iiW-S^'^fiiM iJ\ e.on-. v  :n-cUori < .ltlrlj��������_���_?nnUc i<��wk. yy��   -;- ". .,-.*.��   o-iflO  .li'dr gcnui'iiL _iLToni.i_ti(S|ir ftji real, cstJit- <iln _._"__qi--iiS'tlnw  pai'ticiilili'- 6)v.u;boVeiiropcy'L5rflR.!)l'j;"tp- -.  'UiirJl'-rgt kiln of '.brlftk Will bo roaO/f6i?'TcHvor.v aljont  the ]s-,or June.   Ciill at bur office.. I*br nritroS.,  IJui'ui'u 'the nvbi'tJ'i bf ,1 unewfe will, tt-lh-i- lufto in,  _uaiit:itibs of liwonLjr' saoks iti ul Over at  NELSON, B. C.  yyy,'Tfl$y  v.Yis >���"_.7.* .fl,y-. w^k ivY.�� :_= y^y^y:-- Mjy, :.-2. -Y x-.-Li&f. 7 i_��n'5_.:^i.. ,  JsJ:ty   "":.������>.���:���   ���,��"��f��:   ���."���   2-y..    .        y "\'y^; "��� V ��Ss "��.* ^-y,   pjk��-��..-.y  eve_? fovmxgfrt to tj*0v iKoPtenay. jTmiirt dipK^ ;|wsl  aprmid lis piiM% 't|t!^��ts ��tf& %sM ^0tQii^^ %-omg&��  pploes.   FH?str^l^ss ^toMity.  '" . ������.���"'.  The West Kootenay Brick & time 'Co.. Ltd.  JJakcr Street;       T. G-. PROCTPR, MAnager ���  Why ilTi.J'clotlvcs from ail inferior inilQi'i wlieii  tliosmnO ainoiiiit of uiont-" Will buy ji stjii. II.  cut, well trilnin���<l aiitl iiefttly luailc suit at  D. MeARTHUR & CO.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson.  FOR STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CA1_I_ ON .....  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSKi'IilNK STUKKT, NEI.SON. ' .  Ice Cream  (HAZMSWOOD)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT ST0f(E  KrcsHh Kniit received iluilj" ���'  Nuxl. door lo Nulson Winu f!o.     .  ' ,-'  'I'ulcphonu !KI.    ..  .      -. .IIUAII'IIKKVS-S.J'ITTOCK  Hazlewood  Ice Cpeam  Wo have been appointed sole ngunts in Nelson for  tliis eelobrateel lee Cream, and are now prepared  to cater to the public nt our ice cream'parlors,  wliich wo have fitted up in first-class style. Call  iii.aiul have a di_.li of this delicious cream. Other  deiilers supplied.  SUITS $25  Telephone 10.   P. O, Box K & W.      Baiker street West, Nelson  NolsOn'n np-lo-tlate tailor.      ,  -atiHluction yuiirantced,  Removal Notice.  John Cholditch & Company, bet? lo announce tb Uio  trade thai, they have removed their headquarters froni  Nakilsp to Nelson, where thoy will for l hc futlire bo established. Pending the erection of suitable warehouses  thev havo secured temporary quai'ters in the waroboiise  of Tumor, Beeton & Conipnny on Water street, wliere  they will bo )tlonsod to receive thoir patrons.  Nelsoii, B. 0., May 17th, 1S99.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOR SALIS OR HTRK:  & Lott  Tropical Fruit Depot,  Corner of Raker and Ward streets, Nelson  NOTICE  A nic'ling- of tliose 'Interested in.trap shootiup; will bo  hold at the"lire hall .tonight (Tuesday) at S o'clock,.for  the purpose of organic ntf a gun club. .  (ii-oiKi*.: w. ._Ti'_.<;i_i.,  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order. Repairing and fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rod.s and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nolson.    ...  V      -MEALS AT ALT/HOURS. PAYOR -NIGHT-. ���   -  I1AKKRY IN CONNKCTKIN  FAMILY AND  PASTHY COOKING A  .SIMCdALTY  ONLY W1IITK HIOM3 KMI'LOYIOI)  __=_.    _-_:xTi-i-"2",    _p_=eo_?_=-i__!a:o_=-  Wondefpul!   Yes;  :U'.e.nt. buys fi pound box, ttt  ['& Ci?eam Sodas  FRKSU FROM  l<JAC!'l'OltY  This is (ho greatest snap ever Offered in the lino Of biscuits  Tho I'mx is worth this amount,'a'ono fo- your pantry  f'ALL AND SK15 VHKU  M. DesBpisay & Co.  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Huplc Loaf Cream Sodas received  direct frmn the factory, put up in X-potincl boxes. Also  a full line of tlio Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits.   Don't forget that we handle  Blue Ribbon Tea.  JOHN A. IBVIM & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  (JUL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotl-iid. .._ .  FBEB J. SQUIBB; Baker St. Nelson  Tho "supply is iimil-od, so call early iuhI exiimino fhif Ktook.


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