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 DOMINION   DAY    CELEBRATION  SUBSCRIPTIONS AND COMMITTEES.  Manage. Waterman and assistant  manager Thompson are meeting with  great success in securing subscriptions  for the ninth annual celebration of Dominion Day at Nelson. Already the subscriptions amount to as much as the total subscriptions last year. Tliey report  that no single subscriber, so far, has  offered any objections to the action taken  by the nieeting that started the ball rolling. The lew who want a public meeting called have never yet subscribed a  doilar towards any public" function or  aided in any .way any previous celebration at Nelson. There is not likely to be  a celebration at any other town in southern Kootenay on that day. Iiossland  has heretofore celebrated Labor Day,  nnd will no doubt do so again this year.  Tlie following are the subscriptions secured yesterday:  Previously reported       California Wine Company   P. Burns & Co   Lawrence Hardware Company   Jacob Dover    H. Byers & Co   W. F. Tco'zcl & Co   Nolson Hardware Co    1>. McArthur & Co   Vancouver Hardware Co   Hyde, Titsworth & Co   Kirkpatrick & Wilson   A1 orrison & Cald well     C. W.  West & Co   H. I). Ashcroft.... *'-.   Lillie Brothers     James A. Gilker ,-   -'red Irvine & Co   S. Neelands ...   Thomson Stationery Company   Mills & Lott    Vanstouo Brothoi-   U.K. McLean   Humphreys & Pittock   Morse & Koyal   A. Ferland.. ..  WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 31,  1809  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2."  sealed parcels of ammunition from the  Transvaal government, and in return are  pledging themselves to rally to the Transvaal Hag at Christiania upon the signal  from the Transvaal.  ....31575  100  .... 50  .... 25  .... 25  .... 25  .... 25  25  ... 25  ... 25  25  ... 25  ... 25  ...  25  25  25  25  15  15  15  15  1'.  15  15  ...2130  Total.  The following committees have been  named, each committee to have full  charge of the sport entrusted to it:  Horse Rucos-H. ]}. Ashcroft, W. J. Wilson, Dr. J. A.  Armstrong,'  Boat Races���Abo Johnson  Parry.  K. V. TI10111 on. Melville  -Pr. D. Labau, Thomas Madden. J.  John J. Malone, Dr. G. A. B. Hall,  W.  Drilling Contest  A. Turner.  Hose Cart Rnees-  Hamilton Byers.  Lacrosse���D. Jf. Carloy, Herb Irvine, It. S. Lennie,  Hioyclc  Races���Dr.   Doolittle,   T.  J.   Sim--,   W.  Beaton.  Baseball���C. H. Ink, Jacob Dover, W. R. McLean.  Children's Sports���Captain Fit-Stubbs. K. K. Phair,  James Luwrenco.  Caledonian Sports���Judge Korin, W. A. Galliher, .Tohu  ��� ���Wet-more.  Cricket���W. F. Brougham. T. G. Procter, H. J. Evans.  Trap Shooting-G. W. Steele, N. T. Macleod, J. C.  Dillon.  Trades Procession���A. J. Marks, T. W. Gray, G. S.  Beer.  Invitation and Reception rommitlco���G. Frank Beer,  Frank .Fletcher. H. B. Thomson. J. A. Kirkpatrick, A.  L. McKillop, rbarles Hillyer, W7 V. Tectzcl, J. A. Gilker, K. P. Whalley. Alex Dow, J. K. Strachan.  Decoration Committee���J. Roderick Robertson, Captain Hodgins, T. M. Ward, William Wilson, Georec      VVard. K. A. Cxease, A. H Clements, R.S.  August  M. W'?,4I'.*s'iii:QW,n'.:^J';*'H..��piQuWi<j��,;A7*Il.7Sli'bnrV,od('li  iMm   " "'"'  "       '~"~ "     '-  Reply to Transvaal Petition.  London, May ���"><).���The letter addressed  by Conynghain Green, the British agent  at Pretoria, to Wynberg, president of the  Transvaal South African League, with  reference to the petition signed by 21,091  British subjects, iind addressed to the  queen, reads as follows :  " I have instructions to inform your  petitioners that their petition has been  receiving the serious consideration of her  majesty's government, aud without expressing an opinion at this stage of the  proceedings on the several allegations  contained in tlie petition, her majesty's  government cannot but express a general  feeling of sympathy with the memorial,  and is earnestly desirous of seeing a  speedy anil substantial change effected  in their petition.  "That the government refrains from  further reply to the petition at this  moment, is due to the fact that a meeting is arranged between a high commissioner and the. president of the republic,  at which it is expected these questions  with others now at issue between the  two-governments, will be discussed iu a  conciliatory spirit. Her majesty's government regards the agreement of the  president of the republic to meet the  high commissioner as an indication that  both the Volksraad and the government  of the republic are sincerely desirous of  arriving at a solution which will satisfy  the reasonable aspirations of the unenfranchised population."  LOOAL NEWS OF THE TOWNS KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  Kydd, W. A.  irt _:__..._   /-,...  Railway Smash in Chicago.  Chicago, May 30.���Forty people were  injured this afternoon between a Harlem  race track special and the Forty-Eighth  street train on the Lake street elevated  road. It is not. believed that any of the  injured will die, the most serious injuries  reported being broken limbs. The motor-  ,, man ���on,the;H{W.leiU"Special?pl.ost.eoi.itrol oft  h��:-0-u'rra.V--^ .  p #_Mft^ -  $tlf;eu.^ . i h- thj !%_ admaii 's.  :>iy^_t"^ifyne_s::n  A?f ^^i*tt|hv .]^ts _ij_$ir  ,.'felie#��i'iVrii;-i-'i-. d-]|i|/rtmon t- Ii'a_. iiilear'-hqd' a   if  Impose Stringent Conditions  j,'.i<".ea sgr _ $j|thjey ".Paf'jl!l-hcl��' 4^-adiffa/rs1,,  ISjIsJ^  ^ifeiri :j_%. ;|Rni��3 ��&$$& W  |:_ ^ili.fi. Wed'4 ojivghl "OjOfiitvi ntereSti'irg  " 3��^'e^a^pril.<��ut-,.%^>|j._ ".#i-P^ "'eppld ��� lioi  ���d��^eu;_,<M.*N^  ^locj-im&ut;,. o ;  ' V Atex H^-dtoi'_o).,,;of We4tM&^er, _0iinr  Y���e|>D io"r ilxe, j. o|iiijn.i'oi.ii";gd:ve.r;nj.ue'in#!; aiitl'  "*#<?*_/*$<&.,��*^  ���Hip Shtjti'lttjld^^iijght^'^^trek Mip ;pi'ov^  " iiTcial records foi' sOiiie Such deed, the  news of Avhicili hifd��not l_e__ti reg_i*ed  Which their st-aiiier left Vaucoitvci-,,  KASLO.  The steainer International is now laying off getting her boilers cleaned and  repaired. She will be off the run for a  week, the Alberta taking her place.  J. C. Eaton and wife have left lvaslo  for Spokane.  The lvaslo <fc Lardo-Duncan Railway  Company are now rushing things, and it  looks as though they were going to make  some new move on their opponents. Monday night at <S o'clock another gang of  men under surveyor Holmes left lvaslo on  a special train over the Kaslo & Slocan  for the head of Trout Lake via the Arrow  lakes. This is the second party that has  left Kaslo during the last few days very  quietly and'mysteriously.  The steamer Alberta brings in gangs of  Italians on every trip for Bonner's Ferry,  nearly all of whom leave at once for the  scene of railway construction in the  Lardo.  Kootenay lake lias risen nine feet at  Kaslo so far. But the last few days being  cool, Kaslo river has gone down eighteen  inches.  It now looks as though the South Fork  wagon road would not be built this  summer. Messrs. Fleutot and Mansfield,  the directors of the Excelsior Mining  Company, do not seem satisfied with the  result of their mission to the Coast, the  government guarantee not being strong  enough. Tliey now want the citizens to  subscribe $4000 towards the cost ofthe  road, the company to pay the balance. If  this is not done, the company will make  a cheap trail, to do them for their own  purposes, until such time as the government is willing to go ahead with it.  The eight-hour law is still the leading  topic of discussion in Kaslo, and the final  action of the Sandon and Silverton  Miners'Unions is aAvaited. ���'*���  NEW   DENVER.  The trustees are having the school  grounds cleared of rocks and stumps and  enclosed _ vith ;a neat .picketfence. ��Shade  r^kffllmli'rio^  ;>Gai;p��fttf��:er$<^  aSl\#-  SLOCAN   DISTRICT.  Saturday the Mountain Chief mine resumed operations, after being  idle for a  number of years.    Four men went up to  the property from New Denver to clean  out  the  workings  and get   things   into  shipshape,   preparatory  to  the  employment  of a   large number of'men.    The  Mountain  Chief is one of, the   pioneer  shippers  of the   Slocan, and has  today  large ore reserves.    In the early days it  contributed largely to  the prosperity of  New Denver, and  it will act as the same  important factor uoav.    It  is connected  with New Denver by a good wagon road,  which is to  be  cleaned out to make it  available for the liauling of supplies,'affording an excellent opportunity for the  local merchants to demonstrate their enterprise.   The new owners of the Mountain   Chief is  the  Manchester Smelting  Company,  Avho have   secured   it   under  bond   from  George   W.   Hughes.    They  mako  a specialty  of zinc  ores, and  the  product of the Chief carries  a high percentage  of the  desired  mineral.    There  are a number of ].romising claims in the  vicinity that will be materially benefitted  by.the working of the Mountain Chief.  Across Carpenter creek from the Mountain Chief, J. C. Bolander and J. Austin  have a good property in the Emma, upon  wliich they are now working. It is a dry  ore proposition, with a four-foot ledge,  Avell defined through tAvo claims. The  Avork now being done has this Aveek disclosed a nice chute of ore, Avliich giAres  exceeding high assays, and is A'ery similar to that on the Turn's group, near by.  This is adding another to the list of  healthy properties on' Goat mountain.  Ou. the Tunis group, Avest of the  Emma, tlie OAvners are busy Avith their  development and are continuing the  sacking of ore. They propose making a  test shipment in a.few-days of three or  four. tons. The ore aA*erages over '100  ounces.  Dining the last day or so the showing  on the .Neglected ha __���greatlyYimp.'OA:ed  steadily shipped to the Nelson.'smelter  and crude ore before long will'be hauled  doAvn from the mine. Two engineers  went up yesterday to inspect the Evening Star and brought down some rock  from the ledge wliich is four feet thick  anil looks most promising.  .J. 1_. Saucier, president of the Ross-  land-Vmir Mining and Development  Company, left yesterday for Kaslo. During his stay here he acquired of or his  company the Golden Ridge Fraction adjoining the Bruce group.    .  Will Back Up the Minors.  At a  public   meeting   held   in   Slocan  City on last Friday night  the. following  .resolutions Avere passed :  AVhorea-s certain mine owners have publicly announced  their intention of reducing the wages of all mine workers upon the taking ollect of the eight-hour law; and  whereas their reasons, as set forth in such announcement, for attempting such are either the result of selfishness or lack of sound reasoning, and show an unfairness  in attempting lo arbitrarily establish a reduced scale of  wages; and we further belicvu th .t well paid, healthful,  'nlclligeni workers inakc desirable residents of a country, and that huinanity and civilization in North America now demands better conditions and better wages for  its workers than prevail in Kuropcan and other countries, and that the government has done a commendable  act in establishing the eight-hour law in mining; unci  believing that the best interests of the country will be  promoted by the enforcement of the eight-hour law and  maintaining the regular rate of wages as heretofore paid  in mines.  Therefore be it resolved, that wc, the miners,, prospectors and citizens of Slocun City, hereunto subscribed,  pledge ourselves to abide by the actions of the ./liners'  Unions of the Slocan, and wc extend to them' our sympathy and support in their dibits to maintain the present,  scale of wages in the mines, and tliat we will not. work  for less nor pay less than the union rate.  The resolution's, as above, were ordered  sent to the different miners' unions in  Kootenay and to the press, and bear the  signatures of a committee appointed for  the purpose. The committee is A. E.  Teeter, It. M. Covington and J. E. Skinner.  ^eh*Ki_t^he:.jM  __*_.-/-.._   �� -.^0 .^r���i<'-l*l..L.."Y>,^Y.rL��.v_ umi#-  ���jyM-|?^tj>��_ |is Kfo$".��i$l  Balfour Def-at-d by; PiBcington.  London,  May  _&.-^-A   -iariianientary  J.**-*4_jsG-d.l<_cti.��i^^  port division of South litest Lancashire,  to /ill -he ya&p6y caused by tli& death of  captai 11 si r. Herbert Naylor-fjeland, Ay ho  had repi'eseilt*-d theeoustituency in the  Liberal interest since August last. The  result wte a, vip-dry tor tljo Liberal can--  didate sir _George Augustus 'Filkington  who defeated liis Unionist opponent C. B.  Balfour, by 5_S votes. Tlie voting Was:  sir George Pilkiiigtoii Liberal, _,_8'5 ; C.B,  Balfouf tJuionist, 3,052; __4'.b-iu] majority,  5'88f C.B. Bid four i,s a iKifjliew of tlie  right hoiiorabl^ Artluir il.iiii__ Balfour,  first lord of the, troa-ury, and gtWern-  ment leader in the house of conuuoiis.  virtiudjy" T<j|'4cstp ,ihp g.oyeru'nie.nt/^ajaii'y,  "b-U'b":l|y 'kippjmxg: th^''bi1|��'i'epp'ii^^cl'��d;:  'by the* ar'iiiy- t^nnflittee' - Jog'-vrii-iisirijgi- t'liei  ���strm.gB"of "tlfe ^pyyJwohV- 5600^ io^O.qbi  liieii, #_ c_ pi.OA'idfng "that, t..1. A .condition'^  ojf the service f-ciifornred, the pjnnii]Jt  arijiy is to r__ ftin its, national clni|'adt6r  ai.i<i is only to he einployed QUtsiil6 .of'  i^iiilalid Avhefi the �� defence: of JJinlijiicl  does not "require it.  Free; Ohvireh ,Pav!or^ tTnibn.  EbMiiua^/, Mfiy 3D.���The ffty^iifltli  general assenibly Of the Fi^e _3hureh. Of  Scotland; by it vote of i>65 to SB, hits  approA'ed a basis for the proposed union  between tlie Free church and the United  .Presbyterian church. The advocate.- of  ^the'coalitionrAvhe'lia^^  union, which. Avill jrifodiiC- a body nearly  as strong numeri-aily as the established  church of Scotland, feel eonfkteiit that  their aims AXill be achieved next May.  The Rumor Cprrobprated.  London, May 80. ���Truth says that  queen Victoria lias decided to undergo  an operation for cataract When professor  Hermann Pageustecker, direetor of the  Opthalmic hospital at Wiesbaden, thinks  tlie proper time has arrived. Tlie operation Avill be performed, according to  Truth, either at Osborne or Balmoral,  probably after the parliamentary session.  Flying Fox Remains Favorite.  London, May 30. ���Derby day promises  to be fine and hot. Flying Fox remains  a firm faA>*orite at 2 to 1, but an interesting battle for places is expected, and  there Avill probably be a dozen runners.  The listless appearance of Holocaust in  today's gallops, due to Sunday's exertions in Paris, and to the journey hither,  gaA'e rise to a rumor of lameness.  Kruger Supplying Arms Now.  Lon i ion, May . ().���Th o Mai 1 's CapetoAvn  correspondent says : Sims Secret, a member of. the Capetown parliament, having  recently .toured through the Darkly district, reports that a number of fanners  there   have  receiA'ed  Mauser. rifles and  France Welcomes its Explorer.  Toulon, May :_(!.���Major Marehand  arrived hove this evening on board the  French eruiaer i'As..as, The hero of  F__shoda was greeted with immense enthusiasm. Tlie ship having him ou board  Wits escorted into the. harbor by a largo  number of steainers. At th- liiiiding  major Marehand was received by tlie  mayor of Toulon and several generals of  the French army avIio Avelcomed him With  speeches of laudation.  Baseball G-imes Yesterday.  Syracuse 7, Toronto 11.  Cleveland 0, Boston 8.  First game���Baltimore 0, St. Louis 4.  Second game���Baltimore 8, St. Louis 7.  Chicago 0, Philadelphia 4.  Louisville 3, Brooklyn 4.  Pittsburg 5, Washington 4.  Cincinnati 5, New York 7.  Did Not Marry His Sister.  Paris, May 30.���The agent here of  Iguace Jean Paderwiski, the celebrated  Russian piliaist, declares that there is no  truth in the report that Paderwiski has  marxied the former Avife of Ladislas Cor-  ���Ski, the violionist. The lady in question,  it is added, is Paderwiski's sister.  ���t !        7   .;; ;Y*";YM1R.,  7i; l-rells^iU'g^liaBv.loj  tb':B&vej"c"i^e2ky^y"-: ����� ...   . ."�� t n }]���  ,^  1%:��� "Ftunnfe.'���"."of*";EVfe ,^fitL"MX_R.. "'^hi-kr  ^li^litei^ of( ]^ihnd""hk^e.'lleep ��'a^yp"^iHte_I  "jlisti-eS'Of 'tlij;.;i3eat!'e'-fb^'Kootei'iay..;. ������  .foe" ���BnrgdiiidV'Jilis" "leasecl; tlfe * ,Ross  ��||o"i"i"se for sixth"|iioiltli.S7fI'Oin __i;_ first of  .Iiii.ie_ Ha fe Well kiuntn as. an. exedlleiit  chef and, no dotibt Will be WeJI"patron-  ized.  The AV'iiterWorlds -"dinpitny are "doing, a  lot, of AVo_t!k _o as to be itble to hiVvfe the  water on nevxt nioiith. It looks li)_e"bitsi-  npss to see pipfes being forwarded froni  the depot to A-ai'ioiis points.  Tixke it as a whole, Ymir ealiip is looking tip.    The  prospectors.  ;;tioii.-Mv1S0W#eiWe_:,=" -,^ ."     .���" ��� . " - ���  l_UieY%ke���^fi^",gitou���p, "(_\\jf^f hX'tf^f'  Wages of Miners at Rossland.  The following is from the Rossland  Miner, and can be accepted as correct.  There can be no good reason advanced  why.the rate of Avages now paid at Ross-  ^.F-iremen.      . ������    _ _  '"���Bln'eKfii iu.fciia=���=.= -*^ ���*Y s  "^JltrcksiifitliS'liplper-.  nfi-'iiSi'Je ntorif,". &",�����}-yf"  lfn_id^&"iw.!S^.S_S.  (to_4_'i5itlfh':W!6tifeV:.',  into  the hills and  the  =thei r-assess.nieut=-Workr=  ire  going out  !-Ve doing  Northwest Immigrants Leave Famine Behind.  Odessa, May 30.~-The Avinter Avheat  crop of southern Russia has been completely destroyed by a protracted drouth.  The spring Avheatcrop is also in jeopardy  from the same cause. The steainer Moscow has sailed with 3500 Cossack immigrants for Port Arthur.  NELSON.  The funeral of the late W. D. Smith  yestei _hty aft'ei-noOU, was largely attended,  nearly all his former companions ou the  athletic field being present, Tlie pall  bearers were ,]. L, Vanstouo, Jaines  Smith, D. Manhart, Jantcs Neelands,  Jasper Phjili* stud W, Ernst. Two hand-  sonie wreaths, one from the Tvelson .baseball team, and one frdiu Jasper Phair  we-rti placed on tho coil'ph Rev. John  Jlobson ("���ondueteci tlie religious services  at the Methofiist ehurcl-i and preached a  sermon On the uncertainty of human life.  Despite tlie jieavy rainstorm a lai'ge  luiiuber of jieople followed the remains  to their last i'estiiig placO in the Nelsoii  ���cemetery.   No Occasion for Uneasiness,  London* May 30.���A scare has resulted  from the admiralty hydl'Ographers' latest  report. According to this sensational  production the Thames is silting up, and  eA'entually London Avill be left Avithout  an approach to the sea, like the ruined  seaports of Sanchvich and Winchelsea.  It appears, however, tliat only one channel  is thus affected, and even if this does  close it means only that Aressels coming  from the south will have to take a roundabout course to enter the port. As to the  Avhole mouth of the Thames silting Up,  experts agree there need be no fears.  Plague Does Good Business.  Hong- Kong, May 30.���Since March 4th  tliere have been 484 cases of plague in  Hong Kong and 430 deaths. On Friday  there Avere thirty-six cases. There is  absolutely no excitement here, although  the weekly average of deaths i.s now (iver  sixty.. Whereas there was an enormous  exodus, of natives in 185)4, business is.  being conducted normally at present.  ,-'  ?ibfi%' "ijfki -pp/ppjipipf 'tlie' 'tfrfji^Jtiijy! tp: ittil^  Mp ;t"lie"i;iia-^.i 'iclci'fjjfp^ $kp: .,xi,teuf?loi:-D W  f il.. ii _^��'%ipi_ i:rtt>i__��it& fdj.*" _ij'-(_i'_'i^pr^i-Vl-'':_ i^JS* ��  ' Fril^^'ylitlrS ha$"ki fa^i.kirpV^ypjiy  prjapix, tiia���W<?sti'you'!rt, gitftated' Oil,, the  n"o.r-li: side "Of Ton' IV_i_Q Ji"iid";olipo. lip the  Ijlflt'e'iipr'fee.    No   ihlm  des<S,rtps $ indep  tSiaixlid, ;aud .-Verybody" AfiSii.6sVliiiii. jgtf-.  0Killitl,i"&���Iinas do.iie _about 400 ieet of ��di!if b*-  i'ftgi: ifipstijy siifgle-.haTided^ but   he lias  ,iie'\tel'".i)*eler)�� ^IscOifrag-.d.-   The  phe 'AA*as,  sbriicskin a crosscut ^o the right froth the  main *\fOi?l_iiig&", and is eiglrl^eu inches" in  Avklth.    As cut, tile lead. sTf��Ws up fine,  With _onside.;a:ble quarfc/ utised throiigh.  =aud=a.],l=nK,)re=oiHlesS-njiTiGi'ali"/c;edf^  strikes on the WestiiioUiit and Nbepawn.,  together with the sale of the Enterprise,  is having a most beiicficlai elf Get on the  Ten-iiiile camp,  The ShOA\*iilg on the Mabou, above the  Kntorprise, continues, to improve, tliere  being at present four inches of ore. it i.s  siuiilar in. chariieter and gJ'itde to that of  the l-i iter prise.  George Long andY^at Tuitkor, .owners  of the. Me.Tiniac group, on.Silver motni-  tain.nnd above the ��rfforfua, will com*  tlieiice the seiisoii's operations iii afeu*  days. They have three parallel leads on  the group, with art imposing show of  clean galena. Their example wj.ll be followed by neighboring claim holders, arid  Silver mountain wilf begin to hum again..  YMIR   DISTRICT.  ���S. L. Long, general jiiaiiagor of the  Porto Rico, arrived yesterday, and operations Avill soon be in full swing again at  that mine.'as employes have been taken  on. F. S. Algiers Avas in town yesterday  with some magnificent specimens of ore  from the Vern.ioi.it mineral claim, in  which he is interested Avitli Dr. Keller.  The characteristics of tlie ore are magnetic iron, copper and gold interspersed  Avith quartz. The vein, which is 22 feet  in width, has been traced for 000 feet.  It has been decided to sink 50 feet further at tlie present time, a good force of  men being employed, and $2000 in development Avork Avill be done this summer.  Previous assays went $15 to the ton, but  no assays have been made from recent  discoveries, but from appearances they  would carry high values.  Supplies are going up to the- Ymir  mine, and as soon as the rock crusher  piece of lnachineryarrives from Chicago,  the result of the accident a,'-little while  Avhile ago, the 40 stamps will ��� ho] in full  I swing   again. ,   Concentrates   are   being |  V-M'infeiS^ln..������,,,.,.,,. -��,.....-,���  :VAlih}5rs)lfanii(\d-Mtl^iii._,$'l!a|li  V-I'iiiersJ(ilinadliifs'��drili.s)��". :���.��._  MuieV^;teii-hih"p!i*ir-fiS| i-i._}.b;  ��� J?iiinp.nicil.��tiiill)Rrjii-(,K*._i.��...�� _..-..��_  ! '-ftniiciir.s'h^ar.ififp^.��.��.:.  I K5nSfab-t/k*(_*itr|ii%)"f^.^.1,.Y".���.t-,  , n0r.-,��oi;te_a7s....;-. :iy...^.:y\y.jmj^  _  X,bi'_SI'i'ift,jSilinQiirK>-��  "Y -������ ?A- "���v��'^��- ?y$>B,  ,:|.'_���*.>vii.-C!s#'  ,,s,���,^.,,��.^;,.H>..|.(i  THE LAW ANDTHE_LAW COURTS  Lengthy Criminal Docket.  There Avas tlie usual croAvd of linvyers,  police ollicers, court officials, jurors and  Avitnesses present in the court house yesterday morning when justice Drake took  the bench and opened the assize. The  present sitting of the courtis remarkable  by reason of the length of the criminal  docket, and the gravity of the offenses  recited in it. With the exception of one  case, which is of minor importance, all  come from outside points.  The grand jurors, Avhose names appeared in yesterday's issue, selected  W. A. Jowett as their ,/oreman, and the  court then addressed thorn upon the  nature of the crimes Avhicli would come  before them and the legal definition of  the same. They then retired to consider  some of the indictments placed in their  hands, and the court was adjourned until  two o'clock. In the presentation of the  cases before the grand jury deputy-attorney-general McLean was assisted by  W. A. Galliher.  During the clay the following true bills  were returned: Regina vs. BreAvster,  theft; Regina vs. OYVeill, theft; and Regina vs. Pas to, murder. The prisoners in  the.'first two cases come from Trail, and  the prisoner Pasto is an Italian from  Cranbrook. The latter will be defended  by John R. Costigan.  The petit jury list contains thefolIoAving  names:  J. E. Annablo, E. II. H. AppleAvaite,  W. II. Dowsing, A. D. Emory, A. G. Gamble, F. E. Hebden, John A. Irving, T. L.  Lillie, W. C. McLean, E. AV. Matthews,  DaA'id Morris, VE. C. Traves, Hugh R.  .Cameron, J. C. Carruthers, W. J. G. Dickson, G. R. G. O'Driscoll, Martin O'Reilly,  C. W. West, Gilbert Stanley, C. D. j.  Christie, Samuel Neelands, Onslow  Newling, J. L. Stamford, C. J. Wilson, J.  A. McAlinan, G. A. Hunter, J. R. Graham,  G. D. Curtis, Robert Incc, G. E. C. Martin,  AYR. ShetAvood, E. P. Whalley, S. 3.  Mighton, Thomas Morley, R. H. Williams,  W. Starmer Smith, James If. Wallace,  George AV. Steele, P. J. Russell, A.  Ferland.  The injunctions restraining the Kootenay and ArroAvhead and Kaslo and Lardo-  Duncau raihvay companies from building tlieir lines of rail way through the  Duncan City pass were continued by consent yesterday, and June 12th was set as  the date forchearing the arguments upon  the same.  :.-��:y,l$,��.i"VTfa;j|^_aoo^sSOr_-_iize.  ,^foii^^^ an in-  :tel^^tMd^Mi(^$%M^k^hkld  at tlie   ���  #setiill��3|^^ organized -  '_|1jh-iii_d-A% Gun  ^^?^Y^M^^%s voted t'p  ����� .{_teyj<$^ names  ^���^s^m(tn��^J^3i^d&i^jaf the "dub r  ?^f^$0^^^M^\&$i> J}''. J'un,*  ���"���/ ���'"���*'< r  ,   " .J-. .Y;D(Sii^;3^aAt" th|_(M6tfnanl7Y /= j  ": YM^^iS-iVPO^i-g^ ^rj^r��0'.*-ltl?ijie 'lif^k  :ieriiinyghpevkl i*i^?e5-f|!J|j. ��,AVii;s""4fiina?j:ii;ii"i'ojiS.  ' ycsteiidityti-^ife1'op^oS-iiioii "id tlx&-kekbh$gZ  of j-obe��bs_,n|. i<3; ni_. iuo-fi, bi eoi.rg^e.ss.^a.ljrt  c-fiirgissadf-its _sijijtufne*ii;t^ in axkppg vc3.ee.*  '-���The httfis0iO:|;r(|'jS-CSCiitartl^ek._c#ilno|,'ijaiv-'  ,-iii'it Mr. RobMts" |q .have ii".-voice }$ ifc-  t'oi;i;nIcilsVA^i|I}^pUtiii ."Ketit sauetiirtiifigjhe  lpI��-cti-^..o^���Ji^���y^���|.���l.y,,'' _ia.ki I>i%;Kiic"l-cflfftj,  cl;K.ii'i*ma.J ��"ol-"trfe." cplMiiiittee Ji;as''in;g the  subject Til 'clilurge.'," i|.!,r{J, tliere Was'Cippri.i-.U'se  in assciitY Then .i_tVwii_5' a"rinouii���ceO. tliat  *'tbo goiie"i"fC]�� assehibly. rejU'eseiitrjug '2'if.  pi-esbyterieg, nvor^ tJ.iMji 7000   iniliisters  ^itchSOOO-cltuVd-i'eSr^vftMlOOOjOOO^com^  imiiiicirub-s, iji'id SjOOOjOOO adliercnts, earnestly Calls upon  every rCpi'eseiltativc in  tlie LVTtlj congress to exhaust all honorable inca.).-j to SieCtit'C tlie  prompt  expulsion of the mormon, member."'  'f^y^^J!^M)^^^6m'^"$iuQU, g. a.  fl^^r^i-ifl-M.fi^Mlw^ ,   "  *"-��"Tm$iM]nW'm i&l-pi&iYof oflicors  i-q^l&pdyhi ^}v_t^KIigpUft*|ro' president, '  %vj_t�� *SW*le vfceVliiifeHfe..t*Y-n(l 0. Av  Hii;i).-fIrsecre:teiYys;^fefefijffif^       board of* -  '.fl'y/e-fcof's.-W'_s ^  the  2:30,  each   -AP-dk,' 'Wji-s n7d|ditleciY����t!pf"n   as  ch.fc's shoot da%.. tft"Vc.6i)iiU^uce at'  _,      , P. '' J    "     _      _     mD   L     'n       d  O'ClQC-k,, ��-s ���.- ���   ���-  The Steele jpllib will :��#c^yoi' the traps  and birds of the old, 0I11I3, and members  of thitl. <)fg,'Tiiiy,i\'tton and ��O0iers will be  Wete'0,)H_^i_a&.U,i.ofnlS-itS-i6J__'tlvi_-el 11 b   Th- $ilent Protest Successful.  Li.ma, Peru, May 30,���The *���' silent protest" of tjie people (if Peru against pec.si*  dent I'ierola's attempt to "make himself  virtual dictator may not be 'silent after  all, Tlie vast majority of the efwtoi.itt'  stayed 'HAyjiy IW11 the polls. Tlio .most  ���fchat was_ h;o,;|.H;d was that this might jiro-  iliice sn<:h a slirinking in the vote a.- to  serve as an cfl'vetual rebuke to Pierofa  aud his autdiuaton, lloinaiia, the presidential candidate. However, although  the Vote is not yet canvassed, it appears  tliat everywhere it has been so light that  it is feared that J-Jomana, has nob secured  the 137,000 A*otes ncct_.sai.-y to make his  election legal. If he fails of the necessary \*<>to trouble is almost certain to  follow. _____  Disabled Steainer Probably Lost.  Dij.vi.dix, Ncav Zealand, May 30.���Four  tugs which were dispatched from here to  the assistance of the British steainer  Perthshire, captain 'Wallace, from Sydney  April 2(ith, for Bluff, New Zealand, after  the ship aviis reported by a schooner, as  having been spoken to May 15th, about  I'M miles east of Sydney, with her tail  shaft broken, have returned without  finding the missing steainer.  President of.the Italian Chamber.  KoM.K, May 80.���-Signer Chinaglia, the  ministerial candidate;, was today elected"  president'.of- the 'chamber .of deputies;  receiving 225 votes against, 102 cast for  SigneriZiicdenille, who recently resigned  the presidency owing to tin; re-organi'/.a-  tiou of the/cabinet.  A dlbse Call.  Charles _.I%rn..us, ivjijle imiploycd jn  ttiiilviug ft sower QpimPption in' front .of H,  it. 1-van���s.���& Co.'s pn R:\ker street, had a  close call, for his life. yestetd'aya._to..uooiiv  While digging in the trefi-h ab a dejitb  of .about sox'en feet a ���I%rgc mass of ,cla,'y  a ful, gravel caved in, coiiif-letrily coveriiig  him. J. IMlodes*, a fello,w-\Voi*kti;iiU|_, im-  uicdiiWi'ly gave the jvlai'iji and a nunibeJ'  i.-f men ran t,o the r��scue. vVl'tor acouplc  of niiniiles:' hard .ligging5 Magnlfs' head  AA-a.s snliieiontly iijicjiverild Lu allow hjn_  to breathe, but the. earth was so' solKl  around' his body thatitAvn�� nob until;, it  was cleared asvay almost to his feet that  lie could be ]>li,ll��d out. He was sent  home in <'f cab.> but whije his bwly is  scA'croly bi'tiisetl, no serious results are  anticipated.  Card of Thanks.  We wish to thank the many kind  friends of our beloved son and brother  William David Smith, for the niaiiy acts  of kindness shown Ijini in life and liis  family in tlieir sad bereavement by his  death : and We particularly Avish to thank  the members of the baseball club and  chief of police Mclviimoii.  W. 0. Smith and Family.  Along the Water Frottt.  Eive and one-inches was the rise of the  river at Nelson for the twenty-four hours  finding at (i p.m. yesterday. The several  crews of racing fours are out for practice  every evening. There is room for 'improvement, but they will make a good  showing for regatta day. Yesterday Avas  wet..      -.''���'*  Cornell Defeats Pennsylvania.  Ithaca, New York, May  _0.���The Cornell-University of Pennsylvania boat race  A\*as rOAved at 7'.30  this  OA'ening,  Cornell  I winning./ THE TRIBUTE:. NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY,  MAY  1890.  LS!  We are showing* a very large assortment of parasols rang.tig" in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu and see them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits arc g'oing* fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the thing for hot Aveather.  A. FERLAND & CO.  Knot, Hloelc. linker Street. Nelson  Garden T00I3  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  PROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  TURNING   OUT  AVe arc turning out ;i great number of men's outfits, i'or the reason  tluit our suits fit and are well made.. We handle everything of the  l.est unci sell nt close prices. If you aw nt a hcav spring suit, hat, tie,  shoes, inidci'Avcar, collar, shirt, suspenders, or socks, inspect our stock  nd be convinced   that avc   aie the   people who can give   you the most  the Miner know what is to be done Avith  tlie $30,000, uoav that its expenditure has  been sanctioned by the ratepayers.  International Chess Congress Opened.  London', May SO.-���The London international chess congress opened at Stephen's hall, Westminster, today. There  was a large attendance of representatives  of the principal chess clubs in Great Britain. At the A:'M adjournment, in the  first round three games Ave re finished.  Pillsbury could not do better than draAV  Avith Colin. Burn lost to Mason, Show-  alter lost to Lee and Lasker has a bad  position in his game Avith Blackburn.  Tins other games were unHnished. Burn  Avithdrew from the tournament after his  defeat, and his place'will   remain vacant.  The Conference Begins Today.  Bj_o.aiki_'_u>in, Orange Free State, May  M0.���Sir Alfred Miiner, governor of the  Cape, and British high commissioner of  South Africa,, and president Raul Kruger  of the South African Republic, left Capetown and Pretoria respectively, this  ��� morning for their meeting here tomorroAV  to consider the demands of the Uitlanders.  Great preparations for tlieir reception  have been made here. A triumphal arch  has been erected outside the raihvay  station, ancl addresses expressing hope  for a successful result of the conference  Avill be presented.  HUDSON'S BAY  $0mmm ggg g^g ^.m mm  w  ffl  ffl  ffl  mmm^M^mm^mm^mm^mmmmmmmmmmm  %  B  % Men's Alpaea  i Men's Straw  Men's Canvas b  Men's Linen   . %  B  fs Tl]ese goods are the proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes $  ffl  Pelt Hats  B  B  B  COMPANY.  , good goods for the' least money  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR  LODGE   MEETINGS.  XT NIGHTS OK PYTHIAS���Nelson Lodge. No. 25,  -E*' Knights of Pythias,meets in I. O. 0. F. Hull,corner  linker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'ulock. Visiting Knights cordially invited lo attend.  C.-J-'KKN-H, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of U. & S.  NKLSON l.OOGK. NO. 23. A. F. & A.'.M.   AleelF  . "second Wednesday in each inonih.   Sojourning  ,*^\ brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Ao-ntyisr.  ���.'    Victoria street, NeKon.  WAKT & CA JtltlJC���Architects.   Booms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, linker si root, Nol-on.   H   CANE���Architect nnd  artist.   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Skvkntii Ybak, No. 28  :^".^7^f^_P^j%B'Kuvie\vrof Stujdon is much  ^;i\ti&o7J0^e].(^6_ifcennitui of Kaslo.    TJic one  i^i'^i'in|^'*^Q_ejl and can pcc no good in any  ^^jMi'4"el^d|5Wv]io is a Grit.    Tlie  other is  ,slj;Ji,lt^ax|Mtf���r_id   can see  no good  in  any  'yyd��icetfdl��4"dr"a "\vlio i_ a Tory.   The one is  ��� d��d %} �� -^ "*��� ^\a *�� �� *  VVS-dttfetluy a., inan "who was an offieosecker  fyf'Aty'M#h%ffhn* and, who nhv^ys" met xyith :  ft*;a'0'efeat.    fie liatcs tlio party that brought  Atlin is a town of some importance.  There are several familiar firm names in  fche advertising columns, among others  P. Burns & Co., Parsons Produce Company, -tlerehants B.'ink of Halifax, McLennan, MeFeely & Co., Canadian Bank  of Commerce, the Bank''of British North  -America, the Kootenay House, and a  number of government notices signed by  J. D. Graham. Tun Titihunk wishes The  Claim success.  ^ In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Black and Brown, the newest  Ob shapes and coloring's are now open for inspection.  rslouse  B  CRASH LINEN- SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  Tin. city council is unfortunate in one  of its two mouthpieces. TheVEconomist  always deals in .generalities that glitter  'but mean nothing. The Miner, however,  has taken,its cue from alderman'Kle-chcr,  and repeatedly makes .statements that  .are iibsnrd and ulitruthful. One of  -alderman Fletcher's absurd and untruthful statements is thab the old council left  the present council a legacy of debt  amounting to $15,000. The Miner yesterday made the absurd statement that tlie  present council intended to lay a steel  pipe from Cottonwood Smith lake to the  reservoir. Had the council intended  doing anything of the kind they would  have asked the ratepayers' permission to-  borrow $00,000 instead of $.30,000. As a  matter of fact, neither  the  council  nor  THOMSON'S  WIS All*; NOT ADVERTISING  INCORPORATED 1670.  1670 1837 1899  THREE IMPORT DATES  1670  Hudson's   Bay  Company incorporated.  1S37 Our Gracious Queen, Victoria,  ascended the throne.  1S99 May. 24th, wc all, prosperous,  happy and contented, unite in  , /celebrating* her 80th birthday.  .-May yoiuenjoy-your holiday, your  picnic sandwiches, salads, pate jdc  foic gras, etc., and return on May  25th, better satisfied than ever' to  homemade bread.  DUCK AND  DENIM  SUITS  in*, white, fawn, green, and. blue  B  B  The above are the goods you need now.   Gome and see them, buy  them and enjoy comfort during the warm weather g  ffl  vine & Co.  VICTOEIA   BLOCK,. _3-A-I_::E-_3.   STEEET,   -STELSOIN*-   e. c  jasa ssia^--}Si_i  B  B  m-  Memo:     You  "Hudson's   Bay  will   if   you   use  Patent   Flour"  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Bilker Street.     -Telephone 13.  Dont be Af  Charles A. Waterman- & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BBAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  _5aJ_0.it Ms~cTdi_-at.   a!nd lias brought" his  ;cV]Mtr<5cl itloiig .v_fcl_ Mm to Britlsli G/'oliiiiH*-  " h'hi.    fie never tfus_e.s a cltontfe to eith-i'  Y.I_>ti_e ,-,x* misrepresent ".roe"  Ma-ufciin or  '^I'fcgcl" ftinne, simply bceiiusB tliey ai-e  GSitS "th jintioiiaJ pQliities���tvlufth is. tJU-ir  iq,.l_fcn.ab_<_ tight),   The other is ctliteil hy  it liiair Wl.10 has h_ csli  a .standing, to'biiiJi-  _|j.t_4!o"ibrl��*gi;t_jatjvo lionei'S for yea,r._, ancl  i.��� .soyred "h-.ecamn a IcM<_��w-towiiswau has  heek m,om sn._cefe_l-il than Ijiiiiaall. aiid  he-lfe-Wi* nifeses an   opportunity to _nfis-  vepyesont hi., fellow-towhsinan's pet:_.Ofu.!���  motives  or political  actions.   Such inen  wotihl  he better engaged in.  ofcTior pur-  -iiits .hail.foil rival ism j foi.' tliey nialicioiis-  ly dissemiiKite untrntliful .statements as  i'ft-fcs.  FiSiiG TkMH  O u .  This   season,  it   is   not  necessary, everybody  knows thiat our  Stock is Lapger  and PMces Lower  Than Ofrher Dealers.  P. BKRN&& Co. of Nelson have praeti-  dally seetp'ed control of all the B. C.  Cattle Company's meat markets in Vancouver and 'Victoria,. The firm has also  purchased oiitz.glit several of the independent meat markets in these two  towns. Nelson may yet be tlie comnier-  eia.1 center of the whole of British  Columbia.        Atjjj. lias a newspaper. It is named  The Claim. The first number was printed  on Saturday, April 29th. Jt is owned by  two -well-known Vancouver prjute-s,  llarry Cowan and W. J. Mcivay, the  latter being one of the founders of Tub  Tkjijunk. Tho Claim is well ^iiitod and  an])ai'(_i_tly contains all the nows of 'Atlin  and the surrounding camps., Tho number  of    the    advertisements    indicate-i, that'  Sportsinen   _^ant   the  best   and   can  alwa,ys  set it at  -Thorason SMionery Co., M  Dont  Be  Infiuenced  liy price alone iti yonr drug buying. l>ooking  well to (|tia)ity meatin .satisftietory results���mcang  seciuriiiK tlio runiedy that best ful nils tbe purposo  for wliich you intended it. Purity, quality, mkla-  friction, arc fir.se considered hero, but ahvays a  price that makes the purchase an economical one.  A price Mint mcalis foinetbing to'yon. Ono package of our  Celery  Herb  Tea  will tnako one quart, of tho best spring tonic on  the market, and is unequalled for nil blood, liier,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is  25 CENTS  To come in  our establishment  ==���and ^  look around  We .always have  the ..latest  styles in footwear  to show yoii  We  would like  to make  your acquaintance  and introduce  you to our  SHOES  KTRST DOOR WKST HANK H. C, BUILDING.  SUBSCRIBE FOR SHARES  Subscribe for shares in  Pleasant  Valley   Mines,   Limited,    Cariboo.  Now   is  your   chance,   as   oitly   a.  4iiwit^=n;u.m.'be.i=\\^il=be^pla-ce,-l=orl,=  sale   here, and will   soon   be  sold.  to  TELEPHONE  35  Dui-iiiK Hit', season wo will <lc  liver ice Pt priAa'te residences  nnd bu'-incss houses daily in nn}'  cloircd quanlily at ca-.onr.iblc  prices.  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  JMoi-chandise hauled to nnd from depots; bus  meets all Ir.vhis and boats. Special attention  given I 1 Ihe transfer of b: ..'gngc. OMice and  s-tablcs on Vernon street, opposite The Tribune.  Turner ���&. Bocckh block, Nelson, II, 0.  o* i>. J, calls'- ie  GI_N_2RA_j BROKER.  A 7-l'ODTii bOiis'C ..  A --1-0111 llOllKO'.,  A bulge board ing.House doing {.ood  busiri-ss, centrally located.  FOR RENT I  FOR SALE j  Reiil estate in all parts of the city.  LOANS ' -NSU-JUNfCilS  NOTICE  ,?30  . . u  ars-iaw  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wngon repairing promptly attetded to by a first-class  whcehvn'xlit.  Special attention given to al.l kind;* of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  0  ABERDEEN BLOCK.  OR DAWSON CITY?  If you are, call and get posted  on the White Pass and Yukon  route, which is the best, safest  and cheapest possible.  A. R. SHERWOOD  . Baker street West. Ncison, B. C.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  '.limit__d_p'''^y,7Yy;,  ;     Corner of: Baker, and, Stanley. Streets,-Nelson  Will buy 125 by 120feet at the  southwest corner of. Vernon  and Park streets with improvements. One of the best  residcnciw in Nelson. Terms;  ��2500 cash; balance in six ami.  twelve months. Apply to John  Houston, Vernon St., Nelsoii;.  Although the, Innes ife Hamher. syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are -withdrawn from  sale,, we still have a largo list o_ residential  lots on our  list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  CAiVIBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SNAPS  Wc have two bijj snaps in real estate  Call and _efc particulars.  Money to Loan  JUDICIAL SAt/E.  Purs'tiHiitto ujudtf mo'nts.of the, County Court of Kootenay, holden at Nelson, entered on the 17th day, of January, A. I _189!I. in the consolidated aoLion of J. K. lioldcn,  Wi.ll.ii!,m ti. lliidsoitVC'tiristiaii Uibeii,, \ViiHiaill.M. Wright,  and "Wljliani I.J.. Wn'rcon, plaitiliHK asaiiist'tlio Jlrijifhli  I'rOspi'-ls (3old "ftliniut* and lloiolopniefl!) Conibilny, liiiii'  -find U.U't.)it,y, dcfeii(la.|ji:s.,being iifninls N0��^_Ul/-8, t(!_/!187  _(k5,_)8, -tiii/MS, and -HH*/!)- .there will bu ulli-rcd for siilg by  pulilic auction b)'.'S, .1*. Tu.Ck, Shci'IU',' iut tho.coiti'l/lvo'Uge,  in thy <.it,y of Nel,On. at Ji oiclook1 ill tlfc forenoon, oh  Thnl.-lay. the Sfh day of .Kino. !����(, all; WidwiiiKuiiU' the  mim.i'u! isfaiui, "The Nortlioi'ii Ij'itrht."situateoutjhcsouth  slope of the Center,If'Crk Of K6rt}'-n,ifi_Ci.eok. anfl.uiJjCin-  inK the IMbb lugs niiileral elitiiil on the southwest corner,  beine hi the Nelson "Allnim. Division of Bril-ifrti COluinhin:,  Ipentert, the 5th day of May, iSil", and' retsoi'ded the. I'iib  dilv of "\!ay, 18!)7,  The pul'Chft.ser shall pay the purchase money int6 Coiii't  to the Credit of the .said consolidated action oil llloday of  raloi.  Dated at .Nelson. B. C, (his SSmT day'.f May, ISfln- ,;���  K li IT. -lillPi-lNS,  lleKistrar of the County Court Of KoOteuiiy. holden ad  Nelson. :.,*7  ���;.-��� ������������ ���  George Hoi  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  .Prompt attention given to all orders left nt M. DesBrisay & Co's, liakor street, Nelson.  Sf-jop:    ffall Street, betv/ecr)  Baker and Vernon, Nelson  PLUMBING-  SEWEB AND WATER CONNECTIONS  JOBBING A SPECIALTY  -'lumbers, etc, Opcnl, nbuse Block, Nelsoii  Nelson Ipoii Works  it. NaKACTuitKas ov  BNQINBSi  BOIiEJKS. Sf-AFTINGf, IIlON AHJD  BRASS CASTINGS OF BVEiBY _>BS_R_F__ON  Repairs iirrmiptly nftondcd to.       Pi O.. Box. pa.  est S Co  GENERAL TEAIVISTERS  AGENTS FOK  Agents forMellor's Plate Glass and  Lloyd's Pinto Glass Insurance.  j, I. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  .    Mines and Minintj Stocks Customs Broker  RKAL ESTATE A_NI> GKNKRAlYAGKNTS  TON  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  .Merchants'.lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8. ��� Short orders   at  all   hours.  BOARD^AnF ROOM  . First-class board aiid room. Todd's old stand, corner  \Vanl and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Healed by steam.   Table bttanl $1, room and board &"i  iiul S5.atl.  ,- ,.,  A cplleei ion of.fine lielghim Canaries for sale.  v mm.O'LAUGHLIN.  The Imperial Oil Co. ' Standard Oil Co.  Washit|gton Brick ar-d Lin\e Co.  The H. W. IV|cNi-ii Co., Ltd., Canadian AiiiJjra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers \i\  STOVEWOOD  Cpow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  i PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent,  R. REISTERER & CO.  .    BHKWKnS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag'ep Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular   ...  delivery to tlio trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  iM:  ' -'���^?'-^^-ftaaa>_?AiMS#^te#Uirxx&.^yFia��^���JaW--ri_*tjafA^��� THE   TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1S00.  0  o  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORIl STRATHCONA AND   MT. HOYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND VIco-Prosident  K   S. CLOUSTON Goneral Manager  ISTEX-SOT-vr   _BE--A.lNrCKC  _.. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  NELSON         I1RVNUUH.H   IN         LONDON   (BiiKlaml).    NfflW   YORK,   CHICAGO  ii ml in l.hi. priiiiii_i.il .sil.ios In (.anaili...  iluy and -ell Si..irliiitf  Kxoliamto and (.able Tmrisfi-rs  HHAKT OOM.VKUCIA1. ANO TKAVKI.I.KIlH' OKKIIITS.  tiviiilabln iii any part of the world.  DHAKT8  1BKUKII    -O..I.KCTI0N8 MADK.   OTC.  SAVINGS BANK BBANCH.  CURRENT HAT1_ OP INTEREST PAID  TIME   FOR   A   HALT.  Vancouver News-Advertiser.  Tho  time litis assuredly  come for Dominion  legislation   to impose  reasonable  safeguarding    conditions,   requiring   at  least sufficient -proof of due qualification  in open court, upon the naturalization of  foreign  settlers in  this province.    There  is not the slightest doubt that by swearing,  practically   unchecked,   under   the  rough-and-ready system, large numbers  of Orientals���Chinese and Japanese���are  ..now acquiring rights of citizenship after  altogether inadequate residence and settlement in the province.    These Orientals  have recently been, and are being, naturalized  by.   hundreds,   though   many   of  elieni are undoubtedly  but recent incomers,  amongst whom  not a feAV  are   in  reality migrants, who make from and for  Japan    before   and    after   our   fishery  seasons.  The  hasty  and wholesale  naturalization, without  scrutiny, of Orientals of a  low grade, and this for  material reasons  only,  is rapidly  approaching,  if it haAre  not already reached, the dimensions of a  public scandal.    Yet sir Wilfrid Laurier  and liis colleagues  seem as usual regardless  of the .lust claims in   the matter of  tlie  ordinary  British citizenship of this  province.  Mr. Mclnnes  alone among  our British  Columbia members pf parliament on the  government side seems to be active in assertion  of the claims' for reasonable protection in this matter of the interests of  the masses of our white laboring population,  and . lie,   unfortunately, allows his  zeal  to outrun  his discretion, by asking  rather  too much, which  all'ords the  Dominion  government a ready way of escape Xrom action in the case.    Under existing circumstances the ordinary white  labor.of bur  province  stands at grave  risk of.being:swamped in the early future  by a vast  i nun ignition of sweated labor  from the Orient, which is already steadily displacing  the  .Canadian  worker in  nlany employments in'this province..  _   Meanwhile,  the' fact- that  this  cheap  /Mongolian labor is becoming abundantly  available is,  in   particular,  being freely  ������ advertised in England, as an inducement  i'oroutside capital to enter the province.  Thus, the prospectus of a recently organized and  already floated   hyduaulic  gold  mining  company in  Cariboo,  having an  authorized capital   of no less than ��350,-  000���we refer to the Cariboo Consolidat-  edj Limited���recently stated, as a special  ; hidu^enieut to  iuyestoi's,   thajj. Qlifnese  s'Ofh.d .lapaiijcse labor would bo rM-.phv1-ie op  }=tei. us=6f=aKlQlfe^  dtvy less thitn, the - eil .unefaiioir of the  wl^itO; worker;.   Qui* province eivn dotibt-  J _ss absorb and sVS.sin-il��t_ a. limited number of OVi-utaf S-ttleT_, sans   displade-  | merit of white labor,  but the bounds imposed by this limitation arc. rapidly being passed, and it is tune to "cry a halt."  ;    T)ie vei'y least thitt should be done is,  : therefore, to reduce' the? present _ncOny-  tVgeifteiifc afforded to Mongol incomers by  tlie easy grant of nil the privileg s of  �����j.ritisli -i-izeii_hip at alhiQSfc the slirtrtest  notice, .ayd on couditidn only of iv little  hard swearing, and that is altogether unchecked*       __________________  The Mahal's Head Causes Trouble.  London. M*iy 3'tJi���John Morley js going  to lead tlie fight against the hero  worshippers and general Kitchener, the ob-  i|-ct of their adoration.   He  will do this  |;as a protest against the alleged deSecra-  | tion of the mahdi's tomb and the indig*  i:5ty shown his body when the proposal  Is made to vote a money grant to the sir-  1 dar.    In a recent speech delivered before  the   Sydney Liberals Morley made the  following reference to the matter, which  was roundly cheered:  "The mahdi was an Ai'ab who rose  against the misgovernment of the Egyptian ailthorities, but when the British  jook Omdurman they hacked off his  head, cut off his beard, and, according to  the statement of an artilleryman, the  head was placed inside an empty kerosene dan. '  "I suppose that before long it will'be as  much out of order to utter a word of  criticism about general Kitchener as it is  now to speak words of criticism about  the judges of our courts. At all events,  I intend to make a fight for it.  "It will be proposed  within  the  next  -few weeks that no special mark of honor  shall be shown  to the commander  who  Is i-|_w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlii], B. C, ar.d  Dawson City, Yul^oq District.  admits that he is responsible for the  heinous transaction 1 have described. 1  myself shall vote that no mark of honor  sliall be bestowed upon any general who  is answerable for an act of barbarism so  deplorableaudso inexpressibly revolting."  The Dingley Tariff Caused it.  Washington, May .'30.���The problem  that involves the lumber trade with Canada, and whichisarelicof thofailuroof the  joint high commission, is realty the fruit''  of the Dingley tariff. .When the duty  on lumber imported into the United  States Avas increased from $1 to $2 per  1000 foot by the Dingley tariff bill the  Ontario government* in retaliation, put  an export duty on logs for the purpose  of compelling Americans, who own large  tracts of timber in Ontario, to move  their sawmills t, across the border, cut  their lumber on Canadian soil and  pay duty to .the United States. The  American lumbermen regard this as a  discrimination, because it practically  prohibits the importation of logs into the  United States, and they are asking the  president to retaliate by prohibiting the  importation of lumber.  Although not officially admitted here,  there is little doubt that our government  is being'inclined to these retaliatory considerations by the discouraging results of  the negotiations in London looking to  the clearing of the field for the reassembling of the joint.Canadian commission.  It is gathered that the British foreign  office, whieh had seemed inclined to meet  Mr. Choate's advances in the spirit of  compromise that promised well, has been  again influenced by Canadian opposition  to anything less than a concession of all  their demands, which has stopped all  progress.  An Expensive Monopoly Wiped Out.  Havana, May 30.���By civil order No.  S general Ludlow has annulled the so-  called "O'Reilly concession," Avhicli has  been a monopoly since 1704. Under this  concession the grantees hud the exclusive  right to. cart1 all beef from tho .^public  slaughter house to the butcher shops,'  and theu "collected 50 cents" a carcass  -from the butchers for such service.. As  there are iioav 213.9 cattle killed: every  day on an aveiuge, this gaA'e theni an'  incomo of $30,000 a year. For thd  last ten years the concession  has been owned by the countess of  Bucna Vista,_ of the celebrated O'Reilly  family, and a Dr. Duplcssis, and they.  have sublet it to a Senpr Canossa. The  lessee bears all the expenses of the Avork  and pays the owners' 20] per cent of his  gross receipts, so that the concessionaires  receiA'ed over $10,000 a year and rendered  no service for it. The lessee naturally  made his profit, Avhieh is estimated at  $12,000 a year, from his oavu statements.  In his order general LiuUoav has directed'  the city to perform this serA'ice, and has  left it to the courts to decide Avhether  under the treaty of Paris the commiss-  ionaries have any right for compensation.  iu the case of Hobbs vs. the Esquimalt &  Nanaimo Railway Company. Hobbs  bought from the company 100 acres of  land near Nanaimo, and by the company's  land commissioner's mistake no reserva-  tion of mineral and coal rights was made  in the agreement for the purchase. The  reservation was inserted in the deed, but  Hobbs objected and sued the company  for specific performance of contract.  Chief justice DaAMe decided against  Hobbs on the ground that the land commissioner had no authority to make such  an arrangement as appeared in the  agreement for purchase.  The full court differed to the extent of  holding that minerals other than coal  should not have been reserved in the  deed, but tluit coal Avas properly reserved.  Hobbs appealed to the supreme court,  which now.appears to decide in his favor  as to the coal. Further appeal Avill of  course be taken by the company to the  privy council. The coal in dispute is of  immense A'alue, the Extension mines, the  largest on the island, being partly on  this hind.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  PHAIR.  It. AV. MiicFiirliine. Yinir  .1. C. Win-low, Quebec  G. lt. McDomil'l. Sandon  John Daly, Sandon  A. E. Doucett. Lardo  G. II. Garden, Lardo  <". K. lJerry, Lurdo  J. A. Montgomery, Trail  .1. Lukov, Trail  S. B. Yuill, Trail  H. Tomkiiis. Tnvl  Arthur Srlhvin   Seattle  T. P. Mclnl.yre,  Winnipeg  J. A. Macdonald, Rossland  HUME.  K.    Mansfield,     Excelsior  gold mine  D. W. Moore, Trail  11. J- Kirkwocd. New Denver  W. .1. Kirby, Vancouver  A.  W.  Johnston, Vancouver  Win. Johnston, Toronto  SILVER KING  A. II. McNeill. Rossland  I.. Lew, Rossi mil  II. H. Dnnly, ltossland  K. A. Armstrong. Rossla-d  A. W. l-Ctining, Rosslnnd  F. I). Christie, Sandon  Alfred McMilan, Ros.land  F. P. Gutelius, Trail  Henry Roy, Ros>land  P. Ladenburg, New York  D. E. Phillipson. Montreal  Lewis Wakler, Buffalo  J. b. Arnold, Portland  J. Dnnbiir, Montreal  .1. D. McDougall, Trail  J. S. Dawson, Trail  D. H. Stevens, Trail  \V. II.   i.ungi'iilgo,   UhVuI-  stoko  Harry Gagor, Trail  I''. N. Dodil, .Spokane  E.   H.   Horne,   Athabasca  mine  Fred Johnson. Rossland  W. Wallace, Spokano  MADDEN.  L.    Benedict  Charles Cornell, Lewiston  11. McLe'liiu, Salmo  J. McIiM-ii, Slocan C'ty  B  ���c3-p3  ^S3'c3-��3 ���tz3'C^3'C3> ���  mm?  ^���fi3-fi3-t='-e=>-��=}7^.  YOU IV|AY WONDER HOW WE DO IT  BUT WE  DO  M.  ffl  ffl  ffl  B  B  We   sell  quality   is   just  quoting you  g'oods  just   as   cheap   as  as   fine   as   the   finest,  small  list oi  our  the   cheapest,  and   the  Wc,; take   pleasure  in  specialties:  Brantford,  Out  W. Scott, Illecillewaet.  Henry Bnio, Slocan City  J. G. Devlin. Nakusp  J. Codling, lvaslo  J. Radclilt'o, Sloean City      I  TUEMONT.  Dan Krasor, Greenwood  J. McPhersou, Winnipeg  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  .   local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.    Y  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what yon want i.s not in stock wc will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. M. Drown, Trait  Hugh Brown, Trail  AV. Woodman, Spokane  GRAND  Frank Seidel, Calgary  J. Derhani, Calgary  C. W. Butler, Wardner  T, Brcnnin, Spokane  QUEEN'S.  W. Luxton, Toronto  AV.    J.    Lcdingham  torin  CENTRAL.  I L. A. Thurston. Slocan City  1.1. Irvine, Nelson, Wash  John -.uhrcr, Trail  White Pique from 15c to 40c  Blue aqd Brown Duck from 18c up  Ladies' Vests from 10c to $2  Farasols from 75c to $5  Organdie Musliqs from 12 l-2c to 35c  Ladies'Wrappers from 1.25 to 3.50  Ladies' Underskirts from, 1.25 to 3.50  Blouses from, 50c to $6  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  E. Harry. Spokane  "   1. H___.  and wife, Ar-  -   "_*  Mrs. R. B. Hale, Victoria  W. Luxton  rowliead  Vic-  The Tremont Hotel  (V]AL(J. E & TRECILLUS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  D&  ��  BANK  OF  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   C__-S___  'gg^S^S^^'62  S*:@��:^-��:es  i.e=>.(z>,e3.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  P. Burns&Co.  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  WIIOLKSALE   AND   KETAIL  Meat Merchants  ALWAYS ON HAND  Wholesale Markets at jlelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,  Midway; Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  .Y.S7_Y  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NKLSON  .CHARLES HILLYER,  '     I'KESIDKKT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RECKKTAKY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  LIMI-I-EI..  MAXWAC'rUKKKS OV AND  DKAI.UKS  fX  Legal Yxeht for a Opal Mine..  Victoria,   Maf   30.���A   sec6utl--liaiid  _storekG6pe---iiamgd_Hob-bs.^of^  has vigious of iilillionS as tlie i-estilt di iM  annopneentent from Ottawa today tjiat  _liq si-ipveme eoui'*- hiis ,a%loyr,e"di tli_ a^ileal  _DS_!AB1-ISHBD 1878.  Twenty years old and still srowlna.  Rough and Dressed. Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOKY WOKK DOSK TO OIM)HI��,I  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IX S'lOC'K  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo  coiiifoKa-lo bedrooms nnd   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial, men.'  _R_A._?__JS   SB2   _?__!_=.   _D___-_T  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE,  Late of the Roynl Hotel, Culgary,  Prop.  Sawmill on GovcnvliiiuSJ, Avllarf.  Factory and olHcc, cdrlicr Hall .'������trcct and C.P.R. track  paf��oi)S  o.  WHOLESALE  Pitt_^JSIOH  MEBCIlAN-rs  GOLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  0. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Mataager for Western Britisti Columbia,  JOH_r PARSONS, Vancouver  Manager for Tukon District,  OHAS. MIIiNB, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia,  P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson    Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS V  WHOLIf_LJ^|*^laiiS?i^^  _      (��'." v���'r'B9u'ilB��"S.= 3�����"���" * '.\y��^yy *����.���'.-*���-" '   " " ���"��������"*��������-   -������to'"*'. "�����"- ���*&> P <"����._. .s_.." .j  ���     "      FISH ANlKFOaiMliNS  yymm.  W(2y2M  }���; '$yy;y  Y.S7��#7SS  Balder Street, 'Nelso^-,^,,^^,.^,^*^.^^^  -     *    *    vvit^Y*":":. ^v*k!n;7'i .^.,^ "V^f^';}-^  ORDKRS BV M-AI^fRKP'B*^ ,%  sty.  iiiyy~<:  "iWflpfl a  LONDON AND BRITISH  $i|ilDlfi��  HEAD1 0FFieE.S_:��JSlBON;^E^G_lAN  All communications r  relating to!_Brfti-HYOlo*lum^  505-,d (Selsop,; British���Cp!umb,ia      .   '.: j -^Jjift7��_ - ��� Y _-f/�����ft;*. "  RODERICK ROBER'f|8_)^;*lG-neVaf."ya?n'iiger'V. ,Kv^'ii^l^Va-'WB  s fowler, e.m., ,MihingiEng:rfi.er   a-Y      ���' NM~k&,0'myBwGy  1 y��"y.yj.,, y���:���   ���_.       ....,._;: ��������� .y^yy^"..^".^"yy"sifly,4  \\. D. H_M_j Manager.  WILL DO WKLL VO  THEIR LUIBER  G. 0, BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrst-closs dry iiialcrial on liaiid, also  a full lino ot Hash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  _3_=i__-3srcia:ES  VANCOUVER���A, F. Ralph, Manager.  DAWSON OITY-t-A. G. Cuiininghan, Manager.  ATLIN GITY���J. A. Fraser, Manager.  NELSON���P. J. Russell, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian Northw.st.  Fine Opted  Wo have a fine assortment of woolens always  on hand. Goods made up at tho shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made  on the premises, satisfaooion 1ft assured.  H.M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST. NELSON  PETER GISELLE & GO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  The, finest hotel in the interior.  Largo sample rdonus.   St.fcarii heat aild electric light.  CORNER OK WAflD AND VICRNoN STS., NELSON  BAK#K AMI) XVAkP S'l'RjSiSfS, NKLSON1-  The. Slocan (fte: ;W^tStep||6lp8i  Ott _sr"__;ac. s;o-5j, _i. o.  Is  now prepared   to  by.y all classes" of silver,  copper ores.   The careful attention given to  %$M "?���*  , goldfYsilve^lpd, lead and/  arge corttrdets. vtfAfpp e"xkeftd.p'd"  =to=t h 6=s resell est-s h ip pe t*j.=^Bro"m pt=sett1e m e ii f s=a nd-cho ice=of=m.Qde=df^s^ m p f-=  ing guarariteed.  Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson, B.O.i  &KORGE M. McDOWKLL, MmBg^  O.  RQSJ-NDALM  j?'U'-0ft",_t5.ifi'g'  Age ii|.  The (.iilyhol-l i'fl Nelson that ha�� reinaliied under one  .niaifftg-iitpii. slncq' l-fK).  Tlie bed-rooms tiro well futtiin!>.(_d and, life'litcd by  olectricity.  The dining-room i$ not second tOany hi Itoot-tiay.  Tliohar is alwaj-jt-stockod by tlio host domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps, a full line oi"  ROYAL SEAL AND _��OQTEtfAY SE^LE GtQABS  And all dthPv brands of' the  Two and a half miles up tho Outlet from Nelson.  Wc mako a specialty of  St[ip!ap ai|d Double Dressed IV|aterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce and yard near C.P.H. depot   K G. BEER, Agent.  COAf~BIVER LUMBERCa  CRESTON, BRITISH C0LUM8IA.  All sizes of dimeiisioii timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots.  Write for prices. .  Spring Chickens, Fresd Cream,  Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid. Eggs.  All of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can bo reached by either road or water.  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  Kverything first-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars'  Rates ��1.50 and .2 per day. <  J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PKRKS, Proprietor  Froo bus moctH all trains  .  Hourly Btreot car to station .  Revels.oke, B. C.  AV I'-ACToRY PIUGE*.  gar  of _rsr_E3XiSO05ir, b��� a-  Ne|on Tent and Awning ianiiScfopy  -__x_i_ Krrisrans q_-  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL S1X.KS OF TKNTS IN STOCK  Rnker stroet, opppsil- postolllce, Nelson  THEO. 3VL_A.r)SOIsr  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. E. APPLEWHAITB  J. McPHBH  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete "Electric Equipinents for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting, for Mines; Towni.  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606.; Josephine Street, Nelsons B.r O. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., WEDNESDAY, MAY :il,  1899.  Pocket bo  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNER RAI-KR AND JOSKPHINK STRNETS, NKLSON  SEE GILKER POR  Crash aqd Otfier FJot Weather Suits  $5  and up  NEXT P.O.  NEELANDS'  EMPORIUM  Ji will be "-to. your advantage to see out- large  and complete stock of liooln and Slipds. We,  carry the following lines; 3, &,. T. Bell, 3.  IX King <fc Co., North Star .Shoe. Co.,.Foots,  Scliul-z-Y. Co., Stratford Shoe Co.,. Ames.-Hol-  clenYvYCo., and other leading makers.  orium  2ii AND 28 WKST BAKER STREET. NKLSON  and  Wmett Advertised  At  ^Atic-ioil  pi'iC-s"   should bo Je-ft  alone.     An  _aitetlaia=i*>^^^  THESE GOODS we are  ���     bound ib sell wliile  .Key rerfiain the patterns  jif. the season.   We prefer 16 mark them down;  YrjoWj _?(_' let ourregular  tusionjers have the ad-  i vantage of -h,e cut, rat^  " er than, have a slaughter  sale some mo.tli- later  to fijake room for f[ew  Our display  of  s and,. Art   Squares  is' the finest ever seen  in  Kootenay.   Tfjey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are   virtually   reaching  headquarters.  ptu*-baser can be iiHlucerl to pay.  New Spring Designs  lh .Ajiutihsterss of tho best ciuklity, wi-li or wtbliout  borders. British and Canatlian makes. .  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for drawing-rooi)is, dhijng-rooijis, I'm; Its, of  staii'!., with or wi'tliout bortlofs,  Tapesfry aitd Patent  Union   art   Stjiiar-.., .JnjMU.ese   squMi'G..   and  ritgs,  Sii.yru'. and Tecuins-Ji rugp.  40 Different Styles  sol oc't   from.  Of   baby carriages  and  go-carts to  Rattan chairs and rockers.  Furniture of all JCinds  Ts advancing, and notice to tin's .effect has been  sent to the trade by all large niauufacturers.  Having a large stock on hand we will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any* of onr  competitors. We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  D, McARTHUR & CO.  Corner Baker, and "Ward Streets, Nelson.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  NELSON.  Private advices from Victoria announce  that a start will bo made at once upon  the registry ollice here, and that the  building will cost$10,000 instead of $0000  as originally intended. The plans have  been ou the Coast for several weeks and  tenders will be called for the work at  once. *  Ralph Bradford, who has been in the  service of the provincial government for  several years, severed his connection with  the civil service yesterday, lie will go  into the hotel business at Lardo.  F. AV. Swannell left for Vancouver yesterday to represent Court Kootenay Independent Order'of Foresters at a meeting to be held on Thursday to discuss the  organization of a high court for British  Columbia.  Ticket number 11, held by 31. S. Davys,  of the Hall Alines, won the gun rallied at  the Ofiice saloon yesterday afternoon.  There were 118 tickets sold, several parties having six and eight each. Number  11 was the only one held by Mr. Davys.  Norman T. Macleod, manager of the  Nelson branch of the Hudson's Bay Company, left yesterday morning for a week's  visit to Cascadp and Greenwood, with  the object of extending the company's  business in the Boundary district.  .John Daly of the Payne mine and  George McDonald of the Noble Five mine  are in Nelson. They report that a number of the mines in the Slocan.have practically suspended operations because of  the trouble from water���and the eight-  hour h_w. ���.-,--  No town of its size iu Canada has  better hotel accommodations than Nelson,  but at times Nelson's hotels are crowded  to the limit. At present there are many  miners here from outlying towns and  camps, and the session of the assise court  has increased the number of people who  of necessity must be accommodated at hotels. At two o'clock yesterday morning  a belated train arrived from Robson. and  many of the passengers had to hold down  chairs during the rest of the night. The  hotels were.all full. But, then, the hotel-  men are entitled to a harvest occasionally.  Mrs. IT. E. Connon left yesterday for a  short trip to the Coast.  Dr. Alexander Form of Nelson has been  appointed a coroner for the province of  British Columbia. This practically makes  him the highest official in West Kootenay. Other coroners in Kootenay arc  merely his assistants;,"   / '."���-.  E. "J. Ourrau .completed yesterday the.  ��� purchase of the Club.hotel*from E. IT. ,N.  Applewhaite, agent for Ti. Beckinsalo; of  London, England. The purchase price  .was" $0000. /.Che property" consists-of a  lioteland four'lots with a frontage' of 100  feet on Silica street and 120 feet on  Stanley street.  The fruit depot which the Parsons  Produce Company will open iu the opera  house block next" week will' be a wholesale'and not a retail establishment. Fruit  will be sold to the trade only.  -The steamer Moyie arrived in Nelson  about 12 o'clock, last night from Koote-  nayvXauding without any passengers  from points along the Crow'sNest Pas,,  railway. Several mud slides occurred  along the line during the past lew clays,  and the train due yesterday will not arrivo until sometime today. This may  somewhat interfere with the arrangements for the trial of cases at the assizes,  as important witnesses Avere expected on  last, night's Steamer-" V     - "���  Geoi-ge B.  MeSDouaJd, aSSistiVnli Secretary, aiid who is at present" filliilg the  ���position of resident maliager of the Nolsle  ^Ji^e^3ii,n3.e,-iteai^.St.i-doiT^i��,=iu=_^olson-i-ir  connection  with the trial of John Mc-  i Gility.    Before leaving the mine 5ft. Me-  '��� lOonald.paid off all his miners and suspended operations both at the mill and  mine until the difli-ulfcy in regard i�� Hie  eight-hour law is ami.ably arranged betAveen tlie mine owners'a. id the  Working  minors.   The Ruth., Last Gb'ineo. Sovereign and Payne have already practically  suspended olKJi-atioris by discharging alul  paying o'JTjfinost of. their minel'H.    . .  If}. Mansfield, manager of the Excelsior  Mines, operating the J'oker grofip oij  Kaslo creek, leaves this inorning for  Loudon, on mining business, aild ex'peets  to be back in Nelson  in  Six weeks.    On  his return work will be prosecuted on  the Joker group on the eight-hour per  day basis and lie is of opinion that the  trouble will adjust itself iu a short time  and that the new law will result in a  better system of mining, cheaper living  for the miners and better results to all  parties concerned.  en  oo  co  CO  ���J  Q_3  ���st  I���  CO  GO  ���I  3��  CO  GO  ac  CO  <___->  oo  CO  C3  It pays us to deal squarely with  you ancl to represent our goods  and methods just as (hey are. It  pays us to strive' for excellence in  quality ��� and price, always aiming'  to place in the hands of customers  the best* - goods at the smallest  fio-ures. On this basis Ave invite  your inspection of our lines.  The latest and neatest* stock in  Sash Clasps, Belts in all patterns,  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping-  Bags, Ladies' Lorgnette Chains in  patterns.  A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all  kinds and descriptions.  Wc want your watch repairing  and we employ only expert watchmakers. Send your watches as we  can save you money on your repair work.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  FOR SALE  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  my Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Stee  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, .and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  parsi   and Woodenware  ��wp^     Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  ^       Iron, T-Rails  r> Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAAVN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN  SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  BUSl.VKfS AND RESIDENTIAL  '     PROPERTY 7-  30. by  120, Bakor.street, between  Josephine  and  - Ward st ive s r..-. _ _   .S0_G  ot) byl_(., Baker'street, between Josephine and Hull  L s Hoots ... '.'. /. .-    [oOO  -SO"by 120, Bilker _st reel, b. tweon .Jon-phinc and Hull  .  street., corner........'."    -... ..*..-���'.- .'...��� '  30 by 120, East Uakor-sl reel,;... 7....: _ ���_...'. SOO  25 by-120 with improvements, south side' of Vernon-  -trcc_..._ , :   ,5000  50 by 120 with improvements, 1.0uUi ..idd of Vernon  " street , (WOO  2 loin and large house beautifully furnished (suai)..   lOOO  2-Vlots will) cott__i_t_ l'-iilcd at . 13pcrnionlh, Victoria  "street-. _ :._.-...  ;io00  1 lot with collage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street ." .-   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, - lanley  (-trout.... \....'  3000  G lots in block III), all cleared nndfoi.ccd in  2500  In the cool of the evening the weary can find rest  by reposing- in one of our  HAMMOCKS  NELSON, B. C.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  J100  !1-room house and 10 lots sci. 0111, in orchard ;.  2 lots and improvements, 62 head of cow.., 2 horses.  Wagons, sleighs, harness, nnd everything in connection with Hurry's milk r.inuli _  ;*ijQ0  For general information 0:1 real estato aiid for further  particulars on above property apply to  Ronl Estate and Qnncr.il Agents, Uiikor St.. Nelson  BmCK! LIME!  Otlr frst kiln of bricU will b_ i't_ady for deliyiftry about  the' 1st, '.of -'m.e��   Qn.ll at our 0-lHCe for priced.  ;I)iiring the month bf Juno, Wis Will dohvdr liiijo iii:  (]tiitutltiOsjfl. Uye))tyjragks_an_l_p.y_.i_.nl _,  .  All lovers of a good cup of. tea have.a chance of a lifetime by calling '  at once, at Kirkpatrick. & ^Wilson's and procuring a. 40rcent/package  of 5 o'clock Ceylon Tea, which" is a standard. 50-ccnt-tea in "any town  in Kootenay. If wc don't suit ybu we will cheerfully. return your  money. But we guarantee wc can please you as we have thirty different blends to choose from. Call- and see us. Everything" first-class.  Don't forget* we arc the leading house and carry the larg-est slock", in'  Nelson  of Groceries,   Crockery,  etc.    We want your trade.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co*, Ltd.  Ikk-r $trcot.        __ G. BROC_*-_l_ jV'anftger  tiopiml mm DEPOT  Corner Baker niid Ward Streets.  Fot Strawberries and  other fruits in season,  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood lee Gream  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  Leave  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STKKKT, NKLSON  Ice Cream  (HAZLICWOOD)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT ST0f|E  Kronh Krnit received daily  Next, door to Nelson Wino Co.  leluphono !��3.      7.   .7,,.. HUMPHRKYS & PITTOC1C  MILLS & LOTT  Agents for Ifazlewootl ICc Cream.  Gentlemen  If yon want a natty, slylisb snit of clothes for  ..pring and summer, I have over oOO diU'or-  cnt patterns of Scotelv and Knglish tweeds,  which 1 will make to your order at the low-  price of ._5  Black Venetians nlake a nice suit for summer wear at S-.l  Black serge suits in sack or morning coat.. $21  A heavy SColch  tweed,  nice patterns for  business suit ��� ���,:;��������� vv ���?',���*  Trousers at equally low prices. !< it and finish  110 better in Canada. Ladies'line tailoring a  specialty.   Clement block, Bakor street.      .    .. ';���:..  Why l:iny(:l.oi;h(Js frilrh nn iuteior tailor, When  the i-iiii- amount of rnoney wjU inly a slylisb  '   well Iriinmed and neatly iliado sfilt at  en  SUITS $25  ,g  Nelson's up-to-date 'I'uilor.  SatWfitction jjtiai'aiitced  G. Box K St W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Wonclefpiil!   Yes  .15. ajjit.  buys a :i-po(inil box of  FKKSU lUtoivi KAcrroav  Removal Notice.  Steyeris, Tl|e.  John Cholditeh & Company bog to announce to Iho  trade that they havo removed their headn.iiarl.ers from  Nakusp to Nolson, \Vhere they will for ihe future ho established. Ponding the erection of suitable warehouses  thev have secured temporary quarters in the warehouse  of 'rurnci. Beeton & Company on Water street, where  thoy will be pleased to receive tlieir patrons.  Nelson, B. G, May l?th, 1SD9.  JOHN CHOLDITC-j & CO.  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOR SALIO OU JI.IR1.  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order. Kopairiug and fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Kishing rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street; between Josephine and ,  Hall streets, Nelson.  MKALS-AT ALL HOURS, DAY OH NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNKOT-ON  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING .A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITK HKLP I.MPLOY1.1)  _E-_     -BTTTIE-Erxr.      PEOPEIETOB  This is tho grenlost snap.ever oll'ered in tho line of bisc'liis  Tlio box is worth thifi aniotint alone to- your pantry  T'ALL AND SBK THEM  M, DesBrisay & Co,  Cream  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fr.esh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received  direct from the factory, put up in 3-pound boxes. Also  a full lino oJf the Toronto Biscuit and CJoirfeolioncry  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that we handle  Blue Ribbon Ten.  JOHN A. IBVIM & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Havo just, received a consignment ot Harris home  iniide tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  blMlAL  Al 1 iiJNlluJN  i FBED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Mson  Tho supply Is limited, ro call early and examiuq this Ktodk.  ;9  %^^i^(^^ivi^^^^


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