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 ^  'or  THE CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS  Two Resignations Handed In.  At the meeting of the city council last  ,,   evening alderman Beer resigned the chairmanship of the   finance  committee, as a  protest against what he termed  the uii-  imsiness-like   methods   pursued  by   the  majority of the   members of  the council  in dealing with tlie  city's bank   account.  Alderman   Beer   introduced  the bank oc-  counfc   matter   when all   other   business  had been disposed   of.    He  said he  was  not satisfied to leave the  matter  of  tlie  city's bank account in the shape in which  it was.   He had allowed a sufficient interval to elapse so that  all members   of the  council could deal   with  it  Avithout   prejudice and it could uot be  said  that  he  was attempting   to  snatch  any   verdict.  The position which he took  was   that  if  tlie unanimous report of the finance committee was not to be accepted and acted  upoii by the council  as  a  matter wliich  properly came  within   the  scope  of the  committee it showed that the council had  no confidence in  the committee, and  in  his  opinion  it .was  uot the   committee  which'should handle the $70,000  which  tlie council was asking the ratepayers foi".  Personally he would   not  be  willing  to  continue to act as chairman of the committee   if   the   council   had   not   sufficient    confidence    in    it   to    carry   out  its recommendations with respect to the  desposition of the  city's  bank  account.  In order to get the sense of the council  he therefore moved that the city's bank  account for the  current year be  transferred to the Merchants Bank of Halifax  in accordance with the bank's tender to  allow four por cent upon deposits and to  charge 5i per cent upon overdrafts.     He  said that as he understood the tender the  bank was prepared to handle the debenture   deposits  of the  corporation   upon  this basis during their currency and such  being the case  he  thought  the  council  should accept the tender.  Alderman Fletcher said there had been  a misunderstanding as to the rate of interest allowed by the Bank of Montreal  upon the city's deposits. The city had  been receiving five per cent, whereas it  was understood that not more than  tliree per cent would be allowed. This  made a very material difference, and  with five per cent allowed on deposits  and six per cent charged upon advances  the offer of the Bank of Montreal was  very much better than that of the Merchants Bank of Halifax.  Alderman Beer said that if such aviis  the. case the Bank of Montreal had been  allowed to alter its figures and this had  apparently been done -without anyone  knowing it. _     ;  . Alderman. l_leteher repeated tliat_ he  thought it AA'ould be a mistake to .change  the city's account,,a.nd in any, event, if  ' such was decided upon, it should not be  done Avithout calling for fresh tenders.  Alderman Beer 'iu reply contended  that the catch-penny scheme of the Bank  -of Montreal Avas not fair to the other  tenderers and the council's acceptance of  it Avould make' his_ position absurd after  tlie recommendation of the finance committee upon the matter. As matters  stood lie Avould not as chairman of the  finance committee take any responsibility  in asking the people to vote for any of  the' money bylaws.  Alderman Fletcher remarked that if it  became the rule for every member of the  council to resign Avheueversome particular  ideas of his were not entertained the  Avhole council Avould be resigning.  Alderman Thomson suggested as a way  out of the difficulty that the mayor and  the chairman of the finance committee  interview the bank managers, and ascor-  | -ain-Avhother--heir_teiide_.s_coutempla.ted  the carrying of the sinking funds upon  all the present debenture.: during their  currency and the payiiient of a fixed rate  of interest upon them.  Alderman Beer welcomed this suggestion and he added that if such an inter-  view established the fact tliat such was  not the case, that the banks Would not  guarantee the payment of a fixed rate of  interest upon all debenture deposits during the life of the debentures, that lie  AVd.nld Hot ask. the council to make any  change in the bank account,  Mayor Neelands i>ef��sed to entertain  tlie suggGstioUi He silid in so many  words that lie would u,ot be in favor of  any change being made in the bank  account unless new tenders 'Were called  for.  Alderman Beer said that if it was the  decision of the council to allow matters  to .remain as they were he for one Avoiild  not consent to be a party to any -uch  tiling. . He merely asked that the council  transact  its business  in a  business-like  TUESDAY MORNING, MAY  23.  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  Fell & Gregory, solicitors for the Nelson  City Land and Improvement Company,  in wliich they declined to go to arbitration Avith the city over the Aralue of the  lots covered by the city reservoir. If the  present difficulty Avas to be adjusted between the corporation and the company  all the matters which the company  claimed to be in dispute Avould require to  be referred to the arbitrators. The lawyers asked that the company's compensation for tlie lots coA'ered by the reservoir,  for all lots alleged to haA'e been damaged  by excavations, and for all lots-crossed by  the corporation's flume and mains, as well  as the terms upon which water should lie  supplied to the residents should be fixed  by the arbitrators. Roughly speaking  the lawyers asked for an arbitration upon  a claim of $0450 and the manner in which  the corporation should administer its  water Avorks system. The laAvyers' document covered several sheets of typewritten foolscap and the reading of it Avas  listened to Avith groAving admiration by  the members of the council.  Alderman Fletcher Avas the first to express an opinion upon it. He said the  proposition of the company Avas the most  bare-faced case of attempted blackmail  that could be dug up. In its claim for  damages had advanced the price of inaccessible tAvo and three times oyer the  price at which" lots Avere sold close to the  city boundary.  Alderman Thomson said that the claim  figured up to about $0450. The offer of  the former council iu settlement AA'as  $750. This in the opinion of all avIio  knew anything about the ��� property AA'as  most generous and more than all the lots  Avere worth. He thought that the best  desposition of the matter .-AA'ould be to  refer it to the city solicitor. This Avas  done!  A proposition wliich pressed that of  the Nelson Land aud Improvement Company a close second Avas that contained  in tho letter of Messrs. Gamble & O'Reilly  on behalf of the OAvners of addition A.  They asked that the city pay $2000 for  tAvo small piecesJof creek bottom in the  bed of Cottoinvood Smith creek, knoAvn  as blocks B and C, said land being either  covered by,the city's electric light dam,*  -or as they alleged damaged by the over-,  flow of Avater from the same.. .  Alderman Fletcher obsciwed that iu  A'iew. of..the A'alue Avhieh the.OAvners.of<  the-addition placed upon their 'property*  the city should at once take stops to  raise theassessment upon all- the unsold  lots in the addition. Taken in'connection  with the request of the Victoria laSvyers,  it looked to him as if the city Avas being  held up all round.  Alderman Thomson expressed the same  opinion, but the council decided that  they Avould giA'e F. C. Innes, Avho is in  the city, another chance to be reasonable,  and he Avill be Avaited upon.  The petition of the business men who  use electric light, asking for a reduction  in the rate charged for the same during  the summer months, Avas referred to the  finance committee upon motiou of alderman Thomson, seconded by alderman'  Fletcher. From Avhat dropped from the  aldermen tliere is no present prospect of  any reduction being made.  Alderman Fletcher said that the rates  in Nelson were about half of the rates  charged in other places, considering the  not carry the money bylaws there would  have to be more paid in the way of taxes.  The report of tlie city engineer that it  would cost $1000 to make temporary repairs to the goA'ernment Avharf, Avas then  read, also the letter of Hon. F. C. Cotton,  stating that if the corporation Avould not  take the Avharf over the provincial  goA'ernment would be obliged to take the  planks off the same and close it to traffic.  No action Avas taken by the council  Avith respect to the taking over of tlie  AA'harf. Proper repairs cannot be made  to advantage till after the high- Avater,  and the council does 'not Avish to relieve  the goA'ernment of any liability for probable accidents until it could take OA^er  and make the necessary repairs to advantage.  The petition of the residents of east  Carbonate street for sideA\**alk and Avater-  AA'orks extensions Avent to the public  Avorks committee to be hung up till after  the money bylaAVS are disposed of.  Tupper, Peters & Potts bill for costs, in  the appeal case of Arthurs A's, the city,  Avas referred to the city solicitor, It Avas  for $704.88.  C. W. West's request that the city  engineer lay out a roadAvay through the  park to be built by the OAA'iiers of the  Hume addition Avas hung up at the suggestion of alderman Fletcher until the  corporation secures a deed for the park.  R. Marpole's letter stating that nothing could be done Avith respect to the  recreation grounds until the C. P. R. company's land commissioner , returns from  ���Europe, was receiA'ed and filed.  The petition for a sideAA'alk on Front  street from Ward to Park street AA'as laid  pArer. The application for "sewer, connection from the managers of the Methodist  church Avas treated in the same AA'ay.  The Kootenay Electrical Supply Co.  offered to sell the city 33 lamp meters  for $20, 00 lamp meters for $37 and 110.  lamp meters for $4(5. No action aviis  taken.  Alderman Hillyer tendered his resignation as a member of the council, but at  the unaininous request of the council  AvithdreAv it for another Aveek.  City engineer McCulloch Avas giA'en tAA-'o  AA'eeks A'acation.  THE  LAW  AND  THE COURTS  Avay.  Alderman Fletcher raised the point of  order that the discussion Avas quite irregular as the motion for the changing  of the bank account was not seconded.  None of the members of the council  evinced any readiuess , to second the  motion so alderman . Beer then repeated  that he AA'ished it to go on record that he  Avas opposed to the action of the council.  He concluded : "I repeat that I Avill not  be a party to anything of this kind. I  have therefore pleasure and at the same  time regret iu resigning liiy position as  chairman of the finance committee. I  am not Avilling to be a party to Avhat I  consider as a one-sided thing. I consider  thatthe disposition of the matter Avas  controlled by sentiment and not by business principles."  Next in importance came the.letter of  amount of electricity used  Alderman Beer said that the matter  had been before the finance committee  and it Avas thought advisable to have a  Avinter and summer rate, but that the  best time to make a change AVould be in  August. ���  Alderman Thomson asked alderman  Beer if it was proposed to increase the  winter rate but alder-man Beer refused to  ftiisAVer and smiled a knowing smile.  The committee appointed to deal with  the East Baker street problem, reported  'in favor of the city council giving tlie  Avomen in question four months'notice to  leave that portion of the city. The committee also recommended tliat steps be  taken Avhereby the members of this class  of society Avould be kept as much as possible in one locality, as otherAvise their  removal from the present place AA'ould be  of little object.  Alderman McKillop thought that the  consideration of the report Avas of sufficient importance to warrant the laying  over of the report until there Avas a full  attendance of the members of the council.  The report AA'as therefore laid over.  When the report of the public Avorks  committee Avas read, recommending expenditures upon Poplar street, alderman  Beer expressed the opinion that no expenditure should be made until the result  of the voting upon the money byhvws  Avas known. If, however, the council decided to make the expenditure the al--  dermeu. should, be prepared to raise an  increased amount in the Avay of taxes in  the event of the money byhvws being  defeated.  .-. Alderman Fletcher held that it Avas  immaterial to the members of the council  Avhether the ratepayers A'oted the money  or not. There had beeu certain expenditures niade "'which AA'ere chargeable to.  debenture account, and if the people, ditl  The Peace Conference.: T  Tub PlAGUE,*May22.���AndrowTJ.' White,  head of ..the American delegation, in an.  interview here- with a representati\-e of  the Associated Press, said he regarded  the situation as promising; that the first  Avork of organization was avoII done. lie  added, "T am full of hope that it will be  possible to reach a practical conclusion.  The words of emperor William have contributed to improve the -.situation. 1  think avc may arrive at some results on  the subject of mediation and arbitration,  although it is undoubtedly impossible to  make such action obligatory. It can be  rendered at least optional, and I believe  that after tlie conference the poAA'ors Avill  recognize that they haA**e at their disposal  a means of-regulating their differences  other Aviso than by Avar. That will be an  immense advantage."  A Mining Company's Troubles.  The .Northern Liglit mineral claim, situate on the south slope of the centre fork  of Forty-nine creek, and being the chief  property of the Bright Prospects Gold  Mining and DeA'elopment Company, Avill  be sold by sheriff Tuck on Thursday to  satisfy a, claim for AA'ages and legal costs  amounting to sonietliing over $1200.  Should the property be sold on the date  mentioned it Avill  mark  the close  of a  somewhat remarkable ease.    It Avas upon  this property that the Bright Prospects  company did the bulk  of its  Avork, and  settled Avith its agent, mimed Wright, for  the same.     Wright,  hoAvever,  failed to  pay the miners the AA'ages due them and  they filed a mechanics  lien  against the  property.     The men���John  F.  Holden,  William   B.   Hudson,   Christian   Ulben,  William   H.   Wright   and   William   H  Warren���consolidated their action, Avhieh  Avas tried before judge Forin on January  17th. The court ordered that,the amount  claimed   by  the  men���$S40���should   be  paid Avithin tAvo  AA'eeks,  or  the mineral  claim   should  be sold.     From this  the  Bright Prospects Company appealed, but  the   appeal  Avas    disalloAved   Avith    the  result that the original claim of $840 AA'as  SAvelled to $1200 by the  usual legal  process.    P. E: "Wilson  Avho  Avas  acting  as  tlie miner's solicitor then endeavored to  arrive at a settlement of the notice  for  the sale of the claim, but., was  met Avith  delay after delay until  the  claim  came  Avithin 24 hours of running out.   Had the  claim run out the mechanics lien proceedings would be  Avorthless, so  on May 5th  the miners' solicitors secured an affidavit  from one of the men that the  necessary  Avork   had   been    done iipou  the   property and had tlie same recorded.    This  Avas done rather  quietly and only those  avIio Avere interested in the collection  of  their Avages kneAV anything about it.    So  far as those not  hi  the SAvim kneAV, the  claim rau out'on May (5th.    It Avas  then  restaked and a bill of sale was given  aud  recorded  in the record  office, but those  Avho had restaked it had  their labor  for  their pains, as the recording of the=neces-  sary Avork kept the' claim aliA'C and  kept  something   for  the sheriff L'"to. sell.' iTlie  sale  is  no*w   being   hurried  to, prevent  further difficulty'through the lapsing of  the "defendant company's, license. * As tb  'the value of .he claim but little is kiunvn  saA'c tliat the miners would not be averse  to taking it  for the Avages owing   them.  LOCAL NEWS AND C08SIP  Tough Characters in ToAvn.  An attempt at burglary took place at  the residence of Mrs. Hamilton on Stanley  street on Sunday night. About 12 o'clock  a Avould-be thief entered the house by  the front door, Avhicli A\'as left unlocked,  and proceeded upstairs to Mrs. Hamilton's  room. Seeing a pocket-book hanging  aboA'e the bed he seized it, but in so  doing aAvakened Mrs. Hamilton, avIio  raised an alarm, and the intruder: immediately decamped. Iu the pocket-book  Avas a cheque for $15 and thirty cents in  change.. The pooket-book and .'cheque  AA'ere found next morning iu the front  yard and all the burglar got off Avith Avas  the thirty cents.   ���'  The Steamship  Paris on a Reef.  Falmouth,    England,    May   22.-  -Thc  American Line steamship Paris struck on  an outlying ridge of The Manacles, five  miles from here, on Sunday morning.  "She-]ic.TA\'ithiii haif-a-mile-of-tho Avreckecl-  trj.nsport Mohegan, and the divers that  have been employed on the Mohegan examined the Paris today. They found four  or five large holes 'iu her bottom. The crew  Avere engaged all day in tkroAving coal  overboard from  her  bunkers.    No  lives  Avere lost. ____.   A Loose Nut Caused the Accident  RossJ.ANP, May 22_���:The inquest over  the bodies of.the Methus of the War.  Eagle disaster Avas continued today.  Rock, the engineer in charge., testified  that a loose nut occasioned the accident,  by causing the bolt on the lever to fall  out, thus throwing him .down. \i. 1.  Balfour, master mechanic at the mine,  corroborated the evidence of engineer  Rock and stated he examined the nut in  question at 5 o'clock oh the eA'euing before the accident. Dr. Boavcs adjourned  the inquest until tomorrow Avhen James  McGregor, inspector of mines, will be  present. -    .   Emptied the Restaurant Till.  Rossland, May 22.���At four o'clock  this morning a masked man entered the  Allan restaurant and appropriated the  contents of the till, some $18. A Avait-  ress and guest Avere present, but both  Avere too frightened to offer any resistance. The robbery Avas a daring one,  and the police haA'e no clue at present.  The Price of the Metals.  Ni-W York, May 22.���Bar silver Ol^c.  Mexican dollars 48-Jc. Copper dull, 18:t*@  19c.    Lead dull; brokers $4.25; exchange  $4.45@$4.57A. -   ������- .-.  The End in Sight.  Paris,  May 22.���The  members, of the  court of cassation.  haA'e been summoned  to meet on May 29th   for  the final .-stage  of the revision of the Dreyfus trial.  The County Court.  A session of the County court Avill be  held this morning at 10 o'clock. There  is a. small list of iicav cases, but there are  sufficient adjourned cases to make up a  good docket if they are leady to go on.  "What Avould probably haA'e been the  most interesting case Avill probably not  go to trial. It Avas an appeal of Maynard  CoAvan from a judgment of .J. Bull, .J. P.  of Creston, under tho Master and SerA'ant  Act, in Avhieh Cowan as a sub-contractor  on the CroAv's Nest raihvay got the  Avorst of it. In connection Avith this  case, Cowan A\*as arrested, and he since  entered an action against Bull in the  supreme court for $5000 damages. It is  uoav said that the difficulty between the  contractor and the justice of the peace  -will���bo_se-tled_ou-_of_coii_.,__in_wliicli_  event the .damage suit will tall Avith the  appeal.   Verdict for Damages Reversed.  The full court has reversed the verdict  of the Nelsou jury which awarded tlie  plaintiff $750 damages in the ease of  Stayner A's. tlie Hall Mines. In. this case  a miner mod the Halt Mines foi* damages  for injuries received through his. falling  doAvn a shaft, which bd Contended Was  not properly guarded, tlie case being -tried,  before Mr. justice Irving and a jury.  Froni this verdict the .defendant company  appealed, which, was allowed with costs.  W. A. Macdonald appeared for Staynor  and .J. H. Bowes for the Hall Mines.  An East Kootenay Rustler.  C'ranlirook M-hifd.  A little more than a year ago W, T.  Kaake, late of the Commercial hotel, arrived in Cranbrook froni Port Steele.  He sized up the possibilities of this town,  and with the shrewdness characteristic  of the man, set his stakes and Avent to  work contracting. He had no money,  the profits arising from his contract for  building the brewery, having gone to  Trail to help the business of Kaake ���&  Williams in tliat place. He put up some  of the first buildings built in the town,  schemed and traded when there were  not more than two dozen people in the  place. Finally he got hold of tAvo lots  on Baker street) and. started to build un  hotel on his nerve. Well, he built it, or  rather he built enough of it so that lie  could open under the laAvs of the province, AA'hich he did last summer, aud wont  in debt for Avhat 'furniture lie had,'for'the  fittings for his dining room, supplies for  his bar, besides owing for his lots and lumber on the building. It is said that the day.  he opened he Avas in debt. $1800, and., six.  Aveeks later he  paid off  every cent of it.  NEW   DENVER.  The general preparations for the celebration at NeAV Denver have been completed, and everything is uoav in.readiness for the entertainment of the- pleasure seekers expected that day. Nelson,  Rossland, Slocan City and Sandon are  expected to furnish tlie largest portion  of the A'isitors, and the train and boat  service arranged by the C. P. R. is most  satisfactory. Visitors from Slocan City  may arrh'e at 7:35 ancl at 11; points  south of there arriA'o also at 11 o'clock.  Returning the* boat leave,? here at 7:15  in the eA'euing. , The Sandon delegation  gets two trains, arriving here A'ia Rosebery 'and tho boat at 8:20 and also at 9  o'clock via DeiiA'er siding;' The return  train leaves~at 0 o'clock. This arrange-"  ment gives the visitors a Ioiig+ stay in  toAvn. and assures a good croAvd for 'the  full list of sports. The recreation grounds  are in fine shape, with the ball diamond  aud football field accurately surveyed.  No better grounds are to be seen anywhere.- A grandstand, capable of seating 500 people, has been erected overlooking the field.  Rev. R. N. Powell preached his farcAvell  sermon at Ncav Doin'er on Sunday.  A billiard tournament among tlie local  loA'ers of the game is in progress at the  NeAvinarket.  KASLO.  The formal opening of the Ia.Avn tennis  season in Kaslo took place Saturday. On  account oLthe inclemency of the Aveather  and lateness of the season, this opening  lias been postponed from time to time until yesterday afternoon. There AA'as a  good attendance of members and some  -gootLgames AA'_oi,e_pla.ye_d.__Tea_A\:as_se_iwed_  on the grounds by Mesdames Alexander,  Gerrai'd  and  Stoess.  Charles Kane has shipped his team  of horses from Kaslo to Duncan  City and Avill send his draying  outfit in later. He proposes to establish  a cartage and draying business, and run a  water dart in tliat new toVvn,  Another hCaV restaurant- is being opened in Kaslo on Front street, near the  wharf. This will make seven restaurants  in the town, as against only two at the beginning of the year.  Two hotel liquor licenses are being applied for at the town of Lal'do.  A boys base ball elub has been organized! at Kaslo, Tliey have purchased a,  full Outfit and have also provided themselves Avith neat new uniforms, and are  iioav hard at work practicing. They say  they haA'e ���arranged a match with the  Nelson boys for tlie 24th.  Otto    <fc    White   have    returned^ ^to>  Kaslo from   Duncan, where  they   have*  been   seeding   down    sometAvo   hundred  acres  of bottom   land, which they  own  about tAvo miles this side of Duncan City.  T. L. Mitchell the  man returned to Kaslo on Saturday  niglit from Wardner, Idaho, where  he went to see about rebuilding the  13unkcr Hill and SulliA'an mills, recently  destroyed near that place by the miners.  He improA'od his hotel building aiid continued to gather in the coin until one day  last week lie sold out to Robert Evans of  Macleod, for $0000 for the building and  furniture, and got $2200 for the stock,  etc., making a (-lean total of $8200. With  his partner, Mr. Williams, they had purchased an half interest in the Port Steele  brewery, Avhieh they still own. In a day  or two Mr. Kaake will lea-A'e for Atlin  lake, where he will break ground again  for another big stake. It is estimated by  those who know, that Mr. Kaake has  ���made altogether since arriA'ing in Cranbrook a year ago, from $14,000 to $16,000  clear money. He is a hustler, and tweh'e  months in that ubav country Avill give  li im a hold on some of the richest things  to be found there.  YMIR.  Tlie Rev. Mr. li'Avin of Rossland conducted the Anglican services at Ymir on  Sunday in tlie half kindly placed tit his  disposal by the miner's union. The subject/of his sermon was principally with  reference to the application of religion  to-the binding up of the broken-hearted.  ���"Mrs., R..7JM.. McDonald and (laughter  from.Nelson'-paid a visit to Mr."ami Mrs.  Burne yesterday.  KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  The Eight-Hour Day.  L. A. Snyder returned on Sunday from  a tour of the mines in the Ymir district,  and in an  interview Avith a Tribune reporter at Ymir stated that the  general  concensus    of   opinion    avus   that    the  "skilled"  miners  Avould  not accept less  than $'3.50 for the eight-hour  shifts, and  the  impression   he   gathered   Avas,  that  were the  mine  OAvners to insist upon a  lower rate of Avages that this  section  of  the   mining   community avou Id   lose "the  benefit of ..killed miners, as  they   would  go where the $:3.50 rate prevailed, or put  in time  by   doing assessment  A\'ork   on  their claims.    He said  mining operators  would be foolish to alloAV good miners to  leave for the difference of a  few cents  a  day and put in unskilled labor.    The distinction he dreAv A\'as that a skilled miner  would do as much AA'ork iu  six hours as  an  unskilled one  would do in ten  and '  with  more   satisfactory   results.      This  opinion is confirmed by one  of the leading mine  operators in the Ymir  camp.  Mr. Snyder says that the skilled  miners  are A\'illing for the matter to be  settled  by arbitration, and he thought that the  mine OAvners should  meet  them  in  the  same spirit.  The Fern to be Worked.  A meeting of the Fern Gold Mining &  Milling Company Avas held yesterday  afternoon in the ofiice of the Merchant's  Bank of Halifax, at Avhieh there AA'as present : George Kydd, president of the company ; F. W. Peters, vice-president; R,  W. Brigstocke, secretary ; F. C. Innes of  Spokane and W. Campbell of Montreal.  It Avas decided "to resume operations on  the mine on June 1st Avith a force of  twenty-fiA'c men. The head office of the  company has been inoA'ed from Vancouver to Nelsou, and R. S. Finley has  been appointed superintendent and foreman, and R. L. GraA'es, mill superintendent, assayer and chemist.  NELSON   DISTRICT.  The Hall mines made, a shipment of  copper matte yesterday to the refinery  at Newark, NeAV Jersey. There Avere  something over forty tous in the shipment, Avhieh AA'as A'alued at" close upon  $11,000. The matte contained 45 per  cent copx^er Avith considerable sih'er and .  gold A'alues.  A consignment of coke from the CroAv's  Nest Pass coke OA'ens to the Le Roi  smelter, at Northport, passed through  Nelsoii yesterday. There Avere 84 tons iu  the shipment,.A\rhich Avas valued at $422, '  \   YMIR DISTRICT.^  '  The contract, to deliver  1000  cords  of  firewood at the Porto' Rico mill   has beeu  let to J. A.* Clark,' aa'Iio had ' the  hauling - '  contract last year.. ,  The engineer A\'ho hasLthe making of  tho report ou the-Rising Star ha_ arrived  at Ymir, but there will be same delay in  the matter, aj* no notice AA'as giveu-and-  the shaft, wliich is full of Avater, Avill require to be pumped-out.-  R. M. Macdonald'of Nelson AA'as in Ymir-  yesterday looking up the Twenty-mile  Fraction mineral claim, up Wild Horse  creek, in AA'hich he aud Abo-.Johnson are  interested, and took some promising rock  back Avith him. Assessment Avork has -"  been due and the property snrA'eyed.  ROSSLAND   DISTRICT.  A persistent rumor is circiulating i\\  Hosslaud that the Hon. C. H. Macintosh,  who is expected in about a Aveek, Avill not  return as managing director of the J3.A.C.  No confirmation of the rumor can be  secured from the officers of the company  in Rossland.    It is said that he has been  _succepfifu 1 in forming the neucleus of _an-   other big company, and Avill be too fully  engaged in buying nnd tying up property  for t!ie new company to attend to the  duties of managing the B.A.C.  It is said that during the recent actiA'-  ity in Le Hoi shares a large holding Avas  transferred to French investors, aa'Iio are  satisfied Avith smaller chances of a further  rise and smaller dividends than the  ISnglishinen.  A -prospector frxini thd headwaters Pf  Murphy creek, who has "been accustomed  to do assessinent Avork in that district for  four years past about tills season of thd  year, reports that ha has never seen, so  much j.iioaV in the niotMitt.iiis. This time  two years ago, lie avjis to get a horse  in to his claims,, wltetre this year there is  eight feet of snOAV_-_  Tlie oresinpineiits for the past AA'eek  just topped 4000 tons. The War Eagle ,  ^shipped no ore on, Saturday.. The Le'Roi  "maintains its average. The troubles connected Avith the War-- Eagle hoist iind  compressor are seriously delaying ship-  men ts from the Centre Star.  SLOCAN LAKE.  The Bosun mine at Ncav Denver has  signed a few men at the $3-i,ate fbr eight-  hour shifts. The Enterprise mine, on  Ten-mile creek, has signed the mine  OAA'iiers' notice.  Coroner Crompton Will Be Removed.  Victoria, May 22.���Coroner Crompton  of this city appears to be superseded  by  tin; appointment just made of Dr. E. C.  Hart as a coroner for the  district.    Dv.  Crompton is not. officially  removed, but  as he lias been promindutin calling attention to the akAvard features of the neAV  regulations for coroner there is lio doubt  but that he avvII not be further inconvenienced by them. 3-  T.HE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.   TUESDAY, MAY 2tf,   1S09  DNTCTW   TJsT   STOCK  I* it  Ib -'  .3:  m  IV-  1 ^ :*_-  A  FULL  LINE  OF  Ladies' White  Duck Skirts.  Ladies' White   Duck Suits.  Ladies' Shirt Waists at  50c,   75c,  $1  and $1.25.  A  feAV   Spring   Capes left,  which will   be sold  at cost.  A  nice line ol' Ladies' Crash  Bicycle suiting.  One  New Williams Sewing Machine,  $28.  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Tliey Avantthis, too, in the face of a Accrual agreement, made four years ago, that  they Avould practically give the land to  the electric light company if the company  AA'ould treat the floqvei' addition as part  of the city, that is, supply people living  iu the addition Avith electric light as  Avantcd and ou the same terms as it Avas  supplied to people in the government  townsite, AA'hich AA'as done. These gentlemen, also, are eminently respectable.  ARE   NOW   SHOWING  A COMPLETE   RANGG OF LADIES'  Linen and Denim  Ready-made Suits  For Summer Wear  DSOrf  IP.  "We. are turning out a great numher of , men's outfits, for the reason  that our suits fit and are well made. AVe handle everything of the  best and sell at close prices. If you want a iicav spring suit,'hat, tie,  shoes, undeiAvenr, collar, shirt, suspenders, or socks, inspect our. stock-  and: he convinced tliat Ave are tlie people who can giA'e you the most  good goods i'or the.least .money.  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Tho"  to  ?-._' ��.-�����.* "JJ _ ^ndtirVwilhKc^i^ Sjt"  ���fg' ^���^MfeGjib.feo.Sto'p^ ���-.  ��� yy^i-'s'- .����* I*:-. *: '.;Sfl��"?y" ���niWVT?tiT��'sYi "�����"'"..-.-"��> "-y  &-,fe?.��*��t-A^^."*"'"*&> ",H".^yy  n.i:-��V_TraKE-01yflipi--Iotnel;_-asia;: :_^ent3in;ro_ms;*��_i.ui_bea'?  sh-Y^Y^-compIe^^  J_-^FaSl$@^ ���;   .y.y. , Y!  Y^^^-self^ ; Y7������' -_Y,. Y /. _^V _'  y,ZK^'^f ">%-,/".��JWZpftdrfIliO'ST; ��'"     '"' ".'"''"( �����  .?.:W"v.-:;;fpE!��:   ���.'������..'.������������' y  Y-^TRlSvanSSrOtir^ ".Apply "��<_ Mr._���s  ffi;gn^g^aaid,,gvTer|i0.n': .fiiSffi.. ����� ;    " "������"2 \t'."( ����,"y'i��"-"'(,,  ��.0R?_SALE_'  ;y^yyyy * vrail^at' tic__ets.��v v ��� ��� -.. ��� ���  .���fi"*_V1*T!____:_#  VW;$._k"#i.s.tti-e��jUy^  ��77Y>iWaylofllQ(3.|dEj$3:lf6rt n __Y ,Y YY*   ������  ' DXilt _J_brw_N..".".",.,;,.  ��� We__:ijy* Edition- ,.'...  ... FII4ST! YEAH, Np., 119  _   -*DC  flfl .y  my  If #���  Y 7 _&TrDERT_^^  -Beer are both practical politicansjOr they  AVOiild not be -liiefti-b-l'S of tlie oity c6u_t-  -   cil. * 3?hey obtained  office by ha.nd-_.bak-  ing and private intei'VieAving.     There is  'anojbjier el-Ctipu close at hand, in AArMch  they   fire both   A'ery   much   interested.  They want '%he  ratepayers   to endorsd  their money loan bylaws.   They cannot  .AV011.49 the. hand-shaking trick a second  -time, but they are'telling the people that  -hei-VtaXes 'will be raised if the money  bylaws' are not endorsed.   They are appealing   to the   cupidity   of the A'Oter.  Tliey say, vote for the money bylaws,  and Ave "will see that your taxes are not  raised; biit if you vote against tho ,by-  '^lW.s^Sy.e,;'will:cincii you by raising ybur  taxeat .-j��pt n.$ see What this worthy pair,  as chaii'meitf of the two standing Oommrt-  tees of'the eouncil, have already: done in  .the Way of, raising the taxes.    Last year  the total of the assessment roll  AA'as less  than $1,000,000, and the rate  levied was  eleven mills,  AA'ith a rebate  of one mill  for prompt ���payment.    The amount collected in taxes Avas  $8890.(50,  and about  $1000  AA'as  carried  over   as  delinquent.  Tills year the assessment roll-'has been  swelled,    over. 50    per   cent,    in   other  words a lot that AA'as assessed at $500.last  year is assessed at $750 this year.    If the  rate levied this year is  the same  as was  levied last year, the taxes AA'ill be 50 per  cent higher  than they  Avere  last  year.  But  in no  event  is  tho  rate  to be  the  same as it was hist year ; it is to bo savoII-  ed 50 per 'cent,  -juntas   Avas the  hsk_sk-  menfc.       Had   the   two   aldermen   been  honest Avith the ratepayers, they Avould  haA'e had the rate of taxation announced  a month ago. The.ratepayers of Nelson  should0shoAV these tAvo practical jiolitir.  cans that they haA'e no confidence--in  theni, and the Avay to sIioav it is to place  a cross mark opposite the AA'ord "NO ". on  all.the ballot papers ou Monday next.  ;���  The company AA'hich oaa'us one hundred  and.sixty acres of laud adjoining. Nelson;  , !Stfj**Ke^_-&^ _.  '...v^Ay ���_.j-fe";* Jy^y^-���- s_�����sT- ,*,,yyy .,"��J> ������,-������ ?*���&  Htende'd_.iht.o-^  /it\<2.ed^atteni|si .5t_b,! ^4S^v^���-tlfe.".Oi^-foff  ^Se-TsOnVVTlife  ���;-alj-iA'elh'^iet&.i'iai',". XfiM." xk .isY6>^.h; Vsjifd;'^  i_if)liat."liniQu'ggtV tl|em �� a.uq j.iid'|fe;-Y .of-!�� 'tlie.;  "siiiiremolcoiijC, "Jn:'J.^uQ?s tlie^iC|iby .'(^^el-a'  soh__�� built; the_ i*sefvoii'" fbu the, water '.  _*\kQl*k��=d]f��the!laiitl iffl ��� fjiiestioii,. Witfh tire-  fttlfefepoAvledge^itnid Consent:" of th'e hianV"  agih|   d|re*etor   Of" " the   nco_ .lpwi'y," yvliif]  attelided a, meetiup Oi the city fioilfte-lI  and askesd. thatvljis   company   bo pliftJC-  $1500 for   tho   laud'  reqilired.      Befoi'6  attendin'g On? ftlie, 'dortncl'l''lie and the. s$l_*  ing ageht of his coiijpaiiy agreed ^etAA'^en  themselves to ask $7450; for the land.  Tlie  THOMSON'S  WE A.RK NOT ADVERTISING  These  goods are the  proper  They are   not   only serviceable  stylish, being-trimmed in g*ood con-  thing-,  but  trasting- colors.  IN CORPORATE DI 670.  a Sweet  Tooth?  IF  SO',-7--  :._NK#iiY?J y-:  ,SJ.-Ej-.:SA^*: ,-j  pm^l'.-y^.y  fliAssoRvm^tfr  ������ovyyyy. p._;..���:  W  LADIES'  WRAPPERS  Wash Suits  IN RFD, BLUE, FAWN,  GKEY, LINEN AND WHITE  COLOURINGS  B  Dress Skirts, Silk Underskirts,; B  and Wash Blouse Waists, to suit B  the most fastidious, all. prices, styles B]  and colourings. 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O. iBox 173.  b   iivu  GENERAL TEAMSTEiRS  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  , Merchandise .muled lo and from depots; bus.  meets all trains and boal.s. Special attention  given to tlio transfer of batrgngo. OtllcO and  ���stables on Vernon, street, apposite Tho Tribune.  Wilson & Harshaw  B0�� TON RESTAURANT,  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  AGENTS FOR  the Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil. Co,  Washing-ten*. Brick and Lin*.e, Col  fhe H. W,, NlcNiell Co., Ltd.,.Canadian,Aatnrar,  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers  2 STOVEWOQ��  Wi  I  J. L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  iVliiics and Mining Stoeks (Justonis Broker  UKAL, KSTATK ANJ> GKNKItAL AGJCNTS   '  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch froin 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. . Dinner from 5  to S. - Short orders   at   all   hours.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Age ri t.  R. REISTERER & CO.  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The-main portion of 'Dawson was destroyed by fire on April 2()_li, causing the  loss of. $4,000,000. .In all 111 Wildings'  were burned. The fire occurred in the  business center of the city, commencing  near the opera house on tlie water front  and spreading with unusual rapidity. It  was driven by a strong north wind, destroying eA'ery thing in .its way on that  street down to and including Donahue &  Smith's establishment. The fire then took  in all of the water front buildings abreast  of the same blocks. It crossed the street,  burned throughand spread over to Second  street, covering the principal.  portion of Dawson, leaving it all in ashes,  with the firemen helpless and powerless  to do anything. The fire consumed the  FairvieAv hotel, the buildings beingas. dry.  as tinder. The Haines spread *with' such  rapidity that the citizens appeared panic-  stricken and unable-to. save anything in  the .way of furniture, goods and clothing.  Among the most prominent firms  burned out., were the Bank of British  North America, the Bank of 7 Commerce,  McLellau & McFeeley, the Parsons Produce Company,, Royal cafe, Donahue &  Smith, the Aurora saloon, the Bodega,  the '..Maddeni' house,-. the, '.Victoria.,hotel,  Is now prepared lo issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  4u abortive attempt avus made to extinguish the blii'/.e before an alarm was  sounded, and in this way a delay was  caused that gave the lire such headway,  that when the lire brigade did turn out  tliey loiind a conflagration beyond their  power to subdue. Within hall'an hour  i'roin the time it started the lire had  crossed the street twice, burning through  and spreading to" Second street, every important building in what was broadly  known as the business district being, eaten up. .Not long after the first half  hour's work the people accepted the inevitable and the firemen abandoned  tlieir efforts to extinguish the flames and  devoted themselves to tho saving of  property in buildings yet removed from  the sweep of the fire. Not a single building was left a landmark from Tinnnon's  Royal   cafe   to   opposite-- the   Fairview  ��     _,,,_._,  hotel. In this, district were all tho  structures erected in 1897 and 1898���indeed not a pioneer building is left in the  town.  Provisions have not advanced in price,  nor clothing, the companies being determined apparently to do all in their power  to relieve the general distress.  St. Wilfrid's Latest Lyric.  It may be remembered that Robinson  Souttar, M.P. fur Dumfriesshire, said lithe house of commons the other night  that the Saxons might not have beaten at  Hastings had they not drunk so hard the  night before the battle. Sir Wilfrid  Lawson, M.P., has taken Mr. Sou-tar's remark as a text for the following amusing  lyrical comment on the potations of. our  race: "  When Julius Cuisur landed hero.  He eonqucrcd men bemused with beer ;  When Norman William from his.j link.  In triumph stepped���they still were drunk.,  l'"or though we Jiril.ons "rule tho wave..,!'  To drink we ever havo been slaves.  Kight h uiidred year.. have passed away,  And things are much tlie same today.  liy those who rightly understand.:-  It's kiiDwn that drink still'rules'the land.  Heathen and Saxons; long ago,'  Were crushed before tlie niighty.fob:.:  Bcforo King Drink now Christians fall,;:  And "Bung" is easy lord of. all.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  It. Ma hin, Slocan City  W. I_. Bowers. St. Paul  E.  B.  Mcllastor, Vancouver  .1. C. Hearty. San Francisco  .1. Ft. Tanill. Oakland  P. Brown, Sandon  E. H. Hughes. Rover Creek  W. S. Holland, Winnipeg  C. 1). McICenzie, Kaslo  H. Grover, Dcmor  Mrs. Smit.hsoii, Tliree Forks  Claude Cregan, Rossland  J. Jackson and wife, Spokane  J. Henderson, Spokane  D. C. Crordolands. Golden  Percy Tarbutt, Rossland  A. Harrison, Rossland  E. Barchai'd. Rossland  A. Mansell, ltossland  F. W. Green, Victoria  GRAND CENTRA!  HUME.  .1. Reidberg. St. Paul  G C. Shuw, Victoria  C. W. Wilson, Kossland  H. Lewin, Rossland  Mi's. Edwards, ltossland  Miss Lewis. Rossland  W. Elson, Kamloops  It. Jenkins, Rossland  A. II. Cramer, St. Paul  PHAIR.  AV. R. ��� Mcndenhall,  land  V. D. Yuengling, ltossland  G. C. Hiinron, Rossland  G. B. Townsend,  ltossland  S. S. Weaver, Trail  VV. It. Seatle. Trail  1). J. Dewar, Trail  S. F. Gaull, Montreal  James Rodger, Montreal  Bruce White, Vancouver  It, L. Dunkard, Rossland  Itoss-  D.  O.    Secord    and   wife,  Kaslo  T. Jones, Revelstoke  A. Sweraey, Creston  A. G. Crafter, Macleod  Jj. Lcvosque, Robson  J. McKay, Vancouver  J. Hayes, Port Arthur  W. itoss. ltossland  Eric Stevenson, Rossland  J. A. Morrison, Rossland  1). P. Hannifcrn, Spokane  J. G. Rogers. Spokano  C. -'ullmore, Salmo  MADDEN.  Mike Burns, Rossland  Hod Graham, Rossland  H. B. Boico,  Boice, Brooklyn  AV. R.   Hodgson, Chute a  Blondeau  J. Gondio,  Chuto   a Blondeau  >s!_.|lt'fi^^  _^#^_Mi^_liV._N^  <n "JVSffl  nVH��� 7.    li   rin    "   rt__ "���(_   .__!"        U���       ���     u    o-OJMo,   -    ���  u.4f*-���-.S-'n _r    JUMP n ^ Do " n_  ",-,.=.    "& - <b^" V,Q _,  n  ��- tlit)ulcli��,ii0ty_Qpe_ru_1  I^Jnn^'. -vwhTCli-is^lpw1 pi'fididtecl.^    ������__ .  .  .  [Y/f.fJMi"^^ tlie fife-are.. j_Xc^  ]f*I^ll-_i_4.-felMcj"^^^-��--^^A^io^Iiasl^ari aiiaii-ensj-"  kJfifkk" pf :h^h',.ti_^v^|^'-a^id7iiwi.e^':�� sup-  |vplfes; -tjilceix'ju ���{yrj,h|)iiv^* expense -.aud. ��i*|i���c_'  ^y.Pipr ���flims^ yaxil- ^^^xp^AYl^^^1^'^6'  pi&j4��"^J^YP^P|^, ^.:I_^f%i^e�� pQ$$&��<  hlThoYfeufc lost kjsp -.a, "Ihrg^iW^uyix-tof.  [igdiKilxfsC-, "Axvxigh QsMihiiter��:pl_i_es -the  -loss iTi. gold ajrd^paptlif. Jiipuejy klppe at  :$l��X)_)(^06d/" ��j_l-b^i_her ilie fmmed, area  ��� gOinprisesi  qiit^eL'%i'ee-aiii!VJ.jjje-i.iS'  Of. the  ^reiiiVOf^DiWvson.; " ."*"  I   Tk&Y%e'.. oecnrrec| .ttib; 3t:0'eloq^ iii__tli<3  ["liroi-iing, Itiitl was caused by* a drunken  .VyOinah itpsettilig a laitfp.    Owinjg to the  I logs  and   .c&irra..,  wfliie Ii were the  two  j-principal liiateriais  of wliich the build-  .ings were construeted, it spread  i"1  WHILE THERE  _|'JS^tf^||li8Eg  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  - local aud coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber-  of all kinds.  If .what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  .'"... 7 CALL AND G. 1ST. ���PRICES.-J.  TREMONT.  Charles Canioron, Summit. I C. J. McDonald, Rossland  W. H. Jackson, ltossland    | J. Porter, Robson.  SILVER.KING.'  J.   Williams, Itoyal Canadian mine  Peter Vincent, Ymir  J. R. Williams, Spokane  Ered Wagner, Untie  Fred Johnson, Butte..  mmmmmmmmmmmmi  ECIAL VALUES  Though early in the season for bargain sales, owing to a lucky  "x? purchase,  we   find   ourselves   able   to sell   a   few dozen   ladies'  B shirt waists at reduced prices.  B Ladies' Print Shirt Waists, Pretty Patterns, at $1 worth $1.25  B Ladies' India Muslin   Blouses,  regular price $1.75, our price,  B $1.25.  B Ladies' Organdi  Muslin  Blouses, cheap at $2, our price, $1.50  B Ladies' Satana Shirt Waists at $2.50, regular price $3. .  B Ladies'  Colored   Satana   Shirt*   Waists,  regular   price   $3.50,  B our price,  $3.  ^ Ladies'   Shirt   Waists in   Silver   Silk,  a  new thing   in- waist  ���v.j goods, going, at $4,  reduced from $4.50.  ^j- Ladies' Silk Blouses at $5.50.     Best value in the trade.  B v Inspection invited.  %_  m  QUKEN'S.  H.Livingstone, Brooklyn    I A. Shnrman, Mission City  J. C. Shook, Slocr.n City       | Thos. J^acy, ltossland  The Tremoflt Hotel  NIALOJ-E & TREGILLUS  MARTIN OfREILLY & CO.  %  BANK  OF  B. C.   BUILDING,   NELSON.  _?_ii_=.i_:s CASH  ���^-^-���<=. ��� t_�� ��� ^. <=_, ��� _^.  #  P. Burns cfr Co.  WHOLESAI.E   AND   HKTAIL  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and ProspeetoFS  THE BEST BRANDS: OF .  and  ALWAYS ON HAND 1..  *��__ sWpp, _,��.'��� 1  ^^^^GEgps^ptR,;.  TWR:^J#S%Wif��%A7  flfl'Ji 7J.Y������-~  I if  'HA.lij._ANt>)BAIC-l_;pfe  0 <y �� ;u" "fl1. ^:^sy%"'Ai).^"^i"^ay\  "ieHA'I-KBS;H-_ia'_y'EK,'    HO'.USTONIY"-"*  "n'S"KCltBTpt'--�����r|"n-��n:." ���  ���_H-_-n -^W_s ��-. - out 7"  ���  ���IiXiyQISEEaD.  Has ;gh'6n siglit', to thousands; that were suffering frdni1  almost,,total.blindness.. I'jJdpIp who ,_J'e_ alilicled with,  weak'ij.V-S, headache.,,pains in7the lijjad,"eyeVci'^ssed'6r_  diyergedt doiible" or '\ .jiionY'lO-^ 'jot niugqjiliir  power or liny error Of refmctiou of Ch'ojj-ye, \vilI7_lo well  i_o crinsjil-liirii;4ia*oi.heiri'cj?.e^jt. ,_ted7llnd get.;aii exp-i't'.  correction,    "      �� 7 u "  Ciiasscn fitted to any sight and,_ aligfaeUon giiaraSitegdi-;  WIIJjL BE AT 3. .H.^VANSTOtS'l-S  MONDAY AND TUESDAY  ORy DAWSON iGITY?  [if you afe, call -U_d get posted  >ii the White Pass and? Yukon  ?oute, which is the best, safest  md cheapest possible.  A, R. SHERWOOD  -  Baker street West, poison, B. C.  IMPORTANT NOTICE  BE; DUNCAN CITY LOTS  KASLO, P. C, May 12th, 1.9!).  Notice is hei'cby given to all whom it may concern, that  r have been appointed soleiagont for completing all the  tales made by Messrs. Simpson Bros. & Keeling of lots at  jluncaii City, Honsor Lako,..West K_otenay. B. C, under  ftontx'act for decds,;t.hereto.-!All such - here-  ���iy required to* notify iheoft their address, and present  foldings, that the roll may be corrected in accordance-  jherewith. The second overdue payments must bo for-  Ivarded to nie on or before the loth day of June, proximo,  Briton, appointments will be made for the completion.  WILLIAM J7TWISS,  Sole agont Simpson.Bro*. & Keeling.  If ydu want _ natty.styli-Hjuitof cloth_g_or,  siJriiig aiid ��uiiimc_i 1 finite over S001 difl'-r-  011. patterns of Scotch "and 33tiglish tweeds,  whieli. I will make to your or.der at the low  price of  ..������'. #25  lilack venotiahs mako it nice suit-for siitii-  tner wear at , ��,....,. .821  Black sorgesuits in sack of morning coat.. $_l  A  heavy  Scotch  fcwCcd.   nice  patterns for  business, suit  ,, $18  Ti'Oiisoi'.safc equally low .prices, I^ifiand finish  no botiprin Canada. Ladios|llno tailoring.u  specialty.   Clement block, Baiter street,  SteveriSj III? T_tiIor  Removal Notiee.  John Choliliteh & Cpinpam' bog Lb aiinouiite to the  trade that, they have removed their headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, where they will for the future ho, established, i'eiuiing the erection of suitable warehouses  tlicv have scoured temporary quarters iu tlio warehouse  Of Till-not. Beeton & C-injmny oii Water street, whore  they will be pleased to receive tlieir patrons,  Nelson, B. C, May 17th, 189..  JUDICIAL SALE..  1 Pursuant to a judgment of the County Court oi Koot-  liiay, holden at Nelson, entered on the I7th day of Jaiiu-  Iry, A. I). 1890, in tho consolidated action of 3.F. Holden,  EVflliain B. Hudson, Christian Uiben, William H: Wright,  liid William'H. Warren,, plaintiffs,' against tlie Bright  Ti'ospects GoWMihiiig aiid Development Company, Limited Liability, defendants, being plaints -Nos. KU/98, Mo/US.  !(_ i/fl8, 4G7/98, and 4G8/H8 tliere will bo ortbrcd for sale by  lui-lic auction by S. IJ. Tuck, Slieriil". at the court liouse.  In the city of Nelson 11 o'clock iu the forenoon, on  fliursday, tho 8th day bf Juno, 18gi), all and singular.the  ���i.inenii. ulaim .'.'The Northern lafelit," situate on tho soutli  Ilopc of Ihe Center Fork of Forty-niuo Creek, and adjoining tho Hibbings .mineral'claim on the southwest corner,  ���icing in the Nelson Mining Division of British Columbia,  located the oth day of May, 1897, and recorded the Oih  lay of May, 1897.  I The purchaser sliall pay the purchase money into Court  lo the credit of the said consolidated action on tlio day of  Da'tod at Nelson. B. C.. this 22nd day of _May, 18!)9_  V  ,J    ��� ��� JC. T. H. SIMPIUNS,  Itegislrur of the Coiinty Court, of J-obteuay,-liolden at  ��� Nelson.    '���;-;���'-,'���  ;{ h.Vnu|'_vgtuk(i:i{? ok.and  " to^sAiiKiig, ,in' ���     . - .   ,  '���_. _-du^v^ii-(_DiSsslB_$^Wlte  ITquldings;  .   fio^i-vn!-'.ESashr .  '������ .j'^.cev'jE^lstsf-aiid ffek_et& :- ���  f     Office^ and Mdj&t. fitiingg  KAli-OltV WiJKlC PONE T& OI.HEU,  SUGi.1 AS ��  "   ������  Scppli Siting  __.-inci: -5-iwinf -  WardrobesYand  0en^i?al J^in^fy Iferk  IN .STOQK  : Glass of all Sizes and Kinds?  One of the best and most pop  ular hotels in Nelson.  peepvmm  i:Mf*'S,'.^".sfn"."ye''i"^ pflkpy^2"^^'-.',,^y^��".i"y"fl."J^  }"-"4tpp,".<p��, ���h;-sy."sfl,,,s ��r��;.i>7K".',Y��S��*0��>r��*j.,���__!��S"." ,\ ��  y, .yrl 'S"-,�� . feA;KEK.STItE.Ky,i"N|!LS0^7 /yfyy VfYV;  ���:fl'��el^i*H^O-;^i;rm^^  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at jMelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  pjoMP^  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ��v-^p,:3W0LE^LE AND RETAIL  iMltiiii#ouLTRY in season* ?  '7��S14i-   1" '  ��.- Liirlgo .comfortable;^bpdrqbnis "And *iir��t7dass�� diiiiugj.  ', r6ora*.J����{Saipple7i;ebiijs,,fbV^ ��    " 7  ;:��� '*;������   "'I*'-.  I  H  JV  "    IJateiof .tlie" Koj^lTHotch Calgary,  m.  . C. TRAVE3, Mariag$r  *D    l9y   "g&nfi    _nH_-l'-[Pn~|a'~i_"^m"   lP'l_P'  y    "*,* .,y;.p. dfito_5iis��feHM^���*BEc^^^  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ud.  ~y>y��p'ME^^FMCE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  .D n .^    DD _, ���.    oQ]       DD D     y     n^g" _     ���    I _ ^ j  All cjOlfirni^^ Brifjsii. Columbia business to be addressed  td.P. O. Dravie.r  "J 7* ?"��� ���'-"   -    :/"."     "S'b-jfsf^elson, British Columbia  Sawniili on Goverinncnt wharf.  ' Factory and oitlc6. cornei- I-Jrtll; strciet and C.P.R. track  .VHjL DO VVMLt TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  A -  6. 0. ITOJHAlAirs  A lft;rgo stock Of llrHt-elaKS dry nsftterial fin hand, also  a full lino of sa,sh, doors, mouldings, turned work, eta  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  f  tj. 0. HUME, Manager.  I'he finest hotel iii tho interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light',  CORNER OK WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  BAKER'AND WARD STREETS. NELSON  The only hotel ih: Nelson that; lias remained under one  management ��ince IgQO.  This bed-rebms arc well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The di'dng-roem is liQt .second tb any in Kootenay.  Tito bar is always Stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and Cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Geopge Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given to all orders left at M. Des-  -Jrisay & Co's, I3nker street, Nelson.  IjOARD^ANB ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rcar.of English church.  Heated by steam. Tabic board ?., room and board :"*_.  xnd $5.50. ,       ���       ._,'.'"  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for (.ale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Odd Fellow's Excursion Tickets  Tickets for .tlie I. O. O. F. excursion to New Donvor on  the Queen'- Birthday (May 21th), arc to be had at Van-  stone's drug store, Mills & Lett's, Canada Hook & Drug  Co.'h. Tcetzel & Co.'s drug store, and K. Sulclitl'c's barber  sliop.   Fare, S_a.l0: children under 12, $.1.55.   _  Yard:   Foot of Heudryx streot, Nelson  Telephotie, 91        Joh H    Rd,Gf  kgQTlt  k CO.  Head quartern for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  vi We make a specialty of  Slijplap a^d Double Dressed WJaterial  Good Df*y Rustic and Flooring  Ofiice and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. BEER, Agent.  CRESTON, BRITISH. COLUMBIA.  Two and a "half iiiiles up the Outlet from Nelson.  Spring Chickens, Fresl*. Cream,  Pure Milk, FreshrLaid Eggs.  All of .which aro from the ranch, bclongi uk to the hotel  SPECIALTIES:  J.YR��"DERlb^ mp,   oaii     r>- r\-  S. SfOWLEf?^ f��r|yi:i,;^_Imjrig "Engineer    "- f   INtLoUlN,   B.C.  Ttellifefcir�� Purchasing Company/  Is  now prepatred   to  buy all  classes of silver, gold, silver-lead, lead and  copper Ores*   The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended  ,^  ing guaranteed.  Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson, B. C.  GEORGE M. McDOWELL, Manager.  O. M. ROSENDALE, Purchasing? Agent.,.  . A. THU  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAt. SBAI_ ANE) KOOTENAY BELLE CIGAJRS  And all ottjer brands of the  AT FAC'I'OHY I'lUCKS  Kootenay Cigar Manufeeteiiig^ Gompn^  o_r isrEiLsonsr^ ^b.g.  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot bo obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  nisht.   Can be reached by either road .or water.  ���WILLIAM KOBKRTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  TMIE,   B_. O.  ;;'AU sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots  Write for priceH.   ,  KverythiiiK first-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Kates _ 1.50 and $2 per day.  J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted .  Heated by hot ai  Kcasonable rates Sample rooms  Klectric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VJCTORIA  J. V. PERKS. Proprietor . .  Krco bus meets all trains   - ���  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, 8. G.  Tent a_llwiiiDi|;fciiie|6!T  ___.:____. ___i_sr:Ds. Oir.  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OF TENTS IN STOCK  llakcr street, opposite postofllcc, Nolsoi  , THEO.  [M-J^IDSOIISr'  W. P. DIOKSON  _}. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J.,McI|HEy5  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and  ELECTRIC  SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Tofv.nsV  Electric Fixtures, Lamps. Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY,  MAY  '):->  181)9.  ���*.  t  or'  " L  h.  ���iv  I!  J'i ; ?�� '  _. "fl.  afl __  |tf��'_  J   '  I  it ���*.������  f :vS'J_f 4 _���._.,'���  -S_l-_&-  . *-*!_f?. Si?  Purses an  Pocke  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  MAY 24th  SEE GILKER  FOR YOUR  CELEBRATION HAT  NKXT P.O.  Remember the Name  .KEELANDS'  t&f^ o n \j ___.  fMPORIUM  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  1. will bo to your udvunlage lo see our large  and eomplcle stock of Boots and Shoes. We  carry the following lines: J. ifc. T. J3ell, J.  D. JCing & Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  S-hultz it Co:, Stratford Shoe Co., Anies, Hoi-  don it Co., and other leading makers.  2(i AND 28 WKST' BAKKR STREET, NELSON  and  THESE GOODS we are  ��� bound to sell vyrjile  they remain the patterns  of the season. We prefer _o mark ihem dowii.  i\ow. knji let our regular  custon*iers have the advantage of th,e cut, rath,-  er tl|s.q have a _laugh,ter  safe some months later  tq m,ake room for r\ew  goods, Our display of  Rugs: aiid Art Squares  is the finest ever seen  in Kooten&y. Tljey are  recejyl^diretft from the  ���.Bastfrifc^Rf j-br^.r4 so that  in buying from us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters..  When Advertised  At " ili-^io-JTYPFiS^"^  auction  pi-roe means the  liigliest  price Avhicli tiie  liUireUaser can be induced to pay.  New Spring Designs  In AxaiiiiistG.s of the best quality, Avitli or "wifciioufc  1-ordei'H. ].vJtis]i iuicl Caiiadiau makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for. di'aAvilig-l'OOiiiB, dining-rooms, halls oi*  Stairs, with oi' Avitlioiit boi'dei-s.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  "Onion   art   squares,  Japanese   squares   and  Smyrna and 'T_e��.nis_h rugs.  rugs,  40 Different Styles  ���.._._...'    Of   baby carriages  and go-carts to   select   from.  Rattan chaii'S and rockers. . fc   .-���  yyyi, - iiH'- .'������'.'���       -, ���  - ��� *������'-''  FurhiiLure of all Kinds 7*\  Is advancing, and notice to this eiTect has been  sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Having a large stock on hand-we will be able to  continue to quote .better figures than any of our  v v. competitors.   . We   have   also   three   carloads   of  furniture on the way.  _c�� McARTHUR & CO.  Corner BakeP and Ward Streets, Nelson.  L  LOCAL NEWS AND GOSSIP  An Athletic Company.  ,,  Nelson Athletic and Racing Association,  Limited. Capital $2;_.()()0. Par value of  shares, $1. No single subscription taken  for more than 500 shares. Objects of tlie  association : to provide suitable grounds  within a mile of tlie postoffice 011 which  to play all outdoor games and sports anil  race tliat noblest of animals, the horse.  The foregoing is a synopsis of the aims of  a. company that was organized last night  in Tin. Tim hum, office, at wliich one  thousand shares were subscribed. Subscriptions will be received by John Houston until noon on Wednesday, the -lst  instant, when a lncetiiif*; of the subscribers will be held to elect officers.  m STYLISH MILLINERY fee Cream  AND  The Burns & Co. Block. ���  A. R. Hodgins lias received final instructions to proceed with the plans for  the two-story brick block to be erected  by P. Burns Sc Company on tlie site of  their present premises and the adjoining  lot on Bakor street. The building is to  hiwe a frontage of sixty feet on  Baker street and a depth of 100 feet. Jt  will be divided into two stores, the one  at the west side to be occupied by the  firm as a meat market with cold storage  in the rear, the east store to be for rent.  The upstairs will be dh'ided Into offices.  The estimated cost of the block is $25,000.  NELSON.  Tickets for the Silverton celebration,  good to return in three days, can be had  at the Canadian Pacific Raihvay .office  for $3 for the round trip.  AVard Brothers yesterday sold lots 2  and 3 in block 10, Davies addition for  $250. The lots were oavu eel by John Mc-  Vay and Avere 'purchased by Isaac Helmar  Ferguson.  T. J. Seanlan has been engaged by D.  McArthur & Co. as manager. This Avould  indicate that the linn's business is growing, all OAving to liberal advertising in  Tins Tim rune.  *  The Avater iu the outlet at Nelson lias  risen six feet from its lowest point last  Avinter. It rose seven inches during the  last six days, and l\ inches during the  tAventy-four hours ending at 0 p. in. yesterday.  liven Avagcrs arc being made that the  Malono-McDonald syndicate can do up  "Jimmy" Neelands' combination of semi-  professionals in a game of base ball just  for the fun that is in the game.  A baseball team, under the man.igc-  iiienfof .James .McDonald and .John J.  Malone, has been organized to go to  Kaslo on May 24th, to compete for. the  $125" purse offered by the sports committee. The team will be comprised as  folloAVs: Rockinfieid. Yp. Caverley c,  Moore lb, iSacrott 2b, Votail 3b, Smith  ss. Hawkins rf, McLean If, Blackburn cf.  The managers raised enough money yesterday by subscription, to purchase uniforms and a complete outfit for the team.  Malone & Trogillus haA'e commenced  the erection of a tAVo-story brick block,  28x_0 feet, on lot S block 0, fronting on  Baker street, east of the Tremont hotel.  The first floor will be d'iA*ided into two  stores nnd the second story into business  offices.  The Rossland hose reel team that will  compete against the Nelson team in the  hub-and-liub race at New Denver on May  24th arriA'ed at Slocan Junction last  night and Avill proceed to Ncav Dem-or  today. They will practice this afternoon  ���on the .tragic-and will have a;good night's;,  rest So��as iO be iu condition. .0 inect tlieii-  N'dsQi-o|>poh._n ts.  R. Daniels has leased the Outlet hotel  "alr^Balf on rHEorH>h eH3easou=f _oin=4IJ^(*.^  Procters The building has been completely 1'emocleled and renovated, and  Mr, and Mrs. Daniels are uoav prepared  to receive guests. Special attention will  be given to ladies who Avish to spend a  iew weeks' holidays.  Bom in Nelsoii yesterday to the wife  of Normaix T. MacLeod, of tlie Hudson's  Bay Com pan y, a son. .  ROSSLAND.  The street improvements aiid city  ownership of waterworks Joan bylaws  Avere carried, in Rossini id yesterday by  ���large majorities, Tlie vote was as follows : Waterworks���170 for, 23 a gal 11st;  street ,iinproA*emeilts���200 for. 1 against.  Cooke is now the only survivor of the  War Eagle accident, and, curiously  enough, he is but very slightly injured  and is. expected to be out -and. about today. All he remembers is saying,,."Boys,  she's gone!" and crouching down in the  ���bottom of the skips ������*���.-  Jobh A. Finch, one of tlie pioneers'of  mining in Kootenay, and indeed in the  Northwest, is visiting Rossland. The  Aveight of his millions has made very  little change In him since he used to be a  familiar figure in Rossland.   ,  Claude Cregan is taking liis horses  from Rossland to run in the races at Sil  verton. One of them is the mare "55,"  which has won so many prizes in  Rossland.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Tickets for the Silverton celebration,  good lo return in three days, cun In. hurt nt the (..iiuulii.n  l.icilii. Railway ollice fori**- for tin; round trip.  Tickets for the Knights of .Pythias ex-  ciii'-ion to Ka-li) on Mm y '.Mill an; ni\v  on salo al   l.illii!  lirothers' shot! si oro  lluniiilireys <_vPittock. the  well-known  fruil. dealers, nro now s<M-vin_. ice cieinii in  their parlors  011 linker street, next to Nelson Wim; I'n.  G5  00  =_  _=���  _c  CO  __l  DQ  <c  _���  00  UJ  CO  ���H  CO  m  1���  cn  C3  __  CO  CO  C3  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C  DEALERS IN  eavy Hardware  It pays us to deal squarely with  you ancl to represent our goods  ancl methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive for excellence in  quality and price, always aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best goods, at the smallest  figures. On. this basis avc invite  your inspection of our lines.  The latest  and   neatest stock in  Sash Clasps, .Belts in all patterns,.  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping-  Bags,- Ladies' Lorgnette Chains in  patterns.  ��� A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all kinds and clesci iptions.  We want your watch repairing  and Ave employ only expert watchmakers. Send your watches as we  can save you money on your repair,-work:  tJ   '   JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  -    OARS  Canton .Drill Steel  ���^.���M_MS_I1EP::  ___________a_____S-S_?  WOODEN  MATERIAL  CARRY IN STOCK2  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  v.    Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  A\       Iron, T-Rails  1 ^ Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON' STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  <a^  WILL  ADD   TO   THE   SELLING   VALUE  A SHABBY  LOOKING   HOUSE  OF  When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind thai wc carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsominc Brushes ancl Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining1 Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Attention  Attention  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPKCT  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bilker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, y.anager  FOB SALE  B0S--TESS" AND nESIPENTIA;!.  PIl'-i'.-KTY  Everybody who intends purchasing* Crockery, Groceries, etc., will save money by calling* on\Kirkp'at-,.  rick & Wilson, who have now- open for inspection  the finest lot of Groceries, Crockery and Glassware  ever brought to the Kootenay. Fruit Jars, just  arrived in pints, quarts and half gallons. Lowest  prices.   First-class quality.  30 liy  120; ]"!_kcr  street..: between' _oS-pliinc and  ^Wftrft=-t-i.--tR=fvr4���^^^^  SO liy 120, B.ifeor streei'., l.el,V>'ceii - _sc].l_i_... ami Hall  'strcots. �� ������ v.. -IS00  fiO by 120. Bilker street, bi'tween .|o>!Cpl.ili- Hull  streets, cornet' ������.   ���  ���  :..) Uy i_0; Kfist ISaker .tt'eot. .....'    SOU  _5 by ,1,20 v.ri(,li iinproYciiionts, south side Of YornOn  street ,..." ��,.....  3000  50btl20 Willi iniprovemOnls, soutii side of Vornon  street  ���_........_  ���fiffOO" beautifully fur.nished (auav)..   1000  2*lots witih eotti��gerouted at ��15porinoiith, Victoria  stveol.  ". ���  3500  1 lot with cottage vented at S15 per month, victoria  Street...'.' ,. .,..  2500  2 lot,s with eottago rented at _2Q pernipiitli, s(anloy  street...... Y....'.   Y.,.' ,..., MO.  (i lots in block Ul), all cleared nnd f-iiectl in  2500  fl-room house and ft) Jots set out iu orchard .....; ���..   1100  2 l_ts aiid Improtfiiieiil.s, 62 head of uows, 2 horsjes,  wiig-iiK. sleiglis, iiui'ijesj.. nnd everything in connection with _iuiTy's milk ranch .... .......    .1500  Por genera! inforiiiiitiqii oh r_al cstflte and toy fiu'ther  parliculai's on above property apply to  WABDBEOS.  Keal Kstate and Gf.iiei'al Ageiits, Baker St., Nolson  Telepho-l- 10.  Box K & 'W��-     Baker street West, Nelson  MS  Why buy eloliics fi'otn an inferior tailor, when  the same amount of money will buy a stylish  cut, well trimmed and neatly made suit at  SUITS $25  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Brass Skirts  ������.'���'������-CAU/ON-. r :';((���    -..-; /'  Mrs*    E.   McUaughjin  JOSEPHINE STRKBI..NKLSON"y:2yyy  (HAZLKWOQD.  Ice Cream Soda  t\l CENTFiAL FRUIT STOI^E  I'"ich1i l-'ruit. recfived dnily  . Ni-xl. iluor In N<;l^on Wine  'ruleplionu SIS.  Co.  humi'uiii'.ys & rrrrocic  Hazlewood  lee Cream  Wo have been appointed sole agents in Nelson for  this celebrated Ice Cream, and are now prepared  to cator to the public at. our ice cream parlors,  whioli we have fitted .up in llrst.class style. Call  in!anil have a dish of this delicious cream.. Other  dealers supplied. .:    *  ������-���:-'':-MiH��"i''titt  Tropical KYuit Depot,  Corner of Bakor and Ward strcots, Nelson      .  Nelson's up-to-dalo Tailor.  Satisfaction guaranteed  I got outfitted ni DesBrisay'.-���fo.urtq.en week's supplies,,  all neatly packed in cotton sacks. They know how to fix  you  up,  and such a fine stock to choose from,  FIT tell you Mike there isn't another store in the city  that   can   fix a  prospector out iii   the same wayVas. that same  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  . DesBrisay  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  FOR SALIC OU HI ill.  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built to order. Repairing and fitting a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Ifi .hing rods ami tackle  mortlcd.   At Government wharf. Nelson:  Vienna Restaurant  llaker street, between Josephine and  . Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKHY* TN CONNKOTION-  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HIOLP EMPLOYED  _=--    ___:-critE-"3r.    pbopeietoe  Cream  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received  .direct from the factory, put up in ..-pound boxes. Also  a full lino of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget tliat wc'handlc  lilue Ribbon Tc��.  JOHN A. IRVING k CO.  Baker Street West, Nelsoii, B. C.  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this st��ok.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  $.%���$%��;,���__.._  .. ���r..-~^^._.J_.._


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