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 VOTE AGAINST THE tOAN BYLAWS  FOE  THE  FOLLOWING REASONS.  the  are  ave  Every assessed owner of real estate in  the City of Nelson has the right to vote  on Monday; tlie right is not limited to  British subjects, as it is at elections for  mayor and aldermen. Several of  largo owners of property in Nelson  citizens of the United States ; they 1  the right to vote.  Every assessed owner resident in   Nelson   should   vote, and   vote according to  his   or   her best   judgment.      The   city  council ask  that the owners  of  real  estate  iu   Nelson  sliall  authori/.e them to  borrow $70,000, to be expended on public  works.    The  council   have   the   right to  ask   for   the  money, and   the  owners of  property have the right to  ask   how the  money is   to be expended.    The  council  have asked for tlie money, but they have  refused to state how the money is to be  expended.     In plain words,   the council  ask  the  property owners to go it blind.  First. They want $10,000 with which to  erect a city hall, and have prepared plans  for a building that  will  cost  $20,000  to  erect and  furnish.     Tlie  city  now  has  buildings in every way adequate for all  tiie business tliat the city is transacting.  Successful business men do uot tear down  - buildings merely to build new ones; they  .wait until their business outgrows their  premises,  theu  build  accordingly.    Ten  thousand  dollars   expended   on  a  civic  building would be a "sop" to a few work-  ingmen for  a few mouths,  but of   no  direct benefit to the  city.     Put a cross  mark opposite  tlie  Avoid  "NO"  on  the  ballot paper.  Second. The council want $30,000 to  expend on extending the water system.  The present system lias cost $40,000, and  the average citizen would like to know  how the $30,000 in addition is to be expended, and if its expenditure will result  in giving the city an adequate aud permanent supply of water. Surely this is  nob asking anything unreasonable, but  the council absolutely refuse to make any  statement as to how the money is to be.  expended. Under such circumstances,  you-should-place a cross mark opposite  the word "NO" on the ballot paper.  Third. Fifteen thousand dollars is the  sum the council want to use in patching  up the electric, light plant. This is a  good-sized sum to use in patching up a  plant that originally cost $35,400. It is  understood that $1200 of the $15,000  haA-ebeen promised to the OAvners of a  piece of overfloAved  land  iu the Hoover  THE  PHILLIPS MURDER  WILL   GO   TO   TRIAL.  CASE  SUNDAY MOKNTNG, MAY tid, 18!)'.).  PUBLISHED AT NELSON,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY,  $2.  litis been fixed for the first week in  August. The emperor William of Germany is expected to arrive at (Jowes on  the imperial yacht on July 20th and stay  until August 3rd. The queen will entertain the emperor twice at Osborne and  the prince of Wales will entertain him  once on board the royal yacht. His  majesty will give dinner parties on board  his yacht, and will attend the annual  dinner of the royal yacht squadron on  August 1st.  LOCAL NEWS QF THE TOWNS  KASLO.  A bylaw has been introduced in the  city council for the purpose of establishing a fire limits in the town. It is proposed to make the fire limit bounded by  Third and Fifth streets on the east and  and Avest, the lake front on the north,  iind half way between A find R aA'enues  on the south. It is thought that the  time is how opportune for taking this  step and it Avill haA'e the effect of stopping all the little shacks and temporary  shops being erected in the business portion of the town.  The Aveatlier is very warm and the  snow is coming off the hills very fast. Up  to Thursday night the lake had risen  seven tmd a half feet at this point and  Kaslo riArer is growing bigger every day.  T.J. Roadley, an old-time Kasloite, is  in town on a A'isit from the Smilakameen.  Mrs. Robertson, Avife of captain Robertson, formerly of the steamer Nelson,  is in toAvn A'isitiug friends.  Dr. Rogers has completed a commodious addition to his private hospital, and  Avith the modern improvements he has  added, he Avill uoav have one of the best  private hospitals in the Kootenay.  It is stated that 3. Jeffries, Avho has  been auditor of the Kaslo & Slocan Rail-  Avay Company for a ntunber of years, is  about to leaAre that company to go into  min ing. He is to represen t some Scotch  capitalists, avIio are about to invest in  Kootenay. W. R. Allen Avill'succeed Mr.  Jeffries as auditor, and Mr. Maloney Avill  take Mr. Allen's position as -.treasurer  MINE MANAGER AND HIS MiNtRS  HAVE   A   CONFERENCE.  THE VAPORINGS OF A VAGRANT  ROLLING   STONES   AND   MOSS.  u& n _f_|iMln^si^|^ing7j..���.1, .j,  Y^tli-a'b'pie7%'wef's. "*ii;eb*IijteJy-:tj0.^fe'ijti��ls,i|i9-;  Jf^ieia%n^iStlfe2 ^i^'^ifeS^fM^^in^i^^  I'ylrMxdSifd^ixtype. x\i^)piMeffyy^xth".222ffhr%"ey  ��.\.XQIlJ$hs/p��.tl_0^  Y^^slwSoh/ever-y :s\na.P -ioIi-eWaldeiY ..it  ... .Resident portioiS:q_������thesJ;0AVi*in. ._ Tf.avse.wer^,  Y _. j|"��:|{ii"d7 jpii&o .Itji aY^vM^lv_feiis|l%ld0i^.  f���s-:--.^'-i!-y��Di^4unvst ���l-nS*k(3-jabjii'Uefc]*ei^ii/.witii';  ftjit',.^ _jiffer�� *tlie*" peiifdti (Isn jureseri^etlVfOr '  ���"r���JWgidlkfiyiSg "'the- 8g$YJ$v. %3__^__to$$ ibylaw.  ''"* Piijt ,d,- ci'O-S ��ii_aiik 'Opposite the"! word  t'NOk o_-_ii%ba|lat;pt��peE * " '      ' "'��� "  The ,fnemb'ei>svof ,th% cdijheil have refined.tti take tlie*:pr^_)-rty70\vners of the  'City into their epuficteneO, and the compliment -hould be returned. ;The wily to  l^ip^it^is^by^vpting-^^Q  money bylaws.  Miners' Statement; Expected This; Week.  Nevv 'Denver, May 27.���While the  mine OAvners have openly stipulated their  terms for -he empfoyme_i;t of labor on  aiid after June 1, tlie men themselves as  yet have not made amy authorized statement, t_ loughVit is pretty generally understood that tlie}'* will decline the offer  of $3 and Will hold out foi- $3.50, Since  the meetings Of the uiliohs at Slivertdn  Oii Thursday, there is no doubt of the  miners' intention to resist the lowering  <>f tlie wage scale. The leaders .advocate  it iind the rank and file are giving expression to it. This coming week will  Avitness the pronouncement, of the men,  and then tlie situation "Will be presented  from eacli side of the question, allowing  the public to judge for themselves as to  the justice of the opposing claims and  contentions.  Getting Ready for the Transfer.  Neav Dbnner, May 27.���Thursday and  Friday Geo. Ayiard, representing the old  interests in the Enterprise, accompanied  by an official of the iipaa' OAA'iiers, Avas  making a final inventory of the goods,  chattels and supplies at that property  preparatory to the assumption of authority by the Loudon & British Columbia  Goldfields. Active Avork is to be commenced at once on the group.  Movements of Royal Personages.  London, May 27,���Queen Victoria  started for Balmoral on Friday evening  and the royal party Avhieh has been  staying at Windsor castle has dispersed.  The prince and princess of Wales and  the duke and dnchess of York Avent to.  Sandringham. In August the queen goes  to the Isle of Wight.    The Coaa'cs regatta  ySWpA^ypITJi  ... A"{pu$li^  iifgjfne^  '"l^ldaSr ��mg��ht;��"aM'-ress*oin|i'6lis��;pa^ed^eii _ i  .WO/snig^^^  ; tfiiion pf ^i^pr.tdu^ii^d^^^dBhSJi^"^'' $ "h  v^i^^pi'#"ft*p^V^^��**^% 7_>r9l-_e6_:^".' 'W* ���>  '" stead" of" boudiiig it*.'" Th^fas'^ Jiss-Sy tlvken ;.  ,wa$ 22T:-orihces,'iii"Silv-rr.7..1 ''J'l.S^   ",:'"..���  '   n.     ��;"   n/si*-- ". . "* "*" '.���V'".ni''-"-'.: T_i" ���i^ "   ���'< "?'��'". "  lis., A.-Cameron Qf IJliree s-Forks" .is:_, here  to"look at"ter-the iiitereKtS of" "tli-3 Diimeu*'  iOM:|MiACOiMp^ii^S'''lJi!0pptl'j.-^.. 7 "   '., y _   "  The snow isVgpine  o^fJlist aind( *blios_;  with Work to ddal'0 lejiVihg foi'the hills  fiA'ery dky.       . ���_���;       ...-..���������  Gilbans Refuse tlie Pay.  IIa,vAiNY\, May 27.-^lSf ot a Cuban soldier  Jias-thus far_ap'peared7at^Lapuuta-to--ra__J  verve, the hoiiorariuni of $73 alloted' by  the United States for the surrender of  arms rtnd the disbaudmeut of the men  composing the Cuban arniy. At tliree  juinutes to ten o'clock this morning  niajor Francis S. Dodge, of the paymaster's dep&t'tmeiit, drove up Avitli a fotuv  mule team with $30,000 in gold aiid $9000  in Sih-fer. Six guards accompanied liiln  and details of men from the Eighth  ii-fiiiiti'y Avere under- arms to preserve order i.mong the . mob,  which it Avas. supposed 'would gatlier.  Colonel George M. Riuidall of tlie Bighth  infantry av^is Present as -OhnnissioneJ* of  the United Stittes- General Itui's Ri vei'_,  avIio was today inducted into the ofiice of  civil goA^eiMior of H-avaua, Avas there to  receive the ilrjus, Avith a representative of  general Gome/, four or five Cuban officers and eighteen reporters. Half ii do*/en  American clerks, witll the rolls of the  Cuban army, sat about a long table at  the headquarters of the Eighth regiment.  A bag of gold Avas displayed, but there  Avere no applications for a share of it.  Whatever difficulties may present  theniseh'es at other mines in the Nelson  district, when the eight-hour law conies  into operation, there is not much likelihood of any friction at the Athabasca  mine. This satisfactory condition of affairs is very largely due to a conference  held Friday eA'cning betAveen the Athabasca miners and E. Nelson Fell, local  manager for the company operating the.  property.  At this conference Mr. Fell stated, tliat  while he could not undertake to pay$_.50  for  eight-hour  shifts, he A\rould agree, in  vieAV of the reductions Avhieh the change  Avould make in the miners' Avage-earning  capacity,   to   make   concessions   in  the  company's  charges  for  board.    This he  did not AA'ish to be taken as a precedent  to be used in dickering aa-th other  companies.    WhatYhe-proposed'to do  Avas  merely to give the men Avorking for the  company the advantage of the company's  situation, iu being close to  the point of  supply,   AA'hich  enabled it,  through the  use of the company's  teams  engaged in  hauling  concentrates, to  lay provisions  doAvn at the mine at a much cheaper cost  than   several   other    companies    could.  Under the present system, Avorking ten-  hour   shifts   for   $3.50,   the   company's |  charge  for  board- Avas $7 per AA'eek, and  in vieAV of the  reduction  iu the   men's  Avage-earniug capacity under the eight-  hour amendment he proposed  to  reduce  the charge to  $5.50  per-Aveek.    This reduction, he said, Avould be  conditional of  course, upon    sufficient    men     offering  for employment to maintain a force equal  to that at present on the company's payroll, and should the number of meu employed at the mine fall beloAV  fifty the  rate of boai'd.would -have to be revised as  the smaller number of men could not be  boarded as economically as the larger.  This compromise, lie pointed out, AA'hen  considered in regard;to tlie net result to  the miners, Avould come Avithin $27per  "_jve<^.?y^iv$^  "o   -   ?.J?B fttf-^oMfSP M-n   .��    "    fl ���.   "ff    n jviJCfO '^pjh     y   _ _,"���** �� nn  py   nM jj   a<tfl n     n"      '-,������" TO  ,*.6b-__iiiedTOideiva,i$3i50il-a*v&  ���^o.hfshi_^_t?iSid7"��-pi^  _ ��r;lj}oa|.;d:^  ^tVAya&'?*��sh"a"de^ll3^  ��_pai^Wdrat*naS��ii^*ar_.^  pf"\igktsykpihft^  Lltholugh* I'-ioT." jd,-lViteY_ eouclu-ioJi!��" "��\*f'i!��Vi  Viri"'i5:p-;|"atf-#h��w:;g>^^ -is^thkjj:;  ;t|ie -^tl'ntba%6).���>miller  fterms OilHxed' "byY.tl-eV mi.h"kgeih"eiit,."iiilil"  if   n        ^  ^q.    ** 'n        u     cP- **_:' g ��    il* ��u      ��� ~_ n     D   ���     UJn___'_ " u 7  u V ��� %u     iff   "     "      "n.  istliatfeAV,, if auyslof$heiixwiltOohik:ddw21i  .j-blp���:li^Il^av|xejv- the���7-e*i-glit--h.yuj,', lj"i'*\V:fl'f_rofi���s���,  "into, fffi&ik.yy ".'," "��"Y"�����",".' -*Y.=. ."4,'j-" Y "...     , '���  The "blarsted   Englishman"   in Nelson  must be struck Avith the rigid observance  of the queen's birthday.    Whit Monday,  the great bank holiday in the  old   country, tlie day of rejoicing for the democrat,  the day of  abhorrence   for   the   bloated  aristocrat,    passed   by   here   unnoticed.  Strange are the excuses found by various  nations for a day's rest and general "tear."  In    old'effete-Europe  democracy   celebrates on the first of May, its festival of  peace and brotherhood.    In America, the  land of freedom and fraternity, on that  day the sons of liberty froth up into processions,   receptions,   parades and   banquets in honor of the great and  glorious  victory of Manila (Avherein  the  helpless,  obsolete, Avooden ships of Spain were battered to pieces by modern ironclads) and  the president telegraphs  hysterically to  admiral DeAvey, describing the destruction of the Spanish fleet at Cavite as a  brilliant achieA'ement, Avhicli Avill "live in  the annals of the ���/world's.heroic deeds."  Shades of Blake, Hood and Nelson, defend  us from this bombast!  Thanksgiving day is an iniiOA'ation to  the European. Until last year, I had not  tlie A'aguest notion Avhy, or for Avhat the  Western Hemisphere "thanksgave." I  gathered from American prints that the  day had something to do Avith turkeys  and American independence, and was surprised to find loyal Canada joining in the  feast.  I Avas once in Paris on a May day flare-  up. Walking doAvn. the Champs Elysees  I saAv Avhat AA'e would describe here as a  .���"scrap" going ou betAveen a hundred or  so of rough looking laborers and a feAA'  "gardes municipales" (the military gents  aa'Iio conserve the peace in that city).  Attracted either by curiosity or by au  inborn likiug fpr anything approaching a  fight, I hurried ��� up and somehow got  mixed up Avith the''iiusayory sons of  liberty. I forget iioav AA'hat the trouble.  Avas about; I fancy some deputy* ,-oiv  ;a.gi$a|qr^had>ljeei-i.7;tK^  |ina|iner>t|i^l|.ashJ_^|^  i;,..',"-!*-."1v���.���_;_��� :.vi'i;.iter! ��� u����� y.*-���*"������*,_y.-7"yv_A���"��_�����?.���'  !; him k, Mit^j-as, -i^ihe. wajy^ni-^atisfmobgd^;  -tf    "W"- �� -     _nD -'      "   **    "*    '--__..n���fe---1-^-'JlD_-L'^--.n-1Xj_.'.E��(l    ���C__.JX>l\��5o.    '  The Spy Knew Too Much.  Brussels, May 27.���The liberalBelgiau  papers ridicule the idea that the French  Avar department should have spies in  Brussels to AA'atch the movements of  German spies���a state of affairs to AA'hich  recent deA'eiopments in the French chamber of commerce here point. M. Gerard,  the French minister to Belgium, has been  called to Paris to explain his action in  forbidding the expulsion of a French spy  from the chamber of commerce. He has  replied that he Avas bound to protect the  spy, since the latter had in his possession  important documents Avhieh, if hc had  been tempted to make them public, AA'ould  have resulted in the oA'crthrow of the  Dupoy ministry..  iite*i_fect_"   .  _ .Canadian Claim Stag*geried" Them:  Was^nc-On.. .'May 2J].���To:_ .clear up  " MisiindhrptQih clings Avliich appear tpexist  iu "Loildo'u, kghd tp some, degree in th'is  country*, astp the -xact status' of the negotiations hepwepixj^he Unitejl States unit  Great I-ritain respectiil^ Canadian**Aiii-ri-  Can1 fesues,, the follpAving statements of  the eA'eilts tliiit led Up to tire present conditions Avere secured from tlie best authority. When the Comniission adjourned  some months ago it AA'as because it had  =reaclied=aii=-apparently^iiisiii?nioniltable-  Obstaele in the shape of the Alaskan  boundary question.  Since then the Washington officials  haA'<3 been surprised to haA'e presented  Avhat they regiii'd as an e-\:ti'aordinar5'  Condition Avliich Canada imposes in connection Avith the submission of the ciues--  tiou of ftrbitratioH. This condition is  that Canada should haVO Pyramid Irar-  bor and a strip of terrifcoi*y on the Lynn  canal, Avithout reference to the g_mR(.iJ  conclusions reached by tlie tribunal of  arbitratiou. This port and Strip of territory on the coast AVoiiid have carried  also the back boundary" leading to the  interior. This condition, coining after  the arbitration plan had been fot-nuilfy  postponed and aVms about to be iiceeptech  caused not only surprise but sonic indignation among the officials here. It avus  decided not to accept this condition and  peremptory refusal was given to the proposition. Thus the matter stands. There  is every reason to belieA'e that there avi!I.  be no yielding of the officials here to  Canada's condition.  '���ajip^deiYspee.-Hll^t^inhlpl^ ^hft\dft��_<_r.,.  "%.   _ ���-"*_*.      !"frf*  .����.��-",.    fl^pfl. ?y.",fl,' *,*;'��***>! W.V.S fl&i'-  ���e_eaped^and" on-e\or*tAA'o:harii-les$, mxlimia-^  *uals,>"m:cIudjHgvinyseJfi=Averelarrested&P  s^as%n.ar.c.hed#ualpi,;.g bfe,^  Ma%!i^rSlpV%-o��*ii__; ^Bui'eaiiY'd^^drcl?!*-  ;amused*7more "tlnui_'B���auy,thing -;elsi__ :and_  7eag|i5 'io\2$h��, m;y:badfre^  ;c|ptp.i^ "Siijilbd,^  write pretty gobll songs,  though  I  have  not as yet found a listener of sufficient  musical culture to appreciate them. However, I had determined to  woo my Kat-  inlea with my niinistrelsy as well as Avith  niy other   varied   and   numerous  accomplishments, not to mention  my   physical  charms, and I went without the   walls of  the city in order to commune  with   nature and thus Iind  a  proper, inspiration  for my "leibcsliod."    I  had   reached  one  of the many forts in the environs of the  city and had (lung myself on   the grass,  for the sun was overpOAVeringly hot. The  view      of     the     city       was      magnificent,    so    much    so    that    1    thought  I  Avould begin  my  poem  Avith  a little  sketch of the city as a heading.    Now I  am but a poor artist,  therefore  it  Avas  with pain and grief that I undertook to  carry out my plan,    it struck   me   painfully that my  picture  gresA'more  and  moreiike some map of the British empire  than a view  of Strasbourg.    Be that as  it may, 1 was not destined to finish it.  A  German soldier disturbed my meditations  and, finding I could not understand his  language, gently but forcibly  took my  arm and made signs that I Avas to folloAv  him.    lie took me to a small guard room,  near to Avhicli  a regiment was drilling,  and there I  Avaited  until a red-bearded,  spectacled officer came and interviewed  me.    We couldn't understand each other  but I gathered that my "view  of Strasbourg" was in some measure the cause of  my detention.    In the end I   was  driven^  in the officer's hired hack back to thecity  and   immured  in   the   military   prison  there for some four or fiA'e hours.     Then  I was taken before a gorgeously uniformed  military "boss" avIio spoke English fairly  well.    I learnt to my horror and amaze-'  ment: that I Avas a spy and' had been detected making sketches of the fortress,  etc..  My poor "vieAv!"     "To  Avhat base  uses, etc."    It really turned out a rather  serious affair, y I had  to  send.for  the  British consul Avho Avired; to the foreign  office iu Loudon, aud, pending a reply,  I  was   released  on   parole.     The  ausAver  came; it Avas satisfactory and I  Avas  released   from  my parole .with... a...proper  apolpg-yi-f or ;tl-i e, in gul^^^  ��k  has had  Up   to  Sloan Has a Bad Streak,  London, May 27.���Tod Sloan  a remarkable run of bad luck.  Friday he had ridden fourteen consecti  tive losers. Although the quality of his  mounts has been generally bad he has  had one or two capital horses, sucli as  Bettyfield, Avhose victory Avas regarded  as certain. A host of backers have come  a cropper Avith Sloan's failures.  Don't Like Duty Charges.  London, May 27.���George W. Smalley,  the NeAV York correspondent of tlie London Times, is the author this. Avcek-of an  attack upon the iniquity of the New  York custom house officers, and tlie papers  here comment extensi\rely on the subject.'  pwofetl" ��iii^s<slf*'"*6u "_n'3^;"^?aVis"l��'i*i "atec-hf,,  'Tile���.���; 'plliepx" laxiglmh'"- Hal "Hat  \_^at^fecJ jxfkB'" avyiiged. For a�� bnel  per'ipd: .only V0'din_l; .. .;uiii;i:e h .enernifes  triu'mpji pA*:eivhie. Tlie "pihepr.atithe 'h-u-  I'eiiiuYliadinet iiie at dihiiei:"at the house  of "the* secr-tary of the embassy. I ox-  :p. ainecl: ;\*e aiino._t eiilbf���ac6^:l,, as is the  custpii. wltli "fnrrjen" persons. J, %vks  forjnaliy i-eleaaed'-^AVithont tx canttpn-"  and hxy gaoler asked me to/diniVer. After  - dinner Ave A70iit to soine topsy--ti.u,'Vy go-  as-you-please play of tlie kind known in  Pai^aT^'Reyuel:'' ==rfwnl]^nbWTBruTfrfacr  OAving to an iixcideut in the play Avhicli  sti'tick, me as being exceedingly funny.  An, individual called in the playbill "le  sportsman Anglais" came pn the stage.  He AA'as dressed in AVhite biicksldn tights,  huge AVelliiigtou boots, a red frock coat,  a green silk jockey cap, with a large  "COi'iie de chasse," or l^i-ench hunting  horn, Avl'apped round him. A hunting  Whip AVas stuck in hi. belt and he carried  a gun over his shoulder, ifu fired his  gun into the (lies, a stnfled dickcybird of  some Sort dropped on 'the stage, and " le  sportsman" shouted "tal-ce-o." VVe  ended that night at a ball given liy some  artists at the hall of nleasifre known as  tin! "Moulin Rpuge," tire home of the  "Ciin-caii," find���perhaps it would be befi-  tciA to stop here,!-  Strange to say, although .1 have never  yet enjoyed the hospitality of her majesty in, my OAvn Country (possibly more  through my fortune than my fault), 1  have, for brief periods, boeil in durance  vile in Germany and, Italy as avcII as  l^rance. On each occasion 1 Was innocent  of any heinous ofl'eiice, and of course my  situations liad more or less their comic  sides.  It Avas at Strasbourg that I incurred  the displeasure of the minion's of the  Kaiser. The incident is of ancient date,  so I don't mind confessing now that, at  the time when it. occurred, I Avas hopelessly and desperately in love Av.ith a  flaxen-haired, blue-eyed Alsatian, She  sang divinely���in German though, which  1 then did not understand���and was, at  least, so I Avas informed, extremely cloA'er  and Avitty. Alas! Katinka, (as fat tis I  can remember that. Avas Avhat her name  sounded like) would have none of nic, but*,  preferred the .attentions of., a-' corpulent  student, who wrote songs for her. Now.  J-have  always   had an   idea  that  1 can  ypupjs:tijlxce^%'���Ma%;l^^etlxh\g- tpf^jxidk^  ''XYopl'if'j^jd^irahie.    1  'pa-._SBd -'do'-w.n oV  mkdl Ktrekt^dMer "to got to ^���fkvoiiip,,  reHtakipx^pf:ipip:p,y,and',p while"-.dpingy'sspf  an:eXWen01MHKettyy gilk: 1^" "pup- ('of {a,  housopui^ved J>y'"arn��e^iVJo^'i"ng _'_e'afc_n*i>'  \Vi:t'll _ a? j-.i"lg'j';iii |Vi| [ hiind- ��� "'I'lVe fiigitlvG  was sp:pr^t"ty"aud''5her' assailft;nt, :��o,-mud'!)..  inferior.-. ���5d;,,���;nieY"_ih'_ -size   iWid- ..p|\y|>i!-at  structUre;_t'h_V-,:D^th<J. $plrA% "ol" k "knight  eri'aiit seized nxei   I stopped forward'aiid  ujicei^einOnipiiFLy tripped the youth up.  He fell rather heavily on the shurp stones  wi th AVhich ihe street A'Vas pa ved, the girl  "ft'pp^tirfpv=tlmt"ireF pm'Siicr" LiYul-also  stopped���^effectually    too -and    turned  back,     hot     to     fall     in     the   arms  of      hoi1-     re_.eu.i",      but      to      abuse  liiiii     in      fluent     but     ni .translatable  (in thi. jpiirnal at  least) Italian:.    I expostulated,   apologised,  finally lifted Up  tlie youth,���who wasy ,1 tltink, only sham-  iiiJiig������cari'i.ed liiiii Into the housej ,an,d  1'eeGive.d iltors abuse from tbefatltoTywlio  told iiio   that  the girl  had. been''tea .lag  her brother about his sweetheart to suwjj  an extent that lie,  half in, auger hall'in  play, chased her  out of the housei    Mci'  Jefti: AVtts  only   pretence.    During his explanation the  girl   had   ['etched a msto-  diiiii of tlie Jaw,  and' accused me bw'fore  him of wautonly attempting  to kill 'her  brothel*.    Ol'coiitse  I.   Wa..   taken to the  ]Ji'iH0ii; but 1, didn't ..stay long.    For once  ���the powers   be  praised!    1   had  soine  money in  my   pocket.    The itaiiau Civil  authorities   were,   I   knew,   badly  paid,  and���well! I, got away   A'ery  soon with  my pocket lighter than   when I entered.  My taste for romance  has  'declined' since  that day.  1 once had a curious experience at Constantinople���-but that is another story j.  and I am at the end of mine allotted  space. Ai/TOfiYCAS.  Vienna Life Beats Roughing It.  ��� Vii-NNA, May 27.���Samuel L. Clemens  had a special audience with emperor  Francis Joseph on Thursday afternoon  on the eve of his departure from Austria.  The humorist's determination to leave  for England is a, matter of keen regret in  literary and artistic circles, for Mi:  Clemens made ..many friends. He tells  that hehas collected voluminous notes on  ^Austrian life and society, for use in his  future, work.. The.tA\*o years hc has.resided here has. been the most enjoyable  of his life. *  At the assi/.e court Avhieh opens here  on Tuesday next, before justice Drake,  the case of Begina vs. John Phillips,  charged Avith murder, AA'ill be disposed of.  The facts as brought out in the eA'idence  at the preliminary trial arc about as follows:  John Phillips  and    Paul   Lane,  on the  niglit of June  1th,   1.S9S,  Avere herding  horses for Egan A. Co., contractors on the  Crow's  Nest   Pass   railway,   about  two  miles from   Klko.    Edward   liawlf and .J.  Tuck,   two  employees  of  the company,  caine along between   8.and !) o'clock and  hired the horses of the two boys to go to  the hotel at  Elko.    They returned about  midnight and   refused   to  pay the 2>rice  agreed     upon      for     the     horses.      A  dispute and   scuffle    followed   in which  B.-iAvlf avus struck on the head by Phillips,  after which BaAvlf and Lane returned to  Elko.  The next day Bawlf died at Egan's  camp and Phillips, who'has been   in jail  since  last September,  is charged    Avith  causing his death by striking him on the  head with'the  butt of a  revoh'er.    The  .case .will .open before the grand jury on  Wednesday  morning, the   CroAvn  being 7  represented by deputy attorney-general  J. P.. McLean.  SLOCAN   LAKE   DISTBICT.  The Springer creek Avagon road is to be  adA'anced to the Arlington basin as sopn\  as possible. A government grant of $-100  has been giA'en to repair the damages to  the part already constructed and $2500  allotted for the completion  of the  road:  GoA'ernment agent Turner of Nelson  made an inspection of this locality, satisfying himself as to the needs of the A'ar-  ious creeks for roads and trails.  In the ease of Kay a's.   Callanan,  over:-.-.  the   Molly    Gibson   group   oh  Kokanee  creek, the foi'iner is seeking to compel the  latter  to make  good an  agreement to  accept a certain number of shares in the  company in full settlement of hisclaimV.  to th��property.  Those shares are valued.*-;.  at $18,000.   The defendant Avaiits $25,000 .:  for his claims.     The  case  Avill  come up  again for hearing next month. 7  The Ne*w Canadian Pacific Service.  In connection AA'ith the new train ser-7  vice AA'hich the Canadian Pacific Railway(y<,  Company, will inaugurate on June 18th, Y;  W. F. Anderson, TcraA'elling passenger;-^  ageu t, has l-eeeived - theY folloAviug letterVY  frPni B. B. Kerr; geuei;al passenger si_i_ei*r7V  direpi|li��.;:-��Pei'l&ld^Vp^^^  j?ha^|)A^optiohj p^?mW^t��f��$B#  j.��%st\$jni*i^  tV^'tlie -.1 egpu-ig W^"lip^tio:_V^^ia^i||A\|^  Nc_lso��'. wj'lf \a oi-ipsd^nlp^s-'��-��� \'.r�� "S  0,  Mllidn"-. -"bf' iPea|intjYs|arvmiy  3   iLoxoon, Mi:-f'��2^^]_?atM^ua%"__^  regarding bj-ie  :fi*^rih^fi.:i. Ki|gsia��cb_ilran;��  tile  pre-vions.. ljafti;o\wn^��[a^-'p1*n\fe,: -.Thfi"'���  mcmbeivs of tlie BnssiaiT,ai��istOcraey sS#W'-"  to "have at last awiikeifed: to .a full seii'sQ  of~=t'he^gl^iiA'*i,%'=^0f^'l*fe=^si^^^  tlioiley is begiiiuiiig to Oo.w in, on all sidoSi"  foi- relief.    Unfortunately  char-its**  iaal-  most always too late., The censor at firsj>  prevented the triith being piibiisjied by  tlie Hussian press.    Now   that the facts  are allOAved to  a,ppea;r, the famine spec-  tire'   is    stalking ��   t'hi'6'i.gh    tlf.e   land';  Soine    a-uthorilfes     eS&nate    that   11S  'many    as     lOvOOOiOOO     peasants     a,i;0-  .starving,.      The'      fclfifv.     Mr.     l,,ran<.si.*?,  jirtstor of tho Bd'trs.l)j_.ii_,qi:kiui ch,yrch at  St. Petersburg,, who did much to seeuxd'  British   n-iirl A.'.m,eri.eah   aid  dol'ing' thd  last famine, appeals to the BHtish pnbjh?  torlay.    lie says 'SUvftrv provinces, Covering 111,000 square miles  are allecte'd. aud  that ;.,00()-,O0O people are ,:i*auiin.c-stiick-i1  and Will '1'iel.d to be feci  dni'iiig the .next  .tliree mouth...-   'lh adds   that, tlie   _mi.  C'/iiriua, the Bussian government and the  Itod   Crciss and  other  bodies  have subscribed many iniliions of roubles, but that  ;��2,2:.0,000 are still .required.  Building a Hotel at Five-mile Point.  Perry & Co. have commenced the erection of a, hotel and dancing pavillioii at  Five Mile point. Arrangements are being made for a steamer to leave the  Nelson city Avharf ou Wednesday and  Sunday evenings at 7 o'clock Avith excursionists, returning shortly after midnight. The pavillioii Avill accommodate  100 couples. ______  Died This Morning.  J. M. Smith,   who   Avas operated upon  on Thursday liy doctors LaBou and Forin  for a  mastoid   abscess,  died  last night.  The. si 1 rgica 1 <>poration Avas successful, but  it developed that the patient had a Aveak  heart and  death  Avas  due to this cause.  The deceased, who was generally knoAvn  as " Doc" Smith, was formerly employed  at the Hall Mines smelter, and avus also a  member of the local baseball team. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.   SUNDAY, MAY 28,  1890  ._r\_*_^  VVe are showing a very large assortment of parasols ranging in price  from 50 cents to $7.50. Call iu and sec them. Our White Duck  and Linen Suits are going fast. A full line of Men's Linen Hats.  Just the tiling for hot weather.  A. FERLAND * CO.  I.liol. I Hock, linker St rout, Nolson  Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Waco, and .started a laundry tliere, Avith  e.jual success, and iioav they are talking  of starting one in New Fork.  Another Strike in London.  'London, May 27.���The employes of the  street railway company here are on a  strike because the officials declined to  consider a demand for a. new agreement  removing certain alleged grievances. This  is the second strike which the company  has had ou its hands within a few  months.  Grand Trunk Strikers Discharged.  Touonto, May 27.���The Grand Trunk  railway authorities have issued to all  trackmen who did not report for duty a  circular informing them that their services are no longer required. Tliere is a  chance I'or the strike spreading to all the  trainmen.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  TURNING   OUT  Wc arc turning out a great number of men's outfits, for the reason  that our suits fit and iiie well made. "VVJe handle everything of the  Le..t and sell sit clr.ho juices. If you want a iicav. spring suit, hat, tie,  (���hues, undei we;;i', collar, shirt, suspenders, or socks, inspect our stock  and be cenvinccd that wc ate the people who can give you the most  good goods for the least money.  J. F. WE3.R  W  ��� I * __._.���* * _-���* ��� _. ���"   ��� ��_____*   " I ' ��� X-���* ��� * ��� �� ' " t_  'S^���?<__^$5: si-Tig.!?  &  vm  B  B  B  ffl  ffl  ffl  Men's Alpaea  Men's Straw  Men's Canvas  Men's Linen  B  $ Tliese goods are the proper thing for summer, nice and cool, all sizes and shapes $  ffl  Felt Hats  In Fedoras and Derby shapes, Fawn, Grey, Black and Brown, the newest  shapes and colorings are now open for inspection.  B  B  B  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OK PYTHIAS���NoJb-Ii    Lodge.   No.   2.*.,  Knights of Pythias, meets in 1. O. O. V. Hull,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knight,'-' cordially invited Lo attend.  C. -FRENCH, C. C. U. ItOSS. Iv. of ft. fe S.  NKLSON 1-ODGK, NO. IB. A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CAEDS.  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Aesuyor.  Victoria street. Nelson.'   EWAHT & CARRIE���Architects.   Itooins 7 and 8 Ab-  crdcen block. Baker street. Nelson.   HCANE���Aichitect i.nd  artist.   ISrokc-nhill   Illock,  ���    next door to Nelson library.  FOR   SALE.  Sr AVENGER outfit and business for sale. The bir_i-=  ncss amount* lo between S250 to $'__) a month. For _  further pat Oculars apply to Jolm Croft, "or to The Tri-,��  _unc oftico.        *-- " -  ��� ~~~i FOR "rent.       ' :    ���:  TTiWO tix-rooni cottages on Latimer ".trcet. half block _  J- west of Stanley sheet. .21) a month each. Possess- e  ion June 1st.   Apply to Alfred Bunker, or Tribune ofllce. ���  . y   L^gT ���- ; j  A BUNCH of ten to fifteen keys,on abtecl ring. Finder'  will be paid for his trouble on returning to Louis \  Lcvcsque, or to Tribune ofiice, Nelson.  FOlt SALK���A magnificent. Imperial de Luke edition '  Hidpath's History of  Universal  Literature, 2,5 vol- "  nmns, morocco.   Cath or installments.   F. \V. Petlie,  room 3. Turner's Bocckh block.  ��he ��rttmm.  Daily Edition....  WKKKIiY Edition.  .... First Ykak, No ,123  .. Skvknth Year, No. 27  Tin- contention of the Slocan miners  that tliey.spend tlieir Avtigcs In the country, while tlie 'mine owners spend tlieir  earnings and dividends iu Spokane, Butte,  Stiltr Lake, Sun Franci-co, Los Angeles,  jmd other places foreign to Kootenay,  " may not he a logical argument, hut it is  one that has weight. Of all the mine  operators in the Slocan liow many have  women,  including the original  cause of  the commotion, '-joined together and rented the town  hotel.    One of them did the  cooking, another was parlormaid, a third  made  up the  beds, and  so they divided  the/work among them and ran the establishment    upon    the  co-operative   plan.  They would not employ'iv man about the  place, although the most of their patrons  ���were  men,  of course.    People  sap  that  the  women  travellers"-, preferred'to stop  elsewhere, and that would be  a woman's  ���Avay..  Gne  of the  "seven  sanctified  sis-  ���nljli'l.*-^  7ba-g.gagi3l.;.K��,^ Tf/'n- >���*�����������; v,;-^ yr   - *  idymfaddkAhg "_jvSS*-tae*b-fta-E  ���_li_"is��S. no* t ysrirv.u\.sry:riUiY-hii,. ."iipr-i"1  INCORPORATED 1670.  1670 1837 1899  THREE IMPORTANT DATES  1670 Hudson's Bay Company incorporated.  : 1837 Our Gracious Queen, Victoria,  ascended the throne.  1899 May 24th, we all, prosperous,  happy and contented, unite in  celebrating* Her 8oth birthday.  May you enjoy your holiday, your  ipicnic sandwiches, salads, pate de  fbie gras, etc., and return on May  25th, better satisfied than ever to  homemade bread.  m  otton Shirt and Blouse  CRASH LINEN SKIRTS  WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS from $1.50 up.  DUCK SKIRTS  DENIM SKIRTS in blue and green  DUCK AND DENIM  SUITS  in white, fawn, green, and blue  B'  The above are the goods you need now.   Come and see them, buy x  them and enjoy comfort during the warm weather *  'Memo: 7 ;You   will   if   you   use  "Hudson's   Bay   Patent   Flour"    .  K  eel..;- "���; ^lfe. cliHtii-^ "'tjier#  ,��;fpiiji aTl��tJ4ne" ppr tifer n-<iehjji:d$piit,t: hlv_i- &*  ���mp"k%e,a$jdl] feveifepk-seh-geii bit" "th&Ba$;-_y  ��tatti!-iiii-^"^'{i.*itt" sialyl "��a ��� big' lnjmdi!$4H".  pQiiii^ctipfi With it, .vheri^ the dru)��.ij;^s���'.  .fef-e-.-*lf^rn.^il^civ6Ia%ef "to be done- $$  .t]vh"ite -they -ivete.76Tit..��dt#j'ttg the "week?"  I_?lien/tiie  "Si'sters'' b.butJit   a hotel*Y4f  ���invested a  dollar  of their earnings   or  dividends  in   homes  in Kootenay.    We  can recall only  John _J. Harris and F. T.  Kelly of Sandon, who havo shown their  faith in the country by  trying to make  Sandon a town. Hundreds ol" mines have  been sold by tlieir owners, hut how few  of these owners have buikled homes in the  towns or cities in   Kootenay?   Over iu  Montana, Marcus Daly made millions in  mines at Butte, but he   litis  made  Butte  his  home and spends his millions in developing the resources of  Montana.    His  mines  have  passed   into  tlie hands of a  foreign    syndicate,   but   he  retains the  management, and  says  tliat  as  long as  he is manager, the men who work   in the  syndicate's   mines   shall   be    paid    the  same    wages   as   when   he  owned    the  mines   himself.    Men like  Marcus   Daly  make a country���the country  they live  in.    Pity 'tis that Kootenay has so  few  mine owners of his kind.  ___is   season, it  is  ribt  necessary, everybody  knp'ttj's  tliat our  Stock is Latfgep  and Prices Lower  Than Other Dealers.  Spor-sm-Ji want  the   best   and   can  always  get lt at  ^igio;e^yb^o^E;-?m^p^  i&it=?'&  ��� *=�����___�����**��_.���  wm  ^  ja^a-  mmmmmMm  9_j^��:^.af#p<|^!i^s  Balc&r s _>tr;eeti Rejscyri  FJKST7I).0'0|l- 'WJ5S- 3'AXK."$$. Mpip^SjO'.'.  -srEir. so_sr- s. o_  Dont  ��   Subscribe -for shatres in Pleasant  Valley   M/ines*   Limited.,-,   Cai-iboo,  N'pw   is  yoiir  chance,   as   only   a:  limited=n:unibeiU\fcilli=be^p.lac^  sale  here, and will soon  be sold.  '   to  Turner & BoCckh block, Nelson, B. &  GENERAL  BROKER.  m^-'m^yS^B^Smm^'  n  iSfl   Q_ )1  ���i-j-yy-  n^mtom  O=^u$e=pieks,=sh0ve'l.s^ete.T  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for- qualities and  materia] cannot be beat.  ,n Wa&'oii.'rc.fiv'Jiriif pr.oi_ptif"a��6e-dei;to,l)ya. Hr_tSola..s "  ^���lieelviiright. "     :.  -���" "-'���;���&, "_   V'"T .    '.".- 7" .������-:'���'-.  .'Special: ,a-t;cn_ia��_i givi.m, to alMiihd- of .repaiViilgaiitl,,  oustoni Wptk ft'pin o_teid.G_pointS. �����'.". ���       ���    ��� "< ��  Shqpl   ^all Street) beqtw_eiiYBak#r ari^ ferrhtin_*Hel||h���  Fslf  JUBBIHCA SI?ECIAIiW  A 7'i'Q- in iloui'e ,.  A O'looiil h'onso'..  ...$S0  .. 20  Seven Sanetified Sisters.  They say that the best hotel in Texas  is to be found at Belton, a town on the  Saute Fe road, and it is kept by "seven  sanctified sisters,'" as the proprietors are  popularly called..  Several years ago a woman in that  place and her husband quarrelled over  the best way of expounding the Scriptures to a Sunday school, class, and were  so stubborn, that they separated and were  finally divorced. This family controversy  was taken up by the town, which was  soon distinctly divided between the adherents of the husband and .the adherents of the wife. The result was.a large  crop of divorces,'and seven   hu.sbai.dlcss  In_3tiei_t6ed  By price alone in your .drug buying. Looking  well lo quality menus .satisfactory results -mean..  .sceuriiiR the remedy that host fulfills the purpose  for whieh yoii intended it.. J'lirity, quality, satisfaction, arc first considered hero, but always a  price that makes the purchase an economical one.  A price that means something to you. One package of our  Celery  Herb  Tea  Wo have a fine Assortment o! woolens always,  on hand. Goods niade njj at the shortest possible notico. Aii everything is kept and mitdb  on the premises, satisfitcoion is assured.  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  ARE YOU &0-M T0 ATMN  OR DAWSON CITY?  X large boardiiig-liotise doing good  biiHiilcsSi, centralis- located.  Itenl estate in all parts of tlio city,  LOANS . INSUHANCK  ,,   JLI__  Importers of Shelf aild Heavf Hard ward.  MA.RA & llAIZNAlB) HL0CK. WAKlSlt ST., NKLSON  DELE��i_Q_<rE  35  hiirilip (lie, season we will deliver ice nt private residence.,  mid 1.UH1U.NK boiiseft daily in ijliy  desired quantity at easonruWo  iii'iecs.  will make one quart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and Is unequalled for all blood, Iher,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is  25 CENTS  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  , ...   . x.i_v_:i __ _3__>   '������  ..  Corner of Hakisr and-Stanley Streets, Nelson  If you are, call and get posted  on the White Pass and Yukon  route, which is the best, safest  and cheapest possible.  A. R. SHERWOOD  Baker street West. Nelson, B. C.  Will buy 125 by 120 feet at the  southwest corner of Vernon  and Park streets with im'  provements. One of ihe best  residences in Nelson. Terms;  .2500 cash; balance in six and  twelve months. Apply to John'  Houston, Vornon St., Nelson.  Although the .Times &, Hiuubei' syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are* withdrawn froin  sale, we still have a, large list of. residential  lots on our  list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Baker Street West, Kelson, Ii. C.  SNAPS  Wc have two bip; snaps in real estato  Call and .get particulars.  Money to Loan  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Plumbers, etc.., Opera Holme Block. Nelson  Nelson Ifoh 'Worfes^  M.VN_KAC_UKKKS Olf  ENGINES, BOILERS. SHAFTING, lKt_N Al. I)  BI.ASS CASTINGS OF EVERY* DESORIPTION-  Repairs promptly' .attended to.       P. 0. Bojc 173.  est at Bos  'a    ffl a   if 'V-V *i ��� ^fc; V'WSt-  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOlt  Merchandise limited lo and from depots; bus  meets all trains and boats. Special attention  given t.i the transfer of biiKgage. OfHcc and  ,reet, opposite The Tribune.  stables on Vornon strc  Agents for Mcllor's Plate Glass and  Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance.  J. L. VANSTGNE,      R. H, WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mining Stocks Customs Broker  REAL ESTATK AND GJ.KJ.ltAJ- AGJCNTS  BON TON BESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The Imperial Oil Co.   Starjdard Oil Co.  Washington Brick af*d Liirie Co.  The H. W. IVJcNieli Co., Ltd., Canadian Ar-th/a-  ci.e Coal (Hard)  Dealers ii|  STOVEWOOl)  Cpow's Nest Pass Coal G..  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  The only restaurant in the city  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock,, 25 cents.: Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  R. REISTERER & CO.  .      BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF*  Fine Lagep Beer.  Ale and Porter  ..ompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, MAY 28,  1899.  o  o  all paid  up,     -  Rest,  $12*000,000  6,00(h000  THE BANK OF  NELSON  I.ORIf STRATIICONA AND   MT,  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   I.   S. CliOUSTON   ROYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  isrELSoasr :_3:_-____sra:E3:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       IIKAKCflKfl  IN       LONDON, 0_n_.lanit),   NEW. YORK,   CHICAGO  and in l.he pi'iiiulpal cities in (Janaila.  Huy and sell Starling  F.xchimgo and Cable Traiwft.ri-  OltANT COMMKKCMI. AND TKAVKI.I.KIW r.tK.IHTH,  available in any part of the world.  ,      DKAFT8 IS8UKD    COr.I.KCTIONS MAI1K.   KTO.  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on SKaguay, U. S., Atlif*, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^or- District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK .INTEREST-PAID  AMERICAN.  CAPITAL   IN, CANADA.  It Iooksas if a great deal of American  capital  i.s destined  soon-to  find  investment in the province of Quebec.    Already  the example  set by secretary Russell A.  Alger and those  identified  with him   iu  $3,000,000 pulp and paper mills on the St.  Maurice river at Grand Mere Falls is being followed by several New York, Chicago and  Boston  capitalists.    One  syndicate, headed by Mr. MeMullen of, Emerson,  McMullen  &  Co.,   blinkers  of New  York,  has been  incorporated in  Canada  under the name and title of the-Jacques  Cartier Power Company, to furjiish  electric light and motive power to the city of  Quebec in opposition to the existing electric company.    It has already developed  existing water powers at the famous falls  of the Jacques Cartier. river on the: 1 ine  of the Quebec and Lake St. John "railway.  American capital hits also found its way  in large blocks  into the  capital stock of  the existing electric light and power company of Quebec, which  utilizes the famous Falls  of Montinoreiici  to  illuminate,  the streets aud private residences, of-the ���  city, to operate the street railway of the  old French capital,  and is now about to  replace steam by electricity as the. motive  power, "...of   its   railway   trains   between  Quebec,  Mohmoreuci and  Ste.  Anne de  Beaupre.  James 7McNaught   pfv (New, York,   of:  ��� ^01^110^  ,_Bo,-i��oi_ 'rtftJjtFTfa'M  If^Qflifilfi^" -ai-eil)- -^i*_W%' :ii"|<mn|eu ^off  <: -Pi-r^Kof-these;Yilien.wereYiiivQti^beq.'eitjr*  the new company will be the construction of the iuteroceanic railway between  Buenos Ayr.es and Talcahiiano, Chili, a,  distance of 850 miles. The estimate-.! cost  of the work i.s $.'$2,000,000, on which sum  the Argentine government guarantees  six per cent upon $.'30,0(10 worth of bonds  per mile.           A   WHITE   MAN'S   BURDEN.  A rich Englishman, thinkingtogetat the  bottom of the labor troubles in his cotui;  try, wont out to try his hand among the  common Avorkingnien of London. He had  reckoned on steady work and steady  wages. He tried faithfully and tells liis  experience as follows: "Nobody wants  me on this wide earth! Absolutely  nothing that is in demand in the labor  market can I supply." Then he Avent to  moralizing and'said': "This seems to dispose forever of the lie thrtt the best way  to make a man work is to let him stan'e.  The" shorter iny commons the longer my  loafing rests.. I am debauched into vagabondage, audi soon cease to look for a  job. Self-respect, I find, is still but the  eiecticism of the respect of, others. With  no.friendly eye upon him, the runner will  soon run his race. It is so plain that nobody in all multidinous London cares  whether-I get work or fail to get it that  I cease ;to care on my own account. My  chief concern is how to glide through the  day with the smallest possible expenditure of .toil, either of body or mind."  That, pretty nearly tells the story of  the poor in this modern world. They  are being left to .drift into vagabondage;  no one  is very much interested in their  .troubles. It. looks' as though there ought  to be a labor Salvation Army started, to  . find, work for those who want work and  icannot get it,. to bind, up the broken  hearts of disappointed laboz*ei's and to  hold up the courage of the despairing until a way can be opened for them to earn  their  bread.    It is a new hint,  too,  to  ��� those engaged in the education of (the.  youngr^The-ed^fca-jied: inau .^en^qiit aiicl:  Mil^Ka^k^lkl^^  _$0tif_8ij^ei_^^  !S^'Ia_^wia^t^l-a^^fe-' ift^etfiiaiM^  Tluit Yis Hioi/the-s best*. kiiKly of/:au vecljiea^;  his eyes and his hands had been so neglected that he was without the capacity  to earn his bread. There are. many such  all around us, even in practical America,  and it should not be so. Matter..* we believe, aie worse than they will be twenty-five years hence. As labor-saving  machinery has caught up one industry  after another, pushing workiugmen froin  their places, neither in our schools, nor in  the training outside the school- have men  sought enough to make a, readjustment  to meet the new conditions.  After awhile all children will be trained to do well some needed thing that this  world will want. At present a broad  charity should possess all who are interested in their native land,to try to see that  work shall be given those who need it,  for when self-respect dies, as it quickly  does when a person becomes dependent,  then in a little while love of country-  starves, and the embittered soul loses  faitli alike in God and man, and is ready  for anything that promises to furnish for  him a diversion from his own thoughts.  The white's man's burden is just as  heavy at home as it is in foreign lands,  and no earnest man can shake off his full  proportion of that burden.  FULL LINE OF  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  G. A. Carlson, Ka-lo  John C. Heat y, San Francisco  Walter Davidson. Toronto  ('. A. Carman, New Denver  W. Fi. C. Koch,   New Denver  Lita Strub, Spokane  Kort  V. A. Mcltao. Seattle  Jaino-i   A.   1-urvey,  Steele  H. W. Hume*, Kort. Steele  T. M. Holbrook, Elko  F. R. Miinro, Cranbrook  T. .1. Klanaga", Cranbrook  Carl Webor, Great, Falls  GRAND GVENTRAJ..  T. Brown, Denver, Colo.  "Mile" ' aroll, Kaslo  1). W. Moore and wife, Slocan City  N. F. -Mcl.elln.ii, Vankleek  Hill  James Hurke, Salmo  Thomas Hennett, Salmo  SILVER KING.  Richard Jewell, Rossland  Thomas Snell, Vmir  Charles  Hann,   Iron wood,  Mich  James    Rowo,    Iron wood,  Mich  Win. Robinson, Milton.N.I)  D. J.. Gellatly, Vornon  QUEEN'S.  ii. G Simpson, Tacoma  .Michael  Phillips,  Tobacco  Plains  J. D. Gordon, Phillips  C. Lynch Staunton, Salmo  E. Osier. Ualfour  C. Ciceley, Iceland mine  It. W. Doyle. Wi-Miipe<  James Whirton, tinttu  John Mason, Soul tie  John Giroii  pi. Brooklyn  11. i liarboneiiii, lirooklyii  J. S. Parker, Vuilt-  Fred K G enfell, Ymir  B  i^^^a^^a  ^������&^~-^^^r&^} ���& ���  l-t=3-e3-(=3-,  m<  Indies' ll/lpiteu/ea  r  B  B  B,  S. A. Ilai'lnian, Rossland  L. S.   Weaver   and   wife.  Trail  J, A. MacLean, Winnipeg  H. I... Cnnimiiis, Fort Steele  TREJIONT,  C.   M.   Edwards,   Winder-  mere  F, Mc'Juayt.o , Cranbrook  J. Horn and children, Cranbrook  W. Carefoot, Armenia  W. W. Young, Spokane  W. N. Roberts, Cranbrook  John  W.   Wlmlen,   Cranbrook  Thomas Tracy, Creston  PHAIR.  ^-i^ti^i^-yf.i'^ind^'b" afi^bitidu^:'having for  ���Y'ot;|livkte;l^u*i)'e^'ig"r.  oil tliis; ��ide:4f 'theY-AtV.  '���ipAkhHe- *ra]feV_i_iA>e���ool .oji the other.   "The  _j"!j.p      n. u   L  n     tT   n* "j. u ^ i.   ���      m      .JL       n    -tin   J   u       iP^i   n     "&*-[,      ,. d u       ,_, . n  S^��lih.3ad^pi.i^  )i&yl�� ���<___��� iwicil only*: s_i^hty4eitht"4nil���i-s  ��� n���n   -flfl   ���.n.   Il,      "fl.   ..      PIS.    ..  '  SSPp(T.?y ���,"?>-   " u.l'.H. Df.ni   ,^ UMn_dp:./^n^l'n  &V.-_. ,.D.     bT,>D.  [.^a,kow .aemaiu  *to ^be: buijt? *-n _golqu6lv.JJf _-  If^aug.iP6i"Sl-^ feectdnffe) iii" $feV -  {^^;%D#-*^^viu|:-jfi^ !  vpJacgdalT; tl^  . cohi^lfitiSn/ olf'**Mi��''3i^��ej.^7-i^5,''��is 'td. he  . ready f^r traMc by Jjil^^t.i.lOOpia^elt'ids  I ing,. feoifipletion Qf''Vtne'^rld}j;-^",b*^_.���n-liie  "Ct-aAYa.. VThe��pirieeu..,of.;tlfei" eontri-ct jiist  i giv'ejiOtii.foi; the -'oiilpljBtiou.-iof bhe road  VaintouuAs  to   |rj6a*,000Y    file   c6lnti%uy  lOis malle aifrangem-ii'ts to biiitcl stpiim_i*_  tq run sfwiini Diiliith tc> Greqrgian Bay, and  lias . substantially   gOnipl||)tec_    arrauge-  nieiits for an ocean line from Quebec to  LiA'ei'pool.   It will construct grain eleva-  toj'S in  Quebec aiid  control the shortest  j ^i'0u,te=for=therslripmeiift'of "g^aiiTfronlYtlie7  great. West to Elilrope.    It has aAvarded  aiiotlier^ epntrodt fbr the immediate construction by the Warren-Scharf Company  of Nexv York of a bi'aueh line to the  [ ShaAvenegau Falls, where the saihe. eonx-  pany has jnkt Undertaken  the development AVorks of the ShaAv'enegan Water  l^OAver Coinpaiiy*   at   an  expenditure of  $_00,000    This  latter company   is   also  ifOmpesed of Aiherican capitalists, and by  the tenn�� of its piu'cliase of tha Avater*-  falls froni tlie govei'iiinent for tlie Sun. of  $���51,000 hits engaged itself to expend $2,-  000,000 in the establishilveiit of iiuliteti'ies  upon the site within the next tAVo yetir...  Another large company Avith $2,000,000  [capital, consisting of Moiit't'eitl ancl Amer-  , ican capitalists,  is seeking  iiicorporatiQii  | here to acquire froni the government the  |priuciprtl water powers of the MistaSsiui,  the I**eribonca and other large rivers in  the Lake St. John country, to erect pulp  I iiiills thereon, and to ship their product  [part of the  way to  Europe by means of  an electi'ie railway that they propose to  j construct from these different rivers to  the ppj-b of ChiCotitimi ou the Saguenay.  Still another important American company   has    been   organized    by   A,   J.  Maguire  Of this city, consul-general of  Argentine   Republic   for   Canada.      Its  I president  is William  R.  Weeks  of New  York.    H.'S. Pinch, manager, of the Fidelity Casualty Company of Ncav York, is  vice-president, and  Oscar C. Kuutxe, at-  : torney-at-laAv,     is     secretary-treasurer.  I This company will haA'e its  chief sphere  I of operations, hoAveA-er, in the Argentine  Republic, where Mr. Maguire, its promof  I ter and manager, possesses some valuable  j privileges.    The company is to be knoAvn  i as the Ai'gen tine American   Promotion  Company,  with offices   in   the BoAvling  ht��reen building, NeAV York, and in Jersey  ! City.    One of the first undertakings of  iiiiiw^  ���. li joii wan t a "natiy, styli^H.suifc of clothes* for *  . pHiig'and-sifiiimeiv I have, oveiYoOO diiFeiv ���  ^litf,pa;Uei%s7-fuSe.tehv,ai.dff?EnglishJl*wce,ds>. ,  a w:hieh,;IVwill.nilike'fe your.ordor;at"tho��� .o"Wf ;  %>ri ���&�� ot .,��� Y .,..y,w "y- -o ,=.;._ ���:- yyv. -���* ,$25*.  ^Ma-K��Yenetians,"iiiake��ai7niee,L_uit "for, sum-. j  ' ,-i]ierhweai.7at|i',.r.*.7.Y'-:V. '���..."..y.^'iiX^"..^��! �����  ���Blaok.gergersuitSiinsaek'or;nior^^iiingncoat8u.$21"_,  _ ��� A;n'heaVy"ji,Septch'���;twei!'aj; n*ice:'ip.itterii��7for^  bu8i'hess.siii.'t?^,.,��.w,?7.7"...'..-.��::>.,.".�����"..-"."^IS ���,  Troii-ersiat'cquallj. lbwprices.r dFi��andflniSh  (iiff -etter,in'Oariada.," Jiadi-s'^/iuojitailb-inga"  specialfcy7"Clcnioii.;_loek. Baker street^   *   ���*  Front Doors  Inside Doors  ,.'���_ Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and. coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel, Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  ' ot all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock we will mako it for.you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  Mrs. Rookes, Fort Steele  Mrs. McDowell, Cranbrook  Dr. J. IT. ICing, Cranbrook  W. VV. Leach, Ottawa  R G. JJedlington, Hamilton  VV. A. Carlyle, ltossland  G. VV. Curran, Milwaukee  A. A. Sandenian, Montreal  James Hunter, Rowland  JI. J. Becman, Sandon  Lewis Anderson, Sandon  H. W. Wills, Monti-nl"  J. C. Elliott, Toronto  Mclvin  G.   Winsto-k,  Seattle      ���  C. E, Perry, Vancouver   ���  The   large   sale   of our   Ladies'   white   underwear   i.s   the   best  evidence   that   the   prices are   right.    VVe   have still   plenty of:  LADIES' NIGHT DRESSB3-Full size, nicely trimmed at 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50 each.  LADIES' WHITE   UNDERSKIRTS���A  good  wide  skirt at 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 each.  LADIES' CHEMISE���Embroidery trimmed  at   1.25,  1.50, 1.75 and 2.00 each.  LADIES' DRAWERS���At 60c, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75  and 2.00 each.  The best value in the market.  ffl.  ffl  ffl,  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  B  The fremont Hotel  WIALpfiE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  ffl  BANK OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  T__!_=._\_:S o___s___  ��� <32.&.<^.��3. t^.(&.p3.e=>.  1.C=>.(=>.  rS=5���  .p3.p3.C  .C3.C3.C3.C  m  Ml  P.Burns&Co<  WHOLESALK   AND   RETAIL  Seadquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OJ.  and  ars  ALWAYS ON HAND  10(^fAm>:^IiA!^'i^^^^^'iiEISQ^  One  of the best and most popular hotels in NelsoiiY  i.'SHAi-EES.HIl-I-jrER.  .," 'pnBsiD.B'NT;-'1-". "������"  ^HA&RC-HOU'STC.N;:..'  ��� " "vRk_R_TA_t-��    - ""-"  mm  a^i-saEn'O-as-xj,-",  MAN-KAGTUKKHS JOV  .   " "'��EAbEH-,?I_fu  ^1  _3  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Ai.i__x  J. LAIN-- STOCKS, Seeretary  At, rdioo of the Duncan Mines, Liniitcd.  and  CMixmey Sweep  ?��"   'IKiitte^!  ,-.     fejbrs. aiii  Fence Posts and Pickets  >������" Office and Store Sittings  FiVCTOIJT WOUK liONB TO OKDEK.j  S-CIf A-  ���ScroJI Salfing  Bind Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOC-*  " .,:yy?,i&.r.y%"���� v .��>Y_.���,1v���, ��� ��� ��� *-? .. "-���������"  Mea-t Merchants  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  .-��� City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood aiid Sirdar.  ?g^F&DE. Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  i^^-irai-__i_S_t^^  ?:^E-SS3-ND^Q!PJlil^^  nn n   V   M   .TT^1   n   n  ��� ���- .-jj .     ��� u    ���   nr, ���������rf��� .���--' ��nuo      , - n" B,   L.   n      13   o-.-f AfrH, -n i. ttir. ���nnrtr_t_T   id n o ,nB"u n"    n    Pi   ,-n ������.  ���:Ba    a��   " ���    d     b'   " h,  ! [. u ,. dlj. .��,;.���   nwl     ���  L-l   n��>  '���:4sih -ft^;.;:';.^ vj-1  n..(p&i ??y -"^'wgi I  4fi_, ^0{](=  ;^lf^HS;'B^^mESp^  ^Xar^e^comfOrlablOo^bcdrboniSoo0 dn &   fift*;^61aRsw ditthigl  ���  ��� j n"-i<n   'Jfjj.-   "tl, o^m        -nri    , ". "        _n7n6fJ-1J     n_ '"<*" 1f       j.'    ^    ��'     *#<>& '    <P'       ^      ���  ;'   D ��� ��^#i?EI�� o.^;2 Dn^E!__?6.; ?Et__$c^_? "    " /"  Late of jthe Royal _r6jt|l, Cfilgapy,,  1ft  ^=Glass-of^alI-Si_;es=and-Kinds-  Piqni!  Unsay J  it attontioii given to all orders loft iXt M,  '��'Oo\ Baker street, Nclspn.  Des-  jaDIGlAL SALE*  PursHim.,taa j.-clj.ih.pnb.O- tlio tlounty Cburt of Jvoot-  eniiy, iioltlon lit Nelson, ontered on the 17tli day of .tanu*  afy, A. J). 189!), in the consolidated action of J. F. Holden.  Williahl B. Mmlsdii. .CliriSIjun Uiben, Williani H. Wright,,  mid William II. Wftrreii, idailiUlp*, against, the Uright  Proapeots Gbld MiiiinK and vovelepinent Company; Limited Liability, dcf-wtiii'itt. being.plalilts Non.4W/S8,_(j_/��Si  J(ili/!)H, lllT/!lS,aiid.ilC8/!'8 tliprc will be oliered for sale by  public aitetion by S. V. Tuck, Sliorili'. at the court house,  in the city of Nelsoii at 11 o'clock in tho forenoon, 6n  Thursday, thoSlh day 61 -June, ISiW, all and singular the  mineral elaiiil "The Norlhcrn Jjiglit,"��iituateoii thoHouth  slope of the Center Fork of Forty-nine Creek, nnd Adjoining tlio Iliobiiigs mineral claim on tile southwest corner,  being iii (he Nelson Miiiin _ Division of British Columbia,  located the otli day of May, 18f)7, and recorded the Bill  day of May, 18-7. ,   ',        ., t ��� .   r,     ,  The piirehasor shall pay tho purchase money into Court  to the credit of the said consolidated action on the day of  S!Datcd at Nelson. B. C, this 22ndida->i' of May, IS'lf). r  Registrar of the Co .nty. Court of Kootenay, holden at  Nelson.  IMPORTANT NOTICE  RE DUNCAN CITY LOTS  Sawmill on Government wharf.  'Factory and office, corner Hall  itrcet and C.P.R. traqk  H- D. HUME, Manager.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ud  "^M^WMfc.^,(m^^H^^^0^^  All cdnimiiolfcatidps ^felStT^gf  i * ���.".tan AW   nflJ1-   ncrf*r1,"Ho1J^    'ft"   ��   D     ��� u V **       0J  to British; ;j��-6lumjbia  bu_ihes"st^t._e  505," Nbelsp/j"f Brjtish; G6l_i*rib1a  "adpressed";  Td %"Oiflplk^er2  '.:i��-S^_  *�������^l!fSI  -IfRQDEBIdK POEfERrrSQN, G.erie>al"Manager Y "Ki^l^e^iY'i^'r^' rV '  ���SY'S-FOWL.ER, E^Y'lyiirffn.f Engineer ] ' f Hh^O'^'N^.^y^y.  WILL J)0 WKLL TO  at  G. 0.  ,g  A large steek of. .flfa.t-clasB dry inaterial on hand, also  a full line of sasii, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  KASLO, B. C, May 12th, 18l��.  Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that  I have been appointed sole agent for completing all the  sales made by Messrs. Simpson Bros.& Keeling of lots at  Duncan City, HouscrLake, West Kootenay. B.C., under  contract for deeds thereto. All such purchasers are hereby required to notify me of their address, and present  holdings, that tho roll may be corrected in accordance  the..with. The second overdue payments must be forwarded to me on or before the loth day1 of June,proximo,  when appointment- will be made for the completion.  .     v WILLTAM J. TWISS,  Solo agent Simpson Bros. & Keeling..  "��oARD AND ROOM  First-class board aud room. Todd's, old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonato streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam. Table board . i, room and board $5  _nd $5.30.      '. ������' ���.'  A collection of line Bolgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  Yard:' Foot of Hendryx street, .Nelson  Telephone, 9t   John Hm, Agent  mm mrnm & co.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  \Ve make a specialty of  Slyplap arid Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Olllce and yard near C.P.R.' depot   E. G. BJEEU, Agent.  .OATHM'^IuMBER C0~  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  The iliicst, hotel in the interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam licat and eleetrie light.  CORNER QV WAR[I) AND yjjSRNON? STS., NELSON  BAKER AND VVAItl) STRKKTS, NJCLS.ON  The only hotel in Nelson that has i-iiiA-lii-d lu-idoir one  managijiiioitl; since 18SJ0.  Tliq bcd-i'ooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  'J.ho7diiiihg-room is not second to aiiy in i-oo'lQifuy.  Tho bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and,cigars.  THOMAS ,MAi"))P-_N', proprietor.  FLORI "'  Two and a half miles up tlio Outlet from Nelson.  -   ������ ��� of a^EL'SOosr,, b. a.  Is now prepared  id  buy all  classes Of silver, gbld, .silVer-ieadi lead arid,  copper o. es.   The careful attention given to large contrasts will be extendeel1  4'o-t he-sfT) a 11est=sh i p pe r?=Prom pt=s ett I e m eh ts=a^^n d.^c hmeT_=of TrioSIl^of ^Iffip 1^  ing guarant(_ed.  Address all commuhicatiohs to drawer S, Nelson, B, G,  GEORGE M. McDOWELk, Mafiftg-r.  O; M. ROSENDALE Purchasing Ajgetxt.  ���A. THUR  SMOKERS1 HEADQUARTFERS  a tTull: line of  ROYAL SEAL A&D KOOtBWAY BELLE CIGAR&  And ail other brands of the  Koo-enay Cigar lafflfaiufiiif Oompw -  AT KAC'Wmv I'lfiClCS  03s1   _STE3X_S03ST,   m. G.  ODPfiJ A TfHTl?0 *     Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  5r_-UlAJUlI__l..     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of. which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotol  A pleasant placo to spond afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obUiined in hotels or  and  All :si-es of dimension timber and all kinds, of lumber  out to order, iind shipped to Nolson in carload lots  Write for prices.  restaurants at Nolson.   Good stabling.   Open day  night.   Can be reached by cither road or water.  WILLIAM ROBKR'i'S. Proprietor.  -OSM0POL.TAN  HOTEL  "srivrx-E-;, b. o.  Everything llrst-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Rates SI .50 and *"._ per day.  J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and liglit in everj' room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL.   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor   ;  Kroe bus meets all trains    . CouolcfnlfA   R   1_  Hourly strbot car to station ; ,     n��*tfJ&l-lie, B. U..  Nelson Tent and Awning, ianuletei  Alitj   ICIlSriDS   CD 5"  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZKS OF TKNTS IN STOCK  linker street, opposite postofllce, Nelson  THEO.  IVC^klDSOIsr  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  j. mcpheb:  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Const-uetiofi! Ca,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Ste,  P. O. Box 606. ' Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B. C, SUNDAY,  MAY 28,  ISO!).  r:\rY-" n._  M^** ^  Purses an  Pocketbooks  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention   to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNKll BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NKLSON  THE TOWN ANDJHE DISTRICT  Dominion Day Celebration.  It lias been said, in former years, that  the hotelkeepers and other dealers in  li<|iiid refreshments reaped all the peeu-  niiiry benefits of Dominion Day celebrations, therefore they should subscribe  tlie bulk of the money required to carry  through the work satisfactorily. That  they are doinjj* this this year is evidenced  by tht! fact that they have already subscribed $ 1'!������)(), with many of them yet to  hear from. The following are the subscriptions so far:  Previously reported   Kootenay Cigar Manufaoturiiij,' Co   P. K.  Km.rsoi.   K. A. Tiimlilyn   Jo.-eph Sturgeon    ...Sl.l-li  1IKI  .   .        CM  '___*_  Total.  .SI,:..���,()  SEE GILKER FOR  Crasl] ar]d Otl]er Hot Weather Suits  $5  and up  NEXT P. O.  yy:y-.fl"-'.  s.y. ���*&" ��>.w. y^yyyyy., 5...".?  T1.&.rflzy^yyy."'-  v lv_Y_, _  '7��^ ;��>n.  us. >_ = ��?. ;  '*        . . -   ".     . "..���'."������ " ''������:?"�����.  T��%."yy.p.*��� Ifc2w'dlhe- t��>"YQuc'ViiayjinfetgofSbV$S(f���ou_ 4'ai'ge.  ln   md mmp'&A-.Upfik'df^ 'S%  ".    carry l_h_* Mfdmng' dikes-:.".- J".; *<_..' '<$��, -__*___���,��� _!.  �� " :1% "|_ii_g '��'^,,(N��^.jStkr  : ; ^etotte & '&o.yBm^^")^hx^��0^, Axa^MA-  cfei. i- Ooij aiitl' Qmior&flikg makers.  NELSON.  Mrs. O. M. J.losuntlale left this morning  for a visit to her parents at .Portland,  Oregon.  Archie Fletcher of Kaslo was in Nelson  yesterday trying to unravel the intricacies of tho new regulations governing  the issuance of hotel licenses in places  outside of municipalities. He has an  hotol at Lardo, a place in which one is  needed, yet he is unable to obtain a  license or any information as to Avhy he  cannot.  Dr. Doolittle has started a tunnel in  upon the Venus ledge and next week lie  will be working two shifts upon the  claim. Tlie ledge is close upon four feet  wide and assays upon it have, ranged in  the vicinity of $40.  A man who refuses to give his name  was brought to the Kootenay Lake General Hospital-yesterday. He was the victim of a cutting affray at Slocan City  yesterday, and claims to have been  robbed of several hundred dollars. All  that the victim will say of the occurrence was that he was attacked by five  or six men, one of whom struck at his  stomach with a knife, cutting his clothing, aud afterwards inflicted a severe  gash in his right arm. lie was then  knocked, on the head, and rendered unconscious. The provincial constable at  Slocan City has live men arrested as  suspects. . ;_  The twenty-eighth annual communication, of the Masonic grand lodge of  British Columbia will be held iu Kamloops on June 22nd. Single fare rates  have been arranged with the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company for all delegates attending the grand.lodgp,..��, a77Y, V  ?^Mp-liliifm"-t>^  .flfl S._.P*J.���   ���.-���.._ pfl,Lu?-.^     Mflr&pIS,   '��- .      .     --"' .^   Jt_-_n    _    _?       ^*_-    ...fl  mountain to Nelson, against which a  counter claim for $2.7 was entered for  breach of contract. Judgment was given  I'or the plaintiff for full amount of claim.  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, for plain ti IT and 11. -M.  JMacdonald for defendant.  o  en  oo  CO  o  CO   i  0___  <c  ���������  CO  ���I  3*��  CO  r-  00  =c  m  o  C/3  oo  CO  c_  kgd^llfj*^^  . ...ft*.-!". 'fI*'lT(:..71-.v���'lr1i..{-.w *n-(-Y +_v_.   TTi;rt.W3s"N.*"..;  267A.i!f._>'��28 W1S&V BAKER STREBJ, 'NltlLSON  Whett Advertised  At  ^Auction Prices"  should  be left alone.     Ah  aiictioii 'pt'ic^_i-eTvn57tlie-hipU3st^^we^ITiciri.]re  HESE GOODS we are  bound to sell wliile  .hey remain the patterns  of the season,. We prefer to mark them down  riow, ai\A let our regular  cus-on*|ers have the advantage of i\\e cut, ratr|-  er th,ai\ have a slaughter  sale some months later  , to make room for (jew  goods, Our display of  Pug��.' aiid Art Squares  is the finest ever seen  in Kooterjay. Tljey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  pui'chas-i' can be induced to pay.  New Spring Designs  lu Axiuinstci's of the best quality, with or without  borders. British and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Snitablo for drawing-rooms, dining-rooms, halls or  ,     stairs, with, or without.borders. .      ,..,...  Titpestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union art squares, Japanese squares and rugs*  Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.  40 Different Styles  Of baby carriages and go-carts to select from.  Ilattan chairs and rockers.  Furniture of allJCinds  Ts advancing, and notice to this elTect has been  sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Having a large stock on hand we will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  competitors. We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  I>, MeARTHUR & CO  Corner Baker and WaM Streets, Nelson.  FOR STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  "��� CALL ON..   YY..YY ...."'.'���;.- 7'���'Y-  Mrs.    E.   McLaughIin  JOSJ5PJIINK STRJ.KT, NELSON   '���':],  Ice Cream  (TIAZLKWOOL)  AND  Ice Cream Soda  v   ' ^T CENTRAL JRUIT--STOflE .  Fresh I'"niiL received daily ' .   .  Next, door lo N..I-011 Wine I'd. -  Telephone !��.,      ��� - lK_*MI'fnsI.Y.. &_ PITTOCK  _neji found a i'&ldy iijarke|i fo/ the\i> pror,  ;���flhc-"1at good'priije^ nO'\V"*they;aJ;e COt'ced  ��"fO'cb��in|��e.te wjthr*_he .Anehtnen'of fflteEd-  - jnOh-Oii 'ftouii .i^^ajicl pi'iCes, artS* iOWei?,,  f "T". fi. Mnrxahytcihe "oi the owners of tlie  Lake rjSlxoi'e iajiie tat. 'Moyie,; jis- iji^elsoii  pMchasihg, supplies)  ��� Be  .tepol'ts   tliat  ; i;i._yieis stiir withoue a.db_tb_."  John, 3?ei'_y, a miher.wlijO1 was"1 formerly  "'eihpJoye*lat the SilNYef feng, inijtie", fell  i froih .tlie sidewalk in  ff-o'iitYbf the Lake  i View hotel yesterday niaming-    l)r. IfaJ.1  ) who was suiifmnOui-d say���, that Bei'ry.has  i\fo brOkesia*.'ibs as the result" pf' thfe fall.  L. $y "\feiWer-,t inaiiiageiY oi- the Koote-'  ���.iiity Wire Mattress ^Voi-*ks��|it; ITi:��t. 1,is iu,',  .-Kelson arranging fot thei!enin0^1 of tile  ', iaetorj?' to 1>l_i_ ci.y.    Ah Option Mas, beeir  secured on, two Sites uea_ tlie new sani-'  pliiig worlvSj aiid the the eofiti'act for the  erectioh oi' tlie building will be let next  ���week.  =In=tlie^ball=gaine���to-be���played���this  afternoon the Kelson team will be made  as follows: L. Waters, p., .TtVmes Keelands,  c.s. George I'atriclge, lb., Alf Mills, 2b., D.  Blackwood1, -lb., S. Neelands, s. s., .John  Campbell, i. f., JlVSpOi'I'liair, c. f., E. Ches-  ley, r. f _, The scratch team wliich defeated  the Bonner's Ferry team at !_aSlo will  consist of: Iloukesiafieldj p., G'aVerley, c,  Moore, lb., Smith 2b., ISacritt, 'g-b.�� Emer-  soiij s. 3., I-'Fawkiiis, i'. f., Blackburn, 1. f.,  Totau, c. f. -     James Wilkes, organizer in British  Coluiiibia for the Western Federation, of  Miners, met the members of tlie local  millers' union and organized them as a  subordinate union under tlie Western  Federation of Miners. There wore 2(54  miners represented; at the meeting hist  evening and they Were vinauimoiisin their  approval of federating with the United  States organization.  A 100-yard, foot race is being arranged  between-J. S. Gusty of Sandon, who won  tlie medal for all-round athletics at Silverton on May 24th, and B. M. Wilson of  Kossland. The match will take place at  Silverton in about two weeks.  Judge Forin yesterday decided the case  of John Besireau versus Albert Maslonka.  The plaintiff sued for <$1 _ ..'50 on a contract for hauling wood from Carbonate  It pays us to deal squarely with  you and to represent our g'oods  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive for excellence in  quality and price, always aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best g'oods at the smallest  fio-ures. On this basis we invite  your inspection of our lines.  The latest and neatest stock in  Sash Clasps, Belts in all patterns,  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping  Bags, Ladies' Lorgnette'Chains'in  patterns.  A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all kinds and descriptions.  We   want   your c\vatch   repairing  and we employ only expert watcli-;  makers.    Send your watches as we*  can save   you   money on "your repair work. ;'.'-.'.'('(.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  '"m DO A I r���- J5USJKIC. S AND R ESI OK.N'TIAL  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS4  Canton Drill Steel#  CARRY IN STOCK.'  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  mmmfm^'Zm*  and Woodenware  ""s__t______��_\vfe_F.    Stoves, Ranges,  >j\\    Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  MATERIAL    % ^ ?r?n'^aj^  W Pamts,o Oils, Glass  K2I  ���      IS  WOODEN  ^���-0--;i% _t2Qs*Jia'ki!_if ffrcgebj  V'sfeete. .conifers,".".,.v... . ..���       .,   .  I'MbvX20?XiSi.\lkl&py(ir^\i:bey.,.u^s_ e:y$:.,?,X'^%r��.,���.-  liS-'byt'l--.**vit-h= iinpl'pv'ontoiiLB,So'ttU-f.^id'o-oB Vcwfoiv  : ���<���' street)YY-.-.....,.7 .Yv.?y.,..���..."-. j,,,,���.,���,,":.",".. .7,,,.., Y. S00Do=r  ' aQ':b'y__U- _\'iCh iinpi'6\'ein?6nls. Sjotiltitsi^i., pf' V-iinqii    -."  .ftrdbt.",.."..;.;..*. Y ...-:���,y.,,..,;���,��� ���,���-,.;..,. .-��,.--* 'oop'ti.  2"Jbl_daii,d,laree,hous.of.boau)a,/*i1IJ,i.fiu,niRJiSilv%avJ..�� 4opOQ*  '2^lQts*'V__lVooua_oi'-At'c.ci"at.$lopGr_ydiitl^ ���;," '���" \  Ywti'CO.,. ',..,..���".,,��.,'...�����..,.":...'.�����.,-(�����...,,��� ���...���... :i*>Qfl  1 lol, with gottitjjo--ii��ca_-tb' �����!_ iJci- fnoDblij Yiotflrit. ,     .  '.ir-e. :.,..,.y.:.;....,_ y.,.*...v;....,:,.;.. .���,��� ;u.,?ooo*  ,'210t-\\*ith',cottiige'i'���ciitCil at ��20,5ci"mpnl;l1v L't;V!ll:6j" ,  ;_tve'-. .,,!. ,���. ..,,_..������,.���-.",.-.,. ....*.,_ :**..,,..,.��.,,..��.;.,....a.., 11W ,  0 lots ifi block --IBjiaH eleai'Ctl 'aiid f. icood.ii.,, ,.:. ��� "2500  -4sQbmn]i6*ti^0i_,]_n: lOilot.,4 _bt; afitj fii ovcliitrd ,.,...,".'... _;, . 1Q0;  ,2.1'6taHil'l; ftWiibvoin<sjTt'_. 62 ltoitd of gows.a-lioi'acg;...  " ���\va_;'oHi5i��'5lbiglig,"���Dhni'ticss; aiitl ,.-'v__.'l;l.i(.,_7i... _o_i- "  ��C(Jtio,n wi'th'J_tf."J'Viii'iIlt''>^'ich���:��   ���.,.-,..v... .'55f)0  "Vox ^geiioral' iiifbi'niiVtiOii'ftii i'(jai t'statc aiid fpi'luvthur1  pai'Ci_ul.ii_-.ph>abovnc'iyL'oi)oi!l.ry,.pi>l5' ti>  -wmcko bsos.  Rbal JKstatc aiifl GVi. nerj>l- Agtiiits,- .BilKu_. St., Kblsoii  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  RUBBER HOSE  COTTON HOSE  KINK-PROOF HOSE  LAWN  SUPPLIES  LAWN MOWERS  FLEXIBLE TUBING  LAWN SPRINKLERS  GRASS SHEARS  In the cool of the evening' the weary can find rest  by reposing- in one of our  HAMMOCKS  Ota- -rt'rfl. kiln Qf bricK -vr'ill' be r-ftrtyif-bv delivery about  the1 lsc of .Irine.   C'all at pur ollico for prides.  Da .iYig Uie ifioiitli of .Juno m-o Will tl'olivQV lin.c in  (luanUtiias :o_ t\v .tlty -rauks and over at  The West l^odtenay Brick & Lime Co,, Ltd,  Baker Street.  T. G. PROQTOR, Manager  Hazlewood  lee Cream  Wo have been appointed sole agents in Nelson .or  this celebrated Ice Cream, and are now prepared  to cater to the public at our ice cream parlors,'  ..which wc have fitted up in first-class style. Call  in'.ai.d have a dish of this delicious cream. Other  dealers supplied.  IPs & Lot.  'i'ropical Fruit. Depot,  Corner of Jlakcr and Ward, streets, N'clson,  Why buy clothes: from tax inferior 'tailor, when  the.sumo amount of money will buy a. styli.-li  .   cut, well trili'med and neatly Hindu suit at  S-ITS$25 J. 1.1|AY'S  > Nelson's, tip-lq-rtute Tailor.  ; Satisfaction guai"in(;ei'il  E^er^o^fv^wlit) iig_i$g|i$}__: p^_?jdhasir.# 0^_3_-_eiiViY^^^  ��� ���'��� .     *f:   nn n a        "_P        Y      n* -     " " D n n "     " u ana �� a "        -^      qD   .  "   ~J    ^ ^   " off n ^  �� g  '  n      nr   n     .       '���     .nnn^ n        ,mn n �� ��1 " ri o!bB      Y   _i'>        %    n    nn,"l   ���^n -*n       n    o.J l. r,   np n ���       n "' '     S��        . ' **'    '  ^-"irfl n     &. U ��� ��n     "^n        'jil^nf       rl'^VD"^,   f    n'  qeneis, etc.v!_wil=lYsa^e jiiorte^ *ib^?6_alli-$gi'.d-i'-^  ��o l|f �� .F?n    ��n       Uj      nDo'    \     "   ,   "    ?J    ��;       D        '.oddBHdd   n _t_^n   a >�� Dfc{. Jjj *D   V     ^ _   n   "   *  n n n %��n f n*~ Bb      n^'"       * *   %. u "D %�� u _ l *,i_-      n^ "  pick _&. Wiiso^^ l^fe &&&& 'jh'QW ^&yt^-^ik^<^0^(  the i|_i���.st i&fc pjf @ip&eevieSi C&00^%$ andpl^|s^^-?e���  mfer ferbtigsht ���$&. t$i�� ��� j^ooleija^* ^ptii% #ai*_3;:. pis%;  applied in ppit% quarts mmd -kscif g-aLllcrhs. Xo_wejsi��  ppiees.   Fipst-elass Q-ialit^.  Telephone 10,   P. O. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  ���  3  Removal Notice.  John Choi-itch & Company boK to announce to the  trade that tlioy have removed their headquarters from  Nakusp to Nelson, where they will for the future be es-  taulishcd. PundiuK the erection of suitable warehouses  they have secured temporary quartets in tho warehouse  of Turner, Beeton & Company on Water street, where  they will be pleased to receive their patrons.  Nelson, B. C, May 17th, 1899.  I got outfitted at DesBfisay's��� fourteen week's supplies,  al! neatly packed in cotton ���sacks. They know how to fiV  you up,  and such a fine stock to choose from.  ril tell you Mike there isn't another store in the city  that  can   fix a prospector out in   the same way as that same  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  KOJl SALIC OJt HIRE    ,  W. J. ASTLEY & CO.  Boats built lo order. Repairing and fltling a specialty. Sails made and rigged. Fishing rods and tackle  mended.   At Government wharf, Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson. ..  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  UAI-KJtY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND  RASTHY COOKING A  Sl'KClALTY  ONLY WIJITK HELP EMPLOYED  DE,.     _=_:XJI-I-"y.   . PEOPBIBTQE  ABERDEEN BLOCK  ! NELSON, B. C.  esBfisay & Co,  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received  direct from the factory, put up in --pound boxes. Also  a full lino of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forgot that wc handle  Blue Ribbon Tea>  JOHN A. IBVIN& k CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made, tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Bakep St. Nelson  Tlio supply ir limited, so call early and exiunino this Block.


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