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 .THE REDISTRIBUTION OF SEATS  11    In the Dominion House.  The following is the  full   text  of  the  [Ibill introduced in the house of commons  ���so far as it relates  to  the  boundaries of  ^'constituencies:  I    (2) The electoral districts of -Bothwell,  .'.Card well and West  Ontario are  hereby  i abolished.  j    (.'3) Tlie electoral districts of the Counties   of  Kent,  Lamb ton,  Huron, Bruce,  .-Grey, Wellington,  Perth,   Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford, Norfolk, Brant,  Ualdiniand,  jWellund,    Lincoln,    Wentworth,     Peel,  Dufferin, Simcoe, York and   Ontario, the  'districts of Muskoka.  and   Parry  Sound,  shall  consist  of  several   townships,  villages, towns and cities  and .other   lands  Hecla red   by   chapter  >1  of the   Revised  ptatutes  of  Ontario,   181)7, entitled "An  let respecting the territorial   division of  Ontario for municipal   and   judicial   pur-  ���poses,"   as   constituting  said    respective  [bounties and the said respective districts  'if Muskoka and   Parry   Sound,   except  phat for  the  purposes    of  this  act the  ixmnty of Middlesex shall not include the  i-ity of London or any portion  thereof,  bhe County of Wentworth shall  not  include the City of Hamilton  or any  por-  [pion   thereof, and  the  County of York  I jthjill not include the City of Toronto  or  J;tny portion thereof.  WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY U,  1890.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A Y_-A-__;  WEEKLY, $_.  |j  (4) The electoral district of the City of  Y.ondon shall consist of the City of  Lou-  Ion and shall return one member.  (5) The electoral district of.tlie City of  jfamilton sliall consist of the City of  (Tamil-Oil and shall return two members.  I (0) The electoral district of the City of  Toronto shall consist; of the City of Tor-  ;)iito, and shall be divided into four electoral districts, each of a\ -Inch shall return  :>ne member.  ! (7) The Counties of Duffei'in, Haldi-  ,nand, Lincoln, Peel, AYelland and Went-  jvorth and the territorial district of Mus-  coka and tlie territorial district of Parry  ,-auml shall each be an electoral district  jind sliall each return one member.  i (8) The Counties of Brant, Elgin, Lamb-  ,.on, Norfolk, Ontario, Oxford ancl Perth  ���[���hall each be divided into tAA-o electoral  jl is trie ts aud shall each return one member. .  | (9) The Counties of Kent, Huron; Bruce,  .���rey, Middlesex, Simcoe, Wellington and  'fork shall each be divided into three  i'lectoral districts, each of Avhieh districts  Shall return one member.  | (10) Where under the foregoing provisions any county or city is to be divided  [ntomdre than one electoral district such  |i\\isi<^  '&"?*���������_?_*-;.y.-j-*V".!"Y"*s��-'Y--.7"u"">>s..r  -" --  ���  ward Island tliere shall be three electoral districts, designated as follows :  The electoral district of Prince, Avhicli  shall consist of the County of Prince,  and shall return tAvo members. The  electoral district" of Queens, which shall  consist of the County of Queens, and  shall return two members. The electoral  district of Kings, which shall consist of  the County of Kings, and shall return  one member.  .17. Section ��� of the above statu te��;is  hereby amended by striking out sub-section (b) and substituting the following:  The electoral district of the county of St.  John shall consist of the County of St.  John only;  18. Nothing herein shall operate so as  to change the constitution of the electoral districts as they iioav exist until the  dissolution of the present Parliament.  li  'xxeis-.xyy-y .thipykt&miks^igkeil'' ���toxt.l y^)- irerf.  {-Jecti^eiy."����". 'Th^l&ttei^%;*gafeut^JiJ^oi*u|lj7i'  jjg'ifehd. &o. nih-_^ request tlie -  lioji:.iiccioMiu^"toVthe_ la��utfl^i|n^i6lV.celT?  l.i^,.%lib'"Wtiljli_vDc0i^  I'l1 n    " ulrP Q  Q     " ���   ��      "���'   nD      u jS iii      "^    ^   u   ���     ^"  u   ���_.      D- D    ti"^^      an  '1.4: n        u,     o^   y  ^  c    n  I isioii^-t^ apjSeaiYtO "*:thVni^B4_tYcal&ula-^e'd*  [$_i^"Mft^^ .''..V^'-'. '."....  il-ij) _Ci_. "<Ji|.sne,of�� the d8eath��iqr i^fgiiatign;  Yiff-jiplfelVof khy' ;ohe. ���" -"Fi/for^ pf ^uch"  j/hXuii.ssi'ph^r_v,to.-" ket\J. asiipee^dr or .Sue-'  p_l?$i,s':si^  : Thp poiuniissidilei!'- siiali-Oiniilete ,  licli; db'fsi011s AA._jb]|iw to time to helimited  |'*r.��a'u5. ;l|!ti;��fs"iijajiteiit" arijcll_halVr0poi?t  pell divisions; to" the seci'Stitr^ "?<_ f state,  akiug a separate report as to each -lee-  Itral district;^o set apart by them,, aiid  j;all stSfc forth in such report the bouii-  liiries of the electoral distracts to wMc'ljt  |cl__jiete'._,___ailcL^^  j'ised therein, and assign mi appropriate  Jsigilation to the electoral district in  lestioh ,��� and ii$oh receipt by the Secre-  Ii'y of state. of the reports of the eoni-  Jssioners completing the divisions af ore-  lid, the respective territories ��� by such  l.pective reports described as eoiisti-  Ifcing the respective electoral districts  to which the said City of Toronto and  _u respectiA'e cOi|ntie�� shall hove been  Tided ns afot'esaid shall, subject to the  lovisions of section 18 Of iiii�� act, be-  llie and be electoral districts as if the  Ine. had been so set apart rtild ^stiib-  |hed as sucli by this act.  ft3) Each report shall be signed by the  Jiiiini-sioners, or, in case of tlisagree-  |int, by a majority of them, and the ve-  jrt of the majority of the coiinnissiou-  shall be  the report of  the com  |)nei s.  J14) Each sepaiate lepor  jhed by  the seci etai y of^  Itiadd Ga/ette ituuh  p#.p \iMjtwm~a...  I"  British Flag  Ordered Hauled Down.  London,   May   23.���Particulars    haA*e  just been receiA'-ed in  London   regarding  the incident of the hoisting of the British  flag over Port Royalist, Island of Bala-  wan,  of the Philippines  group, by captain Pfoert of the British steamer Labium.  He reports that he A'isited the island on  February 1st and found   the people in a  state of consternation.    The  Spaniards,  it appears, had   left  three  months  previous! y,   after    saying    the   Americans  would   take   oArer   the    government   in  three days.    The  Spaniards, it is added,  turned   tlie  natiA'e  soldiery  adrift  and  liberated     the     coiiA'icts.      The     head  .man,    it     is.    further     stated,     asked  captain    Pfoert    to    secure    protection  from the goAreruor of the Sadan, and the  captain  gaA'e them  a British merchant  ensign, Avith instructions for the  people  to say, if tliey AArere molested, that they  Avere under British protection, also handing the head  man  a  letter iu this sense  and claiming a British  protectorate OA*er  Palawan.    On  reporting the .matter to  sir   Charles   Mitchell,   goA'ernor  of  the  Straits Settlements, the latter  communicated AA'ith the British foreign office, aa'Iio  cabled orders to Singapore to haul doavu  the British flag.    The British third-class  eruiser ^r.Calior;' >vas  de.spatchecl _to ��� haul  ,Hi4$(^i__��^^  Yoihce-H^  "tli��: loll jii"c^nt"Yj0a^^^  ^ githe^Phujpi^  '  Jna    ��   '    rWB 'n ���     _j     njn      y        u   i^, y * n���.  u   u '"i. ' n   lit ���"   iff V n ��.��   P-n% ?.." ���'     u    ._��   S" ij, "^Vfa ���-v;ffn .np  ������*��� .".��*= t��._?"y��*!y!7Yr; "S*;feH.=>nBr��"ii ZJLjt'������it',i'-S"*���"���  *; :   "7 "Ujieen's**Birthday:���aj .^indsor.Y;,, j* -. \  l \ ._M��df^H&^^  ;th_.^o^aIi,family" at ��n|v1_Md|^^t|e��tbY|  )'hOm;o>A"_ to.(_pie'brffte^^^^^^  iddyy01 "'cpieen^ '^tBi-fa^ iviltYj e"' 'fh^yiargy  e$tx ,^\rAih %il;SexcJp|ioh"�� .��^in;tl'^es. ^xtbij^M"  ' ;g|tt]|^rin"}Q$(hie\i %^a^^^i0d��'Wf^i'^-'  '��Sh|fey��ygaiC��fc^  THE  LAW  AND  THE COURTS  A Contractor Gets a Verdict.  The hearing of the case of Ker a's. Beer  Brothers, an action brought by contractor Ker to recover the sum of $135,  the amount deducted by Beer Brothers  for demurrage upon the erection of the  addition to the old Houston-Bigclow  block, occupied the attention of the  court yesterday from 10 o'clock in the  forenoon till 10:30 in the eA'euing.  The defendants in the action put in a  counter claim of $500 for demurrage, or  in the CA'ent of the contract not being  considered binding, of a claim of $107.50  for loss of rents. The case was tried before judge Forin and a jury comprised of  A. H. Clements, J. Neelands, Fred. J.  Squire, A. E. Lott and S. V. Campbell  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, Avho conducted the  case for Ker, established that there Avas  no contract, the same not having been  signed by the Beer Brothers He also  shoAved that the defendants had not  giveu the contractor possession of the  premises until thirty days had elapsed  after the time specified in the draft  agreement, and contended therefore that  the defeudands Avere not entitled to retain demurrage.  Judge Forin in presenting the case to  the jurors said that the practice of the  court Avtis to set itself against penalties  as such, and to do justice as betAA'een  man and man. The contract betAveen  tae jjarties could only be useful as a  reference. The question AA'hich the jurors  had to decide Avas how far the Beer  Brothers Avere to blame for the delays  AA'liich prevented contractor Ker from  proceeding AA'ith the Avork of erecting the  building in question. The OAvners AA'ere  to haA'e giA'en the contractors possession  on July 6th. It rested for the jurors to  say AA'hether, not being gi\ren possession  on that date, the contractor could be expected to begin Avork before the lines and  levels AA'ere furnished him. The jurors  Avould also determine, AA'hether the circumstances that the contractor Avas not  giA'en possession on the date agreed did  .not compeihim toTpAVprk at _a -<li.sadAjan-=  I'-age'j-aTA-OngliOiit^  /aubimttecWiye��<questious:TO ^  ���# n    U      *     "n   j">n   ua      U_P        oP      **-J.n      J,   ��� a, Ji   UpD.,-   ���   SI'   ��   ��d   _    ' n"     n ���' "fl"  --Oi.?,1lnn     "   n     P&-&  f- (J;) 'iBsm^ .-many* :days>"d.^layf4vere, _th_$  ; oAvneiB responsible .for*on.aceoi\ntpoJc not��  jhi.vang^exea^\ated.ffandj,:hayn)giwthe  o_.C5VnCI.O    X   .lll_"    ���D p���n_ii_ "pf n       ij ��-**1.n0.'* ip m1^        _,  �� %   [ft,'.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT  Wholesale Lying Resorted To.  git has been d_mon.stri.tod beyond imy kIimIow of a  doubt that the flow of water in Anderson < reek is not,  sullicicnl to supply the town, which is the greatest, fiiult  to bo found with our present system. On refill measurements taken by the city engineer have provt.il this fuel,  beyond question, and the proof was that the supply-  run short last winter at a time when J he fli'inio was  porfeclly clour and all tlie available wafer was running.  Since then the connections have been increased close  upon 10 piT cent, nnd promise before the next lowest  stage, which o.curs every autumn and spring, to reach  UK) per cent.  The above is from The Economist, and  is a fair specimen of the misleading statements that from time to time appear iu  The Economist and The Miner, the tAvo  organs of the present city council. According to the aboA'e, OA'er 150 new. connections AA'ith the AArater mains haA'e been  made since January 1st, and that there  AA'ill be a total of over SOO connections by  next spring. At no time last Avinter Avas  there an insufficient supply'of water running in Anderson creek; but there Avasan  inefficient creAA' in .charge, of the water  Avorks system. There has not been 150  iioav connections made this year, and no  better evidence is needed to disprove the  statement than the receipts from Avater  rates. That the number of connections  Avill be SOO by next spring is simply absurd, for- the gas AA'orks and the electric  traimvay combined Avill not increase the  present number of householders a quarter of one per cent.  King A\as victorious; in the other, J. D.  Iveenan and D. Connelly Avere contestants, and Connelly won.  W. H. Blackmail is opening a general  store at Argenta.  SLOCAN   CITY.  Mr. Diinloj) the barber litis purchased  the lot and building adjoining the post  office, and is fitting it up a.s a first-class  barber shop. A. IS. Mansfield of the  Joker group is iu town. ���  The Slocan football team litis been asked to play a'match at Silverton this  morning.  ALOMC    THE   WATER   FRONT  KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  Head Office Changed.  As avus announced in yesterday's Tri--  huxk, the head ofiice of the Fern Gold  Mining aifd Milling Company, operating  on Hall creek, twelve miles south of Nelson, has been chtinged from VaneouA'er  to Nelson at the request ofthe stockholders by the creation of 200,000 addi-  tiontil shares, 100,000 of which AA'ere recently offered to the shareholder at par  (25 cents). Of this 100,000 there Avere  70,0S4 shares taken up, the balance being  divided among those shareholders who  applied for tiny excess stock that might  not have been taken up by those shareholders to Avhom it wis offered. Work .  will be started at the mine this week.  ougli is^li-ea.fly.^n Eyery-  t.hifl| poihi'i "tbVlth_VsTi;_&I*. "jbf_ the gof-.  jfeous paggai*it7 ofl.Mil itajjf' knight|, Se'ots  iGuardg. Khdl'alY1 so_i6tieji" ailicl holidai**  ma:jke_s.  The programme, AV-II pppix with, the  -se.'feuadfe1 iuadrigall, sung by ihe chorftl  societies. This aauII be folloAved by  tlie presentaition of iiddregses ajid  rose, btvskets by the i'oytll AViirrHht  holders,' a parade of the second  regiment of Scots Guards, the firing of  =a4'eij_deHiQie,^a=4hiii:ik5giv'ing-serviceni'a=  St. George's chapel, tviid a perforhiahe^ of  Lohengrin in the eA'cning in tlie Waterloo ehamber of the castle, in AA'hich the  entire Convent Garden company avi 11 ap  pear.       .  The Paris a Total Wrtecfc  FALftioUTH, iSngland, May 2J-.���A l_ad-  ing Cornish diver} aa'Iio returned here tonight frouithe Pa-i'js,. takes a, very pessi-  II lis tic vi��Av. of the prospects of stiA'iiig the  liner. He said: "1 do not .anticipate the  Paris will ever be re-floated. She is  pierced by rocks aniidsliipSj and her fore-  holds are badly damaged. Tlie bulkheads are practically useless, and even if  she Avas got off the rocks i be'lievo sshe  would sink."  Kruger Vill Not Yield.  una, May 23--The Arolkes  [epaited fiom the  oidei  of  liscu&s   pi esident   Ki ugei S  A   iesolution a\��i_  the  goveinment to  pioposal  and  sub-  Pi esident  uld   ne\ ei  ^antage7iir%ompleting,tli%^  ,nvork,'iu_d' iin!_4^0'\v-iWtv.e2ict'e.h.-(fc?; ���/"..  ;''; j$$ HOavY- inawy -days"  iii. -"Eueli \y-Xpdie:  ; slx'oiuld'Bei: i^|qAyec^_^|-l3^^*!^^^^^       ��� ,.."-.  ' ��Y��".(|?|" _5M:���nltli.e��; ^on��tra;c''-bi^ ",ifseY:c|he*. "diii-'  gfen^e'in tifespferfO^nifln  cqiriplete   the-AA'brk "\Wtliiii!"the  tune?  . "     "���    ...,''���:  n ��� "The jury was Out, half an hour; wjMU.  "they retuTii^d'.*\vd_3|"--.Hf6i'di_t4 ;entir^ly iii  faVpr o^ the conti-actor.. Wpli respect  tp the^ flrst, qiiestiOii they found that  Seer. Brothers Avere TespOUBllile for  t/AVenty-fot"ir days' delay. They also  fOinid that this delay place;d the cou^  tractor at a disadA'antage Avitli respect to  the, completion of the contract, and tliat  lie AA'as entitled to the number of extra,  days necessary to co.npjete the^ aaiue.  "To^tliS'thirfl^quMtiMrtliey V_lelidSi^tliat~  contractor Ker should, be .allowed fifty  additional days. To the fourth question  they answered that the contractor had  Used due diligence in the performance of  the contract. To the fifth question they  answered that Beer Brothers had been  damaged to the extent of $'17 less the  amount of their own rent, but through  no fault of the coiiti'actor.  S. S. f aylor then made a formal motion  for judgment, which will conie up in  chambers1,  The case Was Avatclied AVith interest by  nearly ail the builders in the city, who  Avere interested in seeing Avjjat effect  Avould be giA'en the demurrage cltuisc iji  the contract (Avhicli is seldoln enforced)  in a legal aetion to enforce its operation.  It is needless, to say that the builders  wrem all highly pleased Avith the Verdict,  aa Inch means that except in'aggravated  cases no importance should bo attache*  to it  SANDON.  J. C. Eaton, late of the Whitewater  mine, has been spending a few days iu  toAvn. While here he A'isited the Madison group, of .'which he is OAvner, and is  very much impressed with the late strike  at that property.  H. Byei's & Co. are building an addition; to their Avarehouse to meet the increasing business.  Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Riblet and family  arrived in the city Friday from Spokane,  Avhere Mrs. Riblet and family hav;e spent  several months.  Sandon footballersiiiitend  to challenge  ^th"_H%-n--_i^  '���"' i:M^MtMtii ^M^ila&m}lS$i%^iM  ctin       '^-.'Wli'j'n        ^     unDni? n ._niaIU|J      ���    tfadfi-d'u     ti-     Qn f>      '1 n n     n-tL^111^  The Eiver is Rising Slowly.  During the twenty-four hours ending  at 0 p. in. yesterday the river at Nelsoii  rose _i inches.  Botfi the Ymir and the Hercules Avere  at the Avharves yesterday. The Ymir  had the C. P. R. btirges Avith loaded  freights, and the Hercules had barges  loaded-Avith lime rock for the Hall Mines  smelter.  The old steainer Nelsoii is doing her  level best. She is getting a trifle slow,  but she can handle more freight than  any of her competitors. Yesterday she  brought up to the wharf a barge loaded  Avith cars and ti scow loaded Avith cord-  aa'oocI, jis Avell as a large number of passengers from up-the-lake points. Tliere  is a touch of pride in the hoarse grunt of  her Avhistle when she leaA'es tlie wharf.  A party of Canadian Pacific engineers  haA'e been engaged for the past month  making final surveys and locations for  the CroAv's Nest Pass railway extension  between Nelson and Balfour. The survey party is in charge of R. Geaunreau,  who Avtis in charge of the smwey of  the  CroAv's  Nest Pass  raihvay between  ening  ^ix^oukii^^^  "ecl/aS" a?cii?S\y,  .SoMeYbmlliaiit ahd- i*leYer  ' rb5xthgl��AAiaf no'tCet-abl-s  ' "/"Y""=-  . A,-" fy^y-f&l^ahk ":;ftir.ew^'l3' ."cll^a^e %as-  . g. i^eirt J\li^ 'S6*ters; at"."��McGrui.g!��.i-i "tlte' oM_).r  ^^^"fng^lrithe. *K."<Sc fSYhot^iiiiauy -fi^iii  'I'^hd'onS"^10!" ^tfr.roiiiMjing Vtpwus atteik]^  Hug, MVsiPet&l's ingoing "id", til e, Coast for  ,a leil:g-h.^visit*  Messrs.-: IPailliott '& McSliiran hsive  ' bought;the st"0ck pf ^iVanaugh & WMfe's  lumber yai'ils at .0ddy, They avp moving it tO.Saiidpii tVn'd will add _onsjder-  tlbic to this by jmportattons from KakiiSp,  and theCoitsti  A. Feislaiid & Co. of Nelson haA'e purchased the stock of Cril��\\'foi.'d & McMillan  and haA'e just completed n stock-taking.  H. 3. MoorehoiiSe lias. been, placed in,  charge here. It is said that Mr, Craw-  fprd Avill piit in a gi_0cery_ sto_ek__]'ii_the_  Bringing Frenchmen to Time.  Si. John's Newfoundland, May 23.���  The colonial  goAciiiment  is  ligidh   < n-  foicmg  the  fishing  Kia\s    on   the   A\est  coa^t agnnst the Piench, aaIio ha\c been  demanding      hen nig     at     then      oavu  puces,    msteid    of   Al 25    pei    ban el,  as     enfoutd    agnnst    the     Cinadiiu*;  and   Amci icans    The   coloni il   1 c\ einte  Jjtei Fiona a\as dispatched   to the  bay  ^_I��^I^^V,J<_0 compel 1 c pect foi   the l egula-  OfflKWJaHiie Piench, aa ho h id tin t itened  ^"^^^^t^&l^^isP^J.1   ��"n ^��uships,  fin illy  Virginia block.  Ftilliott & McMillan ha\re secured the  contract for tlie new tAvo-stoi'y office and  residence buildiug to be built by the Last  Chance Mining Company at'tile foot of  the train adjoining their other bliildiMg,  and* when completed will be One of tlie  finest in the Slocan.  TheMiners' Union held a special meeting  Saturday night to consider the Wagetfjn'us-  tjon and to decide theretipoit. ��� They  tire A'ery reticent on what took place and  keep secret tlie scale of AA'ages, but/it isbe-  lievcd they IniVe .decided to tusk $-.50 a  day. The greater portion of the min*  ers say tliey will leave, fche country  rather than accept tlie offer of ���$'���} lor  eight hours. Tliey At'HJ not visit  Silverton ou thej24fch, .-is was intended, but Avill contiiiiie working at the  mines until the first of tlio month, Avhieh  day has beeu set by the mine-owners as  tlie time their scale is to take effect.  It i.s' expected  AA'ill be com-  of the  road in  Macleod and Cranbrook  that', construction   Avork  menced at'the Nelson end  a feAv Aveeks.  Monday morning Kaslo had the opportunity of seeing rather an unusual spec  tacle, iu a-hotel. ;uid���a ..restaurant .being  ,_ toft-edyi cflus^J-pj-its:. ^^i*^iTOk*-i5hgrbjSA'.o  iey^j^m^^sf^"(iflPO^"  Kro^^_^^_S-_^'^^0f^*Wfe-^'  .      *   ��      9 _��0 _^n n-  p.,.,0 _ D   .   nn ��� ��_  se'fi"  KASLO.  George T. Kiine of Kaslo litis wired  east for a complete sawmill outfit, and  Avhen it ariTves he intends to run a sttw-  mill in Duncan City. All travelers from  the north report a good healthy boom tit  both Duncan City and Lardo.  OAving to. the cold weather and the  consequent fall of AVater in the Lardo  riA-er, the steamer Marion did not. make  the run up that .riA-er as announced some  days ago. The riA-er rose eighteen inches  on Monday, and the steamer made the attempt successfully Tuesday, and if the  Avarm Aveather continues she will make  the run daily.  The. athletic .events that.;' will, take  place at Kaslo today etutsed considerable  rivalry among the local sports. Oii Monday tAS'o matched foot races wereriin for  de bets. .. F. E.. King, and 'Ed;. Garland,  'ere .the  contestants, in : oiie,  in  which  ;! ' "      -' ��� ��� :A%*jB'ad;:��s^Mut,dBf.  .,  .%   �� "Haifialtpij Hcnllft,.. ..  .���e'o.iiiijii,ssio_i:ieDi.fvaOhi'tc; <ehfisd _ ;ef>or  ,,l_j  :iho-  ii  ��� Nest Piiss i. niiljvi*-!>;-jvV_. q|Mi_ ^ ^^^fr'^ii-f-i/i-iti^,  the worst rnni���oi.f.,of ;tlie"7i.nliiitmin;Iy ei/iteii  Jjr-atiWnt to whieh., "MieM "iped Were 'SYibV  jected. The fliJ\��os of Urasei' ahd MaedOu1*  a;ld were si.tcrifiuQed,;..to. the spi lit 'Qf gf&ed,  Avliicll pi'Oiiipte.tT tiii-ir taSilcniiiS-ei;^ to,  WOi'k the_n, liki. . packjioi'se.s tli;id house.  them like sAA_ii}- .aiid to utterly iie-  glecfc them AA'Jieu they fell i��ick. Mr_  Clute i'eeo.iiiin;end_, that on sii&h ii'Prli,  a$ the Crow's #est Pass -'ailAvay. there  should be a_inedical officer appointed by  the gOA-eriimeiit.   tog-tlier witlV a fuily-  ��� _c]nipped field hospital. Ojie eaii'fc see  wliy the ,gove,rnn)ejit_sh.o^1(l^jje77afcJ-l^  expense1 of ^.jroYiding-foi: tlTe^7ieeds of  sick men euijiloyed by the C. P. It. or  ���eontractors doing Work for it. There  should, however, be a government in*  specfcoi' to See that the Company or tlie  contractors jji'Ovide for the necessities of  the workers, both wheil tliey are well,  a;id wheii they are sick. So much for  tlie future. In the iiieaiitiuie tlie  country would like to know who  was responsible for the deaths  of those two 'men on tho  ii'oi'thci'i,) prairies. In .\.I'f". Clute's raport  that point sfieins to be evaded. Ho condom us tlie cruel treablirent which tin-  sick men re*ceiyed, but a|)|)aruntly makes  no effort to fiisten tlie responsibility  upon the guilty ptirtics. Ih this rospccC  the report is weak and disappointing.  Inhumanity of a similar kind i.s not to be  clleeketl by merely stating that inhumanity is to be condemned. Some person or  persons tire responsible for the deaths of  Eraser and Maedonald. These guilfcy  parties  should   be  discovered  iint!   jmiu-  'ished.         ���..'?;.���.'���-  Some Sensational Cricket.  LoXDOiV, May 2:-5.���Some sensational  cricket playing aviis Avitnessed tor lay at  I'jords, in the match between Middlesex  and Somerset. The latter team Was dispatched for the ludicrous total of .5 runs,  Heme, a xMiddlesex bowler, taking five  wickets for 11. runs. Middlesex avou by  an innings and, seA*eii runs. Trott, another of the Middlesex bowlers, took  seven of the Somerset wickets in the second innings* for IS runs.  . .. Shi. K.kikuv May   2-i.-: In. the., cricket.  ;matf_l.i'.today between t'icVyisitiiig Australian eleven and an eleven representing . Yorkshire* about:. 1 i3,000 spectators  were:-present.    littiii  stopped   the. play,  .wlieiiVYtjrkshireilitui scored S'l runs for  _hree7wiekots down. V        .���     '  YMIR DISTKICT.  Phil White, the superintendent of the  Wilcox mine, is doAvn this morning and  reports a neAV strike of four feet of solid  galena in the. new shaft iioav doAvn about  tAvelve feet in the Fourth of July claim.  It is entirely a new chute of ore. He  brought some of the rock Avith him, and  it is uncommonly good looking stuff. He  says that the strong force of men under  hini are vigorously pushing forward the  work and that all results are most encouraging. They are anxiously Avaiting  for the goA'ernnient to extend the road  up Wild Horse creek iu order to enable  them to transport machinery to the  mine.' - '''������..,��� '      ��� ���.'..-'-..  At the Evening Star the Peterson boys  are busy pumping out Avater from the  shaft. They took up supplies to last  them some time, and in all probability  they AA'ill get the contract for the sinking  of another 100 feet. At the Tamarae  steady development Avork is going oii by  drifting in the 200-foot leA-el, and the  machinery is Avorking very smoothly..  It is stated that S. S. FoAvler, avIio recently made a report on the Dundee  mine, Juts recommended that a tiinnel be  made starting from near the mill into  the mine. The .mill will haA'e a trial  running in a day or so. A small quantity of the Ymir concentrates have been  sent up to the Dundee mill for testing  purposes.   - 7  The claims of the Ncav BrunsAA'iek Consolidated Company, consisting of the  Florence, DeadAvood ai id. New BrunsAvi ck,  situated up Wild Horse adjoining the  Dundee, are to be surveyed shortly and a  crown grant applied for, as also the V  Raiiiy Day and Rainy Day No: 2, farther  up Wild Horse creeky oWned by the Gold Y  ^(jf^J-nl^  mUn__ n    "��       .���" nD " �� "B d'j0 rf nnVn   n n** ML   n���_  "    n^oPn,1- ftfl.Y'i.     * ��o nn n n fl   4-ii_[Girf  ,;s)iQ-,-v"7fa'-j,'i> di.s'is;;pp:eaf.ii.ig" _ the..%'is_ctiohf "pfy  :fclW 'ln'ri'l wil-f;be i6pg_ii_^rffe__a^#lS?ijf.^1  . "The^oi.:e^n1pineiits' \v^b^^4^i<f$lMr|i?.  ;"We.e-I-��� the.Payne slTip'pi1%7^  :.:%(5"L��'%-S'*l?.djuHi'��'0i^  ���     '"    :$IiOCAN ���0J^^J^|__l^v/"^.i*^  Ed' BiiJey aii,d"'i|l^��fo^y^��:(0clQ^ii|^  Irom the First l^kltp. Tl^xe^pr^pcgM^;  f -suits. Th:e uoav pniiij^ifig *itfa^ri i|ieilyfj|oi'"s^  ' the Arlington 1'ias��,a,rri';fe^\^t"JSj:6ctfn*0)t|'^"  ,. aiid avjis sent up the hill oii B'tfuday. ""An, "  ���'assa-j' taken frOm th_J Blacfc pAi'ifdft  ���shows 227 ounces of siiyer.  ======^===Miues^to=be,=Started^HpT=  Tlie mine owuei'S of the Cotjtjr d'Alenek  propose to iiintiediately tltarfc up all the  ij',iin-e�� in the district. This was decided  upon at a meeting ofthe owners held 'n  Spokane on Monday. The following  mines wej-e represented': Tiger-FOorihau,  Stairdttrri, llechi, Mttmiilotli, H'etena>  i��'rii'f'o; Bitit'k* llotir, Gi'em, Moi>ui;ifg_ You  ���Like, Thiiikol' Hill i^c SnJ'-li vn-lj- pnd Elilpire  State (Last Chance)., The decision wjih  unanimous. The wtjge,s paid xi-t Burke,  Gem find Mulla.ni at'e ;$%.%& a day foi" {ill  men AV*oi'kilig iiiidei'groUiid.., The wages  at WardiiiM' are $'d.~>0 a day lor millers  and $'<i u day for laboroi-H or muck.irs.  Th.ree himdi'ed; ;,th(l fifty nien are already  at Avork at Wtirdneiv aiid the other  (���.���unps win giro iinnieditite AVOfk for 1000  men. The mine owners present tit the  meeting were F. 11. Culbertson aiid S. S.  Gihklou of the Tiger-Poormjiu, Joseph  ���McDonaJd and judge Norniah Holtei' of  3lon(jina of the Helena-Frisco, Richard  William   Leonard  Watson   and  Mammoth,   F.   Lewis Clark  Sweeney**   of    tlie    'Empire  ���Chance),   V. W. Br.-idley of  Hill   iV:   Sullivan,   Peter  Morning and Black Bear,  and  A.  B.   Campbell   of  Hecla Jind Gem.  of   the  and   Charles  State   (Last  the  Bunker  Larson   of   tlie  John  A. Finch  the  Standard,  Shipping Lead Bullion.  The Hall Mines, Limited, made another  shipment of lead silver bullion yesterday  to the . refinery, tit Newark. New Jersey.  There were *i'0| tons in the shipment,  valued tit SjiOfiOO. The bullion contained  !);. per cent, lead, something like 2o0  ounees silver, and two ounces gokl.to the  tnu.V _^__    '  Liberals Carry Waterloo.  North   Wati-uU>o,     M_ay    23.���Bri-  thaupt, Liberal, was elected today liy 111  majority. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.   WEDNESDAY, MAY  24-,  1899  IISFCfW"   IUST   STOCK  A  FULL  LINE  OF  Ladies' White Duck Skirts.  Ladies' White Duck Suits.  Ladies' Shirt Waists at 50c,   75c,  $1  and $1.25.  A few   Spring*   Capes left,  which will   be sold  at cost.  A nice line of Ladies' Crash  Bicycle suiting-.  One  Ncav Williams Sewing- Machine,  $2S.  A. FERLAND tf CO.  Kliol  lilo-k. H.iker Street, Nelson  Garden  Tools-  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  TURNING   OUT  AVe nr. turning out a great number of 'men's outfits, for the reason  tluit our suits fit ancl ate av.11 made. Wo -handle everything of the  best and sell at clt.se ]>i_c<-s. If you Avant a neAV spring suit, hat, tie,  shoes, undeiAVPiir, collar, shirt, suspenders, or socks, inspect our stock  itnd he convinced that wc ate the people avIio can give you the most  good goods for the least money.  Sig-n of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  Oil" PYTHIAS-Nel-,011    Lodge,   No,   25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall,corner  Jiaker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'elock.   Visiting Knights coidially invited to attend.  C. FltKNCH. C. C. G. 1MJS3. K. of It. & ���-���  NELSON LODGK, NO. SB, A. K. & A. M. Meets  second AVednesday in each innnth. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  H.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Anauycr.  A.  Victoria street, Nelson.  EWA11T & CAPllIK���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  erduen block, Pakcr street, Nelson.   H   CANE���Architect and  artist.   Broke.ihill   Mock,  ���   next door to Nelson library. ���   TO   LET.  Till. Olympic Hotel, Ka��lo.' Twenty rooms; furnished  complete; bowling alley.   Apply to Richard Wallop,  on tho premises.      - ;   -   /  __., -      dog; lost.7 ,"  > . '  AYJ'XLOW and white setter: -live mouths old;  r weight, about 15 pounds ; iind on a ��ide leather collar. Kinder will be suitably rewarded at Room 2, Hotel  .Hume. Nelson/ ��� r  ; WANTED.    '  GTKL wanted for general housework.     Wnldic, Veriian street.   V  .'    ��� " FOR  SALE. ":  SCAVENGER outfit and business for s.ile. The business amounts to between ___a(. rlo ��:iflO a month. For  furl her particulars apply Lo John Croft, or to Tho Tribune office. . ,    j     ���    Apply j to Mrs.'  FOE   RENT.  i Latim.  ��20 a month each.   lW-.ss-  TWO .six-room cottages on Latimer street, half block  westcf .Stanley street.   ��20 a month each.   Po_,��ess-  ion .1 uno 1st.   Apply to Alfred Hunker, or Tribune olllce,  -   "Y .    ;      "/  LOST."  ABO NCH of ten to fifteen keys on a steel ring. Find<-r  will be paid for his trouble oil returning to Louis  Levesiiuc, or to Tribune olllce. Nelson.  Mhz ��rtbune.  Daily Edition .  Piust Year, No. 120  WKEKI.Y .EDITION SKVKKTII YEAR, No. Mi  taxes. Next year, if the money bykiAVs  carry, he Avill pay $22.50. That is Avhtit  voting for the byhuvs means to the property OAviier.  The Economist advises the people of  Nelson to go the Avhole hog ou the money  byhiAVS in order that Nelson shall keep  up Avith the procession���of bankrupt  towns, like Brandon, Manitoba.  This decision of the mine oaa-iiers of the  Co)ur (l.Alones to resume-work *at once  moans that-one thousand " men will be  given employment underground tit the  uniform rate .of .$3.50-per. day.* A majority of- the men formerly employed iii  .these niines JiaA.-e - either .quit the Ga.ur  d'Aleiios for-good or_tirei.ii" the1 military  prison at Wai'tlner. . Miners, skilled in  tlieir 'trade, Avill- readily 'be'-procured  from Kootenay, lor. tlie prospect * is that"  - " "- -  Jpoti-diiy Avill be tlie-esttiblished rate'here  on and after June 1st.y : "-  Thk Tribune maintain., that Anderson  creek wilI at its loAvest stage furnish  sufficient AA*ator to supply e\-ery man, avo-  ���maii-aiid-child-in-Ni.lson-noA\*7"or���a^'eiir  hence, with one hundred gallons of Avater  daily, if this contention is not based on  data that is indisputable, why did the  city council not instruct the assessor to  take a census of the city, as the Municipal Act plainly ret) ni res? The trouble  i.s, everything the council has done so far  has been done by guess. They guess the  population is t-o many; they guess that  they will need ��10,000 for a ci.y building; they guess tliat they can Spend  $80,000 on the AVaterAvorks to advantage;  they guess that $.1.5,000 Avill put in. all  the iewers Kelson nnly need for a decade;  they gnesSt tliat the electric light phiiifc  cap be enlarged for $15,000: they .guess  that $20,000 -will be expended on tlie  streets; they guess thafc thfiy havo already run the city in debt $25,000���and  have nothing to show foi" it. And they  will keep on guessing to the end of their  terms of ofiice.  " It. is rather '.amusing for alderman  Klctchei;. to chide alderman Beer - for  childishness -in.resigning a committee  chairmanship because the council refused  to do as he (Beer) thought they should  do.    In J807 alderman Fletcher "pouted*"  THOMSON'S  WJ_ ARE NOT ADVKRTISING-  rralif  This   season. It  Is  not  necessary, everybody  knows that our  Stoek is Larger  and Prices Lowei?  JFlian Other. Dealers,  Sportsmen  want  fche  best   aiid  get it at  can   always  A VOTB for tlio money bylaws means it  vote fbr the increase of taxes, for every  dollar that the city borrows means that  more money must be raised to pay interest and sinking fund charges.    The addition, of $70,000  to  the city's debt means  that $0000 must be raised every year to  meet   the    interest    and   sinking   fund  charges.    Six   thousand   dollars  a year  means levying a rate of five mills ou the.  dollar to meet it.    The property owner  assessed for  $1000  hist  year paid $10 in  taxes.    This year his assessment has been  swelled to $1500, and if the rate levied is  the nam<. as last year, he will pay $15 in  3sr^_3-iSO_sr7 B- O-  <f  -u���  Dont  Be  -Influenced  By price alone in your drug buying. Looking  well to .uality mean. satisfactory results���means  securing the remedy tliat best fiiiilits the purpose  for which you intended it. Purity, quality, satis^  faction, arc first c&nsidercd here, but always a  price that makes the purchase an economical one.  A price U.uil means something to you. One package ol our  three months out of a term of eight  months because the council would not  make the mayor subordinate to the  chairman of the public works committee,  who happened at the time to be alderman Fletcher.  Mr. Kipling is Now Able to Smoke.  AVith Joyful shouts the news is hurled.  As on from world to world it Hashes;  And since we know your Light's not Failed  All England gladdens o'er your ashes.  Life's handicap let others dread,  The p.'ien but proved your sterling stalling,  And now wilh "wreaths" about your head  A victor, at the goal, you're pulling.  And germs and microbes backward roll.  Confounded, bnllled, beaten, choking,  AVIiilis you 111) high the glowing bowl  And draw to convalescence���smoking.  HDDS.  BAY  vine & Co  Hi  INCORPORATED 1670.  1670 1837 1899  THREE IMPORJAJ.T DATES  1670 Hudson's Bay Company incorporated.  1837 Our Gracious Queen, Victoria,  ascended the throne.  1899 May 24th, we all, prosperous,  happy and contented, unite in  celebrating her 80th  birthday.  May you enjoy your holiday, your  picnic sandwiches, salads, pate de  foie gras, etc., and return on May  25th, better satisfied than c\-*er to  homemade bread.  A CO-rtPLETE  RANGG OF LADIES'  Linen and Denim  Ready-made Suits  For Summer Wear  These  goods are the  proper thing.  They are   not   only serviceable   but'  stylish, being trimmed  in good contrasting colors.  ARE   NOW   SHOWING   __. ^y  B  B  B  B  wo  Memo:     You    will    if  "Hudson's   Bay   Patent  you    use  Flour"  Hudson's Bay Stores  ���'West Baker Street."'"    Telephone 13. "  Dont be  ��  LADIES'  WRAPPERS  Wash Suits  IN RFD, BLUE, FAWN,  GKEY, LINEN AND WHITE  COLOURINGS  B.  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AA'e JiiiycS a fiiio iiSKorCn.e.nt of ^oolenn always  on liniid.   Goods niado "tip at .'Hi. piiortcst pos-.  siblo ii.tieo.  A�� ovdi-ythml. is kept and made  oil tliif prcuiisds, satiSfucoion is asjjvii'od.  H. M. VINCENT  feAKER STREET WEST,'NELSON  ^^  JUDICIAL SALE.  Pursuant- to .a.judgment of tbe County Court of Koot,.  eiiay, holden at Nelson, entered on tlio 17th day of .January. A. I). ISM. in the consolidated action of J. I<\ Holden,  AVilliam li. Hudson, Christian Ulbon, William H.. Wiiplit,  and AVilliam If. AVarrcn, plaintiH'-, against the Bright  Pro'spccts Gold Mining aiid Development Company, Limited Liability, defendants, being plaints JSTos. IG1/98. Kij/US,  4'C6/B8, 4G7/I18, and ���IKS/SIS there will be oil-red for sale by  publics auction by S. P. Tuck, Shcnl.!', at tlie courthouse,  in the city of Nelson, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, on  Thursday, the 8th day of June, iSiW, all and singular the  mineral claim "The Northern Light," situate on the south  slope of the Center Kork of Forty-nine Crook, and adjoining the Hibbings mineral claim ou the southwest corner,  being in the Nelson aiming Division of Britis'h Columbia,  located the nth day of May, I8!)7, and recorded tlie (Uh  day M May, 1897.  The purchaser shall pay the purchase- money into Court  to the credit of the said consolidated action'on the day of  sale.  Dated at Nelson. 11. C, this 2_nd day of May, I8H9.  K. T. II. SlAIPlvINS,  Registrar of the Co- nty Court of Kootenay, holden nt  Neison.  NOTICE.  All parties having accounts against, tho late AVaitorS.  Ashpitel are re .nested to send the siinm to the undersigned, at once. JOHN Jt. RO\Y'!_...Y.  Nelson. 11. C��� May 20th, ISM.    ���  A 7-rooin Iiqus- ,  A o-rppm Ji-U'ho' -   _,.$:to  ..,  a��  FOB RENT  FOR SALE!  Peal estate in all parts Of tlio city.  LOANS. : "' INSUIIANOK  A largo-_ardiJ._-l__u.Hs doing g-od  bilsinesi'S, centrally located.  IOipOrtei-ij, of Shelf arid Hoaf y* I*[ard\yrt;rpi  map a & pAi.ty4)*SP Oj^Qcjc, M^lift St., ffffJjSQ.y,  _?_3Xi3^^��ifTE.  3S  Durifig the, sCfison wo will da-  liver J-o at priyuto rpsidciieoH  and business houses daily iniuij'  detii. cil cjtiluitil.' at OiisOnn-ble  prices. ,  jMumber.., etCi, Opcriv Hou_e iPJock, Nelson  JHA'I.Ul.'AC'I'UJitiaiiilpF  fl-NOINES, BO|_i_;R��5; SHAPTlNG, IBO|T. AND  B^Assr casings of, tixriD&Y p��sp2&ipiioti.  Pep.tire promptly;itUuei.)<3c(l to.       P.O. Mp__ 173_  West&  9     111     II ^_��S_f ..d   ^fk    V4_#B  GE_NERAL TEAMSTERS  Altliougli fche Times & Hambcr syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are AVitlidtaAvn from  sale, Ave still haAre a large list of ���residential  tots on our   list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'PLLY, Agents  'Biker Street AVest, Nelson, 11. C.  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  AGENTS FOR  i     ���"���'���"      ���������  Jmrierial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  H��&on Brick and Lime Co.  *fi_., Ltd., Cianadian Anthra*  ~" _Satd)  Merchandise hnuljj  meets, all "train_i  given   t.)  the,  stables on  AVe have two big snaps in ijj  Cull and get partiu  Money to  j. l. y_  Mil!  .,;?,,�����"' THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C., AVEDNESDAY, MAY 24,  1809.  3  Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OItl) STRATHCONA AND   M'P. ROYAL, Prosidout  ���Ion. OF.O. A. DPUMMON1) Vico-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON Gonornl Manager  asr__3i_soTsr beanch  N.W. Cor. Bakor and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON        RltA^'IIKR  IN        LONDON   f BnKlanrt).    NBW   1TORK,   CHICAGO  itnrt In i.hi' priiH-ipali .tins in Canada.  Huy and sell Hnirlim.   Kxchange and Cable Transfers  OltAN'r COMMKItCUI.   >NI> TltA "KI.I.KKK"   .ItKIIITH.  avaiialilo in any purl of the world.  I.KAFT8 IK��I1KI1    f_OI,I.KC'ri(I.Nf> MAOK.   KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURUENT RATK OK INTEREST PAID  MR.   POOLEY ; ON   GOLF.  "An' what's this game iv goluf like, I  ���'-liriniw?" said Mr. Hennessy, lighting his  pipe Avith mucli unnecessary noise.  "Ye're a good deal iv a spoor., JaAvnny;  did ye iver tliry it?"  "]STo," said Mr. McKenna. "I used to  roll a. hoop onct upon a time, but I'm out  of condition iioav."  "It ain't like base-ball," said Mr. Hennessy, "an' it ain't like shinny, an' it ain't  like laAvn-teenis, an' it ain't like forty-  lives, au' it ain't"���-" Y  "Like canvas-back duck or anny other  game ye knoAV said Mr. Dooley.  "Thiu Avhatis it like?" said Mr. Hennessy. "I see be th' pa-aper that Hobart  "What-d'ye-call-liim is wau iv th' best at  -it. Tli' other day he made a scoor ivwan.  hunt-herd an' sixty-eight, but Avhether  'twas miles or stiches I cudden't make out  fr'ni th' raypoorts."  ."Tis little yeknow," said -Mr. Dooley.  "Tli' game iv goluf is as old as th' hills.  Me father had goluf links all over his  place, an', Avhin I was a kid, 'twas wan iv  the' principal spoorts ivme life, afther I'd  dug the turf fr th' avenin', to go out and  putt"���  "Poot,  ye mean,"  said Mr.  Hennessy.  "They'se no such wurrud in th' Knglish  language   as   putt.    Belinda   called   me  down ha-ard on it no more thin las' night."  "There ye go!" said Mr. Dooley, angrily.  "There ye go!    D'ye think this here game  iv��goIuf is a spell hi' match?;  'Tis like, ye,  Hinnissy, to be refereein'. a twinty-round  gloves contest be th' rule iv three."   1 tell  ye 1 used to go out in th' aA*enin' an' putt  me ��mashie like   hell-an'-all, .till   1   was  knoAved fr'in aviwi end iv th' couuty to th'  other as1 th'  ehampeen-pultei'.   I putted  two  men fr'in Roscommon in' wan day,  an' they hrid to bo took hoiiie on a dure  "In America th' ga-ame is played more  ginteel, an' is  more like eigareet-smokin',_  though less onhealthy  fr th' lungs.    'Tis  a good .game to play in'a hamniick Avhin  ye're all -tired but fr'in social duties'" or  shovellin' coke. - Out-iv-dure golf is played   be   th' folloAv'in  rules.    If ye  bring  ye'or wife fr to see th' game, an' she has  her  name  in  th' paper,  that counts ye  Avan.    So th' first "thing ye do is to find  th*  raypoorter, an'  tell him ye're there.  Thin ye ardner a-bottle iv brown pop, an'  haA'e ye'er second fan  ye A\rith a-towel.  Afther this ye'd dhress, an'   here ye've  got to be dam. partielar or ye'll be struck  fr. th' dli rinks.    If ye'er necktie is not on  sfchraight,  that  counts   ye'er   opponent  wan.    If both ye an' ye'er opponent have  ye'er  neckties on crooked, th' first man  tihatsees At gets-h?' stakes!.   Thin ye or-.  _dhe_-a>c_i,i.i*(-;dge*  ts now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on, District.  "Order WhHtf" demanded Sir. M<-I_enna��.  "Atekrrpd&e/!  'What fpr$"  "fr'r to take ye 'round tli' links. Ye  have A little t_py follOAVin' ye, earryin'  yfe'er clubs. Th' Ihkn ���that _has" th' smallest little boy it coui-tS him. two. If th'  Jittfe hoy has tli' rickets, it Counts th'  mail tin th' carred^e tlireei The litetle  boys   is   called   caddies;    but   (Sitreiiqe  Henri toy that tol' me all this��� he belongs  to th' FoorLh Wa-ard Goluf an' McKinley  CIub-said Avhat th' little boys calls th'  players'd not be fit frto repeat.  ".Veil,   Avliin   ye dlu-ive  up  to th' tea  grounds"���  "Th' what?" demanded Mr. Hennessy.  "TIT tea grounds, that's like  th' home-  plate in base-ball or  ordherin' a piece iv  ciialk in a game iv spoil five.    It's the be-  ginnin' iv ivrythiug.    Whin ye get to th'  tea grounds, ye."step out, an' have ye'er  hat irned be th' caddie.    Thin ye'er man  that ye'er goin' aginst comes, up, an' he  asks ye, 'Do you know"Pot tiler Famine?'  Well, if ye don't knoAV  Potther Painmer,  it's  all up   with ye;  ye lose  two  points.  But ye come right back at him Avith an'  upper  cut:    'Do    ye  live  on   th'   Lake  Shore dm*e?'    If he doesn't, ye have him  in th'  nine hole.    Ye needn't play Avith  him anny more.    But, if ye do play with  him, he has to spot three balls.    If he's a  good  man  an'  shifty  on  his feet,  he'll  counter' be askin'  ye where ye spend th'  summer.    Noav ye can't tell him that ye  spent th' summer with wan hook on th'  free lunch an' another on th' ticker tape,  an'  so ye  go back  three.    That needn't  discourage ye at all, at all.    Here's yer  chance to mix up, an' ye ask him. if he  was  iver in  Scotland.    If he  AA'asn't, it  counts ye five.    Then ye tell him that ye  had an aunt Avanst that heerd th' .Took iv  Argyle talk  in a phonograph;  ah' onless  he comes back an' shoots it into ye that  he was Avanst run over be th' prince of  Wales, ye   have-him   groggy.    I   don't  know whether  th'jook iv Argyle or th'  prince iv Wales counts f'r most.    They're  like th' right an' left boAver iv thrumps.  Th' best players is called scratch-men."  "What's that fr?" Mr. Hennessy asked.  "It's a Scotch  game," said Mr. Dooley,  Avith a wave of his hand.    "I wonder Iioav  ifc came out today.    Here's  th' pa-aper.  Let me see.    McKinley at Canton.    Still  there. , He niver eared to wandher fr'm  his  oavu fireside.    Collar-button  men fr  th'  goold  standard.    Statues iv Heidel-  baek. "Icklelieimer an'  company   to   be  erected in  Washington.    Another jVau-  derbilt wedtliu'.    That sounds like goluf,  but'it. ain't.    Newport society livin' in  Mrs.   Fotthor Pemmer's   cellar." Green-  good's-men   declare  fr   honest   money.  Anson iufoorth jjlace some more. Piauuy  tuners fr-McKinley.     Li  Hung  Chang  smells a  rat.    Abner McKinley supports  th'   goold   standard.     Wait   a   miuyit.  .Here"it is:, 'Goluf in gay attire:'-   Let me  see.'     II'in. s   'Foozled   his   approach,'���  nasty  thing. "'Topped th' ball,'    'Three  up an' two io play.'    Ah, here's th' scobr.  'Among those prisiut  were  Messrs.  an'  Mesdames"���  "Hoi' on!" cried Mr. Hennessy, grabbing the paper out of his friend's hands.  "That's thim that Avas there."  "Well," said Mr. Dooley, decisively,  "that's th' goluf scoor,"  AMOUNT   OF   GOLD   IN   THE   RAND.  Cape Town made a shipment to London of $-,097,055 in gold last Aveek, Avhieh  was about one-tAventy-sixfcli of the Traps-  yfl.a.Ps. pj*odji<^ last^yi^^  twenty-five miles to the west of Johannesburg.  It is the liand that has made the  Transvaal preeminent among gold producers, and its possibilities are not yet  fathomed. The reefs haA'e been found to  a depth of 2500 feet and the structure of  the country seems to shew that they continue to a great depth. The fact that  the ore is phenomenally uniform foi- a  gold deposit gi\'es A'alue, Avithin curiam  limits, to tin; computations as to the  quantity of the metal that may be obtained, o  The mining engineers in the "Rand are  confident that the ore may be profitably  AA'orked to a depth of 5000 feet.  The total gold production of the world  in the four centuries after the discoA'ery  of America was about !)22() million dollars. It is accordingly believed, on the  best information now attainable, that the  accessible gold in a narrow strip of land  in South Africa, comprising about one  hundred square miles, is approximately  equal to a third of the Avorld's entire  product for four hundred years.  After the enormous results already  achieved in the liand, it is interesting to  recall  Iioav   little   the  conglomerate   or  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Eough and .  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want ih not in stock wo will mako it for yon  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  J. A.  HALL AND LAKE STRKETS. NKLSON  CHATtLKS HILLYER,  PHKSIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RKCKHTAKY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LiavniTEiD.  -lAN'-F'ACTUHKKS OK AND  "nHAI_BU- IN'  OR ZJAWS0.N CItfY?  If yoii .'are* call and get posted  on the? White Bass and Yukon  route, which is the bes  and cheapest possjfe]  pu^iiTl81)8 of $81,203,150 and in_1807 6?  Sf^Sy-OOjOO, the i,j-ans*vatil has for two  yeajrs headed the list of gold, |.ro(|uc"erSj  and, tlijere-is no prospect that the Supfem-  -icy of the Boer i*epiibltc a_ a gold winner  will soon be disputed. Nine-tenths of  the Traus\'ii.al's Ouorinous yield has for  years been obtained from a .striji of hind  thirty }*nHe- long and one to two miles  \HdOi eomprjsiiig about: one-half of the  gold-bejiring ofek of the WittWate^sraud  (.white water slope), that stretches away  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets-  Office and Store Fittings  HACTOUV AV-HK 1W.VI5 TO OKDKK,  SUCH  A.  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IK STOCK  =Gl-igs=o_^all^izes-and=J0nds=  Sawhiill on Govcrifti.i.iit M'hiirt. ,_-������_  Factory and oiHec. .oriifcr Hall! strccifc and C.P.R. track  f^' *" ���  'V.i  J-      .r1'  --���      .     '  ��� i'l *,..  U * ���  .  /t._i   m   '-:-���'"  ��w  ���     1*     "  . i       '    *               J"-"  *  ���>���-,**  ��'���'������  V-V'_  i   ������", ���"  m  ���i.     i  '���,.'.'  rwr^':^-^  Vs-*   '  @_ f  : ��� _*'_���*��� ��� .. .'-'- -  * tJ  H- '  i ��� ���  **       %   *     p   "*�� *  *        s.  ��-'V^ *���.'  few  ���_��.*_.1"'"''  M=-T?'-*v  �� Tf-V. -  '   ��'   . *> V.-      ''������_���  If j^ou want.a natty, styliHh suit of clothes for  sprint? and mltnrii-i', 1 littvo over 500 diil'or-  eitb piittenls pf Sc6tcb and En(jl.Kj_ twccdH,  wliich I will mako to your order at tho low  jirieo of ...........; ..��..,.. ..$25  lilnck vcnctiiiiiB mako a hico suit tor summer wear at   ...;>����������� ,.,.., ��24  Black serge _uits in sack or morning coat.. .21  A heavy Scotch Uvccd, ilico putterns fan  _busiiic'!s ami 318  jjjiborb at cquallj low prices    F it and dm .li  '   mii Canada    Ladies'line tailoring a  .lenient block Baker stiect  "banket formation," in wliich the gold is  found,-, was understood��� Avhen this district  first began to attract attention. In 1887,  even after hundreds of miners Avere floe Icing to the Rand every month, an "Austrian expert" was quoted in Pcter-  mann's Mittheilungenas saying that "the  banket formation probably will not run  over 200 feet deep. The WittAvatersrand,  Unquestionably, will turn out gold for  some time to come, but a.s soon as they  reach the Silurian formation the yield  Avill not be plentiful."  K, 15. Martin, Vnncoin'or  J. I). A'oiuig. Victoria  .1. W. Wuy. Victoria  II. T. Till..y, Toronto  .1. W. Wilson, Hosslaud  C. W. Turner, Toronto  HOTEL   AREIVALS.  IIUMK.  .1. W. Herrr. lvaslo  1). Gavin. A'anooiiver  (;. II. Tuyl'T, Montreal  John Bull, Slocan City  10. C. Davidson, Kossland  K L. Ilnlchins', Toronto  A. A. Cross, West.Superior  K. Criddlo, London  A. .1. Hales, Spokane  J. B. McArthur, Ivas'o  Charles Lemon, Sandon  PIIAIR.  J. Tas.so.SMoiil.renl  G. li. Chandler, Sackville,  N. 11.  R. Mownian. Vancouver  Kdward Phillipson, Liverpool, King*  QUEEN'S.  Mrs. Dill. Slocan City  Miss Nichol, Slocan City  I). H. Biddell, Pilot Bay  J. B. Anderson, Kaslo  AV. II. Barwis, Iiossland  W. B. Leitch, Bossland  S.   W.  -/Icllor   and   wife,  Eureka  SILVER KING.  ,1.    B.    Bliss  A. Audet, Kossland  W.  Greenless   and   wife,  Ingersoll .  J. M. Wort li, Trail  IT. Lewis, Trail  J. A. Montgomery, Trail  IT, Miller, Trail  w  B  mn  3-^s ���c3'&ye3i'c-  mm?  m*  v&  m-f  B  B  B  B  SPECIAL VALUES  Though early in the season for bargain sales, OAving to a lucky  purchase, avc find ourselves able to sell a feAV dozen ladies'  shirt waists at reduced prices.  Ladies' Print Shirt Waists, Pretty Patterns, at $i worth $1.25  Ladies' India Muslin Blouses, regular price $1.75, our price,  ''$1.25.  Ladies' Organdi  Muslin  Blouses, cheap at $2, our price, $1.50  Ladies' Satana Shirt Waists at $2.50, regular price $3.  Ladies' Colored Satana Shirt Waists, regular price $3.50,  our price,  $3.  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Large comforUiblc  bedroom,,  and   flrht-cla'?..  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial-men.  BATES  _?:____- _d_____-  Mrs.  E.  G.   CL/\RKE;  Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,    Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Ca,  All KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  -...     WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  -���V-l  BaKer street, Neisoh E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECKIVK-CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA C0LDFIELDS, Ltd.:  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,  ENGLAND/.  All  communications relating to British, Columbia  business to be addressed  to P. O. Dravier  605, Nelson, British Columbia" * ���  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   Mr-i   ����.,.    r��~ **\  S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer <   INtL-OUTM,    D. L��.  The Slocan Ore Purchasing Company  OF   NELSON*,   B- O.  'J-'  NELSON,  classes of silver, gold,  H- D. HUiyiE, Manager,  The /liiCRt Iiot-1 in the interior.  Ijargo salrtpro rooms.  Steam hi. .tniid electric liglit.  COP.NKB OK WARD ANJ& VJtRSQN STS., NKtSON  WILL DO WKLL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  'S  s. Tlje Tailor  A largo Btock of. first-class dry jnatorhil on hand, also  a full lino of i.agli_ doors, liiolildiiiKH, turned wpric, etc.  FACTOR^ WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard    Foot of Hcndryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 Jofall    RaB,   Ageilt  PETER  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  BAKKR AXD SVAllft STIMfilipi'S, .NIjUiSON  J'lie oitiy hotel in, Nelson tliat lifts re.iiaiiicd under one  nianagoiiient since ISM).  I'liO Ked:rOoins are well furnished iidd Ji_hlcd bf  cloetrifclty.  I'lio dining-rooin is not second to any in I-OOteTIay.  The bar is always stocked by tho host 'iloniu.Ua and  imported jiguors nnd ctoirs.  ! THOAtAS J1AI3DEN, FropMcU.r.  HOTEL  Two and a half milos up the Outlet from NTelson.  s   now prepared   to  buy all   classes of silver, gold, silver-lead, lead and  copper ores.    The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended*  ��o._-tfre___sraal|.esi=-Mp.p_  ing guaranteed.  Ad_dre_s alj communications to drawer S, Nelson, B. C.  GEORGE IVL McDOWELL, Managm  O. M. ROSENDALI3, PtnrGbasing; Ap,n|^  Spring Chickens, Frestj Cream,  Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  AU'of which aro from the ranch bclOngm-,' to thcliotcl  A pleasant place to speiid afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be Obtained in holds or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  nijrht.   Can be reached by cither road or water.  AVILLIAM HUBERTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN   HOTEL  -sr:v_:_::_-, B. o.  Kvcrythiiiu drst-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cifjars  Rates .1.50 and ?2 per day.  J. XV. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and woll lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Kleotric bells and light In ovory room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J, V. PERKS, Proprietor  ._. meets all trains  street car to station  Revelstoke, B.C.  SMOKERS' :H �� A D.QU A'RTBRS  Keeps a ful. line pf  ROYAL. SEAL AND KdOtENAY BlEtiLE (t-IGARS  And ail other brands of the  AT T?A(":TO|{Y IWCJ-S  OF  gap  Nelson Tent and Awninf M_niif8Btop|;  ALL   _3_I_*STI-0  0_T  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OF 'I'KNTS IN STOCK  Baker street, opposite postoillce. Nelson  THEO.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITB  J. McPHBH  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and GonstruetioTi Cd.  ELECTRIC S0PPMBS  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting Tor Mines, Towns ���  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciator-, Etc.  P. O. Box 600. Josephine Street, Nelson, __; O.. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  WEDNESDAY,  MAY 21,  1890.  Purses and  Pocketbooks  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purses and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & 00,  CORNK-. BAKKR AND JOSKPHINK STRKETS, NELSON  MAY 24th  SEE  GILKER  FOR YOUR  CELEBRATION HAT  .-NEXTI>.e>  A  LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWNS  NELSON.  Today beiiis the eightieth birthday ol*  Queen Victoria, tlie employees of Tiuo  Tkihuxe intend to celebrate us has been  their custom for seven years. Hence  this paper will not be issued ^.tomorrow  moi-iiing.  The bicycle path is completed to .Margrave's ranch, which is about a mile from  the starting point at the hospital.  Nine out of ten of those who voted  against the electric liglit loan bylaw last  year will be found voting I'or all four of  the loan bylaws on Monday next. Prejudice and hatred alone governs them.  A club, to be named the .Merchants, i.s  beiug organized in Nelson. The capital  to start it successfully is being subscribed. It will be cosmopolitan, as  the Nelson Club is ultra Knglish.  II. J. l-vansand wife leave this morning for a week's holiday at the Outlet  hotel, Balfour.  T. CI. Proctor sold yesterday lots .15 and  10 block 15, fronting on Silica street,  near Josephine street, to J. JI. Bowes,  the purchase price being $1000. Two  cottages Avill be erected on the property  for rental.  An addition Avill shortly be made to  Nelsou industries. S. D. Weaver, manager of the Kootenay Wire Works Company, Avhicli lias beeu operating at Trail,  spent yesterday in Nelson, looking for a  site for the transfer of its ��� plant to this  town. A site along the lake front extension of the Canadian Pacific was  chosen, and a building Avill be commenced  at once. .***  Bruce White and W. A. Galliher returned from the Coast yesterday, where  they had been on legal business connected  with Kokanee creek mining property.  The attention of mayor Neelands,  chairman of the public works committee  Fletcher, city engineer McCulloch, and  city clerk Strachan is called to the condition of Baker street in front of the  postoffice. ��  W. J. Goepel, inspector of government  offices, is in tbe Boundary Creek country  inspecting offices.  Tlie next miners' conference Avill be  held in Rossland at no distant date.  James Laidlaw, foreman for contractor  Mel. arland  on   A.   H.   Buchanan's  residence, fell from a ladder yesterday after-  I noon and was severely injured.  1     Captain  Jlodgins  Avas  busy yesterday  mtbi  '���'*&��� :\  l": I��4':|{^iliWYt'<ij,youi'V,adviuitage.. to .see our  :"}��-^&_l_brii��pl^l"'^stbcl_-of Boots "aiid Slices.  ^f-jcf_*i|*^n*_^3!--li��w{Dg  lines:    J.  &.T.   Bell, 3,  ^r^iii^-i^Gq., North "Star Slioo Co., .Foots  ���>;j^_J.y5jb^-*_S^j5i, Stratford "Shoe Co., Anies, Hoi  J"��t'd..e-hVti��(3fl:,"��4u-id oilier  leading makers.  Neelands ohoe Emporium  T?(_ ^K:D*%V?*(sf;����gAKEUiSTREET,-NELSON  issuing uniforms to the members of the  local militia company. As the order for  the uniforms was based upou the dimensions of private Thomson", the small men  in theYeompany;. had coiisiderabkr difficulty in getting'clothes to fi'xYthem. , Tlie  general impression, is that/the men have  drilled so much thatJ,they .can Avea.rinuch  smaller, clothes than they could when .the  AVe*��L order was first placed.  ROSSLAND.  The inquest.on the bodies.,of  killed at the War Eagle i.s  not  IpHES-i GCflUS we' are  ry bound to sell wf*jile  :ffiey remain ihe - pa-ferns  .of 'the season.. We pre-  ;fej-r4_r mark them down.  i*lo*#, ;aqd let bVUr regular  ;l_S-��rqer8 have the ad-  ,"VaH_ta^ _ *pf th,��e cut, rath.-  _j_"t|jai| "have; a slaugh,ter  "i&\��<3 sbijne months "later  tp frfake room for n.eW  goods. Our display of  f$Vi$$0$*!fa!!- Squares  is the finest ever seen.  TrJ Itettfeijay. Tliey are  redejyed dire_t from: the  eastdrn'importer- -so that  in buying fronriis you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  When "���$dy&ri��i'sed  At,  *"_St-n_ti<.flG Prices"  should ho left alone.     An.  ltu!GJ.i6n  lii'ice means the  lligliest  price which the  ' px^Gh^^^cin-rheHudnced-to^iQiyf -���  New Spring Designs  In Axtoiiistcrs of tlie best quality, With or without  boi'ders. British iind Oanadiaii makes.  Velvet Pile  Suitable fbr dtuAViilg-rooms, dihliig'i'ooin&j halls. Or  staii'S. with or Avithout boi'dei-s.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   .qUarc._s  Japanese  Smyrna nnd, Tetfttniseh rugs.  4iy Different Styles  J.  si'iuares   and  rttgs,  -... ...Ol-.l-tiby Carriages  and  go-carts  to   select   from.  Rattan chairs and rocket's. 7 . -  Purnit^e^j}f^^ll_Kinds_  Is advancing, and notice.to this effect has been  . sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Having' a large stock on hand we will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any of our  competitors. We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  D- McARTHUR & CO,  Corner Baiter and Ward Streets, Nelson.   the men  yet concluded.. ' The man in charge of the hoist  "was.. not -"a certificated- engineer, had  never, run an electric hoist till about a  month ago, and was working a l.-liour  shift. He thinks he could have stopped  the lioist "within another 100 feet.  It is understood that the city and -the  owners of the Avaterworks wi] 1 get  nearer together, uoav that the former is  iif a position to pay spot cash.  Betting iii Rossland is 2 to 1 that Rossland will win the hub-and-lmb race at  New Denver today.  Most of the mines and all the  business  . houses ���Ayei;e closed yesterday during, the  ifiiueral of tliree of the Winery killed7iii  the. War Eagle accident.   Flags Were at  half  niast:     The  procession  formed  as  if oil ows _^(^)=cl ei^  wholn were in line, '(3) fraternal  order Of  -.agles. (4)  Salvation  Ariiiy  with band,  (5) th'ree  hearses  covered  with  flowers,  (6) elthiOns, of whom  fully 800 followed  the hearses.   YMIE.  Ch-eat pi*eparations are being made for  tire celebration today,, which is being  looked forward to 'With keeii interest, for  there is an excellent programme and  Yiiiirites intend to enjoy tJiemsel ves.  The first baseball match of the, season Is  booked fox tlie day, wheli Sillmo and tlie  locals will chase the sphere; Th_ Ymir  team are A. W. Hayer c, 12. .1. Keiloy p.,  ft. Footelb., CJ.Sp.iuii- 2 b., W. TUjith  .$ b��� W. Manning s. s., Ii. ^IcRobci'ts 1. 1.,  C Brown c. f., 0. Arcliibajc] r. (fy> ���' .  The Misses "Dot" '.and "Tbmmie"  Adams ��� 'hitVe left for Rossland to  spend the queen's birthday. Mrs. Edna  Butts and Mrs. Nancy S. Wardle are on a  visit to Ymir. A. B. Buckworth, J.I?.,  leaves today for Spokane on business.  In spite of all efforts no trace of the  body of tlie late J. N. Greensill can be  found.  The  -river  lias  risen   considerably   on  account of the melting of the suoav. The  weather is fine and warm, almost semi-  tropical. The marriage fever has set in  Y"mir anil the curious ones are anxious to  know who will be the next���wliich will  be a surprise.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Professor W. .1. Harvey, the eye specialist and optician, (kiii be consulted at Viin-<.onc"s drug  store, corner I Sal;-rand Josephine streets, until Thursday  ufl.ui'iKHiii nl.S o'clock.  cn  co  C3  CO  CO  ���I  CO  ��<  I���  CO  CO  c.  -E  tTI  OO  CO  .It pays us to deal squarely with  you and to * represent, our goods  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive for excellence in  quality and price, always aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best goods at the smallest  figures. On this basis we invite  your inspection of. our lines.  The latest and neatest stock in  Sash Clasps,, Belts in all patterns,  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping  Bags, Ladies' Lorgnette Chains in  patterns.  .    A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all  kinds and descriptions.  We want your watch repairing  and we employ only expert watchmakers. Send your watches as we  can save you money on your repair work.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime.on the market at  70 Cents p 100 Us  CALL   AND   INSPECT  The West (\ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  linker Street.       T. G. PROCTOR, Vanafier  FOB SALE  IUjSINKSS AND ItESIDKNTIAIs  30.. li?  120S BrUtcr steeot. between  Josephiii-  and.  W.u'(L_t;rc6'_..... ,.��..,....,... , .......��8.000  50 "uy 120, ���Baiter street, -eUveqir,_ ohoiiIhikS and Hitll  streets.. , >. ,   -500  =S0=_y-l20,=Balscr-str_el. ^  strceta. cSoriicr... ���.,... �� .* .,.,  SO "by 320, Kii-tBaker-li'feet.��...,.���.���.... =     SOO  25by 120 with im(_roVcrnonl!. Koutlt side of Ycnion   ��  street.-.. ,. ����,..... 5000  50% 120 with ir_i_.roV-Mients, south side" of A^crnon  ���street... ���  .��.-..��� ,.,.. .....,.".. 6000  2 lots and largo hous/- beiiutifuily furiiisllod (tfiiiiv) - ��� -I000'  2*"lotH* with cottage rented aliSlopCr inontli, Victoria  .street,.., '..,..   .*!50O  1 lot with cottage, r.jited at .1�� per rudlitl), Victoria  street .���'..,.���....��   2o00!  _ I-ts Withcottage rcntgd at ��20;perltio��t.h, *;tanlcy  street...  ,_.��� ....��...:  sooo  Clots il); bloftk IHJ,, all cleared ami f_i___d in. ....... 2500  !)-toom liouse and '10 lol�� set Out, inorcliard    1100  2 lots Aiid iini'is'oveiiiiriifs, 52 head of uo\v_, 2 horses,  wagons,, sleit'iis, harness, njftl everything iii (Son-  liectio'n With Hurry's milk 6mch..,..    55U0  Kor geiiorai inforiiialioii oil real estate iind for further  <pji.rticiil_ii_.jSii.above .H'op.rty apiily to  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C,  DEALERS IN  and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  :    OARS  Canton Brill Steel-  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  //���///^\\\\        Pipes,.and Fittings  f/w w   Giant, Caps and Fuse  7     i^3vV-,-,   T001^ Cutlery, Tin  WOODEN    m    IroTn'  Steel  Sheet  MATER.AL    ^ Pa^ Sg^fU  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Comer Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  ^S  ^  WILL  ADD   TO   THE   SELLING   VALUE   OF  A  SHABBY   LOOKING   HOUSE  When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsom'ine Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining" Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Everybody who intends purchasing- Crockery,, Groceries, etc., will save money by calling- on Kirkpatrick & Wilson, who have now open Foi? inspection  the finest lot of Groceries, Crockery and Glassware  ever brought to the Kootenay. Fruit Jars, just  arrived in pints, quarts and half gallons. Lowest  prices.   First-class quality.  w\a.:b:d bbos.  Real iSstialis and Gi.nor.tl -Aleuts, linker St., Nolson,  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSKPHINK ST11EKT, NELSON  Ice Cream  (HAZIiEVV-OOI*. ,���  AND  Ice Cream Soda  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT STORJE  FroHh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone !W. - .-   HUMl'IIIMCVS & 1'ITTOCK  Hazlewood  lee Cream  Wc have been appointed sole agents in Nelson for  this celebrated lee Cream, nnd are now prepared  to eater to the public at our ice cream parlors,  which we have fitted up in (irsl-class style. Call  in'mid have a rtteh of this delicious cream. Other  dealers supplied.  ills & Lott  Tropical ^Vuit Depot,  Corner of Baker and Ward streets, Nelson  Why buy clothes from an inferior tailor, when  ihotemuo amount of money will huy a stylish  '   cut, well trimmed and neatly made suit at  SUITS $25        ,i. R. WRAY'S  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor.  Satisfaction guaranteed  BOATS! BOATS! BOATS!  KOlt BALK OU HIRI.  Telephone 10.   P. Oi BoXYK <8c W.      Baker str_et West, l^-lSori  I'm Off to the Hills  I got  dtitfittcd at DesBrisay'.-.^--fourt'een weefc's supplies,  all   iiGatly pnckecl'  ill   cotton ] sacks..    Th_y know   how   to fix-  you up, and such a fine stock to choose A-om.  I'll  tell   you   Mike   there   isn't another st0r.e in  the city  ..     ������' ��� .����>______._ i i ���*..'���  that  can   fix .a  prospector J^ffggjjjg^MTie v/a*y as'' that same  ABERDEEN BLQi  NELSON,.  W. J. ASTLEY & CO..  Boals built to order.   Repairing and  inlty.   Sails made and rigged.   FUh2  met'ded.   At Government wha____J|  Vienm


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