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 LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS  AND CAMPS.  Special to Tlie Tribune.  Rossland, May 17.���The water and  light agitation in Rossland is becoming  Avarm. The attitude of the city council  is not, by any means, generally improved.  A very large payroll-was disbursed Monday and Tuesday, and consequently  places of amusement and saloons are  A'ery lively. Richard Shea, who has now  sold out of the Rambler-Cariboo, is sojourning in Rossland. "Dick" is iioav a  capitalist, not in mining stock, but in  hard coin.  A. painful incident in connection with  Greensell's supposed drowning is reported  from Ymir. It appears that one of  Vmir's most prominent citizens Avas  awakened by Avhat he thought A\*as a cry  for help, lie got up and Avent out Avith  a candle in his hand. After going some  little way in the wet and dark he heard  somebody muttering close to him, and as  the cry was not repeated, he concluded  it Avas the usual Saturday night drunk.  He went back to bed feeling angry at  having been disturbed. Noav he is  troubled Avith the thought that if he had  pursued his investigations a little further  he might have saved the unfortunate  man's life.  Sandon.  Sandon, May 17.���The Slocan Star  -mill is closed down for a day or tA\o on  account of a scarcity of water. The  Sandon footballers defeated Silverton by  a score of three to two. The differences  arising out of the seizure of the Spencer  hall, have been-settled, Mr. Spencer paying all claims due J. M. Harris. The neAV  hose and nozzles for the fire brigade have  arrived.  New Denver.  Neav Denver, May 17.���M. L. Grim-  mett, barrister, of Sandon, Avill open a  branch office here. Captain Jefferys of  Nanaimo, father of the kite Fred Jefferys  who-was drowned in the lake some time  ago, is at present in town settling up the  estate of his son. E. Atherton, ex-mayor  of Sandon, is having- a neat cottage  erected for his family on Nob Hill, overlooking BigeloAv bay. M. McLean is  erecting the grand stand at the ball  grounds. It Avill accommodate .several'  'hundred people. Rev. R. N. PoAvell,  Metliodist, has been moved by conference  to 'Greenwood.- He is:to be succeeded  here by ReAV A. Sanford of Sandon.  Building operations are more  brisk  iioav  ;V��*>;tlw^i;^  f^'Si^p^  r>      . ljulv 91)  ����>V1jicmiI  Libmrv  W % \*&  THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 18,  18!'!'.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  HILLYER WITNESSED THE ROW  ON   DEADMAN'S   ISLAND.  present at least, they are after them now  on the Duncan City toAvnsite. Tlie C.P.R.  have almost completed the grading of  their roadbed at Duncan City, on the  other side of the pass, and now the Kaslo  & Lardo-Duncan people are establishing  a grade a little higher, and in making the  same will make it very unpleasant for  the C. P. II., jis the two lines run close together. At present the Kaslo ifc Lardo-  Duncan railway people seem to get considerably the best of their opponents.  Over ia hundred men are now working at  the Duncan City end of the Kaslo <k  Lardo-Duncan line and considerably more  than this on the C. J'. R. line.  H. Key Stovel came down from Duncan City yesterday and reports all kinds  of excitement there just now. The  steamer Marion is going to attempt to  make the run from Kaslo through tlie  Lardo river to Duncan City tomorrow.  This run has only been .made once, and  that Avas by the little steamer Idaho  two years ago in high water. She had  considerable difficulty in getting up and  has remained on Duncan lake ever'since.  However, the river has been improAred  since then, and with the high Avater that  is expected this season, the captain of the  Marion thinks he AA'ill have no difficulty  in.making the run up the Lardo river  daily. The experiment Avill be watched  with interest.  Green Brothers lniAre moved their retail stock to their new premises opposite  tlie Bank of British North America, and  uoav have one of the best business stands  in town.'. The city has a gang of men at  Avork building a cribAvork iu the cut on  A. avenue. ... This is a much needed improvement, as ever'since the cut -was  made the sides liave been continually  falling in, making trallic up to the hill  Arery difficult at times, and the dirt and  stones AArere ahvays a source of annoyance to residents on the hill.  GRITS   GET   ALl  IN   THE   CIVIL  THE  SERVICE.  irr>o  , treasui'ei'^f^*%h-i>-SSbW'0io_i,"^6jninI'tte3S  *$.,A"^epQ.*t-*��^  s/Yfcman-ne^  w���Anc-i._ Av^e^jpiittiug .���sth'_*/.fimps touches ;0n��-  a _ ' ��  fl"    �� [V        u ^ D D   ^"        D^    |_T" _P       _    *     i*P     f *-* P    Sd     pal],   a     ^"p -i_     D        i&  a'��a   ��� i   D^_        &nn 0      D   ^   ���" D  C;-��^l^.^pp^g^iijc^^^^X-a*^ &ndi-yeiepygy  U V;Ytlnfi.|r^n^A-?**���3ii f ;reac|TiJ_ss^To1fc,i ^t_3_ S�� -|l->i JB_f ���  "-:"Vrete"n1b3_h/th^ �� �� "]  yy":;,��   ,    \���_;.   /������p^pfi^p^y^J '���"��� "���.-"'.'  f,,y.l^U^^kl,$ST^^^dy"? $7i\fcA ^Mkipui  n",Jo d&J-lW*^ ��%&}��, '$$���  ";} f. ��ilie"*" J|)|jr,7iiVfd>:"fJ.i)nV"V?i^ -{jAnf-'  ��" "��" ]lia$,p "(been^"']^^n^p(1^^^.^ ihe" xvp^lt  ,  g^es*$t&atliIy"oii. yl^Mdr"^ tli^if" xetMmpd  ;last=.njght IrOifiYtlie .Victor, dh^Ftjh-niilfe  areeky iftld*. fcejiortl;, the��. gu;0)ylaS7 (being  ,    �� iiil 1 <_**. k nibn tli lateiSVtlian ;lti_'t; Season.  The Czar Much Pained.  Berlin, May 17.���The Local Anzieger  today prints an inteiwieAV with AVilliam  T. Stead, -.'who. recently inteiwieAved the  czar for the second time, in''-'which' the  newspaper, is  quoted as saying the czar  'B:  Y3  Ifhhiip ],;'("'    y ���  ]^di%nfee- of the  YkiR,  of J. Nl "^refensiil #kh ""b"p Mind, His  friepds7j6i'e thinking pf offferiiig ajtew'ii'4  for its discovery. His peojglp iii JEnghind  "have beeii TVAtritteil to, ai_i3i!ising th-in of  his disappearance and almost certain  deatli by droAvning. _   AtTtite Miiiers'TJniSii-tliis eArening the  Avage question *will be discussedj and the  delegates to the Nelson convSiSttioh Avill  make tlifeir rej-ort.  R. 0- Pollett is here in connection with  the NeArada mineral claim, operated by  the Am'01'ican Eagle Company, and AVoiic  Avill be started almost at once. The Rising  Star 'group, consisting of the Rising Star,  Rising Sun and Topsy L, adjoining the  Porto Rico, are under a sh0rt optjon for  stocking, subject to an engineer'fj report,  for $500,000 in One inillioh slial'es of fifty  cents each. A lot of deA'elopnient work  hai-i been done, sufficient to apply for a  crown grant. The ledge Avhicli is fourteen  inches on the surface and four feet at a  depth Of thirty feet assayed from $8 to  ..$50. James Oleson is here aiid intends  to cOninienqe Avork on the Last Chance on  Round luonutaiu.  Concentrates are being steadily shipped  from the Ymir hiine and  Avhen that is  finished the ore Avill be commenced ou.  The month of May Avill be a  record  one  for the Ymir Mines, Limited.    W. Burke  aud L. Dewey,  both of Rossland, have  been paying the camp a short visit to  look up their mining interests.    J. Good-  lad and Hector McClarty are back from  the Union Jack group, but they report  the suoav is still too deep for operations.  S. S. FOAvler is busy making a survey and  report upon the Dundee mine.     It would  not be a surprise if the London & British  Columbia Goldfields acquired that property. ________  Kaslo.  Kaslo, May 17.���The Kaslo & Lardo-  Duncan raihvay people continue to  "cinch" their big opponent at every  chance. Notwithstanding that they succeeded in getting au injunction restraining the C. P. R. from building their line  through the pass at Duncan City, for the  rSte��|��l|s":ai.p^  _Sirsf_ia. Y ���"._".    - ���"=- Y'Y'Y ��� ",."y(]'"/y'p y i "  "   " ��� ^ .D6es=;it:fMean^=rVi?ar.>"iLY:*\j ������  .LoNdb^^jVlay;!?,^^^  'fiei'd" ^rtill^^y'^aX'e1 ibeeirfQl*|ferectftb^OHth.  '��� $ijkm(aM%vi^^  daM. ."Tlieir - dektinatiduSi'si^iVe^ham  ��� ,,ywy .;,".-*��. ,*s. ?>..'_.7 \;^*i1*syfcjt<'.j'*<*'..'"-: ���;**.-.*-���""'- ���  i ��rt*sen%l,w\yJii:#as:ueai;*��^  ^it^Pi'igh tte^(li%)^tes&7^f ;th^^  ptiiri Of' a'pipyd \Mcp$r"pi\g^xeix, "the 'Bfiilsh"  _orqesiii Soiith - Afiiiett/ i-liediiiri-y ordjers  Uuder A^hichsltliey. have :bee|i�� inada in-ijjes*  their departiii'^ si g;ii  ui N^ktal Ayill grvfe, t|n|Ia;ntt"i**S Ititotig batteries .at. 'the. particular point, AA-li'idi is,  eaSy* of atetjess'to the Tfansvai-il,,       7  o.-.,.i.:. ' -���=���#^������.������ ������  Cause of a Fatal Railway Accident.  PGjTfSS7jLfcl_,- Peniisj'lA'aiiia, May 1/7S���  Albert Olil, a lftd seventeen years of age,  living near tlie Sspot, Avfts arrested and  held Avithout boil today by the authori-  ViCTOHiA, Jlay 17.���The feeling in political circles here is that the trouble  over tlie Deadman's Island lease will be  made the excuse on tlie part of premier  Semlin and  minister  Cotton for  calling  attorney-general Martin to account.  Those avIio should be in a position to  know say that tlie attorney-general is  making himself solid with a. certain Sving  of the .Liberal'party in tlie province by  appointing men of that particular political stripe to till the vacant offices in the  government service. This the Conservative members of the cabinet resent, and  iu their protest they will doubtless be  backed by the entire Conservative party  of the province. .  It is said that minister Cotton sought  to force the attorney-general into a corner over the Deadman's island matter  and that he inspired tho telegram to the  attorney -general 'wliich gaAre him the  choice of deciding as between Ludgate  and the province. In this case* hoAvever  the attorney-general proA'ed to much for  his colleague from Vancouver in that he  promptly took up the provincial government's side of the case and-throAV his  private client overboard. It is uoav said3  that Martin Avill haA'e a conference with  the Liberal members of the cabinet and  discus the situation, and that he-has wir-  ecl the minister of mines to return to  Vancouver for the purpose.        7  The Queen Lays a.Corner-Stone.  '!  London, May 17.-^-Queen Victoria laid  the foundation stone of the Victoria and  Albert museum today. She drove through  the streets lined A\dth troops from Buckingham palace, the royal, carriage beiug  escorted by a detachment of the Life  Guards. Her majesty Avas accompanied  by'several princes and princesses, and.  other royal personages met her at the  museum. Avhere a raised dais Avas reseiwed  for them. The houses along the route.  AA'ere decorated and there Avere strings of:  -���fla��s^A^Q��_��"<tW��.^  J-u&"���J:ftr��"i��LVdY^  MAY ARBITRATE THE QUESTION  OF   THE   BOUNDARY   LINE:  AVashington, May 17.���Asa result, of  ti conference at the foreign ollice in London between lord Salsbury, sir Julian  .Pauncefote and ambassador GhoatOj it  ean now be predicted that the high-joint  commission to adjust issues between the  United Slates and Canada will be reassembled during the coming summer or  early fall. This outcome is not posti\rely  assured, but Mr. Choate's report of the  exchange's at the foreign ofiice certainly  conveys great encouragement to the officials here, and warrant the expectation  that negotiations may be again taken up  with some prospect- of'-reaching, aii arrangement. It can be stated that if the  commission re-conArones.it avi'11 only do so  upon a complete abandonment of the old  basis, Avhieh prOA'ed to be unsuitable to  the erection of a complete agreement,  and the United States Avill -have some  .sort'of assurance in advance of the nature and degree of the concessions that  may be expected from the other side, the  lack of Avhieh, it,is said, caused the failure of the first negotiations.  Tlie boundary question is said to be the  main obstacle to an agreement betAveen  the governments of the United States  and Canada, so much so that the com-  .'mission took its last adjournment because of its manifest inability to'come  together on this point. Since then the  two governments have tried to settle the  question and some progress litis been  made. A final agreement does not appear  to be in sight, but a temporary adjustment of a; modus viA'endi is  still open. Under the circumstances the  officials concerned in the negotiations are  '���faA**orably considering arbitration as a  means of securing a settlement of the  iboundary.matter. If that plan 1.could be  affected it is said that the commission  hvould not only be sure of re-assembliiig,  but it would meet with every, prospect  of winding, lip'-- all the outstanding difficulties between Canada and the United  States. 7 YWhil e the pi an of arbitration is  grown to be a prosperous city of 40,000  inhabitants, consequently the intention  of captain Todd to ascend above that  point, led to adverse- demonstrations  against the American consul., and the  native pilot.: who assisted the AVihning-  ton to make the voyage. Captain Todd  succeeded, notwithstanding the.se obstacles, in ascending the Ama/.on for  1000 miles above Manaos, and had it not  been for lack of fuel he could have  steamed 300 miles farther. lie believes  the possibilities of the successful mitigation of the vast and hitherto unknown  interior of South America Avill be of the  greatest commercial importance, and the  navy department probably Asi 11 take  steps that they are made known to the-  maritimc world.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  An employee of the LakevieAV hotel  Avas taken suddenly ill last evening, and  the proprietor a.ked a Avell-known physician for medical aid. The physician refused on the ground that it Avas after  ofiice hours. '        o  Ti-tJ-'Tribunk is not the official organ  of the city council, but ifc is the only  paper in the toAvn that can print the bylaws passed by the council in type of  one size, and on paper of .good color. The  Tin bunk -could even print thatAvonderful  special edition of the Miner without taxing its typographical resources to any  great exteu _.  AV. F. Anderson, travelling passenger  agent of the Canadian Pacilic Railway  Company, returned last night from abusiness 'trip through the Boundary district.  He reports that good progress is being  made on tlie Robson-Penticton extension  and that trains will be running into Cascade by July 20th. Pending the construction of the iron bridge OA^er the  Kettle river, false Avork is being put into  enable train's "to .cross the river temporarily., A branch line of railway is being  graded to the Mother Lode mine from  'Greenwood.  "Come Here!   Hash and Chew!"  An  enthusiastic Scotchman Avishes us  itoVreprint theVfolloA\jii'igjaindei7fchelabuQA*eV  ?i$m imp, ���M'^l��^Xiimv&wW$.  .fthS1'^7^"Y.,*,-^  ��� Pangs cathecu-aitipon  -!���.tfb_ie _;.' iTh _q' morlqiuS":"(rf  "Ro��ebevy,*alr the��� ,cuvbnidti,. uniiiste^s "iind:  tlie 'diiilbijia^i%^or]3& wer^r���e||ii. fcViiJ^arly ���'  ^tiBs^t'Taiiniqua, charged with" putting  the spike on the rail Avhieh caused tlie  accident on the Little Schuylkill branch  of the Philadelphia & Reading raihvay  yesterday at Zehners, Avhereby one man  Avas killed and several injured. Ohl ad-  initted the charge. His excuse for placing  the spike on the rail 'was that he Wanted  to flatten it. *  The Peace Conference.  THIS HaouK, May 17.���All the delegates  to the international peace conference  haA'e arrived. Today avus spent in a  general exchange of Visits. The permanent president of the conference will be  M. de Staal, Russian, ambassador to Great  Britain and the leader of the Russian  delegation. The honorary chairman, who  Avill open tlie proceedings, will be M. de  Beaufort, president of the council and  minister of foreign affairs of the government of the Netherlands.  Two Foolish. Young Men, ~,  Plattsburg, Ncav York, May 17.���  George Patnode and Ernest Gongiu, both  aged tAventy-three years, of AVeSt Chasey,  visited Plattsburg Monday afternoon.  They found a bottle of Avhat they supa  posed to be port Avine iu the Commercial  hotel barn and drank freely from it. Soon  after they Avere taken violently ill and  died today after suffering terrible agony.  * The Result of a Divorce,  Dayton, Ohio, May 17.���Frank Campbell killed his former Avife and sister-in-  law and then committed suicide at AVest  Alexandria this afternoon. He had recently been divorced.  Silver.  New Yoijk, May 17.-  Mexican   dollars   ISjc.  elites 61c.  -Biir silver   01c.  Silver    certifi-  e^Uipag(^^iJ>h2f^ht&i .^V^if^/*^.., .  . ttti*e$qi*fe-.* - Her ��iiiiv|^s|:^ lbp|cec|����:;;reiiitl,fO��-��  khly Avell.   Sl\e AVUs;Jcli*essfedViii Mack, ex-  Vcept," for  a wJiite- plitnie, iit Jier bOiinet,  She took the greatest interest up, the  ^mecliani^alpart   of    tlie. stone-ltiyyitig^  talking," lengthily   witli ��JJie   13111.1106   of  AVUfes on tjie subject.   Tlie Cmeeu  Avas  seateel in o\ foui'-horse Open CUrriage, w'itli  Scotcjtinen On the  ruiiible and 'escorted  by outriders.   The national aiithein was  siing by pupils of the Royal  College of  _iusiCj and afterxVaMs a itradrigal, Specially composed by the poet lawreatej Was  Sung to niusic AVritteli by sir  Alexandei'  =MaGKen*^e^riiTcipi^  emy of Music. 'The arelibishop of Canter-  biu-y, pl'iinate  of till   ISiiglaud, read  the  prayers. -      Gfetting After the Chocolate King.  St. Johns, NeAvfoiindland, May 17,���  The British adiuii-alty has ordered the  armed sloop Alert, iioav inspecting the  fisheries along the treaty coast of Newfoundland, to Aisit the island of Anticosti after the fishing .season, and' to .investigate the condition of affairs there,  and esxjecialiy with respect to tlie en-  foj'cetnont of sovei'eign rights by M,  M^eniei', the oWn.r of the island, as  claimed by a section of the pres.s anil  public men of Canada.  Marchand Receives His Honor.  JiBQUTii,, East Coast of Africa, May  17,.���Major Marchand, the French ex-  ploi'er, avIio has just crossed Africa from  the Atlantic coast, has arrived here. Tlie  insignia of commander of the legion of  honor Avas handed to him on board tlie  French second class cruiser D'Assun,  Avithout any ceremony.  Conference Not Yet Arranged.  Cape Town, May 17.���The expected  conference'between president Kruger, of  the TransA'aal republic, and sir Alfred  Miluer, governor of Cape Colony, has not  yet been arranged. The president of the  South African league repudiates any connection Avith the enlistment of men for  any purpose.    The excitement is alia ting.  Schooner Sunk in Lake Erie.  . J>i>iTRorr, May'''���"*17.���The schooner  Ganges sank in Lake- Erie last niglit. as ..a,  result of a- collision with. the' stea-nici*  Presque Isle. The crew, of eight iiieii>  .was: taken off by the P'rosque Isle and  lauded in Detroit today.  '/ ������' y    "Buffalo ^Strike- jS^peadin"g.   -y .,  >{ftdviU&04 :^y" .,1il^iii6Y_t|iRe. >ysituk  7$iOil�� 'h-ers*>Y WfV'S' i'l-il'th^c ';'|6,mpli(��iitecJ,"ui'tO|:"  '4n&ii&byMid 'd<Mpi\- of ihe, fii;(|]ifeiiYoi'iH.h��e"'  Jtllce-Jbpa'ls, iii.. decidrn-g.^.g^bn.-strike kt  '^c0,(ip&Yovh^if-i\%.Pj^^ stilkki^khad  h$l-Ys,eciti'ed ksetiileihent of" their .g-rievs  ' knpp^ by 'tliat time.' Thefie^refnlly IGOD/Of  VtlleSfe.'Vii-fe^ 'qojjiie^tell Avi|ih,Yth,e   -Buffalo  ilnioii."" is-tud   if. thgy 'g.   out -it  will,  pi-eveutYthe- .nroAreiiieii.ts. of "fibafe either  1'ji-'"-.'.Q*t* - Out ������ <6f    .tlie     hal'boi'.     Anili-  c*|i:{i,a%iiig   tldh   the   oWiiei-s   of  Several  Vessels 0Kd'ei*ed theii,' boats froin Bulfalo  todtfcy,   and   they are  now making, idr  Cleveland au.d1 other ports in an endfeUA^or  to get cargoes,; -.  Prisoners Remanded.  '':$$ 4lie^^)^n^"^,SI*iciit^  C,\pk Town, May n^I^ries Wtts the  only prisoner Who did not appear today  at the Pretoria coiii't for afraigliment.  The streets Avere thronged and the prisoners were escorted under a Strong guard  from the jail to the court house. A remand was granted and tlie pi-isonei's  AVet'o returned to jail  A London despatch says that the impression is gaining ground that the alleged plot was prepared by president  KrugeiYs agents to discredit the South  AfricanYLcagtie. The officers of the Liverpool regiment and fin artillery -regime'! it who Wei'e to have left tomorrow,  Under orders to proceed to the Cape.  Avei'e stopped at the last moment.  Striking for Four Cents,  Glasgow, May !7.���The (hick laborers  employed by tlie Anchor fine and tho  Allan line have gone out 011 strike. Thirteen hundred men are idle. Three Anchor line steamers, two Donaldson line  vessels, and three Allan liners are blocked. The dockers demand ten pence per  hour instead of eight pence, which is the  present rate. At the conference today  the Anchor line officers offered the men  nine pence an hour, but the dockers representatives refused to accept the proposition.. At a second 'conference, however, the- Anchor line officials conceded  the demands of the dockers.  Explored the Amazon.  AVashixoton, May 17.���The navy department has just recoi\'ed from commander Todd of the AV'iiniington an  interesting account of the remarkable  voyage of 'the exploration tip .the Amazon  riA-er made by that-'vessel in April last.  Manaos, at the junction of the Kio Negros.  with the Amazon, has ���heretoforiy:..been  regarded ns/:tlie,: head of navigation .-for  steam ' vessels,  .and   from ' that 'fact   hits  =     _r|aj^pi|kj" 4vjycK" ^vtis��l;..,'iti.l:sM  the-:  gdmefj^a^rt, "i"iiJ7.1:oJ4,>'tli!i-tV��:-suo, njaiiy-Yof' ;iny'  elan,^||.f]aifej\- MJ_��i<$ $ppypiorep"$ei[,. rjVCt,  SO, .���iilu0i jyhpvvider. jyid pot Ipto.ja hXii'ge-  iiuu||j^"6^}l.i%le. jS'eVclime-nV^tJVa" %$i\&  'tljL-^ll: "plIilJ" AV.i-t^rJOO,-. "w'lyeh ,|eid��vjig"  y.Ou -\fot\l_i: :ha%'"e 1. eiifcl! ^of'." pel}iiref ��A\r\lai-'  -efer, jbe|aiise"n;alill %p pjik$M$%n$n% of  th e  Hi^filaucts aiid1 - tb e" itighlaud  clan s  abki'ee aiid confess, tliat if tliere Wags not  a fife or "four thousand fine feljjtiAVs fcher:e  front Argjfresliire,   inefudin^   Oban,  and  Tobei'moify, forpy CanipbcSlliown and, the  rest of Canty re to the Mtiji itself, Which  =i.ss^a=part=of-thercr)iiittry^vvlieveH,lie-=l'et*y=  aiiiclieHs, ttiappe,  AvOttld   not desire for a  more better place, aiid Avhere there iss  not in ally other half of tlie wol'kf sogoot  wliusky as tlie Campbelltowu or tlie lshi,  moreover,-so' sweet as milk and thatcould  make you feel twice so stfoiig tig a stlrk,  altliotigh the Lowland   creatures was not  incapable  of  using  it without a,  laii'ge  quantity of common water,  Ohy .yes, jVlustur "Grip," you can assui-e  me.it Avass a line picnic, a i'ei'y line picnic  iuteet, iiiurif We'll spare the A.tfiieh.yt o  anoth'ei* year tljis time twelvemonth 1  hope to see twice as more at the Gaelic  Society's next annual' ma'CKcursiou, so I do.  Duncan McPiuah-.  The Miners Will Take Prompt Action*  It is veported that the members of  the Nelson Minors' Union Avill hold  a meeting on Saturday for the purpose of considering what action shall  be taken with respect to the statement  of tlie niine-ownei's that they will not  pay more than $:. for miners for eight-  hour shifts,- Tho members ofthe union  say tliat it is the general opinion that the  mine-owners Avill close down their properties about one week before the eight-  hour law comes into effect, and that they  will offer the miners employment at the  settle set out in the statement. No  inkling can be had as to Avhat the probable action of the local union will be.  A Celebrated Doctor Dead,  Niow Voi'ic, 3Iay 17.���Prof. AVilliain  little McKhroo, one of the foremost  authorities on therapeutics in this country, died suddenly of heart failure at his  home iu this city, lit!'received a signal  compliment hist evening in .the'shape of  a message offering' him the professorship  olYMatei'ia Medica in the Ncav Cornwall  medical college with a salary of $10,000.  Alderman   Charles    Hillyer   returned  from A'iincouver  last  evening  where he  spent several days in furthering the  interests of the Nelson   Saw and  Planing  Mills Limited, and  of Charles  Hillyer ��fc  Company contractors.     He  reports  the  sawniill business on the coast as enjoying  the   most prosperous  period   in   several  years, and says   that   he  experienced no  little difficulty  in   securing  a  supply of  cedar  for   the  factory  of the local mill,  the   sawmills   having   orders   ahead   to  keep them running at their full capacity  for six months.   He ultimately succeeded  in placing an order Avith the   Royal  City  Planing Mills for the delivery of one carload of cedar per month, so that the local  company  will  have a  regular supply of  material for its factory.  On Monday alderman  Hillyer  A\itnessed  the fight on   Deadman's  Island  betAveen  the forces of the  provincial  police  and  those of Theodore Ludgate.     it  A\ras an  exciting affair.    The sawmill man  had a  force of sixty men at Avork felling trees  at 0:30 o'clock in the morning.     The city  police Avere on  the  island  at  the  same  time and formally arrested all the Ludgate men but did not interfere Avith their  Avork.     AVhen   his   men   had   all   been  arrested   Ludgate   informed   the police  that he did not propose  to  submit,  and  that the only  way  he  could  be  taken  from the island for Avhieh he had a federal lease wtis by force.     The feAV policemen did  not  relish  the job  of forcing  some   sixty    sturdy    Avorkmen    to    do  tlieir    bidding    and    they    retired    to  the  city  for  reinforcements.    The  men  then continued their Avork until about 9  o'clock,  Avhen   attorney-general  Martin,  Ii.  A.   Anderson,  a  stipendiary  magistrate, and Colin Campbell of the provincial policej  put in an  appearance.    The  provincial oflicer accosted  Ludgate and  read a Avarrant for his arrest.    Ludgate  replied  that he   Avould   not  submit  to  arrest and avou Id  not  order his ' men to  stop Avork.    The  officer then  proceeded  to execute his Avarrant and was promptly  knocked  doAvn  by  the  mill-man.    Constable Baines of the city police  Avas then  called upon to assist in the arrest, and lie  Avent down also, but in the mix-up officer  Campbell got  upon  Ludgate's back and  held him AAliile Baines put the  handcuffs  .upon'-him.  AVhile this Avas going on R. A.  Anderson read Avhat is. knoAvn as the  riot act,  iaud-the attorney-general   avIio aaiis  fpr-  fni^rijitEtitlgtite'slegtil adviser advised all "*  �����J*be'5WJ_ f�� ^et off the island.   - As an in-  -  ��UuGeMe)it he said that all .who remained  siiipi-eYtlian thirty niinutes would   be shot  Ilp|��n5l|y the "officers.,    Ludgate was then  ^tal<|;i|Yqff to  the;city with the' handcuffs  ^Stll^Yup011 uis  wrists  and  his  workmen  Jiuie,qftly,fdisperded.            V     7    -  -_TOn, tlie following day. he aviis arraigned  ($p��prey1uiie police magistrate.   Attorney-  s^eneral." Martin a ppeared for the province,  ci��-;s6ll,citor Ha'mmorsley for thecity of  ,i^.i&dhver,   iind'  solicitors   BoAyser and  ^Godfrey   for    Ludgate. \    The    sawmill \,  jiiltu's,    laAvyers   Avere t_ not t ready     to '  'gno;,ou-with the case aud sin  adjournment   -  Was granted until Thursday.    Just -what  the outeome of the case Avill be it is difficult to say as  the federal  government  Will, it is  said,  defend   the 'action of its  lessee in his attempt to retain*.possession  ot' the island. ,  Alderman Hillyer  says   that the  majority of the people of Vancouver  are in  hvvor of Ludgate being permitted  to  retain the ibland.    The nabobs of the Avest    *  end oppose him to a man but the  work-  in gin on are in his favor to a man.    Since  the attorney-general has flopped on the  lque_tion,���howeA-er,--the��� local papers-are  all against him.   The  A'a neon ver  World  has opposed the  granting   of the  island  lease from the first, the News-Advertiser  has opposed it on the ground  of provincial ownership, and the Province is opposing it because  the  attorney-general has  been obliged to oppose it.    Public feeling  is -so strong ou the matter that should an  election be precipitated it would  largely  be a case of   Ludgate  and   antl-Ludgate  with a big majority in favor  of the mill  man. ^_^  Se.ihg for Themselves.  VV. S. Stout of Toronto, general manager of tlie Dominion Express Company,  accompanied by J. il. BoswelhG. A. Newman, VV. H. Blirn.H, L. Meyer of Toronto,  S. T. Stewart of Montreal, J, Sheppard of  Chicago, and S, A*. Davis of St. I'lSiil, all  of whom are interested  in express companies   as  Stockholders  or  as  heads  of  divisions, are milking <a_tour of Kootenay.  They came  oyer. the  Crow's  Nest Pass  road, and after visiting the main towns  will go north to Revelstoke and proceed;  to the Coast.    Mr, Stout lias visited Nelsoii every year for tlie last eight years,  and says that every year  has shown a  marked improvement,, which is a pretty  good indication of the growth of Kootenay.     The   gentlemen   Avho accompany  him are seeing the country  for  the first  time, so that they Avill be in a better position to decide questions relating  to the  express  business   of   this  country  that  front time to  time  crop  up,  and  which,  cannot well be settled on lines that Would  be satisfactory-to patrons in the East, as  the conditions here are somewhat different to those prevailing in the East.    Mr.  Stout seemed to-be pleased to hear that  there were I'caa' complaints made against  his company. The party left for Rossland  last evening "liy the Canadian Pacific. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B. C.   THURSDAY,  MAY  18,   1809.  Z_nTO~W~  lSJ"  A  FULL  LINE  OF  Ladies' White  Duck  Skirls.  Ladies' White  Duck Suits.  Ladies' Shirt  Waists at  Sprino-   Capes left,  line of Ladies' Crash   Bicycle  5oc>  tew  A  A nice  75c>  which  Si  wil  and  be  $1.25.  sold   at  cost.  suiting'.  One  New Williams Sewing- Machine,  $28.  A. FERLAND # CO.  Illicit I   ISIcirl;.  liul;,'.   St feet. Nelson  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  PROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  Co.  -Yi  __* 1.. 1  FOR THE WARM WEATHER  AVe have a most complete lino of Summer Coats nnd Vests in fine  Serge, Blue and Grey, no lining, every somii covered. Separate  Coats in -light and dark colors. Light weight underwear and Socks.  Canvass Hats and Light Caps. Everything to add to your comfort  in hot -Aveather.  oi them. The matter goes farther, indeed, for many papers are full of the A'ery  ordinary proceedings of people known to  nobody but their friends, but presumably knoAvn by sight to the strange Avitness: you read how soine young man,  who is very likely a minor clerk in a-bank  or it subaltern in a militia regiment, has  boon '���seen walking in Sloane street."  Or you read how some haif-do/.cn people,  whose reputation is, or should be, entirely private, were "the only men 1 saw" at  the opera. I venture to suggest two improvements on till this. One is that the  names should be lictitions; they would  mean tpiitetis much'as the others to the  general public, aud an advantage would  bo that weird and fascinating stories  might be told about them without risk of  libel actions, lite other improvement is  that till little societies iind coteries .should  hire columns in newspapers to be lilled  exclusively with their picnics aud "tit  homos." .It might end in free publicity  being granted, like education, by the  state. In this way we all, from Tooting  to Tennessee, would have tlie gr'atiiica-  tion now enjoyed by the subtil tern in  Sloane street, of seeing our doings, our  shoppings and sattnterings, and supper-  parties, recorded in print, and so at last  the spirit of the age would find complete  expression.  ���&&&&&&  ^^.^,5?��^^^^��@@g^gg@g@@g:@@@��;@g@@��@@��Sg^ggggg.gg  $3j.��L:��Z_i��Zl��*i��Zi  B  B  ARE   NOW   SHOWING  0)0  i()n  A COMPLETE  RANGG OF LADIES'  Linen and Denim  Ready-made Suits  For Summer Wear  r_��_si  (SON'S  goods  These  They are  stylish, being trimmed  trasting colors.  are the  proper thing.  not   only serviceable   but  in o-ood con-  ��� ���Sig-n of the Big* Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  J. R WEIR  f&Hz.'Wvibxxxxz.  ���"Dailv Edition ;  Wkekly . Edition ..    Fiust Year, No. 115   Seventh Yeah, Xo." 20  THE* DAILY .TRIBUNI. N published  every  morning  .i   (except,Monday), and will be mailed to subscribers  ���'in  Canada or tlie United States for  .5 a year, and to  ''''.'���subscribers in Great 'Britain forSS u year; or it will  be. delivered to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a  "week, ?1 a month', .2.50 for three months, So for six  ;'!. months, or .10 for one year.:'- Payable in advance.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  ���I 'anywhere for ��2 a year, payable in advance.  ���REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for S_ per inch per month.  "i LOCAL. OR JtEADING^MATT^RNJOTip.E'? 25 ccgts a  l-yinS.'f6ife_oh'i_8-ictao'w_l _�����''' "������"���    "  - "���'��>-���-*����������-"~"-"s ���*'  ;Yipi'f���;ratrc. ..-"Jit.SYO-li^er,' Jn, lli-a isyeedi^ _^b  '$$0^'if'Xk$&tfr] & imhiimtoniaWvky,-.  ���'���W-i     n__   H1"***   n0'.   ��n_*]j.,j    ��y o "n .      o     ��        o   n " -o n n ��n       ��    . �� 'i,  ���^_;?^Si^L\lMg_to.-^l*i:_ x'Oiiipa-ny's i��etui'i^ihkd.  '^^^st^i^mM^ yofe itliiuT'-'ljcolt'labi^fct.'  ���gY����Vlrjv.|ol,- Jfint&p'iQQO). ou   wliich   six  pei* cent]  lyAnfprekt'is: pakh    tn   'Other   wtoj'tls,  the',  '���pi Seoffe' who: 'fm.jish  the tra-I'lic   t'oi- that  '.^.. 7, ��� "^  i s'*_Yl*oa,cl are rexpnred to pay six i>ei'  cent cat  "yy^7M%0GQ more than  the road  actually  cious metal mines ever discovered-���those  at Virginia, Neva-da���were worked on  the eight-hour system twenty years ago.  The tendency of the times is to shorten  hours of labor in all trades and business  pursuits. Working underground/ at the  best, is dangerous, as is proven by the  number of fatalities that occur. All  such economic .questions should be dis-  INCORPORATED 1670.  cussed   with -reason.    The  chances   are  that  Kootenay  Avill. not  suiT'er   to  tiny  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  'ipi^t^opi^^p^^i^ "o^XQl^'PfW1?'��*]  iiot- IJmj{ ^ifb^l^^  rt&felu.ea^A'eY,**i*_i| 'If "it "ciihkei^a dighfa'  clijt.i1ijitlotl i|.t _i]"ig j-j_;o/ib^ sji'._%)i-al��,       "  _  " ���, "        �� TheYSagQ - for- iPrifrlicityp ������������    ��  Ibs^to   aX��.    groy'vihg   veity   pitbljcL'  ���J*Jft(#5.   bf   re^gBct-  K^iY'iM^te   1 if<3 - ay'dj,  ' p_i*\\t��jf_' fiieildshlp is'Y|i,:gnerioj:is parrfe-"Of  p^iBl'Hjft^-^a' ^ua'rtS-l'McI].'i-eivlfy sriuifete'v'|;_  : Siferifes" and ti'ttic--'tattre st-bofit ilye great,'.'  Or  the  niei'el^ .ki.i__wii:,  iiUltte'r fa,r- le$s  'Vvfen th&f'do "not -prdtseed. from Mends--  .aljdj iielationfi���. but we havQ. a suificieiicy s  W..-'^'"  fp3Y  ffly$  li  r?.  |i_$"  |p_  IP  II  WW  ���if*  "f.-ii-oSt. The.Columbia ,��fc Western ruihrtty  y.nvdl probably cost $25,000 a mile, yet it  ��� ��� ���*5s" to be  bonded  for $.'JS,000 a mile, and  "theinine owners and business men ofthe  . /^Boundary Creek country will be required  ....��� tQ;;pivy ihtei'est on tlie $10,000 a mile that  . was not used in building tho "road. The  "   _n_J*_b0rs   *who   voted    fbr   the    Oliver-  " Bostock JttOtion. we:re: JJosfcoek, Barnett,  Gasey, ChrLstioj Clnrkej IJoiigltiSj, Fifcx-  patriek,    McCarthy,    3fc]Mill:aii,    Oliver,  .iRichai'd.soii,' liobertsoii, Hoge-'s and  "'Wood.    Sixty-one' mftiiibers -voted   nay,  7 ajfioug their junobei' being the following  . ��� Ministers : T_a.it.i_f1, Sifton and 'Joly.  ,.     Lv today's issue of Tiuo Titumxi- will  ;tfb_  foitild  six bylatvs  that  require  the  ��� .approval of  tlie Tatepayers belfore they  becom,e efl'ectivCi' Two gniiit franchises  ,   to   ijrivate  conlpauies, and four are for  raisDjg.iiioitey .to be expended, on public  Svorkss    As we  believe they are to be  'printed in the Miner and the Economist  as well as The -Tj-uJ-UNK, there is no expense for any ratepayer not being  posted  j .as to  their  objects.    Tub Thjbukk, will  -oppose the money  bylaws, with  the exception of the one to raise money to be  'expended on sewer construction.  IV  so  C'OMI.    v.  AND     ���������������:...-  SICK  ���'���{) UIU:?fltfl��- .���" ���"A""^.  tvSSOJ^M'KSWV.sl  ^o&yyyp" (y^<y  LADIES'  WRAPPERS  Wash Suits ��  B  IN RED, BLUE, FAWN, ^  GREY, LINEN AND WHITE B  COLOURINGS  Dress   Skirts,   Silk   Underskirts,  and   Wash    Blouse  Waists, to   suit  the most fastidious, all'prices, styles  Call   and examine  the visit will repay you  B  B  B  B  B  B  and colouring's  these g-oods,  WASH  SKIRTS  Cheap and Good Washing Wrappers  IN ALL SIZES  Ready-made Skirts in  Homespun Linen,  Fique, Denim, and Duck  B  B  pg"p"���yt*y.i  ii,\v-ip . . -.- -'*3*YY:  '^"iM^h^m^-y^Bmci&m:  ;p^^jE'^Y.s;T^'SS*i"'Y^fei-.���^Osr_  'h&J  ?iMtM&^M&  ''cs> v(^i0feSi ff4'/z$>i>a2��ts?s'��?j  ��. -yilyf?" ���"' Y'VfifY^nv  ��,*"..%.    ��... ,      ' ��"    ����������. ��� "���*��_! ___?&*  M^^'^%f^&��s&Bpd  A^-est Bftker Stl-tct..      TeloijhfliVo 13.  ���'���'.. ��� : '.A^tfe^i;*fi^:/------ ���'��� .  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all paid
lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President
H_   S. CliOUSTON General Manager
, W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlii**, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yu^or] District.
Ellis, looked sorrowfully at his book
AA'hen it was all over and said, "There,
anyhoAV, 1 had a majority." Some of his
party line I "gone out at the buck   door.'''
     HKAVrillKH  IN    —
I.fJNDON   (England).   KBW YORK.   CHICAGO
and In I In: prim .lpal nitios In Canada.
I! iy anil  sell .-.Lurling  '.jcchimgo and Cablo Transfers
available, in any part of the world.
ISTo member of parliament has inore arduous or more anxious duties to perform
than the Whips, who from the beginning
of the session to the end of it, have to
Avork like horses. Yet the public hears
Arery little of these indefatigable members. Parliamentarians of long experience ahvays declare that good Whips are
born, and that tliey cannot be made.
Each of the tAvo great parties in the
house of commons has three, or four
Whips, one of the number on each side
being recognized as the chief, and these
.Whips haA'e a large staff of messengers,
avIio are in constant readiness for any
It is the Whip's main duty to hunt up
as it were, the members of the house on
the occasion of special votes by forwarding "whips" or circulars, Avhieh request
their special attendance. As a rule it is
the government Whips who are the hardest and most anxiously Avorked, especially when the government's normal majority is a small aud precarious one, for
it is tlieir duty ahvays to see that a majority is preserved in the house.
Consequently they send out a "whip"
■every night to ■their, oavu members,1 giving a short outline of the business to be
transacted the next day, At the topis
the  word  "important"   in big  capitals,
to mouth.
At the club referred to, tliere is a, bell
which rings when divisions are being
taken in tin; house, and, moreover, in the
session dinner is provided in the ■basement for honorable members who may
be wanted suddenly. This is simply that
they may be a few feet nearer the door
than thediningroom is,and from thispoint,
if not over corpulent, and able to do
something resembling a sprint, the house
of 'commons may be gained within the
two minutes which elapses between the
ringing of the bell and the taking of the
° But besides all this, the Whips have
even more responsible, duties to perforin,
for the party leaders often depend upon
their own Whips in the formulation of a
policy which Avill "go down " Avith their
followers. The Liberal and Conservative leaders cannot mix up Avith the
throng and find out exactly what their
parties want and don't want, but the
Whips can and do;) They converse with
everybody, ancl Avhen they find their
leaders going off on the wrong tack they
tell them about it and bring them round
till they are sailing with the wind again.
When a very important division is
coming on, the Whips usually know
almost to a man Iioav the voting AA'ill go
and what the majority on either side will
be. But sometimes their best-laid plans
go Avrong. There Avas a remarkable case
in point Avhen the last Liberal goA'ernment fell, on the cordite division.iu 1S95.
The famous Liberal Whip, jthe late Mr.
Front Doors
Inside Doors
.Screen Doors
Inside Finish
lne il and coast.
local ami roast.
Newel Posts
Stair Rail
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
of 'ill kinds.
If what, you want is not in slock wc will make it for you
J. Sheppard, Chicago
AV. S. Siout, Tornnl.0
.1. 11. lioswcll, Toronto
G. A. Newman, Toronto
AV. II. Hutu, Toronto
II. L. Meyer, Toronto
S. (< Stewart, Montreal
S3. A. Davis, St. I'atil
G. Ford, w
Kill  k Wright, Seattle
A. W. Wright, Sandon
H. C. I ililctand wife. Spokane
L. M, Ivnowles, Silverton
('. A. Chapmnn, Vancouver
1.. I':. Davidson, Ko.-slnnd
Andrew Watson, '''oronto    .' J. I.. I'onpofe. NnUnsp
1*. .!. llickey. Sandon ('. .Al. Keep. Kort Steele
•I. K. _Witelu.ll, Whitewater | 1!. S. Tingloy, Spokane
D. < .micron, Sandon I G. Campbell, Sandon
It. X. Chisliohn, .San !nn       | D. V. McArllnir, Kaslo
A. llarn's, lio-slund
.1.   A.   Mcl.inniin,   I Melon
N. S.
I). iAleKwey, Spokane
John ll. Kslon, Marcus
D.   t'orintine,    A'.   S
.Spring-, Ontario
W. 1>. _Smit.li. ■ il  .Spiinj.
,1. !,'.ln!rand \vf... Ymir
George Lyon, Mnreiis
I!.  II.  Ilowarth and  wife, | Percy K. Godenratli,   Bpo-
Aiuswnrlli j    kane
f«. li.  l.inklaler and  wife,   .I. II. Dawson. .Nakusp
■.ilium i I). Kennedy, lirooklyii
Paul Fllzgeruld, Salmo        : D. A. Monro  it ml  family,
II. C. lloU'iuan. Hosslaud      I     lirooklyii
Baseball Games.
Syracuse '..), Providence ...
Springfield 0, Rochester 2.
Kansas City 2, Milwaukee 0.
Detroit 12, Indianapolis'3
Minneapolis 12. St. Paul (J.
Pittsburg 11, Chicago 1.
Philadelphia 10, Brooklyn II.
St. Louis I, Louisville 2.
' ■=>• £3• c^>V-"*' c3• f37^>^SS vS* -^ \S>\S •
Print Shirt Waists,  Pretty Patterns, at $i worth $1.25
price $1.75, our price,
Though early in  the season for bargain sales,
purchase,  we  "find   ourselves   able   to sell   a
shirt waists at reduced  prices.
our price,
Ladies'   Shirt   Waists in   Silver
goods, going at $4,  reduced from
Ladies' Silk  Blouses at $5.50.
Inspection  invited.
owing to a lucky
few dozen   ladies'
nidia Muslin  Blouses,  regular
Organdi  Muslin  Blouses, cheap at $2, our price, $1.50
Satana Shirt Waists at $2.50, regular price $3.
Colored   Satana   Shirt   Waists,   regular   price   $3.50
Best value in the trade.
a  new thing   in waist
J. A. Sayward
The Tremont Hotel
Jyy%li$3hVi»^p^ xtxtlx Mi]ek}\
yflvplihp Chips'* h'a.*v*e ■%Py'h(
*■:wh. ;l3, selittloute'ioB s._fea_?,-a.ntainp.iiit to
v telling _" tlfei _n\euibei\stliat 4ie . may. stay •
iifjjviiy.^1. >i."ft4>vO.-liii,_„ Axxhip-lsf-fearcfelyinore
^h?^^^ ?£» *lt& t%*o.
:iJijV(S'l7nii:gl.i"t"' "li^'&'ititl.i»t^diie-ah', ."t^-ell,"y.o.ii''
b Jn'jglrf*;^ iiQfe "dciiii-g*
' -itilsabJ^yigf ;ef_e> -pf .'?ii_,^p^ii^eiS*li\£,'^n»ti1J,ev,''",
-^i'h^_ve7iiheSVaJnOrint" to "_56Ti"iiad" battel'
- cfe,VB|£^i%yoii0 ■■•'■"'.'.' "\" ;'■"."
"... ^^i^iktllP'fhpn^ ttfly pi'l
" t\\0-f^i^g^^g}yX\mfpS!:t hhhkiy,y(eA>yAike-,'
butfoiir or.
jrhe iOmidt, tiieaM,   "Ujite^s
^h'^uusfail__"_'Of a"u„pst"exe^pibioijit:! char-
itctet^jreAiieiit: j.*'Ou, .^6i_ ihusVbe in yduv.;
pllt*3cij7C6Vt1.iiii"" Tlie VflveLr|hi<_rJ1__"i3_ll th#
" ar ivfilp can be.-   |t  will take 110 refusal*
Jfff; says siiifpiy, "If yoii are iiliyeyou jiiust
■cpinp."    Oiie or Wo-iOif the: ;fe%iitence_ qu
tlie "whip" may be underlinedk$ >vell,
indiciilting, peyhttps,   Avhat   prtrt of the
buSiuess it is that is niost pressing.
iltvny tiniQSj, ho w<*ve£, nielilbers reeci've
,   that tlie occiisian >vas- really not- one of
such  -great   Importance..     Consequently
tliey are1 inclined' to treki tlie next one of
Y its: •sovt that comes .iloiig with some contempt and stay anvay froni the house.   If
it should so liappeii that many meiiibers
slioulcl be so  carelessly aninded at  the
siime time, the Whips that night may be
driven wild by the diseoA'ery that tlieir
pftrty is in such small  numbers  that it
mitst b_ defeated if the opposition forced
a Siiap'tltvis'ion.
To tWoid sucli a calamity every iiieans
5s Tesoi't-d to for fetching the truants to
the house. Me_s_3n*gei's are sent after
th-in in all directions, t0l<igrarn.s are sent
to tliOin addressed to all places Avhieh
they frequent, pi'ivMG houses Are disturbed, the clubs are scored, and if tlie
iiieiiibers are found tliey are metaphorically dragged out by the hair of their
heads and rushed breathlessly to St.
Then the Whips must ahvays be in attendance when the house is sitting, or at
alleA'ents when business specially concerning their party is brought up',- Some-
s times1, on questions AA'hich are not A'ery
Avell understood the rank-and-file have to
be told Iioav to vote, aiid Avhen the division bell rings they look* to the' Whips to
tell them AA'hich lobby tliey must go in.
Of course tlie liouse sometimes gets
very thin at dinner time, and Avhen the
members leave for aii h'oitr or tAvo to* fortify the inner man, their destination is
niade a note of by the government whips,
A\**ho haA'e particular regard to the number* Avho* are dining in the house itself, or
at a club just across the road Avhicli is
goA'ernment in politics. In an emergency,
these members are snatched aAvay from
their tables by the merciless whips Avithout a second's .warning, 'e\ren' though
some-tempting morsel of food should at
the time be undergoing transit from plate
NELSON, 13. V., May lith, 1SU!).
As the announcement hns been made that the government of British Columbia purpose enforcing the amendment to the Metalliferous Mines Inspection' Act, making
eight hours a working day for those employed underground in metalliferous mines; Sec. (13) "No person shall
Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,
J_rtlitil^p tb°tli^ItvwBiOf,^Hi> t5i'6yinc_,n°fl. in)ty; So,- poiJilit.^*
"out yiitfeiik. a'w l^nr-jfenojtifig.l.S' tfl. injurifei, if jV'!.*._
°iii1f{icfi.uppti':tK'ffi!.niWingfntrQ .proViiil.ef and: ori,-,
...  Itiiieans! red.ucirigith"en'hO;Ursof _(B6fiin"the,niin&sfroni
'.twenty ho.u.-i„"itdky io,sixteen.;hauri.; as many o'fth'e'
:_...•.."_.=_ ___._7.__   ":___:.iJ_ .,...<7n_._._i. it.'i'_»._;.•"_.   ..iSs^l" _____..!__. .,._.!
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Doors and Sash
Fence Posts and Pickets
Office and Store Fittings
Scroll Sawing
Band Sawing
Wardrobes andU(^.^..^.y^p /, :y,„,.,,
.G-en-eraM. J»ine'rs^0^k^r"::^^^v£#.
.v'ri-jtY'"""""*''' yy.'y.t^.■.;»".■*•■.*=„"^* l» /■""'.Vi*-'
Y>v- ""^/"Y"'.""" ° ■.■» __"'«_? j^kKPtS" "Y„!*8°'°» y'.yi,y'>"a" *"/v
Headquapters for Miners and Prospectors
P. Burns &Co.
Liquors and Cigars
ISilwmfl! oYi _jbV<_rnin.cn>"_,v;liiirfi'n ^ ■ ".   "„°.   .     " ,y;
"jt'actofy °rC.h"tl 6.ni!c_,7 corjidr. j_j_ill street^ SiivflVG'P,jR? tfaok""
of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
iti)d ^"rffltictibiijoft\yenty°p6r cpi(t?."'i'n; t_"ojeleVc_ opnldnt;'
'.wor.li^beij.ign„ci!iiTied,°oiii iii hjincs 'jireparriig for'pro8ubti_if,„_
ftiVd'.a. rcdiiqtidn!i;iiiJ",Ui,e* sJn)pl{es=uso"_s°in tfie niih(is:.    "
'l!hosinost"°aTifica%le""re'jaiJipiis.exis(;e_^ajf_ still eScilt^lp-
'tweeiVthc ehj]_16yqr^ iind' eifipfoyed^af tile" inines. The.
men'were eurning.g'ood wages, cqiial to aiiy Ijelng paid
V'i'ii ciiijipViTi I'li.e :Uni.ledu Stafe|i;°ftn_lli_ghcr tha"ia° blijSbb''
paid innianj.v 'Vhil tliey were r_ndfirin'g(good serviee.s,|br
th.se' \vng_s.   .{f any cliscgh t-n t r\yas,nf 6 at. tljp ;e,\*i. tin %
■state oiailafrJi.it was,ii6t generally known.   Itisthere-
foreidecply-toibQircgrroCtqi- that, tlicl'egi-ilature, )iti$ Seen •
Jfci toidisturb'thGexistiiig"hafnibny;.([pltiter.dre, wirti' the '
grflwiiig .prosperity of tjie mining districts, to reduce tho
wngd-bariiiiig power Qf thb.lien gnrployeiVtj,nft to inter-
, fere with thofroc _ight o_ conti'adt hitherto enjoyed.
As.to tlie futuroi aftej1 the 1st .hfnc next, at tlio niiiies
ropresentdd by the iii.doi'Signed. the stai-flard rate bf
wages tliat will be paid to skilled iniuers for an eight-
lioars wording day vvillbo tihreo.dbllars (g:lOQj, aiid other
"liibdr will lioecssftrily J6c~also paiirfbr accortOTTgTo the
time workfed.
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at Jtelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, * Cascade
City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
promptly forwarded Fjeacl Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
SSIslllifi AND -POULTRY IN-SEAS(.N; ' • ' ■   '■
"\yiMb d1o, -vvjelltO
a 0. BteSAIfANt
Large" cQnlfoi'taJ)ie" I>cd.roon._. ,lind   fifet-blasi.  dihiiig
yooili.   Saniple rooms ;fpr;co/nuiqi'oiai meii.
,.°:4?.'^_,ai'3E3"s: sn2 ^i&W •]£>--&c-x'"".
'.«.>. te_|||E,.:phfc
Latb, of tlid'Hoyal HotiplI Calgary,
ii||Iiii|ieison E. C, TRAVES, Manager
■     ...  .„ y^-yy   r0jKI)EH%.°BY MAIL liKOEIVK CAl'.EFUL AND PKOMPP A1TENTION;     '
■y■■*■'/ :■;..felEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.
A largo sto.ek of first'plassi dry ilia! o _i:tl on  hand,. rtlSo
a, fall ljnc Bf sa§h, dboi;S, iflouldijjgs, turned work, site.
Ytti;d:   'Foot! of llenriryx jitrcet, Nelson
Telephone, 91
John Rae, Agent
J'favo. you ever dxperioiiued any trouble
avit'll the usual acuteiiGss oi' your eytvs,
sucli aS tlie blii-i'ing of vision,.iiuO print
appeai'ing to run together, a tired feeling
after reading for a short time, apparent
blotches or a hazy mist before reading
matter; do you have pains in your forehead near the sides, between or above
the eyes ; do yon ever have intense pains
in the head, especially after using your
eyes for some time ; did it ever Occur to
you that nearly every one of those headaches are caused by some defect of the
eyes ; do you find that it tires your eyes
to look down, or that it makes, you dizzy
to look up; is one eye better adapted for
close work than the other; are you so
far-sighted tliat you cannot distinguish
small articles close at hand ; are the refractive powers such that you ean only
see objects iu close proximity to the eyes;
are you wearing a pair of spectacles that
are ruining your eyes for all time to
come? If so consult Prof. Harvey, P. C
M.-Q.'-T., at-Vanstohe's drugstore, every
day un til  May 24th.    Consultation  free.
Ilcado,. ni _Ors for
We make a specialty of
Sfjiplap at^d Double Dressed IVjaterial
Good Dry Rustic artd Flooring .
Olllce aiid yard iieivr C.I'.R. depot   li. G. Hl.lt.1.., Agent.
H. 0. HUME, Manager.
TliG _in<__t hotel in tiro interior.
Largo sample rooms.   Stoam, licai alid oleetnc light.
All cbmmUnicati^ris relating to  British  Columbia  business to be ad'di-e'sseti fo 'P; 6. 'ttkker
505, Nelson, British Columbia
J, RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i
S, SYFOWLER, iE.M., Mining Engineer /
A.nd all other brands of the
KASLO, 1*. C., Stay rath, ISOO.
Nptice I. hereby givol) lo all whom it iviny ctineem, that
1 have heed appointed sole <igont for comple. iiiK nil the
salesnijidc by Jlessi'S. Simpson Uros. & Iveetingof lots at
fjui.it.an City. Housur Luke, West IvOotenay. B. (.'., ucdei'
contraet for deeds thereto. All sueji piircluisursare hero-
bv reiitiircd to notify me of their address, ami prysent
holdings, that, .the roll maybe corrected in it cOrdalieo
thei'cwth. The second overdue payinenls must bn forwarded to me on or before the loth day of .luno, proximo,
when appointments will be niade for the complotion.
Sole agont Simpson Bros, & Keeling.
The only iidtoJ in Nelson that has .remained *inder
mailtfgoinenfc stlico ISflf*.
The bed-roonis we well furnished and   Hghlcrt
eleotrio. _y.
The dining-.oom, is not second to any jli Kootenay.
Ttiohar is.  tihvnys stocked by the best domestic alul
Un ported liquors and oiguW.
Two and a half miles up the dlillol from Nelson.
Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,
Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.
All of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotel
All sizes of dimension timber add all kinds of lumber
out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots
Write for prices.
KNIGHTS  OV PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,   No,  *K,
Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. O. F. 1 fall,corner
Baker and Kootenay.streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend,
C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of It. & S.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in eaoh month. Sojourning
brethren invited. *
.*      TRbFESSIONAL~"cARDS; "
AH.  HOLDICH—Analytical Chemist and Aniityer.
•     Victoria street, Nolson. .    ■■ ■ ._•
EWAKT & CAHRIK—Architects.   Rooms 7 and S Aberdeen, block, Baker street, Nelson.
CANE—Architect nnd  artist,
next door to Nelson library. ■
Brokcnhiil * Block,
A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and
enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained In hotels or
restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and
niglit.   Can be reached by either road or water.
A-IjOIi  KMSriDS;1 G_iE*
Baker street, bpfiosiic postolllce, Nelson
_T_E_t_E30.  M_^_DeO__f:
Kvorythtng flrst-cliiss   .
Choice brands "f Wines, Liiiuurs and Cigars
Rates §l.o0 and ._ per day.
J. W. SMITH, Pi-oprielor.
- Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric bells and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
J.:V;. PERKS, Proprietor .        :77 ;.-*-.="'...
Krcc bus meets all trains
Hourly street car to station
Revelstoke, B. C.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting tof ifctfnesi _•_•&__&
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bolls, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc..
P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.
Will buy 24 horses. 12 waprons, 2
wagonettes, 1 bu_.P.y, 10 sets of
s'Jelshs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles-, blankets, etc., and a going- business of
$30,000 a year.   Terms.
ttJQDlf-fl Will buy two lots and improve-
ipO-'WU ments on north side of Vernon
street, bet-ween Ward and Josephine streets.
Cfe/I E.r_0 Will buy 30 by 120 feet on. the
tptf&KJyj south, side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets. Cash.
Cfe _r_ nnO Will buy SO by 120 feet on the
qjiVJ'jVCVV northeast corner of Baker and
Josephine streets. Cash. ' JOHN HOUSTON
. P. O.* Box 57 Vernon street, Nelson
and Fancy Dress G66Ss
Blouses and Dressr.Sltte
Mrs.   E.   IVl c Laug hfi n
JOSKPinNK STKKBT. NKr.SO^F THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, MAY 18,   1899.  I: I  ll  ���HpF  hW.  . ���-_���"  I:  r  Purses a  Pocketbooks  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purees and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention   to  compounding   perscriptions.  ETZEL & CO,  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  CORNER RAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Postoffice Clothing Store  BOOTS  BOOTS  BOOTS  WE HAVE NOW A FULL ASSORTMENT OF SPRING AND SUMMER  GOODS FROM AMES, HOLDEN & CO.,  J. D. KING &. CO., M'CREADY AND  OTHER MAKERS. CALL AND SEE  OUR SPECIALS IN TAN AND CHOC-  LATE.   CALL AND GET OUR PRICES  J. A  ztsriEi-CT postoffice, :_____.:___:__]_=- st___:e!:e__, rcTEi-Soiisr  and  Rugs  When Advertised  THESE COODS we are  3 ' bound to sell wl*|iie  tWey.remainthe patterns  -of the season. We prefer to mark them down,  now, and let our regular  *custott\ers have the advantage of th,e cut, rather than, have a slaughter  sale some months later  to n\ake room for ijew  goods. Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is the finest ever seen  ^in^Koote^y.^tliey^are^  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  At "Auction Prices" should be left alone. An  auction price means the highest price wliich the  pui'chasci* can be induced to pay.  New Spring Designs  Tii Axinmstcrs of the best 'quality, with or without  borders. British and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for drawing-rooms, dining-rooms, halls or  stairs, with or Avithout borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   squares,  Japanese   squares   and   rugs,  Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.  40 Different Styles  yQi_bkhy___ca_'-*ifog_.s'  and^ go-carts to   select   from.  Rattan efiiurs iviTcl rockers.  Furniture of all Kinds  Ts luTvnncsbig, and notice to this ollcct 3ia__ betili  sent to the trade by all large mivnuf.lcturers.  IlaVhig a hii'ge stock on hand avg will be able to  continue to quote better Jig-fires tliau an,,y vi our  contpetriioTs. We Imve ajso tliree carloads of  furniture on the way,  Corner Bake*** and Ward Streets, Nelson.  ���y-y..': OF  KTELSON,   -3,. G-  I .fljf pow���prepared .to  buy all   classes of silver, gold, siiver-lead, lead and  co'|lp-r bresf The.careful .attention given to large contracts will be extended  to the smallest shipper.    Prompt settlements and choice of mode of'sampling'guaranteed..  "������       Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson, B, C.  .    '"".' GEORGE M. McDOWELL, Manager.    ,  ,, ; ; 'O. M. ROSENDALE, Purchasing Agent.  Ice Cream  AND  (HAZLEWOOD)  Ice Cream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT STORE  Fresh Fruit received daily  Nekt-door to Nelson Wino Co.  Telephone. .��. HUMHHRKY8 & PtTTOCK  '������ ���'      TO let7~      "~~~      ~  A N.-8-room house; furnished ; bath-room, eleetrie light.  ���"��� piano, -workshop, and large gurduti. Corner of  Kails and Hoover streets.- Apply lo _���_. P. Whalley,  Nelson, JI. O.  THE Olympic ilolul,.Kaslo.   Twenty rooms; fimii-h.cl  complete; bowllngalley.   Apjily toRlohunKiallnp,  on (ho promises. ,    ,_ '. \        ,.'--".''   -  Hazlewood  Ice Cream  Wc havo been appointed solo agents' in Nelson'for  this celebrated Ice Cream, and lire now prepared  to cater to tlio public at our ice crenm parlors,  ���which we have fitted up in first-class sLylc. Call  iiiTand have a dish of this delicious cream. Other  dealers supplied.  IVtills & Lott  Tropical Fruit Depot,.  Corner of linker and Ward streets, Nelson   LOST,  T OHT��� A hi'fad silver-brooch, on Monday ui}.h.. The  -1-* Under will he suitably rewarded by returning it lo  Mr.-.. Cleorge Stephenson, Water street. Nelson.  ���  There is said to be a hitch in the  award in., oi the Bank of Montreal buihl-  ing contract. Tlie lowest' ...klder is reported it Coast contractor whose work in  Nelson has not been at all satisfactory.  I.. I). Anderson, business manager of  the Miner, has gom. to the Coast to  arianKc for the iirintiii.*. of the Minor's  special edition. So the work, after all, is  not to be done in Toronto.  I.. C. Ferguson, manager of the Koyal  City Mills of Vancouver, is in Kootenay  inspecting the company's branch ofiice at  Kossland. He reports the mill business  as good, in fact so good that orders are  turned away. Vancouver is growing  very fast, and all lines of business are  apparently in a healthy condition. Mr.  Ferguson left Nelson for home yesterday.  John Cholditch _c Co., the Nukusp firm  of general merchants, who have removed  from Nakusp to Nelson, yesterday received live carloads of general merchandise over the Canadian Pacific railway.  li. .1. Hamilton will be the local manager  for the firm, and pending the erection of  suitable warehouses the company will do  business in the Turner, Beeton & Company warehouse on Water street.  Tlie Western Canada Press Association,  made up of editors of Manitoba-and the  Northwest Territories, will visit Nelson  and other towns in Kootenay in .June.  Preparations should be made to give  them a cordial reception, for it is no telling the amount of free advertising the  town and country will get if only the  boys are made to feel at home.  John Walbey and George Keefer have  secured a lease on the Collin ranch from  Onslow Newling and will run the place as  a. summer resort.  The members of the fire brigade tried  their new rubber play-pipes for the first  time last evening. As the play-pipes are  very pliable, several of the iio/,/.lemen  received a drenching before they realized  the advantage of an overbold on tlie pipe.  The framework' of the sampling works,  in course of erection by the Slocan Ore  Purchasing Company, was raised, yesterday. Twenty men.are employed on the  work and over fifty thousand feet of timber have been placed in position. The  building will be rushed to completion  with all possible speed. Two carloads  of machinery are expected to arrive today and will be placed in position at  once.  Fanner Bunker has planted 1100 pounds  of seed potatoes oiij his ranch below Nelson, and he will also put. iu aimon-Tor two  in mixed vegetables. .He reports little  growth,however, owing'to the'backwardness Qf the spring.  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Peters, both of the City of Nelson  (representatives of the British Electric  Traotion Company, Limited), hereinafter  called the "applicants," have applied to  the City of Nelson for. the right of constructing, equipping, maintaining and  operating street railway lines in the City  of Nelson, and  Whereas, the applicants have applied  for the authority, right and privilege to  build, equip, maintain and operate, and  from time to time remove and change, a  double track or single track railway or  tramway, with all necessary sidetracks,  switches and turnouts, poles, wires, conduits, and all appliances for tlie running  of cars, carriages and other vehicles on,  over and along the streets or highways  of the City of Nelson, and  Whereas,- it lias been deemed advisable  to grant the request' of the said applicants, subject- to the terms and conditions and provisoes hereinafter contained,  and on the distinct agreement that the  fulfilment of said terms,- conditions and  provisoes ill so:far as the same are prior  in point of time to construction and  operation of such raihvay line or portion  thereof shall be conditions precedent to  the construction and operation thereof,  and dn so far as the terms and conditions  hereinafter contained relate to the operation, conduct ancl management- of said  railway lines or system,- or any part  thereof, the same and���������tlie fulfilment of  the same, shall iiv all cases be donditions  precedent to the continued enjoyment of  the rights andVprivileges of the applicants tinder this By-law.  Now, therefore, the Municipal Couucil  of the Corporation of the City of Nelson  enacts as follows: Y   ���  1. Subject to the-fulfilment-by the applicants of the terins, conditions: and  lirovisoes hereinafter contained; which  terms, conditions and provisoes find the  -d'iie fulfiliiient thereof are to be taken as  hereinbefore stated as conditions precedent to the enjoyment- of tlie rights and  privileges hereby granted, tlie applicants  .are hereby given and'* granted the exclusive'right-arid privilege to construct and  maintain, complete knd- operate double  and single track railways or traniAvays,  and" froin tiiue to time to change a  double   to   a   single   traekv railway   or  '^���a^mim^M^.^^i^^f  .$ieMs*��^  >&<^^_a;-#.piifn_^^  *_^ii**M#$iV_0��^^  \tlxHi^^i%^ei}tH^Pdvt *Midi��feh$ry? prfk-  " sehgbh: .ft^Dii^fglit. oittlfe .^ainef by* elee-  - Jri$"po^w��r" "or" sttdi '^IhPi'V V|'wg.tYa|i��lri''af''  " ;1_^~ ^Jii'tl* _i.rCfc-^t_'iB-il-T^_,'' 'B.ii:t "sji$h" powfer  "7c_tiij?l -lfaii--el&cWiO- pow_r* shfi��ll| before-  "fef|ifruied1,��i^ firs- apln*&ved. *>f'%"'tife"'  'bitp'C6viiicili7 '���"    ������    '���' V ��������� "  ' YY2^Tije^  " bjiil^'eyMppedSa-ridl<3|xerated"Isl;ibject 'to  tjih"i blibWli% ";i;egriliiiio��Js>. iirifi' the applir  Ct��i*t'__'Ape-^^-0:ntW_tiT.tli!Bi'e'-o.:��  Ol,) Tlie applicants*; T_e!foi-eYeihtering Oh  iwiy street i��3" %)1ag"#yuct- -any" line of railway shi-llj mafe applieaH^1}. to the city  for perniissi_h' so=*fab'--dttj "ii:^liii��^%&stl'<j,t  " Or sti'_etfe aer-jgs 91" #3hgf Wljieh:*tliey desire to operates; their wt.r��s, aiM"b��_ft?rein  any way; proceeding with the worJc shall  receive -lie approA'al of the* City GbOii-  eil.  (b) The coustrftctioriofiany line of rail-  Way on any street* or iiigiiWay  shall  not  ^be^coiiiineneed^Uritil^it^ltavtthereof-shO-Av^^  ing the location on; street, position and  style Of track, road bed, rails, poles,  wires, and all other appliances shall have  been submitted to and' approved by the  City Engineer.  (0), Nd approvai either of the City Council or the City Ej.igin.et' shali have any  force or effect if the railway line for  which the same has been given has not  .been fully constructed and in operation  Witlii 11 twelve .months froin tlie time of  sileh approval!  (d) Tlie location on streets, the position, style and gnage of the tracks, road,  bed,, rails, poles, wires, and all other appliances shall conform to iind-agree with,  tlie plans approved by the City Engineer,  and the guage shall be the standard  gnage (4 feet 8& inches),  ���(e) No new line or extension of existing line shall be opened for traffic until  the applicants have obtained a certificate  in writing from the City Engineer that  the same has been constructed to his satisfaction, subject to appeal from the decision of the City Eligineer in the event  of refusal to grant such certificate.  (f) The Overhead or trolley system is  to be adopted.  (g) Ail poles erected shall be so placed  as to interfere as little as possible with  all other uses of said streets, and both  material and Workmanship of said poles  shall be of first class quality, and 011 all  graded streets said poles shall be painted;  the applicants shall have the use of all  electric liglit poles owned by the city* for  street railway purposes, provided the  same are properly braced and protected  by the applicants, with the approval of  the City Engineer.  (h) The coaches and cars to be used on  the said line of railway shall be of the  most modern style and construction, suitable for the safety and comfort of the  passengers; .shall  when  in  operation.be  always sufficiently lighted and heated,  and shall have painted on conspicuous  parts thereof in large plain letters, so  that the same may be readily seen by day  or night, the route or street on which the  same are to be operated,  (i) Each car is to be in charge of a uniformed conductor, who shall clearly announce the names of cross streets as the  cars reach them. Conductors shall only  receive and discharge passengers on the  light or curb side of the cars on double  track routes. Cars are not to be overcrowded (a comfortable number of passengers-.for each class of cars is to be determined-by the City Engineer and approved of by the City Council). Cars  shall* be stopped at every cross street  clear of such cross street for taking up or  letting off passengers; provided no car  shall be required to stop at such cross  street unless signalled by a person or persons desiring to board such car, or by a  person or persons on such car desiring to  be let oil*. Cars are to commence running  daily on1 all routes not later than (i.'iO  a-, in., and to run until lip. in., and each  day at least lo cars shall be run each way  on each route, and when a census taken  by tlie City shows tliat the City has a  population of 12,000, then at such intervals between (5 a. in. and 11 p. m. as the  City Engineer, with the approval of the  City Council, may from time to time determine.  (j) The tracks of said railway line shall  be laid, on streets improved and graded,  so that -carnages and other vehicles may  easily travel over and across at any or  -all points thereof with the least possible  obstruction, and on streets not constructed according to any established  grade the said tracks of said- railway  lines may be temporarily laid, but shall  be so constructed as not to interfere with  or obstruct the crossings of any streets  intersected by said line, and on such  streets between such intersections the  said railway shall be laid so as to impede  as little as possible traffic thereon, and  according to plans approved of by the  City Engineer; and sts soon as such streets  are graded, the said tracks shall be altered to conform to such grade, at the  expense of, the applicants; and the said  tracks shall-tlieii be so laid that carriages  and other' vehicles may easily travel over,  on Or across them.  (k) Upon streets*which are uot yet improved and opened up by the City of  Nelson the tracks of said: railway lines  may be temporarily laid according to  plans approved of by the City Engineer,  ahd: may be thereafter altered- by the ap  applicants, who shall at once pay the  same to the city. If, however, the City  Engineer is of the opinion that such snow  or ice should be removed entirely from  the streets so as to afford a safe passage  for sleighs and other vehicles, the said  applicants shall at once do so at tlieir  own expense and charge, or in case of  their neglect the City Engineer may do  so and charge the expense to them, and  they shall pay tin! same.   ,7  (o) The Mayor, the Chief ol* iV.icn or  the Chief of the i-'irc Department of the  saiil City may order a suspension of  the running of the cars 011 the streets  used by said lines of railway, or any of*  them, as he or they may deem necessary  during any (ire on such street or streets.  In case of lire the Chief ofthe. Eire Brigade, or all officers of the city authorized  by the .Mayor, may cut or pull down any  wires, poles, structures-or appliances used  to operate the cars on said lines, or any  of them, or incidental thereto, ami neither  the city nor such officers shall be liable  for any loss or damage resulting froni the  cutting or pulling down thereof, but shall  only be liable for the actual cost or expense of repairing or replacing the same.  The members of the .Police or Eire Departments of the City of Nelson, when in uniform, and the policemen and detectives  exhibiting a, badge, are to be carried free  of charge on all of the street cars operated by the said'applicants.  (p) The line of railway of the applicants, for the conveyance of passengers, shall be operated daily, and should  the said railway cease to be operated at  any time for a period of two (2) months  in any one year, the applicants shall lose  all rights and privileges hereby granted  under this by-law. Such failure to operate  the said railway lines during said period  mentioned is not to cause a forfeiture  of the franchise and privileges hereby  granted, if the same should result from  failure to obtain electric power, or from  any other cause for wliich the applicants  are not in any way liable.  3. Single cash fares arc not to be more  than ten (10) cents each, and fares on any  cars operated after eleven p. m. are not  to be more than double the ordinary  maximum single fare. A class of tickets  ���must be sold at not less than tAvelve (12)  for one dollar. School children are to have  the right to buy tickets at a rate uot exceeding six (G) for twenty-Jive cents, to  be used only on school days between tlie  hours of eight a. m. and live p. 111. A  ticket shall be deemed a fare. A class of  tickets must be sold to bona fideYvork-  men at the rate of twenty (20) for one  tt&l_^ftiiasan_^  ;���|ipii_^viie^  4aSi'e_^iuiei&e_^  _v��� ..wy,"u._ w  ����k��= b.*���s,"* .���"���=._:_����... Y-i�� _./"<���*___.._,��*.��*���  suol( hv$fck may $fi'^im?y rtht".Gi:t?yYand.,  pii^ltliMf" .lie' c6��& tili#'bb;f" s^J^de"-  f|��.iy;ed,'l3y��tlie' appli&thts;.. ;aiid; "s^ulittlie  .ap^3lit'ants-jr4^ifij*' ���to1- dp�� I^nch" ^Vprlc "in  febuiiectjoirwithi tlie  opening upVdtsitch  ;,S"tr'eets\ the1-' City' -will 'givS^ie^iilj^-l^nts  tlie free iise of "e|i'i'fchf auct rock Yon>*_he,.  ^streets"wiiteli- tliey "ifiajf.need-Ibij���'ballast"  -Oi? 0tli#t^*_Ss^ and��wliicli;in tliesOiSiljiojiYblv  'the-Clfey Council- is: POM V��t\uiv"0"by.ihe-  ���cltya for' Street' "iJurpjbseS;. "but ��ucli "nia-  tei'ialis not tOf be taken* sqsas tobrhig  ��� the -streets below tlie grade as established"  -for "suclistreet or streets.,  (1)" ��i'dinary earriages and other "vehicles liiay trityei oii, over and (1 cross the  ; sa|(i; tracks_ aiid it slialt be laAyfulifor aii  and eVeryperson aiidpe^soiiS wliqiriSoever  to trayel upon and .use tlie said tracks  Ayitli tiieir cari-iages or other vehicles,  loaded or empty, When and so often as  tliey uiay blea_e, i-i-oyided thqy do in. t  impede Or uiterfere with the cars of the  7apiiliciauts__runi]Uigjh_ereo_u)_ai^  at aii times tb the right of the appiieants  to keep upon the said-tracks with tlieir  'cars When nleetiiig Or overtaking any  carriage or other- vehicle thereon i The  cars of the applicants shall be entitled to  'tlie right of Avay on said tracks, and any  vehicle, Jiorseman or foot passenger irpoii  said tracks shall turn out^on tlie approach  of Uny ear so as to leas-e the Said tracks  clear; due warning being giA-eu at tlie  intersection of streets of the approach of  said Car by the ringing- of a gohg or  belh  (in) Said applicants shall at aii times  maintain the ties, stringers, rails, turnouts, curves, sidetracks, poles, wires arid  conduits in a state of thorough efficiency  and to the satisfaction of the City Engineer, and shall reiiioVo, renew and replace the same as circumstances may require and as the City Engineer may direct.  (n) Said applicants shall at all times  keep so much of the graded streets occupied by tlieir said lines of raihvay as may  lie between the rails of every track and,  between the lines of every double track  and for the space of eighteen (18) inches  on the outside of every track in good repair cleared of snow, ice and other  obstructions, and shall cause the suoav,  ice and other obstructions to be removed  as speedily as possible, the snow and ice  to be spread oArer the balance of the street  so as to afford a safe and unobstructed  passage Avay for earriages and other A*e-  ��� hides: Should the City Engineer at any  time consider that the suoav or ice so obstructing the said portions of the said  streets has not been properly or as speedily as possible removed fronuor about the  tracks of the said railway lines or not  properly or as speedily as possible.spread:  over the said streets,' he may cause -he-  same to be removed or spread .as aforesaid.  and charge the expense, thereof to the  adopted by the City) those parts herein-'  after referred (o, and in case any streets  in Avhieh the applicants shall lay a railway track shall have been paA*ed previous  to the laying of such track the applicants shall upon laying their track, re-  pave the same and keep in repair the  same as hereinafter provided. The parts  referred to shall be:  In case of a, single track: between the  rails and eighteen inches on each side of  them.  In case of a double track: between both  sets of rails and eighteen inches on each  side outside of both tracks and between  each inside of both tracks commonly  known as the "devil" strip.  The parts referred to as aforesaid shall  lie kept constantly in good repair by the  said applicants, who shall also construct  and keep-in good repair crossings of similar nature to those adopted by the City  within the limits aforesaid at the intersection of every railway track and cross  street. In case the City Engineer considers that the paA*ing or repairing of  pavement oii streets within the lines  above mentioned has not beeu "properly  or sufficiently done, the City may direct  that the work may be done and completed under the directions of the City Engineer, and in such cases all expenses and  charges to which the City has been put-  shall be forthwith paid to the City by  the applicants, it being the understanding that any question as to Avhether  repairs are necessary or haA'e been properly done by the City shall be subject to  the decision of the City Engineer.  The City shall upon reasonable notice  of their intention so to do, ha\re the right  to take up and replace the streets  traversed by the railway line for the purposes of altering the grades thereof, constructing or repairing paA*euients, seAvers,  drains or conduits, or for laying down or  repairing water or gas pipes, and for all  other purposes Avithin the poAvcrs of the  Corporation, the same being replaced by  and at the expense, of the City Avithout  being liable for any compensation, or  damage that may be occasioned to the  Avorking of the railway or the works connected therewith, and such Avork shall  not be ���unnecessarily delayed, but shall be  carried on and completed Avith all reasonable speed, regard being had to the proper and efficient execution thereof.  The privilege-granted under this sec:  tion is also subject to any existing rights  (statutory or otherAvise) of any other .corporation- which now has or hereafter  shall luwe poAver to, open or take up  streets  of the City,  such  rights to  be  aji'djiiid^r  kpi  interest in   the metm-  of  five   per  cent   per  lGq]imiei._e��thel  "Hylic jiijisp. state -"their ii|>hj<ls"'and7bcctil3a  tioiij kfid coin ply,  AVjth. ether- reasonable  , conditions*- - T,hef,classe.-r ol fti&ketg',above'  ��� named, except. woi'J.naeri's. - tickets, shali  be 1_ _���_)klox sale on, tlie cars "of the appli-  -'canfes-alV?dL" times.    In ���;cas,e of i-agliire to:  Vsup\.ly��Sii.eli4icke|i. :foi: pxirdiaSe^y pas?-*;  ..S-ugers', 'then,' s'aidv.passeii.gei*s,��'.siialSSei Cslr-*  ; ried'; free  iinfsii sild.   i__S%.��.,  iiif pM?  j Vjd'ed.       .  _. The  api)licai its saall have tji e H glit  to Charge and Collect from  every person  ���On eixteling any of -.heir cars a f are, aifd  any person refusing to pay sucli,fare may  be renieved- froin the car. The rate of  fttrei'Or each passenger traveling on any  one of the said, lines, shali not exceed ten  cents.;-including' ordinary 'hand-' baggage,  except on niglit cars as above '.provided1;;  provided that no fare Shall be required  for a child under five years ol age While  tray-jelling in the cad'e of aii older person,  -iiTid-pcoAud_.dJilia-_^  ger travels over two or more streets or  lines in the City tliere shall be but one  fare for the whole distance, so travelled,  and the applicants when desired by passengers shall issue transfer tickets at the  point of connecting or crossing line to  any passenger who has paid one fare on  any line operated by the applicants ih the  City of Nelson, which transfer check shall  entitle the passenger So receiving the  same to a passage on any1 connecting or  crossingijne operated by saidapplicants  in said City. A passenger s1i.m11 be entitled to as niaiiy transfers for one fare  as shall be necessary to allow one continuous trip or passage over the lines of the  railway from any one point on the said  lines within the City of Nelson to any  other point on their said lines withiu the  City, and such transfer checks shall lie  used only by tlie person receiving tho  same, and shall be used Avithin ten minutes, or upon the next available car departing upon, a connecting or crossing  line upon Avhieh it is to be used.  5. The property of the applicants, consisting of real estate used in the operation of their railway and necessary for  such purpose, road bed (which shall include also tlie rails, poles, ties and any  part or share of the paArement Avhieh lias  been constructed by the applicants) shall  be exempt for the space often (10) years  from municipal taxation, and no municipal taxes or licenses shall be levied or  collected from the applicants during said  period upon said property, or for operating and carrying on. said railway.  (5. YVheneA'er the City of Nelson decides  to pave any street or highway traversed .  by any of such railway lines the applicants shall at tlio same, time pave -iii _ a  similar ���manner, or in such other manner  as may- be approved by the City Engineer,  ���("provided,that such .pavement, shall; not.  bo of a more  expensive ."kind   than   that-  rpei'ibfeo^  B"n'     '_- 1*??flflfll  _"�����,*_.-.J 5*   P.     fl, V7lV,��,'!.       "-Jn       n-��l       -V^.,^        n"^ ? -nD,H " ^ ����� ��J'  VpjiJs.sage.Sfctp^s^ b^-^a^vy..al]idl;^���^nc8o).lBt^^!b^^  ijibn-siiajibe. ^���^cgVi^-iifg^iiitt'Oij :���epji'Bl uu-'  n#iBl*>j.!|i.^liri1:ge���^  i.s'hail4%v.e"edfkp)et]pS ai^le^ib ���t^ofii0eh:&f'''  (thpk iinjfe :Of railwiiy Ji \. tlie; Cii!^1"of "Mkl -  __n_;ij._d-stooi-il^l aiiy"g-ite��tio.u- ..arise.as to  whether- Said j-aiiway is being', eonstrti.Ct-��  ;<$$ c:Qpt\pxtPnsly and  diligently the ",eity  ��;dii"gul'gqf'.slia?l3i.jii^v.c tlie paxver mil^cide  '".ixpm saitT ji-fuesjtibn;,, and; iris, decision B.ha'1'1  bebi'Lidihg upon tlie.apill'canfe.iiiTjos.s aj>-  p>3a.Ied, from  >_.,._ 'hoi'ehiatf.er nieiitioji^d..  icii repair- and cOilstfuction sliopSi, ojlices,.  car sheds or barns a-iuigeneral buiidings  (���exceptpoAver lipilSe) used by" the applicants in, tlie operation  of their raib\*ay  - siirtil be witliiii the limits of, the City.   .  _'. The applicants sball  be liable for  and shalii indeillnify   the   city   for   all  ���flKjliag.es arising, ont of'the  construction,  or opei-ating of theii' i.aitA\*ay.  0. The Council may, after the year  19.00, by written notice Served upon the  appiicaii_t_s,jjr_iuj"\*^onj^ of them, or any  their assigns, with  time at the rate  annum.  11.  If the applicants comply   Avith the  provisions of this By-law and shall operate the said line or lines of raihA'ay in accordance, with the same they shall' be entitled to enjoy the rights  and   privileges  granted under this By-law exclusively for  the term of thirty-Jive (._5) years, and at  the expiration   thereof the City of Nelsoii  may on giving one year's notice of   their  intention so to do, assume  the ownership  of the said railway and personal property  iii   connection   therewith   of every   kind  and description upon payment of the full  value of the same, including the  value of  any pavement made or done by or at the  expense of the applicants, to be determined   by  arbitration, and i.i   consideration  such    value   the   franchise,    rights   and  privileges granted under this By-law, and  the revenue, profits and dividends derived, or likely to be derived, are   not to be  taken into consideration, but the arljitra-.  tors are to consider only the actual value  of   the   actual   and   tangible   property,  plant, equipments and works connected  with and   necessary  to the  operation of  the  said   railway, including   such   pavements, if any, and   after  the end   of the  said term of said thirty-five years the City  shall   have the right at the end of each  succeeding five (5) years to take over, assume and purchase the said   lines .of rail-  Avay  anil   raihvay   system, and   all   the  plants,  appliances   and   other   property  connected   therewith   upon.'the    terms  hereinafter mentioned, provided for as to  arbitration, and  the  notice  required  iu  such  case  shall  be one  year,  and until  such assumption and purchase the rights  and privileges are to be extended   to the  applicants   beyond   the   said period   of  thirty-five   years, on and subject to the  terms and conditions herein contained.  12. After the expiration of fifteen years  of the said thirty-five years the City of  Nelson may for fifteen years thereafter  at any time on giving, one year's notice  of their intention to do so, assume the  ownership of the raihvay and allreaiand  personal property in connection Avith the  Avorking thereof of every kind and description as a going concern upon payment of the full: value of the same, including the value of the pavement" made  or clone by or at the expense of the applicants, to be determined by arbitration,  and shall upon the expiration Of such  year's notice pay to the .-applicants in addition to the actual value of thejactual  and tangible property, plantsi equipments  and. Avorks   connected    thereAvith    and  ing tAA*enty-one days, unless such penalty  and costs shall haA-e been sooner pai__.Y  15. Tlie City will not, duriug: the cuiv-  rency of tins franchise grant any pennit  or franchise to any person or persons or  corporation for the operation of a street  car system in the City, oi-in anyway  authorize the construction of ^ stjjeet-  railway system by any other, pers6ii.or  persons or corporation. ������;������������.  10. The City hereby consent to this Bylaw being ratified   by the Legislatiu-e of  the Province of British Columbia,.and.so  long as the  applicants   comply Avitli  the  terms of this By-law. Avill not consent to,  nor approve of, or confirm, or in aiiy Avay  assist any  other  party  or  conipany; or  corporation in obtaining  froni the Legislature any   rights or  privileges to. enter  upon or occupy any of the streets  of,tlie  City of Nelson for the purpose of; operating a street railway system;    The post'of  legislation  to be paid by the applicants!.  17. All provisions of this By-hny shali  apply to any extension of this railway  beyond the  limits  of  the City,! or aiiy  line or lines acquired,  owned,..' coiitroiled  or operated'Avith or adjoining a city, line  or lines Avhen such streets or- roiites coine  Avithin the liinits of the City of NieJsQu,  .1.8. All rights and priYileges nnclw  this by-law may be transferred tp iaiid  become A-ested in a coiiipany to be foi-inr  ed and organized by the applicants Yand  Jjlieir.associates,and.'.such!triiusfer an^all  benefits and obligations arising under  this By-law shall.be transferi-ed ^othe'said  company, Avhieh, siiail'tliereupoiiV beconie  and be liable in the place of tlie.agp^icant.s >  for the proper carryiiig out, aud.Yf.ui4ir  ment of this By-law. ���.'."'' Y-' ���'  19. Nothing in this By-law shall be  construedjis giving the Vipplicaiits. any  right to utilize orL dispose, pf poAveiV fpr  any other purpose tlian, thes operation of  tlieir raihvay or incidental iheij^to,'0"^ to  permit any person or corporation supg,lyr  iiig tlieni with power.;to 'lui've any supii  rights.   Y ;. ���' "'    ((-'   Y 'V ���'������)  20. A contract: embodying, the provisions hereof, aiid a coveuaut. ou tlie  part of the api)licantsi tp'coiiiorija.-.tjoja^ii ���'..'���  fulfil all the matters aiicl!provisions,hjere-  by required of: tliem, shall,be.cUwyiv'aiS.ii-v---  shall be executed_by_ tlie;city aiiiil the-ap-  plicants witiiiu four (_) moutlis: frpwijthe  passing of .'this by-lawv    ;: "'."     " ]*~~''^']''y  ,- 21.'.' In thisBy-laAy the.expressioh^^i^'  shall ineaii the City ofY Keisou.;1 "idi'ty  nnniiriit" '+.i;a n;^.' r<_*Y,���I:';i Jc _i;��� nU'Jy 'i  cants" shairhlciiide, r^fe^,'^j^iidi^^-^aY;Y��  every Av^ay biucliiig, -up'oiii^fclie^a^^^jits,:-  1 " h YQf^tlieirYi-eir_^exew^s,v   '  Jbheii: ?i]i��^acii  one of their of'iicei'S or agents resident iii  the City, oi'any person whom tliey shall  by Avritten notice to the City designate  to represent them, to receive notices or  ���process,, demand, tlie constriictioh of any  new line or lines avi thin the City limits  on any street or streets as hereinafter  .provided. Line or lines 11111st be designated as to route and1 teriniuus, ancl  Must, extend from; line or lines already ih operation. At the date of sucli,  notice there niiikt be an 'aveisige actual  bona fide resident population of at l-e-ast  five hundred persons of al.iove five years  of age, For cadi half Iniloof proiioscd line,  living wi thill' a. distance of .one quarter'of  a mile on each side thereof,and not within one-eighth of a mile of any parallel  line already in operation, that is: uu  average of live hundred lor each quarter  square mile, measured as above. The  applicants shall construct and operate  such new line 01 lines within twelve  months from such notice. A bona, fide  commencement must be made within  such reasonable time as may be fixed by  Council when giving notice.  10. The applicants shall within four  months after the final passage of this bylaAv deposit Avith the City Treasurer  tAvo thousand ($2,000) dollars to be retained by the City as security for the  payment-of any damage that may result  to the City from the commencement of  the building oi such raihvay, and a  failure to complete said two miles a.s  hereinbefore provided, iind in case of  such failure to complete- the said two  miles within the time hereinbefore limited, the City shall repay to the applicants,  the said sum of,two,thousand dollars and  interest at the'rate of o p��'i' cent per, an-,  niim.iess any damages payable /is aforesaid. Upon completion of such t'w'o miles.'  of railway,said sum of two thousand dollars shall be repaid to said.applicants, or,.  M(Su^&$r;fe  felAV-i^  sfroilT ���"jtodY. U"fe" ,_ile��"^c|iXfe".���\Q"_5i ,'siu^i-  -���,a-sSuin.'lit-i'bh^ aitffep'di: i3r��i.|pnectiM^i'pfl .��'_'���  ���stj to*b_?%f irfsjiali' fe ���^eifed'^^Yilniind^''  'till 'iig]itsRVb���eiieJits* nrifsj. .ady/intagds" "Cjon-  .feitred: ��� -xiflcTer tlie franchise - grjanted'rJly  -'this B^^laA}*. "      ;'     '    /" . Yv" ��Y-"��� n   ;"Y  _L8:./j|h& decision, o|ytli#G%f;i-ii;gj:iiec5i7  witji inspect: tc- "theipftoSsl^ns. Vf 'Si'ib^ec's  tions !-'Ei'5' "CY*"Hf*,f��l_'"n-J." wrttli fsK" oi  section -Vv0(_, of this ByYlaw, sluvil be fimil  Aud conclusive, subject.only to. {ippeal to  the. City Council, and .sltoiikl^iny c|i'_x��i.te ,  rtriseijet^een, the City and tlie appllciihts,'  with refercJiee to tjie cari*,y;ing out, of aiiy  other poirtiou or pprtiojis of the .provisions of this By-la\\_ or sjiould there be  au appeal. ii'0m th.e decision of tlie Oity  Eligineer Avitli respect to the Cari'ying  out Of any other portion or portions of  the provisions of'this. BjMaW, tljeu siicll  d;is]:riite or iippeal shall be settled by ar-  bitrations and silch  ai'bitraiion   sliaif be  of 'Kolmft-' ls_iTiJ��lHis;.Kv &*__d^--ai-''TS^iNilK^  MGTl^il  "corHluctedVby three arbi%i,*a,tofs, one Kobe  chosen by each of the1 parties, hereto, and  the third to be ai.)pointod liy tlie two so  chosen as aforesaid; In the cy-en't of  either party hereto failing, liqgleeting or  refusing to choose an arbitrator' foi' fifteen days, Mffter being' requested in writing by the other party to do so. th:en  the pArty Avfio makes such reqnest  sli.aU appoint the arbitrator for' and  on behalf' of the jjarty so failing., neglecting '��'.r" refusing' as ' aforesaid.*, and-  iu the further ovunt <^f the said two  ��irbiti."itoi'S being unable or failing to  agree upon the said t hi I'd arbitrator j'tn*  one VVeek after their appolnt.nent, or  the appointment of the one of them who  was last appointed, then such third arbitrator H'hall be chosen and appointed  by tlie Chief .Justice! for the time being of  tile Supreme Court of the rYovinee of  British '.Colombia, or in, the eA*ent of the  Chief Justice being "sick, absent from the  province or otherwise unable or refusing  to act,then such third arbitrator .shall be  appointed liy the senior judge -of said  court. The decision, or award of any two  of the said arbitrators shall be final, such  arbitration to bo in other respects gOA'-  erned by tlie provisions of the Arbitration Act, Chapter 9 of tlie British Columbia Statutes of 1S97, or its amendments.  1*1. Any person or persons avIio shall in  any Avay or manner wilfully obstruct the  free passage of cars on and along the  track or tracks upon any of the applicants' lines of railway shall be liable upon  conviction before the City Police Magistrate the 3layororany Justice oivlustices  of t,lu' Peace having jurisdiction, lo a.fine  not exceeding twenty-* dollars aiid costs  foreacboJTence' ;iud in default of payment  of. said fine-aiid .costs to be imprisoned in any police station or lock-up house  in the said City for a period   not exceed-  GflBPORATIQJi m MSK SflVHfpH  B^_r^.^vr _sr��-��� -___.  A By-law to raise ten tiiopsand' dollars  ($i 0.000,00) idrtho eVeetion* of |mb1ib  buildings. ���--.:�����  IVhereas, a Betitioii has IjceiVpresentied  to tlie JNluuicrpal Conned ol thp Corppra-  tion of the (Sltyof "^efedh, si|^o!'|3jr |)icj  ���owuersj of afc least qi,je^en,i.[r<>'|"i_tqY^Vil.  of  the rortl prbpQri_y..in't'lii*'Saul"^Qiig^.as  shown by tlie' I'^st reyisetlJ ^_y^.|Sj03.n]b  Roll, requestiiig the said' coiineil'tointf'o-  i?ai:se tVes' 'stun" '6f,,"''^cti.i  tin      ��� "- 1   .. ii...  ,.    _'  -���>���..-��.*'.���   -'i\'b.,'-;"_  ������ ,,i^-.'fc'_'iV.:.i"-a,-r..   %:'.!��*%...,  he  "to"  duct! a By-laAV  ousHiid do/llars ($.10,01)0^^, lqrhtffjf pni--  pose of eredlliig Pitblic 1_yiiCU;fi^iif f ie  City of Nelsson oj'f^'r ��isft^|.i|}i.% .-iiid/iiii--  pro\'ing the present bt'iiidiiigs'i  And, Whereas, if; jp deeiiio^ (jxpiKUeut  to borrow tjie^ud-svun of. ton *th0UBaiifl  dolla vs ($ J O^OO.OOX for fcl?e puirpbSeS jifo^-  said.  And, Whei'eas.   the xyho��%yqnxpxii$ oi  the rateable land pf the sjiid/Citj?, afcorti-'  ing to the last re-vised- Assessin|i|)i B_?JI...,  is eight hundred and sijX, tlipiii'saiu^ e(\ghi  hundred anxl seventy dojlars'(^d^|^0j|i|:  And, Whereas, it will be nece.sjiirjs ^p  raise annually by rate the sum oCseigljt  liuiulred'and sixty dblliti-s {"|S60;OO).' for  paying the said debt and interest: .  Noav. Therefore, the Aiiiiiici|)ijii;. .^pliiicii  of the Corporation, of'tlie Gity qf. _^elson  enacts as folloAA's:  I. It shall and may be Lawful' for the  JJayor of the Corporation of the .City of  Nelson to borrow, upon the credit of .the  said Corpora-tion, by way of tlie Deljjgiir  tures  hereinafter  mentioned,, frooi ft��y  person or persons, body or bodies; qo>p��|rr  ate, who may be Avilling tbadya��G��.;i^:e  same as a loavi, a sum of m6u_y.JJ.Q_fc, p%r  c(.cding in the Avhole, tbe   sum   p_Yt0J_  thousand dollars ($lO,OOQ.GO),a_Mt0eaii86  all such sums so l'aisod or received tp be  u 1 paid into the hands of the treasUfer of  - I the said Corporation, for tlie purpose and G  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  13. C, THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1890.  II Y  III!  Ei.  III!  V ti  with the object hereinbefore recited.  2. It shall be lawful for  the  Mayor of  the said Corporation to cause any number  of Debentures to be made, executed and  issued for such sum or sums  as  may   be  'required    for   the   purpose    and   object  aforesaid,   not  exceeding,   however,   the  ' sum of ten thousand  dollars ($10,000.1)0)  each of the said Debentures being of the  denomination   of  one   thousand   dollars  ($1000.00), and all such   Debentures shall  be Sealed with the  seal   ofthe   Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.  '  :_. The said debentures shall  bear date  the tAventieth day of July A.D.   IS!)!), and  shall be made  payable   in   twenty years  from the said date,  in   lawful   money of  Canada,  at  the  office  of   the   Hank   o.f  Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said  place of payment shall lie designated by  the   said    Debentures,   and   shall    have  attached to them  coupons   for   the   payment of interest, and   the   signatures   to  the    interest    coupons    may    be   either  written, .stamped, printed or Iitographed.  1. The said   Debentures  shall   bear interest at the rate of Jive'por'' centum per  'annum from the date thereof,  which in-  ���ter'est'shall-be payable semi-annually at  said ��� ofiice  of the  Bank  of Montreal  in  'Nelson  aforesaid,   in.   la-Avful   money   of  Canada, on the tAventieth day of January  and tAventieth day of. July respectively,  in each year during the currency thereof,  and it shall be expressed in said Debentures and coiqjons to be so payable.  *    5. It shall be lawful for  the Mayor of  said Corporation to negotiate and sell the  said Debentures or any of them for less  than par, but in no  case  shall  the  said  Debentures or any of them be negotiated  or   sold   for   less   than ninety-five   per  centum of their face value, including the  cost of negotiating  and  sale,  brokerage  and all other incidental expenses.  .   '���   6. There shall be raised and  levied in  ��� each year  during  the  currency  of said  ���Debentures the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) for the payment of interest;  "and the sum of three hundred and sixty  dollars ($360.00) for the payment of the  debt due under the said Debentures by a  rate -sufficient therefor on all the rateable  land in the said Municipality.  7 -7. It shall be lawful for the Municipal  Council  to  re-purchase  any., of the said,  .Debentures upon such terms  as  may be  agreed   upon ������with  the  legal  holder  or  holders   thereof,   or   any   part  thereof,  either at the'time of sale  or  any subsequent time or times, and all  Debentures  so re-purchased shall   forthwith   be  cancelled and destroyed, and  no   re-issue of  ���;.Y.'Debentures so l-c-puichascd shall be marie  ^^'in'^consequence of such re-purchase.  ,K#"0C^8Jfln>. By-Law shall take effect on the  H^Sif^dJy'of June A,D:1S99. _"  "  iMl^f^Mr- "--NOTICE. -  i^y^^ii^&^biiee'that the xxbove is a true  ��l(p?.pjo$ytpiyihc proposed~By-law upon which  yy'^neyfdi'e ol the Municipality wilT be  "Yf itk^pnyfb'r the .East "Ward at the Pi re JIall  I" ]yd^Jp��^phihe Street. For tho AVest "Ward  'piflB[a^(i'th(e-pihce~oI the Exchequer Gold Mining  .j-fr.^bnip^hy on the North side of Baker  ���*<{>-.j'StreetJjbct'Wcen Stanley aud Kootenay  "t^YStt^f^on the East half of Lot 0 Block  f:."{>^lf?p#M6nday the, 20th of May instant  f*.���lYa*t"&b''clcJck in the forenoon.  fc'f$K?%'-V,' J. K. STBACHAN, City Clerk.  ^��f-^_|d|QVni B. 0., May 10th, 1S99.  ?3^o3r)ition of the city of nelson  _B-2r-L-��_.*V7-   3STO.   40  W-i  Is��*.  ������sy  ,f.i;P  Im.  01  _���* Is.  uy  m ;*������  p.;  lis r:  l\    .  ��- "A-'By-EaAv to raise thirty thousand dol-  pY-laj^lOjOOO.OO) to extend the Water  fv'.r-'IVoi-ka System.  ��*  VY:A'VH^i'eas, a Petition'has been presented  ; ��to"the1VIiinicipaI Council of the Corpora-  Vipou Of tlie City of Nelson, signed   by the  ~ o,Avners of at"~lM"st^nert^irtli~of__lie vTTlue-  pf the. veal property of the said   City  (as  sliown by the last assessment roll), re-  qiiesting the said Council to introduce a  By-X-aAv to raise the Sum of thirty thous-  .au_i: ctollars  ($80,000.00) for the purpose  "of extending the Waterworks System of  the said, City.  Aiid AA^hereas, it is deemed necessary  and expedient to extend the AVaterwoilcs  System ofthe City of Ndson for the con-  ,   vepi-iiice of the citizen.- and for  Jire pro-  tefttioh_      '  .  And Whereas, it is expedient to boi,,-  . row? the said  sum  of   thirty  thousand  , dollars   ($30,000.00)   for   the   purposes  aforesaid.  .     And AVliereasj  the whole amount of  _'. the rateable land of tlie said City, accord- ���  \ ing :to the last revised  Assessment l_oll,  is eight hundred and six thousand, eight  IiUiidred and seventy .dollars. ($SOG,870.00),  -And Whereas,  it  will   be requisite to  ,i'ai_e annually by rate tlie sum of tAvo  thousand five hundred and eighty dollars  "($2580.00) for' paying the said, debt and  interest.  Noav therefore, the Municipal Council  'of the Corporation of the City of Nelson  enacts as follows.:  1. It Sjhall and may be lawful  for the  Mayor of the Corporation of the City of  Nelson to borrow, upon tlie credit of the  said Corporation, by way of' the  Debentures  hereinafter mentioned,. from any  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the  same as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding in the.-whole the sum of thirty  thousand   dollars    ($30,000.00),   and   to  cause all such sums so raised  or received  to be paid into the hands of the Treasurer  of the said Corporation, for the purposes  and      Avith    the    objects      hereinbefore  recited.  2. It shall be lawful for   tlie, Mayor of  the said Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to be made, executed  and issued for such sum or sums as may  be required for the purpose and object  aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the  sum of thirty thousand dollars ($30,-  000.00), each of the said Debentures  being of the denomination of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), and all such Debentures shall be sealed Avith the seal of  the Corporation and signed by the Mayor  thereof.  3. The said Debentures shall bear date  the twentieth day of July, A. IX IS!)!),  and shall be made payable iu tAventy  years from the said date, in lawful  money of Canada, at the ofiice of the  Hank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,  which said place of payment shall be designated by the said Debentures, and  shall have attached to them coupons for  the payment of interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons ^nay be  either written, stamped, printedor lithographed.  ���1. The said debentures shall bear interest at the rate of live per centum per  annum from the date thereof, Avhicli interest shall be payable scini-annually at  said ollice of the Bank of Montreal in  Nelson aforesaid, iu laAvful money of  Canada, on fche twentieth day of January  and the tAventieth day of July respectively, in each, year during the currency  thereof, and it shall be expressed in said  Debentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of  said Corporation to negotiate and sellthe  said Debentures or any of them for less  than par; but in no cases shall the said  Debentures or any of them be negotiated  or sold for less than ninety-five per centum of their face value, including the cost  of negotiating and sale, brokerage and all  other incidental expenses.  (i. There shall be raised and levied in  each year during the currency of said  Debentures the sum of fifteen hundred  dollars ($1,500.00), for the payment of interest and the sum of one thousand and  eighty dollars ���($1,08.0.00), for the payment of the debt due under the said Debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on  all the rateable land in tlie said Munici-7  pal ity.  7. It shall be laAvful for the said., Municipal Couucil to repurchase any of the  said Debentures upon such terms as may  be agreed upon Avith the legal holder or  holders thereof, or any part thereof either  at the time of sale or any subsequent time  or times, and all Debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and  destroyed, and no reissue of Debentures  so repurchased shall r bo made in consequence of such repurchase.  * S. This By-law shall take effect on the  first day of June, A.. D., 189!). L'  -u  '   NOTICE.  Take notice that the* above is "a true  copy of the proposed By-law upon which  tho vote of the Municipality AVilMjctaken,  for the East Ward at the Fire Hall on  Josephine Street, for the West AVard at  the office of the .Exchequer Gold Mining  Company on theNorth sidoof Baker Street, -  betAA'een Stanley and Kootenay Streets  on the East half of Lot 9, Block 11, on  Monday tlie 29th day of May instant at  8 o'clock in the forenoon.  J. K. STBACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, May Kith, 1800.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the  sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15.-  000.00); each ofthe said Debentures being of the denomination of one thousand  dollars ($1000.00), and all such Debentures shall be sealed Avith the seal of the  Corporation and signed by the Mayor  thereof.  3. The said Debentures shall bear date  the twentieth day of July, A.D. 1899, and  shall be made payably in twenty years  from the said date, in lawful money of  Canada, at the office of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, Avhieh said  place of payment shall be designated by  the said Debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment  of interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either written,  stamped, printed or lithographed.  ���I.- The said Debentures shall bear interest at the rate of five per centum per  annum from the date thereof, which interest shall be payable semi-annually at  said ofiice of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada,  on the twentieth day of January and the  t\ventieth day of July, respectively, in  each year during the currency thereof,  and shall be expressed in said Debentures  and coupons to be so payable.  5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of  said Corporation to negotiate and sell the  said Debentures or any of them for. less  than par; but in no case shall, the said  Debentures or any of them be negotiated  or sold for less that ninety-five per  centum of their'face'value, including the  cost of negotiating and sale,  and other incidental expenses.  0. There shall be raised and levied in  each year during the currency of said  Debentures the sum of seven hundred and  fifty dollars ($750.00) for the payment of  interest and tlie sum of five hundred and  forty dollars ($540.00) for the payment of  the debt due under the said Debentures  by a rate sufficient therefor on all the  rateable land in the said Municipality.  7. It shall be laAvful for the said Municipal Council to repurchase any of the  said Debentures upon such terms as may  be agreed upon with the legal holder or  holders thereof, or any -part thereof,  cither at the time of sale or any subsequent time or times, and all Debentures  so re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of  Debentures so re-purchased shall be made  in consequence of such re-pnrcliase.  S. This By-law shall take effect on the  first day of June, A.D. 1899.  brokerage  NOTICE.  Take notice that the above is a. true  copy of the proposed By-laAV.upon Avhiclr  the.vote of tlie Municipality will betaken,  foi; the-East AVard at the Fire Hali on  Josephine Street,-for the AVest AVard at.  the ofiice of -the Exchequer Gold' Mining  Company on the North - side of Baker  Street, betAveen "Stanley and Ivootenay  Streets on the East half of Lot 9:Y.Blod_  LI, on Monday the 29th' day of May in.  stant at 8 o'clock in tho forenoon.  J. Iv. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, May Kitli, 1S99.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  3. The said Debentures shall bear date  the tAventieth day of July, A.D. 189!), and  shall be made payable in twenty years  from the said date, in lawful money of  Canada, at the office of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said place  of payment shall be designated by the  said Debentures, and shall have attached  to them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures to the interest  coupons may be either Avritten, stamped,  printed or lithographed.  I. The said Debentures shall bear interest at the rate of five per centum per  annum from the date thereof, which interest shall be payablo semi-annually at  said ofiice of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada,  on the twentieth day of January and  twentieth day of July, respectively, in  each year during the currency thereof,  and it shall be expressed in said Debentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of  said Corporation to negotiate and sell the  said Debentures or any of them for less  than par; but in no case shall the said  Debentures or any of them be negotiated  or sold for less than ninety-five per centum of their face value, including the cost  of negotiating and sale, brokerage and  all other incidental expenses.  0. There shall be raised and levied in  each year during the currency of said  Debentures the sum of seven hundred  and fifty dollars ($750.00) for the payment of interest, and the sum of five  hundred and forty dollars ($510.00) for  the payment of the debt due under the  said Debentures by a rate sufiicieut therefor on all the rateable land in the said  Municipality.  7.'.It shall be lawful'for the said Municipal Council to re-purchase any of the  said Debentures upon such terms as may  be agreed upon Avith the legal holder or  holders thereof, or any part thereof,  either at the time of sale or any subsequent time or times, and all Debentures,  so..re-purchased shall be forthwith cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of  Debentures so re-purchased -shall'be made  in consequence of such re-purchase.  8. This By-law shall take effect on the  ���first day of June, A.D. 1S99.  NOTICE.  Take notice that the above is a true  copy of the proposed By-law upon '���which  .the.vote of the Municipality will be taken  for the East Ward at the Fire Hall on  Josephine street, for the West AVard at  the ofiice of the Exchequer Gold Mining  Company, on the north side of Baker  street. betAA'een Stanley .and Kootenay  streets, on the East half of Lot-9, Block  11:.on Monday, the 29th day of May-instant, at 8 o'clock in thcforenoonV  J. Iv. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B.C.,.May Kith, 1899.    '  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  B-_T-3__A.'W-  __TO-   4_3  _BTT-I_-A_*W   InTCX   38  b-st-l-atw nsro. 39  If (P?  l( "  _  A By-laAV to raise fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) to extend and improve  Electric Light System.  Whereas, a petition has been presented  to the Municipal Council of the Coriioi'a-  tionof-t;he"City"of~Nelson"rsigncd"by_th'e_  OAvners of at least one-tenth of the A'alue  ot the real property in the sail I City, as  shown by the last revised Assessment  Roll, requesting the Said Council to introduce a By-Jaw to raise tlie ���._ urn of  fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000,00), for  the purpose of extending and improving  the Electric Light works, .system and  plant in the City of Nelsoii.  And,, AVhereaS., it is deemed expedient  to borrow the said sum of fifteen  tiious-.  and dollars ($15,000.00), for the purposes  aforesaid :  And, "Whereas, the whole amount of  the rateable land of tlie said City,according to the last revised Assessment liolj, is  eight hundred and six thousand eight  hundred and seventy dollars ($800,870.00).  And, AVhereas, it will, be necessary to  raise annually by rate the sum of one  thousand tAvo hundred and, ninety dollars  ($1290.00) foi' paying the said debt and  interest.  Noaa*, Therefore, the Municipal Council  of the Corporation of tlie Citv of Nelsou  enacts as 1'oIIoavs: ���  1. It shall aud may be laAA'ful for the  Mayor of the Corporation of the City of  Nelson to Ijoitoaa*, upon  the credit of the  said Corporation, by way of tlie Debentures hereinafter mentioned,   from any  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, aa'Iio may be Avilling to adArance the  same as a Joan, a sum of money not exceeding, in the Avhole, the sum of fifteen  thousand   dollars    ($15,000.00),   and    to  cause all such sums so raised or received  to be paid into the hands.bf the treasurer  of tlie said Corporation,.for the. purpose  and A\ith the object hereinbefore recited.  2. It .shall  be lawful for the Mayor of  the said Corporation to cause any 11 umber of Debentures" to be made, executed  and issued   i'or such sum or sums a.s may  ��� be. required   for the   purpose and   object  A By-laAV to raise fifteen thousand dollars ($15000) to extend the SeAA'orage  System.  AVhereas, a petition signed by thoown-  ers of at least one-tenth of tlie A'alue of  the real property in the City of Nelson  (as shown by the last revised Assessment  Roll) has been presented to the Municipal  Council of tho Corporation of the City of  Nelson, requesting the said Council to  introduce a By-law to raise the sum of  -fiftccii-thousand-dollars ($i5000.00)-for  the purposo of extending,the SeAA*erage  System of the said City,  And AAdiereas it is deemed expedient to  fooiTOAV the said sum of fifteen thousand  dollars ($15000.00) for the purposes aforesaid s  And AVhereas the Avhole amount of the  rateable land of tlie said City, according  to the last revised Assessment Boll, is  eight hundred and. six thousand eight  huudreit aud seventy dollars ($SO0,8'7O.OO):  And Avhereas it will: be. necessary to  raise annually by rate the sum of tAVolve  liundj'ed and ninety dollars ($1290.00) for  paying the said debt and interest;  Noav, therefore, the Municipal Council  of the Corporation of tlie City of Nelson  enacts as folIoAVs:  1. It shall and may ho lawful for tlie  Mayor of the Corporation of tlie City  of Nelson to borrOAv, upon tlie credit  of the said Corporation, by AA*ay of  the Debentures hereinafter mentioned,  from any' person or persons* body or  bodies corporate, avIio may be willing  to advance the same as a loan, a  sum of money not exceeding, in the  AAdiole, the sum of fifteen thousand  dollars ($15000.00), and to 'cause all such  sums so raised or received to be paid into  the hands of the treasurer of the said  Corporation, for the purpose- and .with the  object hereinbefore recited.  2. It shall be laAA'ful for the Mayor of  the said Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to be made, executed  and issued for sucli sum or sums as may  be required for tlie purpose and object  aforesaid, uot exceeding, .hoAvevcr, thesum  of, fifteen thousand dollars. ($15000.00);  each of the said Debentures being ofthe.  denomination of one. thousand , dollar's  ($1000.00), and all.such Debentures shall  be sealed Avith the seal-of tho Corporation and .signed liy the Mayor thereof.  A By-law   respecting  the  establishment  of Coke and Gas Works in the City  of  Nelson.  The Municipal Council  of the City  of  Nelson enacts as 1'oIIoaa's :  1. AV. H. Pearson, AV.- JI. Pearson,  Junior, L. L. Merrifield and J. T. AVest-  cott, hereinafter Called the Company, are  hereby granted the right, subject to  the terms, conditions and pi'ovisos hereinafter contained, which terms, conditions and provisos and the due fulfilment thereof are to be taken as conditions precedent to the enjoyment of the  rights and privileges hereby granted, to  erect, construct, maintain and operate  Gas AVorks Avithin the limits of the City  of Nelson, and to   lay doAvn,  re-lay, cou-  Tiect", discouiiect and repair"-Till ^pipes'  along, through and under the streets,  alleys, grounds, bridges and thoroughfares, of the said City of Nelson, that  nlay he necessary- for -supplying gas to  the consumers thereof, and erect any  pillars, lamps or other Avorks, and do all  other things AA'Iiicli the Company sliall  deem necessary foi- supplying gas to the  inhabitants or Corporation of tlio said  City of Nelson aforesaid, iind doing as  little damage its may be in the execution  of the po\\'ers hei'cby granted.  2. The Company before croctiug such  pillars, lamps or other. Avorks and doing  such other tilings which tlie Company  shall deem necessary for supplying gas to  the inhabitants of tile City, shall make  application to tlie City Council foi' permission so to do naining the street or  streets, alley or alloys, or other place  along, through or under wliicli they desire, to erect such pillars, lamps or other  works or do such other things Avhieh the  Company may deem necessary,and before  proceeding in any way Avith any of such  AArorks shall receive the approval of the  City Council.  3. The laying down or re-laying of any  pipes or mains along, through and under  the streets, alleys, grounds, bridges and  thoroughfares of said City and erection  of any pillars, lamps or other AA'orks and  the doing of all other things AAiiich the  Company shall deem necessary shall not  be commenced until a plan thereof shOAV-  ing the location, position and style of  sucli pipes, pillars, lamps, Avorks and  things the Company deem necessary,  shall haAre been submitted to and approved by the City Engineer. And the loca-  tion,,position and style of such pipes or  mains, pillars,, lamps,. Avorks and other  things shall conform to'-'and -agree with,  the plans approA'ed by the City Engineer.  . 1. The   Company   .shall   within  sixty  days from the final passage of this By-  hiAv (unavoidable casualities of the sea  and fire not preventing) commence to  construct, erect and establish Coke aiid  Gas AVorks and buildings adequate to  the supply of gas Avithin the limits of the  said City of Nelson,and such construction,  erection and establishment shall be carried on continuously and diligently until  such AA'orks and buildings are completed  sufficiently to supply the demand' for  gas, and Avithin six months from the final  passing of this By-la.AV shall proceed as  the City Engineer may direct to lay the  requisite length of mains of an adequate  diameter, and shall on demand supply at  all times therefrom to all persons as hereinafter mentioned an adequate amount  of gas of good quality at the liouse, shop,  establishment, Avorks or residence of the  'person requiring the same. And the  Company shall within tlie period of tAA'o  years from the passing of this By-laAV  expend upon the construction of the  Coke and Gas AVorks and the laying of  mains aforesaid, not less than the sum of  one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00)  or forfeit the rights granted under this  franchise.  5. The price . of gas supplied by the  Company for lighting purposes shall be  controlled by the City Council, but, shall  in no case Avithout the consent of the  Company be less than $2.00 per thousand  feet or more than $3.00 per thousand  feet; and shall supply as much gas as  may be required for lighting the streets  Avithin the limits aforesaid Avithin fifty  feet of any main laid by the Company,  and shall supply the corporation Avith  gas for poAver purposes if required at a  price not to exceed $1.00 per 1.000 feet,  gas for cooking of heating purposes shall  be supplied at not more than $2.00 per  1000 cubic feet of gas,and gas required for  poAver by any person or corporation  other than the City shall be supplied at  not more than $2.00 per 1000 cubic  feet.  0. The Company shall, subject to the  proA'isions hereinafter contained, on demand, introduce into and) through the  walls'.-or enclosures of a house, shop,  establishment or residence of any person  requiring the same, a'proper-service pipe  with'stop cock and furnish a gas meter if  required for accurately measuring the  supply of gas to the person requiring the  same at a fair market price not exceeding for all the sum of $15.00, aud shall  keep such service pipe and gas meter in  proper order and repair, provided that it  shall not be compulsory on the Company  to furnish or introduce the same as aforesaid to any shop, house, establishment or  residence at a distance of more than fifty,  feet from their mains, save as hereinafter  mentioned.        * J *"  7. PioA'idedthat any person" desir big a  supply of gas. if the place Avhereiu such  gas is required be distant more than fifty  feet from any-main may*require the Company to "supply such service pipe, stop  cock and meter for tho price* above  mentioned dn addition to a sum not exceeding $1.00 a foot on each* foot of distance over and above'the said fifty   feet.  8. AVith the permission of the City  Council and according to plans approA'ed  by the City Engineer and- undei his  supervision the Company may if found  necessary make any seAvers that may be  necessary for carrying off the AA'ashings  and AA'aste liquids which may-arise in the  making of gas, and for the purpose aforesaid may remove and raise all material in  such streets and bridges, and they may  in such streets do all other acts AA'hich  tho Company shall from time to time  deem necessary for supplying gas to the  inhabitants AA'ith in tho limits specified in  the second section hereof, doing as little  damage as may be in the execution of the  poAvers hereby granted and making compensation for any damage that maybe  done'iirthe'exectitioirof'sudn^^ci7-^  9. Nothing liorein contained shall  authorize or enipoAVcr the Company to  lay doATii or place any pipes or other  AA'orks into, through or against any building or any laud not dedicated to public  use,.. A\'ithoiit the consent of the OAViiers or  occupiers thereof,  10. Before the Company proceed' to  open or break up any street, bridge or,  pavement they shall giAre to tlie City En-  giiu'er or other authority under AA-liose  coi)tivol or management th�� same may be,  notice in Avriting of their intention, to  open or break lip the same, nbt less thaii  three dear days .before beginning such  Avork, except in cases of emergency arising from defects in the pipes o'r other  AA'orks, Avhen imiilediaivo notice shall be  given. No pipe, main, sewer, pillar,  lamp or other vvork or tilling shall be  used by' the Company for any purpose  until they obtain from the City Engineer  a certificate in Avriting that the same has  been erected or constructed to his satisfaction.  11. AVhen the Company open or break  up the road or paArement of any street  or bridge, they shall AAith all convenient  speed complete the AAT>rk for AArhich the  same shall be broken or opened up, and  shall Jill in the ground, i*einstate and  make good the road or pavement so opened or broken up and carry a\Aray the rubbish occasioned thereby, and shall at all  times Avhen required -while any such street'  or pavenient shall be broken up, cause a  liglit sufficient for the Avaniing of passengers to be set up and maintained every  niglit during AAiiich same shall be opened  or broken'up. .  712. The Company shall be liable for  and. shall, indemnify the. City for all  damages arising out of the coiistructioii  and operation'-of. their said Coke and Gas  Works, including therein   the  construc  tion, and keeping in repair of eArery main,  seAA'er or any other AA'ork in respect of  this By-laAV and the coiiAreying of gas or  seAA'age through such  mains and  seAAers.  K3. if at any time in the opinion of the  City Council the profits on the gas sold  in the City be excessive the Company  shall submit to arbitration the question  of the prices charged for gas .supplied  and shall produce their books and other  papers for inspection and the prices of  gas supplied for all purposes shall be reduced as the City Council shall direct,  according to the rate decided by such  arbitration, but not in any case to reduce  the Company's profits under 15 per cent  per annum on the gas business, such arbitration to be conducted under the provisions of the Arbitration Act, being  chapter 9. IS97 of the British Columbia  Statutes and Amending Acts.  II. The City shall haA-e the right on  the expiry of ten years from the date of  the passing of this By-law to take over  and oavu the aforesaid Coke and Gas  AVorks 011 a. valuation to be determined  by arbitration ; the City anil the Company to name each an arbitrator, and  tliey to name a third, and in the eA-entof  them disagreeing on a third the same to .  be appointed by the Chief Justice of the  Province, such arbitration to be conducted under the Arbitration Act, chapter 9,  1897 of the British Columbia Statutes or  its amendments, such A'aluation to be  based on the. A'alue ofthe plant at the  time of transfer as a going concern, and  the A'alue of the Coke business established, but no A'alue shall be . determined as enuring to the Com pan y by their  possessing the. franchise to distribute  gas throughout the City.  15. The location of such AA'orks to be  approved of by'the City Council.  10. The rights, liberties and privileges  'mentioned in this By-laAA-, subject to  clause 11 shall be oxelusiA'cly enjoyed  saAro as to the Coke AVorks by the Company for a period of tAventy-five years.  17. A contract embodying the proA'i-  sons of this By-laAV and a coA-enaut on  the part of the Company- to conform to  and fulfil all the matters and proA'isions  hereby required of them shall be draAVii  and shall bo executed by the City and the  .Company Avithin   sixty, days  from   the  passing.of this By-law-���  IS. In this By-hiAv the expression  "City" shaHmean the "City of Nelson/'  "City Council" shall inean "The Municipal Council of the City of Nelson," "City  Engineer" shall mean "The Engineer qf  of the City of Nelson" anil the AA'ord  "Company" shall include,.'refer to and be  in eA'cry A\'ay binding upon the Company  tlieir and each of their heirs, executors,  adminib'trators.aiul assigns. ,  -  NOTICE. -  Take notice  that* the aboA'c  is a.'true  copy of the proposed By-law upon AvhicliY  the Aroto of the Municipality Avill be taken*  for the East Ward .at the Kire Hall, on '  Josephine street; for the AVest AVard, at  the office of the   Exchequer Gold'Mihing  Company,   on   the   north   side, of  Baker  street,  betAveen   Stanley and  Kootenay  streets, on the   East half of Lot 9, Block-.  11; on Monday, ihe  29th day of May instant, at 8 o'clock in the forenoon.-  J. K. STBAGHAN, City Cltrk.  Nelson, B,C, May 10th, 1S99.  RAILWAY TIME-TABLES.  CANADIAN  PACIl'-C.  (DEl'OT KOOT OK .IMILAVAV S'l'KKB'l')  Pass-iiccr unci mail (daily), for Nakusp   J_cuvc.    Arrive.  and llOA'clslokeand mmii line points.(j. 10 ]).in. lG._iOp.111.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Sloean  Oily, Silverton, Now llenver, Threo  Korks and Sandon SJ.00 a.m.   2.30 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily) for KolKon,  Trail and Kossland (J..0 p.m. 10.30 p.m.  NKLSON AND  KORT SHHPPARD.  (DKl'OT EAST KN*D AVATBK STItKET,  HOGURTOAVN)  Pa^ongur and mail (daily), for Spo-    Leave.     Arrive.  kane 9.10a.m.   d.30p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Ymir,  ���SiilinorWunolii aiidKossland'T.������.$. 10 ikiii;���5.30 p.m.���  (Train:-, leave Mountain Si-ing, cast end Kobson street,  forty minutes later than from Nelson station.)  :VN1) SLOCAN.  Leave.  KASLO  Passenger and mail (daily except Sundays), from Kaslo for wMteAvitter,  MeGuigati.  Three   Jfor'ksj   Salidon  ""ja_v.  and Cody.-  day);  Passenger and mail (daily except Sun  "    '  froni Sftndou fof JCa.lo..  . .8.00 <u_n_  .l.lSp.iil,  Arrives  .fAI pslll.  I0.|0a.m,  STEAMBOAT TIME-TABLES.     '  e^NADiAN PADII?I_.  (liOAT.   JjMiAVH irAtTj-StliliKT AViIAHK)  Stcahiei'JvokaUC- (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrive.  days),, for Kokanee Creek. Jlalf on iv .   ���      .  Pilot. Bay, AiiisAvoi'tli aiid I.ii5_Ib...���.1.00p:iii. 11.30S.111.  StainTer*  _Mpylc . (leftvei.    -Mondays:,  Wednesdays,  Fridaj'B aiid arrives  TocAliuyH,   'I'linmlays, Satui'dt'.'s),  foi* Ktootoilay Landing, where Con-  ncoliioii is niitdo witli Craw's Nest.  Pass railway  , 8.O0a.ln.   (1.50p:in,  KOOTKNAY RAILWAY ANl) NAVIGATION 00,  (IIO.VI- I.KAVfc IIAU.-STHHKT WTIAKK)  Steiiincr International (daily oxoxspt   Leave.    ArriA'c.  Siludayj.), for-Kokan-o Greek. Balfour,  Pilot  Bay, Ainsworth   and  Kaslo ..;,  ..............30 p.m. 10.30a.mv  MAILS   WILL   CLOSE   AT  ON   AND   AFTER    MONDAY,  APRIL  AS  FOLLOWS:  For ICiiskonook, Creston, Moyie, Cranbrook.  JTort Steele, Fernie, ancl all point!, on. Crow's  Nest Pass railway on Sundays; Tuesdays dud  NELSON  2llii,   1-99,  Thursdays at  .8:00 n..m.  For Slocan City, Silverton, Now Denver, Rosebery, Alamo, Three Forks and Sandon, at.... .8:30 a.m.  For all points on Nelson & Fort Sheppard rail-  Way, Rossland. Spokane, Victoria, Vancouver,  Winnipeg, and nil points in the United States  and Eastern Canada at. 8:45 a.m.  For Kokanee. Balfour, Pilot Bay, Ainsworth,  and Kaslo at.... _:00p,m.  For Robson,  Trail, Rossland, Nakusp, Revelstoke, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and all points .  east and west 011 the Canadian Pacillc railway at.  0:00 p.m.  OFFICE HOURS.  Tlie postoffice is open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. every day.  The general delivery wickets arc openfrom 8 a.m. till 8  p.m. every day except Sundays. Tho registration wiekot  is open from 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m. The money order and  savings bank Aviokctis open from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  J. A. GILKER, Postmaster.    .  Will buy 125 by 120 foot at the  southwest corner of Vernon  and Park streets with im"  . provemeiits. One of the best  residences in Nelson. Terms;  32500 cash; balance in six and  twelve months. Apply to John  Houston, Vornon St-, Nelson,  1 .  _����  _   *  a. ��    -  r.-fo.^y.l^   Ji_..,.g__-       .." p..  ^i.nli,i<iiff.>i-i^,a.ii. flpi.ii i.%_""n.w "nr


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