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Special to The Tribune.
Kaslo, May 19.—W. J. Taviss has returned from Duncan City, Avhere he has
established an ofiice. He reports that
lots have started to sell lively, and that
business is going to be lively in that district this year. Already live applications
haA'e been made for liquor licenses and
more are likely to be made, if licenses
are granted the OAvners will open up at
either of the tliree prospective toAA'ns,
Argenta, Lardo or Duncan City. At
present there is a hotel at Argenta,
managed by W. 11. Bell, and the Simpson
brothers have one at Duncan City.
Archie Fletcher is rushing one up at
Marsh Adams, avIio has been chief of
police here for some years, has sent in
his resignation to take effect (in June 1st.
He is going to takeover the management
of the Leland hotel. It is not known
avIio his successor Avill be, but tliere is
considerable riA'aliy betAveen the several
aspirants. The only names mentioned in
connection Avith the position at present
are constable Houston, S. Men/.ie, and .1.
Chapman. The police commissioner are
mayor Hartin, alderman J. D. Moore and
Hamilton Byers.
The early closing movement promises
to be a very short-lived innovation. Tonight seA'eral of the principal stores have
broken the agreement and are keeping
open. They claim that this action is
brought about by a boot and shoe merchant, aa'Iio has practically taken no heed of
the agreement since he signed it and has
kept open almost every night after 8
o'clock. Unless they again come to an
agreement, practically all the stores will
be kept open tpmorroAV night. It is a
pity to see the merchants take such
short-sighted action, after all mutually
agreeing to close duriug the summer
months. There AA'ill be a return to the
. old system of fifteen hours a day for the
New Denver.
Neav Denver,-May 19.—The arriAal of
The Tribune here on Wednesday, with
the notice therein of the determination
of the various Slocan mines to meet the
enforcement of the" eight-hour laAA' by
the proffer of $3 per shift, caused no
little stir. It has been felt that such a
step AAras probable, and uoav that the certainty has been announced, the...mining'
public are at once brought to the testing
point on the question. Naturally enough,
The British America Corporation has employed the best talent available AA'ith regard to this form of applying electric
power. Similar plants to the one projected are in successful operation at
Cripple Creek. Mr. Carlyle Avas underground yesterday for the first time since
he injured his knee last avintor. I-A'ery-
body is glad to knoAV that his perfect recovery is only a question of time.
Many of the less AA'ell-appointed mines
are having the usual trouble Avith surface
water. The Homestake has found it necessary to put in a iicav pump, and sinking has been temporarily suspended on
the Velvet. Work will be under AA'ay on
the neAV Canadian Pacific railAA'ay depot
tomorroAV.    It will be ready  by July 1st.
Ymir, May 19.—Phil White, superintendent of the Wilcox, operated by the
Broken Hill company, is in toAvn this
morning and reports all Avork going on
satisfactorily. Stephen Byu'ater, president of the .company, Avent to Rossland
yesterday on business in connection Avith
the mine. S. S. Fowler has completed
his report on the Dundee mine. It is current that the London & British Columbia
Goldsfields Avill make a bid for the Dundee property if their engineer's report be
more than usually satisfactory. The:
Dundee is a good mine. All that is needed
is capital to develop it systematically,
and the London & British Columbia
people have the capital. The Ymir mill
is shut doAvn on account of an accident
to the rock crusher. The concentrates
are being shipped steadily. S. S. FoAvler
AArent up to the Ymir mine this forenoon
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Dundee.
Word has been received from S. L. Long,
general manager of the Porto Rico, thane Avill be out at the end of the month to
commence operations oii the 1st June,
and for the foreman to be on the lookout
for men, and there, will be ample wood
Pete   the  Packer  returned  yesterday
AA'ith  his  bride,  and  AA'as  greeted  with,
quite'an-ovation at the raihA'ay station.
He entertained his friends at the "barn"
right royally last'evening.--- A meeting is
Victoria, May 19.—Dr. Milne avIio has
just returned from OttiiAA'a is sanguine
that the Dominion subsidy will be granted this year to the Victoria, 'Vancouver
& Eastern RaihA'ay. The provincial
legislature gaA'e the scheme a black eye
during the last session by repealing tlie
subsidy act under Avhicli a bonus AA'as
provided for the road. Mr. Milne gives
a hint of possible friction betAA'een the
federal and provincial goA'crnnieiits on
this matter. He says : "VVe have eA'ery
assurance of a grant at this session of the liouse. The OttaAva
government also considers the action
of the present provincial goA'ernment in
cancelling the aid granted and iu the repudiation of the agreement made with-
the raihA'ay company as a A'ery serious
matter for the province, as Avell as unfair,
and unjust, especially after the construction of the line had been commenced."
.The, .owners ■.sofrvMopertiest" up™ Wild"
JJl'fi&wl^^j.^^ un
.khnbliflclBtl "their"Ppiuloji. Qu^le questiph.
.* iiii-1* AVHlj )iot until, after the nex^ eon-
*fgi*_.n_e>, of the unions at Nelson. . r-Fhef6
".ire "spille pA'.ei^zea|ou§ ipitWisau^iAvliB talk
strika;if thQ'|l3.Sb& taplp is" not jtf aiintained,
^lit.^iie "yust""^ pf the meju AVill"
' net .Avith'.^jdf nieiii**; ftil'd- ;p_viidei:ice' ai:id„'|
AVfill iti^et She" mine . ovYnei'S? statement,
*j*whi(^t^Bai:&.-ittecl "tQ "be cpiit-teous and
fail*, in alike S'pirife Allthelhlnes,have
been" posted with the notice, save the
Sloean Star and, Woiicleiihl? who did jjiot
sign/the round robin.. The BoSsUn mine,
the :*. largest employer of livjbor in this
yieihity, was. po-ied On Wednesday. It
is believed,- though ho" Statement )l-Cs yet
appeared to that eff'eet, that .he mines
will close doAvn ph June 1st, so as to enable the neAv Wage scale to take effects
There are practically no signatures yet
obtained of men who Will work at the $3
j?ate, jtinj the lnii'lei's AA'Mlj^iiatm'a^iYj^W^j^L
"Tfpivihe prpnoiiucemcnt~~of "the executive"
lieads of the iiiMons. Both sides are desirous of avoiding -a clash, and hope for
the continuance of the good feeling betAveen OAvuer and employee as has existed
previous to the present contingency. The
best interests of the camp are at stake,
ami everyone Avishes a speedy iind amicable settlement. <,,
The Bosun shipped twenty tons of ore
last Aveek. Shipments are someAvhat reduced OAving to the extensive developments in the Nos, 1, and 2 levels. VV.
Lfetti'iclv lias been engaged as foreman at
tlie Arlingtpn. Mill Brothers' saAvmill,
at the head of the lake, lias conlmcneed
the season's cut. Quite a lot of lumber
is being brought here. W. C, E. Koch is
making considerable iinproA'ements to liis
residence on Sixth street.
Rossland, May 10.—The experimental
AA'orking of the eight-hour system has
not been a success from the miue OAvners'
point of vieAV. Expenses haA'e largely
increased in proportion to the amount of
work done. This is reported ou the
authority of W. A. Carlyle, superinten-
tendent of the B. A. C. mines. It is practically certain that combined action Avill
be taken by the mine OAvners in Rossland
to adjust the scale of wages to the eight-
hour laAA'. The Miners' Union has ahvays
been freely recognized as a factor in
Iiossland industry, and has the respect
both of the mine OAvners and the community, AA'hile the greatest harmony has al-
AA'ays existed. It is most likely that the
matter will be arranged, as the OAvners
have shoAvn every disposition to be reasonable in their dealings With the men.
The neAV shaft on the Le Roi avus
started yesterday. The hoist AA'ill be
operated by electricity, but on a different system from that of the War  Eagle.
.nippato.pfiit^roir fo^piids^ahd trkil^y^dr, "a
road u)f-he__e;n The -iffOT^-ey reoul<_|" the)!
°b;e obtained as an- advance^^Ii^oii:?t|ie>lt6r-
tmauts Ban# Of jfia-liffi-s- - hete/ "^m.1 i]de
rOad eonstr.uetelcl $-• "'^jle .*,_ AA>hi;eh..."w6i|ld
SaAre °tf tjl-fifablV'^ is " linde^stood" |
that the.°%oh&y.°£o'% ft|-Pi'opriqti|m„s will
.notbe available jiiitiMhe end of „ J?rtly or
-lie begin hlifg'of, .Aiighst:
AlNSAVOitTH, May I9;-3—l?lie khy compressor . plant ou Coffee _i.eek, will in a
few days be ready to singly the Shines
Avith air. The shaft is 200: feet deep,
with a twenty-!*oot square chamber. The
flume is 1300 feet longs The water Will
have a drop of 'MS feetij AVhich will der
velpp 500 hoitee poAver. Work on the
Woodbury ereek wagptx road AVill sti.t't
in a few days. It will extend up the
creek a distaiice of wine miles. " Tom "
and^YPhilTY McGoveimJfeft„Wednesdav
It is a Damning* Report.
Ottaava, May 19.—The report of R. C.
Clute,   the   commissi oner   appointed   to
enquire into Ci'oav's  Nest Puss  railroad
trouble in connection AA'ith the  death; of
Charles R. McDonald and Fraser of NeAv
GlasgOAV, JST. S., Avas presented to parliament yesterday.    Both men  Avorked for
Mann   and   Kennedy   at  Mann's camp,
about    eighty    miles   Avest   of SeA'enth
Siding, Avhieh avus at that time  the  end
of   the  track.     The  men  only   AA'orked;
about a fortnight.     They  got $1.75 per .
day.    Fraser had $6.35  coming  to  him,:
aiid    McDonald    $5.35,    the    remaindes
beiug     eaten     up     Avith    board,    and
other      expenses.      Both     men      AA'ere
taken ill Avith diphtheria.     Although a
doctor could have gotten  Avithout much
trouble, and the men  isolated and cared
for 011 the spot, this  was'-"- not done, but.
they Avere removed with the thermometer  13  degrees  beloAv zero on  an open
sleigh to SeA'enth Siding and put in a box
car.    McDontJld died betAA'eeii 10 and  11
and Fraser betAveen 1 and 2 o'clock in the
morning., -.Commissioner.Clute, says,-that„:
Aylnle*.. mfldieals; .atte.ndiin|te-__ :.cou I tl ,.have„
morning for Hew York, AA^here  they Avill
sail for Ireland, the home of their youth.
Trouble Threatened.
Atlanta, Georgia, May 19.—The Journal publishes a story, in Avhieh it is stated that ah anonymous letter received' at
Palmetto declares that the toAArii Avill be
filled upon by negi'o excursionists 011
Saturday night. As tlie story goes, the
latter declares that tlie negroes going to
Columbus from Atlanta on Saturday
night, to attend a picnie, will use Winchesters and lire from the windows, While
dynamite will be used to destroy property fronting on the rftihvtiy. The
Avhites say they Can defend tlie toA\?n_ and
the only feat" is that some- reckless negro
might perhaps fire a single shot, AA'hich
Avould result in the Avreyking of the train.
The mayor has adA'ised the i-ailroad officials to run the train in daytime instead
of at night	
General Otis Stands Pat.
Manila, May 20.—'IVo military and
tAVo civil Filipino commissioners, appointed to co-operate with three citizens of
Manila in negotiating the terms of peace,
arrived here today. They haA'e submitted no neAV proposition, but want an
armisitice pending the session of the
Filipino congress. General Otis has refused to entertain the proposal.
Excited Over a Gold Field.
Dkadavood, South Dakota, May 19. — A
vein of ore carrying $10,000 in free gold
to the ton has been discovered on a ranch
near Custer City, It is the first quart/,
that has been found in the vicinity,
another find has created an excitement
in Custer county and amounts almost to
a stampede. All the surrounding country
is being staked off and located.
aihdf rPrntheiAlery ihVstidle'addsV.tlialitlies
ineh gpi ifo; ^'h"aiio0.e. foiY'th.eiS/'liA(e|ls "^Gliipe- -,
Stvys ,they "thould not havej heed $en"i^fbi:'* ?
Wttrol,". biit, if .±li^y_\\je*°6' they slioujd "ha.A'e I
been^pYd'perly "°&i°r'fdY foxf,|, ]$n$, ""duty 7d,e-1
vplVed iiphh "the-"^:.e^mpa[h^l'4;nd,.;the-ir ofii-"
■eei.sY 'iliei'e wt_§.sia ""i'aek1;"^! .|enii:>bra:i'yj
hospital acediimibdajtioh, . . :
yifont Yieldf an"."jncli. "        - ^ " ;
WASjiiNa^ON,   May  19:-^]]]aeh   of tlie!
nlemberH pf the American brandh of the ?
joint high Gauadiau epnnnission   has ve-:
ceived a handsomely -prepared invitation ;
f I'om the cliambei* of eoiilinerce of $kag-
Avay to visit:thatpoi-taiid see for themselves the cOnditiohs.    The iuATitiition recites in  strong laiiguage the desire  of
people of SkagAvay to have the commission maintain tP tlie utmost the claims of
United States to every foot of territory
within the thirty miles lying betAveen the
sea and the boundary line as  heretofore
the absolute and  final  determination  of
the American  commissioners  to  uphold
this A'ieAv of the boundary line set out by
the^ people of SkagAA'ay,'is the  boundary
qiiestioii is to be  retained as  one of the
subjects of the action   ofthe joint commission.        	
To InyestiKate Alaska's Resources.
PojtTTiASfi), May 19.---A large party of
eminent scientists, representative of
mostly leading educational institutions
of tlie country, will leave Portiaml about
.Tune 1st fbr ah exploring expedition ill
Alaska. This av ill be one of the largest
scientific exploring parties ever organized and AA'ill IniA^e eA'ery facility for
thorough and practical investigation. It
is said that its Avot'k AVill be oi the highest value in shoAving the resources and
natural capabilities of Alaska.
It May Mean Fast Trains,
NfiW York, May 10.—Transcontinental
interests are eagerly watching the Canadian Pacific's neAV fast train service. 1 f
the neAV fast time applies to American
coast points it is likely a time Avar avi 11 result. The Canadian Pacific says tlie competitive business is insufficient to justify
the high speed for the 2900 miles haul and
if made the Canadian government must
assist Avith a bonus of some kind. The
Northern Pacific has decided not be beaten by any transcontinental line.
Rescuers Duly Honored.
Southamption, May 1.9.—rThe mayor of
this city has presented to captain Wat-
kins, and;the other officers 'and-crew of
the American line steamer Paris, medals
and gifts in recognition of their, rescue of
the creAV coiisistiug of 22 men.of the British steamer Vindobala, on December the
27th last, in mid-ocean.
Thk Haguk, May 10.—The meeting at
AA'hich AndrcAV D. White, head of the
United States delegation, and sir Julian
Pauncefote, head of the British delegation, were present resulted in an agreement to appoint tliree •committees to
deal Avith the respective groups of questions AA'hich haA'e been proposed for discussion," namely:'disarmament, hiAVS bf
AA'arfaro,and mediation and arbitration.
With a vieAV of facilitating the appoint-,
incut of the committees it Avas agreed
that each chief delegate should nominate
of his OAvn delegation whom it might be
desired to .appoint to the respecth'e committees, so that each nation should be represented upon all.
Probably the committee AA'ill meet next
Tuesday or Wednesday to organize, and
to arrange their proceed lire. The opinion
of the majority'of the delegates seems to
be that the general .scheme to.be presented to the conference tomorroAV has
been couceh'ed in a broad and liberal
spirit, aud the result of this morning's
meeting of the delegation chiefs is regarded as demonstrating the good will"
of all the delegates, as AA'ell as a common
desire to facilitate the labors of the conference. Perfect harmony has preA'ailed
thus far regarding all questions.
At the session tomorroAV M. de Staal
Avill read the replies of emperor Nicholas
and qaeen Willielniiua to the despatch
sent to their majesties at the opening of
the conference, after Avhieh he Avill deliver an important speech upon the Avork
of the conference and AA'ill propose the
adoption-of the. general scheme arranged
this morning. The various delegtitious
met this afternoon to assign their members to the grand divisional committees.
TomorroAv's session and all subsequent
sessions AA'ill be secret.. ^
Alstine, a wealthy Klondiker, ou the
ground that his marriage was brought
about by fraud. The court ordered Mrs.
Van Alstine and her sister to pay into
'.he court _he sum of $3(5,000 AA'hich they
had obtained from Van Alstine. Upon
their refusal they AA'ere ordered to be imprisoned. The supreme court decided
that the superior court AA'as without
pOAA'er to enforce the payment by imprisonment.
The Scare Blows Over.
London, May 19.—In the house of commons today thesecresary of state for. the
colonies, Hon. Joseph  Chamberlain, gaA'e
;-_h_." *|ari^n%r^ .^ere^ |3,r|tiHh^iffl®^.*ilnt(,
^be^ajlp'AA^.d tb" affect-Tthe"friendlyvi-eW
'VtiPn.f'e"sistin*g..Y.     ""   ": r.] ■     ''":.{"'■" °°.J,
•. ^^orilpliingYPractica;! for;.the »;Cqnfe£encet,    ;
[% Ijiip^DOK,, Mky; 19':^Tlfe.^nnglp^i'menial.T":
, ^.sb;e-i-at\oii3 of whieh tl'ie4ij!.k.e,7bfr^VesteT°
^minster is tjie clnwi?_iiuwi-, haiimenipi'iOized ;
. tlie marquis pi Sallsbjiiyynrgmg. the desirability of the peaee conference lit Tlie
league settling the Armenian question.
The as_.bciatibn lias itilgoaddi-esSedVan, in-
fbriiial cpmliiunicatipii to* tlie Wtishlug-
toy. gOA^eiMimen't 7.0 tlie following effect:"
'Reeling   'a.ssurred" that   the   clpse   co-
.opefatiPii of the 'English speaking nations
AvOUVld be MA'antageoiis in a Avork fbr the
benefit of mankiiid the same is ardently
desii'ed 01} both sides, of the Atkintic."
Board of Traide Endorses the Strikers.
of Trade directors today passed  the following "resolution and telegraphed   it to
the parties interested  at BuiTalo :     Re-,,
soh'edj that it is tlie sense of the board
of   directors  of   the  board  of trade  of
Ohicago, that theebntractof Sir., Connors
with the Lake Carriei's Association sjiouid
be   immediately  abrogated,   alid    that
iiornial cond itions siiffoeting  transpoi'ta-
tion on the lftktis, and   the  1111 loading of
(_'a,rgOes..itVBulTalo,  .should . lie  instantly
Restored. '
More About the Columbia's Launching,
Biustoi., Rhode Island, May 19.—it is
leat-iied that the Columbia, tlie 110av cur)
defender, uoav in colir.se of consti'liction
at the I'larrcsshoff Avorks here, AA'ill lie
.launched at dusk on the evening of June
■8th. The tide avi 11 be high at seven
o'clock on that day, and it is Understood
that the reason for selecting tlie evening
as the time for launching is to prevent
AA'itnesses from taking photographs of
the boat before she is in tlie Avater.
On Monday eA'cning the city council
AA'ill have to face the problem of dealing
Avith the city or goA'ernment wharf. The
Avharf is sadly in need of repair, but the
provincial government has refused to
make the necessary expenditure, and
threatens that unless the city takes the
Avharf OA'er that it Avill be leased to
priA'atc individuals. The city engineer
Avill make a report on Monday eA'cning as
to Avhat repairs are immediately required
to put the AA'harf ■ in a safe condition.
An effort is to be made by a number of
those avIio take an interest in horse-racing
and.other sports to form a joint stock
company and construct a half-mile track
and recreation ground ou the flat behind
the smelter. Those aa'Iio have taken the
iiiitiath'ein the matter say that a tAventy-
year lease cau be secured from A. S. Far-
AA'ell for forty acres of suitable land upon
most faA'orable terms, and they think
that there should be no difficulty in
haA'ing enough money subscribed to put
the ground in shape for horse-racing aud
all outdoor sports.
James II. Sinclair aa'Iio AA'as extradited!
.from Spokane to stand his trial upon a"
charge of theft AA'as brought before judge
Forin yesterday for election. He elected
to,be tried by jury, and his case AA'ill
come up at the approaching assize. Sinclair is mixed up in the BreAA'ster case of
alleged theft from the Canadian Pacilic
RaihA'ay Company at Trail. **
John L. Sullivan,.'.the..Trail man aa'Iio
has been confined in the Nelson jail for
some time past upon a, charge of highway
robbery, elected to take a speedy trial
before judge Forin yesterday. He plead-
itieinSEAF^lo. bibGk°"2i*rHiiiii.iYjcddition'
Housed Him in a Hotel.
Victoria, May 19.—The provincial
government has not yet concluded
any arrangement for securing Mrs.
Green's house as a residence for the
lieutenant-governor, AA'ho is temporarily
quarted at the Dallas Hotel. Hon. J.
Fred Hume arrived,-buck tonight froni
The Klondiker's Bride Goes Free.
Olvmima, May 19.—The supreme court
today rendered a decision in the habeas
corpus ease of Mrs. Lou Van Alstine and
her sister, Emma Norton, and ordered-
their release. The proceedings grew, out
of the noted . Van Alstine. divorce case,
in Avhicli the superior court of King
county aAA'urded a dh'orco to colonel Van
■ -©YMy R.0sendate,i„i|^
the'' 'Slovak v%% vpfniqfrai^ ,.n
' i*e*-tii-i-di';_-oi^
, xioi ;*fcli5€-st^*A?_'iiitrg.:." .lie: ^lysXtTn&rblfei:^
Ak 'nd^^p^:l^M($^^h^^^p^fii..
AinkAVoi$lCbb!€er t"lieY"elg'iit°4h"o\'iI'Yi.aAv.,I~ It"
AA'|ll„.r"&§um,e,. ^fiayifly kite v a -sln-tt'd'bwnffp'i-^
oA'e.r/thi'eej-yea'i'-s '    Y
A'SO.citvl.tYnder the auspiues of itl:ieIa£li'es?"
kid soeie.ty" of the 33,ivpnij_3t chur.ch A*>as
held"l%t\hlg|i:t, in tlie; chiii-jpl'i*. xit aVIHcI./
th,ere;"*Ayas"°'';a laing© tttte»*ijianii_ei .'(A prpr":
grai,iime>pf vo;oa_ and instrilill^iit^jjiTu^..-, [
readi*ng§, VLe"-i.tatibns," ete.^ aviih" -i'ejjclei^^t''
after which" -vefveShmehts,. consisting" of
ice crfi^ni, et.ke and coffee Avere served, by
the   ladies   of   the  '.eongregati'oh.     Tlie
ladies' a/id society lias a meiuhei'ship of
ovef foi'by. of AA'hicli the officers are M,i>s.
Craig; president, Mrs.   Peek,, viee^presi-
Craig, secretary.
Tried  for  Attempting  to   Commit   SUic/ide.
Judge Foriii returned froni Fort .Steele
on Tliui'sday evening, AAiiere lie disposed
of .alarge number of county coui't cases.
Tlie most serious case tliat came before
tlie court aa'us one in which a man .'named
Qui 1:111, Libeh Was charged AVith attempting to commit sul-id'e. The evidence, went
to sIioav that Libeu Inul beet! coming off
a clt'tihk. Jind had mafic a bluff at drinking the contents of a bottle of carbolic
add. SeA'eral of the Avitnesses of Lilian's
alleged attempt at snicitlc then gralibcd
him 1tu.1I awaiting the arriA'al of a doctor
lilled the aa'ouId-be suicide with, bacon
grease and, sweet oil. When they suspended operations two doctors manned a
stomach pump and pumped out the grease
alul oil but could find no trace of carbolic
acid. Judge Forin held that the prisoner
hud been sufficiently punished by his
Avould-be rescuers and discharged him.
A. -R. Gray of this city, avIio occupied
the position of deputy commissioner of
labor statistics under the " Bureau of Labor Statistics and Industrial Disputes
Conciliation and Arbitration Act, 1893 ",
(since repealed), and acted as deputy
commissioner of labor, conciliation, and
arbitration under the " Labor Conciliation and Arbitration Act. ISO!," has furnished Thh TaiHUNi. Avith a copy of the
latter Act, under which labor disputes in
the province Ave re smoothed over, while
he acted as deputy commissioner.
Mr.  Gray,   avIio   is  p:o-ably  the  best
posted man in  the province on the Act,
(he  drafted   it),  explained that there is
nothing compulsory Avhatever in the Act,
except in cases Avhere on a reference to a
council of arbitration the parties  to the
dispute agree to be bound by the  award
thereof, Avhen the aAvard may be made a
rule of court, cnforcable by legal process.
The Act proAides for councils of conciliation,  to  be  convened on application of
either party to the dispute; but only in
the eA'ont of the other party  to  the dispute being willing to make a reference to
u council of conciliation.    In the event'of'
no  agreement being  arriA'ed at by the
council of conciliation, said  council may
agree to refer the dispute to a council of
arbitration ; but the aAA'ard is  not  binding unless it be agreed upon that it shall
be so before  the reference  is  made.    A
council of; arbitration  may  be convened
direct, Avithout a previous reference to a
council of conciliation;    The president of
the council of arbitration shtill.be a judge
of the supreme court of  the proA'ince, to
be selected by the disputants.    Compulsory attendance of Avitnesses is  provided
for,  and  eA'idence  on  oath-'may be required   of   thein.        All    traveling    expenses    of   the   members    of    councils
.of ;.v conciliation     and     arbitration    are
payable  by   the   government,  and also
fees for their attendance.    The fees for a
council of conciliation are limited to four
days, and of arbitration   to three  days,
after which  time the expenses  must be
borne by the disputants.
In the event of one party being Avilling
to accede to the aAA'ard of the arbitrators,
AA'hile the other party will not agree
thereto, the declining party has to pay
any expenses of the council of arbitration
in excess of three days' expenses, which
are payable by the government.
It is to be hoped that  both,parties  to
the  impending  labor dispute will  take
advantage of the  provincial  Labor  ando
fPfex-pf^fi|ru^^^.;§0_.    While  tlie em-
"&__^l^'i^V-^^l^^$&^^®*i'^i&^oy"ees are *lie mosfc-
Yiijnln^^ the  present
/3a)aS,fiiiti^t%v.^P^blie general interests
"■of^hes.^3i*1^-^-'iii4|tliis   section   of  the
■S«".^»fi»B.V.""'^-i^V_^W!^"if!V1Sis_" . - -   -,,
^G0njnti^'.ai^df.op2hw^e>'l province generally,,
'^i^tii.Ijil^lfi^^J^'^^^-'iiblic opinion must"
?a\|:e'r/^bj*i^a^ reference of labor
^fepI^t'e^jf^ti^&^iU AA.itch with interest
*a"h"d*^ and actions  of
.e.iiipiOyer.s°and»„:(jinpJoyeos  in connection
;|-v\?i^l£n^li^^V^une!!^f<ii-  a friendly  settle-
hi0n^'"dlf^red°My^hy.] Liibor and  Goncilia-
i:ppn^p^m^i^;,-   -
§UB|"l5Y °_WbSES3.7ebMM:iTTEE    MEET.
Big Cotton Trust Formed.
Taunton', Massachusetts, May 19.-—The
offer ofthe 'English capitalists to buy all
the cotton yarn mills of Bristol county,
has been accepted by a majority of the
■stockholders. The present treasurers
and superintendents have been assured
that the mills are to be operated under
their management as heretofore, and the
purchase is made purely as an investment. The actual bonds to be paid
above the par value are $2,l:.fi,000. and
the total amount the present stockhold-
Carnegie' Gives Another Subscription.
Lo.vi ion, May j S.—Andrew Carnegie has
subscribed .,10.000.to the Gladstone memorial fund.
At_"„a jneeting^pf'the public Avorks committee .yeKtef*.lay_^t6rnoon four tender's 7
Avere vceei^ft!d!|di_»th,e Avork of  grading a
poati-vA-fty ^n:^pplaif>street.    " Dave " Mc-,
" death's figuri^f^rjoJth*-. work Avas  33 cents *
per yai'dv.Clpft^fDervin 25 cents, D. H.
'l^tAvuetfeSO eents'f.iiiid H.  W. Llawley 20,
c&nts.,   HaAAdey s^t«J_texl that he could notJ
Coilimenee " u:pOi\" the  work before  June
lotli, 11S he i.S .ehgiiged on  the excuA'ation
for the lluctson's -Biiy Company's building.    On motion Pf alderman Thomson,
seconded by tlie niayor, the committee
cett,  upon   the  Slocan   Ore  Purchasing
Company agreeing  to  pay  one-third of
the cost.    Tin. city engineer AA'as also in-
sti'iieteil to build1 a CulvorL  to  carry~ off
the, water opposite IJopIar sti'eet.
With respect to the contemplated
changing of the gratle of Vernon street,
it AA*as decided to Secure the opinion of
the city Holieitoi' as to Avhether the city
w.;\s Ijoltnd to maintain grades which had
been establlshe.d l,>y resolution of the
council but not by byhtAV.
The city eiigiiieei' Was instructed to lay
a sideAvalk on the 301,1 th side of Gopy
street, betAveen Stanley And Josephine
streets, and also on the south ..ide of
Kobsou street, from Josephine to W?vi'd
The Methodist Conference.
At the an final conference of the Metli-
odisfc church' of British Columbia held at
Nanaimo on Monday the district of l*voot-
enay figured as follows in the final draft
of the station list: Rossland, George H.
M'ordon; David B. Birks, supernumeiury;
Trail, James CidA-ert; Nelsoii John Robson, B. A., financial secretary of Kootenay district; Ymir, James Micks; Kaslo,
James A. Wood, chairman of Kootenay
district; Sandon, Albert M. Stanford,
B. A ; Ncav Denver and Slocan City, E. A.
Roberts; Grand Forks, one to be sent
(G. Iv. B.); Cascade City, to be supplied;
Green.Avood, B. Medley Balderston, B. A.;
Cranbrook and Fort Steele, George E.
Smith, S. T. L.; Fei-nie, R. Forbes Still-
What Bntisb. Columbia Needs.
1IA1.S1XGFOKS, Fiudland, May 19.—An
imperial   ukase   has   just  been   issued
Avhicli directs tliat the Finnish diet hereafter -must only meet every four years. *_*s w-/n.cT'.r_:.^.v;c:-:���������.  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. G.   SATURDAY,   MAY 20,   1800.  P.  I  I. :*>  ��� .- _!-!'  m  t:  m  Pn  &fl_  ��_Y  : ��''��%,  K.'J.f  3SrO"W:  IZEnT   STOCK  A  FULL  LINE  OF  Ladies' White Duck  Ladies' White Duck  Ladies' Shirt Waists  Skirts.  Suits.  at 50c,  75c,  $1  ancl $1.25.  A few   Spring   Capes left,  which will   be sold  at cost.  A nice line of Ladies' Crash  Bicycle suiting.  One  Ncav Williams Sewing Machine,  $28.  A. FERLAND <fr CO.  Kliotl lllock. Baker Street, Nelsoii  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED,  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  Go.  AVe are turning out ;i great number of men's outfits, for the reason  th.at our suits fit and are Avell made. We handle everything of the  best and sell at close prices. If you Avant a new spring suit, hat, tie,  shoes, undeiAA-eiir, collar, shirt, suspenders, or socks, inspect our stock  and be convinced that avc are the people who can giA'e you the most  good goods for the least money. '-.-...  ��� yy ������.-������--- 0    ���     ���  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.C.  J. F. WEI_R  ffijte ��rifrutte.  Dailv Edition;   Weekly Edition...  ....'First Year, No. 117  . SeA'enth Year, No. 20  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published  every  morning;  (except Monday),' and will bo mailed to subscribers!  in Canada or the United States for  .5 a year, and to:  subscribers in Great Britain for ��8 a year; or it -will'  be deliA'crcd to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a;  ; week, ��1 a month, ��2.50 for three months, ��5 for six ,  months, or .10 for one year.   Payable in adA'ancc.  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C.  |^&|js^lT not (a ti'illc iii-ousi'steut ' for the  ^��5'Ppf_'_^ijif ��� Kootenay, to use. cohuiiu-after  ^%pjl_iaji.. =of;space, in   showing  that liUe  ��;4ji_i-ihel. of Kootenay are the richest on  ^���JeitetlrTaud using the annual report ol' the  7\5m*" "* ** -    ,     - * -  g^^-*j*ji3a mine;to:prove it, then-in the next  ^���asMtie;fuse._an" eq,ual amount of space in  ���y -Attempting to sIioav that ihe owners- of  ^Jlief^AA-onclcrfnlly   rich   mines ,*\vill   be  rSniigeicl if they, arc compelled to pay,'  "fskill-cl:--"miners three dollars and fifty  >j42"entff"<for a day of eight liburs1? - A  '���vifebie'ss Jiian' of Nelson - remarked:  Yytl^el\^ther ..day, tliat British Columbia  ^^^l^'jCiirSGd with a press - that  jVJ.*\|-|ts>*iii-able to7giA'e an iudcpeiident ex-  l^l^^sion of-opinion on any question. That  v^jjjlfsiiicsl-s'inun AA'as not far Avrong. One of  f?t}i"|;J|ewspape_s in Nelson denounces the  iXil^idnyjiin ers of Iiossl a i l tl as ai ui rch ists, an d  Ifkupiher says that hordes of dynamiters  ��|_,q.{tV<|l|- Co-itr d'Aleivos are poui*iug into  ^fitishljOlhmbia; J.-ithei? paper is^siti^  cere'.in .publishing! such expressions; but  .they miist -at0.r7.tQ the element from  *Vv*-ioiiu;tliey get patronage,  three miles of-traniAA'ay. In the first  place, they have no intention of building  ���'more-than two miles of road, and the  total cost of the undertaking will. not  exceed .$30,000. If built aiid-'. operated,  about half a dozen people AA'ill be giA'en  employment, and they, probably, Avill be  paid starvation AA'ages. Were men to  come here and ask for special privileges  and a marketable franchise to establish a  foundry and machine shop AA'ithin the  limits of Nelson���au industrial enterprise  that AA'ould grow with.the. growth of the  country���would .the' people,go Avikl over  it?, or AA'ould the city council spend days  and nights in discussing.the matter?"'No!  When. seen by s people* in- -their : sober  "senses*,, the street railAA'ay scheme is rather  a small-potato affair. li it is ever built,  AA'ill it be a profitable venture? Tf-it is  not a profitable Venture, the City of Nel-.  soil A\'ill only suffer by its building. i  Like extravagant statements have been"i  made iii regard to the cost of erecting "a1  gas plant in Nelson ; that' over a hundred'  thousand dollars would be expended in,  plant, etc. Such statements are only  made to mislead.   At the outside, a gas  THOMSON'S  AA'K ARE NOT ADVERTISING  j m  Iff'  ir  THE Cohdiliatioo and Arbitration Act  tijis b-en tried ..uccessfitlly ih settling  ^llspiites between eii-ployer and employ-e,  ..-.^n-e/iMttWjeeotseuirftl in Victoria.    The  " stone-c*ntiers employed by tlie parliainen*-  "bmldlpg cantnictor  had a .dispute over  wages with their employer, and tlie dis-  ;p*tite tyas settled through the n.cdUun ot  the aefc   Anotlie- dispute was adjusted in  "VftUfi'ouv.ei.     Still another avus smoothed  QvPr in  X-osslantl.     While   tliere  is no  dis.pnte^ as  yet,   over   the   question  of  Avages   in   the   mines    of    Kootenay^  Accept in the minds of the few who do  Inost of their mining with the .pen or  with their months���still  the shortening  ~df a day's labor underground from ten to  eiglit' hours may result in a disagreement  betAveen employer and employee���a disagreement that ean be settled through  ���fche medium bf the Conciliation and Arbitration Act.   The side that first declares  in  favor of submitting the question to  arbitration will win public opinion���and  that is, sometimes, half the battle.  This  season, it is  hot necessary, ��vefrytipdy',  knows that our  Stocls. is -Larg-er  and iPipiees jLo^ei*  Than' Other Dealers.  Sportsmen  want  the  best   and  get it at  can  dlways  Noav that the public have quit  looking upon the castles in the air so  suddenly built by the franchise mongers  that have invaded Nelson, they are beginning to realize Iioav easily they are.  gulled. Tlie men'/who are obtaining' k  franchise for a street raihvay state that  they   AA'ill  expend   $120,000   in  building  Thomson Stationery Go,, IB.  -Sr_3_-.S03^F:t   S.G.   Dont  Be  Influenced  By price alone in your drug: buying. Looking  avoII to quality means satisfactory results���means  securing tlio remedy that best fulfills the purposo  for which you intended it. Purity, quality, satisfaction, aro first considered here, but ahvays a  price that makes tlio purchase an economical one.  A prices that means something to,you. One package of our  Celery  Herb  Tea  Avill make ono quart of the best spring tonic on  tho market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is  '  25 CENTS   -,:,;,,:  phi nt���such as is likely to be erected at  Nelson���Avill not cost to exceed $30,000,  and its operation might give employment  to a dozen men. Think of it; had " Tom"  Gray approached the present city council  Avith a proposition to give him special  privileges to operate his saw and planing,  mills on the public streets and alleyways  and supply the city with lumber i'or side-  Avalks at a certain price per thousand  feet, Iioav many people, in or out of the  council, Avould haAre gone daft and heralded "Tom" as a public benefactor?  Yet, a siiAAr and planing mill operated  continuously Avill giAre employment to a  do/.en men Avhere a gns plant will giA'e  employment to one.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  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WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mining Stocks Customs Broker  HEAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AGENTS  The only restaurant in the city  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  Crow's Nest Pass Goal Ho.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag'ep Beer.  Ale and Porter  Prompt and rogular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  ^^'tt^^^^i-Mr^^ ���w^y^  ^(Ci*--n* ��� -XM*. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY,  MAY 20, 1890.  ^3  AMOF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid,  up,     -  $12,000,000  (i.OOO.OOO  I.OI.I) STRATHCONA AND   AIT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Prosident  Ifi   S. OliOUSTON Gonoral Manager;  ___*__!__.SO:iSr   B-E--A.3STOKC  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        BHASI.TIR*  IN        LONDON   (BiiKland).   NEW   YORK,   OHrOAOO  mill in Mm iH'inri.ial cabin In (-..inula.  THE BANK 0F  N<E_-SON  Huy and sell Sterling Exehango and Cable Transfers  flUANT COMMKKOIAl. AND   .KAVKIXEItS' OKKnlTR.  uvailahle in any part of tho world.  DUAKTS I8H-K-.    COLLK-TIONS MADE; BTO. |  SAVINGS BANKiBRANCH.  CURRENT RA'l'E OK* INTEREST PAID  MOSS   FKOM   A   ROLLING   STONE.  "What is truth?" said jesting Pilate';  and would not stay > of an answer. The  same question 'troubled the master mind  of the great lord Bacon, who, while ex-j  tolling the belief of .truth as the "sovereign good of human nature," yet cyhieally  remarks that "a mixture of a lie doth ever  add pleasure." For truth is too naked  and bare in tho daylight. Who of us  would care to lay bare the history of his  life? How sad would be the world were,  all vain opinions,'flattering hopes, colored'  imaginations and poetic fantasies to be;  forever blotted out!  There are some truths and truisms  which have been forced upon us unwit-'  tingly, have followed us from the days-of  childhood until the years of discretion  have been reached, when we in turn attempt to inculcate the same principles into theminds ofour children.  What bare-faced old liars those men of  old were, the sayings of whom are now  condensed into -what are known in. the  vulgar tongue as maxims or proverbs !  1 know of nothing more misleading or  more utterly  false  than 'the'maxim, "a  bird  in the-hand  is  worth two  in ��� the  bush."    Romeo may sigh for Juliet.    By  all  means let him continue to sigh; for  his sadness is in very truth a joy to him.  Letiiiiu'but attain his heart's desire and  how long do yoii think   liis dream, will ���  last?   1-omco  ii? for the nonce a respec-.  table'dry-goods young man.    "Tie teaches  in  the  Sunday school; so likewise does  Juliet.   - Love's   dream   is    sweet;   but  Romeo [imagines  that   he   is now, fully  qualified for a family man, aiid Juliet is'  practical and fears her charms may fade,  should she delay toolong.    They mutual-  -ly agree .that it is  best to make sure of  things ; Romeo is advised  that he*better  make  the  most  of his  opportunity, for  good wives are scarce, etc., -etc., and "a  .bird in the hand���"and so on.    Result, a:  marriage/ (made in Heaven of course'!);  aud what then? ^ In a few years���a.very  "few sometimes���Juliet's plumes begin Jto  fade, aud there-are two birds of paradise  in yonder 'bush of wondrous beauty; aiid  Romeo���well, *he ought 'to know- better,  but he doesn't; and  he is impelled by unknown forces nearer and nearer to the  bush with the result that���but the rest of  the story were best untold.  "To the pure all things are pure." I  deny the statement. Trust your pure-  minded damsel, your saintly, matron,  yQurj eminent divine, your "sir Galahad"  to draw a bad infei-euce -froin7 your iiiiio-  eejitly intended, - but ����� possibly- Hili\vis__,  J=^actioiis^vhicht$^  the   wojJkl  Woiild   ktidw full well were  *liatfml-s��.  ___u<_ l_ow>ali]3ciofiis _h__o self ^_ari_ve pure  on@s are to impart their Suspicions to  their friends. Soon .thei-- suspicious enlarge in tlieii' vapid intellects into facts,  and b<_cohie the prevailing topics of conversation at afternoon teils .and mothers'  meetings.  A modOi-i writer litis Slightly altered"  this iftaxiin and hilikeg it read, "to fhe  .jpu-o all things are imp. ire."   lie is ilot  ���far wrong. _^   My philosophy may��be denounced.  Were the Holy Inquisition in vogue now  in British Columbia, probably this and.  every other issue of iI,i_i_ Tribune would  be burnt   by   the   eoinmou ^hangman.;  Many years ago���don't ask Iioav many  ���I once was copying with-difficulty that  excellent precept, "a rolling stone gathers  no moss," with such skill that it excited  the envy of niy sister, who was my fellow  prisoner in the schoolroom on that occasion. -She, with malice aforethought,  piuictured a certain fleshy portion of my  body wirh a vulgar pin, just as I was  conipleting my caligrai-hic'e'ffOrt, etittsing  me to mar the same with a huge blot.:  Now a blot meant no jam ;fOr tea;'besides  the pin was sharp and undue force was  used.  I was but young then, some nine years  at most, but, I regret to say, I . was  precocious, and I uttered a word which  was unseemly to say: the >least.  Unfortunately, ruy father overheard  the remark and forthwith administered  his paternal justice, embittered not a  little by my protest that I had often  heard him use tho same word. My father  was a strong man, and next day I stood  up to write my copy!  Somehow I have always remembered  that maxim.    In after years it lias been  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on SKaguay, U. S., Atlin, B- C-i a"d  Dawson City, Yu^orj District.  (lung in my face and applied, to me in a  ���most personal manner. The metaphor is  of course false. Surely we are not to bo  drawn to the conclusion that moss means  riches ; for, if so, who would not be a rolling stone? Does any man of "good understanding" really long for riches? Let  us turn to Francis Bacon again. "I cannot call riches better than the baggage of  virtue. For as the baggage is to an army,  so is riches to virtue. It can not be spared or left behind,ibut it hindereth the  inarch. Yea audthe care of itsometiines  loseth or disturbeth the victory." Aiid  again���"Of great riches there is no real  use, except it be in the distribution." In  other words (western style), we can have  no use for a pile of 'dollars, except to  "blow them in" with our friends.  Casting filthy lucre aside, I maintain  ���thatthe rolling stone, .assuming that he is  a man of ordinary intelligence and observation, can gather an abundance of moss,  in the shape of general information concerning men, matters and many lands  which will stand him-in. good stead when  evil days cOmeupon him. The man who  has tried his hand at many trades, willj  have some knowledge'of each oiie, not ani  extensive knowledge I grant you, but!  sufficient to enable him to earn a day's:  wage in a ucav country.' The man who  has*iived'in many .'lands' Will have some:  experience of the. different conditions un-;  der which men live in tliose different  lands, and moreover acquire a fair know-;  ledge" of-hibdern languages.  The'-reader will, now .cdnchide that I  am - a rolling stone; and iii that' conclusion I  he is .not far  Avrong.    1 fear *.hat,:in;at-r  tempting to justify my character '1-inay  have  have possibly  extolled  the virtues,  of my  calling unduly,  but I  am so sure  that no one else will share my sentiments,  that 1 must crave pardon for tootling my  oavu trumpet.   .Yes,Thave rolled*.more;or  less   all  my life.    Do  1 regret  it?   No!  Would I be happier had I stayed at home  and worked regularly at some profession,  counted out other peoples money day by.-  day, poured nostrums into or .cut appen-.'  dices from the bodies of my fellow men,  preached the gospel, or sanded the sugar j  and  swept  the shop-dustings into the;  pepper  before attending family prayers*  in a wholesale or "retail grocery business?  Nd!    A   thousand,  times   no!    I " am   a,  vagi-ant,  a Avanderer,  of no occupation,  no  ambition,  only  desiring the* whore-*  Avi thai to purchase a "tAvo bit" meal .or a,  bed for the night, with possibly a little-  more to loud.to an impecunious friend or  to  enable me  to quench  the thirst  of a,  fellow wanderer.  Here, by the shore of the deep black  lake, let me rest for a Lime. And let me,  during my brief sojourn -grace these col-.;  minis once a week Avith some of the moss'  gathered in many lauds with an occasion-*  al lapse into topics of eA'ery day'interes't.  iii;our midst. " f  This by way of preface. The skies are  grey today, aud my muse lacks a happy  inspiration.  Is ,thp._p ever any spring in British Col-  miibiili?   It is cold  for  so long now.    I  tried to delude myself today/ ;pi*_et0itd-d!  ^tnvassiH'iug-aiid^  shore of the "lake,  then ctpssed|"0*er hk -al  boat lind^fOund :myseff ih a jgi-tdsn yof I,  XgOldep liliies.  ��$I^^bea.t!.iful "tbfey _wer6?;-  ' It seemed a sacrilege to tread oil tfiemY  and yet.it -was inlpossible to walk a f_w-  yards without doing soY FloAVerS have al  sti-ange eifeet On the mind.    Soifleofns  havo a chosen favorite floWef-, __ie_igh- of.  Which will bring back tp us: the ft-hdereSt;  memories.   But if avc are Wise, wti shrtll:  ceiise vain comparisons and  go down on  - iir knees,? likeLiinueus before the gorse,  iiierely to thank the Supreme Beiug for  all these marvellous works of His hand.  The spring, the summer, the autumn, the  winter come and go, each bringing us some  timely blossom or berry, which, as we  hold it in oiir hand and meditate on its  exquisiteness, seems incomparable.  I haA'e learnt the names of these beautiful flowers, but dare not attempt to  spell it. They took me back to days,  when, as a child, I sought for the early  daffodils by the liver banks of northern  England.  For spring is the time of the coming of  the daffodil, when the winter rigors have  abated, when the birds have:chosen their  mates and are a building, avIiou the very  winds, though they blow boisterously and  cold, have that ring of life and hope in  them so different from the angry sobbing  gales of autumn. It did not require a  great stretch ofthe imagination to transform these golden glories into daffodils,  the dowers beloved of poets out of  nicmory, that moved Herrick to tears,  whose "golden hosts" setWordsworth's  heart dancing with glee, and of which  Shakespeare wrote:  "That come before the swallow dares,- ancl take  The winds of March with beauty."  My heart felt as it were that of a little  child once more, and the burden of life  fell  from me.    Then   with a hoarse  roar  FULL LINE OF  came the storm wind with a blinding sleet,  and I closed my book and hurried back  to the. reality of life, once more to bury  myself, a lonely wanderer and outcast, in  a "two bit" restaurant.  Autoi.vcus.  A. IF. Cameron, Lancaster,  Out.  T. K. S't itstead, Spokane  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  GRAND  CENTRAL.  Charles    Engberg.    Silver  KiiiK Mine  George Howard, Silverton  HUME.  W. T. Knako, Allin City  O.K. Williams, l-'ort Steele  V.   F.    Richardson,   Arnn-  eouver  O.U. jMlen. Vnneouvur  C. II. Taylor, Montreal  '. Siuill-rt. Detroit  IF. A. Small, Vancouver  SILVKK KING  Cyrus VV. McArthur, Spokane  G. H. Matthew. Ymir  Kred Thayer, Toronto  J. AV. Ilcrrv. llnlifax  J.  A. lJa.ll    .Sliorhruok",  P. Q.  1=3 ��� (=> ��� ��3 -^ ��� ��3 ��� (=3 ���  m-t  PECIAL yALUES  John   W. Coelirnno, Ross-  In nd  .Waller Vincent. Ymir  John Flacking-, Ymir  John Knrrnifh, Sandon  l_. A. Andrew. Sandon  It. Korbes. Mall Siding  John U'yld, Toronto  Menno   I nzicker, Chicago  C 1'. Hill, I'ort Ilia, Idaho  J. IT. II II, J'oi't Frill, Idaho  F. W. Manghan Spokane  MADDKN.  PHAllt.  MNs Huoll, Cr.inbrook  N. II. Cowan, Creston  T. IF. McHarg. Roulogiie  10. A. Paterson, Silverton  J. G. Devlin, Nakusp ;  AVilliam  Pettigrew, Rossland .  James Clark, Sandon  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows       ', _  Inside Finish  locil and coast.  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MANUFACTUKKKS OV  1>KAM_{S IN  EYESIGHT  I-fiiA'c you eve_ ejcijerieiiced any trouble  Avith the usual acuteii-Ss of your eyes,  such as the bhuTiug of vision,,, fine pi'int  appearing to run together, a tired feeling  after .-reading for a short time, apparent  blotches or a hazy mist before reading  matter; do you have pains In your forehead near the sides, betAveen or above  the eyes; do you ever have intense pains  in the head, especially after using your  eyes for some time; did it ever occur to;  you that nearly eA**ery one of those headaches 'are caused by some defect of the  eyes; do you And that it tires your eyes  to look doAA-ii, or that it /makes you dizzy  to look up; is one eye better adapted for  close Avork than the other; are you so;  far-sighted that you cannot distinguish;  small articles close at hand; iti'e tlie refractive pOAvers such tliat you can only  see-objects :-in. close proximity to the eyes;  are you Avearing a pair of spectacles that  are ruining your eyes for all time to  come ? If so consult Prof. Harvey, F. C.  M. C. I., at Vanstone's drugstore, every,  day until  May 24th.    Consultation  free.  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors.and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY  WOKK DO.N'U  SUCH  AS  TO OHOKH,  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  Oen^faWoiiierjMWoi?-^  M -TOOK  Glass of all Sizes ^nd Kinds  Sawmill on Government wliarf. -_���,,,���___..,  -'aetory awl bfllcp, corner Hall street mid CI. Iii fe-ick  WILL 1)0 VfViLL TO  G. oymmmMfs  A largo stock _f first-class dry* matorial on haiidj also  a--full line of sash, doors, ihouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPEG-ftlfY  Yard:   Foot of Hendry?: street,?Nolson  Telephono, 91  PETER 6ffli-B I :G0.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  AVe make a specialty of  Styplap ai]d Doable Dressed WJaterial  Good Dry-Rustic and Flooring  Oflicc and yard near C.P.U. depot   K. G. BKKK, A_c��l.  ______  AYKLLOAV and wlnte setter; .ilv-o monlliK old:  weight about 15 pounds: had on a wide leather collar. Kinder will be suitably rewarded at Itoom 2. Hotel  Huine, Nelsoii.  Miss Anderson, Genesee,  Idaho  ' C. A.   Farquharson, ��� Brig-  den, Out.  Hector Mclvinnon, Nakusp  QUEEN'S.    .',.'.'       ;  ' Colin C. Brown; Kossland    I U.   Itobertson,   Southanip-:  J. .Ifi. C Holmes, Kernie       |    ton. Out.  T. II. Hutton, Trail W. H. W'alliiiBer, Fort  'Harry Krimb, Brooklyn       |    Steele  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  Though early in the season for bargain sales, owing to a lucky  purchase, we find ourselves able to sell a few dozen 'ladies'  shirt Avaists at reduced prices.  Ladies' Print Shirt Waists, Pretty Patterns, at $i worth $1.25  Ladies' India Muslin  Blouses,   regular price $1.75, our price,  $1.25.  Ladies' Organdi  Muslin  Blouses, cheap at $2, our price, $1.50  Ladies' Satana Shirt Waists at $2.50, regular price $3.  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RETAIL  STORES AT  -Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Skn'don, Silverton,-'Gasca-Ie  City, Grand Forks,   Midvvay,'Greenwood and^Sirdar.  ���pf{K-yy^r^ L-fe^d Office, Kelson, B.C,,  West Kootenay-Butcher Gp.  ALL K.IOS OF FRESH AND SAbZm mjflS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND ^PbULTRY\BN[^  Mrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  r|. D. HUME, Manager.  /riiC1 flhesb hotel iii this intfirior.  Jjarge siimnie rdonis.i  Stbam heafcand oleotrio light.  CORNER OV WARD ANt> VERNON &T_.t NEI.SON  BAl-Klt ANft AVARB StiCKWI'S, NMl-jlON  jriie,6h1y liotcHnNclSoKtliilt has I'cinainccI tj-ndop one  nl-tn-4j..njgii-,siJhcc ,1800.  ,-!Sc- bd-ti-ropins are well furnished and light (id by  cl-olricily.  Th(S;_iuiii_-rb6ni is not second to any in tvodt.iiay.  fliobap is always stocked by the best- domestic and  imported liquors: and digan*.  THOA-LtS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Baker Street, Nelson   E. G. f RAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIYE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA COLDFJELDS.IW.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND., .  All communications relating  to  British  Columbia  business to':be:a_dr'_'s-ecl"ito''P_'6.  505, Nelson, British Columbia  'd-^.V  j.  s.  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Managers   iipittfA-i * "iS "Vs,  S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer f   INhL-CaUN, -B.- C.  w.  A. THURMAN  SMOKERS' HEAPQUARTERS  ^|ge;eps^a fulLline^of  ROYAl- SEAL A_4_> JCOG*__NA"_" BELIiE-dlCrARS  And %Up,tHer brands ofYtlte  A'l  I ACIOin   PMCKS  [gap  e3i". _srr��ii_;soisr!:,  Two alid a'half mijes up the Outlet from1 Nelspn.  QDT?PT A T TTI?Q .     sPrinB Chickens, Fresh ^earn,  &ri_llAJjlil_0!     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which are from the ranch belonging to tlie hotel  A pleasant place tb spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot bo obtained im hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabliiig. Open day and  night.   Can bo reached by oithcr road or water.  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  -3Tl_-X-=-.   33. C  Everything first-class  Choice brands of Wines, Uqiiors and Cigars  Rates $1.50 and 52 per day.  ���J. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Healed by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  - Electric bells and light in evory room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. V.- PERKS, Proprietor      ���  Frco bus.meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  ���Nelson lent and Awiing: lamifaetopy  A.T-X,  'CANVAS- GOODS,  TENTS,  A-TOilWS AND  FANCY STRIPED tJlMAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ���>tfp  AU  SIZES OV TENTS IN STOCK  Baker street, opposite postofllcc. Nelson  -Phso, '-jM^^Dm&mr  W. P. DIGKSON  B. H. H. APP-jBWHAITBT  yt:moPs.JB��  ���k(r  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric, Power Transmission and Lighting-for sainee,  Electric fixtures, iLa_rips, tells, Telephones, Annunctators,"7_!t.<���   .....  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B.-'C.  $5500  sleighs, and.a  dies, blankets,  $30,000 a year.  WlH buy 24 horpes. 12 woKons, 2  wagonettes, 1 buggy.  XO  sets of  complet- outfit of harness, sad-  etc", and a going  Terms.  tH*3f\r^r\ Will buy two lots and improve-  tpjfKJKJKJ ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  __���/! E.r__"_ Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the  <pit<mJKJ south side of Baker street, between fa tariley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  <t-_T. f_Af_ '';Will buy 60 by 120 feet on the  jpXV/jV/W   northeast corner of Bateer and  Josephine streets.   Oash.   jq��[N HOUSTON,  P.O. Box 57 Ve-iion _t_eet.-lelBon  FOR STYMSflnlM-.ERY  and Fancy:Bre_^<  Blouses -t-i-l D^ess Skirts  C'A.lt- ON  Mrs.   E.  JOSRPHINK STR10KT, NRLSON THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  SATURDAY,  MAY  :-(>,  185)9.  I, :  l<  -.  I  II  ii*  i ..  III.  !��':  |!i  _!.'$ YDY  1 .a% fl,  "'  .5 j.   ��Y_��  .'A  !r  lit*,'  It  Purses an  Pocke  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purees and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Postoffice Clothing Store  BOOTS  BOOTS  BOOTS  WE HAVE NOW A FULL ASSORTMENT OP SPRING- AND SUMMER  GOODS FROM AMES, HOLDEN & CO.,  J. D. KING & CO., M'CREADY AND  OTHER MAKERS. CALL AND SEE  OUR SPECIALS IN TAN AND CHOC-  LATE.   CALL AND GET OUR PRICES  J. A. OILKER  YisrEXia: postoffice, b________::_- steeet, tnelson  i '.V.^'.nliTan'   %    '  J-_S"��A �����wy  p* pflU,. _W�� t*  teg".  v|v T$oun$ ���to^selJ��":wliUd  iihey"remaih thei.pi-Herns-  fe^YfoYmarJi, JthjimKdovv^  ';^rr\6wif ai\dV|_t:��qur regular  ; .custoifier's ��� ha. e: this: a._-  :�����vanta:i|Vofet_i- c���t, rathr  ._ er t|iat\: havevaYsJ aiii^ftte'r  Vsalevs.o^e.'^lnViiJK-. later  �� ioYtrjSk- roorri for new  ��   Our display   of  s: atld Apt   Squares  is. the finest  ever seen  in  Kootenay.   TJjey are  =rece;iV-d=rfireai=='fro?Tj^tKe-  eastern impdrters so that  In buying1 from  us ybu  are   virtually   reaching  headquarters.  "Ai -y'^upfcioii' J-__g_s'''": sh:cmi4.Y_be, lefi dpge. ^n],  flkdciiOh pi'ifte- mea$_i tlie.ii-illiest pilce whiqii ���3blie��  ���mu'eluiigei'- "dak "be "iudiicetl" id pay.  The Orangemen oi' Nelson are milking  preparations for the celebration of tlie  anniversary of the battle of tlie Boynein  NeLson on .July _2_h. The Loyal Orange  lodges at J-Jossland, Sloean City, New  Denver, Sandon and Kaslo will partici-  pate in the celebration. A programme  of sports is being arranged and prominent Orangemen of British Columbia- will  deliver addresee.s.  Victoria Times: There has been keen  competition among the lodges of the  Sons oi Kngland for the prizes offered in  the proA'ince for the largest enrolment of  members, and Nelsoii lodge has proven  victorious, capturing tlie first prize, a  large and handsome silk (lag.  A three-year-old lad named McCnrty  had the misfortune to break his left  thigh-bone yesterday, while playing with  some other boys near the general hos-  2iital. He was taken to the hospital.by  Dr.  Forin.  G. G. Fraser secretary of the citizen's  committee of Kuskonook, lias written to  mayor Neelands, asking upon what terms  the small hose, not now in use by the  Nelson fire brigade could be secured for  the firemen of Kuskonook. As the mayor  does not desire to sell the Kuskonook  people a pig in a poke, lie Avill ask the  secretary, of tlie citizen's committee to  come to Nelson ancl see what he considers  the hose worth.  AVard Brothers report a steady demand for lots in tlie Davies addition to  Nelson, known as lot 182. Within the  past month they report sales aggregating $4,500. All the lots iu the addition  have a frontage of 50 feet.  Mayor Neelands Avas empowered by  the public Avorks committee yesterday to  open negotiations with John JVIiles Avith a  vieAV to liis re-entering the serA'ice of the  corporation as official poundkeeper.  Gentlemen  If you want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring ancl summer, I have over 500 dill-rent, patterns of Scotch and Knglish tweeds,  which I will make to your order at the low  price of  ��25  Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at '. " ��2-1  Black serge suits in sack or morning coat.. ��21  A  heavy  Scotch  tweed,   nice  patterns for  business suit  SIS  Trousers at equally low prices.   Fit and finish .  no better in Canada.   Ladies' fine tailoring a  specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.  Steves, T_]e Tailor  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Tickets for the Knights of Pythias excursion to Kaslo on May 21th are now on sale at Lillie  Brothers' shoe store.  The Nelson Hardware Company received yesterday two carloads of paint, ami glass.  Builders will Iind if to their advantage lo cull and see  their stock.  OS  o  GO  __-  _J  OQ  <c  I���  CO  *w*.  C/3  ���_  CO  CO  m  C3  en  C3  oo  CO  C3  It pays us to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive for excellence in  .quality and price, always aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best eoods at the smallest  fio-ures.     On   this   basis   we  invite  ��_>  your inspection of our lines.  The latest and neatest stock in  Sash Clasps, Belts in all patterns,  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping-  Bags, Ladies' Lorgnette Chains in  patterns.  A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all kinds and descriptions.  We want your watch repairing  ancl we employ only expert watchmakers. Send your watches as we  can save you money on your repair work.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  -��vy^-      Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    \\   IroTn>  ^\ Sheet  MATERIAL    % _ l���n> ^-Rails  v> Paints, Oils, Glass  ^_i<_____-WpS���i  ____*_f__^-_i-NR_��y  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  ���Nbtice..  Y"VVfe*]iavc;atfrn.e/assorti1.^^^  "'0ft.lniT_*i.;tY���:_66c^  -iblD^iv6(;iqe^vJVS'.byeV}:tUi_-_a_^opt^aHdJi]ii6un.o"  ���bli .the; pr-i rijises, ."s.itisfacSioii ��ifas$.ssycd.     ���.,  \s-"�� ���.ri_'.^\_^ljaj;i"j��1^j-..��_s��C;.*6Jsg^e*_;fcQo^xXiitlit!'_^, -V^i-li or -vvi-J-Qiux  '(���."-   ��� " Jffe-ftt_��_, __3i'i-ti^kkn$f 'Pkhktiip-a^keS,        . \��  \,. \  Mruss^MMfid, VelvetyPjl%    �� '. ���   ���'���;.  "Sttitalil- fox- tlra^ilig-i'oojns, flii.iing-i'ooiii'., JirilLs 61*  :  .   .  stali-Si -ivi-li or, A\dtlioii"b bprclei's,  iTkpe^ttp-^ mnd P&tent Tapestry,  "tlhAon fivt   gtfpfyi'es, Japanese  squares /and rugs,  sSio^i'iia! and TeGulnseli tugs.  40 Different Styles  Of   Ijailiy eaiTJ'ag-S  and go-carts to   select   firom,   lt(iittaix cliaiig and rock-i's.   Furniture Of Ml Kinds  Is adytMieiiig, and notice to tin's cilbefc lias been  sent to the trade by all large iTiaiin��ae.irre_._.  Having a large stock on hautL we will be able to  cjoiitinu�� to quote better figures than any of oiir  cOnxpefcitoi'S, A?e have also three carloads of  furiiiture oil the way.  IvA-SPO, -B. (^., araj; l.-l'li, lSHO.,  _fo't,iq6n rs.li&'Q-ygiY ,)i I.O;_ll?wli' _u i,il_ irttiycajibpirii. tliat  ':coijtf-fi. t S^ortl_eils"tliordto. AMsu-h'p'Urcliiiser.. iiv_ Jv-i'e",-  bj'-rc .iii.ecl to npi'iiiQ- <p _ tlJqiT.addreiis, i_iilrt (ii'esoiit  hdldiiiii-. .JJiitt" tlio i'-ll' ��iftyn,l)'o oQrrefctdd iii- ft-corditne_  ���_lve.i'c%-tli. The ..ccond oyerdue,jpayiYnjiits jmistbe^o.r-  S-firdert to Jneoii or before the loth -'day, of. il uncAroxiniOj  whcii iippoiiitiji-iits will He niadelfQi'thc cohyplctioiii  ���" * WIUJlAMYr. TWISS,  Solo agent SiinpWri Brps. & KCdlingj  ^��ftg&; jte|l&p0i_M  JPi'Onipfi attention "glveii tp.iili-orilei'-i-'left ii.lt JI. D6s-  iiisity & OoV. .]_ai>;cr_sti'eot!,lsTeIs'p*ii.. .  __        __.___^_^-_     ^  <^8  #  WILL  ADD   TO   THE   SELLING   VALUE   OF  A  SHABBY  LOOKING   HOUSE  When you make, up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes ancl Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining- Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  GB|���e^ et^,. will save mojrie^ fop %al|ii|ig: tin _^_lk|?S-^  inck: i& Wllsion^���'-#%)' K^ve n0# opefr. $iyp iffi&$m��WzjfflL  All paytrqs"Juvvinjfe,accbHiits Jigivjust Hic=,la6e VValler.S.  aVslrpilel are' rerjuqstod ,('b sbtu], the sai.nc-to tlio iriidcr-  signed, at once. .lOftN R. 'ft.QVf1_.l_V.  Nelson, P., C., May 201ih, IS00,  Conner Balcfer and Ward Streets, Nelsoh,  O--1  aSTDSLSOiST,   _p-, c  is  now prepared   to  buy all   classes of silver, gold, silver-lead, lead and  copper Ores.   The careful attention given to large Contracts will be extended  to the smallest shipper.   Prompt settlements and  choice of mods of sampling guaranteed. ���'���   ���  V   Address, all communications to drawer S, Nelson, B. C..  ;vv GEORGE M. McDOWELL, Manager.  O. M. ROSENDALE, Purchasing Agent.  Ice Cream  (HAZLKWGOD)  AND  loe Cream Soda  _\T CENT-IAL FRUIT STO^E  yresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone .13. HUMPHrtKYS & I'lT'I'OCIv  Hazlewood  Ice Cream  TO   LET.  A N 8;room house; fiirnl-liud; bath-room, electric liuht.  -c*- -piano, workshop,-.mid lariie Kardeii. Corner of  FaUB and Hoover street*. Apjily to IC. P. Wlmlley  .Nelson, 11. C. ','..-���  THK Olympic ITolel,. KaKlo.  complete; bowling alley.  on the premises.  Twenty rooms': furnihliud  Apply to Hichuitl (Jiillop,  We have been appointed sole agents in Nelson foi'  this celebrated Ice Cream, and arc now prepared  to cater to tlie public at our ice cream parlors,  which wo have fitted up in first-class style. Call  inland have a dish of this delicious cream. Other  dealers supplied.  ills & Lott  Tho  N  It -will'be to your advantage to sees out large  and complete stock of Boots and Shoes. "We  carry the following lines: ./.- fc: T. Bell, J.  ]). feing & Co., North Star Shoe Co., Pootn,.  Sc'lvii'1-0 it Co., Htratford Shoe Co., Am-es, Holden, & Co.j and o_Iici. Jeadijig inalvers.  evet* jbrptighit tjo the lCoQt>enay. Frtiiit 3am, Just  gtrriYeel iii p^in*s. quarts aaticJ lialf s��tlldns. Lowest  ppiees.   Ffrsft^elass quality,  Telephone 10.   P. O. Box K & W,      Baker street West, Nelson  e  S  % AND 2_ WiKS'T BAKER STBKKT, NKLSON  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDKNTrAL  PROPERTY  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT  Tropical Fruit Depot,  Corner of Baker and Ward streets; Nelson  LOST.  T OHT���A broad silver brooch, on Monday uijflil..   .._         ._...�� w.      _i_v.ll,   Ull    _iii\_m��t������j    it ���(-, ii ii< ��� ��v  ���   Under will he sniLablv rewarded by returning; it to  llrs: Ueorne Stephenson, Water Htrect, Nelson.  The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. &. PROCTOR, Mana_*er  BOARD AND ROOM   ���  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of English Clmrch.  Heated by steam. Table board"��1, room and hoard ��5  ancl 85.50. .       ,.        .,-'���.'  A collection of flno.Boli.nim Canaries for sale.- ^  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  3d bj' 120, Baker street, between  Josephine and  Ward streets , ��8000  50 by 120, Baker streei, between Josephine and Hall  streets ., ,  -.1500  50 by 120; Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner.,... ,.   30 by 120, East Baker streot..'.; ..!.-..... -.'    800  25 by 120 with ihiprovemonts, south side of Vernon  street ,.'..._ ,   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street , '  _  0000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. 1000  2_ lots witll cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street , .3.500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street  2300  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Stanley  street ....'. .  ' .'..-. 3000  G lots in block ilD, all cleared and fenced in  2500  I got outfitted nt DesBrisay's��� fourteen week's supplies,  all neatly packed in cotton sacks. They know how to fix  you up,  and Such a fine stock to choose from.  I'll tell you Mike there isn't another store in the city  that  can   fix a prospector out in   the same way as that same  0-room liouse and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and -everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch     5500  Fbr general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  waedIbeos.  Real Estate and General Agents, Bakor St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  '"'MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  '    BAKERY IN. CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED       . *.;  _=_.    *__ci_r_--_---_r;J    PBOPBIETOB j  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  DesBrisay & Go.  Cream  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received  direct from the factory, put up iu 3-pound boxes. Also  a full line of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that we handle  Blue Kibbon Ten.  JOHN A. IRYIM & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply Is limited, so call early aiid oxamino this stock.  _*��*��i|��*U_!ft  feKS2S?4W��w.' *^'wroaK��_r=��^!i*��


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