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 TWO BY-LAWS  ABOUT READY  FOR   RATEPAYERS   ASSENT.  ���Pz-i  ov  Ul!l.y.,  "'<*.; Ld^  W  The city council held two sessions yesterday for the purpose of further considering the bylaws conferring franchises  upon the projected tramway and gas  and coke companies. The tramway bylaw was taken up at the afternoon session  and saving a few details, which will be  put into shape by a special committee  this morning, it is ready to be reported  complete at the session of the council to  bo held this afternoon.  Alderman Fletcher introduced an  amendment to make the operation of  the city engineer's supervision more  effective. It provided that no new lines  of railway or any extension of any existing line should be open for traffic until  the company secured a certificate from  the city engineer that such work had  been constructed to his satisfaction. This  was accepted by the solicitor for the-promoters upon provision being made for an  appeal from the decision of the city  engineer with respect to the same.  Another amendment decided upon was  the shortening of the interval during  which the company under certain conditions could suspend its service Avithout  forfeiting its franchise. As the clause  read it was stated that a suspension of  three months under these conditions  should not operate as a forfeiture.  Mayor Neelands thought that this interval of suspension should be cut doAvn  to ten days, but the members of the  council would not support his amendment. As a compromise it AA'as decided  to cut the interval down to tAvo months,  but mayor Neelands recorded himself as  dissenting. ���  Alderman Fletcher wanted a clause inserted AA'hich -would fix upon the company all liability for damages arising out  of accidents to any bridge crossed by the  traimvay company's cars. It Avas pointed  out that there AA'as a clause binding the  traniAvay company to indemnify the city  for all damage arising out of the construction or operation of the traniAA'ay,  and this, in the opinion of the other  members of the council, Avas considered  sufficient.  Alderman Fletcher had another amendment making the decision of the city engineer final in matters of minor imijort-  anee in which ho Avas gh'en' discretionary  power. This Avas assented to by the promoters' solicitor with' respect to seA'eral  of the clauses named, biit it Avas rendered  "necessary to- divide several sub-sections  itLorder that the amendment would not  be too sweeping, and this Avork Avas  I' assigned to*a special- committee who-Avill  meet this morning. \',  ..  The franchise for the gas and coke company was considered at the evening session of the council. - Dr. Doolittle did his  own talking before the couucil Avithout  bhe assistance of a lawyer and as a result  much better progress AA*as made.  The clause in the ���JbylaA\- regulating the  company's charge for the gas for lighting purposes was amended so that the  charges shall be controlled by the city  council and shall not in any case Avithout  the consent of the company be less than  $2 per. thousand-feet nor more than $3.  Alderman Beer wanted a provision inserted  in the bylaAv by Avhieh the  corporation of the  city would - have a share  in.the profits  of the . company after a  maxium profit was reached, but the suggestion was not entertained.   Instead an  amendment AA'as inserted to the effect  that Avhencver the city considered the  I company's   charges for gas excessive .a  I commission should have the poAvcr_to re-  lduclTt3le^lIaFgeirioT~~tlie same,  provi< led  ���such reductions permitted the company  [to earn a profit of fifteen per cent upon  [its gas plants operations.   The gas and  Icoke bylaAv aviII   be reported  complete  li'i'Om committee today.  tm��  TUESDAY MORNING,  MAY  10,   189!).  THE CANADIAN PACIFIC SCORED  A   POINT   YESTERDAY.  PUBLISHED AT NBLSO.N, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) S5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  THE LOCAL AND I1INING NEWS OF SOUTHERN KOOTENAY  REPORTED SPECIALLY  FOR THE TRIBUNE.  Met and Discussed,  A nigOtingof the* Council of the South  JKootehay Board Of Trade, at which  Ithere were preseiit J. Roderick Robei't-  spn��� -S. YE..- Croasdaile, A. E. Hodgiuss  lEhomas G. Procter^ JohMV A, Turher, W,  tl. Ifaodouald and F, W. Swannell,, avjis  l&eid yesterday afternoon in the office of  liihe S&cretary,, Ifou, J. Fred Hunie, iniu->  lister of mines, Was present and discussed'  ���with the members of the Council the  Luestion of a minei^il exhibit for the  [Paris exhibition., Mr. Hume stated that  lirovincial mineralogist W. F. Robertson  lyould be in Nelson shortly and would  jtrfange with the board of trade for a  "iollection of samples of ore in the Nelson  iistrict. The council .recommended F.  |M. Ghadbourn as a competent mail to  gtnake the collection in the, Nelson mining  Ih'ision. An informal discussion on the  Jeight-hour amendment , to the Mineral  JAct folloAA^ed, and ��: repoi-t will be sub-  Imitted by the council at the next meet-  [ing of the board.  Want More Assistance From Britain.  .   , ��� Associated Press.  London, May 15.���The secretary of  [state for the colonies, Josepli Chamber-  jlain, had a conference today on the sub-  [ject of the proposed Pacific cable Avith  [baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, the  [high commissioner of Canada, and other  ���colonial agents. They presented cer-  Itain modifications' of the original pro-  J-yosals AA-hich Mr. Chamberlain promised  ���should receive the best consideration.  Special |.o The Tribune.  Rossland, May 15.���-It is reported on  the authority of Mr. Graves himself that  it has been practically decided to locate  the Knob Hill and Ironsides smelter on  the north fork of the Kettle river, ab.mt  a mile from Grand Forks. Several  sites have been under consideration.  A persistent rumor in Rossland points  to the discovery of a good body of ore in  the Virginia. It is said the Iron Mask  A'ein has been struck on the 300-foot level  shoAving five feet of $30 ore and has been  already drifted on for twenty-two feet.  No neAvs is available from the - management. ���When the stock Avas . rigged last  summer the Rossland public went for it  strong, bringing from 42 cents to $1.10.  They are still holding.it and the last sale  made Avas at 19 cents. Another assessment payable in July has been levied. So  that the discoA'ery of a good body of ore  AA'onld be very popular among a number  of Rossland citizens.  The Hon. D. W. Higgius is A'isiting his  son-in-laAV iu Rossland. He considers the  crisis at the Coast serious. Cotton has  apparently given Martin the alternative  of giving up Ludgate or the government.  Ore shipments from Rossland for the  Aveek ending today are likely to make a  record. This is the more satisfactory as  the mines are in shape to maintain a  regular output to tlie end of the year.  The great electric hoist of the War  Eagle has been so far a,.'disappointment.  Sometimes it -works and sometimes it  does not. This does not agree Avith  econoinicinining.  The use of a common source of poAver  for running machinery and electric lighting has very bad effects on the lighting.  The light in Rossland is irregular and  incandescent lamps last no time at all,  adding to the cost of an already expensive system.  Suoav fell in Rossland Sunday morning.  The AA'eather continues frightfully cold  for tho season.     ' .   - ��  Tliere is a decided" increase iu the inquiry for Rossland mining properties  from London. -The eight-hour.-law will  nothave any eifeet on the English market,  as they haA'e had it in operation for  many years in England, unless .trouble-is  the result of it. And no trouble AA'ill bo  , originated by tliose who have the heaviest  interests at stake. " -  There is- very little chance of the  Water <fc Light BylaAv passing. Tlie city  council is Aveak, and like most weak people  is becoming unpopular.  W. S. Jones has returned .to Rossland.  People avIio made accusations of any  criminal intention in his recent actions  havo beeu a little premature. He seems  to have .been Aveak and .careless, but at no  time in a position Avhere he' could not  render full account of hife dealings AA'ith.  the government. He has many friends and  it is a matter of general satisfaction that  one of Kootenay's oldest pioneers has not  fallen into disgrace.  Rambler-Cariboo jumped ten points  Saturday. The property has been recently examined by Bernard Macdonald  acting for a Montreal   syndicate. Thc_  company has also had an independent.report made recently AA'hich is to be published.    It is on the strength of this that  the public looks on the mines here as  gold-copper mines, although the copper  should be spelt with a small c.  A good story came to my ears the  other day. An English investor was  talking about British Columbia and said:  "Yes, I am interested in a company that  made some A'ery unfortunate investments  in AVest Australia., but thanks to our  British Columbia ventures we are going  to recoup ourseh'es." It is a fact that  hardly an English company operating in  British Columbia that is not carrying  some West Australian cripples.    .  The Windsor hotel in Montreal is at  present a hh-e of mining promoters.  They are there from all ends of fche earth.  A tremendous mining boom is expected  in Montreal. .  Mining enthusiasm has also invaded  NeAAr York, for many years the Worst city  iu the AArorld to take any mining proposition to. An extreme instance of this A\ras  afforded in the younger days of Trail  creek. Heinze tried to float the Le Roi  in NeAV York AA'hen lie Avas building his  smelter and failed. At the same time  money AA'as forthcoming plentifully for  his smelter, AA'hich depended on an oi'e  contract Avith the mine. What was the  smelter /worth if the mine AA'as no good?  But the one AA'as industrial and the other  mining and that AA'as enough for the  Ncav York iiiA'estor.  nnd  Mr.  Mr.  the  the recent heaA'y buying has taken place  Bernard Macdonald has been instrumental iii making some big deals in this  coUUtry, It Avas largely on his advice*:  that the B. A. C. purchased the No. I,  relatively speaking their best investment.  He also examined the Lie Roi and the Republic when the control of the latter \v~as  transferred to Montreal. He was not al*  Avays the big mining nian he is today.  Tlie first day's Avork he eA*^er did uhder-  ground was uuder an old Toad Mountain  pioneer, 'ThonMs Siuirl. Whittaker  Wright, the Wizard of the City o��  London, Avas another old friend of  Macdonald's. Metaphorically at least  they .packed their blankets through the  Rocky Mountains together hi. early days.  Whittaker Wright's has been a very  singular career. He is the modern instance of Mark Twain's "Yankee at the  court of King Arthur." His decidedly  American financial hlethods have never  been popular Avith conservative financiers, but he has beaten the game aud  beaten it AA'orse than any man of late  years. It Avill probably never be known,  accurately Iioav near the Avhole combination was to destruction a year ago. But  assuredly the British America Corporation and the London and Globe came very  hear a smash. The Le Roi mine saved  them, and it is said that unless the Bank  of Montreal had come to tho assistance of  the Le Roi deal it Avould neA'er haA'e been  made.  The boom in copper has had a tonic effect on Rossland mines and stocks, and  yet tlie amount of copper produced is so  small that the increase in price has had  hardly any appreciable effect ou the net  earnings of mine and smelter.     HoAveA'er  Kaslo.  Kaslo, May 15.���The Duncan City  toAA'nsite is noAA' oil the -market- and lots  are commencing to sell. W. N. Brayton,  formerly of the Canadian Pacific railAA'ay,  is general agent for the toAvnsite company, AA'ith headquarters in Kaslo at present, and A. B. Anderson is the agent at  Duncan City. The townsite consists of  about three hundred and ten acres, nearly  all of Avhicli is iioav oAA'ued by the Kaslo  & Lardo-Duncan RailAA'ay Company. The  Simpson Jboys,- original .OAvners,- retain-  only about eight acres, haA'ing' sold the -  balance to the raihvay company. Shirley Keeling Avas another of "the original  OAvners, OAvning an equal interest AA'ith  the Simpsons.- Those men goc a good-  figure for their interests. W. J. Twiss is"  selling agent .for tlie private OAvners.  i The opening price has been announced at  ' $200 for corner Jots, $150 for inside lots,  .aud tlie others ranging'doAvn to $50 each.  A number of Kaslpites In-yve gone in aud*-  speculated in lots on tlie ground floor.  Archie Fletcher is going to build a-hotel at Lardo, the Kootenay.lake terminus  of the Canadian Pacific raihvay, AA'hich  place he thinks is going to bo a good  toAA'u. J. Chapman leaves tomorroAv to  commence construction AA'ith a gang of  men. Paul Alexander has returned from  Spokane and will open a restaurant on  Front street in Poguc's old tobacco store.  James A. McDonell, the AA'ell knoAvn contractor, is in toAvn from GreciiAA'Ood. He  is after railroad contracts in the Lardo.  A. J. McLellan of Grand Forks, A\'ho lias  had a contract on the Columbia <fc Western raihA'ay, is in toAATi in connection  Avith the Lardo raihA'ay contracts. Mr.  McLoIla n_Avas_m an a ger_of _the_Kimberl cy-  mine, on the South Fork, a couple of  years. Rca'. Mr. Menzies returned from  the east last night Avith his bride, and is  receh-ing the congratulations of his many  friends. They Avill take up their residence in the luause.  The entertainment given ou Friday  ���niglit by the sehool children was a decided success, and was. One of the best concerts held in Kaslo for soine time, 'The  hall AAras croWdeds Tlie big success. of  the entertainmelit wits due to the untiring efforts of Mr. Miljingtoo, their eon,-  ductor, and 31 iss Moore of the teacher's  staff. About $00 AA'as netted and will go  to, buying some supplies for the School.  J. M. ll- Fairbairii, P. L. S��� cameup from  ���GreenAVood last night on a visit. L. J.  Hamilton, K. & S'�� agent at McGuigan, is  in town on his Avay to Victoria Oil a  pleasure trip. The Aveatlior still continues cool and the lake is rising very  sIoAVly. Over tnvo feet of sIioav fell at  WhitcAA'atel' this AVeek. It is almost  certain that Ave Avill haA'e high Avater this  year. Mr. McKenzie, lately with W. F.  Teetzel & Co., druggists, Nelson,is managing Livers* store here during'the temporary absence of Mr. Livers, who Avent out  to Bonner's Ferry to meet his wife on his  return from the east.  New Denver.  Neav Denvkr, May 15.���The greatest  event of the season AA'as enacted yesterday in ..the opening of the neAV St. Stephen's church by the Anglican denomination of this town. There Avere largo  congregations present at each service,  many putting in an appearance from  Sandon. In every respect the services  Avere a success, and thoroughly appreciated. The clergy participating Avere  ReA'. G. F. Yates, vicar, aa'Jio took the  prayers; Rca'. J. Clelaud of Sandon, Prcs-  byterion  pastor, avIio  AA'ore cassock  surplice and   read   the lessons; Rev.  Beer, lvaslo, the   preacher; and  ReA'.  Akehurst,  Nelson,   the  celebrant of  communion.    The  collections Avere most  liberal and will be  deA'oted  towards the  purchase of a church bell, the first iu the  camp.    There is A'ery little yet to be paid  on   the  building, as most of  the money  has been forthcoming through  the liberality of friends  in England principally.  The  building  itself was planned  by G.  Curtis of Nelson, M. McLean of this town  being   the  contractor.    Iu   architecture  and  general  finish  the church   is easily  foremost in  the  Slocan.    The  windows  are,all stained, AA'hile the general interior  is finished in cedar, oiled and  A'arnished,  as  also  the seats,  presenting  a   pretty  appearance.    J. H. Milh\'ard has the contract for  the painting, funds for AA'hich  are;aA'ailable.    The   church   is a. great  credit to the toAA'n-..  The school trustees are aAA'aitiug the  arrival of the government grant in order  to "jiix up. the public school grounds.  School inspector Burns arrived last niglit  to. inspect the local'institution- The government appropriation for the iniiaroA'e-  meht of the reseiwe has beeii Avell spent,  but more is required to complete an  excellent beginning.  W. Thomlinsou is looking up likely  copper"' properties in the Okanagan  country for Avell-knoAvn capitalists. C.  F. Nelson has returned from attending  the,grand lodge meeting ofthe Knights  of Pythias at Victoria. He reports the  order in a flourishing condition. Lumber  is oh the ground for a large grand-stand,  to be erected on the recreation field.  ReAr. R. N. PoAA'ell, Methodist, has been  stationed here for a third year. Taa'o  iicav residences are to be erected on the  bench oA'erlooking Bigelow bay. Another  old landmark in the town has disappeared in the pulling doAvn of D. McLeod's  cabin'oh the rcseiwe. *  - Work on the Turns group- is- proceeding iii a most satisfactory manner to the  oaaiioi's, aa'Iio haA-*e upAvards- of CO sacks  of ore put up, having been taken from  the lead. It averages 400" ounces. The  Turns promises to make, a shipper.  Silverton.  Sir/vERTON,' May 15.���The football  match played here yesterday betAveen  the local and Sandon teams rcsultod.in a  Avin for tho A'isitors by a .score, of 3 goals  to 2. Play AA'as A'ery even and good on  * both sides. The Sandon boys met Avith  a hearty ..reception and agreed to' play  another match here on .the morning of  May 24th. On Saturday tAvo of 11. P.  McDonald's horses engaged in grading on  tho street bolted into the lake. Before  they could be turned they had got into  deep Avater and both Avere dnrwncd. A  sample taken from the iicav strike at the  Noonday mine gaA'e assay returns of 810  ounces of silA*er. Tne pay streak at this  point is full of grey copper and Avire sil-  A'er. Manager Patterson of the "Wakefield mines has gOne into the Coeur d'  Alenes to inspect some mills in operation  -there llo-Avill���decide���Avhat���machinery  the Wakefield will require for their contemplated concentrator. A challenge  has been sent to the Noav Denver football club to play here next Sunday,  Ymir.  Yxnit., May I'Si���The choir at the ."First  l^resbytei'i'an church sroi'Vica last night  took for special, music "The Sands of  Time." Miss Mothers presided at the  organ. Aecordiiig to the draft laid do\\n.  by the Methodist coiifereitce at Nil/iiaiiuo  ���the-' Rev. James Hicks will be retiirifing  to ymir for another year, Which Will be  appreoiate/1 not only by liis own congregation but also by outsiders, among  whom the reverend goutlel-nan has become A'ery popular. ,It is whispered that  Pete the Packer; has gone to the States to  follow tlie example of John, F. Burne and  become a, benedict. Who'll be the next?  Mr. and Mrs. John F. Burne returned to  Ymir this lnornihg from Balfour, where  they had been spending their honeymoon,,  and were greeted on the platform by  many friends of the bridegroom. Miss  McLeod, the assistant postmistress, AA'as  able to return to her duties this morning  after her recent illness. Baseball is uoav  all the go in Ymir, but it strikes a new  comer as being A'ery indifferent compared  to the ancient game of cricket and rather  puts one in mind, of an old schoolboy  game in the old country called rounders.  The Dundee mine is uoav all ready to  start up again, as superintendent Findlay  and.his staff haA'e been Avorking like  Trojans. Up to the present the new  managingdirectorhas not beeii a,jipoiuted,  but it may be expected any day and then  the Dundee niill Avill be in. full swing  again. Three loads of concentrates, in  all about 12,000 pounds, have arri\'ed  from the Ymir mill and is being stored  at the   raihA'ay station   ready  for .ship  ment.     Eugene Crateau is back from the  Belmont group, where; he has been having a  cabin built,    lie reports that the suoav is  melting.slowly.al though the flowers are all  blooming,     lie   returns   this  evening   to  continue development Avork in the way of  shaft sinking, etc.    A lot of development  AA'ork is being done on the Avery group,  AA'hich consists of the Avery, Bay Horse,  Denver,   Leadville   and  lA'ey    Fraction,  situate on the north  side of  Porcupine  creek, adjoining the Blue-Eyed Nellie on  the east and the lona Strike  (oAvned  by  Price and  Burgess),     it  includes  in all  about eleven assessments, principally tunnelling and open cuts.    The tunnel on the  AA'ery mineral claim is now iu on a nice  ledge shoAving up about  three feet,  although up to the present the  AA'alls have  not been reached.    The  OAvners of the  group' are R. II. Shruin, J. Ryan, F. Donald and D. Campbell.  The weather has turned out fine today,  about 00 degrees in the shade, Avhieh Avill  rapidly melt the shoaw    There is quite a  gloom over the town by the mysterious  disappearance of J. N. Greenill, a mining  broker of Ymir.    He Avas  last seen  on  Saturday night, and  yesterday his  cap  AA'as picked upon the Salmon m-cr bridge.  Diligent search has been made by captain  Forrester  and   many friends  along the  banks of the river, as it is supposed  he  fell oft' the bridge OAving to  the  intense  darkness aud   A\*as  swept  aAvay  by the  current. Today the ri\**er isbeing dynamited^ under the instructions of captain Forrester, and  it  is just possible  the body  may be recovered by eA'cning.    The  Salmon river bridge has no railings  of any  kind, and it is most unsafe for pedestrians  on dark  nights, as  there are no lights  to the bridge, AA'hich is the only source of  egress from the toAvn to the mines.    J. N.  Greenill   Avas  a most esteemed  English  gentleman, AA'hohadtraA'ellcd much, principally in South Africa, and .had only recently .started  as a mining  broker.    He  aviis a member of the Church of England,  had many,friends  in Rossland, and  only  a    Aveek    ago    officiated   as  loest   man  at tho wedding of J. F. Burne.  A'pieked specimen f rom'IIank NoH'spro-  perty the Spotted Horse mineral claim  dn Round mountain assayed $10, $314, $33.  An assay of a sample from the dump  of the Big Horn group assayed $12.40 in  gold ancl ,$19 in copper. This is, highly  satisfactory as tliere arc many' tous of  ore on tho dump; and plenty of-it in.  sight. From the Stanford group at the  the head of' Quartz creek an assay from  the surface, AA'ent $9.40.- Carpenters'.are  busy renoA'ating the Ross house, AA'hich  Avill be reopened shortly.  Sandon.  SANUONjMay 15.���Ed Atherton is fitting  up tho store vacated by J.Donaldson, tho  druggist, in elegant, scyle. When finished it AA'ill be used by him as an ex-  clusiA'o boot and shoe department.  ���Johnny Gabcl returned home after  having spent some time iu the east, AA'here  he AA'as .summoned to the bedside of his  dying father. He looks greatly improv_od_  afi*criiis~sojourn in-the east! CT^CliHc  has lately opened two branch stores, one  in Kaslo and the other in Cranbrook.  Frank Wright of Seattle is a guest of his  brother A. W. Wright, manager of the  Ajax Mining Company. He has lately  disposed of large fishing interests on the  Coast. Joseph Sayer, mining expert for  fi Scotch, com pan y, is in Sandon on his  way back to the ojil country from Australia, Avhere he has been looking after  interests for his company. Mr&. Dwyer  lias rotufised from Tacoma, Avhere she  took her son to have a surgical operation  Another complication in the fight  betAA'een the Canadian Pacific raihvay  and the Kaslo <fc Lardo-Duncan raihvay  OA-er the Duncan City pass aa-us added  yesterday when the Canadian Pacific  Company's offshoot knoAvn as the Arrowhead (k Kootenay raihA'ay secured an injunction against the Kaslo & Slocan Company's offshoot knoAvn as the Kaslo ��fe  Lardo-Duncan raihA'ay.  Mr. justice Walkem   yesterday morning  granted  an  injunction    restraining  the Kaslo it Lardo-Duncan Raihvay Company from interfering AA'ith the workmen  of the plaintiffs, or from trespassing  upon the right-of-way  of the  plaintiffs  in  the Duncan City pass.     This is a similai  injunction to the one  granted last  Monday by judge Forin.    The  result  of the  injunctions is that the Duncan City pass  is   tied   up,  both   companies being pre-  A'cnted  from  Avorking in the pass  until  the 30th  of May, or  until  a motion  is  made  by  either side to dissolve  the injunctions.    In support of the application  for   the   injunction   the  ArroAvhead   &  Kootenay company put in affidavits from  engineers Perry and Doucet,in AA'hich they  stated that the Duncan City pass  AA'as a  dry pass, and  that there  Avas  sufficient  room in the pass for four standard gauge  tracks, and that the Kaslo & Lardo-Duncan company had zig-zaged  through the  pass at an increased  cost for no other,-  apparent purpose than the preA'euting of  any other raihvay from locating a line of  raihvaythrough it.  W. A. Macdonald appeared before  justice Walkem in support of the ArroAV-  head & Kootenay company's application.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Messrs. McMillan & Hamilton, Avho  haA'c moved their Kootenay headquarters  from Nakusp to Nelson, haA'e rented a  portion of Turner, Beeton & Company's  warehouse on Water street for the storage of their goods till their oaa'ii AA'are-  house is completed. The firm' lias purchased tAA'o lots adjoining the Turner,  Beeton & Co. Avarehouse and AA'ill" build  upon them.  J. L. Stokes yrsterday purchased  lot 3  in block 3 from H. B.  Thomson.    The lot " ,  has a 50-foot frontage on Vernon  street.  The  deal   Avas  made  through W. J.  G.  Dickson, aa'Iio says the  price Avas about   ���  $2000. , "   ..  William  Gorton,  who  enjoys the distinction of being the only efficient pound-  keeper that the city has had, has resigned  his  office,  aud  e\rery coaa'~ in the toA\'n   '  knoA\'s it.-    ;" - ' '  -It is understood that -J. L. Stocks is  /dickering-for the purchase  of the Florence Park hotel.-OAvnejl -by-William" Rob- ,  erts.    It is  said that $5000 AA'as offered ���  and $0000 asked.  Messrs.  Bullock, Hancock  &'. Lapoiiite ���;  havej rcceiA'od   contracts for "supplying  .500,000  brick for "local builders.    An or-'  dor for  improA'ed  brick  machinery has -  been placed in Spokane.  T'"Tom" McGovern and his brother Philip  AA'ill leaA'c Ainsworth -on Wednesday for  their old, home  in,Ireland; AA'here they  may. remain  permanently.      The   good  Avishes of many people AA'ill go.AA'ith them,,  for   "Tom"  McGoA'ern   leaA'es   lioue but "  friends behind him.,  R. O. Matheson, editor of the Sih**erton  Silvertonian and secretary"of the Silver-  ton Queen's Birthday Celebration Committee,' arrived in Nelson yesterday.  Before he leaA'es for home lie Avill inter- -  A'ieAV our merchants for business for his  paper and our people for their presence  at his toAvn's celebration.  Colonel   Topping  of   Trail   is   at  the  Pha ir���1 le-admi ts-that-Xolson-is-nearly���  as large as the toAvn he fathers.  performed ou both his eyes. The little  fellOAV, Avho AA'ent totally blind, is so far  recovered as to return and Avi!) soon be  all right -again.  The compressor plant that has been  lying in the Canadian Pacific raihvay  yards here since last summer has buui.i  shipped to AinsAvorth. Tlie wire cable  for tbe Ruth tram, has already arriA-ed.  The force at the Trade Dollar lias been  laid off for a month. Manager Rammei-  rneyer of the Emily Edith AA'as in; town  this AA'eek trying to secure men for that  property, as none are to be had; at'Sliver-  ton. Minors are ahA'ays scarce at this  time of tlie year, as they are either doing-*  assessments or prospecting. Oil account  of a little internal disarrangement the  Whitewater will be unable to ship for  two or three Aveeks.  ��� The shipments from this point were  small last.Aveek. The Payne shipped 300  and the Last Chance 00 tons, whilst the  Jackson shipped only 17 tons from  WhitoAvater. HoavcA'cI', the shipments  will be considerably increased next.week  by the Star, Avhieh has ore piled up in  the tunnels and . bins and oA'ery place  that could possibly be used, taken out in  fche course of development. The smaller  mines Avill be unable to send out ore until  the trails are in a fit condition.  The Ottawa Delegate Returns.  W. A. Galliher returned from OttaAA*a  last eA'cning. He considers that his.mis-  sion has beeu successful and that Nelson  Avill got the desired public buildings.  .Minister Tarfe has promised to recommend the placing of the sum of $25,000  in the estimates for this purpose, and all  the other ministers haA'e promised to  give the recommendation their support  save the pusfcinastor-general. Minister  .Mulock did not .sty that he Avould oppose  the grain, but merely intimated that he  AA'onld look into the merits of the proposed expenditure. Three locations haA-e  boon submitted to the OttaAvaauthorities  as de>irable. sites. One is fche A'acant corner on Ward and Vornon streets, the  second the A'acant corner on Ward1 ami  Victoria, and'the third the vacant corner on Baker and Jpsephinei While in  OttaAva the Nelson delegate received  every support from HeAVitt Bostoek.  Provincial Ownership Established.  Special to The Tribnuu.  Victouia,   May  15.���A   mass   of correspondence betAveen the  Dominion  and  British    Columbia     goA'ernments->;:aud  betAA'een the province and the  admiralty  on the  subject of the naval   reserve of  Avhicli Deadman's island   forms a part, is  published by the Colonist.    These letters  on their face establish provincial -ownership, shoAving that the Dominisu government specifically renounced all lands Avest  of Port Moody AA'hen that point was made  the statutory  terminus of the Canadian  Pacific, and also that the achiih-alty recognized the provincial ownership by correspondence on the subject Of the return  to the imperial authorities of any portion  AVhiell might at auy time be required for  uaA'al or military purposes. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY,  MAY   10,   1800.  1  i*  fa  i'  "BITS  f  f  IM  1  ft  _sro  ElsT   STOCK  A  FULL  LINE  OF  Ladies' White Duck Skirts.  Ladies' White Duck Suits.  Ladies' Shirt Waists at 50c,   75c,  $1  ancl $1.25.  A few   Spring-   Capes left,  which will   be sold  at cost.  A nice line of Ladies' Crash  Bicycle suiting-.  One  New Williams Sewing- Machine,  $2S.  .Mancnw*  ll   J;   ^?   !bC> *tt  A. FERLAND & CO.  Kliotl, lilock, Maker Street, Nolson  INCORPORATED 1670.  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Seventh Yeah, No. 1*5  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is.'published every morning  (exccpt.-Monday),'. and���'...will be mailed ��� to. subscribers  in Canada or the United. States for So a year, and to  subscribers in Great' Britain for $8-a'year; or it will  be delivered, to subscribers, in ;Nclson .for 25.cents a  week, $1 a month, $2.50 for three months, $5 for six  months, or $10 for oiieycdr. ' Payable in advance.  THE WEEKLY.TRIBUNE is published,every Wednesday and Saturday, and will bo mailed to subscribers  anywhere for ��2 a year, payablo in advance.  REGULAR*ADVERTISEMENTS printcdin both.the  daily and .weekly, editions for ?4 per.inch per month.  LOCAL' OR'READiNG MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING, at fair rates.    Accounts for job printing and advertirfngiare payable ou theflrst of every  month.   Address���  .... '-       ,.       THE TRIBUNE, Nelson. B. C.  There^aro.tliree interests in Southern  Kooteiiay, all dependent on  the  one in-  dustry���mining.     The   OAvners   of   the  -.  mines^ are fairly-entitled to a  return on  . the capital hwested: the miners" are  fairly entitled to wages that. AA'ill leave  them something OA'er and -above living'  expenses;   and C the   business  men' av ho  "have, given credit ,to both the mine  OAvners and the miners when .in need of  assistance would, .be unfairly treated if  their property AA'as unduly depreciated  through a shut doAvn  of the mines.    It  ^caii "also be .said, like conditions do  not'exist in,the different camps in Kootenay. A.rate. of AA'ages that AA'oukl be  fair in Slocan might not bo fair in Rossland.   Therefore, The Tribune believes  ��� that the mine OAvners and miners should  meet and adjust the rate of AA'ages for  Y_tlieir -respectiAie campb and    districts..  Nelson is in a position to take the  lead  .  on these lines.  So FAR, no single "member of the Hume  Campaign Committee AA'ill admit having  recommended any of tlie appointments  recently made, or about to be made, to  office in Nelson. .More. Tliey condemn  the appointments. The question then  arises, has the honorable minister of  mines been misled by enemies clothed in  the garb of friends ?  The question might be a.sked the honorable minister or mines, hoaa' tliat he is  in Nelson, if it is the policy of the gov-  el'iHnentof AvhichJie is a member to go  outside the party that elected them to  office foi* ineii to fill tlie A-urious offices of  honor aud,femoluinent with ill tlie gift of  the government? This is a question of  practical .politics; not one of political  economy, and a niember of a governmenti  should be able to answer it.  ^ ^ :   "Nelson wants several things  that require'a large expenditure of money.    It  Avants-j a,drillshed for captain. Hodgins'  company of Bocky Mountain Rifles.    It  Avftnts   suitable   quarters   for   a   public  library.    It wants a theatre in Avhieh the  audience   would   be  safe.      It AA'ants  a  church, in wliich the ungodly Avould have  a  chance . to.. listen,to  reason,  not cani.  By  co-operation  all  these can bo   had.  The largest  auditorttm in America lias  just   been   completed   at   Kansas   City,  Missouri., The. building, which is bf stone,  brick:and terra cotta, is 314  by 200  feet,  and the hall seats 20,000 persons comfort  ably. Besides the hall, there are in the  building an armory, small assembly  rooms, and a roof garden. The erection  of this gigantic, structure, AA'hich cost  $250,000, AA'as an enterprise..''undertaken  by the people of Kansas City. Shares  AA'ere sold at $1 each, and they AArere tak-  iip in small lots, many citizens "taking  only a single share, and many only tAvo  or three. Of the total amount raised,  only $72,000 Avas in large subscriptions.  Noav the people of Kansas, City have the  finest* building of the kind on the con-'  tinent; there isn't a cent of debt on it,  and it promises,to pay for itself. liven  if it doesn't pay for itself directly, it is a  splendid ��� advertisementJ for tlie cits**.,  Nelsoii can haA'e a like advertisement.  ^'    '     .    ; *   The Miner, in a tearful,Avhining editorial on Sunday morning, says its managers  did not come to Nelson as thioA'os in the  night. No, but before they had been in  Nelson aTAvoek they called reputable busi-1  ness men, whom they had no chance of  knowing, thioA-es.    '  THOMSONS  WE ARE NOT ADVERTISING  FISHING TACKLE  Thls,=season,^it=is^hot=*neces^ary,^e*verybdjdyi  ��� IcnoWs  that our  FRONT  01  ?2  <^4  BACK  21  B  B  The Latest in Men's; Hats  OVER FORTY VARIETIES  CHOICE AND FRESH  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  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Baker and Stanley Streets.       11KANCHEH IN       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   OHIOAOO  and in the principal uitlos In Canada.  Huy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  'OKANT COMMKRC1AL ANI> TKAVKLI.KK8' CKKIHTH.  available in any part of tho world.  DKAFT8 I88UKD   COLLK0TI0N8 MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE1 OF*INTEREST PAID  MONOPOLY  IN   ACTION.  Hamilton Herald.  The" appetite' of'a great'monopolistic  corporation, Avhieh' lias been fed by the  public, groAA*s by Avhat it feeds on. It is  estimated that"the C.P.R. has received',  aid from Canadian governments, in cash  and lands, to the 'value of more than a  hundred million dollars. But its appetite  is more ravenous than eArer. Accustomed  to get easily Avhat it Avants, the C.P.R.  has come to regard public aid not as a  favor, but as a right; and it leA-ies tribute  not alone on tlie Dominion and provincial governments, but upon" insignificant  municipalities.  Such grievances as those recently set  forth by the people of the little toAvns of  Moyie and Grand-..Forks,' in- Southern-  British Columbia, reveal the ugly, grasping spirit of the great raihvay monopoly.  Moyie Avas on the sui'A7eyed line of the.  Crow's Nest Pass railway, but the C.P.R.  authorities ran the road' through the  toA\'n and built a station t\\ro or three  miles- aAvay because* the Moyie people  Avould not, at* the'demand of the company's solicitor, agree to giA'e the C.P.R.  hall' the entire tOAviisite, free' right of  Avay for side-tracks and a depot site. It  mattered not that many of the lots demanded by the C.P.R. had been sold, and  it Avould be impossible, Avithout much  litigation",' to accede'to- its-*demands." An  offer of' freeriglit of way,' side-track'and  depot sites, together Avith ten acres of  toAvnsite, Avas rejected Avith scorn. The  company had to have its price, and because, the price Avas not forthcoming, it.  is doing WliatMfc can to - crush the poor  little toAvn of ^'Moyie.* ^      y \\  L' The experience of Grand Forks is similar. Ono-third of the unsold .land in the  tOAvn Avas domaiidcd.by the CP.R. as the  price of running the new line to that  point���or, more correctly, the Grand  Forks people Avere * threatened Avith the  diversion of the line unless they agreed  to the. company's terms. Tliey .would  not, and the line was diverted. Other  mining settlements' are said to haAre been  "held up" in the same way, and meekly  paid the price rather' than incur theL  threatened penalty.  Wherein do these methods differ from  tlioseof the higlnvay robber, and black-  "niailer? IL would be satisfactory to  knoAV that these acts of petty tyranny  and extortion, so unworthy of a great  corporation such as the C.P.R., Avere the  acts of minor officials aud Avere not'Sanctioned at headquarters; but it is to be  .feared-that no such-.excuse can be oiier-  ed, for Ave are told 'itlikt ��\vlipn,ik deputation from Graud FqiOcs- IaW .jbjte'ite eoin-  |^plaitit*4>0f*3re^a=A?er*yf=M  eOmp^hyi he> iasked��'> tjiein" Avhether^'the  peopl&lof- Graiid'Forlcs had hot favored  the' Kettle Galley railway project, and  that Avhen they*' said they had, because^  they desired' railway competition, he dismissed tlieiii Avith the remark that tliey  richly 'd0servect the treatiiient of Avhicli  they cQiniilaiued.  JifbnopQly Seldom1 fails to develqn this  tyranhicalj" selfish; spirit Ayjiicli has been  slioAvu by the C.P.R, iuanitgeni^t iii British Coliinibia;. It spoils good men. It is  in'danger of spoiling tli& men atthq head  Of the GTM? They should be Saved from  its blightirii**; powei8; and, incidentally,  the people of the AVest,; should* if possible,  also be saved from its blighting ppAY-er.  Ah independent railway commission, if  clothed Avith suftieierii*! authority', could  do much to preA'ent such contemptible  acts of injustice and oppression as those  of Avhieh the people of Grand Forks and  Moyie complain. A raihvay commission  is the second-best way of guaranteeing  fair treatment in transportation.' THe-  best Avay is'the way Of; government -ownership., of transportation" facilities.  The Filipinos Have -i'WbriderftuY Nerve;,*  The AA^ouderful nerve of the Filipinos is  described in a letter from sergeant Frank  IL Turton, of Company VK, First California regiment; at Manila." He says that  those Avho think the Filipino can not  stand pain are greatly mistaken, for he  ean stand more than his share Avithout  whimpering. A* 'lieutenant : Avas ** killed  Avho had Avorking for him a boy eleven  years old; The: little felloAA*- Avas shot in  the ankle, the bullet forcing its Avay betAveen the bones of the ankle-joint, and  his left arm Avas broken above the elbOAV,  He made no sign'or sound* of pain'1 until  our surgeon came the nextday to dress  his AArounds.   Another little brenvn man  Is now* prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk,orj District.  had his entire jiiav shot aAvay; another  had tlie heel and all fche toes of one foot  shot away. Many of fche soldiers, deeply  touched by their aAvful sufferings used  their own "lirst-aid packets" to stop fclie  flow of blood and bandage tlieir horrible  Avounds.   The Cigar Smoker.  When you see a man grip a cigar between his teeth and hold it fast, careless  of whether it burns or not, you can set  him doAvn as an aggressive, calculating  and exacting individual. ��� If a man  smokes a cigar deliberately, just enough  to keep it lighted, and delights in taking  it from his mouth and watching the blue  smoke from it curl upward, ho is likely to  be an easy going man, good na'turcd and  honest. There is another f el Ioav avIio  smokes intermittently, takes a puff and  then rests and fumbles his cigar about.  He is apt to haA'e little decision of character and to be easily affected by circumstances. A man may be nervous and  ���fumble, his cigar a good bit, and in this  eA'ent he is a would-be savcII, vain and  frivolous. He invariably tilts his cigar  upAvard, Avhile a sensible, leA^el-headed  felloAV Avill hold it straight out from the  mouth. When you see a man�� cheAving  upon an unlighted cigar and tAvisting it  about, he is nervous, but of great tenacity. A man aa*1io cannot keep his cigar  .alight has a Avhole souled disposition.  He had a li\Tely nature, is a hail felloAV  avoII met, glib or tongue and usually a  good story teller.  Yesterday's Ball Games.  Associated Press.  Baltimore, 5; Ncav York, 3.  Washington, 5 ; Boston, 2.  Pittsburg, 8 ;  Chicago, 2.  Philadelphia, 5 ; Brooklyn, 8.  Cleveland, 2 ; Cincinnati, 3.  St. Louis, 4 ; Louisville, 1.  'i   Buffalo, 5; Columbus, 1.  Mihvaukee, 4; Kansas City, 11.  Indianapolis, 3 ; Detroit, 2. ,  ,  /   Baron Herschell's Will.  '    Associated PrehS. -  ' .London, May'15.���The Avill of .the late  baron Herschell, the* former 'lord-chancellor and member ofthe Anglo-American  Canadian commission, Avliodiedin Washington on March 1st last, Avas probated  today.     Tho estate is A'alued at ��153,000.  The Murderess Was Insane.'  Associated Press.  Pjttsrurg, May 13.-���Bertha Bernstein,  Avho has been on trial for the murder of  her mother, Avas acquitted today, the jury  rendering a verdict of not guilty by  reason of insanity.  A six  compartment A-ertical shaft is to  be begun ou the Le Roi immediately.  The Monday Ship-Ding Ore.  .1. M. Benedum of Silverton, avIio has  the Monday claim adjoining the Galena  Farm under lease and bond, spent yesterday in Nelson. He reports that the property looks Avell as development progresses. Two carloads of ore haA'e been  shipped this spring to the Trail smelter,  from Avhicli satisfactory returns have  been received.  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  .   Rough and-  Dressed'Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND "GET PRICKS.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  "MADDEN.  C. S. Adams, Summorstowii  Out.  F. Terry, Hevelnloke  ���I. Strniifr. h'audon  A. .1. McDonald, Hscanalia,  Mich.  1IUAIR.  A. Campbell. Durham  1). .1. McDonald. Mibbiuj?  ��� J. AIcl'onaH, Unlloville  P. J. Clark, Sandon  Grant Cox, Sandon  A. H. Cramer, PI, Paul  11. .1. Sullivan, Toronto  G. M. Lois'iiiian, Victoria  J. .AT. Fuirbaii'ii and wipo,  Greenwood  Pedro Churhn, Kuskonook  Basil Uedmond, Montreal  IX A. lios-s, Sloean City  lt. O.  Jlalheson, .Silverton  John V. Lawrence, Sandon  GUAM) CENTRAL..  AV. G.Gilbert.SouUiainpton | Robert floor  J. JI. llenncdiim, Silverton  \V. A. Stlne and wife, Spokane  Hank Noll, Porto Rico  It. J.  Hamilton and wife,  Nakusp  I). McLeod. Cascade  R. Munro, Montreal  F. C. Malkinson, Nakusp  \!u, Loiiisrilli)  .1, I toss. ICaslo  D.'C. Robertson. Robson  George Rearcc, Toronto  William Hi'own, Ireland  M. I'. Hall, Viuloria  TRKMONT.  Kd Charters, Viincouver     I Charle:  .1  J. MirLeuuan. Salmo mil.  .(. Mcl'liorson, Sahno I  PHAIR.  John   "Mackennii!    I (iitnjio  la Prairie  A. Ilii'coll, I'orlaso la  Prairie  A   day   like  yesterday   makes   me   think   of summenvear, and'  nothing* is more comfortable for ladies' wear than a nice fitting  percale   blouses.    We   have   them in all sizes.  B  nni si in or  '��  3 2  to  to  suit  P. Cameron. Siim-  J.   K.  Saucier and two  daiighlers, Rossland  G. !i. liarnhart, Ymir  G. II. Duncan, Spokane  L.   D.    Godsall   and   wife,  Seattle  T. P. Aylwin, Norlhport  T. G. Parkinson, Spokane  ft. .Al. Covington and wife,  Slocan City  .(aiuos lid wards, Ottawa  \V. J. Haney, Toronto  JC. S. Toppinfir. Trail  Miss Han na, Trail  Douglas Coi'san, Trail  W. lt. Pilsworth, JCamloops  CLUB.  J^oint  Thomas   Mahoney  Kd ward  J. JT. McKinnon, Spokane  John D. Eston, Marcus  D. jVlcKwun, Spokane  SILVKil Jf ING.  James AVhito, Regina  George Lyon, ltossland  J. L. F anklin, Spokane  I). L. Mel.can, Winnipeg  B  B  Ladies'  Ladies'  Ladies'  Ladies'  e\reryone,  collar  and  as  the  cuffs .  from  following*:  ... .$i.oo  ....    1.25  i2, zund   at   prices  print   blouses,  detachable  muslin   blouses   percale   blouses .".......    1.50  muslin   blouses ......>    1.50  B   Ladies' zephyr blouses. .$1.75 Avorth $2.50, everyone a bargain  m  ^  William Moj'le, Athabasca  Neil Morrison, Athabasca  Thomas Stonoward, Cornwall, Kng.  ("JUKEN'S  Gribb,   Cornwiil,  IL AVilliam*, Sandon  James  Eng.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  A. S. A\rright, Toronto -  M. H. Lyon, Rossland  T. G. White, Kossland  J. Horrie, Trail  M. Carl, Sandon,  D. Anderson, Sandonl  The Tremont Hotel  J,  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  J'liKSIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SIXliU'I'AltY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LIMITED.  MAN'UKACTUKKKS Ol' A^TI)  DKALKKS IX  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts, and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  WOKIC 1)0X1! TO ORIMW,  SUCH  AS  au  The Metal Market,  Associated" Press,  New York, May 15.���Bar sih^er Ul^c,  Mexican dollars 48|c, copper, quiet; brokers, $19. Lead, steady; brokers $4.25,  exchange $4.45 to $4.50.  Scroll Sawing ,  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IX STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and oflicc, corner Hall street and C.P.R. Lrack  Contractors and Builders  AVILL DO WELL TO  Rossland's Ore Shipments.  ���Ore'shipments for Aveek- ending Saturday amount to 4345 toils. Qii^p&i*- \vm  s'hip^d^f rgnj' the/ Center Star -broken in  Workundertakliriii connection Avitht-'the  laAYsiiit. SiiipineiitsfronVthe liiain sliaft  of the Gent��r Star have not yet: bSgun.  LODGE- MEETINGS;  t?*N16HTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson Lodge, No, 25,  J^- Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. liaXi, corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  'So'cloelCi   ^siting1 KhightB cordiallviiivitedtoattend.  G; yttENGH.c: G. oyross, k. of y& s,  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & Ai M.  Meets'  '. second, Wednesday: in each month.   Sojourning  bretbl^n invited.'  PROFESSIONS   CARDS;  H. HOliDiCH���Analytical Ghemist and Aosayor.  Victoria, street, Nolsom  JA.  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A lai-go stock-of^ilrstrClass-dry^niAiteriaLoiuhalid.^also^  a full line of sivsl^ doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot ofTHondr.vx street, Js'elso'n  Teiqphpne, 91  Rae, Agent  &  Ildadtiunrtcrs for  HRST-CtA^ BttitDINC MATERIAL  1 A"'  EWAItT & GARRIE-Arcliilocls,  Rooms 7 and 8 AU*  ordScn! block," Ba'kor street, Nelson.  CANE���Architect and artist,  next flooi* tb'Nolspn library;  Brokenhill   lilock,  FOR   SALE.  HOUSE and three lots, Nos: 5, ii, and 1, Hlbck 10; Mill  street, Nelson, B.C.   Kor full partiou'nrs apply to  A. Maiisoii. Grove Hotel, near Fort Shoppttrd station.  LOST.  LOST���A broad silver brooch, On Monday night.   Tho  finder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to  Mrs. Gcorife Stephenson, AVater street, Nelson.  Sale  OP WAGONS  16th, 1899  On Tuesday,  AT 2 O'CLOCK P. M  The undersigned has instrufctionS to offer  for sale at publio auction: Twelve Wagons  (brand new* and never used), from 2f to 3|  inch axles, and a miscellaneous lot of neck  yokes, whipple-trees, boxes, spring seats, ash  poles in the rough; oak readies all lengths,  etc. Sale to take place in front of H. D.  Ashcroft's blacksmith shop on Ha.ll street,  Nelson.    Terms Cash.  C. A. WATERMAN it CO., Auctioneers.  \V"o make a specialty: Of  S^ipiap arjd Double Oressed fif[atenal  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce and yard near C.P.R, depot   K G. BfiKR, Agent,  HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  CDElflHTrrTW.     Spring Chickens, Fresh Cream,  brMlALllJljb!     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  AU of which are from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, ovcnin&s and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson.   Good stabling.   Open day and  Can be reached by either road or water.  AVILMAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  niglit.  IMPORTANT NOTICE  RE DUNCAN CITY LOTS  KASLO, P. C, May 12th, 1SD0.  Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that  I have been appointed sole agent, for completing all the  sales made by Messrs. Simpson Jlros. & Keeling of lots at  Duncan City, Houser Lake, AVest Kootenay. 11. ('., under  contract for deeds thereto. All such purchasers are hereby required to notify me of their address, and present  holdings, that, the roll may be corrected in a cordance  therewith. The second overdue payments must be forwarded to me on or before the 15th day of .June, proximo,  when appointments will be made for the completion.  P \VIL,LTAM J. TWISS.  .Sole agent Simpson llro-i. & Keeling.  IKIALOflE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large  comfortable bedrooms- and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES   S2   DPEIi   X>_A.-3T  Mrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of (he Royal Hotel, Calgary,  \\. D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotol in tho interior,     t  XiftiBo sample rooms'.   Steam heat and olocfi ic light,  CORNER OJ,!' "WAR*D AND A^KltNONgTS,, NKLSON  BAKJklR AND AVARD STJltilTg* NKLSON  TluS only hotel in Nelson that has remained undor one  management Since 1890.  'The bed-rooms arc well furnished and lighted by  electricity!  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is alu'ays stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN   HOTEL  Everything first-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Rates ��1.50 and, $2 par day.  J. AV. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot, ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  GOAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  :- All sizes of dimension timber and alt kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots.  ���-Write for prices. ..  rrL;' BANK  OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   CASH  ���^���^���6  '&&��  ��� i=>,c3.e.  NSI  M  P. Burns & C&.  AVIIOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Cascade1'  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland,0 Sandon and Creenwood;  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silvertonj  City,  Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood arid Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  West Kootenay Bcitche^Gol  ALL KINDS OF FRESH; AND SA^fEDYjffiAl?7  - ^OJESA^ VA^#i5^^*^  - Fis^l^SWiiiiliiii^^i  "V:?;  BaKer Street|^|Klscrn^^��^^m^ fftlfW.���  LONDON AND  liiiEiftsiiii  v^^D^^Er%)ij^L^-N-D6lSi;*; ^B$$fil%  All communications relating to ^pi'tis)f~Cb^ir-^b��ra7I;bM.s|n|sD^��^0 b^Ya^3r|ss|d?FtbtPSLC).���1  6i05lVN���l>s$bV'B"riti&!l''��d@1n'uiK:K^'  "*"���""    -"���(���w-y".'���'.���>��� >f"  tYSYY,,  ���7 "tete*-.  Kyi$.a.flf:.y.  Is'yiy-S  drawer'  J. RODERICKjRE5;BEBirS0Nj ;Ge;heral("Manager v.  S. S FOWLER, EvM,, Mining. ErtgiiiefeV" ��- ���      ���    I  *r'%  Wfl^ffilffiSL  W. A  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS   VKfeeiisjajfuH*Jine_Q:lY  ROYAL SEAL AND KOOTENAY BE1u3LE CIGARS?  And all othep ferands of the  AT FACTORY PUJCKS  Kootenai Cigar lapfaotuHng Com|l|s'  o,F risrEJLSoasr, BlO.  Nelson Tent and Awning Mannfaetty.  ��� .AXr, -K:i-isr33%" o��E"��  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCf STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL  SI55KS Ol? TEKTS IN STOCK  linker street, opposite postolllcc, Nolson  THEO-,J!C^BS��3^  W, P. DICKSON  EJ. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. WfcPHBH-  trie Supply and GoisMieo Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmissloij and Lighting for'iiine'ffi 'TSwUk  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Eells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P.O. Box 606. Josephine Street,-Nelson, B.O.  tit^^=Ctt^^> "Will buy 24 horses, 12 wagons, 2  ipiJ*J\J\J wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of  sleighs, and a complete: outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.   Terms.  CCOn/IA Will buy two lots and improve-  *pC>\J\J\J ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms,  (fez-LCCriO Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the  Jp*��*av^V south side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  &4f\ r\f\r\   Will buy 60 by 120 feet on the  ipXKf9\J\JyJ  northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.   Cash.   JQHK HOUSTON;  P. O. Box 57 Verndii street. Nelson  FOB STYLISH" MILLIMX  and Fancy Di?e^i Goods  Blousesrand DresscSkirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   Ev   WlctMigKIiff  JOSKPH1KK STREET, NELSON THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,   B.C.,  TUESDAY,   MAY   III,   1890.  ��  Is  lloS"  M  i��  Purses a  Pocketbo  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purees and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received; These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention   to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS. NELSON  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Postoffice Clothing  BOOTS  BOOTS  BOOTS  J. A  WE HAVE NOW A FULL ASSORTMENT OF SPRING AND SUMMER  GOODS FROM AMES, HOLDEN & CO.,  J. D. KING & CO., M'OREADY AND  OTHER MAKERS. CALL AND gEE  OUR SPECIALS IN TAN AND CHOC-  LATE.   CALL AND GET OUR PRICES  3STE3^T   POSTOFFICE,   BAKER   STEEET,   3STELS03ST  When Advertised  and  fHESE  GOODS we are  ���, Abound to self while  v /,���. - -. .        '  Itheylremain the patterns  Vofjthe[ seasoi].. We pre-  !.!ferl"tb mark them down  l^n-'nH u*^  d- - - -        \  *^pw}>ai\d let our regular  \c��stpm,ers  have the adr  .vantage of th,e cut, rath,-  'Irsth.an, have a slaughter  isale some months later  ftf ;n\ake  room for n,ew  goods.    Oyr display   of  Rugs and  Art  Squares  is; the finest  eyer seen  in Kootenay.   They are  received direct from the  ^stWn^im^ri:ers'soYthai��  in 'buying from  us you  are    virtually   reaching  headquarters,  At "Auction Prices" should bo' loft alone. An  auction' price means the highest prico which the  purchaser can be induced to pay.  New Spring Designs  In Axminsters of tlie best quality, Avith or Avithout  borders. British, and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for draAving-rooms, dining-rooniK, halls or  stairs, AA'ith or Avithout borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   squares,  Japanese   squares   and  rugs,  Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.  40 Dhfey-ent Styles  Robert Monro Covington and 3Li.ss  Catherine Jane McMillan, both of Slocan  City, were married yesterday by Rca*. IMr.  Frew* at liis residence on Victoria street.  The groom is one of tlie best known  miners in tlio Slocan.  Two delegates from each of the four  Miners' Unions in Southern Kootenay  met yesterday in .Vel.son and conferred  on the eight-hour question. The delegates were Messrs. Cox anil Martin from  Sandon, Messrs. Wilkes and Stout from  Rossland. Messrs. Delahay and Hughes  from Ymir, and Messrs. McKay and Phillips from Nelson. Another conference  Avill be held in about two weeks.  In the case of Hegina vs. Bruno, accused of murder, at the opening of the  assi/.es on May .'JOth the crown will enter  a nolle prosequi. Since last assi/.es the  officers of the crown have failed to secure  any additional evidence against the prisoner and an application will be made for  his discharge.  A meeting of the Nelson cricket club  will be held on Wednesday eA'cning, May  17th, in the ofiice of \V. F. Brougham, at  Avhicli a full attendance is requested.  Miss Ethelwyn V. Humphreys of Victoria arrived in Nelson on Sunday niglit  on a A'isit to her sister-in-law, Mrs. T. S.  Humphreys.    *  IX McArthur & Co. Avere asked yesterday by the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  Railway Company to give an estimate of  the cost of constructing a slip at Five  Mile point for the transfer of cars from  the barges to the railway. The railway  company has decided to put in the slip  to facilitate tlie handling of coke consigned to the Le Roi smelter at North-  port.  G. C. Hodge, district superintendent of  of the Kootenay Lake and Nelson <fc 'Ver-.  von ���'���telephone companies, returned to  Nelson on Sunday afternoon after putting  in a month on construction work in the  Boundary creek country. He says Green-  Avood has no less than three telephone  companies and is booming. The papers  for the erection, of a smelter near Grand  Forks were signed at that place on Saturday, and that toAvn uoav expects to doAvn  its hated rival, Columbia City.  "Jim" McDonald Avill divide honors  Avith "Jim" Neelands as a baseball manager ou the queen's birthday when he  Avill take a job-lot of ball tossers to  Kaslo. The McDonald team Avill be made  up of the players on the steainer Moyie  and such members of the Nelson team as  do not wish to spend the holiday in New  Denver." .- - .", -.-"'-���_ ; *  * The library ball, AA'hich Avill be givoiijn"  the opera house on .Friday evening under  the patroi la go of.Y fclicYlady* members on.  the iibraiy directorate,, promises to be.  the social event ofthe season. Tickets  tor the ball -may be. had from.any mem-,  bcrs of the committee or at the Canada  Drug and Book store. The ball is being  given i'or the purpose of raising funds  for the library and- the members of the  refreshment committe avIH make their  first draft upon the generosity of ihe  people of Nelsoii today.  S.-S. Taylor, Q. C, returned last evening from Edmonton, Alberta, where he  Avas engaged on legal business.  The Slocan Purchasing Company makes  the announcement in this issue that it is  iioav prepared to purchase ore. By the  end of next week the sampler building  Avill be ready to receive the machinery  and "the assay and business offices will be  ,,-re.ady for  occupancy.     Tins  latest   ad  dition to Nelson's industries will start  under most favorable circumstances as  the sampler has secured sufficient ores already to keep it running for several  months.  J). ('). I toss of Slocan City arrived in  Nelson yesterday to receive the first payment on the Evening Star bond. The  property is located on Springer creek and  is under bond to Mackenzie, Mann A:  Sutherland. Ross expects to receive ihe  money today.  Dr. Doolittle has turned over to the  city clerk $1:50 as the proceeds of Saturday evening's performance at the theatre!  available for (lie bicycle track. This will  ensure au expenditure of $in() upon the  track, as tins city council undertook to  provide $:!()() if the cyclists raised $l'"5().  W. I'. Tierney has sold the three lots  on the northeast corner ol'llall and Mill  streets, with improvements, for $1700.  .1. L. Stokes was the purchaser. The  house on the lots rents for ��15 per  month.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  helf and Heavy Hardware  BUSINESS   MENTION.  To be rallied on  Saturday, May 20th, a  gun : cost price two yours n��o sixty guineas (over SHUO):  hai'dlyuver been used; in:i��le by I'urdey, the celebrated  Knglish maker; Wliitworth steul barrels; Hi-boro gauge,  ft, limy be jnsiicetod at Ihe Olllce Million. Tickets one  dollar each. Avill bo rallied as soon as 150 tickets are  sold���Hint, is half Llie original cost price. Tickets may bo  obtained at the Olllce Saloon.  oo  o  _I  UJ  s  ea  UU  ac  SO  t���  CO  ���l"^^f  m  so  ���A  3>  CO  r���'  CO  rn  O  CO  CD  oo  CO  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  Of  baby 'Carriages   and.1 go-carts to   select  Kafetati chairs and rockfers.  from.  Furniture of afl~Kinds  Is advancing, and notice to this effect has been  sent to the ti'ade by all laivge iiiaivulaeturCrs.  Having a large stock on hand We "Will be able to  continue to quote better ligures than, aliy of our  competitors. We have also tliree carloads oi'  i'lirjiitiiro on the wfty.  It pays us to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to strive for excellence in  quality and price, ahvays aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best o*oods at the smallest  figures. On this basis we invite  your, inspection' of "our lines.  -The latest and neatest- stock iir  Sash "Clasps, Belts;-in* all patterns,  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping  Bags, Ladies' Lorgnette Chains in  patterns.  A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all kinds and descriptions,  - We want your watch repairing  and we employ only expert watchmakers. Send your watches as we  can save you money on your repair work.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  *#  WILL   ADD  A  SHABBY  TO   THE   SELLING   VALUE   OF  LOOKING  HOUSE  When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining- Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Cbi*neP Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson.  OF MSi^oisr, B. o.  Is now prepared to buy all classes of silver, gold, silver-Lead, lead and  copper ores. The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended  to the smallest shipper. Prompt settlements and choice of mode of sampling guaranteed.  * Address all communications to drawer S, Nelson, B. C.  GEORGE  M. McDOWELL,  Manager.  A.   M.   ROSENDALE,  Traveling Agent.  AND  (BAZLEWGOD)  Ice Cream Soda  AT CENTRAL FRUIT STOIjE  Fresh Fruit received flail}'  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone !)3. HUMPHREYS & PITTOCIC-  TO   LET.  A N 8-room house; furnished ; balli-room, electric li(<ht,  ��"- piano, workshop, and hvrgu Barden. Corner of  Falls and Hoover struct?. Apply lo !���*.. P. Whalley,  Nelson, B. C.  THK Olympic Hotel, Kaslo.   Twenty rooms; furiiii-hud.  complete; bowling alley.   Apply to Richard Gallop,  on the premises.  Hazlewood  Ice Cream  Wc have been appointed sole agents in Nelson for  this celebrated lec Cream, and are now prepared  to cater to (lie public at our ico crcanl parlors,  which we have fitted up in first-class style. Call  injaml have a dish of this delicious cream. Other  dealers .supplied.  Wills & Lott  Tropical Fruit Depot,  Corner.of "Baker and Ward streets, Nelson -  TpOK SAIjK���An old store front.   Apply to Theodore I  ���*-     Madson. It.ak.i2r street, Nelson. ..:������.:': .J  N  EMPORIU  It will te to your advantage to see our large  and conVplete .stock oi Boots find Shoes. We  Ctrl')' tlie following line*?;. J. &. 1\ Kali, J.  ]). King & Co., North "  Ssohultz &��� Co., Htrafefard  den 4- Co.,  star Shoo Co.., Foots,  Shoo Co., Anies, Hol-  tnd other leading" makers.  2fi AKV 28 WKST ftA-fCKlt S^l^tKKT, NKt.SQN  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  per 100 Lbs  litlSINTCSS AND HES!()lC,S"IvIA.r.  ���|-R()l*K11Ty  Everybody who intends purchasing* Crockery, Groceries, etc., will save money by calling- on Kirkpatrick & Wilson; who have now open for inspection  the finest lot of Groceries, Crqekery and Glassware  ever brought to the Kootenay. Fruit Jars* just  arrived in pints, quarts and half g'ailons. Lowest  prices.   First-class quality.  Telephone iOi   F*. O, Box K & W,      Bilker street West, Nelson  Froni anything that* is ot>j|jctionable is a great treat to  citizens  of Nelson.    Although  \Ve  have been selling froni  this car of  CALL   AND   INSPECT  The West l(ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class hofird .and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward ancl Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board $1, room and board ��5  and S5.50. ,        '      ,'  A collection of fine Belgium. Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUTGHLIN.  ,'i0 by 120, Baker sti'iiet;. bot\ycen Jeseiihihe and  Ward slree*s ���.    ....SSOW)  m by 120, Baker streei, between Josouhine and Hall  streets   J500  ;-)Q by 120, Baker street, b( tween Josephine ftnd llall  streets, eorner   'it! by 120, Knst Baker street     800  23���by 120 with iniprovemonts, south side of Verilon  street ,   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  ���fiOOO  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snai).. 40(10  24 lots with cottage rented at ?15per month, "Victoria  street   ,3500  1 lot with cottage rented at"��15 per month, Victoria  street   2500  2 lots with cottago rented at 520 per month, ftanloy  street  3000  0 lots in block HI), all cleared and fenced in  2500��  0-room,house and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots and improvements, 52 bead of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch     5500  For general information oil real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  But a few days, we have received numerous congratulations  of the highest nature as to the quality and cure of these  Canadian meats. They are, without exception, the finest  meats that have ever been brought into Nelson., being lean,  sweet, and very mild cure*    The price is down.  ABERDEEN BLOCK:  NELSON, B.C.,  "W^A-IR-X) BBOS.  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  M1CALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKR11Y IN CONNKCTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���R.     -H-CTBHy-,   7PEOPEIETOE  Cream  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Loaf Cream Sodas received  direct from tlie factory, put tip in H-pound boxes. Also  a full liiie of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Swftet Biscuits. Don't forget that wo handle  Blue Ribbon Tea.  JOHN A. IBYING &YC0.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker. St. Nelson  The supply Is limited, so call narly and examine this Htoek.  ygS��'i:f:  Sj^tos^aiSSassiSffliSS^


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